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I have a form where two languages be entered at the same time, I have got the words and text entered in english and arabic , but when it comes to numbers and dates , it just stays as english . I tried through the control panel and change the neccassary but still the numbers stays english. If I completely in the control panel changed to arabic, all the english date and numbers are in arabic.

Is there a way that when pressing the ALT SHIFT the numerical also change to arabic ( text is fine in arabic ).

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Preferred Solution: Arabic numbers

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Arabic numbers

First, what program are you using?

it happens when you dont have an arabic font installed and selected as your text style. For example, if your default font is Times and you switch to arabic keyboard, it will let you type arabic but won't type the arabic numerals.

if you are typing in word, try to change over to an arabic font (not Adobe Arabic).

P.S. you will be able to type english numbers when you switch the keyboard to english and your font is an arabic font.
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I need a smartphone that I can put a document with addresses and phone numbers on and the smartphone will hyperlink the number straight from the document.

I currently use iPhone 3gs and a app (Documents by Savy Soda) and it works: wifi doc to phone; open app; open doc; touch phone number and WaLa! it calls the number

I tried Windows phone thinking with Word and Excel on it, the phone would call from the document. NOT! I sent a file to a friend who has and Android phone and it won't do it either.

I'm not fond of Apple, so my question is:


Moderator note: drgerry, no need to shout.

A:Smartphone that will hyperlink phone numbers from document?

Stick with the iPhone then. But I know with Gmail if you open a doc with cell number on it will launch Android phone apk. I haven't tried that with Window smartphone with Gmail.
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I was having some trouble with my graphics card and borrowed one to test from a friend, the thing is after i checked the Windows Indexing numbers i was surprised to see the 'smaller memory' card had a higher score and wanted to know how the scores are marked on the graphics side.

My card is a ASUS EAH 4350 1Gb Silent card and had a Graphics score of 3.8 and a Gaming Graphics score of 5.8

Friends card is nVidia Geforce 8600 GT 256MB and has a Graphics score of 5.9 and a Gaming Graphics score of 6.4

I thought mine having larger memory would of been a higher score but apparently not?

A:Win 7 indexing graphics numbers

memory is only a part of the card more is not always better the other card is better overall for gaming imo.
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It took me all day to figure it out but I finally got my printer to share from my PC to my Macbook...but the only problem now is that when I print from my Macbook my printer just prints out random strings - letters and numbers. It also will just constantly spew out these pages - it doesn't stop unless I cancel the print. Doesn't matter what I print. I read on another forum that it might be related to missing fonts, but I can't verify this. Any ideas?

I have an HP Photosmart All-in-One C4200 series printer.
Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place.

A:Printer printing random letters and numbers

1. Did you follow the printer and software installation instructions exactly?
See here...

2. Are you certain your macbook meets the hardware specs?
See here...

3. Have you tried their online support?
I recently had an issue with a psc1315 and their online "chat" support walked me through in short order.
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I have a HP laptop keyboard that isn't responding correctly. It displays a "1q 2w 3e 4r 7u 8i 9o 0p" on the screen when the respective letter is typed. I undestand how the "Fn" key and the "Num Lock" key works but this is not the issue. Any advice to remedy this would be appreciated. I've had this laptop for 18 months and it just started doing this. I can't seem to find anyone on the internet that is having the exact same problem. They only have what appears to be a similar issue but not this exact number letter combination.

A:HP laptop keyboard responds as numbers and letters

Have you tried using a USB external keyboard?
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I ordered an nvidia fx5200 and it came with some funky dms-59 output connector...tried to check the nvidia site and they say "they don't manufacture cards, only chips" which seems totally wrong, as my card says "nvidia" right on it

anyway, I need a vga connection - which everything I could find said the fx5200 has - but this card only has the dms-59 connector (which seems very rare)

anyone know of a listing of fx5200 model numbers, so you know what to order and what you will get?...I ordered this from ascendtech (which may be part of the problem)


A:Are there model numbers for the fx5200 cards?

They make the GPU but not the actual card. Are you sure that isn't a DVI connector? Did your card come in a retail box? A DVI to VGA adapter usually comes with it but if not, you can buy them separately.
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I was hoping that someone could give me a digit number for a Dell Inspiron E laptop battery A numbers Dell Battery year ago I had issues with it recognizing the ac adaptor At that time I replaced the battery thinking that was it However it was not and after the on line chat with Dell they determined the mother board needed replaced Now the battery led on the Dell Battery numbers computer goes off after being only plugged in for a few seconds I have two AC adapters so I tried the other Dell Battery numbers one-same thing If I unplug and plug the AC several time I can see the battery charge percentage going up If the led is not on the percentage will not change The reason for my request is that the laptop is still on warranty and I am pretty sure it is the mother board again I went to Dell s chat line knowing that we would get so far and they would want to replace it However when they found out that I did not have a Dell battery they said there was nothing more they could do until I put a Dell battery back into it and then they could help me with a more in depth diagnosis Thanks for any help nbsp

A:Dell Battery numbers

I think those *****s have it indexed under 'Dell Inspiron 6000/9400/E1705' - you would NEVAR find it.
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I spent the evening trying to brush up on what Confusing Numbers Ram all the numbers mean for purchasing memory I am pretty compfortable with the Cas Latency and the other numbers such as - - - Confusing Ram Numbers lower is better is my understanding What I don t have a handle on is the other numbers e g OCZ Platinum Revision GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory DDR what do I make of this number Do I try to match this with the Motherboard Specs if it says Memory Standard DDR and up Confusing Ram Numbers to MHz And what about PC What does this all mean I am putting a Christmas list together to do an upgrade budget the following components are what I am considering for purchase There is so much ram out there it will make your head spin This aspect seems to be the most difficult for me to figure out I want to get the most bang for my buck I am using this new PC for gaming I don t really dabble in overclocking but it would be nice to go for it Here is the list so far Confusing Ram Numbers MOBO option EVGA -CK-NF -A LGA NVIDIA nForce i SLI ATX Intel Motherboard MOBO option GIGABYTE GA-P C-DS R LGA Intel P ATX Intel Motherboard MOBO option GIGABYTE GA-P -DS R LGA Intel P ATX Intel Motherboard REV CPU Intel Core Q GO stepping Video EVGA NVIDIA GeForce GTS MB X PCI Express Power Supply ADD-ON Thermaltake W RU PurePower Power Express W Power Supply nbsp

A:Confusing Ram Numbers

Hello, Fakum, and welcome to Techspot :wave:

Please take a look at the following threads to make your experience here as enjoyable as possible

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Also remember to post any problems or questions that you have in the appropriate forums

With regards to your question, the "800" refers to the clock speed of the ram (in MHz). As long as your motherboard is compatible with it then i think you'll be ok.

The rest of your hardware sounds good, you'll need more than a 250W psu though.
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OMG, I have so many questions that are killing me! and mostly they are related to mp3's! Please answer these if you have enough knowledge!

1. If I download music (by payment) on the internet, can I choose which format/bitrate I want it in? And can I choose lossless .wav format? I don't buy music online.

2. What are these numbers followed by the word Hash? What are these things?

3. What are these things - when I check the properties of an mp3 in it's comments/description tag, I often see numbers and letters in groups like this:
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I have a problem with my computer that has me stumped. When I type letters on my laptop computer, numbers come out...I restarted to see if that would help but everytime I try certains letters, numbers come out...Anyone know a solution to this? thank you in advance. :approve:

A:When I type letters on my laptop, Numbers come out!!

:stickout: Nevermind, I figured it was the number lock.
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I have recently purchased a D-Link DI- wireless broadband router It has fast eithernet ports and wireless at g Followed the instructions and my PC s all get a DHCP assigned ip address they are all runnning Windows XP Went to set up my laptop and encountered the following problem when the device should be issueing an assigning IP devices D-Link wireless DI-624+ numbers for not ip address of after around seconds all I get is an IP of and subnet of I ve tried to do it manually and all the usual ipconfig release renew stuff but it still come back after around seconds with the above ip address I ve found on the web a reg fix of The reason you get the XXX XXX address is because Windows will apply that address as a default if it does not receive a DHCP assignment It has been my experience that this happens before a DHCP connection is made sometimes putting you on the wrong subnet The fix is easy defeat the automatic IP assignemnt feature in XP Do the following from the Microsoft website With REGEDIT open HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Servic es Tcpip Parameters Click on the parameters folder Click Edit Click New and then click DWORD Value Enter the following IPAutoconfigurationEnabled Righ click the new entry and then click Modify Verify that the value is zero or make it Exit Registry editor and reboot The zero value disables the auto IP assign feature To re-enable either delete the DWORD entry or change the value to However I D-Link DI-624+ not assigning IP numbers for wireless devices can connect to the person doors down the streets wireless access point without making any changes to my laptop Is there something in the D-Link that should be changed - I m lthink is there an equivalent of a port fast setting that you get on Cisco switches if this was not set the ports took seconds to reconfigure and apple mac s would time out and fail to get a network connection and I wonder if this is whats happening to the laptop its timing out and taking the range as default Gordon nbsp

A:D-Link DI-624+ not assigning IP numbers for wireless devices

check the firmware version on the di624, if it isn't the latest, update it, then try disabling SuperG with Turbo mode. This is only useful if you have a dlink SuperG card, and can sometimes keep other cards that don't support the superg feature from working properly with that router.
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Please I can,t read my email in Arabic , I have message im my email from 2004 in arabic and it,s shown to me as langue I don't understand ????? please help me ?

it show like this " انية "

A:I cannot read my mail in arabic although my PC support all arabic languages 2014

For starters, what operating system are you using?
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I'm trying to print a mail merged document of about 160 letters and MSWorks automatically inserts page numbers when I go to print or preview the document. How do I stop the insert of page numbers?

Message: You have added the Insert Page Number field to the merge document. Each entry in the merged document will be marked sequentially. Click OK to number each entry sequentially.

A:Printing unwanted automatic insert of page numbers in MS Works

instead of using works which is incompatible with most other word processors and not fully functional, use openoffice which is and is free and can save in MANY formats.
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i have made a program that will generate a random number until the number i type is generated, but to make it faster i thought it would be helpful to stop the program going over numbers it has already generated, the problem is, i have no idea how to do this.

please help,

[email protected]

A:Programming help - random numbers

what language?

PS > do yourself a favor and remove your email address from above post, this is a public webpage.
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Hello everyone, I hope you can help me here.

Photoshop stopped working on my computer, if I tried to open the program, it would start to initialize and check settings and then it would just disappear. I decided that I should uninstall Photoshop and then reinstall it (which may or may not have been a good idea). Before I unistalled Photoshop I wrote down the serial number which was 20 numbers ( I am absolutley positive of this). After I put in the disc to reinstall, it asks for a serial number but it wants 24 numbers...what is going on? Can somebody please help me? Thanks

A:Help with reintalling Photoshop, missing four numbers?

Adobe is playing games with you. Call them.
It appears they think you are using a version licensed to someone else. They have a fix when you call them.
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Hi all,

I have a folder with around 80,000 files in it and would like to move them to 3000 files in each new folder.

Any suggestion?

A:Moving a fix numbers of files to a new folder.

By the way the word is COPY and then confirm, then remove old folder
ie sometimes move faults and then you may be unsure where's what.

Anyway check out the above link
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I don't really know what I did to cause the problem, but whatever it was I didn't intend to do it. I no longer have letters up for the column headers, this makes it a real pain to type in forumlas.

Anyway, attached is a screenie of what I'm talking about, anyone know how to make it normal again?


A:Excel Columns Problem - No letters, numbers instead

In Excel, click Tools/Options
Select the "General" tab and UNtick the "R1C1 Reference Style" checkbox.
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Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.0.6002.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 1a
BCP1: 0000000000041201
BCP2: FFFFF680001FA778
BCP3: 98B0800185F59867
BCP4: FFFFFA8006D05450
OS Version: 6_0_6002
Service Pack: 2_0
Product: 768_1

any help would be appreciated

A:BSOD (probably video card related) posting error numbers

How to find and post your Minidump Files:

My Computer > C Drive > Windows Folder > Minidump Folder > Minidump Files.

It is these files that we need (not the folder). Attach to your next post the five most recent dumps. Notice the Manage Attachments button at the bottom when you go to post the next time. You can Zip up to five files per Zip; if you only have one or two you don?t need to zip them, just attach as is. Please do us a favor and don?t Zip each one individually.
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I hear that soon we will all have a personnal ip number. IP version 4 or something similar? Is this a good thing?

A:IP Numbers

Where did you hear that?
There are too many people for individual IPv4 numbers. IPv6 could do. But I still doubt that.
It's a Bad Thing if something like this happens.
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In my past I worked in a music store and took a handful of cd's home everyday to put in my computer, most of them are .WAV about 40 or 50K though I do have 15 or 20K MP3's. Is there a program available to sort through all this mess, and maybe help me remove some of the doubles I have recorded. It's becoming a nightmare to deal with, I have 8 250GB usb drives full of music, I figure if I rip the wav's to MP3 I can put the songs on just on or two harddrives, I just need some software that will let me do it in an orderly fashion. Any help will be really appreciated.

A:Music database for large numbers of songs>60k

you could probably use itunes or windows media player etc to convert them to mp3 format, then sort the library by name/albums, and delete duplicates from there, but makeing sure you click on 'remove from library and computer'...

although keep a backup of the original files while you figure this bit out from the programs just incase it deletes everything there, then delete them when its all good...

and make sure its only reading from teh one folders/drive
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I have a 100+ page Word 2013 Document that I've added page numbers to. However, when I go to print the documents the numbers wont print and they need to. How can I fix this?


A:Solved: Page numbers WONT Print in Word 2013 Document

You do have the Page number coding in the header or footer right?

Can you post a cleaned version of this document showing where you have the page numbering?

Also do you have a bunch of "Sections" defined within this document?
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Hi, first off all, apologies if im in wrong section.

Using Notepad ++ batch code I am trying to make a simple RPG. I need to simulate rolling dice to get a random number that is different each time I run it. Sometimes it will be a six sided dice, sometimes a 4 sided or more.
Can anyone help please.

A:Random numbers

Could you post the code you have thus far?

Aside: Is there a reason it has to be done in Batch? It's not exactly the most powerful language out there, and I fear that this won't be the last time you find yourself frustrated by its limitations.
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I m trying to make a language like C sort of and I can t seem to get my variables and print statements to work They work if they are blank but when you put data on them they don t work For example if you try to do quot var a quot it will tell you it was expecting SEND and PNFHA Numbers Format: Portable not an ID Here is the file I was trying to compile Code var var a var b var c var d - var d a print Portable Numbers Format: PNFHA print print a Here is my bison code Code Prologue include lt deslib deslib hpp gt Portable Numbers Format: PNFHA include lt cmath gt int main int argc char argv void yyerror char const c int yylex FILE output class Var private String itsname double itsvalue public void name String name String name void value double value double value void Var name String name itsname name String Var name return itsname void Var value double value itsvalue value double Var value return itsvalue Var varTable unsigned long varcount Bison Declarations error-verbose right OPEQUAL left OPMINUS OPPLUS left OPTIMES OPDIV left OPMODULUS left NEG right OPPOWER token LEFTP token RIGHTP token LEFTB token RIGHTB token NUMBER token SEND token OPEQUAL token OPPLUS token OPMINUS token OPTIMES token OPDIV token OPMODULUS token OPPOWER token ID token VAR token PRINT quot print quot Grammar Rules input Empty input line line ' n' statement error yyerrok statement SEND expression SEND declaration SEND command SEND statement block statement block LEFTB temp statement block RIGHTB temp statement block statement statement statement expression number expression variable expression number expression NUMBER number expression OPPLUS number expression number expression OPMINUS number expression - number expression OPTIMES number expression number expression OPDIV number expression number expression OPMODULUS number expression OPMINUS number expression prec NEG - number expression OPPOWER number expression pow LEFTP number expression RIGHTP variable expression ID bool vfound false for int i i lt varcount i if varTable i name getString c str yytext vfound true varTable i value if vfound false yyerrok declaration variable declaration variable declaration VAR ID bool vfound false for int i i lt varcount i if varTable i name getString c str yytext varTable i value vfound true if vfound false varTable varcount name yytext varTable varcount value varcount VAR ID OPEQUAL expression bool vfound false for int i i lt varcount i if varTable i name getString c str yytext varTable i value vfound true if vfound false varTable varcount name yytext varTable varcount value varcount command print command print command PRINT expression cout lt lt Additional C C Code And here is my flex code Code Prologue include quot pnfha tab cpp quot Flex Definitions DIGIT - NUMBER DIGIT DIGIT quot quot DIGIT TCHARACTER COMMENT TCHARACTER SEND quot quot OPPLUS quot quot OPMINUS quot - quot OPTIMES quot quot OPDIV quot quot OPMODULUS quot quot OPPOWER quot quot OPEQUAL quot quot LEFTP quot quot RIGHTP quot quot LEFTB quot quot RIGHTB quot quot ID alphanum Flex Patterns Below NUMBER yylval atof yytext return NUMBER SEND yylval return SEND LEFTP yylval return LEFTP RIGHTP yylval return RIGHTP OPEQUAL yylval return OPEQUAL OPPLUS yylval return OPPLUS OPMINUS yylval return OPMINUS OPTIMES yylval return OPTIMES OPDIV yylval return OPDIV OPMODULUS yylval return OPMODULUS OPPOWER yylval return OPPOWER ID yylval return ID LEFTB yylval return LEFTB RIGHTB yylval return RIGHTB n t Eat up Whitespace COMMENT Eat up comment yyerror quot scan error quot Additional Code int main int argc char argv if argc FILE input fopen argv quot r quot if input yyerror quot can't open file quot return - yyin input output fopen argv quot w quot if output yyerror quot can't open file for write quot return - fprintf output quot VERSION TVOID V n n n quot int ret yyparse fprintf output quot nEND TVOID V quot return ret else yyerror quot can't find input file or output file quot void yyerror char const c cout lt l... Read more

A:Portable Numbers Format: PNFHA

I am further along now, and the problem now, is in an if statement, how to get the printout of the rest of the stuff in the proper spot of the if statement. I need some way to register, but delay a write, and a way to tell the writes to happen, so that I can tell it to write where I want them to write.
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While I was seeing this instructions I saw folders beggining with S with some long no s nbsp In my case there are HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows NT CurrentVersion ProfileList S- - - - - - - HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows NT CurrentVersion ProfileList S- - - - - - - bak I added the bak because I can't copy it with bak in it HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft by Error logon) profile : long numbers have some failed 4 I ( the User followed folders S-1-5 service Windows NT CurrentVersion ProfileList S- - - - - - - HKEY LOCAL I have 4 S-1-5 folders followed by some long numbers ( Error : User profile service failed the logon) MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows NT CurrentVersion ProfileList S- - - - - - - The others don't have bak ba I have 4 S-1-5 folders followed by some long numbers ( Error : User profile service failed the logon) or any extensions instead of I have an error quot User profile service failed the logon quot is has something to do in adding extension names in That kind of file The link below is what I am referring at And the Microsoft Co only have s- - files while I had four So I dont know what to rename in those files just two or all here's my reference Method nbsp - gt http nbsp support microsoft com kb en-us Please add me in facebook if you know the exact thing I needed to do removed yahoo com

A:I have 4 S-1-5 folders followed by some long numbers ( Error : User profile service failed the logon)

The four folders means you have three profile in your computer.
The .bak file extension is used for general backup files. The first two folders means a folder and a backup of the folder.
You just need to modify the two folders follow the introductions in the KB.
Hope this helps,Ada Liu
TechNet Community Support
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Anyone have any idea what I need to do in Windows 10 to get my Numbers Lock to stay on all the time?
Each time I start the system I have to remember to press the Numbers Lock button. On my Windows 7 it stayed on all the time unless I purposely turned it off.
It's no real big deal to push a button, but it's just a pain in the rear to type in a password or user name and discover it didn't work simply because this darn button was turned off by the system.
Oh, I did do a "regedit" and changed the numbers in the box to #2 and restarted the system. When the system restarted the Numbers Lock light was on and I figured I must have fixed it. However when I booted up today it was off again.
Thanks for your help!

A:Numbers Lock will not stay on in Windows 10

I can't say if your computer has this but some computers have a numlock enable/disable in BIOS.
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Besides the C:/ drive, I have a D:/ and E:/ drive on my computer and more and more folders named with a string of letters and numbers keep appearing, especially on E. I've had a Windows 7 Premium Edition installed a while ago and before that I had a Windows 7 Home edition for some years.
What are those files, and how can I erase them, and should I erase them?
How can I get rid of them if I were to reinstall Windows 7 some time in the future again?
Most are empty, besides a few, and one of them in drive E is locked by the system.
They're really annoying, as I struggle to see my personal folders in all that jungle.
Thank you!

A:Lots of folders names with a string of letters/numbers in non system drives

Click on the Start orb, the type manage in the Search programs and files box and press Enter.
A menu will open with one of the choices being Disk Management, click on this.
When this opens use the Snipping tool to copy an image of this and post it in your topic.
Please use the Snipping Tool to copy the image, you can find this tool in Accessories under All Programs.   After you have the image you will want to go to File and click on Save As, Pictures will open with this image, when it opens give it a name and click on save .
Using the Snipping Tool to copy an image. 
To open the Snipping tool click on the Start orb, then type snipping tool in the search box.  Snipping Tool will appear above the search box, right click on it and choose Run as administrator.  
Before you open the Snipping Tool have the image you want to copy one the destop, then open the Snipping Tool.
A small white cross (+) will appear on the screen, move this to the lower left corner of the image you want to copy, press and hold the mouse and slowly move it to the right and upwards.  You will see a red rectangle form around the image, when you have the image isolated that you want, release the mouse.  
After you have the image you will go to File and click on Save As, Pictures will open with this image, when it opens give it a name then click on Save.    
You can post this image in your next post.  Just below the area where you write text in a post there is the Post button, to the right of this is More Reply Options. 

When you click on More Relpy Options  you will see Attach Files and Browse, click on Browse, this will open Pictures on your computer, click on the image you made with the Snipping Tool, then click on Attach This File, then Add Reply.
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Howdy folks Here s a weird one Went over to numbers vista files program changed names with a friend s house today to work on there computer as it wasn t working right I noticed that all the icons on the desktop had their names changed vista program files names changed with numbers to include numbers ex Chrome Inter Explorer The numbers seem to be random Obviously trying to launch one of these did not work I then went into the Program Files folder and its seemed all the exe files and dll files were also renamed to include numbers I have never seen this before and doing a search through these forums and malware removal guides it doesn t seem to have a fix other than manually renaming the files one at a time removing the number part I have included a screen shot for reference In the screen shot I renamed the Itunes exe but it still would not run because the dll files are missing Thanks for any input but I think we are looking at a backup--- rebuild at this point Jim

A:vista program files names changed with numbers

Have you seem this link?
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I have attached a picture you can enlarge, showing a file that is showing up in a particular directory.
I use this directory for docx xlsx and pdf file that I link to from my excel 2007 program.
Everything works fine, but I don't know what these files are. They do not have an extension
I have scanned virus and malware and nothing shows up, but am at a loss to what they are.
I have a few of them and they are all 8 characters long and a combination
of numbers and letters but always 8 characters. I don't want to click it and I don't want to delete it
without knowing what it is. I have show extensions and hidden files enabled. Thanks for your help
 #_2012-08-20_21-54-53.jpg   26.33KB

A:strange numbers in directory with no extension

I have no technical explanation for those 2 files but most likely when certain document files were saved they must be associated with it. I would not worry of them for now.
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I clicked something and was greeted by malware that created https popups in Explorer.  Below are the my attempts to correct.
1. Deleted the new programs from the change and remove programs. 
2. Ran Mcafee - nothing noted
3. continued to get popups
4. deleted directories with same name "tool bars and extensions"
5. continued to get popups
6. downloaded Malwarebytes and found several pups and quarantined  all.
7. rebooted. 
8. No longer can i log in, language seems to be Arabic.
9. I tried to refresh but would not work- it made me log in. this is where i noticed that the language was set to ARABIC 2. 
The computer boots fine, I cant read the language and my password does not work. 
Would a restore to a restore point reset the langauge? Is there any way to recover this PC?
The computer is a Lenovo laptop, running windows 8.1. 

A:Win81 - Language Changed to Arabic, after Malware Attack.

What tool did you run prior to the change?
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Hey all;

Working a mail merge issue in Word 2010 with the data list in Excel 2010. We have a column of truck numbers in one column that fills to a field in the mail merge. The numbers are formatted as 81112, for example. When we have one truck number as shown there is no problem. We have some contractors, however, with more than one truck so the cell contains several truck numbers as, 81112 & 81032 & 82044. When we run the merge the field in the word doc shows a zero. I can't seem to figure a formatting solution to get all three truck numbers to show in the field.

Any help or direction is appreciated.


A:[SOLVED] Mail Merge runs zeros in certain number fields instead of numbers from list.

Hi mduffel,

The problem is caused by the mixture of numbers and text in the same column (anything string containing non-digits is not a 'real' number). When evaluating a datasource for mailmerge, Word queries the first 10-15 rows to determine the type. If the data are all/primarily numeric, the mailmerge will evaluate any non-numeric field as 0. A workaround is to ensure the first few rows have non-numeric data, either by inserting some dummy data rows, or by ordering the data accordingly.
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We've been collecting data on memory bandwidth for some time now - of course we have - but one of the big questions hanging over Skylake is what the DDR4 support really brings to the table. It's also worth comparing...

Read more

A:DDR3 vs. DDR4: Raw bandwidth by the numbers

It'll be a while before I step up to DDR4, by then things will have got even better.
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I am creating event tickets and would like to add consecutive #s for raffles. I started with a business card template. I tried to use the page #s in a footer, but each page of tickets carries the same # on all tickets.

I am not very experienced in Publisher at all, and don't know how to create a macro (saw that suggested on the Microsoft website for gift certificates).

Is there a simple solution to this?

Thanks for any help.

A:Creating consecutive numbers on tickets in Pub 2003

I have done this in Publisher 2003. You also have to have Excel and first create a file in Excel. That is then linked to Publisher.
This site may help
Sequential numbering of tickets | Microsoft Office Forums
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I make 3D animated movies using Maxon Cinema 4D.

I have seen on the www's what looks like screen grabs of possibly HDD's content showing arrays of hex numbers. It would be cool if I could get a text file of such data to use as content on a screen in one of my projects. Any ideas ?

A:Hex numbers for use in animation

Something like this?


or any of these
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Hi all Not sure if anyone here can answer this question Thought I'd ask here before I register on some other forum I've written a book and I'm having a bear of a time with getting the page numbering to work properly Here's what I have Section i Title page - page 2007, Word page properly alternate numbers won't number on the right which is correct ii Copyright page - page number on the left which is correct Section needed to keep the table of contents starting at i i Table of contents - page number on the right correct ii Table of contents - page number on the left correct iii Table of Word 2007, page numbers won't alternate properly contents - page number on the right correct iv Acknowledgements - page number on the left correct v Introduction - page number on the right correct Section After this point all page numbers are on Word 2007, page numbers won't alternate properly the left side So all even pages are incorrect Page - on the left which is correct Page - on the left which is incorrect Page - on the left which is correct Page - on the left which is incorrect If I try to change Page to have the page number on the right side it fixes page and every page after but it causes all the pages prior to Page the roman numeral pages to now be on the right which means all even pages are incorrect The simplest way to explain it is that at the point where I have marked with I have two choices I can have the page numbers alternating before that point if I do this all the page numbers after that point will not alternate Or I can choose to have the page numbers before that point not alternate in which case all the page numbers after that point will alternate I tried adding in a quot this page intentionally left blank quot page to see if this would change the behavior it does not At this point I'm stuck I don't know how to get this weird behavior to stop Any thoughts

A:Word 2007, page numbers won't alternate properly

This may be of some help Panther..
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Does anyone know how to prevent Windows 10 from changing controller id numbers almost every time I reboot? Some way other than having to unplug and plug the controllers back into the usb ports each time to get them back in the proper order.
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I know that this is a year old, but I have a problem with my monitors. I have 2 DVI monitors and 2 DisplayPort monitors. For some reason, Control Panel -> Screen Resolution shows it as 2, 3, 1, 4, but when I click on Identify, they show up as 1, 3, 2, 4. The DisplayPort monitors have the wrong enumeration numbers compared to the screen resolution page. This also causes issues on my Virtual Box as Virtual Screen 1 shows up as Host Screen 1 and Virtual Screen 2 shows up as Host Screen 3. This related to 2 and 3 respectively as per the Screen Resolution page.

What's going on here and how do I fix this mess?

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I already created many files like 499.xls, 500.xls, 501.xls upto 1200.xls.
I'd like to increase the number like 500.xls instead of 499.xls, 501.xls instead of 500.xls.
Just need to increase the number by one only.
I want to use a command that auto rename the file immediate by increment just one number.
With this help my inner contents also easily adjusted which depends on the name of file

Using F2 is bit hard for such large number of files.
Really appreciate your help in advance to any person
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when some one send me email in Arabic not all the text appears correctly especially in the title or in the attached file
it shows up as attached image " capture.png"
how can i solve it
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Hi everyone and Happy New Year!

Can you advise me why CloudFlare gets in the way so much. It seems to be when I use a VPN and click on a link. For example I clicked on a link in a post in this forum, and instead of the link, I get CloudFlare with the requirement to type in a couple of numbers into a box before I can access the page.

No idea why but it is annoying and unwanted. I believe I am only seeing it when I run a VPN. I tried searching online for the answer, and it seems to be a protective mechanism for websites.

Any suggestions where it comes from?

TYVM in advance, chig.
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Is it possible to identify an nvidia graphic card from a picture ?


A:identify a graphic card from a picture with numbers shown

Here it is AMD Radeon
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how to enable numeric number in Arabic in outlook 2010.But alphabet is possible.
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No matter what I do Windows always labels my secondary TV screen as my PC screen and vice versa. It's not really a problem in terms of functionality but it does annoy me that I can't change it. I've been through countless televisions and GPU's over the years but it always remains so possibly there is a good reason for it?

Anyway, the 'issue' has been persistent since W7 (and possibly before?) but I'm wondering if there is now/or always has been a work around for this?

It's erked me for years that I can't change it but maybe someone on here has the know how.


Edit: This post explains it better Changing monitor identities?

A:Possible to re-assign monitor identities/numbers?

Which one is set as your main screen? That's the one that will stay on when you switch to PC only. Open the screen that shows the monitor numbers, select your laptops screen, and then make sure the Make this my main screen is set.

Main Display - Change in Windows 10
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For starters a little background I am in the IT dept at my company and we have a large number of HDD's that we need to archive I have a powershell script that will grab hostname and username info from the drives but I would like to grab the serial numbers as well if I can Here's what I currently have that numbers HDDs Find on Powershell slaved with serial will grab the serial number info Disks Get-WMIObject -class win PhysicalMedia foreach Disk in Disks Write-Host Disk SerialNumber Ok here's my question This portion of the script works just Find serial numbers on slaved HDDs with Powershell fine but it seems that the serial number field that stores this information is blank unless the PC was booted up with the HDD connected internally I have close to - HDD's that I need to go through and we usually get a couple more every day so it's not very feasible to reboot the computer for each drive as opposed to using a USB HDD dock Does anyone know if it's possible to have the computer re-scan the disks or some other action that will cause this serial number field to populate or will it only be populated when the drive is installed internally from boot-up Thanks in advance for the help

A:Find serial numbers on slaved HDDs with Powershell

I'm not a cmd line person but you could try these two 3rd party program install on the mother computer. Then just plug in the usb drive and run the program.
On my systems their is no reboot needed. Just plug them in the usb and run one of the programs.


Belarc Advisor - Free Personal PC Audit, for software, hardware and security configuration information on your computer. Software license management, IT asset management, cyber security audits, and more.

From Belarc

Drives 239.82 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
182.38 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space

CD-ROM Drive [Optical drive]

INTEL SSDSC2BP240G4 [Hard drive] (240.06 GB) -- drive 0, s/n BTJR443200ZV240AGN, rev L2010420, SMART Status: Healthy
Memorex TD Classic 003C USB Device [Hard drive] (2.05 GB) -- drive 1


From Speccy

Hard drives
Disk drive
Heads 16
Cylinders 29,185
Tracks 7,442,175
Sectors 468,857,025
SATA type SATA-III 6.0Gb/s
Device type Fixed
ATA Standard ATA8-ACS
Serial Number BTJR443200ZV240AGN
Firmware Version Number L2010420
LBA Size 48-bit LBA
Power On Count 327 times
Power On Time 50.3 days
Speed Not used (SSD Drive)
Features S.M.A.R.T., NCQ, TRIM, SSD
Max. Transfer Mode SATA III 6.0Gb/s
Used Transfer Mode SATA III 6.0Gb/s
Interface SATA
Capacity 223 GB
Real size 240,057,409,536 bytes
RAID Type None
Status Good
Temperature 21 ?C
Temperature Range OK (less than 50 ?C)
S.M.A.R.T attributes
Partition 0
Partition ID Disk #0, Partition #0
Size 100 MB
Partition 1
Partition ID Disk #0, Partition #1
Disk Letter C:
File System NTFS
Volume Serial Number 8A7DC2D0
Size 223 GB
Used Space 53 GB (23%)
Free Space 169 GB (77%)
Flash drives
Memorex TD Classic 003C USB Device
Interface USB
Capacity 1.91 GB
Real size 2,055,208,960 bytes
RAID Type None
S.M.A.R.T not supported
Partition 0
Partition ID Disk #1, Partition #0
Disk Letter E:
File System FAT
Volume Serial Number 60F0A925
Size 1.91 GB
Used Space 12.7 MB (0%)
Free Space 1.9 GB (100%)
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Error message shows:
You're locked out!
Enter recovery key
I got recovery key from Microsoft but it was alpha-numeric characters and tried to key in but Bitlocker won't accept alphabet only numbers.
Where can I get the recovery key? or How can I use the alpha-numeric recovery key I got.

Thank you
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I was just working with my Task Manager startup items and noticed there are several items that have numbers in parenthesis next to them. What do those numbers mean? Are those numbers telling me I need to do something, as in are they registering any sort of "alert" message?

Thank you,
Wonder Woman

A:Win 10 Task Manager - Startup list - numbers next to items

In my startup list Skype has (2) after it. It means there are two components to that item, The main Skype program and Internet Low-Mic Utility Tool that loads with it. HTH
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Hi all,

actually i need some help about this case, i tried to record a macro to do this steps then edit on it but it doesn't work perfect to me

i have an Arabic document contains Hindi numbers (٠١٢٣٤٥) i need to give them all LTR Run command to change them to (012345) and adjust their positions

Thanks in advance
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I have Acer Aspire X1300  Desktop PC  I  found a label on side of PC  but the Alpha Numerics do not seem to be what is needed by Acer to enter into a chat with them.   Is there another place to look?  I had follow the instructions to find the label I do see.   

A:Serial and SNID numbers

Hello, You'll find them in the bios setup utility but normally they are identical:Start up your desktopPress [F2] when you'll see the Acer logoS/N and SNID in the information tabNote themExit without saving
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I have a column of data which contains a reference followed by the customer name.


Cell B1: 0111213729 rivett luke
Cell B2: 0122022157 fernandes de souza henrique
Cell B3: 0803141945 lopez fernandez eduardo

I am using excel 2007 and want to find the code to separate the number from B1 into cell C1 and the name in B1 into Cell D1.

I would be most grateful for any help with the appropriate formulas.

Many thanks

A:split numbers & text in a single cell into 2 cells, xl2007

are the numbers always 10 digits
and do the numbers always have a space between the number and the customer

couple of ways

you could use a

if the number is variable but always the first space is between the name
=MID(B1,1,FIND(" ",B1,1))
=MID(B1,FIND(" ",B1,1)+1,50)

Rather than 50 - if the customer name is possibly longer - you could use the len() of the cell
=MID(B1,FIND(" ",B1,1)+1,LEN(B1))
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after resetting my pc, text were all written in arabic, pls i want to change it back to english language

A:how to change from arabic to english language in my hp pro 3...

Watch the following video on changing the display language in Windows 8.  Pay particular attention to the icons. The icons are the one thing that does not change , regardless of the display language installed.
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When I engage NUM LOCK the keys on the right of the main keyboard also become number keys as well as on the numeric keypad on the right.
I've tried pressing Fn and NUM LOCK at the same time like on a non extended keyboard but this makes no difference.

I've also tried different input languages and keyboard styles.
I can't test with an external keyboard because I don't have one. I've downgraded from vista to XP.
I don't know if this made a difference because I didn't notice this until after the downgrade.

Any ideas?

A:Re: Satellite P300-276: keys on right of keyboard become numbers when NUM LOCK


Sorry but I think I don?t understand your issue?
Fact is that if the NUM LOCK is enabled (FN +F11) then the buttons; U, I, O, J, K, L and M become to numbers:
U to 4
I to 5
O to 6
J to 1
K to 2
L to 3
M to 0

If you would press FN + F11 again then the buttons should be set back to letters...
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Hi I have a new computer with the following details:

With Windows 7

The layout of the keyboard is different and the usual place of key for the letter 'Thaal' (which used to be on the left of the number 1) is no longer there. On the keyboard the 'Thaal' is now printed on the other side beneath the 'Daal' but when I try to type it, I only get a backslash.

There are two keyboard layouts installed on the computer but neither of work, I only get a backslash.

Is there a keyboard layout available which is compatible with the key layout on this computer, that I can download?

Thank you for your help
Peta Stewart

A:NB510 Missing Arabic Letter 'Thaal'

Hello Peta

Notebooks are country specific products and offered keyboard is compatible with preinstalled OS for certain region. Described problem is pretty specific so maybe you should contact Toshiba service and ask for explanation.

I presume your notebook is designed for ?Middle east region?. Is this right?

Have you tried to change keyboard input language?
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Hi all you savvy experts,

I recently bought a Toshiba Laptop in Saudi Arabia. It came pre-installed with an Arabic version of windows 7.

I have managed to change most of the language options to English under the control panel, but the core of windows is still Arabic, I see this with the welcome message in the beginning and some install/uninstall and error messages.

After contacting Microsoft support, they said that I should contact the manufacturer (Toshiba) and ask for a new OS in English.

Can anyone help me?

Kind regards,

A:Arabic to English Windows 7


As far as I know you have two options:
1/try to order original recovery installation disc on
2/you must install own OS version using original Microsoft installation disc

If you use option 2 you must buy Microsoft disc and pay valid licence for it. All necessary drivers, tools and utilities you can download from Toshiba download page
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Just wondering how the version numbers on software updates work? For instance if I have TOSHIBA Desktop Assist v1.03.08.6402 and the update version is v1.03.08.0002, is this a later version of Desktop Assist or earlier? I would of thought it was older due to .0002 being earlier than .6402 but would appreciate it if someone with some more knowledge in this are could clarify please. Most of the other software update version numbers I checked seem to be sequentially higher than my existing versions so makes sense to install but a couple seemed to be earlier version so just wasn't sure if should install or not.
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Hi all,
I have an Inspiron 1545 with a Cracked screen.  Its an LTN156AT02- D03, C970j.  Searching by my service tag #, The information matches the label on the back of the screen. 15.6", LED backlight 1366x768 resolution, 40 pin connector @ lower left , looking at the rear of the screen. The problem is, searching parts based on my service tag, doesnt show me C970j, but it does show others as compatible with Inspiron1545 and my Tag #. NPFT8 shows compatible , as does 8MN61  Looking around the web, I have found these others to translate to LTN156at02-D04 , and LTN156at02-D09  I assume these are just  revision numbers"? If my Bios is at latest level, should these others be a drop in replacement?

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Hi, my system is fairly new. I used to get occasional BSODs but they've increased in the past week or so to sometimes a few a day. Usually they happen a minute or so after waking from sleep when the machine is idle. Never when I'm converting video or playing games. Thanks.

Original install of retail Windows 7 Ultimate x64
3 month old system
haven't reinstalled OS

my own build:
Intel Core i5 2500K @ 3.30GHZ not oc'ed
Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 motherboard Rev. b3
Gigabyte R685D5OC-1GD video card
Seasonic M12II Bronze 620W power supply
Corsair 8gb ram
3 SATA hard drives


A:BSODs when idle, not while crunching numbers

Hi, I re-ran BSOD apps with Sysinternals in correct Documents folder. Please use these output files below. Thanks for the help.

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I hope I am posting in the right place.

I need to transform my existing Logitech keyboard which has a German layout into one that can type into Arabic. Is there a way I can do so? I saw many stickers with Arabic alphabets for keyboards. Are these of use?

Looking forward to your help. Thank you.

A:Typing in Arabic

Hi this may also be of help just make sure you select the correct language How to change your keyboard layout
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Seems to only affect the right portion of the keyboard. SP2 Sony Vaio PCG-R505EL

A:[SOLVED] keyboard typing numbers instead of letters

hi welcome to TSF

sounds like the numlock is enabled.
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Preface I'm is consecutive numbers...! Keyboard typing a computer tech of years and I've not seen a problem like this nor can I figure out a way to successfully search for a similar problem online so I figured I'd try here I've got a computer on our network that is displaying a unique symptom When Keyboard is typing consecutive numbers...! you type anything it appears as a series of incrementing numbers from to and repeating This happens when pressing any letter or number keys The only key that appears to work is the tilde backapostrophe Also interesting is that pressing Shift any key gives you the symbol appropriate for pressing shift and that number So for example if I were to type This is a test gt gt AaaaaaAAA gt gt qwertyuiopasdfghjkl gt gt Etc The computer had a malware infection prior to this including the WinAntivirus infection as well as a rootkit infection that Gmer's tool located and quot successfully quot removed I don't think this is being caused by an infection as MBAM and SAS are both showing the system as completely clean I've Keyboard is typing consecutive numbers...! tried a PS and USB keyboard both which give the same result Rkill doesn't show anything running in the background that shouldn't be and for all other purposes the computer is working perfectly Any ideas here

A:Keyboard is typing consecutive numbers...!

I do not have a fix at this moment for this one but can recommend a work around.

Open Start>Run type osk.exe to access the on screen keyboard.

Maybe someone else around here has experienced this issue and will have a fix but for now if this PC is really needed to function this is one work around.
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when i hit letters in my applications, it says im hitting numbers, and even when i hit the numbers on my keyboard, it starts going "1,2,3,4,5" ect. just from hitting 1 number. for instance when i go on youtube and hit 1 on a video player, its supposed to keep taking me to a certain part of the video, but it just keeps going forward until it restarts and then goes through again. also when i play minecraft and i try changing my settings, if i want to set "move left" to "a" it says i it number 1!?!? i know a good bit about computers, but this is just BAFFLING me, i have looked ALL OVER this website and all of the people that had this problem just had there NUM lock on, and i cant use any applications while this problem is going on, so please, anyone, help me out

A:Keyboard is typing numbers instead of letters? (NUM LOCK IS NOT ON)

If this is a laptop see if this helps.

If you're writing numbers instead of letters when you press the keyboard of your laptop and you must hold down the Function key (Fn) to write normally.

This is due to the fact that the digital lock is activated. To solve this, simply press the Fn+Numlk or depending of the model, press the button or Fn + Shift +Numlk
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I use iTunes, but on a Windows operating system, and I'm having a small problem - it may be a virus. Sometimes when I'm playing music through the computer, often when I have a usb device plugged in, the song I've been playing - and several others around it - get a load of numbers and letters appearing in the 'comments' box. There are a lot of zeros, and it usually looks something like this: 00000000 00000210 00000A5C 0000000000D2CD14 00000000 0072ABEC 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000. Although there are the odd ones that read like this too: 1371;87003772

This in itself isn't a problem, except that if I don't get rid of these numerical messages, it reorders albums, moves songs etc. It's more of a mild annoyance than a big problem, but I wondered if anyone had experienced anything similar?

A:iTunes - numbers appearing in comments box, songs moving: Virus?

I have never heard of this. This isn't a Mac, so I'm moving to Windows.
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How do I fix this problem without buying a new computer?

A:keyboard only types numbers in sequencial order

switch keyboards
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After cleaning out several viruses, a rogue security program and a TDSS rootkit, I have a few Windows programs that are being displayed with an Arabic font - mainly the Windows security center and wireless networking applets. Screencap attached. I know I've come across this before and thought the problem lied in the registry, but can't seem to find the culprit.

If you've run into this before and can add some insight, I'd appreciate it. Win XP Media Center, SP2

A:Windows Security Center Displaying in Arabic

So, no one's ever come across this before?
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XP has a habit of remembering which com port numbers have been used before to other devices in the past. This leads to funny situations where com port numbers that are allocated to a new device seem to be high in number (sometimes greater than 20, very often greater than 10).

Is there a registry fix to force the operating system to cancel port numbers where devices are no longer detected, thus enabling new allocations to be in a sensible range of numbers

thanks for any help
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I just newly reformatted & installed windows xp onto my computer.

Going through some web pages, everything seemed fine so far; but when i typed in a search on youtube, i got these characters that appear as boxes with numbers in them.

I tried selecting a diff encoding besides UTF-8 from view>character encoding, but i just got similar results...only with different unknown characters/symbols.

Is it possible i can maybe update my fonts/character list to fix this? i figured the character could not be rendered/recognized, because it was not available from the list...

or does anybody have a solution?


A:[SOLVED] Some characters appear as boxes with numbers in them?

If the encoding is correct the numbers indicate that these are japanese characters. Unless you are using a font that is capable of displaying these characters the above will be the result. Most Windows versions will have few if any of these fonts.

By configuring the fonts in your browser you may be able to display these characters. But unless you read the language it doesn't matter.
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I updated the windows server 2003 (Domain controller) and installed sp2. But after that no body can access the shared documents in fileserver and Domain controller. So i unistalled the sp2 and other updates and disabled the firewall . Now it is OK.

But in some fileserver (XP Sp2 using for sharing files etc) i can see question mark and numbers instead of the domain user's name in security Tab. So that no one can access it except domain administrator. I tried to add domain user's once again in the security tab. But can not. Please help me to solve this issue ?


Jithin k
Relevancy 32.68%

Please help my sister said she was getting a red box with threats on it that she had a virus so my hubby tried to help but i think he messed it up more because now when you start it up it stops and now goes to a blue screen that says "Technical information:
***STOP 0x0000007E and then a bunch more of these type of numbers in brackets


A:getting blue screeb with ***stop and numbers

Try system restore in safe mode
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I would like to get a current year (2010) and a year after it (2011) in Windows Batch's script.

%date:~0,4% works very good and returns 2010 as expected

%date:~0,4% + 1 returns 2010+1

Is there a way to convert string(?) value of %date:~0,4% to a number and add 1 to it as a number?


A:numbers in batch scripts

To add 1 to 2010, you will need to convert 2010 from string type to integer data type. I don't think DOS Command Prompt can handle that easily.

Here is a biterscripting script that can do that.

var string syear ; var integer iyear
set $syear = gettime() ; chex "4]" $syear > $syear
set $iyear = makeint(str($syear))
set $iyear = $iyear + 1
echo "Next year will be " $iyear

That was the novice code. Here is the expert version of the same code, also in biterscripting. It will do the exact same thing.

echo "Next year will be " (makeint(str({chex "4]" gettime()}))+1)

Start biterscripting and enter the above single command. See what you get.

Check out this help page for functions that will make time manipulation a lot easy.
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I have an XP Pro SP-2 desktop that I removed from a domain, now in Event Viewer, Security, Category, has (4), (2), not descriptions.

How can I change this back up a description like "Logon/Logoff" instead of (4)?


Relevancy 46.87%

I have Windows XP, with Wordpad v5.1 and Notepad v5.1 as well. In Notepad, if I toggle off Word Wrap, I can then toggle on the Status Bar, and it shows me the line and column number in the status bar. It does not look like Wordpad has the ability to show line and column numbers. Does anyone know if there is a way to show that in Wordpad? Thanks.
Relevancy 33.54%

My system is an IBM P4 3.2GHz running Windows XP Pro SP3. When I power the system on, there are some Hex numbers that appear at the lower right of the monitor screen such as 003B, 0075, 0078, 0073 and probably several others that I can't see because they come and go rather quickly. Does anyone know what these numbers mean and is there a problem with my system because these numbers appear?? My system appears to boot & run correctly and there are no hardware or software problems that I'm aware of.

Thanks for any help here.


A:What do these numbers mean??

Do they appear and change when you move your mouse? When you press a key on the keyboard? It looks like it could be some type of debugging information but nothing harmful.
Relevancy 42.57%

Hey everyone,

Working on an Inspiron 6000 laptop running WinXP MCE. It had over a hundred infections that have been taken care of. The remaining problem is that in some system screens, the text appears to be in arabic. I've checked the regional settings in control panel but find nothing wrong. Pics of what it looks like attached. Any ideas?

A:XP partially displaying text in Arabic?

Do you have Office installed? Do you have the Language tool bar near your system tray? If not Right click the Taskbar and choose Toolbar, and put a check in Language Bar. Here you will have other options to toggle between 2 languages or to set it to one language.
Relevancy 33.54%

I'm just curious to know why the product key that came with my computer and the one I get from the Magical Jelly Bean Software don't match.

My PC came pre-installed with Windows, and the Windows sticker in the back of the tower has the product key listed. When I run the magical jelly bean program, the product key that comes up is a totally different number.
The product key that comes up for the Microsoft Office I have installed matches with the product key that came in the case with the software (retail).

What gives?

A:Numbers don't match

OEM's like Dell or HP image 1000's of drives with the same image of the OS package MS allows them to do so. It perfectly legal and normal if you should ever have to reinstall the tag on your pc is the number you should use.
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I have a IBM ThinkPad was running Win98, but I just upgraded to XP with SP3. The problem I am having now is each I type a character, it turns out a number such as u becomes 4, i becomes 5 and so on....

A:[SOLVED] Characters become numbers


I think the Num Lock key may have been pressed.

You see, laptops don't have a number keypad like desktop keyboards do. Instead, they have secondary buttons.

Much like the numbers 1 to 0 can be change to an ASCII character by holding the shift key, the letter keys can be changed to numbers by pressing the Num Lock key..

Look for Numlk and press it
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please help me

i have xp sp3 i found that the fonts of the windows changed i tried but failed i reinstall xp as repair the fonts of the windows returned back
but in internet explorer still arabic words misconfigured i uninstall
the internet explorer and reinstall but still some arabic wors are misconfigured
Relevancy 33.11%

I am receiving the following message intermittently: 0x0000009c (0x00000004,0x80546df0, 0xB2000000,0x00070F0F) I just had the computer into the shop and now this. Also it seems to be affecting my monitor. I changed the monitor and it did the same thing. Any help you can give me would be appreciated.
Thanks Nancy
Relevancy 28.38%

Can't copy files on wife's computer because all files have odd number/letter file names. example...2c502586a18972ee.
How can I change back to named files I can recognize ? Windows xp operating system. ???? thanks ezjim

A:drive "c" files have strange numbers.

These in the root of C: ?
Those are probably files/folders for windows update patches etc

What's stopping you copy them? They're just the same as if they would be called "file". It's just a name.
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I am going to skip the story behind this deal and ask how to get through to Windows and explain my delima I tried to activate [SOLVED] numbers bad XP PRO after a complete transfer from one disk to an oem [SOLVED] bad numbers disk with XP Home I was told that my numbers where bad after trying to activate and that was it I [SOLVED] bad numbers was not transferred or given a chance to talk to a real person just contact vendor to whom sold me the disc I had never had a problem in the past using this product I have had the disc for over a year now with no problems It has been installed several different times on [SOLVED] bad numbers several different computers I had bought the disc along with the sp update install disc It was selling as Windows XP PRO with SP Anyway I do not expect help in a matter concerning bootleg products but would just like to know a number I can use to get hold of Windows support personal and find out what the deal is I can understand to many installs but with that you can at least try and get new numbers and or talk to someone Donk

A:[SOLVED] bad numbers

Donk here again, It sounds as though I may be screwed. I Googled activation and found a site that has explained what the deal might just be. I new the disc had unlimited installs which meant an OEM install disc. Like I said, all had been good for a little over a year maybe two not sure, but they have now put into place a program that limits OEM install disc's. I just happen to have been sold said product. I had also noticed that after trying to return to said site it no longer offers my product, or any product dealing XP, Office, or Vista. I guess when you buy a product for a price that seems to good to be true well... it is. Buyer beware. It's called greed, I wanted something for nothing, and I got nothing.
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Hi all,

I have a folder with around 80,000 files in it and would like to move them to 3000 files in each new folder.

Any suggestion?

A:Moving a fix numbers of files to a new folder.

just create your new folders then highlight the files you want and right click and drag to new folder created and select the 'move files' option
depending on how many files and the size of the files moving, it may take awhile for the process to complete every time you move a lot of files to another folder
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Some times when I want to display any text in Arabic through the Internet like Email or to write a command on my calendar it displayed in a strange letters .Why this happened and how I can solve the problem
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I have a program written in Delphi which display a result in a box(editbox).
The signs is to big for the box - the last digit disappears. All the other text and numbers are the right size. The program work well on a identical PC with the same OS - Win XP home SP2. It must be something with the windows settings. Grateful for any help.
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I forgot them,how can my pc tell me what they are? I have install disk, but can't enter my resitration numbers to reinstall windows xp.

A:What is my valid XP install numbers?

Check on the machine itself,
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does anyone know where about in the registry serial numbers are stored.i uninstalled zone alarm pro,removed all registry entries,then reinstalled it a couple of weeks later and the serial was remembered.

A:Serial Numbers

Sometimes when you uninstall a program you have to make sure it deletes entirelly, sometimes they leave the main folder behind and that's why if you try to reinstall it will show you some of the options you had before, this may be the case.

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I had this problem last year and had to scrape my hard drive . When I type on the right side of the keyboard . My l turns into a 3 ,my o turns into a 6 ,my k is a 2 and so on . I can't find this problem anywhere on the net . Please help I don't want to reload .
Thank you .

A:Typing numbers instead of letters

Welcome to TSF.

This question should not be posted here. It will be moved.

I think it's probably the keyboard layout. Try going to Start->Settings->Control Panel and double click on Regional and Language Options. Make sure the Regional Options tab is set to English. Then go to the Languages tab and click on Details button. Make sure that the Keyboard has US under it.
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this is what happens when I press the period key: .56-mvxzc
the l key repetitively: l7l79ljl7l79l7l7sad
the o key: oqe or orwqe depending on how long I hold it downm


A:laptop keyboard typing weird letters/numbers

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Do you have a secondary keyboard to try?
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This seems to happen at random times and I cant get rid of it unless I restart the PC, which is what makes me think this is a software, not a hardware problem because my keyboard should be fine really. This only started happening a few weeks after I had made a fresh installation of Windows 7 (previously used XP).

Basically the problem: All of a sudden a random number of keys that are supposed to type letters type random numbers instead. The number of letter keys afflicted on average is probably around 10-30% of the total keys. Which keys are afflicted and what numbers they produce is random.

So when i type "This sucks" I might get instead "th5s 4u34s". Also functions bound to Q in a video game will not function when I actually pres Q in case it would produce a number while typing.
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I need help please,
When I turn on the numlock button and try to type, my keyboard start typing numbers instead of letters. I tried all types of solutions but no luck.
I even replaced the keyboard but still the same issue.
Please help,
I have new hp motherboard dv9225us, win7 ultimate sp1, 2 gig ram, 2 ghz.
Thank you all.

A:keyboard types numbers instead of letters

Hi welcome to TSF

do you have constant guard or guarded id installed on your computer?
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I finally recovered my E-mail address which was hacked. But the page is in Arabic. How can I change it to English?

A:Change from Arabic to English

Another issue is still there. I need to changa a phone number to receive security code because the number on file is out of date. There is no option for me to change it.
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Hi folks My Windows desk cant connect to my websites plesk login page There are a numbers websites cant connect 7 but with port nonstanard can to machine windows xp couple different port numbers windows 7 cant connect to websites with nonstanard port numbers but xp machine can I can use to get to the page but none work http www mysites com https www mysites com I tried in Firefox Chrome and IE all have the same problem Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at mysites com I have no problem getting to http www mysites com The site is up Then I tried using my netbook which runs XP and connects from my network and I can get to http www mysites com without a problem So that makes me think its not my ISP or my router the problem lies with my desktop I turned off the Windows firewall Antispyware and windows 7 cant connect to websites with nonstanard port numbers but xp machine can AVG and am trying to run as minimal programs are possible but still cannot connect to webpages with non standard ports Does anyone have suggestions to what might be causing the problem Thanks Kris

A:windows 7 cant connect to websites with nonstanard port numbers but xp machine can

I can't get to your site either.
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Consequtive numbers appear instead of letters. Using Acer netbook Win 7.

A workaround is by selecting a language in the multi language bar I use; however, when moving to a new text box the keyboard returns to enter numbers instead of letters and selecting a language in the language bar is required again.

This problem exists when using the browsers. MS Word seems not to have the problem. I did not try other applications.

A:keyboard enters numbers instead of letters

check maybe u press the nmlck...
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Bought new SONY camcorder. I want to share videos with sources (options are facebook, utube, etc.). When I select video to share, and choose facebook, I must log in to facebook. When doing so, my keyboard only types numbers. But when I use all other sources like utube, the keyboard works fine - uses letters. Even SONY cannot figure this out. Any advise????

A:Keyboard using numbers ONLY in certain areas

Your keyboard switches to numbers on facebook only? I don't see why it should only happen on facebook. Ensure that you do not have "num lock" on when you are on facebook.

If it is only ever facebook that it happens, then it may be easiest to type your username and password in notepad first and then copying and pasting them into their respective fields - discarding the current notepad file afterwards.