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Solved: Deleting continuous columns freezes Excel

Q: Solved: Deleting continuous columns freezes Excel is me again,
In an earlier thread "blue line" I asked about deleting coninuous columns (not being used in a document) and I was instructed to highlight one column, control, shift, end and this has now twice frozen my application. Any thoughts?


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Preferred Solution: Solved: Deleting continuous columns freezes Excel

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: Deleting continuous columns freezes Excel

Uh, if you read my post there, you saw that I said it did the same thing to me, so I copied the data to a new workbook and posted it for you.
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My excel has columns ad infinitum. I only need through column J. How can I get rid of the other columns so that I can print only through J? Thanks to all who know so much and take time with folks like me who know so little.

A:deleting columns from excel

you should be able to set the print area
what version of excel do you have

I have moved to the office forum
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Ok I am trying to print a spreadsheet format list. I have about 30000
title-artist entries in 2 columns. I am basically trying to print pages 1 & 2, 3-4, 5-6 and so on the same page without shrinking them way down. I want it to be just like I printed 2 columns but with 4 instead. I want to use the left side of the page for page 1 and the left side for page 2. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:Solved: Printing 4 Columns from 2 columns in excel

Welcome to the board. ?
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I have a macro that emails a sales person VBA to continuous in a range ... set be columns of my set their pipeline the data is contained in columns A through H but I also want to send data in columns K and L without the columns in between columns I and J Here is the part that I think I need to change Set rng ActiveSheet Range a ActiveSheet Range H End xlDown But here is the complete code Sub Pipeline EmailHLONetRegs set my range in VBA to be a continuous set of columns ... Dim rng As RangeDim OutApp set my range in VBA to be a continuous set of columns ... As ObjectDim OutMail As ObjectDim Signature As StringDim mysht As WorksheetDim myDropDown As ShapeDim myVal As StringDim RegRng As RangeDim PrevRegRng As set my range in VBA to be a continuous set of columns ... RangeDim ManagerRng As RangeSet mysht ThisWorkbook Worksheets Pipeline Set myDropDown mysht Shapes Drop Down myVal myDropDown ControlFormat List myDropDown ControlFormat Value Set RegRng Worksheets Validation Range D D Find What myVal LookAt xlWhole Set PrevRegRng Worksheets Validation Range D D Find What myVal LookAt xlWhole Set ManagerRng Worksheets Validation Range D D Find What myVal LookAt xlWhole 'If ActiveSheet AutoFilterMode And ActiveSheet FilterMode Or ActiveSheet FilterMode Then ActiveSheet ShowAllDataEnd IfActiveSheet Range a AQ AutoFilter Field Criteria lt Pre-Approval ActiveSheet Range A AQ AutoFilter Field Criteria myValNumberofRegs RegRng Offset ValuePrevNumberofRegs PrevRegRng Offset ValueManager ManagerRng Offset ValueSet rng Nothing' Only send the visible cells in the selection Set rng ActiveSheet Range a ActiveSheet Range H End xlDown If rng Is Nothing Then MsgBox The selection is not a range or the sheet is protected vbNewLine Please correct and try again vbOKOnly Exit SubEnd IfWith Application EnableEvents False ScreenUpdating FalseEnd WithSet OutApp CreateObject Outlook Application Set OutMail OutApp CreateItem With OutMail DisplayEnd WithSignature OutMail HTMLBodystrbody lt br ActiveSheet Range A ActiveSheet Range B lt br ActiveSheet Range A Split ActiveSheet Range B Text lt br Previous Month Registrations PrevNumberofRegs lt br Current Registrations MTD NumberofRegsWith OutMail to myVal cc Manager Subject Your Net Reg Pipeline HTMLBody lt BODY style font-size pt font-family Calibri lt p strbody RangetoHTML rng Signature DisplayEnd WithOn Error GoTo With Application EnableEvents True ScreenUpdating TrueEnd With'range A AQ Borders LineStyle xlNone'range A AQ Borders xlEdgeLeft LineStyle xlNone'Selection Borders LineStyle xlNoneSet OutMail NothingSet OutApp NothingEnd Sub

A:set my range in VBA to be a continuous set of columns ...

Try this:
lastRw = ActiveSheet.Range("H6").End(xlDown).Row
Set Rng = Application.Union(ActiveSheet.Range("A6:H" & lastRw), _
ActiveSheet.Range("K6:L" & lastRw))
MsgBox Rng.Address
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I have a spreadsheet that I wish to compare 2 columns and bring the information from the 3rd. For example, if A6 is equal to an item in G1:G98, then the number in B6 should equal the corresponding number in H1:h98. The formula I used is =VLOOKUP(A8,$G$1:$H$98,2,FALSE) It works great except the problem I have is sometimes there is no corresponding value in G1:G98. In that case I would like it to enter the number 0.

A:Solved: Excel comparing 2 columns

Hi Bsoda,


(looking at what I just posted, its displaying an extra space in the final FALSE, but its not there when I go to Edit it!!)
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Adding rows 5 thru 10 on line 11 I use function, and get a total for column A. When I go to column B I have to type in function again - and also in C-D etc. Is there a way to get all the desired columns added on line 11? I use XP home with Excel.

A:Solved: Excel-adding columns

Just click on the bottom right of the total in Column A.
You should see a set of crosshairs.
Drag it through the other cells that you wish totalled,
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I have a list of customer IDs in two columns. I want to generate the customer IDs which are missing in either of the two columns in a third column. What formula can be applied here?

Thanks in advance

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Got a spreadsheet where the first column on the leftmost side is Column D.

I want to see Col A - Col C as I know they exist but I cannot see.
I move the cursor to A1 and am told the contents in top left corner of Excel.

Have tried Unhide the whole worksheet but no go.

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I'm using MS Excel 2007 under Win7 Prof.
In it, the columns visible in Excel are only upto 'IU', and all these columns are in use. Now, if I try to insert any more columns, the messages comes that "to prevent possible loss of data, Excel cannot shift Non-blank columns off the worksheet".
I'm stumped, and I need to increase the columns further and do not know how do I go about this.
Kindly Help.
Thanks in advance.

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I have been entering information into a template in Excel. The template was created by someone at work. This template has merged columns. I had no problem entering the information until I added two extra rows within the template. The added two rows are not merged but the merge function is grayed out and I am unable to select it. What could be the problem and how can I correct it?


A:Solved: Trying to Merge Columns in Excel

can you post an example of the spreadsheet

if you highlight the two cells can you merge
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I decided to hide the first couple of columns in the spreadsheet. But for some reason I can't get them back. I tried selecting the first visible column, the whole spreadsheet, the View menu. Nothing. The columns won't unhide. And yes I need their data.

For the record, hiding and then unhiding works fine when it's not the first column.

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I am trying to write some vba code to Copy the the contents from each row in excel and make it into a new text file. I need the 1st Row to be in each text file though. So the 1st loop would be A1 & A2 row copy next loop would be A1 & A3 copy. When i paste the values in the new sheet to be saved as the text file I need to transpose the paste so row 1 now will be in column A. The filename would be created from the value in Column A. I have uploaded some example files. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The bonus would be if i could get any empty spaces removed from the cells.

I tried modifying some code that Jimmy the Hand wrote linked here
with no luck.

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First, thank you all for you time and knowledge in advance.

Here's my situation. I'm working with file that is sent to me with populated information, in this example Col A
What I would like to do is enter information in Col B and then do a comparison of both A and B, letting me know if something in Col B is not in Col A and also is something in Col A not in Col B.

I need to know if what was sent to my in the spread sheet match what I physically inventoried.

I have provided an example.

Hopefully I did not over complicate my request.

Thank you,


A:Solved: comparing data in two columns in Excel

does this help

or this may ble closer to what you need
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I have data in the following row format:

0 4591 5 4491 10 4461 15 4441 20 4321

The data are X and Z points so the above example shows 5 pairs of data. I would like to place these pairs of data sequentially in two columns where one column has all the X's and the other has the related Z's. I have many, many rows of similar data that I need transferred into two columns.

0 4591
5 4491
10 4461
15 4441
20 4321

Could anyone help me out with a macro that can do this for me?

Thanks very much in advance.

A:Solved: Excel Macro - Rows to Columns

Welcome to the board.

Let's say the example pairs are in A1:J1.

With A1:J1 selected,

Sub test()
For Each Cell In Selection
If Cell.Column Mod 2 = 1 Then
Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Offset(1) = Cell.Value
Range("B" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Offset(1) = Cell.Value
End If
Next Cell
End Sub

gives you actual pairs in A2:B6.

So, what do we need to adjust to make it compatible with your "many, many rows of similar data" scenario?
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I need to convert rows to columns in Excel like this:

Monday | 1
Tuesday | 2
Wednesday | 3
Thursday | 4
Friday | 5
Monday | 6
Tuesday | 7
Wednesday | 8
Thursday | 9
Friday | 0


Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 0

Is this possible?

Well, that didn't display at all like I expected. In short, I need the repeating headers in column A to become one set of headers in row 1 with the data corresponding to each header name below it. Does that make sense?

A:Solved: Excel Rows to Columns with a Twist

Try this :

1) copy the days i.e(MondayTuesdayWednesday Thursday Friday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
2) Go to the required cell and right click and select "paste special as" then select "Transpose"
You will get the data in this shape
MondayTuesdayWednesday Thursday Friday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
4) Repeat the same step for other data............
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I have data organised in paris of columns with differing amounts of data in each column pair.
I need to move all data to columns A&B:

- If there is data in columns C & D, move it to the foot of columns A&B.
- Then, if there is data in columns E & F, move it to the foot of columns A&B.
- Etc. til the end of the ActiveRange.

I've managed to do this using hard-coded column references, but it involves a lot of reptetition.
Presumably the code can be substantially compacted, and work to the end of the ActiveRange rather than to arbitrary end columns (in this case, cols AC and AD).

A:Solved: Excel VBA moving all data to columns A+B

This will work on the active sheet.... If you need this for multiple sheets we would need to alter the macro slightly. Test this on a copy of your xl file.


Sub appAB()

Dim i As Integer
Dim lRow As Integer
Dim lRowA As Integer

For i = 3 To 30 Step 2
lRow = Cells(Rows.Count, i).End(xlUp).Row
lRowA = Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row + 1
Range(Cells(1, i), Cells(lRow, i + 1)).Cut Destination:=Range("A" & lRowA)

End Sub
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Hello. I am terrible with Excel and trying to learn how to use it. I created this chart with various functions but I cannot figure out how to get rid of tick type marks that go along 2 columns that I have. They appear in the upper left of each cell going down the column. Any help appreciated. Thanks

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On the attached spreadsheet, I need a total count of baselined desktops (minus the ones that have been deleted) problem is how do I get it to look at one record, mark that that agent had been a baselined one, but is now deleted, so don't count it. I can't just remove the deleted ones, cause I want my customer to know which agents have disappeared. Take a look at the formula in B2 for a general idea. That formula doesn't work cause it just adds everything together. I need it to be smart enough to Total the Baselined Agents and then Subtract the agents that are baselined and deleted per field. Any questions let me know. Look at B2 to get an idea and see if I'm on the right track.

A:Solved: Excel - Trying to count 2 columns (almost as one) to get data for a 3rd.
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I have a rather large file that I would like to print. I have other files like it that were done in Excel and they came out just like I wanted them to. The entries are arranged in rows and columns. I was able to number the rows and put headers over each column. The one in question is arranged in rows but not in columns. I can open it in Excel but I have no idea how to get it to arrange into columns. Is there any way Excel can do this for me? I'd really rather not do this manually because there are over three thousand rows that need to be in 12 columns.

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Hi - I m semi-proficient with excel and I m actually working on creating some dashboard reports at this time One problem I m having is separating some of the data from a specific column Let me give you an example This column has over lines in Excel columns? separation Data Solved: this is just a sample What I need to do is break this column out by month and show how many dates are from the last month the last - months and the Solved: Data separation in Excel columns? ones that are months in the past Of course I want the sheet to show this info automatically so it has to know the current date which I can do by placing the formula quot TODAY Solved: Data separation in Excel columns? quot So what I m asking for is what formula and format would I use to count how many cells in this column fall into each of date ranges I mentioned Also I did manage to use the DAYS A C for example where A quot Today quot and C quot quot above This information is in cells next to the above data as follows - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - So I figured out how to list how many days I have since the date Solved: Data separation in Excel columns? in the first column but not how to break them apart within the column Hopefully this is enough information to request some help but if you need more info please let me know I ll watch the thread closely Thank you -Drake nbsp

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I am trting to create a chart using excel. I have inserted dates in column 1 - they are not sequential!. When I put the data into a chart it creates extra dates inbetween those I have actual placed in the cells. Help!

A:Solved: excel unwanted date columns

not a great solution - but format the dates as text - it should then only show the dates you have entered - and should be correct on the chart - but will be a number in the cells

not sure this is the correct way to go - but it seems to work

see attached
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I have a flat file that when I read it into excel it populates column 1 of each row with data.
This data is actually a series of 5 fields that I need to have in columns and rows, that is,
column a1 thru a5 I need placed in a1, b1,c1,d1 and e1 followed by
column a6 thru a10 placed in a2,b2,c2,d2 and e2.
The data is balanced, that ism there is data in each of the 5 fields for a "record".
Any help would be appreciated.

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Can there be a macro in excel to find column headers of the excel file in word docs and fill them in excel respectively for all the docx files in a folder. word data/file is not in table format and all docx files are similar

I tried recording the macro but it doesn't work

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How do I unlock the outline column when I protect the sheet?

Have a spreadsheet in outline form (Data->Group and Outline ...) which, of course, produces a special column to the left of the worksheet that allows expansion or contraction of the rows on the spreadsheet (with a plus or minus sign).

I want to protect the spreadsheet, but still allow this expansion and contraction. However, when I protect the worksheet (tools->protection->Protect Sheet) it also protects this expansion/contraction column

A:Solved: Excel 2003 Unprotect Outline Columns

Yep, that to my knowledge is correct.

You cannot protect the sheet and work in group mode.
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I'm using some software to export payment information into a CSV file. This file needs to be in the bank's specified SIF format which requires all the data to be in one column.

The limitation with my software is that the detail of each payment gets exported into it's own separate column. For instance, cells A1:A10 contain payment details to one individual, B1:B10 to another, and so on. I require the whole lot combining into Column A, running from A1:A65536 (it will never go this far down the spreadsheet, but you get the idea).

I've tinkered with some basic copy and delete macros but I'm unable to make the headway that I need to. I don't have the touch when it comes to programming .

Thanks in advance

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I have several excel sheets which accumulate hidden in Solved: lists columns and Drop-down Excel data Solved: Drop-down lists and hidden columns in Excel at regular periods This accumulation involves the addition of new columns Each column contains one or two drop down lists When I report to other team members I send them pdf s of the datasheets In order to get the reports to fit on one piece of paper I hide the unnecessary columns When I hide the columns all the dropdown lists get shunted along to the first visible column This was never a problem until the format of the columns were changed request from the customer This change can not be implemented for all previous entries I now have the problem that the bunched up dropdown lists appear in the first visible column obscuring the title for that column How can I get around this problem without spending minutes temporarily deleting these dropdown columns each time I have thought about deleting them permanently except the sheet is also used by other people and this would cause unwanted problems I hope someone can help me Thankyou I should have added if Solved: Drop-down lists and hidden columns in Excel you hide columns C through F in the test file then you will see all the dropdown lists shift into column G nbsp

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Help please.

I've done a excel spreadsheet, where across the sheet in a line with maybe a few letters 'x' or 'H' or 'BH' and the next line will have the same. This could be from line 8 to line 121.

But in a column say 'T8' to 'T121' I want to count the total number of 'x's in that column, also 'H' and 'BH' giving the total individually. ie:- x=3 H=6 BH=4 for column 'T' and the same with the other columns.

Can this be done, please.

A:Solved: Help required with Excel adding letters in columns

you could do a count in seperate columns

in A1
=COUNTIF(T8:T121, "X")
in A2
=COUNTIF(T8:T121, "H")
in a3
=COUNTIF(T8:T121, "BH")
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Hi This is a fab site just spent a good few hours reading through without realising the time ANyway I am stuck on an Excel problem I have two columns of which there are lots of duplicates in column A and various values in column B Like this A B Book Title Song One Book Title Song Two Book Title Song THree Book Title Song One Book TItle Song Two Book Title Song Three Book TItle Song Four and so on for rows Merge two Solved: a Data Columns from row Sort Excel and into What I would like to do is have all of the relevant info from column B in just one cell in one row rather than a separate row for each song title So what I ideally need is A B Book Title One Song One Song Two Song Three Book Title Two Song One Song Two Song Three Song Four and so Solved: Excel Sort and Merge Data from two Columns into a row on Solved: Excel Sort and Merge Data from two Columns into a row I have no idea where to begin with this I have read several similar Solved: Excel Sort and Merge Data from two Columns into a row things that might help but the problem is that each Book Title has a different number of songs in it Can any one advise a complete beginner on how I might accomplish this Many thanks for any guidance nbsp

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I have 2 tables where the id in the main table that I need to match with the second table could appear in any one of 3 columns of the second table. I can get the data by created 2 more tables and making three separate queries. Is there any way to create a query that would merge the two tables no matter which column the matching data is in without create 3 separate tables and queries?

A:Solved: Excel Query where id matching 2nd table could be in 1 of three columns

After looking at the sql, I just added or statement for the where. I used the same syntax as matching one of the columns and then added an or and changed the column to match to.
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As the title suggests I searched across the interned for something that would allow me to split comma separated cells to columns I came across this code that splits comma separated cells into quot Rows quot Code lt - A - gt lt - B - gt COLOR COLOR a b c a COLOR COLOR d b COLOR COLOR e c COLOR COLOR f g d COLOR COLOR h e COLOR COLOR i f COLOR COLOR g COLOR COLOR h COLOR COLOR i Code COLOR b Option COLOR Explicit COLOR b Sub COLOR Macro Solved: Cells EXCEL: to Separated Comma Columns COLOR b Solved: EXCEL: Comma Separated Cells to Columns Dim COLOR fromCol COLOR b As COLOR COLOR b String COLOR COLOR b Dim COLOR toCol COLOR b As COLOR COLOR b String COLOR COLOR b Dim COLOR fromRow COLOR b As COLOR COLOR Solved: EXCEL: Comma Separated Cells to Columns b String COLOR COLOR b Dim COLOR toRow COLOR b As COLOR COLOR b String COLOR COLOR b Dim COLOR inVal COLOR b As COLOR COLOR b String COLOR COLOR b Dim COLOR outVal COLOR b As COLOR COLOR b String COLOR COLOR b Dim COLOR commaPos COLOR b As COLOR COLOR b Integer COLOR COLOR ' Copy from column A to column B ' COLOR fromCol COLOR quot A quot COLOR toCol COLOR quot B quot COLOR fromRow COLOR quot quot COLOR toRow COLOR quot quot COLOR COLOR ' Go until no more entries in column A ' COLOR inVal Range fromCol fromRow Value COLOR b While COLOR inVal lt gt COLOR quot quot COLOR COLOR ' Go until all sub-entries used up ' COLOR COLOR b While COLOR inVal lt gt COLOR quot quot COLOR Range fromCol fromRow COLOR b Select COLOR COLOR ' Extract each subentry ' COLOR commaPos InStr COLOR COLOR inVal COLOR quot quot COLOR COLOR b While COLOR commaPos lt gt COLOR COLOR COLOR ' and write to output column ' COLOR outVal Left inVal commaPos - COLOR COLOR Range toCol toRow COLOR b Select COLOR Range toCol toRow Value outVal toRow Mid Str Val toRow COLOR COLOR COLOR COLOR COLOR ' Remove that sub-entry ' COLOR inVal Mid inVal commaPos COLOR COLOR COLOR b While COLOR Left inVal COLOR COLOR COLOR quot quot COLOR inVal Mid inVal COLOR COLOR COLOR b Wend COLOR commaPos InStr COLOR COLOR inVal COLOR quot quot COLOR COLOR b Wend COLOR COLOR ' Get last sub-entry or full entry if no commas ' COLOR Range toCol toRow COLOR b Select COLOR Range toCol toRow Value inVal toRow Mid Str Val toRow COLOR COLOR COLOR COLOR inVal COLOR quot quot COLOR COLOR b Wend COLOR COLOR ' Advance to next source row ' COLOR fromRow Mid Str Val fromRow COLOR COLOR COLOR COLOR Range fromCol fromRow COLOR b Select COLOR inVal Range fromCol fromRow Value COLOR b Wend COLOR COLOR b End COLOR COLOR b Sub COLOR I am looking for something that would allow me to do this instead Code lt - A - gt lt - B - gt lt - C - gt lt - D- gt COLOR COLOR a b c a b c COLOR COLOR d d COLOR COLOR e e COLOR COLOR f g f g COLOR COLOR h h COLOR COLOR i i COLOR COLOR COLOR COLOR COLOR COLOR nbsp

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What would be the best way to find a specific Column Header, and copy the data found in the column until the column header is found again?

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I'm a novice excel VBA macro user. I've manipulated already created macros, but I'm not sure how to create one from scratch. Can someone please help me create a macro.

I'd like to move the values highlighted in yellow to the cells highlighted in green...and then delete any rows that are empty.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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Dear guys,

I was wondering if there is a way to change Columns to Text. I know that from the last question i posted here a while back, that we could change a string of text in to many columns. So what i would like to do now is the opposite.

Referring to the excel spreadsheet attached, I basically want to change columns A, B and C in to G.

At first i tried using the formula "=(A3 x B3 x C3)" and obviously that didnt work if not i wouldnt be posting here. How would you pick values up from a cell and then use them in another cell something like =A3 which will bring the value of that cell into another cell. How would you do it for multiple cell references?

Thanks in advance!

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I have a formula (below) that I use to pull the entire contents of a cell of the first occurrence that appears on a row when one of the 15 cells in the row contains PERM. I need a second column formula to find the 2nd occurrence in that same row. Any help would be appreciated.


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EDIT Solved Simple SUMIF worked I thought it was going to be a lot more complicated that that I have an excel spreadsheet which has the following columns Condition Condition Condition etc if a condition is true I set that to a if condition for colums Solved: excel columns in status various suming false a then I have columns with status Status A Status B Status C etc if a status is true I set that to a if false a now i want to report for all conditions the status this works manually using filters and the sum on the status bar Solved: suming status columns for various condition colums in excel so I can filter on condition for then highlight column status A and look at the sum and record the number in the summary Solved: suming status columns for various condition colums in excel sheet then highlight column status B and look at the sum and record the number in the summary sheet then highlight column status C and look at the sum and record the number in the summary sheet etc for all status columns Then I remove filter for condition and I filter on condition for a then highlight column status A and look at the sum and record the number in the summary sheet then highlight column status B and look at the sum and record the number in the summary sheet then highlight column status C and look at the sum and record the number in the summary sheet etc for all status columns and repeat for all conditions I m sure there is a simple formula I can put in the summary sheet to calculate these values I will have to de-sensitive the spreadsheet to post an example - which i will do later today nbsp
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I need to delete multiple columns within an Excel worksheet based on the headers in the first row. What would be the best way to perform this operation?

I have been playing around with the code below, but I feel as though there could be a better way.

Sub test()

Dim myArr As Variant

myArr = Array("Test1", "Test2", "Test3")
If Range("C1").Value = myArr Then
Columns("C").Delete shift:=xlToLeft
ElseIf Range("D1").Value = myArr Then
Columns("D").Delete shift:=xlToLeft
End If

End Sub

A:Solved: Excel Macro -> Delete Multiple Columns Based on Criteria
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Hello I ve long used a simple macro on various spreadsheets to reset the last used cell Sub Reset Range Application ActiveSheet UsedRange End then Excel 2003 range reset to & delete columns rows, macro Solved: blank Sub This works fine but prior to using it I would have to press CTRL End to see where the current last cell is then manually delete any blank columns and rows appearing at the end of the data by selecting them by their column letters row numbers right clicking and selecting Delete Failure to do this would mean the macro didn t successfully correct the last used cell I would like to add this stage into the Solved: Excel 2003 macro to delete blank columns & rows, then reset range macro I found some code on the web that allegedly removes all blank rows and columns so I pasted it at the top of my existing macro Option Explicit Sub DeleteBlankRows Dim Rw As Solved: Excel 2003 macro to delete blank columns & rows, then reset range Long RwCnt As Long Rng As Range Application ScreenUpdating False Application Calculation xlCalculationManual On Error GoTo Exits If Selection Rows count gt Then Set Rng Selection Else Set Rng Range Rows Rows Solved: Excel 2003 macro to delete blank columns & rows, then reset range ActiveSheet Cells SpecialCells xlCellTypeLastCell Row End If RwCnt For Rw Rng Rows count To Step - If Application WorksheetFunction CountA Rng Rows Rw EntireRow Then Rng Rows Rw EntireRow Delete RwCnt RwCnt End If Next Rw Exits Application ScreenUpdating True Application Calculation xlCalculationAutomatic End Sub Sub DeleteBlankColumns Dim Col As Long ColCnt As Long Rng As Range Application ScreenUpdating False Application Calculation xlCalculationManual On Error GoTo Exits If Selection Columns count gt Then Set Rng Selection Else Set Rng Range Columns Columns ActiveSheet Cells SpecialCells xlCellTypeLastCell Column End If ColCnt For Col Rng Columns count To Step - If Application WorksheetFunction CountA Rng Columns Col EntireColumn Then Rng Columns Col EntireColumn Delete ColCnt ColCnt End If Next Col Exits Application ScreenUpdating True Application Calculation xlCalculationAutomatic End Sub However it doesn t work with my current document - pressing CTRL END after running the combined macro takes you to the same last cell as if you hadn t run it Cells in the blank columns and rows at the end have formatting shading cell borders but no obvious data As a test I also tried deleting the contents of column in the middle of the data selecting column and pressing Delete just leaving the cell formatting in place The macro failed to remove that column too So can someone help me get code that actually works in deleting empty columns and rows and resetting the last used cell Ta nbsp

A:Solved: Excel 2003 macro to delete blank columns & rows, then reset range
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I'm having trouble deleting a continuous section break in Word. I did make use of the Help function and received the following advice: select the break and press delete. Problem is that I don't know how to select a break. I tried, but all I ended up doing was selecting text.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.

A:deleting a continuous section break in Word

On Word's toolbar, look for this symbol:

When you click on it, you should then see all control characters (return/line feeds, page breaks etc) so you know where they are to delete. Click on again to toggle the display off.
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I do a weekly report that I base on results that I get with search done in Internet Explorer I can then cut and paste these results into an Excel spreadsheet moving unwanted Rows, Question: rows Solved: Excel to new Removing columns some but I need to delete most of the information whole rows and reorganize the remaining rows by taking the even numbered rows and putting them into the B column then delete that Solved: Excel Question: Removing unwanted Rows, moving some rows to new columns Row as well I have included some images that should help Solved: Excel Question: Removing unwanted Rows, moving some rows to new columns A few more items The information that I paste into the excel spredsheet may contain up to but no more than lines from the original copying source in Explorer I m not sure how many lines that translates into Excel After every records in Explorer there is a quot top quot link that gets copied which needs to be taken into consideration when deleting the extra rows entirely Another way to look at this is that I ONLY want to keep the rows that have the digit number a space then more digits as well as the rows that contain the price with the For instance the first record in my example I ONLY kept amp The price will ALWAYS have a and the first set of number will ALWAYS have digits first no letters Attached is a jpg that shows the various steps the last screen shot has a few of the cells highlighted in the upper left hand side Those highlighted cells is all of the information I need and how I need it presented from the first search records the MLS number and the price Thanks nbsp

A:Solved: Excel Question: Removing unwanted Rows, moving some rows to new columns
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I am trying to classify and code my inventory items in excel.
My classification sheet contains data in columns which I would like to copy to rows in another excel sheet.
Here is the sample data in ACMOTORS-ATTRIBUTES sheet:

The above sheet has to be converted to columns as in Item_Classificatios_Form sheet :

Can anybody assist me in writing a macro for the same.


A:Solved: Excel Macro to convert Rows from one sheet to columns in another sheet
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I am using Microsoft excel 2010. I have an old mailing list of people who have registered for an event in the past. I have a new mailing list of people who have registered for an event this year. I want to merge both lists and delete people who appear on both lists. I do not want the people who have already registered for my event this year to get a reminder to register again this year when they already have, how do I do this?

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In Excel 97 under the Data menue there is a command to convert "Text to Columns...". But, I want to convert "Columns to Text...". How do I do that? [email protected]

A:Solved: Excel 97: How can I convert "Columns to Text..."?
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Hi everyone I have a macro that creates a checkbox and some writing in a cell pretty simple But every time this macro is used the checkbox that is created is defaultly named e g quot CheckBox quot then next time quot CheckBox quot then quot CheckBox quot etc etc This means that the separate macro that I m trying to Solved: a with macro checkbox deleting excel: a write to delete the checkbox and writing that is made is puzzling me I can t specify the checkbox name because it changes each time the macro is run but similarly it doesn t recognise me changing the name to something else Solved: excel: deleting a checkbox with a macro and then COLOR blue important COLOR blue important searching COLOR COLOR for the box named that Has anyone got any ideas of how Solved: excel: deleting a checkbox with a macro I can basically highlight a checkbox that appears in a specific place on a worksheet so can then simply delete it The code I am using to create the checkbox and title is shown below Code LEFT Sub Submenu TightCurves Sheets quot Mechanics quot Select Range quot K quot Select Selection Copy Sheets quot Initial Check List quot Select Range quot F quot PasteSpecial Range quot F I quot Select Application CutCopyMode False With Selection HorizontalAlignment xlLeft MergeCells True URL quot http www excelforum com Solved: excel: deleting a checkbox with a macro showthread php t quot COLOR blue COLOR blue important FONT verdana COLOR blue important FONT verdana Font FONT COLOR FONT COLOR COLOR URL Bold True BorderAround LineStyle xlContinuous Weight xlMedium ColorIndex xlAutomatic Interior ColorIndex Interior Pattern xlSolid End With Call Create CheckBox TightCurves End Sub Sub Create CheckBox TightCurves ActiveSheet CheckBoxes Add Select With Selection Characters Text quot sub quot ShapeRange ScaleWidth msoFalse msoScaleFromTopLeft ShapeRange ScaleHeight msoFalse msoScaleFromTopLeft Value xlOff LinkedCell quot K quot End With End Sub LEFT A simple but bizare problem nonetheless Cheers if anyone can help me Mack nbsp

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Hello i have large sets of data in excel that i need to monitor they are on the same worksheet one of them i copy and paste new data on a daily basis and the other i keep a running tab of data that i have extracted from the st set the of rows are fairly large and many times the data i have in the nd set comes up again in the first set on a future date i need a macro that will look at the data in the second set and automatically delete any identical rows that it finds from the data in the first set this will leave in Solved: entries deleting excel dupe the first set with only the fresh data that i need to analyze on a daily basis each row has a unique identifier that can be looked Solved: deleting dupe entries in excel up and compared to see if needs to be deleted please advise if i am not clear attached is a sample spreadsheet i am using excel --pls note that row of the st set is the same as row in the second set highlighted in yellow and row is the same as row IN THIS CASE I NEED ROWS AND Solved: deleting dupe entries in excel TO BE DELETED AND LEAVE ROWS AND regards nbsp

A:Solved: deleting dupe entries in excel

Click on the DATA ribbon. Don't you have "Remove Duplicates" as an option there?
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I open an excel spreadsheet and get message box to open other spreadsheets that have cells that are linked. Those spreadsheets no longer exist, so I get a file not found diagnostic.

I tried to use Edit-> links and delete those links. I believe you need to do this manually, but that option is "greyed".


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In the last - weeks Windows Mail has started to freeze when I try to delete certain messages This applies to all folders including Deleted Items When I click Delete the dreaded blue circle appears and sits there rotating indefinitely Sometimes I can get round this by closing the Solved: Mail messages Windows deleting certain when freezes program and restarting but more often than not I have to reboot Solved: Windows Mail freezes when deleting certain messages before I can delete the message without WM freezing This only seems to happen when a mail has a PDF attachment I ve tried updating and disabling Adobe Reader but this doesn t help I didn t really think it would I ve also recreated all the Solved: Windows Mail freezes when deleting certain messages files in App Data Local Microsoft Windows Mail - to no effect I haven t changed my antivirus and am pretty sure I have no malware on my computer I ve tried System Restore too The fault seems to be random in that not all mails with PDF attachmets get stuck but enough do to be really annoying Anyone else experienced this and or got any tips Could it be a bug caused by a recent update and if so do MS know about it I ve tried Live Mail but don t really like it - other than this problem I like WM Thanks nbsp

A:Solved: Windows Mail freezes when deleting certain messages

It appears that nobody else has had this problem, so perhaps it's something specific to my computer. Since I wrote the above post the problem hasn't reoccurred, and although I have a feeling it'll resurface some time, I'll close the question for now.
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Some background We get a schedule from a client that comes in an XLSX file format The workbook has dozens of worksheets and currently I have a vbscript that saves only the worksheets I need as tab delimited files We use the tab delimited files as input to a SAS program Now one of my users has requested if we can remove any text that has the StrikeThrough effect file Excel Solved: Strikethrough Deleting text from an from the excel file before it is saved as the tab delimited file Now I found a Macro where I can select a range of Cells and run the macro to remove any text with a StrikeThrough effect Now my issue is how can I automate this from within my vbscript We receive an updated schedule weekly and currently we have this whole process completely automated Client drops the file into a folder on our ftp site and we have a process that watches that folder and pulls down the XLSX file and kicks off my vbscript to run it It outputs the needed Solved: Deleting Strikethrough text from an Excel file worksheets to another folder and another process watches that and kicks off the SAS program One thing I noticed with the Macro is if I select a range of cells with it and one of those cells is just a number I get an error and the macro stops running Here is the vbscript I am using If anyone can look at the Macro and figure out how I can integrate it into this whole process I would appreciate it And if you see anyway I can improve this Vbscript let me know I am still pretty new to VBscripting Code Set objArgs WScript Arguments For I to objArgs Count - Set FSO CreateObject quot Scripting FileSystemObject quot Set objFile FSO GetFile objArgs I 'Full Path and file name basename FSO GetBaseName objfile 'base file name without path and extension extension FSO GetExtensionName objfile 'file name extension filepath FSO GetParentFolderName objFile 'file path without trailing slash fileName FSO GetFileName objFile 'file name with extension Set objExcel CreateObject quot Excel application quot ' create an excel object set objExcelBook objExcel Workbooks Open objFile objExcel application visible false ' Hides Excel from View objExcel application displayalerts false ' Turn off security alerty Dim e ' counter variable For e to objExcelBook Worksheets Count ' Loop Through all worksheets Dim sName sName objExcelBook Worksheets e Name Set objSheet objExcelBook Sheets sName objSheet Activate CELLA objSheet Cells stext Sname amp quot quot amp CELLA 'Only want the worksheets that are DM GET or GROW and are not Cancelled If InStr sText quot DM quot gt And InStr sText quot GET quot gt OR InStr sText quot GRW quot gt OR InStr sText quot GROW quot gt AND InStr sText quot CANCEL quot Then objExcelBook SaveAs filepath amp quot Output quot amp CELLA amp quot txt quot - 'tab delimited file END IF Next objExcel Application Quit objExcel Quit Set objExcel Nothing set objExcelBook Nothing Next nbsp

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Hi guys,

Is it possible to hide certain columns in a worksheet? (Excel 97 on Win98se). We have a spreadsheet that has columns A-G then BF-BJ, then BM-BR. The person that created the spreadsheet is on vacation this week, so we can't talk to them. The person using the spreadsheet now, says there is more information that is needed to get this information currently on the spreadsheet. Is it a reach to think that there may be more info in possibly hidden columns? Aside from renaming columns, is there any other way that someone would go straight from G to BF?

Thanks a lot for the help!


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Hi Guys,

Ive opened my excel this morning and instead of there being numbers down the side and letters across the top ive got numbers down the side and across the top so i cant do any statements? Does anybody know what this could be, and why its happened?


A:Excel columns?

Hi gazmysta,

Tools/Options/General untick the R1C1 reference style box.

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I have some data on Excel. Address numbers are in one column and the street names are in another column. Is there a way I can copy all the information in one column (address numbers) and merge it into another column (street names)?

A:Excel Columns

if the address numbers are in a1 and the street name is in b1, paste =A1& " " &B1 in c1. This will place the number and address in c1.

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Hi guys i am back yet again and prob not the last time as this site is the best I need a little help with my macro that i have attached and pasted below In the attached excel file you will see multi records of the same thing I need to only have of each item listed and the duplicates deleted Please Help Sub DelDups OneList Dim iListCount As Integer Dim iCtr As Integer Turn off screen updating to speed up macro Application ScreenUpdating False Get count of records to search through iListCount Sheets quot Sheet Excel 03, Solved: line items deleting macro duplicate for quot Range quot B B quot Rows Count Sheets quot Sheet quot Range quot B quot Select Loop until end of records Do Until ActiveCell quot quot Loop through records For iCtr To iListCount Don t compare against yourself To specify a different column change to the column number If ActiveCell Row lt gt Sheets quot Sheet quot Cells iCtr Row Then Do comparison Solved: Excel 03, macro for deleting duplicate line items of next record If ActiveCell Value Sheets quot Sheet quot Cells Solved: Excel 03, macro for deleting duplicate line items iCtr Value Then If match is true then delete row Sheets quot Sheet quot Cells iCtr Delete xlShiftUp Solved: Excel 03, macro for deleting duplicate line items Increment counter to account for deleted row iCtr iCtr End If End If Next iCtr Go to next record ActiveCell Offset Select Loop Application ScreenUpdating True MsgBox quot Done quot End Sub If you need further information please let me know Thanks ahead of time for the great help you all have provided Chris nbsp

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Has anyone ever encountered missing columns in Excel? I received an Excel file from a co-worker and the columns are lettered from A to H, then L, then from T on. I have never seen a spreadsheet with missing columns before. I am having problems printing the spreadsheet because it cuts off after the L column. My guess is that there is a page bread in one of the missing columns. Can anyone help me with this?

A:Missing Columns in Excel

Click on the top left box, where the rows and columns meet. That should select everything. Then right click on one of the rows or columns and choose unhide rows/columns. That's it

:wave:Welcome to TechSpot:wave:
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How do you alter column placemens in Excel so that Column 2 changes places with Column 1?

A:Transposing Excel Columns

if I understand you correctly, all you need to do is to cut column A (rows are numeric, columns alphabetic), click on the column after column b, and click insert cut cells.

again, that is if I understand you correctly. Please advise if this works.
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I am trying to insert a column in my spreadsheet, but I keep getting the following error message:

To prevent possible loss of data, Microsoft Excel cannot shift nonblank cells off the worksheet.

I don't know why I continue to get that message in this particular spreadsheet. I tried copying and pasting in a new workbook, but it still doesn't insert the column.

Does anyone know what could be wrong?

A:Excel....inserting columns

Never mind. I was finally able to insert the column. I still don't know what the problem was, but I tried copying and pasting again and it worked.
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I'm using Excel 2010.
I have a workbook with TWO Tabs (sorry, cannot attach).
First Tab, the data - Second Tab, the form I want generated.

In the first Tab, Column A is a date. Columns B and C are TEXT Data
For the second tab, I want to create formula that reads like this:

If first tab Column A = a specified date, then bring in the information in first Columns B and C.

If the date appears five times, can it bring the information in and create five rows? (or am I restricted to only cell to cell formulas?)
It sounds like I should just do a simple cut/paste sort of thing and not create a difficult formula, but I really need a formula, because ultimately it will be expanded beyond two simple tabs.

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Please HELP,

This problem's going way beyond my excel knowledge. and beyond my friend "ASAP utilities"
Can someone please tell me how to merge 2 Column using a key factor " i.e number".

Here I have 4 column's total.
The left 2 have the correct order/ The Right 2 are in the wrong order.
I need to fix that using their common factor/#.

I have attached the file here.

I would be very happy to fix this ASAP.
How do I do it???


Brion Dublin

A:help merging columns in Excel 03 !!!

I have made some mods to your sheets as follows

I created a reference table by
extracting the number part from column E using Find looking for a space and then using Mid to select the number - see the cacl for ref table
Then created a reference table tab - to use as a lookup
Then on sheet1 used vlookup to get the column D & E to align with column A
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if I click on the column at the very top it will highlight the column, then I can drag and drop it somewhere, but it overwrites the column where I dropped it. how do I keep it from doing that?

its a CSV file im working with. I have another CSV viewer where I can easily drag and drop columns. but the problem with that one is the first line is not comma seperated, so I have to open it with notepad and remove the first line before I can view it errr...

A:moving columns in excel?

Create a blank column into which you can drag/drop the target column

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Hi I have data on the semiconductor industry of companies and their partners alliances for the years - and - The data is in columns in the following format Alliance ID Company Name Company ID Partner ID Partner ID Partner ID Partner ID The above is for - and - The column Alliance ID assigns a unique ID to each alliance For example if the company Intel has a partnership with other companies Partner ID and Partner ID then this alliance is given an alliance ID XXXXXX It is important to note that this ID is for a given combination of partners i e the same company Intel can have another partnership with some other company different partner ID then this Columns Matching Excel in alliance gets a different alliance ID albeit it being for the same focal company Intel However I only have alliance IDs for the - data and need to generate them for - In other words if a given alliance in - is repeated in - then I need Excel to automatically assign the - Matching Columns in Excel Alliance ID to the corresponding row in - To illustrate In - I can have the following alliance-Intel partnering with Matching Columns in Excel Kodak and Hitachi partner ID and partner ID respectively This alliance can be repeated for - Intel with Kodak and Hitachi Then I want Excel to assign the - Alliance ID to the empty cell of - Alliance ID of the SAME alliance Is there a command or macro program that can do this automatically Thanks Mithuna nbsp

A:Matching Columns in Excel

Can you please upload an example of your spreadsheet (without any sensitive data) so we can see what we are dealing with.
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I need to sort columns in Microsoft excel but here is my dilemma I am having. I need them to be sorted based on the first column alphabetically. Which I understand requires just hitting the sort button.

However.. my grid looks something like this

NAME Hours Address
Tom 6 10 B Street
Bob 3 30 Smith Lane
I want to sort by Name alphabetically. But I want the addresses and hours to also sort along with it. So for example when Tom's name is moved below Bob's I want his hours and Address to also move with it. So everything stays organized. How would I do that?

A:Sorting Columns in Excel

Select all three columns before doing the sort (DATA --> SORT)

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I am having trouble figuring out how to split some data into separate columns. I have a column that holds numeric dates (example: 01/01/04) - I would like to use the text to columns tool to split this into 3 columns (example: column 1 "01", column 2 "01", and column 3 "04"). It looks like it should be able to do it from the example grid, but it is not working. Can anyone give me step by step instructions with which boxes to check etc...?

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Please help. I need to find a formula that compares any value in one column to any value in another. so for example -

1 3643 6488
2 5378 9087
3 9631 0092
4 4657 9876
(repeat for several hundred lines)

i need a way to find out if any of these are duplicates. i've tried a few formulas i've found on this site but all i've got back is #NAME? when entering them. also, i'm using openoffice, not excel. does that matter? thanks.

A:Excel compare columns

This is nothing special. There's a butt-ton of ways.
Here's my article on it.
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I have three columns of information. Column A is 900 part numbers with no prices, Column C is 600 part numbers matched with their respective $ value in Column D. I need a formula to match the part in column A with the like part in column C and find the $ value from Column D and place that $ value in Column B next to its respective part number. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks so much!!

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I have a huge spreadsheet which I am trying to analyse but I really need some help! There is one row of data for each company, then separate columns for products. I need one single column so I can use functions like COUNTIF. A simplified example:

Current situation
Company 1 | Product a | Product d | Product f
Company 2 | Product b
Company 3 | Product a | Product f

Desired result
Company 1 | Product a
Company 1 | Product d
Company 1 | Product f
Company 2 | Product b
Company 3 | Product a
Company 3 | Product f

I am SURE there must be a way of doing this, but I am going round and round in circles right now.... thanks for helping!

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I have formulas that has the data setup in rows (input). The next sheet is formulas that are in columns referencing these individual rows (output). When column A's formulas are dragged to column B, the references change as expected but to Sheet1!B1 rather than Sheet1!A2 (back to the rows). I think I 've done this before, but can't for the life of me remember how. Help me please and I'll be your best friend! (hey, it's the best I can do).



A:Excel Columns to Rows

Select all the cells involved

Right click anywhere on your selection and from the menu that pops up choose Copy

Click in the cell where you want the list to begin then Right click and from the menu choose Paste special you will now see another menu.

At the bottom right hand side of this menu, Select Transpose.

That's it your list will now run across the page instead of down
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I am having trouble adding the sum of a row across multiple columns I have the code to add teh sum from a single columns but I can't figure out how to make it so it will add the columns up and place the sum on the first empty row The number Multiple Excel of a across Need sum Columns row VBA: of cells in each row is not the same so I need to be able code for that This code is what I use to sum the rows at the end of the column but like I said earlier I need to code it Excel VBA: Need sum of a row across Multiple Columns so it will go to the end of the row while adding all cells in the row from multiple columns Option Explicit Sub StatsEachColumn Dim LastColumn As Long LastRow As Long Excel VBA: Need sum of a row across Multiple Columns lngColumn As Long LastColumn Cells Find What quot quot After Range quot A quot SearchOrder xlByColumns SearchDirection xlPrevious Column For lngColumn To LastColumn LastRow Cells Rows Count lngColumn End xlUp Row With Cells LastRow lngColumn FormulaR C quot SUM R C R quot amp LastRow amp quot C quot End With Next lngColumn End Sub

A:Excel VBA: Need sum of a row across Multiple Columns

Forgot to mention that it will need to loop since there are 4 different rows so far and it will need the ability to work with any added rows
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If you have Excel data on columns A,B and C sorted by column A, is there a simple way of transposing the columns so you can view the columns in the order of B,C,A sorted by column B, without rearranging the columns by dragging them to new locations?

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I would like to do a loopy using Macro.xls
Let say,
1-start at column 13 do sorting ascending
2- find duplicate ( macro FindDup())
3- next column ... until column IV
and her my Macro record modify by me (!!)

Dim y As Integer
Dim rng As Range

For y = 13 To 255
rng = Cells(1, y).Select
Rows("1:3013").Sort Key1:=rng, Order1:=xlAscending, Header:= _
xlGuess, OrderCustom:=1, MatchCase:=False, Orientation:=xlTopToBottom, _
Application.Run "CP.xls!FindDup"
Cells(1, y).Select
Next y
End Sub
I get error :
Run time error 91.(object variable or With block variable not set.
Any help ?? Thanks in advance.

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I need to create this table in Excel, How do I create table like I attached? How do I divide 2 row into 2 columns. Im using mac 2013 office.
please help thx

A:how to divide row into 2 columns in excel

Not sure I follow what you need to do, but....

highlight a group of cells in a row, such as 3A, 3B, and 3C.

Then right click and choose "format cells". Then choose the alignment tab. Then choose "merge cells".

That will combine 3A, 3B, and 3C into a single cell.

Is that what you are trying to do?

You can do the same thing with cells in a column--combine them into a single cell.

You can do that with any combination of cells.

You can then type in whatever you need into a cell and align that typed text to either the left, right, or center of the merged cells.
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My english is bad. But try to understand and help me!!!

I need more columns to Excel 2000 or XP. The max account is 256 columns and I need 500 columns.

Windows 98 or 2000.
Excel 2000 or XP.

A:I need more columns EXCEL 2000/XP


I'm afraid you're out of luck. 256 is all you've got. It's debatable whether MS will increase this in the future, but don't hold your breath.

Just curious, why do you need 500 columns? Perhaps there is another way round your problem?

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I would like to merge two columns in excel, to create a third column that has alternating cells originating from the first and second column.

To make it a little clearer: I have values in column A and B

In column E, I would like to see the following result:
E1 = value of A1
E2 = Value of B1
E3 = value of A2
E4 = Value of B2
E5 = value of A3
E6 = Value of B3

The attachment to this post contains the result I want to obtain.

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Ok, so i have an excel sheet with a number of columns that i need a formula for to calculate another value in another column in the same sheet. Column A is the one which needs the formula. The data in Column A needs to be a string which looks like this:


And then needs to have additional characters added to the end which are the values found in column C, such as "107". Therefore, column A's value for that row would be GCSO00MNI000107. The same calculation needs to take place for the next row in Column A, completing it's string with the value in the next row in Column C, and so on and so on, for 6500 rows.

How do i do this and not have to retype the needed calculations for all 6500 rows?

thanks in advance.

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This should be a piece of cake, I just know it! But me and excel never see eye to eye. I have a simple document with column a and column b. I want to find the matching ones and create a column C with the ones that are not matched. Can I do that? Without using copy paste for three hours?? I attached the file below.


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I have been working on a project for a few weeks and I could really use some help I m attaching a dummy file example that is an example of how my XLS comes to me each month I need a Solved: to delete specific XLS Macro move to columns rows/columns rows. and macro that leaves me with the second file example If the macro could just grab the Student name then put the following info for each student all on row that would be perfect Child s Name Date In Time In Rounded Time Out Rounded Sometimes for some reason there is a student with Solved: XLS Macro to delete specific rows/columns and move columns to rows. a Cont after their name I need that row deleted and just pull the times up onto the same row as other times The example file might make sense Here are the steps I am doing manually that I hope a macro could do for Solved: XLS Macro to delete specific rows/columns and move columns to rows. me Un-merge cells B Un-merge any cells with a child s name such as Doe Jane Delete any row with a childs name that has Cont after it such as Doe Jane Cont Delete rows - Delete columns A C F H I J M N O and P Manually move all info up to one row per student Delete all empty rows below See example as the completed file but I only moved a few of the rows per student for the sake of time Is there any way to do all of this with a macro nbsp

A:Solved: XLS Macro to delete specific rows/columns and move columns to rows.
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I have some Excel files that only take up 50 - 100 rows, but the scroll bar on the side is very tiny (as if I had used the worksheet to the bottom). Is there a way to get rid of these unwanted rows at the end? I've highlighted and deleted them, but they just get replaced. Is there a simple way, withouht copying the data to a new file?


A:Excel - Getting rid of extra rows/columns

Copy and paste the cells into a new worksheet. By default, Excel opens a Workbook with 3 Worksheets. After copying andpasting the info, nad verifying that itlooks the way you want, then you can right-click the worksheet tab at the bottom and delte the old one.
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on my 2007 excel instead of labeling columns with letters it has numbers just like the rows which makes typing in formulas a real hassle. does anyone know how to fix this?

A:Microsoft Excel 2007 Columns

In Excel, click on the "Office" button (top left) and select "Excel Options" from the bottom of the resulting dialog box.

Then in Formulas (in the left panel) you will get an option in the right panel for "R1C1 reference style". Uncheck it and click OK.
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I could really use help on the following-- I have huge excel files that need to be rearranged into proper format. Currently they are in this format (using a very simplified example):

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3
Person1 socks 3
Person1 pants 4
Person1 ties 10
Person1 hats 6
Person2 socks 2
Person2 pants 3
Person2 ties 1
Person2 hats 7
The format I would like to have is as follows:
Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5....
Person1 Person2 Person3 Person4
socks 3 2
pants 4 3
ties 10 1
hats 6 7

... and so forth.

I'm not very handy with Excel and am wondering is there anyway I can automate this task to save myself a lot of cutting and pasting? I have huge amounts of data, it's akin to processing 500 people with over 10,000 clothing items.
Thank you so much in advance.... this would really save me weeks and weeks of time.

A:Dividing a huge Excel row into columns- pls help!

The thing to do would be to write a macro in VBA, I might be able to make one for you but I'll need to know all the different categories of thing (hats, ties etc.) and whether each person comes up the same number of times, one after another, or whether its random, because it could get too complicated and time consuming to be able to help.
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Can someone help me please
I'm trying to create a form where I have to sort column K then by Column J {A to Z}
my form range is B15 : O55
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I'm trying to find a way of matching two figures over two columns in Excel 2003. I organise the talks to be given at my local Church. The talks have an outline number (1-160). When I'm booking talks I need to reference visually which talks have been given over the last three+ years, this is so we don't have the same talk too often.

Worksheet A (Tracking of Talk No VS Date)

Date Talk No (1-160)
2-Jan-05 34
9-Jan-05 7
16-Jan-05 103
1-Jan-06 4
8-Jan-06 99
Worksheet B (Tracking Talks Given)

Talk No. 2005 2006 2007 2008
4 8-Jan
7 9-Jan

I need a formula that will automatically fill in Worksheet B, I do this manually at the moment.

The formula needs to find the range of cells for a given year (i.e. 2005) then look to see if a talk was given in that year. See above for example.

Any ideas without using VB??

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how can the contents in cells A1, A2 and A3 be transposed so that they are on the same row, AND always on the same row as B1; and

how can the contents in cells A4, A5 and A6 be transposed so that they are on the same row, AND always on the same row as B4.

a sample worksheet is attached.


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I am currently working on a large excel sheet for my master thesis The sheet consists of monthly information about companies since There are categories of data Earnings per share 3 Sorting time a by columns Excel. at row in data per month is one of the data variables I would like to sort the data Sorting 3 columns at a time by row in Excel. per month Sorting 3 columns at a time by row in Excel. with the purpose of creating portfolios with an equal amount of stocks in each portfolio I want the stocks with the most positive earnings revision to form the first portfolio and the stocks with the second most positive earnings revisions to form the second portfolio and so on each month In other words my objective is to sort the company data by row so that the company with most positive ernings per share revision per month will be to the left in the spreadsheet The problem is however that since there are data categories I would like these categories to stay together side by side even after the sorting by row Regards nbsp

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have designed an invoice form in Excel 2010
have made a Drop down box using the "products" worksheet information in the drop down list. The drop down list shows only column 1.

some ITEMS in the "products" worksheet, have the same name (col 1) with different prices in (col 2)
for example:

the following is an example of the "product" list:
col 1 col 2
apple $44
apple $48
apple $50

I would like to view columns 1 and 2 in the drop down list to make the choice of which price to charge

depending which row "apple" is chosen from, the price goes into the amount column on the invoice, with the description showing only "apple"

I wish to only show "apple" in the invoice description area

so ... how to view 2 columns (in the drop down Box) but only make one entry (from col 1) into the invoice?

A:Excel Drop down box how to view 2 columns

It sounds like you would need to set up a third column in your sheet to combine the Col1 and Col2 information and then link your drop down to that. Assuming your drop down tool is an activex or forms type rather than "in cell validation" type, you can then fill your invoice with the information from Col1.
See attached.
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I have columns Excel in How columns to diverse - duplicates id of data with records Column A contains main key words Column B C D contain dups and non-dups of entries main key words found in column A I want to edit the non-dups Excel - How to id duplicates in diverse columns to make the non-dups match the key word column The problem is the entries in columns B C D are separated by hundreds and perhaps thousands of blank cells This means it would take me forever to page up and down the spreadsheet to find the near-matching keywords in column A in order to get the right spelling to put in as a match on colum B Ideally I want to id the non-dups in column B and line up these non-dups close to the main key words with which the non-dups may have some similarity I can use the conditional formatting feature in excel to do the id part the problem is that the key words can be thousands of rows up or down from the non-dupe that needs to be edited Here is an example Col A Col B cat birds boy fishy dog snake bird catgirl fish boy snake blankline I want to edit Col B entries to match those in Col A In my example you can easily see what matches and what does not In my spreadsheet the problem is that Col B entries are spread out all up and down the column and are nowhere near the Col A entries I need to see to do the editing nbsp

A:Excel - How to id duplicates in diverse columns

HowdeeDoodee. Just woke up. Can't get head round this as yet.

First thing that springs to mind that might help ; with a cell selected in column B, you can press End followed by DownArrow to jump to the next non-blank. Or End followed by UpArrow to jump to the previous non-blank. Another way to do this is by doubleclicking the cell bottom (or top) border.
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Hi I have been struggling with this for a few days now I have very basic marco knowledge so be gentle I have a macro Sub Rectangle Click If Range quot D quot Date Then Range row fixed incrementing in excel a columns with quot D quot AdvancedFilter Action xlFilterInPlace incrementing columns with a fixed row in excel CriteriaRange Sheets quot Sheet quot Range quot A A quot incrementing columns with a fixed row in excel Unique False Else If Range quot E quot Date Then Range quot E E quot AdvancedFilter Action xlFilterInPlace CriteriaRange Sheets quot incrementing columns with a fixed row in excel Sheet quot Range quot B B quot Unique False Else If Range quot F quot Date Then Range quot F F quot AdvancedFilter Action xlFilterInPlace CriteriaRange Sheets quot Sheet quot Range quot c c quot Unique False Else If Range quot G quot Date Then Range quot G F quot AdvancedFilter Action xlFilterInPlace CriteriaRange Sheets quot Sheet quot Range quot D D quot Unique False Else If Range quot H quot Date Then Range quot H H quot AdvancedFilter Action xlFilterInPlace CriteriaRange Sheets quot Sheet quot Range quot E E quot Unique False Else End If End If End If End If End If End Sub which sort of works but rather than writing it out hundreds of times can I loop it Thanks nbsp

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I have a 3 column Name & Address Excel document and I would like to Print the data as 2-columns on a page. How do I set this up? Thanks

A:Print Excel document in two columns

When you say 3 columns to 2

Are you asking for help to print out only 2 columns, but not the 3

or are you trying to concatenate 2 of the columns so that when you print you only have 2 columns
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I am trying to do a macro to multiply the several columns values, observing determined terms, but do not be getting. Attachment, worksheet with example and for macro that I typed but is not solving. I thank any help.

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I am looking to compare columns of numbers I have found related posts answers Excel of columns numbers compare - but they don t do exactly what I am trying to do I am a beginner Excel - compare columns of numbers at excel so find the complex formulas really confusing The data I have is lists of numbers I am trying to find out how many which numbers are unique to each list how many which numbers are common between all lists and how many which numbers are common between of the lists My lists vary in length up to entries Up until now I have been changing the colour the text in each list combining them and sorting - and then subtracting each number from the one above it to identify duplicates and counting by hand which is incredibly time consuming as you can imagine I have attached an excel document with the three lists and what i have currently been doing Thank you in advance if you can help me nbsp

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Hi I would like to put names or numbers on the columns and rows Ive managed to get a table to work for me its a set of multiples for the first cell is blank the next headings EXCEL, on i columns?? put Can and rows is the first entry and i put in this case here the rest of the table fills itself in with multiples of Thing is when i print it out i want the columns and rows to have headings Is there a way to do this please The drawing is only aproximate i have to convert to bmp then add in the extra numbers which EXCEL, Can i put headings on rows and columns?? dont change they could be background the colour doesnt matter it is only there to separate the columns and rows from the multiples of Later if its or i would use the same table lt img src quot http forums techguy org attachment php postid quot gt by using the tens and units you get the multiple at the intersection row and column give the result for times There might be better ways but this works ok Regards John nbsp

A:EXCEL, Can i put headings on rows and columns??

I set up the rows and column headings the way you want.
Then I hid the "real" row and column headings.
You can left-click to view it.
Right-click and choose Save target as to save it.
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I am trying to create a macro in Excel that will sum two different columns of numbers The columns will always 2 Macro Sum 2007 Columns Excel be the same length I am new at quot trying quot to create macros and I can t figure out how to keep the same range to sum just move it columns to the right A sample of the table data is below Thank You Sub Test On Error GoTo CancelExit With Selection Offset Rows Count Columns Count Excel 2007 Macro Sum 2 Columns Cells FormulaR C quot SUM quot amp Address xlR C amp quot quot Offset Rows Count Columns Count Cells FormulaR C quot SUM quot amp Address xlR C amp quot quot End With CancelExit On Error GoTo End Sub I am trying to create a macro in Excel that will sum two different columns of numbers The columns will always be the same length I am new at quot trying quot to create macros and I can t figure out how to keep the same range to sum just move it columns to the right A sample of the table data is below Thank You Sub Test On Error GoTo CancelExit With Selection Offset Rows Count Columns Count Cells FormulaR C quot SUM quot amp Address xlR C amp quot quot Offset Rows Count Columns Count Cells FormulaR C quot SUM quot amp Address xlR C amp quot quot End With CancelExit On Error GoTo End Sub Sale Date Sale Price Adj Sale Price Land Imp Total I would be summing the Adj Sale Price and the Total everytime There is data above and below each quot mini-table quot and all are of different rows I tried to set it up to highlight the first column series as all the rows in that series will alway be the same number of rows All help is greatly appreciated nbsp

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I was hoping someone could help me write or find a macro that would take two columns and move it to column A under the previous data and repeat for all columns. Basically user information is located in pairs of columns (typeofvalue, value). So column A and B are for user1, column C and D are user2, column E and F are user3, etc. Bonus if I could have a space in between each once moved.


HTML Code:
User1First User1Last User2First User2Last
User1ValueTypeA1 User1ValueB1 User2ValueTypeA1 User2ValueB1
User1ValueTypeA2 User1ValueB2 User2ValueTypeA1 User2ValueB1

HTML Code:
User1First User1Last
User1ValueTypeA1 User1ValueB1
User1ValueTypeA2 User1ValueB2


User2First User2Last
User2ValueTypeA1 User2ValueB1
User2ValueTypeA1 User2ValueB1
Each user has 47 rows of "values", for the example I just did two rows worth.

A:Excel Macro to move columns to 1 row after each other.

I did a quick google and found this. It worked for you?

Excel macro to move columns to 1 row after each other
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Hallo seit kurzer Zeit bewege auch ich mich durch das quot Matlab-Universum quot Demgem freue ich mich ber jeden kleinen Schritt der mir columns specific Read from Excel gelingt Nun habe ich Read from Excel specific columns jedoch eine Aufgabe erhalten welche - so denke ich - mein bisheriges K nnen bei weitem bersteigt Folgender Sachverhalt Mir liegt in K rze eine sehr umfangreiche Excel-Tabelle mehrere Spalten Zeilen vor in welcher nur gewisse Spalten f r weitergehende Berechnungen erforderlich sind S mtliche Spalten sind bspw in Zeile f nf mit einer berschrift versehen Dabei ist nur ein Teil der besagten berschrift jeweils relevant Meine erste Frage ist nun wie ich die berschriften in der Zeile hier bspw f nf pr fen kann Read from Excel specific columns ob etwa neben anderen alpha-numerischen Angaben ein bestimmter Begriff oder mehrere auftauchen Ist dies der Fall soll die entsprechende Spalte in Matlab eingelesen werden M glicherweise gibt es f r diesen Prozess sogar eine quot elegantere quot Darstellung als die aus Excel herausgefilterten und in Matlab integrierten Spalten alle einzeln im quot Workspace quot abzulegen Als absoluter Anf nger bin ich dahingehend nat rlich berfragt und freue mich selbstverst ndlich wenn mein Vorhaben berhaupt auf relativ humane Art und Weise m glich ist Meine zweite Frage betrifft die Vorbereitung und Durchf hrung einer Regression Angenommen ich habe das vorherige Verfahren zwei Mal f r zwei verschiedene Begrifflichkeiten angewendet wie kann ich anschlie end die umfangreichen Angaben zu zwei jeweils unterschiedlichen Variablen nennen wir sie quot x quot und quot y quot so zusammenfassen dass ich eine Regression durchf hren kann Die Regression als solche sollte ich mit meinem bisherigen Wissen realisieren k nnen allerdings kann ich auch dies noch nicht ig garantieren Leider habe ich - gem meiner obigen Fragen - nicht viel was ich an Quellcode anbieten k nnte Somit bedanke ich mich schon einmal herzlich bei allen die sich meiner erbarmen und mich durch das quot Matlab-Dickicht quot geleiten Smile Viele Gr e English Hello for a short time and I move through the quot Matlab-universe quot Accordingly I am happy about every little step that I succeed Now I have however received a task which - I think - exceeds my previous skill far Following facts Mir is shortly before a very large Excel table several rows columns in which only certain columns for further calculations are required All columns are for example Provided in row five with a heading In this case only a part of said heading is each relevant My first question is I like the headings in the row here for example Five may consider whether some among other alpha-numerical information a certain term or more occur If this is the case to the relevant column are read into Matlab There may be for this process even a quot more elegant quot representation as the filtered from Excel and in Matlab integrated columns all individually in the quot Workspace quot store As a complete beginner I am the effect of course stumped and am happy of course if my plan at all in a relatively humane manner is possible My second question relates to the preparation and implementation of a regression Suppose I have the previous procedure applied twice for two different terms how can I then extensive information on each two different variables we call them quot x quot and quot y quot summarized so that I have a regression can perform The regression as such should I be able to realize with my previous knowledge but can I also have not already guarantee Unfortunately I have - according to my questions above - not much that I could offer to source code Thus I already would like to thank all those who have mercy and guide me through the quot Matlab thicket quot Smile Best wishes
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I have a data base that is listed in one column and would like each address have one row and as many columns as needed.
each data set has 6-8 rows with a empty cell between each data set. I would like a macro to automate this process...
sample below:
AAA & Associates (The Arther Law Firm)
1221 Ave. of Americas,42nd Flr.
New York, NY 10020-1001
Tel212) 713-0138
[email protected]
Mng. Partner:Anthony Afther, Esq.;Law Clerk/Opns. Mgr.:Mike Murphy

Daniel J. Aaron, P.C.
420 Lexington Ave., Ste.902
NewYork, NY 10170
Tel212) 684-4466
Fax212) 684-5566
[email protected]
Attorneyaniel J. Aaron,PC

Abrams Garfinkel Margolis Bergson, LLP
237 W.35th st.,4th Fl.
New York, NY 10001
tel: (212) 201.-1170
Fax212) 201-1171
[email protected]
Partner:Bill Abrams

Ira Abrams
1839 S. Ocean Blvd.,Ste. 28
Delray Beach, FL 33483-6583
tel561) 276-4900
fax561) 276-4488
[email protected]
Attorney:lra Abrams, Esq.

A:Excel address groups to columns

Assuming that
1) the data is in column A, and
2) there is an empty cell between consecutive records
the code below should work. It will put the transformed data into column C and to the right.
Sub test()
Dim rng As Range, c As Range, tgt As Range

Set rng = Union(Range("A:A").SpecialCells(xlCellTypeBlanks), Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Offset(1))
For Each c In rng.Cells
On Error GoTo NextCell
Range(c.Offset(-1), c.Offset(-1).End(xlUp)).Copy
Range("C" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Offset(1).PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteAll, Transpose:=True
End Sub