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Solved: Drop-down lists and hidden columns in Excel

Q: Solved: Drop-down lists and hidden columns in Excel

I have several excel sheets which accumulate hidden in Solved: lists columns and Drop-down Excel data Solved: Drop-down lists and hidden columns in Excel at regular periods This accumulation involves the addition of new columns Each column contains one or two drop down lists When I report to other team members I send them pdf s of the datasheets In order to get the reports to fit on one piece of paper I hide the unnecessary columns When I hide the columns all the dropdown lists get shunted along to the first visible column This was never a problem until the format of the columns were changed request from the customer This change can not be implemented for all previous entries I now have the problem that the bunched up dropdown lists appear in the first visible column obscuring the title for that column How can I get around this problem without spending minutes temporarily deleting these dropdown columns each time I have thought about deleting them permanently except the sheet is also used by other people and this would cause unwanted problems I hope someone can help me Thankyou I should have added if Solved: Drop-down lists and hidden columns in Excel you hide columns C through F in the test file then you will see all the dropdown lists shift into column G nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Solved: Drop-down lists and hidden columns in Excel

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Got a spreadsheet where the first column on the leftmost side is Column D.

I want to see Col A - Col C as I know they exist but I cannot see.
I move the cursor to A1 and am told the contents in top left corner of Excel.

Have tried Unhide the whole worksheet but no go.

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thank you for trying to help still learning Excel So I am trying to have a Named list of choices used as Drop down lists for cells in columns AK AH and AJ These choices are quot Blank quot quot quot through quot quot and quot A quot Then using conditional formatting via setting a formula and Formatting Conditional lists Solved: Excel Validation/Drop down to determine if all three cells from these columns in a single row equal quot quot through quot quot i e quot lt quot then another cell in that row D Solved: Excel Validation/Drop down lists and Conditional Formatting will be a specific color the Conditional formula I am using is AND AK quot lt AH quot lt quot AJ quot lt quot This is applied to D for every row in the column This doesn t change the color in D If I change the conditional formatting to query for quot A quot instead it does work It sounds like there is something fundamental Solved: Excel Validation/Drop down lists and Conditional Formatting that I m not getting Any suggestions thank you nbsp

A:Solved: Excel Validation/Drop down lists and Conditional Formatting

you do not want the " in the expression


see attached

worked for cell
H, J, K
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Using Excel in XP, is there a way to paste additional columns into an autofiltered list without filling in the hidden rows that are not part of the selected list? I am trying to combine two spreadsheets, and need to paste a ton of data into one spreadsheet.

I hope that this is clear enough to convey what I need to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



A:Problems Pasting Additional Columns Into Autofiltered Lists in Excel

You cannot insert a column with the autofilter showing only selected data. Just set the filter(s) to All and then you can insert the columns, then you can reset the filters. You can, however, paste a column in with the filter on - just copy the data and then put the cursor in the top cell of the column you want to paste into - it will be filtered also.
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Hi All, trying to create multi row/column drop down list of drivers that go over different routes. some go over more than others and some none at all. i would like to search for a route which brings up the drivers names etc.hope you can help. many thanks.

A:Excel 2013 drop down lists

A slight improvement, im now using the 'Like' operator so that you can for example, search for 'Ben' in the name field and it will return all names and routes for people whos name is like 'Ben' such as 'Ben' 'Ben smith', 'Benjamin something' etcthis is also true for the route names, you can enter a short route name such as 'Acton East' and it will return all the drivers names that have routes with 'Acton East' in them.Dim SearchName As String
Dim SearchRoute As String
Dim uRange
Dim lRange
Dim Bcell As Range
Dim iResults As String

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()

' Clears the output field
Range("txtdetails").Value = Empty
iResults = Empty

'Sets the variable names to the names entered into the search fields
If Range("A2") <> Empty Then
SearchName = Range("A2").Value
SearchName = Empty
End If

If Range("B2") <> Empty Then
SearchRoute = Range("B2").Value
SearchRoute = Empty
End If

'Sets the search range where the names and routes exist
Set uRange = Sheet1.Range("A1")
Set lRange = Sheet1.Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp)

'Uses both the name and the route to perform and return search results
If Range("A2") <> Empty And Range("B2") <> Empty Then

For Each Bcell In Sheet1.Range(uRange, lRange)

If Bcell.Value Like "*" & SearchName & "*" And Bcell.Offset(0, 1).Value Like "*" & SearchRoute & "*" Then
iResults = iResults & Bcell.Value & " : " & Bcell.Offset(0, 1).Value & vbCrLf
Range("txtdetails") = iResults
End If

Next Bcell

End If

' Uses just the name to search and return results
If Not IsEmpty(Sheet2.Range("A2")) And IsEmpty(Sheet2.Range("B2")) Then

For Each Bcell In Sheet1.Range(uRange, lRange)

If Bcell.Value Like "*" & SearchName & "*" Then
iResults = iResults & Bcell.Value & " : " & Bcell.Offset(0, 1).Value & vbCrLf
Range("txtdetails") = iResults
End If
Next Bcell

End If

' Uses just the route to search and return results
If IsEmpty(Sheet2.Range("A2")) And Not IsEmpty(Sheet2.Range("B2")) Then

For Each Bcell In Sheet1.Range(uRange, lRange)

If Bcell.Offset(0, 1).Value Like "*" & SearchRoute & "*" Then
iResults = iResults & Bcell.Value & " : " & Bcell.Offset(0, 1).Value & vbCrLf
Range("txtdetails") = iResults
End If

Next Bcell

End If

End Sub
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I would like to know how to choose a drop down list of values when I select certain cells. And how to I assign the cell to show the drop down list (with a down arrow on the right hand side of the cell). Thank you all!!!!

A:how to create drop down lists in excel

Go to Data > Validation and from the allow dropdown select List. In the source area you can make a reference to any range of cells for the list or manually type in comma seperated values.
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I hope I have the right forum I created a drop down list down excel 2013 lists drop in excel but I want to link specific data to each selection in the dropdown box to be displayed in other excel 2013 drop down lists boxes on the spreadsheet I have the dropdown list on a separate excel 2013 drop down lists sheet from where I store the data to be displayed Ex select and populate a b c d select and populate e f g h select and populate I j k l etc something like sales area employees south Bob Jane Russ North Jeff Carl Pat West Richard Matt Josh When I pick South I want the corresponding employees to be displayed I want to link items to the drop down list selection The data is arranged in a row left to right but I have the display boxes arranged in columns top to bottom I can change that if need be only one dropdown box will be used I have used excel before but still a novice at most of the more intermediate functions I hope that makes sense

A:excel 2013 drop down lists

I think you should be able to achieve this with the "vlookup" function.
VLOOKUP function
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have designed an invoice form in Excel 2010
have made a Drop down box using the "products" worksheet information in the drop down list. The drop down list shows only column 1.

some ITEMS in the "products" worksheet, have the same name (col 1) with different prices in (col 2)
for example:

the following is an example of the "product" list:
col 1 col 2
apple $44
apple $48
apple $50

I would like to view columns 1 and 2 in the drop down list to make the choice of which price to charge

depending which row "apple" is chosen from, the price goes into the amount column on the invoice, with the description showing only "apple"

I wish to only show "apple" in the invoice description area

so ... how to view 2 columns (in the drop down Box) but only make one entry (from col 1) into the invoice?

A:Excel Drop down box how to view 2 columns

It sounds like you would need to set up a third column in your sheet to combine the Col1 and Col2 information and then link your drop down to that. Assuming your drop down tool is an activex or forms type rather than "in cell validation" type, you can then fill your invoice with the information from Col1.
See attached.
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I'm Sum EXCEL: in List; Drop Down Columns Totals Multiple looking to sum totals in a drop down list as follows In column C lines - I have a drop down EXCEL: Sum Totals in Drop Down List; Multiple Columns list that assigns categories to that particular line In column F lines - there are totals that apply to that particular line item that are numbers These totals change with each instance of a particular category Essentially what I've done is assign a number of attendees to a certain category of event EXAMPLE Instance -----Column C Drop Down Selection Event Type Column F Line Instance ----Column C Drop Down Selection Event Type Column F Line What I need is a formula that will sum the total in all of Column F of all instances of Event Type when selected as the EXCEL: Sum Totals in Drop Down List; Multiple Columns drop down item in Column CThere would be about or incidences per spreadsheet and I need a sum of the total numbers associated with each category In the above example I would need a formula that added the totals in F and F when associated with the Event Type category only I need this to apply to all of column F The destination box for the sum would be F I know this is a SUM or SUMIF function but I'm not sure how to input it into the formula bar Can anyone help Again here's the information Category Assignment - Column C Lines C - C Numerical Value per Incidence - Column F Lines F - F Sum Total of Numerical Values per Incidence Box F THANKS message edited by OmniBartonCreek
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Ok I am trying to print a spreadsheet format list. I have about 30000
title-artist entries in 2 columns. I am basically trying to print pages 1 & 2, 3-4, 5-6 and so on the same page without shrinking them way down. I want it to be just like I printed 2 columns but with 4 instead. I want to use the left side of the page for page 1 and the left side for page 2. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:Solved: Printing 4 Columns from 2 columns in excel

Welcome to the board. ?
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Heya, well a slight and annoying problem.
Whenever there is a drop down list e.g. on IE the file menu or when a right click something. It doesn't appear properly and is almost invisble until i scroll my mouse down to find the options. See the attachment.
Any help is much appreciated

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Ok so hopefully I will explain myself clearly enough that someone can help me out I have an excel workbook which is essentially a timesheet and has two sheets one is quot time sheet quot and the other is quot jobs quot The jobs sheet has information which is pulled from another excel file This information includes columns I use called company department friendly name and quickbooks job lists drop-down Solved: data with updating Dependent I ve set up a dynamic name range which automatically includes new data in some lists I ve created One includes all the table s data one list includes all the friendly name column data Currently the time sheet is all setup and has a drop down list which pulls from my list named friendlyname This works great at the moment because there aren t that many different jobs I would like to make it easier in the long run for the user to find a Solved: Dependent drop-down lists with updating data specific job by choosing from two drop down list two items the company and the department Here the departments available would depend on what company is picked From there the drop down list currently used to pick a job would only have the Solved: Dependent drop-down lists with updating data friendly name items which belong to that company and department I ve done tons of research online and I am completely stumped as to what I need to do Every job entry gets all the information needed on one row including the company and department Hopefully someone can help Thanks nbsp

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Does the COUNTIF function not work on cells that have drop down lists? I haven't found any notations anywhere to say pro or con. I need to do a count of the cells that have either of 2 entries out of the 10 available in the list and:
=COUNTIF(Sheet1!H9:H200, "Statement")
is not working, though according to everything I can find online it should. Any ideas would be great. Thanks

A:Solved: COUNTIF function not working with Cells that have Drop Down Lists

Read here:
Offhand, I think it is the same as in that thread - "You can't using data>validation, you can if you use a combobox from the control toolbox."
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First of all - great forum Selection Solved: Multi Excel Lists Found heaps of help here Solved: Excel Multi Selection Lists So thank you all One useful thread I found was http forums techguy org business-applications -excel-multi-selection-list-results html This was a solution to allow a user to select multiple items from a drop down validation list However the solution provided by quot Jimmy the Hand quot will allow multiple items to be selected in ALL validation lists within a worksheet Is there anyway to limit this or to allow only select validation lists to operate this way I have attached Jimmy the Hands solution along with another option I found however this other option actually added the multiple items to an adjacent cell which needs a column number specified would like this to be which ever columns require this affect Not sure how clear I have made this but happy to provide more info Note The non-Jimmy solution actually offers an quot In-cell quot option but cannot view the code - locked nbsp

A:Solved: Excel Multi Selection Lists

Not that I can figure out much of what you're trying to achieve (what's 1-2-3-4-5 per day?) but ...

"Note: The non-Jimmy solution actually offers an "In-cell" option but cannot view the code - locked... "

Unprotected version here.
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Hello There I have ben trying to find out how I can use a and Excel Find - replace lists Solved: using list with two columns in Sheet to do find and replace in another sheet Sheet Basically I want to change the text in a list in Sheet based on text I Solved: Excel - Find and replace using lists have in the other list There are multiple values of the same text in my list Sheet and each needs to be changed to another unique text value I have been doing this in the past with multiple nested Solved: Excel - Find and replace using lists if statements but thought there might be a quicker easier way I have also realised that Excel won t nest if statements or will it My formula Solved: Excel - Find and replace using lists looks like this nested if s If quot Current Text quot quot List Text quot quot New Text quot If quot Current Text quot quot List Text quot quot New Text quot If quot Current Textn quot quot List Textn quot quot New Textn quot And My spreadsheets look like this Sheet Name Current Text Mr A Site Mr B Site Mr C Site Mr D Site Mr E Site Mr H Site Mr I Site Mr J Site Mr K Site Sheet List Text New Text Site New Site One Site New Site Two Site New Site Three Site New Site Four Site New Site Five I have tried to show the columns using spaces as I don t know how to format the text properly I Have also attached a spreadsheet showing the structure None of the text corresponds between the old and new names but there are a finite number of old site names that I need to change and all occurences of each old site name are the same ie always called quot Site quot etc In all cases every occurence of the name needs to be changed to the new text ie List Text always needs to be changed to New Text Also I am using Excel for Mac so won t be easily able to use VB scripts Thanks in advance for the help I hope I have managed to explain the problem clearly Random nbsp

A:Solved: Excel - Find and replace using lists

Well, after a bit of searching and asking around the office, I discovered the VLOOKUP function in Excel - does exactly what I am looking for!

What a fab program.
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I have been entering information into a template in Excel. The template was created by someone at work. This template has merged columns. I had no problem entering the information until I added two extra rows within the template. The added two rows are not merged but the merge function is grayed out and I am unable to select it. What could be the problem and how can I correct it?


A:Solved: Trying to Merge Columns in Excel

can you post an example of the spreadsheet

if you highlight the two cells can you merge
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I'm using MS Excel 2007 under Win7 Prof.
In it, the columns visible in Excel are only upto 'IU', and all these columns are in use. Now, if I try to insert any more columns, the messages comes that "to prevent possible loss of data, Excel cannot shift Non-blank columns off the worksheet".
I'm stumped, and I need to increase the columns further and do not know how do I go about this.
Kindly Help.
Thanks in advance.

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Adding rows 5 thru 10 on line 11 I use function, and get a total for column A. When I go to column B I have to type in function again - and also in C-D etc. Is there a way to get all the desired columns added on line 11? I use XP home with Excel.

A:Solved: Excel-adding columns

Just click on the bottom right of the total in Column A.
You should see a set of crosshairs.
Drag it through the other cells that you wish totalled,
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I decided to hide the first couple of columns in the spreadsheet. But for some reason I can't get them back. I tried selecting the first visible column, the whole spreadsheet, the View menu. Nothing. The columns won't unhide. And yes I need their data.

For the record, hiding and then unhiding works fine when it's not the first column.

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I have a spreadsheet that I wish to compare 2 columns and bring the information from the 3rd. For example, if A6 is equal to an item in G1:G98, then the number in B6 should equal the corresponding number in H1:h98. The formula I used is =VLOOKUP(A8,$G$1:$H$98,2,FALSE) It works great except the problem I have is sometimes there is no corresponding value in G1:G98. In that case I would like it to enter the number 0.

A:Solved: Excel comparing 2 columns

Hi Bsoda,


(looking at what I just posted, its displaying an extra space in the final FALSE, but its not there when I go to Edit it!!)
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I have a list of customer IDs in two columns. I want to generate the customer IDs which are missing in either of the two columns in a third column. What formula can be applied here?

Thanks in advance

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Is this possible? If so, how? I have created a "combo box" (from the forms toolbar) in a MS Excel 2000 (9.0) spreadsheet and, using the format control option, set up the list from which a choice has to be made. I'd now like to change the font size/colour etc of the items that appear in the pull down field, but can't find the way to do this?

I suspect that I've done the hard bit and am missing something obvious...

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Hi anyone know how i highlight differences in 2 lists of names in excel..?


List 1

John Doe
Joe Blogs
Fred Bean
Jack Black

List 2

John Doe
Joe Bloggs
Fred Clean
Jack Black
Its drivin me nuts


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I have data in the following row format:

0 4591 5 4491 10 4461 15 4441 20 4321

The data are X and Z points so the above example shows 5 pairs of data. I would like to place these pairs of data sequentially in two columns where one column has all the X's and the other has the related Z's. I have many, many rows of similar data that I need transferred into two columns.

0 4591
5 4491
10 4461
15 4441
20 4321

Could anyone help me out with a macro that can do this for me?

Thanks very much in advance.

A:Solved: Excel Macro - Rows to Columns

Welcome to the board.

Let's say the example pairs are in A1:J1.

With A1:J1 selected,

Sub test()
For Each Cell In Selection
If Cell.Column Mod 2 = 1 Then
Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Offset(1) = Cell.Value
Range("B" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Offset(1) = Cell.Value
End If
Next Cell
End Sub

gives you actual pairs in A2:B6.

So, what do we need to adjust to make it compatible with your "many, many rows of similar data" scenario?
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I am trying to write some vba code to Copy the the contents from each row in excel and make it into a new text file. I need the 1st Row to be in each text file though. So the 1st loop would be A1 & A2 row copy next loop would be A1 & A3 copy. When i paste the values in the new sheet to be saved as the text file I need to transpose the paste so row 1 now will be in column A. The filename would be created from the value in Column A. I have uploaded some example files. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The bonus would be if i could get any empty spaces removed from the cells.

I tried modifying some code that Jimmy the Hand wrote linked here
with no luck.

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First, thank you all for you time and knowledge in advance.

Here's my situation. I'm working with file that is sent to me with populated information, in this example Col A
What I would like to do is enter information in Col B and then do a comparison of both A and B, letting me know if something in Col B is not in Col A and also is something in Col A not in Col B.

I need to know if what was sent to my in the spread sheet match what I physically inventoried.

I have provided an example.

Hopefully I did not over complicate my request.

Thank you,


A:Solved: comparing data in two columns in Excel

does this help

or this may ble closer to what you need
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I have a rather large file that I would like to print. I have other files like it that were done in Excel and they came out just like I wanted them to. The entries are arranged in rows and columns. I was able to number the rows and put headers over each column. The one in question is arranged in rows but not in columns. I can open it in Excel but I have no idea how to get it to arrange into columns. Is there any way Excel can do this for me? I'd really rather not do this manually because there are over three thousand rows that need to be in 12 columns.

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Hello. I am terrible with Excel and trying to learn how to use it. I created this chart with various functions but I cannot figure out how to get rid of tick type marks that go along 2 columns that I have. They appear in the upper left of each cell going down the column. Any help appreciated. Thanks

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On the attached spreadsheet, I need a total count of baselined desktops (minus the ones that have been deleted) problem is how do I get it to look at one record, mark that that agent had been a baselined one, but is now deleted, so don't count it. I can't just remove the deleted ones, cause I want my customer to know which agents have disappeared. Take a look at the formula in B2 for a general idea. That formula doesn't work cause it just adds everything together. I need it to be smart enough to Total the Baselined Agents and then Subtract the agents that are baselined and deleted per field. Any questions let me know. Look at B2 to get an idea and see if I'm on the right track.

A:Solved: Excel - Trying to count 2 columns (almost as one) to get data for a 3rd.
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I need to convert rows to columns in Excel like this:

Monday | 1
Tuesday | 2
Wednesday | 3
Thursday | 4
Friday | 5
Monday | 6
Tuesday | 7
Wednesday | 8
Thursday | 9
Friday | 0


Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 0

Is this possible?

Well, that didn't display at all like I expected. In short, I need the repeating headers in column A to become one set of headers in row 1 with the data corresponding to each header name below it. Does that make sense?

A:Solved: Excel Rows to Columns with a Twist

Try this :

1) copy the days i.e(MondayTuesdayWednesday Thursday Friday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
2) Go to the required cell and right click and select "paste special as" then select "Transpose"
You will get the data in this shape
MondayTuesdayWednesday Thursday Friday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
4) Repeat the same step for other data............
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Hi - I m semi-proficient with excel and I m actually working on creating some dashboard reports at this time One problem I m having is separating some of the data from a specific column Let me give you an example This column has over lines in Excel columns? separation Data Solved: this is just a sample What I need to do is break this column out by month and show how many dates are from the last month the last - months and the Solved: Data separation in Excel columns? ones that are months in the past Of course I want the sheet to show this info automatically so it has to know the current date which I can do by placing the formula quot TODAY Solved: Data separation in Excel columns? quot So what I m asking for is what formula and format would I use to count how many cells in this column fall into each of date ranges I mentioned Also I did manage to use the DAYS A C for example where A quot Today quot and C quot quot above This information is in cells next to the above data as follows - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - So I figured out how to list how many days I have since the date Solved: Data separation in Excel columns? in the first column but not how to break them apart within the column Hopefully this is enough information to request some help but if you need more info please let me know I ll watch the thread closely Thank you -Drake nbsp

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I am trting to create a chart using excel. I have inserted dates in column 1 - they are not sequential!. When I put the data into a chart it creates extra dates inbetween those I have actual placed in the cells. Help!

A:Solved: excel unwanted date columns

not a great solution - but format the dates as text - it should then only show the dates you have entered - and should be correct on the chart - but will be a number in the cells

not sure this is the correct way to go - but it seems to work

see attached
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I have data organised in paris of columns with differing amounts of data in each column pair.
I need to move all data to columns A&B:

- If there is data in columns C & D, move it to the foot of columns A&B.
- Then, if there is data in columns E & F, move it to the foot of columns A&B.
- Etc. til the end of the ActiveRange.

I've managed to do this using hard-coded column references, but it involves a lot of reptetition.
Presumably the code can be substantially compacted, and work to the end of the ActiveRange rather than to arbitrary end columns (in this case, cols AC and AD).

A:Solved: Excel VBA moving all data to columns A+B

This will work on the active sheet.... If you need this for multiple sheets we would need to alter the macro slightly. Test this on a copy of your xl file.


Sub appAB()

Dim i As Integer
Dim lRow As Integer
Dim lRowA As Integer

For i = 3 To 30 Step 2
lRow = Cells(Rows.Count, i).End(xlUp).Row
lRowA = Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row + 1
Range(Cells(1, i), Cells(lRow, i + 1)).Cut Destination:=Range("A" & lRowA)

End Sub
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I'm new to Access and am trying to create a table/form which allows a user to choose from a drop down list. So far I have added the relevent fields to my table however one of the fields is labled status and this status can be one of a number of options.

I need to create a form which allows users to enter in all the fields normally, but when they get to the status option they are provided with a drop down list of set options (which I will decide) rather than a normal text box.

How can this be done, I know it is quite simple but I have only started learning Access this weekend!

A:Using drop down lists in access

The best way is to put those "Status Options" in their own Table with it's own Query, which can be used to Sort the Options in to Ascending Alphabetical order.
On your Data Entry Form use the Toolbox Combo Box Wizard to place a Combo Box on your form selecting the Status Options Query as the Combo data source.
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Hello, I am running XP, could anyone tell me how to clear the drop down list menus in all the other areas except Internet Explorer. I know how to clear the list for Internet Explorer, but I can't figure out how to clear the list in other areas, such as the list that is created when you are trying to search for a file on your computer. If anyone could help that could be great. Thanks!

A:clear drop down lists

Start/Search/Change Preferences/Turn AutoComplete off
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Help please.

I've done a excel spreadsheet, where across the sheet in a line with maybe a few letters 'x' or 'H' or 'BH' and the next line will have the same. This could be from line 8 to line 121.

But in a column say 'T8' to 'T121' I want to count the total number of 'x's in that column, also 'H' and 'BH' giving the total individually. ie:- x=3 H=6 BH=4 for column 'T' and the same with the other columns.

Can this be done, please.

A:Solved: Help required with Excel adding letters in columns

you could do a count in seperate columns

in A1
=COUNTIF(T8:T121, "X")
in A2
=COUNTIF(T8:T121, "H")
in a3
=COUNTIF(T8:T121, "BH")
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Hi This is a fab site just spent a good few hours reading through without realising the time ANyway I am stuck on an Excel problem I have two columns of which there are lots of duplicates in column A and various values in column B Like this A B Book Title Song One Book Title Song Two Book Title Song THree Book Title Song One Book TItle Song Two Book Title Song Three Book TItle Song Four and so on for rows Merge two Solved: a Data Columns from row Sort Excel and into What I would like to do is have all of the relevant info from column B in just one cell in one row rather than a separate row for each song title So what I ideally need is A B Book Title One Song One Song Two Song Three Book Title Two Song One Song Two Song Three Song Four and so Solved: Excel Sort and Merge Data from two Columns into a row on Solved: Excel Sort and Merge Data from two Columns into a row I have no idea where to begin with this I have read several similar Solved: Excel Sort and Merge Data from two Columns into a row things that might help but the problem is that each Book Title has a different number of songs in it Can any one advise a complete beginner on how I might accomplish this Many thanks for any guidance nbsp

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I have 2 tables where the id in the main table that I need to match with the second table could appear in any one of 3 columns of the second table. I can get the data by created 2 more tables and making three separate queries. Is there any way to create a query that would merge the two tables no matter which column the matching data is in without create 3 separate tables and queries?

A:Solved: Excel Query where id matching 2nd table could be in 1 of three columns

After looking at the sql, I just added or statement for the where. I used the same syntax as matching one of the columns and then added an or and changed the column to match to.
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What would be the best way to find a specific Column Header, and copy the data found in the column until the column header is found again?

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Can there be a macro in excel to find column headers of the excel file in word docs and fill them in excel respectively for all the docx files in a folder. word data/file is not in table format and all docx files are similar

I tried recording the macro but it doesn't work

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How do I unlock the outline column when I protect the sheet?

Have a spreadsheet in outline form (Data->Group and Outline ...) which, of course, produces a special column to the left of the worksheet that allows expansion or contraction of the rows on the spreadsheet (with a plus or minus sign).

I want to protect the spreadsheet, but still allow this expansion and contraction. However, when I protect the worksheet (tools->protection->Protect Sheet) it also protects this expansion/contraction column

A:Solved: Excel 2003 Unprotect Outline Columns

Yep, that to my knowledge is correct.

You cannot protect the sheet and work in group mode.
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As the title suggests I searched across the interned for something that would allow me to split comma separated cells to columns I came across this code that splits comma separated cells into quot Rows quot Code lt - A - gt lt - B - gt COLOR COLOR a b c a COLOR COLOR d b COLOR COLOR e c COLOR COLOR f g d COLOR COLOR h e COLOR COLOR i f COLOR COLOR g COLOR COLOR h COLOR COLOR i Code COLOR b Option COLOR Explicit COLOR b Sub COLOR Macro Solved: Cells EXCEL: to Separated Comma Columns COLOR b Solved: EXCEL: Comma Separated Cells to Columns Dim COLOR fromCol COLOR b As COLOR COLOR b String COLOR COLOR b Dim COLOR toCol COLOR b As COLOR COLOR b String COLOR COLOR b Dim COLOR fromRow COLOR b As COLOR COLOR Solved: EXCEL: Comma Separated Cells to Columns b String COLOR COLOR b Dim COLOR toRow COLOR b As COLOR COLOR b String COLOR COLOR b Dim COLOR inVal COLOR b As COLOR COLOR b String COLOR COLOR b Dim COLOR outVal COLOR b As COLOR COLOR b String COLOR COLOR b Dim COLOR commaPos COLOR b As COLOR COLOR b Integer COLOR COLOR ' Copy from column A to column B ' COLOR fromCol COLOR quot A quot COLOR toCol COLOR quot B quot COLOR fromRow COLOR quot quot COLOR toRow COLOR quot quot COLOR COLOR ' Go until no more entries in column A ' COLOR inVal Range fromCol fromRow Value COLOR b While COLOR inVal lt gt COLOR quot quot COLOR COLOR ' Go until all sub-entries used up ' COLOR COLOR b While COLOR inVal lt gt COLOR quot quot COLOR Range fromCol fromRow COLOR b Select COLOR COLOR ' Extract each subentry ' COLOR commaPos InStr COLOR COLOR inVal COLOR quot quot COLOR COLOR b While COLOR commaPos lt gt COLOR COLOR COLOR ' and write to output column ' COLOR outVal Left inVal commaPos - COLOR COLOR Range toCol toRow COLOR b Select COLOR Range toCol toRow Value outVal toRow Mid Str Val toRow COLOR COLOR COLOR COLOR COLOR ' Remove that sub-entry ' COLOR inVal Mid inVal commaPos COLOR COLOR COLOR b While COLOR Left inVal COLOR COLOR COLOR quot quot COLOR inVal Mid inVal COLOR COLOR COLOR b Wend COLOR commaPos InStr COLOR COLOR inVal COLOR quot quot COLOR COLOR b Wend COLOR COLOR ' Get last sub-entry or full entry if no commas ' COLOR Range toCol toRow COLOR b Select COLOR Range toCol toRow Value inVal toRow Mid Str Val toRow COLOR COLOR COLOR COLOR inVal COLOR quot quot COLOR COLOR b Wend COLOR COLOR ' Advance to next source row ' COLOR fromRow Mid Str Val fromRow COLOR COLOR COLOR COLOR Range fromCol fromRow COLOR b Select COLOR inVal Range fromCol fromRow Value COLOR b Wend COLOR COLOR b End COLOR COLOR b Sub COLOR I am looking for something that would allow me to do this instead Code lt - A - gt lt - B - gt lt - C - gt lt - D- gt COLOR COLOR a b c a b c COLOR COLOR d d COLOR COLOR e e COLOR COLOR f g f g COLOR COLOR h h COLOR COLOR i i COLOR COLOR COLOR COLOR COLOR COLOR nbsp

Relevancy 65.79% is me again,
In an earlier thread "blue line" I asked about deleting coninuous columns (not being used in a document) and I was instructed to highlight one column, control, shift, end and this has now twice frozen my application. Any thoughts?


A:Solved: Deleting continuous columns freezes Excel

Uh, if you read my post there, you saw that I said it did the same thing to me, so I copied the data to a new workbook and posted it for you.
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I have a flat file that when I read it into excel it populates column 1 of each row with data.
This data is actually a series of 5 fields that I need to have in columns and rows, that is,
column a1 thru a5 I need placed in a1, b1,c1,d1 and e1 followed by
column a6 thru a10 placed in a2,b2,c2,d2 and e2.
The data is balanced, that ism there is data in each of the 5 fields for a "record".
Any help would be appreciated.

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I'm using some software to export payment information into a CSV file. This file needs to be in the bank's specified SIF format which requires all the data to be in one column.

The limitation with my software is that the detail of each payment gets exported into it's own separate column. For instance, cells A1:A10 contain payment details to one individual, B1:B10 to another, and so on. I require the whole lot combining into Column A, running from A1:A65536 (it will never go this far down the spreadsheet, but you get the idea).

I've tinkered with some basic copy and delete macros but I'm unable to make the headway that I need to. I don't have the touch when it comes to programming .

Thanks in advance

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I can't see my drop down lists with MSN Premium. I click on bookmarks and the 'shell' pops up but none of the letters. I have to run the cursor over the lines for them to appear. I can't describe it any other way. THe same thing is happening with my icons in the system tray. I'll right click to see options and I get the 'shell' without the words. Any ideas as to what might be going on? The only program I've recently installed was Diskeeper 2007. Any idea what the heck I'm talking about? Are you clueless? Me, too!

A:Can't see drop down lists in problem?

What antivirus, antispyware, and firewall software do you use?
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I have a page where the navigation list is a drop down lists. Anyone have any good ideas on how to set off to the user that there are options under a line? I have tried mixing circles/squares and such, but it's not obvious to new visitors. I appreciate any feed back. The page I'm working on is

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I have a GeForce GT 520 video card. My main monitor is Acer S242HL. Second monitor is older Samsung SyncMaster 2253LW.

On main monitor drop-down lists (such as Google search gives you as you type) show normal. On second monitor they become transparent after a moment, so as you type each letter you see a flash then it seems to be gone.

Move the same web page back and forth between windows to get the two different behaviors. Strange.

Note if relevant Windows sees the second monitor as "generic PnP monitor".

A:drop-down lists transparent, only on 2d monitor

The solution is to disable (uncheck) hardware acceleration for the monitor with the problem. Exactly where you do that is unclear (it's been a week since I did this -- sorry).
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hi freinds!
i would like to know after one has surfed internet how can one completely eliminate his surfing history from his computer.
and how does one remove the information in the drop down lists.(e.g. if i use a search engine one and type in some keywords they r available wheni use it for search next time .how to make clear them so they r not available).
i would be thnakful if someone cpould help.

A:drop down lists and surfing history

I'm no expert on the subject, and make no garauntees as to the setup of your system or stability thereafter. If you are running (I'm assuming) Windows 9X and IE 4 or above, the following lines should work for you as they do for me. This is what I like to do... it's free and it does almost everything those "Clean" programs do. You can copy this into your Autoexec.bat file to run at startup (certain files must be deleted in dos because of windows write-protection i.e. index.dat) However, you can also save these lines as "clean.bat" on the desktop or wherever to run when you're finished surfing, but those "certain" files won't be completely gone until you reboot.

Begin Copy Here


DELTREE /y c:\windows\cookies\*.* > NUL
DELTREE /y c:\windows\downlo~1\*.* > NUL
DELTREE /y c:\windows\history\*.* > NUL
DELTREE /y c:\windows\locals~1\tempor~1\*.* > NUL
DELTREE /y c:\windows\offlin~1\*.* > NUL
DELTREE /y c:\windows\tempor~1\*.* > NUL

IF EXIST c:\*.chk DEL c:\*.chk > NUL
IF EXIST c:\windows\ff*.tmp DEL c:\windows\ff*.tmp > NUL
DELTREE /y c:\windows\applic~1\micros~1\office\recent\*.* > NUL
IF EXIST c:\windows\recent\*.* DEL c:\windows\recent\*.* > NUL
DELTREE /y c:\windows\ShellIconCache
DELTREE /y c:\windows\temp\*.* > NUL

End Copy Here
Let me know if that is your OS and Browser,

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How do I make a drop down list in my form populate different checklists for each option? I have looked everywhere and found this website. You are my last hope!

Thank you.

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I'm trying to produce some histograms with data from drop-down lists in Excel. I chose to use drop-down lists to reduce data-entry errors etc. I've got to the point of realising that I'll need to use the countif function as Excel won't work with non-numerical data. However, the countif function doesn't seem to be counting the values that are appearing in the spreadsheet.

Any ideas for how to work around this?

A:Countif funtion with drop-down lists

I presume you've checked the spelling?!

Can you upload a sample?

Welcome to the forum btw.
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Dear guys,

I was wondering if there is a way to change Columns to Text. I know that from the last question i posted here a while back, that we could change a string of text in to many columns. So what i would like to do now is the opposite.

Referring to the excel spreadsheet attached, I basically want to change columns A, B and C in to G.

At first i tried using the formula "=(A3 x B3 x C3)" and obviously that didnt work if not i wouldnt be posting here. How would you pick values up from a cell and then use them in another cell something like =A3 which will bring the value of that cell into another cell. How would you do it for multiple cell references?

Thanks in advance!

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I'm a novice excel VBA macro user. I've manipulated already created macros, but I'm not sure how to create one from scratch. Can someone please help me create a macro.

I'd like to move the values highlighted in yellow to the cells highlighted in green...and then delete any rows that are empty.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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EDIT Solved Simple SUMIF worked I thought it was going to be a lot more complicated that that I have an excel spreadsheet which has the following columns Condition Condition Condition etc if a condition is true I set that to a if condition for colums Solved: excel columns in status various suming false a then I have columns with status Status A Status B Status C etc if a status is true I set that to a if false a now i want to report for all conditions the status this works manually using filters and the sum on the status bar Solved: suming status columns for various condition colums in excel so I can filter on condition for then highlight column status A and look at the sum and record the number in the summary Solved: suming status columns for various condition colums in excel sheet then highlight column status B and look at the sum and record the number in the summary sheet then highlight column status C and look at the sum and record the number in the summary sheet etc for all status columns Then I remove filter for condition and I filter on condition for a then highlight column status A and look at the sum and record the number in the summary sheet then highlight column status B and look at the sum and record the number in the summary sheet then highlight column status C and look at the sum and record the number in the summary sheet etc for all status columns and repeat for all conditions I m sure there is a simple formula I can put in the summary sheet to calculate these values I will have to de-sensitive the spreadsheet to post an example - which i will do later today nbsp
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I have a formula (below) that I use to pull the entire contents of a cell of the first occurrence that appears on a row when one of the 15 cells in the row contains PERM. I need a second column formula to find the 2nd occurrence in that same row. Any help would be appreciated.


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I'm really new to computers so excuse me if this is a dumb question. I have noticed that although I have removed various broswers and e mail clients they still appear in drop down list when I go to tools in browser, click on internet options, then programs. Likewise, when I right click on start at bottom left hand corner, click properties open task bar and start menu properties, and then click customize, the removed software is still listed underneath show on start menu. I'm using XP Home Edition. Any ideas how to clear lists so only Internet Explorer and Outlook Express remain.

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I'm creating an on-line form in Word 97 which has drop-down lists.

My problem is that Word limits the list to 25 entries, and I need approximately 70 entries!!

Any help whatever to work around this (or change this internally) will be SO VERY MUCH appreciated!


A:Word 97 drop-down lists in on-line forms

I'm thinking that a dropdown list of 70+ entries will not even be visible in the size of the average monitor. Perhaps you can break these items down into some kind of categories, even if it's A-F, G-R, T-Z?

Consider using Excel for this form too because Excel will let you do data validation within a cell: list, and select a range of cells to list.
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Is is possible to create a drop down list in Word 2003 where multiple selections from the list may be chosen when filling the form out?
thanks K

A:Multi selection drop down lists word

Read this page for some good links - not something I have ever done.
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I need to delete multiple columns within an Excel worksheet based on the headers in the first row. What would be the best way to perform this operation?

I have been playing around with the code below, but I feel as though there could be a better way.

Sub test()

Dim myArr As Variant

myArr = Array("Test1", "Test2", "Test3")
If Range("C1").Value = myArr Then
Columns("C").Delete shift:=xlToLeft
ElseIf Range("D1").Value = myArr Then
Columns("D").Delete shift:=xlToLeft
End If

End Sub

A:Solved: Excel Macro -> Delete Multiple Columns Based on Criteria
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I have the appropriate box checked in Options for "Allow cell drag and drop," but to date I can't do one of the most important things in Project: highlight a column and drag it to where I want it to be.

My copy of MS Project 2013 (on a different computer) does this just fine. Is this a glitch with MSP 2016? Is there a fix?
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I am attempting to create a spreadsheet with multiple columns in which each column has a drop down list from which the user can select. My problem is that every time I create a new drop down list for a column, it overides the drop down list I created for the previous column.


Column A:
Cell A1-500 Drop Down List
High >31%
Med 15-30%
Low <14%

Column B:
Cell B1-500 Drop Down List
High >4.8
Med 4.3-4.7
Low <4.2

Column C:
Cell C1-500 Drop Down List
High >80%
Med 60-80%

Many thanks to anyone who can help!

A:Excel2007 Adding Drop Down List for Multiple Columns

I take it you mean each cell has a drop down list from which the user can select?

If so, I presume you are using data validation and the list option from within it?

This works. You just have to select each column at a time, ie. select column A data range and apply the data validation. Select column B and then apply the data validation...and so on.
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Hello I ve long used a simple macro on various spreadsheets to reset the last used cell Sub Reset Range Application ActiveSheet UsedRange End then Excel 2003 range reset to & delete columns rows, macro Solved: blank Sub This works fine but prior to using it I would have to press CTRL End to see where the current last cell is then manually delete any blank columns and rows appearing at the end of the data by selecting them by their column letters row numbers right clicking and selecting Delete Failure to do this would mean the macro didn t successfully correct the last used cell I would like to add this stage into the Solved: Excel 2003 macro to delete blank columns & rows, then reset range macro I found some code on the web that allegedly removes all blank rows and columns so I pasted it at the top of my existing macro Option Explicit Sub DeleteBlankRows Dim Rw As Solved: Excel 2003 macro to delete blank columns & rows, then reset range Long RwCnt As Long Rng As Range Application ScreenUpdating False Application Calculation xlCalculationManual On Error GoTo Exits If Selection Rows count gt Then Set Rng Selection Else Set Rng Range Rows Rows Solved: Excel 2003 macro to delete blank columns & rows, then reset range ActiveSheet Cells SpecialCells xlCellTypeLastCell Row End If RwCnt For Rw Rng Rows count To Step - If Application WorksheetFunction CountA Rng Rows Rw EntireRow Then Rng Rows Rw EntireRow Delete RwCnt RwCnt End If Next Rw Exits Application ScreenUpdating True Application Calculation xlCalculationAutomatic End Sub Sub DeleteBlankColumns Dim Col As Long ColCnt As Long Rng As Range Application ScreenUpdating False Application Calculation xlCalculationManual On Error GoTo Exits If Selection Columns count gt Then Set Rng Selection Else Set Rng Range Columns Columns ActiveSheet Cells SpecialCells xlCellTypeLastCell Column End If ColCnt For Col Rng Columns count To Step - If Application WorksheetFunction CountA Rng Columns Col EntireColumn Then Rng Columns Col EntireColumn Delete ColCnt ColCnt End If Next Col Exits Application ScreenUpdating True Application Calculation xlCalculationAutomatic End Sub However it doesn t work with my current document - pressing CTRL END after running the combined macro takes you to the same last cell as if you hadn t run it Cells in the blank columns and rows at the end have formatting shading cell borders but no obvious data As a test I also tried deleting the contents of column in the middle of the data selecting column and pressing Delete just leaving the cell formatting in place The macro failed to remove that column too So can someone help me get code that actually works in deleting empty columns and rows and resetting the last used cell Ta nbsp

A:Solved: Excel 2003 macro to delete blank columns & rows, then reset range
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So the strangest things has happenned on my Win7 x64 -- the tabs are tiny in programs such as Task Manager. Also, text is hidden in buttons and lists. IE9 crashes with gmail. Other important screens also show the same hidden text behaviour. Luckilly, many programs do not have this bug. However, the system restore screens do have the bug... so it's near impossible to restore to an earlier point.

Also, earlier restore points were missing when I tried to access via that F8 / cmd prmpt method. Perhaps they are saved under a different account by the way HP setup the laptop.

Gmail is no big deal -- can access that via firefox (not IE9 or Chrome! right now). I'm more trying to get the core windows functionality back.

A:Tabs go tiny, lists and buttons go hidden after a restart

Have you ran a virus scan or malware scan? Malwarebytes : Free anti-malware, anti-virus and spyware removal download

Then open an elevated command prompt and run the sfc /scannow command and check for integrity violations..
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Hello: I am using a "countif" formula & it works great for 1 criteria - but I want a count count only if 2 criteria are met (in 2 different columns) - the formula I am using is:


It doesn't seem to work correctly - what am I doing wrong, any suggestions?

Also, I have an excel file saved on a shared drive - which includes drop-down menus. When my coworker opened it on her computer - the dropdown menus were not there. How do I ensure the formats/dropdown menus appear no matter where the file is opened?

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Anybody ever encountered this situation or have any ideas?

One of our users has a multi-tab Excel (vers. 2002, SP3) workbook with several columns containing pricing and taxes on products we handle. When she prepares to print the worksheet, she hides some of the middle columns so that only the data in the first and last columns will print out. The issue is, as soon as she unhides the hidden columns, certain data fields get wiped out... deleted. Then, she has to retype them. There are no macros or VBA scripts programmed in this workbook, and no wierd formulas I've seen that would potentially do this. Is this possibly an Excel bug???

A:Hiding Columns Appear to delete data in hidden fields (?????)

Sounds like a user bug. I won't believe it's exactly as you describe without seeing the file.
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I know there is a lot of info out there about countif and drop down lists but for some reason I just can't find an exact match to my problem. I have a column of values (abnormal, normal, mutated, etc.) with a filter on it - so I can see only those rows with that value. I want to make a dynamic chart with that number of values out of the total number (11,942). So what I did was make a separate column called graph data and just put the number 1 all the way down, and then did a countif to count how many times "1" appeared in the list - but the problem is, the countif number doesn't change when I change my filters. Thanks in advance, any help would be greatly appreciated!

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I have an issue where I don't see the File Menu in the toolbar. Attached is the screen-shot. It was working earlier till the time I had to use a Electrical Engineering configurator which was based of a XLS document with forms and database embedded.

Even though I have deleted the XLS document from the system, It has messed up in the registry or something, not allowing me to see the file menu.

I tried the re-arrange command for the menu bar, but the "File" option is missing too. (Screen-shot attached).

I hope there is another way than re-installation..

Thanks for any help

System Used: Dell M4300, XP Pro (Ver2002) SP2, Office 2003


A:Solved: Missing File Drop down in the menu bar in Excel

Hi rtv9121
Welcome to Tech Support Guy Forums!

See if the solution here: works for you.

Let us know what happens.
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I am trying to make a form for my medical plans that will allow me to calculate different rates based on different decrements Now in english - lets say I Solved: in using formulas downs excel Calculating drop am currently paying for a doctor copay and the corresponding rate is Now if I were to change the copay to the rate would decrease by or if I change it to it would decrease by I would have a drop down with the various copays etc next to it would be a cell that reflects Solved: Calculating formulas using drop downs in excel the rate I want to make a form so that when I change the copay it will automatically subtract the corresponding decrement for that copay For ex when I change the copay to I want it to automatically subtract the from the thereby showing as the new rate or if I change it to it will automatically subtract showing as the new rate The other problem is I have several of these copays decrements that have to be calculated such as specialists and prescription drugs So basically how would I go about creating a form with several dropdown boxes with various copay options that will calculate the decrements for those rates and give me a final rate I already know how to make drop downs I just don t know how to get it to both correlate the copays with the decs and then calculate the final rate nbsp

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There is a dropdown box in B1 with values ranging from '2 Weeks' to '32 Weeks', which the user can select. The formula in C2 should be the total for B2 divided by the number of weeks selected in B1. How can I display the text '# Weeks' but assign a value to use in the formula of C2?

Thanks in advance

A:Solved: Excel - IF B1 contains one of 32 values (drop down) perform a different formu

I don't quite get your question, But, you could test the following:
You should change the contents of your columns E through AJ and just fill in the numbers 1 through 32, Change the cell attributes to ro custom to read the following: "Week "0 this will display the contents as Week 1 but it is stille a number
In B1 do the same so that this is also a number but dispalyed as whatever you choose,
The formula in C2 shoud then read =IF(B2="","",$B$1/16) and if you copy the formula down the calculation will always be based on the contents of B1
I hope this is what you wanted.
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I do a weekly report that I base on results that I get with search done in Internet Explorer I can then cut and paste these results into an Excel spreadsheet moving unwanted Rows, Question: rows Solved: Excel to new Removing columns some but I need to delete most of the information whole rows and reorganize the remaining rows by taking the even numbered rows and putting them into the B column then delete that Solved: Excel Question: Removing unwanted Rows, moving some rows to new columns Row as well I have included some images that should help Solved: Excel Question: Removing unwanted Rows, moving some rows to new columns A few more items The information that I paste into the excel spredsheet may contain up to but no more than lines from the original copying source in Explorer I m not sure how many lines that translates into Excel After every records in Explorer there is a quot top quot link that gets copied which needs to be taken into consideration when deleting the extra rows entirely Another way to look at this is that I ONLY want to keep the rows that have the digit number a space then more digits as well as the rows that contain the price with the For instance the first record in my example I ONLY kept amp The price will ALWAYS have a and the first set of number will ALWAYS have digits first no letters Attached is a jpg that shows the various steps the last screen shot has a few of the cells highlighted in the upper left hand side Those highlighted cells is all of the information I need and how I need it presented from the first search records the MLS number and the price Thanks nbsp

A:Solved: Excel Question: Removing unwanted Rows, moving some rows to new columns
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I am trying to classify and code my inventory items in excel.
My classification sheet contains data in columns which I would like to copy to rows in another excel sheet.
Here is the sample data in ACMOTORS-ATTRIBUTES sheet:

The above sheet has to be converted to columns as in Item_Classificatios_Form sheet :

Can anybody assist me in writing a macro for the same.


A:Solved: Excel Macro to convert Rows from one sheet to columns in another sheet
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In Excel 97 under the Data menue there is a command to convert "Text to Columns...". But, I want to convert "Columns to Text...". How do I do that? [email protected]

A:Solved: Excel 97: How can I convert "Columns to Text..."?
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I am trying to use conditional formatting and a FIND formula to be able to highlight a word selected from a drop down list in a a work sheet.

I have created a drop down list of a number of different words (countie names)
I would like to be able to select one of those words at a time and have excel locate and highlight that specific word whithin my worksheet.

To better explain I have created a schedule with county names listed, I need to be able to select a country from my drop down list and see how many times I have that country listed in my schedule. i.e to look for time overlaps or double bookings.
I have seen this done before but cant figure it out.

Can anyone help with this problem??
Im sure its quite simple but cant seem to get it.

A:Solved: How to find specific words in a drop down list whithin an excel worksheet.
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I have a pivot table that I'm trying to pull a sample from. It is 1800 rows, of which about 400 have data that I want to use for my sample selection. I'm trying to generate my sample randomly. I've hidden the empty rows. I tried to copy this into another file, but the hidden rows are included as well. Data sort doesn't work, or I can't get it to work.

Any ideas? I was hoping to just copy the data only rows into a new file and generate random numbers for my sample, using the row #s as my selection criteria.

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I have been banging my head on this one.....

I'm trying to highlight every other row in my spreadsheet. The problem I am running into right now is that I have hidden rows within the worksheet.

So, if rows 14, 15, 16,and 17 are not hidden they are all getting highlighted.

I have a macro that hides the appropriate cells. Is there a way to add code after the rows are hidden to highlight the unhidden cells doing the alternate row highlights?

Relevancy 58.05%

Hi guys

Is there a way to unhide the next hidden row (out of all hidden rows in the sheet) based on the location of the button clicked?
Basically what I need is a macro that works with any button (without specifying a concrete name for the button). Based on the row where clicked button is located (there will be cca 15 of them on the sheet), ie row 15, it will unhide next hidden row but leave all hidden rows above hidden.

Hopefully, I didn't confuse you too much.

Thanks a lot!


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I have the following 2-column list:

Country City
A-land 0
0 a-ville
0 0
0 0
0 0
0 Other
0 0
B-land 0
0 b-ville
0 0
0 b-town
0 0
0 Other
0 0

The number of countries is fixed, but the number of cities within each country varies. i'd like to make 2 combo boxes, one in which you select the country, and then the next where you select the city within that country.
eg, if you select "B-Land" in the first combo box, your choices in the second combo box should be "b-ville, b-town, other". i can eliminate the zero's with a pivot table that does not count 0's.

I don't know any VB.

Thank you.


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I have 2 worksheets A and B. A contains a standard list in column F. The number of rows in column F is variable.

I need to compare this standard list against a list in column C in worksheet B using VBA. If items from standard list appears in worksheet B, I need to colour the cell red. However, the list in column B does not always start from the same and end at the same rows. I determine the start row from its title, which is 'ID'.

I have difficulty in setting the range and comparing the list.

Appreciate any help with this.

Thank you.

A:MS Excel - Compare 2 Lists

if you face problems in excel worksheet i given suggestion you are try this link. i surely to solve your problems
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Do Until ActiveCell = ""
n = ActiveCell.Row
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=sum(A" & n & ":A" & ActiveCell.Row - 1 & ")"
"compliments of xlguru"

worked for poster but not me

column E has many lists of numbers

18 "18"

66 "165"

88 "286"

length with vary. I need it to sum the figures above the blank spaces (also... a list may only have one number) but all list will be seperated by a space. I don't care where the outcome tallies the sum (beside or underneath)

can anyone help

A:adding lists in excel w/ vba

Assuming your list starts from "E1"

sub test()
dim rng as range
dim lastrow as long
dim cell as range
dim cnt as double 'counter
lastrow = range("E" & rows.count).end(xlup).row 'get lastrow
set rng = range("E1:E" & lastrow) 'get column E with data
for each cell in rng
if cell=empty then
cell.offset(-1,1)=cnt 'copy value to row abv empty cell and in next column
cnt = cnt+cell.value
end if
end sub
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Hi, I have 2 lists of numbers in excel, both lists are about 40000 long each. I need to see how many records match and see what ones are unmatched?

Does anyone know of an easy way to do this? Have tried 'IF' but could only make it check individual cells rather than the whole list?


A:Comparing lists in excel?

I think you might find Steps: 4 & 5 useful in the following article - Use Excel to compare two lists of data - Excel - Microsoft Office
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How does one alphabetize a list in Excel?

A:Alphabetizing Lists in EXCEL?

Depending on what you are talking about, use the Sort feature, found in the Data menu.
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Hi Guys,

Ive opened my excel this morning and instead of there being numbers down the side and letters across the top ive got numbers down the side and across the top so i cant do any statements? Does anybody know what this could be, and why its happened?


A:Excel columns?

Hi gazmysta,

Tools/Options/General untick the R1C1 reference style box.

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Hi guys,

Is it possible to hide certain columns in a worksheet? (Excel 97 on Win98se). We have a spreadsheet that has columns A-G then BF-BJ, then BM-BR. The person that created the spreadsheet is on vacation this week, so we can't talk to them. The person using the spreadsheet now, says there is more information that is needed to get this information currently on the spreadsheet. Is it a reach to think that there may be more info in possibly hidden columns? Aside from renaming columns, is there any other way that someone would go straight from G to BF?

Thanks a lot for the help!


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I have some data on Excel. Address numbers are in one column and the street names are in another column. Is there a way I can copy all the information in one column (address numbers) and merge it into another column (street names)?

A:Excel Columns

if the address numbers are in a1 and the street name is in b1, paste =A1& " " &B1 in c1. This will place the number and address in c1.

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I have lost some items from my start menu or the one that pops up when you hit 'start' at bottom left of screen.
I have lost the menu item 'recent documents, and have lost the drop-down menus from both the items, 'My Documents' and 'Control panel'. The 'recent documents' also had a drop down menu.
The drop down menu used to appear where the arrow is, in the picture I have included with this post and also to the right of the menu item 'control panel'
Here's a picture

Many thanks

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First of all my boss is running MS Office on Vista Ultimate Both Word and Excel create error messages upon startup but not closing Here are the messages Word 2007 Solved: module in hidden compile and error Excel Excel quot Compile error in hidden module ThisWorkbook quot Word quot Compile error in hidden module uifunctions quot I ve looked at all of the threads from this forum and other forums even the microsoft support site but can t seem to find what is going on I ve searched for both pdfmaker files and found nothing tried looking Solved: Word and Excel 2007 compile error in hidden module at the references after going into Visual Basic from both Word and Excel There is only one add-in on there and it is Nitro PDF Professional but it doesn t show up in the list that can be unchecked I m wondering if this started because we just recently updated to the newest version of Nitro PDF But he was having trouble with it so he rolled back to version Oh yeah I ve also tried the Office detect and repair but it didn t come up with anything either big surprise Thanks for any help in advance nbsp

A:Solved: Word and Excel 2007 compile error in hidden module

Well, it was a problem with Nitro PDF, just not exactly sure how. It was reinstalled without updating to the latest version. It looks like something with the new version messed with the add-ins for ThisWorkbook and uifunctions for Excel and Word respectively.
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Hello! Anyone know how to do this without VBA?:

In Excel 2007, one spreadsheet with columns of item names and prices. You enter a person's name in the third column (the "buyer"). A separate worksheet magically (okay, a formula of some sort ) looks up the buyer of your choosing (from an absolute cell reference, I'd imagine? Or some other sneaky way?) and lists in new blank rows each item and price that they've purchased. Like an invoice.

I hope I've made sense. Any ideas?

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Please assist me; I'm faced with a real challenge: My customer's SAP system generates stock lists that I need for reconciliations etc. Unfortunately the format of the SAP reports makes it hard to use the data in them - each record consists of 4 rows: 3 with data plus one blank!
I have attached a file that shows this. The total number of records is around 3,000; I cannot handle this task manually.
Does anyone know how I can reformat the SAP report to something that Excel can work with, i.e. 1 row per record?
All tips are deeply appreciated!

A:Reformat SAP Reports to Useful Excel Lists

You're THE BEST, Ranard! Thank you so much for your spontaneous support!
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My excel has columns ad infinitum. I only need through column J. How can I get rid of the other columns so that I can print only through J? Thanks to all who know so much and take time with folks like me who know so little.

A:deleting columns from excel

you should be able to set the print area
what version of excel do you have

I have moved to the office forum
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I have three columns of information. Column A is 900 part numbers with no prices, Column C is 600 part numbers matched with their respective $ value in Column D. I need a formula to match the part in column A with the like part in column C and find the $ value from Column D and place that $ value in Column B next to its respective part number. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks so much!!

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Has anyone ever encountered missing columns in Excel? I received an Excel file from a co-worker and the columns are lettered from A to H, then L, then from T on. I have never seen a spreadsheet with missing columns before. I am having problems printing the spreadsheet because it cuts off after the L column. My guess is that there is a page bread in one of the missing columns. Can anyone help me with this?

A:Missing Columns in Excel

Click on the top left box, where the rows and columns meet. That should select everything. Then right click on one of the rows or columns and choose unhide rows/columns. That's it

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