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Excel - function to sort multiple columns of alphanumeric data

Q: Excel - function to sort multiple columns of alphanumeric data

Hi all I have a spreadsheet that holds sports results based on age groups The age groups are in one column stored as U B U G U B U G U B U G which is the age B or G boy girl The results are in another column stored as whole numbers I am trying to find a formula that will allow me to sort on the first column in the order shown above and then on the second column in descending order and then bring back the other data like the name example Child A U B Child B U G Child C U B Child D U G Child E U G would be returned as U B Child C U G Child D U G Child B U G Child E U B Child A I know I can use a manual sort but I was hoping to automatically put the results in a separate sheet in the correct order Any ideas Thanks in advance nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Excel - function to sort multiple columns of alphanumeric data

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A: Excel - function to sort multiple columns of alphanumeric data

You could easily enter in this formula:
(where the three data columns are just A, B, and C) so that you get - instead of U6B, for instance - U06B. This allows you to sort correctly by age.
If you want it copied and sorted to another page like that, you really need a macro/VBA.
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Hi This is a fab site just spent a good few hours reading through without realising the time ANyway I am stuck on an Excel problem I have two columns of which there are lots of duplicates in column A and various values in column B Like this A B Book Title Song One Book Title Song Two Book Title Song THree Book Title Song One Book TItle Song Two Book Title Song Three Book TItle Song Four and so on for rows Merge two Solved: a Data Columns from row Sort Excel and into What I would like to do is have all of the relevant info from column B in just one cell in one row rather than a separate row for each song title So what I ideally need is A B Book Title One Song One Song Two Song Three Book Title Two Song One Song Two Song Three Song Four and so Solved: Excel Sort and Merge Data from two Columns into a row on Solved: Excel Sort and Merge Data from two Columns into a row I have no idea where to begin with this I have read several similar Solved: Excel Sort and Merge Data from two Columns into a row things that might help but the problem is that each Book Title has a different number of songs in it Can any one advise a complete beginner on how I might accomplish this Many thanks for any guidance nbsp

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Hi I amp m trying to work out how I can look at one column in a spreadsheet and display the text in another field but without a load of blank cells in the results column Let me give you an example On Sheet In column A are road names In column B the number of building on that to from multiple one data column 2010 Excel columns separating road In column C the last date and work was doneon the road In Column D is an IF formula thatbasically gives a result of Excel 2010 separating data from one column to multiple columns or On another sheet I want four lists Sheet In column A is a list of road names thathave a value of in Sheet column D In column B is a list of road names thathave a value of in Sheet column D In column C is a list of road names thathave a value of in Sheet column D In column D is a list of road names thathave a value of in Sheet column D I can do this with a simple IF statement in columns A B C amp D on sheet and drag it down but there are a couple of problems with this method If the value in sheet doesn amp t match I get a blank cell on sheet as there should be but this leaves a large number of cells with no value I need a list in each column A B C amp D onsheet without any blank cells I amp m going to be pasting different data into columns A B amp D on sheet a number of times and the number of rows in will be different each time I remember seeing something before thatinvolved using the IF and COUNTIF function in a formula but not sure how Any help would be appreciated nbsp

A:Excel 2010 separating data from one column to multiple columns

should be able to use an array formula - so use control + shift + enter key and the formula gets { } brackets


where you change the red =1
to =2, 3, 4 for different columns

does that work out

see attached

if it works we can extend the range and cleanup the errors
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I'm using Excel 2003 to enter data for clients.
Column A has the case references (manually typed in) and these are alphanumeric e.g.


When I sort them a to z the COFW10/7 and COFW11/3 come before COFW2/77 and COFW2/200.

Is there any way of getting Excel to put it in the order COFW1...COFW2...COFW10...COFW11?
The cells are not formatted as text or number.

Thanks in advance.


A:Sorting alphanumeric data in Excel


Check this site there are a couple of examples. One uses a helper column and the other a code.
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I'm trying to do a simple 2 column merge in an Excel file. The idea is to put both first and last names (currently in 2 separate columns) into one column. There is more data in the worksheet, address, telelphone etc - in other columns.

When the name columns are selected, then FORMAT CELLS, then ALIGNMENT, MERGE CELLS, it comes back with -

"The selection contains multiple data values. Merging into one cell will keep the upper-left most data only"

There's text only in all the cells in both columns.

When I click on OK - like yea, do it anyway - both first and last name columns are blank - and there is no merged column.

I have also tried to use the CONCATENATE function and it works great for 1 cell at a time, but does not do entire columns...

Is there another step I've missed in this ?

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Can someone help me please
I'm trying to create a form where I have to sort column K then by Column J {A to Z}
my form range is B15 : O55
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Hello there,

I (finally!) figured out the AutoSort macro, but I'd like to take it a step further if possible.

I have columns A,B,C,D that I want to auto-sort by date (column A). I THEN have columns F,G,H,I that I want to auto-sort by date (column F) INDEPENDENTLY from the first four columns. Is there a way to do this?

If this is possible, I eventually want about 5 groups of columns to be able to auto-sort independently from each other on the same worksheet. Thanks in advance for any advice, I'm new at all of these features.

A:Auto-Sort groups of columns in Excel

Hi Alex,
Welcome to the forum

Is there any relation between the values in each column?

If it's just individual lists per column, you just apply the sorting to each column separately

When sorting you only select that particuler column and sort it in either way you want.

If you take the whole table then then you will be able to sort one column let's say upward and the next wornward but they remain related.

Else just like I mentioned: sort each column as you like but the only select one column at a time but ONLY IF THERE IS NO RELATION BETWEEN THE COLUMNS else your data is no longer trustworthy

Oh, and something import, don't forget to mention the Excel version you're using
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I have a huge spreadsheet which I am trying to analyse but I really need some help! There is one row of data for each company, then separate columns for products. I need one single column so I can use functions like COUNTIF. A simplified example:

Current situation
Company 1 | Product a | Product d | Product f
Company 2 | Product b
Company 3 | Product a | Product f

Desired result
Company 1 | Product a
Company 1 | Product d
Company 1 | Product f
Company 2 | Product b
Company 3 | Product a
Company 3 | Product f

I am SURE there must be a way of doing this, but I am going round and round in circles right now.... thanks for helping!

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I am having trouble adding the sum of a row across multiple columns I have the code to add teh sum from a single columns but I can't figure out how to make it so it will add the columns up and place the sum on the first empty row The number Multiple Excel of a across Need sum Columns row VBA: of cells in each row is not the same so I need to be able code for that This code is what I use to sum the rows at the end of the column but like I said earlier I need to code it Excel VBA: Need sum of a row across Multiple Columns so it will go to the end of the row while adding all cells in the row from multiple columns Option Explicit Sub StatsEachColumn Dim LastColumn As Long LastRow As Long Excel VBA: Need sum of a row across Multiple Columns lngColumn As Long LastColumn Cells Find What quot quot After Range quot A quot SearchOrder xlByColumns SearchDirection xlPrevious Column For lngColumn To LastColumn LastRow Cells Rows Count lngColumn End xlUp Row With Cells LastRow lngColumn FormulaR C quot SUM R C R quot amp LastRow amp quot C quot End With Next lngColumn End Sub

A:Excel VBA: Need sum of a row across Multiple Columns

Forgot to mention that it will need to loop since there are 4 different rows so far and it will need the ability to work with any added rows
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Hello VBA experts. Need your help. I have a workbook with 14 worksheets. Each worksheet has several fields all named the same. I need to sort 3 fields in each worksheet. Those are ascending in this order; Patient ID (in column A), DOS (in column E) and Code (column B).
Does anyone know of a code that can easily sort all 14 tabs at once? The range of data in each worksheet are different. Some worksheets have very little data to sort while other worksheets have maybe a 2,000 rows of data.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: Excel 2010 - Sort multiple fields in multiple sheets


Here is a macro that will sort all spreadsheets each with 3 levels of sort, all ascending assuming that the number of rows in all columns is the same.

Give this a try on a copy of your file (can't stress this enough) and let us know what it didn't do right
[SIZE=1]Sub SortSheets()[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][/SIZE][SIZE=1]' Macro1 Macro[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][/SIZE][SIZE=1]For i = 1 To Sheets.Count[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][/SIZE][SIZE=1] ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets(i).Sort.SortFields.Clear[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][/SIZE][SIZE=1] ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets(i).Sort.SortFields.Add Key:=Range("A2:A" & Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row) _[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][/SIZE][SIZE=1] , SortOn:=xlSortOnValues, Order:=xlAscending, DataOption:=xlSortNormal[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][/SIZE][SIZE=1] ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets(i).Sort.SortFields.Add Key:=Range("E2:E" & Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row) _[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][/SIZE][SIZE=1] , SortOn:=xlSortOnValues, Order:=xlAscending, DataOption:=xlSortNormal[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][/SIZE][SIZE=1] ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets(i).Sort.SortFields.Add Key:=Range("B2:B" & Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row) _[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][/SIZE][SIZE=1] , SortOn:=xlSortOnValues, Order:=xlAscending, DataOption:=xlSortNormal[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][/SIZE][SIZE=1] With ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets(i).Sort[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][/SIZE][SIZE=1] .SetRange Range("A1:E" & Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][/SIZE][SIZE=1] .Header = xlYes[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][/SIZE][SIZE=1] .MatchCase = False[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][/SIZE][SIZE=1] .Orientation = xlTopToBottom[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][/SIZE][SIZE=1] .SortMethod = xlPinYin[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][/SIZE][SIZE=1] .Apply[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][/SIZE][SIZE=1] End With[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][/SIZE][SIZE=1]End Sub[/SIZE]
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Is it possible to fetch some lines of data from a group of web pages and paste in to Excel?Pls view the image for required excel columns.

urls are,
Stock Share Price dlf ltd | Get Quote dlf | BSE
Stock Share Price dlf ltd | Get Quote dlf | BSE
Stock Share Price jaiprakash associates ltd | Get Quote jaipra | BSE
up to 100 urls in a text file.

A:Web site data to excel columns

When you right click on the webpage and select "View source" from the context menu - do you see the info of interest; I don't. If the info were there, you could use InetGet. They know the value of the info being presented and they probably want to discourage automated data mining.

See if there is a mobile version of the webpage.
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I'm trying to find a way to delete some data from a column, say column A. The numbers to be deleted are in another column, column B. Is there a way to have excel remove from column A, those numbers that appear in column B? It would require some way to compare, but I can't figure out if excel has this capability. If the columns were small, we could do this manually, but the data set is huge, with several thousand numbers.

Thanks for any help.

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I have a large excel file (3k= rows) of name/addr info. I want to transpose the date so information appears in its own column for sorting, etc. The problem is the data is not consistant. (sometimes there is two address enteries, sometimes three. In another record there may be two phone numbers. So each company may have six or seven rows of info. The only consistancy is that the company name is in bold. I've tried to attach a sample file so you can see what my task is. I'm not real good with Excel, so treat me like a dumy; it's OK.
I really appreciate the help.


A:Transposing column data into multiple columns

Bill, that was an awkward one, but I think this does what you want.
Just click on the "CommandButton1" and watch.
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I m hoping there 2 3 columns compare EXCEL files data in is a formula within EXCEL that will allow me to complete this comparison I ve been working on it all day manually and realize it will take a long time to complete this way My computer is running on Windows Home Premium and my EXCEL is I have two different files and within each are three columns of data that I need to compare They re labeled NC NCI and SECNCI To be considered a match I need all three fields within a row to match exactly to a row within the other file The first file called REQUEST NET FILE has over rows of data so naturally there will be many repeats of these same three fields in that file but each row where the three fields match any row of data on the second file called DEPLOYED TABLE FILE needs to be the same to be considered a match If it doesn t match if possible I d also like to know why This could fall into two different scenarios NC CODE IS NOT ON DEPLOYED TABLE FILE or NCI SECNCI combo not on deployed table for this NC Once complete I ll run the same process in reverse so both files will end up with a match or no match next to each row If I need to run two separate compares one to EXCEL 2 files compare data in 3 columns get the match and then one on just the no match results to find the second bit of info I can do that Or if the second criteria can t be found via excel formula just the match no match result will be acceptable as that will save me so much time I was thinking a vlookup could do the compare for me but I m not good with vlookup formulas and after struggling a few hours with it I started searching and came across your site I ve found a few similar topics but nothing that I can translate into something for my specific need I ve attached portions of the two files and you can see on the REQUEST NET FILE where I ve managed to get to with doing it manually It s quite a tedious process so I m really hoping you can help Thank you Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Celeron R CPU GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Mobile Intel R Series Express Chipset Family Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Dell Inc G F Antivirus McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware Updated and Enabled nbsp

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I have two columns of data. In column A, I need to identify every cell that is identical to any value in column B.

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I have data organised in paris of columns with differing amounts of data in each column pair.
I need to move all data to columns A&B:

- If there is data in columns C & D, move it to the foot of columns A&B.
- Then, if there is data in columns E & F, move it to the foot of columns A&B.
- Etc. til the end of the ActiveRange.

I've managed to do this using hard-coded column references, but it involves a lot of reptetition.
Presumably the code can be substantially compacted, and work to the end of the ActiveRange rather than to arbitrary end columns (in this case, cols AC and AD).

A:Solved: Excel VBA moving all data to columns A+B

This will work on the active sheet.... If you need this for multiple sheets we would need to alter the macro slightly. Test this on a copy of your xl file.


Sub appAB()

Dim i As Integer
Dim lRow As Integer
Dim lRowA As Integer

For i = 3 To 30 Step 2
lRow = Cells(Rows.Count, i).End(xlUp).Row
lRowA = Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row + 1
Range(Cells(1, i), Cells(lRow, i + 1)).Cut Destination:=Range("A" & lRowA)

End Sub
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I have an excel sheet with 3 columns. What I want to do is, I need to be able to find value in column 3, that corresponds to a value in column 2. The value in column2 should match the value in col 1.


Input Data
Col1 Col2 Col3

The result should be
Col1 Col2 Col3
Please help me.

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First, thank you all for you time and knowledge in advance.

Here's my situation. I'm working with file that is sent to me with populated information, in this example Col A
What I would like to do is enter information in Col B and then do a comparison of both A and B, letting me know if something in Col B is not in Col A and also is something in Col A not in Col B.

I need to know if what was sent to my in the spread sheet match what I physically inventoried.

I have provided an example.

Hopefully I did not over complicate my request.

Thank you,


A:Solved: comparing data in two columns in Excel

does this help

or this may ble closer to what you need
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Hi A does anyone know how to search for the text content Searching Rows/Columns EXCEL Data in of a cell through a column and then return the value content of the cell of a certain other column of the same row where the text content was found e g A B C D T XY TP YZ TP ZY P YX TP YY FORMULA TP ZZ gt gt FORMULA EXCEL Searching Data in Rows/Columns quot Look for string TP in column A other than in EXCEL Searching Data in Rows/Columns row and return the value of that row in column C C YZ quot NOTE There might be more than row with the string TP in column A - I would need the sum of all results in column C where the FORMULA finds this string B I also have a similar problem with another worksheet It would require a formula which searches through a whole column for certain names e g quot Donna quot and then returns the value of another column in the same row where it found quot Donna quot the value again is not in a column directly EXCEL Searching Data in Rows/Columns adjacent to the column where quot Donna quot would be found This is fairly identical to problem A except that the search string would be unique only result and it doesn t have to take into account and disregard if the string was found in the same row of the FORMULA the search column would be in a different worksheet from the FORMULA worksheet Thanks for any suggestions Cheers from New Zealand Andreas nbsp

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On the attached spreadsheet, I need a total count of baselined desktops (minus the ones that have been deleted) problem is how do I get it to look at one record, mark that that agent had been a baselined one, but is now deleted, so don't count it. I can't just remove the deleted ones, cause I want my customer to know which agents have disappeared. Take a look at the formula in B2 for a general idea. That formula doesn't work cause it just adds everything together. I need it to be smart enough to Total the Baselined Agents and then Subtract the agents that are baselined and deleted per field. Any questions let me know. Look at B2 to get an idea and see if I'm on the right track.

A:Solved: Excel - Trying to count 2 columns (almost as one) to get data for a 3rd.
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Hi - I m semi-proficient with excel and I m actually working on creating some dashboard reports at this time One problem I m having is separating some of the data from a specific column Let me give you an example This column has over lines in Excel columns? separation Data Solved: this is just a sample What I need to do is break this column out by month and show how many dates are from the last month the last - months and the Solved: Data separation in Excel columns? ones that are months in the past Of course I want the sheet to show this info automatically so it has to know the current date which I can do by placing the formula quot TODAY Solved: Data separation in Excel columns? quot So what I m asking for is what formula and format would I use to count how many cells in this column fall into each of date ranges I mentioned Also I did manage to use the DAYS A C for example where A quot Today quot and C quot quot above This information is in cells next to the above data as follows - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - So I figured out how to list how many days I have since the date Solved: Data separation in Excel columns? in the first column but not how to break them apart within the column Hopefully this is enough information to request some help but if you need more info please let me know I ll watch the thread closely Thank you -Drake nbsp

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I am having two column with current month profit & last month profit respectively Column A & Column B. I would like to compare both column & set the ICON (down Arrow & up Arrow ) based on result if A1 value greater than B1 set upper arrow else down arrow

A:How to set ICON in Excel by comparing data in 2 Columns

You didn't say where you wanted the arrows to appear, so I'll use C1 for this explanation.1 - In C1, enter this formula: =IF(A1>B1,2,IF(A1=B1,1,0))2 - Under the Conditional Formatting drop down, choose Icon Sets and then choose the Up arrow.3 - Go back into Conditional Formatting and choose Manage Rules4 - Edit the Rule for C1 as follows:----- Click the Show Icon Only box to place checkmark in box----- Change Type to be Number in both dropdowns----- Up Arrow: when value is >=2----- Sideways Arrow: when <2 and >0----- Down Arrow: when <=0 (should be default)5 - Click OKLet me know how that works for you.Click Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.
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how do you print multiple columns on one page from an excel worksheet like you would from an access table?

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What would be the best way to find a specific Column Header, and copy the data found in the column until the column header is found again?

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We have a survey package which is great, but it out puts the questions numbers over the columns and each new row is a response, however our calculations are setup for the question numbers to be the rows and the responses are the columns. Is there any way to swap these values around in this fashion? Thanks for any help

A:Excel: swapping columns and rows layout of data?

Howdy. You can copy the data, then Paste Special > Transpose
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I am trying to build a spreadsheet that allows me to enter data (steel angle) by individual leg sizes and thicknesses that automatically references the correct weight per foot so I no longer have to look it up in a book. I have loaded the data and built the template, but I cannot get a formula to work that will search my array of data that has repeating data in all the columns, but where all the data in one row has a unique weight. I have tried several commands, and I feel like I need a nested command, but I do not have the knowledge to get it done properly. I have attached the file: Angle Database. Any help will be greatly appreciated.



A:Solved: Repeating Data in multiple columns for unique result

I used Concatenate and Vlookup to solve the problem. I just needed a week to let my head clear.
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I'm Sum EXCEL: in List; Drop Down Columns Totals Multiple looking to sum totals in a drop down list as follows In column C lines - I have a drop down EXCEL: Sum Totals in Drop Down List; Multiple Columns list that assigns categories to that particular line In column F lines - there are totals that apply to that particular line item that are numbers These totals change with each instance of a particular category Essentially what I've done is assign a number of attendees to a certain category of event EXAMPLE Instance -----Column C Drop Down Selection Event Type Column F Line Instance ----Column C Drop Down Selection Event Type Column F Line What I need is a formula that will sum the total in all of Column F of all instances of Event Type when selected as the EXCEL: Sum Totals in Drop Down List; Multiple Columns drop down item in Column CThere would be about or incidences per spreadsheet and I need a sum of the total numbers associated with each category In the above example I would need a formula that added the totals in F and F when associated with the Event Type category only I need this to apply to all of column F The destination box for the sum would be F I know this is a SUM or SUMIF function but I'm not sure how to input it into the formula bar Can anyone help Again here's the information Category Assignment - Column C Lines C - C Numerical Value per Incidence - Column F Lines F - F Sum Total of Numerical Values per Incidence Box F THANKS message edited by OmniBartonCreek
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I was searching the internet for answers to my question of the type in previous post http forums techguy org business-applications -print-multiple-columns-excel-one html post I have found a solution which I hope can be useful to other one excel multiple update page in columns print on people I m using Excel - My solution is - choose a printer that allows you to set it to print at least pages per sheet then In Excel print multiple columns in excel on one page update fit all columns aka the data you need to on one page In printer settings set it to print pages or as per need per sheet Note the Print preview does not show the actual printout you will need to use your imagination to picture the printout In this way I was able to print Columns A-I rows - including repeated heading row on x A sheet with a auto-set page-break after row I also printed the same Columns A-I with rows - etc on x A sheet with auto-set page-break after row The answers pre- or so all referenced some sort of coding in Excel directly or cutting and pasting within Excel or into Word or transferring the data into Access This is not helpful to me Some technology may have changed since then which now allows my solution to work for me hth nbsp
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I'm a novice excel VBA macro user. I've manipulated already created macros, but I'm not sure how to create one from scratch. Can someone please help me create a macro.

I'd like to move the values highlighted in yellow to the cells highlighted in green...and then delete any rows that are empty.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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I was hoping somone could please help me out.

I have an excel spread sheet with a lot of data in columns which i need to convert into rows. The problem is one column contains over 10,000 rows of data... thus making it too hard to transpose manually.

I have attached a copy of the spreadsheet (condensed version) and was hoping someone had some suggestions on how i can achieve my desired outcome.

Thanks very much,


A:Move alot of Data from Columns Excel 2010 - too big to transpose

I'm sorry to say that this is pretty much impossible as far as I can tell because there simply isn't enough consistency in your layout. If all rows were there and in order it would be easy enough.
As they aren't, one would need to inspect the titles to put them in the right place, but your titles don't always match either. For example your second "Telephone" entry is actually titled "Clinic Mobile", which the computer justly sees as very different indeed.
I'll try to help if I can, but you'll need some point of consistency if you want computers to automate a process. If it helps, here's a copy of my spreadsheet that inspects the titles (on sheet 2). If there are only a few problematic titles it might be easier to correct them manually (or use search and replace).
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Hi all,

I have an excel sheet attached as an example. What I want to do is
take the data in each column and put them together into one

In my attached excel sheet I would like to have the data in each
column look like this in one separate column each line for example 1-72-bk-1803

any help is appreciated....thanks

A:Excel question: how would you connect data in defferent columns into one column?

In E1 enter
copy down
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Hi I have an Excel spreadsheet filled with blocks of data randomly located throughout the spreadsheet The data blocks are always columns wide and can be anywhere from to sometimes more rows deep The type of data in the blocks is always the same i e st column Description nd column Qty rd column Value th column - Account There are no column headers The desired sort is always the same st sort Account nd sort Description both in ascending order Keeping in mind that the blocks of data can be anywhere in the spreadsheet I would like to have a macro that would allow me Excel Sort Data to place the cursor in the st column st row of a located block of data start the macro which would be pre-programmed to know columns of data are involved with desired sorts but would allow me to highlight the rows that need to be sorted Here s hoping this description is clearer than mud Currently using Office Thanks in advance MBInDe nbsp

A:Excel Data Sort

duplicate post , please do not post the same problem morethan once
please continue here
I will close this post
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Hey everyone, I have data in the form of several rows, each of which has several words separated by ": " (colon + space) I would like each word separated in its own column, and have therefore used the Text To Columns command (under Data|Data Tools). But apparently you can only define one character as the delimiter, and if I define it to be just the colon, then I have a space at the beginning of each word. I know I can probably do a few extra steps to ge rid of that leading space, but my question is: can one define more than one character as a delimiter, under the Text To Columns command? Anticipated thanks for any help!

A:Excel question - Use of multiple-character delimiters under Text To Columns

Well, if it is something like A: 1 then all you need to do is Text-to-Columns, Delimiter.
Choose Space and in Other enter :
Check the box that says Treat consecutive delimiters as one.
That should work for you.
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I am un able to get an existing word file to open I can Doc Word Select Populate (Multiple Columns) Rows, Excel from get the following to open a new word file I need this to opoen an existing file Sub export Word row Dim oWD As Object Dim wdDoc As Object Dim TWB As Workbook wsh wsh As Worksheet Set TWB ThisWorkbook On Error Populate Word Doc from Excel (Multiple Rows, Select Columns) Resume Next Set oWD GetObject quot Word Application quot If Err Number lt gt Then Set oWD CreateObject quot Populate Word Doc from Excel (Multiple Rows, Select Columns) Word Application quot Err Clear Set wdDoc oWD documents Add With wdDoc With Range paragraphs Range Text quot PICK UP amp DELIVERY quot amp Chr Font Size Font Name quot Times New Roman quot Font Bold True Font Underline True ParagraphFormat Alignment End With With Range paragraphs Range Text quot PICK UP quot amp vbTab amp Cells row quot K quot Value amp vbTab amp Chr Font Size Font Name quot Times New Roman quot Font Bold True Font Underline True ParagraphFormat Alignment End With With Range paragraphs Range Text Chr amp Chr amp Chr amp Chr Font Size Font Underline False ParagraphFormat TabStops ClearAll DefaultTabStop Application CentimetersToPoints ParagraphFormat TabStops Add Position Application CentimetersToPoints Alignment Leader End With With Range paragraphs Range Text quot NAME quot amp vbTab amp Cells row quot B quot Value amp vbTab amp Cells row quot C quot Value amp Chr amp quot ADDRESS quot amp vbTab amp Cells row quot D quot Value amp vbTab amp Cells row quot E quot Value amp Chr amp quot PHONE quot amp vbTab amp Cells row quot R quot Value amp Chr amp quot MODEL quot amp vbTab amp Cells row quot F quot Value amp Chr amp quot VIN quot amp vbTab amp Cells row quot G quot Value amp Chr amp Chr amp quot WORK TO PERFORM quot amp quot quot amp vbTab amp Cells row quot I quot Value amp Chr amp Chr amp Chr amp quot SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS quot amp quot quot amp vbTab amp Cells row quot J quot Value amp Chr Font Size Font Name quot Times New Roman quot Font Bold False ParagraphFormat Alignment End With End With oWD Visible True wdDoc Activate End Sub nbsp

A:Populate Word Doc from Excel (Multiple Rows, Select Columns)

Welcome to the forum
You should paste your code in a code clock

[ code ]

no spaces in between the []

[ / code ]

Set wdDoc = oWD.documents.Add

To open a word doc

Set wdDoc = oWD.documents.Open(fullpath and name of the file)

This should do the trick
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Well..glad I found this forum. I would like to be able to populate a word document from an excel worksheet, with the ability to select (highlight) multiple rows in excel and have those rows transferred to word, but only certain columns

I found almost the right macro here:

Except you can only select (1) row.

Any coding solutions on how to copy a range of rows? This will also require the .Text in the word paste to change....
I see some hope with this code as well, but figuring it out may take me longer than someone that does this everyday.
Thank you.

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Hi I have an Excel spreadsheet filled with blocks of data randomly located throughout the spreadsheet The data blocks are always columns wide and can be anywhere from to sometimes more rows deep The type of Excel Sort Data Solved: data in the blocks is always the same i e st column Description nd column Qty rd column Value th column - Account There are no column headers The desired sort is always the same st sort Account nd sort Description both in ascending order Keeping in mind that the blocks of data can be anywhere in the spreadsheet Solved: Excel Data Sort I would like to have a macro that would allow me to place the cursor in the st column st row of a located block of data start the macro which would be pre-programmed to know columns of data are involved with desired sorts but would allow me to highlight the rows that need to be sorted Here s hoping this Solved: Excel Data Sort description is clearer than mud Currently using Office Thanks in advance MBInDe nbsp

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I have been trying to sort 5 columns of inventory data in ascending order. The following are the columns:
Hook# (numeric) Key#(numeric) Description(text)
User(text) Remarks(text)

I would like to sort by hook # on one sheet and by Key # on another but when I click on ascending order,
the 3 text columns become "mixed up" and out of order (incorrect description, user and remarks).
How can I sort the data where all the information moves together?

A:Excel 97 / 2000 - Sort Data

You must either select all the data in all the columns you wish to sort, or not select anything; if using all the data on the sheet, for example, place the "cursor" in cell A1. Then choose Data > Sort, and set up your parameters. It should not separate the rows, if this is what you mean, and it should automatically select all the rows in your sheet. If you select only the column(s) you wish to sort, Excel will think you mean to break up your rows.
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Guys I have a MS Excel workbook containing a number of sheets of data The sort. data Excel MS Solved: sheets keep a record of various documents received into a department for review Currently there are about document references rows in each sheet Each sheet has columns of info of which column I holds the date that the document was received into the department I can do a data sort on the sheet for column I so that it is in ascending order Solved: MS Excel data sort. What I need to do is to be able to enter a Start Date and an End date into cells in another sheet then push a button that will run a macro resulting in my records sheet only displaying rows of info between those dates in fact Solved: MS Excel data sort. deleting all rows that are not within the start and end date How do I get the code whereby it looks at the value in column I if it within the start and end date leaves it if not then it deletes the entire row Your help would be very much appreciated nbsp

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I need to delete multiple columns within an Excel worksheet based on the headers in the first row. What would be the best way to perform this operation?

I have been playing around with the code below, but I feel as though there could be a better way.

Sub test()

Dim myArr As Variant

myArr = Array("Test1", "Test2", "Test3")
If Range("C1").Value = myArr Then
Columns("C").Delete shift:=xlToLeft
ElseIf Range("D1").Value = myArr Then
Columns("D").Delete shift:=xlToLeft
End If

End Sub

A:Solved: Excel Macro -> Delete Multiple Columns Based on Criteria
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Hi all,

I am busy creating a new worksheet which contains figures from different years (different columns) the data is extracted and filtered via Pivot Table.the issue is that Column A represents a name , Column B respresents a figure of let's say 2011. Than Column C represents a name again and Column D represents a number again.

Collum A-B and Collum B-D belong together. the issue now is that it is not sorted and i need a formula that will compare A with C to see if this is a match and than B needs to Compare with D and to calculate the difference <-- hereby a screenshot , hopes this ill clarify it.

With kind regards,


A:Excel - Sort,Compare,Calculate data

you can sort the data in the pivot table - if thats all you need to do
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I need assistance with creating a macro. I need to create a lot of different reports but I want the macro to create them for me. Is there way to create a macro by: having a list of data, sorting it all by column A, then copying whatever is the same name in column A (and whatever is associate with column A- to the right) and inserting it into a new worksheet and then doing it for all the different data that is in column A. Then once it is put into the worksheet, to save it with whatever the name is from Column A in the first worksheet.

I figured that there needs to be a loop statement in the end so it will get all the grouped data together into seperate worksheets.

Thanks for your help. I have attached a spreahsheet to get a better idea of what I was looking for.

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I have a large spreadsheet k rows I have many columns one which is location and one which is parent I d like to sort the spreadsheet so that 2003 excel sort hierarchical data parent rows come before children rows so for example the rows with parent null or blank would be first and for any row quot n quot the row quot p quot where quot p location quot quot n parent quot would be before row quot n quot Is this excel 2003 sort hierarchical data a macro or do I need to write some jave or something For example If I have this situation to start with location excel 2003 sort hierarchical data desc parent othercolumns buffalo small new york rome small italy china big asia us big otherdata colo med us spain med europe europe big new york med us asia big after I run the macro on the k rows I ll have asia big europe excel 2003 sort hierarchical data big us big otherdata colo med us spain med europe china big asia new york med us buffalo small new york rome small italy so if a row has a non blank parent column value the row with that value in the location column comes before that row it would be nice if I could identify that things with no parents like rome in the example actually had no parents nbsp

A:excel 2003 sort hierarchical data

It would be very helpful to see a sample file (remove sensitive data with dummy data).
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Help sort data problem Excel SOLVED: I have a line spreadsheet that has about columns Most are text SOLVED: Excel data sort problem but a few are numbers The spreadsheet was imported from another application When I try to sort on a column that has size of company which is a number field of number of employees it doesn t sort If I try including the headers it doesn t sort at all If I try excluding the headers it sorts the first rows correctly then leaves the rest of the rows as is I tried formatting the column - first as TEXT then as NUMBER with NO DECIMAL but the sort problems persist The fields in this column are left justified and have commas If I manually retype one of the fields in the column it displays as right-justified with no decimals or commas If I try to use Format Painter to apply the format of this manually-changed field to the other fields in the column it has no effect - the other fields stay left justified and with columns I tried saving the file as a CSV and opening it with Wordpad but I see no suspicious formatting I am at a loss to understand why this data cannot be sorted Is this a formatting issue Thanks in Advance Joe Johnson nbsp

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I need a visual basic macro for excel that will do the following From sheet ColumnA Select rows until sheet columnA value does not start with REC as the no of rows is unbalanced sometimes rows sometimes rows sometimes rows etc copy selected rows and transpose to sheet columnA to however many rows were selected Repeat until end for 2002 to in new Visual columns Excel data unbalanced Basic rows sheet using Macro last row My real table has rows and the rows are unbalanced I am attaching a test file Please help me and thank you for your support and time Tech Support Guy System Info Utility Visual Basic Macro for Excel 2002 columns to rows in new sheet using unbalanced data version OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack bit Processor Pentium R Dual-Core CPU E GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card ATI Radeon HD Series Mb Hard Drives F Total - MB Free - MB G Total - MB Free - MB H Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard MICRO-STAR INTERNATIONAL CO LTD G M -L V MS- Antivirus None nbsp

A:Visual Basic Macro for Excel 2002 columns to rows in new sheet using unbalanced data

Can you also attach a second workbook showing how the data should appear after the macro is run?

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I m trying to create a macro that will sort on numerous fields The macro will be stored in my quot personal quot file as I need to use it in a new report every month I think I know what the probelm is It looks Excel Solved: files- Macro 2010 for multiple Sort like it hard coded the name of the Solved: Sort Macro for multiple files- Excel 2010 worksheet where I originally created it I need the highlighted piece to be flexible depending on whatever file is open Sample portion of macro starting at the beginning ActiveWorkbook Worksheets quot PWQ QA Report v quot Sort SortFields Clear ActiveWorkbook Worksheets quot PWQ QA Report v quot Sort SortFields Add Key Range quot O O quot SortOn xlSortOnValues Order xlAscending DataOption xlSortNormal ActiveWorkbook Worksheets quot PWQ QA Report v quot Sort SortFields Add Key Range quot D quot SortOn xlSortOnValues Order xlDescending DataOption xlSortNormal ActiveWorkbook Worksheets quot PWQ QA Report v quot Sort SortFields Add Key Range quot E E quot SortOn xlSortOnValues Order xlDescending DataOption xlSortNormal nbsp

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Hoping to get some help on this question please I have reviewed the forum and found a similar post but the sample data is more predictable than mine and the by sort to data then to Macro Excel date, cell Solved: new move Macro posted doesn t work on Solved: Excel Macro to sort data by date, then move to new cell my data See post quot Excel Macro to Move data in Rows to column quot -Aug- AM quot On my data I would like to be able to take the yellow row and move the data up to the previous row starting in column quot R quot The rows I would like on the same line all begin with a date I don t know how to make a looping Macro that will identify the quot date lines quot and take the quot Solved: Excel Macro to sort data by date, then move to new cell second date line quot and move it to the quot first date line s quot row Any help would be appreciated I have attached some sample data I hope that s okay Thank you Christine PS - The range on data varies nbsp

A:Solved: Excel Macro to sort data by date, then move to new cell


this macro below works well with the sample data.
Sub sorting()
Dim Rng As Range, c As Range, i As Long
Set Rng = Range("A:A").SpecialCells(xlCellTypeConstants, xlNumbers)
For Each c In Rng
i = (i + 1) Mod 2
If i = 0 Then
With c.Resize(, 15)
.Copy .Offset(-1, 17)
End With
End If
End Sub

How it works:
1. Takes all those cells in column A of the active sheet that contain numbers. (Dates are actually numbers, only formatted to look like dates.)
2. In a loop, it takes every second cell of the set of cells selected in Step #1.
3. Takes a 15 cells wide region starting with the cell selected in Step #2, and copies it to the region starting with the cell positioned one row up and 17 columns to the right.
4. Deletes the content of the original 15 cells wide region.

1. If there are any numbers in column A besides dates, then the algorithm is wrong and the macro will fail.
2. If the dataset in the second date line is wider than 15 cells wide then the rest will remain in place. But the macro can be easily updated, just change the Resize line.
3. Don't run it twice on the same worksheet.
4. Always make a backup copy of your data before running the macro, because it is not Undo-able.

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Excel no longer deletes data once it has been cut and pasted. It also no longer allows copying non-adjacent cells; it will let me highlight non adjacent cells and select copy, but when you paste it includes all "inbetween" cells. Also, I notice that now when I copy or cut data, I dont see the line change to the ants like it normally does. Any ideas?

Relevancy 71.38%

Picture this... (in Excel 97):

Cell A1 = "1273456789 0" (5 spaces between 9 and 0)
Cell A2 = "C5690K04I1"
Cell A3 = "066044400094"

Now, data of type contained in A1 will always be in that format (always ending in " 0"
Data of type contained in A2 will always be in the format of beginning with a letter
Data of type contained in A3 will always begin "066"

I have a spreadsheet of circa 10,000 lines of data, but need to group together the three types (the sheet contains a mixture of all three data types)

My first idea was to do an IF function along the lines of:
=IF(A1="* 0",1,IF(A1="066*",2,3))
And then sort data by using the new column and grouping together the 1s, 2s and 3s..
Unfortunately, the formula doesn't seem to recognise that cells end in " 0".

What am i doing wrong, and have i explained this enough?


A:Excel again - IF function and diff data types

=IF(A1="* 0",1,IF(A1="066*",2,3))

Change the above to:

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Hi I would like to count the number of times certain multiple conditions are met I have a data range which includes the following Column F Does someone work or not so contains purely True or False Column G Includes their country about different locations Then I have columns containing information on their earnings Column H If their earnings are between - per day multiple function Excel argument count it shows their total e Excel multiple argument count function g Column I If their earnings are between - per day Column J Between Excel multiple argument count function - Column K Between - Column L Between - Column M Above Therefore I d like a function that counts the number of entries where each of the following are given a result Count of number of entries where someone working in England earning - Count of number of entries where someone working in England earning - etc etc I ve looked at various sumproduct examples but can t find how to capture the data where the value falls into the range Any help would be most grateful Thanks nbsp

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I was wondering if anyone could help me. I need to extract data from multiple excel files into a new excel file and sum the values. The data comes from excel files that are made from a template so the data is always in the same place or same cells. For example, i have data saved daily in excel files with the following naming convention 080204, 080304, 080404,..... and so on. What i would like to do is have a macro that will create a week ending sheet by importing and summing the data from that week.

Thanks for reading!

A:excel macro for copying and pasting data from multiple excel files

thanks for all those who read!!!! let me know if anyone needs the code!
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I am exporting queries from access to excel using Docmd.OutputTo.

I have 13 queries that I need to export into 13 different sheets in an Excel workbook. Unfortunately, each query exports to a single sheet in the workbook, so I am left with one sheet containing the last query exported.

I tried to set up 13 different sheets, each named the same as the 13 queries, but no change.

Anyone have any ideas?


A:Access:OutputTo function and multiple Excel sheets

Try something like this using the TrasferSpreadsheet function.

You could modify this simply enough to do what you want.
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I would like an option where users can enter various different word into a range (say 15 cells, though they may only use only one or a few of them) These words will then be search for in 2 columns of text. I would also like that the "raw" data would be filtered when the search is completed to only show content that had the searched words.I have found conditional formatting that allows me to search for one word, and a marco to filter on the searched content. However I can not seem to find a way to search for multiple words/phrases at the same time. Again bearing in mind that 1 user may only have 1 word to search for, another may have 5 and another 10.I am using Excel 2010message edited by Elderine

A:Create a multiple wordsearch and filter function in Excel

Could you post the macro or a link to the macro that you say can filter on the searched content? If it already does some of what you need it to do, it may just need some enhancement, such as looping through the list of words in the search range, etc.It would also help if we had some more details, such as:- Where is the list of search strings? e.g. Sheet1!A1:A15, etc.- What columns contain the text to be searched?- Will the text to be searched contain the only the search string or will "partial searches" be required? e.g. Search string = brown dogText to be searched = I have a brown dog- Where do you want the output? e.g. on the same sheet in a different range or on a different sheet, etc.?Please include any other details that you think are important, keeping mind that we can't see your worksheet from where we are sitting. The more detail you provide, the better.Click Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.
Relevancy 70.09%


A quick explanation of how this is setup -
A cell (C2) has the data "01/01/2012 07:23" (in the format CUSTOM ("dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm")

A formula =CEILING(C2,30/1440) rounds this to the nearest half hour and places it into cell F2 (in this case 07:30:00), in the format TIME.

The issue is, cell F2 still contains the date (01/01/2012) and all I want in F2 is 07:30:00 - so I can see how many of these events occur across the sheet at 07:30. However I've not been able to strip just the time from the original date field (C2).

Any ideas how?
I've tried using =RIGHT(C2,5), which gives me 88889 (in the format TIME). If I try and convert this to custom (HH:MM:SS) it doesn't work!?

A:Excel 2007 Use RIGHT function correctly to strip unneeded data away

works for me in excel 2003 == see cell C6 in attached file

I just custom format

or are you looking for something else

if you want just the text and not the date any longer

but i dont think that will help you
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Dear all I m having trouble with excel I m looking for a function It should look for a date in column A and then Excel INDEX/MATHCH? multiple with criteria, lookup function return a value from column E It should always Excel function lookup with multiple criteria, INDEX/MATHCH? pick the actual date if available or the closest date before the actual date looked for But there are usually multiple rows with the same date in column A so the function needs to search the columns B to D for criteria that is to be matched In the attached example cell G should have the function It should search for the date from A in A A and return the value in column E However at the same time some criteria need to be met Column B must have the value of B Column C must have the value of C Column D must have the value of D Of course this could be done with auto filters etc but I need this to be automated because the actual table is much larger I tried solving this with INDEX MATCH but didn t succeed MATCH cannot return the row number with the date closest to the one searched for while also making sure the criteria are met I think It d be so cool if you could help thankssss nbsp

A:Excel function lookup with multiple criteria, INDEX/MATHCH?


You do indeed (from what I can tell need to use the Index/Match to return that value. Here is the formula I came up with.
Since it is a an array, you must use CTRL + Shift + Enter

This should return the value you are looking for, hope this gets you going in the right direction. I attached the sheet I was working on as an example... I am still looking at checking the other columns and will post what I come up with (unless someone else comes along that gets you a better answer)
Relevancy 69.23%

I am working on a project alphanumeric - Excel sequencing to make small labels in a sequential order which allows use to print an excess at a time - Basically the numbering system is alphanumeric and the label it self has certain characteristics the numbers may be listed as XXX XXX etc How I originally did it was to add a custom cell format such as quot Label XXX quot general which would allow me to fill in one number and sequence it down through the follow cells using the simple formula A and placing whatever number I wanted it A That allowed me to have what I wanted The problem with this is that it s too complicated for others in the office to figure out and all custome cell formats would have to be changed individually whenever XXX changed Excel - alphanumeric sequencing to YYY or whatever Additionally I added another cell into the label for more information which has worked out fine but I figured everyone likes to know as much as possible So basically A Header unchanged and used on every page I need no help here A Label XXX A and A are one label I want to make XXX the first alphanumeric number A Label AAA A uses custom cell formating as quot Label Excel - alphanumeric sequencing quot so we can change AAA at any time A Label XXX A and A are a second label A would read from A as A XXX A Label AAA A reads from A as A and also uses the same custom cell formating So anyway I didn t know if someone knew a formulla or module I could us for this stuff Please let me know and I really appreciate your help Robert nbsp

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I have transferred information from a Lotus 123 database to Excel 2000. I would like to create a template and have it formatted a specific way. I need help in writing the macros.
Please see the following example:

Transferred Data Looks Like:

1 Product # Back
Code Ordered
2 ABC123 7
3 ABC123 2
4 DEF223 6
5 GG1126 3
6 GG1126 5
What I Would Like:

1 Product # Back
Code Ordered Total
2 blank row
3 ABC123 7
4 ABC123 2 9
5 blank row
6 DEF223 6 6
7 blank row
8 GG1126 3
9 GG1126 5 5
10 blank row

This transferred information is approximately 3000 rows long and
changes daily.

If anybody could possibly help me I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you sincerely,

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Ok I am trying to print a spreadsheet format list. I have about 30000
title-artist entries in 2 columns. I am basically trying to print pages 1 & 2, 3-4, 5-6 and so on the same page without shrinking them way down. I want it to be just like I printed 2 columns but with 4 instead. I want to use the left side of the page for page 1 and the left side for page 2. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:Solved: Printing 4 Columns from 2 columns in excel

Welcome to the board. ?
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I use MS 2010, and in my Excel work book I have a list which works fine for me. But when I send it to others, the cell with the list in does work. - By not working I mean that there is no "arrow" to access the different variables that the list should show.

I assume this is a compatibility issue. Was just wondering if there were any known solution.


A:Solved: List function in data validation not compatible with earlier version of Excel
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Hi There I would like to find out if any values in a list alphanumeric occur in a range of alphanumeric values I have ranges to compare the list to The values are in the form ABCD ie ABCD ABCD ABCD ABCD BCDE BCDE CDEF CDEF DEFG DEFG EFGH EFGH FGHI FGHI GHIJ GHIJ GHIJ GHIJ There are about similar values in the list I would like to identify which rows in the list correspond to values within any of the ranges of the array I thought an array would be best but don of a to how Excel to alphanumeric array compare values list an t know how to set up the functions I tried to use if statements and separate the alphanumerics into the two component parts alpha and numeric - testing each part against one of the ranges - this works ok for one range but not for the Excel how to compare a list of alphanumeric values to an array nine Is there a way to find out this using the array functions within excel Many Thanks in advance Random nbsp

Relevancy 67.08%

i only have onscreen keyboard so i will give basic info -win home premium sp on hp pavillion -ie and firefox had adds popping up like crazy and every mouse click i made Multiple keyboard keys symptoms alphanumeric not working including on redirected me to new page of ads - common website address was serve bannersdontwork com s hkimm com and buyoko com -ran malware removal programs to id and remove any malware viruses after researching on internet they were adwcleaner Multiple symptoms including alphanumeric keys on keyboard not working JRT mbam HitmanPro The removal programs discovered Trojan DNSChanger Rogue Multiple and Backdoor Messa Gen on system and quarantined them -ran Multiple symptoms including alphanumeric keys on keyboard not working ccleaner and norton utilities all programs eventually came back saying no malware found i still have the log files -tried to reinstall keyboard drivers etc without success -research lead me to believe i was infected when i installed Multiple symptoms including alphanumeric keys on keyboard not working a zip unzip program fron NCH so i tried uninstalling it using removal instructions from internet i needed to rename nch software in program files rename all nch entries in registry and eventually manually delete them -now alphanum keys don't work on logitech wireless kb mouse combo mouse works fine and usb hp original kb - both work normally on another system both work on my computer until the win logon screen and then stop onscreen kb works fine Logitech has been no help -now Security Policies are locking me out - no access at all to q drive MS Office is on there - when opening files i'm told i don't have permission - some files programs tell me i'm not even owner - in Component Services i drill down to COM Applications to look at them as soon as i click on the main folder I get message you do not have permission to perform the requested action If security is enabled on the System Application of the target computer make sure you are included in the appropriate roles - i have noticed a lot of files in 'roaming' folders that i haven't seen before they show up on ccleaner Hope i've covered everything Please help

A:Multiple symptoms including alphanumeric keys on keyboard not working

Hello SpecialKlady,
I'm Stan and I will be helping you for this problem.
First of all I want to clear some things about the malware removal process:
Do not run any tools on your own. This may affect the process of removal and may cause both slowdown and additional problems.
Read carefully the steps that I suggest you to do. Any mismatch will prolong this case.
Copy any scripts carefully so they stay exactly the same with the original. Otherwise the script may not work and we will need to rerun/recreate it.
Feel free to copy all the steps in offline environment. They may be easier to read and follow in this way.
Feel free to ask any questions about the malware removal process. I'm here to help you so nothing must be hidden or misunderstood.
Share with me any problems/changes you experience while working with the current system.
Please, do not use any quotes or code boxes when you post logs.
I want to inform you that I will be able to respond in the evenings - 07:00 P.M - 11:00 P.M. (UTC + 02:00) - since I'm working during most of the daytime. If I haven't posted anything for 48 hours straight, please, feel free to send me a personal message. I will bump the topic if there is no response from you for 3 days. After 5 days of inactivity, the topic will be closed.
I want to inform you that I'm still in my training program so my posts must be reviewed by an instructor. This may lead to a slight delay in my answers.
Thank you for the provided info that gives me quite good overview of the current situation. First of all, I want to ask you couple of questions:
Are those popups still present or they have been removed after you run some of the tools mentioned?
Can you run programs in normal mode without any problems or you are experiencing difficulties when trying?
Can you access Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking? More information on how you can access those can be found here.
Please, follow step 6 from the Preparation Guide to generate logs from Farbar Recovery Scan Tool. If you are unable to do that in normal mode, please, try to follow the steps under Safe Mode, if accessible. When ready, please, post the content of the logs in your next reply.
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I started out with the two previous posts about macros (post 1, post 2) that move rows into columns, but I'm having a little trouble getting it to work for what I need. First, I'm trying to do a data merge into Word, but in order to get the data merge to work/look the way I want it to, I need the XLS data to be in columns.

I'm attaching an example file that has one worksheet of the sample data (though my "real" data has about 300 rows) and the other worksheet is an example of the outcome I need.

Is there anyway I can do what I need? Exporting into another file or another worksheet within this file would be fine.

Thanks in advance.

A:XLS Macro to move data to columns, delete empty rows, delete duplicate columns
Relevancy 66.22%

Hi Guys,

I am trying to build a spreadsheet to analyse some data, I need to be able to sort totals into time columns,

If Column 'A' is the total, Column 'B' is the time and Columns 'C' onwards are the time slots from 07:00 to 17:00 in 30min increments, I need a formula so that if I have say 10 in 'A1' and 08.45 in 'B1', then 10 will be the result in 'F1' ie the column for 08:30 - 09:00.

Is this possible, would save me an awful lot of data inputting if it is, I am using Excel 2002 SP3 with XP


Relevancy 64.93%

I'm looking to generate an overview table of data stored in a number of worksheets.

The data I am retrieving values from is unordered eg:

Worksheet - April
Col A - date
Col B - invoice number
Col C - department code
Col D - description
Col E - Credit
Col F - Debit

The results are based on the corresponding values of the department codes and show the yearly spend for each department with individual transactions. The results sheet is formatted like this:

Worksheet - overview
Col A - Date
Col B - invoice number
Col C - description
Col D - Credit
Col E - Debit

So, if April Col C = 2211,7300,5004,6002,4001,4906,4000,8204,4000,4000,5004,7302
and I want the overview sheet to show all transactions throughout the year in code 4000 as well as return all corresponding data which formula would I use?

any help gratefully recieved.

Many thanks


A:Excel - pull out data from multiple worksheets

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I grade students on a spectrum and I have a separate page set up for each student with every assessment. So, for example, a student might have an "x" under Approaches Expectations or Meets Expectations. I would like to be able to collect data from all the worksheets in one place so that I can analyze performance by the whole group of students on any one given assessment.

Let me know if you need more information to figure this out.

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I have about 100 (maybe more) excel files that are "invoices". Each file has the exact same row and column headings, but different data.

I would like to put certain cells from each of these files into one excel file. I started by using the external reference command to get the data from the first file, and it worked fine.

I made a list of the filenamens in a column, and attempted to copy the "command" to use the filename in the first column for each row, therefore pulling identical cells from all the files. When I change the command, Excel then wants to format it as text.

Is there a simple way to do this?


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I am trying to build an application using visual basic which will look at a folder containing many spreadsheets somewhere between and It will need to look in the individual spreadsheets look at column quot a quot and go to the last entry then go capture the number in that column but in row quot g quot Now export that number into another spreadsheet along with the name of the file If the row quot g multiple spreadsheets excel data Export from quot is then place a quot quot in the new cell Export data from multiple excel spreadsheets Example Open spreadsheet quot plane quot Go to column quot a quot scroll down to last entry say it s row move over to column quot g quot get number say it s now export the number and the spreadsheet name plane to a new spreadsheet called inventory Go to spreadsheet quot plane quot Number is Spreadsheet quot plane quot Number is Spreadsheet quot plane quot Number is At the end of this you would have a spreadsheet called quot inventory quot which contains plane plane plane plane lt ---- this changed because quot quot was in row quot g quot in the plane cell Is this do-able and where would I start or read on how to proceed Thanks for your help Mike nbsp

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I much prefer the "list view" in my folders but I don't see way to add "columns" to list view. The only folder view showing these sort tabs is "details" view. Can anything be done about this?

A:Folders - no columns to sort files in list view

For list view, you just have to right click on the background and select sort by...

Sort by, Group by, and Arrange by Items in Windows 8 File Explorer
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Hi I m trying to get a Word doc a meeting agenda to populate using data from an Excel sheet and have run into a couple of challenges I have Word and Excel and am currently using labels and fairly basic coding via Developer in Word I feel like there is likely a way VB) to multiple rows Excel data (using from of Pulling Word to do what I m trying to do but unfortunately haven t been able to figure it out - and Pulling multiple rows of data from Excel to Word (using VB) haven t had much luck online So I m hoping you might be able to help I m including a description of the challenges I ve run into below along with an image of the spreadsheet and the Pulling multiple rows of data from Excel to Word (using VB) coding I m currently using Any help at all would be really appreciated If there is any other info I can provide that would be helpful please let me know Thanks so much L Challenge Is there a way to make the data area in Word automatically grow to accommodate the text from Excel One of the items I m including is comments which could range from three words to lines It seems like the only two options with a label is for the data to be partially cut off using wrap or for it to resize itself I d like to have the field in Word automatically extend if needed to fit all the text Is this possible Challenge a While I have coding that works to draw the data in I m hoping that there is a way to do it without having to manually update the coding for all line items in the Word doc Right now the Excel Spreadsheet has about rows and columns - it is generated by a database that doesn t provide options other than quot run report quot Basically I need data to pull from each row into a Word doc with - rows per paragraph The spreadsheet looks like this this is not the real data With the current coding below for each paragraph in the doc I m having to go through and change the info below to refer to the correct label ex update Country to Country update cells to etc for each agenda item which has become really time consuming Is there a way to write the coding so that it automatically populates The excel spreadsheet looks something like this This is how I have the labels set up in the word doc Country Last Date A RevdDate Item Status Comments Item Status Comments and then once the command is run it looks like USA James Original Date Revd Date Tech Eval Complete Comments evals completed for all tech areas - data submitted amp reviewed by JM - player notified meeting held and player attending appropriate sessions Tact Eval Complete Comments evals completed for all tactical components - data incl images submitted through tracking program - rev d by KO - player notified meeting held process complete This is the coding I m currently using that would populate the first two items quot players quot in the agenda Private Sub CommandButton Click With Comments Automatically size the label control AutoSize False WordWrap True Set the font used by the label control Font Name quot Calibri body quot Font Size Font Bold False End With With Comments Automatically size the label control AutoSize False WordWrap True Set the font used by the Label control Font Name quot Calibri body quot Font Size Font Bold False End With Dim objExcel As New Excel Application Dim exWb As Excel Workbook Set exWb objExcel Workbooks Open quot c users me my documents ops Reporting xlsx quot ThisDocument Country Caption exWb Sheets quot Reporting quot Cells ThisDocument Last Caption exWb Sheets quot Reporting quot Cells ThisDocument DateA Caption quot Original Date quot amp exWb Sheets quot Reporting quot Cells amp quot quot ThisDocument RevdDate Caption quot Revd Date quot amp exWb Sheets quot Reporting quot Cells amp quot quot ThisDocument Item Caption exWb Sheets quot Reporting quot Cells amp quot quot ThisDocument Status Caption exWb Sheets quot Reporting quot Cells ThisDocument CommentDate Caption quot Comments quot amp exWb Sheets quot Reporting quot Cells amp quot quot ThisDocument Co... Read more
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Part of my question was answered in Solved Formula For Duplicating Started by floydcojacket last post -Mar- AM by bomb However what I have done to date may or may not be the best way and I would appreciate guidance and advice I have attached worksheet for tracking attendance for my team at work I have tried in Deleting data across worksheet tabs Excel multiple as a macro beginner to have a summary sheet with names on This needs Deleting data across multiple worksheet tabs in Excel to copy to the other tab sheets but names only I have used tab links for Deleting data across multiple worksheet tabs in Excel all first summary tab and pivot table tab but only want to link names from summary tab I have a macro to sort all the sheets which works fine Deleting data across multiple worksheet tabs in Excel but omits summary sheet I also have the button for a macro to delete a line havent been able to make delete a line work as it removes whole line so that the full array of names starts to decrease as eah name is deleted I need to be able to delete data from a line through all sheets withour decreasing number of lines in name field Sorry I am not explaining this too well but I think you will understand when you see the attached file I am using Vista and Excel but need to be able to use in Windows at work nbsp
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I have a very basic knowledge of Excel and I was wondering how I can act out this simulation:

I would like to have a single XLS document (which I assume would use Pivot) where I extract data from multiple XLS documents (some of which contain multiple multiple work sheets as well). The main purpose is so that I can have a drop-down box that lists every person's name, and the documents they can be found in.

For example, if I select the name "Jim" in the box, it would show the documents that his information is located in, such as "Registrations1.xls" and "Registration2.xls". The document names are posted on the same cell in every file, just as the data is listed in the same columns.

Thank you in advance!

A:Excel Help (extracting and ordering data from multiple files)

Any help is appreciated. If possible, could someone perhaps tell me how I could approach this situation? What should I read up on, and where can I find tutorials that can help me with this problem?
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I have an issue I have not been able to find an answer to so I hope someone can help I have a workbook where there - Solved: Consolidate multiple sheets EXCEL from data are many worksheets that i would like to consolidate into one sheet The problem is I m dealing with a lot of data Each worksheet represents a day of the month so there are - worksheets for each workbook Ultimately what i m looking to acheive is to some how find a way to compile the date from all worksheets so i can do a quick search and pull from all the data from all Solved: EXCEL - Consolidate data from multiple sheets the worksheets and see the results in one place The search results would often find many results hundreds even and i still need to see all the data from those results from that row I like the idea of using a pivot table but once you use it for multiple sheets i Solved: EXCEL - Consolidate data from multiple sheets cant get it to show the actual data I hope I have been clear with what i m trying to do if not please let me know Thanks for any help you can provide nbsp

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Hi All What I m trying to do is type lists in Excel using the version so that an amount can be summed in separate worksheets and then the list to be consolidated into in Excel? from Solved: worksheets Consolidating data multiple another worksheet so all the items can be seen at a glance I would also like to Solved: Consolidating data from multiple worksheets in Excel? make it so that when the data changes in one worksheet the consolidated view updates accordingly An example would be for say a shopping list where the items are broken down into their respective storage areas So there would be a worksheet for Fridge Freezer Top Solved: Consolidating data from multiple worksheets in Excel? Cupboard Bottom Cupboard etc Each of these would contain a number in Column A and then the name of the item Solved: Consolidating data from multiple worksheets in Excel? in Column B with each item having its own row E g Apples followed by Oranges on the next row There would also be a SUM function on each worksheet to total the items on that sheet Once all the data was entered on the separate sheets the consolidated data would appear in the format below commas separate column data Name of Place Fridge Data E g pts of Milk Eggs Blank Row Name of next place Freezer Data E g Packs of Bread Ready Meals Blank Row Name of next place etc Hopefully this consolidated view would also update so that if for instance quot Butter quot was added under quot Eggs quot then the quot Butter quot would not go into the blank row but would add itself above the blank row on its own new row I m sure that this has to be possible just I lack the know-how Hopefully I can get some help here Thanks nbsp

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With the Lookup Function Sample Data spreadsheet, you can learn how to use Microsoft Excel to use the VLOOKUP function to search through columns of data. This file is intended to be used in conjunction with the article

Two tips for finding records in large spreadsheets.

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows XP
This download works with the following Office applications:
Excel 2002
Excel 2000


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In Excel 2007, I have a spreadsheet with 14 columns. Twelve of the columns contain categories of data that correspond to the entries in the other two columns. I need to change the list so that each item/amount in each category occupies its own row, as follows:


From this:

col1-----col2-----category1-----category2-----category3-----etc... up to 12 categories
To this:

I know how to do this manually, but it needs to be done frequently on many different sheets. So, I need a way to do it automatically.

Many thanks for your help

A:Excel macro - change column data to multiple rows

I have your data mapping from A:N to P:S, with no headers. In case that's wrong, make sure your work's saved before trying this.

Sub test()
LastRow = Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row
For i = 1 To LastRow

For Each Cell In Range("C" & i & ":N" & i)
If Cell <> "" Then
DestRow = WorksheetFunction.CountA(Columns(16)) + 1
Cells(DestRow, 16).Resize(, 2).Value = Cells(i, 1).Resize(, 2).Value
Cells(DestRow, 18) = Cell.Column - 2
Cells(DestRow, 19) = Cell.Value
End If
Next Cell

Next i
End Sub

HTH (welcome to the board)
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I have three sheets of data that I want to combine into one based off of criteria in column "A", however I only want the data that is duplicated across each sheet (ie if the three sheet have the name "Bob" in column A, I want the name "Bob" to be in the new list). Some of the sheets may contain duplicated data within itself (ie. the name "John" may be on three different rows in one sheet.) I only want to keep the names that show up on all three sheets, not just multiple times within one sheet.

Any suggestions would be great.

A:Solved: Condensing multiple sheets in Excel into one for data duplicated across all s
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I need an Excel macro to print a set number of rows from a spreadsheet based on user input. I have attached a sample input file. Each ten rows represents one label. For each 10 rows of data, I want the macro to prompt the user and ask: "How many labels for 5/4X6X12' GROOVED (the description field for each set of data) do you need? So, even though this item shows a quantity of 16, the user may only need to print 2 sets of this data. If the user answers "2", then I need to print 2 pages each having the 10 rows of data that goes with that description:

Type: Delivery
PO #: 38505 SO #: 121046
Ship to: WORK SITE - LOT 3
Address: LOT 3 DALE SUBD
Item: ZZAT0000030621
Desc: 5/4X6X12' GROOVED
QTY: 16 EA
Created by: Rsmith
Ship Date: 11-SEP-14

Any help on this macro would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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I sure hope someone can provide or direct me to the formula to accomplish the following in Xcel I have a singe sheet consisting of rows of data in columns A person has been maintaining this and we are about to convert it to cvs and install a text file in a CGI Perl program to run on a web site For some unknown reason the person who started and has been maintaining the file has set it up In combine Solved: to Need one into rows columns I multiple multiple column containing Xcel, so that the first Solved: In Xcel, I Need to combine multiple columns containing multiple rows into one column columns contain data that should be all in one column Solved: In Xcel, I Need to combine multiple columns containing multiple rows into one column Here is an example a ham radio call we will say is WW XXX In the first column A row he has entered the prefix quot WW quot in the second column B row he has entered the call district quot quot and in the third column C row he has entered the suffix quot WWW quot I have inserted a blank column quot D quot I can combine for example A B and C with the simple formula A amp B amp C placed in D No problem Now the problem and I m sure you all ready can see it I need to do this with all rows It certainly SEEMS logically that I should be able to accomplish this but durned if I ve been able to do it I have Googled I have Jeeved it you name it I ve tried it I have found some quot close calls quot that almost answer it but not the real answer Obviously I can do this times manually but I d rather find a simpler answer if there is one Blessings to anyone who can provide me with the answer This by the way is for a non-business non-profit amateur radio related web site I have no problem converting the Xcel file to the necessary text Fortunately he didn t use any commas in it Anyone have an idea Thanks much Alabama Ron nbsp

A:Solved: In Xcel, I Need to combine multiple columns containing multiple rows into one column
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I've done a couple of searches for Force Icons downward sort columns? in to view Small folder terms I thought might be relevant to my question Force Small Icons folder view to sort downward in columns? but didn't turn up anything that looked helpful I need Folder List view but badly want to use seven-forums' awesome auto-arrange solution which won't work with the gutted win list view I've been giving Small Icons a try as the closest thing to list view but there's one problem with Small Icons that I find to be a deal-breaker when Small icons has a big enough window to display columns it doesn't list the items in order all the way down a full column and begin again at the top of the next column like List view Instead Small icons sorts items across in rows and begins again at the next row Unfortunately although I've given it a good try I find that it's far more intuitive for my eye to move down a column when dealing with discontinuous units of information such as file names than it is to move across rows so I absolutely must find a way to change this or it's back to List view and ugh auto-arrange I know the Windows GUI doesn't provide a way to do this but is it possible with a registry hack One of my web searches revealed ListView GUI which might enable me to use list view in such a way as to prevent auto-arranging but my scripting ability is way too limited for me to jump into something like that without a couple of vacations' worth of spare time to do lots and lots of learning-curve work Thanks much for either good or bad news re the Small-icons issue--I'd like to know either way

A:Force Small Icons folder view to sort downward in columns?

Curious, what is it that List view doesn't give you?
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I have data that repeats hundreds of times. I am trying to put each string of data on 1 line.

f-name(A2) initial(B2) l-name(C2) ID#(D2) DOB(E2) Street(F2) company(G2)
City(F3) company#(G3)
Home Phone(F5)
Work Phone(F6)

After the data is moved to one line I would like to delete the lines that previously housed the information. The company# can be deleted. I have never worked with macros. I would appreciate any help given.

A:Solved: move data from rows and columns to other rows and columns

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Is it possible to sort file names alphabetically using WordPad? I haven't been able to. If not, is there a free program which has an alphabetical sort function? Someone suggested EasyOffice, but I haven't tried that yet. Perhaps my best bet is to purchase Word or WordPerfect or some other program which is more sophisticated than WordPad.

A:Does WordPad have an alphabetical sort function?

Wordpad does not sort.
If you MUST sort, get a "real" word-processor, such as one of the ones you mentioned. If your budget won't permit buying one of the big ones, go to one of the many sites that offer free downloads of shareware and freeware products.
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I'm working with MS Access and I have created a button on a report with an on-click event procedure that brings up the built-in pop-up sort function. Here is a link to an image that shows what I am talking about. What I want to do now is to activate the "sort" function on that pop-up box so that I can have both "filter" and "sort" capability.

Here is the code attached to the button.


Private Sub MR_Asso_Click()
DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdFilterMenu
End Sub


How should I change the above code so that I can have both "filter" and "sort"?

Thanks in advance.

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I was told that OpenOffice has a function which allows for alphabetical sorting. I'm making a list of more than 100 names and I would like to enter them randomly and then be able to automatically sort them alphabetically. I downloaded OpenOffice but so far haven't found a way to do this. Could someone please tell me how to locate this function?

A:OpenOffice: How do I find the alphabetical sort function?

Is this in a spreadsheet? With mine, the A>Z and Z>A buttons are on the Main Toolbar ; which shows by default, but can be turned off & on via View -- Toolbars. Alternatively, there's a Sort option on the Data menu.

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I want to know how i can export the data from Access to excel using Access VBA for the specified sheet using data linkage with access database. Like we used to do it manually in excel as external data from access.

So that the excel size won't be that big and also it saves processing time.

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When inserting a USB key a window with the following message I think - or something very similar appeared quot Found New Hardware Windows needs to install driver software sort Undo Does Premium Vista of Home have some function? rd option Does Vista Home Premium have some sort of Undo function? Don't show this message again for this device Your device will not function until you install driver software quot The USB key has programs info for accessing a bank account I accidentally hit the quot Don't show this Does Vista Home Premium have some sort of Undo function? message again quot option and now the computer does not even recognize that the USB key is plugged in Which means the key doesn't work and I cannot log into the bank account IS THERE SOME WAY TO UNDO REVERSE THIS quot OPTION quot SO THAT Does Vista Home Premium have some sort of Undo function? THE COMPUTER WILL INTERFACE WITH THE KEY If I were to request a new USB key from the bank would this circumvent the problem or would the computer think it is the same device for which I said quot Don't show this message again quot For whatever reason the computer is not successfully restoring to a prior time point so this is not an option for correcting things Thanks for your help

A:Does Vista Home Premium have some sort of Undo function?

Go to Control panel/autorun and see if the device is listed, if it is change the option for it
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Hi,i found this question and seems near to my problem, but I totally dont know how to revise the code."Excel: Moving Column Data Into New Rows??"I have this data:UniqueID Company 1FullName 1Designation 1CountryCode 1Phone 1Email 2FullName 2Designation 2CountryCode 2Phone 2EmailR123456 Company1 Chris Reeves +65 90221111 [email protected] R234567 Company2 Sam Lim Sole Proprietor +65 9851234 [email protected] Samboy Lim Account +65 94890987 [email protected] Company3 Jose Accounts Department +65 67672345 [email protected] and I need the above data to be like this:UniqueID Company 1FullName 1Designation 1CountryCode 1Phone 1EmailR123456 Company1 Chris Reeves 65 90221111 [email protected] Company2 Sam Lim Sole Proprietor 65 9851234 [email protected] Company2 Samboy Lim Account 65 94890987 [email protected] Company3 Jose Accounts Department 65 67672345 [email protected] help.Thanksedited by moderator: Mask email addresses

A:Moving columns data into new row

I have edited your post to mask anything that looks like an valid email address. We do not want this forum to become a place where email addresses can be harvested. Once the bad guys start hanging around it's really hard to get rid of them.I can not determine the layout of your input or output data.Please click on the following line and read the instructions on how to post example data in this forum.Click Here Before Posting Data or VBA Code ---> How To Post Data or Code.
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Alright so I have 2 workbooks lets say "workbooka" and "workbookb" they both contain the same column header "asset #". Workbooka has a list with no duplicates and is listed as column D. While Workbookb has a couple duplicates and is in column F. I wanted to be able to pull the information from workbookb into workbooka for only the "asset #" that match. Because of the duplicates however I have been running into a problem. Looking for input that does not involve a macros or add-in.

Thank you
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Hi guys,

Is it possible to hide certain columns in a worksheet? (Excel 97 on Win98se). We have a spreadsheet that has columns A-G then BF-BJ, then BM-BR. The person that created the spreadsheet is on vacation this week, so we can't talk to them. The person using the spreadsheet now, says there is more information that is needed to get this information currently on the spreadsheet. Is it a reach to think that there may be more info in possibly hidden columns? Aside from renaming columns, is there any other way that someone would go straight from G to BF?

Thanks a lot for the help!


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Hi Guys,

Ive opened my excel this morning and instead of there being numbers down the side and letters across the top ive got numbers down the side and across the top so i cant do any statements? Does anybody know what this could be, and why its happened?


A:Excel columns?

Hi gazmysta,

Tools/Options/General untick the R1C1 reference style box.

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I have some data on Excel. Address numbers are in one column and the street names are in another column. Is there a way I can copy all the information in one column (address numbers) and merge it into another column (street names)?

A:Excel Columns

if the address numbers are in a1 and the street name is in b1, paste =A1& " " &B1 in c1. This will place the number and address in c1.

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Here is a sample of the table that I am working with:

Year Warehouse Item# Period1 Period2 Period3 Period4 etc....

There are many more columns but my issue is that if there is a 0 or blanks for all columns from period 1 to period 12 then don't show that row. How do I get this to happen with a query?

A:Access - hide row if many columns contain same data

In the first Criteria row for each period column enter
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I ve been at this for what seems forever so any help would be greatly appreciated I want to compare data from one sheet to another and for any exceptions non matches I want it to copy and paste the entire row into a rd sheet I ve searched and found various codes about comparing columns but my need seems to be a little more columns VBA Compare data Solved: complex I want it to compare columns on sheet columns A amp B against columns on sheet columns C amp D and it does not what row they are in I also would like the sheet name to be included in the results I ve Solved: VBA Compare data columns attached a sample book with the data Sheet shows what data should generate from this code These would be the results because the names both first and last Solved: VBA Compare data columns do not appear on both sheets I dont have a lot of experience with code so any help would be great Thank you nbsp