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Outlook 2000 email and contacts backup

Q: Outlook 2000 email and contacts backup

Can anyone give me good instructions as to how to back up my email and contacts. I am in the process of doing a clean install of my operating system and don't want to lose my data.

currently running Win ME and plan on going to Win XP so the data would need to seemlessly transfer.

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Preferred Solution: Outlook 2000 email and contacts backup

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Outlook 2000 email and contacts backup

You could use the Personal Folders Backup

For Outlook 2000 and later
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Hi everyone,

I'm back here after really long. Looking to build a new machine with a budget of approximately $2000. Here's what I've figured:

1. AMD FX 8350 Black Edition - $179.99
2. ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z AM3+ AMD 990FX - $219.99
3. MSI R9 290X Lightning - $399.99
4. EVGA Supernova 850G2 - $144.99
5. Crucial MX100 512GB - $209.99
6. G.SKILL Trident X Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) - $139.99
7. Fractal Design Define R5 (Window) - $119.99
8. Zowie FK1 - $59.99
9. Overlord Tempest X270OC - $449.99

TOTAL - $1924.91

This currently excludes the keyboard, which I need suggestions for. Any thoughts on how these look? I'm open to ideas.

A:Gaming Rig For $2000

My suggestions: Save some money by making a few changes. You will still get excellent performance and still be able to overclock (if that is what you want to do), while saving money for some other parts.

Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 - $174.99
RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws X 16GB - $119.99
Storage (Hard Drives): Crucial MX100 256GB (SSD) - $109.99 (for Operating System and a few programs/games you run often) *And Also* Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB - $54.99 (for Storage and programs that do not require the SSD speed)
Power Supply: EVGA 750W 80+ Gold (Full Modular) - $124.99 (You will still have plenty of power left for overclocking)
Aftermarket Cooler for CPU: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO - $34.99 (The stock cpu fan is not that good, get an aftermarket one for better cooling)

This will put you around $1830 which will leave you plenty to for a keyboard of your choice.
Have you thought of going Intel? Going to Intel would help with "Future Proofing" your PC.
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tyme says: Purchased a new Gigabyte MB from a reseller , box had serial info label cut off? anyways opened CPU cover to install CPU ...and right lower side had some contact points bent...damaged notified reseller and he said impossible to happen with cover installed.Never installed CPU , tried to straighten damaged contact points for what it was worth , seems it made it , worse! or my imagination.My question is , he didn't damage , I didn't damage.then???? Has anyone ever had damaged contact points? P.S It wasn't a real expensive MB but it hasn't made my day.....I do not think...NEW Warranty covers damage as such...perhaps I'll have to except the Loss?? P.S > I'm not new to computer building ...shorted ports...broken components etc. but this is a 1st. of this nature.

A:Damaged 1150 CPU contacts

All I can say is anything is possible. We can speculate the whole week, on what might have been the reason for the bent pins.
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Hello I have just removed much malware and viruses from a computer with windows vista. It is still running slow from time to time, having problems with freezing on the internet and I thought maybe by defragging it would fix the issue. Yes I have reset firefox many times, scanned many times fully for viruses and malware, removed and reinstalled flash player, etc. I need to first backup the C drive only because the D drive is full of crap. I cannot afford to do anything other than DVD-R to store it on. I am trying to find out how to do this. Is anyone familiar with such a process?

A:How do I backup C drive from Vista to DVD-R?

First, run CLEANMGR for each login on the PC and that includes Administrator.
This reduces the amount of data captured to at least active & meaningful.

Second, IMO backup \Users and forget all else
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Good day to all,

This may or may not be possible, but let me try and explain. I was wondering if it were possible for a mirrored copy of a file to exist. Meaning every time I modified the file or file (s), its corresponding mirrored copy would change too.

I've been saving a lot of things to my Google Drive recently. I was wondering if it were possible for these files to have a mirrored copy saved to another location on my Hard Drive as well.

New files are being added to the Google Drive on a daily basis, so I doubt there would be a way to set this mirror to new files automatically. And this of course, is assuming that this is possible at all. Let me know if you would like me to elaborate or if this can or can't be done at your convenience.



A:Automatic mirror or copy of files for backup purposes

If you require

update foo.txt => mirror:foo.txt
for each and every alteration of foo.txt in real time, then basically you're asking for a RAID-1x implementation.

If you can tolerate a nightly sync of *modified files*, then you might look at

allway sync.
You map a local directory onto a remote directory and run the sync one-way to the remote.

Now on a schedule (or manual invocation) only the mods in the local migrate onto the remote.

Frankly, this is my backup strategy for my laptop.
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First time posting here obviously So I m looking for order too busy lazy to put one together myself a new PC to update my current junk pile Was thinking about $2000 budget $1500 PC, New to using CyberPowerPC but am unsure about them for various reasons bad reviews previous issue with online bought pcs myself Figured I would ask on a forum or two about them and a build I slapped together Any insight criticism welcome CASE NZXT Source w USB -port New PC, $1500 to $2000 budget fan hub Side-Panel Window CD LG X Internal Blu-ray Drive amp DVDRW D Playback Combo Drive BLACK COLOR COOLANT Standard Coolant CPU Intel Core i - K Quad-Core GHz MB Intel Smart Cache LGA All Venom OC Certified CS FAN Maximum MM Case Cooling Fans for your selected case FAN Corsair Hydro Series H High Performance Liquid Cooling System MM Radiator amp Fan Single Enermax Enlobal Silent High Performance MM Fan HDD TB TBx SATA-III Gb s MB Cache RPM HDD Single Drive IUSB Built-in USB Ports MEMORY GB GBx DDR MHz Quad Channel Memory Corsair Vengeance MOTHERBOARD GIGABYTE X -UP ATX w Ultra Durable GblAN GEn PCIe x PCIe x PCI POWERSUPPLY Watts - Corsair CSM Series CS M Plus Gold Certified Modular Ultra Quiet Power Supply SERVICE STANDARD WARRANTY -YEAR Year Labor Year Parts LIMITED WARRANTY PLUS LIFE-TIME TECHNICAL SUPPORT SOUND HIGH DEFINITION ON-BOARD AUDIO VIDEO NVIDIA GeForce GTX GB GDDR X PCIe Video Card - EVGA Superclocked ACX Cooling nbsp

A:New PC, $1500 to $2000 budget

How much does this cost, what is your budget and what do you plan on using the PC for?
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I use google drive as my primary online backup, can anyone suggest a second good online backup service which is both

that way if google loses my data it's still on a second server and my harddrive.

A:Any recommendations for secure online backup service?

None are secure and free. You can pay, but then your 'security' is still not 100% guarantee'd.

But, be assured, Dropbox/Google/Microsoft aren't going to lose your data ...
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I have a champion ups it has suddenly stopped working. The ups turns on but I am unable to turn on my pc but when I turn the outlet switch off I am able turn on the PC in backup mode. I was able to boot and shut down the PC. The ups works in backup mode but somehow refuses to supply power when in online mode. Please help.
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Hi, I have run chkdsk couple times and keep getting about 4 bad sectors. With bad sectors I cannot backup my image on any backup program even windows. It will fail about half way through it. Does anyone know of a program that will bypass the bad sectors and back it up. Thanks. I am open for any solutions here.
Thank you
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Hi thanks or looking a my post,

As it is I have 1 hard drive backing up all staff file that are located on a share PC, I have now been asked to setup a system where I have two hard drive backing up the same information and that they are switched weekly.

When one hard drive is in the building backing up the other hard drive is off site in a safe place, but I am unsure how to set this up using windows 7 backup.

I do not need to backup the system image as they has all ready been done just the staff files.

Thanks for any help


A:Backing up files on 2 different hard drives (windows 7 backup)

Good planning for disaster planning reasons (btw: that's called media rotation).

To automate backups alternating between two target drives -- don't think that's possible and you will need a manual procedure to identify the 'other drive'.

Hopefully the "files that are located on a share PC" are limited to a Shared Folder making the source location easy. Using the backup technique of an Incremental Backup will reduce the size and time of the data being copied.

CAUTION: do not encrypt the backup volume(s), nor even compress them.
If you need them after a disaster, they will need to be usable on ANY available PC and encryption/compression can be subject to software incompatibilities - - right when you don't need that kind of help!
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Hi Three days ago my from help Need restoring with backup computer HP Windows Laptop starting acting up doing the ghost thing on certain programs Microsoft office Excel It would allow me to open the program but then would say not responding After a few attempts on restarting the computer I gave up and fully backed up the HP Laptop amp restored the computer to factory settings After three Need help with restoring computer from backup more attempts the computer seems stable now and loaded everything from my backup again I never did the recovery disc when I bought the machine months ago also have never done a system restore from external hard-drive either I m very angry after the restore because my files programs aren t in the factory locations Does anyone make a program to reinstall all my programs with serial numbers Photoshop or my I-tunes library etc How have other members made this process easy with getting all the files back into there locations and finding serial numbers Also after everything is fixed do I delete the backup from my external HD Everything has been copied into my laptop again right I m just a Newbie computer person looking for some help please thanks nbsp
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Hi all

Hopefully I'm posting this in the correct place, Mods please move if not, thanks.

So, I have a bit of a problem. I accidentally deleted the wrong folder from our work server yesterday (Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard), but we have a nightly backup to a tape drive so I went onto the backup software (Symantec Backup Exec 2012) to restore the data. However, using the restore wizard it has been "Querying for data" for approximately 12 hours... is this normal?? Is it possible to restore files/folders from a tape backup, or would we have to restore the whole system? Do I just need to wait a long time for the system to find the data?

We have a spare 2Tb NAS drive so I could potentially restore all of the data to this (approximately 600gb), would this be a more viable approach?

Thanks in advance

A:Restoring files/folders from tape backup

Never mind, sorted now
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hi all my daughter has told me she used to press the email button on her laptop and access her emails now it doesnt access the emails sorry not uch info .but does anyone have a clue what is wrong or what I could do or try thanks

A:Can't access email from email button

Does the laptop come w/ a program to customize keyboard settings? Maybe that a look at that. My Logitech keyboard came w/ a program called Setpoint which allows me to choose what email program to open when the button is pressed. I had an eMachine keyboard w/ an email button that opens up the default email program. So that's something else to check. Maybe the computer forgot what the default email program is.
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My current external hard drive is falling apart and I'm going to purchase a new piece of hardware. What do people use to store their backups? I've been considering:

external hard drive
internal hard drive
internal hard drive with an external case
USB flash memory
Blu-ray burner and rewritable disks (just an idea)
For an external hard drive I've been looking at USB 3 interfaces but most of them have disks doing 5400rpm. How come external hard drive disks have a slow rpm and is it a problem?

A:What do people use for backup storage?

Depends on how important the data is and how much data you are backing up. I would not use the Blu-ray discs (too expensive) or the USB Flash drive (not much capacity for the price). The internal drive will involve a little more work to install, although the transfer speeds higher and the cost will be lower. The external drive and the internal drive in an external case (basically the same thing, only thing that will vary is cost) is the most convenient method. It will be the easiest to restore to another pc.

As far as the rpm, the difference between 5400 and 7200 rpm probably will not affect you much since it is just for backups. The average seek time between these two speeds is only about 1ms different. So unless you are backing up massive amounts of data, I wouldn't worry too much about it.
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just recently received my Samsung SSD to install my windows 7 ultimate finally after a bit of time messing with that I got windows completely installed so I can either boot off the hdd or my ssd. I have had no luck figuring out how to get drivers from the hdd to ssd though. I can't even get on internet to try looking for drivers. so I tried backing up drivers on the double driver program I've tried burning backup divers to disk. can someone please tell me how to my drivers restored on my ssd!

A:Fresh install OS to SSD driver backup

I have no idea why you can't get on the internet. By default windows 7 has supports almost every (if not every) on board ethernet ports. If not then you'll have to get at least the lan drivers for your motherboard and then download the rest of the drivers you need once you get the onboard land running.

Is this a laptop, desktop ? If its a desktop did you build it yourself? If not what make model is it? You can go online to the manufacturuers website and download device drivers for your laptop/desktop.

If it is something you (or someone else) built then there should be a driver disk that came with your motherboard.

Alternatively you could use driver genius to get the job done. I'm not sure if the "free" version allows you to backup drivers but I know the paid one does.
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I have windows XP. There are instructions on the net to use NTBACKUP.MSI. Even though I downloaded the file the computer can't find the file.

Whats the best way to back up to a portable hard drive on a regular basis?


I also would like to back up my address book to the portable hard drive.

Thanks Heaps

A:Back up XP + email addresses to portable hard drive

What email program are you using?
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Hi everyone In need of help Started up my Dell laptop and I am 1737 2000-0321 display on laptop, Error Dell Blank greeted by a blank screen though the machine goes through the motions of starting up I do not see any faint ghosting When connected to an external monitor all works fine and I have tried changing the inverter but Blank display on Dell 1737 laptop, Error 2000-0321 no luck Ran a diagnostic check and receive the following Error Code Msg Error Code - Msg LCD EDID - Unable to access EDID EEPROM I also tried holding the quot D quot key and powering up The LCD flashed a series of solid color screens Red Green Blue White Black I assume that this means that the backlight is good Does it also mean that the cable is good Not sure what else to check I am guessing that it is eiter the LCD screen controller board itself or the cable Any advice I am comfortable replacing parts Prior to this everything was working fine The display had even brightness and color Would anyone be able to restore my sanity and offer some words of wisdom guidance Would be much appreciated Many Thanks nbsp

A:Blank display on Dell 1737 laptop, Error 2000-0321

Replace the LCD panel including the backlight. External monitor okay, motherboard is okay... Slight chance of a damaged LCD cable to motherboard
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Im trying to set up an email in outlook 2007 with ms exchange 2003. Under the exchange proxy settings, i set the connection settings to RPC.domain, and check the box that says "Only connect to proxy servers that have this principal in their certificate: I use the "msstd:rpc.domain

A:MS Outlook connection with Exchange 2003

Sorrry, I accidently posted before i was finished. but I get an error message saying "the connection to ms exchange is unavailable. Outlook must be online or conncected to complete this action. Can anyone help me with this. Much appreciated.
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Hi, I had a laptop Vaio, windwos XP home edition and before crashing for good I manage to have all data saved on external hard drive. Now I have a new HP, Windows 7, processor A8 and when I try to trim the backup data I can't delete anything from it. The delete button just doesn't work and right click dosen't show delete option. The data is huge I need that space.Thanks.

A:Can't delete backup file created in XP, now I run Windows 7

Have you tried to format the drive through Disk Management? Formatting will erase everything on it. This assumes you don't still have anything on the external drive you want to save.
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I attempted to promote a member server to be a BDC in a single server domain It seemed to complete successfully but later I found that it did not I now have multiple issues with the server I see the following in Event Viewer In the system log I am receiving SAM errors In the Directory Service log I am receiving NTDS Replication errors that full synchronization did not occur In the DNS Server log I am receiving Event id stating that the DNS BDC Issues a a had server failed 2000 DCPromo that with server is unable to open the Active Directory In File Replication I am receiving a error Apparently the SYSVOL cannot be created I do see that the user database did come over from the PDC however I am also receiving messages that I cannot create new Issues with a 2000 server BDC that had a failed DCPromo user objects until the BDC can sync with the PDC I am researching all this stuff but not really knowing where to begin I have tried to DEMOTE the failing BDC but since it cannot attach to the Issues with a 2000 server BDC that had a failed DCPromo DNS server the ip address of the PDC the demotion fails too Any thoughts are GREATLY appreciated Greg nbsp

A:Issues with a 2000 server BDC that had a failed DCPromo

Maybe this will help:
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I upgraded the NT server domain controller to a Windows server and immediately noticed that the XP client machines took a VERY long time to logon to the server The server is running DHCP but I modify the DNS setting so that the XP clients have the IP address of the server DC as their DNS This corrected the problem with the logon speed but it created another little problem When the server DC which is designated as the DNS server goes offline all the XP clients are unable to access the Internet Once the DC is online again connectivity to the Internet is restored I do not know what options I have to designate the ISP DNS information so that the clients do not have to rely on the availability of the DC for Internet Any suggestions are greatly appreciated PS we are issue 2000 Server DNS small automobile dealership that does not have a large IT budget I try to do the best I can but it explains some of the 2000 Server DNS issue older technology i am using Greg nbsp

A:2000 Server DNS issue

First, your config to point the clients to the server DNS is the correct choice.

The symptoms resulting from an outage of that server are normal - -
and should lead you to the solution that the DNS & DHCP servers need to be
replicated (ie two of each).

However, you can configure the clients with two DNS addresses:

the first one (being the primary) should be your internal DNS address
and the secondary might be any public DNS server like (which is google)
DNS processing is to issue a request to BOTH dns addresses and to accept
the results of the first one to reply.
That then creates the situation (a race condition) that if YOUR server gets bogged down, the secondary is more likely to reply first.

You should really attempt to avoid all outages of your DC and to schedule all maintenance to 'off-hour' periods to reduce the impact to the clients
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Budget Range while being workstation 1200 ($2000) High-end upgrade sensible I do not wish to pay twice as much for - performance improvements but if it is significant then I am willing to use up all of my budget System Usage from Most to Least Important Video editing and encoding music production EXTREME MULTI-TASKING gaming Parts Not Required I will be using the following in my new build and they will not be required Coolermaster Silent pro Gold W PSU Asus Xonar DX soundcard Dell U Samsung SyncMaster B Gigabyte GTX ti Keyboard Mouse Speakers Hard drives Coolermaster CM II Advanced Case Preferred Website s for Parts any reliable website including Ebay sellers Ebuyer and Amazon are my favourites Country of Origin 1200 ($2000) High-end workstation upgrade UK Parts Preferences I ve had my eyes on the i K at least GB RAM and adding another GTX ti to my computer I also wish to invest in an SSD to run my operating system software apps from This is well under my budget if I can get significant extra performance I would be happy to spend more Overclocking FINE as long as it does not affect the stability SLI or Crossfire I want to get a second GTX ti but I m interested in other options if there are any Monitor Resolution Dual displays x amp x Additional Comments I am upgrading from the following Q Ghz GB DDR RAM mhz Gigabyte GA-EP -DS R I had GB of memory but two GB modules become faulty GB is not enough for video editing in Adobe After Effects and multi-tasking effectively New DDR memory is expensive and not worth investing in I cannot add a second ti to my current build as the motherboard only supports crossfire I am interested in new technologies such as quot QUICKSYNC quot for video encoding Thanks in advance for your help nbsp

A:£1200 ($2000) High-end workstation upgrade

no love?

ok here's what I have my eyes on:


Intel Core i7 2600k 3.4GHz Socket 1155 8MB Cache Retail Boxed Processor 235.65


G-Skill 4GB DDR3 1600Mhz Ripjaws Memory Module CL9 (9-9-9-24) 1.5V 32.99 x4 - 131.96


Corsair Vengeance 16GB (4x4GB) DDDR3 1600Mhz Memory Module CL9 1.5V 151.96


Gigabyte GA-Z68A-D3H-B3 Z68 Socket 1155 8 Channel Audio ATX Motherboard 108.69


Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3P-B3 Socket 1155 onboard 7.1 Channel Audio ATX Motherboard 148.85


OCZ 120GB Vertex 3 SSD 2.5" SATA-III 6Gb/s Read 550MB/s Write 500MB/s 60k IOPS 209.99

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We host a domain '' with and use the same to provide us with emails to all our staff. The 'Servie Provider' provides facility to capture the incoming emails to another account. My concern is the email that our staff send from the individual Pc's in the workgroup/domain which I need to monitor and filter anly selected email. I would like to mention an example the emails that our sales staff send to suppliers must be blocked while to the cutomers should be allowed. Additional features to the device is welcome.
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I installed XP2000.The head set Mic voice started breaking all of a sudden.But the same headset works well with other computers.I have reinstalled the audio drivers and the issue remains there.But i can hear the songs and all..I have installed realtek and i am using ACER 4930 LAPTOP.Someone can suggest the solution.


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Greetings, everyone.

My new rig has two identical HDDs and a mobo ready for a RAID (0 or 1, I think) configuration. I was under the impression that one could simply install Windows 7 on one HDD and later go into Disk Management and convert it to a RAID setup. It seems, however, the button to do so has been grayed out.

Let's say I partition the first HDD. Could I then allocate the remaining disk space of the first HDD and all of the disk space on the second HDD to a RAID setup? I think the RAID menu in my BIOS recognizes the actual HDDs and ignores any partitions, but I'm not certain.

A:RAID... from a backup image?

that sequence will not work.

1) you create the RAID-X array to include drives {1,2,...n}
2) format the array
3) then load the data.

Now once an array is operational, some raid software will allow a new drive to replace one which is 'broken'
ie: will format and resync data to it (for the raid-1 variations) or for raid-0,
the recovery sequence will get it formatted (and the restore will sync the data)
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Hello everyone

I'm helping my girlfriend out with her new laptop. What she wants to be able to do is to have an external hard drive that she can back up her work/data to.

That's simple enough, but is there a convenient way to do it? As in, simply plug in the drive whenever she feels and then have it automatically create a copy of a specific folder onto the external drive?

She has a WD 80GB 2.5" hard drive (I can look up the model number later if that's necessary).


A:Hard drive backup options

There's plenty, I can't say I've used any, but browse around the downloads section or do some google searches.
What you're looking for would likely be classified as a file syncing program. First one on the techspot download's list is GoodSync
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I have recently reloaded win 2000 pro on a computer, come to set it up on the network and am having some issues, I have to admit that networking is not by strong point.
The server runs Win 2000 server, I have manually set the correct ip address and the pc is finding all of the computers on the network but when I come to access files on any other computer I get a box popping up asking me to enter network password. It has two boxes, one is "Connect as" and one for password. The guys in the office dont think there is a password as they don't remember ever being asked for one.
I feel it is a simple issue but my lack of knowledge is hindering me so I am hoping you more knowledgable guys can point me in the right direction.

A:Win 2000 network issue

1- what type of network (Domain or workgroup )?
2- what kind of OS in the other computer you want to access?
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I have a question about daisy chaining power backup (UPS). Let?s assume I have 2 new identical UPS. If I hook up one the wall, the second one into the first one, and the entire computer the second one (so wall socket > 1st UPS > 2nd UPS > computer) will I be facing any issues? Such as oscillation between UPS?s when power kicks out?

I know that I will have a problem if 2nd UPS draws more power what 1st UPS can provide when power fails.


A:Daisy chaining power backup (UPS)

I wouldn't think there would be an issue. I think the first UPS should output a cleaner signal than the wall does (sine wave vs blocky), which the 2nd UPS should be fine with.
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Right ok, I have a probably simple request, but its baffling me. I need to have my iPod and PC download emails. But I need it so that, if i delete an email of my iPod, it isn't there on my PC, and vice versa. But I need it too so that if I download the emails to my iPod, I can still access them on my PC.

I'm using a firefox extension called SimpleMail, that has options for POP3 and IMAP, and is useful and quick compared to thunderbird for me.

I've tried it, but just can't figure it out! A detailed step-by-step guide, would be HUGELY appreciated. Probably put this in the wrong section too, but its the best I could think off.

A:Email setup help needed, for iPod and PC!

Basicaly any email account with IMAP would be able to do that: Gmail, MobileMe & even Yahoo! offer such services.

Emails are available on all the machines using the IMAP account & even your replies are copied over to all the machines so you can still access them from another machine than the one where you wrote them from.
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Hi apologies if this is in the wrong forum cant seem to find one that fits Right here s the background so you understand My new company has just given me a nice smart samsung omnipro PDA This has been setup sync Active contacts of sets 2 to sync with the works exchange Active sync 2 sets of contacts server via GPRS and download my mail contacts etc etc However i am still with my old company for the next few days and on their exchange server i have stored in my contacts about years worth of phone numbers of pretty much everyone i have needed to speak to Now im not leavng the old company as such the of them have partnered up so i need the phone numbers of about of them I access my exchange for the old company through Outlook using a secure HTTPS connection this means that i can see and edit my contacts mail etc etc i can only access my new company via an web based version of outlook Ok here s the problem having setup a partnership with my laptop via active sync it sees my outlook account and the PDA shows both the laptop account and the work account But if i sync to outlook on my laptop and thus get my old works contacts then when i try to change it to also then get my new company contacts via the GPRS connection activesync deletes the existing contacts In other words i cant sync both sets of contacts as doing one deletes the other I am sure there is an answer to this but i cant seem to find it nbsp
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Hi all,


I have an old Dell Inspiron 4000 which I 'inherited'. I want to load Windows 2000 onto it (from my old Win 2000 CD)
It is an Intel?Pentium III 750MHz with 32KB L1 cache and 256KB L2 cache with 100MHz external bus frequency and Intel SpeedStep.

Display = 14.1-inch XGA TFT color display

I have loaded it and it works fine....except it only takes up half the screen!!
It has a black border around Windows of about 2.5" all around. Ie, the display is like a box in the middle of the screen.
I obviously need some driver or other, but I'm not tech savvy enough to know which.
At present it is trying to operate off a standard VGA driver which was installed with Windows 2000.

Any help gratefully appreciated.


A:Win 2000 & laptop problem

1 Minimize all applications so that you can see the desktop.
2 Right-click anywhere on the desktop background (not on an icon).
3 In the resulting pop-up menu, choose Properties. This will open the Display Properties dialog box.
4 In the Display Properties dialog box, select the Settings tab.
5 In the Settings tab, in the lower right corner, is a "slider" which allows you to change the screen resolution.
6 Slide this control to the left to decrease the screen resolution and to the right to increase the resolution.
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Hey, a friend of mine is looking to purchase a new laptop, he will use it just for work but travels a lot, so wants it to be portable, he'll need a fast processor something that can handle up to 50 files open at ones(I dont know how he does it) he's looking to spend up to around AUD$2000.

Thx for all the help,

A:Portable Work Laptop around AUD$2000

Get HP ENVY 5 Series
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I am running Windows XP Home, SP3. 250G HD. 2G Ram.

I had an external hd backup, 80G. It got full so I pulled up the external HD and hit delete, thinking I would delete the Data. However (I am using Acronistrue Image 8) when I tried to start another Incremental back up Acronis told me it "could not find any hardisks". Ok, I decided to install a 250G hard drive backup, this I did. It shows up everywhere it should. My computer/pc management Etc,BUT still Acronis says it "can not find any hard drives".What have I done and how do I get out of it? Is there any other ***** proof backup system other than Acronis? jopras

A:External Backup

The simplest most ***** proof way to back up your files is: "Copy and Paste".

Also check if there is an update for your current software that you use.
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I am new to Exchange Server 2003 and I have a friend with a network server that I don't know how to re-establish a user to the network. I moved one of his non used computers to this station and now when I try to log in the user I get the error that the name can't be verified because Outlook is not connected or online. This computer used to be online with a different user. Can anyone tell me the steps to check this? Thanks.

A:Outlook not connected in Microsoft Exchange Server

You would benefit from the server handbook or an outlook manual... too much to explain here in usable terms, methinks.
Relevancy 23.22%

Hi everyone

Basically while I was using my PC I tried to access my Seagate 320gb HDD Backup drive this this basically pretty much full with information from the last couple of years, I was planning on backing it up this coming weekend.

Basically I get the following error code

H:/ is not accessible
The Wrong Diskette is in the drive.
Insert (Volume Serial Number; ) into drive H

Can anyone help? Please I have lost some vital bits of information

A:Cannot access my backup drive

Can you access the backup drive using another computer?
Relevancy 29.67%

I need to export or otherwise copy my contacts from my smartphone to my desktop PC, but can't figure out how to do it..

My smartphone used to sync with the office Exchange Server, but ideally I now want to sync my Outlook contacts with my home PC using standalone Outlook 2003. My PC runs XP SP3 and ActiveSync 4.5. Smartphone is Windows Mobile 6 Standard.

It looks as if I cannot sync Exchage Server contacts to standalone Outlook - if I try to switch to synching with Outlook it tells me the contacts on my phone will be deleted. Is there a safe way of doing this? I would rather retype all my contacts from the phone screen than risk losing them - I can no longer access my former office's Exchange Server.

If I can't use ActiveSync, is there a way of exporting contacts in bulk from Outlook on Windows Mobile?

Thanks for any help - Firepig
Relevancy 37.41%

A user has been using her laptop for several years and uses Outlook for her POP3 email.
When we installed a server and joined her laptop to the domain she was unable to see her email without logging out of the server and logging back into her local account.
How do I let her domain profile be the same as her local profile?

A:User loses access to outlook email after being joined to domain

You can't, it's considered as a different user. Just take the settings from Outlook and import them into the other account name.
Relevancy 22.79%

Hello everyone; I was told to move the DHCP server from one site to another. I'm currently running DHCP in win2003 server. I have exported the dhcp config using netsh command. I just found out that the "new server" for dhcp in the other site is a win 2000 family server. I'm not quiet sure how to import the config from win2003 to 2000 family; is this possible? or I would have to configure the scopes manually?

Can anyone please help.
Relevancy 22.79%

I'm new to Techspot. I wanted to get into a forum to try and solve an issue with my computer. The computer is a dell inspiron 1525, with vista, and receives the following message on startup, "internal hard disk drive not found."

A:Need help with error code 2000-0141

The usual cause is that the hard drive has gone bad... But you may just need to re-order your BIOS?
Have your tried borrowing another drive just to see if it is detected?
That computer can be about 2 1/2 years old... long enough for a drive to go bad...
But if you have valuable data on it, you don't want to mess with it too much... just because it doesn't boot, or is not detected, doesn't mean you cannot access it later to retrieve the data... because usually you can.
It can be a lot of other problems as well, so tell us more about your system and what you were in the middle of?
Relevancy 23.65%

I am looking for a hard drive to backup my computer. If possible, backup my software also.

The most ideal would be to press a button and the hard drive backs up changes made to my computer. Something like this:

What do you guys think?

A:Best Backup HDD

MY general recommendations
1) Don't by an external WD (they fail far more often then external drives i see)
2) ONLY buy an external drive that comes with its own AC adapter (don't rely on a drive to draw sufficient power all the time from USB port (e.g. if USB drive)
3) Invest in Ghost Imaging Software. Best $50 you'll spend in protecting your files/folders and endless/grief and time if something fails
=> You really want something can do far more then just simple file/folder backup
=> Personally, i use Acronis True Image Home
Relevancy 23.22%

Hello; I was hoping someone could help me clear things out for me. I would like to add a domain to act as a backup domain controller in case PDC fails. I have read that I would have to add another domain since there is no BDC in win2003. So after I add a domain to an existing forest how does the fail over works? The second domain controller will be at a remote site. Is there a change I have to make in the router to broadcast or simply point to this new DC from DNS?

thanks for your help.
Relevancy 18.06%

My smartphone used to sync with the office Exchange Server, but I now want to sync my Outlook contacts with my home PC using standalone Outlook 2003. My PC runs XP SP2 and ActiveSync 4.5. Smartphone is Windows Mobile 6 Standard.

It looks as if I cannot sync Exchage Server contacts to standalone Outlook - if I try to switch to synching with Outlook it tells me the contacts on my phone will be deleted. Is there a safe way of diong this? I would rather retype all my contacts from the phone screen than risk losing them - I can no longer access my former office's Exchange Server.

Thanks for any help - Firepig

A:ActiveSync, Outlook and Exchange Server

Try updating XP to SP3 and check for other Microsoft Updates too, while you are at it
Relevancy 20.64%

Is anyone out there who can help me? I am registered with Incredimail for emails & I need to change my email address with them & although I have tried every which way to find out how to do this I cannot find a link within incredimail.
I would appreciate any help I can get as it
is driving me crazy. If I am unsuccesful I will have to remove Incredimail & go elsewhere. Thanks to anyone who can give me an answer.
Relevancy 23.22%

When i was trying to make boot usb stick, i insert the usb stick but the program for that used my external hard disk (which is also connected through usb) to make boot disk! I cannot now enter the external hard disk and i'm getting message that i need to format it. How can I restore my data from it? What is the best program?

A:Hard disk backup

Sounds as if you may have removed the USB device before the process was complete.

First, shut down, then remove the USB device.

Attempt a reboot, then use your Windows disk to repair windows in the R mode... but do not let it try to change the partition or to reformat...

You might want to read up on Repair Mode in the Microsoft Knowledge base, but if done properly, you should be able to recover everything on the hard drive.

You will, however, have a very difficult time repairing the USB device.
Relevancy 37.84%

When composing an e-mail in Outlook 2007 (Vista), the typing never wraps round to the next line; it types as one continuous line from left to right. What do you do to change this back to multi-line?

Thanks for you help.


A:Outlook 2007 (Vista) email page layout

Which format are you using to compose the message? (HTML, Rich Text, or Plain Text?)
Relevancy 23.22%

I decided to try out this new device called a NDAS (no not an NAS) but an NDAS. Network Direct Attached Storage. Anyway it says it is the fastest method of transferring data. I have tried a direct connection through a gig lan and it transferred 35GB of info in an 8 hour period. I then hooked up an external hdd through esata and it did 35GB in less than 5 minutes. Can anyone explain what is happening? Am I doing something wrong? Also, this hdd runs at 52 idle in this enclosure and 35 in others.

A:External hdd backup alternatives?

Thats about 120megs per second.. What kind of drives are involved because thats pretty fast. Much faster than a normal non raid setup.
Relevancy 23.22%

Hi i am looking through my computer (vista) i dont have norton and i dont know if i can delete my n360 backup files or if the computer needs them to run????
it has all my files ever since i got this pc and its taking up loads od HDD space.
would love it if some can help

A:Help n360 backup files

The backups can easily be removed with no consequences.

Fully removing Norton needs this process
Relevancy 21.07%

every time I log into my email God save the queen plays and repeats over and over
I have an old amptron 2000 laptop with realteck audio. Never a problem till today.
I ran spy bot, AVG, adaware,CC cleaner, looked over my shoulder, repeated including re-booting and still the refrain goes on. Thanks in advance for any help.

A:Email Sounds distress

Are you kidding? What email program are you using?
Relevancy 23.22%

Hi there I have been using Nero Express V for Nero and Ver. backup Express Problem with 5.5 DVD-RW a very long time to backup different CDs and DVDs until recently for Problem with Nero Express Ver. 5.5 and DVD-RW backup the very first time to backup onto DVD-RW which encounter a problem After I clicked on the quot Problem with Nero Express Ver. 5.5 and DVD-RW backup Disc Info quot it simply says there is no medium found in the drive But the reality is I have a brand new Imation DVD-RW disc inside and ready to backup How can I make my Nero recognizes it so that I can backup my data on it Please send me instruction guides or links to help me to achieve that I have no problem of backing up with DVD RWs DVD -Rs but have trouble with DVD-RW media I tried another brand new Imation DVD-RW and still with the same problem For your information I am running on Win XP with SP It may be a easy fix and hopefully someone can guide me Thank you in advance for your help Cheers nbsp

A:Problem with Nero Express Ver. 5.5 and DVD-RW backup

Uninstall Nero fully
Re-install Nero Fully

Also confirm that your new DVD Drive is seen in My Computer, if not confirm the cables are connected securely, and possibly run this:

Otherwise check here:;en-us;228985
Just scroll down to the "Methods"
Relevancy 23.22%

Or any RAID backup for that matter Be patient I m new at this I have question Raid-0 BackUp two TB Lacie triple interface drives for video editing was going to use one for raw footage then the other for completed edited video Ok so raid Raid-0 BackUp question separates info into blocks for video speed performance on large files but no backup safety but if I back up this RAID drive to a normal non-raid external drive say a Maxtor gb how will I restore the info blocks properly to the separate raid disks enclosed in the Lacie Raid drive a new one since the old one failed if the old one failed Is this making sense Do I need to backup to another disk raid external unit and how will it know the separation of blocks on the original drive I guess to summarize since a RAID external drive does things differently how do you back it up the info has been allocated differently no Thanks in advance While I m here a guy told me to use firewire to raw footage computer usb from completed edited computer to avoid firewire clog Is this true If so which would you use for which Firewire for to usb for from Or reverse nbsp

A:Raid-0 BackUp question

since a RAID external drive does things differently... how do you back it up...the info has been allocated to expand...

NO There are multiple LAYERS of 'abstracted' data. Each layer shown here goes from the most abstract (the application) to the most specific (sectors on the raw media)

hd raw media

The RAID-X filesystem is an alternative to the normal NTFS filesystem.
The Application has no idea of what a filesystem is let alone
how to actually read/write the sectors

Than said, any backup program is just another Application when it is creating the backup --
it reads input and writes to the selected backup media
(which may be located (sometimes) anywhere -- even over the Internet).

When performing a Restore, the backup program reads the media and writes
to the Filesystem logical sectors (not physical !)
The RAID-X filesystem will then 'do what is appropriate'

YOUR problem with 2x tb disks as a stripped raid-0 is to have a large enough target media to hold the backup.
While backups 'may be compressed', getting to a 50% compression ratio to hold 2tb on one
backup device is not likely. You will need a backup program which can support swapping
media during the backup and resort operations.
Relevancy 18.06%

I hope I'm putting this in the right place and I know it's probably I really simplistic question, but here it is:

I have Comcast Cable internet via modem that connects to my DLink 4500 gaming router. I have a PC(wired) , Laptop (wireless), another PC(wired), and XBox360(wireless) all connected to the Cable internet and home network.

I was thinking about changing my Comcast mail to Outlook express -- is this a good Idea? Can it be done? If so how do I do it? If I do it will all my mail accounts go through Outlook or can I just do mine and not my son's and husband's? Sorry again if this is not the place, but I figured you're used to newbies not knowing where to post. Thanks

A:Comcast Mail to Outlook Express

Your Comcast email is known as a Webmail solution, while Outlook, Outlook Express
are Pop3 Email Clients.

All you need is to configure your Email Client to access the Postoffice @ Comcast;
you will actually still be able to use BOTH

The Comcast settings are here
Relevancy 23.22%

I m trying to put together a powerful computer that will last a very long time I d like an Intel quad-core processor at least GB of DDR RAM multiple USB slots FireWire wireless capabilities a fast DVD drive burner a good sound card and a fast HDD preferably GB or over I need a good graphics card or two graphics cards depending on the other hardware that can handle Counter-Strike Source Half-Life and other more demanding games Also a case to hold everything together enough power cooling etc I ll be using the computer for gaming video editing graphics design and generally very demanding operations all at Building PC with $2000 Budget the same time It would also be nice if the computer is easy to upgrade as new technologies come out I have about available to me not including the OS monitor keyboard and mouse which I ll take care of later Building PC with $2000 Budget I ve been doing some research but it s more complicated than I thought I d be grateful if anyone could recommend a build or any sort of advice nbsp

A:Building PC with $2000 Budget

with a core i7 setup you should be good for a while, Which will leave you happy with under a 2k budget.

You'll soon get post here about core 2 duos that can overclock to 4ghz. Those are all fine and dandy, they do their jobs well. On a 700-900 budget.

I'd recommend an core i7 setup, with a 3 or 6 gig ram kit. I think the asus and Gigabyte boards are great.

You may see a price drop after jan 8th when nvidia drops their new cards. I'd usually say a 4870 1gb version or a 4870x2 with your budget.
Relevancy 21.07%

Good morning I have a HP Pavillion Desktop computer at home email with Trouble and I recently signed up for Comcast high-speed internet Trouble with email which is run thru a cable modem The internet works great and is very fast Here is my problem I cannot do any kind of email If I try to click on the login button to sign in to our account it says quot page cannot be displayed quot It does this if you try to do any kind of email This is the first time that I have ever had this problem on my computer We didn t have internet on the computer for about a year and a half I Trouble with email also went to Apple com the other day and tried to download the latest versio of iTunes and it said quot page cannot be displayed quot Someone suggested turning off my Windows firewall I really didn t want to do that but I tried it and it didn t solve anything My Norton Security is out of date and needs to be updated but I don t know if that would have anything to do with it or not Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you nbsp

A:Trouble with email

You are a little vague on specifics.

Did you create a new Email account with Comcast during the install?

Are you trying to use that account or an 'old' account on another ISP?

Do you also use a router? Kind/type?
Relevancy 23.22%

Hello guys Hope this isn t too rediculous of a question but here goes I m waiting for a new Dell xps with a raid x GB set question Raid new Dell 64-bit for backup 0 up and I m afraid I may have made a big mistake My question is- For back up security can I just set it up to back up my whole system to an external hard drive I d like to back it up whenever necesarry I like to keep all of my important files on an external anyway that way if my computer ever got scorched or crashed I d be OK once I got my system back up I actually have two externals one I use to back up the other just in case I m not quite sure how I could make this work with the new system being bit Vista I ve been reading about Raid 0 backup question for new 64-bit Dell people having a Raid 0 backup question for new 64-bit Dell hard time backing up a raid system with vista and now I wish I had done a little more research Time was a factor though as my current system is years old and its on its last leg I need it to be a reliable backup Also can I reboot from a disk with raid I will be using my system for some work college and for all around general use Please let me know when you can Here s the specs of the new system - Intel Core processor Q Ghz FSB w Quad Core Tech and MB cache W Power Supply - GB DDR SDRAM at MHz - X GB - ATI Radeon HD MB GDDR - Video ready option w o monitor HMGA A - Serial ATA II RAID With Dual GB Hard Drives - Dell Resource DVD with Application Backup - Dell Dock Consumer - Microsoft Windows Vista SP Home Premium -Bit Edition English - Vista PC-Restore Dim Insp - ADOBE READER MULTI- LANGUAGE - X DVD R RW - Microsoft Office Home and Student Edition - Windows Vista Premium System nbsp

A:Raid 0 backup question for new 64-bit Dell

Issues: Backup System vs User Data option.

The User Data option has many advantages:
PRO:including faster to complete and less media (ie: backup storage) required.
CON:the system would need to be made operational (maybe a full install) and all the applications reinstalled too.

System level backups is a farce in my opinion, as most people ASSUME that it is
a trivial matter to 'just restore the backup' and everything will be fine -- WRONG!
The prerequisite to restore is a running system -- and now you're in a catch-22;
you need the system but you're trying to restore the system.

Two products give the ability to properly restore a system-level backup,
Acronis and Ghost. Each allows a boot from CD and then a restore of the backup
over the HD and 'hopefully' creating a bootable HD in the process.

The object of backups is to reduce the lost of data, which means you need to
periodically perform the backup task -- creating multiple backup files.
Clearly, backing up the entire HD is very wasteful in time and media.

My plan would be to take a system image (using Acronis or Ghost) once a year
and then use User Data option to capture the important stuff more frequently.
Relevancy 22.79%

Does 8.1 and up work on w2k?
Just wondering. I have SP4 install and that update roller thing.

A:Windows 2000/Radeon Drivers

I'm certain 8.1 works on 2k and I think even 9.0c does.
Relevancy 22.79%

Hi, i was wondering a good long term backup (3+ hours) for my router and voip cable modem, i was wondering if i could just use a UPS or if there was something else i could use


A:Backup for voip\cable modem and router

UPS is usually good for ~1hr. Getting to 3hrs? Why so long?
Relevancy 28.81%

I am about to Will backplate touch contacts? mobo cooler replace the stock Intel cpu cooler on my Asus P Q Pro motherboard I am concerned about a cooler backplate touching the contacts Will cooler backplate touch mobo contacts? on the back of the board this quote from a xbitlabs com review of the P Q Pro - has a photo of the back of the board quot However I have to stress that there are a few standing out contacts on the reverse side of the PCB right beneath the processor socket which may cause certain problems if the CPU cooler Will cooler backplate touch mobo contacts? requires a backplate quot I would prefer a cooler that uses a backplate However I don t wan t to buy a cooler and discover too late that the exposed contacts are a problem Anyone Will cooler backplate touch mobo contacts? have a P Q Pro and installed a cooler with backplate Thanks Ausus P Q Pro Intel Q GB G Skill RAM PowerColor ATI Radeon Two GB Seagate HDs DVD drives Corsair W PSU Antec Solo case nbsp

A:Will cooler backplate touch mobo contacts?

Since you posted the warning about possible problems using a backplate on this motherboard, you better not use one. Or risk trashing the motherboard...

On the other hand, If it is a true LGA775 board, go with a quality cooler like the ZeroTherm Nirvana. It has an insulated metal backplate
Relevancy 23.22%

I know most computers come with a backup hard drive now a days. How do i access it? i lost my restore CD and the only way i can think of fixing my computer is booting from this drive and installing fresh.

Any help would be great

A:How do I access backup hard drive?

Each manufacture have their own set of instructions on accessing the Restore partition. So you may be best contacting them for the procedure
(note: sometimes by doing this, they will provide you with a restore CD at a very low cost)

Usually it is some key combination F10 maybe?, something like that, when first starting your computer
Relevancy 23.22%


For backup I'm using Acronis to make an image of my HDD on my external HDD.

Should the unthinkable happen, say my harddrive frazzles. How would I restore this image on a new HDD? I've checked the instructions but I'm afraid it goes over my head a little. Does it involve re-installing the OS? Do I boot from the CD?

Sorry to be such a noob!

A:Quick backup question

Take Acronis and make a full HD image; save it.

Take periodic backups of user files and mark the dates.

If the HD fails,

install a replacement HD
get your Acronis CD and the full image cd
boot from Acronis CD
restore using the full image

Your system will then be bootable and of the same state as the full image taken.
To 'roll forward' with your user files, you can restore from the periodic backups

You should take a new full image at least once a year; some do it more, but
monthly is WAY too frequent (imo).
Relevancy 18.06%

Every time I compose a new message in Outlook Express and use MIDI music as a background the SW SYNTH in audio gets knocked back to zero. This only happens in OLEXP, toherwise MIDI's play OK.
Running Windows XP Pro SP3 OLEXP 6.0

A:Outlook express affects audio control

What is your computer? Make and model?
Relevancy 23.22%

Hello I recently jumped into the netbook craze and purchased an Asus N J A I was aware that I would not be able to have a stationary cd drive and I dont plan on purchasing one right away My question is how can I create a usb drive i can dedicate one to this need that allows me basically to quot factory reset quot the hard drive I dont want to save a bunch of new files I just want something to go back to in case something wrong happens I had a rescue disk come with my other laptop Backup How Diskless Laptop to: that had a cd drive and the backup utility worked flawlessly stick the cd in reboot choose to start over and voila like when I bought it Is there any way to do this on a USB drive or even how to do this on a cd drive once I purchase it Im very new when it comes to creating rescue disks in general Guit nbsp

A:How to: Backup Diskless Laptop

You can image you HardDrive, which can create a bootable Image Restore Disc
Relevancy 21.07%

Hi I am a small business owner running laptops and a desktop pc one of the laptops is running xp although will hopefully upgrade it to vista soon I am looking to purchase a NAS device mostly for media sharing and syncronization between pc s but would like to be able to access my email accounts via outlook NAS email knowledge and lacking. although would consider another product with same basic functionality eg local storage tasks calendar etc I am using googlemail for all my NAS and email knowledge lacking. accounts I am aware that there are several NAS devices out there that let you connect and manage NAS and email knowledge lacking. files remotely over the internet It seems that to me that it should therefor be relatively simple to have all outlook or alternative files stored on a remotely accessible NAS to synchronize accross all pc s automatically on login hereby removing the need for an expensive hosted service such as MS exchange I have googled just about every variation I can think of to find the relevant information but to no avail I am fairly savvy for an unqualified home user but lack the deeper understanding of NAS and outlook to get through this one on my own If this is possible please give some advice on setup and the best hardware fro the job Lastly if the NAS doubled as a print server that would be cool too MAny thanks in advance for your help Best regards Don nbsp

A:NAS and email knowledge lacking.

NAS devices (Network Attached Storage) just attach to your LAN using the File Sharing,
Map Network Drives capability.

1) Internet access to one of YOUR LAN drives is a big security hole, so that's not the
right approach.

2) depending upon the software you use to send/receive, sharing email files can easily corrupt them and you lose everything.

If I wanted Internet access to my email, I would use a Webbased email solution
(like gmail), configure it to retain all down loaded email, and the use my pc
to access the gmail pop3 account.
Relevancy 22.36%

Hello and good morning I have Windows and am getting a recurring issue that is keeping me from doing Windows X Error Active Computer 2000 My virtually anything on this computer When I start up the computer and then click on My Computer icon I get the following error message and cannot see any of the drives nor move any folders s Your current security settings prohibit running ActiveX controls on this page As a result this page may Active X Error My Computer Windows 2000 not display correctly ame thing happens in Windows Explorer and Internet explorer I ve tried some troubleshooting in the run REGEDIT area to no avail In addition I ve tried opening internet explorer internet options going to the securities tab and there s a big red minus sign and the settings are quot stuck quot on high when I try to change the security level for my computer to medium or medium low etc it quot takes quot but after i hit apply then okay and close out of the window same thing When I try to go back in to the options securities section it s stuck on high again Any ideas Much appreciated nbsp

A:Active X Error My Computer Windows 2000

win2000 has kill-bit controls and this KB loads several of them

if you can use the command prompt, then the installer would/should run.
Download the update to another system and then access it remotely on a share
or use a thumbdrive to move it to your win2000.
Relevancy 18.06%

Help! How can I share Outlook 2007 Calendar on 3 networked computers running vista home premium? Don't wanna spend 700 bucks for Exchange Server. Can it be done?

A:Share Outlook Calendar

For workgroup users (ie those without a domain controller), it is done by sharing
each appointment;

create or open an appointment
click the Attendee Availability tab
at the lower left, click Invite Others
enter the name of the Contact and click find
when selected, click Required or Optional
repeat for all attendees
when done, click OK
as each Contact receives the appointment by email, they accept or decline the schedule
their calendar and yours are updated
and the status of all can be seen using the radio button Show Attendee Status
Relevancy 23.65%

I have 3 computers setup on a small network, Computer A is the master computer and Computer's B and C are backups to A in the event that A goes down. Now how do I setup Computers B and C to automatically take over for A in the event that it goes down...obviously Computer B will be first in the pecking order to take over in the event of A's failure, thanks

A:Backup PCs on a Network

It really depends on what these 3 PC's do.

There is only clustering and network load balancing that I am aware of. But again, it depends on what these PC's do as both clustering and NLB have "different" usage scenarios.
Relevancy 29.67%

I have an iPaq 1955

My old laptop died, so I got a new one.

I reinstalled ActiveSync 4.5, and it connected OK. However, when I select 'Tools | Options' on my laptop AS session, and try to select 'Contacts' for this PC, it tells me I must un-select contacts from 'Windows PC' (which is my Home PC), and when I do that, it tells me it "must remove all contacts on your pocket PC".

What the HECK is with that? I don't want to lose contacts I have entered into my iPaq while waiting for my new laptop! What ***** decided that was necessary? Just sync the confound thing!

More imprtantly, how do I sync without losing my contacts on my iPaq?

A:ActiveSync 4.5 wants to delete all my contacts

Back up your contacts and follow ActiveSyncs instructions
Relevancy 21.07%

Can anyone guide me about Video email marketing? Is it possible to customized banners and links with my video emails?

A:Looking for Video Email Marketing

Re:Looking for Video Email Marketing!

Video email marketing is a new tool in market which allows the entrepreneurs to access video email facility with the use of microphone and camera and communicate directly with the end customer. It harnesses the power of video in conveying emotions, tone, and energy while leveraging the flexibility of an email- like system. It increases the market value and credibility of the user. You can get more information from and yes it is very simple to customize banners and links with the video emails.
Relevancy 18.06%

Lots of valuable information in that file I'd like to access. I was able to create a new Outlook file in safe mode so I guess the program is OK.

It was suggested to me recently the cause may have been due to me having Microsoft Service Pack 1 at the time. I had not updated to Service Pak 2 (which I now believe has been updated to Service Pak 3). Has anyone had experience with this and, if so, do you think there's a chance that if I update my Service Pak that I might still have a chance of recovering the data I had in my original Outlook file?

A:Still unable to open Microsoft Outlook

I dont think just upgrading to service pack 3 would do any good.

May be you need some more luck there.

Hope you get the help you need

Relevancy 23.22%

Looking for information regarding residential online backup services. Is anyone using Mozy or X-Drive? Would appreciate input as to the ease of the service or anything else you can offer. Thanks.
Relevancy 23.22%

Hi, i have an external disk on which i accidently deleted all the data so i want any help from any person who can know the best way to get all lost data back on my disk i've tried with data doctor software it didn't work out so please help me by sending the answer of how i could possibly resolve that problem

A:External hard disk's backup

We use Recuva,for routine stuff, which is free with a gurgle search.
We have had terrific luck with this programs found in the Data Recovery section of

Easus (free)
Avira Unerase (free)
Active File Recovery (paid)
Active Undelete (paid)
BitMart Restorer 2000 (paid)
File Recovery Angel (paid)
File Scavenger (paid)
Get Back Data NTFS (expensive and good)
iRecover (safe)
NTFS Undelete (free)
Recuva (free)
Undelete (paid)
Undelete Plus (paid)

It is best to pick one, and become good at it.
Relevancy 23.65%

my computer is a compaq presario with xpsp3 and 256 ram.
i used driveimage xml to create a backup image of my hard drive C:. do i also need to make a backup of my hard drive D:? i thought the D drive was specifically to make a "one time" copy of recovery CDs, and once that is done (i've already made the recovery CDs), it is no longer of any use, and basically wasted space.

A:Do I need to backup D:?

You NEED to do some readying.
The D Drive is a partition from which you can do a reinstall. There is not enough room to back up to the D drive.
Relevancy 23.65%

IS there a free way to back up my computer to the internet/server? Automatic preferably...
Thank you in advance!

A:Online Backup?

Doubt it, and how long have you got anyway ? A typical PC has often got a minimum of 20Gb of data, whilst a typical 5Mbit download broadband only has 300Kbit upload, and to transfer 20Gb would take approximately 148 hours.

Better buy a cheap USB hard drive
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Hello all I have a problem with my GB flash drive samsung I am using windows xp and trying to transfer gigs worth of files to Flash Problem Backup Drive the drive It will always transfer the folders but it wont always transfer the files in the folders For example I have folders with k files however after transfering I will have files with about - files If I go to properties for the drive it will ttell me I am using gigs but if I highligh all the folders Flash Drive Backup Problem and properties there it tell sme only gigs Whats going on I have tried using a backup software but I had the same problem Some folders were empty after transferring There was one time when it went and did them all but when I went to another comp and put it in most all were empty again Any idea what is causing this The drive is new and it can hold large amounts I have tried backing up movies for a total of gigs and these were fine I am using windows vista home Thanks Edit Also want to add that if i manuall add the folders that were empty of the time they will transfer over just fine so any help woul dbe appreciated nbsp

A:Flash Drive Backup Problem

Hi Rydis, sorry for the dealy.

I have seen this before, when transferring many gigs from one location to another.
The fault is caused by memory issues and high disk writting, stripping the files away.

You could run programs such as Memtest on your Ram, and HardDrive diagnostics on your HardDrive. But I believe the error won't show anyway (normally)

Here's the best answer:
Firstly always have a good amount of Ram. This is usually (these days!) around 1 Gig absolute minimum
Next, instead of moving or dragging (or copying) large amounts of folders, always use the right click - COPY, then the right click - PASTE into the destination area.
Once you have confirmed that the data has in fact been copied to the new destination, you can then fully delete the originating data.

You may need to do this on individual, or smaller groups of folders to avoid excessive disk write and memory issues.
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I'm older, as are my eyes, and the type in HTML emails is difficult to read. I changed Outlook 2003 to display everything as Text so I can enlarge using my scroll wheel but the tons of hyperlinks detract.

My Windows menus and Firefox are 14 point for easy reading but I can't find an Outlook setting that applies to HTML messages.

Your help will be appreciated.



A:Enlarge type in HTML email

Have a read of this thread:
It states Outlook2007, but should be similar (if not the same)
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My music played with constant tones with XP. Tone depended on sampling rate of the music. Is this a well-known problem?
Along with other problems I went back to 2000.
Please don't nag me about getting a new computer.

A:Sound problems upgrading 2000 to XP

What kind of sound card or sound device does your old system have? Did you install XP, SP2 and install all the updates for it? There is an XP SP3 now. These Service Packs help greatly with older computers hardware, like sound cards and their drivers
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Three Steps for the Backup of the Film Capture Processing Burn These steps for some software can the Three Film for Backup Steps the of be combined together totally for example DVDXCopy and Pavtube DVD Copy However most of software just can combine two steps together such as DVDShrink Three Steps for the Backup of the Film DVDFab capture and processing DVDCopy or CloneDVD processing and bure So the interaction between the two parts is very important The newbie must learn about the function and then the software can work for you well Capture usually there are two methods to remove CSS protection capturing the IFO and VOB files into hard disk or directly pass by operating system The common capturing software includes DVD Decrypter pavtube dvd ripper and SmartRipper The chance for problem is less than others with the method If not capturing all the profiles of the film you have to use IfoEdit to make the processing It won t make sense to directly throw it to the Three Steps for the Backup of the Film burn software There are various ways to pass by the operating system such as DVD Region-Free AnyDVD and DVD X Ghost However not all the software can be compatible with the processing software Sometimes it will affect the operation of copying software Therefore the newbie should be sure which processing software the software can be compatible with on the official website before using it Process The film processing can be chosen for compression or piece as you like Pay attention to this the quality after compression not only depends on the compression software but also is up to the original compression core of the film Namely film may use software A to get better quality while film maybe be better after using software B There isn t any Causal relationship As for the piece part usually the burnt film can t play normally due to the complex construction of original profile which makes you have to try several software to check Burn The burning part seems to be simple as long as VIDEO TS are given to the copying software However it has the most chances to make them not compatible with each other The Nero is an example for the bad compatibility It is highly suggested to use RecordNow or directly use CopyTo DVD to complete burning processing But it is better that the system contains the built-in burning software in case that there is contention between the burning software and make copying stop In addition choosing the blank disc is very important too as the poor quality film will cause so much mosaic and it can not convert the files quickly even the files can not be recognized Tips If your DVD contains commercial materials you can use the shareware to avoid the influence on the original disc nbsp

A:Three Steps for the Backup of the Film

Thanks mulan1210, bookmarked. Even though I have seen lots of info on the web, your 3 Step does make it easier to understand.

Just wondering about the bad Nero Compatability part (in Burn) Is this on all versions, or just the latest?
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I have 3 Hard Drives, 2-250GB's and 1 500Gb, the 500GB is to backup the first two but after i unplugged it to install a new video card it has not been showing up on my computer anywhere. It does not show up in Disk Management, My Computer, or BIOS...I have formatted it and everything, it was once working properly and completely fine, it has all my files still on it..And yes, it is hooked up physically...I'm not an expert on the subject and am hoping for an obvious solution that my novice mind did not think of, so any advice, i will take..thank you!

A:Backup Hard Drive not found

Do you think you bumped the connector? I would suggest turning the PC off and unplugging the power from the mains. Then unplug the power connector and ide/sata cable to the drive, and then replug them in again. Maybe something got bumped.

:wave:Welcome to Techspot :wave:
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Can anyone please help me? i got a new pc running windows 2000 professional. now my altek lansing speakers wont work on it and i love these speakers. pc asks me for cmuda.sys which is like greek to me. contacted microsoft and the speaker co. and they say i need a patch. is cmuda.sys a patch? if it is how do i get it? any help greatly appreciated. tyvm Bluemarinemamal

A:Altec lansing spker trouble/wind 2000 professional

looks like a driver issue,

cmuda.sys is the C-Media WDM Audio Interface, for the C-Media AC97 on-board sound cards.

have you lately checked or downloaded your latest sound driver? compatible
for your OS ?

and what is your motherboard model? do you use any other PCI sound card?
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A:Installing xp or 2000 os on laptop new hdd

I did put the boot in that order and the only thing i did when it was hook to the other computer was format and partition through disk management.

In the boot sequence of the BIOS there is some symbols in front of the hdd,floppy drive but not in front of the CD drive.

when the boot screen comes up it recognized the CD drive but does not assign a drive letter.Thanks
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I know it probably is, but I thought I would ask anyway. I got an email to 'Test' and 'Keep' a Dell XPS laptop. So what kind of scam is it?

A:Email Scam?

DON'T OPEN! If its not malware,it's a sales scam. Just label it spam and drive on.....Don
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hi all
wondering if anyone can help? i have a hp pavillion dv6000 series laptop, i thought i had better back up the system a few weeks ago. the lappy is running windows vista with which i am not that familiar. anyway the option i was given by the backup wizard was to back up to my recovery drive which is 8.21 gb. the back up failed midway through citing insufficient disk space. due to lack of time i have not attempted to pursue this any further until now but i keep getting a message everytime i bootup of low disk space on this drive. when i look at the drive in computer it says there is 5.81gb free of 8.21 gb but it is highlighted red as if full? apart from using system restore is there anything i can do?

cheers john

A:Vista backup problem

find the Disk Cleanup utility and use it

also delete the incomplete backup
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I m trying to reformat a I backup to use that Trouble Drive as 2nd want formatting second drive Drive E I recently added to my pc and leave my main drive alone Drive C I did a fresh install on C without E attached and only added it after everything has been setup on Trouble formatting 2nd Drive that I want to use as backup C The second drive E used to be a primary drive on a previous rig and has an XP OS on it from that time I ve since built a new system with a totally new drive again this is my C on the new rig and I don t want to reformat this one at all and decided that I d like to backup my data and inserted the old hard drive E for this purpose I d like to reformat it and have it clean for just storing data and so I don t have a second OS installed that might lead to issues When I go to drive E which is the drive letter assigned to it after I inserted it into my new pc and when I click format it it keeps saying it can t I keeps telling me I need to close all windows that show it s contents but I have nothing opened I even restarted and went right to the drive How come I can t do this and how can I overcome it Please post details as although I ve got some knowledge I m still in the learning beginner stage and I really need to be hand held As much detail as possible plz Thanks nbsp

A:Trouble formatting 2nd Drive that I want to use as backup

Helo agian >;D

Try this out

Download the iso or zip version. You can burn these on a CD or get Daemon Tools to "mount" the file.

Actually guys I just tried it out and I'm lost about installing this thing... Does it need to be on a disk, I remember using this once without having to... I think... 0_o

Once installed and running take a look here, Scroll down to "Deleting a partition" and read away.

You might also want to try booting into safe mode on startup when you try the "format" option or even when your removing it to make sure It's not being used.
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Hi I have this problem we have a server running exchange server. There is 3 computers connected to the server running outlook. On 1 of the computers all of the emails have been deleted how can i restore the emails back onto this computer the other 2 computers have all of the emails.

A:Outlook passed 2gb .pst file

Oh I thought you were wondering about changeing the maximum limit :
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Hey people
I have Microsoft Outlook 2007 Service Pack 1
I would like to know how I can install Polish for spell checking
I can speak Polish but can't write it

A:How do I install Polish language for spell checking in Outlook 2007 SP1?

I think installing Proofing Tools from your Office CD and then install Polish proofing tools.

More info here:

And here:
And here:
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I was wondering what is the best backup solution? I know about raid and i don't think i will want to do it.
I was thinking about using external harddrives but they seem to be even more expensive than internal, so i don't really have a clue about how to back up a computer now .

A:I was wondering what is the best backup solution?

Well... You're Going to Call it Overkill But....

Raid 1 with data duplicated on two computers, and all your data double burned onto archival gold DVDs, which you should then store in two different, separate places.

If that's a bit much, you should at least separate your back up files from the machine you're using in case of a meltdown, virus or other plague which might befall you. You should absolutely burn all your precious photo, music, and financial info files to optical media. I always install a second HDD into any of my machines, then store all my data on it and only use the C:/ for the OS or duplicate files that I can afford to lose.

I duplicate my stuff across 2 machines, one of which is always offline. (No RAID though)
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I need content of EEPROM file (EEPROM 24c02) for Dell Latitude CPi D266XT . My old EEPROM is demaged by removing password. If anybody make backup of EEPROM please send me . My old bios version is A12.


A:Latitude CPi D266 XT - Backup EEPROM 24c02

Hi CodeB and welcome

This is a really stupid question, how do you expect anyone to send you a copy of an EEPROM and even if they did do you have the ability to write it to the chip.

Have you tried the DST software from my site.

Just download either the floppy or the CD and run the software, if that doesnt work post back and let us know what happened.

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Hello all, I recently bought another motherboard online and am still waiting for it to arrive. Ive seen that after installing a new motherboard, windows does not start and a reinstall needs to be done, so this is my question. How can i configure Windows 2000 to work properly with this new motherboard without having to reinstall. Can it be done?

Cheers, Nissanman.

A:Need to configure Windows 2000 for new mainboard

ok, i might just back up and reinstall then. and another question. Will a microATX motherboard fit into a normal size ATX case? I think it wud, but i still wanna be sure
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OK so reinstalled Windows XP Pro on a pc and it works fine. Cust has a video card trying to install drivers for it and it always freezes it is now frozen in safe mode extraction In normal mode it freezes on "extracting nvcpl.cp_..." Not sure what is going on here. Cust does not have cds.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dell Dimension 8100
I'm installing drivers for other things now... I wonder why i didn't think of this but THANKS

ok I'm downloading chipset drivers right now
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Pretty soon I plan on building a computer for my brother with around $1500 - 2000 for his budget and I want to get some good parts for it. The price will have to be with a monitor so im figuring its going to be about $2000 with a monitor $1500 without. I wanna try SLI, probably go with Intel quad core(Q6600), 4gb ram, and air cooling. I have been looking into the EVGA 780i motherboard because I heard some pretty good things about it. Here is a list that I am considering. Please feel free to suggest, add, or remove anything from my list. I thank you in advance for any help that you provide.

2 x 8800gts g92
EVGA 780i
4gb Corsair Dominator PC2 8500
OCZ 700w PSU
500gb 7200.10 barracuda HDD
Samsung 2493HM 24" lcd monitor

EDIT: Vista x64 and xp pro dual boot

A:$1500-2000 build... any good recomendations?

It will be an XP pro and vista 64bit dual boot.
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oldish computer, oldish user. my kids got me an ipod, which I am only learning how to use. I do love it now, but I am visiting relatives with 5 yr old computer running windows 2000. each time I try to hook my ipod to itunes, the whole thing reboots. It doesn't happen when I plug the cable into the usb port, but when I plugit into the ipod, it instantly shuts down. I don't know much tech stuff, be gentle! ^_^

A:iPod causing Windows 2000 to reboot

The Windows 2000 computer is updated to SP 3 (Service Pack 3)?
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I m kind of playing with the idea of having a server I just dont know how to go about it I have my old athlon machine gathering dust and it needs a few new parts However server Backup with i wouldnt mind experimenting with it as a storage backup server Lets say for now this is my goal run the server quot tower quot in the corner without any input devices monitor keyboard access it from my core duo and other athlon xp machine at my desk also if it works well the dell down stairs and my other athlon pc store whatever i want on it have it back up each machine automatically every night or week month etc I figure this way is cheaper than buying hard drives for each pc data stripping integrity raid and personally i think its cooler As of right now i have a gig WD drive that works when it wants to in the server ginnea pig If i can get this setup to work ill go get a few or gig drives for it Im looking into linux rather than windows even though i have no idea how to use it in a quot geek quot manner I just avoid Microsoft as much as possible So far ive downloaded ubuntu server Backup with server and last night i downloaded fedorea red hat i guess I want to keep this as free as possible minus buying new parts also im going to link the server and computers in my room together via network cable for quot internet access quot i will buy more netgear pci cards except for the server i dont think theres a reason for it to connect online sorry if i rambled a bit or asked a question thats already been addressed i did a search and couldnt relate this setup to anything i found All help is greatly appriciated nbsp

A:Backup with server

That's ironic, Jobeard posted info on that a day or so, ago.