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GPU Temps and Tower Fans

Q: GPU Temps and Tower Fans

Hey there,

I've been playing crysis 3 a lot lately and it usually run's my GPU temp around 65-70 degree's ( MSI GeForce GTX 770 4GB TWIN FROZR ) I know the card is suppose to run up to 80 degree's no problem but I was just wondering if I played at these higher temps for 3-5 hours at a time. Would that be to much stress in terms of heat on the GPU ??
I have the Corsair 230T Windowed-BLUE ATX Mid Tower Case> I have just the stock fans in it and I was looking to add more. I was just wondering if people have preference over tower fans ? if so what are some good ones and why ?

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Preferred Solution: GPU Temps and Tower Fans

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: GPU Temps and Tower Fans

Even 85C for extended periods is fine.
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im going to update my stock case fans with a couple Vantec torndoes. the only issue i am afraid of is actually causing a vacuum within the case as to where the air can actually be sucked back through my power unit causing it to over heat.... is this possible?

A:new tower fans

Originally Posted by narcopletic pc

im going to update my stock case fans with a couple Vantec torndoes. the only issue i am afraid of is actually causing a vacuum within the case as to where the air can actually be sucked back through my power unit causing it to over heat.... is this possible?

it is happening, per the new PC case layouts were seeing with the PSU on the floor of the case sucking straight from the outside & venting it back out the rear..

but the old case design has worked perfectly for years with the PSU at the top, thats why a 140mm fan was added to newer PSUs to help remove hot air from the case

but its not really an issue, your PSU will never die from the extra heat of your components...

it is on the other hand possible to create a ''dead spot'' where the PSU fan cannot extract due to chassis fan configs, but each case is different so its something you would have to test.

move your chassis fans to different locations each time holding your hand by the PSU exhaust, see if the flow changes at all. (i doubt it will)

i always try to put a ''positive'' pressure inside the case (more intake than exhaust), so air cant be sucked in through cracks & drive bays, thus lowering dust coverage

but a PSU can get very hot so i wouldnt worry too much....

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Just got my laptop days ago and the first day it seemed to work just fine though the fans would turn on once in awhile and are very loud nbsp But now they seem to be on more often than not while just doing simple things like typing Fans 17 80-90+ temps R3 on always Alienware this message Alienware 17 R3 Fans always on temps 80-90+ in a web browser nbsp Even now temps are C then jumping to C and up to C when I open a new tab and close it using ctl t ctl w I am using Intel XTU Extreme Tuning Utility to monitor it and see that Thermal Throttling is happening fairly often and my CPU Utilization is staying pretty low generally below sometimes peaking to like when I open close a new tab nbsp Just repeatedly opening closing a new tab - times got all cores peaking Alienware 17 R3 Fans always on temps 80-90+ above C which kicks the fans into overdrive A review I saw on youtube showed the fans are silent while idle and the reviewer claims the fans rarely turn on unless you go into the BIOS and enable fan performance mode nbsp Is there something wrong with this unit causing the temp to be so high
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is a replacement fan a replacement fan ???????
don't care about color----

my case fans are Red led---
but new egg is show casing Cool Master blue ones on sale---
one of my exhaust fans (120mm) in the back just now started making a wobble sound so
its dying----
what brand should I go with----
don't want to spend more than 15$ at new egg---
any ideas ????

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Hello all,

I'm seeking advice on how to best orient the fans in my tower. I currently have one pulling in the front and another in the back pushing out. The one in the back is fairly noisy and I just bought two new fans to replace it with.

I have a fairly large tower but it is in a confined space, which is making me question whether I should be pulling in the front or the back. There is about a 4" gap between the tower and the left edge of the desk, and maybe a couple inches on the other non-ventilated side, as well as about 3" of clearance between the top of the tower and the desk. I have attached an image of what I have in mind. Does anybody have feedback or advice?


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Hey guys I have a few questions. I want to improve temps in my case but everything i seem to do makes it worse. I routed all of my cables into the right side panel of the case and i added some more exhaust fans and a cpu fan. This has caused my temps to rise. I use realtemp to monitor my temps and it is consistent and accurate. I will include pictures of my case so you can understand my airflow

Blue is cold air intake and red is exhaust, the blue circle is a side panel fan.
Temps are under a small load and ambient case temp is 27c

EDIT: The max temps you see were under prime95

A:Improving airflow? More fans=higher temps

How long did Prime95 run before the Max temps were reached? Are those the "stable" prime95 temps?

Reason I ask is I am going through the same exercise as you. And with an almost identical case/fan arrangement. I do not have SLI video cards. Just a sing MSI TF III GTX 570.

If the max temps you displayed are SUSTAINED temps, i.e. Prime95 running for a long period with the temps you listed, I don't believe they are excessive. You have not hit the dreaded 70C. Also Prime95 is meant to stress a system. It is not a "real world" usage statistic IMO.

You don't list your GPU temps. You might want to check out CPUID HWMonitor which will give you more of the monitored temps and fan speeds.

As for me I am trying to keep temps UNDER LOAD (gaming) at CPUs <= 60C and Video Card <= 65C.

Biggest problem I have is keeping noise level reasonable under gaming load. I have installed the Sunbeam PL-RL-6 allowing me to switch all fans from PWM to Manual to OFF in an effort to test the noise/cooling benefit of each fan.

Just ordered a TY-140 fan to replace the top exhaust 120mm. Hope it helps with noise/cooling.

For some interesting test results on cooling see The Big Air Cooling Investigation |

The jist is to stream the air flow over the hardware and THROUGH the case. Too many fan or too strong a fan in the wrong place will cause turbulence but not necessarily cooling.
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I was wondering if both fans are supposed to come on when computer starts. I know the small one does, the the one on top is the one I am asking about. Someone tell me. Thanks in advance.

A:IMPORTANT! Question about fans inside tower...

kj_slid said:

I was wondering if both fans are supposed to come on when computer starts. I know the small one does, the the one on top is the one I am asking about. Someone tell me. Thanks in advance.Click to expand...

all fans should run when you turn on pc
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I have a Thermaltake CPU Matter? Does Mid-Tower Size Fans, Case, Mid-Tower and when I was in the process of this build two years ago now I had trouble finding a CPU fan that would A Fit into Mid-Tower Case, CPU Fans, Size Does Matter? a mid tower without blocking the ram or other components B Keep the CPU cool enough given the restrictions due to size I ended up settling on the Thermaltake V but the problem was there was only one way to orient it horizontally So that is exhausts into the power supply versus out the read case fan I was told this would be fine and to go ahead with it so I did but it has constantly bugged my for two years on and off And since currently my build is sitting on my desk without screens I wanna just make sure everything is correct before I invest in dual monitors encase i need to invest in something else Here is a pic which might clarify I dono if anyone uses the V or has had a similar situation Lemme know what you guys think -Lollies

A:Mid-Tower Case, CPU Fans, Size Does Matter?

Hello Lollies,
Every thing seems fine, and the fan is blowing air in the correct way in your setup, though back blowing is best, but you cant do that. Is there any problem in using the PC which made u feel to change some parts?
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This is for my HP laptop with XP.

I'd like one similar to the Asus Probe that I've got on my desktop.

I looked in downloads but there are so many similar ones that it's
impossible to pick one of the better ones without knowing anything
about them

Thanks for your experiences good and bad.

A:Best utility to monitor temps, fans, SDRAM usage, etc?

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ok, simple question, will opening the tower case to clean my computer's cooling fans violate the warranty? or am I better off trying to arrainge servicing for my system for this specific purpose?I tried calling support to ask, but the agent didnt quite follow and seemed to think I was saying I had a fan failure, when all I wanted to know was if opening the case to clean it myself would void the I decided to post here in the hopes that an hp employee versed in the terms and conditions of the limited manufacturer's warranty wouldnt take pity on this poor uneducated soul.

A:will opening the tower case to clean the cooling fans void m...

Greetings, This action will not void your warranty unless you cause damage. Shut the system down, disconnect AC power and disconnect all  peripheral devices. Move the system to an area where you can remove the side panel. Clean the sytem using compressed air and allow time for any moisture caused from using compressed air to dissipate. I periodically do this on all my HP desktops and it is wise to do this. I am not an HP employee. There is no official HP presence in this Forum. Cheers!
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I just replaced the stock CPU in my Precision T3500, going from an e5520 to an x5660.  Both CPUs will heat up beyond their TCase values, 72C and 81.3C respectively, when using the stock passive Dell copper heatsync.  Is there an active heatsync available for this system?  The OEM heatsinc setup uses female bolt downs instead of the standard male ones.
Also, I'm noticing a 5C difference between my coolest temp core and the next coolest temp core and an 8C spread between my coolest core and my hottest core.  Is this normal?
Thanks in advance,

A:Precision T3500, two Arctic F8 80mm case fans lowered temps from 81C to 70C

Hello Chris,
I received two Arctic F8 80mm case fans today along with a molex to 3-pin fan adapter.  The difference in thermal performance is profound.  I've attached four pictures, one of the fan box, one of the back of my case, one of the inside of my case, one of the molex adapter, and an updated thermal profile.
With the latest test, after installing the fans, the system seemed to stabilize round 70C.  Although, I only let the test and monitor run for about 15 minutes.
I hope this cooling method helps others.
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When I turn on my vostro 200 slim tower the fans keep spinning constantly and it's very noisy.
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hi, I am going to upgrade my graphic card to ATI 5770 so I need a new power supply which has power about 550--600 watt. But the most frustrating problem is that I failed to find a proper power supply with the correct dimension.
I have an HP pavilion e9300 which uses a very wired power supply tower-150mm(W) 86(H) 140(D). But so far all the PSUs I found is the standard size --150mm(W) 86(H) 150(D) which cannot fit in my setup.

So could any PC God give me some suggestion, please??
Is any PSU with the size of my tower or can I just simply install a bigger PSU which can still successfully power up the comptuer?

Thx in adance.

A:Power supply bigger than the tower - frustrated by HP PSU tower

If the power supply will physically fit your case, it should work fine with your computer. Will the extra 10mm interfere internally with anything inside the PC?
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After installation of new motherboard and AC F64 Pro, BIOS shows 28C for the CPU. SpeedFan's "Core" shows 31C. However, it's "Processor" shows a WHOPPING 51C!!! Everest shows same 51/52C!

I'm sure it can't be that high. Are th "Core" and bios ones that are correct?

A:Odd Difference Between BIOS Temps and Program Temps

I'd trust the BIOS temp reading. It should be more accurate than Speedfan or Everest.

Regards :wave:

BTW, how good is the AC Freezer? I may buy one for my future CPU...
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I need to retrieve some old info from my old tower. Is it possible to hook the old tower to the new one and use it as a big memory bank? And if so, how do I do it?

A:Hooking old tower to new tower to retrieve old programs

This TCP/IP Home Networking and File Sharing Tutorial should get you started.
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Forgot to ask this in my last thread. Is there any difference between a mid-tower ATX case and a full-tower other than height? Thanks.

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Yes as the title suggest I have a question about fans Fans Solved: Fans Fans Right now I have a computer that can actually heat my small room First off I have four sticks of RD RAM that have the heat spreaders on both sides You can fry and egg on these things Then I have an Asus fanless GS the heatsink on this gets fairly hot I have two rear mm exhaust fans one spins at about RPM and the other is about RPM I think its on its way out going to replace both When I put my hand back there its Solved: Fans Fans Fans pretty hot almost like a blow dryer I want to add an extra fan or two but I can t decide what would be best I would like to ask your opinions on this First Solved: Fans Fans Fans I thought of adding a front intake fan but my case only has that small front vent that almost underneath I have a spot to mount a front fan but it wouldn t actually be taking in air theres no vents in the case there I was also thinking about adding one of those quot drive bay fans for intake I found a nice one on NewEgg that has two fans I thought this could help take in some air Not sure how well they work I also want to keep the db level down My second thought and the one I think I m going to go with is adding a top fan First I thought to make it an exhaust fan I see these a lot but I don t know how good they are do they interfere with the rear exhaust fans Then I thought to make a top intake fan I wouldn t want to pull more in then is being exhausted though that doesn t make much sense to me What if I put a mm fan blowing out at the top then turn my two mm fans around to intake air I wonder how this would work So what do you guys think nbsp

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What are good quality case fans that can keep an AMD processor up to 2600+ cool?? Along with CPU Coolers too??

I dont want any that are LOUD either...


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Q: Temps?

Was just curious on what the normal temperature was suppose to be for a 3.0 g p4.And also the normal temperature for a hard drive to run at.My current readings for temps are cpu=41c Hd's between 34-39c.
asus pc4800-e deluxe
Antec 550w Psu
p4 3.0g
geforce 6800 gt oc
(2X) hitachi 80g hd's in a raid0 array
dual channel 1g kingston ddr ram
aspire case 5 led fans


Thos tempatures are fine if they go over 60 degress Celcius then you should worry but those are great temps
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nbsp HELLO nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp ??? ARE MY PC's TEMPS OK nbsp nbsp nbsp My PC fans were noisy as hell and were giving me a hard time So I used nbsp SpeedFan nbsp I know that it's kind of a pro user utility but I watched a couple of videos and tweeked my fans speed with it a little bit and BAM I could hear the most beuatiful sound I've ARE MY PC's TEMPS OK ??? ever heard I nbsp could hear the sound of the hard drive spinning nbsp nbsp The RPM's and temps before tweak watch the Fans speed nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp All I did in Speed Fan is chnage all the fan zone settings from controllled by hottest of nbsp ambient remote to remote auto and the fans became quit nbsp nbsp this is my nbsp temp as well as ARE MY PC's TEMPS OK ??? my RAM and CPU usage after tweak nbsp nbsp nbsp My questions are nbsp since the RPM of the fan dropped significantely RPM the motherboard temp nbsp augmented to C is this temp safe I mean would my mobo be damaged or anything when I nbsp try to play L D or any game the CPU temp get to C and the MOBO's to C which scares the hell out of me that I nbsp quit the game is that OK should I just keep Playing what do you suggest I do nbsp nbsp All I want to know is whether these temps are nbsp Ok nbsp MY SPECS nbsp Operating SystemWindows Pro -bitCPUIntel Core Duo E GHz CConroe nm TechnologyRAM GB Dual-Channel DDR MHz - - - MotherboardHewlett-Packard A h XU PROCESSOR CGraphicsL HQ x Hz Intel Chell b for Intel Q Q HP Storage GB Western Digital WDC WD JD- LSA ATA Device SATA C GB Seagate ST CS ATA Device SATA COptical DrivesHUAWEI Mass Storage USB DeviceATAPI DVD A DH A L ATA DeviceAudioRealtek High Definition Audio nbsp also Speecy is always giving me less temperatures than say Speed fan HWINFO or nbsp OpenHardwareMonitor and I don't get it nbsp Thank you
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I have a P4 at 3.00 GHz and it is running at 55C at a little load. Is this high?

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Does any one know the temps that a amd athlon and t-bird
Cpu's should run! (950MHZ) Average.

That's it, hope it's an easy question.
Thank's Kev-

A:and temps

this thread is discussing the subject
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I was Your temps CPU thinking it might be a good idea to post your temps here so other users can see what temps they can expect to get with their CPU Your CPU temps cooling combinations To standardise this we ll use the same program coretemp which is free easily downloadable user-friendly etc And to make it easy to read it ll be good to list things in a particular order CPU cooling voltages idle-temp load-temp in celcius If you have not messed with voltages and don t know values stock is fine If you ve changed it enter the voltage applied e g E stock stock If you re using watercooling just state the waterblock and number of mm fan your radiator holds e g E swiftech storm stock If you ve overclocked just put the speed after your CPU e g E ghz LN - - I understand that this doesn t give ambient temp but we don t really have a good way to standardise that so the data would be useless anyway This data is still good for measuring difference between idle and load temps To get load temps use Prime However if you re using an Intel Processor the Intel Thermal Analysis Tool would show higher temps and should be used instead if possible Mention anything else which you might think is relevent e g modified lapped etc If enough people post I might just update the list on first post to make it even easier to read E Ultra- stock Please post your temps in the format as mentioned above Intel systems core i Ghz x turbo mode Water Cooled volts C C - supersmashbrada core i Ghz freezone mm fan v C C - supersmashbrada core i Noctua NH-U P v c c - Adhmuz core i Lapped Noctua NH-U P Lapped Push Pull v c c - Adhmuz Core i MHz ThermalTake SpinQ v c c - MetalX Core i MHz ThermalTake SpinQ v c c - MetalX Core i ThermalTake SpinQ v c c - MetalX Q Yorkfield ghz stock voltage ThermalTake V C C - Damak Q Tt BlueOrb v c c - Adhmuz E GHz v C C AC Freezer Pro - TBolt E GHz CNPS V c - Phoenix CMXIV E Ghz v c c coolit freezone modded - supersmashbrada E GHz Zalman v c c - mica speedy E GHz Ultra- v c c - mancURmission E Tt GoldenOrb - - Bluemouse E Stock Stock c c - sbgsus E Tuniq Tower V - Mirob E ghz stock stock c c - fujikazu E Ultra- V - CMH E Ghz Zalman reserator supermodded V C C - Computer freak E GHz Ultra eXtreme w Sunon mm CFM v C C - luvhuffer E ArcticFreezerPro stock - c - c - drjulian E Ultra- V - CMH E Ultra- stock - CMH E GHz CNPS v C C - MetalX E CoolIt Freezone V C C - supersmashbrada E GHz Stock V C C - MetalX E Ghz stock V - - wolfram P Tt BlueOrb v c c - Adhmuz P Titan Vanessa S V C C - CCT winter C ambient P Titan Vanessa S V C C - CCT summer C ambient P B Ghz stock stock - orondf CeleronD GHz stock stock v - C - C - ChrisLam AMD systems Phenom II stock stock c c - Technochicken Opteron GHz v C C Swiftech H - - NFSFAN Opteron GHz Stock V - Mictlantecuhtli Opteron GHz Stock V - Mictlantecuhtli summer Athlon X stock mhz v C C - mr ncred ble AMD Mhz Coolermaster Hyper TX c c - Lengar AMD Ghz Stock v c c - Lengar AMD Ghz v c c - Machinist no cooler mentioned AMD Ghz Ultra- Extreme C C - Nick Lee AMD Ghz Stock Stock C C - Nick Lee AMD Ghz Stock Stock C C - SNGX AMD Ghz Stock V C C- C - joked u AMD Ghz Stock Stock C C - Stick o ram AMD Ghz Stock Stock C C - whtddusy AMD Ghz CNPS B-Alcu silent V C C - MetalX AMD Ghz Stock Stock V C C - Exonimus AMD Ghz Zalman CNPS stock V C C - Exonimus AMD AM GHZ Stock cooler off a Athlon AM x v c c - Lengar AMD GHz ZALMAN CNPS mm v C C - ferrari AMD AM X Cooler Master Hyper TX v - Lengar AMD GHz zalman CP v - C - C - fetalposition Athlon XP-M GHz stock Stock V - - - Daveskater Athlon XP-M GHz Zalman CNPS B Al-Cu Stock V - Daveskater AMD ghz Zalman-CNPS B-Cu LED stock C C - dustin ds IF YOU HAVE USED THIS LIST TO CHECK YOUR TEMPS OR FOR ANY OTHER REASON PLEASE DO CONTRIBUTE YOUR OWN TEMPS nbsp

A:Your CPU temps

You should have voltage in there.


So mine would be:

[email protected]/CNPS7000B-Alcu(silent)/1.5125V/37C/53C

I think this is a great idea... if enough people post, it should be a sticky.
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I have just installed HWmonitor on one of my computers to monitor the temps I have attached a screenshot of what is displayed I know that TMP 0 is the motherboard and that TMP 1 is the CPU. But I am not sure what the TMP 2 is for and its running at 79c which seems on the hot side.

The specs for this systems are as follows:

XFX ATI Radeon 5770 1024MB GDDR5

AMD Phenom II X2 555 Processor running at stock speeds 3.20Ghz

OCZ Fatal1ty 550w Silent SLI Ready ATX2 Power Supply

Corsair XMS3 TwinX 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 PC3-10666C9 1333MHz Dual Channel Kit Code TW3X4G1333C9A

Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3.

Any help would be appreciated

A:Temps Okay?

Probably a phantom reading, meaning that the sensor chip supports it but there is no sensor for it. Pretty sure that HWMonitor works the same as Speedfan in that it takes the readings directly from the sensor chip and not from the bios, which is why readings like that show up (and in Speedfan can be turned off).

Leave it open and run a game or some other system intensive program and then check the readings again. If it is a phantom reading and that 79? reading doesn't change, then you can ignore it.
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Should I be Worried about my Athlon XP-M 2800+ idleing at 51C?? I think that this is a high temperature but it is a laptop processor so I really don't know what to think...
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hi all
id like to know if anyone has any tips on how to get mother board monitor to work for
the packard bell orion mother board ms-7168 the packard bell site claims msi is manufacturer
cpuz says nec computers international although gives the same model no
mbm doesnt have the model listed any one have any other programs or work arounds? bios gives temps so must be a sensor

ive just built this pc and im slightly paranoid about cpu temps

nvidia 7600 gs pci-e
athalon64 3500+
530w psu

A:cpu temps

If you are trying to find out the motherboard then google Everest, install it, then go to motherboard --> Motherboard to get the mobo details.

I think that is what your post was on about.
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Q: Temps

Where can I find the average temps for my HD, RAM, CPU, and video card? Are there any web sites I can check out? Any FREE programs?
Any help is greatly appreciated.

PS-don't know any of my temps


You can try Speedfan whcih is one of the most popular:

There's also MBM5:

And most motherbaord come with one as well. Check your motherboard CD or Intels site.
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Just wanted to post the difference between my two different cases

I used to have a CoolerMaster and now have as you know an Antec 1200

Here is the difference in temps

I also do not overclock

A:Temps Before and After

hmm not much difference
but you do have a sweet case
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Can anybody give me an idea of good CPU and computer temperatures should be? I've got a new computer running around 142 degrees, this seems awfully warm. Probably should get another fan. I keep reading articles about keeping everything inside "cool" but nobody pins down any operating temps.

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Just trying to see how hot my comps runnnig. Im looking to get a few bits and pieces when i order my new gpu was wondering if my cooling needed to be looked at. I will be looking to start OC'ing my comp so I know cooling will be very important. At the minute i have replaced the stock fans that came with my case and have got the cooling unit that comes with corsair dominator ram. Ill proberly be getting the corsair h50-1 watercooler unit for my cpu. with how my temps are looking in my picture do you think my cooling is enough or am i going to have to look at some other things?

A:how do my temps look?

Looks good. The GPU seems like it's running on the cool side, and the CPU is running just normal.
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ok I am running for now a Gigabyte Mobo with an AMD CPU I was always curios to see how hot my CPU temp was so I ran speedfan it says my CPU temps CPU as u can see in the Screenshot is running close to degrees Celcius with the stock cooler Now thats right after running counterstrike source and before I blew out the case now CPU temps it runs around degrees after a game Is that a safe temp I think it could be cooler so I purchased a Cooler Master Hyper to see if it would cool my processor better and when i do upgrade to my processor will it still be cooler than the stock heatsink for the I know the rule of thumb for case cooling is CPU temps same blowing in as same blowing out correct becuase I have a PCI cooling fan too think its a Cyclone think i should take it out its right under my GeForce card so its sucking the air right out from the Video card any input would be thankful I know someones gonna say just watercool lol nbsp

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Question about CPU temps I have a dual socket Tyan motherboard with Intel W quad core cooled Temps CPU with Cooler Master V heat sink and fan After building the system I entered the BIOS to capture the temps of the CPUs and Bridges After letting the system run for a few hours the results are as follows CPU Below Tmax degrees Celsius CPU Below Tmax degrees Celsius I have tried twice to remove the h f and reapply the thermal compound and each time I get the same results If I decrease or increase the CPU fan speed the difference between CPU and CPU is always - degrees Celsius Since the fan on CPU blows onto CPU I would expect a slight difference in temp degrees Celsius but not degrees Celsius Any ideas Hardware Motherboard Tyan S CPUs x Intel Xeon W Nehalem-EP GHz RAM x Crucial GB - DIMM -pin - DDR - MHz PC - - CL - V - registered - ECC Cooler Master V heat sink fan nbsp

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I recently installed speedfan - and to be honest I don't really understand what it all means and how to properly use it.

it says the following:
HDD 1 49 C
HDD 2 57 C

temp 1 51
temp 2 42

Are these too high?

if so what do I do to correct it.

are one of the drives too hot?


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Ok lets start back a few weeks ago i had a cpu fan error a few times at cold boot so i eventually came to the CPU Temps idea that the cpu fan was going bad anyway today i got my new CPU Fan Heatsink and replaced it temps seemed fine when i let it run a while but when i did a virus scan with Kaspersky amp Malwarebytes also had a few other programs open my temps jumped around but generally kept going up eventually at one point reaching C was using Speed Fan to check temps My CPU is a Intel Quad Core Q now my temps are lower but im still idling CPU Temps around on all cores according to Speed Fan and when under a load it shoots up into the mid s although the CPU itself is much lower currently C with not much running This probably isn t normal but is it dangerous i dont know why its doing this but i just want to know is it dangerous and how can i fix it if need be Thanks nbsp

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i bought a new asus 7600gs 512mb fanless and its around 60 degrees C at idle and 80-90 after gaming is this too high? the nvidia temp monitor logs a green line up to 85 ish ,
my earlier 6600gt (when it was working) was only 80 max at load is this down to the fanless architecture or bad venting for a bigger card?

A:Gpu temps

1. video cards have a much higher heat tolorance than CPUs do. that temp is normal and safe.

2. software based temp monitors are not very accurate

3. due to the ATX standard, the video card's heatsink is on the underside of the card. this area of a standard ATX case gets very little airflow.

that being said, if you are still worried about the temps then you can:

1. replace the fan-less heatsink with a heatsink/fan... or

2. modify your case to get more airflow to that hotspot. if you have enough empty PCI slots under the video card, then you can remove 3 plates/covers and simply install a case fan there to exhaust the hot air or intake cool air. or you could drill/cut a hole in the side panel of your case and install a fan there as well.
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Hello ! I had some mysterious shut-downs (PC just shut off) and opened the case up and cleaned out a ton of dust. Also, some loose cables were possibly blocking airflow. I tried to get everything cleaned up, and ran SpeedFan 4.43, and this is what I got. This is AFTER minor clean up and cable organization

Windows 7 64 bit Pro
Intel Q9550 2.83 GHZ
8 GB Memory

Temp1 - 40C
Temp2 - 35 C
Temp3 - -128 C (minus 128 C) ??
HD0 - 32 C

Core 0 - 53C
Core 1 - 51C
Core 2 - 47C
Core 3 - 47C
GPU - 51C

Thanks guys !

A:How are my temps ?

are the cores at load? and what are you using to read them? read them with realtemp, and temp 3 its always like that and normal lol. EDIT: sorry saw speedfan and i suggest you use realtemp too.
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hello, recently i've noticed my graphic cards temperature is getting slightly higher than usual. It's only about 2 months old (the card) i was just wondering if it's normal. As i've looked in several different places about what the allowed max temp is but i just find varied answers.

The most demanding thing i do at the moment on my PC is play the witcher 2 on ultra settings (with uber sampling on) when i first got the card it would average the temp at about 75c now it averages abou 80c. this is while playing the game average standard temp is about 30c.

what is the max temperature i should be allowing for this card? also what is the max for my CPU temp?

-Asus GTX560 DUII Top
-Intel i7 950 3.07ghz

ive got smart doctor to monitor this stuff i just want to know when i should start getting concerned.


A:GPU + CPU Max Temps?

Nvidia has the temps listed as 97/99 degrees:

Intel has the temp listed as 67.9 degrees:
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I'm a bit curious about my temps,as I've just noticed that on startup my temps are at 30deg is this normal?idle temps are about 34 and under load(borderlands 2)are 41deg.My air flow is 1 140mm lian li front air in.1 120mm Xclio bottom air in,1 Xclio 120mm top back air out.And a promaltech samurai low profile cooler with a lepai 120mm pulling air through.Air comes in from bottom/front and out ov the back.I wish I could add more But I'm at max for my case I am thinking of modding the top for a 240mm rad when I'm brave enough to go down the water cooling route.

A:CPU temps?

Your temps being at 34c are very normal for idle and under load 41c,don't worry about it unless it starts going in the 50s or higher
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i have a duron 800mhz. when i go to sandra, and look at temp, its at 57c when on for an hour. whats a good temp for it, and what heatsink should i get?

A:cpu temps

Either a FOP38 (very noisy though) or
Vantec FCE-62540D suppose to have a great
clip on them, at least from what I read.
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okay i want to record my pc temps in idle mode and underload. So how do i switch or make my pc to be in idle mode? and how do i underload it?

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Hey guys
I recently built this pc, still playing around with it, first dual-core build. 5200+ amd. Stock amd cooler.

This is how its full load when im encoding 2 videos at a time to mpeg4

this is low load when its only set to min power idle says 1ghzx2.
But when it idles at regular power 2700ghzx2, cpu temps read 1cpu 41c 1core 15c 2core 15c

I'm glad that the mobo is only 28-30c most of the time, my other mobos usually get a toasty 50c ~_~.

Never done overclocking before, so everything is prety much retail as is.

A:Are these temps ok?100%

The 59c for an Amd X2 is really high but still safe as long as not much over 60.
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Q: Temps

Ok I know this is a old ? but just to ask idle tems 38 to 40c load games cryis2 at dx11 bf2 bad comp all at maxed setting.. temps hit 62 to 66c my room is at 79 degrees what do yall think
i7 950 sabertooth x58 gtx560ti cpu cooler v6gt,


Not sure if I could answer your question or not, mostly because I can't really understand your grammer. It looks like you are asking about temperature spikes in your motherboard that occur when you load certain games. I'm guessing your system is overclocked, but I'm still trying to decipher what your question is.
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This is not so much a thread about my cooling, as I know I am fine in that area, this is more a question about safe / comfortable operating temperatures.

The reason I say this is because right now, with it being summer, my room can get rather warm. While running games such as Bad Company 2, or any other graphically intensive game, I run just under 60, with the occasional spike to 62. Idling and doing basic tasks keep me at around 35-40.

While I know the 35-40 degree range is good, I am wondering if 60 is a reasonable operating temperature while under load, or if I should be stepping up my fan speeds.

I have a 2600k clocked at 4.4 GHz.

A:CPU Temps

I would keep an eye on it but the chip should hold into the 70+ range without damage. If you ever push 80 I would just shut it down or reduce the clock, then you're pushing it too far.
If 60 is as high as you are going the chip should be fine though.
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I have a p4 3.0 system with standard heatsink + fan
i hit the cpu threshold while updating WoW and playing CS at 72 and it'll float around there. Is this too hot? am i just running too many things? my CS will keep freezing (freeze go freeze go)

A:Are these temps too hot ?

Read this and please take note of its title -
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I have just had a major update MB Processor ram and SSD,The fans seem to be a lot louder and thanks to this forum I now know how to check temps,I dont want to fry my new set up on the plus side has not had a shut down so I am guessing PC have a fail safe ?The fan is the one that came with the processor looks pretty good but I have no idea about this sort of thing and there is a fan in back of the box which came with the case

A:Are these temps ok ?

They look fine for idle on a stock CPU cooler.
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Q: Temps

Sorry if this is the wrong section I didn't know where else.

I have a vista PC, It's that my temps are going near 55degrees when on youtube and hotmail etc, and when gaming i think it rises 1-2 thats it. I'm kinda worried but are these temps expected as It's really hot and summer is woah :|
Here is a picture of EVEREST and the temps and stuff:

Before the summer came temps where average near 40-45.


Hi what is the make and model of the computer is it a laptop as that is not high for a laptop,you could invest in a laptop cooling pad
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Q: Temps

I have a Intel E6550 2.33 ghz processor with a Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro and the temps are Core 0 = 43 C and Core 1 = 47 C. While the entire processor is at 36 C.

Arent these temps too high with this HSF?

Also it summer and 85 F in my room. Is that the sole cause?


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Hi all i am posting a new OC with a new cpu i currently installed a 965 BE oc'ed to 4.1 ghz are these temps correct because cpuz can't detect them this also happened with my previous cpu 2.8 925 deneb but temps were really low with that one too round 16 to 14 c

I also have a hyper 101 heatsink dual fan push/pull
i also used artic silver formula 5 the OC seems to be stable but i might push it back after i run some test anyway it seems to oc better then my previous 2.8 925 deneb so if anyone has some thoughts please share

also failed to mentioned i installed a new psu 700 watt cooler master extreme

A:Does anyone think these temps are off?

If they are right I'd say sweet. Have you tried maybe another program like core temp? Download Core Temp
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do you think this is too hot for 750 T-bird, socket A type
mobo 32
cpu 57
cpu fan 520rpm
these are from aida32 sensor

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Just overclocked my laptop. Is 95 degrees a reasonable temperature?

A:Are my Temps OK?

For what component (cpu, graphics, etc)? Celsius or Fahrenheit? If it is Celsius no; change back to the default immediatly. Note that overclocking is controversial. Many here will say that it is ok to do so while others will say not to.
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Q: temps

Hi all just wanted to know if this is a ok temp I got a I7 950 stock fan a 912 haf case 200mm fan on top and 120 mm on front, side, and back my temps are 41c to 43c idel and 58c gaming asus sabertooth mb


Kinda a little high idle but more important 58c gaming is fine.
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CPU 44 Celsius

System 38 Celsius

GPU 53 Celsius

I think these temps are ok?

A:PC Temps

Yes. Those are healthy temps.
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i using asus p5k mobo/ quad 3ghz cpu

now when i run fan speed i getting under temp readings for

first why am i not getting a temp reading for each seperate cpu core as i do on my dual core machine same mobo

and also why is the aux temp reading 112 c !!! this is the same as my dual core

what is this aux temp measuring

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Just 1derin at wot temp evry1z CPU iz runnin at.
Mine is...

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What is the usual range for CPU and MB temps...My CPU is running 62-69 C normally and M/B is 42C Ive been having crash and freeze ups with blue screens.
ATI Radeon x1950 VC
Asus MSN-SLI Deluxe MB
AMD Dual Core FX-62 processor
650 PS
Corsair DDR 800 (2 sticks 1GB apiece)

A:CPU and M/B temps

Whoa! Those are high temps you should buy a new Heat-Sink/Fan combo immiedately!
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is 23'C a good temp for my cpu?

and 28'C a good temp for my system?

dont know what they should be

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Just overclocked my laptop. Is 95 degrees a reasonable temperature?

A:Are my Temps OK?

For what component (cpu, graphics, etc)? Celsius or Fahrenheit? If it is Celsius no; change back to the default immediatly. Note that overclocking is controversial. Many here will say that it is ok to do so while others will say not to.
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How do my temps look?

A:Temps OK?

They look ok to me.
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hello, was playin left 4 dead demo and it crashed again, here are the temps after id been playing for bout 3 hours on my 8800gts.
temp 1 38C (102F) 2109 RPM
temp 2 42C (107F) 0 rpm
temp 3 23C (73F) 1009 RPM
temp 4 47C (116F) HD
temp 5 33C (91F)
temp 6 21C (69F) core
im not sure what counts as a high temp so what do you guys think ?
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As you can tell by my sig i have got my new A64.
i have started overclocking i can get it to 2.5 but i wanna test stability on 2.4 and for that i need a program that will moniter my spu temps as well as fan speeds and so on.
does anyone know fo such a program if so waht is it called and where can i dl?

thanks in advance,


A:A64 Temps

Probably Speedfan:

it's free
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Now summer has arrived here in England I was wondering if my temps are OK as you experts will know better than me It is quite warm in my living room where my rig resides.



A:Temps OK?

Just how warm is it? I noticed your min and current temps are the same. What are load temps like?
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I just installed my thermal paste removed all previous paste w isopropyl alcohol and a lint-free cloth Temps HOT HOT! HOT! and waited for the remaining alcohol to evaporate I only touched the parts of the cpu hsf that would not be in contact with one another But still the temps haven t changed much I know there is a break-in period during HOT! HOT! HOT Temps which temps may drop - C But my CPU temps are still too high and anyway the Arctic Silver takes hr till breakin Idle is around - C Full Load with Prime Torture Tests after hr I was worried because the temps were too high so I shut it off - C I have four mm HOT! HOT! HOT Temps case fans exhaust at the top exhaust at the back one intake at front My case is a Silverstone Precision Series PS -B I admit there is a bit of a difference But its very small While idle the difference is a degrees or so and when under full load the difference is degrees Though I have noticed I don t have to take my fan cover off any more and that my PC is slightly quieter I ve had many threads about various problems related to thermal paste-overheating I used to have COMPLETELY dried out thermal paste which I replaced with Arctic Silver I used a small blob and put the heatsink on top to spread out the paste just as instructed on the AS website Why is my PC so hot ---All degrees above are in Celsius--- nbsp

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i have been playing PKR 3D Poker and was crashing alot and suffering random BSOD,i thought my graphics card was done and as i have never upgraded since i bought the pc years ago i last week upgraded PSU to a 630watts and a new sapp.ati 1650 pro.
i still have the crashes in PKR so i looked a everest when i was playing.

wdc wd1200lb=48
also the Cpu usage is around 75% when playing.

Should i be worried about these "temps" do i need a better cpu fan now i run a stronger PSU?

thx jack


Those temps are near to ideal temperatures. I'd say there is no need to worry at all. New PSU won't impact the temperatures, the components use the power they need, making a "too powerful" PSU half idle. The problem is somewhere else.
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Are these temps fine?

And it says my CPU fan isnt working.

grr cant give link...

Mainboard=86.0 F.
CPU=108.5 F.

cooling fans
CPU=0 RPM (shouldnt it be on?)
Power= 4891 RPM

A:My temps....

Buy yourself a new cooler-fan pronto.
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Hi Guys,

I fitted a new cpu and artic cooler pro 7 (rev 2) a month or so ago.

Since then the temps in each core vary a fair bit from each other and 1 core seems locked at 40 degrees for some reason.

Room temp is currently 13 degrees

The temps as I type this are -

40 - Never changes

I am using coretemp to measure the temps but have tried a couple of other programs with the same results.

Any ideas to why one core is locked at 40 and one core is so low compared to the others?

Oh and CPU is not overclocked at all.



A:CPU temps

Try using RealTemp to measure your temps (post snip).

Your CPU sensors could just be off.

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Can anyone tell me what the temperature limit is for a P4 3.0Ghz processor with a 800mhz FSB, it runs with a stock fan and H/S.

Many thanks


A:CPU Temps.

Maximum temp is 70C as stated on page 69 of this document.
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Are these temps right you think? I am stock speeds with a Xigmatek Dark Knight at half speed....
What is VREG? that seems hot, but CPU seems a little cool to me.

A:Are these temps right?

hm... it prolly is correct.......... go to and get the hardware temp monitor
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My EVGA GTX570 Superclocked GFX card has some serious temperature issues.

The Card idles at 36c and under load, playing games gets as hot as 97-105c, using 2 monitors the idle temp is 69-70c, while gaming still 97-105c(Crysis 2 1980*1050 all the bells n whistles on).

The card is less than 8 months old, clean as far as i can see. I have removed the card and cleaned away any dust build up with compresed air, can't remove the plastic shroud because i dont have the proper security screw heads. Its not my case/air flow as airflow is optimal. 2 120mm front fans pulling also 120mm side fan pushing, 240mm top fan pushing, 120mm back fan pushing. My question is if i reTim the card will this help and if so whats the best thermal paste to use? I have Actic Silver 5 compound will this be sufficent? Also where can i get the security screw heads?

A:GPU temps again!

If it is less than 8 months old and you are sure it isn't case airflow causing the problem I'd look at getting it replaced by the retailer or manufacturer. Which ever is applicable under card warranty. You'll probably find that messing around with it could invalidate a warranty and if the application of a new thermal compound doesn't help you then have something you can't send back as faulty. I'm not sure but I'd check what is used for the heatsink on a GPU. I have a feeling it might be a thermal epoxy rather than a paste. Someone with experience of changing cooling solutions on graphics card should be able to confirm/deny my feeling on this...
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cpu- phenom II x4 945- 30c idle 62c 100% loads/stress testing(cpu is rating max 70c)

gpu- 9500gt- idle 45- load havnt seen it pass 55c

my temps arnt bad though i think i should increase fan speed on gpu to get idle down a bit.

what are u guys temps?

A:Tell me what u think about my cpu & gpu temps

Quote: Originally Posted by Krispy1

cpu- phenom II x4 945- 30c idle 62c 100% loads/stress testing(cpu is rating max 70c)

gpu- 9500gt- idle 45- load havnt seen it pass 55c

my temps arnt bad though i think i should increase fan speed on gpu to get idle down a bit.

what are u guys temps?

Looks like your using the stock AMD hsf which does a pretty good job; my Intel stock hsf isn't as effective in controlling my max temperature. Your 9500gt since it doesn't clock itself down on idle (ATI does) seem pretty good as well, I doubt the additional noise that would be produced when you turn up the fan would make as big a difference. BTW, Did you turn on AMD's Cool and Quiet for your processor as well as the C-states and such?
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I'm using a freezone cpu cooler by coolit, had to reinstall it, put some new AS5 on the heatsink, my cpu temp is at 15C right now, I know AS5 usually takes a couple days to burn in and you could get up to a 5degree drop. Should I be worried right now. I know too cold is not good for cpu's either

A:cpu temps


Its true that too cold is not good for the CPU, but you probably won't acheive those temps without spending a really huge sum of money. And you definately won't reach those temps on anything thats easily available to the general consumer/enthusiast.

TEC coolers may not be that easily available, but it still does not reach those temps . I'm not an EE, but given that CPUs are overclocked for fun on LN2, and that the best overclocks are NOT on lowest possible temps (these guys claim that a few degrees over N2 boiling temp is best), I'd say I wouldn't worry about your 15C (which is a temp I'd love to run my comp at )
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hello guys i have just installed a new fan and was wondering if these temps were ok thnx guys... the temps are 25 degrees/77farenheit thnx agen

A:Are These Temps for the cpu ok?

What's the Processor?

The Temps are really good; they are at what they should be maybe even better.
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Hi all i have a XFX Gtx 260 Black edition video card it is Pre-Overclocked and the Fan Stays At 40% and When it gets to the 70 degrees range the fan goes up between 40-50% playing Games i See a Max of 80 Degrees Celsius Floats Around 74-80 Mainly Though in game and basically this high of a temp can i burn my gpu for playing for hours at such high temps and what would be too hot to cause problems please respond

A:High GTX 260 Temps

Believe it or not that's not completely insane for that gpu to be at full load.
You could probably reduce the max temp by adding additional fans/air flow to your computer case.

The 260 gpu's thermal threshold is closer to 100c if some are to be believed its even higher than that.
You are at the lowest end of 'concern' with heat in that regard.
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I was just wondering what the consensus is on safe temps for a video card.

I've been here before B*tchin about my GPU temps but now they've dropped after adding another exhaust fan (120mm).
My card idles now at 48C instead of 53C-56C and under load it gets to High 60's Low 70's instead of almost 90C (On Oblivion).

My card is a Gigabyte Geforce 8600GT which is passive cooled and it has a very low power usage.
I also wanted to know when should i prepare the cards casket (when will it die on me) with these temps?

A:Safe Temps for GPU?

u're idle tempt. is execelent.

(when will it die?) well the high temps. are not that bad and that card could last a long time.
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Hi So i'm bit worried about what temps i'm seeing with this card i have just bought today This one to be exact http uk asus com Graphics Cards NV DC DI GD With the latest Nvidia drivers i saw it hit c within Dirt And with drivers it gets to around the high 's Just to add i 560 Ti High non temps with GTX run Driver Sweeper inbetween every install of new drivers High temps with GTX 560 non Ti Idle temps are in the mid 's I have good airflow in my Case and room temps are fine Seeing that it's crappy weather as per usual in the Northwest of the UK lol But and this is where i'm confused I previously had a GTX which was known has a bit of a warm runner Supposedly But i never saw mine get beyond the mid c mark in anything i run I also always use EVGA High temps with GTX 560 non Ti Precision to up the fan speeds under any D applications Does anyone here think this maybe a faulty card or am i missing something Or as anyone with the same card or any non Ti GTX experienced this High temps with GTX 560 non Ti Thank you in advance for any advice

A:High temps with GTX 560 non Ti

That has to be a faulty card or the fan on the card is just not working how it should be if it's going to 100c but the idle temperatures are normal and actually cool.If you still have it under warranty I would go exchange it before the warranty runs out as soon as you can.The most that card should get to is maybe around 60-75c when under stress.The 100c mark is what would worry me and could be the fan on it is not working properly and is not cooling it off fast enough.I would worry when it starts passing the 75-80c mark.Make sure the fan on the card is working how it should be and that the card has enough space and ventilation to let your video card breathe enough cool air in and blow the hot air out your pc case.
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I bought a new PC for myself,

When I tryed to find out the temps, I couldnt...

Tryed Speedfan, Realtemp and Coretemp

It either shows the wrong temp or shows no temp at all...

Any help would be great and gratefull

I can see the temp in bios btw..., other than that, any other way?


A:Anyway to find out my CPU temps?

I use rivatuner. On there it plots both GPU core temp and CPU temp. How do you know that the temps are incorrect just out of curiousity?

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I am kinda new to building your own computer so I have no idea if my temps are ok or not.
My motherboard when not doing anything runs around 40 C, my CPU runs around 45 C.
Now when I put it underload I get my motherboard at around 40 to 45 C, my CPU runs from 50 to 55 C.
I think my motherboard is alright but not sure bout my CPU. If anyone nows how to get it cooler or if I am fine let me now. Thanks

My specs

ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe Socket AM2 NVIDIA nForce 570 SLI MCP ATX AMD Motherboard

AMD 64 X2 4600+ Dual-Core Processor

Geforce 7600GT graphics card (which by the way runs at 50 C all the time)

1 gig of A-data memory

And I have a power supply that came with the case that I have now becuase my PSU that I bought was dead but it is a XION 450W

A:Are my temps to high??

We'll need your computer specs before we can pass judgement about your temps
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Hell peeps I have 2 Geforce 7950 GT KOs, Sli is turned on. I have a 500 Watt power supply.

i have 2 120mm fans(one in front one in back)

Case is a Full tower. Using an nforce 680i LT SLi

heres my problem:
When initially installing the 2 video cards their temps were 48c average. Now days they get to 60C sometimes. Im worried that they might burn. Can anyone tell me whats wrong? Could my power supply be at fault?

(the motherboard requires an 8 pin connector to power the processor but also allows the 4 pin auxiliary connector. just thought you should know in case that helps with the trouble shooting process.

A:GPU temps im worried plz help :)

You may want to clean any dust out the video cards heatsinks. Are all of those idle temps? 60C while at work is nothing to worry about.
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I have a Toshiba Sattelite laptop with an AMD Turion mobile. Idling with no programs, clean restart, I get 50-60C, and after a few minutes of browsing the web it is 85-100C. Currently with 7 tabs open and one other really light program, I am at 91C. When I do light gaming (Minecraft) it stays in the 95-105C range. These are at the CPU, checked with Speedfan. Is this OK?

A:High Temps

Seems a bit high. But every computer is different. The specifics will be found in your manual. If you give us the make and model of your computer, maybe we can help.
In any case, following these guidelines cannot hurt.
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what are normal temps for your hdd, cpu, and mb? i'm trying to decide if i should get more cooling devices.

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I was wondering if theres any utility out there that can monitor the temperatures of HDD's in RAID arrays. It seems kind of stupid that most utilities (such as everest) lack this when the people most likely to have a raid array are the high end users, who would in turn have alot of hot stuff in their case and need to monitor their HDD's temp. Anyways if anyone knows of such a utility, the help is appreciated.

A:HDD temps in RAID 5 ?

You could give speedfan from the downloads section a try. I dont know if it will work but you never know.
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So I download hwmonitor to check my temps and my cpu's are at a constant 84-90 degrees celcius... which is around 190 degrees farenheit... Is this too high? It is an amd turion x2 64bit processor at 2100 mhz. Is there a program I can use to turn my fan speed up? I'm on a laptop

A:CPU temps seem very high =/

1) 90 degrees is definitely very high for the processor. At those temps, the computer should be shutting down randomly to prevent cpu damage. But download a couple of other apps like coretemp and see what they show. A buggy sensor can give all kinds of wierd readings.

2) HP doesnt have a propreitary fan speed utility like some other OEMs. Also, their BIOS is dumbed down and there are hardly any customizable options. But HPs historically have had a heat problem because of poor case design and they sometimes release bios updates with modified fan algorithms. Check the HP website for a bios update and HP forums for this subject.

You can download Speedfan, if you're lucky it may detect the fans.

3) Otherwise, there are a few generic solutions I can suggest:

-make sure the laptop vents are not clogged. You can clean them out with a can of compressed air.
-Try using a chill pad (also called cooling pad). They come cheap and can be quite effective.
-Switch from High Performance power plan to balanced or power saver. You can change maximum and minimum processor states in advanced settings of power plans.
-Make sure your fans dont have a mechanical problem.
-Ultimately, one can change the thermal paste and clean out the laptop from the inside. That depends on how comfortable you are with opening the laptop case.
-Undervolting the cpu is another option, but you'll need to understand and research the process beforehand.
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ok so i have successfully installed the cpu however the temperatures do not seem all that better before on idle with the stock cooler using speedfan the temperatures CPU Cooler Temps would read around - and with the cpu cooler they have only seemed to decrease by or degrees Whats going on CPU Cooler Temps shouldn t it drop it further CPU Cooler Temps and also i realize that with some thermal pastes you need to wait for a few days for it to really work so to speak but CPU Cooler Temps still i was expecting at least degree drop I guess i should also take into consideration other variables like ambient temperature airflow inside case number of fans etc But of those i think should be fairly good i have x mm case fans and my cables are managed fairly well inside case however the temperature today has been shocking I dont know the ambient temperature but going off the readings of a weather gadget it was supposedly C in the day about C now when i measured the temps of cpu If you could tell me if those temps are bad for a brand new cpu cooler or if i am worrying too much and if they are bad how I can improve them Thanks in Advance PS Iv attached screenshots of the temps on idle and at max load with Prime after a couple of mins nbsp

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU E2180 @ 2.00GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3574 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) G33/G31 Express Chipset Family, 384 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 40099 MB, Free - 7883 MB; D: Total - 69635 MB, Free - 42844 MB;
Motherboard: ASRock, G31M-VS2
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled
Hi TSG people. I read in a post here under hardware to check system and cpu temps in bios information, how do I do that and what would be considered normal and too hot for this machine?
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hi all..i was just wondering if these cpu temps seem high?

all idle

running a athlon 3200+ with an amd approved heatsink and fan with artic silver 5..just wondering what you guys think?


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I would like to start overclocking my athlon xp 2000+ t-bred and am wondering about acceptable temperatures. I am currently running between 42C and 44C idle with a mainboard temp of 30C. what temp would be considered to hot. I have 2 80mm fans on back of case along with psu fan and one side fan over my agp slot, using stock heatsink and fan that came with retail chip. also I am wondering how far I could reasonably push my fsb running crucial pc-2100 memory without burning up my dimms.

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What should the average temp be for this? And when should I be worried? With the side panel off, and 1 case fan missing, the BIOS is reading it at 42-48 C or 110 F. Is this high, or will the extra case fan on the side cover help to cool much?

A:AMD 64 3000+ Temps?

110 F. really isn't bad at all. Mine runs at about 114-120 F. Putting the extra case fan on the side cover drawing air into the case should help cool it even More.
Make sure the other case fan is pulling the air out of the case.

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Hey guys im new to techspot so i just need some advice from you experts, ive basically got a watercooling system which is a thermaltake bigwater 760i which work well no issues but the temps seem a bit high for water cooling i might be wrong but i just need your guys opinions on this. The cpu i got is a AMD X2 5200 so the idle temp i get when ALL pc fans are about running half speeds is 45C for the cpu and on the load is 49C-50C MAX. So i think these are a bit high but i dunno and also my pc is near a heater could this have alot of an effect?????

If you guys could give some advise it would be really helpful and also it would make me abit stress free hehe thanks.

A:Are TheSe TeMps Correct?????

the temps are acceptable but could be lower if you move the computer away from the heater of course
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Hoping I can find out some info so I can judge if my system is running ok I am trying to find out what temp is "normal" on a P4 system am looking for case temps and CPU temps. I used AIDA32 to get them and mine have come up as 34C for the case and 45C for the CPU.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Sempron(tm) SI-42, x64 Family 17 Model 3 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 1790 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon 3100 Graphics, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 228692 MB, Free - 196435 MB;
Motherboard: TOSHIBA, NBWAE
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus 2011, Updated and Enabled
How do i find the running temps and if my video card is damaged? TYVM for any info

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I have just installed water cooling on my PC, I wanted quietness with good cooling. Basically the question is are the temps I'm getting ok, the readings are with the fans at lowest revs, hence whisper quiet, I have cooled both the CPU and the two graphics cards.i.e Quad Core Extreme QX6850 and two 8800GTX's in SLI

CPU Idle max 40degC Load max 65
GPUs 52 66

your views would be appreciated, none of the above have been overclocked(yet!)
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does these temperature look ok for my system during gaming?
Alienware Aurora-R3
Intel Core i5-2300 2.8GHz (6MB Cache) Overclocked to 3.3GHz
16GB Dual Channel DDR3 at 1333MHz
MSI Radeon R9 290 4GB GDDR5, PCI-Express 3.0

A:temps at gaming

Yup, those are within acceptable levels under full load.