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Solved: problem with signing into sites with user name and password

Q: Solved: problem with signing into sites with user name and password

as part of my job, I have to sign into certain sites using a user name and password. Normally, this is no problem. Today, when I enter the user name and password, the sine in page just resets and shows up as if I had not entered the user name or password at all. It makes me start over again.

When I attempt to sine in from another computer, using the exact same user name and password, it works just fine. I am really stumped. I can access other web sites from this computer, just not some of these sites that I have to user the user name and password.

Any ideas
Confused in Wisconsin

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Preferred Solution: Solved: problem with signing into sites with user name and password

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: problem with signing into sites with user name and password
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Greetings all My dilemma began this morning I went to sleep last night after playing several games WoW TF Call of Duty chatting on AIM and Yahoo and checking E-mail The usual daily stuff When I woke this morning I found my laptop can no longer access ANYTHING that requires a username or password not Name/Password will sites/apps work. User I cannot log into my games I cannot connect to AIM Yahoo IRC cannot check E-mail on Hotmail load my Work E-mail nothing If it's a website it simply hangs at quot connecting to www website com quot for whatever site it is if it's Yahoo or AIM it simply hangs at the login then returns an error Games simply stall at the quot Connecting quot step I have restored my system to Monday when everything worked to User Name/Password sites/apps will not work. no avail I have downloaded SP which was probably long overdue and that did nothing I have changed nothing on my system since it worked at midnight this morning and when I awoke at am it was in its current state I am staying in a hotel and at first believed this to be the issue However I have a work laptop as well and was able to access all of the above services on both the Ubuntu and Windows sides of the laptop so I cannot blame the hotel Network It seems as though something was updated overnight which I cannot understand because Windows will not update unless I authorize it I had a firewall up as well so I don't think any intruders performed any malicious actions on my PC but who's to know really If there is any additional info I can provide please let me know Thanks

A:User Name/Password sites/apps will not work.

Welcome to TSF....

I suspect that your computer might be infected

IMPORTANT – Please Read This before Posting for Malware Removal Help:
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My operating system is Windows XP, Home Edition. My problem is as follows: My daughter's user account is password protected and for some reason won't recognize the correct password. I have attempted, under her account and under the administrative account, to change the password and also delete it, but the attempted changes are ineffective. I tried making the changes under safe mode, but her account, for some reason, doesn't even appear when I go to User Accounts via the control panel. I considered just transferring her music and photos and setting up a new account. But, her photos are privacy protected so the account won't let me do that.

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I am a helpdesk tech for box are security for name sites fields - secure Windows is user no password dialog and visible empty a large company and we having an issue with IE on win bit nbsp Anytime a user goes to a secure site that requires authentication the windows Windows security dialog box for secure sites is empty - no user name and password fields are visible security dialog box pops up waiting for credentials but it is impossible to enter them because the user name and password fields are not showing Windows security dialog box for secure sites is empty - no user name and password fields are visible in the box Resetting IE has no effect nbsp Changing security levels nbsp for different zones also has no effect nbsp We have added multiple sites to our trusted lists and still no results nbsp These site all perform normally in Firefox and Chrome but those browsers are not an option Windows security dialog box for secure sites is empty - no user name and password fields are visible for our users nbsp This problem is also present in IE beta I have even tried to completely remove IE and reinstall it but still get no results I have seen other threads about this issue neither of them have resolutions nbsp One on technet has some detailed info on the exact same issue but has no answer and was started last year http social technet microsoft com Forums en itprovistaie thread d cd- e b- d-a de- c ef e b The other is on this forum also with no answer http social answers microsoft com Forums en-US InternetExplorer thread d db - d - a - ee- d b nbsp here is a screen shot of the problem in action nbsp Please keep in mind that this is just one example and that the problem occurs when visiting ANY site with authentication nbsp We have tried to reset the security zones to defaults but that does no good nbsp I will be happy to provide any further info that is needed Thanks for your help
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I have to do this over and over again . I also check the box to leave singed in but that doesnt work. I have set my privacy to medium and the box under advanced is unchecked . Is there anything else I caN DO . tHANKS ROZ

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My grandmother was recently hacked and she changed all her passwords herself (yay!). However she did not write down her new local user account password for her laptop.

I tried downloading OPHCrack, I burned it as an ISO file and put it on a DVD-R(only thing I had on hand) and i changed the boot order on her BIOS menu to had the DVD drive as the first priority. It does not run....I hear the disk drive moving, or spinning but the program does not run. Are there any other options or do I have to do a complete system restore to bypass this? Also if that is what I have to do how do I do that without being in her control panel?

A:Old Problem New User- Forgot Local User Account Password

Hello there "hater",are you sure you downloaded the right OPHcrack version?It should be the one that is intended to be used on,not the one being used to download and be burned on.Try imgburn,never failed me to create bootable CDs or DVDs.
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Cannot access web mail applications (yahoo/hotmail/gmail) and cannot login to my eBay account.

The problem occurs when submitting login/password details. The browser just goes blank/white & seems to freeze.

(The PC runs winXP and was recently moved from one location accessing internet through Sky Broadband and now it uses TalkTalk. Currently, have fast access to the web and have no problem downloading/accessing normal web pages, just where I need to login. Have tried deleting cookies & temp files)

Help/suggestions appreciated

A:Problems signing into web mail sites

Hello and welcome to TSF

Please do this:

Open up Internet Explore, click Tools, Internet Options, click on the tab Security and underneath 'Security Level for this Zone' put it on Medium.
Then click on the tab Privacy and under 'settings' put it on Medium. Click Apply then Ok.

What security programs do you have installed?
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I upgraded to XP and I'm much happier
but I'm having a few problems.
If I log out of a screen name it won't let me log back in to any of them. I end up having to restart. I had to delete the other two SN and change the setting so windows logs into the primary screen name when it starts up. Is there something wrong?


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every time i click the sign in button on yahoo, the bar at the bottom fills up really really slow, and the top says connecting. Then after 5 min it still has not gone into the sign in page. Any suggestions?

A:[SOLVED] problem signing into my email

Hello and welcome to TSF

Do you have these problems in any other browsers? Please try one of the below (both are free):

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I just did a clean install of The first install didn't ask me to fill a password It just flashed the sign in with my picture and went into windows destop With the reinstall I must have 8.1 of signing do get Password I w rid How did something different when setting it up Now Theres a splash screen with some sort of windows default with the time in big letters on the bottom left and a small icon I have to click on Then it brings me to that screen with my picture with my hotmail email address and now I have to type in my hotmail password then it goes into windows desktop How do I get rid of Password signing w 8.1 I How do I get rid of Password signing w 8.1 do not want to do this I want to turn on the computer come back a minute later and theres my desktop I found this websitehttp windows microsoft com en-us windows- disable-remove-password and tried the steps there but It seems there really isn't an answer for me and I'm a little gun-shy in doing whats in that page to allow me to log on to desktop without a pass word Can anyone help I really don't want to set up another user account and I don't want to be nagged by a new password and of course the famous you don't have administrator access in the future I just want to turn on the computer wait a minute see my picture flash at me and then automatically to the desktop

A:How do I get rid of Password signing w 8.1


Log On User Account Automatically at Windows 8 Startup



When you uncheck it & click Apply you will get this popup---

After filling it out click ok & ok in the other window.
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Hello everyon hope you all ok , i have a big problem with signing into msn live messEnger when ever i try to sgn in messENge comes WE CANT SIGN YOU IN WINDOWS LIVE MESSENGER, signing in to live messenger failed because the service is temporary unavailabel, error code 8000401a
Now since last few weeks i am trying to sign but i cannot sign it to it, i have tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it but did not work so please anyone help my out

thank you so much

A:[SOLVED] Help Problem signing in to Live Messenger

Here are some things to try:
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Is there any way to make Windows not require a password after signing out for offline account?

I don't mean auto login process as boot up, I've already enabled this on my offline account for Windows 8.1 but instead I mean after boot up auto login and then I sign out, I am then required to input a password to sign back into Windows.

A:Sign In without the need for Password after Signing Out?

I don't know any way to do it if the account has a password. During install when setting up as a local account you can leave the password blank. I believe in that case when you sign off, to get back in you just click the user picture.

You could then put in a power on password. In that case you would only have to enter a password when first turning the machine on. Or not if you feel the PC is in a secure place.
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When I signin to Chromebook, it then asks for an old password. Can't remember. Nothing seems to work. The other option it gives me is to reset the machine, but I've got lots of local data that would be wiped. I was trying to sync files with Google Drive when it suddenly loged me out and created this problem. Does anybody know how to recover an old password?

A:Signing in, asks for old password

You should be able to password maintenance on Google.
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I don't know where to begin here... There is a good chance that my Microsoft account got hacked. I started my machine last night and my password was incorrect. After several attempts I was still unable to sign in to my PC. Is there a way to bypass the Windows 8 sign in screen?
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when trying to swap from one user account to another screen goes blank, only way I have found to solve problem so far is to turn desktop pc on/off, surely something is wrong?
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I am having trouble signing into Windows 10. A few days ago I noticed the system was running slow so I did a reset of Windows 10. When everything was ready to setup again, I set up my user account with my usual password, however, when asked if I wanted to link to my Microsoft Account, I said "do it later". I cannot reset password from Microsoft account because it is not linked. When trying to sign in from the Welcome page, I type in every variation of my password to no avail. I have tried rebooting in safe mode but Windows 10 will not allow unless you type in your password. I have even tried doing a reset from account settings (ESC when restarting) and it STILL asked me for my password. I am frustrated and now I feel like my computer is a thousand dollar paperweight. Any help would be appreciated!

A:Trouble signing into Windows 10 - Forgot password

Hi katieH84! There are many third-party Live CDs that can be used to recover or remove a forgotten password in Windows:
How to Recover Passwords for Windows PCs Using Ophcrack Null Byte
Reset Lost Windows 10 Password for Local Microsoft Account
If you search on google, you'll find out more other password cracking methods and tools. Good luck!
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I haven t signed on to my laptop that I bought from former co-worker of mine really savvy with computers in a few months and I ve forgotten the password to log-in There was no animosity between us after the purchase - he ended up quitting and getting a job elsewhere I have a Dell Inspiron password laptop; Trouble signing onto forgot my with Windows Professional All though Trouble signing onto my laptop; forgot password as evidenced from the bottom of the laptop he did upgrade the OS at one point from Windows Visa but I am not sure which edition it was I downloaded the Password Reset Wizard via from my parents home computer on to a new unused USB flash drive I clicked on the appropriate drive typed in a new password typed it again to confirm and typed in the password hint After doing all of that this error message came up quot An error occurred while the wizard was attempting to set the password for this user account quot Did I do something wrong And at this point I am stumped I haven t been able to get in touch with the former co-worker Should I call Microsoft and ask for them to send me a Windows disk buy it online saw the cheapest price on Newegg for or should I try a Windows password recovery tool If so which one If there any other questions that you might have in order to assist me further please ask Thank you in advance

A:Trouble signing onto my laptop; forgot password

.7 Free Windows Password Recovery Tools From Tim FisherI just typed "Windows password recovery tool" into Google and this is the top answer - Not all are Free but some are -Use the same method if you wish -;-forgot-password/
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I haven't signed on to my laptop that I bought from former co-worker of mine really savvy with computers in a few months and I've forgotten the password to log-in There was no animosity between us after password onto forgot laptop; Trouble my signing the purchase - he ended up quitting and getting a job elsewhere I have a Dell Trouble signing onto my laptop; forgot password Inspiron with Windows Professional All though as Trouble signing onto my laptop; forgot password evidenced from the bottom of the laptop he did upgrade the OS at one point from Windows Visa but I am not sure which edition it was I downloaded the Password Reset Wizard via from my parents home computer on to a new unused USB flash drive I clicked on the appropriate drive typed in a new password typed it again to confirm and typed in the password hint After doing all of that this error message came up quot An error occurred while the wizard was attempting to set the password for this user account quot Did I do something wrong And at this point I am stumped I haven't been able to get in touch with the former co-worker Should I call Microsoft and ask for them to send me a Windows disk buy it online saw the cheapest price on Newegg for or should I try a Windows password recovery tool If so which one If there any other questions that you might have in order to assist me further please ask Thank you in advance

A:Trouble signing onto my laptop; forgot password

Try the following:User Account - Reset Password in Windows 7
If all else fails, then reinstall Windows 7. Which may lose your data.
If you don't want to lose your data, then follow this tutorial.
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I am trying to upgrade a Lenovo Thnkpad X from Windows to Windows Pro I downloaded W and installed it with no noticeable problem The problems arose when I tried to connect to the Microsoft Store I already had an account on the Microsoft I had set up with Windows on a separate laptop I could not connect to Invisible acct Microsoft into blocks user account signing the store using any of the apps However I could access the internet with Explorer and access my e-mail using Outlook I tried clean boot and I also tried booting in Safe Mode with networking None of these helped In Safe Mode when I tried to connect to the Store I got an error message saying that it's says quot can't open Metro apps with a built-in administrator account quot I was logged into my normal user account so I don't know why it was informing me that I was using the quot built-in administrator account quot I created and deleted additional user account to try to connect to the Store but without success So Invisible user account blocks signing into Microsoft acct I deleted all the user accounts leaving only one local administrative account In Windows Explorer in the C folder Invisible user account blocks signing into Microsoft acct the only users quot Placeholder Local quot my generic local user account and quot Public quot I then tried to create a new user account that would connect to the Microsoft store However when I enter my information and press quot submit quot I get the following error message quot an account using this Microsoft account already exists on this PC quot As far as I can tell the generic local user account is not using the Microsoft account since I created it with a different e-mail address I have no idea what is going on or how to fix it Jim

A:Invisible user account blocks signing into Microsoft acct

Well, I have solved part of my problems. Using the instructions at:
microsoft account - How to rename user folder in Windows 8? - Super User

I was able to delete a user account that I thought had been deleted before since it no longer showed up in my list of users or in Windows Explorer. This then allowed me to create a new user associated with my Microsoft account.

However, for unknown reasons, I can connect to the internet, but I cannot access the Microsoft page to login, or to other pages that seem to need https - such as trying to download Chrome.
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Using Seamonkey I m having strange problems entering my passwords into at least three websites I frequent--my bank my broker and a business I work with With the bank I enter what I am sure is my sites multiple failures Password Solved: at regular p w When I click the quot submit quot button the dots in the Solved: Password failures at multiple sites p w window disappear and nothing else happens The Fix Lost Password something like that function will give me an -digit temporary authorization number by phone which then needs to Solved: Password failures at multiple sites be entered on the sign-in page along with my p w Fine except that window won t accept all eight figures I was given Thinking I d entered a wrong number I went through the routine to get another temp authorization which similarly couldn t be fully entered I had somewhat similar experiences at the other two sites At sign-in the full p w was greeted in each case with quot invalid p w quot or quot p w doesn t match our records quot something like that In those two cases I didn t yet ask for password reset or the equivalent but in one instance I KNOW that I used the right p w and in the other one I THINK I did it right Ideas Dave Oesterreich Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor AMD A - APU with Radeon tm HD Graphics AMD Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card AMD Radeon HD D Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard LENOVO Antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials Updated and Enabled nbsp

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Hi all I have this problem which is enter secure sites with Cannot password [SOLVED] very annoying I cannot enter a secure site my bank account paying bills etc with my passwords using IE I checked my security options in Internet Options and made sure my SSL and TSL were checked Tried it again with no success Then I un-installed IE using the ' windir Ie spuninst spuninst exe' command line I then re-installed IE from the Micro oft [SOLVED] Cannot enter secure sites with password website hoping to get a clean installation of IE Finally I ran all the updates and I still had the same problem At this point I'm thinking it could be a virus because I can access secured sites in FireFox my bank account etc without any problems whatsoever So I ran a complete scan using AVG No success The reason I have to use IE is because I am taking a tech course and the use of IE is required to hand in my assignments I can't do this using FireFox My school suggested loading IE Beta LMAO I hope I don't have to do a clean install of XP Pro So any help I can get would be greatly appreciated Thank you in advance

A:[SOLVED] Cannot enter secure sites with password


please try this
Click Here to download Save it to your desktop.
Right click on click on Extract all.
Go to the extracted files and double click on IEdll.bat
Follow the prompts.
It will tell you when it is done.
When finished please restart your computer.
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I need to set up a computer for users to do online training. I want them to be able to access the training sites but not to be able to navigate to other sites. I would like to be able to create a list of "safe" sites that are the only sites the users can go to and that require a password to add new sites to this list.

A:[SOLVED] restrict users to certain sites w/password

This may be best answered in the Web Design & Programming forum:
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I have a single domain user that cannot access any Google websites on one computer in Internet Explorer 8. Other users logged into the same computer can access any Google sites but he cannot. But, he can go onto another computer and log in and reach the Google sites. It appears to be a local profile issue on that single computer. Any suggestions on what the cause may be. Thanks!!

A:[SOLVED] Single User Cannot Access Google Sites in IE8

You'd have to create a new user account to create a new IE profile. If you allow other browsers and this person can access Google, would that suffice?
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Im comp savy enough to identify my problem im just unsure how to fix it Here it is I run Advanced User Password Problem machines is an intel and the other an AMD well call the Intel machine comp and the AMD machine comp Just recently my AMD board Advanced User Password Problem craped out it was old pretty sure one of Advanced User Password Problem the caps Advanced User Password Problem are blown but thats another problem There is stuff I had saved on comp that i want comp required a password to log onto winxp pro The stuff I want access too on comp was saved to a few different desktop folders I took the hard drive from comp and put it into comp also winxp pro To access the files i want i open my computer select the HD from comp clicky documents and settings Select the user which was pass word protected and bam get hit with access is denied The problem I believe is since that user name is passworded I can not access it from the current OS im booted on Since comp and comp are totally different I cant simply boot comp s OS and copy the files over also since comp s OS isnt bootable I cannot simply switch users while being logged onto comp s OS I dont have the time to fix comp s mobo atm nor do I have the money to purchase another one My best guess is to open comp s HD go to the windows folder gt system and try and set up that user to not need a password or to allow guests to change the files I have only had time to just begin playing with it since I am busy with a new job Any Ideas or quick directions would be great thanks EditIdeally I would like to be able to access the files from comp s HD and not have to copy them over to comp Comp s HD is rather small and would rather not have the files eat up all the room nbsp

A:Advanced User Password Problem

Just a quick update of some things I have tried before i head to bed.

-Tried using admin tools from comp2's windows folder, Changed the password for account to nothing and it didnt work

-Tried using xcopy to copy the directory in cmd, still nothing

-Attempted to give guests admin privies with admin tools from comp2's windows folder. Still the access is denied.

-Attempted to use move in cmd to change the directory, again nothing access is denied'

Im not sure if there is sometype of editor i can use to delete that user acount with out losing all the things saved to the docume~1 folder?
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My niece's machine - generic ordered online Started a couple of days ago Trying to open either IE or FF browsers were a very faint image - unable to access anything online Thought of restoring an image id finding password user and Problem using the Macrium boot disk but the quot boot quot image on Problem finding user id and password the screen lacked all restore information She called Verizon tech support and he told her the modem FIOS is unavailabe was bad and sent a router Problem finding user id and password I connected it but got the same results Finally I decided to try reinstalling Win - did not see Problem finding user id and password the install disk Disconnected the original C drive and jumped another in its place - the disk began loading and all looked good until I to the page that asked for user name and password She had misplaced the original info Calling verizon I got a quot tech support quot after having an hour trying to understand him and try his efforts to get the machine setup I gave up My question are ISPs required to give one his her user id and password when requested If not the only alternative is to change ISPs

A:Problem finding user id and password

I assume this PC works fine, other than that you can't get online with it?

Re Verizon support: you say "I gave up".


Was there a language barrier and you literally could not understand him due to his lack of English language skills?

Was he possibly competent in English, but could not explain how to pour water out of a boot?

Was he possibly competent in English and gave possibly accurate information, but you couldn't follow it for some reason? If so, what was that reason?

Or did he appear to be unwilling to provide instructions as if he feared you were unauthorized and trying to break into someone else's account?

Is your only problem the lack of user ID and password? That is, if you had them, would you know how to resolve your problem?

Is Verizon the only game in town?

More info needed.
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Hello everybody,

In our organization we have 50 xp running machines. & a DC win 2003 they all connected with exchange server 2003. For this purpose we have configured ms outlook 2003 for all users. Recently when they are triyng to open Internet Explorer it asks for thier userneme & password again & again. what could be the problem.
thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Asking for user name & password

Is it the Outlook name and pass? If it is, has someone configured Outlook to be the mail handler for IE in Internet Options?
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I'm running 8.1 on a laptop and a desktop. I have admin accounts setup on both, associated with my primary windows/live/outlook/ whatever-they're-calling-it this week account. I've set up Standard User Accounts on each machine associated with an alias. I can log-in to outlook from either account with the same password, but I can't log-in to either machine using the Standard User Account with that password. Any help getting this setup working would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Hi I ve been experiencing some problems with trying to assign a password to my accounts I have been googeling for a while now but I haven t found a solution yet And it s quite a strange issue so here s my story A user Strange password problem Vista while ago my laptop screen was broken so I Strange Vista user password problem had to send it in for repair That took a pretty long time and it had to be sent back twice because of bad repairs Anyways when I got it back there was no more password on my users I have users both administrators guest account disabled I am certain however that there were passwords on them before I had the screen repaired The shop I returned it to hadn t repaired it themselves but had sent it to a supplier The shop said that maybe they had to re nstall it or something which I found a bit strange because the only problem was with my screen but I wasn t going to make a fuss out of Strange Vista user password problem it because it had taken long enough and everything seemed in order with my screen and all my data etc seemed to be there so everything seemed fine Now to the password issues Whatever you type in on both accounts nothing the old password anything at all it will log in no problem at all First I tried to put in a password while logged in on my own Strange Vista user password problem account In the control panel it appears that there would be no password because when I try to set a password there are only spaces to put the quot new password quot and quot confirm new password quot but no space to put the old password So I try to put the new password in and I get the following error Dutch translated below This is in Dutch but translated it would be pretty much this Title quot Part of Useraccounts of Control Panel quot Text quot The entered password is incorrect Please re-enter the current password quot This is weird because there is no space to put the current password and I could login without a password But I have heard stories about this before and when I googled I noticed similar issues where people couldn t change the password from their own user even though they didn t quite get the same strange error So I tried to set a password for that other user which is there for when somebody else needs to use the computer At first this appeared to work in the control panel it now said that the user was password protected However as soon as I close the control panel Vista seems to forget that I set a password When I log off to try and log on with the other user you can still log on with any password you like And when I just close the control panel and open it again it also seems like the password just disappeared I have tried the same from the other account and have created a new account to try and do it and I keep getting the same result I have been looking for a quot confirm quot button of some sorts but I haven t found anything yet Does anybody have an idea besides reinstalling windows or a complete format nbsp

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I won Dell XPS L501x and I have Bios problem :
supervisor password is : Clear
user password is : Set
HDD Password is : Clear
Password on boot : Disabled
Computrace status : Disabled
How to remove user password ?
My bios is :  A08

A:Bios User password Problem XPS L501X

If you don't have the password, you'll need to call Dell support.  Be prepared with your ownership details and if the system warranty has expired, with a credit card to pay for the support call.
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Hi. As if everybody else's password problems weren't bad enough...

My XP got badly currupted, so I moved the hard drive to a healthy computer so I could save my documents before rebuilding. The problem is that the user account folders, containing everything I want to save, are locked, and I can't get a prompt for the passwords (I know them) because this is now an E drive and the OS on it isn't doing anything.

Thank you for any help you might be able to give!


A:User Account Password Problem w/ Twist

This MS article might help...........;en-us;308421
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Hello everyone,
I hope that you can help me.
My friend has forgotten his user password to log onto his XP system. His memory isn't very good and he just can't remember.
Is there any way to log onto this computer, as his wife runs a business and there is information in it she needs. Formatting it isn't an option at this time.

Thanking you in advance for all your help,


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I have windows XP Home SP3. I bought Buffalo AirStation WHR-HP-G54 wireless router. I tried to access the router on the browser using and then ask for user name and password. the manual says that the username is "root" and leave the password blank I did that but I couldn't access the router.

I reset the router using the rest button. The router IP becomes, Now I try to acccess the router but the username and password still wrong.

the router is working and I can use the internet but I need to access the router to make my network secure because now it has no encryption.

How can I figure out the username and password?

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here is my system info OS Version Microsoft Windows Professional Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM i CPU M GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Intel R HD Graphics Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB F Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Hewlett-Packard Cannot password Solved: user change Antivirus System Shield Updated and Enabled The problem when I got to user account to change pw I am the only on on my pc when I go to change it the first thing happens is user account goes in to not responding then I get this message Unsupported Keyboard Layout Then it tells me on how Solved: Cannot change user password my pw will not work on preboot security which I don t have on then it tells me to view a list of keyboard layouts it goes to not responding right away never get keyboard lay out screen then I get password you typed does nt meet requirements I have know idea any info would help I know it late to noght I been on in the morning tks nbsp

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I have a new Win8 computer & was instructed to enter a password to access it. I want to remove that password. It is frustrating to have to enter a password every time I want to get on. Thanks in advance for any help.

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My desktop Windows 7 PC is sick. When it finishes booting the log in page is displayed but only one user name is displayed, and the password (that my wife had taped to the display) is declined. There is no "Guest Account" or "Administrator Account" option displayed.

So far as I can tell, the only solution is to treat it like a lost password and re-install Windows using the format option which I believe means losing all files including all data files. Someone please tell me this ain't so!


A:[SOLVED] User Account Password?

If you can't remember the password then you are correct you'll need to reinstall Windows.

We can not assist with with the bypass of passwords. It is against the forum rules.

This thread will now be locked. If you do require help on the reinstall you may create a new thread.
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Developers created an application using C # and .Net.
It is being used in Windows XP, IE 6.0.

On one page, there are buttons called Approve and Reject. When the user clicks the buttons, a pop up window appears asking the user to enter a password.

This works fine on most people's machine.
But on one guy's laptop, the pop up box appears, but it doesn't load properly. (see attachment for 2 screenshots).

He tried logging into another user's machine and all worked well. So the problem seems to be a setting on his laptop. He just got a new laptop about 2 months ago, so it's not a memory problem.

Any ideas on why the pop up box doesn't load correctly on his laptop?


A:Solved: Password box not loading for one user

The problem was fixed by installing a MS Java hotfix.

Thanks anyway!
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2003 domain, and Exch 2003 for email.

We change passwords every 30 days ( policy)

So one of my users changed thier password and now can no longer access network resources. She cant open her email ether because we store the PST file in a mapped my documents folder.

SO when I try to open her my documents it wants me to athenticate. So I put her user name and password in, in the following format


It just bounces me back to the logon box..

I have reset the password again I have power cycled her machine and rebooted all the DC's and the Exchange box.

I dont understand...

If I change the password and I am able to logon that mean I am using the correct credentials, cause I am not logging on with chached ones. I dont know maybe someone has had something like this before.

A:Solved: User password error

Issue seems to have resolved its self. Must have been an issue with AD replicating or something I dunno, will mark as solved.
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I am trying to connect to my Server, but it is asking for a User Name and Password. This Server (and network) were set up a long time ago, and no one knows the user name or password. I have heard there is a way to go into a computer and figure it out. Can someone please help.

I am sending a picture of the box that I get. I have tried entering user names and passwords that were in use back when this was first set up, but they are not working. I also noticed that when I entered a user name, it would come back with the "name of my computer"/"User Name Entered".

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i can't finish the setup process. i'm trying to create a "standard" account, but when i go to create a password for it, no matter how many characters and no matter how complex (uppercase, lowercase, numbers, etc) it will absolutely not accept anything as a password (and i am copying/pasting the password from notepad, so it is being typed correctly).

i checked all the secpol 'password policies', and there don't seem to be any interfering requirements.

i attached a screenshot, if it helps.
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it's weird but I can't change the password of a domain user when I'm logged on a domain pc with Windows 8.

I'm sure that the password mets the requirements (I also tested here ), in fact if I change it from a domain controller I can do it without any problem.

But if I try to set the same on Win 8 I can't, the system tell me that the password doesn't meet the minimum requirements.
I also examined the event viewer but seems that the system didn't record any event related to.

Some suggestion about to solve it?
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Have Windows XP and had only one account name to log in. Can't remember password. I assume the only way I can get back in is either:
1. Reload windows and start over (unless disc allows me to jump to setting User up), or
2. I've heard there is other software one can use to reveal password or get around it?


A:Solved: User account password forgotten

If you are the System administrator you can start another account Control Panel > User Accounts Otherwise --- ???
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Hi Guys I am trying to create users and password in an access database I created I have written the code but its says there is error and I cant find the errror I need your help please Here is the code Here is the Users table tblUsers UserID UserName EmpPassword Private Sub cboUsers AfterUpdate After selecting user name set focus to password field Me txtPassword SetFocus End Sub Private Sub cmdLogin Click Check to see if data is entered into the UserName combo box If IsNull Me cboUsers Or in Access User with Password Creating Solved: and Help Me cboUsers quot quot Then MsgBox Solved: Help with Creating User and Password in Access quot You must enter a User Name quot vbOKOnly quot Required Data quot Me cboUsers SetFocus Exit Sub End If Check to see if data is entered into the password box If IsNull Me txtPassword Or Me txtPassword quot quot Then MsgBox quot You must enter a Password quot vbOKOnly quot Required Data quot Me txtPassword SetFocus Exit Sub End If Check value of password in tblUsers to see if this matches value chosen in combo box If Me txtPassword Value DLookup quot EmpPassword quot quot tblUsers quot quot UserID quot amp Me cboUsers Value Then lngMyUserID Me cboUsers Value Close logon form and open MainSwitchboard screen DoCmd Close acForm quot frmLogon quot acSaveNo DoCmd OpenForm quot frmMainSwitchboard quot Else MsgBox quot Password Invalid Please Try Again quot vbOKOnly quot Invalid Entry quot Me txtPassword SetFocus End If If User Enters incorrect password times database will shutdown intLogonAttempts intLogonAttempts If intLogonAttempts gt Then MsgBox quot You do not have access to this database Please contact admin quot vbCritical quot Restricted Access quot Application Quit End If Check to see if data is entered into the password box If IsNull Me txtPassword Or Me txtPassword quot quot Then MsgBox quot You must enter a Password quot vbOKOnly quot Required Data quot Me txtPassword SetFocus Exit Sub End If Check value of password in tblUsers to see if this matches value chosen in combo box If Me txtPassword Value DLookup quot EmpPassword quot quot tblUsers quot quot UserID quot amp Me cboUsers Value Then lngMyUserID Me cboUsers Value Close logon form and open MainSwitchboard DoCmd Close acForm quot frmLogon quot acSaveNo DoCmd OpenForm quot frmMainSwitchboard quot Else MsgBox quot Password Invalid Please Try Again quot vbOKOnly quot Invalid Entry quot Me txtPassword SetFocus End If If User Enters incorrect password times database will shutdown intLogonAttempts intLogonAttempts If intLogonAttempts gt Then MsgBox quot You do not have access to this database Please contact admin quot vbCritical quot Restricted Access quot Application Quit End If End Sub Thanks nbsp

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Hi I am a brand name asking password pop up 7 user security for Solved: Windows and new joinee of the Tech Guy website and really need some help from the experts out there The problem is as follows I attempt to connect to my wireless broadband connection but when i click connect a windows security pop up arrives stating that I need to provide a username and password for Network authentication I Solved: Windows 7 security pop up asking for user name and password dont have these nor do I believe that I have ever included these perviously This action has only recently appeared and I cannot bypass it Solved: Windows 7 security pop up asking for user name and password I have other computers linked to the same wifi connection and these are operating just fine the problem computer runs Windows and is the only one with Win So at least I know that it is not the internet connection itself Maybe not of any importance but this problem only occurred after the unit ran out of battery power and has not been able to access my broadband service since the subsequent recharge I have visited Win Network centre on the computer to attempt to establish the problem it recognises I have one and been through all the troubleshooting options but no resolution Any assistance would greatly appreciated Some info of the computer if useful Dell xps running Win Home of course Thanks Nigel nbsp

A:Solved: Windows 7 security pop up asking for user name and password

possibly nothing more than you are not running as administrator, you say its the only one with windows 7-this needs administrator for all sorts of actions
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I am trying to add in a User name and password to access my Linksys Router. I want to change it from just entering admin in the password section to my own user name and password. In the router settings I was able to change the password to something else, but unsure of where to add in a User name. Appreciate the help.

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My PC has been having spontaneous shutdowns for about a year now They happen about once every two weeks Everytime it happens I just hit quot start normal quot after reboot But this time there is a new wrinkle The password I ve used for years isn Vista, Solved: by fix? Password I changed do how User t recognized anymore The password hint is not helpful I tried to follow the Solved: User Password changed by Vista, how do I fix? quot reset password quot route It wanted me to find it on drive quot F quot I have no drive quot F quot Is there anything I can do to find or reset the password I accessed my PC this time using Administrator which I had as an option from other techguy org answers for Solved: User Password changed by Vista, how do I fix? other problems But I want to go in under my normal user name What I see as Administrator is weird Several of the icons at the bottom of the screen are repeated-specifically McAfee and Windows And it took FOREVER after I Solved: User Password changed by Vista, how do I fix? clicked on Administrator to get a web page up And the webpage that came up was Google I have no idea why Please HELP nbsp

A:Solved: User Password changed by Vista, how do I fix?

I restored PC to earlier date (a few days back). Unfortunately it did not fix the problem.
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I am the only person that uses my pc. If I remove my master password from firefox should there be any worry about someone getting my passwords. Or is a master password only needed when multiple people use the same physical pc?

A:[SOLVED] Do you need a master password for single pc user?

Even if you are the only user on your PC, it might be advised to use the Master Password feature for the best security. You can find info about using Master Password at the Mozilla Help Site

Generally, you want your passwords to be as secure as possible, so it might not be a good idea to store them in Firefox at all, since it may be possible for others hacking into your computer to easily find them. As an alternative, I recommend KeePass, which has much more advanced security for storing your passwords, and is easy to make entries that will auto-enter your login info to sites. Check it out at their site
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I am using Windows XP Home Edition with SP2. When attempting to enter a password through the User Accounts in control panel something went wrong. Now when windows starts the password I thought I had entered does not work. Is there any way to get pass this program and eliminate the password. I am the only user on this computer.

A:Solved: Trouble with a User Account Password

Boot into Safe Mode and log in as administrator, (if you are asked for an admin password, try leaving it blank, as this is the default setting)
Once logged on as admin, you should be able to access the user accounts and change or remove the password.

To get into safe mode, keep tapping the F8 key early in the boot up process (Some keyboards may require you to turn on the F Lock feature first)
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I have three different MS Access applications that run on user in vba Prompt password for Access Solved: MS a SQL backend For the Access front ends I am utilizing Jet mdw file for User level security Scope of the applications has increased to where we are using eForms across multiple business sites What I would like to do is enhance user Solved: Prompt for user password in MS Access vba security by tapping into Jet through vba before an activity is recorded under that user s name and date stamped which is something as close to an electronic signature that Access could get I think This would be a separate step from initial application log on which I already have users do Ideally the user would press a button to sign a form the vba subroutine would prompt the user to enter his application password then verify the password against the users mdw file and then stamp the record with user name and date I know how to do everything except the password verification part I am familiar with DAO ADO and ADOX protocols within vba but all I can find is code to set up a new user and assign a password but not verify a self-prescribed password of a Solved: Prompt for user password in MS Access vba user Does anybody have any comments suggestions Many thanks nbsp

A:Solved: Prompt for user password in MS Access vba

ctwest, sorry for the delay in responding, but Access questions are best posted on the Business Applications forum, even though yours is a programming question.
If you haven't found an answer to this question yet, you do not need to prompt users for their password to identify them.
Access knows who they are when they have logged on, you can identify them using the CurrentUser or Application CurrentUser.
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This is another minor annoyance, related to my earlier post today. I attempted to resolve the "Unlock Computer" message in switching users by creating a password for myself in Control Panel/User Accounts. It did not work.
That is, it was not the password required to unlock the pc but now is required whenever I attempt to log on. There seems to be no option to re-set or entirely delete the password, which on my home pc is annoying and unnecessary. I suspect there is a way to do this?

Of course, that still leaves the "unlock computer" problem, but that is another issue.


A:Solved: How can I delete my user password in WinXP?

In the Control Panel under Users just enter blank passwords for you account and it will remove the password.
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So I just acquired a new wireless router an ASUS RT-AC R and I installed everything and setup my user name and password to what I normally use for my routers and such Shortly after I set up some of the port forwarding for my roommates Apple TV and at the very end of the changes getting applied it pops up with quot The server requires a username and password The server says RT-AC R quot and asks for the User password name changed Solved: Router and/or user somehow Name and Password I type in the user name and password that I had set up the router with and it doesn Solved: Router user name and/or password somehow changed t work Port was one of the ports Solved: Router user name and/or password somehow changed that I opened for the Apple TV so I thought that maybe it had to be my roommates iTunes user name and password or Solved: Router user name and/or password somehow changed mine and neither work I have tried to do the firmware restoration through the Firmware Restoration Utility that comes with the router and I get about half way through every time and then it says quot Failed to upload the firmware Please check the connection between your computer and router quot Please someone let me know what it is I m doing wrong or what I can do to fix this problem it is driving me nuts UPDATE I was successfully able to restore the firmware via the utility given with the router however when I tried to run the Setup Wizard afterwards and get to the screen asking for the password I tried quot admin quot for both which is the default and it did not work I also tried the user name and password I setup the router with and those did not work either If there is a way I can reinstall everything with the router from scratch and set up a new user name and password that would be great nbsp

A:Solved: Router user name and/or password somehow changed

Apparently there's a button on the back to do a factory reset, looks like it's fixed... Still don't know how my user name and password was changed.
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i have been playing yahtzee at for about a year and a half. i have a user name and password. since the site went down for about a week in october, i have not been able to get into the game lobbies with my user name and password, but i can play as a guest. can you tell me what changed. i really miss playing, nobody wants to play a guest!

A:[SOLVED] Can't Get Into Game Lobbies On With User Name And Password

Hello daisy, welcome to the site!

Try re-registering.

I don't know much about on-line games but I do know that some sites that go off-line for a while are upgrading thier software or putting in "new and improved servers" and might have to choose a different user name and password...if yours was lost in the transfer...

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Have a friend who bought a dell inspirion 1501 that he bought second hand. it runs window vista. problem is there is a user password set and noone knows what it is. the lady who he bought it from said she forgt what it was. Is there a way to bypass this besides doing a clean reformat? or opening it up to try and remove the cmos battery? ( someone told me that wouold work, want to save that as a last resort)

any help???

A:Solved: dell inspirion 1501 user password

Per TSG rules: Passwords - Please do not ask for assistance with forgotten passwords and/or bypassing them. As there is no way to verify the actual situation and/or intentions, no assistance will be provided and any such threads will be closed.
My suggestion is to use the restore partition or Vista DVD and put it back like new. Other than that we can't offer assistance.
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I locked my computer today and when the screen came up to log back on, an old user name was in first box. I typed in old password for the account and logged on. Tried again and found i can log on, with that password on both accounts. Even though one account is Non-existant...
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There are a number of sites that I use often that give you the option of saving your user name and/or password. Until yesterday it worked fine but now if I close and open firefox the user name and/or password is not remembered and I have to reenter.I can't think of any changes made and also under options I have Remember Passwords checked.

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I am a Vista Home Premium user It all started when I kept getting a User Name and Initials prompt upon opening any Office document WORD or EXCEL I troubleshooted Log-On Account Prompt Off Solved: User Password for in Can't and Turn the issue uninstalled and reinstalled Office and still the nagging prompt panel Upon Googling the issue I discovered that I was unable to open or change permissions in the registry User Info file in the registry Still researching this issue just today I am now when the UAC kicks in getting a prompt to Solved: Can't Turn Off Prompt for Password in User Account and Log-On enter my OS log-on password When I put in the password it doesn t take it and the prompt for password screen returns I believe that the registry has locked this feature and I am thus unable to get the password to register This is alarming Is this an indication of malware or virus I am presently running Trend Micro but have no idea how to proceed I went to try and turn off UAC but when I click to do this it prompts for my password doesn t take the password so I am not able to access this feature Any help would be greatly appreciated I am sorry if I am being unclear but basically I am getting the OS password now--when for example I right click on a program and go to RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR the password prompt comes up nbsp

A:Solved: Can't Turn Off Prompt for Password in User Account and Log-On
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HELP PLEASE,im trying to connect my Samsung HT-BD1252 Blu-ray Home Cinema 5.1 to my pc wirelessly,ive got as far as the blu ray player finding the pc but asks for a user and then password for login and everything ive tried is wrong,tried it with a laptp as well and same,anyone else had this problem and importantly has anyone got a solution to it,thanks.
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Good evening from Graz,

i have quite a strange problem on my personal pc since the last few days. I cannot login to my useraccount(which has a transparent picture at the logon screen since a few days).
I have just one workarround: if i login with my adminaccount and logoff, the userpicture of my privateaccount appears again and the login is possible.

What could this problem be related to?

Nico Müller

A:Solved: Windows 7 User Account Problem(Transparent User Picture)

Good morning,

solved it. Disabled the admin account, and removed the pw of my useraccount.
Kind a strange problem indeed, but seems to be solved.

Thanks anyway,
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I have installed a speech-to-text software application and during the initial setup it asks me if I want to participate in data collection to be sent Name/Password Cannot software get Windows installation past Solved: during User to the Solved: Cannot get past Windows User Name/Password during software installation company to improve the application etc When I click on either the Yes or the No I get prompted for my Windows User name and Password I enter the ones that appear on the Windows Welcome screen and work but an error message pops up saying that quot no mapping between account names and security ID s was done quot The application setup menu says that quot currently your Administrator me has not been configured to run data collectiuon at a scheduled time Press Configure to correct this issue quot but doing so only gets the user name pasword prompt again I have been into the User and Computer Management on Control Panel and ticked pretty well everything I can find to let me do whatever I like as an Admin but still no joy Searching through HELP advises that it is the Task Scheduler asking for these details I remember that on XP you could somehow disable Task Scheduler from working but can t seem to find it on Vista Home Premium So is there someway to get around this as I feel I am missing a step somewhere Thanks all nbsp

A:Solved: Cannot get past Windows User Name/Password during software installation

Found that the User name is really SYSTEM even though I have used my normal log in name - duh!

Anyhow all fixed
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Fully up to date Vista Home Premium 32bit.

I lock computer by pressing WinKey+L or just wait few minutes and it start screensaver and lock itself. The problem exists ONLY when screen saver is running (tried third party screensavers and ones that were built in by Microsoft - no difference).

If ScreenSaver is running and I physically press turn off button on system unit, my computer exit screensaver, bring applications that are running to the front of screen, and lets me to work with them while Vista attempt to shut computer off. To make the matter worse, it almost always bring dialog about waiting for some applications more time or cancel shut down attempt. If I cancel it - i get full access to previously locked session without entering user name or password....
Could it be that this problem just my system specific?(not likely)

A:Security problem: gaining full Vista access without entering password or user name

Could someone reproduce it?
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Since my boss on a whim changed a password and User Changed Exchange ID and password. backupExec - Solved: server for Veritas won t let us use this account any longer we have been piecing together problems with services running under this old account I think we have alot back to normal but there is one problem I still Solved: Veritas backupExec for Exchange server - Changed User ID and password. see - The backup runs and backs up all the proper files on the drives themselves but when it gets to - Backup Server Microsoft Exchange Public Folders and Backup Server Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes It fails with - Error a c - Unable to attach to one of the drives This user has an Exchange mailbox I gave this user full read and write write permissions to Solved: Veritas backupExec for Exchange server - Changed User ID and password. the mailbox folder and the public folder the same rights the old user account the user has been given domain admin rights for the purpose of troubleshooting the resource credentials within BackupExec are all set to this account and finally all proper services are started and pointed ot this new account The backup is catching all the other non exchange parts of the backups e g files and shadow copy stuff What is the hook I am missing that made it so this new account won t back up these exchange portions nbsp

A:Solved: Veritas backupExec for Exchange server - Changed User ID and password.
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About to head out to have a look at a mates computer shes on 2000 and said she was doing online banking and the numbers for her password worked for a couple then nothing, it froze she shut down the computer and now when she starts up she cant even get past user log in screen.

If i start up in safe mode then run tests if it allows me ?? or what can i do if i cant get into it to check or run any tests, can you restore a computer from safe mode??

A:Solved: windows 2000 wont go past user password screen

Can you log on with another account like "administrator"?
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For security reasons Microsoft does not allow parents computer administrators to check on maintain adjust or otherwise enter their kids limited users XP profiles without either resetting their passwords or waiting for them to come home and being confrontational about it Ideally I would like to be able to log on to a limited user account from my administrator account without tampering with anyone s passwords-resetting them or Bypass or or Screensaver W/out Password Adjust User Find XP User Reset Limited otherwise Actually I have little interest in the step kids personal life and stuff Alternately perhaps you may help me with my ultimate goal limiting screensaver activity My Find or Bypass XP Limited User Password W/out Reset or Adjust User Screensaver arrogant and belligerant teenage stepson likes to customize the family room to his tastes rather that leave it to the generic unbiased interest of the family in general Latest he has designed his quot my pictures quot screensaver somehow to override cmos settings to illustrate various pictures of himself for unlimited time rather than allow cmos or windows to shut off the monitor after periods of inactivity Typically he would prefer to be confrontational about it fight and argue over the issue stressing out his depressed mom in the process I do not want to fight-I just want my monitor to go off after a while of non-use and not be kept on by XP Sorry about all the disfunctional family issues I had to mention for background It is hard dealing with Find or Bypass XP Limited User Password W/out Reset or Adjust User Screensaver an aggressive controlling kid Obviously most of the time the computer is left on his profile but I quot am not allowed quot to adjust the power settings when it is for some reason from his profile nbsp

A:Find or Bypass XP Limited User Password W/out Reset or Adjust User Screensaver

looks like you have no choice in resetting passwords, who's house is it anyway???
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Hi In A domain environment when wifi user a reseting connect cannot user directory from password to Active after i rest a user password from active directory users and user cannot connect to wifi after reseting a user password from Active directory computers he is unable to login to Windows with new password He is configured to login through wifi And we are using single sign on in the wifi settings This issue is only affecting few users connection to company wifi network is authenticated through x so we manualy create a wifi profile for x At the dual login screen the new credentials we are using active directory credentials for wifi since it's x are entered First it user cannot connect to wifi after reseting a user password from Active directory spits an error that unable to connect to wifi Then windows spits an error of invalid user name or password If we enter the old credentials at login in both wifi access and windows access we are able to login to Windows it logs in with Cached credentials but I it obviously is unable to connect to wifi network The user is a member of wifi group so he has access to wifi and he can access wifi through his iPhone Also another observation is that if I login with his Cached credentials and configure a wifi profile connection using his new reseted password password windows spits an error that cannot connect to the network So the core issue is that after reseting his password from active directory users and computers he cannot connect to wifi through windows The workaround that currently I do is i login with his Cached credentials to Windows and then i use my own credentials to configure wifi connection and ask him to login to Windows using his Cached credentials while he will be using my credentials for wifi access And for other systems that will be using credentials like email he uses new credentials Pretty crude solution Any way how to figure out what could go wrong Besides i have tried configuring a wifi connection profile on another users laptop using the affected user credentials I got same error that windows cannot connect you to wifi So the real issue is that after resetting the password of the user from aduc he cannot connect to wifi Any clue idea Windows is latest and updated We are using Microsoft forefront endpoint protection
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Hi all We are having a real issue with local profiles user profile service on our domain Our staff accounts are using local profiles When a staff member changes their password something is happening to their profiles on the machines that their local profile is stored When they try to login the machine is getting stuck at quot Please wait for the user profile service quot It never continues we have left for mins or more and profiles, hanging issue service Big profile and user user's changing :( password local with it doesn't continue We are currently having to use delprof to remove their profiles from ALL machines they have previously logged into which is a lot of hassle nbsp We first noticed this issue when we upgraded our workstations from windows to windows nbsp I was hoping that upgrading to windows would fix the issue but sadly it doesn't This is causing us major hassle on our domain It only affects people with Big issue with user's local profiles, changing password and hanging user profile service :( local profiles our students use mandatory profiles and they are not affected Our DCs are R nbsp I have trawled google but cannot find any information on this At our yearly microsoft meeting i asked our regional account manager and he couldn't believe the issue He had never heard anything like this before From the event log the only thing i can see is that it is not finishing the load of the user profile nbsp Under user profile service events it shows this Event Recieved user logon notification on session Event Registry file C Users USERNAME ntuser dat is loaded at HKU S- - - - - - - Event Logon type Regular nbsp Local profile location C Users USERNAME nbsp Profile type Regular Event Registry file C Users USERNAME AppData Local Microsoft Windows UsrClass dat is loaded at HKU S- - - - - - - Classes Event This is where it get stucks But then it does not show the final step Event should be Finished processing user logon notification on session No other events are logged We hadn't changed any GPOs before the upgrade to windows Any help would be greatly welcome
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dont know user account control password AND no administrator user so i cant download/install anything, cant update, and i cant change any settings someone please help PLUS i just got this computer iv read some other entrys where people had the same problem as me they said to do a system reboot in safemode but i dont know how. can someone help me? thank you

A:dont know user account control password and no administrator user

after the bios loads but before windows start to load hit f8 and you get your windows boot options.
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We have a remote user using windows pro bit and nbsp cisco vpn on his laptop The remote user is prompted to change his password while he is old the while vpn the but remote with still the laptop domain password password user cached is changed connected to the domain during the vpn session nbsp He follows the prompts to the change the password When he performs the following Ctlr Alt Del selects lock and now tries to unlocks the laptop with the new password he nbsp receives nbsp the message of nbsp The trust relationship nbsp between remote user changed the domain password while vpn but the laptop is still cached with the old password this workstation and the primary domain failed In order to get into the laptop nbsp nbsp the remote user restarts the laptop and uses the old password with his domain username remote user changed the domain password while vpn but the laptop is still cached with the old password Even though he is vpn into the network nbsp nbsp the remote user nbsp is unable to gain access to any network resources since domain password was changed VPN password and domain password are different nbsp The Cisco VPN username password account is keep on the ASA nbsp The domain username password is keep on a Microsoft server nbsp Does anybody know how to nbsp get the changed domain password onto the laptop while VPN Thank YOU
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I have a HP 17-f020us 17.3-Inch Touchscreen Laptop with window 8. I dont what to have to remove the battery to do this. Way to much for me to try to do. I would like to know how to do it through the Bios.
Thank you,

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I have this problem since two days ago I have try to solve it by calling AOL tech supports and they can not find the solution only to unistall and install which is bothersome I have turned off the firewalls deleted AOL folders etc but still nothing I have a broadband connection that apperently AOL however the modem appears on on Problem signing AOL the quot modem list quot I thought that I had a modem problem but I can enter to every web page through Internet Explorer I Problem signing on AOL don t know what to do I can not even enter my username since Problem signing on AOL it stays on the part quot Existing user name quot and quot AOL is findidng the type of connection quot while on the top part it says quot AOL CONNECTED Not Signed-On quot I would aprecciate all the help I can get Security Program McAfee Firewall McAfee and Windows Windows Program Vista Internet Explorer Not sure but I believe it could be Messenger Currently asking for an update I m scare that it can conflict even more with AOL AOL or VR if I have to change back Thanks for the help nbsp

A:Problem signing on AOL

Don't run two firewalls at the same time. Choose one and turn the other off. I recommend updating Internet Explorer to version 8 and updating everything else for that matter.
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In the last several weeks I started having trouble signing off aol. I am running WIN98SE and aol rel. 8.0. When I try exiting aol it comes up with a small empty box in the lower right hand corner and hangs. doing Ctrl-Alt-Del sometime lets me exit aol other times it just hangs. trying to do shut-down produces the blue screen of death saying "the sustem is busy, hit any key to exit" and nothing happens. The only recourse is to pwer down go through scandisk and rebooting. I still have the old aol rel 4.0 and have no problem with it. Idid an AVG, Adaware, and Spybot search and destru scan with no malware identififed.
Any ideas?
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Well i tried signing in this morning at an error message that says "signing into MSN Messenger Failed because the service is temporarily unavilablelease try again later. 81000314"

I signed into my old account this morning earlier just to see if it was a service problem but I got in fine. and I got my mom to try and heres went in fine. But now I just recently tried both my account and they both give me that error message but my moms still works...Whats up??

A:Msn Signing Problem

Unplug the cable box for your internet and leave it off for about 5 minutes then plug it in again and see it you can sign in.....also re start the PC and see if you can sign in.
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For security purposes on my PC with Windows XP Home Edition SP all up to date I use Comodo Firewall--AVG Antivirus free edition-- AVG Antispyware free edition--Spyware Blaster-- Windows Defender all used regularly and kept up to date Last week AVG Antispyware found a Trojan called KillAV and quarantined it My AVG Antivirus which does its daily scan at hrs had In Signing Needed) (help Problem not picked it up that morning and the previous antispyware scan with AVG which had been done two days before also hadn t picked anything up I immediately did another scan which picked it up and quarantined it again I deleted them both this time and did another scan which found nothing That night I also did a Windows Live One Care scan which again found nothing other than the usual temp internet files etc I have paid particular attention Signing In Problem (help Needed) to my PC s behaviour since then but everything seems to work normally apart from the following incident The day after the above happened I went to sign into my PC and found that although the little sign in box with my name was there the little flashing print icon wasn t and I therefore could not sign Signing In Problem (help Needed) in I rebooted my PC and everything has worked well again for the last week until this morning when the same thing happened again After the first time I changed the passwords on both mine and my daughters who shares this PC accounts as a precaution As I say other than this happening twice my PC works just as it always has but perhaps someone could tell me how to stop it happening again Many thanks in advance for any help offered Bluesjunior

A:Signing In Problem (help Needed)

It's possible that the removal of the Trojan caused some damage to the OS. This happens because some of these buggers get their hooks into some of the system files.I'd try running SFC.EXE /SCANNOW from the Run dialog ( )If that doesn't work, then try a repair install ( ) although it's a real PITA to sit through the 65 or so Windows Updates afterwards.Good Luck!
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I am trying to sign into a web site and it will not let me. The user name and password have been changed by the site for me but I just get Windows security window saying the original user name . Help please. I have cleared all passwords and sign-ins in Internet options . All the rest have gone except this one.

A:Problem signing into a website

Hello emma, welcome to Sevenforums!

After you get this wrong password prompt (would you be able to post a picture of it here so I can see it?), is there any option to try again, so that you can sign in with the right credentials? And furthermore, is there any option or check-box that lets you 'save the username and password' for that site?

And (unless for any reason you wouldn't like to) if you say what the site is, I can give youwalk through on how to fix the problem through the site, if possible.

Do you use Internet Explorer 8? Which browser do you use?
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Hi To resolve an orange e-mail issue i e orange Outlook signing problem in is Outlook signing in problem useless we started to use MSN s Outlook signing in problem live co uk addresses for each of the computers we had already installed outlook but we not sure how to link the accounts to the outlook until we determined that the outlook required the outlook connector For a couple of months the system has been working fine e-mails can be sent and received etc then a recent batch of updates from MS has seen several days when each of the computers will not connect to the MSN server stating that the email protected address cannot sign in to the server Each time the user has to reboot the computer to get the outlook to sign in several attempts to repair the connector are done and it is not guarenteed that on a reboot the connector allows the connection one account of the outlook has three different addresses one of which is Outlook signing in problem a company address and the others are personal I have un-installed the connector on this PC and re-installed it with no change is there any specific reason that connector does not sign the account in Best regards Phil nbsp

A:Outlook signing in problem

Below is the dialogue box that appears,

([email protected])
We were unable to sign in to your account. Please try again. Outlook Connector has encountered an error. Please restart Outlook, if the issue continues, open the control panel, click Add/Remove programs and repair Outlook Connector, if this does not fix the issue, contact support.

Firstly, we have tried all but the support, which is who exactly - MS or the administrators of our system i.e. me.

best regards
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I'm just about finished setting up a new laptop The laptop with in account Problem signing MS was correctly set up to boot and sign in to my Hotmail account The store where it was purchased did some of the initial setup and they assigned a compute name of quot user quot I wanted to change this to something more meaningful so I Problem signing in with MS account changed the name Now when the computer boots it tells me that my user name or password are incorrect The name quot user quot is pre-typed in the user name window I can type the correct Hotmail account and PW and log on correctly but the next time that I boot I have to go through the same process In an attempt to correct I created a local account and followed the instructions in the following thread Microsoft Account - Switch to in Windows However when I try to switch to the MS account I get the message quot We couldn't change your account because there's already an account on this PC with that address quot How can I fix this so that I automatically sign on with my original Hotmail account

A:Problem signing in with MS account

Oops. Sorry about the needless post. Admin feel free to delete the post.

I continued to fiddle with potential solutions. When the problem first started, I loaded "User Accounts" , entered the properties for my Hotmail account. The name "user" was in the user name window but it wouldn't allow me to change it.
Ultimately, I changed the logon setting to require a password and booted entering the Hotmail account. Then I went to the "User Accounts" window, clicked on my Hotmail ID and was allowed to change the "User Name". I booted again, then went back to the "User Accounts" window and deselected "Users must enter a password...". Voila. I'm back to normal.

Sorry for the wasted post
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I closed my computer down (PC) windows 8.1 two nights ago and all was well.
New morning, all is still well until it came to typing my password in (which I know to me).
Tried to type in the password but it was as if the keyboard was not working.
Nothing. Very frustrating to say the lest. I know the keyboard is working.
Can someone please help this senior Tasmanian regain his lost sanity.
7:00pm Tuesday here, not sure what it is in the States.

A:Problem signing into Windows 8.1

Is your computer a desktop? your keyboard Bluetooth, if so check the batteries. Try changing USB bluetooth connector to another position.
If the keyboard does not use batteries try changing to a different USB connection on your computer.
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Hi, I use HP pavilion dm1 . from last night still my laptop shows signing out when i try to open it.

A:HP Pavilion signing out problem

hi, just saying ,if it were mine,done it many time with out ill consequences, i would hold down the power button until it shut down ,and then restart it , totally up to you to try this as there isn't much else you can do .
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6/16/2007I?m having trouble ?signing in? to establish a connection using Bearshare ver 6.10.32411.After the installation ? I tried searching for .avi files the ?signing in? message continued to stay on the screen. I?ve already added the Bearshare program under firewall exception settings but still cannot sign in ? PLEASE HELP.Thank you.ybenviousModerator Edit: Moved topic to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:Problem Signing In To Bearshare

I would first try repairing the application. This can usually be done through add/remove programs in your control panel. If you do not see an option to repair immediately, select 'remove' and the option to repair the install should be there before the uninstall occurs.
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When I sign on AIM on my laptop, i get messages every minute or so telling me my name has been signed on in at least one other location. Sometimes I am signed on in 3 different locations. At first I figured changing my password would help, but it didn't matter. There wasn't even a break in the messages. Then I decided I had no choice but to get a new screen name. As soon as I logged on with the new name, I got the message again. I have run Spybot, Spyware Doctor, AIMfix, and my Avast antivirus with no success.

Any ideas? Thanks.

A:AIM problem- constantly signing on in other locations

Hello zelemont:

I'm thinking maybe a password hijacker.

Please read this thread

Please download HijackThis . This program will help us
determine if there are any spyware/malware on your computer. Double-click on the file you just downloaded. Click
on the "Unzip" button to install. It will by default install to the directory - C:\PROGRAM FILES\HIJACKTHIS\
Run a scan and save the log file. Do not fix anything in HijackThis since they may be harmless.
Make sure to include the System information at the top of the log as well.

Post your HJT log in the HiJack This Forum
and an analyst will help you.
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i am experiencing a recent problem when i m trying to sign on to my winmx acct this bassically happened to me overnite about a week ago i have had an acct with them for over two years now and after downloading a number of songs one night i went to sign on the folowing morning to no luck it just kept on trying and trying to no avail then i went to my settings on winmx and tried to sign on under a new name which i have done before but each tim ethat i ve done this like times i get an error messageafter it it says that it is testing my connection that reads quot Winmx was unable to make an outgoing TCP connection to it s test servers This could be because this computer is not currently connected to the signing on my winmx to account problem internet you are on a local area network LAN and need to use a Socks proxy server to make an outgoing TCP connections or there s a temporay network problem quot like i was saying earlier this is th e st time that i have experienced this problem and i as far as i know i haven t changed anything on my internet service i currently use roadrunner cable service and i m on windows xp i would greatly problem signing on to my winmx account apreciate any advice that anyone would be willing to give to me due to the fact that when i sign onto winmx s support sight the st thing that they are asking for is my e-mail address and since years ago i have switched my accts probably like times and in all problem signing on to my winmx account honesty i can t remember what name or isp i was on when i st registered nbsp

A:problem signing on to my winmx account

are you using mozilla ......
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if i on the hp laptop showing signing out. i cant go inside windows. after only off by power button. again on showing signing out. what to do.message edited by seyed05
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why do I have to keep signing in to sites over and over again when I always check the box to stay on. sites such as Facebook , Yahoo mail or messenger and a few other of my sites. thanks .. I have windows vista , IE . doI not have the privicy or some other set not right . thansk roz

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Hi, I tried to sign into msn but coulden't find it so I found it in windows search I set up an account with a pass word thinking I would be able to use msn mail but it won't work, I did have an msn account on my old pc
but msn say it doesn't exist I can't get to the msn home page, what happens now is when I bootup I have to sign on using the pass word for msn where as before when I booted up I went strait to my desktop I have recently installed firefox as my default browser, could this be the the trouble? os winxp
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My other Xp computer is doing this, it started wednesday 2-13-08.

This should work!

Yahoo mail, Columbusbankandtrust, Hotmail.

A:[SOLVED] Problem with some sites.

You can post your HOST file here if you need some help.
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I have above problem with error code 81000306 and I had follow many instruction either to clear SOCKS settings or proxy settings but I still can't use it. Please help me.
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G day I m having a v difficult time trying to bring up the Big Fish site It sits loading without of the time doing so When I do bring up the site and am able to download games for trial after trial period and wishing to purchase the games when it comes time to Sign In I have exactly the same problem with processing the acceptance of it I ve got a Dell Dimension which operates on Windows P SP and am Site In Big Fish & Signing Problem - Loading using IE I have done the usual - emptying Big Fish - Problem Loading Site & Signing In cache do not save encrypted pages to disk allowing bigfishgames com on both Privacy and Security in Internet Options I have tried to connect to the Big Fish site via IE search links to Big Fish and through the quot Buy Now quot button - all without success As I am in an area where I only have dial-up access you can imagine my frustration with these delays to connect as I have no option but to wait for it to load since sometimes dial-up is slow to do so even on other sites - but mostly those not accessed before However in the main connection with almost every site my computer recognises as safe is quite quick but for some irritating reason I am yet to fathom is loathe to behave likewise with Big Fish even though It s URL pastes as safe as IE displays it now with a tick I have Rising Sun anti-virus and have instructed it to white list each Big Fish game I have downloaded I would like to know how to tell RS to ignore the Big Fish site itself but I don t see provision anywhere to do this without white listing explorer exe itself and I don t feel that would be a very wise move Just as it was not a very wise move I made this morning when in desperation I set RS to quot Disable quot while I repeated all the above steps in the mistaken hope I might reach Big Fish quickly and at last be allowed to sign in so I could complete my purchases of now unwilling to sell games I would greatly appreciate any help from members who have like-wise experienced this or a similar problem with Big Fish Games as my frustration level has today finally reached level quot Red quot and telling me to give BF away like a bad joke It is only sheer obstinance at this point which denies me that privilege Tah in advance Iz konya Australia - Mid North nbsp
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I recently downloaded the new Windows live Messenger. Every time i try to sign in, it signs me in for about 4 seconds and then signs me right back out.?

I am getting really frustrated and I have ran out of options, please if anyone can help me i would really appreciate it.

Thank You.!

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I am on windows 2000 pro.
my msn messenger 7.0 wont sign in. it says the following:
sorry, we were unable to sign you in to the msn messenger at this time. Please try again later. 8007277b
I cant clear the ssl state so that idea wont work because i cant find the ssl state.. HELP

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Got a little brother (9) who finds out about stuff on the internet that kids from school tell him about. Most of it is not kid appropriate, so my parents asked me to block these sites that they show him..

I've got this thing called "Hosts" (, which someone here showed me. It's great at blocking ads on other sites, so I decided to try editing the HOSTS file to block other web sites. It works, sort of. I simply added these lines to the HOSTS file, after the rest of the sites: (doesn't get blocked) (gets blocked)

How can I fix this problem, or is there an alternative?

A:[SOLVED] Problem blocking web sites.

You usually have to clear the internet cache in the browser you are using after modifying the HOSTS file.
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When I go to several sites on the web, some, but not all, hyperlinks don't work. Same with my e-mail program (Poco Mail). When I switched my default browser to Safari, the links worked. I have uninstalled IE 7/8 and reinstalled IE8. No help.

Home built computer about 3 years old running XP.

A:[SOLVED] Hyperlink problem at some sites

Hello and welcome back,

Hyperlinks don't work

After you upgrade to Internet Explorer 7, hyperlinks do not work in Outlook Express
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Humble apologies if question asked/answered before.

Running Win 7 64bit all updates etc, anyway have never used passwords (sole user ), so booted up computer this morning and woila there it was, wanting "user name" & "Password", never been set up for one so how can I input something that wasn't set up, a bloody nuisance, that's why I love computers, just when you get complacent, it throws a spanner in the works, your thoughts as always most appreciated.

A:Sole user never had a User Name or Password!

Hello Peter,

Since it's wanting you to enter both your user name and password instead of just password, then you might see if using step 2 and 8 in Option One of the tutorial below may help with this. Log On with User Name and Password
Afterwards, if it's still not automatically logging into your account at startup, then the tutorial below can sort that for you. Since you do not have a password, you would just leave the password fields empty. Log On Automatically at Startup
Hope this helps.
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I have a user who has this issue User it though getting or is name even incorrect' 'user password laptop computer running win connected to the corporate network Using active directory User account is in User getting 'user name or password incorrect' even though it is AD The user types in username password Gets the message user name or password is incorrect User can attempt or times gets the same message User is absolutely sure he is using correct credentials I have his creds and have done it myself Can reboot the computer and it may then allow him to login Or he may get the same message User can go to User getting 'user name or password incorrect' even though it is a different computer in the office Same results Or this different computer may let him login multiple times but will ultimately get the same results I have tried on newly imaged computer with the same results We have checked and he is not logged into any other device anywhere he has an iPad with company e-mail and what is somewhat odd well other than the whole event is he is able to get his company e-mail on the iPad no problem Any suggestions