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Solved: Access Database

Q: Solved: Access Database

I am planning/trying to build a database that will track the dates certain classes were taken by users, and if the classes were passed or not.

I am very new at Access Databases so any advice, suggestions, opinions, or help anyone can offer will be greatly appreciated.

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Preferred Solution: Solved: Access Database

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hello All,
Our company had a photo booth with an F-35 fighter jet at a recent technology show. Individuals were allowed to have there pic taken in front of the aircraft with a pretty model. Now I have over 2500 pictures and over 2500 individuals that need their pic emailed to them. I have an Access database with a name, email address and a picture. Each name has a different image. How can I automatically send each person their picture through Outlook? I would like it to automatically populate a new email with the address and corresponding pic then have it be sent on its way while I am home sleeping. Can this be done? Is there a command that can run a VB script in Access to accomplish this? I thank you profusely in advance.


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I have a option contract to recieve up to 10 apples per day for the next year. I share this contract with other people. I am creating a database that will let me know how many apples are available on any given day throughout the next year.

I am thinking that I will have to set up a table with a field for date and capacity. Then subtract 1 each time someone takes an apple on that day.

Is there a better way?

A:Solved: Access database help

So you want something like stock control? So when someone takesan apple you want it taking from stock?
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Is there a way in an access database to not display data that is older than the data that is being entered?

For example, I have a database that keeps track of when users become certified. I do not want to get rid of the old information, but I do not want to display the old data on the form.

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Im creating a database to book both rooms and resources, assign them to staff etc, iv created a barebones system that lets you book the room/resource and assign it to a person on a date, what i need is.. if someone can help that is, is when a date reaches a certain point, say 1 day before.. to pop up a reminder, also.. i need the room to pop up as booked if between dates that are already booked.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


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I have an access database.

I decided to make a mde file with it out of curiousity. It has now taken my database and password protected it. I never set any password and as such cannot get access to the database.

It has taken my user name from my login, but it is not using my login password.

Does anyone know how I can override this, or reopen an older version of the database.


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Is their already tables set up to use with drop down boxes, that once you pick the Country the next set of drop down boxes will automatically have the states within that, and once you pick the state it will automatically have the cities in that state ect... Also is their something like this for the country's dial code.

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I don't support Access, nor have I been trained in it, but I've been asked if I can help in this problem.
An Access database connects externally to a SQLServer database at login time for the application. How do I find which external database they are connecting to? I know that there is a way to go behind the forms to see the source code, but I cant remember how to do this.
I cannot find an obvious User/System file dsn on the PC to give me a clue.
Thanks in advance

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I'm building a database application in Visual Basic .NET and I want to know what is the equivalent code of this when I want to make a connection to mysql:

Protected connString As String = _
"Provider = Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;" & _
"Data Source = " & loc & "\dbProject.mdb;"

Private cn As OleDb.OleDbConnection = New OleDb.OleDbConnection(connString)

Private ConnectionString As String = connString

A:Exporting MS Access Database to MySQL Database

You would have to have the MySQL driver for it on the server regardless.
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Here's the question- how do I open a form in an existing database from another db in Access 2010 using VBA and give it focus. I can open the external db and it's form but cannot figure how to give it focus. I'm trying to create a master form that will call various databases that each have a form. Seems simple, open the master menu, click on a button that then opens the called db and the associated form. Do my business exit the db and am back at the master form. I would be okay to just close the master db, all it has it the main menu or leave it open. Doesn't matter which I just want to open the called db and form and have its focus.
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Hi Guys,

Im trying to write some code that will copy my access database , tables and data to a new sql server database, ive got the code to create the sql database but i need to populate it from my application

Any answers would be grateful


A:Copy an access database to SQL server database using VB.NET

Google: import access to sql server
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I m trying to develop a database to keep records for uptime for a system Ideally i d like to have a form for operators to enter daily information on The kicker is i d like to have multiple records show on the form at one time so it would mirror entering the data in excel The purpose is to Database - New Developing Help to Access, Solved: see what s already entered for that shift I would like to have the form organized so operators could pick the date Solved: New to Access, Developing Database - Help system shift etc of the current run and then enter the specific downtime reasons in a subform maybe I was hoping each record created in the subform would input to a table that I can run queries from later I would like the table to be populated with the same information date system shift that is selected in the main form for each of the subform entries The final table would have each downtime entry on a separate record with the date system and shift associated in the same record Any help would be appreciated I m open to suggestions as to organize it a different way I currently have a main table with the columns for each data entry type I have a form set up with the basic information date system shift set up i can even get a subform on the main form but i m lost when it asks about linking and i can enter the data start stop time equipment number but it doesn t link to the information on the main form I would eventually like to be able to pick a specific date and shift and pull up all downtime for that day in order to analyze the data nbsp

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Hello. I am using an access database to maintain my access files in well mannered way. But due to unknown reasons access file showing error: your access database got corrupted will not be able to show the database.
Do u have any ideas on how to fix database? help...

A:Solved: access database error fix

I suspect that you may be having some instability problems with your network. Or maybe u need to back up.
Similar question is discussed here
Also try Access Fix Toolbox This utility recovers corrupted databases of microsoft access format
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Had MS Office installed on my husband s machine but it never worked right with Windows no surprise there and so he deleted it from the machine We also have a church accounting software installed on that same machine which was written in Access but is a stand-alone program Since he uninstalled the Office program the link for the accounting program no longer database Solved: Access Finding works - errors on unable to find object database Oddly enough since my computer and my husband s are on a network - and the accounting program is Solved: Finding Access database shared - I do part of the work so I can go to his machine thru the network and open the program I do not have MS Office on my machine - use Kingsoft Office instead I have no problem opening up the accounting software that resides on his machine Thinking something got uninstalled on my husband s machine that is still on mine that enables me to open the program and he cannot but I don t know what it could be or how to find it and fix it Both machines are Solved: Finding Access database fairly new and run Windows - have plenty of Solved: Finding Access database storage and RAM Any enlightenment on this problem would be SO appreciated Thanks Trish nbsp

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I have an Access 2007 database. On the main form there is a command button that opens a table. If the user adds a record to the table, how would I requery the combobox on the form to show that new record?
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Hiyas I ve got a pc here that s having problems with a database in Access XP version The error is as follows quot This database is in an unexpected state Miscrosoft Access can t open it This database has been converted from a prior version of Microsoft Access by using the DAO CompactDatabase method instead of the Convert Database command on the Tools menu Database Utilities submenu This has left the database in a partially converted state If you have a copy of the database in its original format use the Access Problem Solved: Database with Convert Database command on the Tools menu Database Utilities submenu to convert it If the original database is no longer available create a new database and import your tables and queries to preserve your data Your other databse objects can t be recovered quot Solved: Problem with Access Database It s only this one database Solved: Problem with Access Database giving this error all the others appear to be working fine What apparently happened was the lady was working on the database when Microsoft asked if she would like to install an update She said no Solved: Problem with Access Database to if a few times but the message would not go away so eventually she clicked yes After the update was installed she could no longer get into the database because of the above error So far i ve tried to repair the database and convert it but it keeps telling me that i don t have permission so i must contact the creator of the object I ve removed the updates from the past few days just to see if that would help but no joy Even trying to access the database on another machine yields the same results Does anyone know how to solve this problem Any help would be greatly appreciated Regards BW nbsp

A:Solved: Problem with Access Database

Doing the convert database creates a new copy of the original database in the new version of Access, the old version should still be available.
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Dear ppl,

I´m writing a small database for my local flying club.
I´m experiencing a small difficulty.

I want the computer to calculate the total of charged flight time for each month and that year. Also the total of non-charged flight time for each month and that same year.

Problem: I have no idea how to write the code for the action to preform when pressed the ´Calculate´ button. I did have a small introduction in VBA using Access but my knowledge is limited in VBA.

Second problem: I would like the duration of the flight to be in this format ##:## and the sum also, instead of having to work with decimals etc. IF POSSIBLE

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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I did a fresh install of Office97. So why when I try to open Access I recieve this error. Can't find the database you specified,or you didn't specify a database at all.

Specify a valid database name in the command line, and include a path if necessary,so that can finnd the application.

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I recently was moving some items into a group Database To Access Solved: Writing box to make them look a little Solved: Writing To Access Database more organized and now when I try to send the data to access it doesn t get the information It also does not give me an error any ideas here is the code Private Sub Save Recipe Dim myconnection As New OleDbConnection quot Provider Microsoft jet oledb data source C Documents and Settings Erick My Documents Customers Watson VB Database WatsonCapVerify mdb quot Dim Solved: Writing To Access Database strCom As String Dim strCom As String Dim cbIndex As String cbIndex cbRecipe SelectedIndex Try myconnection Open strCom quot Update Settings Set Recipe quot amp Me txtRecipeName Text amp quot offsetX quot amp Me nudOffX Value amp quot offsetY quot amp Me nudOffY Value amp quot exposure quot amp Me nudExpose Value amp quot UL quot amp Me nudUL Value amp quot UR quot amp Me nudUR Value amp quot LL quot amp Me nudLL Value amp quot LR quot amp Me nudLR Value amp quot where Recipe quot amp Me lblIndex Text amp quot quot Dim mycommand As New OleDbCommand strCom myconnection mycommand ExecuteNonQuery Catch ex As Exception MsgBox quot The following error has occured quot amp ex Message End Try myconnection Close Call UpdateComboRecipe End Sub nbsp

A:Solved: Writing To Access Database

I found the problem
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Hi, I'm wanting to know (preferably step by step), how I can access an Access file I have on one pc via other pc's in the office (upto 3).
I'm running XP pro, and the other pc's are XP home, XP media edition, and there may be a vista home premium.
Access is Access 2002 on all machines.. Having looked around it seems spliting into frontend and backend is the way, but having tried different combinations, i'm stuggling...(Even to how you get a front end). I only have one table(?) if thats the right term, and dont use any of the other objects in the list (queries, forms etc) at the moment..
Having even followed the instuctions on microsoft support site, still no joy.(Didn't think I was that daft..but looks like I am)
Thanks in Advance

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As part of my coursework, I have to create an Access Database. I have a slight problem where, if you go to the form 'frmCustomer' and try to add a new record in the frmAllBookings subform within the frmBooking subform, it will not let you add the new record and will display the following error:

Cannot add record(s); join key of table 'tblBooking' not in recordset.

I have gone through all the settings and I can't figure out what's causing it. Everything else seems to work fine.

I have uploaded a copy of the file. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


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I ve got a database thats causing me a big headache and I can t figure out how to fix the issue I m pretty sure its in the VBA code but I don t know because i m not much of an expert in that area so hoping someone here can help help! please database problem, Solved: Access me with this I attached the db link if someone wants to have a look into it dummie info So the problem is that on the owners list and owners form When each record is opened on the owners list its the same as record and does not reflect the correct customer record Clicking save and new will do nothing When I click quot New Solved: Access database problem, please help! Owner quot it opens a form of a customer record instead of Solved: Access database problem, please help! a blank form to input data into I get a few various errors when trying to create a report in accounting too How can I fix this so the records do not default to the first and be able to Solved: Access database problem, please help! save and close too Any help would be much appreciated dl dropbox com u Rental zip nbsp

A:Solved: Access database problem, please help!

You appear to have posted an "Evaluation" database, which does not have all it's features working.
I assume You need to purchase the full privilege database to have those features working.
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I have a problem trying to open my Access Database in a Visual Basic application. I'm using VB6.

The Access database is called TTDB.mdb and was created in Access 2000. It is stored in the same location as my VB project files, and the file seems to be found but VB cannot load it. I'm using the following code in the Form_Load event:
Set DB = OpenDatabase(App.Path & "\TTDB.mdb")
The Error I get is:

Rune-time error '3343':

Unrecognised datasbase format
(and then gives the application paths which is definately correct).Click to expand...

Any ideas how I can get this working?

Thanks for any help,


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Hi everyone I ve had a project that I ve been working on for a while now It appears that I ve really been overthinking the whole issue I m trying to create a simple database and put it online The trick is that I want users to be able to query from a checkbox and keyword form and then I want the results page to only show specific fields And I have to have the database set so that each person has a user name and password My first thought was SQL since I have a developer for Web Solved: Database Design Access that and my webhosting supports it But my developer son in law has zero time for this project So then I found an online canned solution for putting databases online But it Solved: Access Database Web Design s and I m not impressed with their support or flexibility at all But through the process of testing their product during a trial period I figured out that I really don t need a relational table database A flat record database will work just fine In comes Access I have it my webhosting supports it and from checkin in the help Solved: Access Database Web Design section in Access it should do whatever I need I think But with all the options I m seeing in the help files I don t know where to start Or what options I should Solved: Access Database Web Design really be using There s a website with a database online that doesn t require a subscription and it is really structured just like what I need It s at this link http www fentonfan com webdata members html I really just need a search page that queries the database based on the user checking checkboxes and filling in keyword boxes and then a results page What kind should I use in Access Or should I use something completely different Thanks for any help Cheryl nbsp

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hi all,

I tried to split my database located in a shared folder in a network drive for multiusers, but when i tried to save the backend in the same folder i get the message " not a valid file name" despite i tried to do the same in my laptop and save the backend on the desktop and it worked.

why i cannot save the backend in the network drive shared folder.?


A:Solved: Access Splitting Database

What version of access? Are you saving the backend from the 'Split Wizard'? or a manual copy and paste? Where is the message coming from? Access or file system?

May need to go to the trust center and allow trusted sites on network and make these trusted locations. Each user will need to run a FE from thier local computer to get the multi user thing working correctly. They will each have to do the trusted site thing as well.
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Hi Solved: Database 2007 MS Access I started using the Call Tracker template on MS Access for a new Call Logging System at work I am having trouble linking different fields to one another On the Call Lists page I have created Solved: MS Access 2007 Database new text box fields in design view However I can t get these fields to link with fields I created in the Call Details design view I have followed the same format the existing fields i e Title is in but I can t seem to get them to link properly I think it is done by using the Control Source but as I hae no experience on Access I m not sure if I am doing it right As well as this I need the text entered in these text fields to populate fields below it with information from another database that I have imported into the Call Tracker For example if I have three fields called Company Name Company ID and Customer ID and when text is entered into Company ID it looks up that ID in the other database and enters the required text Company Name Customer Name into the corresponding fields Any help would be appreciated Regards Archie nbsp

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Is there a way to have an Access Database require a password when the Shift key is held down while opening?

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Hello First let me start off by saying I am completely new to programming in general and I have a slightly basic understanding of MS Access I am trying to merge two tables into one new table with no duplicate records My tables are as follows Table Device Fields IMEI Key Device Type DT Table Tracker Fields IMEI Key Engineer Software Flash D Comments quot Device quot has over records quot Tracker quot has over Every IMEI on quot Tracker quot is on quot Device quot Database troubles Solved: MS Access I should end up with a table that has the same number Solved: MS Access Database troubles of records as quot Device quot but has all of the associated information from quot Tracker quot What I ve done so far is created the same fields left empty on quot Device quot that are on quot Tracker quot I ve tried duplicating a few codes I ve found on this site as well as others but I keep getting errors again I don t really know much about programming Any help is greatly appreciated nbsp

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I just created an access database app. for a client, and used a calendar at the top of two forms. When I took it to them, and downloaded to their computer, the calendars do not display properly (ie: AT ALL!!) What could be causing this? Is there something messed up with their program, or a setting that isn't right, or what?? I know it's not the app., cuz I've used it on 5 different computers, and it works just fine, except on THEIRS....which is what counts!! I used Access 2000 to create it, and that's what's on their machine, so it SHOULD have worked like a charm....or so I thought!!

Any suggestions?



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I'm a newcomer to Access db. I'm using Access 2007.

I've made reports coming off of queries. Most of my queries are for limiting dates - ie: Begin date: 07/01/07 and End date: 7/31/07.

When making a report, I've been able to pick up the parameter used in my query. In other words, in the heading of my report I have text boxes with [Begin date] and [End date]. When the report runs, it obviously asks me the begin date and end date, and then these parameters are shown in the header of my report.

However, when I make a report with a CHART in it, instead of displaying the begin date or end date, it displays #Name? - like it doesn't recognize the variable.

What's the difference between a "report" and a report with a chart in it? How I can get these variables to display?

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Using Access from Office XP.


After a colleague accidentally deleted about 100 records from our database we have recently used the "User and Group" permissions to restrict the user account from making any deletions.

The problem I have is with updating the DB. Until we used permission any changes would be made by copying the DB onto my desktop, making the changes then exporting any changed forms, tables etc into the "Live" DB at the end of the day when nobody else is using it.

Now with the permissions set a copy of the database will not allow me in, it comes up with the "You do not have permission..." error message without allowing me to log in.

Any ideas?


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I had an issue earlier in a coursework Database project, which has now been resolved. I have started to create the invoice and the 'Subtotal', 'Discount' and 'Total' calculated fields display '#Error'. They work in the 'frmBookingTotals' subform on the 'frmCustomer' form and I have copied them directly from the form, but yet they don't work in the invoice. The record source of the invoice points to the fields which are referenced by the calculated fields and I have checked for obvious errors, so I can't see what's wrong.

I have attached a copy of the file I am working on.

Thanks for any help,


A:Solved: Access Database Problem 2

Problem solved. I've just found out it matters where you put the fields.
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Hi I ve got an Access database consisting of a large number of records only some of which have an email address stored I know next to nothing about VB scripting but I had a look and bcc recipients several database Solved: to from Emailing an Access tried and played with this simple script Code Option Compare Database Private Sub Command Click FollowHyperlink quot mailto email protected email protected email protected email protected quot End Sub This works fine It pops up a new email in the default email client with the to and bcc correctly But basically there are two things I want to do Have a button on a form which will open up a new email with the current record as the to recipient Have a separate form macro etc which will create a new email with email protected in the to and every email address in the database which is Solved: Emailing bcc to several recipients from an Access database not null in the bcc Is there a way of doing this Any help will be very much appreciated Solved: Emailing bcc to several recipients from an Access database nbsp

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Hello. I am using access to track what classes part-time professors at a college teach each term. My boss wants a report on the last term they taught. I have about 400 records, and the each term I have the amount of credits they have taught each term - That is how I know if they taught that term or not. I need to build a query that looks at those records and tells me the last one that is greater than 0. Or is that something I should export into a spreadsheet and build it there? Thanks

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Hi I have access database that contains tables and queries, how do I check it's connection sting (database, table)? where the queries are getting the data?

Please advice where to go to check,

Thank you

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Hi, I have a database of contacts, each contact has a reference number. In Excel I use the same reference number in column A, I would like to use this number in Excel to lookup from my database the full name of my contact from my Access database. Is this possible? thank you

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Hi guys,

I've developed a standalone database for a school with Access 2010. I created my "Version 1" and put this into production with a number of users entering information into it and then decided to create my "Version 2".

I copied it and have now made quite a few changes. The database has 4 tables, 1 being "Pupils" with an primary key which is an autonumber field (called idlink). The other tables are linked with a relationship to the idlink field. Tables contain the same fieldnames but do contain a few new fields.

It's of course easy to delete the data from the new database and I now need to get the old data into the new version.

I cannot work out how to do this and need a bit of help and direction.

Thanks guys....

A:Solved: Copying data from old Access database to new

The only way is to link to the old database tables (or import the tables) and then create Append queries to transfer the data from the old tables to the new ones.
You can use VBA code but that is overkill and much harder.
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Hi folks,

I made my database with a user interface. I have been using my desktop PC at work.
When I tried to query it (I was successful in opening it) with my personal laptop, I got this message:

"Your network access was interrupted. To continue, close the database, and then open it again"

Of course the patch they suggest, doesn't work...

Could you help me?

Thank for your time.
Have a good one


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Windows nd Ed workstation win NT Sp server Microsoft Access I have an access database with a form that has command buttons for opening the database for editing and for Solved: computer another How to to database access move running a report I am using it locally on a windows workstation that is on a network It works just fine I want to move the database to the server and access it from there I copied the files to server and created a shortcut to the form on the server share permissions are good Neither the form or database will open and there is an error message stating that the path C access db mdb is not valid This path is the path from the local machine What is happening is Solved: How to move access database to another computer the form is trying to find the database on the local machine and not the server I went into the form properties and set the quot Record Source quot path to the new server location trying both UNC and mapping and then I got the error message that the server path does not exist it does I can see it over the network Thanks for any help James nbsp

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I've a weird problem with ONE of my users:

We work with an Access 2003 database which contains a address book, this address book contains a button "Info" which shows the electronic file of the selected company.

When its opened at one of our systems the windows explorer opens, but does not show the correct folder, also the address bar, menu bar and all the button bar is missing, therefore I can NOT select them again with a right mouse click....
The folder being shown is the "entire network" view

Weird thing is that this only happens when using the "Info" button from the address book, when opening the windows explorer the normal way all menu bars etc. are shown normally.

There are also other "info"-like buttons in the database which work correctly.

So this happens at ONE user only.

Who has an idea??

A:Solved: Windows XP + Access 2003 database

Did already try registry cleaners and cleaning up temporary files etc.
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i am working on a new database which so far has 24 record sets in it. I have a hyperlink field and every time time i insert a hyperlink it works ok then i lose the record set link is within. More links i add more record sets i loose. good job i had a back up of my work.
Can anyone please infom me of cause and solution to this problem please ?

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Hey all I m currently creating a database as a project and I have nearly finished it but I have run into some major problems that I just can t seem to figure out I have three tables in my database TBLPRODUCT TBLSELLER and Database 2007 Access problems :( Solved: TBLPRODUCTSELLER The primary keys from TBLPRODUCT and TBLSELLER have been stored as foreign keys in TBLPRODUCTSELLER with the relationship to it from the two other tables being one-to-many Anyway I ve created a form that allows the user to view products from TBLPRODUCT I did this by creating a query that fetches all of the fields from TBLPRODUCT and places them onto the form Additionally I created a combobox that allows users to filter the records by the category so for instance electronics furniture etc However as each product has seller information attached to it which Solved: Access 2007 Database problems :( is linked by the primary keys of the TBLPRODUCT and TBLSELLER tables which are called PRODUCTID and SELLERID respectively I need that information to be viewable in the form for each record also so for instance I need the Seller First Name Seller Surname and Seller Telephone information for each product to be viewable The problem is that when I edit the query in the form to allow fields from TBLSELLER to be placed onto the form the form no longer works and now displays no records at all I don t want to use a subform because I just want the fields to look like the Product fields that are already on the form plus I already tried making a subform and it didn t work I am relatively new to databases and I m not proficient with code so if this can be solved without any code that would be great Thanks nbsp

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I have an extensive list (about 400 entries) in which I would like to create a database and print mailing labels for each entry... is this possible in Access or am I wasting my time?

A:Solved: Printing labels using Access database?

Yes you can use Access, after you create your table look under reports, you should see the label wizard, follow the steps. You can select from common Avery type or customize the size.

It works great I have done it many times.
Depending on your Version of Office, Word will install with the Avery Label wizard ( Better than Word's labeling). .. this is also Handy in that it will link to an Excel List and link column headings
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I was wondering if anyone has come up with a formula that might be helpful when initially quoting an Access Database. Maybe 1 table with ?? fields = ?? minutes, one simple form based on one table = ?? minutes, etc.
I find myself practically creating the database to get an accurate quote. There has to be a better way!
Thanks in advance. I appreciate any thoughts that you may have on this topic!

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Can someone give me some advice about the best way to compact my Access 2003 database which is getting bigger by the minute?
I tried opening it and then using Compact&Repair but it then gave me an error message of 'OAIndex in not an Index in the table'
Thankfully, I had backed it up immediately before this so I have a copy which is not corrupted.
However I am worried about this happening in the future and one of my team forgetting to back it up first.

Is there some more fail-safe method that I could/should be using?
I have seen references to something called jetcomp.exe
Is the best method to get hold of jetcomp.exe and use that?

Many thanks to anyone who can shed some light on this.

A:Solved: Compacting an Access 2003 Database

I use the normal Compact & Repair, you can set it to run when you close the database.
You can also have an automated backup system that runs when you start the Computer each day (assuming that you do) or at a particular time each day
Databases normally get very large and quite often corrupted whene you do a lot of design work without compacting & repairing as you go along.I compact & repair after each daily design work and also increment the database name like this
databasename v 0.0
databasename v 0.1
databasename v 0.2
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I have a Microsoft Access database that has been in producion for a few years now.

The database contains a report that is built off a query. The report has always worked just fine, but now when I try to open the report I get the following error message "Data type mismatch in criteria expression".

Nothing has changed. I am able to open the query just fine.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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Hi everyone, I have a bit of a problem. I need to create an MS Access database that will allow me to enter volunteer information, using the following fields:


Then, I would like to be able to perform a query which would allow me to see/analyze information on volunteer hours, time committed to projects, etc....

The only problem is, I havent used MS Access since my early days in University. Could somebody please help me out here, and suggest how I can tackle this problem.

Basically i need to create a table and enter the name of the fields, as described above, and then perform queries on this table, to find information such as: volunteer hours, time committed to projects???

I welcome all ideas, suggestions, and solutions, thank you very much!!!

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When opening Microsoft Access, the norm is to have a samller window inside the large window pop up that says the type of data base. Then you can click on the icon inside to open up the database. Well, someone in my office closed out the smaller window and I can't figure out how to get it back. I tried looking in the recent history to no avail.

I know this is a stupid question, but I can't figure it out and the database holds my list of clients which I desperately need. Any help would be appreciated.

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I have an MS Access Database 2010 running on SQL 2008 R2; front end is Access 2010, It is configured to allow remote Runtime users to access it.

I have Firewall exceptions set up for TCP port 1433 and UDP port 1434. I also have an exception for file sharing.

When trying to log into my database using runtime from remote computers I get this error:

Connetion Failed:
SQLState: '01000'
SQL Server Error: 10060
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][DBNETLIB]ConnectionOpen (Connect()).
Connetion Failed:
SQLState: '08001'
SQL Server Error: 17
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][DBNETLIB]SQL Server does not exist or access denied.

If I turn the firewall off I can access the database remotely using Runtime with no problems.

Here is the firewall log:

date time action protocol src-ip dst-ip src-port dst-port size tcpflags tcpsyn tcpack tcpwin icmptype icmpcode info path
2011-06-09 12:33:59 DROP TCP 1865 49159 48 S 2716551835 0 65535 - - - RECEIVE

I'm so frustrated with this

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My database Switchboard is not working. When I run Visual Basic Debug - Compile BIDS1
An error comes up
complie error - User-defined type not defined.

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Hi guys just a quick question I have created a database that allows me to keep track of all the purchases i make each month i work out of country blank Access up Solved: coming database query and need to provide budget sheets each month So instead of filling in everything on a exel sheet we have Solved: Access database query coming up blank created i thought i will create an access sheet that allows me to do all this I have tried creating multiple tables Payments from company Solved: Access database query coming up blank a payments from company b and Solved: Access database query coming up blank then invoices but to no success as none of them can be linked to one another for my final report they have no field in common Now i have created one table with all the fields i need overall but when i run a query on a specific companies payments it comes up blank how do i fix this i need a report at the end of the month that shows all the invoices for a specific company along with their payments to compare income and outcome how do i accomplish this Also bare in mind that i am a noob at access and everything i hve learned comes from the internet so access specific terms will have no meaning to me Any help would be greatly appreciated regards nbsp

A:Solved: Access database query coming up blank

Welcome to the Forum.
What version of Access are you using?

Access is a "Relational Database" system so the Tables that you create have to be related for it to work.
Ideally the tables would be set up something like this.
Company Products (for choosing to go your Invoices, so prices would probably be included).
Invoices. This table would only hold an invoice number and it's date plus the Company ID if it is a one invoice to one company system.
Invoice details, holding ProductIDs and Quantities.

If you want to set it up in that way let me know and I will assist you.

However back to your current problem, if you only have one table and a query it should show all the data in the table, so how are choosing a Company?
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Hello first time poster here I have a database that is used by three people The database is split to have a front and back end I distributed an Access file to each user that acts as a shortcut it copies the front-end to the user s computer from the network drive Locking Issues Solved: 2003 Access Database - that it is shared onto their TEMP folder on the computer This way when I make updates to the structure of Solved: Access 2003 - Database Locking Issues the database no one needs to copy a new version of the front-end I can simply replace the master file that is copied The front-end and back-end are stored in different parts of the network drive I m seeing a conflict with who is able to log into the database I will designate the users as U U and U U cannot log into the database if U or U are in the database U and U never conflict with each other and if U and U enter the database after U has entered everything is fine I have made sure that everyone s settings under Tools - gt Options - gt Advanced have been set to these Default Open Mode Shared Default Record Locking No Locks Open Databases Using Record-Level Locking Checked In addition the forms that they use in the Access database have their properties set to not lock records Is there anything else I should be checking nbsp

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For my study I am required to design build and test a form driven database for a video rental store named quot Greatest Hits quot I ll admit I m not very knowledgeable in database design Video Access database help Solved: 2010 store - or any software related works really so bare with me Now the store stocks both movies and video games for hire and requires information such as an individual ID number Solved: Access 2010 - Video store database help title type console category genre hire fee etc as well as customer details The ability to track each copy is also required Here s the layout I Solved: Access 2010 - Video store database help have chosen I was told it was not suitable because it does not meet rd form normalization but they won t tell me why so any help would be great tblMembers MemberID Surname FirstName Gender Address Suburb Postcode PhoneNumber EmailAddress DateofBirth DateJoined tblGames GameTitle Category HireFee tblGameInventory GameID GameTitle Console InStore tblGameHireHistory HireID MemberID GameID HireFee HireDate DueDate ReturnDate OnTime OverDueFee tblMovies MovieTitle Category HireFee tblMovieInventory MovieID MovieTitle MovieType InStore tblMovieHireHistory HireID MemberID MovieID HireFee HireDate DueDate ReturnDate OnTime OverDueFee I know a lot of information is repeated but due to requirements including needing seven tables it s the best I could come up with Thanks in advance Mark nbsp

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I have been here couple of times and warned by OBP that my database structure was wrong Of course he was right and i learn my lesson hard way Please help How i can make a good structured database Establishment Database Structure Access Help 2003 Solved: that will show me movie Solved: Access 2003 Database Structure Establishment Help rental statistics My plan was enter monthly all rental statistics into a single table then by using queries for each month pull data for each month and get subtotals in a separate query for each month for example I would have rentals for February in QFebruary then have subtotals for each movie on the movie list in QFebruary Subtotals My database was functioning fine for months data entry Feb to July then after th months query entry totals did not add up correctly anymore in my reports I am attaching a sample but in reality we have over DVDs and monthly data entry i do for rental statistics purposes I know my database is poorly constructed since i am self-teaching myself but I am willing to learn should i have rental data tables for each month instead of using a single table with over entries We have types of DVDs Regular Movies PG- and R Kid Movies G and PG and TV Series May be i should use different tables for each type of DVDs then i can use each month s rental data as subdata sheet for those tables Please check my database If you open one report i have only half of the data being shown although totals add up correctly Any advices appreciated nbsp

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We have a number of "End of Day" reports that are created by clicking a button on the database, this runs several sub routines each creating an email.

Occasionally, someone will delete a field which is required by these reports and we get the Invalid Use Of Null error. This stops everything and we cant continue with the rest until the culprit is found.

Ideally, in the event of an Invalid Use of Null error we would like it to...

- Pop up a message with the name of the sub routine and the record causing the problem.
- Exit the sub routine which would then continue with the rest of the routines.

In short...

If error
msgbox ...
End Sub
End If

Is this possible?

Slimboy Fat

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Hi there
am finalising a database for workplace and hoping to include feature to send emails to several people at same time from Access. I understand I need a code for this, can anyone help? We're running Access 2007 but using database in Access 2000 format. Worth noting that this is a secured database and I have already tried instructions at and but no luck.

Also having problem importing data from Excel spreadsheet into that Access database. Worked several times before (including with some data in that spreadsheet) but now coming up with error (without any detaio about what's wrong). Spreadsheet contains loads of data on several worksheets and data has been worked on quite a lot (mainly for cleansing), all fields and formatting match those in Access and yet won't work any more. Any ideas as to what my be problem??

Thank you!


A:Solved: Mass emailing in Access 2000 database

Sev, I have posted various copies of the emailing VBA some of it quite recently.
The Excel problem sounds like someone has put something in a cell that doesn't belong there, it is uaually text when Access expects a number. You should have an Import Error table generated with the rows and fields that have the error.
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We have a database that is currently an Accdb regular database format Up to - people access this database at any given time I want to redesign it and set it up the right way because we keep running into locking issues that require us to kick everyone out to free it up again From what Advice Database Solved: Accde, Access Split, i understand i need to Solved: Access Database Split, Accde, Advice first take the backend and split it This will create the front end which uses linked tables Then i can copy and paste the front end as many times as i need and design forms specific to each person s front end and what they enter into the DB Am i correct in this assumption So now i have a backend in a shared location on the network that every user has full access to Each user has a front end on their desktop which only contains form s and queries that were created in their specific front end Solved: Access Database Split, Accde, Advice They open the front end and enter all their data which is synced back to the back end As long as i don t make any changes to the structure of a table the users front ends will never need to be quot updated quot Is that correct Also in order to make changes to Solved: Access Database Split, Accde, Advice the back end do i need to kick everyone out of the front end in order to open the database exclusively I understand that creating the front end makes it so that users can t change the table structure from a linked table which is great but other than that and user specific forms and queries what does having the front end offer Will it cure the issues we run into where the database gets mysteriously locked and we have to kick everyone to free it up I want to present this right in a meeting next week so any insight anyone can give me on how this should be setup effectively would be appreciated Current Database users often using it simultaneously Experiencing weird issues with the DB locking itself and not allowing anyone in until everyone exits Too many forms queries being created by users and messing up other users ability to do stuff Redesign This is what I m asking how i should do this so that it is effective and secure I have taken the old DB and made a copy Deleted all the old data and setup new validation rules on every possible field to reduce human error Once the structure was complete i created a new blank database and did an import using linked tables this created a front end right I then copied that times to get blank copies of the FE I then created forms specific to each group that will be using it so that each person only sees forms queries relevant to their group Then you just distribute the front end Is this the right way to go Do i even need an Accde file nbsp

A:Solved: Access Database Split, Accde, Advice

All you need to do is have all of your forms, queries, reports and modules in the front end and just the tables in the back end. The front end will link to the back end tables using the linked table manager or manually linking to the BE tables. As long as the back end is always in the same location you should not have to link tables again unless you add, delete or modify one. Then you can distribute the front end and the tables will be linked as long as the new users have access to that network location. Any changes to the front end will have to be copied to the other users by copying the front end.

You can easily create a test front end by creatign a new database and importing everything but the tables and then linking to the back end tables.

The locking issues may also be coming from poor design and splitting it will not solve these issues. So test out the split version before rolling it out to everyone to make sure there are no locking issues.
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I am a beginner trying to design a customer database in Access for my company They sent me to full days of classes on Access and I am still having trouble I mostly understand all of the basic concepts of Access but the design part is hard for me I half understand the point of normalizing and am having trouble with the concept that nothing can be repeated Every customer has a different amount on of Solved: Access Help in 2007 customer design database of information Some customers have addresses physical and mailing some don t Some customers have email addresses and phone number and some have email address and phone number In my database I want to include -Customer name -Address es -Phone number s -Fax numbers s -Email s -Contact Person s Solved: Help on design of customer database in Access 2007 -Notes Section Pretty much the same info as a contact card in outlook but in database form So from what I learned in class my understanding is that anything that has more than one option should be made into a separate table Then you should link them up through the relationships What is the most efficient way to design this Please help My boss thinks that this should be a super easy task and it s not for me nbsp

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Although I've used Access for 15 or so years, I've never password-protected a database. I did so today after spending 2.5 hours cleaning out garbage left by some people who didn't know what they were doing. I then copied the database, both the client and server sides -- I thought -- to a jump drive. When I got back to my office, I found that the files that were on the jump drive were the ones I had put there early this morning before going to the organization where we did the cleanup. Does that mean that password-protected databases cannot be copied to a drive outside of the one they're on?

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Hi There,

I have an access database with one table which is getting full (TableID range). Now I am wondering how I can resolve this...

Should I create a new table and move the oldest records to there?

Also I am wondering what will happen when the last ID has been issued, and I remove let's say the first 3000 records, will it start over at the 1st ID?

What is the procedure to resolve this?

Thank you,

A:Solved: Access 2003 database table getting full

Wouter, how do you know that it is getting full?
If you create an Archive Table and transfer the records it should not affect the current table at all.
Basically it depends on how often that you use the "oldest" data, it could even go in to a separate database.
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When I get a new computer with Windows 7, download the whole of my
Windows XP based Hard Drive contents onto the new machine, will I be able to still be able to use Access 2002 with Office 2002 on Windows 7? Has anyone tried this? The database is VERY important, and I believe Access is now obsolete.

A:[SOLVED] Accessing old Access 2002 database within Windows 7

You will have to reinstall Office XP ( there ids no Office 2002 ) ( or any newer version ), . . once you do that you should be able to open the data base.
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Hi I am trying to create a Customer Database using Access for my new Business I am a PC Engineer and hope that each customer will have many jobs done With this in mind I setup 2003 Solved: Access Customer help Database needed have created tables - CUSTOMERS and WORK UNDERTAKEN I believe it should be a one-to-many relationship I used a field called Solved: Access 2003 Customer Database setup help needed CUSTOMER ID and made it autonumber and the Primary Key Assuming all that is correct - how do I enter jobs for the same customer I m just wondering if I should create an identical field in the WORK UNDERTAKEN table of CUSTOMER ID in order that I can enter the job details What I mean is this - I have put my details in as Customer with Autonumber Primary Key If I d had jobs done - how do I enter these in such a way that the database knows the jobs were done for me and not another customer Do I have to manually enter the CUSTOMER ID of I m just generally confused and wondered if anyone has a basic guide to creating this kind of database or any useful links I m an avid Googler but I m yet to find a comprehensive guide as to how I should set this up I ve attached a couple of screenshots to clarify my confusion nbsp

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Very odd behaviour has just occurred in that I am no longer able to delete objects from within the Acess Database Window. The delete "X" is greyed out as is the pull-down option following a right click. DB seems to work fine otherwise.

Unsure where to start looking on this one so any help would be gratefully accepted!


A:Solved: Access 2003: Unable to delete database objects

If another user is in the database then you will have issues with editing and deleting options. Try to open the database in exclusive mode and see if that helps. To open it up exclusively you want to click on the drop-down arrow beside the open button in MS Access and select Open Exclusively.
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Hi there I am attempting to export a table from Access to a txt file which will then be merged into Adobe InDesign CS I am following the instructions from InDesign to accomplish this merge which requires that the file be in a txt or csv format I am trying to keep my list from the table in Access in alphabetical order which is how the design of the table is saved When I export the table to txt format it when from .txt Solved: of 2000 Problem: database design changes exported fo Access to un-alphabetizes the list When I select quot Save Formatted quot during the export process I end up with a txt file in a code that InDesign will not accept in the merge I have tried exporting the table to Excel and then to a txt file but InDesign will not let me merge the files that are created that way Any ideas about what I can do short of exporting the table anyway and then seeing how well I can manually cut paste and alphabetize the fields Thanks Stacie nbsp

A:Solved: Problem: design of database from Access 2000 changes when exported to .txt fo
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I have been banging my brain out all week on this I guess I Database with 3 Solved: Access tables design/form issue linked haven t had any access databases with this type of relationships before Most of mine have just been two linked tables I am using Access but I converted this database to since I read somewhere on the site Solved: Access Database design/form issue with 3 linked tables it was best to send in that format What I am trying to accomplish is setting up a database for a transportation voucher program so we can eliminate the Excel spreadsheet the user is using So I need three basic tables client info orders vouchers They are called TBNFCLI TBNFORD TBNFVOUCH Each client can have multiple orders and each order can have multiple vouchers So I assume there is a one to many relationship between Solved: Access Database design/form issue with 3 linked tables TBNFCLI and TBNFORD TBNFORD being the many side And Solved: Access Database design/form issue with 3 linked tables a one to many relationship between TBNFORD and TBNFVOUCH TBNFVOUCH being the many side Originally I tried using junction tables but was advised I didn t need to because the relationship between orders and voucher is really one to many since there can be only one order date per client Here is the design now Client table TBNFCLI CLIID autonumber for the primary key Lastname Firstname M Address Address City Etc Order details table TBNFORD ORDID Autonumber as primary key Order date CLIID to link to client table number field Number vouchers requested Payment Amount etc Voucher table TBNFVOUCH VOUCHID autonumber as primary key Voucher ORDID to link to order table number field A few other fields I have tried adding CLIID to this table as well but it didn t seem to help Table Relationships Join lines go from tbnfcli cliid to tbnford cliid tbnford to tbnfvouch ordid My problem seems to be the relationship between tbnford and tbnfvouch I can enter the data on all three forms I designed it using tabbed forms but the voucher table does not link up to the orders table so I could never run a report to get what vouchers are connected to what orders I have tried multiple setups using using multiple primary indexes for orders and vouchers but none of that worked either When the user is inputting an order they also need to type in the voucher numbers at the same time so I want to make it easy to flow from one screen to another If you go to forms mainmenu I have a link on this menu for the tabbed form I also have another form I tried that used the client and order tables on the same form It works but again I can t get a design that works for the voucher table I have tried designing forms based on queries as well as tables When the user clicks on the voucher tab it should display the order that they were on for the previous screen For an example Sally Smith may have an order for and order vouchers In the voucher table they will need to type the exact voucher numbers and these have to be separate rows because there is other information recorded for each voucher Any help would be appreciated nbsp

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I have MS Access 2000. I initially created a long book list several years ago. I recently found a template from the MS database for books that I downloaded that I like better. I have tried importing the data from the old database to the new one but with no luck. Both are in Access 2000. I am running Win2K.

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I am working for a company that has four people (four different computers) entering data into four different Excel 2010 files on a shared drive. I would like to create a master file on my own computer for the purpose of generating reports. How do I create one Access database that includes all of the information from the four different excel files? Also, can this Access file be continuously updated as the four Excel files are updated each day? Thank you!!!

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According to what I've read, Access 2010 uses the same database format as Access 2007. So this should mean I can open and run a 2007 database (with a lot of VBA code) in Access 2010 with no trouble, yes?

So why do I have the feeling that something is not going to work? Is it because I have been through to many Access upgrades?

A:Any problems using Access 2007 database with Access 2010?

Hi bbinnard,

If you have not purchase Access 2010 yet, what I'd recommend the Trial Version and play around with it for quite a while.
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I m trying to get the results of Access queries to be linked to an Excel workbook I ve been using the Data tab in Excel clicking the quot From Access quot button in the upper left / - 2007 to database Access Solved: a 2007 Excel Linking and choosing Solved: Access 2007 / Excel 2007 - Linking to a database the Access database Then it asks what query I want to link The problem arises when I try to link a specific query which we ll call qry x This query is based on Solved: Access 2007 / Excel 2007 - Linking to a database several other queries one of which is qry z Frustratingly when I try to link qry x to the Excel workbook I get an error Solved: Access 2007 / Excel 2007 - Linking to a database message that says that Access can t find qry z and suggests maybe I spelled the name incorrectly However qry z definitely exists as part of the database and when I run qry x which is based on qry z in Access the correct results are displayed with no error Note qry x is the only query this is happening to I can link any other query with no problem at all including qry z What could be going wrong Thanks in advance nbsp

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Is it possible to convert an Access 2000 database to Access 7.0? I have an old machine that I would like to run a database on but it only has Access 7.0 for WIndows 95.

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Hi everybody I have a problem with my MS Access and can amp t use the wizard for creating database objects forms report table queries etc Whenever I choose Wizard option to create those database objects I get the following error message Microsoft Access can amp t find the wizard or there is syntax error in the Declaration section of a Visual Basic module Wizard Can't access Access MS database The wizard you need may be missing from the libraries key of the Can't access MS Access database Wizard Microsoft Access section of the Windows Registry To make sure that the wizard is in the Windows Registry run Setup to reinstall Microsoft Access and the compile all Visual Basic modules in the database I reinstalled the MS Access as instructed in the message but I don amp t know where to find and compile those Visual Basic modules I also don amp t know how to get to libraries key of the Microsoft Access section of the Windows Registry I tried to reinstall the software by using two different versions of software CDs MS Office and XP and both failed to solve the problem I also tried unsuccessfully to access Add-Ins feature from the Tools menu in order to add the missing component Please help me ishak nbsp

A:Can't access MS Access database Wizard

Funny I had the same error last night. I ran Setup from the CD (from RUN prompt) checked off the access wizard. Then went and did what I was doing, it still asked to install the feature but it worked that time.

If that does not help the is an MS article, basically, if you are in "Break mode" of a module that could also cause it.
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Ok I have one more question-a few people have other versions of Access in my program and need to use the database that I created in Access 97. A few people tried and couldn't open it. Is there an easy way to converting this so they can use it on their computers? Thanks for the help.

A:Access 97 database in Access 2000?

Access should prompt them to either open the DB file or convert it to the newer version on startup. If it doesn't you can open the newer version of Access and go to Tools > Database Utilities > Convert Database.
Warning: Everything in your DB may not convert properly so be ready to do some work if this happens.
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Hi, i'm new for using database (mic. access)
i hope u can help me.
i'm currently developed a database using microsoft access. the database is about an insurance company. i need to do a database that store the unit manager, agen, client, policy and proposal.
i had build the table and relationship. i also had input the agen and unit manager (UM).
but what should i do now.
i need to separate each agen according to the um and also the client.
i also need to give output so that when i insert um code or agen code, user can see the client info, or the agen info.

please.. i really need your help...

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I am using a form to enter data that is updated to table. The problem is that the calculated fields in the Form do not update in the table while everything eles does. Can anyone help please.

A:Access Database

Generally, calculated data isn't stored in tables. There is no need for it. If you calculate data, you use it in queries or reports . . . when you create a report, you base it on your query, not your table.
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I have this access database that I from another user which I want to customize so that I can use it. The form has about 28 records with a yes or no fields. Now what I need to do is add more records as I have stuff to add that will require the user to ans. with a yes or no answer. My problem is that I am unable to add more questions (lines or record). Is there a way to do that?

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Hi all,

I have an issue with an access database. When I print out a report one of my columns only prints out 4 out of the 5 digits. This happens with 2 machines. On other pcs the 5 digits appear in output of the report. I have checked the resolutions of the pcs and they are the same. I have expanded the column widths in design view and still the problem persists. I cannot figure out why only 4 digits appear out of the 5.

Can anybody help?


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I have this access database that I got from another company and I would like to use it but I would have to customize it to fit my needs. Is that possible

Relevancy 49.88%

I have an access database, one of the forms I am working with has a subform. I want to be able to print part of the main form, and parts of the suboform. I can do this by inserting the form key number and the subform key number, then it prints what I want. What I am looking for is to be able to be in a clients record and push print and without having to enter anything it prints the fields in the form and the subform that I have in a report. I hope this makes sense. Is there a macro that I can put together to do this?

Thank you in advance for any help. .

A:Access DataBase

The simplest way although it may not seem like it, is to do the following:
Create a Join Query that includes both tables/queries (whatever your using), and create Joins on the 2 Key fields (related), this query should then become the control source for you report.
Now in the new query go to the field that contains the data you will be selecting on the form. eg the ID for the Main form

In the criteria row right click and select Build, find your form and find the Id field control name. The syntax will be:

Now if you don't already have one, place a button on your form that opens the Report or query, it should only display the records for the selected records.

This called "Filter by Form"
Any problems let me know I or some one else can walk you through, it works I use it all the time.
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Hi,can smb help me with sites that have tutorials about the relation of with access databases or sql databases.
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I have a working Access database on a machine running WIN XP and MS Office 2003. I transferred that database file to a new machine running Vista Ultimate and MS Office 2007. When I try to open the database on the new machine, I get this message: missing reference dao2535.tlb. How do I resolve this?

A:MS Access Database

Open your database.
Hit Alt+F11.
Hit Tools-->References.
It would seem it's missing from there.

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I have two separate access database files that I cannot access. when I try to open either one it says unrecognized database format. When I tried to compact and repair, it says the same thing. how can I get back into these databases?
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I have a DB that I did. It works fine except when I click on a cancel button on a text box and then it gives me the error shown below. Im totally lost as to why its doing this. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. Even just pointing me in the right direction. I posted it as a zip file on this site

the password is horror (and sorry for subject matter of horror movies)

A:Access Database

Listen...I looked and can't find anything wrong with it. I recreated the button (find by director), and it appears to work fine...just tells you the macro has been cancelled.

This isn't the first time I've been unable to find something wrong with something in Access...I'm pretty sure it's not uncommon either.
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I have a database where I enter part number description, and cost. I also have another database that is updated all the time with this information in it. I would like to be able to link or however you do it. I would like to lets say put in the part number and then when I push enter or tab the description and cost field populates.

any help would be great.

A:access Database

you can link by selecting the table tab in the DB window and then click NEW followed by selecting Link. Then search for your other database and select the table you want to link to.

You will now have access to all the fields, it is the same as a table now except you may have sharing issues if the table is opened on the source DB.

You can use this linked table just as a regular table to make reports forms, queries etc. so you may not need the table you created with the same information as it is redundant.

So you can make a form with your linked table with a combo to select the product.
I don't know to what degree of detail you want or how much you know so if you need more help just post back.
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We use Accessdata base to keep track of all our orders. All of sudden two days ago, I go to the "main switchboard" and I get a blank order entry form. In that form, there is a small clickable box and when I click on that it says "The expression On Click you entered as the event property setting produced the following error: The expression you entered has a function name that Microsoft Office Access can't find. *** The expression may not result in the name of a macro, the name of a user-defined function, or [Event Procedure]. ***There may have been an error evaluating the function, event or macro."

I have no idea what this means. Please help.

thank you,

A:Access Database - HELP!!!!

The first thing to try after taking a backup copy of the Database is a "Repair & Compact" of the current one. You should open Accees, not the database and then choose Tools>Database Utilities>Repair & Compact. Choose the current database to repair and Compact and save it under a new name. Open the newly named, repaired database and see if it still has the same problem.
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I have an access data base program that we use as our special orders program, we use to be able to have more than one person log into this, but now only one at a time is able to.. The file is shared for all users.


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Hey i need some help with a project i have for work.

my boss wants a type of program set up that controls our stock and products.

In this program i want to be able to input product codes categories invoices suppliers stock on shelf and stock on order and maybe a few similar things.

do u think microsoft access will be able to help me create this? or is there another program out there that will make it easier to do?

please help i havent started it yet just trying to educate myself as best i can and everday my boss asks how its all goin.

A:database help access 03?

Access is perfect for this application.
What kind of products are you dealing with?
Do you "Supplier" lists?
Do you have more than one Supplier for items.
Is the stock used within your area ie by yourselves rather than being sold to a Customer?
Do you want Categories and Sub Categories of stock?
Do you have "Re-Order" levels? (Minimum stock when a new order is required)
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I need help in creating a database that can be searched.

3 Items are needed...

A 2 digit year entry
A 6 digit numerical entry (need to be able to enter less digits)
A 4 digit numerical entry (need to be able to enter less digits)

I need to be able to search the 6 digit number and have it tell me what 4 digit number is associated with it.

I am hoping I am making this clear...

for Access 07 or 03? (the previous version)



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I have created a tracking program using access the main tracking page contains name address phone numbers computer information etc I also have two fields that I insert the problem and then the fix then that is printed out to give to the customer whenever the customer brings their computer back in for service I do a search for their account and it brings up all the pre existing info There last problem and cure are still in there I access database would like to find some way if it s possible to make this dump the items to a database for each customer in case I want to go into it again and look at past events Then the next time I open their account the problem and cure fields are empty but their data past problem and cure will still be in there I almost have this program or database to where it will do everything that I want it to do Any help would be very much appreciated Thanks chad nbsp

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When entering a form..the page normally start with a blank page/form..what code can I use in Macro or Visual have the form blank..when entering the that you can just data..instead of having to click on add new data..

A:Access Database

First, this is really the wrong forum for this question. It should either be in Applications or Development. I only saw this post because I was checking on a post I made here before but I don't usualy visit this forum often.

If you want a form to open ready to take new data, set it's Data Entry property to Yes. (You'll find that property in the Data tab of the forms properties.) If I misunderstood the question, post back and give more details.

Good Luck!

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I am unable to pen my database. It gave me an error message saying it is corrupted. I tried to do repair it but I was unsuccessful.


A:Access Database

Don't you have any Back-ups?
Try opening a "new Blank" database and on the Main Menu, File>Get External Data>Import and then point it the corrupted file just to see if it can be opened that way.
If it can then on each set of Controls (tables, queries, forms etc) click selct all and then OK
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ok , i finally got a site , with some ex. for loading jpg into ACCESS,
ok now without eating any1's head, i have to create a small catalog, with itemcode and pic of the item,both have to be related ,so tha I can search , for itemcode adn get the picture....

now both of above ex. codes are free and can be changed, so any1 cna help me out here,who konws access in advance , modify the scripts above if they can , so taht I am asked for like item code and pic.......