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Solved: Transfer of data from different excel to main excel

Q: Solved: Transfer of data from different excel to main excel

Please help ,

I have one sheet with headings,with 50 more sheets which include data,in data we have one emp code which is unique and more data for that emp.,format in all the sheets is same except the summary sheet(main sheet),what i want when i enter the Emp code in suumary sheet,the excel automatically search the data from subsquent sheet (basis emp code)and enter the data in next columns against emp code in summary sheet.

Mayank s

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Preferred Solution: Solved: Transfer of data from different excel to main excel

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I have an Excel workbook that contains multiple sheets. I am using the workbook for calculating a quote. I would like to take some of the data from Excel and paste it to a Word document so that I can send a professional looking quote to the customer. I would be copying some groups of cells and also individual cells from 2 of the sheets in Excel to one Word document. I would like to automate this via Excel also.

It seems like Mail Merge would be the best way to do this but I am not sure how to get it to work. All the examples I have looked at for Mail Merge are for doing a form letter or labels and not setup like I need. What is the best way to do this?I have attached a very simple example of what I am trying to do. Thanks for any help you can offer.

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I have Excel workbooks open at the same time each within their own separate applications Each was started using the following shortcuts quot C Program Files Microsoft Office OFFICE EXCEL EXE quot C FltTools Book xls and quot C Program Files Microsoft Office OFFICE EXCEL EXE quot C FltTools Book xls Assume that Book has been modified since it s last save and Book which is active needs a copy of the modified worksheet from Book First I different VBA Data Excel; transfer 2 Solved: between open Apps ll check to see if Book is open and then if not open it On Error Resume Next Windows C FltTools book xls activate Solved: VBA Excel; Data transfer between 2 different open Apps If Err Number gt then Workbooks Open C FltTools Book xls PROBLEM Book s application is not seeing that Book is already open most likely because it is in a different application So this code opens a new instance of the last saved version of Book into Book s application and is then Solved: VBA Excel; Data transfer between 2 different open Apps copying the older unmodified worksheet QUESTION How can I code one application to search for an open workbook within a different application Thank you Tom nbsp

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I m in a bit of a pickle I have an excel document with a summary page quot Tracker quot This worksheet has a table in it with a whole heap of customer information and at the end there are columns for revenue summaries Every month I run a report that I add in a new worksheet which is called quot Relevant Month Revenue Report quot and then I do a vlookup to transfer the revenue and product information in columns quot C quot and quot D quot of the report into the relevant month columns in the quot Tracker quot This has been working well for me but i ll be handing this role over soon so I to Solved: worksheets one into Macro data transfer Excel several from was wondering if there was a macro that I could use that would do this vlookup automatically for the relevant month The Solved: Excel Macro to transfer data from several worksheets into one information in the reports is not in any particular order so i can t do a simple copy paste into my quot Tracker quot summary Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

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I want to know how i can export the data from Access to excel using Access VBA for the specified sheet using data linkage with access database. Like we used to do it manually in excel as external data from access.

So that the excel size won't be that big and also it saves processing time.

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Hello again,

I have a word doc that has a form in it. The form may have any number of fields (boxes) to type text answers into, or be a drop down list to select an answer from. I need an excel macro that extracts all data from the form, but with every five fields starting a new row in excel. So all data from the form will appear within 5 columns in an excel spreadsheet.

field 1 field 2 field 3 field 4 field 5
field 6 field 7 field 8 field 9 field 10

Is that possible? I have had no luck to do it myself.

Sample form attached, thank you

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Dear All,

I have a problem and i am wondering if you guys can help me with it...

i have two sheets in and workbook, one of them called "Data List" where i have all the list of my projects and its relevant data like "Project Code, Name, Location" and i have another sheet called "Table" where i want to just type in the Project Code and in the next cell it should copy its related data (Name, Location) automatically..

How can i do it ? any help or hints?

( i hape i made myself clear)

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Can you help me to transfer data from Excel to Note Pad? The challenge I have is the following.

I have two columns of data in MS Excel which needs to be inserted in to specific areas of Note Pad. Example, column A must be inserted into position 33 to 50 in the txt file. Secondly Column B needs to be inserted in positions 70 to 78 in file.

The data already included in the TXT file is separated by semi colons.

Should I just put all the data in Excel and save the file as a text file? If so, how do I control the amount of positions reserved for certain data.

Date 1: must be inserted between position 1 and 8
Data 2: must be inserted between position 10 and 21
And so forth
I hope my explanation was clear, if not please advise.

Thank you in advance



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I do have a couple of questions and I'm just stuck since I do not know what to do.

1. How do I get tabs to be shown on spreadsheets, so you can switch between them by hitting the tab key?

2. How can I automatically tranfer information from one spreadsheet to another?

Hope someone can help me out.

Thanks in advance,

A:Excel 2007 - tabs on spreadsheets & transfer of data

Hi there,

By "tabs" do you mean worksheets? They show by default, but if you click on the Office Button (top left round office icon) then click on Excel Options, then click Advanced on the left, scroll down until you see the heading Display Options for This workbook, you can toggle (check/uncheck) Show Sheet Tabs.

As for your second request, it is very loosely formed and we are not able to give you an answer as it's not specific enough. You'll have to tell us what you're looking at doing, giving specifics about where your data is located and where you want it to go, also explaining the process you would like to achieve (more or less just describe the process you want to achieve, not how you think you want to achieve it).
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I was wondering if anyone could help me. I need to extract data from multiple excel files into a new excel file and sum the values. The data comes from excel files that are made from a template so the data is always in the same place or same cells. For example, i have data saved daily in excel files with the following naming convention 080204, 080304, 080404,..... and so on. What i would like to do is have a macro that will create a week ending sheet by importing and summing the data from that week.

Thanks for reading!

A:excel macro for copying and pasting data from multiple excel files

thanks for all those who read!!!! let me know if anyone needs the code!
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Hi Folks,
I have a valued Excel 2003 spreadsheet that, I can currently only open in Excel 2007. However, an error message has been displayed that Excel was unable to read some of the document and it did a recovery. The file has now lost a few key sections. I have attached the error log below.

Any suggestions please?


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="true"?>

-<recoveryLog xmlns="">


<summary>Errors were detected in file 'C:\Users\User\Documents\tool sourcing.xls'</summary>

<info>Excel recovered your formulas and cell values, but some data may have been lost.</info>


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I m working on a Bill of Material creation automation project that requires some expertise in VBA and I have none The objective is to run a macro from an excel spreadsheet called quot PGE import code to VBA Macro access data to Excel - excel BOM quot to do the following Go to the folder quot C Documents and Settings Desktop Auto Project quot Find all the mdb databases in this folder Find quot HistoricalMaterialItemsAll quot table in EACH of those databases in step and import the data from Excel Macro - VBA code to import access data to excel the columns listed below Excel Macro - VBA code to import access data to excel into PGE BOM xls s columns C through G DrawingNumber ItemNumber Quantity PgeCode Description The following is a VBA code that my friend had written in Excel Unfortunately I have an older version and the code does not seem to be compatible with Excel Sub ImportAccessData Stop dPath quot C Documents and Settings Desktop Auto Project quot sFile quot MDB quot strSrch dPath amp sFile Set TargetWB Application ActiveWorkbook Set TargetWS TargetWB ActiveSheet sRow bFile False If Dir strSrch lt gt quot quot Then strFlNm Dir strSrch bFile True End If Do Until bFile False strPath dPath amp strFlNm Call GetData strPath strFlNm Dir If strFlNm quot quot Then bFile False Loop End Sub Sub GetData fl Stop strSQL quot Select HistoricalMaterialItemsAll From HistoricalMaterialItemsAll quot Workbooks OpenDatabase fl strSQL xlCmdTable Set WB Application ActiveWorkbook Set WS Application ActiveSheet iRow Do Until WS Cells iRow quot quot TargetWS Cells sRow WS Cells iRow Get the Description iRow iRow sRow sRow Loop Application DisplayAlerts False WB Close Application DisplayAlerts True End Sub The quot ImportAcessData quot sub procedure above works just fine However the red statement quot Workbooks OpenDatabase fl strSQL xlCmdTable quot line in the quot GetData quot sub procedure seems to be incompatible with excel Could someone please help debug this Thanks nbsp

A:Excel Macro - VBA code to import access data to excel

Hello, and welcome to the board!

When posting code, please use CODE tags, which extremely helps with readability.

Perhaps you could try using the code constant???...

Option Explicit

Sub ImportAccessData()
Dim dPath As String, sFile As String, strSrch As String
Dim TargetWB As Workbook, TargetWS As Worksheet
Dim sRow As Long, bFile As Boolean, strFlNm As String, strPath As String
dPath = "C:\Documents and Settings\Desktop\Auto Project\"
sFile = "*.MDB"
strSrch = dPath & sFile
sRow = 2
bFile = False
Set TargetWB = Application.ActiveWorkbook
Set TargetWS = TargetWB.ActiveSheet
If Dir(strSrch) <> "" Then
strFlNm = Dir(strSrch)
bFile = True
End If
Do Until bFile = False
strPath = dPath & strFlNm
Call GetData(strPath, TargetWB, TargetWS)
strFlNm = Dir()
If strFlNm = "" Then bFile = False
End Sub

Sub GetData(fl As String, WB As Workbook, ws As Worksheet)
Dim strSQL As String, iRow As Long, sRow As Long
strSQL = "SELECT HistoricalMaterialItemsAll.* FROM HistoricalMaterialItemsAll"
Workbooks.OpenDatabase fl, strSQL, 3 'xlCmdTable
iRow = 2
Do Until ws.Cells(iRow, 1) = ""
ws.Cells(sRow, 7) = ws.Cells(iRow, 5) 'Get the Description
iRow = iRow + 1
sRow = sRow + 1
Application.DisplayAlerts = False
Application.DisplayAlerts = True
End Sub
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I am trying to export data from word or excel form into a spreadsheet. I have tried the macro at and it worked for all text fields but not the drop down list options that I have in my form. Can anyone please help/

I have never done this before, hence the struggle. Any help would be much appreciated.

I attach the word form and the excel form which also includes the excel spreadsheet that will collate the data for analysis.

I would prefer the form in word and have it set up as that indicated in the forum thread above but picking up the data from the drop down lists as well.


A:Export data from word or excel into Excel spreadsheet

Hi there, welcome to the forum.
It seems this post you added on August 12th hasn't given you much answers.
You mention the two files, OK, But what I don't understand
I am trying to export data from word or excel form into a spreadsheet. ...
Click to expand...

You probably forgot to attach the macro's with it, that is if you did anything with the link you mentioned.
If you could attach the files with the macros, I could take a look and see what I can do for you.

Another thinng From Word or Excel.

Which one is it going to be?
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Hi All,

Just came across a wierd problem, part of my job consists of copying data from our reports website. This normally a very simple processs, just cut and paste into excel(2003). But recently I've had a new section added to the reports website which format wise is exactly the same as previous ones. The problem is when I go to copy and paste into excel, it copies all of the data into one cell, instead of spreading it across the appropriate number of rows and columns.

I know this sound confusing but anyhelp would be greatly appreciated.

Due to the sensitve nature of the data I cannot re-create an example.

A:Excel 2003 - Pasting Website data into excel

is this info in a grid/table on the website?
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Im wondering if it is possible to do this before i start trying...

I recieve an email containing an excel sheet containing several peices of info such as:
Etc Etc... Now when i open this.. i need the information posted into specified columns in a new excel document where it will have
Any help given appreciated.

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I am trying to display data in individual boxes on screen so that I can view it and move it about in front of co workers I need to be able to display individual boxes of information of which we currently display on post it notes on a program where I can play around with them I already have an excel graph which has all the data for each separate item which needs to be on each virtual post it note information box For example each post it note will have simple titles such as Name Price Bar Code excel Displaying photoshop/excel? screen... data on I need to have the same titles on each post it note however the values will obviously be different per product I have up to different products to get through in any one section so manually inputting this would take far too much time My first thoughts are to use photoshop to create these boxes and turn them into JPEGs Displaying excel data on screen... photoshop/excel? which can then be inserted into one photoshop document and moved around however I don t know how to move multiple columns of data from excel to photoshop Can anyone tell me if I am on the right lights or guide me towards a better way of doing this Will be very grateful for any help Many Thanks Graham nbsp

A:Displaying excel data on screen... photoshop/excel?

Hi there Graham, welcome to the board!

I think you need to first think about the "why". For what purpose is this for? Using pictures will give you a non-editable static object. If you don't want to edit it, then they move around with the click/drag of a mouse. Simple.

The other question I would ask is, are you using the right program. Do you have OneNote? Have you ever used it? Sounds like it'd be much easier in that program. Also, are you going to need to print this? If not, and you just need real estate, almost any program would do. Heck, even Paint would work, as you can do Text Boxes in there as well as (almost) all Office programs.

So if you're still wanting to use Excel, it can be done by using Text Boxes. You have two options (not sure of which version you're using here). One is an ActiveX control (Controls toolbox), the other is a Forms control (Forms toolbar). Both have different properties, some are forwards compatible, etc. For instance, ActiveX controls do not work on a Macintosh machine. But ActiveX controls you can format them to look "prettier" with a higher degree of customization (especially formatting).

Not sure if this answers your question or not. And yes, you could do the same thing in Word or PowerPoint for instance. Excel would be just as well, but as opposed to Word, you have more real estate to do what you want, and are not limited to vertical pages (i.e. you can move about freely, even if on multiple pages, hence the printer question). What I would suggest is that if you have OneNote, you check it out, otherwise perhaps a Text Box will work for you.

Let us know if this helps.
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Hello I have two problems I have a lot of scanning data all date and time stamped All the scans show different status of shipped packages all shipments have unique ID but there are multiple scans data export from macro to second Solved: excel ACCESS: and Show latest data on route for all Solved: ACCESS: Show second latest data and export data to excel from macro of them to track the packages I want to find all the packages for which there was quot misdirected quot scan then for all of them show the scan before So the end result would be all the scans that show for each package where it was misdirected the terminal of the scan before the misdirect scan I want to automate this run queries every two hours between am and pm copy and paste all results into Excel to specified areas e g first query results to A second to A third to A etc or onto different tabs save as csv to a specific folder then send it as attachment to a given e-mail address Even partial solution can be good I only know macros somewhat not as much VBA so I tried that with the TransferSpreadsheet command but can t get it work Any help is greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Solved: ACCESS: Show second latest data and export data to excel from macro
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Excel 2003 SP3
Could anybody suggest a way, using whatever method you prefer to copy existing data to another tab, but have the data go transparent by 50%(or thereabouts, so you can just see it), but keep the headings normal font.

A:Solved: Excel 2003 help to copy data to new tab and make data transparent
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When i export my inventory from my DB into an excel file my trailer brands are listed as they are in my DB of course But when i bulk upload them with XML feed to trailer inventory sites HTW com amp HTT com for our example here My inventory is listed on their site but it s not searchable because the brand search is a Replace with similar - sample data required Solved: Formula? Excel my data or -Macro drop down Solved: Excel -Macro or Formula? Replace my data with similar required data - sample menu on these sites Say i goto HTW com and do a search for Blue Ribbon trailers none of my blue ribbon trailers show up because all of Solved: Excel -Macro or Formula? Replace my data with similar required data - sample mine are listed as BLUE RIBBON TRAILERS LTD and the site is searching for Blue Ribbon and although they are the same trailer brand HTW com does not see them What i m looking for is maybe a Macro or even formula that once i tell it what site i m working on will go through my list and replace all my spellings with the proper ones for that site Attached is an XLS file with columns the first is my list as is from my DB the other columns are the proper spelling for each corresponding site Excel s find and replace feature is a VERY crude fix to this but since it s so time consuming it s NOT a viable solution Any takers Slurpee Zack Anyone nbsp

A:Solved: Excel -Macro or Formula? Replace my data with similar required data - sample

for the record, a complete solution would be GREAT, but not necessary...
I just need someone to point me in the right direction and maybe a small working sample of like 5 brands and i'll expand the list from there...

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Please give me simple instructions to transfer Excel spreadsheets (DVD or SanDisk) from one computer to another. I put a disk in USB slot but could not save to it. WalMart said I could put in DVD and click save, and that would do it.
Thank you.

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Good evening I have just switched from Excel to where in this code was working and now it doesn t I tried to select all and to cut paste the info for a refresh but nothing Here is what I need to do I will attach my workbook In tab sheet Contracts I have information in Column A starting at row in this help Transfer code Excel Solved: with matching 2007 a case the word Testing When I insert a number in that same row but in column B it will copy the Testing from column A and add HS to column C but will also insert this Solved: Excel 2007 Transfer help with a matching code information to the next row if a higher number is inserted in Column B Example is to insert in column B It will show you a little what I am trying to do Now I had an automatic code that would bypass the rest and add the same number inserted in Column B to my next tab sheet Report to the same row matching the word from Sheet Contracts to sheet Report So if you add to Column B in the Contracts sheet it would copy the same number in Sheet Report in column L on the same row of the Testing in column A So a matching code can be found on top to the VBE in each sheet It s hard to explain but once you do a test in my Sheet Contracts you will understand a little more Now from to this code has stopped working and I cannot figure out why I need your help Please this is bugging me and I don t understand I read the code and it looks good and should function as it was intended to nbsp

A:Solved: Excel 2007 Transfer help with a matching code

Thank you but I have found my error

Sometime the only thing you need is a jolt of coffee

Thank you,
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Hey all,

I have come to you in a fit of desperation. My USB drive was stolen recently and my master Excel data file was lost, which contained all my compiled data from my most recent lab experiment.

Anyway, I have charts of all the important stuff in a word document. The data is there, I can hover on each data point and see the values, and the axes and chart are all accessible for editing.

My question is, how the heck do I extract that data back out of the chart into a table or Excel spreadsheet? There MUST be a way that is better than copying down each data point one at a time

Your help is greatly appreciated.

A:Excel chart in Word 2010: extract chart values? Lost Excel data file!!!! Help.

Hi welcome to the fourm.
I don't know it reverse engineering is possible.
Something like convert chart to table?

One thing you could try is copy the chart back to a new Excel file and see if more is possible there than in Word?

Like I said never needed this. Have you googled for something like Excel data reverse enginieering?
Maybe something come up.
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Hello Can you please kindly help me to solve the below interesting issue I will make my best to make myself understood which is sometimes very difficult I need to see DIRECTLY in Windows Explorer I Transfer of an file property contents Solved: cell Excel into use Win Xp what is contained in the cell A on Worksheet of an Exel file most often the contents of the cell is a date in special Excel date format yyyy-mm-dd but sometimes the contents is Solved: Transfer of cell contents into an Excel file property a text The purpose of all this is to sort Excel files according to the contents A of the particular file directly in Windows Explorer without the need for opening the files I hope that this could be realizable by transferring the contents of the cell into one of the standard Excel file properties that can be seen in Windows Explorer Details View eg Description Subject or any other property every time on saving the Excel file In addition - If the contents of the cell is quot preserve quot the Excel file property should be left as it was before I opened the file - If the contents of the cell is quot delete quot the Excel file property should be strange to read deleted ----------- EXAMPLE On saving the Exel file whose cell A in Worksheet contains - - this date should go into the Excel file property Description - However if the contents of the cell is shall be done later then shall be done later should go into the property If the contents is preserve the property should be left as is If the contents is delete the property will be deleted empty ----------- I do wonder is this somehow realizable at all I will be very grateful for any solution I will be very glad to give you any more explanation Very many thanks in advance Jan nbsp

A:Solved: Transfer of cell contents into an Excel file property

You marked this as solved so does that mean you got this sorted? If so could you post your solution so others may benefit from it?

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I want to get some data out of a cel in Excel I did try the following code but didn t get any data out of the cel in my case it is an existing excelsheet Example DimappAsMicrosoft Office Interop Excel Application DimwbAsMicrosoft Office Interop Excel Workbook DimwsAsMicrosoft Office Interop Excel WorkSheet DimtemplateAsMicrosoft Office Interop Excel XlWBATemplate app New Microsoft Office Interop Excel Application template Microsoft Office Interop Excel XlWBATemplate xlWBATWorksheet wb app Workbooks Add template ws wb ActiveSheet ws get Range quot A quot quot A quot Value ws get Range quot A quot quot A quot Value ws get Range of out Solved: Getting Excel Data quot A quot quot A quot Value quot A A quot LogMessage ws get Range quot A quot quot A quot Value ToString wb Close False Null Null app Quit Later today i found this code too that should open i think an excel sheet so i only still need to read the correct sheet and cel Dimwb AsMicrosoft Office Interop Excel Workbooks Open Filename UpdateLinks ReadOnly Format Solved: Getting Data out of Excel Password WriteResPassword IgnoreReadOnlyRecommended Origin Delimiter Editable Notify Converter AddToMru Local CorruptLoad WB Open quot C knmi xlsx quot quot quot quot quot quot quot quot quot quot quot quot quot quot quot quot quot quot quot quot quot quot quot quot quot quot quot Solved: Getting Data out of Excel quot quot info http www dotnetperls com excel Thanks for some help Greetz Gillinger nbsp

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I have 2 colums that I need to export from excel into word as comma seperated values. Anyone have any clue how to do it?

A:Solved: Exporting data from Excel

You can save the data as a comma seperated file and then open with word and copy and paste into the word document where you want it.
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Guys I have a MS Excel workbook containing a number of sheets of data The sort. data Excel MS Solved: sheets keep a record of various documents received into a department for review Currently there are about document references rows in each sheet Each sheet has columns of info of which column I holds the date that the document was received into the department I can do a data sort on the sheet for column I so that it is in ascending order Solved: MS Excel data sort. What I need to do is to be able to enter a Start Date and an End date into cells in another sheet then push a button that will run a macro resulting in my records sheet only displaying rows of info between those dates in fact Solved: MS Excel data sort. deleting all rows that are not within the start and end date How do I get the code whereby it looks at the value in column I if it within the start and end date leaves it if not then it deletes the entire row Your help would be very much appreciated nbsp

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I am trying to pull data from an Excel spreadsheet and print the info onto the Liberty Press of Tulsa's Laser Angel Tags (LP-71L).

Help Please?

(see attachments of sample & sample data)

A:Solved: Merge Excel Data

I would suggest that this might be a job for mailmerge in word, using the excel file as the source.
If you could confirm how the tags will be printed (multiples per sheet?) we can help set something up
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Hi all I got a problem on my desk wich i just can t find a good formula for and i m starting to think its impossible but at that point I click on my techsupportguy link and voila So here is the problem I got a file on wich the first sheet is one with a number of columns Firm Adress Phone Fax Date of entry Website and email Now the person who made the file was so clever to put that data Solved: Excel Question Data Get adress and all in one sheet per firm So i got about firms on that list without the other data and next to it a link to the sheet with all the data on still with me i hope What I need to do now is try to get the data from those sheets all into one sheet For example There is a firm FIRM and in the cell next to it is a link to the sheet FIRM and in that sheet is all the data always in the same order luckily I need to get the data from that sheet and paste it in cells next to the cell FIRM on the first sheet So sheets have to be transformed into sheet Anyone who has ideas on how to do that without manually looking everything up and copy-paste Solved: Excel Get Data Question it is more then welcome Thanks in advance Stefandh nbsp

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I hope someone can help me with the attached spreadsheet. I've given up trying to make it work. What I would like for it to do is:

1 - Give a total of the amount paid by the different Types, and

2 - Automatically list the names of the different types in their respective sheets.

It seems as if it is not possible to do this, but if there is, I would be hugely grateful.

Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Excel Data Formulas

Have attached a sheet which is a starter to what you are after.
I am sure some tweaking by an expert will get you what you want.


P.S. tried to edit without luck. When in tabs A,B,C highlight cells A2:A12 and then select sort Z:A. This will clear out the empty cells
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We have imported data from an inhouse software package in a business we are involved with This data includes all the usual info such as business name address contact person etc What we want to do is import this data into a new financial package However the address field has imported its data in what appears to be a non delimited format The data looks fine Bill Jones Smith Street Dunedin When we go to separate the data into a column for name column data imported Solved: Excel for address column for city etc using text to columns it simply will not do it It gets the first line and then loses all the Solved: Excel imported data rest I believe that the import has not put any sort of delimiter at the end of each line allowing their separation Does anyone have ideas how we might be able to separate these To complicate things some of the entries can have up to or lines of data while others are just three Hope this makes sense Any help appreciated TIA Tony nbsp

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Hi I have an Excel spreadsheet filled with blocks of data randomly located throughout the spreadsheet The data blocks are always columns wide and can be anywhere from to sometimes more rows deep The type of Excel Sort Data Solved: data in the blocks is always the same i e st column Description nd column Qty rd column Value th column - Account There are no column headers The desired sort is always the same st sort Account nd sort Description both in ascending order Keeping in mind that the blocks of data can be anywhere in the spreadsheet Solved: Excel Data Sort I would like to have a macro that would allow me to place the cursor in the st column st row of a located block of data start the macro which would be pre-programmed to know columns of data are involved with desired sorts but would allow me to highlight the rows that need to be sorted Here s hoping this Solved: Excel Data Sort description is clearer than mud Currently using Office Thanks in advance MBInDe nbsp

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Hi guys I am using Office and am unable to find this information else where on the form Heres the scenario I have different excel files that I wish to Exporting Data Excel Solved: extract data from possibly using VB This data will be used to put into a table in Access however it may be imported into an excel sheet and copied accross if easier Each Excel file consists of exactly the same template with different information Solved: Exporting Excel Data enclosed in this template I need a script that will extract the values of certain cells the same cells everytime in the sheet and input into the table or final Excel sheet This script needs to be able to run on every Excel file within a certain folder In addition to this it needs to grab the last date in a date column and copy this into a single date field at the top of the sheet I know this a small request but in theory if this is possible I would really appreciate someone to help me a little Please note I have no previous experience with VB only amateur excel formulas If there is anything else that would help people understand the issue I will be happy to forward any information I dont expect to be spoon fed but I am on a really tight schedule I hope that the answer can be beneficial to other users Rowan nbsp

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I have a continuous text list with two fields separated by a comma and records separated by a semicolon.

Can I parse this into Excel so the the fields go into columns A and B and each record goes into a new row?
Forcing a new row with the semicolon seems to be the problem.


Gloria Davis, <[email protected],com>; Dave Baily, <[email protected]>; etc.


Gloria Davis <[email protected],com>
Dave Baily <[email protected]>

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Sorry guys another question.
I'm doing this in a very tiresome way, but I'm wondering if there is
an easy to do it.
Here is my problem:

I have an excel file with 3 columns;
Names, Quantity, Frequency. Like that;

Names Quantity Frequency
Mary 88 Mary
John 56 Mary
Paul 23 Mary
I need to create a fourth column, it can be called distribution, with the data
from Quantity column divided equally by each name from Frequency column.

For instance, Mary has a quantity record of 88, and Mary is repeated 3 times
on Frequency column. Therefore 88/3=29.3. At the fourth column "Distribution"
that I'm going to create the 29.3 is going to appear 3 times.

John = 56 and appears 2 times. Therefore 56/2 = 28
At the end my worksheet is going to look like:

Names Quantity Frequency Distribution
Mary 88 Mary 29.3
John 56 Mary 29.3
Paul 23 Mary 29.3
John 28
John 28
Thank you very much for your time.

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on a worksheet i have, i am entering numbers into one cell(a1), cell a2 is a running total of all entries made in a1, this works well enough, is there anyway by using code or formulas that i can also have keep a note of each of the entries made in cell c1, i.e if entries made in a1 are 5,7,11,15, giving a total of 38 in a2, i would like the 4 seperate numbers to be shown elsewhere on the worksheet

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Hello I have a table set up in Excel the first column is a column of six digit numbers used to identify a product in our company The next six columns contain information about that product I also have an SQL database that I use from Access I extract the data from the database either by copying it or by using the Access On-line collaboration process My problem is the same six digit number I use from the database is not recognized in Excel when I do a Vlookup on my existing table One quirky detail is that if I go to a cell containing the number from the database and edit it hit F make no changes and hit enter the Vlookup function then recognizes it and extracts the data from my table I have tried reformatting to from Data Solved: Access Excel the cells I have used the quot clean quot function the quot right quot function and even quot concatenate quot with another blank cell Nothing works exept edit - enter Any ideas Thanks nbsp

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I am trying to write a macro to run through and change the data validation. I have a column and the data validation for a given cell is in the same column. Data validation does not carry out in autofill like formulas. I can not get the validation formula to work with a variable. ="=$columnvariable$number1:$columbvariable$number2" where column variable is the column letter and number 1 is a row number and number 2 is the other row number. Is there a way to make this work where i can increment the column letter and the numbers?

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There is probably a really simple solution to this....but let me first define the problem..

I work in a maintanence tracking department. Every week I am given an excel spreadsheet with hundreds of jobs, each with a unique identification number arranged in columns. during that week as work is done I can generate another excel spreadsheet with all the job numbers that have been completed and I have to sort through the first list and tick them off as 'done'. I usually use the 'find' tool in Excel - but I am only able to find one number at a time.

Ideally I would like to be able to copy and paste a whole list of numbers into 'find' and get Excel to highlight all those jobs that have been completed.

Is this possible - do I need a macro? Help - cos it is taking up valuable hours of my life!!



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I need to find an easy way to sort and sum tabulated data.
Specifically, one collumn contains company names, and another individual transaction values, so some customers are represented several times.
I have sorted the data but would like to find an easy way to sum up the total value of transactions for each customer, which means finding a way to identify and group them. There are too many to do manually, and I am not conversant enough with all of the functions to know how to do it.

Any ideas?

Using excel2003.


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I have a spreadsheet for work that is basically free form But in one column I have an ending line Data Excel Solved: Validation that reads quot vehicle inspection unloading quot and a few more words My former spreadsheet allowed me to select whatever line I wanted in that column in which to place the test by selecting it from the drop down For some reason now it will do that but it will not let me type anything in any line So I can select that phrase from the drop down but I can t type any other info into any line with out getting an error Kind of like it is either that phrase or nothing Solved: Excel Data Validation How do I keep my drop down info on there and use it in any line I want while still being able to type anything into any line not occupied by the drop down text Does that make sense I set this up through data - data validation I suspect there is just a setting in there I am not checking or unchecking properly nbsp

A:Solved: Excel Data Validation

on the validation screen - you should see a "Error Alert" tab
on there will be a tick box
"show error alert after invalid data is entered "

untick that
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Dear all,
i am working on panel data where i have a column for yrrs and another for countries and the other variables
my data is as follows: i have the same year repeated matching the different countries, then the next year repeated matching the same set of countries
i want to transpose this, so i want the same country repeated matching the full sample of years, then another country matching the full sample of years, i cannot use transpose because i already have my other variables in the excel sheet... i dont know if there is any automatic process that helps me do that

i hope my question was clear, pls let me know should you need more clarification

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I have a table with rows and columns. See below.

Number 1 2 3 4 5
1 1 1 1 1 1
2 2 4 8 16 32
3 3 9 27 81 243
4 4 16 64 256 1024
5 5 25 125 625 3125
Input row say x
Input coloumn y

Answer =

If I input row as 5 and coumn as 2 in the answer cell the result should appear as 25. The answer cell should not contain formula.

What is the solution for the above. Use of Vlookup, Index and Match etc.

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On the attached spreadsheet, I need a total count of baselined desktops (minus the ones that have been deleted) problem is how do I get it to look at one record, mark that that agent had been a baselined one, but is now deleted, so don't count it. I can't just remove the deleted ones, cause I want my customer to know which agents have disappeared. Take a look at the formula in B2 for a general idea. That formula doesn't work cause it just adds everything together. I need it to be smart enough to Total the Baselined Agents and then Subtract the agents that are baselined and deleted per field. Any questions let me know. Look at B2 to get an idea and see if I'm on the right track.

A:Solved: Excel - Trying to count 2 columns (almost as one) to get data for a 3rd.
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I am working with windows XP Professional and Excel I am using different sheets in an excel workbook to create a coupon for guests checking in at my hotel On the first sheet I will import data daily which will be set up in this format Room number Last name First name imported excel data Solved: editing Help of nights staying etc On the second sheet I have put together a little coupon form which pulls information from the first sheet to populate the coupon Such as the guests name room number etc The first coupon references the data for the guest in Row of sheet the second Solved: Help editing imported excel data coupon for the guest in Row and so Solved: Help editing imported excel data on down the way Where I am running into trouble is with the issue of the number of nights people are staying I need coupon per night per guest so if a guest is staying nights I need coupons with their information on them I am looking for a solution in one of two forms I was not sure whether I could use the data from sheet which shows the number of nights that the guest was staying to actually create another coupon on sheet for that person so I thought that if I could just copy the row of reference cells which had the guest s information in it and then insert it directly above or below the existing data that this would then move that information over to the next coupon For example my imported data on sheet used for reference in the coupons would be B - C - Smith D - John K - This would represent the guest staying in room with a name of Smith John staying for nights Now on sheet I would have a coupon with cells which have formulas using this reference data to make a coupon for John Smith staying in room and showing that he is staying nights For the name block I use the formula lastnamecell amp quot quot amp firstnamecell For the other blocks I just use a direct cell reference for example for the room number roomnumbercell If I copy the reference cells in Row on sheet and then insert the copied cells between Row and Row shifting the rest of the existing data down one row to Row and below I would expect my second coupon on sheet to show the new copied data from Row reflected but in actually it is now showing the data in Row which used to be in Row If someone could tell me how to generate the number of coupons I need on sheet based on the cell data showing the number of nights the guest is staying If K then create coupons with the guest information from Row this would be ideal But if someone could at least let me know how to insert new rows of reference data and have this reflected in the coupons on sheet that would work great as well Thank you very much in advance for your assistance nbsp

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Hi all I have data in Access that I copy to Excel client s wishes and among other things for each of about client listings there are columns listing each contact with that client These may range from none to contacts What I need to do is have a column listing the data that is in the most recent contact whether it be the rd or the th The data is coded indicating what kind of response was gotten Currently I make a copy sort recent 97 - data most Solved: Excel find it by the farthest right column say that some clients have been contacted times then I would first sort by the th contact I delete any previous data and place that from the th column in the st contact column I then do the same thing Solved: Excel 97 - find most recent data for the th contact th etc until everything is in the st contact column I have tried a macro but it only works some of the time and tends to delete data that it should not I have faith that there is some easier way but Thanks a lot in advance nbsp

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Hi I have been asked to data Excel help Solved: manipulate required to track the usage of certain roles in my team there can be more than of each role hence over and to display a monthly summary of Solved: Excel help required to manipulate data the remaining availability which can be displayed to the customer So far I have I have created a sheet to display the data to show who is doing what in the team and I use this data to form a seperate sheet which provides a summary on a weekly basis of what availibility there is for each role type I hace attached what I have completed so far My next step is to create something which only returns the availability data on a monthly basis for the role types and this is where my skills have run out I have tried a few things with no luck so far Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could do I am a very much a light user of Excel so anything complicated will need some explaination please Thanks in advance Mike nbsp

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Hi there,

I hope you can help. Iím about to start an internet business with a friend and get new price amendments from the wholesaler every couple of months.

What I want to know is;
We have around a 1000 products, the supplier has about 10,000 and they can supply us with an Excel doc every couple of months. Is there a way of finding out under product code which products have changed in price in our range of 1000 products, if I were to put one on one tab and one on another? We wouldnít want to know about the other 9000 products, if this is possible?

Column A

Product code

Column B

Product description

Column C

Price Ex VAT

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Dear All,

I have an excel Sheet1 containg policyno in D3 to D500 coloum and sheet2 containg also the same data in D3 to D500 coloum and i want to compare the data in both the sheets and results shows in sheet3 and i want if policyno matchs then in next coloum of sheet3 in E3 coloum shows 0 if not matches then shows n/a. can u please help me out.


A:Solved: COPAIRING DATA IN EXCEL help plssssssss

Put on Sheet3 in E3:


and drag down.
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I need to read data from a database into a spreadsheet based on variables on the sheet I ve found several examples of how to read data into Excel and none seem to work Here s one for example Code DatabaseName quot Northwind quot QueryString quot SELECT FROM product dbf WHERE product ON ORDER quot Chan SQLOpen quot DSN quot amp DatabaseName SQLExecQuery Chan QueryString Set output Worksheets quot Sheet quot Range quot A quot SQLRetrieve Chan Output True SQLClose Chan I get an error on the SQLOpen - Sub or function not defined My hope is that I can read specific data into an Excel spreadsheet from my Access database In case you re wondering why my client has hundreds of spreadsheets that they need converted Read into Solved: VBA Excel Access using Data to one with that one sheet reading it s data from Access I Solved: Read Access Data into Excel using VBA need to be able to use VBA to change the query and requery based on an event Button Pressed Let me know if you need me to toss a non-working sample together Thanks in advance nbsp

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Help sort data problem Excel SOLVED: I have a line spreadsheet that has about columns Most are text SOLVED: Excel data sort problem but a few are numbers The spreadsheet was imported from another application When I try to sort on a column that has size of company which is a number field of number of employees it doesn t sort If I try including the headers it doesn t sort at all If I try excluding the headers it sorts the first rows correctly then leaves the rest of the rows as is I tried formatting the column - first as TEXT then as NUMBER with NO DECIMAL but the sort problems persist The fields in this column are left justified and have commas If I manually retype one of the fields in the column it displays as right-justified with no decimals or commas If I try to use Format Painter to apply the format of this manually-changed field to the other fields in the column it has no effect - the other fields stay left justified and with columns I tried saving the file as a CSV and opening it with Wordpad but I see no suspicious formatting I am at a loss to understand why this data cannot be sorted Is this a formatting issue Thanks in Advance Joe Johnson nbsp

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Hi all,

I have a monthly report that has a certain column (always column BF) that contains the numbers 1-5, either singly or in any combination thereof. I have to copy this into 5 columns (BQ through BU) and I want those columns titled Q2 - 1, Q2 - 2, Q2 - 3, Q2 - 4 and Q2 - 5.
I need all the 1s in Q2 - 1, all the 2s in Q2 - 2 and so on.
Since the number of items in each cell varies, (there is no 1, , 3,4, , with blanks for non-existing numbers, rather one cell may have 2 and the one below it may have 1,3,5) is there a macro or a formula that would quickly copy every item into the right column?
It isn't vital, I suppose, I can copy, sort and cut and paste, but I would like to save the time....

Thanks in advance

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Using Excel 2013, is it possible to filter the data in a few columns (say A-D) without affecting the data in adjacent columns (say F-H)? In other words, I'd like to setup several several ranges of data across the spreadsheet and filter each one differently.

A:Solved: Excel-Filtering data in some but not all columnss

You could achieve that with sort (manually or with vba code) but you can't do it with filtering. When you filter you hide the rows you don't want to see, so your filter for columns A-D would actually hide columns across the sheet, affecting F-H and any other range.
You could use code to write the filtered data to another sheet, however, which might be a workaround.
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Hi all,

For some unknown reason, when selecting source data for charts (new and existing), I cannot use CTRL to select more than 9 cells. As soon as I hit the tenth cell I get a system beep, and the cell selection bar empties. I used to be able to do this without a problem (for updating a thirteen month trend graph).

Can anyone help explain why this is so and how I might be able to rectify this?



A:Solved: Excel chart source data

Here's a complete guess -- although Help doesn't say anything about it, maybe there's a limit to how many characters you can have in the "cell selection bar" (255, possibly).

Try shortening the sheet name (?as a test?) ; or building it with 9, then drag'n'dropping the remaining 4 in turn (as new points).

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I have a spreadsheet which contains entries in one particular column than need to be replaced and I am spreadsheet data an Solved: Replacing Excel in looking for a way to automate this task In the column there are -digit numbers starting with quot quot on up Each number stands for a given department but the reader of the document would like to see the department name listed as well So in other words I need to replace quot quot with quot - Dept A quot quot quot with quot - Dept B quot and so forth I was going to build a macro for one replacement then edit the corresponding VBA code to automate the rest of the list The problem seems to be the leading zeroes I can search for quot quot but I cannot search and replace for quot quot because then Excel finds nothing to replace It will execute a search and replace for the string quot quot but of course that is useless I tried reformatting the cells but that does not work The original cells still carry the leading zero but the replace request still turns up nothing Anyway I do not really want to reformat anything just replace This looked so simple at first I am not a VBA guru by any means and I need to get this done as I learn Could someone suggest some VBA code that would do this directly without building on a macro nbsp

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Afternoon everyone It a application Excel Solved: VB Dumping to from data has been a while since I have been on here but I am now back with another project in mind I am doing an internship at an engineering firm and a Solved: Dumping data from a VB application to Excel colleague Solved: Dumping data from a VB application to Excel wants to create a VB app regarding quot measurement of fluid flow procedures for the evaluation of uncertainties quot ISO- The main purpose of the app is this - Have some input table to enter recorded values - Then the user will have an option as to the calculations required desired - Then the app will process the results possibly plot a graph this sounds tedious for VB - And the final option is to export the results into a spreadsheet supported file CSV XLS etc To break down the four points - The problem here is the myriad of possibilities for formatting the table to permit the intended calculations I have read the manual and there there would probably need to be at least tables table for calculating numerical solutions for sensitivity calculations quot uncertainty budget quot general data table for daily readings of various meters to cater for the various variables And the tables used would have to support expansion if more rounds tests runs have to be added for probability distribution calculations - I have already had some trouble before with using VB to pick up values in one cell to complete calculations but this video has given me an idea of how to avoid this problem http www youtube com watch hl en amp v vnUoD UqyA But alas I am reminded of the fact I intend on using an inbuilt table spreadsheet so I am not certain on how to make the necessary declarations calls processes to get it going - The third step seems simple to just plot the results somewhere a new table for example and then possibly have a graph - The final step requires saving but this is hopefully simple as I know VB should be able to capture all the data within the current session and save the data upon Ctrl S or some other trigger I might also include a piece of code to open up the file once it is saved Thank you very much for your help in advance I appreciate it nbsp

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I have 2 reports. One store report with say 10 stores, and one report that lists out 4 items. I need to combine the reports so that it lists out the 4 items for each store. So when it is done it will list store1 4 times with a column that lists the items, store2

Store1 - item1
Store1 - item2
Store1 - Item3
Store1 - item4
Store2 - item1
Store2 - item2

A:Solved: Excel/Access - combining data

Have you tried combining the data in a Query?
That s what queries are for.
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Currently when I do data validation for a list that I have, I highlight the cells that I want validated (i.e. P365000). Then I click on data>validation. I highlight the cells that my list is stored in and click ok.

I am wanting an easier way to highlight the cells that I want validated instead of clicking on cell P3, holding down the shift key and scrolling to P65000 to highlight.

We find ourselves adding more to the cells as different issues come up and we are constantly validating.

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I need to write a formula to merge data from two Excel Spreadsheets Both spreadsheets are located on my local C hard drive on my computer The spreadsheets are used to track technician visits to stores The primary spreadsheet is called Compliance and has mostly information about the stores The second spread sheet is called Access and has information about the technicians and their visits to the stores The data is alpha numeric Each spreadsheet has a column of data in common which is called Store Number On both spreadsheets the Store Number data occupies Column A I need to copy the four columns from my spreadsheet called Access onto my Compliance spreadsheet and have the data from Access line up with the data from Compliance by matching via the Store Number field I would like to Need Excel Solved: Help Data Worksheet Copying have all four columns from Access end up to the left of the data on my Compliance spreadsheet I have been trying to set up a VLookup formula but I have not been able to get it to come out right maybe I am using the Solved: Need Help Copying Excel Worksheet Data wrong formula or going about this wrong If anyone has any suggestions they will be appreciated Thanks nbsp

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First, thank you all for you time and knowledge in advance.

Here's my situation. I'm working with file that is sent to me with populated information, in this example Col A
What I would like to do is enter information in Col B and then do a comparison of both A and B, letting me know if something in Col B is not in Col A and also is something in Col A not in Col B.

I need to know if what was sent to my in the spread sheet match what I physically inventoried.

I have provided an example.

Hopefully I did not over complicate my request.

Thank you,


A:Solved: comparing data in two columns in Excel

does this help

or this may ble closer to what you need
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Here is my dilemma:
I was given a spreadsheet and was asked to clean it up. They know I know what a computer is so that must assume I know Excel too... anyway:
Please note example. This is a list of car dealers but not all the data is the same for each group. ie, Map Directions is missing, or Managers name, Fax Number, etc

I know how to change rows to column, but only if each grouping had the same number of items. See Sheet 2 for the formula I am using to take care of this... but note how it goes awry.

All I need is Company name, address, phone number (which every grouping has) It just has other stuff I don't need, and I don't know how to go about deleting this extra data.

Any help would be great!
Thanks in advance!

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I have data organised in paris of columns with differing amounts of data in each column pair.
I need to move all data to columns A&B:

- If there is data in columns C & D, move it to the foot of columns A&B.
- Then, if there is data in columns E & F, move it to the foot of columns A&B.
- Etc. til the end of the ActiveRange.

I've managed to do this using hard-coded column references, but it involves a lot of reptetition.
Presumably the code can be substantially compacted, and work to the end of the ActiveRange rather than to arbitrary end columns (in this case, cols AC and AD).

A:Solved: Excel VBA moving all data to columns A+B

This will work on the active sheet.... If you need this for multiple sheets we would need to alter the macro slightly. Test this on a copy of your xl file.


Sub appAB()

Dim i As Integer
Dim lRow As Integer
Dim lRowA As Integer

For i = 3 To 30 Step 2
lRow = Cells(Rows.Count, i).End(xlUp).Row
lRowA = Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row + 1
Range(Cells(1, i), Cells(lRow, i + 1)).Cut Destination:=Range("A" & lRowA)

End Sub
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Thanks to this group s assistance I have created and have been using many automated Office programs most of which include web queries This one has me stumped though Scenario Open an data Excel page web to Solved: VBA: Extracting Excel workbook with a control button no help needed here Open this web page http imaps co wake nc us imaps main htm msize Click the quot i quot button last button top row on left of page Click anywhere in the colored area of the map At this point a panel titled quot FEATURE INFORMATION quot opens on the right side of the page Here s where I need help Click the control button on the Excel sheet which will transfer the FEATURE INFORMATION specifically the x y MAP COORDINATES Solved: VBA: Extracting web page data to Excel but all feature information or even the whole page is acceptable to any location in the workbook The location can be a new sheet existing sheet any where Thanks folks and I m patiently awaiting brilliance Tom nbsp

A:Solved: VBA: Extracting web page data to Excel

I guess I was trying to make this more difficult than it was. I got to play with the problem this morning and here's what I came up with:
After opening the map, I click the "i" button, then click on a map point, I then move the cursor over the right (data) portion of the screen, left click, then ctrl A, ctrl C, then click the excel button which is basically a paste statement and I'm done.
I appreciate all who looked at this problem on my behalf.
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Hi - I m semi-proficient with excel and I m actually working on creating some dashboard reports at this time One problem I m having is separating some of the data from a specific column Let me give you an example This column has over lines in Excel columns? separation Data Solved: this is just a sample What I need to do is break this column out by month and show how many dates are from the last month the last - months and the Solved: Data separation in Excel columns? ones that are months in the past Of course I want the sheet to show this info automatically so it has to know the current date which I can do by placing the formula quot TODAY Solved: Data separation in Excel columns? quot So what I m asking for is what formula and format would I use to count how many cells in this column fall into each of date ranges I mentioned Also I did manage to use the DAYS A C for example where A quot Today quot and C quot quot above This information is in cells next to the above data as follows - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - So I figured out how to list how many days I have since the date Solved: Data separation in Excel columns? in the first column but not how to break them apart within the column Hopefully this is enough information to request some help but if you need more info please let me know I ll watch the thread closely Thank you -Drake nbsp

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I have been working on an Excel File all week. I put a short cut on the desk top. I save my data about every 15 minutes, so when I was done earlier today, I closed the file, so I could email a copy to my boss and when I checked the file before I sent it data was missing.

The file name is the same, but all the work I did in the last 2 days is missing.
I searched my hard drive for the data in a different file name, but came up empty.

Any ideas?


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I have an excel page that lists a value in column A and in column B is the total number of units that have that value. This is a typical histogram. Unfortunately, the equipment we use spits out the data already having summed up the instances of each unit. I want to re-populate the spreadsheet with all the values in the list. Don't ask why, someone is asking me if it can be done. Here is an example: (extremely shortened)
Col.A - B
0.11 - 2
0.13 - 3
0.15 - 7
0.18 - 2
0.20 - 1

I want the spreadsheet to then read:
0.11, 0.11, 0.13, 0.13, 0.13, 0.15........0.18, 0.18, 0.20 (but all in one column)

Can it be done.


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I'm looking to use a workbook that I type an employee number in to and it'll automatically pull the name from another workbook and add it to the following cell.

In other words I have a database of names and employee numbers. The other is a form, but I want it to automatically add the name when I type the employee number. How can I do that?


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I m having trouble updating a table in Access I have a tier project Using Excel as the front end and Access as the backend This project is to track file boxes When the box is full It is closed and the current date is assigned as the closure data and the closure data plus years is assigned as the date to destroy the files I need to develop the VBA code to close out the box and to update the table in Access with the Closure data and the destroy data I can add a new row of data by Sub Append NewboxData exports data from the active worksheet to a table in an Access Database Dim cnt As ADODB Connection Dim rst As ADODB Recordset Dim stDB As String stSQL update Solved: data from Excel Access to Need in As String Dim stConn As String Dim wbBook As Workbook Dim wsSheet As Worksheet Dim lnField As Long lnCount As Long Dim Dat As String Dim A As Object Instantiate the ADO-objects Set cnt New ADODB Connection Set rst New ADODB Recordset Set wbBook ThisWorkbook Set wsSheet wbBook Worksheets Path to the database stDB quot J Case Closure DB Closed Case mdb quot Create the connectionstring stConn quot Provider Microsoft Jet OLEDB quot amp quot Data Source quot amp stDB amp quot quot With cnt Open stConn Open the connection CursorLocation adUseClient Necessary to disconnect the recordset End With With rst Open quot Solved: Need to update data in Access from Excel tblBox quot cnt adOpenKeyset adLockOptimistic Create the recordset AddNew Insert new blank row Fields quot OpenBox quot Now Fields quot Location quot NewBoxForm ComboBox Value Update Set ActiveConnection Nothing Disconnect the recordset End With With wsSheet Cells CopyFromRecordset rst Copy the st recordset End With Release objects from the memory rst Close Set rst Nothing cnt Close Set cnt Nothing End Sub but how can I update the data for a box that has already been entered I have tried Sub Update CloseBox updates data from the active worksheet to a table in an Access Database Dim cnt As ADODB Connection Dim con As ADODB Connection Dim rst As ADODB Recordset Dim stDB As String stSQL As String Dim stConn As String Dim wbBook As Workbook Dim wsSheet As Worksheet Dim D As Date Dim lnField As Long lnCount As Long Dim Dat As String Dim A As Object Instantiate the ADO-objects Set cnt New ADODB Connection Set rst New ADODB Recordset Set wbBook ThisWorkbook Set wsSheet wbBook Worksheets Path to the Solved: Need to update data in Access from Excel database stDB quot J Case Closure DB Closed Case mdb quot Create the connectionstring stConn quot Provider Microsoft Jet OLEDB quot amp quot Data Source quot amp stDB amp quot quot D Date The st Raw SQL-statement to be executed stSQL quot UPDATE tblBox WHERE tblBox BoxNumber quot amp CloseBoxForm TextBox Text amp quot SET tblbox ClosureDate quot amp Date amp quot tbl Box BurnDate quot amp D amp quot quot With cnt Open stConn Open the connection CursorLocation adUseClient Necessary to disconnect the recordset End With Set rst New ADODB Recordset With rst Open stSQL adOpenKeyset adLockOptimistic Create the Recordset Set ActiveConnection Nothing disconnect Recordset End With With wsSheet Cells CopyFromRecordset rst Copy the st recordset End With Release objects from the memory rst Close Set rst Nothing cnt Close Set cnt Nothing Print Label With CloseBoxForm If CheckBox Checked Then Worksheets quot Box Label quot Select ActiveWimdow SelectedSheets PrintOut Copies Collate True End If End With Print Contents List With CloseBoxForm If CheckBox Checked Then Worksheets quot File quot Select ActiveWimdow SelectedSheets PrintOut Copies Collate True End If End With End Sub but it gives me a run time error at the Open stSQL line Any assistance would be great Thanks nbsp

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I have several Excel spread sheets that operate just fine. But one won't allow me to add or delete lines. When I try, I get the following msg.:
"To prevent possible loss of data, Microsoft Excel cannot shift nonblank cells off the worksheet. Try to delete or clear the cells to the right and below your data. Then select cell 1A and save your workbook to reset the last cell used. Or, you can move the data to a new location and try again."
I've "unfreeze", "unhide" and copying to a new spreadsheet.
Any ideas? Thanks.

A:[SOLVED] Excel:prevent possible loss of data.....

pembroke - Welcome to TSG!!

Save your file before attempting this!
Go to the far right column + 1 of the data in your worksheet, hold down your shift key and hit the end key then the right arrow key. Now go to the tool bar and select edit, delete, then select entire column and ok. Now do the same with rows, go the the last row you are using + 1 hold down the shift key and hit the end key and down arrow, select edit, delete, then select entire row.

Does that fix it?
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I have an Excel sheet that contains data per row (employee data). I want data contained in each cell of each row be put in a Word template (a work agreement)

I see something close to what I need here, but I tried to manipulate the codes for hours and achieved nothing.

Please find enclosed the Excel file and the Word template that I need. These are dummy files as forum rules rule out.

Thanks in advance for your assistance

Bang Regar

A:Solved: Excel data to Word template

Before we go into any macro development, have you tried the mail merge option in word?

With mail merge you need an excel file with your data formatted as a list - which you already have

then you need to define where you want each record in your excel file should appear in your word document - which you've already done although you should make sure that your list starts in row 1

in Word you need to associate the excel file with the Word template - in the Mail ribbon - Select Recipients/Use existing list and then navigate to where your excel file is an select it

then you need to enter the "variables" in your word document - I've done this or you in the attached

then you need to just select the record you want to run - Click on Edit Recipient list and click on the one you want

and click Finish and Merge and then either Print or Edit (if you want to save a copy)

Give this a try and see if it will suit your needs.
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Hi all I am having problems with code What I want to do is add a check mark to the right of an integer in a cell when I double click on the cell I want to repeat the check mark addition indefinitely after the integer integer check mark check mark check mark check mark etc The check mark I want is the uppercase letter quot P quot in Windings font I want to do this in any cell in Column C that already contains any integer between and I am basing this on code that I already used in another post that I had Excel Input box question posted on July http forums techguy org business-applications -excel-inputbox-question html post What I m having problems doing is defining the integers using Dim code I want to define quot check quot as any integer between and I think once I get the syntax right the code hopefully will work Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:Solved: Excel DoubleClick to add additional data to a cell


try this and see if it suits....
Private Sub Worksheet_BeforeDoubleClick(ByVal Target As Range, Cancel As Boolean)

If Target.Row < 1000 And Target.Column = 3 Then
Cancel = True
If Target.Value > 1 And Target.Value < 1000 Or Right(Target.Value, 1) = "P" Then
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = ActiveCell & "P"
Selection.Font.Name = "Calibri"
For i = 1 To Len(ActiveCell)
If Mid(ActiveCell, i, 1) = "P" Then
With ActiveCell.Characters(Start:=i, Length:=1).Font
.Name = "Wingdings 2"
.FontStyle = "Bold"
End With
End If
Next i
End If
End If
End Sub
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I am trying to utilize data cells on a sheet to name the worksheet tabs that follow it. I found a previous post asking for basically the same thing, however I was unable to follow the code suggestions that worked for that person. I have attached the spreadsheet I am using which will allow you to better understand what i'm trying to accomplish. In the file I am trying to name Tabs 2 - 9 using whatever data is entered into the first sheet (Data) cells B-6 through I-6. These will be dates entered into the data sheet and the dates would then appear as the name of the subsequent tabs. Thanks in advance for any advice you may be able to offer.


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Okay - still very new to excel formulae so bear with me...

ColA.......Col B
Open..... 23
Closed... 7
Open..... 8
Closed... 19

Okay let us assume in C1 I want a single formulae that wil:
a: count the rows that have 'Open' in column A
b: sum the corresponding values in column b

With this example, my visible value in C1 should be 35. I am hoping to not have to 'duplicate' data in another column/area and the sum that new column (such as copying only the 'B' values that have "Open" in the 'A' column and then running a sum off that new column....

I am sure there is an easy way to do this but I keep getting zeros. I have been trying this:

I have one other formula in D1:
=COUNTIF(AF1:AF5000,"*Open*").. which displays 3....

Thanks in advance


A:Solved: Excel - count and sum separate column data

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I have an issue I have not been able to find an answer to so I hope someone can help I have a workbook where there - Solved: Consolidate multiple sheets EXCEL from data are many worksheets that i would like to consolidate into one sheet The problem is I m dealing with a lot of data Each worksheet represents a day of the month so there are - worksheets for each workbook Ultimately what i m looking to acheive is to some how find a way to compile the date from all worksheets so i can do a quick search and pull from all the data from all Solved: EXCEL - Consolidate data from multiple sheets the worksheets and see the results in one place The search results would often find many results hundreds even and i still need to see all the data from those results from that row I like the idea of using a pivot table but once you use it for multiple sheets i Solved: EXCEL - Consolidate data from multiple sheets cant get it to show the actual data I hope I have been clear with what i m trying to do if not please let me know Thanks for any help you can provide nbsp

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Hi folks,

I've created a Userform, CompleteNewRecord, which has a combo box with the following items in the list. <Select A Team>, Team 1, Team 2, Team 3. What I want to do is force the user to select anything other than <Select a Team> when they either exit the SelectTeam control or click on Save and Exit button.

I could remove the <Select a Team> from the list but then the problem I have is the user just accepts the default entry which is usually the first entry in the list.

The control is used to filter the worksheet by team.

Many thanks

A:Solved: EXCEL VBA - How to ensure a UserForm Control has data in it.

So "<Select A Team>" is first in the list.

I believe that the ListIndex value of the first item for a combobox is 0 (zero) by default.


Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
If ComboBox1.ListIndex = 0 Then
MsgBox "Cannot continue (no team selected)!"
'do filtering stuff
End If
End Sub

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Our computer department has set me up with an Excel add in called Client Access to transfer data from the AS/400 to an Excel file. The problem data file is about 27,000 records but when I download it stops at 16,351 and I get an error message, "The data will not fit in the worksheet. You may want to choose a different starting position." They have the same problem when usign Windows XP and have to use a Windows 2000 machine to be successful. For this reason they believe the issue is Windows/Office related rather than the AS/400 program. Unfortunately my laptop has Windows XP and Office 2003. Has anyone heard of this sort of limitation? I know Excel will hold many more rows and my downloaded file has only 10-11 columns.

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Hi I need a help Macro two for from data excel combining Solved: sheets with a macro I have two separate sheets that I need to combine together Sheet contains Solved: Macro for combining data from two excel sheets combinations of PROCESSES e Solved: Macro for combining data from two excel sheets g - and - columns B and C and sheet two contains additional data PRGRAMS for each of the process each program on separate row - the Solved: Macro for combining data from two excel sheets process number linked to sheet is in column A So for process there are programs rows for process there are rows and for there are rows I would like to create a third sheet that combines PROGRAMS from Sheet based of given combinations of PROCESSES from sheet and attaches LHS for the left side of the rule and RHS for the right side of the rule I attached a shortened example I need this for combinations There could be a way in inserting number of rows into sheet e g for the combination - there would be the number of rows added that equales the count of quot quot count of quot quot programs from Sheet and the programs would be pasted I hope its not too complicated Thanks a lot for your help Marketa nbsp

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in my Excel 2003 file there are some cells should get external data from an Access 2003 file. Before it was running properly but now when I open this xls file I receive a message saying that it cannot find the file:
"c:\program files\Microsoft office\office11\Library\MsQuery\XLQuery.xla"
then getting this external data fail. I open the above path but I don't find this MsQuery folder.
Please help me to solve this problem.

note: I tried to open the same file using Excel 2010 but I receive the same error shown above but it mention "Office 14" instead of "Office 11"

Thanks in advance

A:Solved: problem in getting External Data in Excel File

Theres a KB about this at

Good luck doesn't look like much fun. I would be tempted to rebuild in 2010.
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I want to add manually data\formulas to my excel sheet and I get a popup error message:

please see the attached file.

ps: I unprotected the sheet.

Where do I set the flag to allow to add data to my cell. It doesn't allow me to add in some cells. Why is that?.. Some work and some dont..

Thank you

A:Solved: error adding data to excel cell.

The cell is "protected" with Data Validation. Activate the cell and go to Data/Validation and either delete the Settings or click the Error Alert tab and set the Style to Warnng or Information.
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Hi All Thanks for your help I am trying to write a macro that will allow me to go to the same cell in a sheet but then sum the total column data that is at the top of the sheet My problem is that we add a new line every month to the data so the sum of data needs to capture not only what was previously there but the new cell that has been added help Solved: Microsoft data needed Excel 2003 Sum So far i have put this together Cells Find What quot CellName quot After ActiveCell LookIn xlFormulas LookAt xlPart SearchOrder xlByRows SearchDirection xlNext MatchCase False SearchFormat False Activate ActiveCell Offset Range quot A quot Select ActiveCell FormulaR Solved: Microsoft Excel 2003 Sum data help needed C quot SUM R - C - Solved: Microsoft Excel 2003 Sum data help needed R - C - quot This works as long as Solved: Microsoft Excel 2003 Sum data help needed you don t add data but if I add data then it doesn t capture the new line put in above R - which is now R - I have worked out how to capture the whole data within the column that I need but don t know how to put the two together Range quot c quot Range quot c quot End xlDown Select Thanks again for your help Strybes nbsp

A:Solved: Microsoft Excel 2003 Sum data help needed

try this...

Sub summy()
Dim eRow As Long
eRow = Range("c4").End(xlDown).Row
Cells.Find(What:="CellName").Offset(2, 5) = "=sum(c4:c" & eRow & ")"
End Sub
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I would like to change the sign (from (-) to (+) and from (+) to (-)) in my data. It looks like on the image. I would like to change the sign of columns B, E and H. Any idea how would I do it ? I was trying to find some function in Excel but without results.


A:Solved: Change values sign of Excel data

mulitiply all the values by -1
All negative values will become positive and v.v.
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I am making mail merge address labels. I have used the excel spreadsheet for this purpose before, but I get a message that "word cannot open the data source". The excel file otherwise works normally, as does word itself.

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I am continually being caught by the row limit in microsoft excel I have a text file that has over k lines of data in it The bright Excel Data Importing .csv from a External Solved: file into side of this is that it is in a csv format even thought it is Solved: Importing External Data from a .csv file into Excel actually a text file My dilemma is this since I cannot import all lines of data using the import external data wizard I am hoping to write a VBA function that will accomplish the same task The data is HUGE I can break it up into seperate files and when I import it that way Solved: Importing External Data from a .csv file into Excel it works just fine I need to have it split it at lines onto a worksheet create a Solved: Importing External Data from a .csv file into Excel new worksheet place another lines create a new worksheet and so on until it has imported all of the data I cannot place it all on sheet due to it having almost columns of data per line Any help would be greatly appreciated Questions or concerns let me know nbsp

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hello everybody. its been a while since i have been on this site..anyway this is the situation:

i would like the number in cell A1 to increase by 1 everytime there is data entered in cell A2 and A3( data must be entered in both, reject and do not increment if data only entered in A2 or A3). any way to do this in excel?

thanks all!

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So let me explain the setup We crosstab a excel query data from Solved: Pull into have a database with loads of queries in it not written by me or maintained by me we just have a frontend There is a query that we lookup test results with The first thing we have to do is edit the query in design view and change the test number and save the query Then we run a crosstab query which is based on the original queries results and the number we put in I need to pull data from that crosstab query but be able to change the number the crosstab query is using without opening access at all I want to specify a Test number have the macro change the quot like S quot value in the original query then extract Solved: Pull data into excel from a crosstab query data out of the crosstab query Any ideas how to do this easily I can easily Solved: Pull data into excel from a crosstab query write and have done so Solved: Pull data into excel from a crosstab query already a query to pull data from the original query and specify the test number on each pull The problem is how to i change the test number i want to see in the crosstab query since the crosstab is based off a different query entirely then pull the data from the crosstab query Clear as mud nbsp

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I have multiple sheets in my workbook and I need to refer to certain cells and cell ranges in other them I m having trouble trying to create a formula that would allow me to look up do the following For example If cell A in current sheet Results cell B in another sheet Data then include these are ID reference numbers and I need returning Excel sheet another - & Solved: codes data up in ref looking the IDs in Results column A to match the IDs in Data column B AND If the Solved: Excel - looking up ref codes in another sheet & returning data information in Data X X equals or then return Blue in Results column C corresponding to the right ID number If the information in Data X X in equals or then return Red in Results column C corresponding to the right ID number If the information in Data X X in the other tab equals or then return Green in Results column C corresponding to the right ID number E g Results Sheet A - ID B - Date C - Colour th March th May st April Data Sheet B - ID X Colour Code What I need to appear in Results Column C would be Blue as the code is for any reference to ID Red for any reference to ID as the code is and Green for any reference to ID as the code is I m not very confident in Excel I have Excel and any help would be much appreciated I hope what I am looking for is reasonably clear nbsp

A:Solved: Excel - looking up ref codes in another sheet & returning data
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I have an Excel 2007 spreadsheet with 9,000+ entries. Column F contains text data (50-60 characters), which will include a 10 character serial number in the format "xxnnnnnnnn". The first two characters will always be alpha and the next eight will always be numeric.

I need to find each of these 10 character strings and copy them to column G of the same row. I do not want to do this manually if at all possible. Is there an excel formula that can do this type of function?

Your assistance is very much appreciated.


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What would be the best way to find a specific Column Header, and copy the data found in the column until the column header is found again?

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I have an excel file with the current scenario:

A12 - this cell uses a CONCATENATE formula (from other cells) to create a directory structure and file name (example- C:\project\vendor\41576_info.txt). The directory structure already exists. The the *.txt file does not exist.

I would like to use a VB macro that will create the new text file in the specific directory and add any content in cells A13:A17 to the text file. Any suggestions on how to do this? Thanks in advance

PS - I did try to look through previous posts but the search function was retuning errors.

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I have a list of branches. We have a closed branch that I need to have inserted onto this report. There are times that the closed branch shows up becuase they had warranty work to do, but most times it does not show up. This is branch 046.

How do I write a macro to check for the branch and if not there add it in?

To add more to this - each branch should show up in 2 different rows in the same report. So I really need to do this for both Branch 046 and for Net Sales - Branch 046

Branch 045
Branch 046
Branch 047
Branch 049

Net Sales - Branch 041
Net Sales - Branch 045
Net Sales - Branch 046
Net Sales - Branch 047

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I have tried using a web query for what I am trying to do, and it just wont work. So I am wondering how I can copy an open webpage to excel automatically.

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Definitely feel like the South end of A North Going Horse.

Have a text file that I delimited thus
Sub ParseWorkbook()
Workbooks.OpenText:=Filename:="C:\Forecast\November\salast_2001026.txt", DataType:=xlDelimited, Space:=True
msgbox "stop"
end sub

with a break at msgbox

At the break I can see the worksheet stored in VBAProject(salast_20031026.txt).Sheet1(salast_20091026)

But I cannot figure out how to access the cells in sheet1 created in Excel 2003 VBA -- at least in the immediate window.

Any Ideas?

Grnadpa Brian

A:Solved: Excel 2003 What vBA command to get parsed data?

Appears that cannot apply a macro to a delimited .txt file. For grins, I went to the post-delimited worksheet (VBA Project.Sheet1) itself and found that the tools->Macro->Record-a-Macro was disabled.

As such I conclude that parsing a text file doesn't buy me much.