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Questions on: safely remove hardware and Windows task manager

Q: Questions on: safely remove hardware and Windows task manager

Every now and then I get an error, "The device 'Generic volume' cannot be stopped because a program is still accessing it", after trying to safetly remove my USB device.

No matter what I do I can not get it to say Device is ok to be Safetly Remove (or what ever it is)... - I mean I close everything that I can think of; I have tried to close a few program under the "Processes" tab of the windows task manager however some of these unsure if I she End Process so when unsure I do not. Is there anyway of knowing what these programs are?

Back to the USB device isue - will shutting off computer be good enough to unplug the USB drive? As there is always a little power in the computer on shut down.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated - thanks,

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Preferred Solution: Questions on: safely remove hardware and Windows task manager

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Questions on: safely remove hardware and Windows task manager

Look in the bottom toolbar for a tiny icon that has a green arrow pointing down to the left, and a grey image of a USB flash drive just below it.
Right click on that tiny arrow-grey box set. You will get the box "Safely Remove Hardware"
Click on that choice, and wait until you get the message on your screen that it is safe to remove the USB flash device.
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i can see it sometimes but most of the days i can't see it & whenver i see it & then if i remove ny of mine micro sd card or pendrive it shows that i connect a massage comes up ( you can't remove it now please try to remove it later )
wt... please help

A:[SOLVED] PC is not showing safely remove hardware usb icon in task bar ??

hi, right click on the start button and choose the taskbar tab, and uncheck Hide inactive.
When you get the message saying you can't remove it, do you try again later and does it work.
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I always have this damn "Safely Remove Hardware" icon on my task bar. For some reason the damn XP OS wants me to disconnect my printer and cd drive? Is there a way to get rid of this?

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As seen in Image 1, when i right click on the safely remove hardware and eject media icon in Windows 7 it is blank and does not give me the option to safely remove any hardware. This is the same with multiple USB's I?ve tried, some externally powered, others just pen drives.

In image 2 I?ve tried to run "rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL hotplug.dll" But I get the error message this device is not removable and cannot be ejected or unplugged. Thanks.

A:Can't safely Remove and Hardware, Windows 7

Sounds like an OS issue, not a hardware issue. Moving to the Win7 forum.
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It is difficult to remove multiple flash drives using the safely remove hardware dialog. I had three flash drives plugged into a USB hub, and I wanted to remove all three at once. I click on the remove hardware icon in the notification area, but it only allows me to select one drive at a time.

When I click on a drive to remove, the dialog disappears and another window opens to let me know that the drive can be removed.

I have to repeat this process for the other two drives. Worse still, the remove hardware icon changes position when the safe to remove dialog appears.

Ideally, when multiple removable devices are installed, the remove hardware dialog should remain visible after selecting a device to remove. That would allow the user to select additional devices to remove if so desired.

A:Windows 7 safely remove hardware annoyance

Hello Wayward,

If you are not using the flash drive with Readyboost or have anything currently being saved to or from the drive, then you should be fine with just removing the flash drive without using the Safely Remove Hardware option.

Hope this helps,
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This is my first post I wanted to know if there is a safe way to remove magicjack after using it. I just use it once a week. When it has not started there is an option in the taskbar to remove is safely but once it is started it no longer appears there. So once I am done using it i just close it and pull it out of the usb port (Is this safe)
I was searching about this on the net came across a video on youtube, this guy had 2 icons of magicjack in my computer where as I don't have any.
I am not very good at computers, Just managed to install win7 a few weeks back, after using xp for years. So please give me a detailed answer about this.


A:How to remove hardware (magicjack) safely in windows 7

Hi and welcome here!

Yes it is totally safe since this feature was built into windows to prevent flash drives or other data drives from data corruption or becoming unusable. By default the option of caching on flash drives is turned off (in the operating system not the drive). This function checks if there's any data traffic through the drive, and if there's no traffic it virtually disconnects the device from the computer, so it won't show up in eg. explorer.
If this icon doesn't appear or disappears for you, that means that windows recognises the device not as a simple data storage, but something else that doesn't need to be double checked before removing, because it won't suffer any damage of unexpected removing.

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I'm completely new to Windows 7, having just purchased a netbook that came loaded with it. Tonight I inserted a USB modem for the first time to set up wireless internet connection, which installed itself and gave me the internet.

When I went to remove the modem I looked for the Safely Remove Hardware icon on the system tray like I always did in Windows XP. It's not there. I went to Devices and Printers hoping to right click and eject from there. The USB modem didn't show up there. I tried customising the icons for the system tray but could not find anything to do with Safely Remove Hardware.

I had no option but to turn off the netbook and then remove the USB modem.

1) Will turning off the netbook stop any possible corruption of the USB modem?

2) Is there anyone here who has had this issue and resolved it?

Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: No Safely Remove Hardware icon in Windows 7

1) Not really any problem anyhow with a wireless adater (which I assume is what you mean by modem since they are sometimes called that). It's storage devices that are of concern, as there may be writes pending.

2) Not me. But, since you are new to the mysteries of 7, let's see if you really have a problem.

The "Safely Remove" icon will appear only when there is a USB device present. By default it will not be in the main Notification Area; it will be in the "overflow" area that you access by clicking the tiny up-arrow (left-most icon in Notification Area).

If you customize (see attachment) the "Safely Remove" can be forced into the Notification Area by changing the Behavior to 'Show icon and notifications.'
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I installed a windows vista update called "NVIDIA Corporation driver update for NVIDIA nForce Serial ATA Controller." Now the safely remove hardware icon shows up in the notification showing my hard drive and disc drive. I don't really care for the safely remove icon, but i don't see a reason for me to unplug and remove my hard drive and disc drive. Why is my hard drive and disc drive showing up in there? Any help would be appreciated!

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Tuesday -September hello Football Season -------------------------------------------------------------------- My Safely Remove Hardware Icon in System Tray - Notification Area of Taskbar has changed the way it was working For years when I clicked on the Safety Remove Hardware SRH Icon I got a small skinny pop-up window immediately over the icon listing my USB devices by Drive Letter I would click which device drive letter I wanted to remove and it would unmount Simple amp Quick no Fuss - No Muss See jpeg Recently clicking the Safely Remove Hardware icon has not produced the normal function shown in jpeg Instead - the larger Safely Remove Hardware Dialog Box opens up - requiring a series of mouse clicks to select and unmount the USB device I want stopped See jpeg s amp How do I regain the way the Safely Remove Hardware icon worked as shown in jpeg Thanks for any help BVR Joe B jpeg Normal SRH Function I lost want to regain amp jpegs The way SRH s working now want to revert to jpeg functionality nbsp

A:Solved: Safely Remove Hardware: Windows XP Changed the Way it was Working
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There was an earlier thread on this by ratsmooze, and I am having the same problem. I also tried the solutions of entering the run command he/she did, plus changing the custom notification icon to "show." The latter will make the icon show until it is used once, then it disappears again. I went through diagnostics on Norton 360, which found problems with interface and sent me to device manager. I went there and checked if current software were all up to date (yes) and enabled (yes) for human interface/USB hub devices. HELP!

A:Safely remove hardware icon disappeared from Windows Vista
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Since recently acquiring my new er computer I have had a quot safely remove hardware quot icon in the task tray that I cannot remove or get to operate successfully I have attached screen capture shots of the windows that appear when I attempt to remove this quot hardware quot and the icon The upshot of the problem is that whenever I ve attempted to quot stop quot the hardware I always get a message saying quot The device cannot be stopped now Try stopping the device again later The device which you can see in the attached screen shots is described as quot generic volume quot with what appears to be some form of identification number If or (safely hardware) remove Cannot taskbar associated hardware icon remove anyone can tell me what this little rascal is and or how I can remove it and the icon from the taskbar I d appreciate it P Cannot remove taskbar (safely remove hardware) icon or associated hardware S - I ve newly learned that this quot device quot with it s Cannot remove taskbar (safely remove hardware) icon or associated hardware icon in the system tray is the hard drive by comparing the associated ID indicated in the quot properties quot window with the hard drive in the device manager window I certainly don t want to remove the hard Cannot remove taskbar (safely remove hardware) icon or associated hardware drive but does anyone know why an icon for this device would appear in the taskbar or know how to remove the icon only nbsp

A:Cannot remove taskbar (safely remove hardware) icon or associated hardware
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Hi Lately I have noticed that my Safely Remove Hardware has gone missing I have tried a couple of solutions I Working Hardware Icon Missing/Not Windows Safely Remove in Vista found on the web but neither worked Those suggested solutions Safely Remove Hardware Icon Missing/Not Working in Windows Vista were Going to Taskbar and Start Menu Properties and changing the Remove Hardware Icon to always quot show quot in the task bar Despite this the icon still does not show on my taskbar Running the following command in the start menu rundll shell dll Control RunDLL hotplug dll This would bring up the Safely Remove Hardware window but none of Safely Remove Hardware Icon Missing/Not Working in Windows Vista the USB devices I have plugged in even show in that window despite the fact they are plugged in and I have full access to them on my PC Another way I tried was right clicking the USB Safely Remove Hardware Icon Missing/Not Working in Windows Vista device in My Computer then selecting the eject button but I never get any indication that it is safe to remove the device So I hope you can help me figure out how to safely remove these devices from my PC Thanks for your time My PC specs are as follows OS Vista Home Premium -bit Model Dell Dimension DM Processor Intel R Pentium R D CPU GHz GHz RAM GB USB Devices that cannot be safely removed are and yes I used to be able to safely remove these devices GB Sony Flash Drive TB Western Digital My Book Essential External Hard Drive nbsp
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It's not hiding. It's gone. I tried right clicking on taskbar to get to properties and that's missing too. I used to have it. I think it was there last month. I also opened the open action center to make sure I wasn't on tablet mode, and I'm not. Can't seem to get there from here.

A:Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media icon Missing in Windows 10

Please include a screenshot of the taskbar.
If you are missing items, go to Start/Search and type CMD Right click the CMD results and Run As Administrator. In the Elevated Command Prompt type SFC /scannow and press enter. This will replace any missing system files.
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i have a 4 LUN USB 2.0 card reader built in NB.

[Symptom]There has a different behavior of safely remove hardware machine between windows 7 and windows 8.
Windows 7: After copying data to the SD card, you can ejecta single card and leave another of another type still fully functional.

Windows8: Only can eject USB device. when you ?Safely Removed? the device, you lost access to all ports in your card reader until you logged out and back in again. (behavior seems like WinXP)

How can user eject Removable Disk in Safely Remove Hardware icon like the behavior under windows 7?
Your suggestions are highly valued!
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Hi, here is my setup:

AMD 64 4000+
2 gb pc 3200
Fatal1ty a8n sli
2 BFG Geforce 7800 gt oc
xp pro
Maxtor sata 200 gb 8 mg cache

here is the problem I can't remove the safely remove hardware icon and it is asking me to remove my Maxtor hard drive and my system is running perfect how do I get rid of that annoying icon. lol
Thank You Kindly!

A:Need to Remove Safely Remove Hardware Icon from start up menu

Click Start/Run and type in msconfig and click OK.
Any weird program in the startup that may cause this?
Is it in the Start/All Programs/Startup menu-folder?
It should only be present in the Control Panel.
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Hi All

I have a couple of questions (probably simple ones, but here goes):

1. When entering Windows Task Manager, and go into performance, my CPU usage is 100%. What should the percentage be? And if 100% is too much, how do I change it?

2. I seem to have alot of items in my "processes". What should be there and what shouldn't? And how do I go about getting rid of items that aren't needed?

I'm not really having any major problems, but it's been bugging me for a while now and I just wanted to ask!

Any help would be much appreciated.

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I have a laptop with 256 SSD. And it is small for me. What I did is I bought an SDCard with 128Gig and use it as my extra drive. It works fine and fast.

What I want to do next is to make it permanent or set it as a non-removable drive not prevent myself or anyone to unmount it. How can I remove it from the list of Safely Remove Hardware?

Thank you and I hope anyone out there have an idea to work this out. I attached a picture for everyone's reference.

By the way, I'm using Toshiba Portege on Windows 7-64bit.

A:Remove SD CARD in the Safely Remove Hardware list

Not sure if there is a manual way, but there is a paid app which can do this - USB Safely Remove Help - How to hide an unnecessary device from the menu? It has a 30day free trial, so you can check it out.
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Hi all,

In the safely remove hardware menu (from clicking the icon in the task bar) I have both my internal sata hard drives listed. I'll never want to remove these so is there a way to remove them from the list?

I'm guessing it might require some registry editing but I've no idea where to start!

A:Can I remove an item from safely remove hardware list?

Actually, it might be something related to your system setup.

It sounds like in your BIOS the SATA channels that are being used for your internal drives are set to allow eSATA - and thus that capability is being shown in W7.

I don't have eSATA enabled for the 3 SATA channels I use for my internal drives, and none of my internal drives shows in the safely remove hardware list.

Take a look around in your BIOS and see if you can disable eSATA for those two ports - if you can, then W7 should no longer offer them as removable items.
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Been buggering around with this for a while now.

I have an 2 internal hdd, and an external hdd, which is pretty much always on, and it appears in the 'safely remove hardware' in the systray.

I also have a portable HDD, for bringing files to and from work, which appears there also.

I want to be able to remove the portable safely, without accidentally removing the external hdd as i keep forgetting which drive is which!

I've dinkered around with making either/or drive 'Optimized for quick removal or Optimized for performance' in the hopes that they wouldn't appear - ideally I only want the portable listed (I can always disconnect the external when the machine is off).

Anyone any ideas?
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I am using Win XP.

Normally there is shortcut icon for 'safely removing hardware' on my right hand side of my taskbar. (system tray)

But now it is gone. How to bring it back ?

Thank you.

A:safely remove hardware

It only shows I believe when you are using a removable hardware like an ipod and its plugged into the computer or its cradle
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There are a few users for this computer we all use the same account however so I m not sure exactly who changed what but Remove Hardware Safely I ve noticed an icon in the taskbar that wasn t there previously A little icon for the safely remove hardware option left clicking it brings up the option to safely remove Maxtor hi m - Drive C I tried double clicking it going it to Properties gt Policies gt And selected the Optimize for Performance option Safely Remove Hardware it was set to optimize for quick removal but the icon stays in the taskbar which is annoying enough in itself but I have noticed a decrease in speed when accessing files on my computer since this happened I ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers for it and that s about all i could think of doing as I m not particularly knowledgeable with computer troubleshooting I d just like to have this changed back to how it was previously if that s possible I m running windows xp home edition with service pack on an AMD Athlon Machine with a Maxtor Y M M HD if there s anyt other information I can supply I d be more than happy to just let me know thanks in advance nbsp

A:Safely Remove Hardware

Let me guess, it's a SATA drive?
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For some reason my safely remove hardware icon is gone from the task bar, so how do I safely remove something, is there a work around? Maybe after a restart it will show up again but what can I do at this point?

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1. An icon appears in my system tray from time to time, "Safely Remove Hardware". I assume that if I left-click it, I may then safely remove a USB memory-stick without having to shut-down. Is that true?

2. When I do not find this icon in my system tray, how can I invoke it in case I wish to remove some hardware?
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Ok, I have various devices that use the USB ports... eg. Camera, HiMD, USB memory stick and being using for 5+ years with no problems just by unplugging without disable device in window first... Now a friends tells me it's common practice to use the mouse first to disable the USB device then unplug it, as I being doing this since the first USB device I brought.

I have never had any problem with using my USB memory stick nor my HiMD for music which I use regularly for around 5 years now...

Any reason in particular I should be concerned about with just unpluggin?

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for some reason, my thumb drive does not show up anymore when i click on "safely remove hardware." the only thing that shows up is my C: drive, thats it. anyway to fix this?

A:safely remove hardware

go to device manager and look for any yellow! if there is then try updating drivers if not try your device in another usb port also try on another comp it may be a number of things up to and including reformat or possibly a faulty drive
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When you've plugged in a usb device (not for the first time- but for somethign you regularly use, such as an external HD) and the 'safely remove hardware' icon shows up, do you need to do the whole process where you double click it, hit stop, and THEN remove the HD?

And if you do need to do that process everytime, how about with a memory stick (I haven't for the year I've had/used one) or a usb mouse?

A:safely remove hardware

Hi McDev
The usb mouse does not come into the equation as it is not a mass storage device, same with a printer.
External hdd's and usb memory sticks need to be removed in the proper manner or you could risk not only losing data but also damaging the equipment.
It only takes a moment McDev because as they say Patience is a virtue.
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Hi, Could someone please tell me how to get this little green arrow off my taskbar .Right down by the clock there is always a green arrow that is therre that says if pointed to "safely remove hardware. "safely remove usb storage devices drives(g,h,i,j,)The second line says the exact same thing but drive(K) and the 3rd line says "safely remove psc 2200(Dot4usb). Always there. I can get rid of them everyday if i want to clcik on them one at a time .A box pops up and i delte the things in the box. But who wants to do that everyday? It shouldnt be therre in the first place. can anyone help me?I will attach a screen shot.dark blue

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This is a custom built computer running Vista Ultimate.
Athlon x2 BE 2400 processor, Gigabyte GA-M16P-S3 AM/2 MotherBoard (w/nVidia Chipset), 2 GB DDR2 RAM, Seagate Barracuda SATA drive. After a fresh install of Vista, I downloaded and installed all available Microsoft updates. I noticed there were a couple nVidia drivers on the list, and one of them was for the SATA controller.
After the updates installed and I rebooted, I noticed the “Safely Remove Hardware” icon in the Task Bar. It has my hard drive listed as a SCSI disk device, and gives the option to stop the drive, which I obviously don’t want to do. Is there a way I can prevent my drive from showing in the Safely Remove Hardware box?

A:Safely Remove Hardware

I have this exact same thing, interesting that Windows decides to give you the option to stop the OS drive! Again, if anyone knows a solution, it would be appreciated!
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after filling my flash drive with files I chose to safely remove hardware.when I hit it an error message comes up saying that the operation has been canceled due to restrictions on my computer.

why? I dont have restrictions and want to just take the drive out without losing the stuff

A:cant safely remove hardware?

Hi. . .

Shut the system down w/flash drive in, then remove it.

regards. . .


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Hi there.
I've been searching a lot to try to find a solution for this problem, but no success at all.
I can't remove the hardware safely. I plug it, windows reads it, I can use it. When I want to remove it, it isn't displayed at the "Safely Remove Hardware and Reject Media".
If I go to "Open Devices and Printers" windows won't find a thing too.
It's not a major problem, but I plug and unplug my 500Gb and my 1Tb WD drives and I have a lot of things there, that I'm afraid of losing.
When I insert a flash drive (not a hard drive), I can eject it somply by going to Computer, right click and Eject, but with the Hard Drives I can't.
Please help.

A:Can't Remove Hardware Safely

Problem solved.
I ran the System File Checker (SFC) and the problem was solved.

If you have the same problem, run the SFC.
Instructions: SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

Hope this solves your problem!
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Ever since I got my new computer running, this little icon has been in the taskbar on the bottom right. It says I can safely remove my hard drive, and as you can guess, I dont want to do that. Any idea how I can get it to go away?

A:Safely Remove Hardware

The "Safely remove hardware" system tray icon is normally only present when a USB attached storage device or a device bay device is connected to the system. It does not normally show internal hard drives.To hide the icon see:Remove Icons for USB Devices from Notification Area
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I have a regular problem when trying to remove external systems - 'safely remove media'

The 'generic volume' cannot be stopped right now. Can I just yank it or will this cause problems?

All the best


A:safely remove hardware

The default removal policy setting for external storage devices is "Quick Removal", which means you don't have to use the safely remove hardware icon.

So assuming you haven't changed that default setting, you can just disconnect it. However, always check the device's activity light is not flashing before you disconnect it.
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I usually left click on safely remove hardware icon in my task bar and get a window which shows device I want to remove. I left click on that and it then gives me a window saying ok to remove. This no longer happens once i click on device i want to remove so i have to right click on icon and go long way round. How do i fix?

A:safely remove hardware

Try running number 11 (left side) here ..
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omg... i just typed this all out and then when i was looking at the thing i accidentally removed my thing so i lost my internet connection and then i lost all i typed and now im mad . okay so anyway theres this thing in the bottom right that says "safely remove hardware" and when i click it it tells me that it is ready to safely remove my d-link USB airplus blah blah adapter. and i dont want to remove it ever and yeah that button is always there and i was wondering how to get rid of it? thanks...

A:Safely remove hardware

Can you explain it a little better.
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Why does my laptop think my DVD drive is an external drive? Anytime I read reboot my dell
E 6400 it tells me that I can safely remove my DVD drive. I had to reinstall windows and I lost all of my drivers I finally got all the drivers back in and I have the newest Matbleepa DVD drive driver but it still shows up every day as safely remove.

A:Safely remove hardware

When you reinstalled XP did the disc include SP1?
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I bought a 250GB Lacie external HD yesterday. It works fine and all in terms of transferring files, but when I go to "safely remove" it, it says that it cannot be safely removed right now and that I need to try again later. What is this?! Any ideas on how to fix it? Thanks.

A:Can't Safely Remove Hardware?

Did you try stopping it first?
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When you connect USB device to the pc it instructs to turn your device off before removing it - Safely Remove Hardware. How risky is it if you forget to turn the device off before plugging it out? Does anyone ever experience ending up damage to the device?

I sometime forget to do click that icon, just want to know if is really important to turn it off. Btw does anyone know the electronics behind this?

A:Safely Remove Hardware

Usb sockets, from the moment they are activated when you boot your computer, carry a constant 5 volt supply. For this reason, although not reccomended, if you plug a usb device in while the computer turned on, holding the connector loose at the front of the socket and slowly pushing it in, you will see small sparks on occasions if you look closely.

Whether or not it is particularly dangerous in terms of hardware damage to plug and unplug usb devices while the pc is on... well, I guess it depend on the device. Generally speaking, it's pretty safe, but I wouldn't like to guarentee that EVERY usb device is hot swappable.

Of course, I'm only speaking on theory from what I know and what I've seen, but personally, if I'd just spent £300 on some delicate piece of USB hardware, I'd try to avoid the power surge, however unlikely it was to damage it. If it's a gamepad or a mobile phone (cellphone) charger, I don't really care.

One thing I do know though, is that unplugging or replugging USB hardware while the computer is on running windows does sometimes crash the OS, producing a BSoD with a stop message mentioning (usually) USB related files. It doesn't seem to happen all that often though. I'm not 100% sure, but I believe it happens when a device is in use when you unplug it, and using the Safely Remove Hardware function ensures that the device is not in use so that it can be unplugged without crashing windows.

Hope this helps. Any little inaccuracies will be corrected I'm sure.
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I was just wondering how many people actually use the safely remove hardware USB option.

A:Do you safely remove hardware

I only safely remove it when the hardware I use is not mine. I just unplug the hardware if it's mine, whatever it is. I never had something that broke because I didn't safely remove it.
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Daughter has used mum's PC to put music on ipod. When she finished she did not go on the "safely remove hardware" route. She just pulled it straight out of usb socket. Now we have four extra drives ( removable ) showing up in "my computer".

OS is Vista Home Premium SP1

Anyone know how to get rid of these?
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I have an external Iomega HD for data backup. I would like to shut it down when not in use. The "Safely Remove Hardware" icon always says that the "generic device cannot be shutdown" right now and that I should wait and shut it down at a later time. Well, that later time never seems to come around. Is it okay to just reach over and push the power button on the hard drive?

A:Safely Remove Hardware?

You may have the XHDD open and 'minimized' or layered under the current window. I have run into the message when I have forgotten to close the XHDD with a right click menu command or using the "X".
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Hi, i am missing the right click context menu that lets me safely remove hardware like pen drives etc,can someone tell me where it went?or how to get it back again?,thank you.

A:Safely Remove Hardware

Have you checked your hidden icons? It should be under Windows explorer.
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In XP Home, I connected a USB powered Zip100 drive. Well, XP set it up and all is well but a little icon appeared in the systray that says; "Safely Remove Hardware". My esteem partner and I have been arguing about this little "tool". He says ignore it and unplug the ZIP whenever I want and if I use the "tool" XP won't let me re-connect it ever again. I say, "No, use it so it won't crash Windows and XP will set it up all over again." Anyone know of this program as I can't seem to find much on it. Thanks

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I have a USB flash drive and I was wondering what is the safest way to remove it, either
1. Safely remove USB Mass Storage Device


2. Just pull the flash drive out from the USB socket.

My friend said if you keep on using the "Safely remove USB Mass Storage Device" the USB flash drive could get corrupted.

Which method shall I use???


A:Safely Remove Hardware

AP2006 said:


I have a USB flash drive and I was wondering what is the safest way to remove it, either
1. Safely remove USB Mass Storage Device


2. Just pull the flash drive out from the USB socket.

My friend said if you keep on using the "Safely remove USB Mass Storage Device" the USB flash drive could get corrupted.

Which method shall I use???

ThanksClick to expand...

I have no idea why your friend would believe that using the "Safely remove USB Mass Storage Device" function would cause the drive to become corrupted.

All this function does is make sure that no data is still being written to the drive before it is removed. You would be much more likely to corrupt a drive by removing the drive if data is still being written to the drive.
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Hi all,
when i plug my nokia n82 cell phone using my usb cable (selecting data transfer on the phone), the "safely remove..." icon DOES appear on my taskbar...

but when i select "safely remove bla bla bla", it says "now u can remove hardware" yada yada yada...
I remove the phone from usb cable and then a message appears on the phone "data may be lost" or something...

BUT, when i go to my computer, right click on phone icon, and click "eject", the phone displays a message "now u can remove phone...."
and no message is displayed afterward saying data loss....
why is this?

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I am using Toshiba Tecra M5, XP SP2, and Aston Themes(Aston Shell).
For some days I dont see Safely remove hardware icon in system tray even if my thumbdrive is connected to laptop.
So I learn from somewhere this command 'RunDll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL hotplug.dll'. I use this everytime I want to remove my hardware and afterwards Icon will stay in tray as a result of side effect. But if I shut down system and retart next time, icon is already disappeared again.

A:Safely Remove Hardware

Hello onlyforyouTry the Taskbar Repair Tool Plus!Use the fix for Show Missing Icons under Notification AreaGood luck
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I installed a Cendyne external cd-rw to my computer and it came up with a "Safely Remove Hardware" notification. And there is a icon for it in the bottom right hand corner that won't go away. I've messed with a bit, but there is no option to close it. Does anyone know how to get rid of this? Any comments would be greatly appreciated!


A:Safely remove hardware??

You'll be using either Win2K or XP

If you're on XP, you can hide it

Right-click the notification area, and click Properties.
Under the Notification area heading, click Customize.
Find the Safely Remove Hardware icon and click Always hide in the Behavior column next to it
Press OK and Apply to back out

If you're on 2K, it's there until you remove the device
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OK this thing is really P.O me, i've had it for like months now and its the safely remove hardware on my bottom right task bar..and it saids "ST3320620AS" and i can never disconnect it, how can i disconnect it?

A:Safely Remove Hardware

You don't want to disconnect it . . it is your SATA hard drive
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i need help!! I had no problems getting pictures from my memory card from when i put the card in it says 'safely remove hardware' and my pictures are no where to be found. i have done everything i could to try and fix it and i cannot. what did i do and can i fix it??? apparently i need step-by-step instructions. very frustrating!

A:Help! Safely remove hardware

We need to know the make and model of the camera your using. Can you still view the pictures on the camera? Have you changed anything that could have caused this?
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Hello. I purchased a new computer yesterday and let a friend of mine trying it with the rersult that I have a safely remouve hardware icone in my tray bar now.

When I click the icon,a window open and say that I can remouve my disc drive safely??

What to do?? Im running an Athlon 64 X2 3600 + with 1 gig memory DDR2 667.Vista ultimate

A:Safely remove Hardware

Isn't there a Pen Drive Plugged in .. when the 'Safely Remove hardware' appears at the tray icons
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Can not get windows to stop my card reader to unplug it to take on my trip. Can I just unplg it. Clicked on safely rermove hardware icon keeps telling me to try again later. That was an hour ago, can I just unplug it.

A:Safely remove hardware?

Is this a desktop or a laptop? Never seen this on a desktop but I get it all the time on my laptop. I always thought it had something to do with having files available "offline". However that assumption may be wrong. The easiest thing to do is to just shut down the computer and unplug the device.

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My computer is running a bit slower than it should. Task manager has shown me lots of different processes running, but I'm not savvy enough to know which ones I can stop. Can anyone give me some guidance please?

A:Task Manager shows lots of processes, but I don't know which ones I can safely stop!

Take a look at this article.

Is Your PC Running Slow? . .

(Simply click the colored link to be re-directed)
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Don't know where else to put this so here goes.
I installed a SanDisk card reader yesterday and ever since I get the
" Safely Remove Hardware " showing up. See pic, bottom right. If I open it I get the entire box w/dialog. If I actually proceed to remove the hardware of course the reader is gone and I have to reinstall. Any ideas would help. Thanks

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Can someone tell me how to get rid of the safely remove hardware icon on the bottom right of the toolbar



A:safely remove hardware icon

Do you just want to hide the icon or remove it,and before you answer that, first you need to know if it an active or inactive icon.
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Hey there is a problem while i remove my pendrive is not give me a msg like "safely remove your drive" like that..Whats the problem?

A:Pendrive, Safely Remove Hardware

From the start menu, click on Computer, then right click on pendrive icon and choose safely remove from the dropdown menu.
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Hope I m in the right forum Recently I had to replace a motherboard and processor in my computer As a result I reformatted both my G and my G HDD Remove Solved: Safely Hardware s I reinstalled Windows and updated XP as well as all other drivers I use a flash drive quite frequently between both my computers When I click on the quot Safely Remove Hardware quot icon it lists not only the Solved: Safely Remove Hardware flash drive but also my Maxtor Y MO -Drive C Is there any way to stop this from happening Both my HDD s are SATA This is not a major problem that requires immediate attention However any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Rob Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack bit Processor AMD Athlon tm Processor x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce TurboCache TM Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ASUSTeK Computer INC M V Rev xx MB- Antivirus avast Antivirus Updated Yes On-Demand Scanner Enabled nbsp
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Hi I have a Buffalo usb hardware problem safely remove cd-rw drive This drive is not recognised by windows as a cdrw drive and I need Nero or the nero aspi or cdraodo to burn to disks This apparently is normal behaviour for this drive Using the safely safely remove hardware problem remove hardware button for this device after burning a disc with Nero causes the safely remove harware function to freeze If I use the safely remove hardware function without having burnt a disc in Nero then it works I have had no trouble with this drive for a few years but recently I had to do a complete clean reinstall of safely remove hardware problem windows xpsp Since then I have been having this problem as I said before - this drive has never really been recognised by safely remove hardware problem windows - but this has never really been a problem for me so I do not think it is related to this issue I m using Nero on a IBM Thinkpad series The drive is a usb drive plugged into a port hub If I just turn off the drive without using the safely remove function the cdrw icon disappears from explorer and is replaced bu an icon for a local drive with a question mark over it Turning the drive back on does not rectify the situation Also Windows cannot shut down after thsi problem It gets through about of the shutdown process and then just hangs To save time - here are steps I have taken to rectify the problem Tried drive on wifes computer - no problems - safely remove works just fine for her Tried removing from Hub direclty into various usb ports on computer - still problem Changed USB cables - still problem continues I tired an alternative remove hardware software to see if it worked - or could give me any extra information It didn t work but did report that the drive couldn t be removed because the drive was locked I also have a USB Samsung HD Safely remove works just fine with this drive But after safely remove has failed with my cd-rw drive it will no longer work with th Samsung drive until a restart Also after hte safely remove hardware hang - if I try to restart windows it goes through most of the shutdown process and then just hangs I need to manually restart the computer Can anybody give me any help on this Here is some info from Nero Info tool Nero InfoTool Interface Information --------------------- Adapter --------- Description Primary IDE Channel Driver Description System DRIVERS atapi sys Company Microsoft Corporation Version xpsp sp rtm - Description IDE ATAPI Port Driver Attached Devices Description Master IBM-DJSA- Type Disk Drive DMA On Description Slave TEAC CD- E Type CD-Rom Drive DMA On Autorun On Adapter --------- Description Intel r MX USB Universal Host Controller Driver Description System DRIVERS usbuhci sys Company Microsoft Corporation Version xpsp sp rtm - Description UHCI USB Miniport Driver Attached Devices Description PHILIPS CDRW USB Device Type CD-Rom Drive Autorun On Description USB-HS SAMSUNG SV N USB Device Type Disk Drive ASPI Information ---------------- System ASPI ASPI is not installed Nero ASPI ASPI is installed and working properly WNASPI DLL bytes November Installed OS Patches -------------------- Q USB Update Yes Q Multi-Border DVD with More Than GB of Data Not Readable Past First Border Yes Q Problems with Multiple ATA devices Yes Q Intelide sys Is Not Used on Computers with ICH or ICH No Q IMAPI Update - CDs recorded have missing files or errors Yes Q Devices May not power up properly when resuming from standby Yes Q Data Added to Removable Media During Hibernation May Be Lost When You Resume Windows XP Yes Q Ricoh Controller May Not Work with Windows XP No Q Windows XP Does Not Detect Your New USB Device Yes Q USB and USB update No Q Your IEEE or USB CD-ROM or DVD-ROM Drive May Not Be Recognized in Windows XP No Q Code Error Message and a Yellow Exclamation Mark Next to a USB Device in Device Manager After Your Computer Resumes from Hibernation No Q Problems When You Swap a CD-ROM During Hibernation in Wind... Read more

A:safely remove hardware problem

You say it is not recognized - does it get assigned a drive letter when you plug it in?
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Hello there

I have a question regarding the safely remove hardware icon in the bottom right hand corner of my XP pro machine ....

Basically my brother inserted a SD media card (and another media card as well) into 2 different media card slots on my machine but when pulling these out didnt use the safely remove hardware icon.

What happens now is everytime i start windows this icon is showing in the bottom right hand corner and when i click on it ... it shows these 2 devices still there ...

I have tried to plug these devices in and safely remove them but is still doing the same thing ....

Its not doing any harm obviously but is annoying the Shiza out of me ...

Any ideas anyone ???

Thanks heaps ....

A:Safely remove Hardware icon

I have never used that icon to remove devices. It is to remove the device's software that installed on your PC. Once you put a new device in one of the card slots it installs software to tell the PC what it is. When you plug in the card the next time it already knows and doesn't have to install again.
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I have an E-machine running XP. At times I use a memory stick to transfer files from the E-machine to another computer that is connected to a printer. It's faster to use than a DVD.

The problem I have is that whenever I choose to remove the memory stick after clicking the little icon that allows for safely removing hardware, I cannot reuse the memory stick unless I reboot the computer. The memory stick is not recognized.

I only discovered the icon a few weeks ago. Up until that time I merely removed the memory stick and went about my business. It always worked when I plugged it back in to the USB port. Now that I'm acting 'according to Hoyle', I am having trouble.

Any ideas?

A:Problem With Safely Remove Hardware

Well first, the whole point of USB was so that you could plug them in and yank them out as needed, so the whole "Safely Remove Hardware" thing might actually be the cause of your problem.

Just plug it in and remove it and see if things start working again.
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on the bottom right corner, theres a icon, one of those safely remove hardware icons. when i click remove hardware it shows that my hard drive is the things thats going to be removed! hwo do i make this dissapear?

A:getting rid of safely remove hardware thing

Check out this thread. Sounds like the same thing. Has to do with Nforce.
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i just built this new system (see sig) and its been great, but there's one thing thats kinda wierd.

if you look at the picture i've attached you'll see the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon, and when i click it, its listing my hard drive as the device.

i was just wondering if there's a way to tell XP not to display this icon without screwing somthing up... if not its not a big deal, i just dont want anyone else messing with it cause this is a shared PC among about 5 other people.

I've only got the one hard drive, the WD 120 GB S-ATA

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I am running Win7 home premium 32bit os.
Has anyone had any problems with the safely remove hardware icon working correctly?
I have found it works intermittently.
I have also found Firefox is having issues as well, I am finding I have to click twice to get pages to load.
Not to sure if these problems are bugs or they are connected somehow.
Thanks for any help

A:Safely remove hardware icon

Safely remove works flawlessly for me using W7 since the RC release.

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I just installed a new WD SATA harddrive and it shows up in safely remove hardware I found this fix How to Stop Drive appearing in Safely Remove Hardware It appears that in Windows some sata ports are incorrectly installed as external ports by default A fix can be found in the document located at http www microsoft and 3 hardware Sata Safely remove com whdc device storage eSATA mspx Right Click the command prompt and select 'Run as Administrator' Copy and paste the following command into the command prompt reg exe add quot HKLM SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Services msahci Controller n Channel N quot f v TreatAsInternalPort t REG DWORD d x Change n for the contoller number on my machine ie 'Controller ' and change N for the SATA port number on my Sata 3 and Safely remove hardware machine ie Channel Channel channel etc You can check which controller number and port s by using regedit to check the registry keys The keys can also be be added while your there on this forum but don't know how to find which controller and channel my new drive is under The poster says I can do this with regedit but I don't know where to look or what to look for Can someone help

A:Sata 3 and Safely remove hardware

There is no SATA 3.
It is either SATA.


If like my board it has a blue SATA2 connector on the board. It has 4 ports for four HD's to plug into. All internal HD's plug into it.
You are probably plugged into the e-SATA port for external hardrives.

Select Config

If the above is your board the HD's plug in where the pics are marked with yellow highlight.
D-E on left
D-E Deluxe right.
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Hi, I have a component of my printer which I need for it to operate. My problem is that there is an icon in my system tray that wants to "Safely remove hardware" from my machine. How can I get rid of the message so it will stop appearing in the sys tray please?


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Isn't this included with Win 7? Seems like it's not popping up like it did with Win XP.

A:Safely Remove Hardware Missing?

Isn't this included with Win 7? Seems like it's not popping up like it did with Win XP. yes it should show up down by the clock as it did in winxp
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I hope someone out there can help me because this has been driving me mad for months now!

I have a Dell laptop, with Windows vista. For a while now, the 'Safely remove software' keeps popping up, asking me to do this, although there is nothing to remove! As the prompt comes up with a (very annoying) sound, this is making it very difficult to work....

Thank you in advance

A:Safely remove hardware prompt

do you have a built in card reader?? it may need to have the drivers reinstalled...what the service tag on that "dell" laptop?
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I have recently installed two Intel SSD's to replace my old hard disks and have found a small, worrisome thing. I normally have a WD My Book connected via a front usb port. When I choose 'safely remove hardware', both of my SSD's show up in addition to My Book. Is there any way I can prevent this? I believe I have the latest chip set drivers from Foxcomm installed. Oh, and the Bios is set to use ACHI.

Thank you.

A:SSD and Safely Remove Hardware Oddity

Thats normal if your using Marvell drivers.
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On this new system (Master Control) I have this icon in the tray next to the clock for the Western Digital Raptor.

Is there anyway to remove the icon? The Raptor is the system drive and I have no intention of ever removing it so the icon is just plain annoying.

It's allready set to hide .. but it still bugs me..

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A remove hardware Safely issue little bit ago I had hooked up my camera's Safely remove hardware issue usb to transfer pictures to my computer I also had downloaded the camera's software Ever since then my safely remove hardware icon keeps popping up - even when there is nothing to remove I have Safely remove hardware issue uninstalled the software program thinking that there was some Safely remove hardware issue random bug in there that was making the SRH icon come up but that didn't work I have clicked on the icon when it comes up to see what exactly it's telling me I can remove but nothing shows in the window Occasionally a quot disk drive quot will appear but when I try to click on it to see properties or to stop the process the window doesn't respond and it essentially freezes that window and when it unfreezes it the quot disk drive quot will be gone and I can't stop the process Now the icon is annoying but that's not even the part that's bothering me I can hide the icon The problem is that whenever it pops up on the task bar my AIM program freezes I'm someone who uses that and needs that program and the freezing is well it's annoying If anyone has any help as to how to disable this notification completely not just hide the icon I'd appreciate it Thank you
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hello guys amp gals i have a emachines amd sempron gb hdd dvd rw with a digital media manager memory card reader with windows xp pro it did have windows xp home the xp pro is a upgrade to wich a full install was done by the upgrade disk every thing works great no errors no bsod loads perfectly all windows updates are installed all drivers from microsft amp touchstone amp emachine site have been installed in safemode okay the problem is with the safely remove hardware it is present in the task bar by the clock at hardware remove ??? safely [SOLVED] all times i can run the function and it deals with the [SOLVED] safely remove hardware ??? memory card reader so [SOLVED] safely remove hardware ??? i work the function then select okay the icon then dissapears i am still able to use the memory card reader even though [SOLVED] safely remove hardware ??? i have choosen to uninstall it okay now as soon as i reboot the icon returns i have unhooked the reader while performing the steps for safely removing the hardware then restarted the pc and the icon dose not appear so uninstalled the software searched for the software related to he memory card reader then reinstalled the hardware amp software software amp hardware but the icon reappears each time how can i fix this problem or is the safely remove hardware function icon suppose to be there all the time with this desktop i have researched as much as possible but have not found a solution

A:[SOLVED] safely remove hardware ???

The icon will be there as long as your device is present. However, you can hide it. Right click under the clock and select Customize Notifications....You can then set it to Hide when inactive.
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I have Win XP, Firefox, & Thunderbird. Along with the other icons on the bottom of the screen, there's one that says "Safely Remove Hardware". What's that supposed to be telling me, and why?

A:Solved: Safely Remove Hardware

I am assuming you are referring to the items in the system tray (the icons located in the bottom right hand corner of the screen).

It is typically there for hardware that has been plugged in through the usb ports, such as flash drives. It is a way of "safely" ejecting the hardware, so it can be physically removed.
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I accidentally put the D:drive (aka CD-ROM drive) into "safely remove hardware" mode. When I tried to add the hardware back on, I found it, but it told me that I had to unplug and then plug it in again. As I had no idea how to do that, I restarted the computer, but I can't get back onto it because the person with the password left for the day. Will the drive reappear when the computer is turned back on? If not, how do I get it back? PLEASE HELP!!

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From time to time there is a question concerning the "Safely remove hardware" icon in the taskbar. Often this is seen with Nvidia chipsets (and others) and SATA drives. I believe this has been pointed out before, but if it bothers you right click on the taskbar choose properties and customize. Change the nofication setting to always hide. Mine was gone after doing this, but it popped up again after attaching a portable USB scanner and persisted after removing the scanner. This required changing the setting again.
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I'm sorry if I posted this on a wrong side of the forum.

Apparently, I have a small issue with my USB port. When I connect my external hard disk to the usual USB ports I normally use. It would show the "Safely remove hardware" icon but however, there is one USB port I could connect it and use it to play my external hard disk but doesn't show the "Safely remove hardware" icon. Is there a way to fix it? Help would be appreciated.

A:Safely remove hardware icon.

Have a look at these links.

My 'safely remove device' icon has disappeared. Where do I get - Microsoft Answers

Restore Missing or Disappeared Safely Remove Hardware Icon | Raymond.CC Blog
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hi not sure if ive posted this in the right place soz. i am using a belkin wireless network adaptor\dongle to connect to the internet.the problem is when ive finished using my external hard drive or usb flash drive i use the safely remove hadware function to eject them and every time i press eject my internet connection goes off.ive googled it and searched the forums but i cant find a solution can anyone help.
thanks in advance

A:safely remove hardware problem

Could it be you are disconnecting everything rather than just the specific device you want to disconnect. I have several USB devices attached inlcluding one that is "permanently" connected. When I want to eject a device I LEFT click on the Safely Remove Icon and select ONLY the device I want to disconnect.
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Have just reinstalled XP Pro +sp3, is it normal to have this icon in the notification area and is there a way to remove it?

Its my nephews computer so if it should be there then i will leave it.

A:Safely remove hardware icon

Normal for any USB-connected device.
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Just installed Windows 7 (64-bit Business)- liking it so far. One thing that I am confused on though: I am being offered to safely remove hardware for my DVD/CD drive? This was not something I ever saw under Vista prior to this so I am confused as to why it is showing that option in Windows 7. It is a permanent drive - why would I want to safely remove it?

Thanks for any thoughts/help on this.

A:Safely Remove Hardware - DVD/CD Drive?

i also get the option to remove my main hard drive C:

kinda odd
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Hi there,
Ive been having a problem since i bought my new laptop.
I keep getting the safely remove hardware popping up every minute or so, strikes at random times really and i dont know why.
Also when i try to play games, after a while i get a blue screen which says BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER. Have no idea if those 2 are related but might aswell give everything i know.
My specs are:
Laptop Dell Studio 15
Processor: Intel core 2 duo T5800 @ 2Ghz
Memory: 3066mb RAM
Video Card: ATI Radeon 3400 HD
OS: Windows Vista Home Premium 6.0
I am not running any antivirus, this computer is brand new, all i got on it is some games and office.
And I use firefox as my browser.
If you need any more information please tell me.
Thanks ever so much for your help.
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Safely Remove Hardware appears in my right bottom
i icon how do i get rid of it i have no usbs connected
and it says when i right click it to eject
my hard drive c or d

A:Safely Remove Hardware PROb

Win7 is assuming that both drives are removable, which is true to in a way because SATA ports are designed for hot-swapping. Go to Device Manager (type in "Device Manager" in your Start menu search box then press enter). Look under Disk Drives and for each drive:

Right-click on the name and select Properties
Go to the Policies tab
Make sure the drive is set for Performance, not for Quick Removal

let us know if that helps.

Edit: Typo. Set the drive for Quick removal, not Performance. Thanks to TVeblen.
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Hello this morning my PC screen was complete gray Problems Remove Safely Hardware I turned off PC turned back on and Safely Remove Hardware Problems the screen appeared slightly different The numbers in the clock in lower right hand part of screen were different looking and Safely Remove Hardware Problems the Start button in lower left was not the nice green start button it normally is Then I tried to get on to Internet Explorer and it keep saying This webpage cannot be displayed I have Windows XP with Dell Dimension There is an icon down in the lower right hand corner that when mouse over it says Safely Remove Hardware so I click on it Then pulls up USB Mass Storage Device and says to Select the device you want to unplug or eject and then click Stop I click stop and then restart PC Safely Remove Hardware Problems Same thing happens on the restart I have the Safely Remove Hardware icon in lower right again go through same steps and it does it again STill can t get on internet In fact when I go to control panel and click on Network Connections I have blank screen no LAN etc icons as usual Crazy thing is I can get on my laptop through my wireless linksys router I have a valid cable internet connection coming into the home its just I can t get on the internet on my desktop PC I have even tried System Restore but when I do I get error message stating quot System Restore is not able to protect your computer Please restart your computer and then run System Restore again quot So I click ok then restart and try to run it again and get same thing each time I have even tried to do System Restore in Safe Mode and get same exact things in Safe Mode Any help is appreciated thanks nbsp

A:Safely Remove Hardware Problems

it sounds like System Restore is turned off. As for the rest , go to device Manager and look to see if your lan adaptor is showing .if not it may have given up on you. if you have a memory stick, use the laptop and go to and download SANDRa ,Put it on the stick and then into the tower and set it up there. That will tell you any probs with anything you need to know
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Guys, the question is pretty straight forward - how do I remove the Safely Remove Hardware con from my system tray - I'm with Vista Ultimate

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Using WIN XP Pro and have a SATA II Hardrive.
Every time windows starts the "Safely Remove Hardware" icons appears beside the clock.
If i check for details it's my hard drive that appears in the list.
My hard drive seems to work fine and i have only the 1 though it is partitioned giving me a C and a D Drive.

Any ideas why it keeps appearing or how i can get rid of it?


A:Safely remove hardware keeps appearing

This is not and XP sp2 issue, but a feature of the driver for your hard disk drive. And a feature of the specifications for SATA drives. They are "hot swappable" and XP rightly lights the icon to reflect this.

For nForce chipsets, you can add the following to the registry using regedit.:

Start, Run, regedit.

Navigate to:

Right click, New, Value of type DWORD

Rename the value DisableRemovable

Right click and Edit the value. Set it to 1

Reboot and test.
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I have two HDDs in external enclosures, one is a 320GB, the other a 750GB, the enclosures are both USB 2.0. Both drives are SATA III. When I click the Safely Remove icon it shows different messages for each one and I was wondering why?

Both are of course USB storage. I get the same message when only one is attached, USB storage for the 320GB and USB to SATA Bridge for the 750GB.

A:Safely Remove Hardware message

The controller in the enclosures are probably different and identify them selves different to the OS.

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hello, i`ve tried everthing including " always show " but the icon will not appear even when i have my a430 canon camera connected. all advice is welcome. cheers-brisbane australia

A:safely remove hardware icon

Hi Terrace,

When this happens, what I've found is that you can click on Start, Run..., and just copy/paste this line in (to avoid typo):

RunDll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL hotplug.dll

And press OK.

That will bring up the "Safely Remove Hardware" dialog:

From this dialog you can click on the device you want to remove, and press Stop. Once Windows is done with it, you can then remove the device.

Of course a side effect I noticed when I did this was that the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon reappeared.
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hi there i have win xp installed with one drive on ide lead and my boot drive with xp on a sata drive. the safely remove hardware icon is always there when i boot up and wants to remove my sata drive with xp on how do i correct this help anybody

A:safely remove hardware icon

What exactly do you mean "wants to remove my sata drive"? I have seen sata drives confused with removable drives on some motherboards and it is quite normal.
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I have an external hard drive. When I have finished using it, I close down every program using it.
Then when I try and remoce it, i get a message saying it is still being used.
I dont understand as everything is closed down
Any ideas?

A:Safely remove hardware problem

check into task manager and see the program process can end task at there. and try to remove again.
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My old Vista machine has an icon in the system try when I plug in a USB devise like my card reader, that tells you if/when it's ok to remove the reader after uploading pictures.

My 6 month old Windows 7 doesn't have that icon and I can't find it anywhere. I tried clicking on the task bar/Customize, scrolled down the list and it's not there. Ideas as how I can add it? On the Vista it says "Safely Remove Hardware".

A:No Safely Remove Hardware Icon

hi, it could be hiding did you check on the little arrow on left side of system tray to bring up the hidden icons?
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Hello My Specs Windows XP SP AMD Athlon x Dual Core Processor GB RAMSATA HD GNVIDIA GeForce GTXPC was built by a friend of mine All new parts Built approx yrs ago The Safely Remove Hardware Icon has been on my Task Bar for a while now When I double click on it I get Icon Remove Hardware Safely this window That s my Hard Drive Why is my HD showing up in Safely Remove Hardware So I click on Properties and I get this Seems to be working fine I click on the Driver Tab and click on Driver Details and get this Everything seems to be working fine So what s up Why is my HD listed as being safe to remove I was reading these threads regarding USB Safely Remove Hardware questions Why Do I Need To Press quot Safely Remove Hardware quot When Removing a USB Safely Remove Hardware Icon-fix Doesn t WorkAnd I m wondering if I did something bad I do use USB Ports a lot I use Thumb Drives and Digital Camera Plug-in My Thumb Drives have an quot Eject quot option Cruzer Thumb Drive but I always just pulled out the plug for my Digital Camera after I turned it off Does this have something to do with my problem

A:Safely Remove Hardware Icon

Your hard drive is being recognized as a removable drive.This says it's by design with SATAII drives:'s a registry edit to fix it with the nForce chipsets.I HAVE NOT TRIED THIS.As with any registry edits, be sure to backup your registry before trying it.
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I have been hearing the sound that Win XP makes when you add or remove a USB devise when opening some programs ?
I have no USB devise pluged in????

Any ideas/
Thank You.
OPPS ... Looks like I put this under the wrong sub.


A:Safely remove hardware sound

Look under Sounds in CP, that sound is probably assigned to multiple functions.
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I tried the 'Safely Remove Hardware' but it ells me
"Windows can?t stop your Generic volume device because it is in use..."

I even made sure nothing was copied in the clipboard as I find this is usually the case but this time its not.


PS I am running vista

A:When 'Safely Remove Hardware' does now work - what now?

usually, you have a window open on one of the directories of the device.

Close all programs
Close all explorer windows

try the Safely Remove Hardware again

if it fails, do it still once more - - sometimes TWICE is require - - hey, it's windows
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Is it possible to put a shortcut (with a decent sized icon) to <Safely remove hardware> on the desktop?
My eyesight is not what it once was and I have difficulty in finding the correct icon in the right hand corner, besides which it is not always in the same place and while I am looking for it the toolbar closes up again.
If it is possible how dous one do it?
Best wishes

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I backup my computers every week using 500G backup drives. One of my computers gives me the attached error message when I try to disconnect the drive.

Because I have no idea what is causing that message, I just disconnect it and go on my merry way. I don't know if that is good or bad so I am coming here.

I tried closing down the control panel but the message still appears.

Any ideas, guys and gals?


A:Some help with safely remove hardware after backup, please

This Tutorial should help.
By Brink:

Safely Remove Hardware - Eject Device