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My Computer Isn't getting signal from any Wi-Fi Network

Q: My Computer Isn't getting signal from any Wi-Fi Network

Sorry for that long title. Anyway, I was watching some YouTube videos when my wi-fi suddenly stopped worked. With this, I don't mean that I'm not catching signal from my router. I mean that my computer isn't receiving signal from any network. I don't know anyway to fix this, it never happened. I also won't buy a new computer. I got this on Christmas and I think that 7 months isn't that old. Also, the only tutorial I found doesn't applies to my computer (It was for a mac ). I have no idea of how to fix this and if you know, PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!! (If you are curious of how I am posting this, it works with Ethernet connection)
It's an ASUS computer with Windows 8.

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Preferred Solution: My Computer Isn't getting signal from any Wi-Fi Network

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: My Computer Isn't getting signal from any Wi-Fi Network

Give the following a try and see if it helps:
Go to network sharing center - change adapter setting - click on wifi and then Diagnose this connection.

If this does not help, please let us know and we can suggest something else to try.
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Hello This is my first post on this forum and I look forward to posting many more We have three computers sharing a Verizon DSL ADSL signal The telephone line is plugged into a Verizon DSL modem which in turn is plugged into a four-port Linksys router 3 Network Intermittent - DSL Computer Signal I have utilized Cat- cable with RJ- connectors to quot reach out quot from the router to a AMD PC running XP Pro a Intel PC running Win kPro and a AMD laptop running Win second Intermittent DSL Signal - 3 Computer Network edition All three computers are using Linksys Fast Ethernet Adapters Finally Intermittent DSL Signal - 3 Computer Network there are quot filters quot on all the telephones Intermittent DSL Signal - 3 Computer Network throughout the house This DSL sharing configuration has worked flawlessly for a couple of years Approximately seven days ago I began experiencing intermittent DSL signal connections on all computers After checking each component including removing the router and only connecting one computer directly to the modem we still cannot figure out the source of the still existing problem Curiously the DSL signal WILL RECONNECT whenever we open up one of our telephones i e taking a telephone off the hook and upon establishing a signal hanging the telephone up again So we CAN establish a signal However the DSL signal will only remain for a short while anywhere from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours Any ideas as to what may be causing this problem and how best to resolve it Could a telephone filter go bad If so would that cause the intermittent signal which mysteriously can be quot fixed quot at least for a short period Just a thought Thanks nbsp

A:Intermittent DSL Signal - 3 Computer Network

Try unplugging ALL the phones and filters and see if the DSL stays on. Truthfully, many houses have marginal wiring, and the following procedure is recommended if you can't sort out the wiring in the house.

Purchase a DSL splitter and install it at the telco service entrance. Run a direct line from the DSL port on the splitter directly to the DSL modem. Connect all of the other phone instruments to the telephone output of the DSL splitter. All of the DSL analog side wiring should be CAT3 or better twisted pair from the telco service entrance to the DSL/ADSL modem. You can use one of the twisted pairs in CAT5 cable if you have that on hand.

This is as good as it gets for DSL installations, and will usually solve in-house wiring issues.

Here's a good detailed description of the process: DSL Wiring Upgrade Tutorial
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I am currently living in a college dorm and my only source of internet is their registration-protected wifi. The problem is that I cannot install my printer on their wi-fi network and share information between all of my devices.

So, what I would like to be able to do is connect my mac desktop to their wi-fi (I've got that done), and then share the mac desktop's internet connection with my Airport Express router via ethernet. The Airport Express would then broadcast the internet connection to my other devices. I understand how to activate internet sharing on my mac, but I really need help configuring the ethernet port's IP, the Airport Express' settings, DHCP and DNS stuff, etc.

Thank you so much in advance!

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I am having a frustrating time with my network I work for an animall hospital and we have a wired wireless network with computers mixed vista ultimate and xp pro with server sp on the server I am using a Linksys WRT n router My main problem is with my wireless computers a desktop with a US Robotics g turbo and one of my laptops a Dell Inspiron They are and network drops Wireless slow network is Solved: signal no more then feet from the router and Solved: Wireless network drops signal and network is slow always have a strong signal but will drop their connection and have to be logged of and logged back on It is very frustrating because there is no rhyme or reason for it Sometimes it will stay connected all day without dropping and other days it will drop - times I am not sure if this is related or not but there are several wireless networks that can be seen by these computers including a Comcast WIFI and an Optonline WIFI Also the network will slow down every so often wired as well as wireless and I am no sure what the is about Our applications that we run are not very intence no graphics or large packets being sent Some one said they thought there might be a some sort of a Windows Sharing App running on the server Solved: Wireless network drops signal and network is slow that was bogging it down but I am not sure Any help would be appreciated Thanks in advance Supergroomer nbsp

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So at my friend s house whenever it rains or bad cloudy day there is no WiFi signal sending from main floor to nd floor So I recommend them to install a Linksys RE range extender to boost the signal on the existing Linksys AC unit and the setup of that extender is wacky It somehow works after a while but w o the GHz band But the other day when they re-plug and good what's signal doesn't day during booster signal & WiFi rainy the work, signal extender? no in that extender there is no signal even on a sunny no WiFi signal during rainy day and signal booster doesn't work, & what's the good signal extender? day So today no WiFi signal during rainy day and signal booster doesn't work, & what's the good signal extender? I try to help them to re-initialize that RE by going thru the instruction totally no signal on a sunny day Now assuming it s a defective DOA unit is there some range extender that is high quality And has a nice and simple setup software just in case pushing the WPS button doesn t work And more importantly should we unplug the extender when you don t use it Or are you suppose to always leave it plug in If you unplug it would you lost all the setting on that extender nbsp

A:no WiFi signal during rainy day and signal booster doesn't work, & what's the good signal extender?

Use a wire. Extend WiFi via remotely placed access points.
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When I insert SIM card into my mobile phone, it shows no signal/network, any idea what could be the reason??

Sony Ericsson K550i
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my wireless signal used to be good now i can't walk 12 feet away from the router because i get disconnected

why all of a sudden my signal droped i i looked for my latest driver software is us up to date

I had winows vista and by deleting the partition and installing windows 7 i thought my problem will be fixed

this is my network adapter Atheros AR928X Wireless Network Adapter

my computer is a sony vaio VGN NS13OE

thanks for the help

A:My network adapter signal is very low

Well, one thing I'd do is open the access door on the bottom of the machine and see if the antenna leads have become disconnected from the wireless card.
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Okay here s my problem I recently set up a wireless network between my desktop and my laptop in my home using a Netgear wireless router and a USB wireless adapter for my laptop I have installed the wireless router correctly I ve checked and double checked but my problem is that when I turn on my laptop and plug in the wireless adapter every time the signal strength changes between quot very good quot and quot excellent quot or quot very good quot and quot good quot it drops the signal completely and tells me that no network connection is available Is this normal for a wireless network I mean it even does it when I have the laptop sitting right next to the desktop and it won t let me wireless signal network Dropping access anything even though all my settings are correct BTW - my father who has worked with computers for nearly years now has gone over all of this with me and can t figure out why the signal is dropped completely every time the strength changes Does anyone have any bright ideas as Dropping wireless network signal to what the problem could be Should I be trying a different wireless adapter Did I just buy bad equipment Any thoughts or help would be appreciated Thanks -Jen nbsp

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I am receiving internet service by wi fi from a restricted community source When I start out the day I receive a strong unbroken signal from the antenna to which I connect Then later on in the day there is a complete break in signal that occurs repeatedly and intermittently to the point where I lose connectivity to the internet and cannot receive confirmation of my IP address from the signal source Accessing the same antenna with my laptop placed right beside my desktop computer continues to give an unbroken signal I am using Network Stumbler as a means of monitoring the signal performance and the display of signal strength over time is very obviously showing differences in reception Because the laptop and desktop are showing signal reception network of Intermittent differences in reception my guess is there must be something my desktop computer is doing in the background that is taking up major time slices but I have no idea what it is or how to correct it I am operating Windows XP Home SP with AMD mhz processor and RealTek RTL wireless adapter nbsp

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I use the laptops bulitin NIC to reach the Internet and then i added a Adapters Network Two , Loses Signal one usb wifi adapter to reach my security cameras Unfortunately after a few days the Connection to the Internet through the built in NIC is lost I have noticed a Solution that if I use a Proxy in the Webbrowser that the Laptops NIC connection to the Internet returns Both Networks run fine So I need to ask how i can enter a Proxy from my own personal router to the Webrowser If i use the VPN Proxy the internet slows down too much so i need to enter a Proxy that would be directly to my own router Therefore no speed limits I guess i could create a reserved Ip for my laptop in my router settings and then enter that as my local proxy But I would prefer a static ip and i Two Network Adapters , one Loses Signal dont want to have to enter that each time in the webbrowser network connection

A:Two Network Adapters , one Loses Signal

Open a cmd prompt type ipconfig /all then tracert post both results
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Hello This has been annoying me so much and I m at a complete loss as to why it s happening or how to fix it Down there in my system tray I have my wireless network activity icon thing and it s happily flashing away with out of signal classed as quot Very Good quot apparently and then it just disconnected for no apparent reason I then 4/5 keeps Wireless signal? disconnecting despite Network, have to right click and click quot Repair quot for it to reconnect and even then that Wireless Network, keeps disconnecting despite 4/5 signal? sometimes doesn t work once it said quot Could not connect to the preffered wireless network quot and then I looked and it was happily flashing Wireless Network, keeps disconnecting despite 4/5 signal? green having connected When I View Available Wireless Networks it says there were no networks found in range yet when I click Repair and it reconnects it says the signal is very good It s very confusing and I don t know what to do it s a BT Home Hub that s sitting less then metres from my wireless network adaptor which is on a USB extension cable out of my door sitting my in hallway I used to have to click Start Run services msc find the Windows Zero Configuration service and start it every time I wanted to connect while the BT Home Hub s own wireless connection manager was running in the system tray because that for some reason couldn t find the hub in range But then I removed the BT wireless manager from the windows startup and let Windows manage it itself and I ve had no problems until now when it s started to disconnect by itself Any ideas nbsp

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I have wireless set up in my house. The routeris in a room upstairs (Thompson Speedtouch 580), my computer is downstairs fitted with a belkin 54 b/g pci card, there are also 4 other computers conneected

My problem is that the speed has massive variations, sometimes breaking requiring me to reset the router. I tried checking the speed with a online speed test several times, my results vary from d/l speed of 3210 to 950. Also the bubble that appears when you hover the mouse over the wireless connection in system tray always shows excellent or very good signal, however constantly changes (and I mean every 5 sec) between speeds of 1.0mps and 54.0 mps.

Can someone help me make this connection more stable, or improve speed/signal?

Thankyou for anyhelp.

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Is there any way to make this work 2 miles away? I want to use this around my small town. What gear or steps can I improve to beam out the biggest signal. We currently have an ATT internet standard router.


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Hi folks

I am using a Netgear DG834GT Wireless ADSL Modem Router and have been for the past year and a half. The signal strength has always been strong. However, in the past couple of days the signal strength has dropped and now fluctuates between poor and fair. I haven't changed anything in my set up and haven't introduced any other wireless equipment into the house. Does anyone have any ideas what the problem might be?



A:Wireless Network Signal Strength

That's the opinion of more than one computer, right?

The router may be dying. Reset it to factory default settings and reconfigure it. That sometimes jolts balky routers into behaving again.
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I've just put a second computer in the house, and made a wirless internet connection with my Orange Livebox via a wireless network card.

My problem is the network card often looses the connection, and has a very low signal strength. Obviously this gets very annoying when it decides to loose the connection and is unable to re-connect.

I think (although im still not sure) that it seems to do this more when my original PC is on, which has a wired connection to the Livebox.

Basically do i have any options as to try and solve the problem, is there anyway i can boost the signal strength somehow? Or any other options?

Cheers if anyone can offer some advice!
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I've set up a wireless network with Telewest (cable) broadband

I've used.....

Netgear WGR614 Wireless Router

Netgear WG111 USB Network Adaptor

The Router is two floors up and it's one of those old houses with thick walls. I sometimes get a low signal, but most of the time there's no signal at all.

Is there anything I can use to boost the signal? Or can I use something other than the WG111 that will pick up the signal more efficiently?


A:Wireless Network - Signal Problem

Anyone got any experience of the Netgear WPN824?

Is it worth a go?
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The router is in the upstairs front of the house. The only wireless computer is in the downstairs rear. Signal strength is poor to none. We have gotten what is called in radio, a "repeater" that supposedly boosts the signal at some point in between the wireless router and the laptop computer; but, we see no change in signal strenght regardless of its placement.

I've seen routers that claim extended range; but, the manufacturers are long on hype and seem to deliberately avoid of anything with real meaning for a comparison. My experience with these devices has brought me to the conclusion they have one purpose, and that is to part the buyer from more money with no benefit for the added expense.

The laptop is wireless G only.

Changing routers has done no good; we've used a Netgear and now a Linksys. What advice or experience does anyone here have that might help?

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In the network and sharing center there is a "See full map" option. This opens the Network Map screen. I noticed that my windows XP PC did not show on this map and applied a hotfix to enable the Link-Layer Topology Discovery (LLTD) Responder component. It worked and now that PC shows up. What caught my eye is that PC has a wireless card in it and connects via WiFi to my router. Next to its icon is a wireless signal strength indicator showing 4 out of 5 bars. Another PC also on WiFi, a netbook with windows 7 starter on it, doesn't have the signal strength indicator? Has anybody got any thoughts on why it doesn't display signal strength like the XP PC does? Pink-Mini is my daughters WiFi netbook.
EDIT: The A-1500 (XP) is wireless N and the Pink-Mini (W7) is only G. The Router is set for N+G

A:network map wireless signal strength indicator.

There is no way for the Win 7 computer to know what kind of signal strength the other computers see.
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I had an XP machine using a wired connection with a Linksys WRT GS GHz router The only things connecting to Wireless Signal Suddenly Weak Network it wireless were my wii and my PS which were in the next room less than feet away I purchased a Windows machine for my wife for Christmas and gave the XP machine to my kids I moved the modem and router into the kids playroom and set the Windows machine up for wireless Now the router is at one end of the house and the machine is about feet away The signal strength was never an issue until last week and now the PS and the Win machine constantly have weak signal or no signal I don t know a whole lot about networking so please be gentle I am willing to move the router and modem to a central location as a last resort but would like to keep them with the XP machine for our kids to use I am not going to spend Wireless Network Signal Suddenly Weak money on a wireless card Wireless Network Signal Suddenly Weak for Wireless Network Signal Suddenly Weak it Thanks in advance nbsp

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Right so heres my story from the begining I live in a pub and use a shared wireless network for network, full to Connected no inet! but signal, customers in Connected to network, full signal, but no inet! the evening its only me using it i decided to build my own pc with windows ive put a tp-link wn n first plugged it in didnt work i managed to connect to the router nothing would go on the page and say site found waiting for reply and would do nothing more so i unstalled the Connected to network, full signal, but no inet! software took the card out put it back in worked like a dream for the last days so yesterday it starts doing the same thing i come to Connected to network, full signal, but no inet! turn the pc on page found waiting for reply last days its done that for now and im getting very very irate i took it out today put it back In still doesnt work im currently writing to you on my Iphone as proof its nothing to do with the router my laptop also works however that is windows xp so it has me thinking is it my OS Or maybe a setting for the card Or maybe the software I need help and quick i have days off work starting thursday i will be pulling my hair out if i have no internet Thanks guys Wrighty

A:Connected to network, full signal, but no inet!

Welcome to SF,

Pls. provide an ipconfig /all output for review:
Click on Start => in run or search box type cmd, press enter. From the command prompt (black screen), Copy and Paste these ipconfig /all >c:\ipconfig.txt . Please attach the .txt file to be found in your Local Disk 'C' on your next post.
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We use electronic devices throughout our home, and need something to strengthen our network signal, which is located on the 2nd floor. I've read so much about different ways - range extenders, range repeaters, range boosters and Access Points, but I don't know which would be the right one for me without costing an arm and a leg. I have a Verizon DLS Router D-Link DSL-2750B. I have contacted Verizon and posed this question on their forum, but he only answer I received was a suggestion to move the router to the 1st floor. Great, now I won't be able to connect on the 2nd!

Any help is appreciated.

A:Best solution to boost/extend network signal

The "best" and most reliable way is with wireless access point(s). However, some people don't find that solution acceptable because of the ethernet cable between router and access point(s).

Another way, which you didn't mention, is powerline adapters, which plug into an electrical outlet near the router and the wireless access point, using the electrical system instead of running an ethernet cable. Some powerline adapters include a wireless access point.
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Hi I recently bought Linksys Compact Wireless-G USB Adapter to replace the the standard Dell USB adapter that came with my computer I have the wireless connection to a computer on the mainfloor with this one downstairs It s a SMC Mbps wireless router Anyway before with the Dell adpater the signal strength fluctuated between low-good most of the time and most of the time Solved: Signal Wireless Strength Network I was getting Mbps So yesterday I got the new Linksys one and its a little confusing at first because I m still getting low and - mbps but I finally found out how to log in to the router and I changed the channel and improvements came As of right now I am getting to Mbps on a consistent very good signal However if I just bump it a little or move it it goes to low-good and it takes some moving around to find the spot again Is it normally like that I was talking to my friend and he is too on a wireless connection but instead of the usb adapater he has the other one where you plug in the back of the computer with an antenna pci He is in floor below his router like me and Solved: Wireless Network Signal Strength consistently gets very good to EXCELLENT signal I really do not want to seem bitchy at all but I need some opinions if what I have is good if I focus on not moving it all or should I get the pci one Again I know this isnt much of a problem but maybe there is some tips to improve this Thank you for reading this Jacob nbsp

A:Solved: Wireless Network Signal Strength

I'd consider a hi-gain antenna if changing the channel doesn't work.

Remember, the propagation pattern for a 2.4ghz WiFi antenna from a vertical antenna is like a figure 8 laying on it's side, the strong lobes are out to the sides. If your station is above or below, I'd lay the antennas on their side and see if you get a better signal.
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what is best network card to recive a wifi signal from far away? Network Card or any type of hardware

A:What is best network card to receive a wifi signal from far away?

I assume you mean desktop.
What do you mean by "...a wifi signal far away..." Indoors, outdoors, upstairs, next door
Do you have control of the "far away" source?
We recommend Linksys 802.11N WMP300N for PCI card, or the DLink DWA-542 Range Booster Wireless N.
But there is some advantage to using a USB Wireless N Linksys USB WUSB300N because you can move it around to get the best results for the local environment...
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Hi- We have trouble connecting to the internet when our wireless picks up our neighbor s signal Even when I remove it from the preferred Network list it still appears on Choose Wireless Network page And then after that removal we get our quot Wireless Connection Excellent Signal Strength quot back we still can t get on the internet I don t know what happened between now and last night that is now allowing me to be online When the tech guy came to set up our network and I told him about the problem with our neighbor s signal it of neighbor's picking Wireless up Network signal course wasn t showing then he said that it was not possible we could pick up the signal Well it s back It s been months since we ve seen it appear on Wireless Network picking up neighbor's signal our list of Wireless Network picking up neighbor's signal wireless networks We haven t changed anything - except we got a new printer A Any ideas how to remedy this prob Thank you nbsp

A:Wireless Network picking up neighbor's signal

Have you talked to your neighbor about setting his wirless network to 1 channel while you change yours to a secondary one? Usually this will work in them not trying to "talk" to each other.
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I ve been having this problem every few days I have monitors connected to Nvidia GT and after reach Solved: can Input Signal PC Network but via No leaving the computer for several hours I ll return and the monitors won t turn back on with a mouse move or key pressed Today i found that I could still browse it with another computer and transfer a file to it So I tried cmd shutdown -i to reboot it remotely The command was accepted but the computer didn t restart It seems like it tried to but couldn t complete it because it s not connected to the network anymore I have the lastest Solved: No Signal Input but can reach PC via Network drivers installed and that didn t fix it Latest Win x updates installed On program that may be relevant is a webcam surveillance program I always have running It should have been recording if the computer was indeed working fine under the blank monitors but when browsing via network none of the recording files were created for the day So it seems somethign is happening with video card drivers or this program that breaks all video on the computer but keeps it running I m not sure how to isolate the problem further nbsp

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A couple days ago I began having serious issues with my network adapter It is unable to maintain a signal to the internet When I say quot maintain quot I mean that it cuts in and out a lot What it will do is it will lose a internet signal meaning it is connected to the router but says quot No internet access quot and then it will do of things at that point it will either completely disconnect to the router and will be quot unable to connect quot to it again or it will gain internet access again for a few seconds and repeat the whole process I can confirm that this is to unable signal Wireless is hold network adapter a the computer having the connectivity issue and not the router because I can use other computers devices and connect to the internet just fine I have tried to resolve this issue on my own and researched it online on another device and I came up with no working solutions on my issue What I have tried -Resetting the Winsock -Preforming system maintenance -Attempting to do a Wireless network adapter is unable to hold a signal disk check -Using the Troubleshooter Wireless network adapter is unable to hold a signal -Updating the network drivers -Doing a hardware test during boot up Wireless network adapter is unable to hold a signal -Disabling driver shutdown to conserve energy A few things to note -Device Manager detects NO ISSUES with the driver s -The troubleshooter says quot a wire may be loose or broken quot -I don't have any windows discs -Anti-Malware bytes doesn't detect anything excluding some registry errors full scan -Microsoft Security Essentials doesn't detect anything wrong -When I try to connect to the wifi settings page that you should be able to access even without internet access it fails to connect -Adapter is able to find networks in range If you need additional information check my specs I put most of em down when I signed up So does anyone have any solutions Help would be MUCH appreciated

A:Wireless network adapter is unable to hold a signal

Are you able to test on another wireless network? (Possibly a friend or relatives? Maybe a public hotspot?) Does it still drop out?

If so then you are most likely looking at either a physical issue or a driver issue. If not then we may need to change a couple of wireless settings on your router to see if that resolves anything

Many Thanks,
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I can t figure out why my desktop can t keep a network connection I have a wireless network g at home consisting of a Solved: it's though weak, thinks network signal strong PC desktop laptop and printer It s been stable for almost three years and I ve had no connection issues until a few days ago My desktop which is about three months old and has been in the same location since I got it started having internet connection problems about a week ago due to a quot weak quot network signal Today it started out fine but as the day has progressed it has degraded to the point that my desktop functionally has no connection to the network It will see the network Solved: PC thinks network signal weak, though it's strong briefly but not be able to maintain a connection I don t believe the issue is with my router Neither the laptop nor the printer are having problems In fact the printer is next to the desktop and works fine and the laptop shows a very strong signal when placed near the desktop I can only conclude that the problem is with the desktop However I can t see what could be causing this The wireless card Gigabyte GN-WP GS came new with the PC I ve not installed any new software recently There has been no change in furniture or appliances in my house I live in a neighborhood of small houses and can pick up on at most three other networks in the neighborhood I m stumped Any recommendations on how to sleuth this nbsp

A:Solved: PC thinks network signal weak, though it's strong

Any recommendations on how to sleuth this?Click to expand...

It sounds like (or should I say reads like) you already did--the wireless card is the culprit. Overheating seems like a reasonable possibility given the gradual fading.
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Wireless network with two macs and one pc-- all was working great, with wpa2 protection-- but then changed to WEP (because my Olive Musica only uses WEP) and reconfigured the computers. But now only the macs work. The PC connects to the network and sometimes shows a strong signal and sometimes show limited connectivity, but in no case connects to the internet. And when I try to configure the pc it ultimately reverts back to the WPA and when it opens available networks it describes the network i use as a wpa network, even though i reconfigured the whole thing to wep!
If I sound like I know what I'm talking about, alas I do not. But I have tried opening, redoing, reading info, and everything else to get my pc back on board this wireless network.... but nothing seems to work.
What do you think? Thanks for any and all help. best, charlie

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I have had my iPod touch for 1.5 years and had no problem with using the wifi in my home and in public places with wifi. Suddenly I cannot see the wifi signal. It shows the "checkmark" for my home network and looks like it is working and then when I try to get email, it says it is not connected and the little wifi symbol doesn't show at the top of the screen. My laptop works just fine with my home wifi, so I know my wifi is on.
Please give me ideas if you have them. I haven't changed any settings, I don't believe. I was just away from home and it did work at a public location.

A:Solved: ipod touch shows network but no signal

This is marked Solved. If it is, what was the solution, please?
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I just moved into an apartment where the landlord said I can share his internet connection with him He has a wireless a wifi is wireless I signal being How with network create can a broadcasted? that internet signal broadcasting from the st How can I create a wireless network with a wifi signal that is being broadcasted? floor I can get a signal just fine from the kitchen but when I go to the front rooms the signal is very weak I can t run a wire from his router to mine because that would involve drilling etc and I don t want to do that Is there any way that I could capture his wireless signal and somehow feed it into How can I create a wireless network with a wifi signal that is being broadcasted? the WAN port of my router so that I can have all of my networked computers with internet all the time One thing I was able to do was take my laptop to the kitchen where the signal is the strongest connect to his internet and I went into the network part in the control panel and bridged the wireless adapter and the ethernet adapter on my computer After doing that I was able to connect my router to the ethernet port of my laptop and have internet for all the computers but the problem is that by doing that I d have to leave my laptop in the kitchen at all times Is there an easier way nbsp

A:How can I create a wireless network with a wifi signal that is being broadcasted?
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Hello All,
I'm using an Inspiron 1012 to connect to a WiFi source which is located in the same building on one floor below.  I often have very slow network response and/or frequent network disconnects.  I'm not exactly sure, but could an outdated NIC be the problem.  Is someone able to diagnose with more certainty, what my problem is and how I can fix it?
Please contact me if you require any further information.
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I just installed a D-Link wireless router (DI-524). The network shows up with a strong signal when I do a site survey from my laptop (Dell Latitude D400), but it won’t connect to it. I’ve tried connecting using both the PC’s built-in wireless card and also the USB wireless adapter (DWL-G122) that came with the D-Link kit, with no luck. Other relevant facts:

--I have no trouble connecting to other networks with the built-in wireless card
--Tried changing my network's channel; didn't help
--I’m sure I typed the WEP encryption key correctly
--Laptop is only 3 ft. from the router, no barriers or interfering devices present (2.4Mhz phone, monitor, etc.)
--Router has the latest firmware upgrade
--Tried several network mgt. utilities (Dell’s, D-Link’s AirPlus, Network Magic), including their “repair network” features

I’m stumped. Can anyone suggest anything else I might try?

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HI hi
I'm getting excellent signal strength but for the past hour I've been getting "acquiring network address".

I switched to a different wireless signal, and it connected quite easily. Tried back with the latter...still "acquiring network address"

Tried repairing IP ....didn't solve it.

Any solutions?

Thanks in advance.:blackeye:

A:Signal strength good but still acquiring network address

You may need to power cycle your router (if that's what you have handing out IP addresses).
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Hello, I'm Jon, and I'm running on Windows Vista Home Premium.
For about a half of a year, i've had no problem connecting wirelessly to my network, but today I disconnected and have not since been able to connect again. Here's the kicker - the signal strength is still very strong, and others can connect to it. In fact, my laptop recognizes the signal, but won't connect to it. "Wireless association failed because windows did not receive any response from the wireless router or access point."
I can connect to it through ethernet, though.

I just don't know what to do. Does anyone have any ideas?

A:Can't connect wirelessly to a network with full signal strength.

have you tried to delete all wireless profiles and make new one?
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My computer is not connecting to the internet, despite the network I'm trying to connect to having "Excellent Signal Strength."
My computer is running Windows 7 64-bit, 6GB of RAM and 1TB HDD.
I can't figure out any logical reason why I shouldn't be able to connect to the internet.
Some info:
-The wireless router was replaced recently (brand new one)
-The new network and password are not the problem (as in I've connected to this network before).
-I tried troubleshooting (and to no surprise, Windows troubleshooting tools were no help at all).
-This is a wireless connection
I don't have any idea what could be causing this. Another computer in the same house, as well as cell phones can connect to the network fine.

A:Limited Access to network with "Excellent Signal Strength"

Anyone? This doesn't seem like a difficult issue. I can't find the answer with a google search, but a forum for pc help should be able to help me figure it out, I think.
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Hello, I'm Jon, and I'm running on Windows Vista Home Premium.
For about a half of a year, i've had no problem connecting wirelessly to my network, but today I disconnected and have not since been able to connect again. Here's the kicker - the signal strength is still very strong, and others can connect to it. In fact, my laptop recognizes the signal, but won't connect to it. "Wireless association failed because windows did not receive any response from the wireless router or access point."
I can connect to it through ethernet, though.

I just don't know what to do. Does anyone have any ideas?

A:Can't connect wirelessly to a network with full signal strength.

Is the wireless security enabled ?
Remove the wireless profiles and try to reconnect, you will need to re-enter the security code for the wireless - see below

would you post back the following please

{ipconfig /all}
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post results here
We would like to see the results from ipconfig /all post back the results here
-> Start
-> (XP - enter the following in the RUN box)
cmd /k ipconfig /all
-> (Vista or Windows 7 - enter the following in the Search box)
cmd /k ipconfig /all

A black box will appear on the screen -
rightclick in the box
select all
control key + C key - to copy

then reply here and
control key + V to paste
{Ping Tests}
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post results here

Start> Run {search bar in Vista}> CMD to open a DOS window and type:

Type the following command
Post back the results
rightclick in the box
select all
control key + C key - to copy
then reply here and
control key + V to paste

Type the following command
Ping {plus the number thats shown against the default gateway shown in above ipconfig /all}
Post back the results
rightclick in the box
select all
control key + C key - to copy
then reply here and
control key + V to paste

Type the following command
post back results
rightclick in the box
select all
control key + C key - to copy
then reply here and
control key + V to paste
{run Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector} Download and install
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to copy the program across to the faulty PC
Then run the program
if you get an error - You need NET Framework installed for the WiFi Inspector to function.

post a screen shot of the program running - if there are a lot of networks showing can you click on "networks" top lefthand area - so we can see all the network information, and also post which network "Adapter Name" (1st column) is yours on the list

To post a screen shot of the active window, hold the Alt key and press the PrtScn key. Open the Windows PAINT application and Paste the screen shot. You can then use PAINT to trim to suit, and save it as a JPG format file.
To upload it to the forum, open the full reply window and use the Manage Attachments button to upload it here.
Wireless Profiles
- Vista/Windows7:
- delete the wireless profiles
Start> control Panel> classic view> network and sharing center> manage wireless networks

Delete the profiles
you will then have to enter the wireless security key for any networks you connect to
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Hi guys,

I have a very annoying problem. I am on a wireless network. We're getting the connection from a floor below, usually the signal is pretty good. I can always connect to the router, but once in awhile, it just won't give me internet access. Like right now for example...I'm using my roommate's computer which sits on the same wall as my computer, just on the other side. Yet for some reason, I can't access the internet. It shows me as connected in the network connections though.

Any idea where to start here? It is driving me absolutely nuts!

A:Wireless Network: Can connect to the router, but no internet signal...
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I was signal unresponsive. computer screen becomes stops receiving and a Computer getting help over Computer screen stops receiving a signal and computer becomes unresponsive. on this Computer screen stops receiving a signal and computer becomes unresponsive. thread http www bleepingcomputer com forums t computer-running-chkdsk-and-nothing-is-on-the-screen and the person helping me suggested I make a thread here since he ran out of ideas to help me A lot of useful stuff is in that thread Anyways he thinks it maybe a overheating problem since the inside of my computer was really dusty though I cleaned it out and it st has the same problem though I wasn't able to be super thorough as I didn't accidentally break anything I think the problem has to do with my power My comp is like It's Getting over powered since power cycling let's my computer have about an extra minute before the problem happens again and it sounds like my computer is working really hard Though I'm not a computer guy so it's just a guess Not sure if it's possible Though could be something else too I've been at this for days now and I really want my computer working again
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Hi My problem is similar to this one http forums techguy org networking -wireless-network-detected-but-internet html I was able to get the internet on my laptop last night after installing a Belkin wireless card The problems arose when I installed the latest version of IE A version I have of Firefox also will not connect to the internet I have followed the instructions given in the above problem such as resetting the Winsock etc I also typed the following command in CMD IPCONFIG ALL and it brought up the following in case this might be able to shed some light on what is causing the problem Microsoft Windows XP Version C Copyright - Microsoft Corp C Documents and Settings John Kelly gt IPCONFIG ALL Windows IP Configuration Host Name DD F Q J Primary Dns Suffix Node Type Unknown IP Routing Enabled No WINS Proxy Enabled No Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Belkin g Network Adapter Physical Address signal network IE/Firefox detected won't & but connect excellent Wireless - - - F- E-A Dhcp Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes IP Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway DHCP Server DNS Servers Lease Obtained July Lease Expires July I would really appreciate any advice Wireless network detected & signal excellent but IE/Firefox won't connect thank you nbsp

A:Wireless network detected & signal excellent but IE/Firefox won't connect
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Hello, I am new to this Forum.

My Wireless Network Signal Strength Icon is currently displaying a red cross as per this Screen Shot:

Despite the incorrect icon display, my Local Wireless Network is functioning perfectly.

How can I restore the Icon to display rising bars?

Assistance will be gratefully accepted, thanks.

Highland Rob

A:Wireless Network Signal Strength Icon Displaying red Cross

That's the icon for your wired network, not your wireless.
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Good evening,

I have a custom build, amd 8 core 16 gig ram..... Do not know what the problem is. Computer has been running fine for 6+ months. Now the computer occasionally shuts down, but the tower doesn't shut off. It stays on but my monitor says "no signal detected." I have to shut off the tower either via the power supply reset switch or pull the plug. Then when trying to restart both the power light and the hdd light are solid. I mess with the power again, and then it will start again. I have not found a consistent method for getting it to shut down. Sometimes its in the middle of an MMO. Sometimes when I log off the MMO. Sometimes while its just sitting and nothing is happening.

Please help with suggestions.

Thank you

A:Occasional computer shutdown with computer still running, no signal

Test the hardware, establish a Clean Boot, work through the other Troubleshooting Steps for Windows 7
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I need help since my computer freezes randomly lately and BSOD with Locale Id: 13321

Yes, I said randomly, Now I'm lucky that my computer didn't freeze but if I shut this down
and use it again later or tomorrow it may freeze then BSOD again.
Problem Signature
Problem Event name: BlueScreen
O.S 6.1.7601.

(I accidentally closed the report so I cannot put other additional Info)

System spec
Original OS

OS and OS installation are 1 year old

I hope someone can help

A:Computer Freezes, then shutdown BSOD Computer NO signal

Forgot to rename the zip file
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Hello everyone this problem has got to the point to where I disconnect Solved: my Router signal from to constantly wireless drops network, seems am not sure what to do next I am a pc technician for a living so I never usually have problems I cannot fix on my own I have a Dell Studio Laptop and its only a few years old I recently upgraded my router to be wireless a year or so ago and have had a few d c issues here and there but mostly has not been a problem Recently I have had tons of d c issues while playing warcraft or browsing the internet in general anything really So I made the mistake of recently updating my WNR V router s firmware from my laptop s wireless connection After I did this I saw all sorts of warnings none built into the firmware itself sigh that this was a big no no Since then my d c issues have been horrible but what it does now is my connection will be Solved: Router seems to constantly disconnect from my network, wireless signal drops completely normal then all of a sudden my wireless access point will switch to No Solved: Router seems to constantly disconnect from my network, wireless signal drops Internet Access and it will drop my internet The Solved: Router seems to constantly disconnect from my network, wireless signal drops only way I can get it back is to go into the other room and reset the router by either unplugging it or pressing the reset button on the back once it reboots and everything my laptop sees the connection again and it has Internet Access fine Soo I went and made the problem much worse the lame part of the situation is before I had this firmware issue I was getting this problem anyways I decided if I could flash a older version of firmware to the router using my desktop that is wired to the router I could then reupdate it to the current version fixing these current issues hopefully I found a old firmware version on netgear com and went to upload it through the router login for my router it then said the file format was unrecognizable or not the right one it was a img file I even tried to mount the file and explore it no go I found another firmware version older than that and attempted to flash that to the router and it began to update then gave me a warning that this firmware was older than my current I click yes and my internet drops and the update never happens So if I did screw the modem up this way I have no idea how to fix it now I have reset it to factory settings but this doesn t affect the firmware version I suspect the firmware has something to do with the recent problems because I have seen the Congratulations You have setup your router and are connected to the internet quot like times these past hrs I downloaded Xirrus wifi inspector and have it running now I tried the ip flush and release stuff and a bunch of tricks ive seen on other forums My system is Windows with a Intel wi-fi link AGN network adapter I have tried rolling back that network driver and messing with the advanced and tcp ip settings Please if anyone can offer any insight or any things to try please do I know something really simple is going on that I am overlooking but I have to start with fixing the firmware or even making sure that has anything to do with this Thanks I should add that the internet works fine wired this is purely a wireless signal router issue I think Also I have the router in the next room over full strength all the time I m on a different channel than every other wireless channel I can see in my neighborhood and I have no interference from devices nbsp

A:Solved: Router seems to constantly disconnect from my network, wireless signal drops
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My dad recently started having wireless internet trouble with his Dell Inspiron I He will be connected to the wireless internet in our home and the computer will drop the wireless signal automatically This happens approx every minutes but it will not do it on consecutive days or even weeks This all started about months ago I have checked if his computer did updates around that time thinking it is a glitch with a windows update and there were none done during that time The integrated wireless card is a Dell Wireless WLAN Mini-Card And we get our internet through Hughes Satellite which is routed through their modem and then plugged into our Laptop Network I6400, Dell Signal Drops Randomly Wireless wireless router which is a Linksys WRT G The wireless signal is controlled on the computer by the Dell Wireless WLAN Card Utility which I do not like but when Dell Laptop I6400, Randomly Drops Wireless Network Signal I uninstalled or disabled it the wireless on the computer stopped working all together I have changed the channels on the router thinking it may be an interference issue but that did no good Also there are other laptops in Dell Laptop I6400, Randomly Drops Wireless Network Signal the house that use this same wireless signal and this one is the only one that has problems with it If anybody has any suggestions or ideas to what it may be please respond I am an IT major so please don't hold back on IT jargon
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I need some help with Win7 wifi. I'm trying to create an ad-hoc wifi network between my Windows 7 laptop (Toshiba c650) and my samsung wave y handset. My wifi card is atheros-AR9285. When I connect to this network from my wifi, connectivity is established, but with some problems:

[1] It takes a long time for the ad-hoc network to show in the network-and-sharing centre.

[2] The signal strength is most of the time weak with just one bar visible (though my handset sits just besides my laptop. Do you think it could be conflicting with my neighbour's access-point with much higher signal strength?)

[3] The handset is assigned an IP in the range of 169.254.*, but when I ping this address from DOS, I get the error "PING: transmit failed. General failure.". I even tried to assign a static IP to my handset, but when connected, it automatically changes to 169.254.* range. What could be the issue here ?



A:Problems in ad-hoc wifi network - signal strength weak, unable to ping

Quote: Originally Posted by prahladyeri


I need some help with Win7 wifi. I'm trying to create an ad-hoc wifi network between my Windows 7 laptop (Toshiba c650) and my samsung wave y handset. My wifi card is atheros-AR9285. When I connect to this network from my wifi, connectivity is established, but with some problems:

[1] It takes a long time for the ad-hoc network to show in the network-and-sharing centre.

[2] The signal strength is most of the time weak with just one bar visible (though my handset sits just besides my laptop. Do you think it could be conflicting with my neighbour's access-point with much higher signal strength?)

[3] The handset is assigned an IP in the range of 169.254.*, but when I ping this address from DOS, I get the error "PING: transmit failed. General failure.". I even tried to assign a static IP to my handset, but when connected, it automatically changes to 169.254.* range. What could be the issue here ?



Have you tried using the connectify software for this?

Your Hotspot, Your Way - Connectify

It should work with any Windows 7 certified driver to create a secondary access point from your machine. It uses the Microsoft Virtual WiFi miniport adaptor for this which should install with your Windows 7 certified wireless driver. You should be able to see it there in Device Manager under Network connections.
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Hi guys I have already seen many threads with the same problem but none of the solutions worked for me I am unable to connect to my router Beetel TC via wireless network Even if I enter displayed strength to wireless signal connect network, Solved: Unable to full an incorrect security key no authentication error is displayed The wired connection works flawlessly and I can access router admin panel through wired connection Things I have tried Called up the Solved: Unable to connect to wireless network, full signal strength displayed ISP customer care They upgraded the router firmware did a hard reset and did all settings remotely This did not fix the problem and the executive reported that I have a faulty hardware I think my hardware is fine because the same problem exists with other smartphone devices and I can connect to college WiFi easily Changed wireless security authentication and SSID Tried a manual hard reset and firmware downgrade same problem persists with downgraded firmware and again upgrade Tried different operating systems Windows Windows Ubuntu Same problem exists with each of them I think the problem lies with my WiFi router because the ISP executive did all required settings remotely ipconfig all result Microsoft Windows Version c Microsoft Corporation All rights reserved C Users Chirag-HP gt ipconfig Solved: Unable to connect to wireless network, full signal strength displayed all Windows IP Configuration Host Name Chirag Primary Dns Suffix Node Type Hybrid IP Routing Enabled No WINS Proxy Enabled No Ethernet adapter Network Bridge Solved: Unable to connect to wireless network, full signal strength displayed Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Dri ver Physical Address AC- - - - -E DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Wireless LAN adapter Local Area Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Microsoft Hosted Network Virtual Adapter Physical Address AC- - - - -E DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Ethernet adapter Bluetooth Network Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Bluetooth Device Personal Area Network Physical Address AC- - - - -E DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Ethernet adapter Ethernet Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller Physical Address - F- -B - - DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Link-local IPv Address fe db d b ccbb Preferred IPv Address Preferred Subnet Mask Lease Obtained March Lease Expires March Default Gateway DHCP Server DHCPv IAID DHCPv Client DUID - - - - -A - D- - - F- -B - - DNS Servers NetBIOS over Tcpip Enabled Tunnel adapter isatap E - - F- C- E CBDFD F D Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Microsoft ISATAP Adapter Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Tunnel adapter Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes IPv Address d c e d a e d Pref erred Link-local IPv Address fe e d a e d Preferred Default Gateway NetBIOS over Tcpip Disabled Router config http picpaste com im - xgPxsnq jpg http picpaste com im -HqSrSJfH jpg http picpaste com im -K oGngVK jpg http picpaste com im -vvIW pR jpg Guys Please help me nbsp

A:Solved: Unable to connect to wireless network, full signal strength displayed
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Good evening and Happy Thanksgiving to all. It is the original Nvidia GeForce 4 MX Graphics card. The pins are all straight. I get nothing as far as video goes. I hear the fan and the beeps and the system running. I was not upgrading. I just powered down the system before a weekend family trip and when we tried to boot up, nothing. I tried the monitor and video card a second time on a different computer and they work fine. I forgot the specs:
Emachines T2825 2800 AMD Athlon, 120 GB, 512 MB, Nvidia GeForce 4 MX Graphics PCI video Card. Windows XP home EDT.

A:Computer - No Signal

Have you tried the graphics card in any other pci slots?

Because it's an emachine, you should replace the psu for one of decent quality especially if it is the bestec model.
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So I just recently acquired all the parts for my computer and we got everything plugged in but when we turned on the computer it has no signal to my screen Now we don t know exactly whats wrong it might be the RAM but I d like to see if I can get any help here before I jump to conclusions If you need any more info just ask here I m free all day Specs copy pasted computer No - Signal New form newegg VGA GIGABYTE GV-R OC- GD Radeon HD GB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card with Eyefinity CPU Intel Core i No Signal - New computer - Sandy Bridge GHz LGA W Dual-Core Desktop Processor Intel HD Graphics BX I Motherboard ASRock H M B LGA Intel H HDMI SATA Gb s USB Micro ATX Intel Motherboard PSU RAIDMAX HYBRID RX- SS W ATX V V EPS V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready Modular Power Supply RAM Pareema GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Desktop Memory Model MD C L Thanks for any help guys Again if you need anything let me know nbsp

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I downloaded the MicrsoftAntisoyware,when I reboot my computer in the Moniotor it was showing "NO Signal".Do you have any suggestions. how we can fix this issue.
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I weren't sure where to post this, but I think it's software related.
Suddenly when I were gaming, my monitor went black and started displaying "HDMI: No signal". I restarted both computer and monitor, and a few seconds after boot (while viewing desktop) it goes black again and displays "HDMI: No signal" again. I've tried connecting computer to different monitor, same thing happens. I've tried with a diff HDMI cable, same thing happens. I've tried with different input, same thing happens. Because this happens while the programs that executes on startup is executing, I'm thinking it's software related.

Thanks in advance,

A:No signal between monitor and computer

Have you tried updating or re-installing the video driver?
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I bought a computer from a family member. The only thing thats wrong with it is the monitor does not show anything. It stays on stand by. The computer turn on but like the computer i got now when i turn it on it doesnt BEEP. I dont know if its suppose to do it. Its a stocked EmachineT2792 with windows XP Home Edition. If anyone can help please do

Thanks, 090664

A:Computer on but no signal from monitor. Help!!!

Hey 090664, welcome to Techspot. If you havent already I would recommend you search this site about eMachines computers. There is a whole host of posts about various issues with the eMachines computers includin what you are describing. Just guessing.....I would say your PSU is gone and probably took out you mobo with it. Its just a guess, but they are very prone to that happening! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Do some reading and post back.
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recently I on my computer but it indicate no signal on the monitor. the led is on and the cpu is running but nothing on the monitor. I have taken out the Hard disk, and tried to copy the data in it but all in nbf files, which I could not opened by another pc. Please help, how can I copy my data, before sending the desktop to service centre.
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no video signal from compluter when on.  rebooted computer multiple times.  Verified that it was not cord or monitor problem by switching cords and monitors and restarting.  Suspect a video card issue, but has no expansion slots to verify this might be the issue.  Would love assistance to know what to try next in the troubleshooting efforts.
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I just bought a computer from here http www walmart com ip iBuyPower Processor-Memory-Hard-Drive-and-more Mybuild came in the mail pre-assembled bummer but its ok i still have it with a monitor When i connect the no computer signal!- Monitor new computer to the monitor and turn them both on the monitor says quot no signal quot I cant even install any drivers or anything onto my computer because the monitor isnt working Everything turns on fine including the fans sothe powersupply isnt the problem I have tried other monitors that i know currently work and even a TV but nothing is working with my computer They all say quot no signal quot I just got this yesterday and everything is hooked up securely What is the problem Please help thank you Specifications Acer quot LCD Monitor Black V EPEAT TB RPM Hard Disk Drive X DVD -RW DL Optical Drive NZXT Phantom Desktop Chassis White GB G Skill Ripjaws AMD FX- CPU AMD Radeon HD GB GDDR PCI Express Graphics Card nbsp

A:Monitor no signal!- new computer

Call tech support and have it repaired/replaced under warranty.

If it's not working with multiple monitors, there is a fault. It could be as simple as the video card or other hardware was jarred loose during shipping. But contact tech support BEFORE you open the case as it may VOID the warranty.
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alright with the system ive been working on i still cannot get any signal to any monitor ive tried ive switched graphics cards got a bigger power supply new ram idk what else to do.All ive seen if this helps is a little red light on in the corner of the mobo next to the front panel were u put the things on the pins for the pwr switch ect. please help

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Hello! My computer was working a+1 it was in the garage. It was too cold to work in the garage so I took the computer into basement. The next day after it acclimated to the room temp,I turned it on. Monitor saids no signal output, keyboard also ,isn't working. Bill
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I have an old computer which has a Pentium 4 processor and I want to get it to connect to my router, so thats its wireless, what do I need to buy, in order for it to work in wireless mode.Do I need to buy an adapter of some kind, or just plug a hard ware accessory into my usb 2.0 socket

not sure please help.


You can get a USB wireless adapter, but I recommend the PCI adapters for reliability. Something like this would do the trick, and the external antenna allows you to position it for maximum range.
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Yes My computer recently was diagnosed with spyware. And when the problem first struck it wouldn't let my computer turn on at all. Though now I put it in the room across from mine and we cleaned it out a little it now turns on and I recently bought a [linksys] Compact Wireless-G Usb Network adapter with speedbooster. And after I downloaded it onto my computer it said that I had a signal yet when I went to internet explored that WHITE ERROR page came up saying that it couldn't access the internet. So whats the problem? Is it because the computer was once plugged into the wall and is now trying to access the internet wirelessly?PS: The computer is still infected with spyware also.

A:Computer Has Signal Yet Can't Use The Internet?

Well, first get the spyware off. Download and install Ad Aware, and run it in safe mode. (Press F8 while the computer is booting to boot into safe mode). After this, then tell me if it works.
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I have just bought a new computer, which is basically an ASUS socket 754 with an AMD sempron 2800+. I had it assembled at the store but they did nothing to the software. When i turn it on all i get is the light on and fans spinning but nothing on the monitor. I turn the monitor off and on and i get no signal input and it the monitor turns off again. WHat do i need to do so i can access BIOS or something.

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I just got a new desktop yesterday and it was working perfectly yesterday Today i turned it on and my monitor says No Signal The monitor is hooked to the desktop with a DVI-D cable I tried turning both the desktop and monitor on and off multiple times with no success I connected the monitor to another computer and it works fine on that computer I went and bought another dvi-d cable and that didn t work either When i use an HDMI cable to connect the two it does not work either it says Cable Not Connected Here are my specs Intel Core New Computer - From No Monitor Signal i GHz ATI Radeon HD GB Windows Home Premium -bit GB GB x DDR - Motherboard Asus P T SE Monitor is a Acer P w This is not the first pc of this model ive had this problem with i sent the old one back because it was giving me the same problem This replacement one i recieved however worked for a day flawlessly but is now giving me the same problem I really don t want to send this out again and wait another weeks for a computer Please help nbsp

A:No Signal From Monitor - New Computer

i suspect it may have failed also - often with electronics, they will fail in the 1st few hours.

When the PC boots up do you hear the fans and drive working
Also does anything flash up onto the screen , like setup etc
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I Just Got A New Computer But I Am Not Receiving A Video Signal To My Monitor. It Is A Compaq 4620nx / Amd Xp 2500+ /512 Mb Ram/120 Gb 7200 Hd/ Dvd Rw & Rom/xp Home Os.
This System Does Not Have A Video Card Installed. I Did Put An Ati Card In But It Still Would Send A Signal To My Monitor.

Can I Reset The Onboard Video Or Do Anything Else ?


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Just built my friend a new computer and then shipped it to him When it was here I tested it rather thoroughly installed drivers and then installed a few basic programs Skype Ventrilo Firefox etc I tested it one final time and double checked (No New Computer Error) Signal everything then sent him it The system arrived today but will not boot New Computer (No Signal Error) The system powers up all New Computer (No Signal Error) case fans the HSF PSU all lit and running but the monitor will only display a quot No Signal quot message Thus using a webcam and explicit instructions we began to troubleshoot We have tried two seperate monitors and they both display the same message As a result I had him double and then triple check Seating of the Video New Computer (No Signal Error) Card Seating of the RAM All system power cords All system jumpers All system connectors SATA IDE After multiple re-seatings and checks no progress was made I have been unable to see a post if a post has occured and though I suspect it is the video card in some fashion I am unable to take it out of the loop because the motherboard does not have it's own video connector Hardware Stats ASUS M N-E ATX AMD Motherboard NZXT Apollo Black Computer Case XFX GeForce GT PVT GYDF Video Card ARCTIC COOLING Freezer Pro mm CPU Cooler hec ACE- UB W ATX V Power Supply - V - V cUL UL CSA FCC EXCELSTOR Jupiter Series ESJ GB RPM MB Cache IDE Ultra ATA Hard Drive SAMSUNG Black MB Cache SATA X DVD R DVD Burner CORSAIR GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Dual Channel AMD Athlon X Brisbane GHz x KB L Cache Socket AM W Dual-Core Processor Latest drivers for the motherboard and video card as of week ago are installed The machine is running Windows XP Professional bit Edition w SP Everything I've read and seen from this so far says it's the video card but without physically being there it's difficult for me to diagnose any problems Anyone have experience with a similar problem Perhaps I am just missing something because I'm being dumb To re-iterate This computer was working fine before being shipped and now does not - if something does end up broken I can claim insurance and try a rebuild but we dont feel the computer could have been damaged enough considering it did not appear damaged nor did it's case

A:New Computer (No Signal Error)

I doubt that there was damage done in shipping and agree with you - the problem will almost certainly be the video card. I have come across this problem many times in the past, and, in fact, have a machine here at home that does much the same thing. You will have to talk your friend through removing and re-seating the video card. I know that you already tried that but it must be done again. It needs to end up clipped in and be all the way into the slot (PCIe or AGP - whichever card is installed). Also, have him/her disconnect the monitor cable and refit it, making sure that it is press firmly home. Do up the lock screws to hold it in place.

He/she may have to repeat this process a number of times but it will eventually work. It's one of the more frustrating problems that you get with computers.
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Hello everyone This is my first thread monitor! Not signal to computer getting a Help! on this forum but from the looks of this site - it will not be the last Ok first off before I tell you my problem I m going to give you a run down Not getting a signal to computer monitor! Help! of my computer and its specs I built this computer last year Cooler Master Cosmos ATX Full Tower Case XFX Not getting a signal to computer monitor! Help! nForce i LT SLI Motherboard ATI x pro mb PCI Express Graphics Card gb DDR Memory gb total - I m not sure the PIN type Thermaltake - mm CPU Cooling Fan Antec - Spot Cool Case Fan LG Flatron W VG quot LCD Monitor Running a DVI-D cable Windows Vista Bit Operating System NOTE Last week I replaced my original GFX card Nvidea GTS mb with the GFX card I have now ATI X Pro - I did this because the wasn t my GFX card to begin with Anyway here is how the problem came about A couple days ago I downloaded a torrent of Adobe Fireworks I know tisk tisk anyway I checked it for viruses and everything - It came out clean The installation went fine but I had to go into windows system drivers etc and replace the quot hosts quot file with a quot hosts quot file that was included with my torrent Everything worked fine but after I restarted my computer I wasn t getting a signal from my GFX card to my monitor I tried multiple things - I tried switching cables from a DVI-D to a VGA I tried a different monitor but I haven t had a chance to try a different GFX card I will shortly though Does anyone have any other suggestions other than try a new GFX card or does anyone have any idea why replacing that file which is a computer file used in an operating system to map hostnames to IP addresses would make me lose signal to from my gfx card to my monitor I hope to hear from you guys soon Thanks in advance -Brandon nbsp

A:Not getting a signal to computer monitor! Help!

Perhaps you missed this part of the rules
We do not support P2P file sharing applications and any threads requesting help for such will be closed. This includes Torrents, Kazaa, LimeWire, RapidShare, Pirate Bay, and the likeClick to expand...

Please read AND follow the rules when posting. This thread is closed.
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I have an HP Pavillion Desk Top with Windows 8. It is only a few months old. I got it last May. Today when I came home, the computer was in sleep mode. But when I moved the mouse, or clicked the button, or hit the enter key, the screen just said "no signal" and then the monitor turned off. Each time I turned the monitor back on and tried again, the same thing happened.

I finally turned off the computer and turned it back on and it is functioning normally right now. What happened? How do I prevent it? What can I do if it happens again? Thanks.
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I was on here a few days ago with a video card issue, turns out the PSU (450w) wasn't enough to power my 8800GT anymore so I swapped it for an old GeForce 7300 LE 128MB. So far it works just fine but as of today (it's happened 3 times now) when I lock my computer and come back to it, the monitors display "No signal" and the power lights stay amber. I have to hard shutdown with the power button and restart 4 or 5 times before the video will finally show up. Am I losing this card, too?

A:No signal after computer locked

It's a graphics driver problem. It somehow messes up and can't wake when the computer comes out of sleep. You might need to update your graphics driver or get a newer GPU like GeForce GT 620.
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Hopefully this is in the right forum...

I am getting a HP Touchsmart all-in-one computer in my kitchen. I have Direct TV and would love to watch it in the kitchen, but I don't want to have to get wires going through the walls into the kitchen.

What are the best options to be able to watch my Direct TV on the HP Touchsmart in the kitchen wirelessly without any cables?

Thank you in advance!!

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I have just built a new computer and when I push the power switch the computer lights up and the fans spin but the monitor is not receiving signal The computer also does not beep I have searched this problem up and Computer: signal New no Monitor tried many suggestions but still no luck First I unplugged all of New Computer: Monitor no signal my parts and re plugged them back together I turned the computer on with the only the video card and it was continiously beeping Then I checked if the pin PSU connector was connected to the mobo Next I plugged a different monitor to the computer but it also had no signal Last I used only memory stick and then switched it to the other memory stick I also tried re-seating the CPU and the videocard several times This is my second built computer and I did not have this problem on my other computer AMD ABIT KN SLI Corsair GB x Geforce PCIe- x MAXTOR GB X-DISCOVERY Case nbsp

A:New Computer: Monitor no signal


No video on new computer and beeping, You have memory trouble. Try reseating your memory chips. If this doesn't work try placing one memory chip in 0 socket then try the other chip in 0 socket. this will isolate your bad chip. Have memory chips tested. Your trouble is memory chips or chips sockets.
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Hi i posted recently about a problem i had with turning my computer on, i turned it on and nothing happened except for hearing the noises of the CPU and HDD turning on and beginning to spin. The monitor did not detect a signal from the computer and didnt even turn on. The computer doesnt beep on statup as it usually does when turning on. I tried the monitor in other computers and it worked fine so its not a monitor issue. I resolved the problem last time by taking out the RAM, putting it in the other slot and it began beeping BIOS codes so i put it back in the other slot and it worked fine. The next time i turned my PC on the same thing happened only this time i just waited half an hour and tried again and it worked. Can anyone suggest anything?

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I was on my Acer burning a DVD when it froze. I rebooted then after I logged on again I attempted to burn the DVD again. Needless to say, the blue screen popped up and shut down the computer. Now the PC boots but sends no signal to the mouse, keyboard or monitor. The speakers are powered by a computer's USB drive and they power up when I turn the computer on, but they make no sounds, like the Acers login screen. I called up Acer support but of course it's out of warranty when I only bought it in Feburary. I plan to take it into a computer shop but before I do does anyone know whats wrong with it and if there are any possible fixes? Feel free to ask any questions and thanks in advance.

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one of my tv channels gets all screwey when my computer is on, is there any way that i can test what might be doing this so i can fix this ?
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My Sprint HTC EVO phone is cheaper and faster than my AT&T broadband connection so I want to drop AT&T and use sprint.

The problem is I have a few devices such as a Blu-ray player, a Direct TV DVR and other items that need to be hard wired.

I want to use my phone as a WiFi hot spot then pick up the signal with a device and plug my Direct TV DVR into the device with an ethernet cable.

Sprint was unable to help and someone on another non-tech site suggested a Engenius Network ESR9850.

Does anyone know if this will work, or if there are other options available
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Hello I just noticed that my wifi signal bars stay at full bars and does not change even if the signal is truly low I realized this only recently when I transferred to our bedroom which supposedly had the worst signal in the house but the signal bar still stays at full Whenever I click on it the real signal will appear and does not currently real at not signal always Wifi Signal full bars - matching match the one shown in the system tray icons Note My current wireless network adapter is Intel Dual Band Wireless AC- Updated to Windows Anniversary Update on August Solutions I've Wifi Signal always at full bars - not matching real signal tried but failed to fix it Uninstalling the wireless network adapter restarting PC and scanning for hardware changes although it did show the true signal for a second then went to full bars Updating the wireless network adapter to no success in fixing it Also tried rolling back the driver to the original one Turning Network system tray icons on and off in the windows settings And BEFORE doing that I was also trying to fix various problems Wifi Signal always at full bars - not matching real signal that also came with my laptop Updated Intel HD Graphics and Nvidia drivers which seemingly fixed my BSOD problems that never again happened since then Updated my BIOS to the latest which fixed black screen restarting problems when laptop wakes up from sleep NOTE all the drivers ive installed came from the manufacturer's model's support website for my specific laptop I've fixed all the other problems of my laptop but I can't seem to fix the wifi signal bar staying at full Below is an attached image of my problem

A:Wifi Signal always at full bars - not matching real signal

You do not need to scribble out the names on that screenshot, since it will do nothing for any of us. That signal graphic is just like on a cellphone. It does not mean anything. There are a lot of factors why you can have great radio signal, but have interference causing a blackout or outage. If you want to see a snapshot of all signals your wifi adapter is seeing, open up a Command Window as administrator and type it 'netsh wlan show all'.
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I just built my computer and im getting no signal on my moniter i ve tried the CMOS thing taking out and replacing nothing ive tried striping it all down to the basics Signal Computer no Built Just Moniter on and i got nothing i get no beeps or anything the system quot starts quot as in the fans spin and the light blinks on my cd dvd drive and the green light on my mobo turns on i cant even get my cd dvd to open when i press the button and its on ive reseated everything more times than i can count ive reasembled the system many times My Build Asus P N-E SLI MoBo Intel ghz CPU using nm Just Built Computer no Signal on Moniter tech watts PSU by Silencer gig Seagate Baracuda HD Creative Fatality Extreme Gamer Sound Card BFG GT OC SLI Bulk CD DVD drive os and other software is meaingless since i cant see anything on my moniter Also i took the video sound cd DVD drive from my old system where they worked perfect the same is for all my perherihpals Moniter Mouse Keyboard ect Thank you for any help nbsp

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There is no signal to the monitor it powers up and there is the initial beeping sound cd drives HDD and floppy appear to be functioning and all lights and fans work to but Computer no up monitor powers signal fine It doesnt boot up I googled to try and solve the problem and have tried a process of elimination so far I have Checked video card - I replaced with an old one which definately works and still no activity I then thought Computer powers up but no signal to monitor it could be the AGP slot but when I put the original card back i removed the power connections for it and it started beeping so I presume the slot is ok Not sure though Made sure all cables were in correctly - yes Removed CMOS battery and replaced - no difference Memory - removed one stick - no Computer powers up but no signal to monitor difference removed other stick - no difference Checked CPU - seemed to be seated in correctly but removed and replaced anyway again no difference Monitor - monitor screen works as Computer powers up but no signal to monitor it displays no signal when it attempts to boot I m stumped as to what to do next but I think its maybe the processor I m suprised I get no beeps or warnings about it though WHen the GT s power cable are unattached it bleeps like crazy Can anyone help Many thanks Andy SYSTEM SPEC Athlon oc to Asus K N Motherboard GT graphics card gb ram gb HD w PSU nbsp

A:Computer powers up but no signal to monitor

i had exact same problem the other day but i had been messing wif cpu overclocking, maybe you have the same problem? maybe bit to much overclocking?
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Hello everyone I am Computer signal. turns no on Solved: but having a problem with my parents pc The computer in question is mounting an asrock Alive NF P and the main problem is that even tho it turns on it doesn t show much on the screen At times but now it s been a while I have luck getting something on screen keeping pressed with no power on the power button I heard it resets the bios But after that it wouldn t work properly Solved: Computer turns on but no signal. the keyboard didn t work for example And whenever I Solved: Computer turns on but no signal. restarted I didn t have signal on the monitor again I thought the problem was the PSU both the old one and new one are w so I changed it with another one which was correctly functioning I was using it before I bought a new one but the problem is still there I thought the battery in the mobo had drained off but changing it had no effect I even tried putting on an old GPU but completely functional I tested it an ATI but still no signal Last time I got some signal it got stuck in the startup with the following error quot CMOS checksum error quot Now I am completely stuck and can t get any signal anymore I am suspecting a mobo failure Any ideas Thanks for the help nbsp

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I just built a new computer today the specs are as follows AMD MB Ultra PC Ram One stick new one is about - months old ECS KN Extreme nForce Ultra Socket motherboard running on a watt but Newly signal Computer no Built power supply Graphics card is a Chaintech GeForce PCI-express MB card two hard drives one - months old one almost a year gb and gb respectively i hooked it all up today and im pretty sure everything is done right as this is Newly Built Computer but no signal my fourth built computer in years yet when i go to boot it up everything seems to run and lights go on in every corner of the motherboard ram pci etc but the monitor does not get a signal and nothing comes up i have a motherboard diagnostic thing from Soyo and it just stays on FF meaning flash program successful BIOS is going to restart runtime code is uncompressed in F shadow ram this is what the manual says any help would be so greatly appreciated oh and i have tried reseating everything trying only one stick of ram running Newly Built Computer but no signal off of just ram video card and motherboard but still no results anyone have any suggestions thanks in advance Tim nbsp

A:Newly Built Computer but no signal

Does that video-card need an extra power-connection? (same as the powercable that goes into HD or CD drive)
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I have a fairly new Dell 530S desktop computer using Windows Professional XP operating system with an ATI Radeon HD 3450 video card. I recently purchased a digital projector which works fine with my old Dell laptop but when plugging into the blue 15 terminal monitor outlet on the back of the 530S, I get no signal out to the projector. For some reason I assume the blue 15 terminal outlet is disabled in favor of the ATI card. If the projector is plugged into the ATI card, the signal to the projector is fine, but of course there then is no signal to the monitor.

Question: Can I configure my Dell 530S desktop to output a signal to both the ATI card and the 15 terminal blue connector.
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So I just spent over $600 to get a decent gaming computer, no monitor included of course because I already have one. It just got here today and I hooked it up and it looks like it's running fine, beeped once on start up and the LED lights lit up and the fan was spinning. However, when I hooked up the monitor it says "No signal" for the DVI and VGA. I've tried two different monitors to see if that was the case but still said "No signal". This is frustrating and since the computer is new and expensive I'm scared to open it up and start messing with things because I have no idea what is what. (I'm only 15 btw, my parents don't know about computers at all so I'm by myself with this) Please help!

A:New computer, monitor recieves no signal

Profile says female, 22 yrs old?

Does the motherboard have a VGA plug? Try connecting to this until you get the graphics drivers installed.

Also, post your system specs so we can see if there are no other problems..
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Specs CPU AMD Athlon XP MB Soyo KS lt -- a guess from recalling when i bought it years ago Video Card No beeps computer the turning after signal on Geforce Ti Ram Pc DDR With my computer i never turned it off for - years No signal beeps after turning on the computer But ever since my dad told me to turn it off at night to save electricity No signal beeps after turning on the computer which was about weeks ago my No signal beeps after turning on the computer computer just crashed Last night i was playing counterstrike till AM and turned it off This morning at AM my computer doesn t turn on anymore I turn it on and i hear the fans working but no signal beeps no nothing on my moniter The moniter gave me the default warning to check my videocard and cables lt --- BUT i kno thats not the problem because theres no signal beeps I received help from information from this thread http www techspot com vb showthread php s amp postid post And mainly focused the attention on Charles Hammond s post quot If you get no video when building a system you have to go back to square one First you remove all cards like PCI and VGA from the motherboard Then you remove all drives or disconnect the drives from the power supply and the motherboard With just the motherboard CPU and the Memory turn it on and see if you get any beeps If you get no Beeps at all it is normally either the motherboard the CPU or the Memory If you get beeps try out the video card and continue to add the video card and then a floppy or a hard drive and a CDROM and see if you can get that to work and then add one item at a time If you get no beeps at all it might be a motherboard grounding out to the case This is the most likely and easiest to check You can test the motherboard outside of the case I have done this before You just place it together on a piece of cardboard or non-conductive surface Do not use an antistatic bag because the outside of the bag may conduct electricity You need a CPU memory and a video card to test it Then you press a metal object against the metal pins that the Power Switch uses and it should start a boot process Other things can go wrong Memory may be incompatible This may cause a Unequal BIOS Checksum Message or no message at all CPU could be bad and you get nothing CPU could instantly overheat and the automatic protection system might shut the power supply back off or the CPU might just burn up No fan connected to the motherboard CPU Fan Header may cause the boot to halt immediately Improper installation of the CPU Cooler may cause a System Overheat Condition Ram could be bad and you would get the BIOS beep code for bad system memory Video card could be bad and you get the BIOS beep code for bad video card or bad video memory on the video card Power On Switch could be stuck or not working Reset Switch could be stuck or not working You can do the test outside of the case to save yourself some fustration Sometimes it is a mounting post that comes up and touches the backof the motherboard or something like that and the motherboard just grounds out to the metal mounting plate quot I tried this part of his reply quot First you remove all cards like PCI and VGA from the motherboard Then you remove all drives or disconnect the drives from the power supply and the motherboard With just the motherboard CPU and the Memory turn it on and see if you get any beeps If you get no Beeps at all it is normally either the motherboard the CPU or the Memory quot I disconnected everything like told and i still received no beeps How do i check further what s my problem how to counter it anything at all i can do nbsp

A:No signal beeps after turning on the computer


It seems like you narrowed it down to the core componets. See if you can put in a new stick of RAM. That might eliminate it. If that doesnt help, thne sadly your CPU or mobo might be damaged. Do a visual check of the MB to see if anything is broken (i doubt it). Maybe just try a new PSU for good mesure (unless your fans come on)


BTW DOes the power come on and quickly shut off? That could be your CPU saftey switching of the system to prevent damage.
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I went too plug mic in back of computer I pushed the computer forward a couple inches and the front stand of the box went over edge of table and the computer dropped slightly Bout cms The display on the monitor then went off Says there is no signal Called friend on phone and i was still from computer. Monitor signal not recieving on msn When he sent me a msg I could hear the sound msn makes I reset computer Still no picture but computer seemingly loaded up fine and auto signed into msn as usual There is no signal from startup so not a windows related thing I have tried different methods of connecting the video card too the monitor same deal Monitor works fine as I use another computer on it I have tried too also use the second PCI-E port and still no use I don t have access too a spare card or a Monitor not recieving signal from computer. computer with a pci-e slot too test the card Was wondering if there was something i missed or if that little bump is likely too have damaged the card or motherboard nbsp

A:Monitor not recieving signal from computer.

Most likely a connection came loose somewhere......

Does your graphics card have a connection directly to your PSU (many newer cards do)? If so, double check that connection and make sure it is tight.

Does your mobo have integrated graphics as well by chance? If not, any chance of borrowing another PCI-e card from a friend to help with the troubleshooting?
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I have a ABIT Siluro 64 meg video card and I got an
error saying something along the lines of IFSMGR(01) + 00000036
ERROR : OE : 0028 : C0033586. Iam running Windows ME and
now when I power up my computer I get No Signal flashing all over the screen. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:When I turn on my computer the monitor says No Signal

The No Signal message is normal if you have a loose cable from the v-card or at the monitor. I would check cable connections and if that does not solve the problem, open the case and reseat the v-card. The isfmgr(installable file system manager) message may mean that file related to your v-card some how were corupted or damaged and thus no siginal. If the motherboard has an onboard video controler, you may need to connect to that, delete and then reinstall the drivers for the Abit video card.
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I have a linksys wireless n router. I was told that this one was good for long range.
The problem is it gives a low signal to my daughters room (10 feet away) and no signal
to the downstairs computer. I went out a bought this one because someone told me that this router would give signal that far downstairs. now my daughters computer is getting very low signal. I was better off with the cheap router.
Does anybody know if there are settings that maybe need to be set so that i can get a better signal out of this.
Thank You

A:2nd computer having problem getting good signal

Hard to say. Since your other devices are probably not 802.11n capable, you wasted your money on the "n" router I would imagine. I'd configure it for plain 802.11g operation in the wireless section and see if that helps. Also, you might look at the following equipment to increase the range of this router or the older one.

Hawking Tech has a number of products that will help you increase your wireless range. The root page is Hawking Hi-Gain™ WiFi Range Extending Products.

Some of the more interesting products are this Hawking [HSB2] Hi-Gain WiFi Signal Booster, which can be used on either end of a wireless connection to boost the signal power.

Another way to increase your signal strength is by the use of hi-gain antennas. You can choose from omni-directional or directional models, here are a couple of examples.

Hawking [HAI7SIP] Hi-Gain 7dBi Omni-Directional Antenna

Hawking [HAI15SC] Hi-Gain 15dBi Corner Antenna
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I've been having this problem for the past few days now. It's only occurred once or twice each day, but I'm finding it disconcerting that it's happening in the first place. Basically, it's like my computer reset button has been depressed. My monitor flashes "No Signal Detected," and the machine reboots. I think it's a hardware problem, but I'm wondering if it could, perhaps, be something else. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi, I have a Pavilion dv6 with windows 7 operating system. the cable works with my friends computer to the tv but not from mine to the Tv.

View Solution.

A:No Signal from my computer to TV with HDMI cable

Hi Zack1, Try this to see if it helps.  Download the Chipset driver and Graphics driver on the links below and save the installers to your Desktop. Chipset Graphics Driver Next, in Device Manager, open Display Adapters, right click on the Intel graphics chip and select Properties.  Click the Driver tab and then select uninstall.  When done, do the same for the for the Intel High Definition Audio Codec found under Sound Video and Game Controllers. Now return to the Desktop and install the Chipset driver and then the Graphics driver.  When complete, reboot the PC and see if this has helped.  Check in Device Manager that both the Intel Graphics and the Intel Hi Definition Audio codec have reinstalled successfully and whether you now see the HDMI Audio option under playback devices ( found in Control Panel, Sound ) as shown as the top option on the screenshot below ( ignore the fact that it's ATI, i just mean the TV icon option ). If it shows up correctly, try the HDMI connection and see if it now functions properly. Best wishes, DP-K
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I have a nVIDIA GEFORCE 4 video card. I have had it and my moniter for 1 year. I moved and had to setup my computer in a shop/garage. One day I shut it off and when I rebooted it, everything started running, except the moniter said there was no signal. The moniter test said it was running right, and to check the cable and video card. The video card was tested on another computer, and beside the fact that the fan was spinning very slowly because of dust in it, it worked fine. The moniter cable looks fine, no damage on the outside. The computer nor the moniter was moved between the last time I shut it off and the next time I turned it on, when no signal was received by the moniter. I beleive that the moniter is a KDS 17" XF-7b FLAT CRT.

A:computer won't send signal to moniter

And make sure that the monitor cable to the Graphics card is firmly fixed.
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I boot my computer but screen say no signal, also key board and mouse no lights, but the desktop is still on process. How can i solved this problem? pls... Help as....


A:boot computer but screen say no signal...


screen say no signal

This means that your monitor is not plugged into the Video card or the video card has failed.
Where do you plug your monitor into the computer? Do you have a separate video card? Or are you using the onboard VGA port (motherboard connection, see attached)? Make sure the connection is in tight.
If you have a separate video card, shut down the computer open the case and re-seat the Video card.
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Last night I turned my computer on when it first came up it looked normal but my mouse and keyboard were unresponsive. So I had to manually shut down. Upon restarting I am now getting a no signal message on the monitor. I have tried using a different monitor and checked all the cables to no avail. A friend told me I might need to replace the video card, I read on another post that someone who had a similar problem to reset the video card. How would I reset it ? The operating system is a Dell Dimension 4300s

A:When I turn my computer on the monitor says no signal

What's your OS, windows 98, xp, vista? which one?
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I m trying to fix a computer with a strange problem It s kinda old and runs Windows ME It s one of my dad s coworker s computers they say it stopped working during a lightning storm So I plug in the power to the computer and it suddenly fans start whirling But no display on signal moniter. won't no Computer off, turn to the moniter no POST or anything So I try to turn it off with the on Computer won't turn off, no signal to moniter. and reset buttons but no go When I press in or release a power button the moniter kind of quot flexes quot or has this little surge you may call it effect But nothign else I think the harddrive is spinning and the cd drives are lighting up but only after I start pressing Computer won't turn off, no signal to moniter. the power buttons And I did try holding the power button for gt seconds but still won t turn off The little light on the motherboard turns on so it s getting power What s going on here Video card dead Motherboard freaking out nbsp

A:Computer won't turn off, no signal to moniter.

well since you say lightning hit it, it could be both. if you have another graphics card to test, subsititue one you know works with this one and see if it is just the graphics card. if that does not work, personally i would assume the mobo is shot from the lightning ;(
it might be a good time to invest in a surge protector/battery backup system...
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Motherboard: ASUS A8V Socket 939(Non-Deluxe)
Processor: AMD 3200+ Venice 939
Vid Card: nVidia 6800 GT
Memory: Corsair Value Select 1 gig
Hard Drive: Seagate SATA 120gb

Okay, well I just finished putting it all together yesterday and when I flicked on the power everything seems to be operating fine except one thing... the monitor stays in standby mode, no green light, no image at all. Right now I'm using my old computer with the 6800GT and same monitor, so the problem isn't either of the two. I've been asking around everywhere, and the most common answer is the A8V has a problem with display with anything over 3200 and needs to have an updated BIOS. Well, I can't even GET to the BIOS because I don't get any display at all. Would a dead processor cause this as well or would the display at least show me some sort of error? Please, I need your help...

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I use my HDMI cord all the time to project/extend my pc screen, ( like dual screen) until one day, it stopped working completely. help?
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Sometimes when I turn on my computer although computer starts but the monitor doesn't show anything. I unplug the power cable from back of computer and then replug it and after that monitor starts responding (it starts showing desktop), how can this problem be fixed. thanks

A:Monitor doesn't get signal from computer

You haven't by chance upgraded the graphics card recently have you?