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Three long beeps on Intel desktop board D850MV/D850EMV2

Q: Three long beeps on Intel desktop board D850MV/D850EMV2

So heres the story The computer has been working fine for several years Last night I decide to D850MV/D850EMV2 long Three desktop board beeps on Intel plug in my tv to the desktop via dvi It Three long beeps on Intel desktop board D850MV/D850EMV2 works fine and I dont have any problems I get home today and try and turn the computer Three long beeps on Intel desktop board D850MV/D850EMV2 on and I dont get any video signal to either the tv or the normal monitor Also long beeps accompany start up it sounds as though things boot but I dont get video or sound but it sounds like the hard drives click now and then like normal and the fans all run fine Ive swapped the first ram stick with one other and havent tried the rest yet and I have not changed the video card yet but plan to in the next minutes as of writing this Nothing looks physically damaged and I dont have any extra ram for this computer laying about since its a rambus so all I can do is swap the ram thats in it around and because I cant get video I cant run a test on the ram Suggestions or help would be appreciated Specifically what the long beep codes mean ive Three long beeps on Intel desktop board D850MV/D850EMV2 found a couple different versions of the code online and not sure which is correct Also what might have caused the problem plugging the tv in thats the only thing I did different unless someone was messing around with it without my knowledge or could it just be from years of wear or what nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Three long beeps on Intel desktop board D850MV/D850EMV2

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Three long beeps on Intel desktop board D850MV/D850EMV2

I think three beeps on Intel is a memory issue. At least that what it was when I had a stick of cheap RAM crap out on me.

I'd run Memtest and go from there

RAM can fail from a number of causes. Heat exposure, flaky transistor junctions, who knows. I seriously doubt plugging the TV in had anything to do with it.
You could go into BIOS to ascertain if the RAM voltage is set correctly. Over-volting is a DIMM killer.

You should be able to get documentation for that board directly off Intel's web site. Intel used to give BIOS beep codes ion the board/chipset manuals.

They also have hardware monitor software as a free download. Look up "Intel Desktop Utilities Lite".
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Hey anyone know where I can find the pin-out layout of the USB 2.0 connector. The front panel USB connect came with 9 individual plugs and the board and paperwork does not have any description. Below is the pin layout on board.

Pins are represented in asterisks

* *<---1&2
* *<---3&4
* *<---5&6
* *<---7&8
B *<---10


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Hi Friends:

Yesterday, I installed my new computer and it has the following:

- Intel DX58SO Extreme Series X58
- Intel Core i7 920 2.66GHz
- Corsair TR3X6G1600C8D Dominator 6 GB
- EVGA 02G-P3-1185-AR GeForce GTX285
- Western Digital 300GB Sata HDD 10K RPM
- WDC WD1001FALS-00J7B0
- Samsung CD/DVD Super WriteMaster
- Corsair CMPSU-850TX 850-Watt
- Cooler Master HAF 932
- OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bits

but I would like to ask you if I need to install the new Intel? Chipset Device Software for Intel? Desktop Boards are the advantages and disadvantages?....Can you help me please?


A:Intel Desktop Board DX58SO & Intel Chipset Device Sof

Their should be ( on the site where you found the update) information as to what issues it specifically addresses.Most of the time it is advisable to update chipset drivers. They control all the way everything your MB does, from the Ethernet to NB to Sb and ram communication. Where as a bios update should only be done if it specifically addresses issues you are experiencing, or new support for your CPU. This is of course my opinion. There'll be others I'm sure.Fabe
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I have a INtel Desktop Board D945GCCR, and everytime I boot it up with the hard-drive i get a black screen, no intel logo, nothing happens to it just freezes up, when i remove the hard-drive (160 gb sata) it boots up to a screen still without the intel logo but it shows media failure and that it is quiting boot agent and that is all.

Has anyone had this problem before? This happens when there is no Windows installed on the hard drive. Can anyone help out? Thanks in advance.

A:Intel Desktop Board

Do you have another hard disk you can try?

If not, do you have a floppy drive you can boot to or maybe a CD-ROM drive and a bootable CD?

Try these and let us know your result.
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i have problem to install windows 7 64 bit sp1 on the Intel Desktop Board D975XBX2 with 8 giga of ram i got bluescreen and then the computer restart automaticly. (the type of the memory is identical by corsair) in 4 giga mode the windows installation goes perfectly

what could be the problem?

by the way i try to add the memory after installtion in 4 giga mode but no good same blue screen

for info:

allready install the latest bios version.

thank you guys its very important to me.

A:Intel Desktop Board D975XBX2 with win 7 64 bit

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

Check this link for any compatibility issues: Windows 7 Compatibility: Software Programs & Hardware Devices: Find Updates, Drivers, & Downloads
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just want to know if there is anyone in here that has the intel desktop board d975xbx2 aka badaxe 2 with 8 giga of ram working on windows 7 .

very important to me

thank you.

A:intel desktop board d975xbx2

Are all your Ram sticks matching.
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I have found an Intel D945GCLF2D mainboard and want to build a computer with it. I have been looking at mini ITX cases/enclosures but not too sure what sort of PSU I need and what exact case either. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions?

I was looking at
which looks pretty good but don't think it comes with a psu.

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Hi Guys! I am new here.

Well I am in trouble regarding Intel D815EEA main board of my uncles PC.

The problem is, the PC had Segate ST320423A 20.4 GB HDD which no more works. Now as we all know its almost impossible to get 20 GB HDD in the market so I thought to buy at list 80 GB, BUT, I am not sure if D815EEA will support 80 GB HDD or above.

He dosent have mainboard manual but I downloaded from but with no use. In the manual its not mentioned what is the maximum GB HDD would D815EEA support.

So please, if any one could tell me how and where can I find this info, it would help me a lot.



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is it possible for intel discontinued desktop board users to get driver for windows seven.or i have to purchase new machine which supports windows seven? sorry for bad english & if there is any rules for new threads which i broked.coz i'm new here & don't know anything about rules.(p.s.Tried to find the rules before creating thread but unable to find)

A:intel discontinued desktop board drivers

I would say no or at least very unlikely as intel discontinued support for this board late 2006, running windows 7 on a Pentium 4 board is possible but for anything more than very basic tasks it's going to become painfully slow

your next problem with that age of motherboard is lack of ram

I would suggest save up and get a dual core motherboard to get you started
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Ok i have folowed the manule and even tryed the Online manule looked ayt almost everything i can and i am stumped everthign is correctly connected all new parts ann connectors etc the standby light come on, on the mobo next to the 12v power slot but when i hit the on button nothing happens :S Please help me out here.

Please get back to me ASAP if any one cam im desperate lmao. Thanks.

Here is a link to the desktop board info etc :

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Desktop board EEA w chipset E running windows - decided to install windows XP form my dell So I took out GB harddrive from EEA other computer and formatted it to NFTS files and did a frewsh install also did wiundows updates intel updates for the controller and desktop board but what i did was connect the EEA harddrive to me secondary master and did the updates and install before connecting it to EEA Intel board no longer desktop supported can t even get into safe mode with F sometimes i can Intel desktop board no longer supported do F and Bios i can do the Intel desktop board screen and thenit goes blank or safe mode and when I m pushing the buttons harder i can get the computer to throw up windows systems drivers and a couple dozen extensions I thought plug n play could bring up the internal basics for start up i ve formatted harddrive and re-installed XP a few times with different installs but same outcome windows updates Intel latest bios utility tools and even tried to force an extraction from winzip But nothin i m sure its the drives and video card they allways got some update I d like to know how or if i even can reset board somehow and have plug and play pick out the drivers I might even be able to get the drives from my dell resource cd the EEA is probably about the same as Dells or something with processor mhz and bus speed od mhz and for those who know bios its EA A Intel floppy was in the EEA but would just spin if any real slow so no boot up unless i can use something in dos I m not realy a wiz or anything but I guess I like to get in trouble I would appreciate any info its been a long couple of days nbsp
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I have an Intel desktop board DQ GF board rev D - BIOS v with an Intel Pentium D GHz CPU I DQ965GF Intel Board Upgrade For Desktop would like to upgrade the system with a faster CPU and I am not much of an expert on these things The PC is being used for Excel number crunching very large files and complex formulas that take a while to open refresh playing games and surfing the Internet The CPUs Upgrade For Intel Desktop Board DQ965GF compatible with my board are listed in these links http processormatch intel com COMPDB SearchResult aspx Boardname dq gf http www intel com support motherboards desktop dq gf sb CS- htm Here are my questions Based on the above-mentioned board revision and BIOS version do you agree with me that the fastest CPU that I can install is an Intel Core Duo Desktop Processor E SL ZF GHz Just out of curiosity of all the CPUs listed in the two links that I provided would the Intel Core Extreme Desktop Processor X SL S GHz be the fastest Do you know of a site that compares all the CPUs in existence and ranks them based on some sort of benchmark PS I know that there are other things that I could upgrade in order to make my PC faster such as the graphics card more memory etc but at this time I would like to restrict things only to the CPU upgrade issue Thanks -- tb nbsp

A:Upgrade For Intel Desktop Board DQ965GF


click on the Extreme X6800 in the list, it will load a page highlighting (space surrounding it) the processor compared to others in its range

It will smoke any Non extreme core 2 processor
PS, install the fastest memory the motherboard will support, 1gb for XP, 2~3gb for Vista/W7


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Hi A disaster has overtaken my computer a surge in the power line wiped out the mainboard and processor I thought that if I fitted another board and processor all would be well but no The first part of the problem Solved: with board desktop Problem Intel is that the computer Solved: Problem with Intel desktop board reports lt checksum error gt a couple of times it has added lt date and time not set gt I have corrected these and saved the new values but the next time the computer is started it still reports lt checksum error gt What do I do now Before the failure the computer was an E machines using a gigabyte mainboard socket with a ghz processor I could not find an exact replacement so I Solved: Problem with Intel desktop board have used an Intel D GRG which is also a socket Solved: Problem with Intel desktop board board and a ghz processor I dont know if it is significant but in my ignorance I ignored the BIOS message and reinstalled XP which seemed to work but had a display problem Windows reported a bit display and refused to consider any alternatives I thought for the moment I can ignore the display problem and concentrate on getting the mainboard sorted out so anyone with a solution will be welcome but please keep it simple I am thinking of changing my profile from lt computer illiterate gt to lt totally ignorant gt Happy New Year phil nbsp

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My father recently bought a 512MB DDR400 SDRAM to add to by brother's already existing 256MB. However, after installing it, he found that the computer could not boot. Then he tried removing the RAM, swapping the graphics card, but nothing worked. Could he have accidentally shorted out the AGP slot?
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Hi everyone

I`ve been trying to install the 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate version on an Intel Desktop Board DZ77SL-50K using a 3TB Seagate HDD. Somewhere along the road, I learnt the motherboard must be switched to UEFI mode first in order to install the OS on a 3TB internal HDD. However, after enabling the UEFI mode in the BIOS menu, the mobo no longer recognizes the Windows 7 installation DVD although the Pioneer DVD drive appears in the boot menu and I can select the DVD drive to boot to.

Please someone help me figure how to boot to the installation DVD successfully in UEFI mode.



A:Prob installing Ultimate 64 bit on Intel Desktop Board using 3TB HDD

To boot your DVD, use boot menu

press enter on the UEFI DVD drive

How to clean install:
UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) - Install Windows 8 with
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So I recently had my main computer crash and break to the point I need a new computer so I figured I'd make it worth it this time.

Here's the deal: (add the www to see it)

Everything on there seems decent but I am curious about the board itself. Would the Intel Desktop Board DP55WB Motherboard be good for gaming, which I wish to use my computer mainly for. I have at most a 700 dollar budget and this seems like a nice deal for it. I plan on putting a Geforce GTX 580 graphics card in it as soon as I get the money as a little side note if it matters.

A:Intel desktop board DP55WB motherboard for gaming?

Pyron92 said:

So I recently had my main computer crash and break to the point I need a new computer so I figured I'd make it worth it this time.

Here's the deal: (add the www to see it)

Everything on there seems decent but I am curious about the board itself. Would the Intel Desktop Board DP55WB Motherboard be good for gaming, which I wish to use my computer mainly for. I have at most a 700 dollar budget and this seems like a nice deal for it. I plan on putting a Geforce GTX 580 graphics card in it as soon as I get the money as a little side note if it matters.Click to expand...

I'd suggest looking at the same chipset, but in either Gigabyte or Asus brands. Intel boards are fine, as much as it goes, but the BIOS is very limited as to configuration for different memory, and overclocking options. Intel really markets it's boards as mainstream items, intended for average users and businesses, they're not really aimed at the enthusiast.

The feature set can vary widely from board to board, and you should have a look at these pages to see which board has the capabilities you need;

Asus P-55; 600008216&IsNodeId=1&name=Intel P55

Gigabyte P-55; 600008216&IsNodeId=1&name=Intel P55
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Hi, and thanks for looking at this problem. Hopefully you can help.
I was awake untill 4 this morning trying to figure out what the problem is with the motherboard i have just installed.
The problem is, i have installed the motherboard inside the case securly, connected the IDE cables, Floppy and Power Connector cables to the motherboard and the part i am confused on is, the front panel connecters. I cannot figure out which LED goes where, however i had guessed which is the power connector as i can power it on, but get no LED display on the front of my case, and no display on my monitor. I looked over the motherboard manual on the Intel website, and followed their instructions and still no luck.
Anyone who can help me, i would greatly appreciate it.
Many Thanks, Ant.

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I want to turn on my PC automatically during late hours so that I can do some downloads and maintenance works on my PC automatically!!
But I cant find an option for RTC alarm enabling in this BIOS!!
Whats wrong with this Mobo?

Will any one help me?
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Any body recommend me a desktop board for following processor:-

Intel? Pentium? Processor E5200 (2M Cache, 2.50 GHz, 800 MHz FSB). Please prefer those board which easily available in any Indian E-commerce website.

A:Recommend Desktop Board for Intel Pentium Processor E5200

Hello avishnashrawat mate that is a fairly old CPU being a 775 socket and you will be looking at getting a used board unless you find something local new which I am doubting very much. Now I can only find the specs for the CPU and I cannot find anything of any use except it does support 64bit stuff but I cannot make out or see what memory is supported so.

Sorry but if it were me and I had this processor that is just what I would have to do. Now there are some good 1150 socket boards at a reasonable price out here at around $88 for the ASUS B85M-F Motherboard, and coupled with say a Pentium such as the Intel Pentium G3240 ($79) or Intel Pentium Anniversary Edition G3258 ($89) or even a Intel Celeron G1840 at $59 then you would have an up to date board and processor albeit they are quite basic but I would suggest they are superior to the CPU you have now. Plus you then just need the other components to suit ie RAM.

Now I understand you might be tied to a budget but truly I think you would be better off doing that than throwing good money after bad, because using used components is like playing Russian roulette - you just would not know what you are getting.

Anyway perhaps things might turn out and you find something that you are asking after - good luck
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When I start up my 23-q059na All-In-One, I get 3 long beeps then 4 short beeps, several times. It then appears to start up fine. I've tried looking at the diagnostics help but there doesn't appear to be any information on this error. I've tried to find the memory diagnostics option in the BIOS but there is no option for this. It is still under warranty - should I just take it back to the store?
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amd xp (Long get issue?)....before Thread) call new I a fix ideas(power/board for Last board palomino on a ga- vt winxp sp i upgraded video ram in my computer and now i can t even get the old what was replaced stuff to work here s a few things to list install new vid card update drivers settings reboot no picture to monitor unistall reinstall card boot and monitor has picture install another gig of ram boot no picture take new ram out boot no picture take new card out put new card in boot no picture take new card out Last call for fix ideas(power/board issue?)....before I get a new board (Long Thread) put old card in boot no Last call for fix ideas(power/board issue?)....before I get a new board (Long Thread) picture take all memory out try known good stick in all slots boot and no picture put all back in boot no picture turn power on and watch the led fans run on my lb paper weight it s a never ending combination that i ve tried here and i cannot get a picture on this monitor i ve swapped monitors around and all are good i ve put components from this computer into another computer and they all worked something is not letting this thing boot up i get no picture to the screen and no beeps sounds or anything else i turn the computer on and you hear the fans hard drives and burners powering up and everything but there is no picture going to the monitor it sounded like bad memory because i ran into a case of that before but all the components still work when placed into the other computer my last guess is the board has gone sour i was reading other posts and people have mentioned the power supply but where do i check that at it s a codegen w ps came with the case which was also made by gigabyte i m assuming since it is stamped all over the place if i can t find help with that problem then how about some suggestions for a new board since my options have opened up some because i ve been told my pc sticks will work on board that are rated below that they just have to be able to take gb per slot here s the components - amd xp palomino socket a - maxtor gb hd - maxtor gb hd - x dl dvd r rw drive - x x cd r rw drive - floppy drive - mb ddr pci nvidia geforce mx - mb savageIII agp will probably be placed in storage - gb pc mhz ddr sdram - mb pc mhz ddr sdram i m leaning toward an asus board but the abit s are cheaper and i won t be asking a lot out of the computer except reliabilty sorry for the long thread but i can t think of anything else that would be wrong except board or power supply tia for your help - tag nbsp

A:Last call for fix ideas(power/board issue?)....before I get a new board (Long Thread)
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Hi, I have recently built my own PC but for some reason I keep getting 1 long beep followed by 3 short beeps, but it doesnt happen all the time, sometimes it will turn on fine and other times I get the beeps, it is really annoying me because I cant find any problems, I have read that these beeps can be the Graphics card or the RAM but I find it strange that it does it sometimes and not all the time, can anyone please help with this problem, Thanks.

My system specs are as followed:
Asus P5K Premium Motherboard
Intel Quad Core Q6600 CPU
8GB Reaper RAM
BFG NVIDIA GTX280 OC Graphics Card
CoolerMaster 1000W PSU

A:1 Long Beeps, Followed by 3 Short Beeps (sometimes)

hi 1bellb

make sure that all of your RAM chips are firmly placed into their slots and that they aren't susceptible to movement in and out of the slots. You could also run Memtest on your chips from here - You've heard right about the beeping sounds probably being caused by RAM issues. Good luck

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Hello I bought a computer on eBay with Gig of ram and an Intel Pentium D Ghz processor It had an AsRock board and when I first attempted to use it which was about weeks after I sounds 805 Intel Pentium then 2.66Ghz down shuts a D945PVS Intel D Board Siren bout it it seemed to overheat because it would just shut down and stop on me At that point I decided to upgrade the board to an Intel D PVS once the new board arrived I was excited but cautious I made sure to use an anti static wristband and I installed the Board RAM CPU heat Intel Pentium D 805 2.66Ghz Intel Board D945PVS sounds a Siren then shuts down sink amp fan e-GeForce Video card and the hard drives But almost as soon as I plugged it in I heard a siren sound coming from the board and then the computer shut off I have attempted a few times to restart it but it continues to follow the same pattern of sounding a siren and shutting down I m not sure what to do at this point I ve contacted Intel customer support through their website but that was no help I know that the Desktop Boards product guide state that the Siren sound is for CPU Overheat on reboot but I don t know what I can do to correct the issue I have purchased some new thermal CPU Heat Sink compound and thoroughly cleaned the old compound away and the fan is properly positioned and operating as it appears it should I did notice some slight discoloration on the CPU over some of the pins sort of like a slight darkening Can anyone share their ideas regarding what could be the reason for this Thanks Kimmy nbsp

A:Intel Pentium D 805 2.66Ghz Intel Board D945PVS sounds a Siren then shuts down
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The problem The PC works for sometime maybe an hour or maybe few minutes Suddenly it freezes Restarting the PC makes it work for few minutes and it restarts or comes to a blue screen Error IRQ NOT LESS OR EQUAL or PAGE AREA Restarting again brings the blue screen again just before the Desktop appears Restarting few more times makes the PC not even bringing the P4 based 865GBF board with intel intel freezes/reboots PC CPU Display even Intel logo does not comes prior to bootup I do see one indication in this PC When I switch On the wall socket the intel P4 CPU with intel 865GBF board based PC freezes/reboots PC performs a POST The Power HDD Keyboard LED lights blink and the fan noise comes for a few seconds and go off When I power on the PC after this I observed that the PC works fine But when freezing starts happening the subsequent restarts even after a complete power down from wall socket as well does not makes these LEDs to blink This is an indication that something is wrong and it freezes for sure when the PC is intel P4 CPU with intel 865GBF board based PC freezes/reboots powered on Strange I had called up a technician who services PCs in our area He took the PC to his workshop and it works well without doing altering anything to the system Change could be the input output devices and the modem ADSL As he brings it back to my home it all starts again to freeze Whts been tried Changed LAN cards and on different slots Changed motherboard Re-formatted installed windows Updated drivers VGA Sound LAN Changed RAM Removed UPS Changed SMPS cables Tried to start without HDD changed HDD Tried connecting the PC to a different wall socket bypassing the spike buster PC configuration Intel Pentium HT CPU GHz MB cache MHz FSB Intel GBF board MB DDR MHz RAM amp MB DDR MHz not used together GB Seagate baraguda IDE HDD X DVD-RW drive RealTek LAN amp D-Link TX LAN not used together W SMPS in ATX box Scientific Atlanta Cisco Cable Modem quot LCD Monitor PS Keyboard amp Mouse vA UPS spike buster HP Inkjet printer USB Headfones OS Windows XP Professional Any help is greatly appreciated Need to know whts the exact cause or maybe which peripheral is at fault nbsp
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Running XP pro Sp2, IE 7 & Mozilla 3.6 8 . Using Mozilla, facebook, farmvile game. Mozilla has the file plugin-container.exe, which taskman shows hogging resources. Out of the blue my pc started the beeping randomly while using mozilla. When I close, no beep since. All other apps are standard, usual and up to date. No new hardware or software. Recent past & some random scroll bar moving by it's self, have not found a fix. That happens on both browsers. Should I remove or disable the plugin-container.exe, & would it affect mozilla & farmville? I read where it suppose to stop the browser from crashing, but it doesn't. Also have virtually the same setup up on another pc routed with this one. Please give me some insight!
If this is the wrong forum, please direct me. Thank You, bikinibeegee

A:2 short beeps, one short beep, & a rare long series of beeps

Mozilla Forum Discussion, Container.exeLouis
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I have an old computer im working on. It wont boot up at all, bios will not even load. When i first turn it on it makes a beep like this...
beep, pause, beep beep beep, pause beep beep beep pause, beep.

its 1, 123, 123, 1

what error is this?
my bios sais "SST" on it, im not sure if this is the brand or not.
Ive replaced the memory with good memory, still beeps. Is it possable my memory slots are bad? What else could it be???
thanks for the response!:

A:Mother board beeps! please help

Do you know what brand BIOS you have?
Looks like it's probably memory related though.
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Hi friends,
I have windows xp sp2 on 80gb harddisk , mother board mercury make,intel processor now this mercury mother borad what i have donot support ddr2 RAM, i had moved harddisk to intel motherboard box.

i am able to detect harddisk and windows apologies to start safe , last good menu and start normally and command prompt appears, i tried all options but fail to start windows xp.

Pl. find me solution to loginto windows and resume work.


A:moved windows xp sp2 harddisk from mercury mother board to intel mother board

you cant use the same xp on another motherboard.
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I have a Dell Dimension 2200. I plugged it in and got 3 long beeps. I googled this and got 3270 Keyboard Card. Can anyone tell me what that might mean? I have looked and am not finding what I need. Thanks!

A:3 long beeps

According to dell:
A failure occurred in the first 64 KB of memory.

They say to try reseating the memory:
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please help!!! fixing my computer I remove the cpu by mistake, and after I reinstalling computer won`t turn on.. so I got a new cpu now and after I reinstall it. now it does turn on but no screen and many long beeps... wat did i do wrong??? thanks...

A:help please!! long beeps over and over

What is the beep pattern?
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running a intel motherboard d955xbk
i have taken out the memory, disconnected the hard drives, taken out the video card, but nothing seems to work
still trying to fix it without going out to buy anything...the screen shows nothing

the mother board has no vga
the gaming card has a dvi but i have a dvi to vga adapter not sure what to do...
any help?

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I have a HP compaq Presario V2000. I have 4 long beeps when I start it up. I replaced the CPU. Before replacing the CPU When I went to start it the start button would just flash on then go off. Now that I put in a new CPU when I go and start it the start button stays on fan starts gives me 4 long beeps. I have looked every where what 4 long longs beeps mean only find 4 short beeps. Thanks

A:OK I have 4 long beeps
Award Bios - used on HPs
Award BIOS 6.00PG/Asus P4T-E: 4 long beeps when turning on your system might indicate yout CPU fan is either damaged ot running to slow. Check your CPU fan. Clean or replace it with a new one.Click to expand...
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Doesnt make any sense. There was 2 sticks in this system. Pull out one stick of ram and replaced it with another. Pressed the power button, no beeps but nothing on the monitor. Pulled that stick back out and put back the original one. Pulled the second stick and replaced it with another, now as soon as you hit the power button, it instantly gives off 3 long beeps and thats it, nothing on the monitor

i have 5 sticks of ram sitting here, 3 of them i know 100% work, and no matter what dimm slot i stick it in (three total) or what order they go in, nothing. Just 3 long beeps and fans spinning

I cant see any damaged parts on the mobo, capacitors etc....argh

the agp video card was slighty hit, this wouldnt be a video card problem would it?


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I have a Powerspec 9130, Windows XP system and I'm getting 3 long beeps on power-on. No video -- monitor locks up & must be unplugged & plugged back in, whereon it locks again. I'm assuming this could signify a bad video card (I think it's a NVIDIA 4.8.2), but was wondering if anyone knew for sure before I replace it.

All I can find in my BIOS code research is that three longs means keyboard, but I'm not even sure which BIOS code I would have.



A:Three Long Beeps

Have u checked with the Memory Beep code in the starting means that there could be memory problems also, check with that. how may memory u have in u r system, if there is two try booting with one memory.
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I just changed my power supply and now I am receiving continous long beeping with a black screen.

My monitor has power as do all the fans. Everything else seems to work but the computer won't boot up and I got this long beeping going on.

Thanks for any sugesstions.

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I have an msi 4 beeps, short long 2 motherboard which I think uses AMI BIOS code and I accidently changed a setting on the BIOS menu and then it restarted and gave me short beeps along with a message that flashed kinda fast saying something along the lines of quot please insert usb flash disk with bios file quot CHECKING FOR USB DEVICE quot DEVICE NOT Found quot Afterwards I removed anything in the USB slots and tried but still got the same message I then read that some people solved the issue 4 short beeps, 2 long by removing the power cord and waiting before removing the CMOS I waited minutes to insure that the extra charge dissipated then 4 short beeps, 2 long removed it I waiting for about minutes before reinstalling it and now I got short beeps a pause and then long beeps I also have no image on the monitor I tried looking into the beeps but I couldn t find a description of this code I could find info for short and info for long but I m not sure what this means either I am not over clocking either It WAS running windows Motherboard gm E - fx GPU MSI Radeon HD CPU AMD FX A single TB Western Digital black HDD Any help would be much appreciated to solving this nbsp

A:4 short beeps, 2 long

Try to used your onboard video card.. pull out your external video card...
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I think I must be cursing my PC booting 3 beeps long not - friend with computer problems as this is my second thread today I ve posted about a PC that will not boot the previous thread was about my other machine He gave me a call tonight saying his PC would not boot so I went to have a look at PC not booting - 3 long beeps it and try and help him determine what was going on He said the problem started when his computer crashed PC not booting - 3 long beeps suddenly on him so he turned it off When he tried to switch it back on again he got no output to the keyboard mouse or monitor So he switched the monitor cable from his graphics card slot to the onboard graphics slot still nothing he then tried removing one stick of RAM and still no go So he tried removing the keyboard which is a PS type keyboard and USB mouse and attached them all again Then suddenly the motherboard started beeping long beeps and keeps doing this until he turns it off Weve attempted to clear the CMOS using the jumper on the board and re-seated the battery and also switched the PS USB jumper which is PC not booting - 3 long beeps also on the board as with the motherboard manual instructions and also tried another RAM DIMM After doing this we booted up without anything attached except the power lead for the PSU and it powers on without beeping at all not even once We have even tried powering on without any ram attached and it still doesnt beep We are at a complete loss at what this could be The motherboard he has is a Asrock P VM Thanks in advance nbsp

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I was just browsing internet when my desktop pc totally crashed to black blank screen. Tried hitting restart nothing. Started beeping loudly long beeps with short gaps between, kept beeping until I pulled the plug.

I waited a couple of minutes and switched the power back on - still beeping. Left it half an hour it has now restarted OK. It tells me there was a serious error, here are the codes:

BCCode: 1000007f
BCP1: 00000008
BCP2: F78A0D70
BCP3: 00000000
BCP4: 00000000
OSVer: 5_1_2600
SP: 3_0
Product 768_1

My system is running XP SP3
Foxconn P9657AA
Core 2 Duo E6400
2 x 512 Ram
256Mb Geforce 7600 GT
300Gb SATA Maxtor

Any ideas?


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I have a 23-Q120 all in one desktop,  whenever I try to turn it on it goes through a series of beeps, 3 short and 4 long, 5 times before starting to boot up. What is going on how do I fix this

A:3 long been 4 short beeps

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any help please!
i did put an K7VM2 motherboard in pc,now when i try to boot,
i get 3 long beeps!
anybody has an idea?
thanks for help!

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Hi guys,
I need some help with a computer I got from a friend.When the computer is turned on, it gives 3 beeps which are about 2 seconds long each.
I tryed the net but it didn't help me to pin-point the problem. THere is no video showing up in the moniter but the moniter works fine (tested).
I tryed replacing the video card with a GForce 4 series(AGP) but the problem still remains.
THe specs are:

768MB RAM (512+128+128)
80GB HDD (40+40)
DVD RW drive + CD RW drive
Intel Desktop Board D845WN + Intel Pentium 4 processor
320W TurboSupply Power supply
GForce 4 series (AGP)

Any help is appreciated !_!
Thank You!


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I am trying to boot an older PC running XP and when I power it up, I immediately get 3 long beeps and then the cd drive powers up. I don't get the post beep, video or even keyboard power. I have tested the PS and it shows well within range. I have made an xp msdos boot disk and it doesn't work at all. I put in my xp cd and it spins but doesn't work either...Where should I go next for testing? Thanks

A:Boot problem with 3 long beeps

please post your configuration dude .
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I am trying to boot an older PC running XP and when I power it up, I immediately get 3 long beeps and then the cd drive powers up. I don't get the post beep, video or even keyboard power. I have tested the PS and it shows well within range. I have made an xp msdos boot disk and it doesn't work at all. I put in my xp cd and it spins but doesn't work either...Where should I go next for testing? Thanks

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Computer has been working fine, all of a sudden a game im playing locks up, so i reboot the computer. I then start the game again and a few minutes later it unexpectedly quits and i cannot do anything but move the mouse.

I reboot the computer again and this time the monitor does not display anything and i get one long beep and two short beeps. I looked up the codes and saw it had to do with the video card. I take the video card out and disconnect it and i get the same beep (dont know if its because the card is absent). Any other ideas?

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Hello again im having another problem they just keep coming but this time it is with a brand new mmotherboard and RAM i just bought them yesterday and as the title says i get short and long beeps i know what you guys will say is that i should take it back but i would rather not as it is a two and a half hour return trip to the store Umart for those locals i read that it could be one of two things the Graphics card which i have checked in another board and it works the RAM which i went to the store and replaced from one gb stick and now is X TEAM Xtreem mhz DDR and X Kingston 1 beeps short long Motherboard and 3 HyperX Mhz DDR and they are all Brand New Except the Graphics Card Zotac nvidia Motherboard 1 long and 3 short beeps GT MB are there any ideas of what i can do as might have to drive to Umart tomorrow but would rather not Please reply ASAP My Specs MotherBoard Asus P kPL- Socket CPU intel Motherboard 1 long and 3 short beeps P Ghz Graphics card Zotac Nvidia GT MB HDD Seagate Baracuda GB RAM X Kingston mhz X team Extreme mhz DDR PSU W -Braydon

A:Motherboard 1 long and 3 short beeps

One long beep and three shorts beeps indicates VGA problems.
Are you sure to connect the extra power supply to your VGA card?
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so i get three beeps on start up of my computer it means that i have a :

3270 keyboard something
something else

also i tried replacing my keyboard but it didn t fix the issue so what shall i do

shall i get a new motherbard will it fix it

A:3 long beeps on start up can i resolve it

reseat the ram modules
try 1 at a time
have the computer off and destatic yourself by the unpainted metal in the case.

if you have ps2 hardware, make sure you have the mouse, keyboard plugged in correctly.
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Whenever I switch ON my computer it goes OFF after giving 2 long beeps . Can you please tell me what may be the issue?
How to fix this issue??

Thanks and Regards,

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Good Day to you all,

I just purchased an HP ENVY H8-1430 Intel Core i5 with 10GB RAM & 2TB HD from Woot.

After receiving the computer, I cannibalized my old system of some RAM, the Hard drive, and video card; an ATI Firepro V4800.

After installing those devices, I get 6 long beeps on startup and no display of the bios. The desktop does eventually show up, and all the devices are showing as working in Device Manager.

I have updated the graphics driver to the latest version from ATI's website.

I want to know what is causing the 6 long beeps, and how I can get display during the startup routine. I tried pressing F1, F12, and F10 during startup, but I can't get any BIOS to display.

A:[SOLVED] Windows 8, 6 long beeps

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

What was the make and model number of the PC with the old parts?

Did you make sure that the RAM and HDD of the old PC were compatible with the new one?

Did this beeping happen right after installing those parts?

There is no error code for 6 long beeps but there is for 6 shorten beeps. Maybe you could try to record the sounds?

Do you see the BIOS screen at all during bootup?
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Yesterday I shutdown my computer and when I went to turn it back on it was not sending a signal to the monitor and the computer bios was letting out a sequence of beeps.

1 Long beep followed by two short beeps.

I consulted my Motherboard manual to find that the beeps meant the graphics card was loose/not in all the way. So I opened it up jostled the card a bit and voila the computer started up and ran without a problem for ten minutes. I restarted it to get some updates and...well same problem back to square one.

It seems as though everytime I take the GC out and put it back in the computer will work but if I don't then it won't work.

PS: I cleaned the PCI-E Slot and the GC.

Any thoughts?

A:Long Beep Followed by Two Short Beeps

Make sure the fan is spinning on the card.

Take a pencil eraser and clean the gold contacts on the card, becareful and blow the eraser dust off before installing.

It could just be a bad video card that acts up when it gets hot
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Compaq Evo D500 (P4)
Intel Pentium 4 Processor 1.7 GHz
Front Side Bus 400-MHz
Hard Drive: 20-GB 7200 rpm QSI SMART III Ultra ATA/100
Audio: Integrated AC97 Audio with Internal Speaker
NIC: Integrated Intel PRO/100 VM Network Connection
Graphics Card: NVIDIA Vanta 16-MB 4X AGP

When I start the computer.. 1 short beep 2 long beeps, then, continues to run... LED lights are on, fans working, hard drive working, however nothing displays on monitor. I am assuming Phoenix BIOS, however I am not able to find beep codes with this sequence for any BIOS. I have tried multiple sticks of RAM, multiple CMOS Batteries, cleaning slots, reseating graphics card and RAM, unplugging all devices and reconnecting, and different graphics cards. Everything is connected correctly. I cannot get the computer to boot up and display on monitor.

Any suggestions or assistance is greatly appreciated!

A:1 Short Beep 2 Long Beeps...

This site suggests a RAM problem:
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i turn my computer on and get 1 long beep and then 2 short beeps, no images are even displayed on the monitor, it just beeps over and over. what is this?

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I have an IBM Thinkcentre M50 with a P4 CPU and a AGP card Geforce FX5500 and it works just fine. I would like to upgrade the video to a Geforce 6600gt which I have. However, when it is installed, I get the beeps and no video. Is the Motherboard incompatible, is the power supply not good enough. It's only 230w. Lenovo says the card should work, but I'm thinking, what do they know.
Thanks in advance for the help.

I just removed the card and placed it in another older PC and it worked. I then put the card back into the IBM with the power supply from the old PC and nothing except the beeps.

A:One long beep and two short beeps

hi try running everest and get the info on your mobo etc post it then someone may be able to help
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This post is going to involve PCs which I will refer to as PC and PC They are identical except for their graphics card and power supply They both have ASUS P E Intel Core Duo CPU E GHz RAM running windows XP PC gforce gt card and a watt power supply The LG monitor went off and never came back on My sister had an old vga Mitsubishi diamond plus I didn t have the funds yet to buy a new one so I hooked that up and everything was fine for about a week or two Then the monitor 3 beep long short Need beeps Help 1 shuts off and goes into power saving mode I assume power supply and it sits waiting for a new one PC gforce Need Help 1 long beep 3 short beeps gtx card and a watt power supply The LG monitor went off and never came back on I take the Mitsubishi from PC and a week later the monitor shuts off and goes into power saving mode I assumed the monitor finally died and went out and bought a new acer flat screen I hooked it up and when I booted up I heard long beep and short beeps The monitor went into power saving mode I then researched and found that beeping code to be an Award Bios error saying the graphic card was bad I pulled the card from PC and upon boot up I heard long beep and short beeps As I read this back to myself I am seeing and feeling sick at the thought of did I fry graphic cards by using that old vga They are both lifetime warrantied but it means both PCs down for as long as it takes to RMA them I am currently on my laptop but my world is on both those pc s I am hoping you can help me put together at least PC and not tell me I need a new motherboard lol Let me know what it is you need to know I appreciate any input nbsp

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That's a video problem right? If I remove the card and use onboard video and the problem remains, what might it be?

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My computer is an HP Pavilion HPE h qe Series with GB RAM -bit Windows The video card is AMD Radeon HD The video card is going I have ordered a new one It has been getting pretty bad so I decide to open up the PC and take a look at the card more out of curiosity I power down unplug release any residual power take start up no Solved: long beeps, 6 all precautions as always It s pretty tight in there but I get the card out Nothing looks unusual I dust it off reinstall it plug everything in It starts up but the fans sound extra loud then beeps and everyting reduces to slow fan speed I hit the power button again and it shuts it all off I looked back realized I forgot to plug the power back into the video card Plug that in and start up again same thing beeps longer beeps Could I have killed the video card completely The fan on the card does turn on My monitor screen remains blank The only other thing is that there are these two very skinny black wires that are in the way and one came disconnected Solved: 6 long beeps, no start up when I removed the video card I plugged it back in Solved: 6 long beeps, no start up right next to the other into the only thing it will plug into I don t know that that could have caused anything but I thought I would mention that Thanks nbsp

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Hi all,MoBo is Acer H61H2-AD. Machine is Gateway SX2855, purchased 10/2013.  I understand this indicates a hardware error and inet searching seems to indicate video card.  I do not and never had a video/graphics card, always used MoBo supplied.  My question, any idea what the one-long two-short specifically indicates?  I've tried checking all wire connections (unplug/re[plug) and same with memory (single 4GB card), also tried moving memory card to other slot, and a good de-dusting via compressed air, all with no luck, still getting the beeps. Visual inspection doesn't identify any obvious bad capacitors.  Any help would be appreciated!Thanks,Doug

A:One long two short beeps at startup during the POS...

The three models of the Gateway SX2855 I found all have Intel HD integrated graphics. Unless you installed a Video card or yours is a model with a PCI video card, you have integrated graphics.Is it booting? to a black screen? Have you tried F8 at boot to boot into safe mode?As soon as you start, start tapping F8 rapidly.If you get into safe mode, go to Programs and Features and uninstall the video driver and reboot.
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Windows XP Shuts down after two long beeps.
hardware or software?

A:Windows XP Shuts down with two long beeps

Post complete hardware specs. Might be video card failing, or hot.
Any hardware changes lately,, give us some backround...
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I get constant long (about 8 seconds) loud beeping noise one out of 2 times i turn on my comp.. and i would be really thankful if someone would point me in the right direction.. one out of 2 times i turn on my comp.. it starts beeping.. after i restart it a couple of times, windows starts up and works normally without any problem.I checked the Complete Bios BEEP guide but i didnt really find anything for my situation.. I have a custom built comp.. XFX nForce 790i ultra sli motherboard with Core2Duo Processor (3.16ghz), 6 gb of ram, (3x 2gb, there r 4 slots for ram.. so 3 out of 4 are filled) , 750w power supply, GTX470 vid card..

A:Constant long, loud beeps?

When did this problem start? had you changed anything before it started to happen? What is the age of the system?

Check all external and internal connections, remove all cards including the Memory and clean the contacts with a soft pencil eraser (up and down the contacts not from side to side) and reseat the cards. Test.

You could also try a start up with just one memory stick installed, then swap so you test with one stick at a time. Also try with just one memory stick per channel.

What is the make of your bios? you will see the name at the top of the screen during post. Please also state your OS.
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The problem There s no video when I turn on the machine Everything sounds normal except that there is a long beep and two short beeps when the machine POSTs There have been NO hardware modifications to the machine for about months Manuals I can find online indicate that this is a video error What I ve tried Removing all USB devices all devices in fact Clearing the CMOS Booting without a videocard Booting with a brand new videocard Testing each stick of ram individually in each POST on long short and 1 beeps 2 individual slot What I m thinking Either the mobo or the PSU are dead The PSU is lt months old and the mobo is years old so I think it s more likely the mobo rather than the PSU However it s easier to pick up a spare PSU and test it so I ll do that saturday but in 1 long and 2 short beeps on POST the meantime is there anything else I should try before biting the bullet and getting a new mobo CPU ram Nobody makes LGA mobos anymore Full specsif anyone s interested Mobo MSI P N SLI Platinum years old CPU Intel core quad q years old Video XFX ATI Radeon HD years old also tried with a Gigabyte Geforce GTX lt day old PSU Thermaltake Purepower W months old RAM x gb sticks I picked up as a shell shocker off of newegg about Never came with heatspreaders so no real logos no idea on the manufacturer years old Peripherals There is a DVD-Rom drive attached gt years old nbsp

A:1 long and 2 short beeps on POST

I would start with the is a LOW END PSU with less than 70% efficiency...and your GPU requires a minimum of 450W its quite possible that you are simply not getting enough juice to the card. you DO have the 6pin PCIE connector hooked into the GPU right?? Have you checked the voltages being reported in the BIOS?? check those and report back....
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Hey guys, this is what has basically happened:

Last night, I was on my PC when a powercut happened. All power gone for about 1/2 hour, no big deal...I thought. When the power came back, I was able to log onto my PC however there was no internet, and this was apparant on all other computers in my house and the router also indicated this.

I then logged on this morning, with no internet still however there was internet in the rest of the house. I thought to restart the router and also my PC, however, when I tried to turn my PC back on, all i got was 1 long beep then 2 short beeps. I did some research and found out that this was a visual problem..something to do with my video card.

Is there anything immediate I can do right now to verify this, or do something..whatever..

Thanks for your time, any help is appreciated.

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Heya So I built this Help! no post/video beeps Long new system about two and a half weeks ago Specs Watt PS Pentium D Ultra I MB GB Help! Long beeps no post/video Maxtor EIDE Sata DVD R RW Ultra Graphics Card It worked great right from the start I started noticing that my computer would be on when i turned it off One day I was sitting right by my desktop that was definitly turned off Suddenly it turns it self on This happends quite a bit i ll go to bed with the computer off and it ll definitly be on in the morning That was strange but i dint really care too much THEN AM i wake up to my computer making long - second beeps These repeated indefinitly well until i cut the power I wasnt able to get it working I reseated the ram video card removed both removed hard drive dvdrom even took out the cpu Still no luck Reassembled still not working I took the battery on the mb out and went to work Around hours later i return and to my joy put the battery in and it boots right up It works for around mins played music located some files and select an ISO to burn and BLACK BEEEEEEEPP BEEEEEEEEEP BEEEEEEP same as before I ve read other posts with similar probs but difference is mine worked for weeks I m really hoping to avoid an RMA so i figured i d see if anyone had ideas Any help is reallllly appreciated Thanks in advance Matt nbsp

A:Help! Long beeps no post/video

Do you have two sticks of RAM to try one at a time?
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Hey guys i have a bit of a problem on my hands I have a gigabyte k n board and everything was working just perfectly until today Today i was surfing the web playing countrstrike and everything just perfectly then my new case that i ordered came in Its the Thermaltake Armor Series VA BWS yes a case Well i took apart my computer and put everything into my new case and nothing happened except for a long beep seconds later long beep seconds later long beep ect and a blank screen All the lights and everything came on perfectly I thought it was the grahpics card and blank long screens..... beeps at first so i chaged out the card and still long beeps and blank screens..... nothing I took the whole case apart and re-built it Still same thing happened So i thought it was just the case and i put everything back into my original case Well samet thing happened with my old case Does anyone know whats wrong I really need to have this computer running I looked up some quot error codes quot and it says that with the long beeps there is something wrong with my DRAM but how do you fix an error with DRAM if thats even the case Thanks P S - I have noticed that my CD-RW drive will light up the second before the long beep then the light will go off until the next beep is fixing to happen does that mean something nbsp

A:long beeps and blank screens.....

Try removing and refitting your ram module(s).
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I am fairly certian that its 1 long and 3 short. What I was wondering is there a list that is available for decoding these? Is that dependent on the motherboard? Was just curious because I cant seem to get my windows to boot

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Hi all,MoBo is Acer H61H2-AD. Machine is Gateway SX2855, purchased 10/2013.  I understand this indicates a hardware error and inet searching seems to indicate video card.  I do not and never had a video/graphics card, always used MoBo supplied.  My question, any idea what the one-long two-short specifically indicates?  I've tried checking all wire connections (unplug/re[plug) and same with memory (single 4GB card), also tried moving memory card to other slot, and a good de-dusting via compressed air, all with no luck, still getting the beeps. Visual inspection doesn't identify any obvious bad capacitors.  Any help would be appreciated!Thanks,Doug

A:One long two short beeps at startup during the POS...

The three models of the Gateway SX2855 I found all have Intel HD integrated graphics. Unless you installed a Video card or yours is a model with a PCI video card, you have integrated graphics.Is it booting? to a black screen? Have you tried F8 at boot to boot into safe mode?As soon as you start, start tapping F8 rapidly.If you get into safe mode, go to Programs and Features and uninstall the video driver and reboot.
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Compaq Evo HP motherboard #283983-001
Older system has been running great for quite a while, but now on power up, i get 1 short and 2 long beeps. I have tried reset and replaced RAM, a different HD, new cmos battery. Machine will not boot or send signal to monitor.
Cannot afford new machine right now. See new motherboards online for about $75, but want to make sure that is necessary. video is integrated in motherboard.
Any ideas please?
Thanks all!

A:1 short beep 2 long beeps

Compaq Beep Codes -
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i have recently turned my pc on and everytime i do it beeps 4 time 3 short and 1 long and does it over and over i do not know what to do

A:beeps 4 times 3 short and 1 long. over and over

@kodey 3 short beeps and 1 long beepCPU configuration error or CPU type is not compatible REO
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I tried to boot my pc and I receive this continuous long beeps. At first I assumed it must be an SMPS error because at first I wasnt getting any response whatsoever. Sourced a friend's smps and tried to boot and all I could hear is long continuous beeps.
I tried replacing my RAM too, still got the same horrible long beeps.
Please advise me what could be wrong.


A:PC Boot error (Long Beeps) Please Help

Please post your system specs, To include Make and model System if Big Box, or same info for the following if custom or home built, Mother Board (including Revision number), Processor (Exact Model Number), Ram, Video Card, Hdd(s), Optical Drive(s), Power Supply Manufacturer Model, Wattage and Amperage on the +12V Rails, OS, and any other peripherals installed on the motherboard.
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Trying to figure out what is wrong in my compaq evo D51C

when I try to boot I get one beep then two longs beeps, I have tried everything possible too, switching out hardware/psu, etc.

I can't figure out what the beeps mean to fix the problem..

one short beep then two or three long beeps.

the computer turns on when I plug the power in so I guess the power button is broke, and the computer sometimes starts to post then shutsdown waits a few seconds starts up and gives the error messages.

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Hello I m having this issue When I no Two boot at beeps long powerup, power up my computer with ONLY the cpu heatsink and stick of Two long beeps at powerup, no boot RAM inserted it gives two long beeps I know that two long beeps are not listed Two long beeps at powerup, no boot on any POST beep list so I ve even included a video of Two long beeps at powerup, no boot my computer http www youtube com watch v PaCGxsJMGAo These beeps are longer than the three short beeps I get when I power on with CPU mobo so I m convinced that they re quot long quot beeps When powered up with only the cpu attatched to the mobo it gives three short beeps which would indicate that it s set up correctly With one stick of RAM in at first it booted let me access the bios and then froze Froze while in the BIOS that is After a few seconds the computer powered off and it s been doing this ever since Backstory on hardware I was building a new build with a new CPU Mobo ram videocard with the old HDD Set it up last week mobo was doa so I got that replaced This current mobo is brand new The CPU is nearly brand new having only been put in that previous mobo and it seems to work fine RAM is also nearly brand new once again having only been put in that previous mobo What should I do nbsp

A:Two long beeps at powerup, no boot

I'd swap ram sticks or try reseating the ram. You're down to just the board cpu plus ram. so I'd say it's probably bad ram. You might also want to try resetting bios to defaults if you changed/overclked anything.
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Hi all,
I thought I'd upgrade my GTX 285 to a GTX 580, so I got one and after installing it properly and turning the computer on, it proceeds to beep 4 times (1 long, 3 short). I checked, and apparently it means the video card is not detected, however I am sure that it is inserted properly and into the right slot. After going back to my 285, everything works fine again. I have a 620W power supply. I also have two 6-pin cables, even though the card has 6 + 8 pins (could this be the problem?).
I appreciate the help.

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Hey I just recently build a new computer and I am having some problems with it I ve searched around the forum and found that many of Need New beeps. help. Long BSODs, Computer, you can identify a problem by reading minidump files so I have attached a few Any help is appreciated especially if anyone can read these dmp files which I can t figure out how to read So first my specs nothing is overclocked yet Motherboard ASUS P New Computer, BSODs, Long beeps. Need help. N-E SLI Processor Intel Q Quadcore Memory Crucial Ballistix gb ddr Hard Drive Seagate gb mb cache Optical drive Asus x DVD - R Graphics eVGA GT mb OS Windows Vista Home Premium bit Problem I have been having a few problems with this computer One of them being a long beep after I hit the power button I read that this is a sign of bad RAM so I downloaded memtest and memtest I have been getting lots of BSODs lately Mainly when I am playing COD but also at random times when I m on firefox BSODs IRQL NOT EQUAL OR LESS MEMORY MANAGEMENT PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA I have also got a CMOS Checksum error when booting up What I have done I have ran tests in memtest memtest and Windows Memory Diagnostic I have reseated EVERYTHING I have tried memory voltages ranging from - v I have tried both sticks alone in all sockets I have tried the timings at - - - what they came at I have tried setting the timings to - - - what it says on newegg I have reinstalled windows several times I have made sure to get the proper graphics drivers from guru d com I have stress tested with Prime I have ran SuperPi multiple times I have cleared CMOS I have ran chkdsk Results of tests This is what is really confusing me Memtest IMMEDIATELY reports the following on both sticks stick at a time Error Confidence Value Lowest Error Address - mb Highest Error Address ffffffff - mb Bits in Error Mask fffc Bits in Error - total min max avg Max contiguous Errors ECC correctable errors Errors per Memory Slot Test Errors I thought it might just be memtest screwing up so I downloaded memtest memtest will go on for hours and make more than passes without error However one night I left it on and when I woke up it reported errors Windows Memory Diagnostic never reports any errors So I am totally confused about my memory one tester reports lots of errors immediately one sometimes reports errors and one never reports errors I ran prime once overnight and when I woke up it reported error I would have attached the stress txt file but I can t find it anywhere so I guess I will never know what that error was SuperPi runs fine I will run it again and post the times if needed Temperatures Temperatures seem to be fine according to speedfan Cpu is around c idle and about under load Gpu is about idle right now and high s under load Hope someone can help Thanks Oh one thing I should add whenever I try to update vista I get the error code D E I ve googled this code and cannot find an answer but find many other people with the same problem What s weird though is sometimes I will restart and before I get to the log in screen I see a configuring updates page for about minutes So maybe I am getting the updates nbsp

A:New Computer, BSODs, Long beeps. Need help.

I scanned over your post. What I see here is the need for you to exchange your ram for something more compatible. And your ram seems to be faulty.
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Hii was giving a hp envy computer with a IPMMB-FM motherboard. When I turn it on it give me a blank screen six long beeps and stays on. The power led light flashes orange with each beep. I'm not trying to add a video card on it. I'm using the o/b video. I had to get a adapter for vgi to VGA. I've tried taking out battery put it back in. I unplugged everything then took out battery and put it back. But I still get the same six beeps can some one please help me out. Thanks.
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HP xw4100 makes five long beeps on startup. What should that mean?

A:HP xw4100: five long beeps on startup

Hi: 5 Beeps = a memory issue of some kind. The normal troubleshooting steps involve removing and reseating each memory module. If that doesn't get the 5 beeps to go away, then remove all memory modules but one and test each one at a time in order to isolate the defective memory module. If that doesn't work, most likely the system board has failed.
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Hi I don t really know in which category this belongs so I ve put it in General What is the problem My friend has a problem with his computer Everytime he tries to boot his PC the screen remains black and his computer beeps long short beeps after that it keeps repeating a short beep We searched on the internet for this beep code and found that it could be a RAM or EGA problem However it gives the same beep code without a videocard and we thought that it should just boot with the onboard chipset We also tried removing the RAM sticks by both or switching them without any luck When did it happen We were at a Lanparty with people at the time we were with and the th had yet to arrive When he did he plugged his laptop in and my friend s computer just died but all other PC s stayed on A thing to mention is that we were all plugged into the same socket And that socket was short 1 long 3 boot, to beeps and Failed not grounded His Hardware Videocard Ati Radeon HD MB Motherboard Asus P QL SE RAM x GB DDR Mhz unknown We would appreciate any help Marty nbsp

A:Failed to boot, 1 long and 3 short beeps

If you can, I'd suggest getting some more RAM and testing it.. If it's still giving you the 1 long and 2/3 short beeps then it could have blown your motherboard.. < Asus Award Beep Codes

Lists the 1 long 2 short as a video issue, and a continueing beep as a RAM issue, so if your getting both then I'd say either the boards gone and it can't read anything, or it just blew out both... I'd say it's best to get it tested at a shop where they have parts they can test on it.. Best of luck to you.
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When I power on the computer I get 3 long beeps then 4 short beeps.  this happens for 5 times then the computer starts.  I have removed everything except the power supply and I have done a restore.Nothing has helped.  What are my next steps.  I purchased this as an open box this week so I can take it back but I would prefer to fix it. Thank you,Hank

A:3 long beeps 4 short, 5 time, then boots

@aumurph? Commentary You may want to take back the computer while you can do so. Open boxes can contain just about anything -- depending on the vendor, the contents may not have had any checks since the box was returned (or opened in the store without having been purchased).  Parts may have been switched out, the computer Operating System may not be "in new" condition, components may be missing or faulty. HP Desktop PCs - Computer Does Not Start and Emits an LED or Beep CodeRead and see Section:Beep and LED code descriptions Sometimes an 'open box' discount can come back and bite you.  (Personal observation.) If the computer is for sale at, know that HP provides competitive prices, no "open boxes", and guarantees the purchase. When you see a Post that helps you,Inspires you, provides fresh insight,Or teaches you something new,Click the "Thumbs Up" on that Post. Fixed / Answered? Click that post Accept as Solution to help others find Answers.
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Hey guys I was fiddling around with OC my RAM and I increased the voltage to about V I read somewhere that up to V is safe I restarted my computer and nothing would post No beeps or anything So I reset my RAM and started up the computer I get three long beeps Now I know that that is a RAM issue So my question is not about the RAM I did the CMOS reset hard reset with the jumpers and removing the battery for minutes and that Beeps Solved: BIOS Long Post 3 didn t solve anything Am I to assume that the RAM is fried Is hearing the Post beeping a good thing knowing that my BIOS or motherboard isn t messed up If I put a new DDR RAM in the slot will the computer try to push in V and fry my new RAM or will it reset the voltage back to a safe level I just want to Solved: BIOS Post 3 Long Beeps make sure if I replace my RAM that the OC won t stick and fry the new one Don t want to waste more money My computer Motherboard MSI A - G RAM G Skill Ripjaws GB GB x Mhz CPU AMD FX- OC Ghz my CPU was stable and working fine with the OC GPU Sapphire Radeon HD PSU Corsair W HDD Too old to remember what the brand is It s years old nbsp

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My HP DV9225 laptop gives 1 long beep and 2 short beeps at startup and has a blank display. Funny thing is, by the sounds it makes it is starting up normally into windows ( win 7 rc). Any way I can force video or fix video?

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i have to re-build a workstation for a returning employee
i took an older PC tower (Dell Precision 350) and plugged the tower in to see if it still works but i heard a serious of long beeps with a number sequences of 5-1-2-3.
i have been trying to research the beep sequence but no luck
if there is anyone who can give me a hand it will be great thanks

A:Series of long beeps Dell Precision 350

It's a memory read / write failure.

See here.
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Hello all I just obtained a tower for free from my school It is a Compaq Evo with 2 NO 1 beep Short beeps long DISPLAY! a Pentium IV processor It has a video card cd drive and floppy drive with usb ports I 1 Short beep 2 long beeps NO DISPLAY! have an old gb HDD hooked up to it I was told that all it needed was RAM I have a ton of Ram sticks This computer has SDRAM DIMM slots When I push the power button I get short beep and long beeps then nothing happens no display not able to get into BIOS or anything I have tried multiple monitors I have replaced the video card I have tried every single SDRAM DIMM stick that I have I have reset the CMOS with the button and with the battery I have removed and reinstalled the processor I have unplugged and reconnected all cables still getting beep and long beeps When I look up the beep codes it seems to be a RAM problem but I have a hard time accepting that with all of the RAM sticks that I have tried that work in other computers If anybody can help lead me in a different direction I would be extremely grateful nbsp

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I recently had a computer crash on my machine that resulted in it powering on with long beep and short beeps I begin to troubleshoot short mobo asus 3 1 beeps on long the hardware and find that the video card s gpu fan is caked with dust knowing that was not a good sign i started to clean and inspect the card turns out that the card overheated and the capacitors started to pop literally the tops were all busted open to varify the problem i put in a video card from a know working machine in the computer and it booted up no problem this card has never been overclocked on for extended periods of time or over strained with high demanding games programs this happened because it 1 long 3 short beeps on asus mobo was in a closed space and never cleaned out things to remember from this experience -asus mobo long short beeps means video card not recognized -clean out inside of case regularly i use canned air for my computers -keep case it well ventilated area i hope this helps anyone running into a similar situation later on nbsp
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Hey I have a problem with my laptop it won t boot up as soon as I try I get long beep followed by shorter beeps There is no display on my monitor either I m really stuck at to what to do I ve done the usual taking out battery booting without power supply letting lappy heat up removed and reinserted both RAM slots checked the fan was working okay tried to boot using a on two beeps boot beep, short long One different monitor acted as if PC was on standby all to no avail My laptop model is http www uktsupport co uk advent laptop htm It s about months old so past its warranty I read that the beep pattern was a BIOS code for Video Card failure which I now presume is the problem but just wanted confirmation so I don t end up One long beep, two short beeps on boot wasting a bomb of money if I need to get One long beep, two short beeps on boot it repaired diagnosis usually costs at least here s Any help would be greatly appreciated unfotunately I m no pro with these things Thanks nbsp

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Hi, At boot up, I'm getting four long beeps, four short beeps then repeats once, and then the pc loads as normal. Please could you help? Thanks
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Hi all My desktop used to worked fine only a little bit slow-- MB SDRAM memory only Recently I decided to upgrade it to GB with a DDR one Samsung pin continuous beeps memory after DDR long 3 misinsertion unregistered unbuffered and low density continuous 3 long beeps after DDR memory misinsertion which is exactly OK for this computer Unfortunately I mistakenly inserted the DDR in the wrong way i e switched the back and the front The separated quot Keyed quot does not affect the insertion SDRAM should never have this problem because you can clearly see the match The first time I turned on the power there was one beep and no other signals to the monitor I turned off the power reinserted the memory and turned on the power again from then on I can hear continuous long beeps separated by a little big longer pause I then pulled out the new DDR inserted back the old SDRAM and I got the same long beeps Anyone who knows how to fix it please help Thank you Rosmet nbsp

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Hi wave I was working with my laptop power cord connected and battery fully Green laptop with beeps ECS Elitegroup 3 320 long my charged when 3 long beeps with my Elitegroup ECS Green 320 laptop the screen just got dark I thought it was the autoshutdown of the screen but it did not respond even when moving the touchpad or pressing the keyboard I force shutdown it by pressing the power button and press the power button again it booted but then froze again and did the black screen again I noticed the harddrive was not lighting I tried removing and putting back the hard drive and it did not work and started to give long beeps I tried removing the battery and RAM card from their slots then put them back and put on my unit still the three long beeps what could have happened I m not a computer engineer could I remedy the problem myself through your step by step guide the specs of my computer Elitegroup ECS G Laptop VIA C NEHEMIAH GHZ MD DDR 3 long beeps with my Elitegroup ECS Green 320 laptop SODIUM VIA CLE COMBO DVD CD RW quot XGA TFT X MB SMA SHARED UP TO MB AC CPU VIA C Nehemiah up to GHZ CPU KB L cache on die CPU front-side bus up to MHz pin EBGA Core Logic North bridge VIA VT South bridge VT X AGP bus interface Supports host bus at MHz AGP v compliant V PCI version compliance ACPI v USB compatible PS keyboard mouse support System BIOS AMI BIOS please help blackeye many thanks in advance brye nbsp

A:3 long beeps with my Elitegroup ECS Green 320 laptop

I'm afraid it is time to take the laptop in for service... Or you can save up for a new laptop. There's nothing more you can do yourself
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Hi! I have a Dell Dimension 8400 with a new motherboard that I purchased a couple of months ago. I just started having a new issue. My Dell desktop does not boot up into Windows XP. Last night I tried to boot up my computer but it doesn't boot up. My monitor shows "No SIgnal". When I hit the power button the green power light turns on. The Fan starts spinning and I can hear 6 long beeps. Nothing else happens. Could it be a bad hard drive or something else? Thanks

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Hello beeps, short Motherboard 3 POST 1 long everyone I have a Pentium mgz Asus P B-F motherboard RAM gig HDD Vodoo Motherboard POST beeps, 1 long 3 short AGP video card Recently my girlfriend did the Windows update and ran update the Norton Anitvirus protection NO other software or hardware update have been done She tried turning the computer on and during the POST she heard one long beep followed by short beeps I also heard the same thing I looked up the POST codes and it means quot Video graphics device not found or video card video memory bad quot I did some research on this forum and found one topic that said to try and reset the CMOS by removing the motherboard battery and jumpers I removed the battery and hopefully I changed the right jumper Put it all back to the original settings and still the same beep error I then purchased another AGP card GeForce FX overclocked mb DDR AGP x x Put it in the AGP slot and it still gave me the same POST beep code I do not know what else to do I know the vodoo card is older but it gave no indications of failure I cannot even get a boot sequence or BIOS access to check things Any ideas Damian Sebastian FL PS It is going to be degrees tonight nbsp

A:Motherboard POST beeps, 1 long 3 short

before you are sure that the motherboard has video problems insert the video card into the computer with the case open siting on it's side and don't put a screw in. then try to start your computer. Some motherboards and cases tend to want to pull the cards out. if it doesn't work with both cards then chances are your motherboard is the problem.
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fixed pictures D gts failure beeps long short) long (beeps: 1 2 failure? 8800gts short w t Bought a PC Power and Cooling W Silencer - amps on a single V rail crazy power and stability Ordered Tuesday night received Thursday afternoon with free UPS shipping Thumbs up Newegg So far so good everything is fine I just love those totally original boxes PC P amp C use Mah poor GTS don t worry we will be together soon again You you deceiver You can never be trusted again Everything finally nice and settled Stuff seems fine My work 8800gts failure? (beeps: 1 long 2 short) bench aka kitchen Thanks for all the help D ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maybe a few months ago I bought me a new gts MB from XFX It was just a normal MB gts no overclocking nothing Previously I had a X XT So anyways it 8800gts failure? (beeps: 1 long 2 short) was all fine and dandy However in some games I did not see a huge performance increase I thought to my self must be CPU limited I keep going and having fun until one day my comp runs but the monitor doesn t Turn it off re-turn it on it runs Didn t take notice of the beeps other than the fact that it wasn t the normal beep I always get Today I come 8800gts failure? (beeps: 1 long 2 short) home from school and what do you know Comp runs again monitor receives no signal I get long beep and short beeps I have concluded this is a video card failure long beep and short beeps seems to be standard for video card failure where the BIOS fails to output an error message graphically Even more so my monitor didn t receive a signal It all adds up After a few reboots I got it to work - until it froze a few seconds later Now my gts hasn t been overheating Constant - sometimes celcius So it must be some internal error maybe VRAM What are your thoughts First I ll try my PC with my good old X XT see if that works Also - could it maybe be a PSU problem My PSU is an Antec truepowerII W Maybe it s not juicy enough I haven t been overclocking At all Well I did but not since I got my gts My motherboard is a high-end or atleast quot was quot high-end Foxconn SLI It s showing me FF which is normal for most things It seems to get all the way to XP and my account when the GFX fail in addition to the normal FF only to further say something about my video card According to XFX I did indeed register with them as they said I have a lifetime guarentee to a new card as long as I didn t physically torment it Yeah I did indeed not physically torment my poor baby Ideas guys nbsp

A:8800gts failure? (beeps: 1 long 2 short)

As i began reading your post the first thought that came to me was psu....
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I just built a computer for the first time - I ve had different people look at it as well as hours spent on Ventrilo discussing what I may have missed The 1 Beep Long 2 Beeps Short Boot on Computer Intel Mobo DP kg Processor Intel i no onboard graphics ram is corsair mhz x gb chips CMX GX M A C ddr So basically when I hit the power button - all the fans etc come on but it won t show up on the monitor One short beep happens showing it s booting then after a few seconds I get long beeps pause long beeps Now the 1 Short Beep 2 Long Beeps on Boot information that came with the mobo says this 1 Short Beep 2 Long Beeps on Boot is a graphics error - I ve already replaced the graphics with a brand new one 1 Short Beep 2 Long Beeps on Boot Some other forums suggest it s a memory error - but could different sticks really be bad A friend suggested a bad batch but before I go out and buy more stuff that I ll end up returning to the store - does anyone have any other suggestions as to what is causing this Things I ve Tried Replaced Video Card Tried different connections with video card tried different sticks of memory in all different slots with different combinations took the entire motherboard out and made sure no posts were touching then put it all back tried just the basics no HD or Sata cables reseated the processor upgraded the power supply from w to w the monitor does work have it hooked up to my laptop as we speak moved the jumper back and forth to clear the cmos had a friend who builds comps but works mostly with AMD come over and make sure I actually did have everything in the right spot and plugged in right Unhooked all parts and readded them in different combinations to attempt to get a different error - none followed every step on every website i could possibly find other than replacing the mobo and the processor because i dont have a backup to do that - and if i replace one i ll have to replace the other because they came in a set and i ll have to return them as a set if anyone has any other suggestions before i pull the thing apart box the mobo take it back to the store then deal with the tedious task of ordering another one - please let me know I ve ordered all of these parts from Bestbuy com - and while their shipping has been completely terrible the prices weren t that bad I guess nbsp

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When cd is hooked to ide2, and hd to ide1, I get long beep at win98 blue screen. If cd is unhooked, no problems, system boots without cd. Hooked hd to ide2 and system booted up okay. Hooked cd to ide1 and system asked to boot with cd support. Seems the switching shows things are working, but when cd and hd are setup normally I get the beeps. Tried cables, power, and so on, also checked secondary ide in bios setup. Going to look for cable to hook both on ide1, until then I'll take suggestions. Thanks!

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Hello i recently bought a nbsp HP ENVY h - c Windows I replaced the NVIDIA GeForce GT With a Sapphire HD GB GDDR I hooked up the pin power and made sure beeps video after BIOS install Long 6 card that the card is seated properly multipule times nbsp On startup I get long beeps along with the power LED flashing Then 6 Long BIOS beeps after video card install a few seconds later the power LED turns blue and the PC starts up fine The card seems to be working fine as well I have played games on the max settings with no issues where as before the GeForce card couldent do this I was reading across the web that it might have something to do with the BIOS secured boot enabled so I disabled it with no change same long beep then the PC starts up fine I guess my question is is this okay that it beeps Is it causing any internal issues The only things I have done so far are adding the video card software disabled secure boot using the old GeForce card to get into BIOS and reseat the new vid card pin power wire Thanks for the 6 Long BIOS beeps after video card install help and let me know if you need more info nbsp Here is the link for my computer specs just in case nbsp nbsp http h www hp com bizsupport TechSupport Document jsp objectID c amp lang en amp cc us amp taskI nbsp -Micah Solved View Solution

A:6 Long BIOS beeps after video card install

Hi Sarge1D, Go back into the bios and switch from UEFI mode to Legacy mode. There might be a slight incompatability between the Sapphire video card and the HP bios. Post your results. As side note:  I suggested in a post a while back that HP do exactly what you are experiencing to allow video cards that have a vbios function difference compared to the bios in the HP PC (beep 6 times as a warning but allow the PC to boot).
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A friend of my parents recently gave them this PC without any background and they gave it to me When trying to boot it up after a few seconds it just gives long beeps alongside and 6 no ca... screen black long HP beeps startup on - graphics orange flashes of the power LED After that it goes back to blue and nothing is displayed on the screen nbsp After a lot of looking around people seem to say it is a graphics card issue but this PC does not have a graphics card and never did warranty HP 6 long beeps on startup and black screen - no graphics ca... seal was still on it when I got it I have tried two different graphics cards in HP 6 long beeps on startup and black screen - no graphics ca... it HD and GT and both graphics cards along with integrated graphics still give the beeps nbsp Some sources say it's the Secure Boot that needs to be disabled in the BIOS but I can not get into the BIOS Even by pressing F or F on startup it still has the same result of going straight to the beeps and blank screen nbsp I have tried reseating the CPU i - swapping it out for an i - trying different sticks of RAM and different hard drives Still nothing every time HP 6 long beeps on startup and black screen - no graphics ca... booting up it gives the beeps nbsp Any help

A:HP 6 long beeps on startup and black screen - no graphics ca...

Have you tried resetting the BIOS settings?