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Office 2013 - Outlook crashes each time I send an email

Q: Office 2013 - Outlook crashes each time I send an email


Each time I send an email my Outlook crashes. Attached is an emial of the screenshot I get and below is the problem details:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: OUTLOOK.EXE
Application Version: 15.0.4420.1017
Application Timestamp: 506734e2
Fault Module Name: MSVCR100.dll
Fault Module Version: 10.0.40219.1
Fault Module Timestamp: 4d5f0c22
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 000108a9
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 2057

Additional information about the problem:
LCID: 1033
skulcid: 1033

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C:\Windows\system32\en-US\erofflps.txtClick to expand...

Can anybody please advise how this can be fixed?

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Preferred Solution: Office 2013 - Outlook crashes each time I send an email

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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This just started a few days ago.
Will not send emails from outbox
Will receive emails OK
I have done no changes other than the standard updates thru MS.
Contacted Charter and went through troubleshooting - they say its a MS Outlook issue. I am able to send/receive thru my web based accounts @ Charter.
I have gone through "safe mode" w/ MS tech and wants a ton of money, didn't fix anything!
I am on a hotel wifi network but have been for months and this just started a few days ago.
On a quirky sidenote: The B/G color always wants to default to white. I always had it dark grey, changes back to white when I restart Outlook.

A:Outlook 2013 - won't send email

You could try Repairing Office 2013. To do that open Control Panel, select Programs & Features, then scroll down to Microsoft Office 2013, Right Click on that & select Change & that will open a couple of Repair Options to try.
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Hi all I don t have Office yet but I am intending to upgrade a computer to Windows Office One of the primary uses of this computer will be email and currently the fastest way to do things is to send email directly from Word I have looked it up on the net and found a website that says that you can do this with Office http www howtogeek com how-to-send-a-word-document-as-the-body-of-an-email-message The only problem is that right at the end it also says Note that there s no real record of your sent email the form send sent 2013 see in email Word Can folder you Outlook? in them and except as a Word document If you want to keep a copy of the message for yourself in your email program Outlook Thunderbird etc select Bcc from the Options drop-down menu the same menu where you selected to Can you send email form Word 2013 and see them in the sent folder in Outlook? add the From field and enter your email address in the Bcc field Unfortunately as these will be important emails I really need to know if they have been sent without having to just trust the user to remember to save or Bcc it So my question is Is there a sure way to have email come up in the sent folder in Outlook when sent from Word If not I may not get Office Thanks in advance for any help nbsp

A:Can you send email form Word 2013 and see them in the sent folder in Outlook?
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For years I have used Microsoft Office but never used the Outlook part for emails. With Live Mail on its way out I thought that I would try it out. I have set up my accounts and can send and receive with no problems and it is slowly populating all the various Received/Sent/Deleted sections.
I have loads of contacts in the Contacts section but what I have yet to figure out is how to get the To: box to autocomplete the email address as I start to type in the recipients name. I am finding that I have to look up the email address and get that inserted. I am sure that there must be an auto complete but I have yet to find it.
All suggestions gratefully received.

A:Using Microsoft Office 2013 OUtlook email

As far as I'm aware, there is no auto complete function on Outlook. Then again, I might be totally wrong. Terribly sorry that I can't be much more help.
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I don't think I've seen this, but a co-worker asked:

Can you specify a date and time to deliver your email? Similar to the way e-card sites like does?

Thank you.

A:Outlook 2003: Specify a time to send email?

To set a date and time before which a message must not be sent in Outlook:

* Select View | Options from the message's menu.
* Make sure Do not deliver before is selected.
* Select the desired delivery date using the drop-down list.
* Click Close.
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My computer is an HP Pavilion a f running Windows Vista Home Edition that I ve had since new years ago During the past week or 2010 Outlook in MS Email Office Unable to Send/Receive so I ve had trouble with my Office Outlook email program in the MS Office suite When I open it and click on an email I d get the Not Responding notation next to the program name in the top part of the window To correct this I ve used the repair function on the cd and the scanpst file in Program File Microsoft Office Office This seems to work for a while but the Not Responding message has still appeared Concerned that I might lose my two email data files for Office Outlook I exported them to a flash drive Unable to Send/Receive Email in MS Office Outlook 2010 where I incorporated them into one file named Outlook Data File pst After I d repaired the program I imported this file and have my data but am now unable to send receive emails using the program I can send receive emails via the Internet but prefer Office Outlook When I try Send Receive on Office Outlook I get the error message x F which talks about synchronization of an offline address book with Exchange Servers or link here http support microsoft com kb I contacted my ISP Unable to Send/Receive Email in MS Office Outlook 2010 and the techie helped me to ensure that I had a functioning email address but was unable to remedy the problem because it s a Microsoft program which the ISP doesn t support but does support Office I d be grateful for any advice that will correct this problem nbsp

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I have a problem in my office that two systems are taking long time to send Excel attachments in MS Outlook 2003.
Even a 35 kb of excel attachment takes 2 minutes to send email.

The system I have WIN XP operating system
Symentec Antivirus client 10.1.5

I reinstalled the symentec and outlook 2003 but the problem remains the same
Please help

A:Symentec email scanner taking long time to send Excel attachments in MS Outlook 2003

You could turn off your email scanner.

Why you don't need your anti-virus to scan your email:
Email scanners can be bypassed:
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I have a problem in my office that two systems are taking long time to send Excel attachments in MS Outlook 2003.
Even a 35 kb of excel takes 2 minutes to send email.

The system I have WIn XP operating system
Symentec Antivirus client 10.1.5

I reinstalled the symentec and outlook 2003 but the problem remains the same
Please help
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I can't open any messages, opened or unopened. I have tried "repairing" Office 2013--both the quick and full repair--to no avail. 
I can send email I can open my email on my phone. And I can use Outlook Web Access to access a Microsoft account.

But I can't open it on my computer. Using Windows 8.1 HELP!!!
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Hi there Unless you have an ACTIVE Internet connection or other Network Mail Server connection such 2013 2013 set to --OUTLOOK connection Internet Office requires up as Exchange you will NOT be able to set up OUTLOOK Outlook requires and there is no option unlike in Outlook to disable it by unchecking a box a TEST email to be sent and working before your account s can be configured-- Once it's done you don't have to be online but if you need to set up several accounts and you don't have a working internet connection -- Tough luck Why on earth did Ms do this --it's not necessary and it is a Hassle for some people who are on the road have purchased Office and want to set it up Office 2013 --OUTLOOK 2013 requires Internet connection to set up instead of having to wait Office 2013 --OUTLOOK 2013 requires Internet connection to set up until they get home Also a hassle if they want to prepare company laptop computers with email parameters in advance of the new Exchange email servers being rolled out to the users Even if your work policy has mechanisms where the USER can configure the email connections themselves they won't be able to set it up until the Servers are actually in place so you can't set the accounts up in advance The box I've shown here is from Outlook In Outlook the option is filled in and greyed out so you can't change it BTW I prefer and use Office myself but was trying to help a colleague to set up Office Cheers jimbo

A:Office 2013 --OUTLOOK 2013 requires Internet connection to set up

Quote: Originally Posted by jimbo45

Hi there
Unless you have an ACTIVE Internet connection (or other Network Mail Server connection such as Exchange) you will NOT be able to set up OUTLOOK 2013.

Outlook 2013 requires (and there is no option unlike in Outlook 2010 to disable it by unchecking a box) a TEST email to be sent and working before your account(s) can be configured-- Once it's done you don't have to be online but if you need to set up several accounts and you don't have a working internet connection -- Tough luck....

Of course you can uncheck the Test email box. It has been so in all Outlook versions, is still so in Outlook 2013.

The option is grayed out exactly as long as the NEXT button is grayed out i.e. as long as they could not be used due missing credentials, until the setup has all relevant information for an email account to work (email address, incoming and outgoing servers, username and password). When you have filled the needed credentials, both the Test box and NEXT button become visible and can be clicked / selected.

Although I could well understand that setting up an email account, which in any case needs a working connection, would require an existing connection, this is not the case with Outlook 2013. You can set your email accounts up while sitting in a pub in Brussels watching Premier League Football without Internet connection if you want to .

Screenshot from Windows 8.1 / Outlook 2013.
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Hello Everyone,

I am setting up my email accounts in Outlook 2016. I always do a manual setup and on my email accounts, I use Exchange ActiveSync.

My questions are this.

What is this new option of selecting Office 365 and when would I use this option?When I did select the Office 365 option and pressed next my outlook would crash, any fix?What is the best selection to choose from when setting up my account that would be great for automatically syncing with my calendar etc. on or apple etc.?

Thank you very much for any help and assistance.

A:Outlook 2016 Manual Email Account Setup, Office 365 option? & Crashes

Manual setup for accounts is absolutely unnecessary, Outlook 2016 does that automatically in a few seconds.

That being said, if you insist in doing it manually the correct option is Exchange ActiveSync. Office 365 option is for so called workplace email accounts, Azure AD / Office 365 for Business or Enterprise users. You select that option only if your organisation uses Office 365 and you want to set up your workplace email in Outlook 2016.

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So I have a pdf that needs to be faxed to a certain fax number.

Is there something in W8, Skype, Office 2013, that can do it? Or maybe a good app that can be installed?

A:Can Skype or Office 2013 send faxes?

It depends, do you have FAX hardware installed?

Office can send a document as a FAX by printing to the FAX device. You need to have the FAX machine configured and then it will show up as one of your selectable printers.

If you don't have FAX hardware available, you can use a FAX service. I personally like and use a service called PamFAX. It can be integrated into Office so that docs can be sent via PamFAX from within office. I especially like PamFAX since it doesn't require a monthly subscription. You buy $x amount of credit that does not expire. I bought $10 of credits 5 years ago and still have about $7 of that left. Faxes are charged at about $0.13 a page.

Using PamFAX I can send faxes from my PC, laptop, netbook, tablet, phone, etc... as long as I have an internet connection.

For receiving FAXes, I have a free eFAX number.
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Hi there Whoever designed the base colors for Office must have been totally STONE DEAF and COLOR BLIND at the same time I can't believe that comments weren't made before this stuff was allowed out of the door There's almost no possibilities to customize the backgrounds or colors and on a large monitor the base white looks really HIDEOUS -- you need a good pair of Sunglasses while working with it The Outlook 2013 (Office De-Uglify Help 2013) to only other choice is some type of Grey shown in screenshot which looks very similar to quot The Fruit Company's Window colour scheme Still looks Outlook 2013 (Office 2013) Help to De-Uglify hideous and that Blue Outlook also displays the unread message titles in the most sickly blue can't seem to change it I've ever seen Before I remove this POS from my computer is there anyway to De-Uglify or customize like I had in Office with the Black background I don't like it opening with a prompt screen before I get the base screen often needs another TWO keyboard strokes -- example for EXCEL shown -- I should be able to open it in a Window with the menus just like like Office It means I now have to make a load of extra keyboard strokes before I actually get a workbook screen to start getting my work done I don't want the sign in reminders either -- I don't intend to use Cloud services etc Cheers jimbo

A:Outlook 2013 (Office 2013) Help to De-Uglify

No there isn't a way (that I know of) to change it. It was too cumbersome and hogged my Internet Speed with Cloud and whatnot; so I went back to good ol' office 2010. Maybe you should too
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I plan to update Office Pro 2003 to Office 2013 with Outlook. I need some Advice on how to move all of my Outlook info in 2003 to Outlook 2013.
Thank you, Richard

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Hi, is there any way of backing up all email accounts in Outlook 2013 (including username+password) and restoring them in Outlook 2016 without having to manually recreate the accounts? Thanks

A:Migrating Outlook from Office 2013 to Office 2016

You didn't say what types of accounts they are, but mostly likely there isn't a way, unless there is a third-party tool or these are Exchange accounts.
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Hi, is there any way of backing up all email accounts in Outlook 2013 (including username+password) and restoring them in Outlook 2016 without having to manually recreate the accounts? Thanks
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I'm running W8.1 with Office 2013 Pro Plus. All updates are applied. Outlook 2013 will not send any emails that are more than a sentence long. It WILL send test email from account setup. And it will send an email with "test" as the subject and nothing in the body of the email. It receives email of any size just fine. I have uninstalled Office 2013 and reinstalled (then updated all 49 updates) but still won't send emails. What can I do?
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I have recently invested in a new computer running windows 7 with Outlook 2013. For many years have used Mailwasher Pro to check my emails and delete any unwanted or spam before downloading. However this means I have to turnoff completely the send/receive settings in Outlook, so as I am un control of when I wish to send/receive.
I have scoured the internet to ty and find who to do this successfully, but to no avail.

I have unticked the ?Send immediately connected ? box in Options/Advance tab in the send/receive section, which you would think would work, but no, it still does it immediately upon start up and at intervals during the day.

Anyone know how I can turn this off permanently and put me back I control!

Thanks Stewart

A:Outlook 2013 - Cannot Switch Off Send/Recieve

Go to file/options
select advanced, scroll down on the right select Send/receive
either select the account or if all accounts is the only highlighted click edit
select the account with the 'include in the selected account in this group tick box
untick send mail items
Untick receive mail items

Or leave them selected and click the folders you want affected
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Hello I've (outlook email back changing address and 2013) email to server put just found a pst file with all my old email I'd like changing email address and put email back to server (outlook 2013) to put them back on the server hotmail but before doing that I've seen that some of them were not recived or sent to my actual address hotmail com but to an old one infinito it So I was thinking to export them from outlook to CSV modify that address into the new one and then import them back on outlook The problem is that when I export them to CSV in that file they don't have the date received or sent and so when I get them back on changing email address and put email back to server (outlook 2013) outlook they miss that info Can anyone help me doing this I've been told that VBA macro should be useful for this but having a look in it I have no idea of what I sould do Ah instead of outlook I can also use thunderbird if it's easier with it but then I'd have to convert that pst file Thanks
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I am about to upgrade to six Windows 7 machines and am seriously considering staying with my Office 2007 for Word and Excel (and PowerPoint, which I rarely use). I cannot find any compelling reasons to go to Office 2013 at this time and about the only reason I can think of that "might" make it worthwhile is something few reviewers seem to talk about. That's load time.

I will be putting SSDs into my two main machines for OS and apps so that should certainly help, but the laptop and other office machine won't have SSD (at least not for awhile). Time is money and I open and close Word and Excel many times a day.

Is there any chance that Word and Excel 2013 will load so much more quickly than Word and Excel 2007 that it's worth the upgrade?


A:Office 2007 vs 2013 - loading time?

Hi there,

I wouldn't say load time is a factor when comparing the two versions. The OS helps, because it prioritizes what it keeps in memory from the number of times you open an application, so it should be faster the more you open it regardless of the version. I'd always recommend upgrading from Office 2007, there were just too many issues, like charting (which is partially broken), and much better in subsequent versions. 2010 is pretty solid, but I personally prefer 2013 because of the rich feature set.

If you really just don't want 2013, I'd recommend at least upgrading to 2010, which is much better than 2007. If it were me, I'd just go with 2013. There have been many advancements, like slicers, sparklines, timelines, flash fill, Power Pivot, not to mention the under-the-hood changes.
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I appear to be getting a lot of spam email at the moment despite the best efforts of SpamBayes and Outlook 2013's own filters. I have disabled options for the automatic sending of read receipts should they be requested but what about delivery receipts? Does anyone know if Outlook 2013 sends these or some sort of acknowledgement to the sender to say that I have received their spam messages?

If so, can this be disabled?


Mr Morgan.
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I cannot figure this problem out!! This is my work email and I send about 100 emails a day so its very important. I always come here for help you guys are the best. I have searched Google for endless hours and cannot figure out the probelm. I have my sync set up every 2 minutes since I constantly get emails. The problem I am having is that the sync or send/receive keeps getting hung up and will stay at the screen below for 15-20 minutes and wont pull in emails. I have to cancel the task and manually send/receive everytime..I can't do that all day! Any advice on how to fix this would be great..


A:Outlook 2013 Problem sync send/receive.

Had this problem with a client computer. I had to turn off synchronization altogether. But they were ok with clicking send/receive when needed.
Have you tried adjusting the time window + or - to see if that helps?
Ultimately I think it's probably the volume of mail you have on the server that's bogging down the sync process.
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My desktop computer developed Internet connection problems that resulted in my performing a total system rebuild - wipe the drive reinstall Win Home Premium from DVD media reinstall programs like Office I used a program called BackupOutlook to save a copy of the Outlook files on a USB and then used that program on the new setup to restore For the Gmail using IMAP I choose to create a new Data File and all recent e-mails are there in the Outbox Outlook send to fails mail in 2013 Inbox or in another folder in the list I used the server settings I had used previously and test messages were sent and received normally But what I discovered thereafter was that messages I created and sent went into the Outbox and remained there I have re-checked server settings run a Scanpst exe on the Data Files I believe might be relevant checked Add-ins and found two already disabled by the system and run Outlook in Safe Mode Nothing has resolved the problem I did a similar re-do on another desktop a few months Outlook 2013 fails to send mail in Outbox ago and did not encounter this problem This used to happen now and then before I rebuilt that other computer but a shutdown and restart of Outlook would resolve the matter That problem disappeared after that rebuild Thanks to all for insight and advice for a fix
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I appear to be getting a lot of spam email at the moment despite the best efforts of SpamBayes and Outlook 2013's own filters. I have disabled options for the automatic sending of read receipts should they be requested but what about delivery receipts? Does anyone know if Outlook 2013 sends these or some sort of acknowledgement to the sender to say that I have received their spam messages?

If so, can this be disabled?


Mr Morgan.
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It receives email just fine and will send a test email when you are in advanced settings but will any emails created just sit in outbox. The error comes up and says " 8x800ccc13 cannot connect to the network verify your network connection or modem" Which is working of course as I'm online

A:Why won't Outlook 2013 send emails after the Windows 10 upgrade?

I am having the same trouble, please help MS, I need my email for work!!!
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Does anybody know how to get a activation key from a computer? A client lost their associated email to their office key. Any one know how to recover a key from a computer?;-recovering-key/
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Hi, is there any way of backing up all email accounts in Outlook 2013 (including username+password) and restoring them in Outlook 2016 without having to manually recreate the accounts? Thanks
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Hi, is there any way of backing up all email accounts in Outlook 2013 (including username+password) and restoring them in Outlook 2016 without having to manually recreate the accounts? Thanks
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I'm an windows insider with a problem with my Office outlook My 2013 bit Office Outlook 32 Office ran just fine last year until the middle of November At that time I could not receive any incoming emails I could and still can send out going emails and occasionally receive maybe one Office 2013 Outlook 32 bit email a week Had to revert to web mail from my provider until the bugs were worked out of windows mail witch I am not very fond of I've Office 2013 Outlook 32 bit seen better rd party email programs then that It has always bugged me that my Word Power point Access and Excel work just fine but not the Outlook after November The one program I uses the most Today while checking the settings of a theme package I found out that my Outlook was listed as quot Office Outlook bit quot I'm running Windows on my bit Dell as a bit system Does anyone have an idea how I can get the Outlook of my Office to run as a bit program or what else I could do to get it to run other than a viewer

A:Office 2013 Outlook 32 bit

Office 2010 was the first version of Office to be offered as either 32-bit or 64-bit, previous versions were 32-bit, probably back to version 2000, maybe a bit earlier. I had FrontPage 2003 on my computer when I got the 64-bit version of Office 2010 and had to first remove FP due to incompatibility with 64-bit Office. You should have no issues with running 32-bit programs on 64-bit Windows but can't run 64-bit programs on 32-bit Windows. To change to 64-bit Office you'll need the disc or download for it and uninstall the 32-bit version first. I have heard of folks that were able to run both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Office but probably had to do a Custom Install to specify a different Folder one from the other. 32-bit Windows stores 32-bit programs in C:\Program Files but 64-bit Windows stores 64-bit programs in C:\Program Files and 32-bit programs in C:\Program Files (x86). [Change C: to whatever drive/partition your Windows may be on if different.]
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i recently bought office 2013 for my Hp laptop computer.everthing is working great; word excell one note and all apart from outlook. I was using office 2007 previously and oulook was fine now after upgrading my oulook can locate my previous files but cant display them. i have gone ahead and categorized the mails into folders for easier reading. please guide on what to do.
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I have tried installing the Office Customer Preview numerous times but every time it fails often with varying error messages These messages range from a generic quot Consumer Solved: 2013 fails every installation Office Preview time Sorry installation failed please run the troubleshooter quot or something like that to quot Solved: Office 2013 Consumer Preview installation fails every time We re sorry but we couldn t verify the signature of files required to install your Office product quot Sometimes it even tells me that I m not using a supported operating system and that I should upgrade to Windows even though that s what I m using I ve tried both the and bit versions tried doing a clean boot and even tried running the installer in safe mode all to no avail These problems have only just started appearing however as the installer used to open but then get stuck on quot Configuring quot The percentage of this varied I am at my wits end about this so if you have any advice please help me Here s the SysInfo log Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor AMD Athlon tm II X Processor AMD Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card ATI Radeon HD - Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ASUSTeK Computer INC M A LT-M Antivirus AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition Updated and Enabled Thanks very much Dee Roberts nbsp

A:Solved: Office 2013 Consumer Preview installation fails every time

If you solved this problem, what did you do? Others might need to know.
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I mean the email account settings (username, password, etc)? Or will I have to add all email accounts again after re installation of Office 2013? Thanks

A:If I uninstall/reinstall Office 2013, will I lose my email accounts?

You would have to Re-add them again. Its a safety Feature.
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After sorting through the crisis created by the KB3000850 MS update clashing with Avast I am finally after two days seeing the light.

The experience has left my Outlook mail program on my Laptop hanging and not opening.

After repairing both on and offline, and restarts and boots in safe mode I still have no answers to get into my mail on my pc.

All I am getting is no access no matter what I do.

A:Office 2013 and Outlook Issues

Have you tried a complete uninstall & install of Outlook, including creating a new account (which creates a new PST file), followed by an FILE > IMPORT of your mail from your old/current PST file?

Make sure you FIRST move your old/current PST file out of the default folder before install so it does not try and automatically import the corrupted(?) PST file again.

If you need explanation or instruction, just ask.

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Hello everyone, I was wanting to know if anyone been having problems with Outlook 2013. The problem I'm having is that it will stop synchronizing. I have my gmail setup to it and it will send but when it tries to receive it doesn't complete. I've let it run hours at a time to see if it ever complete but it never dose. I also deleted my account and reentered it and still dose the same thing. So doses anyone else have this problem?

A:Office 2013 Outlook not working right

Have you checked the Microsoft beta forums for assistance? This was just released 2 weeks ago, so that's probably your best bet for a resolution and/or to report your issue.
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Instead of going into my online account to check my email, I access email via Outlook. I used to have folders full of emails in Outlook; the folders are still there, but none of the emails are in them. If I sign in to my account on line, all of the folders contain the emails. Any ideas about why the emails no longer show up in the Outlook folders? Thanks.

A:MS Office Outlook (2013) and Folders

This is probably a sync error. Try the steps in this post and post back your results.

Choose which IMAP account folders appear in Outlook - Outlook
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I had to replace my hard drive a few weeks ago. Outlook was working okay when I reinstalled office but I had several problems with the pst files. Now Outlook simply crashes when I open it. It reaches the "loading profile" point and then crashes.
Any idea on how to get it working again?
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Outlook seems to crash only when internet connected. (imap)

Error window gives 'Appcrash' Then I must manually close it down.

Have turning on and off 'COM addins' through Outlook without a change.

I do see where the registry should contain HKEY_CURRENT-USER\software\IM Providers
But simply doesn't (is this right?)

Also, attempted to run a switch unsuccessfully: Outlook /firstrun

...which wasn't recognized as a 'run' -- typed as other variations.
Could something be run command line only? This could help to bring in the original files from what I understand, in case some are lost, etc., but -- will this switch command maintain my connection and other settings - if I can get it to work?

I would do a restore for either Office or the complete OS but at this stage, I don't know if there is a corrupted file or a hardware issue/conflict.

A:Outlook 2013 Crashes with Windows7

Assuming you have an email backup, I'd suggest uninstalling Outlook, reboot, and perform a fresh install.
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I currently have MS Office Pro installed on desktop running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit.

I'd like to install MS Office Pro 2013 in order to update Word but I don't want to overwrite my Outlook 2007 with Outlook 2013. Is this possible? If so, what should I look for or do during installation?

My thanks,

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I was wanting to know if there was any way to where I can add Publisher and Outlook to my Office Suite without having to upgrading my whole Office to Professional I have the Home and Student Version

A:Adding Publisher and Outlook to Office 2013

Sorry but outlook and publisher are part of the office professional or the business version of Office 2013.

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Hi again!

My friend is buying a new laptop and is wondering whether to get the Office suite that includes Outlook or not...

He currently has Win XP and Outlook which he uses at his job (at church) which syncs to his phone. He wants a new laptop (which he's found) and it has Windows 8. He wants to know whether his email will work and synchronise to his phone via Windows 8's 'Mail', i.e. can he pull all his emails across from Outlook into that and then can these by sync'd to his phone?

The email server is account server is POP/SMPT so was wondering if this is all possible?

Many thanks,

A:Question about Outlook (Office 2013 version)

you usually use IMAP to do that
and it will depend on the email service - nothing to do with outlook really
who do they have there email with ?

Buying office with outlook included is very expensive and there alternative free clients
for example
Thunderbird is very similar to outlook, and i have used this on various consumer machines replacing outlook when they have upgraded/changed PCs
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I have Microsoft Office 2003 professional edition installed on my laptop currently. I also have a 2013 professional plus version disc that I can install. Would there be a problem with installing both on my laptop? Is there a lot of difference between the two versions? The reason I'm asking is that I like the 2003 version I am using but would like to test out the 2013 version before I dump the 2003. Thanks, Micromos

A:Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 and 2013

well you can but is advisable not to install 2 version of outlook at the same time, you might run into some problems you have to use at least one of them
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Hi there PLEASE TO ANY DEVELOPERS OF SOFTWARE Don't dumb the stuff Office cannot account 2013 - Outlook configure down so much that it's impossible to repair it if Office 2013 - Outlook cannot configure account it goes wrong Outlook won't set up an email account if the TEST SEND EMAIL fails This is a really stupid error on the part of the developers -- if you are in some places often your ISP won't let you logon to your email server to SEND email from programs like OUTLOOK SPAM protection amongst other things but insist that you use their webmail unless you are actually LOGGED ON to the ISP ISP's have no problem with you READING Email while on say a public other Wi-Fi system but often restrict the SENDING of emails through their servers from such Wi-Fi accesses - you often have to be logged on to your own ISP So if you are trying to set up the account while you are staying in a Hotel and using their broadband service it fails -- all I want is to be able to READ email until I can logon at home I can SEND via webmail or mobile phone so the stupid install process shouldn't stop me CREATING an account even if for the moment I can't use it for SENDING GRRH -- Don't the developers EVER speak to the END USERS any more before designing some install rubbish system like this Showstopper for me this one Rolled back to Office -- Outlook works fine - you can SKIP the test email send --this is what they should allow on Outlook as well Cheers jimbo

A:Office 2013 - Outlook cannot configure account

Maybe some "stability updates" will be released. Always the same problems with new software...

Good thing I couldn't upgrade (no free offer or reductions).
The Office 2010 runs super fast on my laptop and (for me) there's no need for another version for the moment.

Relevancy 70.09%

Hi guys,
I would like to be able to move an email to a sub folder of my mailbox and get Outlook to send an email to the sender of the email I moved into it. Hope that makes sense.

I found this archived thread which has proved very helpful and I've managed to get it working for me.

I would like it to send more than just a one line email reply but I don't know how, maybe get it to use a text file for the body of the email?

Any help would be great

Relevancy 69.66%

There are red 'x'es in email on Outlook 2013.
However when I log in as Administrator, I can see images in email without red x.

The value of "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders\Cache" is "Z:\Temporary Internet Files".

And I tried "safe mode" way - open outlook in safe mode and close and open - but it's not working.
Any helpful comment would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

A:red x in email on Outlook 2013

Do you mean this red x on the picture below?
Just point your mouse and click "click here to download ..." and the red x should disappear
Relevancy 69.66%

When my email client is open on my desktop it appears its not looking for emails, but when i shut it down and re-open it then looks and delivers emails that are waiting. can any on e help on this as i have contacted microsoft which they were no help!!!

A:Outlook 2013 email

My client is Windows Mail. It has a setting how often to search for mail and should it search at all. I am sure that you have a similar setting, look for it.
Relevancy 69.66%

Greetings folks One of our clients has a PC that will emails. after sending 2013 crashes Outlook 3 only allow the user to send emails before it locks up Outlook exe is still running in task manager and cannot be killed The PC Outlook 2013 crashes after sending 3 emails. has to be shut down hard holding the power button in as it hangs during a soft restart The PC is a Lenovo E running Windows Pro -bit Office is Office Home and Business with Outlook attached to an Office account All software up to date If we start Outlook in Safe mode just Outlook not Windows then everything works fine I can send dozens of test emails with no problems at all So here's what I've done Disabled Hardware Acceleration including adding an entry in the Registry HKCU Software Microsoft Office Graphics DisableHardwareAcceleration Effect no change Disabled all add-ins Effect no change Uninstalled the antivirus client Trend Micro Effect no change Desktop Session Manager service disabled Effect this caused a number of problems--I couldn't even get into Outlook--so I re-enabled it I removed some components from a previous version of Office but since that is only Visio I didn't remove everything Effect no change Office repair both quick and web-based from Control Panel Pro tip the web-based one is basically a re-install so have your code ready Effect no change The user's mailbox file is located on a network drive but since everyone's is I don't think this is the source of the problem It's also not a large file If I create a new profile things will work fine for a few weeks but the problem will reappear I am open and grateful for any and all suggestions but do note the steps I've already taken I'd prefer not to rebuild the entire system from the ground up since that doesn't tell me what was wrong to start with From searching on the web this is a common problem and no one seems to have a solid solution at least none of the things I've tried have worked Thank you

A:Outlook 2013 crashes after sending 3 emails.

I hate to say this, but these types of jobs are my favorites, the tough ones.
How large the OST file? Did you try keeping it local and not on the server? Can you check for graphics card updates? Can you turn off the cache for testing?
I would go to the disabled items and see what is going on there. I have found enabling some items fixes issues (like appledev! fixes icloud)
Finally, check his "large attachments" and make sure one big fattie didn't sneak in. Sometimes I have seen large ones cause the issues.
Is that his only email account in that profile?
I have had some struggles with Outlook and graphics cards, even with the disabled hardware accelerator. I think the Nvidia update was one my tech had to do to make one clients work ok.
Relevancy 69.66%

I'm testing EMET 5.2 for deployment into our environment.  However I've come across an issue which causes Outlook 2013 to crash when EAF is enabled.
The following is from the event log:
Faulting application name: OUTLOOK.EXE, version: 15.0.4711.1000, time stamp: 0x55091de4
Faulting module name: ntdll.dll, version: 6.3.9600.17736, time stamp: 0x550f4336
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Fault offset: 0x000000000005473b
Faulting process id: 0x1774
Faulting application start time: 0x01d078b41581d9d3
Faulting application path: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15\OUTLOOK.EXE
Faulting module path: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll
Report Id: 53710d64-e4a7-11e4-8277-60571871a781
Faulting package full name:
Faulting package-relative application ID:
Is there any way to have EAF enabled, or all good to leave it off the list?

(Question moved from
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I have WLM and have installed Affixa. But I still cannot email any of my Open Office documents. I get the clanging red X telling me to set up an email client. I have no idea what that means or what I should do.

A:Cannot send Open Office doc via email

Did you set up live mail as default? Never used Affixa, you might need to select it.

Make Live mail default

This works for windows 7 too.
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I have recently installed Office Professional Plus 2016 (the full package, with nothing left out, as well as Outlook 2016). However, I recently discovered that Outlook 2016 doesn't support the Business Contact Manager addin.

So, can I install only Outlook 2013 (and BCM) alongside Office 2016, without removing/breaking either? Does anyone else have this setup working without issues?

Relevancy 69.23%

hey guys,

Ages ago i used XOBNI to search for email adresses, now with Outlook 2013 this is no longer possible.

When i open Outlook and type a search i hardly ever get an answer.

So does anyone know/use a good search program?

I tried to install LOOKEEN, but installation did not go well.


Relevancy 69.23%

Hi to everyone.
Hope somebody can help me.
Since I have this notebok Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro with screen resolution of 3200x1800 I have problem on visualization email in Outlook 2013.
When I open email in the reading pan, show me long and narrow. I hope this is due to wrong office setup but I tried everything and no change.
I enclosing a jpeg to shw my problem and understand better.
Thank you for quick answer.

Relevancy 69.23%

running windows 10 outlook 2013 and I clicked on an email that was junk or spam. But got a pop up from outlook stating contacting what i can only assume is the email client. Was this an attempt from the recipient to steal info from me. Or is this normal on outlook 2013. Concerned but my computer does not have any secure information on it. Ran numerous scans with bit defender malwarebytes superantispyware. and came up clean. 
any help would be appreciated thank you 

A:outlook 2013 email question

This is going to be very difficult to answer without additional information. 
It is not uncommon at all for e-mail clients to download nothing but the message header, but not the message content, until you try to open it.  This saves bandwidth and lets you mark stuff as junk without ever having opened the message or downloaded the message content.
It's also not uncommon, if this is how you have Outlook configured, to get a message if the Outlook client is trying to retrieve the message body from the server and that is delayed for any reason.
If you still have the message and/or can do a screen capture (Alt+Prt Sc) of the message dialog and post it that would be helpful.  I'm willing to bet that the message dialog would not appear again if the content was fetched the last time you touched the e-mail message under discussion.
Relevancy 69.23%

This morning I tried to compose an email in Outlook 2013.I entered the address and subject but when I tabbed to the body of the email nothing that I typed appeared. This is odd. What could be the cause? Everything was working fine yesterday.

A:Outlook 2013 - No Text in Email

Try deleting the associated account and recreating it. Is the Outlook client only associate with one email account or several? If several; do other accounts misbehave?
Relevancy 69.23%

UPDATE - Seems this problem is inherent in Outlook design - see http www howto-outlook com howto newmailalert htm The quot OutlookTools quot App does not seem to work with Outlook but I did change the Registry Key as stated so that the Desktop Message stays up for hours long enough for me I would still like the Envelope Icon on the Task Bar for emails with Rules applied if at all possible I also found this link useful and have implemented the changes http www howto-outlook com howto newmailalert htm allfoldersrule UPDATE This fix does not solve the problem http www msoutlook info question Right click Task Bar and under PROPERTIES CUSTOMIZE I have checked the box which says quot Always show all icons and notifications on the Email 2013 Outlook Alerts taskbar quot But even if I uncheck this box and tell Outlook to show Icons and Notifications Outlook 2013 Email Alerts it Outlook 2013 Email Alerts fails to show up if I have a RULE set in Outlook ------------------------- Outlook 2013 Email Alerts In Outlook how do I keep the Play a Sound and Desktop Message and Email Alert icon in the Task Bar if I create a new RULE for incoming email With no RULE Filter in place when I receive an email in Outlook I get all three of these Fine These settings are made in FILE OPTIONS MAIL under quot Message Arrival quot But if I make a RULE for incoming mail e g to redirect it from the INBOX to another FOLDER I still get a Desktop Message and Sound Alert but the ENVELOPE ICON in the task bar is disabled I cannot see in any of the RULE options how to put back the ENVELOPE ICON The problem is that the Desktop Message only appears for a maximum of seconds set in Options so if I m away from the PC there is no way I know I ve received an email unless I inspect the folders Is there some way to keep the ENVELOPE ICON together with a RULE Thanks Steve nbsp
Relevancy 69.23%

Is it possible to change Office 2013 Professional Plus to Office 2013 standard?If so, what are the instructions?Thanks

A:change Office 2013 Professional Plus to Office 2013 standard

If the Professional Plus is a trial then you can't legitimately downgrade it for free.Did you put your subject line in Google?Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks
Relevancy 68.8%

I cannot find or determine how to email a document in Windows Office 2007..............I CANNOT

Relevancy 68.8%

I have window s 7 installed and windows live mail. I have just installed Office 2007 but can't send emails directly from office.

It tells me to log on to exchange and then send. I do not have exchange installed, so how can I make win live my default email programme with office?

A:Can't send office 7 email thru windows live

Don't you need to install an update to do that?
Office Live Add On
I just checked the MS update website and I elected not to install but it is there.
Relevancy 68.8%

Everytime I try to send an MS office DOC (MS word or EXCEL or PP) via email by using the "Send TO" optiuon under the FILE menu I get a MS OUtlookFailure.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

Is my entire MS OFFICE istall corrupt?

How can I fix it?

A:MS Office won't send email under FILE MENU

What is the exact Outlook failure message?
(exact spelling and syntax of the error message are important to allow correct research)
Relevancy 68.37%

I would like to know if I could send an outlook email via command line while also attaching a file via command line. I am trying to have a Windows 2000 or 2003 server inititiate an email when it sees a certain text file arrive on the server. The email should run automatically with the file attached. I've found this attached link on how to do the command line: But no mention of attaching a file. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

Relevancy 68.37%

I want to create a 2013 Outlook for Form email new Custom custom form to always show the outlook attachment field We work with a lot of PDF files and would like to be able to drag and drop PDF pages from Adobe Reader Pro to the message body of the new e-mail This is exctracting Outlook 2013 Custom Form for new email a PDF page directly into a newly composed e-mail The described function above only works when there is already one attachment added when a PDF page is extracted into the new e-mail message body and it is the first attachment Outlook does not attach the file Because of this reason I want to create a custom form for composing new e-mail messages on this form I would like to always have the attachment field visible even when empty I have been in the form editor but the field is called quot Attached quot this field is nowhere to be found I can add a field quot Attachment quot but this is a YES NO field with a tickbox Does anyone have experience in how to do the above nbsp

Relevancy 68.37%

Checking a web based email (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail) with Outlook is as safe as doing it using the web browser (Firefox, etc)? I know that using the browser is safe since the connection is encrypted, but I'm unsure about Outlook. Thanks for your feedback.

A:Outlook 2013 email security question

I think it is safe if you PC has a relaible malware security protection and there is software which can provide full protection for the network e.g. Kaspersky.
Relevancy 68.37%

I have a picture in my outlook signature. When I change my settings to give each mail message the new background color i selected, there is a white box around my picture on my signature. I found out how to fix this by making my signature picture transparent. Now, my question is how do I save this so I don't have to make it transparent each time? Thanks.
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In my company if a user prints an email their name appears at the top of the page. I have one new user who, when she prints an email the attached appears rather than her name. Does anybody know why this might be?



A:Outlook 2013 - Name not appearing at top of email print out

I would say that either the details have not been set up properly/have an error or they haven't had time to filter through to wherever they're got from.
Relevancy 68.37%

I've never run into this issue before. I went to check email this morning and it fails with the message: "receiving reported error 0x800CCC0F. The connection to the server was interrupted".

My username and password are correct and I didn't change any settings since last night when it worked. I did restart my computer this morning due to Windows automatic updates needing to be installed.

edit: Can't check email from my iPhone either.

A:cannot recieve email (Outlook 2013) after updates

Fixed. I went to to see if I could log in and check my email. It says my password was reset due to unauthorized usage. I made a new password and now my email works.

I guess my issue with emails was bad:
Relevancy 68.37%

Having .iaf type accounts from former Outlook (2000) and Outlook Express, is there a way to import these into Outlook 2013 rather than manually keying them on a restore?

- From what I've been gathering, this cannot be done. That signatures have to be manually recreated. This right? Even when restoring Outlook 2013 to Outlook 2013 - they aren't stored in a retrievable spot?
Relevancy 68.37%

I have Outlook 2013 (part of Office Home and Business).
I have Outlook set to play a sound when a new email appears but it never does, am I missing a checkbox someplace?

A:no sound when new email appears (Outlook 2013)

See if the post marked Answer, and/or the post after help you

Outlook 2013 does not play sound when new mail arrives - Microsoft Community

It does sound like you checked the box for play a sound

MS Outlook 2013 No Longer Plays Notifications When New Mail Arrives - Default - Tutorials

A Guy
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Checking a web based email (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail) with Outlook is as safe as doing it using the web browser (Firefox, etc)? I know that using the browser is safe since the connection is encrypted, but I'm unsure about Outlook. Thanks for your feedback.

A:Outlook 2013 email security question

Outlook 2013 supports encryption, but this is a question of an advanced e-mail account setup.

To check encryption settings go to Control panel - Mail - Email Accounts - Click on your E-mail - Change - More Settings - Advanced.
Relevancy 68.37%

Everything has been working great but I have one problem that I have been unable to solve. I cannot send email (windows Live) from MS Office 2007. After resetting the defaults 50 times and reinstalling almost everything, I was able to get IE explorer 8 to recognize live mail as the default and email links etc. When I hit send in office it thinks Mail has not been installed but it does open the mail. Then It gives me an error about Ms exchange and then No mail installed. To add to the woes I cannot make a new post so i must feed off a Thread and hope someone will notice this. thanks for any help I can get.

A:I cannot send email (windows Live) from MS Office 2007

I'm posting this possible solution in a few places for anyone still trying to search.

Our office is using Windows 7 Professional, Office 2007, and a mix of Outlook and Windows Live Mail.

With Outlook the "send" function works fine. With Windows Live Mail the "send" function will not automatically open a new email. I wanted to find a fix for WLM instead of having to re-install Outlook and setting it up. I saw the following in a forum somewhere (not quite sure where) that worked for us.

This requires adding entries to the registry and isn't that difficult even for you not-so-savvy users.

Click: Start menu > Accessories > Run
Type: regedit
Click: OK and Yes if Account Control pops up

In the left pane browse to:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Microsoft > Windows Messaging Subsystem

The right pane should contain/look like the following:

***Caution, if there are different entries in your Windows Messaging Subsystem write them down, take a picture or print screen and paste into Paint...something just incase you need to change it back***

Right-click (Default) > Modify...
In the Value data box type: Windows Live Mail
Click: OK

To add the other items right-click in the empty space in the right pane: New > String Value
- Name the new item as stated above
- Once again right-click > Modify...
- Enter the corresponding value
- Rinse and Repeat for all items. Then exit registry.

This has worked for me on three separate systems. Now the "send" function in both Word and Excel opens a new message from WLM.

I also read in another forum (but didn't try it) where someone suggested chagning the registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Clients > Mail

from (Default) REG_SZ (value not set)
to (Default) REG_SZ Windows Live Mail

Note: For users who wish to email as PDF or XPS (it's not available by default), simply search for: "office 2007 save as pdf" and download the small 1mb file and run. The link is currently:

Download: 2007 Microsoft Office Add-in: Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS - Microsoft Download Center - Download Details

Hope this helps. Goodluck!
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Our exchange server is currently down for maintenance.  I have a user who wants to send out an email from Outlook so she can use all the fancy formatting that our backup email system does not have.  Is there a way I can modify her exchange account to add the ability to send that email out from a different server like gmail or yahoo?
Relevancy 67.94%

Can receive email in outlook but cant send email has been like this for months now...I called my ISP and they didnt have an answer for it...Im running xp however I dont have the Xp disc to re install windows...its an older desktop computer I bought off of someone...Its a Dell PIII.

Im not to worried about not being able to send email on the XP puter because I have another desktop where the email works however its running on windows 2000.

Ive heard some people have problems with outlook using XP though.

A:Can Receive Email In Outlook But Cant Send Email.

you have this log thread open at present and it might be a good idea to await a respose on there before you start to make any changes; it is most possible that an infection has gotten TO your e mail client to the information yu have provided ON that log thread your computer is used by others for P2P file sharing? one OF the problems WITH file sharing programs is what the 'program ' comes baggaged with that can and will infect the computer
Relevancy 67.51%

Hi Everyone,

I recently created a new profile in Outlook 2013 (using Control Panel > Mail (Microsoft Outlook 2013)(32-Bit)) due to my Inbox becoming corrupt (as the result of intermediate Exchange Server access).

In the new profile I have successfully added my primary email account, and I am receiving / sending emails fine. However when I add additional accounts either through the Control Panel > Mail..., or Outlook 2013 > File Tab > Add Account I am not able to see them in the left hand panel of Outlook.

Furthermore they are not shown in the File tab of Outlook under the Account Information heading.

If I then attempt to add the extra accounts again I see the message below -

Because I am unable to see the extra account I am unable to click on Repair or Change.

If anybody else has encountered this issue can you please share your experiences?

Kind Regards,

Relevancy 67.51%

Am beginning to wonder if Microsoft ever launch a product that works with other Microsoft products First all the recognised email Outlook default 2013 as client not browsers no matter where stopped working in windows I tried command prompt as admin netsh winsock r worked on st computer running win that the browsers failed on but this had no effect so I did a clean boot which seems to have resolved this issue nd computer Outlook 2013 not recognised as default email client with win on that the browsers stop working but internet running fine on them Before this was done all of sudden outlook decided when starting to display the message Either there is no default mail client or the current client cannot fulfill the messaging request Please run Microsoft outlook and set it as the default mail client Now this I have done in all areas outlook control panel and internet options within the IE browser But nothing changes and they were all set as default anyway Anyone have any idea why this happening and if there is a fix as I am getting to the point where I am beginning to despair with win and outlook respectively and recommend roll backs till they get their act together and sort them out

A:Outlook 2013 not recognised as default email client

Have you tried using Default Programs to set it?
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Previously used Win XP, Outlook 2003 32bit. We backed up our emails using software called msgsave. This allowed us to select which folders where to be backed up and saved each email as separate .msg files using a naming convention we could choose (eg Received date - Subject - From).

This allowed us to easily search for an email and drag and drop it back into outlook if required.

We have now upgraded to to Win 7, Outlook 2013 64bit and found that msgsave does not work with 64 bit versions of outlook.

Does anybody have suggestions for similar software?

If not, does anybody have suggestions for a different way to back up?

Slimboy Fat
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As described in the title. I have a colleague who has to work through a large amount of old emails in his particular folder. Whilst he has scrolled down to look at older mail he finds that when a new email arrives it automatically goes back to the top of the folder to display the newly arrived message.

Is there a setting to turn off so that he can work further down the folder and then manually scroll back up to view new mail rather than it doing it automatically?

Relevancy 67.51%

Hi guys. So the question is in the title. Outlook 2013 gives me notifications about newly received junk mail which I don't want to see. Can I somehow disable that feature and let it notify me just when regular email is received?

A:Why does Outlook 2013 give me notifications about new junk email?

Hello; I'm suffering from the same problem, Outlook 2010 did not do this. I find it very annoying.
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Running Windows 7, 64bit
Outlook was woking fine until Monday the 23.
Send/Receive error message reads: "Sending reported error (0x80042109):"Outlook cannot connect to your outgoing (SMTP) e-mail serve. If you continue to receive this message, conntact your server administrator or internet service provider (ISP)."

Checked with earthlink, my email provider, and all account settings are correct. My Outlook e-mail account also stopped working on Monday.
The only thing I can think of is that Microsoft released an update that dissabled Outlook. Has anyone else had this problm?

A:Outlook 2013 stopped receiving email on 2/23/2015

No problems here but I noticed a silent automatic upgrade on the 24th for my Office 2013. I have a Click-to-run version so it's separate from Windows Update. But I can't find any info on what was changed in that update. The last update before that was on "Patch Tuesday" the 10th, and the Office version didn't change the 24th. It's still 15.0.4693.1002 so somewhat confusing...
Relevancy 67.51%

Hi Everyone,

I recently created a new profile in Outlook 2013 (using Control Panel > Mail (Microsoft Outlook 2013)(32-Bit)) due to my Inbox becoming corrupt (as the result of intermediate Exchange Server access).

In the new profile I have successfully added my primary email account, and I am receiving / sending emails fine. However when I add additional accounts either through the Control Panel > Mail..., or Outlook 2013 > File Tab > Add Account I am not able to see them in the left hand panel of Outlook.

Furthermore they are not shown in the File tab of Outlook under the Account Information heading.

If I then attempt to add the extra accounts again I see the message below -

Because I am unable to see the extra account I am unable to click on Repair or Change.

If anybody else has encountered this issue can you please share your experiences?

Kind Regards,

Relevancy 67.51%

So I had prepared a document with graphics in MS Office Word, saved it, and then set about to send it via email. I clicked onto the email symbol, and got this error message instead;

"Logon failed. You must logon to Microsoft Exchange to access your address book.
Error Code "Unspecified Error".


Where is the Microsoft Exchange, and how do I go about accessing it so that I can logon?Is there a link to MS Exchange in MS Office Word?It's nice of them to hold my address [contacts??] book, but I need to logon to use it too. How?Does anyone know how I get around this hiccup, or is this feature [email from MS Office Word 2007] limited to different versions of Vista/Office?

A:Failure - error trying to send email from MS Office Word 2007

Tony I'm curious,
Are you using Win Mail or Outlook as your default email client?
I note your question in this link

If indeed it's Win Mail try this -
Control Panel. - Programs - Default Programs -set your default programs - wait for the list to populate - Windows Mail - set this program as default.

If I'm barking up the wrong tree you will no doubt tell me.
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I have a user in my office that when she sends a message in Outlook, it stays in the Outbox until she hits the Send/Receive button. Nobody else in the office has that problem. Is this a setting issue?

A:Office 2010 Outlook send

In Office 2013 Outlook, select File, then Options & in Advanced there is a Send/Receive section. Have a look in this to see if any changes fix the problem.
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Is there a quick way to create a new contact group containing the email addresses of all of the recipients in the Email List? Group from Outlook - Recipients Contact 2013 quot To quot and or Outlook 2013 - Contact Group from Email Recipients List? quot cc quot lists of an email in Outlook There are times where I will receive an email from a customer that will have me and a couple of other people in the To list and some more in the cc list I can do a Reply All to get my response to everybody but some times I need to start a new email and send to and cc it to the same group of people at a later date Some of the people may not be in my address book Some of the cc lists may contain or more addresses for people at or more companies I tried to start a new contacts group and then selecting all of the addresses in the cc list of an open message and dragging them to the empty list but it was not permitted nbsp
Relevancy 67.08%

Within the past week when I click on an email in Outlook 2013 Inbox, instead of simply displaying a preview of the text within the preview panel, it now pops out the email in a new window.

How can I switch this behaviour off? And why did it start happening?

I have already tried ?File, Options, Mail, ?replies/forwards? untick open replies/forwards in new window.

However, I am not even trying to reply to the email. I simply click on it to read the preview.

Any advice appreciated.


A:Outlook 2013 email now pops out instead of displaying preview in panel

Are you sure your'e not accidentally double clicking on the new email to view it. On my Outlook 2013 if I double click an email it will open in a new window, but just a single click with open the reading panel & not a new window.
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This is a weird problem: in outlook 2013, I click New Email and the new email window opens on top but somewhat slowly and the says (for just a second or two) Not Responding, then it is underneath the main outlook window. I click on the new email form to get it on top and start typing the address and then click on the address I want and it goes through the same procedure, ending with the new email underneath the outlook window. I click on it to bring it on top and from then on it is more or less normal, occasionally giving me the Not Responding message on the top bar.
Very annoying as it takes about 3 seconds each time it starts doing its Not-Responding-Underneath thing.
Anybody have any ideas what is going on? You guys saved my bacon a while back so I figure maybe somebody knows!

A:Outlook 2013 new email window slow and stays underneath

I archived a lot of emails and after a day or so it seems to have fixed itself. It didn't right after I archived the emails, but I day later it was working fine. No idea what the problem was, other than possibly a lot of emails clogging it up.
Relevancy 67.08%

Suddenly I can't open hyperlinks/links from an Email opened in outlook 2013,(I have Windows 10) I can open from the Email on any browser, I receive a warning from Microsoft Outlook, perhaps maybe it is a problem from my control panel with block/allowing programs?

"The policy of your organisation not allowed to proceed this action for you, for more information ask your support"

the outlook is on my home PC, I don't have any administration to ask permission, I am the owner of the software and hardware

Please help me


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Hi all I m having an issue with the send to email feature in Office Email Office 8.5.1 Send Notes / in 2007 Lotus feature to Solved: We have office with Lotus Notes FP as our email client When we click on the send to email function Solved: Send to Email feature in Office 2007 / Lotus Notes 8.5.1 in office we get the error Either there is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fulfill the messaging request Please run Microsoft Office Outlook and set it as the default mail client When I press okay and try it again I get another message General Mail Failure Quit Microsoft Excel restart the mail system and try again The thing is I have this feature working on other PC s with Lotus Notes same version installed I ve verified that Lotus Notes is the default Mail Client through the IE default programs settings As well as internally through Lotus Notes preferences I ve also checked the option in Lotus Notes to Enable MS Office SendTo Notes I m at a bit of a loss Problem is when I call IBM they blame it on MS and vice versa Any help would be appreciated Also don t suggest to use Outlook believe me it s not my decision I would love to kick our domino servers out the window and move to exchange nbsp

A:Solved: Send to Email feature in Office 2007 / Lotus Notes 8.5.1

Hi Cameron, I have no idea but I found this, maybe it puts you on the right track ?

Good hunting (and coding)
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I am using Office 2003 on an XP pro system. I merge my word document with an existing Access database to send out emails thru Office Outlook. Outlook shuts down, as in stops sending emails at random intervals. Sometimes restating Outlook will get it going but most times it comes down to removing all merged emails and re-doing the merge to get it going again. Sending in groups of 100 to 9000 at a time. The merge goes well, it is the Oulook. Help please.

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Outlook 2007 normally crashes on send using multiple accounts on google and other domains. Sometimes it works. The only message is the outlook is closing due to a problem. Any ideas?
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I have problem with my outlook ; newly when i start my outlook it start to send /receive so it crash during receiving & my outlook will close & this circle will continue so please attend to the error detail in below your kindly support is appreciated

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: OUTLOOK.EXE
Application Version: 12.0.4518.1014
Application Timestamp: 4542840f
Fault Module Name: OUTLFLTR.DLL
Fault Module Version: 12.0.4326.0
Fault Module Timestamp: 44c81343
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 0004acff
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
LCID: 1033
Brand: Office12Crash
skulcid: 1033

A:outlook crashes during send/recieve

Try Outlook in safe mode.
Does the problem go away?
If so, it's likely you have an add-on that is interfering.
Disable them all.
Then begin enabling them one at a time, stopping and restarting Outlook for each trial, until you find the one that interferes.

Start your computer in safe mode
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I have used my Outlook 2003 for years. When I have finished a new mail or reply or forward and clicked Send, the new mail is moved to Outbox. When I later press the Send/Recieve button I will receive mails but the outgoing mail is not sent. When I look in the Outbox I notice that the new mail has no date. No error message is given. Can you give me a clue?
Enus Eliason
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I have used my Outlook 2003 for years. When I have finished a new mail or reply or forward and clicked Send, the new mail is moved to Outbox. When I later press the Send/Recieve button I will receive mails but the outgoing mail is not sent. When I look in the Outbox I notice that the new mail has no date. No error message is given. Can you give me a clue?
Enus Saile

A:Office Outlook 2003, send does'nt work

You can refer this thread if you want-

Hope this helps
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Since updating to Windows 10 my Office 365 Outlook will not send emails - error unable to connect to network - yet it receives them OK and if I go to account settings and use 'Test' it sends and receives OK this is true of all my accounts, Hotmail, gmail and two domain accounts. All can be set up and work from the new Mail App. Have run online repair of Office 365 and rebooted to no avail, anyone any ideas

A:Office 365 Outlook will not send emails since update to win 10

Just fixed the error!!!

Try this command from an elevated command prompt (administrator)

type - SFC /scannow

It fixed some corrupt files from the install and emails now send!