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HP Pavilion DV1000 power lights comes on and then it goes off again

Q: HP Pavilion DV1000 power lights comes on and then it goes off again

Hi all,

I have a HP Pavilion DV1000.Every time I power the laptop the power light and few other light on the top comes on and it goes off again.
I have tried different power adaptors and still no luck.

Any sugestion please.


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Preferred Solution: HP Pavilion DV1000 power lights comes on and then it goes off again

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: HP Pavilion DV1000 power lights comes on and then it goes off again

I had a Mobile phone that did that replaced battery and it became fully functioning again. Is there any way to run without battery attached? power source only or could you borrow a battery from someone to check results?
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hey mates,
just got myself a free (loaded) hp pavilion dv1000.
reason it was free is because it won't start, won't accept power in any way, obviously i'll probably use it for parts, but i've seen a few posts about this being a common problem with dv1000s and that soldering the power linkup to the motherboard can correct this problem.
first question, has anyone done this successfully? or know someone that has.
and second question, if not, can anything think of something else that would cause this problem?

base history of the machine: (i don't have its exact specs beyond knowing that the original buyer loves desktop replacement quality laptops) original owner bought it, had problems with it occasionally shutting off without warning (hard shutdown) then eventually it just wouldnt start, no other known problems.

A:HP Pavilion dv1000 won't start
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I have driver problem
- Multimedia Audio Controller
- Video Controller
when upgraded with OS Win 7 32 bit
Please somebody help me to find supported driver
I'm waitin'....

A:[SOLVED] HP Pavilion dv1000 OS Win 7

Type in your specific model # at the HP Site to get your specific drivers for this model. If you have just the Pavillion DV1000 this model shipped with XP and HP does not have supported drivers for this model in Windows 7.
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This is the first time I ve tried this site so I hope I ve got it right I purchased an Hp Pavilion dv in January It s been a great little machine and I have had no complaints up until a few Hp problems Pavilion portal usb dv1000 months ago I use a mdi keyboard at a commercial level and travel around a lor so I use the portals pretty much daily Seems that lately the portals have become loose Firstly Hp Pavilion dv1000 usb portal problems the rear right hand side and then next the front one This pretty much corelates with the frequency of useage of these ports I may be working away on a midi composition and then for what seems like no reason the keyboard will disconnect The same thing happens with my gig external hardrive The problem there is that if I understand it rightly this kind of abrupt disconnect with my hardrive can cause some damage and possible loss of data If only one of the portals was giving me problems then I would take it on the nose and try to work around it but now that the other one has Hp Pavilion dv1000 usb portal problems gone I m beginning to suspect it may be an inherent problem with Hp ports My month warrantee has lapsed now so I basically need to prove to Hp that this is a problem in their portal design and they may come to the party Has anyone else experinced this problem before with Hp Portals Cheers Rob nbsp
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Hi - the actual mouse pad on this computer is not working for some reason. I am currently using an external mouse. Do you know how I can get it to work again? When I move my finger around on it the mouse on the screen does not move. If I need to provide more information lease let me know. Windows XP.

A:HP Pavilion dv1000 Mouse Pad Stuck

I admit I am an idiot. In case anyone else ever has this problem, there is a small button above the "touchpad" (I Just learned that is what it is called" that says TOUCHPAD ON. And if there is no light, then it is off. I feel very stupid but maybe someone else will read this and not spend hours trying to figure out what is wrong with their computer.
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Hello all,

I tried upgrading Windows XP home edition to XP Professional on the pavilion dv1000 and run into some problems. Firstly, the upgrade did not succeed because the installation could not collect the required system information. I guessed that this was due to the drivers. When I tried rebooting into the home edition, I got a file missing error: \windows\system32\config\system.sav. Now I think I know what is happening: the sata controller is the problem.

A few questions:

1) was the sata controller drivers the reason why I could not upgrade to Windows Professional?

2) How can I recover my data ( is the only way by getting an external case and connecting the Sata HDD to it?)

3) How do I install XP without floppy to load the drivers. I am familiar with slipstreaming , however I cannot find the dv1000 sata drivers on the hp site!

Thank you all very much!
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Hi all having successfully cleansed said laptop from various nasties thanks in part to Kimsland and Bobbye i have an issue with the admin login Ok when booting up xp is set to fast user switching and the welcome screen login screen with user accounts Administrator is not included in the list So i hit ctrl alt del twice which then brings up the secure login dialog box So i key in Administrator and the Pavilion DV1000 login? HP admin password that i set and it comes up with quot Unable to log you on HP Pavilion DV1000 admin login? because of an account restriction quot WTF is that The only way i can log in as admin is to reboot into safe mode when it presents itself as another user in the welcome screen list giving in total which quite frankly is ridiculous The main reason the lappy was infected was due to uneducated users installing all kinds of crap as their accounts had admin rights I need to restrict them to limited accounts whilst having full access to the admin account without the need to reboot into safe mode I ve google searched for answers but couldn t find any I m looking for a way to solve this issue so with respect please don t come back with workarounds like quot press shift right-click run as kind of suggestions because i m after full access to admin account without rebooting So any help you can offer would be most appreciated thanks nbsp
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i reformatted my computer (xp pro)and now i cant get the audio to work to save my life. ive downloaded drivers from the hp website and tried to update drivers. and i just don't know whats wrong. i had to reformat back from sp3 to sp2 if that matters
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HP Pavilion dv Special Edition Laptop XP Home v w SP Pentium M Processor GHz Mhz GB RAM I'd like to get this system back to the excellent condition it was in when I purchased it almost years ago Having briefly returned it to its original owner it came back loaded with bloatware and I suspect malware 7 w/SP3 Laptop Pavilion HP to ?? SE Upgrade Win dv1000 from XP viruses I can also practice on my own equipment worry-free and experience all of the tutorials and steps that were included to assist with my previous post which I uncomfortably marked Solved just a moment ago I tried unsuccessfully to get a screenshot of the results of the Win Upgrade Advisor for this laptop but PrtScrn did not put anything onto the Clipboard for pasting into Paint so I'll summarize the results of the Advisor Win custom install HP Pavilion dv1000 SE Laptop Upgrade to Win 7 from XP w/SP3 ?? required current graphics adapter won't support Win or be supported by Win Outlook Express no longer included HP may be able to provide more info If it's feasible to perform a clean install I'd like to try though first I'd like to run Avira from my thumbdrive and include online ESET and Panda Cloud before anything else Also SFC I was not able to reorder the Boot Order so I could boot from my Avira thumbdrive I'm willing to boost the current RAM to its max if it will help installing running Win I think the max may be GB where now I only have GB But first and foremost can I realistically expect this system to be able to run Win If not I'll go to the next step Thank you sbuxman

A:HP Pavilion dv1000 SE Laptop Upgrade to Win 7 from XP w/SP3 ??

Just re install XP

If you want 7, you`r egonna have to pay for it.

Operating Systems, Microsoft Windows -
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Hello this will be long so I'll get straight to the HP Laptop DV1000 Multiple Errors Pavilion point I have an hp pavilion dv laptop running windows ultimate bit This has worked perfectly until yesterday I was running disk defragmentor when power went out restarted laptop ran for a bit then keyboard and mouse stopped responding Restarted laptop keyboard and mouse work in bios and windows safe mode beyond that nothing Reinstalled windows keyboard and mouse working installed audio driver conexant aclink audio immediatly keyboard and mouse freeze When I restart laptop in safemode and disable audio driver which worked perfectly before keyboard and mouse work Another thing I have tried booting ubuntu live cd and slax live cd keyboard and mouse work during setup but stop working once operating system i e linux starts running I have tried everything formatting hard drive and reinstalling windows updating drivers nothing works and the system is acing strangley wont even instal vga display drivers Thanks sorry for many typhos

A:HP Pavilion DV1000 Laptop Multiple Errors

Hello wizzar, welcome to the forum

When you have a problem like this over multiple operating systems, it suggests a hardware failure, was your laptop connected to the mains supply when the power went out?
It may help if you were to post a snip Device manager and ensure that your chipset drivers are installed.
When I look for drivers for your laptop I do not find any Windows 7 drivers, what drivers are you using? and if they are the Vista drivers are you installing them in Compatibility Mode
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Anyone know how to upgrade the hard drive on an HP Pavilion dv1000 laptop (out of warranty)? I've upgraded desktops but never a laptop before... I don't even know the name of the screws and where to purchase the special screwdriver for starters. I Googled the topic but couldn't find anything useful, and of course HP's not providing easy upgrade instructions...

A:HP Pavilion dv1000 hard drive upgrade - how to?

simple. clone the current contents of your drive to your new hd - use a usb to ide adapter. use a clone tool like acronos. Some new drives have kits.

then remove the caddy containing your old hd from your laptop. you may have to unscrew it from your system.

carefully slide the caddy out. if there is a pin adapter on the end of the HD remove it, you will need it on the new drive. If not, don't worry about it.

unscrew the hd from the caddy, remove and replace it with the new one.
put the pin adaper on the new hd if applicable.
slide the caddy back in, screw it in and reboot! simple too easy!
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Please send me a link for hp pavilion dv1000 wireless adapter  hp pavilion dv1000windows 7 32-bit I can't find any compatible wireless adapters in the internet,And it says unknown for my current wireless adapter driver and i have wireless router,My laptop has wireless adapter until Sunday, my driver for wireless adapter and bluetooth was deleted and i cant install proper and compatible drivers for my laptop  since it isn't supported by hp
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I picked up this Alienware 5700 off ebay to hopefully refurbish for my son but I'm new at this and still learning and so this thing has me baffled. The laptop is in pristine condition but shows no signs of life. When I plug in the power supply the green light on the power supply goes from solid green to blinking rapidly to the point you can barely see it. To me that would mean a short somewhere right ? If so where ? Has anyone else ever had experience with something like this ? I just don't want to go buying a new battery for a laptop that maybe fried already. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:No power, no lights but green light on power supply blinks rapidly

Remove the laptops battery and try the AC power only. If the green light does the same, it still could only be a bad AC adapter, or at worst, a shorted laptop motherboard
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Desktop starts - fan spins and lights are on but nothing displays on the monitor and after a while the machine just reboots itself. Function keys do not work and I cannot enter bios. Tried resetting the bios by removing the battery - failedTried  rebooting from CD - failedTried rebooting from flash drive - failed Tried removing memory and installing one by one - failedTired resetting removing all unessential devices and holding down power button - failed Any ideas on what the problem is? BTW this all happened when it was upgraded to windows 10 

A:hp pavilion h9-1210t does not boot - fan spins and lights co...

Connect a  different USB  keyboard to one of the PC usb 2.0 ports at the rear of the PC instead of the current keyboard. Disconnect the hard disk from the sata port and then press the power button. What happens?  The issue you are having could have been just coincidental to the time that you happened to upgrade to Windows 10. Your PC is a 2012  model and your Pegatron motherboard may have just ceased to function.  Unfortunately, It does happen.
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Desktop starts - fan spins and lights are on but nothing displays on the monitor and after a while the machine just reboots itself. Function keys do not work and I cannot enter bios. Tried resetting the bios by removing the battery - failedTried  rebooting from CD - failedTried rebooting from flash drive - failed Tried removing memory and installing one by one - failedTired resetting removing all unessential devices and holding down power button - failed Any ideas on what the problem is? BTW this all happened when it was upgraded to windows 10
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My Pavilion DV4-1225DX is 3 years old and running windows 7. It just started acting up by taking several minutes to wake up and the lights are blinking at caps lock and scroll. It does finally come to life and everything works after the slow black screen episodes. I have tried the troubleshooting by shutting down, removing battery, unplugging ac adapter and holding power button down, but to no avail. Is there anything else I can try, or is it a trip to the Geek Squad? I love the laptop and don't want to lose all my info. It is out of warranty, but from what I read here, HP isn't doing anything to help a known problem on this model. Please advise.

A:Pavilion DV4 slow start and lights blinking

Hi and welcome to TSF please try reinstalling the video driver,also try changing the power settings and see if that makes a difference
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my  dv7 1020us wont turn on. the battery is brand new and left in for 9 months, not charged.  Now it wont turn on and the indicator lights are blinking
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Came home walked in and noticed my PC was off monitor was on speakers on modem everything on as if the power had blinked out for a sec and my system had shutdown No Supply, lights no to Power power I pressed the power button on the front and got nothing i checked the power supply s own power on off switch on the back and got nothing no light that its on or anything thought maybe it was the cable so i plugged it into my other pc and the No power to Power Supply, no lights cable No power to Power Supply, no lights works so i m thinking maybe the psu went bad or took a hit Im guessing i just need to replace it How difficult is it to replace it by yourself i ve never done that before and do you think that its the psu at fault I m thinking that if there is not power on light then something is wrong big with it my heat temps stay down between C and C at the highest Also can i replace it with just any other w power supply or does it need to be a specific kind company i bought it from online listed it as dual core certified w psu no mention of v rail or anything else i guess i can get that from them if they have it on file nbsp

A:No power to Power Supply, no lights

Well sounds like your power supply took a power surge. Well to start with i would try a power supply. Now about replacing the power supply cheap is not the best way to go, learned from experience. Here is my recommendation:
And for replacing a PSU not hard. If you need help removing it Post back i will walk you through step by step if need be.
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I have a Toshiba Laptop Satellite 1695...600mh...64mg ram...6g hd. The computer has no power lights at all. I put on a new power supply and battery to no avail. There are no lights whatsoever. No nothing. Should I shoot it now? Thanks in advance.

A:No Power Lights

Hi Howard598, welcome to TSG.

I would say it's time for the repair shop unless you want to attempt to take it apart and check things. I'm assuming it's out of warranty?
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I have a compaq presario v2000 xp home 2g ram . One day I moved it from one room to the next and before it shut down i noticed the fan wasnt running. Now when i try and power it up the power light is amber(compaq says it suppose to be) I get an ambe charge light and the disk drive light flashes two times green. No other sounds or movements. After a while the charge light goes out also then nothing.

I dont even know where to start to check.

A:Some Lights no power

Not sure what you can do with this other than have a repairer look at it. If the fan had stopped it has most probably cooked the CPU.
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Please be advised on power up i get an error message stateing that the monitor is on test mode and that the monitor is working fine. The system is not letting me into the hard drive. Prior to this i was getting a beeping sound from the system. I changed the memory stick and the beeping stopped. Any suggestion would be appreciated. thankyou very much

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I have a latitude E7250. It was working fine earlier today, but I put it to sleep, and it had not recovered.
When I plug it in, the power button and the caps lock stay lit. Nothing else happens. The computer doesn't boot.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

A:No power, strange lights

Hi mooseo,
Thank you for reaching to Dell Community Forum.
Please try to run the on-board diagnostics <F12> and capture any error codes or message you receive.
We would also suggest you to drain the residual power from the laptop:
* Disconnect any external peripherals (flash drives, printers, external hard drives) from the computer.
* Remove the adapter and then the battery.
* Press and hold the power button for 10-15 seconds.
* After draining the residual power, try reseating the memory and see if the system is able to boot.
Please private message us the service tag of the system along with your email id.
(Note: please don't mention the service tag or email id on the public forum as it contains your personal information).
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I have the 3 blinking light and no boot up issue on my HP G60. The power drain procedure did nothing. Could this be just a defunct battery or power supply issue?

A:HP G60 no power up with 3 blinking lights

Hi,          Since the light blinks 3 times its related to memory issue, you can have a check from the below link
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My nx6110 won't power on. We realized that it needed a new ac adaptor and purchased one but tried to plug a different ac adaptor into it before the new power cord shipped. stupid, i know. So now it won't even power up. The voltage on the cord we tried was lower so we didn't think it would mess up the computer. But apparently it did. It powered on and seemed to be working fine so I left it plugged in but when i came back later the computer was off and it wouldn't power up. Do i need a new power supply? and if so, where in the computer is it?

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When I power on my Toshiba equium a200-151, the screen lights up but no display at all - even though there is loading activity. I rigged up to my PC monitor and everything is fine - see bios and windows loading etc. Borrowed a spare compatible working screen but same problem. I'm not 100% sure if its the inverter or the ribbon connector - any ideas before I buy a new inverter? Thanks for looking.

A:Lcd lights at power on but no display

I would say that the video cable (ribbon cable) is bad based on what you have tried so far. This cable goes from the motherboard to the LCD display. Did you use the old inverter off the suspect Toshiba when you tried the compatible spare LCD panel?
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I have a Compaq F500, and when I turn it on, the power button, power indicator, and Wi-Fi indicator all light up, but the screen does nothing, and after about 30 seconds, it restarts, and it's as if it is just failing to start. If there is a way to just wipe the hard drive without having to boot up the computer, that would be a great help. Also, I don't really know that much about hardware, so elaboration of anything an inexperienced person wouldn't know would be helpful, too.

A:Power on, lights up, screen does nothing.

It sounds initially like a bad Motherboard, But that's only a guess as many other things could be causing this. First, I would want to know if you had any Viruses lately, or if the unit was dropped recently. Sometimes viruses can wipe the Boot Sector of the Hard drive, while this is rare it's worth considering. Does the screen appear to be illuminated at all? If it illuminates without booting, the screen is probably not bad and this is what I expect from what you're describing.

You'll want to approach the issue as an over system problem at the motherboard level, possibly at the hard drive level. The main thing is, you want to see the familiar boot screen before moving forward.

It's possible too that your laptop has a bios reset Jumper on the motherboard, yes that's inside the case of the laptop. Don't try to fix it yourself unless you're comfortable trying this. And, if you do, make sure to properly ground yourself.

If it were me, I'd try disconnecting the hard drive and attempt to boot from a CD. If you still get no screen activity it could be the Motherboard or screen. Motherboard would
be likely bad if this method proves that the system continues to reboot. Keep in mind that Bad ram may cause the unit to reboot also. If it's bad Ram then you might just have to replace that for a low cost without having to pay for service.

Check out these things and report back.
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I bought a gaming PC, and I am wondering if my graphics cards and the computer itself are pulling to many watts, Will the lighting inside the box put a demand on the power supply??? I am debating about taking them out, I don't even have the lights on anyways I find them a waste they came with the computer I bought

A:Will lights draw too much power?

Josh86 said:

I bought a gaming PC, and I am wondering if my graphics cards and the computer itself are pulling to many watts, Will the lighting inside the box put a demand on the power supply??? I am debating about taking them out, I don't even have the lights on anyways I find them a waste they came with the computer I boughtClick to expand...

Josh*^ - the lights could not possibly be pulling more that 10 watts, at an extreme. Probably they are actually pulling a level that you could not notice before-and-after if you used an actual measurement, such as with the Kill-A-Watt.

Same for fans, and most anything else you plug in or on except video cards.

Everyone: you will spend all kinds of money to have powerful components, and a suitable power supply - so go ahead and get an ACTUAL power draw measurement -

The kill-a-watt is simple to use and read, very simple. it costs $20 or $25.

You can use it on anything you plug into a 120 volt outlet. Vacuum cleaner, hair curler, radio, anything. It tells you exactly how much power is being used. Exactly.

For over a decade, these power calculators have been estimating power needs, and they have been over-estimating by 100% the entire time.
Relevancy 55.04% computer chair bang my pc,now no power,no lights,no fan sound.nothing.i jumped the switch to check,but nothin.
will it be my power suply and should i take my power suply out of another pc to check it or is it something eles do you think.thankyou

A:Solved: please help no power no lights on etc

mains power suply gone.had a spare and checked it.thanks guys
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My T450s won't power on anymore. The laptop's LED is not lighting up when pressing the power button or when plugged into a power adapter. A few things I've tried:Unplugged with battery. Hold power button for 30 seconds. Then press power button. NothingUnplugged without battery. Hold button for 30 seconds. Then reattached battery and press power button. NothingUsed a battery from working T450s. Repeat step 1-2. NothingWhile plugged to a power adapter (used two different adapters). Repeat step 1-3. Nothing.Used a paperclip to push the emergency reset button under the laptop for thirty seconds. Then did steps 1-4. Nothing. Not really sure what to do next. It's a little over a year old and this died on me already.
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Power-on button lights for 5 seconds, no whirring sound, then goes off. Happened out of the blue on AC and fully charged battery. Laptop is under warranty, never mishandled. Pls assist.
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Need help, my netbook do nothing. No lights and sound.
My question, the accu is bad. Is it possible the accu is blame for it.
Or is it the motherboard. Last one I turn it normaly off, no problems.

Thanks for answer!

A:NB250-10R - no power no lights

You can try to remove battery pack and try to start it with AC power supply only. If this will not work maybe is there some problem with power supply electronic placed on the mainboard.

When you connect AC power supply is AC IN indicator on?
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I'm working on my first build and unfortunately I'm alone in doing it I've hit a Nothing has build. New fans except lights? and power wall Everything is hooked up and I finally flipped the switch and turned on the PC The fans and their lights came on the motherboard standby light came on the GPU fans turned on and the optical drive light came on but nothing works I plug in my mouse and keyboard but they do not appear to be receiving power My optical drive will not eject My monitor when unplugged from the GPU displays its typical quot auto-detect quot floating image which is normal When I plug the VGA cable into the GPU the monitor instantly goes to sleep and I can't wake it up I've checked and rechecked Everything appears to be in the correct slots Here are the Nothing has power except fans and lights? New build. PC specs Motherboard Asus M A R CPU AMD FX GPU EVGA GTX PSU Nothing has power except fans and lights? New build. EVGA Supernova NEX G RAM GB via two sticks in the appropriate slots I have no idea what else to do I have pictures though they are dark and I don't know how helpful they'll be

A:Nothing has power except fans and lights? New build.

Welcome to the forum. A daft one but this often happens is there any jumper on clear cmos pins I have know boards come with them set on normally you only put that jumper on for a second or so. Failing that disconnect hd,cd and any addon cards that are not needed with keyboard plugged and try then. If it still doesnt work try it out of the case often its a short when putting it in the case
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Power LED Lights in my laptop are not getting turned on when I connect my Laptop to an power outlet I have tried thesea) Replaced the AC Power adapter b) Removing the batter and connected the Power adapter to an poweroutletc) Did a hard reset by pressing the power button for more than 60 seconds But in none of these scenarios my power led lights doesn't turn on. What might be the issue here?
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I went to use my laptop and it wouldn't turn on, the only thing that was running was the fan and it was much louder than usual. When I returned to the laptop a few hours later, the fan was finally off and the computer was unresponsive, no lights or sounds at all. I tried the hard reset and that didn't work. I tried numerous outlets and still no power. What else can I possibly do?

A:Black screen, no lights, no power

Hello @Khelm2701, Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! The Forums are a great place where you can find solutions for your issues, with help from the community! I read your post about the notebook not starting, and wanted to assist you!  I understand that the fan was running very loud, and now the notebook is not responding at all. First, try reviewing the following document, and let me know how it goes:HP Notebook PCs - Computer Does Not Start (Windows 10) Please let me know if this information helps you resolve the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution", this will help others easily find the information they may be looking for.  Also, clicking the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thanks! Have a great day!
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Hi - I m new to these forums and looking for some help I have experience with desktop computers but this Lights Flashing - Power Problems is only my second notebook computer and I don t know about it very well I have a Compal E custom laptop GHz Core Duo Gig DDR RAM GeForce Go mb WinXP Pro gaming notebook It s been working fine for the last six months but recently there s been a problem with the power - Power Problems - Flashing Lights I was just looking for some advice before paying to have it looked at When turned on plugged into the AC - Turns on perfectly green light for fully charged battery When trying to do anything music movies games etc the battery light turns off for a second then all the lights start blinking main power AC battery The charger light then flashes between red and off When I pull out the power cable the machine runs perfectly from battery When turned off plugged into the AC - Power Problems - Flashing Lights The battery charges perfectly with no problems no interruptions Plugged into the AC with no battery - Runs fine for a few minutes then turns off without warning I currently run without my second monitor or external hard disk to reduce power consumption but the problem still occurs Can anyone suggest what may be a problem here I thought it was the power adapter at first but the fact that the battery charges when the machine is turned off leads me to believe otherwise Any help would be GREATLY appreciated Gareth nbsp

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I ve just been handed a gateway up MX6124 Gateway won't power lights - no mx that Gateway MX6124 won't power up - no lights quot works fine just needs a charger quot You ve heard that one before right I m getting the v output at the correct polarity on the charger via meter but do not get any indicator lights on the unit when I plug it in I also get no response from the power button no surprise since no lights which I presume means no power to the boards All that to ask is the power supply connection easy to access I ve done it before on a Dell but it was a task is it replaceable or serviceable Maybe the better would be is it a separate power board or is it wired to big mama like the dell Still repairable but a little tricky to solder on the main is this machine even worth the time effort the specs look like it may be adequate for light browsing email access and like that but first hand knowledge would be appreciated Thanks for any reply you may have for me JTW nbsp

A:Gateway MX6124 won't power up - no lights

Hi this was all I could find hope it is of some help
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One of our Revolve 810 G1 systems will not boot. The light next to where the power cord plugs into the back of the unit flashes white and amber, and the light on the power button [which is a slider switch on the side] stays solid white as soon as the unit is plugged in, and the lights won't turn off until you unplug the power source. Otherwise, nothing will appear on the display and nothing happens. By way of troubleshooting, I have tried using it both with and without a battery, I have tried using an external monitor, holding the Windows button + B while powering on and also reseated the memory. Nothing worked. The unit was recently upgraded to Windows 10, but this definitely seems like a hardware issue. I'm guessing motherboard. Any other ideas? It is not under warranty.
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Last week, my T450 went completely dead - no power lights whatsoever, whether I changed outlets or batteries.I now have a replacement T460, and literally within a week it too has gone dead. Another laptop that was charging on the same power strip is fine. Same problem - no power light whatsoever. I've switched out batteries and power cables, I've tried holding the power button for 30 seconds with no adapter/battery. It seems unlikely to be a coincidence...

A:T450 and T460 won't power on (no lights)

Did you already try to insert the end of a straightened paper clip into the emergency reset hole on the bottom of the T460 after removing the AC adapter and the external battery?
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Hi,Need your expert help! My HP TouchSmart 600 won't power on. The lights at the bottom of the desktop are flashing green. It worked fine the day before. Is it the mother board? Or a power supply issue?
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I have a Precision m3800 which, upon pressing the power button, only lights up the button for a few seconds before turning  again.
would it be a hardware issue other than the motherboard?
really need help with this.
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My Lenovo Thinkpad T450s will not power on. It has been charging overnight after being on hiatus for a month but does not seem to be responding. (I've also tried a different charger.) The power button green light and the red light on the cover above the "i" have been unresponsive and will not light up. I have tried...Unplugging and taking out battery and then holding power button for 30 seconds.I've tried utilizing the reset button on he underside of the laptop. HELP?!?!?!?
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My hp15 won't power on. There are no lights to indicate power going to computer. I have done the discharge static route.  It was working but I shut down and now it won't turn back on. Please help. My austic son needs for home schooling.
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A couple of days ago my laptop decided not to charge nbsp I or 450 any not lights... ProBook up, have will G2 charge, power keep it in one spot and haven't unplugged it for a few months and it's run fine nbsp I was busy with work so I wasn't able to give this the attention it needed before all the power drained nbsp The hardware is stock I have not gotten a new battery or new charger nbsp I have made sure that the outlet I'm using functions nbsp Since it's used so little gently physical damage ProBook 450 G2 will not charge, power up, or have any lights... seems extremely unlikely nbsp Now whenever I try to plug it in and turn it on no lights or anything nbsp Occasionally a light will flash and I can get it to try to boot but it'll power down shortly after the System Recovery screen nbsp A couple nights ago I managed to get it to boot and could watch Netflix but sometime later it powered down again nbsp I removed the battery and plugged the charger back in there was a flash of light and ProBook 450 G2 will not charge, power up, or have any lights... I made it as far as the System Recovery screen again but to no avail nbsp Now trying ProBook 450 G2 will not charge, power up, or have any lights... to boot with or without battery or plugging the charger in with or without battery does nothing nbsp I have attempted a hard reset as described here still no lights and unable to power up to BIOS
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I have a PC that im am getting no power to what so ever however there is a green light on the Motherboard. I took the Powersupply out of a working PC and swapped them and got the same results. Please someone have had this before and founda cure, i really need the computer up and running.

Thanks for any help

A:No Power to PC but green LED lights up on Motherboard

Thanks for quick reply, i do appreciate it. ok now for a stupid question, how do i determin the motherboard type so i can search for a new 1, i know it is an intergrated 1 but thats about it
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I have a Compag Presario SR5010NX using Windows Vista Home Basic.

The computer has been working for over a year with no problem. The problem: Recently when I pressed the On switch, the lights on the Keyboard turn on and then turned off (this is normal for the keyboard). The power supply sent power to all three fans in the computer. But the computer appears to be hibernating or be dead. The switch light on the front panel does not come on. The LCD monitor gets no signal (the light stays amber) etc. I turned the computer on and off several times over a period of several days. I even took the battery out and left it out for several minutes as I think the computer is hibernating and wanted to restore it to ts default state. I also tried pressing the following keys Ctrl+Alt+F7 all to no avail.
Can anyone tell me what to do?

A:Compag Presario Has Power But All Lights Are Off

You may want to open the case and Look for a BIOS Jumper. These are small connectors for special features to work, usually black or blue.

Your computer may have a recovery option by moving this jumper around, or taking it off for a single Boot up. If this fixes the issue you want to
remember how to put it back where it was.

BTW make sure the power is OFF before you try this.

Another option would to use a different power supply, one that you know to work.
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Hi, I have a WRT54G (no version number, so I am assuming 1?). After a power outage, when the electricity came back on, the power and diagnostic LEDs on the router kept flashing and I can't get internet access. If I hook the cable modem directly to my PC, I get a connection and can get on the internet. Once I hook the modem to the router and the router to the PC. I am completely out...can't get on the internet at all, the cable modem's activity light is off, and the flashing lights in back of the ethernet cable are also off. Linksys tech support says our router is dead and it is beyond warranty. Is there anyway to fix this? If not, what router will you suggest (note: a new model must work with my
WPC54G v2. Thanks.

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My laptop doesn't power up on the monitor but lights on the keyboard then it shuts down after a short time

A:my laptop is not powering up the power button lights but the...

It sounds like a hardware issue.Try to take a look at the caps lock light on the PC keyboard.If this light blinks ina pattern. Check what kind of patter it is.for e.g., 2 flashes, 3 flashes, 4 flashes, 5 flashes and so on.
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hope some one can help, i have a Toshiba Saterllite A30, was working fine, turned it off to go to bed :zzz: powered up a few days later and nothing, all that happens is all the lights along the front of the laptop flash on and off, i have had my A/C tested and all seams ok, i have taken out the battery but still no joy, im worried it could be the motherboard? hope some one can help? ?

many thanks
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This happened the end of last week sometime I was using the computer shut it LED, led, Power else for all but lights cable ethernet motherboard nothing on down then the next morning I hit the power button but all that came on was the LED on the power button the LED on the motherboard and the indicator lights for the ethernet all were on but nothing else I initially figured a power supply problem so I got the old power supply I had for my system and put it in also I took out the video card I had to Power led, motherboard LED, lights for ethernet cable all on but nothing else pull it out because my old power supply isn t big enough to power it The computer powered up but had a message about a bad Power led, motherboard LED, lights for ethernet cable all on but nothing else CMOS I hard booted the comp and it came up normally with everything working right I had ordered a new power supply and got it today but when I put it in I got the exact same results that I was originally having problems with I tried replacing the little coin battery on the motherboard I didn t think it was a problem but I couldn t think of anything else to try I m beginning to think it s something with my motherboard but it comes up fine with the original power supply I had for the system W The other power supply and the new one I ordered were both W Does anyone know of some diagnostic tools that I can use to test some different hardware or can you point me in the right direction as to what is causing the problems nbsp

A:Power led, motherboard LED, lights for ethernet cable all on but nothing else
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Hello everyone I'm currently working on a friend's Dell Inspiron R- running Windows The LEDs on the front Status Loading Battery WiFi are all off even when battery is installed and AC adapter is plugged in I've checked his AC Adapter with a multimeter and it shows it's giving off the correct amount of power I've also tried a working charger from another computer and it's still not being recognized I did a bit of troubleshooting before taking it apart thinking it would be the laptop's DC Jack so I went and replaced that only to find it - Power Inspiron 17R-5720: Lights No No Dell still is acting up I even tried to take the battery out and plug it in just with the AC Adapter but no luck Now I did get it to power up once with the battery installed for a few seconds with the message quot this battery is temporarily disabled quot as shown in this thread I powered it down but it refuses to power back up again I don't want to say it's a bad motherboard but that's what I'm starting to believe it is Has anyone else experienced this before Thanks

A:Dell Inspiron 17R-5720: No Power - No Lights

Did you try with AC adapter only (battery back removed), I have run into few laptops that would not start with bad battery. ?
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So I might have an issue with my Y50 laptop, and I'm not sure what's going on.
Recently I've noticed that I periodically will have flashing lights when I'm on my computer. The power button and power light will blink a white colour, while the battery light will blink an orange colour. These do this at full battery, half, AC power or not, etc. The laptop also runs and works perfectly fine, it just flashes randomly while I'm doing work. I know the indicator lights and show a few things, but they don't seem to match the issue I'm having. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue.
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I have a Pavilion DV9700, service tag dv9925r. When I turn the power on, the power light and the led's across the top flash, I can hear the fan and drive spinning, but the screen stays black and after a second or two the lights go out, but then continue to flash on then off. When on, I can hear the fan running. What I've tried; Hooked up external monitor, still no displayRemoved and reseated memory and hard drive, no good.Tried hard reset, no good.I put in another hard drive just to see if the drive was failing but no difference. There are no audible beeps at all. It just doesn't seem to be going through post. Is the laptop dead?
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Hi!My laptop was switched off by shut down option. I tried switching it back on this morning and it can't. The battery was fully charged and power unplugged when I turned it off yesterday. This morning, the power indicator doesn't even come on when I plug in the charger.What can be the problem and what shd be done? Thanks
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Hi, I've got a Fujitsu Lifebook AH531 which won't boot up. No charging lights when plugged in either with or without the battery in the laptop. I have tried different power sockets. I can hear a tiny tiny high pitched noise coming from the charging pack, although I am very sensitive to noise and can often hear these coming from my chargers. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
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I have an Inspiron 1545 circa 3 years of age.  This morning it did not power on, at all.  The battery life is great in that it doesn't need to be constantly plugged into a charger and it always switches on (except this time).  I connected it to the mains however, and still nothing.  Not even the light to indicate that it's plugged into the mains came on. I'm confident it's nothing to do with the charger or mains.

I'm just confused how I was using it 9 hours prior without any problems, shut it down and went to bed and then this morning it's dead, completely dead.  Can anyone offer any assistance please??

Thanks in advance.

A:Inspiron 1545. No power at all, no lights, nada

Hi ak47bwood,
Welcome to the Community,
Try to release flea power and see if that helps.To release flea power disconnect the charger,remove the battery and press and hold down the power button for 30 seconds(with battery and charger disconnected).Now put back the battery and reconnect the charger  and turn on the system.
If this does not work,would like to ask you few question to find out the problem.
Does the charger light ( light on the charger brick) come on when its plugged in to the main power outlet?
Have you tried different power outlet?
If the charger light comes on,does it stay on when its plugged in to the system?
What is the status of the light on the power button of the system?
Please post back for further help.
Thank You,
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My laptop wont power on at all.
No charge light.
No light when power is pressed.

Was working fine yesterday.
Have tried battery and charger from identical working laptop to no avail.

Any ideas? I can usually fix laptops etc but if it wont power on at all I'm lost.

A:Dell Latitude E6520 won't power up (no lights at all)

Did you try removing the battery and AC adapter and holding down the power button for 30 seconds. Then re-installing the battery and try booting again?
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My SATELLITE NB10T-A-102 has stopped working a whole 9 days after its (1 year) warranty ran out. Its been a great machine (until now), its seen very little ware, its not been carried about much (mostly just stays at home). I tried to power it up on Sunday morning and nothings happening, no lights on the front then it seemed to want to do something (like it was squeezing the last of the juice out of the battery) but then nothing. I have checked the PSU with a multimeter and its delivering 19v which is correct but there is no (amber i think) charging light on the front of the machine. Iv tried taking the battery out and discharging any static but nothing seems to be working.

Any ideas? Pretty disappointing if its totally given up after a year of light use.

A:Satellite NB10T-A-102 wont power up - no lights

If the power LED isnt lighting up when the AC is plugged in, its most likely a Mainboard problem.
ASP can repair it
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I have a HP pavillion dv2000 that will not boot up. When i turn on, all the leds light up but there is no sound of the fan starting.......................could this be a mobo problem??????? Please help............
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Hey guys,
I just came back from college and my computer has been packed away in the closet for over 3 months. I plugged everything in today, and upon pressing the power button, the fans spin up and stay on, but the computer doesn't do anything more.
On the back of the computer, a red light that says CLR CMOS is on. The power LED's in the front are not on.

Also, it's an ASrock p67 extreme 4 mobo
Looking inside, their is a code that is displayed on the mobo "A3" and the Power and Reset lights are also lit up

Any help would be appreciated!

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Hi there:

My satellite A300 fell from my desk. It was disconected.
Few hours later i wanted to turn it on but when i plug the ac cable the lights that normally comes on doesnt work.
Ive opened it to check if there was anything broken but it seems all good.
What can i do?

My battery is dead so i cant do anything with it.

A:Satellite A300 - no power lights and doesnt turn on

on this virtual way it is not easy to say what is wrong there but if there is no reaction and DC led is also not on I presume there is some problem with power supply electronic placed on the mainboard.

Visually everything can be OK but some connectors are probably damaged.
Repair (mainboard exchange) is pretty expensive so I think you should sell it on eBay and obtain other machine.

Satellite A300 is nice machine and you can get another used A300 on eBay for about 100- 150 Euros.
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Some time ago the PC gave the same problem It wouldn t turn on When I nothing but PC power lights -- shows off button on won't with turns turn pressed the button it turned on but showed nothing I had replaced the CPU and that seemed to work I didn t use the PC that much rarely you know But now after some time it gives the same problem It turns on the front light is on it makes the normal noise the PC turns on lights but shows nothing -- won't turn off with power button pc makes when it s turned on but if I try to shut it down by holding the power button it just doesn t work So again I tried replacing the CPU and it worked again I kept it all day working just to be sure and sometimes I would restart it and it would work again No problems at all So I turned it off at night and next morning it just would make the same problem So I tried replacing the PSU And it worked again Now while I had the PC with the new PSU I tried to insert the old CPU and again it would turn on So I bought a new PSU and installed it The same PC turns on lights but shows nothing -- won't turn off with power button thing tried restarting too and it would work But this morning the same problem happened I also tried another CPU today and PC turns on lights but shows nothing -- won't turn off with power button yet no signs of working I don t know now what to think nbsp

A:PC turns on lights but shows nothing -- won't turn off with power button

The motherboard is most likely bad now... CPU's rarely fail. I wonder why you have had to change so many
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I have one of the newer model Dell Inspirion laptops. How do I turn off the light that accompanies the power button and the charge light on the front. I'm able to turn off my backlit keyboard, but these two other lights are quite bright and annoying when I'm trying to play movies in a dark room. 

A:Laptop lights (power/charging) - Dell Inspiron

What is the exact system model?
The power led and the leds on front are also used as diagnostic indicators. If there is any hardware issue on the machine, these leds help isolate the source of the issue. Hence, there is no way to disable the leds from turning on, as they would be connected to a cable soldered to the motherboard.
Download the service manual / specifications for a better understanding of the machine - - enter the service tag and download it from the Manual section.
Write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.
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Acer Aspire usually will not charge nbsp If I use the battery with no mains supply then it works correctly I can boot into either the Windows Vista or the Ubuntu operating system installed on the computer nbsp When I connect the mains supply the Power Supply flashes orange and the Computer On light flashes green both synchronised and continually flashing at about one flash per second The battery is not charging The battery monitor shows a steadily diminishing charge and the Power Supply remains cold nbsp If I unplug the power supply then the Computer On light is continuous green and the computer works ok nbsp If I re-connect the power supply then both lights flash again nbsp The battery is showing over charged nbsp The on Power 7520 flashi... Aspire & Computer lights both open-circuit output of the Power Supply measured on a digital voltmeter is the expected to volts nbsp Sometimes it all works correctly the lights do not flash and I can continue as normal Most times it fails nbsp I have removed the battery and held the On button down for seconds several times to no avail nbsp The Power Supply seems to be working correctly the battery seems to be partially charged nbsp Why are both the Power Supply and the Computer On lights flashing

A:Aspire 7520 Power & Computer on lights both flashi...

Hello, Sometimes it all works correctly, the lights do not flash, and I can continue as normal, Most times it fails. Did you straighten lightly the contact springs of the DC-IN socket (laptop side)?
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Acer Aspire usually will not charge nbsp If I use the battery 7520 Computer & both on Aspire lights flashi... Power with no mains Aspire 7520 Power & Computer on lights both flashi... supply then it works correctly I can boot into either the Windows Vista or the Ubuntu operating system installed on the computer nbsp When I connect the mains supply the Aspire 7520 Power & Computer on lights both flashi... Power Supply flashes orange and the Computer On light flashes green both synchronised and continually flashing at about one flash per second The battery is not charging The battery monitor shows a steadily diminishing charge and the Power Supply remains cold nbsp If I unplug the power supply then the Computer On light is continuous green and the computer works ok nbsp If I re-connect the power supply then both lights flash again nbsp The battery is showing Aspire 7520 Power & Computer on lights both flashi... over charged nbsp The open-circuit output of the Power Supply measured on a digital voltmeter is the expected to volts nbsp Sometimes it all works correctly the lights do not flash and I can continue as normal Most times it fails nbsp I have removed the battery and held the On button down for seconds several times to no avail nbsp The Power Supply seems to be working correctly the battery seems to be partially charged nbsp Why are both the Power Supply and the Computer On lights flashing

A:Aspire 7520 Power & Computer on lights both flashi...

Hello, Sometimes it all works correctly, the lights do not flash, and I can continue as normal, Most times it fails. Did you straighten lightly the contact springs of the DC-IN socket (laptop side)?
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My laptop was fine one moment, but when I returned to it the screen was black and wouldn't turn on. I checked power adaptor and it is definitely working and the green light is lit. I even tried another power cord to no avail. I took batter out & put back in and still wouldn't start. I took battery out, unplugged cord, held down power button for at least 30 seconds then put battery back on and reconnected power supply but still won't power on. I tried powering on without the battery in with power cord attached and still nothing.
When battery is in and you first plug in power cord the light for the power indicator blinks blue then the light for the battery charge blinks then nothing else.
Anyone have any idea of what could be the problem? I need a place to start. What do I start by testing or replacing?? Please help thanks!

A:E4310 won't turn on. Battery and power lights blink once

Hi Rodeoqueen13,
I would suggest you reseat a few components, like memory, hard drive and optical drive and see if that makes a difference. In the link below punch in the system service tag or express service code and you can access the user manual for removing and reseating components. Please let me know if this helps.
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I don't know if anyone can help but about 2 weeks ago my laptop died, just powered off.
There are NO lights at all and NOTHING happens when the "power on" button is pressed.

There is 19.42 volts, measured on the mother board, from the power adapter.
I've replaced both the battery and the mother board and it remains dead.

I've removed both discs and the memory and optical drive - still dead.

Any help to restore this great laptop would be appreciated

Thanks Ray - aka mihd

A:Satellite X200 PSPBUA - No power, no lights, dead!

> I've replaced both the battery and the mother board and it remains dead.

Are you sure that the new motherboard is ok?
There are no many parts which could be affected: motherboard, CPU or RAM?
If one of these parts would be faulty, the notebook would not power on.
But usually the power indicator should flashes even if the CPU or memory would malfunctions.

So in my opinion it motherboard issue but who knows? without an hardware check nobody can say exactly what could be wrong here.!
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Hello all I recently had a networking issue solved by this fine forum and my computer woes have not abandoned me My netbook ASUS EPC ish XP SP last night turned itself off suddenly with a relatively loud crack type noise - bit like a spark It now will not turn on at all No lights even when off and charging No boot at all I have unplugged the battery and held down the power button to try and rid it of Netbook no odd power no boot, dead - noises lights, static Netbook dead - no lights, no boot, odd power noises No luck The only clue I have is that when I have the AC plugged in the light on the AC adapter flashes on and off very fast and from the area the power port on the netbook itself comes an odd rapid clicking noise I suspect it s a short circuit somewhere in the system but I am not sure Anyone had any experience of a similar problem who can offer their expertise The netbook fan seemed to be working fine and whilst it got warm I never let it get hot and indeed Netbook dead - no lights, no boot, odd power noises have Netbook dead - no lights, no boot, odd power noises had issues with overheating Many thanks nbsp

A:Netbook dead - no lights, no boot, odd power noises

My guess and it is only a guess is that the pw supply on the mb failed. With the price of netbooks so cheap, even if it were repairable, it makes no sense to spend the money to fix it when a replacement would cost less than the cost of repair.
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ASUS Rampage Formula motherboard
Intel Quad 2 Core CPU
ATI 4870X2 GPU
8GB RAM (2GB x 4)
750 watt PSU

The computer is 6 years old at this age, I built it myself and have only replaced the HDD once a few years ago.
For the past year, the date and time would reset if the PC wall switch is off. Obviously a weak CMOS battery, but I ignored this.

Yesterday it would not power on. The motherboard lights (power and reset) light up, but even pressing the motherboard power button does nothing.

I have reseated all RAM sticks; no effect. I have replaced the CMOS battery (which was a hassle considering I had to remove the GPU first); no effect.

Please help. Thank you in advance.

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I cannot get nbsp an OptiPlex Mini Tower to power on It had been running fairly continuously in an office environment on a APC battery backup surge protector until it failed Monday morning no Tower exterior Mini 755 won't OptiPlex power on, lights Then there was some orange light that was flashing or continuous When the computer was turned off it would not come on again OptiPlex 755 Mini Tower won't power on, no exterior lights Sorry for the vagueness but this is second-hand information I found a fair amount of dust inside but I ve seen far worse on computers When I push the power button I get no change no light in the power button no diagnostic lights no sounds no OptiPlex 755 Mini Tower won't power on, no exterior lights fan movement When I connect it to power the quot AUX LED quot light on the motherboard comes on a solid nbsp yellow amber so the PSU is putting out something Is this likely to be a PSU problem Is there some way to pin it down other than buying a replacement PSU Thanks for any help Joe M
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My Optiplex 780
- will not post
- will not beep
- will not output any video

When I push the power button, 
- Diagnostic lights 1 & 4 flash
- Power button is of solid amber

When I turn the computer off:
- if I press the Power Supply test button, it illuminates green
If I disconnect the power cable
- A tiny LED on the circuit board (next to AUX PWR label) stays amber for a minute or two.

Diagnostic lights 1 & 4 are not documented in the Dell manual. I have tried to disconnect all peripherals, all drives, all cards, even all RAM, still no POST no beep, no video: just the fan running, and diagnostic lights flashing.

Any hope for this computer? 

A:Optiplex 780 diagnostic lights 1 & 4 with solid amber power light

Thanks for writing to us. 
Diagnostics led 1 & 4 indicate power connector faulty. Please reseat the PSU connector if not yet done. 
If issue still the same, then consider replacing the PSU . Sometimes the PSU connector on the motherboard to be faulty. 
Do let us know how it goes post reseating the PSU connector.
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Been a long time since I ve been around here but I ve gotten help here in the past so hopefully you guys can shed some light on my issue I m a little stumped and a little frustrated on this one Basically nothing happens when I hit the power button on my computer except that for just an instant the fan lights and everything comes on but then nothing Hitting the power button again immediately will do nothing at all until I unplug and replug the and Computer lights Solved: power an fans won't instant flash up, for power cable This all started a few weeks ago when my computer just shut itself off randomly After that happened the first time it did come back up and the first thing I checked was CPU temp which looked OK It shut itself down again soon after booting it and never came back up again after that Here s what I ve tried so far Like I said this happened a few weeks ago and the reason it has been so long is because I sent my motherboard out for an RMA because I thought I determined that to be the root of the problem Well I got the replacement mobo today hooked Solved: Computer won't power up, lights and fans flash for an instant everything all excited and ready to go hit the power button same damn problem Hence my frustration The reason I didn t think - and still don t really think - it s the power supply is because I have a pretty good quality power supply tester has an LCD screen and everything and when I hook the PSU up to the tester it powers up just fine and shows proper voltages for the v and v lines as well as the graphics card power cords I ve tried little things like different power cables different wall outlets thinking my battery backup is faulty its not everything else plugged into it works fine tried each stick of RAM by itself tried taking out unnecessary peripherals cards hard drives etc So now I m stumped I guess my real questions are is it possible to have a bad PSU that tests out fine I don t have another power supply to test with unfortunately but I need to try and get my hands on one before I submit an RMA for that Would a bad CPU prevent the computer from powering up like this I don t think I ve ever dealt with a bad CPU but I would assume the computer would at least power up and throw blue screens or something if it was indeed a bad CPU Man that turned out to be a lengthy post Sorry about that Here s my system Intel core i ASUS P X D-E Corsair w power supply Corsair gb ddr eVGA GTX lots of hard drives lots of fans Any advice would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Solved: Computer won't power up, lights and fans flash for an instant
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Problem description I built my turn - power, Computer POST, off can't keyboard flashing lights computer in January When it is turned on there is a blue light on the front panel next to Computer can't POST, turn off - flashing power, keyboard lights the power button that burns Computer can't POST, turn off - flashing power, keyboard lights steadily Computer can't POST, turn off - flashing power, keyboard lights Case is from Cooler Master Most nights I turn my computer off when I go to bed Sometimes though I don t and leave it running all night The longest I ve ever had it on non-stop is probably about hours After about minutes my monitor goes on standby and switches off It wakes up and returns to desktop when I press a button or move the mouse Last night I kept it on It had been off the previous night so it was probably now running for about hours When I returned to it this morning I moved the mouse and pressed some buttons and nothing happened I tried turning the monitor on and off but it remained on standby So I decided to restart the computer I pressed the restart button on the front panel but nothing happened I held down the main power button for seconds and nothing happened At this point I noticed that the blue light was flashing instead of steadily burning The only way I could turn it off was by turning off the psu power button at the back I can not get the POST screen to appear In summary I can not get my computer to boot up when I turn it on I can only turn it off by disconnecting the power When I press the power button the blue light flashes and the numlock capslock and third light on my keyboard flash as well The monitor does not turn on and there are no beeps emitted by the machine The DVD tray does not respond to the eject button The only thing that occurs are that the psu fan graphics card fan processor fan and case fan all engage but the volume of the noise they make pulsates in rhythm to the flashing lights The fan for the graphics card takes a while to get going stopping a couple of times at first Additionally a green LED on the bottom right hand of the mobo labled SB PWR lights up whenever the psu power switch is turned on Attempted fixes Cleaned dust out of the internal components and double checked all connectors are secure Removed the power cord and pressed the power button for seconds Exchanged the external power cord and internal power cord for the graphics card with spare ones Unplugged all hardware and disconnected all components from the mobo apart from graphics card psu and monitor Removed RAM sticks cleaned slots and swapped them around tried only using RAM stick Removed the mobo from from the case and repeated Removied the CMOS battery from the board and used the reset jumpers to clear the BIOS settings All to no avail Exact same problem persists Recent changes The only change I made the day before the computer stopped functioning was that I accessed msconfig and stopped it from disabling any startup processes by selecting Enable All I restarted the computer It worked fine -- Specs Operating system Windows XP Home -bit System specs Processor Intel Core Duo E Motherboard Asus P B Graphics card Nvidia XFX GeForce GTS Memory x elixir GB Power supply Cooler Master Real Power M Total output W Hard drive Seagate Barracuda GB I have read the No POST tutorial Googling the problem has led me to suspect that my psu might be broken somehow but otherwise I have no clue how to test it Could anyone give me some advice for what to do next nbsp

A:Computer can't POST, turn off - flashing power, keyboard lights

Do you have a multimeter or a friend that does so you can test the power supply?
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My old precision M6500 was turned on then it shutdown without any warnings.
My battery was dead since a while ago, the battery light was blinking all the time but I did not care about using the battery.
Now if I press the power button the battery light above the keyboard and on the left side rapidly blink orange for about 2-3 seconds.
If I remove the battery and press the power button it does the same.
I tried removing the battery and pressing the power button for 30 seconds without battery. Then I pugged the power cord and pressed the power button but still the same blinking.
Is there a way to force it on or is completely dead?

A:Precision M6500 blinking lights when pressing power button

Try another adapter if possible.
Download the service manual here -
Disconnect the adapter and battery and press and hold the power button to release any static power.
Remove and reseat the memory modules and check if the system powers on only with the adapter connected.
Disconnect the HDD / ODD and check.
As a last resort, remove and reseat the CMOS battery and check if the system powers on.
If nothing works, then I would suspect a failing motherboard.
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.
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Hello Forum Summary Weird burning smell for or boots -- gt Doesn t turn on no sounds or lights from comp -- gt replaced power supply -- gt worked for a few boots replaced lights, Solved: no Won't Turn power Computer on, supply -- gt back to completely nonresponsive state mins later details follow I do not know the system specs and I can t find them out without posting this issue at this Solved: Computer Won't Turn on, no lights, replaced power supply time It may not be that necessary to know the details but I can find out soon if necessary Let s just say it is NOT a new computer - the motherboard is large - I could tell you the model in a later post - the processor is x GHz something like MB RAM I have HDs I am running Win XP Old Power supply Was pretty old up to years old but maybe a few years younger or W I haven t seen the computer much for years since I started using and it was upgraded in the meantime One day I turned on my computer and shortly afterwards the room started smelling like burning metal rubber or something acridly foul Opened the case and nothing seemed to be boiling or noticeably hot though I didn t really touch around The only thing that was reasonably warm was the P S I thought I noticed the smell coming from it but it was only slightly smellier in that area at most Didn t add anything special or change anything in comp recently beforehand Played loud music on in the night before but the speakers have their own power supply So I decided to replace the P S - I purchased an hec HP D W ATX V Power Supply says something like ORION on the actual P S label It is a generic brand it seems and cheap limited budget and figured no reason to spend a lot on P S for this comp So I replaced the power supply and connected everything and it worked My friend helped me connect the power supply and said it didn t really matter what I connected to which cable The first few boots there were some error messages that the floppy drive was not recognized even though it was hooked up The system booted once in spite of the startup message but then I would get to the blue WinXP background and freeze startup would freeze The message disappeared after completely disconnecting power and mboard connection the floppy and the computer booted up and I got into Windows once or twice perfectly fine THEN I tried to boot the computer again after about min and it didn t budge Since then nothing has worked I have nothing connected but a keyboard and monitor ABSOLUTELY NO SOUNDS OR LIGHTS following these steps Unplugging flipping P S switch both pressing down power button - secs plugging back in Unplugged flipped voltage switch back and forth pressing power down plug in and turn on Unplugged drained power repeat MBOARD power connection try again Unplugged grounded hands Removed memory cards drain power plug in -- gt NOTHING AT ALL Replaced memory cards unplugged both power amp data connections from everything except the power to MBOARD from P S plugged in power cord -- gt NOTHING The only things I haven t tried that I have read about Another power cord this one seemed to work for those few recent boots Removing all nonessential PCI devices and reseting BIOS Does anyone have any ideas Thanks Michael nbsp

A:Solved: Computer Won't Turn on, no lights, replaced power supply

It's extremely likey that when your PSU blew it damaged your mobo as well. If you have removed and replaced everything else and nothing works then it's either your mobo or cpu. In this case it's likely your mobo.
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I have a custom built Pentium 4 system with an Asus P4P800 mother board. Presently running windows XP Professional. The system has been solid for years except for just recently. After doing a shut down the power, hard disk and card reader lights flicker. Also there is a noticeable clicking noise from the modem and speakers corresponding to the flickering lights. Sometimes power supply fan runs for awhile and the flickering lights gradually subside. Also the flickering lights will come back again later on there own, without doing anything to the computer. Sometimes after shut down the lights keep on flickering along with the clicking noise. The only way to shut it off is with power switch in back. I suspect either the mother board or the power supply. Any suggestions on what it could be?
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My Levono ideapad Y700 no longer turns on when I press the power button. The power light turns on and the keyboard backlight turns on when I press buttons on the keyboard, but the screen remains black no matter what I do. Also the small lights on the front of the laptop light up (ones next to the power light and the battery light). Please advise on solution. Thank you.

A:Y700 Laptop Power Button Lights Up but Black Scree...

Thats a power issue, simply "Hard Reset"  by removing the power cable from the laptop and then press and hold the power button for more than 20 seconds. Then wait a few seconds and turn it on simply! If it doesn't work, do it 2-3 times, for me it worked the 3rd time.After that, go to a service centre cuz then it might be a hardware issue!
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Basically, I bought a new Thermaltake case and the front panel wires (5) are labeled power sw, reset sw, HDD led, power led +, and power led -. On many motherboards the connectors on the mobo are conveniently labeled to make attaching them a breeze. Unfortunately, this is not the case on the mobo that came with my Dell inspiron i purchased last year. It is labeled LEDH1 and has no hints in the Dell manual as to what is what.  This is driving me crazy.
The mobo DPN is 088DT1 but I can't find its manual.
Here's a picture of closeups of my mobo connectors, and my case connection cables.
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I can't find the answer to this anywhere and I am not sure this is the right forum..but..I have a Toshiba notebook that has been giving me problems and worsening.

I push the power button and it lights and nothing screen. I push it again to turn it off, then I am constantly pushing the button on and off. After about ten minutes it will go right into the normal boot mode. Not sure why it is taking longer to get into this normal boot mode I have windows 7 and I have a Toshiba Satelite T 115-S1100. I would be so grateful for any help. Thanks.
Mike in St. Louis

A:Power button lights, but laptop does screen, no boot
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My machine runs as normal, all the fans are working. My PSU and Video Card is quite new, I upgraded them over a year ago. No problems since today my computer wont boot up.

My moniter is blank, there is no light on the keyboard, so Im assuming it has something to do with the MOBO. But the there is a GREEN LIGHT on in the MOBO

Already tried unplugging the Jumpers, the CMOS battery, RAM, the 4pin and 24pin connectors. Holding the Power button for 30-60 secs(with Power cord off)

I tried everything I could think of.

Any help Folks?

CPU: Intel? Core?2 Quad Processor Q9400 at 2.66 GHz
GPU: GTX 760 4GB DirectCU II
Memory RAM: 6GB
OS: Windows 7 64-bit
PSU: Corsair CX750M

A:No LED lights on Power button, PC wont boot.Fans working and MOBO

Have you tried having different Ram setups like only having 4GB?
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I shut down my Pavilion Elite for 1 week while away and now it will not turn on. The power supply light is on, I replaced the CMOS battery and the power switch is ok.

A:Pavilion elite power supply light on, won't power up

As you did not mention any message or display on the screen, I would use this tutorial for a step by step diagnostic.  It also helps to remove the side panel, and visually watch the CPU and rear case fan movement(s).  As you press the power button, pay attention to the fans. Also does the Power Supply LED stay ON? Or did it go OUT when you pressed the power button?
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I bought my laptop in I believe late There is ac no power, HP - power problem batte... Pavilion no dv7-4180us a small possibility it was late but I am inclined to think it was Anyway my laptop recently went on the fritz nbsp Two days ago I HP Pavilion dv7-4180us power problem - no ac power, no batte... left it on while I was out on errands It kept running much much hotter and louder than usual but I thought nothing of it Hours later I discovered that it had shut off which is unusual as I had left a few applications open that would keep it on I tried to turn it on nothing I noticed that the ac power light near the ac jack was red it should be white to show that the power cord was plugged in and charging the battery I searched a solution online turn off computer check unplug ac take out battery hold power button down for seconds plug battery and ac back in turn on computer It didn't work the first time but I did it for seconds and then it worked Everything looked fine and it was charging properly and the battery was working again I thought it was just one of those things that happens occasionally no big deal nbsp Last night it went out again Ran out of power shut down ac power light is red occasionally blinks white when it recognizes that it is charging again or whatever Tried the procedure described above again more than once but no dice I searched more solutions online All the solutions I found involved the computer being on such as doing a battery check My computer WILL NOT turn on I CAN'T do any solutions that require it to be on nbsp By my reckoning it's come down to two problems Either the battery is bad or the ac dock thing I'm not sure what to call it the thing inside the computer that you plug the power cord into maybe the input is not working I am fairly sure it is not the charger At this point I am inclined to believe it is the ac thing inside the laptop as I have taken out the battery and am just on ac power now but the laptop still will not turn on The ac power light is steadily white no blinking but it still won't turn on When I press the power button it turns on for just a moment then goes out and the steady white of the ac light turns off for a few seconds Then the ac light turns back on to steady white Still no power nbsp I don't know for sure what is wrong The charger the battery the ac input thing I don't know I will be visiting my computer fixit guy in a few hours but I would like to know what is wrong before then if possible I really appreciate any help nbsp P S This is the battery that came with the laptop so I wonder if it is not reaching the end of its life Also it's been very hot where I live as of late and more than a few times has my computer shut down due to heat I know this can really hurt a battery but I don't know if it would effectively kill it if the battery is even the problem Solved View Solution

A:HP Pavilion dv7-4180us power problem - no ac power, no batte...

My computer guy tells me this is a short caused by the motherboard. I am not sure why. He says the motherboard will have to be replaced.  My computer is almost three years old. It cost about $800 new. The motherboard will be about $150, "labor costs" almost another $100. So, in total, the fix would be 1/4th of the cost of laptop three years ago. The new question is whether that is worth it, and that's not even all that is wrong. The hinge is also displaced, a problem which apparently cannot be fixed. And I had to replace my hard drive about a year ago, because apparently it was "failing." In a two year old laptop. Thank you so much, employees of hp, for helping me with my problem. I hope my sarcasm is made clear enough. If and when I buy a new laptop, you can be sure it will not be an hp. I have had nothing but problems with every hp computer I've ever bought. I hate hp, and I say with all the power of my hatred, "Screw you."
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I bought this a couple of years ago from a local computer store. It's been very reliable and I run Ubuntu 16.04 Linux on it. This afternoon I had a power drop of a second or so and since then when trying to boot the issue in the subject happens. I can get to boot as usual by pressing the power supply test button which gives me a green light on the power supply and then pressing the power button will let it boot normally. I don't have any version of Windows installed so it's not possible to run any diagnostic unless there are some Linux based ones.
Thanks for any help

A:Dell Optiplex 780 MiniTower, power light flashes amber diagnostic lights 1 & 3 flash

Blinking Amber power: Initial state of light at power up. Indicates system has power, but the POWER_GOOD signal is not yet active. If the Hard Drive light is off, it is probable that the power supply needs to be replaced. If the Hard Drive light on, it is probable that an onboard regulator or VRM has failed. Look at the diagnostic lights for further information.
1+3:  Memory modules are detected, but a memory configuration or compatibility error has occurred.
You could try resetting BIOS to see if you can clear the error.

Reboot and press F2 to open BIOS setup
Copy down all current BIOS settings
Power off, unplug
Press/hold power button for ~15 sec
Open case and remove motherboard battery
Press/hold power button for ~30 sec
Reseat RAM modules in their slots
Reinstall battery- good time for new CR2032 coin cell, if this one is old
Close case and reboot

If that helps, go back into BIOS setup, and confirm that all settings match what you wrote down. Be sure to save any changes before exiting setup.
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We have the same problem with our dv7-3173nr.  We tried a new hp adapter and cord snd it is still not working.  We get the same white light near the plug but nothing else works.  No lights, fans, nothing.
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Hai..I have one uint HP Palilion TouchSmart 20 cannot Power ON. The indicator Led light at the Power Socket was light ON but when i press the power botton, the PC cannot boot up (no respond).. Should i submit a report case?? Please Help.. Model: HP Palilion TS 20-F218d AiO PC AllSerial Number: 3CR3290C6XPart Number: H5Y90AA Note: The warranty expierd Oct 2016
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sounds from hd like beginning to boot, but screen remains black. tried rescue disc, 95 windows floppy,
installed new memory, used wrist strap and problem started. reinstalled old memory problem remains.
hp pavilion 7125/windows 95/intel133mhz pent/48 mg ram 1620mbhd,cd rom will open/close lights up while hd is making noise then everything stops, exept scroll lock, num lock and sometimes caps lock lights stay on keyboard.
monitor is ok...connected it to son's computer and works fine.

A:screen blank, keyboard lights up,hd lights up, no light on floppy, no boot
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I have a Pavilion 500-424 that will not power up. There is a small black wire loose in the cabinet. I have not found where it may be unplugged from. I attempted to remove the DVD drive by removing 2screws and I cannot get it out of the bay. Does anyone where the small black wire with a gold head plugs into and what to do about no power on? No traditional power supply in cabinet . Powers off the small mother board.
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Bought the pavilion 23 i5 all in one none touch screen PC 3 days ago. I could not turn on the PC this morning. The white light at the back of the PC next to the power in socket is lighted.Please help

A:Pavilion 23 all in one PC won't power on

Hi Lcloo, Welcome to the HP Forums! I have read your post on not being able to power on your pavilion 23 desktop, and I would be happy to assist you! To begin, I will need to ask you a few questions: What is the Product and Model Number of your desktop computer?What version of Windows do you have installed on your computer?Is your computer plugged directly into a wall outlet or is it plugged into a power strip? In the meantime, please follow this document on Troubleshooting Power Supply Issues. This should help restore the power to your computer. Please re-post with the results of your troubleshooting, as well as the requested information. I look forward to your reply! Regards
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After several months of being powered down, I started up my laptop.    The system had Norton Tools running on it and it identified a virus in the download directory in a "setup.exe" file.  It said it was quarrentined.  The system was restarted a few times and then I  was attempting to load MS patches overnight.   In the morning the system was off.  Pressing the power button does nothing.     did my machine get "bricked"? thanks in advance for any useful guidance.   

A:My HP Pavilion won't power on

Hi @swimmer50,Thanks for reaching out to the forums! I understand that you are having issues starting up the computer since a virus was quarantined. I would be happy to help you.  It may have been the MS patch updates that caused this to happen since the virus was already quarantined. Try these steps to see if it will resolve the issue: Troubleshooting No LED Lights Glow During Startup or Boot.Computer Does Not Start and Emits an LED or Beep Code.If the issue is resolved and you appreciate my help, please click the "Accept as Solution" button and the "Thumbs Up". Let me know how you make out. Cheers!
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My HP pavillion was accidently unplugged about days ago while in sleep mode nbsp Now it won't power up up pavilion won't power nbsp It was not jarred or dropped nbsp I tried the initial steps of removing the batter and power code draining the power then hitting the on switch for seconds pavilion won't power up but nothing changed nbsp The screen goes 'white' the fan starts up but the LED lights on the CAP LOCK and NUM Lock keys don't come on nbsp The WiFi LED does turn on nbsp Then after about second pavilion won't power up the fan and the screen shut off and the WiFi light goes off nbsp This happens whether the battery is in or not nbsp The only USB plug I have in it is for the mouse but I removed it too nbsp This set of symptoms is not covered on the nbsp http support hp com us-en document c page which also doesn't cover Windows but I don't see how the OS would have anything to do with it