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uninstalling superstar expansion

Q: uninstalling superstar expansion

I just got Unleashed but need to uninstall Superstar first. I can't find my instuction book(found all the others but not that one lol) can anyone tell me how to uninstall superstar without uninstalling the Sims.

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Preferred Solution: uninstalling superstar expansion

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: uninstalling superstar expansion

Go to your control panel, select add/remove programs and uninstall it.
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Can anybody Help Me !!

I have set up a Server type machine on a HP Touchsmart running Vista

I have purchased a Seagate 2TB Expansion Drive with its own power source

I desperately want to know how this external drive can be seen by other devices on the network

I have other external drives with their own power supply and non of them can be accessed by other computers on the network....Is there a trick to these devices!!!

I have external hard drives with NO power supply just USB connection and I can access them from any computer on the network and any media device on the network

I'm not very technical and would like to know if its just the type of device and I should be buying usb connected hard drives for music and movies

A:External Expansion Drive with own power supply

You need a router that has a USB connection. Then you can connect the external storage to the network. That is only for a USB drive though. Do you have one of those passport drives with a battery?
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It is on a computer running XP SP Now it shows up in My Computer but with no statistics and I cannot open it The drive does not show up in Windows Disk Management I have gone thru the Seagate website s External Drive Trouble Shooter for WinDOWS xp as hard aborted worked a conversion expansion fine I until Seagate drive compressed to a drive well as contacting Seagate Support with no success I have tried Windows Format DOS Format Seatools for Windows HD LFF Low Level Format testdisk win and Disk Wizard with no success The drive showed up but they all reported failure in testing and or accessing the disk Seagate expansion hard drive worked fine until I aborted a conversion to a compressed drive Seatools for DOS sounds like it would do the trick but it didnotrecognizeeitherofmyexternaldrives theotheroneofwhichisworking Can anyone recommend a fix Seems to me that it is a software problem not a hardware problem so there should be a software solution I have very limited funds and Seagate expansion hard drive worked fine until I aborted a conversion to a compressed drive can t afford to replace the drive right now It is used as a backup drive so loss of the data on the drive is not an issue I ll just run another backup when the drive is restored to health My boot drive is not backed up on this drive so that is not a problem nbsp

A:Seagate expansion hard drive worked fine until I aborted a conversion to a compressed drive

Have you tried reinitializing the drive?
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Okay so I have the Corsair Force GT Series 120GB SSD. Its port's are Sata 3 and well my motherboard is a MSI Pro-E long story short it does not have a sata 3 port. So my question is there anything out there I can buy that does have a sata 3 port like something that will hook on the PCI slot's or something. I basically dont wanna have to buy a new mother board but I still wanna get the amazing speeds because right now im getting half its peformance anyways please write back soon. If you give me a link to a product I prefer and my max budget is $50.​

A:Expansion card with SATA III ports for SSD?

You will need a free PCI-E slot. But this should get the job done.

I do not know much about the brand. But it does have 5 Eggs on Newegg.
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Have joined to see if i can get some assistance noticed others have done this with success I have a seagate TB expansion Hard Drive which was firstly coming up with I O error and now the computer doesnt even register that its connected dispite connection noises from the drive itself on usb connection I have read through various topics and forums and carried out a number of the checks and processes to run through but still without success I have tried this on other laptops and issue is exactly the same I have another Buffulo expansion drive which is working fine in all USB ports The system is windows Vista and upgraded to service showing Seagate hard on not expansion computers drive pack I have cleaned up existing USB drivers on system also When disk management is opened the system doesnt read the drive is connected There is no excessive noises coming from drive but lights on and small amount of heat is given off Needing help as i use drive to back up important photos and files dont want them lost Can anyone help please nbsp

A:Seagate expansion hard drive not showing on computers

Sounds like the drive has failed as you had been getting warning signs with the I/O errors and now it has stopped working. There is a possibility that it is just the circuitry in the housing so you may be able to get it going again with a new housing. You could first test the drive by removing it from the housing and hooking it up to the internal connections of a desktop PC or by using a USB adapter.
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Hi, everyone ... I regrettably bought the ugliest refurbished PC in the world with a really weak graphics card because it was cheap. I was given a new graphics card that is slightly better and I wish to install it as soon as I learn how to do it properly ..

My PC was advertised as having nVidia GeForce 9300 graphics card. So I went to 'Device Manager > Display adapters' so that I could uninstall my current one .. but it has TWO ADAPTERS: NVIDIA GeForce 9200 and NVIDIA GeForce 9300 GE. I'm not quite sure what to do so I thought I'd turn to you guys .. Should I uninstall both???

A:Uninstalling video card from refurbished PC

Yes you can uninstall both, but then turn off the computer and install the "new" video card. The operating system should see it when you restart the computer. Go to new video cards support website and download and install the latest driver for the card and your operating system
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Wanting to add USB 3.0 to my existing AMD system and am seeking input from those that may have already been down this path. The LaCie LaCie USB 3.0 PCI Express Card looks pretty interesting but I have no experience with their products ... any feedback would be appreciated.

A:What's the best USB 3.0 expansion card

There's not much magic in USB expansion cards. The card you mention will work fine as long as your motherboard has an accessible PCI-e X1 slot
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I currently have harddrives installed in my computer of which are SATA the th is IDE this one isn t actually plugged in right now I also have a SATA BluRay drive making SATA connections which uses all of my SATA expansion / card for Need suggestions RAID motherboard s available ports I m quickly running out of storage space imagine that and am looking into a PCI SATA card I ve Need suggestions for RAID / SATA expansion card found a few that have external ports but I need then to be internal Can anyone recommend me a decent affordable SATA expansion card with at least internal ports RAID capabilities might be nice but it isn t something I m looking at using just yet so it isn t a requirement I also understand that I ll need a more powerful PSU I m looking at an W with modular cables to reduce clutter Right now I m using a W Also I know someone might want to suggest external drives I d like to stay away from them I ve just never liked external drives and the last thing I need is something else to clutter up my desk So does anyone have any suggestions nbsp

A:Need suggestions for RAID / SATA expansion card

Do you have any PCI-express slots available on your motherboard? Unless your PSU is really poor quality you don't need to upgrade just to support additional drives.
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Ok, something weird is going wrong with a seagate drive I bought for my girlfriend. Its working perfectly fine on my computer, and it did initially show up on her laptop too. However, her laptop froze up completely and it had to be shut down via the button while it was plugged into the laptop. Now it doesnt turn up in My Computer, but only on her computer. Its present under devices, but nowhere else. Any help would be greatly appreciated and Id be happy to give any more details anyone might need to help me out. Thanks in advance.

A:Problem with a 500GB Seagate expansion external drive

Try this How to Cleanup and Remove old USB Storage Drivers
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Hi Im wondering if there is any way to upgrade an internal graphics card in a laptop that wont break my wallet looking for someway to play games Laptop Card Video Expansion for less than - if possible If i cant upgrade the card i have a mini pci-e slot that is open is there any graphics cards that i can put into that Next option after that is usb port are there any external cards that run on usb after that how about expresscard are there any expresscard video cards after that is there any adapters Laptop Video Card Expansion like can i Laptop Video Card Expansion adapt an expresscard right into a pci-e port i dont care if its hanging out or if i have to plug in a separate power cord I know Magma has an enclosure through expresscard but the damn things like so i might as well by a new laptop if im gonna shell out that much Ive looked at ViDock which is about does anyone have any experience with that but i was hoping for an even cheaper solution if possible and i dont care what it looks like if it looks like i just ripped a desktop apart and its hanging out next to my laptop i dont care as long as it works is cheap and is semi portable any information and help is greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Laptop Video Card Expansion

It would be good to know your current laptop brand and model, OS, configuration, and memory possibilities,
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i was told to try uninstalling my IPv6 to try and fix my internet problem. The directions i got were very confusing, so i Googled it and it said to run command prompt and type in:netsh int ipv6 uninstall

but when i entered that, i received "the following command was not found: int ipv6 uninstall".....does any1 know what i'm doing wrong here? thanks for all the help

A:Uninstalling ipv6

uninstall works on XP only -- Visita you just disabled it.
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Hey guys I got an GTS and new power gfx getting gfx uninstalling integrated card new when Trouble supply to go with it because my old PSU was W Since I ve never done any changes more complicated than adding memory and switching gfx cards I tried to install the power sup without anyone else s help - it didn t look too hard I installed the power supply put in Trouble uninstalling integrated gfx when getting new gfx card the new gfx card - booted and then LAG It lagged like holy hell I didn t remove the intel integrated graphics blush but tried installing the new driver software and it told me I didn t Trouble uninstalling integrated gfx when getting new gfx card have vista bit where I most certainly do I just started back and removed the and then booted with the integrated card and atm I m trying to get the driver uninstalled for the thingy that came with it Whenever I go to the device manager display adapters and right click or double click the integrated card I have it freezes up Help nbsp

A:Trouble uninstalling integrated gfx when getting new gfx card

turn off and unplug computer. Remove the 8800 GTS card. Turn on computer. disable the integrated graphic card. Turn off and unplug computer. Insert the new graphic card. Turn on computer. Vista should detect the new card and possibly ask or it might just go ahead and download the required drivers.

nevermind I see you already tried that.......What is the 6150 thingy? Is that the integrated graphic card? Have you tried disabling the integrated graphic via BIOS?
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I have a LanParty UT mobo, great board, no problems. However, I have the pins for the USB block on the back of my PC and a second set of pins for the front set of USB ports. However, I have a 5 in 1 USB card reader that requires pins but no 3rd set of pins on the mobo to connect. Anyone have any suggestions on how to expand USB connections (meaning pins as I can't use a hub).

A:USB Mobo Expansion Options

If you have a free PCI slot on the motherboard, you can install a PCI USB card that comes with internal pins.
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hi good am i hav a problem with my laptop i needed storage space so i started deleting programs thru add-remove-programs in control panel one of them was winamp which advised me to restart my computer which i failed to do because i wanted to uninstall remove more programs before restarting once and for all after removing more programs i finally restarted my computer since then my speakers stopped working shutting down and restarting makes a sound as if speakers are turned on off physically but it doesn t sound for wave files and any music files as it used to pc specs compaq presario sound (did after immediately) uninstalling wimamp no not reboot amd duron processor mb ram runs on win xp home edition i checked the ff volume not muted sound driver enabled and working properly AC VIA Audio i tried to replace update the sound driver with a new one from the internet with Vinyl AC Audio WAVE but it didn t work don t know what no sound after uninstalling wimamp (did not reboot immediately) to do next please help nbsp

A:no sound after uninstalling wimamp (did not reboot immediately)

Well. Removing Winamp isn't what killed your sound, and removing without rebooting didn't do it either.

Check your Device Manager and see if you can see your sound card in there. Also be on the lookout for any question marks. I suspect somehow you removed your sound card driver. I'm not sure why your attempt at reinstalling the driver didn't work though, maybe you accidentally got the wrong one? What model number is that presario? Perhaps one of us can find the correct driver for you.
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High guys, i have this PC model, which is great for me as its small and allows me to hook up my TV box to it, so i can watch tv through my PC.
However, I would love to be able to play some of the high end games which require a good graphics card, so I am looking for a slimline model with a single expansion plate (I have no idea what that means!)
I currently have the NVIDIA Geforce 5700VE which is just not good enough. So I was wondering if someone could help me out finding a really good graphics card that would fit the requirements of my Aopen XC cube.

A:slimline model graphics card with a single expansion plate??

By the way the specs of my PC are:

Windows XP professional, service pack 2
Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.00GHZ (2CPUs)
1024 Ram
DirectX 9.0c
NVIDIA Geforce FX 5700VE, 256MB Memory (What I want to upgrade!)

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Hi everyone i bought an ATI Radeon MB PCI since i dont have AGP or PCI-e slots and installed it yesterday i made the huge mistake of not unistalling the Intel Integrated Graphics card and drivers before putting my new card in the pc the video card runs fine Doom fine on x however its kinda laggy so i lowered the resolution and what happens next its that the menus and words look really blurry and i believe its the integrated graphics card Uninstalling Intel Integrated Graphics.. thats interferieng i tried unistalling the drivers it asks me to restart i do so however they re-appear on the Add Remove Programs i disabled the card through Control Panel-System-Hardware-Device Manager restart and the card is enabled mysteriously i used DriverCleaner too remove the drivers and it still was there however i think that everytime i restart and log on after unistalling the drivers the windows update icon appears in the system tray maybe its downloading drivers again i dont know so what should i do remove my new card delete all the drivers and install Uninstalling Intel Integrated Graphics.. it all again nbsp

A:Uninstalling Intel Integrated Graphics..

What pc have you got???
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I have an intel 865 motherboard. I am using a sound card audigy zs and have it plugged into a PCI expansion slot. Each time i have opened my computer my sound card stops working and i have to change the PCI expansion slot to make it work again. After that it stops working on that slot, i am down to my 3rd slot out of 4 to hook my sound card up to since the first two dont work for the sound card anymore. I am totally confused by this situation any help will be appreciated if you need more info pls let me know....

A:Help with losing PCI Expansion Slots

Well, The sound card may be frying evrything it gets into. Is this a new card, or have you had it for a while? Check to see if you can still use those pci slots for anything else, because like I said before, its probably frying the slots. Which means you may need to get a new soundcard, and a new motherboard(but both may be under warrenty, so dont worry to much)
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My internal gfx card was an SiS card.

I installed an ATI 9260 gfx card but haven't noticed an increase in performance, quality of gfx etc...

should I uninstall all SiS drivers first?

Cuz right now the SIS card is attached to the mother board and the ATI card is in the AGP slot.

Can you help me decide what to do?

Thanks guys

EDIT: If I could get a quick easy response soon I'd be grateful because I'm real anxious about this. Thanks again

A:Uninstalling internal gfx first?

Ininstall the SIS drivers then reboot and enter the bios and disable the onboard video. ( which would be the sis)
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I'm new to this, so I hope I get it right. Have recently bought Radeon 9250 video card to install. All links on web say to uninstall old card first, but have been to control panel, add/remove programs to try and uninstall it there, but it won't. Can anyone help, please

A:problems uninstalling sis630/730 in order to install radeon 9250

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Download the Driver cleaner programme from HERE

Boot into safe mode, and uninstall your SiS video drivers from add remove programmes, then run the driver cleaner programme. Read the Instructions.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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I bought an HP ze notebook about five months ago Yesterday I bought the HP xb notebook expansion base for it I bought it at a closeout clearance sale They told me it would work with my laptop My HP ze does HP base expansion ze2000 connection trouble not have the PS production port Didn t know that until I got home Store will not except expansion base return because it was a close out I called HP before I bought this base and they told me it was the right base Now they tell me the only way to get this to work is to trade in my five month old laptop for one of their s with the PS productivity port When I bought this I was told by HP it was upgradeable Now they tell me that only applies to memory hard drive and things of that nature Does anyone know if This HP ze2000 expansion base connection trouble HP xb expansion base can be connected to my ze Is there some HP ze2000 expansion base connection trouble way to adapt it or just HP ze2000 expansion base connection trouble have that productivity port installed in mine nbsp
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I have a HP Pavillion a200n, windows XP

i installed a dvd rw drive afterwards the original cd rw drive is no longer being recognized by my computer. The cd rw drive was (E and the dvd rw drive was (F I switched the connector cable and the cd became (F and dvd became (E Either way only the DVD rw works. Can you help me?

A:original cd rw drive does not work after installing expansion dvd rw drive

You didn't mention the jumpers. How did you set them?
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I play rtcw (return to castle wolfenstein) and since im an ***** with computers i uninstalled it manually by taking the folder and throwing it out. Now that i try and re-install the program its telling me i still have it installed

I ran a search deleted everything i found and still it wont work, went to progams delete and that didint work either. Tried using the games cd to uninstall it and that wont work either, the uninstall wont eve work . I run windows xp so if anyone can please help me i would deeply appreciate it!!

Also i tried running a system restore and doing it that way but it didint work :/

Thanks for your responses ahead of time.


Did you try going to HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Uninstall and deleting the key for RTCW from there? Not sure that it will work but it's worth a try considering the situation you're in atm.
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The tale of the tape After experiencing numerous problems using Adaptec Roxio Easy CD Creator x -- usually in the form of output failures and then recently complete freeze-up s -- I uninstalled the program Both my quot regular quot amp CD R drives -- stop me if you ve heard this one -- thereupon quot disappeared quot It s nice to know that I m not alone in experiencing this phenomena but here s the deal I m running Windows and ECDC is currently installed I have downloaded ECDC x Platnum and both Nero...? Uninstalling Installing Roxio, of the patches available from Uninstalling Roxio, Installing Nero...? the Roxio site for x users though I ve yet to install any of these My question is is it safe i e wiil my CD drives disappear again or worse to uninstall ECDC amp install Nero in its place Should I do a manual uninstall rather than using Add Delete Programs I m not technically sophisticated so I don t know whether the Nero drive will work properly even if uninstall of ECDC succeeds If this makes any sense I have a quot read amp write IDE CD-ROM drive quot quot MAN SWR US CD RW-RO quot and quot MANCDR DVD US ALLMOD INST RO quot Any assistance would be Uninstalling Roxio, Installing Nero...? greatly appreciated Mark nbsp

A:Uninstalling Roxio, Installing Nero...?

make sure you reboot your computer after the uninstall and after the installation.
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Is there any kind soul out there that can help me with uninstalling fsecure? I have tried a lot of things, I did the Revo and CCleaner, but it is still around and I can not install my new antivirus (nod32). Fsecure can not be seen in the Add/removal box and nowhere else in my eyes, but the Nod32 program installation sees it somewhere... I am new here but would be so greatful!

A:Uninstalling fsecure hidden traces - can you help?

First of all, welcome to TS.

There is an officiall fsecure uninstallation tool, you can download its package here:

Caution is required in its use and you are advised to follow instructions carefully. Bear in mind that the tool will not remove F-Secure software if it was installed directly into an unsafe location, such as c:\, c:\windows or c:\program files. This is because it will delete the directory into which F-Secure was installed and, as such, it would also delete the rest of the files.

If you have good technical understanding of computers and fsecure, you can uninstall manually, otherwise I wouldn?t advise it.

For info see here:
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I accidentally deleted the DEEP FREEZE installation folder using UNLOCKER .

Now I just cannot either un install it or re install it.

Please help!
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Hi, does anyone know how to remove this stubborn product from Windows XP? The usual route of add/remove prgrammes/ remove/restart does not work & neither does contacting Panda tech - I've sent four messages & had no reply. Really grateful if you can help since Panda 2005 has installed itself with errors, I have no firewall/known & unknown threat/fraud protection. I have also tried to re-install with no success. Many many thanks in advance for your help.

A:Uninstalling Panda 2005 IS

Doing some research, I have found many others with similar issues with Panda.

Some were successful using a regedit process.
I do not recommend this, because you can "brick" your system (or nearly so; "bork" at least!).

Others were sucessful by booting into "Safe Mode" and then removing.
For safe mode... On power up, pres f8. this will give you a screen where you can choose "Safe Mode", "Safe Mode with Networking" etc. Choose "Safe Mode".

If neither of these methods are comfortable for you, (and I do not recommend the regedit process, even though Panda support has walked some people through this process), then I would suggest you pose your question in the Virus and Malware forum, and see if our malware experts are up-to-date on an easy way to do it. Broni, or Bobbye, (or ???) may have a quick solution for you. There is normally a backlog and it may take a while for them to get to your request.

I have a thought on how we might proceed but I strongly suspect a regedit may still be required, and I would rather put you in the hands of folks that regularly write scripts for regedits, instead of risking your making a mistake. regedits require great care!
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A long title indeed, but it pretty much sums it all up. I have installed Ubuntu first and then dual booted windows XP. I soon found out that the fact Ubuntu wasn't compatible with many programs (even through wine) I wanted only Windows XP on my pc.
I've searched many topics, but all described how to uninstall Ubuntu when Windows was the primary OS. In my case Ubuntu is the main OS and it dual boots with Windows and I want to rid myself of Ubuntu leaving only Windows.

What do I need to do to get the desired computer setup? Or is it irrelevant which OS was installed first and will a guide describing how to remove Ubuntu from windows work as well for my case.

Important addition: I could very well be the biggest computer-noob you've encountered thus far. So talk to me as though I am 4 year old

A:Uninstalling Ubuntu dual-booting Windows XP with Ubuntu installed first

shouldn't matter the install sequence if you want to only have Windows. Boot into Windows and then delete (from disk management) the linux partitions. This may leave your computer in a state where you can not boot into Windows. To fix this you'll have to boot off the XP install disk and boot to the recovery console, once there type 'fixmbr' without the '
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Can I uninstall older versions of .net framework? Do I need them?

A:Uninstalling older versions of .net framework

Different versions of .net framework can be for different programs. Best not to uninstall any .net framework installs. Save yourself some grief.
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I noticed lately that I have to uninstall my flash drive via Device Manager and Disk Drives just so I can plug it back in to install it and then use it. I have to repeat this process ever time I plug in my flash drive. Is there anyway this is fixable?
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Hey, today when i tried to uninstall Need for speed world i got an error message saying Regsvr32 could not read/find module (I've got swedish os sorta hard to translate) so i tried opening the dll and got the same message. Ive tried pretty much every .dll i have found in my computer and none of them work.Aero is disabled too so pretty much all system files i guess?
Please help me out on this one I just did a clean install of Win7 as my Vista was not working.

Thx in advance

When i open system32 dll's i get this error.
The start address for DllRegisterServer was not found.
After using google it might just be DllRegisterServer entry point was not found, as i stated earlier i have swedish os

A:Error uninstalling Need for Speed World

I wold need to know the specific and exact name of the dll file.
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I've just spent the past 30 plus minutes trying to uninstall my SeaMonkey browser, including using revo but it will not do so.
I went to Programs & Features at first & uninstalled it then did a search deleting everything to do with it & then went to C:/ Program files,found some there & deleted it but nothing has worked. Yes, I even dumped the recycle bin & rebooted.
but its still here.
I seldom ask for help in here about SeaMonkey because I don't think anybody in here uses it. Its a nice relative of the Firefox family.
I'm going to try revo once again. TIA Disregard. I used the advanced part of revo & got it done.
Well, it worked, but I'm still unable to log in to my homepage. I know, kinda ridicules uninstalling a browser because I can't log in. Just a bit confused.

A:UNinstalling a browser

Hi, There is some info about this on their own site, but don't know how well it works.
I use Seamonkey browser, and I try most of the Firefox/Gecko engine 'variations' to see what is being done with it. I've use FFx browser since 2.0, and always prefer it to any other, although I do try most others.
Currently trying out Qupzilla, it is webkit based, but has a FFx look, has adblocking & Flash blocking by default, and a speed-dial screen which can be homepage if you like or can open speeddial screen in a new tab. It's simple but does most of what I want.
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For a couple of days now i've been trying to get rid of Windows Live Messenger as it doesn't work so that i can re-install it. (OS: Vista)
Couldn't find it in control panel > uninstall/change programs so i just went to the Windows Live folder and tried a Shift + Delete to just get rid of the program completely.
One problem is that it wont let me delete all of the files (relating to the photo gallery and contacts) - saying that i dont have permission even though i'm the admin.
Another problem is that even though (as far as i can see) all of the files relating to the messenger have gone - when i run the installer it says that its already installed so i cant re-install it!
Any help is greatly appreciated

A:Real difficulty uninstalling Windows Live Messenger

Download and install the freeware Ccleaner. Use it to clean your registry of entries your simple deletion of folders and files has left behind. See if it will install after that.
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Not sure I have the right forum, but am having trouble installing and uninstalling programs. I just went though the virus forum and they suggested I come here. At the completion of removal all malware I am trying to install Java.

When trying to install Java, I receive the message "The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed. This can occur if you are running Windows in safe mode, or if the Windows Installer is not correctly installed. Contact your support personnel for assistance."

Additionally I am getting messages like
"Error 1719. Windows Installer could not be accessed"
"Error 1601 occurred"
"Unkown error"

Thanks for any assistance you can offer.

A:Problems installing and uninstalling programs with XP

Download, install, try again. Report back.
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Well after 3 weeks I'm fed up with trying to get fedora to work properly on my laptop, so I wish to uninstall it and install windows XP in its place.

Problem is I was dual booting fedora with Vista, I do not wish to get rid of the vista partition (c:\) but I want to get rid of fedora completely as well as the grub loader. I've read fixmbr will do the latter but only if it's on C:\? Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:Uninstalling Fedora...

It should be possible to simply install XP over Fedora (ie. delete its partition(s), create a new one), then boot with Vista DVD and select "Repair", repair startup items.

If that causes it to boot only to Vista, you can then use its bcdedit to add XP to Vista's boot menu.
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And I'm wondering what you people know? I've had no problem yet.

A:I saw this MS recommends uninstalling Windows 7 Security Update 2823324

The reports of the issue only come out of Brazil. But they are worried it may be more widespread, so they want people to uninstall it just to be safe.
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Hi I kinda feel daft asking Uninstalling Alarm Zone this but has anyone here uninstalled Zone Alarm free edition on Vista I was looking over Tech Spot and saw an article saying that Zone Alarm was incompatible with Vista Iver been wanting to change to Comodo so now seemed the good time So i went to uninstall and uninstalled Zone alarm However it seemed to crash and then my system wouldn t shut down or restart or even load the task manager So i restarted Uninstalling Zone Alarm and upon loading it was still there but my Uninstalling Zone Alarm internet connection had gone I reconnected to the net well tried but it kept coming back with connection failed I ran the uninstall again and this time it prompted to restart and then upon restart Zone alarm was gone but the Internet still wasn t connecting So after trying to renew the connection through command prompt i went and did a system restore Upon restore Zone alarm was back but so was the Internet So i though that the crash had ruined the Internet and went and uninstalled again However this time everything was smooth and still upon restart Zone alarm was gone but again so was the Internet connection I really don t know how to uninstall without loosing the Internet connection Cheers nbsp

A:Uninstalling Zone Alarm

Never mind. Ive got it sorted.

Heres how if anyone finds this:

Uninstall Zone alarm by using the uninstalled in the Start>Zone Alarm folder
Then clean the PC using something like CCleaner which found a number of left over registry keys on my PC
Then disconnect from the Internet
Go to Start>Control Panel and go to device manager
Right click your wireless card and click uninstall but don't remove the drivers
restart your PC
then don't reconnect yet. If you have one turn off your router for 10 seconds or so and then turn it back on
then leave the PC to automatically connect...hopefully

Everything seems fine now and im ruinning Comodo which works much better and gives you an actual feeling that Zone alarm let to much in
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Hi all,

Just looking for some advise on the above.

Currently running a dual boot setup with Vista and XP. The machine has three hard disks, a 750GB, a 500GB and a 250GB. The 750GB runs Vista, the 500GB runs XP and the 250GB is just used as extra space for either OS.

What I want to do is just remove Vista completely. Is this just a case of formatting the 750GB drive? Will this remove the boot menu at startup though?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.


A:Help - Uninstalling Vista from a dual boot setup

Ok please answer these:

1. Is your Vista your first boot drive?
2. Can you boot your 500Gb if you set it as first boot drive?
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I currently have Quick Time installed and the quot uninstall quot located in my program list will not function I continually get a message saying basically that a program or control panel which uses Quick Time appears to be running Suggest closing all windows programs All programs are closed Quick time is closed no icons are on my lower right part of the screen by the time I Ctrl Alt Delete to task manager to see if any Quick Time processes or any other applications are running None appear to be running I tried to uninstall Quick Time using Add Remove Programs within my control panel and get the same result error I ran Time 6.5.2 Uninstalling Quick Problem a search for a file within my computer in hopes to find some obscure uninstall file or instructions with no luck Problem Uninstalling Quick Time 6.5.2 either Apple does not have an for Windows users but I will be calling their Windows Isn t it a crying shame that Apple has no for their product support nbsp

A:Problem Uninstalling Quick Time 6.5.2

go to task manager and shut down quicktime in memory.
also download mike lin's startup editor.
once installed you will have a tiny applet in your control panel.
load the applet and uncheck the box next to quicktime.
now quicktime will not automatically load when you boot your computer.
uninstall quicktime.
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Today I downloaded PC Accelerator 2004 from this web-site; however, as it did not do much good I soon decided to uninstall it. However, the program has created (or modified, I am not sure) countless files that it left on my computer and the machine (which is certainly not the latest word of technology) is having really hard time coping. I am not computer literate enough to find these files and eliminate them...Please help!!!!!

A:Big problems with uninstalling PC Accelerator 2004!!!!!

pc accelerators for the most part are a joke and most are laden with spyware and adware. The only thing that will speed up your computer is more memory, slight overclocking, defragged hard drive, and a faster cpu.

Use spybot to remove your adware.
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I tried uninstalling Realplayer using CCleaner but I am still left with "the following files and/or directories could not be deleted c\Documents & Settings\.......\Application Data\Real\Realplayer.
I have forgotten how to manually delete files from directories.

As a rule I try to avoid programs which do not have an uninstall facility. I got realplayer because I listen to BBC radio a lot & I think it was their preferred media player.

Any suggestions for a media player ? I also rip & burn audio cds occasionally - strictly for personal use of course.

A:Uninstalling Realplayer

Pazuzu said:

I tried uninstalling Realplayer using CCleaner but I am still left with "the following files and/or directories could not be deleted c\Documents & Settings\.......\Application Data\Real\Realplayer.
I have forgotten how to manually delete files from directories.

As a rule I try to avoid programs which do not have an uninstall facility. I got realplayer because I listen to BBC radio a lot & I think it was their preferred media player.

Any suggestions for a media player ? I also rip & burn audio cds occasionally - strictly for personal use of course.Click to expand...

go the control panel>add or remove programms> see there realplayer still present. If not go to c:\programs files\real player deleted every files from there.
or under c:\common files\ see there any folder name by real player.
For Application data\real\realplayer u must unhide ur hide folder...for that open windows explorer or any folder>tools>folder options>under view menu check show hidden file or folder.....then go to the C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\real player or copy this link and paste on the windows explorer or any folder address bar.
best of luck.
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Hello everyone I m having BSOD uninstalling after Speedfan/RivaTuner a rather unusual problem I ve been using speedfan and RivaTuner for some time on my old notebook HP Pavilion dv to monitor the CPU s GPU s temperature as well as adjust several settings Yesterday I removed both of the programs and after a reboot - bam a blue screen during booting up Windows XP STOP x B probably indicating a driver problem I remember RivaTuner asked about removing giveio sys as quot some programs might use it quot I clicked quot No quot don t remove The BSOD after uninstalling Speedfan/RivaTuner same happened with the Safe Mode it kept BSODing while loading giveio sys On one of the other forums I ve read that renaming giveio sys to giveio bak or sy would solve the problem And so I did by connecting the drive to the other notebook It didn t help at all only gave another problem - now it keeps BSODing on loading mup sys What should I do now Is formatting the drive the only option using a Recovery Console via Windows installer is out of the question as this XP was a legal download from MSDNAA - I don t have that disc anymore and any other build of Windows XP refuses to work along with it it detects it as quot an other system quot And that s BSOD after uninstalling Speedfan/RivaTuner why I don t really want to wipe out the HDD - XP is fully legal with all the updates n stuff and as I m not a student anymore I can t get it legally again any option from F Safe Mode Last Known Good Configuration etc gives the same BSOD tried using Bart s PE disc boots fine but gives a BSOD in win k sys everytime you touch any key on keyboard Notebook specs Windows XP Sp English Intel Core Duo GHz GeForce Go Segate GB HDD GB RAM DDR I m really stumped with that one Any hint or solution other than formatting the drive Cheers Crash nbsp

A:BSOD after uninstalling Speedfan/RivaTuner

Have you removed all Speedfan/Riva drivers?
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My exfiance before he left. To be with another woman mind you while he was still with me. Installed Im Big brother on my brand new computer. Does anyone know how to find it and unistall it. It's either that or do a system restore. And i'm not a computer wiz. So any help would be appreciated!

A:uninstalling im big brother

You should be able to take it out in your add/remove section under start>contron panel. If it has disapeared, try looking at this. Also, I'm sorry about what happened .
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Hello Everyone My question strictly volume Uninstalling generic manifests from my OCD but none the less I go to my device manager click on storage volumes and three generic volumes appear I click on update for each one it sends me to a hardware update wizard which asks me to install a floppy or CD and run the test I have no floppy or CD to put in I run the test anyway and I get quot we could not install hardware because we could not find the software quot No problem Everything works fine on my computer However whenever I run a full scan through my security feature ten of the twenty minutes it takes to scan are spent on scanning quot storage volume quot files Are these storage volume files related to the storage volume devices that I m probably not using and if so if I uninstalled these devices would it get rid of said erroneous files thus shortening my scan duration Thanks Daniel nbsp

A:Uninstalling generic volume

Depends on what the storage volumes actually are. Could be these are virtual devices, or drives that are the result of a cord reader with no actual storage medium in it.
I would say you can simply try uninstalling the devices, especially if they are not devices you are using.
Chances are Windows will automatically reinstall them on the next reboot, but you can at least try the scan to see if it affects the scan speed (before you reboot).
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I am trying to install NIS 2005 on an XP Home computer which has NIS 2002 already installed.

However NIS 2005 will not install until NIS 2002 is uninstalled.

On trying to delete NIS2002 using add/remove programs I get the following message:

" A Norton Internet Security Account with supervisor access must be logged in to uninstall this product"

The Symantec web site is not much help just saying to uninstall NIS use the add/remove programs facility in Windows.

Any ideas?

A:Uninstalling NIS 2002 and Installing NIS 2005

Log in as Administrator, then remove it.

If that does not work, it might be faster to re-install your PC.
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Hey guys,

I was trying to uninstall service pack 3 yesterday trying to go back to SP2 and when i woke up this morning i had the blue screen of death saying;
I've read that my problem has something to do with my graphics driver, but the thing is, I CANT GET PASSED THE BSOD.
I cant boot in safe mode, safe mode with command prompt, safe mode with networking, normal, or last known configuration!!
Everytime i boot i get the blue screen =( anyone got any ideas?

A:BSOD on startup after uninstalling service pack 3

Sounds to me like you need to reinstall windows over itself.
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I installed an etrust product [internet security suite 2]. I had to uninstall then reinstall. A message said unable to uninstall firewall. This is a package deal,Antivirus,Firewall,ect. It did uninstall everything else. I tried there support site. No help what so ever. Is there any way I can find, and remove the fire wall ?Thank You

A:Uninstalling Fire Wall

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Disconnect from the net and try and shut the firewall down. Then try uninstalling it.

If this doesn`t help, try the uninstall from safe mode.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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I have 3 java updates (2,3,5)in my control panel that seem to be taking up alot of usage 111.00 MB, 111.00MB & 114.00 MB.

Can I uninstall any or all of these??? Do I really need all three? ty

A:Uninstalling Java updates?

Go ahead and uninstall the older versions. Occasionally, some applications will run with one version but not another for some reason but generally I would uninstall the old versions.
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Hi all

I want to try installing RedHat again, but I need to uninstall it first.

1. How do you uninstall it?

2. Where exactly is the GRUB boot loader installed?

3. If I remove the Linux partition, will I still be able to use XP?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A:Uninstalling RedHat 9, how do you do it?

1. You don't have to uninstall to get a clean start with RedHat. You can decide during the install process whether you want to leave your old installation intact or to reformat/repartition. Depending how you configured your bootloader you may not be able to boot Windows after wiping the Linux partition and you have to use the Windows Recovery Console to fix it if you don't intend to put Linux back.

2. GRUB is smeared all over the place really.. The code that starts GRUB is either in the Master Boot Record of your HD (a special place where the computer looks for something to run when it has started up) or the boot sector of your Linux partition (a special place where some program from the Master Boot Record may instruct the computer to look for something else to run). GRUB configuration is stored in the /boot directory of your Linux installation. Other GRUB utilities (for installing and configuring it) are on your Linux system partition.

3. Yes
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I NEED HELP PLEASE AND THANK I made the mistake of installing Sys Mech Pro plus the Anti-Hacker and the Anti-Virus companions so I should have known better enough said at least it was the days free trial version My problem now is that I cannot access all my accounts After 6 Problems Mechanic System Edition Pro Uninstalling that are password protected like the telephone company the bank hotmail etc The respective front-end screens still will take my entry info and even my passwords by when I press the magic Enter key they return a beautiful blank white screen plain-zilch-nada-nyet The system remains live no pop-ups no error messages I can go back to where I came from but I cannot forward from that point if I press the Enter key I only get a grunt noise from the cpu telling me that is busy and to leave it alone when only hr before before Sys Mech Pro that is I was able to access anyone of those accounts and do my biz with no problems I don t claim to be an expert but I m not slouch either and I m not ashamed to ask for help I ve tried everything that I know all my settings are the same as before and yet is as if the people at Kespberry have had the last laugh on me Please and thank you anyone nbsp
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I'm having problems uninstalling firefox. I've uninstalled it, run CC cleaner to make sure there's no trace of it but when I re-install it, all the settings I previoulsy had are all back again. Something in my previous settings has crashed it, but I don't know what (it cannot connect although all other browsers can).

I've run it in safe mode both by ticking all 'reset' option and in safe mode itself but it still cannot connect, hence I tried to uninstall.

Has anyone got any other ideas?

Thx in advance

A:Uninstalling firefox

Did you know that Firefox has it's own uninstaller? Open the program and you will find it.

But I have a question- are you removing Firefox because you can't connect to the internet or some other problem? Would you like to try and find the problem and keep Firefox?
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I need to remove roxio 8. When i use the add-remove it removes most of it, but not all. I have tried several ways to get it out but it keeps telling me it's write protected. How can i remove it completely?

I have used add-remove
the microsoft software remover
it is not in my registry, just in my program files and will not go away

A:Uninstalling Roxio 8

Try to remove them in safe mode.....
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When one uninstalls an rpm, I read that one uses the rpm command and option -e.

Should I be in the directory where I originally saved the rpm? I installed AIM and want to remove it. I renamed the rpm /root/downloads/aim.rpm before I ran the install. From /root/downlods/ can I type rpm -e aim.rpm to remove it?

A:uninstalling a program

nope, you can uninstall it from anywhere.

rpm -e packagename

I usually query it first:

rpm -q packagename

you don't need the .rpm extension, as well I think.
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i am new to this site and new to forums all together but i really need help

i have 2 hdd
one has xp pro sp2 on it
and the other is partitioned half way with linux Ubuntu on it

i want to uninstall GRUB and Ubuntu but i dont have a boot cd so i made one using this guide
in the guide it tells you to copy your i386 folder to w/e file they want you to put it in.
my question is... is it just a matter of uninstalling grub or do i have to reinstall a windows boot loader and if i do have to reinstall a windows boot loader is this boot cd going to do that for me.

i just really dont want to boot my pc and be throwing $180 out the window

i would really appreciate your help.


A:Problem uninstalling ubuntu dual boot

i'm pretty sure you can just insert your original windows disk and use the recovery console and then use the command "fixmbr." (without the quotes or full stop of course).

this will replace GRUB with the original windows bootloader and you should be able to boot into windows normally, without the choice of Ubuntu.

that said, this method doesnt remove or delete your Ubuntu partition or setup. it just leaves it there in a slightly inaccessible state, which is not a bad thing if you later decide you would like to reactivate it and have another crack. its also a good hiding spot for some of your 'sensitive stuff!'

if you're feeling brave and wanna start deleting unwanted partitions later (read my other posts!!), then you can do this from inside windows once you have it booting normally with windows MBR (master boot record).

try this site out, this guys pretty switched on..

but remember, when mucking about with partitions and stuff "there are two kinds of people in this world, those who backup, and those who've never lost a hard drive."
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I have installed Ubunta linux on my laptop which after serveral weeks I decided that it was not for me . I tried installing XP again but every time it tries to install I get BSOD stating that windows has encountered an error and must shut down . I have tried formatting the harddrive following instructions from the MS site but I keep getting the same BSOD .

I can re-install ubunta with no problems , but I really want XP back .

Any help would be appreciated as I am now becoming desperate .

A:Uninstalling Ubunta

So you don't want to keep anything on the hard drive?

Windows is not so good at working with non-Windows partition tables..

In Linux, write zeroes to the beginning of the hard drive to make the partition table go away (you can use the rescue mode (or whetever it is called) on the Ubuntu install CD). Do something like "dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hda bs=1024 count=1024"

Or just get DBAN from and let it run up to 1%
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hiiiii guys
i REALLY need help cause i just got a new ipod and i plugged it in and expected it to run fine cause i had one a few months ago.
point being:ITS NOT WORKING. btw i have windows XP
when i try to uninstall(or "remove") quicktime so i can download iTunes 7, a pop up says "The installer has encountered and unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate a problem with this package. The error code is 2330."

A:Error 2330 uninstalling Quicktime for iTunes

Your best bet is to search on the apple support site. Quicktime really blows "on Windows" IMO.
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I installed a plugin Java runtime environment. I have uninstalled it from control pannel, but i am wondering is it totally uninstalled or is there still traces left such as in the registry.

if so how do i remove it totally of my system

A:Uninstalling software

More than likely there are still traces of it in the registry. the only absolutely surefire way would be to reformat and reinstall windows. but that would seem rather extreme to get rid of someothing that shouldnt really cause you any problems.
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the chap who rebuilt my computer couple of years back kindly- so he thought- installed mcafeebut apparently he didn't do it right and i get a messafge to that effect at startup.

when i go start/programs i can see mvafee listed but neither myuninstaller nor the windows uninstaller can find it and it is not listed

i can live with the error message at start up but i'd rather not

anyone got any ideas to help out this stupid old cripple?

the odd thing is kaspersky did not complain about it when i installed that

A:Uninstalling mcafee

Download and install it and scan your pc and fix any errors it finds then scan your registry and fix any errors it finds.

Let us know if that solves your issue.
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I was trying to repair a friend's computer and uninstalled service pack 2. After uninstall it went to reboot and just began an endless loop and wouldn't reboot. It won't boot to safe mode. When trying to boot off the CD, it asks for the administrator password. The owner has no clue as he has never set an admin password or ever needed one. Any ideas here? If I can boot from the cd I can try system restore as I'm sure whatever I did uninstalling SP2 obliterated the registry in some way. Is there a generic admin password? We tried "admin".
Thanks in advance.

A:Xp won't boot after uninstalling service pack 2

Welcome to TachSpot

You can try to boot with a blank password, i.e. NO password.
You can also try Admin, ADMIN, administrator, Administrator etc.
Note the use of capitals, passwords are case-sensitive.
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Okay, so I think we can all agree that previous versions of Windows would wear and tear over time and get slower than when you first installed it. A lot of people have said that this is because of the way that the OS uninstalls programs and how it leaves behind certain registry keys. Does anyone know if they have fixed this problem?

I heard a developer discussing this subject about a year or so before the Windows 10 was released, but I haven't found any articles of anyone claiming it has been fixed. Can we hope for a faster and more junk-free future?

A:Windows 10 uninstalling programs

Suggest using Revo uninstaller instead of the OS uninstaller.This deletes program and all remaining remnants.
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Hello guys I got a computer running Windows XP SP with Intel motherboard D GEV I currently have Realtek audio drivers uninstalling/installing Error working sounds but I cannot use the quot Stereo Mix quot function to record Error uninstalling/installing Realtek audio drivers what I hear Error uninstalling/installing Realtek audio drivers through the speakers I only get a short static noise every couple of seconds Looking in Add Remove Programs I see these two sound drivers High Definition Audio Driver Package - KB probably responsible for the working sounds Realtek High Definition Audio Driver that I see no evidence of being installed apart from the existence of Realtek folder inside quot Program Files quot This is what I see in Device Manager menu only the Microsoft UAA driver appears no Realtek whatsoever Image - Error uninstalling/installing Realtek audio drivers TinyPic - Free Image Hosting Photo Sharing amp Video Hosting Plus in the past the PC used to have AC' driver installed as well but I unistalled it months ago I tried to remove the Realtek driver but I get this annoying error Image - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting Photo Sharing amp Video Hosting I also get the same error whenever I try to launch a newer version of Realtek HD Audio driver installer or even execute the AC' driver installer I created another second admin account and the uninstallation worked as it should but back to my current account it is still present under Add Remove Programs Is my Registry corrupted Or is this about User permissions not set right Thank you

A:Error uninstalling/installing Realtek audio drivers

The Microsoft driver showed Realtek at the end. So you uninstalled the Microsoft/Realtek driver that was downloaded from Windows Update automatically. And the original AC97 Reatek driver is still on your computer. To reinstall it, download it from the Intel Website:
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I need to uninstall Avast free but am having problems.

Avast does NOT show on windows Programs and Features. Therefore I can not uninstall it from there. I have Revo Uninstaller but it also does not show up there.

I downloaded aswClear and tried to run it in Safe Mode. Got the error message below.
I also tried to reinstall avast and got the the same error message.

What next?


A:Uninstalling Avast free

See if this works ....
Download AVAST Software Uninstall Utility
Special Note: Needs to be started from Safe Mode, the program will offer to reboot you into Safe Mode on launch. If you did not install the Avast product to the default install location, you need to point to it in the box.
Relevancy 29.67%

This message comes up:

The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable.


The installation source for this product is not available. Verify that the source exists and that you can access it.

I tried browsing but couldn't get to file.

I tried manually deleting files under Adobe, but could not get rid of all of them.

The reason I wanted to uninstall was because it was not working and I wanted to reinstall. This is the 2nd time I've had to do this. I have important docs that I cannot open or download.


A:Problem Uninstalling Adobe XI (11.0.12

Have you tried reinstalling Adobe 11.0.12 over the top?
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This question is for any Windows or at least Vista and 7.
How do you know how to be sure to put Registry back the way it was after uninstalling any software?    Uninstalling a software program maybe will not always put the Registry back the way it was before installing the software.   How do you know what the changes were and be sure they get put back as before?    I do not know how Registry works and I do not know how to backup or restore Registry.
So far no current or suspected problem.  I just ask so that maybe I would later know how.

A:uninstalling including checking and adjusting registry

As time passes your registry will inevitably end up with many extra...or "orphan" keys and subkeys. BUT unless you are having some sort of an issue, they are not a problem.  All these so called "registry cleaners" do NOTHING to improve performance, as your system will function just fine by leaving them where they are.
I will recommend CCleaner, which I've been using for many years.  It's the most reliable cleanup tool out there..remove all kinds of leftover files and junk that you don't need.  
It does have a registry cleaner, which removes orphaned entries, and I've never had any problems with it... but be sure to say yes when it asks you if you want to back up the .reg files. 
NOTE: If you do install CCleaner, go to options>monitoring and uncheck the active monitoring feature. It's new and unnecessary. just clean up your system when the mood strikes you.  
PS...Ignore the " Advanced options" under the Windows tab. 
Relevancy 28.81%

Will someone please tell me how to uninstall "zonealarm firewall;I used "Revo"unstaller and unstalled\deleted it,but it somehow reinstelled itself and "hid".I used "search" and located it n C:program files\,but it would not delete;also it changed my setting that i couldn't open my email,and partcial disable my"Pro Malwarebytes"and "restore"wont work.Please help,..thank u,...oh yes i have a Dell desktop window xp,sp3,(8 yrs old),

A:uninstalling "zone alarm firewall\checkpoint"

Did you see the reply you already got with your other topic on this?
Relevancy 28.81%

I have just successfully cleaned my laptop of malware, with help from this forum, and installed Online Armour as advised.  However I experienced some problems so decided to uninstall it for now.  Now Avast and Windows Defender won't start.  I have tried to manually start Avast but it shows all protection as disabled and clicking on start now does nothing.  
When I check msconfig it is showing as disabled and when I check it again it just unchecks itself!  I have tried system restore, but multiple restore points have failed.
Any help would be much appreciated!

A:Problems after uninstalling Online Armour - Avast won't start!

Did you check to see if the Services (services.msc) are started and set to automatic?Click on > Control Panel > System and Maintenance > Administrative Tools and double-click on the Services option. If prompted by the User Access Control, click the Continue button.Windows Servies will open:Click the Extended tab at the bottom to view all the info on your services.In the Services applet, scroll down the list and find find Windows Defender.Double-click on the name of the service to open the Properties page.In the Properties Window > General Tab that opens, click the "Start" button.From the drop-down menu next to "Startup Type", click on "Automatic".Click "Apply", then "OK" and close any open windows.Repeat the steps for avast.How to Start or Disable Services in Windows Vista <- includes screenshotsAnother option with avast is to reinstall it.Although Online Armor Free if a good third party firewall...I see no reason not to use Windows built-in Firewall. Most concerns you may have heard or read about the Windows Firewall were in the XP operating system so many users were advised to use third-party alternatives. Microsoft significantly improved the firewall to address these concerns in Vista and then added more improvements in Windows 7/8. See Choosing a Firewall.
Relevancy 29.67%

My problem started when i uninstalled avst from my pc it said my computer needed to restart so i did
and now when i turn on my pc it says it is "preparing automatic repair" and then takes new to a screen where i can restart or select "advanced options". restarting only gets me back to this same screen and i have already tried starting into safemode but it did not work
any help would be greatly appreciated

A:uninstalling avast messed up my pc

Hello, and welcome,
There should be a option to do a System Restore under Advanced Options. Can you do a System Restore to a date before the uninstall?
Relevancy 30.1%

I install programs and then when I wan to uninstall them I get this :
"The system administer has set policies to prevent this installation" and then another like this : " you do not have sufficient access to uninstall. Please contact system administrator"

A:Uninstalling problem

First of all, welcome to Bleeping Computer! I just need to ask a few clarifying questions. Are you logged into an account with administrator privileges? Are you using Add/Remove Programs, an uninstaller for the program, or a third-party uninstaller program? What program are you trying to uninstall, and Can you install and uninstall other programs?
Relevancy 29.24%

I'm trying to clean up some unused programs on a Win 7 machine but after I removed "AnyProtect by CMI limited" then "CWA Reminder by We-Care" but when I went to uninstall the next unused program and no matter what I try to uninstall I get an error saying "Windows Installer Service could not be accessed" and the program cancels the uninstallation process.  I've checked msconfig and it says that Windows Installer is stopped.  Any ideas how to fix?

A:Problems uninstalling unwanted software

Have you tried
It usually gets the job done.
Just be careful. PUPs that protect themselves that well may be hiding something worse.
You might consider visiting the Am I Infe3cted forum and let one of the trained volunteers there walk you through the steps necessary to make sure your system is clean.
If REVO doesn't do it, post back and I can ask one of the moderators to move the thread so you get the help you need and they can see what's been done.
Keep us posted
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I am trying to install an updated version of Skype but I cannot uninstall my previous version This computer is using Windows bit I've tried every possible way of getting rid of Skype including via regedit step by step I persistently get this message when I use CCleaner uninstall The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable Click OK to try again or enter an alternate path to a folder containing the 7 or skype 5 uninstalling installation package 'Skype msi' in the box below This box contains the source - C ProgramData Skype EE A - A - D F- DAC-F F B AE D I cannot find this anywhere on this computer uninstalling skype 5 or 7 I have administrator rights and I use Treesize Free but no sign of anything still listed as Skype On my CCleaner uninstall it shows uninstalling skype 5 or 7 up loud and clear with its logo Skype Skype Technologies SA mbs Because this still appears to be lurking on the computer I cannot install any version old or new on the computer Can anyone tell me how to purge the accursed old version completely out of this machine

A:uninstalling skype 5 or 7

Have you tried Revo Uninstaller?
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I have the following stuff in my list of running programs and I would like to delete some of them if possible.  First is  microsoft visual c++ 2005 redistributable which is 300kbs in length, then I have microsoft visual c++ 2008-x86 9.0.30729 which is 596kbs in length, then I have microsoft visual c++ again version9.0.30729.6161 and is 600kbs in length and finally I have visual studio 2012 x86 redistributables and is by avg technologies and is 10.5mbs in length.  any suggestions would be helpful.  thank you dave.

A:uninstalling programs

I would suggest leaving the Microsoft Visual c++ alone.
If you have AVG 2012 installed you can uninstall it and it should uninstall the visual studio 2012, as I understand it.
Relevancy 29.67%

I have a program in my computer that I do not want, called TuneUp Utilities 2014. It keeps popping up on my screen to tell me that TuneUp has stopped working. So annoying that I can't use my computer. When I go to 'Control', then 'progams to uninstall', then highlight TuneUp utilities 2014 to uninstall it, nothing happens. No messages come up, or anything. It doesn't uninstall. I have uninstalled programs before, but the process has stopped working. I have a Windows Vista. Can anyone offer any suggestions? Thanks.

A:A problem uninstalling a program

You can try Revo Uninstaller.
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could use some help uninstalling pc optimizer pro - thank you

A:help uninstalling - PC optimizer pro

Related, .

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Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit using Firefox

I'm embarrassed to even admit I can't figure this one out. I was uninstalling some Nikon camera programs and after the third one when I went for the fourth there was no uninstall or change repair options as usual. I am totally baffled. I rebooted, nothing. Still no buttons. Whah??? How can I get my uninstall buttons back?

A:"uninstall" button vanished after uninstalling half of Nikon programs

Try doing a System Restore.
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I am having a lot of problems uninstalling RegCleanPro. A computer tech support person installed it for me to help with a problem I was having, but did not tell me it cost. When I found out, I tried to uninstall, but I keep getting a message that says something to the affect of cannot uninstall, a certain something is missing. Please help.

A:Problems with uninstalling a program

A computer support person installed a registry cleaner for you? Wow. First thing I'd do is get my money back.

As for uninstalling it, it would be helpful to know what the "certain something" is.
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After repeated tries, I have been unable to uninstall Nero 7 Essentials. Near the end of the process I get this message from Vista: Custom Action Dll crashed on last call in function Nerodg_UnregisterComEx. The installer must now exit. Crash Thread ID2752. Current Thread ID692. Any clues anybody?

A:Problems uninstalling Nero 7 Essentials

Try this tool Nero Uninstaller.
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i have 2 partions on my computer. a 125 gb one and a 172 gb one. i have windows vista installed to the 125 gb one is there any way to take space from the 172 and add to 125 without reinstalling windows.

Thanks in advance just to let yall know this is by far the most helpful website on the web

A:Add Space To Partion Without Uninstalling Windows

Go to Start and type in "diskmgmt.msc" (without the quotes) and press Enter

Right click on the partition that you wish to extend (the 125 gB one) and select "Extend".
Follow the wizard to allow it to take from the other partition to do this.

This presumes that both partitions are on the same physical disk. If not, then you'll have to look into the options to span volumes.
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Good Day

Everytime I try to open a new office document (eg word or excel) the desktop opens as a folder. Also everytime my computers is booted up the desktop opens as a folder. This is not in my start up options so I'm not seeing a way to take it off. I tried uninstalling microsoft office to re-install it but it is not uninstalling. It keeps saying it was not uninstalled properly. I also tried re-installing microsoft office even though it is already there and it keeps saying setup has stopped working. I am running vista home edition and microsoft office 2007. My anti virus avira says there are no viruses and I had avast anti virus before which also found no viruses.

Can someone help me please? I'm not sure what to do in this situation. Can you make some suggestions please?

A:Microsoft Office is not opening or uninstalling

1) What do you mean "the desktop opens as a folder"?

2) What is new or different since the last time everything worked properly (ie, new hw, new sw, virus, error, etc)?
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Hello everyone I m going to be very detailed with this If it seems excessive I m just trying to get an answer out of this I m also going to try to remember everything I ve tried but theres a lot Due to personal preference I switched my browser to Firefox a year ago and have loved it ever since Recently I have been getting a few popups while on the Serious IE8 uninstalling problem after internet and Serious problem after uninstalling IE8 each time they would Serious problem after uninstalling IE8 open up in an IE browser so I just decided to uninstall it altogether since I never used it in the first place I went to Add Remove Programs and found IE went through the basic uninstall process etc At one point it warned me that a select few of my programs installed might be affected by the removal but I didn t see any reason why some of them would be affected by me uninstalling a browser so I went on ahead anyway After it was done it told me that I should restart my computer to finish the removal process but as I was still using my computer at the time I clicked quot no quot The next day today I turned on my computer to find my desktop completely blank without any desktop icons nor a taskbar All that was visible was my desktop background and I am unable to right-click the desktop and so of course explorer exe was not running I CAN open up task manager though and was able to access firefox exe that way Thank you Mozilla However whenever I type my first letter in the quot open quot box of New Task I m hit with the error message quot The ordinal could not be located in the dynamic link library iertutil dll quot This error message comes up when i delete one letter from a previously typed program in the quot open quot box It comes up when I turn my computer on at the welcome screen and it comes up multiple times when I try opening things with task manager however for the most part I am able to get past it When trying to run explorer exe I m hit with multiples of the same error message usually - The first ones at the top says quot Windows Task Manager taskmgr exe - Ordinal Not Found quot and on the very last one at the top it says quot explorer exe - Ordinal Not Found quot So I did some researching of iertutil dll and it seemed that everyone who has a similar problem has a different ordinal number One fix required me to replace iertutil so I downloaded a new one and after renaming the original to iertutilBACKUP dll I placed it in the system folder This did not do anything and I still have the error messages I tried registering it with Regsvr iertutil dll but i get the error message quot iertutil dll was loaded but the DllRegisterServer entry point was not found The file can not be registered quot I next ran Malwarebytes Antimalware to see if a virus was causing this It found infected files and deleted them but none were the cause of the problem I ran AVG afterwards and it found none At some point I gave up with trying to fix the error message and tried to reinstall IE again so I downloaded the exe off microsoft s website an tried installing again In the beginning it says that IE is already installed on my computer which leads me to suspect that something happened during the uninstall process but i clicked on the option that said something like quot Create another unremovable copy quot After a few minutes of waiting for it to install and it completely skips the malware search in the order of events in the installation it just flat-out says that Internet Explorer could not be installed If i remember correctly it also says quot Setup could not verify the integrity of the file Update inf Make sure the Cryptographic service is running on this computer quot I tried installing IE just to see if i d get different results but it said I had a newer version of internet explorer already on my computer and just stops In the program files folder I found a folder labeled quot Internet Explorer quot I tried deleting it but the computer refused to I ran mu... Read more

A:Serious problem after uninstalling IE8

Reinstall IE8 or look at some of these other tips. My linkPS: Sorry, but I did not read all the way thru the book.
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Hello. My name is Peter.
It's December, and my PC has got messy on OS update installs, and I need to free-it-up a bit.
What I can remove from those?
Thanks in advance!
Note: a screenshot of Revo Uninstaller section list.

A:Windows XP - a December clean-up, uninstalling components

It would be helpful for you to download MiniToolBox from here MTB.Check ONLY List Installed Programs, then click GO.When finished Notepad will open on your desktop with the results.Copy the results and paste it in your next reply.
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I have not had a single BSOD on my system running Windows XP Home since literally Today I uninstalled some software I uninstalled a PC web camera driver and software and also uninstalled some VIA motherboard update software I haven't used this software some time and it is not even set to auto-run when Windows starts up I also ran the registry cleaner in Piriform's CCleaner before restarting Upon restarting I was greeted with a BSOD Stop error x B xF E xC x x No other information Using the recovery console I have attempted chkdsk r and fixboot No fix I have not tried fixmbr I also attempted to Drivers After BSOD Uninstalling Software + XP use system restore through the recovery console I only have one recent restore date to try which was made when I uninstalled the VIA update software I followed the steps provided here iframe and they did not help me I still get the BSOD when restarting Last known good figuration and safe mode also result XP BSOD After Uninstalling Software + Drivers in the same BSOD Specs Asus K VSE Deluxe Motherboard AMD Processor Seagate mb SATA harddrive ATI X Pro Video Creative Audigy ZS Audio She's an older system but that really isn't to blame there is no hardware issue here it must be a result of the programs and drivers I uninstalled via add remove programs or the registry cleaning process I have used the registry cleaning process hundreds of times previously and never had a problem though Can anyone help I'm trying to save this without having to install XP all over again either by format or by repair installation Thank you

A:XP BSOD After Uninstalling Software + Drivers

1) Registry Cleaners CAUSE problems, they do not cure them. I suggest you run the UNDO function in the registry cleaner and then never use it again.
2) What VIA mother board software did you uninstall? Look in Device Manager. Are there any yellow or red symbols?
3) Download BlueScreenView:
unzip downloaded file and double click on BlueScreenView.exe to run the program.
when scanning is done, go to EDIT - Select All
Go to FILE - SAVE Selected Items, and save the report as BSOD.txt
Open BSOD.txt in Notepad, copy all of the content, and paste it into your next reply
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Please download AdwCleaner and run it.
An image like the one below will open, click on Scan.

Once the search is complete a list of the pending items will be displayed.  If you see any which you do not want removed, remove the check mark next to it.  
Click on Clean to remove the selected items.  
You will receive a message telling you that all programs will be close so that the infections can be removed.  Click on Ok.
When cleaning process is complete a log of what was removed will be presented.  Please copy and the paste this log in your next post.
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HP Mini 110 running Windows XP with a version of Avast, tried rebooting my netbook after removing Roxio Backontrack from add/remove programs. 
When I select 'Start Windows Normally', the windows loading screen shows up but then it goes to black and nothing happens. When I try to boot in any sort of safe mode, it runs down the list of drivers that it's loading and hangs up on aswrvrt.sys indefinitely.
If anyone has any ideas, that would be great. Thanks!

A:Netbook won't boot, hangs at aswrvrt.sys after uninstalling Roxio Backontrack

 to the BC forum.
Do you have either an installation CD or recovery console CD in hand ?
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i went to uninstall "ditto" in the "add or remove programs" and received a message that states something along the lines of Uninstall shows Ditto is running, close all instances of Ditto to uninstall---or something along that line. well, i am not sure where i go or the necessary steps to help me uninstall Ditto. can someone please help me? thanks.
btw, think i ran into this problem before, but, can't remember what steps i took.

A:problem uninstalling 'ditto'.......

Right click the taskbar and click Task Manager. Go to the processes tab and end task.
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I got this used computer with XP on it. I tried to uninstall some games to gain more disk space. I tried uninstalling with Add/Remove Pro and Ccleaner, but some just won't uninstall. Windows will not do it either. So I was wondering if I can just delete the folders that they are in? Some folders are as much as 2.5 GB. Other than not being able to play the games, could there be some other problem?

A:Programs uninstalling

No, not if they install with entries in the registry. You can use Revo Uninstaller - it should do the job
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Alright so I've had an issue with Chrome for the past couple weeks where every time I open up Chrome whether's it's in the morning after my computer's been off all night or I close the browser and open it again a few minutes later my ad blocker extensions automatically uninstall The only extensions I have on chrome are AdBlock Adblock Plus Adguard AdBlocker I have tried only using one at a time to see if maybe one of them is corrupt and is affecting the rest but so far every single one of them have the same problem I've tried using a couple others Adblock Super and Adblock Pro but they keep uninstalling as well & uninstall not Chrome list a uninstalling/still Chrome in pop-up Extensions get I know this isn't caused by a virus on my computer because I've run a full systems check with Malwarebytes and Microsoft Security Essentials and they say I'm clean Also I just got a new laptop and Chrome Extensions uninstalling/still get a pop-up & Chrome not in uninstall list I'm having the same troubles on there Another issue that has only recently occurred in the past couple of days is that my ad blockers don't seem to be doing their job properly because I keep getting one pop up inconsistently I'll open a page and SOMETIMES I'll get this almost-window-wide pop up and a dialogue box and after I close the dialogue box it comes back only with an option to Prevent this page from creating additional dialogues and after I click that press OK and close the pop up I'm alright And sometimes when I open up a new tab or page I'll get a blank pop up I can just close I've attached pictures of this sequence of events I do not have this problem on my laptop My last issue was brought to my attention when I was trying to fix these problems I went to the Programs and Features option in my Control Panel to uninstall and then reinstall Google Chrome this has helped fix lots of issues for me before but Google Chrome is not there I have the Google Drive and the Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer but not the browser itself and I don't know where else to go to uninstall it that isn't just deleting a shortcut I do not have this problem with my laptop It shows up just fine Does anyone have any ideas how to fix any of my problems here Thanks Arlothia

A:Chrome Extensions uninstalling/still get a pop-up & Chrome not in uninstall list

Scan with Malwarebytes AntiRootkit
Please download MBAR and save it to your desktop.
Run tool as Administrator, tool will extract itself, and then launch.
Click Next to accept terms and conditions, and click Update to obtain latest definitions.
If malware is found click on Cleanup button , but make sure that Create restore point option is checked before proceeding !
Program will ask you to restart, allow it to do so.Note: If you're experiencing internet connection issues or other anomalies after running MBAR and removal of rootkits, it is recommended to run fixdamage.exe located inside mbar folder. Run it as Administrator and press Y if asks you do you want to continue.
Step 2
Download AdwCleaner by Xplode and save it to your desktop.
Run tool as Administrator, accept terms of usage, and wait while database is updating.
After it's done with updating, click Scan button and wait while it's scanning.
All found items remove by clicking on Cleaning button, and allow tool to restart.
After restart will make a log which you will attach or paste in your reply.
Step 3
Download JRT by Malwarebytes and save it to your desktop.
Run tool as Administrator,accept disclaimer by pressing Y, and wait while it's scanning system.
Tool will automatically scan and remove all found items, if tool requires restart, allow it to do so.
Attach log here.
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So, I'm trying to clean up some unused programs on a Win 7 machine but after I removed "AnyProtect by CMI limited" then "CWA Reminder by We-Care" but when I went to uninstall the next unused program and no matter what I try to uninstall I get an error saying "Windows Installer Service could not be accessed" and the program cancels the uninstallation process.  I've checked msconfig and it says that Windows Installer is stopped.  I tried doing SFC scan in the CMD prompt and that came back clean and I tried to re-register the program using the command prompt in both locations that its found.  Any other ideas??

A:Problems uninstalling unwanted software

"Windows Installer Service could not be accessed" does not mean your computer is infected. It may be corrupted, you may be missing certain values in the registry, and it could also be a problem with permissions.
A few Microsoft fixes to try:
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Good afternoon I thoroughly admit to being nearly dumb as a rock as pertains to things digital Over the years however BP has helped me with terrific general advice and also a few specific problems that required several days to repair Several weeks ago as I needed to uninstall avast Uninstalling Emsisoft free antivirus from this Windows laptop looking around Uninstalling Emsisoft at this forum and around BP Uninstalling Emsisoft I see the Emsisoft info see the recommendations following the names of the BP's answer team and because of my trust in all things BP I decided on the trial of Emsisoft How it qualified as an antivirus eluded me and having used MBAM Pro for years now I thought it might be duplicate coverage It does seem like a light-footprint program However the first time I wanted to use Microsoft Word Starter I started getting notices about MSOSYNC exe It Uninstalling Emsisoft kept saying that this program Word Starter which I've used for years without problems is trying to manipulate other programs etc No matter what I clicked on the Emsisoft notices Allow Once etc these would keep popping back up I tried to research it on the forum to no avail I tried to understand what a whitelist was and how I could exempt Word Starter I tried to set up an account to ask a question on the Forum but no reply of any kind In fact many of the forum answers are simply beyond my understanding And days later when I open Word Starter sometimes the warning notice comes and sometimes it doesn't The Trial Period expires in one day and I see no way to uninstall Emsisoft If I could understand how to effectively interact with it I'd probably pay for it but it doesn't seem possible I'd appreciate some guidance and good 'ole BP advice Thanks MBAM Pro Windows Home Premium bit HP g Notebook GB DDR SDRAM GB RPM HD

A:Uninstalling Emsisoft

The correct way to remove Emsisoft Anti-Malware is from within its program group Uninstall shortcut in Start Menu > All Programs > Emsisoft Anti-Malware folder.How can I completely uninstall an Emsisoft Product?2. Setup FilesIf you need to uninstall Emsisoft Anti-Malware or Emsisoft Internet Security this should be performed by using the uninstaller provided. You can locate the uninstaller from either the Start Screen/Start menu, or via the Windows Control Panel.Emsisoft Anti-Malware HelpIf you are unable to remove Emsisoft Anti-Malware, you may need to use the Emsisoft Uninstall Tool (emsiclean.exe).This is a summary of instructions for using emsiclean.exe provided by Fabian Wosar, Emsisoft Employee (Post #2).However, before using it on your own, read this important information...In general it is not recommended to use Emsiclean on your own. There are various potential problems with it that aren't obvious and may result in data loss. We therefore recommend to not use it unless one of our support employees instructs you to.Fabian Wosar, Emsisoft Employee (Post #6)With that said, you can always contact the Emsisoft Support Team by email for individual assistance or start a new topic in the applicable Customer Support Forum for your particular issue.Emsisoft Support (FAQs and Email Support)Emsisoft Anti-Malware Customer Support ForumEmsisoft Internet Security Customer Support ForumEmsisoft Customer Support forum (all products)
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Hi all A few hours ago while i was using my computer to do work A white home icon popped out at the taskbar below It was really irritating seeing it so thus i decided to uninstall it Menu after Pokki gone uninstalling [URGENT] Whole Desktop It s Pokki Menu After uninstalling it i started facing a lot of problems like my whole desktop not just the icons and the Click Whole Desktop gone after uninstalling Pokki Menu [URGENT] to Desktop button at the bottom right hand corner of the taskbar is gone too and all the applications that i open in my computer are all set to the maximum size whereby i can t minimize the program I did some online research and made sure i got rid of the Pokki Menu and researched on how it came about I didn t choose to install this Pokki Menu but it suddenly popped out My computer is now in a big mess as i m only viewing the start menu My desktop is gone And lastly my computer OS is Windows I would appreciate some great help to solve my problem soon Thank you nbsp
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I have Rising Antivirus Free on my Windows Home Server and I cannot uninstall it. Under the Control Panel, it's not even listed under the add/remove programs list and under the Start menu, there's an Uninstall link but clicking it does nothing. Does anyone know a way to get it removed without damaging anything in the process?

A:Trouble Uninstalling Rising Antivirus Free

Have you tried using Revo Uninstaller ?


Choose either the freeware version or Pro 30 day trial version

The pro version will remove programs that are 64 bit . OS bit does not matter it's the Software bit that matters
Install the program . Launch the program click on Rising Antivirus Free and choose Uninstall . Choose Adanced mode and click on next . If you get the builtin Uninstaller of the Antivirus use that to remove the program once that is done go back to Revo Uninstaller and click next . It will scan for left over files in the registry click on Select All and click on the Delete button . Then click Next . It will scan for some more left over files if it locates those do the same click on select all and choose Delete. Once you're done click on Next . That should remove the program from your PC .
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I have very carefully uninstalled all of the windows updates that I have found relating to both the installation of Win 10 as well as the recent MS telemetry updates for Win 7. My question is that if I have none of these now appearing under installed updates will my Win 7 computer be completely free of any effect that the uninstalled updates might have had?

I ask this because even after I uninstalled KB3035583 the GWX file remained in the System 32 folder and eventually enabled Win 10 to attempt an install on my computer even though I had set windows update to download, but allow me to approve installation. Fortunately the installation failed, but I remain concerned about the possible lingering effects of the other updates that were once installed and then uninstalled might still have on my computer?

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I have very carefully uninstalled all of the windows updates that I have found relating to both the installation of Win 10 as well as the recent MS telemetry updates for Win 7. My question is that if I have none of these now appearing under installed updates will my Win 7 computer be completely free of any effect that the uninstalled updates might have had?

I ask this because even after I uninstalled KB3035583 the GWX file remained in the System 32 folder and eventually enabled Win 10 to attempt an install on my computer even though I had set windows update to download, but allow me to approve installation. Fortunately the installation failed, but I remain concerned about the possible lingering effects of the other updates that were once installed and then uninstalled might still have on my computer?