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4gb DDR2 1066 or 8gb DDR2 800

Q: 4gb DDR2 1066 or 8gb DDR2 800

I just realized I have some extra ram laying around. Here is the question. I was wondering if [email protected] with my AMD 9950 Black Edition OC'ed to 3ghz would be better than [email protected] with my CPU stock at 2.6ghz. I play things like WoW and Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Mostly new stuff.

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Preferred Solution: 4gb DDR2 1066 or 8gb DDR2 800

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A: 4gb DDR2 1066 or 8gb DDR2 800

Definitely better off with just 4Gb, and having your CPU OCed than to have 8Gb, and running stock.

The difference probably is minimal anyway.

This is a different scenario if you do alot of photoshopping or RAM intensive stuff, those games won't take up gobs of RAM.
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I just purchased 4GB G.Skill DDR2 1066 MHZ RAM and installed it into my motherboard (Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H). I have tried fixing the problem by readjusting the vdimm voltage to 2.1 volts after reading on the G.Skill website that 2.1v is compatible with most motherboards. After doing so, I tried to change the settings in my BIOS to manual so i could reconfigure the RAM to a 1066 mhz option but the max still only shows as 800. Please help me out if you know any way i can change the frequency to the 1066 mhz my ram is actually supposed to be .

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I'm looking to upgrade replace my current 2x2GB DDR2-667 modules with 2x2GB DDR2-1066 modules in a couple days but I'm wondering if I really need that!

I mainly write software and run linux on virtualbox on that particular machine and so far everything works really well but I'm looking forward to game a little on it as well, after a video card upgrade of course!

So, would I get like a reasonable performance increase with those ddr2-1066 modules or should I just forget about them and keep my current setup?

A:DDR2-667 to DDR2-1066 performance?

Does your motherboard support the DDR2-1066?
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Hi all

I am building my new computer soon and i am juggling between going with 4GB of DDR2-1066 ram or DDR2-800.

My question is this. Is DDR2-1066 worth paying extra for? How much of a performance gain is there?

Either way, i will be going with 4GB of Corsair XMS2 memory.

Thanks, Nissanman

A:DDR2-800 vs DDR2-1066

Actually selecting between 800 and 1066 RAM in the same brand doesn't present to terrible price penalty.

For 5 bucks more I'd go with the DDR2 1066. That's whether I could tell the difference or not.

Truth is, DDR2 10666 generally runs @ 2.0 volts or better, if you set the BIOS @ 1.8 (the generic DDR2 voltage), it's liable to default to 800Mhz anyway.
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I am looking at a new system for general word processing, internet, and accessing databases on a network. I am under the impression that DDR3 is better and faster (1066 MHz). However, when pricing systems am I better to go with the 4 GB DDR2 or 2 GB DDR3? Less memory, newer technology, and faster clock speed. The system will only need to last 3 years before another upgrade.

Am I better off going with the 4 GB of the the older RAM or 2 GB of the newer DDR3?

A:4 GB DDR2 800 MHz or 2 GB DDR3 1066 MHz?

Hey Mose,
you will not notice a performance difference between DDR2 and DDR3 for the purposes you stated, so 4 gb of the DDR2 make sense. and if you are going to upgrade in three years then you will undoubtedly be building or buying a new system anyway, so the DDR3 you would purchase now would have no place in an upgrade three years from now anyway.
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I have an ECS A780GM-A board with an AM3 Phenom II X4 810 CPU and 4x 2GB Kingston DDR2 1066 RAM. A 512 MB Ati HD 4350 Video card. I am running Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

My RAM is displaying as 800 not 1066. Is there anything I can do to correct this or is my hardware not good enough? Cheers.

A:DDR2 1066 running at 800

I didn't bother looking up your hardware but yes check your motherboard manual or manufactures website to make sure the system supports 1066 RAM. If it does then check your timing settings in the BIOS to be sure they are current. Pay close attention to the voltage of the RAM, often "lower priced value RAM" will simply be lower speed RAM that has been over clocked and requires a higher voltage then is typical for non-over clocked RAM.
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Can anyone tell me why some asus boards that say there ddr2 1066 /are on the list that will run the new faster 1100+ or even 1300+ ddr2 and some like mine asus M3N72-D are not on the list. i have an amd phenom II 920 CPU. Can anyone tell me if i can maybe run these faster models? the specs on my board look the same as others that are listed. and i really want to upgrade to the faster ones without having to upgrade my board also.

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Hi, i've just upgraded my mobo and want to upgrade my 4x1gb ddr2-667 to a 4GB (2x2GB) DDR2-1066 setup. I however can't find such a kit anywhere or even any 2gb 1066 sticks on the usual distributers. Does any one know where i'd be able to get some of these (in UK)? Cheers.

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Hi, I just purchased an AMD 6400+ processor with a Gigabyte board that is Phenom capable as well as 1066 capable(Phenom required ) I have 2 gigs of DDR2 800 and 2 Gig DDR2 1066. My question is... can I run the 1066? will it show up at 800? or will it not work at all? I was originally putting in a 9850 Phenom and opted for the (cheaper) 6400+ but had already ordered the 1066 memory.Would I be able to run all 4 gigs? in XP Pro SP2? Thanks i advance.

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A:Optiplex 755 DT and 745 DT 8GB PC2-8500 DDR2 1066 Mhz RAM

So what is the question or issue?  Posting a question and tags is not how we do it on this forum.
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In the next 6 months I am going to rebuild my systerm. I just use it for lite gaming. video watching, net surffing, and communication with family and friends,

I want to spend <$700.00' I would like this to last me 2-3 years.I will not be overclocking.

Since I watch more tv and video than games, I would like to get an AMD motherboard with built invideo, with the option to expand if needed

I plan getting a AMD Phenom CPU.

Trying to find the sweet spot in memory seems to be alittle tricker. I would like ot go with 8MgB of ran either DDR2 800, 1066, or should I wait and see what the new DDR3 has to offer.

I am currently running a DFI Sockett 939 motherboard It doesn't seem to have
any serious problems, but I think that I could make it faster and more stable

I would appreciate any coments or suggestions.

Thank you

A:Ddr2 800 vs ddr 1066 or ddr3 ram for new build

for what u are talking about 2 gig of DDR2 800 would be fine. the DDR3 is way to expensive to use right now, but who knows how long it will take it to get affordable, with the way computer parts are being priced right now, it may be cheap in 2 months, or may go through the roof.
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Right now I have 2 sticks of Kingston 1 GB 800 MHz RAM and was wondering if I'd acheive any performace gain if I add 2 GB of 1066 MHz RAM. Would I be better off if I take out the 800 MHz ones?

Mobo: Asus P5K Deluxe Wifi/AP

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Hi Everyone Thought I would post here as I have the same problem I finally went out and upgraded my PC with the following parts P5KC DDR2-1066 Issues Intel E FSB Asus P KC Intel P FSB DDR DDR Kingstone HyperX KHX D K G x GB DDR- All the rest was all ok Power DVD HD etc So the issue I have is that when booting up the bios tells me that it is running in DDR- modus even though I have DDR - RAM P5KC DDR2-1066 Issues Reading the motherboard manual P5KC DDR2-1066 Issues it states that if the RAM is not one of the ones listed you may need to change this setting manually to DDR - This I tried but the PC becomes unstable and receive errors of which one says overclocking failed press F to change to default The other error I get is on bootup I see at the end of the bios information I get a fresh screen with my DVD in bright green with the words press any key to continue if I do P5KC DDR2-1066 Issues it seems to lock the system if I do not after a few sec it starts window ok The DVD is the only part which is still using the old IDE slot and I might add a old IDE cable as I needed a longer one than on the old board so I had an older long IDE cable spare which I used After Windows boots up it runs fine I have installed windows games and software with not issues Any ideas on both issues Thanks nbsp

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Will the DDR2 1066 RAM work in a Mobo designed with DDR2 800 standard? I just didn't know whether 240-pin ram units are compatable across varying speeds. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Question about DDR2 1066 RAM Compatibility

There's no guarantee. Have you checked the manufacturer's website to see if they have a compatibility list of systems they've tested the memory in?
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So, this is my problem, I set it in the BIOS to utilize this RAM at 1066 at 7-7-7-20/2.0V according the Corsair's specs, but when I run Memtest I get tens of thousands of errors within a few minutes. Memtest on the other hand is picking it up at 7-5-4-8-32 also, the things I'm setting are the CL-tRCD-tRP-tRAS, I believe those are the right things to set.

Any Idea's here guys?

A:Getting my Corsair XMS2 to DDR2-1066

If Memtest is picking up errors, one or both RAM modules would seem to be defective. If they are a matched set, you probably should RMA them both.

By the way, in trying to do some research on your Biostar motherboard, I discovered your CPU was not supported by your motherboard even though it evidently works. I don't know if this is in any way related to your problem. See this CPU support list: Biostar.
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Hi, I have the Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 Rev 3.3 mobo with the latest F14 BIOS.

Although I can no longer find it - I once came across an internet review which had tested my mobo with DDR 1066 rather than the supposed maximum of 800 MHz.

My mobo link is:-

What will happen if I put 1066 memory in the mobo? Will it clock down to 800 MHz? the Board does have very good overclocking capabilities.

Thanks in advance


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I don't think this is a Win issue and ask the mods to delete if not applicable But if somebody can help I appreciate I posted this at the OCZ forum days ago and no answer I think I am spoiled used to the good performance of the SF members Some time ago I installed OCZ Platinum GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR OCZ P GK in my system Theoretically it should run at MHz but it only runs at MHz Motherboard Asus M A plus manual says it supports DDR with AM AM sockets I have a AMD Athlon II X Regor GHz x MB L Cache Socket AM Mobo manual also says it will only support with one DIMM per channel I tried in dual channel one DIMM per channel and only one DIMM only GB no change I have tried some Overclocking settings - - - V MHz but all I get is the system refusing to boot Am I missing something Is it supposed to work at MHz or not Thanks in advance

A:CZ Platinum DDR2 1066 only runs at 800MHz

I read this on another forum:

To acheive 1066 with this RAM kit you need to adjust your DRAM voltage to {2.1 - 2.2 volts} . Unfortunately there is
no capability to adjust this on your motherboard. You will have to upgrade your motherboard or run at default 800 Mhz speed.

The Mother Boad referred to was - asrock a780gxe/128m
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i found in the site that you can use this type of RAM in mobo ECS P4M800PRO-M2...
is this true?????
but in the manual it said that it support only DDR2 533.. I am confused????!!!

here is the link: (V2.0)

A:[HELP] Is my mobo really support DDR2-8500 1066?

yes, it is supported, as long as you don't go above 2G of memory because 2G is the maximum for your motherboard.
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I have four identical GB sticks of G Skill PC - memory and I cannot seem to get Windows to boot with all of them installed I am using a ASUS Rampage Formula board in which I have successfully used GB of PC - memory in the past I've done a BIOS update to the latest version and still Windows will not boot I know the RAM sticks are good and I can use any of Booting Installed... Not Win7x64 4GB DDR2-1066 them in a to GB configuration and load Windows fine but once GB installed it will hang at the loading screen and throw a quick BSOD much to quick to read any info then just restart This is a -bit 4GB DDR2-1066 Installed... Win7x64 Not Booting OS so I have no idea why this 4GB DDR2-1066 Installed... Win7x64 Not Booting isn't working but it's obviously a Windows side issue The hardware is good and no BIOS settings affect the hang or crash Safe Mode does not work with GB installed either and I cannot seem to set any maximum memory settings using MSCONFIG Windows also states that only GB is usable which isn't right either I installed the OS several months ago with only GB installed but I figured adding another GB using identical modules would work just fine At first the board didn't seem to like it but flashing BIOS seemed to help fix any instability Can anybody tell me why this isn't working have I overlooked something simple I've never experienced this problem before EDIT Blue Screen info is as follows PFN LIST CORRUPT STOP x E

A:4GB DDR2-1066 Installed... Win7x64 Not Booting

According to your QVL, that brand is not supported at the speed. Have a look here.

ASUS - Motherboards- ASUS Rampage Formula
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Is this considered value RAM? I bought 2gigs of it for $50, installed it and it is defaulting to DDR-667. Seemed like a steal at the time

I had to manually go into BIOS and up the voltage and increase the clock - It is now at DDR-800
And while were at it, advertises this
as SLI ready, but I do NOT see where you would hook up the SLI cable. Anybody?
Just a few kinks with the new build

A:Kingston HyperX 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel De

From the newegg comments:

I feel as like I should clear up the confusion about this memory. This ram is programed to default to DDR2-667 at 1.8volts instead of the DDR2-800 at 2volts. This is because most motherboards default to 1.8v, and it would suck if you were trying to build a new computer and you couldn't boot because your memory only ran at 2v. That's why kingston made it so you can run it at 1.8v(although at a slower speed) and change it to 2v later. YOU NEED TO MANUALLY SET THE VOLTAGE TO 2VOLTS AND SPEED TO DDR2 800 @ 4-4-4-12 IN THE BIOS. If you don't do this then you are wasting good memory. If you don't believe me then read the data sheet here: to expand...

So that makes sense...

Also I think your 2nd link is the same as your first
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A friend of mine is upgrading his computer. He has an XFX 680i lt sli motherboard. What is better in RAM: 2gb at 800mhz or 4gb at 667mhz? He has XP. Also, should he get ECC ram, buffered ram, or normal ram? He wants to play games such as WoW, DIablo II, and maybe Crysis.

A:Ram question: ddr2 4gb at 667mhz or ddr2 2gb at 800mhz?

Four. You definitely notice a 100% difference in amount over 25% in memory speed - which isn't really noticeable anyway.

That mainboard uses normal DDR2 memory.
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...can it be replaced with PC2 5300 DDR2 CL5 DDR2 SODIMM. Will my computer explode if I use it? It's a IBM Lenovo 3000, 1.5ghz, w/Intel Celeron M. Thank you

A:My system uses PC2 4200 DDR2 CL4 NP DDR2 SODIMM

Go here and on the right,.. click Scan My System
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i have an old laptop which has 4 gigs DDR2 using 2 channels, is there any adapter or linker which would allow me to connect my laptop memory to my desktop sized slot

A:DDR2 Laptop to Desktop DDR2

Yes. See Adapter / Tester : Laptop DDR2 200 pin SODIMM RAM to desktop DDR2 240 pin DIMM RAM: Computers & Accessories
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Hi all,

I have Intel's D-915 processor, D102GCC2 Mob, 512 MB 533 Mhz DDR2 (UMAX)

I want to put another 1GB of DDR2 RAM in other slot. Can both work together well.

Also if I will go for 1Gb 667Mhz DDR2.. then ? Any problem..

Plz Suggest..


A:can a 533MHz DDR2 RAM and 800 Mhz DDR2 RAM work together ?

If your motherboard is limited to 533 mhz then a 667mhz memory stick will be automatically underclocked to 533mhz, defeating the object of buying the faster ram. As for if 2 sticks of 512mb and 1gb work together side by side, I've never tried it but suspect it would work. If you get any problems, make sure you put the 1gb stick into the 1st memory slot (the slot your 512Mb stick is in at the moment) and put your old 512mb stick into the second slot. I remember reading that the CPU is happier running a bigger memory stick in the 1st slot. It may be an old wives talke, but its worth trying if you get problems.
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are they interchangeable?

if my board has DDR2, can i use the ddr2 dual channel?

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Im throwing together a machine for my GF.. I have a processor but need to get a socket 478 mobo.. The one I was looking at uses DDR2-400 memory and I have some DDR2-800 memory sticks laying around..

Will it work ok to use the DDR2-800 sticks on a mobo that accepts DDR2-400 memory?

A:Ok to put DDR2-800 memory on a DDR2-400 mobo?

"Typically" you can run faster memory in a machine rated for slower memory - the memory simply runs ate the mobo spec. That said, memory issues are always subjective to the varying tolerances of the memory itself and the motherboard.

I just combined 333 and 266 rated memory in a laptop that's spec'd at 266 - it flies with no issues.

I think you'll have no problems.

Just make double-sure that all the other specs are identical such as voltage, both unbuffered, both unregistered, same latency/speed specs e.g. 2-5-5-5, hopefully both with or both without SPD (or maybe all memory come with an SPD these days?).

Try to run it with the memory, it won't cause any damage. If you start getting errors/crashes, you know it doesn't work.
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I have a 1GB stick of pc4200 (533mhz) ram in my comp at the moment, which is an AMD dual core w/ a 2000mhz MT FSB, in an AMD M2N4-SLI motherboard. Im wondering whether it would be better to start off by buying pc6400 (800mhz) RAM or sticking with what i have, the question is would 4 sticks of RAM running at 533mhz which adds up to 2132mhz total (533mhz x 4sticks) be the same as 4x sticks of pc6400 since the FSB would handle them running the same speed (3200mhz total, much greater than the fastest the FSB can run which is 2000) is having the more powerful ram better if i have so much that the FSB cant handle the speed? Im not really knowledgable in this field so i thought id ask the pros.

heres a link to the motherboard:

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My current ram is DDR2 so will any DDR2 work?

A:If my RAM is DDR2, will any DDR2 work?

Its best to match the speed at which you know your motherboard will operate.

Which motherboard (computer model number would suffice) do you have?
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I have had a DDR2-533 512mb stick for a while and its been using up the first slot for quite a while. I just got 2 DDR2-800 1gb sticks for a gift and was wondering if i should rearrange them in the slots or what? I have 4 slots, 2 orange and 2 green. Any help would be great.

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Hi I just bought seperate parts for my computer from newegg and I realized that when i changed my board, i forgot to make the ram match! I have ddr2 533 memory but my mobo supports ddr2 800, could the 533s still work?

A:DDR2 533 fit in a DDR2 800 slot?

Yes, they are physically the same but you may decrease the performance depending on what processor you have.
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Hi I am new here long time reader and follower This is 667 Confusion and for DDR2 WEI - 800 DDR2 Same my WEI Same for DDR2 800 and DDR2 667 - Confusion first post and you lot seem mighty helpful I just installed Win RTM x - I had GB DDR RAM as follows GB DDR GB WEI Same for DDR2 800 and DDR2 667 - Confusion DDR GB DDR GB DDR My WEI was for RAM My chipset is INTEL DG WH - latest BIOS Drivers Etc My board supports dual channel DDR RAM upto and has DIMM I purchased x GB DDR and removed the - totaling up to GB GB DDR GB DDR GB DDR GB DDR And guess what my WEI is still for RAM I read my mobo manual and it said that RAM must match in speed and size So I tried as follows Channel GB DDR Channel Empty Channel GB DDR Channel Empty and Channel GB DDR Channel GB DDR Channel Empty Channel Empty My WEI still reads as - My memory timing according to everest is - - - I set the speed to manual is BIOS but am now confused as to why it is still reading as when many users are reporting 's with GB DDR At least it should improve over - please help

A:WEI Same for DDR2 800 and DDR2 667 - Confusion

Did you re-run the assessment?
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Why is it that my cpu can only read 2gb?do i need to overclock/underclock the other ram?

A:Mixing ram 1gb ddr2 667 and 2gb ddr2 800

Since you did provide computer specs, I assume 1GB is allocated to onboard video memory.
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I have a budget emachine T desktop I just bought for my son It has the P HT and has DDR ram with Vista Of course it s slow I d like to max out the Ram to gb I m unsure about the correct ram to buy I see PC - DDR2 Ram and up I also see up to MHZ The PC doesn t DDR2 Ram specify these figures Just don t want to buy better ram than the machine supports Does it still work even if it s better than what s in the machine There s slots with in each that I guess become useless because I hear for DDR to work best matched sticks are preferred I see deals all over the net for gb kits for around any brands to stay away from I saw G Skill gb DDR SDRAM mhz pc - for free shipping at newegg I know it s not a good machine but for including a printer and quot flat CRT I simply couldn t find anything comparable I think it might actually work OK with more ram Any input would be appreciated nbsp

A:DDR2 Ram

RAM will only work at the FSB of the motherboard, or at the speed of any slower RAM fitted. Fitting faster RAM will not make it run faster than the FSB of the motherboard.
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I just bought a Gateway tower at a garage sale with no hard drive or no memory. I inserted another hard drive from an older gateway machine but I have no idea what kind of Ram I need to get. It has a Pentium 4 CPU. The serial/model number on the box reads : 0025768844/MFATXSTL ELP 500C.

From what I've hard it needs DDR or DDR2 ram but which kind will work on this machine?

A:Do I need DDR or DDR2 Ram?

From the gateway site it uses pc2700 ddr memory.
BTW if you input the serial number into the gateway site, you can see everything you want to know about that system.
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I was wondering if i get a new motherboard with ddr2 slots, could i still use my DDR ram in there because i have about 2.5 gigs of it and i dont wanna get DDR 2 chips, and i ndesperately need a new motherabord. any suggestions as to what board i could get, i need one with a good sound attachment, sata, . right now i have a gateway 702ge system and im looking for something similar with a little more pep to its step.

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Windows Xp, Media Centre Edition, Ver 2002, Intel Celeron(R) D 3.20GHz, 1Gig Ram.

I want to increase DDR2 Ram but what do I buy, there seems to be diferent speeds, which do I need???


A:DDR2 Ram

You need the RAM that is compatable with your motherboard.
The CPU and Windows version give no hint to that.

As Windows MCE was OEM, its likely to be a brand name (HP, Dell etc), so if you could supply the actual maker and exact model, we could probably help more here?
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ok this is about to drive me crazy. I already ordered this mobo and some corsair xms 4-4-4-12 ddr2-800 rated at 2.1v. alot of people have been saying the mobo only goes to 1.95v on the ram and therefore alot of memory incompatibilities. but yet a few people said they have got 2.1v ddr2 to work with setting it to 1.95v????

A:M2N-E with DDR2 2.1v??

All you can do is try it for yourself.
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hi guys,in my daughters pc,which is a amd athlon 3.06,she has 1 gig of ddr memory,she wants to put in another 1 gig,can she run 1 gig of ddr2 with it or does it have to be 2xddr ??

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Q: Ddr2

I have 2x2 Gb DDR2 memory, but I would like to have a total of 8Gb, is it possible?


Hello Stefi,

Yes, it sure is. Looking at your Asus P5QLD PRO motherboard specs at the link below, you could just add another set of 2x2 GB DDR2 RAM modules of the same MHz timing to have a total of 8 GB.

Motherboards - P5QLD PRO

If you are not sure of what your RAM timings are, then the free program Speccy can help show what they are.
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Will my DDR2 533 work with this MOBO? I ask because I know AM2 has some issues with compatibility.
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Is there a motherboard that is DDR2 800 compatible and has SLI capabilities???

i have a stick of corsair DDR2 800 and wanted to get an SLI Mobo, if there is no SLI + DDR2 800, should i just go with a Mobo that has DDR2 and forget the SLI or vice versa...this is a gaming PC so i wanted to get the most performance i can get. thanks
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I have 2 gigs pc3200 ddr 400 on my mobo and I'm looking to up grade my ATI 9550 256mb AGP card, which has DDR mem.

My question is will an AGP card with DDR2 memory be compatable with the DDR on my mobo?

If not what AGP card would be a better upgrade?

A:DDR and DDR2

No problem. Memory on a video card does not have to match your MB memory.
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I'm buying 1 GB of RAM, and my motherboars supports both DDR2 and regular DDR. My question is, DDR2 is better yes, but how much better? Is it worth spending more money on? And is there a noticeable difference?


Short answer,yes it is faster but is it worth it to you.What do you use the computer for?
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to run dual channel do I have to have my sticks in slots 1 and 3? Right now I have my sticks in 1 and 2 right next to each other. They still register as 2 gigs

A:ddr2 ram

In most cases, you need memory in the same-colored slots in order to ensure dual-channel mode. If it's a newer Asus, chances are you have two yellow slots and two black slots. Make sure you have dual-sticks (same size) in the same color slots for dual-channel.

The best way to tell without opening the case is to download/run CPU-Z and check the "Channels #" for Dual. If it's not Dual, then you can swap your memory around to get this working.
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First off I'd like to thank loserOlimbs for his help in my last issue.

OK, it's just a quick question. I have 1 gig of dual channel(512x2) DDRII 667 and I was wondering if it is OK to put it in a DDRII 533 motherboard?

I'm at work, so I don't know when I can respond. Thanks.

A:DDR2 667 to 533?

Yes, it's okay.
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Hi all,
(Don't know how much of this you need to know but...)

I'm about to buy a new machine with an Intel LGA 775 Pentium 4 /D CPU
and a P5RD2-VM motherboard. It's coming with 512MB of DDR2 SD RAM and it says PC4200(?)

I've got 256MB of DDR RAM (PC2100, CL2.5) from my old machine and I was wondering if I can combine them?

I'm expecting a short answer 'no', long answer 'noooooooooo' here!


A:Can I use my old DDR RAM with my new DDR2 ?

No, DDR2 has a different pin count than regular DDR, not to mention different clock speeds. In all essence, you wont even be able to get DDR1 to fit in a DDR2 slot without alot of breaking things.
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My computer apparantly has 512mb of DDR2 PC2-4200 533mhz Ram in it.I'm buying more Ram for it and am a little confused regarding the DIMM connection numbers for buying it.It seems that this speed ram is 200 DIMM vs 240 DIMM for faster (or newer)ram.Does this sound right as I don't want to make a mistake with an on-line purchase.I checked out the sites that tell you what ram you need but my model is too new and I can't find the proper reference.Thanks for any input.

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Q: Ddr2

Hi, lately i have been hearing that the DDR2 RAM has been becoming standard...Can someone explain to me why? I always though that DDR4 was the more advance ones.


i think you're being confused with DDr4 with ddr 400. DDR400 is basically ddr. With 2700 and 3200 version etc...

DDR2 is faster.
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is it advisable to combine ddr with ddr2? what's the difference between the two? thanks

A:ddr and ddr2?

NO. and you can't. Please bother to read the FAQs and the guides regarding ram.
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i currently have installed ddr2 ram 533 mhz ,i now want to install a ddr2 ram 667 mhz can i operate both of them together?

A:different fsb of ddr2 ram

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

It`s not considered to be a good idea to mix ram speeds, as it can cause stability issues on some systems. However, there`s nothing to stop you from trying. Please be aware that the faster ram will automatically be downclocked to the speed of the slower ram.

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what exactly is the difference between ddr and ddr2?

is it that ddr2 has 2x the bandwith?

and which one is better/faster?

A:ddr vs ddr2?

Hi. Here is something to read that will explain it better than I can.
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What does the following mean:

Cas Latency

and what areas will make it more faster (example will Cas Latency 4 be faster then Cas Lantency 3; ECC vs Non-ECC)? Is higher the voltage better?


A:Ddr2 Ram

You'll want to match RAM voltage to your MOBO, 184pin 1.7v for example.
Lower Cas letency is faster, you can find 2, 2.5 and 3 usually, but the lower the latency the less stable the RAM is. Usually if you find a 3 it is Buffered and/or ECC for stablity.
ECC is error correcting code, it detects when your RAM has errors, which is nice, and can even fix single bit errors. Usually ECC is used in servers and isn't of HUGE importance in most home PCs, registered RAM is recommended if you plan on breaking the gigbyte barrier with ram though.
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What would be better from these two??


one of them is DDR and the other DDR2.....and how come the DDR2 is cheaper???

Thanks for your help!

PS: can i use a SATA drive drive to boot up a computer? or does it have to be IDE?

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will ddr2 ram work on a ibookg4

A:DDR2 ram

Depends if the ibookg4 supports DDR2 ram, please post your current system specs
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For My PC
I have 1 2gb of 667 mhz ddr2 and 1 2gb ram of 800 mhz ddr2... What is the RAM operating speed ?

Also tell me i need to upgrade to 6gb RAM on my desktop !!!
i wanna buy another 2gb ram ddr2 coz my dg33 fb supports ddr2
which shud i buy ???

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Wish to upgrade my memory in my desktop by a further 2 Gb. Currently have 6 Gb of DDR2 800mhz memory in a Advent Centurion cq9204. problem is dunno how many pins the memory sticks have, it aint written anywhere on them.
Any thoughts.

A:Ddr2 ram

you currently have 6gb of ram, what are you doing that you require another 2GB? for majority of people 4GB is enough. So unless your doing some heavy photoshop graphics your probably wasting money on more ram, you may want to use that money toward something else to see more of a performance increase.
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I'm pondering upgrading to a Socket 939 MB that supports my older DDR Ram.

I'm curious if I should just hold out and save up for a MB that supports DDR2 ?

I'm not a gamer but I do ALOT of multi-tasking and surfing.

Would DDR2 really help my application ?

A:How much better is DDR2 over DDR ??

Anybody ??
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I have an ECS P4M800PRO-M(V2.0), Pentium D 915 OC to 3.2GHz, 2GB PC2-5300, and I am running Windows XP Pro. My board supports up to 2gb of PC2-4200(533MHz) and that is what I ordered on Ebay but I received 2GB PC2-5300 instead. I'm not complaining except my board only reads 1GB PC2-4200. I know the speed is backwards compatible, but I do not understand why the BIOS only reads 1GB. DX Diagnostic Tool, PC Wizard 2008, and CPUID all read 2x1GB PC2-5300, but the BIOS does not. Can anyone explain this to me.
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which one should i go for with my P5Q pro mobo + E8400

OCZ Reaper 2x2GB 1066 MHz
G.Skill 2x2GB 1000 MHz PQ or
Kingston Hyperx 1066 MHz

with these can i run [email protected]

A:Which DDR2 Ram

I think its much of a muchness but heres the qualified vendors list from Asus P5Q-PRO-QVL.pdf

anything not on that list may give issues and need manual setting for timings and voltages but may also give no problem if you carefully match them to the motherboard
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I have a 6GB mix of OCZ Reaper 8500 DDR2 and 9200 DDR2 running at 857mhz, 4-3-3-5-2T in my system and it's great. I also happen to have a 2x 2GB kit of G.skill around here.

I am contemplating swapping the 2gb of 9200 in my system for the 4gb of G.skill giving me 8GB instead of 6GB. I'm mainly just curious if I can make it work more than anything, but curious if there is any real point of 8GB vs 6GB of DDR2.


A:8GB vs 6GB DDR2

If its just an experiment go for it and have fun, but unless you really need the extra 2gb, I doubt that you're going to see increase in performance...
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Hi guys a quick question, is it possible to have 2 GB DDR2 800mhz and 1 GB DDR2 667 mhz in the same pc?
here's the link to the pc, im thinking about
ASRock > Products > Nettop Series > ION 330

A:800 mhz DDR2 and 667 mhz DDR2 in the same pc?

Yes, but the DDR2 800 will clock down to the DDR2 667 speed, so they will all run on that specified speed of 667mhz, non dual channel.
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i have a motherboard with 2 DDR2 slots, right now each one has 512mb. If i were to remove one off them and insert a 1gb stick, now having 1.5gb installed.

is this possible (Motherboard model on my system specs)

A:1.5gb of DDR2 ram

Yes. The motherboard supports up to 8GB of DDR2 memory.
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hi guys i have just been given a nvidia 8500gt 512mb videocard.the specs say it is a ddr2 pc has ddr1 ram.will it work with my pc?.p.s.sorry about lack of info .xp sp2.


Memory on the video card has nothing to do with memory on the computer.

Please be aware that the 8500 is not a gaming card... unless the games were made before 2004.
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If i get a 2GB DDR2 will it perform any adavantage? I am currently using 4GB DDR2. Will the 2GB be over taken by my 4GB? Im wondering this because one of my games doesnt look as good as i want it plus i want to enhance performance.

EDIT: I have a dv4 1275mx will the DDR2 fit?

A:If i get DDR2...

looking good and performance are two different animals, more so when it comes to laptops.

More memory might be able to yield more FPSs (Frames per Second... speed!) if by that much, better visual of graphics comes from your Video card & CPU and I am thinking that having an Onboard chip as a card, does not do well when playing games.

Now, if you give us a little more feedback of what kind of games and what you use the laptop for, we can perhaps help better?
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I see 240-pin and 276-pin DDR2 memory available from various sellers.

From what I see, I am guessing all 276-pin memory is ECC. Is that correct?

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i recently aquiered 4Gb of DDR2 ram from a friend as he no longer needed it. the problem is that my computer supports DDR ram. i have seen online that there are such things as DDR to DDR2 converts.

my question is where can i buy such a thing online and how much would it cost me.


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I'm buying some corsair xms2 ddr 2 does anyone know which cl is better 4-4-4-12 or 5-5-5-18 and which one might over clock best? thanks for your time.

A:Solved: Ddr2 cl ?

The lower timings are "quicker" As for overclocking, it would be best to buy faster ram; ie if you are going to buy 800, then buy 1066. This will leave you a LOT of room for upping the fsb.
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i have a fujitsu siemens scaleo p d2190 (if this helps) and i would like to know which type of memory card i requre as apparently they are differant........thx

A:Ddr1 Or Ddr2

If you don't know what Memory you have go here;

Download SIW Standalone. This is an executable that doesn't have to be installed on your machine. Just download it to the desktop and launch the application. After the application launches click on Memory in the left pane, and when the right hand side pane opens it will tell you what Memory you have.

If you want to delete SIW Standalone just right click on the desktop icon and delete it. You may want to keep it since it is handy for finding information for your machine.
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Hey every one ram ddr2 queston well i am new here and am using a older but functioning system and wanted to install more new ram to help my system run quicker My system uses a Maximus Formula motherboard by Asus i have the Q quad core extreme processor in it Currently i have ddr2 ram queston gigs of ram in the system but as the years go buy it runs slower and slower despite cleaning the junk ddr2 ram queston out of it with various software I went ahead and purchased gigs worth sticks of ddr ram from corsair the ram i bought says on the ram mhz mb - - - V The DDR ram in the computer currently is sticks of mbytes PC - mhz kingston G-UDIMM So i shut down my computer unplugged it complete power off then open up the side of the pc take out the sticks of ram install the new sticks of ram and put the computer back together power it up and it turns of but the moniter say no signal I cant get it to display anything on the motherboard there are switches one looks like a power symbol and the other says quot reset quot i hit the reset button quot when the computer was open quot and you could see he lights on the motherboard go off and on indicating quot i suppose that it reset still no moniter You see wanted to upgrade without investing in a new pc So any advise on what ram to buy can i use the ram i bought I am running bit vista if that helps Any advise is welcome especially if it helps me solve this other wise have to keep the pc as is untill it dies thanks drmccubx nbsp

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hello guys just a little help needed is there a way to find out what type of memory i have in my pc with out taking it out
i no its ddr2 but i need to no the best speed and all the other stuff
i want to take it from 256 ddr2 to 2 gig
2x 1gig sticks but i dont no which type to get
i have a packard bell i start with windows xp home
thank you any help will be good
any more info i will try to help

A:ddr2 memory

Go here, click scan my system, it will show what RAM you have in there, as well as what RAM (of Crucial's products) will work in it.
You can also go to Corsair's site or and manually insert your PC model number to find out which of their products work in your PC (to do some price comparison)
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I currently have an ASUS A8N-E motherboard and some DDR400 RAM. If I'm looking to upgrade/replace my current ram, would this motherboard support DDR2 ram? I have tried researching it but can't find many answers.

Also any opinions on which is a better choice (DDR400 vs DDR2) would be appreciated, thanks!

A:DDR2 Compatability?

t3mp3st said:

I currently have an ASUS A8N-E motherboard and some DDR400 RAM. If I'm looking to upgrade/replace my current ram, would this motherboard support DDR2 ram? I have tried researching it but can't find many answers.

Also any opinions on which is a better choice (DDR400 vs DDR2) would be appreciated, thanks!Click to expand...

Your board will not accept DDR2 ram.
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I ve finally upgraded from a win setup and I ve got everything working except my nd stick of ddr Both sticks work independently They re both Kingston DDR gb sticks with the same model number The ram chips themselves are different I m installing them in a Biostar AM ver mobo The board accepts ddr new toys) help (old guy, ddr2 and has slots labeled dimma dimmb dimma and dimmb The manual says to use a pair of sticks in dimma ddr2 help (old guy, new toys) and dimmb first to unlock the dual channel When both sticks are inserted I get the no memory post error Any ideas I ve also tried the ram in dimma and dimmb with the same error The manual also says that the dram bus width needs to be the same either x or x I m not sure how to check this but like I said the sticks are the same model number Oh please tell me I m stupid and you ve got a simple fix nbsp

A:ddr2 help (old guy, new toys)

I'm stumped on what is wrong; but, I can tell you that if the chips are the same model number, you need not worry about bus width not matching.
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Hey, my grandparents bought some crappy acer computer, and we want to upgrade it a bit.
The thing is, I need to know if the Mobo is compatible with DDR2, and if it has a PCI-E slot.
The problem is, I can't find anything about the mobo on the web. I have SIW and everest, but even there I can't find it.

Edit - Without opening the case, cause else I would've done that

Greets, Thas

A:PCI-E, DDR2, how to find out?

If you launch SIW and click on memory in the left pane, what is indicated in the right pane?

Also, what is indicated for video?
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i have a mach speed p4mst-890 mother board. it will take up to 4gb of memory. ddr2 533 memory. but the memory i've looking at does not say whether it is high or low density. the manual does not say which...... so would hi or low work in my system.... thank's......

A:memory ddr2

High density memory is basically factory seconds that will
only function on certain motherboards at full capacity.
Always better to stick with low density.
Branded memory,like kingston,corsair,OCZ,crucial and so on
are usually low density.
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Would 4GB of DDR3 be the same as having 8GB of DDR2?

Which would you rather have?

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I am getting to the stage with my desktop that it is painfully slow and are thinking off upgrading ram as a quick fix. This is just to get it through the next year without me throwing it out the window. However, I would be wondering with RAM the sort of questions: how much, which type is the most bang for your buck and would be looking for recommendations for individual products. Note: My price range is around $200.
Appreciate the help!!!

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If I buy DDR2 RAM chip. Will it fit and run fine in a motherboard that doesn't have DDR2 capabilities?

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I had been gone over the past week online to find that my brother wanted to play the LotR O beta and that he decided I didn t have enough RAM Long story short he forced two sticks of DDR s in my DDR slot When he powered on he said he heard something that sounded like a woman s voice saying CPU failure but he s not really sure what he heard of even if he heard the actual term quot CPU quot I could still smell that electrical-burnt smell when I got home After finding out what happened and weeping for my computer I pulled out the two incompatible sticks and powered on Nothing posts to my monitor but the machine sounds like it s running fine with one exception No POST beeps from my motherboard Is the problem now the Motherboard the CPU or the RAM or Power supply or etc I swapped in a different confirmed working video card Still no post to monitor I looked at my CPU There were signs of wear and it was a bit gunky but no cracks bent pins or burn marks I cleaned it off and cleaned out all the fans and heat-sinks Still nothing All things sound fine all fans run all lights are on The HDD spins at what appears to be a normal level The monitor works tested on a different machine Please into my Help! DDR DDR2 :( Bro jammed help What piece of hardware is my actual problem nbsp

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I'm contemplating upgrading my computer piece by piece since I don't have money for a full overhaul right now. I definitly want to get a new intel core duo 2, probably the E6750 processor model. I also want to go for a P35 chipset motherboard (i dont care for the brand, as long as its a decent one e.g. gigabyte intel asus etc).

My problem is that i am not sure whether i should spend the extra money to go for DDR3 as of this moment or should I wait and buy a board that has DDR2 support and go for DDR3 way later like the next upgrade (which I can just upgrade the motherboard if i ahve to).
what are your opinions?
thanks, adam

A:go for DDR2 or DDR3?

If you are a serious gamer, go for ddr3 for the best performance
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I have a laptop with 512mb ram and i want to put another 512mb stick in it. I have used cpuz to find out the type of ram thats in there now; and that is pc2-4300 (266mhz), ive looked on ebay and i can only find pc2-4200 533mhz. So im not entirely sure what type of ram i need. I just wanted to post here. So i dont end up buying the wrong type of ram.


A:DDR2 Laptop Ram Help

Ive been reading on the internet that ddr2 is backward compaitible, would does that mean? sorry im a bit of a noob with computers, well thats why im here lol

Any help would be greatly appreicated
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Well a mate of mind bought some DDR2 Kingston RAM but then decided that he didn't want it. So instead of sending it back he gave it to me.
Well right now I have DDR ram inside of my computer but I was wondering would DDR2 ram work?
Would it be okay if both of them were inside the computer at the same time?
I know completely nothing about computers so could you guys please help me?

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I have a question for you Knowledgeable people ;-) I have a Pentium D Dual core Dell E510 computer running windows XP with (2) 512mb sticks of DDR2 ram 4200. I would like to add more. I was thinking about adding (2) more sticks of 1GB 4200. For a total of 3 GB.Then someone told me It would be a waste of $. They said just to add 2 more 512 mb modules as XP wouldn't or couldn't use the extra 3rd GB. Is this true? Any help would & will be greatly Appricated. Thanks,

A:Adding more DDR2 Ram?

Some MOBOs have issues when all four slots are populated, so I would not add two more 512MB sticks.

A better option would be to add 1GB sticks.Then if you do have a problem with four sticks as stated above, you can remove the two 512MB sticks leaving you with 2GB (which is probably enough anyway).
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My friend has a HP Pavillion computer that has a 256mb 3200 in slot 1 and slot 3.He has just purchased 2 1 gig sticks that are 4200 speed.Would he place the gig sticks in 1 and 3 slot?Would someone who knows the answer to this please share your knowledge.There's 4 slots in this computer.

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I need to buy a new motherboard, and I thought an AM2 one with 1394, onboard video and 2 ide connectors would be good value. gigabyte and asus seem to match that, and the ASUS M2NPV-* series looks reasonably priced.
I want to buy 2x1Gb 800Mhz memory, but all the ones on the QVL are 3 or 4 times the price of cheaper modules like transcend's jetram. Yet they all are CL5 (whatever that means) and require 1.8V.
Is there something beyond these 2 parameters that I must look at, or will the jetram modules work? I can't understand why there are such huge differences in price.
Thank you, Chris

A:more ddr2 confusion will advise on the best ram for your system
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What is the exact difference apart from physical one?
In terms of gaming does it matter?
Does it matter if you're looking to change parts of the PC such as graphics card / processor?

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I have RAM slots in my motherboard but I managed to somehow fry one of them Now I m stuck on gb and I m feeling it every day I d like to upgrade to gb but I haven t been able to find any Even when someone sells gb it s usually just bars of gb Now I ve googled around and saw a few places online that sold them but they were usually for or more I m not into that kind of money and seeing how DDR is dying I wonder if I can manage to get some used RAM for a cheaper price The problem is apparently a lot of those gb in one stick are for servers and will not work for desktop PCs Furthermore I have no idea how to check if the desktop 4gb for in RAM PC DDR2 one a bar RAM I found will fit work in my PC So if anyone has 4gb DDR2 RAM in one bar for a desktop PC a few minutes spare and maybe find some for me I 4gb DDR2 RAM in one bar for a desktop PC d 4gb DDR2 RAM in one bar for a desktop PC really appreciate it I don t know what information you need to know so ask me anything My motherboard is nVIDIA NF-MCP Socket AM nbsp

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I have a chaintech 7NJL6 mobo running XP Pro with SP2. Manual says to use 184 pin DDR memory up to PC 3200. I have 512 MB (2x PC2700) now. I have read that faster memory will adapt to a slower mobo so I ordered PNY Optima 240 pin DDR (PC 5300) and need to know if the new memory will work for me. The pin count difference has me concerned.

Manual also says that I can load slot 1 and slot 3 to get dual channel capability. I read that slots should be filled in sequence, so am leery of skipping slot 2. Your thoughts?

I am really looking forward to the performance boost that 2 GB of RAM will give my XP machine (besides, the price was right!). Thanks.

A:240 pin DDR2 RAM in 184 pin DDR mobo

Send the RAM back, it won't work. 240 pin is DDR2, DDR2 is not compatible with DDR, it simply will not fit in the slot. You can get 2GB DDR400 (PC3200).
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I am looking to buy a replacement graphics card, as mine has just died. I will probably build a new PC shortly, so I don't want to spend too much on this card at the moment.

I have been looking at the AGP Radeon X1650Pro.

There are a couple of versions:

512Mb DDR2 running at 800MHz clock speed
256Mb GDDR3 running at 1.3Ghz clock speed

I was wondering which is the better card, as they are around the same price.

A:DDR2 or GDDR3 ?

My choice:
256Mb GDDR3 running at 1.3Ghz clock speed

GDDR3 can reach higher effective memory clock speeds, where it's not possible for DDR2.
About the amount of memory on theses can is arguable on its performance, I would say the core/memory clocks effect the performance much more than memory increase itself.

7600GT would be something you might want to consider also...
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I have a 1 gig ram that when I place in my mobo and then I turn on the computer It makes a sound and doesnt start up.

If i remove the ram then the computer starts up....

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I'm about to get a new computer from Dell. The new computer (Dimension 4700) will have DDR2 SDRAM in it, and I want to transfer 1 GB of memory from my older computer into it (it has 2 GB and the invoice for the computer says DDR SDRAM). My question is, is the 2 in DDR implied? Will these be compatible?


A:DDR or DDR2 in my computer?

DDR and DDR 2 are not the same.Although a lot of Mb can utilize DDR or DDR 2 , it is an either or situation. It is never a good idea to blend different ram on a machine. BTW the 2 will be faster. Also you should confirm at Dell as to the proper placement of the ram on the Mb if it will accept the DDR.
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ive recently purchased some corsair xms2 dd2 ram (2gb x2) and installed it successfully but when i check my system information, its says i only have 3gb of ram installed??

whats going on? how can i change this

A:DDR2 RAM Issue?

What you are seeing is normal for 32-bit versions on Windows. Windows reserves 512 MB PCI address space for itself, your graphics card uses some space (either PCI address space for add on cards, or RAM for on-board graphics), other hardware uses some; and 3 GB is left.

If you want to be able to use all 4 GB, you need 64-bit Windows and a motherboard that supports 8 GB or more RAM.