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Windows 8 Laptop speakers are inconsistent?

Q: Windows 8 Laptop speakers are inconsistent?

Recently I noticed that my laptop speakers aren't working consistently at all. Sometimes I watch youtube, listen to pandora, and everything will work fine. Other times it won't work at all. I've been getting by like this for a week, but now it seems like now the only audio my speakers will play is a notification sound. I still have the computer under warranty, and I can take it into the store and get the speakers fixed. However, I was wondering if there was a way I could skip all the trouble/paperwork of taking it back in? maybe I just clicked something I shouldn't have?
Any tips are hugely appreciated!
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Preferred Solution: Windows 8 Laptop speakers are inconsistent?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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While on vacation, my friend asked me to look at her laptop because she reported that her screen saver was not working properly; stated that sometimes it would come on after the desired time-limit but more times than not it would not turn on. Thinking this was user error, I offered to look at her laptop. After spending 2 hours digging into her laptop with no access to the internet or my virus tools, I didn't have an answer. However, what I did experience was the inconsistency; sometimes it would work, other times it would not. I restarted the laptop three times; only once did the screen saver activate without having to re-apply the changes already set up for the screen saver.

She has no third-party screen saver's she is trying to run, just standard Win XP savers (all of which I was able to get to work); Gateway laptop running Win XP sp2.

Any idea's? Thanks in advance!
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Hello all Haven't had a problem GPU speed inconsistent GPU fan Overheating Laptop with my laptop in a long time but having an issue Specs in quot My specs quot My computer was getting real sluggish and I realized it was quite hot Usually my laptop blows out hot air as it is a gaming laptop but it doesn't seem to be doing that I looked in speedfan and couldn't see any speeds for my computer but the gpu was Laptop GPU Overheating GPU fan speed inconsistent hitting C topped out at C and I turned it off Fan was not blowing out air at all So I took of the bottom panel of the laptop so I could see Laptop GPU Overheating GPU fan speed inconsistent the fan and the fan was moving every now and then at C the fan was not even moving and it started heating up again the fan didn't turn back on while it heated up to C so i turned it off again The fan is moving slowly when it moves but it is like it isn't being controlled as it should Also tried to blow out dust took off heatpipes heatsink and reapplied I am travelling so I don't have thermal paste but thermal paste looked good still I had reapplied thermal paste recently so it still is in good shape Downloaded MSI Afterburner and it seems the Fan speed is not changeable in there its up to C again Any suggestions on what I can do to check the GPU fan speeds or reset the control for it so it spins back up as it should thanks in advance Thorsen

A:Laptop GPU Overheating GPU fan speed inconsistent

Ok so in MSI afterburner, i just underclocked the GPU. its slowly lowering in temp.

back down to 72C, but I need to fix this lol

nope nevermind... still getting hot. sitting at 74C at 0%GPU load.
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I tried googling and searching your forum for this, and havent really come up with anything, so i thought I would try and ask..
is it possible to use bluetooth speaker and laptop speakers at same time?
I got a hdmx jam for xmas, and wanted to put that behind me, as i game on my laptop. id like to use both the laptop speakers and the hdmx bluetooth speaker at same time on windows 8.1
any suggestions?

oh and merry xmas to everyone too.
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HI , i have a weird problem
my windows sometimes disables my laptop speakers , i just trurn the laptop on , and find no sound then i right click the sound icon < volume control options and i find the speakers unchecked
it only gets fixed by restarting after checking the speakers
can someone tell me why this often happens
note : this mostly happens when i change the power source like stop using the battery and use the charger without using the battery

A:windows sometimes disables my laptop speakers

Try a more descriptive title, and you may get more help quickly. Anyway, it may be a power setting that turns off the speakers to save energy. Check your power settings.
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Hi all,

I have a Dell XPS M1330 laptop and have recently upgraded to windows 7 professional (32bit) from windows vista. Everything seems to be running smoothly except I can get no sound from the internal laptop speakers. When I plug in external speakers in via the jacks on the front, sound comes through fine, but as soon as I unplug them there is nothing. Headphones also work like this too. Under sounds in device manager, it simply says 'High Definition Audio Device', and I'm not sure if I should be downloading some other drivers?

Any advice is welcome!

A:External Speakers work, Laptop speakers do not

What do you have set as your default sound device? Mine is set to my external speakers.
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I'm using a Packard Bell laptop, Windows Vista and a Realtek sound card.

I've searched a lot to find how to NOT mute my laptop speakers when I insert something in the audio-out-jack.

The next threads say it's not possible by the hardware:
They're closed, so I can't comment on them.

BUT when I dual boot to Ubuntu (using the same hardware), I can easily choose to mute the internal speakers, or the jack, or none at all. So why can't it be possible on Vista?

A:Same audio through laptop speakers and external speakers

You answered your own question... It's a software/OS issue. If Vista's Realtek options in the Control Panel don't give you the same options as in Ubuntu, you're out of luck
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I'm using a Vaio VGN-FJ GP B with XP SP and have a problem with sound When turning on my computer I can hear a sound but when I try playing audio files I get this message xC D BA Cannot play the file Windows Media Player cannot play the file because there is a problem with your sound device such as a sound card or sound controller You may encounter this error message for one of the following reasons Your to doesn't Windows Help. seem recognise speakers. laptop's my sound Help. Windows doesn't seem to recognise my laptop's speakers. device is in use by another program Quit other programs that may Help. Windows doesn't seem to recognise my laptop's speakers. be using your sound device and then try to play the file again Your sound device is not functioning properly To troubleshoot the problem see the Sound Troubleshooter in Windows Help or refer to your sound device's documentation You do not have a sound device installed Help. Windows doesn't seem to recognise my laptop's speakers. on your computer Install a sound device and then try to play the file again Error ID xC D BA Condition ID x What is going on and how do I fix it Oh yes when I was trying to remove a program in add remove programs I heard a beep when I clicked yes But media player still will not work

A:Help. Windows doesn't seem to recognise my laptop's speakers.

Hello HumbertHumbert,

Do you have sound in other applications? Is the problem only with media player? What version media player are you currently using?

You could also try reinstalling your audio driver.
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I have the ordinary internal speakers (2) playing music on my laptop and they work fine, but I have a pair of (not old) wireless speakers and I though is there a way were possibly a setting could allow me to play music through all of them, it would be great to have my laptop and some speakers in another room playing music.

I've looked deep, but I thought maybe some experts know the trick.
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Just got a Dell Inspiron 15 laptop and use an audio cable to connect to my stereo receiver and speakers. The speakers are working, but so is the laptop speakers. Any idea how I shut them off so the sound doesn't compete with my house speakers.
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I have had issues with Windows 7 and Vista search since I started using them. I am hoping someone can tell me what I am doing wrong. If I search in non-indexed locations for a file that I know is in that location or its subdirectories somewhere, why does it sometimes never show up? Here is an example of what I mean:

Edit: Guess it would help if I included the search options I use.

A:Windows 7 Search is Inconsistent

On the second foto it ask's you to add it to the index just add it to the index and it will find those files
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Windows 7: I have relocated my documents folder to another partition (Drive D). The relocated folder has two subdirectories. I have a shortcut to each of the subdirectories in the quick launch toolbar.

Clicking on the first shortcut shows me the folder Under "Computer, Drive D." (D:\Documents\folder-name).

Clicking on the second shortcut though shows the folder listed under "Username." (Username\Documents\folder-name).

This seems strange. I would expect the shortcuts to show both of the folders under Drive D or both under Username.

Can anyone explain this?

A:Windows 7 shortcuts inconsistent

I know on my PC, Libraries like Documents, Pictures, and Music, etc have two locations by default. One is your profile's folder and one is in the all users profile. I'm guessing you only moved one. I personally remove the all users location from all my libraries. I'm the only user on my PC and I never store anything in those folders anyway. I like things clean with no clutter.
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Hello, I need help .

My laptop (windows Vitsa Premium) Intel Core Duo T2080 1.73ghz
is randomly freezing, It's not slow, everything else is running smoothly and there is no sighn of when it will freeze. Sometimes it can be every 10 Minutes or sometimes every 3 - 4 hours. When my laptop freezes it will freeze on the current screen and will never, how ever long i wait Un-freeze, so i am forced to hold down the off button . This has been going on for months and months, could someone please give me som advice???

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Can someone please help me with this error

A:Windows 10 The Extended Attributes are Inconsistent error

Hi, a search offered this:
Solved! How to fix Error

and there's this:
Windows 10 The extended attributes are inconsistent - Microsoft Community
but note the comment at the end.

Please see if it helps and post back.

Analysis and possible explanation here:
Case of the Broken UAC Prompt Extended Attributes are Inconsistent | chentiangemalc
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ASKVG COM - Too Much Inconsistency in Windows Context Menus - AskVG quot There is one annoying Plagued Context Windows 10 Menus with Inconsistent thing in Windows which irritates me a lot Today in this topic I m going to talk about that annoying thing Did you know Windows comes with more than types of context menus right-click menus Yes you heard it right Although Microsoft has tried to provide a consistent user interface in Windows but it seems they ignored the context menu area in Windows There are so many types of context menu present in Windows that you can t Windows 10 Plagued with Inconsistent Context Menus even imagine For your reading pleasure we are going to list all different context menus we found in Windows quot CLICK HERE TO Windows 10 Plagued with Inconsistent Context Menus CONTINUE READING Default context menu Start Menu context menu Notification Area System Tray context menu This PC Ribbon UI context menu Modern Apps context menu Modern Apps Textbox context menu Taskbar Icons context menu Classic context menu Have you come across these inconsistencies in Windows nbsp

A:Windows 10 Plagued with Inconsistent Context Menus

Im surprised they dont have a context context menu lol
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I am having difficulty with my deployment images for bit system as it does not appear to provide the answers correctly in a bit environment but does work as I intend on bit systems I am not using the full toolset from WAIK in particular no WSIM tools are in play I instead used a web resource to build an initial answer file and modified it until it behaved the way I was 7 Answer ? Inconsistent 32bit 64bit File Windows vs intending I used the answer file initially created at the http windowsafg no-ip org website This answer file has all of the same components settings defined for both bit x and bit amd sections throughout so I Windows 7 Answer File Inconsistent ? 32bit vs 64bit am expecting my first boot experience to be the same regardless of the OS architecture They Windows 7 Answer File Inconsistent ? 32bit vs 64bit are not behaving the same Windows 7 Answer File Inconsistent ? 32bit vs 64bit My Bit systems come up and only prompt for the COMPUTERNAME and Time Timezone information which is all I want Everything else is incorporated into my image file and the answer file My Bit systems come up and go through all of the first boot prompting including username computername locale language location passwords Windows Update settings network location My Bit systems are behaving as if I have no answer file at all I need it to prompt for the same information as my Bit systems just Computername and Time Timezone My images are all prepared the same way with the same tools The only difference is the partition size for my SystemReserved partition as my bit systems use a MB partition and my bit systems use a GB partition I use the same DiskPart command line in order to prepare the partitions and format them to receive the WIM image files I use DISM command line to apply the image files to these partitions I use the same SYSPREP command line to prepare the master image Sysprep oobe shutdown unattend C Temp Unattend public xml Or Sysprep oobe generalize shutdown unattend C Temp Unattend public xml How do I fix this answer file Answer File contents listed below Code lt xml version quot quot encoding quot utf- quot gt lt unattend xmlns quot urn schemas-microsoft-com unattend quot gt lt settings pass quot windowsPE quot gt lt component name quot Microsoft-Windows-International-Core-WinPE quot processorArchitecture quot x quot publicKeyToken quot bf ad e quot language quot neutral quot versionScope quot nonSxS quot xmlns wcm quot http schemas microsoft com WMIConfig State quot xmlns xsi quot http www w org XMLSchema-instance quot gt lt SetupUILanguage gt lt UILanguage gt en-US lt UILanguage gt lt SetupUILanguage gt lt InputLocale gt lt InputLocale gt lt SystemLocale gt en-US lt SystemLocale gt lt UILanguage gt en-US lt UILanguage gt lt UserLocale gt en-US lt UserLocale gt lt component gt lt component name quot Microsoft-Windows-International-Core-WinPE quot processorArchitecture quot amd quot publicKeyToken quot bf ad e quot language quot neutral quot versionScope quot nonSxS quot xmlns wcm quot http schemas microsoft com WMIConfig State quot xmlns xsi quot http www w org XMLSchema-instance quot gt lt SetupUILanguage gt lt UILanguage gt en-US lt UILanguage gt lt SetupUILanguage gt lt InputLocale gt lt InputLocale gt lt SystemLocale gt en-US lt SystemLocale gt lt UILanguage gt en-US lt UILanguage gt lt UserLocale gt en-US lt UserLocale gt lt component gt lt component name quot Microsoft-Windows-Setup quot processorArchitecture quot x quot publicKeyToken quot bf ad e quot language quot neutral quot versionScope quot nonSxS quot xmlns wcm quot http schemas microsoft com WMIConfig State quot xmlns xsi quot http www w org XMLSchema-instance quot gt lt Diagnostics gt lt OptIn gt false lt OptIn gt lt Diagnostics gt lt DiskConfiguration gt lt WillShowUI gt OnError lt WillShowUI gt lt Disk wcm action quot add quot gt lt DiskID gt lt DiskID gt lt WillWipeDisk gt false lt WillWipeDisk gt lt CreatePartitions gt lt CreatePartition wcm action quot add quot g... Read more
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Hello all I'm encountering a very strange and frustrating problem with some of my Windows machines I'll attempt to Windows 7 multiple bandwidths Vastly across machines inconsistent explain this as fully as possible please let me know if any knowing any other information will be helpful I recently started a subscription with Comcast for a mb Down mb Up high speed internet Vastly inconsistent bandwidths across multiple Windows 7 machines service I am using different websites to analyze the download speed of this connection on multiple computers speedtest comcast net speedtest net speakeasy net speedtest The issue is the mb download speed works for some of my machines but not for others The following machines receive the full mb or higher download speeds when checking with the above sites MacBook Pro Acer Aspire One Vastly inconsistent bandwidths across multiple Windows 7 machines - running Ubuntu Linux Dell Latitude E - Windows Enterprise When I try this with my other Windows machines I get results of less than mb down These machines are ASUS G - Windows Home Premium bit Dell Latitude E - Windows Enterprise These tests were conducted with direct hard line hookup to the modem no router I know for a fact that the service is working at full capacity since I get the full download upload speeds with the machines But I cannot figure out why the other two are more than slower All of the firewall settings are identical across the Windows machines I tried starting my my ASUS machine in safemode to see if some particular process was slowing things down but the slower internet speeds remained Needless to say Comcast has no clue I was hoping that someone might have some idea what is causing this or maybe some idea of what to compare between the two machines While I am fairly computer-savvy I don't know a lot about networking any help or ideas would be GREATLY appreciated Thanks so much Mike

A:Vastly inconsistent bandwidths across multiple Windows 7 machines

Have you tested since? Any results? It'd be good to know if it was consistent or not.
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I was just wondering if anyone could tell me if it's possible to hook up two desktop speakers to a laptop. I'd include technical information, but I've no idea what would be useful to know. Just tell me what info you need and I'll get it. For now, here's some info:

I'm running Windows 7 x64 on a Sony Vaio laptop. The speakers I'm trying to connect aren't very large. I'm not exactly sure where to find more info on the laptop's sound driver.

A:Speakers on Laptop

Hi -

Please provide the exact model number for the Sony Vaio (look on bottom label) and the info on the speakers, i.e., are you connecting via "Line-out", USB, or..?

Regards. . .


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I have a Acer laptop, and my speakers have stopped working. about 3 days ago I was listening to some music and my speakers got really staticy......the static calmed down after 30 min or so and then they worked fine. Now they have stopped working all together. I cant even get sound when I plug my head phones in. I have checked all of the volume levels and everything is normal. I even ran a scan to see if it cound diagnose the problem and everything came back "no issue to diagnose".

is there anything I can do?

A:Can I fix my laptop speakers?

If you go to youtube or any website with sound, can you hear anything then? If no, I'd think your sound card may of died.
Have you gone into the Control Panel to check Sound & Audio devices?
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I first discovered this problem on my new laptop when trying to play a cd in media player, it would not play, and a message popped up saying, "windows media player cannot play the file because there is a problem with your sound device there may not be a sound device installed on your computer, it may be in use by another program or it may not be functioning properly" so i went to check this out in the control panel, with the audio devices section, and this told me that no sound device is connected. I get the feeling the laptop's speakers are not installed properly

any ideas would be much appreciated

A:speakers on my laptop???

Its not the speakers, its the sound card that has the problem.

Since you have a laptop you should be able to go to the manufacturer's website and download the new drivers and then install them.

If that doesn't work then please tell us what laptop you have and what version of Windows you are running.
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How do i connect wires from speakers to laptop?

A:Speakers for laptop

Depends on the speakers but usually either through the headphone port or usb port if you get usb style speakers.
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Hey guys I just got a Gateway M6817 laptop that I'm taking to college. I bought logitech z-5300 speakers too and i found out they don't work with the there any type of connection that converts like headphone cables (thats what they look like and fit into a headphone jack) to usb cable? The only way to connect something to my laptop is in the form of a usb cable....if theres no such thing or you dont have any idea what I'm talking about...what are the best speakers for a laptop?

A:laptop and speakers

sorry for the double post, but if there's no such thing involving it possible to connect something via adapters to the headphone jack on my laptop? I'm really just thinking outloud.
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hi fellas

when i connect the laptop headphones, still sound keeps coming from the laptop speakers.
can anyone help ??


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Hey there umm sorta newto this whole concept and i was wondering if somone could help me?! I logged onto my packard bell laptop around 3 days ago. Being a large music enthusiast i like to listen to music on it as i chat to friends etc... As I wet to play a song an error message occurs and no sound it present. Same as when i try to play musi videos of youtube. The same occurs with whatever program i tr to play my music with; it either being internet based or desktop. Can someone please tell me why my speakers won't play music or any sounds at all!! post back soon someone

A:Laptop speakers :(

Is your sound turned on if so you need to reistall the drivers for your sound card.
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Is the any software that can be downloaded that would improve the sound of my speakers. They are not very loud at all. If not is it possible to upgrade the internal speakers of a laptop?

thank you very much

A:Laptop Speakers?

If you have checked in Control Panel under Sound Devices and have the sound volume up then the best thing is do like I a reasonable external speakers which sound very good for their small size.
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Hi I have a HP Pavilion dv series notebook and I could use some opinions here Apparently there is Hp speakers? Laptop and a problem with the HD Conexant Integrated Audio Card and hp I have the Boston Acoustics BA series speakers Have had two Hp Laptop and speakers? sets I love them and refuse to get another pair of speakers Anyways for those that arent aware of them back on XP you had to get a digital soundcard which i did on my emachine desktop soundblaster audiogy I put this in and checked digital sound box in xp Hp Laptop and speakers? sound options Sounded great The desktop was stolen so i bought this hp and it does support Hp Laptop and speakers? spdif toslink on the front but the way the speakers are set up is a coaxial digital end goes to the sub and on the other end you plug it into a mm jack However I do this and I get no sound I suppose it is because the card only supports optical and this is coaxial Can anyone recommend an external sound card that is digital like the old internal soundblaster live audiogy For instance it does not have to have a coaxial input on it It just needs to support digital sound where i can plug in the coaxial digital to the sub and on the other end to the sound card just to the aux in or line in or of course a coaxial input would work to i know the old quickdock has a coaxial port on it but not sure if that will work Any ideas Worked fine with a desktop running xp and a cheap internal soundblaster live card on xp assuming you checked digital only box in windows but with vista you do not have that option and after all the research i have done it appears my output on the hp notebook only supports optical which wont work I need an external digital card Anyone else ran into this or have a suggestion
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Something just occurred to me when I sent my son off to college along with his set of PC speakers from his desktop PC. He now has a laptop and, like most laptops, has only one output (normally for earphones). The speakers have 2 inputs. Can desktop speakers work with a laptop?

A:PC Speakers on a Laptop

Your son would be able to go to an electrical store to get an adapter if there is two audio plugs.
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My brother was listening to music on the laptop when he dropped it. The headphones pushed the headphone jack part on the laptop inside it and now we can't plug the headphones in. The laptop seems to think that we still have headphones in though so it won't play sound through the speakers. Is there anyway I can tell the laptop to ignore the headphones so that it will use its speakers? Sorry if none of that makes sense, it was really hard to describe what happened! If I need to tell you any information about the laptop, just ask and I'll do my best to answer!

A:Laptop Speakers

And sorry if this is in the wrong place!
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I have a Dell Inspiron B130 and the speakers have been getting horribly worse by the day! I cannot hear anything fluidly! Anybody know what's going on?? Can problem be fixed...or no? THANKS

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I recently finished fixing up my old Acer Aspire 4520 laptop, I installed windows 7, auto updated all the drivers with driver booster and thought I was set.

I tried to play sound through the built in speakers, no luck, I plugged in headphones, works perfectly, I plugged in external speakers, perfect audio.

But the built in speakers dont work, and its a laptop so who wants to carry around external speakers?

Any help would be great.

Note: This may be related to my WEI issue, it gets stuck on the last thing and says it cant complete video playback testing. I went to the videos its supposed to test and tried to open them with windows media player which results in an error, however opening them with VLC works fine.

A:Laptop Speakers No Sound

Most techies avoid the programs/sites that provide drivers, such as driver booster. They get drivers from the PC or motherboard vendor in most cases. There are some that can be downloaded direct such as Intel drivers or Realtek sound.

However, if the hardware is compatible, Windows 7 will install most drivers during the install. Actually, other than Windows installing the generic, basic function, High Definition Audio Drivers rather than the sound chip's drivers (if its Win 7 compatible) Win 7 usually installs what is needed.

It looks like this was originally a Vista machine. Vista drivers are applicable to Windows 7 as Win 7 is basically "Vista improved".

But, the first thing to check, the Audio Playback Device should be set to "Speakers". If its set to something else you would not get any speaker audio.
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I have an HP dv6000t laptop with XP. Recently, the internal speakers stopped working, and the only way for me to hear sounds is if I plug in headphones or external speakers.

Nothing is muted, and I noticed that when I open the 'Volume Control' window, then click on advanced on the bottom left, the 'Advanced Controls for Volume Control' window comes up and the Bass and Treble sliders are greyed out. They were not greyed out before.

If it helps, my Audio driver card thing is Conexant HD Audio and i believe the actual laptop internal speakers are altec Lansing.

Do you think uninstalling then reinstalling the audio driver will help? If so, can anyone point me to a step-by-step guide? I tried googling but i couldnt find anything really specific for my laptop.


A:No More Audio From Laptop Speakers.

Laptop audio can be such a pain!

Is there an external wheel or something to raise and lower the volume? Sometimes, it's set using the function key (fn) in conjunction with a couple of keys on the top right of the keyboard. Chances are you've disturbed some hardware setting rather than a software setting. Still, I'd think it would affect the speakers and external speakers evenly.

Always possible that whatever the speakers use to hook up has become disconnected . . .
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unable to disable speaker feature that tells name of each key hit.
can't learn this new toy until i can focus without constant noise.
can someone point me to the key disabling feature [or place in user manual that addresses this feature]?
thank you.

A:new laptop speakers out control

laptop is hp envy sleekbook 14.
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Hello HP support community. I have an HP Pavilion 14-al061nr (ENERGY STAR) laptop and it has this problem where over a small period of usage the sound goes out. People have said to disable enhancements at the enhancements tab, but there is no enhancements tab on my laptop. I have installed the newest driver, but nothing has changed. Someone please help this is really getting on my nerves. But essentially there is no enhancements tab, and nothing happened when I got the newest drivers.
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Hey people,

So I've got myself two external speakers for my laptop.

The first speaker is a soundbar that just connects with a simple usb plug & the other is a normal usb speakers that connects with a usb & a 3.5mm jack, & my question is how could I get them to work all together at the same time if it's possible?!!

A:Two external speakers, one laptop

Did you try plugging each into 2 USB ports? If that doesnt work try plugging 1 in through USB and the other in the 3.5MM jack.
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i got a dell dmiension 1420 notebook, just 3 months ago i had a little accident,
throwing some hot coffee on it, my laptop was in coma for about 2 weeks, then it started to work, just the cpu fan was dead so i changed it. Now i have a problem with the speakers, sometimes they just dont work, i dont know if my speakers are wrong or its something with the sound chip on the board, its really weird, they sound for 10 or 20 seconds then they just dont sound anymore for about 10 o 30 seconds , then they sound again and so on
u understand right?
i need some help here because i was about to buy a new pair of speakers from ebay , maybe that wont help me if its the chip right?

A:my laptop speakers are wrong?

Try this... Do you have ear phones for a Ipod or MP3 player or something CD player etc.. Connect that to the laptop headphone jack. See if you can hear sound? If not then you got a problem from the coffee spill and you're lucky the system came back on as most don't even get that far. I know I repair laptops an more..
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I have a Dell Studio Laptop that wont play through the speakers anymore. I did see the previous threads about the speaker problems and I think it is part hardware and software issue. The reason why I think something can be done via software is that sometimes when I open an application and a good example is Skype, the sound will temporarily come out of the speakers and then it switches back to the headphone jack. The computer thinks there are headphones plugged in even when there aren't. I have tried disabling everything I cold find in different orders, tried uninstalling all audio drivers and reinstalled them but still nothing. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thank You!

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I have a Windows Vista Compaq Presario F700 with Conexant High Definition SmartAudio 221 speakers. The computer detects the speakers, and the sound isn't muted. could someone help me get them working again?

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Hello everybody I have taken the liberty of skipping the introduction section to get straight to the nitty gritty of my problem I have an elderly Acer Aspire running XP Home Sp It's used only for word processing so no great demands made of it However it has suddenly started producing a regular rapid clicking from the speakers This has come out of the blue no changes of any laptop speakers Clicky kind have been made to the computer and no new programs installed I have done some research on the problem but no luck so far The level of the sound remains the same even if the speaker volume is reduced to zero and plugging in headphones stops the noise from the speakers but continues Clicky laptop speakers through the 'phones I have tried doing a clean boot but this doesn't help I have also removed the hard drive and attempted to boot and the clicking starts almost immediately so not the hard drive I have looked into possible external interference but there is none and the laptop is in the same location as when it worked O K I have tried playing a CD and it will play but with very distorted sound with the clicks on top Don't know what to try next because of the limited use to which the computer is put I am not really inclined to buy a new one Any help would be much appreciated
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Hallo i have some problems with my speakers in my laptop.. lets go to the problem.. when i was watching youtube or twitch or sites with audio content my speaker start to do some noise the music is like when u have a bad signal on youre radio or something like that... but when i was using my laptop without listening to an video.. the speakers are playing normal without problem... i can play games or whatewer i want... but not to listen on the internet.. can u help me? my english is so bad but i hope u will underestand me
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so I have a nice 4.1 speaker set that I want to use for my laptop. My laptop doesn't support it, so I was only able to do the sounds nice, but I would really like the whole 4.1 feel.

Besides buying a $70+ pcmcia sound card, is there any other alternative? any other type of adaptor that I can plug in so I can use all 4 speakers?

some kind of splitter or someting, like those headphone splitter that I can plug in my laptop, and then plug my speakrs to it....will that work?

A:connecting speakers to laptop

The 2.1 in the laptop only produces a 2.1 audio stream
You need to reprocess the sound to get 4.1, which is a 4.1 sound card's function.

An external device cannot truly create 4.1 from 2.1, the required info is not actually in the audio stream. The best you would get is a psuedo 4.1, if such a device actually exists,
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Hello, I really hope you can help me. I have a Dell Inspirion...something laptop. Its only about 7 weeks old. two weeks ago, it had its hard drive replaced, but when I got it back the speakers would not play any sound. When I plugged my headphones in I could hear sound.

I've tried updating the drivers, and nothing. I went through every step in the "windows help" thing. And they still won't work. Is there a way to fix this without having to give my laptop back to Micro Center(store I bought it from) and having it sit in the back for 4 days before even looked at?

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Hi, everyone, just bought a toshiba a100-sk9 and its great well except the first one had dead pixels... But now with this one there's a strange thing, The laptop speakers crackle with certain windows sound effects, start up shutdown and critical error. I have been playing abit of music on it but nothing too extensive but the thing is i can't hear the crackling during the music playing at all but when i do that buzzing bee test that comes on the realtek program u can hear it, so im just wondering if this is some hardware problem or what.

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When I play a game or listen to music, etc I usually use headphones. Now I notice that even though the headphone jack is plugged in my laptop's speakers don't switch off. I attached two screenshots; they show that the game's sound is somehow linked to the speaker's volume and in the other that the headphone's volume is also linked to the system's volume. This means when I turn the volume down for the speakers then the headphones are also automatically turned down.

How do I fix this?


A:Laptop speakers don't switch off

Right click on the volume notification icon and select volume control options. From there you should be able to give your headphones their own volume control. I hope I understood your question correctly.
Relevancy 42.57% dell laptop speakers are going out. They sound very muffled like they're underwater. What can i do? Thanks

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Hello. I've searched and seen other people with this same issue, but I haven't yet found a solution to the problem.

I'm using a Dell Inspiron E1505 Laptop running WinXP Media Center Edition and using SigmaTel audio.

My issue is that the computer always thinks there are headphones plugged in; I suspect this is caused by minor internal damage to the jack itself.

Is there a way to disable the headphone jack so the sound will go to the speakers? I know the jack is a physical switch, not a software one, but I'm hoping there is a driver or hardware device I can turn off/disable so the computer "forgets" it has a headphone jack, or some other indirect solution.


A:Laptop speakers not working

It will need to be repaired. The speaker goes through the jack first.
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I am trying to connect my laptop through my amp to output from my speakers, I have bought the necessary cable, but I can not get the sound to switch from my laptop speakers to the external speakers. Is there anything else that needs to change or should it switch autonatically when I connect the cable at the headphone socjket on my laptop.

A:Connecting laptop to amp and speakers

Use the Headphone rather than the Line Out and it should take care of it.
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My V3-571G fell about 15inches and now the speakers don't work.  The earphone speaker works but when i take earphones out I have not sound at all.  I took it to a tech person and he did the usual checks to make sure all the settings were okay and tested the speakers and the laptop said everthing should be working but there was no sound.  He then took the back of the laptop off and looked at the speakers.  No apparent damage to the speakers at all.  Speakers in place, no damage, connections in place as well.  No visual reason for them to be not working.  Anyone have any ideas.  He said it would be quite costly to replace them.  The Soud driver is completely up to date.
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Hi I have a laptop and I use a 24" Finlux monitor.
I want to use my monitor's speakers simlultanously with my laptop's speaker or a headset.
For example, I want to listen to music with my headset while i play a game, and the game's sound should go through the monitor. Is that possible? If you don't understand me 100% then just ask please.
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Hi all, it's been a while.

Recently, I've been having problems with my sounds. My left and right speakers is unbalanced. My left speaker is a lot quieter than it was. I tried using an external speaker (my headphone if that counts) but i still get the same problem.

So, I was wondering if my speaker is at fault or is it my sound card?

BTW, my headphones are perfectly fine as it is barely used and I just bought it 2 weeks ago. I've also tried using it with my brother and sister's laptop and the left and right headphone produces the same volume.

I'm using HP Pavilion dv2500 Notebook PC.

Please help.


A:Unbalanced laptop speakers

Try adjusting your balance control, all the way to the left, and all the way to the right to see how it reacts.
It might be a blown speaker, but this should help diagnose it.
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my asus x553m speakers are going slow. the speed of say a video on you tube is still going alright. just when a song comes on or a news report. they speak like robots really slow...... does anyone know what this might be? or how do I fix it...... I have a feeling it might be hardware but not to sure.
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Hi I am trying to fix my cousins laptop for her It is a Compaq Presario V running Windows Vista Home Premium -Bit The problem is that no sound is coming through the speakers When I check the sound manager its just says quot No speakers from No sound laptop audio devices are installed quot There are two sound programs that I can see are installed they are Realtek High No sound from laptop speakers Definition Audio and Conexant SmartAudio I tried updating the Realtek driver and nothing changed I then tried to update the Conexant driver but it just gives an error message along the lines of quot cannot find device for driver quot or when trying to open up the program an error message quot Could not find Conexant audio device application cannot run properly quot is displayed The only time you ever hear a sound is when an error message appears on screen and its a loud short BEEP For example when uninstalling programs when the error message appears saying quot are you sure you want to uninstall this program quot you hear this BEEP upon pressing the OK button or trying to open up the SmartAudio program you also hear the BEEP Can anyone help with this problem All help appreciated Thanks Christopher Wooster

A:No sound from laptop speakers

Here is the link to the drivers that you need. is my canned speach reguarding sound issues.First open your device Manager and uninstall your audio driver and reboot.Type devmgmt.msc in your run box this will open device manager find your audio device right click it then uninstall. Reboot your machine.Try this program to get an update for your audio driver.DriverMax - free driver download program for Windows XP & VistaYou need to register the program in the link above and you get two free drivers in a 24 hour period.Also take a look at the links below.Tips for fixing common sound problems post the log created by the program in the link below.Unknown Device Identifier - Freeware DownloadHit start button at lower left hand corner of the screen.Then in the run box type services.msc. Look for windows audio/anything to do with audio and make sure the startup type is set to automatic. To do this,right click selected service select properties then change the startup type to automatic then left click apply.You will need to reboot your machine for the changes to take effect.
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i have a dell laptop with windowsXP. about a month ago the speaker were working correctly but after some kid messed with the computer (maybe he deleted something)... now the speakers don't work.
when I go to control panel -> sound it says that there are no sound devices installed for sound playback... reading.... sound recording or anything when i go to hardware it shows this:
-ESS Maestro 3 PCI Audio (WDM)
-Audio Codecs
-Legacy Audio Drives
-Media Control Devices
-Legacy Video Capture devices
-Video Codecs

can anybody help me?

A:Laptop does not detect speakers

Try upgrading your sound card drivers, some crucial files may have become corrupted, if there is not a newer version available, uninstall them completely and then reinstall them. If the problem remains, make sure that none of the volume control settings are muted.
BTW, this is assuming you checked to make sure all connections and cables were connected correctly and that your speaker system is receiving power. Hope this works for you, good luck :grinthumb
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My husband purchased my laptop/notebook as a Christmas gift last year.  My sound/speakers are going already.  The sound is not clear.  I use this laptop for work.  And must have my sound working correctly.Please advise on what I can do to get this corrected ASAP.
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How can I make my Gateway NE56R31u speakers louder, I remember when I first got it they where louder than what they sound now, is there anything I can do to make them louder and fix it.

A:My laptop speakers sound to low

Did you try turning your PC volume up?
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About a week ago my sound stopped working after my laptop had been in Speakers No from Laptop Sound quot sleep mode quot from idle When I clicked on the No Sound from Laptop Speakers sound icon on the right side of the windows toolbar quot Digital Audio S PDIF quot was active instead of my default quot High No Sound from Laptop Speakers Definition Audio Device quot which status was unplugged Since I m on a laptop my speakers are obviously built in and can t be unplugged At the same time a noticed addware behavior with my browser Meaning there were several No Sound from Laptop Speakers hyperlinks spread throughout every page that linked to adds I had experienced this a few months ago and figured like last time I had lost administrative rights to TrustedInstaller After going into Windows gt Sysytem and reclaiming ownership and admin I began troubleshooting my audio from what little I know I ran several different scans and rid my system of a few minor things a tech in quot virus and malware quot said there wasn t anything removed to worry about I checked to see if all the audio dependent services were running which they were I stopped and restarted the audio service I went to cmnd prompt and entered quot shutdown r o and refreshed my system once it restarted did not want to do a factory reset and lose everything I deleted the audio driver and restarted My system updated and re-installed the driver as expected After these steps Digital Audio is still default instead of the speakers and there is no audible sound being produced Can somebody help me figure this out nbsp

A:No Sound from Laptop Speakers

After all the steps you described in here, I assume you already tried to default it by yourself on the Manage Audio Devices screen, since now the High Definition Audio Device should not be showing anymore as unplugged but working since the driver re-installation worked as expected. If by any chance you haven't, do it.
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Hello I need help with setting up my hardware Recently I purchased a MSI GS Shadow which is a unique laptop system that docks onto a desktop to significantly boost the notebooks overall abilities Notebook - The best gaming notebook provider However when the notebook is docked it cannot be used so external keyboard mouse amp screen are required all of which I have hooked up and working fine however I am now trying to hook up a pair of speakers that I purchased to this system which just isn't as easy or 'plug n play' as I thought it would be The TV is a quot samsung flat screen with a HDMI port amp USB port along with inline audio video ports The speakers are Polytron PAS Speakers to & Laptop TV HDMI http polytron co id fuseaction ho peaker amp id I've plugged the speakers from their rear inline red amp white ports into the TVs rear inline red amp white ports nothing I've plugged the speakers from their front USB port into the TVs rear USB port nothing I've plugged the speakers from their front USB port into the Laptops USB port nothing I am now no longer sure what I could or should do to try and Laptop to HDMI TV & Speakers get these speakers operational ANY help would be so GREATLY appreciated When I look into the Laptop to HDMI TV & Speakers Playback Devices for Audio in windows the speakers do not show up I have tried researching online for Polytron Drivers but have found nothing Please please please help me on this I am at my wits end here Cheers
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Hi guys. I have an ADVENT Roma 2000 and my laptop speakers aren't working! I tried fixing it on my own but I decided to ask you, the experts.
I already tried:
1. sfc scannow (Scan was finished but there is still some errors in cbs.log that cant be repaired. And oh, is it normal for the scan to end at 98%)
2. enabling and disabling realtek in dev manager.(uninstall+restart is included)
> Like to add that in its properties it's saying, "the device is working properly"
3. downloading and installing the new update of realtek.
4. Putting external audio devices.(like headphones, earphones, etc.)
> Still I can't hear a sound from these.

I don't know but I think the pop-up message after I start my laptop, has something to do with it.

iaanotif.exe - system error
isdi.dll is missing

A:My laptop speakers won't work.

Sounds like your sound card has blown. Do you hear any system sounds at all and when did this problem start occurring?

The files missing are to do with RAID.
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occasionally on my laptop while playing a game or a movie my speakers will make a crackling noise, on game it will kick in half way through a level/map and will stop on the next level/map, during movies it will be there for a few minutes. i know that it is the sound card because ive plugged other speakers into it, the sound card uses the "Conexant AC-Link Audio" driver. the laptop is an hp ze4125 and i have the latest driver from hp's website. the speakers also make a long and constant humming noise when this happens.

and according to pc wizard 2005, my "device audio" is "ali m5451 pci ac-link controller audio device"

A:laptop speakers crackle

also, is only rly happens when playing a microsoft game, such as age of the emperors, links 2003, and age of mythology
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I have Dell inspiron N4010 in which i facing problem regarding Sound. No sound coming from my laptop's internal speakers but during Hardware testing ( Dell diagnostics enable pressing F12 during booting) test sounds comming from speakers correctly. Sound also properly in Headphone, No any problem with headphone.
I try with various media players but problem is remain. Driver regarding audio up to date.

A:No Sound from Laptop Speakers

Check the Sound Panel, Playback Section. The "Speakers" should be set as Default Playback Device. If not, that may be the problem.

This is the Dell driver for Win 7, for your specific model.
Driver Details | Dell US

This is sample of what you should have:
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I have a really weird problem so thank you for any advice help in advance This may take awhile so I m sorry if this is a little longer than you guys hope for I just don t want to miss any details Specs HP Pavilion dv - nr Notebook PC Intel Core Duo T Processors GHz ea Windows Vista Laptop speakers a for work second Home Premium GB RAM GB internal HD GB external NVIDIA GeForce M GT Video IDT High Definition Audio I think that s it if you need anything else just ask Okay now my problem My laptop speakers are Altec Lansing not sure if that matters but they produce no sound in normal operation The headphones work flawlessly but when I unplug them the speakers do not kick in and take over I lose all sound It gets even better though because if I mute my speakers then unmute them I hear a split-second clip of audio then all is quiet again There s a pop like a click when I unmute and sound comes out immediately after I unmute but as soon as it started it goes away So I go to my IDT Control Panel here s where it gets even better I notice my playback is set to quot Speakers and Dual Independent Headphones quot There s a picture of a set of headphones and if I click either side of the headphones it s supposed to make a sound it does but I can t hear it unless I mute and unmute which as I stated earlier only works for a split second Well if I m looking at the IDT panel and mute my speakers then a picture of floor speakers pops up and all of this is with OR without headphones plugged in Laptop speakers work for a second Same thing click on the left or right side to test sound and voila nothing Mute and unmute produce a minute sound then nothing Sigh One more thing In my IDT Control there s also a Laptop speakers work for a second picture representing my jacks headphones my laptop has but only is pictured and microphone If in operation then the picture is supposed to be enlarged and in fact my headphone jack is ALWAYS enlarged unless I switch playback WHILE I m in HDMI mode Still no sound though but ever faithful headphones ALWAYS work Double sigh The Laptop speakers work for a second jacks are good switches are fine everything is soldered good and everything looks peachy I m positive it s not the headphone jack switch and everything I ve learned looks to me like a software issue Is it possible my settings are somehow reversed or screwed up in either BIOS or the registry I ve chatted online with HP Support I also called HP Support and had them override my computer while someone a million miles away toyed around on my desktop disabling deleting drivers reinstalling drivers running MS FixIt and a few other things The last time my speakers worked perfectly I was watching a DVD I remember having to leave so I shut my laptop lid only to come home to a non working set of speakers I was using Windows Media Center So there it is PLEASE help please this is driving me bananas I restored recovered deleted and reinstalled drivers even KLite codecs nothing is working Nothing All system checks are okay and FixIt says nothing s wrong Can someone suggest something I ve yet to try Thank you for your patience nbsp

A:Laptop speakers work for a second

Any advice? Bump...
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Hello. I waited to find out what to do about the problem I had because I figured it would fix itself, but it has not done so. I watched a Youtube video on my laptop and suddenly it glitched and the video froze and the sound kept making a loud, obnoxious noise due to the glitch. I exited from the Youtube page and the sound continued to play and now I currently have my sound on mute for every time I'm using my computer because it continues to make the sound. It happened after the second time using my laptop, the first time using the sound for videos. I currently cannot use my laptop to observe videos due to this issue. Can this problem somehow be fixed?
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Specs Sony Vaio laptop CR VGN-CR G P Intel Core Duo T GHz Windows Vista Home Premium GB RAM I do not Malfunctioning Laptop Speakers really know the exact specs for my speakers but i do know that it is Realtek High Definition Audio Laptop Speakers Malfunctioning It was working properly the night before but now i m not getting any sound from my speakers both with or Laptop Speakers Malfunctioning without plug-in headphones This is not the st time this problem occured The last few times my speakers aren t working I just restarted then the sound came back but not this time I went to the control panel to check on my sound device it says that it is working but there really is no sound I tried evrythn that i know of i m very sure my speaker volume is up n it is not muted This is the st time i feel so helpless because of a pc problem so i hope u can help any info would be much appreciated if u need any additional info feel free to tell me i ll be sure to add it in Please help me Thank you nbsp

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Recently the sound from my laptop speakers stopped working. However my headphones (and external speakers) work fine. I also noticed a red light coming out of my headphone jack and after doing a little research, found that it was a problem in Macbooks (I don't have a Macbook) where the computer still thinks my headphones are plugged in.

I was wondering how to fix this glitch. I read about putting a matchstick in the headphone jack and trying to remove the jammed chip ( but I wasn't able to do that. Is there anyway to do it on the computer?

I'm using an Acer Aspire 3820, running Windows 7 Home Premium. The speakers are Realtek High Definition Audio.

Let me know if you need any more information. Thanks in advance!
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When playing DVDs my laptop's speakers are really very quiet. Yes, everything is cranked up. I know the speakers can go a lot louder. In MediaMonkey (which is a mediaplayer, obviously) there is the option to "level the playback volume" and then you can set the target volume in dB. This can drastically increase the volume, to the point of breaking the speakers (although I don't do this).

Is there a program that can do this to all output sounds?

And yes, I've read around and found that there is just a maximum output voltage for speakers that no software can increase, but I KNOW that they can go louder.

I have Realtek HD Audio Manager, Vista Home Premium 32 bit and can use a variety of progams to play DVDs: VLC, Media Player Classic, WMP and Nero Showtime (don't ask why I have so many, I use them all for different purposes).

A:quiet laptop speakers - but only sometimes

I'd be checking whatever program you're using for playback of the dvds, and making sure it's not set to 5.1. This can often make stereo speakers a lot quieter than they should be....
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I am looking around for speakers for my laptop and not sure of what is really a good pair for a reasonable price. I am running vista x64 ... any help would be grateful..

A:I need speakers for my laptop any suggestions?

just depends on what you want and what you are going to use them for.

music or gaming i would get ones with a sub.
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I have an Acer Aspire 5253-BZ602 with 2GB and added memory. The speakers are rather worthless. I have to hold the laptop up to my ear half the time to listen to anything. A real pain. Is there a realistic fix/upgrade for this? Thanks

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I upgraded my laptop a VAIO sony, VGN-FE770G with windows vista, everything is working well, just the speakers aren't working, I know that I have to download a driver, but I don't have a clue, of hoe to do that.!!

A:laptop doesn't recognize speakers

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Just few days ago I upgraded my laptop from windows vista to windows 7 ultimate 32 bit. Everything works fine except audio. When I plugged the headphone it sounds, but without headphones I cannot hear any sound from my laptop.I followed these steps:
List any Problem devices

Make sure devices are connected and powered on
Click Start->Run, enter: msinfo32. Click the + sign next to Components to expand it
Click Problem Devices. Anything appear?
and my problem devices are listed out.
Base System DevicePCI\VEN_1180&DEV_0592&SUBSYS_01F31028&REV_12\4&20402523&0&0BF0 THE DRIVERS FOR THIS DEVICE NOT INSTALLED.

please help me. Thanks in advance.

A:Sound from headset but not laptop speakers

Well im guessing outdated drivers that dont work with W7 and Also just a tip Please don't steal topics!
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I will try to be as detailed (laptop) through not going Sound speakers. headphones as possible I am pretty experienced with drivers and sound settings but this problem has me stumped I have a Fangbook III made by Cyperpower PC I am unable to play sound via Sound going through headphones not speakers. (laptop) the on-board speakers for the laptop I am however able to play sound through the mm auxiliary jack input I have speakers set as default device under the playback settings This is where is gets strange Whenever I attempt to delete the Realtek audio driver whether it is through windows or a rd-party driver uninstallation software Realtek always comes back within a few seconds Right before it does come back under playback it separates speakers and headphones with both having the driver High Definition Audio Device If I hurry before the Realtek driver comes back the speakers seems to work But once the Realtek audio speakers comes back the default speakers and headphones goes away and I continue to have the same problem with the Realtek driver I attempted to reformat the computer with windows and erase all drivers but Realtek was already installed I assume it is required for this specific laptop Any ideas on how to direct the Reaktek High Definition Audio driver to use the speakers instead of the auxiliary jack Thanks for the help and let me know if there is any more information that you guys need Some more information I have attempted to disable the driver via device manager The problem with this is that the High Definition Audio Device driver doesn t take its place Here is what it looks like when I uninstall the Realtek driver and it works until Realtek is automatically reinstalled http I gyazo com c f b fb a efcf f a png http I gyazo com e ac e c a a b f f png It works fine using the speakers option in the first link under playback When Realtek gets reinstalled against my will it reverts to this http I gyazo com cb f b b fbe ed e f png http I gyazo com b de c fc fc e aab f d b b png Is there anyway I can just use the High Definition Audio Device drivers I attempted to look for Realtek under services msc but I could not find it As for the BIOS option there was no option in the BIOS for sound The chipset that I have installed came with the computer when I bought it Here are the mfg specs for audio if it helps http I gyazo com d ac fea f d ddfac png Once again thanks for the help I am stumped nbsp
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Hey all,
I have an HP laptop and was wondering if there is a way to hook up additional desktop speakers (without disabling the internal speakers). I can hook up the additional speakers to the laptop's output port, but that disables the internal ones. Basically, I want a total of four speakers instead of two. I don't know if this will help for the situation, but I have attatched the TSG SysInfo.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M 350 @ 2.27GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3893 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, 1722 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 290646 MB, Free - 176681 MB; D: Total - 14293 MB, Free - 2363 MB; E: Total - 99 MB, Free - 95 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 1425, 54.26, CNF0256WH0
Antivirus: Norton Security Suite, Updated and Enabled


A:Connecting additional speakers to laptop

Not that I'm aware.
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Hey, well my heading says everything, my speakers have been buzzing really loudly and i read in my manual that u should often let your battery drain on you laptop to extend life a bit and so i unplugged it and the noise stopped, so i plugged it in and it started again so i know know thats the problem, something to do with electromagnetic interference... how can i eliminate this? the desk doesnt have much room so i cant really move and i cant have my laptop unplugged all the time....

A:Speakers Buzz when laptop plugged in to AC

External speakers? If so, move the speakers. The magnets inside are what's causing the buzzing.
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When I hook my laptop up to an external monitor and speakers the speakers don't work. I checked the speakers on another laptop and the speakers do work. The laptop speakers only work when not hooked up to monitor with an HDMI cable. I have a Dell laptop that i hooked up with the same monitor, HDMI cable, and speakers and they all work fine. Please help. thanks

A:External speakers don't work with laptop

Hi, How do you connect them now (monitor and laptop) ? Please note: DVI and VGA cables don't carry sound. Regards.
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Hello everyone, I am new to TechSpot and I have a question. I am having a party and I was trying to figure out how I am going to play the music. One idea I had was to hook some speakers up to my laptop. I have a Dell Inspiron 1501. Can anyone in this community give me any ideas or suggest different ways I could use to amplify my music for a party of about 50-75? thanks!!


A:Hooking speakers up to my Dell laptop?

Newlyfound08 said:

Hello everyone, I am new to TechSpot and I have a question. I am having a party and I was trying to figure out how I am going to play the music. One idea I had was to hook some speakers up to my laptop. I have a Dell Inspiron 1501. Can anyone in this community give me any ideas or suggest different ways I could use to amplify my music for a party of about 50-75? thanks!!

-Newlyfound08Click to expand...

Welcome to TechSpot!

Why don't you hook-up the laptop directly to your home stereo system, if you have one instead of speakers. Just have to buy what is called Y-adapter...

Y-adapter is 1/8 male connector with two RCA left and right connectors for audio. Works the same way like using and IPOD. As for speakers you need to get a 5.1 mini system with enough watts say 80 to 150w comes with 5 speakers and active subwoofer. Plus wireless remote.
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Basic, Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T5250 @ 1.50GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2037 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family, 448 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 139738 MB, Free - 37630 MB; D: Total - 10239 MB, Free - 6875 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0KU927
Antivirus: AVG AntiVirus Free Edition 2014, Updated and Enabled

Two things:
I am drowning in cords with my somewhat older gigaware speakers....not sure if my computer would handle cordless speakers.
Also, can anyone tell from the system info above if my laptop could handle a second monitor?

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hello all. i just tried to install some speakers on my laptop because i'm seeing everyone in my dorm hall doing it, they say just plug them into the headphone plug. i do that and no sound is produced. im using an hp dv5020us laptop, with boston digital ba735 speakers/sub. my drivers are up to date, ive checked all volume settings, and neither has worked. any ideas?

A:desktop speakers not working on laptop

Let me start with a dumb question. Do headphones work in the jack?
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I am using a laptop with a wireless connection.

In my office upstairs I have a computer with an external speaker system.

Downstairs I am running my laptop from a Linksys wireless attached to an external modem. The Linksys has several phone type jack outlets.

Is there any way I can connect the speakers to the Linksys, and hear my laptop music from them? That is to say, send my laptop music wirelessly through the speakers?

I need to find a way to hear the music which is on my laptop (the preferred faster computer now), through decent speakers, without wires running around the living room where I am using the laptop.

Thank you. Angi
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My system is a Toshiba Satellite M115-S1061 laptop. A few days ago it started having problems booting. So I reinstalled Vista Ultimate, and now I have no sound. I made sure it's not muted, made sure the volume is turned up, but still nothing. I also tried updating the driver, but system says driver is up to date. My "Playback Devices" only lists headphones. But there's no sound from the headphone jack either. Any ideas?

A:No sound coming from laptop speakers...

Go into device manager and make sure that they are no "?" by anything. Most sound drivers have multiple devices. It could be that one or more of them is not installed properly.
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If you think putting the speakers on the bottom of the laptop is a good idea, maybe you should figure out a way to put the keyboard there as well so I CAN LISTEN TO WHATS PLAYING WHILE I TYPE!!!  Really, who's the genius engineer that thought that was  a good idea?
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My computer has no sound coming from the speakers But when I put in my headset with mic attached I can hear the sounds from my computer I have all my drivers installed and even ran the Drivers and Utilities disk I recieved with my Speakers Coming from Laptop On No Sound computer I ran the tests for the sound drivers and they are perfect the speakers work but why can t they work when the test isn t running Also I have no volume control in my notifications aka the bottom right corner next to the clock and when I go to the volume control in the start menu and open it up its No Sound Coming from Speakers On Laptop all greyed out I cant click anything No Sound Coming from Speakers On Laptop because it says I have no sound device In the system information -- gt components--- gt sound device it says nothing its just blank Dell Inspiron B System Model ME I ve had this laptop for years and this is the first time this has happened to me with any computer I have ever owned or used Please help I want to be able to listen to my music and watch youtube with volume without using a headset Thank You Math Geek nbsp

A:No Sound Coming from Speakers On Laptop

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Go into device manager, is there anything with a yellow ! or ? listed there?
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i just got my new laptop. I plugged in a microphone and afres that the speakers started with weird chirping sound and on restart stopped working. Cant tell dad. Please help
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Hi I'm not sure if this is that right place to get help but,
I am having a problem with my sound on my laptop.

its a compaq presario R3000 running windows 7 really well and only works with ADI soundMAX integrated digital audio (SP29586) it took me awhile to get the driver working and now it plays sound but doesnt seem to have a jack detection so when I put my headphones in the jack it plays through both headphones and speakers.

just wanted to see if anyone could help me out with this...

A:Laptop speakers arn't muting when headphones are in

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Does the driver you're using have its own control panel and settings?
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Windows 8.1
Genuius SW-G2.1 1250 external speakers
ASUS K56CB laptop

When tested on other devices, the sound system blows the roof off. On my laptop, it doesn't (max level on computer controls, media player and speakers knob is lower). I'm pretty sure it's not the soundboard, but I've desperately fiddled with drivers with no avail.
Sound actually starts being heard only after the knob goes past the quarter mark, and does not increase in level too much between 3rd quarter and max setting. Works fine when on my tablet, for example, though.

Edit: Also, volume is lower on right speaker
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if i have blown the speakers on my laptop can they be fixed ?

A:i have blown the speakers on my laptop can they be fixed ?

mmorton Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!Just about anything on a laptop can be "fixed" -- it's a matter of how much money you are willing to spend!At the least, you're looking at the cost to disassemble the laptop, remove the existing speakers, acquire new speaker, insert the new speakers into the laptop, and reassemble it.  That's mostly labor, and depending on where you are looking to get that work done, you could easily be looking at $75 per hour or more.  So, this could run into hundreds of dollars. This kind of damage is considered "customer induced failure" and is, in nearly all cases, NOT covered by standard warranties.  If you paid extra for a "full coverage" warranty, it may then be covered -- but you would have to check with your warranty provider. IF you want to find out how much HP would charge, my suggestion is for you to get in touch with the nearest Service Center.  Here is information on the Centers:  HP Notebook PCs - Using a Certified HP Service Center to Repair a Notebook PC | HP® Customer SupportGood Luck
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Hi, i've got a Lenovo G50-70 laptop running Windows 10. The sound has worked fine until a couple of days ago when the speakers all of a sudden stopped working. Bluetooth speakers works just fine, but not the the laptops own speakers. Also there is only sound from the left headphone when I use headphones (i've tried several headphones, but no sound from the right)I've already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the audio driver.I've also turned off the enhancements at the speaker options.any idea?
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My brother gave me the speaker set of ViewSonic computer speakers he no longer uses but it seems ridiculously difficult to get them working properly with my laptop I ve got an Acer Aspire model and I m running not working speakers separate for laptop Windows Vista separate speakers not working for laptop Nothing is muted it s plugged in correctly and it s not that they don t work at all but that my computer only allows the options of Stereo or Surround This is obviously a problem because I have only the side speakers not a full entertainment system set why would you have all that for a laptop anyway I am able to deselect rear speakers and sub but it automatically has the main pair selected on the test sounds diagram It seems that my computer reads the speakers I plugged in as the side speakers and is therefore still trying to direct some sound exclusively to the non-existent main pair therefore distorting the sound and typically making any voices in the music almost entirely muted I ve tried powering off and on the speakers unplugging and plugging in restarting my computer many times poking at the settings both through the sound icon next to the clock or through control panel and the stupid Acer eAudio menu What is particularly frustrating is that after poking around for an hour or two several days ago I managed to somehow get it working right - so I KNOW it s possible However I was stupid and took my laptop to another room yesterday and since then haven t been able to get it working again Any suggestions are greatly appreciated nbsp

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Gooday all. I have a laptop set up for my entertainment area. I am using an HDMI cord from laptop to a screen and using the sound output to a set of surround sound speakers. This a pretty cheap set up,nothing fancy. I am trying to get all the speakers recognized by my Realtek Sound Management application. The Lasptop ( is only recognizing a 2 speaker stereo set up. How am I able to change this so as to be able to adjust settings to the 6 speakers of the system. Thanks in advance.

A:Unable to configure speakers on Laptop.

Looking at the Speccy, I don't see anything other than RealTek HD Audio. If the laptop has a RealTek HD Audio Manager, have you tried setting the speaker type there?

Aside from the audio issue, I notice you only have 2GB of RAM. The 64 bit OS does you no good with only 2GB of RAM, and can be an issue with only the 2GB which is bare minimum for a 64 bit OS. The main reason for using a 64 bit OS is to use more than 4GB of RAM, since a 32 bit OS cannot address 4 GB (or more) of RAM.
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Okay so for the last couple weeks i've been having issues with the sound on my laptop, i have a HP pavillion dv2000, and its just not working. it says it's working, its processing sound on the laptop, but it's not letting any sound come out of it. normally when i press the mute button on the keyboard part it turns a reddish color, that doesn't happen anymore. and my head phones don't work with it anymore either. i've been pushing this off not wanting to try to fix it or ask for help because i don't want my parents to think i broke my laptop, please help!
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Like the title says -Laptop speakers don't headphones work, do speakers Laptop suddenly stop working one day after I turn on my computer from sleep mode it s been about - months now and they re still not working -Of course I ve restarted shut down hibernated sleep d my computer many times since then -I can plug in headphones and external speakers and they work just fine -My audio driver is enabled up Laptop speakers don't work, headphones do to date and works fine obviously since I can use headphones -The speakers AREN T broken proof is that my computer has a little startup quot Republic of Gamers quot logo with an explosion sound and it plays just fine through the speakers -There was an incident about a few days before this happened ASUS laptops are known to do this where they short circuit and shut down if you accidentally touch a headphone plug into the USB port I m not sure if this contributed since my speakers worked fine afterward nbsp

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Whenever i want to play music or watch a movie in a public place, ill put in some headphones. but right now, whenever i plug them in, i get sound from both my headphones and my laptop speakers. It used to switch automatically from speakers to headphones but it wont anymore.

I have Realtek HD Audio with Vista 64 bit.

Is there any way to get it back to the way it was?

A:Laptop speakers and Headphones at same time

Go to Control Panel - Sound - and explore all possible settings ("configure" and "properties").

I think the switch is a part of the connection, and something in the headphone jack is loose or broken, but it's worth looking for a setting. I didn't find any such setting on my Vista, but I have a different sound card.
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Got given a Phillips Ipod dock as a gift, which I like, but I'm wondering how I could use it as a speaker for my laptop in addition. No extra cables or connectors came with it, it's a Phillips DS3100. It has on the back room for the power supply, an 'mp3 link', and a usb connector. Picture attached.

I'm assuming it's possible to use it how I want, just wanting confirmation on the best way to do it. Can easily go an buy a cable if I have to.


A:Help using Ipod dock as speakers for laptop

Alright, you aren't even trying. The MP3 link is a standard 1/8" stereo cable. One cable from your headphone jack to the MP3 jack will do the trick. Looks like this on both ends.
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Basic , Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: Mobile AMD Sempron(tm) Processor 3500+, x64 Family 15 Model 76 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 1917 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon Xpress 1150 , 3 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 46879 MB, Free - 13409 MB; D: Total - 10239 MB, Free - 5462 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0UW744, , .G2KNR2J.CN486437130689.
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Disabled

I can use the headphones but the internal speaker is dead.
Can anyone help me please?

Many thanks, Anthony

A:Solved: laptop internal speakers

have you tried updating the drivers?
Device manager/select speakers/right click/choose update driver