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Q: Access Database Criteria

I have an ACCESS database several excel files imported that contact 3 or 4 columsn of data to evaluate. I created queries to identy all the item codes and there corresponding values. I need to create a query that will identify only the item codes where 3 variables do not exactly match for each segment: MM, KK, UB(Price List, Debit Credit, Damage Track). In addition, those items that have blanks or zeros for those 3 veriables need to be identified as well.
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Preferred Solution: Access Database Criteria

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I have a database with about 900K records of data like this:

Six fields of data including one field which is a unique value (serial number). I'm presented with a new database (new set of data) every day, the same fields and data format but brand new data.

On a daily basis, from each new database/set of data, I need to pull only those records (about 300 records for a report) which match certain serial numbers. Example: (serial number 234235 OR 23412 ... etc...about 300 serial numbers.

I'm a query design beginner so I dont know exactly how to approach this problem in ms access.

Should I just use query design in ACCESS and type in the 300 serial numbers as criteria & save that as a query? I may need to change the serial numbers queried from time to time

Any & all tips are very much appreciated!


A:Best way to perform a query with many (300+) criteria ('OR')? [Access 2013 Database]

Place the special serial numbers in their own table and in the query join the 2 tables via the serial number.
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If anyone can help that would be great. I have a report based on a query which requires certian criteria. For example, we'll say I have a report that asks for LastName of employee as the criteria. When I try to run the report the dialog box asking for LastName comes up many times. Can anyone tell me what is up and how to fix it.

A:Access problem. Criteria query dialog box comes up several times for 1 criteria???
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I'm building a database application in Visual Basic .NET and I want to know what is the equivalent code of this when I want to make a connection to mysql:

Protected connString As String = _
"Provider = Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;" & _
"Data Source = " & loc & "\dbProject.mdb;"

Private cn As OleDb.OleDbConnection = New OleDb.OleDbConnection(connString)

Private ConnectionString As String = connString

A:Exporting MS Access Database to MySQL Database

You would have to have the MySQL driver for it on the server regardless.
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Here's the question- how do I open a form in an existing database from another db in Access 2010 using VBA and give it focus. I can open the external db and it's form but cannot figure how to give it focus. I'm trying to create a master form that will call various databases that each have a form. Seems simple, open the master menu, click on a button that then opens the called db and the associated form. Do my business exit the db and am back at the master form. I would be okay to just close the master db, all it has it the main menu or leave it open. Doesn't matter which I just want to open the called db and form and have its focus.
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Hi Guys,

Im trying to write some code that will copy my access database , tables and data to a new sql server database, ive got the code to create the sql database but i need to populate it from my application

Any answers would be grateful


A:Copy an access database to SQL server database using VB.NET

Google: import access to sql server
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I don't support Access, nor have I been trained in it, but I've been asked if I can help in this problem.
An Access database connects externally to a SQLServer database at login time for the application. How do I find which external database they are connecting to? I know that there is a way to go behind the forms to see the source code, but I cant remember how to do this.
I cannot find an obvious User/System file dsn on the PC to give me a clue.
Thanks in advance

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I have MS Access 2000. I initially created a long book list several years ago. I recently found a template from the MS database for books that I downloaded that I like better. I have tried importing the data from the old database to the new one but with no luck. Both are in Access 2000. I am running Win2K.

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I have a question about access criteria and queries. I would like to know how I can set a criteria that starts with 0 and contains only numbers starting with 0. Thanks

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Hi I am new to access 2003 and need some help with a query I am working on. I need to know if it is possible to refer to a value in a table when writing the criteria line for my query. The criteria I am trying to write is between [table name]![value1]and table name]![value2]. I am trying to produce a date range from another table. This query is part of a three query macro and each query needs the date range in it.


A:Access Criteria Query Help

Michael, welcome to the Forum.
You can do what you want using the Dlookup function, however it is more normal to do this from a Form where the Dates are entered and are then available to all of the Queries.
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I have simple query with three dates that I needed to be selected on the bases if any of three dates is less than today. I put in the criteria <date() on all three dates as " or" below each line. I expected that when I put yesterday's date , it will pop up, and if its future date it will not show. But it keep showing all dates regardless past or futures. Surprisingly, another query with same setup works fine. Help

A:access criteria not responsing

Works for me.
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I have several queries which use a control on a form for the criteria but now I want to use the same query for several different forms

The original criteria was like [Forms]![Myform]![txtBox1]

I have tried to replace [Myform] with a Public variable declared in a module and tried all sorts of single and double quotes but I can't seem to find a syntax that works.

I've even tried declaring a variable of control type but still the query won't accept it

Anyone know how to vary the criteria of a query to suit the form calling it?

A:Access: Query Criteria as a Declaration

Well .. you could try substituting [Myform] with the name of a function which you could write and place in a global module. The function would return the name as a text string, which would be 'slotted in' to the criteria just as if you had typed it (he said hopefully).

How are you intending to get the form name at run time - by typing it in? You could enter all the required form names into a lookup table (together with any other criteria relevant at run time) and use the function to read them and return the table name to your query criteria.

If you're not sure how to write a function to return a value in this way let me know and I'll see if I can put together some instructions with specimen VBA code (won't be in the next 48 hours though 'cos I'll be otherwise engaged!).

It would be helpful to have a rather clearer picture of how you decide which forms are to be used at runtime.

Best regards

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Heres the problem Im trying to create a complex search feature into my database So i have created an unbound form with text boxes for all the different fields in a MS criteria blank be to Queries: want i or ACCESS: ignored table and then created a query to search that table by the values entered in the above form To do this i have MS ACCESS: Queries: i want blank or criteria to be ignored set my criterias as Forms Frm Name MS ACCESS: Queries: i want blank or criteria to be ignored OR Forms Frm Brand OR ect The problem is i the user leaves one of the fields in the form blank MS ACCESS: Queries: i want blank or criteria to be ignored then no matter what else is entered all the records are shown Is there a way to tell the query to ignore blank criteria I have already tried using this in the query IIf Forms Frm Name Is Null Null Forms Frm Name but to no avail I realise i could use a parameter query but this would not provide the visual interface i want Also there are about fields of criteria Any help will be apretiated Thanks fsuk nbsp

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How do I format the query criteria so that it will return only records with the building numbers that I want? I have tried:

= 1, 4, 6
Like "1", "4", "6"
In "1,4,6"

Thanks, Joe

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Dear Helpers!

I am running a query in Access. One of my fields has the criteria set to:

>=(Date()-14) And <=Date()

This works fine. However, I want the figure 14 to be a variable. What i mean is that I have another query which returns a figure that I would like to use in place of the 14.

I can't work out how to do so.

I have removed the -14 and replaced with:
-([MaxDateLastRunDayCount]![DaysSinceLastRun]) but when running the query I get prompted to enter a value for this.

Can anyone help? Do I need to provide more info on this problem?

Many thanks


A:Access question - Criteria selection

Are you trying to use this as a date range in a query or report?
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Hi All I am a newbie to access as i criteria query help Access required never really required it before Thanks in advance for your help I have setup a simple staff DB which only uses one table Once this was done i created a function in the VB editor which returns the lenght of service of an employee in x yrs and y mos as per the technet article http support microsoft com kb kb This works really well and i can view the lenght of service of an employee in a clculated field in the form when i enter data I have also been able to bring the calculated field into a query and a report which is great when i want to see all employees information this is where the issue begins What i am trying to accomplish is to be able to setup different queries and reports which will give me the following Lenght of service lt months lenght of service gt months lt months lenght of service gt months the calculated field returns the data as x yrs y months so Access query criteria help required i m striggling with the criteria The calculated Access query criteria help required field in the form uses Age DateHired amp quot yrs quot amp AgeMonths DateHired amp quot mos quot The function defined uses the microsoft code supplied below General Declaration Option Explicit FUNCTION NAME Age PURPOSE Calculates age in years from a specified date to today s date INPUT PARAMETERS StartDate The beginning date for example a birth date RETURN Age in years Function Age varDateHired As Variant As Integer Dim varAge As Variant If IsNull varDateHired Then Age Exit Function varAge DateDiff quot yyyy quot varDateHired Now If Date lt DateSerial Year Now Month varDateHired Day varDateHired Then varAge varAge - End If Age CInt varAge End Function FUNCTION NAME AgeMonths PURPOSE Compliments the Age function by calculating the number of months that have expired since the last month supplied by the specified date If the specified date is a birthday the function returns the number of months since the last birthday INPUT PARAMETERS StartDate The beginning date for example a birthday RETURN Months since the last birthday Function AgeMonths ByVal StartDate As String As Integer Dim tAge As Double tAge DateDiff quot m quot StartDate Now If DatePart quot d quot StartDate gt DatePart quot d quot Now Then tAge tAge - End If If tAge lt Then tAge tAge End If AgeMonths CInt tAge Mod End Function nbsp

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I'm trying to create a query that prompts the end-user for the date fields to search.

For example, I have an Invoice table that contains a "InvoiceDate" field. I want the end-user to be able to search for invoice dates between 'date A' and 'date B'.

More or less, I need to know how to setup the "criteria" in design view of the query.
Any/all help is appriciated...

I'm using MS Access 2K

A:MS Access 2K: Date (Criteria) Query

Between [Begin Date"] and [End Date:]

It will prompt them for each value.
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I'm attempting to clean-up the data in table. My problem is the person that entered the information placed two rows of data in a single field.

In other words, the field is for a "Box Number" but the person placed two box numbers in the field. The way they did it is similar to typing a box number, then pressing "Enter" on your keyboard and typing the second box number.

Is there a select query that I can run in which I can pull all of the records that have that "enter" in them?

A:Access 2K: Select Query Criteria

Describe your data more, are the box numbers a constant length? If so a combination IF with LEN and Left or Right function will help in the criteria of an Update query.

With a constant of 4

= iif(LEN(YourField] > 4,LEFT(YourField],4),[YourField]))

And if you just want to group them together as q query criteria just

make a field that is Expr1:Len([yourfield]) and in the criteria of >4

Again I am assuming you have a constant Box number length, If you want to use an Update query I may have to explain what I mean by the first expression
also you might want to check your database options on the Keyboard tab, in the top left for "Move after enter" it must be checked for "Don't move" You might want to change it.
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I have a table containing orders. I have a order date field in the form DD/MM/YYYY.

Now I would like to have a query which when I open it, displays a dialog box asking for "from" and "to" fields so that I can filter information form the table according to dates.

How could this be done? Thanks

A:Microsoft Access Query Criteria

You can do this simply by putting this in the criteria row of the query's Date column
Between [From] and [To].

A slightly more elegant way to do it is to have a form with 2 date fields where they have Date Input Masks which means that the user only has to type in the numbers and not the "/" s.
But it requires the a bit programming.
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I have a table that has many records but only has 3 different stores in these records. I need to allow the user to be able to select if they want to see any combination of data to include data from 1 to all 3 stores.


Stores are 05, 64, 53

I want the user to be able to select only 05 to run reports on or select 05, and 64 to run reports on.

I tried a combo list box in a form but it only returns a blank query.

I am using this in my query to grab the data from the combo box: Like [forms]![form1]![Lookup]

The user would use a form to select the criteria and when they press a run button then the data would return in a table or query to copy and paste into excel

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Is it possible to look use more then one criteria in the Dcount?

For instance:

If DCount("[JobNumber]", "TimeGR", "[JobNumber]= '" & "6148" & "'") = 0 Then

Is it possible to look for 6148, 6148A and 6148B?


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Please help. We are working on query 1 (attached database) and must add the criteria to the date field to only display dates betweeen 1 april 2009 and 30 june 2009. For the life of me I can not remember how to do this with dates!
Many thanks

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How do I filter information from records that contain year -2003 from date format 01/17/03 (Do not want to filter by day or month)?? What is the correct criteria information??

A:filtering records/access 2000/criteria

Create a query with desired fields.

Put this in the criteria for the date column:

Between #1/1/2003# And #12/31/2003#
There's another way to do it by using just the year, but I'm not sure of it.
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I would like to be able to select a report from the reports list and be able to also select data from certain fields to include on the report, in a combo box or list box format on a Form. For instance:

A list box for Departments where I select a department
A list box for Location where I select a location
A list box for reports where I select a report

Any ideas? Thanks.
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Hello im new to this website and was looking for some help in Access with the criteria section of a query ive made Here are the basics two tables. Access from Criteria Solved: 2007, The query will be used for a report I want to view all services of quot BS quot or Solved: Access 2007, Criteria from two tables. quot LLC quot in a given date parameter on a single report There are currently only two tables on the database and each table has different fields - apart from the Service Type BS or LLC and Service Month I would like to know if it is possible to view all of the quot Service type s Solved: Access 2007, Criteria from two tables. quot in a given month in a single report is possible P S Fairly new to Access i knew the very basics a week or so ago but i am a quick learner also i am not experienced in VBA SQL however for a simple problem like this i am sure i can use it to implement it Thanks in advance nbsp

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I'm new to Access (2000), and I'm having problems setting a criteria.

I need to be able to run a report based on a licence expiry date entered onto a form.

I need to be able to run a monthly report which will tell me who's licence is due to expire in 4 months time. Currently, I am using the following:


but I have to amend the expression to extend the date range each month, rather that it automatically "counting back" from the expiry date.

I hope this makes sense and you are able to help me!!

A:Solved: Access Help Needed - Date Criteria

Try changing it to
Between date() and date() + 121.75
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Hi I am using Access in Access DCount for Multiple criteria Solved: on a laptop with Vista Following is the control source for a text box Available IIf DCount quot CodeID quot quot qryDailyActivity New quot quot CodeID quot amp cboCode amp quot quot gt And DCount quot ClientID quot quot qryDailyActivity New quot quot ClientID quot amp cboClient amp quot quot gt UnitsAllocated -DSum quot Billing quot quot qryDailyActivity New quot quot CodeID quot amp cboCode amp quot quot DSum quot Available quot quot qryDailyActivity New quot quot CodeID quot amp cboCode amp quot quot The above formulation works fine in most cases but fails when the same CodeID is used for many different clients My thinking is that I would like to change Solved: Multiple criteria in DCount for Access the above formulation such that instead of DCount finding the instances of individual cases where CodeID and CleintID gt but rather that it finds the instances where CodeID and ClientID as a set are gt Any suggestions or advice on Solved: Multiple criteria in DCount for Access how to do this using DCount or any other procedure Thanks Tom nbsp

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I have a number of Crosstab Queries which work without problem. I wanted to introduce a date field with the criteria being - Between[Enter start date]And[Enter end date]. Now this works fine in a select query but in a Crosstab I get the error message - "The Microsoft Jet Database engine does not recognise '[Enter start date]' as a valid field name or expression."

I can get it to do a "Like #*/04/2002# but I would prefer to set parameters. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:Access 2000 - Criteria in a Crosstab Query

You need to define the parameter you are using. Open your query in design view and right click where the tables are and select parameters. Define your [Enter start date] to Date/Time and do the same for [Enter end date]
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How do I filter information from records that contain year -2003 from date format 01/17/03 (Do not want to filter by day or month)?? What is the correct criteria information??

A:Access 2000- filtering/ criteria/ dates

Did you try the YEAR () function? The help has an example...
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In a query, I want to take the date that is in the Hire Date column of a table and add 30 days to it and display that date in the query. What is the formula and where is it put in the query?

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I am designing a database in access and would like to know how to design a macro or query with a check box would perform the following. In the form when checked it would allow only those records, when checked, to be printed.

A:{SOLVED} Access 97: Printing Checked Y/N Fields with YES criteria
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I have a subform with the following fields: name of the step, the scheduled date, place and date rescheduled date. I'm having trouble making a statement in a query
that has the following criteria: need to know what the step is smaller than today's date between the date scheduled and rescheduled date and the date performed without value.
if there are any other dates scheduled and rescheduled less than today, I need to know only the name is the first step with the date due.
I think I need to create a field in the query to the term, but I'm not getting. Any help is welcome. Thank you.

A:Access 2007 consultation with field for multiple criteria

Can you provide an example of the data and what result you need, as it is difficult to visualise from your description?
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Looking for some help as I am really stuck.

I have a form where the user enters data and then when they hit a button an update query is performed based on the record ID. However for some reason the query is not pulling the record id through when the button is pressed.

The query runs fine when the button is clicked as Ive tested it and if I have the form open and run the query manually it pulls through the recordID and works perfectly so I don't understand why it's not working.

I have noticed however if I run the query when the form is in design mode it doesn't prompt me for the value??

It's probably something glaringly obvious but I've done this so many times and never had an issue.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

Thanks so much


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I have multiple different MTD Queries for statistic reasoning. In these queries I convert the date into the format to mmmm/yyyy and have the criteria for the user to enter the month/year

Doing this when I create my reports (using subreports) I am getting multiple parameter value popups. I am looking for a way to have the parameter value popup once either with changing my queries or adding a module any ideas would help Thank you

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Just to explain what I am wanting to do.
A client sends us a text email that includes the info needed to create or even update several records at once. We already have the routine that creates the records. It also ticks a Yes / No field called "ActionNeeded".

What I need is a button which when pressed will go to the next record where ActionNeeded = Yes.

Slimboy FAt

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Hi Guys
Need a little help here.
I am using access 2003.
I have created reports which draw their information from queries.
Most of these reports need to be sorted according to alphabetical order of surname.
The queries all sort correctly as specified by my criteria, however the reports do not. Is their a way to add sort criteria to an existing form.
I realise it is helpful if I post a copy of my database but all the information is confidential and the thought of putting fake information scares me

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Hi, hope you can help. I have a query which includes a field called keyholder. If the keyholder is a vicar I would like to see his/her address in my report. If the keyholder is a churchwarden then I would like to see his/her address in my report. Both addresses are included in the query. Any code appeciated Thanks Richard

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Hi I m an access beginner and am from Solved: Subform Criteria 2007 Query Access trying to create a database without any VBA experience So far I ve had good luck using macros to do what I need to but I ve hit a snag I ve created a form quot FrmSearch quot that has a combo box on Solved: Access 2007 Query Criteria from Subform it There are three options in the combo box Coatings Lubricants and Materials Each of these categories has it s own more specific search form a table and a query to search it I ve done some research and figured out how to update the subform on FrmSearch based on the combo box selection I used this thread http www access-programmers co uk forums showthread php t The problem I have is that when I enter criteria in the subform and hit search the subform has to be open as it s own form not just a subform of the main FrmSearch in order for the criteria to actually work If it s not the query prompts me for each of the criteria even though it should gather the criteria from the subform Initially I thought I just needed to update my criteria from Forms Coatings CoatingMaterial for example to Forms FrmSearch Coatings Form CoatingMaterial to gather my search criteria from the subform in the search form but no dice Ideally I d like to be able to update my combo box enter search criteria into the subform and run a query based on that criteria Then I d like to be able to change the combo box value enter different search values into the new subform and then run a different query Anybody have pointers suggestions or ideas I m not a programmer so if it s VBA you ll have to explain it in layman s terms for me Thanks in advance -Travis nbsp

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Hi to all Below is the code criteria a 97: a from that accepts Function form. ExportToCSV Access for a function that exports froma query to a CSV file The only problem is I need to filter the data in the query that meets the criteria given in a form Can anybody help me with this problem Thanks in advance Code Public Function ExportToCSV D strSource As String strFilename As String Optional strColumnDelimiter As String quot quot Optional blHeaders As Boolean As Byte Exports a table or query or SQL statemtent to a text file If a SQL is passed as the source enclose it in Parenthesis Dim intChannel Access 97: ExportToCSV Function that accepts a criteria from a form. As Integer Dim strSQL As String Dim strCSV As String Dim x As Integer Dim WS LOCATION As String Close any Open files For intChannel To Close intChannel Next intChannel Open a channel to communicate with your TEMP file and intChannel FreeFile Open strFilename For Output Access Write As intChannel Write the contents of the table to the file Open the source strSQL quot SELECT WPID EDR MOLID AgentId Account No quot amp quot Start End NDays CStr RoundDbl Fixed amp quot quot quot quot quot amp quot CStr RoundDbl Variable amp quot quot quot quot Absent quot amp quot FROM Cheque - quot With CurrentDb OpenRecordset strSQL dbOpenSnapshot Write the headers if appropriate If blHeaders True Then For x To Fields Count - strCSV strCSV amp strColumnDelimiter amp Fields x Name Next x Print intChannel Mid strCSV Len strColumnDelimiter End If Write the CSV Do Until EOF strCSV quot quot For x To Fields Count - strCSV strCSV amp strColumnDelimiter amp Nz Fields x quot lt NULL gt quot Next x Print intChannel Mid strCSV Len strColumnDelimiter MoveNext Loop End With Close all the files Close intChannel End Function Result Without any criteria EDR - - - - EDR - - - - EDR - - - - SCR - - AED nbsp

A:Access 97: ExportToCSV Function that accepts a criteria from a form.

You need a Where section in your SQL statement like this.
SQL = "SELECT LabourRates.* " & _
"FROM LabourRates " & _
"WHERE Date1 <= #" & Format(Me.Date, "mm/dd/yyyy") & "#"
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Hi I have a problem I have a query and in this query I have one column that says print the out the text field in table b But another column states that this can only Access 2003 Solved: query too criteria exclusive happen if the code field in table a Solved: Access 2003 query criteria too exclusive matches that of table b so that the codes and descriptions match up in the query output and this works good That is until we reach a table row whose code is a mangled version that does not match up perfectly with one in table b when this happens even if the row is supposed to be outputted by the query the mentioned condition prevents this from happening and the row is omitted Omitting this condition does not work because then multiples of the same row are outputted when the query is run with the description of every code being printed So how can I handle this mangled rows and just say allow the description in the output field to be blank Thanks nbsp

A:Solved: Access 2003 query criteria too exclusive

I think I understand what you are saying and you are likely doing some complicated SQL, when you probably don't need to.

Sounds like you have 2 tables and are comparing A to B if B has a match then display the value?

Really all you need is to have RIGHT Join between the related fields so the table A always returns all the records and only the matches from tables B.


SELECT TableA.ClientCode, TableB.ClientCode
FROM TableB RIGHT JOIN TableA.ClientCode = TableA.ClientCode;
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Can anyone tell me the expression i need to type into the criteria in a query that will display the most recent date from a column within a table? thanks

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Hi Guys,
Hoping for some help with an idea...
I've got 2 modules in Access 2010 that use Word Automation to generate two different word documents when you click on one of the two buttons. i.e Code1 is run when Button1 is clicked and Doc1 is generated, Code2 is run when Button2 is clicked and Doc2 is generated.

The documents are populated by bookmarks; the names of which correspond to names in the code.
What I am wondering is...

Is there a way to run both these modules from one button based on criteria on the form on which the button sits. e.g.
If the value of a field name, lets call the field name "Type" = the value "Storage" then run Code1 or if the field name's value is Shipping then run Code2.

Any help gratefully accepted

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Hey everybody

I have created a report. For the record source, I have it pulling only records where their Active Status is "In-active". That works great.

I need to have it where when someone pulls this report, they can then do a search for certain dates. There are about 4 date fields on the report.

For example, if someone pulled up the report, and they needed to pull up a list of these agents that their Contract Mail date was between 4/11/2006 and 4/25/2006.

Is it possible to do this, to where they can put whatever criteria they need?

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I have a report that opens based on a combo box The combo box is based on a query and is limited to the Open on report (Solved) multiple in a Access criteria? base list Basically you select the estimator s name in the text box and press a button to open the report with the related data Here is the code I am using DoCmd (Solved) Open a report in Access base on multiple criteria? OpenReport quot CloseOutRep quot acViewPreview quot Estimator quot amp Me txtEstimator amp quot quot The user (Solved) Open a report in Access base on multiple criteria? wants to narrow the reports down by adding two more combo boxes - txtLocation and txtYear How can I open this report with the additional criteria of quot Location quot amp Me txtLocation amp quot quot quot SalesYear quot amp Me txtSales (Solved) Open a report in Access base on multiple criteria? amp quot quot I guess any criteria would have to be true for the report to display data which shouldn t be a problem because of limiting the selections to the list in the combo box So if this is possible all I will need is a way to make Access assume all records should be displayed when one criterion or another is not chosen Any ideas ------------------ Building the Ultimate site list for PC support nbsp

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I was given this info. for (1) column:Between #1/1/2003#and#12/31/2003#

I created a form with multiple date columns. How do I run a query using multiple date columns.

Situation: I call for money-different days- same or different customers. I want to filter for calls for different days using multiple column.

A:Access 2000- filtering/ criteria/ dates/ desired filed

In the design of your query you will need to use "or" in order to receive mutliple dates. For example if you would like to see calls made on June 23 and calls made on June 5 and calls made between May 15 and May31 the criteria would state #06/23/03# OR #06/05/03# OR >#05/15/03 AND<#05/31/03#.

I tried to send an attachment with an example of the query in design view but it wouldn't send for some reason. Anyway, hope this helps!
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1. I have a query already built that doesn't have any criteria built into it, because the criteria can change with the type of information that a user is looking for.

2. Rather than have users who are not familiar with Access trying to input the criteria they need on a table into the design view of a query I would like to utilize a form.

3. I would like to find out if it is possible for a user to enter the criteria they are looking for in fields on a form and have a table open with the records that match that criteria when the user clicks submit on the form. (To me it is kind of like parameter queries. But, I just want it in a form instead having the query asking the user one question at a time.)

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Hi guys Am having pain with the definition of Access Query Reference Form Criteria in 2003: a Control a referece to a control that Access 2003: Form Control Reference in a Query Criteria I can use in a query Mainform has subform and Access 2003: Form Control Reference in a Query Criteria Subform has sub-sub form When I m in sub-sub form I wish to take values from it for the current record and enter them into a temporary table so I can do stuff with them The Main form is called frmClients The Subform is called frmClientsProjects The SubSub form is called frmClientsProjectSubform I need therefore to run a query that says quot Make a new table and put in it values quot A quot quot B quot and quot C quot from frmClientProjectSubform WHERE quot A quot value of Control quot Z quot on frmClientsProjectSubform Im using Z as the current Forms frmClientsProjectSubform record identifier I thought it should be Forms frmClientsProjectSubform Z but its throwing a parameter dialogue box up asking for Forms frmClientsProjectSubform Z What might be wrong here Hope you can help Chris nbsp

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I have a subform with information drawn from a query. The main form will have multiple entries on each day. The query is based on the date entered in the form so that as new entries are made on the main form, all of the entries with the same date show up in the subform. Right now, the subform updates after the record is completed, but I would like for it to update as soon as I enter the date. How do I do that?

A:Solved: Access - Subform update as soon as criteria entered in form

In the Date Field's After Update event procedure try putting
where subfromname is the actual name of your sub form.
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Hey there box Search on based field and 2003: Access criteria text combo long time reader first time poster If you know of a great advanced tutorial on Access Access 2003: Search criteria based on combo box and text field please let me know I know how to set up the basics now I d like to know how the program really runs I m currently working Access 2003: Search criteria based on combo box and text field on a form that Access 2003: Search criteria based on combo box and text field allows users to search for equipment The category of the equipment is slectable through a combo box and the searched text is entered in a text field The results are displayed in a list box What ve I ve tried is using a Find button to enter this sql query into the RowSource of the list box Private Sub Equipment Find Click Me Equipment List RowSource quot SELECT Equipment Type Equipment Manufacturer Equipment Model FROM Equipment WHERE Equipment quot amp strQuote amp Me Equipment Search Category Column amp strQuote amp quot quot amp strQuote amp Me Equipment Find Text amp strQuote amp quot ORDER BY Equipment Type DESC quot End Sub The result i get is a pop up window with a text field If i re-enter the text in that feild the info pops up nicely What am I doing wrong and how do i get rid of that popup nbsp

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I m building a project database which has many projects listed as records in a quot projects quot table I m trying to design a search form that will allow the user to enter criteria and narrow down the results which are displayed in sub form There s a really great example of what I m trying to do in Post by user OBP in this thread http forums techguy org business-applications -solved-creating-multi-criteria-search html The only problem with that example is that all the 2007 multiple - Solved: Access multi-criteria search using tables criteria is coming from cells in a single table but I Solved: Access 2007 - multi-criteria search using multiple tables need to be able to search using criteria found only on related tables For example I need users to be able to filter down the list of projects based on who s funding those projects quot View all projects funded by Richy Rich quot for example It gets tough because each project in my project database can be funded by multiple people And each of those funders has their own record in a quot funders quot table totally separate from the quot projects quot table The primary quot projects quot table and the quot funders quot table are related through a table that lists out all the instances of funding who provided that funding and what project the funding was being provided for Using these kinds of relationships how do I allow users to filter the project list based on the funder then pile that filter on to of other filters like the location of the project Note This will require some heavy VBA and that s ok I know how to use the Filter and Advanced Filter buttons in the Access ribbon at the top of the screen but I need this functionality to happen as a result of clicking the Search button on my search form not by using the Filter button nbsp

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I'm fairly new to Access, and I'm looking for a way to make a search form that has both text boxes and combo boxes associated with fields in my table, titled Tbl_DCR. I want to be able to select certain field values and have either a sub-form or the datasheet section of a split-form display any records that have that field value in them. So if I selected values from two different combo boxes, it would only display records that have both field values in them, and so on. I'm running Access 2007 on XP. Please help!

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I am working for a company that has four people (four different computers) entering data into four different Excel 2010 files on a shared drive. I would like to create a master file on my own computer for the purpose of generating reports. How do I create one Access database that includes all of the information from the four different excel files? Also, can this Access file be continuously updated as the four Excel files are updated each day? Thank you!!!

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I need to get all the records for two different criteria

ReqDate_Fld between [Report Start Date] and [Report End Date]


RetDate_Fld Between the same dates above

putting it in the query twice doesn't work.

The RetDate_Fld can include records where the request date ReqDate_Fld is outside the start and end date criteria.

Example item criteria for ReqDate is between 2013-04-01[Report Start Date] and 2014-03-31 [Report End Date] and I have an item returned 2014-03-28 but it was originally requested 2011-03-21. The row doesn't get selected as it's outside the start/end date.

It requires AND or is it OR but danged if I know how to get it to select everything the was requested or returned between two dates.

A:Solved: Access 2010 selecting data from query based on two different sets of criteria
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According to what I've read, Access 2010 uses the same database format as Access 2007. So this should mean I can open and run a 2007 database (with a lot of VBA code) in Access 2010 with no trouble, yes?

So why do I have the feeling that something is not going to work? Is it because I have been through to many Access upgrades?

A:Any problems using Access 2007 database with Access 2010?

Hi bbinnard,

If you have not purchase Access 2010 yet, what I'd recommend the Trial Version and play around with it for quite a while.
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Is it possible to convert an Access 2000 database to Access 7.0? I have an old machine that I would like to run a database on but it only has Access 7.0 for WIndows 95.

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Hello All,
Our company had a photo booth with an F-35 fighter jet at a recent technology show. Individuals were allowed to have there pic taken in front of the aircraft with a pretty model. Now I have over 2500 pictures and over 2500 individuals that need their pic emailed to them. I have an Access database with a name, email address and a picture. Each name has a different image. How can I automatically send each person their picture through Outlook? I would like it to automatically populate a new email with the address and corresponding pic then have it be sent on its way while I am home sleeping. Can this be done? Is there a command that can run a VB script in Access to accomplish this? I thank you profusely in advance.


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Hi everybody I have a problem with my MS Access and can amp t use the wizard for creating database objects forms report table queries etc Whenever I choose Wizard option to create those database objects I get the following error message Microsoft Access can amp t find the wizard or there is syntax error in the Declaration section of a Visual Basic module Wizard Can't access Access MS database The wizard you need may be missing from the libraries key of the Can't access MS Access database Wizard Microsoft Access section of the Windows Registry To make sure that the wizard is in the Windows Registry run Setup to reinstall Microsoft Access and the compile all Visual Basic modules in the database I reinstalled the MS Access as instructed in the message but I don amp t know where to find and compile those Visual Basic modules I also don amp t know how to get to libraries key of the Microsoft Access section of the Windows Registry I tried to reinstall the software by using two different versions of software CDs MS Office and XP and both failed to solve the problem I also tried unsuccessfully to access Add-Ins feature from the Tools menu in order to add the missing component Please help me ishak nbsp

A:Can't access MS Access database Wizard

Funny I had the same error last night. I ran Setup from the CD (from RUN prompt) checked off the access wizard. Then went and did what I was doing, it still asked to install the feature but it worked that time.

If that does not help the is an MS article, basically, if you are in "Break mode" of a module that could also cause it.
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Ok I have one more question-a few people have other versions of Access in my program and need to use the database that I created in Access 97. A few people tried and couldn't open it. Is there an easy way to converting this so they can use it on their computers? Thanks for the help.

A:Access 97 database in Access 2000?

Access should prompt them to either open the DB file or convert it to the newer version on startup. If it doesn't you can open the newer version of Access and go to Tools > Database Utilities > Convert Database.
Warning: Everything in your DB may not convert properly so be ready to do some work if this happens.
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What I have done is combine the Order Entry, Inventory Control and Customer Management databases together in Access 97 and Iím trying to get them to work together to be able to update when inventory comes in and goes out of my business.

Iím trying to figure out how to complete the actual receipt of merchandise on a purchase order in the database. I want to put in the current date or earlier (I may use yesterday's date when I finally get around to entering data) as my variables for the timing to update the inventory transaction table (units received and units on hand fields).

Can you give me the operators and operands in the expression builder and the complete proper syntax that I would need to tell an event has happened and to update the table.

Thank you in advance - you guys are so good!!

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We use Accessdata base to keep track of all our orders. All of sudden two days ago, I go to the "main switchboard" and I get a blank order entry form. In that form, there is a small clickable box and when I click on that it says "The expression On Click you entered as the event property setting produced the following error: The expression you entered has a function name that Microsoft Office Access can't find. *** The expression may not result in the name of a macro, the name of a user-defined function, or [Event Procedure]. ***There may have been an error evaluating the function, event or macro."

I have no idea what this means. Please help.

thank you,

A:Access Database - HELP!!!!

The first thing to try after taking a backup copy of the Database is a "Repair & Compact" of the current one. You should open Accees, not the database and then choose Tools>Database Utilities>Repair & Compact. Choose the current database to repair and Compact and save it under a new name. Open the newly named, repaired database and see if it still has the same problem.
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I have two separate access database files that I cannot access. when I try to open either one it says unrecognized database format. When I tried to compact and repair, it says the same thing. how can I get back into these databases?
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When entering a form..the page normally start with a blank page/form..what code can I use in Macro or Visual have the form blank..when entering the that you can just data..instead of having to click on add new data..

A:Access Database

First, this is really the wrong forum for this question. It should either be in Applications or Development. I only saw this post because I was checking on a post I made here before but I don't usualy visit this forum often.

If you want a form to open ready to take new data, set it's Data Entry property to Yes. (You'll find that property in the Data tab of the forms properties.) If I misunderstood the question, post back and give more details.

Good Luck!

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I have an access data base program that we use as our special orders program, we use to be able to have more than one person log into this, but now only one at a time is able to.. The file is shared for all users.


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When entering a form..the page normally start with a blank page/form..what code can I use in Macro or Visual have the form blank..when entering the that you can just data..instead of having to click on add new data..

A:Access Database

First, this is really the wrong forum for this question. It should either be in Applications or Development. I only saw this post because I was checking on a post I made here before but I don't usualy visit this forum often.

If you want a form to open ready to take new data, set it's Data Entry property to Yes. (You'll find that property in the Data tab of the forms properties.) If I misunderstood the question, post back and give more details.

Good Luck!

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Hi all,

I have an issue with an access database. When I print out a report one of my columns only prints out 4 out of the 5 digits. This happens with 2 machines. On other pcs the 5 digits appear in output of the report. I have checked the resolutions of the pcs and they are the same. I have expanded the column widths in design view and still the problem persists. I cannot figure out why only 4 digits appear out of the 5.

Can anybody help?


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I need help in creating a database that can be searched.

3 Items are needed...

A 2 digit year entry
A 6 digit numerical entry (need to be able to enter less digits)
A 4 digit numerical entry (need to be able to enter less digits)

I need to be able to search the 6 digit number and have it tell me what 4 digit number is associated with it.

I am hoping I am making this clear...

for Access 07 or 03? (the previous version)



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I have this access database that I got from another company and I would like to use it but I would have to customize it to fit my needs. Is that possible

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I have an issue with an access database. When I print out a report one of my columns only prints out 4 out of the 5 digits. This happens with 2 machines. On other pcs the 5 digits appear in output of the report. I have checked the resolutions of the pcs and they are the same. I cannot figure out why only 4 digits appear out of the 5.

Can anybody help?


A:Access Database

It may be the version of True Type Fonts that are involved, can't you just increase the column width slightly.
By the way you getter better responses for Access/Excel questions on the Business Applications Forum.
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Hi, i'm new for using database (mic. access)
i hope u can help me.
i'm currently developed a database using microsoft access. the database is about an insurance company. i need to do a database that store the unit manager, agen, client, policy and proposal.
i had build the table and relationship. i also had input the agen and unit manager (UM).
but what should i do now.
i need to separate each agen according to the um and also the client.
i also need to give output so that when i insert um code or agen code, user can see the client info, or the agen info.

please.. i really need your help...

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I have this access database that I from another user which I want to customize so that I can use it. The form has about 28 records with a yes or no fields. Now what I need to do is add more records as I have stuff to add that will require the user to ans. with a yes or no answer. My problem is that I am unable to add more questions (lines or record). Is there a way to do that?

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Hi,can smb help me with sites that have tutorials about the relation of with access databases or sql databases.
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I am using a form to enter data that is updated to table. The problem is that the calculated fields in the Form do not update in the table while everything eles does. Can anyone help please.

A:Access Database

Generally, calculated data isn't stored in tables. There is no need for it. If you calculate data, you use it in queries or reports . . . when you create a report, you base it on your query, not your table.
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I have a working Access database on a machine running WIN XP and MS Office 2003. I transferred that database file to a new machine running Vista Ultimate and MS Office 2007. When I try to open the database on the new machine, I get this message: missing reference dao2535.tlb. How do I resolve this?

A:MS Access Database

Open your database.
Hit Alt+F11.
Hit Tools-->References.
It would seem it's missing from there.

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Hey i need some help with a project i have for work.

my boss wants a type of program set up that controls our stock and products.

In this program i want to be able to input product codes categories invoices suppliers stock on shelf and stock on order and maybe a few similar things.

do u think microsoft access will be able to help me create this? or is there another program out there that will make it easier to do?

please help i havent started it yet just trying to educate myself as best i can and everday my boss asks how its all goin.

A:database help access 03?

Access is perfect for this application.
What kind of products are you dealing with?
Do you "Supplier" lists?
Do you have more than one Supplier for items.
Is the stock used within your area ie by yourselves rather than being sold to a Customer?
Do you want Categories and Sub Categories of stock?
Do you have "Re-Order" levels? (Minimum stock when a new order is required)
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I have a database where I enter part number description, and cost. I also have another database that is updated all the time with this information in it. I would like to be able to link or however you do it. I would like to lets say put in the part number and then when I push enter or tab the description and cost field populates.

any help would be great.

A:access Database

you can link by selecting the table tab in the DB window and then click NEW followed by selecting Link. Then search for your other database and select the table you want to link to.

You will now have access to all the fields, it is the same as a table now except you may have sharing issues if the table is opened on the source DB.

You can use this linked table just as a regular table to make reports forms, queries etc. so you may not need the table you created with the same information as it is redundant.

So you can make a form with your linked table with a combo to select the product.
I don't know to what degree of detail you want or how much you know so if you need more help just post back.
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I have an access database, one of the forms I am working with has a subform. I want to be able to print part of the main form, and parts of the suboform. I can do this by inserting the form key number and the subform key number, then it prints what I want. What I am looking for is to be able to be in a clients record and push print and without having to enter anything it prints the fields in the form and the subform that I have in a report. I hope this makes sense. Is there a macro that I can put together to do this?

Thank you in advance for any help. .

A:Access DataBase

The simplest way although it may not seem like it, is to do the following:
Create a Join Query that includes both tables/queries (whatever your using), and create Joins on the 2 Key fields (related), this query should then become the control source for you report.
Now in the new query go to the field that contains the data you will be selecting on the form. eg the ID for the Main form

In the criteria row right click and select Build, find your form and find the Id field control name. The syntax will be:

Now if you don't already have one, place a button on your form that opens the Report or query, it should only display the records for the selected records.

This called "Filter by Form"
Any problems let me know I or some one else can walk you through, it works I use it all the time.
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Hi i created an access database for students that keeps track of their personal information as well as a monthly evaluation that they have to fill out, however i do not know how to create a button that i can place on the form that can allow the administrator to go to each student by either last name... sort of like a search engine. I don't know how to do this though, as well as just making a query that only gives me information for just 1 person and i don't have to manually put in the information in the criteria.. this i would also like to make a button or something of that sort..

please help!!! I'm close but no cigar!

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ok , i finally got a site , with some ex. for loading jpg into ACCESS,
ok now without eating any1's head, i have to create a small catalog, with itemcode and pic of the item,both have to be related ,so tha I can search , for itemcode adn get the picture....

now both of above ex. codes are free and can be changed, so any1 cna help me out here,who konws access in advance , modify the scripts above if they can , so taht I am asked for like item code and pic.......

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I have created a tracking program using access the main tracking page contains name address phone numbers computer information etc I also have two fields that I insert the problem and then the fix then that is printed out to give to the customer whenever the customer brings their computer back in for service I do a search for their account and it brings up all the pre existing info There last problem and cure are still in there I access database would like to find some way if it s possible to make this dump the items to a database for each customer in case I want to go into it again and look at past events Then the next time I open their account the problem and cure fields are empty but their data past problem and cure will still be in there I almost have this program or database to where it will do everything that I want it to do Any help would be very much appreciated Thanks chad nbsp

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I am unable to pen my database. It gave me an error message saying it is corrupted. I tried to do repair it but I was unsuccessful.


A:Access Database

Don't you have any Back-ups?
Try opening a "new Blank" database and on the Main Menu, File>Get External Data>Import and then point it the corrupted file just to see if it can be opened that way.
If it can then on each set of Controls (tables, queries, forms etc) click selct all and then OK
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I have a DB that I did. It works fine except when I click on a cancel button on a text box and then it gives me the error shown below. Im totally lost as to why its doing this. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. Even just pointing me in the right direction. I posted it as a zip file on this site

the password is horror (and sorry for subject matter of horror movies)

A:Access Database

Listen...I looked and can't find anything wrong with it. I recreated the button (find by director), and it appears to work fine...just tells you the macro has been cancelled.

This isn't the first time I've been unable to find something wrong with something in Access...I'm pretty sure it's not uncommon either.
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Hello, I am using Access 2000 and have created a database with a command button that opens up a report via a macro. I would like to know how to open up single reports instead of pushing a button that brings up every report, I've been able to open up reports that are based off of queries, queries that have paramenters that need to be inputted in order to bring up single unique records, but I would like to be able to just create a button that brings just that particular unique record-report off of that particular unique record on that form. Meaning that for a record that had just been inputted for John Doe on a form, I would like to know how to create a button on that form to pull up John Doe's single report without having to build a query that asks for a parameter. Is there anyway to do this?

A:Access-Printing a single report off of a single record from an Access database form

You will have to adapt this to your own form setup; but it's just using the Where line of the OpenReport macro action.

If on the form MyFormName you have two controls called txtFirstNm and txtLastNm, and in the query underlying the report you have two fields called FirstNm and LastNm, you would put into the Where line of the OpenReport action:

[FirstNm]=[Forms]![MyFormName]![txtFirstNm] And [LastNm]=[Forms]![MyFormName]![txtLastNm]
Hope that helps.
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I have an access 2003 database that calls a VB6 module. The module starts and then I get a run-time error 75 path/file access error. I can execute the vb module outside of access but I have to run as administrator for it to work correctly. What can I fix so that the call from access will execute? I believe the issue is with comctl32.ocx and the status bar control inside the vb module.
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Dears I have designed a database with many reports of certain importance basically a report in my DB is one of two types a Daily Report requires a single criteria which is the date and the second is a History report To view or print a report I have designed a Filter form to fill in with the report criteria and clicking a button to open the report The first type Daily R work fine without problems The second type History R has a problem In this report the criteria are two or three because a history report will retrieve data within a period so I have to input FromDate and ToDate and load report criteria report Solved: form MS Access having from a may be adding another criteria which is called a Solved: MS Access report load from a form having report criteria company In all history reports the report header will accomodate the two input values of date and extract the rest of report items into the reprot detail area The problem is the desigened system doesnot respond well as expected When I load the filter form to fill in criteria for a history report I Solved: MS Access report load from a form having report criteria have input the FromDate and ToDate and selected the third criteria if any then the reprot opens without data in Solved: MS Access report load from a form having report criteria it on the other hand I tried to load the report directly form opening it inputing criteria and it has worked fine without probelms Would someone expect a key reason for this problem or dirtecly can solve this problem Appreciate youtr support Thanks in Advance mhegazy nbsp

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I have downloaded the book collection database from microsoft website but i would like to alter it a little.

When i am entering the details of book on the second box down you can click on the box and enter the books topic IE crime, romance, thriller and so onand then when you enter the next book you have only to enter the first letter and it is entered automaticly.

My question is how do i copy this feature as i would like to have another so i can easley enter where i got the books from without having to type all the infomation in.

Hope someone can help please

A:Access Book Database

49sam, I think that you are talking about a Combo Box. This can be added to the form using the Controls Toolbox Wizard, which creates it for you.
Have you created a Table for where you get the books from?
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I am upgrading my membership database for local sports club

I am trying to visualize payments, but I dont know how to link the toggle buttons in my form with table fields (see attached file)

A:MS Access members database

Can you tell me what the database is designed to do?
As it does not appear to be designed correctly for keeping records of membership payments etc.
What are the p, n, s and plj field for?
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Built an accounting database:AR, AP, CD,PR,JE, GL........etc.
Looking for help with some access 2013 issues.
1 Need to tie all those tables to create a general leger and a financial statement(It's not the GL I'm concerning
about as much as how to move data from tables to GL
e.g.- For AP every entry on a form has two sides one debit another credit and they need to be reflected in
GL by account number and that where my problem is

2 In my forms need to have a multiple line entries per transaction (like a sales order)

A:access 2013 database

nphcpa, welcome to the forum.
I am not sure what "AR, AP, CD,PR,JE, GL........etc." are, but it sounds like the overall design of the database may not be optimal.
The fact that you have to have the "move data from tables to GL" suggests that the data should be in a GL table but identified by it's source and split up via Queries for data input/editing.
As for item 2 it sounds like you should have a "Line Entry" sub table and subform for the Transactions.
Can you show me a screenshot of your table Relationships?
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I have a really confounding problem Situation Small non-profit organization with workstations mostly Dell Pentium s Office network uses a Buffalo server and router I don t know for sure but assume the network is problem database Access a simple Base-T The organization runs on the MS Access databases I ve designed one of which is a reservation system The major tables for that system are the Signups table where the information for each reservation is collected and the EventSched which simply contains data for all the events for the year with event type date departure and return time location program type etc The tables contain a lot of links to auxiliary tables per the attachment The database is a client server design Forms on the workstations tables on the Buffalo Each year I go in and set up the reservation tables for the next year in this case I did that yesterday I first copied the database containing the tables to a file with the name quot PublicSailTbls mdb quot After deleting all the records in the Signups EventSched Manifest and HowPaid tables to make them ready for next year s entries on the workstation on which I was doing this I also copied the Forms client side of the split database changed the name to quot PublicSailForms mdb quot and changed the links to the tables file on the Buffalo This is the same process I have used for the last years Problem is the Signups form Access database problem will open on Access database problem only two of the workstations On the others the system goes into quot indefinite busy quot hourglass Task Manager indicates Access and everything else is quot not responding quot but attempts to quot end task quot fail Only way to restore the system is to select quot Restart quot Because it worked on two workstations we thought perhaps the network was not working properly so quot regenned quot it shut all computers down shut the Buffalo and router down waited one minute then brought the network back up Didn t change anything system still works on two of the workstations but not on the others Anybody have a clue as to what s going on where I should look for the cause of this odd problem nbsp

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We have quite a hefty database (approx 90meg) that we would like to split into 2 smaller databases.

The plan is that if a certain "Date" field is older than a set date or another field = "Closed" then these records can be move to a archive database. The archive database needs to still have all the forms, queries and reports.

Is there software to do this or is it a case of make a copy of the database as the archive then manually delete the records that match the above criteria.

A:Splitting Access Database

In access, create a new blank db. Go to File...Get External Data...Import...

Import all tables, queries, reports, etc. that you want.

In the table in the new DB, run a maketable query, pulling all records where Date < (cutoff date) or other field = "Closed".

This new table will have your backup info. Delete the table you initially imported.
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I have an Access database which was copied to an USB device and has become corrupt. I am getting the following error message: The Microsoft Jet database engine could not find the object 'Databases'. Make sure the object exists and that you spell its name and the path name correctly. (Microsoft JET Database Engine). I have attempted to repair the database, run the JETCOMP.exe, import the data from another Access database, SQL Server, Excel; and continue to get the same error. I do not need the forms, queries, reports or macro's, only the table data. I am looking for a reliable company to look at the database and extract the data or software to get the data out. Thanks.

A:How to do Access Database repair?

firstly make a copy of your database so that you have a backup just in case any attempts to recover the tables destroys the database. 1) Backup2) Shift and open your database3) compact and repairif that doesnt work thenCreate a new Access database and try to import your tables (i note you have tried this already) soWhat happened?did the table import but were corrupt?did you receive an error during import?I have never used the below tool below but a google search recommended this, it is free so no harm in trying
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I have my own server and would like to know if it is possible to create a database in Access and be able to access it off the server preferably using ASP.NET.

I know i could create and sql database on there as it has my sql but would like to know if its easier to do it this way, if its possible ?