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Monitor not warming up? tft screen switching itself off

Q: Monitor not warming up? tft screen switching itself off

its a bit of a strange problem

my monitor takes about 30 turns to switch on.

basically the screen will come on and then switch itself off after a second or two. the green light on the power remains - so i have to switch it off and switch it back on again.

the interesting thing is that in that one/two second the screen appears very dull and no brightness. you can tell its working again by the image on the screen being bright.

is it that the monitor's shelf life is over or is there something more?

i did update the drivers but uninstalling them hasnt helped.

its a belinea 19 25 s1w

i've emailed the company and they've basically said they're not responsible as it was made by the previous owners (maxdata) who went into receivership and its based in germany.

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Preferred Solution: Monitor not warming up? tft screen switching itself off

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Monitor not warming up? tft screen switching itself off

Are you using a graphics card? If so, then there could be a problem with it. Is it possible for you to test the monitor on another system (maybe a friend's)?
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I am warming Up to the Metro-Style IE on the Start Screen, but is there a way to access one's favorites menu when in this version of IE? If not, do you have a clue why accessing favorites is a no-no in Metro IE?

A:Warming Up to Metro-Style IE on Start Screen, but ... .

Hello znod,

You can view and use your favorites in IE10 Metro, but they are just not as organized as they are in the IE10 desktop version.

IE10 Metro - View Favorites, Frequent, and Pinned Sites in Windows 8

Hope this helps,
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I have a new ProBook G that I use most of the time with a Dell monitor w connected via the DisplayPort with the lid closed and after to monitor screen Black switching back external on the ProBook If I Black screen after switching to external monitor and back lift the lid on the ProBook the display switches to the laptop fine and if I close the lid it switches back to the external monitor Black screen after switching to external monitor and back fine However if I switch inputs on the monitor to view a different computer then switch the monitor back to view the DisplayPort that the ProBook is connected to the ProBook will not display either on the external monitor or on its own screen if I open the lid on the ProBook the display on the ProBook is black as well The only way I have found to recover the display on the ProBook is to force the laptop down by holding the power key until it powers off then powering it back on and letting it boot up I have tried cycling the lid and waiting to see if the ProBook will eventually output on the DisplayPort or the ProBook screen It won t I have tried the Windows P keys without effect as well as unplugging the DisplayPort cable from the ProBook but the display on the ProBook will not come back on The ProBook boots up fine on the external monitor nbsp I have found that if I open the lid on the ProBook before I switch the input on the monitor away from the ProBook then switch the monitor back to the DisplayPort connected to the ProBook and close the lid it switches back to the external monitor fine If I forget to open the lid on the ProBook before switching the external monitor away from the ProBook that is when I get into this black screen issue nbsp Prior to the ProBook I had a HP EliteBook p The EliteBook did not have this issue Lifting the lid on the EliteBook would ALWAYS cause the screen on the laptop to restore nbsp Power options are set to never turn off the display and never put the computer to sleep while plugged in which it always is When I close the lid is set to Do nothing The power button is set to put the ProBook in sleep mode when pressed I thought that I could use the power button to put the ProBook to sleep when it is the black screen mode in hopes that when I brought it out of the sleep mode the screen or monitor would come back Oddly when it is in the black screen mode the power button will not put it in the sleep mode nbsp Interestingly if I just power the external monitor off then back on it does not put it into this black screen mode nbsp Any ideas on how to recover the ProBook from a black screen without doing a forced power down
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Hi guys I've been coming across an issue lately and wanted to get some insight as to what exactly is going on I'm guessing it's the video card and all my drivers for it are up to date but I want to make sure The first time this happened was on see attached screenshot It's happened + switching when TV) BSOD monitor to dual(monitor from single a total of times in the past two weeks and always at the same BSOD when switching from single monitor to dual(monitor + TV) instance I have a single monitor plugged into my video card HD and also have my TV plugged in as well for when I want to watch movies and such Typically I am running my PC in dual BSOD when switching from single monitor to dual(monitor + TV) monitor mode duplicate screens even when the TV is off but when I turn to TV on these past times the screen flashes black as normal but instead of both screens appearing again in tandem the TV is blank and my pc monitor now has a GSOD I've attached another screenshot as well from It does not happen every time but as I noted it's done this times As instructed I've also attached my zip file with all the info from DM Log Collector Let me know if I'm missing anything else that you need My pc specs are in my profile as well

A:BSOD when switching from single monitor to dual(monitor + TV)

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My computer shut down a couple weeks ago and when I tried to start it back up it froze after about a minute. It got to the windows screen and then hung up. I turn the computer off and try to restart it and it doesn't detect the hard drive. If I let it sit for a couple minutes and let it cool off then it will boot back up detect the hard drive but then freeze after 30 seconds to a minute. I thought it might have been overheating with the heatsinks so I added thermal compound. didn't work. at this point I don't know whether to try the Power supply, hard drive or mother board. Any suggestions please let me know. the computer does not beep on startup by the way.

A:PC freezes after warming up

Sounds like your hard drive may be bugging out. If you can with another PC, burn a copy of UBCD and then start up your victim PC with it. You want to run the latest Seatools hard drive testing tool. If it gives you the option, run both Long & Short Self Tests. If it locks up during this or states failure, then your hard drive most likely kicked the bucket. Otherwise, proceed to run some other tests as followed:

Prime95 (Mersenne Prime Test): Torture Test, Large FFTs or Blend, let run for 9+ hours
Memtest86+ : 7+ passes (or let run overnight)
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For some reason my pc is taking up to an hour to warm up,it will not switch on at all untill at least 30 mins have passed sometimes longer, once going it is fine,is this my power pack or something not as simple as that.Thanks for any help here.

I have just spent some time stripping my pc down,it does not seem to be the power pack ,but the small switch board at the front of my pc seems to point towards the fault if I move the wires around and generally fiddle with it it comes on straight away is it possible to buy these boards seeing as my pc is maybe 4/5 years old.
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HI people!

just you to know to never install the free scan and software for anty spy program...

the behaviour of that software it's similar to the threat of the pop-up virus ""-dialers.....

May you have a real good software or link on how to destroy and securize PC with those threats??????


by Lancillotto

A:winantyspyware + WARMING

Do the five steps:

You have the Smitfraud malware. You will go to the Security Center on the site after completing the steps above.

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This is not the first problem Ive had with my vx but it s far more perplexing than my first which I corrected with a new video card ATI x That card took a crap and now I have an ATI x Put simply my monitor keeps switching to the Default Monitor in my Device Manager but only when the monitor has been off for a while minutes or more It s difficult to say switching Monitor Default to Monitor when this started since I was on deployment when my wife told me about it Pretty much the scenario is that I switch off or Restart no problem But If I leave the computer off for more than minutes then turn it back on I have Monitor switching to Default Monitor to switch to the DVI cable wait a second then switch back to the VGA cable before my screen becomes visible After doing this if I go to the Device Manager the Monitor will be Default Monitor If I quot scan for hardware changes quot my vx shows up I have the latest drivers for everything from mobo to monitor nbsp

A:Monitor switching to Default Monitor

you've been around for a while now... What kind of system are you having this trouble with? Provide us with some system specs if you please.

Are you running the latest ATI/catalyst drivers? Do you have Microsoft's .NET framework installed?
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I have a Hyundi D90+ LCD Monitor that worked fine, recently however after I left the PC and came back and met it in power down mode, it would turn on then off and I had to move the mouse again for it to turn off again. Now it turns off and on constantly even as soon as I turn it on and the computer is still in POST. So I know it is not the OS (I run Linux). It not the cables because I use the same cables with my Viewsonic and it works fine.

My first guess would be the inverter, but I never had to troubleshoot a LCD monitor before. I read on a web search that it could be a stuck power button but I played with it and it still is displaying the same problem.

Any suggestions?????

A:LCD Monitor Switching off and on

I had an old HP Flat panel vf15 monitor with the same problem. It was the power inverter (I could hear a squealing noise on power cycles). I had to get it replaced.

But before you do that, check your refresh rates, resolutions and video card drivers.
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I have just replaced my PC As my new monitor PC switching keeps off baby is PC monitor keeps switching off a reasonably good system I now use a DVI cable but still using original Monitor In an attempt to sell the old beastie I listed it on fleabay and it sold To demonstrate it I put it back on the desk and plugged it back into the monitor to allow me to show the buyer I even used the DVI cable to connect it Everything was tickety-boo when the monitor clicked and turned off thinking it was a restart caused by some updates I waited The PC kept on chuntering but no picture After a restart it now does this after a minute or so again with the click that a monitor always makes when turning off I know the cable is OK as it works fine on new PC monitor is fine PC monitor keeps switching off with new PC OLD PC was fine with no problems PC monitor keeps switching off for three years until it knew I was selling it Wondered if moving it on and off the desk onto the floor has disturbed something Have removed and refitted the graphics card to check it is seated properly to no avail Will next try using the onboard graphics to by-pass video card Any idea guys nbsp

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Hi My Monitor- LG Flatron M WDP keeps switching Off On for secs after running for about minutes I have tried another older TFT Monitor which also switches off for longer I have had the LG monitor checked twice result Ok The Desktop a Dell Studio XPS has been back to Dell and had the graphics card replaced no other faults recorded both monitor and Desktop are months old LG Off/On keeps Monitor switching and quot out of guarantee quot LG Monitor keeps switching Off/On I have no answers from Dell No Errors have been viewed at all This has me tearing my hair out the problem seems to be with the Tower but I have trawled various Forums out there I would appreciate any advice from you good people out there Thanking you in advance Geofrs OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor AMD Phenom tm II X Processor AMD Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Monitor LG Flatron M WDP Graphics Card ATI Radeon HD Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB F Total - MB Free - MB G Total - MB Free - MB H Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Dell Inc FF FN Antivirus LG Monitor keeps switching Off/On AVG Anti-Virus Updated and Enabled nbsp

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My son likes to switch the monitor input from his computer desktop to his XBox360 using the same DVI input on the monitor. When he is through playing one he pulls the DVI plug on the monitor and switches to the other. Can he harm the video card on the computer by doing this with power on? Can he harm the video card by leaving the computer on when its not hooked up to the monitor? Thanks for any advice.
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When my Elitebook is connected to an external monitor. The monitor keeps going black and then comes back on. The laptop monitor stays on but the monitor doesn't.  Any Ideas? The cable seems fine.  Any clues?
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Hi,hope you well and that you able to assist,I changed my memory modules but after rebooting the monitor does not switch on,the monitor power indicator just turns orange instead of green,i reverted back to my old memory modules,i have an agp graphics card,removed it and switched to onboard graphics but still the orange light from the monitor,what can i do to correct this?I am running XP at the moment.

A:Monitor not switching on

Is this a laptop or desktop?
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my friends LCD/TFT monitor is turning off/on constantly - turns on for fraction of a second then repeats every 1-2 seconds... we tried his old Acer CRT monitor which worked fine - the TFT monitor isnt a known brand - we didnt have another VGA cable to try

does anyone know why its doing this and is there a fix?


A:monitor switching off/on every 1 sec

Monitor is destined for recycling. Faults range from faulty PCB to transistors. If you know a good local repair shop....get a quote before you replace. Last 3 like this at school all needed replacing.
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Hi there I wanted to get a new monitor as my CRT is acting up goes into a hourglass shape on occasion and is a bit hard on the eyes I want to get a quot LCD but I am worried about if my graphics card would be good enough the Pc is about years old its a P GHZ running XP my graphics card is below ATI Rage Pro AGP x Video Adapter help LCD) Need to monitor new (switching CRT from I am not playing any demanding games the odd Quake on occasion mainly just surfing the net watching the occasional movie Is it a case of plugging in the LCD and then installing drivers What is the minimu refresh rate I see there are some quot ones Need new monitor help (switching from CRT to LCD) for around Australian new I don t want to pay to much as it is an old pc anyway And one last question is there any Y adaptors for monitors so I could plug in a laptop from time to time and use the LCD as its screen but the Y lead would save unplugging the cable from my desktop all the time thanks nbsp

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Hi there, I m having a Pentium 4 System with 80Gb harddisc and 256mb ram and the operating system is XP professional from the last 2Year. From the last two months i m having a problem of my monitor getting switched off after an hour or so but the cpu power is on. I have to rebooot the system everytime to get my operating system back in working condition. any suggestions or remedies will be appreciated.

A:Monitor Switching Off

It might be the video card/chip instead of the monitor. Does the LED on the monitor remain green when it goes black? Best way to tell is to try and borrow another monitor
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Since this past week, my printer warm up time is extensive (like almost 30 seconds or more) with it's regular sound after it has been turned off. The printer is not usually kept on as I usually turn it off each time after use.

Any ideas?

A:Samsung ML 2510 printer - warming up takes a long time

Well a Lazer printer works by creating a static charge on the pice of paper. The powdered toner is then attracted to the static parts of the papper and then melted on to the page. This is why the printers need to warm up. It is possible that the Fuser (the thing that melts the powder to the papper) is going. How warm is the paper when it comes out of the printer? If it is the fuser they can be replaced. For your printer i think it is built into the toner cartridge but im not sure, thats something you may want to check out.
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Hello As I posted in the monitors forum I am having problems with a new LG W TQ monitor Being used with a new HP Pavillion Elite PC Great picture but just can't get any of the OSD or configuration screens to appear It has those touch sensitive buttons on the front Have tried everything but they never appear on the screen no matter how I press them quickly Between & ? VGA Monitor A Switching Digital DVI-D tapped held for several seconds etc Other than that the monitor is great Have it hooked up with a DVI-D cable for a digital connection rather than VGA Switching A Monitor Between VGA & DVI-D Digital ? Was wondering if perhaps to get these OSD screens to appear the monitor needs and uses somehow the analog VGA cable for this So thought I'd give Switching A Monitor Between VGA & DVI-D Digital ? it a try Now have both cables in place But I'm reasonably sure Switching A Monitor Between VGA & DVI-D Digital ? that the PC is still using the DVI-D digital cable for its output to the PC Looked in all I think all the monitor related screens in W but can't find where it is a Is there an option in W somewhere to tell Windows which to use and to switch the output spigots between VGA and DVI-D going to the monitor b Or any thoughts as to why the config OSD screens won't appear would also be most appreciated Thanks Bob

A:Switching A Monitor Between VGA & DVI-D Digital ?

Hi Robert11 and welcome to Windows 7 Forums

Here is a link to the support page for your monitor. LG Product Support for W2053TQ-PF

Check the option shown below.
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My friend's laptop's backlight just apparently broke. So, you can barely see the screen when it boots up. I hooked it up to my monitor so she could retrieve documents and files for the time being, but after the Windows XP Home boot screen, the monitor loses the feed and turns off. On the laptop screen, it continues to boot up like normal. What's going on? Do I have to change a setting to get Windows to output to the monitor?

A:Switching to a monitor from a laptop

Did you try Function-F3, Function-F5, Function-F7, or Function-F9 (one of these should work - I cant be any more specific because i dont know the make or model of the laptop). One of those should switch the video mode to the monitor.
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My friend got a computer from his aunt far away. During the disassembly for transport of this computer his brilliant aunt pulled on the montier cable that was secured through screws. Subsequently she ripped out the jack's of the printer, monitor and serial ports beyond repair. He wants to set this up as a server computer. He has an APG video card but the computer won't default to AGP without setting it in bios. Is there a hotkey or a way to force bios to switch to APG card? It's a phoenix BIOS, he hasn't told me the version.

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Before it start heres the Basic specs of it Epox - EP- k AI motherboard AMD Athlon XP Maxtor GB HD W PSU mb DDR pc RAM And a Questionable - Link D Geforce FX mb AGP TV Graphics card My problem is that monitor won t come out of stand by on booting everything else seems to be working the harddrive processor and graphics fans all power on which sounds normal but another is that all the keyboard lights all up and stay on when trying to boot aswell and if u turn it off from the front switch they re still lit HUM but my main concern is why the monitor ain t switching on i think now it may be a compatability issue with the graphics card but am no expert thats why i need a push in the right direction Am thinking the graphics card i have ain t the right type for my board I ve typed the specs of the board and graphics below Am i little confused about AGP slots and Ain't Monitor Built New But HELP! on Switching PC my board dosen t have on board graphics Built New PC But Monitor Ain't Switching on HELP! so thats a bugger Board Supports AGP interface with X X X v only Supports Maximum bandwidth of GB s Built New PC But Monitor Ain't Switching on HELP! Geforce FX Back of the Box States Minimum System Requirments IBM PC or IBM Comaptible System Intel pentium AMD K K CPU or higher Availible AGP or slot SVGA Monitor Heres pics of the Board and G Card So do you think thid is my my problem Thanks in advance for any help that forcomes Kevin nbsp

A:Built New PC But Monitor Ain't Switching on HELP!

Hi kev, the first approach would be to check all your connections, and reseat all your cards and memory. Also, check in your BIOS, and see if you have your graphics card set at 128MB, if it is, try backing it off to 64MB, and see if that helps. If that doesn't work, then you might try resetting your CMOS, and see if it will run on the default settings.

Have you tried running your system outside the case? I would check, to be sure, that the MOBO is not shorting out on any standoffs, it is a hassle, but when building your own system, it saves you a lot of headaches. Here is the advice that I give to those who ask me about building their own system:

To start with, here are a few tips that may help you in your endeavor. First, if you don?t have a ground strap, then you will need to discharge, any static charge that you hold, by touching the computer case, or any metal object. Before handling any static sensitive objects CPU, memory sticks (dims), motherboard, and expansion cards, be sure to discharge yourself first.

? If you are building your own computer, first try and put it together outside the case, this has a couple advantages, the first being saving your sanity. You want to start with the bare minimum, that being the motherboard, CPU, and the power supply. You may need a front panel speaker, if there isn?t a beeper, on the motherboard, and also the on/off switch, from the computer case, plugged into the motherboard?s front panel terminals. Now, when you turn the computer on, you should see all your fans spinning and hear a bunch of beeps, so you now know that the motherboard, power supply, and the CPU all work.
? Now, this is very important, before going any further, unplug the power cord, from the power supply. Be sure to discharge your static, and now, install one stick of memory, I know, you want to put them all in, but only one stick, for now. Plug the power cord back in, and turn it on, you should hear a series of beeps (1 long 3 short), as the computer searches for the video card. Ok, turn it off, and unplug the power cord again, from the power supply
? Now, discharge yourself and inset your video card, then connect your monitor to the video card. Plug the power cord back in and turn it on. You should get the Power On Self Test (POST) one beep. Then, you should get a display, on your monitor screen, showing your basic boot screen, and a boot disk error, because you don?t have any drives installed. Up to now, if you have the monitor display, and the disk error, your system is sweet.
? Now, start putting these components, in the computer case, but first, be sure to look at the number, and the placement of the standoffs. Make sure you don?t have more standoffs than you need, and they all will line up with the mounting holes, on your motherboard. Sometimes, a standoff will be slightly leaning too far to one side, and may have a tendency to short out a circuit on the motherboard. In the case of the misaligned standoff, maybe try persuading it over in the correct direction with a needle nose pliers, or use a small piece of electrical tape around that mounting hole, on the motherboard.
? Once you have these components installed, in the case, and have your boot display, on the monitor, along with the disk error, then you know you have a good start.
? Now, install the drives, partition, and format your hard drives, setup the BIOS, install the operating system, and add the remaining hardware and drivers. Now. go take your computer for a spin around the block.

Well, I hope this helps, good luck!
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my screen froze momentarily, the image went sort of jagged, then the monitor went to sleep. I switched the monior back on and it went though the start up routine scanning for signals but said it could find none and went to sleep again. I tried it again later and everything worked OK for a while then it happened again and got more frequent but was still usable now and then but now I can't get anything at all from the monitor. The desktop sounds OK and the monitor comes on scans for signals but goes to sleep. I have tried a different cable but no good. I haven't tried a different monitor as it seems to be working. I opened the box up as I thought I could try another graphics card but it integral. It is a HP desktop, running Windows 7. I can't get anymore info as I obviously can not use a monitor.
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Im using my lg 1515s monitor for last 4-5 years without any problem. Now it has developed a typical phenomenon. I use it through external tv tuner card, for tv as well as monitor usage. Nowadays when i switch it on the screen dose not come up with full display immediately. Rather it flickers and goes partially dead. I could see that the display runs at the back very faintly. If i change channel or sw on-off - it again flickers with full display for split second. This thing continues for 2-5 min then display stabilizes for entire duration without any problem. i find it happens ony when i switch it for first time in a day or while using at a long interval. Please help.......
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i was wondering if someone can help, i tried everything cleaninstall,micro update but nothing seem to work, my monitor keeps switching to duel monitors,on the change the appearance of your display page in control panel,it shows 1 montior but when it switches it shows duel monitors and the resolution changes to 800x600 i select only 1 montior and gos back to single it might stay that way for hrs then it might switch in a few min. i have it set on 1280x800 have tried it on lower resolution but it still switches , i have a hp compaq cq50 laptop intel {R} 4 series express chipset windows 7 os , and i never had it hook up to any other monitor hope some 1 can help .

and thanks in advance

A:monitor keeps switching to duel

Hello twojb7,

Welcome to Seven Forums.

Hit winlogokey+p and see if that is set to computer only.

Hope this helps.

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I have two computers. The monitor (Acer) on #1 quit working. I switched monitors. #2 monitor (samsung) didn't work on #1 either. I thought it might be my computer. My brother got his monitor working with it. We thought it might have been my cables. I bought new ones. I tried it (with new cables) with monitor from #2. Didn't work. I put the orignial monitor back on, and it works. Now the monitor from #2 doesn't work on #2. I think it might be a driver issue, but not sure. Thanks for your help!

A:Monitor not working after switching!

Welcome to Sevnforums:

Are you refering to the outlets on the back of your GPU?
I think you've not been answered due to the way you have aksed your question.

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Hi folks I ve a bit of a dilemma on my hands I recently purchased a HDTV and wanted to set it up as a nd monitor for my PC My PC is running video cards one on the motherboard one added in a slot The usual setup is using the nd card to run the monitor I wanted to use the motherboard video to run the TV since it has a HDMI port I went into BIOS and turned on the video card I had it TV switching Video between Monitor & disabled since I only had one monitor I updated the drivers then I hooked up the TV The video started showing on the TV for a second or two then it would show on the monitor for a second or two Video switching between Monitor & TV It switches back amp forth every couple of seconds I unplugged the TV and it works fine I am running Windows the TV is a Toshiba tl u The motherboard is a XFX MG- Mi- GeForce - NVIDIA nForce i and the nd video card is a Galaxy GeForce GS MB PCIe w DVI Let me know if you need any more information Thanks nbsp

A:Video switching between Monitor & TV

When you fit a standalone video card, the integrated one on the motherboard is (usually) automatically disabled by the BIOS as otherwise their respective drivers would both be fighting for the same resources, and that sort of conflict has to be avoided.

If you want to run two monitors, you must forget about using the integrated video adapter altogether. You must either buy another video card to fit alongside your Galaxy card, or remove the Galaxy card and fit a "dual-head" video card which has two output ports which can both be used at the same time (do not confuse that with a video card which may have a VGA and a DVI port but which cannot both be used at the same time).
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This might be a dumb question but I am going for it anyway. I have connected a second monitor to my dell inspiron 2650 laptop and I've been trying to make it the primary monitor. It worked a couple months ago at my girlfriends with this same monitor, but now that i have her monitor here I can't get this to work because the "use this device my primary monitor" is grayed out. I'm trying to play counter-strike on the bigger one and I have had no luck at all
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Hello everyone I have some serious problem with my lcd panel or graphic card still not sure so the thing is it turns itself off for like seconds and then back on and everything is fine till next time it happens lcd is a samsung n and graphic card is a palit geforce the thing is that the card doesnt itself monitor switching off problem: have a fan - just a radiator it came like this stock so what you guys think is more probable - lcd problem: monitor switching itself off damage or graphic card overheating and one more thing about the lcd - there appeared some small grey dot on it its like x pixels no its not a dead pixel and its grey NOT black not red or any other subpixel color but grey looks like the screen is dirty but its not cleanable what can it be could it possibly be fixed if anyone could help me I would really appreciate it btw that was problem: monitor switching itself off my first post so please no flaming if I did something wrong nbsp

A:problem: monitor switching itself off

Simple way to troubleshoot this problem is to swap monitors first. A blemish on the LCD screen cannot be fixed... If you can't clean it off
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Hi guys so basically for the past month or so when I switch my computer off when I would next switch it on it would not power up keyboard and monitor my only resolution was to remove the power chord from the back and leave it for 3 hours before once again switching on. Last night the same thing happened however now my quick fix isn't working. I was wondering if yiu guys have ha this issue before and could advise me as of what to do. Many thanks guys.

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A:Pc switching on but monitor and keyboard not powering up.

What's the brand name and model name and model number of that computer?

It's obvious it's a desktop and not a laptop, so also advise the brand name and model number and wattage of its power supply.

What version and bit version of Windows is it running?

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Initially i was using the Intel Graphics Driver for my desktop display...On the display i tried to change the resolution. There after the monitor started showing "POWER MANAGEMENT and OUT OF FREQUENCY RANGE 67.4Khz" and the monitor gets switched off showing a countdown of 20 seconds every time i try restarting the system.
I already tried entering the system in Safe Mode and removed the Intel Graphic Driver.Soon after that i restarted my system and the system could detect the graphic driver by itself but still i cant enter the Windows in Normal Mode.
How can i come out of this problem...Pls help me as soon as possible...Many thanks in advance..

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I want to switch a monitor between a couple of computers,
using a multi-pole rotary switch.
I'm a bit worried about whether or not its ok to switch a
monitor in or out of a running PC.

Any thoughts ...


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I work as an airborne survey analyst. We utilize an aircraft to acquire hyperspectral images, RGB images, and LiDAR data. We utilize a monitor to control our hyperspectral system, and also utilize a second display in order to track our flight progress, altitude, speed, flight line selected, heading, distance to start of line, distance to end of line, etc. Our survey plane is a small plane, and there is little space available to put two large monitors. In fact, it's impossible. We need a small monitor (perhaps 13"-17") with dual-input capability, so we can simultaneously control two separate systems. Is this in anyway possible?

Thank you.

A:Two Inputs, one monitor, no switching. Preferably PBP.

I've not seen any monitors that will display two inputs. There may be a specialty item somewhere, but standard PC parts won't do it.
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Hiya I have a problem with my monitor flashing on and off during boot up. I am unable to get into safe mode because of this, and when doing a dxdiag direct3d test the monitor switches itself on/off as well. Also my PC reports the graphics card as a 8600GT and not the 8800GT.

My PC specs are

Mobo - Asrock Conroe1333-D667
CPU - Intel Pentium D 3GHZ
GFX - INNO3d Nvidia 8800GT (even though pc says 8600GT)
RAM - Crucial 2gig DDR2
HD - Seagate 250G SATA11
BIOS Version P1.30

The Monitor is a GNR 19" TFT monitor.

Any help would be appreciated

A:Geforce 8800GT - monitor switching on and off


Maybe the monitor is going on the fritz or the graphics card is ready to "kick the bucket"
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I have been able to hook my laptop to my tv through the cord in the back. Once they are connected i push "Fn" and "F7" and am able to switch to view through the television. However my "Fn" button is now broken and i can't figure out how to switch without using it. any suggestions?

A:Switching to seperate monitor on a laptop

Replace your keyboard. Most laptop keyboards are quite inexpensive and the actual replacement is not very difficult or time-consuming.
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Hi have monitors hooked up to my tower running Windows 4k standard Auto-magnify switching when monitor between and a normal size computer monitor Auto-magnify when switching between standard and 4k monitor x and a k Auto-magnify when switching between standard and 4k monitor monitor set to x any higher and I get bugs Let's say I have a window open in my normal size computer monitor and I click and drag into my k monitor The window or folder that I drag MAGNIFIES when it halfway transitions to the k monitor Annoying The whole reason I got a k monitor is to take advantage of the increased screen real estate I don't even know what to call this 'feature' auto-magnify - it's different than the windows- magnify feature within the already magnified k monitor I can windows- magnify so no idea how to turn off this auto-magnify feature And then let's say I take a window or folder from my k monitor and attempt to drag it to my normal size computer monitor The window STAYS HUGE and won't fit my normal monitor until I click and drag a corner of the window until it is completely within the normal monitor and THEN it shrinks back down
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Whenever I attach my charger cable to laptop and switch it on, the display goes blank. However laptop remains on.If I switch off the power or take out the cable, the display comes back. I have a Windows 10 which I upgraded from built in Windows 8.1. Dont remember whether this problem started after Windows 10 - but maybe.I have looked into the forum and seen some similar issues but solutions given are like charger not working, or change the screen type by pressing Fn + f4 key etc. Pls advise - even as I write now, my battery is almost dying and I cannot plug the charger!!! 

A:laptop monitor switching off on connecting charger

#HPExpertDay1. Try a different Cable.2. Try a different adaptor.3. Check battery and other hardwae components functionality:
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Hello there, I am new to the forums and I've made account here to seek help from the experts about my problem.

I run on a desktop using:
Graphics card: ATI Radeon HD 5570
Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 2032mw
Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.

While using my desktop normally my monitor keeps flashing sometimes and plays the driver "plug" "unplug" sound (well it sounds like it)

Then I go check my resolution by right clicking > Scree Resolutions >>>> Here I see my on the display bar changes after the "plug" "unplug" sound comes from "Generic Non-PnP" to "SyncMaster" and vice-versa.

Please note that the screen keeps running normally on the 1680x1500 resolution on both displays, but the transition between those two is very annoying.

I cannot seem to stop it!

I have installed all newest drivers, and driver for my monitor.

Thank you.

A:Monitor keeps switching between Generic Non-PnP display and SyncMaster

Welcome to Seven Forums hadihdd. Try this, it just may work. Unplug the video cable from the monitor to the PC. Shut down the PC. Unplug both the PC and the Monitor for 30 minutes. Reconnect the video cable, and the power to both. Reboot and see if this helps. A Guy
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Hi all, :0 My BenQ monitor has been working fine for months on my P4 1.4 Ghz XP machine and all of a sudden when turning on the pc (with the monitor already on), I get to see half a sec of post screen then it goes into standby, by that I mean display switches off ( power button is orange lit) while windows continues to load, as I can hear the drive still reading. I swapped video card, power supply and ram with no success. I hooked up the BenQ to my old P3 500 Mhz and it works fine! Got me beat.. and ideas? Thanx.

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Hi I've encountered a problem in that my Acer desktop PC with windows Home Premium which I'm using as an HTPC i e or Home Entertainment PC crashes when I switch between the two HDMI inputs on my Toshiba quot LCD TV Note that when I switch to another non-HDMI input on the TV e g Antenna or a composite input and then switch back to when on TV monitor switching Crashes inputs PC HDMI the computer there's no problem What's changed is that I PC Crashes when switching HDMI inputs on TV monitor recently setup an Apple TV on the second HDMI input and whenever I switch to that input it will cause my PC i e on the other HDMI input of the TV to crash It seems that either the driver or the Windows OS doesn't like it when this happens I tried changing the resolution to match that being used by the ATV i e p at Hz but that didn't help Has anyone had a similar problem and if so how did you solve it Regards Charles

A:PC Crashes when switching HDMI inputs on TV monitor

switching HDMI Problem is famous for Acer PC's. If you have updated your driver try to get the original driver, Acer | Download works but see if you have a driver setup disk you should have made one when you got your pc if you didn't do not do it now because you will just make a disk with the newer driver on it. If you have never updated your driver than go to Google and type in your graphics card name. for instance Intel HD 4000 Graphics and hit enter find a reputable site like and get the newest driver if you download an older one the installer will tell you when you try to install it. It is ok to install an older driver sometimes newer drivers break things and we are forced to resort back. you should change your driver version though because you have found a bug that prevents you from doing what you need to do. if the driver thing doesn't work or you cant find the drivers i mentioned than try giving us more information like model of your PC ie.. Acer Aspire 5750Z-4885. With Acer it is important to include everything not just the first four #'s because Acer hardware changes over the last 4 as well. Also tell us what operating system you are suing ie.. Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or 8 we need to know you should update your system specs on this website so that they are always visible whenever you post. and I recommend updating your chipset driver while your on because chip-set drivers can also cause conflicts with your graphics hardware
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Hi im having a major issue I want to play my games via my Dell switching Xbox cables. PC without monitor on video flat screen monitor The way I Xbox video on PC monitor without switching cables. achieve that now is by disconnecting the vga cable that connects my computer to my monitor and plugging in the vga cable for my xbox into the monitor Then when Im done I have to go through the agonizing process of unscrewing the cable for my xbox and replacing the cable for my computer This is my xbox cable http www xbox com en-US hardware x xbox vgahdcable My major question is Can I make is so I can have an option or button to switch between the two videos Like say mid game I want to switch back to my pc without have to unplug my Xbox video on PC monitor without switching cables. cable or anything can I do that I notice the cable for the connection from my pc to my monitor has another cable hanging off of it but I have no idea what that is for and it doesn t take in cables it puts out My operating system is a Dell C and i have a in flat screen monitor with the speaker attached to it on the bottom Do Xbox video on PC monitor without switching cables. I have to buy an attachment or is there a program I can buy Thank you so much nbsp

A:Xbox video on PC monitor without switching cables.

I also run on Vista 32 bit
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when I connect to screen mirroring device my laptop screen goes black. The screen mirroring device screen also stay black, it does show it is loading but it never mirrors laptop. Need to enable laptop screen to mirror not turn off.
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on Personal information from Sound external monitor keeps switching to spea... speakers removed and again on had live nbsp chats with HP Sound keeps switching to external speakers from monitor spea... to correct the issue with no longer getting sound thru my HP - to my Dell Monitor S H nbsp nbsp Sound thru Sound keeps switching to external speakers from monitor spea... the monitor works perfectly until I use some of my programs or an upload appears nbsp Both times the HP tech had to uninstall sound driver and reinstall the driver nbsp Each time I spent at least hours on live chat while they corrected the issue nbsp nbsp The last correction lasted less than hours and the red X at the speaker on the task bar appeared which told me to connect external speakers nbsp The sound works with external speakers connected but I am not happy with that solution as originally it worked fine for at least two months using my monitor nbsp The Sound keeps switching to external speakers from monitor spea... last technician even had my dell monitor set as the default sound monitor nbsp Even with the external speakers plugged in if I insert a CD I do not get any sound nbsp I am extremely frustrated with HP and Windows regarding this on going issue nbsp My last HP has less problems over the years I had it compared to this new computer nbsp nbsp Unfortunately I know just enough to get myself in trouble with the computer so unless I get step by step instructions I am reluctant to uninstall the driver and re install the sound driver myself nbsp FRUSTRATED BEYOND BELIEF nbsp Regards nbsp Bobby-left

A:Sound keeps switching to external speakers from monitor spea...

Hi @Bobby-left, I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post serial numbers and case details.If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, this post has instructions.
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I have an Asus laptop and  Asus external monitor, connection through HDMI,  Windows 8. 
During installation of v/drivers, Windows recognize the second monitor. However later, it keeps randomly switching between first and second monitor, with different intervals (from 20 sec to 20 min). I don't have this problem when i use Linux, so it doesn't seem as a problem with a cable. Thank you!   

A:Laptop is randomly switching between Internal and external monitor

Uninstall all video drivers over Device manager and select delete software before clicking OK, after please restart PC. After booting let drivers install itself then restart after finished, if it fails to install over Windows Update itself then download latest driver from Asus site and manually install.
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I run a dual monitor setup and I use two user profiles and switch between them throughout the day I set up both user profiles identically which is as follows In each profile I switching users. when monitor back Windows primary to shifting run multiple instances of Internet Explorer so I have four or five Internet Explorer windows open with multiple tabs open Windows shifting back to primary monitor when switching users. within each window I keep two IE windows open on my left monitor and three open on my right monitor I also have MS Word and MS Excel open on my left monitor and two notepads open on my right When I click on Start and switch user accounts if I go back into my first user account my windows will have either moved off Windows shifting back to primary monitor when switching users. screen somewhere or they will have moved to the first monitor The behavior is inconsistent in which windows are shifted around but the windows end up moving none the less and it ruins my work flow I spend all my time setting up the windows back to their 'correct' positions Switching users to the nd user account will cause the same consequences with the windows set up on the nd account thus defeating the purpose of utilizing multiple profiles to make work more efficient I recently switched to Windows on a new computer My quot old faithful quot has Vista does not exhibit the window shifting issue I am running a new nd gen sandybridge system with an asus h motherboard and an i - I have gigs of ddr and Win Home Premium I have an ATI Radeon HD running both monitors with the latest video drivers installed I've encountered this issue with and without ATI Catalyst suite installed and with without Ultramon installed I don't want to revert back to Vista just because it will be a lot of downtime to install and transfer my profiles again on the new machine and I'd like to stay on the most current OS regardless but I may have to switch back to Vista if this is a known issue on We use dual monitor Win setups at the company I work for my day job and Ive verified of my coworkers also have this issue I also replicated this issue myself on one of the work Win comps Is there a solution

A:Windows shifting back to primary monitor when switching users.

After doing a ton of research and then replicating the issue on a number of Win 7 systems, I'm giving up on this OS for dual-monitor business use and going back to Vista 64. I really wanted to work with Windows 7, but I've exhausted my efforts.

I tried a number of third party window management utilities and software, but they either are too tempermental and don't work consistently, or work great but mess up something else (like slow Adobe Flash performance with one window management app). It's all too gimmicky. It's really sad that such basic and expceted functionality is nonexistent in a newer version of an OS. Two steps forward, one step back.

Here is a really long thread on another forum which addresses the issue. The first post in the thread was made in January of 2010, and the thread is still going. Kinda depressing that the issue won't be addressed by MS.
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Hi All

I was wondering is it possible to switch my Main display quickly

Here how im set up My monitor is on my onboard Graphics so i cant clone Desktop
My 2 Tvs are on my Pcie Graphics so i get 1920 x 1080 output
But alot of the time i require it on my Tv upstairs so i have to mess about switching Main Device then when im done Switch back again

A:Screen Switching

Right click on desktop, screen resolution, make primary. Not a big deal, but I don't know of a way to shorten it.
You might be able to write a batch file that can change it with a click, but I don't know.

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I turn on my pc inspiron one 2330 all in one but the power button go on but the screen stay black and it do not turn on the screen. It happened before and I unplugged the PC and the next day it switched back on as normal. Then when I shut down, and try to power it back up later, the same thing happen. The power button go on but the screen do not switch on.....NEED HELP HERE PLEASE.
Pc only three month old....still brand new.

please help

A:Screen not switching on

Hi Juankeyter1221,
What is the color of the power button light when you switch on the computer? Does it remain off, is it solid white or blinking or steady amber? Do you hear any beeps from the computer?
Click on the link below for an article on How to Use and Troubleshoot the Inspiron 2330.
Click on this link to run the built-in diagnostics on your computer:
Please follow the steps mentioned in the links and keep us posted on the results so that we may assist you further.
Thanks & regards,Babita S#iworkforDellTo know more about Dell Product Support, Drivers & Downloads, Order & Dispatch status -> choose your region ->US Customers; UK Customers; India Customers. For Dell support videos click Here
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Hi there I ve recently encountered a strange problem I run Windows Ultimate with a Mecer quot LED screen connected to A Radeon R x via a DVI cable The problem I have is the PC is booting up fine but my screen never turns on When I turn it on the LED light on the screen flashes once and dies If I continue to turn it on and off for about times the switching on. Screen LED not LED light LED Screen not switching on. will eventually start flashing slowly Then I have to wait another - minutes before my screen will eventually turn on If I want to speed up the process I normally reset my PC and if I m lucky on reboot the screen will turn on immediately Sometimes the story as mentioned above will occur I also have my TV connected to my Graphics card through a HDMI cable and it has no trouble with display it picks up as soon as the PC starts booting My guess is either the Screen has something faulty with the DVI port or my graphics card is faulty Could anyone give some insight please Thanks Charl nbsp
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I regularly connect my laptop to a projector screen to watch movies on the home cinema system. My problem is that I have to switch screens, then go in and change the resolution to suit the projector screen.

I was wondering if there is an application out there that allows me to set up a profile specificially for something such as a projector?

A:Screen switching

You're connecting the projector to the VGA plug on the system, so BOTH resolutions MUST be the same.
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My Windows 8 laptop keeps randomly switching from the desktop to the Start screen. I've read that it's when you swipe your finger half way across the touchpad from the left and that to stop it you need to go to and that if you turn off switching between recent apps it should stop it.
However, it's still switching to the Start screen randomly. Sometimes I'm not even touching the touchpad and I'm certainly not always swiping across it when it switches. It's not that I've been catching the Start key either on the keyboard.
How can I stop it randomly switching from the desktop to the Start screen?

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Here's my problem My system is set to Screen on Blank on switching shut power to Monitor after mins and to HD Mins This has been working perfectly and suits my position as i frequently have to leave my PC fo mins or so Add thing last night the monitor was Blank Screen on switching on showing the open page actually Win Live Mail but the screen was also sjowing a number of rectangle areas a couple of inches wide with pale green and pink lines The curser was still visible but the mouse an w keyboard did not work There was no response at all I had to close down by pressing the on button for secs It appeared that the HD had closed down as had the monitor but the image stayed on the screen Onrebooting I get no response on the Monitor at all Not even a flicker I have tried a different monitor but the result is the same I listened carefully when I pressed the on button and I could Blank Screen on switching on hear the HD spin but it stopped very quickly and no other sound emitted aprt fromvery slight fan noise So I'm stumped as I can't even get into the bios Can't think what to try next Any ideas gratefully received Thanks PS I am on my old XP at the moment

A:Blank Screen on switching on

Wellfor hat it is worth, I have just tried a PCI graphics card and the result is the same. The HD is spinning when switched on but still not a flicker on the screen. I have no way of knowing if the system is booting up. Have completely run out of ideas of what more I can try.
Any ideas please?
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I have a laptop with an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250, which has a Power Saving GPU for battery use and a High Performance GPU for when it's mains powered.

If I am on battery and then plug it in, I get a blue screen as soon as I click to confirm the switch!

If I start the computer while plugged in, windows fails to start!

The computer was fine until a couple of days ago when all of a sudden the screen froze and nothing looked the way it was meant to.
Just before it failed I didn't change anything, or update anything, it seemed to be untriggered.

A:Blue screen when switching GPU

If you had a recent update from Microsoft which included an update from ATI for your GPU you might want to revert to before that update or at the very least revert to a date when you did not experience a problem.

I don't know if HP is one of the OEM that have updates specific to the GPU's in their laptops but you might want to go to their official website and see if this applies to your specific model.

Going from battery and the low power GPU to power mode and the high end GPU is a problem with quite a few of the laptops out there so don't think it is only you. Best of luck.
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edit: subject line should say "Part" of screen

Hi, I have a NVidia GeForce 5500 video card and an Acer 193W 19" monitor.

The Video card has a VGA output and a DVI-D dual link output. The monitor has a VGA input and a DVI-D single link input.

When I connect the monitor via VGA, I can use the monitor's max resolution of 1680x1050. When I connect using DVI-D single link, and choose 1680x1050, part of the screen is cut off (horizontally) and when I mouse to the edge of the screen, it scrolls right to show the part that was cut off (which then cuts off a small part of the left side). I don't have this problem on VGA.. does anyone know why the DVI connection would do this or how to correct it?


A:Switching from VGA to DVI cuts off pat of screen

This is a stretch...The DPI setting might need adjusting for DVI output use. Start/Control panel/rt click 'Display'/properties/settings

If this is incorrect, then change it back before attempting a different settings change.
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I have a Win7 ultimate. When I press shutdown, it switches between the shutdown screen and the force to close desktop screen. What happen?

A:Screen switching when shut down

Quote: Originally Posted by intel 4004

I have a Win7 ultimate. When I press shutdown, it switches between the shutdown screen and the force to close desktop screen. What happen?

When you say it "switches" do you mean it goes from one screen to the other, as in back and forth repeatedly, or does it show one screen and then go to the other screen and stay.
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hi, my sons computer screen as lines on the screen, when you boot the pc ,it gets as far as the desktop page and then the screen switches it self off. so i cant get to see what the problem is checked screen by fixing to laptop the screen is working fine. have been told it might be viedo card?
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I have my Asus CG5270-BP-004 hooked up to an HDMI cord which goes to an Monoprice HDMI switcher-to my Onkyo TX-SR605 receiver w/7.1 and onto my Home Theater(Secondary Monitor) TC-P54G10. My primary monitor is the Asus VH203. Since I hooked up this system, whenever HDMI is selected on the TV, it hijacks the Primary Screen without me doing it. I have powerstrip setup and I have been having to unplug the HDMI cord in order for the TV not to steal the primary display. Even if I don't have the PC HDMI cord selected it still does this.

Also, for sound I am trying to get 7.1 on my HT setup while connected to the secondary monitor. It says under Realtek-2 speakers @ 24bit-192HZ, and HDCP no. Why am I getting 2 speakers and no?


A:2 Screen HDMI switching

Quote: Originally Posted by CHUCKCHILLOUT


I have my Asus CG5270-BP-004 hooked up to an HDMI cord which goes to an Monoprice HDMI switcher-to my Onkyo TX-SR605 receiver w/7.1 and onto my Home Theater(Secondary Monitor) TC-P54G10. My primary monitor is the Asus VH203. Since I hooked up this system, whenever HDMI is selected on the TV, it hijacks the Primary Screen without me doing it. I have powerstrip setup and I have been having to unplug the HDMI cord in order for the TV not to steal the primary display. Even if I don't have the PC HDMI cord selected it still does this.

Also, for sound I am trying to get 7.1 on my HT setup while connected to the secondary monitor. It says under Realtek-2 speakers @ 24bit-192HZ, and HDCP no. Why am I getting 2 speakers and no?


both of the problems that you are running into are not uncommon. You're not the only one
1) video cards will sometimes automatically switch the primary screen to a certain output. In your case this is HDMI. Your card is smart enough to realize though that if there is nothing plugged in to the HDMI port it should not do this. I Suggest you try are a) forcing the primary screen back onto your computer monitor by right clicking the desktop, go into video resolution and doing it here every time or b) going into the system bios and designate the output to your computer monitor as primary. That would only work under very limited circumstances and would require that your bios show you this option. The auto switching behavior of the card would probably override this. Just a thought
2) there is a copy protection system which manufacturers are adding to Blu-Ray discs more and more which is causing your second problem. The system has been put into place more recently and equipment that is designed to play high definition material may have been manufactured before the HDCP system was implemented.
The way it works is simple and annoying. If HDCP copy protection has been added to a blue Ray disc the disc asks the player if the player, and every other component in the signal chain such as the video card any switches and even the television itself has circuitry in it to play HDCP material. Equipment that has this circuitry is called "HDCP compliant" If even one of the components does not have this, the Blu-Ray material will either not play or will play at lower resolution and without some of the fancier audio features like seven channel. Additionally video cards that can send a signal to the television using the component connector-the red blue and green separate connectors-will not transmit a Blu-Ray image with HDCP because the copy protection travels only in the digital HDMI connector not the analog component plugs. That is true even if the video card in the TV are "HDCP compliant" the solution there is just use the HDMI cable.
In your case either your Blu-Ray player, your video card, your switch, or your television is not "HDCP compliant" if your disks are actually playing, the resolution looks good to you, and the two channel audio is something you could live with you could hold off on finding the piece that is not "HDCP compliant". I do not know if your disks are playing at reduced resolution or not at all. Either can occur if your system is not "HDCP compliant"
If you are not getting the video and audio you want it requires just a little bit of documentation checking. Look at the documentation for your Blu-Ray player, your video card, your switch, and your TV. If it doesn't say HDCP compliant it probably isn't. I am guessing it is your switch. That is also the easiest thing to check. Plug your computer directly into your TV with the HDMI cable and if your sound becomes available at 7.1 and the "no HDCP" warning goes away then bypass or replace your switch. I believe that most components that were not made quote "HDCP compliant cannot be upgraded ... Read more
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Please please help I have a Dell Inspiron It s a wonderful computer that i rely on with my life Here s the problem Help!! Off! Screen Computer Switching I turn the computer on and within about seconds the moniter screen Help!! Computer Screen Switching Off! goes black The computer is still on and there s nothing else apparently wrong except that the screen is black If i close the screen and let it go on standby and then re-open it the screen will come back up but again for only seconds I have put Help!! Computer Screen Switching Off! the computer in safemode but even in safe-mode the computer still turns off the moniter It appears that the problem would then only be with the moniter but i cant really figure it out since last night i just did what i do every night- closed it let it go on standby and put it on the floor Here s what i m thinking could be possible problems A few days ago the computer had an overheated message but after I d left it alone for minutes i put it back on and it was fine So that could now be manifesting itself as a larger problem now I live in the UK but am from the US and so my computer is always in an adapter I ve been here almost years but maybe now it s just powering out I did just download Bittorrent lsat week im sorry i know it says no mention of these things but it may be relevant and its not a question actually about that so there could be some kind of virus But then again I have avast spybot and adaware so i m pretty up on all of that stuff And i ve never used kazaa or anything like that The last few times i turned off the computer before this problem it was having a pop up about something called shellcon which i looked up and is apparently linked to musicmatch I also am obsessed with photoshop and skype and use them constantly so it could be related to either of these perhaps Thats as much info as i can think of I would post a hijack list but it would be difficult as i have to keep re-doing it every seconds but if that would be helpful i can try to muster it Please please someone help I am lost without my computer and really need some advice Thank yoU nbsp

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Every so often while running my computer my screen will just go black and the power light will switch from green to flashing orange I try everything Screen Samsung off switching 191t keeps My to get it to work again I mess about on my keyboard I mess about with the mouse I turn the screen on and off I reattach the cables to make My Samsung 191t Screen keeps switching off sure they are securly in but nothing works The only thing that brings the screen back online is a reboot of the system At first I thought that it must be the graphics card overheating so I swithced on all of the fans in my My Samsung 191t Screen keeps switching off PC in total I have a coller Master case But still the screen sometime turns black This is driving me crazy What could the problem be Could my graphics card have broken Also im not really sure but I think this started happening when I installed SP on my XP system Is this a known bug or something nbsp

A:My Samsung 191t Screen keeps switching off

ummm... help!!!!
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Hi All

just wondering if anyone could help me to write a batch file for a problem i have been having.

my mums desktop has a VGA output and a DVI output.
i have set it up for her so she can watch netflix etc on her lcd tv, but the quality is quite poor as we were just using a vga splitter and jack to phono cables.
i have bought a vga to dvi lead, but i cant have the monitor and the tv lcd working at the same time for some reason, meaning if someone is watching tv, the computer is unusable unless someone changes the cables over (a little to tech for mother)

i reckon a batch file to switch displays could work but have no idea if it even possible to write such a thing.

does anyone have any ideas??


A:Solved: Screen Switching Easily?

It's much easier to use the native software for your video adapter to configure multimonitor support. Both AMD/ATI and nVidia have software that let's you use multiple monitors independently or in combination. You should just download the current version of the appropriate drivers for your video. Even if you are using Intel graphics, it's pretty much the same procedure. With some laptops, you might have an issue with multi-monitor support and need to use a Fn keystroke combination to direct output to an external monitor, but all of that should be pretty simple and straightforward.
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When I try, on Windows XP, to switch user (between 2 administrator accounts) going through run – close session – switch account (or something like this, my OS is not in English), I get a black screen from which I cannot exit without starting again my computer. If I close the first session before opening the second one, it’s OK. This problem came after installing SP3, but I cannot restore because the system tells me nothing has been changed.

Thank you for your help,
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I have an old Latitude D520 which I have pulled out of my computer closet to give to someone in need.  It booted right up :) and then reminded me why I stopped using it.  The laptop monitor actually works fine but something in the boot-up switches it to "external screen only" mode (not monitor and screen), and thereby blanks out the laptop monitor.  I have tried switching it back using Fn-F8.  The switch works, but then it switches itself back to "external screen only" mode.  Any ideas?
Thank you for any assistance.  I have an extra screen that I could give them too, but it would be nice to have the thing still be portable.
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Since over a couple of months ago, I have been receiving a blue screen error when I log off a limited account and log into my administrator account. It only happens when I log off a different user and log in to my account and the error it states is: win32.sys error

Please advise me on how to fix this error.


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which drives me INSANE!!!!!! Windows 10 doesn't have a shortcut, so i'm assuming it's an HP thing.......... it usually happens when i'm doing alt-ctrl and reaching for delete. yet i've tried combinations and nothing puts it back! please advise.
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After switching on the laptop a red light on f12 button and a light on caps lock is continuously blinking but the screen is still black. HELP.
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Hi, I often have to switch between using two different monitors depending one where it is I have my computer. I am using a different monitor then the one I used to install vista with, and now it is blurry at the top of the screen. Changing the screen resolution doesn't seem to be helping.

I have downloaded a driver for my other monitor (via updates on windows) as well as configured some screen setting in windows media player. They are both 1024x768 resolution monitors. What is it I should do to resolve this issue?

A:Switching between monitors... screen blurry at top

Try using this blurred monitor on another computer. If it happens there then you have a problem with the monitor, NOT the computer.

Also you might check out the cable connection, when one change these a lot, then things can go wrong.
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Every so often while running my computer my screen will just go black and the power light Screen Samsung 191t keeps My off switching will switch from green to flashing My Samsung 191t Screen keeps switching off orange I try everything to get it to work again I mess about on my keyboard I My Samsung 191t Screen keeps switching off mess about with the mouse I turn the screen on and off I reattach the cables to make sure they are securly in but nothing works The only thing that brings the screen back online is a reboot of the system At first I thought that it must be the graphics card overheating so I swithced on all of the fans in my PC in total I have a coller Master case But still the screen sometime turns black This is driving me crazy What could the problem be Could my graphics card have broken Also im not really sure but I think this started happening when I installed SP on my XP system Is this a known bug or something nbsp

A:My Samsung 191t Screen keeps switching off

ummm... help!!!!
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When I try, on Windows XP, to switch user (between 2 administrator accounts) going through run – close session – switch account (or something like this, my OS is not in English), I get a black screen from which I cannot exit without starting again my computer. If I close the first session before opening the second one, it’s OK. This problem came after installing SP3, but I cannot restore because the system tells me nothing has been changed.

Thank you for your help,

A:Black Screen When Switching User

Here's a link to a blog with some suggestions for SP3 errors:
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Has anyone ever figured definitively whether or not the HP Elitebook 8470P display panel can be upgraded from 1366x768 to 1600x900?  I currently have an AMD Radeon HD 7570M [Display adapter] which should have 1GB dedicated GDDR5 video memory. I should also have integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000 according to this:   Also, according to that same link info, I should be able to switch out the current HD (1366x768) display for a HD+ (1600x900) display. They both use 40 pin connectors in the same location. And this link ( ) on page 3, shows that the 1600x900 display panel should work on the 8470P. Has anyone successfully switched the panel out for a higher resolution model? Will I need to upgrade my graphics card?Holler if you need more info, and thanks for reading this far.
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like you can set in power settings of a computer. you can tell it to turn the screen onto standby after a certain ammount of inactivity.

i would like to be able to do this myself, preferably remotely for a pc by either using a command line or some other method but i dont want the screen to turn on again when the mouse of the pc is moved or something is typed on the keyboard.

hope this makes sence.
thanks guys and gals
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Last weekend I cleaned an XPhome machine which had 514 virally infected files. Obviously it had been having a lot of problems!

Now it's at least running but when they try to switch from one user to another it comes up with the BSOD and information containing
STOP C000021A
0xC0000005 (0x77E7569E 0x002EF808)

At the moment I don't know if it happens when doing a log off and then log on.

Having stopped, the machine will restart fine and they can log into the new user.

Any ideas?

A:Blue Screen when switching user

Try this out:

Scan ur system with Ad-aware make sure this options r selected in settings of ad-aware

hit scanning tab and select scan within archives
and in Memory and Registry select all

click on Tweak and select unload recognised process during scanning then click on proceed on bottom and start

update ur antivirus def and do a complete scan

hope this helps
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My AMD Radeon HD 5670 graphics card was faulty so i'm now connected up to my onboard graphics (ASRock N68C-S UCC with NVIDIA Geforce 7050/nForce 630a Chiposet) and now it is not recognising my plug and play LG E2340 monitor, and says 'Generic Non-PnP Monitor, and the highest resolution i can now get is 1400 x 1050 which looks stretched and is no good what-so-ever, i was previously on 2048 x 1536.
I have tried reinstalling the ASRock motherboard drivers, it's made no difference

A:Low screen resolution since switching from grapics

The resolutions available are controlled by the Video card drivers up to a maximum controlled by the monitor driver. I would only suggest that you delete both items from within Device Manager. Then reboot and allow them to be refound by Windows and reinstalled. Have you also checked that the M/B driver you installed is the latest.
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Hello all
Recently my desktop, a Gateway FX6710 with a Radeon HD 4800 Graphics card (card is fairly new, about a year)  has an issue of the screen going black for several seconds when switching Users. My graphics drivers ARE up to date. I am running Win 7 64 bit. This has just started happening recently (about a week I guess)
If someone can give me some trouble shooting steps I would much appreciate it
I have 8 gigs of ram installed
Thanks in advance!

A:Black screen when switching users

Try running System File Checker ( sfc /scannow ) it will try to replace any missing or corrupt files. Open an elevated command prompt Run as Administrator copy and paste the above in the command prompt windoe and hit enter and allow it to run.
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I bought an new pc and since the beginning I've been having blue screen errors during installation of software and while I switch between users. These are the details of the pc:

- Windows 7 Ultimate
- x64
- Full retail version
- Brand new installation
- PC is one month old
- I've installed Windows various times, but I keep getting the same problem.

Thank you for the help.

A:Blue screen while switching users

Hello and Welcome !

Seems like both the Dump files are pointing to Memory. I would recommend Run a Hardware Diagnostic (Memory and Hard Drive) follow this link for instructions Hardware Diagnostic !! ? Captain Debugger

Update the following Driver

Rt64win7.sys Thu Feb 26 14:34:13 2009

* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

# Any other values for parameter 1 must be individually examined.
Arg1: 0000000000041790, The subtype of the bugcheck.
Arg2: fffffa8000fa07d0
Arg3: 000000000000ffff
Arg4: 0000000000000000

Debugging Details:
BUGCHECK_STR: 0x1a_41790





LAST_CONTROL_TRANSFER: from fffff80002aea058 to fffff80002a76740

fffff880`099b71d8 fffff800`02aea058 : 00000000`0000001a 00000000`00041790 fffffa80`00fa07d0 00000000`0000ffff : nt!KeBugCheckEx
fffff880`099b71e0 fffff800`02a4968a : fffffa80`062837e0 fffffa80`00000006 fffff8a0`00000252 00000000`00000000 : nt! ?? ::FNODOBFM::`string'+0x339c8
fffff880`099b7a90 fffff800`02d5bdcf : fffff8a0`0837fc50 00000000`00000001 00000000`00000000 fffffa80`0690f690 : nt!MmCleanProcessAddressSpace+0x96
fffff880`099b7ae0 fffff800`02d3385b : 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000001 000007ff`fffde000 00000000`00000000 : nt!PspExitThread+0x92f
fffff880`099b7ba0 fffff800`02a75993 : fffffa80`062837e0 fffff880`00000000 00000000`003e3730 fffffa80`0690f690 : nt!NtTerminateProcess+0x25b
fffff880`099b7c20 00000000`77c0001a : 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 : nt!KiSystemServiceCopyEnd+0x13
00000000`0020fb68 00000000`00000000 : 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 : 0x77c0001a

nt! ?? ::FNODOBFM::`string'+339c8
fffff800`02aea058 cc int 3


SYMBOL_NAME: nt! ?? ::FNODOBFM::`string'+339c8



IMAGE_NAME: ntkrnlmp.exe


FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: X64_0x1a_41790_nt!_??_::FNODOBFM::_string_+339c8

BUCKET_ID: X64_0x1a_41790_nt!_??_::FNODOBFM::_string_+339c8

Followup: MachineOwner
Hope this helps,
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I use windows 7 ultimate x64 for a long time.
suddenly, after i switch user, screen stucks .This is the screen that it stucks in (for example):

If I change user after a shirt time it doesnt happen, but if I switch after a long use ,it stucks.

What is the reason?How Can i fix it?

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when the other user switches off we get a black screen can someone take a look at this log and see what is going. I have been away at school for the past couple of months and this computer was not on. itwas just hooked back up to the internet last night and this started to happen

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I've installed Windows 7 32 and all is working fine apart from 1 problem and that is when I switch user.
I can log off user, and log onto different users but if I switch users it Blue screens and says error code 0x0000008e and creates and mem dump file.

I have looked into this and updated my video card drivers NVIDIA GeForce 7300 LE
to ver

I cant find any help on what would be making this happen.

I can locate the .dmp files but do not know what to do with them.

Hope someone on here can help.

John Lister

A:Blue Screen when switching user


Just attached the .dmp files if this helps.

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my welcome screen and my fast user switching is not working anymore.

when i try to fix this, i go to user accounts..and once i click on the option of "change the way users log on or off" mcafee virusscan detection pops up and says: "a suspicious script has been detected.... the file mshta.exe contains suspicious scripting activity and has been stopped." then i allow this script..and i make sure to click on the options of "use welcome screen" and "use fast user switching"..and it wont work still. so i always go back and try again.. then ill see that the options arent even checked anymore.. then i check the options again.. still doesnt work.

ive scanned my computer for any viruses or spyware.. and nothing.

any help?

thank you.

A:welcome screen&fast user switching= not working

Click Startup Database at the top of the page, and type in mshta.exe.Doesn't look good.I suggest you post a HijackThis log for examination.Read the pinned post in the HijackThis forum, here Please read, and follow, all directions carefully.Then, run a log, and post it in the HJT forum, at this link. Do not, fix anything, yet.A member, of the HJT Team, will help you out.It may take a while to get a response, because the HJT Team are very busy. Please, be patient, these people are volunteers. They will help you out, as soon as possible.NOTE:Once you have made the post, please, DO NOT make another post in the HJT forum, until it has been responded to by a member of the HJT Team. The first thing they look for, when looking for logs to reply to, is 0 replies. If you make another post, there will be 1 reply. The team member, glancing over the replies, might assume someone is already helping you out, and will not respond. So, just make your post, and let it sit there, until a team member responds. This way you will be taken care of, in the most timely manner.
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I am currently on my new computer (XP home) at the moment-Fast user switching and the welcome screen are disabled by MRvGINA.dll. How can I fix this? Thanks

A:Not able to change Fast user switching/Welcome screen

Doesn't matter, it's fixed now. I downloaded this
I was then able to check 'welcome screen' box.
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As you guys know Windows 8's "Start Menu" button is changed to go to "Start Screen", and right clicking the button goes to the WinX menu. Just a simple question, is it possible to make left click goes to WinX menu, and right click goes to Start Screen? Just a reverse version of what is existing.

A:Switching WinX Menu with Start Screen?

Originally Posted by qwvb1111

As you guys know Windows 8's "Start Menu" button is changed to go to "Start Screen", and right clicking the button goes to the WinX menu. Just a simple question, is it possible to make left click goes to WinX menu, and right click goes to Start Screen? Just a reverse version of what is existing.

Without swapping mouse buttons across the entire system, I don't think so, at least not without some considerable effort. Some advanced mouse software may enable you to assign a button to do so though.
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I have been finding out that allowing initial not screen switching start on App Win will not install over the quot Preview quot version smoothly by that I mean things don't work properly I will explain later right now to the problem I use the Weather app and when I first App not allowing screen switching on initial start start it I cannot App not allowing screen switching on initial start switch screens unless I press the Win key clicking on top left or bottom does not work Alt Tab does not work and selecting Start from the Charms bar does not work Is there a resolution thanks Now about the install I did a install over Preview and just about every file had some sort of corruption when I ran sfc scannow I did a reset which says it does a complete install from scratch but I don't believe it because I was having many security problems I went back and did a refresh and now things are a whole lot smoother So if you are having problems I would suggest that you do something to the install and try again

A:App not allowing screen switching on initial start

Could the tutorial help you? Perhaps a "real" clean install is your answer.
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After recently switching to Windows 7 from xp after doing a reformatting on my hard drive, text and pictures look blurry and hard to read. I have gotten all the drivers for my monitor and video card as well. My current resolution is 1680x1050 and is the native resolution for my monitor. I honestly have no idea what happened since I've never had these problems on xp before. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Current Card: Nvidia Geforce 550
Current Monitor: VA2026w ViewSonic

A:Screen and text is blurry after switching to Windows 7

ClearType may not be enabled, or may need adjustment. ClearType can be accessed in Control Panel > Appearance & Personalization > Display > Adjust ClearType text.
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I get a black screen (similiar to when monitor is on standby) when logging off or switching users on my windows vista 64-bit. I then have to push to power button to turn off and then the computer restarts with a black screen that displays "how do you want to start your computer" screen.

A:Black screen logging off or switching users

It might be the power settings in the BIOS.
Reset your BIOS to Optimal or Default settings.
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When I try, on Windows XP, to switch user (between 2 administrator accounts) going through run – close session – switch account (or something like this, my OS is not in English), I get a black screen from which I cannot exit without starting again my computer. If I close the first session before opening the second one, it’s OK. This problem came after installing SP3, but I cannot restore because the system tells me nothing has been changed.

Thank you for your help,

A:[SOLVED] Black screen when switching user


Originally Posted by fuzzystone


When I try, on Windows XP, to switch user (between 2 administrator accounts) going through run ? close session ? switch account (or something like this, my OS is not in English), I get a black screen from which I cannot exit without starting again my computer. If I close the first session before opening the second one, it?s OK. This problem came after installing SP3, but I cannot restore because the system tells me nothing has been changed.

Thank you for your help,

Hello fuzzystone, Welcome to TSF!

You can only have one Administrator Account opened at any given time with XP.
Closing off the first Administrator Account Session, and starting the second one is quite correct, otherwise the system will not function correctly.

Kind Regards,
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Hello there,

I recently switched from HDMI to DisplayPort as my monitor can handle 144hz, and just ran a test to see whether my HDMI cable still made the display look greyish and it doesn't have that much grey in it compared to the DisplayPort. The DisplayPort is more greyish and I only came to notice it when I switched the cables. What's happened here?
Gigabyte Gaming G1 GTX 1070 graphics card, Asus VG248QE monitor.

A:Grey Screen after switching to display port.

Fixed this with a little search, seems that I had to go into the NVidia Control Panel and then "Change resolution". On that screen, I changed the "Output dynamic range" setting from 'Limited' to 'Full'.
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Whenever I switch users then log back in after 3 seconds my computer goes into my screen-saver. The only way I can keep it from doing this is to franticly move my mouse all over the screen. This happened just 30 seconds ago and its really annoying. Please help.

A:Loggin In, After Switching Users, Then Getting Screen-Saver

Set screen saver to start at an later time, or disable altogether.


*this may also be caused by the presence of virus/es on system*
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All of the sudden user switching not and screen fast working Welcome one day my computer started up and it no longer went to the welcome screen but instead required me to hit ctrl alt delete and then enter a username and password Now when I go into control panel to change it back I get the following error message quot a recently installed program has disabled the welcome screen and fast user switching To restore these features you must uninstall the program The following filename might help Welcome screen and fast user switching not working you identify the program that made the change C WINDOWS System BCMLogon dll quot Can any one offer some suggestions on this Also after I hit ctrl alt delete at start up another window pops up before the password window it says something along the lines of quot Please wait while windows authenticates verifies Welcome screen and fast user switching not working and resolves the DHCP network blah blah blah quot is written in there somewhere as well Only other thing I can tell you is that there is a Broadcom control suite on the computer and the LAN connection is made through a Broadcom x integrated controller But I dont even use the lan connection because I use a wireless connection and use the included dell WLAN And of course I dont recal any changes made or programs I would of installed that would of made this happen Thanks in advance for any help you can offer nbsp

A:Welcome screen and fast user switching not working
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Is there a way that i can prevent the computer from turning off the screen while switching user? My screen reacts really slow when it gets turned off, then on again by the computer, so its just turns black for ages.

A:prevent screen-shutdown when switching user.

Welcome to Seven Forums skogs. Sorry, this is normal behaviour when switching User or Logging off. Is you monitor an older one or a CRT?
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I got two people with two different user accounts on a Windows XP computer. When one person is logged on for a while and logs off the let the other person log on, the computer saves the session and logs off. But then the screen turns black, the HD light goes off, and the computer freezes. The computer has to be hard rebooted every time this happens.

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Hi all,

I'm new to the site. Taking a look around, it seems you guys know everything , so here goes...

Over the last few months, I've noticed that about a fourth of the time, when I or one of my family members either logs off or fast-switches users, the screen goes black, and no combination of mouse-clicking or key-pressing will bring the screen back. We just have to restart the system, and then it's fine.

Typically, this happens when more than one of us is logged on, but not always. We upgraded to SP2 a very long time ago, and this issue was *supposed* to be fixed in the service pack. However, this problem seemed to start independently of any major update.

Edit: Luckily, this has never happened when any program was running with unsaved data, so we haven't lost anything by rebooting.

Any suggestions?


A:[SOLVED] Black Screen/Freeze when switching users?

hello celloblaze,

mike here,

okay just to ask a few questions to get an idea !

what type of spyware /antivirus scanners are you useing ?

are you doing all your updates ( express/ custom )at windows updates ?

are you also updating your drivers ?

have you done a system file check ( windows installation cd required ?

also do you scan each user for spyware /viruses/ maleware ect...... ?

have you done a scandisk ?

what type of errors are you getting ?

are you shutting down all open programs befor switching ?

you see there are many factors that can contribute to one problem also if you could give more details about your computer this would help as in ( make / model / age / laptop /desktop /software a upgrade or full version, factory install or user install)

all we can do is try !!!!!!
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Hi All I have a little problem I have a msexcel workbook used for accounts which has many worksheets within it I have put a hyper link into the work keeps - me between switching taking of issue Excel to spreadsheets top screen sheet to take me to the main page which in turn has a link to Excel issue - switching between spreadsheets keeps taking me to top of screen take me back to my original location or any other spreadsheet within the worksheet However - each time i use the hyperlink to jump back and forth to the worksheets within the workbook it takes me to the top line ROW I m now on something and having to scroll down to my last entry The QUESTION Is there something have i have done wrong with the code that keeps taking me to the top of the page instead of the last entry Is there anything i can do so that when i open the spreadsheet it goestomy last location or entry instead of the top again I hope i have explained this well enough Thank you for your response in advance nbsp

A:Excel issue - switching between spreadsheets keeps taking me to top of screen
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I have already tried through the User Control Panel.
Screenshot of error is here

The program causing it is needed for my DLINK wireless card. I just upgraded this machine from 512 MB of RAM to 2 GB, if that matters.

I will not install the program, as if I do, the wireless card (and internet access) ceases to function.

Please help me re-enable it!

A:Welcome Screen and Fast User Switching disabled. How to re-enable?
suggests that it's a known issue. The D-Link card probably installs its own login module which overtakes the Microsoft one (msgina.dll = Microsoft Graphical Identification and Authentication) (there was a similar case with some Intel adapters).
The post was about a month ago, so I'd check with D-Link on a regular basis to see if they've released a patch or an updated driver.

other ideas:
perhaps uninstall everything D-Link related, then reinstall, but during installation pick manual installation (if there is such a step), then install just the driver - don't install the utility.