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MS word 2007 tutorial in Arabic language

Q: MS word 2007 tutorial in Arabic language


I am looking for MS word 2007 tutorial in Arabic language, all links from google search were broken.

Please help.

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Preferred Solution: MS word 2007 tutorial in Arabic language

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Whenever I try to write anything in Microsoft Word 2007, the spellchecker language changes to French. This is very frustrating because it creates red squiggly lines all over my document and while I know I could disable spellchecker, I would like to use it. I've googled and read that Outlook can sometimes affect this and the only thing I use Outlook for is my school email and it uses Microsoft Outlook Web Access. I've checked the spellchecker language on there and it is in English. Whenever I change the language to English, it immediately changes to French when I start typing and will randomly change to English for a minute then back to French.

Does anyone know what could be causing this and how I could possibly fix it?

A:Word 2007 changes spellchecker language

There are several suggestions in this thread
In particular, look at posts 2, 6, 12, and 20.
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I cannot get my personal template to keep the default language 2007, Word default language on UK English I ve done all the standard suggestions you find on the Net including going to Review set language which some say works But it s back to US English sometimes before I ve done saving Of course it s only a moment to select and go to UK but I d rather have it as I want it Now as I live in the Philippines all the keyboards are US English and they re all black too So I have to set my keyboard input to US Could this be the problem I thought I d solve two problems at once and had my niece send me a white keyboard from Singapore which is very British but oddly they seemed to be US setting Word 2007, default language as well If this is wehre the problme lies is there Word 2007, default language any way of re-programming a keyboard and can anyone direct me to a website for this I d Word 2007, default language be very glad of any suggestions offered nbsp

A:Word 2007, default language

You will have to chek your keybopard settings in Windows Configuration

Check this link to see the differences between US and UK layouts
In work you can set your default language too.
I also run into isuees that my keyboard configuration 'switches' between Us Intenational en Ducth and I don't knwo why, but somewhere something triggers this, but that must be one of Miscrosoft's most well kept secrets
The color of the keyboard wel that's a cosmetic issue
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is RC support Arabic keyboard input guys ... or not

can i read and write arabic in it just like beta

i'm using windows 7 build 7057 now and it support arabic ... pls. tel me

A:Arabic language

You can still change the keyboard to write in Arabic. Whether or not you can read Arabic, I dunno But the OS isn't available in Arabic per this statement

*Note: If you used the Hindi or Arabic language versions of the Beta, thank you for helping us test those languages. Because the RC is not available in Hindi or Arabic, we encourage you to either install Windows 7 RC in another language or reinstall a prior version of Windows before the Beta expires on August 1, 2009.
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I have just purchased Word 2007 and no matter how hard I try I cannot make English "Australia" the default language. In all the places you can change the language, I have changed it. In the 'normal' template it says English Australian, but on the bottom toolbar it still says English 'United States'. Is there anything that can be done to change it permanently. Thanks

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Where can I find vista SP1 for Arabic language ???
I read it will be available on April 9th .
But I can not find it!!!

A:vista SP1 for arabic language

Not yet released... I'm waiting for the Norwegian version

*Checking WU every 10minuttes for the last 2days*
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My computer doesn’t support the Arabic language he on the soft ware although I have the Arabic feature on my computer

A:How I can support the Arabic language

Multilingual User Interface (MUI) are packages from Microsoft for Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office applications that allow for the installation of multiple interface languages on a single system.
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A friend of mine has Windows XP SP2. But its in arabic. Is there anyway to convert it into English. We tried going to Control Panel and Language Options but no English was available there.

Is reintsalling XP the only option? Thanx in advance

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after resetting my pc, text were all written in arabic, pls i want to change it back to english language

A:how to change from arabic to english language in my hp pro 3...

Watch the following video on changing the display language in Windows 8.  Pay particular attention to the icons. The icons are the one thing that does not change , regardless of the display language installed.
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I have a problem with the language in Word 2007. English US is set as default language, but when I switch the language from English US to Macedonian, I can't whrite nothing.

Thanks in advance

A:Solved: Problem with Word 2007 - can't write in Macedonian language

Do you actually have the Macedonian language files installed on that computer?
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I am using Windows Vista (fully updated with SP2) and when I start Word 2007 the Style Set looks like Word 2007 but when I go to Change Styles, Style Set it appears that nothing is selected, i.e. there is no tick by Word 2007. If I change the Style Set to any of those listed the Default Language changes from English (United Kingdom) to English (United States).

I've used the Control Panel to check that the languange for my system and keyboard is English (United Kingdom).

It appears that I am not the only one who has a problem like this (, and its a really annoying one.

Please help!
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Now i have Windows 7 RC 7100 Installed on my Machine but i can't Read arabic when i used Paltalk or Yahoo or anyother Chatting Program so how can i enable arabic on my OS

NOTE: i have changed my location to egypt and my keyboard to arabic.. but nothing happened...

Help me please!!!

A:Change Language & Reading Arabic On Paltalk

I`ve the same problem i tried every thing i even changed the diplay lnaguage to arabic but i still can't read arabic on paltalk and many other programs.
if any one have an idea about how to resolve this, please help.
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Just restored a clients machine to a previous restore point, cleaned everything up (virus/malware wise).Only problem I'm having now is some of the elements within windows are displayed in a different language.. I'm guessing Arabic. Already checked Regional/Lang settings, checked HKLM\Sys\CS001\Cont\Nls\Language tooOnly certain items in the CP and various dialogs are in Arabic:How do you fix this??? I believe its keeping me from installing SP3 on this machine as well...

A:Wrong language (Arabic?) in certain dialogs/windows

Hi kisk:

My gut reaction was 'lol' at that screen shot; I've never actually seen the Arabic language pack in use. This was from a malware infection?? But let's address your problem, shall we?

First, let's start off by going into detail about your 'Regional and Language Options'. Was the regional options set to English? In the 'Language' tab, is the 'Text Services and Input Languages' option set to English as well?

Also, are you able to use a Win XP installation CD to repair Windows? If I'm not mistaken, there is an option to select your default Regional Settings there as well. Post back here with more details! Good luck. =)
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Hello. I'm an American living in Saudi Arabia. I just bought a Toshiba ultra book. It is very sleek and nice. But everything shows up in Arabic when I use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. The default language in the control panel is already in English. The location is USA. The desktop is in English. But browsing is all in Arabic. I don't want it to translate...I want all the browsing to be in English. HELP!

A:Change Browser Language and Interface from Arabic to English

In chrome check Settings > Advanced Settings > Languages (or their Arabic equivalents).
In IE - Internet Options > General > Languages.
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I clicked something and was greeted by malware that created https popups in Explorer.  Below are the my attempts to correct.
1. Deleted the new programs from the change and remove programs. 
2. Ran Mcafee - nothing noted
3. continued to get popups
4. deleted directories with same name "tool bars and extensions"
5. continued to get popups
6. downloaded Malwarebytes and found several pups and quarantined  all.
7. rebooted. 
8. No longer can i log in, language seems to be Arabic.
9. I tried to refresh but would not work- it made me log in. this is where i noticed that the language was set to ARABIC 2. 
The computer boots fine, I cant read the language and my password does not work. 
Would a restore to a restore point reset the langauge? Is there any way to recover this PC?
The computer is a Lenovo laptop, running windows 8.1. 

A:Win81 - Language Changed to Arabic, after Malware Attack.

What tool did you run prior to the change?
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I have win 7 Professional on the other PC & arabic works fine. I can read the text & type. But I am installing Home Premium on this other PC & I cannot get it to activate. "Region & language" appear the same but it ain't working. Lucida console is default font on both systems. I only want arabic as an optional language to read & type with 'on call'. English to remain as system language.

Does Premium lack arabic fonts? Appreciate some guidance please.

A:Cannot get arabic (xtra language) to work on home Premium

Here - gives you all the info/set up/links for language pack

How to Display Arabic Font On Windows 7 - Learn Arabic on
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Hi all I've been browsing this forum off and on hunting for solutions to my many troubles with Vista over the last several months and I've finally had one that no one else seems to be having or solving For background problem Premium 32bit Home Arabic installation in - language SP2 pack? I am SP2 installation problem in Home Premium 32bit - Arabic language pack? running Home Premium bit on an HP laptop with SP currently installed When I SP2 installation problem in Home Premium 32bit - Arabic language pack? try to install Vista SP from my primary account I am the system administrator it informs me that 'Installation was not successful' due to to a 'system error' It then instructs me to run the quot Check for System Update Readiness quot tool CheckSUR to attempt to solve the problem which I have tried several times Not counting the time I installed it back in April when it first was released The error code in question was TRUST E NOSIGNATURE x b I have run through the entire list of options to try on the Microsoft official help page and have begun to try a few other things in order to solve the problem Most recently I attempted to install the service pack from Safe Mode where it informed me that the REAL problem was that I have a language pack installed that is not supported This confuses me because I don't recall ever installing the Arabic language pack have certainly never been to Saudi Arabia and don't speak or read Arabic The only language pack that shows up in the list of installed language packs when I run LPKSETUP as suggested on another thread here is English Though this WOULD undoubtedly explain why I've been seeing an optional update in my Windows Update dialog for Arabic language support for the Windows Help Needless to say I hid the update but it hasn't changed anything either Out of desperation I have even attempted to remove all the folders marked ar-SA from the Windows folder but this hasn't seemed to affect anything - the service pack still won't install and still gives the same error So you know what I've tried and something of what the problem is The other issue I've been having which may or may not be related is that my quot Turn Windows Features on or off quot dialog shows up blank Much to my annoyance But that's likely an issue for another thread And as it does not appear in Windows Update I have been trying to install SP from the Standalone installer Any help would be greatly appreciated - and thank you in advance

A:SP2 installation problem in Home Premium 32bit - Arabic language pack?

Is there anyone out there who can help me? I'm still struggling with the problem, and as Vista has been rather buggy for me lately I've started experimenting with Explorer alternatives. This has helped, amazingly, and quite a bit, but it's still only a stopgap measure. I need SP2, and the many fabled fixes it brings.

Still getting the same "due to a system error" message from my full boot. Should I try Safemode again, or is that just going to give me the same issue about the language pack? Does anyone know a way to get rid of one of those things?

Or should I just be waiting for the multi-language installation of SP2 in the hopes that that will work? Considering that I only have English listed as installed, though, that seems like a sad option. . .
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i just bought a new laptop with windows 7. its the first time i use windows 7 and the new microsoft word.
i googled how to change the language to arabic, but for some reason when u go menu-> word options -> advanced-> show document content, the part that is supposed to change the language isnt there.
what do i do?

A:how to add arabic to microsoft word?

I hope this might help you..

You have to add additional editing language... as shown here
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I found this official link 1 hour ago after searching for 2 years.

I own an Office 2007 Student Pack in Italian - but I'm used to excel formulas in English,
and to have all Office in English. The interface being in Italian it's a pain.

Microsoft 2 years ago discontinued the support for language pack support,
I was pointing there to change interface every-time I had to reinstall.
The PC Main Disk crashed, and over the pain to do the full install of everything,
I discovered that I was stuck with an Italian Office !

Now they came back and offered a good solution ... full download of the older Office version ... any language.
(only 32 bit)
Hope it will help some other People out there !
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I found this official link 1 hour ago after searching for 2 years.

I own an Office 2007 Student Pack in Italian - but I'm used to excel formulas in English,
and to have all Office in English. The interface being in Italian it's a pain.

Microsoft 2 years ago discontinued the support for language pack support,
I was pointing there to change interface every-time I had to reinstall.
The PC Main Disk crashed, and over the pain to do the full install of everything,
I discovered that I was stuck with an Italian Office !

Now they came back and offered a good solution ... full download of the older Office version ... any language.
(only 32 bit)
Hope it will help some other People out there !
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I'm trying to learn Assembly language but all the tutorials that I've read on the Internet are so confusing. They just go on and on about registers and bytes and don't tell me how to use them in a real debugger. I want to actually learn what they do in real life as I'm learning. Do you guys know any tutorials that are good and easy to understand? I know how to program in C++, Java, and Basic but I don't think that will help me with learning Assembly.

A:Help me find a good tutorial for learning Assembly Language

Uhm.. If you don't know what registers and bytes are, then assemply is plain useless. You might as well say "I want to learn C++, but I don't want to know about variables or classes".

Also, in 99.9% of the cases you don't need to go to the assembler level in debugging. Modern debuggers are advanced enough to let you step through source code and examine variables at the same time.

You need assembler skills if you are debugging routines with no source available or if you suspect compiler errors.
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I have a user working on Word 2000 in Windows 98SE.

Her Word seems to have arabic options installed. These screw up her bullets and other symbols, as well as her dictionary and auto-correction. I don't know how the arabic stuff got there and she doesn't need them.

I haven't found any way to uninstall this option. I've looked in the menus and I've tried unistalling and reinstalling Word (but not Office), but it didn't work.

Does anyone have an idea for how I can get rid of this without reinstalling Office completely?

A:Uninstalling Arabic options in Word 2000

Hi, Albator99. Have you tried Start > Programs > Microsoft Office Tools > Language Settings?
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Please I can,t read my email in Arabic , I have message im my email from 2004 in arabic and it,s shown to me as langue I don't understand ????? please help me ?

it show like this " ÇäíÉ "

A:I cannot read my mail in arabic although my PC support all arabic languages 2014

For starters, what operating system are you using?
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Hi all, just 2 weeks back i've come across a new problem in Word2000. I've a friend try to change the font sizes in Word 2000 when using Arabic Fonts. But she is unable to do that. But if she were to try changing the Arabic Fonts size in Excel 2000, she will be able to do that. I've tried logging on as another user id (Windows 2000) but the problem persist.

Have also tried to repair office, un-install/re-install office, re-create a new profile for her, but nothing seems to work.

Any ideas?
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I was doing a crossword puzzle online and all of the sudden a couple of windows flashed across the screen and the language changed from all English to a mixed English and Arabic (I believe). The menu bar at top of screen is gone too. HELP!

A:Language on my computer changed from English to English and (I believe) Arabic

Press the Windows flag key + R and in the Run open field type: intl.cpl (press enter)
Check that the drop down box under “Format: English” is set to “Match Windows Display language (recommended)"

I would be a little leery that something malicious may have been installed on the computer to cause this unwanted change. You may want to update and run any AV and or anti-malware programs you may have installed.
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I have Adobe Reader 9.3. I open some document and the program says that Arabic Transparent Bold is missing.
I tried to install Arabic Transparent Bold that I found from Google search but the problem remains

A:Arabic Arabic Transparent-Bold missing

namo said:

I have Adobe Reader 9.3. I open some document and the program says that Arabic Transparent Bold is missing.
I tried to install Arabic Transparent Bold that I found from Google search but the problem remainsClick to expand...

Here is a solution that I spotted on another forum and hopefully it will help you: Scroll down to Post #7

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The Arabic text works fine but numbers do not in any program or browser. I have Windows 10 and its a Dell Inspiron 15 laptop 5000 series.
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Hi all, my first time on a forum. Could someone suggest a good entry tutorial to help demystify macros in Microsoft's Word software. The least technical the better. Thankyou in advance.

A:word macros tutorial for beginer

I would say the best way to approach this would be consider the particular task that you want automated, and get to work firstly using the most simple way, and that is recording the steps. Then play them back and see how they work. A quick search gave me this site, and it looks reasonable enough.

A macro is a series of commands executed automatically. Macros normally pay back the time and effort invested in creating them many times over.

You do not need to 'demystify' the whole caboodle in order to get a collection of useful macros working for you. You just need to think about what tasks you want to do. The net is full of examples and helpful folk who'll help you if you hit snags.
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I am in need of Microsoft Word Classes/Tutorials to further my education for employment purposes. My local Tech school offers classes for $1100.00. I did a quick google search, & found sites that offer classes for *free*? Anyone have any good links for free online classes? Do they offer certification at the end of the class?

In this economy, $1100.o00 is a pile of money for me to shell out, & I figure if I can get basically the same thing free online, why not go for that.

Suggestions? Ideas? Anyone in a similar situation?

Thanks much!

A:Microsoft Word Classes/Tutorial

I knew I saved this for a reason and Excel are pretty much explanitoryPower Poin is a plusAccess is the one a lot of people seem to ask for lately, according to my wife
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I am a novice, but with some experience in Word, plus had help from a professional. So we downloaded and intalled the keyboard and complex script and right-to-left languages as described here We restarted when promted. Opened a Word doc, set the language and font to Arabic transparent, but it keeps switching back to Arial or New Times Roman as soon as I type. I can open Arabic documents without any problem and I can cut & paste and it all appears as it should on the page, justified to the right, etc.

Can someone please help? Thanks a million!

Oh - and I installed it on my other computer which also runs XP, but it's Office 2007. It didn't have any problems.

~ PyraPuppy
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Well i did a big report on my computer with Word Perfect i couldnt print it so i took to school on my flash drive. IN my first class i edited it on Word 2007 and in the class i could print it they had Word 2003 and i couldnt open my file and now i cant even open it in word perfect. I doubt i can use the laptops for a while anyway i can open this on wordperfect

A:Solved: Word Perfect- Word 2003 - word 2007

If you saved the file in the "new" Word 2007 format (with a file extension of .docx) then you will be unable to open it in the other applications.

For Word 2003 you can install a converter, but I know of no XLM converter for WordPerfect.

When using Word 2007 you need to "save as" Word 97-2003 format to retain backwards compatibility.
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On computer I have successfully created a customized in showing merge user-defined 2007 2007 Word not fields Outlook form with user-define fields in Outlook and a merge document in Word that works starting the merge from Outlook I want to copy the custom form with the user-define fields and the merge document to a second computer computer I saved the custom form with fields from computer to a fdm file using the Tools Options Other Advanced Options Custom Forms Manage forms On computer I used the same process to install the custom form file fdm into Outlook and created a new contact folder that uses the form and displays adds new contact records correctly I also copied the Word merge document to computer Computer and computer both have Office All the problems occur on computer First when I attempted to merge starting in Outlook Word gave messages that all my user-defined fields did NOT exist in the database although I could see Outlook 2007 user-defined fields not showing in Word 2007 merge them in the Contact records Outlook 2007 user-defined fields not showing in Word 2007 merge I attempted to create a new document and the user-define fields do Outlook 2007 user-defined fields not showing in Word 2007 merge NOT show up in the Word merge field list either On computer I created from scratch a new contacts folder with a new custom form and user-define fields which works when merging Therefore the problem seems to be that Word can not see the fields I created from the fdm file I installed Can anyone please help me with this Thank you in advance Don nbsp
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Hello I have Ultimate Word on Visio new PC Crashes 2007 Win7 and reinstalls 2007 x64 been running Word 2007 Crashes and Visio 2007 reinstalls on Win7 Ultimate x64 new PC a new PC ASUS Z -WS for about four months Over of my application crashes are related to Microsoft products I am running WIN Ultimate x using Office Word crashes daily reporting software exception xe I have run hardware tests including Word diagnostics without finding errors I also run Viso Professional which attempts to reinstall itself every time I start the program I can cancel the install or lets it proceed Once started Viso works correctly Word is my biggest headache as it tends to fail just when you are saving a file for the first time If it recovers it normally looses the data entered it sometimes shows repairs related to image objects but is vague on details I have all the latest Microsoft updates BIOS updates print drivers and have disabled all Word add-ons and have replaced normal doc What would you recommend I try to resolve these concerns Thanks PS The programs worked better when I installed them on a previous PC about years ago nbsp

A:Word 2007 Crashes and Visio 2007 reinstalls on Win7 Ultimate x64 new PC

Was Windows installed fresh on the new PC?
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My employer just upgraded to Microsoft Office 2007. According to the help files, I should be able to paste Excel charts into Word that update automatically when changes are made to either version.

I am clicking "Link to Excel data" and "Keep source formatting" when using the little popup clipboard to paste a chart into Word. But after closing both files, opening Excel and updating data on the chart, saving and closing Excel and re-opening Word, the chart is not updating with the new information. I can't get it to update by clicking on "refresh data" either.

Does anyone know how this is supposed to work? I was looking forward to being able to update just the Excel file and having it update in all the Word documents where it is pasted.

Our OS is Windows XP Professional, Version 2002, Service Pack 2. My work computer has a Pentium 4, 3 GHz processor and 2 GB of RAM.
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I have Office 2007 on Windows 7.

When I am working on a sheet (or document) the ribbon can become inaccessible, nothing works when I click it (like a 'Not Responding' screen).

If, I switch to another open sheet/doc and then switch back the ribbon is accessible again!

I have uninstalled/reinstalled Office plus SP's twice but the problem persists, and, as is usually the case, this does not happen all the time but enough times for it to be really annoying!

Any ideas?

Thanks for your time on this


A:Cannot access the Ribbon functions in Excel 2007 or Word 2007

Could you please post a screenshot or two?
And what are file sizes (MB)?
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I am having difficulty linking Excel data from a simple worksheet table to a table in Word 2007. I would like to retain all the formatting currently used in the Word table, but can't get the Paste Options working at all despite following all the advice on the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

If I copy the Excel data and then place my cursor at the first cell location within the Word table where I want the information to be pasted I get different paste options compared to placing my cursor outside of the table.

I am using the "Medium Grid 3 - Accent 3" Table Style in Word.

I have attached a couple of simple files to demonstrate the formatting and content in both apps.
Step by step help would be appreciated.


A:Paste link from Excel 2007 to Word 2007 table

Thought I would try one more time to get this one resolved. Is what I am asking not possible to do?


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Hello everyone,

I am printing letters on scrapbook paper which i will then cut out to make a banner. In order to do that correctly, the text needs to be a mirror image.

I cannot figure out how to do a mirror image of my text (within a text box) in Word or Publisher.

The flip horizontally button is available, but when i click it, nothing happens. Only the flip vertically button works, which is of no use to me.

I used the snipping tool which turned the text into an image. It worked but the sizes are off.

Please help.

I have a HP F4435 printer. The manual says there is a mirror image on button...which i dont have.

Please help!

Thank you!

A:Mirror Image in Word 2007 or Publisher 2007

Have tried using the Word Art I think that you can rotate and flip.
P. Glynn
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I am running windows 7 on a new computer. Outlook 2007 is freezing many times after it is opened. I click on an e mail and it just freezes.
Word has done it also but not as bad.
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Finding myself in need of German proofing, I thought I would download the German language from Windows Update. The optional download list has plenty of languages but not German.

Can anyone tell me the procedure for achieving this please?

A:How to add a language in Office 2007?

Have a look at this MS website. You may need to buy a language pack & there is some reference to that there as well.
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I recently installed Office on a new Vista bit system I was unable to install my 2007 content now word limited word; on View wordperfect file based and key previous View limited file content based on key word; wordperfect and now word 2007 version of WordPerfect Office When using WP on my previous Windows XP system I was able to go into the word processor click open go to the wp folder where I kept all my documents and do a search based on a particular word I was looking for For example I could type in the word quot hebrew quot in the files box and each document file that contained that word not only in the file name but in the contents of the file was listed I could then preview the contents of each document file and open the one I wanted Does this feature work in Word under Vista I have only been able to find a file name with the word I type even though I know many other document files contain the word I type in the files box This has been very frustrating because it means I have to preview every file to find the one I want rather than just the files with the typed word in its contents Thank you for your time in this matter

A:View limited file content based on key word; wordperfect and now word 2007

Hello Mert55,
Have you checked the Word Online "help & how to"? [ Word - blue question mark top right hand corner - click ]

Links below should provide help & address your problem.
Let us know the result.


Microsoft Word 2007 Tutorial—Free & Online
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Hi folks I have this problem that is hard to search for on Google We have a lot of word documents connected to a simpel text data file data doc that is used with mail merge Here is our process data doc is opened filled with all variablenames we can use in our documents name country etc data doc is opened filled with the actual data from a database belonging to the variables name Kees Japan etc 2007 2000 documents problem Opening correctly automation in word word Our vb net application does step and then starts a template word document which has that data doc file attached for mail merge The template is now filled in with the correct data Opening word 2000 documents correctly in word 2007 automation problem vb net application tells MS Word to print the document Works fine and we have ourselves a nice document filled in with data we specified in the vb net application Now comes the problem some new computers will have office instead of office installed during testing we have encountered that it does not error but the office installed computer does not fill in the data and just shows mergefield names lt lt name gt gt lt lt country gt gt Also when printed out So it seems like the datafile is not connected when opening the template in word If we let our vb net application show us the document visually first we can re-attach the data file again and we can print the data however there are thing wrong with this approach More user input which is not needed MS Word is opening and showing something we do not want in some cases We also automate the printing of packages which is basicly a list of different templates that needs to be printed automatically without users input Because the old computers will not be updated anytime soon to office versions we have to work some time with both systems So we cannot convert the document to word version because the office computers can t read them anymore How can I let the office read the documents with correct automatic mail merge without user input just as word does We can implement the possible solution both in the sourcecode of the vb net application as we can solve it by configuring ms office so all possibilities are welcome With kind regards nbsp
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Have HP Pavilion dv Notebook PC Intel R Core TM Duo CPU P GHz GB RAM -bit OS No Pen or Touch Input is avail for this display I have Windows Ultimate Service Pack MS Office The message I get is quot You are attempting to open a file that was created in an earlier version of MS Office This file is blocked from opening in this version by your registry policy settings quot I have tried to run quot Fix It quot and it failed The old Word file from is before Windows to disk using Word on file MS 2007 read Attempting Word 3.5" (1994!) probably Win or Win I am hoping someone out there can help me read my really old files Thank you I also have some old database files Attempting to read (1994!) Word file on 3.5" disk using MS Word 2007 I need to run not Access but are Borland s Visual dBase Pro or slightly older dbf files I actually have the CD-ROM for the Borland program Do I dare install it The CD cover says it quot supports Windows amp Windows and the Crystal Info Report Builder program that goes with it Or is there a way to convert these to Access and the old Word files to without having to buy the ver of Word nbsp

A:Attempting to read (1994!) Word file on 3.5" disk using MS Word 2007
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As above.

Is there a software upgrade i need to do.

I have the password. comes up with...

"Word experienced an error while trying to open this file"

Thanks in advance


A:Solved: Can't open password protected Word 2007 document in Word 2003
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Our church secretary uses Word Perfect 12.

She has had no problem until now opening Word 2007 document in Word Perfect.

Now it says the files are in an unsupported format.

Any suggestions??

We already have the conversion program for Word Perfect installed.

Do we need an update of some kind??


A:Word Perfect 12 suddenly will no longer open Word 2007 documents

Have you contacted Corel support? Checked the site for FAQs?
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Windows Vista Home Premium SP1, Office 2007

I know how to save documents created in Word 2007 so it can be used with Word 2003 done manually.

Can someone inform me whether I can set my "save as" so documents created in Word 2007 will be always saved as default to be compatible with Word 2003?

A:Saving Documents Created in Word 2007 to be Compatible with Word 2003

You can us this compatibility update to read Office 2007 docs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) In earlier versions of Office - Download details: Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats. Meaning you can save your Word docs in their original format and Word 2003 will read them.

You might want to check this link out as well -

As far as setting a "default" save, to be honest, I'm not sure if this can be done or not.

Hope this helps.
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Before I installed the compatibility pack for 2007 Office System so that I could open a Word 2007 doc with Word 2002, my WorldLingo translation worked just fine. Now when I click on translate, Word 2002 asks for send error report & crashes!

Any suggestions please?

xp sp3
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In this thread http www bleepingcomputer com forums topic html page st gopid entry I asked for help with problems that were occurring after Avast found a malware infection on my computer Right now what is happening When I open a Word file it freezes amp then crashes details below often w in - minutes of 2007 after file a infection) (Post-malware opening crashes Word shortly Word opening the file but occasionally Word 2007 crashes shortly after opening a Word file (Post-malware infection) it has been longer it went hours once Sometimes it happens when I am doing resource intensive things with an image dense document other times it has happened when I have left the computer and the document is just sitting here open This often coincides with an extreme slowdown of everything running on the computer though each has occurred separately I went through the suggestions for dealing with slow computers frex I have - cleaned computer - went through Firefox troubleshooting checklist - cleaned hard drive used CCleaner - ran SFC - ran Chkdsk - checked for problem entries in Device Manager - checked DMA status already enabled - defraged system - defraged page files - checked for unnecessary running services - verified Windows indexing system was disabled - Disabled Word 2007 crashes shortly after opening a Word file (Post-malware infection) visual effects - disabled Ctfmon exe - disabled mdm exe - ran TFC - tried doing a clean boot - a number of things I believe were directly related to the malware checking repairing OTL ESET aswMBR DDS - uninstalled amp reinstalled Word multiple times including fresh downloads - legal I hasten to add I bought online amp added a digital backup service to my purchase so I can redownload from a specific to me link as needed - checked for unnecessary applications loading when Windows boots but some of these have just reappeared - I ll go back and try again After I sent in another error message Microsoft Office popped up a diagnostic which did not turn up anything The error report I get when Word crashes is long Here s a summary if there is any part of it that would be particularly illuminating let me know amp I can type that up - I can t copy amp paste from the thing-y and I do not want to type the whole thing up if I don t have to AppName winword exe AppVer AppStamp a e fd ModName kernel dll ModVer ModStamp c f fDebug Offset afb Exception Information Code xe d Flags x Record X lots of s Address x c afb THen there s a list of Modules w image base amp size time stamp Checksum etc Module Winword ntdll kernel snxkh msvcr msvcrt WWLIB advapi rpcrt secur gdi mpr d Thread ID x d c followed by an enormous list w OX columns each w letters amp or s amp a th column with a variety of symbols or sometimes just characters row I believe Any suggestions as to how to go about diagnosing and repairing this would be very much appreciated Thank you Eliana

A:Word 2007 crashes shortly after opening a Word file (Post-malware infection)

Are you using Avast Antivirus?

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Hi Don t mind the curious ones but I m one of them So anyway almost one year ago now the Word macro virus W M Marker C was running rampant around Gordon College with many teachers and students alike Lord), why about 2007/2010 curiosity in work (thank they don't the random macro Word Word viruses and MS being infected I was even infected with it thanks to one of my professors posting an assignment description document that had it I was running AVG at the time random curiosity about MS Word macro viruses and why (thank the Lord), they don't work in Word 2007/2010 and it random curiosity about MS Word macro viruses and why (thank the Lord), they don't work in Word 2007/2010 was flagged many a time over I think there were like six or so instances My memory may be flaky as my laptop has undergone many reformats since then but what I do remember is trying to ignore AVG s warning due to the fact that AVG has given me many false positives when I used it The message Word gave me was that the document couldn t be opened because it wasn t available But the strange part of that is that AVG had not removed anything from the file I can think of two reasons why the file wouldn t run with the virus in it Tell me which if either is correct One is that Microsoft has since changed the macro format from and earlier versions of Word simply due to the many viruses that once existed for it or two that message was a very convoluted way of telling me that Windows no longer supports Virtual device Drivers vxd as I was able to open the file after it had been cleaned up by Eset NOD Any knowledge you folks have would be very interesting as I have always been curious about the very odd weekend of February Now don t get me wrong I was glad that Word errored me out and didn t allow the virus to run Chromebuster

A:random curiosity about MS Word macro viruses and why (thank the Lord), they don't work in Word 2007/2010

I don't know the particulars of the macro virus you mention, but with Microsoft Office 2003, a significant change was implemented that effectively stopped the propagation of macro viruses.

Prior to Office 2003, macros were enabled by default, and opening a document with macros and auto-execute meant the macros were automatically executed (and thus the virus could infect and propagate).

With Office 2003, macro security was introduced. With a Microsoft Office 2003 default install, macros need to be signed with a certificate issued by a trusted root CA. Macros that are not signed will not be executed. Users have to explicitly lower the macro security level for unsigned macros to execute. Almost all macro viruses were unsigned.
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When I send some friends a password protected word document encrypted Word 2010 2007 Word docx Can't from open created in Word they can't open it using Word 2007 Can't open encrypted docx from Word 2010 word which is compatible with docx by using the correct password I have no choice but to Word 2007 Can't open encrypted docx from Word 2010 send as a Word doc instead of docx so they can open it Word User Word launches no password box no error messages just the blue screen Word User Gets the Word 2007 Can't open encrypted docx from Word 2010 error message Word cannot open this file The encryption type used is not available Contact the author of the file More encryption types are available in the High Encryption Pack Therefore I suspect some kind of encryption pack must be installed I believe the user has XP and user has Win pro are using XP Do you know where these encryption packs are available The other possibility might be for me to reduce the encription level when I create a password protected docx but I have no idea how to do that Is there a solution to this problem Kind Regards Chris Kind Regards Chris

A:Word 2007 Can't open encrypted docx from Word 2010

Hi Chris,

I've been looking at this for a while, but cannot find an answer.

The only thing I can come up with, is an alternate suggestion, which I am sure you have probably thought of : use something like 7ZIP to encrypt the file, and then send that to your friends.


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I have installed MS Office Home and Student 2007 on my Dell Inspiron 1720 running Vista Home Premium. Previously I used MS Works that came pre-installed any e-mail with a Word attachment just opened when I clicked it.
Now when I get e-mails with any Word attachments I am unable to open the attachments without first saving them to the desk top, then opening Word 2007, then opening the document from the Word 2007 menu.
Similarly with all my old documents I have to go through the same long winded procedure to open them
Is there a simple way to cure this??. I'm not a tech whizz but if the cure is simple I can give it a go

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Hi everyone Sorry I get kind of nervous posting on forums My question is Can you have both word and word as seperate programs on the same computer I really enjoy tinkering in word when I got it Though today I did qualify for the college discounted microsoft package word seperate have same Possible to both on 2007&word programs computer? as 2010 Which lets a college student buy the Microfsot Office Professional Academic Package can be found Possible to have both word 2007&word 2010 as seperate programs on same computer? http www Possible to have both word 2007&word 2010 as seperate programs on same computer? microsoft com student office en-us default aspxBefore I got into college Possible to have both word 2007&word 2010 as seperate programs on same computer? I did buy microsoft word Now I have a new package installed and it got rid of the word The reason why I wanted to hold onto it is because I like to help out others with word Unless I can actually open it and use it to give out directions A lot of people I know haven't upgraded because of the cost I don't blame them though would like to have it handy Still have the original disc and package it came in I do love looking at the shiny graphic on the microsoft quot official quot disc Thank you everyone for reading my question And help

A:Possible to have both word 2007&word 2010 as seperate programs on same computer?

Hi everyone! Sorry I get kind of nervous posting on forums.My question is:Can you have both word 2007 and word 2010 as seperate programs on the same computer?I really enjoy tinkering in word 2007 when I got it. Though today I did qualify for the college discounted microsoft package. Which lets a college student buy the Microfsot Office Professional Academic Package can be found: I got into college I did buy microsoft word 2007. Now I have a new package installed and it got rid of the word 2007.The reason why I wanted to hold onto it is because I like to help out others with word 2007. Unless I can actually open it and use it to give out directions. A lot of people I know haven't upgraded because of the cost. I don't blame them though would like to have it handy.Still have the original disc and package it came in. I do love looking at the shiny graphic on the microsoft "official" disc! Thank you everyone for reading my question! And help! As far as I know, without tweaking some of the files / registry entries, this is not possible.Even then, there could be problems.At my work, we use multiple versions of office on single computers, but we uncheck specific applications. (example: Office 2000, we need to keep Access 2000, so when we installed Office 2003 suite we uncheck the Access 2003 installation.)
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At my work we have templates from Word 2003.

When we open them in Word 2007 they doesn´t work as they should.

We have for example a menu like

2 Electronics
2.1 Phones
2.1.1 Mobile phones

When you make an uppdate on the menu the sub-numbers disapear so it is
2 Electronics
Mobile phones

Also in 2003 you get a menu to the right where you can change in the list not only the types but also the numbering. Is there something like that in 2007?

A:Making Word 2003 templates work in word 2007

A couple of things.

Firstly here is an interactive guide for some of the features in 2003 - 2007. It is useful in some circumstances

In regards to using 2003 templates for 2007 - i noticed that not all things worked in the same way in 2007 especially when it came to printing (things would display differently to how they would print)

I work for a big company and i had to redesign alot of templates. Sorry.

In regards to changing the numbering, you now right click on one of the actual numbers within the document and you can change the numbering from there.

Hope that all makes sense.
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I remember having deleted my Microsoft Office 2007 trial and now I can't find some of my previous word documents that I remember saving on my computer.

Is my suspicion true?

A:Does installing Microsoft Word 2007 delete word documents?

saiz said:

Is my suspicion true?Click to expand...

I don't think so. Try installing 3.0 and you'll be able to open those files.
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I currently use an XP system, and Office XP (2002). I want to transfer and use my file from the XP system INTO a Vista PC and it's Office 2007.

Has anyone been successful doing this? Does it work?

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I need to find out if there is a way to copy all the macros I wrote and use in Word 2002 to Word 2007. I have both versions installed at the moment.

Also, is there a way to transfer settings such as all my auto correct, etc (although this is less important)


A:Solved: How can I copy macros from Word 2002 to Word 2007?

Open the document(s) in question and press ALT + F11 to bring up your Visual Basic editor. On the left hand side of the VB editor is your project explorer window. In the project explorer window you will see a folder called "Modules" that you can open to show all the modules attached to the document. These modules is where you VBA code is stored. You can right click each module and selection the option to export to the location of your choice. Once exported you can copy or save them to another machine and then re-import them by openining the VB editor on the other compuer and choosing FILE >> IMPORT.

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Outlook Express is set to use the French dictionary, there are no other
options. How do I change it?
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Does anyone know or have the experience of changing the language of menus and help in Office 2007? I don't mean changing the input language.

I mean, does anyone know how to change the language of the menus and help. Because if there's someone who could do that, please help me.

Before you reply me with some links...

I followed the instructions on Customize language settings for the 2007 Office system instructions Customize language settings for the 2007 Office system : "Use policies to enforce language settings" and "Use the Language Settings tool to modify language settings"... Both dont work.

Theres this last option that I couldn't understand how to do: "Use a Setup customization file to specify default language settings" - I didnt understand the instructions, I don't have a clue about doing this, if you know this, please help me.

Thank you

A:Does anyone know how or could change the language of Office 2007?

What language do you want to use. Office uses the Windows default language, so whatever language your main Windows 7 Operating System is set for then Office will use that language.

Can you post back with more information.
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Hi everybody im alice!
My friend has just bought a laptop but microsoft office is downloaded in spanish with no language packs installed... does anyone know how to fix it or can give me a link to a free download for office (any year) in english?
Thanks :3

A:change language on office 2007
Microsoft no longer offers Office 2003 or 2007 language packs for retail purchase as of July 2011. Please note Microsoft Office 2010 language packs won?t work with previous versions of Office.

If you use Office 2003 or 2007, and you want to use a language pack, you need to purchase or upgrade to the Office 2010 version

Change the language of your display or Help
If your computer has two or more language packs installed, you can enable or disable the available languages, in addition to set options for those languages.
Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Microsoft Office, point to Microsoft Office Tools, and then clickMicrosoft Office 2007 Language Settings.
Click the Display Language tab.

I don't see the Display Language tab.

If the Display Language tab is not displayed, you have only one Language Pack installed.

Click to expand...
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My neighbour has an old PC running XP Pro SP3 Greek with Office 2003 Greek.

She has just bought a new laptop running W7 Home Premium with Office 2007 Enterprise both English versions complete with Office Greek Language pack.

I thought it would be simple to copy her PST file to her new laptop, but Outlook 2007 doesn't recognise the Greek characters in Folder names or more importantly in her Contacts.

It doesn't make any difference whether I change the Default Language settings with Office Tools to Greek so menus etc are in Greek - it refuses to recognise the characters.

any ideas most welcome - this is a real problem for her as she has several hundred business contacts that are illegible :-(
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Default speller in a PPT is set correctly in the office tools, but opened an old PPT file with wrong language spell check settings. Can this be changed or updated so I do not manually have to outline text in all text boxes?

Problem is also that template file has wrong language so that this overrides the tools application setting for all office applications. The template is just and old ppt file and not a "formal" template.
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I dl the Turkish lang. pack and installed it, even dl the SP2 for office, but the program is still in english, i want to have it in turkish, ive changed the 2 setting to turkusih but aint workin
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I am converting a large website of Microsoft Word files to TeX files and have written several useful Word macros to automate this process When I converted from Word to Word the macros I wrote disappeared a lot of supplied macros do appear They don t appear even I 2007 when to Word Word Macros from lost went 2010 when I open a doc file where they have already Macros lost when I went from Word 2007 to Word 2010 been used in that file under Word It didn t occur to me to save the macros elsewhere and apparently installing Word destroyed them Where can I find them Thanks Tech Support Guy System Info Utility Macros lost when I went from Word 2007 to Word 2010 version OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Pentium R D CPU GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card RADEON X MB HyperMemory Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB F Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Dell Inc YC CN ADH IM Antivirus McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware Updated Yes On-Demand Scanner Enabled nbsp
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I have several Word 2007 documents containing forms controls that I need to make compatible with Word 2003. When I save the 2007 doc as 2003, the controls become static content. I tried replacing them with legacy controls but can't get them to work. When I insert a drop-down list box, only the first entry in the list displays and there is no drop-down arrow allowing selection of other items in the list. Can you help?
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Because I do teaching for people who have both versions (2007 & 2010) of Word, I have to keep both on my computer. How do I get .doc and .docx to associate with Word 2010?

Because I work mostly in 2010, I want to default to opening with 2010 but I can't do it. When I do try to correct the association (through the Control Panel) it WON'T associate with 2010. I go to the winword.exe in the correct folder for 2010 and click on it but it just stays the same, still associated with winword.exe in the 2007 folder.

A:need word 2007 AND word 2010, how to set file associations

FileTypesManager is pretty good in cases like this one.

Download this free application, run it, look for docx. Hightlight it and press F2. In a new window delete anything in the User Choice field. Close that window and find Open coomand for docx in main Window. Make sure that command-line leads to Office14. Repeat for doc.
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Yesterday my friend send me data that was created into MS 2007, where as i have installed MS 2003 on my hme computer. They are not opening, how do i open them please help

A:can't open MS word 2007 file into word 2003

MS 2007 documents cannot be opened using MS Office 2003.

You can either get yourself a newer copy of MS Office or download and install a copy of Libre Office which will open all MS Office documents.

Libre Office is free, unlike MS Office.
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I just started using Word and am having some difficulty adjusting to the changes Unfortunately this is the software I am stuck with and no upgrade to is possible Specifically I have created a lot of forms in Word by using text boxes to be filled by the user I ve also used links and references so that the user doesn t have to re-type some of the duplicated information throughout the form After creating these forms I protected the documents and other people within my organization use them as templates These forms need to be uniform throughout the department Several problems I m having a hard time familiarizing myself with Forms in 2007; used New Forms in And Word being Creating 2003 Word Word Another issue is that I can t get the Forms Spell Check to work like it did in Word I want my users to be able to check the protected portion of the document They also need to be able to unprotect the Word 2003 Forms being used in Word 2007; And Creating New document if they have to make some changes in the form It would be very helpful if there was a Word guide that explains the differences from word and offers an interactive training I m desperate Can you help me nbsp

A:Word 2003 Forms being used in Word 2007; And Creating New
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I have almost EXACTLY the same problem found in this thread:

The only difference is that I'm using Windows 7, not VIsta. I have tried to edit the registry as pointed out in post #66 of the above link but........ 1. "Word.Document.12" does not exist in the .doc folder
2. "Word.Document.12" in the .docx folder has a value of 0000
The .docx folder contains a file that reads: Word.Document.12 REG_NONE (zero-length binary value)

I'm pulling my hair out because ALL our old 2003 word docs will not associate with Word 2007. Excel and Powerpoint work fine. Opening these files the long way round is very painful and frustrating. Can anyone help please?

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I am running Vista and Word 2007. I would like to save the document as a Word 2003 document so it can be opened in older versions of Word. I use "save as" and select Save as Word 97-2003, but when I try to open this document on an older machine "Windows XP and Word 2003" it opens with a lots of symbols and then the text is jumbled into one continuous paragraph.

I know there is a complatibility pack that can be downloaded for Word 2003 that will allow users to open Word 2007 documents, but I would still like to be able to "save as" Word 97-2003 so people without this compatability pack can still open this document.

Any help?


A:Word 2007 Save As Word 2003 not working

I had almost the same problem. It seems that the save as option is 2007 does not work properly, I would rather download the compatability packet.
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I just started using Word 2007 and am having some difficulty adjusting to the changes.

Specifically, I have created a lot of forms in Word 2003 by using text boxes and dropdown lists. After creating these forms, I protected the documents and other people within my organization use them as templates, i.e. performance review forms, OSHA First Report of Injury.

My problem is that I can't convert some of the forms to 2007. Sometimes the 2007 Protect Document feature works great and other times it doesn't work at all. I really don't undertstand what the problem is.

I tried to upload the form here but I received an error message which said that the format was invalid.

I'm desperate. Can you help me?
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All seems to work well except proofing in word 2007.  It defaults to a location called C;:\.......Microsoft/UProof, and I cannot change it to Microsoft/proof.  The file UProof does not seem to be on my computer.  I tried creating a new custom.dic, but it automatically defaults to UProof.  Is there any solution to this problem?   Thanks

A:problem running both word 2003 and word 2007 in XP PRO

Hi Esmo.For Word 2007, the Custom dictionary is actually stored within the UProof folder and Uproof should be there(earlier versions of Word used a different destination/folder called Proof). Uproof should be there (see below) and should contain your Custom.dic file.The UProof folder is located at: C:\Documents and Settings\*your user*\Application Data\Microsoft\UProofInside the folder called UProof is the Custom.DIC file, the file type of which is called Microsoft Office User Dictionary.dicFollow the path above to view the Uproof folder.To view what Word is using to proof, you should go to the Office Button, select ‘Word Options’ at the bottom.Select Proofing. Click Custom Dictionaries.If you want to read more about How to Add a Custom Dictionary in Word, go here
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I am trying to create a report/form that will have a client's address and information at the top and whoever worked the case one the bottom. We would have the client information in a spreadsheet and our various employees information in another. I'd like the users to have some way of selecting the cleint/employee information, possibly from a drop down box, then have the information inserted into the document in the appropraite fields. I am not that familiar with the advanced features of word/excel and have been having trouble figuring out a way to do this. I'd like to have the form with the data in it to save as a file. Most of what I have seen involve mail merges which doesn't seem to work in this case or references to VBA. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

A:Word 2007/Excel 2007 integration

Welcome on board.
Can you please give some more information, about the data structure you have, the needed result, and if possible provide some example files (with some dummy data)
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I am trying to type a letter in MS Word 2000 in another
How can I go about doing so?
Do I have to purchase another program, or MS Word comes with the capability
of allowing me to change to another language without interfering with the
other programs in my computer.

Anyone out there that can help me on this I will certainly appreciate it.
Thanks to the forum members.

A:Using a different language in MS word

What language?
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Does anyone know if it's possible to remove English (U.S.) from the language options? I have set it to English (U.K.) as default but it occasionally seems to revert to US which I find really annoying as I am not american and will never want to spell the american way.
Relevancy 51.6%

I just upgraded to MS Office 2007 from 2003. The default language is English (U.S), and i have tried to change it many times to English (Australia). Everytime i change it, it stays like that for the document, and then when i open MS again, it changes back to (U.S).

i have tried:
- making Australia the default language.
- Going into Ms office language settings, my Primary Editing Language is set to English(australia), but it still (u.s) when i open a ms office program..

any help is appreciated


A:Solved: MS Office 2007, Can't Change Language

Make sure that your default country is correct in Regional settings in Windows.

I use Office 2007 running on Vista and note that it takes its settings from the OS for many things.

Try help in Word, I think it may answer your issues?

But moving to NZ would solve all issues, patrticularly with the snakes ...
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I have inherited an HP laptop installed with Win XP and Office 2007. Problem is the Win XP is in Swedish and according to this thread that is incurable.

My question is, would the same language limitation apply to the MS Office 2007 installed in the laptop?

Note: I do not have any CDs and I can barely navigate on this laptop. Wireless is no go. I cannot even see how to run Windows Explorer!

But I felt that if I could find the product key for the Office package installed I could download it again from MS and install it on my own PC and set the language to English then.

Is that too much to ask?


A:How can I reinstall Office 2007 from foreign language Win XP?

you can try magical jelly bean
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As I have moved to Japan I recently purchased a laptop with Vista Ultimate, therefore I could change the display language.

However, I also received Office Personal 2007 however it installs in Japanese. Is there a way I can reinstall it or modify it with a language pack to be in english.

Even if you can point me in the right direction that would be great.

Thanks for your help.
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does anyone have this language pack for MS Office 2007 cuz mine doesnt have it.

A:MS Office 2007 italian language pack

You may have to purchase it - relevant links below:
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Hello to all.
This is my first posting,so be gentle with me please.
Just purchased second hand PC,only 3 months old.

Problem is all the Microsoft Office programe navigation bars are in Chinese.
Anyone any idea how i can change them to English.

Regards to all

P.S. Hope i've posted in the correct forum

A:Microsoft Office 2007 Language Problem

I clicked on the Help button and asked how to change language of tool bars. The explanation was very clear. Try it...unless it's in Chinese, of course. Are other programs in Chinese? Maybe you need to visit Control Panel and search for all languages installed.
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I have just installed Word 2003 on my PC (XP). This is a CD I bought legitemately from PC world and have installed on both PCs and laptops in the past with no problem.

On this occassion its has set it default language as Welsh...!!! I have tried setting English as the default language using the tools drop down menu, and I have set English as the default language through the start menu. I have even uninstalled it and reinstalled it (Word), but it keeps going back to Welsh.

I'm not sure what I want to know most, how to stop it doing this, or...why? Why Welsh...???


Relevancy 51.17%

On my old computer I had Microsoft office in Spanish. With Word, I could spell check in Spanish and it would then add needed accents and question marks. On my new computer I have Microsoft Works but there is no spanish language option. I really need to have an option of spanish because with my english keyboard I cannot add the accents and this I need in spanish, plus the spell checker is nice to have too. Is there something I can do to get an option for spanish on my english program.
Relevancy 51.17%

I have windows ME with msn word 2000. I can see in the options menu where you can change dictionaries but when i make a new dictionary and name it french and even change the language to french my spell check still marks the french words as errors because it is in english i suppose. How can i make word a different language? And if you cant, what can i use to spell check french in some word type of application. thank you

A:How do i use another language in word 2000

The option you are using isn't a French dict. It just has some of the most popular French words in it but it is not the French dict.

You would have to download the French version of word to do what you want I believe.

I have a Canadian friend who can help you more on this than I can for she uses the French and Englis all the time.

I will send you a private message with her email address and you can ask her.

She will know more than I do.
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I am currently using Office 2003, and I would like to know if there is a way I can change the language from English to something else.
I am talking about the language in the actual app, the options, the menu, all that.

Is this possible?

A:Changing language in Word?

I believe that has to be done by changing Windows' language.
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I have Word 2003 at work. I was sent a document from abroad. I saved it and want to edit it only to add page numbers. But when I go to footer and insert text, the options are in a foreign language and alphabet. How do I switch the document to English so that I can insert English page numbers? Thanks.

A:Changing The Language In Word

Are either one of these what you need?OneTwoMark
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my son has somehow manage to change his homework into chinese rather than English, in word.

He has windows vista.

He needs to retrieve this important piece of work

how can we reverse it please as he cannot now read it and I cant either on my pc (windows xp)

how can we change it back to English??

thanks for your help

Relevancy 51.17%

Using MS Word 2007 (or 2010 at work) under Windows 7, I set the default language as English. But sometimes each of these two versions of the program will interpret words as being French or Spanish, evoking little red squiggles under them (indicating misspelling). What is going on? what can I do? thanks.

A:MS Word language problem

Language gets set in so many places it is not surprising that the spell checker gets confused.
Start with Windows control panel and check under Region and Language. Check each tab and extra/advance button to see what is set.

Then you need to check the Office/Word defaults. I don't have 2007/2010 so I can't say where they are.
Also you need to check which dictionary is installed for that version on that machine.

Then each document can set the locale/language.

Finally (I think) the default printer on the machine may have language settings, although I may be wrong there.
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In any version of Word (I run both Ofice 95 and 97) Word seems to habitually forget the default language and default back to "no proofing" there a way to fix this or is another of MS screw ups?

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Have installed language packs but Word refuses to translate! Any ideas?

A:Can't get Word XP to translate to another language

I didn't know Word was a translator. Can you tell us exactly what you're trying to do and the results you expect?
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I want to apply an Office 2007 language pack to an existing Office 2007 (English) installation.

I've followed all steps as described here:

* I've copied all the Dutch folders (,, ...*.nl-nl) to a seperate folder
* edited the\config.xml file as described (see attachment)
* start the setup from the office 2007 setup-folder (setup.exe /config c:\mui\nl\\config.xml)

the setup runs successfully. When I want to select Dutch as the interface language via Start > programs > Office > Office Tools > Microsoft Office Language Settings I don't have to "interface language" option.

What am I doing wrong? Am I lookign in the wrong place or did I forgot something?

thanks in advance for a reply.
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My Outlook spell check seems to be in American English mode. As I am in Scotland, I need it to be in UK English mode. I have checked my OS settings and they are UK English. Yet when I type 'neighbour', for instance, it wants to change it to 'neighbor', as in US grammar.

Please could you advise

Many thanks


A:Solved: Outlook 2007 dictionary language settings


Go to Start > All Programs > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Office Tools > Microsoft Office 2007 Language Settings > Editing Languages

Select English (U.K.) from the list on the left and click the Add button.

Below that, in the Primary editing language list section, select English (U.K.), then click OK.
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I am running WinXP Pro with Office Ultimate edition Recently my Outlook started hanging whenever I try to 2007 Outlook language when Solved: hangs switching switch to Hebrew possibly started after one of the automatic updates My default language is Solved: Outlook 2007 hangs when switching language English but I need sometimes to write emails in Hebrew Left-to-Right of course Outlook hangs and stops responding regardless of the method I use to switch to Hebrew - keyboard shortcut key or using the language bar This also happens in Outlook Safe Mode i e starting outlook with run gt outlook safe I tried repairing office from Solved: Outlook 2007 hangs when switching language the Office installation disk but it made no difference All other Office apps are working perfectly with language swithching and I have other computers with the same setup that don t have this problem If I edit the Hebrew text in Word and then paste to a new Solved: Outlook 2007 hangs when switching language message it works fine I am out of clues how to deal with it I ll greatly appreciate any ideas and thoughts -Dror nbsp

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Hello all On the th document disappeared: 2007 Word Word October I was editing a Word document on my Vista Home laptop Throughout Word document disappeared: Word 2007 editing I pressed Ctrl S to save the doc over the previous version I copied data in from several other files I went back yesterday to edit the document again and it has disappeared The only version of the doc is a previous version dated st Sept I searched on all files modified after th Oct just in case I had saved it under another name Not in there The files I copied data from did come up in the search results though soi knwo the search function is working I checked the default Autosave location - not in there I checked the recycle bin - the doc is not in there and neither are any files or autosaved files I haven't Word document disappeared: Word 2007 emptied my recycle bin for months I cannot find a word doc modified afetr the th October Can it really just have disappeared It is my MBA dissertation paper and I worked on this edit for an awful lot of hours Many thanks

A:Word document disappeared: Word 2007

Welcome Suzanne

I am a lot older than you, but I still remember those term papers and finals. I will dow everything that I can to help

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