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Changing Word 2000 Default font?

Q: Changing Word 2000 Default font?

Word 2000 default font is Times New Roman 12.
How can it be changed to, say, Georgian, Courier New, or other fonts & the size you want for it?

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Preferred Solution: Changing Word 2000 Default font?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I have done this before, successfully. Now when I go through the steps, and say YES to saving a default font, it does not save it. I am not messing with styles or anything else--just trying to change the default font for the Normal style. All the steps I try seem to work, but when I go back into Word, the change has not held.

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I have had a search of the forum and can't find a solution to this, so apologies if it is a known / obvious fix for the experts!

I have created a document in Word 2000 that includes some "Windings" symbols. In opening the document on other machines in Word 97, some of them have changed font colour and turned into "Wingdings 2" and others have remained in "Wingdings" but changed font colour.
Wingdings is definitely an installed font on the machines I have tried, and it appears to be a consistent change on those different machines (i.e. replaced characters are the same and colour changesare the same).
[We are all appear to be using the same printer drivers and are using Windows 98]

A:Changing symbol font from Word 2000 to Word 97

Slight error in the above. Gone back to original machine and checked document. When opening in Word 97 the font isn't actually changing as I did use "Wingdings 2" in the original anyway, but clolours are changing and the actual symbol used in "Wingdings 2" has changed.

So basically the two problems are:

1 - font colours are changing on all the symbol font characters (whether "Wingdings" or "Wingdings 2").
2 - a different symbol is being used for those in "Wingdings 2" on the Word 97 machines.

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Hi to all
I run Word 2000 and just recently when I went to sent off an email I found although Times New Roman 10 was set, the font coming up on the screen was far too small,barely readable, increasing the number does increase the size It is not satisfactory really.
I have tried numerous things even reistalling Office but nothing seems to help
The same thing happens in Word
Help !!! Thank you

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Does anybody have an idea how to change the default font and text size for footnotes in word 2003. I can do it manually as in highlight and right click the text and set the font that i want. But as soon as i insert another footnote it reverts back to the original font setting and not the one that i previously specified.

Any ideas?

Edit: I should add that this is in an existing 80 page document.
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Hi all, just 2 weeks back i've come across a new problem in Word2000. I've a friend try to change the font sizes in Word 2000 when using Arabic Fonts. But she is unable to do that. But if she were to try changing the Arabic Fonts size in Excel 2000, she will be able to do that. I've tried logging on as another user id (Windows 2000) but the problem persist.

Have also tried to repair office, un-install/re-install office, re-create a new profile for her, but nothing seems to work.

Any ideas?
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How can I set Word 2000 so that when I start a new document, it will automatically be in Print layout?
Dave Spilkia

A:Changing default layout in Word 2000

First open the new doc, then make sure you have it in print layout - go to file | page setup and adjust to whatever way you want regarding the margins, font, etc. then hit default. I did this and all my new doc's open the way I want. Hope this is what you want.
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I have Publisher 2000 on my computer. It works great except for the fact I can't seem to find out how to change the default font. I dislike New Times Roman and do not use it at all. I've tried to find the solution on-line, but all I can get is "text boxes" for 2002, 2003, and 2007. Am I stuck with having to change New Times Roman every time I want another font. I use Goudy Old Style most all the time in my work because I find its readability is better, and would like to have it as my default font. Any hope for that? I will appreciate any clue to how this can be done. lilart

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Microsoft Works Word Processor default font is Times New Roman..I really hate that font and would like to change that default font to another style.
Is that possible? I cant seem to find a permanent way to change it. I spend half my time clicking the font button. Any help appreciated

A:Changing default FONT

Google says:

Open the MS Works word processor and in the menu bar to Format | Font | Style.

Click on Font and Style and a dialog box pops up.

In the dialog box, choose your font by highlighting it, then highlight the font size that you prefer.

Select a color if you choose or leave the color on auto.

Move to the right side of the dialog box and click on the Set Default button.
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I looked at the tutorial for changing default font in Vista but it doesn't seem to work for me.
When I go to Appearance Settings > Advance, there are only a few fonts available on the drop down list. None of the ones I installed are in there and not even all the pre-installed ones are.
What should I do?
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Hi everyone I'm new so apologies in advance if this doesn't belong in this section or if there's anything else wrong with this post I've been searching this forum and others too looking for a solution to my problem but couldn't find one I don't like the Windows default font - I think it's Calibri - because it's anti-aliased somehow and appears kind of fuzzy on my screen It's basically the same with ClearType turned on or off I have changed all fonts I any to default (or font Changing Tahoma other) could find how to change in Windows to Tahoma instead which looks nice and crispy i e not fuzzy However Calibri remains in place almost everywhere including the Start menu windows titles and all Explorer windows except the menu bar I have uploaded a screenshot that shows this http img imageshack us img sersthdocu jpg Two different fonts - the menu bar looks the way I want it to look the address bar does not Can somebody tell me how where I can change this so that the same font is used throughout Windows Thanks Changing default font to Tahoma (or any other) a lot in advance

A:Changing default font to Tahoma (or any other)

Hello Thomas,

Welcome to 7 Forums.

Right click desktop/Personalize/windows color/Advanced appearance and settings. You can change fonts for individual items here.

Hope this helps.

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So I'm running across an issue with Win7 where my fonts seem to be changing on their own.

First I thought it must just be the settings on my browser, but its extended to my games and things as well. Steam, for instance, has changed from the default text (whatever it was) to a font that tends to overlap each other. I dont have any screen shots to show or I'd post them. Then just this morning all the text in my gmail account was italic on my home pc, but when I checked it from work it was normal.

Does anyone have any ideas? This is extremely annoying!

(My apologies if there is already a post addressing this, I couldn't easily find anything.)

A:Default font settings changing

Check your IE font settings. In your Internet Options 'General' tab, click the 'Accessibility' button and make sure all checkboxes are clear.
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Hi all,

May be a simple fix (I hope!). I want to change the default font for all Word documents and Power Point from Times New Roman to either Arial or Tahoma, but cannot find the command. I'm running Windows 7 and Office 2007.

I did this with XP a couple of years ago without a problem, but cannot find the right button to push!

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Critter 62

A:Changing the default font from Times New Roman

hi Critter62, welcome to sevenforums,

i've just done a quick google for you.

click this link - halfway down are instructions for word 2007.
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Is there a way to change the default font size of the Arabic font of choice in IE? I see where I can choose which font, but I don't see an option for its size, other than changing all fonts. Roman letters appear much larger than Arabic and to enlarge all to accomodate Arabic makes the Roman letters huge!

The alternative might be to locate an Arabic font that is inherently larger and add that to the list of options, but I don't know what font that would be nor how to add it to the list in IE8.

There has to be a way. Anyone have suggestions?

Thanks a million!
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Hello W7F folks! Does anyone know how to change the default font of Sticky Notes? Look forward to hear some tips. Thanks

A:Changing Sticky Notes default font

Hello NuevaEcija,

This can help show you how to.

Sticky Notes - Change Text Format

You might also give the free program Stickies a try to see how you like it. It has many more features.

Hope this helps,
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For reasons that escape me, Outlook Express is changing my default font from Arial 10 (my selection under Tools/Option/Compose) to Arial 12. I do not have any stationary selected to override the font default. This is driving me nuts and I've never had it happen before and don't know why it is happening now.

Any help appreciated.

Bob Setzer, Jr.
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When I use CNTL P (or File/Print) the size comes of the print on the page is a tad small.

Where can this param be accessed ... to make it larger ?

Any help welcome !
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Is it possible to change the default font in MS Word?

I am running Office 2003 with XP Pro. I am not one of those who detest Times New Roman; it is useful especially when you need to conserve space. But for most purposes I change to another font, and I am wondering whether I can choose my own default font and use TNR only when I need to.

Stephen R.

A:MS Word Default font?

I don't know if it's the same in 2003, but in Word 2000:

Open Word, select Format ->Font from the menu bar.

Select the font you wish & click the Default button.
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How do I change the default font on my computer when using Word in Office 2000 from New Times Roman to Arial? I am running Windows XP.

A:Office 2000 Default font setting?

In Word, Go to File, Open, in Files of Type box select Document Templates. The Look in box at the top should automatically go to where Templates are stored. Select and open it. Make changes you want to happen by deafult, then save back in original location as same filename.

There you go!

BTW, If you can't find this way, then go to Start, Find, Files or Folders, and in the Search Window, type in and make sure you are looking in your local hard drives. Hit enter or click on Find Now. When you find it, then right-click it and select Open, as default double-click opens a new doc based on that template.
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Whilst using Word the font size keeps changing. I have to keep using the zoom slider to return to 100% which is so annoying. Can anyone help please?
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I want to fill in a 22 page questionnaire in MS-WORD. The questions are written in Ariel,,,,, but I want my answers to be in another font.

There are loads of questions, so I don't want to go back to each question to alter my one or two word reply.

Is there a way that all my answers will be in my chosen font ,,,, but leave the questions in Ariel ?

thanks for reading

A:Default a Font in MS-Word 2007

I managed to alter the actual Default within MS-Word, to my chosen one.
And I thought that I'd hit pay-dirt, when I learned how to change the 'system' font.
This has changed 90% of the whole computer system: Desktop / O.Express etc etc.

,,,, but it still hasn't changed the font as I write after previous fonts !

Any ideas please ?

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my font settings for ms words revert back to default on click. please advise

A:(solved) Word: Default font

Open Word with a blank document. Hit ctrl-a. Hit Format-Font, choose the font, size, and style you always want to use and then hit the DEFAULT button at the bottom left. Hit OK. Close Word and reopen. How's that font now?
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I've always had my font size set at 12 until one day, for reasons known not to me, it changed to 10. The Help function is no help at all, so would someone please tell me the (presumably VERY simple) solution to set the default size back to 12?

A:Default font in Word documents

it actually changed in 2k2....try clicking format, font, and set it to your desired settings, and then if you have a newer version, you should see a 'default' button on the lower left, which resets it to default.

Let me know if that did it.

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Some how my daughter accidently changed the default setting so that when you open up the Word Program, the defaults are set at an 88 font size, a font style no one uses, text already in the normal blank page and everything is light grey in color.

How do I go into the word program and change it so that when you open up "Word" the default is set at something that most of us can use for a normal document without allows having to go in and change everything?

A:Word Document - default font

Find and delete all occurrences of "" on the PC, when Word is not open.

When Word finds none when starting a new blank one with the standard defaults is created.

It's a hidden or system file so depending on your Windows version you may need to enable the viewing of this file type to find it to delete it.

It must exist, so if your search is not successful, its the file type that is the problem, preventing you viewing it.
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Hi Guys

I run WORD 2003. Lately the default font has been reverting to Time New Roman - 12 PT without any interference from me. I tried several time to change the default back to my preference (Garamond 14), but the next day it reverts back to Times New Roman. Any ideas?


A:Solved: Word font default

Well, did you click the [Default] button when you tried to change the default font. I.e., open a blank Word doc, click Format, Font, choose the font you want, then click the [Default] button at the bottom left of the window? I have MSO 2000, not 2003, but work with 2003 at a client's, and it works essentially the same.
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My younger brother was using the computer and while in Word he accidently chose some option that made the font go red. There was a narrow straight line to the left of the line where the font went a different colour. What was this and how would I get rid of it in the future ?

A:Word font changing colour with bar on side

He has put "track changes" on.

This highlights added text by the colour, and indicates changed content areas with the left margin bar.

Unselect Track Changes. Tools - Track Changes
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Ok, I've been using word for a long time now and recently downloaded and installed a new font, unfortunately when i tried using this font to type in microsoft word the program automatically changed the font back to times new roman after about 5 lines. I changed the font back to the one i had chosen to use and it took about a line and a half for word to revert back to times new roman without my consent or permission.

Is there a reason this happening and if so what can i do to fix it?

A:Word Is Auto Changing Font While I Type..

Not sure if it matters, but I'm using Word 2007.
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I have Windows and have a question regarding Word font 2000 a saved document in Word Microsoft Office --I recently had my system upgraded and a new larger hard drive installed This new drive eliminated the other drives I had so now everything is on one drive When my tech transferred all the files over everything went well All the files open edit and close just fine But there is Word 2000 font one document I created years ago that I use for my business that is showing up in the quot symbol quot font I have tried selecting all and changing it but when I do everything appears as a little square The size will change but the only letters remotely legible are when it s put on quot symbol quot I emailed a copy to my tech and she couldn t figure it out All of my Publisher documents as well as the rest of my Word documents are fine I don t know what else to do and can t imagine trying to decipher this out enough to retype it Any ideas Thanks avonar nbsp

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How do I change the default font and size that Word 2007 will use when opening a new document? I looked under some of the preferences in word options but was unable to locate this...

A:Solved: Word 2007 Default Font

This should be helpful:
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I'm sorry to impose on those of you who would regard this question as simple-minded, but I do not seem to be able to change the default footnote font in Word 2007. I am completely new to this program, having used WordPerfect for years, and I am stymied at every turn, having spent hours looking through every handbook. I realize that the font can be changed for each footnote, but I should like to change the default font for all notes in a document and for future documents.

Many thanks.

A:Default Footnote Font in Word 2007

I removed your email address from your post. (Putting your email out on a very busy website is a very bad idea.)
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Is there anyway to change the default 'Calibri' font that is set on opening Notepad or Wordpad?
I would love to open Notepad to find the font set at something I like. 'Verdana' for example, so I can just get straight on.

I know I sound lazy, but I use Note or Wordpad a lot, often dozens of times in a day, and I need to use a font I can see.

I'm just sick of having to do this adjustment every bloody time!!

I would be very grateful for any ideas.

A:Change default font in Word/Notepad

Does this help for Wordpad? How to Set the Default Font in Wordpad | eHow

Notepad should always open using the font you used last saved something. So if you open Notepad, type one letter, change the font to Verdana and save it somewhere as Temp.txt next time you open Notepad it will use Verdana. You can delete this Temp.txt file - it was only to populate the registry with the last used font. Notepad will keep on using Verdana until you change the font in some other document and save that.
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My default font for Word is now Times Roman 12. So when I copy something from the Web or elsewhere, it is copied to Word as Times Roman, I want it to copy directly as Arial 12 , so that I don't have to change it. I use Arial all the time.

How can I do this without clicking on a couple of other steps starting with File?

Thanks in advance.

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Is there anyway to change the default 'Calibri' font that is set on opening Notepad or Wordpad?
I would love to open Notepad to find the font set at something I like. 'Verdana' for example, so I can just get straight on.

I know I sound lazy, but I use Note or Wordpad a lot, often dozens of times in a day, and I need to use a font I can see.

I'm just sick of having to do this adjustment every bloody time!!

I would be very grateful for any ideas.

A:Change default font in Word/Notepad

Does this help for Wordpad? How to Set the Default Font in Wordpad | eHow

Notepad should always open using the font you used last saved something. So if you open Notepad, type one letter, change the font to Verdana and save it somewhere as Temp.txt next time you open Notepad it will use Verdana. You can delete this Temp.txt file - it was only to populate the registry with the last used font. Notepad will keep on using Verdana until you change the font in some other document and save that.
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In MS Word 2010, the default font for a new blank document is set for Calibri size 10. I went though the procedure to change the default size to 12. I've attached screen shots of the two dialog windows that open as part of this process. Opening a new document still has the font set at 10. This happens even if I do not close the program and open another new document.

A:Solved: Word 2010 Default Font

I see no attachments, but the simplist way is to click the small arrow, that is in the lower right corner of the Font area.
It will open the Font settings pane. Make the changes that you what and then click on the "Set as Deault" button in the lower left corner of the pane.
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I have a Study Guide with questions in Microsoft Works Word Processor and I wanted to fill in the answers in a different font and color. But every time I click the question I want to answer, it automatically changes to the font and color of the question. So I have to type the answers and then highlight it and change the font and color manually. I have a ton of questions to answer and it is getting to be really time consuming to have to go back and change them all manually. Is there a way to set the font and color to be locked and never change even if I click a word or line that has a different font and color?

A:Microsoft Works Word Processor Font keeps changing

Just like Word, each area can have its own font and other settings.

You are going to have to put up with this, as the author did not set up the study guide to be used in this manner.
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I have a Word 2000 program which has worked well in the past. For at least a couple of years. I have not knowingly tinkered or screwed with the program in any way, but suddenly now I cannot control the font size with the usual Format/Font command. All fonts are too large. The smallest font, 8 pt, looks more like 16 pt. Sixteen point looks correspondingly much larger.

The program is registered to me, but I can't find the blasted disk to reinstall it.

Does anybody have any helpful thoughts? I thank you for them.

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This drives me crazy. For some reason, when I bring up new documents that other people have done, when I create a footnote, it is not in superscript in the text. It will be that way on a new document, so that's how the default is set, but how do I change that for a document that doesn't have that set?

Also, when I cut and paste from other documents, even if I am cutting a certain font, like Times New Roman, it still pastes as courier sometimes. How do I always make sure when cutting and pasting to a document the new text coming in will stay as the default I have set or at least stay as the type of font it was in the other doc.

Dreamboat, you better give me a satisfactory answer on this or else!

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I change the default font and size and save it but the next doc reverts back to Calibri 11.
Tried everything I could think of.

What am I missing?

A:Change default font and size Word 2007

Have a look through this website. Read through it & see if there is anything that helps you. There is also reference to setting your default font for the normal.dotm file.

Change the Default Font Size in Word
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I want to restore the defulat logon name when my computer starts. It used to always boot up with "administrator" in the name box (me) but after connecting to my home computer it now starts up with another user name - "tom"(the name of my home computer). How can I change the default name to administrator so I don't have to erase 'tom" and retype "administrator" every time I boot up?

Thanks very much for any help offered!

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I need a step by step list to make the font sizes of my return address envelopes bigger by about two levels. I am happy with the font size of the delivery address default, but the return address default is too small. The guide I found on line wasn't very helpful, as it read like brain surgery!

I have legacy Word experience using Word 97-2003, and envelope settings were much easier to select on those versions! Note that I want to keep the return address envelope font size as the default envelope setting.

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Is it possible to change the default storage location for Outlook 2000? I would like the pst files to be on a different partition. I can do this with Outlook Express but cannot find similar instructions for Outlook.



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A command I often us in my Word toolbar is Font Color (the icon has an emboldened A). Recently, when putting my cursor on the icon to open it and change the color of the font(s), it will not work. So, I have to right-click on the toolbar, go to Customize?drag the icon back into Customize drop-down box, re-open Format and drag another Font Color back up to the toolbar. But, this works only for a few minutes and then stops working again.

I have tried all different scenarios to overcome this problem, but have no idea why such a simple thing is not working as it should?and this has never happened in all the years I have been using my computer.

Thanking whomever takes the time to respond to this question.


Go to Start/Run and type appwiz.cpl and press enter. In the Add Remove Programs, scroll down to Microsoft Office. Click Change/Remove here you can Add Office programs, Remove (Uninstall) Office or Repair. Try Repair.
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Is it possible to change the default font size for labels without it changing Words general default font size.

Thank you

A:Office Word 2007 Label Printing, Default font size ?

Can anyone help with this or maybe confirm it can't be done ?
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Every time someone sends me a word file attached in an email , it comes thru in Works. When that happens, any comments on the sidebar are automatically lost. I need to receive files in MS word, not works.
I tried to follow your instructions to change my default  to Word but when I try that, I do not see Word as an option , but I do see everything but that. I could sure use some help. I wondered what would happen if I deleted Works from my PC?
I am running Windows 7 with MS Word 10. I thank you for any assistance.

A:Changing my default from Works to Word...

What is works?
Thank you.
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I am having problems to change the default language in word 2003.I bought an afrikaans dictionary program.Word sees the dictionary and it is set as the default dictionary to check the spelling.
The program however does not use the dictionary it seems because it does not pick up mistakes I make deliberately.

I try to change the dafault language to Afrikaans but as soon as I start typing it automatically reverts to US English

Can anyone please help me !!

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Trying to change the default save\open location for Excel 2000 queries which is:
C:\Documents and Settings\user profile\Application Data\Microsoft\Queries.

I would like to change this default location to a network drive????

Thank you.

A:Changing default location for Excel 2000 Query

Data - Get External Data - New Database Query - Options
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Hi In ms word windows I often go to the tools menu amp select the function to print an address on an envelope The default setting for the way the envelope feeds thru the printer is not compatible with my epson word defaults to quot long way quot not how my printer works When I select the correct orientation word says something like quot changing word: default setting ms enevelope you have changed the default setting quot which is what I want to do but it never sticks I have to manually set the correct orientation each time Here s the kicker Probably over a year ago some helpful person on a forum gave me the fix for this but word was ms word: changing default enevelope setting recently reinstalled so it s back to its old ways I ve searched but can not find the fix on line or hard copy I do remember this I went many sub folders deep and changed a single digit or maybe in some setting I forget whether this was actually a quot word quot problem or something that was deep within my printer software Any help in fixing this little bug is greatly appreciated Best Regards CC nbsp

A:ms word: changing default enevelope setting

Any hints or suggestions?
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I'm hoping that someone can help me with changing the default internet email account in MS Outlook 2000 Corporate/Workgroup. In the regular Outlook 2000, there is a button in the service box for set as default. However, this does not exist in my program. I am running two internet email accounts, and I would like the second one that I installed to be the default for sending messages. I know there must be a way to do this, but I just can't remember/ figure it out. Thanks!

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Is there a way to dictate, in Microsoft Word 2010, that any newly-created document will have my own Style in place as the default one, or whatever the term might be, if anything, that decides what the starting set-up is? It's currently the font Calibri, size 11, 10.5 Multiple line spacing, 1" margins on all sides, etc. My preferences are different in every way, so I manually change all of that every time I make a new document.

A:Changing the default Style in Microsoft Word 2010?

Have you tried changing the normal template? I was able to find directions on how to find that for 2003 here, but it's the same process for 2007 and I would imagine 2010. I don't have 2010 on this computer to double check.
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When I open a new document in Word 2000, I would like to make the following the defaults, so that they apply to all new documents. None of them are defaults now:

1. When I start a new document, I would like the view to be a Normal View.

2. When I start a document, I would like it to be justified, so that I have straight margins on both the left and right sides.

3. I would like to know how to get rid of the annoying popup that asks me if I want help with a letter, everytime I try to write someone a letter.

Any help that you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Please reply to [email protected]. Thank you.

A:word 2000 default values

Go to Tools-Options, File locations tab. Note the location of "user templates". Close all Word files (not Word, tho), and hit File-Open, change the files of types to Document templates, browse to the folder that was located in the File locations tab for user templates and open the file called normal. Go to View-Normal. Go to File-Page setup and change the margins to whatever you want them to be for any new document and hit Ok. Hit Ctrl-a and hit Format-Paragraph and change the alignment to justified, hit Ok. Save the file, close it. Hit the new document button to test it. is the default template for new Word documents. Any changes you make to it will occur in every new document you create.

To get rid of the Office Assistant, hit the Help dropdown menu and choose "Hide the Office Assistant". Or, when he pops up, hit his Option button and uncheck "Use the Office Assistant". This is also an option you can uninstall in the control panel under Add/Remove programs, choosing Microsoft Office. You'll have to go to Tools (I think) and uncheck him.
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I m working with a file in which somebody created headers that are the same width as the text the whole page width minus some margins On the right side of the header there s a Rev number and date of that header MS-Word-2000 width changing page But the person who designed this apparently didn t realize that the header is MS-Word-2000 changing header width duplicated on all pages or else didn t care The Rev number really wants to go with that page so that different pages can have different revs Duh Yes I know about Track Changes but this needs government approval from an org that doesn t understand electronic manuals They want paper so we use paper So my idea is to move the right boundary of the header to the left and keep the page number in the header and then put the revision code and date to the right of the right boundary of the header box so it s not part of the header And yes I know about the problem of flowing text if we insert or delete a paragraph so the text expands or contracts that s another problem But when I double-click on the header to get into edit-header mode it won t let me go into the graphics mode to grab the dashed-outline of the right header boundary and move it How do I change the header size and do you have any better idea for being able to make a per-page header of per-page editable text next to the real header Also there s a fat horizontal line same width as the header box at the bottom of the header that I can move up and down but I can t shrink It s like the picture editing tools are disabled somehow except for that one operation TIA nbsp
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I recently attempted to change my default theme style in MS Word 2007. There's a pull down menu on the right of the header menu in which to do that. However, whenever I click on it to change the default to something else it never takes. It doesn't appear to work when I do it in options either. It just stays as: Cambria (Headings) font, size 11, in the so-called 'normal' theme, with 10pt multiple spacing. It's useless to me in this default mode. Is there something I'm not doing, or is there a better way to do it?
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Heres what Microsoft's online help says:

...You've got a great picture to illustrate your text, and you know exactly where you want it to be positioned. When you insert the picture, however, it floats off the page or seems to be cut off, which is not what you had in mind.
When a picture is inserted into your Word document, its default placement is in line with your text. That is, Word inserts the picture where your cursor is, even though it may not be aligned properly with the text around it...

The bold part is what I want to change... is this even possible?

A:Changing the Default behavior of pictures inserted into word 2007

I do NOT think so, but what do you want to be the default?
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I am using Windows Vista (fully updated with SP2) and when I start Word 2007 the Style Set looks like Word 2007 but when I go to Change Styles, Style Set it appears that nothing is selected, i.e. there is no tick by Word 2007. If I change the Style Set to any of those listed the Default Language changes from English (United Kingdom) to English (United States).

I've used the Control Panel to check that the languange for my system and keyboard is English (United Kingdom).

It appears that I am not the only one who has a problem like this (, and its a really annoying one.

Please help!
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Have problem outlined in earlier posts re the Toolbars in W2K changing, with some that were there being gone & other icons substituted.
Thought I had it fixed but it still seems wrong somehow, & not having a picture of what the default looks like makes it rather hard to figure out what should be there.
IS there a place on the web showing the default bars (by default, I mean those W2K sets up when first set up on the HD)
OR, would it just be better to delete W2K from the drive then reload it.
I have about 15 Mb. in the MyDocument folder, & its subfolders ... can the MyDocuments folder be copied to a CD without losing subfolders?

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Erm, I forgot how to do this...

When inserting a pic (from file) on my PC at home the default layout is "In Line With Text". On the PC at work, some time ago I changed this to "Tight".

How do you change this default?

I have a Word doc on my home PC and need to insert about 40 GIFs into it and don't want to have to mess about with repeatedly formatting layouts.



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I'm editing a document using Word 2000 and am having problems changing portions of text that is assigned as "normaltextfont" style to "normal". I've tried highlighting the passages, going up to the Style pull down menu and clicking on "Normal" but it doesn't work. The passage stays as "normaltextfont". Anyone know if this is possible?

I tried to look for something in Word that will "Show Code" or something to delete it (like WordPerfect), but I can't get rid of this.

A:Changing normaltextfont to Normal Style in Word 2000

Try using Default Paragraph Font instead...please let me know.
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I have Windows XP Pro SP and version of Works Now when I start up the Works word processor and I use the quot Open quot function it always opens in quot My Documents quot When I use quot WordPad quot it opens in the last folder used Is there a way to make the Works word processor act like this If not is there a way to change the default opening folder Also is there a way to change the default location where a file is saved Also since this is closely related I ll ask this When you use the Open function in the Works wp you get the quot Open quot dialog box At the bottom there is a drop down box called quot Files of type quot It always opens with quot Works Document wps If you click the drop down box one of the options is quot All Files Is there a way to change Changing default opening Works the in the folder/directory word processor it to this Thanks royeo nbsp
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Microsoft Word documents open at view size of 100% by default. I want them to open at "Page Width", which is actually about 120%.

How do I change this default setting?
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So, I need your help.

My wife got on Word and tried to print an envelope.
Some how she screwed up the default settings, and every time
that I open a new document, the envelope settings come up with the
return address filled in and the mailing address filled in. The
size, layout, etc... is all screwed up. I think word itself is
fine but the "new document" file is messed up.

Can somebody tell me how to return word to its default settings
completely without removing/re-installing the software?

Thanks in advance


A:Need Help w/ Word 2000? How can I reset everything to factory default setting?

atwnsw said:

So, I need your help.

My wife got on Word and tried to print an envelope.
Some how she screwed up the default settings, and every time
that I open a new document, the envelope settings come up with the
return address filled in and the mailing address filled in. The
size, layout, etc... is all screwed up. I think word itself is
fine but the "new document" file is messed up.

Can somebody tell me how to return word to its default settings
completely without removing/re-installing the software?

Thanks in advance

AnthonyClick to expand...

I open a new document, the envelope settings come up with the
return address filled in and the mailing address filled in. TheClick to expand...

Just to clarify that last part, when you open a new document this happens, or when you try to print?
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I have an older version of Office (2000) but would like to use Word 2002 which is installed in my computer. Is there any way to change the default word processing application from Word 2000 to Word 2002?


A:Default Word program in Office Suite 2000

Hold your left shift key, and right-click any file with the *.DOC extension.

Choose Open With from the options list.
Checkmark the box that says *always use this program...*
Choose Word (the right one, mind you!) from the list or browse to it.
hit ok.

If that doesn't work, we need to know what operating system.
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Am using Word 2000 and want to permanently change the default 24 pt margin setting for page borders to 31 pt, to avoid the continual "out of printable area" problem with the HP colour inkjet printer we're using.

Have tried opening, changing settings to 31 pts and saving (using >Format >Borders and Shading >Page Border >Options), but it always reverts to 24 pt.

It is getting kind of frustrating having to continually change this for every new document we create.

Any thoughts?

A:Word 2000: Changing 24pt page border margin

Create another template?
Or, create a macro that does it for you? You can likely record that one...
Need help?
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Just a fleeting visit...

Under File, Properties, Summary I need to change the "Company".
I've successfully changed the "Name" (under Tools, Options, User Information), but cannot change the company.

I've tried changing the template too, and when opening the template file thereafter, the company appeared correct, however, if I open MS Word itself, the company is incorrect.

So, aside from the Name, how can I change the defaulting values in a document's property sheet (preferably without re-installing)?


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Hello, Some application or something has changed my internet explorer 6 fonts. Now all of my web pages have some lame dull font for the text. Right now my settings are

Encoding: Auto Select / Western European (ISO)

Language Script: Latin based

Web Page Font: New Times Roman

Plain Text Font: Courier New

Im just looking to have and use the default font, ....I see with win xp for ie6 "out the box" so to speak, on 99% of any computers i have ever seen.

Thanks for any tips.

A:Default Font for Internet explorer 6? Help to restore original text font

I believe those are the stock fonts for IE6. Have you tried changing them using Tools/Options/Fonts settings?
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Every time I begin a new message, the same font and size come on, unbidden. I do see how to reset them every time, but how can I can I reset them so that my own choices appear automatically?

A:In Windows Live Mail, how do I reset the default font and font size?

Go to tools>options>compose tab.
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I've been struggling with an issue that I hope someone here can help resolve. A few weeks ago, I suddenly started seeing this ugly font (see images below) on many webpages.

I think this issue began right around the time I installed some other fonts, but I am not sure. Initially, I figured it was a Chrome thing but have since confirmed the issue extends to IE and Firefox, leading me to believe this is a Windows issue. By the time I tried to revert the changes via System Restore, it was too late (restore only went back a few days; maybe I need to adjust settings there?).

I tried to reset the default font but Windows does not seem to respond to that. When I click "Restore to default font settings" the button greys out but nothing else happens. No dialog box and no change in the issue.

Any ideas?


A:help! weird font on all browsers but can't reset win7 default font?
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Hello I have Word on Win XP I ve added a bunch of macro icons to my formatting tool bar so I can quickly change font color white black blue red or highlighting color white green yellow turquoise I also wanted the normal font drop down tool with its X color grid and the normal highlighting tool with its X color grid The problem is my normal font color tool X grid won t drop down until I edit the toolbar and 2000: font won't drop down Word 'drop' color put the exact same tool up there Now I ll have Word 2000: font color drop down won't 'drop' two up there but I can drag the Word 2000: font color drop down won't 'drop' second one away as soon as I put it up there When I close my customization window the original font tool becomes active and I can now work with it Before I go into customization mode I can use the default black color on the color font tool It just won t drop down to expose the color grid How can this be fixed It didn t always work like this Thanks nbsp

A:Word 2000: font color drop down won't 'drop'

Check in the toolbar options it should have an option to control the behavior of the drop down menus......or it could be a software glitch which in case you will have to reinstall
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I recently woke up a few days ago to find what I researched as the Marlett Font on my computer EVERYTHING looking like symbols making it near impossible to read unless I spent hours deciphering the symbols I also noticed I had the Win Alcan Worm which I finally got quarantined Well after a few days of fighting and persistence I took the Default Fonts off my other computer and installed them into my Default Font Folder which was missing everything Everytime I left out of the folder and reopened it they were missing again But the computer would font missing.. annoying marlett Default Font be back to normal all but the top blue taskbar which is still under Marlett Font symbols even at this very moment If I reboot the entire computer goes back into Marlett Font This is very annoying It also does this for my backup external drive as well Default Font missing.. marlett font annoying Can someone who's familiar with these issues direct me on how to get the default fonts to STAY PUT

A:Default Font missing.. marlett font annoying

There may still be harmful stuff on your computer, which keeps deleting these files... Go through these steps: and then post a HJT log here:
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Hi guys, I'm a graphic designer who recently got a bunch of fonts, opentype files, and when I installed one ("Helvetica Neue Light Condensed") it somehow changed my browser default font. So unless there is a specific font used by a site all defaults are now Helvetica. I run Google Chrome as a browser and though I checked all of the font settings on it it seems that all is normal.
I tried to delete the file but it tells me that it is in use in another program. I can delete other font files though.
Any help would be appreciated, Helvetica Neue Light Condensed has awkward kerning that mesh letters together in all the wrong places.

A:Installing a font somehow changed my default browser font.

In google go into tools -> options
Type font into search options.
Click on customize fonts
Is your font listed?
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Hello sevenforums I have a problem size changing personalization. changing in whenever Font settings with my computer i recently purchased Here is my story This all started whenever I wanted to change my text size different by changing my DPI Font size changing whenever changing settings in personalization. settings What I did was Font size changing whenever changing settings in personalization. right click go to screen resolution and clicked on quot Make text and other items larger or smaller quot From this I changed it to from I noticed it had changed my font size to the It then made everything SUPER small when I changed my theme settings Whenever I right click and go into personalization settings I do the usual customizing to my likings Since I want to save the theme I do so by naming it blah Now I want to use the blah theme by click on it and I do so Everything is fine and dandy until I right click my desktop to refresh out of habit This is the before and after of the font sizes Before After My workaround was to set a custom DPI setting log off like it prompts me to then changing it back to again prompting to do so It is so annoying to do so Help me It is driving me crazy and I have no idea how to fix it I cannot save a theme and change to it otherwise it results in the small font It affects all the fonts soon afterwards Like google chrome will be fine until i exit and restart the program Then a super small font follows

A:Font size changing whenever changing settings in personalization.

can anyone help please
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I was trying to configure Word 2000 to send email, but I can't seem to find the means to configure the bloody thing. I have tried help files, but wasn't much help.

Anybody plz?


A:Microsoft Word 2000 aka MS Word 2000 - Sending Email - Need Help Configuring

Word itself does not send (or receive) e-mail messages. You may configure Word to be your e-mail editor, but it still requires an e-mail program (such as MS Outlook) to send messages.

You can send e-mails from within Word by using File, Send To, Mail Recipient (or Mail Recipient as Attachment), but this still uses Outlook to do the sending and receiving.

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Anyone know the name or where I can get it?
Ive been obsessed with this font for my entire life lol.

If nobody knows Ill just make my own!

Its like the default mac system font.

This is the closest ive found:
but its still not very close, its too squared.
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I have been using Picasa to automatically import photos from my digital camera. I would prefer that not to happen anymore. I have stopped Picasa Media Detector from starting on startup but Picasa still opens automatically when I insert my cable from my camera to the my desktop (xp home).
What can I do to stop Picasa from behaving this way and having the default Windows program to import my photos?
Thank you for looking.

A:Changing the default photo program from Picasa to Windows default

If you get a mass storage drive letter when you connect your camera you can try connecting the camera so the drive letter is present, then right click on the drive and choose properties and in properties select the autoplay tab and specifically select an action for the type of files present such as open folder for viewing in windows explorer or whatever else is available.

If that doesn't work let us know, maybe media detector is running as a service and that needs to be shut down or something.
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Hello Sir,
Please guide me through the process of changing Administrator Password of Windows 2000 Server (Where SQL 2000 Server is running having Mixed mode Authentication, with blank SA password). I have once changed it from logon screen (by pressing ctrl+alt+del). But after that my SQL server stopped running (I had blank password for SQL). I couldnot fix the error.

Please tell me both the process, to be followed, while changing Windows 2000 Server password, when the SA password of SQL is (1) Blank (2) is not Blank. Please tell me is there any step to be taken in SQL 2000 Server, after changing the password of the Windows 2000 Server Administrastor?

With alot of good wishes and thanks in advance,

Barun Kumar Tiwari
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I am glad I found this forum!!!
I would like to know how do I change the font size to larger than a 72 I need my letters to be bigger than this for a banner????


A:Is There Any Way To USe A Larger Font In Word, Or Word Perfect Than 72?
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i want to change the url font so that when i click file/email link in firefox it will put the url into windows mail in my mail font, not the times new roman.

Also if i copy paste some of the content from the page I am emailing i want it to be in the font and colour of my win mail not the default times new roman/black

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How do I get rid of the default font? I don't like Times New Roman and every time I start another line or paragraph I have to change the font and size. I waste more time doing that and want to be able to stay with my selection and not have to change it every few seconds/minutes. Hope you can help me solve this problem. Thanks, lilart

A:font default, get rid of ?

What program? There should be settings to change the default and keep the settings.
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Is there a way to change the default font of a computer?
like... for programs and stuff such as iTunes.

A:Default Font

In the desktop r click properties and vieuw? (I have a Dutch version) advanced you could change the fontsettings. However, every program is set to display a selected type of fonts. You have to change the program, not easy. With ResHack perhaps, but I don't recommend that. Further into the register the default font is set, but there are many links with fonts.
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Hi Gang i wanna change my default font :

My email client is Incredimail... i went to tools > options, but there is nothing on fonts.

I wanna change my default font each time i open a new message...

Im running on windows me

Hope you can help

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How do you get Word 2007 to save a default font?

Thanks Clint

A:Default font

Change or set the default font - Word -
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I am using a Lenovo Yoga, i have set "default" to Calibri font multible times and it reverts to Times Roman. Thank you for you help.
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Has set Mail to use Verdana as default inTools/Alternatives/Write, but Mail always uses Arial. How come??

A:Default font

Hi SuperRune and welcome to Vista Forums

Have a look at the following thread It contains instructions on how to change the default font settings.
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I have a HP G62. My font keeps changing size when going on Gmail and Facebook. I have to fix it manually several times a day

A:my font keeps changing size on it's own

I have just purchased an HP 15 Touchscreen two days ago AND IT IS DRIVING ME MAD As I am typing a document, the font is continually minimising to the smallest font possible AND the screen splits into two and four.   Additionally, my e-mails now will only type in the most enormous font - say 40 so that I am only able to see one line of typing on a screen.   Whilst all this is happening, my toolbar has not altered at all and still features my Font Size 11 that I always use.
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In Microsoft Word 2003 I made a document with text boxes in it. I typed text into the boxes. I then changed the font of that text. When I was done I saved the document. When I opened the document again, the text had changed to another font. I tried deleting the text box, adding a text box again, typing the text in at the correct font to begin with, and saving the document. After I saved, closed, and reopened the document, the font had reverted back to another font again.
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I want to change the taskbar font on my Win8 Pro 64-Bit. I tried to do it using Windows Style Builder; however, I wasn't able to as it fails to edit win8 visual styles.

Is another tool different from Windows Style Builder needed?
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i have a word document containing different types of font with diffrent font sizes. how can i convert all fonts to a lower size? i mean "12" will become "11" and 10 will become 9 and something like that. are there any way i can do that in ms office?

A:changing font sizes

If you click view, toolbars, customise. In the format pane you have tools to grow or shrink font by one point per click. Drag the tool you want into the toolbar on the top of the page. Then with all the text highlighted, click it and it all goes up/down by one size per click from the starting size. This is in office 2000.
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My problem is that when I copied over fonts to the windows fonts and told it to replace the current font it didn't do what I wanted For example I copied over a font with the name HS ttf and when I now look at the corresponding font it is called HS ttf I have a certain program that looks in the Windows Fonts folder for a font called HS ttf and it currently can't find that file I thought no big deal I'll name Changing properties font just rename HS ttf to Changing font name properties HS ttf That's where I have a problem when I try to do that it gives me the error 'Cannot rename HS A file with the name you specified already exists Specify a different file name ' When I do a search for a file called HS ttf it can't be found anywhere How do I go about finding and removing this HS ttf and renaming my HS ttf file so that my program can correctly find the font file I want it to

A:Changing font name properties

You need to tell Windows Explorer to show hidden files and folders and show system files.

Open Control Panel, Folder Options.
Click on the View tab. Select Show hidden files, folders and drives.
Uncheck Hide Extensions for known filetypes.
Uncheck Hide protected operating system files (Recommended).

Now see if the original HS.ttf is there.
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I don't know what is going on, but whenever I am on the internet for awhile and switch to my sticky notes, the font size on the sticky notes change. It seems to get smaller. I don't know if i am pressing a button for this to happen but it's really annoying. Any suggestions?

A:Font size changing

Try to check your zoom factor. And also make sure you reset the font settings/style via the menu options when this occurs.
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How to change with W7 the font size on dialog buttons, menues, for folders, etc? I cant find even the place to do it. On vista it was where themes were listed, under theme selection was drop down menu where could select font size. Where it is on Windows 7?
I don't mean DPI, I only want to change font size for folder names and the space between folders.

A:Changing font size, how?

It is a bit hidden but here it is Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Personalization\Window Color and Appearance or just right click and go to personalization and once you are in color and appearance you find what you are after in advanced appearance settings.

Fonts - Change
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Well I finally got my monitor so that it switched to the correct position but now, I can't get anything to change size. When I open a windown it fills the whole screen, can't reach the x to close it out. I have changed every size or view button that I know of to small some things have changed but not everything, any assistance would be appreicated. Thanks in advance for your help>
Penni Robbins

A:changing font size

Right-click your shortcuts and choose Properties. Click on the Shortcut tab and in the Run box, select Maximised. this will open that shortcut to fill the screen properly.
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I am having problems with the font size changing when I open documents and websites. I physically have to go to the toolbox and click on the Zoom feature to enlarge the font. It will show the font as being 100% but actually it looks to be about 50%.

What can I do to assure the font remains at the default setting?

A:Font Size Changing

Hi see here if your using win 7 Fonts - Change - Windows 7 Help Forums