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Keeping dust out of a tower

Q: Keeping dust out of a tower

A few years back I was talking with a friend about dust bunnies in a tower & how to keep them out.
I had a somewhat odd idea of using a case covering somewhat like a pillow case to do such. It gets dirty,take it off & put another one on. Much like an air filter in a car. Does that sound ridicules or not?? Just curious.

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Preferred Solution: Keeping dust out of a tower

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Keeping dust out of a tower

Might keep 80% of the dust out, but not all would be stopped. Could also get in the way of case cooling, by entrapping heat insde.
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Hello I am new to building the pcs so I am afraid I may have fried mine I really am pry I did not but this is what happened I finish tower Power will not work button My the pc and My tower Power button will not work when I turned on the power supply the power button on the motherboard glowed so then I pressed my tower button and nothing worked so then I re setup he F PANEL cords u know the pwr switch and all that jazz turns out it was set up wrong so I put them in right and tried to turn on the computer again the power button on the motherboard turns on but not my towers power button and so my pc will not officially turn on I am guessing and I am worried that I may have fryed my pc because when I took out the f panlle cords I realized my pc was still on and turned it off immanently and I am afraid that may have fryed the motherboard if anyone can help me it would be wonderful I am freaking out and have no Idea what the problem thank you for reading P S My tower button does not making a clicking sound when you push it I am not sure if that normal or it is broken or somthing it just doesnt make any click sounds nbsp

A:My tower Power button will not work

You could have a defective power switch on the PC case. Test this by using the reset switch as a temporary power switch. The power switch and the reset switch are the same for practical purposes except, of course, the size of the button (on most cases). If the reset switch works and is able to start the PC, then you know the power switch is defective.
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Asus announced a bevy of new products earlier today at Computex but one thing you might have missed is this transforming desktop PC chassis. Crafted with help from In Win, this unique convertible case from Asus' ROG division takes the...

Read more

A:Asus ROG, In Win show off practical transforming PC tower at Computex

"Practical" is debatable.
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My laptop is becoming the storage of dust now. The fan and also keyboard. I want to clean this, can anyone suggest me ay good equipment for this?

A:How can I clean Laptop dust?

You can try using a can of compressed air from Best Buy, Radio Shack or Wal-Mart. Other than that you will have to have it taken apart and cleaned by someone that is familiar with doing this
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Bought the following brand new at Best Buy on and trying to get setup Lenovo K e desktop tower keyboard and mouse LG MP HQ monitor MS Office key code Webroot internet security disc After connecting everything according to the instruction of both the Lenovo and LG instructions double amp triple checking all parts accounted for and connected properly here s what happened Lenovo tower up turn Monitor tower, hooked on doesn't to but boots up fine disc drive in tower opens and closes properly Lenovo keyboard and mouse both detected Great so far except LG monitor does not turn on at all In the back of the monitor two things are connected blue HDMI connector with pins on both sides is connected to HDMI connection in back of tower AC DC adapter plugged into electrical outlet and other end directly into monitor Everything works when power booted up except monitor shows no life - no light indicator and black screen Monitor hooked up to tower, but doesn't turn on Monitor just doesn t turn on at all There are driver discs for both lenovo win and the LG monitor and like I said I can insert them into the tower and close but nothing happens on the monitor display Best Buy said it should be no issue using the LG monitor with the Lenovo PC tower They will charge me to come out to my home even though I bought two year Geek Squad plan They also said I would still get charged even if they were unable to get Monitor hooked up to tower, but doesn't turn on me setup Seems like there is one probably really easy fix but I don t want to pay to have them come out if I get charged regardless of the outcome Anyone out there with any idea what could be preventing the monitor from powering up other than Monitor hooked up to tower, but doesn't turn on it s bad which is unlikely as it was brand new sealed in the box Thanks nbsp

A:Monitor hooked up to tower, but doesn't turn on

If no standby LED on monitor, is there a separate on/off switch on the side of the monitor?
With LG there are usually manual buttons for CH+- & vol +- plus On/Off (although I have seen monitors with no on/off at all.)
Also check for 'hidden' buttons on the front lower edge of frame or under the front (right) edge.
I would try a different mains lead/cord that is known to to work, also check for a fuse in the plug, could be missing, or isolated with plastic foil.
Even with no inputs the monitor would show a 'No Signal' sign if it was working.
If no 'standby' LED and you have a separate AC to DC adapter block then that could be the problem. All monitors I've seen have a direct AC connection though.
If it then does work, the on-screen menu will need to be selected, and 'input' changed to HDMI.
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Hey there,

I've been playing crysis 3 a lot lately and it usually run's my GPU temp around 65-70 degree's ( MSI GeForce GTX 770 4GB TWIN FROZR ) I know the card is suppose to run up to 80 degree's no problem but I was just wondering if I played at these higher temps for 3-5 hours at a time. Would that be to much stress in terms of heat on the GPU ??
I have the Corsair 230T Windowed-BLUE ATX Mid Tower Case> I have just the stock fans in it and I was looking to add more. I was just wondering if people have preference over tower fans ? if so what are some good ones and why ?

A:GPU Temps and Tower Fans

Even 85C for extended periods is fine.
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Hi all, a friend has a laptop running XP, the system clock resets everytime it's switched off for more than half an hour or so. I have tried three replacement CMOS batteries (and checked the voltage with a multimeter, 3V or thereabouts), no joy. I have cleaned the battery clip contacts & definitely inserted the batteries right way up, any polite suggestions please?

A:Laptop not keeping time, CMOS battery good

Have you check the bios to make sure the time is set correctly in the bios? If not windows will not keep the correct time.
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On my W7 tower, I've been seeing a WI FI icon
but assumed it just meant I could use a usb wi fi device on it which I have done. Well, today curiosity got the best of me & I pulled the DSL out of the back & it totally amazed me to know I was still online, no usb.
How long have towers been like laptops, come wi fi enabled?

A:Wi-Fi-enabled tower?

A tower can have wifi "enabled" if it has a wifi card.
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This is confusing to me. Anytime I've been on a laptop in my apt. I have no problem getting a good or very good signal on it, yet using the same Belkin USB device on my tower in the same exact place, low or less than good connection.
The router is on the first floor, I'm on the 2nd floor & a few walls are in between . Why?
I'm thinking of having the router moved, a booster used or relocationg the router.
I'm currently on DSL . Wi-fi is just an option.TIA

A:Laptop Wi-Fi good connection but not tower?

The router should be on the second floor above most of the equipment that it is actually connected to it for the best possible signal strength. I'd guess you're having a driver issue between the different computers, but you're probably gonna tell me that both computers are Windows 7 and have the same driver or something like that.
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So I have this problem: I have this new graphic card for my tower PC and I was wondering could I combine my laptop and my tower motherboard so that I can use the graphic card on my laptop?
Or is there another way to use it with my laptop (maybe a adapter or something?)

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Hi, Im having a problem with a LJ 4350N that lost its static IP over the weekend (power loss I believe). I manually reset the IP throught the Jet Direct Menu and it will print a config page that will show the static IP, but I cannot connect to it over the network via the IP in the browser or ping it. If I turn the printer off than back on the IP resets to . I did a cold reset but its doing the same thing. There is a green connectivity light where the network cable plugs in. I've also power cycled the router . Any help or suggestions would be great.

A:JetDirect card in 4350 not keeping static IP

You need to understand your lan subnet before you willie-nillie assign an ip address.

first get a command prompt and enter IPCONFIG /ALL and you get back
Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :myISP.domain
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Lease Obtained. . . . . . . . . . : Monday, July 09, 2012 11:29:01 AM
Lease Expires . . . . . . . . . . : Thursday, August 15, 2148 6:10:45 PM
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
DHCP Server . . . . . . . . . . . :
DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . . . :
NetBIOS over Tcpip. . . . . . . . : Enabled​
For a static IP assignment, you must set the items in bold manually.
Copy all four and then understand that
the IPv4 address must be unique (no one else using it) and
is best if outside your routers DHCP Range (using range 0-254 is silly).
Set the range (in your router) to something like 2-10 and then the
the 4350 IP to something like x.y.z.100 where x.y.z match the first three values
you get from the ipconfig results
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Nvidia P356 Quadro FX4600 graphics card - 768MB GDDR3 PCI-Express x16 dual DVI out thank you all

A:Wondering if this will work in my Dell Optiplex GX 280 tower-style PC

As long as you have a PCI express socket on the motherboard, that card will work. You may need a power cable adapter to be able to connect the card to the power supply
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Hi all im looking at building a tower for general use and gaming as cheap as possible and best place to buy parts mainly what u reccomend i get please help

A:Help on building new tower

hmmm anyone please
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I just put together my new computer for the first time successfully Now I am wondering what to do with my old one Its still operating however it is approx years old running on an Intel Pentium I m old my not? scavenge tower To or not sure what components it has atm but I am wondering if I should look to see if anything it has is worth adding or installing in my new build My current tower has To scavenge my old tower or not? the following and my old tower had both a cd burner and a dvd burner plus some additional RAM i added but it probably isn t compatible I also know To scavenge my old tower or not? it was running a Radeon Sapphire gfx card Mushkin Enhanced Chronos Deluxe MKNSSDCR GB-DX quot GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive SSD Western Digital Caviar Black WD AALX GB RPM SATA Gb s quot Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive Corsair Carbide Series R Black Steel structure with molded ABS plastic accent pieces ATX Mid Tower Computer Case ASUS P Z -V PRO GEN LGA Intel Z HDMI SATA Gb s USB ATX Intel Motherboard with UEFI BIOS XFX HD- X-CNDC Radeon HD GB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card with Eyefinity Intel Core i - K Sandy Bridge GHz GHz Turbo Boost LGA W Quad-Core Desktop Processor Intel HD Graphics CORSAIR XMS GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC HP X Multiformat DVD Burner Black SATA Model i LightScribe Support CORSAIR H CWCH Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX V W ATX V v EPS V v PLUS BRONZE Certified Active PFC High Performance Power Supply nbsp

A:To scavenge my old tower or not?

Somewhere there is a young and budding computer tech who would love to have that, and improve upon it, if the price is right.

Otherwise, it is always helpful to have a computer in reserve for when things do not go right. on the new one.
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I ve had my Asus G for a little over a year now and have been fully aware of its overheating issue With only this webpage open and no cool my Asus G51 Keeping other programs running except SpeedFan the GPU temp rises until the fan kicks in at C All this wasn t too big of an issue in the past until I started playing the Crysis demo My hardware can run the game just fine looks very smooth but my GPU really starts heating up While playing Crysis windowed at p and lowest video settings my GTX m will fairly quickly reach C and will top off at C with the fan blowing full speed Keeping my Asus G51 cool Just today I drilled small holes in the infamous fake vent on the bottom of the G case and it didn t seem to make any difference at all Ambient room temperature is around F C so that shouldn t be an issue The laptop is on a wooden desk with the back propped up I m considering buying making a laptop cooling pad but I d really prefer to try to further mod the case of this thing to cool it off It seems like people have been very successful with the case mod but for some reason it isn t doing the trick for me I drilled much smaller holes which could be part of the problem but I still expected to see at least a few degrees of difference with any holes at all Before I cut a huge hole in the bottom of my laptop does anyone have any other ideas I Keeping my Asus G51 cool m worried that cutting the entire fake vent off will keep the other components from getting cool fresh air Please help nbsp

A:Keeping my Asus G51 cool

Cooling pads help quite a bit I use a old one on my xbox 360 .
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I might be building a new computer soon I am wondering if these parts will go well together Motherboard BIOSTAR H ML LGA Intel H Micro ATX Intel Motherboard tower LIAN LI PC-A NB Black Aluminum ATX Mini Tower Computer Case Video card EVGA SuperClocked G-P - -RX GeForce GTS Fermi GB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card Memory CORSAIR GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR Desktop Memory Model CMV GX M A C monitor Hanns-G HW- ABB Black quot ms Widescreen LCD Monitor cd m x Power Supply Hanns-G HW- ABB Black quot ms Widescreen LCD Monitor cd m Processor Intel Core i - Sandy Bridge GHz GHz Turbo Boost x KB L Cache MB L Cache LGA W computer witth a Building mini-ATX tower a Quad-Core Desktop Processor BX I If any part in here is not compatible please tell me and point me in the direction of a compatible part if you can I do need the tower everything else can be changed Thank you very much and have a nice day nbsp

A:Building a computer witth a mini-ATX tower

Typo: you listed the monitor twice, once under PSU, Otherwise those parts look fine however even though it is a minitower due to the front mounted power supply that case will support a full ATX motherboard. I would personally recommend a Full ATX motherboard since they offer much more expansion. This is a good option and only costs slightly more, Although If you go with something like this you will get SATA 6gbps, USB 3.0, more memory slots, and a faster chipset.

Also Biostar motherboards are ok but far from the best try to look for boards from Gigabyte, ASUS, or MSI.
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Hey guys, I recently bought an old HP OEM computer (a 'dc7700', I think) off eBay. It's one of those towers that is placed horizontally, and it's quite thin. I was planning on using it as an HTPC but it lags when trying to watch HD movies, so I think I'm going to buy some really low-end graphics card.

I was looking at this one (I'm in Australia and it's either eBay or local IT shops):

I'm wondering, will this fit in the tower? Do I need to specifically look for a low-profile graphics card? Thanks in advance.
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Hi guys I have had my toshiba satelite A laptop for since it came out basically I have never opened the laptop previously since November last year dust overheating, I inside Laptop think I have Laptop overheating, dust inside I think been having difficulties with my laptop And about of the time the laptop will shut of anytime Laptop overheating, dust inside I think between minutes to minutes of playing a game It doesnt seem to shut off if im browsing internet chatting on MSN or even watching a movie It only seems to shut of when im playing games Which i do on my night shifts I have a cooling fan underneith my laptop and it doesnt do much of a difference I have monitored the temperature on Toshiba Pc Health Monitor And it says CPU temperature - normally When playing games the highest ive seen it is which is in degrees C I have been told to use canned air But im not were to put it And ive been told to open the laptop up and do it myself - which im not confident at doing at all without a instruction manual Which i dont have Sorry for the massive page But i thought the more details the better Anyone got any suggestions Ive browsed about but have not found much Only quot use canned air quot But i still dont know were to put it And cant find out about opening this Sorry guys for the trouble And im new to the forum Hello My name is Dan nbsp

A:Laptop overheating, dust inside I think

Hello Dan, welcome to TechSpot! :grinthumb :wave:

There is a little "Hello all!"-forum here somewhere called "Introduce Yourself", I think you'll find it most appealing .


Addressing the problem:

Cleaning the PC is not difficult. However something may still break the first time around, so please be gentle!

Now, as everybody told you previously, using canned air is the best way to go. Touching the components with your bare hands may shock them with electrostatic discharge (or ESD for short), and that's sure to fry out things in notime.

As for the temperature, by saying up to 81% in degrees Celsius - you mean 81 degrees Celsius right? If so, then that PC is definitely overheated :haha: .

If you want to clean out the dust, here is a short explanation on how to:

Do not worry about opening the PC. Just be cautious regarding these things:
1. If the laptop's lid doesn't come off right away, do not use excessive amounts of force. Find what's obstructing it, and gently remove the obstacle if possible.
(You know, I actually sawed a *laptop in half once... I'm just saying - *a Toshiba Tecra T9100)
2. Do not touch the electrical components with your hands directly, or with a metal/conductive object. You might funnel ESD into the PC, which may ruin it for sure. There are "ESD bracelets" that prevents ESD altogether. Plastic "surgery styled" gloves will also prevent ESD.
3. It is usually the big screws which hold the lid tight. There may be as many as 14 on a regular laptop. Make sure you remove all of the screws which holds the lid tight. Not all screws do this, some may only be holding onto the HDD, DVD drive or some other device.

You are now set to clean you PC from the inside!

What you need:
- A screwdriver matching the screws - usually the common 'star' (also called Philip's), or in some cases even the uncommun 'torx' screwdriver.
- A can of compressed air. With a nozzle on it of course.
- A fine piece of cloth, like an old cotton t-shirt.

1. Remove the screws which holds the lid onto the bottom.
2. Gently remove the lid.
3. You see dust? Blast it with the compressed air! Gone.
4. Search and Destroy. (dust usually accumulates in intake/venting fans, on the PCB itself, and on flat surfaces). The more dust you blow away, the better.
5. Collect all the dust bunnies you can find using a fine piece of cloth, like a t-shirt. This won't scratch the solderings, or ESD-shock the PCB.
6. Close the lid. Make sure you re-use ALL the screws you previously removed.

You're done.

If you have any questions, ask away! And I (or some other TechSpot hero) will answer.
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At my work, we are setting up a conference room for calls and presentations. We have a dell laptop connected to a docking station, which connects to two hdtvs mounted on the wall. What we want to do is be able to have both monitors cloned to the laptop screen while keeping the laptop screen active. From my experience a basic integrated intel graphics card, can only use dual monitors. Meaning you can have both hdtvs up and cloned to the laptop, but the laptop screen will be blank.

I figure we might need an external graphics card with 2 or 3 monitor support.

Any help is appreciated.

A:Cloning two monitors plus keeping display on laptop screen?

"Meaning you can have both hdtvs up and cloned to the laptop, but the laptop screen will be blank"...

You answered your own question. The laptop is designed to use either the native screen or the external video, not both at the same time
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It appears that during a storm, my tower was damaged, affected, whatever. The tower will not turn on. However, the green light on the back below the electrical plug flashes when plugged up. I have tried making sure that the on off swich is making contact, and I plan to unplug all the electrical plugs that could have been affected and then seeing if it works, and plugging them back in one by one to see if one of them were damaged. I have been told that there is a fuse that could have been blown but I cannot find a mention of one nor placement of one on the mother board. Is there a fuse?

I have also made sure that the surge protector has been reset, the outlet is fine, etc.

A:Storm surge on my HP mn1160 media center tower

I cannot find a mention of one nor placement of one on the mother board. Is there a fuse?Click to expand...

internal to the PSU and nothing you would recognize if you saw it.
A good friend had this very same experience and we had to replace the PSU and all was just fine. Having suffered once, the user quickly added a UPS to the setup.
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can any 1 help? ive tryed 2 put my external hardrive in2 my tower as it stopped working,and have it as 2nd hard drive ,i have connected it properly but the tower cant seem 2 find it?

A:Installing an external hard drive in my tower

Are you saying you're trying to install external drives internally? So you removed them from their enclosures? Are these SATA or ATA/IDE drive? Does the BIOS see the drives? Which motherboard do you have?
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hi, I am going to upgrade my graphic card to ATI 5770 so I need a new power supply which has power about 550--600 watt. But the most frustrating problem is that I failed to find a proper power supply with the correct dimension.
I have an HP pavilion e9300 which uses a very wired power supply tower-150mm(W) 86(H) 140(D). But so far all the PSUs I found is the standard size --150mm(W) 86(H) 150(D) which cannot fit in my setup.

So could any PC God give me some suggestion, please??
Is any PSU with the size of my tower or can I just simply install a bigger PSU which can still successfully power up the comptuer?

Thx in adance.

A:Power supply bigger than the tower - frustrated by HP PSU tower

If the power supply will physically fit your case, it should work fine with your computer. Will the extra 10mm interfere internally with anything inside the PC?
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Iv no idea how to find out the make or moduel of the fan One day last year it beggan to make strange noises rattling When i reset the pc tower PC fan noisy is it stopped I looked online recently and found it could be multiple reasons so i opend the pc took a good look inside removed the fan cleaned very single area of the fan put it back in ensuring nothing was damaged When i turn the pc on and im looking at the fan it seems to be working perfectly but with the noise If i run my finger along the smooth centre to slow it it makes no noise If i slow it down with the three speed button thing that hangs from the fan then it still makes a noise The fan has lie a suspension on it and when i press PC tower fan is noisy it in theres no noise when i let it go the noise rattles again I personally think that inside the fan right where the motor is spinning theres is a problem of dust or something but i can t be sertain I want my fan to make no noise but be on full speed as befour since im a heavy gamer and i work with music too What should i do If i want to buy a new fan how do i choose one that will fit into it s place My pc uses a fan for the power supply a fan for the cpu and a fan on the side of the tower What do i do if i want to add more fans to my pc tower nbsp

A:PC tower fan is noisy

To find a fan or a similar size, just measure the old one in mm and get the same size locally or online. Case fans are generally 80MM, 92mm or 120mm.

Adding fans where they are no holders or screw holes would require something as simple as twist or zip ties or actually modifying the case to accept more fans.
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I have an Antec 900 mid tower, my system collects dust as well as a binman! I have purchased a can off compresed air(Inline Air Duster 400ml) to clean my rig with and was wondering if there are any tips you can give me on using it inside my rig. I know that i have to keep the can horizontal to prevent spraying moisture as well as air but can i spray the air directly onto my mainboard and cpu fan radiator? My specs E8500 3.16Ghz, 4Gb DDR2 667Mhz, ASUS P5N32-E SLI, XFX GTX275 896Mb.

A:Cleaning dust issue

it's safe to spray the air directly onto the mainboard from 6 or so inches away but, like you pointed out, try to avoid the moisture as much as possible. the moisture is freezing and can damage small plastic parts on contact. it's not a big deal if you get a little on certain areas but as a rule of thumb you only want to release the air inside the can. if you need to get closer to a few key components, such as the CPU heatsink, you can stick the can right in there but use short bursts.

if you want to really clean it out good you can use a compact air compressor with the side panel off the case. you can't get as close to your components as you can with just compressed air but it's more effective and you wont deplete gas or moisture.
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I found this forum that gave me the answer as to what caused my Emachine T6532 to fail. The T6532 was a great machine with an Achilles heel. I had a previous Emachine that still works. My Opinion, I think Gateway cost cutting probably contributed to the motherboard failure. Just my Opinion. I want to retrieve my 200gb Hard drive and put it in an external Vantec NexStar 3 USB Case that "raybay suggested". I think I need the IDE version as opposed to the Sata version. Is that true I found it at Tiger Direct. Thanks.

A:T6532 just bit the dust a week ago, want to take HDD out and use it on an enclosure

If you don't know for sure, remove the hard drive and look at it. If you don't know what you are looking for, it should be on the label.

By the way, you are in the wrong forum. This forum is only for introductions, not questions. Also, no need to double post.
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Hi TechSpot Forums!

I own a Dell Optiplex GX280 Mini-Tower PC, and am seriously considering buying a graphics card for it.

My question to you is, which would best be compatible with my specs?

System Specs:

Dell Inc. OptiPlex GX280
Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3
3.00 gigahertz Intel Pentium 4
2552 Megabytes Usable Installed Memory
500.10 GB HDD

Current Video Card:

Name: Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family
Manufacturer: Intel Corporation
DAC Type: Internal
Approx. Total Memory: 128.00 MB
Current Display Mode: 1400 x 1050 (32 bit) (60GHz)

Does installing a graphics card mean you can achieve higher resolutions on your LCD monitor? That is partly the reason I will be purchasing one.

Thanks for any info or suggestions,

~ TomHax

A:Graphics card for Dell Optiplex GX280 Mini-Tower?

Does installing a graphics card mean you can achieve higher resolutions on your LCD monitor?Click to expand...

That depends on the maximum resolution supported by your monitor.

What's your main reason to purchase the card? What's your budget?
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I have an Antec 900 Gamer case. Its sweet 4 fans cool my system fine the problem is that it acumulates dust at an alarming rate. Is ther a solution to this? Also i have a small USB Hover that i use to remove dust from the PCBs and other fans and cards is it safe to use this device while the pc is running? I have had no problems so far but im worried i may damage the PCBs or Cards by static discharge? The USB hover does have a small rubber hose, does this allimanate possibe damage by static?

A:Antec 900 Dust Solution

Hardware stores sell treated cheese cloth and (treated with both antistatic chemicals and sticky stuff to catch the dust) other materials that you can drape around vents and fan openings. If you change them or wash them every four to six months, you will prevent the dust, dirt, and fiber pretty well. There are also canned sprays that you can use to treat cheese cloths or other very light fabrics so they capture all the dust.
It is helpful to add an extra fan housing so that your cooling air is more than adeaquate.
But buying a case of dust off drops the price per can to about $4.95, and cleaning the case with that treated air (difluoroethane gas) does not cause any static electricity. (There are many other brands, but I have not found anything that beats dust off.
One thing you DO NOT want to do is to use any kind of vacuum cleaner or device... as that increases the risk of static electricity dramatically.
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My LCD is covered in dust which clings to it with static electricity. What's the best way to get it off? So far, I've made do by just pushing it to the sides with an LCD cleaning cloth. Can LCDs be damaged by firing an antistatic gun at them? This is a laptop screen, if that matters.

A:Getting dust off an LCD?

A Swiffer duster works well for me.
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im looking for the thermalright 120 i cant find it on newegg at all any help and the cheapest price would be nice

A:Where to buy a true tower 120?

Here you go:

though I believe the Prolimatech Megahelms often outperforms it, and it is the same price:
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Hi everyone I m new here and have read over some of the posts and stickies but have not found my issue I have a Dell Pentium R CPU GHz and GB RAM extra added tower - Dell monitor brightens/darkens 4550 overheating? by me I have never gotten any kind of Dell 4550 monitor brightens/darkens - tower overheating? warning or message that my tower fan was not working properly For the last couple of weeks I have noticed my computer monitor brightening a lot and then darkening screen is still readable and then going back to normal This will happen anywhere from to times in a two hour period I have been Dell 4550 monitor brightens/darkens - tower overheating? turning off the computer when not in use giving it a chance to cool down which I now realize was the worst thing to do Today when I went to fire it up for about the third time during the start-up Windows shut down quot to protect itself quot and gave me a blue screen message to turn off the computer and restart I did and have not had that issue again Dell 4550 monitor brightens/darkens - tower overheating? today I have placed a large fan behind the tower and the problem seems to have stopped for now which leads me to believe the problem is caused by overheating The tower casing was cleaned inside around months ago but was very dusty My questions Does this sound like a tower fan problem and how do I check that it is working properly Are there capacitors or something else I should be checking for heat damage and replacing I know I really just need a new computer but that won t be happening for a while so any help you could give me to keep this one sputtering along would be greatly appreciated Thanks much nbsp

A:Dell 4550 monitor brightens/darkens - tower overheating?

Hi Jeri, welcome to TS. I'm not sure specifically about the 4550, but I know most Dells will post a warning on boot if the fan isn't working properly. If you haven't seen the message, it's probably not the fan.

If you're up to it (which it sounds like you are if you upgraded the ram yourself), open it up and look if the fan is spinning while the computer's running and also while you're in there dust out the computer, especially the cpu cooler and video card heatsink. While cleaning it out, look at the capacitors on the motherboard and/or video card to make sure they aren't leaking or bulging. A cap should be flat on top, it should not be "pointy" or rounded on top or leaking from the top or bottom. I've seen bad caps on a 4550 before, close to the cpu socket (between the rear ports and cpu), so make sure to look to be sure. You may have to remove the green "air duct" to be able to see the caps on the board.

Also, are you sure the problem is with the computer and not the monitor? It almost sounds like you might be having a problem with the backlighting on the monitor (assuming it's an lcd). Any chance of testing the monitor on another computer to be sure?

I suppose there's always the possibility of a a failing power supply as well. Sometimes when a power supply is flaky (power fluctuations, noise, etc) it can cause weird issues like BSODs among other things. It's possible that your power supply fan could have failed, and if the power supply is overheating it could be acting up.

Best wishes.
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I have rebuilt my system into an Antec 900 Gaming Case. Cooling is great! My GTX275 never goes above 55c and my E8500 idles at 38c and never goes above 55c. My problem is the 4 fans in the Antec case allready seem to be accumulating dust at an allarming rate. Can anyone suggest filters that will reduce the intake of dust and that are relativly easy to fit? Can anyone tell me if there is a material that allows air to flow but at the same time retards/ stops water?

A:How can I reduce dust build up?

hi andy,
i was just looking at these: obviously you would have to locate them from another source, but a few companies make these.
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I have an eMachines T which I use as up boot Tower Need help. won't a file server I normally leave it running continuously but I inadvertently shut off the breaker to that room while replacing an electrical switch When I tried to restart the computer it won t go It s getting power The fan in the power supply runs but the hard drive doesn t seem to kick in The monitor displays the eMachine logo and says quot Bios information Need help. Tower won't boot up lt F gt quot Need help. Tower won't boot up which doesn t work When I restart the fans kick on but after a couple of seconds - just about long enough for the logo to display on the monitor - but then already the pitch or whine of the fans begins slowing down as it returns to it s resting mode I also tried putting a setup disk in the optical drive but although the drive spins it won t go into the boot mode so it s not looking at those drives I ve tried it more than a dozen times - completely cutting power powering it down and back on using the power button unplugging and plugging back in Nada Someone told me to replace the power supply but I thought I d check here to see if anyone has any experience with this problem Would appreciate any advice or tips Note I do routinely blow the dust out of the fans and from the case It stays very clean since it s in an unused room and it doesn t even get very dusty The company server at work gets a dust buildup like dryer lint about every two weeks but mine wouldn t get THAT dirty in a whole year if I didn t blow it out from time to time so I don t think dirt is an issue unless it s really deep inside the power supply nbsp

A:Need help. Tower won't boot up

Your eMachines is one of those with the infamous failing motherboard. The motherboard failure eventually causes the power supply to fail, and your symptoms are simlar to what we have seen a great number of times... well over 125 times, and we have a lot of failed eMachines in our barn awaiting resolution. Your hard drive, memory, cpu and heatsink are likely still good, and you can rescue the data. But it is possible your motherboard will not work properly again. You might borrow a power supply to test, but I would not waste money on one.
eMachines wants $179 plus shipping for the board, plus $75 for the power supply.

It could also be something as simple as a bad hard drive, and a replacement for $50 or $60 from Newegg, Directron, TigerDirect, Outpost, or ZipZoomfly will take care of it. You can probably still recover the data off the old drive by placing it in an external USB enclosure. Borrow or buy, you can always use another hard drive.
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Has anyone ever tried 2PSU's in one tower? I ask because I'd like just one to run my video card <ATI X800GTO> so I'd like to know if that's worthwhile since I have a few laying around that are not all that great. I know it's probably a stupid question, go easy on me.... ;>)

A:2 PSUs in one tower?

I've never heard of that being done. I don't know where you would get the room. I would recommend that you get a new Psu with greater wattage.
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Just a quick one really im getting a new SATA HD when in the next few weeks of so, i know its gonna be over 750GB but that all i know atm. Anyhow just in your opinion what the best way of changing the hard drive from an old ATA to the new one and keeping the old Vista install. Ive got it set up how i like it and it seems to be going good so how can i keep it.


A:Changing hard drive and keeping install

That's the easiest way

The best way would be to re-install clean
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I have an Ultra E-Torque ATX Mid-Tower Case I was wondering if any of you could give me some assistance I am having a problem connecting the front power and led to the mobo an XFX Although I am having problems connecting the cables I did manage to connect everything get the cpu and every thing to power up using the power button on the front panel This is the goal but the same power button isnt working properly to turn the machine off So Im thinking that I dont have the cables hooked up correctly to the mobo I did read on Tiger direct where I purchased the case in a recent review that the cables arent color coded correctly So connection has been a problem I would of contacted the person that posted that but there is no way to do so I am not knowledgeable enough about pcs Torque Tower E & Case Mobo XFX 8200 Ultra ATX Mid to figure this out with out possibly XFX 8200 Mobo & Ultra E Torque ATX Mid Tower Case causing massive damage because this is my first build XFX 8200 Mobo & Ultra E Torque ATX Mid Tower Case and I was wondering if you can give me some assistance in getting my machine powered up correctly I hope someone can aid me in my quest to get my machine running correctly Im running a duel vid card http www tigerdirect com applicat EdpNo amp csid ITD amp body MAIN detailspecs http www tigerdirect com applications SearchTools item-details asp EdpNo amp CatId Thanks nbsp

A:XFX 8200 Mobo & Ultra E Torque ATX Mid Tower Case

I have the same case; the cables are actually pretty simple and can't really cause any kind of massive damage. Basically, your mobo's manual should have a diagram of where each front panel cable is attached to the pins on the motherboard. This includes the power switch, reset button, main LED, and Hard Disk LED. The cable heads and pins are usually labeled and it's just a matter of finding positive [+] and negative [-] connections. Again, your motherboard manual should have a diagram. You can really just screw around with the wires until everything works, the worst that could happen is that it doesn't...
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hello. My sister pulled the power cable from the back of the tower while her computer was on, now when i turn it on, the fan is abnormally loud. No image to the monitor what-so-ever. is there a fix to this? thank you =]

A:Odd tower issue

Sounds like some stuff got fried. It could be your Mobo. Isolating your hardware might be a good idea in figuring out what got fried. Do you have another graphics that you could swap for the one presently installed?
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disclaimer i m a dust? cleaning Static electricity? little embarassed to even have to ask such basic Static electricity? cleaning dust? questions however it seems easier to find information to solve technical questions than to find information spelling out what most people just know background for static electricity questions i ve read that-- grounding is important when working on hardware this can be accomplished with an antistatic wrist band and a cardboard box questions if we open a case on a wood kitchen table and work while standing on a tile floor is this sufficient is there anything i should know about the tools we use i use chopsticks to hold things out of my way for reaching things or to help me get the cases apart when they don t just have screws is this okay i use a regular plastic screwdriver when i need one do i need to do anything to ground it about cleaning canned air seems to be the choice is it the only choice can i use a clean paintbrush a microfiber cloth or a magic eraser on parts is it a HUGE no-no to use the dyson some of the computers my son and i have been working on are very old most have been stored in garages while they are working fine without much cleaning it goes against my instinct to put anything back together without wiping it down first for the record we aren t running a business it s just something fun to do and i don t want to put a lot of funds into it nbsp

A:Static electricity? cleaning dust?

If you touch the metal of the case, you are at the same potential as the case
Therefore you cannot harm the parts (unless you build up Static Electricity by moving around again.

The brush is OK too
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I know that computers need to have ventilation but I need to build a computer for someone that is not in the cleanest environment. Is there such a case that can help with that situation. Thanks.

A:Looking for a case that is dust proof or close to it


well the best thing to do is find a case that isnt to big so estimate how much room your going to need. After that look for cases on that around the size you need, most of their parts usually run cheaper than other sites and its more reliable than ebay :O.

no case is dust proof lol.

my solution would be just stick 3-6 fans in it, vaccuum it out once a week and if its still dirty
tell that person to get off the computer and clean his/her home!!!
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My Dell Inspiron 1420 died recently and I got it fixed by Dell's Onsite Tech Support (which I was very satisfied with btw...). Basically my motherboard had died and the guy replaced it...he did mention that it would be advisable not to leave the laptop on for prolonged periods of time. So I was wondering does leaving the laptop on all the time really kill the motherboard?

A:Will keeping your laptop on all the time wreck the motherboard?

Like all electrical devices a motherboard has a certain life, the longer it's on the more chance problems can happen, eg. electrical problems, capacitors going etc.

The biggest problem i can see with leaving a laptop on all the time is when you move it you have a very high chance of damaging your harddrive.
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I have a hard drive on a new computer with vista on it, and want to move it to another computer which has XP and all my files on it. Can I make the one with vista my main HDD, and then use the other HDD for all my files?

Will the HDD still have vista on it if I put it in the other computer, and the same with the other hard drive?

They are SATA, and the XP computer with all my files has 3 more spaces.

Is this possible?


A:Moving 1 HDD to another computer to have dual HDDs, keeping the files?

Yes, But...

The problem when installing a hard drive with Windows on it to another computer, is that all the drivers will need to be installed (ie another computer -different Sound; Video; CPU...)

Now that last one above, CPU that's really the critical one.
If both computers have exactly the same Processor slot on the motherboard then go right ahead.

BUT if you are plugging in the Windows harddrive to another computer with a different CPU chipset, that means you may get one of two possibilities:
1. Won't Boot
2. Won't Boot, and destroys file system (and possible data)

Hmm, that 2nd one doesn't sound good!

What you will need to do is a Windows Repair, before the computer starts up. This will allow Windows to work properly on the other computer.

Obviously the Windows CD and COA product key required. (Activation imminent too)

Also make sure to BackUp First
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Hello everyone First off i ll start with my system specs Number of processors Number of cores per processor Number of threads max per processor Name Intel Pentium Code Name Prescott Specification Intel R Pentium R CPU GHz Package Socket LGA Family Model Stepping F Extended Family Model F Core Stepping E Technology nm Core Speed MHz Multiplier x Bus speed x MHz Rated Bus speed MHz Stock frequency MHz Instruction sets MMX SSE SSE SSE EM T L Data cache per processor KBytes -way set associative -byte line size Trace cache per processor Kuops -way set associative L cache per processor KBytes -way set regard Need my PSU and my in tower old on to advice help updating associative -byte line size Chipset amp Memory Northbridge VIA P M CE rev Southbridge VIA VT rev Graphic Interface AGP Need help and advice in regard to updating my PSU on my old tower AGP Revision AGP Transfer Rate x AGP Side Band Addressing supported enabled Memory Type DDR Memory Size MBytes Memory Frequency MHz DRAM Interleave -way CAS Latency tCL clocks RAS to CAS tRCD clocks RAS Precharge tRP clocks Cycle Time tRAS clocks Command Rate CR T System System Manufacturer System Name snc eeh System S N Mainboard Vendor Biostar Mainboard Model P M Pro-M BIOS Vendor Phoenix Technologies LTD BIOS Version PG BIOS Date Memory SPD Module DDR PC - MHz MBytes Transcend Information Module DDR PC - MHz MBytes Centon Software Windows Version Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack Build DirectX Version c - Sorry for the spam anywho I m buying this video card URL quot http www tigerdirect com applications SearchTools item-details asp EdpNo amp sku P - quot URL And It requires a minimum of a W power supply and I believe my current is only W My main question is Will that video card and this power supply URL quot http www tigerdirect com applications searchtools item-details asp EdpNo amp body MAIN quot URL Fit and work with my motherboard and my case and all that The current PSU I have now is AL-C ATX From Allied Technologies Thanks for the help nbsp

A:Need help and advice in regard to updating my PSU on my old tower

I'm not familiar with that brand power supply but the amps look good on the 2 +12V lines. It should run that system just fine. Just remember that the power supply is the only component on your system that has the capacity of destroying ever other component. I always am willing to spend a few bucks more for an Antec, Thermaltake, or other well known brand. My last one was a CoolerMaster. They have some good rebate deals right now. This 750W one for $80US after rebate is a good deal. The other thing you need to look at is output. The Aspire is listing the maximum output at 600W. That's not a continuous rate. The Cooler Master on the other hand is advertising theirs as a 750W unit. When you check the specs you see it is rated at 750W continuous and 900W max output. So on that type of rating you may be actually only getting 450 to 500W continuous on the Aspire. Sorry for going on and on, but power supplies are one of the most important components, and it's difficult sometimes to know what to look for.
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somethin is not right tower is turned on but there is no signal goin to the monitor....and the lights on the tower lights is now of my dvd drivers open half way and the other just wont has to be the damn voltage settings on my power supply

the story is there was a shutdown in my area for almost 12 hours becuz the city needed to rewire and fix some **** on the ground.

and when the power was up again...this happened.

i thought at first it was a bios issue so i took out that little round thing out of the motherboard and put it back but no luck......

my powersuppy is a 500w antec.....and i have a gigabyte motherboard.

the bad thing about my powersupply is theres no voltage i dont know how to adjust it...... ANY HELP well be appreciated

A:TOWER lights up but monitor no signal

You have a few misperceptions on how things work... such as voltage switcher on the power supply. You don't want to mess with the power supply.
Your problem could be power supply, hard drive, video graphics, or memory failure... or some other problem.
You can help us help you by posting your computuer brand and model as well as operating system, age of the unit, memory installed, and type of video graphics.
Further, we would like to know what antivirus software, Antispyware, and rootkit snoopers you have installed.
What was going on with your computer when the power failure hit? As that seems critical.
What was that little round thing? A CMOS battery with the number 2032?
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I have a computer with a 250 GB hard drive that is nearly all used so I want to add a new hard drive for extra capacity, what steps should I follow in order to do this properly? Also is their a way to put the old hard drive and new hard drive as the same Drive type and have a C: drive with 500 GB's of storage to use.

A:Need info on how to add a new hard drive while keeping my old one intact?

Not sure if you can make both of them set to "C". But its real easy to set up a second drive. Make sure that the jumper is set to "slave". Then pop it in there hook it all up and that is pretty much it. Then presto you have another drive.
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Hey guys ive been strugglin with an off and on problem for a good while initially i thought my video card was bad because i could be doin pretty off Screen still on turns tower and much anything and somethin glitches screen Screen turns off and tower still on goes black u can hear lil noises Screen turns off and tower still on thru the sound and the tower is still on learned to just kinda unplug it and plug into another outlet usually Screen turns off and tower still on worked but now my wife found out if u unplug net and comp and replug em in starts up no idea what it could be i sent my video card in for warranty when this started that didnt fix it so i went to the power supply it had a burn mark in one of the pin holes so i sent it in got a new one thought the problem was gone it was for awhile and now recently its been startin back up can this be a problem wit my motherboard or i just duno wut it could be Thanks nbsp

A:Screen turns off and tower still on

Hi fireOfear and welcome to TechSpot.:wave:

Your problem could be heat related. Open your pc up and give it a good dust out and see if that helps.

Also, Google and get Everest home edition and use that to monitor temperatures and voltages for a while.
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i am building a new computer and have pretty much decided upon my specs untill i was reading the thread quot power supply upgrade- need some recomendations quot i used a power supply calculator to try and figure out how big of a PSU cooling i needed in the new case note i know nothing about cases and have been having a hard time finding somethign i know will work to make a long story short my specs said i needed w on my psu and i dont know PSU, computer for new tower needed cooling, what type of cooling i should cooling, PSU, tower needed for new computer be using cooling, PSU, tower needed for new computer or any websites to find a tower that will work and include cooling psu having a few concerns about finding a tower and if i should downgrade from quad to dual processor because of my high PSU needs had a hard time with exact power needs because i am not sure if my motherboard is high end and other little things like that anyone who can provide information as to a tower with a good enough PSU cooling proper number of ports etc can tell me how much power i actually need or recommend a tower would be great here are my computer specs gigabyte ga-p c-ds r motherboard p intel chipset intel core quad q ghz processor dimms of gb ddr dual channel RAM geforce gts or mb video card havent decided but calc didnt change much between the i am using my old drives for the time being floppy drive dvd drive and cd rw drive assuming IDE harddrive and am not using any USB or other divices such as external drives not sure on the fans cooling aspect because i do not have a tower for it yet is there anything i am missing that will make it easier to figure out i couldnt find a thread that talked about cases so i figured cooling was an appropriate place to put this thread if not plz let me know and i will repost in the proper forum your help is much appreciated Swen nbsp

A:cooling, PSU, tower needed for new computer

Look at Antec cases. Not cheap but top quality and usually come with a generous PSU and decent chassis fans all in.
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I have recently bought the following items for my new computer.

Motherboard: Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe

Procesor: AMD Athlon 64 4000+ 2.4GHz San Diego

Memory:1 GB (2 pcs 512MB) DDR (400) PC-3200 Corsair w/LED Display (TWINX1024-3200XLPRO)

Video Card: eVGA GeForce 7800 GTX KO 256MB

Hard Disk :Western Digital 74 GB SATA 10K Raptor (WD740GD)

Now I need a good place to put this bad boy into. What is a good computer case/tower for cooling? What should I buy to keep this bad boy cool? CPU fan? other fans?


A:Computer Case/Tower


That is a nice system. Damn!

How about this for a case? 730
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can i use an old white t, cut it to size, oh im really tight on money so i dont wont to buy one. but if i have to i will

A:homemade 120mm fan dust filter

I wouldn't use a filter at all. It slows down air flow too much. Just blow it out when it gets bad. A little dust never hurt anything.
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I run of the machine? out dust your inside Cleaning of my pc with the panels off mainly because for Cleaning dust out of the inside of your machine? no particular reason it likes to forget that I have any or all hard drives and crash until I disconnect and reconnect them at which point it can see them again I don t know why this happens For one I don t know if it is good to have the side panels off for one thought of the fan being useless and is it absolutely essential for a well running pc The other and main thing I wonder is this Inside my PC is horrendously dusty Three years dusty to be specific Especially since I have the feeling it is a main culprit for my many machine check exceptions I feel I should probably clean it out but I don t know the best way how I don t have a can of compressed air and I don t even know if that would have a chance of dislodging some of those little chips and pieces on the circuit boards Basically I just don t know how I would go about effectively cleaning out the dust in a way that would not harm my hardware Help nbsp

A:Cleaning dust out of the inside of your machine?

Well, I don't have a can of compressed air, So what i do. Is that I take a paint brush, inch wide, 1/2 inch thick(I wish I had a slightly smaller one) and I gently brush the inside of my PC. As for around pins on the Mobo, I use a Tiny brush and blow on the pins.... It works for me. Just be careful not to bend pins or unplug things. But thats what I do.

Nick, ^_^
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how would one beable to tell if a mother board is compatible with a certain tower.

im purchasing one of my friend and its in decent condition but i need to know if i can use it in my comp

A:Mobo and Tower capability

Check the Form Factor. ATX is the most common 'standard' sized tower, so find an ATX mobo.
If you're building a small form factor pc, then look for Micro-ATX case and mobo.
Micro-ATX will still fit into an ATX case though.
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I have an Emachines W2686. For a while it would work fine, smoothly, and efficiently. But just recently it decided to REALLY act up. When I turn the tower on, it sounds as if everything runs smoothly. Hard Drive, Fans, Power unit. But it doesnt seem to be reading at all. Ive checked and changed the memory, checked the hard drive, unpowered it for a day, and yet nothing. It still turns on, but just doesnt read it. Ive even switched out monitors, checked monitor connections, and changed the cords. There are lights, for example, the smart card light is on, the CD light flickers, (no cd), and below the power button, a orange light flickers once in a while. The main power button, that usually turns green, stays off.

I know my first mistake was getting an emachines, but is there any possible way to fix this? Might it be the Motherboard?

A:Tower problem (Turning on)

Hi Vermiere and welcome to the TS Forum :wave:

Vermiere said:

There are lights, for example, the smart card light is on, the CD light flickers, (no cd), and below the power button, a orange light flickers once in a while. The main power button, that usually turns green, stays off.Click to expand...

Sounds very much like your Board, the other lights show that the board is receiving power Ok.

Unless you have access to a similar machine then your only choice is to take it to a PC Repair shop for them to diagnose further.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, if you do decide to scrap it then DONT ever buy an Emachine again, all that I have read about them is bad.

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I got 7 extra wires I dont know where to connect on my Asus p5GV-MX MB.

they are labeled: Return R, Return L, Spkout R, Spkout L, ground, mic Bias, and mic in. I have no idea where they go and the manual to MB doesnt talk about it.

When I get this PC going, i would like to plug headphones or mic at the front and not reach the back to plug them.

on MB, not sure what connectors are those:
10-1 pin AAFP (which has: port1 L, ground, port1 R, Presence#, Port2 R, Sense1_return, sense_send, port2 L, and sense2_return)

A:where to plug the wires ( for mic and headphones front side of tower)

Nevermind i think i figured it out, hopefully, thanks to ASUS forum
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Hey everyone,

I have an older model e-machine computer that is just getting too old to handle my video gaming habits. I just bought a new ASUS A8N32 Deluxe motherboard, AMD Opteron 170 CPU, FSP 450wt PSU, and a BFG geForce 7600 gt video card, plus I am upgrading to a larger mid size ATX case to fit the motherboard. I want to use my e-machine hard drive, 1 gb memory i bought, cd drives and new sound card i had from before, and also the new parts I bought from new egg, but I didn't buy an OS cuz i figured id save some money and see if I could either use the OS on my hard drive, or use a cd from a friend using the cd key on the case of my e-machine. Can some1 please walk me through how i should set this system up without going out and buying a new OS.....

A:Replacing parts but keeping OS

You can do that, it the key won't help you, so you need a key of the cd itself.Plus Emachine is different from Asus, so the operating system won't work at all, you need to do a fresh installation.the hard drive will work if its a sata or IDE, hard disk don't refuse.
The rest if fine.
Wish you luck
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hi it is my first time hear and oi hope some one can help me

i have a new motherboard and tower and i would like to keep my old hard drive and put it in the new one as the primery as ther is a lot of important info can some tell me how to do this THANKS

A:ne mobo and tower, would like to use old hdd.

davet said:

i have a new motherboard and tower and i would like to keep my old hard drive and put it in the new one as the primery as ther is a lot of important info can some tell me how to do this THANKSClick to expand...

Hi and welcome :wave:
Plugging in the HDD is easy, only has one connector for the data and a molex for the power. Jumper settings are on the info sticker ontop your HDD. The most you'll run into is windows xp not booting properly, in which a windows Repair *Not a Reinstall/Format* will fix.

If you have any more questions, please start a new thread in the HDD and Network section of the forum with an appropriate title.

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Please help. My on/off power button on the front of my tower is disconnected from my motherboard. Where exactley should I reconnect it too? So I can power up my computer. Thanks

A:no power to tower , power switch hookup

Not all motherboards are the same. To find the correct header pins you have to refer to the motherboard manual although sometimes the motherboard labels the pins clearly enough so you can figure it out. However, with the motherboard installed in the case, it could be difficult.

If you can't find your manual, try going to the motherboard's manufacturer site to download a copy of the manual (usually a pdf format). If you have a major manufacturer made PC (Dell, HP, Gateway, Emachines, etc.), you might have to try their websites. Good info from those sites might be hit or miss.
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I am having trouble with the prongs where the power cable is plugged in on the back of the tower. The computer does not come on unless I jiggle the prongs. The computer stays on just fine, then, so long as I don't turn it off. If I have to turn it off, then to get it on the next time, I have to jiggle the prongs again. I have already replaced the power cord, so I know it's not that. Have you ever heard of this happening? Is it possible to replace this part?
Thank you for your help! Maggie

A:plug for power cable on back of tower

That power cable goes into the power supply. If the cable is good, there is something wrong with the prongs of the power supply. Do you have a spare to swap to confirm?
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Im looking to buy a tower to replace my old one. Can anyone give me a link for the best tower with os already on it for around 200-300$.I know that not much but im a broke dude I would like to find at least a 2ghz .

A:What tower should i buy?

Dell outlet would be a good place to start. Personally, I would save up a little more and wait for a good deal at Dell.

This is an example of what they have:

System Price : $269.00

Operating System Genuine Windows XP Home
Memory 512 MB DDR NON-ECC SDRAM 400MHz (2 DIMMs)
Hard Disk Drive 40 GB EIDE Hard Drive (7200 RPM)
Modem 56Kbps Data/Fax Modem
Base Dimension 3000 Desktop: Intel Pentium 4 Processor (2.80GHz, 533 FSB)
Media Bay 48X Max Variable CD ROM Drive
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Hi, I really need help finding a case for my computer. I dont really like the current one, its just borring. If you could help me choose one that would be great!

i dont want to spend over 100$, and it has to be a full tower.... thats all i know.

here are some specs for my comp, if you need more i can get them easily:

intel pentium 4
package: pga-423

Model4sta, pcb version
chipset: i850, rev. a2

graphic interface:
version: agp version 2.0
transfer rate: 4x
Max. supported: 4x
sideband: enabled

Type: rdram
Size: 512mb
Channel #: dual

Hope this helps, thanks

A:need help choosing a full tower case..... dont know where to start.

it is about 20.00 more than your stated budget, but the Antec P160 aluminum case is hard to beat.
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Burning smell from tower and then nothing else works it wont even start

A:burning smell from tower now nothing works

Sounds like a bad power supply, also, check all the wires to see if there is any damage.
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Im building a computer for the first time. I have an a8n32-sli deluxe motherboard and a cm stacker stc-t01 case. I am having trouble figuring out which cables to plug into which motherboard connectors for the lights, power button, reset sw, etc. I have looked at the diagram in the manual but it doesent do a good job of explaining what goes where. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Stuck on hooking up tower cables to mobo.

Alot of people do the connecting through trial and error loosly based on the diagram shown for the mother board, i honestly cannot think of an easy solution to this, unless someone would like to help out?

I have always done this through trail and error, this doesnt always work for me but try noting down the wires that are labelled and lining them up the same in the diagram rotating the digram or pc in the same direction, its annoying but it does work eventually, ideally i need to look at the diagram + mother board together to try and link them...
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Whats The Best Way To Get The Dust Off From The Case Inside Any Ideas?thanks Any Suggestions Will Help..

A:cleaning dust from acrlyic cases??/

Have you tried just a regular can of air?

I do know they make Acrlyic cleaners...bu i dont know if that is needed.
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Hello people.

Am new.

I'm in the process of getting a new computer (finally!) and I'd like to integrate a few bits of my old PC into it. (Really just the RAM and HD)

Now, I have a 117GB HD in my current system and I'd really like to keep it around for storage/backup. It's also got a ton of videos/music/etc in it. It's been suggested I turn it into a nonbootable datadrive, though at the risk of sounding stupid I'm not completely sure how to go about that.

I'd love some suggestions/tips from you all on the best course of action and how best to go about implimenting the solution.

(I did check google/other forums before asking )

A:Keeping old HD around...

what is the drive used for now??
if it was a main drive with OS on it,all you need to do is reformat if there is nothing on it you want to save.???
If it is already used just as storage leave it alone/????
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hI I am new to this site not sure if I have come to the right place or not??
I know absolutely nothing about computers.
I hooked up a used tower it worked great for 15 mins then comp. froze. tried to reboot and orange light came on moniter stayed black..tower is not making any beeps at all..Can some one help???

A:Tower Not Working

Do you happen to have any of the computer's specs you can post?
Problems like this could be a number of things, but my guess is either dead PSU or motherboard.

Let's start here: open up the case, and see if there are any led lights on the motherboard that are lit up, even when the power is off, as long as it is plugged in you should get something.
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I am looking to upgrade a desktop system I had constructed several years ago I had chosen the ATI Radeon All-In-Wonder AIW Radeon Keeping 8500DV ATI the DV because it was one of the few graphics cards to offer a complete integrated video capture Keeping the ATI Radeon AIW 8500DV solution including analog TV video and sound inputs amp outputs as well as an IEEE- firewire input Back then putting a firewire port on the AGP bus was innovative but unfortunately resulted in compatibility issues with a number of commercially available motherboards which is the reason ATI published a list of tested motherboards in the product FAQ as well as a jumper to defeat the firewire functionality As this particular graphics card has suited me well I do a lot of camcorder-to-PC transfers and don t do much gaming I would like to continue to keep it in service To assist with my decision as to which components to upgrade to Has anyone attempted to install the AIW DV in a relatively modern system Do all video capture functions work properly What are the make and model of the motherboard CPU amp sound card nbsp
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Im thinking about buying a new computer tower/case/chasis whichever you prefer (or is preferred). OK, so should I be aware of anything like whether my power supply from my old case will fit, or if everything else will fit (im considering getting a bigger tower so im sure it will... umm just anything in general about this kinda thing. To clarify, all Im doing is moving all my old stuff from my tower now into a new one and am curious if I should be aware of anything. Sorry for the repetition Thanks for any help!

A:Buying a new tower.. any things i should be aware of?

You could transfer everything into a new case without hesitation.
It would be advisable however, to buy a larger (min. 400 Watt) powersupply like Enermax, in case you want to upgrade anything else in the near future

Alternatively, look at the Antec Sonata case (available from for about 90.- which includes a quiet powersupply and rubber suspension for your HD's making it an extremely quiet case.

When transferring your old gear, watch out for static and be extra careful when mounting the MoBo.
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Ok I have Athlon xp based computers runs great As for the other First I was a little skimpy on the jel so I added about a mm strip of jel down the center of the dye Now my computer is not shutting down I have a different case and yes it was instead of for the other one but it had some features that were better for its location like side usb ports blah blah blah So I got this thing down to C when the processor is idle at and below When I run games it climbs towards C before I stop it I think the case sucks and tower my my desk for cubby under I also got only cfm fans It will also be in a desk inclosure with the door locked cracket inches I have kids I have weak fans in the front and one weak fan in the back Also there is not much breathing room in the back of the cubby I punched out the backing but it is still only - inches form the wall in the back Tight squeeze I am thinking of putting a regular fan in the cubby to blow hot air the computer makes out the back Just a regular fan you would plug into an AC outlet Is that an idea as long as I don t face the regular fan into any computer cubby for my tower under my desk vents Just gonna put it cubby for my tower under my desk on top of the computer to circulate outside air outta the desk enclosure I plan on getting a pci fan to suck air in and more powerful case fans Where should I put the louder fans for best flow Will this do the job Our should I throwout the case and rip everything out and start over Not Thx for any info nbsp

A:cubby for my tower under my desk

I once did something similar to that, I actually cut a hole in the inside of the cubby and mounted a fan there, inline with the side fan in my case, I backed the desk 6" away from the wall, and punched out the entire cutout area in the back of the cubby.

I also once created a similar setup for a client but instead of punching out the back, I put a duct running from the back case fan to the floor, where it blew out, like a dryer duct. It was a bit extreme but it was a small room and it helped lower the room temp by quite a bit, the comp temps also came down to below 50c after that.
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st Thanks for advice Mid-Tower ? SFF Need or Design Laptop, here some looking at this post nd I am in need of some advice here Problem I am a hard-core gamer and love FRAGGING like everyone else here BUT I am also a Professional Driver for a Good Laptop, SFF or Mid-Tower Design ? Need some advice here Company that gives its drivers a little leyway in equiping our trucks Laptop, SFF or Mid-Tower Design ? Need some advice here Presently I have a POS HP laptop and a watt inverter I know not much for gaming is it blush So since I ve built my own systems for Home use for a long time now I came up with this idea I bought me a watt inverter and am thinking of building a Mid-tower computer Laptop, SFF or Mid-Tower Design ? Need some advice here for over the road use only Heres my present list of parts that I have on hand now that I could build with AMD gigs of ram MSI Neo Platinum MOBO Cd-Rom Drives SATA HD s SONY in LCD monitor I have no case as of yet cause heres the problem Is it much better to buy a Shuttle SFF like the SN P and lose all the extra pci buses that I can use or find me a case that I can use Before answering I was also thinking some time down the road I might go with a Dual CPU like the so that leaves me with a difficult choise here Really I dont think it s a problem but I am leaning towards a Full Mid-Tower design What if any suggestions do you guys think nbsp

A:Laptop, SFF or Mid-Tower Design ? Need some advice here

If you're gonna be lugging this system around with you, I dont see how much benefit you'll get from extra PCI slots. I'm not sure how smooth your ride is, but I'm fairly certain I wouldnt want to run my PC around in a truck all day. To be honest if anything I'd be considering an Alienware laptop ( as you can also get a PCMCIA cellular card for fraggin over the net, and have a lot less cable mess cluttering up your cab.
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Well no matter what I ve tried my computer seems intent in eing a insert bad word here Specs and such ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report Machine name JAVIERXP Operating System Windows XP Professional Build Service Pack xpsp - Language English Regional Setting English System Manufacturer VIA Technologies Inc System Model KT - BIOS Phoenix - AwardBIOS v PG Processor AMD Athlon tm GHz Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C WINDOWS DirectX Version DirectX c DX Setup Parameters Not found DxDiag Version bit Unicode The tower either starts to beep after every seconds a semi long continous beep and then it just repeats itself And it goes indefinetly Then I figured how to apprently reset it by removing a small pin like cover and putting it back again and it works BUT only temporarily as it Tower Problems still New giving presents itself to be rather unstable Sometimes it beeps like it passed but doesn t do anything else Sometimes it statys stuck at the Console selection menu Sometimes New Tower still giving Problems it stays New Tower still giving Problems stuck at the Configuration New Tower still giving Problems menu Last Known working configuration menu thingy Sometimes after multiple resets it gets into win xp but then suddenly just turns off and auto resets itself Sometimes it just falls back to that long continious beep every three seconds again which at time it happens I can t go into the system and have to remove the little pin cover and replace it again I REALLY dont want to take it to a techie but Im beginning to think I would have Any one knows whats going on Ah yes when it does go back in soemtimes an error window appears I jotted down the errors Here s a list of errors the machine has given me BCCode d BCP D BCP BCP BCP B OSVer SP Product BCCode BCP FFFDB D BCP BCP BF B BCP OSVer SP Product BCCode BCP FFFDB D BCP BCP BF B BCP OSVer SP Product BCCode BCP FFFDE D BCP BCP BF B BCP OSVer SP Product So I dont know whether this is software or hardware related anymore nbsp
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i toook off the side case on my tower and i was wondering if it would be better if it left it on.. since i have a fan and it would make it better for cold air to stay in..

A:Is it better to have the case on the side of the tower on or off?

Im not exactly sure, i guess it depends on the computer setup. You can check with a temp monitoring software like speedfan and check temps with it off and with it on. Personally ive noticed lower temps with the case off when i had no case fans. But recently i got a power supply with 2 fans, and have added 4 case fans. Since ive created a strong airflow through my computer, taking the case off would disrupt that flow and make the case fans pretty much useless, i see lower temps with the case on and all 4 case fans going.
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I wanted to know is it better for you pc to keep sides off. Pros any cons?


A:Is there anything wrong with keeping sides of PC

Keeping it off will keep it running at a lower temp.
Keeping it off will collect more dust
More noise
Looks uglier? :rolleyes:
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Okay I m totally new to this site as in I just registered moments ago I m not entirely certain if this is Tower beeping? the right forum for this if it s not please feel free to direct me to the correct forum for it I am currently on my boyfriend Tower beeping? s computer which is right beside mine About an hour ago my tower started beeping continuously I had no idea why and just figured I should shut it down to be safe as I was on my way to the store at the Tower beeping? time When I returned from the store my computer would not boot back up It gets to the windows screen but never goes past there Also the tower no longer beeps and hasn t since I tried rebooting it earlier I googled for some answers and discovered that there is such a thing as beep codes Which would be great and probably help me solve the problem or at least know what the hell the problem is if I had known about them sooner and was bright enough to count the beeps So now I am totally at a loss does anyone know what I could do to try and figure out what is wrong with it If all else fails I ll have to take it to a tech I guess which I really don t want to do Any feedback would be nice thanks nbsp

A:Tower beeping?

If it beeped, then it is almost certainly a hardware thing. This could be due to loose memory (this happened to me before), a loose PCI/AGP card, or a more serious hardware (motherboard) failure. I'd make sure your connections are nice and tight. Also watch if the fans are working.
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I m posting this in here because this forum has the most people viewing it right now and no one replied to it in the general hardware forum I originally posted it on I am currently on my boyfriend s computer which is right beside mine About an hour ago my tower started beeping continuously I had no idea why and just figured I should shut it down to be safe as I was on my way to the store at the time When I returned from the store my computer would not boot back up It gets to the windows screen but never goes past there Also the tower no longer beeps and hasn t since I tried rebooting it earlier I googled for some answers and discovered that there is such a thing as beep codes Which would be great and probably help me solve the problem or at least know what the hell the problem is if I had known about them sooner and was bright enough to count the beeps So now I am totally at a loss does anyone know what I could do to try and figure out what is wrong with it If all else fails I ll have to take it to a tech I guess which I really don t want to do Any feedback would be nice thanks nbsp

A:Tower beeping?

Design ,It would be helpful to fill in your profile on your Hardware .In this case the Motherboard ,brand and model #.
You will get a lot more help that way.
Beep codes differ and are specific to the company that wrote the bios. Also they will have a different pattern for each type of error.this is a repeating pattern of long and/or short beeps.
However these occur at initial boot time .
Since your computer has re-booted up to Windows almost ,you should look in your event viewer for errors.
Try to boot windows into Safe mode.
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would dust hinder the perfromance of a video card, and if so how should i go about cleaning it properly? thanks in advance

A:dust and video cards

Dust won't hurt the performance of a video card as such, but it might make the lifespan of the fan on the video card shorter, meaning you'll have to buy a new one sooner...

I usually vacuum clean my computer every now and then to remove all the dust build-up... But you should be careful when doing it... Don't let the hose touch any cards or anything (fans start spinning, and it's easy to break a fin)...
Also never use a metal pipe when vacuuming your computer, as it can create static electricity and kill your computer. It is also a point not to use a brush tip or anything like that for the same reason...

You don't have to clean you computer very often (I do it about twice a year), and if there's only a buildup of dust on the fan, you can often just remove it with your hands (after you've grounded yourself)...

You can also used canned air to blow the dust away. But again, remember no metal pipe!

Hope this helps
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I was wondering....can you keep Emails during a format. I have a 80Gig HDD partitioned into 3 drives.

I would like to keep the emails I have on the C:/, although I cant finds the actuall files. All I have to do is copy them onto 1 of the other drives. Would it work if I just copied the outlook folder onto another drive?


A:Keeping Emails during Format

If I remember correctly, Outlook stores e-mails somewhere deep into Application Data directory. It might vary from version to version, too.
Or was it just Outlook Express? hmm..
Fortunately Mozilla doesn't try to hide files
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Here is a good article I found on cleaning your mouse. Yes I know we all clean our mouse on a regular basis, but you may be interested.

Cleaning your mouse

Written By: sandv!per
Date Posted: March 25, 2002

It amazes me how many people don't clean their mouse. I constantly get calls here in our office about mice not being responsive, or odd clicking sounds whenever they move the mouse. When asked if they've cleaned the mouse, I'm usually met with blank stares, or silence if on the phone.

Full article at Viper Lair

A:Keeping your mouse clean

Not a bad little piece of you still own a "ball" mouse. I would have to say that most people are using optical mouse's nowadays. I know I am..
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I want to keep some photographs in a secure file .The laptop runs Windows 7 Home Premium & when I went to create a password protected directory Windows help said that this was not possible.
Can anyone suggest a simple solution? Is there any simple to use , free encryption software you might recommend for a novice?
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Found AntennaSearch but then later found reviews saying it was often inaccurate.

Looked up Verizon towers in my town, found one on AntennaSearch. Later did the
same search on another website and it says there isn't one where AntennaSearch says.

That other website was steelintheair I think -

Anybody know of a reliable cell phone tower search site?


A:Is there a reliable cell phone tower search site?

Every single cell tower cite is in the FCC database on the FCC web-site (, but it's not easy to find. I would try active license search for specific type of cellular communications.
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Reloading windows 7 and keeping my files
Can this be done?

A:Reloading windows 7 and keeping my files


Installing and reinstalling Windows

There are two options to choose from during the Windows 7 installation process:

Upgrade. This option replaces your current version of Windows with Windows 7, and keeps your files, settings, and programs in place on your computer.
Custom. This option replaces your current version of Windows with Windows 7, but doesn't preserve your files, settings, and programs. It's sometimes referred to as a clean installation for that reason.
Click to expand...
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Hi I m working on some source code and my a will be grass if a hacker or someone source while secure Internet keeping How code to obtains it The PC could be offline but often I need to find coding solutions online so I How to secure source code while keeping Internet would need to copy amp paste such code text to the secure offline PC I m stumped how to achieve that in a hack proof manner except with a thumb drive That is use the online PC to find the code copy How to secure source code while keeping Internet text to thumb drive move drive offline PC but that sounds like a big pain Another option is to use software that runs How to secure source code while keeping Internet two simultaneous OS s that allows text to be copied between them but how hack proof is that Maybe encrypting the secure PC drive Any ideas would be greatly appreciated Paul Edit Ah ha is this the solution a unidirectional network via some hardware I think the data line needs to be controlled by hardware to be as secure as possible If anyone could post or send me a PM recommending any hardware then I ll greatly appreciate Regards Paul nbsp

A:How to secure source code while keeping Internet

hmm; taking the issues from the top:

1) you need to ensure that code on your PC never leaves its.

2) if it does, you are exposed ( I assume from your employer )

3) you want to copy paste code from the Internet into 'your code' safely​
I'll start with (3). Code from the Internet may expose you to copyright infringement and thus your employer could be sued - -
I've seen this happen personally and it is ugly.
You lose your job, your friends lose jobs, and the employer can actually go bankrupt.
summary: not worth the risk

(2) Working at home on software that belongs to your employer is a real nightmare,
not only from (3) but you might become a mule for some trojan infection when that code is returned to the project libraries.
If that occurs, the date/time of your checkin of the new code will correspond to the time of the virus and tag, you're it.

(1) the only way to ensure that something never leaves the PC {better said is not useful if it leaves},
is to
a) go offlineb) encrypt it for protection, perhaps even altering the file name​c) go online and browse, fetch what you will
d) go back offlinee) decrypt the code in question
f) modify said code and prepare it for transport back to the project libraries.​summary: only access that code while offline

REPEAT: not worth the risk
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Alright this is going to be a bit of a book so prepare yourself I will start out with system won't tower now PC start Spilled water, components Mobo - Gigabyte FXA-UD CPU - AMD FX- PSU - Thermaltake TR Spilled water, now tower PC won't start RX W Memory - x GB GSkill Ripjaw So the initial problem was on Monday when I spilled water into Spilled water, now tower PC won't start the top of my tower I have watercooling so that area is open with two fans and a radiator there Anyway I only spilled a little water and manually powered it off immediately I took out components and dried everything set it in the sun and then tried powering it on much later I got nothing the lights would blink and that is all I would get I hoped it was the PSU and took that out and did the jump bit with the paperclip it started up and I attached peripherals to it from another computer and it ran them fine After testing it in different ways I figured it was fine So I thought I may have destroyed my mobo or my processor I reattached my PSU to my board but I left the v CPU connection off and it started everything else up So I thought maybe the board was bad I picked up a new motherboard and proceeded to attach everything to it I then crossed my fingers and gave it power and it didn t work of course So my next step was CPU I bought a new CPU and I tried it out on my old motherboard first thinking that maybe the motherboard was fine all along Of course it didn t work So I set everything up with new mobo new CPU minimum connections no HD no CDROM and booted it up It did start with v and pin and everything connected The graphics card spun up and everything I thought quot Thank god quot but lo and behold I have no video I swapped out my grphx card for another one from an old computer questionable if the damn thing works but it spun up and still no video output I got no beeps ever so I dunno if my motherboard even has a speaker on it Any thoughts Did my troubleshooting components between two boards destroy anything like did my new processor fry on the old board or did the old processor fry my new board I am getting terribly frustrated with this whole thing and I am going to be in a lot of trouble if I don t get it up and running soon There are virtual machines on my HD that I need and I don t know that I can run them on any other computer because they are configured for that machine s processor etc Assuming the HD is even okay Help nbsp
Relevancy 34.4%

Hi all just bought a hp tower as it needed reformatting or a boot disc I turned it on and it got to screen saying thank you your pc is now set up but then the little egg timer came up and after 5 minutes the pc just switched off now no green light on back by psu and no power has the psu just blown or could it be another problem .. thanks in advance

UPDATE - plugged my psu into it and it turned on so im assuming ive been very unlucky and psu has just blown can anyone help me where to get one very cheap pc is a hp media centre m000 I looked on ebay and cant seem to see anything the one in there is the origanal I think which is a 230watt

A:HP tower just turned off, no power light

Maybe -
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My method of dial-up is by Connection Manager, on that banner**, [**my name for the pop-up] you can access a lot; File, Options, Number Override, Help, plus, at the base; My Account.
Is anybody there famililiar with this dial-up setup?
Why I ask, is that I get frequent notices saying " Your session has been disconnected,, do you want to reconnect; Yes/No" [it's just happened now, as I type this.
As I pay a monthly subscription fee, should this happen?, they do call it an "anytime" service.
On my laptop, there was a different dial-up system, that allowed me to choose "always stay connected", or words to that effect, when I had this PC set up for me, he said that I had to have this system this time.
Does anyone know how I can stay connected , using my present system, without having to reconnect, a lot of the time?


A:Keeping online

Here is a (free) little program that keeps you from being knocked off the net.

If that does not do the trick, let us know.
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Ok its the ird driver equal or not less Bsod something like that. Ic ould be doing anything and it happens. can someone please take a gander at my mini dumps please.
Thanks again for your help in advance
If you need any other information please ask.

My system specs are:

Athlon 64 X2 FX-60

1 GIG (2 x 512 ) of corsair xms ram dual channel

2 sata - 160 GIG drives, 1 - 300 GIG ide drive, and 1 - 120 GIG ide drive.

asus a8n-e motherboard with the latest bios.

EVGA Nvidia 7950 GT PCI-E

All drivers installed are the latest out now.

A:Im Keeping getting the Same BSOD can soneone help please

Your minidumps are crashing with various culprits including your Zonalarm firewall software and memory corruption/hardware etc.

I suggest you first download a different firewall, then uninstall Zonealarm. A couple of free alternatives can be found below.

Kerio or Comodo free firewall programmes.

If that doesn`t help, go and read this thread HERE and see if it helps you to identify the culprit.

If you need to post any further minidump files, you can attach them directly without the need to zip them up.

Regards Howard
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I recently bought a pc from my friend Its an Amthlon AMD I think with ghz speed an Nvidia gfx mb win XP RAM well actually its a good PC My friend had it rigged up to play Final Fantasy Online It was working real nice at new problems Tower with PC Having major first But since I was using this old tower for internet I Having major problems with new PC Tower had to at times disconnect the new tower to put the old one the one Im using right now Yesterday the new tower experienced a set back I had removed the old one and reinstalled the new one but since it didnt Having major problems with new PC Tower recognize the monitor I had to turn it off When it did recognize the monitor it had some sort of corrupted file After that it went in normally but anytime it will just turn off and reboot by itself At times a blue screen could be seen but it went off so fast I couldnt see anything When Id get back on an error report would be there I copied the report on that PC tower and was planning on moving it here But alas the pc turned off again and this time it wouldn t reboot on It would turn on but instead of logging into any kind of screen the monitor stays in an orange light as in not recognized and the PC tower starts to beep I wish Id have copied down the error report but its all in the new tower No matter what I do the system doesn t go back in It just beeps and stays beeping and doesnt do anything else Any ideas of what s wrong with it I also wanted to add When it gets turned on it takes a bit then it does one long beep Then it waits a while Then it repeats another long beep The computers motherboard is a Soyo Dragon Im unsure which however nbsp

A:Having major problems with new PC Tower

Look in the Read for Beepcodes in the CPU forum
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Recently I've had random BSOD and I can't see where it comes from. I updated some drivers (but maybe there are corrupted who knows) and updated everything on my laptop (even though it's a new one).
I wanted to follow the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions - Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 & Vista so that I can see if anyone can help but whenever I run SysnativeBSODCollectionApp.exe Waiting for systemInfo will be showing for hours until I stop it by myself.

Could anybody help me please?

Thank you in advance!

A:Waiting for systemInfo is keeping showing when running SysnativeBSODCollectionApp.exe

Post what you have.
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I have a Gateway GR series tower It came with mb of RAM Last owner upgraded it to gb of ram and it has another mb ram in it Anyways I just checked out the specs and it maxes out at GB of RAM machine is years old I purchased PNY DDR PC GB of RAM for it for like bucks This is what the shop owner recommended Well after I put in the screen had lines through it looked fuzzy and after - minutes it would shut it's self off Which memory slot do I remove to install the new GB ram stick Do I remove the mb ram stick and install the gb or ram here I tried both options and still get same results Either option I try takes forever to load or it shuts it's self down after minutes After I place in the the GB a back screen comes up with GB of RAM however it doesn't load into the OS Any help suggestions Anyways I returned everything back to the way it was and now it seems it has tower RAM Gateway Adding 500GR to a spinning cursor or after - minutes it shuts it's self down This is my main machine I do strictly for email and invoices through Quick books I tried system restore but it failed Please help All help is greatly appreciated customer doesn't have windows disks and he only wants to backup pictures and quick books the rest Adding RAM to Gateway 500GR tower of the stuff Adding RAM to Gateway 500GR tower on the system he doesn't care about Adding RAM to Gateway 500GR tower Any tricks I can do in safe mode BIOS which slot do I place the GB of ram in the mb or the slot that has already GB of ram in it PS It seems it has memory slots on the motherboard not sure what those are for Any ideas Thanks Mjv

A:Adding RAM to Gateway 500GR tower

Try running the computer in safe mode with networking, see if it still shuts down. Since you are back to the original RAM configuration, it could be the video card (check for updated drivers, and reseat the card) or power supply the is going bad. Also the RAM needs to be installed in pairs.

Also if you can, go to, and see which type and amount of RAM the computer uses. Although you may not be able to use their system scanner in safe mode, you will need to search manually.
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Few day ago i notice windows update is downloading update:

I search on web and it full version of wind 10. I didnt "reserve my upgrade" on Get windows 10 icon in windows tray.

After that update dindt install wind10, but every time i start windows it shows me new update. Update is shown just on shut down botton (snap 3) but not in tray (snap 2) or in windows update (snap 4 and 5). I also notice notification on shutdown botton is removed after 10-15min i started windows.

I have windows 7 ulitmate, SP1.

In attachments are snaps and windowsupdate.log
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Tech Support Guy System SSD New for tower? old Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM CPU GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB E Total New SSD for old tower? - MB Free - MB F Total - MB Free - New SSD for old tower? MB G Total - MB Free - MB H Total - MB Free - MB J Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Intel Corporation D GCF Antivirus avast Antivirus Updated Yes On-Demand Scanner EnabledClick to expand As shown above I have an older tower that I have modestly upgraded with a SATA DVD drive more RAM and a better video card I was wondering if my system is compatible to a SSD drive and if it is how much would it improve performance Also would I be able to clone my current SATA drive to it nbsp

A:New SSD for old tower?

Well there are three issues I see;
1 Your mb only has sata 2 ports and that will limit or throttle the speed of a modern ssd. It will still be a HUGE improvement over a mech hard disk however you will be somewhat limited.
2 Next issue is that xp [your os] does not support TRIM or wear leveling for the ssd. This causes a degrading of performance over time. Sometimes the drive mfg has a utility that will do basically the same thing. Another option is to make an image of the ssd and store the image on a second hd, external, etc. Once the image is made, boot with parted magic linux and secure erase the ssd. Once the ssd is secure erased, restore the image. This will also restore the ssd drive's speed.
3 XP does not apply the correct partition offset for a ssd. This can be edited manually using linux OR you can create the partitions with a win7/win8 boot disk then install xp.

Other than the above issues, you can install a ssd drive and you will see a significant improvement in performance however not as much as with a modern mb supporting sata3.
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My casing is cm690II advanced. 1 side is clear plastic, 1 side is metal. No side panel fans. It has some holes at the side.

I want to buy two dust filter and attach to it on each side. How to attach to it?

A:What do you use to attach dust filter?

Are the holes in the clear plastic side or the Metal side?
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How can I keep my PC clock accurate for free, preferably.
Any suggestions?

Thanks: Dave

A:Keeping My Win7 Clock Accurate?

Normally the clock stays accurate, at least within a few seconds.

If you are experiencing a problem or have a very special need please explain.
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I recently changed my ASUS wifi to an Apple Airport Extreme (tower).
Configured it, everything worked well - Except for my vstarcam.

It somehow doesn't get an IP over the wifi.

I tried hooking it up via the ethernet and it did get an IP, in fact it worked
perfectly as I was able to receive the video through my iPhone (this after I setup
the port forwarding and the port 81). I disconnected to the home wireless and
jumped to telco's 4G and it still is working nicely.

Can anyone shed a light on how I can have this vstarcam work via wifi?
Just a note, this was working perfectly on ASUS via wifi.


A:vstarcam + airport extreme (tower)


I mentioned in my post (above) that;

"After setting the port forwarding and the setting port 81, that I managed to make the camera work".

I think that statement is not exactly accurate! I have 3 vstarcam, and after I posted the item above, I went and fiddle with the other camera, connected it directly via ethernet to the base station. It was to my surprise that without doing anything on the configuration (and I was still on 4G), to my surprise, I was able to receive the broadcast!

I deleted the port forwarding that I setup initially just incase the the second IP cam has been assigned with the same IP address. It still worked!

So now, I can do away with port forwarding and just settle the issue of these cams to receive their wireless IP addresses.

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This morning I booted up my tower I noticed wifi bars in my tray showing weak signal.  I clicked on it an disconnected the bars disappeared and cable hookup showed back up.  I have been on on wifi for many years and have never seen this happen, any idea why it would happen?

A:Wifi jumped to my wired tower!

Just went up and tried it again it was back on wifi, just for a test I hooked up one of the wifi antennas that came with the machine it doubled the bars.  Just for giggles I did a speed test then killed the wifi connection and did it again numbers were very close.  I did get 25 updates yesterday I am wondering is one of them had anything to do with this issue.