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Will I be able to run most modern games?

Q: Will I be able to run most modern games?

i was having a bit of lag in SWTOR beta (hopefully i wont on launch)
i can run skyrim on ultra fairly easy
my specs are the following:
Operating System: Windows Vista™ Home Premium (6.0, Build 6002) Service Pack 2 (6002.vistasp2_gdr.110617-0336)
Language: Danish (Regional Setting: Danish)
System Model: MS-7519
BIOS: Default System BIOS
Processor: I/T
Memory: 3070MB RAM
Page File: 4623MB used, 1735MB available
Windows Dir: C:\Windows
DirectX Version: DirectX 11
(i did this in dxdiag)

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Preferred Solution: Will I be able to run most modern games?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right topic to post it to, but I want to build a PC and I have chosen the parts.
I'd like to ask you how well would this pc run GTA V, FC 4, Fallout 4 etc on ULTRA settings with 144hz monitor?
There are the specs. All feedback is welcomed
If there is anything I should change or add please tell me.

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I don't play many games nowadays. Certainly not the newer ones as I tend to stick with games I've owned for years. One thing that concerns me is the size of install of the modern games. I've seen a couple of late that shocked me because they are 40-50 gb in size. That seems utter madness. Is that the norm nowadays? I was thinking of getting myself back into Steam but I don't fancy kicking off downloads that seem so large or even wasting such a large % of my hard drive to a single game.

A:Are most modern games always about 50 gb?

Hi Scotty,

It appears the games just keep getting larger in size with no end in sight. In fact, there are a few out there that are well over 100GB in size. However, you can still find some games that are relatively small in size but who wants to buy a game based on size?

Good luck,

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friends,my brother's pc is lacking in all necessary components required to run modern games ,presently he has a 2.4ghz p4,512mb of ram and a nvidia geforce 6200(256mb) agp card,he has agreed to upgrade only his video card to 7600gt agp,do u think he will be able to run games like oblivion and rainbow six vegas by this upgradation only?

A:will 7600gt alone be able to run modern games?

If he would add more ram maybe a chance. 512mb doesn't cut it anymore.
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This is my first post on this forum and I really hope that it can help me understand and get my new machine working with games such as Fallout F E A R Age of Empires III Perimeter and Wolfenstein To start I not modern HELP machine FRUSTRATED working get my Can with PLEASE games bought my desktop machine very recently Specs Q Quad Core GB DDR Ram TB HD ATI Radeon HD and I am booting a dual monitor system x inch LG monitors So these games when played will work perfectly for about minutes and then there are beginnings of sound stutter and then video and sound stutter eventually rendering the game useless to play After I quit the game my entire desktop is slow and lagging eg selection Can not get modern games working with my machine FRUSTRATED PLEASE HELP tool on desktop lags as well as mouse movements This lag dissappears after about minutes or doing a full restart I have looked at many different forums about this and I have done the following for others that may be having the same problems Updated directX there is a forum post about this already Ran in compatability mode Re-imaged drive installed vista codecs Update to SP came installed for me Updated BIOS Re-installed updated video driver Turned down graphics on games Disabled HD Audio re-enabled because it did not help my problem Installed and used ATI Catalyst Suite Please advise on anything that I might be missing

A:Can not get modern games working with my machine FRUSTRATED PLEASE HELP

Hi smallandlovable and welcome to Vista Forums

Have you checked the game manufacturers websites for any patches that are applicable for the games? Check the game forums as well to see if anyone else has had any similar issues and what they did to resolve them.
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Hi all.

My child very like to try new video games on MY computer.
vmware doesn't work...(((
Can you suggest to me a virtual machine for games?

PS I use Windows XP.

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I bought GTX 570 and found that my current CPU(intel X6800) cant handle it to its max, so i found Q9550 for a very good deal. Since i cant afford changing the entire motherboard that supports DDR3 RAM just for socket change, i intend to stick with LGA775 for a while and upgrade to Q9550 CPU.

In your opinion, how does this CPU handle modern gaming?


A:How is intel Q9550 handling modern games?

erm, anyone?
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GPU : GTX 750ti / 750 since this is a value oriented and energy efficient video card ( less fps but saves on power bills ).
Games : BF4 / far cry 4 and multiplayer titles.

A:Which cpu is overall better in value and fps results on modern games , i5 4460 or i5 4690k?

The I5 4690K would be better and should be able to be overclocked if u are interested in that.
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I've gotten BSOD when playing games and they happen on Modern games minutes into playing sometimes sooner I thought it was the drivers and updated as much as possible but still it does it I've run whocrash and it comes up with something to this effect below - Fri AM GMT your computer crashed crash dump file C WINDOWS Minidump - - dmp This was probably caused by the following module win kbase sys win kbase GreUnlockVisRgn x Bugcheck Crash as 4, Modern more games such 2016 Fallout and BSOD when in code x B xC xFFFFF EA CFE xFFFFD D F x Error SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION file path C WINDOWS system win kbase sys product Microsoft Windows Operating System company Microsoft Corporation description Base Win k Kernel Driver Bug check description This indicates that an exception happened while executing a routine that transitions from non-privileged code to privileged code This appears to be a typical software driver bug and is not likely to be caused by a hardware problem The crash took place in a standard Microsoft module Your system configuration may be incorrect Possibly this problem BSOD Crash when in Modern 2016 games such as Fallout 4, and more is caused by another driver on your system that cannot be identified at this time --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are more crashes but this is the most recent of the crashes I've tried to close out of teamviewer as I've heard that effects games I'm also using Steam for these games I tried SFC scan now test and memory diagnostic test and didn't find anything This isn't a temp issue as I've ran the game along with speccy and gpu teak and neither show that they are only running from deg C to about - deg C I cannot think of anything else at this moment I've tried reinstalling but it was to win as it did run with less crashing An when I updated back up to Win it didn't crash as much as it did previous Win to Win which was almost random So it has been fixed better than the previous installtion Thanks for any Help - Sean

A:BSOD Crash when in Modern 2016 games such as Fallout 4, and more

The 6/30 9:05PM dump points to xusb22.sys dated 10/30/2015. This belongs to the Microsoft Xbox 360 Common Controller for Windows Driver.
There is an updated driver 6/26/2016 from MS in the upcoming Redstone release scheduled for August 4th I believe.

I don't know if this driver is the actual cause of a problem as normally MS files are not. Usually something else is the actual culprit. In this case I wonder since the XBOX support is still fairly new. Also I don't see anything in any of the dumps I've looked at that point to anything else.

Nothing else useful in the dumps I looked at. Give Driver Verifier a try, see if that flushes out any driver problems:

Driver Verifier is a diagnostic tool built into Windows 10, it is designed to verify both native Microsoft drivers and third party drivers. Driver Verifier's verification process involves putting heavy stress on drivers with the intention of making bad, outdated, incompatible or misbehaving drivers fail. The required result is a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) which will generate a crash dump for debugging purposes.
Machines exposed to Driver Verifier will run very sluggishly due to the stress being applied to the drivers.

Driver Verifier - Enable and Disable in Windows 10

It is not advised to run Driver Verifier for more than 48 hours at a time. Disable Driver Verifier after 48 hours or after receiving a BSOD, whichever happens soonest.

Always create a Restore Point prior to enabling Driver Verifier.

What we're looking for is a BSOD with a mini dump that will tell us what driver caused it.
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Hello Windows wizards I've used this laptop for gaming years without issue but recently it will BSOD whenever I'm several minutes into more strenuous games ex Hearthstone and Youtube work Skyrim and Age of Wonders don't Previously I was able to play these same games for extended periods of Error Modern Laptop BSOD Games, While x116 Playing time without issue So far I've attempted to troubleshoot my issue with several recommendations posted in other threads memtest for my RAM passes w o issue HDD scan for my harddrive no problems and FurMark for my GPU no artifacts but it Laptop BSOD While Playing Modern Games, Error x116 heats up rapidly My leading guess is overheating but I still get BSOD after cleaning out my comp and reapplying thermal paste The resting GPU temp is now C I don't know how to log the temperature right before a BSOD The only other possibly relevant information I can think of is that I recently went months without internet access while deployed I may have missed some vital driver update or something may have been damaged while bouncing around during travel There's no rush to this request I'll only have an hour Laptop BSOD While Playing Modern Games, Error x116 so to check for updates each day and this will finally motivate me to finish my taxes Thanks for any advice you can provide and let me know if I left off any required information

A:Laptop BSOD While Playing Modern Games, Error x116

Hello The12thMan, welcome to the Forums. I will try to help you with this if I can. Am I correct in this Laptop has Optimus technology? What you seem to be getting is video TDR errors, which is very difficult to resolve. A TDR error (Time Delay and Recovery) basically means your drivers crashed and did not recover in the allotted time. This is what I found in your dumps

Attempt to reset the display driver and recover from timeout failed.
Arg1: fffffa8015b474e0, Optional pointer to internal TDR recovery context (TDR_RECOVERY_CONTEXT).
Arg2: fffff88006287f38, The pointer into responsible device driver module (e.g. owner tag).
Arg3: ffffffffc000009a, Optional error code (NTSTATUS) of the last failed operation.
Arg4: , Optional internal context dependent data.

start end module name
fffff880`05ae4000 fffff880`064f6000 nvlddmkm T (no symbols)
Loaded symbol image file: nvlddmkm.sys
Image path: \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\nvlddmkm.sys
Image name: nvlddmkm.sys
Timestamp: Thu Feb 05 12:01:37 2015 (54D3B001)
CheckSum: 009D4DDE
ImageSize: 00A12000
Translations: 0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4
What I would like you to do is download the latest WHQL driver from the Motherboard's web site or the company who built the Laptop's web site. That is important as most OEM manufacturers alter the drivers to work the way their motherboard works and they are all different. Next, try to install it this way.

I am going to give you some links that will help you get a good clean install and not have any drivers you don't need that will conflict with other drivers. Download a WHQL driver from the manufacturer's web site. Once you have them downloaded, uninstall you current driver from control panel. next clean up any left over drivers from following this tutorial Drivers - Clean Left over Files after Uninstalling and select only ATI Display Drivers. After you have done that and rebooted, install the new driver, only select custom install and install only what you have to. Very few people need most of what they include. You do not need the audio/HDMI drivers as you already have that in your Motherboard drivers. Unless there is some reason you need them, the only thing you really need is the Display Driver.

See if that makes any improvement for you. You can also install a program such a MSI Afterburner ( to monitor your temps. It is basically an overclocking utility. I strongly advise you not to use it for that. But, it has some excellent monitoring features and you can even have your GPU temp on screen while playing a game, as well as a lot of other statistics.
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Hello guys, i got a BSOD, got it many times in a row, i think it's my ATI drivers, but i'm not sure, could you check it and tell me how to fix?

It's just restarting after a while of playing, after that it's turning on telling me that windows recovered from an unexpected shutdown, after it dumped all of the memory i can't turn it on for like 10 minutes, if i try to turn it on then it imediately turns off again. After waiting ~10 minutes it can be turned on again.

My Specs:
Windows 7 Home Premium x64
Intel Pentium Processor T4400(2.2 GHz, 800 MHz FSB)
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650

It's a laptop, Acer Aspire 5738ZG to be exact.

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We hope to buy a new desktop computer soon with the hope that it will be able to be used for up to five years from now. I see lots of things advertised about PCs, but nobody tells me what these things actually DO. What should we buy to go into the new computer? I don't want brand recommendations here. I want to know what these new PCs can do and what to include in a list that we give someone to build a new system for us that we can use for the next few years. I'm esepcially interested in internet television/radio capabilities. So, WHAT does the computer of today do?
Thanks. SARA
replies okay to me here also: [email protected]
P.S. I didn't know what forum to post this in. Please move it if I sent it to the wrong place.

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I just had a user come in with a problem with IE on her desktop so I thought I would see if the Modern UI browser would have the same problem. When I went to her Start/Tile screen, all she had was the white tile with the blue "E" which took me back to her desktop IE. Could not find the blue tile with the white "E" which on my Windows 8 is my Metro/Modern UI browser. Is there a way to put back the Modern UI IE? I went under all applications and it wasn't there either. Why would it be obliterated from her system in the first place?

A:IE in Modern UI?

Hello OrlandoTek,

Usually the modern IE is not available on Start when Internet Explorer is not set as the default browser. Here are some other items to check as well.

Internet Explorer Modern - Restore in Windows 8

Hope this helps.
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It seems that I get the BSOD the most when I am trying to run a game through the Steam application. Also when I try and use video recording software while playing this game. My drivers are up to date, and I have attached a DxDiag for anyone to view if it helps.

Once in a while I will get it when I am not in a game, and it seems to happen when I am trying to download something off the internet or install an application.


A:Modern Warfare 2


You can go to C:\Windows\Minidump

Rar or zip the contents there, then attach to a post using the paperclip.

We can have a look at the crash dumps to try to determine what may help.
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I'm about 75% desktop - 25% metro.

I've got a 2-in-1, Lenovo Yoga Pro 2.

A:What % do you use the desktop vs. modern UI?

100% Desktop. I do not like the Metro.
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There's an OEM for it for $100 on eBay. (AUD, 72.91 USD) I don't have a paid OS yet (Win10 IP, planning on Linux Mint) I'd like a retail copy of 7 at some point, so I've always got a transferable licence for future systems.
Basically the plan is to have Windows 7 retail dual-booting with XP x64.
But I don't want to waste $100 on XP64 if it's not any good. I love XP, and to be able to use it with a 64-bit CPU and 8 GB RAM is enough to make me want to buy this. I'm just not sure if there will be any major problems with the OS that make it no better than the 32-bit version. (I know of the little glitches already)
So basically, is XP64 worth buying at $100?

A:Windows XP x64 on modern PC

IMO XP is not worth $100 plus it is no longer supported by MS so no updates leaving it vulnerable, I would move to 7 which has support until 2020.  That will give you time to think out your next step, 7 can be bought for about the same $$.
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I have a problem with modern app icon, it shows up with a white background, makin it impossible to identifie apps in the taskbar(while in the start menu it look just fine)
also if I do a search in cortana, modern apps icon show up as a generic file icon (white papel icon)
any help? how can I fix this? I'm already downloading the anniversary Update .iso to see if that help.

A:Modern app icon bug!

What is the name of the app? Just simply "Modern" is not an app I can find.
Are you using anything special in settings > personalization > themes?
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I've been using Internet Explorer 6 for ages and I'm perfectly happy with it, but some sites I visit keep advising me that my browser is outdated and will soon be ineffective on some sites, such as facebook. I keep getting advised to upgrade to a "modern browser" such as firefox or IE8 or some other one, I forget which. Anyway, I don't really know which one I should be upgrading to, having been using IE forever I'm inclined to just get their latest version, but I thought I'd make an effort to look into the alternatives. Soooo, my question is, what are the pros and cons of different browsers and is there one that stands out above the rest that you'd recommend, and why?? Thanks much for any advise or guidance.

A:what modern browser is best?

try Safari 4
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I'm looking at an acer aspire M7720 which has ati hd4850 card and intel core i7 920 at 2.66GHZ. According to the game specs they're looking for intel pentium 4 with 3.0GHz or better and ati radeon 1600XT or better.
Would the game perform well on that computer?

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Solitaire with App? Corrupt Someone Help Modern a Can won't start - it crashes after the splash screen I tried to update it through the store but it fails My Can Someone Help with a Corrupt Modern App? first thought was to manually remove it using PowerShell but attempting to remove it generates this error Code PS C Users teddy gt remove-appxpackage -package Microsoft MicrosoftSolitaireCollection x wekyb d bbwe remove-appxpackage Deployment failed with HRESULT x CF Package could not be registered Exception from HRESULT x CF NOTE For additional information look for ActivityId c b -aa e- -b d- d eaad in the Event Log or use the command line Get-AppxLog -ActivityID c b -aa e- -b d- d eaad At line char remove-appxpackage -package Microsoft MicrosoftSolitaireCollection CategoryInfo WriteError Microsoft Micro wekyb d bbwe String Remove-AppxPackage IOException FullyQualifiedErrorId DeploymentError Microsoft Windows Appx PackageManager Commands RemoveAppxPackageCommand When I request the log I get Code PS C Users teddy gt get-appxlog -activityid c b -aa e- -b d- d eaad Time ID Message ---- -- ------- The calling process is powershell exe Started deployment Remove operation on a package with main parameter Microsoft MicrosoftSolitaireCollection x wekyb d bbwe and Options See http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId for help diagnosing app deployment issues Creating Resiliency File C ProgramData Microsoft Windows AppRepository ef ec - bce- c - f -f c be f S- - - - - - - rsl c for Remove Operation on Package Microsoft MicrosoftSolitaireCollection x wekyb d bbwe Deployment Remove operation on package Microsoft MicrosoftSolitaireCollection x wekyb d bbwe has been de-queued and is running for user TEDDYSSURFACE teddy About to service package Microsoft MicrosoftSolitaireCollection x wekyb d bbwe Setting the package state to disabled returned with x C Program Files WindowsApps Microsoft MicrosoftSolitaireCollection x wekyb d bbwe AppxManifest xml warning The 'windows publisherCacheFolders' extension category in the Microsoft MicrosoftSolitaireCollection x wekyb d bbwe package is unrecognized error x Reading manifest from location C ProgramData Microsoft Windo ws AppRepository Microsoft MicrosoftSolitaireCollection neutral split scale- wekyb d bbwe xml failed with error The system cannot find the file specified error x Reading manifest from location AppxManifest xml failed with error The system cannot find the path specified error x Cannot register the Microsoft MicrosoftSolitaireCollection neutral split scale- wekyb d bbwe package because the following error was encountered while trying to read the package The system cannot find the path specified error x Cannot register the Microsoft MicrosoftSolitaireCollection wekyb d bbwe package due to the following error The system cannot find the path specified The last successful state reached was ResolvedDeferredRegistrations Failure occurred before reaching the next state RegistrationChanged Finished servicing package Microsoft MicrosoftSolitaireCollection x wekyb d bbwe Setting the package state to enabled returned with x Deployment Remove operation with target volume C on Package Microsoft MicrosoftSolitaireCollection x wekyb d bbwe from Microsoft MicrosoftSolitaireCollection x wekyb d bbwe failed with error x CF See http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId for help diagnosing app deployment issues error x Deleting file C Program Files WindowsApps Deleted CardinalBlue P icCollage x nyvb jmhdxy g b c - e c- b-baee- ccaf f ClrCom pression dll failed error x Deleting file C Program Files WindowsApps Deleted CardinalBlue P icCollage x nyvb jmhdxy g b c - e c- b-baee- ccaf f Lumia Imaging dll failed error x Deleting file C Program Files WindowsApps Deleted CardinalBlue PicCollage x nyvb jmhdxy g b c - e c- b-baee- ccaf f failed Can anyone help me decipher what's going on I just want to play some mindless cards
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Ok so this is a topic that was generated from one that I made about a week ago concerning a virus or two that has kicked the crap out of my computer The previous link is http www bleepingcomputer com forums Trojan Day Modern War A topic htmlSeemingly appropriately named the Backdoor Trojan has been buttslamming me with PC-HIV to no avail lately I followed the instructions from the previous moderator and I had to stop because the Blue Screen of Death made back-to-back appearances I made it to the point where I am supposed to run GMER I ran the utility and it gave me an hourglass for a few seconds then went to the Blue A Modern Day Trojan War Screen I restarted tried again same result The Blue Screen said quot A process or thread crucial to system operation has unexpectedly exited or been terminated quot The tech info was quot STOP x F x x BFEB C x D The error report that I sent to Windows looked like this Troubleshoot a problem with a device driverYou received this message because a device driver A Modern Day Trojan War installed on your computer caused Windows to stop unexpectedly This type of error is referred to as a quot stop error quot A stop error requires you to restart your computer Steps to address this problemUse Windows Update to check for updated driversSteps to work around this problemWarningThese steps are designed to address a particular problem but might do so by temporarily disabling or removing some functionality on your computer If this problem occurred after you installed a new hardware device on your computer the problem might be caused by the device driver Go online to learn how to use the Dell Driver Reset Tool or uninstall the driver How do I disable or uninstall a device driver If this problem occurred after you installed new software the software might have installed a driver that caused the problem Try uninstalling the software How do I uninstall a program If you don t know the specific driver or software go online to learn more about performing a System Restore For information about your support options go online to the Support Dell Com website This is as far as I got before the crash DDS Log DDS Ver - - - NTFSx Run by j kubach at on Mon Internet Explorer BrowserJavaVersion Microsoft Windows XP Professional GMT - AV Symantec Endpoint Protection On-access scanning enabled Updated FB E- B - A- F -E D C FW Symantec Endpoint Protection enabled BE FE -CD B- - A - DB DDB Running Processes C WINDOWS system svchost -k DcomLaunchsvchost exeC WINDOWS System svchost exe -k netsvcsC Program Files Symantec AntiVirus Smc exesvchost exesvchost exeC Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccSvcHst exeC WINDOWS system spoolsv exec drivers audio r stacsv exeC Program Files Broadcom Corporation Broadcom USH Host Components CV bin HostControlService exeC Program Files Broadcom Corporation Broadcom USH Host Components CV bin HostStorageService exesvchost exeC Program Files Dell Dell ControlPoint Connection Manager SMManager exeC Program Files Common Files Apple Mobile Device Support AppleMobileDeviceService exeC Program Files Intel ASF Agent ASFAgent exeC Program Files Bonjour mDNSResponder exeC Program Files Dell Dell ControlPoint DCPButtonSvc exeC Program Files Dell Dell ControlPoint System Manager DCPSysMgrSvc exeC Program Files Intel Intel Matrix Storage Manager IAANTMon exeC Program Files Java jre bin jqs exeC Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared VS DEBUG mdm exeC WINDOWS system nvsvc exeC WINDOWS system svchost exe -k imgsvcC Program Files Symantec AntiVirus Rtvscan exeC WINDOWS Explorer EXEC Program Files Western Digital WD SmartWare WD Drive Manager WDDMService exeC Program Files Western Digital WD SmartWare Front Parlor WDSmartWareBackgroundService exeC Program Files Symantec AntiVirus SmcGui exeC WINDOWS system SearchIndexer exeC Program Files DellTPad Apoint exeC Program Files Intel Intel Matrix Storage Manager iaanotif exeC Program Files Wave Systems Corp Services Manager Docmgr bin WavXDocMgr exeC ... Read more

A:A Modern Day Trojan War

Hello and Welcome to the forums! My name is Gringo and I'll be glad to help you with your computer problems. Somethings to remember while we are working together.Do not run any other tool untill instructed to do so!Please Do not Attach logs or put in code boxes.Tell me about any problems that have occurred during the fix.Tell me of any other symptoms you may be having as these can help also.Do not run anything while running a fix.In the upper right hand corner of the topic you will see a button called Options. If you click on this in the drop-down menu you can choose Track this topic. By doing this and then choosing Immediate E-Mail notification and then clicking on Proceed you will be advised when we respond to your topic and facilitate the cleaning of your machine.We apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.In order for me to see the status of the infection I will need a new set of logs to start with.Please print out or make a copy in notpad of any instructions given, as sometimes it is necessary to go offline and you will lose access to them.DeFogger: Please download DeFogger to your desktop.Double click DeFogger to run the tool. The application window will appear Click the Disable button to disable your CD Emulation drivers Click Yes to continue A 'Finished!' message will appear Click OKDeFogger may ask you to reboot the machine, if it does - click OKDo not re-enable these drivers until otherwise instructed.Download DDS:Please download DDS by sUBs from one of the links below and save it to your desktop:Download DDS and save it to your desktopLink1Link2Link3Please disable any anti-malware program that will block scripts from running before running DDS.Double-Click on dds.scr and a command window will appear. This is normal.Shortly after two logs will appear: DDS.txt Attach.txtA window will open instructing you save & post the logsSave the logs to a convenient place such as your desktopCopy the contents of both logs & post in your next replyScan With RKUnHookerPlease Download Rootkit Unhooker Save it to your desktop.Now double-click on RKUnhookerLE.exe to run it.Click the Report tab, then click Scan.Check (Tick) Drivers, Stealth,. Uncheck the rest. then Click OK.Wait till the scanner has finished and then click File, Save Report.Save the report somewhere where you can find it. Click Close.Copy the entire contents of the report and paste it in a reply here.Note** you may get this warning it is ok, just ignore"Rootkit Unhooker has detected a parasite inside itself!It is recommended to remove parasite, okay?"information and logs:In your next post I need the following1.logs from DDS2.log from RKUnHooker3.let me know of any problems you may have hadGringo
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after installing MW2 on my pc, i tried to run the game. however i could not start the game and a error message pop up, it reads:
Error during initialization:
Video card or driver doesn't support UBYTE4N vertex data.

can anyone help??thx

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I've been using Internet Explorer 6 for ages and I'm perfectly happy with it, but some sites I visit keep advising me that my browser is outdated and will soon be ineffective on some sites, such as facebook. I keep getting advised to upgrade to a "modern browser" such as firefox or IE8 or some other one, I forget which. Anyway, I don't really know which one I should be upgrading to, having been using IE forever I'm inclined to just get their latest version, but I thought I'd make an effort to look into the alternatives. Soooo, my question is, what are the pros and cons of different browsers and is there one that stands out above the rest that you'd recommend, and why?? Thanks much for any advise or guidance.

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Check out this project of mine with 263 icons modified to look more Metro
LINK : MAXIMUM MODERN UI by ~nan0j0k3r on deviantART
UPDATED LINKS MAXIMUM MODERN UI UPDATE 3/14/2013 by ~nan0j0k3r on deviantART
and MAXIMUM MODERN UI BETA 1 (4/15/2013) by ~nan0j0k3r on deviantART

A:Maximum modern ui

I definitely like this!!!��
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I installed an update this morning the little action center flag in the bottom corner of the desktop told me Modern UI Failure to after which my start screen displays nothing except the background whenever I search for anything it says quot This app can't be searched quot Nothing relating to the start screen can open so I pressed 'Windows r' to get myself to Modern UI Failure desktop I can open IE in desktop but can't view in start System Restore failed and no matter how many times I try it will not work When I look through Control Panel at the recently installed updates I can't find the one I installed this morning I have followed the steps on many different forums and the next step is to do a Modern UI Failure system refresh - but there's a catch I can swipe in to bring up the charms bar that's what it's called right and I then click on settings At the bottom i select quot Change PC Settings quot but along with every other part of Modern UI nothing happens As far as I know from this menu that I cannot open is the only possible way to do a system refresh reset thus I am stuck with an inoperable operating system I am very frustrated with this and am hoping anybody out there can help me

A:Modern UI Failure

I suggest a boot time scan with Avast or whatever Anti-virus program you have.
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I have a problem with the graphic-settings... after I upgraded to windows7 do I have to use a higher resolution or else I get two fat, black stripes on each side of the game-window. How can i play "full-screen" again with my old resolution? Because my computer can't really handle it set too high

I've also tried ajusting the "Aspect Ratio", but no difference...

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Will my PC run MW3...Long time ago i used "Can my PC run it" for Battlefield Bad Company 2 and it said i could but then when i purchased it i couldnt even play it on very low this time before buying MW3 i would like to ask if my PC can run low settings and what the Expected FPS would be

Intel Core i5 450M at 2.4Ghz ( 2.6Ghz Turbo Boost)
RAM : 2GB (1333Ghz)
ATI Mobility Radeon HD5470 1GB with 700MB System Shared Memory
HD: 500GB

Note: I can play MW2 with high settings at 25FPS

A:Modern Warfare 3

I need this info:
1) your PC model number
2) any upgrades done to your PC (hardware)
Relevancy 37.84%

I have to say that I'm quite impressed with Chrome's Modern UI interface on Windows 8. It's nice to have a full desktop browsing experience without having to switch to the desktop. My days of using Opera as my primary browser may be over!

A:Chrome in the Modern UI

F11 / Fullscreen is also something that takes all the screen on the desktop version. But yeah, every browser now needs a Metro version as well.
Relevancy 37.84%

I am reading everywhere that Windows 8 is not being very successful by now, but the big thing with Windows 8 is Modern UI and the whole new ecosystem of apps, market and interface.

And I still don't know how much are Windows 8 users using all of it.

For instance, I never use Modern UI at all. I never check the app market, never install apps, never use them...

What about you?

*NOTE: NEVER also means RARELY, too little use to being called occasional use.

I wanted to change the survey but the system won't allow it. So please take it for NEVER or RARELY.

A:So, do you use W8 Modern UI apps?

I never use 'em, and I'm not likely to.
Relevancy 37.84%

Skype-Modern App

Ok, I'm using the Modern Skype app and I want to change my picture.
So I click on my user pic and I am taken to My Pictures folder.
But I don't wanna be there, so I "Go Up" to the Users Folder and
click/open Play. But I do not see App Data listed.

What I would like to do is browse to this specific folder
without leaving the Modern Skype app.


Because that is where the picture I wish to use is located.

I am well aware that I could drop out of the Modern interface
and copy/move the file from there to the My Pictures folder.
But why is one 'forced?' to take that extra step?

So I guess the bottom line question is this....

How does one SHOW hidden files and folders and then
NAVIGATE to them within the Windows 8 Modern interface???

A:Skype-Modern App

Hello WinD....

First off, I'm not a Metro person so could you explain how you were able to get that view? I can't seem to duplicate it?

Next, have you tried enabling "show hidden files and folders" in the explorer view? Maybe those settings are global and will carry over to Metro? See screenshot:
Relevancy 37.84%

Hello all! I have just upgraded to windows 10. A quick visit in the windows store revealed that a few of the apps that I have installed already are also available as modern apps (i.e. QQ, onenote etc.) which makes me wonder if there is any performance boost in using modern apps over desktop ones or vice versa? Thanks!

A:Modern app vs Desktop app

Hello mx900 and welcome to the TenForums

There is no general rule of thumb on this; often the modern apps lack some of the functionality of the desktop apps but this is not always the case. I think you have to experiment and see. I have found OneNote to be good as the modern app, the Dropbox app is not so good for me as it does not sync with my desktop folders.
Relevancy 37.84%

Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 2.50 GHz, 1333MHz, 4MB Cache, 7.5x Ratio, 95W, Retail, BX80580Q8300
Asus P5Q Pro Turbo, Intel P45 Chipset, DDR2

Memory: 4gb DDR2


or more to the point, are they all compatible?

A:Will this pc run MODERN warfare 2?

Yes, most likely all high settings too.

And yes, compatible.
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None of my links actually open up to a browser page when I click them in the Modern UI Evernote, Bing Search, XBox Games (including the "Play" link) or any other start screen app that has links. They do work while in the browsers.

I updated from Windows 7 keeping apps and files etc. I had Chrome as the default browser and that basically turned off Modern UI IE, so I made IE the default (and unchecked the use desktop browser to open links) but it still won't open any links.

The little hand over the link just does nothing when I click it.

This is pretty frustrating as it makes my entire start screen sort of "dumb".
Relevancy 37.41%

I was able to get Shutdown pinned by creating a shortcut on the desktop, setting the target as:

C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe -s -t 5 -c "Machine is shutting down..."

then choosing an icon. After that was done I moved the shortcut to:

C:\Users\(user name)\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

and it showed up no problem.

I can't however get reboot to work in the same manner. I think I have the wrong target, I have it set to:

C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe -r -t 00 "Machine is rebooting...."

It does not appear on my start screen like shutdown did.Does anyone see were I am wrong in the target? Or offer a better way to do it? Thanks


A:Trying to pin Reboot to MetroUI/Modern UI

Hello Geeve,

It looks correct for restart except that you just forgot the -c switch. I like using the -f switch as well to force it.

shutdown.exe -r -t 00 -f -c "Machine is rebooting...."
Restart Computer Shortcut - Create - Windows 7 Forums
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At the advice of just about everyone I finally have upgraded from IE which I've been quite happy with but which is apparently quot hopelessly outdated quot so I've been told repeatedly Modern Browser Problems even though it did what I wanted fine Sooo after spending a bunch of time trying to decide which direction to go I've installed both IE and Firefox I didn't even know you could run different browsers on the same PC Well admittedly I Modern Browser Problems just installed them yesterday but straight off they both have problems I don't know how Modern Browser Problems to fix IE is giving me grief as follows One- I'm getting a constant window popping up called quot view and manage your IE add ons quot Every time I close it it pops back up I don't know how to make it go away or what it wants me to do exactly Two- IE seems to have a pop up blocker problem Even when I turn the pop up blocker off it still continues to block every pop up even if I set it to the lowest setting In IE there used to be a handy option allowing you to select quot allow pop ups temporarily quot or even quot always allow pop ups from this site quot just by right clicking on the alert bar IE doesn't have this that I can see It does offer the option quot turn pop up blocker off quot but even if I select this option the pop up I need to use continues to be blocked For example one of my online banking sites security verification measures involves the use of a pop up menu where the user must select security information Well I can't log in to that banking site using IE because it will not allow those pop up menus to execute no matter what I do I even tried to add that site to my quot allowed sites quot but it still blocks all pop ups The wierd and frustrating thing is that it continues to block the pop ups even after I turn the pop up blocker OFF So that's been my experience with IE after my first day with it PS I just tried to select quot instant email notification quot from the menu below and the pop up blocker won't allow the menu to work even if I go and turn it OFF As for Firefox the immediate problems with that are One- it doesn't have a favorites menu It has something else called bookmarks but it changed the order of all my links and folders organizing them alphabetically by default This is not a huge problem of course I could probably get used to it Two- a bigger problem is that I use a program called Roboform where I store all my passwords and such so that when I visit various sites Roboform will pop up and offer to fill in logins and other forms automatically I have come to rely on Roboform to do this task and I rarely have to remember any user names or passwords in particular The handy thing also about IE is that it includes Roboform in the toolbar options so I can have it there handy at all times With Firefox however not only is Roboform not available as a toolbar the pop up function does not work either so basically Roboform appears to be incompatible with Firefox at least at first glance Further to that with toolbars Firefox only appears to have toolbars available Navigation and Bookmarks I've played with the customise feature but with no success as yet But the biggest drawback so far with Firefox is not being able to use Roboform These issues alone are enough to make neither of these browsers attractive to me if they cannot be rectified Any advice appreciated Cheers Kenny
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I want to upgrade my PC s monitor I m currently using a quot monitor and it s just not large enough for me I m thinking of getting a quot monitor But I m also wondering about getting a new TV instead one with a quot display and using TV a PC? monitor Solved: as a my modern Can I for use that TV as a monitor for my PC I ve heard that I can use a modern TV as a monitor for my PC by using an HDMI cable input Does anyone know of any problems associated with using a modern TV as a monitor for the PC A monitor that is any larger than quot can cost thousands of dollars whereas I can get a new quot TV now for around So my interest is strictly price Can I truly expect to be able to use a quot TV as a monitor for my PC I d really love to have a monitor that was that large I d very much appreciate if anyone here has any first-hand experience with this and can advise me Are there any problems that you know of in using Solved: Can I use a modern TV as a monitor for my PC? a TV as a monitor I m not really looking to use the same TV both as a TV and a monitor for my PC and switching between the two I m just looking to get a larger display for my PC than my current quot monitor Would anyone know if there are any problems with doing this nbsp

Relevancy 37.41%

When I search for certain programs in the modern UI they don't come up, they don't even come up when I go on all apps. The only one I can open them is by going into C:\Program Files (x86) and finding the program in there. Can someone please help me? Thanks.

A:Cannot find certain programs in the modern UI

I know this isn't really helping but in some cases, they won't show up at all. I've been using Windows 8 on my laptops in beta form, RTM for over a year now and the sad truth is the modern UI is broken.
Example is I usually install SQL 2012 first, then VS 2010. There is no amount of searching display the results. In this example, SQL 2012 uses VS 2010 as a shell. Many things do. In order to open it up, I would have to search for SQL Server Data Tools in order to open up VS because doesn't that just sounds like visual studio?
Silly isn't it.
Do yourself a favor and install a start button
Relevancy 37.41%

Recently bought "Shadow of the Comet" a fairly old game. I have Windows 98SE, Anyone know how to make games of this age work on my computer? know of any free software which helps?
Or anyone play this game on a modern computer?
The requiremtns listed on the box are (to give you an idea of its age etc)

IBM PC @ 100% compatible, 386 minimm
16mhz or faster
2 MB ram
512 Kb EMS
VGA 256 colour graphics card
Hard disk neccesary
CD-ROM drive
MS-DOS 5.0 or higher
MSCDEX 2.2 or higher
Sound blaster card or compatible

Windows 3.0 or higher.

Please help.

A:Old Game on modern computer...

It would probably be easiest to just run it in DOS, if you have 98. I mean, that's what it was made for.
Relevancy 37.41%

I don't understand why Microsoft requires UAC to be enabled for me to use any Modern Apps or the App Store. I always turn off UAC and one of the programs I use, Object Rexx from IBM does not run correctly with UAC enabled. I find the UAC prompts intrusive and extremely annoying and as far as I'm concerned UAC is a total waste as after a very short period of time it becomes automatic to click OK without even reading the UAC notice.

Anyone know what the rational for this is? Is there a workaround for it? I'd like to play with some of the Apps but I'm not going to enable UAC to do it.

A:Why does UAC have to be enabled to use any Modern Apps

Hey Rich,

When UAC is disabled, the account basically runs elevated. Modern apps will not run in an elevated account by design for security purposes.

About all you can do is set your UAC settings to the bottom level.

User Account Control (UAC) - Change Settings in Windows 8
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Right, so i bought Modern warfare 3 from a shop.. nothing illegal... I installed it on steam and everything it was Ok.

Until i got to the point when i actually have to play it, when your on the main menu you have to press "Play" to actually play, when i press that it says "Connecting to online services" and after like 1 min or so it says "Server is not available at this time please check later" blah blah blah, and i really do not know what the problem might be.. I can play Modern warfare 2... Black ops.. ETC. which are also online BUT not MW3.

And my NAT is open, So I'm not sure if that's my net messing with me or the game.

Help, Thanks

Relevancy 37.41%

Hi all

I'm new here so this will be my first thread. I've got some problems with a couple modern apps like the music app and video app. When I start one of these two the app crashes. Also there are some apps I want to use too like Clouder! and Tunein radio. when I start those apps it opens but I can't play anything. I've upgraded all my drivers, I tried the windows 8 troubleshooting, and I did a command in CMD forgot witch line it was.. something like SMC or something. I'm out of solutions. Please help me out! I have a HP Pavilion G6 2004SD notebook pc with Windows 8.1 Pro N on it.

Thank you

A:Windows 8.1 modern app crashes

Please guys :-( I've tried everything. help me out
Relevancy 37.41%

hey guys Just recently i purchased Call of Duty Modern Warfare Now because Modern Warfare has pretty much the same requirements maybe a bit higher then Call of Duty which runs average frames and no stuttering maxed out I figured that Modern Warfare would run very well also I was wrong Whenever i turn the games texture settings up to extra it stutters very badly as if its running out of ram i find that hard to believe ill get to that shortly to the point where its pretty much unplayable Lowering the settings to high makes the game playable but still stutters a bit Normal works fine but to me looks pretty bad Now the reason i find it hard to believe that its running out of ram is because my friend tried it out on his computer We both have 2 Warfare Stuttering Bad in Modern gb ram and the game ran perfectly on his I just cant seem to figure out why it stutters so badly on my system I tried updating my chipset drivers sound drivers and video card drivers all to the latest possible versions but there was still no change Maybe you guys can help me out on this one Anyone else have this annoying issue These are my system specs AMD Athlon x Ghz Ghz OC GB Corsair XMS DDR - Nvidia GeForce GT MB TB Western Digital hard drive These are my Bad Stuttering in Modern Warfare 2 friends specs just incase you need to know Intel Core Duo E Ghz Ghz OC GB Corsair DDR - Memory Nvidia GeForce GTX TB Samsung Hard Drive I know his system is alot better then mine but mine should still be more then powerful enough to run the game properly I dont see how it couldnt be Any help at all would be greatly appreciated Edit Me and my friend are also both running Windows Ultimate x nbsp

Relevancy 37.41%

Was just wondering what the difference was between modern and desktop IE 11.
I seem to run into problems when using the desktop version, and the problems can be fixed by using modern.

For example when creating a document in, it will not let me create a new one in desktop IE but in modern it will.

When watching youtube videos some videos will not play in IE desktop without compatibly mode and when in modern they will play either way.

There are some other types of problems that are fixed as well.

So what is the real difference between the desktop and modern IE
Relevancy 37.41%

I think I already know the answer but I wanted to know if there is a way to keep/launch ModernIE if you make something other than IE your default browser?

Although it has a mess for favorites I do like the simplicity of ModernIE and often prefer to browse using it from the Start screen. However, it does suffer from some rendering issues and sometimes I need to "view on desktop". I often find if ModernIE has rendering issues, so too will IE10. I would prefer that my default desktop browser be Firefox. When I set Firefox to my default, it kills any access to Modern IE and any IE icon leads to the desktop.

So is there no way to keep ModernIE as a browser if you have a different default browser? It isn't that I don't like ModernIE, I just want it as a secondary browser instead of my default.

A:Any way to keep Modern IE with another default browser?

Hello esspee,

Sorry, but no. Internet Explorer must be kept set as the default program to have the Metro IE10.

If it helps, you could switch to IE10 desktop mode from within IE10 Metro at anytime.
In addition, you can also set links to open to either IE10 desktop or Metro mode.

Hope this helps,
Relevancy 37.41%

Am occasionally having an occurence where I press Start, Start Screen then appears. I begin typing to search, if no results are found there's nothing to select and the search screen remains 'on top' whether I alt-tab, go to Start again, or even press CTRL, ALT + DEL.

When I go to Start, the start screen appears again. As soon as I click on anything that requires the desktop, i.e. Excel or Word, the search screen appears again. The only way I can escape the search screen being on top of everything is to log out.

This is on three different Windows 8 Systems.

Relevancy 37.41%

I am planning on getting W8 really soon. I will be upgrading from W7. I personally like the look of the modern UI and I like the fact that you can categorize your applications into groups. The question I have is can you utilize custom icons on the modern UI?
For example, if I establish a group of apps on the modern UI titled "Games", would I be able to replace the default Batman Arkham City icon (smaller one in lower left) with one such as the Harley Quinn icon (much larger one) that you see pictured here?
Not a deal breaker, I'm just curious as to how much customization will be allowed in W8 via the modern UI.
Thanks in advance.

A:Custom Icon's In The Modern UI?

It's not built in, but you can use OblyTile to create custom tiles/shortcuts to desktop programs, using any image you want. Here's my start screen (still a work in progress, but gives you an idea of what you can do):
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In Windows Microsoft has prohibited the user to log on straight to the Windows Desktop through a system licensing policy Due to this policy you always have to start with the Modern UI If you re a power-user or you just want choice you should be able to boot your system straight to the desktop I m not against the Modern UI and I have no problem with the start screen but I m pretty sure I and many others don t need it Modern Bypass 8 Windows UI right from the beginning of a session It is also Windows 8 Bypass Modern UI annoying to use Windows 8 Bypass Modern UI some of the current solutions out there as all they do is skip this screen on every sign-in but this results in showing the start screen for a split second which can be a very jarring experience for the user After a lot of work and research I finally think I found a native way and maybe the cleanest solution to bypass Modern UI during sign-in Therefore I wrote an application to skip this behavior Modern UI is not disabled It all works only the sign-in behavior is affected Source A Guy

A:Windows 8 Bypass Modern UI

Originally Posted by A Guy

In Windows 8, Microsoft has prohibited the user to log on straight to the Windows Desktop through a system licensing policy. Due to this policy, you always have to start with the Modern UI.

"Modern UI"? Is that what they're calling it now? LOL. It's actually the "Atavistic UI", because its full-screen, modal program launcher is reminiscent of running Hotwire on my Atari ST circa 1988, except Hotwire didn't have anything as stupid as Windows 8's "4 Corners". And while I haven't read the article, bypassing the login to the "Modern UI" doesn't mean you never have to work with it. After installing programs, to pin programs to the taskbar, I would have to use the "Modern UI" or open the Start menu folders, which Microsoft has made hard to get to as a side-effect of getting rid of the Start Menu and its menu with "Open" and "Open All Users" commands for the "All Programs" menu item. My advice for people who recognize the ridiculousness of the "Modern UI" is to stick with Windows 7. Why spend money on a non-upgrade and then have to run various hacks to get it to a usable state? And then spend even more money to get Windows Media Center back, a part of Windows essential to anyone using CableCard, a part that hasn't even seen bug fixes much less improvements? Just because they're not thinking doesn't mean you have to stop.
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Just installed Windows 8.1. Both my monitors have a resolution of 1920 X 1080. Both have DPI set accordingly. My right hand monitor is fine, my left is fine when running the desktop and desktop apps. However, whenever I run an app on the second screen, it seems to be larger than normal (zoomed in). I think this is a DPI issue, and Ive tried tweaking the registry but to no avail. I have all the latest drivers. The start menu only displays 4 rows, yet when i move the resolution down to around 1600, it shows 5 rows. Weird.

Need help!



A:Messed up DPI of modern UI on one monitor

Hello Alex,

You might double check to see if DPI is set properly for the Modern UI (Metro) screens for the size of your monitors to see if that may be the issue.

DPI - Change for Modern UI in Windows 8

Hope this helps.
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Hello all, I been trying to fix a fix for this, as far I know all MS windows 8.1 updates are installed, but the problem is I don't get the context menu when I right click any tiles in Metro. So I can't remove or re-size anything. When I right click it only give me check mark in right side the box. Anyone have any ideals?


A:No Context Menu in Modern UI

Welcome to the Windows 8 forums, Orless.

Your screenshot shows that yes, all updates are installed. I just checked and I have a context menu when I right click, but nothing like what I had before. There used to be a list of stuff along the bottom of my screen that's no longer there. Strange, but I guess I don't need it since I haven't missed it until now.

I guess I'll bow out for now and let someone else see if they can solve your problem. Sorry I can't help.
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Mw3 Multiplayer is the only game I can not get to play I can play single player just fine when I go to load Multiplayer it will freeze my computer and give me a 124 error which I know every thing is fine on my system.
I can play star wars wow diablo3 cod4 sonic generation With out any problems. Thanks if any one can help
this been happening ever since Free weekend this year I was able to play and yes My video card is up to date

computer specs
fx 4100 quad core stock
amd entertainment 4g
Radeon 6570 1g iceQ
Crosair 430 wat psu journeymen 80+
MSI 760GM p23 mother bored- Tends to over heat on some games
300g 5400 rpm WD hard drive
Relevancy 37.41%

And why is it sucking up 100% of my RAM and disk usage? Oddly, not CPU.I initially thought the culprit was the system and compressed memory, but after it happened a few more times, I noticed that that was only a symptom of the IM Controller. The whole thing is seemingly random. It'll spike when playing a game, or using Skype, but also, on occasion when just browsing the web. So what is this controller? Why is it slowing down my computer? And is it even necessary?

A:What is Lenovo Modern IM Controller?

 I would also like to know what this Lenovo.Modern.ImController.PluginHost.exe is.  Is it required? can it be installed? It's running on a Thinkpad E520 and becomes unresponsive and makes the system lock up several times a day according to Windows 10 reliablility history. Any insight would be appreciated. Here is another related post, which has been seen and commented on by Lenovo.
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I am running Win 8.1 on a Yoga 2 Pro convertible laptop with a 3200 x 1800 res screen. Although my DPI scaling is set to 250%, the Modern UI tiles and text (Start screen) are still too small. In addition, many of the apps show text that is too small, as well.

This Eightforums article showed a terrific registry hack to adjust this in Windows 8. Unfortunately, the article warns that it does not work in Windows 8.1.

Can any suggest a way to increase the text size of the Modern UI? As it is right now, it's unusable.

A:Custom Scaling of DPI of Modern UI in 8.1?

Hello. Welcome to 8 Forums.

Have you tried to make an adjustment using the metro tools.

When looking at the Start Screen:
Charms > Settings > Change PC Settings > PC and devices > Display
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Ok its been since since Ive put together a bare bones system and this Motherboards Modern question thing needs upgrading BADLY Ive been looking at mother boards over on Modern Motherboards question tiger direct Seems to me most of Modern Motherboards question the new stuff has built in Video cards sound cards and Modern Motherboards question few if any expansion slots Do all the boards come this way now or are those the boards made for people who are the newbies to computers I do play online games like Call of Duty and Medal of Honor so I need a MB that has great graphics and sound capiblities On this system here I have a Seperate Vid card and a sound blaster card with the mother boards built in sound system disabled I also have a wireless lan card in there So compairing this to what i might need Im thinking at least to expansion slots but that doesn t seem to be the norm on the new MB s im seeing Any suggestions or comments to bring me up to date on the more modern Mother Boards would be help full Thanks nbsp

Relevancy 37.41%

I applied the 1.02 patch, and since that, i cant change some of the options like "all" the difficulty options, and some of the graphic options..

Can anyone help?

A:Lock On: Modern Air Combat

try asking in the game's community forum, you'll probably get a better response:
Relevancy 37.41%

so i have this problem, wherein all of my apps aren't functioning it says, could someone help please.

A:How can I repair modern apps in win 8?

I am glad to know that you have completed the system refresh and all the Apps and Windows store are functioning properly. In case you face any other issues with Windows in future.
Relevancy 37.41%

I have an old Intel Core 2 4400 currently running with 2 GB DDR2 RAM. I also have 3 sticks of DDR3 (2G each) from my newer computer that I replaced with faster RAM. Can I install 2 sticks of the DDR3 into the Core 2?

I'm having a hard time finding out what is the appropriate RAM to install into this old computer. The computer is on its last legs but we're trying to hold off getting a new one for as long as possible.

A:Old Computer with Modern RAM -- is this a problem?

The RAM has to be compatible with the Motherboard. Tell us what you have and we can help.
Relevancy 37.41%

I have a gigabyte-ga-p35-ds3p brand motherboard. My PC won't boot off a windows 7 install drive. I created this usb drive and used it before to do a clean install on other PCs. I tried everything in the bios, even setting floppy disk as first to boot. But it just insists on immediately booting from my SSD, the only internal disk drive plugged in.

Pics of my bios for reference below.

I did test the usb drive and it seemed to work although it didn't get past a black windows loading screen, I don't know if that is because my test software is not a proper virtual machine or something else.

A:modern mobo won't boot from usb

PicPaste - tmp_4389-146333813431321355113984-NPOZEKnl.jpg

PicPaste - tmp_4389-146333813424711743507183-WSGB8SyP.jpg
Relevancy 37.41%

Just tried the multiplayer for the first time but just stays on the "connecting to IWNet " . Left it for 15 mins several times but no results

Any ideas

A:Solved: modern warfare 2

If you have vista/Windows OS then go to your firewall settings and allow the game to connect to the internet or press shift-ALT when in-game for coming up on the dashboard and see if you have any messages from your firewall,also check your router settings and patch your game if it hasn't been updated.
Relevancy 37.41%

Has anybody bought Modern Warfare2 for the PC how does it run. And how is the online multiplayer. I dont know if it will run on mine i have a Nvidia 9800 1gb ddr3, amd quadcore processor 2.3 ghz , 8gb Ram. And please tell me any more info on Modern Warfare 2 thanks much

Relevancy 37.41%

yesterday i downloaded the game and i did everything it need to be took me one hour and a half exctracting the files and when i try to open the game it says some error "Could not find zone 'code_pre_gfx.ff'
i got to the zone foldor there's a file like it but whith a "patch_" before it so i delete the "patch_" from the title of the file but it give me another error:
"Could not load default asset 'codescripts/$default' for asset type 'rawfile'.
Tried to load asset 'default.cfg'."
i uploaded the screen shot

A:CoD Modern Warfare 2: won't start up! =(

Hello Mahde

Welcome back....You can click on Posting screenshots in my signature and follow the instructions.

I have marked your thread as open to attract the attention of our Tech team and talented forum members,someone will be with you shortly.


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Windows Store is not telling app version which is annoying. Are there any options to check it in Windows 10?
Relevancy 37.41%

Can i post my DXDiag report and then can you take a look at it and tell me what to do as far as getting my computer to allow for modern warfare2 to work? i'm having the same problem as someone else did with the video card not supporting the game.

Relevancy 37.41%

Cant wait for this, just hope the story line is as good as the eye candy.

Modern Warfare 2 Action Trailer |

A:Another modern warfare teaser

This game looks awesome. November's gonna be rocked with games
Relevancy 36.98%

From some time when i run modern UI application a few second i see logo this app and next is minimalized to taskbar. 
When i click this app on taskbar i see logo app just a moment and again minimalized to taskbar.
I noticed this started when i installed update KB2959977 and KB2919355. Uinstalling this update give nothing.
What can i do?
Sorry for my english. I'm still learning
Relevancy 36.98%

It's probably come up before, but what do you guys think of the modern IE? The makers of my screen reader recommend Jaws users use the desktop version rather than the modern layout because it works the best with the keyboard, so that's what I've been using, but I'm curious about the new version, especially whether it has better video playback than the desktop version or whether it would just be all kinds of inaccessible. I've got it set to always open links in the desktop version, but I think I'd like to play with the modern version to see what it's like. How can I get access to modern IE just for a trial to explore it, but still be able to keep my desktop version as the default?

A:Modern Vs. Desktop Internet Explorer

you can't. if you set any other browser to default, you won't see the Metro IE.

same thing for the Nightly build of Firefox (the Metro version of Firefox). If you don't set it as the default browser, you get regular Firefox.

there's no problem with setting Metro IE as the default browser. you'll still have full access to all your browsers. Firefox is my primary browser but I still have Metro IE as my default browser.
Relevancy 36.98%

When I first join a server in cod4 I will get a weird screen lag that occurs about every 2 seconds, this goes away after about 2 minutes, but it is still very annoying.

I play Cod5 and this does not occur and all my other online games work perfect...

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Hello all I downloaded MW on steam this morning and 3 Modern with Warfare during COD BSOD startup have been fighting all day trying to get it to work Ive tried updating ALL my drivers and BIOS verified the integrity of the files from steam and reinstalled it as well However on startup BSOD during startup with COD Modern Warfare 3 it shows the splash screen and then crash BSOD Here are some system specs AMD FX Quad-Core GHz GB DDR RAM AMD Radeon HD Graphics Card GB Core Clock MHz Mem Clock MHz Attached are the two most recent DMP files from the BSOD's but here is what Windows says it recovers from after the crash Problem signature Problem Event Name BlueScreen OS Version Locale ID Additional information about the problem BCCode BCP BCP FFFFFA A BCP BCP OS Version Service Pack Product Files that help describe the problem C Windows Minidump - - dmp C Users Nolan AppData Local Temp WER- - sysdata xml Read our privacy statement online Windows Privacy Statement - Microsoft Windows If the online privacy statement is not available please read our privacy statement offline C Windows system en-US erofflps txt Any help would be GREATLY appreciated

A:BSOD during startup with COD Modern Warfare 3

Without MW3 does you computer work properly?
Where and by what method did you download MW3?
Please completely fill in your ((My System Specs)).
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Hello all If you're like me and problem seeing the uncomfortably tiny text on the Modern Metro UI screen due to high resolution or you just want to change the text size farther than what settings the Temporary DPI Modern/Metro UI TIP: for Fix size will enable you to do there is a solution Upon further research there is a temporary fix to this solution found here https communities vmware com thread Basically it says to do the following Press the Windows Key and R Type quot regedit quot Go TIP: Temporary Fix for the Modern/Metro UI DPI size to quot HKEY CURRENT USER quot then quot Control Panel quot and then quot Desktop quot area of the registry Go to quot LogicalDPIOverride quot and under quot value TIP: Temporary Fix for the Modern/Metro UI DPI size data quot type quot quot Log out and then sign back in again And now the quot Modern Metro UI menu quot should be back to normal YAY Hope someone finds this helpful as I know I've read some have been having this problem like I have Thanks and God Bless --E
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Hello Now I am searching for the best file and registry monitoring tool My main problem is that at office modern monitoring alternative Any for tool? a I can only access certain websites Requirements No Malware Must Payware Any modern alternative for a monitoring tool? or Freeware Optional Trial Version Direct Download from the website No Softopedia or Downloads com Must Portable Must Optional No HTML listing as default Must Output the list as text file comma - or tab - delimited File or CSV file Must Output the Any modern alternative for a monitoring tool? list in MS Access or Excel Must Something quot similar Any modern alternative for a monitoring tool? quot to InCtrl -xttp en wikipedia org wiki InCtrl Cons InCtrl Too old slow for Win Vista Win and Win A I still use InCtrl under Vista does InCtrl works under Win or Win B I don't understand why some user suggest uninstallers for this task can someone please explain me Cons Regshot Very hard for me to understand I am looking for a modern stable fast and easy to understand changes that are made in the system after a new software is installed and or run for the first time Registry changes and Files changes and other changes if are applicable What software do you suggest me that meet the requirements above Thanks Camelia

A:Any modern alternative for a monitoring tool?

Have you tried Process Monitor? It's a free, portable program by Sysinternals(Microsoft), so no malware! You can set filters and save the result as CSV. Then you can open that file in Excel and set delimiter as comma.

To the right in the above page you'll find links to videos where they demonstrate how to use it.

A) Try and find out If any problems try right click the program and set a Compatibility mode for Vista

B) I don't understand that either. But maybe to get a list of all files and registry settings that was removed.
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Hi everyone,

Is it possible to somehow extract all backgrounds or at least the preferred ones from start screen ?
We can assign desktop wallpaper as a background in Modern UI, but it would be nice if we could do it vice versa.

Thanks in advance.

A:Modern UI Start screen backgrounds

dude, I said Modern UI backgrounds.

You see the background ? Those shapes. Extracting those would be nice. They are not JPGs for sure, they have animations. It's not THAT easy.
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I m in on standards) 12v Question (ATX PSUs modern need of a new PSU for an older PC Can t remember the mobo maker its a compaq presario junk board but im runnin an AMD Athlon ghz Thunderbird The mobo requires Question on modern PSUs (ATX 12v standards) the pin Auxilary power connector When I started looking for a new power supply and I view the PSU s specs on outlet sites like tigerdirect newegg I cannot find any with the pin Auxilary connector I read one article which made it sound like the newer pin main power connectors made the pin connector obsolete and another that made it sound like the pin connector was required to meet the newest ATX standards So my questions are Is the pin Auxilary power connector part of the new standard and should I just assume that even though it isn t listed in the PSU s spec it s still there Or if the new pin connectors replaced the need for this auxilary connector can I just bypass that on my old mobo by using the pin converter usually supplied with the newer PSU s nbsp

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Hey Guys,
I've just installed Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 on my laptop running Windows 7 RC, I have the full RTM coming in a couple of days, once i install that, will i be able to reinstall COD using the same license key (as it will be wiped from the computer when i perform a clean install).
Will the key i got with it work again ok? Will online play be affected? Is there anyway i can keep my saved games?
Or is something to do with being linked to your steam account?


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It all started when I tried to use the calculator I pressed the calculator key on my keyboard but the calculator app didn't open It just flashed on the screen I tried again but no luck I googled and found this I re-registered the apps and reboot my computer Calculator didn't work nor did any other apps I also discovered that all apps had strange names For example store is something like Microsoft WindowsStore etc br I tried re-registering and rebooting again Trying to open calculator with keyboard gives an error My OS is not in English but I try to translate it quot You need a new application to open link type calculator quot br br Is there anything I can do but a clean install of Windows blockquote div div div div class cleardiv div div a style text-decoration none color grey href javascript onmousedown if document getElementById 'EF ' style display 'none' document getElementById 'EF ' style display 'block' else document getElementById 'EF ' style display 'none' nbsp nbsp My System Specs Windows apps Modern broken. a You need to have JavaScript enabled so that you can use this Computer Type PC Desktop System Manufacturer Model Number DIY OS Windows CPU i - K Motherboard Gigabyte Z -D H Memory Gb Graphics Card GTX

A:Modern Windows apps broken.

I find when there is a pending update to the modern windows apps they won't work correctly. Then navigate to store and generally can see an update waiting. It then updates and seems to work fine. I've had it before where photos or calculator flash on screen and then disappear. I then see the updates are lurking. So basically a looming update seems to break functionality until you actually go and update.
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I have a very old PC - 8086 or 8088 - where there is still data on the harddrive. Unfortunately my new PC doesn't have a 5,25" diskdrive. I tried installing the old harddrive in my new computer, but the new PC wouldn't even recognize there was a new drive connected. Can anybody tell me how I can connect this old harddrive to a new PC to transfer the data?

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I installed the leaked official Windows 8.1 Pro x64 update 1 package.

Guuuuys, would somebody be so kind and tell me how to resize my tiles? After the update, when trying to right click a tile Windows doesn't list me any options...nothing! What the Fluff!!!
I can't remove, update or change any tiles because the context bar( select item+ right click) is... gone.

[Comment Removed]

A:[WIN 8.1 Update 1] Context Bar/ Modern U.I Menu ?GONE?

I have removed the update now, but if you right click an icon, you should now get a drop down menu
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I have used PowerDesk for many years. It is a file manager with all the capabilities of Windows Explorer and many more, most notably a file viewer. It's far more useful and configurable than Explorer.

I still use it every day. But it's about 10 yrs old, is somewhat flaky under Vista and the latest WinXP, and is no longer supported with upgrades. It is especially prone to lockup when trying to view or open a pdf.

So far I haven't been able to locate a latter year replacement or modern equivalent. Does anyone know of such a product? A freebie would be nice, but I'm ready and willing to pay for a modern product with all the capabilities (and maybe more) of the original PowerDesk.

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Hi, what are the different clocks and timers in modern standard computer ?,157918.0.html
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Hi all what would cause my windows 8 PC when i restart it to log into modern interface like it suppose to but then immediately drop to the desktop once loaded there?.

A:PC starts to modern interface then goes to desktop?

Check this:
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Why some websites does not allow to save images as normal image format and save as html instead?

Is it the stupid HTML5 that is doing this? 2012 and older, i never seen anything like this and i can always save images as image formats. Now modern websites are doing this and i don't understand why it is happening

Modern websites are getting worse and worse now-a-days in my opinion. I really loved the classic website that is always working.
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Is there a awy to make it so Windows 8.1 does not show any of the Modern Apps in the taskbar?

For instance, I like to keep NotePad8, Weather and some others running, but I don't want them taking up Taskbar realestate since (as far as I'm aware at least), those Modern apps will remain open until I close them for good by moving to the upper left part of the screen.

So, if anyone knows of any methods I could try to do this, I would be all ears! I suspect there's probably something I could do in the registry, and if there is, maybe someone could attach a .reg file for me.

I'm also attaching a screencap of what I'm talking about.

Thanks a lot, everyone!

A:Is there a way to not show Modern Apps in the Taskbar?

This might be what you want---

Right click Taskbar & click Properties---
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is there a way to disable tab restore in the immersive version of IE 11 on win 8.1 spring update?

I always end up with many open tabs from past sessions and it gets harder to find the right tab.

Alternatively, is there a way to "close tabs on exit" ?


A:disable tab restore Immersive (modern) IE

Hello Tomanband, and welcome to Eight Forums.

See if using step 7 in OPTION TWO of the tutorial below to set Internet Explorer to open to your home page instead of last session may help. This will be applied to both the desktop and modern IE.

Internet Explorer Home Page - Add or Change - Windows 7 Help Forums

Hope this helps,
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Wondering allowed?
A simple question.
What could possibly be the reason for such redundancy?
15 copies of the same document, in the same folder.

c:\Users\windunce\AppData\Local\Packages\microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalStat e\LiveComm\2ce3d17c932ea472\120712-0049\Att\20008bab\Funds Found!.pdf

Calendar is useful, People not so much.
Unfortunately uninstalling Modern Mail axes Calendar and People with it.
Oh well
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After updating to update 1, i am becoming more and more frustrated with the inability to disable modern app title bar that was included in the update. I have absolutely no use for it. it just gets in the way, when using remote desktop and other apps. please tell me there is a way to get rid of this useless "feature" (through registry or otherwise). Thank you

A:Disable new titlebar in Modern Apps

try right click the Taskbar, click Properties and uncheck "Show Windows Store apps on the taskbar"

Let me know if that works?
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I'm not exactly sure when this problem cropped up since I don't use it often but when I type quot cmd quot in Modern UI and right-click on the program choose Run as administrator I'm dropped to the desktop and nothing happens This also happens if I list programs installed through the Modern UI and right-click on Command Prompt However if I go to windows system and right click CMD and choose Run as administrator in Desktop mode it works fine I also installed Stardock's Start to return the classic start menu and when I type cmd there and choose Run as admin it works fine or if I right-click the Start button and choose Run cmd Modern UI Work Doesn't in Administrator as Run as admin not exact wording it Run as Administrator Doesn't Work in Modern UI works fine The Run as admin problem only seems to affect the Modern UI mode Does anyone have thoughts on how this can Run as Administrator Doesn't Work in Modern UI be fixed It's not that there aren't workarounds it's just I prefer things to work as they're suppose to I've checked my user credentials as well as the UAC settings and everything looks fine I would really appreciate some ideas on how to fix this short of quot re-install Windows quot

A:Run as Administrator Doesn't Work in Modern UI

Hello Marc,

See if using step 2 in the tutorial below to restore "Run as administrator" may help. It will also restore the default registry entries for "Run as administrator" that could help with this.

Run as Administrator - Add or Remove from Context Menu in Windows 7 - Windows 7 Help Forums
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I really want to know if you CAN install it!

A:How to install windows 2000 on a modern hp p7

Um why XXXX? Have you got data on an old 2000 OS you need? if so it can be done without having to install the whole sheebang mate.
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Can anyone suggest any 3rd party modern UI apps for accessing OneDrive/SkyDrive. I login with a local account rather than a MS account, so I can't use the native SkyDrive modern UI app.

I know this can be done in desktop mode. I'm specifically interested in a good modern UI app for this purpose. Thanks.

A:Modern UI alternative(s) to SkyDrive (OneDrive) App

Hello pseudoware,

If you like, you could also sign in online at to access your OneDrive.

Hope this helps some,
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Hi All

Updated to 8.1 update 1 2 weeks ago via Windows update, only problem I have is with 1 modern app, that crashes a lot now, otherwise everything else is fine, app is called Megatube, Antivirus Avast Antivirus 9.0.2016, Maybe I shouldn't have updated early to 8.1 update 1 lol, but don't really wanna go thru a whole system refresh or clean install again if I can help it
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So on my dad's notebook, an ASUS K55N, all of the sudden, all of the Modern UI apps stopped working, every time he clicks on one he gets a message saying "This App Can't Open", and all he did was run Windows Update this morning (he downloaded SP1 for Office, the big Update was installed yesterday, and he could use these Apps with no problem).

So what's going on here? What can be done?


A:Modern UI Apps won't launch all of the sudden

Hello SlackerITGuy,

You might see if the listed troubleshooting steps in the tutorial below may be able to help.

Apps and Tiles Not Working or Responding: Fix in Windows 8
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Just installed an XFX HD Video card Because this card takes up quot Dual quot space I noticed Modern Air Cards Flow Video On that any card on the next adjacent available slot will block the fan If I install the HD video card on the last PCI slot it will be just quot away from the bottom of the chassis and on top of Air Flow On Modern Video Cards power amp data cables This of course is due to the way the TBGM MoBo that came with the machine was designed May not happen with other brand MoBos Nevertheless it brought up some questions Does the fan blow hot air out away or suck cool air into the Video board components Also can this or other video cards have the fan close to another board i e Sound TV Tuner FAX etc If I use install a Creative Audigy SE sound card on adjacent slot I block the fan by If I install an ATI HD card on the adjacent slot I block the fan by Should the slot next to a quot Dual quot slot video board be always free so air flows in or out Just curious on how everyone out there with similar situations is handling the issue

A:Air Flow On Modern Video Cards

Generally speaking the fan is intake, and the exahust is out the back of the case.

However, it does depend on the card itself, and the cooling design it implements.

Some will exaust out back, and partially in side the case as well.

I/E A Vapor-X type cooling solution it wouldnt effect as much.
Try it and watch the temps best way to know. It really does depend how well they implemented the cooling solution on the card.

Another thought, if your case has the option of a fan on the side, that may help as well to get cool air between everything, if need be.
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Do modern power supplies require any minimum load present on the +12v, +5v, and/or +3.3v rails? I've heard some can become fritzy if there is no load present on one or more of the voltage rails.

If so, what is considered a minimum safe required current load for each of the aforementioned voltages? I'm assuming the +5vSB and -12v rails don't require anything.

Obviously the +12v is easy to load with fans, and the +5v and +12v could be given a load with an old hard drive, but I still wonder what could load the +3.3v rail and if there are any rules of thumb for minimum load vs. output current claimed at each voltage, for example.

Thanks for any help.

A:Modern PSU require minimum loads?

How exactly would you use a PSU in a computer without a load being on it.....?

I've seen charts that indicate that efficiency suffers if the supply is under loaded, but that sort of goes to show that it's kinda stupid to buy a 700 watt PSU for a computer that draws 300 watts.