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Problem with Audio and USB ports

Q: Problem with Audio and USB ports

On my HP Windows XP desktop, audio and the USB ports stop working while the rest of the PC is working fine. The only way to recover is by rebooting the system. After reboot the audio and the ports work fine for a couple of days and the problem repeats. I have tried downloading the latest RealTek audio drivers and cleaning the Registry etc. Nothing has helped.

Any suggestions?

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Preferred Solution: Problem with Audio and USB ports

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Problem with Audio and USB ports

What type of audio card do you have? Is it an add-on card? Is it a USB card?
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I have a problem with my front usb ports/audio ports, a couple days ago I replaced my radiator and unplugged the cord for the front usb ports but it went back in fine and ever since then I would have my headphones plugged in but whenever I took out something from the usb port the headphone/audio stopped working, could there be something wrong with the way I plugged it back in?


A:Problem with usb ports/audio ports

Maybe a hardware problem,check it from u'r computer manufacturer !
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Hello all First off I would like to say thanks in advance Ok here s my problem Last July I bought a Dell Inspiron E It worked fine for a few months but then I started having troubles with my speakers they would just stop working for no reason I would turn of the power on the speakers and unplug them from my laptop I would wait a few problem (audio ports). Motherboard seconds plug them in and they would work again Then I decided to buy a headset so I could use SKYPE Once again problems SKYPE wouldn t recognize the headset or microphone I tried listening to music with Motherboard problem (audio ports). the headphones and nothing I made sure to try them out on my friend s Mac and they worked perfectly I contacted Dell and after a lot of back and forth they told me that I had a defective audio port on my motherboard They also said I needed to replace the entire thing The problem is that I left the USA I m living in South Korea in September so I would have to pay to have it shipped to the USA not to mention it would take much longer My question is this If it is a problem with a the audio port is it possible to repair it If so I ll try to find a shop here in Busan What really annoys me is that today I plugged in the headset and it worked find I was able to talk to my buddy in Madrid no problem When I hung up I disconnected the headset and connected my speakers and NOTHING No sound Well thanks in advance for any help suggestions Oh yeah I m running Windows XP and the motherboard is a Calistoga GM at least that is what the Dell sales rep told me nbsp

A:Motherboard problem (audio ports).


Have you ever tried using a USB interface headset?

This way you dont even have to plug it into your audio output jacks on your motherboard. I use the audio output jacks for my speakers on my motherboard, but I use a USB headset for when I play games and want to talk to others online. This might be a simple solution for you because it will totally bypass the need to use the bad ports and it will work fine for what you want to do. They also make usb speakers with their own built-in soundcards, so you wouldnt need the jacks for that either.
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Hello all I am new to the Forum but after a with out in Mic AC'97 and Line Problem and Audio ports Realtek week Problem with Mic in and Line out ports and Realtek AC'97 Audio of searching for answers I figured mine must be a unique problem I ve had a no sound problem with my PC at work for sometime programs and browsers have always run perfectly but with no sound I suspected a disabled sound card but the PC has a sound card built in on the MB and it has always been enabled My second solution was out of date drivers and after seeing a yellow explanation mark next to my sound device I downloaded the appropriate driver as well as the latest DirectX for my OS WindowsXP I then proceded to download all available codecs for my built-in sound card the Realtek AC Audio model Complete specs will follow So far no good but with these was installed the Multi-Channel Audio Configuration program by Realtek which enabled me to see that upon inserting my speakers into the line-out it was being detected as mic-in Bizarre I tried fiddling about trying line-out in and mic ports on the front and rear of the pc but in every case all that was recognized was a Powered Speaker in Mic-In connector Anyway I downloaded a few media players with visualisation to make sure that the PC was indeed generating sound and it wasn t just failing to comprehend audio files completely admittedly this should have been an earlier move But everything was Ready Ok and installed status wise So then I m fiddling about again and I try running the Realtek Audio Configuration s connection check whilst playing some mp files in wmp my speakers currently in line-in And for seconds whilst the test is commencing I hear the first sound this computer has ever produced but upon this tests completion and the result that the powered speakers are apparently connected to Mic In the sound fails once more This has got me once again royally stumped and I ve filtered through many threads regarding the failure of the Realtek AC codecs drivers etc but I ve reinstalled all the necessary software countless times and feel this could possibly be a hardware malfunction Nevertheless I decided to put it in the audio thread sorry if I ve done the wrong thing Thanks to any helpers in advance Please help Spud Sound device Realtek AC Audio Manufac Realtek Status OK PNP Dev PCI VEN DEV amp SUBSYS A C amp REV amp AAA amp amp A IRQ Driver c alcxwdm sys nbsp

A:Problem with Mic in and Line out ports and Realtek AC'97 Audio

During your-

Spudrifle said:

fiddling aboutClick to expand...

did you try downloading and running OpenAL from here?
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I have Realtek HD Audio

On Realtek Audio, there are visual representation of the ports on my computer.

the last driver version of realtek allowed you to reassign the funcitons of these ports to whatever you want. For example, I could change a speaker port to a microphone port if I wanted.

I can't seem to do it in this version, the option doesn't present itself. does anyone know how you can do that, or is there another way? I'd like to have two speaker ports instead of just one. i dont have front ports.
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Okay i bought a Audigy sound blaster
i have head phone and microphine jacks in the front of my computer i want to use those stilll is there any way possible to still use those jacks why still using my sound blaster even tho there not directly plugged in?
Any questions jsut ask.

A:HD audio ports

What's the model of the Sound Blaster?
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I know the 5.1 might be an extra feature for this adapter AnPu Portable USB 3D Virtual 5.1 Audio Sound Card Adapter Blue -
but does it actually do anything? anyone used one befor?

A:Usb to Audio Ports

I have a Senneheiser dongle that came with my headset. It's basically a soundcard in a small package.
the 5.1 on the dongle you posted is simulated using stereo.

you would normally use something like that if you have a headset with 3.5mm jacks and don't have ports on the front of your PC or on your speakers.
Keeps you from having to go behind the PC and unplug your speakers and plug in the headset.
Or if the onboard sound or soundcard failed, you'd use this as your soundcard.
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I have the following USB/audio ports that does not fit the floppy slot of my PC front panel. Grateful for advice on where this should be installed and how? Thanks.

A:USB and audio ports

It attaches to the front of the case, and it only fits the cases it was designed and included with; it's pretty much useless otherwise. Looks like it might be from an HP/Compaq.
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I just built my computer but I have a problem... what's wrote on my case's front USB audio wire is not what's wrote on my mobo manual. I'll try to show you how it is the best I can :
Here's what it says in my mobo manual :
(o = pin)
Ground - Front panel sense - MIC_JD - N/C - LINE2_JD
__o____________o___________o___ (no pin)__ o

MIC2 in_L - MIC2 in_R - LINE2 out_R - Front I/O sense - LINE2 out_L
___o__________o_________ o_____________o_____________o

Here's the front audio wire I have in my case :
-Return R
-Return L
-Spkout R
-Spkout L

If you don't understand my representation or need more infos plz just ask!

The first person who can help me resolve this problem will earn my admiration, gratitude, etc...

A:Front audio ports -> HELP!

BTW : My mobo is a ChainTech V915P Zenith and my case is a Diablo ATX Mid-Tower Case with 450Watt Power Supply, Front Neon Lights, Front USB and Audio Ports.
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Hi, my computer has two green ports for sound. The one on the back will only make sound come out of the right speaker, so I've plugged it in the front one which is also seemingly a bit weird cause the sound is sometimes static-y and broken. You have to like twist and push on the wire to get it just right and a lot of the time things bump it and it breaks again.

Does anyone know how to fix either of these? Preferably the back port, thanks.

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I want to buy this motherboard but I am unsure if it will hook up to my case with front audio and front USB ports. Is there a way to tell?

This is my case:

A:Front Audio and USB Ports

most likely it will if the mobo is recent. but the best thing would be to find the manual for the mobo online aand check there.
my mobo is 2 yrs old and it came with extra usb connectors, so im guessing that now it would be standard to have them on all the recent ones.
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I just got a new computer built for me for next to nothing, so I can't really complain ,but I'm not much of a tech so I can't figure this bit out on my own...

The problem is that the standard line out port for a simple 2 channel speaker setup (the green guy) is broken. The guy who built it for me says that it's easily reassigned to a different port in the Realtek AC97 software that's on the box, but I can't do it, and I can't find any help at the Realtek site. It shouldn't have anything to change on the motherboard, but does anyone have more experience with the AC97 software who could point me in the right direction?


A:Reassigning Audio Ports

do you know if your using onboard sound or a sound card?
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Hello, i have a Dell Inspiron 660-4858 and some logitech x-530 speakers. i figured i can use the surround because i only have 3 analog audio ports, but my sound card is 5.1,,, so i just wondered if there is anything i can buy to get the extra ports or something?

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I have been avoiding this issue for awhile. I want to connect the wires into my motherboard that would make my front audio ports work. There is a head phones port and a microphone port. My motherboard is ABIT IS-7. The legend of how to connect the wires are different from the case so I don't know how to.

Here are the wires that came with the case. They are labeled:
L In
L Out
Mic In

R In
R Out
Mic In

I am guessing that the L In is the headphones port because it is on the left side of the motherboard, so the right side would be the microphone.

I am completely lost. I hope someone can help. I'll post an image of the legend that is in the manual of ABIT IS-7.

Can someone tell me which one goes with which? I would really be helpful.


A:Need Help with Front Audio Ports (Mobo)

Can anyone help? Please.
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All nbsp I recently purchased a ThinkPad E together with a OneLink dock The laptop appears to be working just fine Currently running Windows bit nbsp However the OneLink dock is giving some problems nbsp First of all the HDMI connection network interface not with and 2.0 ports USB audio working OneLink T... and USB ports seem to be working fine but nbsp - the audio interface is not working nor is it recognized by Windows currently I have a simple speakerset OneLink USB 2.0 ports and audio not working with T... connected but headphones didn't work either and uninstalling reinstalling the Conextant audio drivers didn't solve the problem nbsp - None of the USB ports on the dock are working they do appear to have power as the light on my WD Passport is blinking when connected The USB ports on the laptop itself work fine nbsp - When OneLink USB 2.0 ports and audio not working with T... connecting a non-USB device to the USB ports also these DO NOT work keyboard mouse external HDD with external power USB stick none of these nbsp - The OneLink dock tray icon briefly appears when booting showing a status that the dock is not connected Windows device overview however shows it with status connected through USB nbsp I've tried removing all USB devices through the Windows deivce manager and reinstalling updating reinstalling drivers etc etc nbsp nbsp I suspect it's either a driver problem or even potentially a hardware issue nbsp Any help suggestions would be appreciated nbsp nbsp nbsp

A:OneLink USB 2.0 ports and audio not working with T...

I'm having similar problems with the ThinkPad Yoga and OneLink Pro Hub. Ethernet and external video work fine.  Can't get keyboard or mouse to be recognized when plugged into the OneLink Hub.  They work fine when plugged into the Yoga itself. When I look at "Devices and Printers", I see "Problem detected with Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed).   Details show:Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)A request for the USB device descriptor failed.When I look at the Driver info for "Unknown USB Device" - the driver version is 6.3.9600.16442 with a Device Date of 6/21/2006.  Seems hard to believe that a 2006 driver would be the right one.  But when I attempt to update the driver it says I have the most up to date version.
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My USB ports will not recognize audio devices when plugged in. All other USB devices work. I just updated all of my drivers on the HP website but the problem still exists. These devices just show up under the Other devices tab of the device manager and say that their drivers are out of date. But these devices do not need their own drivers to operate. I was wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem and could help

I am operating on windows 8.1
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I cannot find out how to hook the front microphone input to a Sound Blaster X-fi extreme music sound card. The case is a Xion series gaming case from Xion USA. Creative will not help me out. Instead they offer the platinum edition for 80 dollars more. The only difference is the "convenient I/O drive" that fits in the case.

A:Front case audio ports

According to one reviewer, there is no on-board connector for the case audio cables:

If you are handy with a soldering iron, you might be able to run a home made adapter cable out of the back of the case and plug it into the rear panel mic jack.

Chuck W.
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The audio ports (back and top) of my xps 8500 stopped working after my dog yanked at the output cable to my external speakers which was plugged into one of the six rear ports.  Thinking the ports need replacing, I've opened the computer and tried to remove the audio port component from the motherboard, but it doesn't want to pull free.  Does anyone know how to remove the unit?  Can it be removed or is it integral to the motherboard? Thanks for your help.
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I built my computer November 1st 2007. Ever since then I haven't been able to get the front mic or audio ports to work. My front USB ports work fine though. I just recently started wanting to use them, so I didn't worry much about it until now.

I reinstalled all my audio drivers and chipset drivers, specifically the vista 64-bit ones (thats my OS) included on the motherboard disc. My rear audio works fine. Also, I'm 100% positive that the front audio cable is plugged into the motherboard correctly.

Whenever I plug something into the mic or audio port, it goes in fine, but my computer doesn't detect it.

Computer info:

XFX, Nvidia 650i Ultra motherboard.

Integrated Realtek audio.

Apevia X-Cruiser case (just in case it might be something wrong with the case)

I really appreciate any help!

A:Front Audio And Mic Ports Not Working

Before I look up your front panel connections and your mobo, let me ask you what speakers are you using? Does it have a separate (remote) volume control? Mine has jacks for both on the side
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Ok so I have a Xion Green and Black case, has two Front USB ports(Which were upside down,easily fixed) and a front audio port, a headphone and mic jack. Well it's all plugged in right, but it's 100% not working... any ideas?

A:Front Audio ports won't work...

if you recently made a fresh OS install,

1. install the sound driver (comes with the mainboard CD)
2. go to BIOS & enable your onboard sound.
3. please get a windows update.
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I've been having this issue with Windows for about a week now which NONE of the back panel/front panel connectors (speakers, microphone) are being recognized by Realtek audio manager. The only audio input/outputs that are showing are the optical.
Troubling shooting steps I've tried (none worked):

COMPLETELY uninstall all Realtek drivers/reinstallTried using windows driversReinstall Windows 10Upgraded chipset driversfc /scannow
I called EVGA and asked for RMA but then I booted into a Ubuntu OS and all the ports work FINE. It must be a problem with windows 10.
Can you think of any other troubling shooting step I can try to fix this annoying issue? Thanks!
Screenshot of playback devices:

Screenshot of Realtek HD Audio Manager:

After looking in Device Manager under Audio inputs and outputs, I don't see any speaker/microphone listings, only the optical crap:

A:Rear audio ports always show as “Not plugged in”

I've fixed the issue my self. Somehow "Disable front panel jack detection" in the Realtek settings made all my other ports work again.
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A:Front audio ports in mono, not stereo

Have you considered the front panel jack is the problem rather than the motherboard? I had a new case with a defective front panel assembly. Corsair sent me a replacement front panel assembly and the problem(s) were fixed.
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I've got a slight problem.

In the front panel i've got 2 ports, 1 for audio and 1 for microphone. However, only the audio port is working (detecting that i've put in the plug for headphones, for i.e), but it cannot detect my microphone (the microphone plug is of course already plugged in).

Then in the back panel i've got 2 more ports, 1 for audio and 1 for microphone. But the back panel is reversed, as i can only seem to detect my microphone there, but not the audio.

So i'm left chosing between microphone or audio.

What might be the problem?
And how may i fix it?

A:Changing default ports for audio/microphone

Check the audio configuration in the Control Panel/Hardware and Sound/Sound panel. On the Playback panel, your "Speakers" should be set as the default Playback device. On the Recording Tab, depending on your sound card, you may have two microphones, one for the front and one for the rear. You may also have "System Mixer" as an option too. Selecting the System Mixer (SoundBlaster calls it "what you hear") may also work.

If this doesn't fix the problems, it could be the drivers (and you need Win7 or at a minimum for some devices Vista drivers) need reinstalling or simply uninstalling your sound in the Device Manager and then restarting the PC will take care of it.

To recycle the sound device, Hold the Windows key down and press the Pause/Break Key. In the panel that comes up, the Device Manager can be accessed from the list in the upper left of the panel. In the Device Manger, RIGHT click on the entry for your sound device (to highlight it) and then LEFT click on "uninstall" (DO NOT uninstall the driver). Restart the PC and when Windows starts it should detect and reinstall the sound.
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For anyone who has had a DELL that developed a bad audio port this ones for you I had a DELL Inspiron Yes it s old But it still works and it can replacement for Cheap ports laptop audio hold Win So why replace it It was the only computer I could afford at the time So if it stopped working I was out of options One day I noticed that the audio port was only giving out audio in one channel I ve read this happening on a number of laptops So I can imagine it s probably cheap manufacturing to create a compact portable device But that s what third-party hardware is for My first attempt was a PCMCIA card from Hong Kong that was the first time I saw a package with mandarin characters It worked perfectly fine except for the fact that it gave off a high pitched whine That worked out for a while until I got a headache My next attempt was a USB adapter I didn t want to use it because it was so cheap and I kept thinking quot Cheap replacement for laptop audio ports cheap hardware quot However it was cheap enough that I decided to just go for it Here s what I got FG-UAUDV -C http www amazon com Syba-SD-CM-UAUD-Adapter-C-Media-Chipset dp B MSS CS I tried using it in XP and Windows loaded up the drivers right away well when I say right away It uses the C-Media chipset I ve had it for a while and it has yet to fail on me So I am going to say something that I never thought I d say before cheap isn t always a bad idea nbsp
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My question is the following: Can you, on just one audio card, assign the sound from two different applications to two different audio ports e.g. movie sound goes through one port to the TV while the sound from a game or music goes through another to a head-set. I mean, it is possible to divide different sounds in a movie to the different chanels in a 5.1 sound system so wouldn´t it be possible to do the same with applications?

Is there any programs that would allow this or do you need a second video card?

Thanks in advance!


A:Can you assign sound from different aplications to different audio ports?

mmmmmmmm NO BUT YOU CAN have 1 device as the windows sound device such as my audigy soundcard and I have my digidesign MBOX in high end sound programs that use ASIO drivers so normally windows don't even see its there really till I'm in sonar or fruity loops......

NOW with that said if I could find a media player that allowed me to use those ASIO drivers as the output guess I COULD do just what you suggested.
I have honestly WANTED this ability before such as havin people in the vocal booth listening to a mix of a song so they can write lyrics and me being able to have a seperate audio feed so I could be composing music in fruity loops......... I am sure there is a way somehow
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I'm getting an antec super lan boy case for christmas and I was just wondering if I'll be able to hook up the front audio connectors to my audigy 2 card, It was an OEM version so I don't have a manual and I can't find anything on in the manual on the creative site, does anyone know if it's possible and if so how?



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I have had this computer for over a year, when I initially got it I noticed the two audio ports on the front of the tower were not working. I double checked to see if it was plugged in on the mother board in the right spot, it was. I decided to just leave it before anything else broke, but after a year I love my computer less and am willing to take the risk .

When I plug it into speakers into the front audio jacks (There are two) Realtek HD Audio does not give the message "A Jack Has Been Plugged In". The back ports work fine for the record.


Windows XP SP3

Motherboard: MSI 975X Platinum PowerUp Edition

Realtek HD Audio Manager:
Driver Version
Audio Codec ALC888.

If you need any other information please let me know as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance!

A:Solved: Front Panel Audio Ports Not Working

Well I got it working after much forum searching!

"Had same problem but problem isn't the chip.
In Realtec Audio Manager, if you hover over the pink and green icons for the front panel you'll probably see they're both set up for speakers or headphones.
To solve you first need to unplug the microphone.
Then click on the 'folder' icon, which is just to the right of where it says 'ANALOG'.
Then make sure you enable fron't panel jack detection and enable the auto pop-up dialog.
Then plug the mic in, and when the pop-up asks tell it that you've plugged in the Mic.
Suggest you disable the front panel detection and the auto pop-up afterwards as it's a right pain.
You can get a similar end result if you use the 'Connector Retasking' facility - just right click on the pink or green socket icon.
Hope this helps someone.
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hey guys,

i use a couple of speakers which is plugged to the rear speaker port, I'm using windows 8 pro atm and i cant access my front panel audio port to connect my hp, so can some one suggest me an app to control the audio ports which will allow me to plug my speakers and headphone and just to make 1 audio output,

reply fast thanks

A:Front and Rear panel audio ports control

That Motherboard number of G41d3b in your System Specs indicates a Biostar board [which should have been included]. Have you checked the maker's site for any software they might have that will do that?
G41D3B :: Motherboard :: BIOSTAR
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I have had my hard drive reformatted recently and installed Windows from Windows XP All the drivers and hardware are currently working fine However my Audio Panel Not Working [SOLVED] Front Ports front panel audio ports mic and speaker have stopped functioning The front panel ports used to function smoothly in my previous setup The audio driver installed previously was Realtek HD Audio Driver and the OS was Windows XP Currently I have a generic 'High Definition Audio Device' driver provided by Microsoft Is it possible that the front panels have stopped working due to the absence of the Realtek Driver I read in numerous articles that the front panel [SOLVED] Front Panel Audio Ports Not Working ports could be enabled through the Realted HD Audio Manager Is this true Can the problem be solved simply by installing new driver and software or do I have to explore the unknown for me realms of computer hardware Any help [SOLVED] Front Panel Audio Ports Not Working is appreciated D Also sorry for not posting specific information in this post but I do not know precisely what information is needed If the need arises I will be happy to provide them Thanks in advance

A:[SOLVED] Front Panel Audio Ports Not Working

Has anyone else experienced this type of issue? Does anyone know of the solution?

I'd really appreciate any help! :)
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Hi all, the onboard sound chip on my computer (realtek ac97) burned out so i put this Creative Soundblaster ct4870 in place of that, the problem is i dont no how to hook up front audio ports to it. thanks ahead of time.

A:Solved: creative soundblaster front audio ports

The soundblaster live uses livedrive for front audio ports.
It mounts in one of the CDROM drive bays in the computer.
It looks like this...
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I have 2 USB's, a firewire & mix & line in & out ports on the front of my computer case. (Origen Case)

I've had it setup before & know it needs to be setup as Legacy Audio 97. But I had to unplug it to remove my processor & I forgot that they were all separate plugs & I dont remember what goes where.

Black - L Out
Green - Ret L
Red - Mic in
Yellow - Mic pwer
Orange - R out
White - Ground
Tan - Ret L

I can see where to put a couple like Mic pwer & ground, but a lot of the labels on the audio 97 config are labeled NC?

So what goes where?


A:Help setting up AAFP for Legacy Audio 97 for my front panel ports

Does this diagram help. The connector in my diagram is upside down compared to yours but as you can see some pins are not used.
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m audio lt sound card not sure why usually when I shut down it restarts automatically recently i was watching a movie and it restarted out of no where any help appreciated windows ultimate amd ghz processor gb ram I did do some searching i do have m audio w/ problem sou 1010lt restart BSOD ultimate glitchy win7 audio m audio lt and someone here had similar problems with audio being glitchy just looking for help Problem signature Problem Event Name BlueScreen OS Version Locale ID Additional information about the problem BCCode restart problem BSOD glitchy audio win7 ultimate w/ m audio 1010lt sou e BCP FFFFFFFFC BCP FFFFF D BCP FFFFF A BB BCP FFFFF A B C OS Version Service Pack Product Files that help describe the problem C Windows Minidump - - restart problem BSOD glitchy audio win7 ultimate w/ m audio 1010lt sou dmp C Users Exactly AppData Local Temp WER- - sysdata xml If the online privacy statement is not available please read our privacy statement offline C Windows system en-US erofflps txt Uploads wasnt working so I uploaded file to my sky drive here https skydrive live com redir resi FBzOqIS INYINo

A:restart problem BSOD glitchy audio win7 ultimate w/ m audio 1010lt sou

here it is upload worked
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im using dell inspiron 15-3521 whenever i connect earphone/headphone to my laptops jack only the left side of the speaker work right side has no sound (inbult laptop speaker works fine).my friend asked me to download (0005-Win7_Win8_Win81_Win10_R279) driver from realtek web site and  I installed it and the problem was solved and this was about 6 to 7 months back
but now im facing the same problem i did the same what i did last time  i downloded and re installed the driver but of no use the problem still presists.
so plz guide me what to do to solve the problem.
thank you umesh.

A:audio problem when earphone/head phone is connected to 3.5mm audio jack

Test by switching between the Realtek audio driver and the Windows native audio driver.
1. Open the Device Manager (find it in the Control Panel, or type devmgmt.msc into the search box).2. Expand the "Sound, video & game controllers" and right click on "Realtek High Definition Audio".3. Select to "Update Driver Software".4. Click on "Browse my computer for driver software".5. Click "Let me pick from a list of drivers on my computer".6. Put a check in the box "Show compatible hardware" if not already checked.7. In the list of devices, click "High Definition Audio" (the native driver).8. Click "Next".9. On the Update Driver Warning box, click "Yes" (install the driver). 10. Restart the laptop if prompted. If not prompted, then no need to restart.[To get back to the Realtek driver, do it again but reverse the names in steps 2 and 7.]
If it still does not work correctly when the native driver is installed, then the hardware in the headphone jack has failed.
But if the same problem is there with the native driver then you should install a different version of the Realtek driver. I might be able to direct you to one but would need to know which operating system you are using.
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Can someone please help me try and figure out why my audio isnt working the way is should be?

Playing a blu ray disc (Tron Legacy) using PowerDVD 11 and there is no sound from the side speakers.

On the weekend I hooked up my next door nieghbours PS3 and it played all 8 channels perfectly.

I have been trying to figure this out for 6 weeks now and I am not getting anywhere at all.

A:Audio Problem - 5.1 & 7.1 channel not working with Realtek HD audio & ATI HD4670

Does this only Happen in PowerDVD 11? Have you tried Windows Media centre?

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I have several computers of differents (HP, Toshiba, etc) and It happens the same problem. The audio device has an exclamation mark in Device Manager.

I think this problem is caused by some update windows. My OS is Windows 7 Home Premium 32bits .

Does anyone know what Windows Update should be uninstalled ?

Thank You.
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Hey all so I have forwarded some ports on my router with Airport Utility NAT port forwarding but using cmd netstat -n the ports I forwarded aren't listed and using online port checkers confirms they are closed I added exceptions to my firewall even though it is off and windows defender is off and Avast's shields are all off I honestly have no idea how to open the ports up and haven't found a way to do this using Windows not pro Anybody have any ideas It seems like Windows is blocking these ports from opening for some reason There doesn't seem to be an override function in cmd to open them either In case forwarded disabled? router Ports firewalls closed; ports, you're wondering why I need the ports open I'm trying to resolve a quot request timeout quot error when pinging somebody on Hamachi - so I'm trying to open the main ports Hamachi uses I just want to play Terraria man Any Ports closed; router forwarded ports, firewalls disabled? help would be greatly appreciated

A:Ports closed; router forwarded ports, firewalls disabled?

Temporarily add your PC IP into the DMZ and try again , see if the internal/external tests then notice the ports open , this will test if it's a router or PC issue....

Don't forget to take it out of the DMZ after testing...
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I installed my graphics card but the NVidia hd audio driver wont install I tried clean reinstall with driver signature removed and all
It only installs the Microsoft driver I tried extracting the .inf for it and manually install but I get a not compatible with windows message.
Any helps appreciated

A:Nvidia HD audio and Microsoft hd audio Driver problem

Hi tice1231

Could you possibly tell us the exact Video card you are using. Maker and Model?

Is this the correct one? zotac synergy edition 4gb GT630? 650?


I see you have your own soundblaster Audio card? Does the motherboard have onboard sound card? If so, try disabling the onboard sound in the BIOS. See if that helps.
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My internal speakers seem to work fine but I can't get the sound to go into my headphones when I plug in my headphones. Is there a way how to fix this?

Relevancy 40.42%

omg, I was switched to a different pc at my job and the person there previously downloaded realtek to the pc and im having a problem with the headphones, when i put the headphones in i get a pop up confirming the action but im still hearing music from the speaker...its really annoying because im use to just pluging in the headphones and everything being not even sure why she downloaded this program, anyhow if you can please help, i need my music to keep me sane at work, its sooo ver depressing. the operating system is microsoft windows xp
Relevancy 40.42%

Hello, i have a problem with my sound. there is a Yellow Question mark beside Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus. I have a Windows XP SP3. The Computer model i use is IBM ThinkCentre M52 8215 EKU. This is the error i get in System Information:


Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_11D4&DEV_1981&SUBSYS_101402F9&REV_1002\4&310C0C77&1&0001 The drivers for this device are not installed.


A:Audio device on high definition audio bus problem

Try the driver HERE

That driver doesn't have an installation executable so also see How to Install a Driver when there's no Installation .EXE file to run
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Hi I was wondering if anyone here can help me with a ports going with into problem 2.0 USB USB problem im having with this board http global aopen com products detail aspx auno Its the Mobo i use in my secondary system i use in the spare room problem with USB ports going into 2.0 Yes its a older board but it still works well except for this USB issue it seems whenever i plug something into the usb ports i get a message that its connection could be faster if i used a USB port The probem is all the ports are USB and it worked before The system was moved into a new case a few weeks ago and XP Pro re-installed I used the original Mobo disk problem with USB ports going into 2.0 with all the drivers and it started giving me only a USB connection Thats Slow I looked on the Aopen website and there is no new USB drivers for it I also checked in Bios and it has my USB enabled so im at a loss of what to try next here I would appreciate any ideas at this point nbsp

A:problem with USB ports going into 2.0

Have you applied at least sp1 to the system? XP did not support usb 2.0 until after sp1.

I assume you have installed the chipset/mb drivers for the system correct?
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A while back my msn has been acting very strange and it drives me crazy. When i try to log in it says that it failed trying to log in. When i toubleshoot it says it some trouble with the key ports. And then this message is showing, "Failed to connect to the server. This could be due to improper proxy or firewall settings. Please review your proxy and firewall settings. Proxy settings can be accessed trough windows Live Messenger Option. For firewall settings, please se the retailer's instructions". I repaier and it does not make any diffrence.

Please help me!

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A few days ago, my portable hard drive (USB) was not recognized. But it was OK on other computers in the office using Windows 7. I tried various ports, but the computer is new and in any case, this didn't help.
I am wondering if it is safe to delete all the USB connections from the "Device Manager" and reboot to have them recognized again. Or could there be some other way of solving this problem?

A:USB ports problem

go to device manager USB root hub and power management tab and uncheck allow the computer to turn off this device to save power
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I am using ASUS P4S533-MX and everytime i plug my mp3 player or usb in a message comes up saying "USB device not recognised". Every now and again the usb reads the device and works but it usually doesn't. What is the problem and how can i fix it? Thanks in advance


A:Usb Ports Problem

Have you checked your MP3 player or other USB device's websites to see if they have specific WinXP drivers? Sounds like that is the problem, that WinXP does not know which driver to use.
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Hey guys. Im not sure if this is in the rite place, so admins move it if u like.

Theres something wrong with all my usb ports. For some reason if i shut the computer down plug in either the usb cable from my printer or my digi camera, and started up the comp, it will go to the windows screen, but rite after that it says "windows protection error, please restart your comp". and if i take the usb cable out and restart the comp, everything is fine and it goes rite to my desktop. If i was to plug the usb cable in while the comp was on, it would come to a blue screen and say something. Not sure was it says.

The reason why i gotta get this fixed, is because i know im gettn a new digi camera for christmas, and now i cant use it...Can anyone help me out???

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I have a problem in the usb ports. when i connect an usb on my dell laptop it doesn't recognize and in device manager in universal serial bus controllers shows Unknown Device with this message-

Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)
it happens with other usbs(that work good on other pc) and on all ports. Also i have a cooler connected on one of the usb ports and it is working good.

I formatted my windows 7 and installed it again and it happens again, and i tried to uninstall the unknown device and scan for hardware changes in device manager and it's the same problem.
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Ok here's the situation, evrything I plug into a usb port on my machine gets put into the devices/printers section. I have a flash disk and a sata docking station but can't use them as they aren't showing as generic drives.

Any ideas as to what's wrong.

A:USB Ports Problem

Can we have your computer specs please, so we can help you further?
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Hello, I'm having a strange problem. I'm trying to install Sophos and there fore the following ports need to be open: 8192, 8193 and 8194. All firewalls are disabled.
But when I do telnet ipaddress 8192 (where ipaddress is the ip address of the problem pc) from the server I'm getting the folloqwing error message: Could not open connection to the host, on port 8192, connect failed.
It's the same result for the other ports.
What could be wrong?


A:Ports problem

Jvuz, Telnet is a server/client program that normally uses port 23 for communication and usually talks to an ip address. I'm trying to understand why you want to telnet to the 819x ports you mentioned asyou do not normally need to open the ports manually. Sophos installer program usually installs without any problems and opens the required ports as part of the install.If this is not happening, we need to have more info on how you are configured to go onto the internet..router type etc.
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Hello everybody.i have a serious problem here.when i start my Laptop(hp pavillion g6 1055ex) i plug in the usb device(external HDD or usb controllers or Flash memories), it really works good and i hear a sound of plugin or plugout sound in my windows 7 but after an hour when i plug in my any of usb devices,they are not appear anywere.and even i cant here the plug in and plug out sound but the light of the device is working!!!!!!!
Laptop model:Hp pavillion G6 1055ex
i purchase this laptop 2 months ago and it is brand new. plz help!

A:USB ports problem

Isn't this still under warranty? Can you take it in for warranty work?
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I just installed new usb points to the back of the PC and it installed real easy. I booted the PC and it installed the drivers. Then shut down the PC and moved my Keyboard and mouse and speakers and rebooted. It gets to a screen that says the Keyboard is not installed. So I shut down and moved them all back and rebooted and it was fine. So while it was on I moved the mouse and a keyboard over and it installed the drivers and both worked fine, rebooted and same problem. What could cause this. The new points seem to be working fine my flash drive works from the new ports.

A:Problem with new USB ports.

This is what I - BELKIN Hi-Speed USB 2.0 5-Port PCI Card Model F5U220v1 - Add-On Cards
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I have a newer PC. About a year old. Just recently my USB Ports are not performing as 2.0 ports They perform at very slow speed. I get an error, telling me there are no 2.0 ports installed in my PC. My PC came with 5 USB 2.0 ports installed. My scanner, printer, burner are all working, but very very slow. PC specs are below. Sure hope someone can help.

Compaq Presario
1.6 gig processor
2 gig ram
120 gig Hardrive
Windows Vista

A:Problem with USB Ports

I Uninstalled the driver for the USB controller and rebooted. PC reinstalled the driver. Now all ports work perfectly.
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last night i tried to burn a dvd and it didnt like the dvds i bought and it wouldnt burn it froze on me so i hit the restart button my red led light came on motherboard and wouldnt go past start up screen it was kinda warm in my apartment so i figure it just over heated so i went to bed this morning i woke up and it still didnt start. and then i thought i would unplug everything i had in my usb ports and after i did that the red light went off and the pc started what is happening?

A:usb ports problem

Can you be more specific about what's happening?

Which software is being used to create the dvd?
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I'm facing too slow internet speed say - KBPS But my with Ports USB Problem normal speed is - KBPS Type of Connection G Dial up connection with Nokia USB Modem Cable Connection with nokia mobile Problem with USB Ports Asha series There is no problem with internet while surfing in mobile but with dial up connection with laptop After several experiments I had found the cause of less speed is with usb ports I Had attached three of usb ports to mobile via cable usb mouse and usb keyboard Changing port of usb cable with other usb port say mouse replacement had caused increase in speed but only for short time Problem with USB Ports Again replacing the usb cable with original port had also caused change in speed but its also for a short time I had Problem with USB Ports also scanned for hardware changes in device manager but dosent solve the issue Also all of my USB devices are hanging during browsing internet but this problem occurs very rarely and i should restart the system I had uninstalled and reinstalled modem software in device manager but dosent solve the issue The problem is like hell any help would be appreciated

A:Problem with USB Ports

JP first up mate what model Lenovo is it - difficult to find drivers without knowing it as I think you need the drivers updating for the USB and the network adaptor.

I suspect you have updated them using th Windows feature which to be honest I wish they would get rid of because I get all drivers from the manufacturers of the equipment / device - so much more reliable.

The issue with speed I cannot figure out what it has to do with the USB ports to be honest.

One thing you can do is to power off the modem and leave for about a minute and then power on again. This works for me when my modem (very occasionally) decides to go walkabout.
I would also run these when you get a chance to

ADW download frombleeping computer delete any rubbish found with the malware scans

Also do you have any cleaning programs on that machine such as CCLeaner which does a good job of decluttering the machine of temp files cookies etc? < download from piriform if you want to keep cookies associated with passworded sites you use you need to save them but if you are not sure of how to do that - post back and I can let you know how to do that.
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I purchased this laptop around 2 months ago:

HP 15-g092sa 15.6" Laptop - Black Deals | PC World

The USB port on the left hand side, which I believe is the USB 3.0 port is functioning perfectly, but the two, I believe USB 2.0, ports on the right hand side are not working at all. If I plug anything in to them there is no response whatsoever.

I don't think that it is a hardware problem, as I downloaded a piece of software which displays the two ports, but says they are "not connected":

View image: usb

I think it could possibly be a driver issue but im not sure where to find the drivers if that is the case.

Any help would be fantastic.

A:Problem with USB Ports

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

Go to the HP Support website for drivers. Then enter your PC's information.

Download and install the AMD chipset drivers which should include the USB drivers.
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Hi, On my laptop I have 3 USB ports at the back and 2 at the side.
At the back 2 just stop working as well as one on the side. Also my card reader just stop working. Any suggestions why this could have happened. They al stopped within a week of each other.
Thank You

A:USB Ports Problem

Could be a number of reasons , not knowing what you have and how old etc. You could try going into device manager and deleting them and rebooting .And then put in the driver disc and let windows rediscover them.
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My modem-router is in bridged mode (everything is disabled except internet), i have disabled windows firewall i have taken my firewall offline (until this issue is resolved) but still no one can access my server (they can't even join a game if i create a server)

if i go to port checker it says connection refused on all ports except port 80? how do i force open the ports?

i called my ISP and they say they should be open and there not blocking any ports.

I have a static ip address, 24Mbit up 2.5Mbit down.

when i run my filesharing program (for sharing files between my and my clients) and they try to download a file from me it says it will take (99years, 99days, 99 hours) now i don't really have that long to wait

edit: and yes my network properties are configured manually (and not on auto detect) i have no problem accessing the internet myself

A:Opening ports, i have the firewall disabled but ports are still blocked

It would be better to open the ports in the running firewall than to turn it off. Firewalls load drivers, running or not. Many firewalls block everything by default when they are turned off so that the machine is protected during boot.

You may need to uninstall some firewalls to get them to open all ports.
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This is a brand new custom built PC for web browsing for a motel lobby.

Win7 Home Premium
AMD A4-3300 Llano
MSI A55M-P33 FM1
Rosewill FBM-02 MicroATX Mini Tower

Running latest BIOS and latest drivers downloaded directly from manufacturer's website.

I tried switching between all 3 internal headers and none of them would detect the flash drive.

If I plug the drive in the rear ports it detects right away leading me to suspect the case's ports might be defective but I don't have another USB 2.0 card lying around to confirm.

Based on this info does it seem likely that the front ports themselves are faulty?

A:Front USB ports not working, but rear USB ports work…

You might check to see if the case end of the USB cables are properly plugged into the front panel holding the headers. Some board need more than one brand of USB drivers, Renesas, NEC, etc.
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For soem reason when I forward a port for my brother A PROBLEM SHOWS UP AND IT SHOWS THIS


A:Massive problem with ports

Hello Walshy11,

It would be helpful to post what you are doing...

You talking Win7 FWall?

Lots of 'ports' on a PC don't cha know...

Fill us in with the details, and help should be along soon!
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I have an Asus P8Z77-V board and my front dock has just stopped working. Thinking it was a problem with the PCB of the dock I slipped the 500GB drive into an internal slot and still it did not show up in Computer using the ports indicated in the pic with the red arrow.
Hooked up the SATA lead to the black arrowed port and now the drive shows up in Computer.

I am at a loss as to what drivers are for which from the list of SATA drivers can someone please help as I have read the manual and still cannot make out from the lists here I need to download to see if there is a problem with the driver for those red arrowed ports.

A:Problem with SATA ports

Hey John,

Here's the details for your SATA ports below. You would want the Asmedia SATA Controller Driver V1.3.4.0 driver. You might also double check to make sure that this SATA port is still enabled in your BIOS.

Intel? Z77 chipset :
2 x SATA 6Gb/s port(s), gray
4 x SATA 3Gb/s port(s), blue
Support Raid 0, 1, 5, 10
Supports Intel? Smart Response Technology, Intel? Rapid Start Technology, Intel? Smart Connect Technology

ASMedia? PCIe SATA controller : *6
2 x SATA 6Gb/s port(s), navy blue

Hope this helps.
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I am posting from my sister's computer which is having a problem with using computer mice This has been an issue for months we've tried USB type mice and regular mice but the ports themselves don't seem to recognize them The mice all work fine on other computers The mouse will blink in and out and eventually it will not work at all we don't know what the problem is We've hooked up a tablet and it has worked fine for the last two months but operating mouse and ports with problem a computer with just a tablet pen can be problem with mouse and ports bothersome my sister has recieved possible explanations from more technologically inclined friends of ours but she does not understand them I don't generally use her computer so I am not sure what the extent of the problem is Can someone please help The computer is five years old and self-built by the way It has no problems aside from the mouse issue edit sorry I should have posted this in the 'other hardware' forum

A:problem with mouse and ports

Do other P&P devices work? (ie: flashdrives, network cards) also does anything installed work with any of these ports? (ie: printer, scanner, Camera)
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Hello I've been using BitTornado to download torrents on my new PC and it was working perfectly until a few days ago From one day to the next it stopped working and gives the error quot Couldn't listen - ports BitTornado problem unable to forward port via UPnP quot I tried to disable UPnP in BitTornado ports problem BitTornado and now I can download but the speeds are insanely slow KB s and the indicator light stays yellow and never goes to green indicating a firewall may be in the way I did a search for that error and followed the instructions exactly from BitTornado ports problem http www portforward com english routers BitTornado htm Basically it told me to disable UPnP narrow the ports to - and manually forward those ports This still did not increase speeds Even on a popular torrent the max I got was kb s whereas before I use to get well over kb s I'm not too savvy BitTornado ports problem with this networking stuff I have a D-Link router EBR- and Norton Internet Security installed on my Windows system Can someone please help me get back to fast speeds
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I am new to this site so I may not ask the right questions. Basically I have a Compaq Presario CQ62 Laptop. I've had it for probably 4-5 years. I have put various softwares on it. At some point, I don't know when, all 3 USB ports started screwing up. The two on the left side don't work. The one on the right side (I have a wireless mouse transmitter plugged into it) is not working right. I cannot do any drop down menus. I can't scroll down at all. If I unplug it, and use the board on the laptop, it works fine...after I unplug the transmitter.

If anyone can help me with this I would be greatly appreciative. It's getting very frustrating. I was going to just do a system restore, but my son suggested I try here first.



A:Problem with USB ports working

Welcome to Seven Forums Ken. I'm no hardware expert, but let me suggest something simple that often works with USB, touchpad, and other issues.

Remove the AC power if plugged in. Remove the battery. After removing both, hold down the power button for 10-15 seconds. Now, just let the laptop sit like that for approx. 1/2 hour. Plug the laptop back in and test the USB ports again. I know it sounds implausible, but it can certainly work. A Guy
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My usb ports are not working properly. Although I can use my usb mouse and keyboard, whenever i plug in a usb memory, it doesn't show up on my "my computer". I do get the little icon in the system tray showing that I have plugged something in but I cant access my usb memory drive.

I'm running windows xp service pack 2
Dell Dimension 4600
Intel 2.39 ghz

This problem is new as I have been using my usb memory drives in my computer for a while.
I don't know if this is useful but I can still plug in my digital camera through usb and get pictures but the damn usb memories wont work : (

A:Solved: Problem with USB Ports

Right Click on "My Computer" >> Manage >> Disc Management ...
Does it show up here when plugged it ??
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I play online first person shooter games and today my mx510 mouse started malfunctioning. I'd be playing and my mouse would just completely stop working, anywhere from 1-10 or so seconds. I tried using a different mouse, a mx500 and I still get the same problem. I've tried different usb ports, different mouses, and anything I could think of. These malfuntioning occurences happen quite often, maybe 2-3 times every five minutes, and my mouse completely turns off for whatever amount of time. My computer is about 3 years old, but I keep it running like the day I bought it. I plan on formatting really soon, within the next few days and that might solve the problem. Please let me know of any reason this problem is occuring, and what I can do to fix it. Thanks.

A:Problem with usb ports shutting on/off

benlit said:

I play online first person shooter games and today my mx510 mouse started malfunctioning. I'd be playing and my mouse would just completely stop working, anywhere from 1-10 or so seconds. I tried using a different mouse, a mx500 and I still get the same problem. I've tried different usb ports, different mouses, and anything I could think of. These malfuntioning occurences happen quite often, maybe 2-3 times every five minutes, and my mouse completely turns off for whatever amount of time. My computer is about 3 years old, but I keep it running like the day I bought it. I plan on formatting really soon, within the next few days and that might solve the problem. Please let me know of any reason this problem is occuring, and what I can do to fix it. Thanks.Click to expand...
Maybe the mouse ball seized up from lint and stuff or the roller pins have a coating of gunk on them?

Laser mouse? Maybe try it on a different surface?
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the past few days i've tried to get this ports open
80. 443, 3306, 7272-7274
keep checking with sites like Open Port Check Tool - Test Port Forwarding on Your Router
to see if they get open or stay closed,
i've tried adding inbounds/outbounds, dissable all firewalls, connect the computer directly to the internet without any router or switch btw,
tried port forwarding, different sets of routers,
Asus RT-N66U & D-link GO-RT-AC750,
tried talking to my ISPn, and the support at Asus & D-link without any result,
tried 4 different computers an the only port that seems to want to show up as open is port 80 when i use the Asus router,

this has started to drain my energy and making me quite frustrated that nothing seem to happen so i hope there's anyone with any better idea's then mine that might slove this?
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I have a very annyoing problem; whenever I have a USB device plugged in, it keeps "reloading", meaning it all of a sudden loses it's connection with my computer, regains it a second later and the box saying that "new hardware has been found (or something like that)" pops up. Then it works fine for awhile but then it loses connection again and so on.
This is particularly annoying when I'm transferring files to a flash memory or external hard drive as the transferring is sometimes interrupted and the whole procedure has to be repeated.
Nothing shows up as strange in my hardware tab and I get no error messages at all, it just loses connection.
I'm running win XP with SP3.
Does anyone know what can be causing this? Any suggestions are welcome.

A:Problem with USB ports/USB devices

I'm not an expert, but depending on how old your ports/plugs are, I know mine have worn out before, simply lost there conductivity or have become slightly bent causing a disruption in the connection.
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I have run into a problem with my PCI Expansion Ports

I have been using a 3 port USB PCI Card. The other day, any device plugged into the card quit working.

Did some troubleshooting, and found out that the card is receiving power only, and is not transmitting any data. Some of the USB Devices I have - Printer, Flash Drive, USB Hdd, USB Wifi Adapter, Mouse, keyboard, Sidewinder Control stick, webcam, and a UPS.

I plugged each one into the card, and they all received power, but no data. Windows is not detecting that the device is plugged in, but the device does light up the LED's

I do not have any other PCI cards to test to see if it is the Card, or the ports that are bad. It is doing the same thing on both of the PCI slots on my Motherboard.

All of the other USB ports are working fine.

A:Problem with PCI Expansion Ports

Quote: Originally Posted by dbtmellis

It is doing the same thing on both of the PCI slots on my Motherboard.

Without testing in another computer I'd assume the card is bad. I went a different way, put a 4-port USB Hub in the floppy drive bracket on the front of the computer, connects to the internal power supply and the data cable plugs into a USB port on the back. I do have a couple of the PCI Add-in cards salvaged from other computers but like the front ports for accessibility.
CablesToGo Model # 30564 but replacement is Model # 30567
4-port USB 2.0 High Speed Front-Bay Hub - Black
Relevancy 39.99%

after doing on online security check with symatec i have discovered this:

ports 1090, ICMP Ping, SSH , HTTP,

Are all open, I have zone alarm version 4.5 installed and have been really surprised to find this was the case

can anyone advise me on how to close these ports. As far as im concerned i am not running any services on my comp.

and nothing has serve rights granted

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Lenovo C20-00, win7 64. USB ports doesnt works with any devices except keyboard and mouse (with no scroll), Any other devices plugged by usb are not recognized (same for cards in cardreader).  There no usb drivers on Lenovo support site ( and Intel driver update utility doesnt works too (shows thats all is fine no drivers need). In Device manager some components not installed: Universal Serial Bus (USB) controller and PCI Encryption/Decryption Controller. In win10 64 all works fine, but it so laggy on c20-00 powers.. not an option to work there.
Relevancy 39.99%

I am running windows 98 SE. Trying to hook up my new Digital camers. I have narrowed the problem down to my USB ports. Now what?? What do I do now? Thank you for your time in responding to my questions.

A:Big problem with USB ports not working

a lot of people dont know that (if the USB is onboard) it has to be enable in the bios. Check the peripherals (spelling?) and make sure that onboard usb is enabled. if it is a pci card then start the long search for drivers.
Relevancy 39.99%

I have a weird problem with my USB ports At first it was only one of them but later it spread Strange ports USB with problem to two of the Strange problem with USB ports others and now there s only one that works The thing is when I plug something in the monitor just turns off And when I take it out the PC turns off What could be causing this Is there a way to fix it without changing the motherboard Could the motherboard itself or other parts be at risk And most importantly can these ports or the one that still works damage an external device such as an MP player I bought one of low quality a while ago it worked at first but after I transferred a few songs through the good port it started to turn off by itself when I tried to access its files Then I changed it for another one and something similar happened but this time instead of just turning off the screen completely faded I thought it could have been because of their bad quality but some people I know have similar products and nothing like that happened to them Any help would be appreciated nbsp

A:Strange problem with USB ports

If you have a corrupt driver... you might try this.
control panel __> system__>hardware__>Device manger__> USB
the delete every one you find.... then delete the USB icon.

Now reboot and let XP find and reinstall... 99% of the time this seems to work... then go to MS update site and see if there are any upgrades...
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Hi there a friend recommended me to come here with my problem so I am hoping someone can help me out as I am totally lost I turned my computer on this morning to find that my USB ports would not work I tried my modem Bluetooth adapter and a USB pen drive but nothing would connect had any power generating I then connected my digital camera and my computer detected it I have no idea what s going on Everything worked fine before I went to bed and when I went to check my mail this morning I couldn t even get online It seems that anything that runs off power from the computer USB ports not problem: USB working! won t connect or something I was wondering if anyone could help me with this as I am at a total loss and don t know what to do Could it be USB problem: USB ports not working! something to do with a circuit in my motherboard perhaps I don t have a clue as to what USB problem: USB ports not working! has happened I d be thankful if anyone could help me with this Thanks nbsp

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My system has been running fine for months I have not added replaced any Problem with USB ports/mouse my hardware About a week ago my mouse froze on the screen A little while later a popup box in the lower right part of the screen says that a USB device was malfunctioning so it was disabled The weird part is that all I have to do is plug the mouse into another USB port and it installs the driver immediately and starts working Although it s really annoying to have to switch it back and forth every - minutes when you re trying to do something I thought maybe it was a virus but I did a virus scan and everything is clean I checked all my motherboard drivers Problem with my USB ports/mouse and BIOS version it s all up to date I really have no clue what would cause this I guess the first thing I thought is that the mouse is going bad but why would it keep working when you switch it into another USB port I don t know if anyone has any ideas they would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Problem with my USB ports/mouse

It's tough isolating a prob like that without actually switching to something you know
works on another system or another working usb device that can be used on your ports.
In other words, try your mouse on another system or another mouse on your system.
Or, try some other usb device, if you have one, to see if plays well with your usb ports.
More likely than not, if you have a couple usb ports and both/all do the same, it's probably the mouse.
Good luck.
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When trying to use an external hard drive or flash drive, the system recognizes its presence as drive G: and the files on that device are visible on Windows Explorer. However, when trying to read or write I get an error message (see also the uploaded screen shot) saying:Windows was unable to save all the data for the file G:\$Mft. The data has been lost. This error may be caused by a failure of your computer or network connection. Please try to save this file elsewhere.A run of F12 diagnostics from bootup revealed no useful information as far as I can tell. On-line chat with Dell (this is an Optiplex GX260 machine) indicates a driver problem.Is this indeed likely to be a corrupted driver or driver failure, and if so where do I get the driver(s)? I've had little / no luck searching on Microsoft support. Thanks.

A:Driver problem (?) with USB ports
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Hello nbsp For a while now my headphones that I usually plug into the audio jack are not working at all I have tried several headphones but it makes no difference The only way audio will come out is through a usb headphone usb adapter or through the speakers and also come out of the headphones at the same time I've downloaded and redownloaded and Audio problem serious general Jack Audio my audio devices and I'm completely frustrated at this point I've noticed that my speakers are set to go through the audio jack as well and thought disabling them would stop this problem But I was wrong Nothing I'm slowly getting more and more annoyed as the days go on without an answer Please I just need an answer I need my headphones to work again I've been having way too many problems lately but this is by far the worst The weirdest thing is for about a few days it was magically fixed after an update but reverted I don't understand and I can't stand it anymore nbsp Thank you
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I turned on my laptop the other day and no audio would play from anything, like youtube videos or itunes. I checked my volume control nothing was muted. When I opened itunes I got a message saying "itunes has detected a problem with your audio configuration. Audio/video playback may not operate properly". I tried to restart the laptop but had the same issue. So I went to the acer site and downloaded the audio driver for my laptop. Now the volume control icon has a red circle with a white x through it and says "audio device is disabled". I have a Acer aspire 7745g running Windows 7 64bit

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do Not have problems with any of 6 computers...question You Tube having Audio problems?

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I'm not sure if this is a problem unique to Qosmio, but I've been stumped for a while and can't seem to find anybody else with the same issue:

When I plug in a USB device into my ports, they aren't detected as USB devices. In Control Manager, they appear under "Other Devices" and I'm unable to use the device. I did find a workaround that works: Disable the USB device (in Control Manager), unplug it the USB device, plug it back in, and re-enable it. That seems to work, but I'd really like to be able to fix it so that I don't have to rely on that method every time.

Devices I have tried: Scandisk 16 gb memory stick; MIDI input device; External audio interface.
I'm currently using Widows 10.

Thanks, any help is appreciated!
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Hey guys I just installed a router and now my Torrent downloads are hitting like - kbs max I am using a linksys router and i opened all my ports through the linksys site I have the right IP address and the correct ports open I have noticed when i am on the web page configuring my router as soon as I hit save changes the downloads jump up but only for a second then come crashing down again I have read most i can find on tweaks to help mey speed but not working at all I even tryed unplugging my router and Bittorrent/utorrent problem ports just going right into my PC with internet and this still dosnt solve the problem I had a COMODO firewall and AVG antivirus installed for a while and my downloads were great All of a sudden my internet did not work so i uninstalled both antivirus and firewall and then my internet worked I decided Bittorrent/utorrent ports problem to go with Hardware for firewall but now everything is all messed up Never had this problem downloading torrents before I am not sure what info you will need to know to help me out so if you can please let me know what you need to know I am using XP service pack with linksys wrt g router i believe I have opened ports - for torrents My speeds are fluctuating so bad right now They will jump upto kbs then drop fast down to kbs and usually stay at about - Saying its going to take me year months for a download when usually this same show takes about min before to finish I need my torrent fix thanx in advance nbsp

A:Bittorrent/utorrent ports problem

I had the same problem & it turned out to be my ISP .Now I can't use torrents at all.At one time I had no problem,then all of a sudden no download speed.After much reasearch,days of it,tried everything,I found out it was my ISP blocking me.Bad Bell!
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Hi guys Everytime iPod WaW CoD Zombies problem Ports with I try to play online on CoD WaW Zombies on my iPod Touch G It comes up with a message saying quot Your Current Connection Does Not Support Online Multiplayer quot I think this problem has to do with ports so I need to do some port forwarding on my wireless router in order to get Ports problem with CoD WaW Zombies iPod the game to go online I've contacted Activision amp they've told me that the game uses ports and UDP TCP amp that I should set my iPod Touch to use those via the wireless router's port settings Only problem is Ports problem with CoD WaW Zombies iPod I've typed those in amp set my iPod Touch to it accordingly but that same message still comes up when the game searches for any online matches The wierd thing is the game goes online perfectly on my brother's wireless router The Wireless router is a Wireless Ports problem with CoD WaW Zombies iPod Box II TG v by Broadband Could you guys take a look at this amp make sure I've typed it in correctly so it works http www sevenforums com picture p pictureid Thanks amp please help me

A:Ports problem with CoD WaW Zombies iPod

So no one can help??
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Before I updated my Davis Vantage Pro2 Weather Station I was able to "communicate" my data to Weather Underground for world wide availability via Virtual Weather Station by Accuweather. The status says Comm 4 but it is not communicating. Weather underground is set up to receive data from my uploads so I doubt that is the problem. Any ideas? I don't seem to be able to check and see what comm ports are being used.
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Hey guys,

both my front USB ports on my xbox 360 have broken - as in the little black bits that are inside the actual usb port have come off and i have no idea how to fix it. any suggestions on how to fix it or places to send it to, let me know!

*this prevents me form using my turtle beaches and charging my controllers

thanks a lot!

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This evening I came across a problem. It seems anytime I attempt to connect to something through my network connection that requires ports 3501-3506 I am unable to do so. I am able to connect to the same services on other ports but any of these do not allow me access. I was wondering if this is a problem on my side, or if it is my ISP (Maybe they blocked them?) I disabled my firewall (ZoneAlarm) and attempted to connect and still no luck. I have had no problems with this for the past 3 months and all of a sudden it started happening.

Using XP Home if that helps.

A:Problem with Ports 3501-3506

Sometimes software firewalls have to be uninstalled in order for it to work. But if that fails and you have setup the forwarding right in your router I would think its the ISP. Also if your running SP2 make sure that firewall is disabled.
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Hello I own an Edimax Router and I work with several applications that require port forwarding I forwarded the ports I needed and all worked fine for a long time About a week ago the programs started acting as if the ports were blocked I checked a number of times and the correct ports were still forwarded yet the programs / NAT / ! Router Ports problem Annoying still Annoying Router / NAT / Ports problem ! acted as Annoying Router / NAT / Ports problem ! if they are blocked I changed the ports a number of times to see if my ISP blocked some ports but none worked I don Annoying Router / NAT / Ports problem ! t believe the problem is in the router since other computers on the home network work fine with open ports The problem is not my internal IP I checked and it is the correct one I also do not have any software firewalls that could cause this What could be causing this thanks in advance I should also mention that it started at about the time I discovered and deleted a few viruses from my PC so it might have something to do with it nbsp

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HP Pavilion Desktop After last Sunday neither my keyboard or mouse have been working Actually none of my USB Devices work in my ports I have now done them work! problem my with to get Cant Wierd any USB of ports. some testing and this is what I have found out None of my USB ports work PS does If I Uninstall the drivers for the Universal Serial Wierd problem with my USB ports. Cant get any of them to work! Bus Controllers the ports work until they reinstall After the drivers for the Bus Controller are reinstalled automaticly the driver installer says that my devices are unplugged Also for some reason my computer cant find any internet quot No internet access quot It should work it has been for three years now I have been fiddling with the Device Manager and found out that if i right click and select quot Uninstall quot to the two quot USB Root Hub quot 's that show up and to Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller and the Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller and after clicking the quot Scan For Hardware Changes quot my keyboard and mouse lights up and work Sadly the Drivers or whatever it is in the Universal Serial Bus Controllers tab reinstall automaticly I Think that i have done everything i am capeble to think of And need help I am quite certain that this is not the drivers since i have been Atlest tried installing the updates for them after my problem occured I would be extremely happy if anyone out there can reply with a possible solution to my Internet Problem and USB problem This post will probably have terrible writing since this is not my native languange SORRY

A:Wierd problem with my USB ports. Cant get any of them to work!

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

You may have a problem with your chipset drivers so you may want to download and install the latest ones from HP Support.

HP Support & Drivers | United Kingdom

You may need to change the region to Norway.

There's nothing wrong with your English by the way, I understood it perfectly.
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Installed and Not Ports/Headphone Functioning Ports USB Mic Jack used an uninstaller to clean out some old files and apparently removed some important dlls Some programs were affected by the removal of the dlls including MS Office and internet browsers USB Ports/Headphone Mic Jack Ports Not Functioning and I noticed some strange things on the home network on other PCs Some pages weren t loading flash portions USB Ports/Headphone Mic Jack Ports Not Functioning of internet pages I suspect that the router drivers were somehow compromised but that problem seems to be under control for now I reinstalled flash player and shockwave and I am mostly confident that the browser problems are resolved Ran the repair utility on the XP installation disk on the affected machine and for the most part the original problems seem to have disappeared MS Office functionality has returned with the flash reinstall and with the XP reinstall I have reinstalled some drivers including the graphics and monitor drivers so graphics are good However a whole new crop of problems have appeared since the repair installation The affected computer is an HP DC small form factor with USB ports on the back and on the front Additionally there are also a microphone jack and a headphone jack on the front The USB ports and the mic and headphone jack on the front both have lost functionality I use the usb ports frequently with cameras and other small utilities and the mic and headphone jack for voice to text Pretty important to me to restore functionality of the devices This is the worst of the problems for now but I have been experiencing occasional problems with programs Reinstalls have fixed the problem each time so far I searched out the HP site for the HP drivers for the DC machine to reinstall those but I am confused Which of the drivers should I install for the USB ports There are a number of them listed there Here is the link to the drivers page http h www hp com bizsupport TechSupport SoftwareIndex jsp lang en amp cc us amp prodNameId amp prodTypeId amp prodSeriesId amp swLang amp taskId amp swEnvOID Should I expect a reinstall of the factory PC drivers to restore functionality to missing hardware with this PC Thanks nbsp

A:USB Ports/Headphone Mic Jack Ports Not Functioning

If you go into device manager, do you see anything with a yellow ! or ? beside it?
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Hi all,
Well, I was on Vista but it's unstable and slolw and my PC for the moment so I uninstalled it and put my XP home sp2 oem, I plugged my Extern HDD onto one of my 4 USB ports, it says that this device can perform better on a speeder USB 2.0 port but all of my ports are USB 2.0, they all say that, whatever device is.
It's very slow and seeing videos is annoying, I can't, I really need help.
Thanks for your answers.

A:Solved: USB 2.0 ports turned into USB slow ports

What was the solution?
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Some basic info about my current network setup.

I'm connected wireless in my apt to an airport express, that is connected through a 80ft cable to an airport extreme down in my business.

I.E. Computer => Airport Express => Airport Extreme => Cable Modem.

The airport express is in Bridge Mode so it shouldn't be doing anything more than propagating the settings of the Airport Extreme. The problem is, when I go to the port forwarding options in the Extreme and open up the port I want to use with the IP of the computer I want to use as a micro server, and check them on check port sites, they show the port as closed.

The computer I'm trying to open up to use is a mac with OS 10.6.8, it has its firewall disabled.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Okay this is a really interesting situation After a week of trial and error I USB ports Dell keyboard with Problem bluetooth and/or ve narrowed the problem down enough to have a workaround for it and to ask about it I m running XP SP the keyboard in Problem with Dell bluetooth keyboard and/or USB ports question Problem with Dell bluetooth keyboard and/or USB ports is a dell multimedia bluetooth keyboard and the usb ports are on board not a hub When I boot up my machine or come back to it in the morning even if its left on the keyboard won t work The -only- way and I ve tried tons of stuff that I ve been able to get it to type again is to disable the bluetooth dongle in the settings move it into a new USB port tho I may have only ever swapped it with the mouse USB port re-enable the device remove and re-detect add the keyboard This is the absolute only way I ve been able to get it to work again including reboots driver reinstalls batteries re-pairings etc It also does not depend what USB port the dongle was in last this always happens I ve also checked to make sure that the Bluetooth service is started automatically at boot and it is I really have no idea why this would happen and while I m happy to have figured out a workaround I would be even happier if I was able to skip this minute process every time I want to use the keyboard I d also like to note that the machine stays on overnight not hibernating or anything and that the keyboard doesn t seem to shutdown if I leave it alone for minutes or so I figured that it could be related to how the keyboard sleeps to save power but I heard thats usually after just a minute or two Really hope this is something simple I m overlooking Hope someone can help with this since I can t find anything relevant online nbsp

A:Problem with Dell bluetooth keyboard and/or USB ports

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Hi there I bought a new wireles printer HP B and it went offline Cannot get it to print wirelessly Ran all the tests as instructed by HP in a hour conversation with HP technical support They have told problem filtering - Wireless printer Ports/MAC me to the following below but they won t tell me how to do it saying they are not trained I also installed the Wireless printer problem - Ports/MAC filtering drivers via the CD and attached the printer via a USB cable and it worked but when I tried to set up the wireless again it again said something about MAC filtering Here is the email HP sent me after the phonecall Please call you ISP internet service provider and get the following changes made On your network configuration page you should have a MAC filtering address you need to ask your ISP to get this address on to your router exception list Also get the following ports opened the printer ports to open are UDP inbound UDP outbound UDP outbound UDP outbound TCP outbound TCP inbound TCP outbound TCP outbound UDP inbound UDP outbound I rang the ISP but they are not willing to help I rang netgear the manufacturer of the router but it is too old for free product support I can get into the netgear router setup page via by ip address but I do not know what to do once there Is this how I would do it and if not how The printer icon is within printers and there is a ports tab if I right click there too I also have the MAC hardware address on the network configuration page from a test HP told me to run Please help Many thanks in advance Let me know if you require any details of error messages or anything else from the tests nbsp

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I noticed these past few days that my front USB 3.0 ports are not working. Whenever I plug a USB 2.0 flash drive into the front ports, the activity light on the flash drive itself does not turn on.

I did clean all old Windows updates using disk cleanup which may have caused the problem.

So far, I uninstalled the USB driver and tried to reinstall the software with no success.
I have attached a picture of a screenshot after the driver installation failed.
Thank you

A:Front USB ports not working, driver problem

Just a couple of questions, how did you reinstall the drivers? Through Device Manager or running from the motherboard disc utility? And did you have any USB devices plugged in when installed it?
Usually if you run the software from the motherboard disc and choose drivers you'll get a list of drivers with check boxes next to them, and any that aren't installed will be unchecked. Those would be the ones you need. The ASMedia XHCI controller is the driver for your mid board header which controls the front USB 3.0 ports and that look as if it's installed fine, so I'd run that motherboard utility and see what it shows up.
Also could you post a screenshot of Device Manager with the USB controllers section expanded.

For what it's worth I have a very similar set up in my back up rig (A10-5800k on an ASUS F2A85-V Pro) and have never got the front USB 3.0 ports working on the BitFenix front panel I added. Not saying we won't get yours working, just that you're certainly not alone with this issue.