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Solved: Access 2007 / Excel 2007 - Linking to a database

Q: Solved: Access 2007 / Excel 2007 - Linking to a database

I m trying to get the results of Access queries to be linked to an Excel workbook I ve been using the Data tab in Excel clicking the quot From Access quot button in the upper left / - 2007 to database Access Solved: a 2007 Excel Linking and choosing Solved: Access 2007 / Excel 2007 - Linking to a database the Access database Then it asks what query I want to link The problem arises when I try to link a specific query which we ll call qry x This query is based on Solved: Access 2007 / Excel 2007 - Linking to a database several other queries one of which is qry z Frustratingly when I try to link qry x to the Excel workbook I get an error Solved: Access 2007 / Excel 2007 - Linking to a database message that says that Access can t find qry z and suggests maybe I spelled the name incorrectly However qry z definitely exists as part of the database and when I run qry x which is based on qry z in Access the correct results are displayed with no error Note qry x is the only query this is happening to I can link any other query with no problem at all including qry z What could be going wrong Thanks in advance nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Solved: Access 2007 / Excel 2007 - Linking to a database

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hi, I have a database of contacts, each contact has a reference number. In Excel I use the same reference number in column A, I would like to use this number in Excel to lookup from my database the full name of my contact from my Access database. Is this possible? thank you

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I have created a spreadsheet that has several links to other spreadsheets, all held in the same directory. Every time I open the spreadsheet it says it cannot find the other sheets, so I have to update it. There are quite a few links, which turns this into a very tedious process.

Any idea why this is happening?

Thank you in advance for any help!

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Hello, I am using Windows 7 and MS Access 2007. I have 2 tables. Both tables have the "NAME" field. I also have the "OK" field with data type of "Yes/No" in the second table. These two tables have different records of NAME. But sometimes, these NAMEs match each other. What I want to ask is, how can I link these two tables so when there are records with the field of "NAME" that match in two tables, the field of "OK" will be filled with value "Yes". Otherwise, the value is "No".

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I have an Access 2007 database. On the main form there is a command button that opens a table. If the user adds a record to the table, how would I requery the combobox on the form to show that new record?
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Hi Solved: Database 2007 MS Access I started using the Call Tracker template on MS Access for a new Call Logging System at work I am having trouble linking different fields to one another On the Call Lists page I have created Solved: MS Access 2007 Database new text box fields in design view However I can t get these fields to link with fields I created in the Call Details design view I have followed the same format the existing fields i e Title is in but I can t seem to get them to link properly I think it is done by using the Control Source but as I hae no experience on Access I m not sure if I am doing it right As well as this I need the text entered in these text fields to populate fields below it with information from another database that I have imported into the Call Tracker For example if I have three fields called Company Name Company ID and Customer ID and when text is entered into Company ID it looks up that ID in the other database and enters the required text Company Name Customer Name into the corresponding fields Any help would be appreciated Regards Archie nbsp

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Hi I have two list boxes one named listRegion and one named listCountry When you click a region from the first list I need the countries to show up in the second one based on the tblProjects table tblProjects and has fields called Region text and text linking - instead with combo/list values Solved: Access 2007 of boxes ID#? Country text to hold the region and country names The reason they re formatted as text is because I want to avoid linking to ID numbers if possible for a reason that we don t need to go into here Don t worry there s no chance they won t be unique I ve gotten this to work in the past using code like this Private Solved: Access 2007 - linking combo/list boxes with text values instead of ID#? Sub listRegion AfterUpdate Update the row source of the listCountry list Solved: Access 2007 - linking combo/list boxes with text values instead of ID#? box when the user makes a selection in the listRegion list box Me listCountry RowSource quot SELECT Country FROM quot amp quot tblProjects WHERE Region quot amp Me listRegion amp quot ORDER BY Country quot End Sub But now when I click a value on the listRegion list box it prompts me for a value for example if I click Africa it asks me to enter a value for Africa Can Access not pass non-numerical data from one listbox to the other Am I stuck using IDs nbsp

A:Solved: Access 2007 - linking combo/list boxes with text values instead of ID#?

Access can pass anything you like, but you have to tell it to pass the correct thing.
For instance if you use the Combo box wizard to create a combo it invariably uses 2 fields/columns, the ID and the text.
If you refer to Me.listRegion and it is using the ID as the first Column, that is what you get. not the text, you can use the Column funtion to specify which column you want Access to use, starting with column 1 as 0 so the ID would be
and the text would be

However, Access does not like the Columns reference in queries and will quite often ignore or mis-interpret them, so if that happens it would be safer to set the value to a hidden dummy text field which can be referred to in the query.
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Hi folks,

I made my database with a user interface. I have been using my desktop PC at work.
When I tried to query it (I was successful in opening it) with my personal laptop, I got this message:

"Your network access was interrupted. To continue, close the database, and then open it again"

Of course the patch they suggest, doesn't work...

Could you help me?

Thank for your time.
Have a good one


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Hey all I m currently creating a database as a project and I have nearly finished it but I have run into some major problems that I just can t seem to figure out I have three tables in my database TBLPRODUCT TBLSELLER and Database 2007 Access problems :( Solved: TBLPRODUCTSELLER The primary keys from TBLPRODUCT and TBLSELLER have been stored as foreign keys in TBLPRODUCTSELLER with the relationship to it from the two other tables being one-to-many Anyway I ve created a form that allows the user to view products from TBLPRODUCT I did this by creating a query that fetches all of the fields from TBLPRODUCT and places them onto the form Additionally I created a combobox that allows users to filter the records by the category so for instance electronics furniture etc However as each product has seller information attached to it which Solved: Access 2007 Database problems :( is linked by the primary keys of the TBLPRODUCT and TBLSELLER tables which are called PRODUCTID and SELLERID respectively I need that information to be viewable in the form for each record also so for instance I need the Seller First Name Seller Surname and Seller Telephone information for each product to be viewable The problem is that when I edit the query in the form to allow fields from TBLSELLER to be placed onto the form the form no longer works and now displays no records at all I don t want to use a subform because I just want the fields to look like the Product fields that are already on the form plus I already tried making a subform and it didn t work I am relatively new to databases and I m not proficient with code so if this can be solved without any code that would be great Thanks nbsp

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I have an Excel workbook in which I keep racing records The data goes back about years and as i have accumulated several hundred thousand records I have moved much of the historical data onto separate sheets in the workbook so that values for calcs that rely on the historical data can be auto updated For current data I use a separare sheet as i was finding that Excel 2007 Help Workbook convert to Large Access 2007 to required sucessfully it was takin Help required to sucessfully convert Large Excel 2007 Workbook to Access 2007 g a long time to perform calcs when all the data up to rows was all on the sheet I wanted to know Help required to sucessfully convert Large Excel 2007 Workbook to Access 2007 if it was possible Help required to sucessfully convert Large Excel 2007 Workbook to Access 2007 to convert what i have to Access as it has been suggested that a database would do a better job of handling so much data rather than Excel I have moderate knowledge of Excel and have been able to build up the series of formulas for calculations in Excel over the years and have it pretty well doing all the things i want now but I have very little knowledge of Access design so not sure if I can convert and how to do it The Excel workbook contains a lot of formula that do calcs on past results and then use those calcs to do predeictive calcs for upcoming races Because it was very quot maths quot based to start with I started off using Excel and it has all grown from there Is it possible to convert what I have to Access Is is reasonably able to be done by a moderate user like me with some expert help The files i have are too big to attach here but would be happy to prepare some sheets without much data to show what i am doing and get advice nbsp

A:Help required to sucessfully convert Large Excel 2007 Workbook to Access 2007
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I m trying to run an Excel macro active to Access sheet code Excel 2007 2007 VB run macro in from Access when I get to the point where I want the macro stored in the active workbook I m getting the following run-time error run-time error object variable or with block variable not set It won t run the macro Access 2007 VB code to run Excel 2007 macro in active sheet at all I would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me fix my code so the macro will run The code is listed below step is where I get the error Code Option Compare Database Sub GetJournal Entry Data transfer to Excel 'Step Declare your Variables Dim MyConnect As String Dim MyRecordset As ADODB Recordset Dim MyQueryDef As DAO QueryDef Dim MyDatabase As DAO Database Dim MySQL As String Dim MyRange As String Dim s As String Dim Db As Database Dim xl As Excel Application Set xl CreateObject quot Excel Application quot Dim xlwkbk As Excel Workbook 'Dim xlworkbk As Excel Workbook Dim xlsheet As Excel Worksheet Dim i As Integer 'Step Declare your connection string MyConnect quot Provider Microsoft ACE OLEDB Persist Security Info False Data Source P FINANCE Balance Sheet Inventory Project TAN Project TAN accdb User ID Admin quot 'Step Build Your SQL Statement MySQL quot Select From mtb-TantasticJE's Where mtb-TantasticJE's Dscrptn Text 'Culls Stat 'and mtb-TantasticJE's Co Code ' ' quot 'Step Instantiate and specify your recordset Set MyRecordset New ADODB Recordset MyRecordset Open MySQL CurrentProject Connection 'Step Instantiate Excel If Excel isn't Loaded Error occurs Set xl GetObject quot Excel Application quot 'Step Open TAN JE Export xlsx Set xlwkbk xl Workbooks Open quot P FINANCE Balance Sheet Inventory Project TAN TAN JE Export xlsm quot Set xlsheet xlwkbk Worksheets quot Culls Stat quot xl Visible True xlwkbk Windows Visible True xlsheet Cells ClearContents 'Step Find First empty cell and use that to build a dynamic range With xlsheet xl Range quot A quot CopyFromRecordset MyRecordset Columns quot B B quot Select Selection Insert Shift xlToRight Range quot C quot Select Range quot C quot Select 'Cols To Insert 'Worksheets quot Culls Stat quot Range quot B quot amp Chr Asc quot B quot Cols To Insert amp quot quot EntireColumn Insert Cols To Insert Worksheets quot Culls Stat quot Range quot F quot amp Chr Asc quot F quot Cols To Insert amp quot quot EntireColumn Insert Cols To Insert Worksheets quot Culls Stat quot Range quot J quot amp Chr Asc quot J quot Cols To Insert amp quot quot EntireColumn Insert Cols To Insert Worksheets quot Culls Stat quot Range quot M quot amp Chr Asc quot M quot Cols To Insert amp quot quot EntireColumn Insert Cols To Insert Worksheets quot Culls Stat quot Range quot Q quot amp Chr Asc quot Q quot Cols To Insert amp quot quot EntireColumn Insert Cols To Insert Worksheets quot Culls Stat quot Range quot T quot amp Chr Asc quot T quot Cols To Insert amp quot quot EntireColumn Insert End With 'Step Add column heading names to the spreadsheet 'For i To MyRecordset Fields Count 'xl ActiveSheet Cells i Value MyRecordset Fields i - Name 'Next i 'Step save as text file amp Close active recorset xl Visible True xl Run quot Export Stat culls TXT File quot xlwkbk Close True COLOR red ActiveWorkbook Close ------ This is where I get the run-time error COLOR ActiveWindow WindowState xlMinimized MsgBox quot JE Has Been Exported to Excel amp Text File quot 'Step Memory Clean up Set xlsheet Nothing Set xlwkbk Nothing Set xlApp Nothing Set Db Nothing MyRecordset Close End Sub 'Step Close Excel Private Sub Workbook BeforeClose Cancel As Boolean Dim wBook As Workbook Dim LCount As Long If Cancel False Then For Each wBook In Workbooks If wBook Name lt gt Me Name And UCase wBook Name lt gt quot PERSONAL XLS quot Then LCount LCount End If Next wBook If LCount Then Excel Application Quit End If End Sub nbsp

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I am a beginner trying to design a customer database in Access for my company They sent me to full days of classes on Access and I am still having trouble I mostly understand all of the basic concepts of Access but the design part is hard for me I half understand the point of normalizing and am having trouble with the concept that nothing can be repeated Every customer has a different amount on of Solved: Access Help in 2007 customer design database of information Some customers have addresses physical and mailing some don t Some customers have email addresses and phone number and some have email address and phone number In my database I want to include -Customer name -Address es -Phone number s -Fax numbers s -Email s -Contact Person s Solved: Help on design of customer database in Access 2007 -Notes Section Pretty much the same info as a contact card in outlook but in database form So from what I learned in class my understanding is that anything that has more than one option should be made into a separate table Then you should link them up through the relationships What is the most efficient way to design this Please help My boss thinks that this should be a super easy task and it s not for me nbsp

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I have Office 2007 on Windows 7.

When I am working on a sheet (or document) the ribbon can become inaccessible, nothing works when I click it (like a 'Not Responding' screen).

If, I switch to another open sheet/doc and then switch back the ribbon is accessible again!

I have uninstalled/reinstalled Office plus SP's twice but the problem persists, and, as is usually the case, this does not happen all the time but enough times for it to be really annoying!

Any ideas?

Thanks for your time on this


A:Cannot access the Ribbon functions in Excel 2007 or Word 2007

Could you please post a screenshot or two?
And what are file sizes (MB)?
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I want to create a work book where the first 5 sheets show the travel undertaken by members of staff, at the end of each row will be a cost centre relating to the travel taken, is there a formula whereby the row will automatically copy to 6th, 7th, or 8th (etc) spread sheet so that the travel is categorised in one spread sheet by who travelled and in the other by cost code? Our operating system is Vista and we have Excel 2007. Thank you for your help.

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I have an attendance sheet that I need to copy for 400 employees. I have linked it to database that I imported and filtered. I am only extracting name, id, fte and hire date. On my timesheet tab I am copying and pasting a new sheet for each employee, but when I copy a new sheet, the formula updates by linking to the new position based on copied/pasted line, instead I want a formula to pick up next employee and each one after. See attached (i.e., look in formula bar on the record I'ved copied, and see how it reads ='Employee List'!$F51, instead I need it to pick up ='Employee List'!F3, then on the next copied timesheet, ='Employee List'!F4. But instead it grabs whatever line I start on. What is a way to do this? Also is there an easier way than copying 400 employee timesheets (every 50 lines), than what I'm doing?

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Just wondering if there was a way to link cells in excel 2007, that would also link the formats. we change the precident cell to a different colour background to represent a different date, so making the dependant with it would be great.

I am also wondering what the best way to link a cell would be? the "paste link" function works well, but if i do more than one cell at a time, the dollars signs do not get pasted. I've tried typing "=" and then clicking on the cell. I think the main difference is the dollar signs, but just wondering what the positives/negatives of doing it either way would be, and what is the best way to link?

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I have a basic database created that has a main form with two subforms. One subform is displayed on the main form and it is working fine. The second subform I would like to be opened by clicking a button on the main form. I know how to set up a button etc. What I can't seem to work is getting the second subform to link to the main form data.

The second subform should only allow for a single record per master record. But I just can figure it out.

The database is set up with a front end and back end, so I've attached both.

Thank you!

A:Access 2007 - linking subforms

Brad, welcome to the Forum.
Sorry, I can't open Access 2007 databases.
In what way does the subform need to only show one record, is the data coming from the same table as the mainform?
The thing that controls the subform records is the Form's Master/Child Links.
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I am using the Call Tracker template in Access 2007, and have got rid of the Call's List table and am just left with the Calls Table and the Call Details Form. I have created a query which finds information based on a set of numbers from two separate databases which I imported into my database. However, I want to be able to link that query to a form. In this form I have text boxes, each are labelled and linked to the table. So what I want the query to do is; when the number is entered into a text box, and the Enter Key is pressed, the query runs and finds the information and inputs it into the required fields below it.

If that doesn't make sense please let me know, any help will be appreciated.



A:Access 2007 Linking a query to a form

It does not make sense without a bit more information.
Are you trying to "Find" a particular record?
As your form should already display the data.
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started workbook with data input sheets Those are where I cut and paste monthly financials from other Excel spreadsheets Using this formula to pull data from the input Building database 2007 Excel spreadsheets into the main database spreadsheet That s mapping okay as an example using this formula IF ISERROR HLOOKUP Core Data L amp Core Data M amp Core Data O DI NonVPPM B XFD FALSE TRUE quot quot HLOOKUP Core Data L amp Core Data M amp Core Data O DI NonVPPM B XFD FALSE problem is I want to pull the data from the main database spreadsheet into reports where I want to present the data sliced several ways Was using this type formula to pull it before in a smaller workbook and it seemed to work okay But now with a bigger data set I m getting a Value message back saying Building 2007 Excel database the data is Building 2007 Excel database not the type need for the formula Here s what I ve been using IF SUMPRODUCT Core Database H H B Core Database M M C Core Database K K E Core Database Q Q SUMPRODUCT Core Database H H B Core Database M M C Core Database K K E Core Database N N D Core Database T T SUMPRODUCT Core Database H H B Core Database M M C Core Database K K E Core Database N N D Core Database Q Q Lookinig for help I m pretty good with Excel but think this project may be a little above my head but I m determined to learn and get it done By the way I m using an HP Laptop with G ram Windows XP Building 2007 Excel database and the Excel file has grown to about meg thanks in advance for any help you can give dpatrickassoc nbsp

A:Building 2007 Excel database

welcome to the board.

All the message says is that the expected value in one of the fields is not what the formula can work with, it's either an empty field where no 0 values or null values are allowed or whatever.

With this information and no access to the source data it's like looking for a needle in a pitch dark room with no flashlight.

What I mean to say is I think insert a new (empty) worksheet and then put each value in a different cell and see what you get in return:


A1 ='Core Database'!$H$2:$H$8400=$B4
A2 ='Core Database'!$M$2:$M$8400=$C4


Then you can build the formula based on A1, A2 , etc and see what happens with which one.

Step-by-step will get a longer way than running when you keep tripping (wow that's philosophical )

I mean, just try this, I'm sure the problem is quite simple since it worked before.

Good hunting.
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Is there a way to have a form in Excel where a person fills out information, clicks a save button and the information is uploaded/exported to an Access database?

Also, is there a way to have a form in Access be the only thing to display when a user opens the database?

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Hi Everyone I am new to techguy so if I am posting this in the wrong forum please point me to in the right direction I am working on a database project that involves skip tracing loan borrowers and cosigners who have bad phone numbers The process begins with a list that includes their names SSN last known address email address loan number balances charge off status and how many days past due After the list is work it gets added to an excel spreadsheet with new information such as phone number accounts that were found gets added to the bal found column charge off accounts gets added to the charge off column track source is added in I am designing a database to help Access 2007 Database keep track of resolved account their balances how many times the account have been Access 2007 Database review last date of review and so forth Again I am new to database and this is a real world app I am working on just started and I am stuck on the table and relationship I am attaching a screen shot of the tables I have so any suggestions and input will highly be appreciated Thanks in advance nbsp

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Please can someone help me.I manage a band and we have a database of 3,000 contacts. The headings are name,location,email, website. I wanted to put all this into my contacts sheet so that rather than getting a mailing list program I'll just use outlook and distribution lists. I was going to set up different address books for each location. i.e USA.

A box saying you have not named the ranges keeps coming up. Honestly i dont have a clue and could really do with a step by step, baring in mind i know nothing.

Problem is that it wont import from Excel into Outlook. Im getting desperate now their album is out in February and i have not used the direct mailing yet.

I cant find a step by step idiots guide to doing this anywhere.

Can someone help there is a free album in it if you can lol

Please help.
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I have been searching for a while for the answer to my question with very little luck. So I thought that I would ask on how to this without my file becoming so large in my tables.

My issue is that I am trying to figure out how to do a long range schedule with no consistent work schedule. Things are constantly changing where I work and need a better way to track who is suppose to work what days. Is there something that I am missing in database design to figure this out.

A:Access 2007 Database for Scheduling

Zedrenael, welcome to the Forum.
I am not sure what your problem is regarding "how to this without my file becoming so large in my tables".
I can't work with Access 2007 only Access 2000-2003.
Can you show me Screen Shot of your Table Relationships?
Can you provide a brief description of what the currrent database does?
I have created a few "Appointment" type databases which is similar in concept to Scheduling so if I knew what you were trying to do I may be able to help.
I am in the UK and I am about to sign of the Forum, but I will be back on tomorrow.
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I'm in the process of trying to teach myself Access 2007 and write a training database for my company all at once. The problem I'm stuck on at the moment is logging training for the employees. I have a table that has all the employee info (name, id, etc) and a table that has the training info in it (class name, date taken, instructor). What I need to be able to do is show the name of the class, the date and all the employees on the screen at once and then easily register them as having attended the class, preferably with a check box or something. Thanks for any suggestions.

A:Access 2007 Training Database

If you search this forum you are likely to find posts on a training database.
What you need is a "Many to Many" Linking or Joining Table. This table holds the EmployeeID and the CourseID from the other 2 tables plus any other data you might need, like pass level etc
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when trying to open an access database i get the following error:

'the expression On Open you entered as the event property setting produced the following error: Object or class does not support this set of events.'

I know next to nothing about access databases, anyone got any idea what's wrong or how to fix it?

A:Access 2007 database error

matt, welcome to the Forum.
It sounds like Access has a Form to open when you open the database, it is usually a Switchboard.
Does the Error message include a "Debbug" button?
Can you still look at the database after the error message?
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I have a database of names, addresses, telephones numbers in excel 20007 Would someone please tell me how to export the list to Outlook 2007?


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Hi I have a table which only ever has one record in it at a Access 2007 event Open Database time This record is created during the use of the database so when you first open the database there is Access 2007 Database Open event no record If the database is closed properly using buttons etc i have created then the record is deleted and the table is empty However if for some unforseen reason the database crashes or is closed a different way the record will not be deleted Because of this i d like to know what control you can have either when the database is first opened or when it is closed by any method of closing i e can i delete the record by default on opening the database Could i delete the record by default on closing the database Or if neither is possible is there a way Access 2007 Database Open event to drop and re create the table while opening or closing the database Help always appreciated Cheers Lewis nbsp

A:Access 2007 Database Open event

I normally have a splash form load that handles this type of stuff.

You could also use an macro named AutoExec that will be automatically run when the database loads.

You can use either of these methods to run an delete query to empty the table.

It also never hurts to also delete the record on close.

I use a main menu for that will not allow Access to close unless the user click the "exit" command button. This way I can be sure that code runs when the database is closed. This only takes a few lines of VBA code to implement. Let me know if you are interested in how to do this.
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I am very novice at Access and have gone through most of the Microsoft online training tutorials but in building my database I feel there is a key point missing that will enable my database to work fluidly I am buliding a project management database At the end of the day I need to be able to view high level details about a project its budget and completion status I have created the main table for this with the appropriate headers My main confusion is how to get all of the information relationship and trouble Access 2007, database to work in sync I know have tables created each with specific breakdowns and any information data that would be entered regarding a project ie Dates budget completion status Person of contacts location etc I guess I m having trouble putting the last piece of the puzzle together to get these tables to interact with each other There are some Access 2007, database and relationship trouble fields that I need to auto populate taking the information from other tables I am just not sure how to go about it nbsp

A:Access 2007, database and relationship trouble

Without detailed information about the tables it will be very difficult to help you.

Do you have a question?
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Greetings I m trying to develop design a very simple Access database that will allow me to create invoices Invoices Auto numbered invoices Ability to select the customer code and then Database - Invoicing form Access 2007 display the customer name balance of open invoices Able to select inventory info rows with item unit price quantity row total etc Invoice info and total should be able to be viewed under a tab in the Customer Master Able to key in a payment receipt details in a seperate tab under each invoice multiple rows which will allow for printing of a Receipt document vs total invoice if there is an example of partial payments Payment receipt can not exceed the invoice total Access 2007 Database - Invoicing form All invoices in total should be able to be updated backwards in regards to total on the Customer Master I m able to create the master data like Customer Master Employee Master Inventory Master but I have no idea on where and how to start with the Invoice area Any help would be great nbsp

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I am using Access 2007 under Vista in a Server 2003 environment.

The user has full rights to the DB and to the PC.

The database code appends a table and then exports the table to a folder on the PC. I get the message:

Database or object not updatable.

I use this exact code in Access2003 on several other work environments with no issue. I can export manually from this database.

Any ideas???
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I cannot access Excel files (MIcrosoft Office 2007) from shortcuts but can access the files from the application "file/open". This occurred recently and may be linked to a new update of Norton Internet Securty. The error message is unable to open 'filename'. Make sure you typed the name correctly and then try again. My OS IS Vista

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According to what I've read, Access 2010 uses the same database format as Access 2007. So this should mean I can open and run a 2007 database (with a lot of VBA code) in Access 2010 with no trouble, yes?

So why do I have the feeling that something is not going to work? Is it because I have been through to many Access upgrades?

A:Any problems using Access 2007 database with Access 2010?

Hi bbinnard,

If you have not purchase Access 2010 yet, what I'd recommend the Trial Version and play around with it for quite a while.
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I have a access database thAT exports data to an excell file. A macro in access then opens this file and another in excell. The second excell file reads data from the first then uses a macro to format it properly and print the info. Right now I can only run this macro from the excell file. Can I run this macro (called Button2_Click in Module 3) from access? I have been using the OutputTo and RunApp action to run this macro so far.

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I have a form that shows the user all their inputs for the day in a list box - they can click on a record and be presented with that input so that they may make changes and edit their input.

The coding to collect the primary key from their list works - I can show it on the new form BUT
how do I open the table so that it populates the form. Or do I have to collect all the fields in embedded SQL in VB - assign them to unbound fields in the form and when the user has finished editing, I have to use VB to update the fields.

I really hope there is an easier way to do this than the VB way.

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I have a 2007 database split to allow multiple users input information. One of the subforms on a form is not allowing input. The Record Sources check out all the way to the back end.

I am stumped! Please help.

A:2007 Access Database Subform not allowing additions

Can you Convert the database to Access 2003 format?
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I have an "Unrecognized database format" error on access 2007 every time I try to open the file this pops up how do I fix it???

A:Access 2007...Unrecognized Database Format Error...

See if this helps: Unrecognized Database Format - Fix Corrupt Database
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I am building a database to track and manage Sales, Customers, Products, Orders, etc. and am running into some difficulties. I have an orderform with a subform detailing the products the customer ordered. I need to have a conditional total as each product has two "Prices". The three totals are conditional on a Field called Free. If Free is true the item costs one price (and is negative) while it costs another if Free is false. I am getting a #Error message on my total field in the subform footer. I have a query that the subform pulls from that sorts by an IIF statement for based on the Free field, these fields are calculating correctly but not totaling.

This database is based on one origally built by Cosla in this thread.

I appreciate any help I can get on this issue, I hope to have this working by tomorrow at 5PM Pacific.

A:Building a database in Access 2007, having problems getting a total from a subform
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I have found from several forums and support sites including Microsoft that many users are asking solution for the error generating by MS Access 2010 or 2007 while running their custom made Access 2003 database usually after after upgrade.
The error is showing as "The expression On Click you entered as the event property setting produced the following error: The expression you entered has a function name that Microsoft Office Access can't find."

The solution is as below:
This error is causing due to disabled macro setting by default. So you will need to enable the macro as per the following method.
Go to File > Options > Trust Center
Then Click on "Trust Center Settings".
Here click on the Option " Show the Message Bar ... ..."
Re-open the Access File in exclusive mode
Now click on the yellow message bar on to to enable macro..... ..... problem solved.

A:Access 2010 or 2007 upgrade error for 2003 database

Welcome to TSG and I appreciate the pro-active post.

A another solution is to learn the Trust Center. In there you can enable all macros.
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I created an application in Access with a form and database I have to make it a client server type app now I need to put just the database and report files on the server for users to use Each will have the form portion of the app The app will now have to connect to the Access database on the server I need to know the best approach to connecting to the database this way and how to use record locking Originally I could just use CurrentDB on the form as it was integrated with the database But to connect to the database on the server I tried using a connection locking? & on connecting to database server record Access 2007 object and creating a recordset that way But I don t seem to be able to lock the record ussing existing things like the recordset locktype property or setting the Recordlocks property on the form Please help me figure out the best method of the various ones to connect to the database on the server as in ADODB DAO database object or whatever and how to use record locking so the users cannot have the same record open at the same time Thank you Valhalla nbsp

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Greetings I'm a new member and this is my Access Not In When Users Database Responding 2007 Multiple (vista) first Access 2007 Not Responding When Multiple Users In Database (vista) post - bare with me I'm curious if any of you have had issue with Access on Vista in a multi-user environment I recently upgraded a clients office from XP to Vista and also upgraded their MS office package to They were previously using office Their CRM was located within an Access MDB Since the installation the database was upgraded from MDB to ACCDB to The database is located on a server which is a trusted location within the new trust 'feature' of Access Database size is mb network is mb Performance previously was nearly instant Since the upgrade the application will stop responding when switching back and forth between windows say Internet Explorer then back to Access for several seconds Queries that took second now take I'm kind of stumped at the moment With one user in the database it works just fine Performance degrades the more users open the database I'm sure it has something to do with security settings either on vista in the new version of access or both Please respond if you've ran into a similar issue or can point me in the right direction Thanks --Jake

A:Access 2007 Not Responding When Multiple Users In Database (vista)

Jake the problem isn't your access, it is your network. Vista has a dynamically adjusting IP setting. This is a common problem with Vista/2000 Server. Copy to a command file and right click "run as Administrator" or login in as administrator and start, run, cmd. Type in the dos window.

netsh interface tcp set global rss=disabled
netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled
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I have several reports from a database that I have built for my boss to see different views of work progress. She currently copies and pastes to put them in Excel.

I'd like to provide her with a button she can click to Export everything to Excel for her. She is not the most tech-savvy, so showing her how to do it within Access is not a feasible option (she'd just ask me to show her every time she needed to do it).

Thanks in advance!

A:Solved: Access 2007: Creating a Button to allow user to export report to Excel

In Form design Mode the Form "Button Wizard" will create the button for you.
The fourth item on the "button sub menu" is Report Operations and on the right hand side the last option is Send Report to File.
You then select the report that you want and then "Output to MS Exel"
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I currently have a small store room inventory database in access 2007. I would like to set up a form that allowed users to search a few columns via text box and a button. The search would return all records found in a datagrid. But it has not been an easy task. Any direction on how to get this accomplished would be helpful. I can do some programming in

Is it possible to do this in Access or do I need to use
Thank you,
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The problem I m concerned about is that Files KB 2007 and in 2007 Are Saving Excel with Fewer Excel 2 Both Now I noticed existingExcel xlsx files are now saving with fewer Kb I have a Lenovo W ds and a W Both computers are running Windows Pro bit The W has Office and theW has Office Both Excel 2007 Files Are Now Saving with Fewer KB in Both Excel 2007 and 2 versions ofExcel are bit as far as I can tell Until recently I was primarily using the W ds but have nowswitched to the W after I saw a larger file losing KB when saved I did a test with a file that had not been altered or openedfor over two years I copied it twiceand added a - and a - to change the names The file was a small Kb file When I opened and saved on the W running Windows with Excel the file saves with Kb When Iopened the file using the W running Windows with Excel the computeron which it had originally been created the file saved as Kb Both saved smaller but the newer computerrunning Excel was much smaller Iam seeing these same types of ratios of reduction in size for much larger Excelfiles as well I have not documented any actual problems or loss of data withany of the files to date and I have used an Ultra-Compare text file comparison which found no differences Is there any reason to be concerned about this And if so what to do As with many people some of my files are the result of manyyears of work and I don't want to do anything to compromise any of the data butI don t know whether or not what I m seeing is normal due to both Excel and Excel becoming somehow more efficiently programmed than previousversions of Excel I have systems whereby I backup sync files to a home networkNAS HD I also sync between thecomputers Your help will be greatly appreciated
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Have been trying to follow suggestions from similar posts, but nothing working. Have tried to save as .xls and .csv, as well as trying to 'define names' of the various columns, but nothing allows me to import complete contact into Outlook. Please help, very important to get these contacts into Outlook asap. Thank you

A:Issues importing large contact list in Excel 2007 to Outlook 2007

Hi hbsurfer

Try going about it backwards.
Create one Contact in Outlook 2007, then Export that one Contact to a .csv file.
Then you will be able to see the format Outlook 2007 is using and reconfigure your headers in the Excel spreadsheet.
When all headers match, you should be able to Import it. Or copy the excel information to the one contact .csv file and Import that.

Let us know if that works for you or not.
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My employer just upgraded to Microsoft Office 2007. According to the help files, I should be able to paste Excel charts into Word that update automatically when changes are made to either version.

I am clicking "Link to Excel data" and "Keep source formatting" when using the little popup clipboard to paste a chart into Word. But after closing both files, opening Excel and updating data on the chart, saving and closing Excel and re-opening Word, the chart is not updating with the new information. I can't get it to update by clicking on "refresh data" either.

Does anyone know how this is supposed to work? I was looking forward to being able to update just the Excel file and having it update in all the Word documents where it is pasted.

Our OS is Windows XP Professional, Version 2002, Service Pack 2. My work computer has a Pentium 4, 3 GHz processor and 2 GB of RAM.
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I have upgraded to Office 2007 from Office 2003. When I open an Excel attachment from email in Outlook 2007, the Excel application opens but the document itself does not. The document has a .xlsx extension. I need help resolving this issue please. If anyone knows why this is happening or the fix, I'd appreciate your insight.

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I am having difficulty linking Excel data from a simple worksheet table to a table in Word 2007. I would like to retain all the formatting currently used in the Word table, but can't get the Paste Options working at all despite following all the advice on the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

If I copy the Excel data and then place my cursor at the first cell location within the Word table where I want the information to be pasted I get different paste options compared to placing my cursor outside of the table.

I am using the "Medium Grid 3 - Accent 3" Table Style in Word.

I have attached a couple of simple files to demonstrate the formatting and content in both apps.
Step by step help would be appreciated.


A:Paste link from Excel 2007 to Word 2007 table

Thought I would try one more time to get this one resolved. Is what I am asking not possible to do?


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When I try to open an Excel document attached to a email Excel opens but the document doesn't appear until I click on the minimize button. Has anyone seen this before?

I'm Using Excel 2007 and Outlook 2007.

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I have a database in MSAccess 2000. I'm a new MSOffice 2007 user. Can I transfer data from my access db to the new excel? Right now, I can't even open the 2000 access file on this computer. Is there a way to get around retyping everything?

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Hello I have problem with my Access procedure When I first time run procedure ewerything it s OK Data are sending to Excel Pivot Table is created and Pivot Chart is created But when I run it 2007 91 VBA: Excel, Access - error second time I receive Run time error Object variable or With block variable not set It s my procedure ------------------------------------- Private Sub Wykres Click Dim exApp As Excel Application Dim VBA: Access 2007 - Excel, error 91 Pt As PivotTable Dim tb As DAO TableDefs Dim path As String OstatniaKomorka Zrodlo raportu Adres As String Dim Data p Data k As Date On Error GoTo Wykres Click Error Zrodlo raportu Forms TelemetriaWezlow dane ListaWezlow Data p Forms TelemetriaWezlow dane Data Data k Forms TelemetriaWezlow dane Data Adres Mid Left Zrodlo raportu Len Zrodlo raportu - path quot C zdc quot amp Adres amp quot od quot amp Data p amp quot do quot amp Data k amp quot xls quot DoCmd TransferSpreadsheet acExport acSpreadsheetTypeExcel quot Tabela parametrow quot path True Set exApp New Excel Application exApp Workbooks Open path exApp Visible True exApp ActiveWorkbook PivotCaches Add SourceType xlDatabase SourceData quot Tabela parametrow quot CreatePivotTable TableDestination quot quot TableName quot Tabela parametrow quot Here displays an error -- gt Set Pt ActiveSheet PivotTables quot Tabela parametrow quot lt -- exApp ActiveSheet PivotTableWizard TableDestination Cells With Pt PivotFields quot time quot Orientation xlRowField Position End With With Pt PivotFields quot point quot Orientation xlColumnField Position End With Pt AddDataField Pt PivotFields quot avg quot quot Suma z avg quot xlSum exApp ActiveSheet Name Adres exApp Cells Select exApp ActiveSheet Shapes AddChart Select exApp ActiveWorkbook ShowPivotChartActiveFields True exApp ActiveChart ChartType xlLine exApp ActiveChart SeriesCollection AxisGroup exApp ActiveChart PageSetup CenterHeader Adres exApp ActiveChart PageSetup Orientation xlLandscape Set exApp Nothing Set Pt Nothing Exit Wykres Click Exit Sub Wykres Click Error MsgBox Err Description Resume Exit Wykres Click End Sub --------------------------------------------- When I exit Access and open again I can one time executed my procedure How can I solve the problem I will very grateful for help Many thanks in anticipation Beata nbsp
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Hi I would like to know if what i am looking to do is / Access 2007 Excel Reporting even possible and if it is where i would start to look any help you guys can provide would be awesome I have a Workbook in Excel used to report daily and monthly stats performance for a sales team There is a summary sheet that manipulates the Raw Data in excel and i am using Excel / Access 2007 Reporting a microsoft query to connect to access to grab the Raw Data which i currently use to grab data from a date range activated excel side there are databases with different Raw Data and they each report using a different login but all can be traced back to an individual i need to make the report hierarchical Advisor Line Manager Line Manager what i want Excel / Access 2007 Reporting to achieve is to only pull through data concerning a given group - ie all of Team X from the - My initial theory was to create a separate database on Access Excel listing the hierachy and logins for example Field Name Login Login Login Line Manager Line Manager i would then want to run a query on the database saying quot I want all the data between DD MM YYYY and DD MM YYYY but only if Line Manager XXXXXX quot and dump the resulting data into excel to be manipulated Thanks in advance nbsp

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I am trying to create a report/form that will have a client's address and information at the top and whoever worked the case one the bottom. We would have the client information in a spreadsheet and our various employees information in another. I'd like the users to have some way of selecting the cleint/employee information, possibly from a drop down box, then have the information inserted into the document in the appropraite fields. I am not that familiar with the advanced features of word/excel and have been having trouble figuring out a way to do this. I'd like to have the form with the data in it to save as a file. Most of what I have seen involve mail merges which doesn't seem to work in this case or references to VBA. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

A:Word 2007/Excel 2007 integration

Welcome on board.
Can you please give some more information, about the data structure you have, the needed result, and if possible provide some example files (with some dummy data)
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I recently formatted my HD and reinstalled MS Office Enterprise 2007, I last used MS Excel on the 08/06/2014 without a problem, today I go to use my Excel spreadsheet and for some weird reason it wants to roundup my cells.
I have cleared the cells formatted the number but it still keeps on rounding up 25799 to 258. I downloaded a stack of MS Office updates 3 days ago, is it possible one of these Updates has corrupted - broken my Excel program?

I am considering uninstalling all of those updates and turning off Updates for MS Office altogether.

A:Excel 2007 (MS Office 2007 enterprise)

Hi there.

To test if it's really a software issue, please try out on a new excel spreadsheet and see if the problem is still there. It might not necessarily be the software. Once we have confirmation that the problem exist on a fresh new spreadsheet, then try to do a repair first before uninstalling.
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I have an Access database and an Excel worksheet linked to an Access query. I upated the parameters in the query, but it doesn't update in Excel. One thought I had was that there was a linking problem. Any ideas on how to fix it?

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I want to make a form script that allows users to select options that generate an xml script I've not scripted generate an Excel 2007 script! to I xml want or to use Access before so I want to enter form data into either Access or Excel as I normally add data without having to use a Data Entry Form Add snippets to each I want to use Access or Excel 2007 to generate an xml script! cell according to the functions or links in them Have a template where the snippets will be entered the scripts header and footer See my example I'll bold what I want to keep in the template lt xml version quot quot encoding quot utf- quot gt lt feed xmlns quot http www w org Atom quot xmlns apps quot http schemas google com apps quot gt lt entry gt lt appsroperty name quot from quot value quot tribune sitepoint com quot gt lt appsroperty name quot label quot value quot Advice quot gt lt appsroperty name quot shouldArchive quot value quot true quot gt lt appsroperty name quot shouldNeverSpam quot value quot I want to use Access or Excel 2007 to generate an xml script! true I want to use Access or Excel 2007 to generate an xml script! quot gt lt entry gt lt feed gt

A:I want to use Access or Excel 2007 to generate an xml script!

I think I was talking about the Microsoft Script Editor which is on the Microsoft office disc. Instructions to do so art in Script Editor in MS Ofice 2007. Programming the Microsoft Script Editor, though it's about MS Office Script Editor 2003, suggests that the file is stored in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\MSE7.EXE. And there is even a bit on XML at Working with the Microsoft Script Editor.
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Hi there - Using MS Access 2007.
I have a FORM with a macro that runs a query to generate ONE excel file and attaches to email using MS Out look to send out. - That Works great.

Problem: Multiple users to send email & attachment.
I would like for the macro to generate excel file (S) - based by the UID.

Can someone suggest a better way of handling this that is not time consuming?

Thanks In advance!

A:MS Access 2007 - Macro > Excel > Auto Email

Access can open Outlook and send an attachment to mutiple recipients either as a list or as individual emails.
So are the attachments all the same for the recipients?
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I ve built a reasonably complex database system that maintains bookings attendances timetables payments etc for a music tuition school using Access as both the front and back end sigh only because that s all I have to database error... Access "3734" 2007 lock work with Apart from all of the little annoying bugs and restrictive designs I ve come across an error quot the database has been placed in a state by user admin quot commonly referred Access 2007 "3734" database lock error... to as error I ve scoured the net for similar issues and every one of the problems I ve found discussed refers to either multi-user databases or opening and closing the mdb repeatedly My problem is this is a single user database only one PC is connected to the database in any way and it only occurs when I try to run any of the design wizards either chart wizard or combo box wizard etc I ve tried restarting the PC opening the database without running ANY macros or forms and designing a new form chart wizard BAM error pops up can t create any charts Could this be because the database is corrupted I would have thought I d get other errors if this was so and so far I haven t except the odd debug due to coding errors Now even more strange after doing NOTHING different sometimes maybe out of times it works as per normal no locking errors Any thoughts or ideas would be hugely appreciated As an afterthought I d like Access 2007 "3734" database lock error... to re-design the db interface on a more stable platform anyone have any suggestions on what database back-end is easy to maintain and import access data into and what front end is relatively easy to work with and stable I was thinking MySQL and VB nbsp

A:Access 2007 "3734" database lock error...

I stay away from Access these days specifically because of problems like this. I can't offer you much help with the problem other than to say that I think your project probably is corrupted, but at least your data probably isn't. You may be able to re-create it in Access by attaching the mdb file to a new db project and then copying and pasting a lot of your forms and functions over, one at a time, testing after each step so that you will hopefully catch the problem and not transfer it to the new project.

I would definitely recommend getting out of Access. MySql and VB is not a bad idea. I think, however, that, since you are used to Access, you might have an easier time transitioning to SQLServer (Microsoft SQL varies in some key areas from the pure SQL you'd use with MySQL). Also, the free version of SQLServer is probably easier to install and configure (on a local machine) than MySQL.

Depending on your needs, I'd steer you more toward than just straight I've developed several of these types of applications, on both platforms and I always feel handicapped when working just in VB.Net. brings in other elements that you'd need to learn, but also provides a lot of very easy methods for displaying data that are more or less absent from VB. Plus, the web browser eases a lot of the formatting burdens that can drive you insane in Either way, I'd recommend downloading the Express version of Visual Studio and running through some of the "Getting Started" walkthroughs; they are very helpful and will help you get a better idea of what your options are.

Good luck!
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Can anyone please help. I'm trying to look at Outlook 2007 Calendar Appointments in Access 2007.

I've seen many postings discussing adding appointments from from Access into Outlook, but I want to look the other way.

The code I've started with is

Dim olapp As Object
Dim olappt As Object
Set olapp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")

...but that's as far I can get. I'm lost after that.

My game plan is to link our Exchange Calendars used on ipad2's to our Access database, to store Sales Rep visits against customers visited, straight from the ipad into the database.

Anyone know how? I'd be very grateful.

A:View Outlook 2007 Appointments in Access 2007

Exchange server is a database that can be queried by other databases. Look up Exchange OLE DB
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I am working on an Access DB written by someone much cleverer than me who has use a lot of SQL which I find hard to interpret It is a DB of client Excel table 2007 with existing not will Access data overwrite - info and order info I exported the Client Table to Excel so that I could more easily sort out the data separate name fields into Title First Name Last Name for example and then I wanted to import the cleaned data back into the Access DB I renamed the existing table as Client Original and I successfully imported the new table giving it the samename as the original used to have so that there wouldn t be any issues involving queries etc which relied on it unbeknown to me I needed to add a field from the Client Table to an Order Form but - to my surprise - the Access 2007 - will not overwrite existing table with Excel data only table available to me was the first one Access 2007 - will not overwrite existing table with Excel data which I had renamed as Original the new one which had the old name wasn t seen by the Add Fields box - it is as Access 2007 - will not overwrite existing table with Excel data if it doesn t exist but it does I then tried to import into the Client Original table instead but get the message that it cannot overwrite this table when I get to the end of the wizard There are no relationships at all involving the Client table and when I show the Client Original table on the relationships screen it s name is given with at the end of it which isn t in the name I gave it I am thinking that the guy who wrote the DB has something hidden in the SQL somewhere which is stopping me from being able to overwrite this table Has anyone got any ideas please Many thanks JHJ nbsp

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I have created an on-line form in an Office application to gather survey data, and need to link it to an Access database. What is the easiest way to do this? Can I use a word document formatted with fields? Can I use a form created in Excel? How do I create a web based form that will be linked to the database? If anyone can answer one or all of these questions, I would be most greatful.


A:Linking data from a form in another application to an Access database

Access 2000 has a new feature called Data Access Pages that are designed for displaying data on an intranet or internet. They would probably do the trick for you.
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Running Windows Vista Premium Home Edition I have an Excel spreadsheet that I originally created on Excel Office Professional Edition Solved: won't applications 2007 Excel & Excel open on 2003 Windows Vista Some Also have Excel Home and Student Edition installed I uninstalled the Excel software but now when I clik on this created Excel spreadsheet with Excel it will not open It says there is an invalid path I reinstalled Excel and it opens I tried to save this as an xlsx extension and then uninstalled Excel It wouldn t open So something is occurring here On other Excel created spreadsheets they open without issue Then I have a program with an exe extension It needs to open using Excel With both Excel and Excel it will not open It freezes and then I get Solved: Some Excel 2003 & Excel 2007 applications won't open on Windows Vista an error message saying it cannot open with another Excel other than If I right clik on the exe program there is no quot Open with quot I even tried opening a blank Excel spreadsheet and then cliking on quot Open quot but it is a bunch of gibberish My IT person says you can t open the program that way You have to launch it as an exe program using Excel Any ideas on what is going on By the way I have both Excel versions on my laptop running Windows XP and I do not have these issues at all nbsp

A:Solved: Some Excel 2003 & Excel 2007 applications won't open on Windows Vista

Hi there,

If I said I was confused that'd be an understatement I think. You cannot open executable files (*.exe) with Excel. Recognized file types are things like .xls, .xla, (for 2007) .xlsx, .xlsb, .xlsm, etc. I don't know what your exe file is and I'm not sure I wanna know, but it certainly doesn't open in Excel. What is it exactly? If you don't know I wouldn't open it. Or if someone told you to open it with Excel then it's probably a virus. Unless I'm missing something here.

With the file in question which won't open, assuming it's not this strange and unknown exe file you're talking about, sounds like the file may have been corrupted. Does it open on any other machine? And if you uninstall Excel 2003, did you re-install 2007? It seems strange. I would try cleaning out your application and reinstalling 2007 fresh. You can't install 2003, then 2007, then take off 2003 and put it back on, you're gonna get things screwed up. I bet your registry doesn't know which way to turn here. Some good info on it can be found here...

Also, I would highly recommend you completely uninstall all versions, and I'm talking a deep cleaning, then reinstall. For that deep cleaning, take a look at this article (which I'd highly recommend you do) and then reinstall...

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I am trying to create a code that will autofilter data on an Excel worksheet. The code works fine to filter the data, but it does not hide the AutoFilter Arrows.

Below is the code I am using. What (if anything) is wrong with the code below?

ActiveSheet.Range("A1:D500").AutoFilter Field:=2, Criteria1:="<>", Visibledropdown:=False

A:Solved: Excel 2007 Macro -> Hide Excel AutoFilter Arrows

I noticed that the code above (in Post #1) that the AutoFilter Arrows were beinf truned off on Field 2, but none of the others.

I have played around, and done some research to come up with the code below:

Dim c As Range

For Each c In ActiveSheet.Range("A1:D1")
ActiveSheet.Range("A1:D500").AutoFilter Field:=2, Criteria1:="<>"
c.AutoFilter Field:=c.Column, Visibledropdown:=False

Does anyone have a better solution?
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I m using Windows and I used a macro which worked totally Solved: Run Doesn't Excel 2007 - Macro in Excel Requested 2003 Help fine under Excel Now under Excel it does not run anymore but displays the following error message quot Run-time error Object doesn t support this action The function of the macro is to open up all other Excel spreadsheets located in the same folder and copy data out of them into the spreadsheet in which the macro is stored When I click on quot Debug quot the Visual Basic Editor highlights the row which says Set FilSrch Application FileSearch Can you help me with this I ve searched for Solved: Excel 2003 Macro Doesn't Run in Excel 2007 - Help Requested a solution for a long time but could not find anything which worked The following is the start of the macro code Sub UpdateTable Dim X As Range I As Integer J As Integer RecNo As Integer CopyVal As Variant Dim SourceBk As Worksheet DestBk As Worksheet StartRow As Integer IndRange As Range Dim ServRange As Range SrcOpen As Boolean SourceName As String Dim FilSrch As Object MyFilArray As String MsgBox quot This function not available in this version quot vbInformation quot Function Not Available quot Exit Sub Sheets quot LookUp quot a Now With Application ScreenUpdating False StatusBar quot Counting source files quot End With Set FilSrch Application FileSearch With FilSrch NewSearch LookIn ActiveWorkbook Path FileType msoFileTypeExcelWorkbooks If Execute gt Then ReDim MyFilArray FoundFiles Count For I To FoundFiles Count If FoundFiles I lt gt ActiveWorkbook Path amp Solved: Excel 2003 Macro Doesn't Run in Excel 2007 - Help Requested quot quot amp ActiveWorkbook Solved: Excel 2003 Macro Doesn't Run in Excel 2007 - Help Requested Name Then MyFilArray I FoundFiles I End If Next I Else MsgBox quot There were no files found quot End If End With nbsp

A:Solved: Excel 2003 Macro Doesn't Run in Excel 2007 - Help Requested
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I am trying to get commands to stay in the quick access toolbar of excel 2007 but everytime i log off it resets. I am using citrix to run excel on a network. I was wondering if it was possible to get them to stay in the quick access toolbar?

A:Excel 2007 commands wont stay in quick access toolbar

Quote: Originally Posted by Bootz

I am trying to get commands to stay in the quick access toolbar of excel 2007 but everytime i log off it resets. I am using citrix to run excel on a network. I was wondering if it was possible to get them to stay in the quick access toolbar?

Hi and welcome.
I think your issue is directly related to Citrix and your network.
I think it dissapears because the actual link is not avaialble on bootup until you login. Also your network may have something already in place that doesn't allow it.
I know I may have not answered your question but just a few ideas.
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Firstly I am a beginner of beginners but I try to learn as much as I can I have put the following protection code into an Excel workbook and everything runs ok I then opened the workbook in Excel and saved it as a xlsm file When I try to open the xlsm file in Excel I get a vba Runtime error quot Type mismatch quot and the code sticks at the first line below quot If Worksheets I have tried everything that my limited knowledge allows searched the web for days and still have no answers Any help would be greatly appreciated Private Sub Workbook Open If Worksheets A gt quot quot And Worksheets A Worksheets A False Then MsgBox quot Sorry this program is not registered for 2007 2003 Solved: Excel working in not Excel vba code this computer please e-mail for more info quot Application DisplayAlerts False Application Quit End If End Sub My system specs are shown below Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM i CPU M GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Solved: Excel 2003 vba code not working in Excel 2007 Graphics Card Intel R HD Graphics Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Dell Inc WXY J Antivirus avast Antivirus Updated and Enabled nbsp

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I have just been upgraded to Excel 2007. I find that some of the macros that were recorded in Excel 2003 no longer work in Excel 2007. We use the Analysis Toolpak VBA add-in and I have added this in to 2007 ok, but when running a macro I get a run time 1004 error ATPVBAEN.XLA cannot be found. After some searching it would appear that some of these functions have been renamed in 2007 e.g. it is now a .XLAM file rather than .XLA which is why the macro code can't find it. I guess I could manually edit all the macros and change the fucntion names but there are other colleagues in my team that are still using 2003, so I don't want to break things for them. Is there any solution to this? Thanks

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Hi everyone first post so I apologise if this topic is cover in depth somewhere else I into 2007 2007 Outlook Excel use stacks Outlook 2007 into Excel 2007 of rules and alerts on my Outlook to save me bags of time forwarding emails to the relevant people etc etc Its really useful and I believe it saves me at least one employee when used correctly Anyway Im pretty sure they is away to automate outlook to update excel My excel automatically updates my accounting software Sage so is there away to make outlook update excel For example When I get an email from a certain client it alway has a specific sales ref ie ABCSALE That email is then forward directly to a supplier and filed without me doing anything I then receive an email form the supplier confirming dispatch amp cost I want to find a way for this to trigger something on excel to update a certain cell or row Any ideas without going down the Visual Basic road Thanks in advance nbsp

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Hi all,

I have a report in Microsoft Access that I have to regularly email out to people. I use a SendObject macro to create the email content and automatically attach the report as a .xls document. I recently changed the report and associated query column headers, which are working fine. When I look at the report in Access, it looks exactly howI want it to look. When I email it, however, the automatically attached Excel document has the old column headers (the content is fine). This does not happen if I hit the "Export" button and export the document straight to Excel. The same problem occurs whether I use the macro or the e-mail button on the Windows drop down menu. Can someone please explain what is happening and how I can fix it?

Many thanks,

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If I select all the shapes in a Visio 2007 Pro drawing, then select all rows of External Data and drag them to the selected shapes, the data is linked to the shapes in reverse order, from right to left.

Does anyone know why this happens? Or, more to the point, does anyone know of a way to avoid this other than by individually selecting the shapes in order from left to right?

Thanks for any help or advice.
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Is there a way to clear, and add Fill color to an Excel spreadsheet? Please see the attached file.

I need this to be compatible with Excel 2003 & 2007.

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When I bought my newest computer, it had MS Office 2007 installed.
My data from Excel 2000 was backed up and downloaded to my new computer.
The company I bought my new computer from transferred all my data for me.
Problem is:
all the old Excel data is still coming up as Excel 2000.
Is there a way to convert the old data to Excel 2007?
Business workbook has much much data that I need to get ready for a new year soon and I'd like to use the Excel 2007 for this?
Thank you for your help.

A:Solved: Excel 2000 to Excel 2007

After you have opened an Excel 2000 file, do a 'Save As' to the new 2007 format.

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I am using MS Office 2007 Pro.

I have an excel document that has merged fields. In these merged fields I would like it to auto size to fit the text entered. Before the cells were merged they auto sized to fit the text, but once merged, they no longer size automatically.

Is there a way to have both a merged cell and auto size??

Please advise.


A:Solved: Excel 2007

double clicking the border of cell?
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I'm having trouble saving charts in Excel 2007. I would like to draw one chart, save that and then change my input data and draw a new chart to compare with. The problem is that when I change the input data the first chart also changes (even if I have moved it to Word or Power Point).

Is there any way to lock of freeze the first chart so that it doesn't automaticaly update when I change the input data?


A:Solved: Help with Excel 2007

Not familiar with 2007 but are you going "save as" and creating a new file , on each occasion. If not that could be the reason. Pedro
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Does anyone know how to get the mean to display as a line on a chart in Excel 2007?

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I have to make table labels for events which on one side contain a logo and the logo changes with each event. (at least 50 for each event) I cannot seem to be able to use a cell reference to insert the logo on all the labels. Using cell refernce will work with data so I dont think I am doing something wrong, but I cannot do it with a picture other than laboriously pasting the picture on each label which takes hours, I am sure there must be a way of doing it using a reference or VBA(which I have very little knowledge of!)
Any ideas please?

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I have an excel file with 900+ rows.

Data may be the same in the same column in some rows.
How can I find duplicate data, without removing duplicate data.

Please help.

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I have attached an Excel Document that i hope helps with some formulas that im needing help with. Please let me know if there is any way i can make this work. Im normally pretty good with Excel but this one is giving me a stump.

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I have just migrated to Excel 2007. Does anyone know how to get the "Personal.xls" to work in Excel 2003?

A:Solved: Excel 2007

I have figured out how to create the Personal Excel workbook. I gave the "Personal" workbook the "XLSB" extension. I hide the personal workbook and saved. Now when I close a newly opened workbook by the Red "X", the entire Excel application does not close.

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I have this line in one of my Excel 2007 workbooks. It is used to generate/save a file on the desktop.

filenameinput.Text = "C:\Documents and Settings\[I]username[/I]\Desktop"
& "\Test.txt"

Instead of having to define the username, is there a way to automatically populate the username?

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I need some help with building a macro. I have attached a sample file for reference. What I need to do is pull info from one worksheet to another worksheet. In my wildest dreams I would like to type in the order number found in the reference material under the tab titled Indentured BOM into the "As Proposed Part Number" column found in the BOM1 tab and have the unit cost automatically populate with the corresponding Unit Cost found in the Indentured BOM tab. How can I do this?

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Is it possible to highlight a specific word within a cell without having to highlight the entire cell?

For Example, can the word dog be highlighted in the sentence "The dog can run"?

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I am planning to create an Excel workbook that will consist of: Customer Names and Number of Items Bought.

What I would like to do if a customer has bought ten items, I would like to create a coupon for a certain percentage off.

For Example, if the customer buys 10 items, then they will get a 20% off coupon.

Does anyone know how I can create the coupon using the information in Excel?

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I am hoping someone here can help me - I'm seriously about at my wits end with this whole formula right now.

Here's what I've got

See attached file for details

I need to figure out a way for the results of a formula to say IF COUNTIFS column = TRUE then display the next Matrix Category the Function Number appears in.

Can anyone help?

A:Solved: NEED HELP! IF THEN ELSE Statement in Excel 2007


I don't know COUNTIFS. And not sure I understand your requirement. But apart from that ( ) ... does:


in D2 and copied down work for you?

(change B$100 to however far down your list goes)
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Hi all -

Stuck and frustrated here; can't get a nested IF statement to work. Setup:

If C2>=0 and I2>=0, then "UP"
If C2<=0 and I2<=0, then "DOWN"
If C2>=0 and I2<=0, then "NONE"
If C2<=0 and I2>=0, then "NONE"

Any advice and formulae very appreciated.

Many thanks,

A:Solved: IF THEN help needed Excel 2007

Try this on for size

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I ve been researching other posts and I m trying to figure out if using a Vlookup will solve the problem I am having Here is the situation Table is where I am compiling Data Table is where I am pulling information For a Excel 2007 VLookUp?? Solved: majority of the searching that I am doing a regular vlookup will serve just fine Solved: Excel 2007 VLookUp?? However for three fields it won t work In order to get them to fill with the correct information I need it to look at two cells on Table before returning the value from the column Here is the information Table Column A Column B Vendor Rvwd ABC Corp-AZ ABC Corp-CA ABC Corp-TX Table Column A Column B Column C Vendor Site Number Rvwd ABC Corp Arizona ABC Corp California ABC Corp Texas Since the Data can vary daily and one location may not be there from day to day a vlookup quot like quot function would be nice Basically the function needs to complete Table Cell B from Column C if both the Vendor and Site from Table match the name amp location from Table ColumnA I sure hope this makes sense I haven t found any posting to help me solve this concern I ve thought about combining a vlookup with an if statement but the function really doesn t allow for it based on what I ve been experimenting with Any suggestions Thank you in advance George nbsp

A:Solved: Excel 2007 VLookUp??

I see the posting took out my extra spacing. So ...

Column A = Vendor
Column B = Rvwd (currently Blank and need to be filled with the function)

Column A = Vendor
Column B = Site
Column C = Number Rvwd

Hope this helps a bit.
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Hi All

I am attempting to make an annual leave spreadsheet to record annual leave requests of employees. What i want it to do is to calculate the amount of days leave requested without including the weekends. for example.....

Cell A1 contains 11/12/09
Cell B1 contains 18/12/09

I want Cell C1 to show the total number of days leave between those dates. The simple answer would b =sum(B1-A1) which would give the value of 7. This would be incorrect though as this includes Saturday and Sunday, the value i need is 5. How can i get the calculation to not include the weekend (and bank holidays if possible) ?

I hope that describes what i am trying to do clear enough. If not please let me know.

Many Thanks

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Is there any way to refresh or tuneup Excel 2007.
I can't get my printer to print some of the Excel worksheets. Printer seems to be doing it's job, but it appears that Excel isn't. Any suggestions?
Thank you.

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I am having a problem which I never had before.

I have an excel 2007 (xlsx) when I add VBA code and try to save it. An error comes up.

Please see attached error message.

Why is this happening now, never had this errror messsage before.

Thank you

A:Solved: Excel 2007 & VBA error

I also noticed, If I re save the xlsx file to xls file. I could add macro code. Then if I try to re- save it as xlsx again, the error message comes up and the macro code disappears... why is that?
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I am an analytical chemist and I am dealing with very large data matrix (11,000 x 3).

I am looking for a macro that can reduce the data in following way

Column 1 Column 2 Value
A, B 1
B, A 1
A, C 1
C, A 1

With a Result output

Column 1 Column 2 Value
A, B 1
A, C 1

In other words in this data set A to B is the same as B to A and would like to delete the duplicate row.

Any help doing this with Macros would be appreciated. You can imagine going through 11,000 line looking for these types of entries

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said in that crazy voice you hear promoting monster truck rallys.

in office 2k3, I had the lovely and frequently used option of highly customizing my toolbars; for instance, I had a happy face that when pressed would go ahead and paste special > text. Nice und simple.

The ribbon is causing me some headaches in this regard. I get about 20 emails daily kicked out of our AV server, and I need to track them. Just updated to O2K7, and haven't really learned all the bells and whistles yet, so am curious as to how to assign a custom action to a button that is on the quick access bar. I've already got the 'paste special' icon there, but I would like the ability to one click paste special > text.

Any ideas?



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I need help for a formula for cell "B9". The water bill for this house comes to $21.65.
With the variables of the house being outside the city limits plus the 5 units of water over the minimum, plus the sales tax, I'm having much trouble getting a formula to agree w/the utility co. I do know that their charges are correct as I have 3 or 4 formulas addded that will agree w/them. I just can't get one complete formula for cell B9. Any help will be greatly appreciated.