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Outlook 2003 sending via exchange instead of pop3

Q: Outlook 2003 sending via exchange instead of pop3

Hello Here is my setup I have SBS with exchange on the 2003 sending pop3 via exchange instead of Outlook server Each user has Outlook setup with the following settings user pop Outlook 2003 sending via exchange instead of pop3 account on server that is external to our network all emails should go here set as default account exchange account on local sbs server The email store is set to a local pst file Right now I am only using exchange to share contacts among the company and I do not actually wish that it is used for any email purposes My problem is this - new emails will by default be sent though the pop server what I want - some not all emails that a user tries to reply to or forward try to send through the exchange server need to fix this I have been unable to find an exact occurance pattern No emails should ever be processed by the Exchange server and no Internet users should be able to send to our Exchange server hence no email should be coming in though the exchange mailbox So on these emails in the message window of outlook it will say quot This message will be sent using Microsoft Exchange Server quot and will be set on the accounts drop down When the user actually sends the email they will get a message back from quot System Administrator quot saying Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients Subject lt email subject gt Sent lt email date amp time gt The following recipient s could not be reached lt email to address gt on lt email date amp time gt The e-mail address could not be found Perhaps the recipient moved to a different e-mail organization or there was a mistake in the address Check the address and try again lt MYSBS SERVERNAME MYDOMAIN local smtp lt email protected gt Domain of sender address email protected does not exist gt The smtp status code my differ but the message format is the same I have spent hours searching for an answer any help is appreciated Thanks -- Adam Gordon email protected nbsp
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Preferred Solution: Outlook 2003 sending via exchange instead of pop3

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I'm using broadband connection. I also having same problem with my internet. 0 receiving packets. But it is only for Ethernet socket 1, and other 2,3,4 are working. So I think it is a technical problem in that socket.

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I have a Dell PC that is connected to my router via ethernet cable. When I power up my pc it connects to the internet fine and then at random points just loses connection. It is still sending & receiving packets when it is in this state. The only way I can regain connection is to shut down & reboot. It used to be absolutely fine and has only started doing this in the last month & it driving me crazy. I have AVG installed and have tried disabling firewall but still happens. I have a laptop that connects to the internet wirelessly and this is fine and is still connected when my pc isn't.

A:Sending & receiving packets but no internet connection

Interesting, as wired connections are usually more reliable.

Investigate the Control Panel->Power settings and ensure that you do not permit "Allow windows to turn this device off" (apologies, not certain on the wording here).

Also go to Admin Tools->Computer Mgmt->Device Mgmt
expand [+] Network adapters
find yours & double click to get properties->Power Management Tab
clear [ ] Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power
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I would like to know if it is even REMOTELY possible to send a document to print from one computer to a printer attached to another computer in a different location.

And when I mean in another location, I mean that the printer is located at another building! The computers aren't even connected by a network system.

Weird request I know, but just wanted to know if it's a possibility.

Thanks in advance.

A:Sending a print between computers in different locations

As far as I know there is no way to do this when the PC's are not on the same Network. All you can do is send the document as an attachment to an email so the other user can print it out. Sending a fax, if the other building has a fax machine, will create a print out.

There may be other replies.
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We had:

1) 1 Windows Server 2003 running Active Directory services to manage logon and permissions for file sharing.
2) 15 workstations.

We now want to have:

1) 1 Windows Server 2008 R2 server running Active Directory services to manage logon and permissions for file sharing.
2) 15 same workstations, with their same user profiles.

So I joined the 2008 R2 server to the domain, and then used the dcpromo tool to make it a domain controller.

Problem is, whenever I take the old server offline, (the 2003 one) everything flips out, logons are slow, and the 2008 server gives people trying to access shared files weird errors like that the server that authenticated them cannot be contacted, and asks them to log in again with their username and password before accessing shared files on the server.

What did I do wrong? I must be forgetting something.

A:Replacing a Windows 2003 AD DS server with a 2008 R2 AD DS server

1. Transfer all FSMO roles to your 2008 R2 server
2. Uninstall AD on 2003 server
3. You can now permanently take 2003 server offline
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Hi all this is driving me nuts Fresh windows SP setup Problems Server on 2003 reading USB HDD 2TB x Buffalo tb external USB hard drives It worked for me a few day ago with no problems I was able to read and write Yesterday I went to configure backups and this is what is happening Drive detected in device manager in disk manager comes up as basic disc with partition of GB but doesn t say NTFS and so has no drive letter when clicked Problems reading 2TB USB HDD on Server 2003 on properties getting error message quot The operation canceled due to an internal error quot If I try format partition diskman locks Problems reading 2TB USB HDD on Server 2003 up I can delete partition ok Tried creating a small Gb partition but still having same issue I can read USB memory sticks ok All hdds are behaving the same way on server All are perfectly workable on another computers W XP I have tried re-installing chipset drivers - didn t help The only major change I can recall since it was working - ESET Antivirus was installed but I don t think it could be a problem Please Help nbsp

A:Problems reading 2TB USB HDD on Server 2003

Usually you will need a 64 Bit system to be able to read any drive with a total compacity of over 500 gigabytes. If possible I would suggest upgrading to Windows Server 2012 in order to fully take advantage of your TB drives.
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I just created a temporary 2003 sbs server to test a new payroll system. I used an HP 1520Y as the server. It installed fine, but I can't map to it or from it. When I try to browse it shows all the computers on the network but won't Connect to them. When I browse to it from my client I can see it but when I try connect nothing happens. I know I'm missing something stupid.

Thanks in advance,


A:Mapping to or from Windows SBS 2003

Did you setup DNS Server, DHCP Server, Active Directory?
Are you on a Domain?
Are all your systems connected to the Cisco Catalyst Managed Switch and using Cisco Router.
Are the system seeing all the nodes on your network?
Are the client licences setup correctly.
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I have been searching many posts and still cannot solve this problem
after formatting the computer and installing windows xp, all the drivers had to be installed. The ethernet driver was installed as well and it says network is connected.

But the problem is that it is sending packets slowly but not receiving any at all.
A wireless modem is connected to the router and it is working, it's just the LAN that does not work.

I have already tried
-turning on 'obtain ip address automatically' and DNS as well.
-resetting the router
-release and renew ip address from cmd
-turning off firewall

says dhcp is enabled in ipconfig

And i am wondering if having 00-00-00-00-00-00 as the physical address is normal.
Please answer this problem!!

A:Packet sending but not receiving on LAN

Davedave123 said:

But the problem is that it is sending packets slowly but not receiving any at all.Click to expand...

How did you check? Did you try to copy a file from a network share?

Davedave123 said:

A wireless modem is connected to the router and it is working, it's just the LAN that does not work.Click to expand...

I'm assuming it is a wireless LAN adapter attached to the pc. And it successfully connected to the network. Is this correct?

Can you run "ipconfig /all" with only wired connection and paste the results here. And do the same with only wireless connection.
Can you ping the ip address of the router?
Also check the device manager, make sure there are no problems.
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Im trying to set up an email in outlook 2007 with ms exchange 2003. Under the exchange proxy settings, i set the connection settings to RPC.domain, and check the box that says "Only connect to proxy servers that have this principal in their certificate: I use the "msstd:rpc.domain

A:MS Outlook connection with Exchange 2003

Sorrry, I accidently posted before i was finished. but I get an error message saying "the connection to ms exchange is unavailable. Outlook must be online or conncected to complete this action. Can anyone help me with this. Much appreciated.
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Hello all, just set up a server running server 2003 and exchange 2003. Configured dns and mx records. I could send and recieve e-mails internally within the network, but when trying to send from my gmail account I get an error. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.

A:Exchange Server 2003 sending e-mail externally problem

I know this is an old post, but are you still having problems with mail. Also, are you having problems sending mail to an external email account or receiving mail from an external account?
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Hey I recently got but receive can't packets Sending them comcast internet and i am having trouble connecting to the wireless router everything seems to be fine so im kind of confused on Sending packets but can't receive them y i am sending packets but not receiving them I check my drivers made my key is right My girlfriend has no problem connecting wirelessly neither does my phone I really need help on this one Sending packets but can't receive them I can use to be able to connect to the network for the building i still can but im not receiving packets When i try to connect to my comcast i get a limited or no connection sign I am now connected thru easytheather Can someone please help Here is my network info C Documents and Settings Owner SIRCHCITY gt ipconfig all Windows IP Configuration Host Name sirchcity Primary Dns Suffix Node Type Unknown IP Routing Enabled Yes WINS Proxy Enabled No Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection Media State Media disconnected Description Realtek RTL x Family Fast Eth ernet NIC Physical Address - F-B - -AF-CD Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description EasyTether Network Adapter Physical Address - - - - - Dhcp Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes IP Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway DHCP Server DNS Servers Lease Obtained Friday August PM Lease Expires Monday January PM Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Atheros AR G Wireless Network Ada pter Physical Address - -F - C- -A Dhcp Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes IP Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway DHCP Server DNS Servers Lease Obtained Friday August PM Lease Expires Saturday August P M nbsp

A:Sending packets but can't receive them

use one connection at a time {wired OR WiFi} but not both.

Disconnect the ethernet cable OR disable the wifi
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My computer still starts up making the same sounds and lights and such as usual, but there is no longer any signal to my monitor, mouse, keyboard, or speakers. I discovered this upon trying to wake it from sleep mode, the computer woke up, but no lights turned on on the keyboard, no sound came out of the speakers, and my monitor said no signal.

This happened once before, and we took it to a local repair place. They hooked it up to their monitor and keyboard and it worked fine. I've tested my monitor on another computer and it works just fine, as well as the rest of the hardware. Last time they said something had likely unseated itself, and the ride in the car had reseated it. What should I try?

A:My computer is no longer sending signals to any of my external hardware

Take it back to the local repair place... Have them check it once more
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We had a server die and had to move the virutal servers to a new vm host. brought up the servers now Exchange2010 server will not communicate with the PDC. Ran the dcdiag tool and output it to a file which is attached. Email has been down for 12 hours now! Any help would be great!

A:Exchange 2010 server not communicating with Operations Master

This may sound dumb, but did you check to make sure your network card is still programmed with the static info it had before? We've had issues when moving virtual pc to a new host where the original network connection was "hidden" because it was on new hardware.
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i HAve server 2003. i have already installed sound driver in it. And I Already Started Windows Audio service From Service.msc.

Config :- Operating System: Windows server 2003 Standard
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: LENOVO
System Model: 9789A13
BIOS: Lenovo BIOS Version: 51KT47A.ROM V4.7A
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E4600 @ 2.40GHz (2 CPUs), ~2.4GHz
Memory: 3318MB RAM
Page File: 526MB used, 4684MB available

My Sound was working Earlier. but They instantly Stop working.....

Will You Plz HElp me with his TRouble shout...

SERVER 2003 Standard.

A:Sound not working on Server 2003

What make/model computer??

List any Problem Devices

Make sure devices are connected and powered on
Click Start->Run, enter: msinfo32. Click the + sign next to Components to expand it
Click Problem Devices. Anything appear?
If yes, click on it, Ctrl-A to select all, Ctrl-C to copy it, Ctrl-V to paste into next post
On the other hand, if no devices are listed, tell me so
Generate and attach a DirectX report

Click Start->Run, enter dxdiag
Notice progress in lower left window corner
When done, click Save Information button and save to your Desktop
In TechSpot, use the paper clip icon to attach the report. (If you don't see icon you may need to first click Go Advanced)
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I'm looking to learn more about being a network admin (as well as 30 other IT jobs at my current employer) and was hoping someone on here could point me in the right direction for Windows Server Edition 2003. I don't need to get the certificate, but a general understanding of the functions and such would be of great help. That is to say how to run a DHCP, DNS, Relays, the works.
With that I am looking to work on learning more about the most up to date Windows certification in regards to network administration (for a project in my free time.) I figure since I'm looking into CIS and Business for college I might as well get working on network adminship certification, start off on a good note, right?
Thanks for any help in advance. Such help includes the aforementioned requests or any number of quips and witty or sarcastic comments.


A:Looking for a guide on network adminship for Windows Server 2003

Found some stuff from Microsoft by the name of "DreamSpark" which has a bunch of free programs for college students. It's a good few thousand dollars worth of stuff, just sign up with them through your college email. There are tutorials and all that as well.
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hey I just got a new alienware desktop i connected to the monitor seeking to monitor, signal Alienware help sending not via the dvi cable last night and was working great I shut it down and when i wake up i try and start it up It boots at least it sounds like it does but there is no image on my monitor Alienware not sending signal to monitor, seeking help I restart a couple times no go So i unplug the monitor and reconnect it no luck the monitor will pop up the digital signal input when i plug it in but wont display anything from the computer I tried the monitor on another computer it works great So I try the dsub cable and do all the same Same situation I try connecting both at the same time no go I try the alternative monitor jack no go Needless to say im very frustrated Im Computer literate but certainly no expert It just doesnt seem to make any sense to me It worked great last night and now nothing the computer has been in consistant temp and environment and certainly hasnt been smacked haha Any help would be great Cboydrun nbsp

A:Alienware not sending signal to monitor, seeking help

Which model is your Alienware and which video card is installed?

hm ... Is the dsub port on your computer part of your video card or is it from your mother-board's on board graphics chip?

I'm hoping you'll be able to temporarily use your system's integrated video chip on boot-up instead of your graphics card. Then you might be able to resolve this issue by uninstalling and reinstalling your video card's drivers.
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Hi I recently aquired a Dell poweredge c box onto which I ve had server and exchange installed I ve for home use: help? server Exchange been quoted to have the box installed on my home network but I m running out of budget so I d like to have a crack at it myself and hopefully pick up some knowledge along the way I have a simple ish home network - most of which is either wireless or wired through the mains power network The Dell server has NIC but I have another I can install - I m told I need I m at a loss as to know where to start ie how to plug it all in and from then how to configure it all I m told the server needs to sit in the DMZ this true Exchange server for home use: help? If so should I fit it with AV software recommendations here please Also the box is noisey and might therefore live in the garage and need to be accessed remotely from another terminal in the house This possible Could I get away with cabling the server into the modem router via the mains electricity route or better still via a wireless router I have sat upstairs in a cupboard What would be really useful is if someone who has carried out a similar installation can offer advice tips pitfalls etc Also if I could be pointed in the direction of some kind of Exchange home-user for complete s guide that too would be very useful nbsp

A:Exchange server for home use: help?

First, go to Dell and download ALL the available drivers for that model Service Tag. They also have pretty decent setup instructions.
This system is not all that different from what you are used to... so do not be intimidated with it because it is "new" to you. Simply start out slowly, and become comfortable with how it works... add and remove as needed, but slowly. Don't add the second NIC until you know why it is needed.
The noise is caused by a high speed, rugged power supply that is designed to run 24 hours without interruption. You can replace that power supply with a quieter model that will work just as well, but may not have the 3-year long life of the current one. But yes, it is often useful to have another terminal at your desk IF you can control the dust and heat in the garage.
You will likely need more instruction than can be posted here, but there are plenty of good ideas available with a Google search.
Your thinking on this project is very good, however.
One thing I would do is call Dell support, and ask them to send you a copy of the install disk that came with that model. It will have the latest service packs. But all other drivers will only be available via download.
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Using Windows XP Home and a Motorola RAZR phone camera I have an older RAZR and a new one I just bought With the older phone Sending pictures to my desktop as an attachment to an email Each picture shows up in the email with it s own number name under the picture e g - - I Problem sending to pictures from desktop phone download the pic to My Documents then I use Open With gt Photoimprission and all is well With the new phone In the phone each pic has a number name When the pics show up in the email there is no number instead under every pic it says Preview If I change the name I can download multiple pics to My Documents When I use Open With gt Photoimpression Photoimpression opens but the pic does not show up The problem is with the new RAZR I removed the battery amp sim from the new phone put them in the old phone and it works fine nbsp
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hi guys,

in my network, i have two windows 2003 server. in the event viewer it is showing ntds replication error. when i tried nslookup it is showing the error
"can't find server name for address domain." is my dc and dns server.

any help will be greatly appreciated..


A:DNS problem in Windows Server 2003

hmm; better check that address. x.y.z.1 is usually the router address, or
if your server is between the ISP and your clients:
then it is the address of the second NIC (which should work)
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Hi All I ve been struggling to solve a calendaring contacts email problem for a while now My wife and I both work from home with frequent visits out We have an office space each with networked PCs We constantly need access to network 200x on Exchange home small update and read eachothers diaries as we also juggle childcare Outlook seems to Exchange 200x on small home network be the most suitable solution but it wont share the pst file and therefore we d need to run on Exchange This of course would have the added benefit of us being able to update wherever we are with internet access via exchange web server Outlook seems ideal as it hosts multipe calendars which can be viewed or not using check-boxes - which would suit us really well I m fairly confident under the hood and I have a couple of spare machines a PIII and a PIV and wondered if hosting exchange in-house would be a solution Obvious issues would be buying the program - I ve seen non-OEM copies of Exchange with CALs boxed on ebay for Wil run the Outlook front end But then new versions seem to run into the thousands Will my PIV Dell PowerEdge be up for the job Is it a set-and-forget solution or is there constant tinkering involved I have thought of the hosted exchange idea but wondered if utilising my spare machines would be more cost effective Help and suggestions would be most appreciated Kind Regards Red nbsp

A:Exchange 200x on small home network

ShareO program would help

I suggest you to use ShareO program which will help you to share MS Outlook data like: emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, etc. Just because you do not need any server, it is cost effective solution for about ~$35 per user.

Check it out:
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I am new to Exchange Server 2003 and I have a friend with a network server that I don't know how to re-establish a user to the network. I moved one of his non used computers to this station and now when I try to log in the user I get the error that the name can't be verified because Outlook is not connected or online. This computer used to be online with a different user. Can anyone tell me the steps to check this? Thanks.

A:Outlook not connected in Microsoft Exchange Server

You would benefit from the server handbook or an outlook manual... too much to explain here in usable terms, methinks.
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A user has been using her laptop for several years and uses Outlook for her POP3 email.
When we installed a server and joined her laptop to the domain she was unable to see her email without logging out of the server and logging back into her local account.
How do I let her domain profile be the same as her local profile?

A:User loses access to outlook email after being joined to domain

You can't, it's considered as a different user. Just take the settings from Outlook and import them into the other account name.
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Ok so we ve been handed the Directory Problems Server Active 2003 task of Server 2003 Active Directory Problems setting up Active Directory for my school We currently have servers that have Server Standard edition I m trying to set up my first server which will be the Domain Controller the other will also be domain controllers The name of our domain is catz k ca us The server has a static IP set and I m having a problem with DNS We DO NOT have a dns server at our campus Our DNS is supplied by the county so all the schools near us use the same DNS ip the server is in the city next to us about miles away The setup looked pretty straight forward I ran DCPROMO and then when it came time to test for DNS it failed I got an error saying this quot Diagnostic Failed The registration diagnostic has been run time Warning Domain Controller functions like joining a domain logging onto a domain and Active Directory replication will not be available until the DNS infrastructure for Active Directory is correctly configured The wizard encountered an error while trying to determine if the DNS server with which this domain controller will register supports dynamic updates For more information including steps to correct this problem see Help Details The primary DNS server tested was catz k ca us The zone was catz k ca us The test for dynamic DNS update support returned quot DNS bad key quot error code x RCODE BADKEY I m not sure what i ve done wrong I ve done pretty much everything by the book and I m just wondering if there s a problem because we re not using our own DNS server Our DNS server is in fact but for some reason it s giving me that error I ve tried selecting the option that says quot Let DCPROMO fix this problem etc quot and it DOES work but it takes minutes for my test users to login Can anyone help Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Server 2003 Active Directory Problems

You need to have the DNS localized to your systems, but it is not a FULL blown all encompassing system -- just the local SERVER addresses will be there.
You then configure it to perform and external referral to whatever full DNS you please.

Depending upon how the client systems are used, you can have them entered into your DNS when they login and removed with they logout.
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Ok so i need to set up windows 2003 server edition as a vpn server so someone can connect to it from home or from his work! Does anyone have any advice i have been trying but nothing seems to allow me to get connected!
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Hello; I was hoping someone could help me clear things out for me. I would like to add a domain to act as a backup domain controller in case PDC fails. I have read that I would have to add another domain since there is no BDC in win2003. So after I add a domain to an existing forest how does the fail over works? The second domain controller will be at a remote site. Is there a change I have to make in the router to broadcast or simply point to this new DC from DNS?

thanks for your help.
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My smartphone used to sync with the office Exchange Server, but I now want to sync my Outlook contacts with my home PC using standalone Outlook 2003. My PC runs XP SP2 and ActiveSync 4.5. Smartphone is Windows Mobile 6 Standard.

It looks as if I cannot sync Exchage Server contacts to standalone Outlook - if I try to switch to synching with Outlook it tells me the contacts on my phone will be deleted. Is there a safe way of diong this? I would rather retype all my contacts from the phone screen than risk losing them - I can no longer access my former office's Exchange Server.

Thanks for any help - Firepig

A:ActiveSync, Outlook and Exchange Server

Try updating XP to SP3 and check for other Microsoft Updates too, while you are at it
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Hi everyone..

I have a huge file, and I need to get it to an other PC without ext. HDD or anything. So I have a switch connected to both the Pc's (1Gb/s). But I can't figure out how to actually send any data. So if anyone knows how to, please let me know.


A:Sending a file to an other computer

Ok I think you want to ask that the switch in question is a router???

What is your Operating System?
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OK So i have built small business server machines for other companies One from ground up with actual MS Disk One pre-installed from Dell This third one is also pre-installed from Dell OS SBS r Premium Edition Machine Dell PowerEdge T RAID gb Drives Physical setup Qwest DSL gt Actiontec GT -WG Modem gt Linksys GB NIC gt Broadcom NIC gt Cisco Systems Linksys SD - Qwest Internet 2003 SBS Premium Issues? Connectivity Modem No - Switch gt Workstations The Actiontec has the wireless disabled no need for it We have a block of static IP s from Qwest it s either or can t get SBS 2003 Premium - No Internet Connectivity - Qwest Modem Issues? only don t get me started lol The actiontec has the latest firmware on it I m trying to configure the server to have a static public address on the linksys NIC Then the Broadcom NIC has a static internal IP and goes out to the switch I want the server to be the DHCP and the DNS I have successfully done this on prior SBS Premium servers So on the linksys I configure it to be static IP from Qwest subnet mask of which Qwest techs continue SBS 2003 Premium - No Internet Connectivity - Qwest Modem Issues? to tell me is which absolutely won t work Gateway i use the IP of the modem Primary DNS i use internal IP of the server I configure the modem by turning off the DHCP and the NAT This should work right It doesn t As soon as this configuration is in place i lose connectivity to the internet and the modem I can no longer access the modem interface and can not get any internet I am not able to ping the modem IP of and can not ping any URL s Things i have done which by now have my head in a whirlwind I have used the connection wizard chose quot direct broadband quot in the public adapter i use the same settings described above and same to with the local adapter as well I use the standard firewall settings and don t change my email settings and finish the wizard This nets me no resolution I have reset the modem and then configured it in bridge mode shut the DHCP and NAT off Set my server static IP in the DMZ then on the server configure the public NIC like stated above and then run the connection wizard choosing the quot a connection that requires a user name and passowrd PPPoE quot I put the PPPoE info in and continue the wizard using the DNS provided by Qwest and the gateway as well This nets me no resolution I have tried just changing the config on the public NIC using the static IP the subnet using the gateway and DNS from Qwest Didn t work I have tried so much that i am not even sure all that i have done I do know that i always end up in the DHCP mode of the modem so the office can work I ve searched the net looking for answers and really have not come up with any answers I think the problem lies in the modem but i get no help or support from Qwest They simply say they don t support the OS i am using Although i have some decent knowledge on serve and some schooling on the enterprise version i am not an expert and have trouble wrapping my brain around things like forward lookups and reverse lookups The DNS appears to be fine to me looks like it has the addressing it should but i am not positive I have not changed any of theat manually if i have then it was through the connection wizard This server works like a dream when you let the modem be the DHCP server and change the public NIC to obtain IP automatically But it is not what i want at all I will ultimately run into hassles with what he wants to do with his server I also won t be able to remote nor use OWA or VPN I am at wits end and not sure where to turn I do not have any friends with this knowledge and i have read through the books i have and none deal with configs on modems I think i got all the info here can anyone help I am in a crunch my client is an accountant and this is Tax season Thanks for any guidance Gary nbsp

A:SBS 2003 Premium - No Internet Connectivity - Qwest Modem Issues?

I would suggest a few things:

1. Turn off DHCP on the modem.
2. Assign the Linksys NIC a static IP that is on the same subnet as the LAN of the modem.
3. Set the DNS of both NIC's on your server to the DNS provided by your ISP (this is usually just easier than doing DNS yourself).

You will still be able to use VPN, RDP, and OWA as long as you forward those ports to your servers (linksys NIC) IP address. If you need to know what those ports are, let me know.
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When composing an e-mail in Outlook 2007 (Vista), the typing never wraps round to the next line; it types as one continuous line from left to right. What do you do to change this back to multi-line?

Thanks for you help.


A:Outlook 2007 (Vista) email page layout

Which format are you using to compose the message? (HTML, Rich Text, or Plain Text?)
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I have a User that is currently in Singapore and is trying to access our network via our MS 2003 VPN

The user is behind a firewall at his location in singapore and cannot connect to the VPN.
What ports does he have to have opened on that firewalll to be able to access our network?
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I hope I'm putting this in the right place and I know it's probably I really simplistic question, but here it is:

I have Comcast Cable internet via modem that connects to my DLink 4500 gaming router. I have a PC(wired) , Laptop (wireless), another PC(wired), and XBox360(wireless) all connected to the Cable internet and home network.

I was thinking about changing my Comcast mail to Outlook express -- is this a good Idea? Can it be done? If so how do I do it? If I do it will all my mail accounts go through Outlook or can I just do mine and not my son's and husband's? Sorry again if this is not the place, but I figured you're used to newbies not knowing where to post. Thanks

A:Comcast Mail to Outlook Express

Your Comcast email is known as a Webmail solution, while Outlook, Outlook Express
are Pop3 Email Clients.

All you need is to configure your Email Client to access the Postoffice @ Comcast;
you will actually still be able to use BOTH

The Comcast settings are here
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Every time I compose a new message in Outlook Express and use MIDI music as a background the SW SYNTH in audio gets knocked back to zero. This only happens in OLEXP, toherwise MIDI's play OK.
Running Windows XP Pro SP3 OLEXP 6.0

A:Outlook express affects audio control

What is your computer? Make and model?
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Hi all I ve spent the past six hours trying to work out a USB Flash Drive mapping and mount dismount problem in Windows standard I have been browsing around and found problems with conflicting mapped network USB to XP (similar Drive Server probs) Problem Windows Flash 2003 drives conflicting smart card readers etc but my problem seems to be a bit different To be clear on what USB Flash Drive Problem Windows Server 2003 (similar to XP probs) I ve tried here s a list Close and re-open Windows Explorer Uninstall and re-install all USB controller devices out of the device manager Re-assigned the drive letter for the removable device via disk manager i e made the device drive Z updated bios to latest revision from MAR I m using a relatively older system MHz - AMD Duron system on a Gigabyte board Things I ve checked BIOS Settings OK - USB support enabled Drive mapping NO Network drives are mapped Just HD C and a CDROM D and burner E WHEN THERE ARE NO PROBLEMS MOUNTING AND DISMOUNTING THE FLASH DRIVE amp MAPPING A DRIVE LETTER F in my case IN WIN EXPLORER When the flash drive is plugged in while the computer is booting When the disk manager is open - must be the active window within the computer management console I can mount and dismount the drive time after time without any problems As soon as I close the disk manager and computer management console that s when re-mounting the flash drive fails WHEN THERE ARE PROBLEMS After Windows is loaded then unplugging the flash drive Dismount is fine Once re-inserting the flash drive the mount fails at some point and the drive doesn t get mapped NOTE If I manually type in F in the location bar I can read and write to the drive however it is never acknowledged by win explorer It shows up as a blank with no name or description Once unplugged the drive fails to dismount and Windows gets hung up when trying to shut down restart There is USB Flash Drive Problem Windows Server 2003 (similar to XP probs) nothing wrong with this flash drive as it works in other computers I ve tried it on In fact I have no problem with this drive on my laptop which also has Win Standard installed this laptop is also older MHz - Cyrix system I checked all the settings in the quot disk manager quot and quot Removable storage quot and everything is the same I ve done exausted all my steam Any ideas Please let me know if I m not clear with my problem Thanks Mike nbsp

A:USB Flash Drive Problem Windows Server 2003 (similar to XP probs)

Could it be a faulty USB-connection?
Surf to and D/L their test-version of SourceUSB.
It should tell you what sort of USB-connection/s (if any) you have
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Just bought 2 new Intel S5000VSA server boards, After building both Pcs using the Intel disc that came with board and even the win 2003 setup disc directly I cant seem to install windows server 2003 without receiving a BSOD during setup. All Hardware is compliant with the board. Please Help

A:Cant install Windows Server 2003 on Intel s5000vsa server board

Strip the system down. One memory stick, no USB devices, on-board video and sound, no sound card and try the OS install again. Reset the bios to failsafe defaults
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Help! How can I share Outlook 2007 Calendar on 3 networked computers running vista home premium? Don't wanna spend 700 bucks for Exchange Server. Can it be done?

A:Share Outlook Calendar

For workgroup users (ie those without a domain controller), it is done by sharing
each appointment;

create or open an appointment
click the Attendee Availability tab
at the lower left, click Invite Others
enter the name of the Contact and click find
when selected, click Required or Optional
repeat for all attendees
when done, click OK
as each Contact receives the appointment by email, they accept or decline the schedule
their calendar and yours are updated
and the status of all can be seen using the radio button Show Attendee Status
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I have a dell axim x3 that I recently dusted off to use for my business. I have been trying to figure out the sync process for the calendar. Unfortunately I do not appear to have the necessary software on my computer to do this. So the question is, what is the software I need to sync my appointments, etc, to my desktop, or laptop for that matter?

A:Program for Win Mobile 2003?

Try using Windows ActiveSync
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I have this problem that I can't seem to resolve. (making me a bit nutty, can't sleep kinda nutty).

I am creating a new user using a template that has always worked for me for the last 2 years, all of a sudden I am getting this error.

the wizard could not successfully configure this account.
the following could not be completed:
-A home folder could not be created for the user.

mmm it is probably something simple. me frustrated.

The Trix
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Lots of valuable information in that file I'd like to access. I was able to create a new Outlook file in safe mode so I guess the program is OK.

It was suggested to me recently the cause may have been due to me having Microsoft Service Pack 1 at the time. I had not updated to Service Pak 2 (which I now believe has been updated to Service Pak 3). Has anyone had experience with this and, if so, do you think there's a chance that if I update my Service Pak that I might still have a chance of recovering the data I had in my original Outlook file?

A:Still unable to open Microsoft Outlook

I dont think just upgrading to service pack 3 would do any good.

May be you need some more luck there.

Hope you get the help you need

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Hey I have setup exchange to get the mail from my ISP but now it deletes it from the server, so when I logon from home to see my mail I cant get any mail is there a way to get exchange to stop deleting the mail from my isp. Thanks


Also If anyone knows how to sync the public folder with the private folder or how to sync a phone with exchange public. Please do not reply with add2exchange it is $450 not worth it cost more then sbs2003 it self

A:Exchange is deleting mail from ISP server

This is one of those areas where a bit of reading is necessary. An Exchange Server reference for Exchange 2000, 2003, or 2007 would be invaluable for you. This is not an area where a few notes will put you on the way to a quick fix. Like any server software, you have entered a new world that will require an investment in reading time... and not something that can easily be posted on TechSpot. Sorry.
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Hey I have a small project (Personal Project) I am working on I got 3 compaq proliant 1600 for free, I am talking about the one that got discontinued on march 2000 this thing is old lol. Now I wanted to know if it could support sbs2003 below are the current specs also I attached a picture below. It will support 4 or 5 PC's
2x P3 600 MHZ
4x 256 MB Ram
4x 18.2 SCSI HDD I set one of the HDD as "page file"
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Hey I keep getting this error when sending email I changed the domain and IP for my safety. Below is the error

The message cannot be delivered due to a configuration error on the server. Please contact your Administrator.
< #5.3.0 smtp;553 5.3.0 nlpi017 - m6IHCtAI031698, DNSBL:521< >_is_blocked.__For_information_see_>


A:Error sending mail
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Hi I m hoping someone can help After having a horrid bug on my system that disabled my desktop regedit taskmanager and other fun stuff etc I haven t been able to connect to the after internet Lost 2003 connection in virus internet via since I might have deleted some dlls while getting my system clean lol I dual boot standard edition and run XP Professional The original message when I try to repair the highspeed cable connection quot Windows cannot renew the IP address from Lost internet connection in 2003 after virus the DHCP server Instead an automatic private address will be used to connect to computers within the same private network quot What I have tried so far ipconfig renew---the Lost internet connection in 2003 after virus error is An error occurred while renewing interface local area connection an operation was attempted on something that is not a socket quot I checked to make sure DHCP was enabled which it was I followed Microsofts article on--How to remove and reinstall TCP IP on a Windows Server domain controller Article I can run dcdiag and netdiag to see what errors come up if that would help as well Still no connection I m completely lost at this point Thanks Kim nbsp

A:Lost internet connection in 2003 after virus

Article ID : 811259
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Hi all I am currently on a voluntary placement in Indonesia helping out an NGO with some I T They have a windows server with the following specs thats causing me some 2003 slow very Windows server running based grief and I was hoping you could help Specs Motherboard Gigabyte GA- I P -G CPU Intel pentium GPU Radeon MB DDR -bit HD Seagate barricuda x GB x GB PSU w XA SIMBIO RAM GB Hynix DDR PC OS Windows server Problem The problem is very slow running and slow response times The PC POSTs normally but loading of the operating system is very slow Windows 2003 based server running very slow It takes - minutes from POST to login screen Loading then takes a long time After this I can open the start menu bit it is a little slow Opening the programs sub-menu is then very very slow causing the computer to freeze Any intensive task also causes the computer to freeze for a long time before the operation is completed What I have Tried I opened the box up to check for dust Its a pretty clean machine CPU temperature is approx c according to BIOS system monitor Several reboots have of course been tried I have tried loading fail-safe defaults Task manager shows no abnormal processes or excessively high usage for any processes I have loaded msconfig and switched to minimal boot This resulted in only a minor improvement Misc The problem is complicated in that this organisation is non-profit and so I cannot simply try replacing parts until something improves My take on the specifications is that this machine should run smoothly I have the option to re-install with windows XP or with server again The machine is intended to be used as a server I was hoping to load MySQL onto it The machine was pretty much unused for a long time before I arrived All suggestions welcome thanks Kris nbsp

A:Windows 2003 based server running very slow

How about defragging the (C) hard drive and running a registry cleaner...
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Hi, i do have a Linksys ISR, windows 2003 enterprise edition and a Public IP address. I would like to setup an FTp site on the windows 2003 pc using my public IP. I successfully managed to do it over the LAN and both downloads and uploads are fine however when it comes to setting it up over the Internet i terribly misfire. I do not have any experience in setting up a public IP and i do not know how to configure it on the machine so that it's accessible over the internet.
any help will be more than appreciated.

A:Setting up a remote FTP server on windows 2003

I am not an expert on this subject, but have you opened up a specific port on the Linksys router for your remote FTP Client to get into the LAN and be forwarded to the FTP Server? My router requires this for an remote application to get into the network.
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hey I am helping this person who wanted to setup a VPN. I installed an extra GB LAN card into his server. But I am having trouble getting it to, does he need to have a static IP or can he use his DHCP from his ISP provider thanks

A:Trouble setting up VPN on Server 2003 with dynamic ip

xxdanielxx said:

hey I am helping this person who wanted to setup a VPN. I installed an extra GB LAN card into his server. But I am having trouble getting it to, does he need to have a static IP or can he use his DHCP from his ISP provider thanksClick to expand...

Can this NIC support Windows Sever 2003? Some of them don't have drivers for or have some issues? Does this NIC work. Did you load balance it?
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hey i had some questions if anyone can help

1. Should we use exchange server on the same server were using to host the company POS or main program? This is a SBS 2003 so exchange came installed.

2. Can exchange support multiple accounts not user but mailbox ex:,

3. what hardware should a server that will host 4 different mailboxes have. Such as ram, cpu


A:Exchange Server?

Personally I say:

Minimum requirements:
(scroll down to HardWare)
I'm quoting 2007 but oh well, about the same
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How do I disable/change certain IRQ's and Resources in a Server 2003 envrionment? I am having a IRQ 15 conflict, between the Secondary IDE Channel and the System Board. How do I go about changing one of these to a different IRQ? I have 3 or 4 that are available. Windows also will not let me change or realocate resources (the area on the interface is grayed out).and being that I just built this machine and am the admin, I have all rights and permissions.

A:IRQ Conflicts with Server 2003

Not a good thing to do. What happened to the defaults normally selected at start-up?
IRQ's about 12 are trouble to deal with, unless you haver very specific changes in mind. Since you apparently built the system, the answers should be in your motherboard manual.
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Hi I have this problem we have a server running exchange server. There is 3 computers connected to the server running outlook. On 1 of the computers all of the emails have been deleted how can i restore the emails back onto this computer the other 2 computers have all of the emails.

A:Outlook passed 2gb .pst file

Oh I thought you were wondering about changeing the maximum limit :
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Hey people
I have Microsoft Outlook 2007 Service Pack 1
I would like to know how I can install Polish for spell checking
I can speak Polish but can't write it

A:How do I install Polish language for spell checking in Outlook 2007 SP1?

I think installing Proofing Tools from your Office CD and then install Polish proofing tools.

More info here:

And here:
And here:
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I am having problems remotley administering my domain. I am using a vista computer to administer my domain remotely. When I try to open the domain users and computers appalet I get the message that says " naming information can not be located ...". I know that DNS is running (maybe not correctly) and that my computer logged on to the domain. DNS is the only thing that I can think as the problem. I can log onto OWA by typing in the ip address but I can not use the admin tools. Please help

Thank You

A:Can not connect to the server 2003 domain from the vista client

Well, how about fixing the DNS? Without working DNS, you can pretty much forget about doing anything with AD.
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What kind of sound card is on the t-1625?
I blew out Vista and put Windows 2003 Server and now my sound does not work. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and the some of the stuff posted. Any ideas?

A:Windows 2003 Server sound issues

You will have to download and install new sound drivers for Windows Server 2003 directly from your motherboards website
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I am running SBS 2003 with SP2 on the server and WinXP Pro on all clients.
Some time ago I stopped receiving the server usage reports for our system, actually the report is delivered but "the page cannot be displayed" and suggests checking that MSSQL$SBSMONITORING service is started, which It is.
Any suggestions on how to resolve this issue as I am quite keen to find out who is using up all our bandwidth.

A:SBS 2003 Server usage report

Stop the service and start it up again. You might have to wait later in the day or night and reboot that server.
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Well I got two questions really, is there a way I can do things like block people who login from using run, task manager, Off button. I know I can change all this sort of stuff by editing reg values on each of the computers but is there a way to do it from the server. If it is possible to apply these rules to certain user groups it would also be really useful.

How do I turn off the password rules? you know the way windows will only accept the password if it has a caps letter and numbers and so forth, I find these rules fairly annoying and I do not need this much security.

Thanks in advance

A:Win Server 2003 R2, security question

Local Security Polices
Group Polices these too areas are found in all versions of Windows OS client or server they're in the Admin Tools in the Control Panel There is a free sotware that you can use can disable of of these features...

Can try this
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Hi all I am the administrator of a small Windows Small Business Server network which comprises Server NIC 2003 SBS Connection Server/Client Error - Win and Clients One of the client computers failed and I had to run a diagnostic on the components which meant testing each i e M b Video CPU Hd etc It transpired that on this Client the PSU was the problem so I installed a new PSU rebuilt the Client and connected it to the network and restarted it Everything started OK except I could not connect to the network I tried to Join a domain via My Computer Properties Computer Name Win SBS 2003 - Server/Client Connection Error and Change and putting in the Domain name of the server I receiver the Error message - An error occurred when DNS was queried for the service location SRV resource record used to locate a domain controller for domain ABCD CO UK The error was quot The requested address is not valid in its context quot error code x WSAEADDRNOTAVAIL The query was for the SRV record for ldap tcp dc msdcs ABCD CO UK So there you are the full Error message I have so far been unable to get the Client computer to connect to the Win SBS Server but there is one thing that may be relevant I did attach the HD to another Client pc to confirm it was OK so could this have reset something on the HD which has stopped it connecting to the Server Any help on this would be gratefully accepted Regards Gerryw p s Hope this is not to long winded nbsp

A:Win SBS 2003 - Server/Client Connection Error

The computer is not in the domain at the moment?

The first thing to check with everything related to Active Directory: is the DNS set up correctly? Make sure that the computer in question has the SBS machine as its DNS server.
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Ok so here is my situation i changed my heatsink and cpu fan and then i connected ever thing back AMD and then when i started it back up my monitor was not getting any signal from my video card radon X I have a asus a n-sli mother board pci slot for the video card Ok so the fan and everything is running fine it is just the card that is not sending a signal i tried connceting cables to the blue connector and the white connector on the video card and none of them are sending signals sorry i do not know the offical names for the connectors on the vieo card I tried swithing pci slots but when i put in it in the secondary slot the error light on in the motherboard goes on I noticed that when i was hooking it sending monitor My my to videocard stopped signal up on the second pci slot that the metal tip on the card and the metal on the case touched and the lights on my computer fan powersupply and case would go on i dont know if that My videocard stopped sending signal to my monitor is relevent but just in case F y i i have an antex case please help i need to know if this might be fixbel or if need My videocard stopped sending signal to my monitor a new card thanks nbsp

A:My videocard stopped sending signal to my monitor

it sounds like you may have fried something. For future reference, always make sure there is no power going to the motherboard before you work on anything hardware related. This means either turning off the switch on the back of the power supply, or unplugging the power cable.
At this point your best bet is to try a different video card so you can find out what is at fault.
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I have a couple servers that we use for DNS I am trying to get them setup quot the right way quot We have almost com domains I want these two servers to run for us We also have server questions 2003 DNS Windows a straight fiber connection for us to use for internet Question For a dual cpu ghz Dell w gigs of ram how many domains would you put on a single dns server All When you setup a secondary DNS server to accept zone transfers from the primary does that mean that you can enter new zones into the primary and it will auto create them onto the Windows 2003 DNS server questions secondary for you Or do I have to go onto the primary and create the new zone and then go onto the secondary and create the new zone manually myself Thanks guys I really need to find someone who is an expert in MS DNS Servers that I can just sit down and chat with cause this is a whole new book for me nbsp

A:Windows 2003 DNS server questions

The answers require way too long a response for this forum. We recommend you obtain copies of

Windows Server 2003: A Beginner's Guide (Beginner's Guide) by Martin S Matthews (Paperback - April 11, 2003)


Microsoft Windows Server(TM) 2003 Inside Out by William R. Stanek (Paperback - Jul 7, 2004)

Or similar books, or Windows Service 2003 knowledgebase articles at www.micrpspft/com.

Otherwise, you need an expensive Network consultant. They start in most locals at $85 an hour and sometimes $135 an hour. They have spent a great deal of time hands on getting to a point where they can advise you.
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I went away to college and I never had a problem using my cable land line at home. I got here and it is an ethernet land line and when I plug the cable into the jack then into my computer and enable it, it will connect and send packets but not receive any(yes I tried different cables) and to no surprise I am getting very little help from the IT people around here. I was wondering if any of you possibly knew how to fix this problem because I don't think it is my card because it is doing the same thing for my laptop which is running a completely different card, and again I have had connected through a cable land line for nearly a year.


A:sending not receiving

here you go. the WiFi here is working, but I need the land line to work and it is not.
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Hi i need to resize the hard drive on this server that i have the only problem is the the server has a C: 25g & D: 55g. What i want to do is remove space from the d: and put it to the c:. i tried power quest but it did not work gave me an error when installing about net3.0 Is there any 3rd party software i can use. Thanks

A:resize 2003 sbs hdd

Try this:
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I am unable to connect from my XP Home SP2 machine to 2003 Server. I was able to connect and use remote desktop initially. I then configured another XP Pro SP2 machine -- no problem. Now when I try to connect, I get the following message:

The terminal server has exceeded the maximum number of allowed connections.

How do I increase the # of allowed connections?

A:Win 2003 Server & Remote Desktop

This might help:'s_remote_desktop.htm
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I am looking for a little help. Here is what I am looking to do:

I am working on a Windows 2003 server. It is a Domain Controller so it holds a copy of the Active Directory. I have several security groups created - no distribution groups. I have another sever that serves as the file server. I want to know if there is a way to pick a security group and find every file or directory that they have access to.

If anyone knows of anything please land a hand.


A:Windows 2003 Active Directory Users/Groups

Yes. If you are administrator, use the administrative manual... it is all a matter of how you set it up.
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On the server hard drive, there are files there, (file server),

I checked all permissions and everything is fine., however.. Every time one of the domain users goes to delete a file or a folder that they no longer use on the server hard drive, the files come back the next day.

the process has been going on for about 3 weeks now, I cant seem to figure out where the files come back from, I see them removed from the server and then the next day they no longer are there..

any idea what might be causing this?

A:Server 2003 Won't Delete my files. Help!

Actually I think I might have solved this, I am running a program called SyncBack, it syncs the data from the server to the external hdd, the "copy file to source" was selected when the destination file exists, but the source doesn't.

I will see if this fixes the issue.
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The LOcal area conncection status is connected. But able to send packets not receiving any packets. I have checked the cable, AV disabled.

A:Sending packets but not receiving

Can you please provide some more info? Are you connected to a router? Are you trying to access the internet? If you are using a router, have you verified that the router is able to access the internet?

As much info as you can provide would be helpful.
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Hello! I don't even know what to say besides that, suddenly without any reason all games start sending me back to desktop, where should I start, can anyone of you please point me to the right direction? please check my sig for my specs, all the games are ok to play at least on medium settings without any lag, but suddenly I can't even run some older games because the system just flashes and back to desktop. The games I try to play while this is happening are BF2, Bf2142, TMNT, Tomb raider legend, NFS Carbon and some more, all this games I have played before so I know for sure they are compatible with my video card, but I have no idea why this start happening, I just upgrade drivers but no luck, I installed the 94.24 for my 7800GS, am I missing something? Thanks!

A:Games keep sending me back to desktop!

Reinstall Windows :stickout:
No seriously, are the temperatures ok? Are all fans working correctly? Did you install latest chipset drivers?
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I have replaced an NT primary domain controller with a server I still have an Nt server as an application server and NT server 4 Domain in accessing 2003 a as a Backup Domain Controller It has been running fine until I add a new user that was never in the old domain Any new users that get added cannot authenticate to the NT server All the previous users were already in the accessing NT 4 server in a 2003 Domain BDC when I change over I cannot figure out why I can authenticate as Administrator and any old users I have sp a loaded someone said this would help and have even added the new users to the Domain Admin group but still nothing I cannot upgrade the Nt server as the application is an ERP system that is run throughout the company and I am told will not be supported in anything other than the NT environment If I add users on the NT first it updates the PDC just fine but I still can t access the shares Any Ideas Rdb nbsp

A:accessing NT 4 server in a 2003 Domain

Try demoting the NT4 server so it is no longer a DC and integrating it through DNS into your network.

Because your NT4 server is PDC, there is alot to do in order to keep the NT4 server as a DC and integrate it into a Server 2003 Schema AD network.
It is really not worth doing to be honest! Your NT4 server should run fine as a server, but not as a DC within your Server 2003 environment.
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Hi all,

I have a problem that my system in which i have just installed windows server 2003 in office does not detect the usb drive. It seems that the usb controller is properly installed since its entry under Universal Serial Bus Controllers node under Device Manager is seen which is "Intel(R) 82801DB/DBM USB 2.0 Enhanced Host Controller - 24 CD". But when i plug my flash drive to the usb the system does not detect it. Please note that it's working properly on the same system on another hdd in which Windows XP is installed. Please help.



A:Windows Server 2003 does not detect flash drive

you may need drivers for the device or you may need to assign the drive a letter under disc management.
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I don't use this so I don't know much about it but a friend of mine wants to send some small video of her grandaughter to her son. We have tried AIM, Live messenger etc. but it is really slow and it stops after a couple of minutes and says an error has occured. They are about 167mb each. As I said I don't know much about this so can anyone tell me if these are too large to send? If so, what does she do? How can we send these to her son? Thanks.

A:Question on sending videos to people?


You can use rapidshare to share the file, thing with that is it becomes open to the public, or you could burn it to a CD and send it via snail mail.

I use Windows live messenger and can share any size of file with friends using the sharing folder feature, last one I shared was about 300megs.

You dont say if your using dial up or broadband, but if its dial up then any type of file transfer will have problems regardless of the size.

Lastly try converting the video to the popular Xvid format, this will shrink the file size down a bit dependant on what the type is now.

Relevancy 40.42%

I am encountering a bizarre issue synchronizing a Motorola Q to our in-house Exchange server. Topically, everything is working as expected. The problem at hand is, at seemingly random intervals, the Outlook inbox as well as the Q Outlook inbox randomly marks all messages as read; as would be expected, this is creating havoc in matters of scheduling, &c. I have searched all of the Outlook settings, as well as all available Outlook-related options on the Q to no avail. Has anyone had any experience with these phones or any such synchronization issues? Outlook 2003 is completely updated; I am not sure about the version of the Q's firmware, but would assume, considering the phone is new, that it is probably the latest version....

Any ideas?



A:Motorola Q- Outlook 2003 sync issue

Check with technical support for Motorola Q phone... To see if they have any issues like you have described above..
Relevancy 22.79%

Hello everyone This is my first actually second post not counting introduction post on the forum so please don t shout at me I have a question I haven t found answer on the whole internet I have a Windows Server machine and a software which uses USB key to validate the software legality in the network The thing is the USB key disconnects every once in a while every few days and the software pops up a message quot Key validation error quot I check the server and the key is Server Windows USB 2003 itself? disconnects turned off When I reset the machine everything is back normal but in next few days the same situation happens Many people use the software and when the USB key goes down they cannot work I contacted USB key Windows 2003 Server USB disconnects itself? vendor and they never had issue like that Anybody knows any of the questions What could be the reason for such behavior How to fix it permanently How to make a periodical once a day USB port reset turn off and back on Thanks in advance Benio nbsp

A:Windows 2003 Server USB disconnects itself?

You might want to go into your Device manager and right click on the USB key, and check for any "Power Saving options". Your server might be telling it to shut off after so long.
Relevancy 22.79%

I have a network that works fine with a router in place for the DHCP. I have a new server that I am wanting to put in place for the DHCP and run Active Directory. I set up the server with the same scope for ip address so that I would not have to go and change any static ip systems. The server is able to surf the internet but the clients are not.

The clients are pulling valid IPs from the server, to test this I repaired a systems IP address and it pulls the right IP and shows up in the server DHCP list.

I have sonfigured the DNS forwarding to the ISP ip and still nothing.

Anyone have any ideas

If you need more information just let me know.


A:Windows Server 2003 R2 problems


Try pinging the loopback ( on each client computer to verify the services needed are running and if those come back good, ping the router. Let me know what happens from there.
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Hello nice forum you guys have here

Here is something i just got on EBAY!

I wish to install Windows 2003 server on this system. So far I have

Used the SmartStartCD 5.5 and installed the BIOS.
I have set up the raid0 array and i have created a logical drive.
I have chaged the boot order in the newly installed BIOS to go to CD first.

When i place my Win 2K3 server cd in the drive i get a non system disk error
I can place the same disc in my XP home machine and i get no trouble booting. The smartstartcd boots fine.

Why is the windows CD not booting?

Thanks for taking time reading my post

A:PROLIANT DL380 and Windows Server 2003

The cd is probably not bootable.
Relevancy 21.93%

Is there anyone who has experience of WSUS and would help me to get it set up?

many thanks in advance

A:Help setting up WSUS on windows small business server 2003

wsus requires ISS v. 6.0 or better to successfully install, but there are other prerequisites listed here:

how many clients does this server have? does it run exchange?
Relevancy 30.1%

daer all
can any one help me to solve the problem with my exchange server ,,,
tooooooo much spam and bad emails in my server ,,,,

and thank you for your cooperation

A:Problems with my exchange server and spam.

Disconnect the server from the internet?

I suppose you have to start with reading up on spam protection and SMTP protocol in general.

Then set up:
Spam filtering software (bayesian filters)
SMTP sanity checks (address checks etc)
RBLs (block access from DSL accounts etc)
greylisting (temporarily block unknown senders)

If you don't know what any of these are, see the first two lines.
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I haverecently setup exchange server of small business server 2003.

I can receive internal emails, I can succesfully send emails but I cannot revceive external emails.

I have now realised that the virtual pop3 server service (in exchange system manager) will not start.

Could this be the cause of the problem? and if so how do I fix it?

For extra info, I have used a web email test program on my email address ([email protected]) and these were the results:

Step 1: Try connecting to the following mailserver: -

Step 2: If still unsuccessful, queue the E-mail for later delivery.
Trying to connect to all mailservers: - [Could not connect: Could not receive data: Operation timed out.]
[Note that if your mailserver takes over 30 seconds to respond, our test will timeout, even though real mailservers will wait longer]

NOTE: This tool does NOT attempt to determine if an E-mail address exists!
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Here is the found connect account Windows domain cannot (2003) to not back story I am at a school with a NT domain server We bought a new SP server We have two IP ranges Our old configuration had static IP address with DNS servers located at the Windows cannot connect to domain (2003) account not found district that was referenced in the TCP IP properties I set up the new server with roles It has an Active Directory It is a DHCP server I have machines The DHCP has a superscope with scopes within the superscope Each scope has a range of IP address and the exceptions for the server printers et cetera It also is a DNS server that quot listens to all IP addresses quot instead of listen to the quot following IP addresses quot However on the listen to the following IP addresses I put in it s own IP address The DNS server also has forwarders to the district DNS servers The last role is as a File Share I have connected about computers just fine Everything is working good however I am now getting sporadic computers that can t log on I get this message Windows cannot connect to the domain either because the domain controller is down or otherwise unavailable or because your computer account was not found Please try again later Click to expand The computers are still on the server If I re-add the client machine to the domain everything is fine--for now This has been happening to xp machines It has happened times now and I am worried about a continual problem or a major problem around the corner Are there any ideas on what is causing this I have read up a little bit about SID problems but I am not that literate yet I am wondering if I set something up wrong failed to set something up or if there is an entirely different reason Could it be because the computers are still on the NT directory I have not taken off the NT active directory yet or added the NT server to the server I also have an independent server for the library and a server for a special ed room and program No one at the district can help I am out of ideas I am getting really worried that I did something wrong I can t fix I am not an expert I am in the very beginning stages of my MCSA training nbsp

A:Windows cannot connect to domain (2003) account not found

I would look at the network before you look at the OS, when it happens see if you can ping the server by name and IP, also look in the event viewer of the machine and see if there is anything showing up in there.

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Hey Folks,

I am looking for a one touch (or schedulable via software) external hard drive for backing up my development webserver. I am running windows 2003 standard edition.

My budget tolerance is around 200 bucks.

The reason I ask here is because all the HD's i've looked at seem to list being be compatible with every windows version EXCEPT 2003 server.

Any ideas?

thanks so much!

A:External HD and Windows 2003 Server, suggestions?

Much thanks for the info Rick, thats pretty much the confirmation i was hoping for. And as to the software, i can always kick of a script to backup if their consumer software wont work on 2003.

appreciate the info!
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I have verizon DSL, and a westell wirespeed modem

the thing is, that my computer sends out packets, but receives them VERY slowly. Sites time out before they connect

the thing is, that if I connect from my router, my internet works, but it won't work through the modem. (it is much faster if I go through the modem.)

anybody know what I should do?

A:my internet is sending but not receiving packets

here is a picture
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I have a weird problem connection problem when I to go to Outlook. The connection says authorizing then a timeout error. This problem comes and goes. Does anyone have a thought as to what this might be?

A:DSL/Outlook Express problem

Try disabling email scanning in your AV/Firewall.
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Are there any gurus about for the above title?

Im having problems with viewing files on an intranet which runs through IIS.

The links themselves work if I run straight from the local drive, but not if I try to view them through the Intranet http link.


A:IIS6.0 - server 2003

Forgive me for asking, but is it the HTML code possibly?

Do your users have permissions on those folders?

If these are files you are accessing via the FTP option, do you have the directory structure set up correctly?

What is the error code you're getting? Standard 404?
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hey everyone ive got what i think is a pretty interesting question here i have a linksys wireless router which other/unknown computers workgroup Sending messages to does not have the generic linksys ssid but it is unsecured i am planning to secure it but i am not ready yet as i am still tweaking some other things with the router and my computers anyways i have a neighbor who keeps logging onto my router even after i check the dhcp log and delete them they just reconnect a little while later after ive kicked them off my question is this i would like to send them a friendly message but i cannot figure out how to i am familiar with the basics of netsend but as far as i know to use netsend the computer has to be in the same workgroup is this correct if so is there a way that i can find their workgroup or even send them a message without sending them a message lastly if they have netsend disabled on their computer is there a way that i can send a message by another means i know that this is a pretty interesting question but i would just like to be able to send them a message nothing harsh before securing my network so i would greatly appreciate any help thanks in advance Sending messages to other/unknown workgroup computers note i posted this message in two forums on techspot because i wasnt sure of the right one to Sending messages to other/unknown workgroup computers use nbsp

A:Sending messages to other/unknown workgroup computers

to use netsend the computer has to be in the same workgroup.Click to expand...

No, but both computers must have the messenger service enabled.

You're solution is to secure your network - either by encryption or by allowing only your own mac addresses - possibly both.

Being a neighbor, you could also drop a note through their door
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Hello to 2003 on 1 mobo RAID working get Trying MSI Server with once again my fellow PC users Got an issue need some advice or a swift slap in the face Whichever comes first I ve got a Trying to get RAID 1 working on MSI mobo with Server 2003 MSI Neo V The MSI info page Trying to get RAID 1 working on MSI mobo with Server 2003 on this mobo is here http www msi com tw program products mainboard mbd pro mbd detail php UID It s important to note that the mobo box is exactly quot Neo V quot It does NOT say quot Neo V quot or quot Neo-V V quot etc It is an MS- Here is the issue This is running Windows Small Business Server Standard Edition We originally set this machine up with a software RAID in Windows But recently the system had some kind of crash and the software RAID was useless for recovery And because the disks were Dynamic disks most recovery tools couldn t access the partitions It was a big mess but we finally got some files recovered After that was over we decided to do a hardware mirror instead And not use Dynamic disks The HDDs are IDE and the mobo which is nForce supports IDE RAID Here is where it gets weird Windows is already installed onto one of the HDDs while we were recovering off the nd So when we were done we stuck the nd HDD in the case and booted up Windows The HDD showed up as a foreign disk etc but we were able to reactivate it and see the old data which is cool and important to note we CAN SEE the data So next we went into the BIOS turned on RAID support for the primary and secondary IDE channels Then went into the RAID program by pressing F Created the mirror and when it asked to quot clear disk data quot we said yes at that point However it didn t work the system actually threw a missing nt loader error WTH We feared the HDD was trashed now because we selected to clear the data But when the RAID set was deleted and RAID turned off in the BIOS Widows booted again and both drives had all data just the way they were Hmmm so no data was actually quot cleared quot Alright stay with me So next today I went into the BIOS and turned RAID back on and set up the mirror again making it bootable and telling it NOT to clear the data Once again it created the mirror called it quot healthy quot and during bootup it says the RAID is good This time I actually get a boot loader asking to choose Server OR the nd mirror drive I forget the exact wording of the boot option But when I select Windows from the list a second later the screen blanks off and the PC reboots While looking closely at it before it reboots I can see a blue screen There was no option in the boot options for turning off automatic reboot so I don t know what the BSOD is or if it really is a BSOD So once again I deleted the RAID set and turned RAID off in the BIOS And once again Windows boot normally and BOTH HDDs had all original data as though the quot healthy quot RAID set did nothing at all So this is coming to a close I have some questions observations If the RAID set is healthy shouldn t one of those drives loose some data as the data is being mirrored Why is the drive perfectly intact When does mirroring actually begin Is that still done in Windows I thought maybe Windows required a RAID driver to be loaded before creating a RAID set but I can t find out what my RAID chip is Just generically the nForce Or perhaps some Silicon or Intel ICH chip I saw somewhere online a thing called the quot NV RAID Utilites quot I thought that was what I needed from nVidia but searching for it found only one page with quot beta quot IDE drivers containing the IDE and the NV RAID Utilites I thought go for broke and installed this but I see no new software for any RAID utilities What the heck is NV RAID Utilities The page for that is http www nvidia com object nforce ide win KXP html You can see it has a driver version and utilities version Anyways that s enough details for now But does anybody have experience creating a mirror set with a MSI mobo like this Or trying to ... Read more

A:Trying to get RAID 1 working on MSI mobo with Server 2003

A quick update:

I just turned off auto-restarting after a BSOD and then setup the RAID again just as before, choosing NOT to clear disk data. This time I actually just get missing NTLDR. ARG. I rebuilt the array, and this time I get the BSOD which gives little detail except the code 0x0000007B. Which MS says could be bad drivers or a boot sector virus (makes sense huh?).

The plot thickens...
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Is it possible to use exchange to pull in web based emails (aol, hotmail) and then deliver those to outlook clients on my home network. I do not use a domain (use peer to peer) but could do if required.

Any help greatly appreciated.

EDIT - I would like these emails to be treated like regular pop3 emails, i.e not having the usual IMA in Outlook trappings such as deleted emails appearing with a line through etc...

A:Help with exchange Server on Home Network and IMAP

To cut a long story about Domain Controllers, Catalogue Servers, Active Directory, DNS, WINS, Windows Server edition, IIS.... short.

The answer is No.

Think of this:

If Mr A sends an email ([email protected]) to Mr B ([email protected])

The mail goes to HOTMAIL.COM and is authenticated at Hotmails email server. Not yours.

How could it possibly go to your mail server when hotmail have the domain (domain as in Domain Controllers/Networking/AD - not web domain) name ?

Exactly, it cant.

You should just configure POP forwarding from your chosen web based email to Outlook and stop all this nonsense about Exchange for a Home Network.
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Well we're finally upgrading our server from Windows NT to Windows 2003. Is there any way to import/export all of my data onto the new server? Or should I just share everything I have on NT and then just copy/cut all the information and paste it onto 2003? I'm just trying to figure out what will be the easiest way to move everything since I have about 700 users on NT lol. I really don't want to type all the names in again on 2003....Thanks in advance! :approve:

A:Moving from Windows Server NT to Windows Server 2003

Are you getting a new server with 2003 on it or just upgrading the existing box to 2003?

If it's upgrading the existing server, start here:
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Hello new to the board This just recently started happening btw I have a cable modem hooked up to a linksys router supplied by vonage An Apple Airport wireless router is also hooked up to said router I also have a rj- line hooked up to main pc Until recently I didn t have any problems connecting to the internet I disabled my on board sound card via the Sending Receiving not packets BIOS because Sending not Receiving packets I was installing a new sound card After that I could no Sending not Receiving packets longer connect to the internet The system tray shows that I am connected but upon further inspection I am only sending not receiving packets Thinking it was a software error I reinstalled Windows Same problem I know my router is ok because I have a mac that I use on it all the time via the rj- connection I typed ipconfig all in the command prompt and received what seemed to be a valid output I had a valid IP address for my router subnet mask default gateway etc Thinking my NIC was fried I tried connecting via a wireless connection No dice same thing Here are my system specs AMD Athlon XP MB RAM Nvidia Geforce GT Soundblaster Live Windows Pro My NIC is an Nvidia nForce ethernet controller I also tried reenabling my onboard sound card thinking that was problem but I still could not receive packets I can ping my ip but everytime I ping the router all of the packets are lost I even tried connecting directly to the modem Still nothing Any suggestions would be appreciated I am at work at the moment so I can t do anything physically with the system Thanks nbsp

A:Sending not Receiving packets
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I have windows XP .When i opening Microsoft outlook It get hanging.When i changing the data store folder then it opening.After 2 or 3 days the same pbm occured.I have Macfee 8.0 installed on that pc.
Plz give solution.
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I have just lost every thing on O/Exp, all folders, emails the lot, it now looks like the first time I ran with O/Exp all the basic folders are there but empty, I have tried restore but it's just the same. Have done a search and what comes up is the same empty O/Exp. I have a feeling that the start up may be inhibited as I had a start up progame and monitor which I have just deleted. HELP, if the wife finds out I will be made to do the ironing for a month aaah.

A:Outlook Express Disappearance

This link is almost relevant- the bit about searching for .dbx files certainly is.
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Hi, I have two computers connected by a router, however I cant get the router working properly. One computer is running server 2003 and the other, XP.

I understand that it is possible to configure the server to act as a router. Does this mean that I can plug my other computer, via cable, directly into the server? If so, could anyone give me some advice on how to go about doing this?

A:Configuring a windows 2003 server as a router

You can do this if you have 2 NIC's on the server, one connected to the internet and one connected to the the other PC, then share your internet connection. I would strongly advise that you have some sort of protection in place, like ISA Server or similar, if you do this because your server will now be directly connected to the internet making it more vulnerable to hacks, attacks, and viruses.
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I haven't been able to find any information concerning this and I was hoping someone could help me. I've found posts and information on problems with not receiving packets but not with not sending packets. I'm connecting through a RCA broadband modem with Roadrunner cable service and a 3COM Etherlink NIC. When I start my computer, it never sends packets. I have to pull out the ethernet cable and replug it to reconnect. After a few tries, it'll connect. Occasionally my computer stops sending packets and I disconnect and I'll have to reconnect by unplugging and replugging the cable. What's the problem?

A:Computer receiving packets but not sending

that happened to me twice. my solution has always been to turn off both the modem and my router by disconnecting the power cable and then unpluging all connections. then i turn on my modem....after that is on and has a connection.........start the router....then finally restart of pc and plugging in the ethernet cable into the computer.

or just basically restarting everything
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Hey My problem started when me sending pc a HELP!!! through loop i HELP!!! pc sending me through a loop tried to patch bf and I was given a warning saying there was insuffecient space on my hardrive I then looked HELP!!! pc sending me through a loop at my hardrive patitions and it looked like my brother had installed HELP!!! pc sending me through a loop all his games in the xp partition wich has signifigantely less space than the other two I treid reinstalling bf to another partition with more space but it said that it was not a safe drive and i was forced to install the game back in th xp partition After all this i decided to do a system restore to a point before my brother laoded the latter partition up with games Once I went back to the oldest date on the system restore i rebooted It got all the way up to the loading xp window just before you can enter your pass and the screen went black Once the screen came on again it was going it was at the post window I tryed it in safe mode and succesfully logged on but when I tried to log on normally it sent me into another loop of the windows loading to post Any ideas as to what I should do Thanks in advance and happy thnx giving nbsp

A:HELP!!! pc sending me through a loop

Go back to System Restore and undo the last restoration. At least that time was better than now.

What is the size of your partitions and how much is left in each?
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I have got a broadband moden connected to a router, the router then connects to 2 different computers. It works fine as both computers have access to the internet now. But I dont know how to send files from one computer to the other through the router, if I even can do this...
Anyone know anything about this sort of thing?

A:Sending files through router

read up on File and Print Sharing
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I m trying to link two computers via patch crossover cable connect not Networking problem...computers but can files, exchange They both have XP LAN cards the cable is in fine the cards are set at and the firewall during testing was completely disabled and all files were shared Computer can access computer without any problem Computer can see computer but can t access it get the quot check with your administrator for access permissions However computer can map drives from computer and access files that way I just can t go in through the MSHOME network Networking problem...computers can exchange files, but not connect and double click computer s icon If all I wanted to do was swap files I could live with it but I d like to play games between the two and while can see games hosted by never sees computer so it doesn t work Any ideas The systems are obviously communicating it s frustrating being so close and yet having no clue what the last step is to make it work nbsp

A:Networking problem...computers can exchange files, but not connect

Are there any firewalls turned on?