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Excel 2007 - comparing values in one worksheet to another

Q: Excel 2007 - comparing values in one worksheet to another

Hey guys, I have a spredsheet with 3 seperate worksheets. One has a huge list of properties in a column, and the second worksheet has another huge list of properties in a column. I need to know how to compare column 1 (on worksheet 1) with column 2 (on worksheet 2) and then return values that have close or exact match.


Table 1 Table 2

Sky Hotel Moon Hotel
Golden palace hotel Golden palace hotel
Atrium Hotel Atrium Hotel
Beach Hotel Beach hotel

I need these values to be compared, and ones that match/or do not match to be listed on worksheet 3. E.G


Table 1 Table 2
Golden Palace Golden Palace
Atrium Hotel Atrium Hotel
Beach Hotel Beach Hotel

(notice how sky hotel has not been displayed here)

If Vlookup or something similar is the formulae to use, could you tell me how to use it, as I've tried but to no result.

Thanks guys!

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Preferred Solution: Excel 2007 - comparing values in one worksheet to another

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A: Excel 2007 - comparing values in one worksheet to another

The simple answer is arrange the tables next to each other (1 in column A, 2 in column B), then use:


in column C to return TRUE or FALSE.

However, I suspect it's more complicated than you're suggesting.
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Hi all,

There are many types of CPUs, like Pentiume, Atom, core 2 duo, core iX (X = 3,5, ....), But I always don't look at them this way! I always look at their speed which in GHZ unit and then compare them with each other.
For example when some CPU is in type of 'X' with 2 GHZ of speed and another one is in type of 'Y' with 2.2 GHZ of speed, I say the second one ('Y') has better speed and also better performance.

Is it a correct think?


A:Comparing CPUs

You can take a core 2 duo at 3ghz and the newest core i3 at and make the speed of the i3 to 2ghz and they might have about the same performance. so no ghz doesnt really matter when comparing them with each other like you are. there are so many different factors to consider like what generation the cpu is. if you dont want to do all the leg work of researching you can use this website to help you out.,6.html
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Guys, a netbook with this config
pro:Intel atom 1.46ghz
Ram:1 gb ddr3
can run ms office 2007 or10 or13 easily without hanging up in middle of work and BIG PDF files also.For example netbook here is one:

A:Can a netbook run MS Word 2007-13 easily?

You would need to define exactly what you mean by big files.

I would say yes as Office 2010 is installed on one of our Netbooks, but that really depend on just how big a file you are referring to.
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Hi everyone,

Right now im looking at 2 different laptops and id appreciate some input on them as to which one I should pick.

The first one is the samsung series 5 ultra touch and the other is the hp envy touchsmart, both these lapotops have basically the same specs (i5, 8gigs ram, touchscreen, $899) but the key difference between the two is that the samsung has a 128 gb SSD and the HP has a 500gb hardrive with a 32gb ssd hydrid. I've always thought the stand alone SSD would be much faster and thats what I care about at this point I can handle the lower amount of storage on the laptop just using a external harddrive.

So what im asking is that opinions on these 2 computers and any tips about this SSD/HDD hybrid drive

Thanks in advance

A:Comparing laptops

I would go with the HP
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Hi, I am planning on buying a motherboard bundle but it gives me the choice to choose either Z68AP-D3 or a GA-Z68XP-UD4. Since the GA is about £50 more expensive I would assume it's better but just what exactly makes a better motherboard? How is the second mobo better than the first one?

Any help appreciated,

EDIT: I just found the exact same bundle on another site except the CPU isn't overclocked and it has a GA-Z77-D3H motherboard. All motherboards I have mentioned in this post are gigabyte boards. How does this board compare to the other two?

A:What do I look for when comparing two motherboards?

Comparing features are not as important as getting the features you need or want.

One of the biggest questions is what graphics are you going to run?

On-board or single graphics card solution
Multiple graphics cards (Crossfire or SLI)
Will you need a Micro-ATX motherboard or will a standard ATX motherboard fit your case?
I usually lookup motherboards (among other things) on newegg and compare features side by side.

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BenQ G2420HD vs BenQ V2410

Which is the better deal? I've currently have a laptop that only has a VGA and I bought the Galaxy 60XMH6HS3HMW GeForce GTX 460 GC Edtion Video Card for when I get a new computer (which will be soon).
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Hello this is quite an exciting topic for me since the Internets is virtually free of any feedback regarding ZT AFFINITY computers Basically Let me give you the rundown of the specs which seems like amazing deal compared to anything remotely similar that is namebrand I need to know why this is or isn t a good deal for tower mouse keyrd only Has anyone ever heard of ZT computers they sell through Costco AMD Phenom II T Six-Core Processor GHz AMD G SB Chipset GB DDR Memory Drives TB SATA II Hard Drive X DVD R RW Front Panel -in- digital multimedia card reader Graphics Integrated ATI Radeon HD series graphics from AMD Communications Gigabit Comparing generic brand name computers to Ethernet LAN Audio -CH High-Definition Audio CODEC Keyboard amp Mouse USB Desktop Keyboard Optical Mouse Expandability total bays slots x quot Exposed x Comparing generic computers to name brand occupied x quot Exposed Comparing generic computers to name brand x occupied x quot Hidden x occupied x PCIe x x PCIe x x PCI Ports x USB ports Front Rear x Audio ports x eSATA port x DVI port x VGA port x HDMI port x PS keyboard mouse port x RJ network port Operating System Genuine Microsoft Windows Home Premium -bit Additional Software Microsoft Office Starter reduced functionality versions of Word and Excel not the full version of Microsoft Office Access the full Office experience when you purchase a Product Key Card The Product Key Card is a single license card that contains a -character code to activate full-featured Office software on your new PC To purchase Click Here Symantec Norton Internet Security -day trial Additional Information Dimensions HxWxD quot x quot x quot approx Power supply W Lifetime toll-free phone support Year Limited Parts amp Labor Warranty Email and fax support M-F from am- pm EST nbsp

A:Comparing generic computers to name brand

They have decent ratings but overall the customer support is a little on the crappie side. PC MAG has had reviews on these systems and they liked them overall but remember that these kind of systems usually tend to have low quality parts used to make the price lower on there systems.
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If a PSU is plugged in the outlet and the green/black wires shorted to turn it on (no connectors to the MB or anything) are the values:
12.9, 3.8, 5.9 still too high?

When connected to the motherboard the bios voltage are much lower, around 12.2, 3.46, 5.1
and PCWizard 2010 gives an even lower reading - 11.93, 3.41 and 5.14

I'm too afraid to test it while connected to the motherboard (just in case I touch something I shouldn't with my meter probe and fry)

A:What are a PSU's normal values in the box?

In order to test a power supply correctly the psu must be connected to the motherboard and running. You are not going to fry anything. Are you using a digital multimeter?

It works in percentage tolerances.

The bare minimum is 5% and most good manufacturers go to 3%. And the really good supplies are tighter than 3%.

so for 5% they have to be between:
12v: 11.4v <--> 12.6v -- though 12.6 is not something I would want to see
5v: 4.75v <--> 5.25v
3.3v: 3.135v <--> 3.465v

And for 3% they can be between:
12v: 11.64v <--> 12.36v
5v: 4.85v <--> 5.15v
3.3v: 3.201v <--> 3.399v

* Your 3.3v is the one that stands out as pushing the tolerance levels.
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Are there any PDAs or pocket pc's that are able to run the full version of excel? i would like to deploy an excel file that is written with VBA to a mobile device to collect data.

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Hey, can someone tell me which gpu is better. Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT, Nvidia GeForce 8600GTS, Nvidia GeForce 8800GTS and Gainward 8600GTS. Im going to buy Gainward 8600GTS or Nvidia GeForce 9500GT so i want to compare it to the others.

A:Comparing graphics cards

The 8800GTS is by far the best of those.
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I'm trying to compare these video cards to see if they are pretty similar. Any thoughts?

-NVidia FX 5700
-Radeon 9600 (128MB and 256MB versions)
-Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 950 card. with 768 MB available RAM and a 2 GHz processor

A:Comparing Video Cards: Are they all the same?

As far as I know, the FX 5700 and Radeon 9600 series of cards are fairly similar with little difference in performance.
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I'm trying to figure out if one of these is more powerful than the other or if they're both about the same (JUST from a performance standpoint). Any help would be much appreciated!

-Intel Pentium 4 1.3GHz, 512 MB RAMBUS
-AMD Athlon XP 3000+ (Barton) 2.167 GHz

A:Comparing Processors: Intel Pentium 4 1.3 GHz vs AMD Athlon XP 3000+ 2.1 GHz

Consider reading this article.
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hey just wondering if anyone could help me out. looking at buying a toshiba laptop and wondering which one out of the L500/00D or the L500/016. thankyou.

A:Comparing laptops

getting up post coun
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hey just wonderinf if anyone could help me choose out of these two processors.would be greatly appreciated

AMD Athlon Dual-Core QL-67 (2.2GHz, HyperTransport? 3: up to 4.0 (GT/sec), 2MB L2 Cache)

Intel® Pentium® processor T4300 (2.1GHz, 800MHz FSB, 1MB L2 Cache)
thank you

A:Comparing amd athlon dual core and intel pentium dual core

They are quite similar. Both have nearly the same clock speed. Both have a total of 1MB of L2cache but the intel's is shared and the AMD's is exclusive. The intel is 45nm and the AMD is 65nm which means the AMD will run hotter most likely. The AMD gets a boost from its on die memory controller and HyperTransport links on its motherboard. Both are capable of running full 64 operating systems.

The best difference between them would be as to what is on board their respective laptop. The AMD will have quite respectable performance from its video chip as I would hope it either a Radeon HD 3200 or better a 4200 with SidePort memory. These are about the best you can get for integrated video these days. The intel will undoubtedly have a GMA4500. These don't game very well nor do they do a very good job of playing high def video. The AMD chipset should have a fairly complete selection of connectors and functions. The interl may or may not, depending on the maker.

Both chips have a TDP of 35 Watts. The intel should offer slightly longer battery life for a given series of tasks, say about a half hour.

As you can see, these two CPUs are quite similar on and of themselves, the supporting cast of laptop parts makes or breaks the deal.
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I just bought a computer (ya I shoulda built it, im too lazy) and it has a NVIDIA GeForce 9100 for the graphics card. Last year I had to upgrade my old machine and I went and bought a VisionTek Radeon HD 3650 that is currently installed. My question is, if I use my machine primarily for gaming, should I leave the GeForce 9100 in, or should I install the Radeon HD 3650 out of my old machine? Please help me out as I am a retard in these things. Thanks.

The dirtiest bird

A:Comparing Nvidia GeForce 9100 to Radeon HD 3650

The 3650 should be a good bit faster. From what I have seen, it performs similarly to the nvidia 8600gt.
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When composing an e-mail in Outlook 2007 (Vista), the typing never wraps round to the next line; it types as one continuous line from left to right. What do you do to change this back to multi-line?

Thanks for you help.


A:Outlook 2007 (Vista) email page layout

Which format are you using to compose the message? (HTML, Rich Text, or Plain Text?)
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Hi all ITpro,

Could you please advise what would be the possible causes of the sudden cease of PC operation when I am working on an Excel worksheet? This had happened to me several times during one day. Whenever I nearly finish my work and tried to save it, the PC hanged up.

FYI, my PC was bought in Sept 2004. Is there any method to check out the problem(s)?

Thank you for your help indeed.


A:PC randomly hangs up while I'm working on an Excel file

Please run Memtest on your Ram
And confirm all your Device Drivers are up to date

You could also run a Drive Diagnostics on your HardDrive
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i need the cost, resolution, core clock speed, FPS, performance, and does it support liquid cooling system of these graphic cards.

Nvidia Geforce 8400 GS
ATI HD 3850
Nvidia Geforce 8600 GT
ATI HD 2600 XG
Nvidia Geforce 9600 GT
ATI 4850
Nvidia Geforce 9800 GTX
ATI HD 4850
Nvidia Geforce GTX 260
Nvidia Geforce GTX 280
ATI HD 4870
Nvidia Geforce SLI GTX 280.260
ATI HD 4850 x2 Crossfire
ATI HD 4870 x2 CrossFire X
3 way SLI GTX 280

Thank you!

A:Help comparing graphics cards

Ever used a thing called Google? ... sorry just messing.

Take a look at these lab tests. Some of those cards are in there and the ratings are allways good.
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Hi there I purchased my first ever laptop it is a Evesham Explorer a few days ago It came on Friday Now it Sunday and 2007 Laptop Boot Evesham Explorer Problem: its not working As you may expect I m am slightly annoyed Here is the problem I am having I Laptop Boot Problem: Evesham Explorer 2007 pressed Ctrl-Alt-Delete to end a program task I ended it but it started making a weird noise I was like wtf is going on dead Kept making a noise Laptop Boot Problem: Evesham Explorer 2007 and a red light i think it was something to do with the battery kept flashing and still making an annoying beep sound Laptop Boot Problem: Evesham Explorer 2007 So I shut it down Now I cant start it up roll The red light still flickers and it loaded up just past the boot screen Then shuts down automatically By this point I m freaking out evil Sooo I try boot it again same thing this time no sound Weird So I boot it without having it plugged in to a socket just from the battery same thing I try clean near the fan and stuff same thing I try take the battery out put it back in same thing I take the battery out and run it from the mains same thing I put the battery back in same thing Just a while ago I tried again now it wont even boot up Can anyone help me I don t know what to do now I have read a few bad things about the company and there products which I just found today after doing a Google search I would never have brought it if I knew this before hand nbsp

A:Laptop Boot Problem: Evesham Explorer 2007

The only thing you can really do is take it back and demand it be fixed.
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does anyone know the correct pwm value settings for a cpu fan for an amd athlon 5400 64x2 ? i am running an ecs nforce4m-a mobo and had an amd heatpipe cooler and fan on it, but the temps were running around 53 degrees c. i went and purchased a stock amd heatsink and fan and am still running around 53 degrees c.
i have tried all sorts of paste and nothing seems to make any difference.
also, can you tell me what the average temps for an amd 5400 64x2? maybe i am just worried over nothing as i have ran intel processors all my life and this is my first amd.
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Hey people
I have Microsoft Outlook 2007 Service Pack 1
I would like to know how I can install Polish for spell checking
I can speak Polish but can't write it

A:How do I install Polish language for spell checking in Outlook 2007 SP1?

I think installing Proofing Tools from your Office CD and then install Polish proofing tools.

More info here:

And here:
And here:
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I've got an Asus P4C800-E Deluxe board, and it has a
utility that shows what the temp is, and has provision for
an adjustable threshold above which it will provide an
overheating warning.

Also shows processor temp with the same settable threshold
warning. It's a 2.8 P4 Northwoods.

Trouble is, I don't know what those threshold temps should be?

I have added extra cooling fans and vents to the upright case.

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To the password keeper I have a good friend that has asked for my assistance This person has assisted me in the past with personal issues and I have a big debt to repay to Dell 2007) Bios Password removal (Nov-Dec him He has asked me to remove the protection on a Dell Bios Password removal (Nov-Dec 2007) laptop that he purchased on the street for his daughter as he is a person of limited means I am by trade a computer technician and have worked around the BIOS password however the HD is also protected He does not as I do not have the required funds to purchase another hard drive for this machine Your password would assist me in partially repaying my debt to my friend and allow me to offer a young lady a chance to experience the internet I hope this helps Thank You Joe Thank you SIR Much appreciated your help could Dell Bios Password removal (Nov-Dec 2007) not have done without you Cheers comrad Moderator Edit Free Help Here http www techspot com vb topic html nbsp

A:Dell Bios Password removal (Nov-Dec 2007)


All posts regarding Dell BIOS or HDD password removal should be added here!
Do not open new threads!

Also, before posting check this assistance thread which may resolve your problem.

Thank you.


i have a dell inspiron and i need the bios password

the service tag is bzkn9b1-595b
service code express 26095599325

i call dell but dont have solution for mi problem i buy this laptop in a fleamarket
please help me i pay 500 usd an i cant use it
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Hi, whenever I try to uninstall the program Windows Anti-Spyware 2007 shown here, nothing happens. I've tried everything from add/remove programs, to downloading unistall programs, to using msconfig as seen in the picture. Furthermore, it persists to remain on my viewable icons as a "System Alert!" icon that looks like a red circle with a slash through it. Can anyone help me out please?

A:WinAntiSpyware 2007 Uninstallation problem

There`s a good tool HERE

Failing that, go HERE and follow all the steps.
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which is the best motherboard? 2007

A:Which is the best motherboard? (Nov 2007)

probably p5k3 deluxe if you can fork it.
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which is the best program to see your cool system, fan ect.? 2007

A:which is the best program to see your cool system, fan ect.? 2007

Rather than opening umpteen different threads, have you actually tried to Google for answers?

For this particular question, try googling "temperature sensing software" You`ll probably find Speedfan, which is considered one of the best and it`s free.

Regards Howard.
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which is the best dvd burner? 2007

A:which is the best dvd burner? 2007

AngelOfLighT said:

which is the best dvd burner? 2007Click to expand...

The ASUS DRW-1608P3S DVD Burner would be an exelent choise .


By the way please post in the proper forum...

this is for networking and storage....
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Hi guys i am after a website that can compare the following

Graphic Cards

As i would like to see the different benefits between certain products.

Help Is appreciated thanks


A:Comparing Motherboards, CPU's and Graohic Cards
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there outhere many video cards , many companies.
i know you can arm it your self.
but how i get knowledge of what is best.
is there an whole sale to buy cheap?

A:which is the best pc now? on september 2007 to buy, for games and internet

If you wanted a good gaming pc i would recommend bulding one your self
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What s your opinion of these laptops amp how they compare for general use No not the latest greatest gaming setups Wife needs a good relatively robust quick amp reliable laptop Most demanding thing probably would be doing graphic presentations i e Power Point slide shows that quickly create change slides that sort of thing Might do some minor video pic editing No gaming no architect s drawing prgms Q How well would this T- processor do w Vista - now amp in few yrs Will it be completely obsolete several yrs sooner than say an Intel T- Q The HDD is slower rpm but if this unit will take nd HDD have to chk could get another say GB SATA rpm on sale or less - I m guessing I d prefer drives anyway Feel free to comment on selection of Toshiba Need / 2 rating help comparing laptops options or other Thanks for any input advice Toshiba Notebook Satellite P S on sale Circuit City Product Specifications preconfigured Processor Processor Type Core Duo Processor Number T Processor Speed GHz Front Side Bus MHz Operating System Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium -bit Intel Centrino Tagline Intel Centrino Duo processor technology featuring Memory Size MB Memory Speed PC - DDR MHz SDRAM Display Size quot widescreen Display Type Widescreen XGA with TruBrite Technology Display Resolution x Graphics Engine Graphics Media Accelerator Graphics Memory MB- MB dynamically allocated shared graphics memory Hard Drive Need help comparing / rating 2 Toshiba laptops Size GB Hard Drive Speed rpm Optical Drives DVD-SuperMulti -R double layer with Labelflash drive supporting up to formats Wireless LAN Intel Wireless WiFi Link AGN a g n Bluetooth No Bluetooth No Antenna Webcam Webcam and microphone built into LCD bezel Input Devices TouchPad pointing device Internet Launch button CD DVD Buttons key US keyboard with Key Pad Security Finger Print Reader Modem Modem LAN Audio Standard stereo speakers Headphone jack stereo Microphone jack mono AC Adapter W V A Auto-sensing - V - Hz input Battery Type Li-Ion mAh PC Express Slot -ExpressCard Slot Media Port -in- Bridge Media Adapter USB Ports -USB iLINK i LINK IEEE- S-Video TV-out S Video Software TOSHIBA ConfigFree TOSHIBA Disc Creator TOSHIBA Game Console TOSHIBA Security Assist TOSHIBA Speech System InterVideo WinDVD Microsoft Office Trial Home and Student Edition -day trial Microsoft Works Version Ulead DVD MovieFactory for Toshiba McAfee Internet Security Suite -day trial Weight Starting at lbs to lbs Color Onyx Blue Metallic Warranty -Yr Parts and Labor -Year Battery Also Includes Onyx Blue Metallic Lid Cover Microsoft Works v Microsoft Office Trial Home and Student Edition -daytrial Ulead DVD MovieFactory for TOSHIBA TOSHIBA ConfigFree TOSHIBA Security Assist TOSHIBA Game Console Webcam Fingerprint Reader -in- Bridge Media Adapter ExpressCard slot -USB ports i LINK IEEE- TV-out S-Video LAN port V modem port RGB monitor port Microphone jack monaural headphone jack stereo Second Choice Toshiba P ST customized Drive out online price w options below incl shipping free carry case free Epson CX printer probably unload it free GB USB drive quot List Price quot was Note The options w the quot quot beside them are ones selected at the price CPU gt more Intel Core Duo Processor T GHz MB L cache MHz FSB subtract Intel Core Duo Processor T GHz MB L cache MHz FSB Intel Core Duo Processor T GHz MB L cache MHz FSB add Intel Core Duo Processor T GHz MB L cache MHz FSB add Intel Core Duo Processor T GHz MB L cache MHz FSB add Operating System gt more Genuine Windows Vista Home Basic -Bit subtract Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium -Bit Genuine Windows Vista Business -Bit add Genuine Windows Vista Ultimate -Bit add Color Variation gt more Onyx Blue Metallic with Embossed Logo Office Software gt more Microsoft Office Suite Ready Microsoft Office Basic Edition add Excel Word Outlook Product key shipped with notebook Microsoft Office Small Business Edition add Excel Word PowerPoint Accounting Express Outlook with Business Contact M... Read more
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I'm planning to build a new gaming PC, and I'm currently doing my research.

Which one of these would be the better choice if I want to play high quality demanding games with great fps, response time, and little lag?

AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+


Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Conroe 2.4GHz

They are both about the same price, and both may perform similar. Which would any of you hardcore gamers out there suggest?

I'm probably going to go with the Intel Core 2 Duo. If this is the best choice, what then mobo-wise would be good to look at? I do want to get an SLI mobo in case I want to buy a second video card in the future and put it in there.

Graphics card = GeForce 8800GTX (unless other suggestions)

A:Comparing 2 processors...

You have to put the motherboard and the video card(s) into the equation here.
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As you know my laptop is getting outdated as time flies I need 2007 in Notebook Replacement to upgrade it too a newer laptop soon but it s not soon as i know intel core duo have been hangin around for a year I know that i MUST wait until the successor of intel centrino core duo come by the end of this year Deadline for myself to use this old laptop is up to end What i ve found is this Intel mobile processor Gilo - nm multi-core Q Since windows vista is booming out and i think i ll be using both vista and xp on a same quot future quot notebook i decided to take a look at current product especially the mobile graphic card AFAIK ATIX X series and nVidia X series are the only series which is quot windows vista Notebook Replacement in 2007 certified quot or quot DirectX quot compatible But the problem Notebook Replacement in 2007 is that both of the mobile gpu are going to be released about Q or Q I m only interested in and x or higher as x is a low-end card I ve been offered a new laptop but i refused to upgrade because of these reasons My question is Are the abovelisted roadmap are true I mean is the intel gilo is released in Q and ATI R is released before Q It s because i m confused whether to buy a new laptop this June or this November I only have this months chance to buy a laptop cause of private reason I hope anyone will give me some description I really need confirmation when will be intel gilo and ati r come out because i really need to upgrade my -years old lappy by this year Final deadline of my notebook is end -years old In a short-form Do you recommend me getting new laptop This june core duo based X OR This november - january intel quot gilo quot ati x or x hopefully Thank you for your time reading this story and i thank you good reply pal nbsp

A:Notebook Replacement in 2007

Sorry about your TravelMate.. Got my ThinkPad in Nov 2004 and it's still going stong

No roadmaps are true. That's why they are called roadmaps. Also, paper specs are nothing but glorified wishful thinking by the manufacturer. Don't trust anything that isn't out there for real. There can be delays, manufacturing issues, limited supply to select partners, astronomical pricetags, unexpected performance issues, driver problems..

Whether to buy something now or wait for a while.. Do you need a new laptop now or only after a while? If you waited three years, you could get something amazingly fast
Relevancy 39.99%

Which graphic card will run more efficiantly?
NVIDIA GeForce Go 6150 (UMA) 128MB vs ATI RADEON® Xpress1150 with 256MB HyperMemory?

A:Comparing Graphic cards

I'll say...the ATI card. Are you getting a laptop? You need to consider other things besides video card(processor, memory, etc...)
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Help Heeeelp Pls Heeeeeeeeelp I even don t know from where to start - install uninstall Panda - goodbye internet lan I like Panda very much but this is really unbelievable Panda Platinum when you decide to uninstall it it completely corrupt your lsp and you must use an lsp fix program so 2005, 2007 problem Panda really BIG Platinum 2006, you can use internet again Not so bad fixing after using lsp fix and a reboot Panda Platinum They removed this bug of corrupting lsp but they ve added another really good Panda Platinum 2005, 2006, 2007 really BIG problem one Panda make my lan totally unusable Without Panda everithing is working fine Installing it I can t connect to my other pc at all I have noticed this sequence my pc internet pc Panda Platinum 2005, 2006, 2007 really BIG problem cable modem connected to it my pc lan pc connected to my pc using lan cable cat NIC s Installing Panda on pc - I have internet lan connection rebooting pc Panda Platinum 2005, 2006, 2007 really BIG problem I haven t internet lan rebooting pc - I have rebooting pc i havent and so on I have made an always allow connections rule all protocols all ports for the other pc using both by IP and by MAC address on both of my pc s same I have unistalled panda everything is back to normal everything is working fine internet lan Installing Panda without any firewall at all - same problems Sorry for the long post but I am trying to be as clear as I can Panda Platinum ohh you will love this Both and bugs combined in one I thought well its a new version lets see what they ve made this time hoping they ve finally fixed it Surprise They didn t even made it worse I ve installed it Total loss of internet lan I have uninstalled it Total loss of internet lan Deleted every file and registry key pointing to Panda - same The really really strange thing is that when I unplug my lan cable I have internet when I plug it in I haven t internet lan connection The registry keys I couldn t delete pointing to Panda that might have something with all this Code HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SYSTEM ControlSet Enum Root LEGACY CPOINT - Panda CPointDriver HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SYSTEM ControlSet Enum Root LEGACY NETFLT - Panda Net Driver NDIS Layer HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SYSTEM ControlSet Enum Root LEGACY NETFLTDI - Panda Net Driver TDI Layer HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SYSTEM ControlSet Enum Root LEGACY PAVFNSVR - Panda Function Service HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SYSTEM ControlSet Enum Root LEGACY PAVPROC - Panda Process Protection Driver HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SYSTEM ControlSet Enum Root LEGACY PAVPRSRV - Panda Process Protection Service HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SYSTEM ControlSet Enum Root LEGACY PAVSRV - Panda anti-virus service HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SYSTEM ControlSet Enum Root LEGACY PNMSRV - Panda Network Manager HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SYSTEM ControlSet Enum Root LEGACY PSIMSVC - Panda IManager Service HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SYSTEM ControlSet Enum Root LEGACY SHLDDRV - Panda File Shield Driver These are the same for ControlSet and CurrentControlSet I can t delete rename edit these keys Any idea how to remove them Windows XP Pro SP Latest Patches Virus Spyware Free pc nic connected to the cable modem tcp ip configuration ip subnet gateway dns serv alt dns serv pc nic connected to pc tcp ip configuration ip subnet gateway dns serv pc nic connected to pc tcp ip configuration ip subnet gateway dns serv If you ve read this far - Pls help nbsp

A:Panda Platinum 2005, 2006, 2007 really BIG problem

I've managed to delete these keys using this method:


When attempting to modify or delete registry keys as noted in some of our articles, you may receive an error message.
Cannot delete ?. Error while deleting key.


When dealing with a Windows NT bases computer (NT, 2000, XP, 2003, etc), this is normally caused by the currently logged in user not having permissions to modify or delete the key. Some keys will not allow any user to modify or delete them.


Make sure that the logged in user has admin permissions on the machine.
If this is already the case, then follow these steps in order to set the permissions for the key to allow it to be deleted.
NOTE: The KEY is only visible in the left hand window of the standard Registry Editor (REGEDIT). It will be the one that has it?s folder icon open instead of closed. You can also find the path to the Key in the status bar at the bottom of the Registry Editor. If the status bar is not present, click on View -> Status Bar to enable it.

Windows XP / 2003

1. In the Registry editor, right-click on the KEY and choose Permissions

2. On the permissions screen, verify that Everyone is present in the ?Group or user names? list. If it is, go to step 3

a) If Everyone is not present, click on Add
b) Type Everyone into the ?Enter the object names to select? box
c) Click the Check Names button
d) Once Everyone is underlined, click Ok
3. Click on the Everyone entry so that it is highlighted

4. In the lower window, place a check into the Full Control row under the Allow column.

5. Remove any checkmarks in the Deny column

6. Click Ok

7. Proceed with deleting the key, value or data as noted in the original article.Click to expand...

The information is from this site.
Deleted them rebooted and still when I plug my lan cable I haven't internet/lan and when I unplug it I have (internet ).
Someone pls help. Special Forces pls help. I haven't time to reinstall windows because of this buggy Panda.
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I have a gigabit switch and gigabit NICF on 2 PCS and cat6 cable between them and cant get gigabit transfers!


Hard drive limitations?? I ahve SATA I II IDE drives and cant get it!

Is it limited by those hdds??? Is it a question of software??? I use XP on both!

Will ui get more on Linux???

Why cant we get those transfers near gigabit?

A:Gigabit transfers rates! Why not gigabit values?

8 bits = 1 byte.

Therefore you transfer rate will theoretically be about 125 mega byte per second.

That will be lower because of harddrive limitations and overhead.
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:knock: Hi Guys I have not posted for a while having a bit of local difficulty here in London but recently my psu blew so I brought one from my local computer shop it was cheap and wondered if my value rails are ok they are cpu core 170v=+3.v +3.33v=+5v=4.97v=+12v+12.22v=+5v standby+5.05v Thanks for any assistance guys but as my last one frightened me to death when it blew lol I am wairy kopite

A:psu values

Give us the exact make and model, that will tell us much more.
If it weighs under 4 lbs, it's probably rubbish.
And a cheap PSU is almost never any good!
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I ve got a small Excel file I ve tried to save to a diskette but after the one time out of many tries it finally did write it it won t read when I try to look at it gives me an error message So I saved it to a CD-RW everything went only read Excel Cannot marked file, save okay I can read it but now when I want to update it it says quot Cannot save the file xxxxxx The file exists and is marked read only Save the file with another file name or another location quot And a couple of times it told me I did not have rights to access this file I m the only one on this computer and I m listed as the administrator so I don t understand that either All I want to do is overwrite the file to update it every now and then But I can t I ve always been able to do this on a diskette but can Cannot save Excel file, marked read only t even do that now Is it not possible to do this on a CD-RW I don t want to write a new file every couple of days The diskette would be fine if I could get it to work Can anybody Cannot save Excel file, marked read only give me some advice I m just using what came on XP Home to burn disc s and always have because I don t do any music coping and this has always worked fine up until now Just did a reformat of my computer about three weeks ago but I can t see why that would be a problem I put it back just as it was to begin with Thanks in Cannot save Excel file, marked read only advance for any help And if this info is to be found somewhere else here at TS I couldn t find it nbsp

A:Cannot save Excel file, marked read only

If you leave the disc open, you can overwrite files as long as the disc is a -RW disc and not a standard -R disc. Honestly I've had bad experiences with -RW and leaving discs open. That was ages ago and CD-Rs are so cheap now. O've been told that OfficeXP doesn't like floppy discs. I have no proof of this. I haven't used a floppy in quite some time either.
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I've got an ATI 9700 Pro with a few (3) capacitors missing off of the top of the core. I'm trying to find out the values of these missing capacitors. Does anyone have any idea where I could get these component values? I've got a call into ATI but haven't had any reponse from them.

Initially the board didn't work at all. I replace the broken caps with .01uFd and I was able to boot all the way into Windows but I have horizontal bars running across the entire screen. I'm close but not quite there. The traces and pads on this chip won't put up with a lot soldering and unsoldering so I want to know the exact values for the broken caps.

Thanks for any help!

Here's a pic: Resistor.htm

A:ATI 9700 Pro R300 Capcitor Values

:wave: Hello & Welcome to TechSpot :wave:

Sorry, I don't know the info you're looking for, but what I can do is suggest a forum where you should find people with the knowledge you seek.
The first is Rage3d which is an ATI fan-page. There are an abundance of fanbois there, but you should find plenty of people who has the info you need.
The other place to ask is Beyond3D, which is a site dedicted to 3d in general, frequented by (amongst others) some ATI people. There are also members there who should have the info you're looking for.

Or perhaps another member here will be able to supply you with the info.
If you do go off to one of the two sites, I hope you'll come back here afterwards to tell us what you found.
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Beginning yesterday, I open qa file and the cursor is atached to an outline of a document. Excel is locked up and I have to ALT-CTL-DEL to close/exit. Does anyone know wehat the cursor with a document outline means?

A:MS Excel 2003 Cursor

Wrong forum, sorry.
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Good afternoon,

I use a spread sheet which contains Check Boxes, that I manually tick to show a task has been fully completed. I have a basic formula that calculates returned items, and once it reaches 0 (all returned) I tick the box. I wish to have the Check Box auto-tick itself once the returned items count reaches 0. I'm damned certain this is possible, but beyond my abilities. I know you can have formulas to display text once a Check Box is ticked, I am kinda trying to do it the other way around.

Thanks for any help


A:Microsoft Office Excel 2010 Check Box

Darrenbilly said:

I'm damned certain this is possible, but beyond my abilities.Click to expand...

You are correct, it is possible.

What you need to do is learn the Visual Basic for Applications coding in Excel. Then you can add code that runs every time the sheet calculates (basically when something changes on the page). The code can check the status of a cell and change the status of another cell (or object in your case) based on criteria you have coded.

I'm not a programmer but playing with Excel Macros (VBA coding) and manipulating excel cells is a long time hobby of mine.

The easiest way to learn is to record Macro's and then study the code. It is easier learning the code if know first hand what it does. After you are familiar with how the code works, you will be surprised at how easy it is to code your own macros. Once you have the macro working for you, it is easy to move the code and have it run every time the sheet loads, calculates, closes, or several other possibilities.
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Hello all,
I have an Excel 2010 file. When I want to copy or cut it to some elsewhere, that file will not be copied, instead a shortcut of some KBs will be copied! Copying other Excel or else files has no problem. But this one has.
Any idea on what is wrong with this file please?
I'm running a Win 7 machine.

A:Problem when copying an Excel file

Likely it is a networked file and opened by someone on the network.
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i have a friend who wants to compare these softwares

VMware and Cloud Computing
on the basis of its applications, advantages ,disadvantages, working, basic principles, purpose.

can any1 help???


A:Comparing VMware and Cloud Computing

See these Google links:
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I would like to move my old mail messages into another file (not in outlook) where they would still be searchable (like they are in outlook). There are over 20K messages in my archive folder and over 20K in my current inbox folder. These are messages to an email forum I subscribe to and I often utilize the information so I need to be able to access it, but it is slowing down my outlook and search for other items unrelated to these emails. Suggestions?

A:MS Outlook 2007 - need to move messages

Use "search this folder only".
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Hello to all I have few problems or misunderstandings about the auto-saving recovering workbooks in Excel My with problem in unsaved workbooks Excel that try to explain them clearly as follows First I create a New Microsoft Excel file And put some data into it and wait for more than minute because I changed the time of Save AutoRecover My problem with unsaved workbooks in Excel information every from File Options Save Save workbooks part to one minute After passing that time more than one minute I close that workbook without saving it I e pressing don t save button OK now I open that file again but my first oddness - The both UnsavedFiles folder from path File Info Manage Versions section Recover Unsaved workbooks button and Recover Unsaved Workbooks folder from path File Recent right hand pane are Empty Why After reopening that file I go to path File Info Versions There is one writing button next to the Manage Versionsbutton quot Today PM when I closed without saving quot If I press that button I can restore the changes which I have made but haven t saved I restore the lost data and save that file and close it For the second time I open that file and put other data into it And as a bad boy does such things in his routine basis close the file again without saving it but of course after waiting more than one minute This is second time that is I ve saved somethings at least one time into that file before OK I open the file once again and go through File options but - again just like quot - quot those two folders are still empty Why I just can restore that file again like previous time Those two folders seem always to be empty which is very strange I m sorry if I gave you a headache nbsp

A:My problem with unsaved workbooks in Excel

pressing don't save buttonClick to expand...

WHY? If the work is good and not just an experiment, SAVE the data. Personally, I turn off auto-save and rely upon myself to know when to save my work or just abandon it with Dont Save.
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Hi guys,

In my Excel 2010 workbook there is a cell with the value of "90" in type of number/general. When I go to find and replace dialog box and try to find the number "90" by typing it in Find what rectangle, then I want the program looks for it in formulas (look in: Formulas). But it shows that "90" as the result! Why? I said it to look for it in Formulas not in values.
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I am wondering if anyone is a Live Mesh user who may have had the following problem: I was working with an Excel file which I "opened" from a Live Mesh Desktop folder. When I was finished with my work, I saved the file, and closed it. The program never gave me any message regarding the file save, but needless to say, I cannot find the file, and the file located on the Live Mesh Desktop folder is there, but was not updated with the new data. I believe that since the file was saved, and no error message was shown, that that version of the file must be somewhere, but where is my question?

A:Can't find Excel file

look in the 'last folder where you saved an excel file'

also launch Excel itself and the look in the Open list to see if it is present
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Hello All,
I just dow loaded outlook 2007 from comcast website and every time I try to open it this massage opens up first:


Can someone help me with this problem?
Thank You
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A person is using Outlook 2007. We recently migrated from Exchange server 2003 to 2010. The person claims that she had an e-mail with an attachment, and she opened the attachment once, but now when she goes into Outlook the e-mail no longer has an attachment. This happened two times with differnt senders.

Is this possible or is it that the person got confused to what she was doing?
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Is there a way Outlook would remind me/not send an e-mail without a subject?

I tried this and it didn't work
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*Unable to send emails to external contacts. Only able to send emails to internal contacts.*
*Using Microsoft Exchange.*

I tried to send out an email to internal and external contacts in the first place but then Outlook prompted to restart. I restarted the Outlook thought maybe its the add-ins problem so I enable the add-ins but then when I try to send out the email again, it did not ask me to restart but close the program instead.

Did a test send to internal contacts only and it sent out (works) but with external contacts it gives the prompt again.

Problem solved: I deleted the Outlook profile and recreated it. Test send to internal and external contacts, WORKS!

*But instead of recreate the profile, are there any other ways to solve the issue?*

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In my Excel 2010 file there are three sheets. I can navigate between them by clicking on the sheets on the bottom left hand side, next to Sheet tab scroll buttons.

But I can't use "Sheet tab scroll buttons" because when clicking on them they don't do anything. I don't know what is the problem.

Is there anyone who knows the reason please?

A:Sheet tab scroll buttons don't work on Excel 2010

You talking about these in the red box?

Looks like it depends on whether the horizontal scroll bar is hiding the tabs or not. In the 1st pic, all the tabs are visible. Clicking on the arrows did nothing. Whereas in the 2nd pic, only the 1st tab is visible, clicking on the arrows will move you to the previous/next tab.
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I have office 2010 ready to install on my computer, but many people I work with still use office 2007. Am I likely to get into compatibility issues when we exchange files (mostly Word and Excel, btw)?


A:Are Office 2007 and 2010 files compatible?

You are very unlikely to have any issues exchanging those file types. I use both versions on different machines and have had no issues opening files I've created on either machine with the other machines.
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HELP PLEASE i just installed windows 7 works great (fine)
then i install outlook and set it up with gmail imap
then i get server cirtifacate error i tryed uninstalling outlook but it did not help
so now its just on ie8 dose anyone know how to fix or disable this

A:Certificate error on IE8 and in Outlook 2007

You could just add an exception. The service for my school e-mail is stupid, because the school basically created its own certificate, which is unrecognized by any web browser. So you have to ignore the error or add an exception to access mail.
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scanpst.exe does not recognize the corrupt file as a .pst so it will not run. Is there anything else I can try

A:Outlook 2007 pst repair

Try running a repair of office or Outlook if that is all you have. Add/Remove and click on Office, it should give you the option to repair. Then run Scanpst again. if no success, check out site for more Outlook help:

Was the pst and upgrade from an earlier version or is it true blue 2007? May be a 2GB issue, check out this post:

and if all that fails go to slipstick for other options at:
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I was just wondering hot to stop all the automatic things in office 2007?

A:How do I stop all the automatic stuff in Office 2007?

I'm afraid you will have to be a bit more specific. I'm not sure what 'automatic' stuff you are talking about.
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I am working on a Word document that has been saved in Word 2003 mode. The document is 94 pages long. Now, when I open it, the formatting is all funky, it does not let me correct it and it says I have opened the document in "Compatibility Mode".

What the heck it this?
How do I fix it?

The formatting issues are contained in the first 3 images I attached to this post (a black line on the left, forced space at the top most of the pages, and when I try to delete text, it just highlights it in red and draws a line through it.

The 4th image is the message I get about compatibility mode.

When I following the instructions and convert the document, the compatibility mode message goes away, but I still have the other 3 problems.


A:Windows 7, Microsoft Word 2007 & compatibility mode

Try opening Word in Safe mode. Hold down the Ctrl key and then open Word, say yes to the pop-up.

If that does not work try this. I know it says - in an earlier version but try it anyway.
Word 2003 and later versions of Word have a feature that permits you to assign permissions to specific parts of a document to specific users. When you use this feature, you can make the overall content read-only while you grant editing permissions to specific users for specific parts of the document. When you open such a file in an earlier version of Word, the document opens as protected for comments, permitting users to make comments to the file but not permitting edits to the content. If you receive a document that is protected for comments, you can remove the protection.

To do this, perform one of the following actions:

* In Word 2007, click the Review tab, click Protect Document in the Protect group, click Restrict Formatting and Editing, and then click Stop Protection.
* In Word 2003, click Unprotect on the Tools menu.

If that does not work open it from a cmd.
In the Run dialog box, type this: winword.exe /a (note the space after exe and before the /a switch)
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A person uses a template and when she renames the file, the footer appears to change to the correct name, but after saving and opening the same file again, then the footer has the old name. How can this be fixed?

A:Word 2007

Is this person the original creator of the file in question? If not, the person will have to "take ownership" of the file before the rename will take
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Hi Guys and girls,

hope someone can help me. I just replaced my hard drive and it is operating with Windows 7. I have installed Office 2007 with the disk I got when I bought it. It was originally for operating on Vista.

I have set up outlook with my email accounts to send and receive from but the message I am getting when trying to send and receive is "The operation failed. An object could not be found'.

I have uninstalled and re-installed office. I have run the service pack 3 for the SQL server and still it won't work.

Can anyone give me another option other than paying someone to do it?

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Hi guys, I keep getting an application error when trying to add record in Microsoft Excel 2007 worksheet. This porblem seemed to crop up overuse, I have pasted the Error below, REALLY appreciate your time and help with this. Thanks!
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My excel 2007 has started misbehaving. A save as window will pop up on its own & when I choose to save it pops right back up. If I choose to cancel, it cancels & pops right back up. When I click escape it goes away. Whats up? Other oddities are occurring on my dell notebook since I have been helping my brother with his dell notebook he just got off of ebay. I remotely access his computer using We activated his office 2013 on his machine but he is getting some strange messages like "picture is too large .... it will be truncated". I have found responses on this message with google but all comments relate to earlier versions & I am unable to get his message to stop. If we click ok twice we can go on & paste. Is my machine getting corrupted by his? Help!

A:Excel 2007 misbehaving

I would try to do a repair. I believe this can be done through the help menu in an Office app. Otherwise, try a repair, through the Programs control panel (or add remove programs if this is xp).
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Hello All,
i recently upgrded my outlook 2002 to outlook 2007, but any time that I try to open the out look I get this message; The add-in "ESET Oulook plugin" (c:\progra~1\ESET\ESETNO~\EPLGOU~1.DLL) cannot be loaded and has been disabled by outlook. Please contact the add-in manufactur for an update. if no update is available, please unistall the Add-in.
I don't understand what this mean? can anyone help?
thank you for all or any help.

A:Microsoft Outlook 2007

Your anti-virus must have some type of email addon for scanning in Outlook. Maybe it's not compatible with 2007 or it needs an update or patch. Check with ESET.
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Hi all,

Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions. I often schedule appointments with customers by sending an Outlook appointment request. What I have found is that Outlooks defaults all appoints to be "recurring" weekly with no end date. I find this very annoying and it is even difficult, sometimes impossible, to remove the recurrence. Does anyone know of a way to change the default to be one-time events? I've searched the Outlook help menu with no luck.



A:Annoying Outlook 2007 appointment calendar default

BTW, I'm running under Windows 7 Home Premium edition (not by choice, this is my work laptop).
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Every time I open Free Mp3 Wma Converter by Koyotesoft or Startup Delayer by r2 Studios,
I get a Windows Installer window which says:
"Please wait while Windows configures Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007"
When I click cancel, another window appears with the same message! I need to click cancel 3-6 times to reach the program!
What is causing this problem?
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Hello everyone here's the problem, I'm running office 2007 on a windows 7 professional box. I'm in a domain enviroment with about 20 computers. The domain controller is Server 2008 enterprise r2 and has exchange 2007 installed. I have been using outlook fine without any problems till one day I had to send a pdf attachment and outlook just crashes.Restarted outlook and tried it again but still same results. Tried to send other different type of files like word,excel,txt and they all can send fine but soon as I try to send a pdf it just crashes. The pdf file is only 3 mb.Please help! Thanks!
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hi all i need your help was doing the budget spreedsheet on excel
like a fool i went out for the day and left the pc on when i got home the pc had crashed and i lost the 2 columns c & e i was working on.
now all my input has gone ???????

A:Excel help needed

See here. Hope it helps!
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My default browser is Mozilla Firefox. I was playing with customizing the Outlook toolbar and found that if I use the search icon - BING opens in the MS outlook window and the links stay in the window. However, if I use the browser command, Firefox opened properly. Is there a method of keeping the browser in MS Outlook only ?

A:Browser in Outlook 2007 window

This and other reasons are why I never use these "Toolbar" add-ons - - they just get in the way and cause problems - - IMO
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I have a number of new fields the contact form which are combo-box& date fields. Is there any simple macro available that can delete what is in that field of the contact, and pastes it to some other field?
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I've been trying to resolve this very slow opening problem, but no success.
Tried "detect and repair", this worked but after restart or shutdown the problem came right back.
Any suggestions for a fix, hopefully short of reinstalling MS Office, would be greatly appreciated.

OS XPPro SP3 fully updated
MS Office 2003 fully updated

Thanks in advance

A:MS office files, Word and Excel, very slow to open

Sounds like a machine error... Tell us about your computer, connection, antivirus, and antispyware in some detail... We would like to know brand, or motherboard, age, and configuration... as well as your spyware and antivirus
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HI guys
Do you guys experienced this kind of problem? When i finished my excel sheet at home, the format for cells are right. However, when i got to the office and open it for my boss, the cell format changed by itself.

For example, cell A is set for number only, but when i open it at my office, the format of the cell change to some letters.

Oh, my office use Ms office business version and my home use professional version. Could that cause the problem?

Thank you very much for helping .

A:Excel sheet format change when i open it on another PC

That is strange. Even if you are using different versions this should not happen.

Has this happened only once? or it happens every time you do some work at home and take it back to office?

Does it happens with only this file, or happens with every worksheet?
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Hi all, very niche question here ...

I have a bunch of excel spreadsheets, with a bunch of worksheets within each one. Basically, April 2013.xls, May 2013.xls - with every day of the month inside.

I need to somehow 'export' the VIEW of the worksheets, to another format like PDF, for the sole purpose of presenting it as a digital signage solution. Exporting the data from spreadsheet is not feasible, as the "calendar view" is lost.

Alternatively, anyone know a room booking solution that's cheap/free for corporate use?

A:Excel file automation

St1ckM4n said:

room booking solutionClick to expand...

A possible alternative might be an Appointment System.
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Hello I have Ultimate Word on Visio new PC Crashes 2007 Win7 and reinstalls 2007 x64 been running Word 2007 Crashes and Visio 2007 reinstalls on Win7 Ultimate x64 new PC a new PC ASUS Z -WS for about four months Over of my application crashes are related to Microsoft products I am running WIN Ultimate x using Office Word crashes daily reporting software exception xe I have run hardware tests including Word diagnostics without finding errors I also run Viso Professional which attempts to reinstall itself every time I start the program I can cancel the install or lets it proceed Once started Viso works correctly Word is my biggest headache as it tends to fail just when you are saving a file for the first time If it recovers it normally looses the data entered it sometimes shows repairs related to image objects but is vague on details I have all the latest Microsoft updates BIOS updates print drivers and have disabled all Word add-ons and have replaced normal doc What would you recommend I try to resolve these concerns Thanks PS The programs worked better when I installed them on a previous PC about years ago nbsp

A:Word 2007 Crashes and Visio 2007 reinstalls on Win7 Ultimate x64 new PC

Was Windows installed fresh on the new PC?
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I have got this annoying glitch in Outlook 2007. Every time I open the program I get a reminder for an event that used to be in my diary. The only difference is that now it is reminding me of this event for the current day - that is, the day I open Outlook. When I try to turn it off and disable it the reminder tells me that it "Cannot turn off the reminder.You may be reminded again. Cannot locate recurrance information for this project." Pretty annoying glitch.

A:Annoying glitch in Outlook 2007 Calendar

try archiving all data prior to mm/dd/yyyy which you pick.

this will leave only real active tasks and calendar events
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Hello guys!

I have probably a dumb question about Microsoft Word 2007, my problem started today when I got my new Asus UL30VT with Windows 7 from Amazon, while after playing around with my new laptop I installed Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise SP2 into my PC but for some reason whenever I start MS Word 2007 this is how it looks:

Link to image:

How can I get rid of the lines that appears at each top side of the document? (I marked them with color red), it looks like it has something to do with the header but I cannot find any option where to get rid of them? i was just wondering if this has to do with my laptop or is just a word option?

I will appreciate any help since this is driving me crazy.

A:Weird problem with MS Word 2007

hmm; make a test page with header, footer, and one paragraph and then print it.

now delete the header & footer and print again.

I may be just a visual effect for document creation (hope-a-hope-a-hope)
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Hello I am currently using Skydrive to synchronize files to changes Skydrive in file paths Excel path cloud local and folders between Skydrive changes local file paths to cloud path in Excel my home and office computers I created an Excel file which has hyperlinks linking to files located under the same folder as the Excel file on the local hard disk In the past I was using Excel and the synching would work fine I would open the excel file in any of the two computers and when I clicked on the hyperlinks the file stored on the local hard disk would open Recently I purchased Office and suddenly the paths in the hyperlinks linking to the files were changed from a local relative location I e test xlsx Skydrive changes local file paths to cloud path in Excel to a cloud address I e http d docs live net afodfldfad test xlsx On top of that even if I click on the hyperlink the file does not open Also Skydrive keeps creating copies of the files at random with the name of the computer where it was modified at the end I e test-Home-PC xlsx Anybody know the reason for this and a way around it Thanks nbsp
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I am looking for a reliabe file (mostly Excel and word files) vault for Windows 7. I have not found anything at the moment.

Would you please advise some solutions?

Thanks a lot,

A:File (excel and word) vault for windows

Need some help here "reliabe file ... vault" - - what do you mean - - what does a vault provide for you?
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I was cleaning some old versions of my Internet connection software using Windows Add Remove Programs when it seemed to freeze on the uninstallation After minutes of no progress I ended the program and rebooted my computer After restarting I noticed that all data file icons saved on my desktop were missing including Excel files Word documents and JPGs desktop icons JPEG) Word, saved data (Excel, Missing file and on The only icons on my desktop were the usual programs and Missing data file icons saved on desktop (Excel, Word, and JPEG) shortcuts My Computer Recycle Bin etc as well as all the folders I had saved But again the folders were all empty of any data files they only had the subdirectory folders which also were empty Missing data file icons saved on desktop (Excel, Word, and JPEG) Even sets of folders that go down or levels had no files in them The best way to explain it is like a tree with all the branches still in place down to the twigs but all of the leaves missing For example in the My Pictures directory I can still see the subdirectories for folders of Baby pictures Holiday pictures Vacation pictures etc but all the subfolders are empty as well Basically any data file XLS DOC JPG AVI WMV etc saved anywhere on my Desktop is gone The only data files I still have are saved in C subdirectories but anything in C Windows Users Desktop is gone Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated I ve been looking online on various help and tip boards but haven t seen any problem described which is even close to this I ve checked for any viruses and not found anything and also tried restoring my computer Thanks nbsp
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My laptop came installed with MS Office 2007 trial. I tried to activate and convert to the full version, so when I clicked on "Purchase key online" it opens up a browser window, but it stays blank and nothing happens after that.

Anyone else experience this problem? how do I purchase the key then if the site isn't working...

A:How to convert MS Office 2007 from trial to full version

Hmm instead of going to their site to purchase just an activation code; I'd prefer to go to a store and buy the whole package (whichever you may want profession/standard etc. etc.) with media and all the stuff. But then its just me.
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I'm wondering if anyone out here knows how to export a directory into a spreadsheet which are separated by columns. I need to be able to have the filename in one column and file size in another column. I'm familiar with dir /s > c:\sample.xls (and other extensions) however this put everything into one single column. Is there a switch that will separate the fields into different columns?

thank you

A:Export Directory Listing to Excel

As far as i Know you can't do that, and even the dir /s > sample.xls actually results in a txt file with xls extension ... nothing more. However, you can import a text file in excel and if i remember correctly there was way a to import text file in such a way that you could place data in separate columns according to your needs .... I will look into it (once i finish watching Top Gear Series 14 ), and see how i did, but please remember I never did this in last what 12-13 years !!
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Hi all Hoping you data keep restoring Word/Excel to files previous dates/lose can help with this one My partners Dad has an issue with his PC Running Windows Service Pack x NTFS HP TouchSmart He will do some work on an Excel or Word file save it but then when he goes back to the file another day it has sometimes lost not only the most recent data but also previous months It s almost as if they are restoring themselves to a previous date The most recent example is an Excel file he saved days ago yet today it is showing as last being modified back in March I temporarily resolved his loss of data the other week by right clicking the file going into properties previous versions then restoring from the last save point so that all correct data is then displayed Unfortunately the issue has came back on a file so something must be up somewhere Any ideas or where to start He has McAfee antivirus and Malwarebytes will post a log from that in a second Thanks nbsp

A:Word/Excel files keep restoring to previous dates/lose data

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
Database version: v2013.12.14.04
Windows 7 Service Pack 1 x64 NTFS
Internet Explorer 11.0.9600.16476
keith :: CRAZYMACHINE [administrator]
28/12/2013 12:14:21
MBAM-log-2013-12-28 (12-26-05).txt
Scan type: Quick scan
Scan options enabled: Memory | Startup | Registry | File System | Heuristics/Extra | Heuristics/Shuriken | PUP | PUM
Scan options disabled: P2P
Objects scanned: 254028
Time elapsed: 9 minute(s), 30 second(s)
Memory Processes Detected: 1
C:\Program Files (x86)\Amazon Browser Bar\ToolbarUpdaterService.exe (PUP.Optional.AmazonTB.A) -> 3232 -> No action taken.
Memory Modules Detected: 0
(No malicious items detected)
Registry Keys Detected: 52
HKCR\CLSID\{4FCB4630-2A1C-4AA1-B422-345E8DC8A6DE} (PUP.Optional.Delta) -> No action taken.
HKCR\escort.escortIEPane.1 (PUP.Optional.Delta) -> No action taken.
HKCR\escort.escortIEPane (PUP.Optional.Delta) -> No action taken.
HKCR\CLSID\{C1AF5FA5-852C-4C90-812E-A7F75E011D87} (PUP.Optional.Delta) -> No action taken.
HKCR\delta.deltaHlpr.1 (PUP.Optional.Delta) -> No action taken.
HKCR\delta.deltaHlpr (PUP.Optional.Delta) -> No action taken.
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Browser Helper Objects\{C1AF5FA5-852C-4C90-812E-A7F75E011D87} (PUP.Optional.Delta) -> No action taken.
HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Ext\Settings\{C1AF5FA5-852C-4C90-812E-A7F75E011D87} (PUP.Optional.Delta) -> No action taken.
HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Ext\Stats\{C1AF5FA5-852C-4C90-812E-A7F75E011D87} (PUP.Optional.Delta) -> No action taken.
HKCR\AppID\{C26644C4-2A12-4CA6-8F2E-0EDE6CF018F3} (PUP.Optional.Delta.A) -> No action taken.
HKCR\AppID\{D616A4A2-7B38-4DBC-9093-6FE7A4A21B17} (PUP.Optional.Wajam.A) -> No action taken.
HKCR\CLSID\{261DD098-8A3E-43D4-87AA-63324FA897D8} (PUP.Optional.Delta) -> No action taken.
HKCR\TypeLib\{39CB8175-E224-4446-8746-00566302DF8D} (PUP.Optional.Delta) -> No action taken.
HKCR\esrv.deltaESrvc.1 (PUP.Optional.Delta) -> No action taken.
HKCR\esrv.deltaESrvc (PUP.Optional.Delta) -> No action taken.
HKCR\CLSID\{82E1477C-B154-48D3-9891-33D83C26BCD3} (PUP.Optional.Delta.A) -> No action taken.
HKCR\delta.deltadskBnd.1 (PUP.Optional.Delta.A) -> No action taken.
HKCR\delta.deltadskBnd (PUP.Optional.Delta.A) -> No action taken.
HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Ext\Settings\{82E1477C-B154-48D3-9891-33D83C26BCD3} (PUP.Optional.Delta.A) -> No action taken.
HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Ext\Stats\{82E1477C-B154-48D3-9891-33D83C26BCD3} (PUP.Optional.Delta.A) -> No action taken.
HKCR\CLSID\{EA582743-9076-4178-9AA6-7393FDF4D5CE} (PUP.Optional.AmazonTB.A) -> No action taken.
HKCR\CLSID\{008f6853-9cb4-41c5-a950-39d55e5e06ba} (PUP.Optional.AmazonTB.A) -> No action taken.
HKCR\TypeLib\{33D0AD98-3347-4A54-8929-5163EBEB9F72} (PUP.Optional.AmazonTB.A) -> No action taken.
HKCR\Interface\{0923E315-2D8B-48CE-A37C-AE9A42F9711C} (PUP.Optional.AmazonTB.A) -> No action taken.
HKCR\AlxTB2.TBLayoutBHO.1 (PUP.Optional.AmazonTB.A) -> No action taken.
HKCR\AlxTB2.TBLayoutBHO (PUP.Optional.AmazonTB.A) -> No action taken.
HKCR\CLSID\{F443A627-5009-4323-9C1D-7FD598D0D712} (PUP.Optional.AmazonTB.A) -> No action taken.
HKCR\AlxTB2.AlxHelper.1 (PUP.Optional.AmazonTB.A) -> No action taken.
HKCR\AlxTB2.AlxHelper (PUP.Optional.AmazonTB.A) -> No action taken.
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Browser Helper Objects\{F443A627-5009-4323-9C1D-7FD598D0D712} (PUP.Optional.AmazonTB.A) -> No action taken.
HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Ext\Settings\{F443A627-5009-4323-9C1D-7FD598D0D712} (PUP.Optional.AmazonTB.A) -> No action taken.
HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Ext\Stats\{F443A627-5009-4323-9C1D-7FD598D0D712} (PUP.Optional.AmazonTB.A) -> No action taken.
HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Ext\Settings\{EA582743-9076-4178-9... Read more
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On Saturday, two days ago, my HP computer told me I needed a bug fix (QFE 975741), which I told it to do.
When it was finished, it gave me the message that the bugfix might not have installed correctly. Did not know if that was meaningless.
Today when I was building Excel 2007 files (files that I have used hundreds of times over more than a year) I found that the files did not recalc unless I saved the files. Recalc did not happen.
I undid the bug fix - using Control Panel | Programs | Programs and Features | Installed Updates | Uninstall an update - and the Excel files still do not recalc.

Am I completely off the mark? What changed that now my files do not recalc?


A:Win 7 software fix followed by Excel files not recalcing

Which office package do you have? 95, 97, 2000, XP, 2003, 2007, 2010B?

I would backup the XLS and uninstall the Office then run Ccleaner to clean out the junk files and the registry on the next reboot. Then install a copy of Office. Don't forget to get the updates. Still what might have happen that one of your Macros you use for Excel go deleted in the bugfix. If you have IT support or someone else there you could copy over the macro over to your system.
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Can anyone please tell me where the autocomplete tab is in Word 2007. And also I'd like to know if there is an autocomplete facility in the message body in Outlook 2007.

A:Office 2007 Autocomplete

This is what i picked from the microsoft website called technet i hope it helps.


What?s removed


Autosummarize command: The AutoSummarize control is removed from the user interface, but can be added to the Quick Access Toolbar from the Customized tab in Word Options. This was a low-use feature.

AutoComplete for AutoText: The AutoComplete tip functionality that displays after typing the first few characters of the AutoText entry has been removed. However, AutoComplete is still available for the current system date, months, and days of the week.


mswrd832.cnv: The new converter provided in has improved functionality.

wrd6er32.cnv: This converter saved Word 97-2003 files as RTF with a .doc extension so the files could be read by Word 95. To create documents that can be read by Word 95, save the documents as RTF files. Download the Office File Converter Pack to enable Word 95 to open these files.

Outdated Korean-specific converters (GSR32.CNV, HANA32.CNV, TGWP32.CNV): These converters supported three word processing programs that are no longer in use.

Personal Address Book (PAB): Users can no longer use a PAB file as a source for mail merge documents. This feature is replaced by Contacts in Outlook. Users should use Contacts instead of PAB files.

Wpequ532.dll: This was used to render equations when WordPerfect 5.0 and 6.0 files were opened in Word. This change increases security by removing legacy code that is no longer used. If needed, Wpequ532.dll is available in the Office File Converter Pack from the Microsoft Download Center
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I am creating Office 2007- Automatic Subtraction Excel Microsoft a worksheet about financial repayments where the repayments are irregular Say for example the total repayment is and I put this in cell D alongside other headers I am putting the repayments in column C so the first entry would be in cell C What I want to know is whether or not there is a very Microsoft Office Excel 2007- Automatic Subtraction I mean VERY Microsoft Office Excel 2007- Automatic Subtraction simple way to format column D so that any entry in cloumn C will be automatically subtracted from the first figure of and subsequent running totals and if so will I also be able to format column D as a figure I know how to do that but not with any other formatting Yes I know I sound very lazy I am but my maths are poor and it will be a long list so if I make just one error it will be a load of hassle I would be obliged for any assistance Thank you nbsp
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Had a virus, got all cleaned up thanks to Broni, in the Virus Forums....

Still having Excel issues...if I try to open an Excel file without Excel already loaded.
Excel opens but requests User account Control Authorization before it will carry on.
Then says: "There was a problem sending the command to the program"...(the location of the file is displayed on the outside frame of this error)...then Excel loads on top of it with no file open.

I did move some files around to tidy things up prior to getting rid of the virus...but...

There are some files that Excel will open once it is loaded....those are displayed in Excel's recent files list....

Not sure if I should try uninstalling and reinstalling, repair fix maybe...??

Suggestions most appreciated.


A:Excel asking for User Account Control authorization

The fastest solution will likely be to uninstall Excel (or the entire Office suite) and then perform a new installation of it. That won't affect any existing documents you've been using but will give you a fresh install of your Office software now Broni has finished with ridding your computer of nasties.
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When I got my HP laptop it had a trial Office 2007 which expired yesterday. I want to purchase Office Standard 2007, which would give me Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint, but do I also have to upgrade my Windows Vista Home Premium to run Office Standard 2007?


A:Do I have to upgrade Windows Vista Home Premium to run Office Standard 2007?

compused said:


When I got my HP laptop it had a trial Office 2007 which expired yesterday. I want to purchase Office Standard 2007, which would give me Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint, but do I also have to upgrade my Windows Vista Home Premium to run Office Standard 2007?

CompusedClick to expand...

No! Just get the Office 2007 and you'll be set..
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I have configured Outlook 2007 with my Yahoo! mail account, but it isn't working. I followed the steps provided by Yahoo! and I can't import my contacts or send email. I tried to send a message and a box came up saying "Enter Network Password" All the information is right and I clicked OK but the box just comes back up. Please help me, I know it's probably some stupid little thing I need to do to fix it, but I don't know what it is.


A:Outlook 2007 and Yahoo! mail

Also, the error message says
Task 'RSS Feeds' reported error (0x84104005) : 'Synchronization to RSS Feed: (TechSpot won't let me post links) has failed. Outlook cannot process the RSS content from (TechSpot wont let me post links). The link may not point to a valid RSS source.'
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I was looking for Office 2007 trial, but I didn't found it. Could someone share link for original Office 2007 trial version, because I need nothing, but 2007 version trial.

A:Microsoft Office 2007 trial

Please share if someone have
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I am running Vista -Bit SP RC and Outlook on a HP Pavillion laptop about months old Almost all of my email Attachment in Email 2007 Outlook Corrupt attachments specifically PDF and JPG files are not able to be opened Regardless of whether I save them and then try to open them or try to open them directly from Outlook I get error messages or a blank white screen in the case of JPGs In the case of PDFs I am getting an error message quot There was an error opening this Corrupt Email Attachment in Outlook 2007 document The file is damaged and could not be repaired quot I have Adobe Reader If I left-click on the attachment in the message window in Outlook it says quot This file cannot be previewed because of an error with the following previewer PDF Preview Handler for Vista To open this file in its own program double-click it quot Any ideas Thank you P S I just tried opening a PowerPoint file using OpenOffice and it said quot General Input Output Error quot nbsp

A:Corrupt Email Attachment in Outlook 2007

Scan for infestations, then consider uninstalling Office and Outlook, and reinstalling them after a reboot and defragmentation.
Either the program that created them is damaged, or some infestation or hardware error is the cause.
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I have a user within AD who is getting a chinese popup error everytime he presses a key in excel for the 1st time or even outlook. However on the 2nd occasion everything is fine and it works well and no error occurs.

I hvave done everything you can think of from a

Full Uninstallation of the app + registry removals of Office 11 and Re-installation

Checking that his AD I.D. has full rights within the Registry

Re-created his profile both Locally and Server Side

Re-installed the keyboard driver under his AD login

Tested using regmon and filemon and seen few failures here and there and got the registry keys elsewhere and imported

All of these still results with the user getting the popup error with Chinese Writing when the 1st key is pressed still

Any of you guys came across this and resolved??

A:Office 2003 Excel Displays Chinese font popup on 1st key entered in cell

Actually, I have heard of this- something in an update caused the problem. There should be a fix:

This was the update:

This is the Caveat: See

For # Microsoft Office 2003 Service Pack 2, when used with:
* Microsoft Office Excel Viewer 2003
* Microsoft Office Excel 2003
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I used my recovery cd's to fix a messed up laptop and when I opened Microsoft Word, I was asked to activate it. I couldn't get the product key, so I tried to install the trial and could hopefully retrieve the product key from a program, but when I typed in the product key, it just installed Microsoft Office Trial again...

Can someone help me retrieve my product key?

A:Microsoft Office 2007

Nevermind, I found my product key
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I have recently reloaded windows In the process the following problem has occurred I download some Spanish study material from the following site jjonz us SpanishDestinos The quot Scramble quot files at the bottom of the page are Excel files If I click on these files the quot open save problem IE7 Excel and cancel quot window opens Then if I click on open I get a window quot verifying blahblah filename xls quot with a running green line through the center like itis trying to load this file to a temp location Then I get a warning msg that windows cannot find blahblah xls in a specified temp location If I open Excel FIRST then click on a link the selected file opens Before reloading windows I could just click on a Excel and IE7 problem file and explorer would open excel and the appropriate file Why won t explorer automatically open excel to read the spreadsheet Sorry if I made this sound confusing Thanks for any help jj nbsp

A:Excel and IE7 problem

Ran a fix on my office installation and problem solved itself/

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I have both Office 2003 and Office 2007 installed. I can use either or with no problems. But if I click on a file it will always open it with Office 2003. I have Office 2007 setup to run in Compatability Mode and always save the files in the .xls format. The only way I can open a file in Office 2007 is to go through the program and not just by double clicking the file. I have tried to change the Open With in the properties of the files but it changes back to Office 2003 after I set it to Office 2007. Any Ideas on how to make it always use Office 2007 as my default.

A:Running Both Office 2003 and Office 2007 help

Right click on the .xls file you want, and choose Open With. Select Excel 2007; then below the box with all the available programs, there should be a check box that says something like "Always use the selected program to open this type of file." Check that box, and it should always open w/Excel 2007.

hope it helps