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I built this system in March and windoze vista home Ubuntu/Linux Motherboard with support premium This Motherboard with Ubuntu/Linux support particular edition of vista was a nightmare from day one and I eventually found a work-a-round to get Ubuntu installed NO Linux support from the MB manufacturer days after getting it to a dual boot system vista stopped recognizing the mouse and keyboard So I have a MOBO that doesn t like Ubuntu and is a nightmare to try to fond workarounds for Here is what I have to work with XFX nForce a SLI Motherboard - NVIDIA a Motherboard with Ubuntu/Linux support SLI Socket AM AM ATX Audio Video HDMI DVI PCI Express Gigabit LAN S PDIF USB eSATA RAID AMD Phenom Processor HD WCGDBOX - GHz x KB Cache MHz MT s FSB Agena Quad-Core Retail Socket AM Processor with Fan Kingston PC MHz GB DDR Desktop Memory - x MB Motherboard with Ubuntu/Linux support Pin OCZ SLI-Ready Dual Channel MB PC DDR MHz Memory x MB XFX GeForce GSO Fatal ty Edition Video Card - MB DDR PCI Express Dual Link DVI SLI Ready Seagate GB Serial ATA HD MB SATA- G And the full sized ATX tower w watt PS Which Motherboards would be the best to work with that HAS Linux SUPPORT Thanks for all the help over the years guys I truly do appreciate it Drew nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Motherboard with Ubuntu/Linux support

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Motherboard with Ubuntu/Linux support

Is there a specific component on that motherboard that you're having problems with? I can't imagine that the motherboard is not "compatible" with linux - in fact, I've found threads with people using Ubuntu with that mobo. I also find it odd that you'd have a Windows Vista issue with that mobo since most of the users I see online who use it are running Vista or 7 64-bit. Perhaps you have a faulty motherboard and it's not a problem with the model itself.
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i recently switched from ubuntu to xp.problem is get as far as loading the install files and then reboot fully and start from scratch.need to know if i missed a step or didnt performe the right step.i managed to create a new partition but no luck fully installing it.if any suggestions i would apprecciate it .

A:switching from ubuntu to xp [from Linux Support]


Welcome to TSF!!

This sounds like you are having problems installing Windows, I will move this to the windows vista forum as that is what you have listed as an OS. Hope you are able to get this figured out. I am sure the wonderful people in the window forum will be able to help you out.

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I have windows media edition. i installed ubuntu yesterday after that i tried to switch windows but windows went in hibernated mode soon after window logo and then sytem restarts.after few try i press f8 for advance option before hibernating. there i made silly mistake without knowing about option i select something like "delete distoring data and start system boot".(sorry i dun remember exect option). but soon after that i am getting
STOP:c000021A {Fatal System

Error} The Session Manager Initialization System terminated unexpectedly with
a status of 0xc000003a (0x00000000 0x00000000) The system has been shut down.

Please help
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Hi Folks Lets start by saying I am a linux xp to ubuntu complete nerd with computers so simple answers would be the best I can follow instructions I have just bought an Acer Aspire one aoa from a friend it has Linux Ubuntu installed on it but it looks like it originally had windows xp installed on it has it has windows keycode on the bottom of it the battery is not charging correctly only lasts for about minutes when fully charged and charges to full power in about minutes I know linux ubuntu to xp I might have to buy a new battery I have read numerous accounts about this problem and it seems that it could be that it needs the a BIOS upgrade but the upgrade looks like it is a linux ubuntu to xp windows upgrade so I would like to change it back to xp looked all over the internet for answers but there are so many conflicting and convoluted views on how to do this I am totally lost Please help if you can Thanks very much nbsp

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I have Linux Ubuntu 9.04 installed on my computer. I put in the Installation CD-ROM and cannot get it to open for installing the network connections to the internet. On WindowsXP it opens automatically.

[email protected]

A:Linux-Ubuntu 9.04

Is it wireless or wired?
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I have windows 7 and Linux ubunto (with 2.5 and 2.6 kernal)

how can I choose which OS to start with automatically.

now at the startup a black screen appear where to choose from these OS but ubuntu is started automatically if I choose nothing.

A:windows 7 and linux ubuntu

I tried
sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst
but it ask for password and after that I can not type anything in the terminal

I put the problem in Linux form since the boot part is from linux
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OK guys what should i go with with an old pc i got layin around, windows 2000 or Ubuntu Linux? ANy ideas?

A:Windows 2k? OR Ubuntu LINUX?

According to your last thread, you were going to experiment with Linux

I suppose you could put them both on there.
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I'm trying to extract the video from my camcorder via Firewire, in LiVES. When I do, I get this error message, and I don't know what it means.

Is ieee1394, driver, and raw1394 loaded?Click to expand...

A:LiVES on Linux (Ubuntu)

ieee1394 = Firewire so the error message is about missing the software to recognize the firewire connection.
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For those who like to play around with Linux Ubuntu, and Kubuntu 14.4 are out in both 32 and 64 bit modes. Loading the 64 bit mode into VMWare 10 Workstation at this time. . .enjoy.

A:Ubuntu 14.4 Linux is on the street

Ubuntu lost me as a user since they started that Unity - yukk. I converted to Mint Mate and am very happy with it. Even the Gnome3 versions of Mint are better.
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For those who like to play around with Linux Ubuntu, and Kubuntu 14.4 are out in both 32 and 64 bit modes. Loading the 64 bit mode into VMWare 10 Workstation at this time. . .enjoy.

A:Linux ubuntu 14.4 is on the street

I like Debian (Gnome) myself but thanks for this
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Next LTS is coming out Apr 29

A:Ubuntu Linux 10.04 is (coming) out

This is a long term release.
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Hi, I am planning to buy a HP notebook and want to run it as a Win10/Ubuntu dual boot. I would like to buy either the HP Spectre x360 13-4116na or HP ENVY x360 15-w101na.I have seen threads in this and other forums that a dual boot is possible and that there are some problems with the sound, but that there are solutions for these problems. But I have seen threads complaining about problems with graphic cards and especially some people saying that they deliberately chose NOT a QHD screens as if Ubuntu would not be able to deal with this higher resolution. Sounds unlikely to me, but could this pose a problem for Ubuntu with those two models I mentioned? Thanks for helping me to choose the right computer.ToruOkada
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Win Win XP Ubuntu Linux Tri-boot I have a PC that is currently a dual boot between Windows Ultimate and Ubuntu Linux Hardy Heron The two operating systems are on separate physical drives Ubunutu is on the PC s original gig drive the primary and Win is on a TB Seagate internal drive that I added later the slave I already discussed dual booting with Ubuntu and Win on a Linux forum I installed each OS completely independently of the other I installed Ubuntu first without the other drive installed I later disconnected the GB primary drive and installed Windows to the TB drive as if Ubuntu were not even present on the PC Later I reconnected and edited a file known as menu lst in Ubuntu s feature known as Grub Grub looks at the file and gives me the choice of Windows or Ubuntu when I boot up Now it s a long story but I need to add Windows XP to Linux XP/Ubuntu Tri-boot Win 7/Win my choices I m told on the Ubuntu forum that I can temporarily Win 7/Win XP/Ubuntu Linux Tri-boot disconnect the Ubuntu drive and set up XP on the TB drive as a dual boot with Bootloader handling the choice between Win and XP The idea is to get it running right and later reconnect the Ubuntu drive Grub will give me the choice between Ubuntu and Windows then if I choose Windows Bootloader will give me the choice between Win and XP I could live with that So the Ubuntu drive is disconnected We don t have to worry about that in this thread If I have any trouble with Grub I ll address it on the Linux board I ve found Sevenforums guide to setting up a Win Win XP dual boot Dual Boot Installation with Windows and XP I notice in the instructions it says you need to load SATA drivers during the XP install if you have a SATA drive because otherwise the XP install program will not find the drive you want to install XP on if is already installed However I began XP s install program and it appears to be finding my drives just fine I ve partitioned gig for XP with a utility known as EaseUS Partitioner and labeled it Drive X in Win The Win XP installer found it just fine as it did my C drive Here s what I m seeing It s the drive that the XP installer has labeled G Partition Win XP is the label I gave it in the partition utility You ll see directly above it Partition that is installed on the one I want to keep on I can also see that the XP installer has found my thumb drives Drive I Partition Toshiba is one If need be I could use that to store the SATA drivers The instructions talk about storing those drivers on a floppy What s a floppy My PC does not have a floppy drive So what s the verdict Am I okay to proceed with the install of XP without bothering with SATA drivers or do I need to make them accessible on my Toshiba thumb drive My DVD drive is occupied by my XP install disk

A:Win 7/Win XP/Ubuntu Linux Tri-boot

Tom, I think the answer to your question is on the first sentence of the Tutorial how to load the SATA drivers: "When you install Win XP, setup can not find your Hard Drive."

So, if setup can find your HD, you should be good to go.

One remark: installing XP after Windows 7 is a bit more complicated, you will have to repair Windows 7 boot file to add XP. You have mentioned the tutorial, so you shoudl be good to go. I just highlight it since it can be a stumbling block.

Regarding the floppy disk thing, from what I know it is XP's idiosyncrasy, it doesn't allow drivers to be loaded with USB drives. It is from a time there were no USB drives...
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I have a dual boot with ubuntu and 7, right now i am using ubuntu and the look seems very crisp compared to windows. I am not talking about the theme, its the text and the way it looks when using the browser. To me i would say maybe it has a better resolution, thats the best way i can describe it. I really have no idea how to use ubuntu so i will stick with windows but its just very sharp and clean how linux looks.

A:Give windows the linux/ ubuntu look?

That's a strange post, because 9 times out of 10, the complaints seem to go the other way.

As a Ubuntu user myself, I haven't noticed what you are describing, so I'm unsure how to translate it to the Windows world. For me, things look good in both Ubuntu and Windows 7.
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Hey, I have set up our home network with an E2000 Linksys router and we have a wireless printer on this Network 2 windows 7 pc's, 1linux (Ubuntu 10.04), 1 iMac (snow leopard), and 1 Windows Xp pc.

This might be an easy question or a tricky one but if anyone knows how to make it so that we can share files between computers and also so that they can all access the printer on the network.

So far the only ones that can see each other on the network are the Windows pc's but i am still having trouble even making it so that the Windows pc's can share files.

Can anyone help me!??

A:How to share files between Mac Win 7 and Ubuntu Linux???

well, are you trying to share the printer FROM a PC (which one if so), or is the printer by its self and connected to the wireless?
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Hello ,I have hp probook 440 g3 , and i am running windows 10 , i hav found all the drivers easily and works great, now i want to change my os and install linux ubuntu , but i could not find the valid drivers for my product, can anyone guide me, either can i use linux ubuntu with full specs on my hp probook 440 g3 , if yes then where can i find the valid drivers for all the components .  Thanks.
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I am going to try and install Ubuntu 6.10 on a spare machine (PC). I downloaded the .ISO file but don't know how to proceed in setting up a bootable CD. I don't think I will need to dual boot so will be Linux only PC. The PC is a PII 700 with 192MB RAM. It is very basic with just a CDROM and floppy. I don't know much about the Linux OS flavors but have Ubuntu in my hand so would like to use that. How do I make a bootable CD from/with the .ISO file

A:Making the move to Ubuntu Linux - help!

The .iso file is already bootable. Just burn it using the "burn image" feature of your favourite CD-burning program.
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I used to have two computers running Windows (a desktop running XP Professional and a laptop running Windows Vista Home Premium). I replaced the XP computer with a Linux Ubuntu 8.10 64 bit. I had a network setup on both Windows computers and when I switched to the Linux computer, the network stoped working. Are there any special settings that the windows computer has to h ave in order to work with Samba (Linux Share Server)? Would it help if I remove all the networks and shares from the Vista computer and set it up again? That said, how do I do that on Vista? As always, thanks in advance for your help.
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hi guys for those who doesn t know Kali in [How Kali Linux repositories Ubuntu add To] Linux ex-Backtrack is a powerful forensic distro based on Debian but many of us use Ubuntu or variants because it is easier to handle so in this tutorial i will show you how to proceed to add Kali repositories to get Kali tools in Ubuntu i am using Kubuntu Trusty personally so this tutorial will reflect it you have to adjust the procedure slightly if you use Ubuntu Lubuntu Xubuntu or and with an older kernel - open your Software Center Manager the application that allows you to pick various softwares Muon Discover etc - go to each link below click on technical details select your ubuntu version important Trusty is not available yet so you have to choose Raring instead Code https launchpad net wagungs archive ubuntu kali-linux https launchpad net wagungs archive ubuntu kali-linux https launchpad net [How To] add Kali Linux repositories in Ubuntu wagungs archive ubuntu kali-linux - click on Source tab then quot add source quot Spoiler - copy the links below then add them one by one in order to the source step For example for my Kubuntu Trusty i have to use Raring Code deb http ppa launchpad net wagungs kali-linux ubuntu raring main Code deb http ppa launchpad net wagungs kali-linux ubuntu raring main Code deb http ppa launchpad net wagungs kali-linux ubuntu raring main - close and relaunch [How To] add Kali Linux repositories in Ubuntu your software center to see if the lines above are added - now open your text editor copy the line below and save the files as kali pgp Code -----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- Version SKS Comment Hostname keyserver ubuntu com mI ET YwEEANbSlISrOlAGjxgFRxiN jk JIl vxQ lapRdxZ DHDAQdXbX AuigMBkP e sOxhMpDnkgMRtEVpaBMdQheA pPQYqkr jdeZw JS opiyJ qr QrcoSFHSluEkWkbZ RYOkA vW KK FB LQVRYk llXAVgIUznm ATABEBAAG GExhdW jaHBhZCBQUEEgZm y IHdhZ VuZ i BBMBAgAiBQJPfbhjAhsDBgsJCAcDAgYVCAIJCgsEFgIDAQIeAQIXgAAKCRAb IuuNj bVxabBADSGN cp hqkdZqwq wdz UGsiuB bCrH HznC ZC rjfH aQ Dwwag zYCrSD c cKNAqD N RMlzZBH kKL khH zPL k lYuVP y NKFbBsnawEUc mWcCa mH ScTdWWPXP mOQiUUjnQ bZhzpcbQOb hEUAqExg fJ -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- this is the pgp key needed that will allow you to get the repositories - open Terminal where you saved the kali pgp file important and type Code sudo apt-key add kali pgp quot OK quot should appears if you successfully done it - Now update your apt-get repositories using this command Code sudo apt-get update - now the repositories are added you can check them via the package manager Synaptic Muon Package Manager etc if you don t have it install it via Code sudo apt-get install synaptic - Open Synaptic or your package manager and click on quot origin quot button in lower left side pane You will see the Kali Linux repositories Spoiler - click on any of them then in the right pane all the tools available will be shown - click on any tools select install and apply the tools will be installed note some tools may not works because Ubuntu is not Kali so some incompatibilities will happen Thanks for reading pictures will be added soon nbsp

A:[How To] add Kali Linux repositories in Ubuntu

I saw that a while ago on HF. I thought it was interesting, then one of my friend told me to not do that as I could "break my system". Apparently, doing that would basically apply Kernel patches for one Kernel to another and it could lead to system instability.

What would you recommend ?

He linked me this also :
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I connected a wireless network on my computer, Linux Ubuntu OS but i can't access any webpages for some reason. I have no idea what might be causing this, tho i had Windows with norton protection previously installed on it so i don't know if its still there, cause i didn't remove anything or make backups as i tought it would delete everything automatically lol. If you know what might be causing this, just tell me what to do instead of explaining it so much... Computer-ish cause i don't know shait :monkey:

A:Can't connect to the internet with Linux Ubuntu :O

Hit ALT+F2, type gnome-terminal & hit enter.

Then type (in the new application window) ping What does it say ?

Also type ifconfig & what does that say ?

Are you sure that your computer is properly connected to the wireless network ?
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I was originally using Ubuntu on this computer I in Linux Which Get Distro Should of place Ubuntu? But Due to A MAJOR problem that nobody has provided me with a fix for and Im tired of Which Linux Distro Should I Get in place of Ubuntu? waiting I want to know which Distro would be right for me Im going to be using it as a primary OS and IM going to keep Windows around for gaming Im currently on a Dual boot system with Ubuntu and XP Pro The reason I want to replace Ubuntu is because my Lite On SATA CDburner DVD burner combo drives DOES not exist peroid to it and since IM a linux newbie and the Linux pros are basically being useless to me by not even seeming Which Linux Distro Should I Get in place of Ubuntu? interested in helping me some community heh and the ones that are trying to help dont speak newb or are just as confused as I am and IM sure you agree with thats the ONLY Disk drive on your computer and you cant use it with the OS of choice its time to find another OS So Im going to be using Linux to surf the web download play music burn cds in mp format to listen to in my car chat with friends and do basic general use stuff and just keep my dual boot of XP for playing video games I want something as close to Ubuntu as possible since BEYOND that CD DVD issue that ruined that OS for me I REALLY liked Ubuntu though I cant see how people say its the best when its so ridden with bugs and apperantly has so many issues with SATA drives nbsp

A:Which Linux Distro Should I Get in place of Ubuntu?

I've always liked Suse.
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Hi, I understand that there is a bug in the v1.25 Insydeh20 BIOS which effects serveral laptop models including the Aspire F5-571 which stops the installation of Linux distributions. There are older versions of the BIOS available for other models (E5-573G) which rectify the problem, but none available for the F5-571. My question is: Would the bios software for the E5-573G the same as the BIOS for the F5-571. Thanks Regards 

A:BIOS, F5-571, UEFI, Linux / Ubuntu

It happens the same to me, with exactly the same model too. I'm desperate...
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I am running Ubuntu 7.04 and have recently been getting winantivirus pro 2007 popups every so often. It is really annoying because I know how to handle it in Windows but don't know what to do about it in Ubuntu.

Could someone please help!

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Hi I m planning on purchasing the following Windows over 7 Ubuntu Linux Installing laptop Ubuntu Linux version Intel Celeron amp Processor ULV U M Cache GHz MHz FSB Aberdeen Silver for WLAN inch HD WLED Display x with Anti-Glare MP Installing Windows 7 over Ubuntu Linux Webcam with Digital Mic for Installing Windows 7 over Ubuntu Linux Win GB DDR - MHz SDRAM DIMM GB RPM SATA Hard Drive Mobile Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD Intel GHA HD Dell Wireless n BT Combo For the price point I really like what is being offered except that I don t want Linux as the OS and would rather install Windows I recently did purchase Windows so I was wondering if it is possible to install Windows in place of Linux OS that it comes with Since there is not CD DVD-Rom what would be the best option to do it In addition is the process of deleting Linux and installing Windows pretty complicated I just dont want to mess up the laptop like drivers etc If Windows can be installed only then will I purchase this laptop I ve been trying to find a proper instructions link to do the above but no such luck so far Any advice will be highly appreciated Regards nbsp

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Hi all, I have recently bought a HP Elite book 840 G3 and installed Linux/ubuntu 16.04. Everything works properlyexcept one thing which is really problematic for me : the VGA output does not work and I am not able to getany image of the computer. I have tested it on more tan 20 videoprojectors and I get only one casewhere I can send the image to videoprojector, all other cases nothing was possible. On the other hand,as I also have Windows 7 installed on a double boot, everything worked out properly with windows.Is there a known incompatibility in the graphic card or whatever works for the VGA outputwith Linux/Ubuntu 16.04 ? Is there a way to solve this issue ? Thanks Cyril

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Although I was quite the authority on G2 SSD's way back when we were all much younger, I am now a bit out of touch. Prices have of course plummeted since I purchased my Intel and Samsung SSD's. That much I do know. Who is reliable now? Well, that I don't know.

Specifically, I need an SSD for my Linux Ubuntu computer - for OS and Programs.

Since THE manufacturer changes from year to year, I would appreciate knowing which mfr. now makes the best "set it and forget it" SSD.

Please understand that I don't want to spend the rest of my natural life reading reviews but would prefer to be lazy and rely on the sage judgment of SevenForums members.

Yes, I know that was patronizing.

A:2013 Recommended SSD for Linux (Ubuntu)

I just bought a 128 Gb Samsung 840 Pro about a month ago and I must say that I am very pleased with it. Great performance and rock solid so far.
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hello i have just installed linux ubuntu on my computer and would like to know whether a firewall is necessary before i go online. If so which one would you recomend? much appreciated

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I installed Audacity in Ubuntu Linux 14.4.3, but it won't start no matter what I try. Apparently there was a menu that popped up the first time it's ran asking you something that may have been important, but I closed it thinking it wasn't important and now it refuses to start. I've tried repairing the installation by using the command sudo apt-get -f install audacity or sudo apt-get --fix-broken install audacity, but that didn't help. Then, I tried sudo apt-get remove audacity and then reinstalling it with sudo apt-get install audacity, but it didn't fix the problem and it still does the same thing when attempting to run it. Can anyone help resolve this problem.

A:Problem with Audacity in Ubuntu Linux

scharfshutze009 said:

I installed Audacity in Ubuntu Linux 14.4.3, but it won't start no matter what I try. Apparently there was a menu that popped up the first time it's ran asking you something that may have been important, but I closed it thinking it wasn't important and now it refuses to start. I've tried repairing the installation by using the command sudo apt-get -f install audacity or sudo apt-get --fix-broken install audacity, but that didn't help. Then, I tried sudo apt-get remove audacity and then reinstalling it with sudo apt-get install audacity, but it didn't fix the problem and it still does the same thing when attempting to run it. Can anyone help resolve this problem.Click to expand...

Try opening audacity from a regular user command prompt to see the error messages.
Open up a terminal and either just type in audacity or, if you can't find it, "updatedb" and then "locate audacity".
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I currently partitioned my drive so I can have a dual boot of Windows 7. How would I go about deleting the Ubuntu partitions, so I have just Windows 7? I don't want to just delete the partitions because the computer boots off of GRUB. Can you guys help me out?

Thanks in advance,

Note: Not quite sure if this in the right place, sorry if it isn't...

A:Deleting Ubuntu Linux Partitions?

Use a program called GParted or a modified veion called Parted Magic

GParted -- Download

Parted maguic
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yeah, I know, this is a forum for win7 but..... lol tried to download and install/run ubuntu in a seperate partition following online directions but when rebooting and choosing ubuntu instead of win 7 just get error msgs. can run it off a cd while using win7 but of course one cannot save anything or make changes permanent. so I create a partition, install the ubuntu...then what to get it to work? btw downloaded something called wubi and that doesnt do anything either.

A:install ubuntu linux on win7 computer?

Use one of the free Virtualization Programs.
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Hello..I used to have a windows 7 os in my desktop..then i kept ubuntu linux in dual boot mode by providing 20gb space of E drive..BUt for few days i have problems with windows7 showing a black screen after logging I formatted my desktop with windows7cd..Now i have windows7 working well..But ubuntu linux is lost and 20gb that i have allocated before for ubuntu is not recovered..Please help me to recover that 20gb of my Edrive...

A:How can I Recover the 20gb that i allocated for ubuntu linux

Quote: Originally Posted by sampath special

Hello..I used to have a windows 7 os in my desktop..then i kept ubuntu linux in dual boot mode by providing 20gb space of E drive..BUt for few days i have problems with windows7 showing a black screen after logging I formatted my desktop with windows7cd..Now i have windows7 working well..But ubuntu linux is lost and 20gb that i have allocated before for ubuntu is not recovered..Please help me to recover that 20gb of my Edrive...

Just right-click on the E drive in the disk manager and select 'delete'. Then right-click on D and select 'extend'. that should do it.
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Hi all,

I have a dell inspiron n4050 - i3 with os linux ubuntu.

I want to change the OS and install windows 7 on it , and i have did the correct steps for formating the HD.

I had deleted all partitions and split the HD for two partitions and start installing the windows on the c: drive ,after that windows finished installing and system restarted i got a blue screen with error saying to upgrade the BIOS ..

Now the laptop is without any OS and the windows is not running.

Can any one helps with this issue and tell me how can i fix it !


A:DELL inspiron N4050 with os linux ubuntu


What is the date of your current BIOS?

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It s time for a quot war quot For this round the user audience is from new users to Linux to intermediate users of Linux All distros are built upon the Ubuntu Family offering several desktop environments DE to custom built ones This time no poll will be selected Instead in hopes to achieve not only discussion but helpful feedback for anyone reading this forum we will do a slight different thing Feel free to research on Distrowatch reviews up on Distrowatch and even on personal based) Linux War Family Interesting (Ubuntu testing and usage preference to list Overall distro that works best out of the box for new user list name of distro DE Ease of use in general for new user list name of Interesting Linux War (Ubuntu Family based) distro DE Lowest Resource usage distro list name of distro DE Drivers support To note some distros only offer specific DE so some cannot simply be compared to others but any feedback is welcome Also all of them have access to Ubuntu s repositories and can be maintained upgraded accordingly For reference Ubuntu Family Ubuntu - Unity Desktop Environment based off Gnome targeted at mid end to high end computers for optimal performance Kubuntu - KDE Desktop Environment targeted at mid end to high end computers for optimal performance Xubuntu - Xfce Desktop Environment targeted at low to mid end computers for optimal performance Lubuntu - LXDE Desktop Environment targeted at low to mid end computers for optimal performance Contenders latest stable releases only LTS - Long Terms Support - All of the distros can be found on the right hand side listing of Distrowatch with the exception of Linux Lite in which you need to use the actual search function Elementary OS based on Ubuntu Pantheon Desktop Environment custom built from ground up Netrunner based on Kubuntu KDE Desktop Environment LXLE based on Lubuntu LXDE Desktop Environment Bodhi Linux based on Ubuntu Moksha Desktop Environment Enlightment based Desktop Environment targeted at low to mid end computers for optimal performance Linux Lite based on Ubuntu not Xubuntu Xfce Desktop Environment Black Lab Linux based on Ubuntu offers GNOME KDE MATE and Xfce Desktop Environments Voyager Live based on Xubuntu Xfce Desktop Environment Chromixium OS based on Ubuntu uses Openbox Window Manager with Compton Desktop Compositor for effects and LXDE s LXPanel users can choose to install Xfce Panel instead or even Tint panel - Note this attempts to receate Google Chrome OS to a certain extend Peppermint OS based on Lubuntu LXDE Desktop Environment So to kick things off here is my list note that I have extensively used all these in both Hardware and Virtual Machine wise for daily tasks excluding gaming Overall distro that works best out of the box for new user list name of distro DE Online user mainly Peppermint OS Normal user a choice can be made between Voyager Live Netrunner Black Lab Linux and LXLE Ease of use in general for new user list name of distro DE For web user mainly Peppermint OS For a Chrome OS user Chromixium OS For a more traditional user a choice can be made between Netrunner Black Lab Linux Voyager Live LXLE and Linux Lite Lowest Resource usage distro list name of distro DE Chromixium OS Openbox combo Peppermint OS LXDE and then LXLE LXDE Bodhi Linux fluctuated between Xfce distros and LXDE distros On Xfce based BlackLab Linux Xfce followed by Linux Lite Xfce and finally Voyager Live Xfce Gnome KDE Black Lab Linux then Elementary OS and finally Netrunner Drivers support No problem with all of them Final comment Peppermint Chromixium I strongly recommend for a netbook user or the very casual user The rest depends on which flavour of Desktop Environment you want I did not touch the customization topic since Gnome KDE offer way more customization over Xfce which in turn also offers more customization options than LXDE Openbox customization can be done but depends on what panel you use Tint xfce panel LXpanel and if a user uses Tint then it defeats the purp... Read more

A:Interesting Linux War (Ubuntu Family based)

latest stable release of Netrunner is Netrunner 17 it based on Kubuntu 15.10.
the difference to Kubuntu 15.10 is, that Netrunner works fine and starts fast. Kubuntu 15.10 has many troubles is not usable for a produktive system.
Netrunner 17 released
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I have finally got the printer up and running . The solution was to download a deb driver package from the Canon web site.
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I use a limited usage internet plan and want that when I surf approx 10MB of data my connection automatically stops further download untill i reset or increase the usage.

My current Operating System is Ubuntu 11.10..?? So please suggest accordingly...

A:Setting Internet Quota on Ubuntu 11.10 (Linux)

This application here should do what you need:
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So I have linux ubuntu on my little homemade computer and finally was able to get a copy of windows 8.1 and have no idea how to just get rid of my ubuntu machine and boot windows I'm not trying to dual boot I just want to have windows on my computer finally.

A:changing/upgrading from linux ubuntu to windows 8

Linux uses a different format for HDDs. I suggest downloading the free GPARTED and use your burning program to create the bootable CD from the .iso file, boot to it and delete the parition/s to give the HDD a clean slate for Windows. My Linux Mint has built in support for burning.
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I have recently moved on and installed Ubuntu 8.10(Linux)version and removed the vista basic.Now the Ubuntu is not accepting the 750GB External hard drive i bought when i was with vista basic.Seagate does not seem very helpful.Any help is welcome and thanks in advance!

A:Ubuntu(Linux) abd Free AgentPro external HDD

You can try the official Ubuntu forums, they are very helpful and it's possible that you will find a post regarding your issue already answered.

As an alternative you can try the linux sessions of these forums.
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I have connected a Canon Pixma 450 printer to my computer via USB cable. The computer is operating on ubuntu 12.04. The system recognises the printer and I follow the procedure step by step to set up the printer. Eventually I reach the stage where a window opens asking if I want to print a test page. I accept, but after a moment or two a window opens saying : CUPS Server error. Can anyone tell me how to resolve this. The printer works fine on another computer with Windows 8.

A:Linux ubuntu 12.04 and Canon Pixma MX 450 printer

im not too familiar with Ubuntu but cups is the printing service, you may want to read more here:
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Having issues installing Ubuntu. Keep getting errors!

I have 2 live CDs of Ubuntu 7.04 and 6.06 LTS

6.06 gave me this error and wouldnt install no matter what I did

Uncompressing Linux... ok, booting the kernel.
[17179589.684000] .. MP-BIOS 8254 timer not connected to IO-APIC
[17179589.684000] kernal panic - no syncing : IO-APIC + timer doesn't work!
Boot with apc=debug and send a report then try booting with the 'nopic' option [17179589.684000]

7.04 got a tad farther it gave me however

[bunch of random numbers] something about an I/O Error something else

cant remember what it said and those errors filled up my screen and eventually the screen just went black and nothing happened for several minutes and It just stopped.

whats going on, Why cant I install Ubuntu. Why does it keep getting rejected on my brand new computer?


Athlon 64 X2 2.6ghz
2gb DDR2 800 Ram
256mb Geforce 7600GT
320gb SATA 3.0gb/s 7200rpm
Lite On, SATA DVD Burner/CD Burner combo drive

A:Ubuntu Linux 7.04 Does not recongize the existance of my CD Drive!!!

Please someone help me here. After all the trouble I went though getting Linux on this computer (just error after error until I reburned 7.04 live cd to a cd at 1x burn speed instead of max speed and it installed fine) It figures Id get a Problem when the OS is actually installed.... I swear If stuff like this keeps up Its gonna turn a Linux Newb into a linux hater, Its my first time using the OS and so far the Ubuntu Forums are proving to be slow and not giving me any fix suggestions.

I have a Lite On CD burner/DVD burner Combo Drive, (SATA)

Now once in linux I tried to back up some media files and stuff from a Burnt CD well I inserted the CD and nothing happened, so I manually searched for the CD Drive. Went to Places>Computer>CD-ROM1 Figured hey there it is, double clicked and got this.

Unable to mount the selected volume
mount: special device /dev/scd0 does not exist

Yea so basically the CD Drive does not exist to Linux.

Im stuck here, Im a newb to this OS and IM thinking "WTF How does it NOT recognize the existence of my CD Drive when crappy ol' windows xp (which Im keeping around for gaming) sees it just fine.

At the suggestions of friends and the one person on the Linux boards whos waaaaay slow responding and making me impatient I have collected the following data and of course due to impatience of problem resolution Im posting here too hoping ONE of the two forums Im visiting will get me a quick fix before the days out Cause Beyond this issue I LIKE ubuntu, I just will not KEEP Ubuntu on this system If I cant effin use my Combo Drive cause Why Should I keep an OS I cant use my hardware with?

Someone told me to do this... no work

[email protected]:~$ sudo mount /media/cdrom
mount: special device /dev/scd0 does not exist
[email protected]:~$

so heres my /etc/fstab file
# /etc/fstab: static file system information.
# <file system> <mount point> <type> <options> <dump> <pass>
proc /proc proc defaults 0 0
# /dev/sda2
UUID=df989f16-c74c-448e-9d0f-cdf591517c20 / ext3 defaults,errors=remount-ro 0 1
# /dev/sda1
UUID=6CBC70FABC70BFDE /media/sda1 ntfs defaults,nls=utf8,umask=007,gid=46 0 1
# /dev/sda3
UUID=9fd52e66-4158-4f1e-abfb-01f96a74bcc5 none swap sw 0 0
/dev/scd0 /media/cdrom0 udf,iso9660 user,noauto 0 0
/dev/fd0 /media/floppy0 auto rw,user,noauto 0 0

Someone on Ubuntu Forums then asked to show what I got when I typed lspci and lsmod into the command console heres what it showed back

[email protected]:~$ lspci
00:00.0 RAM memory: nVidia Corporation MCP65 Memory Controller (rev a3)
00:01.0 ISA bridge: nVidia Corporation MCP65 LPC Bridge (rev a3)
00:01.1 SMBus: nVidia Corporation MCP65 SMBus (rev a1)
00:01.2 RAM memory: nVidia Corporation MCP65 Memory Controller (rev a1)
00:02.0 USB Controller: nVidia Corporation MCP65 USB Controller (rev a3)
00:02.1 USB Controller: nVidia Corporation MCP65 USB Controller (rev a3)
00:07.0 Audio device: nVidia Corporation MCP65 High Definition Audio (rev a1)
00:08.0 PCI bridge: nVidia Corporation MCP65 PCI bridge (rev a1)
00:09.0 IDE interface: nVidia Corporation MCP65 IDE (rev a1)
00:0a.0 IDE interface: nVidia Corporation MCP65 SATA Controller (rev a3)
00:0b.0 PCI bridge: nVidia Corporation Unknown device 045b (rev a1)
00:0c.0 PCI bridge: nVidia Corporation MCP65 PCI Express bridge (rev a1)
00:0d.0 PCI bridge: nVidia Corporation MCP65 PCI Express bridge (rev a1)
00:0e.0 PCI bridge: nVidia Corporation MCP65 PCI Express bridge (rev a1)
00:18.0 Host bridge: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] K8 [Athlon64/Opteron] HyperTransport Technology Configuration
00:18.1 Host bridge: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] K8 [Athlon64/Opteron] Address Map
00:18.2 Host bridge: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] K8 [Athlon64/Opteron] DRAM Controller
00:18.3 Host bridge: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] K8 [Athlon64/Opteron] Miscellaneous Control
01:09.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL-816... Read more
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Hello friends,

I would like to install Linux Ubuntu on my laptop alongside Windows using dual boot.
However, people keep telling me that it is not a good idea this to be done on a laptop because of driver comparability and stuff like that.

So is it OK if dual boot Ubuntu and Windows on a laptop or it is a terrible idea?

Best Regards

A:Dual boot Windows and Linux Ubuntu

I'm against multi-booting of any kind. I believe in keeping it simple, so if you want to play around with Ubuntu, especially if you are worried about compatibility, virtualize it. It's 100% compatible with VirtualBox.
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I am currently running a dual boot setup with Ununtu 12.10 x64 and Windows 7 Home Premium x64 I was wondering if I could add Linux Mint 14 to the setup. Is this possible? I tried installing it 'alongside windows' but it said i have to uninstall Ubuntu. I haven't done that much work with system booting as of yet but i catch on pretty quick with this sort of stuff. Also, does anyone have a link to where I could download the correct version of Linux Mint 14 for my PC? I have downloaded one already but am not sure whether or not it is the right one. Then name is 'linuxmint-14.1-mate-dvd-64bit.iso'. I would also like a link to a detailed tutorial on how to setup what I'm looking for and a list of recommended software (I've got Paragon Partition Manager 12 and EasyBCD 2.2).

Thanks in advance,


A:Multiboot: Windows 7, Ubuntu 12.10, Linux Mint 14?

It should be possible, I used to have a tripple boot myself for a while. Just make sure you add Mint to Grub.

Current version of Mint:
Download - Linux Mint

Oke, first you'll need to check if you have an empty partition to install Mint on. If not, create one.
You can check this in "disk management".

If you have enough partitions Ubuntu should stop giving you the uninstall message, and Mint should just install itself using the default installer.

And for the detailed toturial:
Video toturial
Official user guide

And finally the software:
Lots and lots of programs
The official Linux Mint software portal (I recommend using this one)

Good luck and keep us posted on your progress!
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I downloaded a driver to my sparklan usb adapter (wireless network adapter)
for my Linux Ubuntu computer in a zip. folder ready to be installed on a memory stick. When i connect the memory stick (on my other Linux ubuntu computer, this is a laptop that i'm using), nothing happens. I can't view the folder. Anybody that knows what might be causing this, and if you know and are using Linux Ubuntu already, any solutions ? :wave:

A:Linux Ubuntu won't open my memory stick?

If it has U3 technology, you will need to format the stick completely and remove U3.
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Hello,I am able to see/download Z510 BIOS files for Windods 7, 8 and 10 operating systems from Lenovo support site. I formated my drive and installed Ubuntu(16.4), any idea where I can find Z510 BIOS for Ubuntu/Linux operating system? thank you,EPanosian
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Hi ,       I just bought a new ideapad 500 am trying to install ubuntu 16.04 Lts alongside preloaded windows 10. I have  tried various options like disabling secure boot / fast boot / fast start up the USB boot just doesn't seem to work , when I try to boot through UEFI firm ware settings -> efi USB boot I get an error message ' USB boot option Not available' . Please suggest if I can achieve Dual boot ability on my ideapad
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Hello dears,
I am in problem. I am using ASUS A42F Laptop, OS-win7. In win7 i can connect with LAN. But LAN icon look yellow caution.
And when i install ubuntu 11.04, i cannot find LAN.
But wireless getting.
Please help me.
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Hi, i have problem with my internet connection. So here it is:
I have ADSL Wireless router TP LINK TD-W8901G. Its connected by ethernet cable to my PC (uses Windows 7) , and all works fine.
Few days ago, I've got laptop Lenovo SL-510 and I've installed Linux Ubuntu 10.10. So, i attached antenna to router, configured router to emitt wireless signal. I start my laptop, he can see and connect to wireless network I've made, but cant ping/open any page. Pinging router IP was sucessfull.
I was experimenting about IPs/subnets/ and oher stuff, but without success.
ipconfig from PC and ifconfig form laptop(Linux ubuntu 10.10) attached!
Please advise!
Sorry for potential English mistakes.

A:Solved: Conected to router, but no conectivity (Linux Ubuntu)

Pretty sure the problem is the way you have the TP LINK TD-W8901G configured. Not sure how you have it, but we shouldn't be seeing that "PPP adapter BIHnet ADSL" with a public IP address on your PC.

The modem/router should be configured as both a modem and "full" router; the WAN (Internet) section of the router part should specify any needed PPPoE and username/password. Computers connected to the router by wireless or ethernet should not be specifying any PPPoE.
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I just Install Ubuntu 16.04 On my B560 after a total crash upgrading to W10. Fantastic OS, superfast load and everything working smooth but a single small issue. It seems the CPU gets overheated. Not sure if cause the 4.4 version of the new Kernel or any other reason as power management in the mother board. I cant find Direct dowloads to Linux drivers. Have tried some searchs on the knowledge base but didnt found anything really helpfull. Any idea?, any links around? any information about where to find them.I know by the Ubuntu site that they partner with Lenovo and all Lenovo's shipping in India comes with Ubuntu Preinstalled instead of Windows ( a much better option i will say ). Any helps , post found, links etc will be much appreciated.
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I have a new Z Book G that came with Windows pre-installed It has two disks The firstis a TB spinning disk and the other is a GB SSD Nothing is on the SSD nbsp I'm attempting to create a dual-boot machine with Fedora Core as the other OS nbsp I've resized the Windows partition using Disk Management and that seems to have been successful because I can still boot into Windows nbsp I've tried to install FC and various versions of FC as well as Ubuntu with no success I'm using FC iso DVDs in a USB DVD drive as the install media nbsp The installation from the live meda FC disk goes well until a certain point The last line printed to the screen by the installer is always nbsp OK Started User Manager for UID Install G3 Ubuntu) to linux (Fedora Z or Failure Book nbsp Then it hangs forever nbsp There are hundreds of lines before that line but I can't figure out how to capture them The lines just Z Book G3 Failure to Install linux (Fedora or Ubuntu) above the failure are nbsp OK Created slice User Slice of liveuserStarting User Manager for UID OK Started Session of user liveuser nbsp I've got Secure Boot disabled and Legacy Boot enabled in the BIOS nbsp I've also tried the Troubleshooting low-res graphics installation option of the FC iso DVDs Same result nbsp I've checked the integrity of the installation iso's using SHA SUM nbsp I've had similar not identical problems with Ubuntu nbsp Anyone have any suggestions for how I can install linux on this Z Book nbsp Chad

A:Z Book G3 Failure to Install linux (Fedora or Ubuntu)

When I try to install Ubuntu 16.04, I can get to the Ubuntu installation screen, which asks if I want to try Ubuntu, or install it, etc. I choose install, and I see the following: [  0.000000] efi: requested map not found.[  0.000000] esrt: ESRT header is not in the memory map.[ 9.330271] nouveau 0000:01:00.0: priv: HUB0: 614900  008000000 (1a408200)[ 44....        ] NMI watchdog: BUG: soft lockup - CPU #1 stuck for 21s! [plymouthd: 1539] Then it continues telling me CPU #1 is stuck. On other tries, CPU #2 is stuck. nouveau is a clue that there is something going on with the video driver?
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Hello everyone First of all I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to read this read I just installed Ubuntu on my Compaq Presario US and I am unable to connect to any wireless network I have checked the device manager 6.06 here) Networking Wireless n00b Ubuntu Problems (Linux and the built in wireless card seems to performing correctly I don t have a static IP address with my DSL so I m using DHCP to automatically detect everything DNS server gateway subnet mask etc As far as I can tell its not successfully detecting them I Problems Wireless Networking Ubuntu 6.06 (Linux n00b here) can t connect directly to the router http I tried connecting via ethernet and it works just fine I ensured I have the right ESSID and hex key for the WEP but still no luck Below are the specifics of my system Please save Problems Wireless Networking Ubuntu 6.06 (Linux n00b here) my sanity and help me figure this out Processor Ghz P RAM GB PC HDD GB OS Ubuntu Linux Wireless Card Broadcom BCM b g PCI Thanks Edit Delete Message nbsp

A:Problems Wireless Networking Ubuntu 6.06 (Linux n00b here)

Heya: not that this site doesn't have many many many GREAT minds, but you should also check here:

edit: also, this place has this 'folder' for you wierd types:

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Hello I'm having trouble installing the Nvidia drivers for my GT m on Ubuntu LTS I followed nbsp the installation procedure suggested by Nvidia with no good results the system always finished on a black screen after the reboot and also many links in internet None of them made good results At this point I don't know if this is even possible Although it would be nice to have my Nvidia running with CUDA enabled too Does anyone know 750m Ubuntu to How on GT Geforce 14.04L... linux Nvidia install how to solve this Any advise will be much appreciated Thanks nbsp Here are my graphics card and other data nbsp sudo lshw -C video -displaydescription D controllerproduct GK How to install Nvidia Geforce GT 750m on linux Ubuntu 14.04L... M GeForce GT M vendor NVIDIA Corporationphysical id bus info pci version a width bitsclock MHzcapabilities pm msi pciexpress bus master cap list romconfiguration driver nouveau latency resources irq memory d -d ffffff memory a -afffffff memory b -b ffffff ioport size memory b -b ffff -displaydescription VGA compatible controllerproduct th Gen Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controllervendor Intel Corporationphysical id bus info pci version width bitsclock MHzcapabilities msi pm vga controller bus master cap list romconfiguration driver i latency resources irq memory d -d fffff memory c -cfffffff ioport size nbsp lsb release -aLSB Version core- -amd core- -noarch core- -amd core- -noarch core- -amd core- -noarch core- -amd core- -noarch core- -amd core- -noarch core- -amd core- -noarch cxx- -amd cxx- -noarch cxx- -amd cxx- -noarch cxx- -amd cxx- -noarch cxx- -amd cxx- -noarch cxx- -amd cxx- -noarch desktop- -amd desktop- -noarch desktop- -amd desktop- -noarch desktop- -amd desktop- -noarch desktop- -amd desktop- -noarch graphics- -amd graphics- -noarch graphics- -amd graphics- -noarch graphics- -amd graphics- -noarch graphics- -amd graphics- -noarch graphics- -amd graphics- -noarch graphics- -amd graphics- -noarch languages- -amd languages- -noarch languages- -amd languages- -noarch languages- -amd languages- -noarch multimedia- -amd multimedia- -noarch multimedia- -amd multimedia- -noarch multimedia- -amd multimedia- -noarchrinting- -amd rinting- -noarchrinting- -amd rinting- -noarchrinting- -amd rinting- -noarch qt - -amd qt - -noarch security- -amd security- -noarch security- -amd security- -noarchDistributor ID UbuntuDescription Ubuntu LTSRelease Codename trusty nbsp
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Hello everyone First of all I want to thank everyone who has n00b Problems Networking Wireless here) 6.06 (Linux Ubuntu taken the time to read Problems Wireless Networking Ubuntu 6.06 (Linux n00b here) this read I just installed Ubuntu on my Compaq Presario US and I am unable to connect to any Problems Wireless Networking Ubuntu 6.06 (Linux n00b here) wireless network I have checked the device manager and the built in wireless card seems to performing correctly I don t have a static IP address with my DSL so I m using DHCP to automatically detect everything DNS server gateway subnet mask etc As far as I can tell its not successfully detecting them I can t connect directly to the router http I tried connecting via ethernet and it works just fine I ensured I have the right ESSID and hex key for the WEP but still no luck Below are the specifics of my system Please save my sanity and help me figure this out Processor Ghz P RAM GB PC HDD GB OS Ubuntu Linux Wireless Card Broadcom BCM b g PCI Thanks nbsp

A:Problems Wireless Networking Ubuntu 6.06 (Linux n00b here)

Try checking here,
Good Luck
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i am running windows xp and ubuntu linux on my computer (dual boot) but i can't really get ubuntu to work properly. how would i uninstall it as well as the partition between linux and windows?

A:removing ubuntu (linux) from a dual boot system

how is your machine partitioned?
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There is an issue with the current Kernel that Ubuntu is using with all distro's based off of it, with the 15.04 series that is an odd release before the next LTS, which will be 16.04. The issue is with WiFi not staying connected. The suggested fix right now is to use NDiswrapper and use the Windows drivers instead of the ones that the Ubuntu distro's are using for the Intel adapters.

This has been an ongoing issue with not only the Intel adapters, but also with the RaLink ones. There is an open Bug report that dates back to when this problem was found with the 13.10 release.

Anyone planning on using a Ubuntu based distro for a NAS, Gateway, experiment with. Just be cautious that when your WiFi disconnects, it is not a problem with the hardware.
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How do I build a program without the internet? I wanted to get VLC but all the guides say I need to connect to the Universe Server or whatever it is, to build it.

Which brings me to this, how do I get online if Ubuntu doesnt recognize the ethernet card? I tried 2, and I downloaded drivers...except there for windows, which is all I could find. I couldnt find anything for Linux on either card.

The ethernet card that I want to use is - 3com 3c905-tx. The other one is a couple versions older. The 3com website doesnt have a linux driver for it. So, can I put it in the bios prior to loading or something? How does it work with Linux? Ive probably spent 1hr total on the OS. Sorry for the lack of knowledge and possibly newbie question.

A:How do I get Ubuntu to recognize my ethernet card? (Also other Linux questions)

It's alright. I'm sure even the smartest techie would be confused

Well, you may want to try using a Linux-compatible ethernet card, as your card may not be compatible.
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So my daughters HP mini 110 that has XP as the OS wont let me format the HD. I want some help to figure out how to format the hard drive and also help installing Linux Ubuntu on it. The HP Mini has no cd/dvd drive so I will need to use a USB stick. I have turned it off and on and hit F6 but it takes me to a system recovery mode which only provides me with 2 dates which I can recover back to. I don't want to recover my HP Mini, I want to format the entire HD and install Linux as the operating system. Can anyone assist me please?

A:Format Mini HP 110 HD w/Windows XP and install Linux Ubuntu

Doesn't the Linux Ubuntu installation routine allow you to delete, recreate and format partitions (like Windows does)?
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Hey all,

I am fairly new to linux, and so far I LOVE it. However, I am having some problems with videos playing. At first, the videos would play but they would flicker and it was very annoying. I wanted to upgrade my video driver so I downloaded and installed it (or so I thought). Now the video doesn't play at all!

Basically what I want to do is uninstall my current video driver (ATI Radeon X1200) and reinstall the most up to date one. Could anyone help me here? I don't know how to fully uninstall it in ubuntu, and I don't know what one to download and install (or how to).

Thank you all so much in advance!!

- Sam

A:Solved: Reinstall Video Driver in Ubuntu Linux?

Drivers should be under Adminstrator menu on the right. With Ubuntu -especially for beginners: the forums are really important and they are very helpful. Video - unless it's an exact for Linux can be difficult, and takes sometime to deal with. Get involved in the forum that has the expertise. They have a lot of info for you. This is specific to the needs you have here. Jazz
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My original topic here http ubuntuforums org showthread php t I believe this belongs in the XP forum as it is an XP startup related issue If not move it to Linux please IMPORTANT QUESTION Will I be able to use an XP home CD to recover XP Media Centre span ------------ URGENT - ALL HELP GIVEN IS APPRECIATEDHey I ve just installed Ubuntu desktop edition on a desktop computer The installation was a success and Ubuntu can now be used as a fully working operating system BUT when I try to load installation linux after boot Windows failure XP Ubuntu Windows XP Media centre edition from the GRUB option I m choosing the right option it goes to the loading screen but then says something along the lines of quot autochk not found - Windows XP boot failure after Ubuntu linux installation SKIPPING AUTOCHECK quot followed by a Blue Screen of Death STOP c a Fatal System Error xC a the system has been shut down The system is manufactured by Packard Bell it s a good few years old I would love to go in depth with its specs but I m not sure how on Ubuntu It has mb RAM a nVidia graphics card and an Intel Pentium I highly doubt that means quad core processor from what I can find To modify the partitions I used the ubuntu installer Thanks so much in advance Just to go over again in short Ubuntu works XP doesn t Oh and half of the XP documents and settings files seem to have vanished AndyP S I believe the version of Ubuntu I have installed and working uses GNOME I ve tried using gedit to change a file in the grub folder to add a line unhide hd just above the root line -Didn t solve the problem I think it s to do with windows itself Thanks DI thought the great community here could help me possibly more than ubuntu forums

A:Windows XP boot failure after Ubuntu linux installation


Media Center (MCE) is a variation of XP Pro.

I'm not even sure that you could use an XP Pro version to "recover" an XP MCE system, since I thought that all those systems utilize recovery partitions/CDs which have been prepared by the manufacturer of the system.

These recovery/restore CDs/partitions...are not the same as an XP install CD, since they contain programs, drivers, and other modifications which might have been put in by the manufacturer.

I could be wrong.

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So I bought a laptop from amazon about a year ago and it came with some prehistoric version of command line Linux. So I removed that and installed and ran ubuntu Linux. Now my wife doesn't like ubuntu so I removed ubuntu and installed win 7 64bit. The install went fine but no wireless networks are showing up. I'm not really to familiar with windows, so I'm not sure what the cause could be. I'm assuming it's drivers, but can anyone please help and provide some guidance? Thanks in advance for any help.
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Help please
new blueray player now vista wont boot, but ubuntu linux does
this is a dual boot system
its a sata drive from pioneer
old optical ide drive broke so bought a new sata drive
i have a sata harddrive in number 1 sata connector and now a sata pioneer bdr-208 in sata connector 2
this motherboard  is old,  so no help from manufacturer
and pioneer is closed for the weekend

A:new blueray player now vista wont boot, but ubuntu linux does

i pulled power to sata bluray player booted to windows
shutdown computer
cleaned computer {air}
hooked power back to bluray player
and now it works
i think vista had to boot to a no dvd
to make it see a bluray player
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I have a gateway laptop which at one time had windows 7. Windows started acting up, so I tried a recovery from within windows only to have it fail. I ordered from gateway the recovery disks. While waiting for the disks, I loaded the entire HD with the latest version of Ubuntu just curious i guess. I now have the gateway windows 7 recovery dvd's and it will not recover because it doesn't seem to recognize the Linux partition. Without the Microsoft Windows 7 install disk (only have gateway's recovery disks). How can I remove the Linux partition?

Any advice or help would be greatful.


A:Gateway recovery windows 7 DVD not recognizing Ubuntu Linux partition

Get the win7 install iso.

Better than the gateway I am sure: Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

Clean install 7, then you might want to install Mint or Pinguy - try pinguy, you may be surprised.
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I just finished installing ubuntu and it's not detecting my Linksys Wireless B networking card. I'm not sure what the exact model number is on it... anybody here know how I could check that to and see if there's a driver I can download?


A:Just installed ubuntu Linux; wireless network card not detected...

I had the same problem .. no driver for my CREATIVE USB wireless adapter in uBuntu

We can't blame LinuX but we blame the manufactures of the device.

They don't program a driver for a linux BoX

all what I can advice you is to buy a Wireless to Wired bridge

so it makes a wireless works as a LAN ( detected as a LAN but working as WLAN!)

google search for it .. and you may post some intersting results here, I am pretty interested!

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Basically I followed MBR and Error, Linux Bootrec Related, Booting Ubuntu Uninstalled 11.04 this guide on uninstalling Linux but here's a short version Deleted Linux Partitions in Windows Popped in Windows Upgrade Disk Recovery Options Went to the Command Prompt and typed the following things in bootrec fixmbr bootrec fixboot DID NOT WORK It gave me an error stating Booting Error, MBR and Bootrec Related, Uninstalled Ubuntu Linux 11.04 quot The volume does not contain a recognizable filesystem etc quot And now it always takes me to some MemoryTest program something I noticed that was one of the options when I was using the Grub Boot Division Purple but I never paid any attention to Booting Error, MBR and Bootrec Related, Uninstalled Ubuntu Linux 11.04 it Now that I deleted the Ubuntu partitions the grub no longer comes on and now I don't even see the error ever since I ran the quot bootrec fixmbr quot command After a couple of hours of googling I decided to use the command prompt via Windows HPU Disc to figure out what was going on I was able to jump into DISKPART and I've attached what I have at the moment perhaps someone more knowledgeable than me can actually help me out The GB Partition is the one that has Windows installed onto it Also I have the capability to use my HDD as an external and plugged it in and all my information is there perhaps you guys can show me a method that will allow me to get it back up and running Windows doesn't boot at all I get some Memory Diagnostic Utility The Windows Home Premium I'm using was a fresh install via an Upgrade Disc the key was used so I don't know if I can use it again otherwise I would just take the information out and do a fresh install of it right now Btw I have a Dell Inspiron built in December of and it originally came with -Bit Windows Vista so I no longer have the option to go back to it either

A:Booting Error, MBR and Bootrec Related, Uninstalled Ubuntu Linux 11.04

With diskpart make NTFS 350 GB partition active.

Run DVD - 'Automatic Repair'.
The first run should do. If errors do a second run.

Manually you have only to write a Windows 7 MBR and a Partition Boot Record
on your E: drive (NTFS). 'bootsect.exe' can do the manual step.
(check exact syntax for command - system drive is default, specify windows folder as e:\windows)
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hii i was using ubuntu alongside win but for some reasons i have to uninstall ubuntu so i deleted that linux partition installed win bootloader to mbr fine but i was unable to resize my c drive with that unallocated space i created by deleting linux partition so bcoz of that i formatted that drive with ntfs and start useing to store data but when i again try to install ubuntu i go for option quot try ubuntu quot but it hang up so i restarted and when partition deleting 14 ubuntu linux after trouble fedora installing and i try to install trouble installing fedora 14 and ubuntu after deleting linux partition fedora it says gnome and gvfs crash so i trouble installing fedora 14 and ubuntu after deleting linux partition was wondering did i mess with my system now what to do plz help have a look at my disk manegement crash amp warning showed as soon as dekstop was prepare note that i had not even installed f i was about too but this error drive me crazy and make me confuse the proper error of fedora is gnome disk utility - fc reson process usr libexec gdu-notification deamon was killed by signal SIGABRT crash count crash amp warning showed as soon as dekstop was prepare gvfs crash - fc reason process usr libexec gvfs-gdu-volume monitor was killed by signal sigabrt crash count so now tell wheather i should install f frm this cd or make another or what to do i need to install fedora now plz help should i avoid that error and begin with installation bcoz i have back up image on portable hdd but still i want to take advantage of both fedora and win help me with this plz

A:trouble installing fedora 14 and ubuntu after deleting linux partition

Be careful with Fedora 14. You have separate partitions and one thing Fedora does is merge all partitions into one logical volume group. You have a backup
partition which contains drivers for your computer/laptop, ideally I would make a copy of this data before you install.

Is there some reason you prefer Fedora over Ubuntu? Both use Gnome 2.32 as the desktop, with the addition that Ubuntu 11.04 will install Unity desktop as well.

Unfortunately you cant tell much from the windows partition manager as drives are just assigned a letter, and you can only have 4 primary partitions.
Post on the linux forum if youre happy with your windows setup, Wmorri is Fedora Ambassador, but when you do please provide the following information.
Boot with the Ubuntu CD in Live mode (or try before installing). It will pick up your network, open a terminal and post output of:

fdisk -l
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I m posting this topic as a reply to an untrue information which I found in a topic in this forum and is misguiding The topic was about how to Want dual (Ubuntu here. Wubi) XP? Read with remove to Linux boot from remove any linux dustributions from the boot selecting screen and make XP to start automatic That Want to remove Linux from dual boot with XP? Read here. (Ubuntu Wubi) topic said that you must put your XP CD go to the repair screen and enter the command fixmbr This is a lie - this command doesn t work and more - XP doesn t recognize it as its own So I decided to post this topic because I saw in google how many people have such a problem and they can t fix it Hopefully mine topic will help somebody else too I had ubuntu on my pc but when I found out what a piece of crap it is I decided to uninstall it But the name quot Want to remove Linux from dual boot with XP? Read here. (Ubuntu Wubi) ubuntu quot in the bios boot screen remained And I did a very simple task to remove it from there - edited the boot ini file while Windows was running Right click on quot My Computer quot icon then select quot Properties quot Under the quot Advanced quot tab click quot Settings quot in the quot Startup and Recovery quot sector Click edit and the boot ini file will open in notepad you better make a backup of it before editing Find the line of Ubuntu or the operating system you d like to remove from the boot screen delete the line which contains its data in my file the line contained quot C wubildr ldr quot or something like that don t remember the exact text and save the file you can do this by simply pressing Ctrl S Then reboot Windows If you ve done exactly as I said you shouldn t have any problems and your XP should start by itself no boot selection screen If you want to remove all other OS from boot screen and leave only XP this is how should look like your boot ini file boot loader timeout default multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS operating systems multi disk rdisk partition WINDOWS quot Microsoft Windows XP Professional quot fastdetect My XP is PRO version so boot ini looks like the same way If you have Home Edition it will be Home Edition s name in the text Note that this operation must be done when you ve already uninstalled ubuntu or other OS by formatting their partitions nbsp

A:Want to remove Linux from dual boot with XP? Read here. (Ubuntu Wubi)

My XP is PRO version,Click to expand...

And this would be the pirated OS you bragged about?
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I burned the Damn Small Linux (DSL) ISO to a CD, placed it in the drive, restarted the machine and told it to boot from CD in the boot menu. This method worked for Ubuntu, but not for DSL.

I get a blank text screen for a few seconds, then the "Windows XP did not start correctly" menu.

When I tried Ubuntu (and KUbuntu, for that matter) I just put in the disk and restarted the computer. I didn't even have to use the boot menu.

The only difference is that I burned the DSL CD on a different computer because my burner stopped working.

There are hundreds of files on the download mirrors, but I'm all but certain I've got the right one. It's called "dsl-3.4.2.iso".

I have an HP Compaq BIOS, that's all Everest will tell me.
My motherboard is an HP d530 CMT (DG769A).

A:Damn Small Linux CD-ROM boot failes, Ubuntu worked.

The current versrion of DSL is 4.0.

Are you sure you burned the iso image as a CD image and not a file?
It could be something as simple as a bad burn too. Just try again?
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Hi All,

I am thinking about formatting my hard disk and restarting everything from scratch. I would like some advice please!

I have a 320G hard drive. (In practice this is about 300G)

I am thinking about partitioning it like this

6G - Pagefile
4G - Swapfile
10G - Windows XP Home (NTFS)
10G - Ubuntu (EXT 3)
10G - Windows Programs (NTFS)
10G - Ubuntu Programs (EXT 3)
50G X 4 - Data (FAT 32)

Please would people tell me what they think of my idea and any thoughts they have about it!


PS - please tell me if I am right in thinking I can have the program folders for each OS in a separate partition to the OS' themselves.

A:Creating duel boot WinXP / Linux (Ubuntu) from scratch?

Have a look here:
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If I have Vista x64 and Ubuntu x64 on the same hdd (different partitions) will Vista complete system backup also backup the ubuntu partition to an external usb hdd?.In other words is the Ubuntu also recoverable via the image created by vista?.

A:Dual Boot Vista Ultimate x64/Linux Ubuntu x64.Backup Image

Hello Mika,

Sorry, but the backup image that Vista creates is only of the Vista partition or drive. Ubuntu will not be backed up by Vista.

You should be able to use the free program Macrium Reflect to create a back up image of both partitions though.

Hope this helps,
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Hello I own an HP Envy notebook K -NL and have considerable difficulty installing Linux Ubuntu and Linux Mint in dual-boot and triple-boot Both with Secure Boot enabled or disabled either enabled or disabled legacy both with fast boot enabled or disabled and also with the default boot from internal CD DVD ROM it is Boot K112-NL Envy 15 Dual Windows HP 8.1/Linux Ubuntu-Mint impossible to install Linux alongside Windows I managed for a moment to start the Linux Mint DVD but it is planted to the first screen Dual Boot Windows 8.1/Linux Ubuntu-Mint HP Envy 15 K112-NL I think just by reading other forums that HP does everything to not allow this operation Dual Boot Windows 8.1/Linux Ubuntu-Mint HP Envy 15 K112-NL Has anyone had the same problem If yes how he solved it Thank you Google Translation nbsp Original post Italian Buongiorno posseggo un notebook HP Envy K -NL e ho notevoli difficolt ad installare Linux Ubuntu e Linux Mint in dual-boot e triple-boot Sia con Secure boot abilitato o disabilitato sia con legacy abilitato o disabilitato sia con fast boot abilitato o disabilitato e inoltre con l'avvio predefinito da internal CD DVD ROM impossibile installare Linux accanto a Windows Sono riuscito un attimo a far partire il DVD di Linux Mint ma si piantato alla prima schermata Penso proprio leggendo altri forum che HP faccia di tutto per non permettere questa operazione Qualcuno ha avuto il mio stesso problema Se s come lo ha risolto Grazie
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Hello everyone I've made my Sony VAIO into a dual-boot machine Win -bit and Ubuntu Linux and I'm having trouble getting into the BIOS When powering up even though I repeatedly press and hold down the DEL key it always goes straight to the GRUB menu And then when I select to load Windows I keep pressing DEL but it goes straight to Windows It doesn't seem to matter how fast I am on the keys - I can't get into the BIOS I have a should I be trying to enter the BIOS before BIOS dual system) can't booting when Ubuntu Linux boot enter / (Win7 getting to the GRUB menu or after Also and this may be irrelevant I've checked my registry to determine what kind of BIOS I have HKEY LOCAL MACHINE HARDWARE DESCRIPTION System where I found that the SystemBiosVersion variable Sony - BIOS Date Ver I would have can't enter BIOS when booting (Win7 / Ubuntu Linux dual boot system) thought the BIOS would be something like American Megatrends Anyways is there any way I can get into can't enter BIOS when booting (Win7 / Ubuntu Linux dual boot system) the BIOS from Windows i e after Windows has loaded Do I have to remove Linux from my computer I hope not Thanks so much for your help and have a great day

A:can't enter BIOS when booting (Win7 / Ubuntu Linux dual boot system)

Best to keep in mind that the BIOS is completely different from ANY operating system. There is no connection between the two things, other than the BIOS handing off control to an OS.

You press DEL (or whatever key enters the BIOS) before any operating system begins to start up.
You can start pressing the key repeatedly (once a second) just as soon as you hear the POST beep or see anything happen on the display screen.
Once you reach the Grub loader it is too late. Start over.

You can't get into the BIOS from an operating system. You can only shut down and/or restart.
Nothing in the operating system's registry has anything to do with your system's BIOS, other than communicating with it initially.
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Some how my old friend managed to upgrade my PC from Windows XP to Windows 7 with that chipset driver CD I gave him. I don't know how he did it. I would ask him but he moved to Germany. Anyway I've heard you can run the setup with Windwos Vista compatiblity mode but I don't know if it is safe. Anyone know?

A:Motherboard support CD does not support your operating system

Download the drivers from the manufacturers website. The driver CD is likely outdated anyway.
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The upcoming Ubuntu LTS will continue to use Unity as the default desktop environment and that s been known for quite a while Canonical also aims to offer the Unity desktop as an alternative until it becomes stable enough to take the place of the old LTS with 16.04 7 Unity Support Ubuntu to Snappy Packages one Canonical wants to adopt the Snappy packages for the regular Ubuntu distro not just the phone They used to be called click packages but Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with Unity 7 to Support Snappy Packages that terminology is no longer used They are now called Snappy Personal Snappy or just snaps Their name is less important than the fact that they bring a new type of package management Click to expand These new packages have some improvements over the older debs but it will take a while until they get some Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with Unity 7 to Support Snappy Packages traction It will help if Snappy package will also be available for the vast majority of Ubuntu users who are not moving away from Unity anytime soon Read more Ubuntu LTS with Unity to Support Snappy Packages nbsp
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Quoted from Neowin quot Ubuntu LTS could be the first release to ship without a -bit version if suggestions on an Ubuntu mailing list are acted upon Dmitri John Ledkov who suggested dropping i to Survey Canonical only? Ubuntu Drop LTS 32-bit 64-bit Support, 18.04 support points out that Canonical Survey to Drop 32-bit Support, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS 64-bit only? building i -bit images is not free but comes at the cost of utilising our build farm QA and validation time quot He questioned whether Canonical could effectively provide security support on i and drew up a plan on how -bit components could be phased out over the course of the next two years By it will have been over Canonical Survey to Drop 32-bit Support, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS 64-bit only? two years since several third-party independent software vendors ISVs stopped supporting software on -bit systems Some of the software Ledkov cited include Google Chrome ZFS and Docker Aside from ISVs dropping support for -bit systems he also points out all the work that goes into releasing -bit images and the extra mirror space and bandwidth they use as reasons to drop the architecture quot Source Ubuntu Mailing List via Phoronix Have an opinion Take the survey by Canonical When should i support end nbsp

A:Canonical Survey to Drop 32-bit Support, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS 64-bit only?

Well I understand the sentiments of Ubuntu, people must go now to the well reliable computer system in order to attain optimize performance even it is a Linux OS.

But do not expect massive migration since large percentage of users rely on old systems thus many alternative Linux derivatives available within old architecture support.
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I guess since I am trying to uninstall Linux from a laptop the linux junkies dont want to help! Im trying to uninstall Linux entirely and install Win XP. I dont know where to begin!

A:no help in Linux support!

you expect help in an hour???? Please have patience, since nobody lives here and they themselves have lives other than tsf, it may take a while for someone who can help to get online.
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I'm leaning toward buying a P70, and I need to know how well it supports Linux. Anyone have experience with this? Thanks in advance!
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Does Linux support NTFS This was a question asked and talked about in dspotlight unofficial IRC chatroom for TechSpot There is an article at www anandtech com about this I am posting this article with a link so people NTFS? support Does Linux can find this here if the question comes up again This article is located at http www anandtech com guides viewfaq html i I in no way claim that this is my work All modern Linux kernels all x and many x DO support NTFS in read-only mode Does Linux support NTFS? Long Answer Although you can read NTFS partitions created with any version of Windows NT you can not WRITE to an NTFS partition created with Windows XP or anything yet to come NTFS partitions created with Windows NT and earlier CAN be written to but this tends Does Linux support NTFS? to make a mess of Does Linux support NTFS? the file system so make sure to do a chkdsk when you boot into NT after writing from Linux Below are in-depth instructions on how to gain access to your NTFS partition from Linux To access your NTFS partition Open a shell if you haven t already Become root Do this by running su and entering your root password when prompted Create a mount point for the NTFS partition mkdir mnt ntfs Mount your NTFS partition mount -t ntfs -o umask dev device mnt ntfs Replace device with the name of your NTFS partition See below for advice on how to find this if you don t know The contents of the NTFS partition is now part of your tree When you want to access a file on it just think of mnt ntfs as C and you re all set When you are done repeat steps and if you exited the shell and run umount mnt ntfs If you want all that to be done automatically when you boot Linux doesn t take effect until you reboot of course Open a shell and become root as described before Open your fstab file kedit etc fstab Note that this assumes you have KEdit part of the kdeapps package installed If you don t replace kedit with vim xemacs gnotepad or whatever text editor you like Add this line somewhere in the file dev device mnt ntfs ntfs umask Save and exit Note that you have to make sure the directory mnt ntfs exists before you reboot or else it just won t work To figure out what device your NTFS partition is What kind of hard drive is it on If it s on an internal IDE drive it will be HDxy If it s on a SCSI drive or a pen drive or an IDE drive hooked up to USB or FireWire or any number of bizarre methods it will be SDxy Which device letter x is it IDE drives will be A for primary master B for primary slave C for secondary master and so on SCSI and other drives will be A for the first detected B for second and so on If that doesn t help run dmesg less and look through it for clues Which partition number is it The first partition on the disk will be and the second will be and so on So if it s the second partition on your primary master IDE drive the device is HDA If you get an error about NTFS not being supported by your kernel the first thing you should try is to install the NTFS kernel module Open a shell and become root Install the module modprobe ntfs If no errors try mounting again If you do get an error you might have to build yourself a new kernel nbsp

A:Does Linux support NTFS?

It can read NTFS no problem.

It can write to it to, however this is EXTREMELY problematic, and can cause data corruption.

You will have to have NTFS compiled as a kernel module, or into the kernel itself.
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The datasheet of P50 and P70 state that they support "Ubuntu® Linux" and "RHEL". Can we expect full driver support (color calibration, fingerprint sensor in particular)?The fact that Linux was mentioned in the datasheet was one reason for me to get a P50, but until today the support website only lists Windows drivers. Thanks! PS: I am aware of the P50-P70 linux experiences thread, but this question is about officially supported Linux distributions and targets Lenovo directly.

A:P50/P70 Official Linux support

!Nice support from Lenovo. there is no any details about that even so much months later
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I am looking forward to buying an HP 15-af008ax for a friend. I am trying to figure out if the device is compatible with Ubuntu.  I plan on making a dual-boot system with windows 10 and Ubuntu. Has someone on this forum used Ubuntu/Any Other Linux OS on this laptop? How was your experience with regards to drivers and features? If not, could someone tell me what the exact model numbers for the bluetooth and network cards for this device are? In fact, a detailed specification sheet would be great.

A:Linux Support for hp 15-af008ax

 i purchased this laptop 2 days back, and i installed only Ubuntu 16.04 it is working fine. i am facing issues with wifi.. some times it is very solw and some simtes it is not working. and i am not sure, whether i need to install any additional drivers for it.
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OK, you might have read this.., but I have a Linux question that goes with it, so I thought I should post over here.

So, the original question was, Is it possible to charge the iPod on a 98se?

Obviously no, but I know the computer is capable of it because Ubuntu and DSL can power the iPod to charge. So I want to know is, what kind of software/drivers do those two distros use that let them send the power out?

Is it a special kind of thing that is for Linux only? Can it be converted to Windows, (Kinda like WINE in reverse).

Any insite would be appreciated!

--Daniel L

A:What Type Of USB Support Does Linux Have?

Uhm.. The power is always supplied to all USB devices and you have to turn off the power manually per device or port. It is not a "feature", but an inherent property of USB. Most USB devices wouldn't even work if they didn't get power from the port.

I would guess it's a "feature" of your iPod (needs the computer to tell it to charge itself?) or some serious bug in Windows drivers and/or your ancient hardware. Do the USB ports work with your Windows at all? Have you used a mouse or a flash drive or something?

Maybe get a PCI USB 2.0 controller card? You would get more speed and new drivers. Make sure that Windows 98 is supported by the device!
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I would like to share my experiences how to fix noisy audio noise solution on 14.04 Linux MT / audio sound Ubuntu card Dell 755 14 Optiplex simple output noisy output on Dell Optiplex under linux I did try changing power supply better video card adding separate sound card front panel audio output doesn t work then updating drivers and even changing the whole computer I was first sure that the reason for the noise must be old capacitors somewhere in the system board or in the power supply It took me months to find the solution The symptoms are static noise on audio even if there should be no sound at all The noise Dell Optiplex 755 MT Ubuntu Linux 14 14.04 noise on audio output / noisy sound card simple solution doesn t depend on the audio volume nbsp The solution open terminal start alsamixer HDA Intel Analog Devices AD should open Use right cursor key to scroll the screen until Beep audio level adjust is selected Lower the volume of Beep down This should fix the noisy output nbsp I set the Beep volume to Apparently Beep sound output produces low level noise even if no beep sound is produced If Beep volume is adjusted to high in alsamixer this noise is amplified and added to the audio mix
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Last month only I have procured “Dell Optiplex 9020” Desktops. I am using Windows 7 Operating system over there, but now I want to install “Red Hat 6”. But I don’t know whether this desktops supports Linux flavors or not.
Please any will tell me whether I can install Linux flavors on it or not?
If yes, which Linux flavors I can install on “Optiplex 9020”?
I also want to know whether this desktop I can use it as "Linux Server"?

A:Does “Optiplex 9020” support Linux?

Thank you for reaching us .
We ship these OptiPlex 9020 primarily with Windows Operating systems, however we have also tested installing "Ubuntu" which is Linux for home users.
You may give it a try in installing RHEL 6 after backing up the data from the PC, I do not see any reason why it wouldn't run.
If it doesn't, Please install Ubuntu or Windows back which should work fine.
Regarding your query about Linux server, It depends on what kind of server you are trying to configure, the best place for the answer is to check in Linux community forum where you can find discussions on the same.
Thank you
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Hi there
Anybody running a Windows 8.1 Virtual machine from a LINUX host with 3-D support working. If so what distro are you using. (VMware player / workstation).

I've tried SUSE and DEBIAN - the VM runs perfectly except I can't get 3-D support or hardware graphics acceleration.

Under Windows as host (W7) no problem !!.


A:Windows 8.1 under Linux - which distro for 3-D support

Hi Jimbo,

You should try installing the certified drivers for the graphics card from Nvidia or AMD instead of standard installed ones, for some distro's use limited opensource versions like the nouveau driver.

Also see specific VMware info about what you need:
That's for a host,
It says WS5.5, but should still apply on newer releases, use the mentioned tools to get info about the graphic drivers.

For a guest, W8, check to see if 3D is on in the VMX file itself:
some example for Ubuntu drivers or install procedures:
How to install Nvidia drivers in Ubuntu 13.04


Although I'm not familiar with AMD/ATI cards, similar packages should exist:

Official binary releases, which are recommemded, also exist on the official sites, Nvidia, AMD.

For Intel I'm not sure what for driver will be used, I've seen something reported as Tungsten which provided pretty good basic acceleration a while back.

So in the end you'll need to install the latest official graphic driver you can get for your distro, then see That OpenGL is running well (run glxinfo and glxgears + some other benchmarking tools* are nice to see).

*System profiler and benchmark:
Good luck.
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Noticing when I had a battery problem, the trouble shooting tips wanted to install detection software. It's all Windows based though. The same with drivers, etc, and other support tools.
There are these articles here though -
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My laptop is Ubuntu on Dell Latitude E7450 with Unity desktop environment.
I followed how to achieve multi touch gestures in ubuntu 14.04 to enable multi touch gesture.
But after I installed touchegg, it doesn't work.
How to make my laptop support this function?
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Hi,  I just installed Manjaro Linux on a Z1 workstation and I wondered if it was possible to install the hp support assistant and how... ofcourse. If anyone can help me. I'm just starting with linux, so all advise is welcome. Grtz Robin

A:Install support assistant on Manjaro Linux

Hi, HP Support Assisstant (HPSA) supports HP machines using Windows Operating system only. Regards.
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I'm working on a HTPC/DVD system, and I'm planing on running Mythbuntu for the OS/DVR system. Does anyone know how AMD/ATI's drivers are for Linux? I'm thinking of running a SAPPHIRE 100292DDR3L Radeon HD 5450 1GB 64-bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP Ready Low Profile Ready Video Card graphics card in it.

And if there is decent driver support for Hauppauge WinTV Tuner cards on Linux? Going to get some like
Hauppauge WinTV-HVR 1850 (updated version of 1800) MCE Kit 1128 PCI-Express x1 Interface down the road.

A:Linux driver support for ATI and Hauppauge cards

There are two breeds of linux driver for AMD/ATI: The FOSS drivers, such as the xorg radeon and radeonhd divers and the closed source ATI proprietary driver: known as fglrx. For your card, based on the evergreen GPU, you are going to be looking at using fglrx as the support for evergreen is far from complete in the open drivers at present.

No idea with regards to TV tuner cards.

You are asking this question at the wrong place however. This is not a linux community/support forum. Head over the phoronix forums, linuxquestions or go the distro specific forum (i.e. in your case the ubuntu forums).
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Hi I have buy new hp laptop 15-ac 122tu product : N8M18P#ACJ . I had install window 7 32bit but faced many driver issue. Now I wanna to know which linux or other OS are compaitable with this modal which contain all driver and required software. Please Tell me OS version also instruction regarding installlation.Thank you

A:which Linux/window OS fully support my laptop hp 15-ac 122t...

It came with FreeDOS, obviously. 32 bit Windows was not a good choice due to driver unavailability and you have hardware that should be running a 64 bit OS. There is no operating system that is going to "just work" without any required drivers and configuration. Windows 7 64 bit and higher can be made to work with downloads from this site and there are so many Linux distributions it is impossible to discuss them all and how to install them. I personally use Kubuntu and they just introduced 16.04 (Xenial) Long Term Support which would likely install with very little post-install configuration needed: This says AMD64 but it is also for Intel 64 bit capable processors which yours is. Download it and use a burning program to author the .iso onto a finished DVD-ROM installation disk and boot from it. Follow the onscreen prompts. If you are installing only Kubuntu the default options will work fine.  Let us know if you need more help. Your question calls for an essay answer the length of a novel so let's take this a step at a time.
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I have an asrock 775i65g mobo and originally I had a P4 3.06 GHZ LGA 775 installed but then I installed a C2D E4500 because the mobo supports C2D's. However, I starting to find that a lot of the games I play Lineage 2: The Kamael, and Half-Life 2: Lost Coast are getting much lower fpses like 21 and under when I had much better framerates with my P4 oced to 4 ghz.

Is it because the dual core isn't being used because I've already tried different methods of fixing the dual core. Another problem is that when I set affinity I get a blue screen of death saying INVALID_AFFINITY_SET.
Can anyone please help me? Thanks in advance

A:CPU upgrade brings severe lag (moved from hardware & Linux Support)

Did you do a repair install or a full reinstall of your OS after you put in the new chip?
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Original article at betanews Not going to link the full article but it touches certain subjects between Ubuntu and Windows I would have been more interesting if it was on pure Debian or Arch or another major distribution but Ubuntu The UI biased in my opinion is Linux than "5 article... better Windows ways 10" Ubuntu since even within the linux community desktop environment subject is never one fold The privacy settings Yeah sure way to go in the article comparing the privacy issues with windows versus the one "5 ways Ubuntu Linux is better than Windows 10" article... and only Ubuntu who caused an uproar on the community when they first released the privacy issues with Lens and Amazon despite you can easily turn off Consistency "5 ways Ubuntu Linux is better than Windows 10" article... Nothing much to say here in terms of the article aside from a big sense of fanboy alert Non aggressive updates One thing to note Ubuntu released an update to all Ubuntu families initial was all good and well if you were running a Unity for example not for KDE See this video for more information Sure video above is not about forced upgrades but you get the gist Security topic Only one thing to touch quot With Windows yeah there is now an app store but largely users still have to hunt for programs and driver packages on various websites While seasoned Windows experts will know safe download sites to target many others will be fooled into downloading malware Hopefully Windows Defender catches it but if not the users machines can be put at risk quot Click to expand Great lets give a new user Linux and let him download everything and not configure properly and see how the system behaves Or lets have a driver upgrade first before touching kernel Oh wait should be the other way around you get the idea nbsp
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A:Can my motherboard support this GPU?

yes, but the better question is can your PSU handle the GPU? What size/model PSU do you have? Also see if the GPU will fit into your case because its long.
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I have an INTEL D945GCNL motherboard.there are two slots for RAM.Currently 1Gb DDR2 ram is installed in slot A.
i wish to upgrade the memory to 3gb.i recently bought a single chip of 2gb ddr2.
but the intel website says maximum supported ram for the mobo is 2gb.
when i inserted the ram the OS detected it.(got both vista & xp).
there wasn't a considerable increase in performance though.(gaming etc.)
the new chip speed is 800. first chip has a speed of 667.
there might be a problem with dual channel feature also.
is 3gb possible on this board?
shall i continue using the new chip along with the old one or shall i return the 2gb chip and get a 1gb and settle for a total of 2gb ?

A:Motherboard RAM support

From what i have read, that motherboard will only support 2gig of ram.
What has happened is by mixing the two speeds of ram, the system is running at the lower speed.
So your best bet will be to remove the 1gig stick and only use the 2gig stick.