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Converting text to numerals in excel

Q: Converting text to numerals in excel

Hi, This is silly but...

I have created a template on excel for printing my company cheques and what I wanted to know was:

Can I create a formula or macro so that when I write a number in text (such as 'one' or 'two' or 'three', etc) in the cell representing the word part of my cheque, can I get that number (as '1' or '2' or '3', etc) to appear in another cell representing the numerical part of my cheque.

This is a lazy man's burden but I thought it would also suffice as a check that the right amount was going on both parts.

Sorry for the bother but ...

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Preferred Solution: Converting text to numerals in excel

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Converting text to numerals in excel

Take a look at numbers alphebetic and numeric
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When I installed my Samsung SSD series gb I configure it in IDE mode not knowing it should have been in ACHI mode instead my question is can I reconfigure it into ACHI mode and how do I do it without losing any files I ve also done it to and OCZ and a Plextor SSD and would like to reconfigure them as well Any and all info will be greatly appreciated The Samsung computer is an ASUS-M A TD-V Evo- CPU-AMD Phenom II X processor GBs of ram Nvidia Geforce GT ACHI from SSD mode? mode to my IDE Converting video card Multi Drive blue ray writer x TB HHD Converting my SSD from IDE mode to ACHI mode? Corsair W PSU Win Ultimate My OCZ sys is ASUS F A -V Pro AMD A K APU Corsair GB Mhz ram OCZ GB SSD GB HHD TB HHD Nividia Geforce GT video card LG blue ray player LG Multi-Drive Corsair W PSU Win Home P my Plextor is housed in an AsRock- FM A X Extreme w AMD A K APU GBs G Skill Mhz of ram Plextor GB M Pro SSD x TB HHDs - TB External drive Rosewill Hive W PSU Win Home P I need these drive configured right so that I can get the best performance from them when I do some upgrades on these systems nbsp

A:Converting my SSD from IDE mode to ACHI mode?

A quick Google search brought this up - This should only take you 5 minutes to complete on each PC.
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My computer battery was replaced by a family member and when I boot up my PC which took about 10 minutes instead of 30 seconds. I noticed that the 2 harddrives were displayed in the bios as raid drives. The 2 harddrives are SATA. However in Windows when I right click on My Computer and select Manage then Device Manager they appear as NTFS format.

I sure that this configuration has something to do with response.

I would appreciate any suggestions on how to restore my raid drive back to 2 harddrives under NTFS without loosing my data. I would prefer a software tool or a step by step solution since I am not comfortable with manually making changes to computer settings.
Thank you for your advice in advance to this frustrating problem
Ntracs (Joe)
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When I am typing on my laptop, there is a delay when typing letters. Sometimes I have to go back and retype because the keyboard hesitates or displays letters in a delay mode. For example: if type "help" I may have typed the 4 characters but only see "he"

A:Keyboard not displaying text

Name of laptop, OS, & any more info would sure be helpful.
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Hi I have a u8850 and my texts come through twice each time, anyone got any ideas how to change it back? billy

By the way its a huawei and it goes hot to touch while charging as well and its about 3 month old
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Why would the printer change from normal operation change to printing emails in cryptic
I'm asking this to try help out my neighbor . But I was wondering if the email was the cause ?
regards drecked

A:Printer started printing cryptic text

Open NOTEPAD, type a few lines and the <ctl>P to print it.

If it is reproduced correctly, then it's the goofy email,

otherwise, disconnect power, wait a minute or two,
then go through the printer settings and test again.

Still having a problem, download and install new firmware from the vendor.
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Ok so i just upgraded my monitor from a 24in Viewsonic to a 27inch viewsonic and all the text is either multicolored/fuzzy or both. res is set @ 1920x1080 i reinstalled all drivers for the video card and monitor, tried changing cables(i use the DVI) and still to no avail, cleartype is on and ive gone thru the process of adjusting it several times and blah. any ideas? Currently using W7 64b Radeon HD5670 VC.

A:Text is multi-colored and fuzzy

What refresh rate are you running? Does the old monitor still work correctly? The new monitor may just be defective
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I'm trying to convert my computer from a pata hd to a sata hd. I converted
The p3 molex connector to sata power, I connected the sata cable from the hd to the motherboard. When I turn it on and gies to post, it gives 2 short beeps and says

secondary drive 0 not found
Secondary drive 1 not found
Strike the f1 key to continue, f2 to run the setup utility

Any help would be appreciated!

A:Converting PATA HDD to SATA HDD

WHY fix what is not broken; in other words, why can't you stay with PATA?
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Lookout and wheres my droid need you to have text through your carrier. I do not. What app can I use in case I lose my phone that doesn't need text?

if no one here knows does anyone know the a techspot of cellphones type site ?

A:What app can I use on my Droid to find my phone if I don't have text?

Your carrier should be able to help you with this...
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I had the motherboard die on a machine running XP Pro and a Raid system The board is an Intel D PBL and I believe the Raid system was implemented in hardware on the board I had of the drives fail shortly before the motherboard went down The system was working off the remaining drive until the board failure The surviving drive Seagate ST AS will not boot in another non-similar machine but it is readable and usable as a slave drive D in another RAID1 basic to drive bootable Converting drive machine I do not have another machine configured like the original in which to run the surviving drive My question is how can the surviving drive be converted to a normal bootable drive so it ca be used in another machine It has some old applications on it for which I do not have installation disks and I Converting RAID1 drive to basic bootable drive am trying to salvage those apps The data has already been retrieved and saved but the apps do not want to run in a new machine with it set up as Converting RAID1 drive to basic bootable drive a D drive Thanks nbsp
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HI! I need to generate a WAN dump. I have the following setup (pic below) I am using "Wireshark" to intercept the data. I was told that I need a hub but I only have a router. D-link "DL-604 router" How to I turn this router into a hub?

PS. I am not exactly sure how to create a Wan dump but I was told the following.

("add a hub to the wan port add your pc and create a connection dump with wireshark

Can someone tell me if this the right way to accomplish my task?

Paul D


A:Converting a router to hub for WAN Dump?

I think that is not possible, here's why.

A hub has one uplink and two or more down links to systems. Anything that arrives on the
input slot is dupicated to every active down link by the hardware.

A switch is more efficient than a hub. Instead of broadcasting everywhere, a switch
moves data to the attached device which should see that data. The other attached devices do not see the traffic at all.

Routers today have more functionalities: Nat and SPI. The NAT feature is used to allow
multiple systems to share the WAN link to your ISP (this is why we use a router and not a hub).
But in addition to NAT, routers operate like a switch. So data coming in from the lan-slot#1 goes to the WAN slot and the other devices see nothing.

*IF* you need a hub, then in my opinion, you need a hub and a router/switch will not do.
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Cannon MP530 print,scan,fax. The printer always worked great. I've been out of INK for 4 months. I finally bought the pgbk 5 black ink cartridge so I could print resumes. This works fine as usual. I decided I'd add a page of pictures displaying my work in grayscale. The printer only prints a blank page. I cleaned the cartridge right before trying to print images so I don't know if that did something? I just downloaded the latest drivers from cannons change. I've tried several different image files...still prints text fine...and it will print goodgle homepage image and all. Please help this doesn't make sense...

P.S. Is it because my bk 8 black cartridge used with yellow magenta and cyan is empty?



A:Cannon MP530 printer won't print images, only text

more likely the heads are clogged.

print Picture in gray scale says printer mechanics are good

same picture in color => nothing ? ==> color print heads.
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Are there any PDAs or pocket pc's that are able to run the full version of excel? i would like to deploy an excel file that is written with VBA to a mobile device to collect data.

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Well the short of the story is i upgraded my video card(ATI HD26xx 512mb) to a ATI 5670 GDDR5 1024mb amd ever since all my text is fuzzy and cannot use my resolution 1920 x 1080(Preferred by my monitor) and ive redone all the drivers for the video card both from the disc it came with and from their website, And the driver for the monitor( Viewsonic VX2433wm 24in WS) Also i went from a DVI component to a HDMI for the supposed better quality. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.~

A:New video card and fuzzy text!

So i learned today that for computers DVI>HDMI i should have checked that before even posting here(Duh!) thanks all!
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Okay, so my friend has a prepaid cellphone from Virgin Mobile.

Sometimes we'll be having a conversation, and then something happens with the phone service or whatever, and I get the same text message maybe 20 times over the course of 5 hours or so, and during that time she can't receive any texts from me.

Then after a while, it goes back to normal, and her phone gets a flood of texts that I sent over the past few hours.
What the heck is going on?
Why does this happen?
Can we do anything to fix it?

I'm not so sure how cellphone SMS messages work exactly, so I would love some more information.
Is anyone else having this problem or had this problem in the past?

A:Virgin Mobile phone sends same text message over and over again

Did you check with Virgin Mobile?
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Do anyone help me save my sms text message to my desktop computer for backup?
If you can help me read and manager sms in computer will be great thankful
PS:My phone is HTC-p4500 on windows mobile 6.

A:How to save mobile text message to PC?

I'm not sure if this will help:

Says you should have software for it, you will also need the USB cord to hook it up to your computer, unless it has Blue tooth you might be able to get it off that way, but I doubt it. Goodluck.
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Hi guys,
I bought a samsung 2233sw monitor a month ago, and running with evga 8600gt using D-Sub(VGA) connector.
Now-a-days i am noticing a intermittent flickering or text shaking artifact is displayed on my screen only when i run it in its highest(native) resolution that is 1920x1080 full hdmi. In lower resolution there is no such problem. but in lower resolution the display of the monitor is very poor and showing a text/screen bluring or tearing effect like other tfts.

Can u guys suggest some solution to the problem.

Can dvi-d connection wipe out this sort of problem.

A:Flickering/text shaking on new samsung 2233sw monitor

I suppose I'd spring for a DVI cable as a matter of course. It will look better, (assuming everything is working correctly) with the Digital connection

But, I'd really try your monitor on another computer ASAP. >>>(read this as first)<< In case it needs to be RMAed.

It seem's logical to eliminate that first.

The last time I saw anything such as you describe on a computer monitor was with an old Emachines 17" CRT. I think that was due to the degausser. Or maybe RFII.

First, any graphics adapter, even onboard, should be able to display up to 1920 x 1200 even connected via VGA.

So, in no particular order,

bad cable.

Electrical interference

Video driver corrupted or wrong version

Bad video card

Bad monitor.

I bought a Samsung recently, but haven't used it. It has a "driver disc" (?), so much for universal PnP. It was giving me trouble setting the color, brightness and contrast. Don't know if that was the video card driver. But the control sliders were really acting funky.

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I am a novice with a lot of computer books to FAT32 converting NTFS? Correct from way of I have a FAT GB C drive partition Volume Label ACER I wish to convert it to an NTFS I have read that Correct way of converting from FAT32 to NTFS? to do this correctly and to prevent the MFT from becoming fragmented that I must first create a new contiguous Correct way of converting from FAT32 to NTFS? placeholder file equal to the expected size of the MFT I want to create Correct way of converting from FAT32 to NTFS? My readings told me quot The default size of the MFT equals percent of the partition size If the partition is larger than GB use GB as the MFT size because FAT drives cannot have a file larger than GB Use the Fsutil command Use the following syntax fsutil createnew c testfile txt and the size of the placeholder file here no parentheses You can use any legal file name quot I understand that GB equals bytes I am over my head here so I do not know the simple things for example where the book said quot c testfile txt quot is that literally what I am supposed to type When it says quot You can use any legal file name quot I wish the book had told me exactly what file name to use for this specific purpose When inputting the size of the placeholder file in bytes do I include the commas Should I round down the file size so as to avoid going beyond the allowed GB size by a few bytes and having the operation fail I would like for you to please tell me exactly what to type into the command prompt window Then when I have created the placeholder file I would like you to please tell me exactly what to type in the command window to carry out the conversion from FAT to NTFS Please used the file name that you told me to use when I created the placeholder file etc I really don t know these things One book said to follow this syntax convert c fs ntfs cvtarea testfile txt Another book said to follow this syntax CONVERT lt volume gt FS NTFS V X CvtArea lt filename gt NoSecurity on this last book I haven t got a clue as to whether the quot brackets quot are to be included or whether command prompt window is quot case sensitive quot and I should capitalize exactly as stated or what I expect that the lt gt are not included This latter book described what the options and switches signified for example V is verbose mode etc Thanks nbsp

A:Correct way of converting from FAT32 to NTFS?

A FAT32 C: drive partition? I'm going to guess you're still running an older version of windows? (like maybe Windows 2000)

I know Vista defrags MFT. I think XP as well (would have to double check XP)

but assuming you really are W2K, take a look here might help provide info for W2k (have you considered upgrading your OS?)
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I have an HP Pavilion laptop that is about 2 yrs. old. About a month ago I noticed that as I type in ANY program (emails, word, this post) I will type sentences and the
cursor annoyingly skips to another part of the text. It has done it several times as I type this post. It seems to happen randomly. any ideas?

A:Cursor skips to another portion of text when typing


Right click Desktop to open Personalize
Select: Right Handed or Left Handed
DOUBLE CLICK SPEED: I set the slider to the slowest setting ( if too fast, double clicks won?t open files)
Click Lock: Select this if you want it
Select a POINTER SPEED: I set mine at the fastest ? makes the touchpad fly (This technically controls the mouse buttons, but makes also touchpad feel faster)
Check: Enhance pointer precision
Visibility: check: Hide pointer while typing
Click on the SETTINGS tab:
First, click on Overview to open the tree and read the overview of the controls.
TAPPING: If you want to be able to tap on your touch pad, set the controls for Tapping, tap and drag, and tap zones.
BUTTONS: Double click on Buttons to open the tree and set the controls:
Left ButtonAction: Primary Click
Right Buton Zction: Secondary Click
VIRTUAL SCROLLING: Double click on Virtual Scrolling to open the tree and set the controls:
Check: Enable vertical scrolling and/or enable horizontal scrolling
Check Enable coasting, if you want that option, and Enable Edge Motion when scrolling
SCROLLING SPEED: Set slider for scrolling speed. I set mine at the slowest
SCROLLING SELECTION: I checked: Scroll item under pointer (for a broader scrolling area)
EDGE MOTION: Select the Edge Motion you want. I chose Perform Edge Motion when pointing and dragging
Select your Edge Motion Region and Edge Motion Speed. I selected: Control motion with finger and set my slider at medium-slow.
Constrained Motion, Slow Motion and Sticky Borders: Select some or all of these if you want them
SENSITIVITY: Double click on Sensitivity to open the tree and set the controls:
Double click on + to open tree
PALM CHECK: I left my Palm Check at the default spot , near center but a little toward Maximum (if mouse gets irratic, increase toward Maximum) If mouse is not responsive to certain clicks, decrease toward Minimum)
Light Touch ? I set my toward the most sensitive -- all the way toward Light Touch
Click on Apply, and then OK.'
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Hi all ITpro,

Could you please advise what would be the possible causes of the sudden cease of PC operation when I am working on an Excel worksheet? This had happened to me several times during one day. Whenever I nearly finish my work and tried to save it, the PC hanged up.

FYI, my PC was bought in Sept 2004. Is there any method to check out the problem(s)?

Thank you for your help indeed.


A:PC randomly hangs up while I'm working on an Excel file

Please run Memtest on your Ram
And confirm all your Device Drivers are up to date

You could also run a Drive Diagnostics on your HardDrive
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I decided to rip my DVD collection to my hard drive before going to college. I'm nearly out of room and would like to back up some files just in case anything happens to my laptop. I'm wondering what the easiest way is to convert the Audio and Video files to an AVI format or the smallest possible format while still maintaining decent quality. The files were ripped with DVDFab 5. Any help would be great. Thanks.

A:Converting to AVI format

AVI is just a container - you can stick virtually any codec inside that container so you need to decide on the codec you want to convert both the video and the audio to. Your easiest bet will probably be to handbrake (that's the name of the app) those files to .264+mp3 - but I'm not sure how much easier or more difficult it will be now that your disks are already ripped. I'm not familiar with how DVDFab5 rips DVDs at all.
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Looking for a solution where I could script out using controls or whatever from another program to convert/encode a wav file into an MP3.

Anyone ever done this, or have any pointers?

A:Converting Wav - MP3 through VBScript

do you just want to convert the wav into an mp3? or do you mean something else because if you just want to convert the wav into an mp3 you can use this its free!

just drag the file you want into it than go to the top right hand corner click the 3 dots and choose which file you want it to go into than just go to video tab in the bottom left corner and uncheck the box that says enable video and than go to the audio tab and choose which format you want.

sorry if you meant something else.
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Recently bought this monitor and when I try to set it to its 1440x900 native resolution the text is very difficult to read in that it is grainy. I have to set it to a lower resolution but in doing so the text isn't quite crisp. Do I need a new graphics card? My current one is a Radeon X300 with 128 MB. Thanks in advance.
BTW, I have updated the drivers for my current card but it didn't seem to help.

A:953BW Samsung text is blurry

I would upgrade my graphics card anyways in order to run that native resolution, you'd get better performance all around. 1440 x 900 is pretty demanding for an older card with only 128 megs of vRAM. The picture might look "grainy" because the card doesn't support that pixel aspect ratio or something. A more high-end desktop video card is likely to resolve your issue.
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hey i just got a zune. it only supports mpeg and wmv formats for video tho.

i got a bunch of dvds at home i wanna get onto the zune. so i need some software that will convert a dvd to a wmv or mpeg file. i know it exists but my head hurts from searching for free versions for so long.

any suggestions as far as freeware goes for that?
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I changed my font for everything on my pc to help me see better on a flat screen tv
but I've decided to change it back because on some games i play it effects the text and i cant see whats being said... I thought i knew how to do (go to display props., settings, advanced and change dpi) but i can't get it to work and i can't figure it out. if anyone can help me pls and thank you.

A:Text and font sizing

What operating system are you using? Sounds like XP. If so also notice on that window the compatibility setting. The DPI setting changes the size of all items displayed. If you are asking about font and size (for text) also see (control panel) Display Properties, Settings, Advanced. Also see Control Panel, Fonts.
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Hey everybody I recently got a zune and I dont know how to use dvds, wmp and other types of video with the zune and I dont know how to get pictures work. Thank you very much

A:Converting Videos and Pictures to the zune

Maybe this`ll help.

Regards Howard
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Its not a new computer and it didn't use to shutdown, but a lot of crap has been installed on my computer and now it shutsdown anytime any video is converted to or from the .mp4 format and it shutsdown when I play madden 08 randomly throughout a game.

Anyway to fix this without formatting?

A:Computer shutsdown when converting video and playing madden

How do I check my temperatures?
No error message, id hear like a click and then suddenly its all black.
Whats the event viewer?
What kind of drivers would need to be updated?
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I have been working on a (Text/Graphics) Contents Fit Some Programs of Don't in Software Window strangle problem on my wife s Gateway ROG with Windows XP service pack for quite some time Some programs do not fit inside of the windows For example the Epson printer software graphics and text are cut off by the right side Contents of Some Software Programs (Text/Graphics) Don't Fit in Window of the window of which they appear and the user can not see the entirety of Contents of Some Software Programs (Text/Graphics) Don't Fit in Window the contents and hence can not select and click much less see options on what should be the right side of the window SuperAnti-Spyware Free edition also does the same thing Apparently for whatever reason these two software programs display their contents inside a window differently than most other software programs which are not displayed correctly inside their respective windows Contents of Some Software Programs (Text/Graphics) Don't Fit in Window For the record this used not to be a problem I have tried re-installing the Epson printer software the printer works fine I have also tried removing and reinstalling the video device driver software This does not work either It is a ATI Mobility Radeon Advice is greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Contents of Some Software Programs (Text/Graphics) Don't Fit in Window

Could it be that your display resolutions are wrong?

i doubt it has anything to do with your epson software, since it happens with others..

The normal resolution you should keep your monitors at is to the highest supported by both monitor and graphics card. DPI however, can be altered, found under the advanced properties (display properties>Settings>Advanced..) of your graphics card. Try altering that to the Normal setting and see if it makes a difference..

have you also tried getting the latest software updates available for your graphics card and others you have problem with?
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HI All Quick question for any web designers out there design vs dreamweaver text editor Web Just wondering what you all use for coding Me and my friend are just starting a little web design business but we argue over coding methods I am used to using alleycode on Windows and now Ive started to use linux I use screem on there - when I first began designing websites I got pointed away from word hehehe and was told to use something more like a text editor because it means you can make really clean code and have everything validated and that most WYSIWYG programs tend to add alot of extra code and go about Web design dreamweaver vs text editor things the wrong way My friend uses dreamweaver and whilst it doesnt code as bad as i had been told it does tend to make heavy work of simple designs Imjust wondering what everyone else uses wheather you can make really good pages with a text-editor and whether you can make W C complient clean pages with dreamweaver nbsp

A:Web design dreamweaver vs text editor

First, Techspot is not focused on coding techniques and you will get a bigger
population (and thus more replies) on some other boards.

However, your question is great as it says you're trying to plan ahead and start
off right. I'll give you my take, but understand, I am a purist and disdain GUI tools.
I what to know what is written so that I can change it if I desire to.
IF you use a TEXT editor, every line is yours and there's no surprises.
The really bad part of a GUI tool, imo, is that if you need to make a change,
you tweek the PRESENTATION, not the code. Sure it's what you want, but compare
the new file to the old -- massive changes result and finding exactly
that line that implements what you wanted is usually impossible.

Another issue with web page generation (as apposed to manual editing) is the
bloat and cruff that they generate. If you've ever see a Word.rtf file (in a text editor)
you'll understand immediately -- tons of stuff that is just not obvious
and sometimes it's not even references (ie: used).

Then too, the HTML,SCRIPTS, and CSS are just merged into one file --
not very effecient and makes the maintenance just that more difficult.
Lots of web designers don't realize that placing each resoruce in its own file
and using the appropriate < script scr="..." > </ script> or
< link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" title="xxx" href="pagestyle.css" />
is a performance as well as a maintenance issue; the browser can be loading
multiple resources at the same time.

Lastly, I'm also a minimalist; less is more. Flash creates great presentations,
but also greatly slowdown the user waiting for all that stuff to load -- ONLY
to be bypassed if the user clicks SKIP THIS INTRO.

The web is about INFORMATION CONTENT; the cute presentations are just eye candy. No customer ever purchases your eye candy.

btw: You should get some kind of Change Management Software to manage
versioning your pages. google for CVS
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I have a Compaq Presario 6000, approx. 5 years old and it works very well. I've been using Road Runner for internet service. I now live in a wireless hot spot. Naturally the computer does not have a WiFi card installed.

My business laptop connects without problem. I'm hopeful to to the same with my personal desktop.

What do I need to purchase or install? I don't need to network computers, just be able to access the wireless internet.

Any guidance is appreciated.

A:Converting Older Computer to Wireless Internet

If you have a PCMCIA slot you can buy a wireless network card for it. If you do not, then you can buy a USB WiFi adapter.
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Hello, I want the best quality in my music so If you can answer these questions it would be helpful:

1. What has better sound quality at 320 kbs? Variable Bit Rate or Constant Bit Rate?

2. Will my mp3 audio be lossless of it's current data when I convert it from 320 vbr into 320 cbr?

3. Will I have better/restored sound quality if I converted a 128 kbs into a higher
number like 320 kbs?

4. Is there anything else I need to know about MP3 sound quality?

5. If I rip an album into .wav and then convert the .wav into mp3 will I lose quality compared to ripping to mp3 straight from the cd?

A:MP3 Converting Constant/Variable Bitrate questions.

1. constant bit rate is (like it sounds) a constant bit rate throughout the song. variable bit rate will go up and down depending on the amount of stuff going on in the song so it's not the same all the way through

2. you probably won't notice much difference if you converted between vbr to cbr because vbr uses a base bit rate and fluctuates up and down from that, sometimes it can save on file size, sometimes not

3. if you convert from a lower bit rate to a higher one you will not notice any difference. because the file has already been encoded at 128kbps, its upper limit for the song is 128 so making it 320 will just give you a bigger file size with no gain in sound quality

4. sound quality totally depends on bit rate. in my opinion 128kbps is enough, sometimes you can get away with 112, but at the end of the day it depends on how much of a purist you are and how big your hard drive is

hope i have helped answer your questions
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My father recently gave me a pair of Pioneer CS B9000s and KLH Model 802s. (The models and such don't really matter I don't think. It just makes me feel special saying it.)

Since they would pretty much be gathering dust otherwise, I want to put them to use. How would I go around to hooking them up to my pc? Both pairs will be great, but I don't mind settling for only one pair.

Besides, my current pair of speakers sound flat and boring. I'd like to annoy my neighbors with some Devin Townsend at 2 a.m.

A:"Converting" non computer speakers...

There is nothing to "convert", a speaker is a speaker is a speaker.

You need some sort of an amplifying unit to drive the speakers of course. After that you just run a suitable cable from your computer to the amp. ("Suitable" as in it depends on the output your soundcard can do and the input(s)/output(s) your amp unit has.)
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I downloaded digital video from a Scan Disk to my hdd. How can I convert it to a DVD. I have WinXP,sp2, DVDFab Platinum, Win Player 10,ImgBurn, Nero.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Converting DV to DVD

Can you clarify what you mean by a "scan disc"? What is the origin of the files on the "scan disc"?
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ok so i was told this was inpossible but after search on google, even microsoft have a way of doing it, but they wont work for me -.-, on microsofts explaination it says covert volume to basic then delete dynamic drive then convert drive to basic (or something along those lines) but i have no volumes or cover/delte drive options , they are there but there dimmed so i cant click on them, could anybody help me im using sata1, maxtor 320gb hdd. thanks

A:converting dynamic to basic...

Why do you want to do this ?
It seems like a formating option,and your reduceing yours to a lesser
Where is the greyed out option ?
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I have 2 pc`s
1 has amd sempron 2800+ running at 1600mhz
converts 700 mb avi in just over 1 hour

pc2 has celeron 1800 running at 1798 mhz
and take 3 hour to convert the same avi file
i use the same converter on both i have tried them all and found Convertxtodvd the best
can someone explain what is the deciding factor in the time it take to convert an avi file <ie, processor motherboard

A:Converting AVI to DVD

Software, memory, and burner.
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Hi, I'd appreciate some help converting wav audio to mp3 to dwnload onto an mp3 pod. Have tried Nero 7 and have dwnloaded a free version of Switch but am just stupid I suppose. Help please?

A:converting to mp3

all you have to do is convert the songs to mp3s itunes automatically does it when you import the songs to it
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OK so I've digitised an old audio tape belonging to mygirlfriend and cleaned up the bumps, bangs and tape hiss but now she wants a CD burnt - one that she can play on her audio equipment at home (ie. not using her computer).

I've read that WAV files (which is what I ended up with) can only be played on PC's, so where do I go from here please? Any ideas?


A:Converting audiofiles

Open up your favourite CD burning program and tell it that you want to create an audio CD. Drag and drop.
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Excuse me if i'm asking the impossable, but I recently recorded on my hard drive a radio program from my digital Freeview tv card, and the resultant file was a mpeg2 file. Is it possable to convert this file into a wav. or an m3 file. I have Nero 7 if that is any good

A:Converting mpg2 file to wav files

dBpowerAMP is a good free program, though some advanced features, I think, need a bought version. For what you need, though, this version should work fine.
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Hi im not sure if this is the right forum to place this on but so be it:

i have a video file that is .avi i have used a program that has converted it to a .Mpeg format as i want to burn it to make a VCD, but the problem i now have is the file is 800MB, and the CD i wish to burn it to is 700MB, is there a way, with or without another program that can compress the video down to 700MB but it still be playable as an VCD on a DVD player?

A:Problems whilst converting AVI to MPEG

You could always purchase some 800MB cd-r`s, this would save you the problem of trying to compress the file.

Just a thought.

Regards Howard
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Got a canon i860 printer. The print head stopped printing regular black. I have soaked it overnight with ammonia/water mix as well as alcohol.

Still no text. It wil print other colors. The automatic alignment has also stopped working. Should I replace the print head?
I think I have done all I can with this head.

A:Canon i860 won't print black text

Doesn't the Canon printer utility have a "clean print head" option? I seem to remember seeing that for my i550.

My nozzles tend to clog bec. I'll go a month or so between printing photos. I usually just print a full color draft on plain paper, which unclogs.

Have you tried printing a photo, rather than a text page?

If that doesn't work, and after all the things you've tried, it may be time to send this one on to the print cartridge graveyard.
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I know this is not really the standard type of question answered here but I was hoping you guys could help me out I want to set up headphones that will work with watching TV and DVDs My TV has audio out jacks red and white RCA I m assuming that I ll be able to find a cable to convert male RCA to a female inch Home converting Audio: output to L-R headphones headphone port My question is will I be able to get the Home Audio: converting L-R output to headphones speakers on the TV to not play while using the headphones I m guessing that if I plug the headphones in and then lower the tvs volume on the remote it will lower the volume of both the speakers and the headphones Home Audio: converting L-R output to headphones right Is there any way around this that I m missing Does anyone have a better solution for attaching headphones to a system like this Also the TV is in a wall unit that makes getting behind it difficult so Home Audio: converting L-R output to headphones frequent plug changes are not going to happen Thank you for your help nbsp

A:Home Audio: converting L-R output to headphones

It is up to the TV whether it has separate controls for separate audio outputs.

TV sets do turn off the integrated speakers when you plug something in the headphone jack, no idea about the RCA outputs.
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I am taking old videos created with a Handi-cam and burning the movies to DVD.
The first one I did went well but it was small and fit on a 4.7 gb dvd.

This next one is a bit bigger.

This is what I have done.

I have captured the movie using Windows Movie Maker.
These have created files that are in the "windows media audio/video files".

I now want to shrink these.

DVD Shrink and DVD2one both want my file to be in a valid DVD-video file set.

So I guess I need to convert these files to something not sure what

Anybody have any idea how I can shrink these files (they are 6.2 gb by the way).

(I know I can always buy double layer DVD's but pretty expensive still).



A:converting VHS and burning to DVD

So they're WMV files? Those would have to be converted first to work on a DVD. should have some guides or tools to do the conversion. It would probably be better to just capture them as MPEG2 so they can be put directly on DVD. You can use an authoring program to edit the footage and create a DVD.
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I hope someone can help me. I am trying to convert my wedding video to DVD and, as such, have purchased a Belkin Hi Speed DVD Converter. I have finally worked out how to get it all plugged into the Video Recorder and the computer and can get it to playback on Nero fine. However, when I try to record and capture the picture freezes and I get an error message saying"Unable to analyze the captured file c:\...). When I close out of Nero (in a fit of pique!!!) the computer reboots and then on restart says the computer has recovered from a critical error.

What am I doing wrong and how do I get round it? Go easy with me, I am not a teccie, just a housewife with a few brain cells!

Thanks in advance


A:Help Converting Video to DVD

I'm afraid I have no idea. Personally, I don't use any expensive hardware for creating DVD's from video files. I tend to use Nero Vision, as bundled with Nero 7 Premium these dats. It's simple and does what it says on the tin with most formats. Takes an hour or two usually, but ease of use tends to be what I'm going for these days. Nero Vison, as mentioned above, is simply a matter of telling it to create a DVD, add the files, set chapters, create a menu (or not - your choice), set burning options and burn. Does it all in one package.

Someone more experienced with your particular piece of hardware might be able to answer your question though if you particularly want to do it that way.
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How do you convert videos to .swf videos? I have a .php one here but only accepts .swf. Also, has anyone heard of swftools, I downloaded it but it looks dodgy and I don't know how to use it. It's not a what I thought it was.

A:Converting to .swf

.swf is flash
Use MACROMEDIA.STUDIO.MX.2004 or newer

or just type swf in google and u will find a large amount of 3rd party software.
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Hi! Just entered this forum. New "in town". I 've downloaded a winRAR-file, unpacked it, and there were some 10 .ape files there. I want to convert that music to a CD. How do I do that?

A:Converting .ape files to mp3

well first you need a program. Here is a program

THis program should do it. If you need any help or any other programs my aim sn is Daproffessat34 and my e-mail [email protected]
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I have a canon multifunction printer / scanner mp360 and run canon's mptoolbox software for scanning. Ocassionally when scanning a single page (this means i should have one image transfer to the computer) I have several images transfered to the computer which usually comprises bits of text and parts of pictures being sent to the computer. Has anyone experienced similiar problems and could tell me what the solution to fix this.

A:scanner gives multiple bits of text and images

you might have your OCR (text recognition) software turned on.. are you using the buttons on the machine or scanning it throught the software?
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I have a 256 meg mp3 player can anyone sudjest a program where i can convert the songs from cds to mp3 form , i foiund some but it can only convert 5 song from each cd. ( IT NEEDS TO BE FREE ) THANKS!!!!!!!

A:problem converting cda form to mp3 form

perhaps a trial version like this?
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Does anyone know of a free version that can convert 3pg files to mpeg format. I want to transfer videos from my cell to my pc and my pc to my cell. THe videos on my phone are 3pg format. They wont play on my pc. I downloaded some free trials like "I'm too Converter" but it only lets me convert a few times. It costs like 30 bucks to register. Does someone know of a free trial that works good? Thanks.

A:Converting 3pg files to mpeg - help

just google 'free 3pg to mpg converter'
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I wasnt sure where to put this thread so sorry if its in the wrong board.

Had a bit of a hard disk problem last week that seems to have sorted it self.the only problem is now when I go in to my music/my documents ect all the text is blue?anyideas why this might be?

also on two occasions since the hard drive problem I've had a "No NFO found"message come up,once when going in to system info and the other updating adaware.

A:Blue text?

I believe those indicate compressed files done by the OS. You could have gotten them that way from the disk cleanup tool, 'compress old files to save space'.
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At my work, I use Now-Up-To-Date calender to keep my schedual. Different event types are color coded. Some are red, yellow, orange.

My printer (hp 4050) is a black and white printer. It has always printed all the different colors as solid black. I just reformatted my computer (XP-Pro) and reinstalled my NUTD calender, but when it prints, the yellow and orange entries are almost impossible to read.

Does anyone know what the setting is to get my printer to print it all the same shade black?
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I ve got a small Excel file I ve tried to save to a diskette but after the one time out of many tries it finally did write it it won t read when I try to look at it gives me an error message So I saved it to a CD-RW everything went only read Excel Cannot marked file, save okay I can read it but now when I want to update it it says quot Cannot save the file xxxxxx The file exists and is marked read only Save the file with another file name or another location quot And a couple of times it told me I did not have rights to access this file I m the only one on this computer and I m listed as the administrator so I don t understand that either All I want to do is overwrite the file to update it every now and then But I can t I ve always been able to do this on a diskette but can Cannot save Excel file, marked read only t even do that now Is it not possible to do this on a CD-RW I don t want to write a new file every couple of days The diskette would be fine if I could get it to work Can anybody Cannot save Excel file, marked read only give me some advice I m just using what came on XP Home to burn disc s and always have because I don t do any music coping and this has always worked fine up until now Just did a reformat of my computer about three weeks ago but I can t see why that would be a problem I put it back just as it was to begin with Thanks in Cannot save Excel file, marked read only advance for any help And if this info is to be found somewhere else here at TS I couldn t find it nbsp

A:Cannot save Excel file, marked read only

If you leave the disc open, you can overwrite files as long as the disc is a -RW disc and not a standard -R disc. Honestly I've had bad experiences with -RW and leaving discs open. That was ages ago and CD-Rs are so cheap now. O've been told that OfficeXP doesn't like floppy discs. I have no proof of this. I haven't used a floppy in quite some time either.
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I need a utility to convert wma to mp3 or wav files. I thought audacity would do it, but it wont work. Importing raw data just makes noise. Any suggestions or programs you can reccomend? :grinthumb

A:Converting WMA to WAV or MP3 for free

Audacity should work. I edit all my raw audio there. try updating to the latest version. also try tweeking the settings
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I have an AVI file I want to convert to MPG for burning a VCD. The original size of the file is about 750 MB. Is there a way to do this and end up with a VCD that fits on one CD-R? The resulting mpg file after converting using TMPGEnc is over two Gigs! I don't have a DVD burner. Any thoughts?

A:Converting AVI to MPG

It should be possible with TMPGEnc, did you select the correct template? Some CD burning applications have (S)VCD encoding too, for example Nero, maybe you could try it?

Videohelp has a lot of tutorials too:
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Here's the situation, I bought a new Mobo & CPU and it has 2 USB 2.0 ports for the front panel. The old Mobo also had the same, but the panel's USB ports are 1.0. I can't find a USB 2.0 cable w/ Mobo adapter to make it work. I don't want to add more front panel ports, I'd like to modify the front ports to accomdate a USB 2.0 to make it work with my Mobo. The pins on the new Mobo don't jive with the 1.0 wire connection. Does anyone know of a site that sell USB parts where I can make my own USB 2.0 ports?

A:Converting USB 1.0 Front Panel to USB 2.0

I think you will find what you need here:
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Is there a program that will help me to convert an AVI File to a viewable format, be it DVD, VCD or SVCD. I know there are plenty of programs that will convert but given the resolutions and fps of the avi file I don't know which format to convert TO. I have read tutorials but they are very broad. Thank you.

A:Converting Avi Files

A friend of mine uses Cucusoft, and he is pretty happy with it. I would ay 90% of what he converts, he converts to DVD. Not sure if that helps, but it does work for his situation.
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I have a radeon 8500 and connected it to my tv the first time using the S-video out. Everything is great, my divx movies, and video games look good but I could barely read any text from the tv. If the text are large then I could see some of them, but blurry. I think I adjusted every possible setting on my video card, and on the tv. IS this the was it is suppose to be, or are there any other options and hidden sitches I can configure? Thanks to anyone that can help.

A:Blurry text on video out, from radeon 8500

This is normal, because the highest resolution a regular tv will do is 800x600, and generally 640x480. So it will always display text very very bad. Unelss you get a high definition tv that has the capabilities of doing 1024x768.

Sorry but there is nothing you can do about this.
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Beginning yesterday, I open qa file and the cursor is atached to an outline of a document. Excel is locked up and I have to ALT-CTL-DEL to close/exit. Does anyone know wehat the cursor with a document outline means?

A:MS Excel 2003 Cursor

Wrong forum, sorry.
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Hey d ds dont know why but i ve got drives they ve all been FAT until now I won t go into it but i couldnt boot from a normal DOS boot disk with all my disks pluged in so i had to unplug to rebuild my O S last nite problem is Imagine Converting NTFS i ve got x GB and x GB on a RAID controller x GB was partitioned and for some reason well not some reason it was the way the disks were all added at diff times it the partitions were given the drive letters thru FDISK NTFS Converting as C and J my nd GB was D then the s E and F G and H are my DVD-Rom and CD-RW A Mess yeah i know The booting issue isn t a problem at all i ve got XP on i ve got disks all full partitions NTFS Converting in disk management etc but my st disk Pri-Master on the RAID Cont is F NTFS my nd disk Pri-Slave on the RAID Cont is G NTFS my rd disk Sec-Master on the RAID Cont is H NTFS my th disk Sec-Slave on the RAID Cont is I NTFS all i m asking is whats the best way of resuming normality I had to change the G H and I to get them to go after F I loaded my OS with only disk present then plugged the rest in later to overcome the boot issue which has served its purpose but when first added G H and were C D and E or something but I want them to go in the order they are in the RAID controller I could remove the partition on F and reload again now they are synchronous in windows atm but i m wondering whether with them being FAT when I open FDSIK they all jump forward a letter or so so - Pri Mast Partitionless Pri Slave C Sec Mast D Sec Slave E AGAIN which is what i m trying to avoid would converting them to NTFS so none would be present in FDISK only the windows setup stop them doing that I mean basically would they retain the letter i ve given them currently in windows coz i can change them to D E and F later I just want this Pri-Master to become C I know I cant change it while its my system drive in windows I only reloaded my pc again last nite so im driverless atm so i dont care about re-loading again using the convert X FS NTFS command wont effect data on a none system drive will it Sorry about that Regards Greeno nbsp

A:NTFS Converting

It looks rather messy but here goes:

Every HD you have has an active partition on it.
You should have ONLY 1 active partition and that should be the first partition on your first HD, i.e. your PriMast will be C:.

The other partition of your PriMast can stay, but will receive D: as soon as all the other active partitions have been removed.

To remove the active partitions from the other 3 drives, use Partition Magic (this does not work with FDISK!).
Rightclick the selected drive, click Convert, then to Logical.
You will not lose any of your data.

PriSlave will become E:
SecMast will become F:
SecSlave will become G:
Your DVD/CD will become H: and I:

Backup what you need, to be sure to be sure!

Have fun.

PS: converting alone to NTFS will have no influence on your drive-letter sequence. If you want to convert the lot, then again do so with Partition Magic, much faster than Window's own util.

However, prepare for a long session if you want to watch this.
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I'm using an ATI 9600 PRO with a 23" Apple Cinema display @ 1920x1200. While it seems to work fine after Win2K boot-up, it doesn't show the text during boot-up. Any ideas?

A:Help - ATI 9600Pro Not Showing Boot Text

:wave: Hello & Welcome to TechSpot :wave:

What text is it that doesn't show?

The BIOS text, or just the graphic card's BIOS text?

If it's the latter, then I wouldn't worry too much, as it's most likely too fast for the screen to have turned itself on...

Does the problem only happen when you turn the computer on, or does it happen when you reboot?

If you answer that, we'll be able to better understand the problem..
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i have the sound blaster audigy platinum soundcard..the manual says that i can plug in to the card my analogue camcoder or vhs..i do that but nothing happens..i want to convert my vhs movies to that possible with soundblaster+pinnacle s8..?

A:converting analogue video to mpeg with sb audigy platinum

Well if you have a new VCR player they send an encrypted line with the file so you can't copy them. It is so you can't go out and buy a new VHS movie and burn it to DVD and sell it personally. If you have an older model VCR it should work fine. Or if you are using the VHS recorder. It should be all layed out in the manual for the hardware. Check in there for troubleshooting guides.

BTW :wave: Welcome to TechSpot :wave:
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Hi all I have just found this PC oasis and thought I would register say hello and start off by asking you all a question I m a UNIX administrator so that is where my experise lies PC s are mainly for fun and that is what I use them for With that sai I have a young son and Converting AVI to... videos something? I have shot many videos of him hours worth over the past years on my DV camcorder Then I use Videowave to import the videos onto my Converting AVI videos to... something? PC When I first import the videos they are AVI format and are HUGE some odd GB Now that s huge Anyway I can use videowave to quot produce quot the videos into many different formats resolution etc These include mpg avi wmv I have noticed of course that there are enormous differences in quality of playback for different formats Without me having to play with these formats TOO much do any of you fine gentleman and ladies of course have any suggestions as to what format to use These will be put up on my family website so that friends amp far away family members can download them I have thought about posting several formats so that people on different speed connections can choose which format they would like ie people on slow connections could download a WMV KB encoded vid but people on high speed access could get an AVI Is that a good idea to do I am only thinking about it because it s just more work for me Also what is the deal with DivX Is that something I should look into Basically here s what I am looking for A combination of great quality videos at the smallest possible size What do you all think Thanks Chris nbsp

A:Converting AVI videos to... something?

DivX is definitely something you should look into, or actually XviD, which is about the same but free. I can't really recommend any other formats if you want great quality at the smallest possible size.

About formats: AVI doesn't support streaming (if I remember correctly), so you can't put them to your website so that people wouldn't need to download them. MPEG does, QuickTime does, Ogg Media does, Matroska does, but if your family / friends are using the most widely spread operating system, they might have problems with Ogg & Matroska. In short, you don't have to use AVI if you don't want to.
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I have downloaded some low bitrate .wav files, is there a program that will let me convert the bitrate?

A:Converting Wav Bitrates

Pretty much any semi-decent audio editor can do that, even the one that comes with Nero.

Here's one
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This can either be a gaming or a video question, but to me it was more video...

I'm trying to convert my Quake 3 Team Arena demos to something I can play on a normal media player, like a .mpg or .avi file. I wanted to make a VCD out of them so I can showcase the effectiveness of the railgun at close range. Are there any programs that will convert them? Can I just rename them to something else? It would really be great if I could

A:Converting Quake III: Team Arena demos to .mpg

The demo files just contain positional info & aren't played back like videos.
I don't know "what" you need to get to do it but I do know there's some java application you can download that will allow you to record it to a movie file. could always ask at what he used if can't find it.
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Good afternoon,

I use a spread sheet which contains Check Boxes, that I manually tick to show a task has been fully completed. I have a basic formula that calculates returned items, and once it reaches 0 (all returned) I tick the box. I wish to have the Check Box auto-tick itself once the returned items count reaches 0. I'm damned certain this is possible, but beyond my abilities. I know you can have formulas to display text once a Check Box is ticked, I am kinda trying to do it the other way around.

Thanks for any help


A:Microsoft Office Excel 2010 Check Box

Darrenbilly said:

I'm damned certain this is possible, but beyond my abilities.Click to expand...

You are correct, it is possible.

What you need to do is learn the Visual Basic for Applications coding in Excel. Then you can add code that runs every time the sheet calculates (basically when something changes on the page). The code can check the status of a cell and change the status of another cell (or object in your case) based on criteria you have coded.

I'm not a programmer but playing with Excel Macros (VBA coding) and manipulating excel cells is a long time hobby of mine.

The easiest way to learn is to record Macro's and then study the code. It is easier learning the code if know first hand what it does. After you are familiar with how the code works, you will be surprised at how easy it is to code your own macros. Once you have the macro working for you, it is easy to move the code and have it run every time the sheet loads, calculates, closes, or several other possibilities.
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This is my first time posting here, so I apologize in advance for any faux pas in my postings. I'm in hopes that someone out there can help with this problem.

We've had several users in the office run into the problem of the message text disappearing from an e-mail when they send it. (No, it isn't user error.) No error messages appear, everything seems fine. However, when the user looks at the message in the Sent folder (to print it for reference or whatever), the text of the message is gone. The addressees receive blank messages. Any attachments are still attached, but the text of the message is not there.

What causes this? How do we fix it? Any ideas, anyone?


A:Outlook 2003--message text disappears when e-mail is sent

have you checked for a virus/spyware?
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Hello all,
I have an Excel 2010 file. When I want to copy or cut it to some elsewhere, that file will not be copied, instead a shortcut of some KBs will be copied! Copying other Excel or else files has no problem. But this one has.
Any idea on what is wrong with this file please?
I'm running a Win 7 machine.

A:Problem when copying an Excel file

Likely it is a networked file and opened by someone on the network.
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Installed the Add On, everything I can find says there is supposed to be
a button in the very bottom right of the FireFox screen to active the app
when a word is selected.

It doesn't show up.

What do I need to do?

Windows 7 Home Premium

Relevancy 24.94%

I have somehow lost my shortcut to a text file that is somewhere within the MS system or perhaps within the FIREFOX browser system. You add the address of the website to the list, give it a unique IP address from the others in the list and it keeps that website from coming up when someone tries to get to it.

What is the name of that file and where can it be found???

I hope this is enough information and that someone knows what I'm talking about.

A:Trying to ban a website by adding it to a special text file..

Hosts File

@tepeco, I think you are looking for the "Hosts" file, which, in a Windows installation, can be found here: C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc. The file itself has no extension.

By-the-way, etc is the actual name of a folder.

Hope this helps.
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I'm using VIDEOzilla v3.1 and am trying to convert a 225MB .avi file to .mov but the process hangs at around the 50% mark and proceeds no further. There are no errors, CPU usage initially hits 97% but drops to 50% after about 5 mins.

I have Windows XP w/SP3. No updates have been installed since the installation of VIDEOzilla (that I am aware of).

Has anyone got any ideas on this? Has anyone else experienced this error? I am using the unactivated version (free download). Is the size of the .avi the problem? I had previously used AVS Video Converter to convert the same file into .mov but it placed their logo in the middle of the screen as it too was an unactivated version (and costs twice as much as VIDEOzilla).

Thanks and kind regards,

A:Converting .avi to .mov stalls at 50%

What is the goal for this file?

If its going to an iPod you could use Handbrake. If it just needs to be converted for something else you could try Super. Personally I dislike Super because it seems like you need to jump through hoops to use it, and in the past (don't know about current version) the GUI is horrible, but it does seem to work well.
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Hello to all I have few problems or misunderstandings about the auto-saving recovering workbooks in Excel My with problem in unsaved workbooks Excel that try to explain them clearly as follows First I create a New Microsoft Excel file And put some data into it and wait for more than minute because I changed the time of Save AutoRecover My problem with unsaved workbooks in Excel information every from File Options Save Save workbooks part to one minute After passing that time more than one minute I close that workbook without saving it I e pressing don t save button OK now I open that file again but my first oddness - The both UnsavedFiles folder from path File Info Manage Versions section Recover Unsaved workbooks button and Recover Unsaved Workbooks folder from path File Recent right hand pane are Empty Why After reopening that file I go to path File Info Versions There is one writing button next to the Manage Versionsbutton quot Today PM when I closed without saving quot If I press that button I can restore the changes which I have made but haven t saved I restore the lost data and save that file and close it For the second time I open that file and put other data into it And as a bad boy does such things in his routine basis close the file again without saving it but of course after waiting more than one minute This is second time that is I ve saved somethings at least one time into that file before OK I open the file once again and go through File options but - again just like quot - quot those two folders are still empty Why I just can restore that file again like previous time Those two folders seem always to be empty which is very strange I m sorry if I gave you a headache nbsp

A:My problem with unsaved workbooks in Excel

pressing don't save buttonClick to expand...

WHY? If the work is good and not just an experiment, SAVE the data. Personally, I turn off auto-save and rely upon myself to know when to save my work or just abandon it with Dont Save.
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Hi people, I would like to copy my dvds onto my hd in either avi or mp4 format while at the same time shrinking them down to a more manageable size (1gb or less) so I am able to watch them on my TV.
I was able to do this successfully on my previous windows machine but could do with some help on my Linux Ubuntu install as I have now ditched Microsoft products.

So to recap.

I need means to rip, resize, and convert my dvds onto my hd into avi/mp4 format please.

P.S. I am not looking for instruction to do anything illegal. I will only use it to copy dvds that allow such use.


A:Shrinking and converting my copyright free dvds to avi/mp4 using Linux

Handbrake is free and should do the job.
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Hello guys,

My English teacher has given us two .MP3 files. They are small stories in English language. We should first write a summary about that then translate the whole text into our native language. It is an exercise!
If it was a text I could write a brief text about it and also translate it into our native language immediately. But the problem is that since the speed of the English-language narrator man is very quick I can't completely understand what he says.

I tried to find some apps to convert voice to text and installed some of them but no one worked properly!

Is there any idea how to convert those .MP3 English files to text?
It's an emergency and I'll be very thankful if someone can help me.

A:Difficulty with a .MP3 English file and Voice to text converter

I don't think there is any way of doing that. A trick that I've found useful in my efforts to learn a foreign language is to play the mp3 file in Apple's Quick Time Player (Free). You can alter the playback speed. There are several slow speed options. At the extreme it all sounds zombie like but things are much easier to follow.
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I have a video on my iPhone I made & would like to know how to put the words on it into text so I can email it?
I've already tried the program built into Vista & W7 but no luck yet. Any ideas/suggestions?

A:Video words to text

Clarification; I want to put the words in the video into text so I can copy/paste the text ONLY into an email. Sorry if I wasn't clear.
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Hi guys,

In my Excel 2010 workbook there is a cell with the value of "90" in type of number/general. When I go to find and replace dialog box and try to find the number "90" by typing it in Find what rectangle, then I want the program looks for it in formulas (look in: Formulas). But it shows that "90" as the result! Why? I said it to look for it in Formulas not in values.
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I am wondering if anyone is a Live Mesh user who may have had the following problem: I was working with an Excel file which I "opened" from a Live Mesh Desktop folder. When I was finished with my work, I saved the file, and closed it. The program never gave me any message regarding the file save, but needless to say, I cannot find the file, and the file located on the Live Mesh Desktop folder is there, but was not updated with the new data. I believe that since the file was saved, and no error message was shown, that that version of the file must be somewhere, but where is my question?

A:Can't find Excel file

look in the 'last folder where you saved an excel file'

also launch Excel itself and the look in the Open list to see if it is present
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In my Excel 2010 file there are three sheets. I can navigate between them by clicking on the sheets on the bottom left hand side, next to Sheet tab scroll buttons.

But I can't use "Sheet tab scroll buttons" because when clicking on them they don't do anything. I don't know what is the problem.

Is there anyone who knows the reason please?

A:Sheet tab scroll buttons don't work on Excel 2010

You talking about these in the red box?

Looks like it depends on whether the horizontal scroll bar is hiding the tabs or not. In the 1st pic, all the tabs are visible. Clicking on the arrows did nothing. Whereas in the 2nd pic, only the 1st tab is visible, clicking on the arrows will move you to the previous/next tab.
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I've been using this software some time now, but (I think) after installing Win 8 or 8.1, the text to speech feature does not work. Babylon acknowledges that the software uses the Microsoft Windows engine for this purpose and I know this feature works perfectly in Windows as I have tried it.
I haven't been able to find any answers any where.
Please advise.
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Hi guys I have a slight problem after my first data scraping session Basically I have around k of lines and around k quot www domain com username quot urls that are in this text file However the only part I need is the url and everything else is redundant The URL is dynamic so it s different username everytime as well as on a random line rather then continuous every lines or so Is there a software out there or maybe a notepad sublime algorythim that takes out all the data or simply extracts the data I want Here is what it looks like Code http www youtube com watch v RiVKDn kyfo Landon Austin - Armor - Official Music Video Download on iTunes - lt a href quot http goo gl aaIY E quot target quot blank quot title quot http goo gl except URL Removing data scraping help) from file text (data specified aaIY Removing data from text file except specified URL (data scraping help) E quot rel quot nofollow quot dir quot ltr quot class quot yt-uix-redirect-link quot gt http goo gl aaIY E lt a gt Download on Amazon http www youtube com watch v z KJ I j s Download on iTunes For more information smtown hompage lt a href quot http www smtown com quot target quot blank quot title quot http www smtown com quot rel quot nofollow Removing data from text file except specified URL (data scraping help) quot dir quot ltr quot class quot yt-uix-redirect-link quot gt http www smtown com lt a gt smtown EXO-K http www youtube com watch v oJrdLhXlE Watch the official music video by Kerbera for their hit single amp quot Counterpoints For more information on Kerbera check them out on http www youtube com watch v B hGd EfSwM Just a little video I put together cuz I was bored as hell Trying to brush up my skills Video is scenes from the movie and music http www youtube com watch v qOaqiCBum w it All Honest Final Exam Version Music Video Like the video Facebook lt a href quot https www domain com Leendadproductions quot target quot blank quot title quot https www domain com Leendadproductions quot rel quot nofollow quot dir quot ltr quot class quot yt-uix-redirect-link quot gt https www domain com Leendadproductions lt a gt http www youtube com watch v AT WU- Py I Music video for the song amp quot Pink Print amp quot by Antillectual taken from the Removing data from text file except specified URL (data scraping help) album amp quot Perspectives amp Objectives amp quot Order the album at http www youtube com watch v tmDMiUDm rY From amp quot International amp quot available June th on Sacred Bones Records Directed by Cali Thornhill Dewitt Shot and Edited by I am using a Youtube scraper to get description from specific videos music covers and the descriptions have urls that I require for instance let say Soundcloud Now the Scrapper pulls in the WHOLE description however all I need is the Soundcloud link nbsp
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Hi guys, I keep getting an application error when trying to add record in Microsoft Excel 2007 worksheet. This porblem seemed to crop up overuse, I have pasted the Error below, REALLY appreciate your time and help with this. Thanks!
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My excel 2007 has started misbehaving. A save as window will pop up on its own & when I choose to save it pops right back up. If I choose to cancel, it cancels & pops right back up. When I click escape it goes away. Whats up? Other oddities are occurring on my dell notebook since I have been helping my brother with his dell notebook he just got off of ebay. I remotely access his computer using We activated his office 2013 on his machine but he is getting some strange messages like "picture is too large .... it will be truncated". I have found responses on this message with google but all comments relate to earlier versions & I am unable to get his message to stop. If we click ok twice we can go on & paste. Is my machine getting corrupted by his? Help!

A:Excel 2007 misbehaving

I would try to do a repair. I believe this can be done through the help menu in an Office app. Otherwise, try a repair, through the Programs control panel (or add remove programs if this is xp).
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hi all i need your help was doing the budget spreedsheet on excel
like a fool i went out for the day and left the pc on when i got home the pc had crashed and i lost the 2 columns c & e i was working on.
now all my input has gone ???????

A:Excel help needed

See here. Hope it helps!
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I tried searching a pdf for a word and it didn't find it. I then realized it's not actually text just an image of text. How can I convert the pdf to have text and be able to search it?

A:Convert PDF images to text

Try Foxit Reader
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Hello all,

I have created an application with D3DX9. My application displays text on the faces on 400 cubes using Textures. The heights of the cubes are changed every 100 milliseconds (in OnTimer call). I display text using the following sequence of calls (pseudocode is below):

for (I=0 to 399)
if(texture != NULL)
texture = NULL

MyFont->DrawTextA(texture, word)
CreateMeshObject(cube) //Cube height changes for every OnTimer call.

This code hangs after a few calls to OnTimer. My VRAM seems to be hogging up. Calling the Release for texture does not seem to be really releasing the memory in VRAM. Am I doing anything wrong here? Is there a better way to display text on the cube's face? Does D3DX11 have a better way of doing this? Any suggestion is welcome.

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I've been trying to resolve this very slow opening problem, but no success.
Tried "detect and repair", this worked but after restart or shutdown the problem came right back.
Any suggestions for a fix, hopefully short of reinstalling MS Office, would be greatly appreciated.

OS XPPro SP3 fully updated
MS Office 2003 fully updated

Thanks in advance

A:MS office files, Word and Excel, very slow to open

Sounds like a machine error... Tell us about your computer, connection, antivirus, and antispyware in some detail... We would like to know brand, or motherboard, age, and configuration... as well as your spyware and antivirus
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Do you know of a software program that will pronounce words for you either free or purchase? I know there are web sites I can go to but I'm not always online in fact, I'm off more than on but my computer is on and I just wanted a program that would do this for me. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks for your time!

A:Any suggestions for a text-to-speech/screen reader software?

If you're running windows XP you can just use windows narrator, i've never tried personally, but it is built right into windows so you won't have to install.
Just press and hold the windows key and press "U".
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HI guys
Do you guys experienced this kind of problem? When i finished my excel sheet at home, the format for cells are right. However, when i got to the office and open it for my boss, the cell format changed by itself.

For example, cell A is set for number only, but when i open it at my office, the format of the cell change to some letters.

Oh, my office use Ms office business version and my home use professional version. Could that cause the problem?

Thank you very much for helping .

A:Excel sheet format change when i open it on another PC

That is strange. Even if you are using different versions this should not happen.

Has this happened only once? or it happens every time you do some work at home and take it back to office?

Does it happens with only this file, or happens with every worksheet?
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At work, I know the company blocks some things and doesn't have the most up to date software but things were working OK for quite some time. This morning, without any notification that anything had been changed, Yahoo Mail for myself and 2 others lost the rich text capability and the toolbar.

A search hasn't turned up any help.

I did find something that says Yahoo Mail has limited capabilities under IE7, but it was working fine until this morning.

The "rich text / basic" option under the Subject bar in the email isn't there now, either.

Thanks for any tips on how to restore email editing ability!

A:On IE 7, Yahoo Mail rich text / toolbar disappeared

You may need to update to IE 9 or 10. Looks like Yahoo is not supporting much for IE 7
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OK some of the websites I go to are showing text only, the biggest one being facebook, I am using firefox browser. how can I fix this problem?
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Hi all, very niche question here ...

I have a bunch of excel spreadsheets, with a bunch of worksheets within each one. Basically, April 2013.xls, May 2013.xls - with every day of the month inside.

I need to somehow 'export' the VIEW of the worksheets, to another format like PDF, for the sole purpose of presenting it as a digital signage solution. Exporting the data from spreadsheet is not feasible, as the "calendar view" is lost.

Alternatively, anyone know a room booking solution that's cheap/free for corporate use?

A:Excel file automation

St1ckM4n said:

room booking solutionClick to expand...

A possible alternative might be an Appointment System.
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Where can I get quality digital audio transcription service? I'm looking for quality digital audio transcription services that are professional and affordable. I want them to be able to transcribe any audio formats, MP3, WAV, DSS, WMA, etc.,and be able to upload files by dropping them in a free dropbox. I also want a quick turnaround.

Thanks In Advance.

A:Speech to text, How to do that?

UNKNOWN9122 said:

Naunce Dragon isnt worth 180 bucks. Wait for Windows 9 which I hope will have it built in.Click to expand...

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Hello I am currently using Skydrive to synchronize files to changes Skydrive in file paths Excel path cloud local and folders between Skydrive changes local file paths to cloud path in Excel my home and office computers I created an Excel file which has hyperlinks linking to files located under the same folder as the Excel file on the local hard disk In the past I was using Excel and the synching would work fine I would open the excel file in any of the two computers and when I clicked on the hyperlinks the file stored on the local hard disk would open Recently I purchased Office and suddenly the paths in the hyperlinks linking to the files were changed from a local relative location I e test xlsx Skydrive changes local file paths to cloud path in Excel to a cloud address I e http d docs live net afodfldfad test xlsx On top of that even if I click on the hyperlink the file does not open Also Skydrive keeps creating copies of the files at random with the name of the computer where it was modified at the end I e test-Home-PC xlsx Anybody know the reason for this and a way around it Thanks nbsp