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Any point upgrading a AM3 Phenom X4 955

Q: Any point upgrading a AM3 Phenom X4 955

Is anyone using one of these with a newer graphics card? like for say if I put a 270X would it just bottleneck even with a mid range card?

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Preferred Solution: Any point upgrading a AM3 Phenom X4 955

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Any point upgrading a AM3 Phenom X4 955

With a bit of an overclock (3.6/3.8ghz) it will run games fine.

Your not going to win any benchmarks at higher framerates, but you can expect a solid 45-60 fps in most games.

I run Battlefield 4 on ultra spec 64 player maps at around 45 to 60 fps.

Phenom x4 965 and a gtx 670.

Using MSI afterburner to monitor cpu core and gpu useage, My graphics card hits 100% utilisation while my cpu is around 80% evenly across all cores.
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So I'm looking to upgrade from that processor to something that will future proof me for a bit of a longer time.

Current Specs are:

AMD Phenom II x6 1100T @OC 3.8Ghz
8gb Ram
R9 280x
Antec 650 Watt HD
Asus M5A99X Evo Motherboard

Was thinking about switching to intel and buying both a new motherboard and cpu.

Wanting to keep the same video card as above, whats my best bet for something strictly made for gaming?

I was thinking a 4770K with a motherboard? I know a 4670K is equivalent in most games as of now but how much longer will it be equivalent? Is it worth shelling out the more money for the 4770k?

A:Upgrading from Phenom II x6 1100T

If you're going to upgrade to Intel and you have your mind set on Haswell then go i7 and factor in a great aftermarket cooler along with a proper mobo.
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Hello i was wondering witch would be the better processor to buy for gsming performance.

Here are my pc specs,

Processorual core 2.6 ghz AMD

ram: 2GB ddr2

Nvidia G-force 250, 512 MB


here are both im trying to choose from;

also could i reccomend me a new motherboard, a Nivida one, for the new quad cores coming out, time to do my pc up ^^

A:Processor picking, AMD Phenom 9600 VS AMD Phenom II X4 940 Black Edition

Between the two, it is a no brainer. Get the 940. Next IMO you use an amd chipset board for an amd build and an intel chipset board for an intel build.

When you use third party chipset boards ie nvidia, sis, or via, you are asking for problems.
Nvidia makes fine video cards; their motherboard chipsets.... that is another matter.
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I'm running a pretty crappy computer, 86x windows XP.
I just saw that my processor can support 64bit os's. I only have 1gb of ram, but I plan on buying more soon. Would there be ANY advantages of upgrading to a 64bit operating system, or would it just run the same because I only have 1 (or 4) gb of ram?

I also dont have much of a clue about what hardware is needed for 64 bit os's. Would I need to make sure my motherboard is supported as well? any help is appreciated.

A:Any point in upgrading to 64x ?

well, i have just this second upgraded to x64, it is much faster in IE and maybe a bit faster at loading opening up different windows.
The only problem is some older computers do not have the x64bit drivers out. Check before you upgrade.
42bit systems can only make use of 3.25 gb of ram whereas 64bit is pretty much as much as you can fit.
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I am running Win 8.1 32 bit on a MSI P35 Neo with 4 gb of RAM. Been looking at upgrades for RAM and it would be about ?120 to get a matched set of 8gb RAM or there abouts. But I will be sticking to 32 bit OS even if I upgrade to Win 10 as most of the drivers for my peripherals are included on 32 bit but not 64 bit OS. I have spoke to one of the driver guys at MS and there will be no support on 64 bit for my peripherals in the future.

So that leaves me with an expensive RAM upgrade, but would the 32 bit OS see anymore than 4gb so 8 gb would be a waste?


A:Any point upgrading RAM from 4gb to 8gb on 32 bit?

IMHO, a waste of money. It won't be usable on a 32 bit OS. Your likely not using all of the 4 gig you have now. 32 bit Windows can only address 4 gig. Anything used by add-in cards will subtrack from that usable space. for example if your video card has onboard RAM, that has to be mapped into that 4 gig address space. What is left will be used to made your RAM. If your video card has say 1 gig of dedicated RAM onboard you'll only be able to use 3 gig of your motherboards RAM. Adding more RAM to the motherboard will not change this. You have to go 64 bit to address more.
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Which one of these is better? I might be overclocking and there is a price difference of about 30 euros. So which should I consider to buy?

Thanks in advance

A:AMD Phenom II X6 1090T vs. AMD Phenom II X6 1100T Black

They are very close in performance, some reviews indicate that the 1100T is a slightly better overclocker. The price difference in the U.S. is only $10, not sure there's 30 euros worth of difference though.
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UPDATE Never mind I thought the correct thing to do was to put my IP in my browser Window as is no HT TP etc and an on Upgrading Need Access Firmware in Point Help I was right For some reason my browser wouldn t accept it except on the third try Why I haven t a clue I know very little concerning networking except I set up my Linksys G router five years ago and I haven t touched it since I purchased a Trendnet N Access Point in order to supply wireless connection Need Help in Upgrading Firmware on an Access Point throughout my house It is connected to my router with a CAT cord Installation was a breeze and the first hours connection throughout the house whether upstairs on the opposite end of the house or on the first floor was excellent to very good I was pleasantly suprised Long story short I unplugged the power to my AP for computer diagnosing When I plugged the power cord back in the signal between my wired router and the AP is now not working or best sporadically I have switched CAT cords switched router ports unplugged the power to both router and AP and sometimes it sets but then it will lose the LED signals for both the wireless segment and power remain strong Like right now after yet another power reset to the AP for some reason the connection between router and the AP is strong This back and forth should not be After researching I found that a firmware upgrade is probably in order I was directed to Start gt Run gt cmd gt Ipconfig and from there I would get my IP address Then I am to go to my router s configuration page This is where I am stuck What do I do next I have the IP address but how do I get to my router s configuration page What step or steps am I failing to do Once I navigate to the Administrator section Trendnet gives instructions on how to upgrade the firmware Thanks for reading this nbsp

A:Need Help in Upgrading Firmware on an Access Point

My I be of some assistance here? Which model do you have. The have emulator I can see what your working with?

I would download the firmware to the PC you have connected to the AP but your going to use hardwired connection to that AP to upload the firmware to it.

Again which model do you have?
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Hi all I am new there upgrading Is point card any graphics to this comunity and firstly would like to say hello HELLO The computer i have at the minuet it running appaulingly i m running vista on it with a gig Is there any point upgrading graphics card of memory So in the next couple of days i am going to stick gig init and am also thinking about getting windows anyways i am thinking while i have got the side off Is there any point upgrading graphics card should i bother sticking in a graphics card or not The Is there any point upgrading graphics card little lad is starting to show an intrest in computer and i enjoy playing RTS games I Dont even know is the computer case would fit a graphics card init as it is rather small Here is my spec System Manufacturer PACKARD BELL BV System Model ISTART BIOS Phoenix - Award WorkstationBIOS v PG Processor AMD Athlon tm X Dual Core Processor CPUs GHz Memory MB RAM --------------- Display Devices --------------- Card name NVIDIA GeForce SE nForce Manufacturer NVIDIA Chip type GeForce SE nForce DAC type Integrated RAMDAC Device Key Enum PCI VEN DE amp DEV D amp SUBSYS amp REV A Display Memory MB Dedicated Memory MB Shared Memory MB ------------- Sound Devices ------------- Description Speakers Realtek High Definition Audio Default Sound Playback Yes Default Voice Playback Yes Sorry in advance if i haven t given enough info i am not that bad on computers but not to the level of your community Is there any point upgrading or shall i just leave it as is Cheers Craig nbsp

A:Is there any point upgrading graphics card

Sixteenthbooch said:

Hi all,

I am new to this comunity and firstly would like to say hello, HELLO.

The computer i have at the minuet it running appaulingly, i'm running vista on it with a gig of memory. So in the next couple of days i am going to stick 4 gig init and am also thinking about getting windows 7, anyways i am thinking while i have got the side off should i bother sticking in a graphics card or not?

The little lad is starting to show an intrest in computer and i enjoy playing RTS games.

I Dont even know is the computer case would fit a graphics card init as it is rather small.

Here is my spec

System Manufacturer: PACKARD BELL BV
System Model: ISTART 2311
BIOS: )Phoenix - Award WorkstationBIOS v6.00PG
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4000+ (2 CPUs), ~2.1GHz
Memory: 766MB RAM
Display Devices
Card name: NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430
Manufacturer: NVIDIA
Chip type: GeForce 6150SE nForce 430
DAC type: Integrated RAMDAC
Device Key: Enum\PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_03D0&SUBSYS_26011019&REV_A2
Display Memory: 377 MB
Dedicated Memory: 250 MB
Shared Memory: 127 MB
Sound Devices
Description: Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio)
Default Sound Playback: Yes
Default Voice Playback: Yes

Sorry in advance if i haven't given enough info, i am not that bad on computers but not to the level of your community.

Is there any point upgrading or shall i just leave it as is.


Craig.Click to expand...

Is this question that bad that 41 people have looked at it and commented.
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I can upgrade my laptop from 802.11G to 802.11N. My router is an N router. Is there any point to doing this? I am using a cable modem that seems to run at download speeds of 20-24 Mbps.

Any advice?


A:Solved: Is there any point in upgrading from G to N on my home network?

G speeds work upto 54Mbps
so other than copying across your network -you wont see any increase in speed for internet download
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After successful upgrading to Windows 8.1 Pro with WMC, every now and then a window pops up saying
"RCF.EXE Error. Entry Point not found. The Procedure Entry point InternetSetCookieExW could not be located in the dynamic link library C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\urlmon.dll".

What is this ? I have also re-registered urlmon.dll with 'regsvr32 urlmon.dll' command. No errors while registering.

Please help me to get rid off this pop-up.

A:RCF.EXE Error. Entry Point not Found, after upgrading.

The rcf.exe pertains to my antivirus program - NetProtector. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, but the problem persisted. So now I have completely removed it and the problem is no more. No more pop ups.
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I am going to upgrade to a new processor soon and I was just wondering if my motherboard will run a Phenom II processor. It will run a Phenom processor and also Phenom FX, which hasn't even been released yet, so it seems like it would run most new AMD processors.

Here is the motherboard:


A:Will a motherboard that will run Phenom also run Phenom II?

It most propably won't. You will at least need a BIOS update. Actually it will. :O
Go here: search for your motherboard, choose WinXP (or any other, as it doesn't even matter), choose BIOS [BIOS history], choose the latest, 1001, BIOS, download. Then... I'm not sure, but you might need a floppy drive to update the BIOS, though some newer board can be done with a USB drive.
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As the title says, i just ran 3dmark vantage and i got a low cpu score, i started cpu-z and there i see that my cpu runs
as "AMD Phenom 6500", to my knowledge that is a athlon x2 cpu of some sort...might be wrong...

Anyway, cpu i have is "AMD Phenom X4 965 Black Edition".

Why on earth does it run like a 2 cored athlon and how do i fix this?

Thankful for answeres!

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Because windows 7 is getting really slow, I decided to start fresh with it. Going into system restore, I find the original restore point. As I click on it, it says the file is not found. My "backup recovery" drive is a partitioned C drive. Could I find this file? Or Could I somehow format my harddrive or reset to factory defaults or anything to start fresh?

Compaq Presario CQ61-420US notebbook
Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64 bit
3 GB ram
Amd Athlon II Dual Core M320

A:Restoring windows to original point, can't find restore point

Back up any important files that you want to keep first.
Use an External drive, flash drive or CD/DVD.

Restore the PC to its original condition using the f11 key if Windows 7 is not accessible
Restore the PC to its original condition with the HP Recovery Manager from within Windows 7

Create a set of operating system recovery discs

You can use HP Recovery Manager to create a personal set of recovery discs. When you select the Recovery disc creation process, the HP Recovery Manager examines the PC and determines how many blank DVD discs will be required. Depending on the model, you will need up to three DVD-R or DVD+R (Non-read/writeable) discs. The creation process can take up to an hour or more. Do not interrupt the creation process.

Recover Windows 7 Operating System Using HP Recovery Compaq Presario CQ61-420US Notebook PC - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

Post back if any questions, plus let us know how it's going.
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“Computer Networks” book by ANDREW S. TANENBAUM Ed4th Article 5.5.2 How Networks Can be Connected page 421 (Figure 5-44) he says:

“------Now let us consider the same situation but with two Ethernets connected by a pair of routers instead of a switch. The routers are connected by a point-to-point, possibly a leased line thousands of kilometers long.”.

Here he mentioned physical leased (dedicated) line.

Is practically (real life) this line available for thousand of kilometers ?

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It has been a while since I last posted. I am trying to help out a reporter with a story on networking and I would like to get this group's thoughts on the topic below:

Cabling: Structured vs. Point-To-Point
When it comes to data center cabling, there are two primary options: structured and point-to-point. This article should look at the pros and cons of both, how they differ, etc. When and where is one option a better fit over the other? How does the cabling option chosen affect overall data center flexibility, performance, and future-proofing?

Any or all comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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HI ,i have a home pc with adsl,this program i hear about,does anybody know the pro's and con's about it,do i need it or should i just keep the software my provider issued me.What would this program do for me if i was to use it..Thank's in advance for all replies.
pppoe or raspppoe

A:pppoe(point to point protocol over ethernet

Im not familliar with raspppoe.. but after reading some info about it.
I'll just stay with pppoe, same results anyway
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I uninstalled ZoneAlarm Firewalla and now strange things happens...............

rundll32.exe - Entry point not found
The procedure entry point LdrResfindResource could not be located in the dynamic link library ntdll.dll

Whenever i log in to windows i get

userinit rundll32.exe - Entry point not found
The procedure entry point LdrResfindResource could not be located in the dynamic link library ntdll.dll

winlogon rundll32.exe - Entry point not found
The procedure entry point LdrResfindResource could not be located in the dynamic link library ntdll.dll
When i right click "MY PC" i get
rundll32.exe - Entry point not found
The procedure entry point LdrResfindResource could not be located in the dynamic link library ntdll.dll

I tried sfc /scannow without any success :/

A:rundll32.exe - Entry point not found The procedure entry point LdrResfindResource could not be located in the dynamic link libr...

You currently have an open Malware Removal Logs citing same issue, .

Since you have the open malware topic, we request that you pursue that and resolve any/all issues there...before proceeding with a topic in a different forum, citing the same issues.

At the conclusion/resolution of your MRL should then initiate a topic in the appropriate forum for any system issues that you may then have.

To avoid confusion, this topic is now closed.

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Hello I would just start off by network point our to A B from point connection Getting saying that I have been lurking here lately and have found this website to be a huge asset for information over the last couple of months but I m in a little rut and need a little advice on how to get out We are in the process of building a separate maintenance facility on the other side of our complex approximately ft away nearly Getting our network connection from point A to point B clear l o s In it there will be desktop computers and another laptop In our main office we have a standard domain based network with dhcp I would like to be able Getting our network connection from point A to point B to connect this new building to our current office via a wireless connection and want to double check all of the hardware to due so before I finish up the purchasing Already in place on our current building is a hi-gain outdoor directional antenna which is mounted on our building facing the new building The antenna is connected to a D-Link DWL-G AP access point via a ft outdoor antenna extension cable The access point then plugs into our main switch via a standard patch cable I have already purchased another directional outdoor antenna for the new building but I m not sure what else I ll need to connect the desktops wired and wireless laptop that will be in that building Would I need to get another access point similar to the D-Link that I listed above and then connect it to a standard -port wireless router Here is what I m thinking in simplified diagram Current building s network gt switch gt access point gt outdoor antenna gt air between the buildings lt outdoor antenna lt access point lt -port wireless router lt wired desktops and wireless laptop Thanks in advance bd nbsp

A:Getting our network connection from point A to point B

You got VISIO? Can you show us what you mean using a VISIO Network flow-chart. Sounds like a project and a plan. How many floors is this building? Is this a business or someone house? Not hard to do, but you sound like you know what has to be done. You'll need and AP for each floor, you can test the signal using Net tumbler or some commerical software or a tester for wi-fi which would be better. Wireless laptop would do the trick. You want the signal as strong as you can.
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im taking a networking class and i need help we havent talked about Point to Point Protocol yet and my professor gave me these too ?
Can anyone help

What Hardware is needed to support Point to Point Protocol?
What Software is needed to support Point to Point Protocol?


A:Solved: Point to Point Protocol?
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Our company has a 100MB point to point connection through Comcast connected to a remote site 30 miles away. When everything is working properly, we can ping to that site in about 2 ms and transfer speeds back and forth look good.

Occasionally, our ping time will increase to 11 ms and transfer speeds take 3 to 4 times longer on larger files.

Comcast has looked at the circuit and not finding any issues. Our networking team is looking at switches and routers and claim no issues as well.

The increased ping time may last a few days and then go back to normal. After a few months or so it comes back again.

Any ideas on what may be occurring and why no one can seem to find out why it fluctuates? Our applications that we connect to at the site are running smoothly, it is just when we see large data copies back and forth that we see issues.
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We have a point point wireless network set wireless 2 Point few months every Point down goes up here D-Link DWL- AP that seems to go down for no reason at all every Point 2 Point wireless goes down every few months few months Point 2 Point wireless goes down every few months there s no really pattern to it The connection is erratic for a couple weeks during that time and sometimes requires a reboot and then goes back to normal after those couple weeks and then is fine for another few months These units the send and receive are connected to cylinder style antennas which are a few hundred feet apart It s difficult to blame the antennas or the connections to them since the connection always seems to come back and work fine for months at a time It seems that if it was the antennas or there connections that it would be more frequently Also it is Point 2 Point wireless goes down every few months not weather related as I once thought as it occurs it fine weather too I really have no idea what is causing it I doubt it is the settings because it seems if it was the settings than it would be down all the time and would require some changes on both ends Recently I disconnected the receive unit from it s antenna and brought it over to the send unit so that they were side by side I than disconnected the send unit from it s antenna so that they would only point at each other physically I ran a ping test for over and hour and didn t have a single drop This makes me think that both units are fine and that it is something in between the units that is causing the problem There are other wireless networks in the area and a radio repeater but again if these things were the cause why would it work fine for months at a time wouldn t these things cause a more frequent problem Anyone have any ideas on what else could possibly cause such problems I m pulling out my hair Thanks nbsp

A:Point 2 Point wireless goes down every few months

What are the routers 2.4 or 5.8 ? Do people have nextells near the APs are there other APs in the area around yours? Cordless phones?
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I am new to this tool, in netmon you were able to create a IP-to-ip (point to point) capture, IS there a way to do this in message analyzer? I have read the TechNet articles on this and it does not show me what I need to know. If I can create a IP-to-ip
capture what do I do? How do I create it?

in case there is any misunderstandings this is the scenario, I have a workstation that has severe latency when accessing a server, no one can provide any clues and our WAN team says everything is perfect on the network. I need to install this tool on the
workstation and initialize traffic to the server and capture those packets. I do not need any other traffic.
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I got a budget of $90 and a Phenom II x2 555 CPU (Did not unlocked ) that I can return for $105 credit, I have installed in my pc 2GB Ram (XP 32Bit) and I might install Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit or stay with XP32(if I don't purchase the extra ram). With the credit and budget I can either get a 3.2GhzQuad core alone and stay with xp or a 2.8GhzTri-core+2GB Ram Stick combo and upgrade to 7 64bit. What is the best choice for gaming? Important Note: Got an XFX Radeon HD 5770 installed on the rig but seems it needs a better processor or ram to make it to the fps shown in some reviews. I also check out GTA IV in the Can You Run It site and in recommended there is the phenom x3 2.4ghz so I guess the phenom II x3 2.8ghz is much better in that aspect.
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I'm looking to upgrade to this processor but I don't know if my psu could handle it.

I've got a Antec 500watt earthwatts psu

1 9800gtx+
1 Asus M2n SLI
1 200gb seagate barracuda 7200rpm
4gb OCZ Special Ops 800mhz RAM
An old ATI TV wonder VE(got it working with driver modded to X64=p)
An old SB LIVE! value

I know the Phenom is a 125 watt processor but I don't know how much I'm currently using. I know the 9800gtx+ eats up power(2 6pin Pci-E connectors). SO will I be fine or will I need a new PSU?


A:Phenom II X4 920

Try this site.

Pick the exact parts or their nearest counterparts. should give you a good idea if its possible.

Hope this helps.
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I was searching around and i stumbled across the AMD Phenom Quad-Core awesomeness.

I noticed it is shipping in the UK already for 166.66UK. Its not set for release here in the U.S. Until early 2008.

I was mainly wondering if i could acquire one from the UK would it like our AM2 Mobos?(in other words would our AM2 mobos run a Phenom, if it only runs up to a FX) Or should i not risk it and just wait until its released here.

I can get one before christmas because i have friends over there who would order it and ship it to me all i would do is repay them. So would it be worth it? Or should i get the CPU and a Mobo (that specifically says it runs the Phenom)from the UK too? Or i could just wait, but i really dont want too

EDIT*** Overclockersclub has 10+ in stock too

A:The new AMD Phenom

I've heard that it's performance compared to the intel is not worth it. I think its better to wait until they release the Phenom FX, which the review said around early next year.
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A few of you are curious as to what a Phenom can do


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Is the new AMD Phenom better than the Intel Quad Core?

is it worth it? your opinions please

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I just upgraded to the Phenom II X3 445. It's paired with a MSI 770t
I was a lucky and was able to unlock the 4th core. However, this CPU seems to run HOT!
With the stock fan it was idle 60c and hit 73c under load! The stock fan was 6000 rpm none stop. I realized I'd better purchase a better cooler and so I invested in a Katana III. The fan noise is much more pleasant and under load and temperatures now never exceed 60c but idling at 48c seems very warm to me.

The case (cooler master) is well ventilated and system temps rarely exceed 38c. Re-locking the 4th core has no effect on the CPU temp.

I'm not planning on overclocking and not bother by the 2500 rpm of Katana fan but I am worried the 60c is rather warm. Can I live with these temperatures and what is potential problem in this setup?

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I just got my new Ripjaws X series RAM in the mail today. After I had installed it cpu-z read the wrong timings and frequency so I quickly set it up properly in the BIOS. That worked fine. Next I attempted to bump up the target DRAM frequency in the BIOS and it wouldn't boot, so it defaulted back, fine. The problem is now my processor is only displaying 3 cores!?

CPU-Z, Device manager, Windows CPU gadget all show 3 cores and the core voltage has been bumped up.

How do I get all 4 of my cores back and what the hell happened?!?!?!?

A:AMD Phenom II X4 965 HELP!

Problem solved, apparently my BIOS is allowed to change itself, it thought disabling the 3rd core would a cool idea. Bit late for April Fools ASUS -.-
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The AMD Phenom II x6 are out....
AMD Phenom II X6 1090T And 890FX Platform Review: Hello, Leo : AMD Can Do Six Cores, Too
AMD Phenom II X6 1090T and 1055T Six-Core Processor Review - AMD Phenom II X6 Processors Arrive - Legit Reviews

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Apparently the CPU has been overclocked, but tends to revert back to AMD Phenom II X3 720 from time to time. The CPU is inserted in the ASRock N68-VS3 UCC motherboard. Does it reverting back means that the overclocking procedure is somewhat unstable or is it just a graphic glitch? Also, how better is a AMD Phenom II X3 720 to an AMD Phenom II X4 20 both @ 2.8 GHz?

A:From AMD Phenom II X3 720 to AMD Phenom II X4 20

I think your board unlocks the extra core on the processor, but that core is not stable enough to stay enabled.
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I m in the market for a new rig and was wondering if I should buy the phenom I was looking at the Athlon X Is there much don't or I? I of a difference between the two Back in the day I used to be pretty confident in talking about pc s and building them but that was then I m still a little baffled as to what a quad core is I mean I know what the text book definition is and I know that I or don't I? it s better than a dual or single core What I m not sure about is the performance and such My chip that I have right now is the amd athlon XP That sits at GHz The X is rated at GHz My biggest puzzlement is is the only GHz bigger or is it GHz x You see what I m getting at I ve never really seen it explained anywhere as to how this works I realize I m bordering on being a retarded noob but I wont know unless I ask nbsp I or don't I?

Did I post this in the wrong spot?

Is anyone there?.....

Mommy....... lol
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Which one is better for 1600 X 900.
I have a 8800gtx (g92)
2gb 800mhz corsair
Gf 8200a motherboard
I play wow, cod 4, mass effect, mmo's and First person shooters.

A:Phenom 2 550 BE vs 720 BE

Hi Zilliak,
for many games you will not notice much of a difference, however as more and more games will take advantage of more than two cores, get the 720 for $18 more.
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I am going to buy a amd Cpu probably due to the cost
Ive been looking at a amd fx or amd phenom
Which is better a amd fx or amd phenom 1 ll x4 for gaming? or a i3 2100 And why?
Thanks and sorry for so many threads.
<3 this site!

A:amd fx or phenom?

Personally, I prefer the Intel side of things because of their motherboard chipsets. I have a 2100 running a home server right now, and it's no slouch at all. Others may differ, but I don't think there's much to be had in gaming with a quad-core as opposed to a dual-core, and the Intel setup would allow you to drop in a much faster processor a year later or so, if you wanted to.
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Hello I have an Asus M A T-E mobo and I had installed the cpu in the mobo with DDR - RAM My problem is that I have double checked all the cables made sure they are all plugged in and even checked the heatsink and cpu over and over again It posted ONCE and then I went into the bios changed the boot priority to boot to my primary hard drive and then saved and exited My problem happens after I have done this no video no post theres nothing absolutely nothing Everything works video card kicks on fans spin cd help X4 955 Phenom burner turns Phenom X4 955 help on hard drives kick on but no post or video I have checked my RAM speed and it says that the Phenom x supports UP TO which I am guessing it supports lower speed RAM under I checked Asus and it says that the is supported but only after the update for the motherboard I have come to conclude that it is either my RAM speed the cpu itself or I need to reset the CMOS and flash the bios to update and get Phenom X4 955 help support for my cpu Any help on this topic would be appreciated I really don't want to send it back to newegg for a refund Please help

A:Phenom X4 955 help

Reset the cmos. If that doesn't fix it, you'll have to check the hardware one at a time. All three of the main culprits can cause the MB to fail to post. To check memory, remove each stick one by one and try booting with each one missing. To test the graphics card, you can remove it and boot and the MB should boot to a POST fault code, two longs beeps iirc. The processor though will need a replacement to test, unfortunately.
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Q: Phenom

Right need a new mobo, mines on its last legs. So obviously Im going to get an AM2 one, which means new CPU. How bad is the Phenom bug? Should I just get the top athlon chip. If I brought a quadcore after the bug is fixed I would need another new cpu am I correct if i wanted a bug free pc? And I'm not talking about the bios patch.

Please answer asap as I need to order the parts prity soon.

Relevancy 38.27%

Does anyone know where I can buy one for a REASONABLE price?? I have seen them brand new anywhere from $95 (of course i'm too late) - $240. Newegg is out of them and every website that I see has them extremely over-priced.

A:AMD Phenom II X4 AM2+

$140 for a 940. Not a bad price however it is used.
Relevancy 38.27%

What would be the best kind of ram for a phenom ii x4 955 I've read their site and they say PC3 10600 (DDR3-1333MHz) ? AM3 but which producer would be best for it, g.skill, crucial and so on thanks.

A:Phenom II X4 955 and RAM

DDr3 1333MHz is the good enough. For anything better you need a good MB that can support it. I recommend some Kingston Hyperx 2X2GB modules (good for overclocking or tightening the timings) and it's not that expensive.
Relevancy 37.84%

Hi folks, i have a ASRock N68C-S UCC updated with the lated bios, and for some reason my AMD Phenom II X4 955 @ 3200 MHz only runs at 800MHz, i have tried to sort it but no luck. It means i have to overclock in order to meet the speed which it should be.

Pls help.

A:Phenom X4 underclocked

why cant you just get rid of the bios version you useing and update it back to the original one sometimes manufactuars dont recommend updating the bios i dont know why but some of them do
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Call me a noob if you must. This is my first thread.=) My question is very basic: With the games (software) available now, is it better to have a 3.0 dual core vs a 2.4 quad core, everything else being equal? It is my understanding that most applications now can not utilize the 4 cores, and the economy being what it is, is a faster processor, albit dual core, better?

Any feedback would be welcome.

Thank you all.

A:AMD Athlon X2 3.0 Mhz 64 vs AMD Phenom 2.4 Mhz

It depends on what exactly you're doing. Honestly, even if a program only takes advantage of two cores, it'd be better suited to run on the quadcore, as the program would get a full two cores, while other programs and processes could utilize the other two cores, making for better overall performance.
Relevancy 37.84%

can this be overclocking or not ???

its not the black Edition one 2

A:Can I overclock Phenom II x2 550?

That will depend on your motherboard. but it's capable.
Relevancy 37.84%

was just wondering what you guys thought because I know that the single corse fx was betetr than a amd athlonX2 dual core 6000+ for gaming, so yeah if anyone has either of these cpus I'd like to knwo more about them

A:Amd fx or amd phenom better for gaming?

all are excellent for gaming. Your question should be : I am running this game, what GRAPHICS card and memory should I have?
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I did it this time. I reformatted my HD and then couldn't get online. I called my internet company and after some checking they think that my network drivers are gone. I've emailed my pc company for the drivers. I can't understand which driver to get! I made sure that my OS read Windows 7, but when I try to install the driver it tells me that it "does not support OS WNT_6.1P_64_MCE" and says that it doesn't support Vista. I then tried to call the company and had to leave them a message.

Does anyone have any ideas for me?

I don't understand. The last time I reformatted, this didn't happen and in fact when I first booted up after the reformat, I was online for a short time and then it went out. When I open up network connections, there is nothing there to pick from.

Help, Please.

A:AMD Phenom II X 4 955 drivers

ZT doesn't give enough info about that model,

Product Detail Info

other than it has an AMD chipset on it, likely the AMD 780V. Doesn't help much as that isn't what is needed, as you need to find out which networking controller is on the motherboard. It could be anything from Realtek to Atheros, or some other.

ZT also doesn't make it easy to get whatever they have for downloads without making an account with them,

Sign In

No idea what they will have but at least will then know which it is you need, and if what they have doesn't work or is too old, newer drivers should be able to be found.
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OK so I've purchased a so called AMD Phenom II 550 BE and i've been wandering if a similar chip exists but without the Black Edition extention to it. If so, what are the main differences? I've been surfing the internet to find out but both chips seem to have equivalent specs. Am i mising something?
My main concern comes from the fact that my newly bought processor was supposed to to be a Black Edition, but when i run DXDIAG the BE extension is nowhere to be seen.
So if someone can feed me some information about the differences in the 2 processors, I'd be very grateful.

A:AMD Phenom II X2550 VS AMD 550 BE

I don't think software will pick up the Black Edition extension. Black Edition just means it has an unlocked multiplier
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Hello all, I was just curious if you all think it would be beneficial to overclock an AMD Phenom x4 rated at 1.8GHz. I have upgraded the power supply(bumped to 450W if I can remember correctly) and run a Nvidia 9500GT graphics card.

If this is worth the effort, where should I start my research on this procedure? I've always tried to avoid messing with the BIOS because I know little about it.

A:Phenom X4 overclocking

Google how to overclock x4.

Theres many many sites with the answer, as this sites more about vista than hardware.

If you reAD and proced smartly, overclockings easy and safe.
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I'm trying to decide which PC to recommend for a client. I've already recommended a custom build, but they're fixated on HP-so I've come up with two models. One has a Q8300 (4MB L2, no L3, 1333MHz FSB) but an Intel 4500HD integrated graphics card. The other has a Phenom II X4 810 (2MB L2, 4MB L3, 2000MHz HTT bus) with a Radeon 4200 integrated graphics card. (The Intel says '32MB integrated shared memory' and the ADI says '256MB integrated shared memory'. I'm guessing that it's all shared and the amounts listed are minimums.) Client isn't a gamer but wants Windows 7 which I figure will require at least as good graphics as Vista, and I'm just not impressed by the 4500HD graphics performance in Vista. (Except that's in a totally different PC so I'm trying to ignore that.)

What do you think?

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Considering my present hardware config, how would a AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE and GIGABYTE-MA78LMT-S2 sound? I do not have the proper budget for it, but maybe...maybe GIGABYTE 880GM-USB3

A:Motherboard for AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE

I like MSI but that's just me.
MSI 760GM-E51 Motherboard - AMD 760G, Socket AM3, USB, PCIe, RAID, LAN, DDR3, SATA2 at TigerDirect
But consider only mobo's with DDR3 slots and again I prefer 4 slots.
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Hello all, I was just curious if you all think it would be beneficial to overclock an AMD Phenom x4 rated at 1.8GHz. I have upgraded the power supply(bumped to 450W if I can remember correctly) and run a Nvidia 9500GT graphics card.

If this is worth the effort, where should I start my research on this procedure? I've always tried to avoid messing with the BIOS because I know little about it.

A:Phenom X4 overclocking

Google how to overclock x4.

Theres many many sites with the answer, as this sites more about vista than hardware.

If you reAD and proced smartly, overclockings easy and safe.
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I stated urgent because I MUST order one of the 2 today.

They are around the same price, so I am thinking about which one to purchase. Specifically, which one of these 2 computers would perform better? - iBUYPOWER Gamer Extreme 555D3 Phenom II X4 965&#40;3.4GHz&#41; 4GB DDR3 500GB ATI Radeon HD 5770 Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit - CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme 1050 Intel Core i5 750&#40;2.66GHz&#41; 4GB DDR3 1TB ATI Radeon HD 5770 Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

Also, the Phenom computer has no NewEgg reviews, so I don't know if it is faulty or not. However, the i5 750 PC has several reviews stating that it is good.

Which PC would be better to purchase?

A:*URGENT* i5-750 or Phenom II x4 965?

Go with the AMD,more bang for the buck............................
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Hey there, my CPU is at 60-70 celsius and around 80-90 under load.

Raven 03 Computer Case
AMD Phenom II 965 Black Edition 54-90C
GTX 560 TI - 35-40C
Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3
8GB Mushkin
WD Velociraptor - 40-50C
I switched cases/motherboard recently, however even before that my CPU would overheat and shut down unexpectedly. I've been recently monitoring my CPU and realized that it is extremely hot and was wondering why. I applied a few fresh dabs of Thermal Paste however it has not helped. I'm currently using the stock CPU cooler, however I'm not using any overclocking so I'm a bit curious as to why it's overheating o.O

Edit: Oh, my hard drive is reaching 44 celsius as well, which I think is rather hot, although it is seated near my CPU and in a area where there are no fans. My GPU never overheats either.

A:Overheating CPU, AMD Phenom 965

You should spend the time to track down everything in your system.. where it goes... what it touches... replace the cooler and the cooling fan... check the heatsink to the CPU carefully... in fact I would replace it, and apply new paste.
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I have been reading that the amd phenom 9600 and vista 64 bit do not work very well together.I want to go to vista ultimate but if it is just a waste of money I am not going to do it with a broken 64 bit system.My mainboard is a phoenix technologies with a nvidia mcp61 rev a3 chipset and will there be a bio's update in the future to correct some of the problems and this is a gateway 7020 any help would be appreciated.

Amd phenom 9600
Nvidia 8800 Gt
400 watt delta power supply
3 gigs of ram
Ata 500 gig hard drive
Realtek hd sound
avermedia tv card
5.9 windows index score

A:Phenom and vista 64

Originally Posted by Chazb

I have been reading that the amd phenom 9600 and vista 64 bit do not work very well together.I want to go to vista ultimate but if it is just a waste of money I am not going to do it with a broken 64 bit system.My mainboard is a phoenix technologies with a nvidia mcp61 rev a3 chipset and will there be a bio's update in the future to correct some of the problems and this is a gateway 7020 any help would be appreciated.

Amd phenom 9600
Nvidia 8800 Gt
400 watt delta power supply
3 gigs of ram
Ata 500 gig hard drive
Realtek hd sound
avermedia tv card
5.9 windows index score

Check my signature below for the mains specifications of my computer. I'm running and AMD Phenom 9600 Quad with Windows Vista Ultimate x64, and have no problems.

The only problem I had with my computer (that I built only a few days ago), was with the hardware. The BIOS displayed my Phenom x64 as 1.6GHz per core CPU. A quick visit to ASUS website corrected that problem, one BIOS update later, and it now shows correctly as 2.3GHz per core.

The biggest factor that you should be aware of that could be a problem is the availability of x64 drivers for all your hardware, which from the look of things, shouldn't be a problem.

Vista Ultimate x64 rocks on the Phenom! Just about everything that previous lagged on my old AMD Athlon 64 x 2 4800+ now runs along smoothly.
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so i chosen the phenom x4 965 be and the coolermaster v8 for my next upgrade, but I want to know i I can still have two fans on the side of my coolermaster scout with the v8 as my new cooler?


A:Phenom x4 965 BE & cm V8 upgrade

The Dimension of the coolermaster v8 are 120 x 128 x 161.1mm or 4.724 x 5.039 x 6.342 inches
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Does AMD's chipset that supports the quad core also support PCI-e 2.0? I know it supports DDR3, but Ive seen some Mobos with 4 PCI - E x 16 slots, what is this?

A:Phenom Chipset

guitto said:

Does AMD's chipset that supports the quad core also support PCI-e 2.0? I know it supports DDR3, but Ive seen some Mobos with 4 PCI - E x 16 slots, what is this?Click to expand...

Crossfire motherboard. Wouldn't surprise me if it supports PCI-e 2, and I wouldn't get DDR3 anytime soon, its really expensive and doesn't offer much of a performance increase over DDR2.
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I recently made a small upgrade from an original phenom to a Phenom 2 BE 2.8ghz. I have an ASUS M2A-VM motherboard that allows me to change OC from there but I am unable to do so. I was able to upgrade my old phenom to 2.4ghz from 2.2 but now when I try any OC'ing with the new processor I do not even get a post. I even reset the bios defaults and chaning the frequency to 240 which would under clock it to 2.4 ghz. I just wanted to see what happened and I also did not even get a post. The only time it will boot is if everything is on default settings. Any ideas here? Thanks in Advance!
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Hi all ..I am new here

I wanna ask about your opinions on this

Should i get Amd Phenom x2 555 or Athlon x4 640?

the pc is for gaming mainly. but i want to run quite well on simple multi-tasking as well
like for example:
playing game while ripping dvd or while scanning pc
ripping dvd and scanning pc while browsing the internet.

i read that if its only gaming, phenom x2 555 would perform better. and im happy with that but can it handle the multi-tasking i mention before?

A:AMD Phenom x2 555 or Athlon x4 640

playing game while ripping dvd or while scanning pcClick to expand...

You're so screwed no matter which CPU, definitely going to notice hiccups from your harddrive.

So that makes your question pretty moot.
You'd only get a 640 if you're doing video encoding, editing, or heavy photo editing.
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Hi guys i wanted to go For i ATI but i found AMD BE as great gaming option amp better match for ATI both are using AMD Gpus so they can be easily matched but i little worry about losing a huge performance while i am playing Heavy games like GTA IV or ARMA specialy when Crowded Battle Step in i am sure that vs Phenom 760! i5 965BE i will handle those games amp because my Res is low then my game would Cause more Pressure on my CPU instead of doing that thing to my GPU Phenom get Less Fps than i in almost all bench marks but havnt you seen that some times you see huge Bench mark difference Phenom 965BE vs i5 760! Between forexample amp but Phenom 965BE vs i5 760! both can run for example COD same so it doesnt matter you get or they will do same Phenom 965BE vs i5 760! for that game I should say that i wont OC so we are talking about Stock Speed My question is will i amp Phenom BE do same for me at Any game or i will see difference when i play GTA IV or arma or similar games rememeber my Res is my vga will be ATI amp i wont OC amp i wont CF according to my Condition Please answer thanks a lot nbsp

A:Phenom 965BE vs i5 760!

Qmark said:

Hi guys , i wanted to go For i5 760 + ATI 6870 but i found AMD 965BE as great gaming option & better match for ATI 6870 ! both are using AMD Gpus so they can be easily matched !Click to expand...

I'm sorry, but thats total rubbish.

Your GPU (whether Nvidia or AMD/ATi) will work absolutely fine with any chipset for either CPU manufacturers. The only thing that's dependant on the motherboard for GPU support is enough free PCI Express sockets, and compatibility with SLI/CF when using multiple GPUs.

A HD6870 will work equally well with an AMD CPU, as it will with a Intel CPU.*

*This is taking into consideration the hardware has the performance to run the GPU at maximum. A 1.2GHz Celeron would unlikely release the full potential of any midrange or above GPU.

Qmark said:

but i little worry about losing a huge performance while i am playing Heavy games like GTA IV or ARMA 2 , specialy when Crowded Battle Step in ! i am sure that i5 760 will handle those games , & because my Res is low ( 1440 ) then my game would Cause more Pressure on my CPU instead of doing that thing to my GPU !Click to expand...

Like I said, it makes no difference to the GPU. The i5 is better because it is the better CPU.

Qmark said:

Phenom get Less Fps than i5 760 in almost all bench marks , but havnt you seen that some times you see huge Bench mark difference Between forexample 5970 & 5830 , but both can run ( for example ) COD 4 same ! so it doesnt matter you get 5830 or 5970 , they will do same for that game ,.Click to expand...

Don't fool yourself, the GPUs make a difference, or they wouldn't be used, or sold to begin with.

The HD5970 is considerably better than the HD5830, in part because it has two GPU cores (I think its two 5850's on one board!), not just one.
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I work with Dell machines at work The one thing I like about Dell is that they release driver packs CAB files that contain drivers for all the components for a given system As I build out each specific laptop or desktop I simply download the driver pack and run through device Phenom Drivers II 955 X4 AMD manager and ensure all devices have up to AMD Phenom II X4 955 Drivers date drivers I find AMD Phenom II X4 955 Drivers that CPU drivers under the quot System Devices quot category particularly the quot PCI to PCI bridge quot and standard quot PCI bridges quot if mapped correctly provide great performance with quad core processors However the processor I have at home is an AMD Phenom II X Deneb Searching AMD's website they seem to be obsessed with their graphics side of things lately I don't find any drivers for my device As seen in then window grab below my PCI bridges are all just sitting there unmapped and inefficiently bumbling along Does anyone know where I might find the drivers for this I've googled I just don't see anything P S What's the difference between the HDZ FBGMBOX and the HDZ FBGIBOX

A:AMD Phenom II X4 955 Drivers

Chipset drivers (?)

ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support- Drivers and Download M4A77TD
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Hi...I am currently building a PC and look for a CPU in the area of £70.

On the site I am going with these CPU's are the same price:

Which would be the better CPU for playing newer games such as Black Ops?

A:Phenom II X2 555 BE or Athlon II X4 630

The chart here suggests the Athlon II X4 630 game performance is a little better than the Phenom II X2 555, but not by much:,2647-7.html
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Hi everybody!

I'm getting myself a Phenom II X3 720 BE this coming week along with an AM3 motherboard. I intend to overclock, but after a few days. What CPU cooler would work with an AM3 socket? I have been reading in a few places that even without OCing the temps are pretty high with the stock cooling.

I live in India and my options would probably be limited to Cooler Master. However, I'd like to know what other brands I could consider.


A:CPU Cooler For Phenom II X3 720 BE

Check out, they are based out of NY but I'm pretty sure they ship worldwide. They have a decent selection of socket AM3 coolers from Cooler Master to Zalman. Most are in stock.
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My specs are:

AM3 Phenom II 805 x4 2.5Ghz 4mb L3
2x 4gb DDR3 Corsair 1333Mhz
2x 2gb DDR3 Samsung 1333Mhz

Stock clocks and voltages:

200Mhz FSB
2000Mhz HT and NB
1.32v CPU
1.5v RAM
1.2v CPU-NB

Currently I am running stable:

FSB @ 280Mhz,
HT Link & NB @ 2240Mhz, & CPU-NB @ 1.25v
CPU @ 3.50Ghz @ 1.42v (AMD's Safe Maximum) & 2Mb of cache unlocked
RAM @ 1120Mhz @ 8,8,8,20,30 timings @ 1.6v @ 1:2 ratio

Because this is not a black edition chip, the multi will not go higher than 12.5x (default). It can be lowered however, not that it helps.

Is there anything I can do to squeeze a little more out of my setup?

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Im looking to buy a phenom x2 550 black edition. Ive heard you can unlock the 4 cores. What boards that support multi GPUs will unlock the cores?

A:Need help with Phenom compatibility

Hi Link,
in order to unlock the disabled cores you need a motherboard with the 750 southbridge.the 750 SB gives you ACC ( Advanced clock calibration) to activate the disabled cores. don't get your hopes up too high though, most of the time the cores have been disabled for a reason, either they will not unlock at all, or they are damaged and will lead to system instability, or lower the overclock potential. I own three of these AMD cpu's and that has been the case with all of them. you could get lucky and get a 'good one' in that they took a healthy quad and simply relabeled because of demand for that price point, but it would be wise to assumes that when you purchase a X2 550, that is what you will get, anything else is a bonus.
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Can someone recommend some great air coolers for AM3? I want to replace the cooler on my 550BE because the stock cooler don't seem to be very effective and I plan to unlock 1 or 2 cores. It do run stable but a bit too hot with 3 cores so I didn't try 4.

Relevancy 37.84%

What do you think of the Phenom X2 565 @340Ghz? i love it folks, runs well stable.

Overclocked to 4000Ghz at idle, thanks to my Coolermaster Cooler and nifty 120mm fan on it, runs fine, all i need to do is test it under full load, i am going to be bottlenecked GPU wise considering i am running a Geforce 9400GT.

A:What do you think of the Phenom X2 565 @340Ghz?

Looks cool. I have always been an AMD fan. Waiting anxiously for the Bulldozer.
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Hey Phenom vs. - CPU II my Picking i5 guys I tried searching but sometimes your questions get so complicated you just don t know what how to search for something I m building a computer for the company I work for We re a small business and this computer would be for inventory management In the past we ve just purchased from Best Buy but I figured if I built one it d be more quot bang quot for the same quot buck quot Just need some professional opinions First off I started looking at i and i processors because they were around the price range we were looking at Then I stumbled upon the Phenom II Picking my CPU - i5 vs. Phenom II X T for only I figured Six-freaking-cores would last us forever and thought this was the way to go But after reading the article on this website it seems like it was out performed by even Picking my CPU - i5 vs. Phenom II the i when I assumed it would compete with the i So here s the question would the i be faster In the future Would the Phenom II be better overclocked Would THIS be a decent motherboard if I went with the AMD Also if anybody has an easy way of picking a PSU I would love you to death I ve always considered myself somewhat tech savvy but trying to figure out power consumption has made me with otherwise I can t even find how much power the motherboard uses Thanks guys I appreciate any and all help nbsp

A:Picking my CPU - i5 vs. Phenom II

Hi, could you just give use more info about your computer?
The X6 destroys the i5 in some areas...but not very many.

Make sure to include budget (and if you want a monitor, os, peripherals...), and intended use. i5 and X6 is a really close battle.

Also, if anybody has an easy way of picking a PSU, I would love you to death. I've always considered myself somewhat tech savvy, but trying to figure out power consumption has made me with otherwise. I can't even find how much power the motherboard uses!Click to expand...

Motherboard hardly takes any power, we'll figure out a powersupply after we set some other components.

In the past, we've just purchased from Best Buy, but I figured if I built one, it'd be more "bang" for the same "buck". Just need some professional opinions.Click to expand...

Good .
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i Have a bIg problem of temprature here, guyz can u pls. help me out.

All of the Components of my system are always hot &temprature goes upto 60?C
i DOnt know what to do, it affects adversly on performence.
Due to which my PC is very slow.

i Have :-

Due to this temp, it is not even getting to its half the potential & just ****in crazy slow.

i Have one BiG 120mm fan {there is only 1fan space}, a good Heat Sink which comes with the processor & one side of my CPU is alwayz open to pass some amount of air

So pls. guyz tell me what else is there


Quote: Originally Posted by dharmil007

i Have one BiG 120mm fan {there is only 1fan space}, a good Heat Sink which comes with the processor & one side of my CPU is alwayz open to pass some amount of air

This can cause an issue in its self cases are designed with airflow in mind leaving a side off the machine can affect airflow and cooling, try putting the case side back on and see how the temps are then.
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Hi, I will buy Phenom II X2 550 Black Edition but I don't know too much thing about motherboards.So I have to choose a motherboard but I don't know which.

AM3 motherboards requires DDR3 but DDR3 rams very expensive. Is there any other method for use this CPU with DDR2 rams?? Could anyone help me?

A:Motherboard for Phenom II X2 550 BE?

It depends on what kind of ddr3 you buy. There are relatively cheap ram out there. And you do need an am3 board if I'm not mistaken. What's your budget?
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hi folks
just after a little advice again. im gonna buy an AMD Phenom II X4 Black Edition. i was originally gonna get the 965 3.4Ghz but im thinkin i may get the 955 3.2Ghz instead.
i mainly use my pc for gaming. (battlefield3 on the horizon) and burning,copying movies.
so my questions r. is there much difference in performance between the 2?
will the stock heatsink b ok? it looks it. or should i go for Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 CPU Cooler?
this is the mobo im using Gigabyte 880GA-UD3H rev 3.1

thanks in advance for ur help folks

A:which phenom black

No, there won't be any noticeable difference between 3.2Ghz and 3.4 Ghz, but they are very close in price, so go with the 965 Black Edition. I have one and ran it to 4.0Ghz, but I don't play games.

Just checked Newegg and there is $21USD difference.
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I got this CPU for Xmas, and I am planning on overclocking it. I am just looking for suggestions on good coolers for $100 or less.

If you need the name of the mobo, just ask.

A:CPU cooler for AMD Phenom II x4 955 BE

I just found this cooler. Has anyone used this? Would you reccomend it?
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I made a thread a while ago, and I went on holiday (vacation) for a week and that's why I've started a new thread. Though I also want to know if I should RMA the CPU or if there are more things to try.
I've tried clearing CMOS and taking out the battery many times, and no matter what I did, the motherboard wouldn't POST. When I put my Athlon back in, my motherboard did POST and everything went on as normal (Accept the system time changed).
So, this thread is quite simple; Would you say the product I ordered is defective?

A:Phenom II 1090T about to be sent for RMA

Hi there
1) the fact that the Athlon worked (and still works) shows there isn't a problem per se with the MOBO.

2) with the new CPU there are IMO two main options :

a) MOBO is incompatable with the CPU you ordered -- check the documentation to see if there are any switches that need setting. These days everything is usually done in Software -- but ensure that cpu is properly connected including Fan etc etc.

b) Cpu is defective -- I think this is likely to be the case --although IMO the fact of being shipped a defective CPU sounds really unlikely. You might have damaged it when replacing the old cpu by bending (accidentally) a pin -- but this is surprisingly hard to do with modern cpu's.

So my bet is that you've just become a very unlucky statistic. Return the CPU for replacement.

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I have just assemble a new computer using the AMD Phenom II X4 955 (Black Edition) on a Gigabyte (Ultra Durable 3) motherboard (GA-MA790FXT-UD5P). This processor is listed to run at 3.20 GHz, but when I check the properties, the speed is listed at 1.6 GHz.

What do I need to do to get it up to 3.2 GHz?

A:AMD Phenom X4 speed

It says its only 1.6 ghz because thats what it is running at when you checked. You see, the AMD phenom II has a power saving mechanism that automatically clocks down the CPU speed to half when your not using it to save power. That is completely normal and doesn't affect performance, do something more CPU intensive, and it will jump right back up.

Though I must say, asking such a questions makes me wonder exactly how much you could actually do with a quad core over a cheaper dual core xD.
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It's mandatory to run the x64 version of Windows with my AMD Phenom 64 X3 8650 processor?

What version would you recomand me to buy if I have just 2GB of RAM?

Thanks you!

A:AMD Phenom X3 8650

No it is not mandatory and I would recommend any 32bit version with just 2gig RAM
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Which processor is better?

AMD Athlon X2 6400+ Black Edition 3.2 GHz
AMD Phenom 9600 Agena 2.3GHz (if possible, overclocked to 3.0GHz)

[email protected]

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Are they the same thing?

A:ACPI vs AMD phenom x4

ACPI is a set of functions built into the motherboard.
Phenom X4 is a CPU(processor).
The X4 is ACPI compatable.
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Hey everyone,

I'm looking for a processor to replace my current Athlon X2 6000+. The latest BIOS update(5001) for my motherboard, an ASUS M2A-VM (non-HDMI), offers support for am3 CPUs.

Now I know that the am3 Phenom II X4 945 is supported as well as am2+ Phenom II processors, like the 920/940.

My question is: will the 955 work on my mobo? I've seen some tests in which the 955 works, but runs at 800mHz. However these were all done before the release of the 5001 BIOS, which is the first BIOS update that offers official support for am3 processors.


A:Phenom II on am2+ Mobo

Probably not as there isn't a single CPU in the supported list,

ASUSTeK Computer Inc. - Motherboards - M2A-VM

that is over 95W, and the 955 is a 125W CPU,
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my friend juz get an AMD 550 BE on hand recently and plan to unlock the other 2 core that are disable.( hope he is lucky enough to unlck it successfully). im curios about the 2 disable cores.

1) if the 2 core successfully unlock, is it run on the same clock speed as the 2 normal cores, thats is 3.1 Ghz ?

2) how about the cache it have ? L1, L2 and L3 ?

3) will the heat generated be greatly increased if the other 2 cores are unlocked ?

4) will this void it warrenty ?

5) how bout the power comsumption after the 2 cores are unlocked ?

thank you.

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Im planning to buy a new gpu but I dont know what gpu is best for my rig because im worried that it will only bottleneck my rig ,the games I want to play are bf4,call of duty advance warfare,dying light, ryse son of rome and other new releaase games .here are my comp. specs.


I'm thinking to get a gtx 750 ti or gtx 960

what gpu is best for this specs ?any recommendations ?suggestions?
im also planing to buid an intel rig but not now bec I dont have a budget right now .I just want to buy a gpu while waiting.

my budget is 300 dollars
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Windows7 Home Edition.
I have on my PC a AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1055T Processor 2800 Mhz on a MS-7646 motherboard from Medion. I would like if possible to upgrade the processor to 3400 Mhz to improve my system. I have approached Medion to see if this is possible but have only received vague answers. Anyone know anything about this upgrading ie. is it possible ? If so is it just a matter of changing the CPU or is this a little more complicated.

A:AMD Phenom CPU Upgrade

From your motherboard's manual:

So you will be able to use a CPU which has the AM3 Socket type. I'd look at an Athlon 64, one of those should be your best bet.

Be sure to verify your BIOS supports that specific chipset. A BIOS flash may be required prior to installing.
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How hard is it to overclock an amd phenom 9600 cpu? If it is pretty easy how would one go about doing it?
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I got this CPU
AMD Phenom II x4 940
with Mugen II cooling system
at Idle Everest shows my CPU core temperature is around 40~42 without OCing
all fans on case turn on maximum
I read on the web that it suppose to be around 35
I would like to know if that's true
maybe my Mugen II is installed badly or i got problem with air flow in PC

full PC specs:
AMD Phenom II x4 940 CPU
Scythe Mugen II 5 Heat Pipes CPU cooler
OCZ Blade Edition 2x2GB Memory
ASUS M4A78-EM AM2+ Motherboard
Thermaltake Thoughpower 600W PSU
Antec 900 Two Case
Seagate 750GB 7200 RMP 32MB Sata II Hard Disk

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ok.... so whats the best cooler for the Phenom II?

A:Best cooler for Phenom II

Any type of cooler that has more than 4 heatpipes and dual fans installed on the sides. Aluminum structure and aluminum base. Copper composites the heat faster but not dissinpation. It is thicker in density than aluminum, platinum & titanium while all of these metals are light in nature thus I can't see how copper is better. I don't remember characteristics of each metal from chemistry class but I'm certain about the dissinpation.
We're all equally different with opinions, some suit for flashy looks, some pick for a decent price & some buy for the quality of the product.
There is a large variety of cpu heatsinks on the market. Just need to research & decide which suits your motherboard the most to it's potential.
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I want to build a gaming PC so need some suggestions. Here it is what I am upgrading.
Ram- 3GB DDR3
Hard Disk - 512GB
Processor - AMD Phenom II 4x

I already have a graphic card 9600GT 1GB. I wanted to upgrade to i5 processor but I heard AMD Phenom is much better and has same features as i5 at low price. I am mainly upgrading for gaming. So what do you think about this?

What do you think processor is better for gaming? AMD Phenom II 4x or i5-570?

A:Which processor is better? AMD Phenom II or i5?

Here's a review Core i5 vs. Phenom II X4 CPU Review | Hardware Secrets
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I am totally confused here, so maybe you can tell me what is different here:

This one looks like the better deal since it is cheaper and comes with heatsink and fan. The only thing different from the next one is this is the "Black Edition" and gives L1 cache.
Here is the other:

This one also goes as low as 1.05V, but big deal right?
Is it better to not have L1 cache or somethin?

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Ok guys I need some help here. I am about to build a new rig. I am sold on this one -> This board has the AMD 790GX chipset, so from what I have researched, it should run any Phenom out there, 125W or 140W?

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Ok, can someone make this clear for me. Someone told me I shouldn't use 1600mhz ram with this cpu because it can only run 1333mhz.
Also, I have a set of Kingston HyperX 3gb(3x 1gb) ddr3 1600mhz that I wanted to use in my system, but someone also told me its not going to work because the Phenom II 550 can only run with a maximum of 2 sticks of ram and that this set of ram is not going to work because its made up out of 3 sticks(3x 1gb).
So, is all this true? :-( :-(

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Just wondering, is it possible to use a phenom CPU on a mobo with an AM2 socket? would it just require a BIOS update or something?
Or would it need a new mobo with an AM2+ socket?

thanks in advance

A:Phenom chipset with AM2 socket?

Phenoms work fine with the AM2 boards. Might need a BIOS update, but I'm pretty much already running a BIOS which supports Phenom. I won't be going Phenom though. They dissapointed me with it, I was hoping for a success.

Plus they are fairly expensive here. I'm just going to buy myself a new motherboard and get myself an Q9450 when it comes out and overclock it to 4GHz. Phenom will never be able to beat that.

How ever (offtopic) the HD4k series look very promising. nVidia might be in for a tough battle this year
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I have been given suggestion as an upgrade being this in a previous thread of mine but I am not sure if it is a retail with a heatsink or just the CPU itself. Which one is it?

A:Phenom product retail or OEM?

If you will click on the 'Details' tab, you will read that it says Heatsink and Fan included.
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I continue to Dead II processor? X6 AMD Phenom struggle in getting one of my latest builds working and this time I have a feeling that the CPU could be dead It is Dead processor? AMD Phenom II X6 a brand-new AMD T six-core processor that I bought from Newegg last month Problem is I switched from a seemingly broken MSI FX-GD to a brand new ASRock GX-Pro and alas it doesn t work either When the system is turned on the debug LED displays a series of fast numerical codes and then stops at quot quot with no onboard video or other signs of life does NOT POST I have tried removing all but one memory module removing graphics cards and clearing CMOS several times I am using a w Corsair power supply This is a very similar issue I was having on the MSI board where the debug LED would sit at quot FF quot and would not POST either The only real difference is that this ASR board is equipped with UEFI BIOS but I haven t seen or have been able to actually use it at all This is starting to lead me to the conclusion that the processor is dead which has never happened to me before but perhaps I need to get it replaced Any thoughts nbsp

A:Dead processor? AMD Phenom II X6

Easiest solution would be to pop for a budget CPU or try to borrow a loaner. If the board boots you'll have your answer.
Conversely, send the CPU back and take your chances with the RMA.
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I would just like some opinions one what CPU cooler I should buy with a 1055T.

Will be Used for gaming.
Will be overclocked.

I have had a look at a few and I could probably make the right educated decision. But I wouldn't mind some opinions .

A:What cooler for AMD Phenom II 1055T?

Might check out this water cooler if you have room for it......
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Hey guys i just want to know if i would be able to overclock my amd phenom II 810 2.6GHZ to 3.00GHZ with a stock cooler by amd.???

A:Stock heatsink for OC Phenom II 810

It is aways good to use a quality 3rd party cooler in any computer, not just for overclocking abilities, where it is very necessary
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I have a stock FX cooler with a 70mm fan and its pathetic.

The fan runs at 5000rpm and its like listening so a steam kettle.

I've looked at the options on ebay and amazon but most seem to be poor designs. Those with copper rods seem to be best but most of them have the rods aligned in the direction of the fan's air flow so to me only the rod nearest the fan gets any benefit.

If anyone has a Phenom 940 in their tower, would you let me know which cooler you're using please ?

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What is the upgrade to the AMD Phenom II 550 Black. I believe it is a socket AM2 cpu. The model has been discontinued and I wonder what the current version is.