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Solved: Page numbering in Word 2007... different numbering for Section 1 and Section

Q: Solved: Page numbering in Word 2007... different numbering for Section 1 and Section

I used to know how to do this but I have forgotten... I need to have the numbers for Section 1 (title page, TOC, etc) be like i, ii, iii, etc... and then Section 2 (Chapter 1) needs to be page 1. Nothing I've tried is working, and I know this is simple, I've just forgotten how to do it! Thank you for your help!!

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Preferred Solution: Solved: Page numbering in Word 2007... different numbering for Section 1 and Section

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A: Solved: Page numbering in Word 2007... different numbering for Section 1 and Section
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I'm making a magazine with numbered pages. I don't want the back or front cover to have numbers, so I inserted section brakes and made sure the headers were not linked. I succeeded in getting page numbers to not be on the back or front covers.

But heres the catch: The first page starts numbered at two. Naturally I tried changing the Page Number Formatting to start at 0 instead of 1. However, it literally starts at the number 0.

Slippery little bugger. I can't get it to be 1 no matter what I set it to start at. Any ideas?


A:Solved: [Word 2007] Page Numbering Bug

Hi Skunky, welcome to TSG.

You say you tried to start the page numbering at 0, but did you try to start the page numbering at 1? I'm assuming you did, since you said you've tried multiple things, but just want to check to make sure.
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I want to print a document with booklet-style page numbering; ie. odd pages have numbers in bottom-right corner and even pages have numbers in bottom-left corner. Is this possible to do in Word 2007?

I am searching the posts for this topic now and haven't seen anything yet. But I only have tonight to finish this so if anyone knows how to do this your quick reply is much appreciated!

A:Solved: Word 2007 Booklet style page numbering?

Just stumbled onto this tip in case anyone else is wanting to do this:
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This question is about using quot Page PAGE of NUMPAGES quot I ve read many solutions for this online and in MS s help files None of them are working and it really has me perplexed because I consider myself an advanced user My document is a book The first page of my book is a cover page It shouldn t be counted in page numbering Beginning on the second page my book has a TOC and then chapters The TOC and each chapter are set up in their own sections I do this because I include the chapter s name - which is the section name - in the footer along with page numbers It also facilitates creating the TOC I want the TOC to be counted Page {NUMPAGES} Solved: 2? Make start from counting Word Page Numbering: 2007 as Page All of that works fine for the PAGE page number To accomplish it I Solved: Word 2007 Page Numbering: Make {NUMPAGES} start counting from Page 2? told Word to start counting page numbers from and I suppressed displaying the number on the Cover Then for subsequent pages I selected quot Continue from previous section quot My issue is that I Solved: Word 2007 Page Numbering: Make {NUMPAGES} start counting from Page 2? really want to show both the current page and the total number of pages Solved: Word 2007 Page Numbering: Make {NUMPAGES} start counting from Page 2? quot Page PAGE of NUMPAGES quot in the footer When I try that PAGE displays correctly but NUMPAGES shows one too many It is obviously counting the cover page Evidently what I did in above only affects the count for PAGE and not for NUMPAGES All over the web I find the simple solution of using a formula field for NUMPAGES as follows NUMPAGES Actually I think that would do the opposite of what I want I would probably have to subtract a page rater than add one but the formula doesn t work anyway I ve found all sorts of variants of that and have tried numerous ones I have also tried many things on my own Each time I try something Word either displays a Syntax Error or else nothing at all where the Number of Pages should appear I ve shared a document on SendSpace that shows screenshots along the way The document itself is a Word document Here s a link http bit ly gwbCh I should add that I wondered if there was something funky in that document so I started a brand new document pasted junk plain text to create several pages and tried it there I still get the same Syntax Error when using the formula quot NUMPAGES quot So either this doesn t really work in Word I am doing something wrong or there s something screwy about my Word settings or Normal dot that s affecting this What am I missing here This thing has kicked my butt and taken far too much time Can anyone verify that in their own Word the formula above in the footer produces the desired result and not a Syntax Error Thanks N nbsp

A:Solved: Word 2007 Page Numbering: Make {NUMPAGES} start counting from Page 2?

I was just messing with the same issue and found a solution:


This may look exactly like something you tried already but here is the difference:

Instead of typing in the curly braces ( { ) manually, you have to hit "Ctrl-F9" to insert a field, then do the same for the braces around "NUMPAGES". You wind up with a field inside a field. That way it interprets the "NUMPAGES" as your document property, returns a number like "42", then the next field takes the equation "= 42 - 1" and returns "41". If you don't use "CTRL-F9" to enter the "NUMPAGES" field, it sees the first curly brace and stops, seeing it as a syntax error.

Hope it works for you! It worked for me!
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Hello all Okay I ve acutally got a question about Word for something that I have - Solved: Word Orientation Section 2007 Page not previously tried to do I m writing a report wherein there is a table that got too big to be displayed with the page oriented in portrait layout So before and after the table I inserted a section break next page each on their own line Then I Solved: Word 2007 - Section Page Orientation clicked on the table so that section would be the active section Next I opened up the Page Setup window changed the orientation of the selected section to Landscape and clicked OK It worked great except now there is a blank page immediately following the page with the table and I can t get rid of it Here are a some more details that might be of use - There are several footnotes relating to data in the table at the bottom of the landscape page - The blank page has a header and footer but no body - If I click into the header on the blank page as if to edit it I see that the header goes all the way down to the footer section which explains why there is no editable body - The header and footer of the portrait page and page following the blank page are not linked to the previous section I also see that this is the case on the blank page but I have not editted anything on the blank page at all Any thoughts nbsp

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I'm having trouble sorting out page number positioning. I need to put a landscape orientated page into my document (which i'm also not sure how to do) but keep the page number in the same position. On the rest of the document i've got the number at the bottom in the centre and i need the number on the landscape page in the same position as if it were a normal page. I'm very frustrated!

A:Word 2007 Page numbering

see attachment . .

BTW, I have had lots of problems getting Word page numbering to do anything I want it to, so I understand your frustration.

Hope this Helps.
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How do i add page numbering with a "/" as a seperator

For example you have 3 pages :
First page 1/3
second page 2/3
third page 3/3


A:Word 2007 Page numbering

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Because I write letters in English and Spanish, I have 2 different letterheads. The English one produces (in Enlish the word Page and the page number. However, how can I train the Spanish version to read Pagina?

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So I'm currently working on this paper using ms word 2007. I understand the whole ideal of page numbering where you go to the insert ribbon, go to page numbering a viola, the pages are numbered.

But, here is my dilemma. I have like 20 pages, but I only want pages 1- 15 numbered and I've tried everything to go about doing so including manually numbering the pages which, only makes the number the same on every page.

I want to know if there is anyway to only number like pages 1-15 and leave the rest unnumbered?

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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We are having trouble getting the page numbers to start with page 1 on the 3rd page of the document.

I tried making a new section starting on page 3 so that it is page 1 but it also numbers the 2 pages in the top section and when I delete them - they ALL go away on the whole document.

I think word on windows is going to make me lose my mind! LOL I love Word 4 on my old mac - it is so reasonable.

Please help! Even the Word for Dummies book is not helping.

A:Page Numbering Issues Word 2007

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums .. Read the Links below ...

Add and format page numbers - Word
Start page numbering on page 2 - Word
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Hi everyone I know my way around Word pretty well but I am REALLY stuck on this one UGH lol I have a document where I have quot Chapter - Heading quot set for each of the main headers so that these not only show in the Table of Contents but also so that the page numbers have the chapter number included e g Chapter - page - Problem is the chapter numbering does not go sequentially with what I am trying to .. Word Chapter + - 2007 Page HELP! Numbering do e g I must skip numbers here and there etc I have figured out that by having the quot Style Word 2007 - Chapter + Page Numbering .. HELP! quot applied to the main headings and by right clicking and choosing quot set numbering value quot it will skip to whatever number I want BUT the page number stays attached to the previous section as I m using section breaks and doesn t update Example I need to go from to was able to change the Chapter Heading number to but the page numbering stays at - Help Please nbsp
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While changing my sections for footnotes, the page numbers changed with it. Footnotes were to be sectioned and pages were to be continuous. Now both are sectioned and I can't seem to fix it. Any ideas on how to make my page numbers continuous but my footnotes not.

A:Word 2007, page numbering messed up

So go into the footer where the page number is wrong. Tell the page numbering to be continuous. I don't have 2007 here, so I can't give you exact instructions.
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Is there a Word expert out there who can explain to me what's going on when I find myself unable to create a next page section break?
Every time I attempt to insert one it turns into a continuous section break, which is totally useless to my purpose.
I would be extraordinarily grateful to anyone who can help me...

A:Word 2007 next page section breaks

Could you attach a sample file (with personal information removed) and explain where you're wanting the break and how you're going about inserting one? I might be able to help you.
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I am knee deep in writting up my final dissertation and need some help I need to number my pages but not from the first page I looked online and it said I should have an option to number pages from the page I was on but that was not the case I then read a and word numbering contents page page help making 2007 Need that you can insert an header and the page will be numbered from there again I could not get this to work I know in word you can generate a contents page that will show the page number of all my subsections and headings but I have no clue how to do this and until I get the page numbers working I cannot do it anyway If anyone can help me please reply I don t want to do my usualy trick of having two documents one the body Need help making a contents page and page numbering word 2007 of the work and the other all the pages that are not numbered because it will take for ever at this point nbsp

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Is it possible to number pages in a Word document in the format "1 of n, 2 of n, 3 of n......etc" where n is the total number of pages in the document, and if!!

Many thanks in anticipation.

John B.

A:Solved: Page numbering in MS Word

There are several ways to do this. The most comprehensive way is a bit tricky, so I'll leave that out.

Most likely you'll want to put page numbers in the footer. Here's a really easy way to do that:
Click View-->Header and Footer.

In the Header and Footer toolbar, depress the Switch Between Header and Footer button. You can hold the mouse over different buttons to see their names; in the default toolbar, it is the ninth button from the left.

Once the cursor has been placed in the footer, in the Header and Footer toolbar, click Insert AutoText. This opens a small list of commonly used texts or phrases.

From the list, select Page X of Y.
You can use AutoText anywhere in the document; I gave instructions for editing the Footer because that's the most common application. You can click
Insert-->AutoText from the menu bar at any point in the document to make an AutoText insertion.



Eh, I might as well include the comprehensive way. Word has a number of field codes that handle this sort of thing. There is a field code called PAGE that displays the number, or index, of the current page. There is also a field code called NUMPAGES that displays the total count of all the pages in the document (which, technically, is a collection). The AutoText Page X of Y is actually Page { PAGE } of { NUMPAGES } (the braces {} denote field codes). You can use those field codes as necessary to make custom page numbers. Check Word's help files for more information on using field codes.
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Hey All,

I have a question about MS Word Web Application that is a part of Windows Sky Drive. How do I insert page numbers on the web application? I use IE 8 and have found Google Docs too slow.


A:Solved: Page Numbering in MS Word Web App?

Hi Jack,
It doesn't look like you can add page numbers directly in the web app. According to Microsoft, they're hidden in editing mode so you have to use the Open in Word command. The changes you make there are reflected in the web app when you save it. Hope that helps.
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I think I inadvertently changed formatting in Word and don't know how to get back to my original setting. When I invoke bullets or numbering in a document the set up works ok, however the bullet or number now has an arrow pointing to the right (see attached screen capture). It prints ok but I'm wondering how I can get back so that only the bullet or number shows. It's no big deal but I just find it annoying.

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I need to know how to start page numbering after several pages into my file. I want to start numbering with 1 at about the seventh page. The first six pages will have no numbers. Office Help refers to Section breaks. I'm not sure I understand which Section break to use.

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I have Word trial version installed on a Dell E laptop with the i processor GB RAM and Win Pro SP I am trying to create a document with sections Section Title page not numbered Section Preface material pages using i ii etc in a footer numbering starting at i with format to be page number of number of pages to include only the number 2010 Page Problem Numbering Solved: Word of pages in this section for example i ii iii iv v The page number format I want is Page i of v Section Content multiple pages perhaps or more using etc in a footer numbering starting at with format to be page number of number of pages to include only the number of pages in this section for example The page number format I want is Page of At this point I have the three sections I have the number formatting correct However no matter what I do I cannot get the number of pages correct in each section That field in each section s footer reflects the number of pages in both Solved: Word 2010 Page Numbering Problem sections and That is as I add pages in Section the number of pages changes in both sections and although the Solved: Word 2010 Page Numbering Problem formatting i vs remains consistent in each section And yes I have disabled the quot Link to Previous quot feature and yes I have used the Header amp Footer Tools Quick Parts Field Page and NumPages fields So what do I have to do to fix the number of pages display I searched this forum without success nbsp

A:Solved: Word 2010 Page Numbering Problem

Hi mlmorris,

If I understand you correctly you want:
Section 1 : no page numbering
Section 2: i of iii, ii of iii, iii of iii
Section 3: 1 of 50 , 2 of 50....50 of 50


1 You need footer 'different first page' and remove any page numbering set.
2. You need 'start at 1' for each section page number
3. You are probably using NUMPAGES for the 'y' part of 'page x of y', you should be using SECTIONPAGES i.e. not the number of pages in the whole document, instead the number of pages in that section.
Edit the footer and replace the 'y' by insert field SECTIONPAGES. (you can get it from Quickparts on the Insert ribbon.
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I have written a 20 page booklet with the page setup as A5 size, which will be printed on A4 paper.

Pages 1 and 2, and 19 and 20 will form the front and back cover, with page 1 showing an illustration, page 2 blank, and pages 19 and 20 showing maps. These pages should NOT show any page numbers.

I want real page numbers to show only on pages 3 to 18 as 1 through 16.

After page 2 I inserted a next page section break and another after page 18. I then clicked Insert, Page Numbers on page 3 and the numbers 1 onwards appear as footnotes until page 18 (as 16), which is correct.

BUT page 1 and 2 now appear at the bottom of real pages 19 and 20 and when I attempt to delete these last two, by double-clicking on the footnote, selecting the footnote number and pressing delete, ALL the page numbers disappear. I really want page numbers to show only on pages 3 through 18.

Can anyone offer any solution, please?


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I am trying to fix a problem for the fire company. There is a 24 page WORD document with a footer that provides for page numbering. However, the program insists on calling the first page "2." I have indicated it should start page numbering with "1" to no avail. It is as if there is an invisible page that the program sees as page one.

Before I manually numbered the pages, I thought I would seek your help.

Thanks, {redoak}

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MS Word 2010 - I have a document done in outline format. It's going fine, but all of a sudden on page 3, after Fluid Milk, it dribbles down to the next page and I can't get it to go together.

I removed the watermark, tried looking into the reveal codes (or whatever they are) and nothing works.

Can anyone help?


A:Solved: MS Word Outline Shifting a Section to New Page

This paragraph:
"At least two types of fluid milk will be offered at the High School Serving Site and this will be documented in the production records. The school currently offers Fat Free, Reduced Fat and Fat Free Chocolate milk."
Is written in the Normal style. Change it to Heading 3 and spacing issue gets fixed. (At least that's what happens using Word 2007; should be the same for 2010)
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I have documents in Word 2007 that I use numbering, the numbers are serial numbers. They are alphanumeric. The first 2 digits are letters, I put them in the define new format box. then i need 6 digits after that but in set numbering value I am only allowed 4 digits. Is there anyway to expand that to 6 digits?

A:Numbering in Word 2007

hope this can help as i use this page as it offers steps.
Look at Shauna Kelley's instructions on numbering.

also a good guide is this page on number customisations and dont do much more then the basics as complex and next level are out of my league.
Numbering in Microsoft Word - Interemediate Users Guide to Word

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I'm using Word 2007. I use it to make a lot of tables from lists. They're usually pretty simple and straightforward so I usually use Word instead of Access. Less complicated. I've never solved the problem of numbering, though. Presently working on a document that's going to be about 120 paragraphs, before I combine them and make a table. Each separate paragraph needs to be numbered sequentially, each starting with 1. The auto-numbering presents a formatting problem for me. I can't get the numbers to be included in the data, for editing purposes. Paragraphs highlighted don't highlight the auto-numbers and they can't be formatted. This present document is going to have over 6,000 lines that are going to have to be numbered. How can I get everything numbered in a way that I can include the numbers in the formatting?

A:Word 2007 Numbering

Hi Spiritman, welcome to TSG.

I don't understand what you mean when you say the numbers can't be formatted. How are you trying to format them? If you highlight a paragraph with numbers, the number doesn't highlight, but it does change format if you change the format of the rest of the paragraph.
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People, I'm new here & I need your kind assistance.

I've a long list of items that I needed to include in a documents written in Word 2007. They start from A to Z and continue with AA to AM, very much in the same way numbering for columns in Excel is listed. However when I reached AB, Word automatically changes my numbering to BB, and AC became CC. I've tried various ways to change the numbering system in Word without success. The Numbering Library in Word is also limited. Can anyone here help me to work around this?

Thank you.


A:Numbering with Word 2007

As soon as Word makes a change, you should be able to scroll over the small blue box it makes and tell it to stop automatically changing.
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Hi, anybody offer any advice with a word document.
I have around 100 pages with section breaks and different page orientation.
Its fine until page 50, I move to the next page and it says page 52.
With it the Page 1 of 100, etc moves from page 50 of 100 to page 52 of 100.
How can I get it to show me page 51? Tried everything I can think of.

A:Page numbering in Word

Hi mrbud,

You say that you have tried everything so maybe you have already covered this!

Have you switched on show formating marks (the funny button symbol to the left of the zoom control)?

This would show you where you have section breaks, page breaks etc.

Looks like you have an extra page break that needs removing.

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Is there a way to include in the footer of a document the total page number of the document minus the first 3 pages. For example: I don't want to include the first 3 pages because they are a table of contents. I have many section breaks in this document of over a hundred pages so entering the field sectionpages doesn't give me what I'm looking for. Is there another field that might exist to include the total number pages of many sections but not the entire document?

Thank you!

A:page numbering in word

You didn't mention which version of Word you are using, but my reply applies to 2003 and 2000.

I write novels using Word 2003, and I insert Section Break after the title page to start the page numbering of the new section. Then, after accessing View/Header or Footer, I type in my last name/title and close. Next, I click on Insert/Page Numbers and indicate where I want them to appear, that I don't want the first page of the section numbered and -- this is important to you -- click on FORMAT. Down at the bottom, click on Start With (which deselects Same as Previous Section) and confirm that the appropriate page number appears or change it to whatever you need. Click OK and OK to get out, and your section and page numbers should work for you.

Let us know if this fixes your problem.
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I use Word 2002.

How do I format page numbering in a document that has

- a title page, for which I want no page number,

- a few pages of table of contents, for which I want Roman numbers starting with ii, and

- the rest of the document for which I want Arabic page numbers displayed as page x of y, centered on the footer, with x starting at 1 and y being the total number of Arabic numbered pages (i.e., not counting the title page and table of contents)?

I tried inserting a section page break at the end of the table of contents pages, then using the header/footer pagexofy insert, formatting the first page as number 1 and manually replacing the total number of pages, but the table of contents pages stil showed as Arabic numbers.


A:Page Numbering In Word

There is no automatic way to do that. You can set a different first page, but the i ii iii is the killer. Im pretty sure office 2007 can do this, but Ive never seen anyone do it with 2k.

The simplest way would be to have 2 different documents. First one has different first page with no header, then the i ii iii numbering, and the second document has the page x of y numbering.

Its View->Header and Footer.

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I have a document with several sections. The first 2 pages are not numbered. The TOC is numbered Page i, Page ii, Page iii, etc. Then in the next section I would like Page 1 of (number of pages remaining in document. So the whole document is 80 pages, but I want the footer to include Page 1 of 77. On other thing to note is that I have "Even/Odd" footers, too.

I have tried the formula with the Cntr F9, but that gives me a syntax error.

Here is the formula that I have tried.


I have also tried to just use QuickParts SectionPages, but that only adds up the pages in a section. I want all the sections to add up with the exception of the first 2.

Can you help?


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I need to suppress page numbers from 4 pages in different locations in a Word document. The document has 479 pages in all. I had to insert these 4 pages into the existing document. So that I do not have to re-page number the entire document I want to leave these 4 pages without page numbers. My first insert page is after page 192 and I want the page that follows this insert page to stay as page 193. Is there a way I can do this without redoing the entire document. I have the page numbers as footers. Thanks, gambergirls

A:Page Numbering in WORD

Hey Gambergirls

Does the page have to be included in the document file?

If not the non-technical way of doing it would be to insert a blank page into the document where you need the insert and create the insert in a new word file, without page numbering!

Hope it Helps!

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how do i get MS Word to insert page numbers, but to skip the first 2 pages .... i can get it to skip the first page, but not the first 2. i tried doing it manually, but doesn't work.

and on the 3rd page (1st 2 are skipped), I need it to start at page 1 ....


A:page numbering in MS Word

Insert a section break at the end of the 2nd page. Then start the numbering from the beginning of the new section.

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Am trying to learn to love 2007 suite. Have used Word since it was on 3.5 diskettes & had no spellchecker. Wish we still had Word 6 (rant over.)

My Word 2007 nightmare:
Regardless of how I try, I can NOT get a numbered list to work. I define a style, or simply "hand number". THe numbering or alpha characters restart, or, my personal favorite, do something like 1. A) (this with a style defined simply as numbered list, numbers selected, or vice versa w/alpha selected.

I have literally spent hours trying to solve this. Clear formatting, restart at 1 (neither works consistently.) I am graded by output.

I'm circling the drain here! Please, if you have a working example to share, or a solution, please, please help me!!

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Stumbled across your site while looking for insight on this issue...hopefully you guys can help!

There's a numbering value stuck just above my footnotes in a document I'm working on. It seems to be part of the footnote somehow but I can't delete it at all, nor make changes to it. Attempts to delete the offending numeric value results in deleting either the legitimate footnote or part of the document above.

Numeric value circled in red.

Any suggestions?

A:Deleting an odd Numbering value in Word 2007

Cough. Nevermind. I've figured it out.

For anyone that stumbles across this page seeking the same answer, here's what you do:

1. Go to the View tab
2. Click on Draft Mode to take the document into draft mode.
3. Go to the References tab
4. Click on "Show Notes"
5. Choose "View Footnote Area" or "View Endnote Area" depending on what you want to adjust
6. On the bottom pane that's just appeared, there should be a drop-down menu. From it, select "Footnote Separator/Endnote Separator" (depending on what choice you made on step 5).
7. Make your adjustment there. Clicking Reset will take it to the default divider line.

Then you just go back to the View tab and go back to Print Layout. Presto!
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In word 2007, when inserting commments as part of the review process, it automatically numbers the comments in order of appearance in the document. Is there any way to turn off or change this?
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Hi Everyone I am using Word and I m trying to come up with a solution for the following We have documents which we use and we would like to sequentially number each time the document is opened and printed For example DOC-YY- DOC-YY- DOC-YY- Where DOC is a fixed prefix and YY refers to the year i e and the is a sequential number Would it be possible to embed the the sequential number in the document so that each time the document is opened it increments the number and after it is printed it saves that number For example let s say the last time it was printed it had and the next number would be After it is printed is saved and so on Also it would be nice if Word was able to prompt the end-user for the quantity of documents required So the program can do multiple copies Is this something I can do solely in Word using Numbering Sequential Word 2007 in VBA or would I have to use an external program Thanks in advance for your Sequential Numbering in Word 2007 assistance nbsp

A:Sequential Numbering in Word 2007

This can be achieved in VBA and probably wouldn't be too much work either. Have you used VBA at all before?
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM Duo CPU E GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb - Numbering Access 2007 (#Name?) Page Error Graphics Card NVIDIA Quadro NVS Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - Access 2007 - Page Numbering Error (#Name?) MB Motherboard Hewlett-Packard AA h UA BTN Antivirus Symantec Endpoint Protection Updated Yes On-Demand Scanner Enabled Hello I m trying to resolve issue with page numbering field in footer of Access reports Within same file I have one report where page numbering field displays properly i e appears correctly in print preview printout as quot Page of quot but other reports do not In print preview and on printouts I get the following error message Name To resolve the issue I ve tried several approaches I checked all fields for spaces before the quot quot and found none All expressions had the same exact format--one works the others do not I cut pasted working field from the one quot good quot report into other reports That worked while I remained in the file but after saving exiting and reopening the file the edits were gone and the error was back I deleted fields and created from scratch controls page numbering Again the changes took while in the file but were gone upon reopening Note that page numbering in newly created reports run as a test were saved and remained after exiting reopening the file I ve checked with our IT guys and they are stumped Any ideas you can offer short of redoing the reports will be much appreciated Thanks nbsp

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I'm writing a thesis that includes a cover page, table of contents, and abstract. I have set up the page numbering so that the cover page is page 0 and that does not appear on the cover page. So my table of contents begins at page 1, my abstract at page 2, and the body of my paper on page 3. I would like the ToC and abstract to be i and ii, respectively, so the paper starts on page 1. Is this possible?


A:Word 2000- Page Numbering

Aye it is if you use section breaks. Add a section break after the page you want to have the roman numerals. Then go into your header and footer for section 2 and turn off "link to previous" on the toolbar. Now go to section 1's footer and change it to roman numerals via the "Format page number" icon on the toolbar.
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I've inserted a TOC in the middle of a document which I am NOT using as a TOC. I wanted to use it for the formatting to write a list. Now that it is there the page numbers have restarted from this page on. I've tried going through the pages and selecting continue from previous section for the page numbering. I've also gone through the footers and selected link to previous section but nothing will continue the page numbering without just setting the page number manually. I would prefer that it is linked so that any future modifications to the document don't get messy.
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We have an interesting issue with page numbering using the "page x of y" auto insert feature in word 97.

Very long documents are correctly numbered in footer with 1 of 2, 2 of 2 etc

However after going out of word and opening the same doc again we get 1 of 1, 2 of 1 or even 20 of one?

Even people who email docs from elsewhere that get opened have the same problem.

We have -

Removed office and reinstalled
Reloaded the OS and office.

It still persists. There are two people with this issue.

MS ofice site has nothing after many different searches.

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I have inserted page numbers into an 100 page book in Word 3. When I print the manuscript the numbers only appear on every second page. Where have I gone wrong?

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Hi there I have a big problem Word Numbering 2007 Appendices Problem and I need it solved by Thursday because the deadline for the PhD thesis is on Friday Sometime ago Word 2007 Appendices Numbering Problem I followed some instructions online in order to make Heading show up as Appendices As a result it automates my Appendices e g Appendix A B C D and so on However I think this problem has something to do with page breaks because my Appendix A works perfectly fine and my page numbers appear as A- to A- The problem starts when I go to Appendix B which appears as Appendix A as well i e Appendix A in my document the page numbers and heading show up as A also It should be noted that the page numbering is once again perfect - however when I force the Appendix numbering to change by clicking on quot Set Numbering Value quot and I change it to B the whole pagination system is off i my first Appendix A now has page numbers that are preceded by F F- F- etc ii my Appendix B now fixed also has page numbers that continue from the previous F numbering F- F- etc even though I unclicked the quot Link to Previous Section quot and also made sure to insert a quot Next Page quot page break I have similar problems throughout my entire appendices A-J but if someone can help me with this I will try to apply it to the rest by myself thank you so much nbsp
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I've been using Office forever. Word 2003 and 2007 have their problems providing stable renumbered lists using XP Pro, but Word 2007 in Windows 7 won't even try to do it.

I've turned off as many autoformat options as may affect numbering or styles, but still no luck. I refuse to manually number scores of lists in a 200-page document.

Any ideas?

A:Word 2007 will not restart numbering in Windows 7

Have you checked the page numbering options [insert-page number-format page numbers]?
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In the new ribbon for the Microsoft Word 2007, there is a section when you click the Microsoft button called SAVE AS. In the selections for the SAVE as, there are five choices. These are:a)Word document: Save the document n the default file format.b)Word Template: Save the document as a template that can be used to format future documents.c)Word 97-2003 document: Save a copy of the document that is fully compatible with word 97-2003.d)Find add-ins for other file formats: Learn about add-ins to save to other formats such as PDF or XPS.e)Other formats: Open the save as dialog box to select from possible file types.How can I find out what these mean? Because.... If I type a document NOW(using the 2007) and want to then save it.. How do I know which choice under the "SAVE AS" choices?Moderator Edit: Moved topic to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:The "save As" Section Of The New Word 2007

Hi theesponja,"Save a document (Applies to: Microsoft Office Word 2007)": might also look at:
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I have a word file with page numbering starting at 227. From page 246 is the two column index. But at that point the page numbers go wonky, repeats number of first page 227 or numbers repeat on successive pages. I have tried compiling the index as a separate file then adding it to the end of the main file all to no avail. Is this a nother famous MS Word glitch of which I am so far unaware?
I assume it is due to some disconnect or internal confusion when the two-columned pages start. How do I get it to work properly with page numbers in proper numerical sequence from start to end of this document?

A:Page numbering problem in Word 2010

These MS website may help you.

Number pages differently in different sections - Word

Page Numbering Problem w/Word 2010 - Microsoft Community
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How do I adjust page numbering in Word Perfect so that the first page. (The title page of my document) has no number but the rest of the pages follow in sequence? In MS Word, there is a "Show page numbering on first page." that can be checked or unchecked. I can't find that in Word Perfect.

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Hi, I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but I've looked on Google and could not find the answer I'm looking for.

Basically, I want to make 2 outline numberings on one line. For example:

1. a. Who is the President of USA?
b. Who is the Vice-President of USA?

I can't make the "a" to be a part of numbering. Is there any way to do this?
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Hey All,

You know how you have to make your chapter titles (Heading 1 style) a numbered list in order for the captions of your Figures/tables to be automatically numbered with the chapter number (i.e. Figure 4.2 This is a painting of the French Revolution)?

I was wondering if there was a work-around of not having to make your chapters a numbered and still have word recognize which chapter you are in so I can number my figures as shown in the i.e. above.


I am using Word 2007.

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Hi there I m a seasoned Word user and have never had any real problems until now I have to revise a book that I published a few years ago which was prepared using Word and XP SP I m now using Word and Vista Home Premium SP The problem is that I have a List of Illustrations created as a table of figures at the beginning of the book the individual illustrations of which I have to number using the numbered list function For some reason it is impossible for me to select the list and then number each illustration Word creates interlinear spaces above each entry and places the number at the beginning of each empty line It also puts the first letter of each illustration at the very end of the empty line So I have something resembling the following of List 2007 Word Illustrations Problem numbering except I can t get the tabulations to show in this post - W illiam Smith N ew York skyline This matter is rather urgent I have a deadline to meet and so I would greatly appreciate any Problem numbering List of Illustrations Word 2007 help Florio nbsp
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Well, some people I my work have merged 100's of short documents in a veeeeeery large one (near 20000 pages). The problem is that Word XP only shows me the first 999 section numbers and the first 9999 page numbers. Although I can move through all the document, If I try to access to a Section/Page higher that these, I only get *** as Section #, and ****/**** as page #.

Is there a way to uncap that limit?

A:Section/Page Limit cap in Word XP


The chances of that document surviving long are low anyway.

Corruption in such a large document would be very likely, and its a highly unwise (not to say unprofessional!) thing to do.
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I am having the exact same problem as m-r below.
Someone please help I just can't redo the whole thing so any advice is welcome!!!

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05-Aug-2009, 06:21 PM #1
Word 2007 next page section breaks
Is there a Word expert out there who can explain to me what's going on when I find myself unable to create a next page section break?
Every time I attempt to insert one it turns into a continuous section break, which is totally useless to my purpose.
I would be extraordinarily grateful to anyone who can help me...
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I am trying to format a very long manuscript and am having a page numbering issue.

I know how to link/unlink headers and footers and create numbering within sections. So, my chapters are sectioned and numbered and each chapter starts with page 1.

I also need a running total of pages. I can't seem to have two formats in the same header (a section page numbering and an overall page numbering) so I planned to put the chapter numbers in the headers (unlinked to previous) and the total page numbering in the footer because they can still be linked.

Sounded good, but when I format the page numbering to start with '1' in the header, even though it is unlinked, the page formatting changes in the footer.

Is there any way around this?

I'm using Word 2010 in Microsoft Office Professional 2010 and Windows 7 Professional, if that helps.


A:Two Page Numbering Schemes in Same Document - Word 2010

Is this website any help for you.

Insert page x of y page numbers in just one section - Office Blogs

Or this one.

10 steps to setting up page numbering in Word sections - TechRepublic
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I am having troubling with page numbering.

I have a large document that has Annexes A and B. These are both new sections and I have the numbering starting at page 1. I have formatted the numbering and put it in the footer. The format is as follows:

A-1 of 10

The "1" is automatically generated with the {PAGE} code and the "A" and the "10" are entered manually. Therefore, if the Annex A grows or shrinks, I must change the "10" manually.

So I have two problems. I must change the total number of pages in the section manually and the other problem has to do with the Table of Contents.

When the TOC is generated, it does not see the "A" and thus numbers the pages 1,2,3, ...etc. I have to manually enter "A-" before each page number.

Any solutions to these problems would be appreciated.

A:Microsoft Word 2000 Page Numbering...egads!

Therefore, if the Annex A grows or shrinks, I must change the "10" manually.

Instead of typing the 10, Insert-Field, Document numbering, and choose SecPages (section pages).

I have to manually enter "A-" before each page number.

That is correct unless you make the A part of a numbering format in the heading style that you're using for your TOC. Also, when you insert the page number, you must format it to "include chapter number".

The whole setup of a doc with Appendices just sucks. Sorry.
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Help please. My microsoft word 7 is giving me a headache. When i press enter the new paragraph becomes double-spaced instead of single spaced like the rest of the document. The other problem is that when i add page numbers the first page begins with number 2 instead of number 1. Your help will be appreciated. For paragraph spacing i've tried the line and page breaks box and it doesn't work. Thank you!!!
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In Word I have quite an extensive macro that inserts text tables and turns Word Table Page VBA Numbering borders on. graphics Some of the tables are supposed to have their borders turned off My beginning of the macro opens a new document does the page setup and then Word VBA Page Numbering turns Table borders on. adds page numbering This is the code Documents Add DocumentType wdNewBlankDocument ActiveWindow View Type wdPrintView Word VBA Page Numbering turns Table borders on. With ActiveDocument PageSetup Orientation wdOrientPortrait TopMargin InchesToPoints BottomMargin InchesToPoints LeftMargin InchesToPoints RightMargin InchesToPoints Gutter InchesToPoints HeaderDistance InchesToPoints FooterDistance InchesToPoints PageWidth InchesToPoints PageHeight InchesToPoints MirrorMargins True End With With ActiveDocument Sections Footers wdHeaderFooterPrimary PageNumbers Add PageNumberAlignment wdAlignPageNumberCenter FirstPage True End With When I run the macro with the ActiveDocument Sections commented out the tables show no borders like they are supposed to If I Un-Comment the ActiveDocument Sections and run the macro all the tables have their borders on Anyone have an idea why Actually I would like to have the Odd page numbers on the right and the Even page numbers on the left but I had some trouble getting that to work correctly so I settled for having the page numbers in the center on all pages If you could help me with the code to get the Odd Even page numbering to work I d appreciate it nbsp

A:Word VBA Page Numbering turns Table borders on.

I know nothing about using Word macros so I'm sorry I can't help. But what you're doing seems an exceedingly complicated way to generate a new document. How often do you do it? Why don't you just set your document template to a layout of different odd and even page header and footer?
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Hi I have a problem with MS Word In many of my documents I use both bullets and numbering in different lists Sometimes when I open these doucments I see that since my last opening of the document word has automatically converted a lot of the bullets into numbering I don t know if it has converts error: bullets automatically Word to 2007 numbering anything to say but these documents Word 2007 error: automatically converts bullets to numbering are very large about pages For example if my original document looks like this xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx aaaaaaa aaaaaaa aaaaaaa yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy - bbbbbbbb - bbbbbbbb - bbbbbbbb it will open up looking like this xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx aaaaaaa aaaaaaa aaaaaaa yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bbbbbbbb bbbbbbbb bbbbbbbb Been searching the net for a solution but can t find it Word 2007 error: automatically converts bullets to numbering anywhere It is possible to convert the numbered Word 2007 error: automatically converts bullets to numbering list back to bullets of course but since my documents are so large it would take forever and the problem keeps repeating once I correct it Anyone has any clue as to what is going on nbsp

A:Word 2007 error: automatically converts bullets to numbering

What file format are you saving in?
Does it only do it one machine?
Have you tried logging into the same machine as a different user?
Your Word preferences may be corrupted for that user. Creating a new user and testing it will cause Word to create new preferences from defaults.

Further than that, uninstalling Office and rebooting, and then manually removing any remaining Office registry keys, followed by reinstalling Office may resolve the issue.

You can also edit your AutoCorrect and AutoFormat settings. I personally disable all autocorrect and autoformat features as i find them more annoying than helpful.
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I have a Microsoft Word 2010 document attached. That document consists of 2 pages.
Page 1 is formatted with 1 column, has some text and then has a Section Break (Next Page)
Page 2 is formatted with 2 columns and has some text with a Column Break.
I want to get rid of the Section Break (Next Page) on Page 1 and replace it with a Section Break (Continuous) so the top of page 1 is formatted with 1 column and after the Section Break (Continuous) formatted with 2 columns.

No matter how I insert a Section Break (Continuous) before the Section Break (Next Page) and then delete the Section Break (Next Page), the previously inserted Section Break (Continuous) changes to a Section Break (Next Page).

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In Word, I want to add automatic page numbering to my document. But suppose I have some X number of title pages that I don't want numbered. How can I have no numbers or headers at all on pages 1 through X, and then start the page numbering only on some arbitrary page X+1, and have the numbering offset, so that page X+1 is numbered p.1, page X+2 is numbered p.2, etc.?

A:How to start Word's page numbering on a different page?

a horrible question

you're wanting to use section breaks to define specific parts of your document
- have some sections without page numbers, then some with page numbers
- and the page numbers starting at a specific number on a specific page and going in order from there
right ?

see Dreamboat's webpage for some initial info.

your first section should have the unnumbered pages
your next section should have the numbered pages

you create a section break by clicking on 'insert' from the menu bar and choosing 'break'
normally use 'next page' when it asks what kind of break you want
it helps to have the option selected to show all characters, marks etc so you can see where the breaks are (tools, options, formatting marks)

you format the numbering through page numbering, also in the 'insert' section (i don't use this option)
through the header/footer options - you can insert a page number, insert the number of pages, or format the page number (ie where it starts etc)

this is one of the most frustrating things to master in word (in my opinion ) because it seems to have it's own logic
- once you get the hang of it, it works well
is a very simple example [forum doesn't allow .doc attachments)
- no page number on page one
- page number on page two, starting at 1

note: when printing, your printer sees all pages without knowing what page number you gave it
- so with the above example printing from page one will give you both pages

it has been scanned for viruses but please feel free to scan it again once it's downloaded

note: i saved it in a lower level .rtf format, not knowing what version of word you have
save it as a .doc from your machine
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I have rotated some pages to landscape in my document however when it prints off it makes the header too big. Everything is proportionately correct, however it is as if when printing it is leaving a gap above the header (or at the top of the header) for the section break. This is now pushing my footer and bottom of page border off the printed version. Everything looks correct in normal view and print preview of the document. Using Word 2007.

Anyone any idea's on how to fix this?

A:Section break making space above header - Word 2007

Does anyone have any ideas?
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We are using Word SP running on on WinXP version SP to briefly illustrate our problem Say I have four Word files called B C D and E Each file is three-to-five pages long and each file ends with a Next page section break created by dropping down the Insert menu and selecting Break gt Next page Remember that - each of the four files ends with a Section Break Next Page I create Section (Next into Break Break Page) (Continue) Section turns a fifth file called A which is a composite of files B through E inserted as links because I want to be able to update files B through E and then pull those changes into file A My new and blank file A is open and I drop down the Insert menu select File and navigate to the file called B I press the Insert button at the lower-right of the Insert File Section Break (Next Page) turns into Section Break (Continue) window and select Insert as Link I repeat this process for files C D and E Section Break (Next Page) turns into Section Break (Continue) so that when I finish file A is made up of files B through E each inserted as link When I review file A and scroll from top to bottom I notice that file D s text does not begin at the top of the page following the end of file C s text as you would expect with a Section Break Next Page inserted at the end of file C but rather the Section Break Next Page has somehow turned into a Section Break Continue during the linking process to file A and so file D s text begins on the same page and a line or two below the end of file C s text This is bad Can someone tell me how I can prevent my Section Break Next Page from Section Break (Next Page) turns into Section Break (Continue) magically and quite erroneously turning into a Section Break Continue You can make the TechPubs team at my office immensely happy with an explanation and especially with a slick solution Thank you for your valuable time Curtis nbsp

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Could anyone give me some help with page numbering in OpenOffice. I am trying to get automatic consecutive page numbers in the footer of each page. When I do Insert/Fields/Page numbers with my cursor in the first footer, I get "Page number on a grey background. Where do I go from there? I have tried everything I can think of, but whenever I put a number next to "Page number "
I just get the same number repeated on subsequent pages. Allan.

A:Solved: Page numbering in Open Office.

does this help
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How do I get automatic consecutive page numbering in Open Office? Allan.

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I use Open Office and I get on well with it. I have a small problem with Writer. When I print a series of chapters, I want to insert Chapter and Page numbers in the header on each page so that the sequence would be: 1 - 1; 1 - 2; 1 - 3; 1 - 4.....and so on. Can anyone tell me how to do this? I keep getting involved with small red triangles and I do not know what they stand for or what use they are. Allan

A:Solved: Open Office Page Numbering

Try searching this excellent BLOG on OpenOffice for some help.
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Hi, I'm having a problem in Word. When I am creating a numbered list and my numbers reach 100, the words get pushed about the space of a tab key press to the right. As if it's being indented.

Here's an image to explain:

Is there any way to stop this? Thank you!

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Hi I ve posted my problem in OS and Windows XP section of the site and they have requested I post here too I OS requested section from section advice seek this They said to post a HJT log and report any findings advice from this thread back to them This is my original post Hi I recently sent my laptop away to be fixed as it wasn t turning on of the time and when I got it back they said it had loads of viruses and trojans which was the problem I use AVG which I thought would have prevented this and I OS section requested I seek advice from this section don t know how they OS section requested I seek advice from this section fixed it but they said it was now clean The laptop was used with no problems for about hours altogether before I installed a new external hard drive Well I say new but it OS section requested I seek advice from this section s actually a Seagate Desktop gb that i had previously imstalled but the USB connecter fell off so I had to transfer it into a new case After installing it into the new case it appeared in My Computer and I could access all my files again but the Seagate Device Manager did not recognise it However I soon began getting Blue Screen Errors regularly which directed me to this page after restarting http wer microsoft com responses R f fb f here I have tried all of the steps apart from the final one and nothing has worked I started up the laptop with nothing connected to it and just left it for a few hours and when I returned to it again I got the same message telling me a serious error had occured and to visit the above page I really dont know what else to try to fix this problem My second problem started about days ago - my Internet Explorer keeps freezing I have to close it down through Task Manager and then I send an error report and it takes me to this page http wer microsoft com responses R abb here I have done the first steps and can t do the last one as I dont have a Yahoo toolbar I have used Internet Explorer with no add-ons at all and its Ok but quite slow and when I went to disable my add-ons there was loads It would take me ages to go through each off them eliminating them and sometimes the Internet can work for an hour without freezing Is there a way to delete them all Ive deleted the ones I can but some of them I cant delete Im selling this laptop to my parents in weeks and they don t have a clue about how to fix a computer problem so would like to have it sorted for them as soon as possible Is it fixable or something seriously wrong with it Thanks in advance for any help kates This is my other thread http forums techguy org windows-nt- -xp -blue-screen-error-internet-crashing html Here is my HJT log Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system csrss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C Program Files Windows Defender MsMpEng exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C Program Files Tall Emu Online Armor oasrv exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C Acer Empowering Technology ePerformance MemCheck exe C Program Files Common Files Apple Mobile Device Support bin AppleMobileDeviceService exe C PROGRA Grisoft AVG avgamsvr exe C PROGRA Grisoft AVG avgupsvc exe C PROGRA Grisoft AVG avgemc exe C Program Files Seagate Basics Service SyncServicesBasics exe C WINDOWS system bgsvcgen exe C Program Files Bonjour mDNSResponder exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS eHome ehRecvr exe C WINDOWS eHome ehSched exe C Program Files Canon IJPLM IJPLMSVC EXE C Program Files Kontiki KService exe C Program Files Common Files LightScribe LSSrvc exe C Acer Empowering Technology eLock LockServ exe C WINDOWS system nvsvc exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C Progr... Read more
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Good afternoon all

In my report, I'd prefer to see "Continued on next page" rather than the traditional "Page x of Z".

I placed an unbound control in the PageFooterSection called "MyPageControl"

In the PageFooterSection of my report therefore, I create an onFormat Event Procedure thats says:

Me.MyPageControl = IIf(Pages>1, "Continued on Next Page","")

So if there is only one page, I see no text in the footer, but otherwise I see the continuation note.

This doesn't work however. Setting a breakpoint in the code, I inspact and see "Pages" remains at Zero on each page (say I have a 10 page report, OnFormat, Pages=0).

Am I using the wrong logic or the wrong controls?

can anybody turn this light on for me?


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I know that you can divide a document in sections and have add the pagenumbers per section in e.g. the footer by using


The problem is that on the screen it show fine : page 1 of 3, page 2 of 3, page 3 of 3, but when printing I get page 1 of 1, page 2 of 2, page 3 of 3.

I only have this when using sections. With normal pagenumbering everything works fine.

Any idea how to solve this ?


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Hello 2003 Numbering crazy Outline driving Word me Solved: - is MS I am using Word Solved: MS Word 2003 - Outline Numbering is driving me crazy s outline numbering to give section i e chapter headings within a technical document My problem arises when trying to set up a different numbering scheme for appendices within the same document Ideally I would like lt Heading gt lt Heading gt lt Heading gt lt Heading gt lt Heading gt lt Heading gt etc Section Break Appendix A lt Heading - Appendices gt A lt Heading - Appendices gt A lt Heading - Appendices gt A lt Heading - Appendices gt Appendix B lt Heading - Appendices gt etc The outline numbering is working fine in the main body of the document - that is until I try to set-up the styles and numbering for the appendices Once I set up the lt Heading - Appendices gt based on Heading and customising one of the available outline numbering templates all of the numbering of the previous sections disappear So - can there be more than one Outline Numbering schemes within the same document - if yes where have I gone wrong Any help much appreciated Steve nbsp

A:Solved: MS Word 2003 - Outline Numbering is driving me crazy

Welcome to the forum.

Try going to "Format">>"Bullets and Numbering" from the menu bar and Uncheck off Continue Previous List . For the second list and see if that fixes it.
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Prior to upgrading to Word 2010 I was able to number the rows in a table by entering an AutoNum field in the left-hand column. Now in Word 2010, fields are located under Quick Parts on the Insert tab of the Ribbon, but when I click that button after selecting the column in my table, Field is greyed out on the drop-down list. How can I enter an AutoNum field a table, or is there another way to number rows? The beauty of the AutoNum option is that it allows adding, deleting, or moving rows while still keeping all rows numbered sequentially.

A:Solved: Trouble numbering rows in a Word 2010 table

Hi Harry,
You can select the column where you want the numbers and hit the numbering button on the Home tab in the paragraph block. That will apply sequential numbering and keep the numbering if you add or delete rows. Hope that helps.
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Hi there! Every time I try to number bullets. they do get numbered but in ARABIC Script. All attempts at my own level to change language keyboard etc. have failed. I need a solution badly as I am keying in an article on recipes by my wife.
Attachment shows my problem.


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Can anybody who is using Word 2000 please tell me how to unprotect part of a protected form so that the users can enter text in that unprotected part? This is a form that is shared throughout a large office and I don't want everybody to have the ability to unprotect it because I have a few know-it-alls who will try making changes to the rest of the form.

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I have Word 2010 and I'm trying to start numbering on page 4 - starting at 1 on page 4. I'm having trouble making the page numbers start on that page and not have any page numbers of the first 3 pages.

I tell it to start with page 1 on that page, and it puts 1-3 on the first 3 pages and 1 on page 4. It shows section 1 and section 2, then if I try to delete them in section 1 it deletes all of them.

what am i doing wrong?

besides getting out of bed this morning....


A:Page Numbering W10

Found a link that may be helpful.
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Hi all,

I putting together a A5 booklet (approx 30 pages) using Word 2007, Iím setting it up in A4 landscape, so when I print it off it has text on each side (A5), the question I have is how do I insert the page numbers under each page, so when I print it off its in the right order, currently I can only put one set of page numbers under the page, but of course require page numbers under each side, Iím also having to do the page numbers manually.

Any help and tips would be gratefully received.


A:A5 page numbering

I do not have Word 2007 .
However, in 2003 to number pages
1.Select View/Header and Footer and place cursor where you want numbers to be
2 From the drop down box change option from "Select auto text" to "Page X of Y"

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I have a wookbook with multiple spreadsheets. Each spreadsheet has two sections. How can I insert page numbers on all the sections on the workbook? I am using windows 7 operating system. Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T7250 @ 2.00GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3070 Mb
Graphics Card: Standard VGA Graphics Adapter, 3 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 139633 MB, Free - 51344 MB; D: Total - 10313 MB, Free - 1 MB; F: Total - 476937 MB, Free - 467704 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0KY768
Antivirus: Norton Internet Security, Updated and Enabled

A:Page numbering

You can add footer at File > Print > Page Setup
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I have a user that is driving me crazy (I know a short trip) he prints up plans for the plant guys to follow. It is set up in word and in print preview is will show 1 of 6, 2 of 6 etc. Prints as 1 of 1 etc. Is there a setting I'm missing here? We run NT 4.0 with Office 2000 Professional - please get this guy off my back.

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In a large document how can you stop and restart the numbering sequence I have no problem skipping first page and numbering pages consecutively from forward Picture about pages of a manuscript in Numbering XP Word The acknowledgment is pages The introduction is pages Then there s a page preface and then separate documents of about pages each this is an example not real ms My problem is if I print the Numbering in Word XP whole thing the pages starting at second page which is want I want go from to I want the acknowledgment to number to page then the introduction to go to pages - then the preface to start numbering again - then each of the major documents to each go from - I m sorry to take up so much space but it s not easy for me to describe this I ve looked at help in word and can t understand what they are saying about page breaks and sections I tried the page breaks which doesn t cause the numbering to start again anyway Thank you Jex nbsp

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Hello I just registered and this is my first post My operating system is Vista This computer was obtained around I created a narrative list already and would ideally like to go back and number it to This may be impossible so at least I d like to master making a numbered double line spaced list in Word going up to about I did a dry run to 100+ in Numbering Word and it seemed to work However now the numbers do not align like I d like My goal is to have the single digits the periods the tab and the narrative items all aligned I do not want the number to jut out to the right I want numbers to to align to the left so that the quot quot in the number is in the same position as the number quot quot in one the first number on the list I would appreciate as much detail as you can provide Thank you in advance nbsp

A:Numbering to 100+ in Word

In Word 2007 there is an option to define a new numbering format, and in that dialogue box one can set the alignment (left, center, or right). Does your version of Word have the option to define a new numbering format?

Found a detailed explanation here:
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Can anyone help with this problem that I have in MS Word 2000.

I have created a 15 page document with a Title page and a Table of Contents(TOC).

I want to do the following:

1. create a footer with the following page format - page X of Y

2. Ensure that the title and TOC page do not display the footer numbering.

The help feature in Word says a section break should be inserted to prevent a page number from displaying. It is not clear to me where I should do this as the end of TOC page already has a section break and also the Help doesn't indicate how one can prevent page numbers from displaying on two pages.

Any suggestions would be greatly welcomed.


A:Preventing page numbering in title and table of contsnt page

Firstly, in the footer of the required section, you'll need a custom NUMPAGES field, but you'll have to tweak it to allow for however many pages aren't to be counted. I used "-1" because I had a first section containing one page.

See attached for the syntax (NB: you can't type the brackets, they must be inserted with CTRL+F9).
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I am entering page numbers for my document and I want to add the chapter number with the page number, e.g., 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, etc.; however, even though the information in the "Format Page Number" area is correct, it only prints the page number without the chapter number, e.g., 1, 2, 3, etc. Do you know what might be wrong and how can I fix the problem?

A:Page Numbering Problems

I'm assuming you're referring to Microsoft Word. If so, this article describes the process and why the author recommends against it: I want to include the chapter number with the page number in the Header - how can I do this?
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I use Excel 97 and for the life of me can't figure out how to change where the number goes. Is there a way to place it elsewhere than the bottom right hand corner?

A:Excel Page Numbering

Yes you can change the page numbers.

Go to File, Page Setup. Header/Footer tab and click on the Footer botton. Set the page numbers there.
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We have recently upgraded from version 2000 to 2003. The page numbering I had which started at 15 by entering page number+14 has changed from 15, 16, 17 etc to 24, 34, 44 etc.

When I simultaneously enter the centre and left footer with the same formular the number correctly show 15, 16, 17 etc. However if I then delete the right hand footer the centre footer changes to 24, 34 ,44. If I then delete the centre footer the right hand footer also changes to 24, 34 etc.

Please help, as I want to use right hand footer to match page numbering from word.

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I have found and tried MANY suggestions for numbering a booklet that I am preparing.
So far, none have worked. I don't need anything fancy, just plain numbers in the lower right hand corner of each page. I have a cover page with one blank page following. I can not get numbers on any page. I am very frustrated.

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I have an Excel file with several worksheets in it. Some of the worksheets are two pages, and I want to put page numbers on the second page only --- and leave the first page blank. Is there a way to do that?


A:Page Numbering in Excel

Nope. Sorry.

Unless you wanted to write a UDF of your own (example here) and manually input the formula into every page except the first. But that sounds crappy.
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Not sure if this question has been asked or not i tried to search but i cant seem to find anything on the forum. So my question being:


But here is the kicker if i delete one of the other numbers i want it to auto fix the rest of the numbers and continue:


So any ideas? Thanks in advance for the help!

A:Sequential Numbering Excel 2007

If the sequence you want is:
Then just enter:
Then select those three cells (A1, A2, and A3)
Grab the grabpoint at the bottom right of cell A3 and drag downward.

From that I got:
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I have automatically numbering Pages in 2007 not ms spent weeks trying to number an almost page thesis to no avail I Pages not automatically numbering in ms 2007 have the first several pages with roman numerals and the the rest should be in arabic At first I thought it might be because of the page break I inserted to change the numbering of the second section But I just did a quot dummy quot document and the only page that is numbering is number None of the others I checked in print preview--there are no other numbers there This like so many Pages not automatically numbering in ms 2007 things is driving me INSANE I have wasted more than hours on this and the idea of manually numbering a page document is not good PLEASE can someone tell me why it is not automatically numbering I have made other numbered documents prior to this It just started with this particular one And now even the first page thanks to someone else's sugggestion says pagemergeformat instead of I have word and it says quot compatibility mode quot even though this is the only program I have ever had on this Toshiba had xp on another computer

A:Pages not automatically numbering in ms 2007

Hopefully, these two links will help:
Use Word 2007 to open documents created in previous versions of Word - Word -

How to number chapters, appendixes, and pages in documents that contain both chapter and appendix headings in Word

Please let us know how you get on.
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I have a very simple form with 3 form fields that populate other ref fields on a single page.

One of the fields is a serial number. I would like the user to be able to enter the serial number (which replicates into a ref field) and then print however many copies they want with each one having the serial number (the same in both places) increased sequentially by one on each print. All other data will remain the same.

The catch is that the starting serial number must be specified by the user rather than being taken from a reference file.
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Hello I am working on a large document for a client It has many in WORD Caption Numbering tables The titles for these have been Caption Numbering in WORD inserted as WORD captions using the Insert function on the toolbar and the respective Reference and Caption drop-down menus This action creates hyperlinks so that a table of tables can be automatically created Currently the tables are labeled with two numbers separated by a hyphen eg - - - - where the first number designates the chapter in which the table appears and the second designates the numerical order in which the given table appears in that specific chapter The client has requested that the tables be renumbered in numerical order leaving out the chapter designation So the tables in the above example would now simply be numbered and I know that I can go back in to the Insert-Reference-Caption function and recast each caption as a single number Here s my question In WORD is there a way to recast all table title numbers at once and still be able to create a hyperlinked table of tables Many thanks Mimsimouse nbsp
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Hello I am working on a large document for a client It has many tables The titles for these have been inserted as WORD captions using the Numbering Caption in WORD Insert function on Caption Numbering in WORD the toolbar and the respective Reference and Caption drop-down menus This action creates hyperlinks so that a table of tables can be automatically created Currently the tables are labeled with two numbers separated by a hyphen eg - - - - where the first number designates the chapter in which the table appears and the second designates the numerical order in which the given table appears in that specific chapter The client has requested that the tables be renumbered in numerical order leaving out the chapter designation So the tables in the above example would now simply be numbered and I know that I can go back in to the Insert-Reference-Caption function and recast each caption as a single number Here s my question In WORD is there a way to recast all table title numbers at once and still be able to create a hyperlinked table of tables Many thanks Mimsimouse nbsp

A:Caption Numbering in WORD

Post that question on this board
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I'm trying to create an Annex for a document in MS Word 2000, with the sub-headings following sequentially, e.g.:

Annex A (set as the top heading)
A.1 Heading 1
A.1.1 Heading 2
A.1.1.1 Paragraph


Annex B
B.1 Heading 1
B.2 Heading 2


Everything's fine until I get to 'Annex B'. The next Heading 1 level just resets to the 'A' counter and I get 'A.1' again!

I've tried everything I can think of, but with no success. I suppose a quick course in Visual Basic is the next step!

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I am trying to setup some document templates in word. I have followed Shauna Kelly's guide to create numbered headings. I appear to have done these although upon selecting the previous level number this isn't always displayed. In addition having selected an outline numbered style, sometimes the highlighted item changes which is a surpise.

I would like to have text automatically numbered as follows as the level of heading in the document may vary as follows;

1. Heading

1.1. 2nd heading level

1.1.1. 3rd heading level Text relating to 3rd heading level

1.1.2 3rd heading level Text relating to other 3rd heading level.

Also I would like all my paragraph text justified but cannot find a means to specify this in the formatting and styles info.

I am also using word 2003.

Thank you.
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I have tried unsuccessfully to place numbering in sections of my dissertation. I have gone through the steps in many tutorials without success and had many other people try for me but they are not able to get the numbering to work. I sure could use some help, nursepattyb

A:Numbering in Word 2010

Before we do anything to compromise your dissertation, have you attempted to follow the numbering procedures on a brand new document? The Normal.dotm file may be causing your problems. Here is a link to read and decide if you want to proceed. One change may be in order. Perhaps instead of deleting any copies of Normal.dotm, right click and rename to normal.dotm2. If you have to start over, you could then delete the new .dotm files the system creates, and rename .dotm2 back to .dotm and you'd be back where you started from, at the least. Possibly you may need to disable addins for word 2010 (google it) or disable any anti-virus you are using (for testing purposes). (If you have more than 1 antivirus program, you must permanently kill 1 of them, never have 2 running!)
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I searched for and found Dreamboats post on this topic, but have another question....

...after I open a document, I can go to FORMAT and AUTO FORMAT and OPTIONS to deselect autonumbering....( right so far???)...but can I turn that off for all of Word....or just each document I work on?

(my problem is trying to type a long list of non-sequentially numbered items....Word won't let me skip a auto corrects each time.)

thanks team.....

A:auto numbering in Word

On the formatting toolbar there is an icon for numbering and one for bullets, make sure the one for numbering is unselected when you close word and then when you reopen a new doc. it should stay unselected.