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importing database in access

Q: importing database in access

I'm trying to import a database to an existing database. Both are identical, aside from their WO_NUM field, which distinguishes each record (and is primary key).

I have enough information in the database fields to make the database I want to import match. The problem is that the database is not allowing me to manually enter data. When I try a manual increment of the WO_NUM table, I am getting the following message:

ODBC-call failed.

[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Violation of UNIQUE KEY constraint 'UC_TASKS_WOID_1'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'TASKS'.(#2627)[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server] The statement has been terminated. (#3621)

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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Preferred Solution: importing database in access

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: importing database in access

I'm assuming you are importing the tables, it seems like you are importing the primary key also, that will cause a problem because there will be duplicates.

You can try dumping the table into Excel and strip off the ID column and then import the excel table or Paste it into the table. Access will create new ID's for it.
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If I keep a contact database in Access, can I import it into Outlook Express to send emails? If so, how? Iím using Windows 98, Office 97 and Outlook Express 6.

A:Importing contact database from Access to OE

First Export (on file menu) a sample file from OE using "Other Address book", Use TEXT (Comma Seperated Values) which is ".CSV", Excel should be the Default program if not open it with Excel so you can see the layout.

From Access export your table with the contacts and arrange the columns as they are in the exported CSV file (from outlook) It would have been best if your outlook Export has the same fields as those you want to import. The column headings should be named the same.

When done Save As .CSV (MS Dos) file type. Say Yes to Compatibility prompt and NO to save changes on closing the book because it will resave againif you say yes. do this right a way or it gets confusing then reopen it if you want to check it.

It should be ready to import into OE by Importing the Text file just as you exported it. Remember make sure your columns are correct, copy the row headings from the exported address book (OE) to be safe.
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I would like to setup a forum on my home system that is identical to the forum that I am an admin on the web (for testing purposes). The mysql dump is about 56mb, so I can't use phpmyadmin's function to import it to my XP's database.
Usually, I set up an identical forum on another server of mine and use SSH to import the file, mysql -u username -p databsename < dumpname, but I don't know how to do this on my home XP's system
My home's system is using XXAMP for apache and mysql. Does anyone know of a way to get my dump into my mysql database? I tried using the command above, but XP says that mysql is not a command.

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, wasn't sure if it was an XP or mysql forum category thread.

A:Importing mysql database in XP

Any one know? I was able to do it by manually splitting the big dumps, but I would like to find a better solution for future use.
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i experienced a hard drive failure recently and the tech place that repaired it under warranty saved a bunch of email files, but they were not "backed up" from inside of outlook. (yes i'm an idiot for not having them backed up, but now i have a 500gb external hd, so this will never be a problem again!) when i try to import them into my new email set up, it can't read the file because it's not the right type or doesn't have the right extension. it seems as if i have the raw data, but not in a "back up" file and therefore it can't import. is there still a way to recover the emails?

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I am trying to import a delimited text file and can't get the first and last names in the contact field. One or the other but not both. Any help would be appreciated.

A:ACT Database Importing Delimited Text File

mjam said:

I am trying to import a delimited text file and can't get the first and last names in the contact field. One or the other but not both. Any help would be appreciated.Click to expand...

When importing, you can map to First Name and Last name fields when creating the map... ACT! will then put them together for the Contact field.
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This problem is actually for a coworker of mine who has Outlook and is either using Windows XP Home or Pro not sure which OS He had a problem with his hard drive where he had to reformat it but before he did so he exported his address book and saved emails into a database file was done through Outlook Once he got his computer back up and running he tried importing those database files back into Outlook without success The saved emails are Problem to Outlook with importing database files extremely important and need Problem with importing database files to Outlook to be retrieved and he was wondering what he could do He was wondering if any of the following is possible Importing the outlook database files back into outlook or Being able to print out the files in notepad or Being able to retrieve and print or even convert the database files using a rd party program I ve tried posting this problem on Microsoft s help boards but only got a rude comment and was hoping someone might be able to give some help or at least an explanation why it can t be done My coworker is very good at the hardware aspect of the computer but not quite as good with every issue when dealing with software Any help is greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Problem with importing database files to Outlook

Into what kind of database file? PST?

Where are the files currently? on hard drive or cd? if on cd, copy the DB over to the computer and try opening the file.

If it's a pst, then from outlook, click on file -> open -> pst and see if it opens that way.
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I'm building a database application in Visual Basic .NET and I want to know what is the equivalent code of this when I want to make a connection to mysql:

Protected connString As String = _
"Provider = Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;" & _
"Data Source = " & loc & "\dbProject.mdb;"

Private cn As OleDb.OleDbConnection = New OleDb.OleDbConnection(connString)

Private ConnectionString As String = connString

A:Exporting MS Access Database to MySQL Database

You would have to have the MySQL driver for it on the server regardless.
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I don't support Access, nor have I been trained in it, but I've been asked if I can help in this problem.
An Access database connects externally to a SQLServer database at login time for the application. How do I find which external database they are connecting to? I know that there is a way to go behind the forms to see the source code, but I cant remember how to do this.
I cannot find an obvious User/System file dsn on the PC to give me a clue.
Thanks in advance

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Here's the question- how do I open a form in an existing database from another db in Access 2010 using VBA and give it focus. I can open the external db and it's form but cannot figure how to give it focus. I'm trying to create a master form that will call various databases that each have a form. Seems simple, open the master menu, click on a button that then opens the called db and the associated form. Do my business exit the db and am back at the master form. I would be okay to just close the master db, all it has it the main menu or leave it open. Doesn't matter which I just want to open the called db and form and have its focus.
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Hi Guys,

Im trying to write some code that will copy my access database , tables and data to a new sql server database, ive got the code to create the sql database but i need to populate it from my application

Any answers would be grateful


A:Copy an access database to SQL server database using VB.NET

Google: import access to sql server
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I have MS Access 2000. I initially created a long book list several years ago. I recently found a template from the MS database for books that I downloaded that I like better. I have tried importing the data from the old database to the new one but with no luck. Both are in Access 2000. I am running Win2K.

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I am working for a company that has four people (four different computers) entering data into four different Excel 2010 files on a shared drive. I would like to create a master file on my own computer for the purpose of generating reports. How do I create one Access database that includes all of the information from the four different excel files? Also, can this Access file be continuously updated as the four Excel files are updated each day? Thank you!!!

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According to what I've read, Access 2010 uses the same database format as Access 2007. So this should mean I can open and run a 2007 database (with a lot of VBA code) in Access 2010 with no trouble, yes?

So why do I have the feeling that something is not going to work? Is it because I have been through to many Access upgrades?

A:Any problems using Access 2007 database with Access 2010?

Hi bbinnard,

If you have not purchase Access 2010 yet, what I'd recommend the Trial Version and play around with it for quite a while.
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Is it possible to convert an Access 2000 database to Access 7.0? I have an old machine that I would like to run a database on but it only has Access 7.0 for WIndows 95.

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Hello All,
Our company had a photo booth with an F-35 fighter jet at a recent technology show. Individuals were allowed to have there pic taken in front of the aircraft with a pretty model. Now I have over 2500 pictures and over 2500 individuals that need their pic emailed to them. I have an Access database with a name, email address and a picture. Each name has a different image. How can I automatically send each person their picture through Outlook? I would like it to automatically populate a new email with the address and corresponding pic then have it be sent on its way while I am home sleeping. Can this be done? Is there a command that can run a VB script in Access to accomplish this? I thank you profusely in advance.


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I cannot import an Excel '97 file to a table In Access '97.

In the Import dialogue box the "files of type" dropdown list only gives me 2 file types to choose from. They are:

*Microsoft Access(mdb,mdw,mda)
*ODBC Databaes()

I have tried to add additional file types from service packs with no success.

Is there any solution.


A:Importing To Access

is this new, were you able to import before?

i thought it was standard, use that feature all the time (using off2000 now, forget the off97 stuff, but used it in both versions)

perhaps that option wasn't loaded properly the first time, or not ticked off

try putting the cd back in and looking at the repair or add new components (or something similar), also make sure it's checked off to run from the computer not the cd
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I know how to do the import itself, but Access is only allowing me to import to a table. I need to import into a Query.

Is this possible?

A:Importing into Access from Excel

No. Create a macro (I'm 99% sure Access has a wizard to help you) that imports the data into the table, then runs the query.

Let me know if you need more specific help. Also, OBP may have more details for you.
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Hi, I have a spreadsheet that has a calculated field. When I import to access this field gets hardcoded as a number. It's been so long since I've done calcs in access, can I create a calculated field within the table (all data necessary is included in table). Or to calculations have to be done in query's or reports?

Thanks in advance,

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I receive lots of e-mail messages each day and would like to automate an export that can be imported into Access. The messages will contain data in both columnar and noncolumnar formats and must be parsed into various Access fields. I have worked with macros in both Excel and Access, but haven't really been able to find anything to help me here. Any suggestions you can make will be greatly appreciated.

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I'm making an access front end function

It needs to import pre-existing customer details (names,addresses, etc) into the customer details table.

The problem is is that the preexisting details on excel don't have customer numbers and in my table in access this datapoint is on autonumber, thus access will not import the details, any details

How can i solve this without making the user insert their own customer numbers in excel prior to the import?

A:Importing spreadsheet to access

Hello again, you are busy.
I am not sure that I fully understand your problem, if the Customer Number in Access is an Autonumber then that is perfect for Importing from Excel.
If the Excel data had the Customer Number you would be in real trouble, because you can't write them to an Autonumber, Access has to create them.
The way that I Import Excel data is to use VBA to Import the data to a Temporary Table.
I then either use VBA, a Query or Queries to put the data in to the relevant Table Fields.
I have already posted a few versions of that method on here.
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I am developing a data base (Access), I want import a spread sheet that changes daily, How should i get the data and delete old data or replace the data?

A:importing files, access

The spreadsheet FILE changes daily? Or just the data? If it's just the data, don't "import" the data. Instead, LINK the Excel file as a table.
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When I import text files into Access, sometimes (roughly 10% of the time) the file records do not import into my table in the same order that they had in the text file. Does anyone else experience this and is there a way to fix this so that the records are in the same order? I am using Access 97.


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Is it true there are limitations to the size of Excel spreadsheet I can input directly into Access.
My excel spreadsheet is 350 columns, and 575 rows. But access won't accept it.

Any ideas for me?

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I thought i used to be able to import a spreadsheet into an access database and be able to select which row it starts from - all the import and link seem to want to start @ row1.

any ideas, how to start from row12

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If I keep a contact database in Access, can I import it into Outlook Express to send emails? If so, how? Iím using Windows 98, Office 97 and Outlook Express 6.

Thanks in advance.

A:Importing from Access to Outlook Express

You can export the database table to a text file by clicking FILE --> EXPORT in Access. After choosing the save name, save location and changing save type to .txt, the text export wizard will allow you to define how the fields are delimited. When prompted, export the fields as delimited and using commas as the delimiter. Once you have exported the table to a Text file you can import it into Outlook Express by choosing FILE --> IMPORT--> OTHER ADDRESS BOOK --> TEXT FILE. Then just follow the wizard steps to map the fields in the text file to the fields in your address book.

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I'm trying to import an Excel '97 file in an EXISTING table in Access '97. I've got the same number of columns and fields in the spreadsheet and the Access table. It giving me this message after I've completed the import wizard.
'An error occurred trying to import file (filename). The file was not imported.'

It allows me to import the file in a new table. I constantly have to add new records to the existing table.
Can someone please shed some light on this. I just want to know if there's anything that I might have to adjust in my database.


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Hi everybody I have a problem with my MS Access and can amp t use the wizard for creating database objects forms report table queries etc Whenever I choose Wizard option to create those database objects I get the following error message Microsoft Access can amp t find the wizard or there is syntax error in the Declaration section of a Visual Basic module Wizard Can't access Access MS database The wizard you need may be missing from the libraries key of the Can't access MS Access database Wizard Microsoft Access section of the Windows Registry To make sure that the wizard is in the Windows Registry run Setup to reinstall Microsoft Access and the compile all Visual Basic modules in the database I reinstalled the MS Access as instructed in the message but I don amp t know where to find and compile those Visual Basic modules I also don amp t know how to get to libraries key of the Microsoft Access section of the Windows Registry I tried to reinstall the software by using two different versions of software CDs MS Office and XP and both failed to solve the problem I also tried unsuccessfully to access Add-Ins feature from the Tools menu in order to add the missing component Please help me ishak nbsp

A:Can't access MS Access database Wizard

Funny I had the same error last night. I ran Setup from the CD (from RUN prompt) checked off the access wizard. Then went and did what I was doing, it still asked to install the feature but it worked that time.

If that does not help the is an MS article, basically, if you are in "Break mode" of a module that could also cause it.
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Ok I have one more question-a few people have other versions of Access in my program and need to use the database that I created in Access 97. A few people tried and couldn't open it. Is there an easy way to converting this so they can use it on their computers? Thanks for the help.

A:Access 97 database in Access 2000?

Access should prompt them to either open the DB file or convert it to the newer version on startup. If it doesn't you can open the newer version of Access and go to Tools > Database Utilities > Convert Database.
Warning: Everything in your DB may not convert properly so be ready to do some work if this happens.
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I have been searching for a while about importing text files automatically into my database.

I was thinking of having a hidden form with code attached the looks in a folder on a network drive and to make it more difficult i need it to look every 5 seconds.

So when my external program exports the files to Y:\Dispatch\Export\100045.out access will pick it up and import the data to my access table

I hope this can be done and someone can help me.

Thank you

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I have additional questions related to posting techguy org I am using Word and Access however the Word files are in DOC format Using code and comments found on various websites I am able to import data from Word into an Access table I am using bookmarked legacy form fields importing data Access questions on from Word more into in Word matching the fields in the Access table However I can only import from one Word document at a time and the complete name of the file has to be entered into a message box It would be easier if there is a way to import all Word documents in a folder Anyone know if that s possible and how to change the code If not any suggestions how more questions on importing data into Access from Word I might import the data and link it to more questions on importing data into Access from Word another table Currently all of the data is imported into one table Quarter with a one-to-one relationship to another table Organization For now since the number of records to be imported more questions on importing data into Access from Word is small I manually enter the primary key from the Organization table into the Quarter table I thought I could have a drop-down list display to choose the organization thus creating the foreign key but have not been successful yet I ve tried importing to a query but that hasn t worked either Thanks for any suggestions The references I am using are listed below Posting also suggested Microsoft Visual basic for Applications Extensibility and Microsoft Active X Data Objects Library but I could not find them Visual Basic for Applications Microsoft Access Object Library OLE Automation Microsoft Office Access database engine Object library Microsoft Word Object Library Microsoft Office Object Library Microsoft Office Runtime Type Library Active X Data object Microsoft Word libray My code below has only a sample of the fields I am using Sub ImportWordData Dim appWord As Word Application Dim doc As Word Document Dim cnn As New ADODB Connection Dim rst As New ADODB Recordset Dim strDocName As String Dim blnQuitWord As Boolean Dim AccessConnect As String On Error GoTo ErrorHandling strDocName quot C My Documents MiPCT test quot amp InputBox quot Enter the full name of the Word document including extension quot quot Import Data quot Set appWord GetObject quot Word Application quot Set doc appWord Documents Open strDocName cnn Open quot Provider Microsoft ACE OLEDB quot amp quot Data Source C My Documents Import test quot amp quot Import test accdb quot rst Open quot tQuarter quot cnn adOpenKeyset adLockOptimistic With rst AddNew POname doc FormFields quot POname quot Result P Q doc FormFields quot p q quot Result P Q a doc FormFields quot p q a quot Result P Q doc FormFields quot p q quot Result P Q a doc FormFields quot p q a quot Result Update Close End With doc Close If blnQuitWord Then appWord Quit cnn Close MsgBox quot Data Imported quot Cleanup Set rst Nothing Set cnn Nothing Set doc Nothing Set appWord Nothing Exit Sub ErrorHandling Select Case Err Case - Set appWord CreateObject quot Word Application quot blnQuitWord True Resume Next Case MsgBox quot You must select a valid Word document quot amp quot No data imported quot vbOKOnly quot Document Not Found quot Case MsgBox quot The document you selected does not quot amp quot contain the required form fields quot amp quot No data imported quot vbOKOnly quot Fields Not Found quot Case Else MsgBox Err amp quot quot amp Err Description End Select GoTo Cleanup End Sub nbsp

A:more questions on importing data into Access from Word

I would input all the document "Paths" to a table and use that table to then open them.
I would think that you would need some kind of check when opening the word docs to ensure that they haven't been imported before, maybe a date?
How do you know which Organization ID to use?
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Hello everyone.

When I import data from an Access DB into excel format, the numbers field doesnt work so I cant for instance do a sum for total number of hours spent on a job.

I can use the tick on seperate cells which enters the data to number, but this would take far too long. I have also tried to right click on the collum header and format cells to numbers but this also doesnt work.

So my question is this. Is there an easy way to reformat the cell data to number, or for excel to do this automatically on import?

Thank you
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I have done this many times before with no problem but in testing 20 Excel files and only getting 15 to import, question is why. Get error message that Excel cannot import the file .."error occured: (unspecified). Tried importing as a named range - no luck. Import as link works OK but that is not what is desired and an error table (nothing in it in particular), is also created.
I have checked the data in my students' spreadsheets and they all look perfectly fine.


A:Solved: Problem importing Excel into Access

what is different about the 5 that won't import? do any of the first rows begin with text when in the others they don't? Are there blank rows? Importing can be very tempermental, visually it may look like numbers but they may be Text datatype. check your datatypes, Eg create a new table by importing one of the 5, and then compare the datatypes to see what is different. Then make changes accordingly.
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I have an unusual requirement which I hope someone can help me with My table has fields of which the st a text a Primary to Access Keys Importing table with an number amp a date are key items The table s design contain these keys to ensure that duplicates cannot Importing to an Access table with Primary Keys be posted when users are using a Form for data entry Each month I will be receiving excel files from remote locations which have been produced by exports from similar tables Importing to an Access table with Primary Keys I want to import these excel files into my table overwriting any existing data Because of the keys I can only do this by first deleting the existing data But is there a way to bye-pass this deleting stage If I try to import without first deleting the existing data I get this message Microsoft Office Access was unable to append all the data Importing to an Access table with Primary Keys to the table The contents of fields in records were deleted and records were lost due to key violations So establishing keys not only prevents duplicates at data entry but also prevents overwriting during imports I fully understand why this is but for my specific purpose I am looking for a fix Hope someone can help nbsp

A:Importing to an Access table with Primary Keys

Unless the 2nd and 3rd keys in your table are foreign, you shouldn't really need any more than one key as primary in your table.

As for deleting data, you could always write a delete query.
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Hi all

I am frequently asked to make minor changes to one or more reports in my customer's database.

When I do this, because he is non-technical, rather than me have to travel to see him and do the import from my "Update Patch" to create the new version on his machine, I have been wondering if I could create a DB simply holding the updated or new reports (etc) Then I might create VB in my customer's DB under a Utilities area to:

- Import all of the reports from this "Update Patch" MDB file
- Delete all of the original reports that are being replaced
- Rename the imports (remove the "1")

Of course this might also apply to updated forms and queries.

Has anyone done this reliably and is prepared to share their code and wisdom please?

I'm looking for ideas or inspiration!



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Hi guys,

I am looking for a bit of help. I am unable to import an Excel worksheet into an existing Access table that already has a set template. I am pretty sure that I have the right formatting, however, when I import the file, it leaves a message saying "An error occurred trying to import file 'xxxxx.xls'. The file was not imported". This does not tell me why I was unable to import it, but simply that I can't. If anybody could possibly fix this, it would be greatly appreciated.

I am importing sheet 1, of 'Invoice Import File.xls' into the Invoice table of the 'IQB' database.



A:Error importing Excel worksheet into Access

Sorry, I can't seem to attach the files corresponding to problem.
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I have a flat file that I need to import.
I have set up the specs to tell it what column begins each field etc.
Click OK - it seems to like it - I can see my information previewed but when I click finish to complete the import

"The Micorosoft Access database engine could not find the object {my file name}. Make sure the object exists and that you spell its name and path name correctly. If '{filename}' is not a local object, check your network connection or contact the server administrator"

The file is sitting on my desktop - and not corrupt (able to open in notepad no issues)

Not sure what is going on.
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Hi All,

I need to design a form where by clicking Command Button, it should open Excel Spradesheet saved on (e.g. c:\abc\test.xls) and should select each row from the spradesheet and insert / update (depending the record exist in the table) the record in the table.

If any one has done similer stuff before do let me know.

Thanks in advance,


A:Importing Excel Sheet to Access Table through VBA ?

Although importing Excel sheets has it's issues (mostly numeric fields that have alpha characters), there are several ways you can accomplish this.

If you're doing it frequently, I'd just link the database to the spreadsheet. That way it's imported whenever you reference it. It's always there (assuming someone doesn't change the name or the column references). To link to the spreadsheet just click on File, Get External Data, Link Tables; then change the 'Files of Type' at the bottom of the dialog box to Microsoft Excel .xls and select your file. That's about it, you can reference it as a table. Note: I don't recommend updating that table from access, however. If you have hidden columns or rows, the results can be amusing.

Another option would be to use a macro. You can reference the macro in a button. The macro action command you're looking for is TransferSpreadsheet.
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Hi there,

I have two databases that are exactly the same, but one is more up to date than the other. I would like to import one of the tables from DB1 and combine it with the same table in DB2, getting rid of duplicates.

I have tried using the 'Get external data - import' option which imports the data but places it in a seperate table.

I have also tried copy and paste but no joy there either.

Any help would be much apreciated. thank you.

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I have an Access 2003 form in which there is a bound object box. I set the Source Doc property on form open to import an Excel line/bar chart form an Excel file into the bound object box. It works fine, with one exception: when Access imports the Excel chart into the bound object box, there is a considerable amount of white space between the right edge of the chart and the right edge of the bounding box. Is there a way for me to eliminate this extra white space. I've saved this chart as a picture and copied it to a Work document and to a Powerpoint slide without this problem.

A:Access 2003 Importing Excel Graphs

If it is an Image, you could use an Image Control from the Toolbox and set the Size Mode to Zoom.
You can also "Embed" a Graph in the form by using a Bound object.
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Importing Excel 2000 speadsheet (8655kb) into Access 2000. An error occurred trying to import file. File was not imported. Click OK. Had open blank access database and tried to import and received this message. I tried saving the excel file as a dbf III and then open the dbf file and received this error: Unexpected error from external database drive (10019). I have also tried insert, table, new table, import. I am trying to covert our excel speadsheet into an Access database. It is harder then I thought. Thanks for your help.

A:Access 2000: Error Importing from Excel

Try this.
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I have created a tracking program using access the main tracking page contains name address phone numbers computer information etc I also have two fields that I insert the problem and then the fix then that is printed out to give to the customer whenever the customer brings their computer back in for service I do a search for their account and it brings up all the pre existing info There last problem and cure are still in there I access database would like to find some way if it s possible to make this dump the items to a database for each customer in case I want to go into it again and look at past events Then the next time I open their account the problem and cure fields are empty but their data past problem and cure will still be in there I almost have this program or database to where it will do everything that I want it to do Any help would be very much appreciated Thanks chad nbsp

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I have this access database that I from another user which I want to customize so that I can use it. The form has about 28 records with a yes or no fields. Now what I need to do is add more records as I have stuff to add that will require the user to ans. with a yes or no answer. My problem is that I am unable to add more questions (lines or record). Is there a way to do that?

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ok , i finally got a site , with some ex. for loading jpg into ACCESS,
ok now without eating any1's head, i have to create a small catalog, with itemcode and pic of the item,both have to be related ,so tha I can search , for itemcode adn get the picture....

now both of above ex. codes are free and can be changed, so any1 cna help me out here,who konws access in advance , modify the scripts above if they can , so taht I am asked for like item code and pic.......

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I have an issue with an access database. When I print out a report one of my columns only prints out 4 out of the 5 digits. This happens with 2 machines. On other pcs the 5 digits appear in output of the report. I have checked the resolutions of the pcs and they are the same. I cannot figure out why only 4 digits appear out of the 5.

Can anybody help?


A:Access Database

It may be the version of True Type Fonts that are involved, can't you just increase the column width slightly.
By the way you getter better responses for Access/Excel questions on the Business Applications Forum.
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I have an access data base program that we use as our special orders program, we use to be able to have more than one person log into this, but now only one at a time is able to.. The file is shared for all users.


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I am unable to pen my database. It gave me an error message saying it is corrupted. I tried to do repair it but I was unsuccessful.


A:Access Database

Don't you have any Back-ups?
Try opening a "new Blank" database and on the Main Menu, File>Get External Data>Import and then point it the corrupted file just to see if it can be opened that way.
If it can then on each set of Controls (tables, queries, forms etc) click selct all and then OK
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I have a database where I enter part number description, and cost. I also have another database that is updated all the time with this information in it. I would like to be able to link or however you do it. I would like to lets say put in the part number and then when I push enter or tab the description and cost field populates.

any help would be great.

A:access Database

you can link by selecting the table tab in the DB window and then click NEW followed by selecting Link. Then search for your other database and select the table you want to link to.

You will now have access to all the fields, it is the same as a table now except you may have sharing issues if the table is opened on the source DB.

You can use this linked table just as a regular table to make reports forms, queries etc. so you may not need the table you created with the same information as it is redundant.

So you can make a form with your linked table with a combo to select the product.
I don't know to what degree of detail you want or how much you know so if you need more help just post back.
Relevancy 49.88%

I have two separate access database files that I cannot access. when I try to open either one it says unrecognized database format. When I tried to compact and repair, it says the same thing. how can I get back into these databases?
Relevancy 49.88%

I need help in creating a database that can be searched.

3 Items are needed...

A 2 digit year entry
A 6 digit numerical entry (need to be able to enter less digits)
A 4 digit numerical entry (need to be able to enter less digits)

I need to be able to search the 6 digit number and have it tell me what 4 digit number is associated with it.

I am hoping I am making this clear...

for Access 07 or 03? (the previous version)



Relevancy 49.88%

I have an access database, one of the forms I am working with has a subform. I want to be able to print part of the main form, and parts of the suboform. I can do this by inserting the form key number and the subform key number, then it prints what I want. What I am looking for is to be able to be in a clients record and push print and without having to enter anything it prints the fields in the form and the subform that I have in a report. I hope this makes sense. Is there a macro that I can put together to do this?

Thank you in advance for any help. .

A:Access DataBase

The simplest way although it may not seem like it, is to do the following:
Create a Join Query that includes both tables/queries (whatever your using), and create Joins on the 2 Key fields (related), this query should then become the control source for you report.
Now in the new query go to the field that contains the data you will be selecting on the form. eg the ID for the Main form

In the criteria row right click and select Build, find your form and find the Id field control name. The syntax will be:

Now if you don't already have one, place a button on your form that opens the Report or query, it should only display the records for the selected records.

This called "Filter by Form"
Any problems let me know I or some one else can walk you through, it works I use it all the time.
Relevancy 49.88%


Hey i need some help with a project i have for work.

my boss wants a type of program set up that controls our stock and products.

In this program i want to be able to input product codes categories invoices suppliers stock on shelf and stock on order and maybe a few similar things.

do u think microsoft access will be able to help me create this? or is there another program out there that will make it easier to do?

please help i havent started it yet just trying to educate myself as best i can and everday my boss asks how its all goin.

A:database help access 03?

Access is perfect for this application.
What kind of products are you dealing with?
Do you "Supplier" lists?
Do you have more than one Supplier for items.
Is the stock used within your area ie by yourselves rather than being sold to a Customer?
Do you want Categories and Sub Categories of stock?
Do you have "Re-Order" levels? (Minimum stock when a new order is required)
Relevancy 49.88%

Hi,can smb help me with sites that have tutorials about the relation of with access databases or sql databases.
Relevancy 49.88%

When entering a form..the page normally start with a blank page/form..what code can I use in Macro or Visual have the form blank..when entering the that you can just data..instead of having to click on add new data..

A:Access Database

First, this is really the wrong forum for this question. It should either be in Applications or Development. I only saw this post because I was checking on a post I made here before but I don't usualy visit this forum often.

If you want a form to open ready to take new data, set it's Data Entry property to Yes. (You'll find that property in the Data tab of the forms properties.) If I misunderstood the question, post back and give more details.

Good Luck!

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What I have done is combine the Order Entry, Inventory Control and Customer Management databases together in Access 97 and Iím trying to get them to work together to be able to update when inventory comes in and goes out of my business.

Iím trying to figure out how to complete the actual receipt of merchandise on a purchase order in the database. I want to put in the current date or earlier (I may use yesterday's date when I finally get around to entering data) as my variables for the timing to update the inventory transaction table (units received and units on hand fields).

Can you give me the operators and operands in the expression builder and the complete proper syntax that I would need to tell an event has happened and to update the table.

Thank you in advance - you guys are so good!!

Relevancy 49.88%

I am using a form to enter data that is updated to table. The problem is that the calculated fields in the Form do not update in the table while everything eles does. Can anyone help please.

A:Access Database

Generally, calculated data isn't stored in tables. There is no need for it. If you calculate data, you use it in queries or reports . . . when you create a report, you base it on your query, not your table.
Relevancy 49.88%

Hi all,

I have an issue with an access database. When I print out a report one of my columns only prints out 4 out of the 5 digits. This happens with 2 machines. On other pcs the 5 digits appear in output of the report. I have checked the resolutions of the pcs and they are the same. I have expanded the column widths in design view and still the problem persists. I cannot figure out why only 4 digits appear out of the 5.

Can anybody help?


Relevancy 49.88%

I have a working Access database on a machine running WIN XP and MS Office 2003. I transferred that database file to a new machine running Vista Ultimate and MS Office 2007. When I try to open the database on the new machine, I get this message: missing reference dao2535.tlb. How do I resolve this?

A:MS Access Database

Open your database.
Hit Alt+F11.
Hit Tools-->References.
It would seem it's missing from there.

Relevancy 49.88%

We use Accessdata base to keep track of all our orders. All of sudden two days ago, I go to the "main switchboard" and I get a blank order entry form. In that form, there is a small clickable box and when I click on that it says "The expression On Click you entered as the event property setting produced the following error: The expression you entered has a function name that Microsoft Office Access can't find. *** The expression may not result in the name of a macro, the name of a user-defined function, or [Event Procedure]. ***There may have been an error evaluating the function, event or macro."

I have no idea what this means. Please help.

thank you,

A:Access Database - HELP!!!!

The first thing to try after taking a backup copy of the Database is a "Repair & Compact" of the current one. You should open Accees, not the database and then choose Tools>Database Utilities>Repair & Compact. Choose the current database to repair and Compact and save it under a new name. Open the newly named, repaired database and see if it still has the same problem.
Relevancy 49.88%

When entering a form..the page normally start with a blank page/form..what code can I use in Macro or Visual have the form blank..when entering the that you can just data..instead of having to click on add new data..

A:Access Database

First, this is really the wrong forum for this question. It should either be in Applications or Development. I only saw this post because I was checking on a post I made here before but I don't usualy visit this forum often.

If you want a form to open ready to take new data, set it's Data Entry property to Yes. (You'll find that property in the Data tab of the forms properties.) If I misunderstood the question, post back and give more details.

Good Luck!

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I have a DB that I did. It works fine except when I click on a cancel button on a text box and then it gives me the error shown below. Im totally lost as to why its doing this. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. Even just pointing me in the right direction. I posted it as a zip file on this site

the password is horror (and sorry for subject matter of horror movies)

A:Access Database

Listen...I looked and can't find anything wrong with it. I recreated the button (find by director), and it appears to work fine...just tells you the macro has been cancelled.

This isn't the first time I've been unable to find something wrong with something in Access...I'm pretty sure it's not uncommon either.
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Hi i created an access database for students that keeps track of their personal information as well as a monthly evaluation that they have to fill out, however i do not know how to create a button that i can place on the form that can allow the administrator to go to each student by either last name... sort of like a search engine. I don't know how to do this though, as well as just making a query that only gives me information for just 1 person and i don't have to manually put in the information in the criteria.. this i would also like to make a button or something of that sort..

please help!!! I'm close but no cigar!

Relevancy 49.88%

Hi, i'm new for using database (mic. access)
i hope u can help me.
i'm currently developed a database using microsoft access. the database is about an insurance company. i need to do a database that store the unit manager, agen, client, policy and proposal.
i had build the table and relationship. i also had input the agen and unit manager (UM).
but what should i do now.
i need to separate each agen according to the um and also the client.
i also need to give output so that when i insert um code or agen code, user can see the client info, or the agen info.

please.. i really need your help...

Relevancy 49.88%

I have this access database that I got from another company and I would like to use it but I would have to customize it to fit my needs. Is that possible

Relevancy 49.45%

Daily I receive an html email that contains multiple tables in the email
There are two table's whose data I want to import from that email. The only development tool I have is VBA

Importing the data is not the problem. The problem is that the resulting table is in a format that I can't use. I want every record to contain a name, but at the moment there will be a name and five empty fields beneath it for the same column. I want to fill those empty fields with the name above. I'd also like to fill in the same date for all records of a corresponding day for which I'm doing the import. I will be importing the data daily

Can I do that with VBA?

Relevancy 49.45%

A friend was trying to show me how to file Access CSV a Solved: w/blank - importing fields use Access today and she said one thing I could easily do is create an access file with all my addresses in outlook which I could later use Solved: Access - importing a CSV file w/blank fields to make forms I have the addresses exported to CSV but there are businesses of varying categories - legal related business related customer related etc and there are individual customers The businesses naturally don t have any names filled in for the first name last name categories in Outlook and my friend said she thinks this may cause Solved: Access - importing a CSV file w/blank fields issues when importing to Access because it sorts alphabetically Will this be a problem She said I could create multiple versions of contact lists but that sounds a bit complicated with some businesses falling into multiple categories for instance and as she said herself she s a bit rusty and she just thinks it might be a problem I wanted to check before proceeding either way Thanks and I hope this isn t too vague nbsp

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Please I need your advice, is it possible to create an automated procedure via Access's Macro or Module to import the tables from Interbase DB to Access 2002. I can import the table manually but I am trying to make an automated import function via Macro or VBA or SQL, that way tables are always updated without user interaction. Please is it possible to implement that?

Thanks very much
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I have an email account with Earthlink and used to use Total Access on my old laptop, with Windows XP. Now I have a VAIO laptop with Windows Vista (64 bit).
I want to import my old messages, but I don't see a choice for importing from Total Access. Is there any way to do this? The only choices (of format) on the drop down menu are for Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, Outlook Express 6, and Windows Mail 7. I see nothing for Total Access. Am I out of luck, or can anyone help me with this?
Relevancy 49.45%

Is there any way to extend the functionality of Lightswitch to interact with an Access .mdb or .accdb file. I have looked all over the place for expanding the functionality of it but all I can find is the same old tale of "With the final version" which it would appear to be a lie. Migration to SQL Server is also not an option. Any thoughts would be accepted with open arms because at this point I have a boss that says fit this square into this triangle and it ain't working. Thanks again.
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I Problem Records Access Solved: into with Importing Excel know A I am probably doing this wrong I am certainly doing SOMETHING wrong B There is undoubtedly a faster easier better more reliable choose one or more way So I decided to ask the experts I have an Access database of woodworking magazines that I am slowly populating I thought Solved: Problem with Importing Excel Records into Access it would be easier to just fill in the information in Excel I m pretty experienced with that and then just import it into the Access table That way I could kind of quality check the data before I put it in the database Usually I just do one magazine at a time save the Excel file and then import it into the Article table in the database all are attached Two things go wrong First when I import it I always get an error message saying Access couldn t import the whole table and Solved: Problem with Importing Excel Records into Access records were not added I don t understand that at all because ALL the records always are added to the table But the other problem is Solved: Problem with Importing Excel Records into Access that the first column in the Excel file the magazine title or at least an abbreviation thereof is always blank in the Access table I have to go back and populate it every time I have attached a zip file with a pared-down database and a populated Excel file Can someone look at it and tell me how I can improve this process so I don t get error messages and do get all of the data I put in Thanks View attachment DB Problem zip nbsp

Relevancy 49.45%

Its been about years since I last worked with excel importing from to wrap issues Word access either access or excel and now im trying to fix a database that seems to have been corrupted I had to emergency save data from a dying access database into an excel spreadsheet I tried to rebuild the database and import the data from the spreadsheet but wherever there was a line break in an address field it was replaced by a lovely square symbol I discovered that in excel Word wrap issues importing from excel to access this is what happens to data that was word wrapped that is no longer word wrapped It seems the option to word wrap isnt available when i try to reenter the data into the new access database There are entries so its not possible to go through each one individually to remove the squares SO im looking for an expert who can explain so an idiot will understand to help me out with some things how to remove these squares en-mass without damaging the data or changing its meaning how to set it up so that the data with squares still make sense as an address incase of mail merge or how to resume the word wrap thing in access how to import data into access without datafields being deleted when they dont meet the input rules even tho theyre set up identically to the database the info came out of or how to change input rules without losing data I m sure there are loads more things but this is all i can think of for now Please help Its been years since i last had to do this kind of stuff and I cant remember a thing nbsp

A:Word wrap issues importing from excel to access

Welcome to the forum.

1) Copy the little square then hit "CTRL"+"H" on the keyboard to bring you into Find/Replace. In the Find What: section paste the square ("CTRL"+"V"). In the replace section type in a space. Then click on the "Replace All" button.
2) If those fields have multiple line addresses they should be migrated into separate fields.
3)If you import into a new table it should allow you to import all the fields. The only problem you might have is the field names which Access gets particular about.

Can you post a sample of the data with mock or fake values?
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When I'm importing an Excel spreadsheet into an Access DB the import wizard gives me a dialog box stating that the subscript is out of range. Importing rows is 66 lakhs. we are not able to import at a time that excel file. I'm working with Office 2010
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I have a real problem!!! I have a text file with no delimiters that I need to import into access 2003. I know the field lengths and end position, but this will need to be done several times a week, and the files are big, so i don't want to have to keep specifying all the field lengths etc

Any ideas?


Relevancy 49.45%

Greetings forum I have an Access database main table that I try to update at least monthly with an Excel spreadsheet feed The spreadsheet formatting is always the same with occasional additions or deletions of rows those changes are what I am trying to update the database with The rows represent personnel Access Importing Excel Solved: into spreadsheet problem and their personal information People come and go blah blah blah The problem is when I run the new reports and save them in Excel I save them in the same place and rewrite over the old file with the same file name Then I try to import external data into the Access database using Solved: Importing Excel spreadsheet into Access problem this overwritten file as an append query It worked the first time I set it up but when I try to use it again as a saved import I get an invalid file name for the overwritten file Microsoft appears to be adding a hidden appendage to the file name when I overwrite the original file Has anyone had experience with this problem before nbsp

A:Solved: Importing Excel spreadsheet into Access problem

I haven't heard of this problem.
Perhaps you could tackle it differently. I normally just import the file to a temporary table (which requires no save import) and then use an Append query to add the records to the table and then a delete query to clear the temporary table.
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Hello Everyone,

I have the iPhone 6 plus. I am using windows 8.1. I am having a problem where after I import my photos-videos I get an access denied error (Image example below) when trying to erase the photos after import.

To get the import started you have to plug in the phone via USB. Then in file explorer you right click the icon and select the importing option. Setup the options etc. and select import. Everything works great up until it starts to erase the files off the device and then I get that error displayed in the image below.

Any fix for this? If not, anybody that can point me in the right direction is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

A:Access Denied error after importing photos from device

Try changing the location where you are saving the photos.
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Using Word and Access I am attempting to form Importing 2010 Word Access data into build VBA code that will automatically import word form field data directly Importing Word form data into Access 2010 into my database table I have copied code found on the net and modified very slightly I am pretty confident I have the word side of the puzzle setup corrrectly The Access side using VBA has ben throwing a number of errors I have modified the statement in Code COLOR black FONT verdana cnn Open quot FONT COLOR FONT Calibri Provider Microsoft ACE OLEDB Data Source c Users XXXX Documents Testing accdb quot FONT That got me a step past not being able to open the word file assume that is correct Not sure of the required references but here is what is curently checked I suspect there may be a mismatch between my provider statement and the references Visual Basic for Applications Microsoft Access Object Library OLE Automation Microsoft Office Access database engine Object library Microsoft Word Object Library Microsoft Office Object Library Microsoft Visual basic for Applications Extensibility Microsoft Active X Data Objects Library Microsoft Office Runtime Type Library Currently I am getting the error quot Object required quot No luck finding the source of this I attach that code below in hope someone has a tip that gets me moving again Code FONT COLOR COLOR black FONT verdana Sub GetWordData FONT COLOR COLOR black FONT verdana Dim strDocName As String Dim blnQuitWord As Boolean Dim appWord As Word Application Dim doc As Word Document Dim cnn As New ADODB Connection Dim rst As New ADODB Recordset Dim AccessConnect As String On Error GoTo ErrorHandling strDocName quot C Users XXXX Documents doc docx quot 'strDocName quot c users XXXX Documents quot amp ' InputBox quot Enter the name of the document quot amp ' quot you want to import quot quot Document quot Set appWord GetObject quot Word Application quot Set doc appWord Documents Open strDocName cnn Open quot Provider Microsoft ACE OLEDB quot amp quot Data Source c Users XXXX Documents quot amp quot Testing accdb quot rst Open quot Table quot cnn adOpenKeyset adLockOptimistic With rst AddNew ' my data InputsWC docx FormFields quot fldInputsWC quot Result InputsEXT docx FormFields quot fldInputsEXT quot Result OutputsWC docx FormFields quot fldOutputsWC quot Result OutputsEXT docx FormFields quot fldOutputsEXT quot Result Context docx FormFields quot fldContext quot Result Update Close End With doc Close If blnQuitWord Then appWord Quit cnn Close MsgBox quot Document form Imported quot Cleanup Set rst Nothing Set cnn Nothing Set doc Nothing Set appWord Nothing Exit Sub ErrorHandling Select Case Err Case - Set appWord CreateObject quot Word Application quot blnQuitWord True Resume Next Case MsgBox quot You must select a valid Word document quot amp quot No data imported quot vbOKOnly quot Document Not Found quot Case MsgBox quot The document you selected does not quot amp quot contain the required form fields quot amp quot No data imported quot vbOKOnly quot Fields Not Found quot Case Else MsgBox Err amp quot quot amp Err Description End Select GoTo Cleanup End Sub FONT COLOR COLOR black FONT verdana Thanks nbsp

A:Importing Word form data into Access 2010

I am not familiar with your code, but I do have code that works, however it does require the use of a Word Doc with "Bookmarks" set.
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So I Access File VB Fixed Importing using a Text Width into am completely new to VB and coding As in I understand the logic and understand how to read it i just cant write it much like how I am with Spanish go figure Anyways I have a relatively simple project I am working on but it is tough for me because I suck at writing code Basically I have a file that is fixed Importing a Fixed Width Text File into Access using VB width My Issue dealing Importing a Fixed Width Text File into Access using VB with a standard file that contains headers and footers as well I am assuming I would need to write something that would say open file etc etc then it would state to read in the first line and after that there would be a Do While Not EOF loop but it would need to be NOT EOF because I would need to end the loop at the nd to last line so that I can read in the footer as well I know that I can do this simply by doing an import spec in access but the incoming file will frequently change so I need to do it in VB so that I can modify the columns and add in new data etc So if someone could basically help me with a simple coding framework how to first read in the file how to read in the first line of data then create the loop read in the whole line because I can then write it specifically to my file and how to do the footer I know I can do the rest I am one of those people who works well off of examples so Im just looking for a good blueprint framework from someone Your help is greatly appreciated Thanks nbsp

Relevancy 49.45%

I have an access 2003 database that calls a VB6 module. The module starts and then I get a run-time error 75 path/file access error. I can execute the vb module outside of access but I have to run as administrator for it to work correctly. What can I fix so that the call from access will execute? I believe the issue is with comctl32.ocx and the status bar control inside the vb module.
Relevancy 49.45%

Hello, I am using Access 2000 and have created a database with a command button that opens up a report via a macro. I would like to know how to open up single reports instead of pushing a button that brings up every report, I've been able to open up reports that are based off of queries, queries that have paramenters that need to be inputted in order to bring up single unique records, but I would like to be able to just create a button that brings just that particular unique record-report off of that particular unique record on that form. Meaning that for a record that had just been inputted for John Doe on a form, I would like to know how to create a button on that form to pull up John Doe's single report without having to build a query that asks for a parameter. Is there anyway to do this?

A:Access-Printing a single report off of a single record from an Access database form

You will have to adapt this to your own form setup; but it's just using the Where line of the OpenReport macro action.

If on the form MyFormName you have two controls called txtFirstNm and txtLastNm, and in the query underlying the report you have two fields called FirstNm and LastNm, you would put into the Where line of the OpenReport action:

[FirstNm]=[Forms]![MyFormName]![txtFirstNm] And [LastNm]=[Forms]![MyFormName]![txtLastNm]
Hope that helps.
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Hi Everyone I am new to techguy so if I am posting this in the wrong forum please point me to in the right direction I am working on a database project that involves skip tracing loan borrowers and cosigners who have bad phone numbers The process begins with a list that includes their names SSN last known address email address loan number balances charge off status and how many days past due After the list is work it gets added to an excel spreadsheet with new information such as phone number accounts that were found gets added to the bal found column charge off accounts gets added to the charge off column track source is added in I am designing a database to help Access 2007 Database keep track of resolved account their balances how many times the account have been Access 2007 Database review last date of review and so forth Again I am new to database and this is a real world app I am working on just started and I am stuck on the table and relationship I am attaching a screen shot of the tables I have so any suggestions and input will highly be appreciated Thanks in advance nbsp

Relevancy 49.02%

Hi :

is it possible to compact a password protected Access 2000 database from code? I tried this:

DBEngine.CompactDatabase "c:\backend.mdb", "c:\backend1.mdb", ";pwd=password"

but I get an "Invalid password" error. Yet the password correctly opened the backend.mdb without a fuss in normal circumstances.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



A:Compact Access database

I don't think you can compact a DB from code unless the code is run from another DB.

See... a DB has to BE closed to compact it.
So it stands to reason that you can't be running code while it's closed...
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I am planning/trying to build a database that will track the dates certain classes were taken by users, and if the classes were passed or not.

I am very new at Access Databases so any advice, suggestions, opinions, or help anyone can offer will be greatly appreciated.

Relevancy 49.02%

Hi folks i am relatively new to using Access Databases and have a query

i have created a form in Access which users manually input data into and i trying to work out if its possible that when data is entered into 2 fields called actual hours and hourly target (both long integers) then a calculation can be done and put into another field within the same form

The calculation would be actual hours/hourly target

Hope that makes sense

Thanks in advance

Relevancy 49.02%

I need more than help looking for someone who can create a database in Access for me

I need to track
employee time
expenses and a little more

Anyone interested in a small project?

More than just a spreadshet that I alredy use

A:Need help writing an Access database

Tom, I can do it for you, but I am not sure how long it will take as I have about 4 other posters that I am trying to help with less time to program.
It will also depend on how sophisticated you want it.
Relevancy 49.02%

Hi All - I'm the new girl on the block and any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated!! To begin I'm developing a Training Provider db in Access to hold various information. I've been going nuts for most of the day trying to figure out how to create a search field. I want to be able to pull information by provider, instead of scrolling through each record. This is my 1st attempt to ever create my own db and I really want it to run smoothly. It would be fantastic if someone could teach me how to create a search field.

A:Search an Access Database

Welcome to Tech Guy, new girl! I'm the old girl on the block, hee hee.

Guess what. It's sooo easy, and the instructions are right here:

Oh...I changed the title of your post. Sometimes, people only have a few minutes to answer questions (usually 'cause they're at work and oughtta be working, LOL), so it's best to provide the application in the title name, and also put the version in the body of your post. Some people put that stuff in their signature so they don't have to remember it every time.
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I have an ACCESS database several excel files imported that contact 3 or 4 columsn of data to evaluate. I created queries to identy all the item codes and there corresponding values. I need to create a query that will identify only the item codes where 3 variables do not exactly match for each segment: MM, KK, UB(Price List, Debit Credit, Damage Track). In addition, those items that have blanks or zeros for those 3 veriables need to be identified as well.
Relevancy 49.02%

I want to make a database listing CDs and track titles. I can't figure out how to go about this, since the number of tracks vary so widely on different CDs. Some CDs have 23 tracks! Do I need to create 23 fields just for those few?

Better yet, can I make an expandable field that will keep creating new data fields as needed?

I know how to set up a basic database, so I don't need help with that.


A:MS-Access: How to Create a CD Database

The idea that you propose in having a single table that lists the CD Name (Album Name) and the tracks together as a single line item isn't a very effective method of making that database for exactly the reasons you raised. Rather than having them in one table, split them up and relate them.

The way I would go about doing this is...

Table 1: Albums
Fields: Album Name, Artist, Year, Genre, Whatever other fields you might add
Primary Key: Either make it a composite key with Album Name and Artist or create an additional field which contains a unique identifier such as a Number. I would suggest creating a unique field as the primary key as it is easier to work with.

Table 2: Tracks
Fields: Song Title, Artist, Album, Track Number
Primary Key: I would go with Song Title and Artist as a composite Primary Key.

Table 3: Artists (If you so choose)
Fields: Artist, any other info about the artist or group you wish to include.
Primary Key: Artist Name

The important thing is the relationships between these three tables.

Albums Table is related to Tracks Table in a One to Many Relationship (One album has Many songs).

Albums Table is also related to the Artist Table in a One to Many Relationship as well (One Artist may have Many Albums).

You need to determine what you want to have as your primary keys which will determine what the foreign keys will be in the related tables. For example, if in the Albums Table you use the Name and Artist as the Primary Key, then these fields would be related to the corresponding fields in the Tracks Table.

You don't have to follow my model exactly, but do you understand the idea of splitting up the Tracks and Album Names fields into different tables and relating them? This eliminates the problem of constantly having to add fields for new tracks. It'll also make queries significantly easier to sculpt.

Hope this helps
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I am configuring a new machine with Windows Vista Home Basic and trying to access a database on a Windows XP professional machine acting as a server.. this is a peer to peer network..

I am running Microsoft Access 2002..

When I click on the icon it opens Microsoft access, but then I get an error that says

"Microsoft Access cannot open this file"
" This file is located outside your intranet or on an untrusted site. Microsoft Access will not open this file due to potential security problems."

It opens it fine if I copy the file to this computer..

What am I missing???

Both pc's are in the same workgroup and the file has security set for full access to everyone..

Thanks for any help..

A:Cannot open Access database

romlisys, can you create a new Blank Database on the "Server", close it and then open that?
If you can then I would suggest that you open that database and "Import" everything from the copy of the original on your computer (that you can open). You will need to import all of the
Tables, Queries, Forms, Reports, Macros and Modules. It is very quick because you can use "Select all" for each section.

If you can't open a new Blank database it would suggest that you have some "Folder" permission type problems.
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I have a membership database created by someone who is no longer available to consult. It contains fields to check for organizations joined. The information was for 2008. I am getting ready for a new year and would like to keep the 2008 information but create a new form that clears those fields to insert 2009 information. Do I need to copy the 2008 database and save as 2009. I know this will sound crazy, but how do I do that? When I open the document and click save as it says save switchboard to _____________; save as _____________

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Ive been trying to put a copy of my database onto a cd-r. "save & save as" on the file menu are always in faint writting and i can not select them. Any idea's as i desprately need to give a copy to my unie teacher? Help Me Please

A:Access- Cant save database?

First, make sure it is not Read-Only (right-click, Properties). If you are trying to save the whole database, then you should be able to save as to the CD. If you are trying to just save a table (or some other portions of the database), make a blank database and import those items into it.
Good luck.
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I am working on a class assignment Basically we are a group programming a business application We are making a personal finance application and I am working on the database in Access I have a table for credentials which has the username password and ID The next part is where I need advice and perhaps reference if you can I need to have an expenses table of some degree I Database Advice Access was thinking about making various tables with a date column I would have many of these the date column is for an object in the actual application there will be many expense tables obviously I was wondering how would I structure that Would I make a table Access Database Advice of just foreign keys and one of the foreign keys link back with the userID How would you actually program that in VB Would I reference the actual table of the expense say savings or would I reference the table of just foreign keys Advise tips Thanks nbsp
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I have created a new database and would like to share it among my team. However, when another user opens it, it says file already in use. How can I get the database to allow multiuser access.

I need it so that when information is entered it gets updated in real time on other users machines as well.

Please let me know if you have any solutions.