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Hard drive switching question

Q: Hard drive switching question

this isnt a problem but more of a general question I m currently using a GB hard drive that s dying question switching drive Hard and have a newer GB hard drive on my desk across the room in an enclosure bare Hard drive switching question just got enclosure yesterday I received or hassled my best friend into giving me one of The Sims games for PC I installed and tried to play it but it kept freezing on me I m wondering if i can switch hard drives as i was planning play the game from the external hard drive to-be and if i can do that I might need more RAM that s no problem but will i need to reinstall The Sims or just let it collect dust until i can get a better laptop by the way yes i do realize that if playing from external hard drive i could lose information if the hard drive goes awry I think i can handle saying goodbye to The Smiths better than quot Psychology Term Paper quot if you know what i mean nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Hard drive switching question

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Hard drive switching question

psych89 said:

this isnt a problem, but more of a general question. I'm currently using a 160GB hard drive that's dying, and have a newer 100GB hard drive on my desk across the room, in an enclosure (bare, just got enclosure yesterday).

I received (or hassled my best friend into giving me) one of The Sims games for PC. I installed and tried to play it, but it kept freezing on me. I;m wondering if i can switch hard drives (as i was planning), play the game from the external hard drive to-be, and if i can do that? I might need more RAM, that's no problem, but will i need to reinstall The Sims, or just let it collect dust until i can get a better laptop?

(by the way, yes i do realize that if playing from external hard drive, i could lose information if the hard drive goes awry. I think i can handle saying goodbye to The Smiths better than "Psychology Term Paper", if you know what i mean).Click to expand...

Wouldn't you be better replacing your dying 160GB with the 100GB drive in your laptop? Or is this what your trying to suggest you want to do?!?

If its 'dying', putting data onto another drive so your not effecting the capacity of the internal drive isn't going to help your problem.

I'd just use the 100GB drive, a fresh install of whatever OS, and then install Sims, but go lightly on other software and just keep essential stuff on it. I'm assuming your reason for asking is that your concerned with filling the drive up to capacity quickly?

There is no reason why study work, and games cant be mixed on the same drive, but make sure you keep regular backups. Memory sticks are cheap these days, even a 1GB would be more than enough to do a back up of your data after every study period.

I kept two 1GB memory sticks soley for backing up all my degree study work and materials, research, and well everything for my B.Eng Metallurgy degree. They were both identical, in case one failed. I didn't care for any other data on the laptop, just this stuff which is a nightmare to replace. Be wise though, I've had friends in there 3rd year lose all there data, including project work and with no backups your screwed!!
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I m currently running Windows Vista bit My hard drive setup is as follows C GB Raptor The OS drive System Boot Page Files Programs etc D GB Raptor Music Photos a few programs E GB HDD Empty F GB HDD Empty I would like to do the Solved: Installing drive?) Different Hard (Switching Vista on Drive main a following C GB HDD OS drive System Boot Pages Files Programs etc D GB HDD Extra storage E GB Solved: Installing Vista on a Different Hard Drive (Switching main drive?) Raptor Music Files F GB Raptor Picture Files What I d like to do is make one of the GB HDDs the C drive and reinstall my Vista onto it and reformat the GB Raptor that my OS is currently on I ve backed everything up that I need to and I ve said my goodbyes to anything I can stand to lose I just need to know what steps I would need to take to be able to accomplish this If anyone could help me with that it d be much appreciated ADD Just to clarify I DO have the original OEM disc of the version of Vista that is installed on this comp ADD Also they are SATA drives nbsp

A:Solved: Installing Vista on a Different Hard Drive (Switching main drive?)
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Okay heres my deal, a friend of mine gave me their old PC thinking it would be something for me to play around with. In my current PC i'm running WIN XP with an intel cel. 1 processor. My friends PC has a Intel Pet 3 which i'd rather be using. Is there anyway to take my hard drive out of my system and put it in the other system? Friends system has WIN 98 OS, i would want to use my drive with XP. Is this possible? Is there any kind of info need to help me. thanks in advance!

P.S cant switch the CPU's diff slots

A:Hard Drive Switching????

If you swap the hard drive to the other pc you will need to reinstall xp anyway.
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I have a 40 gig hard drive that was my master drive on a pentium system. I have tried to install the same hard drive in an AMD system, but while windows is loading, the computer resets itself. I thought it could be from my old windows xp home edition os, so I upgraded to pro. Once the upgrade was complete, it tried to boot windows, but the same problem occurs. If anyone has any idea why this is happening, please tell me how to fix it. Thanks.

A:Switching hard drive to new cpu

Whenever you move a hard drive from one machine to another, unless the motherboards are the same, the best thing to do is to format the drive and re-install win XP anew.
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i just bought a seagate 160Gb sata HD. what i can't figure out is how to boot off of it(specificly, how do i copy my OS on it) and how 2 make it my primary storage?

A:switching from one hard drive to the other?

self explanitory... should figure it out yourself how to work it by the time you've downloaded the app.. otherwise post back...
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A year ago I put in a second hard drive, and was never able to get the two to communicate, so today, I took out the old one, changed the new one to Master, and plugged it in. (expecting that it would just start windows as usual, without having to hit the F1 key)...
Well, it goes to the blue screen for programming.
What do I need to do? I have everything on that hard drive... operating system etc...
How do I get it to just take over as the master ?
When it was the slave, it didn't work the sound... hoping to fix that.
I am giving this system away, but want to fix it for them.

A:Switching to one Hard Drive

What kind of "communication" problem did you have between the two HDs?

There is an operating system on both drives?

I don't understand this: "When it was the slave, it didn't work the sound... hoping to fix that"

Do you have all the jumper settings correct?
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I Hard Switching... Drive have read two similair but did not quite answer Hard Drive Switching... the question I am looking for My motherboard in my Hp a n went out I purchased a new motherboard but Hard Drive Switching... it is an atx so i purchased a new case as well Hard Drive Switching... I was just going to put everything from the no longer working computer into the new case that has a new motherboard Then I got enough money to build a new machine The hard drive from the Hp has all my music videos etc on it I need to keep those I have another computer i use for gaming I would like to make that my new computer for music and every I then wanted to sell the hp component computer to someone else I want to put the music hardrive in my old gaming computer and the old gaming computer into my new gaming computer I am basically trying to swap hard drives I have read that this can happen and i have read that this cant happen I do not want to purchase a new copy of windows and reformat or copy or ghost I would if possible I would like just swap hardrives A thread by savage something said that it worked for him The post Can i said it can not work I need to know if it can or if it can not First thread sorry if confusing nbsp

A:Hard Drive Switching...

You will have a very difficult time without a reformat and a reinstall.
Put the drive into another desktop jumpered as a slave, then drag and drop the files to the desktop drive, or burn them to disk. You may need to use recovery software for some programs, email files, etc., depending on what you use.
Then you will need a copy of windows or a windows recovery disk to reformat and perhaps re-partition the drive, then install Windows.
Part of the problem is the protective way that Microsoft blocks Windows when the hardware changes. The other part of the problem is that using a Recovery Disk set is not the same as using a full, unrestricted version of Windows which will often allow you to repair the disk to restore it to full use in a new computer... but that is costly.
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I have a desktop with windows 8. I have a spare hard drive with windows 7.
Can I just switch out the w8 hard drive and put in the w7 hard drive or is there more steps to this?

A:switching hard drive

Was the Windows 7 Installed on the Computer you want to switch the drives in?
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Cables got mixed up, need some help. Have 3 slots, one says floppy, suppose that is for the floppy disk drive, second has secondary beside it, 3rd has primary beside it. I thought the hard drive cable goes into the primary, the cd rom into the secondary one. Something just not working right. Says invalid system disk if I start it w/out a floppy disk in it, even if I have the XP disk in the cd rom. When I try to install from the XP disk it says press any button to boot from cd then it does nothing. I know the cd rom is good. It is from my computer.
Also, what do I need to set cd & hard drive to(master/slave etc).
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I wanna switch out my current HD 7200 rpm to the WD raptor 10000 rpm. What do I have to do to get all the information from my old to new one thanks.

A:Switching out Hard Drive to 10000 RPM's

You can go to Back-up and Restore. In the upper left there will be a "create system image" link. Press that and put the image of your current drive on an external drive or DVDs.

You can then switch drives and use the "install DVD" or "repair CD" to restore the image to the new drive.

Here is a video on creating and restoring an image. Hope it helps.
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ok i am having a weaird problem

when i restart my comp then my hdd is in UDMA 5 mode which is good

then whatever i do on this hdd it goes gown

to udma4... and then finally untill PIO MODE

i am running windows xp

this started happening after i switched to new mobo

MOBO : ASUS p5k premium

please help me someone its really annoying

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Help needed!

I had 2 Dell Latitude C610 and between the 2 only one decent computer (one good hard drive and one good hard ware). So I loaded all the data onto the good hard drive and removed both hard drives and swapped them so all the good components were together. This was a silly thing to do.

Now when I start both up the option for start normally, safe mode etc. comes up and in all start up modes a blue screen appears and disappears before I can read it. Is this fixable by myself or have I ruined 2 perfectly OK computers in one foul swoop?

A:Stupidly Switching Hard Drive

This should be fixable, but may require some time... several steps...
For a 6-year old laptop... you gotta ask yourself... is it worth it?

Still, my guess, at this point, is that it should be fixable.

First step... Questions...
1. How did you determine that the drive was bad on one, and the "hardware" bad on the other...
Specifically what hardware was bad?

2. Do you have the restore cds (or original OS disks) that came with the computers?
If not, we may have problems unless you wish to purchase an xp pro from someplace like Micro Center.
(your original OS was xp pro, yes?)
If you have another os such as 2k that you could migrate, this too could be an option.

Step two... go into your bios, on both, and set up to boot first from the cd...

On the one that has the data you wish to save... turn it off and wait.

On the other... attempt to follow the prompts for a restore installation.
If it fails, swap the drives (again). and try the same on the other computer...
again saving the other drive (that has the data you want to save) for later.

What results exactly from following these steps?
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Since installing Windows 7 (build 7100) I have been having a strange issue. I have a system drive (C:, 80GB) and 2 identical 300 GB drives (D: and E: ) used to store media. All my drives are internal SATA drives.

Oddly, whenever I restart my computer the drive letters for D: and E: switch. So Media1, which was D:, becomes E:, and vice versa for Media2.

Obviously this is a problem. Has anyone else experienced it? Ideas? I've had this same setup in Windows Vista for over a year, no problems. No hardware was changed with the OS upgrade.

A:Hard drive letters switching

This is a windows feature whereby Windows 7 has a new boot loader that actually changes the C: drive (internally within the OS) so that the the OS being loaded is always on Drive C:.

Click on the start button and search for CMD. Run CMD as an administrator and enter BCDEDIT at the DOS prompt. This will display the boot options. They can be changed using the BCDEDIT program but is tricky - look at the examples (BCDEDIT /?). Good luck
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Hello to all hardware experts out there.

I experience this boot problem from time to time, the PC wouldn't boot and there's this message on a black DOS prompt that says something about "NTLRD is missing" (correct me if I am wrong about the spelling).

Anyway, at first I would reformat the drive and reinstall the OS but later I found out that the hard drives somehow has switched (the slave drive becomes the primary boot device) so I would solve the problem by switching them back in the proper order in the BIOS setup and the PC would boot normally again.

What causes this problem? by the way my primary drive is SATA and my slave is the older ATA drive, does this have something to do with the problem? Thanks in advance.
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My HP G71 malfunctioned. Long story short, I put in an old Vista hard drive, reset the admin password using Linux, and finally got my computer to start up again.

Now it's saying there are no wireless networks available. When I click "diagnose this problem", a box pops up that says "There are driver or hardware problems with the network adapter Realtek RTL8101 Family PCI-E Fast Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.0) on this computer."

What does this mean? Is it something to do with drivers? Or is the hard drive just not compatible? Should I just buy a new hard drive?
Some more info: My HP G71 was running windows 7, before I swapped to a hard drive running Windows Vista service pack 1. The hard drive is from a Sony VAIO model PCG-713L. It's currently letting me install Vista service pack 2, which I guess must have already been downloaded to the hard drive.

A:Problem switching to a new hard drive

Is it something to do with drivers? Or is the hard drive just not compatible? Should I just buy a new hard drive?Click to expand...

Yes,yes, and yes to buying a new hard drive. Odds of what your trying to do with that Vaio HD is next to impossible.

Any time the hardware of the computer is changed drastically in cases like this, you would in most cases need to do a full reload of windows. You're swapping drives into a completely different computer, meaning, new motherboard and cpu, in 99% of cases, you won't be able to boot normally doing this.
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My current pc is packed in so going to replace it but my question is, is it a big issue switching my old hard drive into the new system with windows 7 on it. I can save a lot by not having to pay for windows again as they give that option but I just wanted to know how it goes really.

When I say old the drive is actually a new one I got a few months back.

Thanks guys.

A:Switching hard drive and install between systems

Hey there Mats Effect

Not sure about overseas, but here in the US we have OEM and Retail versions of MS licensing for consumers.

OEM is what most folks end up with - You will see the sticker on the computer case, it has the Windows Key on it, and if you try and peel the sticker off it will *void the warranty*. OEM is licensed to stay with the 'computer' the sticker is on till the computer dies. Then the license is dead too. OEM is Non Transfereable in the USA. I imagine it's the same everywhere, but you should check.

Retail - That is a full price full working version of Windows that can go *Anywhere* and is good till the version is "End Of Life".

Upgrade - the grey area...

Which version do you have?

Moving the hard drive to a new system - Well, I don't have the answer to this - It used to be impossible, but I have heard that some particular software can do it.

With the many different drivers that are tied into the massive registry, I would be *very* skeptical that this can be pulled off reliably. I would assume a re-install would be the only way to tackle this job.

Unless someone comes along and tells us about new software you should really start planning on a reinstall.

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I have a ultra mini optiplex that just recently started giving me trouble I noticed a couple days of days ago when the pc booted there was a message at start up that said quot system battery voltage is low quot and to press f to continue so i did and everything seem to with Hard 745 Issues Switching drive Optiplex and work fine until today The computer monitor screen just suddenly goes black and states quot Issues with Optiplex 745 and Switching Hard drive entering power save mode quot but the desktop is still on and I notice not long after the monitor goes off then i hear a loud fan noise louder than I have ever heard it run So I hard shut the pc down and when running the diagnostics I didnt get a error and the hard drive diagnostic passed I am thinking this maybe a power supply issue but i am not sure I have a optiplex ultra mini that is working so i took out the hard drive from the defective optiplex and install it into the optuplex but after doing this i notice the OS which is windows will not come up it starts to but then just goes to a quot Windows Recovery quot screen When I try running windows recovery that doesnt help When I look in the bios it shows it detecting the hard drive so i dont understand why it doesnt work Has anyone else had this issue Can I not simply take a hdd from an optiuplex and install into a nbsp

A:Issues with Optiplex 745 and Switching Hard drive

The OS will generally only run on the machine it was installed to. It may run if the chipset is exactly the same, but will need to be reactivated. If the OS is licensed to Dell (an OEM version of Windows), it cannot legally be used on any other machine.

It sounds like you have hardware problems.

It is not a laptop, right? If not, then you need to replace the battery.

I'd check the RAM, too.

Memory Testing (including bootable CD's and floppies):

MemScope (Floppy and CD images.)
Roadkil's RAM Test
Microsoft Memory Test (floppy or CD ISO image)

If you have enough memory sticks, you can test them by removing one at a time and see if the problem disappears.

If you are running Vista or 7, tap F8 on boot and choose the memory diagnostic, or if you can boot up, go to Start > Search and type:


Choose to run a memory diagnostic on next boot. Or, you can boot from the DVD and run it from there.
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Sorry what but Oh do? Windows do 10 I tomorrow no, switching drive, hard I'm couldn't write a proper question in such few words I'm all set up for the switch to Windows from Win but a thought just occurred to me not a great time either seeing it's last minute Since i'm leaving the country I'm going to remove my flash drive where the OS sits now and replace it with the old drive that used to be there This PC will remain here as is so what do I do Shoot question is still blank--sorry let me explain some Oh no, Windows 10 tomorrow but I'm switching hard drive, what do I do? more Oh no, Windows 10 tomorrow but I'm switching hard drive, what do I do? I assume that windows will install replacing the present one Oh no, Windows 10 tomorrow but I'm switching hard drive, what do I do? if this drive stays here BUT since I will removing the drive and replacing it with the previous one--same OS license since it wasn't isn't a new PC then the old one has the following things - - about a year's updates to do - - no 'Get windows quot icon sitting on the bottom left of my task bar So obviously I should NOT install windows on this present drive since it will be wiped clean once I remove it But how do I tell Microsoft this quot Dear microsoft btw it's not this drive that wants win it's another one and Since by the time I switch drives Inn will be out do I still need to do all the win updates and then switch to or what Sorry for all this confusion but hopefully you see where I'm coming from with this problem Thank you

A:Oh no, Windows 10 tomorrow but I'm switching hard drive, what do I do?

Downloads for the free Windows 10 upgrade began this morning. Many people have it now and are ready for the upgrade tomorrow, the 29th.

Look for a folder C:\$Windows.~BT (you need to show hidden files and folders in Folder options to see this). If it's there look in the Sources folder for install.esd. If it's there then you are ready to upgrade tomorrow. You will get a notice to do so.

I believe what you could try is to copy the entire $Windows.~BT folder to a flash drive then put it on the old drive once it's fully updated.

An alternative would be to go ahead and do the upgrade tomorrow then clone the current drive to the old drive then swap drives.
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I have a hard drive and 2 different systems. I want to know if any damage can happen to the HDD if I use it on the other system just once.

A:Can switching a hard drive between systems cause damage?

It won't "damage" the hard drive, but it may not "work" as you expect.

What's on this hard drive? Windows? Just personal data like pictures or mp3s?

What are you trying to do?
Relevancy 61.92% computer died the other day (something in the motherboard, I presume), and a friend gave me another computer. Fantastic, yes, but I needed everything on my own hard drive. Stupidly, because I am eager and don't research things properly, I transferred my own hard drive to this new computer. Of course, Windows is now requesting reactivation. I have misplaced my cd (as usual), and I also read that I will probably have to buy another Windows license, since I technically have a new computer. I do, however, have the original hard drive and Windows cd. Since XP ties itself to the BIOS, if I put the original hard drive back in, can I proceed without problems? I am hoping that will work, and then I can just slave my hard drive in.

A:Solved: Hard Drive Switching and XP Activation

Try it, it should work.
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my 6 year old pc short circuited and i lost the motherboard and graphic card, so i decided to buy a brand new computer (but without an OS on it). Is there a way to boot from my old hard drive (which has a genuine home version of windows 7), or is it a problem that all the BIOS are completely different now? can the motherboard cd with all the drivers on it help in some way?

A:switching computers, keeping the same hard drive

Quote: Originally Posted by ramiHArami


my 6 year old pc short circuited and i lost the motherboard and graphic card, so i decided to buy a brand new computer (but without an OS on it). Is there a way to boot from my old hard drive (which has a genuine home version of windows 7), or is it a problem that all the BIOS are completely different now? can the motherboard cd with all the drivers on it help in some way?

I would try and simply plug the drive up boot to bios make sure it's recognized then reset BIOS to defaults save and reboot to windows and see if it can sort it itself out identifying the drivers as I presume you don't really have anything to lose data wise ??

It should in theory work without problem
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I have transferred a Hard Drive into another computer and thought I had to re-install Windows (XP Home) - this I did.
In so doing I created another Folder - Windows2 - so as not to overwrite anything. I have a Windows folder as well.
I also still have a Windows98 Folder on this drive.
I cannot access the latest e-mails in the new configuration - or anything else for that matter - and know that I am going to have to reinstall all programs.
How and where do I find those missing e-mails, or can I uninstall this new version and revert to the old one?
This is a serious PANIC!
John - 060922-21:39EDT

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I have an older PC with Windows 7 Ultimate, and I need to switch hard drives.
Will it still work if I download Windows 7 Ultimate and install it using this product key? Or Microsoft no longer support it, and it will not detect it?

Btw, is there any chance I can still upgrade to Windows 10?

A:Windows 7 Ultimate Product Key, switching hard drive

As long as you have a valid product key then you should have no problems.

Windows 10, you had a year to do it, now it's too late unless you want to pay.
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I purchased an gb ipod classic th with classic external drive- Ipod switching computers hard generation about a month ago I got a seagate expansion external hard drive to sync it with I had successfully loaded songs on my ipod before moving and therefore switching computers Since I still want to use the external hard drive and keep all of the music that is already on the ipod when I installed itunes on the new computer I selected for my ipod to sync with the same external hard drive I was expecting all my music to be Ipod classic with external hard drive- switching computers there but I can t find it on the hard drive anymore I am concerned that I lost the music from the hard drive but I know there is a way to fix this since all of the music is still on the ipod itself When I hook my ipod up Ipod classic with external hard drive- switching computers to the computer a message comes up saying how the ipod can only have one music library at a time and asking if I want to erase and sync or to start over with just the songs purchased from the itunes store Most all of my music collection so far is on CDs and I don t want to lose all of the music I already have on there My questions are By selecting it to sync with the external hard drive on the new computer does that mean I accidentally got rid of the music on the external hard drive since the ipod can only sync with one music library at a Ipod classic with external hard drive- switching computers time If so how do I copy the music still on my ipod back on to the external hard drive without losing it on the ipod And then how would I proceed after that to be able to edit my music library and sync without losing any of the music I already have on the ipod When I download itunes how do I get it to sync with the external hard drive without losing the music that is already on that hard drive Any answers or help is very much appreciated nbsp
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I had a thread someone drive-question xp hard Solved: drive if win98 windows time?? hard has with earlier and forgot to ask a couple Solved: windows xp hard drive with win98 hard drive-question if someone has time?? of questions I was told I could take a hard drive from a windows computer and the person is buying a new Windows xp so I can hook up the win hard drive as a slave to the new computer with win xp so I can drop and drag or cut and past files that they want off the hard drive put on their new computer Now If their new computer with the win xp on it if there is an ide cable going to the hard drive and nothing else then I can hook up the win hard drive to the same ide cable as a slave and no problem However if the windows xp computer has the hard drive on the ide cable and also the cd-rom then is it ok just to hook up another ide cable to their mother board and hook the hard drive from the windows computer on the end of that ide cable as the master and by turning the computer off and then hooking up the hard drive and then turning the computer back on it should reconize the windows hard drive in my computer right away right If I would have to put the windows hard drive in the new computer on a seperate ide cable is it ok to have it as master cause the hard drive that is already in it would be master to but it would be on a different ide cable I am hoping the new computer just has the hard drive on an ide cable by itself so I can just hook the other one up as a slave and get the files and be done with it How ever if someone could give me a couple or three scenario s with ide cables and hooking this up I would be very much appreciatetive It would be a new computer with windows xp home or pro and wanting to hook up a hard drive from an old computer with windows to get the files off from it Thanks nbsp

A:Solved: windows xp hard drive with win98 hard drive-question if someone has time??

Yes - you understand it correctly
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Hello I have a Need Hard Help Hard Drive Cloning question) (quick Drive to Old New quick question about cloning a old hard drive to a new hard drive on a desktop Need Help Cloning Old Hard Drive to New Hard Drive (quick question) computer I bought a new GB EIDE hard drive my computer uses IEDE not SATA about months ago I successfully installed it and it works but when I set it up as a secondary slave hard drive when I say set it up I mean physically on the hard drive before I installed it into the computer I put it to slave not master and I virtually set it up to a slave hard drive when the computer booted up and all that stuff Then I put a music folder in the slave hard drive that s it Now about months later I see that I should have just set up my new hard drive to be the master hard drive because my old GB hard drive is just way to small to be used for a computer I want to clone my old hard drive to the new hard drive I want to boot on this hard drive and have everything that was on the old hard drive I also want to set my new slave hard drive to the master hard drive and the old hard drive to the slave I looked on the internet and youtube and I know how to clone so I m alright there So since I want to set my slave hard drive as the master QUESTION Do I take my new hard drive out of the computer and physically switch it to master BEFORE cloning or AFTER cloning because I m sure you have to physically do this on the hard drive right not just virtually through a program And do I have to put the new hard drive where the old hard drive currently is in the computer because it will be the master or can I just leave it where it is in a place for extra hard drives nbsp

A:Need Help Cloning Old Hard Drive to New Hard Drive (quick question)

Never mind...I figured it out.
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So I've got one 80GB drive that I use to store my Windows XP operating systems, all my programs, games, etc.

I also have an 180GB drive that I want to partition into possibly 3 drives, one for music, another for movies, and another for game installation files.

My question is, what exactly do I format the 3 partitions as? Extended, logical, primary, I have no idea which will make the drives stay "available." The problem is that once I finished partitioning the drives the first time, the next day the last 2 partitions became unavilable.

Anyone got any ideas?

A:Question about formatting a second hard drive to serve as a storage drive...
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Heya guys I have googled this and I cannot find a reliable procedure on how to unlock a hard drive It goes like this Someone s xbox took a crap and they offered me the hard drive that is inside They told me it was blank last they check but that it cannot be used for a pc It is the same drive they sell anyone for a pc It s a Seagate U series gig I have an external usb hard drive enclosure so I popped it into there and several things happened The computer saw a disc drive hard A drive Gift? Hard question the but under quot computer management quot gt quot disk management quot it doesn t list it at all like it would for a drive that you could format the Gift? A hard Hard drive question When I try to restart the computer it actually locks the system if I have it on and it appears that they lock these drives for the the Gift? A hard Hard drive question xbox The person who gave it to me also told me the Gift? A hard Hard drive question I d never be able to get it to work for my pc yet it seems like it should be able to considering that it is the same hardware as in my computer Any ideas or direction I simply want to format it then keep it in the external enclosure so I can store files on it Thank you to anyone who has creative input on this thread nbsp

A:the Gift? A hard Hard drive question

Basic info on this drive;

Seagates info;

Info from Dell;

When I try to restart the computer it actually locks the system if I have it on, and it appears that they 'lock' these drives for the xbox.Click to expand...

If the machine locks with it installed, you may not be able to find a work-around. If you can get the machine to boot with it installed, the "Unlock" command, or a hard disk utility such as KillDisk may stomp on it, thereby enabling a setup/partition/format on the disk.
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A buddy of mine and I were talking about performance and the future of storage device when we started wondering why Flash drives aren t used as hard drives NV-RAM is dependable why isn t it finding its way into every PC to replace drive question... hard drive Flash the magnetic platter approach We aren t electronic engineers Flash drive hard drive question... of course but we can only imagine it comes from the cost of putting a gig flash drive into a PC but if the device can take up the space of a quot HD would cost still be such a problem Our other thought was heat but if a RPM drive doesn t overheat why would a flash drive Any input is of course appreciated hope noone loses sleep on this Or maybe someone knows the answer already PS I do Flash drive hard drive question... remember hearing Samsung is going to start production of a very lare thumb drive gig I think so this just adds to the problem if the little keychain can hold gigs why isn t there a flash hard drive nbsp

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Okay so I have a new Cicero GB HDD to install on mah computer Relevant Specs yea i know not too good years old what can you expect Compaq Precario MB RAM AMD-K D Processor What I WANT to do it take out this crappy HDD put in the new one and go from there intalling Win and New Question. HELP Drive PLEASE Hard so on BUT when I switched the HDD s and i booted New Hard Drive Question. HELP PLEASE up my computer it would just stay on the Compaq screen and just stay put nothing no activuty or anything so I checked the cables and whatnot and I found that everything is in order So then I tried putting the old HDD in just to make sure nothing was wrong with the computer everything worked fine So I tried putting the GB as the slave drive and the old one as the master Booted up and the screen remained on the Compaq logo WTF Now I read somewhere that certain compq s don t recognize HDD over GB and was ondering if maybe this is the probmlem Because I am all out of ideas and I m getting VERY pissed off ANd I don t want to spend hours on the phone with a Cicero CSR just to have them tell me what I hope someone here will tell me Please ask anymore questions if you feel they pertain to my problem Thanks nbsp

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One of the PC's at home I'm trying to get up and running, is a strange one.

Now, first of all, the hardDrive. This is what was in before:

MPF3102AT type:

It says 5400, but can you use a 7200 or not? What I mean is, not the same drive manufacturer, etc.

This is the motherboard:

It has both SIMM and DIMM, PCI and ISA.

I would appreciate any replies, as I would like this one running.

Thanks in advance


A:hard drive question

Hi Eddie

I've had a look at both of the sites you pointed us to, and I can't see any reason why you shouldn't be able to use a 7200rpm drive in this system.

At a guess I would say the design of the mobo must date it back to early-mid 97 when quite a few boards were of this hybrid type during the changeover period from SIMMs to DIMMs.

As long as you have enough power to spin it up to speed the HDD should work well enough. The problem may well be a BIOS limitation on the size of the drive that it will accept. (Mid 97 max drive size available was about 7GB) Since you have already been running the Fujitsu (but you didn't say exactly what size) I assume this is a potential problem that you've already overcome.

Also UDMA66 ought to be fast enough for whatever CPU you've got running in this mobo, so I would say go for it.
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Hi all,

I want to replace my 15g hard drive with a new 80g. I was just wondering (I'm new to all this, so please forgive any daft questions!) whether or not my (very old) PC will restrict the size of any hard drive I want to install.

Here's the system specs:

1st Mainboard Pro FR33E Motherboard
Intel Pentium III 600mhz
15G Hard Drive
256MB Ram
Windows ME 4.90.3000

All help much appreciated!!


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Pretty soon I will be upgrading my 20gig hard drive to a 40gig. This is the first time I will be attempting to install a new hard drive. I want to do it my self for the learning experience. I figured that before I attempted this, I would make a post here for anyone to give me any tips, pointers or any bad things to be aware of. The system is a Dell 4100 series. So any tips, or advice would be very Cool.) Thanks.

A:Hard Drive Question

Patience. I always talk to myself when I'm doing things like that LOL, especially when I first started out.

Learn your Bios well beforehand, you don't want to fiddle around with it blindly when the time comes, if you can at all help it.

Oh yeah, and write down the amount of cylinders/heads on that thing, incase that bios requires you to choose between different options. Nothing POs me more than when I have to try and stick my head into the case to find out.

And don't lose your jumpers...and plug them in right. It sounds simple, but I forget alot
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Hello everyone,

I have a queery I was hoping someone on here could help me along with. I am currently running a cicero system with windows me and about a 15gb hard drive...but I also have a e-machines that died on me earlier this year which was set-up with XP and has a 80 gb hard the question I pose it possible to switch out these hard drives myself?......or is it a task more suited for a professional if anyone could either walk me through it or send me somewhere that can explain it I'd love to hear any suggestions...


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So my laptop no longer boots up, it goes to the windows XP pro screen where the little green bar scrolls across the bottom, then BSOD comes and shuts down. Does that continually and never boots up. My question is if I take my laptop HDD and put it onto my PC is it as simple as connecting power cord and IDE? or would i have to format the HDD. My main goal is to get the information off of the laptop hard drive, but if anyone knows how to fix it that would be great too.

Thanks for your help!


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I have an IBM GXP IDE HD Two weeks ago my system failed with KERNEL STACK INPAGE ERROR Rebooted got DRIVER IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL an error I m used to seeing in the morning occassionally but another reboot and all was fine or days after that system failed with the same Kernel error This time it wouldn t boot It would blue screen or just simply stop After a few attempted reboots I realized that I was hearing the HD suddenly spin down and become completely silent at shorter and shorter intervals in the boot process At first it d get into Windows I d get a services exe error and an error unknown hard drive error Finally during BIOS boot I got a quot SMART something failed quot error might be slightly different than that Didn t take a genius to figure the HD failed but I d question Drive Hard been trying to boot it Hard Drive question into Windows long enough to copy some data off it Anyway realized that wasn t going to happen So remembering something I d heard a looong time ago I removed the drive from it s vertical installation set it horizontal and booted It did I ve since you may have seen other posts in other areas here reinstalled my OS on a new HD and the old one is in an external USB case Oddly the IBM is still running quite happily now and I ve set it back to vertical to see if it d fail Any Hard Drive question Windows-based tests I ve run on the drive have come up clean As far Hard Drive question as any diagnostic can tell I have a healthy drive Is that possible considering what has happened Is it worthwhile to run Hitachi s diagnostic and lowlevel format on this drive Will the app I ve dl d the cd iso file even work on a removeable HD Naturally the warranty on the drive ran out just weeks ago I d like to salvage it if I can but I m not sure if I d ever be able to trust it again it was supposed to become a backup drive Thoughts jmc nbsp

A:Hard Drive question

jmc said:

I have an IBM 120GXP IDE HD. Two weeks ago, my system failed with KERNEL_STACK_INPAGE_ERROR. Rebooted, got DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, an error I'm used to seeing in the morning occassionally, but another reboot and all was fine.

3 or 4 days after that, system failed with the same Kernel error. This time, it wouldn't boot. It would blue screen, or just simply stop. After a few attempted reboots, I realized that I was hearing the HD suddenly spin down and become completely silent, at shorter and shorter intervals in the boot process. At first, it'd get into Windows, I'd get a services.exe error and an error 128, unknown hard drive error. Finally, during BIOS boot, I got a "SMART [something] failed" error (might be slightly different than that). Didn't take a genius to figure the HD failed, but I'd been trying to boot it into Windows long enough to copy some data off it.

Anyway, realized that wasn't going to happen. So, remembering something I'd heard a *looong* time ago, I removed the drive from it's vertical installation, set it horizontal, and booted. It did!

I've since (you may have seen other posts in other areas here) reinstalled my OS on a new HD, and the old one is in an external USB2 case.

Oddly, the IBM is *still* running quite happily now, and I've set it back to vertical, to see if it'd fail.

Any Windows-based tests I've run on the drive have come up clean. As far as any diagnostic can tell, I have a healthy drive. Is that possible, considering what has happened?

Is it worthwhile to run Hitachi's diagnostic and lowlevel format on this drive? Will the app (I've dl'd the cd .iso file) even work on a removeable HD?

Naturally, the warranty on the drive ran out just 6 weeks ago. I'd like to salvage it if I can, but I'm not sure if I'd ever be able to trust it again; it was supposed to become a backup drive. Thoughts?

jmcClick to expand...

Hi jmc,

Yes, its definitely worth it to run Hitachi's diagnostic, but hold up on reformatting the drive.

If you want to salvage the drive, consider SpinRite at which may be able to recover/repair it: about $90. Its definitely worth a look.

Have you backed up the drive. If its not too late, consider a local computer outfit that will ghost the drive for you to a new one. I've done this when my hard drive started to exhibit clicking noises - just a matter of time.

Also, as an additional free check before deciding on what to do, download and install Everest Free at: It will check on the SMART status of your drive, and monitor the fan rpms and the CPU, System and Aux temperatures inside your case. Linger a while and watch the values change in realtime.

-- Tom
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what hard drive should I get, IDE or Serial ATA. The later is more expencive, but is it faster? any help would be cool thanks.

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I currently have a 5gb hard-drive I'm buying a 120gb hard-drive
I want to copy all the information (including registry stuffs) I have from my old one to my new one, is there an easy way to do this?
Can I just like copy and paste? or do I need to do it with some kind of software?

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I'm replacing the DVD drive with a hard drive caddy and have 2 Seagate Momentus DrivesWhich one would be faster overall (transfer speed most responsive) 5400rpm SATA III - or - 7200rpm SATA I Thanks!

A:G50-80 hard drive question

Lemme explain you clearly about SATA..., SATA I is 1.5Gbps which yields 150MBpsSATA II is 3.0Gbps which yields 300MBpsSATA III is 6.0Gbps which will yield 600MBps So by logic mechanical hardrives in average wont even cross the 150MBps read write speed..... In average the 5400 RPM hardrive will have read/write speeds around 95-102 MBps...... The 7200 RPM drives will have an average of 125-136 MBps..... So the best bet is i would like you to go to 7200 SATA I hardrive...  ThanksKamal

Ask any questions or Doubts,Always ready to help.... Dont forget to click kudos if i have helped you
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he guys im new here and i have a question about a hard drive i building my first computer , i have an asus motherboard with 2 ide drives but i purchased a seagate cheetah that is scsi. it comes with a 80 pin to 68 pin adapter but is there more to this ? im hoping i didnt make a wrong purchase.

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Who is a good manufacturer of a 60GB 7200rpm?
Is a Maxtor or Western Digital better?

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hello guys!

I have a question. I bought a HP Pavilion 4535 (tower only) for $40 bucks, I want to fix it up but, I seem to be stuck. First, when I turned it on the monitor had a message that the "operating system is missing", I tried to install both windows Xp first, then Win98 and I got a message saying "Hard Disk was not found". I have since opened the pc and It has all of the components! So my question is can I add another hard drive preferably with a higher gig capacity, more than the 6 it originally had for that model? Or is it not recommended to do so? Basically I purchased it for my folk, their first PC and I'm willing to fix it up. Well guys, thanks for any information! Please contact me via thead or IM.


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So I'm currently running a 1TB hard drive, and am looking for some extra speed. I'm looking to buy a 256/512GB SSD Hard Drive to use as my main drive (Windows, gaming, etc) and push the 1TB drive to just storage.

My question is... If I stick with a 256GB and say.. it gets full (all programs). And I want to install another game. Am I able to do so on my 1TB drive? Is it possible to run a game on a secondary/slave hard drive?

Dumb question but... well... you know how it goes. Thanks!

A:Question on new SSD Hard Drive

It's certainly possible - as long as the game concerned lets you choose where to install it and I think most do.

You might be able to tell games that were already installed on the SSD to 'save' onto the 1TB instead, that would help to preserve space on the SSD too.

BTW with Sata drives there is no more slavery, all drives are equal now.
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Hi sorry really dumb question, but im tired off searching.

My last hard drives failed on me so i need to get new ones but heard xp sp2 has a limit on harddrive space? looking at getting two 1TB Samsung HD103SJ. Has anyone else had problems with these cos i usually get western digital and will 2TB be okay with OS. Also had a WIFI ariel on my ASUS board (PW5DH) but my daughter snapped the ariel (ggrrr) does anyone know if the connection plug is universal was looking at getting an Edimax EA-IO7D. Any answers please keep simple, I'm still kinda knew to all this

Thanks for any help and advice

A:XP SP2 hard drive & Wi-Fi question, please help

Hi brokenpc,

Almost all WiFi antennae have a standard connection on them. It should just unscrew.

As for drive size, from what I remember the 32 bit version of WinXP can handle drives up to 2GB with no workarounds, larger drives with some tinkering.
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About a month ago I started getting the blue screen of death stating unable to write to Drive C (which is my hard drive). About one week later, it died. I took my computer into the shop and had the hard drive replaced. Today, my Norton Systemworks popped up and said there was an error in drive C and that Norton Disc Doctor could fix it. I did not want to run it right then so I stopped it and was going to run it overnight. Just now I got the blue screen of death again stating unable to write to Drive C and this is a brand new hard drive!! Does anyone have any clues as to what the problem may be?

Thanks so much,


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This may sound like a bizarre question but it's one I've wondered for sometime now.. If you were to go and run a magnet over a hard drive would it damage the drive itself or would it delete all the information on that drive????

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On a computer i own there was 1 IDE hard drive and it was running low on space so i bought another IDE hard drive. I bought an IDE cable that had 3 connections (1 for motherboard, 2 for other IDE connections) When i hooked up both of the open IDE connections to each of the hard drives windows would not boot, so i messes around a bit and noticed if i have the 1st connection on motherboard, 2nd (middle) connection no being used, and the 3rd and final connection on my old drive windows boots fine. Im not a comp pro so i was wondering if anyone knew what i could do? Can you run 2 hard drives off 1 IDE cable? Another computer i have uses 1 connection for CD ROM and another for hard drive.. is that the only available thing you can do? Thanks in advance for any comments

A:IDE hard drive question

Can you run 2 hard drives off 1 IDEClick to expand...

On the back of the ATA HardDrives, you will see a little jumper
Put both jumers on CS (Cable Select)
Put the Bootable Windows HardDrive in the middle, and the other on the end

If it doesn't work, try M (Master) on the Main Drive, and Slave on the end one.
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i have an 80 gig hard drive and i want to buy a 250 hard drive for media, etc....i use windows XP and i want to hook it up via IDE.

but, i have been hearing about people's XP not recognizing hard drives over a certain size (like 137 gigs or so).

Do i need to be worried about this or is there some brand that i can buy to ensure that this won't happen???


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Hi, I am looking to install a second hard drive, and have been offered a 9.1gb quantum atlas IV SCSI SCA Hard drive for 18.50. I am wondering if this is compatible with my system, and how I would go about installing it - I don't know about this stuff, although I did install my cd writer which came with no instructions!

I am running windows 98 on a Patriot PC, with a 7.5gb hard drive and 64mb ram.

Can anyone tell me if this hard drive is compatible with my pc, and where I can get good clear instructions on how to install it?

Thanks, Teresa

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Ok I have an old HP vectra xu 5/133c computer. I was wondering if I could take the hard drive out of that and use it as a secondary HD in my Compaq presario 7360 without any problems?

A:Hard drive question


Don't see why not. It is an old slow small drive but it should work.
Try it and see, can't hurt anything.

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Im building a computer and what to know if I need a hard drive or does the computer come with a sortof "built-in" one?

If I do need one what should I get? ( was thinking of getting this one )

Here is my computer build so far:
CD drive:

A:Hard Drive Question..

If you're building a computer, you need to get a hard drive; that one you mentioned looks excellent.
All the other stuff looks good to me too, great low CAS latency RAM.
PS: IMHO, of course
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i am wondering of theres a way of removing everything on a hard drive so that all there is available is space. i have 1 hard drive that has my OS and is currently hooked up. i have another hard drive thats sitting around because its kinda messed up (some kinda virus slows it down big time). this messed up hard drive has an OS in it but i just want to use it for storage now. is there a way to erase everything on it without using disks? ( sorry if this is a duplicate topic. and i dont have much knowledge for computers )

A:Hard drive question


You just need to format it

You can do this by first plugging it into a working Windows computer
Then open My Computer and right clicking on the drive and selecting: "Format"
You can also select "Quick Format" from selecting the above first.
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Can a hard drive thats failing cause the computer to corrupt or make unavaliable system files like run.dll or is that from a virus. If it is a virus could someone give me a list of the new viruses that are out i think my virus defs are not quite up to speed.

A:Hard Drive question?

Sounds like that definitely could be a virus issue. Check for any updated virus definitions
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Dell Dimension 4300

It seems that l might have to replace my hard drive. Should l replace it with the exact same drive from Dell?

I only use it for surfing and e-mails at home.

Can l still use my dell OS XP Home?



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why my system all of asudden only sees 15 g instead of 30 G , help

A:hard drive question

make / model of PC - operating system where does it now only see 15G - Bios or windows explorer
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Will a person see any performance difference between the 1GB Green WD and the 1Gb caviar black WD?

A:Hard drive question

Depends on what you are using it for. Unless you care about a couple watts or heat is a problem i would go with the black edition though as the price is just about the same and the performance is supposedly better.

Here is a comparison (last page has some comparison charts, not sure they relate to real life well though).
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So i messed up and changed something around with how the files work on my slave drive and rendered it unusable. Now the drive is in RAW format. I ran Easeus data recovery and was able to get access to the files on that drive.

I have two options, since i haven't enough space to put all this data somewhere else (over 1,000 GB)

1. Format the hard drive so its readable and in the correct format, THEN do a recovery of the drive and then save onto said drive.

2. Try and save the recovered files on the drive

So my question is...are either of those options possible? or do i have to find another way?

thanks in advanced!

A:Hard drive question

Is your data important? Once you format the drive and change it to NTFS it will make recovering your files will be much more difficult and your chances of recovering files will decrease as you move more data or add more data. Your first option sounds good on paper but you need to remember that once it gets formatted you WILL lose partial data. It could be very severe or very minimal, no way to know. Second when you recover data and copy it over, it will not be written in the same location. You will AUTOMATICALLY lose more access to data as you write more data into the affected drive. Every time you write more data you could write data in sections that don't just affect one file but possible a large amount of data. Option one and two are almost identical, dangerous, and bad for your data. Go out and buy a HDD, these days you can buy 4TB HDD for a fraction of what I paid for them just 2 years ago.. A 1TB drive is insanely cheap today WD Blue 1TB Desktop 3.5 Inch SATA 6Gb/s 7200rpm Internal Hard Drive: Computers Accessories
(Did you need your drive to be external? Western Digital My Passport Ultra 2 TB Portable Hard Drive, Black (Old Model): Computers Accessories )

Besides having more drives is always nice It's not a consumable it's something that will likely last you 5+ years.
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Ok i just installed xp onto a vista computer no problem got the correct drivers and everything. But i did it i think it somehow like swapped my harddrives. Like my C: drive had 70 gb total and my d: drive had 8 gb total. But now its switched around and windows is on my c drive With hardly any space left. So how would i go about transfering everything to my d drive. Just cut and paste? Also when i do this when i download something would it still go to the c drive or will it go to the d drive. Thats where i want it because it has more space.

A:Hard drive question.

Looks like you installed vista to the wrong partition.You have a few options:A) Run stetup again, this time make sure you install it to the 70 gig partition and not the 8 gig Get a copy of a partition editor that runs from a live CD - such as GParted: and use it to shrink the 70gb down to a size of it's free space + 1GB or so, and then expand the smaller partition out to fill up the newly freed space. This is messy, and if you screw something up you may lose all your data.C) Back up everything you need, delete both partitions, and install vista to the empty space - it'll partition it correctly.Do you care about the data on this drive? Is there anything on it you actually need?
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i recently got a new hard drive..a QUANTIUM FIREBALLP AS 40.0
when i boot up, when it's detecting the IDE devices, it detects that normally, when i detects these weird symbols....which are pretty long too, is there something wrong wtih this??
plz help, greatly appreciated
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Is it wrong that my HDD - Western Digital 250 GB SATA heats to 60 C ? And everything is a-ok working fine..

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Is it ok to hook up a hard drive and CD/DVD Rom on the same ribbon? both being IDE?

A:Hard drive/cd Rom question

Yep, any reasonably modern set of drives will have no performance issues on the same cable.
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My hubby's laptop needs a new hard drive. He has a Micron PC Laptop. Is there a specific model for that type of computer or will any hard drive work? What do you reccomend. He needs something with lots of space for the programs he uses on the truck. He's a truck driver. Thanks to anyone that might be able to help me out.

A:Hard Drive Question?

In my experience I have never dealt with a laptop that the hard drive wasnt generic. You should be able to buy one of any size you want and install. Of course you'll need to install windows etc on it once you buy it
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Is there anyway of taking a internal hard drive and converting it into an extrernal hard drive. If this is possible what do I have to get to do this.

A:Hard Drive Question

Yes you can buy a external case with a usb hook up.
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I installed several software on my hard drive. When I was installing XP, I partitioned one part for 15 gigs and the remaining 65 of the 80gig is listed as free space. I made the mistake of installing all the software on the 15 gig part. How can I add the remaining 65 gig to the 15 gig without reinstalling all of the softwares?

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Is there a way to buy a new hd and clone your old one to it so all you have to do is set it as master and boot rite up?

A:Hard drive question

Yes, there are a lot of programs that will let you do that. Norton Ghost is one of them.
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I have a Seagate 500gb ext. portable hard drive. I wish to use it for a backup for an old Sony desktop w/XP, Toshiba laptop w/Vista and a new HP desktop w/7. I would like to use the hard drive to backup all three and transfer from the Sony to the new HP with the Sony going to the boneyard. I would then like to use the portable to backup both the laptop and the HP desktop. I am a beginner. Thanks for any help.

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I recently purchased a 7200 rpm HD to replace my 5400 rpm. My old HD is Fat32, if I format the new HD NTFS will I still be able to copy the old onto the new?

Also, how can I do that? Do I just go into windows explorer and copy paste the old drive to the new one?

Im running WinXP home.

Any help will be appreciated.

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The motherboard on my daughter's laptop was damaged so I removed the hard drive and placed it in an external case, so I could move files. I seem to be able to access the folders on the hard drive EXCEPT the one where the data is. I get an Access is Denied error message. I suspect this has something to do with password protection. Can anyone suggest a way to determine why I can't access the folder and how I can get to the data?

Thanks... Barry

A:Hard Drive Question

Yep, you suspected right. Luckily we have a thread all set up for you.
How to bypass ACCESS DENIED error when accessing data from different XP/2000 install:
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ok guys im going to get this motherboard . this cpu . and well all i want to know is if i could use that motherboard and hook it up with the hard drive i have right now in my computer? will i have to do anything special when hooking up this computer with the hard drive if i can hook it up, like the bios? cause i dont know anything about the bios lol. and if i should know anything about building the computer, speak away!!! oh and by the way, my hard drive is ide.

Relevancy 51.6%

I have a HD from a crashed computer. Is there some way I can temporarily install it in another computer and access the information WITHOUT making ANY changes on the drive such as the drivers. If so, how [step by step] would I do that.

Also, I would NOT wish to mess-up anything in the other computer.

Thanks, Carl

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I have an e-machine T6520 AMD Athalon 64, 3400+ and 1gb ram, with 200gb hard drive working now. Motherboard is MS 7145 and all is working well. I want to add a 500gb PATA hard drive, but no one can tell me if this system will support such a drive. I've talked to emachine, and they said that he didn't know for sure, but he would only recommend a 200gb drive. I'm sure the bios is already compatible as I already see more than 137gb on the one drive. I do have Windows XP Media Center Edition with SP2.

A:Hard Drive Question

Go for it.

I never had a problem with large drives and have put them even as USB hard disks up to 500Gb.

XP needs SP2 to see beyond the 137Gb barrier and modern Linux will read write it without any problem.

Got a 500 Pata and a 500 Sata among the 5 internal disks in the box myself.
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Hey its me again, I was wondering if a hard drive really had performance besides capacity. I mean what does the RPMs mean? Do they make a difference? :suspiciou

A:Hard Drive question....

RPM is revolutions per minute, or how fast the needled cache will spin, which results in basically.......higher RPM means faster read times. basic is 7200 RPM and the high end is 10,000 RPM. Performance-wise people usually buy a small hard drive (40 gigs or so) and install the OS on that one so the boot time will be small. Then they have a second hard drive in a larger size (100 GB or whatever) to install programs onto. This will implement a quasi state of performance increase than using 1 hard drive, but calculable visual performance comes from memory, CPU, and video card.
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Thanks ahead of a time for any help.

I am sorta stumped as to what I can do. Alright, here we go. I bought a brand new Dell Dimension E521. I love it. But I need my family photos, ect, from my old Emachine W2888.

So I went about to slave the old drive in my dell and just burn the files that I need. Only one problem, they use completely different cables. The Emachine uses the ribbon cable, and the dell uses some smaller cable.

The Emachine does not have a plug for the cable the Dell uses. Is there some kind of adapter out there? Or what our my options here. I just need some way to retrieve the files of the hold hard drive.

Thanks for any help.

A:Hard Drive Question...

Your Dell is probably using a smaller SATA cable on a SATA Hard Drive. See if the Dell motherboard has a wide IDE connector, and connect the Emachines Hard Drive to it. After you find this out and connect the drives, we can continue
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If the hard drive is damaged, faulty. or just "went out" will that prevent the laptop from starting? Or can it still start? to login etc?

A:Hard Drive Question.

If the harddrive is dead, you won't be able to boot into windows.
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Back in August I started the cloning process of a brand new internal laptop hard drive unsuccessfully My intent was to have a cloned drive which my son could take to college and install it should the original crap out I ended up making images of the original and storing them on an external drive no clone People here tried to help but I m not great at digitizing my thoughts My hats off to them So the clone attempt was aborted During the attempted cloning process using Acronis will be switching from that soon I selected MBR instead of GPT on one of the Acronis screens There were some quot initialization quot messages and at last glance back in August the new drive says quot unallocated quot Can I get this drive back Question(s) Drive Hard New to it s original out-of-the-box state somehow I have an external enclosure for internal hard drives that I was using Here are the specs on the laptop Tech New Hard Drive Question(s) Support Guy System Info Utility version OS New Hard Drive Question(s) Version Microsoft Windows bit Processor Intel R Core TM i - U CPU GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Intel R HD Graphics Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free New Hard Drive Question(s) - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Hewlett-Packard Antivirus Windows Defender Disabled The new hard drive is a WD TB WD JUCT Thanks for your time nbsp

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I recently purchased a new HD for my laptop because I thought I might need it. When it turned out that didn't, I decided to house it in an external enclosure for use as a handy portable drive.

The problem is that, while WinXP seems to recognize that a USB drive has been attached (I get that little icon in the corner of the screen), it doesn't show up in My Computer. I double-click the lil' icon and it tells me 'the device is working properly'. Any ideas?

The drive powers up OK, gets a green light and seems to spin, so I don't think that's the problem.

Possibly useful:

HD--Toshiba 40GB 8MB Cache 4200RPM (Out of the box new)
HD Enclosure--NexStar NST-250U2 IDE to USB 2.0
OS--Windows XP

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Can someone resolve something that's been bugging me for a while.A couple of years ago I replaced a laptop HDD that was apparently failing - it would no longer boot. Thing is I placed it in an enclosure to recover data and it worked fine, so much so I have since formatted it to use as an external drive.Don't understand why a drive would stop working inside a PC but appears to work fine once out of it and no longer running windows. There is nothing wrong with the machine, it is still working fine with a replacement hdd and Windows - even been upgraded to 10 and works as well as it ever did.I am confused, can anyone offer an explanation?

A:Hard Drive Question

Here is a short answer. The hard drive industry is the backbone of modern computing.  A hard drive offers economical storage space. But with limitations. One is spied. It is very slow compared to the CPU and memory.  Another issue is reliability. The hard drive has to compensate for failures that happen. Whenever you format hard drive the internal firmware makes needed corrections to the drive map. This means that bad spots on the disc are masked and are no longer available to the system. So when you formatted the hard drive, you 'fixed' it in manner of speaking.Sorry, I do not have a reference. Years ago I worked in Silicon valley and I was in the Hard Drive research portion of a major company. Some work we did was with Stuttgart, who later founded Segregate. Even back then hard drives had a self healing feature. Whiteout that, they would have been useless.,157481.0.html
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I hope I put this in the right location if not administrators question drive Hard may need to move it I was recently given a laptop a newer laptop--a Toshiba Satelite that I believe to be years old It has a nice monitor decent specs from what Hard drive question I can tell and a DVD CD RW Hard drive question drive More computer than I need at present The laptop is at present dead The power works the monitor works the former owner said it needed a new hard drive He did go to the quot geek squad Hard drive question quot and this was their assessment as well Rather than reaffirm it through them I was hopeful someone here may be able to help Here s what I know This unit worked weeks ago and worked well The power source does function The monitor does funtion The unit turns on can go into set up mode but will do nothing else My question is this I don t have a lot of money and I don t wish to put hundreds into this unit Based on anyone s expertise or similar experience does this sound like an issue that could be resolved with a simple hard drive replacement I have the set up disk s and plan to clear the unit should I resolve the issue with the hard drive if that is what it is The computer would then given its tools would more than satisfy my limited computer usage means Anyone have thoughts as to whether a simple hard drive replacement they can be had online for about would solve the problem Does anyone have any tips for a site that offers used refurbrished hard drives at discounted rates Would the unit have to have the same hard drive as the model in it at present I m quite good with software but hardware issues like this befuddle me Thanks for your time nbsp

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hi I have a Gateway notebook, I've only had it about six months, yesterday the pc starting making a knocking sound, and then it will freeze up, it doesn't always do it, just sometimes, then i get a blue screen saying it is dumping files any suggestions, i'm running xp?

A:Hard drive question

Is it still under warranty? Knocking sounds from a laptop are not necessarily a good thing.
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WINDOWS XP; Pentium III, 384 Megs Ram, 13gig Hard drive.
I also have a second hard drive of 4 gigs. I get the error report each time I turn the computer on that drive 1 is going to fail that I should back up and get ready.

I am going to get a Maxtor 80 Gig h/d. Should I just replace the small 4Gig with it and let it run as the second drive or make the present 13Gig drive the second one? IF I go that route, using the new drive as the primary what is entailed for moving everything INCLUDING XP to it?

My idea is to make the new one the secondary drive so I don't screw up the programs I have now on the 13Gig drive.

Suggestions, hints and clues are greatly appreciated.


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Im a total noob, but i just was wondering if i got another HD and installed the same copy of xp that is on my old HD (version that came with comp) can i choose to boot up with the new HD? If so can i take the files i want to keep from the old HD and transfer them to the new HD and then format old HD and make the old HD an extra storage place or something.

I am wanting to do this cause my comp is slowing down and there is a lot of crap that i want to get rid of and i need more space anyway. But i want to put xp on the new HD first and make sure i did it right before i delete xp from the old one and use it a storage. If i can use it like that.

A:Hard drive question

Can i copy files from the old hard drive to the new one?
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Hello all,
I have got a stumper!! I accidently smashed the screen on my laptop (ACER Aspire 5102wlmi which was running Windows XP) and so I sent it to the insurance company to be fixed, they then offered an upgrade to the Acer Aspire 5103wlmi, with Windows Vista home premium pre loaded, and said they would send the Hard Drive from the 5102 back along with the new 5103. I want to transfer ALL (about 60gb) of my data on my old hard drive to my new one, but i can't just swap them over because the old one has XP on it and the new one has vista on it!!! What would be the CHEAPEST AND EASIEST method of doing this WITHOUT breaking the case on anything!! LOL!!

Please reply soon, either to [email protected] or on this post.

Thanks in advance, this ones really got me stressed !!! LOL!!


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I have an IBM thinkpad x Question? Hard drive that came with an OS windows Hard drive Question? pro already installed Hard drive Question? with the COA on the bottom The first that happened was that l thought l picked up a virus which l question now Then my hard drive went south none of the files while self testing was readable I tried to erase everything so that l could start from zero I picked up a new hard drive from CompUSA that was a gb instead of the orig gb Now with my new hard drive l will have to reload my old OS Question is being that my old hard drive is probably wiped out and also out of the computer l now have to use the recovery cd from the reseller which l finally received The recovery cd is not working and says that l have to install windows NT workstation windows nt workstation windows or windows I looked at the CD that l received and noted that it said Windows pro and on the top it is marked quot Upgrade quot Did they send me the wrong CD And does the hard drive hold the OS or does it just read it I m lost in space Thanks Alan p s The resellers are so slow in responding and l speak to different people all the time so an error seems possible nbsp

A:Hard drive Question?

no i think the cd is the right one. boot up the pc from the cdrom and try the recovery console. if u erased ur hard drive, then u cant recover anything, so just use the cd to reformat and re-install windows 2000.
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Is there really a big difference between a 5400RPM HD comparision to a 7200RPM? Is it worth dieing over?

A:Hard Drive RPM Question?

It's only how fast info is accessed from your H/D. As far as system speed, RAM is more effective.
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I want to add an additional internal hard drive to my system. However there are no free cables. I was wondering if i could use the cables currently connected to my diskette drive and hook it up to my extra hard drive. I dont need the diskette drive. Are the connections compatible?

A:hard drive question

no they are not compatible you could buy a raid controller card if you have an open pci slot though
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Hi I have a question regarding my hard drive. I have an IBM 80GB 7200 hard drive that I put into a new machine with a new Intel 845ebg motherboard. I have set everything fine drive is configured to use 16 heads and is configured to be a master used fdisk with one primary partition set everything to Auto in the bios. when I went to format it it says that it is formatting a 10 GB drive. what could be the problem is my hard drive going south on me. By the way I enabled Fat 32 on the drive. please help.

A:Hard drive question

Most likely you need to flash your board BIOS. Also, try formatting the drive with the Utility Disk that came with your drive. I hope this helps!

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Im wondering whats a good way to get data from a hard drive? My current computer doesnt work and i have a 2nd HDD that ive had for a year and want to get the data from, ive booted from it and it just lagged so bad i think because of all the drivers needing to be installed into the pc for it. Should i just wait for my new computer and attach it as a secondary drive? or is there some way i can do like a data transfer without it being in a computer?

A:Hard drive question

Quote: Originally Posted by Xenshoa

Im wondering whats a good way to get data from a hard drive? My current computer doesnt work and i have a 2nd HDD that ive had for a year and want to get the data from, ive booted from it and it just lagged so bad i think because of all the drivers needing to be installed into the pc for it. Should i just wait for my new computer and attach it as a secondary drive? or is there some way i can do like a data transfer without it being in a computer?

Sorry for my confusion but you say you have a 2nd HDD that you want to get data from. Then you say you've booted from it but it lags really bad. Is this HDD installed in the computer that doesn't work? Or is it in some other computer? You could probably buy a USB enclosure (2.5" if it's a laptop hard drive or 3.5" for a desktop hard drive), install the HDD, then connect it to a working computer just like any other external USB drive. The working computer should show its own hard drive as C: and the newly enclosed HDD as perhaps drive E: (or some other letter.) Copy the files from the new E: drive to wherever. I've seen 2.5" enclosures for as low as $10 and 3.5" for $15.
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i just add a new 200GB hard disk to my system. the old 18GB hard disk is the slave. i used the Mactor software to copy the 18GB C: partion to the 200GB C: partition. i un pluged the old 18GB drive and booted. i got to the windows XP Welcome screen but none of my accounts are listed. just a Windows XP logo and there is nothing to click on. I if plug the old drive back in as the slave the system will boot and i will see the user accounts. when i go into my computer the C: drive is still the old 18GB. How can this be when it is the slave?

A:hard drive question

Check the jumpers on the back of the drive for master and slave settings.
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Morning all.
I have a WD 640g hard drive with XP Pro, SP3, E4600 cpu, P5Q-E motherboard and 4g's of Mushkin RAM.
This is on a new home built pc.
The hard drive light flashes at about once every second.
I don't know if the drive is constantly thrasing around. It's not making any noise.
I went into Admin Tools, Services, and disabled indexing and it made no difference.
This is now beyond my limited knowledge.
I hope you can give me some help.

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Question? I have bough a computer with a partioned hard drived that's into two seperate hard drives. Is there a way i can reconnect them?

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I have a computer that no longer works on which I installed a secondary hard drive. My question is this...if I remove the secondary hard drive from the non-working computer and install it on a different PC will I lose the data on the hard drive? Should I try to transfer the data from the hard drive before installing it on the other computer? Both computers are running XP if that makes a difference.