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Works Database File Viewer

Q: Works Database File Viewer

Does anyone know of an app that will open the above, apart from works! and preferably free?

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Preferred Solution: Works Database File Viewer

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Works Database File Viewer

For anyone whose interested/had the same problem it seems that there is no such thing as a "viewer" the best option though I've yet to try it is to save the file as a .csv and open it with open office. If you just want to view the data and copy and paste what you want it can also be saved as a text file - this is all assuming you or someone has access to Ms Works, as a last resort you can open the .wdb file with notepad or wordpad though its a lot more messy to access what you want. - hope this helps.
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Hi, hopefully this is the proper forum,but if not, perhaps an administrator would move it to the correct one. Anyhow, I've sent a MSWorks database file to an associate & he doesn't have works on his system, therefore has been unable to open it.(wdb extension) Can anyone provide me with the info of a possible download "viewer" that would enable him to open & print it?
Thanks in advance, Ben

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Can anyone tell me how to set the print area in "Database"? I want to print a form which shows lots of names down the first column, and then has a blank "Signature " column next to it, but with horizontal gridlines to take their signatures.

When I look on "Print Preview" it only shows the "Names" column, and I can't get it to print a column next to it. If I remember corectly, there is a facility in Excel for this, but I can't find it in the Database application.

Any help would be appreciated.


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WORKS SPREADSHEET QUESTION I m trying to figure out a way to use it to catalog my collection of RPM records but am stumped Basically I Works Database want to be able to sort them by record company or title or artist each data field think that s what its called -- I m totally unfamiliar with spreadsheets would contain at minimum something like this but would have room to expand a field if needed to get more data into it re a disc or the performer s DISC TITLE quot Espagnol Waltz quot Performed Works Database By Works Database Samuel Siegel Instrument Mandolin with Piano accompaniment Recorded Probably May Company Victor Talking Machine Company Label Master Take If known Comments Disc title is announced as quot Waltz Espagnol Mandolin Solo by Mister Samuel Siegel quot On some disc s the master take field may have to letters amp numbers in it But I cant get enough column width to type the info into A thru K amp have came to a stop nbsp

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I am working on a database for our Ambulance Company. One of the fields I am having trouble with is writing a formula to calculate response times when time enters another day.

Example, we use military time therefrore, 23:59:00 would be 11:59 pm. If we run the call till 00:10:00 ( 12:10 AM) the formula I have written ( = Arrival Time - Responding Time) gives me an invalid time because it doesn't recoginize I have gone past the current day into the next day.

Please help me figure out how to formulate this field.

Thank You.

Brett F. Murphy,
Paramedic Supervisor

Warsaw - Lincoln Ambulance District

A:Works Database


Working With Overtime Hours In Excel will show you how to write the formula in Excel.

It should work in in Works, but am unsure, as I do not use Works.
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How can I export records in database to print mailing labels? or get the database to print them?

A:Works database

don't have works anymore (like a looong time ago) but since it's an Office-Lite product hopefully there's some similarities

maybe try the help feature for:
mail merge

in the database and word processing software (it's likely the same help file, so it may not matter)

here's the detailed FAQ page and
here's one about works 3 and creating labels

sounds fairly similar to the office procedures

good luck
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First time try. MS 98, Works database, MS Word file with a zillion names,addresses,ph#s,ect. I copy a name in Word, try to paste into a cell in d/b, I get "<picture>" in the cell, not the info I copied. Ive read the help files in Works, the archives in here. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank You. Andy

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Been using Works for years and have never had this happen before. If I make a change in the database and try to SAVE, the program just closes, no error message. I re-open and the changes obviously have reverted to original state. I have run AdAWare, Spybot, AVG is up to date and runs nightly and am clean. I reinstalled MSWorks (just over the old program) and thought it was fixed, but now it is doing it again. Very frustrating Yes, I do get the message about more than 500 fonts, but since I have XP, I have been told that this is not critical anymore. Any ideas or suggestions? ... Millie in KY

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I have an address Works printing... Database book in the MS Works database which I use for mailing Christmas cards Using the quot older quot versions of Works it was very easy to set up the printing of envelopes in a batch process then just stuff in the Christmas cards amp lick the stamps I don t remember what the older version number was that enabled envelope printing as I have since sold my older computer Now that I have upgraded to a newer version of MS Works Ver I find that I cannot figure out how to print envelopes from the same database which I have imported to this PC Not only that but there is no Works Database printing... option in all the tabs for quot envelopes quot as there is in the earlier versions of Works My question is is there some work around or secret that I am missing here or has MS screwed up again and left that option out in the newer versions BTW my wife s laptop has version of MS Works and there is no envelope printing in that one either nbsp
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Hi, I want to create a database of Asteroids with extensive information in one or more fields but I can't figure out how to expand the fields to allow this. On my dinosaur Tandy the database I had would create records just like index cards. I loved it. Any idea what I need to do? I've already tried the help and clicking everywhere.

Thank you.
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i have the latest version of works and am having a problem with it.

when using the left scroll gets "stuck" therefore not allowing me access to several of the fields on the left side of the document

i have played around with it and can't seem to get around it

can anyone help?
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I have been tryin to sort records in WORKS 4.5 for 4 years now and it always sorts ALL the records. I have tried the highlight trick and even put blank records where I want to stop the sort. Does not work.

Can someone tell me how to sort, say, the 15 records in the middle of my database and not affect the other?


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For some obscure reason I cannot open some (not all) of my works db files.

I have downloaded the patch (KB933828), which is supposed to fix it but although it downloads ok, I can't seem to open the patch!

Can anybody help please?

Thx. Simon

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We are trying to help out a friend here, and hoping someone can point us in the right direction.

We need to create a database, preferably a works database, because that's the program both of us have. What we need to do is collect statistics at the end of the day, and save all the results to one database. At the end of the year, we need to be able to go back in and total all occurrences of a particular statistic and combinations of certain statistics together.

I am TOTALLY GREEN in this area...can anyone help?? All suggestions are greatly appreciated....if more info is needed, please let me know!



A:Will a works database work?

Works will only "work" if it has an actual database like Access to enter your data into. You can set up one database and enter the data there directly. If you are on a network you can share the database and have forms set up for data entry. If you are in different locations you could use some kind of program like PCAnywhere and the remote person could dial in and do data entry on the database. There are way too many options so you might want to give us soem kind of idea on what your setup is and how to accomplish it.
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I have some Microsoft Works Database files I'd like to continue using, although MS Works has long disappeared. Does anyone know of a conversion technique/program to make these DB files usable with Microsoft Office. Seems like a step backward to not allow some kind of conversion for these files. I really liked Works DB.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

A:Update for Works Database

What version of Works was used to create these files and what version of Office are you using now.
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I'm using Works 2000 V.5 on 98SE. Want to retain grid lines when printing Also would like to create a custom form- none of the examples are useful.

A:Works 2000 database

I have that version, there's doesn't seem to be that option. As an alternative, try selecting the records and applying left -- right -- top -- bottom borders (via Format -- Border).

EDIT: my mistake ; File -- Page Setup -- Other Options.

By "custom form", do you mean an input form, like Access? Don't know, will look it up.

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Does anyone know how many record entries (not fields) are possible in a MWDB file? I was working on an inventory list when suddenly the database would not accept any more entries. I didn't know if the was a limit. Is there any database that has no limit as to entries?

A:Microsoft Works Database

I know microsoft access 2003 used to be a file size limit of 2GB - so would not expect works to be bigger (although, not yet found the spec)

Whats the filesize you currently have?
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When I try to format a Feils, the program crashes. Downloaded KB933828, but it won't load. PaintShop Pro says it isn't a "valid MSP file".

Someone suggested that Works 9 works better on a Vista Home Premium machine.

Is that true?

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I have a databace in works database .wdb and need it to be a ms access .mbd file how can i do this seemingly simple task please?

A:convert works database to ms access?;en-us;q197894
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I want to create a new database using 'MS Works' 6.0 under Windows XP Home. I follow the 'Wizard's' instructions to launch "Create new blank data-
base" but I get no 'dialog box' from which to enter my new parameters. It just
gives me the last database I was observing. The 'wizard' tells me this is where I can make settings to configur my database to my needs, but it's not there. Am I doing something wrong, or is it a software problem?

A:MS Works has no 'Create Database' dialog box

I have MS Works 5 on one computer and MS works 7 on another, but they are both very similiar in the way they work. If you launch the MS Works Task Launcher and chose Works Database and then click on Start a blank database the box will come up for you to put in Field one -then add Field two, etc. (If a box comes up offering to show you what do to, just close it.) There are some differences between v. 5 & 7 when doing a mail merge, but that was not your question.
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I have completed my database. I put one column in alphabetical order, and proceed to another, the column I just alphabetized goes back the way it was. They won't all stay alphabetical. What's the deal? Help?

A:works suite 2003 database

This happens in Excel too, putting a column in alphabetical order is assumed to mean that you want all the rows to still contain the original values.

In Excel, you can highlight the data in the column and this sorts only that column - Then move on to the next column, etc.

If that doesn't work in Works, you may want to
sort the first column,
cut and paste the remaining columns into separate worksheets (one column, one worksheet) and
then sort them,
then copy them all back...
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Hey there Hope someone can help me out having a very perplexing problem that is happening in Microsoft Works with a database that my work has been using over the years without any problems The only way to explain it is that when you work on the database one day the next day some of the information disappears in the report view mode no one is deleting it The columns A to F seem to go missing Now A-F are the ones containing the data I need I dont know if makes any difference if I were to put that missing information back into those cells into columns from H onwards How can I get those missing A-F columns back Works problem Microsoft database Does anyone have any idea why they go missing periodically Just recently after a hardware upgrade this has started to happen I know that the version we are using of Works is Would upgrading the software help this problem Would appreciate anyones input greatly nbsp
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Can anyone please let me know where I can get for free an easy to setup download counter(a counter that counts how many times a certain files been downloaded), which also uses Access Database(s). Or, brendandonhu, if you don't mind, could you make one for me and post the source??? You'll need the following to connect to an access DB:
Set oConn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
sConnection = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;" & _
"Data Source=\\premfs7\sites\premium2\membername\database\YourDB.mdb;" & _
"Persist Security Info=False"



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How can I get my MS Works database files to be able to be transferred to another program such as Open Office or Office? I have a lot of collected information in many files that I can't share with anyone else who doesn't have Works. The Office Database is far too complicated for me and much more powerful than I need for my own use.

A:Microsoft Works Database files

Did you TRY exporting?

A typical choice for database conversions is to export -> CSV format and then work with that
to create the imports. Hint: Export only one TABLE at a time.
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I am working with the Microsoft Works Database program that comes with Windows XP. I am listing a number of books, their isbn's and their prices. I evidently punched a wrong button because now every time I enter a new book the price from the previous entry is automatically entered for the new book. For example, if the price for the previous book was 19.99 that is automatically entered as the price for the next book.

It's not a big problem, because I can override it by simply entering the correct price, but still it's annoying. Anyone know how I can undo this default price setting?



A:Problem with Microsoft Works Database

Look in the Options of the program.
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Hi, I have a large list of items in a database that are numbered using a numbering row.They are then filtered to match certain criteria.So now the number row is no longer consecutive.What I want to do is make a new number row that tells me the occurence of each record happening.For instance,if my database stats at number 3 then the next number is 7,i want to have 7 -3 to give four.Basically,I want to know the distance between each record.If I could use a formula for the whole number row that would take a record and minus it from another?Thanks JIM

A:microsoft works database question

Help me please
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I recently installed Works 6.0. I have just composed a database document containing two columns of information. But when I print it, only the first column gets printed. I'm not aware of having done anything to cause the program to print less than all of the document. I have fooled around with the Select buttons and various other buttons but to no avail.

A:Works won't print all database columns

grandpaw7, you dumbell. You have the column too wide. If you bring the right hand margin of the column over to the left enough, you'll be in good shape.
Signed, grandpaw7

TO grandpaw 7: Well, I'll be dadburned if you're not right! But the dumbells are those guys who didn't program Works 6.0 to tell me the problem, but instead just decided not to print the column if it was too wide.
Signed: grandpaw7

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Hi All,

Right now my "database" is a Word merge file that I use to insert merge fields in all my word documents, it's a bit archaic and slow, plus, there is no way to integrate with Outlook 2003. I tried Act! 2005, and its slow and clunky and wont work for my needs. I want to still be able to use all of my Word documents and all of the merge fields in them as well as update the database from Outlook, send emails to a sorted list, etc. Any suggestions?

Thanks, Roger.

A:Need database that works with Outlook and Word

To Roger:
Do You Have MS Office Suite installed on your computer? If so chances you have Msaccess, and i suggest you use access for your database. If msaccess is not installed get your office suite cd out and install the software. There is a learning curve, but give it a go and post your questions with the version of access your using and chances are someone will help.
Hope this helps, Flixx.
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Use XP OS and Works Got the following error message when I tried to open my document which I d been working on all day It is my time sheet and now I can t open it and I ve lost ALL my billing for October I ll donate Works message MS error database big bucks if someone can help Microsoft paid support MS Works database error message is a joke This has been a problem with earlier versions according MS Works database error message to my Google search but was supposed to be fixed with the version - but obviously MS Works database error message it s still an issue Here s the error message There was a serious error loading the data Your document appears to be damaged Works will stop loading the document with what was read when the error occurred Please try loading a recent backup copy of this document My backup won t open either so I m really screwed I m serious about the donation Please help me get this file opened Thanks in advance for your help nbsp

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Please can anyone tell me how I can place the current date in a report generated by Works 7.0 database programme?

A:Works 7.0 Database report current date

"&d" or "&n" (no quotes) in the Header or Footer. Prefix with "&l" or "&r" if you don't want it centred.

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I'm wondering whether I can filter by date.

My case: I want to make a database filter that only shows coupons that haven't expired yet and also haven't been used yet. I can deal with the used part, but I need a formula type thing that lets me only show coupons whose expiration dates > today's date.

Is this possible? Or would I need access?

A:Works 7.0 Database Date Function in filter?

Field Name e.g. "Expiry".

Comparison ; is greater than or equal to.

Compare to ; INT(NOW())

In Formula View,


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Since installing Windows 10, I need to print a DVD database that I created on Microsoft Works Suite 2005. The error message I receive is "no default printer" or some such wording. The default printer IS set, and printing from any other site or app works fine. The laptop is a Lenovo, and the printer is Kodak. However, I do not see that the problem is in either of those, since it prints other things. When I look at compatibility for Windows 10, it reads that the Works 2005 is compatible. Please help, as frustration abounds. Thanks.
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hello all, i have one doubt. will LIMIT clause works with MS-ACCESS database? if it works the please explain how it will works....
i tried a lot by giving LIMIT clause in SELECT statement but every time it will give error. and when i remove that LIMIT part it will work fine.

pleeeeeease some body knows pagination in PHP with MS-ACCESS database support? please provide me that code,, plz.....
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I was just dragged into the st century not sure I like it at all Win was near values to 9 database ms to from copy spreadsheet works trying - death so I purchased a new computer with Vista bit but that's another story I have used MSWks for years and know my way around it Having a problem with MSWks - have a bank deposit system set up using a database for deposits with reports created that print my ms works 9 - trying to copy values from database to spreadsheet deposit slips and a deposit summary With MSWks I was able to copy values from my deposit database to a spreadsheet that was designed to act like a mini calculator - copied list of checks from deposit and used formula to total then copied total and pasted it back to database In MSWks if I try to copy values from deposit DATABASE and paste to a SPREADSHEET it arrives as a graphic instead of a numeric value so my formula that forces the spreadsheet to be a mini-calculator will not work Is ms works 9 - trying to copy values from database to spreadsheet there any way to defeat the quot paste as graphic quot It was really a timesaver for me I did try to install MSWks on Vista machine and was successful But ran into a lot of problems with both programs on my computer Decided to forget about the recording function and tough it out with MSWks Thanks tbach
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After a major crash I lost all of the Works Suite and had to reinstall it. Now the database crashes everytime I try to use it. Norton intercepts the crash and gives me this message:
Everything else in the Suite works fine.
I need some help.
Thank you

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Hey all. My dad is having an issue with his computer that I've been unable to figure out, whether by my own means or just by searching. He is running Microsoft Works 6.0 on Windows Vista 32bit Home Edition, and is having some trouble printing from Works Database, which he uses quite a lot.

Whenever he tries to print something from Database (or go into print preview) he gets the following error:

The printer driver is missing or not valid.

Run the Windows Setup program to install the printer software again.
Naturally I have uninstalled and reinstalled the printer several times, but to no avail. Also an important note: This issue ONLY happens with Works Database, and not with any other product (Microsoft or otherwise).

If anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated

A:Microsoft Works Database printing issue

I have been doing more research and I'm starting to think that there is just a compatibility issue. I'm still wondering if anyone knows how to make this work with Vista.

If anyone has any suggestions on a program that is an alternative to Microsoft Database, that would also be pretty helpful. It's the only program my dad uses from the Works Suite.

Thanks again...
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Working on a Database program, and misspelled name of a field -- Cmopany instead of Company -- and cannot find a way to correct this without having to cut and paste everything already in this Database to a new one!

Is there a way to correct spelling errors in a Field Name, and if so, how is it done?

A:Works DataBase 6.0 ... How Do you change Field Names

Howdy. If I understand you correctly, select the table, then right-click and choose Design View. On the left is the name of each field. Change it there. When you try closing it, it will ask if you want to save changes. Obviously, Yes.
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Hi all - running WLM on my clone fine new initially - Database then on vanishes works WLM machine Windows Netbook using accounts - all perfect Needed a clone on my Windows Desktop machine with exact WLM Database clone on new machine initially works fine - then vanishes Database Navigation and Folder Tree for same accounts as a final message destination setting my Netbook to quot Leave messages on server quot for mobile usage So Installed WLM on Desktop fine Copied cloned Database from Netbook over to AppData Local Microsoft Windows Live Mail Worked immediately like a charm all folders and messages in exact WLM Database clone on new machine initially works fine - then vanishes same folder tree and accounts passwords WLM Database clone on new machine initially works fine - then vanishes to input manually one OK Hurray However after - shut down start-ups of WLM the entire folder tree collapsed into a basic tree consisting of just basic INBOX DRAFT SENT Unwanted Mail Deleted for each account showing no messages although all cloned data was still resident on disc in its correct above location No way to retrieve nor show any messages nor the intended navigational structure - vanished although data was in its original location Uninstalled WLM delete clone Database did the whole operation over again and hey presto everything back OK After - shutdowns startups of WLM the navigation Folder Tree collapsed back into basic -line account blocks not showing any messages although all of them still reside in AppData Local Microsoft Windows Live Mail What is this How can initially everything run fine as intended and then vapourise Driving me mad as I did the exercise times now Also any reboot makes the initially nicely working folder tree AND messages visually disappear Anyone a clue why initially everything works as intended -- and then deconstructs and disappears Driving me bonkers - as I need this structure it is there and then after - uses vanishes Looking forward to your suggestions - Sam The Netherlands

A:WLM Database clone on new machine initially works fine - then vanishes

Hi Sam, welcome to Seven Forums.
It could be down to how your mail accounts are set-up.
I sign-in to WLM 2012 on both my pc's with the same Microsoft account but only use my Gmail account. If I read a message on my Desktop it will not be available on my Laptop as Gmail archives messages when accessed by POP.
Do you use POP or IMAP ???
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I have a smartphone running Windows Mobile 5.0. I tried to install Acrobat Reader and it didn't work. Now the .pdf association with File Viewer doesn't work. Does anyone know how to create file associations? Either a registry hack or free software would be good.
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I have a file with a "ptm" file extension on it that I can not view. this file was created by Mappoint and the only other file extension that it could be saved as is a "ptt" of which both I have attached

is there any viewer out there that I can view this file?

I have searched but can not find anything?

Please help!!!


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Hi I am running a Lotus Domino server on Centos x Linux The installation is on a Intel server with Adaptec RAID controller Tb and the Notesdata directory is on not Why a File is database? an external Dell PowerVault MD Tb with RAID configuration I also have LVM installed On Wednesday last week we had a power surge I have x KVA UPS installed but for some reason the external Powervault RAID lost the connection to the hard drives After i rebooted Why File is not a database? i check the RAID BIOS and found that drive failed and the RAID is rebuilding After the process completed i started up the server FSCK gave me error that the volume is inconsistent and i should run fsck manually So i ran fsck -y dev VolGroup -LogVol This ran for almost hours and supposedly fixed hundreds of errors Once the server booted up the file system was mounted as read only I tried unmounting and remounting the volume also checked fstab for valid mount points fdisk -l stated that the volume does not contain a valid partition table So i bought x tb drives and started transferring the data I cleared and re-initialized the RAID and created a new RAID config This time i created a GPT partition table and formatted the file system to ext transferred the data back using Krusader and preserved ownership and permissions I ran an offline fixup compact and updall I then fired up the Domino server to find that my names nsf is gone So copied one from a backup server On startup i found many errors about files that do not exist I copied the missing files from the backup server and all went well Only problem i am stuck with is user mail files Some files when opening will give error quot File is not a database quot The mail files have sizes ranging from Mb to Gb I tried running a fixup but got the same error that the file is not a database I have replicas of the user mail files on my backup server but there are a couple of mails missing and i am unable to replicate databases hence the error What i have done for the time being is rename the problematic mail files and pushed new replicas from the backup server The result is a loss of mail and folders for dates - March What can i do to recover repair these mail files nbsp

A:Why File is not a database?

The BIG problem with UNIX/Linux file-system repairs is that blocks of data of one file could (theoretically) end up in another, and file size corrections can lead to blocks of empty data or truncated files. This is not a real problem for plain text files, since you can see what's wrong, but binaries and files with complex structures (like nsf files) can get damaged beyond repair. And if fsck runs for 10 whole hours, there must have been some serious damage, with a very lengthy report of all modifications it did.
I'm amazed that the system still runs... See it as a boxer who's lights went seriously out, was patched up and is now covered in patches and stitches. On the other hand, the system will run because it's unlikely that there was any write-behind action on vital system files.
You might ask IBM/Lotus for their help, maybe they have a tool that can be used to revive an nsf database... Or maybe it's better you try to recover a file via Lotus Notes Repair Kit tool? try this option also. I'm sure this is a good alternative fallback.
Look at this reputable source also.
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Hi I am running a Lotus Domino server on Centos x Linux The installation is on a Intel server with Adaptec RAID controller Tb and the Notesdata directory is on an is a database? not file Why external Dell PowerVault MD Tb with RAID Why file is not a database? configuration I also have LVM installed On Wednesday last week we had a power surge I have x KVA UPS installed but for some reason the external Powervault RAID lost the connection to the hard drives After i rebooted i check the RAID BIOS and found that drive failed and the RAID is rebuilding After the process completed i started up the server FSCK gave me error that the volume is inconsistent and i should run fsck manually So i ran fsck -y dev VolGroup -LogVol This ran for almost hours and supposedly fixed hundreds of errors Once the server booted up the file system was mounted as read only I tried unmounting and remounting the volume also checked fstab for valid mount points fdisk -l stated that the volume does not contain a valid partition table So i bought x tb drives and started transferring the data I cleared and re-initialized the RAID and created a new RAID config This time i created a GPT partition table and formatted the file system to ext transferred the data back using Krusader and preserved ownership and permissions I ran an offline fixup compact and updall I then fired up the Domino server to find that my names nsf is gone So copied one from a backup server On startup i found many errors about files that do not exist I copied the missing files from the backup server and all went well Only problem i am stuck with is user mail files Some files when opening will give error File is not a database The mail files have sizes ranging from Mb to Gb I tried running a fixup but got the same error that the file is not a database I have replicas of the user mail files on my backup server but there are a couple of mails missing and i am unable to replicate databases hence the error What i have done for the time being is rename the problematic mail files and pushed new replicas from the backup server The result is a loss of mail and folders for dates - March What can i do to recover repair these mail files

A:Why file is not a database?

This sounds horrendous. I'm at a loss on this one, if it's gone, it's gone, that's why I backup all my data to cloud servers with unlimited storage which are a foolproof backup system .Maybe the best way to go in future. Sorry bud.
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Hello friends,
I hava got a question
I am developing a application s/w which has Visual c++ as the front end and SQL database as the backend.
The application requires the creation of a new file every 24 hours.
(The file records the alarms that ocuur in the company).
I am not sure how this can be done?
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.

A:How to create a new file in Sql database every day?

I don't know anything about Visual C++, but if the program is run off a Linux server, you could use a cronjob to execute it every 24 hours.
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My CFS software had an error message. I reinstalled the software but now my database file is missing data. If I wrote over the file by mistake can the original file be retreived? thank you

A:Lost database file

CFS software? Can you expand on that?
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My database saves as MDF. I want to know what are the steps to restore or create a new database using a MDF file? I tried to restore as usual but it shows an error. Please help.

A:Creating a new database using an MDF file

There are many programs used to make a MDF type of file.
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i have some valuble cw but whebn i come to open it on my home pc a popup comes up saying "not a valid bookmark" iv now tried it on two versions of acsess which are 2000 & 2003

A:problem with a database file!!

How are you trying to open it, by double clicking the file or from within Access with File open?
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I am working on a project (in visual studio 2005 using visual basic) and is stuck on a task where I am supposed to transfer data from my database to a XML file. When the user wishes to transfer data from the purshase table to a XML file s/he writes a date into a textbox, clicks the <transfer> button and all purshases registered after this date should be transferred to the XML file.The XML file is to be saved in my project's bin-folder.
Can someone help me get started? I have never used XML-files before.

My purshase table contains this information:
Purshasenumber (PK)
Payment (information about how the item is payed; creditcard or cash...)
E-mail (FK) (the customer's e-mail if purshased over the internet this field is filled out, if not it is NULL)
Relevancy 47.3%

Just have a general question. I have a database that I use for a basic Link Menu to other Files Applications Etc. there is no actual data in this database but for some reason it keeps growing it. started at about 1.5 meg now it's at 16 meg but I haven't changed or added anything to it. does anyone have any Ideas why?

Thanks a million

A:Access 97 Database File size

Do a compact database. I am not sure why unless you have done some importing of data and deteted soem other data.
Relevancy 47.3%

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers (0x80004005)
[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Operation must use an updateable query.
is what I get when trying to use any of my database stuff. With windows 2k as I was able to right click on the file and add permissions for everyone on the web to be able to write to my database, with windows xp I cannot make it work... Any Suggestions?

A:How to make database file writable in XP

What are you using for your web server. Sounds like it's something to do with the server extensions and the scripting engine. I had similar problems when I was trying to use an Access 2000 database on my NT4.0 server with IIS4
Relevancy 47.3%

When Trying To Sign On To Aol I Get This Error Message (sn Master.idx Database File Missing). How Do I Restore
Relevancy 47.3%

Hello guys
I seached for all previous chat history with previous contacts, but could not find it,
as I heard that skype chat records usually be saved on the local hard disk,
I am using window 7, could you please tell step by step where to find them? in which directory? what format?
Thank you in advance.

Relevancy 47.3%

 I am unable to open my Outlook file due to corruption how to repair database .pst file of MS outlook. I was using Microsoft Outlook 2007 from last 2 years and everything is going well. But suddenly I have got an error message outlook data file cannot be accessed while accessing PST file. It was also suggested me to run scanpst.exe tool. I had tried to repair my inaccessible PST file many times with the help of Inbox repair tool.  But this utility is unable to solve my issue, please suggest me how can I repair my corrupted database.pst file without losing any information. Is there any way to restore all information from inaccessible PST file into new PST file to continue working as previously?

A:How to Repair Database .pst file of MS Outlook?

You can try using a third-party tool; there are lots of them out there, but none of them are free. How large is your pst file?
If you are connecting to an Exchange account, you can try deleting the old Outlook profile and recreating it. The server will then download all the mail in your mailbox on the server to your Outlook.
Relevancy 47.3%

One of our clients gets the following error of database? .mdf backup to How file repair when trying to backup How to repair backup of .mdf file database? a database quote System Data SqlClient SqlException SQL Server detected a logical consistency-based I O error incorrect checksum expected x db d actual x db d It occurred during a read of page in database ID at offset x cc in file 'C Program Files x Microsoft SQL Server MSSQL MSSQL DATA MSDBData mdf' Additional messages in the SQL Server error log or system event log may provide more detail This is a severe error condition that threatens database integrity and must be corrected immediately Complete a full database consistency check DBCC CHECKDB This error can be caused by many factors for more information see SQL Server Books Online Could not insert a backup or restore history detail record in the msdb database This may indicate a problem with the msdb database The backup restore operation was still successful I tried to perform checkdb checkdb repair rebuild as well as checkdb REPAIR ALLOW DATA LOSS but none of these corrected the issues is the MSDB database My question is can I just grab a clean MSDB database from another instance to recover corrupt one or do I really have to uninstall reinstall SQL Server
Relevancy 47.3%

We have just set up a membership database with Filemaker pro and randomly get the error message 'Filemaker has generated errors and will be closed by windows'. Sometimes the DB is recoverable and other times not.
Relevancy 47.3%

what are the stages in doing so?

A:how to copy an access database file onto a cd?

Find mdb file, copy to CD using burning software like Nero.
Relevancy 47.3%

I have an Access database with several graphics fields. I have written some ASP code to extract the other fields, writing the data to RTF. I cannot figure out the RTF code for writing the graphic objects. I tried putting a small graphic in a Word file and examining the RTF output, but there seems to be a lot of unnecessary code in the result. Can anyone direct me to a reliable source for this kind of information?

A:Extract graphic file from database to RTF

Go here, and download the RTF spec from M$

Scroll down to page 92(?) about there, and there is a section on pictures and the RTF markup they use.

Relevancy 47.3%

Hi there,
I have a M$Sql master database file (.mdf) that I'd really like to open up and extract some textual information from. However I'd really rather not have to find a copy of M$Sql somewhere, learn how to get it running on my localhost and get the stuff that way. I really am not familiar with M$Sql, so what I would love is some kind of program that is just able to read the database file and let me extract information.
Does anyone know of a program or technique that would let me do this?
Relevancy 47.3%

I have used PC-File for years for vocabulary lists as an interpreter I have Version which works on Windows currently XP and which I have installed on successive PCs Incidentally further to your thread in now closed no other database I have found including Access easily allows the kind Solved: PC-File database questions of sort I need My Solved: PC-File database questions sort code is a tree structure with PC-File you can select one or more branches while excluding certain twigs all in a single short formula taking seconds to enter My MAIN problem which I can only assume comes from Windows updates is that I can no longer install or reinstall PC-File because it requires me to insert floppy disks and although all the contents of the original floppies are on my HD I no longer have a floppy disk drive Another peculiarity is that after working fine for years this program recently stopped recognizing my French AZERTY keyboard so I have to work from a picture of a US one or enter DOS character codes I have downloaded a free version of PC-File in which some pages of Solved: PC-File database questions the manual are blanked out including the installation instructions I would like to know if it is still possible to purchase a proper edition of PC-File Since having to buy a USB printer years ago I have been converting all output to Word which takes time I will check out the suggestions in your thread closed Thanks for any ideas nbsp

Relevancy 47.3%

I am trying to create a batch file to run and Access database that has an autoexec macro that will run when opened, I want to then have task scheduler run the batch file so the database can be scheduled. How do I create the file? I have a file created that will start to open the database, but it is stopped by the Access login. Thanks a lot for any help.

A:Batch file to run Access Database

You don't neccesarily need a batch file. You can create a wsh or vbs file that can do some automated things. What exactly do you want Access to do once it starts?
Relevancy 46.87%

I need a file viewer for a .dat file created in 1996. Using Word or Wordpad is not effective. Not sure how to determine how the file was created. May be dbase but not sure. Suggestions welcome.

Relevancy 46.87%

Can anyone advise the best database software for importing a multitude of Word documents and then conducting a global search of all of the documents in the database to find those that contain specfic phrases or keywords?
Thanks for your help.
Relevancy 46.87%

Due to sudden power failure issues; one of my SQL server database seems to have problem. I have tried detaching and attaching it again but getting SQL server error message 5172. It looks like my database is corrupt.

Can anyone suggest any tips/methods that help me in extracting data from my corrupt SQL server database?

A:How to recover SQL server database from corrupt mdf file?

Interesting. Word for word posted in this forum back in May 2015

and this one 1 month ago.

@V_R @muckshifter
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We run a database at work with about 15 users.

It is an MS Access database and it is run off of a Win 2000 server using Citrix Metaframe Presentation Server 3.0
The the main mdb file is usually about 30 meg in size, but from time to time it bloats up to about 600-700 megs, then I have to run a repair and compact on it.

The DB developer is stumped as is the Server Tech.

I provide general Tech support for the company.


I was wondering if there are some gurus floating around here who have seen this type of thing.


Relevancy 46.87%

I'm trying to copy a 290,000 KB .mdb file to another directory. Its says "152 minutes", to execute. Really, it took two minutes to 150 minutes remaining.

I couldn't save as, different name, was greyed out. Tried to zip and e-mail
but just as slow.

Any tricks?

Relevancy 46.87%

Here's what I'm looking for to organize my work. I want to keep a list of my to-do list and project ideas and for each item, I want to assign it more than one subject tag.

For example: the note "sign timesheets" would be tagged as HR and Finance and if I was looking for my HR stuff, it would be there and if I was looking for my Finance stuff, it would there.

Does this make sense? Can I do this in excel (i can use this) or access (very limited experience) or some kind of online app? thanks!

A:Help making a database or project management file

sfran7, welcome to the Forum.
It can be done in either Excel or Access, but Access is better at "Relating" data the way that you want, as that is what it is designed for.
I specialise in helping Posters create their databases and tailor them to fit their requirements, but also try and teach them Access basics at the same time. (See this Thread which I am currently working on -

What I would need from you is some more Examples of what you want to put in and more importantly what you want to get out (as that will control what goes in )

I can only work in Access 97 - 2003, not 2007.
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Does anyone know how to move a Microsoft Access Database file to MySQL database server?

I found one tool it's called Navicat

but i'm not sure it's good to use it yet.

Please give me some suggestion.


A:Import MSaccess file into Mysql database

MetalRooster said:


Does anyone know how to move a Microsoft Access Database file to MySQL database server?

I found one tool it's called Navicat

but i'm not sure it's good to use it yet.

Please give me some suggestion.

ThanksClick to expand...

I never used Navicat. Instead I use SQLYog (click to get a free version).

I still have a old version of MS Access. I proceed this way to transfer the data to MySql :

- with access, I export the needed tables into .xls files,
- with Excell, I convert the .xls files into .csv files,
- with SQLyog, after having create the tables structures, I import the .csv files.

It's very easy to use.
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SUPERAntiSpyware found these 2 files on the Quick Scan: "NWMInfo.sol" and the folder named "6CQVVHJZ"I had previously ran AntiVir and Windows Defender and neither identified them as problems.The folder is located here:C:\Users\Blue\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\6CQVVHJZOther items in that folder to do with them? Why does Flash Player seems like a constant problem (I didn't download flash on purpose)?(I found this article on .SOL's)

A:2 Files found by SUPERAntiSpyware not in the BC File Database

Flash Player is not a problem per se, but the files that Super AntiSpyware found are it's cookies. the extension .SOL is that of a flash player cookie. it's up to you whether you want to keep them or not. Most cookies are not a risk at all because they are there to store information about a particular web site, AKA your credentials so that you don't have to log in every time, and your preferences for the site. The ones you want to worry about are the tracking cookies, those that come from sites made specifically to serve up adds. You don't want adds up the yin yang.
Relevancy 46.87%

Hi , could you help me to find the location of the building win.8.1 spell check database file ? I want to export it to correct/add the words inside. Checked user - app data - roaming - speller but the files inside are empty. .

A:Spell - check database file location

Don't the dictionary files have .LEX extensions?

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Proof\ is a likely location.
Relevancy 46.87%

I am trying to import a delimited text file and can't get the first and last names in the contact field. One or the other but not both. Any help would be appreciated.

A:ACT Database Importing Delimited Text File

mjam said:

I am trying to import a delimited text file and can't get the first and last names in the contact field. One or the other but not both. Any help would be appreciated.Click to expand...

When importing, you can map to First Name and Last name fields when creating the map... ACT! will then put them together for the Contact field.
Relevancy 46.87%

Hello all I'm using Netbackup backing up Exchange I already have Exchange database) Backup *.edb (Exchange skipped file license to backup the Exchange database Exchange backup is running fine I also have a seperate MS-WINDOWS type backup to backup the whole server but the backup skipped the edb file and completed with status with no exceptions When I Backup skipped *.edb file (Exchange database) perform a restoration the edb file is not there How to backup the Exchange edb file Do I have to stop the Information Store service to back it up and can I backed Backup skipped *.edb file (Exchange database) it up once just Backup skipped *.edb file (Exchange database) to act as a container for my Exchange database If a disaster happen in order for me to recover the exchange server I have to restore everything back and then restore the Exchange Database but in this case the edb file is not backed up I can't up my Information Store service to do the Exchange restoration As far as I know Backup Exec do skip the edb files if you have an Exchange Agent and have to edit the registry setting in order to back it up but how about Netbackup

A:Backup skipped *.edb file (Exchange database)

Restore Windows backup first, then restore latest Exchange backup to restore EDB file.In other words, for your purposes, system backup is a two-part process.
Relevancy 46.87%

Im having some issues with a site of mine and the db and all that!
Im a complete rookie with all this and i hope i can get all the help i can get in getting this fixed! I tried to place this on the forum but apparently i dont have enough permission.
Pls elp!

A:wp-config.php file is incorrect or we can't contact the database

Spit it out man, give us an idea of what you're having trouble with.
Relevancy 46.87%

Hi ,

I hope this is the right place for this question, and that I'm not asking too much. I would like to create a text file, that contains 2 fields for every individual in my database...

field5 if that field is not blank... or username if field5 is blank.

Here's my data structure...

Table = user
Fields = userid, username, email

Table = userfield
Fields = userid, field5

And I'd like the output to be like this...

field5 or username

field5 or username

field5 or username

Could someone please explain how I can do this? I just started to learn MySQL today, so I'm really a total beginner... please keep it simple... .

Thanks in advance!


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Hi guys I've just spent weeks designing and writing an Access database and writing the accompanying reports for my new company - nothing fancy but will meet the needs of this one man woman band I finished the main bulk of the reports last night and decided to do some general housekeeping today as I had lots of unnecessary files that I'd generated recently So far so good until I tried to open the database and received the And Security.mwd Open File The The Database. Now Deleted Can't I've message quot You do not have the necessary permissions to use the C etc object Have your system administrator or the person who created this object establish appropriate permissions for you quot I I've Deleted The Security.mwd File And Now Can't Open The Database. have also received a message quot Cannot lock the file quot I have spent the rest of the I've Deleted The Security.mwd File And Now Can't Open The Database. day researching Access to see what I've done and think that it's because I've deleted the Security mwd file yes I remember looking at it and thinking no idea what that is delete I've tried recovering the deleted file using Softlogica Handy Recovery and PC Inspector software packages but when I try to open them Access shows a message quot Unrecognized database format quot To make matters worse I backed up my database onto a DVD today but didn't back up the Security mwd file as I didn't realise its importance so now I can't use the backup either The only one I can use is from about a week ago very basic version with no reports but I suppose that's something Anything you can suggest to get me up and running again would be welcome My business only started officially this week and now it's at a halt until I can get into the database again what joy Many thanks Denise

A:I've Deleted The Security.mwd File And Now Can't Open The Database.

Give these a look and see if they help any
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I have Googled for a Windows 8 pps file viewer with no success. The 2008 version doesn't seem to work. Can someone tell me where to get a pps viewer for Window 8?

Thanks Jim

A:PPS File Viewer for Win *???

Hello hawkeye,

You might see how this version of PowerPoint Viewer works for you. It worked in my Windows 8.

Download PowerPoint Viewer from Official Microsoft Download Center

Hope this helps,
Relevancy 46.87%

Hi All
Found an old .pfl file on my computer.
Think from a lawyer.
How can I view it.
Tried Adobe didn't help.
Tnx in advance

Relevancy 46.87%

I have some really old CAD files (***.CAD) .. And a friend wants to see them.
I cant find a free file viewer.
Anyone know a free viewer for these files .. Or can convert them into something we can read ?? ....

A:CAD file Viewer

A number of different programs used (or maybe still use) the .CAD extension. Maybe this will help:
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Relevancy 46.87%

Yea I know this is a antique, but does anyone know of a viewer for help .cnt files? thanks...

A:Help file viewer

Originally Posted by rdwray

Yea I know this is a antique, but does anyone know of a viewer for help .cnt files? thanks...
Relevancy 46.87%

Are there any file viewers that can read .sig files (from Printmaster). Since I can't get my PrintMaster to install I would like to retrieve the data from some of the files.
Relevancy 46.44%

I have a user trying to user clip art in Microsoft Word 2004 for MAC. Every time they navigate to: Insert > Picture > From ClipArt, they get the following error message:

"Attempt to open database file ClipArt failed"

What's funny is that when they click on "OK" for that error message it still brings up ClipArt and allows them to insert ClipArt, so that tells me it has been installed.
Relevancy 46.44%

Hello there I'm not so happy to day I'ts Sunday i know content 7 lost database Notes file in Sticky - but I've lost the content in the database file of my notes in Sticky Notes Is there a possible way to recover this I have database files which all containing almost the same content I think the problem is because i have stored the database file in Google Drive and i did not activate the synchronizing option in Sticky Notes So when i was editing on my workstation computer and came home to my laptop The content was still the same To day when i was going to my workstation computer it is the same content as my laptop The content which I've been written last week is totally gone What do Sticky Notes 7 lost content in database file i do I've tried in the recycle bin function in Sticky Notes but there was nothing I know I've done some stupid things Cause i didn't active the sync Also when i want new content in my note i just delete the existing content Sticky Notes 7 lost content in database file and add some new I'm not saving the database files in weeks or months or so on to keep control over the files I will do that in the future I hope there is some kind of solution Best Regards Michael Bay Denmark

A:Sticky Notes 7 lost content in database file

Hello Michael,

As I have replied to you on the 7 Sticky Notes facebook page, I will reply here too, in case this can help other users.

I have just added the comment below added as a new troubleshooting topic at the 7 Sticky Notes online help, that can be accessed here: 7 Sticky Notes - Troubleshooting - Fun, interactive, powerful and cool Sticky Notes for your Desktop!

In this case, it is very likely that your synchronization software (GoogleDrive) overwrote, or deleted the notes.mdb database. All your data (notes) is stored inside the notes.mdb database file, but also all files synchronized by these synchronization software are susceptible to be deleted and overwritten by them if they conclude they are old, and by sharing your live main database file notes.mdb you will risk to have all your notes overwritten and lost if you allow it to be changed by external synchronization software.

Some of these software keep backup of the files they overwrite, so you can try to look for it or read their documentation, but, unfortunately if this was done it is likely that the notes won't be able to be restored.

If you share the notes database (notes.mdb), or any other file, with GoogleDrive, DropBox, SkyDrive, etc, you are allowing them to do anything with it, which means freely overwriting it if they decide to. This means that if you keep several computers synchronized with GoogleDrive, DropBox, SkyDrive, etc, they might think that one is more recent then another, and overwrite a file that it shouldn't.

So the recommendation is to NOT synchronize over the notes.mdb database file. You should never sync the main notes.mdb file. It is your personal data file, and the one 7 Sticky Notes uses, so it is too risky to let other sync softwares to have full control over it.

Instead, use the Online Synchronization feature. It was specifically designed to allow synchronizing your notes with other computers using DropBox, SkyDrive, GoogleDrive, etc, and it does not use the notes.mdb file, and thus provide a safe operation.

7 Sticky Notes is built to be robust and protect your data as I know how terrible it is to lost your personal notes (i have done it in the past), but if other program overwrites the database (pretty much as if you delete the database manually), there isn't much it can do. 7 Sticky Notes does lock the database while using it, but when it closed, it can't track it anymore.

As an additional suggestion to protect from accidental removal that might cause your data to be lost, since the 7 Sticky Notes database is pretty light it won't cost you much hard drive space to setup an automatic database backup to keep track of it in a second location. You can enable the 7 Sticky Notes auto-backup option, and let it keep track of your database for a customized number of days, as explained in the Database Options section of the 7 Sticky Notes Online help.

So, see if GoogleDrive somehow kept a backup for it... afterall I truly hope you didn't loose your notes, and hope this helps you and others as well.

Best Regards,
Fabio - 7 Sticky Notes
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How do I copy database search results to a text file?

I was trying this but appaently it did not fly.

select * from categories << f:\myfile.txt

Relevancy 46.44%

About a year ago I installed a cyber sitter called quot iProtectyou quot on Opening File While Critical the Error Database Occurred my son s computer I decided to uninstall it for him recently because it didn t work and it only seemed to give him a hassle when he tried to use the internet or play games When I tried to reinstall it it would not take the password I used I could of forgotten it but I had it written down After hours of trying to uninstall it I went to the internet and Googled how to get rid of cyber sitter s with a forgotten password Luckily there were several people with the same problem I downloaded the applications they gave out on the site and eventually got rid of it They Critical Error Occurred While Opening the Database File also had me go to the quot Registry Editor quot run Critical Error Occurred While Opening the Database File regedit and screw around in there The program still shows up in quot Programs and Features quot but theirs no publisher now and I still cannot install it Except now instead of asking for a password it just says that their was an error with database Now when ever we open up anything we are swarmed with windows telling Critical Error Occurred While Opening the Database File us quot Crictical Error Occured While Opening Database quot Any help would be great

A:Critical Error Occurred While Opening the Database File

Have you tried this:
Relevancy 46.44%

Hi all,

I have access database for which the source file need to be from excel file from SharePoint. I am doing this manually download the excel file from SharePoint and upload into access database . Is there any way to create command button in access to download the file from SharePoint based on the URL provided by us.

I think for this we should use some VBA codes to execute this download.

Thanks in advance.

A:access database download excel file from sharepoint

You can use WebDAV that will make SP site look and use like a normal folder structure. Our Network admins implemented shortly after upgrading to SP10 and it has been a live saver.
I am able to acces folders like \\MySharePoint\DavWWWRoot\DDS\QA\Consumers and access files stored in sharepoint folder. I think configuration is available to allow the skipping of the wwwRoot part as well.

You might also try using the url path and replaceing the %20% with a space.
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Dear Friends,
I had already posted a question about a program to organize book reviews, but my friend asked for little more if possible. Hope this further question will helpful for others too.
He needs a program more simple of Excel or other hard-to-use, databases.
He i8s a professor and need a simple program to order and archive book reviews that can be found later. It should be
1)for MAC
2) with fields for the Autor, title, year and, above all, the review

The guy who helped before did a good job for me but my friend needs some more.
Thanks a lot

Relevancy 46.44%

I have a group of files I created in Microsoft Works Works Doc. 3.0 to file word Convert Microsoft processing File word processing and spreadsheets I have the original files on Floppy Disc Convert Microsoft Works 3.0 word processing file to Doc. File Scan Disc and on my Hard Drive I have tried coverters and the best results I have received are partial or full text with symbols Nothing with the original documents creation form and font style I have been told that the only true way to Convert Microsoft Works 3.0 word processing file to Doc. File see these files in their original form is to run the files through Works with Windows with MS DOS before Windows had its own operating system Is anyone out here running Microsoft Works with Windows on top of a MS DOS operating system These files should open in their original form and then are able to be save in DOC format All helps are Welcome Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Pentium R CPU GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce NVIDIA nForce i Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB E Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Gigabyte Technology Co Ltd GA- PVM-S H x x Antivirus Norton Security Suite Updated Yes On-Demand Scanner Enabled Regards it me nbsp

A:Convert Microsoft Works 3.0 word processing file to Doc. File

ࡱ&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;>&#0;&#0; &#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;R&#0;o&#0;o&#0;t&#0; &#0;E&#0;n&#0;t&#0;r&#0;y&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;F&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;@&#8218;&#8226;K&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;M&#0;a&#0;t&#0;O&#0;S&#0;T&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#8364;x&#8226;K@&#8218;&#8226;K&#0;&#0;&#0;&#0;&#... Read more
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Does anyone know of a good, low cost alternative to viewing a wide variety of .eps files?

I've tried Ghost Script, ReaConverter, ABC, Able Fax Tiff View (even with Ghost plug-in), RIA Media Viewer, Deneba Canvas.

Some of them open certain .eps files but I'm looking for a program that will open ALL files with an .eps extension.

I don't mind spending a little money. I just don't want to have to purchase Adobe Acrobat just to open .eps files.


A:Low cost .eps file viewer?

Some EPS files are not DSC compliant. That means they can&#8217;t be opened in an editor and edited in any way. I suppose they are meant just for printing with a PostScript compliant printer. Other than the included preview file I am not sure they can even be &#8220;opened&#8221;.

Most DPS compliant EPS files are either vector or raster graphics. Many editors will handle only one or the other. If you install the plug-ins with the freeware Irfanview I think it will open both. And you have some cropping and manipulation abilities in Irfanview.

If you want a true editor that will handle both types of image you might look at Paint Shop Pro. You can pick up legal Corel copies on Ebay really cheap. Version X has everything you need and can be had for $20 delivered and XI for ten bucks more. I got a CD-only version of X last year just for the vector integration and have been pleased with the program. I do most editing in Photoshop and can work a lot faster in that, but PSP is surprisingly competent.

But don&#8217;t expect it to open and edit non-DPS compliant files meant only to be printed. It might, but I doubt it.
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Well guys this is quit embarrassing i cant find such a thing on net well i know this kind of thing so exist well what i File Undownloaded Viewer want is a software that will scan a file before its downloaded and let us view us contents Undownloaded File Viewer of it i know this Undownloaded File Viewer should be possible as i have got BitTorrent it gives a view a few files and rar files in torrent before we start to download it and i have also got internet download manager which takes small piece of information and tell us about it well i need a software to scan a file with formats like rar folder exe as i am a malware spyware and virus conscious person well my basic purpose to avoid scams humm like and exe with no verified publisher and folder containing read me with read me including text go to this site complete survey and rar protected with passwords well i guess i know how it would be able to do that well for exe it could check meta data of file and rar it could download file directory part of it and folder just as is also i think i actually need a software which lets us download parts of a file like this or that file in rar or folder or just like that nbsp

A:Undownloaded File Viewer

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I'm trying to find a universal file viewer that also covers files like .js.

A:free file viewer

Can you provide a list of the files you would like to view?
*.js are JScript files that can be opened in Notepad.
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i installed repligo. but avast detected it as a trojan. i downloaded the installer from repligo's site.

any other rgo file viewer?
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What is the .exe file for the pps viewer and where is it located?
I need it so I can tell my email program where to go to open a pps attachment.

Thanks in advance