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Excel Header placement

Q: Excel Header placement

How can I place a header on an Excel document? I only want it to show up on the first page, not the entire document.

Thank you.

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Preferred Solution: Excel Header placement

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A: Excel Header placement

May I then suggest this workaround:

Take row one of the worksheet. Drag the row so that it is, say, 1" high. Using the drawing toolbar, click on the textbox tool and put your header above the data in row 1 using a textbox. You'll have to check print preview a couple times, I suppose, to make sure you've placed it properly.

Brainbench MVP for Microsoft Word

Brainbench MVP for Microsoft Word
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I have a header in site and in Firefox it does not shift the 55px as it does in IE. how to fix it?

i want the drop down menu to be dircetly below the header.



A:placement of header

I'm not quite sure how you'd do it with your setup, but if all else fails, you can use a javascript pop-up menu, and set the 'x' value to zero. If you want to try it out and would like the code for this, or instructions on how to do it in dreamweaver, I'd be happy to supply them. Its not exactly what you wanted, but its better than nothing :)
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I'm trying to auto decimal 2 places in a single worksheet of a fairly large workbook. If I use the Excel Options menu, it becomes global to the entire workbook. Anybody got any ideas? I have Excel 2007 and have seen this done but am not sure what version they were using.

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Hi guys I need to write a macro that is connected to many buttons one for each row in spreadsheet ask for a value to subtract error check and if ok subtract from a corresponding value in column P Subtract based button VBA: from a cell corresponding placement Excel on When the button on a left hand side is clicked a dialog button should pop-up prompting a user to input the number Excel VBA: Subtract from a corresponding cell based on button placement of pieces to subtract from the corresponding cell row based on the row of the button column P error check the Excel VBA: Subtract from a corresponding cell based on button placement input number show error if the value is smaller than or larger than the corresponding value I can write the error check by myself so no need to do this step subtract the number from the corresponding cell i e user clicked a button located in cell A input pieces in a dialog box and there are pieces in P gt the pieces in P should change to Thank you for helping me out Hope the description is not very confusing Michal nbsp

A:Excel VBA: Subtract from a corresponding cell based on button placement
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Hi Guys,

When printing a spreadsheet that has a number of pages how do you get it to print the column headers at the top of each new page? Thanks


A:Excel header

Go to File, Page Setup, Sheet tab, and in the Print Titles section, click the Cell selection button to select the rows you want printed at the top of every page.

Unless you want the actual column and Row headings to print (A, B, C, 1, 2, 3, etc), then just below that area in the Print section, tick the box that says "Row and column headings"
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In Excel I am using a header for a title and I only want it to appear on the first page when I print.
How can I do that?

A:header only on first page in Excel

I'm sure you can do this is Word, but it looks like it's not possible in Excel (someone jump in and correct me!).

From Excel help:
You can have only one custom header and one custom footer on each worksheet. Click to expand...

I guess this also means you can either have the header on all sheets or none.

But there are ways around it:
You could print the first page with the header, and then remove the header and print the remaining pages.

Or you could put the first page on a seperate worksheet and apply the header to the sheet only, nad then print all pages in the workbook.


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Can anyone explain me how to 'freeze' a header in excel, I know how to use the freeze panes, but thats a temp solution, I'd like to see it embedded in the file.



A:'Freeze' header in excel

I'm not an Excel wiz - I think I would create a gif of the text and embed it. But I'm sure there is probably some Excel way.

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I'm working in Excel 97, I know I shouldn't but that is what I have. In a header I'm trying to put Q&A but the & won't print because Excel sees the & as a command. Does anyone know how I can get past that? I've tried quotes, single quotes and it doesn't help. Your help is greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: Excel Header with & in it


I think you need two ampersands


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Recently our Office Suite was upgraded from to I had a macro that you helped with working well in the old version to upon save take a field from a worksheet lists and Macro Header/Footer Excel 2003 write that field into the header and footer and then update the last saved timestamp Now it will not write to the header and footer at all and will not update the time Excel 2003 Header/Footer Macro stamp for last saved Here is the code from the worksheet lists Private Sub Worksheet Change ByVal Target As Excel Range If Target Column Or Then On Error Resume Next Application DisplayAlerts False ActiveSheet protect UserInterfaceOnly True Range quot A quot Select Selection TextToColumns Destination Worksheets quot lists quot Range quot A quot DataType xlDelimited TextQualifier xlDoubleQuote ConsecutiveDelimiter False Tab False Semicolon False Comma False Space False Other True OtherChar quot quot FieldInfo Array Array Array Application DisplayAlerts True End If End Sub The lists code as far as I know is only there to set the Excel 2003 Header/Footer Macro values to be used in the header the workbook code is the one that takes those values and writes them to the header footer Here is the workbook code Private Sub Workbook BeforeSave ByVal SaveAsUI As Boolean cancel As Boolean Dim filename rdims name fs As String Worksheets quot lists quot Range quot A quot Value fs Call SetSaveLoc If Worksheets quot lists quot Range quot A quot Value quot quot Then On Error Resume Next filename InputBox quot Please enter title quot amp Chr amp quot ie Audit Worksheet quot amp Chr amp Chr amp quot First asterix then document title quot quot File Name quot Worksheets quot lists quot Range quot a quot Value filename Sheets quot lists quot Select Range quot A quot Select Application DisplayAlerts False ActiveSheet protect UserInterfaceOnly True Selection TextToColumns Destination Worksheets quot lists quot Range quot A quot DataType xlDelimited TextQualifier xlDoubleQuote ConsecutiveDelimiter False Tab False Semicolon False Comma False Space False Other True OtherChar quot quot FieldInfo Array Array Array Application DisplayAlerts True Call GetSaveLoc On Error GoTo Else End If For Each Sheet In ThisWorkbook Sheets vSize Sheets quot lists quot Range quot A quot Value Sheet PageSetup LeftHeader quot amp quot amp Chr amp quot Arial bold quot amp Chr amp quot amp quot amp vSize amp quot amp IAS quot Sheet PageSetup RightHeader quot amp quot quot Arial bold quot amp Chr amp quot amp quot amp vSize amp quot amp U quot amp Worksheets quot lists quot Range quot B quot Value amp Chr amp quot amp amp U amp BDraft - For Discussion Purposes Only quot Sheet PageSetup LeftFooter quot amp quot quot Arial bold quot quot amp Office of Economics quot amp Chr amp quot RDIMS quot amp quot quot amp Worksheets quot lists quot Range quot A quot Value amp quot - quot amp Worksheets quot lists quot Range quot B quot amp Chr amp quot Last Edited quot amp Format Date quot dd-mm-yyyy quot amp quot quot amp Time Sheet PageSetup CenterFooter quot amp quot quot Arial bold quot quot amp Page amp P of amp N quot Sheet PageSetup RightFooter quot amp quot quot Arial bold quot quot amp Last Accessed Printed quot amp Chr amp quot amp D amp T quot Next Sheet ActiveWorkbook Save End Sub Save Place In WorkBook after going to another for text to column Public Sub SaveLocation ReturnToLoc As Boolean Static WB As Workbook Static WS As Worksheet Static R As Range If ReturnToLoc False Then Set WB ActiveWorkbook Set WS ActiveSheet Set R Selection Else WB Activate WS Activate R Select End If End Sub To save the current location call SetSaveLoc Public Sub SetSaveLoc SaveLocation False End Sub To return to the saved location call GetSaveLoc Public Sub GetSaveLoc SaveLocation True End Sub Thanks in advance nbsp

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I need to take information from a separate excel workbook and add it to the information being output to the four note pad documents The code I have right now is Private Sub BigButtonOfDoing for comparing footer header excel in Importing and and Click Dim target As Worksheet For Each target In Worksheets SheetStorage target Next End Sub Public Sub SheetStorage target As Worksheet Dim iFileForSheet As Integer LR As Long i As Long Dim strFile As String Dim strRec As String Dim qoutes As String Dim comma As String strFile quot C Documents and Settings nicolas amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp DDLGanerator output quot amp target Range quot J quot Value amp quot txt quot LR target Range quot C quot amp Rows Count End xlUp Row iFileForSheet FreeFile Open strFile For Output As iFileForSheet For i To LR Print iFileForSheet target Range quot C quot amp i Value Spc target Range quot D quot amp i Value Spc target Range quot G quot amp i Value Spc target Range quot J quot amp Importing and comparing for header and footer in excel i Value Next i Close iFileForSheet End Sub There is the name of the document in cell j The information shown below is from a separate workbook that needs to be opened compared against then read in as the table name as the header and the tablespace initial and next as the footer TableName TableSpace Initial Next PS NFS JK MAIN NFSPRJ M M PS NFS JK HITO NFSPRJ K K PS NFS JK TAIJIN NFSPRJ M M PS NFS HOSPITAL MS NFSPRJ K K PS NFS JK TAIBUTSU NFSPRJ K K PS NFS JK SHARYO NFSPRJ K K PS NFS IMAGE PATH NFSPRJ K K amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp tablename is the same as in cell j in the main workbook all the information shown here needs to be displayed like so CREATE TABLE PS NFS HOSPITAL MS quot information already inputted by above code quot TABLESPACE NFSPRJ STORAGE INITIAL K NEXT K thanks nbsp
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I am trying to figure out how to Align my footer with the page margins in Excel 2003 and it is driving me nuts to not be able to find it. In Excel 2007 there is a checkbox under the design tab, and I thought there was a similar checkbox in 2003, but I cannot find it...

Can anyone help me out with this?

Thanks in advance.
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Hello. Using Excel 2010 and entered the following as a customized header for one of my worksheets: "M&M Counts by Bag" (note, entered without the quotes). However, when it prints out and when I view it on the screen, it shows as "M Counts by Bag" (again, without the quotes). I am assuming the &M is being treated as some special character. How do I get my whole header to display correctly? Thanks for all your help.

A:Solved: Excel 2010 Header Problem

"M&&M Counts by Bag"
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I want to put a users input into the Header of an excel page via VBA macro but it is not working. Any suggestions?

inputData = InputBox("Enter Report Date as mmddyy:", "Input Box Text")
With ActiveSheet.PageSetup
.CenterHeader = "&""Calibri,Bold""&14" & inputData
End With

A:Solved: Excel VBA Insert variable in Page Header

I put 2 spaces after the font size before the " and now it works.
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I am trying to add a header on an excel 2010 spreadsheet. I was told the limitation is 255 and I have 200 (including spaces). It keeps erring out saying I have too many characters. Can anyone tell me what the character limitations are for Excel 2010?

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I have a spreadsheet with all the company's part numbers, grouped by Class. Then I have the sales for each month for each part number. I have the title row frozen and repeating on every page of the print out. Some of the groups though, when expanded, span several pages. So I wind up with pages of just part numbers with no header indicating which Class I'm looking at. What I'd like to do, is to have the title row for each class frozen at the top when I'm looking at it's group. Then when I scroll down to the next group, that group's title row is frozen instead. Can Excel do that?
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Is there an easy way to apply the same header/footer to an entire workbook in Excel 2003 without having to manually do so on each worksheet? Thanks.

A:Excel: Applying Header / Footer To Entire Workbook

If you use custom headers and footers you can have one to a worksheet. If you try to apply a different custom header or footer it will over write the first one.

Are you using the header and footer feature in Excel or are you just creating headers and footers in rows?
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I did something with one of the F keys and now that blue 'Title Bar', with the large red box containing a white X close box on the right has disappeared.
Please, how can I get it back? I tried to repair with the installation disk in Control Panel but no change.


A:Solved: Excel 2000 blue header suddenly missing

Solved - I clicked on View, Full Screen and it all came back.

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I have a drop down list in D1 and what I need is a macro that will search for the selected value through column D and hide the rows that don't match. Think of it as like the autofilter function in excel.

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Hi, I need a macro to use in Excel 2003 that will select all data in a column except the header row. At the moment i am using the following command which works well in most cases

ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select
Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlDown)).Select

The catch to this is that if the column contains only one row of or no data then the command selects the entire column! Eek, can anybody please help me to fix this?

A:Solved: Excel macro to select data in a column with a header row

Dim lastRow as long
LastRow = worksheetfuntion.Max(2, Range("A" & rows.count).end(Exlup).Row

The variable will contain the last filled row in column A, the Max function will make sure that it will at least be row 2 just in case the column is empty

Then all you need is Range("A2:A" & lastRow).Select
Or if you need more columns then Range("A2:H" & lastRow).select
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Hi all This Row Return VBA Search Multiple Column Excel - Values, Workbook & Header may be more complex than I think but I have searched hundreds of forum posts all over the place VBA Search Excel Workbook - Multiple Values, Return Row & Column Header and while I ve come close to finding a solution to this nothing has quite described a way to do this Basically I have a roster for staff attached is a simple sample I ve thrown together to show you what s on the rows headers amp sample contents obviously the actual spreadsheet is much bigger and month-to-view on each sheet Let s assume the following - sheet and sheet have staff rosters on as per the example spreadsheet - sheet is where I want to display the search results - the same name may will be present on different dates and different shifts - this is for me and not an end user so it doesn t have to be in any way flash in its working or pretty I would like a search entry box on sheet let s say in cell A I need the following results returned for EACH occurrence of the searched name this is where it gets beyond me These will be copied into sheet let s say starting from cell A - I ll stick in a clearcontents on the range at the start of the sub as the results will be copied into an email and then can be cleared when I need a new search - Shift always found in Column A of the sheet being searched - Job Number always found in in Column B of the sheet being searched - Date of shift always found in Row of the sheet being searched So essentially it s a lookup find The results you get in a Ctrl F find all are basically the results I need but just looking up the row title and column header Is this possible simple Any code snippets appreciated - very happy to tinker where my abilities allow Thanks for any help in advance Luke Ps In case it helps I need to do this to generate a summary of any one persons shifts by searching their name I have freelancers working for me and generating a summary over a month project usually takes me forever I m trying to automate the process once I have entered their names into the shifts I d like them to do nbsp

A:VBA Search Excel Workbook - Multiple Values, Return Row & Column Header
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Firstly duplicated destroyed Spreadsheet: lots Excel header Hospital below, in data! cells of I thank you in advance for your assistance folks I don t have a clue what this problem is and Hospital Spreadsheet: Excel duplicated header in lots of cells below, destroyed data! I need to fix it so we can produce our bills pay our Radiologists and refer to our records to send out patient s reports to their Doctors It s quite an important spreadsheet haha Our hospital has been struck by a very odd error in MS Excel Okay I make the error itself sound worse than it is but it is going to take me ages to correct all the data and I need to make sure this doesn t happen again I ve tried Googling around but I don t think I m asking Google the right questions because I m coming up empty This has happened in the past on an old spreadsheet months ago before I worked here but now it s happened again on a spreadsheet I ve been working on from January I ll attach a screenshot of a portion of the sheet to demonstrate the issue with patient data redacted of course A large number of cells in a single column have been replaced with a copy of the header cell for that column see attached screenshot Exam column The spreadsheet is protected to stop people from formatting cells There s also VBA in the background stopping people from cut amp pasting as this would break the conditional formatting There s a bunch of conditional formatting in the cells to change their colour depending on the contents of other cells Somebody could go through and copy and paste over all the cells but I m certain this isn t malicious damage I suspect this is some sort of corruption when saving the file This spreadsheet is stored on a network drive and numerous people try to access it throughout the day when somebody has it open Excel by default informs everybody else that it is locked until that person closes it so there should be no overlapping issues I m also using some VBA to stop people from editing the spreadsheet if they don t have Macros enabled to stop people subverting the code that tries to protect the integrity of the spreadsheet which I pulled from http xl-central com force-users-to-enable-macros-in-a-workbook html One of the reasons I did this is that while most of the hospital is using Excel there are a few computers using Excel which is not compatible with an Excel macro workbook I dread to think what would happen if they tried to save the document after it was converted I ve told them not to even try to use it but you never know I ve pasted all the code in the Workbook onto Pastebin in case you think it might be the culprit http pastebin com xufq r y I ve just added a bit in the custom save subroutine which I pulled from the above linked help page to inform the user upon saving the sheet that Excel believes the spreadsheet was saved successfully I don t know if this will help at all but it s all I can think of for now Code 'Let the user know it was saved okay or not If WorkbookSaved Then MsgBox quot WORKBOOK SAVED quot amp vbNewLine amp vbNewLine amp quot Excel says the save was quot amp ActiveWorkbook Saved Else MsgBox quot WORKBOOK NOT SAVED quot amp vbNewLine amp vbNewLine amp quot Excel says the save was quot amp ActiveWorkbook Saved End If Oh and final note not all the cells in that column have been replaced Oddly enough it affects all the rows down to the end of January about but everything from February st onwards is fine Which suggests maybe it s got something to do with somebody who was doing something with the entries for that month our Accounts dept handling payments for January perhaps It s too much of a coincidence that the destroyed data stops exactly at the end of January So any ideas folks P S I just realised you can recreate the results of this error with the CTRL D Fill Down command but I don t see why anybody would have done this so for the moment let s assume that s not what happened nbsp

A:Hospital Spreadsheet: Excel duplicated header in lots of cells below, destroyed data!
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Hi all,
I'm working on an excel spreadsheet for my passwords. My columns are labeled website, username and password, respectively. I know how to go to data>sort to sort what I have so far, but is there a way for me to be able to put a new website, username and password at the bottom of the list, and it automatically go to where it should (alphabetically) go based on the website column (username and passwords are not alphabetically organized; just website)?
Thanks in advance,

A:Make Excel 2010 Automatically Organize by Column "A" with Header

Unfortunately not an easy task.

There are ways to accomplish this automatically with data of fixed dimensions, but I have not seen any way to do this, especially with a growing list.

A couple of examples of scripts to do this are here... Auto Sort A List by Values in Excel
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I have a lian li Pc-61. It has 2 intake fans at the bottom on the front, a exhaust at the back toward the top under the power supply, and a blowhole on the top. The powersupply also blows air out, but it doesnt affect it much due to the power of my other fans. They are all 80mm. But my question is, if i were to add other fans to it, where would be the best place to put them? I was thinking adding a intake to the side, but i dont know if that would mess up the air flow. Also i thought about adding another exhaust fan under my one on the back, but i dont know if that is a good idea, as i hear it is better to keep positive pressure inside the case. Do you guys have any suggestions? Thanks a lot for any comments.

A:Fan Placement?

A side panel intake might help keep you cpu or gpu cooler(depending on where you put it). It isn't too hard, but If you have to make the hole, you might have to repaint the case unless you're very careful.
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I'm in the market for a new case. I want to transfer my OEM HP into the new case for now and later on buy parts for a build later on down the road. My question is: What is the better position of the PSU, top mount or bottom mount? Does is really matter or is it preference?

A:PSU placement

Originally Posted by bassfisher6522

I'm in the market for a new case. I want to transfer my OEM HP into the new case for now and later on buy parts for a build later on down the road. My question is: What is the better position of the PSU, top mount or bottom mount? Does is really matter or is it preference?

Warm air is less dense so it rises compared to cooler air in the vicinity. Hence, the top of a computer case (or box, or room, or hall) will be warmer than the bottom.

PSUs have an extractor fan. In some machines it's the only extractor fan. Extracting air from the top of the box leads to better cooling because the air being expelled is the warmest air in that container.

If the extractor fan is placed at the bottom of a container, it expels the coolest air, thereby possibly leading to a buildup of higher temperatures at the top.
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Hey again guys, I was looking to add some new fans to my case ( as it only comes with a front 120mm intake, but I'm getting confused with which fans should exhaust and which should intake, I was thinking a 120mm intaking on the side panel, with maybe a 120mm on the back or 140mm on the top exhausting. any suggestions? Many thanks, Alex

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I'm using a 4 RIMM motherboard, current in this placement:
64,64 - 64,64
I know RDRAMs have to be installed in pairs (at least in my case I think) but can the two pairs be of different capacity? as in:
64,64 - 256,256
(Upgrading 2 64mb RDRAM to 2 256mb RDRAM)

Oh yah I've a second question. Why is "Intel chipset recommended" when I'm installing my USB ADSL modem?

A:RAM placement

Oh I'm sure it will...Try it and see, if it works your system will boot, and the memory test will read "640 MB". If it doesn't, your system just won't boot. There's no real reason why it wouldn't.

Is your DSL modem made by Intel? If not, I don't even know what to say...
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My charms bar seems a bit off center, is that normal?

I feel sure that it should be in the center of the screen...right?

A:Odd placement of charms bar

Regarding it being centred that is how it should be. If you bring the charms in by putting your cursor top right corner you will notice the icons are nearer the top of the screen and if you do it by placing the cursor bottom right the icons are nearer the bottom of the screen.

I don't know why you can see your wallpaper to the right of the charms bar though.
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i bought a emachines T2672 with a bad power supply for 25.00 last saturday. i have replaced the power supply and noticed the power led and the power sv and the hdd led have been disconnected. the motherboard is a fic au31-KFM-NF18G. I have no idea where to hook these up to. i know where they go but not which pins to connect them to. any help would be greatly appreciated. fic site is no help at all. thank you. rgh440

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Hey everyone, I just upgraded my memory from 512mhz to 1.5 ghz. Pretty big jump.. anyway I was just wondering with SDR ram since it acts like a circuit, and all of the slots have to be taken up, does it matter if the more powerful ram is in the first slot, since the computer goes through all of the ram when it does an operation?
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Just bought a new case, which came with a 350 ps....and a fan installed on the side panel of the case...this case is capable of holding 4 fans in the front, and a 60mm fan in the back....anyway, I was wondering, is a rear fan necessary as there is already a side fan...also, i have an 80mm fan (which will fit the front) from an old computer......should i hook this up? if i do it will be blowing air in, but directly onto my this good or bad? thanks

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My comp used to run at 32 - 35 at idle.
With the warm weather, it has risen to 41c.

I don't think that this is a major worry, but I thought I might place a fan pointing at the back of comp to lower temps.

Would that be advisable?



A:Placement of external fan

Sure but it won't help a thing. The place to point it would be the side air intake or front air intakes and even then you may only see a little decline. Really the 41c is a very modest rise and I would sweat it as they say !
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if when i open wordpad, wordpad opens as a small window in the center of the screen, is there a way to make it always open on the left side of the screen ?

maybe this can be done in the registry somehow ???

A:window placement in win XP

try moving it to where you want it, close it and re-open it.
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Windows xp - suddenly screen is off center to the left. Nothing I have tried, including "Command Prompt" has gotten it recentered. What should I do?

[email protected]

A:Screen placement

Have you tried ajusting the controls on your monitor?
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http www newegg com app ViewProductDesc asp description - - amp depa The link above is the case that I currently use for my system with exception of the power supply I currently run a W instead of the W that came with it As the temp has been rising outside and I have to keep my system on top of my desk in fear that my cat will get hair in it But that also means that I have to keep it somewhat close to the window which the sun shines in through the day and it has been heating up in the past few weeks System specs CPU P CGHz M P K HT MB i P IC ABIT ATX Video RADEON PRO M X HD GB WD --- GB Maxtor CD DVD DVD -RW NEC --- Generic Model unknown DVD-ROM Currently I have the standard two fans built into the case going as well as a third fan installed in the front of the system for intake So I ve got an intake on the front one of the left side and the exhaust on the top I used to have the one in the front out the back as exhaust but it seemed that I got better circulation coming from the front Placement Case Fan as intake Case Fan Placement I ve got the two bays on the back that are open and I was thinking of having the bottom bay as a rd intake and the bay above it as exhaust but Case Fan Placement I am not sure what would be the best set up in this situation I also have a th spot in the front next to the rd fan that I can use as well Any ideas on what would be the best set up Case Fan Placement for this I m currently running case temp around F idle and between - F during high usage and CPU temp runs around F idle - F during usage All of these temps are about - F warmer than they have been in the past because of the heat outside The temps seem okay still but I would love to get this to run cooler I ve been looking into water cooled systems as well but I m concerned about that whole quot water in my computer quot thing Not only that if I were go get one I d go high end and be spending about on it Would be adding a fan or two make this better and if so any suggestions on what to buy I appreciate any suggestions thanks nbsp

A:Case Fan Placement

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

If you can`t move the tower to a cooler location then maybe getting some blinds for the window in question would help a lot.

No matter how many case fans you employ, if your tower is in direct sunlight it`s going to get hot.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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I'm going to buy 120mm case fan would it be ok to tape it out on there? My case doesn't have any pins do put a fan into.
I'm also wondering i could maybe place it on bottom panel below my gfx card.

A:Fan placement question

czplayer said:

I'm going to buy 120mm case fan would it be ok to tape it out on there? My case doesn't have any slots to put a fan into.
I'm also wondering i could maybe place it on bottom panel below my graphics card.Click to expand...
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two identical kingston 512mb pc3200 ddr ram sticks. have 4 ram slots on motherboard. does it matter what order or sequence the sticks are put in?

A:Ram slot placement

I don't think so...unless you're running DUAL Channel on your board, in which case your manual will tell you exactly which ones.

Not all Motherboards have DUAL Channel, though, so it might not matter.
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hey, have a simple question. My case has three 3.5 inch drives. 1 is only for floppies, one is only for hardrives, and the other is interchangable. I have a second hardrive i want to install. But im not sure if i should. If i do there is like a cm of space between my two hardrives. Will this cause to much heat?

A:Hardrive placement

You should be fine providing your PC isn't already running hot.
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Hi i m in my final year computer engineering and my campus interviews are approaching. I have mentioned Networks as one of my areas of interest in my resume. Basically i am a good programmer and i have developed some networking applications for my projects and i am currently working on developing a bit torrent client. Well, all i would like to know is, what type of questions will be asked in the placement interviews (MNC's) in the domain of computer networks? what all should i concentrate in, while preparing for the interviews with regard to networking?

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Folks, I seem to remember a minor reg hack a while back, couple years maybe, that would change the location of an icon placed on the desktop by creating a shortcut from a web page, a save tmp file icon that's created for a file opened from the desktop such as a Word document, installing a new program, etc.

If I remember you could change a Key or Value in relation to the desktop or screen resolution. I don't know, maybe someone knows something else. Essentiality I'd like to move the default location.

Any ideas ???
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I just installed a new CPU cooler and now I only have room for three out of four sticks of memory. Two are installed in like-coloured slots for dual channel performance. The sticks are four gigs each. Is it better to leave it at 8 gigs of dual channel RAM, or should I put a third stick in for a total of 12 gigs memory? Will it mess up dual channel performance?

Thanks, gordoncanada

A:Memory placement

Make of mobo would be helpful. Some memory is done by slot 1 & 3 then 2 & 4 and some are done by pairs side by side. You can always try it. It will work or not or have no effect. If the system boots you can go to System in Control Panel and see how much ram is detected. If you built your computer, the manual would guide you as to placement of the ram.
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As I posted in the general hardware thread, I am building a computer and need some help deciding where to place the case fans. The case is a Thermaltake V3, it has a bottom mounted PSU, 2 top fan spaces, 1 bottom fan space, 1 front fan space, and one upper-rear fan space. All are 120mm. The PC isn't going to be doing anything that should make it real hot but I want to make sure its well cooled. I was thinking of just putting a front and rear, but will the spaces in the top and bottom cause circulation issues without fans installed there? I'm building a new pc because my current notebook is failing because the graphics card overheats I'm a little paranoid about keeping things cool. :suspiciou

A:Help with fan placement in Thermaltake V3

Fans are comparatively cheap, and I err on the side of more airflow is better so i would say fill all of the available fan spaces, or put one more exhausting air than pulling it in for a negative airflow. Its a bit more dusty, but gets more air through the system.
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Hi there,

Iam using Windows 8 x64 in Desktop Mode.
Does anyone know if the placement of the volume bar can be changed?
I made a screenshot:
the default position is now in win8 in the left upper area. i want it where it always has been, in the right lower corner.


A:Volume Bar Placement

There is a sound bar that is under the Settings charm that is right about where it's always been...
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Tech CMOS battery placement Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Pentium R CPU GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Intel R G GV GL Express Chipset Family Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ASUSTeK Computer INC Goldfish Antivirus McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware Updated Yes On-Demand Scanner Enabled I reciently removed the RTC to check voltage and didn t notice CMOS battery placement polarity position in the vertical rack it goes into I installed it with the negative side facing right I havent noticed any problems I did look at motherboards online and an Asus website that only had an educated guess CMOS battery placement answer one stating right and another left Looking for some information and peace of mind Just spent an hour and a half more looking at motherboards and after blowing up as large as possible I noticed a casted into the upper and lower right hand plastic form that would probably hold the face of the battery off the contacts Still looking nbsp

A:CMOS battery placement

Hi CollinsMachine and welcome to TSG.

The battery holders are designed so the battery will only fit properly one way around so I think you're ok.
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I have an XPS 15 9550 with Windows 10. There is a feature I don't even know how it's called or if it's a Windows feature.
When trying to move a window, a hover appears that 'helps' place the window in an area of the screen. What is this feature and how does one turn it off?
Edit: It is not snap assist, I turned that feature off. Initially I added a screen print to the post, this time I attached it a .jpeg. Please check attachment.
I appreciate the suggestions.

A:XPS 15 window placement hover

Sounds like you're talking about "snap assist"?
Do a Google search on:
windows 10 disable snap assist
Good Luck!
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I am using xp home and Xp pro and would like to have a program's window
to always open at a certain position on he desktop. I have a small program that has a window approx. 2.5x6 inches in size when opened.
I would like for it always open in the right lower section of the desktop.

Thanks very much,

A:window placement on desktop

Windows should remember the last place it was closed and open it from there. I believe it is just like Internet Explorer's window size and placement. I may be wrong. Open up your task manager and move it. Then close it. It should open up in the same position.
The software may have a built in placement on a given screen resolution. I know programs like WeatherBug work this way.
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I'm running IE8 on Windows XP 32 bit. I use Google as my home page. But I'm annoyed that IE8 doesn't place the cursor in the Google search bar automatically upon starting IE8 or opening a new tab, like it does in Chrome and Firefox. I constantly find myself typing words only to find they didn't turn up on screen, because I didn't manually use my mouse button to place the cursor in the Google search field before typing.

Do anyone know if there is a way to fix this and 'force' IE8 to automatically place the cursor in the text field by default?

Thanks in advance.

A:[SOLVED] IE8 cursor placement

Nevermind, I figured it out. Turning off "Google Instant" did the trick.
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in my first 2 slots i have 2x 512 mb sticks of ram in the second i have 2x 1gb sticks of ram is this ok?

Relevancy 41.71%

Hey everyone. I'm having a problem where the toolbar placement in Internet Explorer 7 keeps on resetting to its default settings whenever I close the window. This is a problem because, for example, the SiteAdvisor button keeps on being placed in its own row. I'd like to place it on the menu bar row, but every time I place it there, the placement is reset in any new IE window I open.

Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?
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I want to create a home network:
modem - Motorola SB 6180, from COX Communication
router - ASUS RT-AC-66U
gigabit switch - TP-LINK TL-SG1005D 10/100/1000Mbps Unmanaged
printer - HP LaserJet Pro 200 color with ethernet port
2 desktops, each running Win 8 Prox64
Cat 6 cables.

Plan A:
Cat 6 cable from modem to router
Cat 6 cable from router to switch
Cat 6 cables from switch to printer and desktops

I think this will give me wifi for my laptop and good connection speed between computers and printer.
But I could be wrong........

Suggestions appreciated.

A:Network component placement

Just a comment on the modem selection. I have an SB6120 modem that simply flies. So, if the SB6180 is an improved version, I think you have made a great choice.
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Hello. Due party to FIC's subpar online manual, I have
to ask if anyone out there has any direct experience with
either FIC or the AZ11 Socket A board. The goofy at best
online manual is not clear at all as to just where the pw wire
(both leds too) goes. My guess is the 3rd and 4th pins from top
on the right side of connector.

Anyone have an AZ 11 manual
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I have two XP boxes running XP SP3. Both have some legacy software I want to access from time to time. One box blew the motherboard (several bulged and leaking caps), and I have been told that if I can find an identical board the system will still boot from the HD (it is in good condition, I have recovered some files from it). The blown board is an Intel D865 GLC/D865 PESO, but most re-furbed boards are D865 GLC/D865 PESO/D865 PCD, or some such. Will any D865 GLC/whatever board be recognised, or do I have to find an exact match?

A:Solved: mobo re-placement

It'll likely boot on any motherboard with the same or even similar Intel chipset so another Intel D865 board should work.
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Hey, I've had a look around the net and found nothing so I'm guessing this isn't possible but I'll ask incase any of you have some tricks up your sleeves.

Is there any way I can "lock" file placements within a folder? The situation is basically a woman in my office needs her files in date order (but obviously when backups are restored etc, the creation date is changed so that isn't an option) so I have to manually place them myself to allow her to skim through looking for the correct dates.

Is there any way to guarantee the placement of these files will stay that way?

Thanks in advance.


A:File placement lock?

The order files are stored in a folder is determined by it's name and this cannot be changed. Windows Explorer allows you to show files sorted by name, date, size, etc. You cannot override this for specific files.
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i have recently purchsed the aerocool easy watch fan contoller and moniter but i am not sure where to place the little thermo-meter on the unit. I want to have one measuring my cpu temp one measuring my GPU temp and one measuring my HDD temp Where would i place the threee probes for this??


A:CPU thermo-meter placement???

I looked up this system and am glad to know about it. The page I was reading explained clearly where to place these probes.
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I have been building computers for years and never found a reason for the placement of the memory slots on a motherboard. If you look at a board that uses an Intel CPU, the slots used are1-3 and/or 2-4. If you look at a board that uses an AMD CPU however, the slots used are 1-2 and/or 3-4. Does anybody know why this is? No, I'm not trying to make a better motherboard, I'm just curious enough to finally ask.

Thanks for any info anyone can give.

A:Memory slot placement

'If you look at a board that uses an AMD CPU however, the slots used are 1-2 and/or 3-4.'

refer to the MSI K9N - which see;

Dual channel with slots 1/3 or 2/4.

Assuming that you installed 2 Gb in 4 modules of dual channel ram and it is used from byte 0 to 2047 linearly, then assuming that the average 2 Gb ram install running XP uses about 50% of the Ram running avg8 (as example), you would get heating in ram modules 1 and 3 and none to speak of in 2 and 4.

Thus, heat separated components and better cooling.

My opinion.
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I have just ordered the Logitech Z-5500 Speakers. I have read many comments about this set, and noticed that alot of people say that you have to keep the sub at least 60cm away from electronic devices, like CRT Monitors. I was just wondering if it would be safe to put it in the range of a printer, and if not, how would it actually effect it?


A:Z-5500 speaker placement

It's not going to affect the printer...

Unless you like to really crank the woofer to where it's causing other things to vibrate uncontrollably nothing will happen. Sometimes audio devices like to interfere with 2.4Ghz wireless devices though so if you notice some static I might rearrange your setup to compensate.
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I was trying to use the window placement commands found on the right click task bar menu, specifically "Show Windows Side by Side" and found that Google Chrome windows do not respond to the command. Problem does not occur with IE or Firefox. Anyone familiar with this behavior?

Example: If I have a Word window,a Chrome window and a Folder window open and select "Show Windows Side by Side" I get two windows (Word and Folder) with Chrome hidden behind them.
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Quote from Djrafh;How much OC...
well the temp monitor is a little thermal sensor actually on my cpu (between the cpu/heatsink) and its never gone above 41C. So i suppose i could try 3.2 possibly....

This is the first time I ever heard of the actual placement of that little sensor ( I don't get around much any more!)
Anyway ,I was hoping someone could tell me if there is a general
rule as to exactly where & how the heat sensor is to be mounted.
I have built 3- P4's and 1-P3 over the last few years .It's just a hobby for me , but they all work great , but I have never been comfortable as to whether I was getting a proper reading .
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Left hinge of my laptop is placed reverse in manner. Keyboard side end is attached to display end and vice versa. Simply looking different from the right hinge. What do I do now. Thanks in advance!
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Does anyone know where Windows keeps track of your Icon placement on your desktop. I am wondering if it is stored in your user profile or in the Registry.

A:Desktop Icon placement

Maybe this will help.
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I got this new case and it came with a temp. sensor (lcd on front of case). I want to place it on my GPU but I don't know exactly where the best spot would be. Any suggestions?

A:Temp. Sensor placement


Need more details.Is this a CPU cooler ?
Anyhow it should have install instructions.
You do mean "CPU" don't you ?
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I know that icons for the desktop are stored in the Desktop folder. But where is the placement information stored? Each time I boot the computer the desktop icons are just where I left them.

A:Desktop icon placement

Quote: Originally Posted by blockie

I know that icons for the desktop are stored in the Desktop folder. But where is the placement information stored? Each time I boot the computer the desktop icons are just where I left them.

1) Open Windows Explorer
2) Navigate to you user folder:

3) Right-click on "Desktop", then select "Properties"
4) Click the "Location" Tab
4) Click "Find Target":

Or, you can just navigate to C:\Users\[YOU_USER_NAME]\Desktop
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Hi I have four hard disks and three operating systems Windows Ubuntu and Fedora and I want advice on partitioning the disks In my opinion I have two options Install all the operating systems on one hard disk since only one partition will be in use at a time and use the other three for different purposes like download storage media storage and Virtualbox disk file storage etc Potential Advantage that the OSes can have concurrent access for different jobs e g Virtualbox download and media-serving activities simultaneously more space for the data partitions Potential Disadvantage the OSes installed in the latter part of the OS disk will be lower in performance Install the OSes Performance Placement Partition Effect on of at the beginning of three of the disks and the other data partitions on the remaining part of the disks Potential Advantage Better performance of all the OSes in general Potential Disadvantage Lesser space for data partitions How do you think I should use the disk How much benchmark results statistics will be very helpful of an impact does the placement at the beginning or at the end of a hard disk partition has on performance

A:Effect of Partition Placement on Performance

It had a lot more impact in the past when we were dealing with slower drives, IDE controllers, and 33 or 66Mhz system buses. But with modern systems there is very little real-life performance gains from drive position, even with mechanical spinning hard drives.

I am sure that the speed difference is still there and could be picked up by benchmark software, but the difference in today's machines would be measured in milliseconds, not full seconds.

I used to set up a small partition in the beginning of a second hard drive just to use as a page file in order to boost performance (which seemed to make a noticeable difference at the time. But I did the same thing on my new machine when I first set it up and it made no difference at all. With the speed of today's hardware it is just splitting hairs, IMHO.
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In Word 2003 when you pressed the Alt key you could place WordArt anywhere you wanted without having it snap to a grid. I now have Word 2007 and find that I've lost that feature. Is there a solution?

A:Placement of WordArt in Word problem

You can turn off the snapping here:

1. Select the WordArt so that the 'WordArt Tools' 'Format' tab shows up on your ribbon. Click there.

2. Click 'Align', then 'Grid Settings...'.

3. Here you can uncheck 'Snap objects to other objects' and/or 'Snap objects to grid when the gridlines are not displayed'.

That should stop it from snapping Hope that helped.
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Hello so my friend gave another went after placement Solved: Something RAM wrong horribly person his MB RAM DDR which I believe is Hz or something of the sort The person s computer has in total memory slots being used with two MB RAM sticks and the other free So we took off the cover completely powered off the computer by unplugging and everything and inserted Solved: Something went horribly wrong after RAM placement the MB stick into the free slot Then we turned on the computer and we heard a few beeps at the beginning and just a black screen saying quot no signal quot We said ok no biggie that must mean that it s just incompatible So for a last try we tried putting the MB stick into the other free slot after that screen appeared but quite f ed up looking and some quick text appeared quot memory failure blablaa more text quot We turned off the computer took off the MB stick and powered the computer on again hoping that everything will work as normal since we took off the incompatible stick but it just kept on saying quot no signal quot on his monitor and there was some weird popping noise coming from his computer ever since We have no idea what just happened Solved: Something went horribly wrong after RAM placement and what to do If someone here knows what the problem is and how to solve it without buying anything new that would be great I don t feel like paying for that guy s repair The MB stick by the way had a sticker with something of the lines DDR and then MX amp r something like that So we thought the quot DDR quot and the quot quot on his current sticks meant they both match and should work nbsp

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I Low Level Write 's formatted my computer on Monday via Wester Digital Data Lifeguard for a fresh reinstall as my computer was slowing to a crawl I have x GB Sata Windows main drive x TB Sata for games music pictures ect x GB IDE drive for documents x DVD-RW Twins Same LG name model color speed ect x in Card reader Similar but not exact - gt http products ncix com detail ngea d-aa- htm I pulled all drives except the in card reader which hooks to on-motherboard USB plugs before formatting and reinstalling Windows Ultimate and some programs Some of my setup files are on the TB so I plugged that back in when it was needed Disk which Placement not Disk holding Management is SUPPOSED to be the GB Windows Drive and the TB media drive is SUPPOSED to be Disk sometimes switch places between Disk and Disk then becoming like it was before the format but will eventually go back The DVD drives I have are brand new as I bought them especially for the reinstall as the lasers in Disk Management Placement not holding my old ones were on they way out anyways Now that the DVD drives are installed I cannot get it to even randomly switch back TB Drive D seems stuck on Disk and the GB Windows drive seems stuck on Disk One thing I seemed to notice last night though I cannot replicate the problem today is when I restarted the computer if I immediately went to disk management after logging into Windows it would be switched up but if I restart log into windows and let it sit for a minute or two before checking Disk management and if I let it sit THEN things will show up in the right order in regards to C and D Restart again and immediately go to disk management without waiting and things are switched up again lt -- That test was done wile the DVD drives were NOT hooked up IT SHOULD BE IN THIS ORDER C - gt Disk GB SATA Windows D - gt Disk TB SATA Media Drive E - gt Disk GB IDE Document drive This drive is still disconnected and not been rehooked back in yet F - gt DVD Drive G - gt DVD Drive Disk Removeable Disk Disk Removeable Disk Disk Removeable Disk Disk Removeable Disk is not showing because the GB IDE is not hooked back up yet I tried changing the drive letters in hopping Disk Management could put the lowest drive letter at the lowest disk number and that did not work I have been messing with this for over days now and am honestly starting to get a little pi ed off now and don't know how much more start-shut down----power up my computer can handle while I switch plugs around I must have shutdown amp restarted it at least - times last night and I want to stop with the power cycles now Time to ask What do I need to do to get my drives in the right order in disk management and KEEP HOLD FREEZE FORCE them in position so they do now change places All I can think of now is there is some switch in windows or BIOS or some key in the registry that needs to be adjusted Can someone tell me what to change or adjust because this issue is starting to get REAL old now My motherboard is a ASUS P Q pro Turbo w gb RAM Edit One thing I just realized is that I have a quot System Reserved quot partition that is still sitting there I remember from my last format I got rid of that reserved bit with Partition Magic or some program like that it was over years ago This time I did not remove that System Reserved and let it sit I wonder if that might have anything to do with it

A:Disk Management Placement not holding

Disk drive numbers may not correspond to the SATA channel numbers when you install Windows on a computer that has multiple SATA or RAID disks

E: -> Disk 2 = 320 GB IDE Document drive (This drive is still disconnected and not been rehooked back in yet)

When refitted the IDE HDD may show as Disk 0.
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When I retired (23 weeks ago) I bought a PC that would probably last me the rest of my life. So I've ended up with a quad-core system with 16Gb RAM, a 128Gb SSD C: drive and a fast 1Tb D: drive.

I just discovered that I have an 18Gb C:\pagefile.sys and started wondering about the pros and cons of having this paging file on my SSD C: drive.

Given that I have 16Gb RAM, I could probably get away with no page file at all. I could certainly manage with the pagefile entirely on the "traditional" D: drive.

Are there any guidelines on pagefile placement in the SSD era?

A:Pagefile placement on system booting from SSD

SSD's want to have their # write operations minimized. So you migrate things that do a lot of writing to your HDD and get them off the SSD. In particular, Page, Hibernate, Temp/TMP, things like cache folders used by different programs, etc. can be easily moved to your HDD.

About the page file specifically - I ran for a couple of years with no page file and only 6GB RAM. I have 8 now and still no page file. So you are correct - you probably don't need it.
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I have - placement Multi-monitor icon a setup with three monitors using the one in the middle as the primary one It seems that I can't place icons in the lowest row of the primary monitor as they will snap and jump to the Multi-monitor - icon placement row above it If there is another icon above it this icons kinda gets in the way and prevents the problem from occuring It works fine on my other monitors as there is no taskbar there For some reason this behavior only occurs when there is a monitor to the left of the primary one and I've noticed the same thing in Windows XP The system seems to adjust the bottom of the icon space to work with the leftmost monitor Is there any way I can fix this Adjusting icon spacing won't help Also is there any tool to backup and restore my icon layout that works in Win and not just XP It gets messed up when i switch from extended desktop to AMD Eyefinity mode and vice versa

A:Multi-monitor - icon placement

Welcome to SF!

Right-click on an empty spot on your Desk Top.
On the menu that opens hover on View
If Auto-arrange Icons is checked, then click it once

You should now be able to place your icons anywhere you like.
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Hi all

I have prepared a double-sided iinvitation, using Corel Printhouse Magic. {Yes I know it's old, but it works for me! LOL}

I want to print 2 or maybe even 3 per page, but when I hit print. the only placement offering I get, is "as is" or "full page." If the project is small, like a tag or a bookmark, you get the offer of "multiple copies per page". I could easily get 2 per page - perhaps 3, but I just can't get there. I've looked at all printer options and all Corel options.

It's Corel PrintHouse Magic 3 and the printer is an HP Deskjet 5150.

Bleat bleat : HELP!


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Windows forgets my icon placement on the desktop when I restart the pc or exit some games. Some of of us have no icons on our desktop, some of us have 50. Maybe it's not necessarily Windows fault, could be nVidia but either way I would think by now there should be a way to save your icon placement regardless. I've never had this problem with any other OS, just Windows. I requested it on several occasions through feedback but still has not been considered or implemented which makes me wonder if it's even worth Microsofts time since I never get any replies back. I just sent another request and hope Microsoft will listen. If there is a way to fix it, appreciate to hear any reasonable way to do it. Thanks.

A:Losing desktop icon placement.

Ok, so I guess nobody knows how to fix this issue. I know I am not the only one, google gives over 10 pages of hits on this problem.
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My Windows 7 desktop has its icons arranged in two columns flush left. If I drag an icon away from that array, it snaps back. What can I do to allow icons to be moved away from the left margin?

A:Desktop icon placement in Windows 7

Right click on the desktop, select View and uncheck Auto arrange and Align to grid.
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I am wondering if anyone has heard of the following problem, and if the cicache.exe is necessary?

After boot, or log off then on, my custom icon placement on the desktop are all reset to the left. I tried very reg/fix I could find with no luck!

So I started shutting startup progs down. Finally the Cicache.exe is the culprit. The only thing I could find on this file is that it has something to do with my card reader.

Anyone know what it does, or if it is necessary? My reader seems to work, though I may at times have to unplug then plug in to get the drives to showup in My Comp. This was an intermittent problem before shutting down cicache though.

A:Desktop Icon Placement & Cicache.exe

Please perform a free online scan of your system here (requires Internet Explorer): suspect that the Cicache program may be a virus or spyware.
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I'm about to reinstall my windows and after that kind of reorganize everything So I have a SSD and a HDD Windows x will be on the SSD Which means there will also be 'Program Files' and 'Program Files x ' on there Now on the HDD only one partition there I will manually make two more folders 'Program Files' and 'Program Files x ' My question is do the 'Program Files' folders have to be in the root of the drive e x H Program Files Because if not I would like them to be in a 'Programs' folder 'Program the Files' of folder(s) Placement which will be in the root along with 'Media' 'Games' and 'Stuff' H Programs Program Files Actually this is how I have it now but I am wondering if it is ok or maybe not recommended What made me think of this is I have the Origin client Placement of the 'Program Files' folder(s) from EA and when I open it it automatically creates a folder in the root of the HDD called 'Program Files x ' There's an 'Origin' folder in it but its empty I deleted it to see if it would recreate itself and the next time I opened origin the 'Program Files x ' folder reappeared - even tried a few times to confirm So is Windows or any programs bothered by 'Program Files' not being in the root of a partition Can I easily stick it into another folder of course before installing any programs in it Thanks -User edit minutes no replies view What's wrong Editing to put on top of list

A:Placement of the 'Program Files' folder(s)

I found this page where some people moved Program Files. But it didn't look trivial:
Move Program Files

I'm wondering if perhaps you can install your programs to folders underneath program files then move that folder to another physical disk. Then make a hard link to it. That way Windows Registry settings all the rest should still point to the same place. In fact PC Magazine has a utility to do it. I think it costs $7 or $8. Also I've seen some people use other hard link utilities designed for moving games, for free. (In Linux when a partition started to fill up I just made a link to another and moved programs over. It worked quite easily there.)

If you try it I would make plenty of backup images to external drives so that you can get back to square one. But if it's a clean install you're starting with, that's the time to experiment. Also I'd look through Brink's Tutorials. Anything that refers to hard links or junction points.
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM i - QM CPU GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Intel Solved: placement Google toolbar R HD Graphics Family - Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - Solved: Google toolbar placement MB Free - MB E Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Hewlett-Packard Antivirus Norton Internet Security Updated and Enabled The google toolbar is way over to the right while on the same line Norton is way over to the left I have using the double arrow to expand the google toolbar but it doesn t respond I have also tried reinstalling the toolbar what I think would work is moving the toolbar on it s own separate line but I don t know how I want the toolbar icons to show so I don t alway have to use the drop Solved: Google toolbar placement down box to access things like my bookmarks can you help thanks nbsp

A:Solved: Google toolbar placement

Can you explain how you resolved this please, for the benefit of other users. Thanks
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When I open multiple explorer windows on my computer I get this:
I want it to look this this by default (I believe Linux calls it 'smart windows placement')
Any suggestions?

A:KDE-like smart window placement for Windows 7?

Have you looked at this site?
Projects/KDE on Windows/FAQ - KDE TechBase

Create a backup HDD image before attempting to install this.
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Hi, I have several question about LCD monitor placement.
Is it harmful for the LCD to place it near electronic equipment such as cell phone, sub-woofer, fan?
Is LCD equipped with vibration protection from a continuously vibration environment? I mean, is it harmful for the LCD if we place it in a PC desk which get vibration from other electronic equipment, such as fan or sub-woofer maybe?


A:Solved: LCD Monitor Placement Guide

LCD's are not subject to problems from normal magnetic fields
like CRT's are.
CRT screens can get magnetized.
LCD's do not use electromagnetic deflection.
They turn on and off each subpixel instead.

Vibration can have an effect on any machinery over time,
but it shouldn't be anything serious from what you described.
Might want to tighten the cable connections every once
in a while.
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Appreciate some assistance.

Some pc builders recommend the video card(not AGP) be placed on the PCI slot nearest to the power supply. Anyone know the rationale for this?

A:PCI Slot/Video Card Placement

That seems to be the most popular slot for the highest priority devices during "bus arbitration". Since video or graphics require the most from system resources it's best to give them the highest priority when they are negotiating for control of the PCI bus. But, the specification doesn't require that, so a designer could assign any PCI slot to have the highest priority if he/she wanted to.
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Hello all As this is my first post on this site I would like to apologise in advanced for anything that I've not abided by I've got a quick and simple question that may or may not be solvable Below I've posted Placement Windows Start Menu 7 a picture if you've found it hard to understand what I'm trying to ask or if you just want the quick version So what I'm asking for is how can I reposition my Start Menu The reason for this is when I relocate my Task Bar there's a small gap between the edge of the screen and the Start Menu Either that or it's blocking view I'm only wanting to change this for an aesthetics point of view as I don't see it increasing productivity Windows 7 Start Menu Placement or benefiting in any such way other than Windows 7 Start Menu Placement to look nice Clean https www dropbox com s e hc ufqq uj Clean png What it looks like https www dropbox com s qyjcdqhk s art Menu png What I want it to look like https www dropbox com s c p rwoid ook Like png

A:Windows 7 Start Menu Placement

Classic Shell has an option for that (Show next to taskbar), however it replaces the whole menu. After some customization you can get it real close to the standard Windows 7 menu though.
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I was wondering if anyone knows a way to get icons to stay EXACTLY where you put them. I use the 'desktop' feature on the taskbar and have multiple rows of icons and i would like to be able to organise icons into the second etc row before having filled up the first row, or place them on the right hand side without having filled all the space in between. basically i want to plce an icon where i want it and have it stay right there not slide over.
thanks for any insight.

A:taskbar icon absolute placement

You could create QuickLaunch + display a number of those icons in your TaskBar, or you could use some 3rd party software such as
7 Taskbar Tweaker or Fences.
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I just recently built my new system see Fans Placement / Adding Thermometer specs and Thermometer Placement / Adding Fans the case came with a wired temp gauge I was told that there is a part of your motherboard that can hold this for an accurate reading of the GPU temp is this true And if so where would i be able to find this Heres the case APEVIA X-CRUISER-BK Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case - Retail Im also looking at adding additional fans to this case There is room up front for mm and it came with one mm on top and in back How can I tell which is useed for exaust and which one blows in the case Their seems to be air coming out of both sides equally If there is a way to distinguish sorry for so many questions what would be my best setup for having mm fan in back mm on top and mm in front as far as having some blow in and some be exaust I wouold think the top one should be the outtake but I dont know never dealt with this before Also you can probably guess by my specs that Im a heavy gamer So i do need to get these fans in there asap Thanks for taking the time to read this Be well friends nbsp

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This may have been addressed before, but I wasn't quite sure how to search for it.
One of the things I loved about every version of Windows before 7 is that wherever you placed a window and however you sized it and however you presented the content (list, large/small icons, etc.) that window would ALWAYS open up at that screen location , with those very attributes. With 7, however, (I'm running Home premium) the windows always have to open up the same size, always cascaded, and no matter how I want the contents displayed it seems to randomly change. Is there any way at all to modify those behaviors to make it like before, or any 3rd party software that lets you do that? Thanks.

A:Window placement and icon size

I think you can solve at least part of that problem by right click an empty spot on the Task Bar and remove the check mark that I assume is in front of 'Cascade windows.'
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My problem is the footnotes on a page begin way too high, leaving lots of unwanted white space below them. I've already adjusted Page Layout bottom margins and footer buffer to 0.25" (a very minimal amount) since I have no footers anyway, just headers. I've also formatted the paragraphs of the footnote separator and the footnotes themselves to minimize paragraph spacing, turn off widow/orphan control, etc. Still can't push the footnotes down to use good page real estate. Any suggestions?

A:Wood 2007 footnote placement

Hi tryingmybest, welcome to TSG.

What happens if you change the footer margin to 0? If you have no footers, you don't have to give it any room.
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I've got some Icons that I want to pin to the taskbar (eg Exel & Libraries).

I want them to stay furthest left near the start button (just as they did in WIN XP fast launch area).

But, as I open other programs in WIN 7 these Icons move and others get inserted to their left. How can I stop this and emmulate the WIN XP fast launch toolbar behavior?

A:Fixed Taskbar Icon Placement

Hi Poolmon, you can enable the Quick Launch if you like.
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I ve got a pIV with of rambus x and x the computer gateway has pci slots of full and agp slot full with a new maxtor gig HD which has been running hot--at least to me at about degrees F when I put a load on the chipset converting say a batch of wavs to mp s for instance the mobo temp monitor and cpu temp monitor intel active monitor go almost into the red and connecting, pIV need advice fan computer cooling, placement area rather quickly the case has a cpu fan and power supply fan directly above it fans total there is a mm fan mounting hole in the back uncovered in the top pIV computer cooling, fan placement and connecting, need advice half of the case and a pIV computer cooling, fan placement and connecting, need advice grate in the front for air to come into the case from the front I mounted a mm AC fan from some audio equipment on the back of the case blowing out and this really helped the HD temperature as well as the mobo temp but actually increased the CPU temp slightly cpu fan speed is constant so I m assuming that the rambus is running real hot and the air flow from front to back with the fan blowing out on the back of the case is pulling the rambus heat as well as the HD heat over processor I bought a couple of v mm computer fans and a couple of mm v fans today wire small female circuit board type connector on the fan wiring wire color red black yellow my questions are diagram I have a couple of pin small connector fan open electrical connectors on the mobo I fan --is labeled as quot chasis fan quot C fan is labeled as a rimm fan I was thinking about mounting the rear mm output fan to the chasis fan connector I and then also an mm fan below the rambus blowing its heat above the CPU this is the st time I ve screwed with computer cooling though and would appreciate any suggestions from the more experienced -- besides dumping the riduculously priced and outdated rambus and this rambus mobo--that I already know --as this appears to be more quot art quot than science thx nbsp

A:pIV computer cooling, fan placement and connecting, need advice

It's usally best to pull air in the front and out the back.

As far as the connections go?

They should work but without looking at the MB manual I can't say for sure.

It's been suggested to me, and makes some sense, that it's better to connect the fan's directly to the power supply rather than plug them into the MB.

The local computer store should have those adapters if you didn't get them allready with your fan's.

I got a whole box of them but you'll have to come up here to get them

Good Luck
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Dear Dell,
Are you serious????  Whom ever designed the Inspiron N5110 should be fired.  After 15 years of working on Dell desktops and laptops I have never seen something so stupid as in this laptop.  Why in the world would you put the hard drive under the system board?  A tech has to disassemble the entire laptop to get to the hard drive.  It's absolutely ridiculous.  The hard drive is one of the major parts in a laptop that gets replaced or swapped. I am speechless. I am returning this laptop in the morning and looking for a different model or even a different brand.  Bad move Dell.

A:Inspiron N5110 Hard Drive Placement

It's not a great design from a serviceability standpoint, for sure - but at least the service manual documents the process.  I've seen plenty of Apple and Sony systems that were worse from a hard drive access standpoint - and they don't provide service  manuals to the public.
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Hey Just bought the Intel E recently and finally managed to get it working after updating the bios Once it loaded up i checked the temps of the CPU and it at temperature Striker placement Extreme sensor idle it was around degrees This seemed Striker Extreme temperature sensor placement quite high considering i have the Zalman CNPS NT Striker Extreme temperature sensor placement Fan and feeling the fan and the air coming out the back it didn t feel like over at all more like mid s low s after feeling the temps of the E a while ago Ive tried remounting the fan but no difference So after searching other forums i found that theres a few problems with some of the temperature sensor on the chips some peoples reading temperatures of over degrees So what someone was recommending was using an external sensor to monitor it The striker extreme came with three temperature sensor cables and I was wondering where you could put it on the CPU that would give acurate readings but not damage it at all Also the first time i ran the chip on the older bios it reported a temperature of around degrees Thanks nbsp

A:Striker Extreme temperature sensor placement

Temperature you report is normal for idle. The CPU runs hot. 62C is even normal for operation when in use.
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Im about to continua a job that someone else started, replacing a few capacitors on the motherboard of a SX270. The faulty swollen capacitors is already taken off by someone else..... Now I got a kit with new ones. But I need to know where to put them, they have different values. One have a marking C203 on the motherboard.
Is there anyone that has such a PC that can look, or is there any motherboard component specs somewhere ?

A:Dell Optiplex SX270 Capacitor placement

Such specifications/schematics are not available and never will be.  Dell does not publish this kind of information.
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I installed the latest IE 11 update and now, when I add a link to the Favorites Bar, it adds it at the end instead of the beginning. How can I fix this?


A:IE update changed placement of Favorites Bar links

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

That depends on which part of the favorites bar you think is the "end".

It will always put the link at the most far left position and its been doing that since IE 9 I believe.
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Hi first time member am thanking for help in advance My problem is twofold One something is placing random ads on various web pages I go to two when I do a google search and are given results result link I pick will redirect to another random search result If I close that random search result and click the initial google results ad Rediirection Google Random Virus, placement ie click a valid result then proper search page will open I hope that makes sense Also sometimes my keyboard will suddenly stop working ie punch a key computer freezes Am attaching DDS txt and attach txt ARK txt Thanks again DDS Ver - - - NTFSx Run by user at on Fri Internet Explorer BrowserJavaVersion Running Processes Pseudo HJT Report uStart Page hxxp www thestar Google Rediirection Virus, Random ad placement com theweather Canada Province Ontario amp City Google Rediirection Virus, Random ad placement Toronto uSearch Bar hxxp g msn ca SEENCA SAOS uInternet Settings ProxyServer mrtornt mlx marsulex com uInternet Settings ProxyOverride lt local gt BHO Adobe PDF Reader Link Helper e f-c d - d -b d- b d be b - c program files common files adobe acrobat activex AcroIEHelper dll BHO Java tm Plug-In SSV Helper dbc -a - b-bc - c c c a - c program files java jre bin jp ssv dll BHO JQSIEStartDetectorImpl Class e e f - ce- c -bc -eabfe f c - c program files java jre lib deploy jqs ie jqs plugin dll TB BDAD DAD-C - A -ADC - B B FF D - No File EB Media Band - a - b-a - c a a - SystemRoot system browseui dll uRun MsnMsgr quot c program files msn messenger MsnMsgr Exe quot background uRun Dilberttest web link quot c program files dilberttest screen saver FWLink exe quot uRun RegistryMechanic c program files registry mechanic RegMech exe H mRun Synchronization Manager mobsync exe logon mRun IgfxTray c winnt system igfxtray exe mRun HotKeysCmds c winnt system hkcmd exe mRun QuickTime Task quot c program files quicktime qttask exe quot -atboottime mRun Adobe Reader Speed Launcher quot c program files adobe reader reader Reader sl exe quot mRun SunJavaUpdateSched quot c program files java jre bin jusched exe quot dRunOnce SetupICWDesktop c program files internet explorer connection wizard icwconn exe desktop StartupFolder c docume alluse startm programs startup micros lnk - c program files microsoft office office OSA EXE StartupFolder c docume alluse startm programs startup nkbmon lnk - c program files nikon pictureproject NkbMonitor exe IE E amp xport to Microsoft Excel - c progra micros office EXCEL EXE IE c fe - f d- d -a b- aa c a - SystemRoot web related htm Trusted Zone adp ca DPF DirectAnimation Java Classes - file c winnt java classes dajava cab DPF Microsoft XML Parser for Java - file c winnt java classes xmldso cab DPF F F -B B - CF- - A EE - hxxp testcr bloodservices ca wficat cab DPF - - - - AA B - hxxp download microsoft com download e f e fcec b- c b- b -adab-ab c a f wvc dmo cab DPF BC -FBE - D - F- A C C - hxxps pay adp ca payatwork Common SpectrumRDC cab DPF ED - B- DA -BF -BE C EC - hxxp cdn scan onecare live com resource download scanner wlscbase cab DPF A - DD - CF-A - AA C D - hxxps pay adp ca payatwork Common iemenu cab DPF D -FF - BA- D D-AD E DDE - hxxps ar adp ca payatwork common arview cab DPF AD C - E- D -B E - F D - hxxp java sun com update jinstall- -windows-i cab DPF FFBE D- C C- - BD- DC B C - hxxp fpdownload macromedia com get flashplayer current ultrashim cab DPF A A - EAA- D -B F- C C C - hxxps pay adp ca payatwork Common Ssdw b cab DPF CAFEEFAC- - - -ABCDEFFEDCBA - hxxp java sun com update jinstall- -windows-i cab DPF CAFEEFAC-FFFF-FFFF-FFFF-ABCDEFFEDCBA - hxxp java sun com update jinstall- -windows-i cab DPF D CDB E-AE D- CF- B - - hxxp download macromedia com pub shockwave cabs flash swflash cab Handler cdo - CD A- B - D - DB- C FB D - c program files common files microsoft shared web folders PKMCDO DLL Handler intu-qt - BF D-BA - b- F F-AD D A F F - c program files quicktax ic pp dll Notify igfxcui - igfxsrvc dll FIREFOX FF - Profile... Read more

A:Google Rediirection Virus, Random ad placement


Please visit this webpage for download links, and instructions for running ComboFix tool:
Please continue as follows:
Close/disable all anti virus and anti malware programs so they do not interfere with the running of ComboFix, link
Remember to re-enable them afterwards.

Click Yes to allow ComboFix to continue scanning for malware.

When the tool is finished, it will produce a report for you.

Please include the following reports for further review, and so we may continue cleansing the system:

New dds log.

A word of warning: Neither I nor sUBs are responsible for any damage you may have caused your machine by running ComboFix. This tool is not a toy and not for everyday use.
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I have recently downloaded IE Whilst using the browser if i click on a link and it opens in a new window I occasionally placement warnings window Solved: mcafee about get a warning from mcafee regarding a registry change regarding the placement of the new window Heres the warning message McAfee has detected a potentially unauthorized change to your computer Details SystemGuard Name Internet Explorer URLs Change Registry Modified More Solved: mcafee warnings about window placement Info SystemGuard Description Monitors changes to your Internet Explorer preset URLs to prevent spyware or other potentially unwanted programs from changing your browser settings without your permission Process C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe Process Name Internet Explorer Process Publisher Microsoft Corporation Affected Items HKEY USERS S- - - - - - - Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Window Placement If you did not expect this change McAfee recommends that you block it If you expected this change allow it Does anyone have the same problem and know how to stop it happeneing as its driving me mad nbsp

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Every time i update my nvidia gpu drivers the setup messes up my desktop icon positions and doesn't return them to their original positions after the installation. This has occurred every single time i've updated my gpu drivers from the beginning of time. Is there way to prevent this?

My desktop is usually full with clutter because i always put the files which i frequently use there.

Is there any stable program that can save the grid layout and formulate the positions automatically from memory or a file?

Nvidia geforce 9800 gtx+
32bit home premium


A:Nvidia messes up desktop icons placement

Yep it does that every time. Icon Restorer may work for you. Don't click that big green button, the download link is at the bottom of those pictures:

Backup & Restore Desktop Icons Position on Windows 7, Vista & XP