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SATA drives ... master and slave?

Q: SATA drives ... master and slave?

Hi everyone. I have a SATA drive that has an OS on it (Vista), where I have forgotten the password. I have tried every recommended utility/trick, to no avail. So, I have installed a new SATA drive which has XP on it, and I want to be able to pull the info off of the old drive by connecting it to my cable, but not making it my master. The XP drive, which works perfectly fine, is the primary drive and loads up when the computer is turned on. However, after hooking up the old SATA drive, the OS on the other drive does not detect that it is hooked up (so, I can't pull info off of it and fix it where I can access it). Any recommendations? How can I get it to be detected by my OS as another drive, so that I can use Windows Explorer to access the files on it? I appreciate any help you are able to provide! Thanks in advance!

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Preferred Solution: SATA drives ... master and slave?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: SATA drives ... master and slave?

One of the points in the SATA specification was one drive with one cable. That eliminated the need for master and slave designations. Simple plug and play assuming the port is enabled in the BIOS.

Sounds to me you are confused and actually have IDE drives. Does your data cable have two data connectors?

Anyway when working with two IDE drives on the same cable, the only way to connect a slave is to manually assign them both as the master or slave. That is unless you are using a "Cable Select" cable. Cable select is market on the connectors which one is which. Otherwise it doesn't matter which drive goes where. And jumpers on the drives will need to be set to assign which one is master and which one is slave.
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I am using an Asus P5W64 WS 975X board. It suggests that the boot drive be on one of the 2 master SATA ports (I am using IDE, not Intel Matrix Raid). My question is this: I have a second hard drive that I back up to, copy from the boot drive, etc. Some of these files are large video files. Am I better off having the second storage drive as the "slave" on the SAME IDE channel as my C: drive, or should the second storage drive be the "master" on the second IDE channel? Both run UDMA 6, PIO 4, SATA II, etc.

Thanks for any help.

A:SATA Drives - Optimal Speed & Channel/Master/Slave

You don't want it on the same channel, as that limits its use.
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I recently remade and old computer so that it would be a little more operational. When it came time to put in a bigger HD, we got the idea that we could use the old IDE HD to hold the OS, and the new SATA HD to hold all the user data. The IDE is plugged in as a master, and the SATA is plugged in as a SATA slave. The SATA drive is a Seagate 80GB Barracuda. I downloaded the appropriate driver to install the HD, but it isn't being recognized. I haven't set up the HDs to be Master/slave. Should I have done that? Any ideas?

A:Can I have an IDE Master and a SATA slave???

sata doent use the master\slave system like ide does, how did you plug the sata drive in as slave, they dont have any jumpers
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Hello, I recently purchased a sata harddrive in order to add to my comp. I installed the sata drivers from the motherboard cd and it still won't recognize the drive yet I use a sata DVD drive fine. There are 6 sata ports on the computer. Any suggestions ok helping me install this drive that came with no CDs or manuals. Thanks

A:IDE master, Sata slave

Did you Partition and format the drive in the NTFS format? If you didn't then that has to be done first.
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I cant find my slave, it shows up under device manager / disk drives and says it is working properly, I am just trying to access info on disk but cant figure out where or how to open it from. It does not show up under My Computer. Please help if you can.

A:Help with SATA master with ATA slave

SATA does not have master and slave configurations.

Do you have another drive connected to the same ATA cable? If so are both drives configured correctly as master and slave?

Check Disk Management for a drive that has not assigned a drive letter.

On a side note: A bad drive may not show up in Disk Management.
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Hi Guys I am new here and I need help. I have a new dell 8400 with a 160 sata hd. I would like to put an additional 160 sata as a slave. I have found no info on this subject. Thousands of how tos on ide setup but none on sata. Tell me how it is did or point me in the right direction to do some reading. Thanks

A:Master and Slave SATA

Serial ATA doesn't have masters or slaves, just one device per cable.
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I'm new to the forum so hello!

I have a problem trying to add a SATA HD to my current PC. The PC has a standard ATA HD on it which has XP installed and is set as the primary master, I want to add the SATA HD as the primary slave. The secondary master and slave are used by the DVD and the floppy. I connected the HD to one of the 2 SATA ports on the motherboard. But when in BIOS it doesn't see the new HD, only the old one. I use the auto detect but it couldn't find it. My boot order is hard drive, CD-Rom, then Floppy. How can I get the system to recognize the new HD?

Thanks for the help in advance.


A:How to set up SATA HD as slave to a ATA master?

The master and slave concepts do not exist in the SATA world - just forget about that. You can add another hard drive and it will be enumerated before or after the IDE drives and that's it.

In BIOS, where did you look for the new detected HD? It will not be listed in the IDE hard drives list.

Make sure SATA is enabled in the BIOS. Connect the drive and see whether your OS sees the new drive.
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I know this question has been asked before on these boards but I m still having a problem I have an IDE drive that I ve used for years and recently received an SATA drive that I d like to use as a secondary drive I m aware that SATA is indifferent to master slave stuff The drive isn t recognized anywhere in the BIOS nor in Windows Device manager Disk manager nada Although an SCSI SATA IDE Slave Master, Device does show up under disk drives or whatever in the IDE Master, SATA Slave device manager I installed RAID controller drivers because I honestly can t find any SATA drivers and it seemed to do nothing Can t find any SATA related options in my BIOS I ve tried using the primary and secondary SATA ports Can t find any jumpers on my motherboard either that have anything to do with SATA thought maybe there would be something I have an older motherboard an Asus P S X with a SiS chipset The drive is a Seagate GB probably SATA Any suggestions lolkthx Also I m running Windows XP IDE Master, SATA Slave nbsp

A:IDE Master, SATA Slave

another newbie
WoW :rolleyes:
Welcome to Techspot :wave:
post your system specs
download Belarc advisor it free will tell you what chipsets you have witch will lead to correct drivers for them
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HI everyone
Well,I got to find the beauty of relationship between sata & ata.
my mobo ( soyo dragon +) has 2 sata and 2 IDE
on sata (1) I have a maxtor 120GB sata, on IDE (1) I have a maxtor 160GB ultra ata, on IDE(2) I have a dvd rw and a cd room.
right now If I want both HD to function together, I only have the option , boot ata with sata slave.To be able to boot on the sata I have to disconnect
my ata.
Which would be the solution for boot sata & ata slave?
my bios looks OK.
on board sata 1 & 2 enable
first boot device LS 120 ( my sata 120GB I guess )
see u

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I have a Dell XPS With ATA SATA Slave? Master that came with a gig SATA Seagate Barracuda and today i bought a gig ATA Maxtor At this point i am stumped becuase i have the SATA SATA Master With ATA Slave? drive as the master SATA Master With ATA Slave? becuase that has the OS on it which is Win XP Pro The computer doesnt even see the new hard drive becuase there is no master or slave ATA to begin with what i was wondering was if there is a way to make it so that i can have the gig SATA be the master and the gig ATA be the slave I tried to hook up the slave connection of the ATA to the new drive but it didnt work becuase there was no master so then i hooked up the master connection and went into settings and changed my main drive to the new gig This didnt work the computer wouldnt even boot up im guessing that this occured because there is no OS on the new drive The only solution that i can think of is to put the settings to where the new gig is the main drive then boot up the windows XP Pro installation CD and install the OS on the new drive but i would REALLY like to avoid this thank you VERY much --Makani nbsp

A:SATA Master With ATA Slave?

Welcome to TechSpot, Makani

Well, SATA doesn't have masters or slaves, just one drive per channel.

You need to set the PATA drive as a master, and change BIOS boot order to boot from SATA first.
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Hi all,
can some one tell me, how to make a SATA hard disk a Master disk or a Slave disk. what does it really mean?


A:SATA, Master and Slave.

This is my understanding - hopefully someone will correct me if I am wrong (edit: I will edit until I get it right - lol):

In the IDE setup, the Jumpers on the hard drives are used to make the selection for Master one of 2 ways.

Either via Cable Select (drive position must be on the end of an 80 wire 40 pin cable usually on IDE Primary Channel connector) or by Master select (drive position must be on the end of an 80 wire 40 pin cable usually on IDE Primary connector OR in the middle of a 40 wire 40 pin cable on either the Primary or Secondary connector).

Usually, you create this on the Primary IDE connector.

In Sata there's no such thing as master/slave. There's only one drive per channel.

Windows sets the first partition of the first detected boot drive as C:, regardless of master or slave or SATA.


I think I have this right - any help greatly appreciated because I have had a lot of trouble trying to get the differences and nuances clear.
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ok so,
im currently running a 120gig sata as a main and want to put in my 160gig IDE as a secondary drive. Im pretty sure i installed it correctly as its visible in my device manager but im not able to use it as its not listed as a drive in "My Computer" . Also, im not seeing any options listed in my BIOS to set it as a slave. I know ive probably missed simple steps but if any1 can help id really appreciate it.

A:SATA master IDE slave

You don't set sata drives to master or slave which is a huge step above IDE drives. Apparently people don't know this yet because often times they are asking how to set sata as master or slave.

If the 160 is brand new, it won't have any partitions set up, which means it won't show up in my computer, you'll have to partition it through device manager. Usually XP is smart enough to detect that and prompt you for setting up partitions right after Windows loads. Since yours didn't do that and your title says IDE Slave, I'm going to guess you screwed up and put the jumpers on the IDE drive as Slave. Remove the drive and put it as Master.

Your BIOS determines what drive it boots from. ALWAYS when you have 1 drive on the IDE ribbon you set that drive to Master (unless you are using that cable select crap - nobody should use that, ever).
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IDE slave with SATA master *please help*

Hi all.

I recently purchased a new computer with Windows Vista on it, which has a Samsung 160GB SATA drive as the boot drive. I don't have a problem with that - it works fine. The only problem is that I've tried to add a Seagate Barracuda 40GB drive on, and it's IDE/ATA100. The BIOS does not detect the drive and neither does the OS. Basically, nothing is being recognized. What's going wrong?

I've got experience in putting them together and pulling them apart, but I've never come across this problem before. Got any ideas?

A:IDE slave with SATA master on Vista

First, forget about Vista. If the BIOS can't find the drive, then the OS has nothing to do with it.

- you have a configuration issue (see if the IDE controller is enabled and the drives set to auto scan in BIOS)
- You have an installation issue (triple-check the jumpers and check/replace the ribbon cable)
- The hard drive is dead
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Hi I have SATA Hard drives In master as make HDD slave How to and SATA one of my Hard drive boot sector went bad So I will not be able to boot boot into my computer using that hard drive I bought another SATA hard drive I have some important data on my old hard drive I want to know how to make my old hard drive as slave and my new hard drive as master When I connect new hard drive and old hard dive to my computer old hard drive is not detected I even checked in checked in BIOS After booting the computer How to make SATA HDD as master and slave I also checked in device manager my old doesn t show up I also checked fro the jumper in How to make SATA HDD as master and slave my hard drive Jumper is not there in both of my hard drive I m sure that only boot sector is gone bad in my old hard drive because I m getting that message on the screen Can some one help me turning hard drive master and slave Info brand name of Old hard drive is Hitachi New hard drive is seagate Thanks in advance nbsp

A:How to make SATA HDD as master and slave

There is no master/slave with SATA drives.

You control which one boots by the boot order in the BIOS. If your drive isn't showing up something is seriously wrong with the drive. Based on what you have said, I suspect that your drive has died and that error is only displaying because a boot sector won't be found on a dead drive. But before all hope is lost...

I'd try connecting it to a different SATA port on the motherboard, sometimes there are more than 1 controller (SATA I, SATA II, or a RAID) and I suppose there is a tiny chance you had a controller go bad. Not likely though, esp if you plugged the new drive into the same controller and it shows up.

Jumpers on SATA drives were used in the past (on some drives) to force a legacy mode if the drive was SATA II and your motherboard could only handle SATA I.
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I'm posting this before I go ahead and try it so I'm not begging for emergency help later.
There seems to be a wealth of experts trolling here.

I have an Athalon 64 on an Asus K8V se mobo. Currently using a single WD Raptor SATA 10K rpm 74G that has some "issues" (corrupted directx in OS).

I bought a second Raptor at 36G and want to install that as the primary HD with the OS and a few select apps (games Teamspeak, little else).

As I understand it, SATA does not use the usual primary/slave setup.

What exactly are the steps I should go through to install the HD as the primary(?) and then install the OS (WinXP).
Thanks in advance

A:2 SATA as master/slave not RAID

i dont quite get the question

when your in xp setup, look for the drive and select the drive you want to put xp on
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My wifes old IDE master drive started acting up and I had another some faster PC parts (essentially a new PC) waiting around for a rainy day so I went ahead built the new beast. She has a ton of data she wants to save from the old drive which may still be accessible. Here is my problem. The new PC has a single SATA drive, when I connect the IDE drive with the jumper in the slave position, it still tries to boot from IDE drive and not the SATA drive. All I want to do is to have the IDE drive as a data drive so I can pull any savable data off it.

New Drive Western Digital 800JD
Old Drive Western Digital 800JB

A:IDE Slave Drive with SATA Master

You need to change the boot options in the BIOS. I have several systems with SATA boot drives and IDE slaves, that's all I've ever done to get them booting.
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I have 2 IDE drives and just tried to hook up a SATA. BIOS sees all drives and I have got it to boot from my master IDE running WIN XP Pro. SP2. But it doesn't show up in WIN just in BIOS. I tried unhooking the IDE slave w/no help. I would like to run it this way for a while till I get a Ghost program to ghost my IDE Master drive to my SATA drive. I can do that right???
any help would be nice.
Thank you,

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Hi a while ago i bought upgrade which included a sata hd What i did was i put my old harddrive as a slave drive pata and installed xp on the new sata drive This worked fine but when i try to remove the slave drive the computer will not boot The sata remove slave, cant sata ide master, ide drive does not contain the sata master, ide slave, cant remove ide ntldr and the other files needed for booting they are on the pata for some reason I tried simply adding the files but my computer will still not boot I think it is because my sata drive never got a MBR is that possible what i have tried i tried booting to the xp cd and going into the xp repair utility and there is an option quot fixmbr quot but the problem sata master, ide slave, cant remove ide is that for i dont know if this will fix my problem and it says it could cause loss of data and my hd is full of data i want and would require a lot of dvds to backup I hope someone has some insight into this

A:sata master, ide slave, cant remove ide

When you set the old drive to be a second drive did you set the pins to slave or cable select? Make sure the pins are set to master and slave and not cable select.

Just throwing that out there-

Good luck

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Ok I have a desktop with a 400GB SATA drive. Added 1 300GB IDE drive (grey/slave connector) to my only IDE slot on my far so good. Tried to add a second 300GB drive to IDE connector (black/master) and I get all the way to the Windows screen just before the welcome screen and then......nothing, does not restart, does not freeze, just acts like it is taking 5 years to get to the welcome screen. Is there some jumper configuration I should try? I currently have no jumpers on either drive. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Also let me know if this is just not possible with only 1 IDE port.

This is what I want:
C: 400GB SATA (Master w/ OS)
D: 300GB IDE (Slave)
E: 300GB IDE (Slave)
Windows XP Pro SP3
Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2L
Pentium Celeron 430
512MB DDR2 800MHz

A:SATA master + dual slave IDE, is it possible?

The SATA hard drive is independent of the IDE drives and master and slave do not apply to it. The two IDE drives connected to the IDE controller on the same IDE cable must have one drive set to master and the other to slave or both set to cable select. Having no jumpers at all will cause the PC to not recognize either.
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I have a HDD with win 2k on it I would like this to be the master with two slaves. One of the other drives is also NTFS and the other is win98 se these are to be the slave drives. When i jumper them all and plug them all in it doesnt read any of them and tries to boot from the floppy. If i only plug in the master with win 2k it loads fine. Any ideas why this is happening?

A:setting up master drives and slave drives

You can only attach two drives to each IDE cable. So on one cable you would have your boot drive with the operating system set as master with the other drive on the same cable set as slave. Check the jumpers on the back of the drives. On the other IDE cable the hard drive master/slave setting would depend on what else is on that cable. Do you have anything else hooked up like a CD or DVD drive?
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Okay I have an old desktop computer running Windows XP Help? Master and Slave drives. Home on a gb slave drive with a gb harddrive as a Master I want to remove the gb to use in another computer to run Windows on but when I unplug the gb drive and plug the gb hard Master and Slave drives. Help? drive in as a master and start my computer it says there is no operating system installed so i'm guessing that the boot files or whatever they're called are on the gb drive with nothing else the drive is completely empty but I can't format it and Windows XP Home is on the gb drive Also the computer used to run Windows on the gb drive until had a gb drive added later I installed XP and it must have picked the bigger drive by defualt Also is there a way to install on a computer using a disc that is only for installing on a blank computer with no OS Any ideas

A:Master and Slave drives. Help?

your mbr goes onto the C drive
to get it onto the 60g
boot into the recovery console and run

if you are in win 95 put the 98 disk in and run the upgrade
or do a clean install of it
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ok i had one dvd burner and one cd rom my with help drives and slave master dvd burner was master and my cd-rom was slave i had this computer for almost years and it hasnt givin me any problems but just recently my burner started acting weird when im burning a cd my buffer keeps going up and down so i thought maybe its time to change my burner i changed it to a new one it gave me the same problem so i decided to put my old burner that used to give me problem in the place of my cd-rom which was slave and help with master and slave drives it started to work good with no problems but when i put it back to master it gives me the same problem as it used to so basically whatever i put in master the buffer starts acting up i changed the cable and it still gave me that problem so idont know what to do help with master and slave drives i need helpppp thanxx guyss nbsp

A:help with master and slave drives

it sounds like your burner is operating in PIO mode instead of DMA. go to device manager and under "IDE ATA\ATAPI Controllers" right click the IDE channel that your burners are on and chose properties, under the advanced settings tab look and see if the drive is operating in DMA or PIO. if it si PIO mode then go ahead and uniinstall the IDE channel and reboot when windows boots up it will automatically reinstall the IDe channel and the drives.
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My old computer had windows xp home edition The mother board went out Master/slave Drives I finally got a computer to put my hard drive in As a master it will not acknowledge windows As a slave it will not let me into my documents and settings folder I believe because I had my computer password protected This is how I see it Because part of windows is embedded into the bios and the cmos that is why it will not fully load window while being connected to another motherboard Now I know a bit about DOS And the Registry so I imagine that is were I will have to change things Master/slave Drives Also I had a slave drive along with this master that is now the slave Lol anyway the in slaved one shows no files when I hook it to the master I now have This one totally baffles me cause when I check it s properties it shows it s full I have gigs full of graphics music and zipped programs and all my BOS stuff nbsp

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I have a Intel motherboard that allows both sata and EIDE to be used. I have a western Digital WD400B-75DEAo EIDE hard drive. On my motherboard I have slots for 3 different sata drives in which is the only one i want to use (vista). When I plug my EIDE hard drive in no matter where I have the jumper set on the EIDE, it still comes up as master. I dont have another jumper for the SATA drive and Ill be willing to get get on if i need to but I was hoping you guys could let me know how to set this up so that the EIDE is the slave and my vista SATA drive is the master.

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I have a Maxtor SATA drive as my master drive and i'm wanting to install a secondary Seagate Barracuda (IDE) as a slave.

I don't have a jumper on the IDE drive as this is the slave setting.

However, i don't have a jumper on the SATA drive either (don't know if i need
one or not to set it as primary)

I installed the HDD's and booted up but it recognised the Seagate on the IDE channel as the primary master.

Any help would be appreciated greatly...

A:Installing an IDE drive as a slave with SATA as master

No you don't do it that way. SATA drives don't have master slave.

Put the IDE as master, put the SATA in as normal. Check your BIOS and set it up so it boots from your SATA.

If you did look in your BIOS you may have gotten thrown off a bit because you can 'emulate' IDE with SATA to prevent needing to install SATA drivers for XP, but only on some motherboards.

Basically forget all you know about IDE master slave bs when dealing with SATA, and look in your bios to set that SATA drive as the boot drive (after cd or floppy if you like).
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Basically all my HDD are SATA II, with one DVD-ROM drive on IDE. In BIOS, does it matter what IDE Channels or Master/Slave they are set to, or as long as the BIOS/OS Device Manager can detect it then everything is OK?


A:SATA II HDD - Does IDE Channel Master/Slave matter?


Welcome to Seven Forums.
Although it may appear dated, have a look at this article - How To Install and Troubleshoot Serial ATA (SATA) Hard Drives
Also have a look at this tutorial (credits to Seagate)

Hope this answers your query in some way

Take care and regards
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Hi Guys

I have found an old 4gb Hard drive which I wont to use but I cant seem to set the master and slave correctly. The 4gb Hard drive has nothing on it. I have tried to set the main one to master and the 4 GB to slave but when i boot it tries to load from the 4gb hard drive?

Why is this and how can i fix it? I purley wont to use the 4gb for testing small programmes.

Please can you help

Baltan :wave:

A:How to set up master and slave on Hard Drives?

First, set the jumpers on the 4gig hard drive to slave. there should be a diagram on the drive that shows the position of the jumpers. Set the jumpers on your main hard drive to master, again look at the diagram on the hard drive for jumper settings. Connect the master drive to the end of the IDE cable and the slave drive to the connector that is part way down the ide cable.

Start your computer and see if both drives are detected on the primary ide channel in the correct order.

Regards Howard
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I'm building a new computer and I am getting a new hard drive for it to use as the master and I am putting the one from my old computer in it as a slave. What is the best way to do this after I have all the hardware hooked up? Are there any problems i might encounter? Thanks.

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Can I 'swap' the Master and Slave CD drives?

The DVD Burner in the 'Secondary Master' drive slot is broken and needs to be replaced with the DVD Drive in the 'Secondary Slave' drive slot. This is so that I can boot into the XP install disc and make a fresh install. My PC is currently running Vista. Can I simply take each drive out of the slot and physically swap them? Do I need to do something with the cables or BIOS? Or can I do it with software alone Please help, I really need to get XP back on this PC. Thanks

A:Can I 'swap' the Master and Slave CD drives?

Yes you can physically swap them. Check any jumpers they may have on them to make sure they are set right. Also you could change the boot order in the BIOS if you don't feel like taking the machine apart.
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When I first replaced the DVD burner drive in my DELL XPS WIN DVD/CD drives matter? Master/Slave really does XP both of the drives burner and player were set to AUTO cable The directions that came with the drive set to set the burner drive to MASTER At that time the burner was below the player drive and was the nd plug on the IDE cable I left them both on AUTO I later replaced the burner again I was buying cheap drives and this time put the burner in the top bracket the player in the DVD/CD drives does Master/Slave really matter? lower and set the burner to M and the player to S I first tried them the other way with the player still on top and the burner under and changed the jumper settings various ways I didn t notice any differnce I am now getting two new drives for both IDE cable ones and replacing them both Should I leave the burner drive on top so it can be on the end plug set as M and the DVD/CD drives does Master/Slave really matter? player under it set as S Can I put them both on AUTO Does it really matter The cord coming to them has one long plug on the end and one plug part way down which I assume goes to whatever is NOT the main drive- master I m not really an expert on these things It seems like the more people you ask about this the more different answers there are Thanks nbsp

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My friend gave me an old computer of his that was not working I am checking all the cables and connections and have a question The computer has ROM drives CD ROM and CD Burner and Hard Drives ROM Drives Does it matter which ROM is set to master or slave When I set one to Master should I Master Slave ROMS???? and & Drives set the other to Slave or Cable Select On the cable that runs from the mother board to the ROM drives which plug the rectangular black one goes into the Master ROM and which into the Slave - The one on the very end The one in the Middle Hard Drives When I set one to Master should I set the other to Slave or Cable Select On the cable that runs Master & Slave Drives and ROMS???? from the mother board to the ROM drives which plug the rectangular black one goes into the Master ROM and which into the Slave - The one on the very end The one in the Middle The drives are Seagates One is A GB Barracuda The other a GB On the diagrams on the drives it shows the jumper settings One of the drives does not have a jumper The diagram shows that without a jumper that automatically sets it to slave On the Master & Slave Drives and ROMS???? Barracuda the diagram shows the jumper in one position and says Master On Slave Off Does that mean it sets the drive as a master but does not recognize a slave drive Ok I know these are a lot of questions Any help would be appreciated Thank you nbsp

A:Master & Slave Drives and ROMS????

On and off are refering to the jumper being on or off. If the jumper is on its master and if its off its slave. By "on" they mean putting the jumpers on certain pins, depending on the brand of HDD usually JP5 is the pins as marked on the bottom of the drives circuit board. As far as the cable arrangement if you set master and slave then it won't matter which plug goes where. Just make sure the blue plug or the plug fartherest away from the others goes into the motherboard.
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Ok here is my issue I will appreciate any help I can get If this topic has been done before I apologize and ask that you all bear with me I owned a laptop Things went sour eventually and I ended up removing my hard SATA (laptop) master/slave configuration Help understanding and drive from the laptop I got a new laptop and wanted some extra storage space Help understanding SATA and master/slave configuration (laptop) Flash drives just weren t working for me as they didn t provide enough gigs for what I wanted to store I ended up buying an external hard drive kit Rocket Fish and put my old hard drive Help understanding SATA and master/slave configuration (laptop) inside of it so that it would function as a USB drive Help understanding SATA and master/slave configuration (laptop) Things worked out swell for a while until I wanted to clear up the old data from my previous computer When I tried to delete the old folders with my desktop info and in the folder labeled quot Windows quot for example and it said that I didn t have permission I got frustrated when I realized that I now had seriously limited storage capacity Aside form that my quot new external hard drive quot needed a power source or it would go to sleep I ended up just buying a regular external Iomega gb and have it now It doesn t have an external power source but seems to just turn off randomly or go to sleep which worries me I have a lot of info on it Thats another issue though I am now resorting back to my Rocket Fish but can t just get the darn thing to be read as a USB and have permission to do whatever I want to on it Instead I don t have permission to delete any of my old data I looked up master slave configuration but then realized that my hard drive doesn t have jumpers Still not sure what those are either To make a long story short I just want to use my old hard drive as a USB but no one can seem to help me Oh and my hard drive is SATA I think nbsp

A:Help understanding SATA and master/slave configuration (laptop)

SATA drives don't have a master/slave relationship. So you won't need to mess with jumpers.

To be able to delete the files you probably need to take ownership of them.
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Hello again My g HD master is not acting right for the last couple days revving like it s stuck in low-gear and I m afraid it will only slave My move may to dying...can (ide) HD master be I the data (sata)? get worse My HP came with XP Pro pre-installed yrs now amp have no disk and while My master HD (ide) may be dying...can I move the data to slave (sata)? I of course have a quot work around quot for this part of the problem - I d just as soon NOT go through the endless updates etc My OS book keeping QB mucho software etc is all here in a nice neat compartment - updated and configured exactly as I d have it and I would like to keep it that way I have a g SATA slaved on a separate controller obviously used primarily for vid storage and mostly empty but I m not sure if this will help me at all Also my is quot D quot and my is quot C quot that s My master HD (ide) may be dying...can I move the data to slave (sata)? right - you heard me long story Is it possible to take the whole she-bang and plop it on another drive and still have it function Am I an idiot Yes I searched this and didn t find a close enough scenario for my My master HD (ide) may be dying...can I move the data to slave (sata)? comfort Yes I recognize this might potentially be categorized as an XP query and Yes I really am grateful to you for taking the time to school me on this one nbsp

A:My master HD (ide) may be dying...can I move the data to slave (sata)?

You ought to be able to drag the entire content of your 120 gb hard drive onto your 250 gb hard drive without any problems... I can't say for certain, but I think it wouldn't have any problems.
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I am running Windows XP Pro. In the sytem I have:

Primary: Maxtor HDD (master) - no slave

Secondary: Aopen CD-RW (master) - Asus CD player (slave)

In the next couple of days I will be aquiring an NEC 2510a DVD burner/player.

I would appreciate instructions on the correct configuration on setting-up all of these drives. Meaning which drives should be conected on cables together and whether the drive should be designated as master or slave.

The following is how I assume they should be connected:

Primary: Maxtor HDD (Master) - Asus CD player (Slave)

Secondary: NEC DVD Burner (Master) - Aopen CD-RW (Slave)
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,


A:I Need help with proper configuration (Master/Slave) of drives

What you suggested should work.

However, I'd just get rid of the CD-rom drive altogether. There's really no need for 3 optical drives in one PC.
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I have two hard drives one is GB and one is GB I also have one getting confused Master/Slave drives IDE Solved: CD drive and one DVD drive When I plug these in and go into the BIOS it tells me that Solved: Master/Slave IDE drives getting confused the slave drive for each of the devices is the master drive and the real master drives aren t even showing up I m pretty sure that the master drive is generally at the end of the cable so I m currently using that for each of the master drives that I want and using the plug-in that is in the middle for the slave drives I tried switching the master plug-in with the slave plug-in for the hard drive but all it did was switch hard drives telling me that the slave was the master and still didn Solved: Master/Slave IDE drives getting confused t display the real master To clarify Solved: Master/Slave IDE drives getting confused this one of the drives for each my hard drive and CD DVD drives is not showing up in my BIOS and I can t boot off of it The drives ARE showing up in Windows Any suggestions or settings that I could change to fix this nbsp

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Can someone tell me if it is possible to swap the cables on my two hard drives to change the master drive into the slave drive & visa versa.
I have had problems with my broadband and despite various tries to correct it (even with help from this forum) the problem hasn't been rectified. I therefore need to do a complete clean install of my OS.
As I am doing this anyway, I thought it would be a good time to change my drives over. I currently have a 40gb master drive and an 80gb slave drive. I would like to have the 80gb as my main C:\ drive.
Is it possible to just change the cables over on the two drives to make them the opposite to what they are now, or is it more complicated than that?
I'm trying to avoid taking both drives out and changing them round if possible.

A:Solved: Changing master & slave drives

If the drives are both jumpered to Cable Select then switching the cables around will switch around the Master and Slave postions. If the drives are jumpered as Master and Slave then you need to change those jumpers.

Here's a diagram of how to change jumpers:
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I have two hard drives and want to switch the master and slave, have been looking around the bios, but can't find where to do it. Help? AMIBIOS 1992 Bios version 1.00.02.DKOK

A:Switch master and slave hard drives

It's not in the BIOS, but is determined by how you connect them to the IDE cable and/or jumper them. What is the reason that you want to do the switch?
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Hi I installed a Memorex x DVD RW burner into my Dell Dimension It has a x Lite-On DVD-Rom drive in it already I have the DVD RW set as Master on the secondary IDE and the Lite-On set as slave The DVD RW drive works fine in CD and DVD burning and playback The Lite-On drive is having problems with playback of any media in the drive Mainly the audio is very quot jittery quot to the point that it usually stops whatever software player that s playing it from working It doesn t matter if it s an audio cd or a disc with MP files on it It also does this when it plays DVD s I ve tried setting the Lite-On as the master and the Memorex drive as the slave and when I do that the Memorex drive takes on the symptoms that I just described So it seems that whichever drive is set as slave has the problems I ve also tried turning off and on the digital audio extraction feature but that has no effect on the problem I called Dell Tech support and they could t figure out the problem with DVD+RW DVD-ROM Problem drives. issues? Master/Slave and either I m running Win XP home Mb Ram P G Sound Blaster Live sound card Any help is appreciated nbsp

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I recently had my computer worked on my a Slave designations Master Change for drives: local computer store and Change Slave Master designations for drives: it seems that my hard drives have been switched i e quot C quot drive GB is Change Slave Master designations for drives: now the master drive quot F quot drive GB is now the slave drive and quot G quot drive is now some other drive The store tells me that they Change Slave Master designations for drives: did not partition the drive and I know I didn t partition it so I don t know what happened What I would like to do is have the GB drive as the Master Drive C I guess and the the GB drive as the Slave Drive F drive and not have the partition Does anyone know how this could be done There are two physical drives in the computer Do I switch cables I know there are settings switches that need to be changed Is there someplace that I can find out what the settings are I don t want to take it back to the store to do this because they want to charge me an additional to do this Also I have a CD Rom drive and a DVD Drive on this computer Much thanks for the help nbsp

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I am trying to add a new hard drive - a gb in hard {SOLVED}Master/Slave drives setup on place of a gb I have Windows I have downloaded a copy of ghost to transfer my data format it etc and have made a boot disk from Ghost to run it s program I have jumpered my old hard drive as master or left if the way it was It appeared to be already jumpered as master I have jumpered my new drive as the slave When I boot up it doesn t seem to be recognizing my new hard {SOLVED}Master/Slave setup on hard drives drive slave I have done this once before but several years ago and have forgotten the exact procedure Isn t some kind of screen supposed to come up saying that the computer has found new hardware and asking me what drive letter I want the new slave to be Also I am wondering if there is an upside down and right side up to the jumpers The one on the old hard drive looked like it could go on the pins either way One end was plain and the other end had wires showing Can someone tell me what I do after hooking them up as master and slave to get the computer to recognize both drives Thanks in advance nbsp

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OK here's the situation. I have:

One hard drive
Two CD-ROM drives (a DVD and a CDR)
One IDE zip drive

To connect them to, I've got:

A Promise Ultra ATA100 controller
(has two controllers which each take two
devices each, totalling four)

Two regular IDE controllers on the hard drive
(again, each controls two devices, totalling four)

What's the best way to connect all this stuff? Should I connect everything to the Ultra ATA controller because it's faster, or does that not make a difference on CD-ROM drives? If I do connect it all to that one controller, how do I set each drive in terms of slave and master?


A:Master, Slave, Hard Drive, CD-ROM drives, arrrrghh

If they are not Ultra ATA/100 devices, does your controller support backward compatability? If it doesn't you are kinda out of luck. If it does, I would put my fastest devices on the primary channel and the slowest ones on the secondary.
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ok i have had some troubles with booting cause my hard drives were mixed up os i unplugged drived and left just one that i m installing windows on i m not into these things much so bare with my possible mistakes right now i have the following connected like this i m reading from my bios ide channel master wd js --- gt wester digital sata gb disk partitioned on one of gb which has windows on it and other gb which has stuff like music on it ide channel master pioneer dvd-rw --- gt my pioneer dvd rw is this ok and can i leave it at that cuz it works for now i am now going to plug in another disk gb which is empty the only thing i can connect it to QUICK connecting hard rom; and drives slave/master my need help cd is ide channel slave all of my cables are mixed up and i can only get this cable to this hard disk is this ok next one more disk non sata gb blank seagate i can only connect it to ide channel slave once again cause the cables are all mixed up is that ok so afterwards it will look like this ide channel master wd js --- gt wester digital sata gb disk partitioned on one of gb which has windows on it and other gb which has stuff like music on it ide channel master pioneer dvd-rw --- gt my pioneer dvd rw ide channel slave empty gb ide hard disk ide channel slave empty gb ide hard disk can those settings work will windows still want to boot after i connect these two drives need QUICK help connecting my hard drives and cd rom; slave/master i really don t get this slave master things so help me out if you can thanks nbsp

A:need QUICK help connecting my hard drives and cd rom; slave/master

I'm pretty sure Windows will fail to boot after you connect an IDE hard drive. The problem being that IDE are enumerated before SATA. Windows thinks that is on hd0, then suddenly it wakes up as being run off hd2. It won't boot.

Install Windows with everything connected.

No idea if you can fix existing Windows with anything but a repair install..
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Please guide me - confused with SATA PATA Primary Secondary guide Secondary me PATA - Primary confused Please Slave...!!! master SATA with master Slave Respected members and gurus I am a non technical person and am only good at using computers for my finance jobs Please guide me - confused with SATA PATA Primary Secondary master Slave...!!! and NOT configuring it From last three days I Please guide me - confused with SATA PATA Primary Secondary master Slave...!!! have been reading and reading and reading about SATA PATA Primary Secondary master slave and so on but now i think i really need help as my head is spinning WHAT I HAVE Intel Motherboard GBF Two Hard disks Disk Please guide me - confused with SATA PATA Primary Secondary master Slave...!!! One is PATA of GB having windows advanced server loaded by my company beyond my abiility to load it for me with me being as administrator However there is no other computer connected to it Disk two is SATA of GB having two partitions C and D both partitions having windows xp professional operating system and Gb each Now on Disk Two i Used to work in Partition C with data saved on D But one fine day without my knowledge the C OS crashed and so i started working on D It has all the data Lots of valuable data is there in SATA hard disk two above in partition D WHAT I AM PLANNING I have purchased one PATA Hard Disk of GB to back up my valuable data on Partition D of disk one as I am feeling scared what shall happen if the partition D also crashes like partition C on second SATA hard disk In addition I am planning to purchase one either PATA or SATA please say which one should i purchase for backing up data which is there on PATA DISK One WHY I AM SO CONFUSED I am lost between PATA SATA primary secondary master slave as its truly beyond my technical capability to understand I have been surfing net and reading online materials for hours from last three days without any conclusion WHAT HELP I NEED Please guide me as to how should the hard disks all from seagte Hard Disk One PATA windows advanced server Gb Hard Disk Two SATA windows XP professional edition Hard Disk Three PATA blank brand new Hard Disk Four SATA or PATA decided by you people to be purchased soon be installed on my Intel GBF motherboard so that all primary secondary master slave i am lost in these terms configurations are properly done What should be my ideal back up strategy and how should i go about it I know that there are many many knowledgeable and experienced members in this forum who have great ideas and knowledge to effectively deal with the above issue Please be kind enough to elaborate on what u think should be my approach for a installation on motherboard b backing up c disk management strategy which is optimised for best performance under my situation ALSO can i have all the three Hard Disks connected simultaneously to my system Also can i access data of one disk while being booted into another hard disk Thank u for ur anticipated help and valuable advices regards sunando sunandoghosh at rediffmail dot com p s Please elaborate ur suggestion so that i can understand it with reasons if u deem fit for better understanding ALSO suggest please the best simple back up strategy You need to please speciafy a detailed simple step by step installation partitioning formatting and back up strategy for me thank u so so much also if u want to add anything please add nbsp
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I guys I m new here wassup I have a question for you I followed a thread posted in this forum where chocobogo rct needed to change his boot ini file in order to havea dual boot screen apon startup I have a similar problem I have a dual boot system set up at the moment with Windows on the primary drive and XP pro on the slave The boot ini file on the primary HD looks like this boot loader timeout default multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS operating systems multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS quot Microsoft Windows XP Professional quot fastdetect NoExecute OptIn C quot Microsoft Windows quot There is no boot ini file in the root directory of the slave HD So what I want to do is this I want to make the slave XP HD the master but when I plug it in as master the the computer cannot master dual-boot drives? Swapping hard and slave boot from that drive no boot records I think I need to change the boot records so that the slave hard drive is the master and the master Swapping dual-boot master and slave hard drives? is the slave Swapping dual-boot master and slave hard drives? How do I do this Do I delete the boot ini file on the existing master Win and create a new one on the existing slave XP then physicall swap the two If yes what do I change the boot ini file to nbsp
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I need to retrieve data from a SATA drive but can only achieve this if I can connect it as a slave drive to a machine with a master PATA drive. The motherboard will accept both devices. Is this possible? and if so how?

A:Master PATA drive Slave SATA drive-is it possible

Leave the pata as master, plug in the sata and reboot. OS will assign new drive letter to the sata and you should be able to see it.
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I would like to copy the existing OS & Apps from the Master Hard Drive, then exchange the drive. Are there Freeware out there I can use Or can I use DOS command to diskcopy c: d:

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I was told to check my slave master set up. How do i make a change?

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Hi I have a dell optiplex gx I know poor me lol I have HD's installed now the first being Master/Slave HD's the GB WD SATA and the nd is my older Maxtor Gb rpm I have the Maxtor set as slave off of my DVD RW which is the master Both drives show up fine although my boot times are incredibly slow Master/Slave HD's now not sure why but the DVD RW is set as master via jumpers and the Maxtor has no jumpers which is the slave setting for that HD My question is even though the Maxtor is a slave drive is there anyway to make it my main boot drive meaning winxp is installed on the slave and the Sata is used for games etc I read somewhere it's possible but that winxp will still put the core boot files on C regardless if you install on the slave Also performance wise does this make sense My thought is the Master/Slave HD's Sata is a faster HD overall so for gaming it seems logical to use that whereas I don't do a lot of heavy system processing ie autocad etc and can deal with running the OS on the slower HD Thank for your time whoever may respond to Master/Slave HD's this Cheers Ps I don't believe there's anyway to set the sata as a slave as the IDE cable has to support both my DVD RW and HD and there's not much room to change those as the cables limit it
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I have a Pentium II 400 and it has a cdrom on a ide cable. I want to install a cdrw and I was just wondering if the cdrw should be slave or master ? I have the hard drive a primary master only. Which way would work best ?

A:slave or master?

I had to make the same decision a little while ago and with the help of this forum, this is the way I set it up. The hdd is on my primary master and my DVD reader is the primary slave. My Plextor Burner is the secondary master and if I ever put in another hdd, it will be the secondary slave.

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I have a cdrw and cdrom drive, internal zip and hard drive. What confiugration of master/slave will give me the best performance. (the hard drive is udma66)


I'm sure it matters really, but I would probably put the two ROMs on one IDE cable and the HDD and Inter. Zip on the other. However, if the Zip is not an IDE device (which I assume it probably is) then I'd leave the HDD on an IDE cable by itself with the two ROM's together on the other while the Zip (if it isn't an IDE device) would connect by means of a regular floppy drive cable. Hope I helped, if just a little

By the way as far as the master and slave bit I'd go for the CDWR and HDD at the ends of their respectful cables and being the masters while the Zip and CDROM would be slaves.

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Hi All,
I installed another hard drive in my computer and was not sure how to set it up. I could set it as 2 masters or a slave and a master. I went with slave/master and now I do not know how to boot up to the D drive. Both drives are bootable and I loaded the data off of C onto D.
Anyone know how to boot to the D drive or should I go back and set them both up as masters?

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I have a CD burner that quit burning last week I have a second older CD Which MASTER CD is and SLAVE reader Both units read disks properly including data Which CD is MASTER and SLAVE disks made just before my problem started I reloaded the software that came with the newer X CD burner Nero didn t help I located firmware update on the internet but it includes a caution to determine specifically which drive is -MASTER or SLAVE I searched control panel and found the following information which is Greek to me I am almost positive the X newest CD burner is SLAVE since I didn t alter the older CD reader which came installed in my PC but I don t want to make a bad assumption and put both units out of working order Can someone knowlegable interpret the information and determine if the X unit is truly the SLAVE unit Control Panel Device manager view devices by connection computer ACPI PCI Bus VIA Bus Master PCI IDE Controller Secondary IDE controller FIFO Combo- X Target ID Logical Uniit number DVDROM X Target ID Logical Unit number nbsp

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On my IDE1 I've got my CDRW-DVD drive set as master, and no slave. On my IDE2 I've got nothing. I've got two SATA HDD's, is this okay?

A:IDE Master/Slave

It's okay with me.
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Currently my CD Writer is set as Primary Master and my hard drive is Primary Slave. Is this Okay or should I swap em around to get better performance?

A:Master or Slave?

I would make your HD the Master and your CD either the secondary or a primary on the second IDE controiller!
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Hello all,

Glad to be back here to seek advise from the masters
I just bought a new toy for my PC, the Asus DVD Dual Writer DRW0402P/D DVD-R:4X, DVD-RW:2X, DVD+R:4X

The specs of my PC just in case you wanted to know: P4 2.53GHz, 1024MB RAM, which has 4 IDE, the 1st IDE I used for: 60GB HDD Maxtor Primary Master & 80GB Seagate Primary Slave (both 7200RPM, ATA133)

2nd ID currently has Samsung DVD-ROM (Secondary Master) & MSI CDRW (Secondary Slave)

I intend to replace the existing MSI CDRW with my new DVD Writer. The advise I am seeking here is what is best to config: Master or Slave for the DVD RW? Or it doesnt matter either ways?

Is it really affect the performance of the device if you set it one way instead of another? And why? This question is for learning purpose

Thank you for spending time to help

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can you master/slave hard drives using xp(master)/slave(win2k)


Yes, you could without any ill-effects.
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Looking to install a second hard drive, 60 gb or better as a slave to my current 4.3 gb. Once I have done this, can I then copy the entire OS, software, and file contents of the 4.3 to the slave, and then convert it to a master--physically removing the old 4.3 in the process? Essentially I need more room on my harddrive. System is a pentium w/98SE OS. And yes I know its old and a new build would solve the problem but it runs and works and I try to leave what's working alone wherever possible unless I have no real alternative choice in the matter.

A:Can a slave become a master?

Yes you be able to. Look on the website of manufacturer of your new hard drive. There most likely will be a program to clone the old drive to the new
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In the event of a presence of a ribbon hard drive and a "new style" hard drive, which one will take precident as the master and which one will become the slave? Will they both want to be master and fight for it?

Is it recomended a system have one of each? Is this a bad idea?

A:Master and Slave

You set the boot order in the BIOS. The drives 'fighting' are much like your floppy drive fighting your hard drive back in the day.. It didn't, you set whether it looked for the floppy to boot or the hd first. Same thing happens with SATA and PATA. If you pick your PATA drives in the BIOS to boot first, then same rules as always apply with Master and Slave, if you pick SATA it boots off the SATA drive you select.
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My question is simple During my last reformat weeks ago I decided to put my operating system and program files etc on a gb hdd and keep my gb Please slave Master to help - as storage After setting my entire system up I realised the gb was only RPM but didnt think much of it As it turns Master to slave - Please help out it has slowed my pc down a lot so I want to swap the contents of the drives around so that everything that is on my master will be put onto slave I tried simply copying it but I got the quot file is in use quot error A friend told me about Norton Ghost but I thought there mustve been an easier way I concidered booting into safe mode and then copying across but assumed that wouldnt work either There is enough space on the GB one to store the master drive in its entirity All I need to know is how to copy it across Regards Korrupt nbsp

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Hi guys: I think I need help here. I called a software company because my DVD drive wasn't working with their product. He tells me that when Dell put my machine together they made the Cd- rw the master and the DVD rw the slave it should be the other way around( some times the mother board controls it also). Now I remember doing this a long time ago to a GATE WAY machine but they walked me through it. It was just moving a white clip or bar to cover other pins. I would like to know if anyone can help me, on the newer machine is it labeled slave and master and I can just switch them. Any help would be appreciated. thanks Ellen

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I have a Zip Drive and a CD Burner connected to one IDE cable. I have a CD/DVD Rom and my hard drive connected to one IDE cable. I have a floppy drive connected via it's own cable. The Question is, how should they be set as far as Master or Slave or does it matter?

A:Master or Slave

Yeah it does matter quit a bit.

You must make the hard drive the primary master. Then you have a choice as to which way round you set the rest up, depending on how you are going to use the CD-RW.

If you are going to copy lots of CDs direct from the DVD to the CD-RW, I would make the DVD slave to the HDD, the CD-RW the secondary master, and the Zip the secondary slave.

If you are going to create mostly data Cds or copy CDs to the hard drive first before burning them to CD-RW I would make the Zip the primary slave, and the CD-RW secondary master and DVD its slave.

Third option is if you will use the DVD more than the CD-RW. Make it the secondary master and the CD-RW its slave.

The reasons for all of this are all to do with data throughput speeds through the IDE controllers.
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i want to make my master hard disk (10 GB) to slave
and my slave hard disk (40 GB) master
i have to do some pin setting.
do i have do any other hardware changes

Relevancy 64.93%

please can some one tell me in simple terms
how can i find out if my hard drive is set as master or slave
the reason for the question is i keep getting the blue screen of death and the error code
0x000000f4 0x00000003,0x89d2fo20,0x89d2f194,0x805d13b6
some one has said the error message might be a problem with my hard drive settings

A:master slave?

This will show you jumper settings but i highly doubt this has anything to do with issue.
Could be a bad drive there though. Also could be a memory corruption issue.
I would run hard disk utilities available at every hard drive mfgr site for download and to check system memory. That downloads a program that installs to a floppy disk you boot up to to check memory and you need to run at least 4 complete tests.
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Found out could not put XP hom edition over 98 SE.
So took HD from another machine formated and Put XP on it. Currently have two 40 Gig drives on my machine. What I want to do is transfer all my 98 info over to the XP drive. After I am satisfied that all is well with XP. Will then will reinstall the 98 HD back in 2nd computer.
How do I do it??
bob e

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Hi all i have an exisiting creative cd-rom 52x, and i just got a yamaha 20 10 40 cd-rw. My question is the current cd rom is set as master and the default on the cd-rw is set to slave, is this the best configuration for me? Im just going to use the yamaha to back up and my wife wants to download and burn the occasional music. I had thought that because the cd-rw has multiple functions that it should be the master and the regular cd-rom the slave. Please help me i just dont know which is best. The instructions with the yamaha say that it being a slave is normal but im coming to you with this. Im not going to install till you guys say which is best for the cd-rw to be, master or slave..

Please help

A:new cd-rw, should it be master or slave?

There really should not be a difference. Some cdrw's have to be master to work correctly, I've even seen a few that would not work with any other IDE devices on the cable. I would try it as slave, if it works, great, if not you can rearrange your existing stuff
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This is fairly new to me Master/Slave setting Master Slave and I m still not sure I have it straight Let me see if I can Master/Slave put this clearly and simply This is a computer my daughter is using that was given to me years ago At the time it had hd in it but I found this confusing I reinstalled WIN so I took Master/Slave one out The one left was MASTER hd and they both had been on one ribbon cable coming from the mb The CD ROM at that time didn t work right sometimes would work with bought CDs but wouldn t with home made ones We thought it was an old slow one Recently I gave someone a CD ROM drive I had not new but worked last I knew to put in that pc Saying to make sure the jumpers were set the Master/Slave same as the old one which is MASTER He did and the CD ROM drive doesn t work and seems to be doing the same as the previous one Power comes on it spins but doesn t open and freezes This indicates to me that it s not the drive that was and this one also in the same way broken but the settings I haven t done anything yet just looked inside and it looks like the CD ROM is on it s own separate ribbon cable from the mb if the person who put it in did set the jumpers to MASTER like I said- to match the old one and it s doing the same thing this might mean the settings like in the BIOS aren t right to go with this Since I m still not experienced in clear about settings I thought I d makie sure I have it right before trying anything Though the CD ROM doesn t work still so I don t know how I could mess it up any worse I m thinking of going in the settings and looking to see if the D drive is set to MASTER there Since it had hd to start there must be an empty plug on that ribbon cable though I don t think it would reach up to the CD ROM I m wondering if the hd should be MASTER which it probably is and the CD ROM slave Can they be on their own ribbon cables in this case and the CD ROM should be set as I recently put in a CD Burner in my pc and this was set to MASTER and my original CD ROM slave this was the directions I was given when I did it And it s separate from the harddrive on it s own cable I m pretty sure the hd and the A drive are on the same But the A drive doesn t have jumper settings so just needs a connection and power I just wanted to try and clear this up before I try anything As I said I it doesn t work now but I don t want to pull it apart anymore than I have to if I can just go into settings my daughter is using the pc and doing college classes so my time with it and what I do is limited I can t take it and dismantle it etc She would rather not have the CD ROM working- because she needs to use the pc But if it s just something to check in the settings I can start there I would prefer to have the pc elsewhere and be able to take it apart and try different things and see what works But she needs it to use in this case I m NOT all that experienced with this but I m learning Thanks Carrie nbsp


It matters little where you put the CD-ROM, but it is the usual practice, and there are some performance benefits, to using the secondary master connection before using the primary slave. In other words, you have it right if the jumper is set correctly.

What you want to look for in the BIOS is whether both IDE channels are enabled. Some machines have the second channel inactivated when they leave the factory since there is nothing connected to it.

Also, in Device Manager, check your IDE controller settings. It may be set to "Default". That is OK, but changing it to "Both" will insure that the second channel is active.
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Could anyone clarify this for me please.

I have a CD burner as my master and a DVD burner as a slave.

I do most of my burning onto DVD so should i jiggle the ribbons and jumpers about to make the DVD burner the Master ?

I burn a lot of avi and mpeg file formats and i get 'some' lip sync problems, not always but often, I have done as asked about closing all system tray apps and doing a defrag etc before burning and i still get the odd issue so,, i was reading a thread here about someone elses burning problems and they too had their DVD burner as a slave !!!! I wondered if there was a point to this master / slave option.

Thanks for any replies

A:Master or Slave ?


The point is that every master can stand alone. If you have a single drive on a ribbon cable that drive must be a master, or otherwise a master can stand alone. If you have two drives on a cable, there must be a master and a slave, or every master must have a slave in this case.

Therefore, it really doesn't matter a lot which is which for practical usage purposes, although my personal preference is the set the one I use the most as Master and if another is on that ribbon cable, it is my slave.

Once set, you don't need to mess with them. I also suspect that any problems you are having might have more to do with the drive or driver than with the master/slave configuration.

Don't forget, the master must always be on the end of the ribbon cable and the slave must be in the middle of the ribbon cable.

Note: Just wanted to mention that WD hard drives are slightly different in their configuration. If you have a WD hard drive and it is alone on the ribbon cable, take all jumpers off and put it on the end of the ribbon cable.
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what is the master slave settings on the CDRW?

A:master slave??

Welcome, khayoh

You may be a bit confused. The CDRW will either be the master OR the slave, depending on whether you have it on the same ribbon with another device, like your hard drive, or a CDROM drive, etc. There is a jumper setting on the back that you will move accordingly.
Here is a duplicate thread which basically is a two part problem....

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Yeah i have solved the floppy drive problem (thanks again guys). But now I have 1 HDD that doesn't show up. I cant even acess bios and it tells me I/O Error after it has not found the drive. Cant use boot disks (and dont talk about cd boot, cause i need to use the floppy for the cd rom to work, remember its an old comp.)
I'll check again the IDE wires if they are fine.. we never know.

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My Motherboard's main Hard Disk is SATA.. i wanted to connect an IDE hard disk to it.. how do i set it up?

Master = ?
Slave = ?

should i configure bios too or should i just set it in AUTO

thanks for the help in advance..

A:Master + Slave

Master and Slave are only applicable to the controller you are connecting the ribbon cable to. It doesn't affect the motherboard.
So say for instance you had two IDE plugs and four PATA harddrives. You could conned two to each connection right? Yes, and in each you will have one Master and one Slave. SATA doesnt need to know how the other controllers do their thing. So:

PATA Controller > Master > Slave (1st and 2nd)
PATA Controller > Master > Slave (3rd and 4th)
PATA Controller > Master (fifth hdd) / or Slave (doesn't matter as Gulo notes)
SATA Controller > SATA drive (sixth)
SATA Controller > SATA drive (seventh)
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I am installing a second hard drive on my system (win98, PIII, wd20gig, cdr and cd). This second drive is mostly for backup but also for extra storage. Right now the wd20 gig is partitoned into C (this is what I would be backing up) and D(excess storage).

Question is should I put the new drive on the same ide cable as a slave to the wd(leaving the cd and cdr on the second ide cable) or should I put the new drive on a second ide cable as master with the cdr as slave(and put the cd as slave on ide#1)??
I have heard that if you're planning on copying between drives, you should not put them on the same ide cable.

Any ideas would be welcome.


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I just got a new DVD/CD RW and don't know if it should be a slave or master...I already have a CD ROM installed and would like to keep it running (I guess).
Or should I get rid of it and only run my DVD/CD as a master then huh???
I was thinking that having the dual drives might be a good and handy feature...

A:adding a CD/DVD RW Master or Slave?

If you want to keep both and put them on the same cable, then just keep your present drive as master and make the new one slave. You really don't need both drives but no reason you can't have the two of them.
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My old HDD died I was getting Stop Errors on it and it finally crashed before I could pull some stuff off it So I bought a new one formatted it and reinstalled W K Pro and all my devices The new drive is on one IDE channel and my CD burner and reader are on the other as Master Slave Questions The HDD is C and the CD burner and Reader are D and E repsectively If I slave my old HDD to the Slave & Master Questions HDD new will the drive letters be bumped up accordingly by the OS Will my old HDD be recognized and if not HDD Master & Slave Questions too damaged be readable Will I get Stop Errors on it or will W K just say something like Drive Unreadable or Drive Inaccessible I guess I m a little hesitant about doing this because I don t want my present setup and installation all jacked up again after going through almost weeks of misery nbsp

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Hey everyone st post here I had with master and slave trouble HD's a friend install a slave HD on my PC that he took from his old Mac He used a program called quot macdrive quot and set everything up I was having a really huge spyware and virus issue so I decideding to format After I did my cpu was still freezing and slowing down way more then before even with spyware So I unplugged the slave which was from my friends old Mac and tried to restart but on reboot it could find any hard drives I got a friend to check them out and they show up in his Bios and in his device manager but not in quot My Computer quot So I decided to just buy a new gig seagate I removed both my old master and slave trouble with master and slave HD's drives and installed the new seagate as my master but it won t let me use all gigs it said I can only use gigs because I needed an XP OS with sp atleast before I could use this new hard drive to its full potential and when I updated it would automatically allow me to use the rest on the unused hard drive sorry if kind of confusing My questions are How can I enable the rest of the trouble with master and slave HD's gig hard drive and Is there anything I can do to get my old hard drives back Thanks ahead for any help and advice you might have -will nbsp

A:trouble with master and slave HD's

Good Morning Will, actually as you are aware you have a number of problems and each needs to be separately addressed.
I feel you might make another post about the 200 gig drive at a later time and consider the problem with the other drives as the more important.

You might fit the original hard drive in the original orientation so that the initial system can be analysed.
You might also have a read of another post on this site.

The reason I mention this will become apparent shortly.

You original problem kind of indicates there may be some problem with your basic machine, so if we can restore the thing physically to the previous best known original operating arrangement we can begin troubleshooting from there.

So only fit your original hard drive and set everything as normal, ensure the BIOS is seeing your old main hard drive.

If so, try the HDDRegen program I mentioned in the other post.

If you cant see the hard drive we may need a different tack, there is a possibility other hardware in your machine may be affected.

Was it imperitive to save anything on that other hard drive.
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Hello Allow me to introduce myself- My name is Daniel and I m a part of a special project in Israel Schools called quot Katom quot In short every member of this project gets a chance to learn with a mobile computer in scool Yay After getting the computer my computers teacher told me our the pupils computers are slaves and his computers is a master Than he said he has the ability to search in our computers for Master/Slave laptop- What does mean? it on internet history what kind of programs we install etc My questions are - What does Master Slave really mean Is a master computer can really enter a slave And if yes how can I know he Master/Slave on laptop- What does it mean? was in my computer I read a guide about quot tracing a hacker quot hear in Bleeping Computers but I din t found him his IP - Is there a way to make a slave into master or to make my system safe from him to enter it If you know the answer please don t be lazy and help me

A:Master/Slave on laptop- What does it mean?

Your teacher's lecture is a bit flawed. In my opinion I would not refer to a group of computers as slaves. However if it is technically and logically sound, I still would not use that terminology. I would prefer to use the terminology client/server or user/administrator. these are the most common uses:- In a client-server relation, the client is the master, and the server is the slave.- In database replication, the master database is regarded as the authoritative source, and the slave databases are synchronized to it.- Peripherals connected to a bus in a computer system.In true technology standings a computer that can access and control other computers would be the "administrator" while the student's computers will be the "clients" or "users"The computer belongs to the school, then there is no way to stop him from accessing it and this website condones any act that is made to bypass any system security. Please do not ask questions about bypassing ANY type of security.
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My next step will be hooking up my DVD rom and my hard drive, these are the only 2 things i will be using, i wont have a floppy or 2 HD's, so for a gaming computer should my HD be master or slave and should my DVD rom be master or slave? Any Advice would be great. Thanks

A:Slave or Master-Advice Please

Primary IDE Master: Hard drive
Primary IDE Slave: Nothing

Secondary IDE Master: DVD-ROM
Secondary IDE Slave: Nothing

When certain problems arise (and sooner or later they might), you're going to wish you had a floppy drive installed because some diagnostics/repairs can only be done with a floppy disk. Booting to CD in the BIOS isn't 100%.
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We have a MAXTOR hardrive (6L080M0) on an ML100 and we want to add an extra
SAMSUNG harddrive (HD300LJ).
My first question is whether the HD300LJ is compatible with the ML100 and my
second question is how to make the HD300LJ a slave Harddrive.

A:Slave and Master HardDrive

I can't really answer the compatibility question (my secondary drive has issues with the primary drive from the same manufacturer. Almost the same model, too. But that's another story), but slaving it is easy enough.

On the back of the hard drive, where your cables plug in, there should be a plastic cap (a jumper) on two pins. On the label on the drive, it should have a "jumper settings" diagram. Change the jumpers to the "slave" setting.

One note, though. If your primary drive is set as "master", then there shouldn't be any problems. If it is set to cable select, though, then you might come across an issue. Change the jumper to "cable select" and it should be OK.

Let us know how it goes.
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I have an IBM hard drive that is from a now defunct SOTEC Laptop.

How can I convert this functioning Hard Drive into a Slave Drive on another computer.

I would like the information that is on this HD intact.
I did try to use an "Adaptec 2.5" USB 2.0 Hard Drive Enclosure Kit", but the device did not have any directions on how to convert a master drive into a slave drive; although it required the drive to be in Slave mode.

Does anyone have any suggestions.

Thank you


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I have a hybrid board, PATA and SATA. I have a HD and a DVD on the same IDE cable. Sometimes I lose one or the other because I have to twist the slave above the master. I do this because I am told that the HD always had to be master and the DVD always the slave. The HD is not bootable and is for storage only so can I make the HD a slave and the DVD a master?

Or can I even use cable select on both?

Here is the board:

A:Is a HD always a master and a DVD always a slave on the same IDE dable

It doesn't matter as long as they are jumpered to give 1 slave and 1 master; or cable select on both.

It may affect the Boot device order if you change them over, depending on what other drives are connected and how the Bios works so if it doesn't boot after a change just re-order in the Bios.
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I have installed a dvd player and hooked my cd burner on the same cable. I want to hook my cd rom back up as well, so I hooked it on to the same cable that my hard drive is on and I keep getting an error message as follows: Primary IDE channel no 80 conductor cable installed. Please advise.

Relevancy 64.5%

I'm still having trouble accessing my 2nd HD. When running Active SMART the HD's show up as:


Now I know that the cable ribbon is correct for each drive (it's labeled) and on the Second HD no jumpers are on (slave).

Can't even access the 2nd HD through Disk management to assign a label to it. Shows up in grey.

Any ideas?


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I just purchased a new motherboard and P4 and am getting ready to set up my system. I have two hardrives 40GB ata 100 and 12 GB older drive. I also have a cd-rom and cd rewriter. I am going to use my 40 GB as master, but if I understand correctly, the older hardrive needs to be on the second cable or system will use speed of older hardrive. (does that make sense?) Should I put my cd-rom as my slave to my 40GB and make the older hardrive as slave to cd-rewriter? Input please?

Relevancy 64.5%

Hi Im a 24 years old and Im taking a course in assemble and maitance in pc computers- im really interested in learning as much as i can.. i been studying for about 1 month and 1/2 and i pretty much know all the parts of a computer and their functions-any way im having a problem with my dads pc..the bios will not detect the sec master and the sec slave-I havent learned what that is yet...I think it has something to do with the hard drive?
can anybody please help me accomplish my first task in pcs..thank you


A:problems with the sec master, sec slave

check the jumpers on the drives, make sure that one of them is set to master and one to slave

i'm also assuming these are optical drives
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Here is the problem.

I've installed XP (and other stuff) on my friend's hdd, as a second (primary slave) hdd.

-I've removed the jumper to get a SLAVE state, as the (maxtor) scheme refers.
-I've created partition E: (as a second one after my C: partition), and
installed XP on it.

Well, everything went fine until I've put the hdd in the friend's comp and tried to boot from it (of course with jumper back to MASTER).

Bios reports DISK BOOT FAILURE or something like that.

However, with bootable floppy system can boot.

Now, the primary partition holds E: letter, which is fairly troublesome, because some programs cannot be properly installed (they report that
C:\....file is missing).
Not to mention required floppy disk for booting.

1) Why the system can't boot?
2) Can I change partition name(letter) now, after a number of programs
have been installed?

Many thanks

A:slave refuses to be a master ?

Did you install Windows using your PC and then transfer the drive to his PC? I think it won't boot because Windows is trying to find the drivers for your PC whereas it needs the ones for your friend's PC. Try wiping the drive, (I'm assuming nothing important is on it) and install Windows with the drive in the computer it will be used on.

Relevancy 64.5%

Can I add a Vista drive as a slave on an XP Pro system and retrieve date from the Vista drive and save to XP (C:)?

A:Vista Slave on XP Master

".....retrieve data...."
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I just loaded my new comp with everything and it worked fine. Then the next day when booting up it comes up with a black screen saying
Auto - Detecting SATAII 1...IDE Hard Disk
Auto - Detecting IDE Master . ATAPI CDROM
Auto - Detecting IDE Slave ... Not Detected
btw the motherboard ASrock Wolfdale 1333-D667
The big thing is (I dont understand master and slave that much) that my CD Drive is a master with no slave

and the HD is on a seperate strip

Relevancy 64.5%

I was wondering does it matter which way the following should be installed?
Samsung dvd rom 16x .set up as slave
freecom cd-writer 16 speed set up as master.
The reason for asking is that I installed a new 40gig hdd
and copied all files from the old 20 gig to using Infinisource program.Everything went fine for 3 days,now the PC locks up when running progammes or loading software.

system details..O/SWindows ME. ..256 MEMORY....TNT riva 64 graphics card (with new drivers) ..Amd Duron1000kh cpu..
any advice please.

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Here it is I m stuck at home for the next month and a half on rehab from an injury at work I m bored slave! Ghost to master stiff So I m fart n around with ghost and thought hey If I ghost to a slave is there a way to make that slave bootable So I ran my ghost Copied my primary with MBR and made it active to the Ghost master to slave! slave Restarted the computer and low and behold I m still at the primary See Attachment quot quot Note the drive letters C is system and D is active I know I can t but I tried anyway to change the system drive letter See Attachment quot quot The rule of thumb is the bootable drive is set as master I want it to be the slave So do I need a third party boot loader I Ghost master to slave! thought of it but am undecided as to which one Is there a change in the boot ini I can make This is all for fun Guys n Gals so let s make this work Help keep an old mans mind occupied nbsp

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I have 2 WD 80gig SE drives 1 dvd drive and 1 cd burner. What is the best master-slave setup for them?

I have read that its best to keep HDDs on the same channel because of speeds. iS that true?


A:Master Slave Setup

Yes. Hard-drives take advantage of the latest IDE technology. You will want your two hard-drives slaved off eachother on the primary IDE controller with the highest-speed IDE cable the drives can accept, which will probably be either ATA100 or ATA133. The hardrive containing the operating system should be the master drive, obviously.

Your DVD drive and CD burner should be slaved off eachother on the secondary IDE using any type of IDE cable. As long as your not using absolute crap cable it shouldn't make any noticeable difference. I prefer the drive with the highest read speed to be the master drive, but thats your call.
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I have a new 40 Gb harddrive installed as a slave. I even have my operating system (win98SE) installed on it. I would like to transfer all the good programs and settings (screen,printer,speakers,go back,etc) to the larger harddrive while leaving all the trash and junk behind. At which point I would reformat the smaller hard drive and use it as storage.
I am a complete ignoramus when it comes to computer language, although I have installed some new memory and a cdrw. so please type slowly. Thanks.

A:new harddrive is slave, wants to be master

If you have the OS installed on it, then you can change the jumpers and then access the other drive moving the files ofer while running it as with little on it, but enough to move over everything right now.
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I recently purchased this Mobo from TigerDirect...

For some reason this Mobo only had one IDE port, while my last computer had two (one for the HDD, one for the DVD/CD ROM)

Now I have one IDE port coming out of the Mobo, and a IDE cord that has both a Master and Slave port. If I plug the HDD into the Master and leave the DVD drive disconnected, the bios reads the HDD. If I plug them both in, the bios reads neither one of them. And if I plug in the DVD drive into the Master, the bios reads the DVD drive.

Basically what I'm asking is how can I connect both the HDD and the DVD drive through one IDE port, and allow the bios to read them both.

A:Master/Slave IDE Problems

That motherboard comes with one IDE port because it is made to use SATA hard drives, not IDE drives. But if you must use an IDE drive you need to set the Hard drive jumpers as Master and the CD/DVD Drive as Slave.