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Q: Computer/motherboard manufacturer

Hi all,

I have heard of somethings like computer manufacturer and motherborad manufacurer. For example some time ago, when I had problem with my desktop PC, some asked me what's your computer manufacturer and motherborad manufacurer?
what's the difference between these two please?

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Preferred Solution: Computer/motherboard manufacturer

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Computer/motherboard manufacturer

Computer manufacturer Is most of the time is Dell, Hp,Compaq, Ausu are a few.
Motherboard manufacturer . Asus, Gigbyte, Asrock. Msi, Are a few. This is what they are referring to. When they ask you those Questions .
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I reently acquired a motherboard but need to find the manufacturer so I can find out how to connect the front panel connector (so I can power it up)
there ia a logo that is a circle with (sort of) 2 upside down L's.
The numbers on the board are SL-2 94V-0. It has an AMD chip though I don't know if it is a 32 or 64 bit. It uses a VT8237 bridge and a Pheonix bios D686.
I know it is a 1.8Ghz cpu. There is a number on the bottom 18V5720C406210101.

can anyone help?

A:motherboard manufacturer?
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It all started when i wiped my system...

I own a unique systemboard in the sence that the modem, nic card, and the sound card are all wired to the board. upon reinstalling windows i found that i didnt own drivers for these preiferails and worse off i have no idea who the board manufacturer is. without documentation or the name printed on the board is there any way to determine the manufacturer? can anyone help? any ideas are appriciated, thanks

A:What Motherboard Manufacturer?

welcome to TSG
Heres link that might help its the FCC search site all PC components are supposed to have FCC label this will tell manufacturer and usually part number.
Hope this is helpful
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I have a PC desktop which has a motherboard with some expanded capacitors (lightning) and needs to be replaced. I think it is an atx, but don't know how to identify the manufacturer in order to replace it. Can anyone help? Thanks

A:motherboard manufacturer question

ASUS P4B-LA (Amazon)

From here:
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I have tried belarc but the details it gives dont prove useful for my problem.

Do i actually have to open hard drive to look and see what motherboard i have?


A:How do i find out my model/manufacturer/motherboard?

Hi check Everest.
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I'm not gifted with a lot of system building experience but am in the process of advice Motherboard/Manufacturer desperately needed building Motherboard/Manufacturer advice desperately needed one for home theater and transcoding functions I have purchased an Intel Core i k and I prefer the Z chipset I purchased the Gigabyte micro-atx GA-Z MX-UD Motherboard/Manufacturer advice desperately needed H-B Rev motherboard at a local store and after trying different enclosures finally put everything together using a Corsair Obsidian D case I installed Windows Pro x and all seemed okay at first The first hint of badness was when wired network functions using the integrated NIC were flaky my attempts to download any relatively large files would freeze consistently I found that I also couldn't even transfer large fires from a NAS box on my local LAN Then as I continued using the system in its limited state for a couple of days other things began to degrade blue screens sudden system resets etc Now it won't even boot any longer - I tried booting from the Win disk and running recovery but that also failed I could get ABSOLUTELY NO support from Gigabyte and before the system disintegrated I was unable to use their Download Center driver scan adviser utility with either IE or Firefox browsers - again no support from Gigabyte I'm now dead in the water and completely on my own So I'm shopping for a replacement motherboard Since I ended up with a much larger case than originally planned I can accommodate a full ATX motherboard The two I'm considering are relatively new boards from ASUS P Z -V PRO GEN and Intel BOXDZ BC both LGA Z I may choose to purchase a discrete high-end graphics card in the near future but my needs are focused more on using it to accelerate video transcoding and producing good HDMI graphics than on gaming My main concerns are Board quality reliability flexibility Ability to easily get driver BIOS updates as they become available and Good tech support when needed I would greatly appreciate advice from any savvy system builder s who have enough experience with ASUS and Intel products to offer a recommendation to help me decide Any recommendation for a different motherboard model would also be welcome as long as it is NOT Gigabyte Big thanks in advance for any help Sincerely Bruce Reid

A:Motherboard/Manufacturer advice desperately needed

I've never had any issues with Asus. Currently I'm using the Rampage III Formula, both lappy's are ASUS and my tablet is the Asus Eeepad. Rock solid stuff IMHO. All previous PC's were Asus MB's as well
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So just a brief question I am going to be reinstalling windows again so I want to grab all the latest drivers while I am at it Question is should I take the drivers off the website of my motherboard manufacturer ASUS or from the actual chipset providers I have a last gen ASUS Socket P Z -V Deluxe motherboard and many of the drivers ASUS provides for it seen out of date e g the chipset driver they provide was updated in September Whereas Intel has some very current chipset drivers Can I rely on ASUS to be Should or manufacturer, chipset I use motherboard drivers from vendors providing the latest and up to date drivers which are relevant to my motherboard Or can I use newer versions I find on the websites of the other vendors like Intel and Realtek For example I can get the driver from ASUS' website or go to Intel's website and get the Chipset Device Software INF Update Utility which I imagine is more likely to give me an up to date and appropriate driver Edit Whoops this should have gone in the drivers section my bad Can someone move it please

A:Should I use drivers from motherboard manufacturer, or chipset vendors

Hi there .. If its only the Chipset Driver you are after go to the Intel Website ...
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I have a 800mhz celeron computer that has no identifing information. With the exception of a lable. This has the letters BE( ) hive with a cartoonish honey bee in the middle. Any Ideas? the reason asking is the tower has several ports in the front(Usb, sound, firewire) they do not work. Thee wires are bundled and end in a female plug just below PCI slots. Actually there was a SCSI board in a slot just above the plug but did not appear to be connected.

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What is your Favorite Computer Manufacturer?

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I sent my Asus laptop in for support, and they sent it back to me and the Asus Boot Logo is not there anymore, it is the normal Blue 8 Logo. How do I restore this?

A:How do I get the Computer Manufacturer Logo on BootScreen?

I have an option in my BIOS, don't know if Asus does to.
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Hey, Im recently installed a motherboard and in the process of connecting it to the main wires from the computer case itself. unfortunitly ive come to stump with one of the wires so im looking to see if i can find some sort of examples or perhaps a manuel of my case online.

Problem is i havent a clue what make or model of case it actually, was given to me as a present and it doesent have very many distinctive marks. On the fron there is a large logo stating eBox however after a few internet searches i found nothing.

Has anyone ever came across this make before and is there anywhere i can get support?


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I at Computer State Cloning Manufacturer am about to purchase a laptop and if there is anything I ve learned over the years it s that these companies like to cram laptops with useless software most of which expires after a certain amount of time thus making it even more useless What I would like to do after purchasing the laptop is completely Cloning Computer at Manufacturer State format the hard drive and then install my own copy of Windows along with software that I do use If anything ever goes wrong however the originally installed version of Windows along with the manufacturer s software utilities will most likely be needed for warranty So my question is about how to make a perfect copy of the hard drive before formatting it I have Partition Magic which has an option called quot Copy Partition quot which I imagine is what I am looking for but I would like to make sure I don t do anything wrong Would I install Partition Magic make a hidden partition that is large enough for the currently installed version of Windows and the extra quot bundled quot software and then copy Windows and the software to it After which I would then format the rest of the hard drive and then install my own version of Windows there If anything ever goes wrong I would format the partition I was working with and copy the hidden partition back to it Is this the correct thing to do and if so is there anything else I should be aware of before doing this For example will the original version of windows still function correctly if I ever did have to restore it I always hear about people doing this and I assume this is what they do Thank you in advance nbsp

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I ask this because the DiabloKeys keylogger has been detected on two of my systems, both of which were manufactured by HP within about a year of each other. After reading a little about this keylogger, however, it appears to only have a malicious use. I want to make sure of this before taking action.

A:By any chance, would DiabloKeys be installed by a computer manufacturer?

Manufacturers do not install keyloggers. Even the stupidest of company executives would see the effect such a thing would have on sales. An what exactly would they do with the info, provided that they had also installed some method of transferring the data?

It was either picked up on the net or installed by someone else.
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Intel(R) HD 4400 Graphics Card updates don't work when I try to search for them in the Intel site/program. sent in my laptop to change the hard drive a few months ago and performance has been slow, and since then, the graphics card stops working during low demand games, and can't run a few of them because the drivers aren't there any way to update these or get the official drivers for my Intel HD 4400 GC?
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Intel(R) HD 4400 Graphics Card updates don't work when I try to search for them in the Intel site/program. sent in my laptop to change the hard drive a few months ago and performance has been slow, and since then, the graphics card stops working during low demand games, and can't run a few of them because the drivers aren't there any way to update these or get the official drivers for my Intel HD 4400 GC?
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With over 1,200 views and no answers after a month, let's try this again. i'm really getting tired of the HORRIBLE service from acer and all of it's 32432002938402938 3rd parties (so they don't have to take any blame themselves).Intel(R) HD 4400 Graphics Card updates don't work when I try to search for them in the Intel site/program. had to send in my laptop to change the hard drive ( for the 3rd time at NO FAULT TO ME ANY OF THE TIMES) a few months ago, and since then performance has been slow, the graphics card stops working during low demand games, and can't run a few of them because the drivers aren't recognized. of course, acer gives me faulty product, fixes it, then gives me unofficial software when they reinstall Windows. seriously? is there any way to update these or get the official drivers for my Intel HD 4400 GC?  

A:Error Message: Computer Manufacturer Graphics Driv...

With over 1,200 views and no answers after a month, let's try this again. i'm really getting tired of the HORRIBLE service from acer and all of it's 32432002938402938 3rd parties (so they don't have to take any blame themselves).Intel(R) HD 4400 Graphics Card updates don't work when I try to search for them in the Intel site/program. had to send in my laptop to change the hard drive ( for the 3rd time at NO FAULT TO ME ANY OF THE TIMES) a few months ago, and since then performance has been slow, the graphics card stops working during low demand games, and can't run a few of them because the drivers aren't recognized. of course, acer gives me faulty product, fixes it, then gives me unofficial software when they reinstall Windows. seriously? is there any way to update these or get the official drivers for my Intel HD 4400 GC?
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Intel(R) HD 4400 Graphics Card updates don't work when I try to search for them in the Intel site/program. sent in my laptop to change the hard drive a few months ago and performance has been slow, and since then, the graphics card stops working during low demand games, and can't run a few of them because the drivers aren't there any way to update these or get the official drivers for my Intel HD 4400 GC?
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With over 1,200 views and no answers after a month, let's try this again. i'm really getting tired of the HORRIBLE service from acer and all of it's 32432002938402938 3rd parties (so they don't have to take any blame themselves).Intel(R) HD 4400 Graphics Card updates don't work when I try to search for them in the Intel site/program. had to send in my laptop to change the hard drive ( for the 3rd time at NO FAULT TO ME ANY OF THE TIMES) a few months ago, and since then performance has been slow, the graphics card stops working during low demand games, and can't run a few of them because the drivers aren't recognized. of course, acer gives me faulty product, fixes it, then gives me unofficial software when they reinstall Windows. seriously? is there any way to update these or get the official drivers for my Intel HD 4400 GC?  

A:Error Message: Computer Manufacturer Graphics Driv...

With over 1,200 views and no answers after a month, let's try this again. i'm really getting tired of the HORRIBLE service from acer and all of it's 32432002938402938 3rd parties (so they don't have to take any blame themselves).Intel(R) HD 4400 Graphics Card updates don't work when I try to search for them in the Intel site/program. had to send in my laptop to change the hard drive ( for the 3rd time at NO FAULT TO ME ANY OF THE TIMES) a few months ago, and since then performance has been slow, the graphics card stops working during low demand games, and can't run a few of them because the drivers aren't recognized. of course, acer gives me faulty product, fixes it, then gives me unofficial software when they reinstall Windows. seriously? is there any way to update these or get the official drivers for my Intel HD 4400 GC?
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Hey guys,
I've had a problem where I would put my laptop to sleep, and when it wakes up it doesn't save my session; it's basically boots from scratch so when I log in it has to reload all background applications as well as restoring my open applications.
I've posted this here because it may be related to the Intel HD Graphics 4400 driver I recently updated (with which I can't roll back, as I just reset the system).

Any response associated with this question is appreciated.

A:Computer starting from manufacturer boot animation after suspend/sleep

Are you sure it sleeps? It might hibernate instead. Hibernation involves saving the RAM into hard disk and then switch off. When you switch it on again it reads the disk and copies the data back to RAM. This takes more time than waking from a sleep state. Do that again and observe the power LED. If it goes off completely, it probably hibernates. If it goes yellow or is slowly blinking it sleeps.
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I ve been trying to figure out what s -You will Problems Manufacturer Detected Computer Hardware the Latitude to contact D-630 need been going on with the DisplaySometimes it was just a Backlight on and no Display- Other times quot Burned Images quot nbsp on the Screen nbsp Sometimes when you move your mouse across them they would be quot Erased quot and other times bringing up a window could cause them to Disappear - or Appear nbsp nbsp nbsp Checker Board Squares and I guess the usual problems associated with Display Problems External Monitor does not work I used an Eraser and Cleaned off the RAM nbsp Pins As I seen this suggestion on another blog for fautly Memory Sticks and it seemed to have Latitude D-630 Hardware Problems Detected -You will need to contact the Computer Manufacturer worked Latitude D-630 Hardware Problems Detected -You will need to contact the Computer Manufacturer somewhat better than it was I m also wondering if the Black Protector under the RAM is or has Caused Problems Lifting it- there is a Sticky Strip which has some Debris Which I tried to wipe off but it also seemed to be Stuck Fast nbsp Melded to the MB Using the Dell Diagnostic Tools found nothing wrong with the Short Test Memory Diagnostic showed no Problems-But could not perform the Video Card Stress Testmessage that Driver needed to updatedBut Dell Drivers did not detect any drivers need to be updated - I had previously run Dell Driver update and it only had one for the BIOS which I had Updated I once again removed the RAM- Cleaned the Pins and Slot and rebooted- Run the Memory Test from Windows at bootMessage Other information re Video can be found on the Post en community dell com

A:Latitude D-630 Hardware Problems Detected -You will need to contact the Computer Manufacturer

Could be a bad memory module or a bad socket.  Unplug the system, remove the battery and swap the two modules.  If the error follows the module when re-tested, replace that memory module.
If it sticks to the other module in the same socket where the initial failure occurred, it's the socket that's faulty - replace the mainboard.
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I downloaded the intel driver update utility and when it was done scanning it said that I had a customized computer manufacturer driver installed on my computer. what does this mean?

A:"A customized computer manufacturer driver is installed"

What driver was it stating ?, look here, example of graphics driver with that error Graphics Drivers — Computer Manufacturer Graphics Driver Detected
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just had an HP tech tell me that XP on an HP system, is different than XP on another maker's system or even from a retail version straight from MicroSoft. Is this true? I thought any one version was the same from one computer to anonter since Micrsoft wrote the OS.

A:XP is different from manufacturer to manufacturer?

The OS is the same, but the HP recovery disks will include the drivers needed for your system only(as built), more like a image of the original installation then a OS install disk.
Oem disks from the major manufacturers like Dell and HP will be set to look at the Bios on install to be sure it's Dell for example and not even ask for a key when installed on a qualified system.
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Got someone wanting to know who makes MC Pro PC3200 RAM. We suspect it's Kingston, but we're not sure. If someone could perhaps give us a link to their website, we'd appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.

A:RAM Manufacturer?

Hmmm.... tough one.....
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Hello everyone, I am planing to do a clean install on a DELL 1520 that is running Vista, It has OEM key on the bottom of the laptop, i plan on doing a clean install to Winodws 7 Pro will i be able to use that OEM key to install and activate my Windows 7 Pro


A:Manufacturer OEM key

No..that is a vista only key.. You will need a windows 7 activation key...
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Hello there, i am going to buy some ram for my dell dimension 2400. I know what i need to buy, but dont know who to buy from. Should i stick with Dell or kingston brands??? Does provided good ram...i see they have good prices? Or is pricewatch ok too? Any other remarks about buying ram from certain Manufacturer's is appreciated, Thanks

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What is a good brand for CD-RW drive?
Thank you in advance.

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Okay, this is probably a bad way to start my first post. I have just installed Vista 64-bit OS. All good except I ran into the infamous display driver stopped responding error. I believe my video card went bad, as it works without a hitch with a different card.

My question - I want to buy a new video card (no more than $150). Would you recommend I steer clear of certain manufacturers. This is not an NVidia/ATI question. Rather, my eVGA card went bad after 1 year, and I'm wondering if certain cards (Sapphire, eVGA, others) have a shorter lifespan. I'm guessing Vista and 7 will have higher demands and I don't wanna get burned again so quickly.

Will I regret buying the Sapphire Radeon HD 4770?
Another eVGA?
MSI or VisionTek?
Nvidia and ATI are both fine. I just want a card that will last
Recommendations gladly accepted!


ASUS M2N-E SLI Motherboard
4GB DDR2 Memory
Formerly eVGA e-GeForce 7600GT

A:Need suggestions for vid MANUFACTURER

Try Gigabyte or Gainward. For that price, the Nvidia GTS 250 is sufficient.
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So I need to find the HD Manufacturer and I'm not sure how without going into Windows and running some programs (Attempting to reinstall windows) so does someone know how to without entering windows?

Thanks For Reading.

A:How to Find out HD Manufacturer

Hello Bored,

There should be a manufacturer's label on the top of the HDD itself that would let you know the manufacturer name, model number, and serial number like in the image below.

Hope this helps,
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 255 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 6 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3839 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7025 / NVIDIA nForce 630a, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 476837 MB, Free - 363948 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., M2N68-AM SE2
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2013, Updated and Enabled

I brought the above computer 2 and a half years ago, with Windows 7 installed. Now that I have purchased an upgrade to Windows 8 (which also can be used as a clean installation) can I install Win 8 and then install the manufacturers copy on a virtual machine?

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My PCUSA (AMD special) listed the hdd on the bill as WD 80GB
"WD800BB" but my machine recognizes this other p/n ...1C35L090AVV207-0

Which witch is which???

A:What manufacturer Hdd 1C35L090AVV207-0

1C35L090AVV207-0 is an IBM Deskstar number. List 052003.pdf
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should i be using the manufacturers (powercolour) driver or the latest ATI driver? the card is a powercolour 5870 pcs+.

thanks for any help.

A:Should I use ATI's drivers or the manufacturer?

I would go with the driver from the AMD/ATI website because it will be the latest available. I happen to have a Powercolor Radeon HD 5780 PCS+ in one of my PCs and that's where I go for drivers.
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I would like to build a new desktop for personal use in the near future. My primary use would be games, burning cds/dvds, graphic design to a lesser extent & file storage. It would probably act as a local backup for data, but wouldn't act as a server.

I'm looking for hardware recommendations. I will most likely have two optical drives - a CDRW & a DVD+/-R. I will probably use a couple 200gb hdds. I like music to be crisp and use powered subs on the rest of the clients.

I'm most interested in CPU, RAM, MoBo, Video & Audio. Thanks.

A:manufacturer recommendations

Hi, and welcome to the TSG forum

do you have a max budget?
how do you connect to internet
usb / lan
do you want firewire/lan/etc
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Who's the best graphics card manufacturer among these with an NVIDIA GeForce FX good chipset?

BFG Technologies
PNY Technologies

A:Best card manufacturer?

FX aka the geforce 5series were especially bad performing unlike the new revamped 6 series, but still I think the BFG series are the best performing/quality ones. try getting those, stock oc-ed, 24/7 support, lifetime guaranteed, good custom HSF solutions etc.
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The laptops from Lenovo/IBM usually come without CDs which contain a backup OS for your computer. The manufacturer(Lenovo/IBM) allocates an area on the Hard Disk and put a backup OS there. You can do recovery from there if needed. But I'm afraid I can't do recovery if something really bad happens to my HD. Can I burn the OS to CDs/DvDs so that I can put them in a safe place? If so, how can I do it? Thanks.

A:Help -- How to save the OS from HD (put on by the manufacturer)?

I can't say much more then this but what you need is a third party software.
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I d like to know your thoughts on what company makes the best hard drives in terms of price stability storage speed and all that good stuff Seagate seems to have to the fastest drives they re the major competitor in SCSI these days but not really the biggest I m using HDD Manufacturer? Favorite/Best one right now and it s run like a dream ever since I bohgt it Maxtor has the biggest They re always the company with the biggest drives Quantity not quality I ve had a few problems with them Western Digital is pretty good too I m using one right now also I haven t had Favorite/Best HDD Manufacturer? very many problems with them at all either Plus they seem to have the cheapest drives too their Caviar model IBM is decent I and a few of our members have had problems with them in the past I may not like them but they do make big and cheap drives however Now what are your thoughts experiences I d really like to know because I do need some more space nbsp

A:Favorite/Best HDD Manufacturer?

Western Digital hands down. I've used IBM, Maxtor & WD & WD has alwasy been my best experiences.

I've never had any trouble with my IBM drive even though I've had it for 3 years.

Maxtor is very good, cheap & have a very good RMA policy but it doesn't have the WD performance.

WD on the other hand is very expensive.
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I'm having problems with a laptop I just got Don't RAR manufacturer's iso) with know to recovery? what do (not I was given a link by the manufacturer to a couple of RAR files that extracted into the picture below I know how to burn ISo files to USB through Rufus or Unetbootin and I've even used poweriso to get some files like below onto a bootable USB Windows but when I tried to do the same thing it actually didn't have etfsboot bin or the equivalent I then tried copying then straight onto a USB Don't know what to do with manufacturer's RAR (not iso) recovery? and surprise I could actually boot from it But then it just started running through a couple of CMDs and then ended in a command prompt asking to reboot Just note in the images file there is a GB WIM file that I extracted and it seems like it's a Windows image as the file explorer icon is the new flat style I'm at a complete loss here and was wondering if you guys could help Also here are the files that the manufacturer provided me if anyone wants to take a poke at it http pan baidu com s c kAqy path E BB F

A:Don't know what to do with manufacturer's RAR (not iso) recovery?

I also can't edit the first post, the link I provided was wrong, it's this one:
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1. XFX GeForce 8600GT XXX 620mhz
2. BFG GeForce 8600GT OC 565mhz / "hdcp compliant"
3. GIGABYTE GeForce 8600GT OC 600mhz / "hdcp compliant"
4. MSI OC GeForce 8600GT 580mhz / "hdcp compliant"

the prices are about the same, so you dont have to consider that...

A:8600GT OC'd: Which manufacturer is the BEST overall?

XFX generally get slightly higher frame rates and are more overclockable.
BFG are usually a but overpriced but if you can id try to get and Egva one as Ive heard very good things.
But if not Id say youd be very happy going with the XFX.
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I was wondering how I can find out my modem's manufacturer without taking apart my computer(internal modem..). Help is appreciated. I really need new drivers.

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So what's really better? The heatsink and fan from the manaufacturer or an after-market heatsink and fan?

A:Manufacturer Heatsinks

The mfg. HSF is adequate as long as you don't O/C your computer. Aftermarkets give you more flexibility to choose styles and ratings
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In your opinion, what is the best laptop manufacturer. I'm gonna buy one soon and I'm thinking about a Toshiba. I currently have a Compaq Presario 5000 desktop, and it's ok but I'd like to go with something different for a laptop.

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Hi.I have flex 3 (80R4000GUS).I got it from my cousin and he replaced it's original harddisk.when i searched this model, i found that it was released with 256gb ssd.So i wanna know the original ssd manufacturer or  product number of it.thank you and have a good day.
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Tom in
seems to be the only one able to find the manufacturer of the LCD panels used in a given monitor. Of cause the panel determines things like sharpness response time etc and there seem to be only a few major players.
Is ther anywhere else to get this information?

A:LCD panel manufacturer

THIS may not be what you are looking for, but it is a start.

Good luck.
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On my desktop when I open up system information in accessories, I see "System Manufacturer" listed for System Manufacturer. Likewise, for the model it says "System Model". My desktop specs are on my account's listed specs. I've heard that it is possible to change this value by editing your BIOS or something.

A:No system manufacturer?

Here you go: WinBubble, "Customization and Tweaks, Not Just for Geek's But For ALL" - UnlockForUs
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Hi everyone I decided to create this thread since the last similar post Best Laptop Manufacturer. here was a long time ago Technology changes companies go bust So to help Best Laptop Manufacturer. people decide what product they should consider of buying I am asking you to take part in this So whats the best laptop manufacturer Please leave a list of manufacturers from best to worst in the comments you want to mention Add a little description to your answer Best Laptop Manufacturer. on why do you think some brands are better and others are not Try making it simple and easy for anyone to understand Don t just add your personal favorite based on the fact that you had one or two laptops of that manufacturer I would like to see everything based on facts The best comments would be from people working as a computer technician support consultants But just computer users are also more than welcome to participate Lets go global So it would be great if you would point out what is your status in the comment Every person gets one comment to give his opinion In your answers consider the following Build quality Prices of the products Product support Performance This is a list of manufacturers for this post Acer other products owned by this company worth mentioning Gateway emachines Packard Bell Apple ASUS Dell other products owned by this company worth mentioning Alienware Fujitsu Hewlett-Packard HP other products owned by this company worth mentioning Compaq Lenovo Micro-Star International MSI Panasonic Samsung Electronics Sony Toshiba Thank you for your time So everyone is ready Set GO nbsp

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Got a samsung nc10 netbook that has been bsod for a couple of days It originally had XP on but i installed win 7 a couple of weeks ago. Im almsot certain it is a hardware problem so im sending it back to samsung for 'repairs' however, will they void the warranty or blame the fact that ive put win 7 on it as the cause? I dont have a win7 COA on the base as its stuck to the side of my pc so there is only the XP COA on netbook.
so basically, does it matter that ive put win 7 on it? should i try and put xp back on it before it goes off to them? advice appreciated, thankyou!

A:manufacturer warranty..

Normally your warranty is no longer valid if you change / add hardware. Upgraded OS should in my opinion not void your warranty.

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Anyone here know who makes the bios for HP? From my understanding there are only a select few companies who make bios chips (ie: Pheonix, Award). Trying to locate this on an old HP compaq DC7600U. When booting into the bios it says that (HP Compaq business system bios) is the name??? Did they make their own bios? Only other way I know of is to rip the computer appart and locate it on the Mobo.

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This may not be the correct section, if not feel free to move it.

I was checking on some stuff in the PC Settings section, and noticed that somehow the computer name, and even the manufacturer is wrong. I have a two week old Dell named Robby, the information showing is for my old pc, an Acer named 5732. So The name should be Robby and manufacturer is Dell, but it is named 5732 and manufacturer as Acer.

I guess my first question is, I know the computer has synced with something, but I have no idea what I have set to sync. My next question is how to reset this so that it doesn't just change back an hour later.

A:Wrong name and Manufacturer

Hello RK,

Double check using the tutorials below to see if you may be able to change the information in them to what you want instead of what you currently have.

Registered Owner and Organization

System Support Information - Windows 7 Help Forums

Hope this helps,
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Hey Guys, I'm New To TechSpot, And I Joined This Site Because I Saw A Post On This Site That Had A Problem With The DxDiag Manufacturer. So, I Need Help With That. Here Is The Information For My DxDiag Display.


Name: Microsoft Basic DIsplay Driver
Manufacturer: n/a
Chip Type: n/a
DAC Type: n/a
Device Type: Display-Only Display Device
Approx. Total Memory: 256 MB
Current Display Mode: 1024 x 768 (32 Bit) (64 Hz)
Monitor: Generic Non-PnP Monitor

I have no idea what to do. I have a Windows 8, and I'm doing this because I would like my Minecraft to work, because you need a Manufacturer to do that, :/. So, polease, HELP ME!

A:DxDiag Manufacturer: N/A

Could you please provide some more information:
Make and Model of Computer
Make and Model of Display (monitor)
Make and Model of Video Card (if you have dedicated - not integrated - video card)

From the information you have provided, you are using Generic drivers when you should have the specific drivers needed from the manufacturer. You can go to the manufacture's website to obtain most drivers needed. Please provide above information for further assistance.
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I would like to have a name in System Maufacture and System Model. See attached snip.

I have yet to find this key in the system registry.

Any help would be great.

Thanks, Gayle

A:How to change system manufacturer's name

Hello Gayle,

This may be what you are after.

System Support Information

Hope this helps,
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Recently I purchased a brand dependable manufacturer? a Laptop is What new Dell laptop After days of usuage the What is a dependable Laptop manufacturer? hard drive died I tried everything I could to restore it but the machine could barely boot up with its basic emergency program in it This was the Dos like program that was to be used to attempt a fix on the comp when all else failed and this of course failed as well I contacted tech support and for hours or more I was placed on hold transferred to different Dell tech centers around the globe and told that there was no way to fix my computer so I should buy a refurbished model instead My question is what computer manufacturer created dependable and high quality laptops I am looking for a manufacturer that will offer decent tech support and responsiblity for any of their products that go awry Thank you taking the time to read and I look forward the responses some of you may have Mafsto nbsp

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In both BIOS and Device Manager, the name is HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GUC0N. When I searched the internet I couldn't find any useful information. In Device Manager, when I opened the driver's Properties dialog, for manufacturer it said, "Standard CD-ROM Drives." When I searched for that phrase, all I found was a 2006 Microsoft webpage which said that that phrase means that I need to go inside a folder which doesn't exist and edit a file which File Explorer can't find. I gather from the article that there's probably an error somewhere, but I don't know how to resolve it or what I can do instead.

A:How Do I Find My DVD Drive's Manufacturer?

unless you've changed it yourself, then most likely its made from whoever made your laptop. Look up your model on the web.
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I am going to be buying a fairly high end graphics card soon, and have noticed that different companies manufacturer cards for Nvidia, are there any companies to watch out for and avoid, or companies I should try to buy from?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Who makes the best QUALITY of memory for laptops (or desktops for that matter)?

I just bought 256 MB of Centon for my that a good company to buy from?

A:Best Quality Memory Manufacturer

There is no ONE BEST company, there are about a dozen good top companies who also sell their RAM to other companies who put their names on it... who knows

Samsung, Micron, Cruical are among top. If the memory works that you bought, and has a warranty - don't worry about it.

90day warranty = dont buy
1 year = okay
Lifetime = I'd go for it. I buy these types, costs about an extra $2~3.
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Hey all I have a little story I d like to share with the group so gather round for storytime Last week an unusual thing happened My fiancee did laundry which in itself is not so unusual However once the washer finished it s work and the dryer began to do its thing the couple of pairs of jeans we had in there seemed to bang and clang even louder than usual When we opened the dryer to investigate the sound we discovered our USB SD card reader complete with mb SanDisk SD card sitting on one of the tumbler ledges inside the dryer Now ordinarily this wouldn t be much of a concern since SD cards are now quite inexpensive However this particular card contained all the files we had on our upcoming wedding as we had backed them up before we moved into our new house With a distinct feeling of nausea we gently picked up the now-dry and toasty warm card reader and walked up to our office in the off-chance the card wasn t completely pooched Lo and behold when we plugged it into the USB port the familiar green light flickered to life and Windows chimed the new hardware sound At this point we opened the files copied them onto the hard drive and breathed a sigh of relief In conclusion every now and then a piece of technology comes along that really is well engineered and deserves a round of applause Bravo SanDisk I will continue to buy your products with pride Until of course you drop to a hardware Praise manufacturer the ball and make some piece of junk that Praise to a hardware manufacturer causes me to switch brands Let s hope that day never comes Cheers nbsp

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Who is the best hard drive manufacturer I only ask because I once had a seagate hard drive crap out on me so is there an opinion on the top 10 or something thanks

A:Hard drive manufacturer

Most of the comments here that I've read lately seem to lean towards Western Digital.

I'm still using the 30 - 40 GB IDE models and haven't had one fail on me yet.

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Hi, I have a Dell Latitude D600 in need of a new battery and AC adapter. On Ebay, there are a bunch for sell. They are not Dell brands but are compatible. Is there any reason why I shouldn't buy these batteries and adapters? They claimed to meet US standard.

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Hey guys,

My old Acer Laptop has finally given up on me and I'm looking to buy a new one - its lying in bits in my room now. I just wanted to know what manufacturer everyone would recommend? I like the look and feel of a Sony Vaio (but not sure if thats a good enough reason to buy one!) but was also thinking of a HP Pavilion or one of the Fujitsu Siemens models.

I'm a bit confused as to go for Intel or AMD too, who is coming out on top in tests? What little reasearch I've done seems to show that the equivalent AMD is a fair bit cheaper than the Intel. Is this true?

Thanks for any help as usual.

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I got an oem copy of Windows XP Home as i wanted to reformat my PC.
During the installation it never asked for my licence key, although now it keeps asking for me to activate, so im guessing i put the key in then.
But when i go to system info in my computer it shows a logo of fujitsu systems even though in dxdiag it shows the manufacture being OEM, which is what i want.
I dont have any other copies of home as i lost my original, any way to get rid of this fuji thing? And will this effect my activation and licence key?

A:OEM Windows Showing Manufacturer

Think iv found out, you can delete the info in a notepad file in system32 and also a .bmp file.
Also i can put my license key i nthe activation now, which should be ok.

Is this everything?
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What are people's thoughts about allowing manufacturer's update programs to run? I am talking about HP update, Vaio update, etc. Are they worth the risk that an update may create problems?

A:Manufacturer's update applications?

Hello Vincenzo,

Most updates are for the better since they are usually to fix bugs, security risks, compatibility issues, and sometimes add features.

It's best to read the release notes to see what the new version is for to see if it applies to you or not to bother updating to.

Hope this helps,
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I have a fairly old PC that I built myself Pentium AGP video card I picked up Fallout and well you know the rest of the story The lag nearly sent me into shock I have this beautiful game that I can t play past Commodore specs and it s killing me I get Maximum PC and all the time I come across ads for PC vendors that build custom rigs Since my machine is so dated I ve not kept up with the latest and greatest in terms of CPU technology GPU technology etc Can anyone recommend any of these third party I mean not HP Dell Gateway folks manufacturers or is it still cheaper to build your own rig I don t have a whole ton of time on my hands and I figured in this economy I could find a prebuilt system with tech support that would perform nicely and still wouldn t break the bank a la Alienware My budget is in the - range not including a monitor or printer Suggestions Need PC, party manufacturer any recs? new third nbsp

A:Need new PC, any third party manufacturer recs?

If you cannot build your own PC, then buying a prebuilt one from vendors like CyberPowerPC and iBuyPower is okay.

But otherwise, yes, it is still cheaper to build your own. $1200 will get you an absolutely fantastic machine that will be able to rip through anything you throw at it. Just post your current monitor's max\recommended resolution, and we can give you specific recommendations for the parts.
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I am wondering how to change the Windows Logo (Surrounded by pink) to something else.
I know its possible because my Laptop, made by Lenovo, has the Lenovo logo on it, same goes for every other laptop.
The reason I have the Windows logo is because my PC is custom built.
I know how to change the logo next to the system information (Surrounded by the blue)
Hope someone can help

A:Change OEM Manufacturer logo

Hi luhseps There's a nice little tutorial on that shows you how to change the Windows logo. looks a bit technical however, but you should be able to change it without any problem if you follow the instructions carefully.
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I've just done a clean install of Win 7 (w/HD format) without much problem. I've also downloaded all device drivers from my mobo manufacturer (Asus) and Nvidea video card, etc. I'd like to replace some of the Win 7 default drivers (chipset & audio for example) with the one's I've downloaded (they all contain setup.exe apps to install them).

My simple question is, can I just run the device driver setup.exe over the Win 7 default drivers, or do I need to go the each device in Device Manager and use the "Driver Update" and (I think) locate the correct .ini file or use some other method? Obviously using the set.exe is easiest, so long as there are no problems installing over the Win 7 default drivers (some of which seem to lack some of the manufacturer's device functionality). Please help! Thanks a lot, -- S

A:Installing Manufacturer Drivers

You should be able to install the drivers using the executable (exe) without messing with device manager. So go ahead, use the installer... Only if the installation fails would you do driver update. Driver update doesn't always find the best drivers for the devices.
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I m trying to rewire an old Motherboard that had all it s wires disconnected No problem for IDE floppy disk and power from the powersupply but the quot switch connectors quot front power switch HDD light reset etc are another story My motherboard s model number is M AL-LR-FATX A quick Google search came up with ABIT as the manufacturer Went of course on the company s site but could not find manuals or drivers for this board too old I m not even sure it is the right manufacturer Partial name on google gets me PC Chip manufacturer but nothing on their site either Basically I just want to order with which to plug in the wires coming from the front of the computer case If anyone can help me find the actual manufacturer or manual for this motherboard I would greatly appreciate it MB an for manual find old or Can't manufacturer MB BTW on the MB close to the pin connectors there are instructions that say which pin numbers go for which connectors numbers one to but the pins themselves aren t numbered so it s Can't find MB manufacturer or manual for an old MB not that much help There are two rows of pins When I m looking at the MB where is pin pin etc If someone can help me number the pins I d probably do ok Thanks Marc P nbsp

A:Can't find MB manufacturer or manual for an old MB

does this look familiar
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Which manufacturer make good hard drives?

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First of all, I'm french and I'm really sorry for the worst english u'll never see =p

After some Random Bsod that happen a couple of times a week, from nearly a month and sadly every 1-120minutes this week, i decided to do a full restore of my laptop, a N55SF by Asus.

Sadly again, this manipulation helped a bit but didn't fully solve the problem and got about 80% of computer crashes on the dumps since the restore that u'll be able to see in the attachement up here.

I'll be really thankfull if someone could save my laptop =)

A:Bsod even after Manufacturer Restore

Hello bossno and welcome to Seven Forums.

Fist, your English is fine. You don't want to hear/see my French!!

I'm going to assume it's not a software issue since you restored the laptop. Again, I'm assuming that when you say you did a "full restore" you mean you either restoed to factory specifications using a hidden factory restore partiion, or you used a previous system image. (If you did something else to restore your laptop, please explain exactly what you mean by a "full restore".)

If we rule out software issues, that leaves hardware. Maybe your hard drive is failing, or maybe one of your memory modules is going bad. One of the Forum experts prepared this troubleshooting tutorial. The first part talks about checking for hardware issues. Suggest you work through the items.

Troubleshooting Steps for Windows 7
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New to the forum and may be asking something that has been covered or obvious.

Full background:
Bough this the other day : Lenovo ThinkServer TS140 i3-4130 3.4GHz 8GB 1TB 7200rpm HDD Server Desktop Computer : Computers & Accessories
and installed Win 7 Pro - fresh since it came with no OS.

Can't connect to the internet and seems the driver for the NIC card is missing and isn't found within WIn7. Can't seem to detect the make/model of the ethernet card to get the right driver.

Any ideas on how to address this? Do I need to just buy a new card?

Any thoughts or links to straightforward clues would be appreciated.


A:Win 7 pro NIC driver but cant detect manufacturer

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums .. Try the Driver in the Link below ...

Servers :: ThinkServer tower servers :: ThinkServer TS140 - Lenovo Support (GB)
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Hello everyone, I found an HP laptop on Ebay that has exactly the specs I want even more, BUT it's manufacturer refurbished, is that a bad thing?? did anyone buy a laptop that was refurbished before?


Here are the main specs that it has:

-Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-820QM Quad Core Processor 1.73GHz/8MB L3 Cache/1333MHz FSB with Turbo Boost up to 3.06GHz

-8GB DDR3 System Memory (4 Dimm)

-500GB 7200rpm SATA Hard Drive with HP ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection

-1GB ATI Mobility Radeon (TM) HD 4830 Graphics - For i7 Processors

-and most importantly it has a 15in 1920x1080p screen, finally I found a 15in laptop with a FULL HD screen.

anyways what you guys think?? worth the money?? safe to buy from Ebay?? also the seller has a %100 postive feedback.


A:Manufacturer refurbished laptop?

I have a refurbished desktop( see my system specs) that I purchased from Cosco over 3 years ago.
Just recently I got a bargain on a refurbished laptop i5, 6GB DDR3, 2 separate HD's 250 each with a 17.3 screen by HP from Sam's Club. for $350. No they don't have any left.

Caution:IMHO I would not buy refurbished on Ebay. I would only buy refurbished from local Box Store or reputable sites on the web.

I have had no trouble with either so far. The only thing I would replace is the operator!
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Hey Guys and Gals, I have finally decided to upgrade my graphic card and have chosen the NVIDIA 6800 Ultra. But went to search for it and got confused, so many manufactures and all that didn?t make any sense. So I would like to know which manufacturer should I buy the card from, and why (please provide the price too). And do I have to have something special on my motherboard to be able to install it (and I don?t mean an agp slot - I ain't so dumb u know :giddy: ).

And one last question, how come the NVIDIA 68000 ultra beats ATI 850XT pe, being faster than the NVIDIA, on some benchmarks. Thanx (hope not confusing or asking to much off u guys)

A:Graphic card Manufacturer

Always best to go with the bigger name companies. Asus, MSI are pretty good. A lot of people seem to be betting BFG cards these days as well, although I have never owned one to recommend it.

As for your last question, here is a good article lining up the cards and comparing them:
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I am having a problem I Modem Can not manufacturer. find have a no-name computer It is an oldie I am trying to fix Can not find Modem manufacturer. up for my Mom to surf the net It has a modem and it is working Although I do not know how This machine came to me with Pent II pross meg of ram and gig HD and Win Pro It has PCI vidio sound and modem on an ASUS TX- E MB What I am thinking of doing is to replace Win with Win SE From what I have experianced with this mach is things that were set up previously are still running in back ground and I cannot shut them down Plus most of my personnal programs that are accessable games utilities and other stuff are I need to find the drivers for this modem and other cards to but one at the time Here is all the information I can find FCC H NTAI -M -E MODEL FB V VPH-X and P N I tried but failed to locate name of driver on board Thank for any help or leads you might give me P S I would not want to put any money into this mach that why I just don t get a new one nbsp

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I/O REAR PANEL PORTS: VGA(15 pin, by TECKOM), PARALLEL PORT(25 pin, BY FOXCONN), 2 SERIAL PORTS (9 pin, comm1 and comm2, FOX..), 2 P/S2'(FOX...) 2 USB PORTS(same port, FOX....)

2 DIMMS, 1 AND 2. MAX MEM. 4


VIDEO S3 Trio64V









A:Mobot Id Manufacturer From Taiwan, But Who?

Possibly Atmel They seem to make all manner of chips etc.

BTW Hello and welcome to Techspot. :wave: :wave:

Regards Howard
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I ve manufacturer? Hard drive been checking out this site for a while now and have learned a lot from some of you But I ve run into a little problem that I can t figure out I ve recently bought a Hard drive manufacturer? used laptop without any manuals and such and it has Windows loaded onto it I want to format and install my own XP Pro When I come to the message that everything on drive c will be lost and click yes I get a message stating I can t do it because the volume is in use by another process etc I know there s a program that you can download from the manufacturer that will enable you to rewrite your hard drive back to zeros How do I find out who the manufacturer is I m completely inexperienced with laptops and I m totally clueless on where to look Or is there another way to solve this problem I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and I hope someone out there can help me out Thank you nbsp

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How can i find out who manufactured my video card?
Also, is it possible to get into the video card bios? If so how?

A:Video card manufacturer...

your control panel/display properties/advanced should have the card listed. If not there the device manager.
Still no luck, try software like Everest or CPUz
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I was having several problems with signing off, crashes, etc. and eventually couldn't load windows so I restored to manufacturer's shipping conditions. I am still having problems even though I performed a registry cleaner, etc. with WindowsLiveLogin.dll and I lose connection with my mouse and receive a message saying "windows doesn't recognice usb device". Can you please help me restore the password manager to working order and fix the mouse issue. The password mgr. add-on is enabled but doesn't work.
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Hi all I have developed an Engineering Software App for SmartPhones and am expecting to receive big orders soon I will make the software available a as a download b on the various online app stores and c I will sell the software pre-bundled onto the actual SmartPhone Device and ship to clients Question As opposed to buying List Manufacturer SmartPhone off the shelf SmartPhones wrt case c above I d be very interested in being connected to actual Smartphone Manufacturers People with an actual Manufacturing factory - Not a wholesaler I d be looking for Real Factory Based Manufacturers who could Make a phone specifically for my customers The main thing here would be to have a unique looking exterior SmartPhone Manufacturer List even if they base the phone on the chassis and interior of an existing phone Handle all the Hardware Registration and Licencing Procedures I would not want to go through the trouble of having the hardware tested and approved for usage Provide proof that all Hardware is legal for usage internationally Work with me to ensure that my Software is embedded onto the Device Software such that even a Hard Reset of the Device will NOT remove SmartPhone Manufacturer List my software Google searches for SmartPhone Manufacturers always throws up SmartPhone Wholesalers Alibaba etc I do not wish to deal with such I will only deal with an actual SmartPhone Factory Appreciate any SmartPhone Manufacturer List and all introductions to above Thanks Tony Quality Lead Time Price You can have any two Never all three nbsp

A:SmartPhone Manufacturer List

It's a ridiculously enormous leap to go from an application developer to a hardware manufacturer. There are countless part suppliers, contracts, regulations, etc. in manufacturing cell phones. You'll notice that the only companies making cell phones are very, very large corporations. It's not at all practical for a single person to venture into that marketplace.
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On my laptop I have, in common with many others, a 11 Gb pertition, that could be used to restore the laptop to its original state. It is very unlikely that I would ever want to do so, as I have since installed Vista x64 from a retail copy.

Is it possible to delete this partition and extend C: into that space?

What would be the pitfalls , if any?

A:Manufacturer Partition, can it be deleted?

Hello bgowers,

The only bad effect this would have is that you no longer have the backup.

You can delete it from Disk Management.

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Hey guys, how's everyone doing? I am having an issue changing the OEM system information in Vista. I can add all the information about my company, but the logo is doing something odd.

I can fix the issue with the pixel resolution, that's pretty easy. It's flipping the colors. It's a blue and white logo (visit, it's on the top left), and it's making the blue part white, and the white part blue. I used Adobe Illustrator to flip the colors in the hope that it would then flip them back to the original. No go, it displayed it the same way. Windows 7 does the same thing, XP and below works fine.

Any thoughts?

A:Manufacturer's Support Information

Any thoughts?
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I have a toshiba notebook, intel pent 4, xp, 512RAM, 1.9 ghz and an external BenQ burner 162I and dual layer 16X although I use 4.75 media.

I have a chance to purchase Maxell 4.75 R+ dvd's which is one of the brands recommended by BenQ. The others are Sony, Imation and TDK.

In Canada in the retail stores we are somewhat limited; and so when I saw the Maxell available at an excellent price I decided to buy some and now after using the "dvd identifier" program I find that the dvd's are Manufactured by Ricoh Japan, and that the Manufacturer ID is Ricoh Japan, the Media type ID: ROI and the blank disc is 4.38 gigs.

I just wanted an experienced opinion on whether these were good dvd's and I will go out and buy more.

I would appreciate comments, thankyou

A:Maxell Media available & Manufacturer

Maxell products have been around for a long time, and has a reputation for good quality.
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I want to back up my system by cloning the entire HDD. I have a 25GB recovery partition created by the notebook manufacturer, ASUS, as part of the OEM Recovery Disks.

Should I also include it with the Windows partitions or just ignore it altogether?

Thanks in advance.

A:Manufacturer's recovery partition

You say you want to clone the entire HDD. If you mean that, yes, you'd have to include the 25 GB partition.

If you exclude it, you would not then later be able to recover to factory specifications using that 25 GB partition. It wouldn't exist.

You probably can make a set of recovery disks that will provide the same functionality as the recovery partition, although those disks would not be as reliable as the partition.

And of course you may have little or no interest in ever being able to restore to factory specifications, in which case you can exclude the recovery partition.

Lastly--I wouldn't consider a clone to be a backup. If you want to back up, think about imaging rather than cloning.
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Hi, I bought my E5-571G laptop online last November 2014 from an online store, I also registered it on the Acer website. Then this year on October 2015 I returned my laptop to the store. However they said that according to Acer my laptop's warranty already expired on October 2015, how could that happened, since I bought my laptop on November 2014?According to Acer's website the warranty is 1 year from the date of purchase. The online store even gave me a link to the System Information to check my warranty. When I checked my laptop's Serial Number the end date of my warranty is October 25, 2015.  I am so confused with the warranty of this laptop. Please help!   


Go to Solution.

A:Manufacturer's Warranty Date

PM received and replied with what I could do to help out.
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Hi guys,

I'm having some BSOD issue, I suspect, they'd be due to some drivers stuff and all.

So anyway, I saw Device manufacturers had more updated drivers then the OEM (Acer Laptop here), do you think these generic drivers are worth a try or can they be harmful?


A:OEM vs Device Manufacturer drivers

Worth it.

You can always manually create a restore point just in case.
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Hello all.

I'm wondering where/how (where at) I would customize the "System Manufacturer/Product Name" listed in the WEI as seen in the snip below.

Thank you for your help!

Later Ted

A:Changing System Manufacturer

hellos haves a looks ats this.
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Maybe a stupid question, but how can I tell the original date from files I downloaded. All the date fields in properties show the date and time I downloaded the file (even for "Created" which I thought should give me the manufacturer date).


A:How to get the manufacturer date of a file?

Quote: Originally Posted by Ben777


Maybe a stupid question, but how can I tell the original date from files I downloaded. All the date fields in properties show the date and time I downloaded the file (even for "Created" which I thought should give me the manufacturer date).


Right click the executable>properties>details>date.
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Hi Help,

How can I find the manufacturer of my computer Hard Drive without opening up computer case?
Someone told me to open up computer case but I want to find another way through your help.

Help needed in two days please

"work with pleasure not under pressure"

A:Solved: How to find HD manufacturer?,25444-page,1-c,systemresourcestuneup/description.html
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I am using a HSP modem that came with my last PC, to date i have been using the drivers that are on the restore pack as i have been unable to identify the manufacturer. I am soon changing over to win 2000, but will require the appropriate drivers, are they generic or will i require manufacturers own. (Modem is v90, k56 Flex compatible and PCI). Thanks in advance.

A:How do i identify my modem manufacturer?

In the device manager, does it say HSP Micro Modem?
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Hello all I'm trying to solve a problem for my client and I'm reaching out for some more help with this laptop as I've tried a bunch of different options and have had no luck The Story The client reported to me that the laptop's performance started to diminish over time and she had problems loading it up over time - I have no idea what kind of issues the laptop had before this since I can't get it to load at all The System Windows Toshiba Satellite C Dt-A AMD A Quad-Core after up BSOD loads logo manufacturer The Problem There are generally three things that happen When the laptop is started the quot Toshiba Leading Innovations quot logo BSOD after manufacturer logo loads up appears on the screen and the following occur The circular loading dots spin and the computer hangs there The loading dots spin and finish BSOD after manufacturer logo loads up then the machine transitions to the black screen and hangs there indefinitely never loading Windows The message quot preparing automatic repair quot shows up transitions to the black screen and hangs there indefinitely never fixing the machine Attempted Fixes I've tried using Shift F but had no luck starting up the machine that way Tried to use Windows recovery software from a USB with no luck loading stuck on black screen I'm able to access the BIOS but have had no luck finding anything that could help me get back this issue I'd appreciate any help with this matter as my client is a college professor and would like to recover some documents off the hard drive I've also attempted to access the hard drive via an external but that had no luck either Thanks for any suggestion or help BSOD after manufacturer logo loads up you guys can provide

A:BSOD after manufacturer logo loads up

Most likely dying hard drive. How old is this unit?
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Hi, this is a really simple problem but I can't find a way to solve it. I installed a new CDROM drive into my PC a few years back because the old one wouldn't open. It worked fine for a while but then a virus left my PC in shambles and I had to reinstall Windows 98 and all but now I'm finding problems with this CD-ROM drive. I don't think my PC has the driver installed and I don't have any information about the CD-ROM drive because the box and info was thrown out years ago. Any way I can recognize the manufacturer using just my PC? Is there a sort of universal CD-ROM driver I can use? Thanks.

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Linksys has a tradition of being touted as one of the name What's brand wireless manufacturer? your favorite best home grade router and wireless networking devices as well as wired of course Anybody can do wired But it seems when it comes to wireless they re reluctant to maintain a driver set that supports the latest upgrades Vista is not supported by my wireless What's your favorite brand name wireless manufacturer? B card for example and the router it authenticates with has not seen a firmware update from Linksys for quite some time A firmware update would be great for that router if they would finally address an issue it has with high amounts of UDP traffic causing it to freeze requiring a reset Some people think these things should just be regarded as water under the bridge and that I should just toss the equipment in the trash with a smile and spend more money on new equipment But others like me know that this hardware is still capable of performing well if only it were supported with an occasional driver update or firmware release So enough about my gripe with Linksys If you guys think it s still quot the quot then I ll buy it again But if anyone out there thinks there s a competing manufacturer who s customer service support and functionality reliability of their hardware rivals or beats Linksys I m all ears nbsp

A:What's your favorite brand name wireless manufacturer?

I've tried Linksys, Dlink, Netgear, and Belkin. I've always gotten the strongest and most reliable signal with my Belkin Pre-N equipment. I've had it for about 3 years so it's a little outdated but has never given me any problems.

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I recently had to reformat my computer to the factory defaults, on my case it’s a Toshiba. After re-installing the operating system I went to the ”Programs and Features” panel to remove any trial programs and I was shocked when I saw about 10 different programs/utilities from Toshiba,  I went ahead and removed the common trial programs that usually come in a new pc such as, Office, Norton etc. but left anything that says Toshiba since it is the manufacturer of the laptop and I didn’t know to what extent they modify the OS, which is basically my question.
1- To what extent does a PC manufacturer modifies the OS (Windows), if any?
2- Can I safely remove any programs from the pc manufacturer without corrupting the OS?
3- What could be considered the default Windows 7 programs that typically show in the ”Programs and Features” panel?
Thanks a lot

A:Is it safe to remove software from the PC manufacturer

Yes & No!  You need to take care and ask lots of questions many items are woven ito the system, take your time so you get it right.  You will probably do it a few times ove the life of the system as junk sneaks in.  Check post below for more.
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Hey all,

I have an HP Laptop, and when I turn it on I see the HP logo instead of the system specs being tested, the ram, processor etc...

Can this be disabled?

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I am looking for a driver for a webcam i got for christmas a few years back i just found it and i cant seem to find any information or drivers for it maybe someone on here knows its a camera shaped like a dragon it looks like its made of some kind of hard ceramic the dragon is wrapped around the actual quot camera quot part of for driver webcam name/manufacturer Missing and a the device i found a picture that Missing name/manufacturer and driver for a webcam looks a lot like it but mine stands taller and its blue the eyes of the dragon glow red Missing name/manufacturer and driver for a webcam i do remember when the camera is on the only other information i can find on it is on the bottom it has a sticker stuck to it it reads quot AP- NWB Dragon PC Camera quot and the barcode but of course i cannot find any manufacturers with the name or initials of NWB nor can i find any information on the model number listed above it wont let me put the link to the picture on the post so please if anyone can help me it would be appreciated thanks nbsp

A:Missing name/manufacturer and driver for a webcam

Have you seen this thread in the Device Drivers forum?:

BTW, don't take this the wrong way but a little punctuation would make your post much more readable.
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Hello Thanks for your help advise and time I have an old Packard Bell Legend CDT I would Flash EEPROM How find to Manufacturer. like to FLASH the BIOS chip in it with a new version of the BIOS but I dont like to do this to the original BIOS CHIP for fear that How to find Flash EEPROM Manufacturer. it might be destroyed So I am looking for a second equivalent chip and am not having any success to reference the CHIP part numebr to a manufacturer and or supplier The Packard Bell Document that describes this motherboard says the BIOS is a quot Flash EEPROM - Phoenix BIOS quot So far no response from from Phoenix---still waiting And no response from the Packard Bell Forum in the UK---still waiting The chip has a label on top that says PB BIOS U The bottom of the chip has the following printed on it F a part number BF HX I have tried to use Internet searches for a large number of key words and exact phrases with no success If you could help point me in the right direction or just give me some help about how to look for BIOS chips would be Great Such as a big data base in the sky that has a list of FLASH EEPROM manufacturers and part numbers etc Thanks for your help advise and time Jerry nbsp