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Upgrading a HP Pro 3125

Q: Upgrading a HP Pro 3125

Got this machine as a sort of a project..I use my laptop for workand general computing..just wondered could I get this machine up to a decent spec to play games?

above is a link with its current spec apart from memory I upgraded it to 4mb.. is this machine able to run a good high end graphics card I have been looking at the radeon hd7750.. dont want to buy it if its useless on my machine?

thanks in advandce for any help


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Preferred Solution: Upgrading a HP Pro 3125

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Upgrading a HP Pro 3125

I wouldn't waste money on it. WHy do you need graphics card? The specs are super-old, but you can still use it for desktop use .
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Hi, after a software uninstall pc will not boot. Blank screen, no POST, no boot from HDD, USB key, DVD. Tried new RTC battery, new power supply, new RAM with no results. Cleared CMOS and PWD, but sill no boot from fresh and functional HDD. Cannot access to boot update. I thinkl I need to reflash BIOS, but I cannot do without OS, do you know an emeregency boot procedure? Thanks
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Hi, after a software uninstall pc will not boot. Blank screen, no POST, no boot from HDD, USB key, DVD. Tried new RTC battery, new power supply, new RAM with no results. Cleared CMOS and PWD, but sill no boot from fresh and functional HDD. Cannot access to boot update. I thinkl I need to reflash BIOS, but I cannot do without OS, do you know an emeregency boot procedure? Thanks
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I have plugged my scanner in but cannot get it to work, its says its not available, all my  drivers are up to date. Do I need software to download
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I've managed to upgrade some of my home PC's from Win or Win to Wn without any significant problems but I am having major difficulty upgrading one of my PC's It is running Win Home -bit and when I originally ran the Windows upgrade advisor it indicated that I could not upgrade as my NVidia GEForce graphics card was incompatible with Windows I tried various workarounds using suggestions on this and other sites to upgrade with the GEForce card but none were successful So I purchased and to 10 upgrading card graphics Win after Upgrading - incompatible installed a new graphics card - an AMD Radeon R which should be Win compatible Upgrading to Win 10 - after upgrading incompatible graphics card I then re-ran the Win upgrade advisor - it still said that I couldn't upgrade as the quot GeForce card quot was incompatible - even though it was no longer installed I checked the Upgrading to Win 10 - after upgrading incompatible graphics card Device Manager and the graphics card was clearly showing as being the AMD card I then explicitly uninstalled any NVidia drivers software using the Control Panel Program uninstall - still unable to upgrade to Win I also ran the Wagnard tools quot Display driver uninstaller quot and removed any NVidia software drivers - still unable to upgrade I am using the latest drivers from the AMD website I also tried to upgrade using the Media Creation tool and a Win image from DVD previously this also failed to work and gave the incompatible graphics card error this seemed to work up to a point but after a reboot it wanted me to select a keyboard layout but neither my usb keyboard nor mouse would function and the installation froze On rebooting the OS reverted to Win and the keyboard mouse worked ok I want to upgarde to Win rather than do a fresh install but am now unsure what to do - I keep getting the quot Incompatible GEForce graphics card quot message anytime I run the Win advisor tool even after downloading it again from the MS website Any suggestions as to how I can resolve this issue and finally upgrade

A:Upgrading to Win 10 - after upgrading incompatible graphics card

Windows 10 no longer supports NVIDIA 6-Series Graphics Cards anymore as of Windows 8

Hint : Install drivers manually through device manager (it may or may not work)
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Hello I am currently wanting to begin the process of upgrading various parts of my computer in the upcoming months The first item I would like to do upgrade is the RAM I am currently using BG x and would like to Time Solved: Upgrading Hardware - Upgrading First double that I was thinking of going with the Corsair Vengeance x Eventually I would like Solved: Upgrading Hardware - First Time Upgrading to have a pretty sick gaming computer As of right now it can handle a lot but can struggle from time to time if I crank up the graphic settings I guess the reason I am posting this is to ask a few questions Would upgrading RAM be a good starting point if wanting to upgrade other hardware as well I was thinking of also swapping out the video card cpu and adding some fans when I get money that is I must sound like a complete novice right now lol but I am ready to finally go through with this because my computer is starting to feel like it is getting behind the times in terms of speed and performance haha Anyway any insight into this topic and or first time upgrading specifically with the RAM would be grrreat Thanks nbsp

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I bought Windows 7 having come from Vista. However, there is a BIOS update for my system. The new BIOS update states: The BIOS updates the fan control algorithm of the system, and turns the fan on at low volume while your notebook PC is operational. If you are currently experiencing any symptoms on your notebook PC, please contact HP for support. It is located here:

I'd love to flash it but not sure if it will ruin my computer as it's more than likely not designed for flash when Windows 7 is on it or do you's know any better?

I also have 2 blue vertical lines going do the right hand side of the screen. I've seen loads of problems but no solutions. Has any fixed this HP problem?

Cheers folks!

A:Upgrading BIOS after Upgrading from Vista to 7

The BIOS is the stuff that happens BEFORE Windows starts to load.
Do you have issues with overheating or with the fan? If so, the BIOS update is for you.
Also, BIOS flashes are dangerous - and you can turn your computer into a paperweight by doing it incorrectly. In short, if it ain't broke - don't fix it!

The type of lines that you describe on your screen are usually caused by hardware issues. Send it in for repair if the system is under warranty. If not, then get an estimate from a local computer store - it may be cheaper to live with it.
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I have an emachine with a Celeron D 330- 2.66 mhz and and it will a P4. How How do i know what P4 to select that I will definitely notice an improvement


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Has anybody successfully been able to upgrade their W7 to W10. I have tried 3 times on my Acer laptop and it has failed 3 times at the same point?

A:Upgrading W7 to W10

Yes, I have now done 4 W7 PCs and 2 W8 PC
i have had some issues

so can you tell us what is happening
are you getting an error code ? in the updates
Or what is happening ?
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I have a question that should i upgrade my pc at the end of this year? or i should wait for next year since my old pc is like in a mid-range catagory
what do you all think i should do?

Sent from my ASUS_T00F using Tapatalk

A:Upgrading My PC?

You should upgrade when your current machine no longer meets the demand of your usage, so whenever you decide that enough is enough, that is the time.
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Is there anyway to update this PC's graphics card to game? I'm not talking about extreme gaming... but would like to smoothly play SecondLife without lag. Which is the best upgrades that won't cost an arm n a leg?

A:Upgrading this old pc

Welcome to TSG!

From that first pic it seems you are low on RAM.
4 gigs and only 624mb available?
Might need to have a look at how many programs you have starting up. disable and or remove ones you don't really use.

Your onboard video is pretty weak on gaming as well.

Is this your machine?
If so, it may not be upgradable graphics wise. There is no slot for a new card.

Try cleaning out old programs and disabling unnecessary programs from starting automatically. That may free up some of your existing RAM and processor speed. The more resources the machine can give to a game the better it will run.

my $.02 on second life. I haven't tried it in years, however when I did, I was using a really good gaming system for the time and it still lagged. It may be low graphically, but there is innumerable amount of things it needs to draw in and needs to keep track of all the people in any given session. I would imagine the game lags on all but the highest end of systems.
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I'm going to be upgrading my PSU and was looking for some suggestions and preferrences on them. Also, what is preferred, single rail or multi-rial?

A:upgrading PSU

Try running this:

Thermaltake Power Supply Calculator

I'm not necessarily advocating Thermaltake, but it will give you an idea as to what size you need.

As for single-rail vs multiple-rail, opinions vary. If you have the right kind of system and are good at figuring out load balance calculations a multiple-rail is OK in my opinion. I prefer having single-rail because I think it takes some of the guesswork out of it.

XFX has a short video touting their "EasyRail" system here:

Power Supply Series - Pro-Series
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I want to upgrade my pc to be faster and more efficient
I play alot of games like battlefield and league of legends #nerd
So i thought of upgrading my pc..
Where fo i begin? Graphics card? If so... What graphics card?
I need your help!


Hi AustinClaasens,

You haven't posted any of your computer specifications.

Run the TSG System Information Utility and include the results in your next reply.
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Hello, i've decided to buy a new computer. I want to sell my old one but i have no idea of how much is worth. So I would like someone to give me an estimate of the my PC's price and where and how i can sell it. Thank you very much.


Dell 17" Flat Panel (2 yrs old ) THIS IS MY CASE

Motherboard: ASUS p4800D-X
DVD + - R/ +- RW Drive DVD +/ - R DL (DOUBLE LAYER)
HArd drive: 80 GB

Also i have a video card ATI RADEON 9200'

My PC is about 3 yrs old

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I'm thinking about upgrading my PC. The first thing to upgrade will be my graphics card, but with that I'll have to upgrade my motherboard to one with a PCI Express slot. Does anyone know of a good motherboard that will allow me to keep my processor and ram? Would it be feasible to upgrade my processor to an amd and get an amd compatible mobo? I hear they're cheaper because of the new Intel stuff, and I would like to migrate to amd. If going to an amd is only a little bit more expensive I'd be willing to do it.

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Right now I have a very bad compaq computer that my parents got when are old one broke and now I am looking to upgrade it overtime and I need some help So far I have replaced the original graphics card with a nice new radeon and a watt psu Right now I am saving up money to upgrade my mother board Upgrading With Rig Help My cpu and ram So far I am looking at newegg for some ram and motherboards and I would appreciate some suggestions for what I should be looking around for I am planning to set my computer Help With Upgrading My Rig up for the following things rendering in after effects uploading gaming mostly starcraft Help With Upgrading My Rig web browsing and maybe dual monitors eventually What would you recommend for these things Right now I am thinking on getting around - gb of ram and a new motherboard I am looking at these right now Newegg com - GIGABYTE GA- XA-UD AM AMD X SATA Gb s USB ATX AMD Motherboard Newegg com - G SKILL Ripjaws Series GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Desktop Memory Model F - CL D- GBRL

A:Help With Upgrading My Rig

The motherboard is a new chipset so there is not much experience with them as far as longevity, but so far it looks good. The ram looks good also although I don't think you will benefit from more than 8GB. What CPU are you looking at, as AMD is supposed to be coming out with new ones? You my want to wait. You may either want one of the new ones or the older ones should drop in price more than they have already.
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Ok, I'm not into hardware much so sorry if this is a stupid question

On my motherboard I have 4 RAM slots.
In 2 of those slots I have..
Samsung Original 512mb PC3200 DDR400 184pin Memory Module

I have found this memory that I would like to add...
Kingston Valueram 1Gb 667MHz DDR 2 None Ecc Cl5 - for more information...

This is my motherboard...

Will this RAM fit? I don't know much about this, but thought it might be a problem because of different speeds and sizes? Not only that, I dunno if my motherboard supports it?

Hope someone can help

A:Upgrading RAM

No it will not. You need ddr not ddr2. This is the memory you need link
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Here are my specs:
AMD Athlon XP 2100+ 1.74GHz, 1GB RAM. my Mobo is a ASUS A7N266-VM.

I was wondering if there is a better processor that I could get, with this mobo and setup, that would show significant improvement?? My mobo, won't allow more than the 1GB of RAM, and if it wouldn't be a significant gain with the processor I would just wait until, I can afford to get a whole new comp. Any input would be great, thanks!

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Maybe Iv been locked in to fixing Windows 7, but will an upgrade to 8.1 fix the no SP1 problem? Is it simply a matter of clicking the download button and waiting? Im sick of trying to fix 7.
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I'm looking to upgrade my PC soon and have some questions about compability. I have always purchased my PCs pre-built, so I don't have much experience in this field.

I am almost certain this CPU is compatible with this motherboard. Are there any other motherboards out there that are better quality than this? I am not too worried about the price, I just don't want anything over the top.

I am also looking into upgrading my RAM. Opinions on this corsair ram?

EDIT: Should I be using thermal paste? I have done some research on it as I have never looked into it before. Would it be beneficial?


A:Upgrading PC

I prefer AMD cpu's with Gigabyte MBs, but that just my opinion.

One of the first things to check, that the MB will fit properly in your current case.
Next is your power supply rated enough for the new CPU & MB
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I have an older computer and would like CPU Upgrading My to upgrade my CPU to Upgrading My CPU make it a bit faster To achieve this I recently Upgrading My CPU obtained a bios upgrade from eSupport com which was suppose to allow me to upgrade my CPU I ll give my specs below and my question is what do you think is the fastest CPU that I could put on this motherboard The guy from eSupport said quot You can put up to a Ghz Amd Athlon processor in there so any processor up to that and set the FSB accordingly for that particular speed of that processor quot Now why don t I just follow his advice it s because earlier he told me I couldn t put an AMD Athlon XP T-BRED CPU on the motherboard So I was a bit confused My FSB is currently set to but can be increased to MY SPECS AMD Athlon CPU Socket A SDram Gigabyte MB GA- ZX rev Mator HD WD HD LG DVD Burner and LG CD Burner mb ATI Raedon video card Creative Sound Balster live bit audio card Win XP OS The specs on my new bios uprade are Program eSupport com BIOS Agent Version BIOS Date BIOS Type American Megatrends BIOS ID - - - - -KT -GA ZX OEM Sign-On ZX FG Chipset VIA C rev Superio VIA rev found at port h OS WinXP SP CPU Athlon tm Mhz MAX Mhz BIOS ROM In Socket Yes BIOS ROM Size K Memory Installed MB Memory Maximum MB Memory Slot MB Memory Slot MB Memory Slot MB ACPI Revision Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

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I was just talking to AMD the other day and I found out what all my problems with Windows after doing a stress test and seeing that CPU failed I was told by the tech from AMD that the main core is starting to fail so I need to replace it ASAP can 7 bit my Upgrading Win CPU 64 with someone tell my the bust CPU for my computer here's my choices AMD Athlon X Dual core GHz AMD Athlon X Dual core GHz I am able to still get both CPU's on E-bay cheap but not sure what one is the best to get to give me the best performance with Win bit Here's the spec's of my computer Windows Ultimate x SP AMD Athlon X Dual core GHz AMD Sapphire PURE CrossFireX model PC-AM RX GB DDR MHz ATI Radeon HD GB DDR Onboard channel sound LG Flatron W T inch wide screen LCD WD Blue GB rpm hard drives TB in total COOLER MASTER eXtreme Watt

A:Upgrading my CPU with Win 7 64 bit

If your motherboard can handle it, get the 6400+. The faster it is the better performance you'll get. You might also want to consider an upgrade kit.
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I have an ACER ASPIRE ONE with windows-xp what can I upgrade the OS to so I can still use it? the wife and kids like to play games on it while we are traveling.

A:upgrading from win-xp

go to acers website and do a search in their support section for your specific computer model and see what drivers are available. from them you can tell what os your specific computer can run.
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I need some OK a LOT of help with upgrading my kids computer I have an HP Pavilion n I need to decide if it s worth upgrading or trying to afford a new one I don t want to repeat the mistake I just made with buying an eMachine what a help!! Upgrading piece of junk What I found so far is that it currently came with mb Ram it has DIMM slots PCI slots AGP slot it s an AMD and is gb HD I want to say I ve had it about years so it s out of date the minute you quot drive it out of the lot quot but it s old and tired About the nd year the floppy disk drive went out on it Then it started making the awful grinding noises but hell my new POS eMachine grinds like a freight train and it s NEW Last time Upgrading help!! I tried to update microsoft updates it just totally messed up the computer and I had to go back to the beginning what a mess since I m not computer saavey I ve tried to take care of it with all the spyware anti-virus things I can since it s for my kids But it continues to just chug along at a snails pace I d like to upgrade if it will be cheaper It s used for Word of Warcraft and various other high memory usage games homework heavy internet use i e college reseach myspace AIM etc and of course music and video downloads Can anyone help me Upgrading help!! decide what I need or if it s worth upgrading or should I just shoot it nbsp

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I have a dell dimension 4600i with 1280 ram,a pentium 4 3.0gig processor.My graphics card has been upgraded to a GeForce 6600gt.Im thinking the graphics card is not getting enough supply from my power supply unit. I have been offered a winpower 450watt supply unit Will this be compatable? Ive heard that unless i use dell components it could burn my motherboard out.Could someone advise me
Many thanks
Declan O'Hare

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I am going to upgrade my laptop from 4GB of RAM to 8GB of RAM.

I'm wondering what RAM you guys think I should get:
Also, should I just buy 4GB of one of those brands and run them along side the factory RAM, or should I buy x2 of of one of those brands instead so I'm running two of the same brand instead of one of those brands with the factory RAM?

A:Upgrading to 8GB's of RAM.

I've got a Dell Vostro laptop with 4GB Corsair RAM. Works great. Also have a Sony Vaio with 8GB G.Skill and it's great. I'd go with the best price and definitely get a matched pair. - g.skill 204 pin 8 gb
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I am looking to upgrade my pc, it's getting old and need's it. I want to put a new processor into it but I’m not sure if my motherboard can handle the processor I want. If not I would like to know what motherboard I would need. Any help is greatly appreciated!

My motherboard specs are:

My Pc: HP Media Center m270n Desktop PC

And the processor I'm looking at is a AMD Athlon 64 FX-74 Windsor 3.0GHz Socket F (1207 FX) DSDC Architecture Processor Model ADAFX74DIBOX.

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I have upgraded to Windows 10 on july 29th but on next day I have kept picture password and restarted my laptop from then onwards its not starting a blank screen appears that all so i degraded to windows 8.1 and again i tried for windows 10 but it showed the same so i degraded to 8 then came to 8.1 and tried again for windows 10 but the same problem is existing.

A:Not upgrading to WIN 10.

This is a wild guess, but before you setup a picture password, try the different options for displaying a personal background wallpaper, like Fill and Strech. And see which option allows you to see the whole picture.
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my mobo has died :-( so i am thinking this is a good time to upgrade. unfortunalty my hardware knowledge is stuck from when i built my current pc, about 2 and a half years ago.
i have 2gig (4x512) ddr 400 ram, a 2.8ghz HT northwood P4, an agp nivida gt6600, plus the usual drives.

can anyone give my some advice on what type of motherboard and processor to get? i want it to be faster than my current rig, and if possible very quiet.


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Hi i hav a system with 256MB of DDR266 RAM and wanna upgrade. First, i s'pose i can't mix RAM modules with different speeds? If i do, what'll happen?
And if i don't, which will give me more performance:
768MB DDR266 (256MB+512MB)
512MB DDR333(in which case i'll hav 2 dump my old module)?
And what about:
1280MB DDR266 (1024MB+256MB)
1024MB DDR333?


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I have a dell precision 530 system that runs win2000 pro. I will be putting in a second cpu that matches the current one and another 512mb memory. I bought a copy of winXPpro and a bigger internal hard drive. I want to eventually install the new system on this new hard drive. My questions are:
- Should I install the new OS first, and then add the new hardware components or the other way around?
-Do I have to update the BIOS? Before or after the new OS/hardware?


A:Help in upgrading

Update the BIOS first, then add the new hardware, and then install Windows. After installing Windows install the latest service pack, then the drivers, and then any remaining Windows updates. If you install Windows before adding the second CPU you won't get the benefit of SMP since the HAL will only be for a single processsor system.
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Hello, I am about to change the motherboard and the CPU in my current computer from Intel to AMD; however, I plan to keep the same hard drive.. just as it is.

Are there any problems that I should encounter while starting my computer back up? What should I do before I power down my computer for the "last time"?

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Quick odd question..Im about to upgrade my RAM and not sure on wot to go for..i have found two that are cheep..just wondering wich one would be the best to have..

GeIL 512MB 512 DDR400 PC3200 DDR RAM CL 2.5 Memory
1GB PC3200 DDR Memory RAM DDR400 NON-ECC (Generic)

thx for the help

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Hi,  I'm looking to upgrade the RAM my desktop.  It currently holds 2 x 2GB PC3 10600U. Ideally, I'd like to upgrade this to 2 x 4GB. Could someone tell me if this is possible with this computer and what potential banaskins  I have to avoid when buying RAM. I have done a little search but started getting a bit lost with DDR3, PC3, DIMMS, PINS - and have no idea what I actually need that will just slot straight in. Any advice greatly appreciated.
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Hello Everyone Recently i tired upgrading the RAM in my windows xp computer from to via a stick I bought this ram off of my one friend and its RAM Upgrading completely compatible with my Upgrading RAM system When up popped in the stick in the second ram slot and booted up i got some BIOS beeps I thought this was really odd so i took out the ram reseated it and booted Upgrading RAM up again I still got the bios beeps I then took out the Upgrading RAM put the stick in the first slot and i still got the beeps I got on AIM to talk to my friend to make sure that its the correct ram it was Then i asked him what the problem could be he told me to take out my CMOS battery insert the ram boot up shut down put the cmos battery back in reboot and it should work I STILL got the beeps By this time i was out of ideas and so was he so i gave him the ram back and i got my money back He told me he had no idea what the problem could be becuase the ram worked just fine in his friends computer before he gave it to me My idea is that maby the ram got broken when i was transporting it in a compartment in my backpack but I m also worried that maby my computer will never be able to have a Ram upgrade perhaps the ram slot is broken Should i go ahead and buy ram off the net even though it may not work nbsp

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Just making absolute sure that I don't get the wrong thing.

I'm looking at one 1Gig stick and sliding it in there along side another old 256. I don't know if that's a great idea though.
That's the link to that.

If that's a bad idea, this is the other I'm looking at.

I'd like to get the 1 Gig stick obvously because with that 256 stick, I'd get more bang for the buck, but if not, is the second one good for my computer?

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I have an HP Pavillon A610n with an AMD Athalon XP300 2.10GHz processor and 512 MB RAM .

I want to replace/upgrade the mother-board to Pentium 4 technology and also add a high end video graphics card. Is this possible? I am running windows xp and do not want to change my hard drive or any of the applications I have.

A:Upgrading my PC

Probably not. Way too many hardware changes for XP to allow it without reload of OpSys
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I can't link directly to my system for whatever reason, so in that Support Specs Search type in 8706 and it will take you to my computer.
That is the system I'm working with right now. I have added one stick of 256MGs Ram, for a total of 512. But now I'm looking to upgrade to 1 Gig. My friend is going to give me 2 sticks of 512 PC3200 to replace my 2 sticks of 256 (only 2 slots for RAM), will that work? If not, what measures will need to be taken in order to add that much RAM?

A:Upgrading RAM?

As per this,,prod_id--7627521.html,
your motherboard can support up to 2Gb of RAM. It should be good.
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i want to buy a Intel i5 2500k and ram GSkill 4GB (2x2GB) now can i upgrade to Intel i7 2600k core &RAM 8GB (2x4GB) later on down the line? and for that matter the mb and VGA? thank you

A:upgrading need help

I'm not sure what you are asking. You can upgrade to anything you want, at any time. The first part of your question is a yes. You could swap out the 2500K and 4 GB for a 2600K and 8 GB. However, why waste the money going from a 2500K to a 2600K? You won't see a difference.

Later on, you could upgrade the motherboard and video card, as long as they were compatible with your current proc and memory.
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i want to add a bigger hard drive to my gateway 4028gz how and how big can i go


go here and input your serial no.....
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I have Windows 8 currently installed and would like to upgrade to 8.1.I know I can do this through the store, however what happens if the PC crashes one day and you have to reinstall windows 8.Do I have to go through the same process all over again and re download 8.1 update after reinstalling Win 8?Is there anyway that I can request the 8.1update so I can save it it a DVD and install it from the Disc?This way if I have to rebuild my PC in the future, I don't have keep download a 3 GIG Plus download just to update again.I am sure we all know what we go thru when we rebuild our PC after a crash.Thanks to all who reply.cheers

A:Upgrading From Win 8 To Win 8.1

The Windows 8.1 Upgrade Assistant will give you the opportunity to produce an ISO file or a USB stick of the upgrade files.
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i was just wondering if i could upgrade my ram from 4gb to 8gb on my motherboard??
IT is a Foxxconn GM31 MK-X mobo
which says it can handle 4gb but i have read on various sites in can handle 8gb(2x 4gb)
I am running 64bit with updated bios which allows the full 4gb which i have installed

Oh, and can anyone tell my if my DRAM Frequency is correct??

A:upgrading ram

Are you sure you have that motherboard model number exactly right??

A Google search for that model number generates only one hit, and that is for this very thread.

I'd go to and let its configurator "sniff" your machine and see what RAM choices it comes up with. Crucial's stuff is guaranteed to work with your particular PC.
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Since it seems my old PSU is dead I want to know whether the HIPER 4K530 530W Power Supply
will work with my HP a320n.
I was previously using a SPARKLE FSP350-60PN ATX 350W PSU.

HP Pavilion a320n
Radeon 9600XT 256
TV Wonder VE PCI
2x512MB Corsair PC2700 Value Ram
160GB Internal Seagate Barracuda
NEC DVD Burner

Currently running Windows 2000 Pro.

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I have a year old 3Ghz Asus X Series motherboard that I am very happy with.
When I upgraded to 1 gig ram from 512, I made a deal to trade in the 512 for
a discount on the new 1 gig. I'm not here to point fingers, as I am glad to have
1 gig ram. But when I wanted 2 gig ram, he gave me some vague reason
against it that I couldn't fathom. But when I proposed getting a new motherboard
AND 2 gigs of ram he was much more receptive to the idea, but I was short
on money and had to decline the estimate.

Now, I have the money and I want that 2 gigs of ram and I am thinking of going to
CompUSA to have it done. Is this a good idea or a really bad one? Surely CompUSA
can handle a simple ram upgrade without incident, right?

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None of the usb ports on my computer are 2.0, so of course, when I plug something in like my iPod it's rather slow. I'd also like to have a camcorder that will only allow you to put the video directly onto your computer by using Firewire. Could I buy a card like this to replace some of my current usb's?

I don't even know what to look for, I just want to know if it will work, and what I should get.

I have a Dell Dimension 8200, Pentium 4 2.56 Ghz processor.

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right so my friend sold me this for 30$, came with a monitor, keyboard and mouse so i wanted to have a little fun with it and make it better because i will be ditching my new computer which my sister hogs 90% of the time and using this instead.

so first off i wanted a new graphics card, i was looking for help. so i came here.

The attachment contains my system info which i got from CPU-Z i would love it if somebody read it and has an idea what kind of graphic card i should buy. all help appreciated

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I was wondering wether to upgrade to Win10 and am unsure wether the mail section is working,I would hate upgrading and then not be able to get my emails.also would the other apps work.Thanks.

A:Upgrading to Win 10

Hi waveydavey1 By "mail", are you talking about the "Mail" application in Windows 8/8.1, or the Windows Live Mail? Also, can you list a few other apps you would like to know if they work or not under Windows 10? The "apps" will still be present on Windows 10 so yes, they'll still work.
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Before i get into this let me say hi to all of you I'm new to this site and like many here(probably ) had to register and join because of all the help one can get and give(and the ocassional rip ) I've seen many sites but none really stood out like this one..
Anywho... this is the specs of the cpu I am trying to upgrade(keep in mind I've done some upgrades already but never the processor ):

sony vaio pcv-7742
2.0gb ram-upgrade
nvidia g-force 5900 256mb videocard-upgrade
antec 500w power supply-upgrade
sounblaster32 card-upgrade
pentium 4 1.60ghz cpu-need to upgrade

As you can see the only thing i think i need to upgrade is the cpu(also how to do it)(kinda want to play some of the latest games out there) so any help, advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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I currently have a Gateway Intel Pentium4 2.40 GHZ with 2 GB of RAM.
What is the benefit of increasing past 2.4 GHZ and what would I need to buy?

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greetings earthlings, i want to buy a Intel i5 2500k core cpu and a GSkill RAM 4GB (2x2GB), can i upgrade in the future to say an Intel i7 core 2600k and a GSkill 8GB (or more RAM)? and for that matter a motherboard and the graphics card too? thank you

A:upgrading cpu & RAM

You can upgrade to more RAM and a faster processor only if your motherboard supports it.

If you upgrade your motherboard, you'll have to install Windows again (most likely, anyway).

You can always install a different video card.
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i am looking for some help, im looking for some affordable options for upgrading .this is what i have now, amd athalon 62 3000,1gb ram,nvidea geforce 6200 256mb and an 80gb hard drive.

A:upgrading help

you mean an athlon 64 3000?? Is that a s939?? If so,
You could grab a dual core CPU.
You could grab a better video card.
You could upgrade the memory to a 2gig kit.
You could upgrade the motherboard to an SLI one if it didn`t support it already.
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Planning to upgrade my cpu fan, still running the original unit that came with the processor, it's noisey and doesnt do a great job!

I've got a pentium 4 630 (775 socket) and an Asus P5AD2-E mobo, basically, what would people recommend as a new unit?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can gve me some pointers!

A:Upgrading CPU fan

The Intel recommended cooler for the P4 6xx series is the Intel Model Number

If you use an aftermarket cooler (especially coolers that have adapters for multiple applications) in some cases these aftermarket coolers on certain boards may interfere with board components.

Although I haven't used one some people recommend an Asus cooler (sorry I don't know the model number) but maybe some one will jump in on this thread with the model.
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Hi, i have a Dell XPS 600 with
Board: Dell Inc. 0GC375
Serial Number: ..CN137405AG00RM.
Bus Clock: 800 megahertz

Id like to know if i can upgrade to quad cpu...

thank you.

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Hi, well i'm finding this site has the most knowledgable and helpful people in many factors so wanted to ask this here...

I have an ASUS P5NE-SLI and in it a Core 2 Duo CPU e7200 2.53 ghz... I want to be able to run Zbrush well. It runs well right now but what would you think I should upgrade my CPU to?

Here's my MB and list of supported CPUs... ASUSTeK Computer Inc.

Also, i'm runnin x64... should I upgrade my RAM from 4 gb to 8gb? Would all software benefit or only ones that are 64 bit?


A:Upgrading.. what CPU?

My offhand opinion:

You will be disappointed by any change to any supported processor. It may make a noticeable difference, but probably less than you had anticipated.

Better idea: don't upgrade the processor until you can afford to upgrade the motherboard as well and then migrate to either i5 or i7.
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My brother has a home built computer that has the Fatal1ty AA8XE motherboard, which takes up to 4GB of DDR2-533 memory. He just purchased this ram . Can you tell me if this ram is going to be compatible. At first glance i didn't realize it was high density ram, and im not sure if he should be getting low density ram instead. Thanks.

A:Upgrading RAM

The RAM shown in the Ebay link is DDR which will not fit in a DDR2 socket.
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hi there...recently I got a 4GB DDR3-1333 SODIMM 1.5V F/ first because I had a 32bit windows ,the system only was using 1 gig ot this 4 g...then I found that I need to change my windows to 64 bit...but now it doesn`t work at all and I got the blue screen error, I added the new 4 g to the old 2 g but it works as long as I use only 2 g...even with alone 4g doesn`t work ,,,would you help me what  the problem is??
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Morning, I'm interested in upgrading the RAM on my 15- D9X34EA. Is correct I can install 2 x RAM modules DDR3 8GB 1600MHz for a total of 16 GB?  Thanks for reply


Yes here is the Manual: Manual The Manual shows memory installation on p. 53. It says maximum 8 gigs but that is 1 x 8 and we know it will take 2 x 8 gigs so yes, you can have 16 gigs.  2 of these or equivalent: 8-GB (PC3L, 12800, 1600-MHz) 693374-001 Note this is 1.35 low voltage DDR3L-1600. If this is "the Answer" please click "accept as Solution" to help others find it.
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Ok here is still upgrading need help using xp my dilemma i am currently using xp going to overhaul comp and build a new one my question is the following intel Dual Core or Quad core Is Ram going to make a huge difference is ddr - - - or - - - ddr or should i just go with ddr but the cheapest i can find are - - - im building this for my mom i dont want it to need an upgrade for a while and i know more and more software is utilizing the more cores but is the extra - worth it i just want it to run flawlessly here are links to everything i was still using xp need help upgrading planning on choosing from if more is needed like case and graphics let me know RAM DDR Newegg com - G SKILL GB amp x GB amp -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR amp PC amp Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model F - CL D- GBPK - Desktop Memory DDR Newegg com - G SKILL HK GB amp x GB amp -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR amp PC amp Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model F - CL D- GBHK - Desktop Memory DDR Newegg com - G SKILL GB amp x GB amp -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR amp PC amp Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model F - CL D- GBPK - Desktop Memory CPU QUAD Newegg com - Intel Core Quad Q GHz MB L Cache LGA W Quad-Core Processor - Processors - Desktops Newegg com - Intel Core Quad Q Yorkfield GHz MB L Cache LGA W Quad-Core Processor - Processors - Desktops DUAL Newegg com - Intel Pentium E Wolfdale GHz MB L Cache LGA W Dual-Core Processor - Processors - Desktops Newegg com - Intel Pentium E Wolfdale GHz MB L Cache LGA W Dual-Core Processor - Processors - Desktops

A:still using xp need help upgrading

Whats your budget? I'd go with the Quad and DDR3, but that could be a bit more than you can spend.

Mom will be set for a little while with a rig like that. At least 2-3 years, I would imagine.
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i am a vista user.
i would like to enhance the performance of my computer even further.
i have been looking at purchasing 4GB of RAM.
little about my computer.
DELL Model: Inspiron 1721 (laptop)
RAM: 2GB Shared Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 667MHz, 2 Dimm
i do not know a lot about the hardware, just the basics.
what has me curious is the wide price range in buying 4GB RAM.
it goes from anywhere between $150.00-$2300.00
i'm not sure what would work with my laptop or if it would work properly or efficiently.
i have my eye on this item..
i don't know if that would work properly or efficiently... what do you think?
if you know of any exceptionally decent 4GB RAM (relatively inexpensive) that would work with my laptop please comment.

A:Upgrading RAM

hmm. i may just purchase that.
only i'm not sure if it compatible.. can anyone help?
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I have a gateway MT6451.

I would like to upgrade my ram from 1gb to 2gb and get a new video card so i may be able to play games without it constantly skipping. I'm a college student and cant afford a ton of money to shell out but am wondering what kind of video card I can get and what would be suitable to play games such as Call of Duty, Godfather, and Syberia. ANy opinions or products you would suggest I buy?

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Can I uprade the amount of ram for this product or am I stuck with the 8 I have?

View Solution.

A:Upgrading RAM

From the Service Manual: No SODIMM slots - not customer accessible / upgradeable I could not say it any more clearly. Sorry.
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Heres my computer spec Code Motherboard CPU Type DualCore Intel What needs upgrading Pentium D MHz x Motherboard Name Foxconn P AA Series PCI PCI-E x PCI-E What needs upgrading x DDR DIMM Audio Gigabit LAN Motherboard Chipset Intel Lakeport i P System Memory MB DDR - DDR SDRAM DIMM OCZ Value OCZ V MB DDR - DDR SDRAM - - - MHz DIMM Corsair Value Select VS MB D MB DDR - DDR SDRAM - - - MHz - - - MHz DIMM OCZ Value OCZ V MB DDR - DDR SDRAM - - - MHz DIMM Melco MB DDR - DDR SDRAM - - - MHz - - - MHz Display Video Adapter NVIDIA GeForce GTX MB D Accelerator nVIDIA GeForce GTX Storage IDE Controller Intel What needs upgrading R G ICH Family Ultra ATA Storage What needs upgrading Controllers - DF IDE Controller Intel R GB GR GH ICH Family Serial ATA Storage Controller - C Storage Controller ITE IT ATA RAID Controller Storage Controller SCSI RAID Host Controller Floppy Drive Floppy disk drive Disk Drive SAMSUNG HD HJ GB IDE Disk Drive SAMSUNG HD HJ GB IDE Optical Drive PIONEER DVD-RW DVR- D Optical Drive SU D USC Q SCSI CdRom Device SMART Hard Disks Status OK Im having real problems running games such as cod Teamfortress even with all the settings on low they just lag like hell and overall the general running of the computer is alittle poor So where do i need to upgrade Better memory GFX card Mobo Cpu I appreciate any help thx nbsp

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1- I want to buy new budget graphic card that support directx 12.
2- do you think I need to upgrade something else ( your thoughts please)

System Spec

Computer type:PC/Desktop
OS: win10
CPU:i-7 2600k @3.4 ghz
Motherboard: z68xp-udp
Memory:corsair 8 gb ddr3
Graphics Card(s):
HD 6970
Hard disk:
samsung SSD 840 pro

thank you for your help

A:Need help upgrading my PC

How much data on and what size of SSD?
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Hi i bought a new socket 775 motherboard and cpu to upgrade over my 900 mhz Celeron and Asus TUSI-M board and am still waiting for it to arrive how do you guys think it will fit my needs i intend to use it for internet browsing and moderate gaming (ie, prince of persia, elder scrolls, civ 4.) yes i know its refurbished and cheap (im really poor).

Heres the link for the motherboard

And the cpu

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i need help finding out my motherboard so i can find if my motherboard can handle a certain processor. i am looking to upgrade my processor to a better one please help me find


If you don't know what motherboard you have go here;

and download SIW 1.73 (Standalone). This is an executable that doesn't have to be installed on your machine. Just download it to the desktop and launch the application. After the application launches click on Motherboard in the left pane, and when the right hand side pane opens see what information it gives you for the board. Post the Motherboard Information.

If you want to delete SIW 1.73 (Standalone) just right click on the desktop icon and delete it. You may want to keep it since it is handy for finding information for your machine.
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I'm still a noob at computers My lenovo y uses to Upgrading SSD windows I purchased a new Samsung EVO SSD gb to replace my rpm WD slim tb Without formatting the drive I inserted the empty drive into a external enclosure attached a SATA connector though USB on the laptop First I tried Samsung's data migration to clone which was successful but when I replaced the WD slim after booting it showed the lenovo screen and it immediately went to a blank black screen mouse shows and HDD activity light blinks I take the drive out put back in the enclosure Upgrading to SSD and used Macrium Reflect to clone it Replaced the drive again and upon booting it showed the lenovo logo and at the bottom was performing automatic repair After a few minutes it said automatic repair couldn't be performed and asked to shut down this was an endless loop Both times the bios recognizes the SSD So I finally decided to just create an image from macrium reflect on an external hard drive The image went successful and it passed the verify option no errors My question is do I have to reformat the SSD though disk management again To restore the image on the SSD can I put the SSD in an external enslosure with a SATA connector attached via USB and restore the image that way Would Upgrading to SSD still that be considered an image If I replaced the HD again I want to be sure it will boot normally with no problems and function normal Thanks for advice

A:Upgrading to SSD

Perhaps reading this excellent tutorial will help you:
SSD - Install and Transfer the Operating System
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So ya new here and in need of help. I just got a new 8800gs and tf2.When i play i'm getting about 9 fps witch is not even playable. I use to play CSS with a ATI radeon x1600 512mb witch would run CSS with a good 30 fps on textured maps.
My Specs are
CPU:Intel Pentium D 805:2.6ghz
RAM: 2gb of DDR2 266
Video Card: EVGA 8800gs 650mhz Core and 1100mhz memory
PSU:430 Thermaltake TR2

I and happy to give more info I just would liek to play my games thats all Please help I and willing to upgrade anything i need.

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I'm going to be giving my Win pc a boost by upgrading the ram to x ocz ddr mhz chips If I Upgrading Ram mix them with two x pc will it turn off dual channel worsen performance or benefit Thanks Also my mobo specs are below the acual motherboard is a nettle and runs an amd cpu Ideally it would be Upgrading Ram cool if one channel ran at its native speed and the other channel at its own native speed Well as I keep reading stuff my nettle board has v memory chips will they automatically adjust to run a higher voltage say v On the hp website it says it will uspport dual channel memory for pc pc and pc mhz Does that mean that my oem bios will automatically adjust the voltages because with the oem there's obviously no manual way of going about this At this point I simply want to know if these will run http www tigerdirect com applicati IN detailspecs With this http h www hp com ewfrf wc d amp lang en

A:Upgrading Ram

The same type of RAM with higher speed capabilities can be used on motherboard which supports that particular memory type, but it will work to the rated speed supported by the motherboard or at the speed of the slowest memory on the memory bus. Hope this helps.
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so im new to the site but heard good reviews of it im planning on upgrading my first build pc motherboard Asus K N processor AMD pc... my upgrading GHz memory x DDR harddrive GB SATA sound onboard cd drive sony dvd rw dru- a power supply watt what im upgrading motherboard ASUS M N-SLI AM NVIDIA nForce SLI MCP ATX AMD Motherboard-- processor AMD Athlon X Brisbane GHz Socket AM W Dual-Core Processor Model ADO DOBOX-- memory Kingston GB x GB -Pin upgrading my pc... DDR SDRAM DDR PC Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model KVR D K GR-- video BIOSTAR V GT GeForce GT MB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready SLI Supported Video Card-- sound onboard harddrive same CD drive same powersupply same Total shipping and whatnot maybe i should get a new power supply too but since i dont use speakers i dont know so do you guys think that this would be a good upgrade for the price i am trying to stay within the range nbsp

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HELLO, I'M wanting to upgrade my gateway gt 4016 computer. I'Madding a 550w pro ata 12v 2.01 power supply w/pci express & sata(startech atx2pw550pro). Also i'm adding avishiontec radeon hd2600xt pcie 512mb 2port dvi-i yv/hdtv out.My first time trying something like this, not sure about compatibility. ANY advice will be welcomed.THANKS IN ADVANCE


Be sure and check the power supply dimensions to make sure the power supply you purchase will fit in the case.

Also, unless you are specifically stuck on Startech here is a better power supply with a better warranty for the same cost. The Antec has three +12v rails versus two on the Startech, and a 5 year warranty versus the Startech 3 year warranty.
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I am using HP 17-x025na with 1TB hdd now i want to upgrade my laptop to SSD. Can i install a ssd on my laptop? Which ssd is the best choice for my laptop?  

View Solution.

A:Upgrading to an SSD

Yes. You can install an SSD. They type of SSD that you need is a SATA SSD. My own preference is Samsung EVO 850.  A 256GB SSD has enough capacity to do what you need.  See the sticky in the Notebook  hardware and upgrade section of the forum for details on how to upgrade to an SSD disk.
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I want to upgrade the old and put these parts in-      and i am wondering if it will work? 

A:Upgrading old PC

@noobmuch?, welcome to the forum. I am going to give you my opinion.  You are basically building a new computer.  While I would recommend buying a HP Gaming Computer, which I have, I suggest buying a new case if you are going with the components that you included.  HP has their motherboards made to their specs.  Therefore, it is difficult to match the stand-offs in the case to the holes in retail motherboards and match the connectors in the case. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.
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I was wondering if it is possible...dont care how hard it is to upgrade a laptop CPU. I own a toshiba Satelite A130 with a T2250 processor and 7600 vid card. Also if it is possible what is the best processor i could pop in? Thanks guys

A:Upgrading CPU

Ok i found a good guide for getting to the processor. Step by step and with pics... =) so i just want to know what the best processsor i can put in is. I currently have a 1.7ghz 533 FSB T2250. I've been looking around and noticed there was a T2450 at 2.0Ghz 533 FSB. But can i put in like a T2600? It has a 667 FSB so i was unsure if this was possible. Thx for your help guys!
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My 2 year old HP came with an AMD 4800+. That was fine as long as I ran my Vista off the HDD. Now I am running Win7 off an SSD and the CPU seems to be the weakest link. Everything works so much faster except when I go into CPU intensive work like Video editing or audio/video filetype conversion. I am therefor considering to upgrade the CPU. Unfortunately I do not have a lot of options with the AM2 socket. The AMD 5600+ seems to be the fastest CPU I can fit. It costs only $55 (plus some paste). But I wonder whether it is worth the effort to go from 2.5GHz duo core to 2.9GHz duo core.
Has anybody ever made this or a similar switch and give me an experience report. Also, is there a better option that I may be missing. Thanks for your input.

A:Upgrading CPU

If you are going to take the need to replace that mobo. The speed difference between a 4800+ and a 5600+ is just not going to be that significant. Even at $ are best to put that money towards a new mobo, cpu and most likely RAM.

My secondary workstation is running an AMD 4600+ and I can feel a huge difference between that and my primary machine (running an Intel Q9550 Quad core at 3.2Ghz...minor overclock).
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Hey a guys i want to upgrade my PC what are some good specs ? i came up with only graphics cards 2x ATI Radeon HD 5770 1GB in CrossFire what would be a good motherboard, CPU, Power Supply and RAM oh and a good PC Case that looks good. Im using this PC for gaming and video editing so if anyone could help that would be great.


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Hey guys, so I just upgraded to windows 7 32 bit on my laptop and my RAM was only at 1GB, so I went out today and bought a 2GB stick to put on top of one of my 512MB sticks giving me 2.5GB of total RAM. I was told my computers max is 2GB of RAM. Now I'm being told that if I upgrade to windows 7 64-bit then I can upgrade the RAM even more, is that true? Help guys, thanks!

A:HELP Upgrading!!

Processes access virtual memory space, not physical memory. Applications never access RAM directly but only through the memory management interface of the processor. Depending on which version of Windows you are using, and how the program was compiled there is a differnt maximum ammount of addressable memory. All 32 bit processes on 32bit Windows have a 4GB virtual address space. The upper 2GB is common to all processes and is used by the system. The lower 2GB is private to each process and is inaccessable to all others. Unless the program was compiled as large address aware, in which case it will have 3GB of private address space. For 32bit processes on 64bit Windows, each process has 2GB private address space, unless compiled large address aware in which case it has 4GB private adress space. For 64bit processes on 64bit windows each process has 8TB of private address space whilst compiled as large address aware. The 2GB address space limit remains for programs not compiled as large address aware. This is completely independent of the size of RAM or the pagefile. The system maps physical memory into this virtual address space according to both need and availability. At any given time the data in virtual memory space might be stored in RAM, on disk, or both. All of this is totally transparent to all applications. Frequently accessed data will be kept in RAM with the remainder left on disk
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I'm thinking of upgrading my CPU from P4 3.2HT to Intel Pentium Dual Core E2160 1.80GHz on my Asus P5LD2 deluxe mobo.
My question is will it work? I know it supports dual core but not sure if this model.

Thanks a lot.

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On a spare hard drive I have, I Installed 7 Pro 64Bit w/SP1.
How, if possible, do I upgrade to 10 w/o having to download all the Telemetry KB updates?

A:Before upgrading to 10

Best to ask on the W10 forum

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Hello and Good Morning Everyone! My name is Renee and I'm new. LOL Anyway, I am upgrading my ram in my desktop and I was told by a young man in the computer section of Best Buy that you can now combine ram. For example: DDR2 1gig of ram and DDR2 512 mb of ram. Is this true? IF it is true here's another question, LOL I have put DDR2 5300 1 gig of ram in my computer and it came with DDR2 4200 512 mb or ram. Does anyone know if I can combine the 4200 and the 5300?

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Hi guys. I'm new to this forum. I just bought a hp pavilion ab 522tx. I was wondering, can I upgrade my laptop with a 16gb DDR4 ram ? My laptop already has 8gb DDR3 ram. So is it possible to change from DDR3 to DDR4? On my hp pavilion ab 522tx.

View Solution.

A:Upgrading my ram!

@SunnyG007? You cannot go from DDR3 to DDR4. The SLOT is different.  DDR3L-1600 Dual Channel SupportSupports up to 16 GB of system RAM in the following configurations: 16384-MB total system memory (81922)12288-MB total system memory (81921) + (40961)8192-MB total system memory (81921) or (40962)6144-MB total system memory (40961) + (20481)4096-MB total system memory (40961) or (20482) Your manual here. REO
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Well Im going to buy a LCD HDTV so Im planning on getting nwe graphics cards and power supply. the problem is Im not sure which are compatible. these are the ones Im thinking about buying:
Isn't this the gfx card? $100

Power Supply $50 after shipping.
The 17" LCD HDTV Ready screen I think of getting $200

If any of these arent recommended or doesnt look right help me.

My PC is a Compaq Desktop SRN1601NX with 786 MB RAM, 80 GB HD, 250 Watt power supply. Im looking for a good G cards and 400+ watt power supply. And if you can help on getting a different better LCD HDTV monitor please do.

My budget is 400 dollars but I may get more so yea thanks in advanced.


anyone i need info about the PSU
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I recently received an All-In-One C20-00 as a gift. Unfortunately, the stock CPU ( Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU N3050 @ 1.60GHz), Graphics Card (Intel(R) HD Graphics) and RAM (4GB) cannot handle some games I'd like to use on this PC. I am not very familiar with Lenovo computers, and I'm having trouble finding information with regards to upgrading this machine. Can any forum members help point me in the right direction in regards to upgrading my CPU, graphics card and RAM?
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Just a quick question. I know it can be bad to mix memory when upgrading RAM, so if I have this RAM installed and I wanted to up it to 3 GB I could install a pair of these and I'd be ok?

Same manufacturer, same latencies, same speed. The only difference is the size.


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my specs Asus P S -MX SE motherboard & Upgrading Ram Cpu bios version DDR PC Celeron R GHz XFX Agp mb video card obviously i need cpu and ram update coz i wanna turn my pc into a gaming machine but the thing is i dont know alot about hardware and stuff so can anyone tell me pls the tips and the tricks of buying a cpu and rams im actually a newbie and i dont know much about cpus specs like cache bus blah blah or u know DDR DDR DDR etc why is that important i just know that not any cpu or ram would work on any motherboard i checked Upgrading Cpu & Ram the comptiable cpus Upgrading Cpu & Ram with my board but i dont know whats really best for me Celeron D p p whats is that can anyone pls take a look at that and tell me what does that mean can i put a dual core into my motherboard which is better dual core or bit http support asus com tw cpusupport cpusupport aspx Type socket Name Asus P S -MX SE thanx in advance nbsp

A:Upgrading Cpu & Ram

up up up up up up
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currently my Desktop is runnig on Intel pentium CPU J2900 @ 2.41GHz with a 2GB, ca i update it to  any of the following:- AMD Athlon FX Dual Core- AMD Opteron Dual Core- AMD Athlon X2- AMD Phenom- AMD Phenom II- AMD APU A6- 3***, A8-3***- Intel Core 2 Duo- Intel Core 2 Quad- Intel Core i 5- Intel Core i 7
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So I have this older CPU Upgrading a computer I bought for refurbished from discount electronics just to get online and do home work Its Kicking for what I paid for it I put more ram in it and now want to upgrade the CPU my single core keeps maxing out and seems to be whats slowing me down from having or more internet windows Upgrading a CPU open at once which I love to do and really helps with homework usually while playing youtube videos in between I have a AMD Sempron single core and want to install this AMD PhenomII X G B Different packages of this same computer come with this chip I included a link to view this below Will Upgrading a CPU I need a new heat sink and fan with it or can I Use the same one Can i simply swap these chips or am I needing another step before the swap Is the swap as easy as Upgrading a CPU pulling the old one out and plugging the new one in Are used chips worth buying off ebay from highly rated sellers I wont be gaming just internet and youtube and such I keep seeing my current CPU max out Here is a link with the listed specs and various options for my OEM computer I currently have the minimum listed CPU on this link i want to install the AMD PhenomII X G B its only used This will only be my second ever DIY PC upgrade after just installing RAM so thanks for bearing with me Thank you for any help in advance and have a great day If i can get enough info to pull this off ill be sure to throw the site a donation for my appreciation Below is the link to my model of HP one other thing doubt it matters but im running windows http h www hp com hpsc doc public display docId emr na-c N nbsp
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Hi have an EI system laptop 4430, i have added a 1gb ram to the memory slot in the back of the machine but i beleive there is another slot that I have been told that I need to use first but can not find it. I have been told it could be under the keyboard but do not know how to remove the keyboard. I know the system is seeing the ram as i have done a diagnostics check (SIW) and it has it in DRAM slot 1 but i think it needs to be in DRAM slot 0 where the 256 is at the moment. I have lots of other info from the diagnostic check which i can relay if needed. Any help would be really good



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Hi there,

ATM I have a very old and out-dated proccessor. It is a AMD Athlon 3800+ single core. I have been thinking on upgrading but no too sure what to get.

My mobo specs are here: Motherboard Specifications, M2N68-LA (Narra) Compaq Presario SR5019UK Desktop PC - HP technical support (Germany - English)

It says upto a 5600 dual core, but in brackets it had 89w twp. So... Could I get a 6000+ that only requires 89w?

More nooby questions! ;D

Not sure about updating BIOS, as the website says nothing about it supporting W7, and the changelog says nothing about supporting newer CPU's.

One more

Can someone reccommend me a CPU cooler for less than ?30 or $50? I won't be doing too much overclocking, but my stock coooler is crap.

A:Upgrading CPU - Help please!

Bumping.. Help please!
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ok so i am upgrading ram and i dont know what type do i have to get the sam type in the screen shot you will see but i cant seem to find one with the same max band width does it matter?

A:upgrading ram help!

I suggest you scan your system with the Crucial tool ( RAM Memory Upgrade: Dell, Mac, Apple, HP, Compaq. USB drives, flash cards, SSD at ). That will tell you what your options are and even give you prices. But it does not hurt to shop around although Crucial is usually pretty competitive.
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I want to upgrade my pc to be able to play Warframe on high settings with good fps. Right now im gettings 50-60fps on low settings.I think the only problem in my pc is the graphics card. My motherboard isn't that good and it doesn't support any good graphics card. What do you guys think about this MSI N730K-1GD5LP/OC GeForce GT 730 1GB 64-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready Low Profile Video Card -

My Pc Specs
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GT 610
Processor: AMD FX(tm)-4300 Quad Core Processor
Ram: 8gb
Motherboard: ga-78lmt-usb3

A:Need help with upgrading my pc.

Hey Box !

That board isn't the newest on the market but, it's not that bad either for what you intend on doing.

I would make sure the drivers for the board are up to date BUT, be weary of updating the BIOS unless
really necessary : (board stability / updates performance)

GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket AM3+ - GA-78LMT-USB3 (rev. 4.1)

Click on Support & Downloads.

That GPU is about the best it will take as far as Express slot goes.
I tried to find something in the same interface (PCIe x 2.0) but, it is the better of the ones I looked at.
Good core clock and GDDR5. Others were either lower clocks and /or GDDR3 so, go with this one.

Make sure the PSU can handle the power demands of this new GPU as well. A 450 Watt should be
enough to get you going.

If your looking to improve your gaming experience and if the budget permits, I would consider
upgrading the CPU to FX 6300. This would make a noticeable difference plus it's overclockable.
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Hi guys. I have a MSI K9A2 CF motherboard and was wondering if you guys can answer a few questions for me. Right now i have a quad core AMD Phenom II 9500 cpu, which is a AM2+ chip set. I wanna get the AMD Phenom II X4 965, but that is a AM3 chip set. I wanna know if i can put that onto my existing motherboard.

A:Upgrading my cpu

According to the CPU support list,

MSI Global ? Computer, Laptop, Notebook, Desktop, Mainboard, Graphics and more

yes. Just need to have the 7388v18 bios.