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Power Point Flashing - Help

Q: Power Point Flashing - Help

Background: I am running MS Office 2003 on WinXP 2002 SP 2. I tend to have all of the MS Office Applications open at once plus AutoCad and Lotus notes. I have 2GB of ram.

I have a PPT file open when the screen starts flashing, I cannot page forward or backward, or edit the slide. I CAN go to slide show or quit, but if I restart power point or end the slide show the flashing starts again. I CAN go to other application and they seem to work normal.

ANyone have any idea what's going on? I seems to me it may be some type of power point memory problem.


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Preferred Solution: Power Point Flashing - Help

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Power Point Flashing - Help

Do you get this problem if you just open Power Point? It sounds like a memory problem to me, but....
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Please reference original problem description on Dec 9 for additional discussion

I am still having some strange problems with PPT. I normally have many applications open at the same time. I have 2GB of RAM, but at certain times PPT goes crazy. I decided to look at Windows task manager during one of these events. Prior to my test I had the following applications open: AutoCad, Lotus Notes, Acrobat, Excel, IE, and PPT. I was working on a PPT file copying and pasting from AutoCad when I open a new PPT file and then PPT went into its flashing mode. I looked at Task Manager (TM) and noticed that CPU usage was running 65%. Keeping TM open I selected my Excel work book window and noticed that CPU usage immediately went down to <5%. Going back to PPT CPU usage went back up to 60+%. I have tried closing applications including PPT but unless I restart the problem remains. HELP! Thanks.

A:Power Point Flashing - Still Need Help before I go crazy

If you have flashing in edit mode it can often be fixed by notching bak Graphics Accelleration

Usually: Right click on desktop > properties > settings >advanced >trouble shoot

If it helps you may want to see if there are newer drivers
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I have a power point presentation in 2003. I want to convert it to power point 2010. What do I need to do?


A:Solved: 2003 power point to 2010 power point

Open the Powerpoint 2003 file with Powerpoint 2010 and save as a Powerpoint 2010 file.
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I obviously have alot of malware on my computer There is a little flashing exclamation point by the clock and it says I need to download some program fix it obviously a scam but still I cant get it off There are some other things as well Kaspersky Anti-Virus continuelly tells me quot Invader quot is trying to open Internet Explorer I have run ad-aware spybot avg anti-spyware and some others all in safe mode Still I got lots of issues Ran Kaspersky Anti-Virus and avg anti-virus but flashing more exclamation point litte and like before lots of problems still So I thought maybe someone on here could help me litte flashing exclamation point and more Here is a copy of my HijackThis log Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at AM on Platform litte flashing exclamation point and more Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system litte flashing exclamation point and more lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C Program Files Grisoft AVG Anti-Spyware guard exe C PROGRA Grisoft AVGFRE avgamsvr exe C PROGRA Grisoft AVGFRE avgupsvc exe C PROGRA Grisoft AVGFRE avgemc exe C Program Files Kaspersky Lab Kaspersky Anti-Virus avp exe C Program Files ewido security suite ewidoctrl exe C Program Files Eset nod krn exe C WINDOWS system nvsvc exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C Program Files Compact Wireless-G USB Adapter Wireless Network Monitor WLService exe C Program Files Compact Wireless-G USB Adapter Wireless Network Monitor WUSB GC exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C WINDOWS system ishost exe C WINDOWS system ismini exe C WINDOWS system isnotify exe C WINDOWS system issearch exe C Program Files Kaspersky Lab Kaspersky Anti-Virus avp exe C Program Files Grisoft AVG Anti-Spyware avgas exe C WINDOWS system wuauclt exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C Program Files Windows Media Player WMPNSCFG exe C Documents and Settings Austin Desktop HijackThis exe C PROGRA MOZILL FIREFOX EXE R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page Something Awful The Internet Makes You Stupid R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Connection Wizard ShellNext Microsoft Windows Update O - BHO Adobe PDF Reader Link Helper - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelper dll O - BHO no name - D -E - ABF-BDD - F A BB - C WINDOWS system vjcpyhn dll O - BHO no name - f b - ff- -a f- d f b b - C WINDOWS system ixt dll O - BHO no name - - F - D - - D F - C PROGRA SPYBOT SDHelper dll O - BHO SSVHelper Class - BB-D F - C-B EB-D DAF D D - C Program Files Java jre bin ssv dll O - BHO no name - E ED E -A B- D -B E- E - C WINDOWS system mllmj dll O - BHO no name - F F B - CF - b -B - A BEE B - C WINDOWS system uvkvmbxg dll O - HKLM Run kav quot C Program Files Kaspersky Lab Kaspersky Anti-Virus avp exe quot O - HKLM Run AVG Anti-Spyware quot C Program Files Grisoft AVG Anti-Spyware avgas exe quot minimized O - HKLM Run NvCplDaemon RUNDLL EXE C WINDOWS system NvCpl dll NvStartup O - HKCU Run WMPNSCFG C Program Files Windows Media Player WMPNSCFG exe O - Extra context menu item E amp xport to Microsoft Excel - res C PROGRA MICROS OFFICE EXCEL EXE O - Extra button no name - B E C - FCB- CF-AAA - C - C Program Files Java jre bin ssv dll O - Extra 'Tools' menuitem Sun Java Console - B E C - FCB- CF-AAA - C - C Program Files Java jre bin ssv dll O - Extra button Web Anti-Virus - F - A - D - CA -AA ACF ED E - C Program Files Kaspersky Lab Kaspersky Anti-Virus scieplugin dll O - Extra button Research - B - CC- C -B BE- C C A - C PROGRA MICROS OFFICE REFIEBAR DLL O - Extra button Messenger - FB F -F - d -BB E- C F - C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe O - Extra 'Tools' menuitem Windows Messenger - FB F -F - d -BB E- C F - C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe O - DPF B-B - D-A D -FCFDF E C WUWebControl Class - http update microsoft com windowsu O - Protocol bw - C AC - - E -B -C E... Read more

A:litte flashing exclamation point and more

Hello austinem, and welcome to Tech Support forum

You have couple of infections but before we start cleaning Iwould like to point out that I noticed three different antivirus applications running. Having more than one antivirus not only doesn't help your system to be secure, on the contrary, it makes it more vulnerable as they would be conflicting with each other. So, please decide on ONE of them and uninstall/remove the other via Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel.


You are running HijackThis.exe from the desktop. It needs to have a folder of its own to function properly. Right click on an empty space on your desktop. Go to New>Folder to create a new folder on your desktop. Name the folder HijackThis. Drag and drop hijackthis.exe into the new folder.


Download SmitfraudFix (by S!Ri) to your Desktop.
Extract all the files to your Destop. Click here if you don't know how. A folder named SmitfraudFix will be created on your Desktop. Do not do anything with it just yet.


Please download Ccleaner and save it to your desktop.
Tutorial for CCleaner
During the installation be sure to UN-check the box for "Ccleaner Yahoo Toolbar" unless you want it


I see that you already have AVG Anti Spyware. Please update it to the latest definitions.


Please print out or copy these instructions/tutorial to Notepad as the internet will not be (while in Safe Mode) available to you at certain points of the removal process. Make sure to work through all the Steps in the exact order in which they are listed below. If there's anything that you don't understand, ask your question(s) before moving on with the fixes.


Reboot your computer in Safe Mode.If the computer is running, shut down Windows, and then turn off the power.
Wait 30 seconds, and then turn the computer on.
Start tapping the F8 key. The Windows Advanced Options Menu appears. If you begin tapping the F8 key too soon, some computers display a "keyboard error" message. To resolve this, restart the computer and try again.
Ensure that the Safe Mode option is selected.
Press Enter. The computer then begins to start in Safe mode.
Login on your usual account.

Open the SmitfraudFix Folder, then double-click smitfraudfix.cmd file to start the tool.
Select option #2 - Clean by typing 2 and press Enter.
Wait for the tool to complete and disk cleanup to finish.
You will be prompted : "Registry cleaning - Do you want to clean the registry ?" answer Yes by typing Y and hit Enter.
The tool will also check if wininet.dll is infected. If a clean version is found, you will be prompted to replace wininet.dll. Answer Yes to the question "Replace infected file ?" by typing Y and hit Enter.

A reboot may be needed to finish the cleaning process, if you computer does not restart automatically please do it yourself manually. Reboot in Safe Mode.

The tool will create a log named rapport.txt in the root of your drive, eg: Local Disk C: or partition where your operating system is installed. Please post that log along with all others requested in your next reply.


From Safe Mode run CcleanerClick on Options,
Select Advanced
Now UNCHECK "Only delete files in Windows Temp folders older than 48 hours"
Make sure the Cleaner block on the left is selected.
Do not use the "Issues" block . It's meant for professionals.
Choose the Windows tab.
Check everything EXCEPT Advanced part of the Menu.
Click on "Analyze". This process could take a while.
If you don't w... Read more
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We received a CD from our niece with pictures on it using Power Point but we do not have the program. Any chance of another program reading this disk? Can I convert the files to something another program that we do have (i.e. Windows Media Player) can read? Thanks, in advance, for any help you can provide.


A:Power Point Pictures, no Power Point

Originally posted by Brett:

We received a CD from our niece with pictures on it using Power Point but we do not have the program. Any chance of another program reading this disk? Can I convert the files to something another program that we do have (i.e. Windows Media Player) can read? Thanks, in advance, for any help you can provide.

Brett Click to expand...

You can download PowerPoint Viewer from the Microsoft website.
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My g laptop is years old so probably time for a new one BUT I'd like to get some more life out of this if I could nbsp nbsp Currently I'm running only on battery power The G570 flashing when cord plugged... power button power power button upper left right above the F key is solid white however when I plug it in it'll start charging for about seconds and then it stops charging and the power button starts flashing white nbsp G570 power button flashing when power cord plugged... nbsp I've tried the shutting down taking out the battery and pressing the power button and also holding the button to discharge Still the same outcome nbsp I've also tried turning it on with the battery removed and just the AC G570 power button flashing when power cord plugged... power source and it turns out and makes it past the Lenovo splash screen but loses power before getting to the windows loading screen nbsp nbsp G570 power button flashing when power cord plugged... Any other suggestions Or should I just assume the charging circuit on the motherboard has failed and I should rescue my data while I can
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My Satallite R830 won't turn on.

The power symbol flashes orange 8 times then pauses and restarts. there are 6 quick flashes followed by a longer one on the 7th flash then another quick one. The wireless symbol is lit up (orange) all the time.

If I unplug the laptop and take out the battery and hold the restart button for 30s then without the battery plug in the charger the flashing stops and the power symbol goes green, until I try turning it on, it has a split second where it sounds like it's booting up then stops and the orange flashing resumes.

Same thing happens if I unplug the ac adaptor and the battery and then tried the above but with the battery and no ac charger.

I have tried with another adaptor (same amp and volt output).

Can anyone help?

Many thanks

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A:Satellite R830 won't power up - flashing power indicator

>6 quick flashes followed by a longer one on the 7th flash then another quick one

If the power supply microcontroller detected an error the DC IN lamp sends a blinking code.
The short means 0 and long means 1.
I your case this means: 0000 0010

Since error code starts with LSB (least significant bit) you have to read it from behind
0000 0010 -> 0100 0000 -> 40 H (hex)
Now you will need to know what 40 H means

According to some details which I found in internet, the 40H could be the S3V output fault. (S3V voltage is over 3.47V)

However, such errors are mostly related to motherboard problem (internal circuit problem) and from my point of few only part replacement would fix this error.
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Needing some advice please I have a HP Probook b laptop which a friend wants me to fix again at one point he dropped his disch... HP won't Laptop to LED, Tried on. power flashing power laptop and had the same power fault and when I discharged the CAPS and turned it on it worked however this time trying the technique isn't doing HP Laptop flashing power LED, won't power on. Tried to disch... it I've tried with discharging and only putting in the battery discharging and only putting in the AC HP Laptop flashing power LED, won't power on. Tried to disch... adapter discharging and put in both Ac adapter and Battery I've tried taking out the HDD and RAM and tried discharging I've tried taking out each individual component and testing but to no avail nbsp At this point I'm thinking a motherboard issue as I'm thinking that my friend has dropped it plenty more times as I see more dents on it which could have broken a copper track Does anyone else think this is a suitable diagnostic I've ruled out the battery as I'm getting V output and the AC adapter I'm getting V as it states it should be nbsp I'm asking if this diagnostics seems correct as I don't want to waste money or time on getting a motherboard if it's not the motherboard but I'm thinking that's the best bet nbsp Cheers
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ANtec AR-350 Power supply, K99MV Motherboard. Problem started after I had some problems switching Wireless Network card. The computer runs for about 2-3 minutes and the Poff! screen black, Power led flashing slowly. I have stripped out everything except memory, started and gone into the bios and left it there just monitoring the board (voltage and fan speed). Same thing happens. My dilemma is to decide if it is the motherboard or the power supply. It is not memory, I have 2 banks and have tested one and one. I am currently in Gran Canaria, Las Palmas so its a bit difficult to find hardware. Any help on how to decide?

A:Power led flashing, again

Just a thought, try replacing your mobo battery. I had similar problems of the computer randomly shutting down / restarting on my older rig and replacing the battery helped. How old is your system BTW?
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I am desperate I cannot get my PC to start up again The PC nonresponsive power LED flashing, power LED is flashing slowly constantly unless I unplug the power cord then it blinks times and fades out When power LED flashing, PC nonresponsive I plug the cord in again slow flashing again I have tried pressing the power button for several seconds while power cord is out power LED flashing, PC nonresponsive and while in I have tried the reset button I have disconnected my UPS and power LED flashing, PC nonresponsive ran straight from wall plug All the same still slow flashing about seconds on then seconds off This problem did show up some weeks ago and would happen now and then Sollution was to disconnect power cable and wait a few seconds Plug back in and the light would stay off Then switch on fine Now I cannot get the light to stop flashing or the PC to start up Please help my system was built to play CSS every day I have AMD Athlon CPU nForce mobo MSI x DDR ram NX PCIe video card GB Sata hard drive Any ideas welcome I promise feedback nbsp

A:power LED flashing, PC nonresponsive

sounds like a bad power supply (you didn't list your PSU in your system specs, do i'm guessing it's a generic PSU, it probably crapped out on ya)
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I have a 3-4 year old Compaq Presario SR2017CL desktop and recently (maybe a month or so ago) the power-on button (green) began flashing when the computer goes into hibernation. I saw this a year or so ago and there was usually an update to Adobe, Microsoft, iTunes, etc. that needed installing. I've checked all those and can't find anything to explain the infernal blinking! I even downloaded an update to the BIOS and that didn't do any good, either. Can you think of any reason for the light to blink? It's actually the lighted power on button and not an indicator inside the box. Other recent changes I've made to the system: removed Norton Antivirus using the registry since there was no uninstall for the program (also a puzzle to me????) and uninstalled my Kodak printer for reasons I won't go into right now. Would appreciate and help you can give.

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A:M73 AIO no POST flashing power LED

AIO will not display power LED flashes maybe motherboard related  can i buy parts for this at sensible price ?
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I have a flashing power LED on my WRT54GP2 I have read in to this and it tells me that this is due to the firmware is corrupt but how do I refresh the firmware(I am finding it hard to find any WRT54GP2 firmware on the linksys website)?? This is not a ISP WRT54GP2, I brought it myself.


Ok so I have found some firmware but now Im struggling to get to the setup screen. I put in which is the webbased setup no joy is there anyother way of getting the firmware on there?

A:I have a flashing power LED on my WRT54GP2

Hey Sneblot,

Have a look here Wrt54gp2 Power Led Flashing -

Hope this helps

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I tried to turn on my PC but when I press the "power" button, the screen doesnt show anything. nothing seems to happen except that "power" button keeps flashing!

does any1 know why this is happening to me?!

and how to fix it plz?

i need to get on really quick.

A:Flashing "power" button

Does the light on your monitor turn on?

Do you hear the hard disc starting?
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Can anyone tell me what's going on with my monitor?
I have an HP Pavilion M70 monitor.
My power light keeps flashing and there's a clicking
sound (sounds like a relay clicking). Pressing the power
button or any other button does nothing.

A:Power light on HP Pavilion M70 keeps flashing

Sounds like a power supply shutdown. It happens when there is a major component failure which causes the power supply to keep resetting and trying again (the "clicking" you hear)

Needs servicing or scrapping.
Monitors are usually not often worth fixing these days, unless it is very minor (and that does not sound minor)
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Hey guys new to the forums Ive recently had screens, flashing LED's, Blue no then up! power a problem with my computer I would be playing Guild Wars or doing w e most of the time when GW was up and a blue screen would show up saying some kind of memory dump or something It would restart my computer and then go to windows xp and say windows has recovered from a major error or something But today it happened and then it restarted got to the windows boot screen and just stopped So i hit power off and now it wont even power on When i try to hit the power on the LED s inside flash the fans start for like half a second and everything just goes dead again The lights on Blue screens, then flashing LED's, no power up! the NIC work but Blue screens, then flashing LED's, no power up! it just Blue screens, then flashing LED's, no power up! wont start up now I had a similar thing happen to me once before with my previous mobo and it just blew something in the circuitry Was wondering if it was that maybe because it had similar conditions but it would keep flashing instead of just once Any help would be appreciated thanks nbsp

A:Blue screens, then flashing LED's, no power up!

ouch sounds like you fried something you could try and stick your computer in the freezer for fifteen minutes or so and see if that works for you that would be my best guess.
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I have a flashing power LED on my WRT54GP2 I have read in to this and it tells me that this is due to the firmware is corrupt but how do I refresh the firmware(I am finding it hard to find any WRT54GP2 firmware on the linksys website)?? This is not a ISP WRT54GP2, I brought it myself.


Ok so I have found some firmware but now Im struggling to get to the setup screen. I put in which is the webbased setup no joy is there anyother way of getting the firmware on there?

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Hi - I m new to these forums and looking for some help I have experience with desktop computers but this Lights Flashing - Power Problems is only my second notebook computer and I don t know about it very well I have a Compal E custom laptop GHz Core Duo Gig DDR RAM GeForce Go mb WinXP Pro gaming notebook It s been working fine for the last six months but recently there s been a problem with the power - Power Problems - Flashing Lights I was just looking for some advice before paying to have it looked at When turned on plugged into the AC - Turns on perfectly green light for fully charged battery When trying to do anything music movies games etc the battery light turns off for a second then all the lights start blinking main power AC battery The charger light then flashes between red and off When I pull out the power cable the machine runs perfectly from battery When turned off plugged into the AC - Power Problems - Flashing Lights The battery charges perfectly with no problems no interruptions Plugged into the AC with no battery - Runs fine for a few minutes then turns off without warning I currently run without my second monitor or external hard disk to reduce power consumption but the problem still occurs Can anyone suggest what may be a problem here I thought it was the power adapter at first but the fact that the battery charges when the machine is turned off leads me to believe otherwise Any help would be GREATLY appreciated Gareth nbsp

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I was wondering if anybody knew what to do in a situation like this: I have a 2 year old laptop that is pretty crappy, but it lives. It's cd-rom, external powe4r port, and video port dont work, and the graphics are really red and it ruins gaming. and the wireless internet adapter just went out, so I want to reinstall it, I have a bootable version of the xp install disk on a usb but the bios is way out of date(no usb boot support) and it won't let me flash it on battery power and it doesn't have a floppy version(I have a external floppy drive). so I eather need a way to trick my computer into thinking it's running off of external power, make a flash bios floppy, or get a floppy that boots usb's. PLEASE HELP!,

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Hi all I wonder if anyone could help with an issue I have with my pc I was playing a game the screen went white and it started to hang I quit out using on. flashing power PC Mouse wheel won't is task manager tried to reopen and it wouldn t I restarted using the start menu it rebooted fine but would not PC won't power on. Mouse wheel is flashing boot the game So I hit the reset button on the case and the pc switche itself off instantly like it had overheated At this point the wheel on my razer mouse started flashing and the pc won t power back on I allowed it to cool down took out the gfx card ram and all peripherals but not change On plugging the mouse back in it starts flashing again and is still going now Does this sound like a fried motherboard The fact the mouse is still flashing makes me think the psu is ok but I can t be sure Any ideas Thanks in advance for any help you can give nbsp

A:PC won't power on. Mouse wheel is flashing

Try the mouse on another computer
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Bought this laptop with no power supply, I ordered one now when plugged in I get flashing blue light around the power supply but will not power up
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Just bought an ATC-710. When I put it into sleep mode, the power button keeps flashing bright white, and it driving me up the wall. Is there a way to stop the blinking in sleep mode? Thanks,
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Hi,Need your expert help! My HP TouchSmart 600 won't power on. The lights at the bottom of the desktop are flashing green. It worked fine the day before. Is it the mother board? Or a power supply issue?
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First of all this occured when the electricity went off one day I had my computer connected to a ups LED power won't and start PC supply Flashing and a safety power hub but i didnt manage to shut it down before the battery of the ups went off so it forced closed on its own After that the led of the power supply not the one on the psu but the one which is located in the chassis in front where the hdd led is as well started flashing and the computer wont start at all I started turning off and on the power supply button on the psu and i could hear a noise not a loud one like the one you get with a ram or w e problem but a silent quot quot vzzzz quot thinky After multiples swith off and on from the psu button the sound stoped Flashing power supply LED and PC won't start and the pc started However when i shut Flashing power supply LED and PC won't start it down again the noise is there again and now i cant start it again Now i want to buy a new psu in order to fix the issue but i am not sure if it s the psu s failure Any ideas if it s the psu or something else nbsp

A:Flashing power supply LED and PC won't start

That sound like a problem with psu to be sure get yourself a psu tester you can get a good one for around a £10 on ebay also take a look at your mobo to see if there is damage there also check your ups and safety hub.
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I'm having trouble with my hp pavilion dv5000. It started about a month ago and i should have tried to repair it sooner. To begin with the problem was just loud clicking noise, perhaps the fan. Soon after it had trouble waking from standby and finally while attempting to turn it on the power LED would turn on but after a few seconds the screen wouldn't light up and the power LED light would begin to flash.
It had been working still however if you tried to startup a few times, with no further problems. However now it won't seem to get past the Flashing LED no matter how many times i try.
I'd be really greatful for any ideas.


A:Flashing Power LED - no startup - HP dv5000

loud clicking noiseClick to expand...

Usually HardDrive failure
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So basically my computer has small blue power LED on the front that shows its turned on however upon switching the system on this morning the blue LED was flashing constantly This wouldn t really be a mystery Constantly flashing Solved: LED power to me if it weren t for the fact that the system switches on with no trouble Now yesterday morning I switched the system on first thing and got the same response a flashing LED After a while the system just shut itself down which I assumed had something to do with the power supply since it was the power LED on the front that was flashing wildly In response I removed the PSU I that was in there and inserted the stock PSU which came with the system The stock PSU has barely even been used Solved: Constantly flashing power LED since the moment I recieved the computer some months ago I swapped the PSU for a better one from a previous system Now the computer ran perfectly throughout the entire day yesterday on the stock PSU then all of a sudden it decided to start flashing the LED this morning I don t suppose its a coincidence that every time I ve had computer problems they ve manifested in the morning when being switched on after hours of inactivity Any help in figuring this one out is appreciated Cheers nbsp

A:Solved: Constantly flashing power LED

As it turns out, it signals a hardware issue on the inside and through further testing I discovered that my CPU fan was failing to activate upon booting the system up, thus the CPU was reaching its maximum temperature and automatically shutting down to prevent damage.
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I bought my XPS a couple weeks ago and immediately upgraded the memory to GB Everything worked fine but I then decided to upgrade the video card to an EVGA GeForce GTX SSC This card requires both a and an pin power connector which the stock Dell PSU doesn t provide So rather than return the video card I upgraded the PSU to a Corsair CX M which I ve read other XPS users have had success with in this machine As others have reported this PSU is a tight fit but I was able to get it installed As soon as I powered it on my problems began The case and CPU fans spin I can hear the HDD spinning up and I can open and close the dvd tray So I know the PSU is at least providing some power But I get no video and the power indicator on the top of the case flashes an amber pattern I ve tried reverting back to the stock dell PSU and video card but still have the exact same issue nbsp I ve 8900 Light Flashing XPS Power also tried unplugging the power cable and holding the power button for sec But still the power light flashes the amber pattern I know there are no beep codes for the XPS and that the power light s amber flash pattern is used instead to diagnose the issue but I haven t been able to locate any reference to what the patterns indicate The power indicator flashes a - pattern and repeats Does anyone know what this means

A:XPS 8900 Flashing Power Light

I had ripped everything out with no luck. Well, everything except the upgraded memory. It had been working, so I didn't think it would be necessary to remove it. But I was wrong.
I reverted back to the stock memory and the blinking amber light problem went away!
Then I re-installed the new memory, and it also worked!
So I guess it was just that the memory needed to be re-seated.
Not sure if the 2 - 7 pattern means "Memory issue", but that would be my guess.
Since the XPS 8900 doesn't support beep codes, I hope Dell will eventually publish what the flashing light patterns mean.
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i have dell demension 3000. i have tried the dell forums and they move so slow.
i jsut bought a ati x1550 pci video card and a 450 watt rosewell power supply. and when i try and turn the computer on in place of the power light there is a orange flashing light and the forums guy say it is a power supply faliure how could it be jsut got it. the motherbaord has the green light lit up so its fine idk wut is wrong though so werid any other suggestions

A:Orange flashing power light

Have you the option of re-installing the original powersupply to test (if still working)
Also confirm all powersupply and m/b connectors are securely plugged in
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Just bought an ATC-710. When I put it into sleep mode, the power button keeps flashing bright white, and it driving me up the wall. Is there a way to stop the blinking in sleep mode? Thanks,
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Hello, can you help me?

laptop is after applying the paste to the CPU and the chipset, after pressing the power
just LED blinking, Fans also not works

Thanks for any advice
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Where can I go to download free Power Point PPS? I had the address once, but can't find it now. Thanks.

A:Power Point PPS

are you asking about the full version of powerpoint or just the reader

reader is here

i'm sure there are sites where you can buy and download powerpoint
not sure which are the legal sites. maybe microsoft site would be a good site
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I created a presentation on power point but I did not know it could not be played on a DVD player. Is there a way to convert my presentation? (OS XP)

A:power point

Welcome to the forum. Try this post. I found it via the "Search This forum" button in the top right-hand corner of the forum.
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I want to use Power point for a lecture and want to know how to get it only go on to the next screen when I click it or tell it to from a remote.
My minister uses this for his sermons but when I ask him he couldn't remember how it was set up. I've been to properties but don't seem to be find the correct place to change it.

A:Power Point

I have a few questions.

What version of Powerpoint do you use?

Did you ask your question because you created the slideshow and it automatically advances?

If so, did you create the slideshow from scratch or did you edit one that was already created?

Orange Blossom
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When printing out a power point slide show on my Plll 800 with 256 RAM and running windows 98SE, I ran into a strange happening and I was wondering is this something that has happened to others and if so what did they do about it.
I was printing the notes section of the slides. The first 56 out of 58 printed out fine, the 57th and 58th would not print the notes sheets, but would print the slide sheets and the handout sheets.
I was using a HP1220C printer being feed through a USB line.
Switched to a cannon BJC 2000 and it printed the notes fine.
I rebooted both the computer and printer and checked the printer test program and all checked good.
Any Ideas!!

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Is Microsoft Power Point only for XP, or is there a version for Windows 98 also? Thanks.

A:Power Point for XP only?

PowerPoint has been in all non-basic versions of MS Office since....Office 95, which ran on Windows 95, 98, ME. at least.

Office 97 included it and that runs on all versions of Windows up to XP.

Also in Office 2000, 2002(XP), 2003.

As its part of MS Office its not included free with any of the versions of Windows (although it may have been supplied bundled with some PCs).

The 2003 version requires Windows XP to run.
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I am making a slide show using Power Point 2000. It has many great features that my CD burner app does not.
I want to create CD's from this that any user can view even if they do not have MS PP on their system. Is this possible? Also is there a special PP format to use if I am putting this onto a CD?
How can I do it?

A:Power Point on CD for all to use

Maruga -

Powerpoint has a program called PowerPoint Viewer available for download (free) so slide shows can be viewed by anyone, even if they do not have PowerPoint.

I don't know how to get it onto a CD so anyone can use it, but I'm sure someone will come along soon that can help with that part of the problem.

When you finish your slide show, make sure you save it as a PowerPoint Show instead of a PowerPoint presentation.

Good Luck.

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Hi I got this assignment and I feel so lost I don't know why this things doesn't make sense for me I don't want anyone to do my homework for me but I really need help So please help me solve this If I understand well I need to come up with some business strategy that I will apply in Powerpoint What he wants me to do in step come up with let's say possible businesses what about step Does it means simply making different slides with different security strategy then I absolutely have no clue what to do in step how to design the chart Steps I got it Quincy Engineering is a mechanical and industrial design company that specializes in designing and building manufacturing plants throughout the world As a sales division manager one of your duties is to evaluate and someone POWER can help point recommend projects You just got back POWER point can someone help from a trip to the Hubei province in the People's Republic of China where Quincy Engineering has just opened a communication channel to explore building a manufacturing plant infrastructure Use the following information POWER point can someone help to create a presentation where you make a recommendation to the Board of Directors Create a title slide to introduce your presentation Vision slide - create a vision statement and insert a piece of clip art Objectives slide - develop government relationship build plants in Chen Lau province by Current Status slide - provide current status Identify situation in China Use clip art to enhance the slide Available Options slide - Identify three strategies that Quincy Engineering could take to secure this multi-million dollar deal For example one strategy might be to continue working with the Wuhun government or align with another company to secure the deal Growth Potential slide - Create and format a chart to show growth potential if a contract was secured - it should show columns sales expenses and profit The chart should show projected sales figures projected expense figures and projected profit figures for the years - The numbers in the chart should show steady growth in sales and expenses each year Show a loss the first year and profit gains the other three Recommendations slide - Choose one of the three strategies from above and list points that support which one you recommend Set slide show transitions and animation effects Animate chart elements and bullet points in the presentation Include your name in the footer text Save your presentation as Your Name QuincyEngineering Close the file and exit PowerPoint

A:POWER point can someone help

If you try to cut down your post, only including the necessary points, you may get help faster. People don't like to read pages.
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How do u get two pictures in power point to overlap.(Moderator edit: moved thread to more appropriate forum. jgweed)

A:power point

To have two or more images overlap:

1.) place cursor over image
2.)then right click
3.)go down to order
4.)click one of the four options.

Then one of the images should go behind the other one. If that is not the image that you wanted to be in back click bring to front and it will overlap the other one.
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Hi All

I am trying to put a dvd together of my daughter its her 18th soon and I wanted to get pics of her from over the years.

Is there a way to do a powerpoint presentaion and put it on dvd ? Or is there other software I can use to do this?

Cheers in advance for your help


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Is there a free viewer download for Power Point viewing. I have Windows XP but not "Office" and I don't want to buy a program just to see an attachment.
Thank you

A:Power Point

you can get one here.
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I doubt I know what I am talking about but here goes; I was sent a file I guess by Power Point 97-2003. I was able to open it. Now I tried to forward it to another person and they couldn't open it. I have Power Point 2007 I think. I know I have MS Office 2007.

If this makes any sense, send me some advice. Thankyou

A:power point

Did you make some changes to it and save it, then forwarded it?
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All of a sudden, I can't see the slides on the left hand column of my Power Point presentation.  The slides show up fine in the large section but are empty in the left hand column.  I've never had this before and didn't know if I changed some type of setting.  Thanks for the help!

A:Power Point

Hello DRiebman, and welcome to BleepingComputer!  Move your cursor over to the left side of the screen past the ruler edge and hover the cursor over the vertical line which borders the left of the slide view. The cursor will change from an arrow to 2 small vertical lines with 2 tiny arrows. This means you can now adjust the line by sliding it to the right. While the cursor is changed to the 2 little vertical slider lines (on the far left), depress your left mouse button. Move the line to the right. This action will expose the thumbnails of all the slides.  You can adjust the view and size of the of the thumbnails by moving the line back and forth, left to right, while the left mouse button is depressed and hovering over the far left vertical border line in the normal view.  Let me know if that works.
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I have several power points that were created with office 2003 on an XP machine. XP crashed, now have Vista running 2003,, The power points will not open, get a message saying power point is in use and cannot be accessed. trying to open from a cd. Any ideas how to open these ? Thanks

A:power point

Try copying the files from the CD to your hard drive and then opening them. If that doesn't work, try making copies of them under different names and directories and see if that works.
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where can i find a power point download if i don't already have power point on my comp thanks help asap

A:power point

Here's a good place, but as always you gotta buy it. Hope this helps.
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whenever i try and insert clip art in to a document in powerpoint i get an error message "The server application, source file, or item can't be found you should reinstall the server application". And i have no clue what that means, i hope someone can help.

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Hi to anyone that uses Power Point MS Please! help Ms Power MS Power Point help Please! Point I have version - and have used it many times prior with only a few minor learning curve problems I have created two seperate gif animations and am trying to incorporate them into a single PPs presentation I have done it prior with mostly su ccess I am haveing a problem now with possibly the timing settings with the frames compared to the length of the animations I have forgot how I had done it before a few years ago but the first frame with the first half of the animation keeps playing over and over and not moveing to the second frame with the other half of the animation If I merge both animations together they playe fine to the end but when I split the animation into two seperate animations devided between the first two PPs frames the final show display just keeps repeating the first frame of the animation only Can Nnyone give me any guidance how to set the timeing for PPS frame to coenside with the length of the animation I feel that is my problem I can set the animation frames down to th of a second if needed Any input would be greately appreciated swaneyJoe nbsp
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I am having a problem with Power point, we have one private drive for users and several shared drive. The trouble I'm having is they can open power point on shared and C drive but not on his personal drive. Have checked is rights and they are correct. Any one else can open these files, any ideas ??

A:MS Power Point

Moved to Business Applications for more response

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I have Power Point 97. I have NEVER used it other than to view PPS files that are sent to me. I want to learn how to make a presentation, or really a photo album slide show in the program. I have read the help and find no help for this. I went to Microsoft site and read how to do it in PowerPoint 2003 but I do not have the options that it says to use. I tried inserting pictures as they advised, saved them as slides, but could not get them to work as a slide show. Only 1 picture would come up. Can anyone tell me where I can find the information on how to do this?

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I am trying to make a power point presentation game that would work like jeopardy. I have made a bunch of slides with questions and answers on them. You can easily move around through the slides by using hypertext links. I am trying to find a way to keep score. Any ideas would be appreciated.


A:Power point help

griz2, to keep a score you will need some kind of user input and the VBA to keep track of the results. Powerpoint supports VBA just like Access, Excel and Word.
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I copied my backup which has office 97 stuff to my new pc that has MSOFFICE 2K,When i opened the organizational chart that was created in office 97 to make adjustment it keep saying load disk 1, but everytime I load disk 1 of MS OFFICE 2K it doesn't find what it is looking for. I don't even know what it is looking for .. can some one please help..

A:power point

There might be an addin that you have to use for the chart to work properly.

What I do, that takes up more room on the HDD, is to install the entire Office package. That means clicking the main Office icon during the Custom Install process, and selecting run all from my hard drive. Maybe changing your Office setup will make all things better?
BTW, can you quote, exactly, what is being requested of you when trying to open this program?
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G -B NR laptop running Windows nbsp Kept overheating disassembled and cleaned fan and replaced thermal paste on cpu nbsp won't boot now nbsp quick burst of the fan can hear and feel out vents and then power led and f wifi led keep flashing have tried all the nonsense about hard reset and leaving battery out etc nbsp the battery appears to be charged - when i plug in adapter it is a white solid led have checked the adapter voltage out shoudl be registered as nbsp have swapped out memory for known working ones and have checked ones installed in other laptops nbsp What next how can i test if it's the motherboard or cpu would anything happen at all if the mobo or cpu were dead i hadndled them with care and grounded myself while disassembling could it be the battery any help is greatly appreciated nbsp fan; wifi and cleaning boot G72 won't flashing after power l... have seen this problem posted on many sites - with very few solutions - one in a million get it to boot after leaving battery out G72 won't boot after cleaning fan; flashing power and wifi l... for a while nbsp cannot locate a users manual to tell G72 won't boot after cleaning fan; flashing power and wifi l... me what this light combo flashing indicates and don't know if the led on power adapter socket is supposed to be white amber flashing or solid nbsp
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I have this icon Ac power and Blue Battery status alternate flashing in system tray.

What is wrong and how I can get rid of it ?

The battery power shows it is 100 percent,

I am using HP ez2000 laptop.

Is there something wrong with the charger or battery pack
Why is it doing this ?

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Hey guys,I have a Gen8 HP Microserver which is flashing green on power, any idea what can this be? Thanks in advance
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So I might have an issue with my Y50 laptop, and I'm not sure what's going on.
Recently I've noticed that I periodically will have flashing lights when I'm on my computer. The power button and power light will blink a white colour, while the battery light will blink an orange colour. These do this at full battery, half, AC power or not, etc. The laptop also runs and works perfectly fine, it just flashes randomly while I'm doing work. I know the indicator lights and show a few things, but they don't seem to match the issue I'm having. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue.
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Hi I have just been handed a computer from my next door neighbour it seems to be a home build or a computer shop build so im unsure of the exact specs as it is not booting they are telling me that until yesterday it was working fine but now it will not start All I PC not light flashing Solved: booting and Power can tell from opening it up is that it is XP Solved: Power light flashing and PC not booting has an Eagle power supply a winfast motherboard and mb of Dan electric Ram when you switch the system on all the fans start and the hard drive spins up but then there is one Solved: Power light flashing and PC not booting beep and the green power led on the front of the case goes from constant green to flashing green and nothing else happens I have removed and checked the HD wich is fine I have reseated the RAM and even changed it from DIMM to DIMM but none of this makes any difference Could it be a power supply fault or a Motherboard fault or even a graphics card fault how can I find out which it is I have asked my neighbours if they still have the user manuals but they claim they threw them out when they moved in about years ago Can anyone help Many Thanks Geoff nbsp

A:Solved: Power light flashing and PC not booting

Fixed, removed the PCI graphics card, and went back to the onboard graphics.. started and ran straight away...
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Hi, I have a WRT54G (no version number, so I am assuming 1?). After a power outage, when the electricity came back on, the power and diagnostic LEDs on the router kept flashing and I can't get internet access. If I hook the cable modem directly to my PC, I get a connection and can get on the internet. Once I hook the modem to the router and the router to the PC. I am completely out...can't get on the internet at all, the cable modem's activity light is off, and the flashing lights in back of the ethernet cable are also off. Linksys tech support says our router is dead and it is beyond warranty. Is there anyway to fix this? If not, what router will you suggest (note: a new model must work with my
WPC54G v2. Thanks.

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I have a lenovo twist running windows 8.1. This computer will be running run fine but will freeze then come right back. It also will not wake up from a sleep at times and the only way to get it back on is to cut all power or hold down the power button until it shuts off. It just started not being able to do some of the windows updates.

A:Will not wake from a sleep power light just keeps flashing

When did you install 8.1? The reports show that your OS was installed a month before it was released.

No further info in the reports, and the last BSOD was from Nov 2013.
Please do the following:
- open Event Viewer (run eventvwr.msc from the "Run" dialog))
- expand the Custom Views category (left click on the > next to the words "Custom Views")
- right click on Administrative Events
- select "Save all Events in Custom View as..."
- save the file as Admin.evtx
- zip up the file (right click on it, select "Send to", select "Compressed (zipped) folder")
- upload it with your next post (if it's too big, then upload it to a free file-hosting service and post a link here).

While waiting for a reply, please monitor your temps with this free utility: HWMonitor CPUID - System & hardware benchmark, monitoring, reporting
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Have a Flex 2-15 running Windows 10.  Just picked it up and the power light was flashing orange and would not power on. It was plugged int the charger. With charger unplugged it still flashed and refused to power on.I had to disassemble the laptop and unplug the battery to stop it.  Plugged the battery back in and it powered up as normal. I can find on help on the Lenovo site any body got any ideas
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I have a TV/Monitor ( magnavox ) . It doesnt power on. The power light just flashes greenish-orange. Does this mean I need a new power supply?

Thanks in advance.
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I bought a computer from quantex, the company that went out of business, and after disconnecting my computer and moving to a new apartment - I found that when I reconnected my computer - my computer didn't work.

The monitor acted as if it wasn't attached to the computer, and the computer didn't "tick" like it usually does when loading windows. The only thing I got was a flashing "power light". The "database write" light was also on, but it was constant"

I think its a loose connection inside the tower.

How is the best way to fix it.


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Laptop  can`t turn on.The light near power jack is flashing and there is no reaction    Just this light always flashing (turns on/off) and notebook don`t work (always white light)

A:HP Pro book 4540s - power jack is flashing !!

Oks, See this document: Troubleshooting LED Blink Codes or Beep Codes During Startup or Boot You might start with the section titled  Battery power LED blinks  Brilliant Posting AdviceClick the Kudos Star!It is a nice way to say ?Thank You? for the help.Although I strive to reflect HP's best practices, I do not work for HP.
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I had a lightning strike and I think my Power Supply may be shot.

I had it plugged into a cheap surge protector, but I don't trust it.

When I plug it in, directly to the wall socket, the green LED on the back of the power supply just flashes constantly. But when I try to turn the computer on, absolutely nothing happens.

I tried a new power cord with no luck...same thing.

Might there be a reset switch in the power supply, or does this flashing green light mean that it is dead.

Thanks...I appreciate your help


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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility strange on flashing LED to motherboard power Struggling on, version OS Version Microsoft Struggling to power on, strange LED flashing on motherboard Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor AMD Athlon tm II X Processor AMD Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Struggling to power on, strange LED flashing on motherboard Card AMD Radeon HD Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC M A R Antivirus avast Antivirus Updated and Enabled Hi I ve had this problem intermittently for a few days but it just got stranger this morning Occasionally when I try to power on my computer either just after powering off or after a long time of being off it just won t do anything I switched the PSU switch off and on again the first few times it happened and that resolved it figuring I should buy another PSU just in case even for backup Still saving for it This morning it went weird where it still wouldn t power on but the motherboard light was on and there as an additional light that kept flashing in flashes of three when I looked it up in the manual it says it s the quot BIOS Flashback LED FLBK LED The FLBK LED lights when the USB Flashback button is pressed for three seconds quot I wasn t touching the button and it was still flashing Then just was I was peering in to try and make any sense of what I was seeing the whole thing switched on by itself and sprung to life I have never had a computer switch on by itself with me before Does this sound like imminent PSU failure or could there be something else going on with that flashy LED Why would my computer just come on by itself like that Please be kind I m not very tech savvy and won t understand if you use a lot of technical terminology nbsp

A:Struggling to power on, strange LED flashing on motherboard

Whenever I've seen switching the power supply off and back on resolve the problem, it was the result of a failing/faulty PSU.
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Its my first turned power Supply Flashback when LED is flashing on build and I think my motherboard isnt working but more specifically I want to know why the flashback led is flashing when I turn on the power supply Power is going into the motherboard the standby light comes on as well as the Flashback LED but when I attempt to turn the computer on with the power button Flashback LED is flashing when power Supply turned on on the case nothing happens I ensured both the ATX power connectors were fully in everything is connected RAM is in but the computer will not boot Also I might have have connected the power to the case in at the opposite ends ground to power and power to ground but it has been reversed and if that is the problem would I have to replace the case or the motherboard Here are the specs -ASUS M A motherboard -Fractal R ATX Tower Case -AMD FX- core AM GHz -Kingston GB in SSD -Corsair TX -Kingston gb HyperX DDR Ram nbsp

A:Flashback LED is flashing when power Supply turned on

No idea but slight suggestion Power supply???
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My PC wouldn't turn on on Monday night - just a green flashing light on the front. After a bid of fiddling with the kettle lead etc and moving the pc, it worked. After switching off as usual the same thing happened the next night. I replaced the kettle lead but now it just sits with the green light flashing. I've checked the forums but can't find someone with the same problem in that the pc DOES work every now and again. PC about 15 months old. Has anyone any suggestions (hoping its not the hard drive).

A:Solved: Green Flashing Light no Power!

Solved - had a chappie at work have a look and the fan doesn't move. By the way the green light now doesn't come on at all. It's the psu and it's being fixed later. Thanks for looking and hopefully this may help someone else!
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Help! After sucessfully using my A920 Dell All-in-One printer for two years with Dimension 4600 XP, I am now receiving the "printer cannot communicate with computer" message. This change occurred in the midst of a printing project. The power light continually flashes (this is not a jammed, out-of-paper, etc. warning). The driver has been uninstalled & then reinstalled several times, cable & power cords have been checked, unplugged & replugged multiple times. Could this indicate that the printer is just worn out? Thanks for any ideas.

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Power button keeps flashing.I went to the shop.I think the worker replaced my RAM, because this new ram has a SAMSUNG sticker on it.Is there any thing that can help me recognise my RAM card.My laptop's 1.5 year old.At first I had this boot device problem 3f0 (still not resolved).Tried reconnecting hard disk.My hard disk works fine.Then the screen got worse.And now no display just this power button flashing.The shopkeeper said he would be replacing some parts from the motherboard.What 2 do now.Thanks.

A:15 n 210se HP Notebook power button flashing

Hi @AbdulSami1,Welcome back to the HP Support Forums!  I understand you are having an issue with the computer not starting. I will be glad to help you. Please go through the step from Computer Does Not Start (Windows 10).Please keep me informed of how things went.  If you require further assistance, let me know and I will gladly do all I can to help you.Please let me know if this resolves the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution".To simply say thanks, click the Thumbs up below!  Thanks.
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Hello nbsp I'm trying to figure out if the power supply on my hp is bad or not The green light on back of the tower is flashing and the computer won't turn on I've tried all of the preliminary no my flashing power light pavilion hp on is and green things and nothing works -- the green light keeps blinking until I disconnect the large plug to the motherboard then the light stays on and doesn't blink Once I have the power cord disconnected and the main plug to the motherboard disconnected as well I then have tried replugging the power cord and then replugging nbsp the main plug to the motherboard kind of trying to jump start it the fan tries to come one but only for a second no power and green light on my hp pavilion is flashing then goes back off so it won't boot Does anyone know if this means that the power supply is bad or if something else might be wrong I'm wondering if the power supply would be bad when the computer is clearly trying to start but not quite making it Solved View Solution

A:no power and green light on my hp pavilion is flashing

If the PSU blinks it needs to be reset.unplug the electrical cable from the wall and the PSU.move the red voltage selector to the opposite position it is in and then slide it back. If you live in the USA 120Vac-->220Vac-->120Vac see the image below.  After you have done this you can plug the power cable back into the PSU.  Connect the power cable to the wall power. If the PSU is still serviceable it will no longer be blinking. Best regards,erico Edited to fix the broken image link.
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Qosmio G20 139
System won't start, gives a flashing amber DC power indicator only.

No other indicators.
Appears to be a code. If I read it right gives 332
Battery is fully charged and have tried more than one PSU.

Checked for voltage on MB inputs seems OK
Have tried all combinations of with battery and mains combinations but nothing changes.

A:Qosmio G20-139 wont power up Flashing DC indicator only

Hmm... sounds like a hardware problem on the mobo...
Check the memory modules.
Remove one and try to power up the unit using one module only.
You should check both with different combinations means you should check also the both memory slots.

My notebook didn?t boot up due to faulty module.
However, if this does not help you, then you will need to get in contact with an local service technician because the guy could localize the faulty part.
But i think it could be a motherboard problem which means that new board would be needed and this can be very costly.
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G'day to one and all.

I have a TECRA S2 running XP SP3.
All was well till I went to a mates place with it and plugged in the power supply and it would not turn on at all and no LED's even,

I removed the battery and then tried again and then the power and battery LED's flash together but nothing else would happen.

Tried several times with the battery in and out with the same results.
I disconnecter the power supply before removing or installing battery.

Don't even get to BIOS or a display. I put the HDD in a caddy and it is accessable.

A:Tecra S2 - Power and battery LED's flashing - No boot

> All was well till I went to a mates place with it and plugged in the power supply
Did you use the right AC adaptor?

To be honest it looks like a motherboard malfunction? possibly power supply electronic issue.
the power indicator would start to flash amber if voltage of AC adaptor is abnormal or computer power supply malfunctions.
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I downloaded power point 2003 online. I wanted to get a slide show from my school's file system. So when i downloaded it i went to my school's file online and i clicked on it. It came up power point viewer 2003. And it came up with a box to choose a file. I want to make a new slide show. And it only shows the slid show of a current one. I can only watch the slide show help please

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Must a computer have either Power Point or Power Point Viewer installed to open .pps files? I thought that type of file was self opening and would run the presentation.

Thanks for any help.

A:Power Point pps files

dmcclure said:

Must a computer have either Power Point or Power Point Viewer installed to open .pps files?
Click to expand...

Yes it must have one of the above.
I am not sure if there are any third party programs capable of opening .pps
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Does anyone know how to put a Power Point Presentation onto a vhs. I have a Dazzle and vcr. If it helps I have a AMD 200 64mb ram Win Me Power Point 2000. The Dazzle is a external usb model. The Dazzle software is version 3.5

Sorry if this is in the wrong catagory.

A:Record Power Point to VCR


Have you got a video card with TV-out? If so, connect the TV-out on your card to the TV-in on the VHS and try record.

Just a guess, mind


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Hi i hope somebody can help, ive just finished, for me a larger power point presentation than i've ever done before, when i've copied it on to a cd it's very slow to load and when it has loaded it takes a short while till you can show it otherwise the first few slides do not flow as smothly as they should, i'm using Power point 2003 and burnt the presentation on a cd using nero, the presentation has 64 slides with lots of animation ect.., hope somebody can help other wise i'm afraid people will fall asleep before the presentation starts, and not during it

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My wife created a Power Point presentation for her high school reunion. She wants to convert it so that people without Power Point can view it. What is the best way to make it so that anyone can watch it?
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I want to make a power point presentation and then burn it on a dvd so that it can be played on a TV via DVD player. Is that possible? If not, any advise for a program that can do that?

Thanks in advance

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I am working on a PowerPoint presentation and I need to use the NotesPage format to print out my presentation. I have done this before with no problems but this time, when I do a print preview and/or print, the notes show up but the object (graphic/print screen) does not appear. When I look at slide master, everything is there. Any suggestions? I am using Office 97 and Windows 98. Please help! Thank you!

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Hello Board,

I am using only the Power Point viewer at present.

When I get an e-mail with PPT or PPS files the viewer will not come up. I get an error message to go to control room and user folder option to "make it work" or read the file. I can not find what I need to correct or tell the program to act proper.

I can save the file and open Power Point and have it go to the file and it works great.

I have removed Power Point and reinstalled it but it has not shown any recognition. Still getting the same use folder options in control panel.

What do I need to do to get this to operate properly?

Windows XP Pro sp2
1 g memory
80 g hard drive
1.4 ghz chip

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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i would like to know if i can add a song to a power point show and send it by email or not?

i want to create too like an album of photos to send by email where should i do it? its formy business in landscaping serv. there will be like 30 photos

A:Music In Power Point??

Yes, just set up your slide show and add the soundtrack.
Here's how to add sound:

That's an Adobe PDF format page, what you want to know starts at the bottom of page 3.
The steps may vary slightly depending on your version.
You might also find guidance in Power Point's Help.

I've done this before, but I haven't installed Office since my last format so I can't verify the steps. Be aware that adding a soundtrack can increase the file size of your presentation quite a bit. Make sure to check that if you're emailing to some one with a dial-up connection.
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Hello I play an electronic keyboard and got really fed up of having Music books and sheets all over the place I decided to have my sheet music displayed on a monitor behind my keyboard A member of another forum who I have lost contact with suggested I use Power Point He give me all the info I needed to get up and running As you can see in the left pane I have the titles for Power Point and in the main pane the titles which are my PDFs Initially the left hand box and the two columns in the centre box are blank So where you see the rows of titles on the left that would be blank and the idea is to right click on the first there would be only one at this stage and Solved: Power Point please help select quot Duplicate slide quot which enables me to carry on o the next blank slide when the first one is Solved: Power Point help please full I committed the cardinal sin and completely forgot to make a duplicate What I need is someone who is ofay in Power Point who could guide me through the process of setting up a new blank Power Point chart which will look similar to the attached one without the titles in both panes I will then duplicate the Solved: Power Point help please first blank slide and I will the be able to make a whole new collection of PDF sheets I sincerely hope I have explained it so people can understand and help from members would be most appreciated I am running Windows Home Premium Regards jud nbsp

A:Solved: Power Point help please

I've not used PP. But you didn't attach the example.
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I am using Power Point to present a slideshow on a CD. I would like to know what to include on my CD so that someone who does not have Power Point can view my Slide Show? Thank you, Yada

A:Using Power Point in CD Presentation

You can include ppview97.exe which you can get <a href=>here</a>.
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When I insert a picture in powerpoint it only appear on the left column (slide preview) but it doesn't appear on the slide where I can edit it.
Please help ASAP.

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Is Office 2000 version of Power Point compatible with Office 97 version of Power Point? My daughter has a school slide presentation to do and the teacher doesnt know if it is compatible.

A:Power Point Question

Well I feel stupid now I just went into Power point and you can do a save as in 95,97 and 2000 presentation so I am assumping that it is compatible.
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Is there a way to play a power point presentation that is burned to a DVD on the TV? (The screens automatically change so that you don't need mouse click.) If this is possible, do you need to download and burn a Power Point viewer onto the disk? Is there any other way to do it?

Thanks in advance!

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I have Microsoft Office 2007 with Power Point 2007. When I receive an e-mail with PPS attachment I am unable to open it. I get an error saying "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association file in the Folder Options control panel. Can anyone help me do thid so I can have access to powerpoint attachments in my e-mails?

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anybody know of a free power point program ....tks 700

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I have two friends , one has XP Home edition and one has XP Professional on Dell desktops. They have downloaded Microsoft's readers for vs 2003 and 2007 but cannot retrieve .pps files to read them. Any suggestions?

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Is there a way to fade out music which is selected to play in Power Point as background to the whole show?. At the moment my only option seems to to coordinate the end of the show(by adjusting slide lengths) so that it coincides with some minor acceptable break or pause in the music. Thanks.
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Does anyone know how to put a power point presentation of 90 slides into the Final cut pro time line?

I have the presentation on CD I have tried going into file on the ppt and clicking on "make a movie..." This puts the ppt into a quick time or .mov format but it still wont go into FCP. Every time I try it comes up with an Error.

please help!!
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Hi. I received a power point presentation from friend of mine and I couldn't get the title of the music was playing.. so How Can I copy that music or how to subtract it.. any thoughts.. thanks

A:How to get music from Power Point

"File">>"Save as Webpage" from the menu bar and within the folder you will find the music files
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Iím trying to create a PP show for a friend who needs if for a presentationÖ
And I have no clue what Iím doing .. (as usual)

He canít hear the sound on the first slide >> Slide Show

All the other sounds on his computer are OK ... or from the internet.
I donít know if its something Iím doing wrong Ö Or a problem on his end of the internet.
Any Ideas ?? ..

A:Solved: Power Point help

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