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Changing symbol font from Word 2000 to Word 97

Q: Changing symbol font from Word 2000 to Word 97

I have had a search of the forum and can't find a solution to this, so apologies if it is a known / obvious fix for the experts!

I have created a document in Word 2000 that includes some "Windings" symbols. In opening the document on other machines in Word 97, some of them have changed font colour and turned into "Wingdings 2" and others have remained in "Wingdings" but changed font colour.
Wingdings is definitely an installed font on the machines I have tried, and it appears to be a consistent change on those different machines (i.e. replaced characters are the same and colour changesare the same).
[We are all appear to be using the same printer drivers and are using Windows 98]

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Preferred Solution: Changing symbol font from Word 2000 to Word 97

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Changing symbol font from Word 2000 to Word 97

Slight error in the above. Gone back to original machine and checked document. When opening in Word 97 the font isn't actually changing as I did use "Wingdings 2" in the original anyway, but clolours are changing and the actual symbol used in "Wingdings 2" has changed.

So basically the two problems are:

1 - font colours are changing on all the symbol font characters (whether "Wingdings" or "Wingdings 2").
2 - a different symbol is being used for those in "Wingdings 2" on the Word 97 machines.

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Word 2000 default font is Times New Roman 12.
How can it be changed to, say, Georgian, Courier New, or other fonts & the size you want for it?

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Hi all, just 2 weeks back i've come across a new problem in Word2000. I've a friend try to change the font sizes in Word 2000 when using Arabic Fonts. But she is unable to do that. But if she were to try changing the Arabic Fonts size in Excel 2000, she will be able to do that. I've tried logging on as another user id (Windows 2000) but the problem persist.

Have also tried to repair office, un-install/re-install office, re-create a new profile for her, but nothing seems to work.

Any ideas?
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Whilst using Word the font size keeps changing. I have to keep using the zoom slider to return to 100% which is so annoying. Can anyone help please?
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I have Windows and have a question regarding Word font 2000 a saved document in Word Microsoft Office --I recently had my system upgraded and a new larger hard drive installed This new drive eliminated the other drives I had so now everything is on one drive When my tech transferred all the files over everything went well All the files open edit and close just fine But there is Word 2000 font one document I created years ago that I use for my business that is showing up in the quot symbol quot font I have tried selecting all and changing it but when I do everything appears as a little square The size will change but the only letters remotely legible are when it s put on quot symbol quot I emailed a copy to my tech and she couldn t figure it out All of my Publisher documents as well as the rest of my Word documents are fine I don t know what else to do and can t imagine trying to decipher this out enough to retype it Any ideas Thanks avonar nbsp

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I have done this before, successfully. Now when I go through the steps, and say YES to saving a default font, it does not save it. I am not messing with styles or anything else--just trying to change the default font for the Normal style. All the steps I try seem to work, but when I go back into Word, the change has not held.

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Ok, I've been using word for a long time now and recently downloaded and installed a new font, unfortunately when i tried using this font to type in microsoft word the program automatically changed the font back to times new roman after about 5 lines. I changed the font back to the one i had chosen to use and it took about a line and a half for word to revert back to times new roman without my consent or permission.

Is there a reason this happening and if so what can i do to fix it?

A:Word Is Auto Changing Font While I Type..

Not sure if it matters, but I'm using Word 2007.
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My younger brother was using the computer and while in Word he accidently chose some option that made the font go red. There was a narrow straight line to the left of the line where the font went a different colour. What was this and how would I get rid of it in the future ?

A:Word font changing colour with bar on side

He has put "track changes" on.

This highlights added text by the colour, and indicates changed content areas with the left margin bar.

Unselect Track Changes. Tools - Track Changes
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Hi to all
I run Word 2000 and just recently when I went to sent off an email I found although Times New Roman 10 was set, the font coming up on the screen was far too small,barely readable, increasing the number does increase the size It is not satisfactory really.
I have tried numerous things even reistalling Office but nothing seems to help
The same thing happens in Word
Help !!! Thank you

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I have a Word 2000 program which has worked well in the past. For at least a couple of years. I have not knowingly tinkered or screwed with the program in any way, but suddenly now I cannot control the font size with the usual Format/Font command. All fonts are too large. The smallest font, 8 pt, looks more like 16 pt. Sixteen point looks correspondingly much larger.

The program is registered to me, but I can't find the blasted disk to reinstall it.

Does anybody have any helpful thoughts? I thank you for them.

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I have a Study Guide with questions in Microsoft Works Word Processor and I wanted to fill in the answers in a different font and color. But every time I click the question I want to answer, it automatically changes to the font and color of the question. So I have to type the answers and then highlight it and change the font and color manually. I have a ton of questions to answer and it is getting to be really time consuming to have to go back and change them all manually. Is there a way to set the font and color to be locked and never change even if I click a word or line that has a different font and color?

A:Microsoft Works Word Processor Font keeps changing

Just like Word, each area can have its own font and other settings.

You are going to have to put up with this, as the author did not set up the study guide to be used in this manner.
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Does anybody have an idea how to change the default font and text size for footnotes in word 2003. I can do it manually as in highlight and right click the text and set the font that i want. But as soon as i insert another footnote it reverts back to the original font setting and not the one that i previously specified.

Any ideas?

Edit: I should add that this is in an existing 80 page document.
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A command I often us in my Word toolbar is Font Color (the icon has an emboldened A). Recently, when putting my cursor on the icon to open it and change the color of the font(s), it will not work. So, I have to right-click on the toolbar, go to Customize?drag the icon back into Customize drop-down box, re-open Format and drag another Font Color back up to the toolbar. But, this works only for a few minutes and then stops working again.

I have tried all different scenarios to overcome this problem, but have no idea why such a simple thing is not working as it should?and this has never happened in all the years I have been using my computer.

Thanking whomever takes the time to respond to this question.


Go to Start/Run and type appwiz.cpl and press enter. In the Add Remove Programs, scroll down to Microsoft Office. Click Change/Remove here you can Add Office programs, Remove (Uninstall) Office or Repair. Try Repair.
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I need a step by step list to make the font sizes of my return address envelopes bigger by about two levels. I am happy with the font size of the delivery address default, but the return address default is too small. The guide I found on line wasn't very helpful, as it read like brain surgery!

I have legacy Word experience using Word 97-2003, and envelope settings were much easier to select on those versions! Note that I want to keep the return address envelope font size as the default envelope setting.

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How can I set Word 2000 so that when I start a new document, it will automatically be in Print layout?
Dave Spilkia

A:Changing default layout in Word 2000

First open the new doc, then make sure you have it in print layout - go to file | page setup and adjust to whatever way you want regarding the margins, font, etc. then hit default. I did this and all my new doc's open the way I want. Hope this is what you want.
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I m working with a file in which somebody created headers that are the same width as the text the whole page width minus some margins On the right side of the header there s a Rev number and date of that header MS-Word-2000 width changing page But the person who designed this apparently didn t realize that the header is MS-Word-2000 changing header width duplicated on all pages or else didn t care The Rev number really wants to go with that page so that different pages can have different revs Duh Yes I know about Track Changes but this needs government approval from an org that doesn t understand electronic manuals They want paper so we use paper So my idea is to move the right boundary of the header to the left and keep the page number in the header and then put the revision code and date to the right of the right boundary of the header box so it s not part of the header And yes I know about the problem of flowing text if we insert or delete a paragraph so the text expands or contracts that s another problem But when I double-click on the header to get into edit-header mode it won t let me go into the graphics mode to grab the dashed-outline of the right header boundary and move it How do I change the header size and do you have any better idea for being able to make a per-page header of per-page editable text next to the real header Also there s a fat horizontal line same width as the header box at the bottom of the header that I can move up and down but I can t shrink It s like the picture editing tools are disabled somehow except for that one operation TIA nbsp
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I was trying to configure Word 2000 to send email, but I can't seem to find the means to configure the bloody thing. I have tried help files, but wasn't much help.

Anybody plz?


A:Microsoft Word 2000 aka MS Word 2000 - Sending Email - Need Help Configuring

Word itself does not send (or receive) e-mail messages. You may configure Word to be your e-mail editor, but it still requires an e-mail program (such as MS Outlook) to send messages.

You can send e-mails from within Word by using File, Send To, Mail Recipient (or Mail Recipient as Attachment), but this still uses Outlook to do the sending and receiving.

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I'm editing a document using Word 2000 and am having problems changing portions of text that is assigned as "normaltextfont" style to "normal". I've tried highlighting the passages, going up to the Style pull down menu and clicking on "Normal" but it doesn't work. The passage stays as "normaltextfont". Anyone know if this is possible?

I tried to look for something in Word that will "Show Code" or something to delete it (like WordPerfect), but I can't get rid of this.

A:Changing normaltextfont to Normal Style in Word 2000

Try using Default Paragraph Font instead...please let me know.
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Am using Word 2000 and want to permanently change the default 24 pt margin setting for page borders to 31 pt, to avoid the continual "out of printable area" problem with the HP colour inkjet printer we're using.

Have tried opening, changing settings to 31 pts and saving (using >Format >Borders and Shading >Page Border >Options), but it always reverts to 24 pt.

It is getting kind of frustrating having to continually change this for every new document we create.

Any thoughts?

A:Word 2000: Changing 24pt page border margin

Create another template?
Or, create a macro that does it for you? You can likely record that one...
Need help?
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I am glad I found this forum!!!
I would like to know how do I change the font size to larger than a 72 I need my letters to be bigger than this for a banner????


A:Is There Any Way To USe A Larger Font In Word, Or Word Perfect Than 72?
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Hi folks I have this problem that is hard to search for on Google We have a lot of word documents connected to a simpel text data file data doc that is used with mail merge Here is our process data doc is opened filled with all variablenames we can use in our documents name country etc data doc is opened filled with the actual data from a database belonging to the variables name Kees Japan etc 2007 2000 documents problem Opening correctly automation in word word Our vb net application does step and then starts a template word document which has that data doc file attached for mail merge The template is now filled in with the correct data Opening word 2000 documents correctly in word 2007 automation problem vb net application tells MS Word to print the document Works fine and we have ourselves a nice document filled in with data we specified in the vb net application Now comes the problem some new computers will have office instead of office installed during testing we have encountered that it does not error but the office installed computer does not fill in the data and just shows mergefield names lt lt name gt gt lt lt country gt gt Also when printed out So it seems like the datafile is not connected when opening the template in word If we let our vb net application show us the document visually first we can re-attach the data file again and we can print the data however there are thing wrong with this approach More user input which is not needed MS Word is opening and showing something we do not want in some cases We also automate the printing of packages which is basicly a list of different templates that needs to be printed automatically without users input Because the old computers will not be updated anytime soon to office versions we have to work some time with both systems So we cannot convert the document to word version because the office computers can t read them anymore How can I let the office read the documents with correct automatic mail merge without user input just as word does We can implement the possible solution both in the sourcecode of the vb net application as we can solve it by configuring ms office so all possibilities are welcome With kind regards nbsp
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Hello, I am a consultant in central Texas and I have a customer that does not recall the chronology of how he got into this situation but basically, I'll attempt to explain. He has Word 2000 installed on an XP Pro machine. He wants to do a mailing that 2000 is unable to handle. We found that 97 will do the desired process with no problem. I tried to install Word 97 to his computer but the setup program indicates that 97 is already on the machine. There is no trace of Word 97 that I can find. The customer thinks that he has vacillated between 97 and 2000 at least twice. I just want both on this machine at the same time. I could uninstall both and then reinstall 2000 then 97 and I think it will work but I was hoping to avoid the uninstalls. Any ideas?

A:Unable to install Word 97 on Word 2000 machine

It sounds like Uncle Bill left some fragments in the registry (or, hopefully, just a file used to flag Word'97's presence).

Hopefully you are using "My Documents" to save everything created in MSWord (either version); that will make it pretty easy to back up the files you don't want to take chances on. Burn a couple CDs or DVDs as needed/if available.

Check the Add/Delete Programs- to see which version/s are installed. I would uninstall each one- re-starting the computer between uninstalls.

With operating systems it makes a difference in which order they are installed; I would follow the same rule for the same reasons--- install the older one first (Word 97). Paranoia makes me want to shut down & reboot between versions. Then install Word 2000.

Good luck.
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One of the features I really liked in the DOS version of WordPerfect 5.1 was the ability, when highlighting, to simply type a character or string of chars. near the end of the relevant portion to be highlighted and have the program take the highlight directly there.

Can WORD 2000 do this? So far, all I can figure out is how to highlight either an entire word, sentence, or line, but none of them with the precision that WordPerfect 5.1 allowed.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


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Hello I have Word on Win XP I ve added a bunch of macro icons to my formatting tool bar so I can quickly change font color white black blue red or highlighting color white green yellow turquoise I also wanted the normal font drop down tool with its X color grid and the normal highlighting tool with its X color grid The problem is my normal font color tool X grid won t drop down until I edit the toolbar and 2000: font won't drop down Word 'drop' color put the exact same tool up there Now I ll have Word 2000: font color drop down won't 'drop' two up there but I can drag the Word 2000: font color drop down won't 'drop' second one away as soon as I put it up there When I close my customization window the original font tool becomes active and I can now work with it Before I go into customization mode I can use the default black color on the color font tool It just won t drop down to expose the color grid How can this be fixed It didn t always work like this Thanks nbsp

A:Word 2000: font color drop down won't 'drop'

Check in the toolbar options it should have an option to control the behavior of the drop down menus......or it could be a software glitch which in case you will have to reinstall
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Is there a way to put a word perfect 10 doc. into a word 2000 doc. I have word perfect 10 but my school has word 2000. I need to print my paper but don't know how. Can anyone help??

A:Solved: Word perfect 10 to word 2000 doc.

Word should be able to open the WordPerfect document. Or you can save the document as a Word 97 document in WP. Do file>Save As, and in the File Type box Select Word 97/2000/2002, and click save.
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I have a CD rom with a Word 2000 document on it. I want to view this document with Word 97. When I try it tells me that it will not work and to try from the file menu (Word 97 opens, but no document appears). I try from the file menu, but it still will not open. Is there a patch I can download to enable this? I tried the Microsoft site, but there seems to be no patch and there is no article in their knowledge base to help. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance,

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My 2000 MS Word stopped opening the documents I have on file. The error message : "There was a problem sending the command to the program" keeps coming up after the document tries to open. I can create and save documents, but then cannot open them to view the content. This started after the removal of roaming defender spyware by SpyHunter software. I don't have any files blocked by SpyHunter and still have the issue with Word with SpyHunter deactivated.I am wondering if a file got removed in the spyware clean up and removal?

A:Word 2000 will not open word documents

Does anybody have any ideas on this problem. I really need to be able to get my documents to open. Re-install of office doesn't help. I am not sure if I am allowed to post to my own topic, if not, I apologize. Thank you to anyone who has any ideas.
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Hi all, I have a problem with viewing my Word 2000 documents under Word 2002. I format a document under 2000 and when I look at it under 2002 the margins on the top and bottom are shifted upward. The margin settings are the same size when I look at the document under 2000 and 2002 but the 2002 documents are offset. My text boxes and pictures are shifted somehow. I was thinking there might be a hot fix for this issue. Anyone know what is causing this?
Thank you

A:Word 2000 Doc's offset under Word 2002

are you flipping between 2000 and 2002?

why not use the same version of word on both computers?

i ran into a different problem with office '97 and 2000 and changed all systems to 2k.
i'd run a 97 or 2k word doc and was always asked if i wanted to change to the other format, sometimes i did, sometimes i didn't.

i have a feeling you try to look at a doc done in 2k and want to view it in 2002.
when you finish you're probably asked do you want to revert back to 2k and that's why you're having problems.
if you change it to 2002 it 's supposed to be backward compatible with 2k and you don't say if this is happening one time or every time.
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I am having difficulty in getting word wrap to operate successfully.
After having entered a page of text, and inserted the picture, graphic, etc I then go to the 'edit wrap points' function which places a dotted outline around the graphic. If I then drag the graphic into place ie over the text, nothing happens.

I have also gone to the the 'Format > tight' function, but again nothing.

How do I get the text to wrap around the graphic as I intended.

I would appreciate any help.


A:Problems with word wrap in Word 2000


Anybody out there able to help me with this word wrap problem as its really starting to annoy me!

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Looking on other forums and not seeing how to delete the end of cell symbol that sometimes comes over when copying and pasting. So annoying!

A:How to get rid of end of cell symbol in Word

can you be more specific - perhaps an example or screen shot

is it always the end symbol?

Assuming the data is in A2
If you put this into B2 and copy down
Then do a copy of the column and Paste Special > Value
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Someone created a Word Document.
They inserted a symbol.
It was a Box.

When it was sent to someone else. Those boxes do not show up.

On my Word it does.

We were thinking a Font was missing but it seems those boxes comes from the Times New Roman Font.

Is there a setting that is not showing these boxes.

Whats weird is. On the users who do not show these boxes if you highlight where the box is and go to insert Symbol. It will show 3 empty Boxes that should have 3 squares.
The 4th box over is a n symbol.
So everything else seems fine.

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I wanted to determine the color and font of text from a website. I cut and pasted a paragraph into Word 2010, but Word 2010 pasted using my default font. Is there a way to disable this, temporarily?

A:Word 2010: paste from website into word, retaining website font

Hi there ... See if the Link below is of any Help ..
Control the formatting when you paste text - Word
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When I press insert in MS Word sp when insert a Word I symbol get heart I in I see a heart symbol This problem has been with me for a while months now I have not been able to get to the bottom When in word and I press the insert key I get a heart symbol white heart surrounded by a black square the size of my cursor when I press backspace it removeds it and shows me a a Number Sign bolded with a white heart symbol in the middle These are probably assumed to be ctrl-characters of some kind Normally when I m on a website in and wish to copy the info into a word document I use the Clipboard copy and then access word and use I get a heart symbol when I insert in Word the clipboard paste key sequence to put it in This has worked successfully in the past But lately I cannot do this When I paste into word I get these symbols if word has not been started Only if I ve started word prior to coping from the original source does the info get stored into the clipboard so that I can paste it in So ususally I have to copy things twice because word doesn t recognize or get the info from the clipboard the first time and I end up copying again now that word is opened Wondering if I have a word worm virus or some sort of marco I do have a trial product call convert Doc to PDF but I m sure this happend prior to me installing this regardless I have uninstalled it trying to figure this out Any help direction appreciated Am I making any sense here nbsp
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Hi, I am a language student therefore I need special characters and ones with accents and umlauts on them. (? ? ?) Everytime I save a symbol short cut (e.g for '?', I press 'alt'+'u' at the same time) , it works for the duration of that session, but when I reopen the document, it doesn't, so I have to resave them. It's very frustrating (and time consuming. On my last computer it not only worked all of the time on Word, despite how many times I closed it, AND for every new document, but also on my emails and internet typing.

Please help!

Many Thanks, Rachel

A:Saving symbol shortcuts in word

not sure what version of office you're using, but maybe try this:
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I have a student who is trying to type 100 degrees F and wants to use the degree symbol. How do we get the degree symbol?

I found the degree symbol in Ariel font by going through bullitts and looking, but can't figure out how to get it in her paper. When we change to Ariel font none of the keys give us the degree symbol.

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I'm having a major problem with Microsoft Word XP. My OS in XP home with SP 2. I recently installed some PS and True Type fonts via Adobe Type Manager 4.1, and now when I go to "Insert" and "Symbol...", Word crashes and restarts.

I've tried to repair the application and I've uninstalled and reinstalled Office XP to no avail --it still crashes when I try to insert a symbol. I'm sure the problem is related to the new fonts, but I just don't know where to start. Any help is greatly appeciated!


A:MS Word crashes after inserting symbol...

Scroll down to Troubleshooting Word and do step 3.

The template fiole is the most likely candidate as it does not get replaced when uninstalling/reinstalling Word.
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Is there a way to reset all of the keyboard shortcuts for the synbols in the "Symbol box" from the insert menu in Word?

A:Word Symbol/Keyboard shortcut

Hmmm. Not sure what you mean, specifically, but try this anyway. I doubt it will hurt!

Commands tab.
Choose Insert on th left and InsertSymbol on the right and hit the RESET ALL button.
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When I hit the Enter key in Word I get the paragraph symbol. How do I get the angled arrow next line symbol?

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I'm having a hard time figuring where and how to post this.

Suddenly my computer converted all of my word documents to Word Pad. I fiddled with it and got it to change individual documents to Word when I re-save them, but I'm still getting new documents in Word.

Worse, it removes the headings and scrambles forms, which I have to repair each time.

Can somebody tell me how to re-set my computer so that when I get a Word document in email, it will stay in Word without convertint to Word Pad?

Gene Douglas

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Anyone know how to add the square root symbol in Word to type up a math example? Thanks.

A:Square root symbol in Word 2003?

Try insert> symbol from the tool bar.

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On a computer running W95 OSR2 and Word97 I created a .doc file using different symbols found in "Insert/Symbol/Shortcut key/Press new shortcut key" and then I assigned as shortcuts functional keys F3...F12. I opened that file on another computer running WMe and Word2K and I got other symbols than the first ones.
I configured the functional keys F3...F12 as shortcuts for the same symbols as on the first computer but it didn't work.
I want to replace the new symbols with the old ones (the originals I used on my .doc).
How can I configure the Word2K to do that.
Thank you wery much!!!

A:Word: .doc created using Insert/Symbol/Shortcut key

Save a blank version of your document with these shortcuts as a different template file (extension .dot) Shortcut keys will travel with a template, but not with a document. Reattach your .doc file to this new template, and take both to the new machine.

Dubya: Making America Proud to Expatriate
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Just bought a new tablet pc which came with the newest version of of Word. i am using files created on this laptop with other pc's running word 2000. When i create files on this new laptop i need to save them down to the previous version in order to access them from the other laptops and pc's. Also, I don't really like the new interface, and would prefer to use the older one. Is this possible??

A:Solved: Can you set MS Word to look like Word 2000?

There is a third party transformation pack, but I wouldn't recommend using it. The best thing to do is just learn how to use Office 2007.

To save files as Office 97-2003 files, just click the file menu (the very top left button), go to Save As and click the arrow to the right of it, then click on (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) 97-2003 Document.
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I have Word 2000 SP3 [ part of Office 2000 SB ] installed.

One of my correspondents sends me documents created with "Word 10 for

When I try to open the document, I receive a choice of file types which my
Word 2000 can convert, but Word 10 for Macintosh is not listed.

I have downloaded all Office 2000 critical updates and all conversion that I
can find at ;

Please help.


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Word Processing Help.
I have Windows ME and have made a list of my collection of stamps as a WORD Doc. I now want to amend this list/s with Catalogue numbers, values,etc but find that when I enter new tab positions to enter these extra details these tab positions change without apparent reason. Suggestions on where I can get a short course (or read about) word processing.


A:Word Processing with MS Word 2000

My suggest:

Do it in a table instead.

Turn your show hide button on.
It looks like a backward P on your toolbar.
Then, Insert-Table and tell it how many columns you want, and just choose 2 rows for now.

In the first row, type your column headings and bold them. In the second row, put your first item. When you hit tab within a table, it will:

a) take to you the next cell to the right
b) create a brand new row for you if you're already in the last cell of the table

Select JUST the text (not the backward Ps at the end of each of your lines, and not the arrows, which represent tabs) and then click and drag them into the appropriate cells of your table.

To get more rows, click in the last cell of your table and hit tab until you get the number of rows you want to work with for now.

If you've got TONS and TONS of items already tabbed the way you previously described, send me your file, and I'll hook you up with the tables in about 5 minutes. But it would take me an hour to tell you how to do it.

[email protected]
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I have this issue that when I open a word file that was created by someone else my word 2007 will turn all phi symbols into "squares". I have installed a compatibility pack but still does it..

any suggestions?

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Hi I'm having problems with Word on Windows XP As far as I know I haven't changed anything but when I came to insert a symbol in a document yesterday nothing happened Then this morning I've found that I can't drag and drop within Word documents either I've done a virus check and nothing has come up so I can t think what's Ms 2003 longer no symbol word insert works in gone wrong I've tried running winword exe a which brings up a new Word document insert symbol no longer works in Ms word 2003 without any of my customized settings but with the ability to insert symbols etc However if I then try and open my current document using that the problem returns Likewise if I save the new Word document and customize the settings switch off the computer and restart I still have problems when opening old files I've also tried deleting normal dot and creating a new one using the winword exe a file but it still reverts when I restart the computer Is there any way to restore this to normal because it's driving me mad Many thanks

A:insert symbol no longer works in Ms word 2003

Sounds like the problem is with the saved files.
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I recently upgraded from Windows XP to Windows --no problems there However after the upgrade I noticed that the insert symbol dialog accessed from the pull down menu in Word seemed frozen Today I upgraded from Office to Office not to correct that one problem just needed to for work Everything s working fine except the insert symbol dialog This leads me to think it might be a Windows problem but since it is occurring with Word I chose this forum Here s the problem When I attempt to insert a symbol the Symbol dialog box appears but the characters do not respond to clicks of the mouse I can select a character or symbol using the arrow keys on the on 2007--Insert click characters Word Symbol frozen--can't keyboard but after Word 2007--Insert Symbol frozen--can't click on characters inserting one character the whole thing freezes up--can t click on a character and arrows don t work If I then click on the tab Special Characters and then click back on the tab Symbols I can then use the arrow keys again but only to select and insert one character Then it refreezes and I have to do the whole Special Characters-to-Symbols-and-back dance to unfreeze the thing I can mouse click on all the other buttons in the Symbol dialog box just not the character map Speaking of which I have put the Character Map from the System Tools folder on my taskbar I can select symbols and characters from the Map by clicking but it is a cumbersome procedure I am a technical writer medical and I use a lot of symbols Can anyone help me fix this If you know a fix you can email me directly at email protected Thank you nbsp
Relevancy 77.4%

Using 'new' MS Word 2007, and trying to edit and replace 'square root' symbol √ with wingdings 2 'tick' symbol P, but although I can copy or ctrl V the square root symbol into the replace dialog box, when I Ctrl V in the tick symbol it just appears as a weird symbol, not a tick at all. If I continue with the replace, the square root symbol is replaced by a cute little square, not the tick that I urgently need. Please help!

A:Solved: Edit and replace tick symbol in MS Word 2007

Welcome to the Forum!
Your problem isn't with the square root symbol - it is being found and replaced. The problem is with the replacement. Open a new document and insert the symbol you want (the "2 'tick' symbol") and the square root symbol. Copy the square root symbol.
Go back to your original document and open up the Replace pop-up.
Set the Font to Symbol for both the Find and Replace fields (I assume that is what you are using) and CTRL-V the square root symbol into the Find field. (No, it won't look like that, but that is okay.) Go back to the other document and copy the "2 'tick' symbol" and CTRL-V it into the Replace filed (it also will not look like what you expect.
Click Find and Replace when it comes to the first found symbol (just to make sure it looks like you want.)
If it looks okay, click Replace all.
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Well i did a big report on my computer with Word Perfect i couldnt print it so i took to school on my flash drive. IN my first class i edited it on Word 2007 and in the class i could print it they had Word 2003 and i couldnt open my file and now i cant even open it in word perfect. I doubt i can use the laptops for a while anyway i can open this on wordperfect

A:Solved: Word Perfect- Word 2003 - word 2007

If you saved the file in the "new" Word 2007 format (with a file extension of .docx) then you will be unable to open it in the other applications.

For Word 2003 you can install a converter, but I know of no XLM converter for WordPerfect.

When using Word 2007 you need to "save as" Word 97-2003 format to retain backwards compatibility.
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There are times when my wife hits, inadvertently, a series of keys in MS Word that changes the keyboard settings to some weird unintelligible new font thing .
After hitting these keys, she gets a new key board where when you hit the back slash button you get a lower case e with a slash over it as in Resume, as in job application form.
The characters seem to change randomly and we haven't figured out the combination of keys that shes mistyping to make all this happen.
Anyone care to take a stab at it?

A:Ms Word Font

hello gregoryd, is a list of shortcuts for MS office, may shed some light on what's happening.
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In Word, I once read that you could turn on this feature that allowed for you to take something from a site, copy and paste it to your document, and everything on the document would be the same font. It helps people who copy and paste a lot, and don't want their document to look like a randsom note.

Anyone know what this is? I'd really like to have it and not go through the trouble of reformatting everything.

A:Help for Word font changes

Sure. Copy from web.
Edit--Paste special, unformatted text. It takes on the font that your document is currently using.
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I know there is a way to make a word a certain color then copy it throughout the whole document. I just can't remember how to do it. I know I've done it with 2000 but I'm currently working in 97. I'm wondering how to do it and if it is possible with 97.

A:Word 97 vs Word 2000


Let's say you want to find the word "you" in your document and make it red.

You would choose Edit-->Replace.

In the Find and Replace dialog box, you would type "you" in the FIND WHAT text box, and type "you" in the REPLACE WITH text box.

Then click on the "More" button on the right-hand side of the dialog box.

In the "Replace" section of the more options, choose the format button and choose FONT from the menu list.

In the FONT options, choose red for the color and then choose ok.

Then you either click the "Replace" or "Replace All" buttons in the dialog box to make the changes.

Good luck,
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I have 2 problems that are linked: I have a laptop with WindowsME that had Microsoft Word 2000 SR1 included. (97M ram, 800mhz)
#1 -- Word 2000 stopped working and gives error that my system resources are too low. I've un-installed, re-installed, cleaned off any spam/spy/viruses, but the laptop still locks up when opening Word2000.
#2 -- I therefore loaded Word 97 (in a separate folder) to get access to my documents but when I double click the Word document, it states that it is not a valid WIN32 application. It is possible to go the long route by opening Word97 and then opening the document. Has anyone encountered this before? Thanks!

A:Word 2000 ==> Word 97

Re-associate the .doc file with Word.
It sounds like its simply lost its association.

In Windows Explorer, right click on any 'doc file, select Open With, Choose Program, select the version of MS Word you want to open it with ant tick the "Always use this..." box.

Your problem with Word 2000 sounds simply like a corrupt file. That is not fixed with reinstalling Word, but is by deleting all instances of
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Had a file, that I changed the font to Wingdings, and then restricted the editing. (my version of security by obscurity).
Anyway, when I wanted to view the file again, I stopped the restrictions, and highlighted the whole doc, and tried to set the font to New Times Roman. The only words that showed, were the hyperlink URL's. The rest of the words appeared as square boxes, regardless of the font type selected. I do have a printout, and could recreate the doc, but would like to know why it won't show the letters/words.

Win 7 Ultimate OS,
Office 2010 suite

As always, thanx in advance


A:Word Font Problem

Square boxes instead of letters regardless of which font is selected is usually caused by missing or corrupted font files.

Try the system file checker:

Start >> Run >> type sfc /scannow
Press <Enter>
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I just bought a new HP 1102w printer and set it up without issue. Tried to print my resume from both my new Laptop which runs Windows 7 and my XP desktop. The document was not changed before I put it on a USB and loaded on the W7 laptop.

When I open the 2003 Word Doc in Windows 7, the fonts and page breaks are different than when I open the very same document on my XP desktop. I want to ensure that if I create a document, especially a resume, that it remains in tact on both machines/printers.

I believe Windows 7 has the same fonts as my XP does.

Please help me to resolve this.

A:Word Doc Font Changes Windows 7

Quote: Originally Posted by mk1

When I open the 2003 Word Doc in Windows 7, the fonts and page breaks are different than when I open the very same document on my XP desktop.

- Do both PCs have MS Word 2003?
- What font are you using?
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playing around i lost font size window on taskbar.Please help THank you.

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Hey there I feel sort of dumb for wasting this forum s time with questions like the one I m about to ask so please let me apologize in advance Listing in 97? Re: Font Word Sorry That said here s my question I use Word for the Mac at my place of business One nice function of that program is that one of the menus is quot Font quot and you can pull it down and a list of fonts available how they look etc At home I use Word for the PC and the program doesn t have that function You don t get to see what the font looks like until you actually start typing in the document Re: Font Listing in Word 97? after changing the font Is there any way to Re: Font Listing in Word 97? get this function for Word An Re: Font Listing in Word 97? upgrade download etc I m assuming not I m guessing it would require just getting a more updated version of the program But on the off chance it s simpler than I assume I thought I d check in ask Okay then that s all I got Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer with this As I said it s hardly a matter of life or death just something I ve been wondering about Cheers Snaithbert nbsp

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Just installed 4 types of the 'Shimano' font and only one shows in the drop down of Word/Excel etc? Can someone advise/help? I have uploaded the 4 fonts

A:Not seeing the FONT installed in Word etc

I tried it, it did it with me too...
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The drop-down list for fonts in Word does not include "courier", but when I go through My Computer>Control Panel>Fonts it (courier) appears in the list of fonts. How can I import this to Word?

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Hey Everyone!

I was in MS Word 2007 the other day when I found a perfect font for a title. Knowing that I'd want to use it in other formats, I opened up Photoshop & InDesign to create a larger version of it. However, Photoshop refuses to use the font (you select the font and it just disappears). I did a little research on the internet and found out that the font I'm trying to use, Gautami, is supposed to look like this:

Gautami - Version 1.21

However, I opened up the otf file and got this preview (which is what I'm looking for!)

Here it is in MS Word:

And now in Photoshop:

Can anybody tell me why this is happening? Did my fonts get switched up somehow? I'm dying to use the font as seen in the Word document :/

Thanks a lot for your time!

A:Font only works in Word

LMAO - apparently, word automatically put it in Arial because it can't interpret that font. Thanks and sorry for bothering!
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Word 97 will not let me access all the fonts on the computer. You can see the fonts in the font files but when you try to change the font in Word 97 it will not give you any choices.

A:Font Problems on Word 97

Follow this link to the Microsoft Word Help site. I had the same problem.,7212,6003255,00.html
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XP: Now, when I paste the Clipboard into a new Word document, to save it, the font is very small. Using 'Format' I have set the Word default for a much larger font, and if I just type a document, it works OK.
This has just started and I wonder what setting is causing this problem. Thanks

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One of my clients is writing a book using WORD on a WinXP Home Edition system Each chapter of his book is a separate Word document He does printing changes when Word font not apply any text formatting not even underlining bold or italics The font is set to Times New Roman and the pitch is pt Pretty basic however one of the documents seems to printing a different font size than the others It looks to be Times New Roman but is smaller I ve checked every option I can find on the documents and the printer Word font changes when printing but everything seems to be identical The only differences I can see is that one of the documents prints a markup line on the far left of the page I m assuming to show changed text while the other does not The other difference is that the page margins are different on the problem document line length is shorter I don t see how either of those options could be at issue however I do know that I don t know everything so I include this information as well Any ideas why the difference in printed font sizes Is there some way to duplicate the properties of a document similar to the format painter feature available within a document Thanks weeG nbsp

A:Word font changes when printing

It sounds like the "odd" document has "track changes" set "on"

This gives the editing bars, shorter line lengths and can affect the printed output as its expecting to include all the changes in the document out to the right, while maintaining pagination.

Something has to give, and its likely the font size.

Turn track changes off on the document and ensure that the prining options are not set to show them.
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MS Word 2000: How can I determine all of the fonts, sizes and characteristics used in a document? Properties does not return this information. Using Win98.

A:Word Font Statistics

You can TRY File-Open, and choose "recover text from any file" (make sure you change it back before opening another doc and DON'T save your doc). You'll see SOME of it, but I don't know how much of it.
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Okay--don't laugh. I still do my basic report writing using MSWord for Dos (still faster for me). The font I have been using is Times Roman 12 point. When finished, I open the document in Word for Windows. I had been using Office 97 and the conversion was pretty good. Now, when using Office 2000, I always get a Time Roman 10 point instead of 12 point. I have even experimented with different 12 point fonts (CG Times, Courier, etc.) but when Office 2000 converts, the result is always 10 point. What is going on?
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Is it possible to change the default font in MS Word?

I am running Office 2003 with XP Pro. I am not one of those who detest Times New Roman; it is useful especially when you need to conserve space. But for most purposes I change to another font, and I am wondering whether I can choose my own default font and use TNR only when I need to.

Stephen R.

A:MS Word Default font?

I don't know if it's the same in 2003, but in Word 2000:

Open Word, select Format ->Font from the menu bar.

Select the font you wish & click the Default button.
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Hi There

This is not a macro question. I have been at this for hours now with no success. I have a picture in MS word 2000. The picture is text with a box around the text. See attached MS Word 2000 file. I want to copy this picture into Excel 2000. But when I do a copy and paste, it does paste into Excel but just the box shows up and not the writing. Can someone out there copy it and paste it for me in Excel 2000 and send it to me?? I can then copy it from your Excel spread sheet into my Excel spread sheet.

Thanks for your help in this.


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why some of my fonts not appearing in word 2007 & because of this not on Mozilla Thunder bird as well. I'm using windows xp sp2.
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I am using Word 2003. In format font option, apart from English I am getting a Tamil word (Equalent to sample) in the popup window. Intentionally I didn't set it. I want to know how can I set a different language instead of Tamil. Pl. have a look at the following image.

A:How to set language in Word Font Format

Most curious. When I open a Word 2003 document and click on Format/font, I don't have the dropdown for Asian Text that you do! You must have activated that somewhere in Word.

Here is something that might help you. It was listed under "Change the default language setting."

1. In MS Windows XP, on the Windows START menu, point to ALL PROGRAMS, point to MS OFFICE, point to MS OFFICE TOOLS, and then click MS OFFICE 2003 LANGUAGE SETTINGS.
2. Click the ENABLED LANGUAGES tab.
3. In the CHOOSE THE LANGUAGE THAT DEFINES DEFAULT BEHAVIOR IN MS OFFICE APPLICATIONS box, select the language you want, and then click OK.
4. A message appears describing the effects of the change. To continue, click CONTINUE AND LOSE CUSTOMIZATIONS.

Hope this helps!
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microsoft word 2010 font color stopped working today. all text is displayed in black regardless of the font color selected. i have been advised to uninstall and then reinstall. however, i am concerned that if i uninstall and then reinstall i will be prevented from doing so because the software will say you had already installed this program. i have a new product key that i microsoft extorted $40.00 from me in order to get it. microsoft said that my original product key was out of warranty and thus i had to buy another one. the point is, i am concerned about uninstalling and then reinstallling because i don't know if i will be allowed to do so in spite of having a new product key only two months old.

A:word 2010 font color

Where did you get this copy of Word that you installed?
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I have a little document that I keep in my pocket, the font on word only goes to 8, is there any way to make it smaller?

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When I start MS word 2003 Bold and Underline are showing as already set and I have to click onto B and U to get normal typing. This also happens when I click on enveopes the font is bold and underlined and I don't know where to go to get normal typing. This only started happening two days ago for no apparent reason.
I would be pleased if someone can help.

A:MS word 2003 Font settings?

Delete '' in templates and restart Word - it will be recreated. Sometimes it's as simple as that, rather than looking at 'Detect and Repair' or reinstalling. Presumably you have run scans for malware, viruses, etc. just in case.
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my font settings for ms words revert back to default on click. please advise

A:(solved) Word: Default font

Open Word with a blank document. Hit ctrl-a. Hit Format-Font, choose the font, size, and style you always want to use and then hit the DEFAULT button at the bottom left. Hit OK. Close Word and reopen. How's that font now?
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Some how my daughter accidently changed the default setting so that when you open up the Word Program, the defaults are set at an 88 font size, a font style no one uses, text already in the normal blank page and everything is light grey in color.

How do I go into the word program and change it so that when you open up "Word" the default is set at something that most of us can use for a normal document without allows having to go in and change everything?

A:Word Document - default font

Find and delete all occurrences of "" on the PC, when Word is not open.

When Word finds none when starting a new blank one with the standard defaults is created.

It's a hidden or system file so depending on your Windows version you may need to enable the viewing of this file type to find it to delete it.

It must exist, so if your search is not successful, its the file type that is the problem, preventing you viewing it.
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I work for a graphic design studio and I have a technical question about Microsoft Word templates We designed a word template for one of our clients and they are Template Font Word Issue having issues with the newly installed font UniversLTStd We created the templates on a mac computer and the client is using a PC While this font is not a Word Template Font Issue standard-issue for Windows the client purchased a windows compatible version of the font for their system When the text is set in Univers in the word template each time the text is edited saved or if the client switches to another window and returns to the word document - the text weight and or letterspacing is affected This problem is occurring on all of the computers in their office While these problems are quite dramatic on the screen all the documents print correctly When the same text is changed to another font there are no problems We tested several fonts including Futura and Helvetica which are not standard Windows fonts We are thinking that this must be a compatibility issue with the Univers font that the client installed on their system The client is using Windows XP Professional with MS Office After much troubleshooting we found that the font issue seems to be connected to the file extension When the Word file ends with the extension doc the font works correctly and there are no issues However the client insists that the files must be dot files because these files prompt them to re-save and rename the file Please advise nbsp

A:Word Template Font Issue

The "DOT" is a template, as the DOC is a document.

How are you designing this "Template" on the Mac and expect it to work on a PC?

What version of Word are you using on this Mac?
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I want to fill in a 22 page questionnaire in MS-WORD. The questions are written in Ariel,,,,, but I want my answers to be in another font.

There are loads of questions, so I don't want to go back to each question to alter my one or two word reply.

Is there a way that all my answers will be in my chosen font ,,,, but leave the questions in Ariel ?

thanks for reading

A:Default a Font in MS-Word 2007

I managed to alter the actual Default within MS-Word, to my chosen one.
And I thought that I'd hit pay-dirt, when I learned how to change the 'system' font.
This has changed 90% of the whole computer system: Desktop / O.Express etc etc.

,,,, but it still hasn't changed the font as I write after previous fonts !

Any ideas please ?

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I have recently started to use Word 2007. Specifically I am editing 2 documents side by side. I edit from the right and drag the edit words into the document on my left. Always, the text that has been "dropped" comes up as 10.5 or 12.5 in font size, having left the source page as a whole font size! There is no indication of such a font size and I need to alter it every time.

I have looked at the Word Options - Advanced Options but can see nothing about my problem. I have checked the template and it is fine.... no half size on the Normal.doc.

Any thought would be appreciated. TIA


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Hello! A long time problem I have had in Word 2003 is sometimes when I use the backspace key, the text immediately in front of the cursor changes to a different font. Usually three or four words change, and it always changes to the font "page number + italic". This has happened in hundreds of documents - some I have created, some have been sent to me by others. It does not always happen, and it can happen intermittently within the same document.

I have tried and tried to fugure out what on earth is causing this. Any help would be VERY much appreciated! Thanks.

A:Backspace causes font change in Word - sometimes!

hi Smedley,

Looks like that when you are backspacing you are removing the paragraph format marks.

The text format is specified in these hidden marks at the end of each text format block.

Click on the symbol in the tool bar to show these and you will be able to see if that is the case.

Click again to return to them not being displayed.

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Was it possible to print a document that has a unique font and you are going to save it in a pen drive and print it to another computer??

I mean, is there any trick so the font will be preserve?or what?

A:Microsoft word Font issue

I think it all depends on whether that font is available on the pen drive. What happens when you try it?
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When I save a document in the rtf format the rtf font table contains hundreds of fonts rather than only the ones used in this document.
Does anyone know why this is and how to stop it.
Note I know of some people on SP3 of Word 2003 who do not have this problem and some that do.
Is there a setting somewhere?

A:Word 2003 rtf font table

I am referring to the parameters
and \f0 - \f285
Relevancy 71.38%

I've always had my font size set at 12 until one day, for reasons known not to me, it changed to 10. The Help function is no help at all, so would someone please tell me the (presumably VERY simple) solution to set the default size back to 12?

A:Default font in Word documents

it actually changed in 2k2....try clicking format, font, and set it to your desired settings, and then if you have a newer version, you should see a 'default' button on the lower left, which resets it to default.

Let me know if that did it.

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Hi I am using Windows XP Pro Version MS Word Sp- Rapid-PI Word Plugin http www rapid-pi com Rapid-Pi is basically a device to allow in Win XP MS Rapid-PI Problem Font and Word you to type mathematical eqautions into MS Word I have two machines Rapid-PI Font Problem in MS Word and Win XP lets Rapid-PI Font Problem in MS Word and Win XP call them A and B Both are work machines so I cant upgrade to Xp SP- Both machines run the same versions of windows and MS Word The core load put onto both machines by my IT department are different lets say machine A has core load and machine b has core load I dont know what the differences between the two core loads of windows that Rapid-PI Font Problem in MS Word and Win XP they install is and I cant find out from IT Machine A with core load has Rapid-Pi installed and it works correctly when I type in an equation it is displayed correctly Machine B with core load doesnt work correctly Rapid pi installs with no errors and loads correctly when I start MS word When I type the equation it comes out as nonsense ie a division sign appears as an f and the integral sign appears as a Z This makes me think there is a problem with the fonts I checked machine A and found that the fonts for rapid-pi are in C Windows Fonts The font file are pfb and pfm When I double click on a font it opens up in MS Fontviewer and looks correct On machine B I found two folders C Windows and C Winnt both of these have a fonts folder The rapid-pi fonts have been installed in C Winnt Fonts and not in C Windows Fonts When I try and double click them in C Winnt Fonts a dialog box appears saying quot The requested file C Winnt Fonts RapidPi-B pfm C Winnt Fonts RapidPi-B PFB was not a valid font file quot I have tried dragging the fonts from C Winnt Fonts to C Windows Fonts but the pc wont let me it says quot Unable to Install the font File quot C Winnt Fonts RapidPi-B PFM quot was not found or could not be opened quot Have you any idea what could be stopping windows recognising these fonts Remember I am on a works machine so I cant update windows or install much I just dont understand how it works on one machine but not the other I have tried reinstalling Rapid-Pi but i still get the same errors Thanks for any help in advance nbsp
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Hi Guys

I run WORD 2003. Lately the default font has been reverting to Time New Roman - 12 PT without any interference from me. I tried several time to change the default back to my preference (Garamond 14), but the next day it reverts back to Times New Roman. Any ideas?


A:Solved: Word font default

Well, did you click the [Default] button when you tried to change the default font. I.e., open a blank Word doc, click Format, Font, choose the font you want, then click the [Default] button at the bottom left of the window? I have MSO 2000, not 2003, but work with 2003 at a client's, and it works essentially the same.
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Can someone tell me how I can permanently change the default font in Word Pad?


A:Change font permanently in Word Pad?

Hmm, you can use a trick as i think you can't change the default font in Wpad.

Create a rtf document with a "space", select the space, choose your font and size, save as your-template.rtf.
In properties, tick read only to avoid modifying it, be sur that rtf files open with Wpad.
Change your shortcuts to open Wpad so that they open your-template.rtf and that's it.
Relevancy 71.38%

When I select the font I want using view>format>font, the next time I use Word it always comes back to New Times Roman. What can I do to make it stay at what I selected until I want to change it again? Thank you.

Relevancy 71.38%

I want to use the MS word Font: Krishna.
From where can i get the font

A:Solved: MS Word Font: Krishna

Are you sure it is a font that came with MS-Word?

Microsoft has a web page that lets you pick a font name from a list and it shows you what applications come with that font. A font called Krishna is not on the list.
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A:FONT dialog not opening in WORD'97


Thank you.

Check out Article III in the TSG Newsletter
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I am editing a document with a lot of photos, and text boxes for captions and notes. When I change the font in one text box, it changes the fonts in the whole document. I am wasting a lot of time trying to fix it without success. Can you help please??
Relevancy 71.38%

Each time I open Word, the font size is set at 22pt.

How can I set the font to a different default size?

A:Setting Font Size in Word

go to the format menu
> font
select the fonts you want
then click on the default button bottom left of dialoge box
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i have come across an issue in word 2003.

o/s = windows xp on a citrix environment.

when opening an existing document from the netwrk all the text is squeezed together. theis is only when the font is times new roman, if you change it to arial its fine. it doesnt matter what size the font is.

any ideas what could be causing this.
Relevancy 71.38%

I have Windows XP Microsoft Word and want to print a few words in the Armenian language I thought I would have to download and install font Microsoft Armenian in Word a font but at armeniapedia org http www armeniapedia org index php title Armenian Fonts I read that Windows comes with quot Unicode quot fonts installed from factory all you need to do is enable the Armenian keyboard and start Armenian font in Microsoft Word typing So Armenian font in Microsoft Word through Word help I searched for quot enable Armenian keyboard quot Armenian font in Microsoft Word and found quot About creating a Georgian or Armenian document quot I followed the -step process Step Enable the language for editing in Microsoft Office did that OK I think Step Install the keyboard layout for Georgian or Armenian Problem is that Armenian is not listed in the languages to choose from Am I going about this the wrong way Since I only need to print a few words this one time I d rather not have to download anything new to my computer if possible How can I enable an Armenian font with what I have Thank you to anyone who can help nbsp