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Outlook 2000 email and contacts backup

Q: Outlook 2000 email and contacts backup

Can anyone give me good instructions as to how to back up my email and contacts. I am in the process of doing a clean install of my operating system and don't want to lose my data.

currently running Win ME and plan on going to Win XP so the data would need to seemlessly transfer.

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Preferred Solution: Outlook 2000 email and contacts backup

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Outlook 2000 email and contacts backup

You could use the Personal Folders Backup

For Outlook 2000 and later
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I have Outlook 2000 SR-1, and use Windows XP Professional, Version 2002, Service Pack 2 (to the extent it is relevant). When I go to address an email by scrolling down the list of contacts that show up by clicking on the email "to" button, only some of my contacts come through, despite the fact that all of my contacts contain email addresses. I have checked the Microsoft website, and their fix on this (OL 2000 (CW)/Q197907) for Outlook 2000 is limited to Outlook installed with the "corporate or workgroup" option, which mine is not. I was unable to find any additional help for this version of Outlook and would greatly appreciate any insights. Thank you very much.

A:Outlook 2000 SR-1: Problem with Contacts in Email

Hi lawyermom
Welcome to Tech Support Guy Forums!

Do you have more than one Contacts folder in Outlook?

Open the Address Book in Outlook, are there folders or groups listed under Contacts?
If so, look in each to see if the missing Contacts appear.
If Contacts appear in other folders, you can Copy them to the main folder.

When using the To: button, you can also click the drop down arrow and switch to the other folders (if they exist) to select those Contacts.

Let us know what you find.
This may be of interest to you: This link shows how to reconfigure mail support in Outlook 2000.
How to switch from one installation type to another in Outlook 2000

An advantage of having Outlook configured as Corporate/Workgroup, is the ability to create additional profiles in Outlook. If errors start occurring in Outlook, you can create another profile to see if the errors occur in the new profile, as well.
How to create a new e-mail profile in Outlook 2000
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HELP I switched on my computer and left it running all day only to get on in the evening to open up Outlook and be asked the question to either create a pst file or use an / OUTLOOK missing Contacts 2000 Email gone - existing one I run Windows XP Pro SP at home so no exchange server I tried to open up my personal folder pst file and it was corrupt so I used a tool I found on the internet to repair the pst file which it seemed to do don t know OUTLOOK 2000 - Contacts / Email gone missing the name of the program Anyway when I got into it there were no emails at all in my inbox and deleted items folder which the day before had loads of emails my shortcut folders were still there but with nothing in them and funny enough all my sent items were still ok Also gone were my contacts I looked at all the pst files in the outlook folder of the OUTLOOK 2000 - Contacts / Email gone missing Application Data of my user profile under local settings and notice that the personal folder was only around Kb when it should be at least in the few hundered mb I would have thought Also if I choose my personal folder which I assume is the one that had all my lost data the next time I turn the computer on I get asked the same question again - create new or select an existing pst Any ideas I really need to recover the lost emails and silly me has forgotten to backup Huski nbsp

A:OUTLOOK 2000 - Contacts / Email gone missing

Can anyone out there offer anys suggestions on recovering data lost in a personal file and mailbox.pst. Please.
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I'm new to Windows 7, struggling with backup. How can I back up files I cannot find? For example, in old Outlook, the address book was a *.wab file, easy enough to locate and then back up. Try as I might, I cannot find info telling me the names and locations of the file(s) for Windows Contacts in Windows Live Mail. I do find all the Live Mail files under User/MyName/Local/Microsoft/WindowsLiveMail. In the same location is a folder named WindowsLiveContacts. However, by the date, it appears to contain only an empty folder dated the day I imported my contacts from Outlook into Windows Live. Please help me find the up-to-date live Contacts folder(s) and file(s), formerly known as Address Book. Thanks.

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Under XP, I have always backed up my OUtlook Express address book and email messages from the C: drive location.

Now under Windows 7 and using Windows Live Email, I am trying to find the appropriate contact and message files so that I can back them up in the event of ever needing a possible OS reinstall.

Can someone give me the path to these files (including the file names and suffixes)?


A:Backup Windows Live Email Contacts and Messages

Hi Coastalguy, there is no need to backup email in WLM as it will still be available by accessing your account directly. WLM only uses a contacts list and if its the same account your signed in with, they will be available on WLM when you sign in again.
If you don't sign in to WLM messages can be saved. I use WLM 2010, so yours will be slightly different if using WLM 2011.
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I want to consolidate info from multiple contacts with the same name ,into one contact. I have many contacts with partial info for the same person. For example: Contact Joe Smith has a home phone and an email. another separate contact Joe Smith has a cell phone # and a business address. Another separate contact Joe Smith has a home address and a fax#. I want to take all the info in all the separate contacts with the same name and consolidate them into one contact entry. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

A:Too Many Contacts in outlook 2000

I have Outlook XP (2002), and the Help file has nothing on this. It has a merge feature when you create a new contact with exactly the same name or email address as an existing one, offering to merge the info on the new contact into the existing one, but that's no help with 2 or more existing contacts for the same person.

I bet there is a solution, either on the MS KLnowledge Base or elsewhere on the web. Perhaps the solution is a macro someone created that you can use.
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I saved a sub folder of contacts to my hard drive. I am trying to send it as an email attachment. I get this error message" This process cannot access the file because another process has locked a portion of the file". It will not let me send the attachment. Any ideas?

A:Outlook 2000 contacts

File....Import and a PST....and choose THAT contacts folder...

Send the created PST file...

You can't export because you ARE using the file whenever Outlook is open.
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My computer died and had to have some major work done. After reloading outlook 2000 I pasted my contacts back in the address book. The problem is this, when I get ready to e-mail the address book that pops up now only shows one e-mail address per contact. It showed all e-mail address for each contact before. Does anyone know how to correct this problem?
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Migrating to a new computer. My Outlook 2000 had multiple 'contacts' folders that I used. When emailing, I was able to select the appropriate contact list as the source of the email address required.

Imported everything into my new computer, but don't seem to be able to access the other contact folders that I had added in my previous installation. Is there a way of re-connecting/associating the added contact folders again?



A:Outlook 2000 Contacts

A way that ensures you get everything is to copy the the PST file to the new computer and then configure Outlook to use that PST file.
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Does anybody know how or if it's possible to get my contacts from Outlook 2000 on my PC to Outlook 2003 on my laptop? I can't seem to figure it out.

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I need to save my MS Outlook Contacts from my PC at work (using Outlook 2003) to my PC at home (using Outlook 2000). I know how to use File> New> Outlook Data File> Outlook 97-2002 Personal Folders File (.pst)> OK to start, but that doesn't populate the new directory (or file or whatever it is) with the contacts.

How do I copy/paste, translate, whatever the contacts into that new directory?
Please reply to [email protected].

Thanks and Merry Christmas!

A:Outlook 2003 contacts to Outlook 2000

Go to you current Contacts.

Hightlight them all - Ctrl-A

Copy them to the buffer - Ctrl-C

Go to the Contacts location in the new pst file

Paste them back in again - Ctrl-V
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I use Outlook solely for the data I keep in the Contacts section That is to say that I don't use Outlook for e-mail or for any other of its many functions I have always been somewhat quot hazy quot about just how to keep this Contacts data backed up What I've been doing for years is saving the contacts pst file into a Folder I created and called quot Outlook quot Whenever I have occasion to change the details of the Contacts data in MS Outlook I save this by starting the quot Import and Export Wizard of 2003 - ? Backup Outlook Contacts quot I then perform the following actions - Highlight quot Export to a file quot NEXT Under quot Select file type to import from quot I select quot Personal Folder File pst quot NEXT Under quot File to import quot I detail the path to the Outlook 2003 - Backup of Contacts ? Folder quot Outlook quot I created as described above here This Folder contains the quot contacts pst quot folder which holds the data required Is this the correct way to backup such contact details in Outlook

A:Outlook 2003 - Backup of Contacts ?

Here's how Microsoft says to do it: Create a backup copy of my Contacts - Outlook - Microsoft Office
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Mods. please move this thread if there is a better forum.

Using outlook 2007 I have 5 email accounts (most IMAP). It seems my contacts were attached to the Hotmail profile. This profile has never worked for years and I used a web browser to access Hotmail.

Problem is, I configured a new account for Hotmail which works but I deleted the non working Hotmail profile. Now the contacts are gone.

How can I get back contacts from a deleted profile? If possible.
(The backup PST for this profile is from several years because I never use the email part)
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Previously to 12/23 we had not had our computer set up with multiple users. We always turned on our machine under the "Administrator". I set up two "accounts" 1 - Admin and 1- other User. Now when I sign in under Admin, my contacts that were saved prior to the users we added are not available from within Outlook.

Is there file that I need to move to the admin document and setting section to allow outlook to use all my contact information previously saved?


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Outlook usually files my contacts with the last name first (Smith, Joe for example). But sometimes when I get a contact forwarded to me by a co-worker, Outlook files it first name first. This is kind of annoying when I'm searching for a contact using last names. When I open the contact, the "file as.." pull down menu doesn't list last name first (Smith, Joe).

Any ideas?

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Was wondering if anyone else has run across this problem. The environment is a simple peer-to-peer network. My workstation is win2k pro. I share my contacts with my secretary and she in on the network and her workstation in running win2k. We both have OUTLOOK 2000, the last version I believe that allows calender and contact sharing and synch'ing.
Anyway what happens is if I am looking for a contact that say starts with 'W' and I go and click 'W', sometimes they will not all show up but I know it's in my contacts file. So what I do is do a find and then it shows up.
I am looking on the msn support site...Just wondering if anyone has had this problem before.

A:Outlook 2000 - Some contacts not displaying

I'll presume you are using "delegates" to share contacts.

Items marked "private" will not show up unless the adequate permissions have been granted to the delegate.

Another way this problem mainfests itself comes from using "views." For instance, if you are looking at a telephone list type view of your contacts then contacts that don't have a telephone number entered will not show up. However, if you search for them <CTRL + ALT + F> then you can use find to make visible contacts that are excluded from a particular "view."

Good luck
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Is there a way to export my contacts, and personal calendar from this program? To load it to a disk or otherwise?

Will a print out of the contacts include ALL of the "tabs" of information, or does each one have to be printed separately?

How do I transfer all the info I have in one computer, to another? (for the same software)


A:OUTLOOK 2000, how do I save contacts?

The easiest way is to just copy the entire Outlook PST file to any other computer. Then configure it to use that file.
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I am trying to import Contacts from an Excel sheet into Outlook 2000. I have created the Excel sheet according to the required Outllok 2000 format. I have an additional field "EXTENSION" (which contains the extension number to the Phone # of a contact). This "EXTENSION" field is not available by default in Outlook 2000, so I created a User Defined Field in Outlook.
The problem is that I am not able to Map the "EXTENSION" field from the Excel sheet to the field that I have created in Outlook coz it doesnot appear in the available fields when I try to map the fields.
Can any one tell me how I can import the "EXTENSION" field.

(Hope I havent confused you)


A:Importing Contacts into Outlook 2000

I have had exactly the same problem importing. I have a vendor database of 1000 vendors. I created a searchable "Keyword" column to import into Outlook. Outlook shows Keywords in the Outlook map, but there is no real field if you check a contact form. So I tired other fields. Since I have no other use for "Assistant"s Name ( who has assistants these days?) I used it because it worked. So, Now I select the database, click on Tools|Advanced Find|Advanced Tab|Name Fields| Assistant's Name. I enter the search word in "Values", click "Find Now", click yes to the next dialogue box, and up come my results. It is really a lot simpler and quicker than it sounds, because I do it alot.

So, just find a field that will work and that you do not need for something else.
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Anyone know how I can "export" all of my contacts, along with the saved information in them? I'd like to send them to my home PC. Can this be done with an email? Or saved to a disk and reloaded?


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I have an issue with respect to restoring my contacts in Outlook 2007. When I import the ContactsBackup Outlook file, it sends the backup to a personal folder file named "contacts". All the information is there, but obviously not where I need it, on the Contacts tab (after Mail, Calendar, before Tasks). Any idea where I'm going wrong?

A:Contacts backup issue Outlook 2007

Maybe this could help:
How to backup and restore data and e-mail account settings in Outlook 2007 | Backup HowTo
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I recently lost my job and was able to have a coworker burn a copy of my pst file to cdrom I have quot easily quot imported the pst to my home PC however the calendar and contacts missing! Import 2000 contacts Outlook are missing from my import Needless to say I am dumbfounded and frustrated I have searched the Outlook 2000 Import contacts missing! web Microsoft and this forum for answers but I can t seem to do anything to get the pst to show the contacts btw I m Running W Here are my questions If I copy the pst versus Outlook export function do I lose my contacts calendar info How do I retrieve my contacts from the CDROM keep in mind I have already gone through the import function AND also tried copying to the windows local settings application data microsoft outlook folder with the same result Is it possible that the pst file did NOT contain the contacts folder Any help is appreciated My other data source PDA ran out of juice and required reset nbsp

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How do I go about setting up a user's contact list & calendar, to be shared by other user's on the network.

I will be able to log on under my log-on, but I am able to see other user's calendar or contacts. (shared)

A:Outlook 2000: Shared Contacts & Calendar

Hi you guys. Me again. I moved your post because Outlook is part of MS Office.

Are you on an Exchange Server or not? Is it installed with CW (Corporate Workgroup) or IMO (Internet Mail Only). If you're unsure, hit Help-About.

Sorry, but the answer depends a great deal on those questions.
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Im upgrading and wiping out a disk, she has office 2000 and wants to keep all her contacts, and she is upgrading to XP... can someone tell me where those files are and the best steps to accomplish this without losing her stuff?


A:Outlook 2000 Contacts files, where and how to save

Search for the .wab files. This is the windows address book. It's usually in the Windows folder, but it may be best to do a search. There may be more than one. When you find them you should be able to put them on a floppy or burn to a disk if too large.

Once upgraded to XP, just replace the address book under her user name in the Documents and Settings folder. You may also need to do a search for the location.
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I am trying to load my contacts and callendar on to my iphone. Part way through the process I am asked to load the Office 2000 Premium cd.

But I don't have one.

What do I do?

A:Office 2000 premium - Outlook contacts.

Get one, so that you can legally use the product.
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Hi all, I hope you can help me. I have multiple contacts with the same names and different info in my outlook 2000 contacts folder. Some contacts have only email addresses, or different phone numbers, or home or business addresses etc. I want to consolidate all the info from all the contacts with the same name into one contact. Kind of like when you add a contact that already exists and outlook tells you the contact already exists and do you want to update info from this contact to the existing one. How??? do I do this??? Thanks in advance.
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Hi kids. Ever since I upgraded to Win2k, my Outlook 2k won't show my contacts subfolders in that To/CC/BCC window. Which also means that it can't validate a contact's name when I just type it into the To/CC/BCC lines if that contact happens to be in a subfolder.

I do not like this. And I couldn't punch that magic MS KB set of buttons to get a reply (if indeed there is one out there) as to what might be going on.

May be a worthwhile side note that my Win2k is in French, and my MS Office is in English, and yet this To/CC/BCC window actually opens with French captions... Strange...

Any help would be very helpful.

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Firstly, apologies if this should be in the mail section...

I've had a problem with my pc and need to connect the hard drive to another pc to copy and backup all data before formatting. I don't want to lose my mails and my mail contacts though. Is it possible to somehow access them through program files maybe? Where are the files stored and how would I find them?

running windows xp btw

thanking you in advance.

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Ok, ive got loads of email address' on a word doc which i want to use as a contact list to email merge some buisness info to.

I am using MS Outlook 2003.

Is there an easy way to insert them into MS Outlook as a group?, or even drag them over so that Outlook can recognise them and open a individual contact card for each one?

Please help!

A:Outlook email contacts

How do you have your contacts formatted in Word?

I know you can import contacts into Outlook via a .csv file.

You could try saving your word doc as .txt and then importing into Excel and then exporting as .csv (you'll have to play around w/ the formatting.

At this point, you should be able to import into Outlook.

Not really sure if there is an easier way?
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After working perfectly, Outlook will no longer respond to search for entries in the Contacts folders from the empty box where one normally enters a contact name.

I have run "repair Office 2000 Professional," uninstalled and resinstalled, but I am unable to run a search for a contact except by using the Find Feature.

The change seemed to have occured when I synched my laptop to my PC. (The PC works fine, the problem occurs only on the laptop).

As the search contacts is a critical function, I will appreciate a solution. Thanks!
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I originally posted this earlier in what I now believe was probably the wrong forum category so my apologies to TG for having to repost here Feel free to delete it from the Web amp Email forum 2000-2002: Sensitivity Issue Outlook Contacts if anyone has the power to do so Thanks My company is using Outlook 2000-2002: Contacts Sensitivity Issue a program that allows us to view each others contacts calendars etc not Exchange After having issues with not being able to see ALL of each others contacts we came to find out that it was due to the fact that many of the contacts sensitivity were set to quot private quot Because there are literally thousands of contacts between all of the computers that need to be changed to quot normal quot is there any way possible that this can be done all in one shot on each computer individually of course instead of manually doing it for each quot private quot contact I really don t have the time patience or inclination to sit here and do it one-by-one I appreciate my sanity Thanks in advance for your help nbsp
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i have a users whose contacts keep moving to their archive folder. i have tried to find a setting to turn this off but i have had no luck. when the contacts move to the archive folder they are deleted from the contacts folder. how can i stop this from happening?
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I would like to send a mass email to all of my Outlook contacts (Professional Outlook 2003) without having to click on each one. My thought is that there MUST be an easy way to do this, but I cannot find it. I would appreciate any helpful info from one wiser than me. Thanks!
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Using Outlook 2000 with Microsoft Exchange Server. Operating system is Windows 2000 while applications are all accessed through Citrix. Got this strange issue whenever I want to access the contacts list while trying to forward an email. When I click on the To... button followed by Contacts from the drop down list, outlook will shut down. Anyone have any ideas why this happens and what the fix is? Thanks in advance.


A:Outlook 2000 shuts down after clicking contacts when forwarding mail

Try open up outlook. Go to help and do detect and repair.

Hope it helps
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I have got a mailinglist.

I have all my users in my access db.

I would like to email the users using outlook.

How do I do this ?

I have access xp.


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Wondering if there is a way to put an email contact shortcut onto you desktop so that when you click on it Outlook will open new email with that contact already entered?

A:Outlook - Shortcuts to email contacts on destop

If Outlook is your default email client, then right-click on the Desktop and go to New > Shortcut. Then enter mailto:[email protected] as the location of the item. Name the shortcut what you want and you're done.
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Without any input by me, Outlook email contacts only has my Skype names. I notice that all of a sudden the account is linked to Skype.
How do I get back my Outlook contact list?
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Hi everyone,

I'm having problems with Outlook 2007.

When I go to contacts and add a contact, save, the contact does not appear automatically on the TO: field of the email program.

My old contacts that have been imported work fine.

Can anybody please help?

A:Outlook 2007 Email/Contacts issue

I think what you are refering to is the 'outlook cache' If you type in the name (or maybe even select it from the 'To:" it will then go into the cache and start popping up when you type a few letters??
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Hello I am running Windows Outlook Our hard drive heated up very dusty and after that I was unable to access my In Box indicates unread messages in my Personal Folders When I click 2000 Unable to Outlook Folder/Contacts Book Address not Display in on the In Box the error is quot Unable to display the folder quot Within that set of Personal Folders I can access deleted files Drafts and other subfolders I tried Detect and Repair I tried downloading service pack Also my address book disappeared I was able to find Contacts and print a hard copy of email addresses but Import Export is greyed out My calendar with standing appointments is gone I may have made the problem worse by moving around subfolders between quot Outlook Today Archive Folders quot and Personal Folders I also have since Outlook 2000 Unable to Display Folder/Contacts not in Address Book received more email and so now I do not trust my archive pst or outlook pst to be the best copy Any ideas Salvagable I am thinking of going to Windows and buying Outlook and rebuilding my address book and cutting my losses with email Recommendations Thank you N nbsp

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Is there an options to automatically add an email address to contacts or personal address book in Outlook? ie:

Or something similar like Express - "automatically put people i reply to in my address book" ?

A:Outlook XP/2003 - Adding email addresses to Contacts?

Open message you received; right click on sender's name. You will see an option in the window to add the sender to your contacts. That should do it.
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I have Outlook Office not Outlook Contacts Email addresses picks in up Solved: Vista on my personal laptop which is not linked to a network When I enter recipients for an e-mail usually by first name a selection of e-mail addresses pops up If I do not select one the program selects one for me and expands Solved: Outlook picks up Email addresses not in Contacts the name I entered to a name from my Contacts with their e-mail address Currently whenever I e-mail my friend Dan the system either selects the e-mail address of my friend Dan that I e-mail often or it brings up an e-mail address that Solved: Outlook picks up Email addresses not in Contacts I don t recognize and is not in any of my contacts folders I have to remember to watch that it picks up the right Solved: Outlook picks up Email addresses not in Contacts e-mail address I have had this problem also with friends that change e-mail addresses The system will repeatedly bring up the old e-mail address if I do not remember to watch it and select the new address These old and unknown e-mail addresses do not go away and I have to watch what is picked up These addresses do not exist in my contacts or address book I ve tried right clicking on the selection to see if I can delete the old or unknown e-mail address from wherever its coming from but it doesn t do anything Where are these addresses coming from and how do I get rid of old and eroneous addresses in this file so they aren t picked up accidentally nbsp

A:Solved: Outlook picks up Email addresses not in Contacts

Hi BlueCat29,

The names are coming from Outlook's auto-complete cache.

When the list appears, use the cursor down-arrow to move to the name you want to remove, then press delete.

This is good to do when Outlook has remembered a previous invalid name.

Alternatively, to clear the cache completely you can delete file OUTLOOK.NK2.
Start button then select Run and then type %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Outlook and press OK
Delete the above file from the list that appears.

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I upgraded to a new laptop that came with Vista and Outlook Since that time I am experiencing a glitch when I try to send an email by a clicking on the TO button and selecting a contact or email can't use Vista won't - send 2007 Contacts, Outlook & b typing in the contact name rather than the contact email address When I do either of those things Outlook cannot send the message and the quot Send Outlook 2007 & Vista - can't use Contacts, email won't send Receive quot dialog box starts flashing and appears to be attempting to send the email over and over again the number of times just builds and builds It never does send the email and I can only stop the flashing by shutting down my computer and restarting I can t edit or delete the email sitting in the outbox - I get the message that Outlook has already started sending the message If this happens with an email to a distribution group in my Contacts it will send the email to some but not all of the recipients maybe stalling when it hits the email it doesn t like Once I have sent an email to an individual by manually typing in their email address in the TO field it seldom happens again when I email to that individual The randomness of this problem is driving me insane Outlook 2007 & Vista - can't use Contacts, email won't send I send emails all day long and often to groups of people I ve tried rebuilding my Outlook profile I ve tried exporting my contacts as a tab delimited file and then importing that file Under Contact Properties the quot Show this folder as an email address book quot is greyed out Any help would be greatly appreciated Sharon nbsp

A:Outlook 2007 & Vista - can't use Contacts, email won't send
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I am running Outlook with Windows XP I have a rather large Contacts file names When I start a Contacts Outlook Solved: Access Email 2003 to new email and click the quot To quot button I get the following message quot The address list could not be displayed The contacts folder associated with this address list could not be opened it may have been moved or deleted or you do not have permissions quot Yet when I close the message box another box comes up with a drop-down window that shows another Contacts folder When I click on that Contacts folder there are all my names But I can t figure out Solved: Outlook 2003 Email Access to Contacts how to make this the default folder so that Outlook will recognize names Solved: Outlook 2003 Email Access to Contacts when I type them into the quot To quot line of the email Anyone have any ideas I m sure it must be a pretty simple fix Thanks in advance for help Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM Duo CPU E GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Intel R G G Express Chipset Family Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB E Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Dell Inc T F A CN PF Antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials Updated Yes On-Demand Scanner Enabled nbsp

A:Solved: Outlook 2003 Email Access to Contacts

Hi missbe

In Outlook, Open the Address Book.
On the Menu toolbar, Click Tools > Options

At the top there will be a drop down arrow for: Show this Address list first:
Click the drop down arrow and select the Contacts list that you want to appear when selecting the To: field.
Apply, OK to save and close.​
Close the Address Book.
Reopen the Address Book.
The preferred Contacts list should now appear as the default.

Start a new message to test.
Let us know if that works for you or not.
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I'm running Outlook 2003 on Windows 7 64-bit. Transferred emails and contact info from Outlook Express on Windows XP. Two .pst files: Rick.pst and Fish.pst. Therefore, two contact folders. Both contact folders are attached to the OL2003 address book, both appear properly when I want to grab an address to put into the TO: field of a new email.

However, when I receive an email and right click on the sender's name, the context menu doesn't include an option to add the sender to the Contacts file. Also, if I reply to the email, the sender's name but NOT the sender's email address appears in the TO: field of the reply. I then have to manually enter the actual email address or (if the person is in the Contacts database) select them from the address book.

Would appreciate help on this. Thanks.
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Hi there,

I am using Outlook 2003 and I have many contacts that have multiple email addresses and I can not seem to find the option to allow me to specify which email address is the default for my contacts that have more than one email address.

Any help is appreciated.


Curtis M.
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When you start typing an email address in Outlook 2007 it shows options to autocomplete the address from all the thousands of previous email addresses you've used in the past, not only those ones you've saved in your contacts list.

I need a solution to save all those 'extra' email addresses that show up.
I deal with sales and in one day I can send up to 1200 emails and saving each one would just weigh me down time wise.

If there's a program that will save these addresses please let me know, thanks.

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Got an Acer with Vista & Windows Mail -- my old Dell had XP Pro and Outlook. I had no problem backingup Outlook to a Seagate external and connecting it to the Acer .. but Windows Mail does not seem to import Outlook .. only Outlook Express. My wife's computer has Outlook Express .. so I thought I would email her my backup file and import it to Outlook Express and then back that up and email it back to me and import that to W Mail ... but the email will not transmit with the backup file attached "not enough memory" the backup is 1.5m.

My next strategy is to go into my old computer and edit folders or do a few partial backups so I get a small enough file(s) to attach to email.

Any other suggestions ...

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Windows 10 running Outlook 2016. When I did a fresh install I set up 3 email address and added my .csv files of contacts and calendar form prior install. I did not pay attention and Outlook 2016 assigned them to an email address I now wish to get rid of.

Did a web search and didn't come up with a good reliable way to transfer the folder to another email address PST file. Any ideas appreciated. Thanks.
Relevancy 64.5%

I am getting ready to format a PC and do a clean install of XP. I currently have Outlook 2000 tasks and contacts that I want to backup and save to disk for reuse upon reinstalling Outlook. Does anyone know which files the contacts and tasks are and where I need to find them? The inport/ export wizard does not have contacts or task item. Any help is appreciated.

Relevancy 64.07%

What is the best way backing up my pst files in a different device than HDD (like CD or DVD) and after that read (only) those pst' s without copy the file again.

A:Backup *.pst files from MS Outlook 2000

Hi atg72,

It's the same for any files to be backed up.

To backup onto CD or DVD you must have a CD or DVD writer. Software wise later versions of Windows have in-built writing capability but I find it's better with other s/w such as Nero which doesn't need to save to temp first and can cram more onto a CD/DVD.

Once on CD or DVD it is Read Only so you won't be able to change the data.

Just burn your .pst file but beware there are problems using it in anything other than the same version of Outlook that created it.

Relevancy 63.21%

I want to go back in time to an old drive (few weeks ago) and I want to take all data from my current Outlook 2000 (address book, all folders, etc) to place on the old drive.
I thought I would just export (to a .pst file) and import to the old drive. My concern is that the file size of the export is considerably smaller (17000 kb) than the outlook.pst (25000) file.

A:backup & recover Outlook 2000 folders?l

any one have a reponse ?
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I am having trouble viewing some emails in outlook that i receive 2000 Email Outlook from my yahoo through pop For example if someone who uses yahoo sends me a message i can read it Outlook 2000 Email just fine if i log onto Yahoo directly When outlook checks my mail and downloads the email into the outlook inbox all i can see through outlook is who the email is from and the date and time it was received Outlook somehow hides deletes the subject and the body text so i can t read anything I assume this has something to do with email type because not all emails are destroyed but no yahoo email ever comes through POP and very often i have the same problem with AOL mail Many emails do come through just fine so i know the POP is somewhat working and like i said i can read all of the emails if i log directly onto yahoo mail Does anyone have any idea how i can configure outlook to allow me to see all my emails I very much appreciate any help Casey Edited to remove email address nbsp

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I started receiving emails from a few friends this morning asking me if I indeed send out an email titled quot Secure shopping quot from my yahoo mail address recommending them to shop at a website www ushopcn com I first thought it went to a few email addresses mostly obsolete since I my Yahoo ALL then contacts mail all out to and email wiped phishing my sent a contacts! deliberately do not use my yahoo email much But later in the day I received the copy of this email Yahoo mail sent a phishing email to all my contacts and then wiped out ALL my contacts! and I could clearly see that it did go out to a lot more email addresses than I thought and I now suspect to all of them in my yahoo address book I sent out a short email to most who have received it apologizing profusely not from yahoo mail of course I then noticed that my address book in yahoo mail is wiped out Strangely the email showed up just a few times in my Sent Folder and only showing that it went to ONE email at a time when from my friends' forwarded emails back to me it was obvious that it did go to MANY at the same time I have run Spybot S amp D and mbam I am clean they tell me I have deleted most of the emails in my Yahoo Mail folders I have not attempted to send out a new email from Yahoo Mail Everything else appears to be functioning properly including my Outlook mail and GMail accounts where I do most of my email stuff I am now paranoid What else can I do I would appreciate any help from the experts here thanks Here is the text of the stupid email that was sent Hello How are you recently I would like to introduce a good company who trades mainly in electornic products Now the company is under sales promotion all the products are sold nearly at its cost They provide the best service to customers they provide you with original products of good quality and what is more the price is a surprising happiness to you It is realy a good chance for shopping just grasp the opportunity Now or never The web address www ushopcn com

A:Yahoo mail sent a phishing email to all my contacts and then wiped out ALL my contacts!

my hotmail address had the same problem. recently i went to set it up to send auto replies as i was going away, and found the same email message copied in there ready to send again.

i was advised to change my password for my email to something which was capitals&lower key + numbers. Scan using malware and avira. didnt find anything, and had no problems since.

i'm by no means an expert - this is the advice i was given by someone who knew what they were talking about!
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I have Outlook 2000. When printing an email the print changes from portrait to landscape. I would like it to stay at the default portrait. I have deleted and reloaded the printer, reset the print styles. Also manually gone in and changed the format from landscape to portrait and it goes right back to landscape. Anyone else have this problem and is there a fix??


A:Printing Email Outlook 2000

check in file, page setup, define print styles. depending on which style you are using (either table or memo) go to edit and then switch to the "paper" tab. see what is chosen there... you can also reset to defaults from there if infact your settings are off... i don't know if you already tried this but if not it's worth a shot.
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When email sent, it goes to Send box, Outlook registers delivery complete, then I get a McAfee VirusScan message indicating that email could not be sent , 530.5.7.0 Authentification required. It indicates to contact online help for email program for more info on the error, or email provider if problem persists.

Has been going on all week. I run a second computer on the same line, same email account, using Outlook 2007, and its working fine. Suggests it isnt an issue with my provider.

Any ideas? Is this an outlook problem, a McAfee problem, a worm or virus? And most importantly, how do I fix it?

A:Outlook 2000 email not sending

Check ALL the account setings between a computer that works and the one that does not.

Tends to suggest to me that your SMTP and POP3 settings may differ re Authentication settings.
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I installed office 2000 last week on a new computer and every thing was waking fine. in outlook I was able to get all the mail and contacts transferred by creating a pst. backup and importing it to the new computer. A few days later I noticed that I can't send but i'm able to receive email thru Outlook anymore but it works thru IE hotmail or outlook express. What I get is a error 550 spam notice from my ISP.

Next I remove Anti virus software but it didn't help. Also run a few spybot scans and came up clean.

Anybody have a clue ???
Thanks, Stocky

A:Outlook 2000 Email Trouble ?

If this is to be setup to work with Hotmail then Outlook can't be configured to work with this app. You need to use Outlook express.
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When email sent, it goes to Send box, Outlook registers delivery complete, then I get a McAfee VirusScan message indicating that email could not be sent , 530.5.7.0 Authentification required. It indicates to contact online help for email program for more info on the error, or email provider if problem persists.

Has been going on all week. I run a second computer on the same line, same email account, using Outlook 2007, and its working fine. Suggests it isnt an issue with my provider.

Any ideas? Is this an outlook problem, a McAfee problem, a worm or virus? And most importantly, how do I fix it?

A:Outlook 2000 email not sending

If you're getting a McAfee message, I'd be inclined to think that it's a McAfee issue. The "Authentication" required may be a setting you need to change in McAfee.
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I have used Outlook for many years as my main email client Present OS XP Home SP For some time I have been unable to SEND Outlook email! 2000 No - Solved: mail Occasionally it does go but usually it hangs in the Outbox eventually reporting that it can t find the server I Solved: Outlook 2000 - No email! had not changed my server settings but I have since tried changing them as my Solved: Outlook 2000 - No email! ISP kept changing hands - originally Freeserve then Wanadoo and now Orange This does not help But I could still RECEIVE email OK Then yesterday I found that I can longer receive mail either Outlook seems to try and connect something indiscernible flashes across the screen but no mail received - even when I know from accessing Orange Webmail that there is a stack of mail in my Inbox - mostly Spam I presume that it s an Oulook problem but haven t a clue as to what it might be Any ideas please Any help would be very gratefully recreived Thanks Bob J nbsp

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For no reason I can think of, when I open an email in the inbox folder in outlook 2000 and then close it, it disappears. It is not in the deleted items folder, spam folder or any other. This started a couple days ago. I did not change any setting I know of. This only happens in the Inbox folder. I can not locate any settings that would cause this.

Outlook is configured for workgroups although I am the sole user of the computer.
The OS is XP Home edition.


A:Outlook 2000 deletes email

Hi... It sounds like you have a VIEW filter set in Outlook 2000.

In Outlook, go to VIEW and click on MESSAGES. It sounds like you have it set for UNREAD MESSAGES, which will hide all your messages except for the ones that you have not read!

Have fun and I hope this helps!

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Hello all!

I have a small problem and am not sure how to fix it...I have Outlook 2000 on my work computer which is hooked up to a Novell network. We recently changed our exchange server to a different manager and had to archive emails before the switch. I am trying to retrieve my emails and can only find an *.ost file to import back to Outlook. However, I do not know what program to use to read this file. Should I just chalk my email up to being lost, or can I do anything with this *.ost file to find my archived email? Please help if you can - let me know if you need any more information!

Thanks for any input anyone can give!!


A:Archived email Outlook 2000

.ost files are your offline folder. Is that how you archived your mail by synching it all to a offline folder? Or did you put it all in a local folder (.pst files)
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I use MS Outlook 2000 on a Windows XP computer. Just recently my e-mails appear to have gotten stuck in the Outbox. When I look at the messages in the Outbox the messages are bold but not italicized so it doesn't look like it will send. I open the message and click send but nothing happens.

When I check my Sent Items to see if it has actually sent I will see the message duplicated hundreds if not thousands of times. The recipients will receive the message but mostly just once, some have reported getting it three times. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

I just did a MS Office update download as well as a Spyware Removal software update but neither seems to have done the trick. Does it sound like I need to create a new PST file and move items over from my old one?

Thanks for your help
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I cannot receive on one of my comcast emails accounts

Relevancy 61.49%

when i open outlook, and try to opena an email, outlook closes - even though I can read the email in the preview window. If i try to send and email - outlook closes
Relevancy 61.49%

I use Outlook 2000 for email. I click the button to send a new message, then click the "To" button to address it, and a box called "Select Names" pops up. There is a drop down menu listing all of my contact lists from which I can choose a person to send a message to. What I want to do is change the order of the contact lists in this drop down menu, so I can put the list I use most in the first position instead of having to always choose it from the drop down menu. Anyone know how to do this?


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My wife is using Outlook 98 for the first time and has two email accounts set up. How do you get one email account to default over the other on outgoing emails? Thanks.

Relevancy 61.49%

I have done quite a few office 2000 business addition installations, but this one has me stumped. For some reason even after email addresses have been put in to the TO or CC fields and sent, when starting to retype those same names they are not auto populating. Any ideas?

A:Outlook 2000 email addresses

My first thought is the Outlook.nk2 file. If it doesn't exist, i don't know if it will recreate itself or not. I do know that this is the file where outlook saves the auto complete addresses, and the path to the file should be:

C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

But, before messing with that i would look through the outlook email options. In outlook 2003 go to tools, options .... on the preferences tab click "email options", in the email options window click "advanced email options", and then there is the option to "suggest names while completing To, CC and BCC fields" . So you'll want to find the similar option in outlook 2000. if this option is turned off, turning it on may force the creation of the outlook.nk2 file. if not you should be able to create it yourself or copy it from another system or user profile. hope that helps, as i don't have a system running outlook 2000 available to test it on.
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Does anyone know if its possible to schedule a email to automatically be sent out at a specific date or time?

A:Outlook 2000 + automatic email

yes it is

when you have the email up - have a look for options
it should be there to delay sending

However, this assumes you are on an exchange server OR your PC is on and connected to the interent at the date/time you want to send
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Hi, everyone.
I need to do a clean reinstall of my OS.

Anyway, before I FDISK everything out of existence, I need to back up all my crucial information, which mainly ends up being our email folders, email rules, and our half dozen or so email account configurations.

Can anyone help me with simple step-by-step instructions for backing up email folders, rules, and account info (SMTP server info, passwords, etc.) for Outlook 2002 (not Outlook express - everything online seems only to pertain to Outlook Express) on Windows XP?

In the past, I have tried just copying my .pst file to a cdrom, but that didn't backup our rules wizard rules or our email account configurations.

If I am leaving out any critical info, please let me know. Your help is appreciated!

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Hi guys I have a problem archiving emails My company uses Windows Exchange server with it's charming gig limit on storage The company has recently gone over the limit slightly so the server needs to be restarted regularly - which is a pain In order to bring it back to order we need for people to archive their email There's problems really - Using Outlook we can do the usual archive by file gt archive gt etc - but some of the emails dont get archived If I view the properties and folder sizes it shows folders that are no longer there - the missing folders are in the archive but not in the inbox Despite shaving off a hundred meg or so from the inbox the exchange server still reports the mailbox size Email Issues Outlook/Goldmine Backup - as being what it originally was All of these things are a pain can anybody shed some light on the subject please - I have no experience at Email Backup Issues - Outlook/Goldmine all with Goldmine and they need to have email archived too I've googled around a lot and read through the available manuals and found nothing on it Can somebody give me a brief overview or point me towards a how to article please Thanks in advance for any help you can provide S
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Hi All,
Appreciate if anyone can help.
I am running window xp professional on Primary Disk. I am trying to import the outlook old message from my Secondary Disk which was run window ME.

After I have imported my files into the outlook 2000. Some inbox email was missing. (I notice 15 July 2003 till 30 July 2003 incoming mail was missing but before 15 July 2003 and After 30 July 2003 was there).

What I did was:

Open my outlook express, do FILE -> IMPORT-> INBOX->select IMPORT FROM ANOTHER PROGRAM. Select the personal folder (*.PST).

Why some file was missing. Appreciate if anyone can help. I am running window xp professional. I did not window upgrade to upgrade from window me to window xp pro.

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my system went down, i had not created an archive of mail and was unable to access anything via safe mode or restore to previous settings...

could you please tell me how to find those files that were previously stored in outlook!!

A:how to recover lost outlook 2000 email

Open My Computer. Go to Tools, Folder Options and click on the View tab. Make sure that "Show hidden files and folders" is checked. Also uncheck "Hide protected operating system files". Now click "Apply to all folders"
Click "Apply" then "OK"

Now search for *.pst; *.pab
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I did some damage recently and now that I'm up and running again I'd like to try and get my outlook 2000 POP3 email and address book back. unless there was a file in my root directory I needed, I know I have everything, its just I don't know where to find and replace.

MS office 2K premium



A:Outlook 2000 question restoring email, FAQ??

*.pst = mail, contacts, calendar, etc.
*.iaf = internet account (something, maybe file)
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Recently, my deleted emails reappear within a few minutes (in the inbox).

When I check the delected files folder, there are 1 or more copies of the email in there depending on how many times I deleted the email message.

This started sometime after I applied a major update to Zone Alarm and have been wondering if there is something in that update that is causing this.

Relevancy 61.06%

Any way to configure my searching to be more precise in sent or received emails? Outlook 2000 won't let me set the date range I want to search nor let me select the fields I want to search. When I go to advanced find in my email I seem to be stuck with searching "subject field" or "subject field and message body" or "frequently used text fields". Same with dates-only a few date range choices are allowed. What a waste of search time when I only want to search for the word "popcorn" used in one message body last Halloween week. Thanks in advance for any ideas.

A:Advanced Find in email for Outlook 2000

If you're just looking for the word "popcorn" in the body of the e-mail. Outlook can do that.
Click Find on the toolbar, then under Options click Advanced Find.
On the Message tab sheet, type popcorn in "Search for word(s):"
For the "In" drop down menu box, change it to "subject field and message body", then click on Find Now.

Outlook can also search in date range. Let me know if you still can't find the word popcorn.
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I want to reinstall Windows Xp soon, as I got a virus and after cleaning the computer doesn't work as smooth as before. I gives some strange erros and sometimes it justs hangs up... I want to backup Outlook Express emails and settings before reinstall, and restore afterwards. Any help?

A:How to backup Outlook Express email folders and settings

OE Backup

How-to articles - Backup Microsoft Outlook Express 6.0
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Dear Sir/Madam,


The content of the folder is in -

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\New Mail Backup 2001120

I intend to open the folder and save its content to a disk with Nero.


1. To where should I download and install the content of the mail backup disk after my computer has been gutted and re-jigged.

2. Should my ISP be installed in my computer before I download and install the content of the mail backup disk ?

Yours sincerely


A:Backup Outlook Express Email Message Files

Wow oldsoldier,I am really impressed by your effort to backup your email. I am way to lazy to do what you did. I have a freebie download called, OEBackup. It backs up any messages you have stored in folders (including sent messages and deleted messages - I think). More importantly, it also backs up your Address Book. It can be scheduled to run periodically. It has saved me a ton of work.I have a bunch of hard drives, either actual or virtual. I save to one (any one) which doesn't have my OS (Windows XP) on it. I recently had to re-install XP. Good old HAL.DLL got spooky for the 6th time in 2 years. I ended up reformatting the drive XP lives on, but there on my D: drive were all my OE files. I had to reload OEBackup and direct it to my backup folder, but it restored all my folders (and I keep almost everything). Then I imported my address book from my backup file. It was slick. I recommend it.If you think it will work for you, give it a Google.KermitD
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Can anyone give me step-by-stepinstructions on how to backup email files in Outlook 2003 on a Case Logic flash drive? I've tried the instructions on the Microsoft website, but the files are not being copied to the drive, for some reason. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: Unable to backup email files on Outlook

I've moved this thread to the appropriate forum, since the "Miscellaneous Tech" forum is for the discussion and troubleshooting for other electronic devices.
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I want to reinstall Windows Xp soon, as I got a virus and after cleaning the computer doesn't work as smooth as before. I gives some strange erros and sometimes it justs hangs up... I want to backup Outlook Express emails and settings before reinstall, and restore afterwards. Any help?

A:How To Backup Outlook Express Email Folders And Settings

Hi Tonia_p and welcome at BC Guide to backup Outlook Express
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I have a laptop with VISTA operating system, has Outlook 2007

I would like to create a file in which I could put on a disk that has all of my Calendar appts and all of my emails such that when I take to another computer I could view all of the calendar appt (reminders) and all of the emails

I know there is a PST file somewhere (if this is what I need to copy where do I find it?) on the computer but does it contain all of this info?

Please let me know how to accomplish this

thank you very much

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I want to reinstall Windows Xp soon, as I got a virus and after cleaning the computer doesn't work as smooth as before. I gives some strange erros and sometimes it justs hangs up... I want to backup Outlook Express emails and settings before reinstall, and restore afterwards. Any help?

A:How to backup Outlook Express email folders and settings

This should help.
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Previously used Win XP, Outlook 2003 32bit. We backed up our emails using software called msgsave. This allowed us to select which folders where to be backed up and saved each email as separate .msg files using a naming convention we could choose (eg Received date - Subject - From).

This allowed us to easily search for an email and drag and drop it back into outlook if required.

We have now upgraded to to Win 7, Outlook 2013 64bit and found that msgsave does not work with 64 bit versions of outlook.

Does anybody have suggestions for similar software?

If not, does anybody have suggestions for a different way to back up?

Slimboy Fat
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I'm using Windows XP Home and Outlook 2000.

I cannot see the 'Email Accounts' option under the Tools menu.

I have Administrator rights and can see the Email Accounts via Control Panel ==> Mail ==> Services ==> Properties, but not via the Tools menu.

Can anyone help please.

Many Thanks

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I had a freeze up on my Outlook After using the Inbox Repair Tool I was able to save everything I then archived and compacted the pst file to reduce it by about I then tried to get my mail and it started the process showing how Outlook complete receiving email 2000 doesn't many were on the server and the countdown Also the animated mail icon in the bottom tray showed mail coming in Outlook 2000 doesn't complete receiving email However when it Outlook 2000 doesn't complete receiving email finished it gave a error message that said the mail couldn t be retrieved from the server It was a download error Thinking Norton System Works might have something to do with it I uninstalled it Didn t help I uninstalled Outlook and did a registry clean and reinstalled Didn t help Here is Outlook 2000 doesn't complete receiving email the REALLY INTERESTING part I installed Outlook Express and it downloaed the mail I then went to my wife s user and configured Outlook and it downloaded mail I went bact to my user and it still didn t work All my business stuff is on my Outlook --email and contacts with extensive notes What do you think went wrong and what to do to fix it Thank You Jerry nbsp

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I am an Exchange 2003 Admin. I have a user who is receiving Repeated Read receipts for an old email (sent in june 2008) in Outlook 2000. I have checked sender's PC. evrything looks okie. The read receipts appear to come randomly. sometimes once, sometimes twice or thrice in a day. Its the same read reciept evrytime.

I have not been able to find out the root cause or a resolution to this.
Note: already tried new profile, outlook reinstall, used MfcMapi etc.

Does anybody have any suggestions?

A:Repeated Read receipts for an old email in Outlook 2000

Hi satish.kallem
Welcome to Tech Support Guy Forums!

Is the user using an .ost file or a .pst file?
If it is a .pst file, create a second .pst file and make it the Default Delivery Location.
Close and restart Outlook 2000 for the changes to take effect.

Then Right click and Close the original .pst file.
Close and restart Outlook 2000. Does the repeated read receipt stop?

If so, reconnect the original .pst file to Outlook 2000:
File > Open > Personal Folders File (.pst)
Browse to the location of the .pst file and select it.
The original Personal Folders should then appear in Outlook 2000.

Change the Default Delivery Location back to the original .pst file, if desired.
Close and restart Outlook 2000 for the changes to take effect.
Let us know if that works for you or not.
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I had help reporting is Eset in my Outlook email [SOLVED] suspicious backup with [SOLVED] Eset is reporting suspicious email in my Outlook backup a virus from TSF and Ried please see thread at http www techsupportforum com f -f- html He suggested that I ask someone in Windows XP Support for help with Quote Eset is reporting suspicious email in your Outlook backup The email is on the C drive and sadly Eset does not provide any detail whatsoever I have no idea what email what date who the sender is etc Quote C Documents and Settings FRED Application Data Microsoft Outlook outlook pst I would suggest talking to the folks in Microsoft Office Support for ideas on how to deal with that backup folder As far as the F issue and the drives not being seen you'll need the guidance advice of the experts in our Windows XP Support section Do let them know you've been cleared from the Virus Trojan removal section and it may be helpful to them if you would provide a link to this thread for reference

A:[SOLVED] Eset is reporting suspicious email in my Outlook backup

ESET should mark the suspicious emails as SPAM, depending on the setup - check the SPAM folder.

The Security thread shows you are/ were running Trend Micro Internet Security as well.
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I have Vista as my OS and I use IE and Outlook 2000.
Whenever I click an email link in IE, Windows Mail opens.
When I try to set Outlook 2000 as the default email client from Internet Explorer I get a 'Set your default programs' dialog box which does not list Outlook 2000. Any thoughts ?

A:How to set Outlook 2000 as the default email client from Internet Explorer
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I used the following MS Knowledge Base article to create an autoreply message since we don t use MS Exchange Server in our office I don t have the Out of Office Assistant support microsoft com kbid hhmm seems I m not allowed to post active urls since I am new here the non-active link above works if you cut and paste it to your browser I ve never created an autoreply message before but I was pretty sure there was some way to do it so I tracked that down The only problem default) on mail (not in 2000 on Autoreply Outlook account came in email is that I only want to create this autoreply for a email account which is not the default email account In the template file I even specified to send the message using the account the email comes in on but it replies using the default mail account rather than the one Autoreply in Outlook 2000 on email account mail came in on (not default) I want it to My Rule for this is Check mail Autoreply in Outlook 2000 on email account mail came in on (not default) on arrival from this altername account Reply using template C Documents and Settings user Applications Templates OutOfOffice oft stop rule processing In reality part of this rule should be Reply using template C Documents and Settings user Applications Templates OutOfOffice oft and send via altername account Is there any way to set the reply to use the non-default account rather than the default one If not can anyone suggest an application which will do this nbsp
Relevancy 59.77%


I'm hoping that someone can help me with changing the default internet email account in MS Outlook 2000 Corporate/Workgroup. In the regular Outlook 2000, there is a button in the service box for set as default. However, this does not exist in my program. I am running two internet email accounts, and I would like the second one that I installed to be the default for sending messages. I know there must be a way to do this, but I just can't remember/ figure it out. Thanks!

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when i send e-mail in Outlook 2000 and select the names of the people i want to email. I just get...yourname (email) the TO bar...I was wondering how to display the name and email address all at once. Similar to the way AOL does Please help me!!!!

A:Display email address in outlook 2000 instead of just names when sending

Unless you're using your company's global address list, you must have saved the e-mail addresses yourself (either in your personal address book or in Contacts).

If so, the name is just a short identifier for that e-mail address. You can change the names to include the e-mail address by editing it the name:

In Contacts, right-click the contact, click Open.
Change the Full Name line to read:

Contact Name: E-mail address
e.g. John Smith: [email protected]
In the File As line, make sure it says the same as above.
Click Save and Close.

Alternatively, use:
File, Address Book, double-click the addressee, click the Name tab.
Add the e-mail address to the end of the surname and make sure it appears the same in the Display line.

If you're using a global address list, I'm not sure how you'd change it, maybe someone else can jump in and help you?


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I am having a security issue with sending large email attachments (anything larger than 250kb). I have checked our firewall & IP - and they are both working fine, it has come down to being the computer settings. We have 9 computers on network - 6 work, and 3 dont. Is there a way that I can print out settings to compare?

Or has someone had this issue before?


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Hi, I was trying to backup my contacts on my Nokia E-71 phone using Outlook 2007, this is my first time doing it. So apparently the current Outlook in my pc already has a whole bunch of contacts which belonged to someone else and so both of our contacts are now merged together, is there a way to undo the sync?

A:Accidentally synced my nokia E71 contacts with someone else's contacts Outlook 2007

Short of deleting the contacts on your phone which don't apply to you, I don't know what else you can do.
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I want to move some contacts from my google account to my hotmail account, without having to manually enter them. Is there a way to accomplish that? Thanks.

A:Moving Google Contacts to Outlook/Hotmail Contacts

Download the contacts from Google online in CSV format to a folder then import into Outlook.