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Outlook 2000 duplicate personal folders

Q: Outlook 2000 duplicate personal folders

I currently have 4 copies of the same personal folders in my outlook 2000. How do I delete the extra copies of the folders.

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Preferred Solution: Outlook 2000 duplicate personal folders

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Outlook 2000 duplicate personal folders

Hi pollyanna
What mode do you have running for Outlook 2000?
Corporate/Workgroup (CW) or Internet Mail Only (IMO)
Help>About Microsoft Outlook, should say on the second line.

(CW)Try right clicking on the Personal Folders, select Close Personal Folders.
Tools>Services, Hightlight the Personal Folders you want to Remove and select the Remove button.
You may need to select the Properties button first to see what .pst file it is attached to. I renamed all my Personal Folders with the .pst file so that at a glance I could tell which one belonged.

After removing the Personal Folders list from your Services, you would need to locate the .pst file and delete it.

Let us know if this works for you or if you are using Internet Mail Only.
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I created a .pst export so that I could copy my outlook information from my main computer to a new laptop. It was successful but made a duplicate personal and sub folders on the main computer only. Also on the outlook today page it doesn't make any counts for incoming messages or other countable folders. I can save the sub folder titles to it but it doesn't recognized and put a count in even though I check both areas or just one etc... If I go to the folder from the outlook today page the folder is empty but if I go to the folder from the navigation list I can see the messages and also a count.
The notebook Outlook is working properly
Hope this makes sense to you..

A:Outlook 2007 duplicate personal and sub folders

Have a look in Libraries>Documents>Outlook Files and see what's in there.

If the exported .pst file is there you can delete it, and then try creating a fresh .pst information file for export.

You should, at some stage in the procedure, be able to choose the location you want to save it to.
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This morning when I turned on my PC and opened Outlook 2007, all of my personal folders had mysteriously disappeared. I immediately started panicking and tried all sorts of things before eventually just closing and reopening the program and finding that my folders had returned. The problem is that a couple of these folders (and not all of them) have now been duplicated and I cannot remove the duplicates.

Can someone help me here?


A:How can I remove duplicate personal folders from Outlook 2007?

I am at a disadvantage because I do not use Outlook, but;

This can happen with certain type of mail profile corruptions. Most often this happens when you upgrade Outlook or pst-files get overwritten or are being replaced in a way other than via the Outlook or Mail Applet interface. In that case, you’ll have to recreate your mail profile to get rid of it.
Since the above suggestion can be a bit drastic when you have a complex mail profile configuration, there are some other things that you could try first.

Source: http://Delete duplicate pst folder set with same content |

This site offers three different ways to correct your situation, plus a utility if those ways do not work. If they don't you will have to try re-creating your outlook profile, there is a link to do that in the quote and at the end of the article.
Also; Check to see if you can adjust your duplication rules:

To maintain the integrity of your data, it's a good idea to have rules in place to reduce duplicate records in the system. Microsoft Dynamics CRM includes default duplicate detection rules for accounts, contacts, and leads, but not for other types of records. If you want the system to detect duplicates for other record types, you'll need to create a new rule.

Source: http://Set up duplicate detection rules to keep your data clean |

This seems to describe a larger network or server setup if you have the Microsoft Dynamics CRM, but it wouldn't hurt to look there might be a similar setting for the regular Outlook program.
Make sure that you have Administrator permissions.
Go to Settings > Data Management. (If you have it.)
Choose Duplicate Detection Rules. (If you have it.)
Select or clear the Enable duplicate detection check box. (If you have it.)
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This morning an extra Personal Folder appeared in Outlook 2000, I'm not sure why. Two personal folders are listed now, the first one is completely blank. It appears to be an exact duplicate of Outlook 2000 default folders, but nothing is in it.

The next personal folder contains all of my emails, contacts, etc.

At first I thought this was not a big deal, because I can just minimize the first personal folder and ignore it.

However, when I compose an email now my contacts list is empty. Outlook seems to be trying to pull contacts from the first folder list.

My operating system is Windows XP.

How do I fix this without losing any emails or contacts? This is a corporate laptop, so it is imperative that I not lose any data.

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

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Dear All

Can I confirm with Outlook 2000 that if I 'Remove' a supposed duplicate personal folder that, thats it I will not be able to restore it??

Removed the personal folder by selecting 'Tools', Services and pressing the 'Remove' button.

Problem is it was not the right Personal Folder!! I still have another duplicate so not such a problem but have lost some e-mails.

No sign of the removed file in the recycle bin or having done a search on all .pst files anywhere on the system.

Have also eventually managed to unhide the local settings folder after a separate search on the internet but no sign of any missing folder in there either - .pst files normally stored here. Admit that was being a bit hopeful

If this is the case, don't you think deleting perhaps all your e-mails is a little too easy! And why is there not something similar to the Recycle bin?

Comments appreciate.

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Is it possible to transfer the personal folders and all email from Outlook Express on a Windows 95 system to Outlook 2000 on a Windows 2000 system?


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I am trying to disable the function that allows you to Drag/Drop emails from one folder to the next. This is specific to a personal folder I created, and don't want to be able to Drag/Drop and e-mail to or from this folder...

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I recently upgraded from Windows SE to XP Home "Personal Outlook 2002 Duplicate Folders" When I did I opted to use Outlook rather than Outlook Express which I had used with Two things happened from which I don t seem to be able to recover First - I lost all the messages from Outlook Express I wish I had them back but I can live without them - so far Second - I have somehow acquired a duplicate quot Personal Folders quot list I have two quot Outlook Today quot - Personal Folders listed in my folders list Everything in the first one is duplicated in the second When I download messages they appear in both quot Inbox quot folders When I add a folder to the first it appears in the second and visa-versa If I delete a message in any of the sub-folders it disappears from the other quot mirror quot sub-folder So far I have been unable locate an actual duplicate file anywhere It s almost like Outlook is reading the same file twice and displaying it s contents in two identical folders Although it doesn t seem Outlook 2002 Duplicate "Personal Folders" to hurt anything I d like to get rid of the duplicate displayed folder I m a rookie on this stuff so any help would be appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:Outlook 2002 Duplicate "Personal Folders"

Open Windows Explorer.
Go to Tools-Folder options.
Hit the View tab.
Make sure you ARE viewing hidden files/folders.
Make sure you can SEE file extensions for known file types.

Do a search for *.pst files.

You probably have two in the same location somehow.
Just move one of them someplace else.

You can't do it when Outlook is open. Only when it's closed.

You can also try running Detect and Repair from the help menu.
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I have split my user profile onto a larger mirrored drive using a junction link. This works perfectly. However when viewing my personal folders I see multiple identical icons for favourites, links, my music etc.

When I navigate to the actual area everything appears as it should be.

If I try to delete one of these identical icons then both icons go to the recycle bin along with the files inside the relevant folder.

Please see screen shot. I could recreate my profile and point the new profile at the relevant folders but setting up all my applications again will be a bit of a nightmare that I would like to avoid if possible.

Any advice welcome. This topic does appear to exist elsewhere but with no answer.


A:Duplicate identical icons in personal folders

Rebuild your icon cache...
Icon Cache - Rebuild well as running an sfc/scannow thrice in an elevated command prompt.
SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

If neither works, restore to a point before you made these changes and try again.
System Restore
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Is there a way to remove this duplicate personal folder? I can create a new profile and that doesnít have the duplicate, but I donít have my address book in that profile and I donít think that there is a way to extract the address book from a PST file is there? I checked the data file and there is only one PST file there. Anyone have a suggestion?

A:Solved: Duplicate Personal Folder in Outlook 2003

Problem solved...
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In the navigation pane on the left in Outlook 2010 I am getting a duplicate set of folders for one account. I have deleted .pst files and tried to stop the account but the only way I can get rid of the duplicate is to totally remove the account and thereby the folders that I want as well. I have searched Internet forums till my brain hurts but have found no solution. Help - please.

A:Duplicate folders in Outlook 2010

With 2010 if one is NOT carful, each email address will have it's own PST file.

I do NOT remember what is asked when setting up a new email address.
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I just installed MS Outlook on one of my offices users and I imported a second pst file because some emails went through before I copied the old Outlook pst file in Now here is the problem 2 Folders ?? has Personal Outlook There is currently personal folders and Outlook has 2 Personal Folders ?? when a new email comes in it goes to both personal folders Also when the user clicks on quot new quot and then clicks on the quot to quot button to access his address books he is prompted with an error that one of the contacts list does not exist to remove the folder Then he clicked on quot OK quot to exit the error and the contact list was there I would like to know how to remove the second personal folders Im guessing this is causing the errors correct me if im wrong but I cannot find anywhere to remove that folder Please any help would be highly appreciated Second less important problem When I re-install windows and office I have to keep their old pst files Is there a way I can just put the old pst into the proper place and their accounts will be already activated and the mail will be there Or do I need to re-add the account Im kinda confused on if I need to import the pst or Outlook has 2 Personal Folders ?? if a simple pasting of the original pst is good enough Thanks in advance to anyone who can help nbsp

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I have recently reinstalled MS Outlook 2000 and now there are three copies of the Personal Folder. When I click on those folders I get the following message:

"Unable to display the folder. An unexpected error has ocurred. MAPI was unable to load the information service mspst.dll. Be sure the service is correctly installed and configured."

Can anyone help me with this issue??

A:Ms Outlook Personal Folders

This article is about an older version of Windows, but it might help you: Error Message: The Set of Folders Could Not Be Opened.
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Have noticed that I have 2 outlook.pst folders as in this jpg: outlook2folders.jpg
How do I get rid of the duplicate outlook.pst folder in the above jpg ?

Found link on MS site on this...BUT...I get the attached jpg errors when following directions: outlook2folders2.jpg

Found a registry edit to fix this but not for Win 7 Pro 64bit apparently ?

Running Windows 7 Pro 64bit with Office 2003 (Outlook)


A:How to remove duplicate pst folders in Outlook 2003

Try this pal

Close Outlook
Goto "Control panel" "mail" "data files"

You will see the 2 pst files (personal folders) select the one you don't want then click "remove"
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Hi All,
This my first mail to Tech Support forum. I am facing a big problem since last few days that when i recieve mails in MS Outlook 2000, it's comes in my Inbox atleast 2-3 times(Duplicating) and some mails are even recieved 8 times. Here i use Win98 as OS and the settings in Outlook are MS Exchange setings. Here we use Exchange server 5.5 and POP3. Is any body there to give me Effective suggestion as i already tried one which is given by someone,to who's facing same problem.

A:Recieving duplicate mails in MS Outlook 2000

try going through the steps listed here
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Yesterday I wanted to shift one personal folder into another and then all the folders disappeared except for one! That folder does not contain the missing files or content.

Using search I can track the individual emails / content and even see the folders but cannot access them when I double click on them!

I am running Vista Small Business with Outlook 2007 all new. I have not imported from previous Outlook but started from scratch if that helps

Any clues on what to do?
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I have just spent the weekend getting my new HP computer set up, including adding Outlook 2003. I copied over from my old PC (just before the power supply burned up), most of my Outlook 2000 personal folders, one of them was called Saved. I imported them into 2003 Outlook, then deleted the Saved folder. Now when I launch Outlook, I get a message: Personal Folders The path specified in the file \\Homehelper\sharedocs\Saved.pst is not valid. Any Hints?

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I have user who is having email problems She is one of the older employees at this company and therefore uses PST files for her email What appears to be happening Mailbox Outlook Personal Folders and is that when she receives an email it sits in her Mailbox for minutes or more until the user starts messing with Outlook From this point the emails either Outlook Mailbox and Personal Folders drop to the Personal Folders or are manually moved The delivery is set to Personal Folders Has anyone else experienced this problem and know of a way to get the emails to move to Outlook Mailbox and Personal Folders the personal folders in a more timely fashion as they should I have tried doing a repair on Office and tried altering some of the NIC settings to no avail I don t personally have access to the Exchange server Update Well I think we re just going to change the user to Mailbox and use the personal folders for archival purposes However if you know what the problem is please feel free to post a fix nbsp
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Outlook 2000 "Personal Folders"
I have a workstation w/two Personal Folders. When I try to delete the second folder, (Close Personal Folders) it won't let me since there are data in contacts & calendar.
Any workarounds on deleting this second folder.
Sorry too busy to figure..out..really..

A:Outlook 2k double Personal Folders

Yeah you should be able to go to your control panel and under control panel you should see a mail ICON. Double click on your mail ICON. A menu should pop up with the service tab first. There you should see the personal folder. Delete the one you do not need. When you open up outlook again it should not be there.
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 640 Processor, x64 Family 16 Model 5 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 1789 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 4250, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 512001 MB, Free - 393531 MB; D: Total - 441858 MB, Free - 193623 MB; E: Total - 152625 MB, Free - 151804 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., GA-880GM-UD2H
Antivirus: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Updated and Enabled
I am useing OFFICE 2010.
I lost all my Outlook personal folders and Contacts. It happened right after installing iCloud.
Please help.
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It seems that, in backing up my Outlook pst files on an external hard disk, I have created and now erased backup files that Outlook keeps looking for. In any case, every time I launch Outlook (2000), I get an error message: the f:\outlook 26 sep 06 backup could not be found, followed by a create/open personal folders menu. I need to click OK for the first and cancel for the second for Outlook to then launch correctly. I've also got three 'extra' 'personal folders' folders in addition to my Outlook Today personal folders. Can someone please provide some guidance about cleaning up this mess, while enabling me to continue backing up my Outlook files on my external drive?

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I have set my mother's account up with GMAIL. When she reads her emails her inbox is showing "Personal Folders". I go into Account Settings and try and set her mailbox as default which it will not allow me to do.

Is there a way to just have her email account setup without "Personal Folders"?


A:Getting Rid Of Personal Folders In Outlook 2007

Quote: Originally Posted by sparker781

I have set my mother's account up with GMAIL. When she reads her emails her inbox is showing "Personal Folders". I go into Account Settings and try and set her mailbox as default which it will not allow me to do.

Is there a way to just have her email account setup without "Personal Folders"?


I'm not sure what you mean. Can you post a screenshot?
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When I right click on the personal folders file, and then click on Close "Personal folder", I get an error message - "The operation failed. An object could not be found". Running "outlook.exe /cleanviews" makes no difference. How can I get rid of these personal folders? I am running the corporate version of Outlook 2000 with Windows XP Professional SP2.

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Hello When I got my new HP Windows laptop several months ago I installed Office I recall at the time importing more than one personal folder into the new Outlook Enough time has passed that I'm ready to get rid if I can of the annoyance having folders I don't use in the folder list on the left Maybe Folders 2013 Extra Personal - Outlook I should be using them but I don't From the top first I have personal folder with subfolders inbox drafts sent Outlook 2013 - Extra Personal Folders etc As far as I know I don't use these folders at all and I have cut and moved most of the messages in them to the second folder list The second list is name email com There I also have subfolders inbox drafts sent deleted as well as Outlook 2013 - Extra Personal Folders the many other subfolders I've created for various needs So can I get rid of the personal folders listed first Should I keep them If so can I hide them somehow Thanks

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Originally in the navigation pane missing Contacts personal Outlook 07 Folders in of my Outlook Contacts I had types of contacts folders one named quot Contacts quot and the other named quot Contacts in Personal Folders quot I entered some different contact information into each of theses Suddenly without me noticing that I did anything in settings or otherwise I lost the quot Contacts in Personal Folders quot from my navigation pane and when I look through only remaining- quot Outlook 07 Contacts in personal Folders missing Contacts quot folder on navigation pane Outlook 07 Contacts in personal Folders missing I have all contacts I enterred into the quot Contacts quot file but I do not have any of the information -contacts I entered into quot Contacts in Personal Folders quot folder in navigation pane that vanished Also when I was saving I Outlook 07 Contacts in personal Folders missing noticed that when I clicked on quot Contacts in personal folders quot in navigation pane the box to enter info Business cards view had on the bottom of it a box checked saying in quot in personal folders quot and the info box of the group under folder named quot Contact quot only screens that is now the only one visible did not have that check-box Now I lost -at least cannot find ton of information contacts I entered into that list Contacts in personal folders I do not understand why it dissapeared also not clear what is the difference between the two quot contact quot folder types I always accessed any contacts by clicking the appropriate folder in the navigation pane and do not know how to access n other way if possible the information originally entered into files whose group I opened by clicking on now missing navigation pane button-folder called quot Contacts in Personal folders I do know that most of the info does not vanish from the computer but without this navigation pane folder I do not know how to access the info I entered into boxes grouped under that folder I also backed up most info before it happened but after I imported files to restore contacts I still do not see any of the info entered into quot contacts in personal folders quot that is still missing I backed up to en external drive is it possible to search there but what should I search for I do not understand the difference and saving location between the files that one created under theses two confusing similar names in the navigation pane Please help as I have important information stored there now missing Thanks you so much for your help nbsp
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While attempting to resolve an opening problem with Outlook(2002), running Office 2002 XP, I created a new identity in 'Mail'. (I didn't delete anything) I now have duplicate Outlook Today 'Personal Folders' with data mixed between the two systems. Within Outlook, I don't find an option to 'delete' the unwanted folders. What do I do to get a single personal folder setup, with the most current data in Mail, Tasks, and Contacts? Somewhere in here, I also need to reduce the size of the archives, and or data files?

A:Solved: Duplicat Outlook 'Personal Folders'

Hi homeslarry,

Do you mean you have added a second Account? If so, CONTROL PANEL / MAIL and delete the duplicate in there.

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If I never deleted some personal folders, they still have to be there somewhere right? If someone clicks CLOSE PERSONAL FOLDERS, does that delete them? There has to be a way to restore them if they are missing from the Mailbox tree.

A:Recover Personal Folders In Outlook 2003

Hi, jgadrummer:If all you did was use the option to Close Personal Folders, the file will still exist somewhere on your computer. If you can find the personal folder file(.pst), you can add it back to Outlook by using the Mail icon in the Control Panel. Click Data Files..., Add..., follow the rest of the prompts by selecting the proper personal folders file type, and locate and select your Personal Folders file. By default, mine opened in the folder location where the existing personal folders file was located.Hope that helps,
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I now have 4 headings in the Folder List named Personal Folders, 3 of them are basic and have nothing in them. The 4th is my main list. How do I remove the other 3?

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Outlook pst folders transfer I m trying to copy my Outlook email personal folders structure as well as content from my Lenovo T s laptop Windows XP Office to a Dell desktop Windows .pst Outlook Transferring personal email folders Office I have two separate sets of files one labelled Archives and the other labelled Personal Folders both of which have multiple subfolders I ve now copied both using a memory stick to the Dell desktop I tried the Import and Export feature and also tried the Open Data File feature The Archive folder gets copied with all the sub-folders but I can only access those if the memory stick is inserted into a USB port even though the Archive folder is saved on the Transferring Outlook .pst email personal folders Dell desktop When I do the same thing with the Personal Folders a Merge folder opens but it doesn t have any content I do see the default Personal Folders on Transferring Outlook .pst email personal folders the left side of the Outlook screen What should I do Transferring Outlook .pst email personal folders Thanks

A:Transferring Outlook .pst email personal folders

Did you use the Import/Export function in Outlook 2007?
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When I open Outlook ( running under XP) I get the error message " The data file "Personal Folders" was not closed properly. The file is being checked for problems."

What is ( not) happening and does anyone know how I can sort it ?


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Here are the issues with a new installation of Office Outlook After the IMAP Personal Outlook Folders 2007 Multiple install I went into tools gt options gt mail setup gt email accounts gt datafiles gt add gt office outlook pst Outlook 2007 Multiple Personal Folders and the folders and files with the account populated their respective areas However I ended up with multiple personal folders I have one personal folder above the mail ourserver com and three personal folders below the imap mail ourserver com I am tempted to copy the files inbox sent and so forth from the lower three personal folders into the first listed personal folder and then delete those three personal folders leaving one personal folder Second on the imap mail ourserver com sent are all the older sents however on the first listed personal folder in that sent box are the Outlook 2007 Multiple Personal Folders current sends That I cannot figure out And lastly I have four Contacts that I incorporated using tools options The first three contact folders were old contacts used as historical reference The forth contract folder I named Contacts Though I added the four pst contact folders the Contact is not listed and I cannot locate it However if I compose an email and bring down from the contact list there is listed Contact and then I can add the recipient I have a scrambled Outlook and manage with difficulty maneuvering through the hierarchy however having everything in logical territories would be advantages A singular personal folder the imap mail folder and the current contacts all accessible Thanks for any help to untangle Outlook Chuck

A:Outlook 2007 Multiple Personal Folders

Hello Chuck -

An expanded folder screen shot would help me understand your issue.

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Recently I have configured my Hotmail Live email account in Outlook 2007 through POP account wizard. All of my inbox mails got downloaded but my personal folders (Sent, Jobs, Family, Finance, etc.) were not configured / downloaded.

I understand that by installing Outlook Connector I can download personal folders. But I dont want to install Connector as I see people have many problems with that.

I would appreciate if anyone can guide me as how can I download personal folders without installing connector.
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We are in the process of upgrading users to a newer version of Citrix. This includes an office upgrade from 2010 to 2013. After upgrading one user I found that his Outlook forders are missing. How do I get these to appear in his Outlook folders list?

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I downloaded the Personal Folders Backup add-in for Outlook from the Microsoft Office downloads site When I try to install it I get into a Catch situation First I get a message quot Setup has detected that you already have a version of Personal Folders Backup installed on this machine Before the download can be installed you must first uninstall the previous version To uninstall please answer yes to the next question quot When I click OK I get the message quot Are you sure you want to uninstall this product quot When I click Yes I get the message quot This action is only valid for products that are currently installed quot When I click OK I get the message quot To install this download please uninstall the previous version of Personal Folders Backup using the Add Remove Programs Control Panel quot There is no Personal Folders Backup for Backup add-in Folders Personal (Solved) Outlook 2003 shown in the Add Remove Programs list Anyone have any information on what is messed up in my Registry Apparently one place says I have PFB installed and (Solved) Personal Folders Backup add-in for Outlook 2003 somewhere else says I don t (Solved) Personal Folders Backup add-in for Outlook 2003 nbsp

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Every now and again I load Outlook and another set of Personal folders has been added under my current set They completely duplicate the folders and messages already in my Personal Folders I now have five sets of these - each a snap shot of my folders when it was created I wish to delete them and of course I can delete those which duplicate the folders I created - but they contain Intray Deleted Items etc etc which Outlook will not allow me to delete How do I get rid of them and how do I stop Outlook creating new sets in the future My second problem with Outlook is that I wish to create weekly back ups and have always done so by exporting to a pst file After many years of doing this I am now getting the message The operation failed An object could not be found So I am unable to over-write the previous file and have to create a file with a new name This is OK except that I now have a very large number of pst files which I cannot delete - and it appears that Outlook is constantly adding data to them Indeed it seems that this is happening even on days when I have not exported because additional creates Outlook folders 2002 Personal the dates of the files are those of the latest day I have accessed my computer Can anyone help Many thanks nbsp

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I am trying to backup my Outlook folders using the Import and Export function. I'm just wondering whether or not "exporting" the file will cause those messages to no longer appear in Outlook itself, or if exporting just makes a copy. Thank you in advance for your help.

A:Question about Outlook Personal Folders File Export

Exporting copies - nothing is deleted.
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OK I use outlook 2003 for my comcast e-mail and lately when I start it up the window

comes up but before doing anything a second window pops up with a load bar and it says

the file personal file folders was not closed properly and checking file for errors after it

loads the main window says not responding for a moment and then it operates as normal

and if it matters Im using windows vista home premium 32-bit

A:Solved: Microsoft outlook personal file folders

Had something like that at work. Theres a few fixes for it but I need to know if your emails are being saved on there server or on your computer in a .pst file
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For some reason I have 3 sets of Personal Folders and Calendars in my Outlook 2003 (running on Vista). When I try to delete either of the 2 that I don't want I get this error message:

"This operation failed. The object could not be found."

Does anyone know how to remedy this? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!


A:Can't Delete 2nd and 3rd Personal Folders & Calendars in Outlook 2003
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I want to have all the emails from one contact go into a personal folder and emails from another person go into another personal folder and so on and so forth, but i don't want to keep having to move them all by hand. Is there away to set up the folders that when a email comes in it looks at the adress and puts it into the relevent folder, if so how.
many thanks Joe

A:Solved: Outlook 2003 contact personal folders

Hi JoeMorris94

Set up Rules to move messages to the desired folders.
Tools > Rules and Alerts
Set up your conditions and actions. Then test.

Let us know if that works for you or not.
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NOTE I am running XP and new Outlook personal 2000 folder error (pst) create Office I am very happy with these so please DO NOT recommend that I upgrade Thank you Outlook 2000 create new personal folder (pst) error NOTE When I try to create the folder this comes up every time please see Outlook 2000 create new personal folder (pst) error attached image These are the instructions from here Create a New Personal Folder To finish the process you need to define a new personal folder for the user To do this use the following steps On the File menu point to New and click Personal Folders File pst Type the name of the new Personal Folder Verify and change the file location if necessary Click Create Note Do not use the name mailbox pst Verify and change the information if necessary and then click OK If the Folder List does not appear on the View menu click Folder List Right-click the new Personal Folders click quot Properties for lt Personal Folders gt quot and click quot Deliver POP mail to this personal folders file quot click OK On the File menu click Exit Restart Outlook In the Folder List right-click the Personal Folders not associated with Outlook Today click Properties click Advanced and verify that the path of this file is different than the one you created in step Click OK twice to close the dialogs In the Folder List right-click the Personal Folders not associated with Outlook Today and click Close quot Personal Folders Name quot Click to expand Step is the one that crashes Outlook Is there a patch to get around this error nbsp

A:Outlook 2000 create new personal folder (pst) error

Hi Jim
Are you creating a new .pst file due to storage issues with your current .pst folder?

Were you getting any errors in Outlook before attempting to create the new .pst file?

Have you attempted to create the .pst file using the Mail applet in the Control Panel, with Outlook not running?
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I created a new perosnal folder by going to New -> Data Outlook File
I already have a personal folder
Now when I want to add a new one, I do the same thing
However, this time around the type of storage field does not show me the pst , it is blank. I can't add any new personal folders

Can any throw light on this?


A:Problem in Adding additional personal folders (pst) in Outlook 2002

Can you post a screen shot of the window. I am not exactly sure what you are talking about.

Outlook will only have one pst file per profile. When adding fields to that profile you should be able to open Outlook, click on the Inbox or what is showing and then click on File, Folder, New and then click on the heading you want it to appear under.

IT should create it. But for some reason I am getting the feeling this is not exactly what you want so if you can show the window maybe it will help me understand.
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I continuously get the above message when I open up Outlook. It takes forever to open the program. I've done scanpst.exe and I think it fixes the problem but it doesn't. Can you help and tell me what to do?

When I close the program, I delete all the items, hit close all items and then exit. I have no idea what is going on. I guess there may be some errors in there but I can't fix it using scanpst.exe


A:Outlook PST - 'data file Personal Folders' was not closed properly
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Can anyone please help me with this?

My problem is that I have just bought a new system running vista after the old one died following a motherboard problem (it refused to boot). I have salvaged the old hard disk which ran XP and it appears to be sound and I have put it in an external enclosure connected to the new computer. I want to retrieve/access old mail folders created in MS Outlook 2003 on the old hard disk but cannot seem to locate them anywhere.

Any suggestions as to how I can get to and open them please?

A:Finding and transferring Outlook Personal Folders from an Old Hard Disk

Your old outlook.pst file should be located here: Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

Copy it over to your new PC. In Outlook, do File > Open > Outlook Data File

Here's some extra reading for future reference:
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Hi guys,

Sorry if this has been answered before, I did have a search.

I've just upgraded to Windows 7 and have installed Office 2010 which I also had on Vista, in Vista however my email ***** was part of personal folders, but now they are separate, I'd like not to see a separate menu for ***** but instead have all my emails under the Personal Folders menu, any ideas?

A:Outlook 2010 - How do you merge personal folders to an email account?

Hello MzTearyuz

See if this link is of help.
Combine POP3 accounts in Outlook 2010 |

Where do I find?? | HowTo-Outlook
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I was referred to - personal .pst Outlook after Win2000 {Solved} of opening new folders Problems install this board by a friend hopefully someone can help out Prior to doing a new install of Win from a Win computer I backed up all my outlook e-mail contact lists etc The suggested method was exporting these as as {Solved} - Problems opening .pst Outlook personal folders after new install of Win2000 pst files Now I am running on Win with all my files backed up on cd I ve moved the pst files over and have tried to import them into the newly installed Outlook For some reason though it will not let me import them claiming a password problem The message I get is Properties for this information service must be defined prior to use After clicking OK I get a message saying quot File access is denied you don t have permission to access these files quot What s the problem How do I import these files They re rather important If someone could help me out on this I would appreciate it Thanks in advance Michael S Gallegly nbsp

A:{Solved} - Problems opening .pst Outlook personal folders after new install of Win2000


I have a feeling that the problem is that when you copied the file from CD, it was copied as a read only file.

Find the file, right click on it and untick the Read Only attribute.

See if that helps

Reuel Miller
Windows NT Moderator (yes, that does make me biased )

[email protected]


Every morning is the dawn of a new error...
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I am looking for a way to use Net Folders in Outlook without using (buying) Exchange Server. Net Folders is a little know feature that allows you to create a shared folder. I have a small real estate office that needs this feature. I have switch them to Windows 2000 from SBS 4.5 which had Exchange in it. In early Windows 95, in a peer to peer network, we used net folders by using Microsoft mail in the control panel. This feature needs a storage place for mail. Can it be done without Exchange. Any ideas?

A:Net Folders In Outlook 2000
Relevancy 64.5%

Ok I am trying to do something that I think may not be possible Basically I am trying to set up outlook on a laptop this laptop will spend sometime connected to a network and the rest of the time Sharing 2000: Outlook Folders on the road I have set up seperate logons one Outlook 2000: Sharing Folders a net logon the other as a local user The person who will be usign the laptop knows nothing about computers in anyway so I am trying to make it as easy as possible for them to use It easy enough for me to make it seem that he is using the same profile except for when I get to outlook I need both profiles to be using the same folders for everythign in outlook I have tried several diffrent ways as there seems no where in outlook where you can specify what pst file to use I have got both profiles using a secondry pst but then I cant get the address book to recognize the second contacts folder Is there anyway I can do this Or is there a setting I have not seen somewhere I did have a little jog through the registry to see if there was a settign there but I could not see anythign obvious nbsp

A:Outlook 2000: Sharing Folders

hmm maybe Im over complicating this, I think I might take this back to the login level.
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I had a hard drive crash and had it replaced by a local company. When they installed office 2000 all my previous settings were gone. I used to share folders in outlook with 3 other computers and when anyone would add a new entry to calendars or contacts it would automaticaly update the other computers. My computer used to be the admin. but I'm not sure that has been reset. I have my folders but when I tell one computer to send me the info I get a message "Unable to update your folder, may have exceeded your server quota. Any help?

A:Outlook 2000 Premium - net folders

Recommended reading ('cause I don't know enuf to really help):
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I want to share email across a network with one other computer using Outlook 2000 on both PCs.

I've been told to create a public folder, but when I ask 'help' about 'Public Folders' it tells me to create a new folder in the public folder... but there isn't one there?

Help is taking me around in circles! How do I create a Public Folder in the first place?

Relevancy 64.5%

I am creating a trouble call service in OL2K called Request For Service. Let me tell you how its set up. I have three public folders, RFS (Request For Service), SSB (Software Support Branch), and a NOC folder(Network Operations Center). The user creates a request in the RFS folder. Depending on what kind of request it is, I want OL2K to automaticaly post it to the SSB/NOC folder. They pull what kind of request it is from a dropdown box on the initial form, and when finished hit post. Im not using emails, but posts. Im not really sure how to do this. Any help would be great.

A:Outlook 2000: Public Folders

Until someone comes along with better info (I hope), check this out:
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Our small office network is using Outlook for e-mail Each of PCs has to save How in PST replies Outlook - 2000 folders? a standalone version of Outlook installed as part of the Office suite Only the boss s PC has internet access Other PCs can draft messages and save in a shared PST file used as a communal outbox and the boss me can then drag those e-mails into his personal Outbox for sending under the Outlook 2000 - How to save replies in PST folders? cover of his internet e-mail identity by opening the e-mail found in the shared outbox and clicking quot Send quot again under his e-mail identity which sends it to his personal Outbox ready for Send-And-Receive The system functions OK for our purposes and avoids the expense of multi-licence software but the main problem is that the boss s PC only allows copies of Sent messages to be saved in his Personal Folder s Sent Items folder What we want is for a copy of the sent message to be saved in the shared PST folder where the original message that is being replied to is filed We have set up a number of shared PST files stored in our Shared Documents folder In these shared PST folders we store e-mails from clients so that any PC workstation can open and read - and reply to - e-mail messages stored in the shared PST folders We want the system to work such that when any workstation clicks quot Reply quot to any message stored in a shared PST folder a copy of the reply either as quot sent quot by that workstation to the shared outbox for the boss s attention or as quot sent quot to the internet under the cover of the boss s ID is saved in the same shared PST folder as the original e-mail from the client so that a full history of e-mail contact with that client is all stored in one folder for convenience Any suggestions nbsp

A:Outlook 2000 - How to save replies in PST folders?

So you're using the same version of office on all the computers? Are they all using the same license number?
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I want to go back in time to an old drive (few weeks ago) and I want to take all data from my current Outlook 2000 (address book, all folders, etc) to place on the old drive.
I thought I would just export (to a .pst file) and import to the old drive. My concern is that the file size of the export is considerably smaller (17000 kb) than the outlook.pst (25000) file.

A:backup & recover Outlook 2000 folders?l

any one have a reponse ?
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I have a user thay is using Outlook 2000 on a Windows 2000 pro. All service packs and updates have been applied. I have several other users that have the same configuration. Here is my question, Every now and then when the user logs into the computer and opens Outlook Tasks have been created in the Folder List of Outlook, they will be named something like Tasks1, Tasks2....etc. I have rebuilt the Outlook, verified there are no unknown delagates, and have unchecked any unnecissary add-in managers.

Does anybody have an ideas for this, I've checked Microsoft's knowledge base ans have posted threads in thier newsgroups.

Anything would be helpful.

Thank you very much.


A:Outlook 2000 creating tasks folders

Okay, no delegates, but what about other permissions?

Right-click the inbox and see who has permissions AT ALL.

Remove all permissions and see if it continues to happen.

Delegates are not the only ones who could be creating folders.
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I created sub folders for other contacts than the main ones.
When I click "to" on a new email I can only select the main contact listing and cannot select the 3 sub folders!
Any Cure?

A:Solved: OUTLOOK 2000 Contact Sub Folders

You have to make the subfolders Outlook Address Books. Expand your folder list and then right-click on one of the Contact subfolders. Select "Properties". Select the "Outlook Address Book" tab and check the box that says "Show this folder as an e-mail Address book". Should work now.
Relevancy 63.64%

For some reason, when I went to load by pst files, it put the personal folders at the top and the "outlook today" at the bottom in my folder list. Now to read mail in my inbox I have to scroll all the way down the page because of the many personal folders I have. I have checked everywhere on Microsoft and there's seems to be no solution to rearrange the folders even though it seems like it should be something simple (I know, too much to ask). Anyone have any ideas?

A:Managing folders in Outlook 2000-2002

What happens if you rename them and make the one you want earlier in the alphabet.
Relevancy 62.35%

Hey TSG,


Windows XP SP2 with all updates
MS Office 2003 with all updates
Windows is set up with 3 user profiles - error only occurs on "administrator"

PC appears to be clean: I run SPYBOT and AdAware regularly, and CCleaner and Registry Mechanic occasionally. I use fully updated Trend Micro PC-cillin Virus Protection and firewall.


For no apparent reason, when I open Outlook I get the message "Data file 'Personal Folders' was not closed properly. The file is being checked for problems" .....pause

...and then Outlook closes. (NOTE: any recommended solution that requires Outlook to be open cannot be applied). I have researched the Web forums and one suggestion was that the .pst file is too large. I back up the .pst file every night and last night's file was 352 meg which does not seem to be too big.




PS: I can get e-mail on-line

A:Outlook 2003 - Error "Data File 'Personal Folders' was not closed properly"

Well the good news is that your .pst file is not too large... the maximum limit for previous versions of office .pst files was 2 GB... usually corruption occurs before this point though (post 1.5 GB is about the point where it becomes prominent), and with the new office 2003 4TB is the theoretical limit of your PST files.

One thing to try... move the location (into another folder) of your .pst file, so that the association of the outlook and the pst file is broken... see if this allows you to open outlook... if so try to remap to the .pst file in its new location, close outlook and see if the issue has been resolved or if it fails to open again.

If you are able to open outlook (with the pst disconnected) and the previous step has failed try using the import/export function and see if you can import your .pst file from the old (corrupted one) to a new one...

There are utilities out there that are able to check the integrity of .pst files, but right at the moment... it escapes me as to which are the recommended scanners.

Other suggestions are welcome...
Relevancy 61.92%


When I search Outlook (happens in 2007 and 2010), I will get a folder listing "Top of Personal Folders" with a list of emails under it.

The problem is that I don't have any folders call "Top of Personal Folders". Can anyone tell me what this is?
Relevancy 55.9%

I have always stored my photos in folder under my user name. I noticed under "Libraries that there is a "picture"folder which is identical to my chosen folder. If I make a change in one folder it will be reflected in the other.I don't understand and don't know if there is a logical way of managing the two folders.Thanks a bunch and enjoy the holidays.Uncle Dewey

A:I have duplicate folders and don't know why

This is known as NTFS junction points. My wife once complained about the same thing. I told her to do nothing and just restart Windows.i_Xp/Vista/W7/W10 Usermessage edited by XpUser
Relevancy 55.9%

I just noticed that in my User's Files folder there were two My Documents folders, two Favorites folders, and two Desktop folders. One of each had the expected content, the other just had an ini file file I believe. I deleted the the latter set. Why were these there? Is this User's Files folder (which is in my desktop) display all content from both c:\users\myUser and d:\users\myUser ? I keep all my data on the D drive.


A:Duplicate Folders

Actually yes, that's exactly where they came from. Apparently that desktop folder is a view to both the c and d drive myUser folder. Ok, so that brings up my next question why do I have a myUser folder on the C drive. When I first installed Win7 64 bit ultimate I specified the d drive as where my documents should go. Thanks
Relevancy 55.9%

Somehow I have managed to have duplicate folders (My Documents) and
(User Documents) and cannot delete because they say they are system
folders. There are 2 copies of My Documents and 1 of User Documents but
all have the identical sub-folders and files in them. I have no idea how they
came about and was hoping someone has the solution to delete the ones I
don't need. I originally had XP SP1 and upgraded to SP2 Home Edition but
don't know if that had anything to do with it or not. It's not an issue I
can't live with but would like to get rid of the unnecessary junk. Does
anyone have an idea?
Relevancy 55.9%

Hi There,
I Clean Out My Temporary Internet Files Manually To Avoid Clogging Up My System.

In Explore I Delete The Files In

C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files

However For Some Reason All These Files Are Also Duplicated In The Folder

C:\Documents and Settings\Autorised User\Local Settings\Temp

And So Are The Cookies, History, And hsperfdata Folders And Contents Which I Then Have To Delete Also From This Temp Folder?

Why Is My Computer Making Two Copies Of These Folders In Different Locations?

I Am The Only User Of The PC And Do Not Have Multiple Users Set Up?

Can Anyone Shine Any Light On This?

P.S. What Is The hsperfdata Folder?

Many Thanks,

A:Duplicate Folders?

the hsperfdata, is to do with java and the internet.
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Hi This is a problem i have never come across before and have found pretty much nothing that would help online i have seen similar problems but not quite like this let me explain installed windows ultimate bit on a HDD leaving one of my other HDD's with the original XP install and then installed easyBCD to create a boot manager so i could have the choice as some programs i have and need are in the XP install Things seemed fine and no issues for at least a month and at that time i no longer needed the XP drive to run as a bootable partition User Duplicate Folders so i Duplicate User Folders removed it from easyBCD reset the boot command line to what it should be and then removed easyBCD noticing after a few weeks that my F drive one previously used for XP has its own documents and settings folder with a duplicate of the windows user folder from the main C partition so i figured its just a duplicate and i will remove it so to test it was safe to delete i went into the desktop folder in the duplicate user profile folder in F Documents and Settings and deleted one item this is where it gets weird because it deleted the file off the desktop meaning that the user profile folder in C Users and F Documents and settings are not just copies but act like they are both the main user folder doesnt matter which you delete from it will remove that item from both folders i really need to kill the duplicate and sever the link to the F drive I have hunted through the registry and have been unable to find any link to this folder and i also created a new user profile and that still creates a duplicate on the F drive i have never seen an issue like this any help would be greatly appreciated any suggestions at all

A:Duplicate User Folders

Go through the wiki article NTFS junction point for NTFS file systems.

Windows 7 has created a junction to C:\Users on the F: drive where you had windows XP. You have to delete the junction point (Top folder only) in F: and not delete file by file as this will cause you to lose the files in C:\Users also.

Read this post Very strange issue for more information on this topic.

To locate the junction point open a command prompt window and do a DIR command in F: drive. You will see <Junction> for a junction point whereas for normal folders you will see <DIR>. Do not use DEL command in the Command Prompt window to delete the Junction. Locate the Junction and then delete that folder in Windows Explorer.
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Folks, I need a bit of help.

I have 3 machines on a wired home network. Each computer is running a different windows OS. Machine A is XP, machine B is Vista64/ultimate, machine C is Windows7/64.

I've got one master file on B which I use as the shared file. It's located in My Documents and it's called "Shared Network Documents".

When I use machine C, the W7/64, I can go to the orb, computer, and select machine B (the vista machine) under "network". When I do that, I see 14 shared folders.

They are:

The last one, called "SharedNetwor" is the one I really use all the time.

How do I eliminate all the ~ folders?

This has to be something fairly basic, but I haven't found a solution anywhere.


A:Duplicate folders appear over network

Hmm, it's worse than I thought.

Remember, computer B, the vista machine, is the one I want to use as the physical repository for my shared files.

Sitting at computer C, the W7 machine, I can see computer B's network files as I listed them above. However, I can alos see computer C under network. That seems odd. I'm at C and it's listed under network. I opened up computer C under network and it shows 52 shared folders. That's about 51 more than I want.

They use the same "name~#" format as above. In this case there are 5 folders which have up to ~12 copies.

This is crazy!! How do I get rid of all this?

Relevancy 55.47%

Sorry if this answer is here but I couldn't find it.

As you can see in the images I have two Deke folders and everthing I save to my one under C:\Users\Deke goes to Desktop\Deke. I delete something out of one and it is gone from the other one. It acts like a mirrow backup.

What to do?

I haven't posted in awhile and it looks like you can't post an image directly from your pc.

When I click on Windows Exployer I see :

Sxxxxxxxxx5 (C):
Programs Files

I can expand both Dekes out and they have the same sub-folders.

I am running as the Administrator and no other user accounts show up in the Control Panes under System.

Sorry about the mess.

PS-Bare with me as I made the jump from W98se to Vista Home Premium at the age of 68.

A:Duplicate User Folders

Guess I didn't look hard enough as I think I found the answer and if it is correct I will leave these duplicate folders alone.

According to the answer of the poster in the following link they acutally don't use the same resources but are like a shortcut(his term).

Does his answer seem correct to you?
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Hi first things first I work at a computer repair shop and this question is about a customer's computer It is Windows and she has a WD My Book tb drive that she uses as a backup with Acronis She brought it in mainly because she wasn't sure of how to use Acronis and for these duplicate folders I showed her how to use Acronis and set it up for her and just deleted the duplicates thinking it was from her trying to set up Acronis Well the duplicates have My Book themselves on WD folders within Duplicate been reoccurring for her and I can't figure out why Making an example might very easier than explaining in a sentence Many of the folders are duplicated with themselves but not all of them but ALL of the duplicates are inside the original one not beside it or however you would word that I am speaking to her again today at EST and can gather more info Backup drive D Folder -Folder a -Folder b -Folder ---Folder a Duplicate folders within themselves on WD My Book ---Folder b Folder -Folder c -Folder d Duplicate folders within themselves on WD My Book -Folder ---Folder c ---Folder d Folder -Folder e -Folder f -Edited Duplicate folders within themselves on WD My Book because I didn't realize the spacing wouldn't stick in my little diagram I hop it makes sense the way it is now

A:Duplicate folders within themselves on WD My Book

They are probably from the date or time the backup is done.

I have my son's Mac Book set to have Time Machine to back up on our NAS, whenever he is connected to our network.
Relevancy 55.47%

This is about a week old Win install I don't know when this occured or what caused it but I only noticed it today This is what the library folders and such look like If I click restore defaults on both of them I get this The problem seems to be that the music library think it's the picture library even when I restore all the defaults everywhere - I've tried changing the included library folders to be 'optimized for music pictures' and other options like that but nothing 'My Computer' Duplicate Folders seems to have any affect on fixing it Unfortunately it seems impossible to simply right click rename one of the 'rogue' folders displayed in My Computer and fix it I can't actually find any way to change them so I have no idea how I even caused it to happen in the first place but it must have been when I was initially setting the libraries up to point to the correct folders on my storage drive D Anyone know how I can fix this Thanks in advance

A:'My Computer' Duplicate Folders

Why does the title of explorer.exe say "Limiting Factor"?
Relevancy 55.47%

i've duplicate folders in certain folders but i can't delete them, the folder has the same name but under it there is a detail "gy". the folder shape is slight bigger and straight. what to do?

A:undeletable duplicate folders

That is a virus... Run Panda Active scan by clicking on the link below...
Relevancy 55.47%

Hi After a windows update I now have duplicated folders not contents in my profile folder If I view c users profile then the duplicates are not there If I just click the Profile link then they are - Desktop Documents Downloads Favourites Music Pictures Videos Interestingly enough there is not a duplicate Links Contacts or Saved Games AppData or Searches folders Duplicate profile in The original content is still intact in the original folders but my profile is accessing the new ones Duplicate folders in profile so all of my program settings browser profiles etc are inaccessible using the normal methods Also if I navigate to desktop then it shows links that don't show if I view my desktop A few weeks ago after an update Vista did a similar thing but started using a temporary profile even when I logged in fine so I couldn't access thigns I created a new profile and copied stuff across Now this Arghhh I hate windows you never get this crap with nix stuff Anyway rant over anyone any idea I'm tearing my hair out and google hasn't helped I'm not a tech noob but I don't have any real insight into how Vista does these things I do web development not Duplicate folders in profile windows Cheers Paul

A:Duplicate folders in profile

Hello Paul,

Vista did this once to me too. Just close all open programs, and navigate to C:\Users\AccountName and delete all of the new folders Vista has created (all the new empty ones, not your own ones) Now log out and back in again and the problem should be fixed.

Relevancy 55.47%

Hi I have a problem with my network folders for my dad's pc His pc is what I primarily use to download software and such so I just network his folder so that I can gain access to downloaded files w o going through other medias such as a flash drive etc Problem is that when a file is recently downloaded a lock appears on the file and is not accessible to other computers in the network while my other computers have no problem similar to this Also my dad's network folder has only main folders that I have shared My Documents and Downloads But in the network folder there are around copies of each folder i e Downloads - Downloads all with the same contents and such and its cluttering the network folder What do Network Folders Duplicate in I do to repair this I have tried unsharing the folder and sharing it again with no luck Any help w this matter is greatly appreciated Thanks

A:Duplicate Folders in Network

Please help, this problem is driving me nuts!
Relevancy 55.47%

This is a new tablet and I folders 8.1 Venue 11 win duplicate Pro am just getting used to win I messed up when Venue Pro 11 win 8.1 duplicate folders I moved folders from being stored in c to d I now have duplicate folders for pictures video's etc in Drive D How do I correct this Can I delete all the folders in D and start again this is a new computer and there is no content in any of these folders I also notice that in file explorer I have three main folders with almost the same subfolder structure The folders are a Myname with a picture icon Subfolders Tablet name gt documents music etc b Myname Subfolders contacts desktop favorites skydrive etc c This PC subfolders documents downloads folders that contain places I connected to through my network C D libraries etc Why so many duplicates How can I clean this up so there is only the This PC I believe this was the original Folder Venue Pro 11 win 8.1 duplicate folders before I messed around Very puzzled and appreciate help in clening up this mess I created Thanks

A:Venue Pro 11 win 8.1 duplicate folders

Restore it to factory settings & start over.
Just my opinion.
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I had to reinstall my Vista OS. I backed up several folders in an external hard disk, applications and downloads. Now I have many duplicates and is difficult to find all of them. Is there any tool that I can run and do that job for me?


A:Duplicate folders elimination

Take a look here:
Relevancy 55.47%

Got a handed down Windows 7 laptop from the Boss. I created an Administrative account for myself. The computer still has the Boss's name locked in as the Computer owner....with all of the Windows folders under his name. I deleted all of his old files, but now every file I create shows up in his folders too. I took possession of his folders but I can NOT delete any of his content in his folders without my content being deleted at the same time. How can I rid myself of this problem. He does NOT show up as a User.

Windows 7 Pro 32 Bit

A:Duplicate User Folders

What is the make and model number of the computer?

Does it have a Recovery Partition on the hard drive or did it come with a Windows 7 install DVD? If so, the best thing to do would be to do a recovery to factory state via the Recovery partition of a clean install using the DVD.

This will save you a lot of ongoing problems in the future.
Relevancy 55.47%

I am after some software that will help me remove duplicate files.

In this case, some program seems to have recreated duplicate folders with just a file called "desktop.ini" in it. I would like to be able to search for that and remove all the corresponding duplicate folders that contain just that filename.

A:Duplicate files/folders

You meant these ?
File Explorer Options > View >
under Hidden files and fodders, dot the "Don't show........">
check the box "Hide protective operating system files >
OK when done.
Relevancy 55.47%

My Laptop has created duplicate but empty document folders under my user name's files. Long with my normal Music, Pictures, Downloads, Favorites etc, My system has created not one but four Document folders. It will not allow me to delete the three empty folder. Anyone have an Idea

A:Duplicate Document Folders

Hello and welcome to TSG.

Unfortunately you have posted in a non-tech forum. Until you specify what operating system you have, and provide more information I'm going to move this to the XP forum for now. When you tell us what OS you have you can then request what forum you want your thread moved to.
Relevancy 54.61%

My All Users profile shortcuts and Current User profile shortcuts aren't merging into one folder in the start menu's All Programs. There are two of each: Accessories, Administration Tools, and Maintenance folders. I've tried fiddling around with the All Users and Current User Start Menu folders but nothing I do merges the two profiles into one. I've also looked in the Local Group Policies to no avail.

Questions:What Windows 7 mechanism controls the merging of the All Users and Current User profiles into one folder in the All Programs Start Menu?
What steps should I take to correct this problem?
first time post. Be kind!

A:Start/All Programs has duplicate folders

Hello and welcome SugarMountain mate may seem rather a daft query but do you need both accounts if not switch the guest one off
Relevancy 54.61%

Maybe this will be an easy question. I converted to xp from ME and am currently running sp1. It seems that when I converted to XP it created many duplicates of files and folders. For instance, there are about 4 places I can go to find cookies, ie history. All under the same user name, some are always empty others have data. There are many other folders with the same issue.

At the same time there are some folders I know are in the system somewhere but can't find them in the files they should be. I suspect they are in another duplicate file somewhere.

Is there a simple way to clean this up?

A:lots of duplicate empty folders?

hey fwtex,

you got a weird one here. one thing you could try to see if the duplicate folders are needed or not is to rename them to something else. then restart the computer and start just doing normal stuff, and see if you get any error messages. if no error messages popup then it should be safe to delete the folders. I'm thinking if the folders are empty then it should be safe to delete.

I'm guessing your xp is running fat32 and not ntfs (because you upgraded to xp from me). if i were you i would have backed up my data, did a format, and did a fresh xp install using ntfs, but that's just my opinion.
Relevancy 54.61%


My OS is Vista Home Basic and I have duplicate folders of the same size and with the same sub-folders (couple of them Hidden such as AppData), one on the desktop and the other in the C: drive. Can I remove the one on the desktop without affecting the other one? Thanks.


A:Is it safe to remove duplicate folders

I think you don't have duplicate folders.

The files in Your desktop and your documents are physically stored on c:\users\user name folder.

Your desktop is just a mirror for that location. Hope this will help
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HP s n Slimline Did an F system restore inadvertanly and system was restored with a XPsp3 2 Restore folders F10 x duplicate secondary HP Owners Documents folder HP Owner YOUR- E D Tried to run Norton and it went into some weird black mode that said emergency repair system scan when it finished black screen with a blinking line Escaped rebooted and ran F AGAIN hopeing it would help NOT Now I have TWO Hp owner folders the second HP Owner YOUR- E D in my system both of which are for the most part identical I tried to remove the second and XPsp3 F10 Restore x 2 duplicate folders it would not let me saying the folder contained part of windows system It also seems XPsp3 F10 Restore x 2 duplicate folders to be creating trouble installing uninstalling I am certainly not a tech but I can usually find my way around a PC within reason but I am XPsp3 F10 Restore x 2 duplicate folders stumped here Is there a way to remove at least one of these secondary folders containing system files or should I just back up whats important and call it a wash and reformat reinstall nbsp
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I think I downloaded a .reg file from internet that created double system folders in my computer but I can't remember. They seem to be an extra music, videos, documents, pictures and downloads folder but I cannot put any files in the folder. Anyone know how to delete them? There's also a strange name in address bar when I open one of the folders. Also, when I click start and then click a folder liek videos folder then nothing happens.

A:How to delete duplicate system folders?

Hello and welcome to TenForums

There is a tutorial that describes how you can delete or restore these folders here:
This PC 'Folders' - Add or Remove in Windows 10

Might be worth trying these methods to see if you can restore them.
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My PC was recently updates to WIN 7 and folders from my old XP were imported from backup. Now I have duplicates all over the place. Only my wife and I use this pc. Can anyone help me try and restore some sembelance of order to the folders/files.?

A:How to locate and delete duplicate folders

Several of us use Puran Utilities, it has that function.  Use caution with any and all downloads to avoid junk!
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Vista Ultimate x SP Ok I'm trying to move my Pictures Music Documents folders to a new location via Properties Location Move It asks when are Duplicate redirecting??? folders created me if I want to move all my files from the old location to the new location In my case the new location is simply on another drive D My Pictures just another partition on the same computer Duplicate folders are created when redirecting??? - no networking or anything The dialog box says quot We recommend moving all of the files or you will see two 'Pictures' folders inside the 'Rhizomorph' folder in Windows Explorer quot Fine so I choose the option to move all my files but I still get duplicate Duplicate folders are created when redirecting??? folders The Duplicate folders are created when redirecting??? prompt specifically states that by moving all my files I will avoid creating duplicate folders but it does it anyway What the heck When I try to delete the new folder that is created which now has a regular yellow folder icon it won't let me despite having ownership of it Does anyone know how to fix this

A:Duplicate folders are created when redirecting???

Originally Posted by Rhizomorph

Vista Ultimate x64 SP1...

Ok, I'm trying to move my Pictures/Music/Documents folders to a new location via Properties|Location|Move.... It asks me if I want to move all my files from the old location to the new location. In my case, the new location is simply on another drive, D:\My Pictures (just another partition on the same computer - no networking or anything). The dialog box says:"We recommend moving all of the files or you will see two 'Pictures' folders inside the 'Rhizomorph' folder in Windows Explorer"Fine, so I choose the option to move all my files..... but I still get duplicate folders!!!! The prompt specifically states that by moving all my files I will avoid creating duplicate folders, but it does it anyway. What the heck? When I try to delete the new folder that is created (which now has a regular yellow folder icon) it won't let me, despite having ownership of it. Does anyone know how to fix this?

This will generally happen when a file or folder (inside the parent folder) you are try to move already exists in the destination, and you choose to not overwrite the file.

It is better to allow all files to be move, and if you get any prompts that a file exists, allow the move to overwrite the existing one, and allow system files to be moved also, if any.
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I have relocated my personal folders from my C:drive(0s&Programs)to my D:drive(personal docs.)By creating new folders on my d:driver then going to my c:driver users folder & relocating them to my d:drive.Everything went fine.Now three days later when I go to open my personal folders on d:drive I have two peronslal folders of each music,pictures,docs,etc......Proporties for one folder is d:drive the other is c:drive for each.What should I do with the c:drive folders?Delete them,Move them back to c:drive?I am not sure what to do.I do not want to loose files on d:drive.Any help would be appreciated,Thank You

A:Personal Folders

How did you relocate them, using the personal folder properties dialog?
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Due to numerous computer crashes over years as well as regularly back-up my Outlook folders on DVD s I got stuck end of last year with all these back-ups but an Outlook that did not work Duplicates using Remover Accurate Removing Outlook Duplicate Outlook when I tried to import all this data most of which will in any case be duplicates I believe there is some or other GB cap Outlook which I have is working well having started from scratch I would like to try Removing Outlook Duplicates using Accurate Outlook Duplicate Remover to recover some of these old emails contacts and delete all the duplicates Due Removing Outlook Duplicates using Accurate Outlook Duplicate Remover to limited space on my PC s I downloaded the GB pst and other files on my daughter s laptop She has Windows and Outlook I downloaded it into C User AppData Local Microsoft Outlook Outlook pst All these emails are visible as far as I can see when I open Outlook on her laptop I have installed Accurate Outlook Duplicate Remover on her laptop to remove the duplicates but it gives me the error message when I open the programme that it quot cannot find the Outlook files quot So my questions-Where should I store these Outlook files on her laptop for AODR to find it Is there another way of deleting all these duplicates Kind regardsAlbie

A:Removing Outlook Duplicates using Accurate Outlook Duplicate Remover

Office 2010 has a limit of 20Gig PST Files, so I would recommend using the most recent one and forget the rest.
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I need a duplicate file finder that will let me delete a whole folder. The way I search is, after I find duplicates I put them in a Folder named Dup then scan again.

A:duplicate file finder that delets folders


Try this: Glary Utilities | Glarysoft

The standard version is free.

Create a restore point before removing duplicates.

Click the tab which checks for duplicates.

After the scan, If not sure what to remove ask here.

Be careful, this is a aggressive tool.

Misuse of this Utility has caused BSOD.

Hope this helps,
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I have done alot to get the permissions thing to stop  the inheriting rage and multiple files for the same thing. However I haven't been able to simplify or correct this.
I have multiples such as C:\users\(name)\Favorites\Favorites  as parent(?) to an additional Favorite. I may understand the Location Properties . I found how to use the Location tab in Properties get back to the parent, but I haven't been able to decide what to do to make that next duplicate file go away. It's like a series of fish trying to gobble each other but finding that each is the same size so all they can do is wait on the next one to try to swallow them..Or something.
Hopefully I have explained myself. After about 15 years as a neophyte I am still trying to learn a bit more. ??

A:duplicate parents and inheriters in explorer folders

Hi Creekster.
Are you claiming that all of your User profile directories have this problem? (Downloads, Desktop, Music) Or one folder, specific folders, or all folders?
Please show a screenshot of examples of the issue.
For everyone's reference in assisting you here at BC, I would like you to reply with the following completed please:
Download and Run MiniToolBox As an Admin
Next, please configure it to look as is below:

Hit the GO button and wait a short amount of time, typically 5-10 minutes.
Next, please copy and paste the MTB.txt log in your next post using the wrap (the .
This will assist in diagnosing the issue.
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I just uninstalled Kodak EasyShare and installed Picasa 3.5. I find that I have duplicate picture folders. I have a total of 101 folders, many of them are copies. How can I remove the duplicates? Thanks.
P.S. At one point, Picasa was still scanning (45%) and it was 'showing' over 5000 pics!!!

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Running Win Home Premium with all updates on an i - K PC I have two problems that are happening on my D data spinner drive -------------- PROBLEM- Within the last week some files just disappeared For instance today I renamed a jpg file from quot IMG jpg quot to quot Bumper jpg quot As soon as and Files strange disappear folders duplicate I pressed the ENTER key the quot IMG jpg quot file disappeared and the quot Bumper jpg quot file does not exist I went to folder options in Explorer and verified that show hidden files folders and drives quot is checked and all of Files disappear and strange duplicate folders the other options are set to view everything as I've always set them since WinXP I ran cmd exe and did a DIR command Files disappear and strange duplicate folders for the folder that contained the jpg picture and neither quot IMG jpg quot nor quot Bumper jpg quot exists While continuing to work I pasted Files disappear and strange duplicate folders a graphic in a new document in Photoshop and saved the document as quot Front Bumper jpg quot Now I don't see that file either I installed the quot Agent Ransack quot search program and searched both my C system drive and my internal TB data drive and the files were not found -------------- PROBLEM- While trying to troubleshoot the problems above I wondered if my main folder name of quot PHOTOS quot was causing a problem in Win So I tried to rename the folder to quot PHOTOS quot but Win would not allow it saying there was already a folder with that name Scanning the root directory of my data drive D I found a strange folder like item named quot PHOTOS quot that had a white file icon When I click on that item Win pops up a window that contains many different programs asking me to choose the one to open the item with IOW Win doesn't know how to open that item Clicking properties the size of the item is MB Further scanning revealed that there was another strange item in the root directory named quot GRAPHICS quot I have a legitimate folder named quot GRAPHICS quot so the same thing happened to it Clicking on the strange quot GRAPHICS quot item Win doesn't know how to open it either I never created either of the strange items Win created them all on its own ----- Any ideas on either of my two Win problems Thanks Skyzoomer

A:Files disappear and strange duplicate folders

Hi there Skyzoomer...

Have you excluded the possibility of infection by viruses/malware by scanning your computer?

If you haven't, perhaps you can try the following steps:-

Download Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) from here:
Microsoft Security Essentials - Free Antivirus for Windows

Download the updates for MSE from here:
Install the latest Microsoft Security Essentials definition updates - Get the latest definitions - Microsoft Malware Protection Center

Download malwarebytes from here:
Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 1.61 -

And the malwarebytes updates from here:

Also, if you could fill up your system specs by following the tutorial below:-

System Info - See Your System Specs

Thanks in advance!
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I have been seeing duplicate folders in my external HDD when I connect it to my computer and infact it happens even with the flash drives which means for any external storage device.

When I open the detail view under the "Type" duplicate folder would be listed as "Application" rather then the "File Folders" and the actual folder would be visible as "Hidden". Even I tried to unhidden them from the properties it does not allow to unhide as its grayed out.

When I try to open the folder which the type says "Application" it opens the folder in a separate window rather then same window.

I believe this could be a Spyware/Malware so I even ran all the possible Virus Scan but without any luck.

Please let me know what kind of problem is this and how can I fix it?

A:Duplicate folders in External hard Disk

Hello and welcome to TSF.

We want all our members to perform the steps outlined in the link given below, before posting for assistance. There's a sticky at the top of this forum, and

Having problems with spyware and pop-ups? First Steps

a link at the top of each page.

Please follow our pre-posting process outlined below.

NEW INSTRUCTIONS - Read This Before Posting For Malware Removal Help - Tech Support Forum

After running through all the steps, you shall have a proper set of logs. Please post them in a new topic, as this one shall be closed.

If you have trouble with one of the steps, simply move on to the next one, and make note of it in your reply.

Please note that the Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help forum is extremely busy, and it may take a while to receive a reply.
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I have 2 * Documents folders showing up under my username but they aren't actually duplicated on my D drive where they are physically stored. Neither are they duplicated in my library. "Interestingly" they both have a yellow exclamation mark on them. ANy help would hugely appreciated. Thanks Ian
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Has anyone seen where a drive on a 2000 server gets mapped many times over on a 2000 machine? For example, a desktop running 2000 has drives H: through Z: mapped to a drive named 'data' on the 2000 server. As I understand it, when the desktop is turned on, those drives aren't mapped. Just a few get mapped as expected (E: through G: for example). The other ones (H: through Z become mapped to 'data' after a short period of time while using the computer. Any ideas? Does it sound like Windows is doing this (via a setting or script) or would it be more likely some client software that is running on the desktop but access data on the server?

I did do a few searches on google and this forum but did not get any good results.

Any ideas? I would greatly appreciate any help.


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All my personal folders (My Music, My Pictures, My Videos) have been gone for about a week. I can't seem to find the icon in My Documents, but the folder still exists. It is beginning to irritate me as I can find no solution yet. Thanks for reading!

A:Missing Personal folders

Hi Unohoo09,

Did you try "Search". They are probably just in wrong place. When you find them just put them back :D