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Sims 2 Expansion Problems

Q: Sims 2 Expansion Problems

I have Sims 2 and several of the extensions packs. (All purchased) I have never had any problems with my system or running the game. I recently loaded the new business expansion pack and lost all of my saved families, homes, etc.(three years worth) . Does this always happen? I have Sims University and Nightlife and I don't remember losing all of my stuff....

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Preferred Solution: Sims 2 Expansion Problems

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Sims 2 Expansion Problems

I've had some problems installing expansion packs with Sims 2 as well. Try to find the folder containing the saved games and see if yours are still there. If they are, copy them to your desktop and try installing the games and expansions. Then copy your savegames back into the right place, and see if the game recognizes them.
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my computer meets all requirements for sims 2 and i have actually played it a couple of time but it keeps freezing when i try to load a neighboorhood. The nightlife expansion stops at 68% i really don't understand this problem Also i should mention when sims 2 crashes the whole system goes down clt+alt+del won't even work please help me


torreya said:

my computer meets all requirements for sims 2 and i have actually played it a couple of time but it keeps freezing when i try to load a neighboorhood. The nightlife expansion stops at 68% i really don't understand this problem Also i should mention when sims 2 crashes the whole system goes down clt+alt+del won't even work please help meClick to expand...

Since this hasn't been addressed already, I guess I'll try to help . First off, what are your laptop's specs? The requirements to run the base game and the requirements to run the EPs are different, moreover, they are both set ridiculously low so most systems may be able to "run" the games but not run them well.

Officially, straight from the box and the official Sims 2 site, the requirments for the Sims 2 as cited on by EA games are found here and the requirments for Nightlife are found here (note that these are the "minimum" requirements.)

In reality, what you need is more than that. For the base game, it is recommended that you have a 1.5 GHz processor, 512MB of RAM (if you have a processor better than 1.5 GHz you could probably get away with running it at 256MB of RAM), and definitely more than 32MB video card (like the official requirements state) double that should do it but 128MB should run it smoothly. If your running on Vista, you need even more than these recommendations, though.

For expansion packs, you should have like 2.0 or 2.5 GHz processor (something in that area) and about 256MB on your video card, also a newer, more efficient video card is recommend but not highly since the games don't exactly rely heavily on the video card like most other games do. No, what you need is loads of RAM and a good CPU. As for RAM, for EPs, 1 GB should really run the game well. Make sure to update your drivers as well to get the best of your video card.

Well, that should give you a general idea of what it takes to run the Sims 2 and any other games in the Sims 2 series. If your current computer doesn't meet these recommended specifications, you can expect that kind of poor performance.
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Recently I got problems Expansion Pack: Sims having I'm Pets? latest my with 2 the Sims Pets Before I got this game the only Sims games I had were the Sims base game University Nightlife and Open For Business I managed to install them all in order and played off the last disk I installed and I had no problems whatsoever However when I installed I'm having problems with my latest Sims 2 Expansion Pack: Pets? the Sims Pets I started having problems The first time I played the game crashed when I tried to create a I'm having problems with my latest Sims 2 Expansion Pack: Pets? family with pets I uninstalled and reinstalled and then it was fine until I actually started playing and for some reason my pets were white and covered in little numbers like codes I reinstalled and uninstalled and had both problems this time I thought that maybe I had too many EPs so I ve uninstalled University but I didn t really want to do this I checked to see if the game was compatible and it was despite the fact that my video card driver I really want to fix this problem because I didn t have any issues with the games before Pets and now I don t know what to do I know this seems complicated but please help because I ve looked all over the internet and I can t find anything to help nbsp

A:I'm having problems with my latest Sims 2 Expansion Pack: Pets?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M 380 @ 2.53GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 1906 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, 729 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 152621 MB, Free - 104189 MB; D: Total - 152221 MB, Free - 144075 MB;
Motherboard: TOSHIBA, PWWAA
Antivirus: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Updated and Enabled
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Hello every I am having problems with the sims I have yesterday installed the sims with all expansion packs on to it I have a Windows pc it with 2 windows the my (main expansion Having 18 all on pc 7 packa) + problems sims is a Dell Inspiron it has i core processer I have started playing the sims and I have noticed that even though it works I can not do some things such as when I went into boolProp and tried to have my Sim abducted by aliens it did not work and also tried to get my sim to order a service that did not work also I have searched on google Having problems with the sims 2 (main + all 18 expansion packa) on my windows 7 pc already and there is some reported compatibility problems with the sims I tried to run it in windows XP compatibility mode like suggested but that did not work so I got windows to try and find a answer to the problem but it said the sims launcher is out of date has any body got a straightforward answer to how I can get the sims working perfect on my laptop Thanks Jake nbsp

A:Having problems with the sims 2 (main + all 18 expansion packa) on my windows 7 pc

Please refrain from posting in other peoples thread. If you don't get a response after 24 hours of the initial post, just post in this one and your thread will go to the top of the list.

What do you meant by going to boolProp and are you using this to get your Sim to order something?
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Hey guys

I bought Sims 2 and "Open for Business" for my daughter and since installing "Open for Business" Sims 2 no longer functions at all...whens I try to runs Sims 2 it tells me to put in the expansion disk god what an awfull mess this game is.

Any suggestions

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I have the sims 2 along with the university expansion pack. everything was going fine up until awhile ago when i discovered a problem with the job/careers promotion. Anything to do with the job/careers is blanked out. the activity square at the top left corner and the career logo in the job panel. my sims go to work in their own clothes insted of changing into the uniform of their jobs. I've tried saving the game and reinstalling but as soon as I reinstall my game the problem returns. can u help??

A:the sims 2 uni expansion

i'm afraid to say it but it might have something to do with your save game file being corrupted or there is somehow a bug in it, if you start a new game, does the problem still exist? also did you download any patches available for the game? i know it was newly released so i don't know if any exist yet but at least check.
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I have successfully loaded the sims 2 on my e drive. When loading sims 2 expansion packs on the e drive , when I get to the final step of inserting the 4th disc of theoriginal sims 2 to finish off the installation I am told that 'can't read disc' despite the 4th disc previously being OK. I have previously had all sims 2 expansion packs work happily on my computer. The problem is trying to load them onto the e drive. Is there a particular way of creating folders within the e drive that would help?At tthe moment its like expansion packs can't find original sims 2 to 'talk to'.
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I installed the sims 2 glamour life ... now some of my items are blue ... you can tell what it is by the shape... I reinstalled Cep thinking that would help... it didnt ...... please Help

A:sims 2 stuff expansion

can someone help me figure out why my objects are blue?
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Hi everyone

I have a copied DVD version of the Sims 2, my friend gave me the Sims 2 University expansion pack. When I install it the program will say put in Sims 2 Disc 4, i put my sims 2 dvd but the program dosent seems to reconise it, anyway of solving this???

any help is greatly appreciated

A:The Sims 2 expansion packs

Closing thread, as stated below:

Circumventing Copy Protection - While we believe it's reasonable to make backup copies of CDs and DVDs that you own, a lot of people break copy protection for the wrong reasons. The law is still vague, at best, as to if it is legal to break copy protection in order to make such a backup, even for personal use. (The DMCA, for example, seems to make it illegal.) As a result, we do not allow discussion of how to break copy protection at this time. If we can find a nice way to draw the line, we may reconsider this in the future as laws get sorted out.
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Hi, I recently decided to install my old Sims 1 games on to my computer which is Windows 7 and brand new so it should have no problems running them. Anyway, Sims 1 installed fine and I played that for a bit just to test it. There were no problems at all, so I decided to install the rest. I popped in the disk for Livin' It Up (UK version of Livin' Large) but I keep getting an error message when I try to install. This is what it says:

Error extracting support files.
The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

The install wizard gets to about 80% before it pops up with this. I've tried running in compatibility mode and running as administrator. Can anyone please help?

A:Sims 1 Livin' It Up expansion won't install?

It looks like two instances of the installation are clashing with one another.

Run the installation, replicate the problem then open up your Task Manager - You'll see the setup program running under the Applications tab. Right click the setup application and click 'go to process', this will highlight the setup process under the Processes tab. If there is any other instances of the process running it will be under the exact same process name.

If this is the case end one of them.

If not, it is another process is already running the expansion and the expansion itself is likely trying to repeat the execution. It might help to attempt to install it under Safe Mode (if this is possible). F8 is the key to boot in safe mode.

I hope this works for you.
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I installed The Sims 2 quite a while ago, and it plays perfectly fine, no problems whatsoever, however, I'm having some problems with installing the expansion packs.

I install the The Sims 2: University expansion pack perfectly fine, but when it gets to the "Update Game" section, which requires putting in the Disc 4 of the base game, the update completely crashes and cancels the install. It says that the update is stopped responding, and then it crashes.

Could anyone help me, please?
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Is there a way to uninstall an expansion pack without uninstalling the whole kit & kaboodle?

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I installed Sims 2 and it worked fine. I purchased Glamor life and Family Fun Stuff and installed them as well. After I installed each of them, I checked it to see if it would run and they do. (I don't play the game it is for my daughter). However, only the last expansion pack will run.

For instance if I click on the family fun stuff shortcut it will prompt me for the Glamor life disk. If I insert the Sims 2 disk, it will prompt me for Glamor Life. I uninstalled Glamor life and now it prompts me for the Family Fun Stuff disk. I don't get why when I insert the disk it prompts me to install one from an application that I don't want to run.

I tried contacting EA games and spent three hours trying to register for support and got no where. Can anyone help me with

A:Sims 2 Expansion Pack - only one will work

OK well with the Sims 2 you are only supposed to install the expansions in order and run the game off the last expansion disk you install. When you run the game it should have all expansion running. It's the same with Sims.

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I've already loaded The Sims 2 DVD and when I load a 'stuff' CD such as Teen Style Stuff - it partially overwrites the original Sims 2 installation - i.e. when I try to run the Sims 2 DVD I get an error message telling me to imsert the Teen Style Stuff CD!.
I read the instructions and loaded the Teen Style Stuff in a different location from The Sims 2 location - but it still didn't work...

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omg i am so mad because i just dowloaded some expasion packs like unleashed superstar and hot date and i want to unzip them in my living large file or somewhere but i dont know where to unzip them
i am so mad please help

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I have an absolute legit version of The SIms Deluxe-(Registered with EA) but I cannot find my disc 2. So today I purchased 2 expansion packs but when I tried to install them. It asks for disc 2. I've searcehed high and low but can't find it. Does this mean I will have to purchase another Deluxe just to get the 2nd disc??

A:Sims Deluxe Expansion PAck

unless you have the disc, i think you're up a creek, i'd consider emailing ea games and asking them, as they are the only ones who can verify if your registration is legit or not, but i know that human error, or in this case, lack of orginization skills, is covered under any disk replacement program. There are other means however, but for that I'm afraid, you've come to the wrong place.
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I have the sims (normal version) and Livin it up (expansion pack)
I installed the sims then the expansion pack, i put it in in the cd rom drive and it says "please put in the correct cd rom and restart application" why does this happen and how do i solve it ?

Please help me eshemma

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I have a Windows Vista, HP Pavillion much like this one:
I'd been having issues with it for sometime. It would turn on and then lag, and freeze work for a couple seconds and do it all over again making it impossible to do anything on the computer. We figured it was a virus so, we ended up doing a master reset-type thing that erased every file on my computer. It worked and the computer acted normal.

I installed my Sims 3 and it seemed fine, worked totally normal. Then I installed the new expansion pack and after a while of playing, it froze for a couple minutes, played but with this loud repetitive alarm-type noise, then froze again a couple seconds later until the game completely crashed. This happens over and over.

Anyone have any idea of what could be going on? Any input is highly appreciated, thanks for reading!
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I just borrowed Sims 2 University from a friend so I ninstalled the latest one (so i can give her university back) and installed University. But it won't run. The splash screen comes up and then goes away (as normal) bt the game just doesn't come on. Do I have to uninstall everything and put university first? Do they HAVE to be in order? please help

Thanks, Becky x
NB: Never mind, I've worked it out now
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After i installed the university expansion pack,which i received today,the sims 2 won't start!I get a message along the lines of...

Failed to find directx 9.0c compatible graphics adapter and have installed latest drivers from manufacturer.The application will now terminate.

The sims 2 deluxe edition(one with nightlife and bonus dvd) was installed saturday when i received it and it worked fine then.Failed after the university exapansion was installed today.I also updated my ati drivers from 9.5 to 9.6 yesterday evening although i don't know if there is any connection.I've tried running in xp compatible mode and as administrator,but no dice.Thanks for any help you can provide me.

I'm going to try rebooting to see if that helps.

I have E8400,4GB RAM,ATI Radeon 3850 512MB,Gigabyte GA-EP45T-UD3P mb,Vista Home Premium 64-bit.

A:Sims 2 won't start after university expansion installed!

I tried rebooting,but that failed to do anything!It seems that the sims 2 can't find my video card and/or the driver!Don't know if yesterdays update of my ati drivers from 9.5 to 9.6 caused the issue or installing university expansion pack.Don't know what to do need some help.

I'll go check and see if i installed the wrong drivers,but i suspect not or they wouldn't work!
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ok, so i bought this expansion pack off the internet, and i installed it last night. this morning i got up and tried to play, but it told me to reinstall pretty much everything. so i did. then, i got to play for like 20 minutes or so until i had to turn the computer off. now, i'm coming back to it, and it just made me reinstall the starter pack. i put in the makin magic disk, and it says play. i click play, and it starts the first little square screen, but then almost immediately it says cannot locate the correct disk! help!

A:Solved: the sims makin magic expansion pack

If this The Sims original... you would need to install them in order that they came out, so if you have an expansion pack that is newer than Making Magic, you have to use that disc instead.
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Yea I know Sims You guys get a ton of these I ve read all your help and tips on other threads but none have worked for my current problem This on a brand-new PC with a clean OS install It s an E with gb of RAM GTS vid card and an Audigy ZS All packs 2 normal a Weird (not Expansion swear) I Very problem Sims question, drivers are recent and updated directX is new etc I usually can fix these problems but this one has me stumped I installed Sims University Nightlife and Open for Business All in order and totally legal The core game was patched had to patch it before installing Uni or I d get that uninstall error that s pretty common and most recent patch for OFB was used However every time I try Open for Business the game crashes after playing the intro video or when any attempt was made to skip it I uninstalled everything took out all registry keys and reinstalled Same thing Once again I removed the games and tried just Sims The game started up fine no problem I then just installed University and tried that Same exact error as the one I got with OFB I then Very Weird Sims 2 Expansion packs problem (not a normal question, I swear) removed University but now the main game won t even start up it just crashes Very Weird Sims 2 Expansion packs problem (not a normal question, I swear) when I try to start it I removed all the games reinstalled Sims and now it works again So I m stuck I have no virtual drives going on no clones or daemon tools that the game might be Very Weird Sims 2 Expansion packs problem (not a normal question, I swear) detecting I used to have daemon tools installed but I removed it I ve googled my problem asked in another forum and talked to some guys on IRC and no one can think of anything that will fix My sadistic side needs some good ole fashion Sims torture help me out here Thanks nbsp
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hi guys,

i have a clone box...horrible thing!!! it had a power supply that blew...and i replaced the power supply
then it was freezing after a few minutes of operation...truly freezing clock didnt change

i narrowed it down to the front usb fact none of the usb seemed to work...and yes...i did check in the bios
and everything was enabled except legacy usb...but this didnt make a difference
as soon as i plugged usb in it froze

so i disabled USB and added a pci usb expansion card
now im getting unknown device usb errors and the big black usb icon in the task bar.

is the card still using aspects of the on board usb...or is it totally seperate...?
do you think the card is gone too?

any suggestions...please

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its not working . i put it into my pci slot, hook up the ide cable with hard drive. my bios can't detect it, but before windows loads up the card display a seperate screen show that it detected the harddrive. though when i enter windows or into my bios it can't detect the ide harddrive. Any solutions?

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I recently decided to upgrade the memory on my P EliteBook After reading through required RAM specs I bought one of these http www ebuyer com -kingston- gb- mhz- -pin-cl -ddr -sodimm-non-ecc-unbuffered- - v-me nbsp Once the new RAM is installed in the expansion slot Windows fails to boot and just hangs at the Starting Windows screen I then attempted a memory test using the BIOS system diagnostic tool but the laptop either hangs at around I left it there for almost two hours restarts or shuts down altogether I thought I'd give the system repair tool a try but that also just caused the laptop to restart Interestingly enough when I check the System Information tab in system diagnostics 8440P Problems RAM Expansion HP both RAM sticks are detected with all information present and correct nbsp I contacted eBuyer they sent a HP 8440P Expansion RAM Problems replacement out but I'm having the same problem again So I HP 8440P Expansion RAM Problems thought I'd try installing the new RAM in the internal slot instead under the keyboard but now I get a BSOD during the Starting Windows screen giving me the error code IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL nbsp I've been reading up on a few tech forums One of them suggested running something called Memtest on startup via CD which I did try but the laptop just restarts itself during the first pass of the memory test and obviously just loops over and over until I remove the CD nbsp I'm beginning to lose all hope Any help tips suggestions would greatly appreciated nbsp

A:HP 8440P Expansion RAM Problems

Hi, Please use the following part number: You can order from there. Regards.
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My friend runs causing problems 9 card with PCI printers! expansion USB his own CD duplicating business and to print onto the CDs USB expansion PCI card causing problems with 9 printers! he has CD printers x Epson R x R Originally he had of each all connected to his front panel and rear USB and it worked USB expansion PCI card causing problems with 9 printers! fine In order to connect the new R s he bought a PCI expansion card http www scan co uk Products Scan- -Port-PCI-USB -Card-NEC-Chipset-PC-MAC-OSX-Compatible-Hi-End This worked but was a bit troublesome it USB expansion PCI card causing problems with 9 printers! kept giving various errors He tested the PCI expansion card by plugging in his external CD Drive and it could only burn at x When he had all printers plugged in he changed one from being plugged in to the expansion card and connected it to the rear mobo USB and the power cut out Since then he s had various problems with the printers and wants me to format his PC and install everything from scratch He s tried reinstalling the printers I can give a detailed list of the problems if needed He s got a custom built PC with he thinks a Tagan PSU thats W So it shouldn t be a power thing as USB doesn t draw much does it V His mobo is a Abit IC G Can get any more info thats needed Basically I m hoping you guys of much knowledge can help me out with these questions - Do PCI expansion cards work as well as onboard USB Should he have got a branded card e g http www scan co uk Products Belkin-Hi-Speed-USB - -Port-PCI-Card- F U VEA - Is this the best setup for using this many printers Should he have a nd PC with of them plugged in or even something fancy like a print server not sure how they would accomodate printers Any tips or suggestions would be really needed Thanks for reading Dan Gent nbsp

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In Windows explorer I use the two pane view with details no graphics The problem happens when I menu problems windows explore expansion am expanding files trying to locate some thing When the right pane is full in other words there is more information above and below the pane and I click on the file I want to expand instead of the menu dropping down from where my cursor is positioned and staying there every thing jumps up to the top of the pane and on my system it starts with quot Desktop quot So I have to grab the slide bar and scroll down to the file I expanded and go from there I never had this problem when running XP I tried a search and went through about windows explore menu expansion problems pages of post but no body seems to have had this problem yet I'm getting really tired of it Any ideas And thank you so much for all the help that happens on this site Darcy

A:windows explore menu expansion problems

Can you post a screen cap demonstrating the behavior you get and then explain what you would prefer?
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Hey We re having quite the problems with the MOHAA expansion pack Spearhead Now the actual game Allied Assault played perfectly with no problems whatsoever but heres the thing with Spearhead - it downloaded great and starts - Spearhead Expansion Medal HELP!! Problems Of Honor up just fine but when in game play it is really slow and even pauses every so often - so its virtually impossible to play Medal Of Honor Spearhead Expansion Problems - HELP!! considering you re being shot and there is nothing that can be done because your person wont even move Heres the kicker - when we went to uninstall it Allied Assault was less than MB of space on the computer where as Spearhead was a whopping MB Now these are the actual cd s bought from the store - and NO game should be THAT size so question is whats going on Why wont the game play properly and why is it taking up SO much space This is the computer system its running on Windows XP Intel Pentium CPU GHz GHz MB of RAM Please Help Thanks Medal Of Honor Spearhead Expansion Problems - HELP!! Andruw nbsp
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Well I have been editing a scenario first made by some friends. I've edited with some new things and for some reason the game won't start. It keeps closing the program and this always happens only to this scenario. The previous versions are unaffected, when you play them, they dont close the program. But if I try the new version, it always shuts down and affects every player(I wasnt even in one of the games they were testing). Any clues to what might be the problem?

A:AOE The Conquerers Expansion Patch 1.0c Scenario Problems

moved to the gaming forum, probably get a few more hits here.


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The Problem is its in Polish my old room mate was Polish and installed it and Im getting errors when Uninstalling but their in Polish so its hard to know what to do. My question is can someone list all the places the game would put files/registry info so I can delete them manually or if they can post a link to a removal tool.

A:Solved: Uninstall Problems AEO III- Asian Dynasties Expansion

Did you try to delete the software in " safe mode " ?
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ok i am a little computer challenged so i will try to explain my situation as best i can i just recently got a new acer bit windows vista laptop with directx it s really fast and works perfectly until i try to run my sims game on it it works fine and loads fast until i try to move a family into a lot or try to enter a problems 2 sims lot that already sims 2 problems exists then it will freez up the music still plays and i can still move the mouse but it wont load i have triple checked that it meets all the system requirments i have been to a sims 2 problems TON of websites trying to figure out whats wrong with it and none of them have helped i ve tried running the game in compatibility mode created new user files messed around with my dual core processor and freed up as much memory space as possible The one thing that seemed to help a little was going into properties and adding -nonsound to the target the website that told me to do this said that if it helped then i needed to try lowering my sound acceleration rate so i opened run DXDIAG ect but when i clicked on the SOUND tab it said there should be sliders that would allow me to adjust the accleration rate but there weren t and now i can t figure out how to adjust sims 2 problems it can anyone help me figure it out or suggest some new ideas about what could be wrong with it nbsp
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Ok, as we all know the Sims is a very addicting game that you can hardly take your eyes off of. But I havent been able to play my Sims game because it wont finish the download.... I have the Sims deluexe(and many others) and when I put it in to download, it slows down on 24 then it continues up to 95. Then it will stop. A box will come up that says "Computer Transfer Error".....Then it goes back to my desktop. My CD is scratched so that might be the problem but if anyone would have any clue as to what the problem is, please let me know.Thanks

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apologies in advance for opening up another thread on the sims but i have a screaming niece that i need to give an answer to quickly or i ll be demoted to the useless uncle I ve read through all the another threats and posted without reply maybe because it goes up to page Also i can t find anything similar I having problems playing the sims and hope you can help PC Spec s -- GB Atlon CPU GB Sims 2 with Problems HD RAM GainWard Nvidia GeForce FX hope this has T amp L but can t find this info on the Nvidia Web site but it is one of the supported cards on the sims site Nvidia drivers and newest version of DirectX recently installed I can load the game ok but when i start it goes past the EA Logo intro fine but then flickering horizontal colours lines will appear on the display sometimes it will go to the menu and when i chick on anything the lines will re-appear like when a TV station it not tuned Problems with Sims 2 properly Changed Monitor frequency from HZ to HZ to HZ without luck Any help would Problems with Sims 2 be greatly appreciated nbsp

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Could someone please help me?

I've had The Sims (One) for quite a while now and it isn't working with my Vista Home Premium Computer...

I've checked the handful of forum threads that have saved a lot of people and nothing is working...

When I load The Sims Makin' Magic; the page goes black to load but then it crashes and returns to the Desktop...

I've tried the Compatibility Wizard and I'm running it as an Administrator, I've disabled the Visual Themes and I'm also using the Windows XP Compatibility Mode...

Could someone please help me...? I really want to play The Sims really soon.

I'd appreciate it; thanks in advance to everyone who helps.

A:HELP! The Sims Problems!

I suggest you leave the past behind and buy the Sims 2 and it's 20 expansions. :P It's the same game, only better.
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Hi, has anyone had problems with playing sims 2 on vista home premium 32bit? Everything installed fine and game loads fine but in gameplay I'm getting black streaking lines across the screen. I'm running a Q6600 quad core 2.4ghz processor, 4gb of ddr2 ram, 750gb f1 samsung spinpoint HD, and an ATI Radeon hd4870 512mb, gddr5(direct x 10.1) graphics card. It's a pretty top spec pc and I cant understand why I'm getting some kind of conflict. Can anyone help, or should I just power up the old windows xp pc for the kids to play Sims 2? cheers.

A:Sims 2 problems

can you fill out the rest of you system Specs please. up top where it says User CP on the left.

also what motherboard are you running, and do you have the latest Catalyst driver for that 4870?
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Well, I Go To To Teleport My Hot Date That I Made, But The System Told Me In Order To Download To Put My Date In The System I Have To Have A Us Game -which It Is A Us Game. Also, When I Click To Dowload It Also Tells Me That " Only Single-byte Languages Can Download From The Sims Hot Date Npc Exchange.
If You Know Anything About This Please Show Me Or Tell Me How To Do It In Simple Form Please. Thank You Who Ever Read This.

A:Too Many Sims Problems

Firstly, it is possible that you don't have the United States version of the game. Sometimes you can end up get a different version of certain games, even though they are in english. For this error I would recommend you try and make sure you have the latest patches installed for The Sims. If that doesn't work then I would send an email to EA (electronic arts) tech support detailing your problem.
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Hey anyone and everyone,

I bought sims 2 for my computer over a year ago. I know have a new computer and I want to play my sims game but I don't have the book that it came with and when I am trying to install it is asking me for the code but i don't have it any more . On the computer it is telling me that the code is on the cd cover but it's not it was originally in the insructions manual guide. Can someone please help.

A:Problems With My Sims 2


All your problems solved here -
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I have have had Sims 2 on my computer (hp pavilion f1703 xp home edition) before but every time i rebot it i have to download updates because it says my graphis adapter had an error so i am able to install it fine and when it lods everything goes smoothly but once its done loading the graphics twick and it minimizes itself so i want to know what i have to download for it to work!

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How do I get the requirements for The Sims 3. Like the CPU, do I have to download the right one or buy it in a store than put it on my computer? I'm not really good at computers. And what about the video card? I'm so frustrated trying to figure it out. Can anyone please help me?

A:Problems with The Sims 3 on PC

Did you read this?,144391.0.html
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when i play the game i cant enjoy it because they sims move SOOOOO SLOW! it takes forever for a "Sims hour" which is 60 seconds, to complete. and it also freezes up. I've been to th ea games sims website and everyone says something about a Video Drvier. I've figured out that i have S3 Graphics Inc. ProSavage installed and i've been to the site to try and download a newer version but whenver i try to download it doesn't work. so i guess my question is: can i overwrite the videodriver that i have now? or can someone give me a website that was helpful to them when they had the exact problem. I'd really appreciate it. thanks

if you have feedback feel free to email me back at [email protected]

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Hi all,

I did have the sim2 installed on my computer, i let my sister play with it for a while and she broke disc 1 in half. So i sent EA games my 7.50, got a whole new Sims 2 and's not working. I have installed it several times and know everyone's name at EA games customer services!!! their solutions have led me in a big circle and frankly wasted my time because im back to square one!!! Nonone at EA games seems to know what is wrong with the darn game!!! It installs fine then u try to load it and a big red x(and a really annoying noise) comes up on the screen..

Come you guys...HELP PLEASE your my only hope!!!!!!

A:I'm having problems with the Sims 2!!Help!!!

hmm , my guess is registry entries are set for the first disk and don't like the new one..

When you uninstalled, did you remove all left-over traces of the game?

did you reboot before re-installing?...

You could try what is said here:*&p_li=&p_topview=1
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I've recently downloaded an image version of the sims 2, everything is fine, it is installed but when I run it, it get stuck on the welcome frame with the logo and it would go on.
Does anyone know on what it could depend on?

A:sims 2 cue problems

You downloaded the game...AKA illegal....

Sorry we cant help you with ur problem.
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I had The Sims 2 for 3 weeks now and have not been able to play it. The tech support at EA games have been no help, so hopefully you can pont me in the rigt direction.

I installed the game without any problem. I have all the system requirements and I have updated all of my drivers.

I only have the 2 programs needed running.

I can open the Sims 2, I can pick a town to play in. I can even pick a lot, or create a lot.

However, when it starts loading a home, and family to play it crashes.

It doesn't give me any error messages. The game closes and kicks me back to the deskop.

Operating System :Microsoft Windows 98
System Memory : 256.0

Processor Speed : 800 MHz

DirectX Version : 9.0c

Display Device : NVIDIA GeForce DDR 256 (Gateway)

Display Memory 32.0

Display Driver

Sound Device (Creative SBPCI Direct Sound Driver

Sound Driver
Please help,

A:More Sims 2 Problems

Your processor just meets the system requirements, your RAM/Memory just meets the requirements, and your video card is not on the list. If possible, I would suggest upgrading RAM as much as you can, and updating your video card, if possible.

BUT before doing any of that, try this.
Right click on the sims 2 icon>In the target line, after the quotes (") insert a space>type "-w" without the quotes.>Attempt to run the game.

If that does not work, go back to the target line, insert a space after -w and type "-nosound" without the quotes.

Post back results.
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I have just recently purcahsed the sims 2 deluxe edition, pets, and university. I put al three of these games on my mothers computer and they were perfect. When I went to put the games on my labtop they wont work. An error comes up saying that there are no directx 9.0 compatible graphics. I downloaded directx 10.0 and it still keeps having the same error pop up. Can you please help me?!?!?!?!

A:Sims 2 Problems

Is your laptop Vista? if so sims wouldnt work on vista until later expansion packs (i think seasons) i had this error i just installed all expansions then it was working.
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i quite recently got the complete collection and installed it on my computer and it worked fine,
but then i had to uninstall it because i thought it had taken up too much ofthe memory but it hadn't, and when i started installing it again i got to the 2nd disk and then an error mesage came up saying something about expansion pack 7 :S and when i pressed OK it cancelled the whole installation so now i cant get it back on my comp
does anyone know what this is ?

A:Problems with the SIMS

Welcome to TSG!

Did you try again? Maybe your PC was just having a bad disc day.
What did it say about the error?

Be sure the disc is clean and wouldn't hurt to clean your CD/DVD dive either.
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Hi I have had Sims 3 installed on my laptop for over a year and it worked just fine. I installed an add on for the game, Late Night, again with no issues, but in the past few months the game would keep shutting down without warning (not the whole computer). I removed the Late Night add on from my computer but the regular Sims 3 doesn't work as well as it used to, as it continues to shut off. It will say Windows is looking for a solution, then will force close the program. I have found quite a few MDMP files on my computer; could these perhaps give insight in order to help to solve this issue? I have windows 7 and HP Pavillion dv6 Notebook PC. Thanks!

A:Sims 3 Shut Down Problems

What I can suggest you is reinstalling the whole game but keep your sims' save files so you could move them into the saves file later after the fresh install.
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I'm having the same problem as this

but I don't know where he got his answer!

I generally a fairly competent PC user, but I just got a new MacBook Pro for Christmas and I'm running Mac OS X 10.7.2

I have almost 2 GB free of memory, so I don't understand why it tells me I don't have 1MB free and how do I bypass that? It's a new game, I just took it out of the box.
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My son bought Sims 4 from game stop. I tried loading it on his computer. Set up an Origin account but when I try to redeem code it says it has already been used. Don't see the game in the my games tab or on the computers hard drive.

A:sims 4 installation problems

I've gotta feeling only game stop would be able to answer that one. Keep watching though - someone on here might have had that happen before.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks
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I borrowed the Sims 2 of my mate as his PC cant run it, but he never really looked after it as there is some hard scratches on the front and back of disc 1, this is a major problem becuase when I do start installation I get the message saying it cannot read the voice package 1, I had two choices one being cancel the installation and the other retrying, I kept retrying till it was 100% complete (as it kept popping up) but still no luck, is there any way I can change this?

A:Sims 2 installation problems

Welcome to TSG
Maxis game speciailist...right here lol

You need to see if you can exchange the disc, although I highly doubt it. If the disc has DEEP scrathces on it, forget being able to install the game because the file will not install. If the store will not exchange it because of the scrathes, you will need to repurchase. The game is $49.99 ($52.99 after tax if u live in NJ ) Good Luck
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I have the Sims 2 installed on a new Vista Home Premium Dell 1505 laptop, it has been running fine. Now we get no sound when running the game on the standard user account, but when I right click on the Sims 2 icon and pick run as Administrator it starts with sound and music with no problem. It seems to only be the game; it still has sound for everything else. I've tried searching the net for similar problems but can't find any.

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Ok, so this is what I've got so far:
ATI Radeon HD 2400, graphics card
DirectX 10
Deamontools lite
Various the sims2 games
Processor of 3,18 Ghz
Newly downloaded the upgraded driversystem for the graphics card even. (something with catalyst)
So can anyone tell me how come I still get the same message that my graphics card and directx isn't compatible? 'Cause I'm about to give up.

Oh, and if anyone does answer me, I'd appreciate a message that's understandable since I'm not so good with "computer-talk"

Thanks alot anyway^_^

A:Please help me with the Sims 2 problems, I don't understand them

Are you running Vista?
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Well here's an unsolved issue..i did a adware scan and fixed all that, but i still havnt yet to fix my problem with installing the sims..I really need some help here. Heres the message i get when i try to install the game...

16 bit windows subsystem...

Config.nt. The system file is not suitable for running Ms - Dos and microsoft windows applications. Choost 'Close' to terminate the application...
I have no problems like this with any other game, so i just dont see why i cant install my sims game. This problem never happened in the past ive always had windows xp and it worked fine...

Heres my DxDiag file if it helps...

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I'm rather frustrated with trying to install the sims 2 holiday edition. After inserting disc 2, my computer either freezes or a message pops up saying that an error occured with Rungame.exe and will need to close. also in this message, it says that there was an error with initializing. I don't know what any of this means or how to fix them.
I have windows xp, I meet all of the minimum requirements except for the RAM. It is recommended that I have 512 but I only have 382.5 (I'm not sure whether or not this makes a difference considering the error messages). Somebody please help me!

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Hey I have Sims Uni Nightlife Graphics 2 Problems Sims Christmas Party Pack and Bon Voyage and my PC Sims 2 Graphics Problems meets the minimum requirements to run Sims When I boot up it works fine up until I start playing the game I know my PC can handle the highest graphics requirements so I max out Sims 2 Graphics Problems all of them but the graphics quality still isn t that high My PC s normal resolution is x so I run the Sims in Sims 2 Graphics Problems that resolution and the weird thing is sometimes the graphics look really nice but then suddenly certain items are really low quality Like in the Create-A-Sim screen the graphics would be really nice but then the paintings are all blurry in the background And then I d change from Step to Step and the texture quality on the sim s clothes and face would randomly look really horrible So I tried changing the resolution and remarkably the problem changed However when I put the resolution all the way down to x the texture quality s better but not at it s best edges are sharper and uglier and things look generally less pretty HELP PLEASE I wanna run the game without a hitch at x but it s never pretty enough nbsp
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when I download anything for my game it will say that it is unknown format or damaged how can I correct this? Before it was saying click on custom content package file. I got win zip and win rar and it would still say it. Please help I don't know what to do?
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I've seen this thread on here a million times, but my problem is kind of different. I've installed The Sims 2 Double Deluxe on my laptop, but I get this error:

"Failed to find any DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics adapters in this system! Please make sure you have a DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics adapter and have installed the latest drivers provided by the manufacturer. The application will now terminate."

I've seen responses to this common problem, but none work for my computer. I went to Start, then Run, and DxDiag. This is the extent of my DirectX:

Manufacturer: n/a
Chip Type: n/a
DAC Type: n/a
Approx. Total Memory: n/a
Current Display Mode: 1024 x 768 (32 bit) (1hz)

Yes, those spaces are blank on this page. How can I find out what I actually have, and how can I fix this so I can play some Sims??

A:Problems with Sims 2 and DirectX 9.0

Do you have DirectX 9.0c Aug 2009 installed?
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Hello I have searched through the posts but have been unable to find the same problem I am having Hope someone can help I have all the sims games including stuff packs First install was a breeze each game pack was purchased at different times did not install all at once No problems playing the game Unfortunately I had other computer issues and I had to wipe out the computer and re-install everything I am now having issues re-installing my expansion packs from bon voyage up After several attempts and internet searches I was able to install the entire set in safe mode I have gone round and round with ea support and they suck I have removed every trace of sims from my computer including from the registry but it still will only allow me to install under Problems Sims Installation 2 safe mode I would leave it like that but I seem to have more crashes blue screen of death I am absolutely positive that it has to do with the software protection they added There is nothing wrong with the cds I tried it on my daugher s computer and there was no problem How do I get around that How can I completely remove it so I can re-install the software I don t care if it goes back on I just want to be able to install my games correctly nbsp
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I have searched high and low for a solution for this problem It is ridiculous First let me set the scene I was playing the Sims an had been playing the Sims for about three months when in the middle of a game I recieved the BSOD and the Sims terminated Hardware acceleration is on full I put -w in the target line I 2--Uncommon Sims The Problems minimized the playing window I re-installed both the Sims and DirectX I went through every troubleshooter I have the LATEST drivers I have uninstalled and re-installed the drivers and I even wasted my money on a new graphics card I have been searching for the answer to this puzzle for about months System Specs Dell Dimension Windows The Sims 2--Uncommon Problems XP Pro SP DirectX c GeForce FX VE GeForce MX GB of hard drive space GHz Pentium processor If anyone has the least bit of insight please The Sims 2--Uncommon Problems help my dad is pissed at me for making him waste his cash nbsp

A:The Sims 2--Uncommon Problems

Not a soul has a solution?
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I recently purchased the sims after not wanting to fork out the money for the sims and tried to install it the thing is it gets to on the installation then stops The computer tower goes completely silent If I cancel the installation it brings up a new dialog box which has a loading bar at it then progresses backwards before reaching and closing My computer passed all the specification tests and it s able to run Spore which doesn t pass all of them I have the PC DVD ROM of the game and the sims pets expansion pack which I haven t tried to install yet Help would problems? Sims 2 installation be appreciated I then says something can t be copied moves to and stops again I tried copying the folders files to my hard disk and it got to the same file sims d I think and said it could not be copied It s now Sims 2 installation problems? saying I have an I O Device Error how do I fix it nbsp
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i have sims 2 deluxe on my computer. i decided to uninstall it then reinstall it, but when it started reaching 45% it started saying there was an error with voice 1 then i kept on pressing retry and it would still comeup once in a whil and the samthing happened with voice 2, and when it reahced 100% the installation wouldn't complete and it still ha an erro with one of the voices.
if you know an answere 4 this problem contact me at [email protected]
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ok so recently i bought The Sims (deluxe edition) and i decided to install it today. The first time i started the install it stopped at 24% and didn't move from there for 20 minutes until i stopped the install (i had to use task manager > end task because the cancel button wouldn't work. so then i used the advice given here: but it didn't work and now it won't even continue past 0%. i have an acer laptop (not sure what model) that is a few years old. can anyone help me out?

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I have been trying to install The Sims 2 Deluxe and I keep getting the message...


I think that there is enough room... what is wrong?

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When I try to download skins, walls, and floors for my SIMS game, they won't show up. All other furniture, plants, electronics, decorations do, but not the other three. How can I fix it? I'm already putting my downloaded files into the downloads folder of the Maxis/The SIMs under program files.
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Hi all,

I have just installed the Sims Unleashed on my computer.

Every other Expanison I have installed (LL, HP, Vac, and Hot Date) all work fine.

However, after installing Unleashed, the games loads to the beginning Neighbourhood and then crashes back to the desktop.

I thought it might be the CD at first but it works on my friends computer.

I have contacted EA and they were no help so I was hoping someone here might help me!!!

Here are my CPU Specs:

Intel Pentium IV 1.6 Ghz
Windows XP Professional
Soundblaster Live Value Sound Card
NVidia GeForce4 Ti 4600
DirectX 9.0



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I recently switched from the orginal sims to sims 2...which I love, however I having problems with downloading. my objects all show up. But my clothes, hair, and other stuff like that don't ...
After doing some research I am confused...Dont all downloads go to "documents and settings/owner/ea games/sims 2/downloads..
I am using winzip and extracting the files to that address but nothing is showing up.. help me..
I am a download addict and this just sucks.


A:Problems with sims 2 downloads

I have the opposite problem... I put my downloads in and they dont show up in the game
and not sure what to do
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Okay I ve had Sims for a while and I have pretty much been really pissed off at it during it s stay on my computer Now I m finally going to get to bottom of it The graphics suck more Gahh problems Sims 2 and sometimes get really slow or freeze but I know that s the graphics cards Gahh more Sims 2 problems fault Also there s never enough memory to install everything I want so that s another problem But there s one thing I don t know how to fix When I try to install my expansion packs for Sims Nightlife H amp M Fashion Stuff Celebration stuff etc it tells me to put in Microsoft Office Disk I m using my dad s old work computer from a few years ago and he has no idea where the disk could be I don t know anyone who may have the right disk and I Gahh more Sims 2 problems really don t want to have to go buy a Microsoft Office program just to play Sims but is that the only way to install it correctly If I just ignore the notification in the game the walls of the houses flash red and it s extrememly annoying I must ve accidently deleted the file for MO when I was trying to clear up some stuff and I don t know how to get it back My computer does NOT have internet connection HELP nbsp
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Ok I have done everything that I'm supposed to do to fix the loading problem with my sims 2 I have lots of room and everything I'm supposed to have available to play the game yet while loading it stalls or shuts down completely and "if" I can click on a neighborhood I can't see it for the jumbled colors and lines. Every driver has been updated and i've been troubleshooting until I'm blue in the face.
Not only have I updated drivers I have uninstalled and reinstalled from the beginning to no avail. aaah the frustration!

Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)

System Memory 512.5

Processor Speed 1533.3

DirectX Version 9.0c

Display Device NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 400

Display Memory 64.0

Display Driver

Sound Device CMI8738/C3DX PCI

Sound Driver

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Thank-you Kara64 for your response, I am the administrator of my computer, I have also added more details about my computer in my profile. The expansion pack will run on my OLD Dell, but not my new one with Vista. All other expansion packs are installed and run well. It's just this last one that won't run after it's been downloaded & installed. I have been back & forth with EA game techs for 2 months with no solutions. I think they have written me off.
Problem: Sims2 expansion pack, 4 seasons, downloads & installs. When the first screen comes up when starting the game, another screen pops up stating: Please ensure disc is in drive, click ok, and restart game. Which you can do over & over again. It just never plays. If anyone out there has an answer would appreciate hearing.

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I figured since so many people are having Sims Problems I would post this I have custom made this FAQ SO appreciate and enjoy it -EJ Minimum System Requirements MHz processor MB RAM Windows R XP Windows ME Windows or Windows Operating System At least GB of hard drive space A T amp L-capable video card with at least MB of video RAM ATI Radeon TM series or better VE series see note below All-In-Wonder X X X NVIDIA R Quadro TM series Quadro Quadro Quadro NVIDIA GeForce series GeForce and better GeForce GeForce Ti GeForce Ti MX GeForce FX GeForce NOTE If you have a non-T amp L capable video card such as Intel Extreme Graphics Problems 2 Sims Common or Radeon VE series then you need at least a GHz processor Recommended System Requirements GHz Processor MB RAM Windows XP Windows Windows GB or more Common Sims 2 Problems HD Space Any ATI Radeon series video card or any NVidia GeForce or GeForceFX Video Card DirectX or better FAQ Q The sims freezes while on quot The Sims quot splash screen A Either your video card or sound card is conflicting with DirectX or you do not have enough free Memory RAM to run the game Assuming The Sims is on your desktop try this right click on The Sims gt In the target line go all the way to end of the text and put in a space after the quot gt after the space type quot -w quot without the quotes gt put in another space gt type quot -nosound quot without the quotes The Sims should now start if it does then try updating your Video and Sound Drivers If it does not start contact Maxis Support via www thesims com Q I can t install the Sims A Your computer does not meet the system requirements Ensure your computer meets all the requirements Also ensure your sound and video drivers are DirectX compatible Another reason is because you have downloaded The Sims from the net or You are trying to install the game from a copied disc Q The Sims has really bad performance when playing A This occurs when you re video card doesn t fully meet the system requrements or because you do not have enough memory to run the game Q The Sims freezes while I m playing A Again this is due to your video card or because you do not have enough memory to run the game I ll add more questions as they come in nbsp

A:Common Sims 2 Problems

FAQ (continued):
Q. When I try installing the new Sims 2 I am told that I need to insert a disk in the drive even though the disc is already in the drive. What's wrong?
A. This has been a common problem. Nine times out of Ten, the cd is faulty, usually because of the protection on the CD. Try exchanging the game for another one. Sometimes you just have to restart the computer with the disc in the drive, then try to install. If that does not work, ensure you are using "Disc 1" or refer to what I said in the beginning.
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I have the sims, and its expansions (unleashed, hot date, etc...) and I have tried to install this on my current computer which runs with windows XP. And every time I press install I receive an error message that reads:

16 BIT WINDOWS SYSTEM : C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\AUTOEXEC.NT The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications.

I have looked for that file, and it isn't even on the computer according to the search files program. Shouldn't it be able to run on XP? I have tried changing the screen resolution and changing the compatibility but it hasn't worked. Any help would be nice.

A:The sims and expansions problems with XP

Read THIS post (actually a sticky at the top of the forum page)

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Hi All-

I am running the Sims Superstar under Unleashed and Deluxe Edition. When I am moving around the house it sort of "chops along". I am running it on a Dell Dimension 1GHz PIII, 256 MB RAM, ??MB onboard video, 60 GB 7200 RPM HD.


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After I loaded the sims i was unable to play. It gets stuck on the opening screen and then the program shuts down completely. I think it has something to do with the video driver. The troubleshooting guide said to check if the driver is "certified" which I did and it said the driver was not "certified". That is the only thing I can find wrong the my current set-up. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:The Sims video problems

what operating system you go there?

ah what video card are you running ? if it's geforce 2/3/4 ... which is teh main usage..

check out for direct x 9 end user..
and for the latest drivers
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Hi I m gonna be sorry in advance because my english isn t the best but bare with me please I got this problem I love playing Sims and I got all the expansions and stuff packs and TONS of custom stuff My computer should be more than good enough to play Sims on even with this much stuff on This is what I ve got AMD Athlon X Dual Core Processor GHz Gb RAM and Nvidia GeForce GT graphics card I m using Windows Ultimate -bit Should be good enough I think And so does everybody else I ve asked After playing with a family for a while the frame freezes though I can still hear sound that lags and move the mouse and a popup says that this program has crashed and will now close Mostly when this happens I just restart the game and keep on playing the crashing with Problems 2 Sims same family but the playtime usually gets shorter every time I do it Then I get sick and tired of it start a new family and play with that one until the same thing happens or not It doesn t always crash The last Problems with Sims 2 crashing time I ve been trying a whole bunch of things Note It crashes at the exact same moment everytime even though Problems with Sims 2 crashing I use different actions and so on I tried the omegadriverthing I read about in an old thread at this forum I tried disconnecting myself from the internet and ofc turning of the antivirus and I m running it in compatibitly mode for Windows XP Service Pack I ve checked for and repaired corrupt files with Registry Easy and it didn t work either When I was using Windows XP I had the same problem so yes - I ve tried reinstalling the game rebooting the computer and god knows what I m not a complete n b but I d really like some help Does anyone have any ideas for me Pretty please Btw this is the old thread I read http forums techguy org games -sims- -crashes-freezes-after html nbsp

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My sister has Sims 2 and it played perfectly until she upgraded from XP home to XP professional. Now, the game keeps freezing on her right when the ambitions/desires thing starts to spin.

Anyone know how to fix that? we've tried downloading updates for the Radeon 9000 driver but it doesn't recognize that MOBILITY Radeon series and Dell and EA have been no help with this problem. In fact EA says the they do not support a laptop (they really need to spell things out better on there boxes, I had a similar problem with Wolfenstien for my PC). They wont touch it with a ten foot cable. Please does anyone have a suggestion?

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i installed my game (the sims 2)on another computer but when i brought it home and tried it on mine did not work.. i tried to press run and typed in what it said . but still says i need some sort of privlliage or somthen...if anyone could help me .. that would be great thx
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Hey my brother comes to me a lot to fix his computer, because he usually breaks it. But I am a standstill now. I can't seem to figure out why Sims 2 isn't finding the directx 9.0c adapters. I tried a update on the Sims 2 website, just in case. Nothing work.He uses a ATI FireGL V3100. I am stuck.

Also F.E.A.R's error is "Unable to initialize the renderer to a valid video mode."
Battlefield 2142 doesn't even load. It tries to kick up but then it stops, and crashes.
Please let me know something here.
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My computer runs on vista and I recently just found all my old sims stuff.
Problem 1
After Install my 2 expansion packs it worked fine when i opened it immediatly but when i tried to reopen it a message box appears saying "an expansion pack was installed after sims on holiday" then it wants to uninstall.

So right now i'm just running on one expansion pack
Problem 2
In sims livin large I buy a lot with a family and all goes as usual but when the game screen changes and i'm actually at the lot there is no people there.

If you can answer any of these that would be great.
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Hey there hope this isn t too big of a problem or one that The Sims Problems. Career s been posted in the past but i have the following installed the sims origonal livin large house party all origonal not deluxe or super hote date vaccation unleashed and superstar I do not know at what point the problem arose since The Sims Career Problems. I didn t give many of my sims careers but for some reason when the car shows up to pick them up they cannot get into the car no matter how close they are to it i could stand them by the street in wait for it and the action would show up for a split second then disappear and the car would just take off after honking for minutes Is there any way to fix this Oh and another thing you could possibly help me with just wondering if I could replace those lame pj s with better one s and if so how Thank you for your time nbsp
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Hi everyone,
I need help for my sims game. i loaded it onto my laptop (which is a vista). i loaded nearly all of the expansion packs.
Heres what happened in exact order:
1. i open and the sims 2 and play it. nothings wrong
2. i go into the 'create family' section
3. i create my people.
4. i press the 'tick' button ( which accepts the family)
5. It starts loading the family. Then the problem occurs
Its keeps loading and loading for hours and hours. i have to press *Ctrl+Alt+Del* to exit the game. IN the end i have created no family.
I don't make my family very complicated like giving them lots of jewlry and stuff.
Please help me!!!! I love playing sims 2!!!! everything else works fine except fot this create a family section.
please help me.

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It's been a while since I've posted but I've obtained most of the Sims 2 and I TRIED to install Double Deluxe but for some reason my dvd drive isn't recognizing the disc. It spins up and tries to read it, but doesn't do much in the line of effort to read it.
There are no scratches and I took care of the smudges with a cloth. Still unable to read the install disc. It'll read the promo/bonus disc and play it just fine though.
The computer is a Windows 7 with an HL-DT-ST DVD+-RW GT60N Drive.
I have enough RAM, Graphics and other things to run it.
300 Gigs of Space left on the HDD. No idea what's going on here.

A:Sims 2 Double Deluxe problems

You might have a bad optical drive. Does it work with other DVDs (DVDs not CDs)? Do you have access to another DVD drive with which to substitute for testing purposes?
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I have the Sims Deluxe version and have played many times we start deluxes problems sims have since bought a new computer Compaq Presario AMD Sempron running Windows XP home edition I have yet to have it up and running It will load and then when I try to play it gets to the quot adjusting emotional weights quot page and sits there and then goes blank and then goes to the dsesktop and thats it I have tried to uninstall-i have used the sims eraser about times rebooted the computer i have updated my directx to i have all the windows xp updats and have rebooted yet again same thing happens every time i have cleaned the cd s and have even tried to install a friends edition which sims deluxes start problems does work on her quot older quot computer and that one didn t work i am at a loss i ve thought about buying a new copy but why nothing seems to work I diable all my firewall and virus protection and i close all programs out before installing and before trying to play i have even tried to install without closing all background programs and nothing I m ready to sims deluxes start problems give up this is my last resort any suggestions will be greatly appreciated thanks nbsp

A:sims deluxes start problems

it will be alot easier to help if you post some system spec
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I have Sims 2 cd edition, it works fine on my computer, but when I try to install one of the expansions, starting with University, the installation seems to go on just well, and in the very end it says the Installation as unsuccessfull and it reverts the process.
The games worked just fine in the computer I had 2 years ago, and this one is better, so it's not a hardware problem I guess.

I'm downloading the latest Sims 2 patch from the oficial site, do you think it will be of any help?

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I bought The Sim 2 Limited Edition a while back, but it never worked on Vista Premium. It worked on my computer at home on XP, but not here on my Vista Prem dorm computer.

The game doesn't load. It goes through loading video thinger, and then when it reaches the splash loading screen, it never loads. The music just keeps playing, but nothing happens...

The text at the bottom with the fake loading information never appears either.

What do I do

A:Problems with The Sims 2 Deluxe and Bon Voyage

If you look on the back of your Sims 2 CD Case, it will give you the Sys. Reqmnts.
For the Sims Deluxe Edition, you need at least:
OS: Windows XP, 98, or 95
CPU: 233 MHz Intel Pentuim II processor
RAM: 64 MB (128 req. for Windows XP & if using other expansions)
Disc Drive: 4x or faster CD/DVD Drive
Hard Drive: 1.4 GB
Video: High Color (800x600 Res.) capable 2 MB Video Card w/ direct X 7.0 capable driver
Sound: DirectX 7.0 compatible sound driver

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I recently re-installed sims 2 then installed sims 2 nightlife, i've installed both update patches but when i insert disc 1 of nightlife and click to open the game, it crashes soon into the opening sequence, sometimes when it does this, it asks for the sims 2 university disc, it also doesn't let me insert sims 2 disc 1 and go to regular sims, please help!
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Hope someone can help as may 11 year old spent her own hard earned cash to buy this game and I can't install it. Am not getting ery far in the process either. I insert the disk in the d drive...the autorun menu appears....I click install....I enter the serial number... a pop up message appears telling me "this does not appear to be the right disk"....I check the is disk1... can't get past this problem......please advise...thanks.

A:sims unleashed install problems

Hi nhmoskwa,

Do you have all the requirements ?
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I can t get past the splash screen on The Sims Complete Collection I ve contacted EA support and they told me to disable background tasks and to install the most PROBLEMS Complete Sims Collection current drivers for the sound and display devices I ve done all this plus uninstalled the game completely with uninstall Sims eraser and also by deleting the user folders then reinstalled It still won t get past the splash screen It comes up sits for minutes or more and then I receive a Sims Complete Collection PROBLEMS message that Sims Complete Collection has to close due to a problem I don t know what else to do with it It works on my Desk Top but this problem is occurring on my laptop Here is the info from Maxis Easy Info Your System Game Requirements Operating System Get Updates Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack Build Windows XP System Memory Processor Speed MHz DirectX Version Get Updates b Display Device Get Drivers Intel R GM GME Graphics Controller Display Memory Display Driver Sound Device Get Drivers SoundMAX Digital Audio Sound Driver Operating System Information Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack Build Internet Explorer Information Version Media Device Information DirectX Sims Complete Collection PROBLEMS Information Version b Long Version Display Device Intel R GM GME Graphics Controller Local Memory Driver Version Device Description Intel R GM GME Graphics Controller Manufacturer Intel Corporation GUID D B E - C - CF-C - ADC CD Driver Version Module ialmrnt dll Date - - Memory Total Available Non-Local Texture Sound Device SoundMAX Digital Audio Driver Anyone have any idea what else I can do This is really frustrating Thanks Karen P S Is there are reason why the Intel Graphics Device would be listed twice in device manager Could that be causing it Also according to EA and the box my computer meet or exceeds the system requirements nbsp
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Not sure if this should be here or in Vista, but I'll give it a whirl. I have all the Sims expansion packs, and right now I am trying to install the Deluxe onto my computer. I have windows Vista and when I get about 95% though the first disk, I get an error message saying "Componant Transfer Error" Now, when I had windows XP, I ran all my expansions (expect Superstar) with no problems. How do I install this game correctly? I have tried putting in the disk two before it got to 95% just to see, and nothing. Then I put in the first disk, and I haven't gotten the error message again, but it is still at 95%. Please help! Thanks so much

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I recently installed The Sims / problems Sims Driver Update 2 Pets Seasons Nightlife University Open for Business Bon Voyage After finally getting everything sorted I went to play But when i clicked to play in the launcher it crashed So I changed the link destination to get rid of the launcher I was excited to find that it was starting The bit with the people going crazy and having fun was doing it s business But to my dismay after this if i clicked space or let it roll it still crashes quot The application has crashed The application will now terminate quot Sims 2 / Driver Update problems I have done all sorts of searches and Sims 2 / Driver Update problems looked on all sorts of forums but to no avail with either the things they suggest not Sims 2 / Driver Update problems making any difference or the suggestions not applying to my computer system I have an Acer Aspire calling itself a WlMi which doesn t have any support for it on the acer website as far as I can see It also uses ATi Radeon Xpress M Graphics card which also appears to be unheard of So anyway I ve found that I need updates in Agere Systems HDA Modem Realtek High Definition Audio and ATi SMBus the latter I am guessing is more relevant to my Sims Problem But I don t know how to get these updates without shelling out to one of these driver-scanner companies Please Help I m sick and in bed and all I want to do is play Sims all day until I can go back to sleep again at night Fanx nbsp

A:Sims 2 / Driver Update problems

The Radeon 200M can be found here:
(Windows XP Pro/Home, Integrated/Motherboard, Radeon Xpress 200M)

For Realtek HDA and ATI SMBus is found on DriverGuide:
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ATI Radeon 9700 problems

I recently bought the ATI Radeon 9700 graphic card for my new computer. When I installed The sims and tried to play it, i got a message that i didn't have a directX 9.0 compatible video adapter. what should I do?
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OK, I promise to get more well-versed in Sims, as I see there are a lot of postings up here. Right now I am trying to help one of my kids. We have Sims 2 Deluxe and Sims 2 Seasons. She installed them in that order, and now there are some problems. She is blaming her sisters for pulling out the Seasons CD early, but I will never get to the bottom of that mess. She is trying to uninstall Seasons, and it just seems to freeze during the uninstall process. I assume you folks will need more info, so fire away. I have Windows xp by the way. Thanks much in advance!
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I am having a hard time saving the sims complete collection on my computer. Is there any type of patch for windows vista so i can play?