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GPU Temps and Tower Fans

Q: GPU Temps and Tower Fans

Hey there,

I've been playing crysis 3 a lot lately and it usually run's my GPU temp around 65-70 degree's ( MSI GeForce GTX 770 4GB TWIN FROZR ) I know the card is suppose to run up to 80 degree's no problem but I was just wondering if I played at these higher temps for 3-5 hours at a time. Would that be to much stress in terms of heat on the GPU ??
I have the Corsair 230T Windowed-BLUE ATX Mid Tower Case> I have just the stock fans in it and I was looking to add more. I was just wondering if people have preference over tower fans ? if so what are some good ones and why ?

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Preferred Solution: GPU Temps and Tower Fans

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: GPU Temps and Tower Fans

Even 85C for extended periods is fine.
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Hello I am new to building the pcs so I am afraid I may have fried mine I really am pry I did not but this is what happened I finish tower Power will not work button My the pc and My tower Power button will not work when I turned on the power supply the power button on the motherboard glowed so then I pressed my tower button and nothing worked so then I re setup he F PANEL cords u know the pwr switch and all that jazz turns out it was set up wrong so I put them in right and tried to turn on the computer again the power button on the motherboard turns on but not my towers power button and so my pc will not officially turn on I am guessing and I am worried that I may have fryed my pc because when I took out the f panlle cords I realized my pc was still on and turned it off immanently and I am afraid that may have fryed the motherboard if anyone can help me it would be wonderful I am freaking out and have no Idea what the problem thank you for reading P S My tower button does not making a clicking sound when you push it I am not sure if that normal or it is broken or somthing it just doesnt make any click sounds nbsp

A:My tower Power button will not work

You could have a defective power switch on the PC case. Test this by using the reset switch as a temporary power switch. The power switch and the reset switch are the same for practical purposes except, of course, the size of the button (on most cases). If the reset switch works and is able to start the PC, then you know the power switch is defective.
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Asus announced a bevy of new products earlier today at Computex but one thing you might have missed is this transforming desktop PC chassis. Crafted with help from In Win, this unique convertible case from Asus' ROG division takes the...

Read more

A:Asus ROG, In Win show off practical transforming PC tower at Computex

"Practical" is debatable.
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, I have an amd fx 8320 with an r9 280 with the stock cooler, it's at 3.5 ghz, no overclocking, and I was just browing twitter, facebook etc., I left HWMonitor on and when I came off (20 mins later or so), it said max temp 73 or so?!?!?! During gameplay the fans are louder than a chainsaw... I was looking at getting some decent thermal paste and a 212 evo, but I dont know if that will help. The airflow in thecase is quite poor. I'm too scared to start fiddling around with my case again as I don't want to **** anything up, I'd like to rewire it but again I'm worried I'll **** it up..

A:AMD FX-8320 crazy temps

Do you have plans too or want the future capacity to OC?
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So just finished my new build and everything is perfect and quiet but I did notice the corsair h80i fans are not spinning yet, temp idles around 40C and only gets up to 50c while using fire-strike extreme, I have not plugged in the USB header for corsair link as of yet because I have no more spare headers on the motherboard. is this normal?

A:Corsair H80i fans not spinning up

U did not tell any thing about u'r build like what MOBO and what headers are u plugged into, as far as the temps that is fine, although 30 for doing nothing would be better, but 40 is fine. No as to the normal, are u shure u are plugged in right, and secure?
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I have an AMD Sapphire 6950. It is about 2 and one half years old. I have noticed in the past few months that when I am playing games it makes a resonating noise.

Even a simple game like League of Legends, a game with low demands, causes my card to make this noise.


* I periodically clean my case so there is no dust build up.

* Here is the exact sound: If what this guy says is true this will be my last Sapphire card.
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Hi, I have an amd fx 8320 with an r9 280 with the stock cooler, it's at 3.5 ghz, no overclocking, and I was playing some Saints Row 4, I left HWMonitor on and when I came off (20 mins later or so), it said max temp 79?!?!?! During gameplay the fans are louder than a chainsaw... I was looking at getting some decent thermal paste and a 212 evo, but I dont know if that will help. The airflow in thecase is quite poor, but im going to try and work on it.. also, it went over 70 max temp when I was just playing football manager 2014 last night...

A:AMD FX-8320 stock cooler/heatsink - crazy rpm/temps

79 on what? CPU or GPU?
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Bought the following brand new at Best Buy on and trying to get setup Lenovo K e desktop tower keyboard and mouse LG MP HQ monitor MS Office key code Webroot internet security disc After connecting everything according to the instruction of both the Lenovo and LG instructions double amp triple checking all parts accounted for and connected properly here s what happened Lenovo tower up turn Monitor tower, hooked on doesn't to but boots up fine disc drive in tower opens and closes properly Lenovo keyboard and mouse both detected Great so far except LG monitor does not turn on at all In the back of the monitor two things are connected blue HDMI connector with pins on both sides is connected to HDMI connection in back of tower AC DC adapter plugged into electrical outlet and other end directly into monitor Everything works when power booted up except monitor shows no life - no light indicator and black screen Monitor hooked up to tower, but doesn't turn on Monitor just doesn t turn on at all There are driver discs for both lenovo win and the LG monitor and like I said I can insert them into the tower and close but nothing happens on the monitor display Best Buy said it should be no issue using the LG monitor with the Lenovo PC tower They will charge me to come out to my home even though I bought two year Geek Squad plan They also said I would still get charged even if they were unable to get Monitor hooked up to tower, but doesn't turn on me setup Seems like there is one probably really easy fix but I don t want to pay to have them come out if I get charged regardless of the outcome Anyone out there with any idea what could be preventing the monitor from powering up other than Monitor hooked up to tower, but doesn't turn on it s bad which is unlikely as it was brand new sealed in the box Thanks nbsp

A:Monitor hooked up to tower, but doesn't turn on

If no standby LED on monitor, is there a separate on/off switch on the side of the monitor?
With LG there are usually manual buttons for CH+- & vol +- plus On/Off (although I have seen monitors with no on/off at all.)
Also check for 'hidden' buttons on the front lower edge of frame or under the front (right) edge.
I would try a different mains lead/cord that is known to to work, also check for a fuse in the plug, could be missing, or isolated with plastic foil.
Even with no inputs the monitor would show a 'No Signal' sign if it was working.
If no 'standby' LED and you have a separate AC to DC adapter block then that could be the problem. All monitors I've seen have a direct AC connection though.
If it then does work, the on-screen menu will need to be selected, and 'input' changed to HDMI.
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This is going to sound odd, but I need a way of powering two 120mm exhaust fans in the top of my PC case.

For some reason, these particular fans keep burning out the power connectors that I plug them into. The fans are not obstructed and spin freely. I don't think replacing them will necessarily fix the issue (though I plan to do that as well). I think it's just "drag" from trying to suck air out of a smallish mid-tower case.

I need another way of powering these fans (at least until I can figure out why they they keep burning out my plugs). I considered the USB port, but they only output 5v and not enough amps (and last thing I want is to burn out a USB port.).

Batteries may work, but they'd drain awfully fast.

Any other ideas? Thx.

A:Externally powering 2 fans?

What do you mean they are burning out your plugs?

Do they only have the tiny motherboard connector on them and not a molex? The fans shouldn't draw many watts, what fans are they and do they have a power consumption sticker on them?

I know you want a fix before replacing the fans, but this obviously isn't normal behavior and I'd worry about causing permanent damage to something else. Maybe you should also look into higher CFM intake fan(s) if you suspect they are working too hard drawing (although I really doubt that is the case).
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A few years back I was talking with a friend about dust bunnies in a tower & how to keep them out.
I had a somewhat odd idea of using a case covering somewhat like a pillow case to do such. It gets dirty,take it off & put another one on. Much like an air filter in a car. Does that sound ridicules or not?? Just curious.

A:Keeping dust out of a tower

Might keep 80% of the dust out, but not all would be stopped. Could also get in the way of case cooling, by entrapping heat insde.
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Ok,I am building a PC and I would like to buy EVGA GTX 650 Superclocked 2GB GDDR5.
I got one 120 mm fan and I can afford myself one more(both 1200 rpm)
Will that cut it?

A:Will Superclocked model of a GPU need any extra fans?

You don't need to if you don't want to.
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Hi I m trying to shop for fans but there are so many I don t want to make a fans god, so Oh my many bad buy I want to replace the fans in my D and when I buy a H i I will probably want to replace those fans too The Noctua fans are too expensive but I don t want to buy Oh my god, so many fans cheap fans Wit the case being a D and it has sound dampening maybe quietness isn t too important just performance Thanks for the help Edit I don t want molex fans I want them to connect to my motherboard Edit I m not entirely which fan spaces in the D can accept mm fans So I don t want to buy fans that I won t be able to replace I can clearly see on the case that the rear fan can be replaced with a and a can go on the bottom but I m unsure about the two front fans does anyone know about them Also I am looking for a mm fan to go on the side panel Edit Might actually get a H instead of a H i nbsp

A:Oh my god, so many fans

Update: I managed to get a cheap H100 so I'm gonna use that. What would be good 120 fans to replace the stock fans with? Noisy fans are fine as the 550D has sound reduction foam.
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Hi, I have a Corsair 550D and was going to get a h100i because I didn't realize I could put the H110 radiator on the side panel and have it exhausting air.

So let's say that's what I do, I have the H110 rad on the side panel exhausting air. That leaves me with the rear fan, the two top fans, the two front fans and the bottom fan. What configuration would give the best cooling with the H110 rad on the side exhausting air?


A:How should I set up my case fans with a H110 rad on the side?

Well, mounting it on the side is an interesting choice but could work just fine. You have to remember though, hot air rises so you must keep that in mind when building your system.

If I was doing this, here is what I would do:

Front Fans Intake
Bottom fans Intake
Rear Fan Intake
Top fans Exhaust
Radiator Exhaust

That will keep a steady flow of cool air over your components. That in my opinion will be the best setup.
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Anyone else have trouble with these fans in regards to their reliability? I bought over $100 worth of Aerocool's Shark red edition (of the 120mm and 140mm variety) case fans and a little over a year later the bearings are already starting to go. These fans seem to have a good reputation and they aren't exactly cheap, so I'm surprised that they are giving me these problems.

Two of the 120mm fans started grinding\buzzing all of the sudden and it was very annoying. A month later one of the 140mm fans started doing the same thing. This isn't something that goes away after lubrication and I can even feel it rubbing when I spin the fan manually. They utilize fluid-dynamic bearings so I would have expected them to last a lot longer.

A:Aerocool Shark case fans

I have these:
They are the Aerocool shark 140mm red edition (3 of them) and I've had limited problems. Two are mounted on a 140mm radiator vertically and they have had zero problems. The third is a bottom intake mounted horizontally and it's had a few minor issues. So far for me they are working fine and sounding good, the bottom one just had this odd grease appear on the fins which I cleaned off but it's still silent like the others.

I have not tried dissembling them yet, but if they are rattling, check if you can rma under warranty or try greasing them yourself.
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Hi, I'm using an Akasa K32 cooler on my 3770 and my max temps seems to be 95 degrees so I'm wondering if I would get better cooling with the stock cooler.

My idle temps are 47 degrees.


A:I7 3770 with stock cooler, what are your max temps?

You shouldnt go past 80C on a CPU, otherwise you are killing its lifespan. The Stock Cooler should be better for now. Get a Hyper 212 Evo for $35 if you want. It is very good.
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I have a board that has dual AMD Athlon 64 FX-74s, the fans are incredidbly loud and I searched online but all I found were pretty much the exact same ones that I already have. I don't want to replace the current fans with identical ones that I will probably have the same problem with... So I was wondering if anyone knew of some compatible replacements for these... I would like ones that will give good air flow for the price seeing how I will need 2 of them....


A:Looking for replacement heatsink/fans for my CPUs

No modern CPU coolers support the socket F from AMD. You may have to find older models.
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What the title says. I am looking for the best air mover for the lowest sound in that range. Im not expecting close to the best I can get at all.

I dont care about sound THAT much, but my PC now gets rather loud under load and I just want to make sure a bunch of fans (5 or 6) wont contribute to noise.

Oh and also, I just want 2 blue LED ones-im getting a corsair C70 and that already comes with 3 fans so I should be plenty set after that

A:Best blue LED 120mm case fans for $15 (each)

I recommend these:
Xigmatek XAF-F1256
Cooler Master JetFlo 120
Cougar 12CM
Enermax Vegas Duo - Haven't tried this, but people say it is a good fan. It has 2 colors also.

These are cheaper, but more noisy options:
Rosewill RFA-120-BL - recommended over the CM one below
Cooler Master 120MM Blue LED
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I had assembled myself a PC and had used a HAF 912 cabinet along with a CM Seidon 120XL liquid cooler with the radiator rear mounted with two fans in an exhast orientation (airflow outwards).. I have two 120mm fans for intake at the front and one 120mm fan on the side for intake. There is a space for a 140mm fan at the top but no fan at the top as of now. Can you guys please tell me which will be the best way to put up the fans for optimum cooling?
I'm absolutely inexperienced in liquid cooling and fans setup. So any help would be really appreciated.

A:Fans for a HAF 912 Cabinet

Put a 140mm fan on top as exhaust.
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Hello all,

I need help to set up fans because I'm new with this. My motherboard is Biostar a780l3l and has a SYS_FAN1. Do I put one fan there? Do I need just one fan or more? My case has 3 spots to put fans on, 2 on the side and one from behind.
Or do I put one fan in the motherboard and other 2 in the PSU?
If I only need one fan do I put it in the motherboard or PSU?
I'll upload my dxdiag just in case.

A:Help with setting up Fans

It does not really matter how or where you hook fans up unless you want to be able to control the speeds via the motherboard or if the fans have built in fan controllers (Like switches on them for high and low).

The only spot you definintly need hooked up (Unless your using a fan controller) is the CPU fan one since im assuming your not using a fan controller. IMO, you should hook up to the motherboard because the system will decide on fan speeds for you.
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I recently installed the hyper 212 evo on my core i7 3770k at stock frequency after some trouble. My temps after 25mins of prime 95 are 47 C from asus AI suite and core temp the temps are 63, 60, 67, 69. This is at full load during prime 95.

Is the cooler mounted correctly and are my temps good for overclocking?

The cooler fan rpm are 850-900.

A:Core i7-3770k temps high after installing Hyper 212 Evo?

What voltage are you using? Stock voltage is usually way too high, try undervolting as much as you can without getting BSODs and you should see temps drop. But at the moment they don't look too excessive.
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Just got a general question about the cooling fans in my desktop tower. I recently bought a used full tower and I put my parts from my other case in this one and I believe it is a Chieftec Dragon case and it has 2 intake and 2 outtake fans in it and it has no side fan like my other case. I have a dual core cpu with 4GB ram, a 9800GT card and a 450 psu. So what I am wondering is, do I really need the 2 intake and 2 outtake fans or would just one of each be enough and also should I make a hole for a side fan? I use speedfan and temps are normal but just wondering about the amount of fans I really need for that type of hardware. Thanks.

A:Do I need four fans or would two be enough?

Listen, why don't you just disconnect a fan or two, then read the temps again. (Under load, of course).

That's probably more accurate than anybody on this end just taking a wild guess, wouldn't you say?

You can always buy a fan controller, and speed the fans up when necessary, and turn them down for the quiet when the machine isn't working hard.
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Hi all,

Looking to make my system a bit quieter, could you tell me what fans would be the loudest out of these?

ATI HD 4870 1GB PowerColor

also im looking to upgrade my GFX card to a:


I hear it should be quieter and cooler than my current one, any opinions?


A:Which of these fans is the loudest?

The fan in the HD4870 is probably the loudest.
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Hello recently my computer has been crashing under the form of quot input signal lost quot after investigating I ve determined the cause its my pc overheating I have four inactive Two fans fans when I checked speed fan verison only two of my four fans were actually working One doing rpm and the other - rpm I was under bios trying to figure out how to turn them on but I am having trouble Two fans inactive My PSU is about Two fans inactive six years old is it possible they are simply not receiving enough power to Two fans inactive operate If anyone has a suggestion I d be appreciative can t play dragonborn dlc while it crashes Code Info ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report Machine name OWNER-PC Operating System Windows Professional -bit Build Service Pack win sp gdr - Language English Regional Setting English System Manufacturer INTEL System Model DP SG BIOS BIOS Date Ver Processor Intel R Core TM Quad CPU Q GHz CPUs GHz Memory MB RAM Available OS Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C Windows DirectX Version DirectX DX Setup Parameters Not found User DPI Setting Using System DPI System DPI Setting DPI percent DWM DPI Scaling Disabled DxDiag Version bit Unicode ------------ DxDiag Notes ------------ Display Tab No problems found Sound Tab No problems found Sound Tab No problems found Input Tab No problems found -------------------- DirectX Debug Levels -------------------- Direct D retail DirectDraw retail DirectInput retail DirectMusic retail DirectPlay retail DirectSound retail DirectShow retail --------------- Display Devices --------------- Card name NVIDIA GeForce GTX Ti Manufacturer NVIDIA Chip type GeForce GTX Ti DAC type Integrated RAMDAC Device Key Enum PCI VEN DE amp DEV amp SUBSYS C amp REV A Display Memory MB Dedicated Memory MB Shared Memory MB Current Mode x bit Hz Monitor Name Generic PnP Monitor Monitor Model ASUS VH H Monitor Id ACI F Native Mode x p Hz Output Type HD Driver Name nvd dumx dll nvwgf umx dll nvwgf umx dll nvd dum nvwgf um nvwgf um Driver File Version English Driver Version DDI Version Driver Model WDDM Driver Attributes Final Retail Driver Date Size bytes WHQL Logo'd Yes WHQL Date Stamp Device Identifier D B E E- - CF-B -CFA CC C Vendor ID x DE Device ID x SubSys ID x C Revision ID x A Driver Strong Name oem inf NVIDIA SetA Devices NTamd Section pci ven de amp dev Rank Of Driver E Video Accel ModeMPEG A ModeMPEG C ModeVC C ModeWMV C Deinterlace Caps CB - - - E - C DB Format In Out YUY YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech PixelAdaptive F F DA - B - B F- D -C E EAAB Format In Out YUY YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY A A C -C EC- BD - EDE-F C DC B Format In Out YUY YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY AA E- - A - C - F FAF E E Format In Out YUY YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech BOBVerticalStretch CB - - - E - C DB Format In Out UYVY UYVY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech PixelAdaptive F F DA - B - B F- D -C E EAAB Format In Out UYVY UYVY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY A A C -C EC- BD - EDE-F C DC B Format In Out UYVY UYVY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY AA E- - A - C - F FAF E E Format In Out UYVY UYVY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech BOBVerticalStretch CB - - - E - C DB Format In Out YV x Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech PixelAdaptive F F DA - B - B F- D -C E EAAB Format In Out YV x Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess... Read more

A:Two fans inactive

I've added the system information to code tags as the list distracts those replying or reading the thread.

The first thing to do would be to remove the side panel on the case and actually visually inspect whether all four fans are running. Next step is to check how they're wired in to the system. You really can't trust Speedfan to be correct in either case as it won't know if any fans are not connected to the fan headers on the motherboard, or any "paired up" either.

When was the last time you cleaned out the inside of the case and the CPU heatsink? Does it use an aftermarket cooler or the original Intel version? It wouldn't hurt to remove this cooler, clean it and then apply new thermal paste when refitting it.
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I've started building a new system with a M5A78L-M usb3 motherboard , I've fitted the basic components in and wired it all but when I try and turn on the system all that happens is the fans receive power for a second and go dark. There is no boot up process occuring , BIOS doesn't appear on my screen.The power Led is showing green on the motherboard which shows it has power, I've tested it with the hard drive and without in case it didn't recognize the hardware as well as the RAM. I don't suppose anyone has any ideas because I'm stumped?

A:Fans rev yet no booting occurs

Is this your first build? If you have connected all the power supply wires to the motherboard properly, pull out all the memory and power up. You should hear continuous beeping. If you don't, the motherboard may be defective
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On my W7 tower, I've been seeing a WI FI icon
but assumed it just meant I could use a usb wi fi device on it which I have done. Well, today curiosity got the best of me & I pulled the DSL out of the back & it totally amazed me to know I was still online, no usb.
How long have towers been like laptops, come wi fi enabled?

A:Wi-Fi-enabled tower?

A tower can have wifi "enabled" if it has a wifi card.
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This is confusing to me. Anytime I've been on a laptop in my apt. I have no problem getting a good or very good signal on it, yet using the same Belkin USB device on my tower in the same exact place, low or less than good connection.
The router is on the first floor, I'm on the 2nd floor & a few walls are in between . Why?
I'm thinking of having the router moved, a booster used or relocationg the router.
I'm currently on DSL . Wi-fi is just an option.TIA

A:Laptop Wi-Fi good connection but not tower?

The router should be on the second floor above most of the equipment that it is actually connected to it for the best possible signal strength. I'd guess you're having a driver issue between the different computers, but you're probably gonna tell me that both computers are Windows 7 and have the same driver or something like that.
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So I have this problem: I have this new graphic card for my tower PC and I was wondering could I combine my laptop and my tower motherboard so that I can use the graphic card on my laptop?
Or is there another way to use it with my laptop (maybe a adapter or something?)

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Hello, I'm just wondering if it is possible for a PSU to stop delivering power to case fans due to aging/dying or would my case fans really be dead and in need of replacement.

A:Aging PSU or genuinely dead case fans?

How old is the power supply? Also, how many case fans do you have? It seems unlikely that the power supply would stop sending power to the case fans only. If everything else is working the way it should, perhaps your case fans are dead.
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My computer came with a piece of software for monitoring fan speed etc. Whenever I launch it, it says "Warning! Chassis fan 0 rpm" to tell me the chassis fans aren't turning. However, they never seem to turn on! I don't know if it's normal, and I'm just worrying over nothing, or if there's something wrong. I've attached a screen shot to show what the software says.



A:Chassis fans not working?

this could be a number of things. Are the fans actually turning on. If they are the software is clearly not detecting them. the likelyhood that both fans went out at the same time tells me that its probably something else other than your fans misbehaving.

1.if you need to they will have two wires connecting them to the motherboard. make sure that is firmly seated in the connector on the board.
2. see if you have any yellow exclaimation points in the device manager
3. try hitting that "update" button or reinstalling that particular software so the software can reinitialize.
4. show me what the screen shot of the fan speed tab.

I wouldnt sweat this issue. If you see the fans are spinning and the board temp is reasonable you've got nothing to worry about.
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So I have had a big problem with my computer. It does not happen that often but when it does it is really annoying and scary. My computer just shutsdown and a screwed up noise goes through the speakers and the fans goes sky high! It happened one time when I play crysis 2. I played it for like 5 minutes before it happened. I booted the computer up and then I had a look at my temps which where around 50C. Started up crysis again and played for like 10 minutes and it only went up to 70C. So it is not an overheating issue! What should I do?

Thanks for any help!

A:Computer turns of randomly and fans go sky high!

shameless bump!
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I have an ASUS P8B75-MLE Micro ATX motherboard, it only has 1 chassis fan header. My case (HAF 922) as 3 fans. My PSU is an OCZ ZT Series 650W.

What kind of adapters do I need to connect them all up?

A:Connecting chassis fans to the motherboard

Hi alexjsc, One way to power extra fans is to tap off 12v from one of your 4 pin molex connections, to, say a DVD drive.
There are molex adapters which have a plug on one side and a socket on the other, plus a small plug for one of your extra fans.
You need to check the number of pins on your fans connections, could be 3 or 4, but you need power for 3 fans also.
Also, do you want to be able to slow the new case fans, or to have them running full speed always.
This is the type of connector;
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Hey OC, go down card temps Graphics won't now all So I have a GTX Ti and I was running Graphics card OC, now temps won't go down BF earlier today and I thought quot why not OC it a but to kick some speed into the game quot so I did a little overclock in MSI afterburner from MHz Core to Mhz and MHz memory to Mhz and the performance was great I played Bf for around hours before finally getting bored During that time the card was completely stable at around degrees celcius constantly anyway since I wasn t playing anymore I decided to un-overclock my card so that it s not so Graphics card OC, now temps won't go down hot anymore while idle So I reset the speeds in MSI afterburner and reset the settings in the NVIDIA control panel but the card is still idling around degrees and this is with all fans at maximum Graphics card OC, now temps won't go down speed I don t understand I undid the overclock and I reset all the card speeds yet I m still getting idle temps degrees higher than normal any info would be appreciated nbsp

A:Graphics card OC, now temps won't go down

As far as AMDs are concerned, screwed up temp readings are not unusual, but never heard of an Nvidia case. Are you sure the cooling systems are fully functional? Had you changed the voltages?
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Hi need temps Overall problem, advice So I made the choice of checking my temps on this computer since the case was very hot in the back and I suspected something was wrong First of all my quot old but still good quot build CPU Intel Pentium D Ghz ---- Cooling device Artic Cooler Freezer Rev GPU XFX Geforce GS MB AGP X ---- Cooling device Zalman VF -Cu HDD Seagate Barracuda GB IDE Hitachi Travelstar GB USB Fans Processor intake via CAG Rear Overall temps problem, need advice Outtake PSU Outtake Front Intake Some holes in the case already there The temps are as follows colors indicate state of attention Ambience C lt -- gt C inside the case CPU C lt -- gt C GPU C lt -- gt C GPU Ambience C lt -- gt C HDD C lt -- gt C directly above the intake fan HDD C lt -- gt C USB case away from this nonsense Room temperature is around - C because of summer So Overall temps problem, need advice the temps that worry me are the colored ones especially that bold italic underlined red one which is really stressful Well I know the GPU is hot what I wonder is how to make it go cooler and about all the temps is the room Overall temps problem, need advice temperature a factor to this is the CPU hot for what it should I hear P s are very hot and since this is a Dual Core P the HDD used to be inside the case temps C lt -- gt C but kept clicking and having low performance It stopped the moment I took it from there While this is nowhere near to happen with HDD is the temperature affecting possible performance nbsp

A:Overall temps problem, need advice

Blow the dust that has collected over the years out of the various heat sinks & fans. Yes, room temp is always a factor with a heat sink & fan. The old Prescotts ran hot, but I don't think 65 is too hot, but it's getting close, The maximum temp for a P4 is 70 I think. The heat could cause your computer to throttle down and reduce its performance.
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So I'm running two XFX HD 5770's at 850/1200 mhz, 85% fan speed. Air flow is pretty decent, although the PSU sits a little close to the bottom card. While gaming I'll hit up to 76-77C but never over 80C. I've read a few posts and reviews and heard that these cards can run sub-90C fine, but a lot of these included users running their fan speeds at like 60% or below.

My question is : Is reaching almost 80C at 85% fan speed too high? Is it safe to run this for 3-5 hours a day/ 7 days a week?

Thanks for any info/help you can give

A:CF 5770 load temps

If your cards are right next to each other then yeah, they will run pretty hot.

It's pretty common to see GPUs running at 80-90C and they're designed to take that kind of temperature anyway, wouldn't worry about it too much if I were you. 3-5 hours a day isn't really that much compared to bitcoin miners who run 24/7.
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I've just switched from the Corsair H100 to the Corsair H80 Liquid CPU Cooler. I liked the H100, but it was just making way too much noise. The H80 -- while maintaining temperatures that are about 2C lower than the H100 -- is a good deal more quiet: a compromise I'm willing to live with.

I presently have stock Corsair fans mounted on the H80. I figure I can cut down a bit more on the noise by using better quality 120mm fans. Have you guys any suggestions as to what brands and models I should look into?

The H80 radiator is cooled by two 120mm fans in push-pull configuration. I've read a few reviews online -- but I think I'm better off with hardware that Techspot members have tried and tested. I use my rig for gaming. My specs are on the drop down.

A:Need advice re: fans for H80

Noctua NF-P12-1300

Nice and quiet.
Or anything with high static pressure to blow through the radiator.
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Hey guys a couple weeks back I got an AMD-FX cpu for my new build and have had well I wouldn t really call it a problem I know or ever reporting CPU coolest right either CPU FX temps not AMD this thing is supposed to be seriously overclockable that s one of the reason I bought it but it just seems like the temps I m getting CAN T be AMD FX CPU either not reporting temps right or coolest CPU ever real I have it overclocked to GHz right now with the stock cooler and after running Prime for hours with different temp monitors running the highest reading I got on any of them was only degrees Celsius That s an ghz overclock with only increase the temps by degrees Something is wrong with my sensor right I mean the thing Idles at around degrees which is just above room temp for me so that makes sense but I just feel like with the overclocking I ve done and not changing the stock fan and heatsink it should be higher I m not using the AMD overdrive software I turned that off and increased the multiplier so it s not that it s shutting cores down or anything all cores are running at ghz and it s ridiculously cool for the amount of overclocking with everything being stocked I plan to go higher on the overclock once I get a new cooler but if the sensor is off I don t want to go much higher and risk frying it Is there anyway I can be absolutely sure it s giving me the proper reading Thanks ahead of time nbsp

A:AMD FX CPU either not reporting temps right or coolest CPU ever

The fx processors do give out wrong readings with a lot of temprature monitors, Hwmonitor gives the correct temps for the fx processors as my brother uses it for his 8150. His idles in the 30 degree zone with a noctua dh14.

63 celsius is too hot, 61 is the reccomended max temp.
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Nvidia P356 Quadro FX4600 graphics card - 768MB GDDR3 PCI-Express x16 dual DVI out thank you all

A:Wondering if this will work in my Dell Optiplex GX 280 tower-style PC

As long as you have a PCI express socket on the motherboard, that card will work. You may need a power cable adapter to be able to connect the card to the power supply
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Hello all A few or POST fans display no work, system; and Homebuilt lights but weeks ago one of my friends and I decided to build a PC for my dad we both have minimal experience but my friend has built PCs before I ve helped others design PCs Homebuilt system; fans and lights work, but no display or POST but I ve never physically built one Anyway I checked everything out to make sure it s all compatible technically it should work but we Homebuilt system; fans and lights work, but no display or POST ve run into a few problems After connecting everything to the appropriate terminals and turning on the machine I noticed Homebuilt system; fans and lights work, but no display or POST that all of the fans including the CPU fan were in perfect working order the case LEDs hooked up to the mobo work fine and the mouse and keyboard light up when the PC is turned on However there is no response from the Disk Drive or Hard Drive and the monitor claims there is quot no incoming signal quot All of the hardware is brand new straight out of the box so I m not sure what the problem is Any suggestions are most welcome as I have four days to finish this thing Here are the specs There is no graphics card because my friend informed me that the particular CPU we picked out has HD graphics onboard meaning we wouldn t need a graphics card The monitor is rather old and has a D-Sub connector but it was working well last week and the mobo I picked out is compatible with D-Sub CPU Intel Core i - Motherboard GIGABYTE GA-H M-DS Micro ATX Intel Motherboard Disk Burner ASUS DVD CD Player Burner Tower NZXT Source Elite White Steel RAM G SKILL Ripjaws Series GB x GB Hard Drive II Seagate Barracuda GB Power Supply Corsair quot CX Builder Series quot nbsp

A:Homebuilt system; fans and lights work, but no display or POST

There is no onboard video on that board. Not sure why your friend told you that, cpu has nothing to do with it. You will need to add a graphics card to fix your problem. Here are the board specs.. If you can exchange the board for it's z68 counterpart (paired with your i3) you could than get onboard graphics and not need a GPU.
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Hi all im looking at building a tower for general use and gaming as cheap as possible and best place to buy parts mainly what u reccomend i get please help

A:Help on building new tower

hmmm anyone please
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I just put together my new computer for the first time successfully Now I am wondering what to do with my old one Its still operating however it is approx years old running on an Intel Pentium I m old my not? scavenge tower To or not sure what components it has atm but I am wondering if I should look to see if anything it has is worth adding or installing in my new build My current tower has To scavenge my old tower or not? the following and my old tower had both a cd burner and a dvd burner plus some additional RAM i added but it probably isn t compatible I also know To scavenge my old tower or not? it was running a Radeon Sapphire gfx card Mushkin Enhanced Chronos Deluxe MKNSSDCR GB-DX quot GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive SSD Western Digital Caviar Black WD AALX GB RPM SATA Gb s quot Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive Corsair Carbide Series R Black Steel structure with molded ABS plastic accent pieces ATX Mid Tower Computer Case ASUS P Z -V PRO GEN LGA Intel Z HDMI SATA Gb s USB ATX Intel Motherboard with UEFI BIOS XFX HD- X-CNDC Radeon HD GB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card with Eyefinity Intel Core i - K Sandy Bridge GHz GHz Turbo Boost LGA W Quad-Core Desktop Processor Intel HD Graphics CORSAIR XMS GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC HP X Multiformat DVD Burner Black SATA Model i LightScribe Support CORSAIR H CWCH Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX V W ATX V v EPS V v PLUS BRONZE Certified Active PFC High Performance Power Supply nbsp

A:To scavenge my old tower or not?

Somewhere there is a young and budding computer tech who would love to have that, and improve upon it, if the price is right.

Otherwise, it is always helpful to have a computer in reserve for when things do not go right. on the new one.
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MSI 770-C45 AM3 AMD 770 ATX AMD Motherboard
OCZ ModXStream Pro 500W Modular High Performance Power Supply
XFX HD-577A-ZNFC Radeon HD 5770 (Juniper XT) 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.1 x16 - old video card
ASUS EAH6770/DI/1GD5 Radeon HD 6770 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.1 x16 - new video card

Replaced failing Radeon 5770 with Radeon 6770 and now it won't work.

Motherboard LEDs turn on, CPU and case fans turn on. Graphics card fan turns on and then keeps cycling faster-slower every five seconds or so. No signal through VGA or DVI.
The problem persists even when I put the old card back in. What could have gone wrong?

A:Tried switching HD 5770 to HD 6770, fans just spin and no display

Any ideas, anyone?


Reseating RAM
Resetting CMOD
Reseating both cards
Different cable from PSU to card
Dusting all components thoroughly
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Its called OCCT and you can perform various CPU and GPU tests with it.

If sensor info doesn't show up or some tests are grayed out just update directx first.
There is a link in the FAQ:

It creates some really usefull JPG graphs after each test with things like Voltages/temps/fps etc etc.

In short its a REALLY handy program for anyone doing some troubleshooting with overheating/bad PSU/etc.
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Hi, as above my PC has started having boot up issues and the Sys fan is reading 0rpm but when I've opened up the casing all of the fans are running fine.


A:My sys fan is reading 0RPM but all the fans are running

Hmmm guess this isn't a very common problem then, could it be any kind of driver issue?

I've recently upgraded from XP to windows 7 but updated all the drivers I could find from the manufacturers website.
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My EVGA GTX570 Superclocked GFX card has some serious temperature issues.

The Card idles at 36c and under load, playing games gets as hot as 97-105c, using 2 monitors the idle temp is 69-70c, while gaming still 97-105c(Crysis 2 1980*1050 all the bells n whistles on).

The card is less than 8 months old, clean as far as i can see. I have removed the card and cleaned away any dust build up with compresed air, can't remove the plastic shroud because i dont have the proper security screw heads. Its not my case/air flow as airflow is optimal. 2 120mm front fans pulling also 120mm side fan pushing, 240mm top fan pushing, 120mm back fan pushing. My question is if i reTim the card will this help and if so whats the best thermal paste to use? I have Actic Silver 5 compound will this be sufficent? Also where can i get the security screw heads?

A:GPU temps again!

If it is less than 8 months old and you are sure it isn't case airflow causing the problem I'd look at getting it replaced by the retailer or manufacturer. Which ever is applicable under card warranty. You'll probably find that messing around with it could invalidate a warranty and if the application of a new thermal compound doesn't help you then have something you can't send back as faulty. I'm not sure but I'd check what is used for the heatsink on a GPU. I have a feeling it might be a thermal epoxy rather than a paste. Someone with experience of changing cooling solutions on graphics card should be able to confirm/deny my feeling on this...
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This may be a stupid question but do ultrabooks usually have a built-in fan?
Or is it fanless and you have to buy an external notebook cooler?

A:Do ultrabooks have fans?

so.....DO ultrabooks have fans? noone knows??
Relevancy 33.97%

I might be building a new computer soon I am wondering if these parts will go well together Motherboard BIOSTAR H ML LGA Intel H Micro ATX Intel Motherboard tower LIAN LI PC-A NB Black Aluminum ATX Mini Tower Computer Case Video card EVGA SuperClocked G-P - -RX GeForce GTS Fermi GB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card Memory CORSAIR GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR Desktop Memory Model CMV GX M A C monitor Hanns-G HW- ABB Black quot ms Widescreen LCD Monitor cd m x Power Supply Hanns-G HW- ABB Black quot ms Widescreen LCD Monitor cd m Processor Intel Core i - Sandy Bridge GHz GHz Turbo Boost x KB L Cache MB L Cache LGA W computer witth a Building mini-ATX tower a Quad-Core Desktop Processor BX I If any part in here is not compatible please tell me and point me in the direction of a compatible part if you can I do need the tower everything else can be changed Thank you very much and have a nice day nbsp

A:Building a computer witth a mini-ATX tower

Typo: you listed the monitor twice, once under PSU, Otherwise those parts look fine however even though it is a minitower due to the front mounted power supply that case will support a full ATX motherboard. I would personally recommend a Full ATX motherboard since they offer much more expansion. This is a good option and only costs slightly more, Although If you go with something like this you will get SATA 6gbps, USB 3.0, more memory slots, and a faster chipset.

Also Biostar motherboards are ok but far from the best try to look for boards from Gigabyte, ASUS, or MSI.
Relevancy 32.68%

I need some suggestions on fans, I have about a $60-$70 limit, else I'd just get some Noctua NF-P12-1300s to fit on the radiator, but I don't have $150 to spend on fans. =P

Anyone have an ideas? I was looking at some cooler master ones that didn't look too bad
I was also looking at these

Not really going for anything flashy, just something that has a 3-pin and works, lol.

A:Upgrading fans on 360x120MM radiator

If it was me, I'd go with Scythe SY1225SL12SH 120mm "Slipstream" Case Fan.

110.31CFM @ 37dBA - They aren't going to be quiet, but will move plenty of air, which is what you want. They also discount the more you order. You could couple them to a fan controller to control them (and reduce speed/noise) when your not gaming etc.
Relevancy 32.68%

I read that case fans can be installed on the motherboard or PSU. When installed on the motherboard then you can adjust the speed, however the motherboard would need to have enough power to keep the fans running or else some might stop spinning.

I will be getting the GA-990FXA-UD5 and either the Corsair HX750 or HX850. I will be using 5 case fans.

Does the motherboard have enough ports or channels for 5 fans? I heard that there are some converters for more fans or something like that. Heard a guy say it on YouTube, but he didn't say what type converter.


A:Which is better: Installing case fans to mobo or to PSU?

Generally a motherboard will provide 4 fan headers for connecting fans. CPU. POWER and 2 x CASE/CHASSIS. If you are running more fans and are not concerned about having them speed controlled by the motherboard you can connect them directly to the PSU. Several splitters are available for connecting more fans to the motherboard. I used a splitter that allows 3 fans to be connected one header on the motherboard and a connection from PSU for extra power ( )

This was for the use of the H50 Corsair water cooling unit when I had 2 fans running in push/pull configuration on the radiator connected to the CPU fan header on the motherboard and the pump housed in the casing above the heatsink part connected to chassis fan header with no speed control enabled as it is required to run at full speed all the time. This cable allows the motherboard to control fan speeds.

Although a more basic splitter without external power connection or speed control will most likely do the job ( )
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Hey guys, I recently bought an old HP OEM computer (a 'dc7700', I think) off eBay. It's one of those towers that is placed horizontally, and it's quite thin. I was planning on using it as an HTPC but it lags when trying to watch HD movies, so I think I'm going to buy some really low-end graphics card.

I was looking at this one (I'm in Australia and it's either eBay or local IT shops):

I'm wondering, will this fit in the tower? Do I need to specifically look for a low-profile graphics card? Thanks in advance.
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Hi So I m helping my friend build his PC and we ve got everything assembled correctly at least we think we do Only thing that is missing is a dvd-drive which will arrive this week but we figured that it wouldn t be needed to only boot the system into BIOS When we pressed the power button for the first time the system did not boot and the motherboard Asrock p pro gave us a handy quot Dr Debug quot message We had no clue what it meant so we googled it We found a huge thread somewhere with someone saying that if you left only one stick of RAM in in the farthest most slot from the CPU it would boot just fine Only it didn t and instead gave us the debug code and still without visual input We only got error if we put in one or both sticks in the WHITE slots and the white slots only beeps, fans of visual, long no series Continuous triple spinning If we put any ram in any blue slot Continuous series of triple long beeps, no visual, fans spinning We just got the error again We tried removing the ram but that just gave us the missing ram POST triple beep code In short Dual-channeled RAM in the blue slots Dr Debug code Single stick of RAM in any blue slot Same story Single or both sticks in any or both white slots Dr Debug code No RAM Regular no RAM triple error beeps We have no idea what to do next and would appreciate some help Marty nbsp

A:Continuous series of triple long beeps, no visual, fans spinning

How certain are you that the RAM is compatible with the motherboard? What brand and model RAM are you using?
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I remember that sometime I had found website that shown list of max temperatures for custom GPU, CPU and else. Maybe you can share if you know it? In case you don't know, maybe you know what is the max temperatures for AMD Phenom II X3 720 and ATI Radeon HD 4850?

A:Max temps for Phenom II X3 720 and Radeon HD 4850?

I know they run hotter that their Intel-Nvidia counterparts
Relevancy 35.26%

Started playing Witcher and i am experiencing extremly high GPU temps c- c during the cut scenes and c- c while playing The card idles at c- c runiing quot monitors My CPU tops 2, GPU Witcher temps high out at only c- c and idles at c- c I can tell that this title is GPU intensive but my EVGA GTX is a relitivley new card and i would think should only be averaging around c with this title I have Witcher 2, high GPU temps an Antec case with mm top mounted fan and mm back side and front mounted fans The case and GPU are also dust free and clean as a whistle Witcher 2, high GPU temps so air flow should be optimum I am running EVGA precision with the fan speed set to maximum cant go any higher for some reason and the game set to with everything on medium Can anyone tell me if these temperatures are acceptable safe and if anyone else is experiencing such high temperatures with this game nbsp

A:Witcher 2, high GPU temps

What are you using to monitor the GPU temps? I would suspect that the temps are actually okay. If you are not having game play issues, I would not worry about the temps
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Hey guys I recently got an idea of adding a new Adding extra fans one or two fan to the side of my case for extra cooling as I Adding extra one or two fans might as Adding extra one or two fans well take the advantage of wasted space Now my question is shall I make it exhaust or intake I already got a intake fan at the front of my case and obviously exhaust at the back but no idea what I should do with the side Infact shall I add extra one to the side Would it fit nicely without disturbing the overall airflow in the case Here are pictures of my case side front and the side panel door Yes the cable management is TERRIBLE My Plan Good ol power tools I will be drilling holes in the side of my case so that the fan can fit I know its really odd way to do it i guess but sounds like fun and I might as well try it nothing to loose apart from some holes on the side hehe Or could just get bunch of fan filters grills xD Here is what it could look like http imageshack us m casemodplan jpg Side Panel Door http img imageshack us img imgp jpg http imageshack us m imgp o jpg Side http imageshack us m imgp k jpg http imageshack us m imgp r jpg http imageshack us m imgp u jpg Front http imageshack us m imgp i jpg Slideshow Here are my specs fyi MOBO M N SE CASE Antec something P its around years old CPU AMD II X BE Ghz OC Ghz stock GPU GTX GB PSU OCZ Stealth Xstream II W Front Intake Fan mm Blue LED Fan Exhaust Fan Thermaltake TT- mm afaik Temperatures http imageshack us m tempsi jpg Also what fan shall I buy Don t really care about noise but more of performance ratio Was thinking of either mm Blue LED fan or another mm Blue LED that I already have for intake at the front Not sure if the Thermaltake TT- is more powerful then the mm BLUE LED really wanna find a good fan blue glow that is around - range Any Ideas wave PS My cable management is absolutely terrible but did best I can lol was my st time building a PC so yeh kinda sucked Need to do some cleaning alot of dust just sitting there No idea what my case brand is looks like old Antec P got it from my uncle heh Yes front panel is missing hehe More air lol Thanks in advance all help much appreciated nbsp

A:Adding extra one or two fans

I would make the fan on the side an intake. That way it will push cool outside air over your video card and motherboard, as opposed to pulling air away from them.

As for what fan, I have never used LED fans, but if you decide not to go for LED's Scythe Slipstreams and Noctua fans are great regarding noise/performance ratio.
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I was Your temps CPU thinking it might be a good idea to post your temps here so other users can see what temps they can expect to get with their CPU Your CPU temps cooling combinations To standardise this we ll use the same program coretemp which is free easily downloadable user-friendly etc And to make it easy to read it ll be good to list things in a particular order CPU cooling voltages idle-temp load-temp in celcius If you have not messed with voltages and don t know values stock is fine If you ve changed it enter the voltage applied e g E stock stock If you re using watercooling just state the waterblock and number of mm fan your radiator holds e g E swiftech storm stock If you ve overclocked just put the speed after your CPU e g E ghz LN - - I understand that this doesn t give ambient temp but we don t really have a good way to standardise that so the data would be useless anyway This data is still good for measuring difference between idle and load temps To get load temps use Prime However if you re using an Intel Processor the Intel Thermal Analysis Tool would show higher temps and should be used instead if possible Mention anything else which you might think is relevent e g modified lapped etc If enough people post I might just update the list on first post to make it even easier to read E Ultra- stock Please post your temps in the format as mentioned above Intel systems core i Ghz x turbo mode Water Cooled volts C C - supersmashbrada core i Ghz freezone mm fan v C C - supersmashbrada core i Noctua NH-U P v c c - Adhmuz core i Lapped Noctua NH-U P Lapped Push Pull v c c - Adhmuz Core i MHz ThermalTake SpinQ v c c - MetalX Core i MHz ThermalTake SpinQ v c c - MetalX Core i ThermalTake SpinQ v c c - MetalX Q Yorkfield ghz stock voltage ThermalTake V C C - Damak Q Tt BlueOrb v c c - Adhmuz E GHz v C C AC Freezer Pro - TBolt E GHz CNPS V c - Phoenix CMXIV E Ghz v c c coolit freezone modded - supersmashbrada E GHz Zalman v c c - mica speedy E GHz Ultra- v c c - mancURmission E Tt GoldenOrb - - Bluemouse E Stock Stock c c - sbgsus E Tuniq Tower V - Mirob E ghz stock stock c c - fujikazu E Ultra- V - CMH E Ghz Zalman reserator supermodded V C C - Computer freak E GHz Ultra eXtreme w Sunon mm CFM v C C - luvhuffer E ArcticFreezerPro stock - c - c - drjulian E Ultra- V - CMH E Ultra- stock - CMH E GHz CNPS v C C - MetalX E CoolIt Freezone V C C - supersmashbrada E GHz Stock V C C - MetalX E Ghz stock V - - wolfram P Tt BlueOrb v c c - Adhmuz P Titan Vanessa S V C C - CCT winter C ambient P Titan Vanessa S V C C - CCT summer C ambient P B Ghz stock stock - orondf CeleronD GHz stock stock v - C - C - ChrisLam AMD systems Phenom II stock stock c c - Technochicken Opteron GHz v C C Swiftech H - - NFSFAN Opteron GHz Stock V - Mictlantecuhtli Opteron GHz Stock V - Mictlantecuhtli summer Athlon X stock mhz v C C - mr ncred ble AMD Mhz Coolermaster Hyper TX c c - Lengar AMD Ghz Stock v c c - Lengar AMD Ghz v c c - Machinist no cooler mentioned AMD Ghz Ultra- Extreme C C - Nick Lee AMD Ghz Stock Stock C C - Nick Lee AMD Ghz Stock Stock C C - SNGX AMD Ghz Stock V C C- C - joked u AMD Ghz Stock Stock C C - Stick o ram AMD Ghz Stock Stock C C - whtddusy AMD Ghz CNPS B-Alcu silent V C C - MetalX AMD Ghz Stock Stock V C C - Exonimus AMD Ghz Zalman CNPS stock V C C - Exonimus AMD AM GHZ Stock cooler off a Athlon AM x v c c - Lengar AMD GHz ZALMAN CNPS mm v C C - ferrari AMD AM X Cooler Master Hyper TX v - Lengar AMD GHz zalman CP v - C - C - fetalposition Athlon XP-M GHz stock Stock V - - - Daveskater Athlon XP-M GHz Zalman CNPS B Al-Cu Stock V - Daveskater AMD ghz Zalman-CNPS B-Cu LED stock C C - dustin ds IF YOU HAVE USED THIS LIST TO CHECK YOUR TEMPS OR FOR ANY OTHER REASON PLEASE DO CONTRIBUTE YOUR OWN TEMPS nbsp

A:Your CPU temps

You should have voltage in there.


So mine would be:

[email protected]/CNPS7000B-Alcu(silent)/1.5125V/37C/53C

I think this is a great idea... if enough people post, it should be a sticky.
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Hi ive built my pc ages ago, but recently ive moved it into another room, and now it dosent work??!! All of the fans spin up, ,the mobo gets power because all of the light on it light up. Whats weird is that the GPU fan ramps up the goes steady, ramps up the goes steady over and over. Oh ye there is also no beep at I said it worked yesterday perfectly but now..........not so much.
Thanks for all of your help

A:All fans spin up, everything working, no POST

Sounds as if something has moved in it's socket, as you moved it from room to room. Most likely the graphic card. I would power off, and lift out the graphic card and refit it. Check that, if no different, remove the RAM and refit it.
Relevancy 31.82%

So I was watching a video from my Nix box mobo no shut PSU down, Computer reason, fans new and no spin, last week while running some pretty heavy CPU intensive apps and the computer froze on me twice My CPU never freezes so I thought that it was odd but the PSU and GPU were running a little hot so I thought I would tone down the usage as I Computer shut down, no reason, no fans spin, new PSU and mobo had just installed some new cooling fans a day before and a new CPU about a month earlier Then the computer shut down and wouldn t start back up I replaced the PSU originally thinking that since it had been running hot maybe it just died Installed and no power no fans nothing Replaced the mobo with the same results I m at a loss right now as to what the problem could be I even switched out the push button in case that burned out somehow and nothing Any ideas where to go from here Update just an update after posting I found the POST walkthrough and followed it step by step and still nothing Would a bad CPU cause there to be no power through the whole board I replaced the CPU fan as well to be sure and I can t seem to find any other possibility nbsp

A:Computer shut down, no reason, no fans spin, new PSU and mobo

Yes a bad CPU would cause the board not to function, but bad CPU's are very rare unless they are damaged by handling or installing. What type of CPU is it? The socket type can matter for damage
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It appears that during a storm, my tower was damaged, affected, whatever. The tower will not turn on. However, the green light on the back below the electrical plug flashes when plugged up. I have tried making sure that the on off swich is making contact, and I plan to unplug all the electrical plugs that could have been affected and then seeing if it works, and plugging them back in one by one to see if one of them were damaged. I have been told that there is a fuse that could have been blown but I cannot find a mention of one nor placement of one on the mother board. Is there a fuse?

I have also made sure that the surge protector has been reset, the outlet is fine, etc.

A:Storm surge on my HP mn1160 media center tower

I cannot find a mention of one nor placement of one on the mother board. Is there a fuse?Click to expand...

internal to the PSU and nothing you would recognize if you saw it.
A good friend had this very same experience and we had to replace the PSU and all was just fine. Having suffered once, the user quickly added a UPS to the setup.
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I don't think the default fans in the Corsair 600T case I have push that much air. So I've been trying to find sites in uk that sell 200mm fans. And been trying to find information about which ones do a decent CFM at a reasonable noise level but both info and retailers seem quite scarce.

A:200mm case fans? Any recommendations?

How about some of these for you:

65 To 166 CFM : 180 To 220 Mil Fans.
Relevancy 33.97%

can any 1 help? ive tryed 2 put my external hardrive in2 my tower as it stopped working,and have it as 2nd hard drive ,i have connected it properly but the tower cant seem 2 find it?

A:Installing an external hard drive in my tower

Are you saying you're trying to install external drives internally? So you removed them from their enclosures? Are these SATA or ATA/IDE drive? Does the BIOS see the drives? Which motherboard do you have?
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Hey everyone thanks for taking a look Here is my system Intel i Intel DX SO Mobo Adata GB DDR Nvidia GTS Thermaltake Rosewill Destroyer Case All I7 me 960 driving temps - insane! clocks and voltages are stock as well as cooling My temps while idle are according to CPUID Cores c c c c My temps after playing Bad Company for minutes or so c F c c c Important notes Used dot method for thermal compound application Used arctic silver As far as I can tell this went well and without a hitch Never had to reapply compound or reseat the heatsink I7 960 - temps driving me insane! I have one intake mm in the front of the case one mm exhaust on the top one mm exhaust on the back PSU is bottom mount and is exhausting through a fan grate on the bottom of the case Stock everything This seems WAY too hot to me and was confirmed to be something to look into by a couple of guys I know If anyone can draw any parallels with the hardware listed and the temps that would be great Any reasonable solution suggestions would be great too if this is indeed alarming temps Thank you nbsp

A:I7 960 - temps driving me insane!

Yup, that's a bit too high... even for an i7 as i just recently found out. My suggestion is to swap the cooler and thermal. Something aftermarket would be much better and personally I don't really like Arctic Silver that much. I usually recommend Tuniq compounts TX-2 or TX-3. Also, make sure to check the voltages in BIOS are set to stock.
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I really do not want to be stuck on the phone with some tech guy in India for two hours again so I wanted to ask some professionals I have a Dell Inspiron bought back in - Windows XP OS G of DDR mhz Ram - Mb and - GB Intel Core heatsink, power still computer supply, and issues fans... and motherboard, New having Duo Processor E M Cache GHz MHz FSB GB HD Watt Power Supply NVIDIA GeForce mGPU graphics card M-Audio Fast Track Pro external sound card This computer is my studio baby I New motherboard, power supply, heatsink, and fans... and still having computer issues use it for all my computer graphics and D animation work while my husband uses New motherboard, power supply, heatsink, and fans... and still having computer issues it for all his audio recording work About years ago it did the whole turn itself off and on and off and on etc so we had the motherboard and power supply replaced and it worked like new Just last week it happened again same power off on problem so this time we had the motherboard power supply heat sink and fans replaced It worked fine for a few hours and then suddenly shut itself off again It hasn t done the whole turn itself back on and off thing multiple times yet so I m thinking this might be a new problem Any suggestions Thank you in advance for any help nbsp

A:New motherboard, power supply, heatsink, and fans... and still having computer issues

Is the version of Windows XP 64-bit by any chance? If so, that could explain the intermittent behavior...

You might want to go with a 400w power supply from a trusted manufacturer
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Hi to all I have this one problem i have an emachine t3304 computer that the fans will not shut off after it powers down, the on and off button led remains on ,then all of a sudden it powers back on like it was in sleep mode but it isnt i checked the settings and they are in the off position. I changed the processors because it was turning on and off by itself this solved the problem, now before i did this work the computer would shut down and start normally, by the way I installed windows xp in this computer and then i had to run the repair procces from the installtion disk , the computer runs like a charm now but the fans will not shut down.

A:Shut down fans still on

The power supply might be dieing... hopefully not the motherboard too
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a Rather simple tip, but if your case temps are marginal, or if your wife likes it ungodly warm in the house during the winter :rolleyes: try helping your exhaust fans do a better job by putting a 'pull ' fan on the other side. It can drop ambient case temps by 5c or more. here I converted HDD dual 60mm cooler to get more PSU heat extracted, and another 140mm fan on the other side of my interior rear exhaust fan. It moves a lot of air/heat from the case. My case sensors showed on average a 4-6C drop during high load activities.

A:Help out your exhaust fans

in my case i could but an intake fan on the outside as my radiator fan pulls air in from the rear. not sure i would see such an improvement though as the 5870's exhaust is right below; would probably just recycle the warm air. it's a nice idea though because two fans will most definitely move the air out faster. just be careful you don't get your fingers in there when reaching behind the tower
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I have a xps m1730 and my son turned it on the other day and it has lights but doesnt sound like any fans running. also last few times he used it it started overheating it seemed so we shut it off to cool down now we have nothing
any help would be great the dell website only helped to a point then would not go any farther.
thanks ahead of time

A:No display or fans on Dell XPS m1730

I'm afraid it is time to have it serviced by a laptop tech
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I have a Cooler Master CM 690 Case with 3 fans stock and Cooler Master 600W silent pro PSU, ASUS M4A77TD MOBO (one fan plug other than cpu fan)....

I planned on running 7 case fans total 6x120mm and 1x80mm (stock exhaust)

Stock fans all came with 3 pin to Molex adapters but aftermarket are just 3 pin

Would I be better served to get more 3 pin to Molex adapters and daisy chain fans off a couple psu molex plugs, let's say 4 fans on 1, 3 on another, or just spring for a fan controller?

I'm saavy about basic electrical but not sure how many amps these fans use, I know it can't be much, and the PSU is a 40A single rail.

Thanks for any advice.

A:Daisy chaining fans

The fans are going to be pretty low amp (less than one, likely something like .3), you can daisy chain them and it will be fine. But I think the best solution would be a fan controller. I guess it comes down to how 'nicely' you want to do it. Personally I'd just wire them all off of a molex or 2 and be done with it, but I think a lot of people are going to want to tell you to do it the 'proper' way and use a controller.

Either way will work fine.
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Hello people of Techspot As per title I could really do with some advice regarding my with could my some CPU temps really I advice on do please CPU temps To cut a long story short I changed I could really do with some advice on my CPU temps please back to my NZXT case as the CPU fan which is screwed in on my Dell case failed last night But I just can I could really do with some advice on my CPU temps please t get the CPU temps to reduce I ve I could really do with some advice on my CPU temps please now tried reseating and new thermal paste times and it seems seated but just installing ATi drivers for example pic below is shooting my CPU temps to almost C Its idling around - C and shooting up at the slightest load on the CPU Its not thermally throttling though even when its registering C its still running at maximum speed I m using the standard LGA Intel fan and my CPU is a Q core quad I m using HWMonitor for temps which seems pretty accurate - My BIOS doesn t show me my CPU temps anywhere either so I can t check them Everything is the same except for the new case and additional fans side rear front so I don t see how that would cause it as airflow should be perfect Surely its got to be a badly fitting stupid heatsink or could it be anything else nbsp

A:I could really do with some advice on my CPU temps please

Either the HSF is not properly seated, you've used WAY too much thermal paste or the program is wrong. Try CoreTemp and see if the results are the same.

I'm assuming the fan is working on the heatsink.
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Hi there I m new here but hopefully you guys can help In the last day or so my desktop has been randomly shutting itself off with warning mainly whilst converting documentarys and backing up retail movies onto my HDD This happend a year overheating (causing random Need shutdowns) temps help with or so ago and I assumed that it was caused by overheating so I opened Need help with overheating temps (causing random shutdowns) up the case to find shed loads of dust clogging up the CPU amp GPU fans and generally the rest of the mobo so I hovered out the mobo removed both heatsinks cleaned with ArctiClean Thermal Material Remover and ArctiClean Thermal Surface Purifier After which I added some fresh AS and re-seated the heatsinks However now the problem has come back and after checking the mobo there is no dust inside what-so-ever all fans appear to be working however I read on this thread http www techspot com vb topic html that i should run speedfan to check on the temps Here s what i got EDIT Need help with overheating temps (causing random shutdowns) Won t let me post image but i could PM them to some so they can post em http s photobucket com albums ww treesmoker action view amp current HeatTemps jpg Can anyone tell me what Need help with overheating temps (causing random shutdowns) componants are overheating i e temp temp core core and how i d go about cooling these componants down because I m not great when it comes to replacing parts it took me forever to find out that my mums old TIME computer needed a socket CPU lol Any help would be greatly appreciated EDIT by the way my specs are Intel Core Duo CPU GHz MotherBoard Chipset nVIDIA nForce Intel Edition NFORCE SLIT-A ver Graphics Card nVIDIA GeForce GT OS Vista Media Center Edition -BIT Hopefully this is enough info if not let me know nbsp

A:Need help with overheating temps (causing random shutdowns)

Those cpu temps are strange, (2 of the 4 pages are reading negative values) so I wouldn't know whether to trust them.

I'd be suspecting the cpu fan, assuming those temps are trustable. I'm sure someone with much more knowledge than me will be around soon to confirm it though.

Temp 1 could well be your northbridge or southbridge on your motherboard. Its not your GPU, or drives, as they're listed seperately, as are your two CPU cores.

Are you certain all your fans are running OK?
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I know there are so many threads about this but I need quick answers!

1. I have two big 120 mm fans on the rear of my computer blowing air out of my computer (does that mean those are INTAKE or EXHAUST?), outside of the CPU and GPU fans that's all the fans I have

2. I am adding THREE fans, one on top, one on the bottom, and an expansion slot video card cooling fan. Since the two rear fans are blowing OUT, how should I set the top and bottom fans?

3. My video card is at the top of the expansion slots, how close to my GPU should I install the video card cooling fan?


A:Adding case fans noob questions

There are different theories regarding positive or negative case pressure.
My way of thinking is to have a negative pressure in the case so that the cool air will be drawn into the case (the cool air will actually be trying to get in there because of the very slight difference in pressure) and the hot air expelled better.
Positive pressure imo, will cause the warm air inside to possibly mill around inside the case before being evacuated.
So, the two fans on the back of your case are exhausting air, creating that negative pressure. I would put the one on the top as an exhaust also, as hot air tends to rise. I would then, if possible, put the other fan at the front of the case as an intake, so that the cooler air is drawn across the motherboard.
You can also have the one on the bottom as an intake too.
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how would I go about doing this? I would like an extra one or even two if possible. has anyone done this?

A:Mounting extra front panel fans to a CM Scout?

If you think the thing is overheating, check that there is enough air getting in as well as being drawn out. If you have all the fans extracting air there may not be enough natural inflow to work and the fans will cavitate ( - it happens in air as well as other mediums/media) - and the same rule applies if all the fans are blowing inwards.
Clean any filters and dust off the fans - a clean paintbrush is an excellent tool.
If you want extra fans because of ambient temperature, be careful what you buy as they can be very noisy.
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i just rebuilt my computer and everything was working, then we had a really bad storm and now it doesnt work. my case and my cpu come on but and it feels like my hard drive is spinning. but when whe i press the button to turn it on both fans will spin for lke 1 sec then stop the ill hit he button again and it will keep doing it, i think its my power supply that got fried during the storm. and if it is my power supply would anything else be ruined?

A:Fans come on but no display on monitor

Desktop or laptop. What is your brand and model.
Could be power supply, memory module, hard drive, or video graphics card that was damaged. But a power supply fan blade that turns three turns or less is usually the bad guy.

Since you know enough to rebuild one, why not start with a basic setup... one memory module, hard drive, and video card... then start switching out components until you narrow it down. You can borrow a power supply from any old computer enough to test your system.

We are not going to be a lot of help here until you test your machine with a different power supply... and for testing any old power supply will be fine. There are power supply testers if you live in a city where there are component sales stores... They run from $9.95 to $25... but don't tell you a lot more than an exchange power supply would.
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Hey all I'm new to this forum but I've built a few computers in the past but have never experienced any problems like this.

Case: Powerspec Cooler master case
Processor: Intel i5 750(quad core)
Motherboard: Gigabyte H55M-UD2H
Powersupply:OCZ 500 watt Mod X Stream-Pro

Here are some pictures of my build and a video of what is going on.


As you can see the PSU, CPU, and Case fans are turning on and the Motherboard LED lights are blinking and then they quickly turn off. I dont think its a problem with the Power Supply because I have already returned one with the same issue thinking it was defective.


wont let me post pictures =/

Any help is appreciated, thanks for your time!

A:CPU and PSU fans turn on but then quickly turn off as does everything else

Does your current BIOS version support your CPU?

Your 4 pin power connector looks to be missing.... Top right of the video 8secs in.
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This is driving me crazy I ve been out of IT for a few years now and I guess I m a little rusty The motherboard on my media center computer fried so I decided to upgrade everything while I was at it I got an Intel DH HC mobo i processor with an Antec w true power new power supply GB RAM and put it all back in my old case After everything was installed I powered it up the fans kicked on for about a seconds and turned off After about seconds the fans kicked on This cycle keeps going until I power it off I get no error beeps and no video My first thought was a bad mobo so I exchanged it and installed everything again Same thing happened Second thought was the power supply so I exchanged that - same thing happened I tried a power off New won't and boot, build on turn fans supply out of another computer on the new mobo and the same thing happened I tried the power supply in another computer and it booted fine Could it be a mobo psu compatibility problem or possibly the processor nbsp

A:New build won't boot, fans turn on and off

I had the processor tested and it was indeed bad. 4 trips to Fry's Electronics (4 too many) and the machine is up and running now.
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Hi everyone New to the forums here so thanks to everyone up front My i - that I - idles not right? CPU high fans working OC to ghz idles at about - C using RealTemp My Lian Li case has a large fan in front blowing air in two on top sucking air out and one in the back also sucking out air I have a Noctura fan for the CPU with both fans one pushing air in and one sucking air out so I m thinking my CPU should be quite cool No matter what my fan speeds stay the same I use the ASUS Fan Expert and tried SpeedFan or something like that but my RPMs for the fans stay the same I m thinking I don t have the fans plugged into the right CPU idles high - fans not working right? fan ports on the MOBO I should be able to increase the speed of the Noctura and the main fan in front right When I turn on turbo on FanExpert absolutely nothing happens In BIOS all the fan settings are set to enabled I m really at a lose here Could it be that PSU isn t strong enough Any help would be greatly appreciated BTW My entire system I built about months ago Thank you all Lian Li case W -bit ASUS P P D-PRO i - OC ghz Noctura heatsink Radeon Antec PSU DDR mhz nbsp

A:CPU idles high - fans not working right?

When you're overclocked, having a cool CPU is pretty hard to acheive.

About changing fan speeds, you can't exactly change it OVER the spec, so if the RPMs correspond with the fan's spec, thats as fast as you can go. Not sure what would happen if you overvoltage it via some other method though, not that I'd know how to wire your PSU to provide more than 12V.

Might want to re-seat your heatsink, that might help. Make sure to use thermalpaste.
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hi, I am going to upgrade my graphic card to ATI 5770 so I need a new power supply which has power about 550--600 watt. But the most frustrating problem is that I failed to find a proper power supply with the correct dimension.
I have an HP pavilion e9300 which uses a very wired power supply tower-150mm(W) 86(H) 140(D). But so far all the PSUs I found is the standard size --150mm(W) 86(H) 150(D) which cannot fit in my setup.

So could any PC God give me some suggestion, please??
Is any PSU with the size of my tower or can I just simply install a bigger PSU which can still successfully power up the comptuer?

Thx in adance.

A:Power supply bigger than the tower - frustrated by HP PSU tower

If the power supply will physically fit your case, it should work fine with your computer. Will the extra 10mm interfere internally with anything inside the PC?
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Iv no idea how to find out the make or moduel of the fan One day last year it beggan to make strange noises rattling When i reset the pc tower PC fan noisy is it stopped I looked online recently and found it could be multiple reasons so i opend the pc took a good look inside removed the fan cleaned very single area of the fan put it back in ensuring nothing was damaged When i turn the pc on and im looking at the fan it seems to be working perfectly but with the noise If i run my finger along the smooth centre to slow it it makes no noise If i slow it down with the three speed button thing that hangs from the fan then it still makes a noise The fan has lie a suspension on it and when i press PC tower fan is noisy it in theres no noise when i let it go the noise rattles again I personally think that inside the fan right where the motor is spinning theres is a problem of dust or something but i can t be sertain I want my fan to make no noise but be on full speed as befour since im a heavy gamer and i work with music too What should i do If i want to buy a new fan how do i choose one that will fit into it s place My pc uses a fan for the power supply a fan for the cpu and a fan on the side of the tower What do i do if i want to add more fans to my pc tower nbsp

A:PC tower fan is noisy

To find a fan or a similar size, just measure the old one in mm and get the same size locally or online. Case fans are generally 80MM, 92mm or 120mm.

Adding fans where they are no holders or screw holes would require something as simple as twist or zip ties or actually modifying the case to accept more fans.
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Hi guys,
Have a bit of a problem/something I want to do with my computer. Am getting watercooling gear in about 2 weeks and as part of that getting three 120mm PWM 4pin fans to cool the radiator.

What I want to do is hook all 3 up so that they can all be controlled by the same 4pin port on the motherboard (seeing as I only have one). Only need the speed sensor on one of the fans seeing as they will all be the same (or close enough). I know I can buy the harnesses for the fans, but don't really want to do that. Can solder and have spare male and female pins for the fans.

If anyone can give me some advice/a design that would do this that would be great.

A:Controlling 4-pin fans

I think you have the choice of Y-splitters / PST cable or you can, like you say, modify one plug to accept the cables from multiple fans but connecting only one fan via the speed sensor, although this method that usually makes cable management hell on earth.
Keep in mind that the ATX spec for the header is 1.0A/12v - some boards are happier with < ~750mA (mostly chipsets introduced prior to 2003-4 from my experience)
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My power supply went and replaced it I have tried the breadboarding method all except touching some two pins that was suggested because I don t have a mobo manual I am working with HP x pavilion Nothing seems to work except the fans in the machine I m working on my other computer and am afraid of trying out parts from the bad one in case it messes up the good one I wanted to try the cpu in the other machine but not sure thats a good idea I m also wondering if the hard drives are fried because those I tried in the other machine and it will not boot The bad pc is working the computer work in fans Only the with XP and the good PC is a windows ME would that make a difference Or is the information in Only the fans work in the computer the cpu I did not have to go far in the breadboard only had the power supply all the fans and one stick of ram the monitor and the power button hooked up Only the fans work in the computer Nothing worked No beeps no boot nothing on the screen My mobo is an P S-LA Pentium Intel GHz if that helps I really need help nbsp

A:Only the fans work in the computer

sparkyair said:

I have tried the breadboardingClick to expand...

Don't know what that was you were doing but if it means you're confident that you can work with electrical circuits that can be damaged by static electricity . Then by all means try cold swapping parts like the CPU as for the HDD unless you have a "Docking Cradle" then you might find it difficult with two separate O/S especially since the damaged one has more "curry"
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Hi TechSpot Forums!

I own a Dell Optiplex GX280 Mini-Tower PC, and am seriously considering buying a graphics card for it.

My question to you is, which would best be compatible with my specs?

System Specs:

Dell Inc. OptiPlex GX280
Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3
3.00 gigahertz Intel Pentium 4
2552 Megabytes Usable Installed Memory
500.10 GB HDD

Current Video Card:

Name: Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family
Manufacturer: Intel Corporation
DAC Type: Internal
Approx. Total Memory: 128.00 MB
Current Display Mode: 1400 x 1050 (32 bit) (60GHz)

Does installing a graphics card mean you can achieve higher resolutions on your LCD monitor? That is partly the reason I will be purchasing one.

Thanks for any info or suggestions,

~ TomHax

A:Graphics card for Dell Optiplex GX280 Mini-Tower?

Does installing a graphics card mean you can achieve higher resolutions on your LCD monitor?Click to expand...

That depends on the maximum resolution supported by your monitor.

What's your main reason to purchase the card? What's your budget?
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I am planning a new CM 690. It comes with 3 stock fans. I'd like to know if these fans are good enough?

My config is:

i5 750
msi p55 gd65
hd 5850
corsair 650tx
ddr3 2*2gb

In addition to the 3 fans already installed, I am planning a 60cfm 120mm fan at the side and at the top. The side one for intake and the top one for exhaust. Is this a good idea?

Or I could remove the front fan and put it in th eside panel and fit a 90cfm fan in the front. And fit a 60cfm fan at the top for exhaust.

What do you guys think.

A:CM 690 fans

And yes I am adding a cpu cooler, the cm hyper 212+
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hi I bought a xfx gb in u s and shipped here in Philippines Now 4890 temps XFX i m worried about the temps It s c when idle and c max while playing modern warfare Im using a hp pavilion elite m f case that has a stock rear mm intake fan When I got the card and installed it right away and played modern warfare it reached to c max temp I figured that there s a tv tuner card in top of the gpu blocking XFX 4890 temps the fan So I remove it and take off the side pc casing Now the max temp is c while playing modern warfare Since this is a replacement for my old gt that didn t reach a year old because I play a lot of games Can this xfx take that much heat Should I buy new gpu fan pci slot fan or replace the stock case fan Is my card overheating Or it s just normal for this card to have those temps I just want my new card to have a longer life span nbsp

A:XFX 4890 temps

Holy smoke! ur 9800GT didn't last a year?I have 9800GT too of MSI 512MB Oc edition.How did your card died?I need to take precaution cause i want it to last at least another 2 years.

I think your card is overheating.My 9800GT is 48 C at idle and reaches 70-72 C max after i used msi afterburner and set my fan speed manually 60-70% fan speed at load.i don't know how much 4890 heats up try using msi afterburner and use the fan speed setting to see if it over heats with 70-90% fan speed.
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hi new here I really hope someone around here can help me I have an HP Desktop that is about years old it has an AMD Athlon Processor Windows Vista GB Hard Drive black are screen but running, lights, fans is see can I and a very old Nvidia Card a couple of months ago the computer stopped working I can see lights, fans are running, but screen is black properly it would turn on but it would freeze or sometimes it wouldn t start I took it to a tech guy who had it for about a month and he couldn t find what the real I can see lights, fans are running, but screen is black problem was then when I had lost all faith I went into the HP website and saw that my pc s model had an alert from HP in it it said that some of those models had a bad motherboard and that they would extend warranty and replace the motherboard for free I contacted them and they sent DHL to pick up my computer and I got it back weeks later and it had been working great until today this is a family computer but hasn t been used as much lately because now most family members have laptops still it s used for about hours a day this morning someone turned it on for about an hour and then turned it off without a problem hours later someone turns it on and this is what happens Computer makes noise no beeps only normal computer starting up noise The light that checks the cd drive turns on The fans are running Power button is on but when I turn on the monitor it says quot no signal quot and it goes to sleep I turned it off the computer and the little box it is connected to forgot the name and waited a while then turned on the box power regulator thing or whatever and the computer instantly started running but the same happened it can stay like that for hours I have some computer knowledge when it comes to what to do when the computer is turned on but I know nothing about hardware I really hope someone can help or give me some advice nbsp

A:I can see lights, fans are running, but screen is black

I think the first idea in this Guide may help
But you may need to contact HP again (if warranty still exists), here:
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Power supply - 550w Recom PE-550plus (new)
Motherboard - Asus M4A79T Deluxe (new)
CPU - AMD Phenom II Black edition (new)
Video card - Geforce EN9800GT 1GB (new)
RAM - 2GB DDR3 OCZ Platinum PC310666 7-7-7 @1.8v (new)
Hard drive - Seagate Barracuda 7200 320gb

When I turn my pc on everything runs but my screen gets no signal.
But after 10-15mins~ The monitor getting a signal, the boot screen will show up, but then it shows a bluescreen..
Am thinking its the cpu 1-2 pins were bend and i made then straight again so it would fit in the socket 2 other pins had a S shape bend, but it still fits in the socket with some force.
Other possibility is the Power supply? I dont know..

So please guys help me out here!, Am a girl so this is a bit hard for me =[

A:No beep no screen, but fans/lights/components running

I'm by no means an expert but I had a similar problem with a new build last night. I never waited 10-15 minutes for it to post though so I don't know what it would have done. It appears my memory was bad. When I switched out memory sticks with some others I had in another build, it started right up.

The bent pins on the processors don't sound good however.
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Ok gtx+ sli temps Geforce x2 Nvidia 100-120C 9800 so just recently with a few newly installed games dragon age fear crysis i ve noticed them getting huge fps slowdowns - mins into gameplay sometimes lasting several minutes sometimes only seconds Been tweaking thousands of gpu settings using nvidia control panel turning sli on off etc nothing seems to help The other day i downloaded hwmonitor after reading someone having similar problems due to gpu temps The gpu temps on both cards are reading - degrees C while under heavy load in these new games which is around the times i see the fps slowdowns Since then i ve had Nvidia Geforce 9800 gtx+ x2 sli 100-120C temps the computer reformatted swapped the cards and everything around had it cleaned Nvidia Geforce 9800 gtx+ x2 sli 100-120C temps downloaded all spankin new drivers checked fans were working Cant seem to work out why these temps are so high the cards have a max setting and im seeing them go degrees higher Any help or advice as how to cool them down I ve been told gpu coolers are extemely hard to locate for these cards and the zalman tower im running has a huge fan in it that keeps the inside very cool and the pc is stored in a cool room nbsp

A:Nvidia Geforce 9800 gtx+ x2 sli 100-120C temps

Hello Kenna, and Welcome to Techspot!

Now, Reguarding your problem, do you have a Full Tower or no? Also, what's your Budget?
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I just bought a new card, a 9800gt green edition 30% cooler , etc, i notice when idle the temps are at 60%, is this normal?
should i change drivers?
using the 191.07 right now

A:PNY 9800GT temps

temps at 60% of what? or do you mean 60c at idle? or the fans are at 60%
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AMD Athlon II X Regor GHz Socket AM W Dual-Core Processor Model ADX OCGQBOX GIGABYTE GV-N TOC- GI into fans Newly beeps no on, will CPU lights PC, not built bios, come boot and GeForce GT GB -bit GDDR PCI Express Newly built PC, will not boot into bios, fans and lights come on, no CPU beeps x HDCP Ready SLI Supported Video Card GIGABYTE GA-MA T-UD P AM AMD ATX AMD Motherboard hec X-Power Pro W Continuous C ATX V V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready Power Supply Antec Three Hundred Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case Stick Patriot ddr This system is put together with an older HD that is working When I turn on the power I get light fans but bios will not load and I get no cpu beeps Have returned and replaced the mobo cpu vid card power supply and ram Tried different case and monitor HD works in another pc I am completely stumped Thought for sure it was the mobo but just got a new one in and its still doing the same thing Get nothing on the monitor no signal Have used different cables to the monitor as well According to Gigabyte everything is compatible Any more ideas Added- From Gigabyte support quot Athlon II X is supported on this board but if current mother board bios is F only that need to update bios to F support processor quot Does this make sense to anyone nbsp

A:Newly built PC, will not boot into bios, fans and lights come on, no CPU beeps

Just in case, did you plug in the 8 pin CPU power supply connector to the motherboard?
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Just thought id let u guys know i bought a gtx in the end but it wouldnt fit it blocked my sata ports stupid micro atx no one mentioned that so maybe make a note that any card, too temps a high? to 9800GT Upgraded my are card above a gt will not fit a micro atx Upgraded to a 9800GT card, are my temps too high? if your sata ports are at the far right edge of your mother board so i got a gt single slot card that fits nicely and compared to my gt i get on a benchmark d test on performance test over fps on medium up from and fps on complicated up from also now fallout auto sets to high settings from low still ultra high to go but ahh well So i am very happy with my upgrade and very thank full for all your help in choosing upgrading my machine my idle temp for gpu before was and max load now its idle and on highest setting in game is that ok or too high also in evga precision my fan speed auto increases as heat goes up but doesnt go back down is that normal i have to untick auto on fan speed move the fan speed higher or lower and then it will begin to fall bk to its idle speed is that normal will it hit its peak and stay there even once its cooled down to its idle of or do u think evga is interfering nbsp

A:Upgraded to a 9800GT card, are my temps too high?

this is the one i got exept i have 1 gb ddr3
its a nice card doesnt need a 6 pin plug either takes all its power through board which is a plus for ppl with old machines
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im looking for the thermalright 120 i cant find it on newegg at all any help and the cheapest price would be nice

A:Where to buy a true tower 120?

Here you go:

though I believe the Prolimatech Megahelms often outperforms it, and it is the same price:
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Hi everyone I m new here and have read over some of the posts and stickies but have not found my issue I have a Dell Pentium R CPU GHz and GB RAM extra added tower - Dell monitor brightens/darkens 4550 overheating? by me I have never gotten any kind of Dell 4550 monitor brightens/darkens - tower overheating? warning or message that my tower fan was not working properly For the last couple of weeks I have noticed my computer monitor brightening a lot and then darkening screen is still readable and then going back to normal This will happen anywhere from to times in a two hour period I have been Dell 4550 monitor brightens/darkens - tower overheating? turning off the computer when not in use giving it a chance to cool down which I now realize was the worst thing to do Today when I went to fire it up for about the third time during the start-up Windows shut down quot to protect itself quot and gave me a blue screen message to turn off the computer and restart I did and have not had that issue again Dell 4550 monitor brightens/darkens - tower overheating? today I have placed a large fan behind the tower and the problem seems to have stopped for now which leads me to believe the problem is caused by overheating The tower casing was cleaned inside around months ago but was very dusty My questions Does this sound like a tower fan problem and how do I check that it is working properly Are there capacitors or something else I should be checking for heat damage and replacing I know I really just need a new computer but that won t be happening for a while so any help you could give me to keep this one sputtering along would be greatly appreciated Thanks much nbsp

A:Dell 4550 monitor brightens/darkens - tower overheating?

Hi Jeri, welcome to TS. I'm not sure specifically about the 4550, but I know most Dells will post a warning on boot if the fan isn't working properly. If you haven't seen the message, it's probably not the fan.

If you're up to it (which it sounds like you are if you upgraded the ram yourself), open it up and look if the fan is spinning while the computer's running and also while you're in there dust out the computer, especially the cpu cooler and video card heatsink. While cleaning it out, look at the capacitors on the motherboard and/or video card to make sure they aren't leaking or bulging. A cap should be flat on top, it should not be "pointy" or rounded on top or leaking from the top or bottom. I've seen bad caps on a 4550 before, close to the cpu socket (between the rear ports and cpu), so make sure to look to be sure. You may have to remove the green "air duct" to be able to see the caps on the board.

Also, are you sure the problem is with the computer and not the monitor? It almost sounds like you might be having a problem with the backlighting on the monitor (assuming it's an lcd). Any chance of testing the monitor on another computer to be sure?

I suppose there's always the possibility of a a failing power supply as well. Sometimes when a power supply is flaky (power fluctuations, noise, etc) it can cause weird issues like BSODs among other things. It's possible that your power supply fan could have failed, and if the power supply is overheating it could be acting up.

Best wishes.
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Putting together a build for a friend however I believe the motherboard may have been damaged or was fans off Build, no New mobo, beeps fan psu cpu not Mobo light, case powers green damaged upon my taking part New Build, Mobo green light, psu powers case fans off mobo, not cpu fan no beeps in the build I assembled the parts a w thermaltake psu an asus mobo e intel processor western digital hard drive New Build, Mobo green light, psu powers case fans off mobo, not cpu fan no beeps gigs of GSkill ati hd gpu and an LG dvd drive Posted gave an error message about cpu fan error I google it it seemed to be relatively harmless While in the bios the computer s signal disappeared I attempted a reboot to no avail No error codes cpu fan stopped spinning Removed memory no error code removed no error code case fan connected to the motherboard spins when powered on motherboard shows green light no signal detected I tested the processor in another rig and it worked fine and the cpu fan spun fine Tested another power supply with said motherboard and the motherboard fan would not spin and it would not post and no error codes Is my motherboard dead Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:New Build, Mobo green light, psu powers case fans off mobo, not cpu fan no beeps

check and recheck the connections on the board, if unsuccessful, make sure you haven t short-circuited the mobo, ...
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I have an ASUS M2N SLI deluxe Motherboard, an AMD 6400 Black edition and an Nvidia 8800GS graphics card and am concerned about the running temperatures.

Firstly the Motherboard's temp is often around 70 degrees or more, when simply broswing the web for half an hour. When i play games the motherboard's temp usually rises to about 75 degrees. The CPU is usually at 43 degrees when not gaming but when gaming it usually rises to above 50 degrees. I also noticed my graphics card reaches nearly 60 degrees when gaming.

Are these temperatures of any major concern- and if so what can i do to cool my components better???

thanks in advance!

A:Motherboard, CPU, GPU Temps Too High?

Those temps seem acceptable to me, but when you say 70 or more... what is 'more'?
Cooler is always better, the cooler it runs, the more efficient it runs. You can just add more fans, but one thing which is always overlooked (not directed to you) is failing to blow off any dust build up on the internal components of your PC. If you haven't done so, that alone will make a drastic improvement.
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My rear fan has 3 connections:

1 little plug to plug into the motherboard

1 big plug (male) to plug into the power supply cable

1 big plug (female) to plug into the power supply cable

I plugged the power connector to the male big plug comming from the power supply. this right?

Do i need to plug in the little cable connecotr to the motherboard even though the plugged the big connector to the power supply cable.


(MOBO: Intel DG43NB
Case: NZXT Whisper)

A:How do I hook up PC case fans to motherboard?

The smaller plug is so that your motherboard can detect the rpms, yes you can plug it in.