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viewing other attnedees when planning a meeting in microsoft outlook

Q: viewing other attnedees when planning a meeting in microsoft outlook


when i view shared calendars in outlook, i can see my co-workers appts

however, if i go to plan a meeting, and try to add other attendees, there
are no personal address books to choose from (i don't think we use
inter-office mail)

how can i view the free/busy time for my co-workers through the plan a
meeting option? (i can see their free/busy times if i just click on each day
of the calendar to see if they are busy that day but it's cumbersome)

i use thunderbird for my emails between co-workers (they use outlook)

thanks for your help


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Preferred Solution: viewing other attnedees when planning a meeting in microsoft outlook

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

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A: viewing other attnedees when planning a meeting in microsoft outlook
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if my email inbox is full and i try to accept a meeting request i get an error message telling me to clear up my inbox. when i click ok it deletes the meeting request. however this does not happen in outlook web access. (the meeting request is still there). How do i get the original meeting request to stay in microsoft outlook?


A:Microsoft Outlook meeting problem

Click "Tools" and select "Options".
When the "Options" multi-tabbed dialog box appears, select the "Preferences" tab.
Click the button "E-Mail Options".
When the "E-Mail Options" dialog box appears, click the button "Advanced E-Mail Options".
Uncheck "Delete meeting request from Inbox when responding".
Click "OK" to close the dialog box.
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A couple of weeks ago we started to have a problem where our Meeting Request replies are Meeting Request to Outlook Microsoft Wrong Replies Going Account sending to the organizer s Microsoft Exchange account rather than their POP account Microsoft Outlook Meeting Request Replies Going to Wrong Account We then get an error back saying that the message could not be sent to the Microsoft Outlook Meeting Request Replies Going to Wrong Account meeting orgranizer because the address had permanent fatal errors Background information on our configuration Everyone in our office has a POP e-mail account and it is set as the default account in our Microsoft Outlook clients We also have a Microsoft Exchange server but we are currently only using it to backup our ost files So our Exchange accounts are the second in the list under our POP accounts in our clients I have confirmed by clicking on the Account button in unsent meeting requests that our requests are going out via the POP e-mail account of the meeting organizers This setup has worked great for the last months but we suddenly started having this problem around mid April nbsp
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Most of my users are on Outlook 2003, but some are on Outlook 2007. When a 2007 user uses the scheduling assistant to try and set a meeting, the message appears No Information. No free/busy information could be retrieved.

Note: a 2003 user can see the other 2003 user's schedule.

Is this something that needs to be set at the Exchange level? How do I resolve?

All users are on Windows XP SP2
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Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit

The Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit is an agentless inventory, assessment, and reporting tool that can securely assess IT environments for various platform migrations?including Windows 8, Windows 7, Office 2010 and Office 365, Windows Server 2012 and Windows 2008 R2, SQL Server 2012, Hyper-V, Microsoft Private Cloud Fast Track, and Windows Azure.

Source and Download Link
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Quote The most frequent question I ve been getting for the 2010? Microsoft planning is Office How to hawk past year-plus regarding Office is whether it s worth an upgrade Is there anything in Microsoft s soon-to-be-released office suite that Office XP Office and or Office users of the suite might find compelling Will any of Office s features put How is Microsoft planning to hawk Office 2010? a dent in Google Docs momentum among the home student and SMB set Because Office users are such a varied bunch it s hard to answer that question in a succinct blog post But a Microsoft partner shared with me a list of what Microsoft considers to be Office s top features If you want to know how Microsoft plans to hawk its Office suite to end users here s the elevator pitch Top reasons for End Users to try Microsoft Office Edit and enhance photos in Word or PowerPoint Put more visual impact in your documents or presentations with easy-to-use photo-editing tools that let you crop control brightness and contrast sharpen or soften and add artistic visual effects without leaving Word or PowerPoint Put your presentation message in motion with PowerPoint Edit videos right in PowerPoint breaking longer clips down into shorter segments or reducing file size to make your presentation portable Then dial up the visual impact by adjusting color adding new video effects and incorporating new dynamic slide transitions and animations Source - How is Microsoft planning to hawk Office ZDNet

A:How is Microsoft planning to hawk Office 2010?

And they even left out the one option I find very attractive - to be able to save a PP picture show as a video.
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Microsoft is planning to compel organizations to install updates to Windows 10 by a certain period of time.
Failure to do so will risk not getting future security updates to the operating system, in some cases. That's the scenario emerging for organizations adopting the so-called "current branch for business" (CBB) update model for Windows 10 that has been proposed by Microsoft.
Organizations adopting the CBB model will have "eight months" to apply Windows 10 updates. Should that period lapse without the update being applied, those organizations will not get future security updates for the OS. This eight-month deadline was mentioned by Helen Harmetz, a Microsoft senior product marketing manager, in a briefing for partners called " Staying Current with Windows."

A:Microsoft Planning Strict Update Requirements When Windows 10 Arrives

What rules would apply in the following scenarios: -

Scenario 1. A new computer is purchased but the OS was installed on the HDD more than 8 months prior to the purchase.

Scenario 2. More than 8 months after purchase a computer is reverted to a "factory state" using a standard process provided by the manufacturer.

In both the above instances there would be any number of updates that would have passed their 8-month "use by" date.

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I get a msg about that it's other versjons of meeting request.

It said only 1 has accepted, but there are 31 that has accepted it.

And when I am trying to remove someone from the list before I get up, if I want to send an update to these I have deleted.
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I've got a user that is trying to use the meeting scheduler in the calendar section of outlook.

Basically she wants to know the availability of other users based on their calendars on their workstations.

My guess is that this doesn't work because we are using pop/smtp email services, rather than running and exchange server.

Am I correct?
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Microsoft Outlook 2002 SP2

In the Calendar, go to Actions / Plan a meeting. This screen always opens with 100% zoom. I actually prefer the 75% view. Is there a way to make 75% the default zoom value?
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Getting Error:

ďCanít move the items. The item could not be saved because it has been modified by another user or in another windowĒ.

When trying to move a meeting request to an earlier time? (Exchange Server)
Outlook XP
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Hey everyone. Is there a way to know what someone's response is to a meeting invite. I know you can see if they accepted the invite or if they request an different time but how do you know if they hit do not send a response. My other question would be is there a way you can send an invite with custom responses so the end user has to give some kind of response that you can see?
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Hi everyone. I need a little help with how to use a function in outlook. I have a group of about 30 people who all have different schedules. I want to use Outlook 2007 to find when the best time to meet is. I have gone to the "Meeting Request" section of Outlook and I can see my schedule just fine ie when I am Busy or when I am free. My problem is that I don't know how to enter people?s names with their schedules so I can compare everyone?s schedule.

I hope this makes sense. Basically, I want to enter everyone schedule and use the Auto-Schedule a meeting function to find the best time for a meeting. Thanks for all your help and I look forward to hearing back from you.
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For some users (not certain if it is all users), their meeting cancellation notices are all marked urgent in importance.

The problem is almost none of the users want this setting. We use urgent emails for truly urgent events, and no one wants their urgent alarms going off for meeting cancellations.

Does anyone know where this setting is configured?

We're using MS Office Outlook 2007 SP2 MSO.

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Have a customer that his Live Meeting Tool Bar disappears. It shows up in word and excel but not in outlook. Have tried with and without the Add-ins.

A:Outlook 2003 And Live Meeting

Possible solution
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I am running Outlook 2003 and Win XP Pro SP3. Both Outlook and Win are set up to adjust for daylight saving time.

The changeover from EST to DST today has changed the time for every meeting in my Outlook 2003 calendar for all dates starting today (Sunday, 08Mar'09). The time for every meeting that occurs today or in the future has been moved forward 1 hour. Any meeting series is correct for any instance before 08Mar'09 and incorrect for any instance on/after 08Mar'09.

I can fix the problem by unselecting the auto adjust for DST and manually changing the time.

It is my understanding that the actual time stored for all Outlook meetings is Zulu time and any conversion is done on the fly.

Any idea what is going on here?
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Hey there,

On our exchange server we have a resource for our small conference room.

If anyone tries to schedule a meeting, while using the small conf room as a resource, as soon as you try to send the invitation Outlook freezes and holds onto 99% of the CPU.

This is from any computer.

BUT, here were also a couple meeting invitations successfully sent out earlier this morning, using the small conf room. But when I try to accept, Outlook hangs again.

Also, if I log into the Small conf room's own email account and try to accept the invitations through it's account directly, outlook hangs. AND from the small conf room's account, if I try to set up a meeting with itself as a resource, it hangs...

Setting up a meeting using any other resource works fine.

Any idea what the problem could be?


Thanks =)

A:Outlook hangs - meeting request

Try creating a new profile in Outlook.
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Our system uses Exchange 2003 on a Windows 2003 server. The user is running Windows XP SP2 with Outlook 2003 in cached exchange mode, and mail is set to be delivered to a pst file on his hard drive.

This user travels a lot, and prefers to spend all his time in offline mode, working online is not an option as a solution. When working offline, if he goes to schedule a meeting, anybody that he selects comes up as No Information Available, expectedly. Well, he says that when working offline he used to be able to see this information, and that just recently he started receiving the No Info bars.

Is there any way to make Outlook gather this information when connected and working offline, or is his only option working online?

- Pat
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I'm in the IT department of our company and we have a user that is getting a message that pops up at the top of his recurring meetings. It says something about having multiple versions of the meeting and that this is the most current. There is a button to click on to see the other versions. When he does this, it opens up several other windows with the same information concerning that meeting. None of the data is different though. How can I get this to stop? What may be causing it?

Thanks for the help.

A:Outlook 2003 Meeting Issue

Usually when I see there is a newer verison message, then it is because the user has updated the meeting request. Does this happen to him when he creates meetings on other PCs or just the one PC? Is this a recurring issue or is this the only time it has happened?
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I'm hoping you can help me out.

Attached is a snap shot of a server side Deleted folder. It has 288 meeting requests. One from June 2002 and the other from Sep. 2002. These two requests populate in this folder about every 3 to 5 minutes (notice the time and frequency of the same meeting requests in the folder).

Can you review the snap shot and provide suggestions?

Also, is there anyway to stop outlook calendars from allowing double-booked appointments. In other words, not allow two appointments to occur at the same time??

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!

Thank you,

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Our business recently upgraded to Outlook 2007. I have one user who, when scheduling a meeting, cannot see the attendees free/busy schedules. This is the only user of @300 affected. To date I have:
1)Run the /cleanfreebusy, /cleanreminders, /cleanprofile and every /clean....I can think of.
2)Uninstalled/reinstalled Office 2007.
3)Created a new email profile
4)Created a new user profile. With this, the user was able to see the free/busy times for a few days, but now it is back to square one - cannot see the attendees schedules.

There is no /cleanscheduleplus available in Outlook 07. We are running on an Exchange 03 server, and the OS is a corporate XP image.

Anyone run into something similar?
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In outlook 2002 (sp3) if you try to accept a meeting whilst your inbox is full you get a message with only an "ok" button. after you click "ok", the meeting request is deleted and the original message is lost. Is this a flaw?

does anyone have a workaround?


note: outlook 2002 is running on exchange 2000.

A:outlook accepting meeting problem

Answered you here:
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Meeting request in outlook issues.

Have you guys ever heard of this? I have one person that is telling me that my meeting request is effecting his entire day.

I sent a meeting request for 1 day only for the whole day. I have sent it to multiple people & no one else is having this issue.

I do these type of requests a lot & it normally only shows up as a one line entry.

Anyone have ideas?

A:Meeting request in outlook issues

What do you mean "its affecting his entire day"?
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Can someone please advise. I schedule a recurrent meeting about a year ago for a group of people. I have since deleted it from my calendar but it can still be viewed in the calendars of the invited attendees. As this is causing confusion, can anyone tell me how I can delete the recurrence even though I can't view it anymore?

Sorry this sounds so dippy .. if I wasn't so dippy I wouldn't have made the stupid mistake in the first place!!!

thanks in advance ...

A:Outlook 2007 - recurrent meeting

hi c4twoman,

When you deleted the meeting, did you do it for all occurences or just one.

Anyway, when doing so, Outlook should have asked you if you wanted to send an update, which would have then deleted upon receipt by the attendees.

If that hasn't happened, simplest is to send the attendees an email asking them to detete the meeting from their calendars themselves, all occurernces.

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I'm running Outlook 2003 at work, and when I create a meeting in the calendar, the responses are not showing up on the tracking tab. I receive the meeting response messages from recipients, so I know some are acccepting or declining, but when I go to the tracking tab of the meeting details, only a few of the people that have accepted show as accepted. I thought this was supposed to update automatically when people reply?

Anybody seen this before, or have any ideas? Thanks!

A:Outlook 2003 Meeting Tracking Tab

When people respond to your meeting request, the subject of the message shows whether they have accepted or declined without having to open the meeting request. The tracking tab in calendar only updates when you actually open the response. Have you opened all the meeting response messages?
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I have recently bought a new laptop with Office for Small Business 2003. When using Outlook, when I receive an email/invitation to a meeting from my boss or the secretary, I accept the invitation and the meeting posts to my calendar, but posts as a recurring meeting until the end of time. I am NOT making it a recurring meeting and the invitation is not for a recurring meeting, but it automatically defaults to make the meeting recur once per week forever and ever. I have tried researching this on and in Outlook Help, but I can't seem to figure out what the problem is. Can anyone help me? Thanks!
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I have Dell Inspiron 15 3542 with Windows 7 and Outlook 2010 configured. When I used to run XP with Outlook Express but that was long ago though I still have the backup and now I am planning to migrate OE mails to Outlook 2010 but there are like tons of emails in it and I only wants to convert selected emails and upload it on my Outlook account. So the bottom line is that I need a utility that will do this job get done and yes it will be great if I can view those dbx emails as well before I migrate them.

A:I am planning to integrate my old mailbox with Outlook 2010

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I have been a user of for many years (15+). Recently MS forced the "upgrade" to and I now note that I cannot set a different time zone for meetings, or a different start and end time zone for travel.
Am I missing something or is this a downgrade of the microsoft apps in
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I know that Outlook 2007 allows resource reservation such as conference rooms, etc for meetings and so on. But is there any option whereby only a few people have the right to set up a meeting or book a conference room?

A:Limited access to meeting scheduling in Outlook?

Hi there, welcome to the board!

I believe an Exchange Server administrator can alter those settings (I think). I don't have access to an ES but they should be able to limit who see's what. Might be a pain though, I would imagine. Isn't good people management a better resource for this??
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I need to create an Outlook form that will be used to send out meeting invitations to about different people The form should look a little like a grid where the top part would be five columns wide One Multiple Meeting in Form Invitations Outlook by four rows high The lower part of the form will be five columns wide by two rows hight Each quot cell quot needs to contain the names of people for that meeting the date time it takes place as well as reminder options for that meeting I d like to find any easy way of doing this and also have it somehow send all those meeting invitations out once Multiple Meeting Invitations in One Outlook Form the quot SEND quot Multiple Meeting Invitations in One Outlook Form button was clicked on the toolbar As you can tell I have the layout pretty much thought out I just don t know how to make it send the meeting invitations to everyone listed in the quot cells quot in the form Any help would be tremendously appreciated nbsp

A:Multiple Meeting Invitations in One Outlook Form

if you have outlook - do they other people have outlook on your server, and would you not be able to send a meeting request
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when i import data from excel to outlook calendar it imports it only as an appoitment. i wanted to import it as a meeting request. while the mapping fields in the import / export option of outlook show the 'required attendees' field which has been adequately filled in by me the same does not reflect after i check the imported record
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How to add meeting requests for Outlook 2010 and 2007 with Cc and Bcc options.

i know i can add cc options via icalender ...any other option ???????????

A:Outlook 2010 Meeting request with CC and BCC option ??????

I have tried to customize ribbon of Meeting window in Outlook, but bcc and cc options are just not in the list of all possible commands.
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One of my users are having issues with the meeting requests in outlook. If A sends a meeting request to B, and B accepts the request, the confirmation email gets sent to both A and C. C was never on the request at all. I also sent a test request to my email account so when I accepted it, the confirmation still was somehow forwarded to C.

Has anyone ever ran into this issue before or know the solution?

A:Solved: Issues with outlook meeting requests

I also forgot to mention that we are using outlook 2007. Thanks!
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I have an invite from the boss to a meeting. I cannot accept it - Outlook responds to attempts to accept with a Modal window saying - "you cannot respond to a meeting without an organizer. You must add an organizer field to the item"

A:Can't accept meeting invite in Outlook 2003

The workaround is to remove the attendee from the meeting. Then Save &
Close, but DO NOT send an Update. Then readd the attendee who was
having the problem, Save & Close and DO send the update this time. The
attendee should receive a new invitation and shoud also be able to
respond to it without the error message. If it is happening to all
attendees, I would remove the Outlook Address book from the computer
requesting the meetings and then readd it.
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I have a user that when she tries to accept a meeting invite it tells her that she has a meeting already booked even though her calander is empty at that time. I could find nothing wrong with her calander. I had one of her delegates create a test meeting and she was able to accept it with no issue, so I am not sure why she is getting this. Any ideas would be helpful. We are using Outloom 2003 and are on an exchange server.

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When I receive an Outlook meeting invitation in Mozilla Thunderbird, it arrives in my inbox and looks like an email header. Is there anyway to send this to, or import this into, Google Calendar?
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Got the Undeliverable error message back when sent out meeting request. Please help me to fix this problem. Thanks.

This message could not be sent. Try sending the message again later, or contact your network administrator. Error is
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When I recieve an invite from someone, or they respond to an invite from me, I am presented with a load of what I can only describe as html based gobbledegook.
The problemonlyoccurs onmy laptop - when the same message comes through on my Blackberry, the invite, or invitereponse appears fine.

I have attached a copy of the invite that we receive, if anyone could help it would be much appreciated.


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Is there any way to set up a meeting invitation through Outlook so that the participants to choose to accept e.g. either an 11 a.m. or 1 p.m. session when they reply by clicking a pre-populated option?



A:Choice of times for meeting invitation in Outlook??? Is that possible???
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At our site we have several conference rooms which have their own shared calendars in Outlook. Whenever someone wants to schedule the conference room, they usually submit a meeting request and add the conference room to check availability in Scheduling. The problem is, they want to be able to see past one month. For example, if I look at the room's availability today, I can only see up to February 28 of this year. March 1 and beyond appears as "\\\" or 'no information.' Is this a limitation of Outlook 2003 and is there any way around it (do schedulers need delegate rights to see past a month)?

Any help would be appreciated.
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Multiple problems with outlook lately (meetings I have created and meetings I was trying to accept), where when one sends an *update* to a scheduled meeting and the attendees accept the updated mtg request, the changes fail to show up in the attendees calendar.
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I have many meetings with the same client, each has a meeting in Outlook. I want to maintain all notes from these meetings in Onenote.

In OneNote I have a notebook "clients", and want a section per client. What I'd like is to open the meeting in Outlook, click on the "oneNote" button, and be brought right to the client's section in Onenote and a new page open for that meeting's notes.

I'd also like to get to the OneNote section from the outlook contact area when selecting a contact form that client and using the "OneNote" button.

Is this level of integration possible?

Thanks for any help!

- Craig

A:How do I maintain meeting notes in Onenote from outlook calendar

Such things do exist already in Office 2010.

OneNote 2010 – Outlook Integration
(Icon - Onenote button with little chaine)

You need highlight or open appointment and this button will show up at Outlook ribbon
Same button with each contact.

Onenote add-in should be enabled in Outlook. Check here how to access add-ins configurations.
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Hi there! I was sent a meeting request by someone outside of our company. Is there a way in Outlook 2003 for me to add additional invitees (e.g. other people in my company) to the meeting request? Obviously, I could create a separate (identical) meeting and invite the people I want, but it would be better to just be able to add people to the original.

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Hi there,
Seems my Outlook 2007 no longer automatically places a meeting request as Tentative on my calendar until I actually go into email inbox and open it. I prefer that if I'm away from email, new Invitations automatically display on my calendar as Tentative. Was like this before as I recall.
Any recommendations!??


A:Solved: Outlook'07 Calendar Display for New Meeting Requests

Hi benkyo, welcome to TSG.

In Outlook, go to Tools/Options and click the Email Options button. Then click Tracking Options. Is the box for "Process requests and responses on arrival" checked?
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We have a small, 25-user network for my not-for-profit agency that is supported by MS Server 2003 SBS. Our Exchange server works well but Iím having problems with some users receiving accept replies for meetings and I canít determine why since everyone is set up basically the same. Important to know is that all mail comes in through the client, the Exchange server does not talk to the web. The default SMTP address is the external email domain which means that any communication between staff goes out to the external domain account and then is retrieved via the POP3 connection by the recipient.

The meeting invitations arrive properly but when they are accepted some users meeting never note the acceptance. Checking the acceptance reply, which goes to the Deleted folder, I can verify that the email address was correct. Iím out of ideas and any thoughts would be appreciated.
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Hi There,

I have a user who's meeting request keeps getting sent to someone else in the UK. There names are very similiar except for one letter. I have checked to make sure I got the right person but still it sends meetings to this person in the UK. His settings are correct, I am baffled.

We are on Windows Server 2000 platform running Exchange 5.5.

Please help.


A:Solved: Meeting Request Prob. with Outlook 2000

Hi - could this be something to do with the display name of the email address being spelled correctly, but the actual email address spelled incorrectly?

In this case the user would see their request sent to the 'correct' person, but the request would, in fact, get routed to the incorrect person.

This is the only idea that i can think of?
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I have a colleague who receives meeting requests sent to me. If he responds to them the response appears on my behalf.
I am unable to see anything in my Outlook calendar that would cause this.
Can anybody please advise what this may be due to?


P.S. I'm using Outlook 2007.

A:Solved: Outlook - Colleague receiving my meeting requests

Is this on a company server - he maybe set up as an delegate
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I have a user who is trying to print a meeting request from her calendar in Outlook 2007. When she opens the meeting and tries to print, she gets this error:

"There is a problem with the selected printer. You might need to reinstall the printer. Try again, or use a different printer."

This message comes up no matter which printer she chooses (local or network). Oddly enough, when she opens the item within the meeting request, she is able to print that. She is also able to print other items (emails, Word docs, etc.) to all printers with no problems.

Any ideas?? We are new to Office 2007 & this is the first time I've seen this. I was unable to duplicate the problem on my machine.

Thank you.

A:Outlook 2007 - problem printing meeting from calendar

Just wanted to add: this just happened with a different user who was trying to print an email that contained an attached item. So it seems the commom denominator is the attached item within the email / appointment they are trying to print. Not sure why that is causing a problem, and why it's only happening with certain users. I still haven't been able to replicate the problem on my comuter.
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Hello guy's

I work as a support technician and one of our users has a problem with outlook.

When one user receives a meeting request and he accepts the meetings are placed in the calendar of his delegate and not in his calendar.

I already checked on internet but i haven't found a solution.
Does anyone here knows one?

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I have come to a very strange issue that is occurring within Outlook 2010.
-When trying to forward a certain meeting, all the employees user sent an invite originally are automatically populated in the To field
-We did perform a forward test in Webmail and recipients do not populate in the to field

I have tried creating a new Outlook profile
-Created a new meeting, selected forward and the to field comes up empty as it should
Any insight would be appreciated
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I have a user running Windows XP and Outlook 2003 on an Exchange Server. Generally everything runs fine. He has a problem where he scheduled a recurring meeting to happen weekly between a certain time period. He sent this request out to several other employees who have accepted. The meeting shows up on their calendars but does not show up on the organizors calendar. Obviously, the meeting had to have been created as it shows up on the invitees. The organizer says he did not delete it from his calendar. Other he meetings he schedules show up fine on his calendar. Is it possible there is a setting or something he clicked inadvertantly to cause this recurring meeting not to show on his calender?? Or is it just a weird bug in the program?
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For some reason on one of our systems, running Outlook 2010, there is an issue with sending a New Meeting.

I select the Calendar. From the menu, "New Meeting". The New meeting screen opens. I enter in the subject, body, and have three contacts listed in "TO". That's it, and I click Send.

My recipients received this as a standard message, for some bizarre reason, all calendar data has been removed from the message, yet the item has been added to my calendar. Any thoughts?

A:Outlook 2010 - Clicking New Meeting does not send as a calendar appt.

did you install sp2?
did this happen after you installed it?
if yes, there is a problem with outlook 2010 when you install service pack 2
Microsoft is aware of this problem and is working on a fix, so far this is not one
but you can see all the problems with it here

Outlook 2010 Calendar Folder property is empty - Microsoft Community

read all the posts people have made, it has to do with the calender part of the program among other things
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I am connected to a network domain. When I go to My network places>Entire Network>Microsoft Windows Network>Domain I can see all networked computers when I am wired in but when I connect wirelessly I cannot. I use a "Wireless access point" connected to my firewall router. I have tried disabling the wireless firewall and assigning a static IP. I am logged into the domain but the only way to can view the other computers on the network is to connect through a wired connection. I'm thinking it has to be a setting in my Wireless router but I cannot figure it out.

A:Viewing Microsoft windows network


when you connect via the wire, and via wireless is the ip address,subnet and default gateway in the same range ?
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I have quite a conundrum. My Outlook calendar is set to a start time of 7am to and end time of 3pm Monday through Friday. I have turned on auto accept meetings and turned on auto decline conflicting meetings. This all works great. It has declined and added new meetings and all is working wonderfully.... EXCEPT one MAJOR issue.

The auto accept accepts during times that are not my standard work hours. If I set a start time of 7am and an end time of 3pm why is my Outlook accepting meetings at 12pm and 8pm and on weekends?

A:Outlook 2007 autoaccept meeting only during start time to end time.

*bump* still can't find a solution.
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Is there a way to view the calendar at the same time the Message Box is opened.
I don't like toggleing back and forth. Can it be stationary. I looked up in View on the menu bar and I didn't see anywhere to change the View on my monitor to do that.
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I work for local government. We have a sheriff investigator who has recovered .pst files from a suspects hard drive. We would prefer to not view these .pst files using our personal emails boxes and exchange server since we do not know what is in them.

Any ideas how we can view and print these files without using Outook?

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Hi, I'm a newbie to this forum so please be understanding. I did a search and couldn't find the answer. Here is my situation. I want to view my tasks when I am in my email. I know you can view your tasks by clicking task pad under View when I am in calendar, but I can't figure out how to add it to the mail screen. My boss wants to be able to see both at the same time. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

A:Outlook 2003 - Viewing Help

Welcome to the forum. I am glad you tried the search feature first.

Are you a former Lotus Notes or Groupwise user? You cannot see the taskpad at the same time as mail unless you have dual screens and put the taskpad on a second screen. You can however use outlook today which will show you the next week's work of appointments and will show you your tasks as well. To get to Outlook Today click on the account name at the top of the folder list which looks kind of like mailbox - Lumbergh, Bill. You can even set Outlook to open to this view each day if you change the Outlook Today options in the to right-hand corner of the window.
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I'm confused and I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Whenever someone sends me photos in Outlook 2003, they come through as attachments and it's a hassle to open each one.

My old computer, I think , had Outlook Express and I could just go to preview pane and scroll through the pics.

Is there an option or setting I'm missing?

Any suggestions would be appreciated!!!

A:Outlook 2003 - viewing photos

This was done deliberately as to allow automatic opening of HTML images is actually a security risk, you could end up getting infected.
However, from here:
You should be able to overide some of the security, but I would urge you not to.

To configure options for automatic picture download behavior in Outlook

In Group Policy, load the Outlook 2003 template (Outlk11.adm).
Under User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Microsoft Office Outlook 2003\Tools | Options\Security, click HTML Mail External Content Settings.
To change a policy for the automatic picture download feature, double-click an item in the Setting column.
For example, to lock down disabling automatic content downloading from all sites, double-click Block all external content.

Click the Enabled radio button to enable configuring the policy.
Select the check box in the policy, and then click OK.
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when viewing an attached picture in outlook 2003, other pictures appear from previous emails. It's somehow combining every pricture viewed.

Viewer used: MS Office Picture Manager
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I am using Microsoft Outlook for my mail. When I have an animated gif as an attachment it opens in Microsoft Photo Editor which means I can not see the animation and I have to download it n order to see. Once downloaded it opens in Windows picture and fax viewer which lets me see the animation.

How can I view the animationed gifs in my mail without having to download them first.

A:Viewing Gif attachments in Outlook XP without downloading

not sure what you mean by download
if the email is in your inbox then the mail has already been downloaded attachment and all
for a gif to work in the email the email format needs to be html and the gif needs to be inserted in the email not added as an attachment
if the gif is an attachment or email format is text and there is no way of changing it at source, change the file associations so that internet explorer is the default program for .gif's
this will mean when clicked on they will open in internet explorer animated
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Whenever I receive e-mails with pictures, they are always as attachments which means extra steps to view the pic in addition to trying to read the e-mail. In the past and I'm not sure if this is a security upgrade type thing, I thought I could simply open the e-mail and the text would be there along with the picture. Could this be that the sender simply chose to have the picture sent as an attachment?

Any suggestions? I would really like to just be able to open up the e-mail and have everything right here.

Oh and I also did some upgrade thing where I have to right click on a bar at the top of an e-mail to allow some pictures to be seen.

A:Outlook 2003 - Viewing pictures

ff18wife said:

Whenever I receive e-mails with pictures, they are always as attachments which means extra steps to view the pic in addition to trying to read the e-mail. In the past and I'm not sure if this is a security upgrade type thing, I thought I could simply open the e-mail and the text would be there along with the picture. Could this be that the sender simply chose to have the picture sent as an attachment?

Any suggestions? I would really like to just be able to open up the e-mail and have everything right here.

Oh and I also did some upgrade thing where I have to right click on a bar at the top of an e-mail to allow some pictures to be seen.Click to expand...

That IS a security option, please be aware if you change it that you MAY be able to get attcked by codes in pics and get spyware and spam thrown at you. But.... if you still want to go to Outlook>tools>options>Security>Change Automatic Download Settings>uncheck first option.
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I'm using XP. When I double click a message in the in box, it opens to a screen about half the area of the monitor. I can easily get it to expand by clicking the maximize button, but I have a lot of e-mail and it is a bother. How and where do I change toe proper setting to correct this?

A:Viewing Outlook Express Messages

When you double click a message, drag the edges of the message window that appears to the edges of your monitor, all 4 sides. Then close it normally. Each time you now open a message, it should open at the size you just left it.
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Before switching over to Outlook (which I consider a big mistake) I used Outlook Express. With Express, I was able to hover my cursor over a hyperlink in my Emails and the full URL address would show up at the bottom of the screen in an address bar. Now, using Outlook, that function does not work. How can I turn that function on?


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Hi this is quite wierd.
Using outlook you can view other users calendars over a network depending on that users delegate settings.

for some reason when 1 user tries to view a certain calendar it comes up blank yet everyone else can see it fine, and the user who is having the problem can view everyone else's fine too.

I have tried re-creating her outlook profile and even her windows profile, any ideas??
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I use Outlook to manage my contacts. Calls are made from within Contacts and a Journal entry is created. This works very well except the Activities screen shows either no or only some of the Journal entries. This seems to be haphazard, with no cause that I can see.
It's a shame because Outlook works really well for me. Is there another programme that does the same thing as Outlook?
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I've got Outlook 2007 on WinXP talking to an Exchange 03 server.

I have my own personal calendar, and we have a departmental shared calendar with things like holidays and christmas parties on it.

I want to see the contents of both calendars at the same time, in much the same way as Google lets me. How do I do it?
I've already got my personal calendar syncing with my Google one, so an automated way to sync a shared calendar with another google one would certainly be workable.
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Deleting Outlook InBox messages w/o viewing them?

With the new viruses these days, I would like to be able to delete incoming messages w/o opening them. Is that possible?

A:Deleting Outlook InBox messages w/o viewing them?

If you mean that you have to highlight a message(Therefore opening the message) in your inbox and then hit delete .
You can set up rules in outlook ,or you can block a sender ,but that still means selecting them after the fact.
Then ofcourse there are diferent types of Spam killing apps.They can screen many different ways before messages are in your client.
Check this post and the program I found It worksfor me and no program overhead.
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I had a user tell me that they had messed up their calendar view and can't get it back. After numerous testing ideas, I too can not get it back. I changed the view, restarted outlook, removed the filter, etc. No matter what I can not get the default view to go back to the standard view that all my other users see.

This view starts like the first image below. I can make it look normal, but when the user clicks on Mail/contacts/tasks (etc) then clicks on calendar it goes right back to this view:

The calendar should look like this.

A:Solved: Outlook 2003 Viewing Problems

At the Start menu, Run command, type

Outlook.exe /cleanviews

It is supposed to restore the views back to default
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Hi I recently migrated from an old computer and have trouble learning the new software Have + viewing Contact group Outlook 2010 transferred all my many contact groups to the new outlook some display correctly JOHNS SMITH under name and email protected under the email heading However some contact groups - let s call them defficient - dont they will just display email protected under BOTH the NAME and EMAIL headings With - names in such a group that presents a problem if I want to edit the recipients before sending a particular mail Outlook 2010 + Contact group viewing My address book and contact folder both have the correct display of full name and email under two seperate headings How do I correct the settings in the defficient contact groups And when I tried creating a new contact group the same thing happened the display once again showed email protected under BOTH the NAME and EMAIL headings Something wrong with the default settings Grateful for step by step instructions as I have tried to use the various HELP solutions found in outlook but have not been able to follow them If the settings in the defficient groups can t be corrected just show me how to creat a new group which will show the desired FULL NAME in the first column and the EMAIL ADDRESS in the second Thanks in advance for your help Berns nbsp

A:Outlook 2010 + Contact group viewing

UPDATE... sort of. I did find a way, albeit a painfully slow one, to correct it one contact at a time.
open the (individual) contact
delete the email address in the 'display as' line (leave it blank)
click 'save and close' (top left)
press F5 as you are coming back to the 'list view' of the contact group
the corrected contact will now have the name in col 1 and the email adr in col 2.
UNFORTUNATELY, this only corrects THE CONTACTS IN THIS CONTACT GROUP and NOT the address book or global contact folder.
To do so, I still need to find a solution to BULK CHANGE the 'display as' line from showing the email address to showing the name
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I am a Windows Vista user and I have installed Office 2007 standard. When I launch outlook, it distorts the colors in all applications as long as Outlook is open. When I close it, the monitor goes back to the clarity and color it is supposed to be.

I have uninstalled Office and reinstalled it and the problem still persists.

Does anyone know what might be causing this?

Thank you,
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I hope someone can help. I'm sure I've had this problem before but can't remember what I did to solve it.

I have received an email with some embedded pictures. I have clicked on the 'download content' bar but the pictures are just showing a little red x.

Any ideas.

A:Problem viewing embedded pictures in Outlook

Have you tried this? How to Save Embedded Pictures in Outlook Emails |
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hi guys how is it that when my friend sends me pictures via email and i open them in
outlook they are huge (really zoomed in) if i download the picture to the desktop and view it
its fine...

A:Solved: viewing pictures in outlook express

Outlook Express opens pictures at their ful size - it has no ability (as far as I know) to resize them to match your screen size or the size of the preview pane, which is where you are seeing them. (After all, it is an email client, not a picture viewer). You don't say what you look at them with after you save them, but most tools for viewing graphics do automatically resize the pictures to fit your screen (or some other size - you can usually alter how the picture is displayed). Also, most viewers allow you to view the picture at full size, at which point you would see them like you do in OE.
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Upgraded from Outlook 2003 (where problem didn't exist) to 2007 where problem started.
When I sort using a column header (i.e. From, Subject, Received, Size, etc.), in any folder, the results of my sort start at the bottom of my Viewing Window which necessitates my scrolling down to view the results.
Formerly these results were appropriately displayed starting at the top of my view window showing all accompanying emails, which is my goal for this 'customization'.
I'm sure that there is an easy answer - one where I simply have to check or uncheck a box, but I have spent countless hours on this and have come up empty.
Any insight would be extremely appreciated. Thank you.

A:Outlook 2007 Viewing Sort Results issue

At the top of the window, it will say, "Arranged By:" then how it is arranged. On the right side of that bar will be a small description and a little triangle pointing either up or down. Click the triangle (or the description), it will switch back and forth.

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Seems like I am having two issues:
1. I get the message below (# and X where I've substituted the numbers or email address/domain), whenever I try to send an outgoing email:

The message could not be sent because one of the recipients was rejected by the server. The rejected e-mail address was '[email protected]'. Subject 'Re: xxxxxxxxx', Account: 'Volunteers', Server: '', Protocol: SMTP, Server Response: '451', Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 451, Error Number: 0x800CCC79


2. I can't view attachments AT ALL. Can someone tell me why this has happened all of a sudden? I'm on an XP O/S, and am running Outlook Express XP.


A:Outlook Express Sending & Attachment Viewing Probs

For the attachment problem in outlook express go to tools/options and under the security tab make sure the box is unchecked for :"do not save attachments....that may be potentially dangerous".
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When I'm in month or weekly mode, is it possible to see the details of an event such as the notes I enter?
I'd like to see more than the time and event name.

If I could possibly see the writing I put into the box, that would be great.

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I've got a network of 10 people (via LAN) and 9 of them are able to open Outlook 2003, click Calendar and then click on any of the shared calendar under 'other calendars'. These load up quickly and within seconds. However, I do have one user who it takes a minute to a few minutes for any of the shard calendars to load into view.

They all have access to the same shared calendars.

This just started recently.

The user is able to view emails and other parts of Outlook with no problem and her calendars load quickly.

We are using WinXP with SP2 and I have reinstalled Outlook on her machine.

This is driving us crazy, I appreciate any help!
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Can someone advise if it is possible to view a Calendar (possibly shared) at the same time as having mail/folders open at the same time? i.e Mail folders showing on left and calendar on right?

A:Viewing Calendar with Mail folders? (Outlook 2003)

I don't think you can do that with OL 2003.
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Trying to delete and email while viewing the message in the Internet Zone I get an I.E. Script Error (Object Expected) and the message freezes and the only way to get out of it is by use of the Windows Task Manager. Any suggestions?
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This problem occurred using Windows XP and Outlook 2003.

Suddenly today, when trying to view a jpg attachment in Outlook 2003, I got the message "The System cannot find the file specified". Until today I have had no problem viewing jpg files in Outlook 2003 and they have always been opened XP's Picture and Fax Viewer. All other attachments (doc, ppt, swf) open with no problem. The jpg files received via Outlook will save but not view (although once saved in a new location, I can view them). The XP Picture and Fax Viewer is still associated with jpg files and I can view jpg files which are saved elsewhere on my harddrive.

Please advise.


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I have Microsoft Office 2003 installed and also the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack 2007. However, when I receive an e-mail with a Microsoft Word 2007 attachment, the document will not open even with the Compatibility Pack installed. I can not convert .docx to .doc. Any advice please?

A:Microsoft Outlook 2003 - Attachments in Microsoft Word 2007 will not open

Hi again,

Anybody able to help me with this please?
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Microsoft Outlook 2013 (365) continues to crash every 2 months on my laptop. I have had 3 sessions with Microsoft support online since November. They are unable to fix the problem so it won't continue to reoccur. They have reinstalled it on 3 occasions and within 2 months, Outlook is unresponsive. Cannot receive/send any email. All my email I have to get on my iPhone using pop secure server from GoDaddy redirect. It not GoDaddy cause I can see the email if I go to GoDaddy email and they say it is an Outlook issue with Microsoft.....

A:Microsoft Office 2013 or Microsoft 365 Outlook crash

Ok its been 4 days. I guess I am the only one with this problem. Tried Microsoft again and they don't have an answer to their own software issue which reoccurs for me every 3 months........
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Problem Outlook starts normally with a POP Outlook Exchange Microsoft Profile start Cannot Microsoft using account in a POP Outlook profile Cannot start Microsoft Outlook using Microsoft Exchange Profile However I have a work Exchange account which I configured using instructions yesterday Worked fine Yet today Outlook crashes - fails on opening Microsoft Exchange Account Hangs and then forced exit produces Microsoft error report On restarting Outlook says that quot outlookaddin dll quot caused a serious error and has been disabled Disabling it means that Outlook Cannot start Microsoft Outlook using Microsoft Exchange Profile no longer pulls down emails from Exchange Re-enabling it causes the crash Cannot start Microsoft Outlook using Microsoft Exchange Profile again Catch- Versions Dell XPS M - brand new Microsoft XP Professional SP fully patched Microsoft Office Outlook SP fully patched McAfee SecurityCenter pre-loaded by Dell I configured the Exchange profile yesterday and it worked fine Changes -- possible cuplrits -- in the meantime A large McAfee patch was installed semi-automatically Attempted to install Treo Palm Hotsync This did not complete successfully Hung while hotsyncing to Outlook Then uninstalled successfully What I ve tried but which does not fix the problem a Detect and Repair run within Outlook completes successfully b Disabled and uninstalled McAfee Spamkiller c Remove the Exchange profile through Control Panel gt Mail and create a new one with a different name Suggestions very gratefully received nbsp

A:Cannot start Microsoft Outlook using Microsoft Exchange Profile

Check out this page, it might help:
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I have installed the Microsoft Professional 2013 on my Dell Desktop computer and find that Microsoft Outlook
is much different than the previous version I was running Office 2010
  I caused about 20 emails to be deleted off the email server when I selected delete the email after having
completed reading.  In outlook 2010 there was a setup where you could tell Outlook to not delete the
email off the server.  I am unable to locate where to check or set it up in Outlook 2013.  Can someone
give me some direction, can this still be setup or no longer available is Outlook 2013?
Thank you for your assistance.

A:Microsoft Office 2013 Using Microsoft Outlook

Can you tell us the type of mail account you are using POP3, IMAP, Exchange?
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I am using Vista Home premium 32 bit and i am using windows mail for all my emails. I also have office 2007 with Microsoft Outlook.

Problem is that i want to use microsoft Outlook but i can't transfer/export my email accounts from Vista Windows mail to Microsoft Outlook or even outlook express for XP. I have forgotten 3 critical passwords so I cannot recreate the email accounts in Outlook....

How can I export my email accounts to microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express from Vista Windows mail??? please help.



A:Exporting Email accounts from Vista to Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express

Hello again kapilkaaiser,
I think you need to import the required info into Outlook 2007 -

In Outlook 2007, click File > Import and Export > Make the appropriate choices
> & hopefully the Import / Export Wizard will oblige.

Post back with your results.
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We have all of our user's email set up to deliver to a personal folder that resides on a server with Windows 2003. We have a small number of people that get the error message below. They eventually get in, but either have to close outlook and reopen several times or they have to reboot their computer. Has anyone seen this before? Thanks!

"Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook, Unable to open the Outlook window.
The set of folders could not be opened. The server is not available.
Contact your administrator if this condition persists."

I have tried every suggestion I could find on the internet, but still haven't found a solution.

any help would be much appreciated.

A:Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook, Unable to open the Outlook window.
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I am getting the following message when launching outlook

"Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook, Unable to open the Outlook window.
The set of folders could not be opened. "

I have multiple pst files on different drives. the problem is the main pst file is on a hard drive that crashed. how do I open outlook or remove that 1 pst so the rest of the pst files can launch?

A:Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook, Unable to open the Outlook window.
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack bit Cannot Office Outlook, to open start window. Microsoft Unable Outlook the Processor Intel R Core TM Duo CPU T GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Mobile Intel R Express Chipset Family Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Dell Inc H K D W H CN B Antivirus Norton Updated and Enabled I get the following error when trying to open Outlook My computer updated last night Outlook worked fine this morning but then I got the quot configuring updates do not power down quot screen Once the computer restarted Outlook would not work cannot start MOO Cannot open the outlook window the set of folders cannot be opened errors have been detected in the file c users Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook, Unable to open the Outlook window. Nikky AppData Local Microsoft Outlook Outlook pst Quit Outlook and all mail enabled applications and then use the Inbox repair tool scanpst exe to diagnose and repair errors in the file for more information about the inbox repair tool see help I have tried Go to run and type outlook exe resetnavpane -did not work I get the same error I have tried Run and Scanpst exe-I get windows cannot find the file I have tried a System restore-it could not be completed I have ran a windows office diagnostic problem found and fixed however it did not correct the problem I have tried outlook exe safe- I get quot cannot start MOO the command line argument is not valid verify the switch you are using quot I have tried everything I have found online and in MS support Nothing has worked Please help Also I need step by step instructions at this point obviously I am not doing somthing right Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook, Unable to open the Outlook window.

here are some more command line switches...
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gang I found an old post here that describes my situation something I caused but don t know how to undo The system in question has Windows XP Professional and MS Office Professional the main reason for which is OUTLOOK When Outlook cranks up it triggers an error message which is in my subject line quot Outlook requires Microsoft Outlook Express or greater quot The system of course also has OE on it which we don t use but it does work etc The issue is me I use autoruns to shut off everything non-mandatory and as another thread-poster identified there is something in the list of goods that I have disabled that OE is dependent on or Outlook Solved: error: Outlook requires Express Microsoft 4.01 greater if I understand the old thread properly The problem is that the poster OP in that thread said he found the key but he didn t NAME THE ENTRIES Thus I dunno which ones he reversed that made the issue go away if anyone knows pls let me know so I can fix my goof thx Z nbsp

A:Solved: error: Outlook requires Microsoft Outlook Express 4.01 or greater
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Had this error on a user s pc Researched it here on the forum Found another thread with someone suggesting to use the following command to get it going Start- gt run then type the following - Microsoft Unable Outlook window. start Outlook, the open Cannot to Office gt quot Outlook exe resetnavpane quot This worked The other thread has since been closed but I wanted to reply and say WHY my users outlook suddenly started throwing out this error because no one on the other thread was able to Turns out that my user had quot accidentally quot dragged their personal folder containing s of emails into the quot outbox quot Since the quot outbox quot folder is one to be used while an email is in the sending phase it basically just shut down and wouldn t open for anything Luckily the command was able to get Outlook open and I was Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook, Unable to open the Outlook window. able to investigate what the user did to cause it Hope this info can help someone else nbsp
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Hi Recently I have noticed my Dell Vostro laptop has been very Microsoft greater. 4.01 Express Outlook Outlook requires or Solved: slow in booting to a point where I can actually do something with any speed I had been reading various forums regarding the Solved: Outlook requires Microsoft Outlook Express 4.01 or greater. problem and the general consensus was that removing unnecessary start-up programs would assist This I did and included in it was the removal of Outlook Express Solved: Outlook requires Microsoft Outlook Express 4.01 or greater. as a start-up as I never use it I was rather startled to find that the next time I started up Outlook I get the message indicated in the title When acknowledging the message Outlook still opens and functions correctly as far as I can see but this message always coming up is getting a little tedious Why would a company require the lesser of two programs to be loaded and started in order that their more powerful program should work Amazing thought processes at MS I have seen answers for this question elsewhere and I have tried their solutions but to no avail That includes setting IsInstalled in registry key dd c - dcf- b-b -f f e be a to a Dword value of What I have found is the key BBA -CC - CF-AAFA- AA B C and C- - d -AF - C FA D in registry directory HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Active Setup Installed Components AutorunsDisabled As the first refers to Outlook Express and the other to Address Book I assume that this may have something to do with my problem If they are the problem is there a way of moving these keys out of AutorunsDisable and back into Installed Components Or is there something else I should be doing I can post a HJT log if that helps any especially on my other concern of slow start-up nbsp

A:Solved: Outlook requires Microsoft Outlook Express 4.01 or greater.