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Excel 2007 - comparing values in one worksheet to another

Q: Excel 2007 - comparing values in one worksheet to another

Hey guys, I have a spredsheet with 3 seperate worksheets. One has a huge list of properties in a column, and the second worksheet has another huge list of properties in a column. I need to know how to compare column 1 (on worksheet 1) with column 2 (on worksheet 2) and then return values that have close or exact match.


Table 1 Table 2

Sky Hotel Moon Hotel
Golden palace hotel Golden palace hotel
Atrium Hotel Atrium Hotel
Beach Hotel Beach hotel

I need these values to be compared, and ones that match/or do not match to be listed on worksheet 3. E.G


Table 1 Table 2
Golden Palace Golden Palace
Atrium Hotel Atrium Hotel
Beach Hotel Beach Hotel

(notice how sky hotel has not been displayed here)

If Vlookup or something similar is the formulae to use, could you tell me how to use it, as I've tried but to no result.

Thanks guys!

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Preferred Solution: Excel 2007 - comparing values in one worksheet to another

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A: Excel 2007 - comparing values in one worksheet to another

The simple answer is arrange the tables next to each other (1 in column A, 2 in column B), then use:


in column C to return TRUE or FALSE.

However, I suspect it's more complicated than you're suggesting.
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This is the code i got so far it will go though values cells multiple another Checking Excel: to values and worksheet in transferring and pick the users that have the appropriate status quot A quot and paid quot No Excel: Checking values in multiple cells and transferring values to another worksheet quot I need it to then copy those users that are appropriate to the Mail Extract sheet I think i am ment to have a Dim or something in there arn t I The macro is under the Modual Thingy If you can help me please do so PLEASE The data to be copyed is on the Band Members sheet Sub MailExtract I know i need some DIM stuff here too If filtering Sheets quot Band Members quot Select Range quot A quot Select ActiveCell Offset Range quot A quot Select For Each Cell In Range quot Status quot If ActiveCell Text quot A quot And Selection Offset Text quot No quot Then This is where i need the copy code to go I think End If Next Cell Sheets quot Mail Extract quot Select Range quot A quot Select End Sub I need the code to filter though every person and check if the status is A and the Paid is No After the filtering I need every person with an A under Status and No under Paid to be copied to the Mail Extract worksheet I have got all the code to filter though the cells but how do i get this to then copy the appropriate members to the quot Mail Extract sheet There is a code of the file i am working on attached to this post Any help will be great The is for my Tafe course and i am stuck please HELP Thanks Techie nbsp
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This cells to in Excel: transferring values values worksheet and Checking multiple another is the code i got so far it will go though and pick the users that have the appropriate status quot A quot and paid quot No quot I need it to then copy those users that are appropriate to the Mail Extract sheet I think Excel: Checking values in multiple cells and transferring values to another worksheet i am ment to have a Dim or something in there arn t I The macro is under the Modual Thingy If you can help me please do so PLEASE The data to be copyed is on the Band Members sheet Sub MailExtract I know i need some DIM stuff here too If filtering Sheets quot Band Members quot Select Range quot A quot Select ActiveCell Offset Range quot A quot Select For Each Cell In Range quot Status quot If ActiveCell Text quot A quot And Selection Offset Text quot No quot Then This is where i need the copy code to go I think End If Next Cell Sheets quot Mail Extract quot Select Range quot A quot Select End Sub I need the code to filter though every person and check if the status is A and the Paid is No After the filtering I need every person with an A under Status and No under Paid to be copied to the Mail Extract worksheet I have got all the code to filter though the cells but how do i get this to then copy the appropriate members to the quot Mail Extract sheet There is a code of the file i am working on attached to this post Any help will be great The is for my Tafe course and i am stuck please HELP Thanks Techie nbsp

A:Excel: Checking values in multiple cells and transferring values to another worksheet
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Hello all. I have 2 spreadsheets which contain subscription information for 2 different products costing 21.58 and 5.96. I'm trying to merge this information so that if Mr A in spreadsheet 1 is shown as subscribing to Product B and the same person in spreadsheet 2 is shown as subscribing to Product C, an additional column shows in spreadsheet 1 so that it then appears as: Mr A - 21.58 - 5.96

If not, the columns would show Mr A - 21.58 - 0 (or blank) etc

The code for VLOOKUP is straight-forward but only returns the first row. I need it to reference every row and cross-reference the data.

I'm using Windows 7 and Excel 2010. I've attached a small example though the actual spreadsheet has around 3000 rows. I only need to do this once to get a single file up and running.

Any ideas

Many thanks


A:Solved: Comparing multiple values in excel

Sorry all. Now solved using a simple VLOOKUP and defined names with a fill-down. Doh!
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Hi There I have run into an issue with excel that s a little beyond my amateur coding skills I think this can be solved with some simple vbscript or nested excel formula All i need to happen is to compare a list of names and one additional value to another list of names and add the missing value Easier if i give an example of data the columns are as follows Column A Column B Column C Column D Name - values Excel Basic multiple Question Solved: Comparing Value Name Value Bob Test Full Bart Test Bill Test Part Bob Test Ren Test Non Bill Test Bart Test Part Ren Test So in column A and B is the reference data and you see Column C and D is where the data needs to be matched copied to The script formula needs to in this case work its way down column C - look up the matching value in column A and then copy whats in column B next to the matching value to column D Example is with the above data it would first hit in column C - Bart Test - it would then lookup cell A for Bart Test - and copy whats in column B beside it which is quot Part quot to blank cell in column D Then it would move on to Bob Test in column C - it would then lookup cell A for Bob Test - and copy whats in column B beside it which is quot Full quot to blank cell in column D I have a massive list of names that gets Solved: Basic Excel Question - Comparing multiple values emailed to in a jumbled order and may grow in cell numbers as well so i cant count on a simple A to Z sort to help out - with additional information that i need to marry up Solved: Basic Excel Question - Comparing multiple values to my existing Solved: Basic Excel Question - Comparing multiple values data I need an easy way to have it find the same name in my data and copy in the additional information provided Any ideas on a formula or vbscript that could do this - i appreciate it in advance Cheers Phenonm nbsp

A:Solved: Basic Excel Question - Comparing multiple values

This is what I think you need (See attached file) Look at the formulas in column D. The first formula can be copied down that column as many times as you require.

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A pretty inexperienced VBA'er here.

I have 2 named ranges:

- LastStatus = "J8:J500"
- CurrentStatus = "K8:K500"

What I would like to do is create a loop to copy the cells in CurrentStatus over to the LastStatus column if and only if there is a value in CurrentStatus (column K). If there is no value in column K and there is a value in column J, I do not want change the value in column J.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



A:Excel - Conditional Copy / Paste (Same Worksheet) based on cell values

You don't need a loop.

Sub test()
Range("LastStatus").SpecialCells(xlCellTypeBlanks).FormulaR1C1 = "=IF(RC[1]<>"""",RC[1],"""")"
Range("LastStatus").Value = Range("LastStatus").Value
End Sub
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Good day -

I need to compare cells in the same column in a BIG Excel 2007 file. When a change in the values is found, insert a row. Example:


Using this example, a blank row would be added between the last A801 entry and the first 999B entry. And another blank row would be entered between the last 999B entry and the first 80C5 entry. I.e.,




As you can tell from my example, the cells to be compared are alpha/numeric. Ideas?

Thank you in advance. abgbpb

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Hi All,

i want to compare data between two work sheets of one workbook and if data matches then it will be copied to third work sheet automatically. can some body help me.


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Probably a really elementary question, but I seem to have one worksheet which is limited in size so that I am unable to insert additional columns and rows (or delete for that matter). The rest of the workbook is fine. I inherited the workbook so guess some sort of hide or block mechanism was used but as I no longer have access to the original author I am on my own! Any ideas??

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The following simple code closes the the worksheet but it still asks if I want to save it. In the thing I am working on, I don't want to save it, so what can I add to this, because I want the simple macro that closes the application and does not save, as I might also add that to an automatic situation that I use.

Sub CloseWorksheet()


End Sub


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Dear Friends,Am using a timesheet in excel 2007  column , with details like Name , Employee id , designation, Date , time in and time out.Every day time in and time out with date for each person entered in same sheet.By month end , i need to segregate , for each employ based with his i need to know how to copy automatically multiple rows with same name to be copied to new worksheetThanks for your help in AdvanceSoman


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Hi all,

I am experiencing some problems when trying to save an updated excel 2007 worksheet.
This worksheet as well as all other is saved in compatibility mode.

This occurs only with this particular sheet all other are working fine.

It started yesterday after updating the worksheet with new info.
I got the message "Microsoft Excel has encountered a problem and needs to be closed".
"Send error report"etc... I lost 2 hours of work.

I have downloaded the same very sheet from my company's Intranet (uploaded by myself a few days ago), and the error remained.

The weird thing is that this worksheet was working just fine until yesterday and all other excel docs are working just fine.
I have tried in safe mode doesn't work either.

Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.
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When I double click on a worksheet, it opens Excel, but the document is hidden. If I clcik on the taskbar to minimize Excel, and then again to restore, then the worksheet appears.

If I double click on the worksheet that I opened the first place it will tell me it is already open.

I am running XP SP3, and Excel 2007 SP1

Thanks in advance for your help!

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RE: Excel 2007
Worksheet page numbers are no longer at the bottom of the page.
What can I do to view them?

A:Excel 2007, Worksheet Page Numbers Disappeared

Hi there, welcome to the board!

What do you mean "Worksheet page numbers"? Can you describe for us what exactly which you are looking at and what view type you are in?
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Is there a quick way to delete blank rows in an excel worksheet. I am using excel 2007

Dubli, Ireland

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I am having a problem in Excel opening an Excel- created workbook that contains links to other workbooks I have no problem in Excel opening this file with the quot Don t Update quot option - the value of the formula displays even though the other workbooks are not accessible In Excel when opening this file it prompts that the workbook contains links that cannot be updated Selecting the first option of the prompt quot Continue quot retains the workbook references in the cells and displays the quot VALUE quot error message If I click on one of those error cells the smart tag show the message quot A value used in the formula is of the wrong data type quot The cell type is numeric and the cell contents should be numeric The second option when opening is quot Edit Links quot According to Microsoft breaking the link to these other sources should replace the formula 2007 Excel Solved: Problem Worksheet to Link 2003 with the formula value My does not do that Neither option works for me I ve tried adjusting the error checking and update options under quot Excel options quot I ve tried copy amp paste special w values with the referencing cells I ve tried changing the cell format Nothing seems to allow me to open the workbook in Excel and see the values of cell that reference an inaccessible Solved: Excel 2007 Link Problem to 2003 Worksheet workbook nbsp

A:Solved: Excel 2007 Link Problem to 2003 Worksheet

Can you upload a sample spreadsheet?
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Afternoon everyone,

As the title suggests, my copy of Excel 2007 suddenly decided to remove the "Delete" function from the spreadsheet tab menu. I only see "Insert" and "Rename"... It seems that the "Delete" has disappeared, and I don't know how. I never changed any of the settings in Excel, so I honestly can't think of when it might have happened.

Has anyone else ever had this problem?

A:Solved: Delete option gone from Excel 2007 Worksheet tab menu...


I had already tried a repair and the problem still exists. Is there any option that I might have possibly disabled without noticing?
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I have an Excel 2007 worksheet (main worksheet) that has many columns (15) and rows (800). One column has five different sets of initials. I need to some how figure out a way where I can take that one "Initials" column and then extract three others columns data into five new worksheets (one for each set of initials). So that I can seperate each initials data into its own worksheet (for only that specific set of initals).

I also need this to auto populate somehow from the main worksheet. I have spent all day trying to figure out a formula for this and I can't seem to make it work. I have figured out how to filter the data but can't seem to get it to auto populate.

A:Solved: Excel 2007 Question about auto populating from one worksheet to others.
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Before you start, let me say I have checked revious threads and I note that you all askabout Skype click to call, I have checked this macxhine and I do not see it anywhere and the person is not using google chrome, so I am at a loss.

Thing is that when opening an often used spreadsheet and performing an often used act which is to enter a formula for a row and then copy down the column to get the results for the whole spreadsheet, the paste function only results in the value of the first cell copied. It has also not started to paste the formula but display the vlaue of the first cell copied.

I am at a total loss. ALL HELP IS WELCOME

A:Excel 2007 will not past formulas only values?!?!

Try running the Office Diagnostics:

Open Excel
Office button > Excel Options
Click Resources in the narrow panel
Click Diagnose in the main panel.
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Just lately my installation of MS Excel 2007 will only copy the values in the cells thus making it imposible to copy formulas. I have not, to my knowledge, made any changes to the installation. Is there an option that might have been changed by mistake making this the default for copying cells?

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Hi Experts,

I need formula for following data. I have got mass data around 1500 into column J. Please see below categories for which I need formula.

<-0.80 then -10
>-0.20 then -5
<-0.20 then -2
<0.50 then 4
<1 then 6
<1.25 then 8
>1.25 then 10

Please can somebody help me?


Ameya Pranav

A:Excel 2007 Formula for Positive and Negative Values

Hi Ameya and welcome to the TSG Forums,

Try this:

=IF($J1 <= -0.8, -10, IF( $J1<= -0.2, -5, IF( $J1 <= 0, -2, IF( $J1 <= 0.5, 4, IF($J1 <= 1, 6, IF( $J1<= 1.25, 8, 10) ) ) ) ) )
I wasn't too sure about some of your limits so I took a best guess at them. The forumla itself is a series of nested IF's which check the conditions you specified and output the corresponding result.

Hope this helps!
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This is an awfully strange and frustrating one I ve been working on a formula that will compare values between sheets ie if Can't - Values Between 2007 Sheets Solved: Excel Calculate the value in Sheet B match anything in Sheet B B AND the adjacent value in C matches the adjacent value in Sheet column C return TRUE I ve gotten this formula to work in a proof of concept workbook with two sheets and about five columns worth of data It will NOT work in another workbook where I m comparing a -row sheet to a K row sheet It will also not work when I break it down to a K row sheet It IS able to find specific values I can ask it to compare Sheet B to Sheet B for example and it will return TRUE if they match However if I ask it to look through Sheet B B for the same value even though I know it is there on B it returns FALSE Does anyone know why this is happening and if so can they suggest a fix workaround nbsp

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Hello I ve searched and have not been successful to find an answer to my issue I have a workbook with multiple spreadsheets Each spreadsheet has a list of employess with tasks and hours search values spreadsheets add Excel macro, match in 2007 multiple and I need a macro that will search for the employee name and add the hours spent working on a task I also need to search for the different tasks and add the total hours spent on the specific task Workbook Excel 2007 search and match macro, add values in multiple spreadsheets contains multiple tabs Summary week week week etc Each worksheet has three columns and employee name may be in the first column multiple times with different tasks Employee Tasks Hours Jason Dyer dishes Joyce Brown lawn Donald Steiner vacuum Jacqueline Lowe dusting Robert Jones mopping Barbara Fritts trash Lisa Stillman painting Antionette Adkisson repair Billy Barkley errands Ian Grayson sweeping And Excel 2007 search and match macro, add values in multiple spreadsheets the Summary has Employee Total Hours Jason Dyer Joyce Brown Donald Steiner Jacqueline Lowe Robert Jones Barbara Fritts Lisa Stillman Antionette Adkisson Billy Barkley Ian Grayson Task Total Hours dishes lawn vacuum dusting mopping trash painting repair errands sweeping Any help will be appreciated nbsp

A:Excel 2007 search and match macro, add values in multiple spreadsheets
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I need help trying to come up with a formula to calculate the sum of values (row 3), for the previous Friday to Yesterday's date i.e. Wed would sum Friday to Tuesday; Thursday would sum Friday to Wed...and Monday would sum Friday to Sunday.

My example is not posting correctly...but essentially Row 1 has Day headers (Monday, Tuesday, etc.); Row 2 has the actual date that corresponds with day header (3/7/2011, 3/8/2011, etc.); Row 3 has the values that I am wanting to sum according to criteria mentioned above. So for TODAY, 3/9/2011, I would like to sum the values of Friday, 3/4/2011, through Yesterday, Tuesday, 3/8/2011...and so on...
Greatly appreciated!

A:MS Excel 2007: Formula needed for sum of values from Friday to current date
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I need help with a formula. I need the formula to calculate totals from 10 worksheet.

Totals to come from C164 from each sheet to total in the summary worksheet D20. I can't seem to get it past the first worksheet. This is the formula that I have. The work sheet are named xx1-xx10

=Sum(xx1!c164,xx2!c164,xx3!c164,xx4!c164,xx5!c164,xx6!c164,xx7!c164,xx8!c164,xx9!c164,xx10!c164) IIs this possible?
Please and thank you!

A:Excel Formula using multiple worksheet to calculate into a summary worksheet.

Moving thread to the Office Forum for better results
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Hi I have one worksheet with colums and rows I need to create a new dinamic worksheet from the data on the st sheet Columns in the st sheet are Material Plant Quantity ------------------------------------------ AAA AAA AAA BBB BBB I worksheet new a with from Create Excel Macros/Formulas worksheet another know descriptions for the Plants - quot East quot - quot West quot - quot South quot I have to create macros or formulas to build a new worksheet from information on this one It is basically take a Material group by then Plant and sum of Quantity for that specific Material and specific Plant and build Create a new worksheet with Excel Macros/Formulas from another worksheet a column for that specific Plant with provided description So Create a new worksheet with Excel Macros/Formulas from another worksheet if its Plant then column is quot East quot and so on So essentially the new worksheet shooud look like this Quantity for Materials based on Plant Material East West South ----------------------------------------------------------- AAA BBB BBB Can someone give me tips on how to build that new worksheet and how should i build macro Thank you Vadim nbsp
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Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help with conditional formatting across 25 worksheets to capture duplicate values across all worksheets (not within the one worksheet they all need to be linked). I have to insert the serial number of the product in two columns(some valuable product need only one cell to insert the serial number, so i merged the two cells of the two column to get a single cell) and there can never be a duplicate within any of them, across all 25 sheets. I need it for the whole two nearest column(I have merged some of the cells in these columns), I have tried formatting one whole column (which works within that column) and then used paint to format to another worksheet but it did not work? Stuck any advice would be much appreciated.

A:To find the duplicate values across the worksheet

conditional formatting across 25 worksheetsTo use CF across worksheets the easiest way is to use a Named Range.I have to insert the serial number of the product in two columns(some valuable product need only one cell to insert the serial number, so i merged the two cells of the two column to get a single cell) and there can never be a duplicate Using Merged cells can be a cause of problems.I actually think what you need is possibly a VLOOKUP()You enter the serial number, do a VLOOKUP(), it reports back it the number already exists or not.We would need more specific info, IE Column Letters, Row Numbers, offer more help.And of course, there is always using a MACRO to get the data.MIKE
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I have an Access 2003 table (Table1) with four fields:
Amount (number, single format, 3 decimal places)
Add (number, single format, 3 decimal places)
Calc (number, single format, 3 decimal places)
Test (number, single format, 3 decimal places)

There is one record:

The first query updates the "Test" field by [Amount]*[Add] with the result that the test field now contains the value 40.84

Then I run a query to find records where [Test]<>[Calc] and it returns the record even though the values in the two fields are equal.

Help! Please???

A:Solved: problem with access 2003 calculation comparing values

What does the record say when you run the 2nd query?

When I run the second query, I get a 0 for the first record (using the info you listed). I added in a few records of my own and got -1. If I'm not mistaken the 0 means False/No and the -1 means True/Yes. So the 0 means that no records match [Test]<>[Calc] and the -1 means that records match [Test]<>[Calc].

Either way please explain more so I can get a better handle on what you are looking for.

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Is there a way to set the value of a cell to the name of that particular worksheet with a function???

sorry about the consecutive posts, i'm working on a project for work.

thanks for any help!

A:setting cell values to worksheet names


Try using the function =cell("filename") in any cell. It will return the complete path including the tab name of the spreadsheet.

I found this by going to help and looking up information functions.

Hope this helps.

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Hello Everyone This is kind of long but I didn t know how else to explain everything There are two parts to my question below I have a spreadsheet with roughly columns An Example of some of the columns would be Code B Client Name E Travel F Backup G PC Install H Data Recovery X Total AE Summary B Tony Smith E F G H X AE See Below B Tom Daniel E F G H X AE See Below B Rene Little E F G H X AE See Below Currently this spreadsheet is being analyzed to be used to track field technician jobs and figure everything out for accounting I have been asked to please make a cell with a list of the information above so that accounting can just copy and paste from that cell into quickbooks in order to send these people out a receipt instead of having to cells on Checking values 1 transferring multiple values and to cell Excel: retype everything into quickbooks This list has to be based upon whether or not there is a value greater than within that cell then it Excel: Checking values on multiple cells and transferring values to 1 cell will grab both the heading cell in the first row and the value of that cell it Excel: Checking values on multiple cells and transferring values to 1 cell was checking and place it as a line item in another cell I know how to do half of what they are asking and if I was dealing with column I can do the other half I know how to list items in cell using the char function within the cell I don t know how to check multiple cells at once to see if there is a value greater than and then if there is to take the cell text with a and then the value of the cell I am checking into another cell as a line item Some examples Excel: Checking values on multiple cells and transferring values to 1 cell would be the following From the chart above Let s take row Code B Tony Smith E F G H X AE See Below st the code would look at B and see that there was a value and print that to AE amp char amp Tony Smith Next the code would look at E and see that there was a value greater than and then print E with a colon quot quot and E to AE amp char amp Tony Smith Travel Next the code would look at F and see that there is not a value greater than and skip it and go onto G It would see that G has a value greater than and then print G with a colon quot quot and G to AE amp char amp Tony Smith Travel PC Install It will go through and look at every cell in that row and perform that same function for all of them Currently cells E Z until AE looks like Tony Smith Travel PC Install Total Thanks for any help If I missed anything let me know Wayne nbsp

A:Excel: Checking values on multiple cells and transferring values to 1 cell
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In sheet 1 Column A has current values, Column B has the new value for each entry.

Column A Column B
Old value New Value

Document 1 SOP-001
Document 2 SOP-002
Document 3 SOP-003

In sheet 3 has a list of entries
Column A

Document 1
Document 3
Document 3
Document 2
Document 1

What formula can I use to automatically replace the value SHEET3:ColumnA with the appropriate value from SHEET1:column B? The lists are quite long. Resulting in a list on sheet 3 that looks like this:

A:Solved: Excel-Substitute values from a list of new values

Hi bongiojf, welcome to TSG.

You can do this with a vlookup formula, assuming that the old values are in the leftmost column and that they are sorted alphabetically.

On sheet 3, in column B (or any blank column) use this formula for the first cell and then copy it down the rest of the column:


Change the range $A$1:$B$3 to be the range of data you have on Sheet 1. The number 2 at the end of the formula indicates that the new values are in the second column from the left. If they are not, change the number accordingly. For example, if they are in column D, the value would be 4.

Once you have the new data in your blank column, you can copy the column and paste special/values over the existing data on sheet 3.

Hope that helps.
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I have a sheet with of Newly Take On Values Characteristics Format Excel Cell 2007 Cell Applied Won't simple columns Date and Price I have imported the dates and the prices by copy pasting from the search results given to me by a niche database program I use When the Excel 2007 Cell Values Won't Take On Characteristics of Newly Applied Cell Format cells paste in they all have the format quot General quot When I try to format the quot date quot column into dates it does change the format as far as the cell is concerned but the content of the cell doesn t adapt to the new format For example I have the date as and when I change it to a date format of MMM D YYYY the content should change to March but it doesn t It is as if all the cells are forced to stay as text regardless of what the formatting is that I m applying Same problem with the price column if I change the format to include decimal points that format does apply to the cells but the content of each cell remains without a decimal or anything following as if the content is just text I have like rows in each column and plan to do this analysis of the database s results frequently so I m hoping the answer isn t just to retype the data There s got to be a way to copy paste or export or something Maybe I could copy paste into notepad first to scrub out any formatting or locking from the niche database program nbsp

A:Excel 2007 Cell Values Won't Take On Characteristics of Newly Applied Cell Format

Good news: Made some progress. In thinking that maybe each value had the textual single-quote forcing it to act like text, or maybe if I find/repaced all the dollar signs and commas that had been imported, I accidentally discovered that each and every value in my imported columns has a following space!

Bad news: Seems like Excel has a bug that thinks that if I say "Find=[singleSpace]" "Replace=[null]", then I should be given an error saying "Excel cannot find any data to replace". I think I'm doing the find/replace correctly because it worked on the dollar signs and commas.

Anybody know a workaround for the bug?
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I am hoping that someone can help me with what may be a complex question I have a spreadsheet similar Microsoft Solved: Values On Excel 2007 Spots Cell "Hot" Creating And "Cold" In Based to the demonstration file I have attached In it there are a range of columns One set of columns A - Solved: Creating Cell "Cold" And "Hot" Spots Based On Values In Microsoft Excel 2007 D shows a list of numbers that are references to items in a store and it also shows their location in the store so it acts as a floor-plan The next column E lists those items again to show the dollar amount that those items have produced in total sales F So what I d like to do is to add a conditional formatting to show me the quot cold quot and quot hot quot spots on the floor-plan so I can see where sales are most concentrated I would assume that this would be done with a colour scale using the range of values in column F to work itself out Either way the figures in column F would change Solved: Creating Cell "Cold" And "Hot" Spots Based On Values In Microsoft Excel 2007 weekly so the relevant cells in columns A - D would need to automatically change when Solved: Creating Cell "Cold" And "Hot" Spots Based On Values In Microsoft Excel 2007 they re matching cells in column E - F change I hope this makes sense as it s difficult to explain but any help that someone could provide would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Solved: Creating Cell "Cold" And "Hot" Spots Based On Values In Microsoft Excel 2007
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I am looking to create some code to move a sheet from one file to a new excel file. SO the code needs to open a new excel workbook and place the required sheet in the resultant new file.

I have managed to do this with an existing file "Moved Pivot" per the code below. This is ok but other people will be using my sheet so the location needs to be chosen by them. A new file seems to be the only solution?

Workbooks.Open Filename:="C:\desktop\Optegra Installer\Moved Pivot.xls"

Dim oTargetSheet As Worksheet
Set oTargetSheet = Workbooks("Moved Pivot.xls").Worksheets(1)
Call ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("PIVOT_TB").Copy(oTargetSheet)
Set oTargetSheet = Nothing

Any help much appreciated. Thanks


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I have 2 price lists from different years. I have copied and pasted the p/n's and costs from both so there is 1 spreadsheet with 4 columns a,b,c,d. Columns A and C are both p/n's from their respected years and columns b and d are costs for each of those years. I Would like to take these 4 columns and create 3. I want 1 column with all the p/ns so I would need to match and remove duplicates and then I would like to keep both of the b and d columns but have them match up properly to column a once a and c and joined and duplicates removed.

Is this possible, sorry if this is just jumbled together.

Relevancy 61.92%

I ve tried searching in this forum but I either didn t find any or I m using the wrong keywords What I m trying to do is 2007 Dates from Tables Comparing Access different get Access 2007 Comparing Dates from different Tables information from Table with information from Table but the criteria is that they if the e g names match change the address in Table only if the date in table is more current than the date in table As far as I can tell from the help files they only provide comparisons between a given date DD MM YYYY which means I can extract thru a query dates before after between a given date E g Dashes just makes the table easier to read Table Name Address Date Aa-- ---- - - Ab-- ---- - - Table Name Address Date Aa-- ---- - - Ab-- ---- - - Query -- gt Table Name Address Date Aa-- ---- - - This Big database contains over mil and the dates range from to end of And I have about smaller databases to compare and update with If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be very much appreciated nbsp

Relevancy 61.49%


This may be a very elementary question. I am not a super sophisticated excel user, but was wondering if there is a way in Excel to compare the formulas (instead of the results) across several worksheets in a workbook. For example, I need to know if the formula in cell A1 on every worksheet is the same.

Optimally, if one does not equal the test formula, I would like to have the tab name returned.

Thanks in advance,

Relevancy 61.49%

Hi, I have 2 lists of numbers in excel, both lists are about 40000 long each. I need to see how many records match and see what ones are unmatched?

Does anyone know of an easy way to do this? Have tried 'IF' but could only make it check individual cells rather than the whole list?


A:Comparing lists in excel?

I think you might find Steps: 4 & 5 useful in the following article - Use Excel to compare two lists of data - Excel - Microsoft Office
Relevancy 61.49%

Hi Guys,

I have an Excel 2007 Workbook with two Sheets.

Sheet1 is Info pulled from a SQL DB Table. It shows Residential and Postal codes for suburbs. Both residential and postal codes appear in one column.

Sheet2 is info pulled from the Post Office Website. It shows Residential and postal codes. However, it displays them in two seperate columns.

Therefore, Sheet1
Suburb City code
---------- ------ -------

Sheet2 :
Suburb City Residentialcode postal
---------- ----- ----------------------- ---------
I need to compare these data as the data from the SQL DB(Sheet1) may be outdated. Sheet2 is from the post office as

Is there anyway to compare them?

Relevancy 61.06%

I'm using Excel 2007, Windows vista. I need to compare actual costs (sheet 1) and estimated costs (sheet 2) to get the cost variance (sheet three) I'm getting really wacked out numbers using consolidation, but I have no idea what I'm doing

A:excel - comparing two worksheets to get data for a third

May I assume that the rows in Sheet1 and Sheet2 are not the same?
There must bbe a common denominator against which you want / can compare the costs?
A simple sample would help give the picture of the actual situation.
Relevancy 61.06%


I have the following challenge: I need to compare two excel files and check if certain identification numbers of participants in the one file are also present in the second file. The first file contains the identification numbers of the people who were invited to complete a questionnaire (SampleMapLookUp) and the second file contains the data of the questionnaires that were sent back (SampleFileBase). Is there a way to automate this process? In annex two sample files: SampleMapLookUp is the file with the numbers (name of the column is "ID_IND") that I want to check in the second file: SampleMapBase (name of the column here is "his_1").
I don't know if it was necessary but for testing sake I marked the numbers that should be found in yellow in the SampleMapBase. The resulting file should ideally have the lay-out and content of SampleMapLookUp.

Thanks for any advice,


Relevancy 61.06%

How do you compare 2 Excel workbooks,not sheets, at the same order to compare side by side the data contained in each..

Thank you for your guidance


A:Viewing/Comparing 2 Excel workbooks

Open both documents in the same instance of Excel and then click Window/compare side by side.
Relevancy 61.06%

I want to compare two cells in excel. Each cell is multi-valued. i want to compare both cells and place common number and uncommon number in two different cells.
Col A Col B Col C Col D
1,2,5,7 4,5,7,2
2,3,1,8 3,5,9,1
3,5,9,6 4,9,8,6

So i want to compare each cell in A & B and put common numbers in C and different numbers in D.
Can i do it with formula? bcz i have a very large list..
please help me.

A:comparing multivalued excel cells

Welcome to TSG!

I'd click on "Report" below your first post here and request thread moved to "Business Applications" forum.
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I need to compare 2 different Excel spreadsheets (each spreadsheet has at least one column of data which is the same) When I get a match I want to be able to then say if a match occurs then show the data from another cell. The main priority is how to compare the 2 spreadsheets. I think it is something to do with VLOOKUP but I am a complete novice so please help if you can.

A:Excel - comparing 2 separate worksheets

It's easy to do if the rows and column numbers are the same but once they are throughout the column with the same vale it gets weird. Try a pivot table to do it. I think you are getting into the realm of a database with what you are trying to do. Try a simple databse and import you data into different tables for each spreadsheet and run a query on the two fields that contain the same data.
Relevancy 61.06%

Hi I am using a code to compare two spreadsheet One of the function is to copy the modified records in a different worksheet highlighting changes element in red The script works but ONLY when Excel VBA spreadsheet comparing Solved: the cell is modified to quot blank quot no value I get coloured in red the upper cell instead of the correct one Here the script any help Sub GDV Dim WsA As Worksheet WsB As Worksheet WsC As Worksheet WsD As Worksheet WsE As Worksheet Dim rFind As Range c As Range Dim I As Integer ColCnt As Integer Set WsA Worksheets quot OldExport quot Set WsB Worksheets quot NewExport quot Set Solved: Excel VBA comparing spreadsheet WsC Worksheets quot Changes quot Set WsD Worksheets quot PosDeleted quot Set WsE Worksheets quot PosAdded quot ColCnt WsA Cells Columns Count End xlToLeft Column With CreateObject quot Scripting Dictionary quot For Each c In WsA Range quot A quot WsA Range quot A quot amp Rows Count End xlUp If Not exists c Value Then Add c Value False Set rFind WsB Columns Find What c Value LookIn xlValues If Not rFind Is Nothing Then For I To ColCnt If Not c Offset I - WsB Cells rFind Row I Then If Item c Value False Then rFind Resize ColCnt Copy WsC Range quot A quot amp Rows Count End xlUp Offset Item c Value True End If WsC Cells Rows Count I End xlUp Interior ColorIndex End If Next I Else MsgBox c Value amp quot PosID has been canceled quot c Resize ColCnt Copy WsD Range quot A quot amp Rows Count End xlUp Offset End If End If Next c For Each c In WsB Range quot A quot WsB Range quot A quot amp Rows Count End xlUp If Not exists c Value Then MsgBox c Value amp quot PosID has been added quot c Resize ColCnt Copy WsE Range quot A quot amp Rows Count End xlUp Offset End If Next c End With End SubClick to expand nbsp

A:Solved: Excel VBA comparing spreadsheet

to who may be interested
I found a solution (workaround) here:
Relevancy 61.06%


I have a list of customer IDs in two columns. I want to generate the customer IDs which are missing in either of the two columns in a third column. What formula can be applied here?

Thanks in advance

Relevancy 61.06%

I have a spreadsheet that I wish to compare 2 columns and bring the information from the 3rd. For example, if A6 is equal to an item in G1:G98, then the number in B6 should equal the corresponding number in H1:h98. The formula I used is =VLOOKUP(A8,$G$1:$H$98,2,FALSE) It works great except the problem I have is sometimes there is no corresponding value in G1:G98. In that case I would like it to enter the number 0.

A:Solved: Excel comparing 2 columns

Hi Bsoda,


(looking at what I just posted, its displaying an extra space in the final FALSE, but its not there when I go to Edit it!!)
Relevancy 61.06%


I am new to macros. I want to compare two excel spreadsheets. Specifically, Book1 is the source file with upto 4 columns populated. Book2 has only one column populated with data that might be contained in any of the 4 columns of Book1. What I am looking for this, a macro to compare each cell of Book2 with the contents of Book1 and if there is a match, to highlight the particular cell in Book1 and in Book2.

I would appreciate any help.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Relevancy 60.2%

I need to take information from a separate excel workbook and add it to the information being output to the four note pad documents The code I have right now is Private Sub BigButtonOfDoing for comparing footer header excel in Importing and and Click Dim target As Worksheet For Each target In Worksheets SheetStorage target Next End Sub Public Sub SheetStorage target As Worksheet Dim iFileForSheet As Integer LR As Long i As Long Dim strFile As String Dim strRec As String Dim qoutes As String Dim comma As String strFile quot C Documents and Settings nicolas amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp DDLGanerator output quot amp target Range quot J quot Value amp quot txt quot LR target Range quot C quot amp Rows Count End xlUp Row iFileForSheet FreeFile Open strFile For Output As iFileForSheet For i To LR Print iFileForSheet target Range quot C quot amp i Value Spc target Range quot D quot amp i Value Spc target Range quot G quot amp i Value Spc target Range quot J quot amp Importing and comparing for header and footer in excel i Value Next i Close iFileForSheet End Sub There is the name of the document in cell j The information shown below is from a separate workbook that needs to be opened compared against then read in as the table name as the header and the tablespace initial and next as the footer TableName TableSpace Initial Next PS NFS JK MAIN NFSPRJ M M PS NFS JK HITO NFSPRJ K K PS NFS JK TAIJIN NFSPRJ M M PS NFS HOSPITAL MS NFSPRJ K K PS NFS JK TAIBUTSU NFSPRJ K K PS NFS JK SHARYO NFSPRJ K K PS NFS IMAGE PATH NFSPRJ K K amp amp amp amp amp amp amp amp tablename is the same as in cell j in the main workbook all the information shown here needs to be displayed like so CREATE TABLE PS NFS HOSPITAL MS quot information already inputted by above code quot TABLESPACE NFSPRJ STORAGE INITIAL K NEXT K thanks nbsp
Relevancy 60.2%


First, thank you all for you time and knowledge in advance.

Here's my situation. I'm working with file that is sent to me with populated information, in this example Col A
What I would like to do is enter information in Col B and then do a comparison of both A and B, letting me know if something in Col B is not in Col A and also is something in Col A not in Col B.

I need to know if what was sent to my in the spread sheet match what I physically inventoried.

I have provided an example.

Hopefully I did not over complicate my request.

Thank you,


A:Solved: comparing data in two columns in Excel

does this help

or this may ble closer to what you need
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hi guys, I have different data sets from two different software programs these two programs share data.these are bookkeeping entries. debet creditbank 100bank1 200.18soft 100soft 200.18the first data set consist of the last two entries of soft but then like a a lot of entries of soft. the second data set consist als of soft debet creditsoft 300.18person1 100person2 200.18i have to match soft of the first data set that consist of soft 200.18 and 100 with the second data set dat consist of the same soft but the sum of the individuals soft.can sombody give me an idea on how to look at these problems in excel.

A:excel challenge comparing two data sets

We probably have a language issue here, so it may a few tries before we can offer a solution. At this point I am totally confused by your request. Perhaps you could post some more examples of your input along with the desired output. We want to help, really we do!Please click on the following line and read the instructions on how to post example data in this forum. Thanks!Click Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.
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I am having two column with current month profit & last month profit respectively Column A & Column B. I would like to compare both column & set the ICON (down Arrow & up Arrow ) based on result if A1 value greater than B1 set upper arrow else down arrow

A:How to set ICON in Excel by comparing data in 2 Columns

You didn't say where you wanted the arrows to appear, so I'll use C1 for this explanation.1 - In C1, enter this formula: =IF(A1>B1,2,IF(A1=B1,1,0))2 - Under the Conditional Formatting drop down, choose Icon Sets and then choose the Up arrow.3 - Go back into Conditional Formatting and choose Manage Rules4 - Edit the Rule for C1 as follows:----- Click the Show Icon Only box to place checkmark in box----- Change Type to be Number in both dropdowns----- Up Arrow: when value is >=2----- Sideways Arrow: when <2 and >0----- Down Arrow: when <=0 (should be default)5 - Click OKLet me know how that works for you.Click Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.
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I have a large Excel Spreadsheet that lists equipment (unit#, make, model, serial-no, branch location (1 to 5), status of equipment codes (0=avail, 1=on rent, 2=sold, 3=used for rent, 4=repair, 5=to be scrapped) and my assignment is to summarize how may pieces of equipment are in each of these categories at each location. Would I use a "countif" or a "vlookup" formula? I am using Excel 97.

Thank you

A:Excel Worksheet

None of them! I think you should use sumif or even sumproduct!
But also it can be done even easier using pivot tables!

If you wanna us assist you with that post a sample with some dummy date, bu with the real structure of the worksheet!
Relevancy 60.2%

I have a folder with .csv and .txt files in it that I get every month from clients. 1. I need to get them into one Excel spreadsheet to do analysis with the information. I know I need to create a macro or a series of macros to be able to do this, but I really don't know how to begin. The information consists of three parts, I ultimately would like the macro to be able to seperate these individual parts and drop it on a seperate sheet within this workbook.... OR 2. I would like to be able to eliminate this first step and create an append query in Access to import the information into a table.

I ultimately need to have the information in Access and would much rather be able to do the entire process from an append query in Access.
thanks again.

Relevancy 60.2%

I was told if changes are save on current excel worksheet that you can recover the original worksheet or that it no longer exist on the hard drive is this true?

I need to find old worksheets. I created a worksheet to keep track of proceeds and updated it almost daily for 9 months. Is it possible for all of these worksheet to still exist on the hard drive?

Sorry with my pea brain I don't even know if this is a dumb question.

Thanks in advance,


A:Excel Worksheet

To the best of my knowledge, unless you saved each worksheet separately before making changes to it and then saved THAT worksheet, then you have overwritten the same file with new data. There would be no different files to retrieve practically.
Relevancy 59.77%

I am trying to find the minimum number out of a set that has a certain label entered beside it. For example:
Number of OrdersCompany
993 BananaCorp
1200 ZoomZoom
500 Banana Corp
43664 Omletted Way
545 Tomato Inc

I want to find the least amount of orders taken from BananaCorp


A:Excel - Finding the minimum number while comparing two columns

You have two columns, Orders , Company

Orders Company
500 Banana Corp
993 Banana Corp
43664 Omletted Way
545 Tomato Inc
1200 ZoomZoom

SOrt on Company as a first key and Order as a 2nd Key.
for a visible max order per company.
It's a beginning.
Relevancy 59.77%

Hi Hopefully one of you delightful people can help Comparing/Matching Excel & worksheets more in across Solved: data me with a small problem I m having pulling together data from multiple reports I have manually combined separate reports Solved: Comparing/Matching data across in Excel worksheets & more into workbook with worksheets for each report Each row represents a separate job The st worksheet is an export from our own Access database the others come from external reports Whilst each report worksheet contains different sets of data column in each worksheet contains amp CSR amp or amp Site ID amp numbers These numbers can be used to match the jobs - however a not every worksheet has every number b some numbers may appear more than once on the same worksheet these are essentially returns to the same job The st Solved: Comparing/Matching data across in Excel worksheets & more worksheet also has a column with OPID numbers Column A these are unique numbers that we have paired to a CSR or Site ID number I want to compare the numbers in the CSR column of the st worksheet Column B of Sheet with the CSR columns in the other worksheets and where there is a match copy add the corresponding OPID number to a blank column in each worksheet What would be the best way to do this Thanks in advance for any help and advice offered nbsp

Relevancy 59.34%

Can not remove Worksheet menu bar from Excel 2002

Relevancy 59.34%

Hi All

I am trying to create a grading template on Excel. I have included hyperlinks, dropdown boxes and comments with no problem, but what I am trying to do is this.

I have the first 10 rows for static information - they don't change. I want to be able to change to next 10 rows without affecting the rows above. I want to be able to change column width, for example, without affecting what I have written above. Any ideas?

PS: If you know any sites that have intermediate tutors for excel, I'd love to know their addresses - especially any for info on creating grading templates.

Relevancy 59.34%

I know this may be an obvious question, but I have a number of Worksheets in my Excel Workbook.

How do I send just a single Worksheet via e-mail?

A:Sending Excel Worksheet

It's not obvious at all. Questions:

1. Always emailing to the same person?
2. Email as an attachment? Or as part of the message body in Outlook?
3. Want a button on the worksheet?

You can check here:
Relevancy 59.34%

I worksheet Cannot save Excel have a file in Excel I recently added information to the file but when I tried to save it a message said I Cannot save Excel worksheet cannot save it because it is a read only file I check the Help information and it showed how to change the properties but when I tried that and went to remove the check mark from the read only box there was no check mark in the read only box No matter what I tried I could not get the file to save the changes I made Then it said to save with a different name but when I tried that it said I couldn t because the file was read only I have run into a brick wall Does anyone have an answer for this Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home bit Processor AMD Athlon tm II X Processor AMD Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card AMD Radeon HD Series Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Gigabyte Technology Co Ltd GA-MA GM-S Antivirus Windows Defender Disabled nbsp

A:Cannot save Excel worksheet

try saving with a different name
and closing the spreadsheet
Now using file explorer , goto the original file and rename that to somethink like OLD
now you should be able to rename the new file, back to its original name

have you emailed or shared the file at all
Anyone else on the PC - different user - open it
Does it contain any Macros at all?

I find this problem , when using dropbox or onedrive to save a copy into
often I have to save a copy , as dropbox/onedrive will be syncing the old file and locked it out
Relevancy 59.34%

Hi ,

I had an excel sheet having 26 worksheet of 6mb size and that too file is sharing, now the actual problem is whenever i save a file or save as, without doing anything in the file one of the sheet randomly get disappeared, sometime the file size get decrease without doing anything.

Does any one have face any such problem, because what i think that there is no limit on file size and number of worksheet.

Ashish Sharma
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I have a code that runs when an Excel workbook is opened. The code runs on all the worksheets within the workbook. When the code stops running the worksheet selected is always the last worksheet. There are 12 worksheets (named by each month).

How can I get the code to select the current month worksheet when the code reaches the end?

Relevancy 59.34%

I have a document that is read only suggested...not password protected. I have been adding worksheets as necessary. I only have 6 worksheets at this time. Today when I tried to add a worksheet the worksheet option is inactive.

Any ideas?

Thanks so very much!
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Could someone please tell me the shortcut to enlarge the worksheet in Excel.


A:Enlarging Excel Worksheet

Timeferret, depends what you mean by "enlarge".

From the Help file:

"If you use the Microsoft IntelliMouse pointing device to zoom more often than you use it to scroll on a sheet, you can set the wheel button to zoom instead of scroll. On the Tools menu, click Options, click the General tab, and then select the Zoom on roll with IntelliMouse check box."

This works with my non-M$ mouses too.

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Hi, I am new to Excel and I just need help with linking to another worksheet. So if the user clicks on a cell, they will be taken to another worksheet with more detailed information. I realize this is very basic to most people but, as I said, I am new to Excel and I could not find information on this in the help files. Thanks for your help.

A:Excel - need help linking to another worksheet

ac11 said:

Hi, I am new to Excel and I just need help with linking to another worksheet. So if the user clicks on a cell, they will be taken to another worksheet with more detailed information. I realize this is very basic to most people but, as I said, I am new to Excel and I could not find information on this in the help files. Thanks for your help.Click to expand...

See the Help file for Hyperlinking
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I am trying to build a shop schedule to keep track of work being performed in 14 different bays. I have started the work sheet but run into difficulties with keeping the customer names below each other in the next cell. I end up with gaps in the work sheet where the formula does not find a value. Can someone assist me with completeing this worksheet? Please have a look.

Relevancy 59.34%

I have a question on adding a hyperlink from my intranet website to an excel worksheet:
The actual complete workbook is located on a LAN folder on our computer system... I want them to be directed to a specific worksheet w/in a workbook in excel. Is there a way to do this? Thanks so much!

A:hyperlink to an excel worksheet

I think all you need to do is something like this:

"C:\\My Documents\\MyExcelFile.xls#MySheet!A1"

If your sheet name contains a space, then you need to enclose it in single quote marks, like this:

"C:\\My Documents\\MyExcelFile.xls#'My Sheet'!A1"

Relevancy 59.34%

writing a program in Excel... would like to have a "information page" where user info is collected then used to name tabs of worksheets in the program...
anyone have a solution?

A:Macro to name worksheet Tab in Excel?
Relevancy 59.34%

Windows 7
Office 2007
Computer is approx 1.5 years old as well as the printer also.
Ram is a train load (gigs)

Having trouble with my Excel spreadsheets printing.
In any given Workbook, some worksheets print, some won't.
The ones that won't, I get a dialog box stating a few things, eg, not enough memory, drivers, etc., generally a generic dialog.
I have checked these avenues out, update Windows daily, as well as uninstalled my printer (HP C309a), reinstalled printer, I've had a computer technician out here a couple of times and he's done the same things I have done, but to no avail.
It may print, it may not. Depending on mood swing I guess.
Any suggestions?????????
Please help,
Thank you.
Relevancy 59.34%

A couple of months ago my Excel worksheets became immobile - unable to be reduced in size or repositioned on my monitor. The minus button works, and the X button works, but the middle button works the same as the minus button. As a result, I see the sheet covering the entire screen or not at all. When I try to Restore from the bottom bar I only get the maximum screen again. The individual windows within the overall workbook can be repositioned within the maximum screen. I am using XP Home and Office 97 on a Toshiba Satellite Laptop, with a 19" CTX auxiliary monitor. Unable to find out what I did to cause this, or to find any help. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. IREBob

Relevancy 59.34%

Is there a way to remove or dim(so they can't be accessed) the functions on the worksheet menu bar, i know i can go into tools>customise and turn it off but i would like to do this using vba for a particular workbook/worksheets so that when the workbook is closed the menu bar returns, i think you can cover the worksheet menu bar with a custom menu bar but i am not sure how to do this either.

any help please

A:Excel worksheet menu bar

Yes, you should check the link I sent you (Pearson) you have to look a bit but there are many options like disactivation copy and paste, delete sheets, you name it.
It will take some thinking and doing but it's all there
Relevancy 59.34%

I have checked the threads and can't quite find an answer.

I have a spreadsheet with multiple worksheets (16), but one, lets call it worksheet 4, is very slow to be selected. The workbook itself opens quickly, and all the other worksheets select quickly enough.

This particular worksheet, when selected, displays whatever worksheet info I was on before, I get the old egg timer, and often get that the sheet is not responding. As long as I sit there long enough, it eventually displays. The formulas & formatting on this sheet are the same as on 8 or 9 of the others, and I am not having this problem with any other worksheets.

It isn't a small sheet - 2.7MB, and it is formula heavy.

Operating on Windows 7, running Excel 2007

Any ideas? I have checked for objects and hidden code and can't find anyhting.

A:Slow Excel Worksheet

What type of formulas do you have on that particular sheet? Are they referring to other cells on the same sheet, to cells on another sheet, to cells in another workbook...?
Even if it wasn't confidential (which I suspect it is) your workbook would be too large to upload, possibly even if you zipped it.
But unless we can compare the bad sheet with one that behaves normally or have a lot more info, I can't think of a lot to suggest.
Relevancy 59.34%


I am sure this is going to be something simple?
When entering a number in a cell (i.e mobile) and clicking away from the cell
the zero is not saving? i.e 7766.
I did go into the format options and play about with the numbering and general options but was unable to solve?

A:Zero not saving in Excel worksheet?

First select the column and format as text.
Or enter with an apostrophe in front of the value.
Or you could format, for instance, a 7-digit number with a custom format of 0000000
Relevancy 59.34%

Is there a way of only displaying the columns which I am working with, on my Worksheet.

I am only using the columns A-K, but if I use the horizontal scroll button at the bottom of the screen I keep scrolling to unused columns to the right.

Relevancy 58.91%

I'm trying to create a spreadsheet that will inform me about whether students have correctly entered formulas in another worksheet, or if they've simply put in the resulting number. I need to create an if statement that would test whether the formula is entered in the cell correctly, not whether the result of the formula equals a particular number. Don't see any way of doing this. Any help would be appreciated.

Relevancy 58.91%

I am using Excel with two worksheets On one worksheet I have a query pulling info from an Access database query On the other worksheet I have a report that uses formulas and the information pulled However say the query fills up rows - and after updating the query it fills rows - the report worksheet does not look to the cells refernced in the formulas it seems to look for the information within the cell it had before the update It ignores any new data that has been added to the bottom and gives different pulling not data Excel worksheet from ref errors for any new data rows within the original - rows The absolute and relative cell reference does not seem to make a difference What is up with this I was thinking maybe making the pulled infomation a linked object but I can t paste the querry as a link I am not even sure that would make a difference if it is an issue between the Excel not pulling data from different worksheet two worksheets rather than between excel and access nbsp
Relevancy 58.91%

I'm using Excel 97 under Windows 98 and I'd
like to ask if anyone can tell me how I can re-set
the default page size. The margins are pre-set,
I'd like to make re-set them all to 0.5 and it is
time-consuming to keep doing this manually
each time.

Many thanks

Relevancy 58.91%

Can anyone tell me how to navigate between workseet tabs
in MS Excel without using the mouse(shortcut keys)?


A:Excel: How to Navigate Worksheet Tabs

Hi Bugos
Welcome to TSG

Hold down the Ctrl key and hit the Page Down key to move left and Page Up key to move right.
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can anyone help ? I have searched but can not find a solution to the following problem :

when I open an excel worksheet from within windows explorer and then double click another worksheet to open it as well, the second worksheet always opens in a new instance of excel. Can anyone tell me what I need to change to stop this. I want all the worksheets to open in the same window so I can just select the required open worksheet from the "window" menu in excel.


Relevancy 58.91%

Hi, I'm really hoping someone can help with this problem- I've Googled it non-stop. I have an excel sheet where I would like a row to be copied from the 'open cases' worksheet into the 'closed' worksheet when the value 'closed' entered in column K. I have the following macro:Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Dim C As Range If Intersect(Target, Me.Range("K:K")) Is Nothing Then Exit Sub For Each C In Intersect(Target, Me.Range("K:K")).Cells If C.Text = "Closed" Then Dim otherSheet As WorksheetSet otherSheet = Sheets("Closed")C.EntireRow.Cut Worksheets("Closed").Cells(Rows.Count, "D").End(xlUp).Offset(1).EntireRow End If Next End SubThis pastes the row but deletes any information which was is in the 'Closed' worksheet. Any help would be brilliant. Thank you,

A:How to use to macro insert row into new worksheet in Excel.

My knowledge of VBA is just above nil, but wouldn't it better to Copy then Cut?You might try changing the line that reads:C.EntireRow.Cut Worksheets("Closed").Cells(Rows.Count, To something like:C.EntireRow.Copy Worksheets("Closed").Cells(Rows.Count, See if that works for you.MIKE
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I am having a problem with my macro code First i will worksheet Solved: Excel macro describe what i am doing then i will post my code for help I have created an open items list for work I have created identical headers each in a different worksheet One of the columns in both work sheets F to be specific is a status field There are to chose from pending Solved: Excel worksheet macro waiting on approval and completed I have created a button at the top of the header in the open items worksheet so the when it is pushed it runs the macro and moves all of the items that have a status of complete to worksheet the closed action items Item Type Item Description Priority Due Date Status Owner Support Team Compl Date Updates This is the header that i have in both worksheets Here is the code that i have written to move the completed actions over to the closed worksheet Sub ClosedItems Dim wsOpen As Worksheet wsClosed As Worksheet Dim rFilter As Range Dim lRow As Long Set wsOpen Sheets quot Open Action Items quot Set wsClosed Sheets quot Closed Items quot For lRow To wsOpen Cells Rows Count End xlUp Row Step If wsOpen Cells lRow quot -Completed quot Or wsOpen Cells lRow quot -Cancelled quot Then wsOpen Range quot A quot amp lRow EntireRow Copy wsClosed Range quot A quot amp wsClosed Cells Rows Count End xlUp Row PasteSpecial wsOpen Range quot A quot amp lRow EntireRow Delete lRow lRow - End If Next lRow End Sub PLEASE HELP nbsp

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I have a workbook which I ve designed to score submitted educational veterinary quizzes Each worksheet holds a different quiz When the quiz has been entered to Return previous Excel worksheet I want to copy Return to previous Excel worksheet person s name details score etc onto a new line on a quot record quot sheet This works fine with the following code Sub DNut DNut Macro Range quot C H quot Select Selection Copy Sheets quot Record quot Select Range quot A quot amp Rows Count End xlUp Offset Select Selection PasteSpecial Return to previous Excel worksheet Paste Return to previous Excel worksheet xlPasteValues Operation xlNone SkipBlanks False Transpose False End Sub What I want to do is to insert a bit of code which takes you back to the previous page so the quiz can be retaken with a different name I know I could do this by inserting the worksheet name but this would mean having a different macro for each quiz worksheet Is there any way of going back to the previous page regardless of its name I m not really very familiar with VB code - I usually just search for it on the internet but have been unable to find this Thanks davroa nbsp

A:Return to previous Excel worksheet

Welcome to the board.


No need to select C2:H2 -- Range("C2:H2").Copy will do.

"I could do this by inserting the worksheet name but this would mean having a different macro for each quiz (worksheet)"

So assign the worksheet name to a variable before leaving it. Example:

PrevSheet = ActiveSheet.Name

But you may not need to leave "PrevSheet" in the first place. Try:

x = Sheets("Record").Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row
Range("C2:H2").Copy Sheets("Record").Range("A" & x + 1)

instead. HTH
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All of a sudden my excel worksheets with borders &/or shading will print the first copy with borders/shading. All other copies on multiprint request have no borders &/or shading?? (all text is in it's place) Could my trying out F11 on worksheets to produce charts have caused a problem in the applications files? It is the only thing I can think of I did differently than normal prior to this problem arising.

A:[Resolved] Excel 97 worksheet borders

Sounds to me like you need to take the steps in Article III under hard drive maintenance:

Tech Support Guy's April Newsletter
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I have always used microsoft works and to make a list of names, addresses, telephone numbers etc. it was very easy in works data base, but I now have windows 10 and I cannot open .wdb files.
I don't know how to name columns or insert a row in excel. Do not understand their explanations in help

A:Naming columns in excel worksheet
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Hi there

I know that it is very easy to copy and paste an Excel worksheet into a notepad. However, my boss wants me to write a macro in Excel that can do that automatically, since we have staff that is not comfortable in using Excel. I tried to record a macro to get me started but that did not work. Any ideas??


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I'm working on a sales journal and need to have the total for a certain set of repeated values. I have over one hundred entries per month. How do I get away from entering cell names and numbers repeatedly. For example, I need to have all the 'gas' totals add up automatically without having to type in all the cell names. See attachment - it's much easier to explain using it.

Plz HELP!!!

A:Solved: Excel Worksheet Dilemma

Take a look at the SUMIF function.

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I need to put a number into cell A7, and the previous number that was in A7 rolls up to A6, and any number in the above cells to roll upwards also, with A1 rolling off of the page.

How would I do this?

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I would like to collect data out of another worksheet with more than 600 lines; this worksheet is structured like this:

Column A: Name or "not required"
Column B: Sum

I'm OK with the formula which searches through column A and retrieves the sum of all amounts with the same name (=SUMIF) in column B.

What I can't figure out is a way to skip lines with "not required" or where a name has been found before, i.e.

B3: 40.00

should bring up in my new worksheet:




Cheers for any hints!

(New Zealand)

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I am trying to do a search of a worksheet starting Excel worksheet in in a a substring find In at my current position looking for a substring in each field the substring could be In Excel find a substring in in a worksheet character or numeric If the substring is found that cell becomes the current cell and the user is asked if the search should continue If the substring is In Excel find a substring in in a worksheet not found the user is asked if the search should continue at the top of the worksheet I am sure I am going about this wrong and really could use some help Below is the code I have so far Thanks in advance Sub Search Dim datatoFind Dim sheetCount As Integer Dim counter As Integer Dim currentSheet As Integer On Error Resume Next currentSheet ActiveSheet Index datatoFind InputBox quot Please enter the value to search for quot If datatoFind quot quot Then Exit Sub sheetCount ActiveWorkbook Sheets Count For counter To sheetCount Sheets counter Activate If IsError Cells Find What datatoFind After ActiveCell LookIn xlFormulas LookAt xlPart SearchOrder xlByRows SearchDirection xlNext MatchCase False Activate False Then Exit For Next counter If ActiveCell Value lt gt datatoFind Then MsgBox quot Value found quot Sheets currentSheet Activate End If End Sub nbsp

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I would like to create a procedure that imports a CSV file into an excel worksheet. I can see how to do this with a normal text file but I am having trouble with CSV or other objects. I would also like all new imports of the same file to automatically be entered in the first blank cell/row. I am new to VBA and need some help with the code.

A:Importng CSV file into excel worksheet

try posting this question in the developer forum, they would be more better at answering your question.