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Q: Outlook 2003 email addresses


How does one print Outlook email addresses or save them to a file. I have tried so many things to no avail. As I cannot figure out how to back up the address book, I thought that saving the emails in file or printing out would be a work around solution to a back up.

Thank you!!!


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Preferred Solution: Outlook 2003 email addresses

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Using Outlook 2003 when sending emails the predictive completion of email addresses is using address book email addresses which have long been deleted from Contacts. How do i get the predictive function to use emails from contact data base not old obsolete email addresses from Address book.

A:Outlook 2003 predictive email addresses

You can't use external data sources unless you import them into your contacts.
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I'm running Outlook 2003 on Windows 7 64-bit. Transferred emails and contact info from Outlook Express on Windows XP. Two .pst files: Rick.pst and Fish.pst. Therefore, two contact folders. Both contact folders are attached to the OL2003 address book, both appear properly when I want to grab an address to put into the TO: field of a new email.

However, when I receive an email and right click on the sender's name, the context menu doesn't include an option to add the sender to the Contacts file. Also, if I reply to the email, the sender's name but NOT the sender's email address appears in the TO: field of the reply. I then have to manually enter the actual email address or (if the person is in the Contacts database) select them from the address book.

Would appreciate help on this. Thanks.
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Is there an options to automatically add an email address to contacts or personal address book in Outlook? ie:

Or something similar like Express - "automatically put people i reply to in my address book" ?

A:Outlook XP/2003 - Adding email addresses to Contacts?

Open message you received; right click on sender's name. You will see an option in the window to add the sender to your contacts. That should do it.
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I ve seen this a to and Outlook addresses How email get full MS cut 2003 paste to few places on the web but have fond no answer XP How to get MS Outlook 2003 to cut and paste full email addresses MS Outlook I list a name and address n the TO field ie john doe lt email protected gt I copy the whole john doe lt email protected gt I paste it into the text box or a word doc and get only quot john doe quot I ve been told that if I make my Outlook display name john doe lt email protected gt it would then copy the whole thing including email address It How to get MS Outlook 2003 to cut and paste full email addresses doesn t I once read that Outlook doesn t recognize lt gt I use Yahoo for personal mail and I often need to transfer there so prefer to keep my emails in this format I know you can go to quot properties quot and gather the email address all the posts say this but if I click on the name in the To field the quot Email Properties quot gives me a display name that does NOT include the email address--though the display name in the address book does I like to copy both the name and the address at once and this takes two steps If I go to the address book hit Properties then yes I can get the full john doe lt email protected gt That is obviously cumbersome for multiple names and I find this an unacceptable solution Surely some computer whiz has bypassed this asinine malfunction and created a program that allows you to copy an email address in a mail program To say it s like creating a car w o a starter motor doesn t seem far fetched I m just so frustrated I need to be able to copy my emails from the TO field to another doc I m no computer wiz far from it but I can generally follow instructions I m willing to change registry on this one--as long as someone is VERY specific Help Thank you nbsp

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We use Outlook 2003 on an exchange server. We operate a few different companies have multiple email addresses that come into our inbox. Is there a way to choose which email address we can send email from? We have a "main" email address which is our default but we would like to be able to send an email from another address on occasion from the same inbox - is that possible? If so how do we set it up?
your help is appreciated!

A:Outlook 2003 - ability to sending from multiple email addresses

Anytime you send e-mail from Outlook, you can select which one of your linked accounts from which to send the message. by clicking on the "Accounts" button in the Message window. However, the account must first be linked to Outlook for each/any user who will need to send mail from this account. I'm not on an Exchange Server, so I can't say for sure, but I don't think you can link more than one Exchange account to each user (so, since you undoubtedly have your own Exchange e-mail account, you wouldn't be able to add another).

The appropriate workaround kind of depends on how your mail is hosted and how adept your Exchange Administrator is. If your mail comes through an outside webmail account anyway, then take Exchange out of the equation and just add a new account to your Outlook, using the webmail credentials to log directly into your webmail server. If all the mail HAS to go in and out through the Exchange server, then you could create a separate Windows account for each of the e-mail addresses and just log into the appropriate account when you need to send through that account.

I think there may also be some options in Exchange (at the server level) that might allow you to manually assign addresses, based on rules, but it's been a long time since I did any Exchange admin, and I never did all that much to begin with. Hopefully, somebody will jump in here with more definitive answers.
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Yahoo imports: Microsoft Outlook (CSV File).

There is nothing in the address book that allows you to export, so under MS 2003 Outlook they is nothing that permits me to export to CSV. I suppose I need an upgrade but I am selling my business and don't want to spend the moeny right now for that.

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Is there a way to gather all email addresses (either from, to, or cc) in a particular email folder in Outlook and store them in a delimited file? Alternatively, is there a way to add all email addresses from all emails in a particular folder to Outlook Contacts or to the Outlook Address Book?

My problem is this: my phone number is changing and I'd like to send an email to everyone who has either sent me an email or to whom I've sent an email announcing the change.

Any other way to solve the problem?

I'm running XP Pro and Outlook 2003 (11.8217.8221) SP3.

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Is there a way that I can view all of the email addresses that come up via predictive text when I start to type a name?
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Hey all! I need alittle help. I am trying to move all of my emaill addresses and saved emails from Outlook Express on one computer. To Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 on a second computer. I've never had to do this before, but I have to now. Because it's not for me. If you guys and girls can help me out with this it would be awesome. I need to get this don tomorrow. Thank you in advance.


A:Move email addresses from Outlook Express to Outlook 2007

I have Window live mail, but all these MS products work about the same.
Under file go to import export from there it should be self explanatory.
Let me know if you cant find it, Ill help.
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I'm setting up my backup system as my main system is down for warranty repair on the motherboard.

I had Outlook 2003 setup on the main system in both Win 7 64 bit and Win 8.1 64 bit. I know Office 2003 is not supposed to be compatible with Win 8, but it works OK.

On the main system in Outlook 2003 when composing a new message, if I typed the first letter of an e-mail address in the "To" (or others) a drop down menu of e-mail addresses will appear and I could highlight the one I wanted and press enter and it would be entered on the address line. With the new install on this backup Win 8.1 system, when I highlight an e-mail address and press enter, all it does is enter the first letter and add a second line to the address line - see attached screen shot. I can't find where to enable this option (if it is an option).

A:Outlook 2003 will not put addresses in automatically

I'm having the same exact issue and curious if you were able to get it working. The easy option is to turn off Word as the email editor, but I've found some other issues where certain HTML formatted emails cause Outlook 2003 to crash when you attempt to reply. I'm sure this is because it's using IE 11 to render the HTML and something within Outlook doesn't like that.

I really wanted to keep Office 2003 running under Windows 8 but doesn't seem that's going to be possible.
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I just quot upgraded quot from Outlook to and have lost the ability to type in any part of an email address alias or actual address and have Find Can't URL!? Outlook 2003 by Addresses Outlook suggest matches I Outlook 2003 Can't Find Addresses by URL!? m dumbfounded Used to be if I remembered the company someone worked for typically the URL but not the name I could just type it into the To field e g quot techguy quot and it would suggest all the addresses I have for email protected Now nothing I ve got AutoComplete and Suggest Names turned on but it s a joke It only suggests things that start the same way no wildcard searches within as I ve described above I also have issues with it just not adding a name to my address book despite having it set to add when I reply but one thing at a time I searched the forums here high and low and found many Outlook address book issues but not the specific one above Thanks nbsp

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I have just installed Word 2003 and found that I can use it as an email editor. (I use Outlook Express - not Microsoft Outlook - for sending/receiving emails.) When I want to send a Word email, I hit the address book icon and get my Outlook Express addresses - but I can't seem to access them (ie, automatically get an address into the 'send' box.) Anyone got any idea how I can do this - or whether it can be done? (As I said, I don't have Microsoft Outlook and don't particularly want to bother to get it.) Thanks!

A:Word 2003 using Outlook Express addresses

When you click on the e-mail icon and it brings up the heading, just click on the *To* and it will open your addressbook, so that you can pick the address(es) you need. They should then be automatically inserted.
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New to Outlook XP. When i enter a name in to the "To" line, SOMETIMES it fills in the persons fax info instead of their email address. This is no big problem, but is there a way to configure Outlook, when addressing a new message, to only suggest/fill in, the email address of the contact?

A:Outlook XP email addresses

I have to deal with this situation all the time.

Outlook will show you all of the email addresses and fax numbers, etc., for a given contact in a list (Contacts or a file or folder which is a sub-folder or file under Contacts.

My solution, at work, because I need to be able to send: email, individual faxes, and use an email service to send broadcast faxes (faxes of the same content, like a Request For Quotation, to many6 recipients), my solution has been to create separate folders under Contacts. Then, in any one contact, I have only the email address or fax number, or email address for broadcast fax. In fact, I include only the fields in the contact that I need. So, in email, there is just the name and the email address. In the set of folders for broadcast fax, the contacts contain only the name and the emailaddress that the fax service wants. In the fax foldr, I use complete addresses, phone numbers, fax number (only one), but no email addresses.

This is, admittedly, a lot of work, seemingly a lot of redundency. But, then, when I need to send something, I have no doubt about what number or address I am using.

Good luck.
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We are on a exchange server here in our building And one person is having an issue with her addresses Outlook email outlook When typing in a address that she has never done before she would have to hit the Check address button It would then find the right name in our contacts on the server She could do this one day or right now and add them Then cancel right out of the email and go right back in and start typing the last name and it fills But she says she has done this yesterday and today you can not type in the last name you would have to hit the check address button for it to go out and find I did add someone in on days ago and they are still available But like i said the one she did yesterday is not Is there any registry fix or removal to get this working I have done a repair on the Outlook but still the same nbsp

A:Outlook email addresses

(I hope I'm understanding this problem correctly and not wasting your time)

It's possible that the person originally entered a space or something before the recipient's name. That has happened before at my job. Then when the end user enters the correct recipient name, it isn't found.
To fix this issue, you need to have delete the recipient's incorrect name when it is auto-populated in the To: field.
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Just installed Windows 10 this morning and all seemed ok (too good to be true?!) until I tried to forward an email to someone else. Normally you only have to type the first 2 or 3 characters of the email address you want to send to into the "To" box and the software automatically puts up a short list of possible addresses and you choose the one you want. Now when I put in the first 2 or 3 characters into the "To" box, the process freezes as if the software is searching endlessly. I can go to the address book and select the email address from there manually and it works fine.

Any ideas what's happening here and how to correct it please?


A:Problem with addresses within Outlook 2003 after Windows 10 install

Does your Outlook 2003 have a Repair option ?

In my 2007 version, I can go to Programs and Features > right click at Microsoft Office 2007 > click Change > click Repair.
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Hi, I'd be really grateful to anyone who can solve this one for me. I'm using Outlook 2003 (service pack 2) on Windows XP. Last week it started to refuse to send emails to one particular address. The emails to this person just sat in my outbox, and blocked others from going out as well. I went offline, deleted the email and went back online, and my other emails then went OK (I did not try to email the problem address again at that point). A few days later I tried to email the problem address again. The same thing happened - except with worse results: this time, the two other emails that were in the outbox at the same time also became non-functional. So now I have three addresses to which emails will not go out of my outbox. Has anyone encountered this problem before and know what I can do about it? Thanks for reading this far.

A:Outlook 2003 refusing to send to specific addresses

Do you still have this problem?
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I have done quite a few office 2000 business addition installations, but this one has me stumped. For some reason even after email addresses have been put in to the TO or CC fields and sent, when starting to retype those same names they are not auto populating. Any ideas?

A:Outlook 2000 email addresses

My first thought is the Outlook.nk2 file. If it doesn't exist, i don't know if it will recreate itself or not. I do know that this is the file where outlook saves the auto complete addresses, and the path to the file should be:

C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

But, before messing with that i would look through the outlook email options. In outlook 2003 go to tools, options .... on the preferences tab click "email options", in the email options window click "advanced email options", and then there is the option to "suggest names while completing To, CC and BCC fields" . So you'll want to find the similar option in outlook 2000. if this option is turned off, turning it on may force the creation of the outlook.nk2 file. if not you should be able to create it yourself or copy it from another system or user profile. hope that helps, as i don't have a system running outlook 2000 available to test it on.
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I cannot find a way to export email addresses only from one of my contact groups. It seems that the only thing I can do is export all of the contact information for all of my separate contact groups. This is unusual as Outlook on my pc allows me to do this relatively easily. I have over 3,000 contacts and I need this to be automated. Right now I am looking at importing my whole contact list to Excel and from there hand selecting the email addresses I want to export to a separate program not affiliated with any apple or microsoft product.
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In the event of having to reinstall XP I would like to back up my emails and addresses presently stored in outlook. Each time I tried anything it didn't work. Does anyone knows? I would like to know this in case I loose all my data when reinstalling XP.

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Ever since I migrated to a new machine running Vista, Outlook is not saving my passwords for my email addresses even though I have checked the "Save Password" box.

The passwords are lost whenever Outlook is shut down.

When I bring Outlook back up the "Save Password" box is stillchecked but the passwords are all gone. Of course I get errors when email tries to download. This is very frustrating because I handle a lot of email accounts and it takes time to keep re-entering the passwords.

A:Email Addresses Not Saved In Outlook

I'm not 100% certain here but it seems as though the upgrade didn't handle Outlook very well.

And let's just clarify, is it the Commercial Outlook or Outlook express that was bundled with XP?

This is somewhat important. I suspect something a the registry is causing this issues. If you could, please try to
duplicate the error and paste a screen shot here so I can better assist.
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I have been trying to export my email address from Outlook 2004 to Gmail. Gmail wants CSV or VCard files. The only way I can figure to export it is to a .pst file.

Maybe there is a way to do it that I don't know about?

A:Exporting Outlook email addresses to Gmail

I am using Outlook 2003 but this may work for you ...

1) Open up the Contacts section on the left side of the main Outlook screen

2) Click on File in the menu bar and select "Import and Export ..." from the drop down list. That should open an "Import and Export Wizard" dialog box

3) Select "Export to a file" as your action choice and click the "Next" button.

4) The wizard box will change to show a list of file type. Choose either Comma Separated Variables for DOS or Windows (not sure what the difference is) and click next.

5) You will then be able to chose which group of contacts you wish to export and click "Next".

6) Enter a file name you wish to use and browse to the location you wish to save and click Finish.
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Hi Guys

I have installed MS Office 2007 (Small Business Edition) on a new PC (Vista Home Premium) but Outlook will only accept an email from people who are already in my address book. (Thanks Bill!)
Any idear as to where/how I can change this?


A:Solved: Only known email addresses accepted by Outlook


Have solved the glitch

Setting in Junk EMail option.

Safe Lists Only was selected.

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Hi Rollin,
Appreciate your help in this area of my project. I am new to this interface; have tried this vba script from your website and I managed to import the contacts and create the distribution list. In the Outlook address book; I notice I have duplicate record of the same contact e.g. Fitz Bob (email address) and Fitz Bob (Business Fax). During the creation of the Distribution List my Outlook display the email address on the Name and Email columns.
My objective is using the excel worksheet to import the contacts into the distribution list in Outlook.
Appreciate if you can let me know where my mistake is.

*** I have attached Excel worksheet file with vba macro script in it.
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I have got a mailinglist.

I have all my users in my access db.

I would like to email the users using outlook.

How do I do this ?

I have access xp.


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Greetings all I'm a real newbie to this forum so if I have posted this in the incorrect location addresses choose to Outlook from?? 2010 email just let me know Thanks - When I create a new email and begin to type in a name for example J a window drop-down appears and shows Outlook 2010 email addresses to choose from?? me names that begin with the letter quot J quot and the next name shown begins with the letter quot L quot Since I actually have names that begin with quot J quot why can't I scroll down the list and pick the one I want If I double click on the quot To quot it will bring up my address book and then I can type quot J quot and it will show me all the quot J quot s that I can choose from However that is obviously another step to go through that wastes time Is there an option I need to check to allow the first window drop down to show me more options or another solution Thanks in advance for any information you can provide to solve this problem for me Ron

A:Outlook 2010 email addresses to choose from??

Hi Ron, maybe I'm missing something, but the more letters you type, the narrower the field becomes.

So for example, if I start off with "L" all the names with L will pop-up, as I type the second letter, LI, all the names with LI will stay and everything else drops off and so on. That's the way the "auto" feature is designed to work.

The other way you could do it is just type the entire name in the To box and hit Check Names and the box that opens will have a list of all the people with that name, then you just choose the one you want.

Hope this helps.
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My computer died and I am accessing my hard drive using 2.5 " USB 2. IDE drive enclosure to obtain Outlook messages and email addresses to download to a new computer. I am stumped on how to access these files I need, can anyone help me. I was able to access my word DOCUMENT, PHOTOS, ETC, BUT TO ACCESS THE OUTLOKK FILES ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY.



A:accessing outlook messages and email addresses

Hi msnpepper, and welcome to TSG.

Exactly what kind of problems are you having (Can't find them, can't open them)?

What version of Windows was used on the old drive and what version of Outlook was being used. Are you using the same versions of Windows and Outlook now?

Is the old drive NTFS or FAT32 formatted?
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Once we installed MS Office 2000 w/sp 3 or MS Office 2003 we now are getting some irritating messages when sending messsages outside of Outlook. We are running both O/S of XP and 2000.

"A program is trying to access email addresses you have stored in Outlook. Do you want to allow this?"

While I understand why MS put this CYA message in their product it isn't very efficient when sending multiple emails at once from within another application. I was wondering if there is anyway to tweak this feature or opt not to install it?

Thanks for any ideas you have.


A:Outlook message: a program is trying to access email addresses...

Yes. It is called "Redemption" and it is free.
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How can I set my Outlook 2007 to save sent to email addresses for more than 1 day after sending?


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I have Outlook Office not Outlook Contacts Email addresses picks in up Solved: Vista on my personal laptop which is not linked to a network When I enter recipients for an e-mail usually by first name a selection of e-mail addresses pops up If I do not select one the program selects one for me and expands Solved: Outlook picks up Email addresses not in Contacts the name I entered to a name from my Contacts with their e-mail address Currently whenever I e-mail my friend Dan the system either selects the e-mail address of my friend Dan that I e-mail often or it brings up an e-mail address that Solved: Outlook picks up Email addresses not in Contacts I don t recognize and is not in any of my contacts folders I have to remember to watch that it picks up the right Solved: Outlook picks up Email addresses not in Contacts e-mail address I have had this problem also with friends that change e-mail addresses The system will repeatedly bring up the old e-mail address if I do not remember to watch it and select the new address These old and unknown e-mail addresses do not go away and I have to watch what is picked up These addresses do not exist in my contacts or address book I ve tried right clicking on the selection to see if I can delete the old or unknown e-mail address from wherever its coming from but it doesn t do anything Where are these addresses coming from and how do I get rid of old and eroneous addresses in this file so they aren t picked up accidentally nbsp

A:Solved: Outlook picks up Email addresses not in Contacts

Hi BlueCat29,

The names are coming from Outlook's auto-complete cache.

When the list appears, use the cursor down-arrow to move to the name you want to remove, then press delete.

This is good to do when Outlook has remembered a previous invalid name.

Alternatively, to clear the cache completely you can delete file OUTLOOK.NK2.
Start button then select Run and then type %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Outlook and press OK
Delete the above file from the list that appears.

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Is there anyone out there that can help me?

I've recently got a new laptop - it has windows 7.

I need to transfer my email contacts from my old computer to the new laptop - I use it for business and I have hundreds of email addresses that have always auto-completed (if you get what I mean).

Outlook on the new laptop doesn't auto complete the email addresses.

I've done a google search for help and I've found this link (VERY USEFUL!)
How to transfer Outlook auto-complete addresses to a new computer – Simple Help

BUT it doesn't work - the files on windows 7 are different to I can't complete the last stage.

Anyone out there that can help?



A:Outlook - auto complete email addresses to new computer

Are you sure your doing it correct ? I've just tried it from my Vista lappy and copied it on to my Win7 rig (different user accounts) and it worked fine.

Make sure you copy it from

C:\Documents and Settings\oldname\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook


C:\Documents and Settings\newname\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

substitute red text with the correct names
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hello i tried changing an email address and i got this message and cant find how to fix it... anyone have an idea?

outlook 2010.

A:one or more email addresses are not in a valid format outlook 2010

You have not supplied a lot of information. Are you trying to change the email address of one of your contacts, or are you trying to change one of your email accounts.

Have a look at this MS website & there is a solution to try.
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I have deleted many email addresses in Outlook 2007. Today I happened to search for an address and typed in a "b" and an old email address showed up that I had deleted a long time ago. Then I found that if I went through the alphabet, typing in just one letter into the To: field all sorts of old email addresses popped up. Where are these stored and how can I permanently delete them?

Thanks as always!

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I am having trouble with Microsoft Outlook crashing, when I send an email to multiple addresses.  I have reinstalled outlook and that does not solve the problem.  Thanks for your help.

A:Microsoft Outlook Crashing when sending email to multiple addresses

Check your Event Viewer Applications (under Windows logs in Windows 7), for Outlook error logs. Post the version of Outlook you are using, the operating system version you are using, along with Event ID number and whatever is in the Details tab in Event Viewer in your next post.
You can get to it through Control Panel>System (Vista and 7) or Control Panel>Performance in XP.
Unfortunately, we don't have enough information at this point to determine what the cause might be.
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I have bought a new computer with Windows 7 preinstalled. Before setting it up I backed up all my outstanding emails (204 .dbx files) and email addresses (one .wab file size 176kb) from my old computer on to a memory stick. I now want to import them into Windows Live Mail. I have gone through the recommended procedure for the emails, but only some of them have come across. I have been totally unable to import the addresses. The only procedures I have found seem to relate to a different version of Live Mail because they tell me to click on things that don't appear on my screen! Can anyone help?

It occurs to me that maybe not all the messages are being imported because I haven't imported the relevant contact details. Could this be the case?

By the way I can't go back to the old computer as it has completely died, which is why I replaced it.

A:Importing email addresses from Outlook Express to Windows 7 Live mail

Peruse the links below to see if they provide you with more information.
Note the links are in a random order.

How do I transfer my contacts and emails from Outlook Express to - Microsoft Answers

Importing Outlook Express mail into Windows Live Mail

migrating email from Outlook Express 6.0 to Windows live mail

Questions about Migration from Outlook-Express 6 on my old, Windows-XP - Microsoft Answers

How do I transfer Outlook Express email and folders from an old - Microsoft Answers

Import E-Mail Contacts from Outlook Express 6 to Windows 7, Windows - Microsoft Answers
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Hello I originally posted this question on November in the Email section and in spite 2003 used Outlook 2003 email for Word as editor of many views there were no replies That is when I thought I might be going about asking the question the wrong way Windows XP - SP Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook I use Word as my email editor for Outlook Word 2003 used as email editor for Outlook 2003 I had had a problem or two awhile back and I used the Detect and Repair Function that comes with Outlook Problems cleared up HOWEVER I got a new and IMHO worse problem my emails that are advertisements like Newegg TigerDirect Overstock etc are fine but anything else that is actually text that is sent to me comes in very very small and I can not find a way to change it I have looked everywhere in Outlook Microsoft online and Google Sample attached I can t find it and it is driving me crazy If anyone could help I d sincerely appreciate it Thank you for your time nbsp

A:Word 2003 used as email editor for Outlook 2003

Hi and welcome to TSG.

From the main Outlook Mail screen, try ...

Tools ->
Options ->
Mail Format Tab ->
"Fonts ..." button in Stationery and Fonts section ->
"Choose Font ..." button under "When composing and reading plain text"
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This appears to be a common problem, with many solutions, though I have yet to find one that works for me. When using Outlook 2003 with Word 2003 set to be the email editor, Word opens and works fine to CREATE a new email. However, when trying to REPLY TO or FORWARD an email, I get the error message "Microsoft Word is set to be your email editor. However, Word is unavailable, not installed, or is not the same version as Outlook. The outlook email editor will be used instead...," and when I click OK to that message the native Outlook email editor opens. Word 2003 worked fine with Outlook 2003 replying to or forwarding emails till this morning, but the behavior described above now applies. The OS, by the way, is Windows 10. I have tried to both "repair" and "reinstall" the 2003 Office 2003 suite, both to no avail. Would appreciate a much needed solution to this puzzle.

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I currently am operating ACER laptop and running windows XP.

I've got a hotmail account which is accessible through Outlook, and runs completely fine. I have a private domain email address that is linked to my hotmail account, so both emails to both addresses are recieved in the same inbox - but i want the private domain to be what is viewed as the 'from adress' through outlook?

when i use outlook the 'from' address is my hotmail one.

and when i use hotmail the 'from' address is from my 'private domain' on behalf of 'hotmail address'

I want the private domain set up in outlook, but cant find the options to have that, and link it to the already set up hotmail account.

I run Outlook 2007 Academic version, and mircosoft outlook connector.


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I had a Windows XP corruption to my system folder wherein I had to reinstall my operating system and "wipe out" my harddrive.

I have my entire "old" harddrive with all settings, files, etc. on it, and now my computer is up and running with Windows Vista Business.

I have successfully added my old PST file to the new OS and it works, however how can I get my Outlook 2003 rules, email accounts, etc? I'm not able to "export" as I cannot run the old Outlook program?...

Are these files located somewhere that I can manually add them (replace, whatever) to the new Vista OS/hard drive?

Thanks in advance...
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OK... well I thought I had it covered but.... I copied the pst file from 2003 and tried to open in 2007. I recently read somewhere that you have to copy the pst when Outlook is closed. I did not close Outlook and copied the file while Outlook was open. Anyway to rescue these Emails? The old drive is toast so I can't do that. The pst file is 79mg so I suspect the info is there. Any thoughts? Thanks!
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I know that 07 Word saves files in a .docx file that is not usable by the 97-03 Word and same goes for PowerPoint and Excell. My question is does this occur with Outlook 2007 also? I have a friend who said that he can't read my Outlook 2007 email to him (he uses the older version of outlook). Is there a way to change it so that I can send 2007 Outlook emails to people with the 97-03 versions?

Relevancy 62.35%

I just starte using Outlook 2003.
I have a Yahoo and a Hotmail email account.
When I send a message to myself at either address, the email only goes to the Outbox and some time later I get messages such as:

< Task 'Yahoo - Sending' reported error (0x80004005) : 'Outlook's request to the server failed.
The server responded ''. ' >

What may be wrong? What am I doing wrong?

Many thanks in advance for all help offered.


Relevancy 62.35%

Just started to set up Outlook. Have entered two email addresses. Mine and my wife.
Imported addresses & folders from OE. Some folders have different names in each email address. Everything from my email folders has been duplicated under wife (she had no files) where the folders are the same name ie inbox, deleted files, etc . When a new email arrives it goes to both. When I delete, it deletes from both. Suggestions please.

A:outlook 2003 - email

Have you set up two completely different Profiles with completely different data files in Outlook?
Relevancy 62.35%

HELP! changed email hosting servers so had to make changes in emails, and copies are going to all wrong personal folder inboxes...any suggestions? THX

Relevancy 61.49%

Really quick and probably easy question. I want to back up all my emails to a CD before I do a format reinstall. Is there any way to do this in Outlook 2003?

A:Backing Up Email in Outlook 2003

Hi xSoilworkeRx

If you have any Rules you would like to save, Export them and save the resulting .rwz file.
Tools > Rules and Alerts > E-mail Rules tab > Options > Export

Do a search for .pst files.
These contain your messages as well as your Contacts.
Relevancy 61.49%

Good Afternoon I work in a very small office of employees We have pc's all running xp sp all connected to a separate server which forwards our email gets data backed up to it etc 2003 receiving outlook not email Around weeks outlook 2003 not receiving email ago one of the machines stopped receiving email through outlook exchange server Email sent from it gets received and it does outlook 2003 not receiving email seem to receive email sent from other people in our office but nothing from outside has come in for quite a while Having read up on a few things on this board amp else where i have so far established Removing the account in outlook and putting it back on again makes no difference Removing the anti virus firewall software did nothing Reinstalling a different antivirus etc avg and running a full virus scan pulled no results Checking and comparing as many of the properties on the server as I can find there is nothing different that i can see between one of the working accounts and the non working one There does not appear to be any mail queued on the server that is not pushing through on the account Having had very little experience in this kind of thing any suggestions would be greatly appreciated Many thanks in advance Sam

A:outlook 2003 not receiving email

Is there a particular 0x800ccc error code or something similar happening when you click send/receive on that machine?
Relevancy 61.49%

I have thousands of emails I can't access. I have almost 2gb of email in outlook 2003 and it wont open. Please help.
Relevancy 61.49%

Outlook 2003 hyperlinks
When inserting a hyperlink into an HTML email, I find that I cannot click on the link whilst composing, the recipients will be able to click on the link once it has sent. Is this a 'design feature' of Outlook 2003? just wondering!?

A:Outlook 2003 hyperlinks - in a new email?

I've had this problem in Outlook 2000 as well, but it doesn't bother me as a quick copy and paste to use it works for me
Relevancy 61.49%

This is my first post here, hope I do it right.
I tried to send a spread sheet as an attachment but I keep getting an error message "the connection was interrupted"
error 451.
I suspect the attachment is just too large so I want to just delete it but I can't move it or delete it because outlook has already started sending the message.
Does any one have any suggesting how I can delete this message?
I keep getting this error every few minutes when ever I have outlook running.


A:Outlook 2003 email problem

Welcome to Bleeping Computer, jscatam1128.

Here is the solution to your issue:

Turn off your computer.
Disconnect your PC from the cable modem. Now launch Outlook. Outlook will try to do a send/receive cycle, but it will fail pretty quickly. Now, you can open the outbox and delete the stuck message. Close Outlook, turn your computer off again, reconnect the PC, boot up, and you should be back in business.
Relevancy 61.49%

Operating System - Win XP. I am trying to set up Outlook 2003 to use for email. I have reached the stage where I test the Account settings. The test ticks all the boxes except the last one "Send test email message". I get an report which tells me that Outlook cannot connect with the Outgoing mail server (SMTP) - even though it has previously ticked the SMTP box. Any ideas ?

A:Setting Up Outlook 2003 for email

Click on "More Settings" button on the config screen. Goto the 2nd Tab (I guess its called Outgoing server) and enable My outgoing server requires authentication. If you are using an email service thats different from your internet service , let me know , I will give you a workaround.
Relevancy 61.49%


Someone in our office has been trying to send emails with attachments, but they have been running unusually slowly. She is using a notebook, and she is attached to the network through an Ethernet connection. The software is Outlook Professional 2003. Anyone have any ideas?

Relevancy 61.49%

When I try to save or add an e-mail attachment outlook freezes-up.
My operating system is XP Pro, any tips would be appreciated.
Relevancy 61.49%

I would like to send a mass email to all of my Outlook contacts (Professional Outlook 2003) without having to click on each one. My thought is that there MUST be an easy way to do this, but I cannot find it. I would appreciate any helpful info from one wiser than me. Thanks!
Relevancy 61.49%

When I respond to email messages I get the attached error message. What setting(s) do i need to change?

A:MS Outlook 2003 Email Issue

Looks like you are responding to e-mails in html mode. Your IE internet/intranet settings are probably set to not allow active X controls which isn't really a great problem unless you can't stand the message. Open IE internet options and go to the security tab -custom level, scroll down and make sure the following are checked:

run active x controls and plugins
script activex controls marked safe for scripting

or if your not totally paranoid set the internet zone to medium high. Hopefully that helps
Relevancy 61.49%

I cannot open sent email in Outlook 2003. It gives me an error message saying OLE Registration Error occured.

Can anyone please help me/


A:Cannot open sent email in Outlook 2003

Try this:
Disable outlook express through windows add and remove windows components then re-enabbled outlook express.
If that doesn't work, try this:
Start> Run> type:
regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\ole32.dll then OK.
Click OK at the registration message.
Relevancy 61.49%

I can't get outlook 2003 to divert incoming emails to another email accout. There is not a "DIVERT" option in the list of optioins. There is a "FORWARD" option and it works but it sends the message as a forwarded message with the lead in stuff in the email as it arrives at the second account.
The MS help web page indicates that there should be a "DIVERT" option that will make the message received by the second email account look like it had been sent directly to it. This is what I want but the "DIVERT" option is not shown in the "Rules and Alerts" menu options.
What am I doing wrong?


A:Outlook 2003 email diverting

I believe that diverting or redirecting incoming e-mails in Outlook requires sending and receiving e-mails through a Microsoft Exchange 2000, 2003, or 2007 account. Most home and personal accounts do not use Exchange.

Can you provide a link to the MS help page that you mention in your first post?
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Am trying -using 7zip- to compress & email but unable to do so as Outlook is not my default. Apparently Live Mail is.

How can I change please?


A:MS Outlook 2003 - Default email

One of the following links should help:
Set Outlook 2003 as default mail client in Windows 2007 - Microsoft Community
Outlook -> Tools -> Options -> Other tab -> Check 'Make Outlook the
default program'

Default Programs - Set a Program's Default Associations
Relevancy 61.49%

Anyone have any ideas for email encryption? Im not sure if I want to have a Key etc... Is there any other option for encryption? There are mainly 5 or so people that need to send secure mail out of the 100 users here.. please throw any ideas at me.. thanks!

A:Email Encryption Outlook 2003

Look up PGP on google.
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Hi to all, it has been a while since I have been back here. My request is, I have a user who has a new laptop replacing his old one. He is running Windows XP Pro and Office 2003 on both laptops. I used the file and transfer wizard, but he still has email on his old laptop in the inbox that he would like to merg with the email in his new laptop in the inbox. Would you be able to point me to the right direction. Thanks.

A:Merging email from Outlook 2003

I guess no one can help me in this matter, so I will move on to another forum.

Thanks anyway.
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Suddenly we are experiencing random delayed emails.

Inbound email arrives at Barracuda, hands off to email server on Nitix server, workstations are running Outlook 2003.

Not all email is delayed, only random.

Example: Barracuda receives at 8:27:55 AM, Nitix webmail posts at 8:29:13 AM, Outlook posted at 10:06 PM

Workstations are running McAfee Total Business. Uninstalled on one workstation. Still had some delayed email.

Only semi common denominator is seems to effect emails from most frequent senders.

Any ideas?
Relevancy 61.49%

I had a problem with email showing sent - actually residing in the “Sent” box but no one was receiving any emails from me regardless of being replied to or new.

After hours of trouble shooting it came down to the signature.

With signature removed I can now send email that is received.

Any signature I include stops the email from being received. This just started happening about 2 weeks ago.

Anyone know of any fixes ???

A:Outlook 2003 will not deliver email

whats in the signature,

if you just type your name in text
Relevancy 61.49%

Within the past five days I have been having trouble displaying Email Display Outlook 2003 some of my HTML emails I don t Outlook 2003 Email Display recall making any changes however I suppose must have I am using XP and Outlook Now when viewing many of my HTML emails they come through looking like the one below However it is important to note that it is not ALL HTML emails only some I m guessing it may be a security setting but I m not sure Here is an example What just a few days ago came through as a friendly HTML format now appears like this To ensure your MyPoints email is delivered to your inbox be sure to add email protected to your email address book or contact list MyPoints lt http www mypoints com z er bonusMail MyPointsLogo gif gt BonusMail lt http www mypoints com z er bonusMail BonusMail gif gt lt http www mypoints com z er bonusMail spacer gif gt lt http www mypoints com z er bonusMail spacer gif gt lt http www mypoints com z er bonusMail spacer gif gt lt http www mypoints com z er bonusMail spacer gif gt Member Info Name Ryan Point Balance My Account lt https www mypoints com emp u member viewMember do gt lt http www mypoints com z er bonusMail spacer gif gt lt http www mypoints com z er bonusMail spacer gif gt Earning more Points is fast amp easy Read this BonusMail and visit the partner site Get Points Respond to this offer Get Points lt http www mypoints com z er bonusMail spacer gif gt lt http www mypoints com z er bonusMail spacer gif gt lt http www mypoints com z er bonusMail spacer gif gt lt http www mypoints com z er bonusMail spacer gif gt lt http www mypoints com z er bonusMail spacer gif gt Once you get to What to Expect online sign up for the program Receive Points lt http www mypoints com emp u ma do mt P yGR HOPkXBR ZHxrTtUviXLMvRtzV amp arr s gt lt http www mypoints com z b spacer gif gt lt http www mypoints com z b author image jpg gt Every mom needs a home away from home a place to find support answers friends and advice she can depend on That s why there s What to Expect the ultimate online resource for moms and moms-to-be Registration is quick easy FREE and gives you instant access to everything you ll need from preconception to pregnancy to parenting through the toddler years Sign up today and personalize the What to Expect experience for you and your growing family No matter where you are in your pregnancy or parenting journey you ll find thousands of other members who share your anticipation your dreams and let s face it your questions on What to Expect Won t you join us All the best lt http www mypoints com z b spacer gif gt lt http www mypoints com z b author signature jpg gt lt http www mypoints com emp u ma do mt P yGR HOPkXBR ZHxrTtUviXLMvRtzV amp arr s gt lt http www mypoints com z b join wte content right gif gt lt http www mypoints com z b img content right jpg gt Get mom-to-mom advice and support lt http www mypoints com z b img content right jpg gt Track and record magical milestones lt http www mypoints com z b img content right jpg gt Share family photos and stories lt http www mypoints com z b img content right jpg gt Receive custom articles and info lt http www mypoints com z b img content right jpg gt Create your personal home page and blog lt http www mypoints com emp u ma do mt P yGR HOPkXBR ZHxrTtUviXLMvRtzV amp arr s gt lt http www mypoints com z b spacer gif gt lt http www mypoints com z b bg bottom new gif gt lt http www mypoints com z er bonusMail spacer gif gt Hurry This Point Offer Expires June Points for this offer can only be earned once lt http www mypoints com z er bonusMail spacer gif gt lt http www mypoints com z er bonusMail spacer gif gt lt http www mypoints com z er bonusMail spacer gif gt lt http www mypoints com z er bonusMail spacer gif gt lt http www mypoints com z er bonusMail spacer gif gt lt http www mypoints com z er bonusMail spacer gif gt Once you get to What to Expect online sign up for the program Receive Points lt http mypoints com images a water... Read more
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I'm using Outlook 2003 in Win7 and trying to send an excel .xls file to a mac user and he keeps getting a winmail1dat file. According to Googled how-to info, this is what happens if you email in rich text format which I am not. I'm in HTML mode. He can receive .xls in plain text. Another mac friend gets the same .xls file in HTML just fine. ???

Any suggestions without sending in plain text just to this one user everytime?

A:Outlook 2003 won't email .xls files to a mac

Tell the recipient to save then rename winmail1.dat to winmail1.xls. He/she should then be able to open it in Excel.
I've no idea why they are receiving it as a dat file.
Relevancy 61.49%

I get the following error message (0x800CCC7D) when I try to send email:
Your outgoing (SMTP) server does not support SSL-secured connections.
I checked with my ISP (Verizon) and they checked and concluded all my settings in Outlook were correct. They said to contact Microsoft.
Microsoft forums were of no help.
Any ideas?

A:Outlook 2003 Won't Send Email

I've seen that on infected computers where the SMTP connection was being redirected to another server in order to collect the cleartext username and password info.
Relevancy 61.49%

My outlook 2003 has problem, It always download the same emails when I click send/receive, which means I could get same emails some time in my inbox. Can anyone advice how to solve?
Relevancy 61.49%

We use XP and have a secured network, my users can log on to different computers and add their email acct to the computer and access their mail. Only this time one of my users did that but in the process did something wrong and now when she logs on to her regular computer and opens her email none of the messages are there. But when she logs back on to the pc she was borrowing earlier all her emails are there. Not sure what to do??
Relevancy 61.49%

I have an associate that cannot see the content of some emails unless she selects Reply or Forward, then the text becomes visible. If she opens the email, or tries to view it in the Preview Pane, it appears blank. These are emails from 2 different people. I had seen something similar before and a bad Hardware Profile was the culprit. Deleted the hardware profile, created another one and it worked well. That does not fix this problem.

Any ideas?
Relevancy 61.49%

I need to restore, copy, bring over, what ever you want to call it, but I need access to all of my personal folders and email that was left on my computer when I changed over to Windows 7. I successfully completed a Windows 7 Clean install after backing up my hard drive on to an external 250 gig flash (G). I also know and found that Windows 7 created a ?Windows old? file on my hard drive, that also houses my Outlook 2003 backup (As I use the PST Backup utility).
I thought I could just copy the outlook file, rename the file (OutlookXPEmail) and place it in the Windows 7 Outlook file. See attached. But what do I do now? I am still running Outlook 2003, the same program that I was using when I was running XP. Can anyone help me?

A:How to access old email from XP Outlook 2003

file / open / outlook data file?
Relevancy 61.49%

How do I setup an email template to open when I select New with a jpg picture as the header, the curser open under it and then the normal signature...with spell check working for the text? Would be best if on reply it did not have the header (different template?)
Relevancy 61.49%

For some reason, I cannot receive emails now on my outlook on this pc (work). My home PC works fine.

I even run the "test account settings" and everything works, except I dont receive the outlook test message. I do the the files up on the webmail, but for some reason they are not downloading. I am able to send emails.

I get the following error.

Receiving' reported error (0x800CCC0F) : 'The connection to the server was interrupted. If this problem continues contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP). The server responded: +OK 27061 octets follow'

and the same message, but

+OK 3753 octets follow

for the second email address.
These both reside with the same ISP, but on seperate servers.

Relevancy 61.49%

I have set up email signatures and associated them with both "new message" as well as "reply to" functions. They come across fine except that while my "reply to" signature is perfect, my "new message" signature does not show the apporpriate colors but is only B & W. For the life of me I cannot figure this out or fix it. I have tried deleting and creating new signatures, but to no avail. Help please?

Relevancy 61.49%

While trying to fix an issue with selecting text, I got a .cab error that has now been fixed.

However, now when I open Outlook, it is asking to establish a new email account, as if I am a first time user. i can't access the existing email account, and all of the emails, folders etc. An archive.pst file still exists and by the size appears to contain all emails, folders etc.

Does anyone know how I can locate and reinstate the existing email account to access the existing emails etc.?

If this is not possible, can a new account be established and the existing emails, folders etc. in the archive .pst file imported?



A:Outlook 2003 email account gone

Hotchi said:

can a new account be established and the existing emails, folders etc. in the archive .pst file imported?Click to expand...

Yes, I'd say your best option is to do that. Luckily you still have the previous PST file
Relevancy 61.06%

Just like the title says, when I send email it exits the outbox as if it were being processed properly, it disapppears, but it never makes it to the "sent items". As such, I have no record of the email, and I cannot tell if it made it to the recipient. I did a couple test emails to other accounts I have and the email arrived, but I do not know if this happens in every case. Does anyone know why this would happen? The "save email I send in sent items folder" option is still checked, and I have unchecked and checked it again to see if that helps, but it does not. Any suggestions? It just started happening out of the blue. No new software installations, etc.

A:When Sending in Outlook 2003 Email Disappears

Tools-->Options, Email options. Make sure "Save copies of messages in Sent Items folder is checked". Also, if you have messages in other folders BESIDES your inbox, maybe the sent message is there instead, which will happen if you have (under Advanced Email options) the "In folders other than inbox..." checked.
Relevancy 61.06%

Outlook 2003 will not print my email. i do not get an error message, it acts as if it is going to the printer, but nothing happens. I am running win xp,pro with sp2 installed along with the updates. I have reinstalled it and updated to sp3 for office 2003. ]I havae also run Regsvr32.exe %Windir%\System32\Ole32.dll, as suggested by windows knowledge basse, to no avail. Any help will be appreciated. this is frustrating, to say the least.

Relevancy 61.06%

I am using Outlook 2003 with several different email accounts. Is there a way to have email sent to a specific account routed to a folder other than the "Inbox". In other words can I have mail for Account A sent to the Inbox and mail from Account B automatically go to another folder?

Thanks in advance for any help.

A:Solved: Routing Email in Outlook 2003

You should be able to set up a Rule (Tools menu -> Rules and Alerts) to process messages coming through a specific account and put them into a specific folder.
Relevancy 61.06%

I use Outlook 2003 for my email and have a 9700 Blackberry device. I noticed 2 major problems recently:

1. Every time I open Outlook I get an error message stating "Personal Folders was closed improperly and is being checked for problems" and takes a while to open up.

2. Random emails are being deleted from my inbox. The time and date of the message still shows, but the 'from' and 'subject line' and the entire body of the email message is deleted. The messages are still on my Blackberry.

Anyone have any experience with this? Should I upgrade to Outlook 2007 or 2010?

Thanks very much.
Relevancy 61.06%

Sometimes when I open a new email or reply to an email the window will be a different size than the last email I sent. Why do they change sizes? What can I do so that they don't change size unless I manually change it? Thanks!

A:Outlook 2003 Email Window Question

It acts just like IE.
If you click and drag the open window to size by the corners and edges, then use File>Close instead of the X in the upper right hand corner, it should "remember" and stay that way the next time it's opened. From then on, you can go back to the quick close X.
You'll have to do it for each type of window open in outlook. (i.e Send, Receive, Reply, etc).
Relevancy 61.06%

I have a pc that only remembers this "autofill email address" option for the day, so if i typed a bunch of email addresses that started with the letter "J", i get a dropdown list of all my email addresses that started with "J", but only for the day.? Once i reboot it forgets all email history? Any body ever has this issue?
Relevancy 61.06%

Hi Guys,

I'm running Exchange on W2K3 with 5 Clients all using Outlook 2003. One of the clients is steadfastly refusing to send email from the desktop in the office - it gets stuck in the outbox (it shows up marked in italics).

The user of the machine is able to access the Exchange Server remotely on his desktop and can send and receive email fine - with the exception that it's not synchronizing with the email stuck in the outbox on the client in the office.

Any suggestions?

Relevancy 61.06%


I run outlook 2003 on a win xp sp2 system. I have recently been unable to send emails from outlook. I appear to be properly set up with pop3 to my yahoo mail account.

When I try and send or forward an email from outlook, it appears to leave the outbox and appears in the sent items folder. However it doesn't appear in my yahoo mail box either in the inbox of sent to my yahoo account or the sent items if sent to another account.

Does anyone know what is going on and how to fix it please?


A:Outlook 2003 - problem sending email

First, you need all the Outlook 2003 updates downloaded and installed. There are at least three of them. Use the Office Updates header.
Then you need to look at the help site at Yahoo regarding outlook 2003 installs.
Relevancy 61.06%

When one of my users attempts to send email, he's getting the error "an unexpected error has occurred" He is able to receive email and read it normally.

Any ideas? He's using Windows XP Pro and Office 2003 SP2.


A:Error sending email in Outlook 2003

Does the program then close - that is, does this error cause a crash? Or is he just unable to send email?
Relevancy 61.06%


Most of my emails in my Inbox in Outlook are displayed by their full names, such as "Joe Bloggs", however there is one email (who I'm emailing often), that constantly is shown by their actual email, and not their display name. I know it's minor, but it is very annoying. I've tried everything. I've gone onto his contact card and his email is supposedly displayed as "Name (email)", yet nothing happens. Furthermore, I've double clicked on the email in the reading pane and a little box popped up saying:

Display name: (email)
Email Address: (email)
Email type: SMTP

I changed the Display Name to their full name and clicked "OK". Yet it is still displayed by his email. I click on his email again in the reading pane, and the display name has reverted back to his email address!

Can anyone help me here?



A:Outlook 2003 Email / Name Displays In Inbox

What you describe occurs when the sender has not entered his/her name into the from area in his/her e-mail program. There is nothing you can do on your end to make his/her name display if he/she has not included it on his/her end.

Orange Blossom
Relevancy 61.06%

Hi all!

I'm having this problem in which when I go from one email to another (not opening, just selecting), the previous email stays selected.

A restart of Outlook doesn't resolve the issue. I have no problems with the (wired) keyboard as I was able to open a folder and selects files w/o an problems.

A reboot fixes the issue, but this is the 2nd time this has happened. The user is not going to settle for rebooting every time...HELP!!

I ran detect and repair on Outlook, so we'll see how that holds up.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

OS: XP w/ SP3
Outlook 2003 Pro w/ SP3

Relevancy 61.06%

I'm running Outlook 2003 on a Win7 laptop where Outlook is the default email and IE the default browser. Firefox is also installed. When on a youtube site I want to share, with Outlook open, I click share->email and nothing happens. If I go to file->send link or send page nothing happens. If I do same from Firefox it works fine.

On another Win7 PC running Office 2010 (outlook 2010) it works fine.

any ideas?
Relevancy 61.06%

I don't think I've seen this, but a co-worker asked:

Can you specify a date and time to deliver your email? Similar to the way e-card sites like does?

Thank you.

A:Outlook 2003: Specify a time to send email?

To set a date and time before which a message must not be sent in Outlook:

* Select View | Options from the message's menu.
* Make sure Do not deliver before is selected.
* Select the desired delivery date using the drop-down list.
* Click Close.
Relevancy 61.06%

I've seen some posts with similar issues here; however none of them seem to address my problem exactly.

Here is what happens.

When I change my default EM account under 'Tools, E-mail accounts' it accepts the changes. However, in reality it keeps the old default and always reverts back. The only way to set a new default EM account is to delete the old one.

However, as soon as I add the deleted account once again; immediately Outlook reverts back once again.
Anything to be done? Or do I have to delete the profile and start from scratch?

Thanks for your help !

Relevancy 61.06%

On a dark day a few Outlook Email After Reinstall In 2003 Xp Sending weeks ago my hard drive crashed completely forcing me to reinstall Windows XP Home Edition Since then I have been unable to get Outlook to work properly I can receive mail but can't send mail When running quot test account settings quot the error message reads quot Send test email message Unable to send test Message Please verify the E-mail Address field quot Here's what I've done so far - checked and double-checked the input information e-mail address server addresses etc for Sending Email In Outlook 2003 After Xp Reinstall typos- called our ISP which is Verizon They tell me it's not their problem it's a software thing Fine - loaded the various XP and MS Office updates including Service Pack and also the SP that goes to Office I have looked on BC for a similar problem but haven't found any with a solution that fits though some sound close and I've tried Any suggestions would be REALLY appreciated by this non-techie

A:Sending Email In Outlook 2003 After Xp Reinstall

Silly question, but you have tried to send mail to someone else or to yourself?

Don't bother with the "Test" function in Outlook - it often fails for no particular reason.
Relevancy 61.06%

I'm stumped I am running Windows XP with Outlook I use Comcast for my ISP and email When I try to send an email out with Outlook it won't send There is no error message and it is not in the outbox but it never shows up in the recipient's inbox After tons of troublshooting I've determined that it won't let me send an email with my signature attached If I use comcast's website I can use my signature and it goes through fine I changed my signature and used my partner's signature which is exactly like mine and it went through So I figured I would just paste his into the create a signature page and then change the contact info and name That did email send with signature won't 2003 Outlook my not work I tried to create a word doc with my signature and paste it from there but that did not work However if I hand type my signature then it goes through I can only guess that something between Outlook 2003 won't send email with my signature my computer and the comcast server is marking Outlook 2003 won't send email with my signature my message as spam when it reads my signature I have no idea how to fix this Any suggestions I've tried turning off the scan email option on McAfee but that didn't work either

A:Outlook 2003 won't send email with my signature

The problem is not with Comcast. Try removing your account completely from OE. You will not lose your mail. From there just set it back up. I work for an ISP and you would be amazed at the problems that come in and this simple task fixes the issues.
Relevancy 61.06%

I'm using Outlook 2003 and Windows xp professional. Ever since I was required to install Outlook Connector to connect Outlook with my hotmail account, I've had connecting issues. Most of the time I get them worked out, but this time I can't. I've tried reinstalling Outlook Connector and removing and then adding again my email account to Outlook. When I try to connect, there is a red X in the lower right window of Outlook and it says
Mail: error
Calendar: error
Contact: connected

The thing is, when I created a new hotmail account (and a gmail account for that matter) I was able to easily connect both of them to Outlook without problem- it is only this original email account that will not connect. Please help if you can!
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Until recently my Outlook email worked just fine. The other day I began to receive many duplicate emails. I deleted my account from Outlook and re-entered all of the information. I ran a test email which seemed to pause on the "Log onto incoming mail server" but then it showed completed.
I have re-entered the email account data many times and keep getting the following error:

Task ' - Receiving' reported error (0x800CCC90) : 'Your incoming (POP3) e-mail server has reported an internal error. If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP). The server responded: -ERR unable to open that message'

I sent this problem to Network Solutions but did not get a reply.

I can access my email through Outlook Express and directly through the web.

Thanks for any help.

A:Outlook 2003 can't receive POP3 email

Did you use the test function in Outlook when you set up the account?

Don't bother with the "Test" function in Outlook - it often fails for no particular reason.

If you did use it, try sending yourself an email the normal way.

The error you receive can be caused by

Incorrect Email settings.
Incorrect scan settings on anti-virus software (if any).
Corrupted account settings.

First, carefully check your settings. Make sure EVERYTHING is spelled correctly, spacing is correct ([email protected] instead of [email protected] .com), punctuation is correct . instead of ,

One of the most common causes of this error is invalid user name/password. Re-enter them.

Turn off your antivirus email scanning software if all settings are correct.

Since you deleted the account and recreated, the chances are slim that the account settings are corrupt.

Your mail server may also require SSL. I don't know where it is located in Outlook. Find Requires SSL and check the box. Make sure to apply any changes.

If none of this works, post the mail domain which could help us in working with you to resolve the issue.

Also, let us know if you are still receiving duplicate mails in Outlook.
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Whenever I add a picture or any kind of graphic to an email, it is all messed up and distorted. Any ideas?

A:outlook 2003: picture distorted in email

Hey there BP,

Whenever I add (what is 'add' ? Attach? Insert? Paste? Any of the above?) a picture or any kind of graphic (.Bmp's ? jpg's gif's? any kind of graphic file?) to an email, it is all messed up and distorted. (Distorted before you send it or when they receive it? What is distorted? Totally messed up or just proportions out of whack?) Any ideas? Maybe.... but first all I seem to have are questions.

- Castlheart