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Microsoft Word: How to open multiple documents at once?

Q: Microsoft Word: How to open multiple documents at once?

hey guys, i've got like 7 documents i need to look at. i was wondering if it's possible for me to open all of them at once instead of opening them individually?


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Preferred Solution: Microsoft Word: How to open multiple documents at once?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Running Win XP on a home built Intel Core 2 duo platform. Just started within the last week or so. I can open the software from the CD, but not from my hard drive

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For some reason, when I click on on Microsoft Works, I get a quick flash of it trying to open & then NOTHING!!
I have sooo many important saved documents that I really need to be able to open again...
I have gotten rid of Microsoft Money & maybe Microsoft Office as well but not sure...
Any ideas on what I can try??

A:HELP!!! Microsoft Works Word Processor will not open, unable to open ANY documents!!!

From how you describe it,it looks as if something is denying it.such as your firewall or if you are using Firefox you might not have it as allowed,these are just guesses however,take a look at this site
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Okay so you know my system details I have a Dell Studio XPS laptop with Vista Home Premium -bit on it and McAfee Security Center Now the problem When I first got my laptop and installed Microsoft Office Enterprise on it Word worked more or less fine One thing that was kinda weird from the beginning was the fact that sometimes and error message dialog box would pop up when I would double-click a word document to open that said something to the effect of quot can not find file quot on it I found that if I already had Microsoft Word open that the word document would Can not Microsoft open documents Word immediately open on the first double-click Now Microsoft Word won't allow me to open any word documents I have tried double clicking them Ctrl O and even selecting Open after pressing the Office button- but nothing will work Every time Can not open Microsoft Word documents I try to open a word document Microsoft Word freezes Strangely enough I just discovered that I can open documents that are in the recently open documents that pop up whenever you place the cursor over the Open selection in the Office button- but other than that nada I have run diagnostics no errors were found done a repair to no avail When I reinstalled Office it basically returned to the original problem of just not opening documents by double-clicking Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do Is this a problem with Office not being completely compatible with x Is there some upgrade to fix this
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I'm a high school student whose been using Word 2001 on Vista for about 2 years without any problems. Recently, however, I couldn't open Word at all, it would just have that image of Word and "this product is liscenced to..." I later went online trying to find a solution and found out that I should delete the templates. So I deleted the files,, and a normal that looked like it came from the office 2007 trial (Microsoft Office Word Macro-Enabled Template). Well, this allowed me to open Word and save files. However, I can't open any saved files. Is there any solution to this? Thanks, I'm not particularly good with computers.

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Problem When I try to open Word documents Word will open but then tell me quot The file lt blah gt is not available quot I can Documents; Word close 03 Open - Won't Won't right Microsoft still open the documents using other applications such as Microsoft Works so I know it's not a problem with the file Problem When I click the lovely X to close Microsoft Word 03 - Won't Open Documents; Won't close right Microsoft Word I get a popup that says quot The file Normal already exists Do you want to replace the existing file quot It doesn't matter if I click Yes No or Cancel it then opens the quot Save As quot Microsoft Word 03 - Won't Open Documents; Won't close right window with the folder being quot Templates quot So I hit cancel and then I get another popup that says quot Changes have been made that affect the global template Normal Do you want to save those changes quot I hit No I've also tried Yes and it finally closes And then I cry myself to sleep Any suggestions at all I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling Microsoft Office but that doesn't fix it Thanks for reading all this

A:Microsoft Word 03 - Won't Open Documents; Won't close right

Please click here for information. Let us know if that doesn't fix the problem.~67~;-wont-close-right/
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I can not open ms Word documents by double-clicking on them anymore, When ever I do so I get a mesage saying: "There was a problem sending the command to the program."
I do get the Word window open but there is nothing in it. I have tried this with .doc, .docx and .txt files and I get the same thing.
But I can open files if I first open word and then go to Open and select a document from there, but not by double clicking.
I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit and Microsoft Office Word 2007, can anyone help me?

A:Can not open documents in Microsoft Office Word 2007

Open Word, go to the Office Orb, then Resources, and then "Run Microsoft Office Diagnostics.

This will check out the install and do a repair if needed. You will need to the "Office cache" file on the hard drive or have the Office CD handy, if it is needed.
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Microsoft Word Is Under A Hack Attack Do Not Open Documents Named ' RTF' By Julie Bort March Microsoft Corp on Monday issued an emergency security warning saying that hackers have Microsoft Word Documents Is Under Not Open '.RT A Hack Attack: Do WARNING: Named found a way to booby-trap certain common Word files with the rtf extension Microsoft says it's aware of attacks going on now but there's no fix yet to stop the hackers It's working on WARNING: Microsoft Word Is Under A Hack Attack: Do Not Open Documents Named '.RT a way to stop the bug The only way to be sure your computer won't get infected is not to open a document with the rtf file extension until Microsoft says it's fine to do so This is WARNING: Microsoft Word Is Under A Hack Attack: Do Not Open Documents Named '.RT the worst kind of attack A hacker who manages to get you to open a booby-trapped file can gain control of your computer From there the hacker can do all kinds of things For instance the hacker can turn your computer WARNING: Microsoft Word Is Under A Hack Attack: Do Not Open Documents Named '.RT into a so-called zombie by putting it on an illegal botnet That means hackers can use your computer as part of a bigger network of computers to do all kinds of illegal things like send spam spread viruses and commit fraud Edit Moved topic from Virus Trojan Spyware and Malware Removal Logs to the more appropriate forum since this is not a request for malware assistance Animal

A:WARNING: Microsoft Word Is Under A Hack Attack: Do Not Open Documents Named '.RT

This specific subject has already been reported here 2 days ago: continue any discussion regarding the issue in the original news topic. To avoid confusion and duplication of comments this topic is closed.
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Unable to open Microsoft Office documents(excel,word) in Internet Explorer when we enforce strict TLS 1.2 protocol (Disabling SSL v2,SSL v3,TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1)on the webserver. We tested by removing strict TLS 1.2 and IE is able to open the document fine.
Error description : We see a Microsoft Excel Security Warning with the following content.
Certificate error
The application experienced an internal error loading the SSL libraries.

When we disabled SSL V2 and SSL V3, the document opens fine but when TLS 1.0 is disabled we are seeing the  pop-up with certificate error. We tried to open the reports in CSV format, 2007 format and 2003 format and all of them have the same issue. Does
Internet Explorer have any restrictions when TLS 1.2 is strictly enabled ?

Note : We are able to download the document using Internet explorer and the document opens fine from local but opening the document from the browser fails with certificate error.
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I remember having deleted my Microsoft Office 2007 trial and now I can't find some of my previous word documents that I remember saving on my computer.

Is my suspicion true?

A:Does installing Microsoft Word 2007 delete word documents?

saiz said:

Is my suspicion true?Click to expand...

I don't think so. Try installing 3.0 and you'll be able to open those files.
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Our church secretary uses Word Perfect 12.

She has had no problem until now opening Word 2007 document in Word Perfect.

Now it says the files are in an unsupported format.

Any suggestions??

We already have the conversion program for Word Perfect installed.

Do we need an update of some kind??


A:Word Perfect 12 suddenly will no longer open Word 2007 documents

Have you contacted Corel support? Checked the site for FAQs?
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I m having problems Rundll window at start up Error Loading C WINDOWS System spool Drivers W X DLCQtime dll This specifiec module could not be found When I double Some Pictures, Low Word Open Memory Open Rundll Error, My Can't Can't Documents, Of click on Word documents a Window Installer box opens and says preparing to install with a cancel button Then a Microsoft Office Edition box opens Installation Error File not Found A required installation file SKU CAB cound not be found It then asks if installed from a cd to insert it or if downloaded from the internet to browse your system and find it I don t have any Office cd s The cd s I have that I think are for my Word documents are Microsoft Works Suite My last year vacation pictures will not open When double-clicking on them an Adobe Photoshop Album window opens with the words failed to load photo My memory about a year ago was about half free It is now showing I have GB I tried going back and restoring my computer in hopes of being able to access my pictures I ve ran spybot That s all I knew to do I have Windows XP Home Edition tmcc
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Got a problem with Word and Excel 2007.

Both programs open ok (under 2 seconds), so no problems there.

The problem is opening the program by means of opening a document. It takes about 1 minute

Exactly the same thing with both Word and Excel.

Has anyone got a solution? Surely there must be a quick little registry tweak to sort this out?

Other info:
Outlook 2007 works ok, no delays
Windows XP works ok
No speed issues with computer
Did not previously have Office 2003
Word/Excel documents are local, computer is not on a network
Computer is free from spyware and viruses

A:Word and Excel 2007 - Programs open ok - documents take ages to open
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Hi All,

I work on a web application that has Excel and Word documents in it.

At the moment when a user opens these documents in IE9 they get presented with a dialog box asking:

What do you want to do with "filename"?

The user is presented with Open, Save and Save As as the options.

Unlike previous versions of IE there is no check box to tick to remember the user's choice so it comes up every time.

I really need to get rid to this box. Does anyone know how to disable it?



A:How to get Excel and Word documents to open without the Open,Save,SaveAs box opening

Hello and welcome to the forum.

Click Start => My Computer => Tools => Folder Options => Click on File Types tab => In the file types list => click Excel => click Advanced => UNcheck clear the Browse in same window check box (or click to clear the Open Web documents in place check box) => Click OK
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Right after a series of Microsoft updates, I can no longer open any word files in My Documents by double clicking. To open them I have to right click and then click open. Running Windows XP Media Center version 2002 SP3 and using Word 2003 SP# from Office Basic Edition. Any solutions?

A:Word documents will not open in My Documents

Likely, you need to reset the file association. Here's an article that explains exactly how to do that.
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My 2000 MS Word stopped opening the documents I have on file. The error message : "There was a problem sending the command to the program" keeps coming up after the document tries to open. I can create and save documents, but then cannot open them to view the content. This started after the removal of roaming defender spyware by SpyHunter software. I don't have any files blocked by SpyHunter and still have the issue with Word with SpyHunter deactivated.I am wondering if a file got removed in the spyware clean up and removal?

A:Word 2000 will not open word documents

Does anybody have any ideas on this problem. I really need to be able to get my documents to open. Re-install of office doesn't help. I am not sure if I am allowed to post to my own topic, if not, I apologize. Thank you to anyone who has any ideas.
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I am at work on one of the computers on their network. This machine is used my three or four people so how the problem started is just a guess. Word, Excel, Powerpoint all open with "Please wait while Windows configures Microsoft Office 2000 SR-1 Professional." If I try to open any file I created in the past, the same thing happens. I thought I would run scanreg but apparently that command does not work. Lost, and my boss is too cheap to call in a tech, so I am stuck with no word processing. I am typing this on line however with the machine in question. Any ideas? Thanks. (The signature below is my machine at home)

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I have just transitioned from Windows 7 32bit to Windows 764bit and now I have Windows 10 64 up and running.
I need to install all my .doc files (my documents) to Microsoft Word so that I can read them. I can read all the file names but unable to read any text so I presume that they now have to be somehow placed in Microsoft Word which I have also installed.

A:how get my documents into Microsoft Word.

Not sure what you mean install into Microsoft Word. Were they made in Microsoft Word ? Did you upgrade to a newer version of Word since these .doc were made ? Usually right click the .doc and select open with, but if made in Word it will open in Word, Microsoft Word Pad will also open these.
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I copied some word processing files yesterday onto a CD dixk and when I looked at the word file it now has multiple copies of the files I copied. I am not sure if this is an xp problem or a word problem. I tried deleting the copied files (identified as copy (2) of file name, for example) and even though they say they are in the recycle bin, now more copies of the files I have deleted have appeared (going up to 40-50 times).Help! How can I get rid of these copied files without making more copies? Thanks for any help I can get.

A:Deleting multiple copies of word documents

go to Word > tools > Options > save tab > uncheck anything about making copies
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Hi split document to multiple into documents? How a Word there I ve got a word document that I need to split into new documents Each page has a specific value on it that I could use to copy the pages that have this value on them into a new workbook i e the first pages of the workbook might have the value on it the next pages might have the value on them the subsequent pages might have the value on them Can anyone show me how to do this in VBA I was thinking that I could maybe find the last page that the values appear on add a page break copy the pages of the book into new documents based on locations of page breaks I ve added But I don t know how to do that especially the bits with question marks Can anyone help me out Public Sub CreatePageBreaks and SplitDoc Dim Mydoc As Document NewDoc As Document Set MyDoc Word Documents quot C myfolder mydoc doc quot Selection HomeKey Unit wdStory MyConst get page that value last appears on Dim y As How to split a Word document into multiple documents? Integer Dim r As Word Range Set r MyDoc Content How to split a Word document into multiple documents? If r Find Execute FindText MyConst Forward False Wrap False True Then y r Information wdActiveEndPageNumber End If create page breaks based on page that last value is on NewDocName quot c myfolder mydoc quot amp MyConst copy pages up until between page break and copy into a new doc NewDoc SaveAs filename NewDocName NewDoc Close MyDoc Close wdDoNotSaveChanges End Sub nbsp

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In Word 2000, unlike Word 97, there is no minimizing button on the document, only on the application. Am I overlooking something?

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I've got a lot of word documents (about 100) that all have the same footer, but they all need to be edited. If I want to make the exact same change in the footer of every document, is there some sort of tool or utility in Word that would allow me to do this? I know a little about Macros, and I could set up a macro that I could run every time I open the document, but I guess what I'd like is a Macro that would open each document, change the footer, close the document, open the next document....etc.

Anyone know the quickest way to accomplish this?

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Hello all first post here I am a Postgraduate student and I require a way to edit work from numerous PCs I have a desktop which is shared with my partner and I have my own laptop I want to be able to edit any of my work from either one depending on Documents Multiple Editing Word Computers on the situation such as if the PC is in use I have tried file sharing Editing Word Documents on Multiple Computers but since my desktop is Windows and my laptop Vista I have had many problems getting this to work It did work until recently but after a recent Vista update they now cannot connect to each other despite me triple-checking the settings in accordance with various tutorials Anyway I would like a way to edit ongoing pieces of work without running into the possibility Editing Word Documents on Multiple Computers of multiple copies of the same file and the ensuing confusion I would also prefer not to have to save any work to a flash disk at the end of each session and transfer it across to the other PC Is there any suitable method for my requirements I am considering Google Docs which would seem to require uploading the document at the end of each session as I do not wish to use Google itself as the primary word application I wish to use Word which is both machines for the actual editing To further complicate things I will sometimes be away from home with my laptop and would ideally like to still have access to the documents for editing which could then be continued from the desktop PC at home on my return in the most up-to-date state I hope I ve explained my situation clearly enough Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated Thanks J nbsp

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Hi, my folder containing my correspondence (letters written) are all Word documents. However, if I try to open them, an error message box comes up saying 'Word cannot start the converter mswrd632.'

Then a page is displayed, which seems to be in computer symbols and not text. I am given options of Windows default, MS Dos and Other. The box shows windows as the option in use.

That is about all I can say. I would appreciate any advice to correct this problem. Many thanks, Graham.

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Hello I use microsoft word word my changes formating in documents. Microsoft the a lot for a project of my I save my files as an html document Microsoft word changes the formating in my documents. so I can view the information with a web browser I used different fonts face size for various things and also highlighting Since Friday I have been having a Microsoft word changes the formating in my documents. problem with this program Microsoft word changes the formating in my documents. I would look at my document in Mozilla Firefox and make the necessary changes using word When I open word all of a sudden the document would be highlighted in yellow and the font faces of some of the data have been shifted around I assume I am using quot font face quot correctly for example Arial and Times Roman etc The only way to change my documents back to how they should be is manually changing the fonts and having to go in quot styles and formating quot in the format menu In here the description of the highlighting is quot clear yellow quot instead of yellow I have reinstalled microsoft office however this didn t change a thing Does anyone know what s wrong with the program computer and how to fix it nbsp

A:Microsoft word changes the formating in my documents.

Welcome to the forum.

Try using "Web Page Preview" from the "File" menu to preview the file without saving it. Without seeing the file I cannot really deduce (figure out) what is going wrong with it.
Can you please zip up the file and post it as an attachment under the advanced editing portion of the post via the button "Manage Attachments?"
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I have an HP computer with Office Starter 2010 pre-installed. I have since installed Office Professional Plus 2010. Documents continue to open to Office Starter instead of Word. How do I set documents to open to Word all the time? I have tried setting the properties of file to open with Word and check marking for all files, but it keeps returning to Office Starter.

A:Microsoft Word 2010 Documents

I would guess go to Uninstall a program and see if there's two versions of Office showing and uninstall starter.
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I have Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007. If I open two Word documents, I am unable to have both documents open for me to work on. One or the other is minimized on the task bar. Clicking the minimized document on the taskbar, minimizes the other document.

The same happens with two Excel documents.

I used to be able to work with two or more Word or two or more Excel documents.

I suspect I changed the settings somehow. If I did, I have no idea how to change it back.


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More precisely cannot open more than documents at once Here's the scenario You've got a folder with say text files In XP you would select them then hit enter and they all pop up one after another The order would be that the last file would open first then the remaining files would open in the order they are listed in Explorer Windows is not like that Here's what happens Pick all files hit enter Nothing No error no warning just nothing happens Pick files hit enter Opens just like normal Pick files nothing Pick files works documents open Cannot multiple fine Pick files works fine Cannot open multiple documents Pick files nothing More oddness When multiple files open they open in a random order More more oddness Close them then open then again Random but in a different random order My thought on this is that it is just a bug That the number of files is or or hex f suggests to me Cannot open multiple documents that the programmer didn't allow for numbers large than hex f Although that number could mean nothing and is simply a coincidence Can you Cannot open multiple documents please try it If I am the only one that can't open more than files it's a problem on my end and I'll address it as such But if everyone else has the problem I think we've found a bug Or even better if you have a solution post it here

A:Cannot open multiple documents

This problem was with Vista aswell. Seems Microsoft did it on purpose.

more here
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Have run numerous and different virus scans and spyware programs and uninstalled reinstalled and repaired Office Professional Tried to change the Normal dot file Nothing happened Would appreciate open any Cannot Word MS documents any ideas on what to do next Everything was running fine and the boom I have been trying to solve this for days Should I do a system restore or could the problem be something else Here s my hijack file I d appreciate some advice Many thanks Elodia Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS Cannot open any MS Word documents system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C Program Files Windows Defender MsMpEng exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS System ACS exe C WINDOWS system brsvc a exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS system brss a exe C Program Files Lavasoft Ad-Aware aawservice exe C PROGRA COMMON AOL ACS acsd exe C Program Files TOSHIBA ConfigFree CFSvcs exe C WINDOWS System DVDRAMSV exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C Program Files McAfee MBK MBackMonitor Cannot open any MS Word documents exe C Program Files Common Files Cannot open any MS Word documents McAfee HackerWatch HWAPI exe C PROGRA McAfee MSC mcmscsvc exe c program files common files mcafee mna mcnasvc exe C PROGRA McAfee VIRUSS mcods exe C PROGRA McAfee MSC mcpromgr exe c PROGRA COMMON mcafee mcproxy mcproxy exe c PROGRA COMMON mcafee redirsvc redirsvc exe C PROGRA McAfee VIRUSS mcshield exe C PROGRA McAfee VIRUSS mcsysmon exe C Program Files McAfee MPF MPFSrv exe C PROGRA McAfee MPS mps exe C Program Files Dantz Retrospect retrorun exe C PROGRA Dantz RETROS wdsvc exe c TOSHIBA Ivp Swupdate swupdtmr exe C WINDOWS wanmpsvc exe C Program Files McAfee MPS mpsevh exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE c PROGRA mcafee com agent mcagent exe C Program Files EzButton CplBTQ EXE C Program Files TOSHIBA Power Management CePMTray exe C Program Files TOSHIBA E-KEY CeEKey exe C Program Files TOSHIBA TouchPad TPTray exe C Program Files Toshiba Controls CpRmtKey EXE C PROGRA B SCLI Win K BSCLIP exe C WINDOWS System ezSP Px exe C Program Files QuickTime qttask exe C Program Files Support com bin tgcmd exe C Program Files Adobe Acrobat Distillr Acrotray exe C WINDOWS system WDBtnMgr exe C Program Files Windows Defender MSASCui exe C Program Files TOSHIBA TOSCDSPD toscdspd exe C PROGRA MUSICM MUSICM MMDiag exe C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe C PROGRA Comcast COMCAS data Xtras mssysmgr exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C Program Files Windows Media Player WMPNSCFG exe C WINDOWS system wuauclt exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C Program Files BigFix BigFix exe C WINDOWS system RAMASST exe C Program Files TrueAssistant TrueAssistant exe C Program Files Musicmatch Musicmatch Jukebox mim exe C Hijack This HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Bar http www comcast net toolbar search R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www comcast net comcast html R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKCU Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Internet Settings ProxyServer O - BHO Adobe PDF Reader Link Helper - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelper dll O - BHO no name - - F - D - - D F - C Program Files Spybot - Search amp Destroy SDHelper dll O - BHO scriptproxy - DB D A - - E -B D- F C - c program files mcafee virusscan scriptcl dll O - BHO Adobe PDF Conversion Toolbar Helper - AE CD -E - f- - EE - C Program Files Adobe Acrobat ... Read more

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hi I know virtually nothing about computers and have uninstalled works as most of my documents have been saving in works or opening via works (as in email attachments)........have I made things worse???I now cant open any word documents at all the message is `this file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action.Please install one or if have it create a default.....please help thanks..........

A:cant open my word documents...

Do you have Microsoft word installed? Go to your Start Menu and look through your programs for a folder named Microsoft, Inside should be a program called Microsoft Word. If not, than you need to buy Microsoft Word, or download Open-office, just google it. It is a free alternative to Word, and it can open word. If you do have word than when that prompt comes back up than select "select program from list" and choose Microsoft Word. Good Luck , without computer for 6 days will check back then . And maybe someone here will help if you need further assistance.
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I have a Dell home computer and have created many Word Docs.

Yet, when I try to open many of them I get blocked by a window that opens and says: "WORD Cannot open doc.: user does not have access priviledges".

I have MS office 2010 and its my computer.

Can't figurer it out.

Any Help would be very appreciated.


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I have tried to delete the files and nothing comes up. I searched the files and folders on the c: I originally had office 2007 and it wasnt working properly and now recently I upgraded to office 2010 and it still doesnt operate properly please help I am at my wits end.

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hi! i think i got a virus that norton doesn't detect i borrowed a flash drive from a friend, and ran a virus check, which came out clean. then i ran some word documents, that weirdly had *.src extensions. some didn't open, others did. so anyway, after using it, and removing the flashdrive, i noticed that there was a "Microsoft Word Document" icon. and since i like my desktop clean, i deleted it, only for it to reappear after 2 seconds. then i right clicked it, and among the choices are: test, configure, install. and i just checked now it seems like all my files have those choices... what's wrong? and can my files be salvaged? HELP, please!!! i just thought it was the file on my desktop, now it looks like all my microsoft word files are like that!!!!!

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I was trying to clean up my computer and was running various spyware and adware programs when I noticed everytime I open a Word Document a prompt opens which begins to download Microsoft Office.

Please help. I thank you very much in advance.


A:Word Documents Install Microsoft Office

Do you mean that the office program on your computer attempts to open?
What malware are you trying to remove? What are the symptoms?
What program(s) have you used to remove the malware?
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When I try and open a saved document, the window freezes and stops responding. After about 5 minutes, it corrects itself and Microsoft Word opens, however not the document, which takes another few minutes to load. What is causing this? I have tried opening documents in Powerpoint and they work okay so it just seems to be Word 2007 that the problem is with.

A:Microsoft Word Hangs On Opening Documents

Did you try to uninstall office and re-install?
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I started a new word document today and the font is too small to read. I restored my computer to a week ago, and problem still exists. font is o.k. on all other programs. Does anyone know how to correct this? thanks. ruthearlene

A:Font on Microsoft Word documents error

On the word page there should be a "font" number size in the top task bar. Chose the font you like...
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i have no used my words for over 3 months bcuz it was summer and it was not needed for school. so i started school and i was typin up a paper, then saved n noticed that it keeps freezing and shuttin off. i went to look online and it seems others have had the same problem, however, most of the advice given was no use to me. i cudnt do or find on the computer wad the directions directed. so can anyone PLEASE help me so i can fix this. i can still resave other saved documents when i revise them, just cannot save new documents. the same thing happens with Microsoft outlook. i would greatly appreciate all the help. and if someone resolved my issue, i can guarantee you that you'll be blessed for working so hard to help me out. thanks so much!
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Hi everybody!

We have a company organisation chart in a document by itself, but it appears in other documents. Is there a way to link/insert/reference the main document into other documents so changes made in one will automatically update within all?

I know you can insert a document by dragging into into another document, however when you update the original it does not seem linked like how I'd need it.


Alex Dunnett

A:Having multiple Word 2010 documents update with a single change

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Using Windows 7 64-bit.

When I click a Word document in Explorer or on the Start menu, I get the error "There was a problem sending the command to the program". I'm using Word 2003, but I don't get this problem with Excel 2003.

I know that when I try to open a document this way, the program uses the command switches "/n" -- which means "open a new instance of Word", -- and "/dde" -- which I don't know what it means. I do know that I don't want the /n switch.

1) How can I remove the /n switch? Remember, I'm not clicking on a shortcut, but on a document icon. I know how to assign the "Open With" command, but I don't see any options about changing command-line switches.

2) Is the /dde switch causing my problem? How do I remove it?
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My friend has a LEGALLY obtained version of word 2010 and the access code for it but is unable to open up .docx sent to him but he is able open word and begin a new document, and when i did a C drive search for the Word application there wasn't one. any insight would help, Thanks.

A:unable to open up word documents

Does it work by opening Word, then opening the document from there?

If so, make sure .docx is associated with Word, which is located here as "WINWORD.EXE":

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14
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Everytime i try to open up a saved word document, Word fails telling me that "Microssoft word has stopped working". It's ine when opening up new files but it can be annoying trying to open up a piece of work in progress.
When i try to re-open after it crashes, word tells me that it would be safe to open up in safe mode. This way i can gain access to some of my saved work. But it's a very round-a-bout way of getting to it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Greetings all.
How do I open two Word documents in Windows7?

In XP I could just click on two documents and both would open. That doesn't work in Windows 7. When I click on the second document the first one disappears.

I often need two documents open so that I can copy and paste between them, see any changes I'm making and compare the two. Having the two open at the same time is much more convenient than having to keep opening and closing them as I have to do in Windows7.

I tried some suggestions that I found on the internet, such as selecting the two documents and clicking, or using OPEN but in each case only one document opens.

I can open two of other types of files, such as PowerPoint shows, so it appears to be related to Word somehow.

I'm using Word 2003.


A:How do I open two Word documents in Windows7?

Word 2003 can't open the newer Word .docx format or Powerpoint presentations. It's been so long since I used it that I can barely remember its functions - but it may need to be installed in XP compatibility mode if you would like it to work properly in Windows 7...
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My computer has XP service pack 2 My problem is with Word 2000.
I can no longer bring up any of my word 2000 documents. It says encountered problem Error message reads error signature Appname. Win word AppVer Modname: win word .exe ModVer offset: 000b72b4

I have loads of Word documents that I need to get too and all I get is the above message. Can someone please help me. Thank you Char

A:Can't open Word 2000 documents Please help

Hello Charlene,

Try deleting the template. Close all instances of word.

Click Start > Search > all Files and Folders > type

when the search results are found delete the listing(s) for

Re-open MS Word.

If not you can try to repair it or reinstall it.
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I have a serious problem. I have a whole bunch of word documents done up in office 2000. I had later installed Office 2007, and didnt like it, so I uninstalled it and went back to the 2000. Now, whenever I open all the existing word documents I only see code like the following... A HytAvEٲ}.F]Iĺ.

- I have downloaded the compatability pack and I try and save the file as a docx instead of a docm file and it says "the converter failed to save the file".
- I have also downloaded a word document viewer hoping that might allow me to at least view them, but that doesnt work either. same problem.

My wife needs all these documents for teaching, so they are very important and I am hoping someone here can help me restore all of these files. I would guess there are 20 - 30 files with this problem.

Thanks all.


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I'm running Windows ME. Been fighting a virus on my computer and did a registry repair and now can't get either Word or Publisher documents to open. Both programs are still listed in the Start/Program menu, but I get the following message when I try to start either program:

"The application must be installed to run. Please run Setup from the location where you originally installed the application."

Well, tried to reinstall Word and got nothing. I thought I'd deleted the Rundll32.exe, and managed to reinstall it (I think). Can't find my ME disk to do anything from there.

I'm desperate for help. Thanks for anything advice you can offer.
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I am trying to write a Macro that will display all open Word Documents and let me select one for viewing. Can anyone help with this? Thanks much.

A:Show all Open Word Documents

Wrong forum JPG2. Please post on the Microsoft Office forum:
Microsoft Office support - Tech Support Forum
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Since a received and opened a word document from a friend, now all word docs that I open open in this compatibility mode and I have to hit escape to view it normally. I have tried countless google searches and nothing has fixed this problem. I am using Microsoft Office 2010.

A:Microsoft word keeps opening documents in compatibility mode

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The title basically says it all. I would like to know how to combine a bunch of Word 2007 documents without overlapping the first page, so basically I want there to be as many pages as there is for the amount of documents I want to combine with the original. Let's say there's the title page, then I want to add another 20 pages, well I should have 21 pages in total by the end of this.

If anyone knows how to do this, it would be greatly appreicated.


A:Combine multiple Word 2007 documents into one document on seperate pages

If this is a one off project the easiest way is to open the document that will be your main document, go the to the end of the document , Go To Insert>Text>Object>Select>Text from File and repeat until complete
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Cannot open WORD documents. I get an error message that says: WINWORD caused an invalid page fault in module MSO9.DLL at 0167:30905909.

In addition I get another error messaage that says: Cannot find the file C:\My Documents\correspondence\Blank Page.doc (or one of its components. Make sure the path aand filename are correct and that all required libraries are available.

I have reinstalled MSOFFICE 2000 and I still get the same error messages. However I can view and print the WORD documents by using Quick View Plus.

Any help will be appreciated.

A:Word 2000: IPF in mso9.dll on Open Documents?

This may help:">Click
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When I click on the name of Word document in a folder to open it, it hangs and then says "Not responding". (This just started happening.) I have the same problem with files in Excel and html (where I use Firefox).

However, I can open files fine if I go to Word and use File, Open.

For some reason, I can still use a folder to open PowerPoint and Adobe files.

I have Windows XP and use Office 2007.

I regularly scan my computer for viruses (with Norton) and for spyware (with SpySweeper) and haven't found any problems.

Does anyone know how to fix this?


A:Word/Excel documents won't open from folder

Hey Ray,

I had a similar problem which was probably different than yours, but here it is for your info. I couldn't access EXCEL or WORD. I would get a lock up and eventually a "can't open excel' message. The short of it was my NORTON had gotten corrupted and because it was set to scan those documents upon opening, it cause them to halt.

Maybe that tidbit will lead you somewhere. Good luck.

- Castleheart
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My system Windows SE Word Excell OE IE Quicken For about two weeks Word and Excell take about l minutes each to open Any document in either takes - minutes to open Tried every which way OE takes - minutes IE and Quicken open ok To reach my dial-up connection is normal Have had system over years Nothing like this ever before Took machine to local repair shop they said it works fine there Then I discovered by chance if I disable Norton Security personal firewall and antivirus while I work off-line dialup connection closed everything works fine But if I leave the Norton programs on while working off line it is all as above One open and slow to documents all Word, Excell other thing When Norton is on and I open Word or a document in lower left corner of screen while this wait time is going on is message about checking with antivirus I have checked with Norton via email support but no response as yet Have not tried to check with Microsoft How may I leave Norton on and or avoid all this nuisance and go about my work Thank you for your advice Geezer nbsp

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There are two images attached. The first image shows the error message that appears when trying to open word documents that come in email attachments. 
To resolve this you need to save the image, right click it and go to properties and click the unlock button and then it works again.
Other people do not have this issue, using office 2010. 
Is there a way to make it so documents just open without needing to be unlocked? 


A:Word documents need unlocking in Properties before they open

In Word go "File" > "Options" > "Trust Centre" > "Trust Centre Settings..." > "Protected View" and uncheck the top three boxes.
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For the past few months I have noticed that Word is taking longer to start and open documents. I have looked for fixes on the internet but to date have come up blank. Can anyone suggest how to diagnose and resolve the issue?

A:Word Slow to load and open documents

Hello and welcome to TSF

What version of Office is it?

What secruity programs do you have installed? (I ask because alot of virus scanners scan a word document before opening.)
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I can't open word documents by double clicking the document file. When i do this, i get an error message 'not enough memory or disk space to run outlook' (although i am not trying to open outlook!)

The only way i can open documents is to open word 2007 and then open documents through there.
the file associations are all set to word.

This problem started because i could not choose word as my default programme for docx files. i changed the programme file name from WINWORD.EXE. to WORD.EXE. and i managed to set the default programme as word, but now i have this problem.

A:can't double click to open word documents

Have you gone into the Control Panel's Default Programs menu and made sure that Word has all of the required defaults?

Control Panel (All Items) > Default Programs > Set your default programs

If that doesn't help, you can set the default for a particular program through the file associations menu.

Control Panel (All Items) > Default Programs > Set Associations

That should atleast allow you to cause .doc, .docx and all other Word related file types to open in Word 2007.
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I am using Word 2003, and do not see either a minimize or restore button on the taskbar when I have an open document, only a close button.

If I want to go to another window, I have to close down Word, and wonder if anyone can tell me how to include a minimize and a restore button.


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I'd had just gotten a brand new harddrive for my laptop and once I brought all my old documents from word over to the new harddrive from my USB drive and then reinstalled Microsoft Office Home & Student 2007 and I try to open a document up an error message pops up saying "C:/Users/Sean/Documents/____/___.doc is not a valid Win32 application". Is there a way to get rid of this or bypass this and get my document to work again? Any help would be very grateful and I would appreciate it.

A:WORD Documents unable to open anymore - NEED HELP!

Open a command prompt and type in:

assoc .doc

Then see what it tells you.

(Note that there is a space between assoc and .doc)
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I use OpenOffice Writer and when I send information from it to my brothers, who use MS OFFICE Word, they cannot open anything that I send them. Is there a free plug-in that will open OpenOffice on their computers. OpenOffice is much too large for them to have both OpenOffice and MS Office on their computers and they say Word is easier for them to use and is much better than OpenOffice Writer and of course much more expensive. I did a search here but found nothing on this, of course I may not have used the right key words etc. If the explaination is on this forum will someone kindly point me in the right direction?

A:Word will not open OpenOffice Writer documents

sluggo123 said:

I use OpenOffice Writer and when I send information from it to my brothers, who use MS OFFICE Word, they cannot open anything that I send them. Is there a free plug-in that will open OpenOffice on their computers. OpenOffice is much too large for them to have both OpenOffice and MS Office on their computers and they say Word is easier for them to use and is much better than OpenOffice Writer and of course much more expensive. I did a search here but found nothing on this, of course I may not have used the right key words etc. If the explaination is on this forum will someone kindly point me in the right direction?Click to expand...

With any document you wish to send them, click File, Save As, then at the bottom of the window beside the cancel button click the drop down arrow and select to save the document as 97/2000/XP format.
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I have Word 2002 which is part of MS Works (came pre-installed), and I have MS office Pro 2000. They all work great except that it seems like Word is getting slower and slower to open and close documents. Most of theses documents are in the 20 to 60 KB in size and have one small graphic, the company logo.

A document takes about 6-7 seconds to open and about 6 seconds to close. It seems like they are getting slower.

My computer is clean, no viruses, no spyware or malware. I use disk cleanup and defrag regularly. I have 256 MB ram, P4 1.7 Gh, 40 Gb hard drive with 69 % unused. I wondered if more ram would help. OS is XP Home. I have AVG antivirus, Zone Alarm Pro, Spywareguard, Palm Hot Sync, CookieWall running all the time. Everything else is fast on my computer except Word.

Any ideas and advice welcome. Thank you.

A:Word documents open and close very slow

Try Office Experts Word troubleshooting, only do the steps until it works right, but you may need to do at least 3 and 5.

Also, if you have a recent Norton, there's a setting in there (under Misc?) that scans Office documents when you open them. Turn it off.
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Whenever I open Word, a document automatically loads into the program. I tried several things including: Rebooted; cleared RAM; erase document from all folders; reinstalled Word. Nothing seems to work!! Please Help!

A:Word: Documents Automatically Open on Launch

Close Word.
Find and rename the file(s) called to
Open Word.
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When I click on a link on a word document or on excel, I am unable to open the link and I get the following message:

This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator.

I am the only operator and I did not place any restrictions.


OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2038 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset Family, 224 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 70017 MB, Free - 57129 MB; D: Total - 6275 MB, Free - 3453 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0HH807
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2013, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled


Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Are you sure that your account is an administrator account?

How about if you also hold down control?
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How do I stop these ghost files from appearing? This never used to happen before in the past.

Files normally start with a $~


A:Ghost files when I open Word Documents

That is just a temp file that office creates. Change your folder options to don't show hidden files

Have a look here

Hidden Files and Folders - Show or Hide
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Whenever I create a Word document, save it, and reboot my computer, the formatting gets messed up. My document is filled with giberish characters.
I have another problem and am not sure if the two are related. When my windows 98 pc boots a window appears on the taskbar that reads "Driver memory error". It disapears soon after.
Could the two problems be related?
Know how to fix either of them?

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Pentium R Dual CPU E GHz x Family Microsoft be Documents Word have - a title intermittently new in 2007 saved Some to Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Intel R G G Express Chipset Family Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard FOXCONN G M Antivirus COMODO Antivirus Updated and Enabled In Word some documents periodically won t save which save correctly at most other times I m assuming it s an Office Suite bug in Word not the Windows hardware as this doesn t happen in Excel or other Office programs When this happens after I go to the File menu and click quot Save quot or click CTRL S to do the same thing I get a window prompt preventing me from re-saving a file I ve already created On these occasions I have to save the file under a new name or put say a different word in front of the same file name to enable it to be saved When I do this the file saves correctly To avoid having duplicates if I try to delete the original Microsoft Word 2007 - Some Documents intermittently have to be saved in a new title document then save the temporary file identical to or an updated version of the original document over the original I get an error message saying the original can t be deleted Eventually it can be deleted I then save the temporary file renaming it and writing over the original file to avoid any duplicates Has anyone else come across the above sort of situations What causes them and is there a remedy If it s in Word as suspected it will be the Microsoft Word 2007 - Some Documents intermittently have to be saved in a new title same regardless of which operating system I use but if not it may stop when I get Windows fairly soon but I thought I d check first before I reinstall the Suite in in case any of you know the source of the problem and if there s a solution to stop this intermittent fault in the hope the fault is eradicated after the re-installation nbsp
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Hello All I am helping a cousin who recently fell victim to the Microsoft Impersonation Scam I have managed to get the computer itself entirely back to the land of the living It is a Windows Home Premium -bit and there are two separate users on the machine For the user who was not the one logged in when the scam attack took place all documents seem to be fine This is not true though for the MS-Word documents under the user who was logged in and it doesn't matter whether they're docx doc or rtf except in one small detail If you attempt to open a doc file or a rtf you get the following dialog If you attempt to open a docx you get a message that it cannot be opened because the file is corrupt After you click OK you get a follow up dialog that says there is readable content and you can try to recover it if you trust the file On the machine that was originally attacked I thought What the heck and tried to recover - it just comes right back to the file is corrupt message Post-Microsoft-Impersonation-Scam Corrupted Documents MS-Word I have no intention of MS-Word Documents Corrupted Post-Microsoft-Impersonation-Scam trying this on my own laptop though I have tried opening the files in MS-Word which is what the docx files on the other machine were created with and the results are exactly the same Does anyone know how these vermin corrupt MS-Word document files and whether there is something out there that would MS-Word Documents Corrupted Post-Microsoft-Impersonation-Scam allow me to disinfect them so they'll be functional again Thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer

A:MS-Word Documents Corrupted Post-Microsoft-Impersonation-Scam

Don't wanna claim that this is the case but that problems seems identical in case with malware that encrypts all files on PC and locks them for good. If you have backup it is possible to get files back. In other cases if nothing is changed no one can help you anymore. Would be best to check PC by someone from forum who cleans malware but he/she can't get you files back if I am correct about this.
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While working on some Microsoft Word Documents with MS Word Starter free version all file icons and extensions everywhere in the computer changed Icons in some Word documents with docx extensions changed to a plain orange attachment while retaining the same extension When double clicked to Word Microsoft changed Documents extensions and file icons open a microsoft window appears asking me Microsoft Word Documents icons and file extensions changed to activate the full Microsoft Office paid version which is in Widows by default These documents are not opening The rest of the Word documents changed their extensions from docx to rtf attachment Their icons also changed from the usual Word Microsoft Word Documents icons and file extensions changed document icon These open with Word Satarter but in Compatibility Mode which did not happen before The option to 'Open with' in the right click menu does not show Word Starter in the pop up window Attachment Not even when 'Other programs' are selected I did a repair to the Word Starter from the Control Panel to no avail I have a few hundred Word documents in my libraries which are now in a total mess What can I do

A:Microsoft Word Documents icons and file extensions changed

You could try rebuilding the Icon cache by following this tutorial.

Icon Cache - Rebuild
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I saved some important documents made with Microsoft Works 3.5 on to A CD. The computer I did this with is no longer available, and when I try to open them from the CD with a different computer, some of the documents just show up as little square boxes, or give the message "This file can not be opened, it may be in use, the inverters for it may not be installed correctly, or it may be corrupt".

I have installed the necessary converters and all. Other CDs that I've made work. And these files use to open from the CD on the computer they were made on. The CD isn't scratched or anything, nor was it stored in excessive heat/cold.

Problem is I really need these documents

Anybody have any solutions or answers?

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Help, I have a new computer and there's no program to open my Microsoft works documents. (word processor and spreadsheet. I think they are wsp files. Is there a program that will open them? Is there a converter that will enable me to get them open in openoffice. What do I have to convert them to for them to open in openOffice. Thanks for your help.

A:How to open Microsoft works documents.

I believe that LibreOffice supports MS Works documents.
It's basically one side of a fork from OpenOffice from 2 years back (the other is Apache Open Office).
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Hi everyone!

This is my first post here so hope I am clear enough and someone can help

I am wondering if it is possible to do the following in word 2007. The reason I want to use this program is for easy access and completion by multiple low-level skilled people in my organisation.

I want to have a central word doc with employee data (ie names, addresses, phones, emails etc..) and have this data auto insert into a series of forms on multiple documents.

This data is used many times and figure this will make it easy to ensure all the data is current as it will all read off the one central document, also will the human error factor and lost time to enter the same data several times.

Is this possible?

Hope you can help
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I have Microsoft Office 2003 installed and also the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack 2007. However, when I receive an e-mail with a Microsoft Word 2007 attachment, the document will not open even with the Compatibility Pack installed. I can not convert .docx to .doc. Any advice please?

A:Microsoft Outlook 2003 - Attachments in Microsoft Word 2007 will not open

Hi again,

Anybody able to help me with this please?
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I recently purchased an ASUS Windows bit computer I transferred my Microsoft Works Version word processor and spreadsheet files from my old computer onto the new computer I just purchased the Microsoft Office Home and Student Edition bit version from an online vendor and installed the software onto my new computer I have no problems opening my Works spreadsheet files in Excel However when I attempt to open a Works word processor file in Word I get gibberish I Microsoft Cannot Files Word in Works Microsoft Open 2013 did some research online and found out that there is a Microsoft tool called Works - Converter which allows Cannot Open Microsoft Works Files in Microsoft Word 2013 one to open Works files in Word I downloaded the Works - Converter tool from the Microsoft Support website and installed it on my PC However when I subsequently attempted to open a Works word processor file in Word a dialog box appeared with the error message Word cannot start the converter Wks Pxy cnv and the file Cannot Open Microsoft Works Files in Microsoft Word 2013 did not open properly i e I got gibberish I did a little more research online and found out that uninstalling the Works - Converter then downloading and installing the Microsoft Visual C Redistributable Package and finally reinstalling the Works - Converter may correct this problem I followed these steps but unfortunately when I attempt to open a Works word processor file in Word I get the same error message and the file does not open properly If someone can give me advice on a successful way to open Works spreadsheet files in Word I would greatly appreciate it

A:Cannot Open Microsoft Works Files in Microsoft Word 2013
Reboot after any changes you make.
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I am using office 2007. I had to get a new laptop and could only get Windows 8. Now when I click on a word document icon, the document will not open unless I open word and then open the document through word. The excel files open no problem, just the word docs.

Any idea how to fix this?

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When I click on a link on a word document or on excel, I am unable to open the link and I get the following message:

This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator.

I am the only operator and I did not place any restrictions.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2038 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset Family, 224 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 70017 MB, Free - 57195 MB; D: Total - 6275 MB, Free - 3453 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0HH807
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2013, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:Solved: Unable to open links from word documents

LUIS39 said:

When I click on a link on a word document or on excel, I am unable to open the link and I get the following message:

This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator.

I am the only operator and I did not place any restrictions.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2038 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset Family, 224 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 70017 MB, Free - 57195 MB; D: Total - 6275 MB, Free - 3453 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0HH807
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2013, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: EnabledClick to expand...

Hi Luis, Sorry to hear that you are having this problem. Perhaps this can be of some help.

Fix unable to open url error message in Word:
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Often when I am opening documents in Word 2003, it takes ages for the system to respond 20-60 secs and when it does so it does it in a jerky fashion.
I have recently upped the RAM to 1 gig, so can't belive this is the problem.

Has anyone else had this problem? Can you suggest what to do to do to fix it. it can be very irritating to sit and wait for the system to respond.



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I have 5 computers on a network of 17 computers that when I try to open or save a document in either Word or Excel they open or save very slowly. I am using XP Professional and Office 2003 Business. Most of the computers work properly but the few I am speaking of if you open a document from the C drive it opens immediately. However if I open a networked fileit takes upward from 15 seconds depending on the size of the file.

If anyone else has found a solution to this problem please let me know. I have Googled this problem but have yet to find a solution.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium MS Can't Open Office etc) Powerpoint, Documents Solved: (Word, bit Processor AMD Athlon tm II X Processor AMD Family Solved: Can't Open MS Office (Word, Powerpoint, etc) Documents Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card ATI Radeon HD Graphics Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Acer Aspire M U G Antivirus AVG Anti-Virus Disabled The trial period was over for the MS Office trial that came preloaded on my new computer so I bought and activated the MS Office Home and Student product key Afterwards I had been able to open and edit Word Powerpoint etc documents I recently uninstalled the MS Office trial that was on my new computer to try to get rid of quot junk quot that was taking up space Now I can t open open any of the existing documents I have saved on my desktop or anywhere else The only way I can even save and open a document is to open the for example Word app make a new document and save it to desktop and then open the Word app File Open and open it from there The message I get when I try to open a document is quot This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action Please install a program or if one is already installed create an association in the Defaults Programs control panel quot I tried to do that and change doc file type so that the current default of quot Unknown application quot would change so it would open with MS Office Virtualization Handler and when I tried to open a word document on my desktop it wouldn t open After more fiddling now I have word documents opening with different applications WordPad and Microsoft Works Word Processor doc associated with Microsoft Works Word Processor docx associated with WordPad First how do I undo this Second why wouldn t my documents open in the first place before I did anything in control panel Please help me before my brothers find out actually want to do homework on the computer nbsp

A:Solved: Can't Open MS Office (Word, Powerpoint, etc) Documents

Things got messed up as you uninstalled the trial version after installing the Home and Student version.
You may need to remove the H and S version and reinstall it.
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Hello everyone thanks for viewing So I logged onto my laptop to work on my university assignment some more and poof it won't open I keep getting the same error - open Error Documents will 2003 :( not Office Word every time I can open the file in WordPad but I just get fifteen pages of quot gt lt quot amp quot I can open it in OpenOffice but the formatting all changes headers footers disappear images disappear text boxes containing quotes aren't there I copied the Open Office version into a new blank Word page and filled in the blanks which took me an hour but when I saved and opened the file I got the same Office 2003 Error - will not open Word Documents :( error Hoping it was me doing something wrong with the way I saved it or the default program to open it I repeated the process taking up another hour but I'd done it right and got the same error code The default program to open it is Office the same format I made saved the replacement file in It makes no sense to me Also why now What changed It was working fine yesterday Not done any downloads or scans so I don't know what the changed factor is Please can anyone help me these assignments are dawning upon me and I need to get my finishing touches done before I can submit them I also don't want to risk submitting a faulty file Thank you so much
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I have a Dell Dimension running Office XP and I use Microsoft Office Professional I bought this computer in I have been having a problem for several weeks ever since I had a number of viruses and other bad things going on with my computer which have since been resolved I can t open documents that I had previously created with Microsoft Office Word and Excel When I try to do so I Solved: Documents Microsoft Office Can't Open get a message at the bottom of the screen that says quot requesting virus scan Solved: Can't Open Microsoft Office Documents quot and a timer comes up but then nothing happens I have tried a number of things including uninstalling and reinstalling Microsoft Office Professional going to the Help Menu Detect and Repair when I open Excel or Word and nothing works I was having trouble even opening Word it would only open in Safe mode every other time I tried to open it until I read another helpful hint in this forum today about renaming normal dot I am hoping that someone Solved: Can't Open Microsoft Office Documents will be able to help me with this problem as I am pulling my hair out I had Solved: Can't Open Microsoft Office Documents someone come to help me clean out my computer when I was having all my problems several weeks ago and he was not able to figure this one out either nbsp

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Every time I Microsoft documents!!! License can't open and Expired try to open a document or Excel I get a pop up that my quot Microsoft Home and Student Trial has ended quot and goes on to request that I upgrade The lowest cost upgrade is Euro Considering that I am now and have little requirement for setting up further documents at present and only need to open or source or at most this is an expense I don't need First of all I did not enter into a 'Trial' so maybe it got downloaded 'hidden' or 'not obvious' in another download The documents and one Microsoft License Expired and can't open documents!!! Excel spread sheet that I require to open and update were set up in and I have been able to access them without problem up to a couple of weeks ago I bought a new computer in January - therefore it doesn't look like it was a trial that came with the computer - being now months old I have tried to open these documents with every other option available but none are successful Neither does it let me copy or carry out any other function other than 'Open' Anyone got a solution Thank you for your time and help

A:Microsoft License Expired and can't open documents!!!

Hi Cheeki and welcome to Seven Forums.

I think the best thing you can do is download and install LibreOffice. It is 100% free and will open Microsoft Office documents unless they are encrypted with a password. You can get it here.LibreOffice 4 is here!
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Using Windows 7 64-bit.

When I click a Word document in Explorer or on the Start menu, I get the error "There was a problem sending the command to the program". I'm using Word 2003, but I don't get this problem with Excel 2003.

I know that when I try to open a document this way, the program uses the command switches "/n" -- which means "open a new instance of Word", -- and "/dde" -- which I don't know what it means. I do know that I don't want the /n switch.

1) How can I remove the /n switch? Remember, I'm not clicking on a shortcut, but on a document icon. I know how to assign the "Open With" command, but I don't see any options about changing command-line switches.

2) Is the /dde switch causing my problem? How do I remove it?

A:Command-line switches: Can't open Word by clicking on documents

What happens if you right click on Word, choose properties and then set it to "run in compatibility with Vista"?
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When I try to open a saved Word document it initially trys to open in my JASC Paintshop Pro and of course it can't. I have to right click and indicate to open with Word For Windows. How can I set it so these documents open automatically with word? I have nothing clicked off under the file formats in Paintshop.

A:Solved: MS Word Documents Tring to Open in Paint Shop

Hello right click
open with
choose the program you want
and tick the always use the selected program to open this kind of file

try that please
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Can anyone help me out?

I click on microsoft word to try and open it and it doesn't even make an attempt to open. My word files also won't open. They are there, but just don't open.
Any ideas??

Thanks in advance!

A:Microsoft word and word doccuments won't open

May be virus problem
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Don't know if I explained that very well. I pasted a picture (approx. the size of a VHS box) into a Word 97 doc. It caused the white area that you type your text into to SHRINK down to the size of an index card. I closed it down, didn't save anything. But now, every time I open Word, I am faced with a little index card sized field to type in. I can't see what I'm typing! The index card sized thing is surrounded by a sea of gray. I didn't check anything off to keep it that way...what have I done? How can I restore it to its normal view? I want to get it back to where the whole white page of paper appears there. I have rebooted to to avail.

A:I pasted a picture into Word - now all documents open with only tiny-size fields
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Whenever I try to open any of my Microsoft Office documents (excel or word), the Windows Installer box pops up and I get the "preparing to install" and "please wait while windows configures Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003" messages. The document semms like it's opening but it only shows a blank page with a gray background. I'm running Windows XP and as was mentioned, Windows Office Professional Edition 2003.
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I made a topic quite a long time ago, with little response from this community.. I've decided to download desktop recording software and take a video clip of the error..

I've tried downloading recommended updates from Windows, I've tried repairing the installation, I've tried reinstalling Office 2007, I've tried repairing the program internally, I've tried many other solutions, with no progression.

Any help towards a solution would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey all,So When opening any word document either from within word 2007, or from directly selecting the document, two documents open. The second document is the same as the first but there are definate issues when trying to edit the second one. The second document also does not have a title to be found. unable to close the second document until the first one is closed.It sortive reminds me of an OLE issue but I have no idea on how to fix this. I tried a uninstall and reinstall of Office. Of course I tried looking through the menus and such but not sure where to navigate on this, I maybe over looking something. Maybe I am not using the correct search termanology since I am not finding anything on it. Anyone out there have a clue or better yet an awnser on how to stop the second window from showing?ThanksBleepingNetwork

A:microsoft Office Word opens multiple docs

I am still having this issue, I have been unable to find anything on this. if anyone has an Idea plz drop a note here
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I have windows xp on this laptop and microsoft word I don't think I have ever been able to open word but I am not for sure as I have had just recently the need to use it Every time I try to open something up I get an error saying there is not enough memory or disk space to open From what I looked up and tried to do on my own I think it has something to do with the compatibility pack for the office I deleted it but it still won't open any word documents I even received the message quot this patch package could not be Can't Microsoft open Word opened Verify that the patch package exists and that you can access it or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid windows installer patch package I don't know what to do to fix this I need this program so bad I am taking online college courses and must use this program Please if anyone can help me Can't open Microsoft Word I would be so gracious This site has helped me previous times I love what you all do for people like us Thanks so much

A:Can't open Microsoft Word

Not very Promising, I'm afraid An alternative would be Open Office, whis is free and compatible with MS Office applications
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When I try to open any Word document , Windows Installer pops up and say "Please wait while Windows configures Microsoft Office 2000 Professional..." Then it says "The feature you are trying to use is on a CD-ROM or other removable disk. Please insert MSO 2000 Pro."
Well it used to work. And I've got to open my resume to get a job!!!! And no, I dont have the disk. This happens at every startup too. I have to sit the and cancel it over and over again as it tries three times to load. Your help would grrrrrrreatly appreciated.

A:Microsoft Word Won't Open

If you need your resume straight away, you can download; its word processor should be able to open the Word document (unless the original .doc file has become corrupt).
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I was typing a word document yesterday and Word open won't Microsoft a security message came up from Kaspersky the internet security I use with options I didn t take much notice and Microsoft Word won't open just clicked on the rd option which then blocked what I was doing and closed the document Microsoft Word won't open down When I tried to re-open the document I was getting the message quot Windows cannot access the specified device path or file You may not have the appropriate permission to access the item quot Now when I try to click on the word icon or try to open Microsoft Word won't open any saved word document I get the same message I did a search on google with the error message and tried to access word by first disabling my Kaspersky I was able to access word no problem with my security disabled so presumably this is where the problem lies Can anyone help as I don t know what I can do to be able to access word with my security enabled Thanks nbsp

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Hi All Hope someone can help.

We have recently updated boyfriends computer on here as it hasn't been on the net for several years and now I cannot open Word. When I click on the shortcut an error message comes up ' This action is only valid for products that are currently installed' but it was working fine before. Problem is I run my own business and my son is doing his A levels so we both need word working on here as its a much better computer. My system is Windows XP, both Microsoft and HP have sent me things to try but can't seem to action them.

Thanks Debs

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Whenever I try and open Word (frontpage, excel and powerpoint work fine), it says it's "Preparing to install" then it says "Please wait while Windows configures Microsoft Office XP with Frontpage", then goes to a popup that asks to "Insert the 'Microsoft XP Professional with Frontpage' disk and click OK"

I would, but I lost my Win XP Pro cd... It used to work, but now it won't run, anyone encounter this before?