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Installing XP on Dell Vista HD

Q: Installing XP on Dell Vista HD

I bought a Dell Desktop last summer (e6600, 2gb ram, 250gb hd) and i am have issues installing xp onto the hardrive. I know how to set the settings so it boots from disk that is not the problem. It goes to the blue screen and loads the necessary files and then says, "Loading Windows" and then a new screen pops up saying my computer has shut down to prevent damage to the computer. This has happened with about 3 different copies of windows XP I own. Please give me some information to fix this issue.
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Preferred Solution: Installing XP on Dell Vista HD

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Ok a Vista on Need re-installing help Dell this will be a long post Need help re-installing Vista on a Dell here it goes I had some beast malware on my laptop a Dell Studio XPS M so I went ahead and re-installed the OS However I messed it up So I instert the Dell Windows Vista Ultimate -bit SP disk and the dell symbol comes up and says loading so I press F and the boot menu comes up and I select right from CD DVD Then it says press any key to enter so I do I believe I got it right up till now I then Formated both of the drives C and D when the two options came up I proceeded to click on the one I thought was right and clicked next So it does its stuff and I enter my password etc I notice however when I get to the desktop my D drive has GB and my C has only GB So I re-try installing it and pick the other option I didnt format it this time This worked out a little better the C had GB and the D had the right amount GB or something I noticed that both said Local Disk C however and there was no recovery So I am worried but proceed to try and install the Dell Drives and whatnot but am perplexed because I can't figure out which to install and if I was doing it correctly THEN I restart the comp and I low and behold there are TWO choices both saying Windows Vista One was the OS with the D drive of GB and the other was the more normal one So I go ahead and try to reinstall it again and Format the two drives but being and idiot I picked the D drive as my main slot again so it has GB At this point I want to cry I have only this one installed on my computer at the minute and will wait for advice before I proceed further I know Dell said it would be an dollar charge for them to help me and my Uni's Tech Department said it would be like dollars I refuse to pay that much however and will try to do it myself Could someone give me explicit instructions on how I should reinstall the OS the correct way and on how I should install the Dell Drivers Please dont post that link to the site telling you how to install windows vista -- its so confusing Thanks in advance

A:Need help re-installing Vista on a Dell

don't it's only a machine! so you have vista on it?
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Hi there I bought Dell notebook with Vista All worked good but sometimes BSoDs appears I decideed to re-install Vista first The installation process works fine until after the st reboot that goes to quot completing installation quot Then I found a great post of jtun who recommends to make some changes in BIOS Go to BIOS --- gt Onboard Devices Go to Flash Cache Module - Turn it OFF Go to SATA Operation - Change AHCI to ATAClick to expand Then Vista was re-installed well All works fine Because of many software doesn t work properly on Vista I decided to install Windows XP on Vista pre-installed Installing 1720 with XP Dell I found a great article on this Firstly I download ahci drivers and integrate it in my XP Then I put all settings back I turned Flash Cache Module on and chenge ATA to AHCI and boot from DVD with integrated ahci drivers in Windows XP Nothing appears only blue screen Then I took a proper Windows XP package and tried to boot from it-nothing How can I properly install Windows XP I have to format my drive first and then try to boot from Windows XP ISO with integrated ahci drivers Guide-me-please Thanks a lot nbsp

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quot Just bought a dell inspiron with the ATI Radeon chipset and sigma tel sound card I configured to dual boot windows XP and Vista Like you I lost many XP dirivers and was frustrated by Dell tech support Here was how I solved the problem Nobody tells you but the Dell latitude notebook D ships with the same ATI RAdeon graphics and sigma tel sound yet runs windows XP go to Dell tech support page choose download drivers select latitude notebook D and then select windows XP operating system and search Dell replace to 1521 XP on Installing Inspiron Vista for drivers Sure enough a downloadable driver pops up for the ATI Radeon and Installing XP on Dell Inspiron 1521 to replace Vista audio drivers I put them both on my Dell and they run perfectly in windows XP I get sound and good video and the device manager recognizes them I am not a techie but this took me hr of internet research to figure out and it works fine on my dell quot I just did the same thing I wiped Vista from my system installed XP Pro and have had trouble finding the Video drivers I tried the above but keep getting these error messages when i try to install Application Install install package failure Application Install failed Application Install install package not supported on this platform Application Install failed Any advice I chatted with Dell they sent me a link to some driver but it didn t work I tried this method quoted above and it also didn t work nbsp

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Okay first off i tried installing Vista over Xp so I Put everything on a USB and restarted PC and went to boot options and it said USB so I hit enter and it read the USB for a while but nothing stayed there.. So i tried doing it with the Original DVD (vista) and it doesnt even have a boot option... What I would like to do is format it and install vista I currently have Xp in it.....This is a Dell Dimension XPS 400/9150... please help someone, i don't care about the files that are inside that hard disk.....

A:Solved: Need Help Installing Vista on Dell Dimension ....really desperate please help
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My Dell Laptop came with Windows Vista Home Premium I didn't get any Windows Disk but there is a Windows Vista Recovery partition from which I can restore laptop to the condition it was when I first got it It has only partitions the system partition and recovery partition Now I want to install Windows I tried to shrink the system partition so I can save the Vista installation programs and data Installing without recovering removing partition Vista (DELL) Windows7 and install Win for a dual boot but I can only get GB even though HDD capacity is GB and free space is more than GB I like to have the ability of restoring my laptop anytime to its original condition with Vista Basically - I need to install Win and use it regularly - Want to have the ability to restore that to its factory settings Don't want to harm the Installing Windows7 without removing Vista recovering partition (DELL) Recovery partition amp ability to recover from it - Optionally Better if I can dual boot the default Vista with my new Win Shrinking won't help because it doesn't give enough space can I use Norton Ghost or something like that to save my original HDD image But then I will have it saved somewhere else not in my own Laptop if I had to remove the recovery partition and format the disk again Please give me my options and tools which I can use Thank you very much

A:Installing Windows7 without removing Vista recovering partition (DELL)

Installing Windiws 7 may/may not make the Dell Recovery Partition unusable.

How to use Dell Recovery Partition,make Recovery Disks & how to order Recovery Disks.
Dell - Support
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I have experienced a lot of problems when I first attempted to install XP on on my laptop which came with windows vista preloaded. I somehow managed to setup dual boot.

The problem then was to find the right drives for me dell XPS m1330 laptop. Dell would not support for XP.

So what did I do? I wrote two posts on my blog with step by step procedures to:

1. install XP on a vista laptop
2. XP drivers for Dell XPS m1330

A:installing XP on a vista laptop and setting up dual boot. xp drivers dell XPS m1330

Nice write up, thanks. I posted the links on the Dell forum, hope you don't mind.
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Hello to all nbsp nbsp I recently did a clean reinstall of Windows XP Home on my Dell Dimension All went fine Now I need to install the correct drivers I have the Dell Resource disc and this is where the problem starts nbsp nbsp As noted elsewhere after the reinstall the screen display of the Resource disc Dimension using XP Installing 2350 drivers reinstall Resource on Windows Dell disc Dell after is as it would be in quot Safe Mode quot Installing drivers after Windows XP reinstall on Dell Dimension 2350 using Dell Resource disc I was aware of this As such the Resource disc Search Installing drivers after Windows XP reinstall on Dell Dimension 2350 using Dell Resource disc Criteria screen was a bit larger Installing drivers after Windows XP reinstall on Dell Dimension 2350 using Dell Resource disc than the monitor screen I was able to size it to fit the screen but this is really not the problem it is the following The Search Criteria options I have from the drop down menus on screen are as follows System Model nbsp nbsp All Dimension C DXC Dimension DXP G Dimension E DM XPS nbsp nbsp nbsp Which if any do I pick Operating System I think I got this one nbsp nbsp All Windows XPTopic nbsp nbsp Maybe this one too nbsp nbsp All Applications Dell Diagnostics Diagnostics Drivers Utilities nbsp nbsp For the life of me I cannot figure out the exact drivers I am to install Windows XP only appears in the Operating System menu I pretty much know the install order but as I said I m a bit confused about selecting the correct drivers from the disc This computer is not connected to the internet at the moment so I can t download and use any sort of driver detection program Other searches have confused me further and have provided no specific answer to this problem nbsp nbsp If anyone can enlighten me on a step-by-step solution to this I m thinking quot Dell Resource Disc for Dummies quot I would be extremely grateful Thanks to all Zlek nbsp If it helps I went into the Device Manager with quot Show Hidden Files quot enabled and all it shows with the yellow question mark are nbsp nbsp nbsp Other Devices nbsp nbsp Ethernet Controller Multi-media Audio Controller Video Controller VGA Compatible nbsp nbsp

A:Installing drivers after Windows XP reinstall on Dell Dimension 2350 using Dell Resource disc

You need, in installation order:

Chipset driver
Video driver (depends on which video card)
Audio driver
Network driver (depends on which you have)
Modem driver, if you use a dialup modem

Go to the Support page and put in your Service Tag. It should give you the drivers you need. You can download them on any PC and copy onto a USB stick for installation on the 2350.
You only need the applications, if you actually use them (eg, Roxio, Jasc Paintshop, etc).
Then install your antiviral software and get online to the Microsoft Update site for all the patches and updates.
Keep in mind that XP is no longer supported by Microsoft and they stopped releasing security fixes for XP and IE9, more than 1 year ago. So they're both full of security holes and put your personal data at risk.
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Alright I recently did a reformat of my girlfriends harddrive for her dell. To make things simpler I just popped her hd into my system as a slave and installed a Non-Dell Windows XP Pro onto the drive. I figured that'd be all I need to get the system up in working order so that I could pop it back into her case, boot up, and reinstall all of her drivers and what not. Unfortunately I keep getting a "Failure to Boot" screen whenever I try to power up the machine. Any ideas?

Can I put a non-Dell OS on a Dell Machine?

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The short version of my non-Dell Vista Solved: of Dell-provided computer? install version I on Can a a OEM question is exactly what Solved: Can I install a Dell-provided OEM version of Vista on a non-Dell computer? the topic says-- Can I install a Dell-provided OEM version of Vista on a non-Dell computer But here s the wordier version giving context if anyone s interested About months ago I guess I got a Dell Vostro that came with Windows Vista Home Basic However I had no interest in Vista because I already had a Windows machine and the very first thing I did was install Ubuntu on it I still have the Vista reinstall disk though which Solved: Can I install a Dell-provided OEM version of Vista on a non-Dell computer? to my memory hasn t been used Now I m planning on getting a barebones system and upgrading what I see fit For the time being I m going to use the Windows RC but I d like to get the uber-great upgrade deal that they re having to pre-order either the Business or Home Premium version upgrade So to do that I d need an XP installation or a Vista installation Is there any reason legal or software-related that I wouldn t be able to install Vista using that disk that came with the Vostro I heard somewhere that sometimes if you try it ll say something like quot This is not a Dell computer you evil evil person quot and refuse to install so I wanted to make sure before I pre-ordered the upgrade I don t want to get the upgrade and have nothing to upgrade of course nbsp

A:Solved: Can I install a Dell-provided OEM version of Vista on a non-Dell computer?
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running a Windows Vista network no problems with wirless computers running Windows XP and no problems printing remotely using the desktop running Vista new Dell laptop is running Vista and trying to add a printer it doesn t see any of the printers At first it didn t show the wired desktop on the laptop under the network On the wired desktop under network It showed the laptop as a music sign and not a computer icon We deleted the workgroup name and retyped it and changed Vista doesn't Vista laptop Dell wired see printers Wireless Desktop it to a private computer have disabled Wireless Dell laptop Vista doesn't see wired Desktop Vista printers both firewalls The laptop is running Trend Internet Securioty It then found the wired desktop on the laptop But it still doesn t see any of the printers that are connected to the wired desktop Tried to find the printers by typing in under the run command It said it couldn t recognize the wired DNS address That is the ipconfig address from cmd and then ipconfig from the wired Dell laptop What do we need to do to have the laptop see the printers nbsp
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We got a new Dell machine with the Vista preinstalled. Employee wanted Ubuntu (how do ya blame him?) so he resized partitions and installed Ubuntu, but now Vista won't boot.

What can we do to get Vista to be happy again?

This howto:
"DO NOT resize the Vista partition during the installation of the Linux distribution! Due to the change in NTFS versions, no Linux partitioning program, nor standard Windows partitioning programs, can properly alter the partition that Vista is installed to."
But we're too late for that...

A:Dell with Vista, resized NTFS partition for Ubuntu, now cannot boot Vista
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Hi, one more question, please. Since I have had 2 hard drive. Can I instal the Window XP on Drive D as i have more space in Drive D than C. If yes, how to go about it and after the installation, would there be a prompt for me to choose the operating system? thanks a million.

A:Installing Window Xp Over Windows Vista With Vista Installed First - Where To Install

Please see your other post for more detailed information. We'll need to determine if your D: drive is a recovery partition or not - and if it is, then you'll have some decisions to make on it's use. But there's a lot more that's listed in the other post.
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I have an old Dell machine that refuses to boot from either a Win 7 install DVD or a Win 7 System Repair CD. It has no trouble booting from other bootable CDs (not sure about other bootable DVDs). It boots from a Win XP install CD or various Linux boot CDs so the problem doesn't appear to be the drive itself.

The Win 7 install DVD and System Repair CD both work fine on other machines.

Does anyone have any ideas why this machine can't seem to boot Win 7 from DVD or CD?

I got Win 7 installed on the machine by other means (long story) and it boots Win 7 from the hdd fine so it's not that it can't handle Win 7 itself.

It bugs me that I can't boot from these disks!

A:Installing Win 7 on old Dell P3

I think I can help on this. Your old Dell doesn't have the system requirements that are required to run Setup. You have to have at least 512 Megabytes of ram for setup to run at all.

Windows 7 system requirements - Microsoft Windows

This link will tell you about the system requirements for running Windows 7 at all.
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I need to install my dell aoi 922 all-in-one. I really need to just use the scanner. That is the most important thing. I don't have the cd to install it so I was trying to find an installation program to download. I could not find one for vista. My comuter is a dell inspiron 1501 laptop. PLEASE help me... I REALLY need my scanner.
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Ok so the problem I'm having is that when running Vista whenever I install a program or game of a large when in uses all Vista RAM Problem RAM with program/game. Vista. my a installing size such as Problem with RAM in Vista. Vista uses all my RAM when installing a program/game. GB's Vista will slowly utilize all of my RAM It'll start off at let's say GB's in use and slowly build up in increments of GB's every second during install GB's GB's GB's etc until it finally gets to GB's the amount of RAM I have installed I'm not really quite sure why it does this but it's VERY annoying Especially when installing something big that can end up taking hours because of all the RAM being utilized Another thing that's annoying is that my computer is COMPLETELY useless during all this as I can't open any program because the RAM is so low Takes - minutes just to open Firefox up sometimes and - minutes to load each page Then to get rid of the RAM usage after the program has installed I can either wait an hour or two and it will slowly lower to about GB's or I can use a RAM cleaner program to do it instantly Problem is both of those ways you can definitely still feel the slow factor after it's down to the usual amount being used The only real way I get the RAM back and it's noticeable is if I restart my computer Now don't get me wrong I have nothing against restarting a computer after a program installs but I do have a problem waiting hours for that program to install I have tried both Windows Vista Ultimate x and Windows Vista Ultimate x two times each and get the same results I have changed the RAM and done a memory test and all comes back ok I have also had this problem on a previous Motherboard CPU altogether I believe the problem started when I got my new hard drive A GB Seagate Barracuda and am wondering if that's the problem however I happened to have a GB IDE hard drive on hand and tried installing Vista to that with the same exact problem I did take the jumper off of the hard drive to remove the Gb s limit and make it Gb s and now I have misplaced the jumper so no way to put it back on to test it It's a custom built PC so I don't know if I'm missing anything like drivers or something but everything I try seems useless Computer specs below as well as how I put the PC together just in case I missed a step Ok first things first got the case opened and ready to install everything First thing I did was install the Power Supply Second I inserted the DVD Drive Hard Drive RAM and Graphics Card Then I applied the thermal paste for the CPU and placed it as well as it's stock fan So then I connected everything up to the motherboard and power supply yada yada and then turned it on and installed Vista I did not install any drivers until after Vista was installed and only installed the Graphics card driver then as I don't believe anything else needed a driver suppose I could've been wrong about that Anyway that's all I did end of story hardware and software below Well using either Vista Ultimate x or Vista Ultimate x I seem to have this problem so both of those OS I have no problem running any version of Windows XP that I've tried RAM is always fine in there -PNY GT MB - GB Seagate Barracuda and have tried on a GB IDE WD Drive - GB's OCZ RAM MHz - x LG DVD Drive -AMD Athlon GHz -Ultra -Watt Modular PSU Think that's about it Any ideas Thanks for all the help everyone this problem has been bothering me for months and I've been unable to find a fix hopefully someone here will be able to help

A:Problem with RAM in Vista. Vista uses all my RAM when installing a program/game.

Hi, I read your post and you do not mention installing the MB chipset drivers you have done this?
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My PC at work is a Dell Intel Core Duo Ghz Gb RAM running XP Pro I wanted to put on Windows but apparently it's not possible According to our IT chappie Dell machines can only function with OS's that are pre-installed by Dell We played around with it a bit today and it's true We couldn't install Vista got BSOD Windows installed but couldn't be activated That really had us puzzled Then on trying to re-install XP we got more BSOD's The Vista was x Ultimate I think Windows was both x Ultimate and x Ultimate The XP was x Pro attempts from different discs and x Pro Anyone have a solution to this Dell is no help - knowledge or speedwise - most likely they will have the usual response of quot Bring it in and we'll re-install at X cost quot and even then it'll take a month Anybody know of a fix for this I'd prefer Windows Dell on installing Problems to run but XP will do fine I have a sneaky suspicion the answer may lie somewhere in the BIOS All help is greatly appreciated

A:Problems installing on Dell

Oh yes, currently installed is Windows 7 x86. Not activated obviously.
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Hello I have a Dell Inspiron mini It has Ubuntu Linux operating system on it I would like to put XP Can I do mini Installing Dell XP on this through a Installing XP on Dell mini USB thumb drive It has no cd drive Here are the specs Also it only has gb hard drive is that enough for XP I have read where some have ran XP on these but don t know how W FPRC N KB DMV C H GGDE PROD INFO SERI ENG WW G GGDE PROD INFO WSI ENG U PTSH D RIVER DOWNLOAD ENG H JTSH UBUNTU ENG Y GAssembly Ada pter Alternating Current W P United States M HGuide SETUP Inspiron English M HKey board United States English Single Pointing Qiao Hong Windows C HBattery Primary WHR C Lithium Simplo P HKit Software UBT Media Y GLiquid Crystal Display WSVGA Light Emitting Diode True Life Lg Philips Lcd G JAssembly Cable Low Voltage Differential Signaling WO CMRALCD J HASSY BASE NBK WO WWAN N HCard Wireless Minicard Broadcom Corporation ARCD United States PP Dual In-Line Memory Module G X GBIT D HSolid State Drive G Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment GX STEC N HBezel Liquid Crystal Display Silver WO CMRA Y MAssembly Cover Liquid Crystal Display IMR BLUE Wireless Local Area Network Card

A:Installing XP on Dell mini

There are USB DVD burners out there for laptops, you could use one of those and it will install XP right from the installation disk.
If you don't intend on keeping the drive after the install, just return it.

If you are in the USA Staples Super Stores have USB DVD burner drives that will do the trick.

Hope this helps.
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I am having the same problem- new hd only- fresh install of XPon a Dell Dimension E 310:- continue to recieve same message when trying to install- cannot install- may be invalid cd- purchased new- then it may say something like catalogue files missing, or no hard drive found, or dll files missing, etc. Something new with each attempt to reformat hd and install OS-anyone have any ideas? I am running out of ideas.

A:Problem installing OS on Dell

and welcome to the Forum

I moved your post since it was unrealted to the thread it was in.

Installing XP on a SATA drive requires an additional step:

However, Most newer BIOS allow an Alternate method for SATA . . Go into the bios and check the "Sata Operation" setting,

change it to "Raid Autodetect/ATA if it is not already. Now try to install XP ( could be IDE Mode, Compatibility Mode or Legacy Mode - different BIOS use different terms )

some will say IDE instead of ATA)

If there are no such settings you'll need to slipstream the sata drivers on the XP CD, follow the instructions in this guide :


Are you using the Dell Reinstallation Disc?

You can get a reinstallation guide specific to your Dell here

You can request a replacement instalation cd here:
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Working on dell dimension 4400,reinstalling xp.Computer only had 128 meg of Nanya DDR PC 2100 CL2.Put in a stick of kingston 256 pc 3200 CL3 I had on hand and It runs fine with that.Debating on if i should try to install original stick of memory along side with the new kingston or just call it good.Smoked a MB one time installing wrong memory so I am a little gunshy.I feel worse case is that it wont run properely but wanted some feedback.

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Hi Guys
I have a Dell Optiplex 170L P4 [2.8 ] & H/d fully formated .
Can I use my normal XP Home disc to re-install XP to this PC ?
Or does Dell supply a fresh copy if I gave them the Ser NO & XP Activation NO on set ?

Thanks in advance Oziwombat

A:Installing my OEM XP home on a dell pc

Dell usually will supply replacement restore CD's for your system if you give them a call.
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This is Proview I recently bought a new computer and used a quot Re-installing computer on Dell XP secure delete quot program to clean all files off the old Dell computer I still have the Operating System XP Media Center Edition reinstallation DVD for the Dell which I tried to reinstall by inserting it into the cd drive and rebooting the unit However the screen asked me for a password which I cannot remember from when I first bought the computer In fact I don t even remember using a password at the time Is there anyway to over-ride the password or use a substitute password to get the computer to accept the reinstallation disc I tried pressing f got into the BIOS Re-installing XP on Dell computer section but I have to enter a password to change the password to a new one I am at a loss and if I can t get it reinstalled a perfectly good computer will have to be scrapped Would love to get it going so my grand kids could use it Appreciate any help to get this going Thanks for your help nbsp

A:Re-installing XP on Dell computer

We don't generally offer help with password issues here for obvious reasons but F2 should get you into BIOS where you'll be asked for a password. F12 simply shows you the boot menu so you can boot from the CD and I'm surprised if the password is necessary at that stage.

You could enter the Service Tag, which is printed somewhere on the case, into the Dell website and enquire whether they set a password and on satisfying them you were the purchaser, they should tell you but if you set it yourself and forgot it, you're lost. I have to say it would have been an unusual thing to do - do you have a recollection of doing it?
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I have just put a new Hard drive in my old laptop and am trying to load the Windows XP disk. The error message I receive in Dos is no valid CD ROM drivers found.
I am using a Latitude CD ROM but do not know how to get the driver on the HD. Any help?

I do have a floppy drive but no floppies for booting.
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I have win k professional I download via torrent a version of Windows XP as my cds are damaged but I conserve my cdkeys intact written in paper I have like - licenses I burned the ISO on my mac an tried to install the Windows XP XP 2k Installing Win on GX260 Pro Dell with Win The computer has an administration code to install software and since neither I nor my dad knows what it is we Installing Win XP Pro on Dell GX260 with Win 2k tried installing the Windows XP PRO via boot cd I started the PC and pressed f and put in this Order of Boot Sequence CD st then HardDrive C then Diskette Proceding I saved and restarted when the computer started it told me to press any key to start the CD boot I pressed any space K F any key as told but Installing Win XP Pro on Dell GX260 with Win 2k the computer continued to load Windows k Pro and did not start the Installation Might I have done anything wrong why didnt it load the Installing Win XP Pro on Dell GX260 with Win 2k cd boot Does not having the admin password could make this because installing via wizard needs the password and not having it gives me a pain in the back

A:Installing Win XP Pro on Dell GX260 with Win 2k

:$ no one can help me? (F)
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I cannot seem to find the online documentation that shows how to take apart my laptop( Dell Cpx) so I can put in a different processor. Im also trying to find out which processors are compatible for an upgrade on my Dell. Thanks[email protected]

A:Installing new processor in Dell CPx

Latitude CPx H-Series/J-Series
Intel Mobile Pentium III microprocessor. For J-Series, microprocessor includes Intel SpeedStep™ technology

Please don't start multiple threads for the same problem. Just "bump" your thread back to the top.
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My questions has two parts I have heard two a from Reinstallation XP CD Dell Installing stories on whether or not one can install XP Installing XP from a Dell Reinstallation CD onto a computer that is not manufactured by Dell I was recently given a Compaq by a family member but it has Vista I still have my XP reinstall DVD from an old Dell I no longer Installing XP from a Dell Reinstallation CD use so I want to use it to put XP on my Compaq After searching about the net I see that some folks claim that the DVD will not install onto any machine that does not have a Dell BIOS on it An alternative claim is that the installer will check for a BIOS during installation and if it does not find the BIOS it is looking for you will be required to talk to Microsoft The second idea seems the most likely to me considering that MS makes you call them anyway if you are installing XP on another computer That's fine for me cuz this is totally legal I just want to make sure before I go through all the trouble I want to completely format my hard drive before installing XP I've installed various versions of windows a few times but what I am not sure how to do is wipe my hd clean How do I do this Thanks

A:Installing XP from a Dell Reinstallation CD

You will have to have a valid Product Key to install XP with any disc, including the Dell
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Hello I want to reformat an e-machines computer but the only windows installation cd I have says only to use it on Dell computers (it came with a Dell computer). My question is what will happen if I use the Dell CD anyway because I don't want to spend the hundred(s) dollars to buy another one?

Also the reason I'm reformatting it is because of virus damage including an inaccessible cd drive. Would re-formatting it fix the inaccessible cd drive problem? I'm still able to access cds by booting from them so I assume that will work. The problem is the drive doesn't show up in My Computer anymore and nothing happens when I insert a CD.

Than you for any help.

A:installing windows xp from a dell cd but...

Welcome to TSG....

Well the OEM disks like from Dell, Compaq etc are all re-written for the particular computers processors that they are made for. Trying to install them on another manufacturers computer is a total waste of time. Your best bet would be to purchase one of the right ones by calling the manufacturer of the computer and ordering a restore or recovery disk set from them it is a lot cheaper.

Please do not ask me the price I do not work for any of them....
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I'm considering installing an SSD on my desktop computer, and have read several places I need to set my BIOS to AHCI mode. I have no such mode listed in my BIOS. The only 2 options listed are LEGACY and UEFI. Is Legacy just Dell's description for AHCI? Can I just install using LEGACY? I can't seem to get any answers from the Dell forums. I'm using Windows 7 64 bit OS. I think the bios version is 8. If I use the LEGACY mode, will Trim still work? This will be a clone, not a fresh Windows install.

A:Installing SSD on Dell XPS 8700

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
Nothing for ssd's is automatic in 7
If you get a Samsung ssd they have a utility that makes using an ssd easy though
It's called Samsung magician a separate download.
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I recently dropped my Dell Smartstep 250 laptop and broke the LCD. It was a SVGA LCD. Because I wanted to save a few dollars, I found a lower resolution Smartstep VGA LCD on ebay and tried to install it. This model of LCD came as standard with most Smartstep 250s. The screen is just a scrambled mess. I can still use the laptop with an external screen but I'd really like to get my new LCD working. Any suggestions?
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can someone remind me please, just on one point. We want to install a full unused OEM Dell Windows disk onto a Dell computer which originally shipped with XP. What happens about the product key? Normally you do not need to enter it when installing on an OEM - but which one will the BIOS expect and accept? I don't want to give the machine to my daughter and three months later it complains that the licence isn't 'genuine'.
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I need help figuring out how to open up my laptop to put in processor.I searched dells online site but didnt find anything that shows how to do this,Please help!!

A:installing new processor in dell CPx

usually opening a couple of screws at the back will give access to it. you'd be breaking your warrenty if you did.
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I have a new Dell and a fairly new HP PSC2355. I installed the printer on my HP computer just fine in Fla. But it won't install on my Dell using XP Home.
I get an error message in Step 3 of 4 in the installation saying "The copy function cannot be used." If I am reading the window right, this is happening during the hpzprl01.exe function trying to preload product drivers. I am at a total loss what to do

I just installed this crazy printer on my Toshiba Laptop just fine. What is on the Dell that is blocking me and how do I get around it?

A:Installing HP PSC2355 on a Dell

Maybe you dont have the latest XP drivers for your printer.

Try Here.

There is also a troubshooting link at the bottom of the HP page.
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I am trying to install XP Pro -bit on my desktop and running into some problems I currently have Pro -bit if it matters During my first attempt I inserted the CD boot up the the computer and it goes into Windows installation loading drivers etc and then I got a blue screen when the installation started on XP XPS installing Trouble 410 my Pro 64-Bit Dell I read around and learned that I Trouble installing XP Pro 64-Bit on my Dell XPS 410 need to load the SATA drivers first by hitting F at the beginning of the the install So I went to the Dell website and downloaded everything they had for SATA drivers for the XPS uncompressed them and copied them on to the floppy drive I rebooted pressed F and then came to the screen showing the different controller drivers to install I selected the first one and got an error for iaStor sys saying that device is not compatible with the x -based version of Windows Okay so it must be the next one right Nope I went down the entire list and all of them gave me the same error So I am at a loss I m not sure what drivers I need and where I can get them Hoping somebody could point me in the right direction As I mentioned it s a Dell XPS SATA drive is Seagate ST AS Let me know if you need any other info I ll try to find it THANKS Kevin nbsp

A:Trouble installing XP Pro 64-Bit on my Dell XPS 410

XP Pro 64bit has historical issues with drivers - I've been there. Unless you're a tweak nerd chief engineer Scotty type character who needs to squeeze every last drop out of available system resources, then don't bother with XP 64bit. But that is only my personal opinion.

You'll probably find more success in using Vista 64bit... but if intergalactic mega performance is what you need, why are you bothering with Windows at all?

But if you're up for a fight then XP 64bit will certainly give you that.
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I just bought a Dell Vostro 1310 laptop but when I try to install Xp it gives me the error Hard Disk not found.

A:Xp not installing in Dell Laptop

acer_racer_2000 said:

I just bought a Dell Vostro 1310 laptop but when I try to install Xp it gives me the error Hard Disk not found.Click to expand...

most likely reason is it may have a SATA hard drive and xp will need sata driver to be install first .check this out
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I want to purchase Windows 7 and upgrade my PC from Windows XP. In the past, I tried using freshly installing Windows XP with a retail Windows XP disc and it couldn't find my HD to partition during the beginning installation. I'm nervous that will happen again.

I don't suppose anyone has installed Windows 7 on a Dell XPS Gen 5? I have no problem doing a fresh install but, before I buy it, I'd like to know that it'll work.

Also, which retail version of Windows 7 should I get? The upgrade?

A:Installing Windows 7 on Dell XPS Gen 5

Hello, Welcome!

Don't worry about installation problems. I have written a troubleshooting guide, and we have hundreds of capable volunteers willing to help you should anything go wrong.

As for the version, if you have a Windows OS now, like XP or Vista, you qualify for the Upgrade version. There is a way to do a clean install with that copy, don't be fooled.
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I am trying to get my dell A940 printer to work with our new ibuy power computer with no luck.HELP,kid needs school project by tomorrow!

A:installing dell printer

Assuming the "ibuy power" computer has Vista installed, have you downloaded and installed the Vista drivers for the dell A940 ??

You need to give more details, such as the Windows version (98, XP, Vista etc)

For Vista drivers check here:
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Hi When Windows ships I will be installing it on my laptop Dell Latitude Dell on Installing Win7 restrictions? - D This machine currently has Win XP Pro installed on a SATA Installing Win7 on Dell - restrictions? HDD of Gb capacity My plan is to remove this disk amp put it to one side and install Win bit on a brand new Installing Win7 on Dell - restrictions? SATA HDD I have bought a Gb WD drive and ideally plan to create partitions - one for Windows one for my data My questions are Any upfront advice on pitfalls of this approach Any knowledge I can't specifically find any data on this having trawled all sorts of places of any drive capacity limitation for my Dell laptop - I have heard of or or other Gigabyte sizes as a limit Installing Win7 on Dell - restrictions? so am now a little concerned that my lovely new Gb drive may not be fully usable If there's any inherent limitation what's the way around this Or will the BIOS 'autodetect' and see all Gb or is there something I need to do in BIOS or elsewhere to ensure the whole drive is visible and usable Finally can I use the Win install process to create the or even partitions successfully Cheers Thanks Danke Merci etc

A:Installing Win7 on Dell - restrictions?

1. I would make sure I have all the Windows 7 drivers on a flash drive first, and Vista ones if they aren't available as of yet.

2. I doubt there is a limit that low, because I have several D630s with 250 GB HDDs in them.

3. You can, but I wouldn't. Only worry about creating your system volume during the install process. Once that is done, and you are booting to Windows 7, use Disk Management to create the rest.
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Been scouring the net but haven t been able to find anything so I thought I d post Sorry if there s been a lot of these types Difficulty Installing Windows a 720 XPS Dell on 7 of threads but here s my issue Installation of the operating system for Difficulty Installing Windows 7 on a Dell XPS 720 Windows actually goes without much difficulty but when I go into the post install setup the monitor goes blank I ve been poking around and what I ve managed to conclude is that Dell likes to use it s own generic driver for video display rather than use the Windows Standard VGA Compatible Driver that should start up by default The reason why I ve come to this conclusion is because I tried booting the new install in safe mode and I could actually see the initial setup page However I get a dialog box at that point telling me that initial setup and configuration cannot be done in safe mode My question for you guys is there any way for me to disable the Dell OEM drivers that like to start overriding the generic drivers that come with windows And if so how nbsp
Relevancy 40.42%


I currently have a Dell XPS M1730 laptop that has been rendered useless with viruses. I wish to reformat/reinstall Windows 7 Ultimate x64 on it. My problem is that the original factory disc has been lost by the original owner. The original operating system on it was Windows XP and was upgraded to Win 7 Ultimate.

I want to download the drivers for the laptop from Dell's website but I am unsure if I should download the drivers for the XP version or the Vista version. There are no other driver versions available.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

A:Help With Installing Windows 7 on Dell Laptop

If win7 was an upgrade version, then you must have a justifying genuine operating system installed and activated which in your case was xp.
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Can I install Windows XP on my dell computer? I mean the regular one that you'd buy in a box at the store. I seem to be having more trouble than it's worth using the Dell Operating System CD to reinstall it. I'm trying to delete the current windows on the hard drive and do a fresh install like I posted before, but it says it can't because it needs the files already installed to make the new install. So what I'm saying is, can I dump the dell disk and just use the real one? I have a feeling that would fix it.

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Recently Windows soon 400 installing after BSOD XPS on (64-bit) Dell 7 I have been trying to upgrade one of our computers Dell Dimension XPS to Windows While this Dell model is old a brief search on the internet shows that several people have gotten Windows to work on this model just fine so I'm inclined to believe this should be doable BSOD soon after installing Windows 7 (64-bit) on Dell XPS 400 I have performed multiple clean installs of Windows Professional -bit on this desktop but inevitably I will eventually start getting a BSOD When the computer restarts I get the notification quot Windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown quot with the following details Problem signature Problem Event Name BlueScreen OS Version Locale ID Additional information about the problem BCCode BCP FB BCP FFFFF AFF BCP FFFFF AFEB BCP FFFFF EC OS Version Service Pack Product Files that help describe the problem C Windows Minidump - - dmp C Users Cheryl AppData Local Temp WER- - sysdata xml Read our privacy statement online Windows Privacy Statement - Microsoft Windows If the online privacy statement is not available please read our privacy statement offline C Windows system en-US erofflps txt Here are download links to the files that quot help describe the problem quot Minidump file amp Sysdata file The BSOD is kind of a crap shoot on some installs of Windows it happens occasionally while on others it happens as soon as the desktop loads The problem gets worse or more likely to occur the farther I progress in quot setting up quot the computer Here is a general procedure I have been following Clean install of Windows Professional bit on hardrive Install all the Windows Updates the only drivers installed are those recommended via Windows Update as Dell offers none for this computer on Windows Install Microsoft Security Essentials Install Microsoft Office Professional Install Microsoft Updates for Microsoft Office Install other programs I need One time I got all the way to step and was ready to transfer backed up files to the desktop when I started getting a continual looping of the BSOD with the most recent install I only got to step before the first BSOD occurred I have tried running CHKDSK but that does not find anything nor seem to prevent any problems I ran a memory test via advanced setup where you press F while the OS boots and that said something like quot Problems were detected you will need to contact your hardware provider quot or something to that effect However no specific information was revealed perhaps a summary is supposed to come up once you reach your desktop but this was during an install where the BSOD was continually looping so I never could see the desktop for more than a few seconds Reinstalling the original Windows XP OS doesn't seem to fix the problem regardless of OS drivers or other programs installed the BSOD inevitably shows up and does not seem tied to a specific update program or action I'm no expert but I am inclinde to believe there is an issue with the hardrive and once the quot bad part quot of the hardrive starts being used problems arise Any help or suggestions would be appreciated If additional information is needed please let me know

A:BSOD soon after installing Windows 7 (64-bit) on Dell XPS 400

I was able to "properly attach" the files relevant to the BSOD.
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I've installed an AMD RX 480 card on my old Dell T5500.
After installing latest driver from AMD and updated BIOS I got this error on my windows 10 (64bit) device manager
"Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)"
Is there anyone have an idea how to make it works?
Thanks a lot.
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Hi all,
I am trying to install a Dell 1600N MFP on a Dell Inspiron 530 with Win XP sp3 installed. Tried to download drivers from Dell and it keeps giving me Vista drivers.
When I attempted to install these drivers it keeps asking me for the last disk. I am trying to install this printer using an USB cable.

Any help or clues would be appreciated.

A:Installing Dell 1600n problem

Are you following the directions at ?

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This is likely a common problem but I'm still going to be very detailed I have a Dell Dimension E desktop which used to be my mothers she [SOLVED] a on Installing E520 XP Dell gave it to [SOLVED] Installing XP on a Dell E520 me because it got incredibly slow it's less than years old It came with Windows Vista installed intel core processor DVD CD drive no Floppy Drive There is absolutely no data on the HD that I or my mom need it has all been transferred to her new comp I suspect that the hard drive is ridden with viruses and malware My original plan was to wipe the hard drive with zeroes but I have heard that could be a bad idea for a Dell or similar PC's of a model like this as there is some needed information on the hard drive that I couldn't restore after wiping it First is this true If I zero it out will I be stuck with a useless HD I have the drivers disk for it and I would still like to zero it out if possible and install Windows XP instead I don't like Vista one bit and I want to use a method that ensures any viruses and malware are gone for good I have been advised by friends to just reformat it and that should get rid of any viruses etc I originally tried making a boot disc CD with HDDerase on it and booting from that but it didn't recognize the disk Now I am just settling for a reformat but that isn't working either Here is my problem I have my XP CD-ROM and I want to boot from it to format the HD and then install Windows XP I changed the boot order in the BIOS to start with CD and I hit any button and it loads the disk It brings me to the proper blue Windows Setup screen but gets to the end and presents me with a windows error Stop x B is the technical information It says paraphrased quot A problem has been detected windows was shut down to prevent damage Check your HD for viruses Run chkdsk F to check the HD for problems quot I tried it with two different legit XP cd's so I don't think it is scratched And I can't find my old Windows disc Other CD's work fine Is this a boot sector virus If so can you tell me the best free program to fix such a virus so I don't have to wade through hundreds of antivirus programs Is there a possible other cause for this problem that I'm not seeing Should I run CHKDSK and do I have to run that from a bootable cd To clarify This computer came with Vista on it and has a Vista logo right on the tower I'm worried that I won't be able to change the OS at all Also this is the master and only HD on this PC I have no other PC's in the house to help me I would love to just wipe it and the programs I was considering for that task were DBAN and HDDerase Can I safely wipe the hard drive with a program like that and still install XP Should I just try to rid the HD of viruses and reformat the drive Is this some kind of capitalist HD that forces you to only use Vista Can I just pop a different HD in this machine and format it Sorry for the lengthy post just wanted to be sure I covered everything Thanks

A:[SOLVED] Installing XP on a Dell E520

and welcome to the Forum

Installing XP on a SATA drive requires an additional step:

However, Most newer BIOS allow an Alternate method for SATA . . Go into the bios and check the "Sata Operation" setting,

change it to "Raid Autodetect/ATA if it is not already. Now try to install XP ( could be IDE Mode, Compatibility Mode or Legacy Mode - different BIOS use different terms )

some will say IDE instead of ATA)

If there are no such settings you'll need to slipstream the sata drivers on the XP CD, follow the instructions in this guide :


You can get a reinstallation guide specific to your Dell here
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just installed windows xp on a dell laptop and will not long on to internet. I was told that drivers need to be installed

A:help installing drivers on dell laptop

What is the make and model of the Dell, do you have a Dell Asset tag #? Write that info down and go to a working computer with internet access and download the Ethernet driver for your computer from Dell onto a flash drive and install it on this computer. Once that is installed then you can go to the Dell Support site to download any other drivers your missing in the Device Manager (sound, Video, chipset etc) with this computer.
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Ok so I recovered an old Dell C521 desktop machine that no one wanted. I ordered new memory for it (ddr2 2 x 2Gb ), a new dvdrw, and a Seagate Barracuda 2 Tb Hard drive. Every thing works except I can not get it to install Windows 7 Ultimate x64. I get to the "Where do you want to install windows?" screen and it gives me 2 unallocated spaces (232.9 GB & 1630.1 GB) and it will not let me format or anything on either. All I get is "Windows is unable to install to the selected location. Error:0x80300024. Help!!! I can not seem to get past this point. It must have something to do with the size as I put in an old 500 GB hard drive and it loaded and runs great. Advice???

A:Having problems Installing on Dell C521

Hello and welcome sandstorm mate just how many drives are in the machine and / or have you prepared that drive?

I would if I were you and if you have use of another machine do a wipe of that drive as it seems like it has two partitions on it already. That my friend is going to take a very long time ith a drive of that size.

Now you can do that using the clean all in the command prompt Disk - Clean and Clean All with Diskpart Command

or use the disk wipe with the Partition Wizard Best Free Partition Manager Freeware and free partition magic for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista and Windows XP 32 bit & 64 bit. MiniTool Free Partition Manager Software Home Edition. in my pic is only an example of what to do.

The alternative is to get another drive 2TB is quite big really unless you plan on saving a lot of data and prepare it SSD Alignment I know it says SSD but it will work on spinners.
Best bet is if you want a real fast boot is get a small SSD and use the large spinner for backup stuff and storage .
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Dear guys,
I try to install Win7 on my Dell inspiron 6400 befor i hav VISTA running on my Laptop. i try to format my laptop then boot from windows 7 ultimate cd but every time its getting error when goes to format the hard drive. i also try to change the HDD 1st i replace my 120sata with 250 gb but my laptop not detect that hdd in bios that 250seagate is brand new and working on other PC fine. then i try 160 hdd and same problem came during format the partion during windows 7 setup. then i try to install XP on Same HDD and same problem came when WIN XP Setup goes to format the Partion. Now i am Stuck in the middle of nowhere Plzz some one Help me Out.....

A:Installing WIN 7 on DELL INSPIRON 6400

Can you trigger the Dell Recovery partition to return your computer to factory condition in order to Update BIOS?

If Recovery partition will not run using cNTRL + f11 or whatever key combination they tell you to use, then you have nothing to lose and can wipe the HD which might stop one of the utility/boot partitions from interfering with install.

Boot Windows 7 install DVD Repair console or Repair CD, choose Command Line, type:

SELECT DISK # (replace # with Windows 7 HD)
CLEAN ALL (zeroes HD for deepest clean, takes about an hour per 320gb, drop "all" if you want shorter)

Now boot back into the installer to attempt Custom install, using Drive Options to create New partition and Format.

Try also removing all but 2gb of RAM to try install, reset the CMOS: What is the SATA controller setting? Try AHCI, then IDE.
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I'm running Ubuntu Linux (64-bit) and upgraded from 4 GB to 6 GB of RAM. Currently, this is how my Optiplex GX620 rates, according to BIOSAgentPlus:

BIOS Type:

BIOS Date:
October 13th, 2005

OptiPlex GX620


Intel 2770 rev 2


Dell Inc.

OptiPlex GX620

As I understand it, A05 is capped at 4 GB, even though my 64-bit OS will see more, if the BIOS allows. If I flash up to A11, will that remove the 4 GB limitation, or am I still stuck with it?

A:Using DELL Optiplex GX620 - Installing 6 GB of RAM

Hi LinuxSupahFly,
The memory support depends on the chipset on the motherboard and the Intel 945G Express Chipset supports only 4GB. Updating the BIOS to the latest version will not remove the limitation. For information on the Intel 945G Express Chipset memory controller, please visit the following link:
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Hi all I know this question gets asked a lot yes I have searched the forums however none of the previous posts have been particularly relevant to me This is my first post so here we go I recently won a competition where the prize was Windows Ultimate full not upgrade version I also just bought a new Dell Studio XPS desktop please see the specs in my profile if you can which came pre-loaded with Windows Home Premium bit OEM version with no disc of course My question is this I want to clean install Windows Ultimate onto the new Dell PC Will I run into any problems in doing this I basically also want to get rid of all the Dell crap and rd Dell on 7 a Installing system Windows party software that came with the computer and set it up the way I want it I have heard that Win will install all my drivers automatically so would I be right in saying that I do not need the Dell quot drivers and utilities quot disc that came with the system The internet is littered with people bitching about how their Dell keeps screwing up or how Windows isn't compatible with this or that and I'd like to try and avoid becoming one of those people Basically I'm just wanting to know if there are any issues in straying from the Dell OEM operating system and installing my own full retail version of Win Any and all help will Installing Windows 7 on a Dell system be appreciated Also I am not really a quot tech savvy quot guy so simple terms would be great Cheers Kraney

A:Installing Windows 7 on a Dell system

1) Make sure you clean your HD
SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation

2) do a clean install is always best
Clean Install Windows 7

3) you need your drivers disk to install all miss drivers.
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Been scouring the net but haven't been on Difficulty XPS a Installing Windows Dell 7 720 able to find anything so I thought I'd post Sorry if there's been a lot Difficulty Installing Windows 7 on a Dell XPS 720 of these types of threads but here's my issue Installation of the operating system for Windows actually goes without much difficulty but when I go into Difficulty Installing Windows 7 on a Dell XPS 720 the post install setup the monitor goes blank I've been poking around and what I've managed to conclude is that Dell likes to use it's own generic driver for video display rather than use the Windows Standard VGA Compatible Driver that should start up by default The reason why I've come to this conclusion is because I tried booting the new install in safe mode and I could actually see the initial setup page Of course you can't do the post install settings in safe mode so I couldn't go any further My question for you guys is there any way for me to disable the Dell OEM drivers that like to start overriding the generic drivers that come with windows And if so how

A:Difficulty Installing Windows 7 on a Dell XPS 720

CoreFlood, I think you have half of of the solution already. Boot in safe mode, install the drivers you want (worst case just uninstall the problematic ones and Win7 will take care of installing them when you reboot) and reboot normally.

Why do you say: "Of course you can't do the post install settings in safe mode so I couldn't go any further."? Have you tried that? That is what safe mode is supposed to be for

Let us know
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I am trying to install windows XP on a Dell desktop that previously had either windows 7 or windows vista on it but as it is setting up the installation, it doesn't even make it to the screen where i'm asked which partition or anything before it blue screen errors out with "stop: 0x0000007E (0xc0000005 0xF748E0BF, 0xF78DA208, 0xF78D9F08) - I'm thinking i need to set something in the BIOS but i'm not sure what..... please help, thanks.

A:Error installing Win XP on Dell Desktop

What is the make and model # of your Dell desktop computer? If the computer shipped with Vista or 7, chances are great there are no drivers for XP. Go to the Dell Drivers site and type in the service tag# or the make and model # and make sure that there are drivers for XP.
As for your situation, go into the Bios, to HDD mode or SATA and change the HDD mode from AHCI to IDE or Compatibility mode
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I am trying to install XP Pro to a Dell laptop.

For some reason, it will not accept the product key off the back of the laptop.

The XP Pro disc that I am using is NOT a Dell one, but should this matter?

I am basically stripping all of the Dell software off of the laptop and replacing it with a copy of XP Pro that has none of it.

The serial on the back of the laptop says "Windows XP Professional DELL".

I can't see why I would have to use a Dell disc rather than any XP Pro one?

Thanks in advance,


A:[SOLVED] Installing XP Pro to a Dell laptop...

You don't have to use the Dell disc, but the disc you use must be a OEM version to work with the sitcker key . . not a Full Retail or Upgrade version
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Hi, my friend wanted me to re-install xp on his Dell Dimension 1100, I tried Ctrl+F11 to access the recovery partition, but there isnt one on his drive. Anybody know of a way to get hold of the restore cd for this?

Thanks in advance.

A:Re-installing Xp on Dell Dimension 1100

What's the service tag number on that Dell Dimension 1100 desktop? It'll be on the sticker on the case.

Is there a 25-digit product code for Windows XP on a sticker on the case, and is it for XP Home, XP Pro, or XP MCE?

(Don't post the product code here. Just advise if it's present.)

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I've installed SP3 on two different dell machines. After the reboot I was unable to go to device manager and connect to the internet. After doing some research I was pointed to the services under computer management and ALL.. repeat ALL of the services were disabled... I went online under and found the services needed to establish the internet. Got the internet working. But my question is... has there been reported problems with SP3 installed on Dell machines or are these two machines rare cases. Heck I really don't know if it was accually SP3 that caused the problem... I do know the problems happend after I did the updates online. Any suggestions? If you need more info let me know :/

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Hello I currently have a dell new inspiron z with gb hdd and a gb of cache-ssd if that s the right term I m planning to buy a Samsung gb ssd and install it in place of the hdd - and since the Windows is installed in the HDD this means that I ll have to reinstall Windows again So since I m a newbie to all the ssd thing I have a few number of questions - Would I need to a an 5423? New SSD Installing Inspiron 14z in Dell change BIOS settings It s currently set at Intel RST setting I don t remember the right term but it wasn t AHCI Installing an SSD in a Dell New Inspiron 14z 5423? and it uses rapid storage technology using the micro ssd Would I need to disable it to reinstall Windows Since I don t have a recovery disk is it ok if I just download Windows from http dellwindowsreinstallationguide com download-microsoft-windows-and-office download-microsoft-windows windows- -sp -iso-download nbsp and install it in the USB Thank you so much

A:Installing an SSD in a Dell New Inspiron 14z 5423?

Hi Andrew Pai,
mSATA drive uses the SSD technology to make the system faster. If you replace the normal mechanical hard drive with SSD hard drive the IRST technology feature would be nullified.
However, to use the SSD on the system please change the SATA operation mode in the BIOS from IRST to AHCI. You will need an operating system reinstallation disc to install it on the system. You can use the link below for placing a request for operating system reinstallation disc (USA only).
If you are not able to place a request for the disc from the link above, then please send me a private message with the computer's service tag, Name registered during the system purchase and email address so that I can check what can be done. To send a private message, click on my name and send private message.
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I just recieved my new Dell dimernsion 4600 and wanted to install an Optorite DVD+/-RW that I just purchased. The burner reads and writes in both cd and DVD. My new Dell came only with a CD ROM drive. I am wanting to know if there would be an advantage to keeping the new Dell CD-ROM drive in my computer or should I just install the DVD burner in its place.

THanks for your assistance. I am definitely new at installing hardware so any tips about the installation process would be very helpful

A:installing DVD burner on my brand new dell

If the CDROM is on the secondary IDE cable, install the DVDRW on the same cable as the CDROM. Make the DVDRW master and the CDROM slave.

This way you can do on the fly CD to CD copying.

At the end of the year you can replace the CDROM with one of those Dual layer DVD 16x drives that are supposed to be coming out.
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I have a dell Inspiron N5110. I purchased it with windows Home Premium but I had to reinstall windows, but I couldn't back up windows and  by the time of purchase I didn't get a windows 7 OS cd as well. Therefore I am unable to re-install windows although I have a product key for windows 7. 
How can I obtain Windows 7 home premuim. I would be really grateful if you can help with this.

A:Re Installing Windows 7 to dell inspiron

If you are within your warranty you can click the link below to request backup media. If you are not within your warranty you will need to purchase the disk. The second link provides information on purchasing the disk.
Request Backup & Recovery Discs for your system (US, Canada and UK only)
Windows Restore Disk
For me to better assist in troubleshooting, please click my DELL-Jesse L and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your Dell Order number. Click my name in blue then on the next page click where it says send private message
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Good Morning,
I have been reading about installing a 1tb SSD drive in my unit and keeping the 2tb as drive D/E. I would clone my existing drive to the SSD using EaseUS, remove all the data which would remain on the original drive. Has anyone been through this scenario and could you send me the correct procedure.
I do not want to re-invent the wheel.
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i had a dell. with it came a windows 2000 pro cd. now i have a computer thats not dell, and it has windows xp home on it. i want my win 2000 pro instead but it wont install, saying its not a dell computer. is there any way around it? needless to say the people at dell are not a help, they say i should have bought another dell instead.

A:Installing windows 2000 pro from a dell cd

Don't know if it helps, but on the CD, in the I386 dir. check the contents of:



[SMS Inventory Identification]

[Product Specification]
Product=Windows 2000 Professional





; Microsoft Windows NT Workstation Version 4.0 and
; Windows NT Server Version 4.0
; (c) 1994 - 1996 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
; Accessible Setup Answer File
; This file contains information about how to automate the installation
; or upgrade of Windows NT Workstation and Windows NT Server so the
; Setup program runs without requiring user input during the text-mode
; phase.

OemPreinstall = no
TargetPath = *
UnattendMode = GuiAttended

The above 4 are from the regular W2K Pro CD.

SETUP.EXE in the root has 196,880 bytes, dates from (06 December) 06/12/1999 21:00 and has version 5.0.2195.1

The legality of what you want is dubious.
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Dell is not checking the Inspiron 620 for Windows 10 compatability and has no plans to update drivers. Has anybody successfully installed Windows 10 on a Dell Inspiron 620?

A:Installing windows 10 on a Dell Inspiron 620

There are millions of hardware combinations on the market, which people use. So I don't know if you'll get many answers if you ask that way.

However, there are quite a number of Google hits on that question:
"windows 10" "Dell Inspiron 620" - Google Search

I found one user for whom the upgrade itself worked nicely, but he wrote that afterwards he had issues with the Intel HD 2000 card: Video playback was somehow problematic and also the sound did only work, if he connected and disconnected his headphones.
The sound problem sounds like a setting problem to me; I think that should be solvable. For the HD 2000 graphics card, you should really use the newest drivers. For an Intel HD 3000 card I am using drivers from May 2015 and they work nicely. Older drivers may have problems under WIndows 10. So check, if there are new drivers for the HD 2000 and if so, install them.
The user with the graphics/problems found these issues to be too bad for him.

Whatever you do: Before you start the upgade, make sure that you have a system image of your Windows 7 installation. From the user with the graphics/sound problems:

After a couple of unproductive hours I restored the machine back to windows seven. This did not come without problems though, the factory installed OS image has been removed and all system scheduled tasks have been corrupted. It has taken a few days to get the machine running ok but restoring the system tasks is complex and the best way to fix this and I assume the recovery image will be a full restore using the system back up discs I made when the machine was new. I have tried asking Dell the question but they do not seem interested(...).
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My problem is when I run install from CD the installer says it cannot find a hard drive installed. I ran the Dell hard drive test utility and it passed. I also looked at it in settings, it see;s it in there too.
Any advice out there please?

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My name is Rob Hubert and Iím from Haarlem, the Netherlands.
I have bought (second hands) a Dell Optiflex GX270 and I want to install XP on it. The problem is that there is no CD-ROM or diskette station where I can install it to the HD. I want to put my 80 GB HD in this pc, but I want to format it. When I now connect to de Dell its stayís in a kind of loop (always returning to options like safe mode etc.) Have anyone a solution for me??

I hope there is someone who can help me.
My apology for my English, but I hope itís understandable.

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I am trying to install a PCI card to upgrade to USB 2.0 on my Dell 8200. I bought a card from Microcenter.The card box said it used VIA drivers.

When I installed it into the slot and booted up the plug and play feature of Windows XP didn't automatically install the drivers.
A disk came with the card, but I was unable to install the VIA driver from the disk. So I was left with 4 new USB slots that would only work at 1.1
USB speed.

A friend told me that the motherboards in the Dell Dimensions work well with USB 2.0 cards that have an NEC chipset.
Has anyone had any experience in installing a PCI USB 2.0 card that installed correctly using XP's plug and play functionality?
What brand card was used?? Thanks for your help

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My laptop came with Vista installed on a partition, you don't get the discs these days. If I install XP I am going to lose my copy of Vista. I don't want to dual boot. Is there any way around this? I want to buy a copy of XP and put it onto my pc but I don't want to lose the Vista o/s that my laptop came with - I want to be able to go back to this in the future. Any solutions guys?

A:Installing XP on Vista machine without losing Vista

Unfortunately there's know way I know of of installing XP whilst keeping vista without using the partition. The good thing about partition is you can have the Vista (vista will not be overwitten if you're installing xp on the other partition) partition hidden and it'lll sit on your computer at a nicely compressed 3GB and it wont effect the speed of XP one bit.
But if you want to get rid of vista totally, the only way is to reformat and then buy a copy of Vista from a shop.
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Hi, could anyone help me I am trying to install vista compatable games on a 64 bit machine. Theme Hospital being a case in point I am unable to even install the game onto the machine as it advises me that it is not 64 bit compatable, is there a way around this? Have been advsied it can be done through DOS but have no idea on Vista as to where this is and what i would need to type. Can anyone help me? are there any other ways other than DOS to let me fool the machine into letting me install the game without running 2 OS's? pc is quad core 2.66ghz, 4gb ram, 896 Nvidia GJZ260 graphics card.

Many thanks in advance

A:Installing vista compatable games on Vista 64 bit

It might be not compatible for Vista overall because it's an older game and does not meet the general classifications of the new OS. It won't work with DOS either since you will still need to install with Vista's DOS.
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Loaded dell disc with vista and don't like it. How do I
get back to my vaio vista operating system? It's still in
the laptop memory as a file but I can't figure out how to load it, I had back up on my old windows, however the new installation don't find any restore points. can any one help me?

A:dell vista loaded on top of vaio vista

The Dell DVD probably overwrote your VAIO recovery partition. You can try to invoke it - usually with F10 key during boot-up. If not you will need replacement recovery DVDs from Sony. HP charges about USD $25.

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Hi. A few days ago my hard drive crapped the bed so I bought a new one. I was wondering if I should do something different than what I was gonna do. I have the original Dell Windows XP SP1 cd that came with my Dell computer. I am going to install it on my new hard drive. After I do this should I go to and download the SP2 or should I do something different altogether? I just wanna make sure I have all the windows security updates on the new hard drive.

Relevancy 39.99%

Haven t had a problem I couldn t fix in awhile Anyway I got a Dimension to fix When booting windows it stalls at quot starting windows quot in both regular and safe mode First thing I did was boot to the recovery console and ran a chkdsk p That didn t fix it I figured it was stalling on a device driver initiallization So I attempted to boot the winxp CD and force a hardware redetection using a repair install The machine ran the installer up until the hardware detection phase and stalls quot setup will complete in approx min quot for hours So I pulled all the cards in the machine then unplugged all the drives except the hard drive and the DVDRW I m booting the CD with It still hangs I guess the last thing to do is to throw in the towel and reformat Dell 4400 starting, installing. on stalls the drive Dell 4400 stalls on starting, installing. But that may not fix the problem either Is there anything else to try before being force to try a reformat Also why do people always bring me the hard stuff to fix nbsp

A:Dell 4400 stalls on starting, installing.

Check this out:
May help you to boot up but you may find that you've lost a lot of settings or some things won't function.

Do you have a second drive to do a clean install on without reformatting?

I assume you've tested the hard drive and memory?
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Bought a new 19" LCD monitor with dvi outputs and a Chaintech GeForce FX 5200 256 meg pci card for co-workers wife's christmas present. Worked on it before so i know it has integrated graphics with no agp port.Bought the card so i could hook it up via dvi.Wondering what the exact steps would be to install the pci card.Off the top of my head i figured i would have to disable the onboard graphics in the bios,go to device manager and disable the intel onboard then install the card in pci slot then load drivers.Is this correct? if i'm missing something please let me know.Want this project to be short and sweet.Thanks for any input.

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I have a Windows XP Home CD I got from dell with my laptop (almost 2 years ago). Well I uninstalled it from my laptop and started using Windows XP Professional right away, and haven't touched the XP home since. One of my friends is having me build a computer for her on a budget, and if I get another license, it'll throw her over the budget. So I have one question: Will I be able to install the XP Home I got with my dell onto the computer with any activation problems? I know I shouldn't, but just to be on the safe side, I thought I'd ask...

A:Installing Dell Windows XP Home on another computer

Welcome to Techspot

Do everybody a favour and install Windows 2000 Pro, if you have that lying around.
No activation problems, and (in my opinion) much more stable than XP.
Install W2K/SP4, update IE to version 6/SP1, then do a full windows-update.
Now take an image of that install, using Drive Image or Acronis TrueImage.
Then install whatever else.
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Hi there.
I have a problem. Currently I am using a 7200 rpm hard drive and I recently bought a SSD. I want to install windows into the SSD but before I do that I read that I have to remove the original HDD during installation. However, there is a stripped screw stopping me from removing the HDD. What are some options for me?

A:Installing SSD into Dell XPS 17 L502x but stripped screw

Have you tried using a needle-nosed pliers with extreme patience, steady hand and dynamic tension?
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I have recently installed windows 8 and tried to install the driver for dell 4110 . but when I tried to install the bios then a warning message appeared. which I am posting. is it danger to flash the bios for the guy like me who doesn't know lot about bios flashing.
and there are many drivers in dell website so please suggest me the urgent driver that should be installed to run win 8 normally cause I have less space in c drive,,,, so help me

A:installing bios IN DELL 4110 SCARED

You don't normally need to update the BIOS, just press Cancel, if anything goes wrong while flashing, you could brick your laptop, it's not worth the hassle.
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Hi. A few days ago my hard drive crapped the bed so I bought a new one. I was wondering if I should do something different than what I was gonna do. I have the original Dell Windows XP SP1 cd that came with my Dell computer. I am going to install it on my new hard drive. After I do this should I go to and download the SP2 or should I do something different altogether? I just wanna make sure I have all the windows security updates on the new hard drive.

A:Installing DELL Windows XP SP1 cd onto new hard drive.

That sounds fine to me, but do you have a broadband internet connection? SP2 is pretty large for dial-up. After you install windows, go to and make sure you download not only SP2 but all available updates and patches.
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Anyone's help would be appreciated.

A few years back, I bought a Dell Latitude with Windows 7 Pro SP1 64bit preinstalled with no COA disk.

I recently picked up a few viruses that I've determined require me to completely reformat the disk and start anew. However, I don't have the original OS disk but do intend to purchase one.

My question is: Can I install a new Windows 7 pro OS COA on a Dell motherboard without violating any of Dell's rules and requirements, and will it install and work properly? I fear that Dell is too proprietary with its components that could bar me from installing the OS properly.

Any unsolicited suggestions and comments will be appreciated.


A:Installing Windows 7 pro 64bit OEM COA on Dell motherboard

An OEM copy is tied to the motherboard that it was installed on so unless you bought a special license for multiple computers it will not activate on the new motherboard even if it is also a dell. That is the downside to using an OEM license. You will need a retail copy to transfer it to a new motherboard.
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I've been all over the dell site all over google and I can't find a problem similar to mine I recently procured a dell latitude cpx j w a PIII and win installed The HDD on CPxJ Trouble installing XP Dell Latitude was bad and I ended up replacing it and the HDD caddy The whole reason this came up was I was trying to upgrade to XP I have tried to install XP about times on the new HDD all to no avail I see CPx j's w XP for sale Trouble installing XP on Dell Latitude CPxJ so I know it's possible Here's the actual problem while installing XP from CD it consistantly freezes while quot installing devices quot with about - minutes left to complete the install All Dell Diagnostics have been run with only a PCMCIA error There is no PCMCIA card installed so I don't believe this is the problem I am running Dell BIOS v A The new HDD is G and I have tried upgrading to XP from a fresh Win SE install all with the same result minutes left on the install and it freezes I really Trouble installing XP on Dell Latitude CPxJ don't feel like paying hundreds of dollars for a punching bag Please help anyone

A:Trouble installing XP on Dell Latitude CPxJ

I have the same model laptop and have installed XP (originally Windows 2000 Pro). I would have to guess that it's either the PCMCIA error or the upgrade. Try disabling the PCMCIA in BIOS and then doing the upgrade -- although you're probably better off doing a full XP install rather than up upgrade.
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I have a new pc, with a raid setup, one small ssd drive for fast booting, and a 2 tb drive
when I try to install win 8 via the "upgrade" method, it seems to install, but at the end, i get the failed to install message.
its a dell xps one 27, and only 3 weeks old; I see a bunch of upgraded files and drivers on the dell site for win 8, but I assume you dont install those until after you have win 8 installed...of course, that is a moot issue until I get it installed!
I dont want to "break" my raid apart just to install win 8, so is there another way?
should I try and boot from the dvd I burned from the iso, and install it that way? And, if I do that, does it go on the small ssd drive or on the 2tb drive? Anyone familiar with this setup on a dell?


A:problems Installing on Dell XPS all in 1 RAID setup

Hi wase4711, I am having this same problem on my XPS 14. It has a 32GB+500GB hybrid drive, and Windows 8 upgrade fails at the same point as yours. Did you find a solution to this? Please let me know if you did. Thanks.
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Hi everybody. I'm trying to sync my "new" dell axim x51 to my pc to no avail. This was bought off of ebay and came with no driver cd. I'm running Windows XP pro (I have not installed sp2). Activesync 4.5 will not detect the device. I've read that it should, but it does not. I've been through the add new hardware wizard. It detects the x51, it appears on the dropdown menu of devices with a "!" next to it. After I'm prompted to install drivers automatically it gives me this message:

There was a problem installing this hardware:

Dell Axim X51

An error occurred during the installation of the device:

The driver installation file for this device is missing a necessary entry. This may be
because the INF was written for Windows 95 or later. Contact your hardware vendor.

I've tried and tried to find anything through Dell; there's nothing.

What can I do??
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I m trying to install a Plextor PX- DVD writer in a Dell Optiplex L The case is the same as for a Dell Dimension with three Installing 170L Dell Optiplex in DVD writer normal Installing DVD writer in Dell Optiplex 170L sized half height bays for inch drives one of which as a CD burner in it Ideally I would want to simply replace the CD burner with the DVD writer It s the Dell case that bugs me This upgrade would be no problem with a standard PC mini-tower case but the Dell case is designed in their own annoying way I figured out how to get one of the metal sides off but the other metal side the one closest to the motherboard is integral with the top of the computer case and is riveted on Once I got the metal side off I was only able to unscrew one of the screws holding in the CD-Writer drive The other side is behind a stylishly curvaceous panel and is inaccessible I thought the drive bays might come out but they also appear to be riveted to the case Not being able to get the other metal side off I have no idea whether there might be two more screws attaching the CD-Writer to the other side of the drive bay which is normal unless you are like me and leave screws off I don t know why the office bought Dells I can t stand them in a lot of ways one of which is the problems I run into every time I try to work on one Surely I don t have to drill out rivets just to change a CD drive nbsp

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I am trying to install a DELL TrueMobile 1150 series 11 Mbs Wireless LAN Adapter card into my Sony Vaio laptop so I can access the WLAN in our home for broadband access.

My research shows that the driver comes standard on the Win 98 install CD. Only problem is that I don't have the external CD Rom that originally came with the unit. OS is Win 98 and am looking for help locating a downloadable driver file for this card. Tried Google and most references to the card refer me to the Win 98 CD. Is there any place where I can download this driver to the laptop desktop (via dialup connection), then install the driver using the Browse feature of Add Hardware?

Thanks in advance for any help.


A:Help installing DELL TrueMobile 1150 card - Win 98

Is this what your looking for?

Says it supports Win98se... I don't see standard windows 98 though
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Hey Everyone,

I've recently acquired a tablet to pilot with my company. It is a Dell Latitude 10 ST2, and my issue is I'm trying to install and upgrade to Windows 8.1 Enterprise, but having no luck so far.

I have the 32-bit version of Win 8 Enterprise on a USB, and when I get to the "Installing Windows 8.1 screen" it get to 35%, and then gives a popup that the "Windows 8.1 Installation Has Failed". I was trying to see if there was a real error message or log to tell me what the issue is, but I haven't been able to locate anything yet. Keep in mind, I don't even make it to the following screen:

Can anyone offer me any assistance please?

Thanks in advance!

A:Dell Tablet - Installing Windows 8.1 Enterprise

Try Cleaning the HD Drive first, using Step one in this tutorial:
SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation - Windows 7 Help Forums
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My son just purchased a Dell 4700 computer and tried to install his 200 GB harddrive as a slave. There is no capability for connecting it to the computer. What does he need to do to get it installed to the computer (Maxtor). He has a lot of video saved on the harddrive and wants to transfer it to his new computer and increase the harddrive capacity. Also, when he took the 200 GB out of our current computer (which I had partitioned) it left my computer unable to find the programs in the program drive. Can you tell me how to get the start menu to locate the program files or create new start menu items. Right now the start menu items show that they are empty.

Relevancy 39.99%

I recently came into possession of an old Dell Poweredge and I would like to turn it into a desktop by installing windows The computer on Installing Windows 7 (Server) Poweredge Dell 800 has a GB SATA SSD which I would like to install the OS on this is not setup in RAID and a GB hard drive for storage The computer also has a fairly old MB videocard and GB Installing Windows 7 on Dell Poweredge 800 (Server) of DDR RAM The screen will read that it is installing windows files then It will run the standard Windows startup screen but at the end of the startup screen the computer crashes and returns a fatal system error c a on the blue screen of death I am fairly Installing Windows 7 on Dell Poweredge 800 (Server) inexperienced with computers especially servers does anybody know how I can get windows to install http www dell com downloads ap pro specs pdf Here are the specs I got it with minus all hard drives The Ram was upgraded to GB and I added a MB videocard

A:Installing Windows 7 on Dell Poweredge 800 (Server)

You can download the DOS Boot disk ISO image for [email protected] and burn the image with their Image burner or IMGBurn in my signature. Boot off of the Kill Disk CD and do a low level format. This will wipe the drive of all previous instlalls. This will take quite a while so please be patient. Once it is wiped, boot off of the Windows 7 DVD and install Windows.
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(ON DELL DIMENSION 4550)so i just reinstalled windows on a new hard drive and im at the point where i have to install/update drivers. On the device manger there are 3 devices with a ?and! : Ethernet Controller,Multimedia Audio controller, and PCI Input device. I have the resource cd but i don't know how to update the drivers. any help is appreciated

A:Installing drivers on Dell dimension 4550

Put the resource CD in and Device Manager Right click on the device and select update driver, when prompted select the CD drive as the target to search.
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Hi all I have just registered here as I am having some issues installing Windows to a friends Dell Mini netbook I have when Win7 to Mini Issues installing Dell previously installed the copy I have to my Samsung N netbook which has pretty much identical hardware as the Dell Mini I had and still have no problems with it on my Samsung I am pretty computer literate but this error has left me stumped I have never came across this before When installing to the Dell it completed the copying and expanding files and then completes installing features After this it is as if it freezes and then I am presented with the error quot Could not Issues when installing Win7 to Dell Mini set the offline locale information Error code x FF quot This confused me so I did a search as you do and tried various methods on solving this issue to no avail The BIOS is up to date and the time is set correctly as well There are no issues with the hard drive either as I can install XP no problems to it I have even tried doing a low level format and creating the partition tables outwith Windows setup Yet I still get the same error Also last night tried again at optimizing the HDD for the install but got the same error Does anyone have a clue as to what it could be Oh and don't be afraid to use technical language as I will be able to understand no problem Thanks Fraser

A:Issues when installing Win7 to Dell Mini

Hello Fraser, welcome to Seven Forums!

From the little searches I've run, it could be, not enough HDD space to install Windows 7 to or, are you sure the partition you're trying to install to is a 'primary' and not a 'logical' partition?
Be sure to post back with an update.
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Have a new Pioneer DVR-K16 burner need to try and install in a Dell inspiron 1150.Not sure how to get old one out.I know its probably simple but i have never done it before.The one i use at work,Dell latitude D510 just pops right out.Not sure about this one.

A:Need help installing new dvd burner in dell inspiron 1150

Read this.
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Our 580 MT is 6 years old so time to instal a new Hard Drive before the original shows any signs of failing.
I have a Seagate 1 TB SSHD to become the main drive (& keep the original - now 6 year old - HDD in place as a Data Drive), 
My plan is to put the new drive in the second Bay, clone the Drive, & then simply swap the SATA cables so the "new" drive becomes the Main drive without having to alter anything in the BIOS
Of course this requires a third SATA cable attached to the Motherboard
I checked inside the Tower today, & as should be, two of the SATA sockets are in use, (Numbered 1 & 2)
Sorry for what might be a Dumb Question, but although the sockets marked 1, 2, & 4 are black in colour, number 3 is white - is there any significance to this?

Thanks in advance for any answers!
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Hi, i switched on my computer this morning and and got fatal error messages, i had to reinstall vista via a disk and now i cannot install any drivers and cannot access the internet or anything, i have a driver disk from dell but still the drivers are still not installing!! any help whould be great, thanks guys its driving me mad

A:need help with dell inspiron 1445 not installing drivers please help:)

There is a 7-character "service tag number" on the sticker on the case.

Go here and enter that number. It will bring up the support and software site that's specific only to your Dell. Go to the drivers and downloads section and look for the device drivers that you need.

Are you sure about Inspiron being the correct model name and 1445 being the correct model number?

You didn't clarify it that computer is a desktop or a laptop.

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Am seeing a problem I haven't seen before. When I put the ATI HD 5770 card in the Dell XPS 8700 and reboot the computer to install the driver, I see a black, blank screen, no video. I know that the system is booting from the sounds, but no video. I've tried using both DVI ports on the back of the card, booting in safe mode, but just not seeing any video.

The only thing that I can think of to try is uninstalling the previous card that's being replaced, Nvidia GT 720, and booting with the new card installed. But I'm not sure that'll help, I just don't understand why I'm not getting basic, legacy video when I reboot the computer with the HD 5770 installed.

Any ideas?

A:Problem installing ATI HD 5770 on Dell XPS 8700

Hi Was your Original OS Windows 8? ...

It also seems possible that your Computer is not Compatible with some Graphics Cards ..
Have seen this with your Model and Xps 8500..
I am sure that you have checked that the card does work ...
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my machine is dell dimension with windows xp sp2.recently, as advised by dell people, i uninstalled the old 'dell support' and ind installed new 'dell support center'
but on restart i got BSOD and had to restore back.i tried it five times but always with the same result.currently i'm without any means to get help from dell, should i need it.
pl. help

A:BSOD after installing 'dell support center'

The BSOD error message in its entirety would be a good thing and one thought on this and this might solve the problem quicker, since Dell tech support told you to upgrade to the new help center and it went south I am only suggesting this because I have worked in tech support before (not with Dell) I would contact Dell tech support and have the BSOD error message ready for them. The tech support usually has all or most of the solutions for their software handy right there in thier database, and this will solve the problem a lot faster than here.
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Hello All I'm in the process of repairing and making a bunch of usable used computers for financially disadvantaged families for Christmas In this regard one of the computer quot bones quot recently acquired is a Dell Dimension E with the hard drive missing I have put a new herd drive into this Dell Dimension XP a new [SOLVED] Installing hard on Dell Win drive in E computer and I also have a Dell [SOLVED] Installing Win XP on new hard drive in a Dell Win XP w SP- CD disk that came with the machine I want to install the Dell Win XP OS from this disk and I'm wondering if I have to do anything special when booting up from the CD and doing a new install of the OS and Dell Utility files For instance May or should I format the new HD as an single partitioned HD and if I do will the Dell Win XP disk automatically handle the formatting and the creation of the hidden partition for the Dell Utilities Or during the formatting process must I reserve create some small amount of space for a hidden partition for the Dell utilities and then the installation process will install Win XP in the main partition and the Dell Utilities in the smaller hidden partition Once the hidden partition is created what are the Utilities programs that Dell installs into this partition and how is the hidden partition accessed once it is installed Any other suggestions or hints in these regards would also be greatly appreciated Thanks you in advance for any help and assistance you might offer in these regards Best Mike Sturgeon

A:[SOLVED] Installing Win XP on new hard drive in a Dell

and welcome to the Forum

1. May (or should?) I format the new HD as an single partitioned HD and, if I do, will the Dell Win XP disk automatically handle the formatting and the creation of the hidden partition for the Dell Utilities? Or, during the formatting process, must I reserve (create?) some small amount of space for a hidden partition for the Dell utilities and then the installation process will install Win XP in the main partition and the Dell Utilities in the smaller hidden partition?

One partition is fine . . you do not need a partition for the Dell Utilities

2. Once the hidden partition is created, what are the Utilities/programs that Dell installs into this partition and how is the hidden partition accessed once it is installed?

No need to worry about the utilities . .

3. Any other suggestions or hints in these regards would also be greatly appreciated.

You can get a reinstallation guide specific to your Dell here:

Dell Operating System Redirector | Dell

After you have the Operating System instaleld, install SP3 then all drivers

I like to get the newest drivers from Dell:

You can go to the Dell support site, enter your Service Tag Number and download the drivers. Be sure to use IE and do not use the Dell Download Manager!

Just download the driver file, save it to the desktop and double click to install

On the list of drivers, click on the driver file:

Then the download button here:

See this for the order they should be installed:
How to Download and Install Drivers in the Correct Order | Dell
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Hi People,

I am an IT Administrator.

We have a Dell Server Poweredge R310, of which the hard drive (wd5003abyx-18wera0) running on a custom OS from a product needs to be formatted to Windows 7. Now, When on the screen for the format, It says "Windows cannot be installed to Disk 0 Partition 3 (which is the Hard drive from the server).

I know for windows to be installed, the Hard Drive needs to formatted as NTFS.

What I cannot find out is the current format for this Hard Drive.

Can any experts help me on this ?\

Much Appreciated

A:Windows 7 not installing on Dell Hard drive

If the hard drive is installed on a computer.

Start Orb
Right click Computer
Select Manage
Select Disk Management
It should state there.