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Dual 16x vs dual 8x pci e motherboards for graphics cards

Q: Dual 16x vs dual 8x pci e motherboards for graphics cards

Hi all I no the title of this topic maybe hard to understand, basically im in the market to be upgrading from z77 to a newer z97 board, I have a few in mind that range from $180 all the way to $400, and when it comes down to it, it is the pci express lanes. I'm currently running dual 7970s and I noticed a lot of motherboards run 2x8x with dual video cards but some boards will run at 2x16x, so I was just seeing if anyone can tell me if theirs a big diff between running 2x8x and 2x16x with crossfired cards. thanks a bunch!

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Preferred Solution: Dual 16x vs dual 8x pci e motherboards for graphics cards

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Dual 16x vs dual 8x pci e motherboards for graphics cards

No real difference.
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i have 2 ati radeon hd 4850's. right now they are connected with the crossfirex bridges and i'm only using one monitor and running crossfirex. i'm thinking of getting a second monitor for better gaming/seeing more stuff in flight sim X.

what i can't find is how to use 2 monitors with 2 cards. do i remove the crossfirex bridges and connect one monitor per card, or do i keep the crossfirex bridges and connect both monitors to the first card, still running crossfirex?


A:dual graphics cards, dual monitors, ati crossfireX

I would just connect the 2 monitors to the one card and then extend the desktop using either desktop properties or Catalyst control center.
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I wanted to know whether it was worth upgrading from 2xP3 [email protected] to 2x P3 1.3Ghz or to just start a new rig with a dual athlon mobo and 2x Athlon MPs (or XPs modded to MPs).

I only wanted to know because intel are stopping production of the Pentium 3 soon, and wondered whether it was worth upgrading yet.

But then again it may be some time until Intel kill the P3, because the P4 is hardly a server chip, is it?

This is one of the problems I am facing - to upgrade or build a new rig. I currently have Dual [email protected], but would like maybe some more speed in the near future.

Do i :-
A. Upgrade to higher speed PIIIs, before they are discontinued
B. Scrap the whole lot and go dual athlons
(C). Win the competition Prize

A:Multiprocessor Motherboards - Upgrade Dual PIII or switch to Dual AMD XP

It all depends on your money situation I believe the Pentiums are way overpriced, but if you have the money then I say go for it. I like my Athlon, and I don't plan on changing unless Intel does something drastic to change my mind.

Personally, the prize wouldn't be a bad deal at all
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I am building a dell precision workstation t7400 it has 2 PCIe slots for dual gpu's , do both cards have to be identicle in make,model and memory

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I have a machine that has one graphics card at the moment. It is a Dell XPS 430. The system has 3GB RAM and Intel Quad core processor at 2.33GHz. The graphics card is ATI Radeon HD4670 at 512 MB. I am thinking of upgrading to 1GB. I was wondering:
1. Are Dual Graphics cards better? eg. if I had 2x512MB cards would it be better than 1x1GB card?
2. If dual are better, can i just put any 512 MB graphics card in the other slot or must I use the exact same model to achieve dual graphics.

Information much appreciated.

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Hi, I currently play League of Legends ALOT. I have a terrible Radeon HD 4600. I am thinking of getting duel GTX 560 ti cards, will this make a big impact on my gameplay FPS's? thanks for your help everyone!

A:Dual Graphics Cards

Hi and welcome to TSG.

It may make a significant difference to something like LoL, however it is also massive overkill. One GTX560 ti will easily run LoL on max settings.

Having said that, there are also other things that you MUST consider before upgrading.

1) Is your current power supply (PSU) good enough to support the new card? This is one of the most important things to look at and also something that is often ignored.

2) Your current system may be a bottleneck for a better card, in which case you are potentially wasting money on a card that is being held back by the system in other areas.

What is the exact make and model of model of the PC, assuming its a pre-built system like a HP, Dell, eMachines etc?

If it is a self / custom build what is the make and model of the motherboard, CPU, RAM, power supply etc? The more info the better.
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Running Windows Vista Ult and i installed a second graphics card to run 3 monitors.
The problem is device manager doesn't show the second installed graphics card.

My System:

GA-x38-DQ6 MoBo
4Gb ram

8800 Ultra
7600GT (This is the card i added)

Basically it recognizes the 8800 Ultra only. I have read that to use dual cards with Vista they need to use the same drivers (169.25), which they do. Even if that wasn't the case shouldn't the graphics card show in device manager regardless?

Is there something about Vista and dual graphics that i am missing?

The 7600GT functions fine, (tested in another computer) so i am at a loss here.

Any suggestions?


A:Dual Graphics Cards.

just a random thought... very n00bish but if you linked them as a pair (SLI) then disconnect them from each other

you could also try forcing the 2nd g-card by adding new hardware and manually giving it the driver
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I'm running:
Intel Core 2 Duo @ 1.73 GHz
3.5 GB RAM
ATI Raedeon Xpress 200M Chipset
Windows Vista Home Basic 32-bit

I have recently installed a ATI Radeon HD 4670 into my computer, I downloaded the latest ATI Catalyst driver from the ATI website and it installed the latest driver for both of the video cards, after it restarted I get this error message in the device manager for the ATI Radeon HD 4670:

Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware because a previous instance of the device driver is still in memory. (Code 38)

I checked in the device manager and it says it has the same wddm driver version for both devices, I have tried installing many times but it continues to presist, is this a Windows Vista or ATI issue? Is there anything I can do to fix it?

System Information:

Device Manager:

A:Dual ATI graphics cards

you have drivers installed on your notebook for a discrete videocard. in other words, the drivers for the hd 4670 are for a card that installs in a desktop computer. the radeon xpress 200m is the intergrated video for the notebook. you need to uninstall the drivers for the hd 4670 and install the drivers from here: ATI Catalyst? Legacy Display Driver

i once had an acer notebook that had the radeon xpress 1100 graphics. i had to uninstall the drivers via driver sweeper @ guru3d (Guru3D - Driver Sweeper). if you have to use driver sweeper, everything is pretty much self explanatory. already have the driver for the xpress 200m downloaded so when you reboot, you can immediately install the driver.
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I recently installed a second graphics card to get triple monitors, but the second card is giving me the "Error 43" message. Both cards are GeForce 8400 GS (one PCIe, one PCI). I am not attempting to run SLI or anything like that, just want the triple. In the device manager, both cards are listed, but the 2nd one has the yellow error icon on it. When checking the details, they both have the same version of the driver. I am running Vista Ultimate x64.

Where am I going wrong?

A:Dual Graphics cards error

Can you run two cards without SLIing them? Didn't know that Where did you get the drivers from? Try to download them for the nvidia website.. Search that error code in google, see what other people have come up with.

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Hi everyone,

I recently purchased a new computer (Windows Vista Home Premium) that has an ATI X1300 graphics card with 1 VGA and and 1 DVI output. I have 2 monitors with DVI inputs and my old graphics card laying around; an ATI Radeon 9250 with 128MB of video memory. I plugged the old card in with the new card and I do get the old one to work, but the new one is disabled by Windows Vista due to a driver conflict (eror code 43). Is there a way to get both of them to work at the same time? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!-Kevin

A:Dual Graphics Cards Issue

Welcome, You can't make the 2 video cards to work, because one of the driver is different and thats why its a conflict. If installing 2 different video card drivers then maybe your new or old may cause an issue.
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I have an Asus P N-E SLI mobo and an GT installed - all works fine I want to run three screens using SoftTH so Cards Graphics Dual Failure have to install a second graphics card not in SLI With the Asus it has a little daughterboard that needs to be reversed to allow the second PCI-E slot to work for graphics SLI or Not SLI - it basically splits the x channel into two x channels So with the daughterboard in Dual Graphics Cards Failure dual graphics card mode when I put the second graphics card in the PC refuses to boot I get a beep code error long short beeps which indicates a graphics failure If I remove the second but leave the daughterboard set for two graphics cards I get the same problem Switch the daughterboard for single graphics and the single card works fine Only things that I can see that may be wrong is gt CPU is mildly overclocked but rock solid - could that be an issue gt BIOS stated something about my DDR RAM not being SLI Ready - don t have any other RAM to swap out and try Can anyone suggest what I may be doing wrong or how I can get the PC to boot with a second graphics card installed Thanks nbsp

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Is it better, or even possible, to mix different graphics cards with a mobo as long as both are crossfire ready? Or is it more wise to stick with two of the same graphics cards if your going to run duel graphics cards.

A:Same dual graphics cards, or mix and match?

I know some people who say they run duel cards, It seems to be a very good thing. But I have heard of them only running 2 of the same, Not 2 different ones.
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In the interests of thread environmentalism I have searched around for an answer to this but haven t managed Feel free to direct me to a good link with the information Should graphics I And cards? dual to if how? so upgrade I need I d like to know about dual cards I currently have a single Geforce GT GTO does anyone know whether the GT GTO Should I upgrade to dual graphics cards? And if so how? is significant or what it stands for btw mb card I remember when I bought the PC I was told I could upgrade to dual cards at any time - so I guess there is an extra port apologies if my thinking or terminology is incorrect I m keen to learn so please correct me Does the second card have to be identical or is it advisable or does it just have to have the same amount Should I upgrade to dual graphics cards? And if so how? of memory I seem to remember this is a good idea with cards of RAM I assumed a nowadays would be dirt cheap but this is the cheapest I ve found so far at assuming its the same one I find it a little difficult to tell but admittedly I m not sure where to look so perhaps you could advise me on that score I live in the UK too Finally what can I expect in terms of graphics improvement I assume it would be more than a simple increase in RAM I e to what extent is it worth making this upgrade Many many thanks nbsp

A:Should I upgrade to dual graphics cards? And if so how?

If you do not know why, you don't yet need them as a pair.
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Setup dell xps l x laptop monitors Dual wrong graphics cards using running Dual monitors using wrong graphics cards an intel integrated graphics card and Dual monitors using wrong graphics cards an nVidia GeForce GT m dedicated graphics card Also a VGA plug and play Dell IN N monitor connected through a HDMI to VGA converter to the laptops HDMI out port The problem Each monitor is running off a separate graphics card according the the nVidia control panel which is fine but they are each running the wrong one The laptop by default uses the integrated graphics and the external monitor uses the dedicated card which is useless a i really only use it as extra desktop space or for playing movies which doesn't require the dedicated graphics Then when i go to play a game on the laptop screen it switches to the dedicated card AS WELL which then struggles to keep up How can i set the external monitor to run on the integrated graphics always I don't care if the laptop screen doesn't auto switch so long as it runs the dedicated card at the right times and doesn't struggle like it doesn't when the other monitor isn't connected This image tellsme it should be possible but i cant get it to work imgur the simple image sharer

A:Dual monitors using wrong graphics cards

Please, anyone have any ideas?
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I have two identical graphics cards X and Y Each one feeds two monitors X - gt and Y - gt and respectively Monitors and use DVI and use HDMI output Monitor has until recently been my primary default monitor both as set in Windows and the one that displays BIOS info and motherboard splash screen at bootup I was having problems getting monitor to display properly - Windows only recognised it as quot generic pnp quot cards Dual graphics BIOS display and and either wouldn't send it a signal so black screen even though it was showing its power on light or it would display Dual graphics cards and BIOS display at the Dual graphics cards and BIOS display wrong resolution So I swapped the DVI cables of and whilst keeping monitor my Windows primary monitor Now monitor displays at the correct resolution but is still seen as generic pnp by the PC I suspect there's an EDID problem somewhere or maybe a cable problem though I've changed the cable to monitor but at least the monitor displays when it's meant to and at the correct resolution As I only use four monitors when using certain applications I normally keep and switched off unless I use them But since swapping the DVI cables around all the BIOS and WIndows starting graphics display on monitor though the Windows login screen still comes to Monitor As Monitor is often switched off if I have a problem during bootup I won't know now as monitor stays blank until the login screen What I'm after is a way of changing the default graphics card from X to Y so that monitor gets the BIOS boot stuff again I can't see any way in Windows to do that however and likewise I can't see any options in my BIOS P X DE to change the graphics settings Short of swapping the cables and going back to the original problems I had with odd resolutions for monitor what can you suggest I do

A:Dual graphics cards and BIOS display

No suggestions so far on how to instruct a PC to show the BIOS and startup screens on the second rather than the first identical) graphics card output?
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I just got a great buy on an ATI 5570 at NewEgg to replace my GeForct 210. Alas, it doesn't work. The system requirements say that PCI X 2 or 2.1 (OK there) AND dual width x16 graphics slot are required (mine certainly looks like single width. What is this dual width all about?

Or could the card just be DOA? Luckily, I didn't send in the $25 MIR yet to MSI in case I need an RMA.

A:Solved: Dual width x16 graphics cards

Dual width cards usually cover up an adjoining slot because
they have a large cooler that sticks out or connectors on
the extended back plate or both.
It is twice as wide as a standard card.
It doesn't need 2 slots to connect to,it just needs the extra room
to fit.
Sounds like you may have gotten a DOA.
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Hello Forum, im CrazyKilla

Yesterday my 2nd GeForce GTS 450 arrived, i put it in the pc, set all the wires up, i even put SLI on my 2 graphics cards, and now i got 2 graphics cards, but the problem is, (GTS 450 has 1gb graphics memory) i got 2 GTS 450s but i only have 1gb of graphics memory, how does this work? i should have 2gb graphics memory!

I know that the graphics card is working as the FPS in my games has boosted a lot and in the "Display Adapters" section in "Device Manager" it shows i have 2 GTS 450s,

Help please, i have latest drivers for both cards, do i need to install any special things or have i done something wrong here?

A:Dual Graphics cards but only 1 gpu's Graphic memory

i got 2 GTS 450s but i only have 1gb of graphics memory

What are you seeing or program is showing 1GB of memory?

If you want to see specific graphics info this is the best here.> techPowerUp! :: Downloads

You will see this listed towards top of page.
TechPowerUp GPU-Z v0.6.4
Click to download.

Similar to CPU-Z.
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I have a Samsung Series TV I also have a LG E monitor I am using a dual link DVI cable to use the hz on my monitor My TI grphx card has a dual link DVI which i use for the monitor but NOT an HDMI output The TI graphics 1tv, different Monitors..HELP! graphics Dual 2 1monitor, cards. card has another Dual Link DVI connection but my 1monitor, 1tv, 2 different graphics cards. Dual Monitors..HELP! TV does not Which means i have to use my onboard video which DOES have an HDMI to use the Samsung TV as a second monitor All i want to do is use my TV for when i watch movies and my monitor for everything else All i've done is go to display properties and try to do this from there but the samsung TV just says quot Check cable quot which i've already done Either that happens or both monitors go blank 1monitor, 1tv, 2 different graphics cards. Dual Monitors..HELP! Please help Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated I built my computer Now i want to use my TV with it

A:1monitor, 1tv, 2 different graphics cards. Dual Monitors..HELP!

Some motherboards allow you to use both onboard and a graphic card.
You need to look in the bios for a setting.
If not there then you will a "dvi to hdmi adapter"
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I am currently using dual ATI RADEON HD series graphics cards and though I have the most recently updated driver I m almost certain I installed it wrong since I am continuing to have the video driver stop responding and other things such as disfigured or skewed images I know how to uninstall and install drivers but since I have two I m honestly a Solved: Installing drivers dual for graphics cards bit confused If you can t tell already I m new to this stuff I ve thought about this for a long time and this is actually my last resort I ve gone through google Solved: Installing drivers for dual graphics cards for hours looking at guides but can t quite find an answer for what I m looking for -Do Solved: Installing drivers for dual graphics cards I simply uninstall both drivers for the graphics cards I ll use dc pro to help clean out those drivers and when I do that when I start to install the drivers do I just install it once or do I have to somehow install the driver twice and set it on the graphics cards nbsp

A:Solved: Installing drivers for dual graphics cards

Are you using two cards to support 3 or more monitors, or are the cards in a Crossfire setup?

If the cards are separate, uninstall the drivers using Add and Remove programs, shut down and remove one of the cards, then boot and install the drivers. After the first card is working, then install the second card.

If it's a Crossfire setup, are the cards jumpered properly? And other issues can cause the drivers to crash. Power supply issues, motherboard BIOS and/or setup also come to mind.
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I have a pc with the following specs ACER P N-D Motherboard Core Quad Q GHZ GB Ram TB HDD Windows Home Premium Matrox M quad VGA video card Problem up dual setting cards Solved: graphics running monitors at work i work on huge excel sheets and i Solved: Problem setting up dual graphics cards would like to add a second matrox M video card and double the monitor count to i already Solved: Problem setting up dual graphics cards bought and set up the monitors and tried unsuccessfully to install a second matrox m video card i attached a picture of the monitor setup i am trying to get to work i could not figure out how to get the computer to recognize the second video card so i downloaded the user manual for the motherboard and while i am not sure i think that the second video card wont work because this motherboard will only support dual graphics cards if they are both SLI-ready which i am pretty certain the matrox M is not My question is this is there a way to get the two video cards i already have to work if not does anyone have any suggestions about what video cards would work i dont need to game or anything thic pc is mainly used for excel i was also thinking that since this is an older PC it might be cheaper if kind of a pain to get a different motherboard that would support two matrox m video cards and i could just swap over all of the components and sell my current motherboard does anyone have any suggestions as to a motherboard that would work for this thanks in advance for the help nbsp

A:Solved: Problem setting up dual graphics cards

SLI is for gaming, you want SLI off if you want to use multiple graphics card independently for multiple monitors.

Does the second graphics card show up in Device Manager?

Have you tried the new card in place of the old card to see if it works or if its faulty?
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Because my system disc Dual Graphics setup - Can't working Cards duplicate is almost full and because disc utilities tell me this disc is becoming marginal I've installed a new disc drive and I'm attempting to rebuild my system The problem is that I can't seem to get my two grahics cards to work I can still boot my old system and they work fine together When I try to install the same drivers I'm using on my old system I can't get both displays to Dual Graphics Cards - Can't duplicate working setup work at the same time At best one Dual Graphics Cards - Can't duplicate working setup is stuck at X with bit Dual Graphics Cards - Can't duplicate working setup resolution Windows won't let me adjust the resolution or color depth When I select the Settings tab of the display properties I get a dialog quot Invalid Display Settings The currently selected graphics display driver can not be used It was written for a previous version of Windows and is no longer compatible with this version of Windows The system has been started with the default VGA driver quot I've tried taking one of the cards out and installing the driver for the remaining card This seems to work for each card But with both installed I get this message dialog from which ever display that happens to be working There are no resource conflicts memory IRQ I O The resources used are the same as my working system I thought perhaps it was because I was trying to install these drivers with the latest Windows service pack already installed But I've gone back to service pack A with the same results I've been struggling with this for weeks When I first added the second graphics card a few years ago I had no trouble at all Here are the specifics of my system ASUS CUV X-D dual Intel CPU's Windows XP Pro sp A also tried SP My working system is at SP Gb RAM st graphics card - the initial one Matrox G etv w TV tuner AGP slot nd graphics card - added NVIDIA GEForce MX PCI slot Drivers Matrox This is the last version of drivers created for this card It's not certified for WinXP - but I've been using it without problems for years NVIDIA v the version I'm using on my old system I've also tried the latest version I thought perhaps I could find settings in the registry on my old working system and duplicate them on the new system But I haven't been able to find anything that looks like the right kind of settings It's very frustrating to know that this hardware works together and not be able to duplicate a working setup Any help will be appreciated Thanks
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okay, having trouble dual monitor setting up my cousin's pc. in the device manager, under display, it shows ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics, and, ATI Radeon 4200 Series. now. I tried to setup a second monitor to it through vga, but it didn't detect the second monitor. monitor is fine. the original wasn't detected in the second one either. stays in power saver mode like it is plugged into nothing.

i am too a picture to show you the back of the pc. i know what to do once the monitor is detected, to enable the small greyed out second display in the display settings, but only ONE monitor box is shown.

much help would be appreciated =)

(the old monitor is plugged in to the left, and below, the lone bga port is the one we are trying to use.)
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Hi all just wondering whether or not I can hook up two Galaxy Gtx560 1gb Cards to my Asrock h61M/u3s3 ?

A:ASROCK h61M/u3s3 is it compatible for dual graphics cards ?

That would be a negative; only one PCIE 16x slot available.

Best case scenario would be you selling the 560 and picking up a 590 if you wanted SLI.
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Now I have fried my motherboard and I am shopping around. If the MOBO supports dual channel ram such as this:

does that mean that I need two sticks of ram at a time, I.E.: 2 512's to = a Gig. I have 3 512's and have no money to buy another so i need to know if I can do this and if this is a motherboard company (so I don't get a faulty MOBO)

A:Dual Channel Ram and motherboards

you need to RTFM to determine how many sticks and arrangement and types of ram you can use.

in general, pair DDR ram. Some motherboards can use odd amounts. I have 3 matched sticks of 512 in my MSI motherboard.
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Where can i find decent dual processor motherboards? I am going to build my wife a computer and she will need a lot of processing power for movie rendering and high end graphics work.

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Someone who has asked me to do a build for them said they wanted a dual socket processors. Is it just a case of a normal build, just whack on two CPU's and heatsinks and boot it up and install the OS?

Never done dual sockets before...

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Guys I m thinking of upgrading one of my machines mainly to do video Core Convince Motherboards - Please Dual Me editing It therefore needs to be pretty quick and have significant storage space Dual core processing motherboards have just come up on my horizon Have done the usual search on here before posting but my question is - what s the advantage of dual core processing over single core given that I would expect a properly setup fast single core to fly anyway If Dual Core Motherboards - Convince Me Please dual cores have a significant consistent performance advantage over single cores do they require any specific setup that is different Have just stumbled across the problem with Windows SP and slow performance on dual cores Anything else I should know any other pitfall s to be wary of Finally if you guys gals fall onto the side of dual core what recommendation would you make on a board processors I will only use AMD processors so please stick with that as a start point Many thanks in advance for your considered responses WB PS Dual Core Motherboards - Convince Me Please Forgot to ask about SATA v EIDE storage Any views on this for this system please nbsp

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Dual Mobo information?

Anyone around here know of a web site where I can find information about doubling up motherboards, and the respective hardware?
I am basicly aiming to make an experimental computer with 2 linked motherboards. I like to start with single prosessor boards and eventually move to dual CPU boards. Yes I know there are 2, 3 , and 4 CPU mobo's on the market but they are to expencive for my budget at this time. Besides, the therory behind duel motherboards is to pool and share motherboard resources/CPU's and hardware.

Any and all information would be very helpful. Thank you.

A:Dual Mobo information? Clustering motherboards?

I think you're refering to Clusters. It multiple PCs linked together but acting as one computer. In a certain way, projects such as the Genome project or the SETI project can be considered as one big Cluster.

There's a lot of info on it here -> SCL Cluster Cookbook

You can always go on Google & do a search on Clusters.
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How do I know if my motherboard supports dual channel memory if I have lost my instruction booklet? Here is my motherboard:

[DDR2] ECS 945P-A i945P Chipset w/7.1 Sound, Gb LAN, USB 2.0 PCI-E MB

There are four memory slots in my computer. Two grouped together, then a 1-2 inch space, and two more grouped together. Within both groups, there is an orange slot and a purple slot. Not sure if any of that means anything...


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Hey gang built my daughter a system for Xmas which is not going to be I guess but close I built a dual-hard drive system one for the kids and one for her to do graphics work I installed a spinner sata with Win questions.. Dual OS boot hard Dual drive Dual for kids and an SSD with Win for her installed first Dual boot Dual hard drive Dual OS questions.. and then and things were fine Win would give me a nice screen asking me which OS I wanted to boot to but then the spinner started blue screening and grinding so I changed the hd and of course it screwed my boot up and I don't know alot about mbr's and that kind of thing but downloaded EasyBCD and was able to fumble my way through it Dual boot Dual hard drive Dual OS questions.. to luckily get Win back but here's my problem When I shut down in Win everything is fine as when I start it up I get a bios like screen asking me which OS I want to boot to but when I shut down in Win it automatically boots back to Win without asking I have to restart to get to the OS choice screen I don't want to go messing around much further here without some direction as googling my way around miraculously saved me the first time but this problem is a little too convoluted to try and research on my own Any suggestions greatly appreciated merry xmas all
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I'm not too familiar with Dual GPU cards, so here's my question :

I recently bought a Sapphire ATI Radeon HD3870 X2 graphics card and am wondering if my CPU should show 1gb memory, 512mb x2, or just 512mb with two Gfx card in my settings?
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I need to set up a pc running WIN98 with two nic cards. How can I make the computer recognize that on some programs it will be using one card and on others it will be using the other nic card??? Any comments will be appreciated!!

A:Dual NIC cards

Since you've gotten no replies here, at least this will get you back to the top...quite possibly one of the mods may move to networking and you can get some answers there.
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might sound like a dumb question but i've never had a computer with a dual core processor and 2 SLI cards. When you plug in the monitor which card do you hook it up to? The right or left slot?

A:Dual SLI cards, which one?

The top i think....
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alright, can somebody link me to some info or explain the usage of two identical cards to improve performance. all i know so far is that you obviously need the available gfx card slots and that they have to be "sli" enabled.
do they have to be identical cards or does that just improve performance?
how do you know if the card is sli enabled?

my reason for asking is because i have a 6600LE, and i was thinking of getting a 7900GS instead. but would it make more sense to just get another 6660LE for half the price of a 7900GS and then get the same or more performance with two 6600s than 1x7900GS.
thats it for now - thanks.
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i was wondering i would like to run 2 monitors at the same time
can i install 2 video cards say 1 agp and 1 pci or will they conflict?

A:Dual video cards

You can run that, but it's not guaranteed to work. It'd be better to buy a new, cheap card with dual outputs.
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Ok, so can anyone tell me if it is possible to have 2 NIC cards, with the internet coming into one, and providing the computer with internet. Then the other sending it out to a router? If so how would this be done? Thanks for the help.

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Hi I have a really really crappy Graphic Card GT 610 (Ik just dont) And so does my brother. My brother is getting an upgrade and is giving my his Graphics Card GT 610 aswell
Is there a way to Make them work together so I will finally be able to play NORMALLY?
What do I need to buy to make this work if it worth it?
I have a really low budget of 100$ and I am from Israel so if it costs in USA 100$ it means that here is costs about 220$ (Ik HOLY ****) Because if it costs more then I will simply get a new card

Tnx for the helpers!

A:Dual Grapchics Cards

You can't SLI them but maybe you can use one for physx.
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After a reinstalling windows, instead of one graphic card I can see 2 Graphic Cards in device manager.

A:Dual Graphic Cards

Install the latest Intel drivers
Intel? Driver Update Utility
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Hey everyone I'm new to PC gaming and bought GeForce MX 4000 /64MB / DDR / PCI. Man thats old. Then I bought a PNY Verto GeForce FX 5500 / 128MB DDR / PCI. and was curious if I could use them both simultaneously.

A:Dual PCI GeForce cards

i think dual cards are only for dual monitors, but yes, you can, with pci/pci or pci/agp.
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Ok this dude has two video cards right on each other. He is experiencing unit shutdown when playing online games. I ran furmark and saw that his temp went up to 90 degress C within 1 minute. So i notice his fans were only at like 20 percent.I took one card out and tested with the fan up to 100 percent and it ran very cool. His case has fans everywhere. I told him that he should just run it with one fan. He said he turned up his fans full blast while they were both installed and it smelled like something was burning. These cards are very close together. The band that links them doesnt even extend. it arcs. Is there any other option for this guy ? I think not but I am not too familiar with video card set ups. Any advice is welcome thanks

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Hello people,

Well, i am going to start thinking about going for another upgrade,
Core i7 940 with 6GB 1600mhz ram with full water cooling apart from the one card. But with this upgrade i want to have full True HD and of course only ATI offer that.

Now at the mo i am running the 8800 ultra's SLI and want to go up to the GTX 280 or 285, but i want to use an ATI for movies and TV. Now i am fully aware that you can't mix brands of GFX cards under one OS, but i am running vista and 7 over a dual boot.

Now my question is, can i have the ATI run for only vista, so that would become my entertainment OS and have the SLI setup run only under 7.

Is this possible or am i just being to daring for a let-down?

Help is always appreciated!!

A:Dual branded cards under different O/S's

I dont think thats possible and even if it was why would anybody want to do that

Buy 2 of the ATI radeon HD4890 and link them in crossfire or wait for the HD4890x2 to be released and you will have no problems. Just a quick tip as well dont watercool your graphics card, instead watercool the NB on the motherboard. A decent site to get watercooling gear from is
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Hi everyone

I've got a problem.
I can't get two network cards to corporate.
I have attached a schedule of how I want it to be.

The switch gives external and not internal IP's.
Is that a problem in this case?

I know that this is possible in WinXP but I use W7 on the server.

Thanks in advance

A:Dual Network cards

How you want to it to be and how it CAN be are two separate things in this case.

Internet > Modem > ROUTER > Switch > Card 1 & 2 > Server

Only way to do it.
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I have a question on setting up 2 monitors. I have a digital projector and an LCD monitor running on my ATI video card. It can run both monitors but the problem is I cannot run each monitor with a different resolution. My projector goes up to 800x600 and I want my LCD to go higher but it can't because the video card only puts out the same on each port.

Can I add another video card to the system and have it run a different resolution? I wanted to know this before I go buy another card thanks for any input.


A:Dual Video Cards

MetalSmith said:

I have a question on setting up 2 monitors. I have a digital projector and an LCD monitor running on my ATI video card. It can run both monitors but the problem is I cannot run each monitor with a different resolution. My projector goes up to 800x600 and I want my LCD to go higher but it can't because the video card only puts out the same on each port.
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I think you just answered yourself "same on each port". If your monitor supports DVI (most do) you can get a dual head card with DVI and VGA. Else, you can get a XGA converter with a Y cable to convert your VGA to S-video for your projector which is close to 800.

If what you are trying to say is that your s-video port is set at 800x600 which also changes your VGA port as well on a dual head ATI card, you should try new drivers as the older ones seemed to have that problem in the rush to market.
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Hi allI am really hopeing someone can help with a problem regarding using Dual Nvidia GTX mb cards on Vista Ultimate -bit i am still using winxp pro on one H D and Vista on the other the problem i have is in the Nvidia control panel on xp it shows i can enable SLI and Cards Dual Using Vista use both cards but when i use Vista Ultimate -bit i dont have the option of SLI and uses only one card in the device manager both cards are showing but one has a yellow on one of them i have used all the latest drivers that are recommended but still no joy this is what it says in Dual Cards Using Vista the device manager for the failing card This device cannot find enough Dual Cards Using Vista free resources that it can use Code If you want to use this device you will need to disable Dual Cards Using Vista one of the other devices on this system Click 'Check for solutions' to send data about this device to Microsoft and to see if there is a solution available I do alot of gaming and swapped to vista to try and get it running though i hate it and to give it a chance but this is the only snag i have with it ive been told its a problem with vista drivers etc but im also told there is a cure for this but i cant seen to find it if there is My specs AMD Athlon FX- GHz Socket AM GB Ram -Corsair XMS MHzASUS M N -SLI Dual DDR S-ATAII xPCI-E xPCIDual Nvidia Geforce MB GTX PCI-E Galaxy PSU I hope there is a cure as i hear Vista is great using DX

A:Dual Cards Using Vista

I've got the same problem. Only with a little different hardware, I'm using a ASUS M2N-E SLI with 2 nvidia 8600gt 512mb with Vista home premium 32 bit, and I can't update my video drivers.I get this message"best driver already installed"etc. I've e-mailed nvidia and Asus (who blame each other for the problem)with little luck..let me know if you find the fix...
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Ok so i need info and probably help i bought my nvidia 9800 gt 1gb ddr3 graphics card its sweet but the computer i bought came with an onboard nvidia 9100 is there a way that i can dual booth of these. is it possible dualing graphics card and onboard graphics as well and if there is can you give me instructions on how. Thanks ahead.

A:Dual Cards and Onboard

Depends on your motherboard. If it supports Hybrid SLI then you can, but I'd doubt your board does.
And in any case, you will NOT see ANY performance increase by doing this. Hybrid SLI only gives you slight power savings as you can use the lower power onboard card when you aren't gaming and put the add-on card to sleep.
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OK guys and gals I give dual running cards W7 up and am asking for help I have been running ATI Radon dual port cards in my XP Pro machine for at least years I am using both cards to run monitors I bought a new machine with Vista Business and was never able to get it to run both cards so I stuck with XP Now I have upgraded the Vista machine to W and it still will not see both cards so again I am stuck on my XP machine I have spent prob - hours working on this problem to no avail All that having been said I NEED to move to the newer faster computer but I am not willing to go back to only two monitors Thus I need some help or some options If there is a way to get both of the cards I have running I would love to know it However if there is not I am willing to buy new cards New Machine Acer Vertion M Core Duo E Gig Ram Chip Set Intel GZ ICH DH My current cards are both ATI s One is PCI and the W7 running dual cards other is PCI Express Anyone got any ideas Thanks

A:W7 running dual cards


In my opinion, you'd be better off upgrading to the HD line of cards from ATI.

If you want to install drivers for your current cards - download and extract this
to C:\ATI

Then in device manager, for each card, do the following:

Right click on it. Update driver software. Browse my computer. Let me pick. Have disk. Browse. Now find and double click on the extracted .inf. Hit ok. Hit next and it will install.
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Sup People.

I have a crappy NVIDIA GeForce 9400GT 1GB

And I have a
Zotac GeForce GTX 260 Synergy 896MB Graphics Card On its sweet way,

My question is can i use both cards? or is there any point, or is it possible even?



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Okay so...

I have two NIC cards in a few machines here. One of the network cards (lets called it NIC1) is used to connect to a private network for fileshare, etc. The other is a T1 internet connection (lets called it NIC2).

For security reasons, the company file server on NIC1 will not permit machines that have internet access. (Disabling the network card via network connections is the proposed solution).

My question is, is there a way to create a hotkey to swap back between Network cards? More so, is there a way within Windows XP? Or perhaps a simple program?




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I have a PCI sound card which is 5.1 surround. Basically I want to know if I can also use my on-board sound so my front sound works at the same time as my 5.1 PCI card.

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I was thinking of purchasing a motherboard with two pci express x16 slots along with two pci express cards. Do you have to do anything special for dual video cards or would you just pop em' both in and do what you normally do?

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hi im running 4gb of ram and quad 2.2 phenom processors along with dual geforce 8800 640 meg cards. now i was wondering how i know if both cards are working with each other to produce 1300 mb of graphics memory.

A:vista dual vid cards

You wont double up on the mem, afraid it doesnt work that way. If you run in SLI mode, you have 2 cards working together with 640 each, if you run in non sli mode you get 2 cards working separately with 640 each.
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I'd like to be able to syncronize 2 ethernet cards from one computer to another computer to reduce the load over one cable. and have it done over two cables.
How would i go about doing this, so that say I send a 700 meg file it's sent over both ethernet cables not just one.
This is for Windows 2000
thank you

A:Dual Ethernet Cards How to!!???

Well, the short answer is, it's going to be pretty difficult! You can have multiple NICs in the machine, but it's not going to split up a single file and send it over two paths to the machine. If you really need that kind of speed, I'd suggest giga-bit Ethernet, the prices have come way down.
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i work at a school and most of the computers are using dual video cards so the teachers can show computer sites on the tvs. my question is when you put a cd or dvd in the drive of the computer and it brings up windows media player all you get on the tv is a black media player and it doesn't play what is on the cd. you get the sound and it plays fine on the monitor. why would it not project on the tv when the desktop shows up just fine and websites show up fine. it is only if it is reading from the cd drive. is there a setting that needs to be changed to be able to view from the cd drive. most of the video cards are nvidia gforce and the settings are on clone. thanks again in advance.

A:dual video cards

You mean, dual resolution right? If you meant dual video cards, you meant running in SLI mode/Crossfire..
I'm not quite sure what your trying to ask us.
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So, been using Lenovo Y50-70 laptop on new work. Laptop is a brand new, everything works. Some flickering issues have been resloved with newer drivers for intelHD.Now, mostly computr uses intelHD, but as I'm in the office it's hooked on power. External monitor is connected over HDMI & Win10 has seen the type & model of the monitor (drivers for monitor also present).On previous occastions (last work computer) I've used intelHD on one monitor & nVidia Quadro on another. That's what I also want to use now, but can't manage to work it. What I'd like is to use nVidia "only for external display always" & use intelHD for "laptop screen always". Is there a way to do that on Win10 enviroment & with drivers (intelHD is v10.18.15.4279, while nVidia is v369.09). thanks,
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I'm back with my friends ex-Compaq computer probs. The bios upgrade from compaq to gigabyte went off fine. The udma 100 hdd hauls butt at udma 66. Now since its so much faster they would like to run applications which use more than the 8mb shared system video memory. I didn't see any way to disable the onboard video in the new bios. There IS an option initiate 1st- agp or pci video. Will this board [Gigabyte GA5SMM -SiS 530 & 5595 AGPset] accept a pci video card?
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I currently have a Nvidia Quadro FX 4500 installed (PCI-E) and I just installed a EVGA GeForce 8400 GS (PCI), however Windows 7 (Ultiamte 64Bit) doesn't detect the PCI card. When I go to the BIOS, it sees a video card in the PCI slot. I tried installing the drivers from the EVGA website and that still didn't do anything. I had was using a really old PCI video card before this and it worked (4 monitors) but I had some weird problems with it so I upgraded to the 8400. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

A:Help with dual video cards

oberatixx, welcome to the forums.

Think you will find that what is happening is that you are trying to use a DX 9 card with a DX 10 card, and they don't both use the same driver in Windows 7. The DX 9 card (the Quadro) can only use the WDDM 1.0 driver, while the DX 10 card (the 8400) uses the WDDM 1.1,

Windows Display Driver Model - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

and despite there being some files from each that will be the same, there is still a conflict between them and one of the cards ends up disabled or not working properly. The problem is that they are both Nvidia cards and that is what is causing the conflict (same thing happens if two ATI cards that are DX 9 and DX 10), and doesn't happen if the other lower DX version card is a different make (Nvidia with ATI, etc) as despite the cards using a different WDDM they are also using totally different drivers.

P.S. You wouldn't be the first to run into this, there have been quite a few threads about this here (just couldn't tell you what search terms to use to find them).
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I was wondering if I could have a crash course on dual vids, one monitor. My board specifies that you can either run 1 pcie 2.0 @ 16 or 2 at x8/x8. Even though the split I'm sure you would still get better performance from 2.

Anyhow, how exactly does it work?

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Hi and thanks in advance for any help. I'm upgrading from old 9500 gt's that don't plug into the power supply to evga 460's. I know the red connections on the psu are for the graphics card, but I'm not sure if I need to split them. There are two 8 and two 6 pin connections colored red. Do I use one 8 and one 6 for each card. I've looked at a lot of posts and even watched psu installations but I haven't found one where the person shows how to plug the connectors from the graphics cards into the psu. I'm kind of embarrased to ask a newb question but I don't want to burn something up. Thanks again. I've attached a small picture of the female connections that are on the back of this psu.

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i cant get 2 video cards to work, i have an ATI 9600 pro AGP 128 MB, as my first one, i have a XFX NVIDIA MX4000 PCI SLOT as my second, it installs, and ii install drivers but cant extend my desktop. it makes my pc reboot, then it just restarts over and over. i on xp

A:dual monitors with 2 video cards

To have dual monitors, you need two of the same video card. Even if you didnt i highly doubt the software for nvidia and ati are compatible
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Ok Dum question - How does one hook up a single monitor to dual pci express video cards with a Y or is dual pci express for dual monitors? DK

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I am trying to set up a dual monitor system. I am using an ECS-K7SEM main board with onboard video disabled and 2 s3 virge ex/dx pci video cards installed.
My problem is that i am only able to use 1 card at a time. As soon as I install the second card it says "This device cannot start. (Code 10)". If I take out the other card and boot into windows it is fine untill I put both cards in.

btw I am running win xp pro.

Thanks for your help.

A:Dual PCI Video Cards Conflicting

Some cards will not work in a system with another card. They have to be multi-monitor compliant to do this. Because of the fact that new video cards are developed almost daily, there seems to be no comprehensive list of cards that will or won't and this technology is so seldomly used the cards themselves come with no labeling or packaging that tells you whether it will or won't.

Generally, I have found that the newer the video card, the more likely it will do multiple displays.
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I would like to install a second sound card in my computer. To that end, I have purchased a PCI sound card which is touted as being a 6 channel card made by a Taiwanese company called Pine. I eventually got the driver to load. However, this has not given me the facility of having two sound cards but in fact none. The computer, by the way, is a IBM Netvista running a P4 processor at 1.5 Gig with 256 Mb ram. The normal sound is on the M/board.
Could someone tell me what will have to be done to get two separate sound cards operating? I suspect that what happened when I loaded the second driver was that it removed the standard link.

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Hi, I currently have 1 Nvidia GT 520 GPU installed in my machine and I am going to purchase a GT640 card and was wondering if I was to have both cards in the machine (using the GT640 as the primary card connected to my single monitor) would the secondary GT520 (which is not connected to the new card as they dont have SLI) contribute in any way to the performance of my machine and its games or would it just be a dead card doing nothing but spinning its fan and taking power? Many thanks

A:Solved: dual graphic cards without SLI ?

Absolutely dead card doing nothing but sucking power quite simply
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Currently I have an AGP Radeon card and an old PCI ViRGE card. I wanted to run dual monitors with the AGP card as primary but it seems that this isn't possible. If I was to get a new card what kind should I get? I would like an AGP card with VGA support for at least two monitors, are there cards that can handle two monitors? What are some of my options if I have 1 AGP slot and want to have multiple monitors?

A:Video Cards and Dual Monitor

Why isn't it possible? I run with a Radeon 9600XT and an old 2MB Canopus Total3D PCI card at the same time...

Anyway, all you need is an AGP card with a VGA output and a DVI output, and you can get a DVI->CRT adapter to get the second monitor on. They usually come with the card, or if not, you can get them for like $15.
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Hi I have a home network that consists of pc s and video camera DVR which is network Cards IP - Dual problem address NIC ready I use static ip addresses for each node beginning with since my active IP range is - One of my PC s has dual nic cards one being a wireless nic and one standard nic The wireless nic ip address on this PC is currently and I am able to access the internet through it fine The other standard nic Dual NIC Cards - IP address problem which uses IP I want to use to hook to my camera DVR which has its own IP address as I wired it up and enabled the nic and was able to ping to the DVR from the PC but when the nd card is enabled I lose my internet connection The wireless card still shows connected to the wireless network but its as if the PC is trying to use the wired connection to access the internet instead of the wireless one and since the wired nic is only hooked up to the DVR obviously it can t access the WAN I tried bridging the connections in XP but still no luck And the strange thing is that I can get to the DVR using other PC Dual NIC Cards - IP address problem s on the network which means I can go through the wireless nic the wired nic to the DVR from any other PC in my house Here is my setup PC- NIC s Wireless NIC- - mask- - gateway- wireless router Wired NIC running to DVR - - mask - gateway- DVR- Wired NIC- - mask - - gateway- nbsp

A:Dual NIC Cards - IP address problem

Remove the Default Gateway from the wired NIC configuration. You probably also want to configure that NIC to be in a different subnet than the wireless NIC that is connected to the Internet, I suggest 192.168.1.x
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My computer has a factory installed Radeon X300 PCI express video card.
I’ve added a NVIDIA PCI video card so that I can run a second Monitor, thru a KVM switch - which works fine.

My Problem is the new Video card for my second (optional) monitor shows up as Monitor # 1 … and the original card is assigned #2
The problem here is that the Second (optional) monitor (#1) now seems to be the default monitor when booting into Safe mode (as one example).

How do I reverse the Video card (numerical ?) assignments so that the original Video card is the default primary monitor (#1) ?

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I need some advice/expert knowledge on a few things. I recently bought a TV with vga ports to use as a new screen for my desktop, running a 8800GT. About two months of that and my card died, after three years of use. Is there any chance the tv could have caused the damage?
I've now replaced the card with a Radeon 5770 and am back using an older monitor. If the tv is theoretically safe to use, can I dual screen using the monitor through vga (with adaptor), and the tv via hdmi?

Really worried that I might end up frying another card, but if i don't use it I've got an essentially useles TV.

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I have an ATI AIW agp and is hooked to a and using ATI Dual monitor cards Nivdia envision inch LCD i have another inch envision CRT and recently I bought a Mad dog Geforce MX -se PCI mb for it I set up the driver for the pci card and proceed to the display setting and choose display for my pci card Got them to work but on and off my computer will freeze and I cannot even do a Ctrl-alt-del I have to shut down my computer by pushing the power button Even after removing the pci card and the driver my computer will still freeze Dual monitor using ATI and Nivdia cards I used my norton systemworks to check and it Dual monitor using ATI and Nivdia cards mentioned about something wrong withe ActiveX COM It still freeze even I made norton to fix the problem And evertime I scan the computer the same problem exist Right now my system seem stable but I still would like to set up my second monitor I am using xp sp as my OS Can anybody tell me where I have gone wrong or is there anyone having the same problem nbsp

A:Dual monitor using ATI and Nivdia cards

try checking the bios to find out whether agp or pci video card starts first
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merry christmas and a happy new year to all I have a small problem I ordered a new computer online and began to set it up soon to find my ViewSonic LCD doesnt wanna catch a signal I m using the DVI cable video signal getting LCD not dual cards from and keep in mind my new computer has two video cards Anyone have any idea new comp specs CASUPGRADE NONE LCD not getting signal from dual video cards CPU -pin AMD ATHLON TM CPU w Hyper Transport Technology CD X LCD not getting signal from dual video cards DVD ROM CD Special Price LG GWA- X DVD -R -RW CD-R RW DRIVE DUAL LAYER HDD GB Hard Drive SATA - Hitachi GB RPM MB Cache MONITOR ViewSonic VX quot MS Xtreme Gaming LCD Display Monitor MOTHERBOARD Sckt EVGA nForce SLI Chipset SATA RAID Dual PCI-E Mainboard w GbLAN USB amp Audio MEMORY MB MBx PC MHz Dual Channel DDR MEMORY Corsair High Performance Thermal Compound on CPU SOUND HIGH DEFINITION ON-BOARD AUDIO SPEAKERS BLACK Logitech X Watts Configuration Speaker System VIDEO NVIDIA Geforce GT MB X PCI Express Video Card VIDEO NVIDIA Geforce GT MB X PCI Express Video Card WIRELESSCARD PCI Wireless g Mbps Network Interface Card nbsp

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I am going to buy an Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe MoBo to support an AMD Athlon 64 3700+. My question is about dual graphics cards. This MoBo Supports them, but right now I am using a BFGtech NVidia Geforce 6800 GT Overclocked. In order to use both slots on my MoBo, would I need a duplicate of the current vid. card, or would i need two entirely new cards that are made for such a MoBo? I have been constructing this computer for a few months now and this is the final step. Let me know what you think...Thanks.

A:Question on Dual Video Cards

You need another bfg card of the same model. They should be the same to work right.
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It seems as if every gamer has dual video cards these days. I have another PCI-E slot just sitting there and would love to add another video card on top of my Nvidia 8800 GT.

Do I need to get a certain video card, or can I pick any one? (I didn't know if it's like dual memory where you have to have the same amount of memory in each video card [i.e. - two 512MB cards, two 1GB cards, etc.])

Also, if I'm running two video cards...which one do I plug the monitor into?


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IM building a system for a friend... hes gunna put a nVidia 9600GT in...
he wants to install a mobo that will aloow him two hook TWO FX cards up in the future

now my question is this:

as the FX cards are PCI-16x do you need a board with TWO PCI16x slots for dual-FX cards?
I mean its obvious but i see motherboards with 1 PCI-16x and 2 PCI-4x and wonder if thats enough?


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Configuring a new computer and have a few questions. Will be gaming quite a bit on it with COD4 and other new titles. Performance is the factor here. Can either have :

512MB NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800 GT or

Dual 256MB NVIDIA® GeForce® 8600 GTS - SLI Enabled

Which will give the best performance? I know the single has a faster gpu, but does the dual make up the speed?
Also with the SLI should I go xp or vista?

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Can anyone tell me about the pros of having 2 video cards.
I am going to build a system soon and want to posibley use dual video cards.

A:Benefits of dual Video cards

Two video cards are very helpful for running games at high resolutions or for instances where you need to use more than two monitors at the same time.

The gaming benefits vary, but are usually only very significant at high resolutions such as 1600x1200 and above. Realistically, dual-card solutions cannot double performance, as theoretically expected, over a single card. Gains of 30-50% are most common.

Cons of having two cards include increased heat dissipation, increased power consumption, and driver issues, especially with newly-released games that need hotfixes or new driver releases to take advantage of both cards.

And FYI, the above do not necessarily apply to dual-GPU solutions like the HD 4870X2, since the implementation is quite different, and driver support for such cards is usually better than for, say, two HD 4870s in Crossfire.
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I've got a bit of a strange issue that I haven't had with previous OSes on this PC I'm running a Dell OptiPlex with Win x at the office and I have to run video cards for all of my screens I have a GeForce GS in the PCI-E slot and a GeForce in the PCI slot video cards Issues running dual (PCI/PCI-E) Previous Issues running dual video cards (PCI/PCI-E) to the Win install it worked fine Booted exactly as I had shut it off Now with - it's killing my PCI-E card presumably when it puts the screens to sleep when I leave for the day So I'm coming in to all of my windows being moved to the PCI card's monitor only one hooked to it and I have to reboot to get PCI-E card to come back If I check the screen properties I see only the screen hooked to the PCI card I've changed the setting in the BIOS for the first video card to Auto and also tried the PCI-E selection and it's the same either way Why on earth would it default to the PCI card rather than the PCI-E card Any thoughts

A:Issues running dual video cards (PCI/PCI-E)

Okay, so with everything working -- I rebooted just to see how it acts and it came back up with all screens / cards working. However I do see an exclamation icon on the 6200 PCI card. It says Windows has stopped the device, but the screen is working fine. LOL -- that's a new one for me. I've never seen a stopped device that still works. =)
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Hi, I ordered a custom built PC and selected to have x2 ATI Radeon HD 5770 in CrossFire mode and I have been having problems that I believe are linked to one or both Video Cards malfunctioning or something. They are both seated properly and fans working and the temperature and PSU isn't an issue.

My DXDIAG seems to only see 1 Display Device (or something?) cause they are both 1GB cards but DXDIAG is showing only 724MB.

Is there something I have to do in the BIOS or with Software to Enable/Initiate CrossFire mode for the 2nd card to kick in? I have CrossFire Mode turned on in Catalyst Control Center...

A:How to Troubleshoot? ATI Radeon HD 5770 (Dual Cards)

When Crossfire is enabled it should only show as one card as it is two working as one.

The memory reading is a reporting error between the driver and Windows. An uninstall and re-install of the driver. It could also be a bug in the current driver you have installed. If it showed correctly in a previous driver then it is a bug in the current one, and likely disappear in the next.

Also when it does read correctly it won't show up as 1 GB either (don't forget that Crossfire or SLI for that matter doesn't double the amount of available video memory), but it will show up as a value of this,

Video Memory Virtualization - A Brief Guide

P.S. it also isn't an AMD specific bug either as it has happened to Nvidia cards as well,

GTX 285 2GB only showing 768MB in DXDIAG
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Is it true you can run dual video cards on a single moniter for better video preformance? Does anyone know any good articles or can give a brief run down of the process for me please?

A:Dual Video Cards single monitor

You're talking about SLI (nVIdia) or CrossFire (ATI). In truth, from what I've read, you'll be better served by putting the money that you'd spend on the two video cards into one really high-end video card. There are plenty of stories about issues getting SLI systems to perform better than a single video card.
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Might have posted this subject in the wrong forum....

Anyway; I've just installed Vista Business x64, however I do have some problems setting up the Dual monitors.

I have:
On the left a Dell 2005FPW, which is pivoted (to read PDFs and stuff like that easier)
On the right a Samsung 226BW, which set to normal.

However, when I go to the NVIDIA setup, and try to tell which monitor is where and which should be the primary display. The primary display always tends to be placed on the left side in the software.

I want the Dell to be the extended display, while the Samsung is the primary display. But the software (either in Vista or the NVIDIA driver itself) insist on that both the primary and the first mentioned display is the same.

Any ideas?

I made this work in XP Pro, but in Vista it is hellishly annoying to make it work.

A:Dual Monitor setup for Nvidia cards

You might want to try Ultramon. I have been using it on all of my multi-monitor systems (both at home and in the office) for a few years now. I have been using the Vista x64 beta version since it became available in May with no problems. The software is created and maintained by one person (Christian Studer), so releases and patches can be a bit few and far between. But it's free to try and it is miles better at managing multiple displays than is Windows...
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This is a strange one and i'm hoping someone can help me solve this!

I have a work PC with XP on with 2 x Nvidia 7300 GS graphics cards in. The system doesn't have an onboard graphics card and i've only got 2 so i can have dual monitors.

I tried to install Windows 7 Pro (32) on a seperate partition and it kept BSOD (hardware error 000124) on the 2nd reboot before finialising installation. The only way i've found of not making it BSOD (or just go to a black screen then restart) is to pull out one of the graphics cards and run it solo. With this done everything seems to work.

It will also happily boot into Safe Mode with both. I've got the latest NVidia driver from the site and it's been installed but that makes no difference to the issue.

Any ideas or should i just get 2 new gfx cards?



A:BSOD with Dual GFX cards, fine with single

craigeve, welcome to the forums.

For the stop 0x124 in almost all cases it is a hardware problem,

which in your case seems to be fixed by pulling one of the cards.

As for using two cards for dual monitors, why? Unless you have an oddball video card, it should have two ports (if not three; a combination of DVI, VGA and/or svideo; and if three, only two of them can be active at one time).
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Is it possible to run, say, two x1600xt's in an Nforce 4 SLI Ultra motherboard, or does Nvidia prevent this somehow? I currently have an ATI card, but I am not impressed with the crossfire motherboards out there.

A:Running Dual ATI Video Cards in an SLI Motherboard

Heh, I was wondering myself but honestly I'd rather not attempt it.
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I have had two video cards in this machine (Windows XP Home SP2) in the past for a dual screen setup..
Today I put in a 2nd video card again (as the one that was in there previously has gone walk-about) but I dont have the option in windows for the 2nd screen.

Everything appears fine in device manager (the screen that is working is the PCI ViRAGE one), as for the GeForce - well the light on the monitor comes on but doesnt display a picture, but in display properties there is no option for the 2nd card. (see attached screenshot)

Any ideas? - I've tried uninstalling/Reinstalling the Geforce, and the ViRAGE, but I cant get it work..

Any Suggestions to why the option isnt appearing?

A:2 video cards, but no dual screen option!

I did a search for this and got this:

To install additional monitors
Turn off your computer.
Insert your additional Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) or Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) video adapter into an available slot.
Plug your additional monitor into the card.
Turn on your computer. Windows will detect the new video adapter and install the appropriate drivers.
Open Display in Control Panel.
On the Settings tab, click the monitor icon that represents the monitor you want to use in addition to your primary monitor.
Select the Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor check box, and then click Apply or OK.
If the check box is not displayed on your computer, it may be because your video adapter does not support multiple monitors. See Notes for information about compatible hardware.


To open Display, click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click Display.
Selecting the Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor check box allows you to drag items across your screen onto alternate monitors.
Or, you can resize a window to stretch it across more than one monitor.

To use the multiple monitor support feature, you need a PCI or AGP video adapter for each monitor. If you have an onboard video adapter (one that is not a plug-in card but is part of the motherboard) that you want to use as part of a multiple-monitor configuration, it must be set as VGA.
To find hardware that is supported by Windows operating systems, visit the Windows Catalog on the Microsoft Web site.

If your computer doesn't recognize your second monitor, click Display Troubleshooter for more information.
The operating system always needs a VGA device. The computer's BIOS or EFI detects the VGA device based on slot order, unless the BIOS or EFI offers an option for choosing which device is to be treated as the VGA device.
The VGA device cannot be stopped, which is an important consideration for docking units.
The monitor that is designated as the primary monitor will display the logon dialog box when you start your computer. In addition, most programs will display windows on the primary monitor when you initially open them.
If you are using Dualview, skip steps 2 and 3 above. Just plug your second monitor into the video out port on your portable computer, or into the second video out port on your desktop computer. When you turn on your computer, it should recognize the second monitor. Follow steps 5 through 7 to extend your display to the second monitor. If the second monitor is not shown on the Settings tab, you might need to update your display driver.
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Hello everyone I'm having a bit of trouble here setting up a dual monitor extended display between my desktop and laptop and I'll try to be as descriptive as possible Desktop Dell Vostro s Slim Tower click for complete specs Setting up video using cards two dual-monitors Windows I installed a NVIDIA GeForce GT Setting up dual-monitors using two video cards PCI-Express card and my main monitor is hooked to that using a DVI connector This leaves the on board VGA port completely open Laptop HP DV NR click for complete Setting up dual-monitors using two video cards specs Windows There is an open VGA port on this laptop -- On my desktop the only display adapter listed in Device Manager is my NVIDIA card When I plug the VGA in to each of the two computers it is not detecting the other in my Screen Resolution opens I think this has something to do with my on board video card not being active but I could be wrong I hit CTRL P and tried to scan for a detection that way and still nothing I shut down my desktop leaving the cord in and my main monitor with the DVI connection just stayed black I unplugged the VGA connection booted it up again and everything worked as normal I believe I tried setting the laptop to projector only hitting CTRL P to see if the desktop would boot to just the laptop screen using the VGA connection but that wouldn't work either It just stayed black I'm all out of ideas Can someone please help me

A:Setting up dual-monitors using two video cards

dual display only works on 1 pc at a time and as far as im aware you cant bridge 2 diffrent vidoe cards if they are not crossfire or dual SLI, so untill you get a GFX card with 2 output's ont eh one card you are not going to have much luck unfortunatly. if i am wrong then someone please correct me :D:D

and as for the laptop the VGA out is only an output and will never beable to allow you to display somthing on the laptop screen from another device

Madz :D:D
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Hey All,

So I have a question here on a topic I havent heard much discussed. I am going to be installing multiple machines with two NIC (network/ethernet) cards in them for access to multiple connections.

The first NIC card is for a T1 internet connection.
The second NIC card is purely access a file server for a private network that wants to be very secure about their documents, and does not permit machines that have internet connectivity to view their files.

My questions are:
Is this possible? Can internet connectivity and network access coexist with dual NICs with no problems?
Can it be set up so that when accessing a folder on the private network, internet connectivity is disabled?

If anything is unclear let me know so I can explain better...

Any help?? Thanks!!

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nbsp Hello nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp I just bought this notebook about months ago has an a apu proccessor with amd radeon r and a r m dedicated video card but i cant make the r work at all i tried looking through several forums hp and amd and nobody seems to know how to fix this here are some steps that i already followed nbsp nbsp -upgrading amd drivers im using crimson notebook works fine but graphic cards problem Notebook dual no r performance nbsp -config of switchable Notebook dual graphic cards problem graphics everything on Notebook dual graphic cards problem high performance already also global setting set properlly nothing nbsp -Downgrading amd drivers most of them dont recognize my graphic card i tried amd catalyst Beta but slows down the computer too much also no r functioning nbsp -Searching BIOS for an option to activate the dedicated video card Theres no such thing nbsp -Searching UEFI for an option to activate the video card couldnt find anything or maybe i didnt search properly nbsp -Upgraded BIOS did nothing nbsp nbsp nbsp Im no computer expert but i did all this properly using clean installs ddu nbsp nbsp i dont really know what else i can do what i am supposed to use crossfire dual graphics or switchable graphics nbsp nbsp Thank you very much in advance and sorry for the long post nbsp nbsp nbsp specs- pocessor a with radeon r graphics nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp amd radeon r m dedicated nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp windows b home nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp
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Hello everyone I m having a bit of trouble here setting up a dual monitor extended display between my desktop and laptop and I ll try to video two Setting cards up dual-monitors using be as descriptive as possible Desktop Dell Vostro s Slim Tower click for complete specs Windows I Setting up dual-monitors using two video cards installed a NVIDIA GeForce GT PCI-Express card and my main monitor is hooked to that using a DVI connector This leaves the on board VGA port completely open Setting up dual-monitors using two video cards Laptop HP DV NR click for complete specs Windows There is an open VGA port on this laptop -- On my desktop the only display adapter listed in Device Manager is my NVIDIA card When I plug the VGA in to each of the two computers it is not detecting the other in my Screen Resolution opens I think this has something to do with my on board video card not being active but I could be wrong I hit CTRL P and tried to scan for a detection that way and still nothing I shut down my desktop leaving the cord in and my main monitor with the DVI connection just stayed black I unplugged the VGA connection booted it up again and everything worked as normal I believe I tried setting the laptop to projector only hitting CTRL P to see if the desktop would boot to just the laptop screen using the VGA connection but that wouldn t work either It just stayed black I m all out of ideas Can someone please help me nbsp

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As the title states can 1 monitor be run from dual video cards in motherboards with crossfire or sli?

Or is it only if you are using 2 monitors?


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With reference to this thread:

I have a Quadro FX 3700M card on my workstation for various CAD programs.. I am searching for a way to perform a software or hardware modification so I can play games and run other programs requiring a GeForce card.
Is there any way to possibly run two non-similar graphics cards side by side, or task designated/sharing?
So I could actually run CAD software on the dedicated Quadro, while relying on an externally connected GeForce card for all other media, pics, music, games, etc?
Any other money saving solutions besides buying/building a desktop?
I?m on a 64bit Vista workstation (soon to be Windows 7 or Ubuntu w/ a Windows VirtualBox) 3GHz Intel Quad Core 2 with 4GB RAM from Xi Computers.

Best regards,
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I am trying to connect an Optiplex 3040 with a 2Gb dedicated video card (AMD R5 340X is only option) to two monitors. The AMD card only has 1 x DP and 1 x DVI digital video ports, while the P2317H monitor (current "standard" business monitor) only has 1 x DP and 1 x HDMI input on it.
My question is:  when is Dell going to release a dedicated video card option that we can actually connect directly to these monitors without having to use converters/adapters etc??? This is nuts.
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Which wireless dual (2.4/5GHz) card is compactible with Satellite A660-166?

I`ve tried couple of them but none of them worked.

A:Satellite A660-166 and compatible Wireless dual Cards

Generally speaking WLAN card upgrade is not supported so there is no public document or any info about ?compatible WLAN cards?.
On this forum you can find several threads about WLAN card upgrade but I don't think you will be so lucky and find info related to Satellite A660.

Maybe stupid question now but why do you want to exchange original WLAN card? Is it defective maybe?
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Prayer cards are so expensive to buy and I need about 100 of them. The size of an average prayer card is probably a little bigger than a driver's license (or 2/3 the size of a check).

I am intending to make them to distribute to the needy.

I cannot afford a software that makes this, so can anyone suggest a VERY EASY, user-friendly, free how-to for this project?

Also I would like to be able to print them on paper that is more durable than the average copy paper, more like a card paper.

Does anyone know if there are sheets available that are perforated for ease of printing and separating? And where to find them?

I'd like to be able to print dual-sided as well.

I thank you for any information you can share.

A:Solved: Creating Prayer Cards - Dual Sided

if you do a search on google for
prayer card template

you will find quite a lot of sites offering templates

what software do you have on your PC - word ?
open office is a free package for wordprocessing spreadsheets etc

what make / model of printer do you have -
we will need that to see what max gsm of paper it can use
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What are the main differences between a Nvidia Quadro type card (like NVIDIA Quadro FX 370 Video Card - 256MB GDDR2-$109) and the various dual output gaming cards out there (for instance the XFX GeForce 8600 GT XXX Video Card 256MB DDR3-$89)? I am contemplating building a new system for stock trading. Nvidia Quadro are used in workstations I know of but gaming cards seem faster and cheaper for same price-I must be missing something? Can you split the outputs of the Nvidia Quadros (ie get 4monitors hooked up to one dual output card with 4 independent windows of streaming data 1each on each monitor?) Thanks in advance...