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Residual Outlook 2000 files after upgrade to Outlook 2003

Q: Residual Outlook 2000 files after upgrade to Outlook 2003

Hi It is a small but annoying problem I upgrade my Office program suite to Office professional I selected the upgrade option on the installation CD I first selected to upgrade the regular Office software Words Excel Outlook Access etc After this first installation I noticed that I had Outlook icons in my start programs the Outlook icon and the Outlook icon I then installed Frontpage and the Outlook 2000 to after Outlook files Residual Outlook 2003 upgrade Icon was replaced by an anonymous exe program icon When I clicked on this icon I got a message saying that this icon only works with an installed application So I thought it was only a residual icon and I deleted Residual Outlook 2000 files after upgrade to Outlook 2003 it Where is the bug Well next to my user logon on Window XP I get a message that I have unread e-mail When I open Outlook there are no unread e-mails I tried to import e-mails from other applications and I got an e-mail that Residual Outlook 2000 files after upgrade to Outlook 2003 had been received on Outlook A welcome to Outlook Version message The problem is that this message keeps reappearing from time to time and I always get this message saying that I have unread e-mail which I cannot see on Outlook I know I still have some Outlook files on my C drive but I cannot delete them because the system then tells me that the files cannot be deleted because they are used by an application Questions -How can I remove completely the Outlook Version from my system It is not listed in the Control Panel add remove program list -If not removing the Outlook files is there a way to make them inactive or to set Outlook such that it receives automatically all e-mails from the other unused e-mail systems I also have Outlook Express but I do not use it and it does not seem to cause any problem so far nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Residual Outlook 2000 files after upgrade to Outlook 2003

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Residual Outlook 2000 files after upgrade to Outlook 2003

not a complete answer for you, but to get rid of that annoying "Unread message" at the logon screen see this to turn out via the registry:
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I m hoping someone with long term experience with Outlook can help me answer 2000/2003 Outlook question upgrade a question Outlook 2000/2003 upgrade question about a web scripting feature that was apparently accessible through Outlook I have a part time job in a small bookstore and to help Outlook 2000/2003 upgrade question a coworker fix a problem with his e-mails in a corrupted Outlook installation I used an Office Standard disc licensed to the store to upgrade his Outlook and this quickly fixed his e-mail problem However later he came to me and described a feature within Outlook that was apparently missing in the upgrade In Outlook he was able to select under quot Favorites quot a website announcing sales and events at Outlook 2000/2003 upgrade question the bookstore and by entering a password access a simple web scripting program from within Outlook that allowed him to make changes to this website The quot Favorites quot toolbar no longer appears in Outlook Since I have never used Outlook I only had a vague idea of what he was describing and no idea how to recommend a solution Is anyone familiar with this feature Can you tell me if it still exists within Outlook and how to find it or has that function been assigned to another program entirely Please let me know nbsp
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I am upgrading from Outlook 2000 to 2003 and am experiencing problems in keeping the automatic formatting of my PST files, I have not yet imported the Rules... is this the reason? What should I do to ensure that alla te formatting of the "old" PST are kept in the "new" ones?



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I know this is probably easy but I was curious what the instructions are to convert 2000 .pst to 2003 to take advantage of the available space. I have a user who is working on the 2000 limit and need to upgrade.

Thanks in advance

A:Convert Outlook 2000 pst to Outlook 2003 pst

If you, or your user, are/is now using Outlook 2003, I would assume you could just copy the 2000 .PST file over to where your 2003 Outlook is running and then import it.
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Does anybody know how or if it's possible to get my contacts from Outlook 2000 on my PC to Outlook 2003 on my laptop? I can't seem to figure it out.

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Due to some incompatability with 2003, I am thinking of installing an older version of outlook.

Will there be any problems with just installing it "on top" of office 2003?

Or should I uninstall office and then install Outlook 2000 1st, then custom install office 2003 without outlook? What about a different directory for each version? Kind of like what is required to install Access 97 and Access 200 on the same PC?

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I need to save my MS Outlook Contacts from my PC at work (using Outlook 2003) to my PC at home (using Outlook 2000). I know how to use File> New> Outlook Data File> Outlook 97-2002 Personal Folders File (.pst)> OK to start, but that doesn't populate the new directory (or file or whatever it is) with the contacts.

How do I copy/paste, translate, whatever the contacts into that new directory?
Please reply to [email protected].

Thanks and Merry Christmas!

A:Outlook 2003 contacts to Outlook 2000

Go to you current Contacts.

Hightlight them all - Ctrl-A

Copy them to the buffer - Ctrl-C

Go to the Contacts location in the new pst file

Paste them back in again - Ctrl-V
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I have been using the beta version of Office 2007 til it expired last month and during that time exported a back up of Outlook (contacts, calendar etc) to My Docs.
Not all that fussed with the '07 Office suite, I uninstalled it and then reinstalled Office 2002 but when I try to import the pst file to this earlier version of Outlook, it tellss me that it is not compatible and to contact the Administrator (me!).

If I cannot work around this somehow I intend laying on the railway tracks quite shortly as life without my files will no longer have any meaning to me!

I guess as a last resort I can download the latest trial of 2007 Office and see if that will let me re-import the backed up pst file but what a drama!

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I have been wondering if there is enough difference between Outlook 2000 and Outlook 2003 to make it worth upgrading?

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Hi TechGuys,

My difficulty is in the above Outlook 2003 software. I have kept a copy of the pst files as a backup, but unfortunately overwrote the good files with the backup files dated September 2012. The current files and folder structure of my e-mails have now reverted to the September's. Any help in retrieving those files and folders would be much appreciated.

A:MS Outlook 2003: overwritten my pst files (archive.pst and Outlook.pst)

I believe they are gone to "Bit Heaven", sorry.
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I'm running Outlook 2000 with SP3 applied:
I'm having no luck importing an outlook PST, which I created as a new data file in Outlook 2003. I created it as a 97-2000 compatible file.

when I go through the import process, it imports nothing at all... No error message, just empty folders.

This happens when I import from the local machine OR the server.

Is it possible the file is corrupt? Is there a way of checking?

I've successfully imported the 2003 version into another PC running Outlook 2003 - No problems there.. Just when trying to import the 97-2000 compatible file in to Outlook 2000

A:Outlook 2000: Problem importing a 2003 PST saved as 97 to 2000 format

try connecting to it as a datafile ( personal folders)
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I think I know that this can't be done but just in case.......

In my previous company we used Office 2003 and before I left I saved my personal emails as a pst file.

In my new company we use Office 2000 and now I find it won't read Office 2003 pst files.

This is very annoying and there are emails I need.

Obviously I will need to find somebody with 2003 but why don't Microsoft provide a solution? They know about this issue but won't solve it.

Maybe there is a way and that's why I'm asking here.

It's so tempting to use a pirate copy just to get my emails back and then dump it.

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Can't open outlook. Have received several error messages but now I usually get a DDE Server error: Outlook.exe application error box, which says - The exception privilege instruction (0xc0000096) occur in application 0x0006f784

A:outlook 2003 on Win 2000

That sounds like outlook is corrupted - if you have an office 2003 CD on you, try running the 'repair' option when the CD setup loadsHope this helps!
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Hey people I ve got a curly issue that I need some external input with Any ideas would be great and and Project 2000 Outlook 2003 very much appreciated ISSUE Has only just started happening Project 2000 and Outlook 2003 the last weeks or so where if OL is open PROJ will appear the window and splash but then disappear just as quickly HOWEVER if PROJ is opened first then OL PROJ remains open and works fine There is no issue with any other Office application TROUBLESHOOTING Uninstalled and reinstalled Office x Uninstalled and reinstalled Project x Uninstalled EmailXtender mail archiving addin for OL - uninstalled this as it starts caching when OL is open PC SPECS Hardware Type Notebook PC Manufacturer TOSHIBA PC Model TECRA M RAM MB CPU Speed MHz Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack Service Pack SOE Version RIS THINGS LEFT TO TRY Rebuild the laptop - old SOE image It s just bizarre that Project runs fine when opened first but not after Outlook has been opened Has anyone heard of this issue before Or come across it Any ideas Anything else to try Thanks people nbsp
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I do apologize in advance, as I did not see a post on here concerning this although there may have been one.

I was wondering if it is possible to use Word 2000 for the default text editor with Outlook 2003. I saw that the boxes were there for Word 2003, however they were "greyed" out.

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My boss has Windows 2000 O/S. When he is in MS Outlook 2003 and tries to open an MS Word 2000 or MS Excel 2000 attachment, either word or excel start to come up but then simply disappear and he's back to his original email. I've had him turn his PC off and back on (cold boot) and this fixing the problem for a day or two but then it begins again. He can open other word documents and excel spreadsheets without any problems, only has this issue when opening email attachments? Please advise...

Very Respectfully,

A:MS Outlook 2003 and Office 2000

What happens if the attachments are dragged to the desktop and opened from there.
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Can't sync iPas/iPod with Outlook

I have an iPad 2 and Outlook 2003. Outlook won't sync with my iPad..

However, they will sync on another computer. Then I can clear the iPad calendar and then sync to main computer but the old calendar info syncs.

Outlook/ my computer seem to be holding on to the old calendar info in some kind of cache.

Any ideas?
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HI , I am currently using Outlook 2003 at home, and there is Outlook 2000 at work. Current system is to schedule our jobs on the Outlook 2000 at work.

However, I have to work on these jobs and would like to bring that Outlook 2000 calendar from work (maybe by saving the file into my USB flash drive at the end of each day ) to home, so I can keep record and prepare for jobs the next day.

On my Outlook 2003 a home, I have my own calendar, in which I DO NOT want to add entries of the OL2000 from work into, I want to have them as two separate calendars with no relation to each other, and I want to bring home ONLY the calendar, no emails and all other stuff so it won't mess up with my own stuff at home.

I am quite positive that there is a way to achieve this, please help.

Thank you

A:Portable Outlook calendar between 2000 / 2003 - Help Please

One possible solution:

1. On the work computer with Outlook2000, export your Calendar to a PST file.
2. Copy this to your home computer
3. On the home computer with Outlook2003, create a new data file that points to that PST file. With Outlook 2003, the new data file will show up as "Calendar in Personal Folders"
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here is the scenerio...

When I open office applications having Outlook running then I will get an error message " The Office Assistant could not be started. Repair Office 2000."

It will not pop up the error when out look is not running and I can open office applications fien and get that lilttle Office assistant popped up.

I tried repairing Office 2000 as well as Outlook from add/remove programs.

This did not help me. I have Win Xp and 2GB RAM.
Please help me out.

A:Who Is The Culprit Ms Outlook 2003 Or Ms Office 2000

Ok so yuo tried the repair install, did you attempt a re-install? I have found tht this often fixes issues that the repair install for some reason doesn't. Just an idea.
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I am running XP Professional and Office 2003. Most of my team is running Outlook 2000. When sending an invite for a meeting only one person actually gets an invite that they can accept.

The remainder receive the XML version of the request - which is "junk" to them. Unfortunately this means I send out multiple emails for each invite and have to rely on someone manually putting it in their calendar.

We tried downloading the latest patches for Outlook 2000 and that didn't seem to help.
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Does anyone know the best way to automate a silent uninstall of Outlook 2000 and install Outlook 2003? Would MST files be used in this scenario?

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Our office is a small LAN, and we use Microsoft Exchange Server and Outlook 98. We just got new Windows 2000 workstations (file server did not change) and when setting them up tried upgrading to Outlook 2000. We could get our calendars and email to display, but it would not allow us to open the email or add new appointments, etc. We just get a message stating there is an error opening this item. Is there a permission problem somewhere we don't know about? Or does this data somehow need to be converted to Outlook 2000 format?

If we reinstall Outlook 98, everything is OK again. ???
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Recently had two large upgrades take place.

Now emails - after using link open my documents folder! To read post in IE11 I have to open browser and relevant url.

What happened? How can I get back to where I was? Pity my period of win10 use has passed. Thank goodness I have win7 on my desktop in UK

A:Outlook 2003 - Problem after Upgrade/s

Just to make sure I understand: If there is an HTTP or HTTPS link in an email, when you click on it, File Explorer opens your Documents folder?

If that is the case, I'm not sure how an update would do that.
You might have a look at your Default App settings, to see what shows there:

Settings>System>Default Apps
Scroll down and select Choose Default Applications by Protocol

Scroll down the list on the left side, until you come to HTTP and HTTPS. On the right, your default app should be your browser (Edge, IE, Firefox, Chrome, or whatever you prefer to use).

Here's a video tutorial on setting default apps:
Solved Windows 10 instructional videos by Ten Forums members - Page 103 - Windows 10 Forums

And here's a written tutorial on it, with a bit more detail:
Default Apps - Choose in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

Hope that helps!
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Our family used Office 2003 for years until a couple of years ago I purchased Home & Student 2010 Family Pak. I installed 2010 on all our computers except my son's PC I kept 2003 on it since he's blind and needed Outlook. He uses Outlook as his email and was trained on it several years ago using JAWs (screen reading software) so that's all he's ever used.

Since Office 2003 is no longer supported I need to uninstall it and install Office 2010 so I need to find him another email program similar to Outlook. I'm not crazy about upgrading to Office 365 Home Premium but would if there were no other choices.

Is the Outlook version that comes with 365 extremely different different from 2003?

It seems to be impossible to find or the price too high to upgrade to Outlook 2010. Would Windows Live Mail or Thunderbird be closer to his Outlook 2003?

A:Upgrade or change from Outlook 2003

I can't tell you whether Outlook 2003 is very different from Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2013, as I have not used Outlook 2003.

As Windows Live Mail is free you could download a copy & try it out to see if it's suitable for your son.

If you go to Office 365 Home Premium you will get Outlook 2013. Does you Office 2010 Home & Student Family Pack have enough users to allow the additional installation on your son's computer, or have you used them all already.
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When you send an e-mail or receive one from outlook, by default it looks for the person in your contacts and puts the display name up instead.

But when reading the e-mail it displays

John Doe [mailto:[email protected]]
To: Jane Doe

How do you get rid of the mailto:etc,etc ??? I would prefer a hyperlink instead of the mailto because then it reveals the person's e-mail address.

I know you could just hover over it or click on the hyperlink to find out the e-mail, but I'm just asking for the purpose of printing. I don't want my e-mail address shown in a long stream of E-mail send's and replies between a friend when I print it.

If there is a setting in Outlook to turn this off, please let me know, I fooled around with everything and I cant get it to work.

- Drew

A:PROBLEM: Microsoft Outlook 2000/2002/2003 E-Mail Display

Under "tools/options/prefrences/e-mail options/advanced e-mail options " You can select "automatic name checking" which I think will convert the mailto to a name if it is in the global address or contacts list. I don't know what that does to people you send to I would think it depends on their setting...
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Years ago, I did that horrible critical update that messed up my MSOutlook 2000. I had a quick look at 2007, but I really do not see any changes for the home user. Is there something that I cannot do without?

(ps Mega Happy New Year!)

A:Solved: Upgrade MS Outlook 2000 to 2007?

from what i have seen no...but i haven't really gone into the in depth stuff with differnt mail boxes.... it does have a lot beter look.. and it is the latest so if you recieve some of the new file types it may be more likely to open something... or direct it to something that can open it. also Microsoft will be giving updates still for the new version and wont for the old version anymore..
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Hi all

I am doing an upgrade from Office 2003 to 2007 but need to keep the users Outlook mail setup.

I just want to upgrade the rest of it without it getting too messy i.e; without me having to setup Outlook all over again for the user.

Any ideas the best possible way to do this cleanly.

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Okay, here's my issue. Like a dummy, I renamed my workgroup without exporting to a backup file for my outlook 2003 working files. Now that I am in a new environment, I cannot seem to import my old email and contact information to my new profile under the new workgroup. I tried to import, but no option; I tried to copy the old files to my new directory, but no luck. I am hoping someone out there knows a bit about outlook 2003.


A:Import outlook 2003 files w/o backup files, but have original working file
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Outlook 2000 can import .pst files witch is composed of personal folders.
Right clicking on each personal folder> advanced tab we can see the path to each .pst file.

Who, witch outlook parameter, or witch registry key informs outlook witch .pst files to loads at it's startup?

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I reinstalled Office 2000 - SP3 from scratch. When I tried to import the Outlook back-up file I had updated daily, I got nothing as a result. I used the Import Facility under File and pointed to the appropriate PST file.

Every day AutoArchive would pop up and ask me to save. I answered yes.

That's very odd

A:Outlook 2000 - pst files

Hi Gswiss

Open the .pst file instead.
In Outlook 2000
File > Open > Personal Folders File (.pst)

Browse to the .pst file.

Let us know if that works for you.
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Old pc running windows 2000 OS and outlook 2003. i copied the outlook.nk2 file from its location to another computer running windows 7 professional, and outlook 2007. The .pst files and the archives files copied to the new location working alright but the cached file, outlook.nk2 does not work.
Location on the old computer-c\documents and settings\%user%\local settings\application data\microsoft\outlook.
The location copied to on the computer running windows 7 is c\users\%user%\applcation data\local\microsoft\outlook.
Any suggestion

A:Solved: outlook.nk2 file copied from windows 2000 pc running oulook 2003 not working

I just found the solution for the problem. the outlook.nk2 location in windows 7 is in the roaming folder so the path C\users\%user%\Appdata\roaming\microsoft\outlook and it worked.
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My Outlook 2003 is not allowing any new info to be added. It says Outlook.pst has reached its maximum size. Unfortunately, I cannot open the program to delete any information. The error message also suggests using "Personal Folders file", but I don't know what that is or where to find it. As of right now I cannot add appointments, send/receive email (through outlook).

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I had issues with my comp a few days ago. I was instructed to run the recovery program. After doing so, I can no longer retrieve my outlook files. Help!

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I recently installed Vista on my computer. I was able to reload my Office 2000 files and found my Outlook files. However, my wife's outlook messages all disappeared. I have gone through the entire search for .pst files and can't find any of them. Is there any hope for my marriage?

A:Lost my Outlook 2000 .pst files

Did you and your wife have seperate .pst's?
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when by boss tried to open outlook this morning it would not open. He went to search, find, outlook and in the meantime, he got a message that said he had new mail, and outlook opened with a message about losing shortcuts etc., and did he want to continue. Well, whatever he did, he no longer has any contacts, all his appointments are gone, etc. Is there a way to undo this? I don't even understand what happened.

Thank you.

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I recently moved some messages (with attachments) from my inbox to the journal folder. I did this by opening the message and going under file --> move to folder... and selecting journal. When I do this a new jouranl entry is created with a shortcut to the email, but when I click on the shortcut an error message appears saying that the file has been moved or deleted. The message is no longer in the Inbox and as far as I can tell the file is deleted. Microsoft acknowledges there is a problem in there knowledge base but simply says not to do it. I need these files is there any way to get them back. Seems like a pretty big Bug
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What is the best way backing up my pst files in a different device than HDD (like CD or DVD) and after that read (only) those pst' s without copy the file again.

A:Backup *.pst files from MS Outlook 2000

Hi atg72,

It's the same for any files to be backed up.

To backup onto CD or DVD you must have a CD or DVD writer. Software wise later versions of Windows have in-built writing capability but I find it's better with other s/w such as Nero which doesn't need to save to temp first and can cram more onto a CD/DVD.

Once on CD or DVD it is Read Only so you won't be able to change the data.

Just burn your .pst file but beware there are problems using it in anything other than the same version of Outlook that created it.

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I know Outlook is a little dated but I am having issues with my work computer and desperately need help My computer crashed big time I have been restoring Office Small Business Edition and am running into an issue with Outlook We used to have an exchange server but no longer have it so all of our email etc is now back on good old POP When I put the installation CD s in to reinstall the program everything worked fine Now when I try to open Outlook I keep getting this error message The File C documents and settings our company name desktop with please 2003/.pst outlook help!! files trouble - backup pst could not be found I then click ok and it takes me to an area to select another pst file when I click cancel b c I don t know what I m doing at all I get a final error message saying Unable to Open your default mail folders the file C trouble with outlook 2003/.pst files - please help!! documents and settings our company name desktop backup pst could not be found and then outlook closes I m no tech genius but obviously I need to recreate these pst files to get it working trouble with outlook 2003/.pst files - please help!! again properly I just don t know how to do any of this and don t know where to even begin Can anyone please help I would be so grateful Thank you nbsp

A:trouble with outlook 2003/.pst files - please help!!

Outlook is configured to use a PST file - C:\documents and settings\our company name\desktop\backup.pst - and that file is not there.

Do you know where the PST file is located?
Configure Outlook to use that one instead
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I following the following path as was instructed in multiple forums, but cannot find correct path. I was told to go to C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook.pst.

The problem is that I cannot find the Local Setting Folder in the path. It goes out to Owner, but then the rest of the path doesn't work. I have the following options under owner:

My Documents
Start Menu

Can't find Local Settings? Any ideas

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Just a quick question,
I have exported my email at work (Outlook 2003) to a pst file. Then I have imported it in my Outlook (on home PC) using 2003. All is ok but notice I don't have the "Sent" folder? Does not really matter as I cleaned it all out prior to the export. Surely this is not the reason i.e nothing in it? Is this a 2003 feature!? I am sure when using 2000/XP the "Sent" folder was exported as well. (yes I included all sub folders)

A:Importing PST files (Outlook 2003)

Am I right in thinking that you clicked the ďSentĒ file, exported it and copied/sent it to yourself? If so, all that you will have managed to do, I believe, is to send the contents.

Sub-folders are your invention and can be moved/sent but I donít think it is possible (without a great deal of difficulty) to move the folders that come as standard in Outlook.
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Help I have searched forums but cannot find this anywhere so please excuse if I duplicate I have just acquired new computer with MS Office I have moved all files from old computer with MS Office and everything has gone OK except my outlook contacts and distribution lists I followed MS instructions on how to do this but in the process I 2003 files Outlook pst and 2007 have Outlook 2007 2003 and pst files lost all my emails for the last weeks since I moved to new computer And I can t see my contacts and distribution lists Contacts seem to be there because when entering an email address they will auto fill No sign of distribution lists Now this is a concern but could be replicated with time and patience However the loss of my emails for the last Outlook 2007 2003 and pst files weeks is disaster I work from home and must have had over emails that are business related that have disappeared How can I get them back Researching on the Outlook 2007 2003 and pst files web and MS support there seems to be something about unicode being the problem and outlook pst not recognising unicode which is used in outlook This seems to make some sense suggesting that emails are there but importing the old pst file has done something to all the new emails in I thought I was just importing contacts and it should not have any impact on the emails To top it all my remote backup is not working at the moment Usually I could just restore but this is not the case at the moment Please help nbsp
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Hi I run a desktop and laptop system Both have XP pro SP and Office Both are fully .pst files Transfer PC's between 2003 Outlook patched I have tried to sync my pst files from my desktop to my laptop I get my emails from Yahoo via Outlook 2003 .pst files Transfer between PC's POP I do not want to buy syncing software Therefore I have copied my outlook and archive pst files on the desktop to a memory stick then pasted those copies into C Documents and Settings William Local Settings Application Data Microsoft Outlook on the laptop I tired this today for the first time and the copy went very well I Outlook 2003 .pst files Transfer between PC's then did a send receive to check yahoo for any new emails Outlook set about downloading all the emails on the yahoo server again I had thought that as the pst files were the same ones as on the desktop this wouldn t happen Can someone tell me what is going on and if there is a fix many thanks Will nbsp

A:Outlook 2003 .pst files Transfer between PC's

That is why folks use recovery software. In the long run that is easier. There are plenty of "how to" sites too long for this forum that you can find with a Gurgle search.
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I'm using Outlook 2003 in Win7 and trying to send an excel .xls file to a mac user and he keeps getting a winmail1dat file. According to Googled how-to info, this is what happens if you email in rich text format which I am not. I'm in HTML mode. He can receive .xls in plain text. Another mac friend gets the same .xls file in HTML just fine. ???

Any suggestions without sending in plain text just to this one user everytime?

A:Outlook 2003 won't email .xls files to a mac

Tell the recipient to save then rename winmail1.dat to winmail1.xls. He/she should then be able to open it in Excel.
I've no idea why they are receiving it as a dat file.
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When I receive an attached xls file (excel '97) and I try to open it from within Outlook 2000, Excel opens but no file is opened. If I go back into Outlook, there is a message that says the file, or one of its components could not be found. Word docs and any other attachments work just fine. Does anyone know what causes this and more importantly, how to fix it.


A:cannot open excel files from outlook 2000


Welcome to TSG!

Try this:

OL2000: Unable to Double-click to Open an Excel Attachment
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Im upgrading and wiping out a disk, she has office 2000 and wants to keep all her contacts, and she is upgrading to XP... can someone tell me where those files are and the best steps to accomplish this without losing her stuff?


A:Outlook 2000 Contacts files, where and how to save

Search for the .wab files. This is the windows address book. It's usually in the Windows folder, but it may be best to do a search. There may be more than one. When you find them you should be able to put them on a floppy or burn to a disk if too large.

Once upgraded to XP, just replace the address book under her user name in the Documents and Settings folder. You may also need to do a search for the location.
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I have a PST file that is 2 MB located on a network drive that was created in Outlook 2003, but when I try to open it in Outlook 2003 it says it's empty, no folders, just the deleted items folder that is empty as well.

I tried running scanpst.exe, it shows that there are 7 folders and no errors.

Any ideas?

A:2MB PST Files Opens but is Empty in Outlook 2003

2MB is considered small for a pst file

A brand new pst file with totally nothing inside it is about 300 KB. so you have like 1.7 MB left. that would mean maybe 5 emails, a few appointments in the calendar, some entries in the contacts and a couple of tasks. so don't expect to find a lot in it.
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Someone I know is having a problem with the nickname (autocomplete) function in Outlook.

The file has just stopped working altogether.

I found the file (appdata/microsoft/outlook), is there any way I can Outlook to start using it again?


A:Solved: MS Outlook 2003 Nickname (NK2) Files

Hi Lucky5tar
Create a new Profile in Outlook.
Then copy the original .nk2 file to the new Profile:
Or , rename the file and Outlook should create a new file, the file will rebuild as e-mails are created.
For example: filename.nk2 to filename.nk2.old
If the .nk2 file does not regenerate a new Profile should be created.
While not the solution, this may also be of interest:
Let us know if that works for you, or not.
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Running Outlook 2003 on XP Pro pointing to a company Exchange Server.

I have three archive folders in my file list that I no longer want to be displayed. They are all empty. When I right click on the archive folder and choose "Close Folder" I get an error message stating:

"The operation failed. An object could not be found."

The same happens when I open the properties, and choose "Advanced" to try to look at the file names.

Any suggestions on how to fix this are appreciated.
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I am wondering if it's possible to edit excel files in tasks with in Outlook 2003. I am able to insert an excel file and add things but once you click of the file I am not able to re-edit the file.

Is there a way to make this possible?

I appreciate your help, thanks!

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Iím trying to open a zip files that were sent to me via email Iím using outlook 2003 and I get the following error message both when I try to open it and save it.
Error Message (canít create file: Right-click the folder you want to create the file in and then click Properties on the shortcut menu to check your permissions for the folder.)
I have forward the same email to my hotmail account and it opens without a problem I have also uninstalled winzip and installed winrar I have checked in folder options and made sure that winrar is set to open zip files and it still wonít open.
Can anyone help because itís a massive inconvenience to have to keep forwarding emails with zip files attached to my hotmail account.
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Some of my users are having problems with PDF Files they are sending to clients. We are using Outlook 2003. We scan many documents into PDF files to send to clients. Even though the client has Adobe reader the attachment is converted to a win.dat file and they can't open it. This is a random problem. It doesn't seem to matter what program the receiver is using so I can't relate it to a incompatibility problem with Lotus or Corel. Does anyone know why a PDF file would be converted like that even though the receiver has Adobe reader?


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I am having problems restoring outlook 2003 .pst files to another machine. Duplicate folders are being created and I cant work out why

1st machine is running outlook 2003 on vista and I want to copy everything including message rules and account settings and replicate the original set up of outlook with all the folders etc and make an identical image on the XP machine also running outlook 2003.

Is there a simple way or program that will easily replicate everything and restore it all to the 2nd machine without changing folders or creating copy personal folders ? So that both machines show identical layouts and have identical settings and message rules

Also is there a reliable program or method of finding duplicate emails in outlook 2003 in several folders and removing them or moving them to a separate folder ?

A:Outlook 2003 Backup & Restore pst files

reply from d
try you tube seach
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Outlook not sending large files Is there a setting in Outlook that can be changed that allows larger files to be Outlook large 2003 not sending files out emailed I can send smaller files but larger files will not send My Verizon Broadband allows about MB files sizes to be sent so Outlook must be stopping the larger ones I recently reinstalled Outlook My system will now send a Outlook 2003 not sending out large files K file but a MB or larger stays in the Outbox Sometimes I get an error that there is a problem with the server Other times the file just stays in the Outbox and tries to send several times At times the file will be sent but the file stays in the outbox as though it didn t send I sent a large video file about times to several people but the file appeared to not send since it stayed in the outbox Also at times Outlook freezes when I try to open an email and I have to reboot and sometimes reinstall Office Any ideas would be appreciated nbsp

A:Outlook 2003 not sending out large files

ISP's, Businesses & the like all set limits on attachments, it varies place to place. Also, if you try to send a large file to several people it will multiply the problems you're having. When someone does that here at work it REALLY hangs our exchange server up & I have to go delete it from the server itself. As far as all the outlook trouble, sounds like there's more to it than just Outlook freezing
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I am running a dual boot system XP and two invalid Outlook are 2003 Three files conatact Win Prefer XP A few months ago I was suddenly unable to sync my calendar and contacts with my Iphone or Ipad Three Outlook 2003 conatact files two are invalid I discovered that I had two contact Three Outlook 2003 conatact files two are invalid files I found this when I clicked the to line of a new email to get a contacts email address It said there was an error so I went to the contacts list by selecting contacts and found the contact there copied and pasted Three Outlook 2003 conatact files two are invalid on the to line Sometime later I noticed that when I clicked on the to line an error message provided an OK box and clicking on that privided a pull down box where I discovered two contacts click on the upper one listed and pressed enter only to get the same message again the next time I selected the lowest of the two contacts and found my contact list or at least a portion of it some contacts seem to have departed A few weeks ago I find that I now have three contact lists all named contacts and the real one is the bottom one and still unavailable without selecting it from the list I have moved my Outlook files around several times I must keep some of my email for a very extended period of time like always and when they become too much to bring up Outlook in a reasonable period of time I move them I want to get rid of the two non-functioning non-data entries so that only the real contact list is present and will be selected when I click on the to line of an email Thanks for any help or ideas

A:Three Outlook 2003 conatact files two are invalid

Outlook stores all of your details inside a .pst file. Have you tried simply deleting the 2 .pst files that you do not want and see if that fixes the problem?
The default location for the .pst files are:
C:\Documents and Settings\%Username%\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook
C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Local Settings\Application
*You said you move your outlook files around, so they may or may not be in there respective locations.
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I backed up files from an old hard drive and I wish to copy the stuff from outlook 2003 into outlook 2007.
What is the best way to go about performing this task.

A:Migrating outlook 2003 files 2007

Hi rasmasyean

Locate the .pst files and open them in Outlook 2007:
File > Open > Outlook Data File
Browse to the location of the .pst files and select it.
The Personal Folders (.pst file) should appear in Outlook.

Repeat for any additional .pst files you have.

Let us know if that works for you or not.
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Is there a setting in Outlook that can be changed that allows larger files to be emailed I can send smaller files but larger files will not send My Verizon Broadband allows about MB files sizes to be sent so files sending not large 2003 Outlook Outlook must be stopping the larger ones I recently reinstalled Outlook My system will now send a K file but a MB or larger stays in the Outbox Sometimes I get an error that there is a problem with the server Other times the file Outlook 2003 not sending large files just stays in the Outbox and tries to send several times At times the file will be sent but the file stays in the outbox as though it didn t send I sent a large video file about times to several people but the file appeared to not send since it stayed in the outbox Also at times Outlook freezes when I try to open an email and I have to reboot and sometimes reinstall Office Any ideas would be appreciated nbsp
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I use my laptop when I am away for extended periods. Because I transfer PST files (export my Contacts from my desktop; import them into my laptop), I've ended up with duplicate Contact files. The problem is that Outlook doesn't recognize the primary contact list and I always have to open up secondary lists (to fill in email addresses). Although only one Contact file shows up in the folder list, I actually have two, and the second is the one that contains the valid contacts. How can I get back to a single Contact list, one that Outlook recognizes?

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We use Outlook as a kind of CRM tool here at work and I attach files with reports or letters I've sent into the contact file. We also share the contact folder using the half-baked netfolders thing, my problem is that when I attach say a letter (word file) into the contact, by the time the contact has been updated a few times the attachemnts is duplicated many times. Once they get above 2mb, they won't send as that is the maximum size for an update and its getting to be quite a problem.

It doesn't happen with every contact but, they ones that it does happen to they get many hundreds of copies of attachments very quickly, in less than a working day for example.

Has anyone experienced this before and if so, how did you sort it out?

Many thanks
Rob Shaw

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I want to merge a .pst file from laptop1 into a .pst file on laptop2. If merging is not possible I am happy to copy the .pst file from laptop1 and use it on laptop2. I have had a couple of attempts without sucess. Both laptops have same version (outlook 2003) and no passwords have been set and files are not "read only". I have searched in case similar problems have been resolved previously. No luck. I tried exporting on laptop1 and importing into laptop2. Also tried copying across. Errors I get are "The file .....\backup.pst is not a personal folders file" and "File access is denied. You do not have the permission required to access the file ....\backup.pst". There must be a simple way to transfer between two computers but I am unable to find the solution - please help - thx

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Hi Friends,

Could someone help me out on how to backup my Email Messages and Address Book from Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 and import them into Microsoft office outlook 2007. I would appreciate your support on this matter, Please.

Thanks & Best Regards

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Dell 4700 1GB RAM, WindowsXP Professional SP2, Office 2003 SP2, Norton Internet Security (up to date), Webroot Spy Sweeper (up to date). Microsoft security updates up to date EXCEPT release of April 12, 2006. The Problem:
After downloading and installing MS Security Updates (April 12) I could no longer save files attached to in-coming emails in Outlook. I could open the files but not save them. When I tried to save them Outlook "locked up" and I had to go to Task Manager to shut it down. After uninstalling the latest security updates, Outlook performed normally. I tried it again and the same problem occurred. As long as the new security updates were not installed, Outlook works fine. I am, I think, an intermediate user meaning that when I am told to edit the registry I sweat heavily and usually decide not to do that. Thanks!!

A:Solved: Outlook 2003 cannot save attached files

sounds like this
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I am in the process of getting all my data into my D partition for backup purposes. I can NOT find out how to relocate the files for Outlook-Contacts to that partition. Help

A:Where are the files for Office 2003, Outlook, Contacts stored

At the age of 72 I find it amusing to be portrayed as "Junior Member"
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I have a silly question. In Outlook 2007, which I have, I automatically get a "do you want to compress this file?" dialog when attaching a photo file to email. A friend of mine still has Outlook 2003. I cannot find this option for her. I have searched the web and cannot find anything telling me how to do this. Did Outlook 2003 not have this feature, and do I have to download a different program or teach her to compress in another program?

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I am having some problem with my Outlook calendar and it has stumped by "tech-guy." I'm hoping someone will have an answer for my problem.

There are missing entries in my current calendar as well as my archive calendar. My auto-archive is set for items older than 6 months, however my current calendar only shows back to the beginning of November 2010. Prior to 11/10 it only shows reoccurring appts.

The earliest appointments the Archive calendars shows is from Sept. 2009 or earlier.

So I am missing October 2009-October 2010.

Can someone please help me??

Thank you! Thank you!
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Hi My hard drive recently crashed on my laptop and I have had to recreate everything We were able to rescue all of the data from the hard drive but I have one major problem I had been using Outlook for my email and have a lot of important info in the inbox that I need to get back but I no longer have the Outlook disk to put that back on my computer and I can t find any way to convert the pst file to something Thunderbird or even Outlook can read IF you are curious I Solved: 2003 access disk! files HELP! to Outlook .pst having without need had Solved: HELP! need to access Outlook 2003 .pst files without having disk! Office at some point then upgraded to Office However since Office doesn t come with Outlook I was still using Outlook but have long since lost the Office disk I have access to the outlook pst file on the original hard drive I have Thunderbird install on my laptop but the import features won t read a pst file it will import directly from Outlook but it has to be able to find Outlook on the computer to do that When you try to import from file it won t allow a pst file My husband s computer has both Outlook and Thunderbird on it so I tried to import to Outlook and export to Thunderbird there but Outlook can t read an Outlook pst file I have done much web searching and can t seem to find anything that will convert the pst file to something else like a csv file I tried to upload the file to Windows Live Mail and gmail to then download to Thunderbird but it seems to time out or something Tried about times and never gets past uploaded Can someone please help BTW if it helps I am running Windows on a Compaq Presario F Right now I have no functional CD drive either because of an unrelated problem I do not have Office loaded onto my computer right now but do have the disks No Outlook though I really appreciate any help someone can offer nbsp

A:Solved: HELP! need to access Outlook 2003 .pst files without having disk!
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Hiya Overview The utilities included in this toolkit enable Microsoft Exchange administrators and Microsoft Outlook users to convert legacy cc Mail directory information to Microsoft Exchange Some of the tools in the kit such as QuickDL and DirPop are also useful for migration from other mail systems Below is a listing of the tools provided in this toolkit along with a brief description of its purpose For more detailed information download the cc Mail Directory Migration Toolkit documentation in the dmt doc exe file Included in the Toolkit DirPop This Exchange Event Script uses Active Directory Service Interfaces ADSI to update a user s Exchange directory entry from data submitted on an e-form QuickDL Use Migration Outlook Jan 14 Outlook Lotus cc:Mail and Directory Toolkit 2000: 98 for this tool to quickly create an Exchange Distribution List through ADSI to hold all users on a cc Mail Microsoft Mail Post Office Exchange Server in the Site ML DL This in-place conversion tool takes cc Mail Mailing Lotus cc:Mail Migration Directory Toolkit for Outlook 98 and Outlook 2000: Jan 14 Lists and converts them to Exchange Distribution Lists uses ADSI PMLExtr Use this tool to extract user s cc Mail Private Mailing Lists into common format files ready for import PML PDL This user-driven utility takes an output file from PMLExtr and migrates the data to the Outlook PAB or Contacts Folder uses CDO CC Priv This tool Lotus cc:Mail Migration Directory Toolkit for Outlook 98 and Outlook 2000: Jan 14 extracts private directory information from a client using cc Mail Release x and migrates the data to Outlook PRIVDIRU This user-driven utility performs a direct conversion of the Lotus cc:Mail Migration Directory Toolkit for Outlook 98 and Outlook 2000: Jan 14 cc Mail Private Directory file PRIVDIR INI to Outlook Contacts This version of the utility uses the Outlook object model to convert the PRIVDIR INI data directly to the Contacts folder thus by-passing the file import stage along with other improvements and innovations System Requirements Supported Operating Systems Windows NT http www microsoft com downloads de- - e -b - a abb c amp DisplayLang en Regards eddie nbsp
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I just put in a new hard reading 2003 folders Move not not 2007 from successful; Outlook to certain Outlook drive and installed the latest version of Office I kept the data and archive files from Outlook so I could import them into Outlook and get back to business However that did not happen It was able to read and bring up most of the data but I am missing some folders which are critical The critical folders are folders that were created manually They were used to store email messages that came in that were important They were simply dragged from the Inbox and put into that folder There were also folders within that folder I m not sure if these folders and subfolders were in the Inbox or not They may not have been The way I imported it was by going to TOOLS gt ACCOUNT SETTINGS gt DATA FILES tab gt and pointed to the old PST file I also pointed to the archive pst file as well but later went to FILE gt ARCHIVE and pointed to the Move from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2007 not successful; not reading certain folders old archive pst file in there Bot ways did not reveal the folders that are needed Is Outlook not able to read all data from Outlook pst files or is there a fix for this Please advise nbsp

A:Move from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2007 not successful; not reading certain folders

I purchased a new Notebook with Office 2007 installed and copied over my Outlook 2000 pst file. I also had manually created folders for filing important emails. Mine were sub folders within the Inbox folder. Everything copied over, but I could not see the manual folders at first until I double clicked the Inbox folder in the side panel and then they spilled out. I would look for them in that panel and double click anything there starting with Inbox, Sent etc. Also try doing a search for any subject or address of an email you may have saved.

When copying over the pst file I think everything is copied. Appears you did not just copy contacts for example, but the complete pst file. I think the folders are there as Sub Folders, just hidden within one of the main folders such as Inbox.
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I have some users on Outlook 2003.
Here is the situation: When he opens outlook it automatically opens with the Outlook Today window. That is fine. But after he moves around and goes to the Inbox and then clicks on the Tasks. When he clicks on mail again he wants to go back to the Outlook today window.
He says he has done this on his home Outlook but can't remember how he did it.
Is there a way to do this.
I have played around but could not find a setting.
Any help would be great.

A:Outlook 2003 - Always move back to Outlook Today (Personal Folder)

All I do is click on the very top "Personal Folders" and it takes me back to Outlook Today.
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I can't open Outlook 2003 to get my email and the error message I get says: "errors have been detected in the C:\Users\Sparky\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\Outlook.pst." THe error message goes on to say to use the "Inbox repair tool (Scanpst.exe)
to diagnose and repair errors in the file." 
I cannot find my outlook.pst nor the scanpst.exe files. 
Got online and tried 4 different suggestions and none worked. Would anyone please have suggestions? I want to upgrade my OS & Office, but don't know if my files will be retained or not. Thank you to anyone who can help.
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I mainly use Outlook however in order to get a number of Hotmail messages onto my computer s HD i synchronised Outlook Express to Outlook Express Outlook 2000 from messages Hotmail Exporting with Hotmail I now have messages from a folder I have on Hotmail on my hard drive too A search revealed that this folder and presumably all messages in it is stored under Exporting Hotmail messages from Outlook Express to Outlook 2000 C Windows Application Data Identities B - - D -A -C D E Microsoft Outlook Express I copied the dbx file named hotmail - folder name dbx to my desktop I went in to Outlook file gt import blah blah blah but it wont let me import dbx files soooooo is there anyway to get my messages from hotmail from this specific folder into outlook i no longer need the folder in hotmail and will just delete it as soon as i have a permanent copy on my hard drive in outlook im assuming that since the dbx file is on my hard disk with all the messages which i can read offline in outlook express that i wont need to set up outlook for hotmail synchronisation nbsp

A:Exporting Hotmail messages from Outlook Express to Outlook 2000

Somehow, I don't think you'll be able to do it:

Oh, but take a look at too, if you want to check their input.
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So far my searching has turned up confusing and non definitive info. In a nutshell... is it possible to seamlessly transfer ALL data? I've been able to import messages and account info into Outlook 2007/Win7 but can find no way of kluging either rules (rwz) or address (wab) info.

Also, if I understand correctly Outlook 2007 doesn't internally store addresses and Windows 7 no longer retains an address book core app for Outlook to draw from? I'm hoping this doesn't mean Windows Live Mail requires activation?

Any info appreciated!

A:Transfer data from Outlook 2000/XP to Outlook 2007/Win7

Outlook 2007 can still import your address book that you exported from your office 2k install.
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Basically, I need to know if it's possible to import data from outlook 2002 (XP) into outlook 2000. I'm creating a file filled with contacts for a person, they have 2000 and I have 2002.

Thanks for your help!

A:Possible to import outlook 2002 contact data into outlook 2000?

Yes. Export the contacts from your Outlook as a .pst file and import it into thier's
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Hello everyone (And sorry for such a long thread title!)

One of the elderly gentleman where I work, has been given a Dell laptop by his Son that's running W7 64bit.

He has a copy of Office 2000 that he would like to install on this machine, and use the bundled Outlook from it as his default e-mail client. The only problem is, the current desktop PC he's using, is running Windows XP (unsure which version) and he's got Outlook Express as his e-mail viewing software on there at the moment.

Can the profile (sorry if that's the wrong term) from XP's Outlook Express be "ported" into the Outlook from Office 2000, whilst all of this is running on W7 64bit?

Many, many thanks in advance

A:Migrating XP's Outlook Express to Office 2000's Outlook on W7 64bit

Office 2000 is not supported on Windows 7, and is insecure and past it's lifetime support. That said, there may be workarounds to get it to work on 7, but that's probably more difficult then your original question. I'd think your friend would need a newer version, then revisit can it be done For instance:

Import messages into Windows Mail from Outlook Express

Import your messages or account from Outlook Express to Outlook - Outlook -

Trying to use Office 2000 would not be at all advisable.

A Guy
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I am having problems sending a zipped attachment from either outlook 2000 or outlook express. It is a large zip file 470MB. I haven't been able to find anywhere that says it is too big. I get to where you attach the file and then my system hangs. I have given it several hours to finish the process and nothing... it just sits there. I have no mouse control CTRL-ALT-DEL wont even work. To shutdown I have to physically power down. I restart and everything is fine I just can't send this attachment. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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I had Outlook 2003 autocomplete on this Windows Xp pc for years and grew dependent on it. It was there for me every day regardless of how often I opened and closed Outlook.

My hard drive crashed and Outlook 2003 was re-installed. Ever since then, every time I close Outlook, it "loses" all my autocomplete names. I checked my Outlooks settings, it's set on--I knew it was because I get them for the current session of Outlook only.

I went to the Microsoft site and it suggested that I had a corrupt *.nk2 file. Following a link on this site, I did find my .nk2 file and renamed it (as instructed on the Microsoft site), but still no luck.

What else can I do to keep all my autocomplete names from day to day?

I'm desperate and stumped!! Thanks.
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I had a Windows XP corruption to my system folder wherein I had to reinstall my operating system and "wipe out" my harddrive.

I have my entire "old" harddrive with all settings, files, etc. on it, and now my computer is up and running with Windows Vista Business.

I have successfully added my old PST file to the new OS and it works, however how can I get my Outlook 2003 rules, email accounts, etc? I'm not able to "export" as I cannot run the old Outlook program?...

Are these files located somewhere that I can manually add them (replace, whatever) to the new Vista OS/hard drive?

Thanks in advance...
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I have an external software that creates and distributes an email to users with a link to view a report. The external software creates the email with Outlook 2007. Recipients that are using Outlook 2003 do not see the link, just the plain text. The workaround is to highlight and paste into the browser.

The software company says that it is a Microsoft issue.

I see lots of posts about creating HTML in 2003, but nothing about reading...


A:Links created in Outlook 2007 not a link in Outlook 2003

Some mail servers do not accept HTML formatted messages and only allow plain text? Are these recipients on en Exchange server or just some random POP accounts?
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Recently a customer of the company I work for did some upgrade to their system (not exactly sure what). The result is that when they send a mail containing a hyperlink to file on their website, the link doesn't work.
When you hover over the link you should get something like 'https//'.
However, what we actually get on Outlook 2003 is 'outbind://39-00000000C176F3FF67E6754394476777057BDCA60700071475F5FEB9AC4FABB3D7C8EE9381620000007059
On mac mail it looks like this 'x-msg://24/'.

The links work fine on Outlook 2010. Any idea what's happening here?
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Ive got an Outlook 2003 using Boss and a Outlook 2002 using Assistant who are having issues with sharing their calendar. The assistant is inputting appointment data into her bosses Outlook 2003 Calendar.

The issue is : The 2002 user puts in a whole day appointment on a given day (say 10/10/2004). When she opens her bosses 2003 calendar, the same appointment is still a whole day, but it stretches across 2 days (in this case 10/10/2004 and 11/10/2004). Both users use common Regional Settings (Australia).

Outlook 2002 user is at Office XP SP3.
Outlook 2003 user is at Office 2003 Pro SP1
Exchange Server 2000 (sp unknown)

Anyone have any ideas for me?
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I used to be happy with Works 2002 calendar reminders. They came on at startup without the program being on. Now I have Outlook 2003 and the reminders only work whem the program is on. Does anyone know how to automatically turn them on at startup without the rest of the program.

A:Outlook 2003 calendar reminders don't work without Outlook being turned on.

outlook needs to be up and running.

drag it into the startup folder, reboot.
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We are using Exchange Server 2010.

Some staff are using Outlook 2007. They are creating calendars which need to be shared with other employees, most of which are running only Outlook 2003.

All Outlook 2003 users get an email with a link to Microsoft explaining how to open shared calendars. Off07 users get the icon to click and open specified calendar.

Outlook 2003 user then follows MS instructions, and pulls up the Outlook 2007 user's default calendar, then they get this message "Unable to display the folder. The Calendar folder could not be found".

Is there something lacking here? Anyone have any work-a-rounds for Outlook 2003 users to open a shared calendar of an Outlook 2007 user?
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We've purchased a new laptop and are using Office 07 now, Windows XP, instead of the old office 03. Regarding Outlook, when I tried to save the old .pst file(Outlook 03) and then import old emails and contacts, the emails imported very easily into Outlook 07. However, none of the contacts were imported. Is there a simple way to export or save Outlook 2003 contacts to a file that can then be imported into Outlook 2007 on a separate computer??



A:Trouble transferring Outlook 2003 contacts to Outlook 2007

Export the old contact as a .CSV file and then re-import into the new installation.

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I'm using Outlook 2003 SP2 in a standalone configuration with Win XP Professional SP2.

When I click on the Inbox item on the Outlook Today screen (not referring here to the file list at the left of the screen) I get the following message:

"Unable to display the folder. Microsoft Office Outlook could not access the specified folder location."

I backed up my .pst (and archive) files, uninstalled Outlook, re-started Windows, and re-installed Outlook. The problem persisted.

I can click on Inbox in the file list on the left of the Outlook screen - works fine. The problem is more of an annoyance than a major problem, but I'm uneasy that something's not working proprerly - Outlook's too important to me for odd, unexplained things to be happening!

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Most of my users are on Outlook 2003, but some are on Outlook 2007. When a 2007 user uses the scheduling assistant to try and set a meeting, the message appears No Information. No free/busy information could be retrieved.

Note: a 2003 user can see the other 2003 user's schedule.

Is this something that needs to be set at the Exchange level? How do I resolve?

All users are on Windows XP SP2
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We are using Exchange Server Some staff in our executive branch have brand Sharing 2007 Outlook with calendar users 2003 Outlook new laptops lucky guys with Office Of They are creating calendars which need to be shared with other employees most of which are running only Outlook OL Calendar s are Sharing Outlook 2007 calendar with Outlook 2003 users made and invites sent for specific calendars to specific groups of users IE Regional Sales Mgr creates several supplemental quot events quot calenders he wants to share with his different teams Calendars ---Default Corporate Dist Dist Dist Region Group ---DistGrp DistGrp DistGrp Permissions ---Dist calender -- gt DistGrp ---Dist calendar -- gt DistGrp ---Dist calendar -- gt DistGrp ---Region -- gt DistGrp DistGrp DistGrp All OL users get an email with a link to Microsoft explaining how to open shared calendars Off users get the icon to click and open specified calendar OL user then follows MS instructions and pulls up the Off user s default calendar with no option to open or even locate any other calender Is there something lacking here Anyone have any work-a-rounds for OL users to open a shared calendar other than the default or main calendar of an OFF user Thank you nbsp
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i run outlook 2003 on windows xp. Send and receive does not start immediately when I open outlook, as it used to do. How can I fix this???? it is very annoying.

thanks in advance,

A:Outlook 2003 send and receive does not start up when outlook is opened

Usually, it would not do so immediately, but rather on a schedule per your settings.
To get email upon startup, just click send/recv to get the first downloads for the day.
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whatever i try to do on my outlook that has to do with PST file management results in a crash where outlook quits - below the event log on one circumstance if i go to control panel gt mail settings gt data files of the files that are in use amp work do not show up one of them the default mail delivery PST in these two trying to access the advanced properties gives an error The operation crashes operation outlook 2003 outlook (win7-64) any .PST file - failed An object could not outlook 2003 - any .PST file operation crashes outlook (win7-64) be found now - general googling tells me that recreating the profile could perhaps fix this - but i would love to avoid that as there's no manageable UI to set up the email accounts and there's many in use any suggestions any way of backing up email accounts but not the other things pertaining to the profile event log on trying to open a pre-existing PST that's outlook 2003 - any .PST file operation crashes outlook (win7-64) not in the current profile Faulting application name OUTLOOK EXE version time stamp x f e Faulting module name msmapi dll version time stamp x afa Exception code xc Fault offset x ffccf Faulting process id x c Faulting application start time x ccc f b b b Faulting application path C Program Files x Microsoft Office OFFICE OUTLOOK EXE Faulting module path C Program Files x Common Files System MSMAPI msmapi dll Report Id b bb - - e - b- e c fab

A:outlook 2003 - any .PST file operation crashes outlook (win7-64)

Hello zdoe,

Just a hasty fly by...

* Have you always had this problem on Win 7?

* Have you a System Restore point you can return to PRIOR to the current problem?

* Have you tried the Outlook Repair Facility?

* Have you uninstalled /reinstalled?

A mixed bag of links for you to peruse.

pst file Corrupted - Repair

Outlook PST File Repair - Troubleshooting Microsoft Outlook

Repair Outlook Data Files (.pst and .ost) - Outlook -

How can I search for my .OST file (Outlook2003, Win7)

mapi32.dll Error installing Outlook 2003 on win 7, 64bit - Microsoft Answers
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Hi everyone,

At work we have outlook 2003 and I cannot upgrade that computer, at home I have recently upgraded to outlook 2007 but it left me with a little problem.

I use tasks to delegate jobs out to my team and I have it set up so categories are in fact their names. I used to send task requests with the name of the employee in the category section and when it arrived in the work inbox someone would accept the task and it would immediately go into that particular employees task category.

Now I have 2007 Outlook and although I have set categories up as they used to be (employee names) the task request gets accepted (at work) and instead of going under the employee name it goes into it's own category with no specific category.

Can anyone tell me (short of going back to outlook 2003) how to solve this issue?


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I m a Hotmail Plus is that the right term user so I m paying for expanded service It s been fine for nearly a year now but recently my connection Bus. NOT (Small Edition) 2003 - Hotmail Outlook Outlook and Express has been shaky - sometimes Hotmail and Outlook 2003 (Small Bus. Edition) - NOT Outlook Express connecting sometimes not Now I can t connect at all and I get the following errors Task Hotmail Folder Inbox Synchronizing headers reported error x CCC D The server could not be found Task Hotmail Folder Inbox Synchronizing headers reported error x CCC A timeout occurred while communicating with the server I did some trial and error work and realized that the problem is with the URL I m using http services msn com svcs hotmail httpmail asp This address must be incorrect because when I put in quot http www hotmail com quot instead it allowed me to get through but only once That means that the issue is not with my Outlook Is there another address and is anyone else having issues with the above address What else could be wrong nbsp

A:Hotmail and Outlook 2003 (Small Bus. Edition) - NOT Outlook Express

This thread looks pretty old but nobody responded so....Hotmail to Outlook 2003 or above now has a "connector" that you need to download in order for Hotmail and Outlook to sync correctly. Here's the download location for Office Outlook Connector:
Good luck.
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Folks I have read the MS tech notes on how to get Outlook I have it via Office Professional full install to import from OE It fails under either option import from quot another program quot or quot Import Internet Mail quot Under the former it is pointed to the correct folder but fails with Error Cannot open another program in anything Will Outlook mail, Not Outlook 2003 Express Import folders, use quot but there's not I tried copying the folder to a nice clean location on the C and checked all the properties nothing interfering still won't open the folder Under the latter option it just doesn't do anything after directing it to the correct folder Outlook 2003 Will Not Import Outlook Express folders, mail, anything Seems to accept the command closes the window but does not import anything No error messages Umm do MS teams communicate with one another Closely related If I could just get the FOLDERS I had setup it would be a great asset or if i could just get the ADDRESS book it would help Do you know how to import dbx folders into Outlook Or the old outlook Express address Book thx z

A:Outlook 2003 Will Not Import Outlook Express folders, mail, anything

They are written in two different formats that are uncompatible. The Oulook Express has a file sytem totally unique to it.

I had the same problem about 6 weeks ago going from XP to Win7.
I had to transfer address book to notepad and put it into Outlook one at a time. The old mail sits in the old PC.
I have heard you can transfer the OE mail files over to Windows mail or gmail etc. Then transfer files from the new mail server to Outlook.
File system is changed over with the mail transfer- I haven't tried it though.

I did a Google and found this. I didn't find this page six weeks ago.
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A couple of days ago when booting up my computer informed me it could not load my profile (XP proffessional) so was creating a temporary profile for me. I found a post about recovering lost profiles and followed the instructions (create new profile copy of local settings from my old to my new profile). Time to get my e-mal back. I have followed the instructions for recovering Outlook Express files (*dbx) but they won't import into Outlook 2003.

Any thoughts?


A:Solved: Recovering Outlook 2003 files from corupt profile

OK, figured it out myself but will post for anyone else who runs in the same problem.

1st make sure you have set your windows explorer to view system files and hidden files

1. go to old profile/application data/ mircrosoft/ outlook and copy the Outlook data file (this is a .pst file)
2. paste this on the desktop of your new profile
3. Open Outlook go to File->import export
4. Select: Import from another program or file click next
5. Scroll down to: Personal Folder file (.pst) click next
6. Browse to select file location of Outllok data file, select do not import duplicates
7. make sure you select checkbox for "include subfolders" and import items into the same folder in "Personal Folders"
8. click Finish

This imported all my e-mails, contacts, calenders but did not import my e-mail rules. No bigie, I can recreate the rules easily