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Q: Security Software For A Server


What security software can i get for a home server?

Could someone please tell me what the best one would be?

And a possible list of company's that do security software for home servers.


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Preferred Solution: Security Software For A Server

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Security Software For A Server

Well, for Encryption you should use TrueCrypt.

For Anti-Virus - Use Symantec corperate editon, Nod-32, or Bitdefender total security.

For a firewall, you should use ZoneAlarm.
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We are purchasing a new server with Windows Server 2012 standard as the operating system. What anti-virus anti-malware security software choices do we have?

Thank you.

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There are some XP/Server) (Server for Software Browser Web cool free ware programs that you can setup to run as a server Note I ve tested them all under Firefox Browser as they will work with IE for the past - months now Web Server KF Sever this is found on the KeyFocus web site has one of the easiest to install and configure plus you can access all your documents media pictures audio from this server also Web Browser (Server Software for XP/Server) Mail Server DeskNow easy to installed and configure the best part you can try out the full pro for days then after that it converts to a free ware version Still not a bad Web Browser (Server Software for XP/Server) program for free Music Server Vibe Streamer is another good example if you want to stream all you audio files to any PC using the web browser Again this is free ware and works very well easy to setup and use Note All the programs here will work with XP Workstation Web Browser (Server Software for XP/Server) and does work on Server also KeyFocus one you can also play videos too using VLC media player optional that one is also free as well nbsp
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Which Is the Best Free Anti-Virus Software? Other Security Software?

Win7 x64

Which is the best free-for-home-users anti-virus software?

What other free-for-home-users security software do you recommend using in conjunction with Windows 7 x64 these days?

If I'm not mistaken, this version of Windows has a built in Firewall. Does that make Zone Alarm redundant or problematic?

A:Which Is the Best Free Anti-Virus Software? Other Security Software?

Visit the System Security board - this has been asked and answered quite a few times.
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I have tried online shopping but anything I find has either MacAfee products for security & protection or something else, but nothing I found comes without security software and nothing I found comes with Norton Security.  I am trying to find a low-priced notebook/laptop computer either without any security software or with Norton Security.  Is this possible?   (O.S. must be Windows 10).

A:want either NO security software, or pre-installed Norton Security

Security software comes bundled with any computer (these days) based upon the recognized need for such...and the fact that there is a partnership between system manufacturers and security software vendors that facilitates the install of unwanted software on any OEM system.  This is done in spite of the fact that Microsoft provides security software as part of any O/S that is more recent than XP.
Any unwanted software or bloatware which a user may find on any purchased OEM system...can be uninstalled from the system via the mechanism which Windows employs for eliminating such.
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Do you want to know what to get with your brand new pc All my suggestionas are free and dont contain adware or viruses etc First of all where to get them www download com Trusted because it is part of cnet com the trusted review website Security is a must on a new pc go to comodo com when buying the pc dont get any security software waste of everything especially mcafee will pc..I in tell What to general security you software new get software with and in my opinion it does nothing get all the software from comodo firewall pro memory firewall verification engine ivault antispam secure email antivirus BOclean-antimalware back up and registry cleaner DONT get avscanner antivirus scanner it is useless if you have the firewall and antivirus The anti virus and BO clean What security software and software in general to get with new pc..I will tell you i recommend but isnt necessary if you get the firewall What security software and software in general to get with new pc..I will tell you because comodo firewall pro has a great scanner built in Next office suite why go with ms microsoft office when you can get oppenoffice openoffice org for free better yet its free and in my opinion better this program is made by the extremely popular sun microsystems which makes sun java almost everything on the internet you use because you hace java installed openoffice has base like the new document part of ms office calc like excel in ms office draw- ms powerpoint impress-ms publisher writer- ms word basically openoffice org is the standard edition of ms office w a few extras all you need for school work for businnes you need some of the features ms office professional has Next is an email client mozilla a trusted software maker use mozilla firefox for internet ms ie microsoft internet explorer is slower use mozilla thunderbird for email it is like ms outlook express but free and easier to understand if you have children or your self with facebook the popular way to see people on the pc i recommend the avast home edition firewall- also free i myself was infected and my pc was doing bad mcafee didnt find a thing geek squad hung up on me firedog said they cant do anything about it and as a matter of FACT they install the avast free and dont use it waste of fix it yourself by running the bootscan in avast ccleaner by piriform also makes defraggler disk defragmentor and recuvia file recover very good software- ccleaner and recuvia piriform com autlogics com great software registry defrag and disk defrag malwarebye com antimalware free- very good rogue remover free removes fake security software like for ex xp antivirus cost and is fake and contains viruses on purpose also these two should speed up you pc lasty spyware blaster javacoolsoftware com you cant scan with it but instead it is like a firewall for spyware it doesnt need to have to scan because it will keep them out before they get in it is free but you can pay to activate automatic update- watse of money just remember to update once a week OK it is a wrap these above software are all free recommended and use www download com to download if you cant use the software website after downloading the firewall got to your pc control panel in start menu click security click windows firewall turn it off bad to have multiple running at once update everything once a week and run all security software s scan once a month nbsp

A:What security software and software in general to get with new pc..I will tell you
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Hello I have a Windows XP Pro Version Service Pack Pentium GHz Gig Ram desktop machine I was browsing several websites and had a popup message to install some program Without thinking I accidentally hit yes instead of cancel and now my machine is infected with spyware When the computer starts a program called quot System Security quot pops up that appears to do a system scan and finds trojans and spyware Since I have never heard of quot System Security quot before I am almost positive that I have been infected and that the quot System Security quot software is in fact part of the malware itself I ran HijackThis v after startup and this is the fake My be security Machine, software on "System to Looks Security" Malware log that resulted I did not kill any "System Security" Malware on My Machine, Looks to be fake security software of the processes that I believe to be malware and have not yet run any antispyware software such as Malwarebytes or SuperAntiSpyware I have physically disconnected my machine from the network Please advise on the steps necessary to correct this problem Thank you and happy new year Hopefully yours is off to a better start than mine Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP "System Security" Malware on My Machine, Looks to be fake security software WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Normal Running processes C WINDOWS System "System Security" Malware on My Machine, Looks to be fake security software smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system Ati evxx exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS system Ati evxx exe C Program Files Lavasoft Ad-Aware aawservice exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C Program Files Common Files Apple Mobile Device Support bin AppleMobileDeviceService exe D Program Files Service SyncServicesBasics exe C Program Files Memeo AutoBackup MemeoService exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C Program Files ATI Technologies ATI ACE cli exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccApp exe C PROGRA SYMANT VPTray exe C Program Files Java jre bin jusched exe C Program Files Analog Devices SoundMAX SMax PNP exe C Program Files Analog Devices SoundMAX Smax exe C Program Files Bonjour mDNSResponder exe C WINDOWS system spool drivers w x hpztsb exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccSetMgr exe C Program Files Symantec AntiVirus DefWatch exe C Program Files Java jre bin jqs exe C Program Files HP hpcoretech hpcmpmgr exe C Program Files Analog Devices SoundMAX SMAgent exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared SPBBC SPBBCSvc exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C Program Files Symantec AntiVirus Rtvscan exe C WINDOWS system hphmon exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccEvtMgr exe C Program Files Itiva Itiva Media Accelerator ItivaMediaAccelerator exe E Program Files iTunes iTunesHelper exe D Program Files Basics Status MaxMenuMgrBasics exe C Program Files Common Files Real Update OB realsched exe C Program Files Adobe Reader Reader Reader sl exe C Documents and Settings All Users Application Data exe C Program Files ATI Multimedia main ATIDtct EXE C Program Files ATI Multimedia RemCtrl ATIRW exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C Program Files Common Files Ahead Lib NMBgMonitor exe C DOCUME DAVIDM LOCALS Temp yyy exe C DOCUME DAVIDM LOCALS Temp tmpb exe C Program Files BUFFALO HDBackup HDBackup exe C Program Files BUFFALO NASNAVI NasNavi exe C WINDOWS system rundll exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C Program Files iPod bin iPodService exe C Program Files Common Files Ahead Lib NMIndexingService exe C WINDOWS system wuauclt exe C Program Files Common Files Ahead Lib NMIndexStoreSvr exe C DOCUME DAVIDM LOCALS Temp tmpc exe E Program Files HijackThis exe R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft ... Read more
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I am a newcomer to Tech Support Guy with a unique problem My job is tech support for a bunch nearly of Windows NT Servers for one of our clients Most software for Server needs NT Software 4 these days is not written for NT Now our company installed these servers back in the s and they work fine to this day Dell has been good in supporting their product Our new installations are Servers But this client has been with us for over years and doesn t think that they need to upgrade But that is not my Software needs for NT 4 Server problem I am looking for software that will run on NT Server NT SP a and SQL Server that will consolidate directories and defragment the disks not Diskeeper Lite I am also looking for software that will allow me to assess any difficulties i e registry problems and take care of them The difficulty is this software must be current I cannot go to Ebay to pick up software I have to buy from a known vendor and the product must be the most recent Freeware is a possiblity if it can be sufficiently documented that it is a product that is undergoing continuing development nbsp

A:Software needs for NT 4 Server

I suspect you're going to have serious problems finding new software that is fully supported for Windows NT 4.0.

I don't know of any application that can scan any operating system to determine any type of problem and fix it regardless of corrupt files or registries. It sounds like you're looking for some type of Holy Grail software that fixes all problems. No such thing. Even harder to find utilities that work with an operating system even the maker of which doesn't support it.
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I need to install web server software on my computer so I can preview web pages before uploading them. It saves all of that unnecessary upload time. I used to run XAMPP with XP Pro SP3. But in looking to download it again, it doesn't mention 7 as being compatible. The last OS listed is Vista. I would imagine XAMPP is probably compatible with 7, but I was wondering if anyone had any info on this, or maybe another suggestion for free open source server software I could use with 7?

A:Web Server Software

It is not exactly what you are asking about, but have you considered using Opera Unite? It has a web server function to serve pages directly from your computer, so I imagine that it has some way to preview them also. I don't know if it would allow you to upload them just anywhere though, but I imagine that could be done separately, if needed.

Web Server - Opera Unite applications
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I am having a dedicated server and need to know what firewall should I use for securing the server. I mean to say that shall i use a software firewall or a hardware firewall? Which is more effective?

A:What software is better for a web server?

You should use a hardware server; I would say, either get a router that has firewall enabled service or think about IPCOPS distro for linux; If you have an old computer around with two network cards, you can easily setup a firewall with no problem.

Hardware is always the way to go if your going to get a firewall; Cisco ASA or Pix if have alot of computer to protect;
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I use Uwamp if I want my Windows computer to act as a LAN server in my apartment. (freeware)
Does anyone know of others also suitable? (server that is not limited to localhost only with MySQL and PHP included)
Would appreciate info on any non-Windows ones also - am trying to get a list together.
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Can anyone tell me a good easy program for a secure ftp server? and how to set up a ftp server properly?

biggest question is do you need to buy a domain if you are going to use a ftp server only?

thank in advance

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If I was going to build me a home server, what MS server software would I want to use?

A:Server Software

Since MS has killed off Windows Home Server, you should read through the linked article to see what to buy now: Windows Server 2012 Essentials: The Home Server Replacement | Windows Server content from Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows
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I need something that can host a VPN server on Windows 7. Not LogMeIn Hamachi or the one hidden in Windows' network connections, neither of those work. I'm looking for a free program.

A:VPN server software?


You are better of hosting VPN Connections via your router. Its simpler to manage.

What are you trying to achive?
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Kinda a silly question but i recently bought a Tripplite UPS I dont like there software quot Poweralert quot at all I came across the software from APC UPS maker called quot powerchute quot And im wondering if i could use that software instead of the software that came with my tripplite or any other recommended UPS software that has good features From what i can tell windows is not using any of the tripplite drivers for monitoring the UPS so the device manager says so i think i 2000 Software for server UPS would be able to without having windows lose the monitoring connection I was UPS Software for 2000 server originally going to use the built in power management feature but ive had bad luck with the stock windows power managment feature and would rather use a rd party software So any ideas on weather or not i could use software from a different manufacture for my tripplite UPS Any and all help suggestions personal experinaces is greatly appreciated Thanks for reading and HAPPY NEW YEAR nbsp

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My firm has a number of PC s running Winfax software to print faxes direct from any application under Win se After various tribulations involving putting a correct line in Win ini believe me this works Fax software server recommendations just fine and is an excellent solution It s expensive on individual phome lines however so we wanted a networked fax solution with just one PC acting as a fax server The network is Novell IP only We were advised to use RelayFax and installed it on a brand-new Win XP pro server PC There are problems well basically it doesn t work First we found we have to add Microsoft client for networking as well as the Novell client on each PC before we could even see the fax server Having sorted that the faxing works but Fax server software recommendations extremely erratically Sometimes fax pages are not sent sometimes a cover page several times and no furthe pages oh you name it Are we douing anything wrong or do we just junk it and get something else Any recommendations welcome but please only if you know it works in our specific environment - Win clients IP protocol Novell server nbsp

A:Fax server software recommendations

I think you may find Tobit FaxWare a good contender:
FaxWare 7, Complete Fax Server incl. 5 users, 1 Port (ELD) 475,00 / 551,00
incl. 25 users 975,00 / 1.131,00
incl. 50 users 1.975,00 / 2.291,00
(Prices in Euro, Nett / Gross)

Lots of UK reps all over the place:

Lots more to wade through, if you feel so inclined:
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I came from a NT server network enviroment to a Windows 2000 server network. There are some differences. The only training classes I find are for Windows 2003. Is there enough similarities in the two to get anything out of Windows 2003 courses. Your input is greatly appreciated.
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Hello, I have been searching for a good application which enables me to stream content to my Philips 7000 series 3D LED television.
I previously have been using my PS3 for this with PS3 Media Server, and I'm looking for a similar application for my PC to stream directly to my TV.

If anyone can name one or a few, whether it's free or payed, I would be much obliged.

Thank you

A:Home server software

This is one I've heard is pretty good.

Mezzmo - The Ultimate DLNA Home Entertainment Software
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Don't know if this is right place for this?
I have a W2K pro SP3 OS running Apache 1.3.27.
trying to add coldfusion MX
it says that my server is a stand alone
and will not allow me to put the files in the htdocs directory
so I gave up and let it install in seperate dir.
loaded the java server and installed the connector to apache
now CFMX has latched on to my IP address and I can't get admin to move the CFIDE files
Dreamweaver does not allow a remote connection to apache anymore.
Please Help
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Hi there Firstly I would like Media Software Server to say sorry if this is in the wrong area as I am not to sure where it should be Anyway I have a average custom built pc i am using as a server to host games such as Call of Duty Unreal and lots more It also hosts a Web server For file downloading Please bare in mind this is all for local LAN use and not Media Server Software on the internet The Specs are Intel Core Duo E x GB DDR Mhz Memory ATX Tower Case With w PSU Intel G amp ICH Chipset Motherboard GB western digital SATA drive rpm Windows Ultimate Bit Now on to my question I would also like to use this as a media server for my movie and film collection I am thinking of investing in a RAID card and x Tb hard drives So i have a little redundancy I want Media Server Software to stream the media to PC s Laptops and TV s throughout my house I have the network infrastructure already setup for this The question is about software to use In the past I have used Windows Media Player and Center but these are quite limited as to what they can do I recently heard about Windows Home Server and was wondering what peoples thoughts where to this It has a decent list of useful features I would plan to use this is an virtual environment on the current server What are your thoughts on this Or my other option would be to use software like TVersity I have tried it before but didn t have much luck in the past Or can anyone recommend another way of doing this I e different software ect Anything i have missed out please ask Thanks you Spud nbsp

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I want to install Office XP on my server for use by my users (Corporate Environment). I only want to install XP one time with all the drivers, and settings the other words I want to create an image of the completed install on my server so that each user can install the software at their station without needing the CD or the product this possible and can anyone help me?


A:installing software on my server for LAN use

It is not hard as long as you have the Corporate version of Office XP.;en-us;Q308383

Just follow these steps, and you should be fine.
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I am thinking about upgrading our server at work and I am trying to put together some rough numbers for hardware and software to see if the project will get any support One I Do Server really Windows software? need big ticket item is the operating system In my environment I can t see the benefit of something like Server rather than Do I really need Windows Server software? XP Our current network is composed of about XP based pc s and one NT server It was originally setup as a client server but evolved to a peer to peer with the server being just a place to store data on drives in a RAID configuration We have two primary applications that use shared data One is Microsoft Access which will work just fine on peer to peer The other is Peachtree Complete Accounting This is the one that depends on the structure of the network the most Previous versions where compatible with NT but the latest version of the software required Windows Server or for client server operation But since it will also function in a peer to peer environment we just changed the location of the data to one of the XP boxes All the pc s can access the internet through a SMC router that is connected to a satellite so currently we are in no way depending on the server for that What are the downsides for me if I just build a pc with raid drives and such but go with XP rather than Server Should I consider Vista Budget is a definite concern So I don t want to have to spend a lot on software if I don t have to And I don t have a lot of time to manage it either so simpler is better too Any thoughts on a recommended processor and or board I am thinking about a Dual AMD Opteron Thanks nbsp

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Why are there so many different requirements for a single piece of software for a server? Or for a server operating system? One I recently had to research for work had... 12 different server models with 12 different hardware configurations listed.

What makes servers so radically different from normal computers that a single piece of software changes from physical machine to physical machine?
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At work, I have to make sure everyone is able to access and use this piece of software, it is called Alpha Law Vantage, but it doesnt really matter what it is. For this example lets say it is Microsoft Word. Could anyone tell me how I would go about installing Microsoft Word onto a server so that eveyone that is connected to the network can use it ? I really need some help guys, please help me out. P.S I am a computer engineer, so I know alot about computers, just not much about servers, so I should be able to understand you, so any expert help would be greatly appriatiated.


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What is the best/easiest to use open source vpn server program? thanks!

A:VPN Server software...Please recommend

Why not use the Windows 7 VPN client.
Virtual Private Network (VPN) - Enable Incoming VPN Connections
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I am looking for some sort of FTP Server Software that is free. Basically, I just need something that I can set up on my Win XP Pro machine where I can have people transfer files to me without having to email them. Especially since some files are too large to email and get bounced. Let me know if you guys have any suggestions. Thanks.

Another thing to note, preferably I'd like some way where people sending me files do not have to install any type of software for themselves. Where they could just go to maybe some sort of GUI and can just log in and dump files.

A:Free FTP Server Software?


Originally Posted by Eclipse2003

I am looking for some sort of FTP Server Software that is free. Basically, I just need something that I can set up on my Win XP Pro machine where I can have people transfer files to me without having to email them. Especially since some files are too large to email and get bounced. Let me know if you guys have any suggestions. Thanks.

Another thing to note, preferably I'd like some way where people sending me files do not have to install any type of software for themselves. Where they could just go to maybe some sort of GUI and can just log in and dump files.

I don't know of any GOOD free FTP clients. When I used to do a lot of FTP transfers I found Cute FTP to be a very user friendly program.

A friend of mine tried Smart FTP and said he liked it but he wasn't a power user. It was just a one time use.

Try googling CuteFTP and/or Smart FTP and/or 'free FTP client'. Tons of crap will come up.

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I have a desktop and laptop connected to my LAN WAN both running windows I have an old computer Dell Optiplex with a intel Pentium IV Ghz processor a GB HDD MB DDR question software server LAN RAM that I am working on setting up as a file server I have a TB external HD that I plan to attach for my LAN server software question home network file storage I have downloaded and installed Ubuntu Server on the computer and am working on allowing communication sharing with windows via Samba a process on a Ubuntu forum is guiding me I plan to connect the externa HD to the quot file server quot but not sure if this will work properly given that my external hard drive is formatted in FAT as it stores essentially all of my files which are windows-based Will this cause file transfer streaming windows backup problems if I want to connect it to my LAN via the Ubuntu system Also while installing the Ubuntu Server System I essentially installed everything except the mail server and I believe that this included a GUI function but if I stick with the Ubuntu Server I was thinking about installing Ubuntu Desktop on the machine as well so that I have a useable for lack of better words OS on the system Is this necessary or can it be avoided Lastly I have access to several windows OS s with valid license keys but not WHS Is there an alternative to Ubuntu Server that I could install on the computer preferably windows-based that would be more easily configured to work with windows computers to act as a file server nbsp
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Looking for a consensus regarding security software for a Windows domain that includes Exchange 2003. One consultant prefers Symantec products. Another Trend Micro.

I know there are complaints about the tardiness of Symantec's virus updates and I know their spam filter is not particularly good. I have not seen much bad about Trend. And I know there are other good suites out there.

I want something that cleans email on its way through Exchange and something that pushes protection (AV, Spam, Spyware) out to the client computers.

A:Server Security

I wouldn't put either on a server that has a defined role on a network like and Exchange Server. If I had a choice I would have appliances for AV and SPAM before they ever hit any of the servers or clients. Symantec Corporate AV has the ability to push updates to the client and I am sure many others do as well. Installing them on servers just adds overhead to the processes they are already running.
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I'm not sure whether this question should be listed under network or security. I'm in the process of setting up a server for FTP and eventually web hosting. Becaue this is a server on a business network, I am a little concerned about security. I am planning on setting up the server as a DMZ host in my router. Does anyone have any suggestions for security measures that should be taken?

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Hey all I don t know if this is the right place to ask since it seems it s all about spyware and stuff here but if it s not please move it to a different forum I m building this website in ASP and as i ve been taught I use relative paths to images and such I also want to use the quot lt -- include virtual quot filepath quot -- gt quot thing in my pages so it s easier to correct structural changes that I maybe have to make in the near future there are over pages on this site - since I cannot use a database - and so it s easier to correct file than files But the people that will host the site have all relative paths disabled Now is my question Is it necessary to disable relative paths if you have NTFS security You set your security on NTFS level so if hackers would use the relative path thing to go through all the files on the server they should not get access to any security Server of the files right Or is the NTFS security not enough Thanks for reading and maybe answering nbsp
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I am waist deep in home automation...trek homes you know. So I've of course ripped all my CD's for multi-zone multi-amp multi-soundcard music.

Now the final entertainment piece would be to rip all my DVDs for two reasons: 1 to protect my original DVDs from getting scratched (kids) and 2 so with the touch of a finger on my wi-fi touchpad I can load a movie sit back and relax.

I do not want to go the mult-Dvd disc changer. As with the multi-CD changers I see this as a dinasoaur.

With that Said:

Hardware: What would be the best quality video card for movie playing, HDTV etc. Estimated minimum Drive Requirements? 250GIG?

Server Config: Dell Dual drive raid server. 1 gig of ram. AMD chip? Harddrive sizes? Will of course take server recomendations from this wealth of knowledge.

Recomendations on Projectors?

A:Hardware and Software Question - DVD Server


As far as the "server" specs go, since you are apparently going to buy a Pre-Manufactured unit, eg, Dell, and obviously you don't want to limit your pleasure by anything as trivial as MONEY....Just buy the biggest most badass unit they offer.

And if it is specified as Multi-media, it "should" lean in the direction you want. As for the HD capacity...since you are talking about ARCHIVING all of you CD's and DVD's to Hard Disk, 250GB should be sufficient...for your FIRST hard drive !!! Go on from there.

As for a friend of mine always says, "You never have to make excuses for buying the best." Pick up a magazine and check out the reviews.
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Hello All

I am looking for a backup software that can support backing up to multiple media sets. I wish to use it to backup all data on my server to an offsite location and the media sets to be used will be external HDDs.

Please help

A:Solved: Backup Software - Server End
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hi everyone,

i have all my music and what not on my PC, but i want to stream it to my PS3. i am currently using "simple centre" the free edition BUT its very awkward as ps3's only play .mp3's whereas all my music is in .aac

i noticed the paid version of simple centre handles the encoding of songs it to whatever format you want, but id rather not buy a media centre program anyone know of any good free ones that will be able to handle the encoding automatically for me?
thanks in advance

A:Solved: Media server software

doesnt matter ive just discovered my PS3 can handle aac and lossless now
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Anybody know of a freeware utility to automaticaly set the server time at specified intervals?

Non freeware?

A:Software to set server clock automaticaly

Here is one I use. It allows you to set it to update the clock at specified intervals.

You can also change the source that you get the time from, so if you notice that it is not pulling the time from one place, you can use a different server.

He has a link from his site to a page that has the open time servers for the world.
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I have a terabyte raid5 running on a server 2003 box. It has a separate system drive. I was wondering, if that system drives fails and I reload 2003 on another drive, will it pick up that software raid5 configuration and all the data? Thanks.

A:Software Raid5 in Server 2003

If the OS is not part of the array and you have installed applications on the array you will have to restore those applications as well. I am not even sure you can make the OS part of an RAID 5 array. Your best bet would be to restore the OS volume from a full backup...the OS won't know the difference since the array looks like one big drive to it.
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I'm looking for free webdav server software that will run in windows XP or if there isn't any then I'll even be ok with some pay software so long as it runs in XP. I do have XP professional if that matters. I know that windows server 2003 allows for this... but I really just don't want to bother with that.

There's loads of free ftp server software out there to say nothing of XP being able to do it native... but I'm not seeing anything for webdav.

I need it for calender stuff.

A:Free webdav server software?

Apache with the DAV module?
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I work for a company with several locations in multiples states We currently use a mail server provided by our web host with about active email accounts We mail Need software server advice We on are running We Need advice on mail server software into issues with valid mail being marked as spam and not being delivered This is starting to impact our business We have tried all of the suggestions provided by our mail host to resolve the issue with little success We are considering setting up our own mail server so that we have control over the configuration I have been trying to research our options some success but a lot of confusion We would like to use one of our existing Windows bases servers for the mail server It will also be used for data storage We would like our mail server to offer web based access for people who are traveling as well as access by various mail software What mail server software should We Need advice on mail server software we consider or exclude from our list and why Are there any special considerations we should be aware of when setting up our mail server What are good options for spam filtering and virus protection What other features should we be considering Thanks NCJason nbsp
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Hi, does anyone know a good software which is a VPN to connect to an Indian server?
Please tell me, I need it urgently.

A:VPN software with an Indian server to choose from?

Bump, please help.
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Hi everyone, I was wondering the best approach on a situation where my company is paying monthly service for a specific software which we implement into our clients and monitor their internal systems. As we have username and pass and a dedicated portal page where we login and there we can manage all the settings and configurations. And here is the part - how can I use this software but instead of going to the remote server to login into our dedicated page, I want to swap my portal platform and use it as it is on my local server. How can get to there?

A:Moving software to local server

Do they offer an on-premises solution?
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I have a 2008 server and I'm trying to re-install Crystal reports software becuase of a missing dll. I can re-install without any problems, and when I go into the software it works fine, but when I log off and log back on, I have the same problems taht I had before re-installing.

It's like the re-install did not happen, I'm and admin on the server and I'm also running the setup.exe as admin, what could be the problem.

Thanks in advance.

A:Server 2008 re-install software

Quote: Originally Posted by dplociac

I have a 2008 server and I'm trying to re-install Crystal reports software becuase of a missing dll. I can re-install without any problems, and when I go into the software it works fine, but when I log off and log back on, I have the same problems taht I had before re-installing.

It's like the re-install did not happen, I'm and admin on the server and I'm also running the setup.exe as admin, what could be the problem.

Thanks in advance.

Are you running any anti virus or firewall apps?
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Hi I currently own a photography business www christopher-mackenzie com And I want to start an ftp server so that clients can access their pictures anytime I ve tried using yahoo but between the super slow loads and constantly getting yelled at for various reasons I want to use server has is software, What nice a a GUI? FTP good that a spare computer I have lying around everything is set up to GET to the computer from the What is a good FTP server software, that has a nice GUI? net ex dyndns router forwarding etc I want a good FTP server that has an interface more like e-commerce software in the way the user navigates Instead of having them browsing meaningless files and clicking on each one to open it I want them to go into their quot area quot after logging in and browsing the files like they were at their computer I ve tried phpbb because i thought it would work the way I wanted it to but that was a fail on itself And one more thing that makes things tricky Is i need a freeware type of o s or software I have ubuntu and xp at my disposal if i need them but I don t even know what to look for Any input is appreciated nbsp

A:What is a good FTP server software, that has a nice GUI?

Re: have you searched the download sites?

a quick google search for "freeware ftp server" yeilds several hits
among them are:

you may also want to search
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I'm looking for an SQL server solution that runs on XP for testing purposes. I know MS makes a free one but I can't get it to install and I frankly have a bias against MS when it comes to mission critical programs. I've just been let down too many times by programs with too many entanglements into the OS. MS seems to feel that because they know the OS backwards and forwards that they should then entangle any app into the OS's deep settings.

Anyway, I'm looking for pretty much anything. It can cost money as I'm happy to play with a demo for awhile.

A:Looking for SQL server software not made by MS that runs on XP

Search on the opensource boards for the free SQL there is one other than MS version. MySQL from Sun Systems, Another one is called JSQL (opensource)
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I am setting up Server 2003 and would like to have the server push applications to workstations. Any pointers as to how this is done? Thanks.

A:Pushing Software in Server 2003

I think this should fully answer your question;en-us;816102

You'll be looking to assign
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We have a customer that has a Speco DVR for their cameras. When they try to login with their Iphone, it says no server running. When they try to login using a PC or Mac, it says cannot display web page. If the DVR is restarted, it will allow remote viewing, but only for a limited time. All ports have been forwarded. Is there something else in the firewall settings?
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I am looking for a web cam server to use on my website to be able to allow at least of my customers to see hear create a chat room stream broadcast upload and save prerecorded images on a server at the same time I cam live server software web streaming need for them to be able to see at least streaming images at the live streaming web cam server software same time on there Computer Screens and be able to let them see free images until they pay and i charge them to use the service And last I need to be able to stream to them special events to watch participate and listen to high-quality audio and video poker games live please forgive me if im not allowed to post websites but I found three websites that do what i am looking for they are anywebcam com tryfast com and ppvportal live streaming web cam server software com i need to find the same software and or have a person create the same capabilities for me i need the cost of the web cam software names of isp s that can support the websites and cost of hosting it if any one knows someone or a company that can create this for me please feel free and e-mail me so we can talk more about it thanks nbsp
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Hi all

i currently use 'iDrive' which does a daily backup of my computer. This is all good but i have got my own web server which has a 1 TB hard disk inside and is always connected to my home network and the internet.

I am looking for a piece of software (preferably free) that family and friends can use on their computers and connect to my server and backup their important documents automatically.

Without sounding horrid, a lot of my friends and family are not very experienced with computers and so i am needing a piece of software that once setup it will backup their documents and pictures etc with out them having to do anything or only having to press a few buttons.

Not sure if this type of software exists but if anybody knows of software that does this i would be very grateful.

Thank you


A:Free Backup software + Own Server

Check out Syncback.

There is a free version.
Here is a comparison chart between their commercial and free versions >
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What virus software do I use on a win2K server ? I tried Norton professional but it didn't work.

Are there special versions? If so what are they?

A:What virus software do I use on a win2K server ?

Norton Corporate Edition, OK
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I have a remote office that has four computers running XP Pro networked together and I need a back-up solution for the system acting as the server (mainly a file server). I was using back-up exec desktop version 4.62 and it has worked great but ever since I upgraded to XP Pro I have been having problems with it. And according to Veritas, they sold the software to a company called stomp which has an upgraded version called back-up. Have you guys delt with Stomp? What software would you recommend.

A:Best back-up Software for a non Server environment.

Can't see a reason to go out and buy one, there are plenty of freeware backup solutions that are dependable and excellent.
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I am looking for a program sort of similar to a forum setup on a server.

I was considering getting Windows Server 2003 and using it so that others can access the server and log in. In turn, they could access files.

Anyone know of a program that I can get? Thanks for any information.

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ok i was messing around with ftp programs and i got bulletftp program to work and my friend using cuteftp was able to connect and we shared files. im on dsl and he is on cable. bad thing is that the fastest we could get steady was about 30k a second. is this normal? is there better software for speed and one that allows both of us to edit eachother's hard drives? im new to this ftp thing any feedback would be cool thanks

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Hi - we have a family business and run Windows Server 2003 (as a terminal server) into which each of our computers (2 standalone, 2 laptops) can run from.
Can anyone recommend a good antivirus and anti-malware-adware program, that is not too expensive?
Thanks, Rose

A:Server 2003 security

Hi Rose1957 I may be totally wrong here but I do try, but take a look here it may help.
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On a Server Driver D I created a folder named AAA then Make D and AAA folder shared of each On a workstation Win Pro Map network Driver as flws AAA on Server D Z AAA on Server Y I then opened Windows Explorer and each one direct to one of the Server problem security ?! W2k above Z amp Y then I copy file to Z so Y also show the same file On Z I deleted the file so the file on Y also disappeared but if I deleted the file on Y then the file on Z still exist and while I refresh the Y the file appear W2k Server security problem ?! again it means I can not delete the file even there was no error message during the deleting process I v HDD in the Server machine HDD has partition C amp D all got the above problem but HDD partition E amp F has no problem at all I have also Server machine got no problem also Any help to this matter would be deeply appreciated nbsp
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Hi all Just got myself a copy of server standard that I want to use for a file server for the home to store films music pictures etc We have four machines in total all running XP SP one is with server Security home a MCE with limited accounts no network or file sharing set up and an xbox Security with a home server They all have access to the internet through a D-link and have norton or AVG free running I have a daughter who is and has access to the net along with her friends who use it too I have done what I can to filter her access but it s always a concern that she ll stumble across some malware that gets past the Norton My wife amp I are I d like to think more net savvy and never open attachments never ok downloads and only let flash run on trusted sites etc etc Quandary How on earth can I safe guard the server if my daughters machine gets malware Is it enough to just not to include her machine on the network Should I exclude my daughters machine by connecting another router to the main Dlink and have my home net behind that but then again my daughters machine wouldn t have access to the files on the server would it so defeats the object of a server for her I m not sure of the balance of risk here I back up important stuff monthly to an external drive It would be great to have all machines on the LAN but I do not know the balance here between potential risk and convenience as I am new to this I am going to research it all but for mo I m new to this and need some hints to point me in the correct direction Many thanks in anticipation nbsp

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Can anyone help me?

We have an NT server, and currently having Major problems with people who don't know what they are doing deleting folders!!!

Is there any way of allowing users (W98) to access and save documents to the folders without them being about to delete them?

A:NT Server Security Issue

If the file system is NTFS, then you can set permissions to write and modify but not delete if you want. If the users are connecting through a share, you should set share permissions that way also. I would set both if able. Don't worry about w98 machines seeing a NTFS share, it uses the server to translate and looks like a FAT folder to the network users. To set share permissions, right-click on the folder and select sharing and then the permissions button set only admins and system as having full control, and everyone (or domain users) to read write and change. That is for win2k, options for NT may read modify instead of change. For folder permissions, right-click on the folder and select properties and the security tab, click permissions and set accordingly. Hope this helps.
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Can you suggest me a good commercial/free/open-source security suite for my windows 2003 server.
One my of my biggest criteria is, it should have good reporting system.

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I have an account on my FTP server named Administrator I gave it the password 123456 I created this account after reviewing my logs and determining this was a popular combination for "Bad Guys" trying to access my server. Needless to say, this account has read only permissions for one folder. In that folder is one file: passwords.txt (16 KB of nothing). Anyway, I often see this entry in my log after the "Administrator" has logged in:
230 User Administrator logged in successfully **
11/2/2006 6:37:54 PM - ( 7) RMD sarcaxxo
11/2/2006 6:37:54 PM - ( 7) 550 Access denied

What is the RMD sarcaxxo about? Google wasn't much help.


A:FTP Server Security Question

I get a couple of these "Sarcaxxo" hits everyday.
So far, the only thing I've been able to do is ban the originating IP address, but that's turned into a part-time occupation..
If you find a way to stop these annoying people, please let us all know!

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I'm trying to get into paypal but IE AND Firefox are telling me that the security certificate is invalid. Is the certificate server down or is there something wrong in my interent settings?

A:IE 8 security certificates- server down?

Is your date (including the year) and time correct? This was the problem on another computer; the date and time invalidated the certificate.
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I recently setup a personal FTP server for myself I needed access to software I have FTP Concerns Security Server on my computer when i FTP Server Security Concerns m on trips or at the office I managed to figure out how dynamic DNS works and FTP Server Security Concerns i m using Serv-U FTP server as the server software Everything worked out great but I was going through the setting for the server and I was checking the log file to see what details that will give me here s an example of what i found Fri Apr - Connected to Local address Fri Apr - Sock ID setsockopt SOL SOCKET SO KEEPALIVE x B E FTP Server Security Concerns -- gt OK Fri Apr - Sock ID inet addr -- gt x A D Fri Apr - Sock ID WSAAsyncGetHostByAddr A x A D x CB -- gt BC OK Fri Apr - Sock ID FD WRITE Stat OK Fri Apr - Sock ID RB READ Stat OK Fri Apr - Sock ID recv x CEAFE -- gt - WSAEWOULDBLOCK Fri Apr - Sock ID WSAGetLastError -- gt WSAEWOULDBLOCK Fri Apr - Serv-U FTP Server v for WinSock ready Fri Apr - Sock ID RB WRITE Stat OK Fri Apr - Sock ID send x CEA -- gt OK Fri Apr - Sock ID FD READ Stat OK Fri Apr - Sock ID recv x CEAFE -- gt OK Fri Apr - USER admin Fri Apr - User name okay need password Fri Apr - Sock ID RB READ Stat OK Fri Apr - Sock ID recv x CEAFE -- gt - WSAEWOULDBLOCK Fri Apr - Sock ID WSAGetLastError -- gt WSAEWOULDBLOCK Fri Apr - Sock ID RB WRITE Stat OK Fri Apr - Sock ID send x CEA -- gt OK Fri Apr - Sock ID FD READ Stat OK Fri Apr - Sock ID recv x CEAFE -- gt OK Fri Apr - PASS xxxxx Fri Apr - Not logged in Fri Apr - Sock ID RB READ Stat OK Fri Apr - Sock ID recv x CEAFE -- gt - WSAEWOULDBLOCK Fri Apr - Sock ID WSAGetLastError -- gt WSAEWOULDBLOCK Fri Apr - Sock ID RB WRITE Stat OK Fri Apr - Sock ID send x CEA -- gt OK Fri Apr - Sock ID FD READ Stat OK Seems that someone at that IP is trying I think unsuccessfully to log into my server They tried for days from that address using user names like Administrator Admin I have only user setup with access to the server and I don t allow anonymous access From that log does it look like someone is trying intensionally to break in Or are their quot hacks apps quot that randomly seek out ftp sites and try to use common usernames passws Are there any security precautions you guys can recommend to a noob Thanks all nbsp

A:FTP Server Security Concerns

No one, huh???
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I ve setup my own FTP server to share files with family over the net access files I might need from home etc I ve just looked at my logfile and I m curious if someones trying to hack my server Is there anything I can do to help prevent people hacking my server Cheers for your help Copied from Logfile - the th of this month onwards The same sorta entries have been going on since the -Dec- But I get the feeling I wont need to copy n paste that much - - COMMAND - USER webmaster - - REPLY - User webmaster password please - - COMMAND - USER webmaster - - REPLY - User webmaster password please - - COMMAND - USER webmaster - - REPLY - User webmaster password please - - COMMAND - PASS - - REPLY - Not logged in Username Server Home Security password incorrect user disabled or user logged in too many times - - COMMAND - PASS - - REPLY - Not logged in Username password incorrect user disabled or user logged in too many times - - COMMAND - USER webmaster - - REPLY - User webmaster password please - - COMMAND - USER user - - REPLY Home Server Security - User user password please - - COMMAND - USER user - - REPLY - User user password please - - COMMAND - PASS - - REPLY - Not logged in Username password incorrect user disabled or user logged in too many times - - COMMAND - PASS - - REPLY - Not logged in Username password incorrect user disabled or user logged in too many times - - COMMAND - USER user - - REPLY - User user password please - - COMMAND - USER user - - REPLY - User user password please - - COMMAND - USER user - - REPLY - User user password please - - COMMAND - PASS - - REPLY - Not logged in Username password incorrect user disabled or user logged in too many times - - COMMAND - PASS - - REPLY - Not logged in Username password incorrect user disabled or user logged in too many times - - COMMAND - USER user - - REPLY - User user password please - - COMMAND - USER user - - REPLY - User user password please - - COMMAND - USER user - - REPLY - User user password please - - COMMAND - PASS - - REPLY - Not logged in Username password incorrect user disabled or user logged in too many times - - COMMAND - PASS - - REPLY - Not logged in Username password incorrect user disabled or user logged in too many times - - COMMAND - USER user - - REPLY - User user password please - - COMMAND - USER root - - REPLY - User root password please - - COMMAND - PASS - - REPLY - Not logged in Username password incorrect user disabled or user logged in too many times - - COMMAND - USER root - - REPLY - User root password please - - COMMAND - USER root - - REPLY - User root password please - - COMMAND - USER root - - REPLY - User root password please - - COMMAND - PASS - - REPLY - Not logged in Username password incorrect user disabled or user logged in too many times - - COMMAND - PASS - - REPLY - Not logged in Username password incorrect user disabled or user logged in too many times - - COMMAND - USER root - - REPLY - User root password please - - COMMAND - USER root - - REPLY - User root password please - - COMMAND - USER root - - REPLY - User root password please - - COMMAND - PASS - - REPLY - Not logged in Username password incorrect user disabled or user logged in too many times - - COMMAND - PASS - - REPLY - Not logged in Username password incorrect user disabled or user logged in too many times - - COMMAND - USER root - - REPLY - User root password please - - COMMAND - USER root - - REPLY - User root password please - - COMMAND - USER root - - REPLY - User root password please - - COMMAND - PASS - - REPLY - Not logged in Username password incorrect user disabled or user logged in too many times - - COMMAND - PASS - - ERROR - Unable to send data - - WARN - Closing connection An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine - - CONNECT - Connection Terminated - - SYSTEM Server - WAN IP detected as - - CONNECT - Incoming connection request on interface - - CONNECT - Connection request accepted from - - ERROR - Unable to send w... Read more

A:Home Server Security

The easiest thing you can do if this is a *nix based server is change it to SFTP. This will cause your family to have to change their connection settings, but this will prevent sending of unencrypted passwords. This will also encrypt your payloads, but will cause more overhead on your server. You can also edit your firewall rules to only allow specific IPs or IP ranges to connect.
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Hi, guy
I have problem about webcam software,Now I looking for the webcam software for record and sent the movie to Darwin Streaming Server and then the server will broadcast. But I can't find the webcam software that can connect with the Darwin Server ( I got WireCast but it's so expensive because I have almost 20 people to use the application ) Plz help me.
Best Regards,
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Hey guys i have a win k Domain controller set up as a Print Server but i need abit of information My something lists.) makes server Printer that (just need software, boss wants me to create a list of all things printed such as the size whom printed it to what printer and the name of the Printer server software, (just need something that makes lists.) document Well its easy enough to make a spare Event log in event viewer and set it up to only record print events but problem is when i export the list to a TXT to print it i only get the basic stuff i don t get what i need which is the discription Which can be found by dbl clicking on one of the print events Now i m wondering if there is a program out there that would just make my life alot easyer something that would print out nice little reports for my allpowerful boss Also while i m at it i ll post the rest of my wishlist I need a program Printer server software, (just need something that makes lists.) that can record all the websites visited on the network and that could make a nice little list very similar to the print server list If anyone could give me a hand i d really appreteate it nbsp

A:Printer server software, (just need something that makes lists.)

Not sure if Karen's Print Logger works on Network Printers. It says it does but I have never tested it.
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just a lo down
we have a server, but looking for software that we can use. something equivalent to linux. the main task will be to hook up all the mac's we have to this server.
at the moment the macs are hooked up on a exchange server. so we need somthing dedicated to the macs.

any help will be appreciated


A:software needed for server connected to macs

What will the purpose of this sever be? File sharing or application? Or is it just to have the Macs all 'connected' together?
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I came across this on the net and thought I would share it. Has anyone tried it? It looks robust. The features on it blows away Openvpn. SoftEther VPN Project....  I will spin up a box and definitely be trying this out.

A:Came across this Free Open source VPN server software.

interesting, thanks.
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Hi. My friend is writing an article about network and server monitoring systems. She has prepared a 2 question mini-survey to determine which of the most popular systems are most widely used and the correlation of the used system with the size of the infrastructure. The survey is inteded for system/network administrators who are responsible for network and server support and maintenance. The survey is available > here <.
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mediamonkey corrupted my ipod (again) so i installed itunes to restore it. i've not used it on windows 7 before.

i'm online, but i get an error that says itunes cannot connect to the ipod software update server.

apple says to do this:

iTunes for Windows: iTunes cannot contact the iPod or iPhone software update server

is there an equivalent action in windows 7? what exactly does this do to solve the problem?

(i'm on a wireless connection...)


A:ipod software update server - cannot connect

i'm bumping this thread with a new issue - the movie database sofware Media Man is also not connecting, even with my firewall disabled. i have no issues with firefox or ie getting online. what could be blocking these other apps?
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Dose any one know how to locate HP EX485 MediaSmart Home Server software i bought this system and the supplier say that they dont have the instalation disk can any one direct me where to get the instalation software.
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Every time I try to check for software updates through Apple Software Update, it keeps saying "The Apple Software Update server could not be found. Check your Internet settings and try again".

Does anyone have a solution for this?

A:Apple Software Update Server Error

Your Norton firewall is most likely not letting it through. Try going to the firewall settings in Norton and unblocking it.
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Hi there i've got a strange problem was hoping someone could help me Any media server software i install xmbc serviio nero media slots disabling pci-e server media software home plex on my windows system makes my pcie slots non functional and my graphics card completely undiscoverable even in my bios though there is still power going through it because the fans are running The slot and my card work until my system is rebooted after installing the software and every media server software disabling pci-e slots time i uninstall the software my graphics card works again Im thinking its doing something to the pcie slots ive tried my card in all on my mobo with the same result also tried with an older graphics card i have still with no love Ive installed latest drivers for my mobo and graphics card and that didnt work either My mobo does have onboard graphics which ive found out works so have been switching one of my monitors to that and then trying to figure out whats wrong with my pc Ive also noticed after switching to the onboard graphics if i reboot with the one monitor still connected to the onboard my graphics card is recognised and my other two monitors come on Then i can put the monitor connected to the onboard back onto my graphics card and it will work again untill i power down the system then it wont work agian when i start back up I hope that make sense I have no idea whats going on any help would be awsome my system-windows home premium motherboard- asrock professional z gpu- AMD - the other card i tried was an AMD processor- intell i k psu- enermax revolution watt ram- x GB g skill ripjaws ddr mghz

A:media server software disabling pci-e slots

Ment to mention, the media server software dosnt work after a couple of reboots either.
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I'm looking for a working DLNA player for Windows 10 that can find my dvd recorder and play my saved programmes and play live TV like LG smart TV can. My LG smart TV have DLNA feature and it's working perfectly, but i need DLNA player for Windows if my family use my TV

Google is bad to search things i'm looking for, and NO, i'm NOT looking for DLNA server.
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Somebody please help me. A walkthrough would be great. This is my problem. I have a server at work, I am a computer engineer, however the problem is I have not had much experience with servers. My task is to install some software onto the server (Windows Server 2003) so that the software can then be accessed and run on each client computer (PC that is connected to the server)

Would anyone have any tips, or be able to walk me through doing this ?

Please help, and thanks.
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I have used the software called Blancco Wan Server which is for erasing hard drives over a network.

I am looking for alternatives.

The software must be able to run on a server, provide DHCP and PXE booting to allow clients to connect and begin data erasure.
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Hi Hope this is the right section to cam windows? Web for Server software Streaming Darwin ask it s difficult to find support for darwin Can anybody recommend a few programs for windows Darwin Streaming Server Web cam software for windows? that can be used to stream live video from any web cam to darwin Darwin Streaming Server Web cam software for windows? i know there is wirecast But that s expencive and i want to give the software to each user Is there any program where the user doesn t have an option to use the program s built in server to stream from their pc Just want the features where they setup to stream to a server As i said it s hard to find support for darwin i need someone who can help me with a small project i just need to know a few things more to set up live video accounts I want to give the accounts to users employees with username and password protection I sort of understand the playlist thing now creating sub directories also i can have different channels But i cant get qtaccess files to work in the sub directories will only work if i put usernames passwords on root Also i think it can t be too difficult to do live video accounts i don t know about this yet other than i could create sub folders and get the user with the cam software to give me their sdp file and place that in the sub folder But then to protect their streams damn it get stressed can anybody help with this I use darwin because i can create rtsp streams and that s good considering the user who would be viewing the movie playlists or live streams would be using quicktime player plugin so rtsp works best for that I m able to setup playlists username and password on the root movie directory but can t on sub directories I m sort of running into one problem after the next i don t have many solutions just know what i want to do What i really wanted to do with dawin is create live video streaming accounts give them out to my users with username and password protection if someone trys to view them they need to use login but obviously we would have to have that login info chang every time someone disconnects from their live feed Thanks nbsp
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Hello, just want to find where are the best proxy cache servers out there. If there are some free one let me know.

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Is there any publication, article or guide on implementing security controls based on NIST for Windows Server 2008?
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I want to reproduce an issue in IE8 in Windows Server 2008 R2 but the security settings of IE8 in the server is restrciting me to do so. The same issue is working fine in IE8 in Windows7

Is there a way out where I can change my IE security settings in Server 2008 R2 to behave same as IE8 in Windows7 so that I can reproduce my issue in Server 2008 R2 machine?

A:Security Settings in IE for Server 2008 R2

Open Server Manager and click the link on the right-hand side to modify the IE Enhanced Security Configuration. Set both Admins and Users to "off", and restart IE. It will no longer have the ESC extra security restrictions and behave about the same as the desktop browser version.
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When I m using Google chrome I cannot go to site with quot The is security certificate server's revoked! http quot And following someone else s advice I checked the public keys for Google and Facebook in the certificate information and they both shared the same public The server's security certificate is revoked! key beginning with It started when I plugged in my external hard drive Also I do not know if it is connected but windows firewall gives the error quot Windows Firewall cannot change some of your settings Error code x quot when I try to start it while windows defender gives the error quot the specified device does not exist as an installed service Error Code x quot I also attempted to install Microsoft security essentials but it gave me the error message quot error x b quot I attempted to do a system restore but that failed too Right now I have no idea what to do other than just format the whole thing An y advice on what I should do

A:The server's security certificate is revoked!

DownloadTDSSkillerLaunch it.Click on change parameters-Select TDLFS file systemClick on "Scan".Please post the LOG report(log file should be in your C drive) Do not change the default options on scan resultsDownloadaswMBRLaunch it, allow it to download latest Avast! virus definitionsClick the "Scan" button to start scan.After scan finishes,click on Save logPost the log results here.If you get crashes in normal mode,run it in safemode with networkingDownloadESET online scannerInstall itClick on START,it should download the virus definitionsWhen scan gets completed,click on LIST of found threatsExport the list to desktop,copy the contents of the text file in your reply
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Hi Guys,
When I am using Terminal Services to surf into my works network, i have a strange error msg that comes up as i enter into windows explorer. "Your current security settings prohibit running active X controls on this page as a result, the page might not display properly." As a result nothing displays, I have been into security settings via IE but i wont let me change security down from high, is there anyreason for this? i mean how do i cofigure my user account so that i can, I know that the administrator access it but it looks like no other user can.

Any ideas,

Sorry and we are running Windows Terminal Server 2000 with all the latest service packs, if that helps which it should

- Hamish
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Hi Good Peoples Hope this is in the right forum category On my desktop computer I am running Windows Vista Home Premium edition and Microsoft Outlook I Proxy security server certificate have just signed up for a package that gives me access to Proxy server security certificate Microsoft Exchange server I have set up and run the configurations on my PC but when I open the Outlook program on my computer I get the following error message quot There is a problem with the proxy server security certificate The name on the security certificate is invalid or does not match the name of the target site mapi pm telstra com Outlook is unable to connect to the proxy server Error code quot I have also set up this exact same program on my laptop It is running Windows XP Pro When I connected on a laptop it worked perfectly Has this got something to do with Vista And is anyone have any idea how I can fix Proxy server security certificate the damn thing nbsp

A:Proxy server security certificate

Make sure the name of your SSL certificate matches the name of the proxy server (
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I run a Windows 2003 server at home which hosts my website and email.

I have a number of security precautions in place and wondered if there was any more I could do.

Im using a Dreytek router too.

I have noticed recently that the server has been playing up and acting strange. I was just wondering if it could be a security breech or something.

Any ideas from the world?

Thank you

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Help, Our web site has been hacked twice. We use IIS with the current service pack. I have tried running a security program and the ports remain open. I have stopped services for FTP and SMTP and still the ports show up as open. Any ideas?

A:{Advice Offered} - IIS Server and Security

1. Do you have a proxy server, ie. proxy server 2.0 by MS.
2. If yes, to # 1, make sure its configured properly, and that with the two nic config. check the nic which is connected to the Internet and see if IP forwarding is selected. YOu don't want if forwarding packets to your LAN.
3.You could also try a free download such as zone alarm. (a software firewall)
4. Now test your vulnerability by going to the below posted link ("Shield's up"), which after choose the appropriate button will either scan your ports, or test your shields.
* Note you can try this before installing zone alarm, then after to see the difference.

** zone alarm can be downloaded from:

***Shield's up site:

I hope this helps
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7 user LAN
Windows XP Home Edition
1 computer acts as a server for common files (using dBase and OpenOffice)

I want to add more computers but restrict their access to specific directories on the server and no access to other shared resources.

I am looking for a program that will do that. I looked at UNG, but was unable to see 'users' on the network and thus restrict their access. Other than that, it looked like a good program - did I miss something??

Unable/unwilling to upgrade operating system.

My thanks in advance for you thoughts and guidance.

A:Network security - need to lock server

You can add access to the Security Tab in XP Home: and then set folder permissions.

I have tried this and it works. Make sure you are familiar with "Allow" and "Deny" settings or you can lock yourself out.
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I have just started to get this message when accessing my emails through MS Outlook 2007.
The server you are connected to is using a security certificate that cannot be verified.
When you accept the offer to continue using this server, everything works until the next time you use Office.
Any clues anyone?
I've gone surfing on the net without finding a solution I'm afraid.
I use Windows 7 Ultimate
MS Office 2007
and the offending account is a Hotmail account.
I do have several email addresses redirected to Outlook - they all work fine.
Any help would be appreciated!

A:The server you are connected to is using a security certificate that cannot ...

The Hotmail security certificate has expired and thus the verification warning. The MS Outlook 2007 is configured to access the mail server using the encryption protocol connection.
More info.
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I'm running XAMPP under Windows XP Professional SP3. I know Linux alternatives are much better for servers, but I'm a Linux novice and don't have the time and effort to implement it. Right now the computer has to antivirus, or firewall (Windows Firewall was interfering with FileZilla Server). Yes, I know it's bad, but not many people visit it, so I figure its not too much at risk, and it's fully backed up. What programs should I use to protect it? I'll have people connecting to it on port 80 and also 20-24, 990. Also, a few people have FTP permissions to upload files and I don't want the AV interfering with that.

A:Server Security (windows Xp, Apache)

Nobody knows what apps work well with Apache and Filezilla?
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Well I got two questions really, is there a way I can do things like block people who login from using run, task manager, Off button. I know I can change all this sort of stuff by editing reg values on each of the computers but is there a way to do it from the server. If it is possible to apply these rules to certain user groups it would also be really useful.

How do I turn off the password rules? you know the way windows will only accept the password if it has a caps letter and numbers and so forth, I find these rules fairly annoying and I do not need this much security.

Thanks in advance

A:Win Server 2003 R2, security question

Local Security Polices
Group Polices these too areas are found in all versions of Windows OS client or server they're in the Admin Tools in the Control Panel There is a free sotware that you can use can disable of of these features...

Can try this
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Hiya The three tools previously available for download on this Security Server SQL 7 2000 Feb Tools: page -- SQL Server SQL Scan SQL Check and SQL Critical Update -- have been consolidated into a single download the SQL Critical Update Kit The SQL Critical Update Kit also includes an SMS deployment tool and the Servpriv exe utility NOTE In some circumstances you may SQL Server 2000 Security Tools: Feb 7 experience difficulties extracting the files from the SQL Critical Update Kit package if your computer has more than GB free on your hard drive See Microsoft Knowledge Based Article - The details of the tools included in the SQL Critical Update Kit SQL Server 2000 Security Tools: Feb 7 are as follows SQL Critical Update SQL Critical Update scans the computer on which it is running for instances of SQL Server and MSDE that are vulnerable to the Slammer worm and updates the affected files SQL Critical Update runs on Windows Windows ME Windows NT Windows and Windows XP SQL Critical Update is supported in a clustered environment Instances of SQL Server with Service Pack SP and security patch MS - MS - MS - or MS - or instances with SP or later are not vulnerable Computers running SQL Server and earlier are not vulnerable Restrictions SQL Critical Update must be run on the local machine SQL Critical Update will fix vulnerabilities that it discovers it cannot be used to simply disable an instance of SQL Server SQL Critical Update does not install SP It only updates vulnerable files SQL Critical update will fix only MSDE installations that are the same language as the SQL Critical Update language you are running The user running SQL Critical Update must have permission to replace SQL Server files in the Program Directory SQL Critical Update works only if the ssnetlib dll file exists for each instance of SQL Server being fixed NOTE If you have installed Microsoft Security Bulletin MS - both SQL Scan and SQL Check will incorrectly report that you are vulnerable to the Slammer worm If you are not sure that you have installed the necessary security patches to protect yourself from the Slammer worm you can check the version of the ssnetlib dll file in your MSSQL BINN folder and confirm that it is version or later However Microsoft strongly recommends that you apply the security patch described in MS - because this patch contains additional fixes that are described in the MS - Security Bulletin For additional details refer to the readme file SQL Scan SQL Scan Sqlscan exe scans an individual computer a Windows domain or a range of IP addresses for instances of SQL Server and MSDE and identifies instances that may be vulnerable to the Slammer worm SQL Scan runs on Windows or higher and can identify instances of SQL Server and MSDE running on Windows NT Windows or Windows XP Professional Instances of SQL Server with Service Pack SP and security patch MS - MS - MS - or MS - or instances with SP or later are not vulnerable Computers running SQL Server and earlier are not vulnerable SQL Scan does not locate instances of SQL Server that are running on Windows Windows ME or Windows XP Home SQL Scan does not detect instances of SQL Server that were started from the command prompt NOTE In some circumstances shutdown of an infected SQL Server instance may not complete successfully You may need to use system management tools to terminate an infected process SQL Scan requires one of the following items as input A domain A range of IP addresses A single machine name SQL Scan must be run with domain administrator privileges when it is used to scan remote machines Otherwise you must be an administrator on the local machine SQL Scan will not return a conclusive result if either the ssnetlib dll or sqlservr exe file has been renamed If these files have been renamed you should change the names back to their original name SQL Scan identifies vulnerable SQL Server instances on clustered machines but does not disable them Disabling and shutting down of SQL Serve... Read more
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Hi guys, I've encountered a bizzare change with my computer. I had realized that the clock had fast forwarded to the next day, so I changed it back and now I'm getting the message "The server's security certificate is not yet valid!" whenever i try to access a page, i can't download anything or watch any videos. Sometimes the CSS doesn't load on a webpage, instead it is presented to me in just html code. I've tried synchronizing the internet time zone, restating and changing the time again yet nothing works, any ideas? Thanks,

A:The server's security certificate is not yet valid!!topic/chrome/L8BKA1uUmUY
On the Tools menu, click Internet Options.
On the Advanced tab, in the Security section, make sure that the Check for server certificate revocation check box is cleared. Also, make sure that the Use SSL 2.0 and the Use SSL 3.0 check boxes are selected.
Click OK. Click to expand...
Relevancy 40.42% Note that the impact on desktop systems should be 'minimal' so home users need only install Update 24 (which fixes this problem) when it is released next Tuesday, 15th February.

A:Solved: Potentially serious exploit for Java server software!

This is supposed to be fixed by Update 24 which was released yesterday. If you allow Java to update automatically you should already have it, otherwise you can get it from here;
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Keywords: Uninstall Hawking HWPS12UG Print Server Utilities

When uninstalling the Hawking Print Server Utilities, you receive the message 'HAWKING_PS-P1 still in use! Please release the port before to complete uninstall Network driver'

You have a printer defined in your system (in Control Panel, Printers and Faxes) that is using the port named HAWKING_PS-P1, the port to which the Hawking Print Server Utilities' Network Driver is assigned.

Setting the printer concerned offline does not help.
Deleting the printer concerned does not help.Deleting the port HAWKING_PS-P1 (using the Printers and Faxes window's menu option File, Server Properties, Ports tab) produces the error message 'Selected port cannot be deleted. Operation could not be completed.'
After rebooting the system, deleting the port succeeds.
After deleting the port HAWKING_PS-P1, the uninstall of the Hawking Print Server Utilities succeeds .

A:Problem Uninstalling Hawking Print Server Software

Hello andrewlloyd and welcome to the forums

Thanks for sharing your solution with us I'm sure others who are experiencing the same problem as you will benefit from your advice

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Hi there to any of you network Gurus -- I'm testing a Virtual version of Windows Server What I'd like to do is to set up a VPN so I can access it from another computer Windows in the LAN while testing but using a VPN rather than RDP A FREE VPN server and client is what I would like at this stage Eventually I would like to login from a mobile phone too - but later The VPN should just present a LOGIN screen to the user and then show a basic desktop with just say Office and IE installed on it I'm totally VPN and VPN AND Create (Server client) Free software good new to this sort of stuff - so SIMPLE to start with - I don't want to get into quot Remote Roaming quot Domains or any other quot Geeky stuff quot at this stage -- just the simple basics - LOGON etc Any links greatfully appreciated -- there's so many to choose from so I don't know where to start The network connectivity to the server works fine --at least with RDP so I don't have to worry at least about that bit of the system Cheers jimbo

A:Create VPN and good Free VPN software (Server AND client)

First off, a vpn in just a virtual network connection, so it won't natively present you with a desktop or applications. It will get you remotely connected to the network, from there you will launch something else to connect to a desktop, either rdp, terminal services, etc.

Doing a VPN is natively built into sever 2012, so you won't need any software, free or otherwise to setup a.basic VPN.
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can anyone here tell me from his experiences what is the best Anti Virus software to protect a Windows 2003 Server? The server doesn't run an Microsoft Exchange Server.....this Server runs only a Microsoft SQL 2005 Server.


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I am looking for recommendations for good AV spftware that is administered from a single system to multiple workstations. We have a small windows XP/W2k network running in domain model.