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Solved: Graphics problem, monitor or graphics card ??

Q: Solved: Graphics problem, monitor or graphics card ??


Lately I have been having graphics problems in games. There are these " artifacts", wierd shapes, triangles, ect that appear and "shot" through my screen. it is hard to explain what it looks like, except that it is NOT normal.

It is hard to say when these appeared. I have recently got a different monitor. It is not new. It is a Dell CRT monitor. I replaced 1 CRT with another because I am cheap .

I have the latest drivers, I think, for my graphics card ( GeForce 5700 LE ). Not great , but not terrible. I play the games with either low or medium settings. I ran a benchmark test that was terrible.

Any ideas as to weather it is the card or monitor?

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Preferred Solution: Solved: Graphics problem, monitor or graphics card ??

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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hi. i am currently having this monitor driver/graphics card problem which i really cant figure out whether it's the monitor driver or the graphics card problem.

my display is set to 1920x1080 but it isn't displaying correctly: it has a 'bigger screen' than what it displays and i had to point my cursor to one side of the screen to "scroll the screen".

so is this problem got something to do with my graphics card or the display driver?
or i was thinking maybe some viruses/worms screwed up some system files.

sorry i'm kinda bad with my english, doesnt really know how to explain.

edit: oh yea i forgot to mention. sometimes when i start up my com it loads normal, otherwise it loads up in this eff-ed up resolution.
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Any help would be much appreciated My computer has onboard graphics Nvidia geforce nforce a which works fine I wanted to do a dual monitor setup with my TV Panasonic TH- PX U I first checked with my computer manufacturer quot Shuttle Barebones quot Card/Dual Problem Solved: Monitor Installation Please Graphics Help! and was told that the Nvidia Gforce GT graphics card would be a suitable choice I purchased an HDMI w Ethernet cable and installed the new card When I first made the installation the connection to the TV worked It displayed my desktop etc When I turned it off I was unable to get the signal back on the TV I checked with Panasonic tech support and was Solved: Please Help! Graphics Card/Dual Monitor Installation Problem able to determine that the problem is most likely that I must use the lowest resolution setting on the computer as the TV is not really meant to be used as a monitor but it could work As I had a picture and sound before I think it will work However I am having a heck of a time with the computer settings in Nvidia Control Panel and some strange readings in my Device manager for the new installation I disabled the original Graphics card and the computer monitor is functioning normally on the new card However the peculiar reading in device manager is this Under Display adapters the old card correctly shows up as disabled and also reads under quot Location quot Bus device function The working quot Enabled quot card reads quot Location PCI Slot PCI Bus Device Function O IS THAT CORRECT or does it mean that this card is somehow NOT registering correctly Second In the Nvidia control panel I setup a quot Dual quot setup with the computer monitor as my primary quot quot and the TV as my secondary quot quot When I click on quot Identify quot the primary is identified as and when I click on the TV secondary it is identified as quot quot also and in fact there is still no signal passing from the card to the tv but I will try to do this using the lowest resolution and see if it works again I am not certain which settings in the Bios like Onboard or PCI express are correct I did a tremendous amount of research and the only other thing I came across was that the setting for the card under registry edit should be quot Allowed quot and not quot Read only quot so I enabled that but it seems to insist upon quot Both quot Allowed and Read Only being checked Can anyone shed some light on this and offer advice as to how to get this setup to work Incidently the tv tech support had me check that my HDMI cable and HDMI connection on the TV were working properly and they ARE Many thanks for any assistance Anxious to get this solved nbsp

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Hey everyone I m in dire need computer to card up fine graphics Graphics post monitor, my doesn't boots any of some help with my PC The computer turns on fine and boots up can hear the windows start up tune Graphics card doesn't post any graphics to my monitor, computer boots up fine but I can t see anything on the monitor Here s the details I was playing a computer game on friday and during that it crashed I have no idea if this is when things started or not but I restarted and it was fine On sunday I had another crash only the screen flickered once or twice and there were green pixel lines going from top to bottom of the monitor about inches apart in a perfect pattern When I restarted there were no graphics on the monitor The light was flashing indicating it was on power saving mode I took the computer apart unplugged everything and put it all back together and for whatever reason it worked fine for about hours The next day I turned the computer on and it loaded fine but shortly after there was the return of the green pixel lines with the added addition of the top left corner of the screen being filled with green pixelated triangles in a perfect pattern These were flickering furiosly I tried restarting my computer and again I got no graphics posted to the monitor However the computer booted up fine and I heard the start up tune and minutes later I shut it down by pressing the quot Power Off quot button on my keyboard I tried another monitor and again got nothing I then tried taking the computer apart and putting it back together again only this time it didn t help I ve taken my graphics card out put it back in used both the monitor cable ports left the computer off all night without the power cable in and I can t get anywhere I ve taken my old card GeForce GTX out and borrowed my landlords GTX which is working fine at the moment I would go and buy a new card but I don t want to risk this happening again if I don t know why it s happening Fingers crossed I don t break my landlords graphics card by putting it in my pc I would like to know what s causing this if it is my graphics card or whether my motherboard will just start eating future graphics cards A friend of mine had a scenario not long ago where his motherboard kept breaking his graphics cards some how How would I know it would be safe to splash out on a new card My computer worked fine for years until now I d also like to point out that the fans didn t go into faster mode at any point they all remained pretty calm so I don t think it was overheating My computer s spec is OS Windows XP GPU GeForce gtx DVD Sony DVD-RW Q A Networking Nvidia nForce Networking Controller Processor Intel r Core tm Quad CPU GHz Motherboard nForce i SLI PSU Enermax Galaxy watt Thank you everyone nbsp

A:Graphics card doesn't post any graphics to my monitor, computer boots up fine

Its usually just the graphics cards, they do fail especially if they overheat - then video card fan not speeding up might have been the problem - most are dynamic and should actually speed up under load. Depending on the manufacturer of your 8800GTX you might be able to get it replaced under warranty if they have a 3 year or greater warranty.
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I recently bought a new graphics card in order to run a few new games I've installed it correctly and it seems to be running fine however when I plug my monitor into it it says out of range then turns black and I'm now at a loss of what to do. Please Help.

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I am trying to install an ATI rage fury 128 pro graphics card. When I finish installing it, my monitor goes nuts. I get three(3) of everything and my Icons have no color(show white) I have a CTX monitor which works fine with a 3D Yamaha card. Can anyone help me with this ? Is it the Monitor, the card, or what? I have downloaded the latest drivers for the card. Until I did that I just got a black screen on the monitor. I realize this isn't the greatest card in the world, but I don't want to spend a lot of money on another card and find out it won't work either. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

A:graphics card/monitor problem

First thing to check is does your mobo support it.
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hi i have a hewlett packard t uk desktop with a hpf tft monitor all was working well up until last month when the computer started acting funny sometimes it would just freeze up and sometimes it would freeze with multicoloured spots and dashes on the screen which could only be remedied by manually turning it off Then card problem HP graphics monitor with and when i turn the system on and then the monitor the screen is black and problem with HP monitor and graphics card it reads quot warning pc entering power saving mode quot the button on the monitor then goes from blue to orange which means that it has entered power save mode yet the desktop is working fine as it problem with HP monitor and graphics card still makes startup noises i have tried using a different graphics card i have taken out the mb asus n vida one and replaced it with a mb ati radeon celestica card after installing the card it kind of worked but it would not let me watch any kind of video it said i didnt have the necessary hardware when i turned the desktop off and back on i was confronted with the same problem the monitor kept going into power saving mode and turned off automatically if any one knows of a solution to my problem i would really appreciate it i have been to the shop where i bought it and ive been given a new monitor but the problem persists so i beleive the problem is elsewhere many thanks for your help in advance nbsp
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Monitor : ViewSonic 19" CRT Graphics Series G90f+

Graphics Card : ATI Radeon X800 XT Platinum

NOTE : Drivers are up-to-date and all cables and connections have been visually checked.


The screen oscillates between a normal colour cast and a slightly yellow colour cast. Oscillations are typically around 1 per second. Sometimes the screen stabilizes for a few hours on either the normal colour cast or the yellow colour cast and then starts oscillating again.

Any suggestions on possible causes would be gratefully received.


A:Problem with Monitor or Graphics Card

Try it in Safemode and see it has the same problem.

Get to Safemode by tapping F8 on restart about every second and in the option screen use the arrow keys to choose safemode and press Enter.
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hi i have a hewlett packard t uk desktop with a hpf tft monitor all was working well up until last month when the computer started acting funny sometimes it would just freeze up and sometimes it would freeze with multicoloured spots and dashes on the screen which could only be remedied by manually turning it off Then when i turn the system on and then the monitor the screen is black and it reads quot warning pc entering power saving mode quot the button on the monitor then goes from blue to orange which means that it has entered power save mode yet the desktop is working fine as it still makes startup noises i have tried using a different graphics card i have taken out the mb asus n vida one and replaced it with a mb ati radeon celestica card after installing the card it kind of monitor and with graphics card Hp problem worked but it would not let me watch any kind of video it said i didnt have the necessary hardware when i turned the desktop off and back on i was confronted with the same problem the monitor kept going into power saving mode and turned off automatically if any one knows of a solution to my problem i would really appreciate it i have been to the shop where i problem with Hp monitor and graphics card bought it and ive been given a new monitor but the problem persists so i beleive the problem is elsewhere many thanks for your help in advance nbsp

A:problem with Hp monitor and graphics card

Did you change the video drivers when you switched video card? If not that will cause alot of problems. Also make sure the processor fan is working and not clogged with dust.
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Today when I got home from work I turned on my monitor I turn it off every evening before bed and saw that the screen had expanded about inch or so and the outer row of graphics card Monitor or problem? my Monitor or graphics card problem? icons were off-screen Same thing with any windows I opened which are aligned with the corners Huh I checked the system temperature all OK and pulled the cover to check that the video card fan is running it is I am running an iiyama quot CRT monitor with a GEForce Nvidia LE video card I then turned the computer off and then rebooted No change here but notice that the monitor is flickering and the image grows brighter amp then darker repeatedly the display almost looks rubbery I tried changing the screen resolution no change to problem I tried changing the refresh rate down from hz to hz no change in problem I manually adjusted the resolution by shrinking the horizontal amp vertical sizes using the monitor manual controls in a few minutes the screen grew back outside the physical borders of the monitor I have now adjusted the screen size with a full inch of black space around the borders I can use the monitor now but it makes me dizzy as it flickers and grows brighter darker I tried banging on the monitor but that didn t do anything So is the problem the monitor or the video card What else can I do check to isolate this to one or the other I don t have a spare monitor to play with nbsp

A:Monitor or graphics card problem?

I would say its the monitor.

Have another PC, graphics card? A friend with a PC and a monitor?

If its No,no,no, then I would go to my local PC shop and ask them to tell you which one it is for sure, and then buy what you need to.
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I have a Dell Latitude D620 with Windows XP and was infected with malware few days ago. After we finished cleaning the laptop, I have started seeing some problems in the normal mode. When I start the laptop in normal mode, in most cases, it will start with lot of blue stripes all over the screen and will continue to have it even after the system has completed the start up process. In case it did not show the blue strips during start up, it will show up within few minutes after the system has completed the start up cycle. On the other hand, in safe mode, there are no lines at all so this problem is only in normal mode.

Please advise.


A:Graphics card or monitor problem?

You might try uninstalling the video drivers (could be damaged from malware or removal of same)...and then reinstalling the video drivers.

The fact that it doesn't occur in safe mode...seemingly points to the drivers, IMo.

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Well for some reason I just can t play games because the screen just Card or Graphics Monitor Problem? changes when I Graphics Card or Monitor Problem? play games like Ragnarok Online Exteel Avalon Heroes C amp C Generals Etc Sorry I really need to mention these games because I can t properly play for some reason What I mean with changing the screen goes black randomly and it suddenly changes to a different image like a distorted screen but the distortion is a colored noise-like image and hangs But I don t know if that problem is in my Graphics Card installed or just the RAM or the Video Card existing in my CPU or just the Monitor It s Samsung Wide Screen When I play Flash-based games or Flash sites Graphics Card or Monitor Problem? it s just normal nothing happens When I screenshot with the description I said it just look NORMAL Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce FX series But I have also a problem here I installed GeForce series but FX shown in my screen resolution change Me and my brother tried everything we could do but we don t know what is the main problem Here are some photos http i photobucket com albums ll M s Photo jpghttp i photobucket com albums ll M s Photo jpg

A:Graphics Card or Monitor Problem?

Try a different monitor, temporarily.

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Hello I've encountered a problem in recent days concerning Problem? Card Graphics Monitor or either my graphics card or monitor which one Im not sure It all started a yesterday while playing a game of Counter Strike Source I had alt-tabbed ingame and decided to Graphics Card or Monitor Problem? alt-tab back into the game and as i proceeded to do this my computer locked up couldn't move mouse or anything So I proceeded to restart my computer This is where everything went wrong My monitor was not showing any image only a black screen with the Analog Digital box flashing So I tried a few things to see what would resolve this problem Removed all cords plugged them in agian ect Unplugged graphics card then plugged back in agian Restarted PC numerous times Reinstalling drivers I'm using a DVI to VGA cable connecting my graphics card to my monitor if that helps I've also tried plugging another monitor into my graphics card with no result Onboard graphics work fine I don't have another graphics card to test it on In my computers devices it says the video driver is not installed correctly or something along those lines Does anybody have a step by step guide on installing drivers Specs are Intel Q Ghz GB Corsair RAM GB Seagate Hard Drive Leadtek GTX mb Antec Case Samsung BW Thanks in advance

A:Graphics Card or Monitor Problem?

Originally Posted by bwinward


I've encountered a problem in recent days concerning either my graphics card or monitor, which one? Im not sure.

It all started a yesterday while playing a game of Counter Strike : Source , I had alt-tabbed ingame and decided to alt-tab back into the game and as i proceeded to do this my computer locked up ... couldn't move mouse or anything.

So I proceeded to restart my computer. This is where everything went wrong. My monitor was not showing any image, only a black screen with the Analog/Digital box flashing.

So I tried a few things to see what would resolve this problem ...
Removed all cords, plugged them in agian ect.Unplugged graphics card then plugged back in agian.Restarted PC numerous times.Reinstalling drivers
I'm using a DVI to VGA cable connecting my graphics card to my monitor, if that helps.

I've also tried plugging another monitor into my graphics card, with no result.

Onboard graphics work fine.

I don't have another graphics card to test it on ...

In my computers devices it says the video driver is not installed correctly or something along those lines?

Does anybody have a step by step guide on installing drivers?

Specs are :

Intel Q6600 @ 2.4Ghz
2GB Corsair RAM
500GB Seagate Hard Drive
Leadtek 8800GTX 768mb
Antec 900 Case
Samsung 226BW

Thanks in advance

can you restart your pc but in safe mode to get back to windows while the 8800GTX is plugged in? or is the computer not even starting properly?
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I bought an LCD monitor ViewSonic VA wb last week and for the first few days it Monitor/Graphics Card Colour Problem LCD was working fine Then it started to flicker i e the colours blue or pink would flash on and off tinting the screen Previously I had a CRT monitor which was permanently tinted a deep pink or blue I was told that the guns in the monitor were busted LCD Monitor/Graphics Card Colour Problem My graphics card is old an nVidia GeForce MX with AGP X drivers are updated To try to determine if the problem was the card I switched the LCD monitor s plug to the integrated card - but it wouldn t work No signal would appear and then the monitor would just turn off the light went orange Then I went to the Device Manager and disabled the nVidia card while still keeping the monitor plugged in to that card Now the colour appears to be fine and LCD Monitor/Graphics Card Colour Problem there s no flickering but there s no right option for the resolution I m using a quot widescreen and everything is generally slow and crappy I ve also checked the cables to see if they were loose and the pins to see if they were bent Buying a new graphics card isn t really going to happen right now so my questions are Is it really a problem with the graphics card If it is is there any way to fix it without getting a new one How do I determine if the integrated card can support the LCD monitor nbsp

A:LCD Monitor/Graphics Card Colour Problem

Am I reading that you've disabled the NVidia card, but the monitor is still plugged into it and now the colors are fine?
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Okay let me start off Card/Resolution/Monitor Problem Graphics giving my computer specs AMD Athlon XP processor mb DDR RAM Internal GeForce MX graphics card Windows XP I got this new computer and everything has worked just peachy However I wanted to play Deus Graphics Card/Resolution/Monitor Problem Ex Invisible War on my PC and the game requires Pixel Shaders The MX does not have said pixel shaders So Graphics Card/Resolution/Monitor Problem I dug out my other card a mb GeForce Ti I put the card in to my computer and everything works fine I download the latest drivers and play some Deus Ex However the problem begins when I tried to play other games My desktop worked just fine being in a x setting with bit colors However when I loaded up a number of different games I would get that lovely Out of Frequency Range Set Your Resolution Lower or See Monitor Guide screen that pops up when you re resolution is too high This continued to happen despite making every change I could think of in my color and resolutions and such Nothing would work so I pulled out the Ti and hooked back in my MX I would turn on the computer everything would seem to work fine it loaded until it got to the desktop in which I got the same Out of Freq screen again Couldn t even load my desktop on the MX now So I put back in the Ti fiddle around some more and still no change So thats why I am writing this Please get back to me nbsp

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I am using an HP laptop with Vista,32 the display adapter is NVIDIA GE Force 7000. Whenever I use Windows Movee Maker and publish my file, the "publish to" menu stays on screen until I reboot as if it is burned in my monitor. I have tried closing and reopening the movee maker, closing all programs and reopening (then it is on the desktop) but the "publish to" does not disappear.

I publish a lot of movees as I make and edit photos, websites, etc. for a profession. So it is very annoying. Also I'm afraid it will burn into my screen.
Any suggestions?
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My computer started doing this a couple of weeks ago When I power it does not send a signal to the monitor I have removed all internal parts with problem monitor graphics Weird card and except for the PSU the processor RAM and vidoe card and it still does the same PSU - OKIA w new CPU intel dual core RAM gig Video - geforce LE mb MOBO - p m Weird problem with monitor and graphics card pro-m rev I replaced the PSU it now has a OKIA watt PSU Weird problem with monitor and graphics card and reseated the RAM CPU and video card and still the same The vidoe card requires an additional Molex Weird problem with monitor and graphics card connection for power I found that if I disconnect this then the computer monitor and video card are operational however when i loaded the driver for the geforce card it did state the Molex connector was not connected so the card was lowering its performance due to this When I reconnect the Molex connector on the vidoe card everything hangs up again and no signal to the monitor this mobo does have on board vga I tested that and it works fine any idead on the graphics card issue Thnaks nbsp

A:Weird problem with monitor and graphics card

Time to change Video cards... assuming you have already downloaded driver updates.
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I have a Gateway GE computer using XP Serv Pack Ghz Intel Pentium G free HD space GB memory My monitor is by Gateway My graphics card is ATI Radeon X SE set at max refresh rate of Hz My problem arose problem - Monitor/Graphics Card Ubuntu when I installed the most Monitor/Graphics Card - Ubuntu problem recent version of the Ubuntu linux program v Monitor/Graphics Card - Ubuntu problem With this version it can be installed as a Monitor/Graphics Card - Ubuntu problem Windows program At one point during the long installation as a Windows program a small blue box appeared with the legend quot Out of Range kHz Hz quot The box went away and the installation seemed to be completed successfully However when I tried to shut down Ubuntu the blue box appeared again with the the same message This time my computer froze and I had to unplug it in order to free it up and reboot it in Windows Can anyone tell me the meaning and importance of the message in the blue box and what if anything I can do to avoid a repeat of this problem I enjoy using Ubuntu but certainly don t want to have my computer freeze up each time I try to exit it I have never previously had any kind of problem with my monitor or graphics card nbsp

A:Monitor/Graphics Card - Ubuntu problem

Seriousness: 4/10.

What it seems to be to me is that Ubuntu is for some reason setting your monitor's refresh rate to 87 Hz... "Out of Range 46.4kHz/87 Hz." When your monitor's maximum setting is probably around the 80 Hz mark.

When that message comes up, maybe try to quickly set the refresh rate to 75 Hz?

If that fails, maybe a clean install of Ubuntu is in order?

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urgent help My computer is roughly years old A friend helped me assemble it and Monitor Help: Problem Graphics Card Urgent and it has worked fine until late I went to turn it on this morning and the log up screen came on as well as the Windows XP loading screen however from there it failed miserably The Monitor just said quot No Signal quot and after roughly seconds it shut down by itself only to restart again I chose reboot in normal windows mode however the process just repeated itself The computer is able Urgent Help: Monitor and Graphics Card Problem to boot up fine in Safe Mode however Safe Mode doesn t get me very far at all and I choose to try again to restart it Finally after a ton of attempts I Urgent Help: Monitor and Graphics Card Problem was able to have the computer reboot Urgent Help: Monitor and Graphics Card Problem only to have my friendly Microsoft Error Program to tell me there was a problem with my Graphics card While trying to find out what the problem was the computer froze and I m back to the drawing board Can someone please e-mail me and tell me what possible solutions I have My Specs Motherboard ASUS A n x ACPI Graphics Card Geforce Ti If you need any more information please e-mail me and ask what you will I will be very Grateful for whatever help you can provide E-mail schneiderj ripon edu nbsp

A:Urgent Help: Monitor and Graphics Card Problem

if possable do a fresh install of windows.
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Before I bought my His Ati Radeon my other graphics card Geforce gt had fried itself and had caused images to not appear correctly on my monitor The screen had millions of vertical and horizontal lines on it and the screen also displayed broken images After I replaced my old graphics card with my His Ati Radeon my computer ran smoothly I had uninstalled all of my former graphics drivers and installed the corresponding drivers for my His Ati Radeon However occassionally the images on my monitor start to break up and Problem/ Card on Monitor Display Graphics Lines horizontal lines appear If I restart my computer the lines go away and everything runs smoothly Attached is a screenshot of the problem possible causes and background info -I have an Nforce i Sli motherboard Though I read that nvidia motherboards DO support Ati graphics Graphics Card Display Problem/ Lines on Monitor cards -I had updated my drivers Though I do not remember if the problem occurred Graphics Card Display Problem/ Lines on Monitor before I updated my drivers or not -Overheating -RAM for some reason -Something else entirely nbsp

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Ugh I think I did something stupid Today I was just playing around with Graphics card/monitor Solved: issue my PC HP Pavilion a p and randomly decided to try to install a graphics card I had bought a few years before This computer was working on only its integrated graphics and I just wanted to be able to play basic games I Solved: Graphics card/monitor issue am pretty tech-savvy but I think I may have gotten a little lazy and skipped a step in the installation process The card that I installed is an e-GeForce MX MB It s not anything special but whatever works Anyway I turned off the power disconnected all the cables opened the casing and inserted the PCI card into the PCI port There was something which was already using the slot - a k modem I presume I don t know because I don t use a modem - so I removed it and plugged in the graphics card I reattached the casing plugged everything back in correctly so please don t ask if the cables are attached correctly to the correct port and powered up the computer Here s where the problem started The computer turned on and everything was dandy but then the monitor displayed quot Monitor is going to sleep quot I tried unplugging the VGA cable replugging it back in plugging it into the integrated graphics instead of the supplement and none of it worked I m using our laptop right now but I REALLY need the PC back because it s got all of my work on it What could be the problem I even tried removing the graphics card I installed putting the modem back in place and using the integrated graphics VGA port and that did the same thing Something that may be important whenever I unplug the cable from the computer s VGA port either one - installed and integrated the monitor says quot Check video cable quot This means that the monitor is detecting a source but its unable to detect an input signal as conveyed by the screen saying VGA no input DVI no input Please help Thanks nbsp

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I m having a problem others seem to encouter but can t get it resolved I bought a ATI Radeon X Pro MB PCI-E card I have an Emachine T computer with built in ati xpress Specs found herehttp www emachines com support product support html cat desktop amp subcat T-Series amp model T My problem graphics on new installing card Emachine/onboard-graphics Problem is after installing the card my computer doesn t recognize the hardware As soon as I put Problem installing new graphics card on Emachine/onboard-graphics the card in my monitor will not work The computer boots up and the monitor has power but no picture The card fan is working i can hear it Problem installing new graphics card on Emachine/onboard-graphics I take the card out and it works fine Here is what I have tried -Called emachines for support and after disabling my onboard graphics still doesn t work they say call ATI -Tried support from ATI no help they say its the computer -Tried disabling in BIOS but it doesn t offer a selection for that It also does t have a PNP feature Only first initial display which I tried on PCIEX -Plug Problem installing new graphics card on Emachine/onboard-graphics monitor to both card and onboard -Check MSI website and I do have updated BIOS I can tell that the onboard graphics are disabled due to large scale print I tried uninstalling the drivers but when i turn it on it detects and installs the built in graphics I just can t get the monitor to work whenever the card is inserted If it would work I could manually install the hardware and drivers I m thinking I need a different BIOS that would let me use PNP and disable onboard graphics Any help I would greatly appreciate this is my first time to this website and I thought I would try it before taking my computer to a shop to see if they can fix it Just scared of what they might charge since I only paid about for the card Thanks in advance Kevin nbsp

A:Problem installing new graphics card on Emachine/onboard-graphics

An extreme option

As you do have the option of a working computer prior to installing the new card I would back up any files that are important to you..
Then, before I would pay someone else BIG bucks, I would put in the new card and try a fresh install of windows. Force it to recognise your new card. The drivers that Windows will pick should suffice until the install is done and you can then install the card specific drivers from your disk.
This is given ONLY as a choice. I am not sure this will solve your problem but IT IS something this cheap bas____ would try before paying someone else.

Good Luck and check back, maybe someone else will contribute a better idea.
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Hi Yesterday I installed a new graphics card on my pc on my desktop it looks fine its just loads of shortcuts I haven t moved and a picture background but on certain backgrounds games and the normal white webpages there are lines flickering sideways all the way across the monitor They are moving all the time which is the most annoying part I have tried changing the setting between and Hertz at the default it is bad at it is a bit better When I have quot Hide modes this monitor cannot display quot ticked I only get those options I have unticked this and tried etc and it is either worse or just doesn t display any picture so I have to ESC it Does anyone else know of anything I can do to fix it I don t think it could be a monitor problem because it started as soon as I put this new graphics since Lines card. graphics new monitor across Solved: installing card in and seems to get Solved: Lines across monitor since installing new graphics card. better and worse when I change settings Solved: Lines across monitor since installing new graphics card. which makes me think it is driver based I have tried uninstalling reinstalling drivers and also making sure that everything is secure etc but that doesn t do anything either Anyone else had this problem before who knows what to do Thanks Zack nbsp

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ViewSonoic 24 widescreen 1080p Monitor
Vista Business
Graphics Card Nvidia Geforce 9600 GT
Problem: When i have a window (any type) any where in my screen, example would task manager. No matter where i move it on my screen, graphically it extends horizontal lines out to the right of the screen.

___________ __________
| task mang | _________ (lines go to the right of the box, ANY where it moves)
| task mang |__________
|_________ | __________

What is puzzling is the lines DO NOT stay static on the screen but only seem bleed horizontal to the right of a box where ever it is moved..

any ideas?


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Hi I am Techsavy from India Now I would like to know the basic difference in terms of performance for Dedicated Between Card Onboard Graphics Graphics a Difference Solved: an onboard graphics card and a dedicated graphics card for a Laptop What could be a major difference Also for Onboard graphics it is said on all the branded website that the size of it is upto MB shared So say for instance if I go for a dedicated graphics card for a new laptop which I am planning to purchase and the size of this dedicated graphic card is MB or MB and Onboard graphic card on the other hand provides MB shared memory therefore the question is that how could that external graphics card sizing MB deliver better performance as Solved: Difference Between Onboard Graphics a Dedicated Graphics Card compared to Onbard graphics which sizes MB shared Also how are the new laptops launched by HP in India in terms of performance mobility amp stability The Solved: Difference Between Onboard Graphics a Dedicated Graphics Card Laptop which I am looking for Solved: Difference Between Onboard Graphics a Dedicated Graphics Card falls under series and is a business series laptop Waiting eagerly for a reply Techsavy nbsp

A:Solved: Difference Between Onboard Graphics a Dedicated Graphics Card
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Hey everyone How r u all Nice to meet u all well my friend bought a laptop it has on board graphics and also a additional nvidia graphics now when I run game the on board graphics card is getting detected and not the nvidia card I tried in bios but in the display part there are only options is optimus whic allows bot nvidia vga and intel vga to work and the other one allows only the intel vga to work so is there a way to make games recognise nvidia or can I disable onboard graphics through device manager laptop model lenovo ideapad z graphics card Nvidia geforce gt Solved: On board Detected Graphics card Graphics not m and one more thing In one of the game I checked PES it shows as its using onboard graphics and I tried arkham city and tried enabling hardware acceleration physx but it said Solved: On board Graphics Detected not Graphics card the laptops hardware doesnt support it one more thing I just went to nvidia control panel and in there d settings and there global settings its written there preferred graphics processor is integrated graphics and I couldnt change Solved: On board Graphics Detected not Graphics card it Solved: On board Graphics Detected not Graphics card can I disable the onboard graphics card in device manager thanks nbsp

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Okay so I ve just had to turn my graphics card off This is because the problem that has plagued me (Graphics Corruption Graphics Card) Problem for the better part of the year has gotten worse The problem THIS This first started in the first Q of the year During a game HL GarrysMod the graphics screwed up The thing is when I got back to desktop everything worked works fine Just the graphics are b ggered royally After an email exchange with the sellers of the graphics card An Abit Radeon SE Dabs I got them to take it back and quot fix quot it By quot fix quot I meant that after using the quot fixed quot card for a while a couple few months it happened again around September So I asked them again but the warranty had expired so no Graphics Corruption Problem (Graphics Card) help Graphics Corruption Problem (Graphics Card) there So I simply didn t play any games Apart from a small period of time in October Where it worked for some reason then started screwing up again I haven t been able to play any D games I then reasoned that it struggled on the D factor So I started playing D games like CnC RA and Baldurs Gate But then recently they started to screw up too So I stopped playing games But now tonight the card started screwing up on the desktop So I disabled the card More information While the card was away getting quot fixed quot my stepdad lent me a spare card of his which he no longer has an Nvidia When i put it in the motherboard wouldn t recognise it So we did everything we reinstalled windows we did the drivers again and we finally came to the conclusion that it was the motherboard So we put in a new mobo and it worked This card worked without a hitch I believe that this may have been caused by not uninstalling the previous drivers before putting in the new card However what I want to know is Was this error caused definitely by the card And will I have to get a new mobo when I get my new graphics card Christmas YAY I would like help and advice Thank you nbsp

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My Nvidia graphics card has a small cooling fan that is not always working right and I want to uninstall that card and use the
onboard graphics that was installed when i first got the desktop. Will the onboard graphics take the place of the uninstalled card or will I have to reinstall the graphic desktop before I unstalled the bad graphics card.

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Any help will be appreciated with this problem. I have installed a new graphics card in my PCI Express slot that is compatible to the slot. The card is a BFG Tech GeForce 7300 GS OC. When I rebooted the new hardware was detected and the drivers were installed to the video controller and the display adapter. But then the computer still detects new hardware it calls a PCI device. It cannot find any drivers from the installation CD or online for the hardware. Every time I disable it in device manager,it pops up again when I reboot. Before I installed the new card I removed the old display drivers and hardware.

My system is a Dell Dimension E510.
Intel Pentium D CPU 2.66 Gh
1 Gb memory
Windows XP Home w SP2

I have worked on this on my own for days so I am ready to listen to suggestions. Thanks!

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Hello everyone

I've posted this in hardware, however it's also software related. I've recently fitted a VTX3D 7750 Radeon graphics card to my PC, now after installing the drivers I got black bars around all four sides of the screen and Catalyst Control Centre was of no use and only displayed an option for Hydravision.
My Monitor hasn't been detected and I therefore can't change the black bars using the overscan option. I have the latest drivers and have un/reinstalled countless times.
What am I doing wrong?

All Help appreciated


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Hi , I recently installed Command and conquer red alert 3 but am having graphics issues.

The problem :
When I try and play a game in either skirmish or the tutorial , in fact any aspect of the game , my selected units produce a solid colour duplicate of themselves , almost like a shadow.

Here is a picture to help explain :
I installed the latest Nvidia drivers for my 7600GT a week ago so I tried rolling back to the previous set but the problem is the same.

Please help , I really want to play this game !

Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Graphics card problem ? please help

Game patch?
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I just got a new ATI All-in-Wonder X800XL and everytime i try and go into a game (single or multiplayer) in Call of Duty 2, from 10 seconds to 5 minutes, the screen just goes blank and I must restart. I also have Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Age of Empires 3, both work fine. I DID NOT OVERCLOCK IT! Using Everest Home Edition, the temps don't go any higher than 69C on the GPU, when I quickly minimized the game. Would updating the drivers help. I just used the CD drivers. And when I looked at the ATI website, I found the drivers but which one do I use. Click here to see the page. And how do i see which version I have. When I go into the control panel and click about I see version 1.2. But that almost seems to old. Or do I have to reinstall Call of Duty 2?

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Hi, i think i have a problem with my graphics card, Im get strange shaded lines across my screen (ill upload a screenshot). I have tried different monitors to eliminate that possibility but problem persists. I have also tried updating the driver but that made no difference.

The graphics card installed is a Nvidia Vanta/Vanta LT

Heres a screenshot - Hopefully it shows the problem

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Hi there I was just wondering if anyone could help me Me PC for the last couple of days has been crashing mostly while gaming and I m not sure if the problem Solved: or card Graphics problem? PSU is caused either by Solved: Graphics card or PSU problem? the Graphics card or PSU Here are my system specs self-built PNY GeForce GX Unbranded was pretty cheap W psu GB RAM Intel Q processor AsRock P TS Mobo DvD Solved: Graphics card or PSU problem? Drive HDDs including added a week ago case fans The whole system Solved: Graphics card or PSU problem? is a years and months old I m running Vista Ultimate bit SP Now my PSU a while ago started making high pitched noises When I first noticed this I checked the PSU and noticed the fan wasn t working I promptly switched off and replaced the fan in the PSU The high pitched noise persisted when in games and oddly seemed to be louder the brigher the thing on the screen This was about months ago I had no other problems than a slightly annoying noise and mentally noted I needed a new PSU However I sort of got used to the noise and forgot about it as the PC didn t seem to be affected at all This is up until a couple of days ago I was playing Batman Arkham asylum which is quite a demanding game on high settings It seemed to be fine bar a few fps drops but I expected that Then it froze I turned off the PC and rebooted I then tried to play some counter strike source but after play for about minutes the screen froze with red artifacts over it I rebooted again and tried to play again with EVGA presicion up to check the temps but it froze again with card only at degrees centrigrade I left the PC off for a while and then came back to it I booted it up again and managed to use it and game on it for quite a while with no problems Then yesterday I d been using it for a while with no issues until playing League of Legends I like variety when the screen went black and the game crashed but the screen came back with an error saying my display driver had stopped working but had recovered I retryed playing and the same thing happened On my third attempt it froze completely no artifacts iirc but it was completely frozen I tried rebooting this time but it only got past the loading bar and then hung on a black screen I turned it off and went to bed Then this morning I booted it up and it fully booted but however crashed after while I was watching a youtube video and then would not boot again I also noticed that after a while on the black screen after the loading bar a blue screen flashes up and then it reboots I can boot fine into safemode so I tried uninstalling the display drivers but that didn t help I managed to boot after I left it a while but it still crashed in the same way My problem is I m having trouble working out which component needs replacing I m not sure if my PSU had finally started dying on me although I assumed this to be a more sudden end or if maybe Batman pushed my Gfx card too hard and has damaged it permanently If anyone could shed some light on this I would be eternally grateful nbsp

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hello all Feel a bit bad just turning up and asking for help but here goes First of all my system is ASUS A V-E socket A motherboard with KT chipset and problem card graphics hello Solved: AMD Duron mhz processor mb RAM Windows I used to have a voodoo mb graphics card but today decided to upgrade I bought and fitted a Geforce FX Solved: hello and graphics card problem AGP and felt very proud of myself as nothing melted and i didnt Solved: hello and graphics card problem have to go to casualty However when i restarted my system the wizard came up for the monitor PBN PNP A i followed the instructions for finding the right driver but now i can only get colours and x I believe looking through other posts i might need a new agp driver but i dont know where to get this or what to look for does anyone have any suggestions they would be much appreciated P S tried giving it a bit of a kick but that didnt seem to solve the problem nbsp

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I have a 1GB Radeon HD Onboard Graphics Card with Hybrid Crossfire on a ELITEGROUP A780GM-A mother board. When I go and rate the windows experience, it only scores it a 4.0 in the Graphics Department when my old PCI-E 512MB Nvidia card gave me a 4.2 on the index. Is there a setting that I'm missing? Thanks in advance for any advice you guys can share.

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OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack bit Processor AMD Athlon tm Processor x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Motherboard Asus A N -SLI Deluxe Graphics Card Asus NVIDIA GeForce GT Mb Sound Card SoundBlaster Audigy ZS The last days the following problems have occured to my PC Windows boots normally but while on the boot screen the black one with the windows logo and the running meter horizontal color dashed lines appear flickering all over like these Other than that Windows is able to start desktop appears and at first everything seems normal except Random pixelation appears in fonts and text boxes mostly but can appear in larger scale as well Seems like a refresh redrawing problem In Windows Explorer and in Firefox every time I click something and the screen needs to be refreshed even partially screen flashes to black one or twice or more times then displays properly After a while and Solved: or Graphics card what? problem a few flashes later the delay of Solved: Graphics card problem or what? black flashes becomes longer and system freezes temporarily or worse open application freezes and needs to be terminated manually Not after long of this going on system often goes to black screen and reboots No warnings or error messages at all Because the problems appeared gradually first pixelation and next day the colored lines and black flashes I suspected it was coming from the graphics card So I reinstalled the graphics driver but nothing Then I installed the latest Nvidia driver nothing again I unistalled the driver and reinstalled nothing Solved: Graphics card problem or what? again I took off the graphics card from the motherboard dusted off put back again dust off the whole inside of PC just in case checked all connections nothing again When I boot in Safe Mode everything is working properly or so it seems except refresh and scrolling is slow and not smooth but maybe it s because Windows uses basic VGA driver I am not really sure because I haven t used Safe Mode for a long time No hardware has been added or changed for the last year or so and everything has been working perfectly fine until now So my PC is practically unusable as it is Is there something else I can do Thanks in advance for any help or suggestion nbsp

A:Solved: Graphics card problem or what?

When I boot in Safe Mode everything is working properly, (or so it seems) except refresh and scrolling is slow and not smooth, but maybe it's because Windows uses basic VGA driver. I am not really sure because I haven't used Safe Mode for a long time.
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it works on safe mode, i reckon.. you can't ever ignore XP problem(or virus nd so)
why dont you scan your computer with SUPERANTISPYWARE
or even can check with FRESH XP INSTALL..
< i am not expert but i suspect you can keep this GRAPHICS CARD CHANGE option as a last alternative>
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I recently bought a Nvidia GTX 660Ti to replace my older 560Ti. However, the card is having some major issues. The moment I had it installed and launched a game, I was getting noticeable lines running down the screen every time I looked at a black area or cut-scene, and the card would make a high pitched squeal-like noise. I then decided to download driver cleaner to completely get rid of previous ATi and Nvidia driver that may have been present on my PC. This stopped the high-pitched squeal and lines in some games but they are still present in others. I then tried to turn on adaptive v-sync as suggested by another forum but to no success, the lines and squealing are still there on some games. Can anyone help me?

PC Specs:
Intel i7 2600k 3.2ghz
Corsair GS 700W PSU
Windows 7

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Ive just Problem Graphics Card New Solved: brought a whole new PC with the following spec - MSI AM ATI Xpress ATX Motherboard AMD Athlon X AM Solved: New Graphics Card Problem GHz BLACK EDITION PowerColor ATI Radeon HD XT MB GDDR Zalman Heatpipe CPU cooler GB RAM etc etc I built the PC and first time managed to mess it up a bit second time it worked fine apart from it only recognised GB of RAM So again opened it all up and reseated all the RAM sticks again only GB I thought i would leave that and Solved: New Graphics Card Problem press on installing Windows all was ok installed all motherboard drivers fine went to install my graphics card and it just stopped at of installing the CCC catalyst control center didnt even hard reboot so had to remove power cable Now when booting the PC the screen is blank and the monitor sits on standby have reseated graphics card and monitor connection Have i Solved: New Graphics Card Problem somehow ruined my card Any help greatful Thanks nbsp

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Help me please, every time I want to play a game or even run youtube on fullscreen a message appears and the screen freezes black for some seconds then comes back in, sometimes bluescreen appears too and the pc reboots... The message is Nvidia Display Driver Version x Has Stopped Responding and Successfully Recovered and it keeps appearing! I used BlueScreenView and when the bluescreen appears the "filenames" are: dxgkrnl.sys , dxgmms1.sys , ntoskrnl.exe , nvlddmkm.sys . I have Windows 7 Ultimate. I don't have money so don't tell me please to buy anything just give me a fix to this please! Thanks and excuse my english ok byee!

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Hey everyone,

Ive recently rebooted and reinstalled windows XP on my pc, and ive noticed that a lot of the easy tasks are starting to lag around when i do them. Moving windows around the screne is really jerky and laggy and the same thing happens to google earth.

Ive just gone onto DirectX diagnostic tool and ive found that it looks like my graphics card isnt installed, but the problem is, i dont know what graphics card we had put in it haha. Any solutions?

Thanks in advance

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Is overheating a common problem with hp laptops? Is it also common that it causes a "separation" from the video/graphics card?

A:Solved: hp laptop graphics card problem

If you do a Google search for HP laptop graphics reflow, you will find many pages on repairing HP Laptops with graphics problems. Repeated heating and cooling of the graphics processor IC causes failed solder joints between the IC and motherboard. Reflow resoldering usually solved the problem.
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I am having a bit of trouble installing a graphics card (ATI Radeon 9800 Pro. AGP 238 MB 4x/8x Support to be exact) on my Dimension 4550. My old graphics card is a crummy nVidia GeForce MX400 64 MB. I basically did the typical installation, that is, uninstalled the old drivers for the GeForce, removed it, and attached the ATI. When I booted the machine, my monitor remains asleep (black screen). I'm not sure what exactly I did wrong. But I was wondering if anyone could give me a pointer or two.
My computer specifications in an attached text file.

Note: I also just updated my BIOs to AO8. Problem persists.

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Hi , my friend recently installed a new graphics card and is recieving the following message

"make sure your direct x driver is set to mmx" and then something about "Tends to revert back to direct 3d hall"

It is a Nvidia quadro fx 1700

Any help on solving this problem would be very much appreviated.Thanks.

A:Solved: Graphics card install problem

Did you uninstall the previous drivers for your old graphics card?
if so then uninstall the new drivers as well and start again

also go to RUN and type dxdiag check it there is an option there to set to MMX.
what version of directX do you have? Windows version?
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ok, I just reformated my pc and on properties>display there was no video card, so i went to and downloaded a driver, now i have just a radeon x300 hypermemory. when i installed it my screen went to 640x480 so i changed back to 1024px and it says it has 32bit however the graphics are really really bad
as you can see:
i uninstalled ATI from add/remove but that didnt help and i cant system resore, please help


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My PC is showing just a black screen, I know it is not the monitor as I have checked it on another PC. I want to know if it is possible to install a seperate graphics card without disabling the onboard one. The reason I ask that is that cannot get anything from the onboard one, or will I have to replace the motherboard? If I have to do that will I lose everything I have on my PC. If I can replace would I then be able to disable the onboard one?

Any help really appreciated,

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I have a Gateway with Win SE on it whose graphics card an NVIDIA TNT M thing was heading for the great substrate in the sky - there were dark horizontal stripes matching every dark element on the screen at any given time and a general loss of contrast no matter what I did with the monitor I got Graphics Card Problem Solved: New Install an ATI Radeon card it s via some weird licensee that calls the card quot Xtasy quot for no apparent reason at M and supposedly compatible When I boot up the hardware wizard looks for new driver finds it on the CD-ROM installs it then prompts for a reboot Since my PC Solved: New Graphics Card Install Problem always hangs Solved: New Graphics Card Install Problem up on quot Windows is shutting down quot when you try a restart another exciting problem I ll never solve I always pick quot No quot and just select Shutdown from the Start menu afterward When the system comes back up it prompts for a driver again If I go through with the install wizard again it not surprisingly results in another driver showing up under the first in the quot Device Manager quot box but with quot Secondary quot in parenthesis after it When I bail out of that second driver install wizard prompt and stick with the one I ve already done an error message pops up saying something to the effect that quot The ATI Control Panel cannot load because the ATI driver is not installed or the ATI driver is not functioning properly Control Panel is shutting down quot If I go through the second install and end up with the quot Secondary quot driver installed when I reboot I get The Blue Screen Of Death and a Fatal Exception D error Windows refuses to load and have to do the Adaptec GoBack thing and start over again I m wondering if I ve got a bad ATI card a faulty incompatible driver or what I suspect since it s the most troublesome a complex system compatibility problem My next step will be to take the ATI card back and exchange it for an NVIDIA GE-FORCE probably a M because the ATI card was the only one I could find that was still supposedly compatible with Windows SE Why can t this stuff just work right the first time around quot Plug and Pray quot indeed Thanks in advance for any advice anyone can offer lt gt nbsp

A:Solved: New Graphics Card Install Problem

UFO said:

I have a 2000 Gateway with Win98SE on it whose graphics card (an NVIDIA TNT 64M thing,) was heading for the great substrate in the sky - there were dark horizontal stripes matching every dark element on the screen at any given time, and a general loss of contrast no matter what I did with the monitor.

I got an ATI Radeon 9200 card (it's via some weird licensee that calls the card "Xtasy" for no apparent reason,) at 256M, and supposedly compatible.

When I boot up, the hardware wizard looks for new driver, finds it on the CD-ROM, installs it, then prompts for a reboot. [Since my PC always hangs up on "Windows is shutting down" when you try a restart (another exciting problem I'll never solve,) I always pick "No" and just select Shutdown from the Start menu afterward.]

When the system comes back up it prompts for a driver again. If I go through with the install wizard again, it not surprisingly results in another driver showing up under the first in the "Device Manager" box, but with "Secondary" in parenthesis after it.

When I bail out of that second driver install wizard prompt and stick with the one I've already done, an error message pops up saying something to the effect that "The ATI Control Panel cannot load because the ATI driver is not installed or the ATI driver is not functioning properly. Control Panel is shutting down."

If I go through the second install and end up with the "Secondary" driver installed, when I reboot I get The Blue Screen Of Death and a Fatal Exception 0D error, Windows refuses to load, and have to do the Adaptec GoBack thing and start over again.

I'm wondering if I've got a bad ATI card, a faulty/incompatible driver, or (what I suspect, since it's the most troublesome,) a complex system compatibility problem.

My next step will be to take the ATI card back and exchange it for an NVIDIA GE-FORCE, probably a 128M because the ATI card was the only 256 one I could find that was still supposedly compatible with Windows 98SE.

Why can't this stuff just work right the first time around?

"Plug and Pray," indeed.

Thanks in advance for any advice anyone can offer.

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you might want to let is complete the second install it is for dual monitor use and is normal I beileive
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Hello there people of TechGuy forums Lately I ve been having some problems with the graphics card on my computer the nvidia GeForce GT that is it s not working at all Here s a detailed summary of what s been going on [GRAPHICS PROBLEM?] 9800GT Solved: not working... CARD so far PROBLEMS - ORIGINALLY occurred during a video-rendering in Adobe After Effects CS The computer froze and green fractals and pixels artifacts covered the screen There was no response from the mouse or keyboard and the system needed a cold reboot - After leaving system powered down for a day everything was working perfectly for about eight hours after which the system-freeze happened again - Over the next few days the system would work fine for Solved: [GRAPHICS CARD PROBLEM?] 9800GT not working... at least and hour or so before a similar crash occurred sometimes followed by a blue screen instead of a frozen desktop with the green fractals and pixels If I attempted to run any D-intensive program such as a game or After Effects it would happen even faster - After about three days the problem ALWAYS showed up and did not allow me to run any D application and the following errors and problems have persisted since - During system start-up and POSTing when leading into the BIOS using F there are red wavy vertical lines across the monitor - During the Windows Vista boot-screen blue wavy vertical lines can be seen - Within Windows after it has loaded the GeForce GT does not work correctly despite the drivers having been installed previously before reformat I also tried using the latest drivers Vista x from NVIDIA s website and that didn t work either - Start gt Settings gt Control Panel gt Device Manager gt Display Adapters gt NVIDIA GeForce GT gt Double-click reports error code on the device Solved: [GRAPHICS CARD PROBLEM?] 9800GT not working... - Uninstalling installing the device through the device manager does nothing - Updating the drivers does nothing - When I previously before reformat updated Windows with all patches it had no effect - Windows Aero does not work STEPS TAKEN SO FAR - HDD Disk is GB GB gt Primary - HDD Disk is GB GB gt Slave - BD-DRIVE Disk gt Blue-ray DVD CD Drive - NVIDIA GeForce GT is located at the PCI-E x slot - Took it to the BestBuy GeekSquad because the computer is still in Solved: [GRAPHICS CARD PROBLEM?] 9800GT not working... warranty They said that everything was fine and called back a week later to tell us my dad and I to pick it up Needless to say that was garbage as nothing was fixed and I actually showed them on the spot - Another two weeks later they call again to tell us to pick it up When we get there they say that the problems were software-related and were due to the fact that there were two operating systems installed I was dual-booting from XP Home Pro x and Vista Home Premium x They said that they had ordered a new GT and tried it out and it showed the same problems so they put the old GT back in Still I didn t believe that this could possibly be a software problem and whenI took it home I realized that although all the blue and red lines were gone at start-up the GT still refused to work and would not work regardless of updating drivers reinstalling etc so I did the following - All important data was backed up on a SeaGate Expansion TB - HDD and were both over-written using a single pass zero over-write to wipe all residual data and start fresh From Hiren s BootCD - HDD was formatted when a clean version of Windows Vista x was installed using the OEM product key on the side of the PC case - HDD remains as unformatted unallocated disk space and will not show up at My Computer Computer until it is stated as a volume Right-click Computer gt Manage gt Disk Management gt Right-click Disk Unallocated Space gt New Simple Volume - Realtek RTL C P C P Family PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC NDIS drivers were downloaded on another from the HP webpage for this computer model and installed through a USB to enable networking internet ... Read more

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I had to reinstall Windows 7, and after doing so, now when I try to use certain filters in Photoshop, or open my webcam software, I receive an error about not having the proper video graphics card or its driver installed.

I haven't changed any hardware, and those programs worked just fine before, so I'm guessing it's a problem with either recognizing the card or the driver? I'm not sure, any help is greatly appreciated!

A:[SOLVED] Graphics card problem after reinstalling Windows


It would be easier to help you if we could see some system specs.
Please download Speccy System Information Tool and save it to somewhere convenient such as your desktop.
Close any programs that may be running including your browser and double click Speccy.exe to run the tool.
Watch out for any offers to install other programs such as google chrome and untick the box(es) if you don't want them.
Speccy will very quickly scan your pc and create a report.
Top left of screen click file and select Publish Snapshot...
Click Yes to proceed.
Copy the URL to your clipboard and paste it into your next reply.
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I have a relatively old computer P GHz with GHz RAM It was custom built by Puget Custom Computers and came with a low-end MSI nVidia graphics card with only MB VRAM It went belly-up about days ago I replaced Solved: A9250 Card Asus Graphics Problem it with an Solved: Asus A9250 Graphics Card Problem Asus A with MB VRAM The graphics are quot by ATI Radeon quot or so the box says Here s the problem It seemed to install fine and I immediately updated the drivers for it from the Asus site However I have noticed two problems All video operations scrolling thru a Word or Excel document Web site etc are very slow Closing Excel workbooks also takes - sec vs used to be instant Oddest thing I ve ever seen I produce many Word reports every year containing tables I have always shaded the header rows in the tables indigo blue very dark but definitely blue in which the font is bold white When I now open some of these reports the shading on the rows in every table has been changed to black When I change it back to indigo the text automatically changes to black so I also have to change it back to white I went to the Asus site for tech support and it s essentially worthless They don t provide a way to e-mail your problem and get a response If I can t get this resolved within the next few days I have no choice but to return the card to Newegg Help nbsp

A:Solved: Asus A9250 Graphics Card Problem

I sometimes get issues not unlike your first problem after I've updated drivers for my Saphire ATI x1600 pro. To fix it I usually just leave it and it will fix itself after a reboot or two.

As for the colour problem, I don't know. That is very strange...

Send it back if I were you and choose a better one. 128mb VRAM isn't very much these days. Try and get at least 256mb.
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Hi, I have a EVGA e-GeForce 7600GT 256 MB PCIe Video Card which supports the SLI technology allowing me to link up 2 or more graphics cards for greater performance. Now this card has DDR3 memory. I wanted to know if I can link it up with a DDR2 memory graphics card which also supports SLI. If I can, how will this difference affect performance?

A:Linking a DDR2 memory graphics card with DDR3 SLI graphics card?

Now this card has DDR3 memoryClick to expand...

Which card?? "A card with DDR3 memory", or "A thingy with a red switch on it" tell us just as much.
But if it's not another 7600 GT you're trying to SLi, just forget it, especially if you're going to buy the other card.
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I have a compaq computer(Athlon 64 3500+) that has a built in graphics card. I was looking into throwing in a XFX GeForce 7600GS 256MB PCI Express x16 Video Card (Dual DVI S-Video). I have a pci-e slot open so I know that isn't going to be a problem. The only thing I am worried about is that this new graphics card isn't going to have a vga output, which is the only connection my monitor has. Will I still be able to plug my monitor into the original vga output slot while using my new graphics card? If not, does anybody know how well a dvi to vga adapter works?

Thanks for the help!

A:New Graphics Card = New Monitor?

wileymiester said:

I have a compaq computer(Athlon 64 3500+) that has a built in graphics card. I was looking into throwing in a XFX GeForce 7600GS 256MB PCI Express x16 Video Card (Dual DVI S-Video). I have a pci-e slot open so I know that isn't going to be a problem. The only thing I am worried about is that this new graphics card isn't going to have a vga output, which is the only connection my monitor has. Will I still be able to plug my monitor into the original vga output slot while using my new graphics card? If not, does anybody know how well a dvi to vga adapter works?

Thanks for the help!Click to expand...

yeah you just use an adapter to the new card, if you bought retail box t should have come with one.
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I have an HP Envy Desktop 750-114 and an HP V242h monitor. Colors, etc. on the monitor are flat, dull and almost gray. It's been like this since we got the computer about a year ago. I tweaked the contrast, etc., on the monitor and it's a little better, but still not great. So, do I need a new graphics card for the computer, or a new monitor? I'm afraid if I buy a new monitor, it'll be the same, dull and flat. If a new graphics card is needed, what would be a good one, and would I need a new power supply? My son does like to do gaming, so one that is good for gaming would be preferred. Thanks in advance!
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replaced the stock fan on nvidia 6600gt graphics card and i can't get the monitor to come on. fan and all other components work but no monitor. reseated the card a couple of times but no go. any ideas? i'm sure i hooked everything up right.

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I have recently bought a AOC spectrum moniter. Now when i play games, or play video clips, the images are blocky. There were ok with my old 15 inch moniter. I have a 16mb Vodoo 3 card. Unfortuanatly i got the pc second hand, and have no instructions. Is there any thing i need to adjust on my card to improve the graphics? I am using an AMD K6500 pc, 128mb Thanks for your help

A:Monitor/Graphics card

did you install the new monitor .inf file. Check and make sure under display that the monitor in recognized correctly.
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Hi all I am currently looking to buy a new pc for office use and the three main criteria are- The pc can handle or monitors connected to it It can comfortably operate several programs open at the same time using typical office applications email word excel pdf browser etc I want to have the 3+ up? Which monitor a for set card graphics programs open on several screens at the same time for convenience and time saving The total cost is reasonable I have been talking to Dell about taking one of their Precision systems a T with a xeon chip Ghz GB Ram Vista Business x and to be Which graphics card for a 3+ monitor set up? connected to of their quot S W Full HD monitors The salesman initially quoted for using the MB Nvidia Quadro FX card I later asked and i m not sure why i did this if he could confirm that this card is suitable He later wrote back that this card was probably not suitable after all and that i should go with the more expensive amp MB Nvidea Quadro NVS card So my question is is the FX adequate or not If anyone can offer advice i d be most gratefull thank you nbsp

A:Which graphics card for a 3+ monitor set up?

... Honestly. **** Dell.

For running 4 monitors, you need:
a ~120&#8364; motherboard (high quality costs a little extra)
a ~70-150-200 &#8364; CPU
a pair of ~30 &#8364; graphics cards.
Where do you live?
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Hope this is the correct Forum. I want to buy an LCD Monitor Samsung Syncmaster 205bw -20inches or 225bw-22inches wide screen. Their native resolution is 1680x1050
My Graphics card is Nvidia GeForce 6150 LE
Does my card support a wide screen, also can I get/use the Native resolution with no problems ?
I am not a Gamer but do a lot of Image editing with Elements 4 & 5
Thanks Jester2

A:LCD Monitor & Graphics card

Single-Link DVI Support
Able to drive flat-panel displays up to and including 1600x1200. ( nvidia website )
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My motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-EP -UD It does not appear to have card? graphics monitor Add third - an quot on-board quot vga My graphics card is a GeForce GT I am using both digital outputs for the two monitors present My monitors are a pair of Asus VS H-P I am not a gamer but Add third monitor - graphics card? do appreciate a crisp display I mainly run general business programs such as word processor and spreadsheet internet browser email and sometimes enjoy watching a movie or video I wish to add a third monitor Two questions- Would using my old Acer P w be a mistake in the long run in that I can get another Asus VS for under What would the least expensive graphics adapter solution be that would maintain comparable quality I'm afraid I have been away from tech for too long and am a bit on the penny-pinching side right now I suspect that I should purchase the new third monitor but am completely lost when it comes to the adapter card- Thank-you very much for your consideration and expertise

A:Add third monitor - graphics card?

I'm not personally into multiple monitors. (My main system uses a 28" UHD one.)

This card looks like it'd work:

EVGA GeForce GT 710 DirectX 12 02G-P3-2717-KR 2GB 64-Bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.0 Video Card -

(eVGA GT 710). I suggest replacing the old Acer since it only does 1680X1050. With a third VS228H-P. you'd need a cable that works with the min HDMI port on the card. There are cheaper GT 7XX cards, but I'm not sure whether any support monitors.
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Hi all, new here.
I recently purchased a Chimei 22 inch wide screen monitor. When I hooked it up to my computer the images aren't really all that great, with the small text being blurry. When I try to change my display settings there is no option for 1680 x 1050. Is this because of my graphics card? How do I find out if my graphics card will support this monitor? Did I make a bad purchase?
Any help appreciated.

A:New monitor and graphics card???

First off, don't set the Monitor to the MAX.
Why because if your Video Card can't go that high you won't be able to use 1680x1050. In this case replace video card.

What video card are you using? This is not onboard video, better not be?

1. Go into Windows Control Panel and click on Display
2. Select Appearance Tab
3. Click on Effects
4. Check box: Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts
5. Go from Standard to ClearType (for LCD Monitors)
6. Go into Settings
7. Click Advance
8. Click on Adapter then on List all Modes

In the List all Modes you'll see how high your video card can go. Don't worry about refresh rates with LCD monitors. Those are for CRT tube.

Word of caution
Make sure Color quality is set to Highest (32-bit)
Don't max out your video card to support the LCD panel.
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Help! I can't get past this error message in my installation process.:

" Demo32 has caused a divide error in module QUICKTIME ..."

My System specs.:

System: Dell Dimension XPS(T) (desktop)
Processor: Pentium III (600 mhz)
O.S.: Win98 S.E. (32 bit)
H.D.: 30 Gig Maxtor
Memory: 384 MB (ddr1)

It says: "This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down."

I have Quicktime and Quicktime 3.0 on my system.

Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated...I'm trying to get some beloved old games running again. (I.E.,Thief(gold),Serious Sam(1st and 2nd editions),etc...

A:Solved: PNY GeForce 6200 graphics card installation problem

It looks like you are using an installer utility that comes with the graphics card that is causing a problem.

Let's try installing the driver a different way. Insert the install CD and exit the install utility if it autoruns. Open Device Manager (right click MyComputer, click Manage, click Device Manager). Right click the unknown graphics adapter and click Update Driver or install.

If the hardware update wizard asks to connect to the internet, choose No. Then choose install the software automatically. Windows should find the driver on the CD and install it.
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I thought I could figure this one out. I need help figuring out what graphics card and monitor I need.

HP Pavilion 061
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2600+, MMX, 3DNow,
Memory: 960MB RAM
Current card name: NVIDIA GeForce4 MX Integrated GPU

I use this computer for logging onto Second Life and want a better graphics card. I will soon be buying a better, larger monitor too.

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I have a Nvidia GTX 580 GPU

I have just bought a Dell UltraSharp U2713HM - running a resolution at 2560*1440.I know it's not a gaming screen, but I still manage to run games pretty well.

But I'm thinking. If I get a better GPU will that make the games run even better at 2560*1440 ?


A:Graphics card and monitor resolution ?

Yes. In general a larger, more powerful graphics card will run games better at higher resolution. It can get much more complicated than that, but in general, this is the deal.

For best advice about what to expect in higher performance from any particular card over your 580 (which is no slouch by the way) you could ask here, or better, over in the Gaming forum where all the graphics-heads hang out. They start talking about Frame Rates and Cuda Cores and I just glaze over!

For instance, when you compare your 580 to my 660 you can see that in some categories your card is better:
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i just bought a quot FIC Powered by ATI XT MB Video Card quot from pcdirect com It hasnt worked once since i took it out of the box As soon as i plug the monitor into it the monitor goes black and the power light turns orange instead of green I plugged my old nvidia geforce FX in and everything works fine I thought maybe it was a driver issue but shouldnt the Blank Graphics Monitor = Card New monitor still work I was on the phone with a dell tech guy for two hours trying EVERYTHING including pulling out the New Graphics Card = Blank Monitor motherboard battery to clear its memory or something like that anyway does any have an idea as to why this isnt working or is it just defective thanks in advance i have to get to school so i wont be able to reply until later tonight o and add this to the equation i just tryed to put it into my year old Dell and it works FINE The other ocmputer is a year old Dell WTF this c auses me to believe that its not a defect but infact something with the monitor It goes into a power sleep mode everytime it connects so it must be Its a dell flatscreen nbsp

A:New Graphics Card = Blank Monitor

nymb: I don't know much about flat screen monitors, but I do know that they have a native resolution and trying to run them on a different resolution can give you problems. Could this be your problem?

I get from your post that you have 2 computers and 2 monitors. The card will not work on the 4600 with the flat screen, but it will work on the 4100 with a different monitor. Will the card work on the 4600 with the monitor from the 4100?
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Hi, I just got a new computer (Dell Precision 390 - XP Pro) and it came with ATI FireGL and I cant seem to get a picture on screen. My monitor is a HP w2007 and it had VGA/DVI input slots the ATI only sends out a digital signal. Can anyone see a reason why I cant get a picture on this monitor? Graphics card problem or monitor not wanting to go with it?

Thanks for help
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HD monitor monitor graphics Card with issues New is is an HPwide I installed its drivers My Graphics card is an ATI Radeon I think is the model the other computer is an Nvidia graphics card The monitor is connected with a KVM to both computers I updated the graphics drivers and the Nvidia seems to work New monitor issues with graphics Card but I can not use the MY HP porgram to configure the monitor so basically I can not fine tune the monitor to my liking it will run New monitor issues with graphics Card the HP tuning program but New monitor issues with graphics Card the options to change the settings are greyed out on the ATI machine basically the settings reset everytime I turn on the computer It is like they do not get memorized or something Using this computer for music production it causes isses with certain programs when i have to reset the resolution every time When the computer starts the resolution is huge and bubble pops up saying the computer is not optimized yadda yadda Do i need better graphics cards Maybe that is the issue I am just not sure nbsp
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I recently bought the components to put together a new PC I managed to assemble everything ok and install windows no problem It all seemed to be working fine but after a few hours of running the monitor goes black The monitor power light is still on not in standby but the screen is off This will happen normally after an hour or so If I switch the monitor off then on again it will return to normal but after a few minutes it will again switch off Nothing else is affected when it turns back on the screen is exactly as normal It will happen when in BIOS or in Windows XP so I m guessing its not a windows problem or drivers issue I flashed the MOBO BIOS but this had no effect So I m guessing the problem is either with my monitor or graphics card The systems details are Graphics Card - XFX GeForce GT Monitor - Acer AL WA Any help would be Problems with or monitor card graphics much appreciated nbsp

A:Problems with monitor or graphics card

It could be as simple as the power saving option causing it.

Right click on your background and select properties, then screensaver, then power, and set turn off monitor to never.
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Due to a shoulder injury I need to type and edit photos standing up. I thought I'd upgrade to a large high resolution monitor but wonder if my present system could handle it. The 19" monitor I'm using has a 1440 x 900 native resolution but I want a bigger monitor, maybe 30"and the resolutions are now 1920 x 1200 and 2650 x 1440 at the bigger sizes for photo editing. My HDTV, which I have linked via HDMI is a nice size but the resolution makes everything look very crude. I just can't see what I'm doing.

Do I need to upgrade the graphics card and power supply again? (I had to to install the newer Photoshop about 9 months ago)

I'm attaching system information. Thanks in advance.

A:Can I upgrade my monitor with the graphics card I have?

Yes you should be fine with that card as long as you don't do any gaming. PCs always look worse on TVs through HDMI, so with a large monitor (even at 1080p) you will see a world of difference.
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No signal on monitor when installing new Graphics card I have just bought a new Graphics card Radeon HD to replace my old one Radeon x series the problem starts when I insert my new Graphics card into my comp I get a no signal on my monitor through the graphics card or the vga slot on my comp while the new one is in place signal card new monitor on graphics no so I can t install the drivers to set it up yet when I take it out and re install the older card everything is fine I have tried unisttalling my drivers for my old card and then inserting my new card to see if there was a conflict there but no signal on monitor new graphics card to no avail the same thing happens I an running a HP pavilion a computer with windows ultimate on it and the mother board is a PSLP-LE the is HDMI and the driver disc does support Win can anyone advise me where to go no signal on monitor new graphics card from here as I am stuck Please I have GB ram which is DDR and the new card is a GB DDR would that make a difference

A:no signal on monitor new graphics card

RAM and GPU memory can't be an issue, only compatibility issue could be with PCIe port. eventually but not too probable. If you can't see picture of BIOS, it has nothing to do with drivers (yet). Did you try resetting BIOS/CMOS ?
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I'm pretty sure it's been narrowed down to my graphics card being bad from the following post: BSOD - Random - Usually When Playing Video

So, I guess I need to buy a new one. Any advice? I currently have two 17" Dell 1280x1024 LCD monitors and a 40" Sony 1920x1080 LCD TV hooked up for watching movies/tv shows. My current card is in my system specs. I just want to be capable of standard tasks on the two 17's and 1080p video on the 40 at the cheapest possible.


A:Need new graphics card for 3 monitor setup

I recommend anything made by EVGA, preferably something in the 700 or 900 series.

A 750 Ti would be a great choice.

EVGA - Products - EVGA GeForce GTX 750 Ti w/ EVGA ACX Cooling - 02G-P4-3755-KR

Could you please let us know your make and model of power supply.
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Hello I've been having a whole bunch of problems with my AMD Radeon HD graphics card and my Dell monitor which I don't know the model of To start off my PC started to overheat Issue Monitor & Card Graphics and shut down every so often so I opened it up and cleaned everything out to my surprise it actually worked While I was cleaning it Monitor & Graphics Card Issue I removed my GPU and removed the dust from the fan as well then I put it back in again Then yesterday morning I woke up and powered on the PC the fans and everything else was working with it However there was no display on the monitor it just kept going into some sort of 'Power Saving' mode I checked the GPU and the fan was working fine but I still thought it was the GPU so I was planning on buying one after Christmas Then just now I remembered that I have a working PC in another room so I hooked it up to the monitor and plugged everything in and powered it on but there was no display on the monitor it just did the same thing and went into the power saving mode again The GPU in this PC is integrated however my new PC is separate So basically I want to know what the problem is and how I should solve it Should I go ahead and buy a new GPU for my PC or should I buy a new monitor Is it the monitor GPU Thank you I hope to get a reply soon

A:Monitor & Graphics Card Issue

Hello HazzaB,

I would be surprised if it was the monitor. The other PC you mentioned connecting it to, does that have it's own monitor? If yes, can you try that monitor on your main PC?

How are you connecting the monitor? VGA or DVI cable? Can you try a different cable?

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I'm trying to help a friend out. This is the problem she is having:

"I can turn on screen and the power light just flashes. We tried to hook up another monitor and it would not work either. The screen if turned on will flash occasionally white then all black. Something is not connecting somewhere. Someone suggested it may be the video card."

Or is there something else we should be looking at?

I have been asking about another issue related to this question, but decided this might be the place to begin. That thread is found here:

A:Monitor not working - graphics card??

What is the system itself doing? Aside from the monitor is the computer itself booting up without a hitch? Generally where there is a bad piece of hardware you're going to hear something in the beep codes? Anything? A bad video card will usually stop a system before it starts? Jazz
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...and i'm pulling my hair out now at this point. I've tried two different video cards, same model (but the only type available) neither one works... and yes I had them both in nice and snug and fully plugged in. I don't know what to do now. Please help!

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So i have a mix computer i just bought as a bare bones kit im running windows 7 home basic 2 gigs ddr2 ram a geforce 9500gt 1 gig graphics card with 2 dvi input and a s video hook up i have a amd 64x2 dual core 2.2 ghz processor with a bio star mother board any way i hook up the computer to my tv through s video and it works fine but when i hook it to my vga monitor with an adapter it does not work any thoughts

A:Trying to get my VGA monitor to work with my DVI graphics card

please explains exactly what happens when u connect the monitor? nothing at all? does the monitor say anything? does it say that theres no input?
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HI, Im new to this forum but I really need help.
My computer has been working for quite some time now, about 5 years, and suddenly i turn it on and usually when i turn my computer on, it hums very loudly, beeps, and then starts to come on. Today, I turned my computer on and it just kept on humming and the monitor showed no signal. I then started fooling around with the cables, unplugging and plugging them back in and that didnt work.

So I plugged my monitor into the regular slot on the cpu and the desktop screen came on. Before my monitor was plugged into my graphics card. Now my computer is on but the hum is constant and never stops. What can I do to fix this situation?

A:Problems with cpu, monitor, and graphics card

Whilst it's on, you may decide to backup any important user data (to CD or USB Flash drive; etc)

One of the best options is to open the side panel up, and then listen to where the "humming" is specifically coming from

After turning the computer off, you also may decide to remove all internal dust
Dust on or around electronic components can cause many issues including no post issues

Dust can either be removed by high pressure air (air cans can be purchased) obviously performed outdoors (really a lot of dust can be built up over 5 years, even 6 months!)
Removing all internal dust, could quite possibly fix the issue of humming
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one problem after another i just recently purchased a new HD tv monitor the screen works perfectly with my ps and stuff however when i connect my ONBOARD VGA CARD Nvidia Geforce to the screen it will work perfect until i pass the windows xp loading screen then the screen goes all funny and then it disconnects i then purchased Card Issues! Monitor Graphics New New a new graphics card geforce gt to solve this issue i also needed to upgrade i connected my card to New Monitor New Graphics Card Issues! the PCI-E slot but still i get a blank screen the card dont load i tried installing the drivers from the actual CD but New Monitor New Graphics Card Issues! i get prompt New Monitor New Graphics Card Issues! saying my chipset is to old the thing is ive borrowed the same graphics card before and it worked on my system perfectly i even installed the drivers from the nvidia website and still no hope ive updated my motherboard nforce xx and still no hope ive managed to get my onboard card working with my new monitor but the windows is to large and if i change the resolution then my monitor stops working and disconnects with my pc i have GB DDR RAM Nvidia Geforce Onboard which im using now Nvidia Geforce GT Dont Work Nforce Motherboard AMD GHZ Ferguson FullHD Monitor this is really bugging me any one help nbsp

A:New Monitor New Graphics Card Issues!

I would suggest you try (while using the on-board card), connecting to the internet; going to the manufacturers website of your video card and downloading/installing the most recent drivers. Then, disable your on-board video in Device manager, and shutdown your computer. Attach the 9500GT and restart your computer; allowing Windows to detect and install it.

You may also want to go into your BIOS and disable on-board video prior to booting back into Windows with the 9500GT.

See if that helps.
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I don?t know how better to explain than with pics:

When I started my pc that?s waht I got. I checked the cables and saw that the one from the monitor was loose ? the thingy on pc was actually loose. I am actually missing one of these little ones, and the other one got loose:

I tightened it ? same thing.
Bought new ones ? same thing!
What can be the problem? The contact or something just died on me?

Thx in advance!

A:Graphics card, monitor or just cables?

Those are just screw anchors, and one or more may be stripped. They have no bearing on electrical or video problems except to keep the video cable connected and secure. Looks like the computers video card is dieing... besides the stripped screws. Try another monitor to be sure
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I'm having a very wierd problem.

Basically when I start my PC up and get to the windows logon screen - my monitor is switching on and off quickly. Like it cannot keep up with a refresh rate. The screen also sometimes goes white.

If I manage to log on to the PC, after the PC has settled the issue stops - so im not sure if it is some odd software causing it or whether it is something to do with the monitor.

I Have a CTX TFT Monitor and a Radeon X800 Pro using the Omega drivers (which I have used for years)

I hadn't upgraded the omega drivers any time before this started, and I have the most up to date drivers now and the issue is still going on.

Any help appreciated,

A:TFT Monitor / Graphics Card - Turning on and Off

Have you tried waiting for the computer to load up, and then turning the monitor on? Try giving it a couple of minutes to make sure.
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Working on a Gateway ATXSTF MNT 700C, running XP and it has a Gateway FPD1810 monitor. And has a Radeon 9000 Series graphic card.

The sys tray has An ATI Catalyst control center. Only showing a pug and play monitor.

The monitor sometimes shows log-on screen and then goes into "power saving mode" which you can't get out of. Hard reboot.

If the monitor does stay on it almost always prompts to "Active Desktop Recovery screen". If I do that it screen goes to sleep have to hard reboot.

I have changed the connection from PC to monitor. No joy.

Also screen is freezing. Created a Sys restore and click on "Create" and screen froze. Ctrl, Alt, Delete will not work either.

New message - VPU Recover has reset your graphics accelerator as it was no longer responding to graphics driver commands.

A:Monitor graphics card acting up?

Try running this test on the graphics card. Be very carefull with the temperatures.
FurMark Setup:
- If you have more than one GPU, select Multi-GPU during setup
- In the Run mode box, select "Stability Test" and "Log GPU Temperature"
Click "Go" to start the test
- Run the test until the GPU temperature maxes out - or until you start having problems (whichever comes first).
NOTE: Set the alarm to go off at 90ļC. Then watch the system from that point on. If the system doesn't display a temperature, watch it constantly and turn it off at the first sign of video problems. DO NOT leave it unmonitored, it can DAMAGE your video card!!!
- Click "Quit" to exit

You could also try reinstalling the graphics card drivers with the latest version.
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my 7800gt is connected to a 6 year old crt monitor. When I drag a window on the desktop across the screen, their is delay like a tail behind it. Also when you quite a game or program such as 3dmark, the mouse pointer disappears, the only way to make it reappear is to right click. Is this my monitor not keeping up or the graphics card has a prob?

A:Graphics card or monitor prob?

Negotiator said:

my 7800gt is connected to a 6 year old crt monitor. When I drag a window on the desktop across the screen, their is delay like a tail behind it. Also when you quite a game or program such as 3dmark, the mouse pointer disappears, the only way to make it reappear is to right click. Is this my monitor not keeping up or the graphics card has a prob?Click to expand...

it is most likly vid card related as the old monitor is more likly to only limit you to resolution such as aoly letting you have a settoing as 800 by 600 as opposed to 1024 by 768.

i know this as i have a few monitors here that are quite older then your 6 year old one and they have no problem displaying graphics as long as the settings are 800 by 600
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My new graphics card (nvidia geforce 6200a, AGP) arrived not long ago, and today I installed it, but there appears to be a problem... my monitor isn't working. When I first put the graphics card in and turned the computer on, the monitor was just flashing orange. I then turned the monitor power off for about 20 seconds and turned it back on and then my monitor was permanently green, but nothing whatsoever. I have onboard graphics too if that's revelant. My monitor is also very old but has worked perfectly fine before.

A:New graphics card - monitor not working :(

Take the board out and see if onboard graphics works. If it does, start up windows and uninstall your onboard graphics drivers. Also look in the BIOS Setup for an Init Display First (PCI or AGP) and set it to AGP. Power off and reinstall your new card.
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I've just bought a DELL 2209WA, which I'm running on a Radeon 9250 128mb card and XP. I know the card is an antique, but I don't game and only need it for processing photos (I'm a professional photogrpaher).

I was under the impression the card should run this at full res, but I can only get 1280 out of it with the newest drivers installed. I've since tried the Omega v3.8.252 and this hasn't helped.

Any ideas? I'll get a new card if necessary, but would prefer to just get this sorted.

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It seems that when I turn on my computer or wake it up from a sleep the image on the screen is vibrating / quivering ever so slightly. However after a minute the image has completely stabilized.

My monitor is a xerox XA7 lcd display which is now 7 years old. My graphics card is a secondhand nVidia GeForce 8600 GT.

What's interesting is that I have an LED TV hooked up to the HDMI out on the graphics card and the image on the TV is always perfect.

So is it my xerox monitor that is failing? Or could it be that just the DVI on the graphics card is failing and the HDMI is fine?

Thanks for your expertise!

A:Either my monitor or graphics card is failing... but which is it?

Can you borrow a friends monitor and test it with your card? Also make and un-make the connections to the card to the monitor to clean and refresh their connections and report back.
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I have 1 pci-e x16 slot, which is currently in use by a video card. When I install my new nVidia 8400GS 256MB PCI Express Graphics Card and turn on my computer there is no signal detected on my monitor, my computer turns on and beeps once, everything is plugged in fine, and the graphics card works on other computers, I have also tried using other monitors which doesn't work. When I install my old video card the monitor works fine. Does anyone know how to make my new graphics card work?

A:No Monitor Signal, New Graphics Card.

Welcome to TSF....

There has to be a computability problem between this video card and your computer, not all cards will work where they are supposed to Are you sure the card is seated properly into the pci-e slot? Since the old pci-e card works we can be reasonably sure the pci-e slot is ok. Where did you purchase the new video card at? Is this place close to you?
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Hi, I just built a new p.c and I'm trying to get a picture on the monitor.

The graphics card is not detecting the monitor. the monitor's a crt which the graphics card does not support, the graphics card is a ge-force 7600 by xfx, I used a bridge from the graphics card package. this allows the crt connection to attach to the lcd port on the graphics card. The monitor looses connection and the monitor lcd drops its color as soon as I hook it up to the bridge. I think that may be the problem, but I'm not sure.

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hello guys im not really that experienced with this sort of thing but i have a basic and general understanding of computers and how they work. well my problem seems to be coming form my computer itself i have these pink block like lines on the screen running vertically down my monitor and it is covering every thing so i cant see whats behind them :/ i have tried using a different monitor and even my tv and it does the same thing i also have tried another cable from monitor to pc but to no avail :/ any helpful tips and advice would be much appreciated guys thanks for your time

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Good morning.

I have just been given a used computer which has a BFG GeForce 7600 graphics card with two
ports, each having three parallel rows of eight receptacles, beside which/at the end of which there is a group of four slightly smaller reciptacles in a square pattern.

My Acer LCD monitor requires the older 15-pin plug. Can I use this card with with my current monitor? I donít want to buy cables and adapters, unless it is going to work.

Thank you.

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When I go to my device manager and look under Monitors I see Generic PnP Monitor, this laptop is a Hp Compaq Pavillion CQ57. Why do I have this generic monitor loaded for my HP monitor?. I think Ive figured out what I need to do, go to device manager and uninstall the monitor entry. I need some advice, is this the correct way to do things, this is supposed to be a HD monitor and I having trouble displaying some HD movies, its been this way for years.


A:Have I got the right graphics card/monitor driver

If your monitor is working ok now I would just leave it be. Right now the setting labeled "Generic PnP Monitor" is probably the "best fit". BTW I have two HD(1920 x 1080) Samsung monitors and they are both listed as Generic PnP Monitor.
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I have a new computer with Vista Home Premium x64. I used a dual monitor graphics card in my old computer with Windows XP. Took the card out and install it in my new computer and updated the driver. But, performance is poor. For example I can't use Vista Aero.
I would like to buy a new, relatively inexpensive dual monitor graphics card which is compatible with Vista premium x64. Any suggestions?

A:Dual Monitor graphics card

What card do you have, maybe it's not old.
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i installed a new graphic card after uninstalling the old one. then when i turn computer on it started then shut down and won't start again after that. the computer starts but the monitor doesn't like turn on. i also notice that the power supply recommend for my graphic card is 250w and i have 230w. is it a power issue? also i removed the card and try to start ma computer without is and it still doesn't work plz help it is not even really my computer

A:Monitor not starting after new graphics card

Make sure you have connected the power supply to the video cards if there is such a connection. Since you only have a 230 watt supply, your system may not support the new card anyway. What is your system's specs and who makes it?
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I installed a monitor formerly used with a dell C521.. worked very well for 7 years.. I bought a new Dell 660s and use it with that same old monitor.. works very well....I wanted to salvage some material from the old C521 and hooked it up to the same monitor that had worked so well for 7 years. Message on screen tells me that I have to" hook it up to a graphics card .".... as the connection that always did work, no longer allows for any function.... What's the answer?

A:Graphics card connection to monitor

Does that C521 HAVE an addon Graphics card installed in it?? If it does did you plug the monitor into the GPU port or the port on the I/O plate??
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Problem I turn on my computer the monitor stays black It goes into the same mode that it s in when my computer is off a standby of sorts Monitor/Graphics card woes? It s not getting No Signal - it goes into No Signal mode with the lovely flashing icon if I unplug the cable from the monitor I ve opened up the case - the graphics card Monitor/Graphics card woes? fan is still working nothing in particular I did to break it I left the room it presumably went to sleep and it hasn t woken up I ve swapped in another monitor it gets the same problem All cables are secure and everything has power Here are the specs Windows XP Pro AMD Athlon Megs DDR Asus k SEV deluxe motherboard Zalman CNPS A CPU cooler ATI Radeon Pro Any help that you all could provide would be much appreciated Thanks -Greg I ll be checking these forums Monitor/Graphics card woes? religiously if you need more info or questions answered ask different monitors LCDs CRT have given the same results so I don t think it s the monitor nbsp